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Nelson Daily Miner Jun 30, 1899

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 Daily Edition No. 456.
Decoration of Streets
Lacrosse    MatcL���Baseball   Match���To-
Morrow's Water Carnival���Nelson
Is Looking Very Gay.
the Nelson Carnival com-
Tbe word eurnivnl signifies
farewell to llesli so, as one of tlio important events is to be a fat man's
race, the name is singulnrlv appropriate. A full reprint of the ollicial pro
grummo will be found on another column, so it ia unnecessary to detail the
various events. Tlio Hose Cart race is
a fine test of physical strength and
is moreover an attempt at perfecting
au institution which is of the utmost
inportaneo to the safely of both property and person in Nelson.
Tbe horse races will interest a certain class of tlio populace. If the
day ho ftiir tbey should prove a
source of income to somo of tho most
liberal subscribers to the sports.
Tbe principal object of interest in
tho trade's procession will be Tbe Miner's float.
The programme states that hero will
hen prize for tho "best Callithump
in Costume." Whether a Oalithump
is a vegetable, or new species offish,
or a human being in disguise it is hard
for a sti anger to say. The word is only
to be found in a recent American dictionary and is thus defined : "A noisy
parade in which the bou;ing of tin
pans find o'bfr dipw��� '��-.r. ;fc&tr,i
went* aie iho principal feature."
It is presumed therefore that the
premier beator of tin pans "or ofh r
discordant instruments" will bo
awardei   tho  palm   of   victory.
A word should bo said about the decorations. It, perhaps might be suggested that a prize be offered next year
for the best decorated store window
for they considerably add to tho attractiveness of the scene when gaily
The Phair Hotel is resplendent iu
flags, bunting and Chinese lanterns lit
with electric light. The host has apparently spared neither trouble or expense in making the houso that bears
his name the most tasteful specimen
of decoratiou in tbo town.
The Canada Book and Drug Co.,
have chosen a singularly appropriate
form of window decoration for tbe
day. All the goods displayed are of
Canadian manufacture. Works by
Canadian authors, flags (without Stars
and Stripes) and bunting complete a
very effective picture.
M. DesBrisay welcomes tho visitors
with cunning devices of oranges and
Union Jacks and Lillie Bros., veil
tlieir stock in trade with graceful
folds of red, white, and blue bunting.
Mr. J. Dover's stoic window is all
glorious with wrought gold. The
prizes are showily set out and the
brilliance of their effect will be enhanced by the addition of $75,000
worth of diamonds���tbo property of
Messrs. Ellis of Toronto���which will
th( re bo displayed positively for two
day 1 only. A brace of gallant Nelson
Riflemen will be on guard outside Mr.
Dover's store in case thieves should
break through and steal.
The Bodega saloon bas added another front window in which are arranged cases of choice wines and
rmrits reposing amid eugarluiided columns.
w.c Madden House flaunts its venin
lab, brave in red white and blue
bunting, before the wavering aider
men. The oil'ect is exceedingly pretty
and "Totn" assured Tho Miner that
tho said verandah was quite safe, and
would bo have a���
Kirkpatrick & Wilson bave a   splendid display of chiuawaio in tl.eir win- i
The Lawrence Hardware Co. pnsent
a novelty in tbe shape of a rockery
and fountain. This is a relief to the
eye after the gaudy colored bunting.
The Nelson Hardware Co., are excessively loyal,tho national flag invar-
ions devices testifying to this fact.
Mi. Pateuande's window must not bo
forgotten. British, Canadian. Fronch
and American flags form a fraternal
quartette. Sir John Macdonald's por-
tnit looks down en a tasteful assortment of watches and jewelry.
The water carnival tomorrow evon-
iug depends for its success ou the
spirit in which the owners of boas
enter into it. So far tho indications
are that it will bo one of tho most mio-
The finish will je opposito the foot
of Waul Street.
Frank Pletohei has kindly conented
to be judge at, tho boat races. Cap.
tain Troup will act as clork of the
course, and Mr. Soious will be starter.
All the events will bo well filledt
Tho entries will positively close at
noon today.
The Smelter band will be in attendance on a barge.
The judges will decide ou tho best
decorated boat in tbo WUter carnival at
il :iiO on Saturday night.
Tho bicycle committee have provided an elaborate programme which differs from that issued officially.
The following was handed into The
Miner last night by the bioyole committee :
Quarter mile championship of tho
Kootenays, open to all. Prize, cup valued at $70 on view at J. Dover's,
donated by tbe Kootenay Cigar Mfg.
Co., to be won two years in succession,
also silver   flask to keep.
Quarter mile straight away, open to
oil-1st prize, iamp, valued $30, donated by J. Dover. 2ud, shaving mug
and crush, $12.50. 3rd., Sugar bowl,
200 yds., slow race, onen to all, 1st
prize, clook valued, $12.50. 2nd,
flask, $4.
Obstacle Race, open to all���1st prize,
gold chain, $15. 2nd, silver hair brush,
$10.    !lrd., writing desk, $3.50.
Hill Climbing race, open to all���1st
prize, gold watch, filled, $25. 2nd.,
camera, $12.50.    3rd, tie box, $4.
Entrees to be made with the Secretary Mr. John Houstcn not later than
3 o'clock.
Tho following team has finally been
selected by tbe committee of management to uphold tho honor of Nelson
in lacrosse on the first of July against
Rossi aud :
D. Blackwood, goal; F. Lynch,
point; P. W. Grant, cover; 1st do-
rence, J. Thompson; 2nd D.McNichol;
3rd A. Jeffs; centre, H, P. liowden ;
3rd noire, A. Perrier; 2nd, R. Reeves;
1st, W. Hayer; outside borne, W.
Eraser; inside home, A. Archibald ; H.
W. Wright, manager.
Tho reception oommittee announce
that luncbeou will bo provided for the
City's guests at the reception room
in the Macdonald Block, at the corner of Josephine and Vernon streets,
from 1 to 3 p. in.
Guests oan receive badges from the
Mayor or any member of the Recep-
tj ,- i-,,,Mi.-;ti!..-. Members of *be Reception Committee may obtain badges
from the Oity Olerk. Guests wearing
badges will be admitted to the giauil
stand. Information as to rooms can
be obtained at tlio Information Bureau, Mr. Love's office, on Baker
Well let us hope tho duy will be fine
and not loo hot.
Tbe drilling contest will be held in
tbe vaoant lots adjoining tbe Quoen's
Tho baseball game is always interesting especially when tho decisions of the
umpire are criticised.
It was reported yesterday that over a
thousand visitors from Rossland will
Ijc present at tho sports today.
The Blair College baseball team will
play the Nelson team today, winners
to play tbo Rossland team tomorrow.
Oapt. Hodgins has arranged for a
company of the Kelson' rifles to be in
attendance during the sports tomorrow
in full dress
The mayor bas arranged for a number of plain clothed constables to patrol the residental portions of the towu
during tho next, three days.
All miners who wish   to   onter  for
the   drilling   contest aro requestod   to
meet the   committee   at   Drs.   LaBau
and Porin's office at H p. m. this oven
Tho hose cart race, to take place at
noon will undoubtedly be an exciting
oue. The teams taking part have
been training for some time for the
contest, and all have been through
many similar oues. The RosBland
team arrived yesterday, and the Kaslo
team is expected on the Kokanee and
with Nelson's stalwarts will probably
form iho trio tbat will en ter tbe lists
tfelson,  British Columbia.  Firday, June 30,  1899.
Tenth Year
Tho Team
the Blair
team   12
Friday, June 30r.ri.
10 a. m.���Trades Procession.
For the best Float,  $50 and a mantel valued at   =3
$50, donated by the Washington Brick & Lime Company of Spokane.     For the  second  best   Float,   $30.
For the best Callithump in Costume, $20.     For a Children's  Float $50.
Judges���George Kydd,    Gilbert   Stanley,    E.   E.
12 noon���Hose Cart Races.
1st Prize 2d Prize
Hub-and-Hub Race���with reels
of equal weight, carrying five lengths
of hose and   running   200  yards...      $125        $75
Wet Test���with reels of equal
weight, currying seven lengths of
hose, running 100 yards, laying five
lengths of hose and getting water
through the nozzle after making proper couplings of three full threads. .      $i2c
2 p. m. Horse Races.
E   two
20       d
Pitts   f
1st Prize 2d Prize
Quarter mile, two in three       $150        $75
Quarter mile, (for home horses),
in three  40
Entrance fee, 5 per cent, of purse.
Judges���J. S. C. Fraser of Rossland,  H. H.
of Sandon, and BruceWhite of Nelson,
3:30 p. m.���Base Ball Game.
Amount of prizes will depend on number of clubs
entering, and will be made known by the committee under whose direction the games wiil be played.
5 p. m. -Bicycle Races.
1st Prize 2d Prize
Quarter mile race ��� Straightaway, open to all  $10 $5
Obstacle race���half mile,   open
to all  10             5
Slow race���200 yards, open to all 5              3
Hill Climbing race, open to all. . 8 4
away from Yale. Reaching for tho
finish flags tbe tide caught the Harvard shell and Bwerved it woefully.
The little coxwain had his head about
him, however, and with great skill
worked his way into line and shot
down towards the judgo's boat. Har-
vird crossed the line rowing beautifully, two and a half lengths to the
good. Yale liuisbed iu fairly good
shape but her men were somewhat depressed. Harvard won in 20:52,'., minutes, while Yale crossed the line in
21 :l!i. Tho Associated Press time,
taking from a telegraphic start and
timed on the finish lino by O. C. Mao-
Oonvillo, the coach of the Wisconsiu
crew was 20:47'.,, and is believed tu be
the accurate time of tbe Harvard crew.
The Two American Yachts to Have
a Trial Race.
New York, June 39.���The yacht Columbia will meet the Defender ou
Thursday, July 0, on a 30 -mile course,
sailing on the Sandy Hook course off
the Scotland Lightship. The New
York Yacht, Club offers a $250 oup for
tbe winning vessel. Tho start will
be off Sandy Hook or Scotland Light
ship, as will be signalled. The preparatory signal will be made at 12:30
a. m., the starting and finishing lines,
which lie between a point upon tbo
flagship Corsair, indicated by a white
flag, and tbe main mast of the flagship
will be at right angles with outward
and home course respectively.
A Well-Known Commercial
Man's Views.
Alien and Einht-Huur Bills Worst Blown
to Trade That tbe Province
Ever Received.
Health Officers   Believe  the   Bubonic
Plague to Be on Board.
Pan Francisco, June 29.���Dr. Baba-
tau, bacteiioligist of the health board,
lis jnst roturned a report of his examination of the glands of two Japanese
who were drowned while trying to es-
scape from stoamer Nippon Marn
now held in quarantine on account of
three suspicious deaths which occurred
on the vessel on her trip from China
and Japan to *his   port, via Honolulu.
Dr. Babata found baeilli to be those
of bnbouio plague, and to make his
determination doubly sure will propo-
gate their giowth. Tho body of the
Japanese were cremated aud Dr. Law-
lor, health officer,of this city say everv
precaution has bean taken to prevent
any infection.
Passengers on board the Nippon Maru
bave telegraphed the secretary ot the
tn is"ry nrotcstiiig against their dctnn-
tion at tbe quarantine station, as
they assort there is no proof that Iho
victims who died enroute from tbe
Orient were suffering from plague.
Local health oiiicials, however, state
tbey will not bo released until they
are absolutely certain disease does
exist ou board tbe steamer.
Matched   to Play   Against
Nelson  Today.
Juno 20.��� This
College baseball
strong, leaves for Nelson, lo play a series of games with the strongest teams
in British Colombia, Tbo Dominion
Day celebration at Nelsou has ou its
program a baseball championship
game. Rossland has a strong team,
with tbe Gibson boys and Con Wbalcn
in it. Northport has a pitcher formerly with the St. Louis lraguo club
and Kaslo has a number of speedy players in her club. Nelson has an aggregation of ball tossers which has practiced together for months and a battlo
royal is promised.
Tho Blair team is in splendid condition, and its capable of plnying good
ball in the fastest company. Professor
Blair will accompany the team as
manager. The players to go north today are: Theodore Haas, catcher;
Marvin Kawks, Billy Rush and Leonard Groohfll, pitchers; John Finnegiin,
1st base ; Ralph McDonald, 2nd base;
eossful as well as picturesque events of | ijert Weeks. 3rd base; Wade Bother-
the celebration. Certainly tho prizes ; f01(1 right llebl;, Ken Stiuimol, crn-
given for this evont ure well worth j ,er (io]fl; Herbert Yates, lett field,
competing for.    A charming and novel ] Jnmes R. Toole is the cxtru player.
entertainment,  is assured the    visitors | .
nnd citizens if all   goes   as well ns   at
Rows iu the Chamber of Deputies and
Brussels, June 29.��� The storm of verbosity was lenewed in chamber ot deputies today. Tbe Socialists hurled
anathemas at M. Vaurier Poroboorn
who endeavored to explain tho action
taken by the police yesterday aud the
socialists persistently interrupted aud
insulted the Premier, reproaching
him with being responsible for yes-
torday's couflicts between the people
and the police.' Then later it was announced tbat King Leopold had a long
confoicnce with Vender Pereboom,
Beregerem and Bernaert. The latter
has been summoned from The Hague
It is reported that M. Vandor Pereboom would resign. Although a voto
censuring the government was rejected
by N7 to 31 the tumult in the chamber was so gloat tbat the president suspended the sitting. Tbe socialists
then led a cheeimg crowd shouting
"Vive la Ropubliquo" tu the paik
where (be conflict with the Gendarmes
occurred. Thence the mob proceeded
to the public square, tho shops closing
as the rioters appeared.
Vun do Velde, tho socialist leader
was making a speech to tho crowd as
this despatch was being sent.
When tho chamber of deputies reas
sembled tonight M. Destro, socialist,
called attention to the riots which had
occurred since the adjourn ment, in
which ho was struck by a gendarmes
swoid demanding the guard's punishment. There upon the chamber at
onco returned to a stato of tumult, tho
socialists surrounding M. Vauder
Peroboom with clenched fists, denounced bim.
As the tumult increased the chamber arose. Iu the meantime the streets
were filled by a shouting mob whioh
eventually gathered in front of the
war ministry where tho gendarmes
with drawn swords dispersed the
A well known local commercial man,
who has recently been at the Ooast
was interviewed by The Miner yesterday. As a commercial man be considers that tha Alien and Eight-Hour
bills were fho worst blows to trade tbat
this Province has ever received.
In Vancouver a large trade betweei
thu wholesale houses there and Atlin
had commenced when the mineral
resources of that country began to be
known. 11 fact Atlin began to boom
in Vancouver in tho same way as the
Klondyke did two years ago. Then
came the Alien Ace and threw everything into disorder; orders were cancelled, trade became paralyzed and
now Atlin as a commercial point is a
dead letter.
But tbo eight hour bill will, in fact
hss already, worked greater harm tban
the Alien bill. The wholesale houses
in particular have felt the blow most
of all, especially in regaird to tbe trade
with the Kootenays. Such an nnfor-
seen and uncalled for pioce of legislation oould not be imagined. Joe
Martin was never exactly trusted,
even by his friends; but no one in
Vancouver oxpected such a gross abuse
of his power of ufflce as the foisting
011 the  country of this act.
Tho truth is that the people in Vancouver are h.arljly siols of their
worthy representative and all the rest
of his crow.
It was an ill-minded day for Martin when he aimed a blow at tbe most
sensitive pat of the Vancouver merchants person, namely his pocket.
Martin will assuredly fall now and
that right early.
Amen!   Sobeit 1
present promised,
Tho first heat of the Iuternntional
Fours, between tho Canadian and tli3
Irish crew will be rowed at 5:15 today.
New York, June 29.���Lagard Freres
'will ship $2,000,000 gold on Saturday.
ChicaRO, June 29.���The trial of August Backer, the south side butcher,
charged with murdering and then
burning the romains of his wife in
order to marry a young girl, oame to
an abrupt end today when it was
found that the indictment ohargodMrs.
Becker as Elizabeth, when hor name
had been Therese. Tho question for
tho discharge of prisoner was refused
and a new indictment ordered to be
drawn up. The incident created a
great sensation in the court room.
Harvard Wins After a Hard and Spirited Contest
New London, June 29.���About 6:15
o'clock the Yale Varsity orew loft the
float ut Broadview closely followed by
the oarsmen of Harvard from Redtop.
Ten minutos later the men had received their instructions from the referee's yacht, had backed into thoir positions at the start and we'-s waiting
for the word. With extre.ne caution
Referee Mickleham assured himself
that both crews were ready with the
last warniug, "Are you ready, " and
fired the pistol shot which sent the
two crews off in tho big race of tho
The water was onlm and placid as
an inland lake. The crews rowed as
usual in flagged lanes. Tbe blue
occupied the custom course, the orini-
sou the western, x*nlo caught the
water first but Harvard was cIobo
second and the two eights started out
on tbeir long journey, practically on
even terms. The New Haven crow hit
a stroke of 37 to the minute, the men
of Cambridge pulling beautifully at
30, Harvard coutiuued at 30 and Yalo
dropped her clip to the same figure.
With perfect rythmo the two fell into
stroke iu unison nnd rudders exactly
Just bofore the first half mile was
reached Yale seemed to put more power into her stroke and gave the first
Intimation of an advantage at the balf
mile flag. The nose of the blue
shell was a trifle in the van, giving
Yale a lead perhaps of an eighth of a
length. The first flag had hardly been
passed when Harvard spurted and Yale
dropped her stroke one point nnd
tho Harvnid bont came np on even
terms. The Yale coxwain swerved
slightly from his true course, and directly after tbe flags had been passed
Harvard took the lead which she was
not to surrender throughout the raoe.
At the two mile flag the Cambridge
boat was fairly flying through the
water, her oarsmou apparently growing stronger.
Yale was rowing well and improved
in the next half mile, but for every
notch of flue work tbat Yale cnt, Harvard gouged out two, and at the two
and a half milo flag it was Harvard's
advantage by threo lengths.
Yale fought bravely but Harvard proceeded tn make u walk away of it and
at tbe three milo flag the race partook of all the elements of a procession.
Harvard was now five lengths in the
lend. Down the long lane of deoorat
ed yachts gathered abont the finish,
the  Harvard  orew   steadily    polling
Letter Picked up in a Sealod Bottle
From Him.
San Francisco. June 29. ���H. J.
Baron, formerly au eastern newspaper
man, has written tbe following to tho
Associated Press from Wrungol. Alaska, undor date June 24. ''Information
received here a few days ago confirms
tbe story that Audreo arctic explorer,
is not dead, a Norwegian who was
passenger ou the Roslie,
a Seattle boat
bound for Skagway showed loiters
supposed to have been written by An-
dn e. Tho letter,in a sealed bottle, had
been washed ashore off tbo Norwegian
coast, aud was dated, May -1. Tho
latitude was given as 74 and the balloon was some where to the westward
of Iceland 'I am leaving balloon and
provisions. ���Andree,' were some of
the words written."
Chicago, June 28.���A tiny sailing
yacht, compuss gone and all knowledge of direction lost by the orew of
tbres, drifted all last nigbt on Lake
Michigan, eapsmng just as help was
at hand. Thurmaii Malone of Cinoin
uati went to the bottom with the boat,
while Seth P. Warren and Lou B.
Chapman, his companions, were rescued with difficulty by the steamer
Oity of Chicago. As tho steamer approached the sail boat turned over and
sank, but two of the men sueoeeded
111 swimming until help arrived. The
men had attempted to sail from Chicago to Warkegan, but the loss of tbe
compass left them helpless.
Wardner, Idaho, Juue 2^.���The generally credited story that tho 330 prisoners in tho Wardner bull pon ure held
arbitrarily and without wurrants is
untrue, said Bnrtlett Sinclair today.
All of them have been iudiotod by the
United States federal grand jury for
couspiring to interfoie with the mails
and about a hundred aro under indictment by Che county grand jury for
crimes ranging all the way from conspiracy to double murders. Of course
the meu charged with murder can not
be admitted to bail, but all tbe other
prisoners can readily secure their liberty by getting bondsmen, and many
of them havo already douo so. Judge
Beattie has Bet the bail for federal
prisoners at $2,00 and Judge Stewart
has fixed $1,000 as the penal sum required for men indicted tor misdemeanors, while $2,000 is required of
prisoners charged with felony. None
of the men who can secure bonds need
remain in  prison."
Hamburg, Juue 29.���The Palatia
arrived from New York.
Bremen, Juno 29.���The Friederich
arrived from New York.
i^ueeustown, June 29.���Arrived
Germanic from Now York.
yueonstown, June 29.���Tbe Bel-
geulaud   arrived   from   Philadelphia.
Liverpool. June 29.���The Georgian
arrived from Montreal and Sergiafrom
New York.
New York, June 29.���The omiser
Detroit arrived ut this port last night
from Bluelields where she bad been
looking aftor American interests, endangered hy tho unsettled slate of
Nicaragua!! politics. The Dotioit
brought from MnnaguB the body of
Qeneral Daniel McCauley of Indiana,
who died some timo ago.
Wheeling, W. Va., June 29.���Oscnr
Gardner has received a letter from
Billy Delenay. Champion Jim Joffrios'
trainer, from California, asking if he
would consent to join a star fistic combination which will do u tour ol tho
country after September. Mr. Tommy
Ryau, the welter weight, was to bo
ono of tbe pnrty, and moot was to divide the honors witb Gardner iu meeting all comers in tbis class along the
road. Jefferies and Ed. Duukborst,
his sparring partner, were to oomploto
tho aggregation. Guiduer wrote
Dolonuy his willingness to go with
tho purly.
Loudon, Juno 29.���The British
steamer Bnlmornl has been awarded
��4.000 for towing the British steamer
Lokoja into Payalin Bay with propeller gone, while bound from Galveston
for Havre. Tho Humoral arrived at
London, June 24, herself disabled,
having had bur call shaft broken.
Muskegon, Mich., Juno 29.���Mayor James Bnlbrinie wns shot and killed at noon today by J. W, Thayer, ���
disnppoiuted office seeker. Thayer
then swallowed some carbolic acid,
lirod a shot through his breast, and
died within a lew minutes.
Albany, June 29.���Governor Roosevelt deoluri d this nfternnuu he is no
candidate for the presidency, but advocates tbe nomination of McKlnley.
Pnris, June 29.���Tbe Venezuelan arbitration commission was again in eee-
���.iiiii today, and the leading couusel
for Great Britain Sir Richard Webster continued bis presentation of bin
side of the case. 1
Nelson Daily Miner
I'ubliancd Daily except Monday.
D. J   BKATON, Editor and Manager.
Subscription Rates
Daily per month by canter ,..��������� 100
per halt year    6 0"
per year  '�� 00
peryearby mall    6"0
per year foroiKn 10 ��0
Nelson \Vkh,ki.v MlNKB.
w eekly.pe  naif year ��� �����"
pt r year    2 00
per yoar, foreign ���    iso
Subscription i Invariably In advam*.
In order that the employees of The
Miner office may have full enjoymeut
of Dominion Day, in common with
otliar good citizens, there will be no
issue of this paper on Sunday next.
It will appear as usual on Tuosday.
The  Mining Gazette,  of   Knmloops.
carefully eschews politics, and  is  not
therefore   to   be   aooused   of pnrtisan
bias in its  disoussion of   publio matters.     Here   are  its   views  on  the
Eight-Hour   law:    "The   Eight-Hour
lnw   is    csusing   no   end   of   trouble
to  mine   owners,   and   many  ot   the
smnller oueshave had to close down in
consequence.     *   *    *   Mine  owners
who are only  employing  half-a-dozen
men, and who nre probaby getting little, if any, profit out of their outlay of
capital, can  hardly be expeoted to increase their expenses and receive even
less for it.    Some   of   the people who
live in cities, or have never been in  a
mining   oountry,   hnve an   idea   that
immense fortunes are always made out
of mines, and   that all   the   fortunate
owner  has to do is  to reoaive his dividends aud spend the money  in   some
foreign   clime.    Of   course   there  are
oases   where   mines  yield   very large
profits,   but on  the other  hand  there
are plenty that do not  at present yield
a cent.i-although   they may do so some
day.    To ask these owners to still further increase their liabilities, probnbly
already strained   to  the utmost, seams
somewhat unfair, and will bave a tendency to drive capital ont of the country  altogether.    Again,   the   average
miner would  far   rather receive  18.50
for 10 hours  than $3 for  eight.   Fifty
oents a day makes a difference to him,
whereas   a   couple of   hours  work   is
nothing, for when  his day's  labor   is
finished there   is   nowhere  for him to
go, excopt to  bed, or perhaps to a saloon. "
ing.   They   hnd thoir  innings a  year
ago, and   elected   a   majority   out  of
whioh   the   Government of today was
formed.    They   can   do nothing  more
uutil there is a dissolution, aud a dis
solution rests with tho Legislature.   It
is not expected that the present Ministers will lie down and   invite the people to   come   and   trample   ou   them.
They can patch up   their  differences,
if so disposed, and  hang   together   iu
spite of tho   people until nexi, session.
And   if   they   do   this it will not  be
difficult to persuado  the majority who
have sustained them thus long in office
to continue their  support.   Iudeed, if
it is possible to survive the troubles of
the  moment,    and   should  Ministers
meet   the   Legislature    with   smiling
faces   next,   session,    it   is extremely
likely this iB what the   majority   will
da   Appeals  to tbe people are useless
in timo of a crisis like the present one.
The people nro out of it; they are powerless to act, for   they bave no   means
cf notion.    If good  is to be reaped out,
of the existing ovil, it  must   be  done
short of the people.   The   Government
are  a   committee  of   the Legislature,
nnd it is the members of the Legislature   who  must   decide   whether   the
present one shall give way to nncther.
Ic is only   playing   into the bands   of
the men who hnve  brought   confusion
and disaster on public   affairs   to  fall
hack on  the   people  whose  hands are
tied, for they  ate   given  opportunity
and encouragement to  pull themselves
together and patch up a truce.    If   the
present wretched   combination can   be
broken   np,   tbe   Minister who    will
take the lead in doing it should be supported, for whatever happens is bound
to be better than what we have.   If not
supported,   tbe Government will hang
together and givo   the people their opportunity three years hence.    The people are all-powerful, bnt   it is only ou
occasions they can exercise their  power.    Between   times   they   can    only
stand   and   look   on.    In    connection
with the preseut   crisis   it   is  useless
to oonsider the people,   exoept   in  the
event of a geuoral Bmnsh and   dissolution.
Right! !
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Over two hundred  lots  in Addition A are on the market.
That political affairs in this Provinoe are in a had way is a faot that is
generally understood and acknowledg
ed. The Government have made a sad
mess of almost everything they have
touched, and are now quarrelling
among themselves with so much auger
and bitterness that no one haB the least
idea harmony oan he restored. The
situation is aB unsatisfactory as it well
could he, and is believed also to be
critioal. To relieve it something must
happen soon ; it is thought something
will happen, but no one seems to know
what it is to be. There is an Opposition, but the members of it are dumb;
we get no guidance or instruction from
that quarter. Ministers ure not proclaiming their differences and troubles,
nor do they give any indication of the
method to be adopted to remedy them.
We look to the newspapers on the
spot, and reading them the situation
becomes more perplexed than ever.
Matters cannot go on as they are. That
is admitted on all sides. But instead
of suggesting how they may be or
should be improved, the newspapers
rather deepen the confusion and increase the difficulties.
The most intelligent and alert in discussing the present extraordinary situation are The Victoria Oolonist and
The Victoria Globo. We read them
diligently in the hope of enlightenment���uot as to the situation itself,
whioh is plain enough, but as to the
probable or possible outcome of it.
The Colonist appeals to the people "to
secure in the Executive Council men
who will direct affairs along progressive hues." That is excellent; but
what can the people do? The same re-
lianoe on the people is observed in The
Globe, A change is imminent, it insists, becnuse an "overwhelming majority of the people ure today desirous
of installing in office a Government
composed of men whose one aim will
he to administer the publio affairs of
tbe oountry in an able manner."
Aroused by the necessities of tho occasion, they "stand ready to respond to
the call which will lead them on to
victory." The people, it is suggested,
will not permit "an arrangement to
be eft'ioted whereby they will be deprived of having a voidfl in saying
who "hall be the men to conduct the
Government and frame its policy."
And in connection with it all tbere is
a call for a now party, whose leaders
are expeoted to relievo the present
Ministers of oflloe and to form n new
Government. Again most exoellent.
bat it leads one np against a blind
As The   Miner  understands  ir, tho
people just now are ont  of the reckon -
"Dead bodies," says a dispatch of
the Edmonton route to tho Klondike,
"now that tho snow has oleared away,
are being fonnd all aloug tbe trail."
Defending tbis route against these
terrible stories of starvation, exhaustion, and death, The Edmonton Bulletin a short timo a^o said that if the
men who started out were inexperienced these fatalities were to bo expected.
This would do if none but stout,
hetdy fellows, accustomed to roughing it, were supposed to be subjeot
to tho influences of a gold excitement.
Unfortunately all classes and conditions are affected by it, and tbe route
should be safe for the weakest of
them ; it will hardly do to claim that
in physical endurauoe thoy should be
equal to tie hardships of any route.
The route shonld be made for the gold
seeker, not the gold seeker for the
Opposition organs in Manitoba ao-
uso Government agents of stuffing tho
voters' lists, and Government organs
accuse Opposition agents of a similar
offence. No one suggests that thoy aro
both wrong, and that there is no stuffing,
from whioh fact it is fair to conclude
that the election law in Manitoba permits of tte stuffing of the lists. The
Government who introduced it and
had it passed will deny this, hut the
cirouinstances are against them. Tho
truth is it is the most dishonest election law in the Dominion, and wus
passed because it was so. The presont
Attorney-General of British Columbia
had a hand in the making of it.
T. D. Woodcock & Co.
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(' Lb-iis tiunx^f ^tfutur jCrttr dt/<UsU-+si &1*
and  News   Agents
trains out of Nelson
on  boats  and
Windorruore Miues.   CorrespondoncoHol'oitod
Three Men Upset From a
Small Boat.
Survivors Eosoned Prom the
turned Skiff-The Victim
a Blacksmith.
A sail aaoident oconned yesterday on
tlio lako. Wm. Beard formerly a bkcK
smith, (he hnd worked with the murdered blacksmith, Paddy Woods) but
latterly employed ut the Hil or Kinj,'
went out in a boat with three friends
from the mine. Somewhere between
Collins raiuih and BoRUStown a obange
o( seats was tried but the result was
disastrous, for the boat upset.
Mr. John Walbey, who now runs
Oollius ranch, saw the accident occur
and at once started in a beat to the
rescue. When ho came to the scene of
the disaster he found three uien clinging to the overturned boat. With difficulty he managed to help them into his
boat but he saw no signs of the fourth
man. Tho rescued men were well
nigh exhausted but when sufficiently
rocovered tbey explained thnt Billy
Kenid had gone down.
A boat with soveral Cornishmeti
in it was not far off tho some of the
accident but the occupants had so ccm-
pletely lost their heads when they
saw tho men in the water thnt they
made little or no attempt to aid them.
Information of tbo accident was taken to the office of the Provincial Onii-
tsablo but up to a late hour last night
tho body had not boon recovered.
A special general meoting of tho
Sooth Kootenay Board of Trade will
beheld in tho Board rooms on Monday
July ii, 1800, for the purpose of considering tbe questions which this hoard
may desire discussed at the joint mooting of tho Board of Trade of East
and West Kootenay and the Boundary
district in Rossland on Thursduv,
August 8. The council of this hoard
will submit Io tho mooting in Monday next for ratification or alteraction
the following subjects which they have
1st.-���Tbo eucouragnmout of tbo silver-lead industry hy the imposition ot
increased duties npou lend products
imported into Canada.
and ���The question of pig load  man
ufaotured   in   Canada  but   refined in-
tbe United States being readmitted in-
tojCauada freo of duty.
3rd.���The question" of local railway
ratos as ail'ecting sbipmouts of ore and
mat to.
���Ith. ��� To ask for the direct representation in the Federal Parliament of the
Boundnry and Kootenay countries.
liitennpted Rev. Rhodes, and begged
thi' audience "Wait, stop, let us discuss this matter.'' adding that it was
of 110 avail, etc. Yonr correspondent
was either very badly informed, or
else purposely mis-stated the facts. In
the first place the meeting referred to
was not held in any hall, but in tho
parlor of the Mcleod hotel, Whiah was
furnished freo of charge, next Mr.
Rhodes consented in the morning of
this day to permit any person to ask
as many questions as they pleased,
everybody who was present knows that
tbere was no interruption, ns Mr.
Stewart waited until *he congregation
was dismissed and then again asked
Mr. Rhodes permission to inqniro into somo of his statements and tho same
was granted. Mr. Stewart then arose
and said "Attention friends, I am
informed that we are permitted to ask
somo questions, shall wo study for a
few minutes this lesson." All the
congregation nt, once seated themselves
except four persons nnd listened ro
speetfnlly until the remarks were ended. Theso nre tho exact facts, us I
was present from beginning to end.
It looks strange that your correspondent whoever, they may be, would state
for facts something they know personally nothing about,especially so, when
the statement would be detrimental to
the (diameter of nny person, to say
nothing of a clergyman. It wonld cer-
tuiiily appear tnnt the accusation of
ignorance might bo appropriately applied in another direction. Yours
council have ordered the two front
row of seats, for the use of the guests
of the Oity.
During tbo performance the Nelson
Orchestra will play, also between the
acts, and after the play is finished the
floor will bo cleared and dancing will
bo in order under the auspices of tbe
Sub-Coutracts to Be Let This  Coming
Work on the Lardo-Duncan railroad
will soon ho pushed forward briskly.
