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Nelson Daily Miner Apr 4, 1899

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Array Daily Edition No  281.
Nelson, British Columbia, Tuesday, April 4,   1899.
nh Year
Corps of Engineers Leave
for the District
0. P. E- Will Likely  Start at Argenta
Shortly and Push tha Work
Along  Rapidly! -
Although no definite announcement
was made to that effect the people of
Nelson have become quite reconciled
to thi- belief that the 0. P. R. has no
intention of extending the Crow's
Nest line from Kootenay Landing to
Nelson tbis summer. Tbe construction of this work would have been of
immense benefit to Nelson and uni-
Tersal regret was expressed that the
company was not* to do it as soon as
expeoted. But as things look now tho
prospiicts are yery good for Nelson receiving the full benefit of railway construction this summer after all. The
C. P. R, has been expected to build into the Lardo country but as the work
was supposed to start from the Arrowhead end of the proposed road no immediate good wus anticipated for Nelson. The complexion of affairs has
changed, howeyer, in the past few days
and now eyery indication pointB to the
early commencement of the work from
a point near Argenta. at the head of
Kootenay Lake, which will make Nelson the direct source of supply for the
large gangs of men that will necessarily
be engaged.
Yesterday afternoon a purty of
engineers iu the employ of the 0. P.
R. left for Aigenta and will commence
at onoe to lay out the line from that
point. The party was composed of A.
E. Doucet, Q. H Gordon, G. L. Law,
P. 0. Grant, and Gordon Grant.
These gentlemen haye been for some
time working on the hue out from Arrowhead but received news that
brought them off post haste to Nelson
and on through to the head of the
Kootonay Lake. They did not stay
here a moment longer than they could
help as their orders wero to push on
���without delay. The reason for all this
haste could! not he learned from the
engineers who had nothing to say of
their movements but when two and
two are put together the reason is eaa ���
ily figured out.
At the present time engineers of the
Great Northern are locating a line into the Lardo and Trout Lake districts
to tap that rich mining region. It is
pretty well understood thut this is
a sebeme of Ml. Hill to extend the
Nelson & Bedlington road up the
east side of Kootenay Lake to ultimately connect with a line in the
Trout Lake district. The 0. P. R.
does not view this intrusion with favor
and has deoided to offset it by losing
no time in building into the country
itself. Mr. Hill has shown himself
so active that the 0. P. R. will lose no
more time in cheokmating him.
As the 0 P. R. first intended to get
to work the road would turn from Arrowhead up Fish River to Pool Greek,
crossing Fish River, thence southerly
to Trout Lake, along the wost Bide of
that lake aud skirting the Lardo River
to a point near Argenta on Kooteuay
Lake. Now the programme is reversed
und work will commence from the
Argenta end. The engineers will get
to work at onoe and it will probably
be only a short time before an announcement is made and actual work
of construction commences. Wheu the
lino iB finally oompleted to Arrowhead it will provide a muoh shorter
connection between Nelson and the
main line of the 0. P. R. and make
only one ohange necessary between
Revelstoke and here.
The proposed line ot.the Great Northern runs from Argenta, along the west
,ide of Duncan Lake and Dnnoan River
into the Trout Lake district. The
proposed terminus is not known but
the line would undoubtedly run far
enough north to tap a large" number of
Both roads now seem to be out for
the business the rich Lardo-Dnuoan
and Trout Lake districts have to offer
and in the soramble the oountry will
benefit greatly.
opened the English commercial school
founded by Dr. Wood. Tlio school is
supplied with competent musters and
is under the auspioes of the commercial
body.    It is much needed here.
Lima, Peru, April 3.���Senor Oaua-
uamo, president of the Lima ohamber
oi   commero-ij,*,, yesterday   formally
A War Between  Norway  and Sweden
Seems Probable.
London, April 8.���The Daily Mail's
correspondent at Gotheuberg, reverting
to the warlike preparations of Norway, says: "The only possible objeot
of these preparations is to attaok
Sweden, whose defenses and armament
are inferior, and whose infantry are
armed with obsolete weapons. Should
the Norwegian fleet attack Gotben-
berg, the city must , inevitably   fall."
Would Bo Murderer Stabbed to  Death
by His Wife.
Ohioago, April 3.���Before his obildren, aged eight and four years, Joseph Brown was stabbed to detith today
by his wife Clara. The murder was
the outcome of a family quarrel.
