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Nelson Daily Miner Mar 3, 1900

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]iv Edition No. 666.
Nelson, British Columbia, Saturday,  March 3,  1900.
Tenth Year
British  Public  Now  Wants
Baden-Powell's Band
Descriptions of Relief of Ladysmith Tell of Plight
of Soldiers.
LoIldon, Maroh B.-(2p. m.)-With
,,��� exportation ot any exciting new*
eo-aing in from Ladysmith in the near
(otore all eyes are turned once more
lowavds Field   Marshall   Kolierts, and
���-, advance into the Orange Free
State. The critics of the altemoou
newspapers ure almost unanimous In
expecting tbe main stand of the Boers
,,'ear Wlnburg or vicinity. Before
Lord Roberts' advance on Bloemfon-
tela can beoome effective the strong
force of Hoers already gathered soutb-
w,st of Psaideberg must be dispersed.
Tlie llrilish look remounts and the
necessity of a thorough transport organization may delay a decisive notion
in tills .|ii!iiter for several days.
Mafeking alone now awaits relief
anil a force to accomplish this is prob-
jblj already on its way. No mote
l_|inlar event could not oooor for
Great Britain than the relief ol Col-
onel Baden-Powell's gallant little
band, It is believed they are quite able
to hold .ml till succor arrives, In
northern Cape Colony the British cam-
paigll prepresses well. The whole line
of the Urinific River should shortly he
iu their possession. It is suggested
tbat General White's garrison may be
lent to the Bea to reoupetato, but this
Bcnicely seemB probable. Tbe afternoon papers devote jubilnut editorials
to tin- joy that reigned yesterday
throughout the Empire, translating it
as one Bignifloant of Imperial unity.
New Vnili, Maroh 2.���Special cables
to the morning papers deal considerably with the cost of the relief of
l.aih-niitli in (be British forces. One
says tbal a tabulation of tbe British
losses consequent upon the one hundred
mul aighteen days of tlio scige shows:
White's losses, killed and wounded iu
battle, l..'1'.O; captured, 1,070, Buller's,
killed and wounded, 3,600; oaptured,
105, Total loss White and Buller, II,-
H17, Uf the uctnal relief of the place
WiuBton Ohurohill sends an interesting account, in which he says: "During the afternoon ol' the 88th, oavalry
brigades pressed forward from Mnr-
iloin towards Bulwana Hill, under
Dnndouald, in the direction of Ladysmith. The Boers fired on the advnnc- I
inn troops with artillery stationed on
liulvanu Hill. About 4 p. m. Major
Qough's regiment, which was iu ad-
vance, found that the ridges surround.
i��K and concealing Ladysmith were
apparently unoccupied. He reported to
Dnndouald who thereupon determined
to ride through the gap aud reach tbe
town with two squadrons of the Light
Horse and Carbineers, The rest of
thn brigade was sout back to General
Boiler's picket line. When wo started
for luiihsiiiitli there was only an hour
of daylight left. The troops galloped
'"I lately In spite of the rough (.round
and down hill, through dongas aud
mak, till tbey could lee the British
guns Bashing from Wagon Hill, Then
it was suddenly there was a challenge,
"Who goes there," "Tbo Ladysmith
r_liovi_g army," was the reply.   The
tattered and almoal bootless men of
Udysmlth crowded around cheering
very feebly.    Kven   iu the  gloom   one
","1'1 see bow thin ami pale ibe.. look*
"'. bul how glad. The relieving force
was oonduoted iu triumph into the
town headquarters, whore tbey met
White, Hunter, Hamilton and all the
"WoesOl tbe defense."
'"""wing the report from Australia
""" ���l<|- Chamberlain had asked how
���"any men could be spared from that
Oniony to go to South Africa In case
"���' imperial troops, wore needed else-
*['*Me. The Times has a special from
loronto, whioh Btfys tbot Mr__homber-
'"" '""" lime ago asked the question
'',' ' ll1''"" ao<* a reply was sent that
"',:""1'1 -"'id ten thousand,
to addition Canada  would  garrison
'Mm, Esquimau, Newfoundland
;""' *�� Wesl ludles,
Kvou tho
tho stntij)
wus kepi i
gors,   Get
and   misn
gray.    He
room   accompanied   by   bis  wife,   son
and   nn interpreter  and Geueral Pret*
I ilium and his  staff.    Taking bis seat
at a tnlilo   General   Cronje covered his
face with his hands for a few moments
as ho engaged in prayer.
j   iers  were ordered   off of
I   I the   refreshment  room
fd for bis arrival, to tbo
the   Kimberley passen- |
n      Cronje   looks  dejeoted j
i  and   has  grown   more I
entered    the    refreshment | Lord   Roberts   HaS Taken Up
Paardeberg, Wednesday, Feb. 28.���
All tbo prisoners were paraded yesterday afternoon, Tbey extended in a
long, trailing line across the plain and
as far as possible were arranged in
commandos. The Free Staters were
kept separated from the Traiisvanlers.
The look upon the faces of the men as
they passed made it impossible to arrive at any other conclusion than that
they were all overjoyed at their release from the daily hell of shell and
shot, which tbey had been experiencing lately. Many not even took the
trouble to conceal their delight from
the soldiers gunrding them. They
ohatted freely with the British, discussing tho different battles in whioh
they had fought. All the prisoners
have an intense admiration for the
bravery and pluck of the Highlanders
and they freely confess that tbey live
incapable of the dash and go of the
British. Kvery man who was nil' duty
visited the Boer laager yesterday and
the crowd of curious Tommies spent
thu day iu searching every nook and
corner. After what might prove useful to the army had heen secured the
soldiers were allowed tu take whatever
thoy liked. The men curried off olotli-
ing, kettles, cups and even umbrellas.
His   Headquarters
that as the bill committed an unfair
injustice to Ins constituency he would
vote for the sin months' hoist, The
amendment was lost on division and
I the House adjourned, Tbo Redistribution Bill wus read n second time.
Government is Carrying the J _.-t.u,co.,.'""it,""��"
Redistribution Bill in
the House.
Boers are in the Vicinity andi Miner's  Specials  From  All
Another Fight Seems
Osfoutein, Maroh ..���The British
camp hns linen moved here, A heavy
rain is falling and the veldt is improving, supplies are rapidly arriving
and (he men are iu good spirits, despite Iho fiint. that tbey have been on
half rations for a fortnight. Mr. ('ee.il
Rhodes has sent a quantity of chain-
pngne from Kimberley to be drunk to
the health of Lord Uoherls. Lord Roberts has published an order thanking
the troops for their courage and fnr
endurance they bave displayed ainid
the hardships of a forced maroh. He
says that their fortitude and general
conduct have been worthy of soldiers.
A slight skirmish occurred six miles
soulheast in which Colonel Remington had a horse shot under him. The
Boer forces on our front are believed to
be under the joint command of Gotha,
Delarey and Dewett. Tbey are expect-
ing reinforcements from Natal
Parts of the Dominion
of Canada,
ion resolutions, Foster;Martin Finds a Scarcity of
iingeiiients   wero   made I
Ministers to Join His
isri'.i lai.s to Tin.: MtNEIl.)
Ottawa, March   2.��� Two   important
statements were made   in the Houes of
asked what ar
with regard to allowances to wives of
married men on tho Canadian contingents. He presumed Ihat tbn British
Government intended to treat onr soldiers in the sumo way as their own and
that regulations would extend with reference to allowances to thn wives of
Canadians, Dr, Borden said tlmt no arrangement were made on the joint
With Canada or any of tbo Colonies.
The Canadian Government adopted the
Imperial allowances to dependents of
members of the contingents, The latest rntes, which were higher than a
year ago, were given. Tho Imperial
rate of pay to ollicers and men were to
The   guns   that   were   captured   nt
latest   leports   announce   that   a i Paardeberg  have been   brought   here.
Tbe rifles captured have in many cases
soiiptiirul texts engraved upon them,
for example, "Lord strengthen this
arm.'' It is said that just prior to
Cronje's surrender there was almost
mutiny in the camp.
I'oreo ni Boers is   operating   t.m   miles
away on the British right front.
London, March ���).���A dispatch from
General Buller was received at the
War Ullice   this   morning   announcing
that seventy-three wagon loads of supplies were entering Lndysiiiith, the
lirst eleven wagons containing hospital
'*olei so C'uiji, Wednesday; Feb. W.
���The Boers lost heavily during yesterday's tightiug. The lyddite wrought
fearful havoc in tho trenches. Many
if the wounded were yellow from the
effects of the fires. Over a hundred
prisoners were taken, among thorn
wero Hollanders and a lew were genuine Boers. A consideinblo amount of
ammunition   for    rities fell into the
hands of the British ns well as damaged Maxim guns. Boers of 16 years
were among the wounded. The prisoners had not heard of the surrender of
Ueneral   Oronje    and   discredited   it.
The majority seemed to be glad to be
captured. Thoy admit heavy losses
recently. The women remained witb
tbe Boers*in the trenches iiutill three
hours before the British charged. Two
Women were found among tbe dead
and unot'ier fatally wounded. She has
since died. She said her husband
would not let her leave tho trenches as
siie was such a good shot. The woman
was only 10 years old. An idea of
the intensity of tbo Bhcll firo can be
gathered from tho fact that of 98 guns
in action, the Hub battery along lired
.94 round.., firing every ten seconds.
The casualties were abont '.(10 men,
Rensberg, Thursday, March I,���The
greater part of the Dutch at Colesberg
have been arrested ns rebels. The Boeis
wero yesterday in full retreat northwards with a Biitish force following
London, March _. ��� Ludy White,
wife of Sir George While, and Lord
and Lady Lansdownc. all ol whom attended the performance at tin. Album-
bra lust night,were cheered for several
minutes. At nil the theatres there
were scones of enthusiasm,vocal niaiii-
testations and waving of lings.
Ladysmith, March 2,���General Buller, accompanied liy his stall, arrived hero at 11 :10n in. today. He
entered tbo town unnoticed as more
cavalry   was   coining   iu   during   lhe
morning, The news of his arrival
soon spread, however, and Genernl
White and his staff at once wont to
meet him.    They   met a:.:id a scene of
tremendous enthusiasm and Geneial
Buller had a great reception. The
Boors are iu full flight townid the
Freo Stnte and a Hying column Oi
Ladysmith troops aro pursuing them.
The Beers left many wagons and guns
ana quantities of provisions ami ammunition behind them.
Osfoutein, March 8.��� The Boers hive
now been definitely located four miles
from the British front. Their left is
resting on n high kopje and their right
on the rivor. The burgher force is estimated to number Between .1,0(10 and
London, March 8.���Tbe court circular this evening says: "Early yester,
day morning was ieeoived the happy
news of lhe   relief of   Lndysinitli   ac
oompllsbed hy the troops nndei command eU Sir Rcdvois Buller. Her Mat-sty telegraphed ber cnugiatulutions to
him aud to Sir George White. This
was accidentally ommitted from yesterday's court circular." The follow
ing is the text of Her Majesty's dispatch to General Buller: "1 thank
God for the news you bave telegraphed
me and I congratulate you und al! un
dor you with all my heart."
Commons today. Sii Wilfrid Laurier j be mado equal to tho Canadian pay.
said that the War Ollice had accepted I Bournssa moved that the section pro.
the offer of Canada to garirson Halifax hiding for tho difference of pa_ be
and that it was the intention of the struok out and that Imperial rates pre-
Government to recall Pie military vail. Foster suggested that the section
foroes from the Yukon before next providing for allowances for wives
a.n,jn��� ! and families of soldiers be  loft open so
Mulock moved the second reading of |(llat 0*e Government   could   pay what
Ex-Premier Semlin Replies to
Governor's Reasons for
the Redistribution Bill and there wns
a lather lively debate on it, although
very little new matter oame out, Major Beattie read for Ilm ptess a statement thnt the British Government had
applied to Australia for more troops
and that on Canada being asked for
troops -lie replied that she could send
ten thousand. Laurier replied that he
had heard the statement lust night
from the lea lev of tbe Opposition, The
answer he gave then was that there
wns no irulii in the report. Sir Charles
Topper suggested that the troops be
withdrawn from the Yukon. He was
opposed to the men being sent there iu
the Hist instance. Laotiei 'n reply
said that the presence of the troops in
the Yukon had a good deal to do with
the peace and good order that existed
there. One half cf the military force
was withdrawn from the Yukon lust
year and when the spring arrived he
would be willing to consider a suggestion of withdrawing tho remainder bnt
the present wns not the proper time to
do so.