On the C. P. R. lino all the contractors
are as yet anxiously awaiting tbe com
ing of Mr. Shaugbuessy, tho time of
whoso nrrival is yet in doubt. At
present there is a rumor that instructions ro the lotting of the work will be
sent on in advance of him, but noth
iug deliuite is known. So fur all
work has been dono bv tbe 0. P. R.
directly. Tbey aro running two camps,
one at Lardo, and another about a
milo beyond.
Tho work on tho Grent Northern
ex- ��� nsion, let to Mr Carlson, will be
srb.let on Monday, July'!, and us soon
as that is done tho work of ,:o.istruc-
tion will start in earnest. Tho town
of Lardo is a buBy ono once more.
Three hotols nro now running, nud
soveral more will be started shortly,
and undoubtedly things will bo pretty
lively thero for some timo.
A largo nunibor of the contractors
who intend taking work nro now in
Nelson, anxiously awaiting tho letting
of tho 0. P. R. work.
Another drunk udded $6 to the City
treasury yosten ay.
Tho Kootonay Rifles pnraded in drill
order last evening.
Mr. Jaffray director of the Crow's
Nest Pass Coal Co., is staying nt the
Most of thosfi taking part in the
Lawn Tenuis tournament spent a busy
day yesterday practising for the evout.
Mrs. Wm. Seaman and sister, Miss
Riddel I, of Slocan City, are visiting
with Mrs. D. C. McMoriis, Latimer
A new cabinet grand piano from
Earn & Co..was ruceived by tho Phair
Hotel yesterday aud installed iu tho
liotol parlor.
Tho next regular monthly mooting of
the Ladies Hospital Aid will be hel.l
in St. Paul's Ohuroh on Monday, July
8rd, at 3 .30.
Tho plan of tho proposed new Kooto-
nay Lake General Hospital building
is on exhibitionjn the window ot D.
McArthur & Co.
James Cronin, manager of tho St.
Eugene mine, at Moyio, wns in town
yesterday morning for a few hours,
leaving for Spokane by the Nelsou &
Fort Sheppard lint.
Mrs. Lay's danco last uigbt was a
great success. A noticeable feature
was the (for Nelson) largo number of
charming spinsters. Some of the
dresses worn wero  exceedingly pretty.
A gentleman and his wife sought for
rooms yesterday iu Nelson for tbe next
three days. He found all the hotels
full aud as yet has been unable to find
accommodation in any lodging
Thore will he a Masonic servico in
the Presbyterian church on Sunday
morning next. Rev. Mr. Frew officiating. All bretbern aro expected to meet
in tbe Lodge Room at 10:30. A cordial invtation is extended to sojourning brethern,
Tho Alberta experienced the full
force of the storm ou Wednesday. One
or two passengers were rather scared
whon tbo steamer hoeled over and
shipped a fair quantity of water.
However she was well handled and
managed to weather the gale without
any accident, barring an extra supply of
water iu her hold.
A lady named Mrs. Henderson from
Robson lost her littlo four year old
girl yesterday. The child was" missed
near Mr. Fred Irvine's store during
the morning. The police wero communicated with and at length tbo little
oue was found at, Mr. Duncan MaeFar-
land's houso whether she had wandered and where she had fortunatoly fallen into kind bands.
Phair. ���James Cronin, Moyie; Geo.
Lindsay and wife, Winnipeg; Maxwell
Stevenson, Ainsworth; B. A. Kuighr,
Los Angles Bruce White, Spokane;
8. P. Tuck, Nelson; W. A. Horvov,
McLeod; H. O. Reilly, W. Hunter,
Miss Hunter, A. H. Webb, Miss McKinnon, Silverton ; W. G. MncKenzio,
Vancouver; W. Mouat. J. E. Saucier,
Rossland ; A. R. Hevland, A, Alamo,
B. 0. ; C. J. Kettyle, Kuskanook; J.
E. Pouporo. Lardo; W. R. Will, New
Hume���0. R. McBrido, G. R. Cunningham, Mrs. McDonald, Miss Beeton,
M. Jackson, Rosslaud; Charles D.
Taylor, Arrowhead; Alfred R. Turner,
Gait; G. F. Johnston. Toronto ; John
W, Ross, Montreal; Joseph Brandon,
Silverton; R. Maclean, Mrs. Wm.
Koeh nnd child, Trail; J. H. Glass, J.
H. 31nss Jr., London; J. Aylmer,
New Denver; D. E. Kean, Erin Stevenson, 0. Dixons, G. Mitchell. Rossland ; George Dickerson, Gnelph;
Robt Jaffray, Toronto; W. D.Churchill, Snoknne; B Cope, Greenwood; E.
E. Vincent, Calgary; R. MeGniro,
Molly Gibson ; Mrs. J. W. Ross, Montreal ; R. Qninn, Ainsworth; H. D.
Strohn, Robson:. J Stone and wife,
Bossburg; Jag. Parks. Seattle; E. O.
Davison, Trail; G. D. Robertson and
wife. Ymir--H. L. Stone, Bossurg; G.
H. Glass and son, London; Smith
W. T. Clark, London ; W. H. Brandon,
J. A. Kirkpatrick. R. H. Thornton,
Peter Sinuott, Silverton; W. Livingstone, Robson.
THE   MAN   WHO   DIGS I Gamble & O'Reilly.
I Civil Engineers, Provincial
In the sewer and the cashier of the bank wear
SflOES of vastly different make, yet we can
supply one as well as the other, and all Intermediate grades as well. We sell Men's,
Women's and Children's, and have all kinds at
all prices. Come and get a pair���we have
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Aberdeen Block.
Washington, June 29. ���Senator Burrows of Michigan,was among the pres
ident's callers toway. Much interest
attached to bis visit. Upon leaving
the White House Burrows said the
Michigan situation had not beon mentioned. "You can say, however,-."
he said, "tbat Michigan is unqualifiedly for the administration, and
any man who is opposed to the administration directly or indirectly will go
down in that, state."
Reduced Prices
Baker St.
Land Surveyors
(Surveying find Crown Granting Mineral
Chums Attended toi.
FlRE,. . Imperial insurance Co., Ltd.,
London, Eng.; The Northern Assurance Co.. London, Eng-; Caledonian
Insurance Co., Edinburgh ; Commercial Union Assurance Co. London,Eng.
Loans.���Globe Loan k Savings Co.,
Toronto, Ont.; British Columbia Permanent Loan & S'gs Co,,  Vancouver.
Wh Give Best Conditions, Allowing Loans to Be Paid Off Any Time
Without Bonus.
International Registry Company, including Accident and Sickness policy,
for $1,501).    Price, $3,110 per year.
Brewers of Pine Lager
Beer and Porter.
Drop in  and see   us,
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Spokane Falls &
Northern R'v.
Nelson & Fort
That is the proper place to
have YOUR WATCH repaired. We
bave one of the finest outfits of
Watch Machinery on the. continent; we claim to have some knowledge of horology ; we employ experts only : and positively prnnr-
antee satisfaction or money refunded.
Patenaude Bros.
By Buying Your
Fruit Jars and Jelly Glasses
Sheppard R'y,
Red Mountain R'y.
The only all rail route wiohout
change of cars between Nelson and
liossland and Spokane and Rossland.
Lv.   9.10 a.m. NELSON, Ar. 6.50 p.m
Lv. 11.25 a.m. ROSSLAND Ar.3.30 pm.'
Lv.   8.50 a.m. SPOKANE. Ar.6.00 p.m.
Truin that leaves Nelson at 9:40 a.m
makes close oonneotions at Spokane foi
all Paoifie Coast Points.
Passengers for Kettle River and Boundary Creek, conneot nt M arena with Stage
H. A, JACKSON, G. P. &T.A.
Spokane  Wash
Agent.Nelson, B. O,
The Suit you'll be proud
of. All the Style you can
stand ; all the Wear you
want. Come and see the
assort ment I am showing
in Suitings for this and
the summet season. The
prices will astonish you.
The latest thing out,
consisting of Black Silk
with colored foundation.
Used for Ladies' Dresses.
M.   DESBRISAY   &   CO.
A member of The Miner's stall', whose
handwriting bas been somewhat
marred by fruitless Hoggings of water
with ftshiug rods, on Wednesday night
wrote an item of news to the effect
that "A Bacchanalian was on Tuesday
mulcted in the sum of $10 hy Magistrate Crease. Unfortunately tho type
oompositor not being a classical scholar
read the adjective form of the Ood of
Wine for that of a namo which is
fairly common in Nelson. Possibly
"Buchanan" may be a I Dili century
corruption of "Bacchus;" if so the error is not, worth noticing ; hut if not
then The Miner owes au apology to
the clan Buchanan.
Miss Johnstone, sister of Mr. George
Johnstone of H, M. Customs, rooenfly
underwent a serious operation at Miss
Orickmay's hospital Two well known
surgeons in England had thought the
risk too grent to undertake tbe operation. However, Drs. Lu Ban and Porin
successfully performed what was undoubtedly a surgical triumph abont a
fortnight ago, with the result that Miss
Johnstone is uow practically nured.
Some exeitenient was caused yesterday moruing by the report that a man
bad been "rolled" -(ometimn during
the still Hmall hours on Baker street,
and had been relieved of nearly }40o!
Upon investigation the police enme to
the conclusion that the unfortunate
individual had not, been robbed but
bad lost the money out of his pocket.
Frnin all accounts the loser had been
troubled with eobwebs in his forehead
nnd had wandered astray. Ho may
find ins pocket book again, on the
other baud he may not.
elegant thing for
summer wear���31 inches
and only 50 cts. a
Winter lingers in the lap of spring, but Gardens  must be
attended to, and we are Headquarters for
Garden   Tools,   Lawn   Mowers,   Garden
Hose, Lawn Sprinklers, Ice Cream
Freezers, Bird Cages, Screen
Doors and  Windows.
Stevens 8s.
All Contractors figuring on  building!) that
will require
Can now got figures from
R. H. WILLIAMS, Nelson, Agent for
J.   W.  MELLOR,
Who carries tho largest stock of Plate Glass
In tho Province.
Martin O'Reilly & Co.
Two doors from Bank of B.C.
"A Tenderfoot Divine" Presented Last
Last night at the Opera House Harry
Lindley's company presented "A
Tenderfoot Divine" a western melodrama. Tho play was presented for tho
first time in Nelsou, nnd despite boii5g
played to a uot overfull houso was enthusiastically received.
Harry Lindley as "Weary Willie"
was a .loyous success from beginning
to end and caused continuous laughter
while on the stage. The other parts
woro also   takon   very well,   and   the
Point Comfort Hotel,
MAYNE   ISLAND,      -      B. C.
Midway  between   Victoria  and Vancouver
To the Editor of Tho Miner:
Sr:���In the name of fair play, will
yon please publish the following. I
notice in
an article depracatiug tho alleged
notions of Rev. Mr. Stowart, at tbe
Miners' Union hall on last Sunday
evening, June 25. The article says
ftmonu other  things that Mr. Stewart I should draw Tfull"houw,
.,,,     ,, specialites   as annouueed wero  civon
The Miner issue of June 87 wHh th(j except,0��� of ^ eVblt�� oi
swordmanship by Sergt. Major Wat-
kins, which will be given at tonight's
performance for the first time. Tonight Hartley Oampbell's beautiful
play "Divorced" will be given nnd
Ths Oity
Excellent Boating and Salmon Fish-
ng, Lawn Tennis and Bathing.
Situate on one of tbe most charming
spots on the Pacific Ooast. Delightful
place to spend the hot summer months.
Boat leaves New Westminster every
Monday, Thursday and Saturday.
Kates moderate.   Apply to Manager.
General Teamsters.
Atlantic S. S. Lines
From Montreal
Allan Lino-l.aurentlan      July a
Allan Lino���Nuiiiidlun      July li
Dominion Lino���Cambroman .July la
Dominion Lino���Dominion       Julys
ncavor Lino-Lako Huron ..'.July 18
Boaver Lino-Lako Superior July a;
From New York
Whito Star Lino���Tcutonio     July 12
Cunard Lino���Ktrurin      jufw u
American Lino���Now York .July 12
Anchor Lino���Anchorla    July g
Allan Stato Lino���Stale of Nebraska..,, !july 7
From Boston
Dominion Line���Canada July 12
Passages arranged to and from all European
poinls. Kor rates, tickets and full lnfcrmation
apply to (J. P. R, depot agont'or (J K. Beasloy
City Tlckot Agont, NolSm.B. 07        ami"e>
SMI   Gonoral Agent. C P. R, OQloes Winnipeg-
Here is a line  you lequire
season of the year :
at thi.
Agents Imperial Oil Co
Dealers in Wood and Lime.
RAKES,  do., do.,
Which we are offering at very low prices.
Shelf & Heavy Hardware.
LOS l',-IJuly's Gold Hunting Cose Watch
on Tuesday, between Stanley and Latimer St*
aUd Srncllcr; ton dollars reward. Arthur
Painter, Latimer 81., west ot Stanley,
this olllco.
-A three roomed Shack. Apply
KOK SALK. -$759.00 cash-House and Two
Lois on Mill Street, doscrlbcd Lots 3 and 4
Block 40.   W. F. Askew, Grand Forks, B  c'
WANTED.���At once���General Servant. Apply lo Dr. Isabel Artliur.
WANTED.���A position as Stenographer by
a thoroughly competent young lady. Address
D. M. W., this olllce.
GOOD HOME, CHEAP.-Kor Bale or ront
flvc-inomed h'.use; bath, two lots, nice garden'-
ten minutes bom Po&t Office; easy terms'
Box 182, Post Office.
INSTRUCTION given    in  Modern
uageB, Latin or Higher MathemaUos.   Apj
Sr   ljiiin or mgnor Mathematics.   AnnPr
Ilss K. Wlckhum, B.A., cor. Mill and Cedar
KOR RENT.���Tho premises formerly ooou'
pled as Tho Miner Office. Apply at the Miner
Olllce, Bakor Streot.
FOR SALK���Old newspapers at 26 con * pa
100. Just the thing to put under carpet
Miner offloe,
8.Tytler Is now prepared to give h ssons (either
private or clas*) lnolland water coloi. Sketching from nature.   Foi terms apply I. TrtUri
Good   Showings   on   Goat
Work on the  Eeynard,  Alios, Vivacity
and Other Olaims���Game Plentiful
in   the   Foothills.
A gentlemen who has large interests
in claims in tho Gout River distriot
gave The Miner yesterday some interesting news concerning mining matters there. Mr. G. Alexander has
taken a bond on tbe Alioe mine on
Goat mountain.
The Alice is a largely developed low
grade property, situated close to tl'e
railway track. A surveyor has been
sent there in order to make the necessary survey for obtaining the crown
grant. On the Vivacity clai u there
is a gaud showing. This property is
also on Goat Mountain, the recorded
owners being Mann, Breckinridge &
Lund. A 72 foot tunnel has been put
in during the winter.
Un the adjoining claim, the Chandler, a man was seeD prospecting with
a divining rod. This occult power
revealed to him a fairly good ledge on
the claim and also a better one on an
adjoining claim���the Reynard.
The Reynard belongs to Mr. W. Paterson. A ledge of hematite irou,
nearly 275 feet wide, running due
north aud south, is one of the most
interesting mineral showings in t'liit;
distriot. There are as many as 15
claims on the ledge some of them own
ed by prominent raining men in Nelson. A contract was about to be given
for development work on some of
this proporty but Hie eight hour bill
intervening the owners have, for the
time being, changed their minds.
Thero is yet a quantity of snow on
the hills. The river is now np to last
years' high water mark aud is still
gradually rising. Port Hill is thriving
but some undesirable characters make
things rather too lively there. A
shooting scrap last week nearly ended
the life of one individual there.
A great deal of dissatisfaction bas
been caused by the removal of the recording office from Rykerts. The
Minister of Mines, Mr. Fred Hume,
has thought fit to appoint his brother-
in-law, ono Murpliy of Knstaiiook,
mining recorder. This is pretty generally cousidored to be a piece of jobbery which will hardly find favor
with even Mr. Hume's supporters.
Thero is a quantity  of game now on
the foot hills,   and   several large Btur-
geon aro reported to have been seen in
the  river opposite to Port Hill.
��   *   *
Forty tons of gold ore valued at
11200 have been exported from the Porto Rico to tho Le Roi smelter during
the past week A sack of gold dust,
value $118 was also sent to Helena,
Montana from the Oity.
*   ��  *
On Wednesday 20 tons of lead bullion valued at $8,548 was shipped from
Kelson by the Hall Mines, Limited to
Newark, New Jersey.
Ymir, B.O., June 29.���Messrs. Price
and Burgess aro doing work on their
property, Ioua and White Star, which
is situated on Porcupine Oreek about on
a mile from the railroad. They have
sunk to a depth of 35 feet on the lead,
the ledge is now live feet in width and
constantly widening with every shot
that is fired. In the lead they have
two feet of clean ore whioh is chiefly
ziuo blend and galena and will run
as high as $2(1.65 on the average. The
load iB in quartzite and porphyry formation with olean walls. Persons
competent to pass their opinion on
the property all speak well of the
prospects to make a mine of theso
The American Eagle Gold Mining
Oo , Ltd., of Rossland, are working
their property Nevada. This is an
other very promising claim and is also
situated on Porcupine oreek. Tho
main ledge is a true fissure which cuts
the formation at un angle of about 00
degrees. The present work that is be
ing done consists of stripping the ledge
the whole length of the olaim, as soon
as this is finished drifting will be
proceeded with. The site for a tunnel cannot be boat. There are minor
ledges but the work will be entirely
confined to tbe main lead which shows
np very prominently on the surface.
The lerigo matter is quartz currying
good galena values, and will no doubt
prove a concentrating proposition
before long.
The above claim was originally the
Guttenburg and was stocked in 1896
by a Trail brewer who sold a great
deal of stock among Milwaukee men.
But nothing was ever done with the
property except to do n littlo development work, the claim lapsed and was
Tbis morning 12 horses left for the
Big Horn group this makes the second
batch of supplies that has gone out to
the proporty. The company reports n
big enciairy from the east for their
stick. One of tho largest stock holdors
from Boston will bo here in a few
davs to visit the group.
W. E. Devereux, P. L. S., of Rossland, has boon busy surveying niuo
claims for Oharles Dundee, the property lios on the opposito side of tho
gulch to the Dundee mine. It is rumored ^that thn properties, which are
very prowling, will be shortly be
stocked. Th-so interested with Mr.
Dundeo aro W. A. Gallilior and Tom
Flynn. |
While business continues very quiet
bore, still there are a great number of
men doing their assessment:'.. All the
mines with the exception of the Ymir
and Dundee are operating, the latter it
:'s expected will recommence in a
short time as the directors havo agreed
upon a plan in which to operate the
The school election of last Saturday
still continues to bo tho talk of the
town. A great deal of dissatisfaction
oxists over tho way iu whioh tho
election was oonduoted. The methods
whioh were employed are decidedly
open to question. There is some talk
of protesting it, but I cannot say how
true the report is.
The Masons have taken over Mathers
& Kelly's hall, and have furnished it
in a very tasteful manner. It is doubtful if there is a neater lodge room in
the Province.
*   *   *
A mine manager who had returned
from the Slooan yesterday informed the
Miner that work had been partly resumed at the Payne mine, on the oon-
traot system. A force of 50 men had
started there last week.
At the Bosun two men were working
on contract. At the yueen Bess mine
owners are almost making arrangements for some work to be done on the
same system.
A large pack train leaves Ymir   this
morning for the Big Home group.
FROM 12 TO 8
���   .   DAY   .   .
Friday, Saturday
and Sunday
Nelson Cafe
Our Fresh Roasted ('often of Best
Quality, its follows :
Java and Arabian Mocha, por pound $   40
Java and Mocha Blend, Ii pounds  1 00
Fine Santos, 1 pounds   1 00
Sautoa Blend, 6 pounds  1 00
Our Special Blend, (i pounds  100
Our Rio Roast, (i pounds  100
Nelson,      -      p. c.
House Cleaning Time
We can assist you in the annual
overhauling by Painting, Paper-
Hanging, Kulsomiuing and Interior Decorating Estimate^
cheerfully given.
Josephine St. Onn. Clarke Hotel
Diamond Core Drill
Contracts mode for development of
properties. Shares taken in part payment.
Nelson Employment Agency
Help of  All   Kinds Furnished.
J. H. LOVE, Agt      Baker St
Kootenay Railway and Nav.
Schedule of Tims.      Paolflo Standard rime.
Bffeotlvo Juno 10, 1899,
Passenger train for Sandon and waystutlonj
loaves   Kaslo  at K a. in., daily.     Returning,
leaves Bandon at 1.15 p.m,, arriving at Kaslo
at 3.M p.m.
Opot- ��� mm Kootenay Luke and River.
Str. ."International' leaves Knslo for Nelson
nt (i a. m, dally except Sunday. Returning,
leaves Nolson at, 1,80 p.ni,, soiling at, Balfour,
I'llolBay, Ainsworth and all way points, Connects with str. "Albeita" lo ana from Bonner's Kerry, Idaho, .iIho with S. K. & N. to and
from Spokane at Kive Mile Point
Str. "Alhcrta" Leaves Nelson for Bonner's
Kerry, Tuesdays. Tli'irsdiiys and Saturdays
at 7 a.m., meeting .steamer "International"
from Knslo at Pilot, Hay. Returning, leaves
Bonner's Korry at, 8 a. in. Wednesdays, Kri-
days and Sundays, OOtineotlng with Str. "International" for Kaslo, Lardo and ArKonla.
Direct, connections made at Bonner's Kerry
with Orent Northern Railway for all points,
east and west.
Str. "International" leaves  Kaslo for I.arilo
and Argenta at SJo p.m. Wednesdays and Hri-
days.   Sir. "Albert*   leaves  Kaslo for Lardo
und Argenta at, 8 00 p.m. Sundays.
Steamers call at iirincinal landings in both
directions, and al other points when signalled.
Tickets sold to all poinl* in Canada and the
United States.
To ascertain rales and full information, ml
dross :
Mannger. Kuslo, L, C
Summer Millinery.
Wo are now showing some very
handsome trimmed mullnerv. The
New  York   Sailors   and    Children's I
Wear.  Mail orders promptly attended
to at
Josephine Street,
Wills'   Famous   English
Capstai) (tfaVi)   Cut) ai)d   Traveller,
Three Castles aijd WesWardi Ho.
Oan Be Obtained From All Dealers.
go to the waVERLEY
On Victoria Street,
WHERE?      WHY?      WHEN?      HOW?
WHY you should buy
Because they have the Best Goods at the Lowest Prices,
WHEN to buy
Always; because then yo.i will never be dissatisfied,
HOW to order
By mall, telephone or personally.   We seek to please
nud all orders receive the careful attention ot competent
New Specialties.   New Faces.
POUR NIGHTS, wednH^&ne ��,���,
WEDNESDAY���First  Time Here���The  funny English
Comedy in 3 Aets, entitled, Everybody's Friend,
to   be   followed   by   the     Petite   Comcdiette,    The
Young Widow.
First Time Here.
FRIDAY���The Funniest of All Farce-Comedies ���
SATURDAY   NIGHT���Farewell Performance���
2:30 a.m.���S.S. Moyie or S. S. Nelson
arrives from Crow's Nest
Bch. connection, Kootenay
L'd'g and way points daily.
7:00 a.m.���Train leaves C.P. R. station
for Sandon, the main line
and intermediate points
via Slocnn Cily except Sunday.
7:00 a.m.���Train leaves O. P. R. station for Rossland,the main
line and intermediate points
via Rohson daily.
9:40 a.m.���Train leaves N. & F. S.
station for Rossland, Spokane and way points daily.
10:05 a.m.���S. S. International arrives
from Kaslo and way points
daily except Sunday.
10:50 a.m.- Train arrives from Rossland, Trail and Rohson and
intermediate points daily.
11:00 a.m.���S. S. Kokanee arrives from
Kaslo and way points daily
except Sunday.
.'J. 15 j-.in.- Train leaves O.P.R, station
foi'RoUBOD, Trail anil R0S8-
1,-uul and inteimediats pfcs.
4:00 p.m.���8. S. Kokanee leaves for
Kaslo and way points,
daily, except Sunday.
4:80 p.m.���8t S. International leaves
for Kaslo and way points,
daily except Sunday.
5:30 p.m.���Train arrives N. & F. S.
station, from Spokane,
Rossland and way points,
7:25 p.m.���Train arrives C. P. It. station, from Rossland, the
nitiiu lino aud intermediate
points via Robson daily.
7.25 p. 111.���Train arrives 0. P. R.
stulion from Sandon, tho
main lino and intermediate
points via Slocan CJitv, except Sunday.
10:30 p.m.���SS. Moyie or S.S. Noli-on
leaves lor Kootonay L'd'g,
way points and ('row's Nest
Branch and points Fast
Transportation Companies nro requested U>
Kivo notico to the Minor of any alterations iu
die timo of irrival nnd (iol.arliiro from Nolson.
Steam tugs Ymir. Kaslo, Angerona,
Red Star, Hercules, Surprise, and others
ply on Kootenay Ae to and from Nelson, but have no regular times of arrival and departure.
The shipping Point for Goat
Mountain Mines on the Crow's Nest
Pass and Bedlington and Nelson
The Centre of one of the Finest
Agricultural and Fruit Growing
Districts in West Kootenay.
For information and Price Lists
apply to L.  A. HAMILTON,
Land Commissioner C.P.R.,
Agent, Creston, B. C.
GEO. McFARLAND, Agt., Nelson.
General Broker-
Nelson Cleaning and Dyeing
Ladies' and Gents' Clothing cleaned
dyed, altered and repaired.
Item- of < la;-l.i- Hotel.
Peter Genelle & Co.
Headquarters for first
class Building Material.      We    make    a
specialty of
Well Seasoned Flooring, Rustic and
Ship Lap.
E. C. BEER      Agt.
If you have never done so hefore, place an order with us, and
truth of these statements.
on- trade,
prove the
All   Communications  relating to British Columbia business
to be addressed to P. O. Drawer 505, Nelson, B.C.
Hotel for side $0,000, renting lor $100
per mouth.
Bilker street property for side nt *H,
000, renting for 8150 pel month, lensed
for 5 years.
Twelve Lots in Hume Addition, oheap.
A 12-roonied House for rent, convenient to Baker street.
Money to loan nt 8 pu rent Fire nnd
Life Assurance.
J. Roderick Robertson,
General Manager
S. S. Fowler, E. M.,
Mining Engineer
Is the cause of many a Batch of Bread having to be thrown
into the sewer, and a woman's time and labor gone
with it. If you weren't so prejudiced you could have
just as good success with your Bread as your neighbor.
We advise : Throw prejudice aside, and lor your next
Baking try a sack of
Thousands are using it with success ; why not you? It it
doesn't suit you, you don't have to pay for it.
Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
Incorporated 1869.
Capital Authoiized   -   -   -   -   $2,ooo,ooo
Capital Paid Up, $1,500,000, Pcservc, $l,25o,ooo.
Head Office: Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Oeneral Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange  Bought
and Sold, Letters of  Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the ni '��t favorable tonus.    Interest allowed on special
deposits ind on Saving Bunk accounts.
Atlin, Bennett, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver, Vancouver East End, Victoria, Yinir.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
A Direct Shipment from France.
Turner Beeton & Co.
Victoria, P.C.    Vancouver, p.C.    London., En9
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
. . FRESH . .
Camps supplied on shortest notice and Lowes  Prices
Mail Orders receive Careful attention.
Nothing but fresh and wholesome meats and supplies
kept in stock
Markets at Nelson and Ymir.
Kootenay Electric Supply nil Construction Go.
Complete Electric Equipments for Electric Power Transmission and lighting for mines,  towns,  etc.    Electric  Fixtures, Lamps, Bells, Telephones, Annunciators, etc.
Josephine St NELSON, B. C
All orders must be accompanied by ca:;h and should  be   forwarder
either personally or bv mail to the office of
General Agent Cor Kootenav & Baker its. <
John   F.   Ward,   und  was a com- others to be forgotton  by all save
modious and airy tent, especially the unlucky ones who had invested
in winter and  windy weather.    A in   them.    Nelson,   however,   has
year after it was put up the pro- helped all her friends.    None who
���!��� 4-
x +
prietor branched  out and built a have invested in  real estate here t
N dealing with the history ol
ity . like  Nelson,   which has
grown without boomintwel
years from a few shacks in a u ���'.-
Jerness of forest and rocks to    e
I usiest and most progressive city
log house in place of the tent, which  have ever had  cause to regret it.
was purchased by John E.Walsh,  Even  when silver went down to
for their horses.    They came across
some rich float of peacock copper
rounding creeks. For the first two ",ni""ul"x" ll1 J"1"1 '-��� vv��u��u, even wnen suver went tiown to ��lj[r TJCH has been heard about
years of its existence Nelson was a   who used it: as a general store. the lowest prices ever known, and     l\��\l    RoSsland  anj  }ts mi'nerai
collection of rough log shacks, James A. Gilker also opened up scores of promising mining towns A- V il deposits, and much, too,
mostly roofed with dirt, some of store in a tent, in [889, between were ruined utterly, the citizens of aD0Ut the Slocan and its rich silver-
the better class of cabins having Hume's store and the Government Nelson seeing the many resources lead mines, but the Nelson mining
"shakes" for roofing, while quite Street, and was the first as well as  possessed by it, felt safe and secure ;  division has never been   boomed   first shipment of 20 tons is said to
ore, and a little work discovered
the lead. The ore was extraordinarily rich on the surface, and the
ojf the Kootenays, it is hard to point a few were happy to possess canvas the present appointed  postmaster and time has, and is amply proving with the result that though much  ,mve   lietteci   tlle   lucky   owners
it  the occurrences  which   bi   e roofs.    The appearance of the land in  Nelson,   the  mail   first   being their wisdom
bj-en, ns it were, the milestom    of
piogress, there being such a mti ti
pl?ilv of events which were
ail    but   details   of   larger   n
1.   uts.
rhese   thousand  and  onr     ci
capital has been invested here with
over $8,000.    The mine was alter
but very
where the present city stands was  brought in weekly down the Col-      Outside capital has come in, in a satisfactory results, the general out- a wllile soI(1 t0 English capitalists,
: ti-  much the same as it is now outside  umbia and across to Nelson.   When  steadily  increasing  stream, and a side public are usually ignorant of by whom it was floated as a com-
id  the limits,  plenty of fallen timber  winter came on a fortnightly service year, nay, mouth,  sees the estab-  its  resources.    This is  the  more pa��y, which still operate it. Within
ittle under-  was the best the Government could Hshment   of  larger  concerns and   strange, as there are dividend-pay- less tnan thc >'ast  tw0 -vears tlle
do, although there was great dis- enterprises.    It would overtest our  ing mines here already, and many mine has paid dividends amounting
space, even to  mention  those  of more who offer a certain prospect to   '*>  1>er cent'  on ordinary
of substantial returns on the capital stockl  a,ld  for several  >'ears  has
invested as the result of judicious Pai<1  7 percent, dividends on the
,-e-1 and rocks
1 inish.
In  many a back yard of hand- satisfaction at the time
de|ils that  after time  lias  si   led  some residences in Nelson to-day      The  year   1891   saw the begin- the past year.
thl��n into their proper relativi   to- stands  a  little one-roomed cabin,  ning of a school, which was first
portions are easy to judge of, \ hen  which the owner once was proud of taught in a room of Dr. G. C. Ar-      Nelson is the only city in the  investment.    Not that this absence ' Preferred shares.    But this is not
as his home, and many a wife liv-  thur's house,   and  taught by the  Interior of British   Columbia that of a boom has been a detriment to a11,    A" immense amount  of de-
ing now in a comfortable  house,   Rev. Mr. Rogers. | has a bicycle path. the district, for though the develop-  velopment   work   has  been  done,
j which is Still being vigorously prosecuted, and there are now over
three miles of workings in the mine.
There are over a hundred men
steadily employed at the mine,
which has been fully equipped with
j the most complete and modern machinery. There are comfortable
bunkhouses, commodious assay
I offices, and everything necessary
for the up-to-date-working of a
mine on a large scale. Most of
these improvements have been built
out of the profits of the mine. But
this is not all. At Nelson, connected with the mine by a fine mill
wire-rope aerial tramway, is the
most complete and best equipped
smelter in Kootenay, which has
been constructed entirely out of the
profits of the mine. The smelter
consists of a blast copper furnace
(the largest of its kind in the
world) which has a daily capacity
of 280 tons, a blast silver-lead furnace with a capacity of 100 tons
daily, two large calcining furnaces
and two reverberatory furnaces.
The crude 012 leaves the smelter in
I anodes of copper bullion assaying
about 98 per cent, copper and the
viewed at close range, are a| par-
cntlv all of similar si/<- am importance. The recorder of vhat
has happened a hundred year.- ago
can speak with confidence, but
when Ik has to deal with what
happened practically yesterday, he
has to tread warily.