Brown had beaten and kicked his wife
nn*l threatened to kill her with a
butcher knife that was lying on the
table. When Brown made a move towards the knife, Mrs. Brown snatched
the knife hersolf. Brown raiBed his
foot and kicked her, but in falling she
lunged forward with the knife striking
him tairly in the stomach.
Maddened with fury and pain, the
two fought for Borne minutes, the husband striking and the wife plunging
the knife into her husband, until at
the fifth blow he fell backward dead.
Brown wns stabbed five times. He
was a packing house employee.
London, April 4. ���The Pope had a
fainting lit yesterday according to a
despatch to the Daily Telegraph from
Koine, which proved of the gravest
character. Evorv effort is being made
by Cardinal Rompolln, Papal secretary of state, to conceal the real cnn
clition of the Supreme Pontiff, his
object being to prevent the powers
from working for the next   conclave. "
London, April 4.���The Berlin correspondent of the Standard says -. Mr
White, American ambassador, expressed to me toi'ay (Monday) his firm conviction that the whole Samoau question is now iu a fair way to a settlement satisfactory to all parties interested."
Denver, Colo., April 3.���A bill to
promote athletic entertainments which
legalizes boxing contests in this stale
paBsed the Senate today by a vote of 18
to 9. It had prev;-*asly passed the house.
It is said that the Governor approves
the act.
The Oity of Topska is Ashore on Wrangle
Narrows, She Will Probably
be Saved.
Viotoria,B. O, Aprils.���Mayor Red
fern announced today that owing to
a misunderstanding between the counoil aud Mr. W. B. Ferguson, the latter'*-
appointment as City engineer has not
been confirmed. Mr. Ferguson who
comes from Toronto, was the choice of
the council a few weeks ago from a
list of 82 applications for tbe vacant
position. It Beems that the mayor
wished to see Mr. Ferguson before
installing him and, took exception to
the fact that the originals were not
produced, but only copieB and was
uneasy at the fact that Mr. Ferguson
brought uo instructions with him,
and did not produce any certificate of
membership iu tho Canadian's Society
of Engineers.
Mr. Ferguson says ho can produce
tho required evidenoe of his standing
in the profession and that he left his
instruments in Toronto to be test-d,
and thnt they will be hore in a few
Word has beeu received from the
steamer Danube which called at Union
today on the way from the north
that the Pacific CoaBt Company's
steamor City of Topeka is ashore ou
the south lodge of Wrangel Narrows,
nnd is making wator. It is expected
that she can be floated off.
Paris, April 3.���The regular Bervice
of auto-mobile cabs, for whioh the
public has been looking for a mouth,
began today.
London,   April   8.���Miss   Rose Leo-
lore the well known actress is dead.
English and
Will Play.
Uni- Serious Disturbances Reported from Near Canton
Baron Alfred Rothschild is Referee and
Mr- J Honuikai- Ilouton Umpire for Amerioans.
New York, April, 8.���Arrangements
have been completed for the international oable chess match between Columbia Harvard, Yale and Princeton
and the British Universities of Oxford
and Cambridge, will he played April
21 and 22. The house committee of
the Knickerbookor Athletic Club, of
New York, has invited the Amerioan
team to play their side of the match at
their club house, The team that will
represent the English universities has
been invited to play at the British
OhesB Olub, of which Sir George New-
nes is president. Baron Albert De
Rothsohild, of Vienna will aot as referee, and will settle all differences
which cannot be adjusted by the umpires.
Mr. John H. Heaton, M. P., who has
been active in furthering cable
matches between the legislative bodies
of the countries, will aot as umpire
for the Americans at the British
Chess Club. The British umpire has
not yet been mailed. The teams are :
Great Britain, Oxford���G. E. Ellis,
Lincoln College; A. H. W. George,
New College; A. P. Lacy Hulburt,
Keble College.
Cambridge���L. A. McLean, Ki ugs
College; M. G. Softlow. Trinity Hall;
0. E. f!   Tattnrenll. Trinity   Hull.
United States���Kaufman G. Falk.