Mulock spoke on the second reading j
of the Redistribution Bill. He explained that thn bill was to do away
with the wrong that bad been inflicted
against the Liberal party in 1888 and
repeated in 1898. The present bill
was a fair oue and might meet with
the favorable consideration of tbe
House. Sir Charles Tupper said that
his views of last .vein against the bill
held good this year. He accused the
Government of bringing in the lull to
assist in keeping them from being
swept liom power. Ho touched on
tbe elections in Prince Kdwnrd Island
and then wenl westward to Manitoba
to show the Government was losing
the oonfidenoe of the ooontry. Mr.
McMullen said that others uf the Opposition talked of the Government not
having the OOOfldenoe of the people but
the by-elections did not show this.
Ont of 45 bye clejtions, thn Opposition only succeeded In carrying three
of them. He proceeded to charge the
leader of the Opposition with unmanly conduct in his political lights.
MoMolleO annnsed the leader of the
opposition with having violated all
the commandments,    lmt  be  would
withdraw anything hu said that was
considered out of order. Mr. Wallace
demanded tbat the accusation against
Ihe leader of the Opposition he withdrawn.
McMullen���I    would   like   to   know-
it liked to. Laurier accepted this.
Wallace accused Tartu of saying that
not n cent, uot u mau, would he sent
to South Allien.
Tarte���It is not true and the honorable gentleman knows it.
Wallace���The Minister's   paper  said
Tarte���li is not true and the honorable gentleman knows it. La Panic,
never published any such statement.
Bourassa's amendment was defeated
by seventy-six to three,   Monet, Maroil
Victoria, B. 0.. March 2.���Speculation as to whether or not Hon. Joseph
Mnrtin will be successful iu forming a
cabinet and appealing to the elec-
torate is divided with conjecture as to
whether a union can be effected of
tho interests antagonistic to Martin
throughout the Province. In order to
accomplish this the retirement ol
Mr. Cotton from the leadership maybe necessitated unless there he a division of strength on the port of bis opponents, Martin setyns fated tn defeat
at the polls, as the C. P. R., Kootenay
ni ine owners, New Vnnnouvei Coal
Company, Dnnsnniir interests and
White Pass and Yukon Railway are all
allied against hini. Today Martin invited Dunsinuir, Puuley, Turner, Clifford and Helmcken to meet him in a
conference us to his policy but all declined with emphasis.
Wells, of North East. Kootenay, dor-
and Bonrassn  voted for it.    Iu  regard j ing ihe day, declined to enter his Cnli-
to lbe pay of privates, Fielding said
thoy would receive 50 cents per dav,
although the militia officials calculated Ihat -10 cents would be proper. The
resolution was reported.
When the Senate resumed today and
on the order of the day heing called,
Mills took occasion to refer to the relief of   Ladysmith.    He   was   pleased
inet as Finance Minister, and L. P.
Dull', of Victoria, was not to be tempted with the portfolio of Lands and
Ex-Premier Semlin today replied to
tbe Lieutenant-Governor's declaration
of reasons for his dismissal. In this
there are five counts:
(I.) That   His Honor had   not   been
that Canada took such an  interest  m  provided witb a constitutional number
the matter as Canadians had  marched | of advisers.
alongside of British soldiers tu raise
the seige. Also some of onr brave sons
had lost their lives an 1 would be seen
no more. Their spirit of bravery would
embrace the youth of this oonutry,   He
regretted that the sun of the Spcakei
of the House was with tho wounded but be rejuiccd that the wound was
only slight and hoped ho would live to
receive the honor thnt his country
would shower on him. No settlement
could l.o made which did nul acknowledge British   supremacy.
Sir MuoKenaie Buwell re-echoed all
that Mr. Mills said. Tbo part Canada
played was splendid.
The dispatoh to   Sir   George  Wbitej.v)|j(.)l(|Hll(,on)limaml|m,ntlltll(lM.,]n
cads   thus:   "I   thank   God that you |
0r��"ge   Kiver,    Maroh    I.-General
i'i""1 his   wife   passed here  last
" "��i en route tn Ospe Town.   Blabor-
precautions bad been taken to pre-
" "'" People from    seeing  him.
part of the
burg   have
and all those with you are safe after
yoni   lung,   trying   siege, biirno   with
such heroism. I oongratulate yon and
all under you from tho bottom of my
heart. 1 trust you are all not very
much exhausted."
Sir George While sent the following j
reply: "Yenr Majesty's most graoi-
OUl message has been leeeivod by mo
with the deepest gratitude and with
enthusiasm by my troops Any hardships and privations are ii hundred
tlm38 compensated for by the sympathy and apprecialioii of Onr Queen,
ami your message will do mora to restore both officers and men than anything else."       	
Storkslrnm, Muroh *..-General Gat-
acre made a reconnaissance In fores lo
Winds Slui'inl.cig today. The Boers
opposed bim with two guns and Ibe
Hriiish ariillerv nltohed  some shells
i uiu I be Boer laagers.
I niiil.ni. Match   8.���(S:80   a.    I-.)-
March     .-Tbe greato Ijw '       h   r ��� , follow.
Dutob residents ol (*-, ���,,    (rm��� , M   Buller,
boon   arrested   as   rebels. ! ,UK        '
Oape   Town,   March   9.���General
Cronje was received by General Sir
Frederick Forcslei-Walker und a representative of Sir Alfred Milner, the
SovernOI of ('ape Colony.
Ladysmith, March a.��� Since the investment of this place tho total casualties have been. Killed or died of
wounds, 84 ..Hici'fs and 88S men; died
of disease, six ollicers and 840 men.
Wounded, 70 ollicers and 5S0 men.
This is exclusive nl lhe civilians und
bar for West   York (Wallace)   has  not
violated,   (Laughtei),   Wallace asked |
thai nm statement be withdrawn and
Postal said thai the language ol Mr-
Mull.'li was blackgiiaidly and   that   no
une but a blackguard would use such
Sir Richard Carl Wright - I Ihink
that, slaleinniit should be   taken down
(Oheeis and calls of order, i
There was a wrangle nver Ihis which
lasted for a few minutes, Sir Richard
finally agreeing nol n pre��� his motion
if Poster   would   withdraw.    At   first
Ottawa, March 8.��� Minister of Militia, Dr. Bordeu, Colonel Aylmer, acting in command of tho Canadian mil
Ida, and Oolonel Plnault.Deputy Minister of Militia, worn busy all afternoon arranging to hnve the Canadian
militia sent to Halifax lo take the
place of the lllllth Regiment of the Imperial Army now stationed there. The
Hritish regiment will be sent to South
Africa. Over 1,000 members of tho
Canadian militia will take their place.
They will bn reatly in about 15 days.
Members of the permanent corps will
not bn sent. The otter to garrison
Halifax, whioh was made by Canada
two weeks ago, was accepted by the
War Ollice this afternoon,   it is just
probable that In the dear future Canada Will have a regiment Of her own,
as tho Imperial authorities are likely
to accept the proposition already made
tu    repatriate   thn     Itiuth     Regiment
with headquarters at Halifax.
(8.) Tbat tbo late Government bad
lost control of the House as shown by
the adverse vote on tho Redistribution Bill.
Ci.) Tbat Finanoe Minister Cotton
hud presented improper special warrants for signature.
(4. i That fraud wns pnrpetrated In
reference to the special appropriation
sought for the Kamloops Hume fur the
Aged, nnd,
(6. I That the provisions of the Min-
eral Act have not heen properlv carried
out under ihe lute Government,
To each of these Mr. Semlin replies
with an argumentative denial, concluding his defence in tlusn words:
"I respectfully submit that an interference in n case of this kind hy n
Lieutenant-Governor betrays a lack of
comprehension of the principles of
constitutional government. When I
called upon your Honor in conformity
will) my piomise I nisured your Honor
of my ability to eommnnd a majority
of tbe House und this was sufficiently
demonstrated when the House, on a division of 211 to 15, approved a resolution expressing rcgert nt your Honor's
action in dismissing our Ministers."
It is quite possible that in resentment of his treatment yesterday His
lienor will summon Parliament fm the
special session to Vancouver.
Ottawa,March 8.���Sir Alfred Milner
Mr.    Speaker's   request    McMullen ICables   Ibis   morning to tbo  Governor
Genera! as follows i
"Cape Town, Maroh '..���Tho follow
illg men are seriously ill at thn hospital bete of enteric fnvor: 71ti_ C.
Pinch, Jills G, B, Irwin, 7IIII Copnral
,1. Giant. At the hospital al De Aar:
7070 Corporal Luhinan, gnu shot
wound in the   face.    AI     hospital   nt
Modder River:   G. MuOallum, wound,
ed,   My military secretary paid a visit
tu Major Pelbtioi'   al    the hospital   of
Wanl.org.    lie is suffering   frnin   sunstroke, but is   progressing   satisfailor-
Pnslor refused to do so, bul lu Iho end i jly     L[m_  M|,HnI,    j, ���,,.��� Improving,
withdrew.   Wallaoe,    prooee lug   to (8gdi)   Milner."   718  O Pinch is  a
reply to MoMulIen, said that he  nevei private In the  7th   Fusiliers, London,
hoard   such   low   down   blackguardly -048G.B.   Irwin   Is a private in  the
��*���*'"' ntsashehai aid ihis after- Mll H ,.   ,_,������,.,���.    ,;;1]   corporal J.
noon. Grant appears on  regimental  mils as
Poster claimed  tbal the passu,:., of ,,,.,���.������ w  u   ,������,,���, path Highhnd*
the Redistribution Bill on tha eve of a Brti Toronto,   7070 Corporal Lohn  is
general election was a dangerous prln of the 5th  Regiment, O.   R.   A.   8188
clplo and  therefore he moved a sli ,;   ,,  McOullum is of  tbe i)8rd Cum
month's hoist   The debate wasoontln* bsrland Battalion.
uod i.y Davln, Patterson, Bemple, Hen*
Toronto, Mureh a.���-At tbe annual
meeting of tho shareholders of the
Crow's Nest Coal Co., today tbe report showed in increase iu production
(rum 5:1(11 tons iu Januaiy 1890 to   15,-
180 in December, 1800, Great strides
in production are expected in iiiiiii.
The nol profits for tho year urn 147,'IOX.
The following were elected iliivoturs
fur the ensuing your: Hun. Gen. A
Pox, Robert Jalfray, Major H. M. Pel-
letl, William Fernie, Ferule, H. C,
.1. A. Geinmill, Ottawa ; Wm. Hans.,11,
M. ,11 lieu I ; .1. Vi. Fhivelle, Toronto;
Thomas Walmsley, Toronto: K. R.
Wood, Toronto; A. B. Ames, Toronto; Frederick Nichols, Toronto; Klias
Rogers, Tun.nio. .I. I). Chipuian, 8t.
Stephens, N. H. ; I). Morrioe, Mont
real; I. Findlny, Montreal. At a meeting of directors, Hon. Gen. Coi was
olcetoii president : Mr. Hubert Jalfray,
lirst vicopresidenl ; Majur Pollat, second vice-president, and Mr.Klias Rogers, managing director,
,, ... ,     ,   1 ���   ni I���I found lbe defe:
trout northwards with  the   British af-[l'-      '
ter them. t'oiitinuwi un Kourili I'mc -
lefeat Of the Poors
The debate was continued by  Mclueruey and John McMullen.    1'llis said
Winnipeg, March 'J. ���At the animal
meeting of the Western Canada Press
Association held today, G, I). Wilson,
editor Of The Brandon Sun, was eluded president, it was decided t.. nave
,in exonrslon ta  the  Past during the
Ottawa, March   2. ��� Limit. -Col.  Pin    . omitig -iimmor, via   Chicago and   Si.
ault, deputy Minister 01 Militia,   said   Paul, to Buffalo nnd 'J'..innl.. and home
ContliiiioU oii~Ko_rtli Tagu. " | by the lakis.
.Nelson Daily Miner
I'aliltrtliou Haily oxcopt M.in.l.ij..
--11.��,in Mima Pbintino & PonusBweOo
11   1    BEATON, Ktlttor and Mansgar,
lull) per iticntli by canter.  I   00
per halt yoar    '150
per yoer    "00
per y��� ai by mail    a 00
pm- fear forul_n   s on
NKI.&ON Wkkkly Minkk.