Salisbury, the name bj wjhich
Nelson was iirst known, was named
by the mining recorder, Mr Henry
Anderson, in 1.S.S7. It was located
in that year by Arthur Bunting, j
The mining recorder, Anderson,
also made a location to the east of
Uniting.   Then in  1888 Mr. Gil-
���,! M. Sproat, the Gold  Commis-
lOtier, arrived, and dee! red that
the land was covered by Govern-
ment reserve. Bunting md other
pre-emptors were crowded off, with
the exception of Andei on, who
still stayed with it. proat renamed   the   town   Stall!.        and   he City of Nelson, 1899, as seen (rom acruss the lake.
and   Anderson   see-saw�� 1  against
each other until in the   'winning with all the myriad conveniences!    The first railway, Columbian &      Nelson has a charming climate. I ment 0f the COuntry may have been
of   1889  the Gold   O   imissioner and comforts   modern  civilization  Kootenay, was built in from Rob- Zero weather in  the winter is a thereby temporarily somewhat re-
left,  and was succeeded by G. C. supplies,  can well remember when ; sou in 1892, giving communication  rarity,   and  there  are  but a  few tarded,   yet   "wild-catting"   has
Tunstall. ��" tlle site ol her present home she j with the Columbia river steamers,  days when it is necessary to don a ! a]so )jeen prevented, the result be-
What there was of the town bore has slept on a bed of pine boughs, Then in  .893 a Spokane Falls & heavy coat.   The spring and fall ing that  those propositions   that
til  the inhabitants, with   nothing  but  a  canvas  roof J Northern branch, under the name weather   is   delightful,   the   sky have been taken hold of have been
1 claim for a post ��� between her and wintry skies, and of the  Nelson   &   Fort Sheppard scarcely carrying a cloud, and the satjsfactory t0 the investors,   and
metropolis was had to devise all kinds of make- railway, was   extended  from   the warm sunlight making everything more are flocking in daily.
\'Z\in-inieii "Nelson "shifts to eke out scanty outfits of State of Washington up the Salmon bright and cheerful.   In the middle
civcn one and  named      nciauu, - i-> ,
*-' _   . .    .-. ,.iil 11,-I r."      '111,        ,,lli..i-      ..(ran.... lc (!-.._
two names   tint
having put in
office, the embryi
culinary  and  other  utensils,   fre-  River valley to the head of Cottc
in honor of the  Lieutenant-Gov
enior of the Province     The  first quently comprised in  a water-pad,   wood, and thence to Nelsou.
rall of frying-pan,  coffee-pot,   and a few      Steamers  were running on the in tQe ]ate afternoon  and evening
Kootenay Lake from 1884, the best it becomes agreeably cool.    At no
sale of lots was held in the
Sproat,  and on his   way  tin CUPS and Plates-
surveyed a      The first general store iu Nelson  one being named  the   Midge, and  llme 1S  it too warm   to make the
Nelson    to
1888  by
back to Vancouver 1
waggon road from
Sproat's Landing.
Naturally the first great step in
Nelson's prosperity was the discovery of the rich mineral deposits
on Toad   Mountain   tnd  the sur-
first   hotel was  owned  by
rest silver and gold, or, in the case
of summer the city proper is hot It is impossible to begin a sketch, of . '< ia ores, as silver-lead bul-
during a few hours of the day, but nowever superficial, of the mines of | Hon,  ���    either case ready for the
the district without referring to the last refining or separating process.
Hall Mines on Toad Mountain, Nearly a hundred men are required
about five miles, as the crow flies, to operate the various processes at
from this city. Located some ten the smelter. The ore from the Hall
years ago, it is one of the pioneer Mines is largely a copper-Silver ore
mines of Kootenay ; it showed rich   which is almost self-fluxing, and is
It was treated in the copper blast furnace,
ni  recently  extensive  bodies  of
when the prospectors, alter whom  silver ore, carrying no copper, have
1    the mine is  named,   were looking
was started in a cabin on the site  was   brought   in    by   W.   Baillee L'ike a pleasant retreat.    There   is
of the present   Provincial  Jail by  Grohman,   in   connection  with re- sufficient rain to make the vegeta-
Dennv & Devine who were shortly I clamation  work on the Kootenay Hon luxuriant.   On the hill behind
... ,i,��� ,.;,,.    ���- .!,.-,��� ;,,  ,1,,, :ii,,ci.,,    ore lrom the grass roots
afterwards bought out by Lemon & River. tne city, as shown in the tllustra-                        *
As to the mines of Nelson, that tion ab6Ve, it is sufficiently cold in originally discovered  by accident
subject   will be dealt   with in an- the winter to provide good  ice for
other   column.      The   enterprises tnree or four months and an exce
that have  been  started  in  Nelson lent   skating and   curling rink has
during the past decade would take bee" erected there,
a small   volume  to  record.     Tin; Nelson has one of the most pic-
MiNER, which was the first news- turesqiie parks imaginable,    it  is
paper to start here, has beeu stead- on a "bluff1'���a high rocky nose
j ily improving, like the town since of a mountain,  which provides an
its inception,   and   can now  well excellent view of the city and lake,
claim to be the leading as well as Large    trees   overhead   and    soft
the pioneer paper of the Kootenays. green grass under foot make it a
The growth of Nelson has been < beaut)- spot.
unique  among   other   towns,   be-1 Before   many mouths   pass  the
cause of its steadiness, and  of the citizens of Nelson  will be enjoying
lack   of   the    "boom"    element the convenience of gas ranges to do
which has characterized the others, their   cooking   in    warm   months
almost without exception.    "Rail- when stoves are a nuisance.   Gas
way,"   "Mining,"   "Smelting," ranges for heating purposes in the
tnd countless other varieties have spring and  fall  will also be made
been developed, and this "dry
Nelson in 1N02.
sprung up, have been widely known
for a wllile and then dropped out
of sight, some  to  again recover,
possible by the completion of the
gas plant that is now under construction, j
Nelson in iHoo.
ore is most advantageously mixed
with the "wet," or silver-lead
ores from the Slocan, an inexpensive mode of treatment of both
kinds of ore which is giving the
most satisfactory results. Besides
silver lead ores, the Hall Mines
smelter has treated considerable
quantities of other custom ores,
notably War Eagle ore, of which a
great deal  was smelted  here  last I are reached, these two groups being The mine is tit present connected
vIr   j|    j,-   rroasdaile   is situated on Eagle Creek, and are with the mill by an aerial tramway
 ' both owned bv the   Duncan Mines,   starting   from   near the  mouth   ol
general manager of the company, Wmited|   fl   financiallv    powerfu]  \u. 3 tunnel.   The   mill,  which
As will have been observed, the feet respectively. There arc two Eastern syndicate. The mine has Nelson which must not be byer-
niiiies hitherto mentioned have distinct chutes" of ore, each of been energetically developed ever looked is the Molly Gibson, situ-
been either copper, silver-copper or which is traversed by a vertical since under the superintendence of ated about twelve miles up Kokanee
free gold propositions, but most of shaft as well as by the tunnels. Mr. 11. I-;. T. Haultain. Little Creek which flows into the lake six
the mines near Nelson are becom- The Rockland shaft, on the outer has been given to the public about miles above Nelson. A great deal
free  milling ores, as will be ore chute, is now down nearly 500 the mine, but those best in a posi- of work has been done on this mine,
Nelson's Sampler.
ATTRACTED    by    its   central
position,  fresh industries aie
constantly  being located   in Nel-
which   due mention   will
seen   as this article proceeds.    A feet, and  when sunk to a depth of tion   to know, have  given  ample aud a grent deal of ore has been  son,
lew  miles down   Kootenay River, 050 feet a  long cross-cut  tunnel proof of their faith in the property, shipped,  and Molly Gibson oie is be found elsewhere.     One of the
where Eagle and Forty-Nine Creeks will  be driven to meet it, whose The payments, $17,500 in all sofar, noted for its richness.    The nine mosl  jmportant 0f these will be
join   the 'river, other  free   milling mouth will be about 500 feet   from  have been paid as  tbey came due, is   not   being   worked   at   present  dealt with in this article  and is the
mines are to be  found.     First, the the   mill,   with   which   it   will   be  and a force of between  20  and 30 owing  to litigation,   but  a.l   legal ' >
Granite and Royal Canadian mines connected bv a gravity tramway,  men has been at work all the win- difficulties are expected to be short- aampling   Works that  have  just
Mr. M. S. Davys, superintendent
of the mine, aud Mr. R. lledley,
superintendent of the smelter.
The Hall Mines do not constitute
the only mine near Nelson, nor are
they tlie only testimony to the mineral richness nf Toad Mountain.
Without referring to numerous
prospects which arc looking up well
under development, the Dandy
Croup, the Last Chance, the California and the Venus may well be
mentioned. On the Dandy a great
deal of work has been done in the
past, and there is now a large
quantity of ore on the dump. It
has not been worked of late by the
owners, who were not able to lay
out the large sums necessary folks proper development on a large
scale, but several tempting offers
have been refused. This spring,
however, the property has been
bonded by a strong English syndicate, who are also largely interested in the Athabasca mine (which
will be mentioned later on), and it
is intended to work it on a large
scale throughout the summer. The
ore is a dry silver ore, carrying
little or no copper, and no less an
authority than Professor Hardman,
who recently examined and reported on the Hall Mines, gave it
as his opinion that their vein ran
through the Dandy Croup. The
Last Chance is a copper proposition, and has beeu acquired by an
English syndicate. The property
is being thoroughly developed, several hundred feet of tunnelling
having been done. Trial shipments to the smelter have given
satisfactory returns, and development work will be renewed this
summer. The California is on the
north-western base of Toad Mountain, where it joins Morning Mountain. This property, which was
acquired last autumn by Mr. Hugh
Sutherland, is a free milling proposition, and has had a considerable
amount of work done on it with
most encouraging results. A rich
vein of gold-bearing quartz has
been proved to exist on this property, and some rich shipments
have been made. This is another
instance of the successful results of
the development of a Nelson mine,
and iu the near future it should be
a dividend payer. The Venus,
which is situated not far from the
California, was recently bonded by
Dr. Doolittle, acting on behalf of
Toronto capitalists. This property
is also free milling, and development has proved the existence of a
rich vein of free milling quartz 4MJ
feet in width, and there is no doubt
but that the bond will be taken up.
On Morning Mountain the two
chief mines are the Athabasca and
the Exchequer. The Athabasca is
a mine in every sense of the word,
and several months ago it was estimated there was $250,000 worth of
ore blocked out, and the reserves
have been largely increased by
recent development. A 10-stamp
mill was erected on this property
last autumn, and is working steadily with satisfactory results.
English Company. These properties were bonded rather more than
two years ago, and after a year's
steady development work, during
which the company expended more
than $50,0110, the bond was taken
up, the price amounting to $80,000,
The two groups are about a mile
apart and both are free milling
propositions, though the Granite
ore is of slightly higher grade. The
Granite is being developed by
means of two shafts, aud the Royal
Canadian by tunnelling. An excellent mill site has been acquired,
which is handy to both groups, and
the company has called for tenders
for a 20-Stamp mill, which will be
erected forthwith. Between 40 and
50 men are now employed at the
mines, at which the latest and best
machinery has been installed, and
this force will be largely increased
as soon as the work of construction
begins. The company has the control of ample water supply, and as
soon as the mill is in running order
dividends should ensue. Near
these groups on Forty-Nine creek
the well known   I'oorman   Mine is
was erected last winter, has onlv
been running lull force for some
three   months.     Il   is   a   40-stamp
mill, the largest iu British Colum- mill the company intends to erect
bia, and is now turning out   gold later on.    The  property, which  is
bricks and concentrates with   re- free   milling   and    concentrating,
freshing   regularity,   though   the carries a wide body of good grade
exact value of the shipments is not on-.    The Salmo   Consolidated is
made    public.      The    Dundee    is situated about   | ''���  Hides  from the
another well equipped mine in this Yellowstone,   and   about   $8,000
ter. A four-drill compossor plant ly cleared away, when work will
has now been installed aud tbe instantly resumed,
force of men has beeu increased to This sketch of the mines near
45, A dam and flumes are being Nelson is not exhaustive and does
constructed lor the utilization of not pretend to be, but it may serve
the ample water power that exists, to convey some idea ol tlle extcii'
which   will   be   used  in   the  stamp   to  which    mining    operations   are
icing prosecuted  in   this  vicinity.
/v J
. -��1
B' 'I
)een erected by the Slocan Ore
Purchasing Company. These works
are the most extensive of their kind
in the Province, and have a
daily capacity of con tons,
The   works   arc   so   devised   lb it
this   capacity  can   be  readily   i
No mere prospects have been1 men- creased  so ,, wi��� u. fa      j
Honed, though there are hundreds ,,,,,.
of promising claims in the initial Slocan  Ore  Purchasing  Compan
stages of development.    Without are 111 a position to make themselv<
any boom or advertising, capital felt in   the   local   mining   world,
has been steadily coming into the Already large contracts for ore havi
district, and where it Iras come it k,(,���   mad      :[]]d   ^
has staved.     1 his, so lar, has not ,,,,,,
been a fashionable field for invest- expects to handle a large proportion
meut like   Rossland or the Slocan, ol Nelson aud Slocan ore this sum
but the results of the past and the met.    The ore will be bought OUt-
prospeCtS of the future are none the ,jK|u ()r s.,m
less  solid   and   reassuring.    More
capital is coming here every day,
aud   every    day    fresh    promising
prospects  arc  reaching  the stage
when their owners can  reasonably
expect capital to take hold of them.
Nelson is not entirely dependent on ?
.   ,,   ���     ��� ,��� .       ���   ,     be over-estimatec
the mines in the immediate vicinity,
but the steady growth of the mining
industry in this district is none the
less reassuring. Mining development around Nelson has practically
only commenced, as there are scores
of good prospects as yet untouched.
Aid.   Frank Fletcher,
J. Roderick Robertson,
President Board of Trade, Manager Loudon
and 11. C. Cold Fields, lad.
Aid. Ch:is. Hillyer,
Rev, Robt, Freiv,
Paul's Presbyterian Church.
led on account of the
shipper as the latter desire, and any
amount of ore, from 100 lbs. up will
be bought. The importance of such
an industry centrally located in a
growing mining district, can hardly
especially to the
smaller mine owners. These men
like quick returns from their ore
and a ready market for small ship
incuts. A sampler doing an extei
sive business and buying all kini
ot ore can usually pay a slight'.,
better price than the:smelters, while
ot course spot cash is paid in :jll
instances. Thus substantial assistance is afforded men of small capitil,
and the mining industry is mull:
The sampling works of the Sloe 11
Ore Purchasing Company are si'Jn
ated on the lake front just witl u
the  northwestern  confines  of I e
city   limits.      The   building   ablts
right on the C.P.R.  track and is
partially built on  piles,     it   has
floor space of 50 x  170,  and
equipped  with   the   most   mode
machinery.     The plant includes  .
45 horse-power engine aud  hoisle .
two automatic cazine   samplers���
these are of the most approved typa
made,���two double belled rolls, two
Blake crushers, a Sturtevant mill,
elevators   and   all    the-   accessories
needed either for machine or hand
sampling,     As stated above,   the
daily capacity of the works will be
200 tons, and this can be increased
should   the   business   warrant   it.
The mill is also provided with six
ore bins of 20 tons capacity apiece
lor the accomodation of the shippers
who prefer not to sell their ore outright, but wish to have it sampled.
It has been designed and built by
thoroughly   practical   men   and    is
unsurpassed by any sampler on the
Although in Colorado, and several other states of the Union,
the benefit derived from samplers
has long been fully appreciated,
this has not hitherto been  the case
Aid. o. Frank Beer.
Aid, j. a. Kirkpatrick,
Magistrate !���:. A. Crease.
. J. Robson, Methodist Church.
situated.    This is also a free milling
proposition, and has paid its owners
handsomely.    A great deal of work
has been done on the property, ou
which  a   10-stamp  mill   has been
erected, which has beeu in operation for some time.    This is another
Nelson   property   which   will   be
heard  of.    The  Poorman  vein  is
famed for its richness.
Another free milling proposition,
situated a few miles from Nelson,
The near the Nelson & Fort Sheppard
richer reserves have not yet been railway, is the Fern mine, at Hall
touched, but the ore run through Siding. This property has already
the mill has averaged over $20 a proved itself a dividend payer, and
ton, which, of course, yields hand- is well equipped with a 10-stamp I
some profits, and a dividend is mill and a chlorination plant that was
expected shortly.  The mine, under added last autumn.    The company !
the management of Mr. I-;. Nelson has recently been re-organized with camp. It is a concentrating pro-
Pell, is being developed in the an increased working capital, work position, developed by a shaft down
most systematic and conservative has been recommenced on an ex- over 250 feet, and" drifts. The
manner, aud there is enough ore in tended style and further dividends | mine js connected with the 50-ton
sight to run the mill for a long will doubtless soon follow. The i concentrator erected last winter by
time to come The Exchequer, head offices of the company haveL gravity tram. Tbis mine is
which lies between the California been removed from Vancouver to making regular shipments of con-
and Athabasca, has had its develop- Nelson. centrales.   The   Tamarac,   Klise,
ment retarded by dissensions among The next developed mines of im- Blackcock and numerous other
the principal shareholders. This, portance are to be found in the properties near here are being
fortunately, is a thing of the past, vicinity of the small but growing steadily worked with good results,
and the property has been system- town of Ymir, which is itself de-! those mentioned making shipments
atically developed under the man- pendent on Nelson as a base of right along. The Porto Rico, near
agement of Mr. A. II. Kelly, the supplies. Foremost among the Porto Rico Siding, three miles
vice-president of the company. A mines in this rich camp is the Ymir, down the Hue, is one of the iiumer-
long cross-cut tunnel has been run a free milling property operated pus free milling properties that has
on the vein, whence a drift has from Nelson by the London & B.C. turned out well. A 10-stamp mill
been run along the vein to a point Goldfields  Co., of London.    This was erected on
j�� jt j�� ji
Aid. 11. B. Thomson.
Aid. A. L. McKillop.
w. \v. Beer, Treasurer Kootenay Lake General
Hospital and President West Kootenay
itrick nud 1.tine Company,
Wm. J. Thompson, Chief of the lire Dept.
worth of work has been done on it
with encouraging results, and
development is being steadily
prosecuted. The ore is a quartz
carrying gold and galena, and is of
course a concentrating proposition.
The Property carries a strong vein
with good values.
A few miles further clown the
railroad and Erie is reached, where
the two chief mines are .Second
Relief and the Arlington. A great
deal of solid development work has
been unostentatiously done on the
Second Relief, and shipments of ore
were regular last winter and will
be continued this summer. But
this property last little has been given out regarding
underneath the shaft, and by the' property has beeu most systemati- autumn, and is considered to be this mine, but over 1,500 feet of
time this appears in print, the two cally developed for considerably the most perfect of its kind. It is development work has been done,
will be connected. There is four over two years. No stoping has crushing ore regularly with gratify- and there is a large amount of ore
feet of high grade ore in the bottom  been done, but an immense quan- ing results. blocked out aud ou the dump.    On
of the shaft, and the recent devel- tity of ore has been blocked out. At Salmo, a few miles further on, the Arlington a shaft has been sunk
opment just mentioned has proved There are also some 7,000 tons of there are many promising prospects, to a depth of 150 feet and drifts
that the vein retains its si/.e and ore on the dump. The mine has and two mines, the Yellowstone and have been run both ways, blocking
values with depth. Great things been extensively developed and the Salmo Consolidated. The out considerable ore of good grade,
are expected of this property. A there are about 7,000 feet of work- Yellowstone was bonded late last This property has been shipping
good deal of the stock is held in ings. There are three tunnels on summer by Mr. G. R, Mickle, of regularly, and development work
Toronto, but the majority of it is the property, which have been ��� Toronto, for $50,000, who after- on it is being steadily prosecuted,
owned locally. driven about 700,   r, 100 and 1,000 \ wards transferred the bond to an.     In   another  mine   tributary   to
Two thousand leagues divide us from the land where we were born ;
And OUT hacks are bout with travails past, our hands with toil are lorn ;
Vet it \s blessing (in our sweat-stained picks and blessings 1111 the day
When we ������ struck" the mountain citv, by the lake nf Kootcnuv.
Hy the foam-fleakod Hebrideau rocks when- the snowy fulmars haunt,
Where the murmuring gob of the ocean blends with the curlew's mourn-
fill chant,
In the silent sea-girt kirk-yard 'neath rose and eglantine,
Lies the hallowed dust of loved ones whom we left iu days long syne.
We crossed the wild Atlantic and we followed the setting sun
Through desert, forest, prairie, to the great Saskatchewan;
Then wandered north to the Slave Lake, hy the broad Mackenzie's hank :
And when, the long dark winter came, our sore tried spirits sank :
Vet we straggled on o'er the frozen snow and entered ihe great lone land,
Where the glacier gleams in the mid-night sun, and the ice Idng.a pillars
Like sentries grim to defy the quest of the gold men seek lo gain,
And we reached the ice-floo'd Vukon ; but, we sought that gold in vain !
Then we Med from Hie eold. wan dog Star���for WO yearned for the war i
west wind���
And ever we journeyed southward, a resting place lo liml:
But (itir courage almost failed us. and we all Inn dlod on Ihe Way
When we " struck " the mountain oity by the lake of Kootenay.
All, then onr faint hearts gladdened with the visit f bom ice more.
With the ring of kinsman's voice, a grasp of his baud, as in days of yon-:
And, as winter snows are softcmid hy Ihe breath of the warm Chinook,
So fled our fears from our failing hearts, so cure our breasts forsook.
Theu the glorious western summer came and we BOUghl the lake-land bilk
Aud we clave their miti'od slopes with our picks and "panned" iu the
mountain rills:
Till we found the gold we sought lo will, the gold that would give us rest,
That we would build our home on the mountain side in the land of the
Golden West.
Two thousand leagues divide ns from the land where we, were born ;
And our hacks are ben! with travails post, our hands with toil aro torn ;       o
Yet it's blessings on our sweat-stained picks, and blessings on the day
When we " struck " the mountain city, by the lake of Kootcnuv ��
Nelson B.C.. Juuo ?tb, ISIMI. _\\-   p   jj c
* m mm
here. In fact, outside of the Kaslo
sampler, there is no other in Kootenay. It is to the manager of the
company, Mr G. M. McDowell,
that the credit for the erection of
these works are due. Mr. McDowell hails originally from New
York, and his first mining exper-
ence was gained in the Smuggler
Mine, at Aspen, Col. Since then
he has for a number of years
acquired a varied and practical
experience in mining and milling in
various parts of Colorada. Last
autumn he made a trip up to British Columbia, and made a careful
examination of the field. He soon
saw that a thoroughly up to date
tracts. He was successful in
buying up sufficient ore to run
the Sampler tor several months,
and anticipates no difficulty in getting sufficient to keep the works
going full blast right along. So
the sampler is an assured success.
Mr. McDowell has gathered round
a competent staff. Mr. 0. M.
Rosendale, the ore layer, was for
three years connected with the
Hall Mines smelter. The assayer,'
Mr. C. N. Johnson, was formerly'
chief chemist for the Arkansas
Valley smelter at l.eadville, and
brings a first-class reputation with
him. Mr. Martin Anderson, foreman in charge, was formerly fore-
uudouhtedly Ihe best $70 article on the
market to-day. Other brands manufactured by the Oompany are Ihe ������ Little
Gem," "Blue Bud" and "Bonnie Five."
Tl Royal   Seal"   and    "Kootenay
Belle " are the standard brands. Then-
are so many orders wailing to he Idled
now that Wr. Sims had to take his traveller of the road. If the increase is the
same for the next three mouths as it has
been during the past six, the Oompany
will he slocked and put on the market,
as it will be  two large  I'or  Mr.   Sims'
capital. Il should he a good investment,
and there will be little difficulty in disposing of the stock.
An imitation  'Royal Seal" is on the
market, trading ou thi- name of the
Nelson cigar. 11 is an inferior article,
and as Mr. Sims is securing the lights of
registration for his label, it will likely be
withdrawn from Ihe market shortly.
Meanwhile you should see that il is the
Nelson " Royal Seal" thai you secure
fourth frame building erected in Nelson. ,      ,     .,    ,      -    ,      ., -var    I    r,    nir.!-^^
The store containing   the   post office \a��� numbered not by_hmidredaor thous- VV.J,   (j.   LMcksotl,
in u small town, other attractions heing :"','ls-   "i. hy tens ot thousands.
equal, Is always the most  popular si ore J" ""' K'��>tciii.ys they employ on an 'MIA I    Kootenay   oilers  a  wide  and
of the place.   We are, therefore, justi- "y'.'T' ab?ut f�� ,!-";',' :" ""�����'', S,""''T' remunerative field for the investor
lied in saying that Gilker & Wells' store wlJ!'' ' are placed as follows :    \\ l���,lesile js                 established fact.
was in pioneer days, as J. A. Gilker's -Nelson,   Rosslaiid,   Sandon,   Green- investor who in
stow now is, the popular store of Nelson, wood.   ReteU-Nelsqn, SUverton, Trail,      ����Nelson, tl reful investor, who is
l,1,.,....  ..   .,..,.,11  i���,.;,,,.;,,,,   ..,,.1   ^f.���.L- New Denver, Cascade, Sandon, (.rand content  with  a  smaller though surer
From   a   small   beginning,   and   slock   .
.......u.i..���.i i... .,���,..,i .t ii.,.? .,f fi,.,.,..;.,,,. Forks, Kaslo, t ireonwood, Preston, Mid- return  for bis outlay, will find many
measured ova modest line ol   tlie prune               ,,                .    ,,      ,      .      m, . .     ,        ,    -.              ....          ',
way,   linn- and   Rossland,    through opportunities by placing capital in real
their organization  and   arrangements estate
they are enabled to handle the meat YV. .1. (;. Dickson is one of the
business most successfully in the faco of successful real estate agents in Nelson
the natural difficulties iu a mountainous Born in Scotland, educated at Peltes
country like West Kootenay, where pas- school, he, like so many enterprising
turage and natural facilities for hand- Scots, went for a field to seek his fort-
lint; cat lie in any numbers are so few as une. He spent nine years prospecting
to he hardly worth mentioning, for gold and dealing  in  real estate in
Tin- linn has grown toils present pro- Western Australia.
portions by tlie good judgment and un- In  ism he went to the North-West
Magging industry of the head  of the Territories, thence he came to Nelson in
head,   Mr.   P,   Burns,   who  is  In  olose the spring of 1896,
Patenauclt Bros,
[pATENAUDE BROS., watchmakers
' and opticians, one of the youngest
firms in Nelson, hnve reason lobe proud
of Ihe success which they have attained
during their slay in the metropolis of
the Kootenays. Since their advent iu
Nelson the public have recognized the
fact that a long-felt want has been supplied, and show their appreciation of it
by the vast amount of work which is
constantly pouring in from all sides of
the country.
The Sampler In coi
and well equipped sampler of large
capacity was needed. He formulated his plans and succeeded in
interesting Colorado capital in his
scheme, and also some local capital.
Thanks to his energy and business
tact the venture was soon placed
on a practical footing, and it was
not long before the work of construction began. At first he contemplated building bis sampling works
at Roseberry, on Slocan lake ; but
there, though in many respects an
advantageous site, he would not
enjoy the advantage of two competing railways. Moreover, his
operations would practically have
been confined to Slocan ores, which
are almost invariably galena, wllile
the sampler is in a better position
if he can buy a large variety of ores.
These considerations till had
weight, and Mr. McDowell retraced his steps to Nelson to look
lor a suitable site. And, after obtaining permission to use part of
the C.P.R. right of way, he proceeded to build on the site above
mentioned. Now be can receive
ores either by the C.P.R. or by the
Nf. & b'.S. Railway, or by either of
the competing lines of steamships,
wllile, should he wish to export to
smelters on the American side, he
is able to reap the benefit of the
same competition. Situated as
they are in the heart of a rich
mining district, and at a railwaj
rue ui construction,
man of the sampling mill at the
Hall Mines smelter. Mr. L. P.
Wolff has been engaged as accountant. Mr. I,. F. I.eo superintended
the construction of the works, and
the contract was let to Mr D. J.
McNally, a practical mill man of
wide experience gained throughout the mining West.
Nelson Uoid Club,
Staples in men's wear, most necessary
to supply the trade of a mining community, the slock has grown and developed, OS it were, until Mr. Gilker has
the largest and most complete stock of
ready-made clothing, gents furnishings.
hoots and shoes, hals and caps, etc.. ill
the Kootenays. He is an importer from
England, Germany and the United
States, and carries u very complete stock
of English, Scotch, German and American goods.
Mr. Gilker is still   Nelson's popular
postmaster, the office so long occupying
I a place in his store, now adjoins it with i
|a communicating door, so that the hi-1
creased duties of Ihe office still admit of
[ Mr. Gilker's continuing his merchandis-
; ing and of his giving much of his attcn-
i tion to his private business.
���   '.
Cigar Hanufactiiring Co,
HpHE Kootenay Cigar Manufacturing
' Oompany is a sample of what opportunities there are for the right man
to work np a large business in the Kootenays, with Nelson as his headquarters.
Iu April, 1898, Messrs. Khrlich and
.lames Neelands opened the factory for
Ihe purpose of supplying the local trade.
On September 1st of the same year they
were succeeded by the tirm of Simpson
Patenaude Bros,
Their watch department is a miniature watch factory, and equal to any
that can he found in large cities. It is
equipped with tin- finest of machinery
that can he bought, and not only are
their tools of the best quality, but they
have every tool necessary for the making
of an entire watch. Each of the employees must be able to make- a complete
watch from the raw material in order to
get a position in this establishment.
This, combined with the unquestionable
ability of Messrs. Patenaude Bros,,
make their business a very successful
Their optical department is fitted up
with a dark room, and all the latest
apparatus for testing eyes for all defects.
Beer Bros.
ATTRACTED by the possibilities of
Nelson, Messrs. W. W. & (t. Frank
Beer packed their grips in Charlotte-
town, Prince Edward Island, less than a
year ago, and skipped across the continent to Nelson. They brought money
with them, and soon made themselves
felt hy investing heavily in business and
residential real estate. They further
showed their confidence in the city by
Hall Mini-!
touch with all branches of the business, !
and through whose efforts a reputation
for carrying the best, and the best only,
of goods has  been  obtained and   held
Alexandra Del ley /line.
,r\NK of the mining companies oper-
*���' ating, with Nelson as its base, is
the Alexandrii-Delley Mining & Milling
Oompany, which is composed of Spokane
capitalists. Tbe Alexandra-Delley Mine
is situated on the second north fork of
Lemon Creek, 10 miles from Six-Mile
Point. Offices of the Oompany ore at
Nelson and Spokane. Mr. P. E. Seeley
is the resident manager here, and superintends the work at the mine. There is
a ten-stamp mill at the Golden Wedge,
three miles from the Aloxandra-Dolloy,
and a waggon road also runs within
three miles of the property. There is a
good supply of timber and water at the
mine.    Work  nt  the  Alexandra-Dellcv
Mr. Dickson is a keen and pushing
business man and at once came to the
fore as a successful broker. He has been
influential in nutting through some of
the biggest deals ill real estate ill Nelson,
notably that of the Victoria Block, the
purchase price of which was$80,000. A
considerable portion of that residents!
site known as "Addition A" was sold
through Mr. Dickson's agency.   Though
Nelson Tennis Court.
building several blocks and residences.
Their best known blocks are the Aberdeen, which they built, and the Victoria, which they purchased and greatly
increased in size. In every way they :
proved themselves progressive and
capable business men, and aro now,
recognized as two of the most prominent
men of the citv.
Mr. W. W.'Beer is president of the
West Kootenay Brick & Lime Company,
and treasurer of the Kootenay Lake
General Hospital, He is in close touch
with the business interests of the city
and district. Mr. (1. Prank Beer was
prevailed   upon   to   nm   for  alderman
Cottonwood rails.
it is as a real estate broker that Mr.
Dickson hns made his work, he has also
been influential in putting through several large mining transactions.
Mr. Dickson's assiduous attention to
business and personal influence stand
him in good stead.
J. F. Weir,
][ P. WEIR, gents furnishings and
"*-' ��� clothing, conducts a flrst-closs
business on Baker Street, next door to
the ofliees of the Great Northern Ry.
His goods are always up to date and of
Kootenay ci^ar Manufacturing Company.
Ceo. M  McDowell, Manager of Sampler.
centre through which the ores from
other rich mining districts must
pass, the Sampling Works of the
Slocan Ore Purchasing Company
could uot have been more advantageously placed. Mr. McDowell
showed great acumen in securing
the site be did, and great tact in
conducting the negotiations which
preceded the grant of that site from
the C.P.R. When establishing this
important industry Mr. McDowell
asked no favors from the city, but
the importance of enterprise was
appreciated, and he was supported
and endorsed by the Mayor and
Council, and several of tbe leading
business men of the town. Although a staunch American, he
believes in supporting the industries of the country where he happens to be doing business, and
everything connected with Sampler
is of Canadian origin. The machinery was ordered from the
Jenckes Machine Company, of Quebec, through their Rossland agent,
1''. R. Mendenhall. The lumber
came from Coat River, and the
laboratory was fitted up by W. F.
Teetzel, of this city, whose assay-
ers' supplies are so extensively used
throughout the Province.
The work of construction began
i in March, aud was rapidly rushed
lo completion, while at the same
time Mr O. M. Rosendale, ore
buyer for tbe company, went
out on   the  road  to  secure  con-
it Donnelly, who in turn disposed of the
business to its present proprietor, Mr.
Thos. .1. Sims, on November 1st of last
year.    At thai time two men and a boy
' were the hands employed to turn out the
cigars   to  meet  the orders.    There are
I 22 new hands employed by Mr. Sims.
Prom supplying the local trade the business has grown to supplying the whole
Kootenay. Every month since taking
tlle business over Mr. Sims has had to
make additions to his staff and to enlarge
I the size of his premises.
The two agencies that contributed to
Ibis surprising growth of so young
a business were the excellence of
the    goods    manufactured     and    Mr.
] Sims careful attention to every
branch of the industry. Hailing originally from England, Mr. Sims spent Hi
years in Jamaica, West Indies, where,
he was connected with the cultivation of
tobacco. Looking about for a good field
for investment he came to Nelson last
year, and a month after his arrival purchased the business thai he now colli nils.
His experience iu Jamaica stood him iu
good stend as he knew where to purchase tobacco to the best advantage and
as a consequence his cigars have become
great favorites on accoun'of tin-uniform
excellence of their leaf. Next he secured
the best cigarmakiTS he could, bringing
them from San Francisco, Chicago ami
other centres. None but tlle best goods
were turned out and they quickly re
ceived a linn hold on the market.
Mr. Sims' leading brand is the "Royal
Seal."    It is a clear Havana cigar, and is
J. A,  Gilker,
[IT is gratifying to Note that Nelson's
pioneer merchants are now among
her most prosperous business men and
prominent citizens. J. A. Gilker, postmaster, merchant and councilman, is
one among them.
Mr. Gilker was born, and grew up to
manhood, in the Province of Quebec,
He was employed in the mechanical department in the construction of the
Canadian Pacific Railway, and came in
the employ of that company to British
Columbia in ink.",. He was stationed for
some time at Revelstoke, and came from
that place to Nelson in 1889. bringing
wilh him one of Ihe first stocks of goods
Nelson Greenhouse,
before he was in the city many months,
and was returned at the head of the poll
in the East Ward at the hist election.
He bus proved himself a very able
alderman. He is ever foremost in anything that promises to benefit the city,
is a strong supporter of the athletic
clubs, a prominent member of the Liberal Association, and is identified with
several other publio movements.   There
cannot be too munyineii like the Messrs.
Beer ill a new citv like Nelson.
Moutii of tunnel Alexandra Delley Mine.
was commenced a year ago. and the
shaft is now sunk !K) feet, and is in ore
all the way. There is six feet of ore at
the bottom of the shaft. It is steel
galena and iron pyrites, carrying gold
silver. A tunnel 280 feet long has been
driven ; when it was in SO feet the lodge
was struck at a depth of lid feet. They
continued to drift in the ledge, which
averages from five to seven feet wide
between the walls. Sixty feet more of
drifting will strike the shaft at a depth
of 380 feet. It is further proposed to
run 2.10 feet long to get a depth of
between NIHIund 900 feet. The oro has
maintained a high value, assays ranging
from $95 to $116, As soon us the snow
leaves the ground a large staff of men
will he put to work, and development
will proceed rapidly.   The Alexandra-
Delley promises lo be one of the best
mines in the country, and its management has been of a kind to insure confidence in ihe shareholders.
J,  V. 0 riff in cx Co,
I    Y.   GRIFFIN    A:    Co.,   wholesale
1 > ' '    merchants, have a branch hen- of
their business, us also in Winnipeg and
Vancouver.    They are pork-puckers, and
also  deal   in   butter,   eggs   and   cheese.
one especially noteworthy point about
their business is that tin- smoked hams,
bacon, etc., carried by them an- cured
here in Nelson : so that dealers receive'
them fresh and clean, and imi in ihe
dusty and frequently mouldy condition
that hums shipped any distance are received in.   Another good featui f this
is thai dealers need liol carry large
slocks, but eun replenish from Ihe Nel-
son   branch of this firm   (which   was
placed here in order to handle tho
Kootenay tradci. thus always having
goods in the best of order us well as
looking attractive, This, especially in
slimmer, is a most important thing.
The business here is looked after by the
manager,   Mr.   Boberl    Robortson,   n
thoroughly practical and experienced
business man in all branches of the
wholesale and retail trade.
J. I-'. Weil.
the latest styles, while the prices unreasonable, and as cheap for tile quality
of goods handled, as can be found iii
Emory & Wai ley,
S a country increases in relinemenl
mil wealth, so the demand of th,.
gentlemen (is well us the ladies for wealing apparel becomes greater, but at tInsulin ��� lime more fastidious, and as Nol
son is the lending city of tin- Kootonnys,
the position Emory iV- Wallcy occupy in
the gents' furnishing trade hero i- a
T.j. Sims, Manager Cigar Co,
rred for sale here. He was tliesaim
year appointed Nelson's postmaster; hut
finding trade less active than he had expected, he  left   his goods ill charge of a
clerk, who also acted as deputy postmaster, and returned for the winter to
Revelslokc. Returning to Nelson the
following spring. Mr. Gilker decided to
remain permanently here, and he, in
association with Mr. P. I). Wells, of
Itevclstoke, who was until December,
1898, his business partner, put up the
Burns & Co.
I) handle the meat business
fully through a country like the
Kootenay regions, nm only a large capital, but execution ability of no menu
order, and P. Burns & Oo., through
possessing these qualifications, have
worked up an immense business indeed.
Their  herds of steers, sheep, pigs, etc..
Cabin, Vi mil Mm
Hmory & Wnlley,
fluttering proof of  file excellence  of   the
goods thoy carry.
They handle full lines of the latest
styles of ready-made clothing, and also
arc agents for one of the leading tailors
of Toronto, so that all ordered clothing
is turned out in the be-- -: vie,
Wallatt & M
Al.l.Al'K &   MII.I.KI
nishings and elotliil
extensive experience
K.   gents  fur-
At preseut the Huds
ig, who start-
is erecting n large stoi
.���^   ���..���,    hovo
III   tbo   corner  of   B
in the Company's
[sou's Bay Company
��� and brick block
ukcr and  Stanley
A. Kerland
Mr. MacArtburifi n
Nova Scolian. bill
s" every city or
trade,  there
vhere the III
town of considerable
io   British   Columbia   seventeen
1 In Nelson ill  1802.     lb- is
Robert. J. Hurry.
one    i
years ago. am
a  popular,  ci
nserviitive   nnd    prill
of r In- feminine wai
'bant.   Controlling an ample cam
tributed so
eh  to   lighten   tin
lied includes everything usually found
in u drug store : and everything known
to the trade and in demand in this section, in the line of potent  and prepared
1 li.
an urn
tinned credit,  drudgery I
if tin- houses
ie per-
���dies,  toilet
+H^+++++++'��^+'M��(��+'W'i^^^'��^'W*H^*+*++++++++**++   ,i���,  ,IIVVM  wag ���evei-more  encouraging D. Curtis.    Cliuraeter of  ore   is galena, discoveries have been  mad.- this spring.
t than at present. zinc blende and silver sulpiride, Ii is also noticeable that mining experts
*     The only properties being worked un- The Oalumel   and   Hecln   has   been are puyiug much more attention to this
+  der strong management are the Enter- steadily worked since last summer by district than heretofore.    Several large
J  prise, Evening Star No. 8 and Joker, and the owners.   They have driven across- companies are   now  sending  in   their
J                                                                                                                                  *   lo this list is to In- now added the Ar- out  in  220 feet, cutting the ledge ut a agents   and   are  taking   up properties
+      ,                             .    *   lingloii. which   is   preparing to resume depth of ITU feet, where the  ledge is  :tll here.      Several   important    deals   have
���:-,, i^t^fritH*^*^**11'"'11'11'1'11^                                                                                    '    '       B felt wide, and a drift is now being run already  been   made.    Shipments will
Capital   is  now gradually being at- on the ledge.   This is a dryorebody c in.-nee from a number of mines as
��� -> C1TVT is beautifully situated logs  hewn with  axes, and  I'm-want of  tracted tbis way. and great possibities carrying gold and silver. soon as Ihe trails are in condition.
t the southern end "ails, fastened   together with wooden  are opeuiug up.   'flu- '['wo Friends, of On the Rainbow (10 feet of drifting     Siuce the above was written, the 1 d
jjenl   pins.   This was used  in  freighting up  which so much has b i said, and which   was d last summer, and u  shipment on the Evening Star No. 8i group, on    !
id valley al rnesoi
,.,.     Tin- localioinsaiiKieui j||(1 |.lk(,^ ,ll|d   __||(|||   .lf|(i).  ���,.mi   )||;|-;ii g W||s , i,,., ,vvtl  , ,V(Vr ],v the "company who made   to  the  smelter.    Work   hit's now   Dayton   Creek,   has   hi    taken   up  by
ided by picturesque scenery the steamer Win.  Hunter,   This boal had bo'-ded it after paying themselves been resumed. Hugh Sutherland.   This property proni-
ihe advantage over most of was built   in   New Denver under great and stockholders a substantial dividend On the Republic work  is being done ises to be one of the several large ship-
Thr n    -
���   Wesl   Kootenay of I difficulties.    All the lumber had   lobe
����I,h ' ii '     , whipsawed at a cost of $110 por thousand
and  an extensive valley ni t-,.,.t   ,lll(|   ,|���,  ,,,;,,), i ��� n-tv  packed  up ill
iiieh no doubt  in the near pieoes froin the crossiug.   Ai thai time
impart prosperous ranches, this boai was looked upon with great
1,'is on either side of ibis pride, but had to give way in turn to the
. . , , i   , niagiulieeiii new Canadian Pacific Kuil-
,jKll   and   thickly  wooded. wfty  Btoamer  sioean   in   1897, but    nol
Ihe centre the Slocan River until sin- had earned a good dividend for
1V f0 tho  Kootonay River, herowuoir
idles io the south,   This
he lake and numerous creeks
.,., poi-ndisu for lie-angler.
flic Iirst   boom   in   town   lois  was  iu
1802, when a uumber were sold in Nol-
|,",i other large ganio abound
*    ,        ,-eachfroni town.
, |lll8  many other  advant
its  pictui-esipie  location.
.    ISIIT, Ihe  new Canadian
j1        y      ,-u\   hue   fi-oniSlocau ('ross-
lllt"   ,,,,    ,i;iee was completed, while
���|��� ��� ivhnrf on  tho lake was also
IViiu'bore with  facilities  for handling
' nnniii ij   "' freight.    Loaded  cars
'".'��� J!rniri/   down   the  lake  without
Waking"bulk from the main line nt the
nrtli   Tliis i- also the  natural outlet
pel's before very long. A good deal of
development has been done.
II. I). Curtiss. the pioneer mining
broker, has a prominent office on Main
Street, adjoining the post office, His
long residence in Slocan City has enabled
him to become familiar witb the surrounding district, and be is always prepared to answer any inquires relating to
the numerous properties located here.
He is prepared to bond or sell mining
interests and to furnish abstracts of title
to mineral claims, all commissions receiving prompt and careful attention.
We recommend correspondence.
Hotel   Royal.
'A/KItY charmingly situated ia the Hotel
Royal ;i Slocan City, far enough
from the main street to escape its dust and
noise, hut close enough to ii to be quite
bandy for business men; it face8 a natural park and is surrouuded by shade trees
thnt are very welcome during the hot
days of summer. The proprietor is Mr.
Lake. There are forty-one
well-furnished rooms in the house.   Mr.
Lake eaters largely to mining men, and
so comfortable does he make them that
he has ;i large uumber who remain with
tiii11 the year round. The table receives
the closest attention nnd first-class meals
are served. The bar is supplied with
the standard brands of liquors und cigars.
All   in  all   the  house   is  a   very  pleasant
one  tO live or stop nt, and  Ihe guests  w ill
find Mr. Lake a most genial host.
5. 0. M.
McCallum & Co.
- I-I I K    iirlny     ol
I      riches     fro
Up       on the 1
lllell      \
i   abstract
 k     high
must       be
SCOTCHMAN      by      birth      and
a     Canadian    by    choice,     Mr.
G,       McCallum,     of     McOallum   branch of the mining Industry.
:oi City, Main Tlio-ouglilaie.
out of the ore token out, is   now being off aud on by the owners.    The ledge is
worked   by   a    small    force,    and    ore quartz with  silver sulphide,   gold  and
takon out for shipment,   This, with the pyrites,   and   some   ruby   and   native
Bank   of   England   and  Black Prince, silver.
'l   Smith.                             adjoining elaiuis. an- being worked by a The Ohio group between   the Euter-
bou and outside places     Iu  those days small foroe, and ii strong ledge is being prise and the Arlington is being worked |
Slocan Oity was only considered as an opened up with excellent  showings, both the En-
iniportant    way    point     for    travellers      The Arlinglon under its present man- terprise nud Arlington leads are thought
going   into   the  upper  Country.   Al-  Rgeuient are preparing to put ou a full to run through this property,
though as early us  1889  Dr. Dawson iu   force   of   men.  and  this  will  soon  be The lately erected ten-stamp mill  at
Ids  first   scientific   report   upon   West   placed on the regular list  of shipping the junction of the Second North Fork
Koolcmiv drew attention   to the fact of   mines.    They  have  an   18  horse-power and Lemon Creek is the Iirst to he  built
the granites furnishing a  hopeful field boiler and hoist, witb commodious build- in i he Slocan, nnd is in a position to do
for prospectors yet until 1805 these hills '""s "" r'"' premises.   Considerable de- custom work for the many free milling
were carefully avoided for tho slate belt   velopment has been done on ibis mine, quartz ore bodies in the vicinity,
further north! '                                       :""' they have a very wide and strong On ihe White Sparrow on the First
During   the   summer  of    1885   some  vein shown up for 800 feet by drifting | North Fork of Lemon Creek work bus
fed and clothed, supplies must
be taken to them, tools must be conveyed I" tlle mines, and sol lie niiisl do it.
S. (>. M. Milium of Sioean City, is one
of the men who attend to this important
Mr. M.
Millan formerly lived in Montana, where
be was engaged in packing nnd cow purchasing, two healthy, out-of-door and
interesting vocations. Four years ago
he migrated northwards and settled in
Sioean Oity, where he is now engaged iu
packing.   He is very well known nil over
tin untry.    He has twenty ponies and
horses and  packs everything from  min-
prospcetors     explored     Springer     and
on the lower lead .
been going on regularly since last July.
R. \. Ilia Isliaw.
McCallum Ni Co.
&       Co.,      possesses      many      (nullities
that go to build up a good business.    lie
has been in Canada eighteen years, and:
in British   Columbia  three years.    The
linn  carries  everything  in  the  way  of
hardware,   having   n   carefully   selected1
but   extensive   stock.      As   a   side   line,      Mouth ol tunnel, Venus Mine, near Nelson.
lumber, sash and doors are also handled,: lng machinery to men to the miues.    So
and in thes partmeuts the firm enjoys | giving  him  the  order  menus  that  the
work will be well done,     lie owns half
for tin- ore shipments from nl
l���ik,. points, and no hotter situation
could he chosen for ore sampling works
to handle Iho rapidly increasing output
pom the mines iii the district. The
n.itiii-itl wilier power available is more
than euongli for all demands from any
of the numerous creeks within a short
distance from town. Springer Creek
Hows down through the town with ti
full of several hundred feot, und Goat
Cr ck jusl across the river would also
supply a large head of water. While
hellion, Ten-Mile and i'.vnns Creeks lire
only a short distance from town. Il is
hardly possible tbe many advantages
will liuiL' escape the attention of capital-
l.sts The i rovi i-iiinenl have built u
waggon rand more fbun half way to the
Arlington Basin, which will be completed very -oon. Phis is one of several
roads that are urgently needed to tup
mid iiiil in opening up many valuable
properties. Ii has been principally for
want of these roads ihut these properties
nre not better known under the head of
shipping mines, as till ore, so far shipped, hns had to be packed over rough
trails, iitnl tin expense is naturally so
high thai only the highest valued ore
lias been taken ont by the owners of
1 anus, Iral ni a number of cases these
few shipments have beou more than
than enough to pay all development expenses.
The townsite was slaked out in the
nntntini of isfll by Arthur Dick und
Hurry Ward. The' trail from Slocnn
Crossing was also built that year as far
us Lemon Creek, principally through
the enterprise of Notion people, and completed the Following spring with a rush,
riiis wns during the big boom caused by
tlio first discovery of the Slocan silver-
lend mines near Sandon. This route
wus then the principal means of access
;     '���
interest in the Wizard property on Dayton Creek, below the Evening Slur, fl
is n silver-lead proposition and will be.
worked this summer,
Lemon   Creeks,   and   discovered   the     The Enterprise just back of the Arling-     Tho Ohapleau has also been worked all i a large business.   The tlnsmlthing aud
characteristic dry ores of the district, as  ton. on Ten-Mile Oreek, has just been   winter,   und   the    ore    taken   out   nhWh| branch��jare  ^    W'ate
This  sold   lo   the   London   &   H.  C. Cold-  development will be shipped as soon as  rjom the otlier ^tme^a^epat ,.
well as the wet  or galena ore;
the trails are in condition.
All   the
success started others, and a great many fields, Ltd., and is too well known to re- me mors, me u, c,���o.���,..o.                            wm.].  lg  ||m|(T  ^         nnn] snporvis,���n
claims were  staked that vear, including quire much comment here.    Their own Ihe following Lemon Greek properties   ()f M|,   MeCnlIum_
the Two Friends, Arlington, Enterprise, expert has reported the mine at present are also being steadily developed:   iwo
Meteor,    Howard-Fraction, worth $ 1,000,000, and active work will Brothers,   Alexandria,   St.  Lawrence,
J. H. Howarth.
I l/IIMN a man has worked at
the watch business for over
half a century he should know
something about It. For fifty-five
years Mr. .1. 11. Howarth has been doctoring sick watches, making new ones,
and attending to the various branches of
the watch business. He has seen the
cumbersome time-piece of our fathers
develop into the neat little Hatches we
carry, but he has kept thoroughly up
with the times, as the people of Slocan
City will nttest. He opened a jewellery
store in Slocnn City two years ago, and
has controlled the business of the town
hi that line ever since. He carries a full
line of clocks, watches and general
.i'-wellcry. He is an expert repairer and
every timepiece that gets nut of order
m Slocnn City is sent to him to bo nt-
Iended to. A visit to his store is very
interesting on account of the multitude
"f canaries that are everywhere visible.
Mr. Howarth bus always been fond of
birds, bus made a study of them and is
now surronnded by them, lie bus many
of rate varieties, and has spared no time
nor expense in securing a very good
E. M. Shupe.
A NY one who has enjoyed tlle i
r x     of a Pullman cur in going
fro,,,, I,;      i     ���       'li    1           -1.1 Chiipleuu,     Meteor.     1 Ioward-1' 'ruction, wort 11 SI .1100.0(111.  ami  active work win monies,   .A,e.\.ooo,���,     in,   /��".'"���' ���                              	
*,  that par.  until the skv    k , ,���, Rauger, Alpine, Crusadei- no doubt be resumed immediately. This Tailhol. and Big Pour, and the follow-
K wi               ,'1  KiU,lwi,Yv,s lm,lt- lln.'l    IVii.cc. Golden   Wedge,  Luckv mine has already snipped a large quan- ing have also been developed to a peat                   Hr. A.  Vork,
���N w   leioc w-us then the, mly town on g               Burnett,    Camcroniu,..   Cold- tit v of ore, and has about 1,000 tons now extent:    Burnet  group   Alpme   Monu-
-1- ��� ..id    11 supplies wen- packed �� .      s   1(lmvu   Fraction.    All   of ready to ship. ment group, Kilo and Howard Fraction r, T is nol  y as ,, business man that
P tus trailand then taken up the lake "�����j   have hnd considerable develop- The Jok, r Croup, al the head of Ten- group. U     Mr. A. York stands out prominently
i,   ,",".,;,            ,,               .      ��� t work done and some shipments of Mile Creek, is being developed  under The above list is only a partial one, of am ong the citizens of Slooan Oity.    He
liviti.       ,              V'S   -i!        i    '               ore made.    All the ore shipped has h,  bond by the Excelsior Mining Company, those properties more or less ex ensively                                                                              ga    fl   [n   mmm     ,���,,,   ���.���,,.        an(|   ,lig
���Lb.   r   '���   ."' h      ���           Bl Z of  high  grade   The  galea  showing of which E. Mansfield is the local man- developed*, and does not include any oi *��     " ���     '            .,   \    ' r', ,r ���   ,   h"si""ss '"'s ,!,li"" llin' ln :|N "i,r,s '"'
I  .- n   n the Crossing were from ���nXr rotnu-iis of over 2,000 ounces hi ager.    Work was continued all winter those   on   which    merely   the  yearly         the  count!}.    Like  Al. Teeter and  lh(, ,,,ovin<,(>i which h(, niiw k���mvs lik���
 '": ' uts pei-pound, and $5for "',,���,           whib   some of the dry 12 to 15 men at work   and they worked assessment work hns been done. others ol  the same town, he stuck lo ��� book.   He was in business in Vancou-
>nwbni.l  .���. .he lake.   Flour ,-os. *7 ^ '      '      '  ;^ ���**     ��$ './  lrN,. ,n Is           im  agi,   when file spring During last year obll certificates   of Blocan   City   when    everything    loole,,   ver iu ���06 and W. andta the latter year
.      i   i.". a ,. i 1... " dark, and now  thai  their perseverance' S\lUt a 'H?e stor? on.th.e main stFeet.of
the mountains of British Columbia can
have but a faint idea of the work it must
have been to get ill before tbe railroad
was built. On this point Mr. E. M.
Shupe. of Slocan City, can give some
interesting information. Eighteen vears
ago he walked into British Columbia before the track had been completed.
Ever  since  that  time  he   has  been   en-
in gold in oarlond lot
Most of the development has been carried  on by 11 wnei-s or prospectors
themselves without any pecuniary help
from outside, which speaks well for the
wealth of the proper.ies. but the development   has   been    necessarily   much
Early in 1807, Slocan Oity suffered
from a real estate boom, which induced
a great many to embark in rival business
enterprises and the town was soon overrun wilh Stores and hotels with Ihe
natural sequence that a great many had
to regret their premnturerush and ilu-
place then settled down io wait until the
surrounding mining properties wore
more   developed   and   roads   built.    So
w. J. Andrews.
I"'!'  ;,l|.|���
'.'and sack, and potatoes also
por suck. The hotel menu ;
! bacon und beans three times
barge of *1 per meal. Pota-
' "> great u luxury, so were
'" "ad on rare occasions.
Iiotel  in   Slocan Citv was in!
l>l by Gorman West in 1891,
j," Mnlvey &Olement built the
l|:"1-   This was lb, h-build-
mr several  years, nnd  did  a
msinoss as an hotel,   it stood
lfool thepresoul new Arlington
'.avellors   going   through   here
loving arj the comforts of the
,';"lNVi'v  1""1   unsurpassed   np- i
tiilPiits oi  the new Canndiai, Pacific
"���anicr Slocan and good   hotel
'   '""Id hardly realize the rapid
'     made in so few years
ral  pretentious boat built for
|M*Mm*rfw*3 was known as the i
'"-"l-Wiir, built   In   1892 out of
:���  perse,,,
���  i               .,, sioean  i ty,  nnd  put  iu  an extensive
seems about  to be rewarded no one 1 .11 .������.,.   ���r   ,&���,���   faJnl8hings,   boms   and
begrudge them then- good fortune.    He shoes, etc,    All the best manufacturing
lias kept his eyes open ami soon picked houses nre represented on  Mr. Sbupe's
Up some good  mineral  propositions.     At shelves.    His stock is a carefully select-
pi-cseni  be  is    interested    in the Tw 1 one and Mr. Shupe is thoroughly ne-
I'rieiuls ami Bank of England, two very nuuintcd with the business, so all thai
promising  properties,   nnd   several   more, deal  wilh  him  receive complete satisfuc-
lle is also largely  interested in  Slocan Hon.
City   real   estate,   and   still   continues   to
conduct   his   nourishing  aud  up-to-date ���"	
butchering business.
  Lake View   Hotel.
���A  Mine is a hole in the ground."���Mark Twain,
break-Up   caused a   postponement  until   work were   issued   and   recorded in this
more settled weather, division, us well as 7 certificates of im
provements  for  crown   grains issued,
ThcFveningSlar.   c,o.  S. on  lluytoii   wm(Jn  s))(nvs   ,]���,,.,,   ,���.,,   )n||���v  eluiius
Victoria Hotel.
'i-lll-: contented expression on the face
I       of Ihe guests  of  tlle   Victoria   Hotel
shown above testifies to their appreciation
Of il fforlsof Mr. Thus. Sloan to please
I loin. Mr. Sloan is a thorough hotel
man nud his house is it credit to Slocnn
City.   He has ii large number of well-
* *    Of   Silvcrloti's
IB     another    one
popular     hotei-
llis     bouse     is    the   Lake
which.      uiiiler      bis      inanagc-
bas   become   very   popular with
all classes. Mr. Knowles is from Idaho
and came to Silvoi'tnn three years ago,
when he creeled the Lake View Hotel,
lie   furnished   it   well,   was   careful     to
fl     J
9 iffl
W '
I J; V%
1    ��� i
A. York. Slocnn City.
serve nothing hut the best meals, nnd
stocked the bar with superior brands of
liquors and cigars. If is a very comfortable hotel, and is very  popular with
ihe minerB, who form a large part of
Mr. Knowles' guests. Mr. Knowles is
i very popular citizen, and is sufficiently
public spirited to be always iu the front
rjoining property, wuiou is  -^      7 n    - ���; ���  v :     (.,,,,,,    ,,������.���   ,,,   1 ps nothing but  the best  liquors nnd rank when thore is anything of n public
also under the some management.    Ilu; J1���,,,^, 0iT���������"��� VdVh In ���lnn i���   '1.L':lrs '." Ih" l'"'-   Nothing more is need- nature to be done.   Hi�� nttintlon to the
Victoria Hotel,
Creek, n tributary oi   Springer Creek, is wj||| M|1.r���,.��� showings worth liobling
being extensively developed under bond Thl. |llvs,,Mt v,,,.v i,���(, Bengou hu8pro.
by Hugh Sutherland.    Choy have  now   V(,n)),(1   mVJCjj  ������'��� ���riv work being
n 15-horse power boiler and hoist on the t,omulerjceri ,,��� ot],er properties.
premises, and  are doing ooushiorablo [(            bo ^^ ^  |||(i mtm
un, erground work on tms onaineijoi ,     (        ,      , envwiier.- on this divi- furnished rooms, sets n good table nnd public spirited to be always in the front
umbiii.il djoiuiug property, which is .^      Ton.ufi���  c-eek  down   to ' P" nothing bill the best lb rs and rank when thore Is anything of a public
also under the same management.    Ilu; ,,,,,,. ,.p     ,,.,'. J,,;'.., . i��� >-lgars In the bar,   Nothing more is need- nature to be done.   His attention to the
ore is  quartz  With  silver  sulphide und L'"""Ci,ek  areverj nigtl n.v.lm   in ���(|   t(j   il|Hnn,  SU(,,.,,SH   in   eo���d���cting   an comfort of his guests and popularity in
that   although   the  bOOUl   in   town real   ,ivrites with variable gold values. gold, silver and  lead.     I he piese it  s a- I,,,t.-1.   and   Mr.   Sloan   has   had   n   lam- the   town   bus   gained   for   him   a   Inrge
!         !        , eoih.ps.-d and tin-town , ,'u"                              c   .       .,    , <*>*  will ho a, very aotive one; pros- mensuro of success.   He is one of Slocan business.   Like most men in the Slocal.
���.M'\     i   i ... �� i,. ci- io more modest     The Tiimaruo group on Springer Greek peotors are ont following up the snow- Clty'a pr incut and most popular oiti- Mr.   Knowles   is  interested   in   minli
Iff6" l,'1's Ml1 '.' ' f" 'ounti-v tributary to  is now being worked under bond by II. line,   and   already   several   important; zeus.                                                             .elalnis.
.M.++++.|.++H..M"!"I"!"I"I"M"!-M"I"I"��"W- ward of Creston on the line there is not
* much   in  the way of  towns   yet until
I Movie is reached, although several very
+ promising points are passed, especially
J Sirdar and Kitchener, at both of winch
.'i". places good claims were found early ill
-rlll-: District of East Kootenny is one
I of the prettiest and most favoured
by nature of tbe many re -C( fill portion- of British Columbia. Bounded ou
the east livWest Kootenny, ou the north
Davis are the principal owners of these on the Crow's Nest toe.   I^? ^d at
,.i.,(���.. theapexofaohai'miugtrianguiar-suaptu
Across  the  lake  from   Movie are the prairie, n clear and  uninu-riMM-t.-.l vu��
Aurora group of claims, held by John- to the foothills some live mtoni. |-
son, Snnburn and Neiteel, they are sup- given, over which tower-tin f"��W��^
places g 1 claims were found early in  nosed to be a continuation of the J. of I tatatom* J    '     ff.S
+ May.   The hunting and flshiug, as well fengene lead or the one toiediatelj by Mo,ml ��, fl pen                     ^
***^**��^ l/witli b
take .-s I threatening 5? Kins! composed otI tw| ariults, a I -��&���*������*- [�� 'TverafXr ^SrHSfc �� -1 - �� ��*"*
��fK=yZiding.orKusk k.the ^1^ ' ' ��n but ^^^^
red terminus of tbo line nt present, is a ' age m three days near \ ahk, killed ten  tins side of the 1 ,ke. overlooking .he town.   The population
little town ou  a strip Of land between   deer and a monstrous black 1 eai. v,                    '    rf which   two of  the   principal of Cranbrook is now over 700.    I    ciin-
wnter and mountain.   The town is yet   the section men working along the 1.ill' hotels, o   wll ell two ��              sawmill, will, another-build
there have as miieb venison and moun- |nre, liore liieliunii
to present it to the publio. Prest & ('o
photographers, have a complete stud ,,
lilted up with all the la.est appliances
for turning out first-class work. The,
moke a specialty of views ofOruubroo)
and East Kootenay, and although their
studio has been only Opened about two
months (they being new like nil Ihe n...
of the business places), they ba\
already a large collection of views on
hand, and ore continually adding tu
them. They finish their work in polish
or platius, and mounted in sizes from
cabinet to 11x1*1 inches, in fuel do nil
kinds of  work   usually done  in  a tirsi
oi urouorooK is ....�� ">>��� "-������    ������ -.-������     ���������        ���������   ���      ...    .   -,,
i..- r-                                         ,      , tnins ono sawniill, with another build- class stutlio    \\.  A.  Prest, the  man
lere havo as much venison and moun-1 arc here included.                 ���                       ���          , .           lU(1  ager, will be on  the  road coutinuall
tin iron, ns thoy wish.                               Than, is a popul.  . .     I  nbor,t I    . lug,      I'^    ^,i(i|     ,,���;���_   The liu.ge8t , hnnttog ,,,, aew views, and in �� conpl,
0ne of thn prettiesi  bitsoi scenery several good stores, the loading genera ���.      ,     ,            r               is i,,,..,,,.,! I ���f months will hnve a vorynuo sob,
along flu-line is hen- touched, namely. ! one kept   by MacMilhon  Bros., a saw h^?nt^���reeighl general sloivs and  lion, und nny parlies wishing to obtnii
ilu-chief falls of Coat  Rivor, a stream seventeen othor stores of various kinds. | views will do well to correspond witl
of    some    importance,   which    after I  ,
-t^��*^ ********
at Fort Steele.
by the height of land forming the watershed of the streams flowing southerly
into the Kootenay River, ou tho east by
the watershed of the Rocky Mountains
ou the western border of Alberta), and
on the south by the International boundary line between Canada and the United
States, it has a total urea of between
0,000 and 7,000 square miles. Approximately it might be termed a square 80
miles in width by the same in depth.
For communication this Division depends mainly on the Crow's Nest Pass
branch of the C.P.R., completed ibis
summer from Mnolcod, ill Alberta, to
Kuskonook. where steamers complete
the line to Nelson, until the line around
the shore of Lake Kootenay is built.
Lines of steamers also run oil the Kootc-
;il al embryo stage, but some good prospects arc located neiir by. From here a
trail crosses the range to St. Mary's
Mission and thence to Port Steele, being
the early trail into the country. Tho
������ early days of the country" is not very
far buck, 1860 being abont ns early as
anything beyond the tribes of Indians
inhabiting the country.
The railway track from Kuskonook
runs along the side of the mountain,
the valley of the Kootenay gradually
separating from it, till at Creston both
deflect considerably, meeting again at
Wardner, B, 0.
_ N
&e*r*t. *'���_. ���'    . .-."���.���    *,tfn
f+^W,-..-.-.--. ;A?S
Royal Hotel. Ferule
tumbling  and  roaring  in  the wildest
kind of rapids turns n corner, and jumps
from the  dancing sunlight  nnd beauty
,: of   the   upper   world   into a   gorge
of such narrowness and depth  that only
j a thill mist of spray, a dull muffled roar
i nnd  the  odor of torrent-sprayed pines
| far beneath rise to tell what has become
of the river.   The towering mountains
on either side, relieved by the brighter
vegetation of the valley and the spark-
hug whiteness of the upper river make
a fit setting for the scene.
Moyie is the first of the mining towns
proper to be reached after leaving Nelson by this route.    Moyie possesses three
working properties, i.e., the St. Eugene,
Luke Shore, Moyie and Queen of the
Hills, (the latter being one property.)
Tin? St. Eugene, the largest of the
mines, was discovered by Indians, who
told of it to Father Cocola. and from the
Port Steele Club.
mill, brewery, weekly newspaper, the
Movie Lender, school, lutimlry. Catholic
church, butcher si ore. barbershop and a
Tin-Moyie Lake is about eight miles
long, and contains very good fishing and
boating, and will doubtless, from the
hcal.hfulncss of the air and the bounty
of the scenery, become a well-known
summer resort very shortly. All train-
on the Crow's Nest brunch stop here.
A station is to be erected this summer. Moyie Hotel, proprietors G.