Wi.ckly, per half yoar $ 126
per year    2 00
por yoar, foreign    1*30
BubnoripUoni Invariably in ailvanoe.
haste to eViliRt under his banner than
Mr. .lohn Houston. Mr. Houston is fcr
the winning man and the winning
cause every time. He is afl reckless
and unprincipled ae Mr. Mnrlin himself, and if not as daugemns it is only
because he laoks Mr. Martin's abilities. Thn publio uffairs of British
Uolumhia are in a terrible mess, to lhe
enormous injury of our mercantile and
industrial interests. Responsibility
for the situation rests with tho Martins
aud Houstons of the population. It is
a crime against the State to entrust
such men with power or authority of
u public nature. Mr. Juhn Huustou is
������eli..in uc to be n candidate.
Nelson Min -.Printing* Publishing..
nelson. b. c.
Tklbphone   No.   144.
That was all, hut it was the most
eloquent, the must powerful speech
ever delivered in the British Columbia
Lngislntore. It electrified the House,
and has compelled immense applause
in tbe country. It came from Mr.
Dunsmuii. and the occusion was the
recent prorogation. For several days
past Mr. Duusmuir's name has been
associated with ihat of Mr. Joseph
Martin. These two gentlemen were
reported to have been summoned to a
confeience with the J.ienteuant-Gover-
nor, to consider tbe situation resulting
from the dismissal of the Semlin Government. The association was so incongruous that it appealed at once
and sharply to tbe pnblio notice. Pen
pie were surprised at it, and when
ihey began to look back and take account of some other little events thM
bad happened, Mr. Dunsmuir was
suspected of having joined iu tbe in*
trigu is that brought Mr. Martin to tho
front as Premier. But in the light of
that speech, this could scarcely hnve
Wbeu Mr. Dousmuir rose in the
House and delivered himself of thnt
one word, "Gentlemen," every mem*
ner present walked out of the Chamber. His Honor bad entered to pro-
rogue the Legislature. To do this it is
necessary to address the House, which
he proceeded to do in the customary
maimer: "Mr. Speaker and members
of tbe Legislative Assembly." Bnt
Mr, Speaker was not present, neither
was there a siuglo member of the
House. Beside tbe Governor and his
retlnne, the only person on tho floor
was Mr. Martin, who a few hours be-
lore hud ceased to bn n member. There
was thus uo House to address or pro-
rogiu. and uot vithstanding thu cere-
mouy which the Governor carried
through to thu end there is grave doubt
whether the Legislature is uot stilt in
Tbe history of British Parliamentary
government will be searched in rain
for anything in thu least approaching
the disgraceful aud scandalous situation into which a'i'airs at Victoria
have been precipitated by the Lieu-
tenant-Governor. He has outraged
every prinoiple of responsible governmeut, aud taken into his own hands
absolute power to carry out bis own
wil), in .i,.in.iiee of tho constitution
and of the recognised rights of the people as represented iu Parlinmeot. It
is tbe man Mcluues who roles aud
governs today, aud uot tbe people or
their representatives. The privileges
of Parliament are ignored, trampled
upon, treated with contempt. It was a
I.rave protest the House mado, taking
its cue from Mr. Dunsmuir, but it
would have been better if tbe Speaker,
supported by the members, bad refused the Governor admittance and boldly
detied bun. The same purpose has prob-
ably been served, however, for public
attention and Indignation have been
aroused to this unbearable scnudnl,
and the people in their wrath are
-nong enough to vindicate their rights
against such puny oppressors as Lieu-
tenant Governor Mclunes. He knows
now. if he did not kuow two days ago,
that be cannot make 11 discredited poll
lician Premier of this Province, even
although a favorite of his own, iu deli
mice .if publio sentiment, Mi. Maitin
may Is- retained, aud may even be
given a dissolution, hut that would
only be tn proloug tbe scandal. The
Governor may be dull as well as arbitrary, hut he .-iin 11..1 misunderstand
ihe meaning of tho House's contemptuous icpudintinu of his action, und unless he has taken leave of his muses
entirely he will retire Mr. Maitin uud
ask some onn who has a known foi-
inn lug to nndcitake the twsk of form
iug a < I..v. run,, nt. If be is not to
provoke more violent protest than any
that has yet come to bis ears, this is
the course be will lake Should some
other Dunsmuir rise in his indignation
and say "Gentlemen." it will not be
the House but the   I'ruviin.    that will
be aroused.
It is reported from Ottuwa that a
geneial election will follow closely on
prorogation. A report from Ottawa is
as liable as not to be without the
slightest foundation. We require to
get at its origin before we can estimate its value. This one is vouched
for in the correspondence of The Winnipeg Tribcne, with whioh the editor
of that paper, who is a member of Parliament, is supposed to have confidential relations. It is quite prohnble,
therefore, that an enrly dissolution is
contemplated, iu whioh case tho party
lenders all over tbe oountry should begin to stir themselves. Tbe session
should not last beyond May, and Mjy
will soon be here.
50 Cases
New Drugs
and Medicines
Received this week,
fresh from the manufacturers.
Telephone IIS,    P.O. BoiSSS,    Baker at net,
Mail OrdeielPromptlv Attended To.
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the rate of one coat a word per insertion. No
a, 1 \ ,11 iM-ni.aii taken for loss than 'io conts.
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to all points
EAST   and   WEST.
First-Glass Sleepeisou all trains from
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Mill at PILOT BAY.
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Notice li hereby given tbat ft is uiy
Intention nt tbe expiration nf one
month In. n tin.   luilillcation hereof, to
inane n duplicate of tbe certificate of
title to the uimw landi. tinned to
Seorgu A. B, Hall, on tbe 80th ilny of
Deoember, ikiih, and numbered 1888 K
S.   V.  WlliiTTON,
i.and Realilry uiiiee.   Vlotorla.   B
I'., Illtli February. 190).
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���   l,,ll lo tlie l>rim wi' ,tl(* 1��'*' "' m*r IIIe' ,.
""     . hcnc ���" ��� ,"'""' ***" * <"��rt ��*' *���*������>
bv  >  drill,   thun   my   "Imr'  ��'   l"a'
llrt inofii  u'
 .'jEnieght ���wcrtor u ilrlli ov.r brlngi.
- .,,, liu.il.1...  conn  sorrows, conn  ohangt  n
coiiio llimlor,
��� i|la upg ��n tlie down. o( lllll plailltj -llld
,.,i never (orgrt to tlie end o' my days
[l. journey v_J*M 'ock n"* bJr b''*iv'** *���,,B*
., (_ir to your reason,  when alt'i mid  in
,   ...v'out'yoil'ni cold at, ll.c art o' llir ran.
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-Ilr, Eden I'Mllpolts In Coinisli Magazine.
4   How a Man Who Boasted That ���
He Never Got Rattled
Suffered    Fi-om    Not >
7 Adhering to His Rule. -.
"It never pnys to set rattled," was ono
,, sti'ombcrg'i most frequently repeated
mnsinis. Hm * lime l'luno wl"'u Strom-
l���V, niiidc a slip, uud for thai slip lit)
.uiTi-i'ial severely.
Uu was nil ready to x- to the opera one
,.i,.iiiin, his readiuesa Including ihe wear*
ini of a very well out ami altogether
highly pi-oMiutiilile dress suit. He wns
iiciiHluIed io call for Olara Wiles at 7:45.
Ulara was going with bim. lie was to
like a street car to the Wiles' anil there
D ciosed carriage was to meet him. All
that bad heen excellently well planned
wiili n masterly eye to detail and u prop-
,.,- icgai'd for the evil consequences of
���citing rattled.
Slroinberg was wondering whether he
would lime to wait for ll cur, whether
tlie ear would make the distanee to
elnra's liuiue iu time nnd whether it
would not have been wiser, after all, to
I.I tlio hired carriage call lor him ut his
rmuislieil apartment!, nml while he wondered nil UieBO tliiiilfs be ran down stairs,
his light overcoat spreading its tails on
tli., breeie behind bim ns he ran.
Just ns bo was making a dash for the
lusidG handle of the street door his land'
l.i,lv Interrupted him with, "Here's a lot-
tor for you, .Mr. Stromberg."
"Thank yon," said Stromberg.
lie looked at lhe envelope uud saw (hut
it \ms gray, diminutive and wus addressed in a writing that was not i.'lura's.
Thul wns quite enough���no lime to open
letters now, ilo jammed it into the inside
pocket of his dress eoat aud spun out,
hi! min.I slill lixed ou struct ears, car*
races aud the keeping of appointments.
Certainly his mind must have been
itrangel; perturbed thnt evening, for
Hu. mberg thought of nothing all the wny
lo Clara's homo hut Clara, and the time,
anil tbo chanrAa of bis lieini; lute und
keeping her waiting, uud the chance of
bis ever being m'eepted ns her escort���
ur iu any oilier capacity��� if he did keep
her waiting Ihis time.
When he approached the door of that
saei.tl dwelling, the hired carriage wits
���tending there, looking aa if it might
bars been waiting an hour.
"Am I lutoV" he suid nervously lo
Clara, n�� soon as she appeared, wiih her
cloak over one arm.
"1 don't know," snid Clara wilb a
rather severe accent, "but judging from
your manner 1 should think you must he.
1 lliuuglit you always kept cool?"
"I .la," Stromberg protested earnestly.
"1 make a point of it. Only, you seo���yes,
1: wants live minutes of 8 by my watch."
It never pnys to get rnttlcd," Clara
quoted, in an aggravating calm, even
voice. "I'lease help ine on with my wrap.
There You don't think they'll shut us
out of tha opera house, do you? It's a
little crooked ut tbo buck, isn't It? That's
rlgbi. You've got Iho tickets? Oh, thanks
for ths flowers. I love chrysaiUheiiiuius,
yon know. Y'ou see, I've changed the
ribbon on them; pink didn't seem lo go
wilb this dress.   Y'ou like ll?   Very well,
then, corns on. All aboard!"
���**h�� was in a good humor, evidently.
That was > happy onion, to begin wiih.
and n�� the evening wore on everylhing
went in accordance with this bcgliining.
"Tliank you so much for taking rue,"
Clara said, when he left her thai night.
"I've enjoyed myself so much. Shall 1
seo you nt Mrs. Marshall's? Of course.
Good night"
Stromberg wis set a-dreamlng. He
built castles In tbe air, with Mrs. Marshall's dunce right at the threshold of all
'bo ' astles. Hi; would meet Clara at Hint
���laueo und niuke his .way witb her trl-
-iiil.hamly-and so forth, and so forth.
But ll was ten duys from the date of the
��� '.���-. which was to he a very particular
affair, containing the pleasures of euchre
_itn those of dancing und a supper
iproad by a hostess who wus fumous for
"n diligence nud originality of ber sup-
P-ra. This loft ten days for Stromberg to
"���'d "Is air castles, and they umused
���dm (lelighifuiiy In the Intervals of busi-
���was. .10 engrossing him thut people
M.i.l.d uud said, "Old Stromberg must be
iu love."
Then came tbe eve of tho dunce, and
ati-mberg met Clara out walking. She
���as very gracious to him, which caused
Hi; bean to Batter.
"We shall meet tomorrow night," i
lnnl. 'ion know, uinmiua is going w
bs and uucle."
''��, I  know.   Don't you  supposo  I
"'".i bave begged to be your oscort if 1
o li. t know that?"
,."'"'{ likely," snid Clara with a smile.
"" "i"' mads arrangements about the
'���""<". she was to let Stromberg huve.
chow he had forgotten to make theso
��;",�����,���,,���,, ,)(,for0i bnt be   .  -      .Jj of
'"   ���������ir-iKlit, became It resulted in his
'   ���T.0��**I that  Clara had actually re*
,      '"" for him.
','""'* l'���*ctid te sny just what the
Live i "'*" Wt!rc tU,,t **������ WR'* t0
bill whll   ib -1" lll*t'lils wcre arrunged,
ey were talking It over to-
.���,."' """'ihg along side by side, Strom.
tl,.. ... J "toppod-stood  rooted  to
lac pavement
C1',���j,,t,i the matter with you?" said
Btrolu!   . ,"" matter wlth J""1.  "r*
'*' I base coins on.   People are
i;i;'^.   What have you not been?
'..''���"���n't been Invited."
;',,",l'*��i>   bidn't  you  write to ac-
jj.liorfeetlj sure I didn't write any
"I ;,
,'"" "��� getting over these facta,
,..,,. "�� h����rtl��i as not to even
.        ..iu.  8b. not .ngr, ,Ilitttdi
e��i? ""!' vHi ," *����� afternoon
���"lag after  sitting In  his own
'���in for
"��a��ll knil set Invito kirn, .hu
"���>' Invited kirn, whu
sbn had been so charmingly cordial tliea
last time they bad met, merely seeking
.listruction, not consolation.
He certainly found none of tbe latter
article. A small, wiry man, with uu
eager milliner, Roberts by name, wus in
the smoking room when Stromberg came
iu. Hu wus a man whom Stromberg had
often exhorted to keep cool.
"You look blue, Stromberg," said Koberts. "Never mind, you'll bo guy enough
this time tomorrow evening. It's going
lo be a glorious affair."
"Y'cs, but I shall not he there," Stromberg groaned. "Please don't sturt talking about that bletsed euchre dance. Everybody does."
"Hello! Suy, Stromberg. let me give
you a piece of advice. It uever pays to get
rallied.   Now, what's tho trouble?"
"No I rouble at all," Stromberg snapped
back. "Simply, Mrs. Marshall hasn't
chosen to invito me to her dunce. She
wasn't obliged to, you know."
"Oh, but she did, though."
"Old she? Then perhaps you'll tell mo
what has become of tho Invitation. 1
haven't got it."
"Invitations went out by mail," snid
Roberts, putting on for this occasion tbe
calm, deliberate manner that belonged to
Stromberg habitually, "Invitations don't
get stolen from lhe United Stntes mall."
"No, they don't. That's why I suy this
nne never was sent."
"Oh, but you get so many letters, you
know,'' Koberts insisted. "Better go to
your office and rake over your desk."
Now, Stromberg did uot like to take
advice from au eugur, green, excitable
young fellow like Koberts. But this was
a serious case, and all exceptional. Moreover, Stromborg really began to wonder
whether the Invitation might not ho
knocking about on bis desk at the office.
So, when he thought himself unobserved,
he very quietly sneaked out of the club
and in to the dnrk. deserted ofllce.
After ten minutes' search among the
papers on his desk and iu the drawers it
occurred to him that nn iuvitation to a
dance would not be sent to bis busiuess
address, Then be gut up. and, slamming
tbe door angrily, went home to bed.
Curiously enough, as bo entered his
room his eye fell upon a pnir of black
trousers that hung on a stretcher right
opposite to him. Those trousers were
being stretched for the following night's
dunce. Stromberg laughed a bitter laugh
us he jerked the unoffending garments
down and pitched them into a closet. Uo
thought of ull he had looked forward to.
Next he looked backward���to the lust
occasion on which bo hnd worn thoso
dress clothes. Ho sat on a rocker and
meditated bitterly.
Suddenly Stromborg sprung from the
rocker with a shout. He flung open the
door of bis closet, seized tbe dress coat
Unit hung lu there and fumbled In the
inside pocket. There was a email, gray
note in that pocket, is it necessary to
suy that the note was Mrs. Marshall's?
Surely it was a miserable night that
Stromberg passed. What hurt him���
What ruined his hopes���wns the "K. S. V.
IV nt the end of the note.
Barry in tha morning he rushed to
Clara. She had not yet finished her
breakfast. What wns worse, she had
loid her mother nil about Slromberg's
little lapse of memory, nnd Stromberg
was welcomed tn the breakfast table
with loud laughter,
"I wanted to beg you to help me cut,"
said Stromberg. "Y'ou might���speak to
Mrs. Mai-shall and explain, you know."
"Not I," snid Olara. "I warned you to
keep cool, you know."
"(live me that letter," said Mrs. Wiles
with authority. "Clara, you ought to be
ashamed of yourself."
't was Mrs. Wiles thut undertook the
diplomatic mission. She placated Mrs.
Marshal], who, to tell the truth, much
iieedi-d placating. By 6 o'clock that evening she delivered into Stronihorg's hands
a written full pardon and extension of
the invitation.
Slroinberg was at lhe dance. But Olara
cruelly prelended that the dunces she
had prumised bim were forfeited. lie
got those dnnces, nil the same, though
with a refinement of cruelty she entertained a large circle ut supper with the
tale of the overlooked gray liilie note.
And everybody unmercifully cbufTed
Stromberg, laying, "Here la the niuii who
never gets rattled."���I'ittsluirg Press.
I..,.iul��ll.,.* '-> Wayside Inn.
"Rich in tbe historical and liternry associations accumulated during two centuries of existence," says 'The Ladles1
Home Journal, "the Wayside iuu, built
hy David Howe, still stands 'remote
among the wooded hills' in Soulh Sudbury, Moss. The landlord of Longfellow's famous tales wns the dignified
Squire Lyman Howe, a justice of the
peace and school committeeman, who
lived a bachelor and died at lbe inn in
IHi'iO, the last of his line to keep tho famous hostelry. Besides Squire Howe
the only other real characters In lhe tales
who wero ever actually nt the inn were
Thoinns W. Parsons, the poet; I.uigi
Monti, the Sicilian, and Professor l>nn-
iel Treudwoll of Harvard, the theologian,
all three of whom wcre in the habit of
pending tbe summer months (here.
"Of tho other character! the musician
was Olu Bull, the sludcnt was Henry
Wure Wales and tbe Spanish Jew was
Israel Kdrehi. Near the room in wbicb
Longfellow staid is the ballroom, with
the dnis at one end for the tiddlers. But
tbo polished floor no longer feels lbe
pressure of duinly feet in high heeled
slippers gliding over it to tho strain! of
eontrn duuee, cotillon or minuet, although tho merry voices of summer visitors und the jingling bells of wilder
sleighing parties nt limes still break the
quiet of tho ancient lun."
Ssvoel i .<.." ..���' ���
She was a dainty little thing, just 3
years old, ouo of tbe kind of children that
everybody loves. She wuh ail ting on the
step. Her liny face peeped from beneath
a wreath  of golden  curls.     She spread
her   hands   upon   her   pretty   fi k   nnd
looked up ns tho stranger stopped to talk
to her.
"No; don't see my pupa very often, lmt
he Is coming home before so very long.
Ho lives nwny off somewhere else���in u
gieut big houso-bigger'u iiuything 1 ever
saw���so mamma says."
"And do yon think he enjoys It?" asked
the stranger.
"Oh, yes. Why, mamma says ho doesn't
havo to leave his room even for his meals
���they Inke everything to him. I wish 1
hud amine ouo lo wait on me like thnt."
I'oor little thing! She had never scon
lbe bail upon his window nor heard the
deadly grinding of the padlock on his
door.���Detroit Free Press.
II   II. |., .,,!��� .1.
"Pfwhat wud ye/, do if Casey called yea
a liar?"
"Pfwhlch Casoy-the blf wan or the
little win ."���lndlaunpolls .0_r__L
To men suffering* from those peculiar nerve anil glandular weaknesses, the result of youthful errors or later excesses, 1 am pleased to
extend a helping hand. 1 offer my services, based on an eNperiencc of
over 30 years as a specialist. I cure permanently because I use nature's
own remedy, Electricity.    My
with attachment for men, is the proper application of the proper current.
You   wear  it at  night.    It  cures  while you sleep.    Seven   thousand
voluntary testimonials during 1899.    Write today for
PDFP     ROOK"    "Tm"ee  Classes  of Men," which   explains all,
riV't^E.     Dv/V/1\    sent   ;n plain sealed envelope, or drop in at my
office and consult me tree.
The   Dr. Sanden   Belt  is protected by  U. S. and foreign patents.
All   others   are   bogus.    Beware   of   quacks   with   their   Free   Trial
DR. M. SANDEN, 474 Main St., Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Ofllce Hours, I) a.m. to (i p.m.
Ladies' Belts
! Nelson Hardware Co.
Electrical Dept.
Is complete. We can
outfit and wire houses,
mines, steamers, stores,
etc. Try us. We guarantee our work, and will
do it promptly and well.
Correspondence solicited.
See them at
my Store
At Special
Must    make
room for our
Hardware Dept.
Contains everything nee-
essary to your Spring |j IN OW
enterprises --- Paints and
Varnishes, House Hard-f| 01
ware, and a good line of
Shelf Hardware. Look at
our Razors and Cutlery. | PqoH
English and Canadian
Guns, Rifles and Revolvers.
j. j.
Baker St.
A _...nl   |.nvi11(_    Duirv   liuaincHH   in
Pi-oi   otlv and neatly done.     Special , ,h�� Town nf   Fstnin, K. O.,    will   tell
���     riv -ti to children's clothes,  ont nt n .bargain,   Sevpn Joowi.  Iioihi*.
attention MidiK.li, milk wagon, oina,  and erery.
thing i..-i.>iii_*inu to u drHtjcluBH Dairy.
Frame House und Htnble, Apply Box
188, Fernie, B. 0.
Board and  Room.
First   Class   Hoard   and    Room;
Todd's  okl   stand,   in   rear   English..
Church.   Tnhle  Board, $4;   Board !
and Room, $5 and $5.50.
We are now established in our new quarters, Corner Baker and Stanley Sts., and expect to    if
be open for business early next week in the following* Branches : ii
Dry Goods, Groceries, Men's Furnishings, Crockery, Boots and Shoes, Liquors, Carpets and House    if
fNCOBPOP*'-T.i -670
Furnishings, Cigars and Tobaccos, Dressmaking.
And in each and every line our intention is to carry the goods that will suit the trade of the City of Nelson and enable the buyer to have the advantage of selecting from stock equal to any in Canada in variety and quality.
We will not talk price yet 10 you but first ask you to inspect our goods and trust to the carrying out of our motto  "GOOD  GOODS   AT
FAIR PRICES " to secure'your patronage.
If you do not receive direct notice of our opening date it will be because we will have unintentionally overlooked you so
Tin. l.iiinlc.1 St B. t'. Culil Field. Take
1'onsessicn (if Tlinir Mock.
The London St B. ('. (inld Fields,
Ltd.,bave moved Into their new ollices
on Baker Sheet whioh wen. oninplHt-
eil n f?w _8}H nun. Tbo liuildiiiR is ��
Imn Isoinii one nf brick with two stores
innl a basement, with an ornamental
entrance on tbn ground Boor, A vci-ti-
bnle, with three m-tH of [<lasn doors,
opens Into a wide ball, In the bull nn
the ri���ht ol  tlm entrance  is a wide
nr, bed omntiir that oj-iriis into the ueneral offloe where Mr. F. 0. Winkler,
tbe company's  stenographer,   has his
desk. From tins rniiiii a (lour eiuiiiiiiiiii
catea with tin- aooonntant'e offlee, also
in the front ot the bnilalng. lu this
Office is the safety vault mul a small
riioiu for telephones The rear half of
tin. bnilding is divided Into two large
nanus one of whieb is oconpied by
Manager .lit. Robertson ami tbe other
by chief Engineer S. S. Fowler.
Th.-.. rooms are conneoted by speaking tabes   with   the   offices   upstairs.
On the landing ..f Ibe stairs to the second story is a well appointed bath
room mid lavatory, In the seioml
story one front room is oconpied by the
Assistant Engineers, E, 0, Holden and
B, Hodge, mul the other room will Inns,al l.y the driiiiKhtsnien. A large
hands.me room, with an open lire-
l.la... ami mantel,  will   In-   used   ns   a
Board room,
The bnilding Is handsomely appointed throughout unit heated by lmt air.
side of tbe hall are two smaller rooms,    ��/i 1 1     ��   j~�� 1 _c   U      1 ���_��
each opening  into the other and into|MerCHailtS     BailK   OT   HallfaX.
tho hall. As these, rooms are also
eonnecteri with the main offloe tho
whole llooi- is arranged eu suite. There
is no vault, in tbe bnilding for the
storage of books, etc., so the designers
evidently have faith in its being tiie-
ptoof. in the basement lire lurRe cellars for coal mid wood and a lavatory.
The'bnilding  is well lighted ami will
lie heated with steam.
The woman who is lovely In face,
form mul  bemper  will  always have
friends, tint nne who would lie attractive must keep her health. If she is
weak, sickly mid all run down, .she
will in* nervous and irritable, If she
has constipation or kidney trouble, her
Impure blood will cause pimples,
blotches, skin eruptions and 11 wretched complexion, Electric Bitters is the
best medicine in the world to regulate
-liiniiiih, liver nnd kidneys and to
purify the liitunl. If gives Btrong
nerves, bright eyes, Hinooth, velvety
skin, rlob complexion, It will mnke a
good looking, obarmlng woman of a
run-down invalid. Only 50 cents, at
Canada Drug St Hunk Store.