Oampbell and A. D. Clark, was the first
hotel to he built in Moyie. Originally it
consisted of three log houses, but was
entirely rebuilt in March, 1K1IS, and is
now a first-class house TS x 80, with
accommodation for fifty guests. It has
a good bar and billiard fable, stabling,
boats for hire, also steamer Echo,
adapted for excursions or camping par-
Town of Cranbrcok,
It has a first-class weekly newspaper,
the Cranbrook Herald, which has been
an important factor in the building up
of the town. A custom oHiccris located
at Crunbrook The town possesses many
progressive aud go-ahead citizens, who
have done much to advertise and push
their town to the front. The stores unhoused in good buildings, nnd carry
heavy stocks. There are several good
hotels ; n photo of one of the best is here
The  Commercial  Hotel, J. F.  and G.
Boyce, proprietors, has accommodation
for forty guests.    It has been thoroughly
������ ��� - -
iiiink of Commerce, Cranbrook,
nay River between Port Steele. B.( '..and
Jennings, Mout., where connection is
made with theGreal Northern Railway.
Othor steamers run from Kootenay
Landing, or Kuskonook, to Honnor's
Ferry, also on the Kootonny.
The Kootenny River traverses this
Division twico, the Iirst lime when it
leaves its northern watershed in the
fastnesses of the Rockies, uenrthe Upper
Columbia Lake, and Hows southward
past Fort Steele i where Bteumer communication begins! south into the State
of Montana, thonco westward, and then
northerly to Kuskonook, where it enters
Kootenay Lake.
Several lines of stages also make connections in various directions, so that
the intending traveller can see tho
greater part of the District without
leaving civilized methods of conveyance. To get ii fair idea of East Kootenay, n trip commencing at Nelson should
be taken. From this city a comfortable
undwell furnished steomerwill take one
to Kootenay Landing, where a transfer
must be made to train. Tho Bconery
along tho lake is n succession of wild,
rugged mountains, each apparently vicing in ihe ra.-e skyward to seo which call
.si1. '~''^TrrttS&z?,
, ,---jnTW-((��.
mill r
XI. ���
Ihein when they will receive proinp.
attention and as quick service as first
class work will warrant. Mr. Prest is
now engaged in preparing a group
picture representing the scenery and
business places which will be worth
The views herein illustraling ('ran
brook were kindly furnished by Presl
The Fort Steele Mercantile Company
have a store at Crnnbrook and do u large
general trade, as well as a trade in
wholesale liquors, Theirstock is always
well assorted and up to date.
Sherlock it Hreinncr is another of the
lending business houses of Cranbi k,
doing un extensive general trade. Other
good houses ill Cranbrook nre : ,1. Creigh-
foil, general store; Muggs & Co.. dry
goods: London & Liverpool storo, Ken
nedy & Co., Miner it Co., and several
1 ii-
Creston promises tn he a town of some
importance, being the point where tin
Nelson & Hedlington Railway and the
Crow's Nest brunch of the C. P. R.
meet, the former following the valley of
the Kootenay northward from the international boundary to Creston, where
it runs parallel with the C.P.R. The
Coat Mountain properties on Coat
River aro tributary to Creston. und the
valley of the Kootenny being wide nud
well adnpted for agricultural purposes
there, Creston has every prospect of
being ii centre for Ihe country around.
Tho Kootenay River also passes Creston,
and being navigable between Bonner's
Ferry and Kootonay Lauding, will boa
big factor  for Creston"s  success.    East-
proceeds of the sale of it by him the
handsome church, school and hospital at
St. Mary's Mission for Indians were
erected. Tbe St. Eugene consists of the
St. Eugene and Peter mineral claims,
and the Rose and Loretto Fractions, all
crown granted ill 1807 ill the names of
J, Cronin and .1. Finch, the principal
owners, who have also the mill site.
Mr. Crouiu is manager of the mill,
which at present is employing about 80
men. but when winter comes and the
work of shipping can once more be
resinned there will likely lie about ?.">.
At present the ore is shipped to the
Canadian Pacific Railway Company's
smelter at Trail. The ore is galena, and
exceedingly rich, running ol) ounces
j silver and 85 per cent. lead. A concentrator with a capacity of loll tons is
being built. The last shipment mnde
jin tin- winter was of 060 Ions. From
the development mado it appears that
there is an on- chute outcropping ou the
surface from No, a shaft for a distance
of (100 foet to tho enst, nud that this ore
chute has a dip of about 4ndogreoBto
the oust, that is into the hill. This ore
; chute has ii width of from three to six
fi et. safely averaged al four feet, and
contains a considerable percentage of
absolutely solid gnleuil.
The Lake Shore mine is ;i full sized
crown granted claim, of which the
principal  owners  nre  Charles  Parrel]
ties The house is situated overlooking
the lake, with an uninterrupted view of
it and the mountains.
The Kootenay Hotel, MaoMaholi Bros..
proprietors, is a handsomely furnished
house with accommodations for seventy-
five guests. The house has n light oak
finish throughout, is lit with acetyline
gns, large sample-room, and is especially
adapted for tourists and travelling men.
Passing Movie, Swansea is the next
townsite toi (-reached. It is the property
of the Crow's Nest Development Company, who have just been given a Crown
grant of the properly. The land here is
well adapted for agriculture, and will,
when settled, be one of file prettiest
spots in British Columbia. The valley
is here some threo miles wide, tin-most
of which is a pretty park-like expanse.
dotted with large trees and watered by
several small rivers which flow into the
head of Moyie Luke. Tbere are also
several small bikes which af preseut are
the   resort   of   myriads   of  wild   fowl.
Several good claims have been taken no
in the vicinity, of which the Homestead
and Cold Pay are tho Principal, both
being gold and copper properties. Swansea is mado headquarters by tho little
band of prospectors encamped at
Palmer's Bar. and in the event of the
claims   there   proving   as   good   as   at
,^^- ���-���'
r   Up
������'  ��� ";:
v llwi
, pM��
i it i mi
Kb^* *�� H J*^ {
^S-i-v     "   ���
��� * .
������       j
refitted throughout, has a first-class bar
Stocked with a fine assortment of wines
and liquors as well as the chiccst brands
of cigars. The hotel is well heated, ventilated and sets a good table. The hotel
is centrally located, and is especially
adopted for commercial and mining
Mclunes & Co., butchers, haven large
establishment in Cranbrook, as well as
branch stores in most of the .surrounding towns. They are a well known
firm, and have established an enviable
reputation for the quality of their goods.
Cranbrook is not behind the larger
places in au artistic point of view, both
08 to the qunlify of the scenery in and
around the place, and   us  to the  artists
Toronto Trading Cos Store, niul the
Crnnbrook I'hni inncy.
The Cranbrook Phnrumcy, of which n
photo is given above, is managed by Mr
j Beiitiy. one of the most popular and" pri
gressive of Cranbrook's business men.
1 The stock of drugs carried in the store
is the largest iu Ensl Kootonay, and Mr.
: Bcnftv docs n largo trade in nil the surrounding camps, as well as in Onn
brook. Besides drugs, Mr. Boatty carries a full line of stationery nud books.
and is postmaster for Cranbrook.
The Toronto Clothing Houso has Mr.
; Reid for manager and proprietor, who
was   one  of   the   first  business  men   tu
j start in Cranbrook, and through tin
careful nnd businesslike manner in
which he has conducted his store, ami
I hy good business methods, has built tip
I a steady und good trade.
i Mr. Leask. merchant tailor in Cranbrook,   is   another   merchant   who  is
j favourably known for good work, us
also his hrothers, proprietors of the
planing mill. a
Crunbrook is the resilience of "Col
Hyde Baker, M.P.P., who possessed n
tine ranch there years before the railway
was thought of.
There are several simill streams flow
ing from the mountains which afford
the  town  good water.    The C.P.R.  bus
run  ii wafer main along the main stre. i
licautici ol k <... 1 e
si. Kugenc Miii... Commercial Hotel, Crnnbrook.
and Frank Murphy, has    tunnel'in present   expected,   ought  to be quite  a
1100 foot, the ..re is very similar to the g I mining camp.   However, whether
St,   l-.ugeiie. the   lend   of which   runs thero nre mines (hero or not, ii appears
through it, to be ol f tho best agricultural sec-
Tho Moyie and Qu '.n of the Hills arc tioiiB of the lv otennys,
also   full  sized   crown  granted  claims Crunbrook. the divisional point on the
directly below the St. Engeno and above Crow's Nest hue, between Kuskonook
,be Lake Shore, tl-e  same  lead running und   Bull   Head  Prairie,   lias  Ihe most
I through   all.];F.   Houghton   and   E. P. level of tlietownsitesof any of thetowus
Deautlea of Kootenay,
7 ' ���
rU([ to fcho other,   to bring
i its limit- .,      ,      .  ,
,;���,.   ,���,ssesses   tl   bicycle  olub,
plcndid natural bioyole pal lis,
a  the roads  lending out ol  the
lsweU adapted for the purpose,
,g and driving are also tnvour-
iiiciits of the citizens.
'Crnnbrook  and   Fort Steele
1  ' .   .,..��� Mission on the St. Marys
;'...'through the hard and long
Unci. lffortg   of   the  priests iu
thriving little   Indian village
established.    A  magnificent
lilal and school  is also here,
nail i'
'.uiliiii'is"'h.ive   a   considerable
I results'have  been obtained.
,'l.oid  under cultivation, on
,d results have been obtained.
,   '   t0 tho well known North
""'m, ,'.' passes   here.     This    mill
';'', united   about   Iwcnly   miles
ll"':, "sou. downed by Uio North
;"m   ;. : ,'oopanv,  of Montreal. N.
Still'Ml" ���  ' ,'.,',., 'c.,,,,1,.    beioo-  tbe
of l/ort Steele, being tho
1 ���  , ,,  aingor aud agent.    Cheassay
.   ore   averages
HOI' eelll. lead.
...lllle   l!
.'ill   ounces
Hotel Kootenny, Moyie.
So far iho ore has been shipped to the
N'orlli Star Landing on the Kootenay
River above fort Steele, from whence ii
is taken bv steamer to Jennings, Mou-
,iM1':, nnd thou on to the smelter at
Grent Falls. Montana, by rail.
There will probably be n branch line
.,,��� int,, it from the Crow's Nest line
this summer, which will vastly increase
the profits of the mine, as the present
way of freighting is  about  as expensive
us could lie. ,   ,
To tlio north of the ore body, and on
the general strike of the same a
prospecting shaft has been sunk on a
body of iron oxide containing masses of
pildun. Ai a depth of some fifty feet a
drift had been sol oil' to the south for
some twenty foot in the same muss of
oxide, which   here  seem   to be bounded
bv well defined walls.
In this neighborhood are so many
good claims that it would go beyond the
limits of ibis article to even mention
line of miners' supplies, also blacksmiths' supplies, paints, oils, putties,
and lubricating oil. Their tinsmith does
all kinds of sheet metal work and plumbing. Getting in their supplies by tho
carload, they arc in a position to oo
business either retail or wholesale, All
enquiries or orders by mail will receive
prompt attention.
The Fort Steele Mercantile Co. do u
general business in Port Steelo and distriot, carrying n well assorted general
stock of groceries, dry goods eto,
East of Fort Steele Junction comes
Wardner, al the jimotioil of the Crow's
Nest  line and the Kootonay.    Il wns u
town of importance at i  timo, but ni
present is very quiet. It bus a very well
selected townsite, and buying many in-
duslrinl advantages, will doubtless conic
to the front again,   Between Fort Steele
und Wardner ure several very good
ranches, which hnve been yielding good
returns, inniiily in outs and hay, alt hough
vegetables anil fruifs do very well.
Ai the mouth of Hull River, five miles
below Ilu- mines is n considerable tract
of very good iigrictillural land, which
bus mil yet been worked.
Botweon Wnrdlier and Elko nre several good ranches al Sand Creek.    Hero
irrigation hns proved most su ssful,
ami good crops arc raised
Elko is another very promising town-
site, will, splendid walcr power from I Infill! of ihe Elk River near by, and Bomo
good mineral claims close. Elko stands
almost certain to make a good town.
Prom Elko to Fernie the valley is loo
narrow and elevated for agricultural
purposes and is mainly rocky, covered
with a heavy growth of cedar and fir
trees. This region lias been very Utile
I prospected us yet, and it is hard to say
what is in it in the way of minerals, but
there is plenty of timber and the next
few years will likely see a considerable
lumber trade developed along the vallov
nf the Elk.
Al Fernie. largest town between Nelson and Macleoil is reached. A year ago
Fernie was constructed of a dozen or so
rudely constructed huts inula winding
road. Two years ago it was a solid
forest, lint to-day it is n town of 2,(1(10
inhabitants, with many and varied industrial resources. It now has graded
streets, electric light, waterworks, lire
also carry a full  line of general goods, Michael  Creek, are  liol   springs  which
nnd havo a tin shop attached. bave probably not   been visited   by a
.1. D. Quail,  of  Fernie,  is an..liter of hundred pco]ilc altogether, but   ill years
tho loading merchants of tin-.own, car- to come   will   probably he  a  favorite
rying a very good line of general hard- watering place, as  their location   is  an
ware und builders and miners'supplies, ideal one. in Ilu-   heart   of  some  of  the
Here  can  be purchased  ill healing up- loveliest scenery of the Rockies, and Ihe
puraliis  anything   from  a  prospector's curative  value   of   Ihe  springs  is   just
tinsiove io tho most elaborate steam- beginning to be appreciated.
healing plum.   Steel-clad aud other linos Taken   throughout,   East    Kootenay
of baths are carried  in stock,  hot water probably   affords    more   variations    of
tanks, etc. ; in short, all Ihut a lirst-class scenery and  climate  than can be found
i.'.i'., LI..Ii. I!. 10. Walker, general manager; .1. II. I'luniincr, assistant general
manager; A. II. Ireland, inspector: M.
Morris, assistant  inspector.
There arc ihirty-seven branches in Ontario nud one in Quebec, Alaska. Manitoba, Yukon, Mini in British Columbia;
Atlin, Cranbrook. Fernie. Greenwood,
Vancouver. In the Fluted States, New
York. Chicago, New Orleans. Io flreat
Britain, the Hank of Scotland. London.
Correspondents India, China and
.Inpan, Chartered Bnnk of India. Australia and China. Australia and New
/.ealanil The I'liion Hank of Australia.
Limited, South Africa Hank of Africa,
Limited; the Standard Hank of South
Africa, Limited. Mexico- -Banco de
Loud res  y   Mexico,     lierinuila    Hank  of
Hcriniiila,  II iltou.  West   Indies    Think
>i\' Nova Scotia. Kingston, Jamnien. Ool-
��� mini   Hank and   Hi-am-hcs.     New  York
Vinei'lenn    Exelmnge    National    Hank.
Chicago   North-Woslcrn  National  Bnnk.
Inlendlnu tourists should furnish them-
selves willi a I ra vllers' elreulnr letter ol'
credit, issued by the Canadian Hank of
Commerce, Parties furnished with these
letters of credit an- enabled lo provide
themselves with funds at almost any
point in their journey, hy menus of -heir
own cheques on The Rank of Scotland,
London, or The Cnni'dlnn Bank of Com-
niei   New- York, which  will lie ensiled
hj the bank's correspondents al upwards
of live hundred points In Enron*1. Asia.
\frica, North and RnnM' Vioerici and
Australia, Travellers who desire the
orivilege of drawini: cholines on the
bank's correspondents io London to la-
used in navinenl of accounts, etc.. without    oroduclion    of    Hie    b'ller    of    credit,
���vjll find die bank's ehenno credit ex-
Ireinelv useful. T'uder Ibis 111,, party
"eel-edited may obtain a ohc(|nc book
and issue cheilites 'within tbe llmjf of bis
ei-cditi iii the sMino way as though he
b"d n  London account.
known ns the Duncan shaft, has been
sunk on it to a depth of (K) feet, showing
u continuous ore body to that depth, ami
of equally high grade as that taken from
tin- Drummoud shaft.   Still further to
the south, or lillll feet from the Driun-
iiioiiil, another shaft lias been started.
The developing plant consist.- of a
:in horse-power boiler, with hoist, powor
drill nnd pump, There is a good comfortable camp, blacksmith shop, stable,
magazines, etc, At tho mouth of the
Drummoud shaft ore bins have been
erected, with a enpueity of 700 tons.
The Royal Cninulinii group consists if
the Royal Canadian, Colorado, Nevada,
Hoy, and Mocking Bird, in all about 1110
acres in extent, und is situated about one
mile west of the Granite group, though
not  qnite  at   such   n   high   elevation.
Upon this group two ledges have been
proved, one ou tho Colorado and the
oilier on the Royal Onnndian. (In tho
latter property three levels nn- being
driven, giving between levels two stupes,
one of 85 and one of ."ill feet, In driving
those   levels,   work   on   which   is   being
vigorously pushed, Severn] hundred tons
Silver Kine  Mine.
hardware store could be expected to [ in any country outside of Canada. It
curry, as well as many articles partieu-i resembles in many ways Switzerland,
larly adapted for the mountains, I but also excels it in most respects,
Wilmot & Oox have .. first-class drug in days to come when the fertile vol-
store hero, and do a good trade. heyB nre covered by well tilled farms,
The coal fields of Fernie are some of i and lovely cities and towns, and mines
the largest in Ihe world, and the pre- whose existence is as yet not dreamed
sent mine now employs 250 men, taking of, shall spring into existence, throughout about 600 tons of coal a day. The out the mountains affording employ-
I coke   ovens   close   to    the   town   also! ment  for  hundreds of workmen,    East
I employ a large number, and the lumber Kootenay will rank among the most
mill, three miles west, employs 50 | productive spots of tho world, in many
hands. I varied lilies.
Duncan nines.
ONE of tin- most powerful companies
operating in West Kootenay is the
Duncan Mines, Ltd. Old Country capitalists arc chiefly interested, dipt. T. (1.
Dunoon, of Nelson, after whom theoom-
pany was named,having been instrumental, not only in laying the richness of
the Nelson District befoi e the people of
e-u.-in-co many vicissillines, lis nrsi
resident wns John Thompson Galbraith,
aad for many years il was known as
Giillu-nitli's Ferry. By this name it was
known until 1887, when it was changed
p. Port Steele, in honor of Major Steele,
who finite oyer from Alberta with Troop
D, of the Northwest Mounted Police, to
quell a throated uprising of Indians.
Situated ou a level bench overlooking
the Kootenay River, with the Wild
Horse Creek winding around the back of
'i.e iewn.it is high enough above the
river level to afford n view up and down
the valley of the Kootenny, and a
('harming view of river and mountain
scenery, The St. Mary's River runs in
opposite the town. Behind, rising in
lufcjestic beauty are the Rookies.
there is n population  at  present of
1 '"    H00,    It contains  the Provincial
uovennuent offices, Countv Oourt, Col-
",'���'"'   of Customs,   Inland    Revenue,
'fllco,  Money  Order   office   and
Bunk,  Indian Agency for both
uwl -Vest Kootcnuv. three'churches,
ftughsh,   Presbyterian     and    Roman
Catholic, public  sohool   with   fifty-six
Is and  two  teachers, n  good Club,
Royal Canadian, llur.Ciltl Mines.
of ore, averaging $27 to the ton, have
been taken out.    This property is being
very   conveniently   and   economically
worked, as the levels ure being driven
on the strike of this ledge, thus there is
no dead work to be done, neither will
there be any necessity for hoisting or
pumping for years to como.
On  the   Nevada,  the  most  westerly
claim of the group, nn immense quantity
of very rich float has been found, and
along the trenches which have been dug
for the purpose Of locating the ledge,
single pans of sand have yielded from
20 to 2T> cents. A systematic effort is
being made to locate the source of ibis
float. The Government trail crosses this
group, and on it a good camp has been
erected close to an excellent spring of
On both groups there is an unlimited
quantity of good timber, and the Oompany has ensured the profitable working
of their properties by very wisely
securing the only steady and efficient
water-power hi the neighbourhood,
namely, a grunt of 60 miners' inches
from Sandy ('reek, HI inches from Still-
Creek, and 150 inches from Eagle Creek,
i-;''*?^ ���-���'��!�����*������"'   Jsf/r !7nWi ���
Looking down Hie river from Nelson.
"'!/'  House and Waterworks.    There
1 'hotels.    The  Hotel Windsor, of
a the above is a photo, is the only
lass house in  Fort  Steele.    Plast-
11 throughout  nnd  thoroughly reno-
' he m-w owners have refurnished
��� ���; decorated it.
' '"'si-class table is set, provided will.
tbo delicacies of the season.   There
'arge sample rooms for commercial
h lv bedrooms, billiard room, and
1well supplied with all the choicest
; ""wo) liquors and cigars.   The hotell
���-'meets all trains at   Port   Steelo
r1''"'!. as well as steamers coming up
'��� K���tanv.   The hotel is portionfarly
'taptod for tourists   and  mining
""��� '-isituig the district.
,    ''-'���ide Bros., composed of D. A. and
:���,,:'��� fride, ore the leading hardware1
,���.,'  ���"""��� carrying a full line of shelf
;       >vy  hardware,  including   pipes
( ' "'inigs, cordage, packings, etc,
��� ' an equip prospectors with all
tl��iaupplies.   TheyalBO curry a full
department, churches and many fine
business houses, as wcll'as scores of
tasteful privat/residencos.
The Royal Hotel, W. W. Tuttle, proprietor, isthe loading hotel, being lit up
with incandescent light, having private
bath rooms and all modern conveniences. A large balcony running around
two sides of the house affords a beautiful view of the mountains, The house
has accommodation for fifty guests nnd
possesses two large parlours. The cuisine
is Al, Mr. Tuttle, an experienced hotel
liiiin, giving it careful supervision. This
hotel has been built but a short time,
and everything in it in the way of fur-
nil ure is perfectly new. The bar carries
n full line of choice liquors and cigars.
Hales $2 per day,    Bus meets all trains.
The Hank of Commerce has n brunch
in Fernie, of which notice is given in
another column.
Fernie possesses the largest general
store in British Columbia, in tho premises
Of the London & Liverpool Co.
In the London & Liverpool store, Mr.
P. Ii. Trites, manager, Fernie, is said to
possess the largest department store in
British Columbia. This store, which is
fitted up in the most artistic and complete manner, carries a full line in each
department. There arc sixteen separate
departments, viz., clothing, men's furnishings, men's hoots ...id slices, Indies'
and children's boots und shoes, dry
goods, millinery and fancy goods, carpets and linoleums, furniture, crockery
and glassware, and groceries, hardware,
stoves and tinware. The store has t hire
floors and basement, besides a large
storehouse in rear, is lit with incandescent light, and n cash railway system
is being put in. All the stocks arc of
the newest and most modern lines of
goods. The furniture and house furnishing department is especially worthy
of notice.    The niuin building is 120x80,
and the storehouse 80x60.
The Crow's Nest Trading Co.. of
which the above is a photo, make a
specialty of sportsmen's goods. This
store, the pioneer merchants of Fernie,
was opened sonic time before the railway penetrated the pass, when goods
had to be brought in by pack horses.
The proprietors, Messrs. Johnson &
Brioker, carry full lines of rifles, fishing
tackle, nil kinds of ammunition, powder,
so that tourists and shooting parties can
inn-chase   their   supplies   there.     They |
All the houses in Fernie being'newly
pointed, give the town a much more
prosperous appearance than the usual
Western town.
East of Fernie to the summit of the
Rockies, where the Northwest Territories commence, are some very good
stretches of timber, and many indications of coal have been found. On the
Elk River some eleven miles north of
where  the    railway   branches   off   on
Canadian Bank of Commerce,
>1pHE Canadian Hank of Commerce has
'' a paid-up capital of $6,000,000 and rest
$1,000,000. Directors: Hon. Geo. A.
Cox, president; Robt. Kilgour, Esq., vice-
president; .lames Crathern, Esq., W. B.
Hamilton, Esq., Matthew I.eggat, Esq,,
.1. W. Fliivolle, Esq., John Hopkin, Esq.,
The first llotol 111 Nelson���1800.
Lake View Hotel
HpHE above is from a very rare photograph, It is of Nelson's first hotel, and
a when the travelling photographer came along and mnde the snap in 1890, it
was considered a very fine building. Previous to the completion of the house, the
guests of the Lake View were accommodated in a tent, which was rather too well
ventilated for the cool enemy, 'flu-young iiiiin leaning comfortably against tho
window sill is now Minister of Mines for British Columbia, tho Hon. .1. Fred
Hume. Next to him, on the Stop, is A. II. Kelly, now one of the best known
mine-owners ill flic country. ()n the Iirst chair is " Bill Hall," discoverer of tlio
famous Hill Mines, nnd the man who started the mining thnt made Nelson what
it is. Standing in the doorway is John Ward us he was when proprietor of the
house. (>n the chair to the right sits Dr, Hendryx. the first medical man and also
the firsf steamboat man to visit the Kootenays and locate,
1 the Motherland but in the securing of
sufficient capital to assure the working
several properties on a scale that would
soon make them dividend-payers, dipt.
Duncan now resides in Nelson as local
managing director, and Mr, T. Laing
Stocks is also a local director and secretary-treasurer of the Oompany. Two
groups that are being operated on a large
scale by the Duncan Mines, Limited, are
I the Granite and Royal Canadian. A
review of the work being done will be
interesting as giving a good idea of how
mines are made to pay in British Columbia.
The Granite group, which is situated
Oil Eagle Creek, consists of six claims,
the Granite, Red Rock, Tamarack, Blue
Grouse, White Swan, nnd the White
Swan   Fraction.     Through    these    the
White ledge originally opened up on
the White Mine belonging to the Nelson-
Poormau group, bus been traced and
uncovered by ground Rluicingaud trenching in eight different places, while the
White Swan h-dge, upon which considerable development work bus been
done upon the Eureka claim further
south, undoubtedly also runs through
the group.     Dams have been put ill and I
preparations made 10 ensure the location
of tills ledge by uncovering the ground
to bedrock.
The development on this property
consists of a double compartment shaft,
known iis the Drummond shaft, now
down 212 feet, following the dip of the
ledge nt nil angle of III degrees. The
richness of the ore body may be judged
from the fact that 600 tons of ore averaging $87 a ton have been taken out
while sinking the shaft. Drifting, started
at the ?ii-foot level, bus been carried
north and south for some 350 feci.showing 11 continuous body of ore. assays
from which have run as high as from
$00 to $100 to the ton. A second level
ni a depth of 180 feel bus been recently started, nnd progressed 205 feet,
A third level has been made al n depth
of 200 feet, from which "."> feet of drifting to tho south has been put in. establishing flu- vein at that depth, and 11
Rand drill has 1 11 installed to expedite
flu- sinking of the shaft. Upon the Red
Hock, n southerly extension of the
Granite, ground sluicing has exposed
the ledge ill several places. On this
property the vein is flatter, and a shaft,
Whitewater Concentrator,
where a dam (ill feet long and U feet
high was already been put ill. and a flume
line 4,200 feet in length bus been graded
ready for the construction of a flume
which is now being built to connect with
the Penstock. The company will thus
be able to avail itself, at all seasons, of
at least 100 miners' inches of water under a head of TOO feel, developing 200
available horse power.
The mill site is an ideal one, situated
at tbe foot of a slope near Kootenay
outlet, directly north of the Granite,
one mile distant. One of the finest mills
built in the Province has been contracted
i i'or, consisting of 20 stamps. There will
he a nine drill air compressor plant,
aerial tramway from the mine to the
mill and electric light plant to supply
light for the mill as well as power for
100 lights at the mine. A waggon road
has been built, to tho mill site and will
bo extended from the mill to the Royal
Canadian properties, The company has
also acquired some -in acres of Wood's
pre-emption adjoining the mill site.
The ore on both  properties is a  free
Crows Nest Trading co.
milling quart!!, and it is estimated that
the concentrates will average from $75
to $11(1 a ton and will be cheaply treated
at the Hall Mines Smelter. From ."iu to
76 men are now employed onatbe
Boating  on the Lake NELSON    MINEB   SUPPLEMENT,
located in  "ie autumn oi   iom   ".<   <��������� ,vo,.k w|ll bo resumed at thiB well-known
linn   l   !���'   Hume nnd Mr. Wm. Hunter, property,   where   there    ure    vast     oro
ts first hotel was built 1>J James Bowes , j,.. ,��� |���. hnndlod.
|n  is;,::, und the Brsl store was opened
New Canadian Group.
.1. T
- ILVKRTON i- situated mi tho east eoui-entrntor Insl   winter,    and  a  large
."">           . .,,        ,   ,     .,..,,... i ,,,, 'Itinntlty of concentrating ore Is piled on
Ment hloeuu Lake, a very beau  ��� ,,���.    dumps awnlting treatment!     Tho
ful sbeel of water, whore tbe Four-Mile mine  i-  ut   present   closed  waiting the
Ureek empties Into It,    Its townBlte was repairing   by   the  authorities   of   Pour-
J�� ",  autumn of U01  >,��� the J��.e 0��� kjond.and w> 'o^tlds^l^dono,
.,,  1803, and tlio Brsl store was open
In  it lij   Mr,  Hunter, also in  1803,    A
little boom passed over It In tlio Bummer
ol  imiT; und to day ii Is o compact little town of s  300 persoiiB, with Bvo
liotels open i" cuter to the wants of the   [j (INSISTING  ol  live ell s. lies on
nubile,  foe Btores,  n  church, n  roIiooI-   ��    the divide between l-'our-Milc and
Iioubc (sooii  to i roctod),  a  well-con   Cnrpenter CroekB.   Tbey woro located in
ducted newspaper, and i j ol tlio np-  j, p   |S,,j     ���p|ll,   formntlon   is   Blnte
pllnncfs id  lorn elvlllnutlon,    It Is as Xvvolve liundrod    fool nf   development
unlet iiii.l well i-ogulnlod n   own ns     U,,H. |11|fl i.....ri done tlier    Two ship,
'���on i  well find, an occasional hub- game   ������.���,..  ,,,. ,���,.  h,1Vi,  ,,,.,,,,  mna���   ,������, ,lf
"r     "Ul"l: 'C ,",M"-'     ll"     -I'eatosl     diss,        w|lir|i    ,,���,������,,     |f)7    omcm    f)f    si|vi,r |
oil per cent. lead, und ll ibcr of wlljcll
showed ll'.i 8 ounces of silver and 58
per cent. bad. The development work
done shows large bodies of concentrating
ore,   with   a   g I   deal    of    clean    ore,
���     ��� ,. , .       Hltberto Ibis property bus been worked
1      '- Oil   lb-   mountain   from   which   i,  (lie Can,Ion Bide of tlle divide-, but
il   lalics ils  liiiuic,  all,ail   six   miles  llnrlll-   IIB ill  tbe near future it  will  be advisable
east of Silverton. Nol much is known for tlie proper development of ibis large
legnrding iis workings, as the company's proposition to bave a concentrator, if
nliieers forbid talking about their prop- "ill iu future be operated from the Si I
erty mi,I decline themselves to give any  rorton  side nf the divide,   from   which
place il  is distant six tnilcs, and tl ro
will be carried down to tlio i ecnlrnlor
bv means "T a tramway to Four-Mile
i'reek, one an,I one half miles distant
from tlle mine.   Ii gives promise nf being
"I I'  Silverlon's   hie  propositions  iu   tlle
very near future.
tunnels can be driven directly on the
ledge long and expensive cross tunnels
are thereby avoided and the cost of developing tne property greatly lessened.
This will soon In- another of Silverton's
shipping properties.
Alpha Mine.
SITUATED iiboui -."., miles aliens!
"" of Silverton, this property is on tlle
Alpha Mountain, which lakes ils inline
from ibis mine, It is fully equipped,
even to waggon road and tramway. 11 is
connected with Silverton by n waggon
road two and a nunrtcr miles long, which
runs to the tool of the company's tramway, Tho ore Is delivered from tho
mine to tlie waggon road over a 1,000
toot gravity tramway, There bave been
shipiicil from ibis property 1,200 ions of
on-, which gave returns nt the smelter
of 1]", ounces of siliei- por  t I III
per    cent,    of    lead.      Over   -J,l     feel    Of
development   work   have  been  dono  on
tho proporty, and the nm n of ore in
sight would surprise those aceiistotned to
see    only     veins    of    Uvcrnec       thickness.
The formation la slate and the ore steel
galena.      Tbis  property   bus  not   been
ntloii, ii- worst olToiiee.
The Wnkelicld
f-llls property, consisting of tl clai
Noonday  Mine.
['Ills  property,   consisting    of    two
'      claims,   is   situated   less   11 in ti   two
miles  souili  of  Silverton,    They   wore
located iii 1802 by   Alexander Clark.
In isur, n quantity of float thereon, about
ten tons, was shipped, which showed a
v;ib [ $80 per ton,   A bond nnd lease
Selkirk note', Silverton.
information; but there is no doubt tbnt
they have In ibis mine one of the Inrgesl
and' most valuable propositions in this
camp. I.nst winter was Ihe fust during
which they shipped ore, exeepl a trial
shipment made previously, and thoy sent
out 740 Ions of high-grade galena. H is
iiuderst I that the company contemplates ibis season putting In a tram-
way from the mine down to Four-Milo
Ct k, and n concentrator on  Ibis creel;
is spoken of and likely to ho erected by
11 unpiiny in tlie near future to treat
the vast bodies of concent rut ing ore
which the workings in the mine show,
and which are lying on tbeir dumps.
��OM K full claims are on this property
which lies six miles fom Silverton,
Oil    the    solllh    si,|,.    of    P --Mile    Creek.