Incorporated 1869.
Capital rai.i-iii $i,.is.-.,ii;ii.imi 1  i;.,i.
.���,,:, 1,1 ���r Directors 1  Thomas E. Konnor, Prosldont;
Michael Dwyer, Wiley Smith,  H.il. llaulil, Hon. II. II. Pnl
llinil Office, HalUax :
General Manager. l-'<l���on 1,. PeaRO, Montreal.
Sii(ierinti.mli.|il of Hriiiiclies. W, II. 'I'orratlOO,
Inspoctor, \v. F, Brook, Halifax.
Secrotary, II. M. Stewart, Monirail.
Itrail.-li.-H !
Thomas Ritchie,  Vice-President,
Ier, M.1..C, Hon. David MaoReen,
The   NYw   I'ml<lint_    is   Almost Com
plated���A Fire Proof Btrootnre,
The new bnilding   lor  tbe offloe  of
Registrar "f Titles is practically completed, nnd will be turned over to tbe
Governmenl as soon as a few minor
details urn alien.led I... The bnilding
is 11 handsome one and  as  fireproof as
11 11 possible (0 construct It, The (ininil-
aii.iii  ami  basemen!   an.   of granite
and above that the   cniislrtictinn is   of
brick, Tbe flooring Is ol cemenl laid
���ui Iron, whlnh Is supported by Bteel
girders, the oeiling In tbe basement is
made of tiles set   In  cement,  ���� that
should a lire   slarl   in   the linseiiici.t it
would in- Impossible  for it t.> be 00m
miuiiiaied in the offloe floor, The window are protected   by  Iron clad shutters   that   slide   into   recesses  in   the
wall-ami the front dooi is a lolding
ono made ..f iteol, The front door
op. n- Into a wide hall which is oonneoted with a large offloe In tha rear
by a wide aroh, This offloe runs the
whole width of tin. bnilding and will
be used f..r general builhess,   un eaob
Bank of
British  Columbia,
Is now prepared to issue
Drafts and Letters of Credit
on Skaguay, U.S., Atlin, B.
C, and Dawson City, Yukon
Poo*t  Worry.
Merchant   Tailor,
Josephine Street,
Suits from S25.00 Up.
Atlin, Bennett, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver, Vancouver East End, Victoria.
I Van mi n���Merchants Bank or Canada. Boston���National Sliawn.ul Bnnk. * im *i--n -Atnerloa
< National Hunk* **iui Fmnclico���First National Hank. 1,-hh.uii, in::. Bank uf Scot lninl.
! r�� rU, France- Orodll Lyonnals.  Bormniln   Bank of Bermuda,  i'blnn an<l Japan - Hong
I Koiik and Shanghai l.nnk.nK Corporal lon.
Ueneral Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange  Bought
and Sold, Letters of  Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the most favorable terms.    Int.Test allowed  011 sp.-ciu \
deposits and'on Saving Hank accounts.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
For that house you have creeled:
Sideboards, Oheffoniera and Dressing* Tables.
Combination Bookcases and Desks and Ladies'
Toilet Tables.
Have just unloaded a carload of the finest and best
finished Furniture ever received in the Kootenays.
Baker and Ward Streets, Nelson, D. C.
\[        We HaVe a FeW
Heating - Stoves
"5^ left over.    To get clear ol
** them we are offering them
?! **%
-actual   com;    and tis   Stoves have advanced   in   price     CJ
?J since we bouplit. nnvane rpnnlnncr ^i.^\-.>v
since we bought, anyone requiring Stoves
will   >;et   them   at
Gei)Uii)e  Parcjain  Rates.
Turner Beeton& Co.
r-^. N--:LSQN-^r____
._��w,     LIQUORS,   DRY   GOODS,   ORE   BAGS.
lend nn Krttinic the >.,-wi u
wla-n- ynu run   il.-|
1 ir.tn.I-, in ll.'i inurk.-i  anil nny .ninnlilj Iron
100, UP,    I'llr.'-ralllllll 111' lll-lllll.-.l,
'PBOlfK Mi
Prank A. Tamblvn, M^r.,
Hakkk Sthkbt, Nblson
Just arrived irom Milwaukee.
ri Vancouver - Hardware
Co., Ltd.
Mara Block. Baker Street.
The Nelson ElectricTram way Co.Ltd,
Large number Choice Building Lots adjacent to the
line oi their Tramway. For priceand terms of sale apply
at the office of the Company, Macdonald Block, Corner of
Josephine  and Vernon Streets.
T. C. DUNCAN, Secretary
ti., _
Severn I citizens of   Nelson Tlnirsd iy
sent tho following  ouble  message  in;
Lady 15nllur, in   care   nt   the   Londo
War  Offloa
of    Nels
antl crew or
Allowed  to
lor Homo,
the Steamer
Tlir.y U'H
l,o Boat at 6 O'clock Last
Captain. Oftlcers and
crew Thanked.
six people who for the past
hnve been quarantined upon
������,,. Moyie   wore   (liven   their
by Health   Ollioer   Dr.
The nny
Uto weeks
tickets of I
i Inst niRbt-at ti o'olook.    Every
eftdy  and   waiting when the
nrrived, and   there
as the long lm*
one was re
m [or depurtu
Msgenornl rejoicing
iBed pe0pie Bt.pped from the gang
tbe duck.
however, left the boat last
cernl remained until this
whin they will take the
trains foi the dastination
bnve  reaohed  two  weeks
[iiiiiii; onl
Nol nil
night.   5
> morning,
Lm;i!< an*1
t In y "hoolii
renter number of those who
boat last  niRlit departed  on
H. at li :-IO, only   a   few   rein   lite  City   over   night,
was William   Har*
sign. The
lett tlie
the 0. P.
AllKl'lh t11"    ,|UI
���,,,.,���., of Winnipeg. Air. Hargreavea
had only the kindest words for nil ol
those einployod aboard the Moyie and
foi nil others to whom wns delegated
in ���,iv way the earn of the pnsspn-
mra, The meal-, he snid, were Rood,
the bertha were ooinfortahle and there
wa- always n large qnantitiy of good
wading niattei en hand. Tho orowd
tao, was a genial one and provided
imiih enjoyment for themselves,
Before the departure from the boat,
the passsngors presented to Captain
McMorriB and th.' orew, the following
���niipt. McMorris, officers and orew of
_teain.'i Moyie, Nelson, K.. Cl
"Oa thi- never-to-be-forgotten dny
when we separate after two weeks of
naainntine, we cannot let the opportunity [in-without expressing in a
Ihw words onr heartfelt thnnks to you
ill lor the many acts ot kindness re-
ivivi'.l ni yonr hands, notwithstanding
the ninny and frequent annoyances
which yen havo been subjected to hy
tno breaking of vour rules nnd regulations on -In,, board, Since the lirst
day of onr forced Bojomn with you,
we i..i thai yonr combined efforts
bave been towards making onr stay
with yon ns plensnut ns possible. With
mn wislitnR to make any speolal mention we feel tbal Stewart]?, Conway
Is entitled tu onr speolal thanks for his
nothing nnd successful efforts to cater
to the wants of our iuner man and
pysical comforts We must eongratu-
late the C. r.K. on their choice of olll���
dais, as demonstrated an thu steamer
Moyie, To Capt, Troup and (.'apt. (lore
we extend our hearty thnnks for their
kiwi endeavors in our behalf, In conclusion we wish you nil oolleotively
nnd individually a long and prosperous life, Signed on behalf ol passengers,
���lohn Elliot left Kelson Inst night
tot a brief visit to the Coast.
E, II. J. Mannsell, of the engine.!
corps of the (J. P. it., is at the  Phair
Mrs. Nelson Fell, wile of the superintendent of the Athnlinscn, is in town
[01 a few Hays.
Ihree oarloads of horses, (Ifi in all,
"���"��� anived by the 0, R K. for J. W.
flewnrl and have been sent out along
the hue.
���>��� K. McOammon left  the  hospital
eitertiaj after having   been confined
'"���*''��� for six weeks by n severe attack
ot typhoid fevor.
Al"��� ���*.   Johnson,  late of Nelson, has
?'.u   .    "'" 'uiiiiliiro nnd good   will
''!."" '-''""I Hots] or Vanconvor, nnd
"  '  a permanent reaidenl  of
Unit oity.
Tin. imiii, oxporta for the month of
I'V,1'   the port of Nelson wore
���.J��,ll0W8i Load bullion, f_0,804;
'���1 "'Ihnn, t_D,.78| other exports,
���l'"'". making a total of $01,940.
*���"��������� IL I..  Gordon, of Forme,   will
��" Pflplt of Bt. Paul's Church
British Columbia, offer sinoeru congratulations upon the success of yonr
gnllant huBbnnd,"
George Deoli, 19 veins nf age, was
tnken from the Moyie last night snfi'
ering from pneumonitis Vouug Denh'e
parents who uu the boat during the
(Hiaraiitiiu period. Thoy are Germans
on their way to Bpokane, The boy wns
taken to the City hospital.
Sanitary Inspector Thompson was
on a slumming expedition to back
yards yesterday. The owners of the
yards that aie nut, perfectly clean are
being given 48 hours in which to clean
up. Every yard will lie visited and
tho law will be strictly enforced.
The Wilson brothers are to take np
the bond on the Birdseye and the Lady
Aberdeen. The former wns bonded
for 130,000, of which amount -f-a.ooo
was paid some time iiyo. Thursday an
additional (8,000 was paid. The balance falls due on Juno 1. (In the Lady
Aberdeen $8,BOO was [mid, giviug Wilson brother? a clean title to tho properly.
A telephone wire and nn electric
light wire had a slight altercation nt
tlie corner of Stanley and Baker
Streets last evening. The telephone
wire came out second hast ns the
shook was too much for it. The in >n
stringing telephone wires let ono come
iu contact with the electric wire an.l
the former was quickly snapped.
Captain Dnpny, a former resident of
Nelson, arrived here a dny or two ago
from Dawson, He is looking around
for a place near the (.'ity to build n
country home, and will locate hen. if
be can find a suitable place. Capt.
Dojoy built th" steamer Stnte of Idaho (now the Alliertn) and formerly
ran on the Kooteuty hakes.
Dr. La Kan returned from Naknsp
yesterday, where he lunl been to Investigate the case of Mrs. Mc.Cnllongh,
tho wife of the O, P. K, station agent
it that place. Dr. Lallan found the
case to he a mild one. Mrs. MoCol-
longh and her husband ure both qiinr-
antintd and all the houses that thoy
have visited have been fumigated to
prevent any further spread of the disease. There is no danger whatever In
traveling through Nakusp.
"Ladysmith" is lhe name of a town-
ite reoently established in the Boundary Country, near Greenwood, The
site has been partially surveyed, sixteen blocks of twenty-font lots each
having been laid out. Tbo Morrison
olaim and several other very valuable
properties snrronnd the town,the fortn-
mer being patrially upon the townsito.
George Kydd, manager ol the Nelson
branch of the flank of Halifax, has
lhe pioperty in oharge for the owners.
Nelson did not have the oolebratlou
all ti. itself on Thursday night.
Kaiicher T.  Morley   assisted by several
friends built  a  huge bonfire on his
plaoe, two miles np the Lake, which
ontinued to burn until the woe smn'
hours of the morning. A royal salute
was tired of '-1 charges of dynamite,
unl several rillo volleys, consequently
be now has intreiichments on his property capable of accommodating the
whole company of Rooky Mountain
Rangers, including the Maxim gun.
Judge Forin was released from his
quarantined home yesterday, after being confined lor fourteen day.--.
When il was first announced Unit lhe
judge bad been quarantined, several
papers throughout the Province made
a mistake in saying that he was suffering from smallpox. One of these papers
found its way to the former home of
ihe judge, and yesterday Dr. LaBnn
received a dispatch asking if the judge
was seriously ill, or suffering only
from a mild form of the rtisense. Dr.
La Han replied and enlightened the
anxious friends.
Chief Thompson, of the Fire Department, reports receipts from the benefit
smoker held on Thursday night, ns follows: Salo of tickets, -f-lli; (lag collection, 19,70: bar receipts, .76.80, making a total of .lili.oii. The disbursements were: California Wine Co,
cigars, |B0; Clink Hotel, liquors, ?(i;
Queen's Hotel, liqunie, $11; rent of
Opera House, J.O; printing, |.,?0l
dravage, il ; distributing bills, (fl,
making a toial disbursement of 159.60,
and leaving a not profit of J13. which
was yesterday deposited in the Hank
of Montroal to the credit of the Canadian Patriotic Fund.
'"morrow morning ami evening
'   ���   l*row; is   suffering from u   slight
h ���* " illness mm ,���   confined to his
��� water tunic of tho gasholder was
'.' I.- ,w     .';"'''' yertarday In order
niiik'i,,,,',!.'... .7���6.  ''""'I'tmy   will   start
Hume���S. Brook, Victoria; Et, P.
Morkill, llonnington Falls; W. H.
VnsH, Montreal; Peter Smith, Vancouver; F. Eiffel),.Honnington Falls; M.
Hirschmaii, Sim Francisco; H, E. T.
llaultiiin, Yellowstone in inn; ,1.F. Ryan, Bpokane; O. W, Armstrong, Montreal; A. O. Mcl.eod, C. (1. Clark
public; Thomas R,  French, Kasln
Phair���Enrle J. Scovil, Kaslo; E.
St. .1. Mannsell, 0. P. R, ; F. VaiiH
Agnew, Mrs. B. Nelson Fell, Atlm-
luisea; W. Hargreavea, Winnipeg; R.
E. Fishbnrn, Chicago; 1'. Hums, Cal-
gnry ; N. U. Leslie, Brandon; C. P,
Brown, 1'lmonix.
it.    Th
�����-*���*! next week and it   will not
;" '""i- now before
'""���'' requiring it.
I, '; ':��� '''��� Ihiuliiii,, ,,,��������� |��� flnll| ������,
**,"' I"'�����*���>*���   These  are  lbe re
''*" '*" ho lira  run ,,r the   mill,   and
'y gratifying to the
pernting the mine,
it  is  supplied  ti
,,;\.I|/*,|;( *<''�����������* held Bmi.ll debts'
,,N!;.''*;-"l��V mid disposed of several
,���������,.,""  Mso   hud   Cla me,   Ih
iiBtaS*? ���'������������1'""*1 wi"- Ht"*,"��
|���.f,���,"".'lr���i���| a,    theOllirk Hotel,
[��-]n Olaihome was remanded
a"; \ A; i returned  to
.A  f��oma three weeks'
linker St.
All tlie I naillnR llrauil
NAPOLEON Chewing Tobacco.
Heated by Hot Air
Dining-   Room
the City.
Temperance Hotel.
The Family Resort of lhe
TheWaverly Hotel
Clocks ��"'
Fine Watch,   Clock   and  Jewelry
repairing,    Work   and   goods
guaranteed  positively.
si Patenaude Bros
Paper Hanger,
Glazier,   Palijler,    Etc*
Chimney Sweeping.
Ollice, Ward St. opp. Opera House
Our Fresh Roasted OofleeBestof
Quality, an I'ollowH :
.iivviiiin.t Arabian Mooha. perpound 9 K-
Ja*i ii nnil .M.i.'lui Blond, :t iiuiiihIh  l nn
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a iiiih obdub hiii.k'itkii.
Sai.uhkoo.mh :
INfELSON, - O.  C.
Wholesale Hon
THORPE & CO., Uuitkb.-C
nun mid Cialm' Streets, KoIhoi
fiu'lurar-i.r ,,i,,i n-liDlOKdlo donlurn In
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i.yon apriiinr inlnornl wai,a-.  Tol DO
i**      \. .\l. ('iiiuiiiti.s, Lass.;.,   Every Known
variety of m.i'i .IrinkK.   p, 0. Hex 88,   Tole-
phoneNo 31.  IloovorStreet  Nolnon, Bo!Lloih
of the Fannin, st. l.uon Hot s.ii-inn^ Mineral i
,_\.vvv'*vn'i��A'VV v^A_vvv,v^>vvvvv^��vv^ v��\ wn^Mvnwwvww ���
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ir��u_l  ��.Ci
_ a!._.
i '**.
"���'All. 'Ml   \ 1SIT
J. EVANS ik OO. -BftKorfltreot, Nel
.on, wliuUwiut! ilciili-rs in liquors, olgarH
oetDBl.t. tiro brick und tiro clay, wider pipe and
steel rail* nnd general coumiIrbIou uiorchanta,
LiMiTBD.���Front Street, Noli.on, wholesale dcalorfl in flour, numls, etc, uud hay
tml grniti. Mills nt ImIiiujiiIou, Vlotorla and
Now Wost minster. Elevfttora on Calgorf &
Eldmonlon Hull way.
MACDONALD & CO.   Cor.n-r  v.T-
H nil jupeplune stroets,  wholOBalo
zrooers and jobbers In blnnkota, glovoa, mitts,
iiooli.,  I'tihliiT,--, niiukiimws and iiiinur-.' sundries.
Liilie Bros.' Shoe Store
Our clerks are ;it your service
and will show you any Shoos
you    may    wish    to   inspect.
invite   you   io   visit
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Bring Your Repairing.
��� f+4-*-++����������������������������������������������� 4. o^^^^^^^^o^^^^^^^^^^^x, ���������.������
oss, Lee St Taylor j
Li.iii i.n���linker Struct. Nelson,
lie dealer-- in hardware and mining BUppllos,
Plumbers'nnd tinsmith's BUppllos.
sale paints and ullS.
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Vernon and Josophlno Streets. Ne'son
wholesale drillers in liquors olgord and dry
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JY GRIFFIN 4. 00.-''nrn.T Vornon
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MILLS, 1_1M_TKD���Cornor Kront and
Hall Street!**., Nelson, nianufueturers ot' and
wholosalo dealers in sash aid doors; all kinds
of fnelory work made to order
Atlantic S. S. Lines
Krom Portland, Mc.
Ulan Line '���('���iliforniiu.'* Keb.'Jl
Krom llnliiiiv     . .   .. .Fob 15
lllan Line "Mongolian" (Direct,; Maroh 7
Dominion   Line  "honiinion"        ,       Maroh 3
Krom   Halifax March l
Dominion Une "> ambroman'MWroct) March U��
Krom St. John. N. B,
Beaver Lino "Xola" Keb. 'js
Prom Hnllfax       Fob. 2(1
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Cunftrd Line -"Campania" Fea 'ii
Cunord  Lino "Umoria".         March.*!
-A-'hltO Star Line "''ViHoiii'*".. .".T.Feb. 28
White Star Line "Gormanto" Maroh 7
anchor Line  MKthlopiatt. ,! ircli a
.merloan Une *'Now York" \   rob 7
Hud Star Line "Frlosland" Fob 28
North Germ in Lh��yil "Snalo" March fl
Allan State Lino "State of Nebraska1 .March 1
PnshHgoi. nrrantfed to and from all European
points. For rates ticketh and lnl1 infcrmallon
ipply toC. P. It, depotaaont or U K. Bc��\sloy,
City I'assengei Agent. Nelson. H.C
Oonoral A��ont, C P. It. omeos   Winnipeg
Phones:    Office.   117:   House,  152.
Baker Street, Nelson.
(George P. Motion's Old Stand.)
Phone '2S
���������������������������������<. ��������������������������������� ������������.*.������������.������������������.������������������������������������������������
Four-room House nnd   tliven loin,
Mill St., nooil loention ifl.fiOO
HoviMiriinni Hiuiw, innilerii   con-
veiiii'iicus  2,700
One lot, Baker St  1,800
150-fonl nui-nm- on Robson St ...     000
Two lots, Olwervutory St       660
I'll.  II. s
Groceries,     Crockcrij,    Etc.
Dried Fruits
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Green Fruits
I'I 1   Ms
Call and See Me.
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Life Insurance
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
*_!_,'''_*_L.' ������������������������ *%_^vS.
Branch Markets in Roysland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
yandon. Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Order* by mall to anv branch will have careful and prompt attention.
.S 8.00
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Port[ai)d Ceijieijfc, Fire pricks
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Hpeolul Quotation!! Cliven for Carload Lot*.
ci: W, P, 0. Box52
Nelaon, B.C.,
Kootenay Agent.
������'.   li.
visit in
teporti bnalaem Hut., ne
Nelson Employment Agencv
l'","1 ln|i found plenty doi
���Si?!__ ��r h"':" ni
���iii.I M
r, i
"UNI.    it
��� Hnt
nliont tin) Hitnutinn
��k '���*��� washer
Twelve ooal minera. Wnltreas,
Oooiervatlvea and nil fnvorable to
tin* iiiiiiHi'ivutivi. cuim.. are Invited to
raalator their 11111111111 upnn tlio voters'
lint Registration oan takeplaoe at.
nny time,the tjnnHfloatlona i�� inu* Bilt*;
lah mbjeots, 21 years of age, all
months' residence In ilo- Province uml
one month's resldenoe in thn Hiding,
The same voters' list Is nsed tin- botb
Dominion and  Provinoial eleotlons,
The lollowlng will he pleimi'il to
draw applications nt their ofllces for
Intending voters 1
Great Reduction!
IIAltll I'UAI,      a��Q   ��JE    n.,,
{���ll.nVrt NK8T
The  pe��. tha. Money can Pl��y.     Take nio Other
Manufootared bj Hi
Vli'lin-ln. Villi..,in.
��� Ilni.k  I\"
, We. I iiiln.KT
1  Mil
lux c.i.. I.i.l.
...ion. I:..   I.....I. S'��.|_oii.
I'Ki.K.riiiiM-: n��.
yon itucw just     |.|0|p 0f ���]| kindg fnrnlsbed,
h Ul inisurt
hh limy do nt  the
' ' 'o> miv of it
np nud that's nil
J. H. LOTE, Ag't     Baker SI
W.  A.
It  Vi  HANNINQTON,  nnd
B.' M.  BBTDQBB,  Beoretary Con.
sovvntive Association.
Brewers of Fine !*"R. 1
Beer nml Porter.
Nl ISIIN. II. '  .
A Boardlna and Da> ������ h ml  I";;
ih0 mi torn nr .-1. Jtwobli .a I'l'aco    It 1
Bloilatt i"""1 Mipand-o .1	
I, oini ..I tin   ho 1 rcHlftentIni |>orlloni ol  Nol
M,���. nnd la ... ,1 - Iblo f  partj
"''|'||!.', !,.ir DOf.  I.i.l!   1 ri.Ml.l';     !]�� r','"I1'_'|'.'.': '!
I   l.v
Ini nnd lilghcr brandhoa ol a Una
...I... .ti.n..
I Imp  in   nml   nee  111
inpliy in
I v.,!.!
,1 I'ypowrltlnif,   B. li 1
al   1.
I   IiiMlrioii'.nial:
I'li.ln  nn
I Aii Neodloworki i.li-i
B. C.
-nii.a n> 1.
and particulars apply to
...L POGUE...
HiiniQBH and   Soddlfirv
Tho loading -hop. __arso
itook. BOil ��K_K.rlO_l itOOK
on imiid.   KsmofM, Coi��
! i*      III    bWl    hilll.r   , .~-"l
11I..I.N t.,
,iip-, Brnattot, t'omii-
r''< r ��� - ill-fiMMiiry.
..II  IVlhi  MT.
ur. Wanl   iOd   f.ikkor
sistnner. Daily thirty odd horses and
innlos wore slaughtered and converted
into sausages nud soup. "
1 ontlnuod from Kino 1'ok-c.
London, MnroU ..���General   Buller's
cnsunlties aniong his ollicers during the
I fighting   of    Feb.   27, were:   Killed,
Col. O'Leary,   of the Lancashire, Ma
in.ire complete than 1 had dared to anticipate. This whole district is completely clear of thorn nud except at the
top of Van Roeuou's where several jor Lewis, Captain Sykes, nnd Lieut,
wagons are visible. 1 cuu lind no trace ; Simpson.of the Scots Fosilefts; Lieut.
of them. Xboir last tiaiu left Modder ; Monrilinn, of the Warwickl, aud
Spruit station ubont 1 o'olock yester- | Lieut. Duly, of the Irish Fusiliers,
���lay and they thou blew up the bridge, i Wounded, General Barton nnd Colonel
They   packed  their  wagons   six  days!Cair,   of the   Scots   Fusiliers, and   2.1
ago,   moving   from   to    the  north  of: others. 	