Tho work done so far on ibis property
is confined to two of these claims���the
Mountain Boomer nnd Vancouver claims,
Tl re taken out  is n steel nnd cube
galena, currying considerable grey copper : ids,, v.niol nn,| ruby silver is unite
frequently found In ii with ocenstonnl
-���I ks of sulphide of copper, Til 'tis of u very liiglt grnde, averaging about
$145 per t ror nnd above nil charges
for transportation, trontnient nnd duty.
During the winter of 1807-08 this company shipped 340 Ions of ibis ore, nnd
during Inst winter 420 ions wen- shipped, doubtless paying n handsome dlvl
dend to the owners on their investments,
I'nder the present management of the
proporty, everything moved like clockwork, with much satisfaction to the
manager and the men In the company's
The Comstock Mine.
ABOUT ton miles eii-t of Silverton,
this property is situated on Fennel!
('icek. n branch of Four-Mile Ci k.    It
is connected with Silverton by a waggon
road. Nine tunnels have been run nn
this property, all of which are on the
ledge and expose ore. Tho nggregnte
length   of  the   workings  is  about  3,000
feet.       Ill   places   between   tllO  ore shutes
the vein is lean, carrying low vnlues, but
very rich where the oro shutes are cut,
The ore slopes are large and Increase In
size nnd value with depth. About 350
feet of winzes nnd upraises have been
driven and all of them in ore.   About 'J."o
tons  of ore hnve 1 n  shipped  and  100
tons of concentrates, the company owning this mine haling erected ;i  sixty-Ion
worked for fie- past two years, Internal
dissensions being said to be the cause
of ibis; bin il is said to be for sale, and
in   the   hands  of    energetic    owners   il
would s| lily ngnin become one of the
Silvery Slocon's greatest wealth pro
Emily  Edith.
I VIM; hall of ii mile below the Alpha
' .Mine mi Alpha Mountain, towards
Silverton, is the Emily Edith group of
mineral claims a very large group, Ii
is very little more than one year since
I hey were taken possession of by the
Knglish company that bus since llien
operated them: but already the showings
In  the tin- xteuslvo tunnels on  ibis '
has always been reticent about their op-1
orations, The property is not being
worked nt present, but il is believed that
large ore bodies exist there, which will
make Ibis mountain our pride, and not,.
ns it is at present, an example���but so
far the only Instance���of failure in (bis
o.iiup lo  make a  valuable  mine if work
is proportly done.   Th mpany is said
tn be going to dispose of their old property for which tbey hnve offers- nnd iu
future devote tbeir energies to the development of promising properties owned
by I loin on I In- W'akclielil Mountain.
L. H.
' [HIS claim waa loci 1 in May, 1805,
by    Alexander    Harrison,    now   of
Alexandria, Virginia, U.S.A. It is
siiiniieii on Red Mountain, some tour
miles souilieasi of Silverton, A considerable amount of development work has
been done thei'eoil, ll is a gold proposition,   anil  assays  as  high  as .SHIS  havo
I n obiaincd from the ore thereon, The
ore body is from L'll lo ',',0 feel in width,
Whon it is taken into consideration Hint
nil of the I,. II. ore is susceptible to easy
concentration and Hint, the ore assaying
from $fi to $'JU    for tlie usunl assays tun
between    these    figures    call    I lli-en-
Itoleil alioiil ten Ions Into one. und when
it is further considered ibni the ore.
cither before or after concentration, can
I beaply treated by the Cyanide pro
cess, it is easy lo see Ihal this lias in it
the making of n grent mine, for careful
prospecting  lias shown  that   the gold   is
not       colli! I     lo     n      pocket.     but      Ihe
richness   Indicated   In   nnd   around   the
tunnel thereon is carried by the ledge
for nt leasl several hundreds of feet
alone, it. This proporty was slocked In
1800, All of the stock is owned in Silverton. ami John Tinliiiir is the secretary of the company.
Congo (ironp.
SITUATE]   Rod Mountain, com-
' posed of throe claims. During the
latter pai-f of bist summer Mr. Byron
acquired a two-thirds interest In ibis
property and secured an option on the
remaining one-third interest therein, and
he set to work with energy to develop
ii by surface stripping and shallow
openings of tost pits for the purpose of
showing the character of the Burface ore
and II xlenl of the ore body.    A winze
bus been sunk sonic ten feel und an Improvement was already observed in the
chnrncter of the ore. Assays from the
bottom of Ibis winze gave returns of
$23.70 in gold and 7.-IS iu corpper per
William Hunter Co., Ld.
njirlLLIAM HUNTEB is o name
V^ well known iu West Kootenay.      it      is      recorded      on      the
earliest    chronicles   of    Nelson,   and bus
always been prominent in tIn- district.
Mr. Hunter enmo from Quebec to .Nelson
iu 1SSU. Iu the lull of 'ill be went lo
New- Denver and started iu business
wiih �� general store. In tho spring of '03
Ids Silverton house was opened, In 'hi
a branch wns opened  ut  Throe Forks
and ill 'KG nt Sandon, lu '07 il store ut
Alnio wus purchased, ll will bo seen
bow rapidly the business was Increasing,
 I the drill c -oiled tho nude of the
Cross & Co.
-pi IK firm of doss & Co., miningbrot
il ers. accountants. Insurance and general agents, wus established in 1807,
Their office is directly opposite t ������
wharf, where ii occupies a very pretty
view of the hike. The partners In thi
lirm nn- 0. T, Cross nnd 10. F. Lloyd
They nre sole agents for the Bllverti .
Townsite Company; accountants for tin-
leading mining companies operating nn
Knur-Mile   Creek,     etc.        As     minii ,:
brokers   they     have     been     suecessl'i ,.
amongst their sides might be mentioni i
such well known properties as tl
Bosun, the Edinburgh und Essex, Tin
nol In the capacity "i representatives fi
non-resident properly holders, All pa
ties having Interests In tho Slooan or d
siring in acquire such Interests, will i
well io communicate with this lirm.
Selkirk House.
Tlie William Hunter Co., Ltd
district.    In   1808  tlie    company   was
floated as a joint slock concern, culled
tho Win. Hunter Co., Ltd. I'nder Mr.
Hunter's careful and capable management it grew very large in size and the
siock pui in at the different branches
was very extensive. The company carries the biggest slock iu the Slocan. It
is composed of everything n miner requires, and. In fact, everything Hint is
wanted in  the district.    Mr.   Hunter hns
i outly   creeled   (i   halulsoiiie   residence
for himself and family and bus always
been to the front In any public enterprise.
Victoria Hotel.
'���YAI K. .1. BOWES is the pioneer hotel
*' ' man of Silverton, having erected
tlie lirsi hotel there iu 1803, The Victoria
is a very commodious nnd com fori able
bouse, with n large nnmber of well-furnished rooms, a splendid dining-room nnd
New Market Hotel.
a    \ KKY charmingly situated bold
'\     the Newmarket,   ii Is overlooking
ibe lake.   A Inrge verandah encircles th
whole house, nnd provides an oxccptini
ally  g I  place  for  l-iicsIs  lo  enjoy   th
cool of Ihe evening and sonic gran
scenery, Henry Siege, tho proprietor
ami mil linger, luiill the bouse in 1N!I\
Mr. Siege is well up in the milling bus
ness, besides knowing ull nllOUl bow In
nm n hotel successfully, There nre fort)
well appointed ami well lighted rooms iii
Ihe bouse, the dining-room is exeollentl;
!\ conducted.
w incisor Hotel, New Den
ON 101 if tlie old-timers of the New Dei
ver disii-iei is ll. A. D, MoGillivriij
who  is  now   manager  of   the  Winds, i
Hotel, New Denver.    Ho is u Cnnadiai
thereon wen- taken by Messrs. Bennedum
and Stewart Brothers In January last
for $35,000. Tbey went to work themselves with energy, hnve done about 2iil>
feet of tunnelling nnd 30 feet of nn upraise nnd a winze, have made n shipment
of n enrlond of ore, hnve another ready
i"  semi  out;   in  addition    to  a   large
quantity   of   entrntlng   ore on   the
dump, and their present showing is ns
follows:    Two feet of high-grade ere and
lour   foet   of   cot nlruting   ore   in   the
la,e of tlle tunnel. Tbey are satisfied
Ihal they have in this property the nuik-
ing of n valuable mino.
The Essex  Group.
j s composed of six claims, and is sit-
I unted on Wakefield Mountain, It is
considerably less thun n year since Mr.
(i. II. I in'ws,,n acquired these properties, then undeveloped but promising
prospects; but during Hint brief spuce nf
rune in. has quietly but energetically
opened tloiii up. He bus driven four
tunnels on tho vein, the aggregate
length of which is -iriii feet. The three
upper tunnels nre nil In ore and the paystreak nvorages from four inches to one
foot in width, tlle on- being n cube gnl-
enn, nnd averaging 200 ounces in silvor
per ton nnd 50 per cent in lend. The
Wnkelicld vein doubtless crosses tho
group. The situation of tho property is
such that il can be opened and worked
hy a tunnel system, nnd great depth can
be gained on  the property,  and ns tlio
and bus been In the Kootenny since 1884.
,   .., (in October 8th, Is'.M. be en iver the
Victoria Hotel, Silverton, tiills from  Knslo and located tlle present
a well-stocked bur. The house is well '""'" ><'<"��� He bus holdings in the Nee
siitiuted ,on the main street, ami enjoysU>aw�� ���'"ll1 Hdlson, on Ten-Mile (reek
a large patronage from tlie commercial ,.>o,',-v,':"n ?S�� 'J'.1""1' <$*&* ��f ���",
men find miners. Mr. Bowes is n very Windsor Hotel. It is splendidly situated
popular citizen of the rising nnd active "I'-;11' ""', "'barf, is roomy und comfort
i nine, and none but tin- finest liquors und
clgnrs are found in tin- bar.
New Denver,
property are such Ihal they reveal n very ton and> assays "f tbe iron alone ran us
largeore body -likely the largest in tin-' high as ��71 m gold. Tins is the property
Slocnn, being'from 50 to 00 feet in width, from which rock wns last autumn ob-
Tbe vein lies in tin- slate formation and tnined, which assayed us high as $11,160
the ore is n high-grade steel galena, in gold per ion. The property is a gold-
carrying considerable grey copper. So copper proposition. The vein is a fine
extensive is tills ore body, nnd so well fissure, is si rung nnd big, averaging over
assured do the owners feel us to the eight feet m width,
future of this nronoi-tv. that this summer
Thorburn Hotel.
/���vHANT THORBURN is one of the
v 1 best known men iu West Kootenay.
lie bas been 18 years in the West and
hailed originally from New Brunswick,
lie settled in New Denver iu 181112 and
moved to Silverton, where he built his
line big hotel  in '0-1.    lie has  run  the
future of tbis property, that this summer
will sec erected by this company a two-
hundred ton concentrator on Four-Mile
Creek, within a mile of Silverton, and a
Las Vegas.
Creek, within a mile ot Biiverton. nun a ..
tramway  thereto  from their mine,  as HpHIS property adjoins the L. H., lies
well as new nnd commodious buildings 11   above it on the Red Mountain,   It,
for  offices,   bunk-houses,  etc.,  win-,,  it {g               proposition.    Not   much
will become n steady slnppei.    il nns ,n      ���,_  ,       ���  ,'
will become a steady shipper    it has ai-  ;v(;;.,.-"]l,^ Jirbwn'dSne"theMM.   The
ready sent  out   15 bins of clean on   lo   ( ^^ t,x|l(|S(,(]| ,s ,|1|n||t ||n,(,(, f(,pt
the smelter. jn wfdth and carries high values, linni-
erous assays having been made of rock
therein, which went from two to three
thousnnds of dollars to ten ten.    The
Neeland's Shoe Emporium
j\JEELANDS' Shoe Emporium, 36 and
'.'n Baker street, Nelson, is a good
example of what enterprise nnd hard
work will do. Tlio business wns taken
up by Mr. S. Neelands, when be tool,
over the stock and fixtures of W. II
(rrahain oc Co. in IS'.is, nud from a small
concern has worked up the business
until it carries one of the best assorted
stocks in the Kootenays ns well as one ol
file largest.
Surprise Oroup.
COMPRISING three claims und a
fraction, is siliinbd on tlle side of
Alpha Mountain. The Alpha ledge is
traceable across two of the group, and
some 250 feet of work done thereon lias
exposed a large quantity of both slopping and concentrating ore. The ledgf
8 fr        ���    ���    ���       ���    -   ��� ���
ter of the ore is steel galena, carryini
grey copper, and assays from 200 to 700
ounces of silver per ton and runs from
('iff to SO per cent, iu lead. Although Ibis
"       '    -   it
ung and concentrating ore.    xne leuge ' ���   made   on    Silverton's   go
s from six to twenty feet in width, and mountain,  are the A. E. and t
Iob In the slate formation.   The cliarae- |>,.|jsv   Group  of  two   claims
ter of the ore is steel gnlenn, carrying  u   ....
;rey copper, and assays from 200 to (0
unices of silver per ton  and  runs frot
00 to sn per cent, in lead. Although tn
property bus never shipped any ore. i
has a 'good shipment  of first-class or
property litis been stocked. All of the
slock is owned In Silverton, Mr. Timing
being secretary of the company.
A. E. and Little Daisy.
A MOXG   the    ninny   oilier  localities
f*    made    on    Silverton's    gold-copper
he Little
.  ., ,.      These
properties   Ii i   the   snnie   ledge.     On
the A. E. there ure twenty inches of
pinrtz,   from   which  assays  have  been
Thorbum   Hotel, Silverton
hotel In a strictly lirst-class manner, and
is repaid by very liberal patronage, It
is ii very roomy hotel, and very well designed, as the Illustration will testify.
Mr. Tboi-lmrn is a very energetic citizen
and just the kind that push a place
J. A. rkKiimon & Co.
LARGE      store      Willi      a      good
name   for   straight dealing   ha
lying on Ilu- dump.
 .���-    o.-eo i .\     name    (or   sirnignt dealing   hat
inrg1; ptfnU" T;-^^lu '- ����Ut up a large trade for U Me
doubtless   increase   in   size   ns   depth   is Kln��  *  C"-  of Silverton.     Ihe  firn
gained;  nnd   on   il,..   i no.,   tv.:  w\'is previously known us Hunter it Me
C. P. Nelson.
/ \ NE of the youngest, but most oner
V7 getic aud successful business men in
the Slocan District is Mr. C. F. Nelson,
win, keeps a drug, stationery, fishing
tackle, and fancy goods store nnd curries
a very complete stock In all these lines.
He is an expert dispenser, und gives
particular attention to handling the pur
est o| drugs nnd mixing them in n thoroughly- accurate manner, Mr. Nelson
bails originally from Hastings County.
<"nlnno, but was some years at Calgary
before coining further west to the rich
Slocan. He settled in New Denver in
���lime, 1898, when he opened his business
He is always ready to help along bis
town, and is prominent in many of lb
organizations. This year he representee
the New Denver Lodge of the Knights
of Pythias at the Provincial gathering
at the Coast. Mr. Nelson handles Tie
Miner ns one of ids large slock of boob
ningnzines nnd papers.
F:ishcr Maiden.
gained; and nn the Little Daisy group
, there is a ledge of eight feet.    A trial
shipment of five ions  wns  mnde,   and
the smelter's returns therefrom showed
KILT, ner ton.   There Is no nuestion thnt
���pills   oronortv,   consisting    of    two  the dny is not far distant wlien the Red
I      i t���,     ���,.  In....t...i  ofnlii  miles oo   Mountain will have a grent deal of the
attention of the mining public directed
lit   sllow-
 ���'  ""��,* "" ,"."," ,'i";,.���' i* i ,n>-,s 't would appear tbat ii will repay
eption of one mile, over winch thee is 1 that attention.
food trail.    Pour tunnels have been
1    d is, is situated ,-igl lesun  ^nX;fiVettn,C|n1nKgrepnutb!1ic'
Pour-Mile Creek, and Is connected with towards it; nnd from the pres,,
Silverton by waggon road, with the ox- |nRa it wnn](] ,      lr 1)|M| [(
cotton   ,.r  ,,,,,,   milo    over  which   there   isi.i.    .....
driven   in   on   the   led
length  "f which  i
foot, The ledge lies In granite, Tbe
ore is chiefly sillclous or dry ore, carrying considerable grey copper and ruby
silver. Assays therefrom can be obtained   ru
gave respectively 828 und 220 ounces^f   ���,.���   1|(,m,|hs     ,,.,���,  w���Terl       ,,,
silver per loo. and II 1..     "- lave   N(,,        ,g Rn insti(,|(i,m ft * ,.���
r:;:,^1!:!:::1, h    o���; ,,:' 3: ����������� �� was opened ��� few days
Waverley House, Nelson.
Assnvs   iiiercii-om   can   oe   oo-
mining  up  into  the  thousands.   (T��NE by one all the "long-fob  wnnts"
returns on the shipments made, V'    |n Nelson ure giving place to mnil-
oeclivelv R2R nnd 120 ounces of
Iviiiiion, and niter n couple of more
changes, in which Mr, \V. 0, McKinnon,
brother of Mr. .1. A. and Mr. A, L,
McLean, owner of the Iron Horse Mine,
were nurtners nnd ceased to lie, the firm
settled  down  to its  present   nniuc.     Mr.
McKinnon curries a very complete merchandise slock, nnd every article on the
shelves or in tiie drawers is from the
best houses of the world. The spncioiis
store that the firm occupies wus built
by Mr. McKinnon, in 1807. Mr. McKinnon is nlso Past Muster of the Town of
Silverton nnd one of its most progressive citizens.
The Selkirk Hotel.
r^ONDI'CTED  by  men   who    under
stand tbe hotel business, the Scl
kirk   Hotel   of     Silverton     commands
large patronage,    Ii bus a very prett.'
and convenient locution overlooking tie
bike, and  near the wharf.    It is n  ver
', line looking building, us the Ulustrntioi
iu the iirst column of this page wil
show. Messrs. Brandon & Barrett an
partners in the ownership of the housi
and Mr, Brandon manages it. The tabb
receives special attention, and the bill
i is supplied with the best that money cm
bin.    A  visitor to Silverton should glvi
I tbe Selkirk a trial,
n'^HkT'was'.na^'then-on tatotXmd I ^aSf&i opening ^SL&Hffi
n, the 250-fool level   about:800 feet^in   ��& J^-Sft^S ��h'��� !
A winze hnd neon started on wnat was    f ,. , ���.,      ,   t.nlno sii,���.is ������.i ���
Z "1 u' ,l%elLtto0VineheeB" wwl'   ^^    ^ & a tofpSSS hous
Tt,sPs\;tin ^fcd2 as VXvA  ^IZ^Z &V&%�� n?av8nas
wiiiin iviiti every iniiiouiinn 01 coiiiinuiry. ...   ., ; ,/.,���",','���""���I.',',' o',!n""i-',','���'.','- '.""f"11^;
Work  was,  however,   abandoned  on  nc- j) '     ' '   "' " ,   ;l "   """   furnished   and
coim   of tic inflow of the water, to be     ,     \, ,     I    'L       n    i'l"  ""' Pf��SatnP!s
resumed later on by tunnelling.    Every '. n M l' Tn' 1 ',    '' ?^���nd i'-"1,'' !s
Indication points to their making a fine ',..' '' .', . ,"n,.-!,,"m,iln!r ''"'l'"' which is
Indlcntion potnta tn their making n fin*
property if nrtlvoly rtovelopofl, Thc-
propprty 1ms hocn Btockod, the controlling
Interests therein helnit owned bv A. A.
Webh nnd John Pophnm, both of Silver-
I llera  l?93 to [896
 .....^   .oooi,    nllicu   1
well supplied with papers and tungaztnei.
and 11 bar-room, in which nil kinds of
soft drinks and cigars are carried, A
capital restaurant is run in connection
and the rates have been placed lust high
enongb to make the house curry itself
along after it is well under way. For
the first few months those who were instrumental iii establishing the Waverley
���,��� ,   .    , 1      o 0. ,   House expect to moot with deficits, but
Ol much is know,, locally regarding (ho wnrt|ly ���,���������,,, l)f t,|(> ,|m|S(, ,mi, )|k,
this properly, which lies two miles   manner in which it is conducted should
mth  of  Silverton,  as  the  managment  soon make it pay.
The Galena Hincs.
Town of Kaslo,
.ft-- ���
,   m^+**i��i*iH>'M'*+*'W*'M<***+*++****+*+***++*+*
fruI1| ||���. Bast would bcsnt-
glgl,t of Sandon,   ll is
"i���'ivi. se;i  level and lies be-
' liugc,    inoiintnhis   Hint   rise
. ;i,500 feet,   li is a very
IL ���s it cannot go very far
oi,,,,it running Into n moun-
l,llu, nnd has any ainounl
, ���l out nf the ends, as tlio
tlirotiKli which  Carpenter
l���,il   tumbles   is  open   lo   il.
.   nial.es  inference, for
Ihnl c ts is tho ninniin!
,,,���,,..      The     sill-rounding
|.|,.|,  in minerals, scores
being  opened   up,  bun
,,.,. rciuireil  for Iho work,
shipments of ore for the year 1808, und
il   will  I"- iindeist I  ihal   this year flic
output of tbo mines ��ill be inci-eascd by
fully ,",ii nor cent: Payne, 13,100 Ions;
Ruth, 8,000 i"iis; Slocnn Slur, 2,088
Ions; Lust Chniiee, 1,500 Ions; Keen, .Mil
Ions; Queen Ross, ITo Ions; Sovereign,
Kin ions; Blue Bird, lo lous; Treasure
Vault, In tons; Ainv, :"', tons; Cnnndiiui
gfoiip,   22   Ions;   Noble   l-'ive,   Ui��i '.   Ions;
.Miller Creek, 20 tons; Qoodcnough, 'Jo
Ions; Sapphire. 1S' '. Ions; Ooln Scions;
Wonderful    group, si, tons; Mountain
Uridxes, Fisher ci Co., Nelson.
HpO meet  tin- i stnntly  growing de-l
\ miuid for dimension lumber in Nelson.
the firm of Brydges, l-'isbet- & Co., about
the Isi of Mu.v ibis year was formed to
take over the mill and business of
Slitckcy Bros, This new linn have been
meeting with deserved success, ami are
now running niglil and day to full capacity lo i t   their orders,     A  lathing
ichine is living put in, which will meet
Wonderful   Bird
Ions.    Totnl,
,,i   iiiiDlni
I -i"'"'
.Ii-ihIk ol  �� '
���,���,���      tuppllos and Sandon Oltlsts
,,,,, ihcj- .-ci them,   li is a mln-
i very busy ami prosperous
ho t the Payne Mine,
���,���,(,     tl others  that   have  done  it
'i,.,; |��� turn attention to tho rlch-
li-hci S C(
Ul-clll ill
Slocnn  district.
Herbert  H. Pitts.
* I ll.  IIKHBFHT II,  PITTS,  Mayor
'     of Sandon. CI  West   from Slot-
tiiont C ity. Ontario, In '80, and Bottled
in Revelstoke,   In '02, with bis brother,  n much f, it wnnl In Nelson
Mr, ,1. C  Tills, he ope I u business in   bora  of  the   lirm   are  well
Three Forks, and in '07 ai Sandon, lie
made a host of friends ill Sandon, and as
ii result was elected unanimously to the
Mayor's chair ill the commencement of
this year to succeed Mr. 10. R, Atbct-lon.
The liini of Pitta Brothers arc heavy
dealers   In   i-cady-made  clothing,   hoots
nn.I shoes,  und all  kinds of millers' sup-
Mayor   Pitts   gives   ids   personal
plies.      Mayor   Pitts   gives   ids
intention to tile Snniloti business ami
joys a large und lucrative business.
dnpled for
thoir business, Mr. S. M. Brydges, who
is well and popularly known iu Nelson.
is business manager, nnd W. J. Fisher
ami brother, arc practical men and understand their business thoroughly, with
Ih,, result Hull Ibis linn, ulthiiiigh but
recently started is ulreioly well to tbe
front.   Tin- present cnpneltj of the mill
is 15,000   i'eel   per liny.
fount v C lUl't, which bus regular sittings
therein, aud is said to be the finest arranged court bouse iu tlie Trovinee outside of Victoria, tin- Capital.
II. M. Customs office, Kaslo being u
port of entry wilh Nnkusp, oo Arrow
l.nke, us au Olltpoi't, occupies a central
nnd convenient postlou on Front Street.
John I-'. Macintosh is ihe collector, and
is nssisled by two clerks.
Since April 1, 1S!��S, when Kuslo became n port of entry the value of imports up to dale bus been $240,588, on
Which a duly of $02,800.00 bus been collected. Since ihe establishment of the
ofllce bcie in is'.ll Uu- exports of ore aggregate to date 00,701 tons, yielding n
total value of $8,700,001, Containing
$00,572 Ions of lend and 10,788,111
ounces of silicr, being an excess over
any two combined ports in ilu- Kootenays.
Th e shipped through Kuslo in 1892-
03 and :i portion of 'IM is not Included
iu nliove figures, Knslo bus also the
recording olllce for tin- Ainswortb mining
division of West Koolciiuy. John Keen
is the recorder and assessor and is nssisled by three clerks.
Tiie chief financial bulwark of ilu- city
e   the   Blink  of   British   North   America,
which occupies    ii    specially    designed
building for ils purpose ai  Ihe corner of
occupies the position us resident manager.
for pure wilier supply nnd ample lire
protection, Kaslo is second to no city iu
I be Province.
Uu   tlie   platel verlooking   the   lake
and bay, with line play ground surrounding it. and adjacent to tin- public recreation ground, occupying one of He- healthiest spois within the municipality, is located the public school building. .1.
Ilislop is flu- principal und is assisted by
Miss MeTiiggnrl nnd Miss Moore. There
no about 12fi children of school age in
the city.
H. J. Iivans & Co., Ntlson.
��� I in: tin  ii. ,i. lOviins & i'".. is
I       ��� of the best known in   Nelson and
enjoys a large trade. They un- wholesale
Importers of wines, liquors nnd cigars
and bundle some very line goods in those
lines. They also sell cement, lire day.
hie brick, pressed brick, blacksmith
coal, steel mining mils, sewer pipe, water
pipe, ele. Mr. lOviins is n progressive
citizen who is always to ilu- fore in nny-
u .i r:
mis S Co
ill   to   III!
thing tbat lends to do g
lie bus built for liims
handsomest residences in tho i
��ill be seen by a glance at the
graph of it on the lust page
it;.-,   as
, r 1-411
lohn M Harris is responsible for the
i.ovii Originally from Virginia, and
l,ltt,,.' (r0|i, Coeiir d'Alene, be drifted
I northward and struck the present site
���,��� N,,,v Denver in March of ISO- following tin- conrBO of Carpenter Ci k he
visited die Slocan Star and Noble hive
discoveries und became much impressed
with die grent wealth thai uiidon itedlj
existed in tho mountnins in that district.
i so I nnen I to look about for good
Iproperties, nnd on the 8th of May of 02
Ih,, sinkcil the 1! i.    winch bus since
Imndc him wealthy.   But little attention
iiml been pnid to that country then, and
11here wore hut few who had any faith In
ihe future.   But young Harris was sanguine, mill that he wns right  bus  been
��� timplv demonstrated since   \\ ben he saw
��� thnt there would be many good mines
o clos,, together he determined to Btekc
townsite, but fnlllng to get backln
.-Joii which was required nt the Govern
ment Office he let tbe matter drop and
il    few
over by Gordon Sutherland. A lawn
tennis club, with a splendid court, is another attraction; ns is also the football
club, In its band the town bus an or-
giiiiiziiiion nny city might be proud of.
New Denver is fairly well off for business bouses, which carry large slocks
nnd of general character, while its
hotels nre well deserving of patronage.
Browne Bros, nnd T. II. Ilobeii keep
general stores; 1). MoLachlan, gents'
furnishing; Mrs. \V. \V. Merkley and
Mrs. 11. Malbeson. dry goods and sundries; c. F. Nelson, drugs anil stationery;
Williams & Nesiiiit, tobaccos and fruits;
Walker & Baker, furniture; II. .1. Robie,
merchant tailor; l��. Mom, shoemaker: 10.
Angrignon, barber; P. A. Monro nnd P.
Angrlgnon, feed Btnbles und liveries; J.
Wigglnton, butcher; Thompson, Mitchell
& Co., and Rnshdall & Irauquier, real
estnte agents; II. West, assayer. There
nre four  hotels    tlle  Windsor, owned by
A.   Ii.   McGIllivray:    Newmarket,    II.
Siege; Denver House. Avlwin Bros.; nnd
St. Tames, .Tacobson & Oo. The Bank
of Montreal lias un Important branch
here, managed hy 10. Pitt, A telephone
system connects the town with outside
points, us docs also the C.P.R. telegraph,
An electric light plunl. owned by P.
Angrlgnon, furnishes light to the town
nt reasonalilc rales. In New Denver is
also located the Government Record
Office of the Slocnn, with A. Mclunes ns
recorder, nnd A. Sprout as gold commissioner and stipendiary magistrate,
in the Government building, n lnrge affair,  the several courts are wont to be
Ill the past year so many Important
discoveries have been mnde around New
Denver und permanent undertakings established, thnt the town may rensonnbly
and justifiably count upon being materially benefited by mining operations directly tributary I" it. The various pros-
I'oets and claims form a semi-circle to
tbe town, stretching from the noted
Bosun croup on the south to the promising Mnllie Hughes croup on Ilu- north,
and both touching the hike. The development of those luoneriios ibis season will
be vigorously prosecuted nnd not n few-
will lie olnced upon n shipping basis, to
tin- enrichment of their owners, in the
mnin line here, nnd the building np nf
the   vicinity.
C. S. Rnshdall.
��    S.     RASHDALL      nnd
*     Fauquier   un-   closely
Packing iu the Slocan,
The Town of Kaslo.
1110 City of Kaslo is beautifully sit-
 .,,,,,.     ,,,,      ,,,,,,.,     ,,,      >....,��... ���            -                                                                    .                     iii , ,                       ,    .                                        I", ,'!'. l    l.s   ,i   ourniill,',     Hill.  ,   ro/.c   oo  ,\
ployed in the surrounding hills hns in- lands  represents the  Liverpool,   London cozy homes are to be lound interspersed y.W feet: motive power steam, furnished
i in-eased, nnd business bus kept puce with ��   globe  of    London;  tlie  employees llmoa(( t|,L, business houses on tbe lower by two boilers nnd two engines, capable
them,   ii is now n solid camp, nnd has Inability of London nnd the 1 hoonix In- ,                                    residential nortion of 15>J horse Bower capacity per day, 40,-
i, bright future before it. surnnce of London.    I bey are nil three .��   - yet ^^^eslde ^'Portion m f       f ,��    ,    ��    ^ >(        -
Snialoi, is ot,,, ���f the most complete It- lram��se co mpanios,    and    though M &tte d^^STwX*** "Zens, WW�� shingles.
lb-towns in ranndu.    It has an excellent -am nanus   gets   a    taigi    stun    oi   in   ..,.���...,, ,,���������,  ,i���. i, ,  ..,- 7i... i..... At ��� UisCnnr.,, of 411(1 fn���t f���o.��� th.. ���������.
Of church organizations there are four,   name wns changed to New Denver. Sub-
occupying  neat  nnd   commodious   build-   sequent   additions    have    been     added.
lugs,  with parsonages attached for the   known as the Bigelow, Wright and Rush-
pastors,   us   follows:     Church   of   Eng-   dull   additions.     A   law  suit  arose  over
anted on the west shore of Koote-  land, Presbyterian, Methodist and Roman   the main part of the town, and the year
ml   agent   in  mines, nny Luke, about twenty miles south of Catholic.   ' of   unrest   und    uncertainty    following
Fraternal societies for a place so young   its    settlement    greatly    retarded     the
growth of what many believed was destined to be a large city.
New Denver's  site  is made  up  of
2,000, but the number is being augmented
i   i:    ni      | . ,        , , ,    i  , , i        ,   , i     every day on account of the bright out-
n street wus culled   ""' l""1.'.'1' ho Is now justice of peace and Ing out into tbo hike mid bounded on the  |o���k oecnsionod by the rapidly develop-
adjacent country.
The Town of New Denver.
10W DENVER, like the Zion of
former days, is beautiful for
situation, so much so that it has
been called the Lucerne of North
America, li is situated on the
east side of Slocnn Luke, ut the mouth
of Carpenter (.'reek, the sediment from
which forms the foundation upon which
the town lias been built. In front are
ihe beautiful stretches of the famed Slocan Lake, while upon two sides are the
bays known ns Bigelow, after George
Bigelow, of Nelson, and Union. Un nil
points may be seen those massive inoun-
1 tains, tlie sides of which are being burrowed for the silver-lead ores which have
given the Slocnn country n world-wide
Midway between Silverton and Boso-
hery is New Denver. It is tlie pioneer
town  of  tlle  camp,  having  its birth  in
the spring following the discovery of the nintion regarding properties in nny part.
Sioean in 1891. Mere the hardy argo- of the country. There is no firm in the
mints and prospectors who arrived over country tliat knows more about the mines
tlle Slooan River route from Nelson nnd ns Messrs. Fauquier have personal BC-
other points found a temporary resting qualnfanee with the claims nnd proper-
place before pushing on to the astpn- ties. Resides, they nre extensive opera-
ishlng discoveries of mineral nwiiifing tors, owning nnd 'operating the Condar
them, on which is now known as Car- group on Four-Mile Creek, an extension
penter Creek, and its several brunches ,,f ,]���, celebrated Vancouver. This prop-
and tributaries. Here, Eli Onrpenter, erty consists of live claims. The firm
the father of the camp, the llenncssy also has the Convention, on Silver Moun-
boys, and a score of others made tbeir tain,  adjoining the California, nnd the
! headquarters for the time being.    With Marion Mines, on which there is n very
nn  eye  to  the  future.   A.   D.   McGilli- satisfactory showing now.   The firm hns
vrny,   now   proprietor   of   the   Windsor n   most  elaborately   complete  record   for
Hotel, staked a  townsite. and  the first all the clatmB and dates concerning them,
settlers   culled   it   Eldorado  City.     Gold and   the  books  of  tlie  firm   nre  n   more
Commissioner   Fitzstnbhs   arrived   a   lit- ready reference than the records kept by
j tie Inter and proclaimed a portion of the the Government.