Ladysmith, so thut we havo no chance |
nl intercepting them but they have | London, March 2.-A special corre-
left vast qnantititee of ammunition of epondent, telegraphing from Paarde*
nil   sorts,   herd*,   grass,   cii.np and in-i ��ert.. Feb. 27, saya ������   "A curious piece
dividual necessaries. They have got of news has jut been related to me by
away with all tbeir gone except two."  <-5en'Jla*   Oron-j_*H   aide-de-camp.   It
appears tbat Cronje was in daily belie
Pepin wore seriously injured nnd   several others wore slightly hurt.
At a meeting of tbe Montreal Street
Knilvay held this morning the directors unanimously voted tbe sum of *1,-
(100 as the subscription of the oompany
to the Canndinn Patriotio Fund.
Montreal, Maroh 3. -Lavul students
name out in force tonight in oonee*
itueuce of the demonstration of the McGill students   Inst   night.    The   Lnvtil j ment estimates of expenditure nre real
London, Maroh 2.-The Statist will
Ba) tomorrow that the Chancellor of
the Exchequer's budget will be delivered Monriuy. Under orrtiunry circumstances, it ii added, the speech would
not be mado till April, but the necessities of the Government compel it to
take immediate measures lor letuining
a large loan and increasing taxation.
The Statist shows   that if the Govern-
London, Murch II. ���(2:110 a. ru. ).���
Lord Roberts wires to the War Offloe
from Osfonteiu, under date of March
2, 4 p. in., as follows: "I have just
returned from paying Kimberley a
hurried visit. I was much gratified
at liuding the enthusiasm among the
Kimberley people regaiding the care of
the sick and wounded. All the public
buildings have been converted into
hospitals and all the men had been
made   ns   comfortable   as  possible.    1
men were reinforced by several thousand sympathizers and uiarobed down
St. .Tnmes Street behind a tri-color and
made a demonstration in trout of The
Star otli.-.*, tearing down the Uniou
Jack, which was liyiug there, nnd
trampling on it. A free light followed.
The police were ont ill force and paid
special attention to McGill University
which it was thonght might be tbe
scane of a fuitber demonstration,   lmt
graphic communication   with   General
Dewl, who, he supposed, was bringing   it was uot up to a late hour.
up reinforcements. Yesterduy Oronje
heliographed that unless he was relieved immediately be would feel bound
to surrender. Generul Dewl replied
with a cheering message urging hi in
to bold on longer and that ho would
soon bo relieved, but totally failed to
effect any diversion. The Mounted Infantry today reoonnoitored the Boers
approaching from the south, and   after
wus struck with tho   frleudly  manner j drawing  a   shell   fire  returned.    The
in which the wounded Boers   and  onr; prisoners all appear to regard the blow
men chatted together upon the experiences of the campaign. It delighted
nio to see our soldiers sharing the rations aud biscuits with the Boer prisoners before they commenced their
march for Modder River. Some of the
poor fellows were very hungry after
having been half starved in the
1 linger."
as severer than it is regarded by the
British. Generul Cronjes uidedecnnip
stated today that he believed the Free
Staters would continue to tight us
long as the Transvaal wished. On the
other hand many Fre6 Staters are anx.
iously asking for copies of Lord Roberts' proclamation."
Piof. Walton, Demi of McGill, wait-
ed on Mr Justice Matbieii.Dean of the
law faculty of Laval,at the court house
today niid expiessed his personal regret for the unpleasant occurrences of
lust night as tbey bad arisen out the
fact that the visit of McGill students
bad evidently been misunderstood. A
resolution, adopted hy the undergraduates of McGill this morning, hnd bis
entire   approbation   us follows:   "The
undergraduates of McUiii  University
desire to explain to the   University   of
Laval that the motives  of
ized, it will be compelled to borrow
��60,000,000 for war purposes of which
is, 000,000 will be raised to oover normal expenditures and that the Chan-
rellor of the Exchequer will be compelled to increase tho taxation for the
yenr by ��7,000,000. It suggests that
the income tax be increased u penny
which would give ��2,200,000 nddi-
tionul revenue, that the tobacco duty
bo increased sight pence a pound,
thereby ��2,1100,000 wonld be obtained,
that tho beer duty be increased a shilling per barrel, which wonld briiiB In
��1,-100,000 and thnt the duty on spirits
bo Increased a shilling per gallou, realizing ��1,200,000.
London. March 8��� (4:15 a.m. i���Lord
Roberts at Osfoutein, six or eight
miles east of Paardeberg, faces the
reformed Boer army from o.OOO to <>,-
000 stong. This may be merely B corps
of obsorvatlon, ready to retire on prepared positions. Doubtless it is receiving directions from the late beseigers
of Ladysmith and other points. Whatever the force may be, Lord Roberts
has ample troops to cope with it.
| A heavy rain is fnlliug ou the veldt
and the grass is improving. ThiB will
be a good tiling temporarily for the
Lord Robeits has surprised observers
by the axcelleuca of his transport rliir-
ig the first advances and he is likely
lo do BO again although military men
here thiuk he must wait for some days
before going much further.
The lloera presumably will use this;
delay for all it is worth pulling their
resources together. Dr. Leyds gives
OUI the opiniou tbut the British entry
of Bloeinfontein is daily expeoted, as
Commandant" Dewett and Delarey had
been instructed to retard tbe advance
of Lord Koberts only until the concentration under Genaral Joubert had,
been accomplished. No adequate explanation is made of the 511,00(1 reinforcements that nre preparing for Lord
Koberts. Snob explanations ns are
advanced tentatively suggest eithei
Ihat the Capo Dutch havo beoorae res-1
tive or that the Imperial Government
bus a bint of foreign suggestions as to
the tuture status of the allied Repub'
Tbo Admiralty Board has telegraph- !
i'ii to the Onpe  commander  an oxpres
of yesterday morning wus of the
friendliest nature as was the case also
with the visits paid to Bishop's College and the schools of the city ; and
further, they wish to express their sincere regret that these should bave been
so veiy much misunderstood and that
nny unfriendly feeling should have resulted therefrom."
It turned out at the police court this
morning that of the five yonng men
arrested for creating a distnrbauce,
 ouly one was n McGill student. Re-
tonight in regard to the relief of Lady- eorder Weir, in dismissing the cu-e,
smith: "It is great progress, I do uot said it was natuinl to rejoice under
think Ibe wnr is over but tbe relief the oireuinstnnces, but added that the
will make it more easy." demonstration was carried too fnr.
Lieut. Col. Cotton, district oflicei Such events showed the extreme peril
Commanding, said : " I thiuk the war of ncwspupeis raising a race prsju-
will continue and ic inuy cause un dice. Frenoh-Canadians and English-
uprising of the disaffected Dutch In Canadians were lighting side by side iu
Cape Colony.   When they see these de-' the  Transvaal.    French gallantry was
lout limed from  First Pftgo.
A very pleasant birthday surprise
party was tendered Miss Mary Carey
last evening at her home on Ward
Street. Progressive whist wns the order of the evening. Among those present wero Mr. aud Mrs. T. Madden,
. r visit !Mr uud Mrs. Lafforty, Mrs. Millward,
the Misses O'Rielly, Scnnlan, MacDou-
gull, Jackson, Millward, Lafferty, and
Messrs. O'Rielly, Meigher, F. Irvine,
Caldwell, Mol.ean, Lindsay, Bennett,
Wilson, Innis, Honeymnu, LaBlniio,
Shackletoii, McKenzio, Fancett and
Fox. The first prize was won by Miss
N. O'Rielly and Mr. D. McLean, succeeded iu cany ing off tho booby prize.
A stringed orchestra was in attendance
and a most enjoyable'time was spent.
Miss Caroy was the recipient of a
number of very handsome presents.
i       THE   TEXT
Wo preach from
Quality at the
because  it  pays
every   day  and all  day
Lowest   Price,"   And
us and  it   pays you.
R. E. Fishburii, mining engineer,
uirived in the City lust night fiom
Chicngo. Mr. Fishburii will take
chnige af tbe Enterprise mine, Slocan
feats of tbe Boers they may rise and
cnt British lines of communication.
Geneial Buller will fiud il very difficult to get through Nioholson Nek district as he will have to approach high
hills in a very nnrrow conntiy. Thn
relief of Ladysmith will, however,
have a splendid effect upon the Empire. ''
Lieut-Col.    Vidal, acting   assistant
Adjutant-General, said, re the   relief:
amply shown by those who had died
nnd been wounded   in defence   ol  tbe
Umpire, He hoped the difficulty would
pass uway, and suggested that on the
oooasion of the next victory, or when
the war was over, thai a grand demonstration would be made by Laval
ami McGill  together,
The Miner is on sale at the following news stores at five cents per
y Nelson
Thomson Stationery Co .�� 1 ,.-,
Canada I)ru��� fcllnok Co. Nelson
HoUil Hume Sown Stand Nelson
Hotel Phair Nuwh Bland Nelson
11. Cillill'lu.ll
C. F. Nolson
Quebeo, Maroh -.'.���The body of Cy
rille Gingras, bookkeepci for the   I'rm
'I should think  it is certainly the !���*��� Messrs. Hamel St Frere
begiuniug of the end. I do not see. iu victoria Park this morning. He
how an army like tbo Boers can hnve I was rI0bnbly a victim of the storm,bla
nny cohesion. After they meet with appearance being that he was lost dnr-
a reverse_oi a defeat the tendency foi
such armies is to melt awav."
J. y. llcluncy
it. A. Hradshaw
Slocan Now* Co.
TlioniHon Hros,
burnout & Young
H. A. King 5: Uo.
and   News   Agents
was  found | i.ains out of Nelson
Now Denver
Slocan City
Qreen wood
on  boats  ant?
Ottawa, March 2.���The Canadian Patriotic Fund to date is |140.0H7.
Ottawa, Maroh 2.���The revenue and
expenditure of the Dominion for the
eight months ending February, was an
evidence of prosperity. The levenne
shows, as compared with last year, a
gain of (di,998,807, and the expenditure
sion of admiration and thanks on the j has grown during the same period by
part of the Lords ot tho Admiralty to .1,421,10, leaving a net improvement
the Marines and blue jaokets, ongag- Ot 11,578,81. There was about three-
ed in the war, for the splendid man- quarters of a million loss expended on
ner in which they had upheld the tr_- ; capital account ns compared with re-
ilitions of the  service  and haio added ; turns   for 1WI8.    Tho revenue of  eight
(lll'lt'-l IKCTOKY.
ing the heavy blow last night
Stratford, Out., March 2.���George
McLagan's furniture factory and David Bison's carpenter shop were destroyed by fire last night. Tho estimated loss is *1N,00U. insurance linlf.
Thn origin of the tire is uot  kunwn.
si. Saviour's [EnqubbJ cm-ncii���Cornor
Ward mul BUloa Ms. Sundays: Holy Communion 8 a. m.; nud on Iho 1st and 3rd Sundays
iu the innntli niter Mnttlns; Mali in- at 11 a.m.;
Hunibiy School |__0 p.m : Kvensong 7.:iu. Ilnlly:
Mullliis nl '.cm a. m. Thursdays and Saint's
Hays: Holy Communion 10 a. in. Fridays:
MvensmiK i .IHI p. in., followed by choir pruc-
Hoe. II. S. Akehursl, lteclor. Fred Irv'
lien. Johnstone, Wardeni
Catholic Chuiicii -Cornor'Ward and Mill
sin-,.is Mass every Sunday at Sand 10.00 a.m
H. in-.ii. 11,a, at 7.30 p.m.   Mass ov.-ry week dny
i &��x
. ,**">,,
To  get  in  your  work :    Wiih  every   pound
purchase we will give you
18 nob int ..aula! Siar for $1.00
Brands of Tea .    Grand Mogul, Star of India,
Diamond Jubilee, Blue  Ribbon and Lipton's.
This Bargain is for Saturday Only.
�� Morrison & Caldwell.
V The Red Front Telephone 134.
All The War News
Specials From Victoria
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Specials From Winnipeg
Specials From Montreal
All The Canadian News
All The Local News . .
-IN   THE-
\ in,..
Kingston, Mnreh 2.���V. Harrison's
fuinllure ntoro here wns destroyed hy
lire this morning together with a team
of bones. The loss will reach f8,000,
insurance |l,800, Other losses were
Mrs. Taylor, 11,1.00; N.   W. Kobjnttoii,
.1100; Mrs. Gildersleeve, IS,000,   partly |R____?*l___^?^��i3watl4.-u
'       '    Hobson. 1'iuitor.
nl 7.1.. a.m.   Kcv.   Father Ferland Hector.
l'HKMivTiciiiAN Ciiruui -Servicesat, 11 a.m.
ond 7.30 p.m. Sunday School at 2.30 p.m.
Prayer meeting Thursday evening at 8 p.
Christian Kndoavor Society meot8 ovory M
day evening at 8 o'clock. Kov. K,
Mktuodi.it    Ciiorcii���Comer   Silica   anr
Josephine Street*.   Service*, al. 11 a.m. and : :'���
p. iu. ; Siililinlh School, 2.30p.m.; 1'raver inc.;
ngon  Fridny_cvenliig at 8 o'clock' Kpworlh
Kov. John
Hai-tiht ' M	
Publishes more Telegraph News than al
other West Kootenay Papers,    .     .     ,
- Services morning nnd
7.30 p.m.; Prayer meet
to  its iepntation  foi
courage and devotion.
months past shows uu inerease ot seven
nml a half millions. Tho revenue fnr
the month of February was abont
$400,000 greater than for February,
lHiiii, ami the expenditure Increased
London, March 1,���Ool. Rhode!,
brother ol Cecil Khodes, describing In I about (l 100,000
Tho Times, tho entry into Ladysmith,
of Lord Dundouald, and six hundred ��� Ottawa, March a.���Tho following
of the Imperial Light Horse and Na cable waa received tonight by Hon.
lal Carbineers on February US, Hays:; Dr. Borden, from Lrrd HI ut henna:
"It is Impossible to depict the enthus- ' "London, Mnieh 'J. ���Plea"" send over
iasin     of    tho   linlengueiod   garrison,   by Hint mail good pliotOI of individual
  evening nt II a.m. and 7.30 p.m.: I'ray
Winnipeg,   March 8.-The following |^.^^2.23!^ "fe  '
cablegram   was   forwarded   today
ing <S ,-dncsilny evening at 8 p.m.   Iho H.
, I'.XJ. .Monday ovening at 8 o'clock.    Stranger*
t0   en 'Ilnlly welcomed.   Kov. C. W. Kose.  I'astor
Lord Strathcona, High  Com ml-loner *ft&l$_l?\%Z^\"35. MS__8
Cheer upon cheer ran from post to
post and staff ollicers, civilians and
soldiers flocked to greet them. At the
lord of the Klip River, women with
children in their arms, tearfully pressed forward to grusp the hands of the
gallant band. Sistuts iud brothers,
friends and relatives met again. It
was the most moving scene I have witnessed. The CODtrait between the robust   i i"a-* of ii   dozen   battles  and
pale, einiiiieipaled defenders of Lady
smith, was great. The hour for which
we hud so patiently waited had conic
nt last. General White and his Htatr
nut the corps in the center of the
town. He was cheered with heartfelt enthusiasm,   He   a.M.���d    the
civlians and thanked them and Ihe
garrison fnr their iiiaguillcont supiiort
through the trials whioh we alone
(am realize. Wo could uoHaibly have
hung on for six weeks longer hut the
privulions would have been great and
sickness anil the paucity of our iinimu
mt Inn would have limited the number
ot Kiaauttl we would have been able
to   resist.   \V
seigo with 18,000 troops, 2,000 civil-
inns, and 4,0(10 natives. Between eas.
unities null sickness s.lltlii soldiers pass
ed through the hospitals. It ii tm-
possible to over mnpliiislse the privn
Hon of the sick. Hince the middle of
January a mnn oneo down wns practically lost The reduced rations of tho
coldiom were just   sulllclciit   for   sub-
members of  the    Infantry,  monnted
lilies, and artillery sections of the contingent,   (ygd. i   Bttatbaons, '
Ottawa, March t,���Ottawa is enveloped in one of the gieutest snowstorms
that ever visited lhe Capital Snow
fell steadily for two days All trnius
are either cancelled   or running a  dny
lute Notwithstanding this the Ottawa
Street   Railway   Co.    have   run   theit
cars without a hitch.
in London: "The eilizens of Winnipeg desiie von to convev to our beloved Queen, their heartfelt congratulations upon the distinguished successes
which havo crowned the efforts of her
brave soldier) and take no small pridl
iu thi' faot that Canadians havo been
permitted to share iu  the glory of the
British arms. (Sgd.) llntacc Wilson,
A company ol Manitoba ('..llcgo stn-
denis lms been organised In connection
with the tilth Winnipeg Field B_t-
A.l.illd.ml Kdgf-cnmlH* In charirn.
Ottawa, March -.'.-Sir Chnrhn Topper   leaves   tomorrow   for   Huston   lo
lecture for Iho Rritisb Association  I'n- Villi.-vll��]'l
trintie   Society   which  is   getting   up strike nl    Ilie
Toronto,    March     I.���Speaking     at
tin. annual meeting oi   the McOaui
mission here   las��   evening   li. v     Ur
Hntt��, secretary nf the Bdonstlooal Booiety oi tlm Method lal Uhnruh, sdrleed
all loyal    P.ritons   to   ihun   the   Peril
Expositions, owing to tbaattltnde of
tin. Parlanu newspapers inwotdi Qreal
U__>j_ I- II. <l. F. K.mlenay Uslgr
���jyt**hjjpt*' *-*o. l'i. muel* every Monday ni_*hl,
^"**^     al   lliell   Mall,   Kootenay st'oot
Sojourning Odd Fellows cordially Invited.
John Soolejr, N. (1.   John A. Mcllae. V. f��,
 ll Vi, Itullicrfonl. goc
COURT KIKJTKNAY.  I. o7K.,~N'or 3138
v.,:n,_    ......I ,.i,.I   m,   Thuis.lav,  Fralernul
hall, J A Irving (,'��� H.   W. H. Mniw. It. S,
NKI.1IIN I..II.I.. No. HUN,, isin  Hie   Mac
llonidd hliH'k every 'I hursdav eveliliig nl 8
.'���������link. Vlslllng inciiilais ..mllally Invited
II. Holilnsnn. \\ . M     \|. i i.,��r..r.l. II. S.
NKLSON  AKII1K  No. 2J.F.  O.   K ooU
SVeryMOOnd mul fonrlli Wc.lnes.lays of each
ini.niii. Vlslllng niciiiliers cordially Invlt-
J It. Wrnv. s.crclarr.
65 cents
r'u S
' .
b      s-*
Spokane Falls jSl
Northern R'v.
Nelson  d_
QUKKN    Nil.   _i
KNir -
foods foi  South Africa
Ottawa, Mnreh .. ��� His Bxoellenoy
the Qoyernor-General has raoelred the
following: "Bermuda, Feb. UN.���The
members oi lhe Hamilton Dinghy
club, while sympathising deeply with
the relation! and friends ol those   kill.
ed in South Afrioa. nll'.-r lo  BogUod'l
in.i.i.. sons   their sinci rest   admiration
iriglnnlly started the | of the great gallantry displayed by thi
Canudian oontingenl n>    I'linidebeig '
(.ne.,   March   I.���The
Montreal   Ootton Com
pnny's mill here is ended,tho men gid-
ting an Increase ol live p���i   ,.,.���(   ,��� (
wages.   Two thousand oporatl.ee, who;
have been  ..ut  for three weeks, will
return t.. work Monday
Bellefllle, U in h ��� 11 .
railway here was ��� Iferi d i. - rmle
leida] hut there wen  no b   di 11,
Montreal, March   t.���Ooi man   was
killed und several seriously Injur.. I lu
a    collision   during   the   sunw   storm
yesterday ra the c r. it. at Lataoadle,
between Montreal and Farnhaiii. Tho
whole ol Ihe snow plow gnng belong.ul
to   _fiirnbiim     F.     DetOObw  and   T.
King inn,    March    I     Ii   Ii   ���i���|���r.
stond tbal I'niiiilpal i...on nil) |,.  ,,
lined nf pari ol hi- dotll      ���   i, ,, .
by tbe appolntmt nl 11   in   ier pn ���
Winnipeg, March  I,   11.... Mr. sir-
ton addressed | |���ign   meeting of Lib
...mis nt Brandon todey when moln
\ Hons approving Ins c,,Us��� wna pimfj
NKI.SON I.DIKIK,    No. H, A. F. _ A
M. meets si c.uiil We.liiemlay  in each
month,  vi-iiing brethsrn weleomo.
suns   ny   KMH.ANli,   meet
lirsl and third Wednesday nf
.���a. 1. inoiilli al fialernliy -hull.
oomer Of Haker and Kootenay
slr.cts. Vlslllng hretherll cord-
Inll) Invll.d.
Jons WATSON, Secretary.
niccl" In K. nf I'. hall, OddMlowa hl.sk
_u iv Tu.-day evening at - o'clock
III 11 nun: knights cordially invited
I.. -   ..��� ���   '    ),
tl. JOY, K.of It.anils.
Dominion and
Provincial <>
Land Surveyor.
NKLSON is c.
Sheppard R v
RedJ***1ountain R'v.
The only   all   rail   route   without
i hange of  oan  hetween   Nolaon a, d
llohHlutid mul Bpokane und KoHnliind
Lv. 9.16a.m. NKUSON. Ar. 8.90 p.m.
Lv. 11.25 n.ni. HOSSI.ANl) AilKKipni,
Lv.  8.1511.11,. SPOKANB Ar.6.1. p.m.
Train thnt loaves Nelson at 9:16 a.n
makes oloso oonneolious at Bpokane (oi
till   Coast   I'omli..
Paaoengen for Kettle Hirer ami Bonnl-
nry Creok.oonnoot at Marmts withMtag.
Bpokane Wash
Ageni, Nelson, B.O
Kootenay Railway and Nr.v.
Company, Ltd.
Schedule nf 'I'lme.       I'ncille Slanilai-il  I In H
Klfccllvu Keb*liars' 1st.  I!""1
rnssonger trnlii for Sandon and wny stut' i -
I loaves   Kaslo  at 8 a. in., dully.    Itelurniiic
. leaves Sainton at 1.1.. p.ui,, arriving al, Ka-lu
1 al 3..V. ii.ni,
Opi-rtitlng on Kooteiciy Lakei.n.l Klvcr
Sl.r. "International'   leaves Kiislu fur N-
ut  II ii. in, dally except.  Sunday.   Itelur	
leaves Nelson at. Lim p.m., calling a' Balfour,
I'llol liny,   ,in  ..in tl, and all way point.. I I H
nools with S. K, ��r. N. I rain lo and from BPO
I kiino alKive Mllel'ulnl.
sir. "Alli'il.i" leaves  Kaslo for I, irilo    l"1
ArKOfilu al S::lllpni Wc.llies.lnys
BUMIDOnoall st principal landing" In hut��
.IIroelIoiis.ai.il At nlher points when slgnallcl
TIckolssolil to all points in Oiilnuln and II"
I 'nltod Stales.
To ascertain rales nnd full information, na
dross :
Managnr. Kasln, B  '
*%*w** -1
j. IRON ��
Imn   miiiI   Ilm.-  �� n-r in.--.* nl   I \ .-n  |��.-.,i,,
tlun.    ��� ��� -       ntitl    Jo hi. In *
���<w        ���_ iraoiAi/rti
The Miner will pay $k. reward
for information thai will lead to the
nriisl anil conviction of any person
Who steals a copy ol this paper
fr. n: the premises of our subscribers.
" ��� ...I ...... ���.,! to Washington- ,
I \    saves iin.,., costs less, belter scrvtc. .
f    My .>Hc_ cloM lo U. B. Tulfnl Oltlc.    rREniir.llii.li
d try fl.nmlnA.l.,1,. m.i.le.   Alty'. f.. not in. til'lu.ll.!',
*l.����.'.t*J.   IT.RG'INAI. ATTI:NTll)N(llvr.N    111 YEA1.-
5 ACTUA1. ExrERICNOE.  Hook "How lo olil��ln r��.��nl
���tc.. lent lur.   rutfnt. pmmred U.ron*:li I. O HIH..-I. ,
rooalfe  .vs. 11,1    roll. ...   without rhsr...  In   "'.'��� .
Ulutrstod montlUy-Elivii.th y.u-Uimi, ��1. ��Jj(J' I
En ninnrnn tits oic. a. .now* c<i*
wwwwvwwiUww*' _v��->*>**^"
_v      ---__'


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