, town    a    Government   reserve,   and   the
with    the
mining    business
They     deal     in
A.    TO.
of    tbe
claims    nnd    mines    and supply    infor-
E. M. Sandilands.
/ \NE of Kooleniiy's pioneers is Mr. 10. ^plIE
M.   Sandiliinds.   who  is  now  doing    !'      ill
agent  In  mines, nay Li
He has hud n very the bond or north end of that magnificent
H. Byers & Co.
THE firm "f H. BYERS & CO., is
important factor
business   ns   a   gem
stocks nnd insiirnnci
nlinucil  I" prospect for u   few  year:
staked  tVTTownsi'te     Thora   were"nil'     ":" '"    "''   "���"'���'"��� ,������!���, ,���,������,,, o���o ,o,���.,, ,���.,,- ���,,,    m.   Ui.u   ,-..,.,-,.,:,.,,t...t_
ready n few buildings on it.    Encouraged  active career in   the  Kootenny  country body ol water.   The location of the city     At   present  the  population,   which   is
hy  the  very   favorable   reports   of  the  and there are  few parts of ii  that   he is un admirable one, the mnin or business  cosmopolitan in character,  is placed at
Sandon Mines people begnn to come into  |,lls ,������ S(.,,n     Formerly a custodian of portion being on a point of lnud extend'
the i-niiin and buildings  sprung up n
mushrooms.   Tl
lb' ivelllll
series  of henches,   rising one  above  another, und large enough tn accommodate
in the hard war-
business of West Kootenay. ll ll
stores in three of the Important poil
in the district nnd docs a very large
trade. The first business established
was at Knslo, in 189^, which date niuku
Mr.  Hamilton Byers,  head of tlie firm,
Il wis soon lined on both oue ol Snndon's prominent citizens.      lie north  by   Kaslo Buy,  one  of the finest ing adjacent country.   " It   once   n   health   spot  par     excellence,
will, commodious frame buildings, opened business there first by starting a aatural harbors to be found on any in- There  is  nn  extensive saw  mill  nnd ;.M>nrt  from  its  natural  drainage   it is
u���l several merchants put In first-class private bank with a iairtncrbul cosed ^     navlgable bodies of water.    Al- manufacturing plant of G. O. Buchanan &���Se &.    h^0n&^waftedI���
<tnM(<j    Sincit tinMi tin' iiiwii hfiH crown "ll   iii.it nUHincss uiiph a riiiiiii'iui m.uik lln.i ���    ,. ,,,,.,i,,i ,,r :jt. i.;M/i   Tim Dntn m*n "''it  are  DeinK  ''mim.iim!\   wtircea  qo��h
���len'lil'v. th,'  nrniy of workingmen em- opened nn olllce In Sandon.   Mr. Sandl- though   a   number  of  comfortable   and '"ul I!   ' ll""1''1 '" ,,s U""L  '''" B.au null ,,,��� r- ��.. w;i���������  urtu m.i.���. ,
population  of many  thousands.    Tt  is   the   pioneer   hardware   merchant   of  the
Kootenays,   In 1804 u store wns opene
proper is a two-storey building, size (io x
water Rcrvico, The water for dom
purposes is first class and the system is
pill in so well flint in ease of lire, and
'In- regular service not being sufficient
the nrdlnnry water from the creek can
lip turned into tlie mains, thus providing
nn Inexhaustible supply of water. The
electric liidit plnnt is owned by Mr.
HniTis, wlio nlso owns the wnter service.
The streets nn- hrllllnntly lighted nnd all
tlie lending business bouses, hotels and
I resjilnnts ure supplied with electric lights.
and   i
a   ininiii
reports   o
prepared I
lie   idso   doiils "exteii- il,v located around the head of the bay      At u distance of 400 feet from the saw
stocks    sells    miner's nnd on the   higher bench to the west,     inlll, connected by n plunk runaway, is
milling     properties.
correspond on  any
thing in connection with n mine
Kootenay Supply Co., Nelson.
the Carpenter. Wilson. Mill. Nnkusp nnd
other passes, making it un ideul summer
resort; nnd, in winter, by reason of thoso
winds and warm breezes, sharing less
snow tbnn do its neighbors, The town
bus passed beyond the log stage, nnd
has now- reached the period when its
tasteful and substantial frame structures hnve marked nnd determined it the
residence place of the several mining
camps that go fo make up the Slocnn. Tt
bus wide, well-laid out streets, which,
once cleared of the stones nnd remains
Of forest growth, will make locomotion
much   easier   than   ut   present,   though
in,,ii t,, most such plants In this country.
Annfkcr Innovation of Mr. Harris' is n
liwitlnu  nlnnt,   which   supplies  bent  to
"i, nl) the prominent business bouses
ia the town.    It   is  n  hot  wnter plnnt.
I lie pipes an, laid underground, and the
"'liter Is kept constantly wn ruling from n
'"'''' ill the centre of the town until if
"--"-   through    Pipes    In the   different
whore the service is used.    Tt
li way for the merchants to bent
of business, ns it nlso greatly
Ihe danger of fire,  ns there nre
I" Hi, buildings,   The insurance
"iiuenlly   very   much   lower
lil be otherwise.
in   ebools and churches in Snn-
' fine hall in tbe Virginia block, thai
.'',l i sscinblios and  theatricals,
i'l curling rinks and other re-
u   like   mil ure.     The   Ileco
Previous to the summer of 1891, Kaslo the planing mill, a two-storey building,
as a town had not existence. In that 80 x 100 feet, with dry kiln and lumber-
year, however, George T. Kane, on the shed connected, A 45 horse power boiler
strength of mineral discoveries which and engine drives all necessary machinery
were made on what is known us the for planers, matching and moulding
Blue Ridge, about ten miles west of the machines,  and  a general  wood-working
site, luid out the town.   He soon disposed factory.   These works ure located on an there is a fair supply of sidewalks.    Tin
of a one-half interest to tlie Kaslo-Koote- ideal mill site at the bead of Kaslo Hay; scores   of  preltv     homes   and   growing
nay Land Co., who were really the pro- when  working full capacity 70 men nre gardens  give  an   air  of permanency  to
motors of the Kaslo & Slocan Hallway. employed. t)1P town.
Kuslo's renl existence began  with the Although  the    enthusiastic    citizen of There is a capital Public School here,
spring  of  ~IW2.     In   the  meantime   the Kaslo  cannot  stand   ou   his   front   door presided over by C. E. Strickland, while
riches and extent of the wonderful Slocnn step and point out lo n. visitor scores of no less  than   three  churches   have  been
bad become known nnd the fame of the developed mines on every mountain with- erected to meet the requirements of thoir
locality had spread throughout the miu- in the  range of his vision, yet lie can respective adherents.      The    Methodist
ing  world,   und   Kaslo,   ns  the  entrepot assert without fear of successful contra- Church   is  the  pioneer  nnd   has  within
and outlet of a vast and prolific mineral diction that there are more paying mines, the year been much enlarged and beauti-
Messrs. Pollock & Martin, is well to the  region, became the Mecca toward which more   healthy   prospects   which   in   time fied.'    Tts pastor is Rev.  R.  N.  Powell,
front.     11   lias  lust beon disposed  of to  thousands Of persons bent their steps. will   develop   into   producers   and   more That of the Presbyterians  is large and
an   English   company,   the   two   former      It is not necessary in this article to go mining districts with greater variety of commodious,  and   its  services  are  num-
pnrlners remaining as local directors.   A  over ground which bus already been well ores tributary to_Kaslo than any other, eronsly attended.   Tt is located on Sixth
N a  large mining centre like the city
of Nelson, Iirst-class mining houses.
ieli run without tin- interruptions eom.j i,nth wholesale and retail are among the
primary necessaries. Among tbe wholesalers the Kootenay Supply Company is
one of the leading. Founded In October
of 1SS7,  this    business,    managed    by
Interior ol If. flyers (tCo.'s Store, Nelson.
at Three Forks, and ou the completion of
the Nnkusp & Slocan Railway wus
moved to Sandon, where a lurge stock is
now kept in the block shown in the illustration. In .lune, 'OS, a complete line
of hardware, mining goods nnd supplies,
as carried nt the other stores wns put
in nt Nelsou, and the firm mnde a strong
and successful bid for the Nelson business. The stocks curried at the three
stores are alike in completeness and general    efficiency    and     anything   from   a
covered and give anew tin- history of the   town or city in British Columbia,
Street  and  is  ministered  to hy  Ttcv.  ,T.
Hlckey, of Sandon,
It is
i in
< '
"lie of the best in the interior.
1  by Mr. Harris anil ably man-
Mr, stratton.   it is run on the
a Plan, and is very popular with
iveiling public.   The Sandon Hotel
a good house nnd is u  favorite
-   Place   for   miners.     There   are
:i  score of other hotels,   Sandon
"''leulnrly  well  provided  in  lids
I be C.P.R. connects Sandon
! -  slocnn and the K. & S. brings
'touch with Kootenay Lake,   Both
i through some wonderful moun-
.JB the  home of    the   famous
uu,,, ,)���, ,,,,,.,, ]!m|i S)o,.,uu
ist ( liance und n host of others,
' I 'd which can be seen from the
ps  the best   nnd   most  con-
Tlic Kootenny Supply Co.
large business is done throughout the
Kootenays in all lines of millers' and
prospectors' supplies; and the range of
business, as well as tlle volume bus been
steadily and rapidly increasing. The
company some time ago erected a large
warehouse on Vernon Stroel In Nelson.
It is ii verv commodious building nnd
the Illustration does but faint justice to
it. It is slocked with the company s
different lines oE everything thnt Is
qualified to supply the inner man. Hns
stock is constantly being drawn !vm\\ by
the orders thnt the company receives
from grocers and general storekeepers
all over the Kootenays. Prompt attention is always given to orders, and to
once deal with the firm is to continue to
do so Both the local directors have Inn
thorough experience in  the business anil
under their capable management it hns
grown to its present proportions.
-     -Ll_._ J& M^v
ijabSiicHPi i i rnw*""!'
��������   ���*���������������������
, ,L      ,i-iiftiil'. 1
ia,,   ��� ^
���V ..ijaJiili
ilyers .S: L'o.'l
shingle-nail to n furnace, or mouse-trap
to an ore-car can he hud ut the best
prices. The firm is agent for the Cinnt
Powder Company of Victoria, nnd the
well-known Trunx ore-cur. A commodious warehouse bus been built in Nelson to curry the surplus sto k always
kept on hand. Mr. Byers is one of
Nelson's best-known business men, He
is another one of the legion of Nova
Scofians who have come rapidly to tin'
front In the Kootenays.
Concentrator and Tramway at the Nob'c Five, near Sandon,
nf  t
A. C. Smith.
A A an, found In every part
of the Kootenays. Mr. A. f;-
Smith is from Nova Scot in. It wns two
years ago thni he became a resident of
Slocan Oity, and opened up a dray and
transfer business. After selling out he
bought ids present business from U. IV.
Larson. Mr. Smith carries the Best
brands of tobaccos and cigars, eonroc-
fionery and fruit, nnd is au agent ror
���an Ik
ie mining importance
e  is  one i
f the town's pro-
early struggles of Ihe pioneers who so
generously pledged 820,000 with which
to build the waggon road into the Slocnn.
Front and Fifth streets. C. B. Gcrrard
or to detail the misfortunes which came
by lire and Hood in the year 1.S04. The
energy of the citizens bus wiped nwny all
these scars, while through times of prosperity nnd of adversity the aim has been
to push ahead until now finely graded
streets, commodious business blocks nnd
palatini hotels exist iii plenty.
The city wns Incorporated In 1808, and
has ill (ill times since been governed
carefully ami wisely. Tbe civic building, completed and occupied the past
spring was erected at a cost of $10,990,
and is n tasteful and imposing structure.
The upper tlnor bus been specially set
ai yen by si
gressivo an
d wide-awake citisse:
(I  fitted up for the use
W. T. Shatford & Co.
n; T. SHATFORD & CO., with
��� ' lie.-id(|iiurles ut Vernon, opened
n branch at Slocnn City two
years ago. Other stores of Ihe
company nre at Fairview and Camp
McKinney, W. J, Andrews is the
efficient manager at Slocan City, and
is interested in the firm. lie hails from
Renfrew, Ontario, and come to tbis Province live years ago, nud nflcr living in
Vernon and at the Coast settled In Slocnn
City. The firm curries the largest stock
of dry goods, groceries, furnishings,
crockery and clothing in tlie city. Mr,
Andrews' personality bus built up for
his   company   the   merits   of   the   goods
f  tlie   amply  justify.
Clelunil, of Sandon, u better nnd more
popular preacher than whom it would be
hard to find. St. Stephen's is the name
of the handsome new structure on 1'nion
Street, jnst opened by the Anglican body.
The architectural beauty of this places
it above that of tiny other town in British
Columbia.   Rev, c. F. Yates is the vicar,
nnd he nlso bus under bis charge the im-
portnnt mission of Nnkusp. These
churches are ample for all needs for
some years. Another source of pride to
tho citizens is its hospital, owned by Or.
Brouse, and tlie largest, neatest and
best-equipped outside tbe cities. Its
magnificent record of the past three
yenrs in the hundreds of various eases
treated bus given the hospital if splendid
reputation.    There is a  healthy lodge of
af   Pythias   here,   presided   in \,,|
Alex. Stewart, Nelson.
-s\l l-IHON a short business census is
V'V taken of the business men in tbe
Kootenays like that In this paper we
cannot help noticing the fact thnt nenrly
all the prominent and progressive men
nre Canadians, nnd a very large number
of them nre from the far-distant Maritime Provinces. It is from Nova Scotin
<lint Alex. Stewurt. mining nnd renl
estnte broker, hnils. He stopped a few
years nt Toronto nnd Winnipeg nn Ihe
way wesl. nnd reached the Kootenays in
August, 1S07. He first went to Boss-
bind, but it only took him a few months
tn learn whnt n much better opening
there wns nt Nelson, and in Jniiunry of
'08 he opened no office here. He is
agent for the Canadian Mutual Loan nnd
Investment Company, of Toronto; Lancashire Fire Insurance Company; nnd
the Insurance Company of North America. He denls largely in mining shares
and  handles properties.     On  his list   are
some of the best renl estate Investments
-. II)
Lawrence Hardware Co.
���1110  Lawrence   Hardware Company
has had ;i very prosperous career in
Nelson. On tho 11th of .lune. 1890, it
opened ils -tore in the frame building
next to where iis handsome brick block
now stand-. After six months tlie
ground Hour space was doubled and the
spacious second Moor, now used by The
Miner, was also taken possession of.
In   September,   1898,   tho   thi  story
brick and stone building, ill which tho
company now doe- business, wns com-
.....^ ,,,., ,,.,.,���*.,, ,,.,,.,,, .,.,,���..,,.,
Mr. Sherwood is un energetic
and is never backward when his
ure requested in u public cause.
Vancouver Hardware- Co.
tver lliirdwiir
Mr.   A.   i)
ment tc Savings Company, of Toronto,
lie handles real estate of ull kinds, and
lias put through many important deals,  inpHE Vni uver Hardware Company,  ���
"B..^SS    l    Limited,   Mr.   A,   0    Campbell   deahn
bead office of which is al 889 Hastings
street. Vancouver, opened   up it  branch
store in the Mill
controls the largest tobacco trade in the,     .,
city, and bus justly  earned   this  large   JP
patronage by his good goods und fair un
and is never backward when his sendees - -
""esident  und  managing  director,  tin
Fred J, Squire
Confederation Life.
"".opened ��P " '"' ���''    AS reflecting tin- work of lust year,
n, block. Baker Street, in .A\   ������. tweaty.seventh mimai report
October, 1897, and to-day possesses ,������-   f th   Confederation Life Association
nl    ] c l:ii*L'i's    Mill hiit'Sl   li:ml w:nv slni'is
| Mtatag
The majority of the mines i
the Kootenays are equipped iron
Rossland Warehouse J* J* J*
Canadian Hand Drill Co.
rv"���������� ���>'-"'��� ""��� ��'���"' *��� KSiK'Sn��ulJSSRSSi " < <"*���1"" u" "���""""" I
v/   Fred J. Squire opened his tailoring to he found in the Kootenny District.       wnll impress all those who peruso it with :    PMI           'I    =}        ,-miy.v
establishment in the upper story of the Thoy carry ii large und well assorted   the continued and growing stability of .:   j    llicilC'()| [ l|j| O.i   \^'
building now  mpied bv tin- Turner, line of heavy and shelf hardware, mining  this  Company,    There were   received % '
BeotouCo.,  Dr. La Hun walked in and .J^cki i""etc    * '"'" '"'^          '""*  durm8 the yeer 8,881 appUcations fori, %,	
ordered a suit of clothes,   Cupi. Hay- They also have on hand a full line of \\""]  .IT, ,''s"a'!oT ,o'' m<m<m '��� ��f
Merchants' Bank of Halifax,
something to suit him und loft hisordoi
11   wus  n   good  sturt   for I be   business,
which litis noversiuco failed to keep Mr.
Squire busy.   The fact  that  the threi
gentlemen     named,    well-known    and
prominent   citizens  of  Nelson al   the
present day. ure still customers of Mr.
Squire, goes to show that the work must
Im- satisfactory, Mr, Squire made two
moves before lie located bis clllilll where
In-   i-   Bituntod  now ou   linker Street.
Thero I arries a full hue of worsted,
wood and serge suitings und  trouser-
���., ,. ,i .,    ,,:, , f ,,t ,i���,      ,,.,,���   ii,,,.    "mi '���--������"��� tut nl  new insurunce of $088,803;  of
irdored a suit o   clo.l,,-.   Copt. Hay-      rheyalso bave on hand a full hue of theSe, 3,251 for*8,104,428i���re approved;
ward followed sun  ,��� a short   lime, and   gran.teware  tinware und housefurnish-   ,���.������,,. wi|h  ,���;,|US .���,,li|ilin $��� ���,,���.!
late,- in th,- day John  Houston found  ings generally and an ins itiouof their ,M[;ill(.ss  ,-,���. tm, v,,.���. wns *8,i80.420.1
siock would well repay any one, T||(,       , h   ^     (   f        ,   ,    d
In connection with this establishment    (  , $30,677,418 under 10,060
there is i, large tin  shop,  which enables   |i|]lj(,jc.- r Jlli; ,iv,,s, T|���, ���(,, }���-,.,,,j..... j
for ISfis wns $956,020, us compared with !
$081,681 for the previous your; while the
total income hns increased from $1,184,-
' Hardware CO. - StOtC
pb-feil and opened. There ure three
floors in tin- new building besides the
basement und thoy ure now used to
accommodate tlio extensive and complete stock curried by tin- company.
Their lines include everything required
in construction work. Forrailroad und
niiningwork.il is not necessary logo
out of tbo city for the in ssnry fools...
A specially   is  inailc of  builders' bard-   '"*"'''
ware.    A tin on
in   connection
Incorporated   lHim.
Capital Authorized, - - $2,000,000
Capital Paid U|>,        - - - 1,500,000
Reserve, - 1,250.000
Head Office, Halifax, Nova Scotia.
....   to  $1,281,10"   in   tin-   same   period.
The chums arising from deaths among
the insured won- very favourable aud
considerably under those of the previous  Qeneral Banking Business Transacted ; Sterling Bills of Exchaugo Bought
your.   There were 00 deaths, cafliug for Sold, Letters of Credit, etc., negotiated,
ihe.sum of $188,981  under 112 policies,   Accounts received on ihe most favorable terms.   Interest allowed on Bpecial deposits
profits amounting to the sum of $86,- and ou Saving Bank accounts,
890.23 having been paid during the year,
Vancouver Hardware Co.
I hem to fill nny orders they might receive
for the supply of air pipe, etc.. for the
ventilation of mines.
Thev iiiake a specialty of sanitary
plumbing, nnd hot air, hot water aud
steam heating, nud hnve constantly on
hand a full slock of engineering ami
plumbing supplies.
The manager is Mr. K. S. Kinghum.
who cuiiic out from Montreal about 16
months ago to lake charge of the Nelson
brunch. lie is recognized us one of
Nelson's best business men,
'urner, Beetoini & Cc
GEO.  KYDD, Manager,
    or six hands
d'piuininng'siuip'is'kept steadily, the increase, in his business
with the business and "".'l'1"*-' P*�� with the increase of population, As tbe pioneer tailor oi Kootenny, he enjoys a large acquaintance with
the people outside of Nelson, and consequently does a large business with them.
Thorpe & Co.
of the best known
1 uteri, r View,
' firms manufacturing mineral
Wiiter und syrups in British Columbia is
Thorpe & Co., of Vancouver, Victoria
und Nelson. The Vancouver houso wns
established in 1S89, the house at Victoria
wus opened iii 1803, and in 1897 the
Nelson branch commenced operations
Melville 8. Parry,
''['ill-; lirm of Turner, Beeton & Co is
an old established c tern, and the Taking last four years, a total of $845,376
business bus been curried on in Victoria 1ms been paid in  ibis way. giving an j
since the golden Cariboo days of hsi"i. average of $86,810,   Total payment to
The Nelson branch was ope i in Octo- policy-holders during the year amounted
ber, 1895, with \V. I>. Thomson as man- to $455,078.   It is on established principle
nger.   Since  that   date  tlie  business  lias with   the  Confederation   never  to   sell
grown with the trade of Kootenay, and insurance   below   its   cost,   but   ut  a ISS=53K=2S��S52��fi2R2g��
ni the present time the business ol the ,���.,,���,(,,,��� rate that assures snfetv, and a
laun'urf'from ��ZJ?onX oasi! io reasonable reward for the capital in-   y-^       A      ^  T C^<      i
IVniictoii, on the west, nnd us far north vested und the labour required in the     1       1      /\        X/    ^^ [)on
as the main line of the C.P.R.   The Nel- business.   Year  by  year the  expense     g        I     f���\ I "N
son branch carries the largest stock of I ratio has been gradually brought down,     I     f   -M.    JL.      JL.      rx���*'���
David Arnot
Flour and ��feed of all kinds.
Boots and Shoes,
Groceries and
Gents'   ^furnishings.
i't leaveSlocan without giving mea call.
anything in ibis line is done well and with Mr. W. II. McLean as manager
promptly. It goes without saying that (inly excellent goods could gain for tin
-neb u store curries everything in (lawny of the ordinary shelf and heavy
hardware Mr James Lawrence, man-
tiger of tin* firm. is a native of Capetown,
South Africa, but bus been 35 years in
Canada. He is thoroughly familiar
with the hardware business, and is a
popular and influential citizen of Nelson.
Thorpe & Co.
F. A, Tamblyn.
\|K  K. A. TAMBLYN is , f the
- �� many Manitobaus who bave made
the Kootenays their home and built up
lucrative businesses here. He arrived
in Nelson from Brandon. Man., in July.
1890, and has sinco resided here. He is
now manager of tho Nolson Wine Com-  ,. ,    ,
panv'- business, which is  enjoying its   l'""I'nny ti trade thnt would allow thoi
full share of the trade.   Tlio company   '"   lufrem? l1"'11' ,iusi��''ss to such a
retails, under a bottlers' license, choice  '',x.r''"'-    "V ��elson house supplies nil
wines and liquors, and then- reputation '""'' ?   r1"' Illtl'rior with mineral
for handling nothing but the very best waters mA syrups.   Their products have
is well known.   Cigars also form an im-  be��ome very popular in   this district,
portaut part of the stock.   Mr. Tnmblvn   -!,    ''',','' ""' c"iwble manage nt of
 ,..i..,. v..i.....'.���.   Mr. McLean a large  trade  has  been ,     . . ,
established.   Thorpe & Co's frintrer ide  '"      or '" st ""'reasmi: trade o
is recognized ns u very liio-li-eb?- nrrinlo    ""' Terminal City and surrounding point
IU���1 i,.,s ,.,.,,|.  ,|, ��� , ,7  v'  s '" , ".''   "ii tlie Mninlnnd.   The following is u list
Sn"""!^?Ltt5S ""  Il'"h B'nser ale m  ���r the s���,��� ngenciea f,���. ���.,���.. ,K,|,, ,,v ������,
firm:    Robert  Brown,    Ltd..    Glasgow,
  l-'our  Crown     Scotch    Whiskey:   Bnutil
enjoy- tin- distinction of lining Nelson
only florist doing  business  on   Baker
Streot.   Very  fond of flowers himself,
he likes to have them about him, nnd  au the Coast elnl
during tbe summer mouths be carries
:i full line of cut flowers und plants,   He
practically enjoys tho trade of the city
in this line, importing almost daily ti
keep thoroughly up with nature.
-^Siiiissi" Iiiiiii iSSiTTiii
Cheap Kates and     Canadian Pacific Ry,
Every Comfort. Soo-Paeifie Line
iquors bold iu tlle Kootenny. und in ad- n result, in view of the volume of new
litiou to this u varied and well-assorted business maintained, the keen competi-
'to.-k of dry goods, more-particularly tiou nnd existing conditions, which
idapted for tbe tinning trade. Tbe Vic- speaks nlost favourably of the Company's
ior,u house ot this firm, has the largest!.,'..,,...    T,|(, ^^ ,;,. th|, Assi)(!iati',m
-S^5' ���r o   ���
��Jrcrset   in
Parties bringing their |> ^e
friends from England, Scotland, Ireland or the Continent, can Prepay Passage
through any C P. R. agent,
or by applying to
Winnipeg) Man,
and best nssorted stock of dry good..
in the Province. Tin- Vancouver branch
wus opened in tin- spring of '98. and
when the firm moves Into the new nnd
commodious building now being erected
for tbein tbey propose to carry n first-
class stock of both dry goods nnd liquors
tutor to the fast Incrensing trade of
���v     wot
R. Sherwood,
���ing a grent deal of tin
Elliott & Morrison.
u .v Co., Bnrbezieux, France, brandies; (.!. Prober & Co., Bordeaux, clarets,
snutcrues;    Moot    &    Chandon,    cliani-
Cockburn   &   Sniitbcrs   &-   Co..
M. rt
TFTP!  ���o,���,l..  ,,c   v i , pagnes:   Cockburn   \-   Sniilbers   &   Co..
in. people ol   Nelson enjoy them. London and Oporto, port wines; M. B.
selves.    So thoroughly do thev do Foster & Sons. London, bottled :ilcs and
this und so generously do thev sn 1 ,"'!": ,H,'''"'i' Ti1 Ts��^ ?%' NtT
... ,        ��� "���   spi nn ijelnnd, Irish whiskey; Pense, Son & Co.,
tlieir money m the pursuit of healthful l.citb, London nnd Darlington, 11. O, S.
���^   world   Mr" \r,oo,'"u" <i'"   "",   Plensnres that the firm of Elliott & Mor- ^''",','11  Whiskey; Henry Brack &  Co.,
worm,  an.  Arthur  It.  Sherwood  H.,���,   ,,���.   ,    ,      .,,.,,       , London, bottled ales; William Jameson
has settled down in Nelson and spends established to handle & Co.. Dublin, Irish whiskey; S. Alsopp,
"'- '��� �� to*l��g after his  ex-  ^ ^1^1,^1 """ "\ "" ,�� K<^l&W��^m���^\
tensivo insurance nud real estate dels   M    ,     "  ���"""*- '" ""'"''��> and such ,.���������,, ,: ^������   , ,,,,,.  ,,m't������,  r.\n:
und his spnre hours i��� his irardeu   of 1':"""' '"'m"d '" Nolsou w- y- J������>son * Co. Liver, I  botllcd
....... .     .  ��-"""    ;i year uoo and vv.oi   t���, ..,.i. nle nnd stout: Croft & Co., London, port
policy . -.   -��. ...,..���
now stand nt $6,825,116, being an in
crease of foNT. 127 during the twelve
months. The report is such that all who
had n share', however small, in its production, may well be pleased.   It will
st; '������-    -,; - " "    '
train oroAAing ffie
confinenf.     if \& a
i"^rougft frain
rt] aft ing j?eoo AfopA.
4rA equipment ub of
oSefstaff^^ai^eUY't ^^K��, Viol'm. Qello  AarwaAAinq   efeqance.
Macdonald   is   the   skilful   mnnngine Bli       ...       �� ��
. 2~ | * Wlff pc^y ^ou fo
i��� t
 ,.   ..,...,    ,,,,.   ,������   lue.iseo.     ll   Willi ""    vw -**
stimulate the exertions of the agents, i TT TA C\j       '
and will consolidate the confidence of    I���I Clff  p AlPltlPf*
the policy-holders.     Success loads on to   1 XC1 lit OLC111C1
greater success.   The affairs of this suc-
. reatcr success. The affairs of this successful Company nre looked after foi
Eastern British Columbia by Melvilli
Parry, of Nelson, und J. S. Breeze, Van
conver, for t' "
organized stu
Macdonald is the skilful mnnngine
director, assisted by W. C. Macdonald
Professor of Music Lessons in
which be i- very proud.    Born In  In
Canada in  1882.    After rcmniuiii
fravjeP 6lj if.
,,    ,   ,.,,.   i'.ooid e-  son,   i.,,,,',,,n.   ,,,,,	
B. .1. I-.lhoit arrived in Nelson W   ii. Johnson & Co. Liverpool, botllcd
"' ogi 1 went into partnership ��>. nnA ?ln}yy;c\��n,&J?��" ]:"'"}'m- i".'rt
,,.:,!,   \\,    u    v, ,      , wines:   llcidstcck   \   < 0.,    Itnelms,   dry
land, Mr. Sborw I went  to   \ii-tr,l,, ,-    '.-       ���Mlim>'��;;  who had been Monnpolc  ClinmpnRne,    Nelson  branch,
when a  weo v,,,,,,,-, , i bore for foiu'years,    Both hailed from nRents   for   Pnhst   l'.rcwing   Cn.'s   Mll-
wucu  n  ��ei   youngster,  and  cum,, t,,   Winnipeg und learned there the skill wnukee Beer.   Sole agents for the Pad-
that has built thorn up a large busiueBS lie Const for i Crown Scotch tnul Corby's
here nnd gained for them the confidence "ve    \Vldskey,     Mr,    Turner, the ex-
of all thoso with whom they do business Premier of Brltlsli Columbin, und bead
Thoy handle the Red Bird bicycle, uuW '"' ""' ''"'',"������'" ,"���""'  V K,"-h""1' f,nr, "'"
faetnred by the GooldBicycleConinanv PV'W ','   n��ntlnB ','"' 'iT.lf SSflnt0 :'
... n, ,��� ������ i      i,  ���  ' ' "" .,'" > oiup.iny . 1 ,imit<-���!  Company,     In  addition   to l'i-ii-
u i.i.iniioiii.    it  ,s u wheel thnt  hn.s ��� pr���| ,vl,n|esnle business the firm lins been ����"". ine ivooicnays.
'  noon   reputation.   t[m\   \.;]yUlU   & Inritely interested in the snlmnn cnnnlnR  -, , ,,    .-,    _    ���    ,,,
Mornson hnve made il  u ready seller Industry, both on the Frnser and Skeenn   .L-OMClOll (X   B. C   Clolcl'rielrN
hero.    A lull hi f bicycle supplies is Rivers. Limited
carried bv the firm, uml  jn   this dennrl -r-ni-   i       i ..,..,
mem a large luiMttess is done    I! Ve, ,n,    ��    .-r., '        ^0U nnd   British Columbia
lircorms, sewing machinesand iiUsuch V   ' A    f iK-iriTian. l    Goldflelds, Ltd.,isoueof the coin-
articles are quickly nud nccurntoly ro-    .,���   ,   tmi-pm iv  ,i -.      ,.  ll!"lil's that is doing a great deul of good
l"'lr��d.   Both men are expm-ts nt theii-   \\>   A'  ' "l RMAN' ,h" ',l"l"',"t���'"t  to the mining interests of BritisliCol
trade, '   tnis well-known tobacco store,   nmbia.     The   company,   whose   bend
bus been   iu  business  in   Nelson   for  a   Office is in  London,   is  interested in n
number of year-.   Tbe stock be curries  S,en' n?ouy properties in both East and
Solos a Specialty.
Concerts Arranged.
F. Steiner's Orchestra,  furnishes music  for
Dances, Concerts, Receptions, etc.
of T
of st
lefn .
It is
St Ill-
ill tl
to I
in ii
P. STEINER, Nelson.
Icene hi the Kootenays
For   full   particulars   as   to   rates,
time and copies of C. P. R. pub
lications apply to
D  w,   ~ City Ticket Agent, Nelsor
R. W. DREW, Agent,
Tray. Pass, Agent, Dist. Pass, Agent,
Mining News,
Y I . ncKl
nnsistfl of all the lendiiiR Imuitls of u
\. K  shenvo, d
IT ha-como to be rocojrniziHl that tbo
years in  Mam toba he came .,, British '    successful miner must have scientific
('iilumbiii in IS��3,    In    s 18 bo ennie tn o                    ,  ,         ,
Kootenny.  und  was tbe  tit-,  chief of ^��" M Pmctlcal kuowledfto, and it is
police ui   Knslo.    In October,  18115, be M P'oinly eiidont that tlle scientific ex-
cum,    to   Nelson   :,n,|   started   ill   the IK'i't is no less in need of pnietienl on
tho present bushiess with Mr. K. ll. h, perieuce.     Mr McKillop is a Kontlemnn
AppWvvlmite. who reth-ed  rn���, the fir,,, most  thotmwhly  verso,   in SS
��cfo^e^^^^ ^Z^^Z=7��
ern;  London ,V  Lni.tumbm . Insnrni.c -es and does a Reneml ������,������   ���' ���,
potnpnuyol  North ,\n��� ,-���,,; Standard   makiiiK n spin-inltv of contrne   b s    �����' w' A "uiftnan.
Life   nsurunco Cnnipanv: Ocean   \,i        ll,. In.  , , ,,,,.,,i   ,  , uiisuiess,
den,   &   a -nntc',',���.,������,,���������.     ���     ,,,'',y   n . ''      ''..'     ,,T,l,!V,"","t  "!   YV"anAC^r' l"l,'-',V,,:l"r"'"""-1"-
He is also ORont for the Bfrkbeck Invest:   conscu-nrions work  '""      :""'    S������' ' "���    " of_s.���okcr'
West Kootenny nud the Boundary country, iind havo subsidiary companies
oporoting ns for north as the Yukon
The chief properties which tho company
controls neur Nelson ni-e the ymir, Enterprise and Whitewater mines. It is a
development company which purchases iind develops properties aud tonus
tin-in tberenf ter into separate companies
Tho capitalization of the pareut and
subsidizingcoufpauyis nbout $4,UO0,On() \yt-oj t rnm���o,,^^
Mr. .1. Roderick Robertson is gonorai WELL - FURNISHED
manager of the company, will, h,,���i. ROOMS ���< < CrCinVi
quai'ters in   Nelson.    Mr. s. s. Fowler  ScriC   Z , bUUU
Is tho chief engineer,   The company has  "JlJJo. ���.< ���* ..< ���< ���"* J* -J*- ��*
sioean citu, b.g. hardware
a complete staff of assistant ongineen
and nccoilUtniltS in Nelson. Mr Hob-
ortson is president of ,1,,, Nelson Board
...   i     .-  ,    ,���������,���. "������- -��� - "  of Trade nnd is one of tbe most nromin.
Without a donbt, .Mr. Tburmun  eut und progressive citizens of KoSi
Granite Ware,
Tinware, -jt j*
C an t onST1 J ^so]J's^STee I
Giant Powder,
Caps and Fuse.
in ,
as a
VKLSON  'PiWIS,       I
(   \,,i,r|iinald & Co.
r wholesale house of tho
,1,,,! of A. Macdonald
lislied u brunch of theii'
i��� Nelson iii i Ictobor,
, opened nl   Revelstoke,
I   their business thero
lHtiug privileges granted
���, railway companies wei'o
���,,    concentrated    their
...   ,���    Nelson.     Tho
<     inlbC'aniey
' . street, and afterwords
  und   brick   block
iruted.     They  arc   now
incuts  for  tho   erection
,,, 1,,,uses on  the (M'.K.
the hauling of  their
piic bond of tho linn.
���.\   itibinald, is.oue of the best
.,,���...  men  in Western   I an
,,,  ev Muvir of Winnipeg.
Idnoiiiui Ian ��ty is more widely
|,ii|iiiliu-ly known,    I In-  Koote-
W, A, Jowett,
It.   W.   A.   JOWETT   is   one   of   the
tunny Englishmen who hnve made
tho  Kootouuvs their homo,   When he
He has proven him self n good busines contracted n large  business,   lb-   has
man und bus made a host of friends in correspondents in nil parts of the coun-
Nelson, try, who keep him supplied with infor-
'I'lic lirm  occupies large premises on million regarding tin-  ,nines,  so he is
Balcer Street, the ground floor being oo- always in u position to give reliable in-
enpiod by tlio very extensive stock of formation concerning ilu- properties he
groceries niiil the upper story being filled bundles.   Daily telegrams from mining
with a complete nrrny of crockery und exchanges keep him posted on the eccon-
eliiiui and glassware.    The lirm bus the tricitios of  ihe market, und bis quota-
C. t). J. Chris tit.
\ ( li. CHARLES 1). .1. CHRISTIE is
��� *   one of Nelson's young and pro-
Fred Irvine & Co.
Staple and Fancy Dry (ioods, Millin
ery and dents'  Furnishings,
Hoots and Shoes, Hats,
Caps and House Furnishings.
a- more
tged   by  Mr.   P,
���s   is   lUttllllffl
Chapiiiiin. jr.. a inembor ol  the firm.
W    A.   lowilt
a, Is rerogiiiwi as a very capable busi- first came to Canada he Bettled iu Wiu-
... mini, it i ii I miller his management uipog,    Thnt wus in the vein- isss    |M
Wdniihwr ..trolled a larBob^iuess .,,o h��� ,,��������� ���, x.-ls,,,, und conduotedn
. ,1,,, Kootenays.    Mr. < uiapniau is ,i
-..iiiiii. in member of the Nelson Booi'd Renera] in g and real estnte business.
Street Scene in Nelson.
reputation for upright dealing and their tions are always up to date. Mr. Van-
prices are very reasonable. People com- stone can supply a purchaser with any
ing lo Nelson to reside will do well to slock on the market at very short notice,
remember the uame of Kirkpatrick & He is one of the rising young men of the
Wilson. city and justly popular with nil classes.
gi-cssive citizens,    He is u general broker
ami enjoys a large business. The following companies   are   represented  by
ale. Christie:   Canadn  Life Assurance
Company,  Dominion  Permanent   Louii
Company, Ontario Acoident  Insurance
Company,   Canadian    !���'iro    [usiu-nnco
Company, Atlus Assurance Coniptiny of - i-IIK firm of Fred Irvine & Co. is one
' of tho pioneer firms of Nelson,
having beeu established hero in 1890. It
consists of Messrs, Fred Irvine, William
Irvine ;m,I Herbert Irvine. They carry
on their pay roll sixteen employees, und
thoir store rooms cover n floor .-puce of
5,800   square  feet,   liuving  ell I rullees   oil
boi li Baker nud Josephine Streets.
Thoy are direct importers front the
lending manufacturers of Ehigland,
United States and Canada, and are in a
position, with oue of the largest nud most
complete stocks in I be Kootenny, to compete with any of the lending departmental stores of the oast,
To enumerate the linos of goods they
carry would require columns of space, as
they bave everything usually found in
first class dry goods stores.
London,    Lug..   Guardian   Assurance They invite inspection of their stock,
Con.pu,,y,dL,,gli,,,,l.u,,,lLovdes'Pln.e ,     iu       d           j      b          u             .
I iluss Insurance! ompuiiv.    Mr. ('bristle
is always ready to talk mining brokerage address.   In either case you will receive
und renl estate, and he also loans money courteous treatment when dealing with
OU property. Fred Irvine & Co.
C, ii. T, ChrlBtl
A. Macdouald ,\ Co,
f Trade. The linn ure benvy importers
tank' and fancy groceries, dairy nnd
|iiickiue good-, bouse products. They
jtiv ul-ii wliolesule  jobbers  in   mitts,
loves, boots, rubbers, blankets, overalls,
fi,'-. in fuel ull tlie requirements of un
ii-diniii-y (jeiieral store outside of hardware and crnckei'v.
H, DesBrisay &
A STORE thiil Nelson people always
��� v lak, pleasure in pointing out to n
visitor t- thnt of M. DesBrisay & Co.,
grocers, it lias the reputation of being
the finest grocery -tore in tbe Province.
iiial certainly ii would take a very
excellent establishment to surpass it.
It is situated in the Aberdeen block, is
ve>7 imodions and well appointed,
':��ti,- a very extensive nnd high-class
stock, ami is managed just as such a
store shonld be. Mr. DesBrisay opened
m the old Bigelow stand in March, 1896,
iiiiil moved to Us present quarters when
the Aberdeen block was completed lust
tun. He formerly owned the property
on winch the block now stands, and
sold it ,,, Beer Bros., who erected the
Uaunsome block, I, is the attractive-
nessat the store which at once appeals
"   '";.vwior.    The  window   is   the
argest m the city, 1 is always dressed
��� inanner ,]K��� ,,.���,.,.,, th(,
*' he artistic taste of theBgent-le-
m��n ��nn is responsible for the display,
Zt"reills.��;m���gedill   the store in
"1CDesl Possible way I ike the place
He purchased Tm: Miner in 1895 and
moved il to his building on Victoria St..
where it remained until removed to ils
present locution on Baker street, u mouth
ngo.   He sold The Mixer to its present
malingers iu Di tuber of last year and
bus since been makingarrangements for
re-entering the mining business, lb-
will operate some mining properties
which lie owns nnd also buy others for
English parties. Mr. Jowott is vice-
president of the Kootenny Lake General
Hospital, and bus been identified with
thai worthy institution for sonic vears.
Canada Drug & Book Co.,
'pi I IS firm is a branch of the CD. & B.
' Co., whose headquarters are at
Regina, the capital of the Northwest
Territories. Stores nre established ill
Regina, Nelson and Revelstoke, nud
consequently they nre in u position to
buy in large quantities and thus obtain
the closest prices, enabling them to job
many lines al closer prices than they
can he laid down, if bought in smaller
quantities, Another advantage is the
reduction in expenses, us at each point
complete sto -ks of drugs und sundries,
books, stationery and office supplies,
wull paper and fancy goods, ure carried,
In short, under one l f you will find u
complete drug store, book and stationery
store, und fancy g Is bazaar.
The drug department in the Nelson
house is under the management of a
griuliinte of pharmacy of long experience, and is slocked with tho purest
drugs. Prescriptions are carefully inspected before lining filled.
Everything to bo found in un up-to-
date stock of books, stationery and wall
paper, is carried in the stationery department, and, in addition to the above
lines,   ;i  specialty  is   made   of   fishing
kelson Hardware Co.
|N the fall of 1896, E, .1. Ritchie estab-
" lished the Nelson Hardware Company, which quickly controlled a good
business. In 1898 it passed into the
hands of .1. P. McOreath, under whose
management it retained its popularity
and continued to prosper. I )n February
3rd of this year, it was purchased by
Messrs, George S. Beer and E.G. Smith,
nnd Mr. Beer became its manager. Both
members of the firm nre young men who
have been in Nelson long enough to
imike many friends. Mr. Beer has paid
careful attention to the management of
the business, with the result that it bus
grown considerably, A line to which
the company gives particular attention
is paints und oils, and they enjoy a very
Kirkpatrick & Wilson.
A l-'IKM which deservedly enjoys n
���! " large business in Nelson is that of
Kirk] in trick & Wilson, general dealers
in groceries, provisions, ten, coffee,
tobacco, crockery und glassware. Both
members of the firm arc young men who
have make their stake in the country by
close attention to business and seeing
that i heir customers were completely
satisfied. John A. Kirkpatrick is a
Nova Scotian, having been horn not so
many years ago in Shubenacadie,   In
Fred Irvine & Co., Staple and Fancy Dry Goods, Millinery and Cents' Furnishing?, etc.
, , iIlti8��y -V Co,
look wo]
Utiefe 'ustoiners do not buy
Mr.Desfi er look pretty. When
; stock is examined it is
'ehestof everything
';;;. and i,oyomi that
u!Wst��'ii��,i-t,-rsnf; Jh",ir'"is tae
��j��   I, . ��f teas ,��� ,i,e K,1(>t���.
���>��*ouse on the C.P.R,
then fa Hirplus stock is stored
ljC M,. ,, "V1."toreat Mission Citv
.--. ���'-"" ��� lik-a gren   ,���     v
Lfeilai -I"" '"X.-ls,.,,. is from
; ::,,"ii;
'"''"'"M. Denefil ���f his ability
Kirkpatrick & Wi!sou.
ism   he took Horace Greeley's advice
and   woul   West, a step  he hns  hud 110
cause to regret. He first entered business with John A. Turner, tlie present
gold conimissioner. under the firm liume
of Turner & Kirkpatrick. In October,
is'.i?. ihe present business was purchased
from A. 0. Buohnnan & Co., audit was
then that Eirkpatrick and Wilson commenced business. Mr. Kirkpatrick lias
always been n popular resident of the
city and on the occasion of the hist
municipal election the ratepayers of the
West Ward insisted that he should contest for a seat on the iildcnniiiiic board.
Mr. Kirkpatrick accepted the nomination and was returned by a large majority. He li-'s proven tube a very capable
alderman. He is also president of the
Hume Hotel Co.
Mr. Charles,]. Wilson, the other mem-
berof the firm, is a unlive of Schouiberg,
Ontario, nnd came to Nelson ill  l*!Hi.
Canada Drug and nook Co.
tackle and photo supplies, cameras,
kodaks, etc.
Owing to lack of space their stock of
loys and musical goods is displayed in a
store next to the Bunk of British Columbia, where a good stock of music nnd
musical instruments of all kinds is carried ; also loys of every description.
But it is in the " presentation goods "
department that this stock excels.
Articles in gold, silver, bronze, brass,
china, etc., etc., suitable for birthday,
wedding and holiday presents, are to be
found, und the person in search of a
present can be accommodated here with
anything from a souvenir spoon to u
Grand piano.
Mr. Luinont. the managing director of
the company, devotes his whole lime to
the management of the British Columbia
brunches of the business. He is one of
Nelson's solid business men, nnd bis
personal popularity bus not u little to do
with the big business done by his firm.
Nelson Hardware Co.
large trade in this department. Tho
������ Trumpet " brand of paints nud oils,
.well known to all painters as very high
class goods, are put up especially for the
Nelson Hardware Company's Kootenay
trade nnd a very extensive stock is curried. Tbey nre Canadian goods and
stand comparison with those manufactured by any oilier firm in the world.
The building boom in Nelson nt present
has created a large demand for paints,
aud the Nelson Hardware Company,
which imports in carload lots, has giveu
great satisfaction with both quality and
prices. Sporting goods make up another
line with which the firm takes special
pains, They are large importers of the
world's best fishing tackle and carry a
full assortment of firearms. They have
ammunition of every description. The
stock is very complete in the lines of
shelf and builders' hardware, granite
and tinware, stoves, ranges, furnaces
and miners' supplies of every description,
In fact there is everything in the hardware line.
Mr. Beer hails from Oharlottetown,
P.E.I., und bad been connected with the
C.P.R. for some years. He lias been in
Nelson three years and while here has
made a host of friends. Hois a skilled
angler and a prominent member of the
boat club.
Lillie Bros.
'\)yITH the second best appointed
" ' boot aud shoe store in the Province, and a stock excelled hy none, il is
not to be wondered ut thnt Lillie Bros,
control u large trade. The members of
the firm are young men who know their
business thoroughly and their chief aim
is to please their customers, an undertaking in which they have been singularly successful. They opened their
business in October, LSII7, in the Bank
of B.C. building nnd on the completion
of the Aberdeen block, moved to their
present splendid premises. The Messrs.
Lillie arc from Perth. Ont., and nre a,
Nelson Ope in House.
West Kootenay Brick and
Lime Co.
i^pHE West Kootenay Brick & Lime
���>    Company is one of the most import-
i ant business industries in Nelson. It is
! now employing more than SOmen.   The
view reproduced in this issue is one of
tbe three yards operated by the Coui-
, puny.    The brick manufactured is of
superior quality, used by the Trail sniel-
! ter in highest stock ; also by Hull Mines'
smelter    in    their    new    rcvorboratory
I.illie Ilros.
sample of the energetic young men who
do a great deal to build up a country.
They carry an extensive stock by which
every foot and every purse cull he nccom-
modated, They are sole agents in Nelson
for the famous Slater shoe, which enjoys '
a large sale in this country, Both members of the firm are members of the tire
brigade and several athletic clubs and are
always foremost in anything calculated
to promote the interests of the city.
J, L. Vanstone.
���t-IIE youngest milling broker in the
���I     city   is   Mr.   .1.   L.   Vitiist     He
was horn ill Ontario and spent n few
years iii Chicago before coming to Nelson. He arrived here with a good business ability, which he displayed advantageously during two years which he
spent in the drug lmsim-ss.    Recently
Martin O'Rielly & Co.
npHE youngest und ono of the most
:' energetic dry goods Arms in the
city is that of Martin O'Rielly <& Co.
whioh was opened on the 20th of March
this year. Mr. O'Rielly, head of the
firm and manager, is un old-timer, having been in Nelson for five years. Two
of these lie was with Garland & Co., and
���Tpf      i
I '  r^FiA
1             '7WB '
-* t&W   :;M
Gamble  & O'Rielly.
HpHB firm  of Gamble und O'Rielly,
���'     which bus well appointed offices on
Baker  Street,   is  described us   Mining
Brokers,    Oivil    Engineers,    Provincial
Land Surveyors, Real Estate Agents,
Insurance and General Agents, Notaries
Public, etc. It will be seen thai the
members of the firm are kept busy in
attending to the various departments of
their extensive business.    Both gentl
Kirkpatrick S Wilson.
he he
und pail
i branch
1 such
of his
I.. Vnnslo
in office
strict ui
mining broker
iitioi, to every
Martin O'Keilly & Co.
later was in the Custom's office. He
hailed originally from Norwood, Out.,
nnd w;is in Manitoba n couple of years
before coining farther west. His uew
venture was u success from the first.
Judicious buying enabled him to lay in
un extensive stock  nf  first  cluss  goods
which he could dispose of at very reasonable figures. Purchasers wen- quick lo
sec that they consulted their own interests by dealing with the new firm and
the business hns been most encouraging
since the doors were first opened. A
*?.IKIII slock is now carried. The lirm
makes u  specialty  of  dress  goods  and
West Kootenay  llrick and  I.iine Co.
chimney. In addition to brick, the
Company curries on a large lime business, which is of high quality, and is
rapidly displacing ull other lime in the
market. At present the orders received
by the Oompany will tax to tin- inmost
their output, despite flu- fact that new
und improved machinery bus 1 n purchased in view of the estimated demand.
The clay lands owned by the Oompany
are, however, not easily exhausted, as a
careful estimate places the quantity in
sight at sufficient to make 80,000,000
brick. The business is under the capable
und energetic management of T. (;. Proctor, who is the general manager.
bus  a brunch office m suvi
that  In- soon lladies' ware, two lines in which it exec Is a'-'ed by Mr. P. ,1. O'Rielly.
thnt the electric street cur line, about to
to he built, will run through boll, these
additions, has made the lots very good
investments for purchasers. The lirm
has  a brunch office in Silverton,   lnuii-
J. K. Ann.ibli-, Manager opera House, 12
.... .,.+.|..i..,. .......
KOOTENAYis now no longer
an unknown word, presumably of barbaric origin, and
possibly the name of some savage
country. Ten years ago such was
the case as far as the outside world
was concerned ; but now the word
is known everywhere as the name
of a very large and extremely rich
mining district, a  mining district
may be freely indulged in. The
rocky peaks and pine-clad hills on
either side lend a picturesque wild-
ness to the scene, and it is hard for
the visitor to believe that behind
yon rocky bluff or belt of trees is
the track of the iron horse, and that
any turn in the river may bring him
to some hospitable hamlet where
there is a well-kept hotel to minister
to bis creature comforts.
Above Nelson the scenery differs
Slocan Lake (roin New Deliver.
second to none in richness though
its resources are as yet but partially
developed. But it is not to its
mining future tbat attention is now
being drawn. Apart from the field
open to the mining man, Kootenay
offers unrivalled attractions to the
sportsman, and the tourist in search
of beautiful scenes and restful quiet.
The Hon. David Mills once described Kootenay as " a sea of mountains," but he forgot to mention
that those mountains were clothed
with picturesque forests often
streaming down to the edge of some
deep, pellucid lake on whose calm ,
waters may be seen the reflections |
of the mountainsides and the snowy
peaks towering above. He forgot
to mention the broad rivers that
flow between those mountains, the
sparkling torrents that dash down
their sides, and the waterfalls great
and small that give contrast to the i
imposing scenery.
These beauties are not inaccessible. There is no toilsome journey
over prairies, or lengthy paddle-up
rivers. The railroad will land tourists within easy reach, and where
the railways fail, well-appointed
steamers are ready to take them to
their destination. Nor is this all.
Those who prefer camping out can I
find lovely and convenient camping
grounds, but the visitor who is in
search of rest can also find comfortable hotels at all the lovliest spots
where he will be as well housed,
fed and taken care of as at any hotel
in the east. There are such hotels
on the three chief lakes within easy-
reach of Nelson.
Nelson itself lias a position unrivalled for beauty at tlie end of the
west arm of Kootenay Lake. Just
below the town the lake narrows
into a river, which courses through
rapids and then tumbles headlong
over lovely falls about 4 miles from
the city. Tired with its rough
course the river widens out again
into a peaceful stretch of placid
water, but very soon resumes its
turbulent way until ten miles farther Bonnington Falls are reached.
From there it goes on to join the
Columbia at Robson, 2\miles from
Nelson, where its frolics are over.
There are few prettier stretches of
river scenery than those 24 miles.
It is infinite in its variety. A succession of rapids, cascades and
peaceful open water, where boating
slightly in character, but is equally
lovely. The time to take the trip
from Nelson to Balfour, situated at
the j nurture of the west arm of the
lake and the main body, is on a
summer's evening. Special .steamers frequently make this trip o'
summer nights and the twenty mile
run to Balfour by moonlight is indescribably lovely. The mosquitoes
(never many) have long been dead,
and there is nothing to mar the exquisite sweetness of the balmy
night whose breezes are heavy with
the fragrance of the woods. Not a
sound is heard save the ripple of
the water, the soughing of the wine
through the trees, and the occasion
tains of the .Slocan are steeper and
higher tban those of tlie neighbouring districts, and as tbe lake winds
along, sometimes more like a river
than a lake, the traveller on its
waters gazes up with astonishment
and awe at those precipitous, towering peaks, some of them snow-
covered the year round and never
trod by sacriligious foot of man.
There are several beautifully situated towns on the lake. Slocan
City is at its head, and then the
steamer comes to Silverton, New
Denver is reached next, with Rose-
bery farther up.
The Arrow Lakes are different in
shape from either of the others,
widening and narrowing alternately
till at length they leave pride behind, and at the "Narrows" are
content to be known by tbe humbler
title of river���the Columbia river
Hows into and out of these lakes on
its way to the Pacific Ocean. The
trip down from Arrowhead, where
the C.P.R. main Hue connects with
the steamers, is also a lovely one,
but the same characteristic features
are there, though the surrounding
mountains are not so high. There
is the same clear blue water reflecting now a bold rocky bluff, now a
green stretch of forest, while occasionally a miniature waterfall is
mirrored in nature's glass.
It is not iti tbe lakes alone that
the beauties of Kootenay are to be
found, though they are practically
the only ones known to the ordi-
! nary visitor or even dweller in the
Kootenays. There are lofty mountains difficult of ascent, from whose
summits magnificent views can be
obtained, and where tbe atmosphere is as clear and invigorating as
.j. +
^nrSllK city or town that offers
" the best advantages from a
residential point of view is
the one to which the attention of an
intending settler is turned when he
makes up his mind to go to a new
country. If he is a family man, lie
wants a healthy location, good
schools, and facilities for giving
his children recreation with as little
the prairie the train dashes for
two days with scarcely the slightest change in the appearance of the
country. It is like crossing the
ocean, and fits you for the stupendous grandeur that burst upon you
when the engine puffs its way up
the first incline and the mountains
close you in ou all sides. In and
out you rush, now over a gigantic
trestle, then through a long tunnel,
around the base of a huge nioun-
'' hind
. t!i|
'��� tktl
i I
��� ROBllStOn-l
u charming suburb of xelson.
Residence ot Mr. J. Roderick Robertson
al bark of cayoteor the croak of the
bull frog, while silvery moonbeams
stream down making the landscape
here as light as day, and there casting deep shadows which crossed
and intermingled in the gloom give
weird effects suggesting strange
monsters of appalling and impossible shapes. It is useless to go
further ; pen cannot describe Kootenay Lake on a moonlight summer
But the journey need not end at
Baltour; whether the voyager
steams north to Argenta, past
Ainsworth, Pilot Bay and Kaslo,
or south to Bonner's Ferry, lie will
see naught but what is beautiful,
for though the main body of the
lake is broader, the characteristic
beauties are much the same.
What is true of Kootenay Lake
is true of Slocan and the Arrow-
Lakes, both within an hour or two's
ride by train from Nelson. Slocan
Lake is the smallest of tbe three,
but iu point of beauty can dispute
the palm with either.    The mouii-
cost as possible. If be is single he I tain, across turbulent streams, witb
wants comfortable hotels, good' snow-capped peaks thousands ol
boating and fishing, well conducted feet above you that seem to move
as in stately procession until you
make a sharp turn which shuts
them from view, only to introduce
you to many more. It is a comfortable trip, with luxurious cars
and splendid meals. At Revelstoke
the main line is left, and a short
run brings you to Arrowhead, when
the well appointed C.P.R. steamers
are boarded, and a twelve-hour run
down thebeautiful Arrowhead Lakes
is commenced. Again the traveller
has the benefit of every comfort of
civilization, with the addition of
sublime mountain scenery.  At Rob-
Baptist Church, Rev. C. w. Rose.
Residence of Mr. .I. A. Turner.
Alderman Fletcher's Residence.
can be found anywhere. But Koot- '
enay is a country of workers, who
have no time lo make such ascensions, and unlike Switzerland and
other fashionable summer resorts,
the wealthy but athletic idler does
not visit Kootenay in search of perilous trips. The beauties of the mountains are known but lo tlie prospector and the Indian. The arduous
avocation of the former leads him
into places where the difficulties in
tlie path vie with any in the Alps ;
but, bent ou his eager quest, he
heeds them not any more than, as
a rule, he heeds the magnificent
panorama spread out ready I'or his
neglectful admiration. An occasional sportsman in search of deer
or bear sees these sights, but for
the most part their beauty is wasted,
if man's appreciation goes for anything. Some of the points of vantage near Nelson are occasionally
visited, however, anil they well repay the trouble of reaching them.
The ascent completed, and you see
before you a landscape o( lake aud
mountain. At your feet lies Nelson, with her houses often nestling
iu green foliage, white houses and
trim streets contrasting with the
lugged hill behind, beyond her is
the smelter, wilh a wisp of orange-
colored smoke streaming from the
smoke-stack almost immediately to
be lost, innocuous in the mountain
breezes. Beyond again the lake,
now almost river, sweeps out of
sight behind a bold weather-beaten
granite bluff on its way to the Columbia.
Catholic Church, Rev. Father l erland.
Interior Church of England, Rev. Mr. Akt hurst.
Mayor Neeland's Residence.
sporting organizations, a first-class
club, and all the comforts that he
has enjoyed at home. Coming
from an eastern city to Nelson is
not an exchange of the pleasures of
higher civilization for the discomforts of a mining camp. Nelson is
the only city in the interior of British Columbia that can boast nearly
all of the advantages of linger and
more populous centres in the Mast.
I'or instance, you board your
comfortable Pullman at Montreal
and By westward by the " Imperial
I/.mited" along the rugged north
shore of the mighty Lake Superior ;
you glide softly on to the boundless prairies, after stopping at Winnipeg to get a first glimpse of a
city that the great West oan build
up in  ;i  very few years.    Across
Residence <>t Mr. II. J. Evans
son tlle train is again taken, and a
short run brings you to Nelson, the
Queen City of the Kootenay. All
, the way over the thousands of miles
there is every comfort, and never
once is any hardship encountered.
Nelson, situated on the western
arm of Kootenay Lake, has every
advantage to offer. It has a large-
public school, where competent
teachers give instruction to some
200 pupils every day. After the
preseut holiday two additional
rooms will be opened to relieve the
crowding which has been caused by
tlie rapid increase in the population of the citv-. A free library
aud reading room help to pass an
idle hour pleasantly ; the library is
supported by tlie citizens, and
although open but a few months,
has become very popular. The
Nelsou Club is one of the best
organizations of its kind iu the
Province. It possesses a large and
handsome club house, which is
situated ou Silica street. There
are sporting clubs of various kinds.
Sports flourish in Nelson, and any
man with a love for a particular
pastime can have an opportunity
lo indulge in it. The boating could
not  be better.    There  is a slight
Prospecting on null Creek.
Cupt. iiiinc.'oi may be seen In tlie foreground pondering ovei   the possibilities ol Uu   K mays
and keeping Ins eye on the dinner while Aid. Kiel, In i sits ut Ihe mouth ol the tent
to Be, that no onr steals  the In d cli thes
Views of  Kootenay are   to  be
found elsewhere in this number.
current  in  the  lake as  it
Nelson, but not enough to ���
difficult rowing. There is In
wind and the lake is scare,
rough.    There is consequei
much sailing but there are
boats   whose   white   sails
seen   gliding   past   the   cit
quently.     The   excellent
within   easy   reach  of   Nel
touched on elsewhere.
The lake is Nelson's o,
charm, l-'rom it the who]
can be seen as it rises towar
mountains behind. Boating
dulged iu to a large extent an
rowing club is one of the
organizations of the city. Sh
ply between Nelson and a
points on Kootenay Lake, mak:
the waterway of great comim -2
value to the city. The lake unfreezes over sufficiently to <���,'.'
navigation, which is maintniii2
the year round. For a few Im,,
died yards from the shore thereis
usually excellent skating in winter
Moonlight excursions on tin ,;,;���.
are popular and provide an i ,..
lent way in which t,, pass ,',
There are line churches in \'t.
son, Episcopalian, Presbyterian
Catholic, Baptist and Method!'?/
presided over by Revs. Akebunt
Frew, Ferland, Rose and Robson
respectively. All the buildings
are a credit to the city as the illus-
tions of them iu this paper will
attest. The buildings of the ftm.
lish and Catholic churches have
just been completed and make tie
two finest churches in the Kootenavs
Of the material advantages of
Nelson much can be said. Weart
now spending $60,000 in iniprov-
ing the water system, sewers ami
electric light plant. When tht
work is completed the system will
be perfect. The water is very good
for drinking purposes and the proposed extensions to the plant will
command a supply sufficient fora
city many times the size of Nelson,
The electric light system will bt
in perfect condition, but besides il
we have a gas plant now in course
of construction, it is proposed :.
supply houses with gas for cooking
purposes��� a comfort which, noothei
city in the Kootenay enjoys. A
street car line is also under way
and before many months the trollej
will bring the boundaries ol tl
city closer together. The street!
are wide and well graded ami an
lined with a large number of ba
some residences. The uppei ;
of the citv is fortunate in the :
session of many shade trees, and
" ou the hill " is the popular ���
fur residences.
Among the many other attractions to intending residents that
might be mentioned are an up:
date opera house, spacious -I: iting
ring, a bicycle path along the Lite
shore for five miles, two well conducted hospitals, first-class bote!'
and two morning papers.
In brief there is every cornier:
that larger cities can offer, with a
glorious climate that few can boast,
For the mine owner, whose place
of residence is immaterial, as long
as it is within working distance ol
his property, Nelson offer- exceptionable advantages as a place
to bring his family.
View on siiinicy street, Nelson,
Nelson Opera Housi.
A Mum: tbe things to which n Nelsonl
-1 ��   citizen can point witb jnstifiubltl
pride is the Nelson Opera Honse, v li
is now iu the first yenr of existence   ll
is well situated within n block nf tli
biisiesi corner in the city, and i-11 woll
built nud commodious building,   ll wn'l
erected by Mr, .1. 15. Amiable 1111,1 Alia
Bros, in the spring (it this your.   It '������
1 lie only real opera  bouse in tbe Kurt-
enays, mid tbo conipnuios that have appeared heliind its footlights bave 1
greatly surprised to find such n spb
pluy house so far from the bontou trait
of theatrical attractions,   There is si-nt
ing capacity for MO,agollery <�����
three sides of  I ho auditorium fill
Btnge is as large us nny in tho Province,
with tho most modern facilities for liuiid-
ling   nnd   placing   scenery.     Sin-   i>-
opening Ihe opera house has had ;: n-
11,,mini- of attractions ami tho c        ,
of Nelson have shown their appro  I
of thoir good fortune in liaviiiK I
temple of plensnro by gouoronsly piiii'i"
using Ilu- shows. Several coneerl mi
halls have nlso been given  ill lit,        -   .
the excellent floor making it  Il;!
place i'or tlie latter.    Nelson  hns shmrjj 1
il sell' to he il gOOtl " show town " I   id ;l"
Ihe companies that have appear,     I ':
thus fill-  hnve asked for return ililte*.
Bookings aro now being mnde fu   i'1'*1
season and several sterling attrn 'ti"'"
havo been secured,   With such n '���"'������ i
pleto opera  house  .Nelson citizen-  M"?
took forward to an enjoyable season <|,v
fall and winter.    Meanwhile nil
panics who give high-class perfoi
and who are beading this wn\ I
Write for dales.
The house is under tbo oapnbli  1111111"
ageniont of Mr, .1.  10. Anntibli,  ��h
combines that work wilh an exti-nsivff
insurance and real estate business.    "'
Amiable was in  the Nbrthwosl   '' n
lories lot- several years before coniii
Nelson in 1807, and opening tbebnsi
in  which  lie is now engaged.   I
agent bore for the Ontario Mutual Uv
Assurance Co , Victoria: Montreal 1'in
Co., The Equity fire and tbo Insiu  '"" ,
Ageuoy Corporation.   He also dm
real estate and loaning business (in ' ['
boon responsible for  many lorgi
estate deals being consummated,


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