Columbia: Arthur S, Meyer, Columbia ; Charles F. 0. Aronberg, Hnrvurd;
Waddill Catchings, Harvard; Louis
A. Oook, Yale; Woo. W. Young,
Winnipeg, April 3. ���Ihere iB an
announcement in the Free Press tint*
morning thnt the Government had
completed arrangements for preparing
the voters lists for Winnipeg, and that
possibly ' there would be an election
in June, has revived speonlatiou regarding prospective candidates. In
well informed circles the impression
prevails that Mr. Isaac Campbell, Q.
0., will be asked to stand iu the Liberal interests aud, it is generally
thought, that in tho event of his accepting nomination, there will be no
She Has Determined Not to Repudiate
Her Debt.
London, April 4.���The Madrid correspondent of the Times in course of a
favorable review of the financial prospects of Spain says*. "I have it ou
high authority that even partial repudiation is tho last solution that will bi
contemplated by the Government.
The programme which will probably
be accepted by riagasta's party as
well as by the Ministerialists, provides for a suspension of the sinking
fund, an increase of the revenue derived from tobacco and other monopolies,
au increased import duty on colonial produce, an income* tax on Becuri
ties, including the coupon* of the public debt and export duty ou minerals.
Coupons of the exterior department,
however, will ho paid fully and will
not be taxed."
Charles   Dawson   Tried   to   Beat  tbe
Champion Even Up.
London, April 8. ��� Th* championship
billiard match ou even terms of 18,
000 points up for ��100 sterling a side
nnd all the gate receipts between
John Roberts, for 14 yearB champion
in the spot barred gamo of billiards,
nnd Charles Dawson,a young Yorkshire
player, resulted in n victory this evening for Roberts, who scored the full
18,000 points to 10, IHO points secured
by Dawson. Play began at the Argyle
Hall, on Maroh 20. This waB the
first attempt in many years to^ play
Roberts ou even terms.
Peculiar Aotion at Port Ohin* Wan Tai
���Italy is About to Oooupy
San Moon  Baj-
Athens, April 3.-King George has
acoepted the. resignation of tho Cabinet.
One   Tramp Was   Killed and Two Injured.
Seattle, April 3.���A Post-Intelligencer special from Everett, Wash.,
says: A powder car belonging to a
Great Northern freight train blew up
here this morning, killing one tramp
and wounding two others who were
riding in an adjoining car. In addition to the powder car two oars containing mixed freight wero burned.
The injured mon gnvo their names
as Sylvester Fagan and Charles Fle-
botte. The mime of tho dend man was
unkuowii'to them. It is thought that
the car in which the tramps were riding was set ou fire by thorn aud the
heat exploded the powder oar.
London, April 8.���The Rome correspondent of the Daily Chronicle says he
learns iu official circles that Italy
and Great Britain bave arrived at an
agreement which will result in an
Italian occupation of Sau Moon Bay,
Province of Che Kiang, China, before
April 25.
Loudon, April 3.���According to a
despatch to the Daily Mail from Hong
Kong serious disturbancss have recently occurred in tbe vicinity of
Canton, nnd a British torpedo boat destroyer has been sent there to protect
British interests. The destroyer will
soon be followed by other vessels
carrying troops.
Pekin, April 3.���The correspondent
of the Times says: "The Chinese
authorities have made known to tho
British oonsul at Tied Tsin. the port
of Pekin, that the whole foreshore recently opened at Port Ching Wan Tai
is reserved for a ChiueBe mining company. The British legation has entered a protest pointing out that tbis
action renders the opening of the port
nugatory. Friendly relations continue
between the Gorman legation and the
Tsung Li Yamen and Chiua offers to
grant a railway concession if the German troops are withdrawn."
Pekin, April 3.���The Hong Kong
authorities nre pressing for an extension of her torritory cedod to Groat
Britain by the treaties of Canton and
Nankin on the ground that more
laud is needed for Govermeut buildings. They propose to build a custom
houso for the collection of Chinese revenues aud promise to increase the op
ium duties ��40,000 annually if the extension is granted. Iu case of refusal,
they threaten to remove the Chinese
custom house from British territory.
London. April 4.���The Hong Kong
correspondent of the Daily Mail says :
"Plaoards have been posted in the
Kow Loon Hinterland inciting the
people to stop the British officials from
surveying there and the officials have
returned to Hong Kong because of the
threatening attitude  of the Chinese.''
Hong Kong, April 4.���It is reported that the Chinese have captured
Oaptaiu Henry Francis May, superintendent of thi Hong Kong police.
Two companies of Welsh fusileera went
to Canton last night on the torpedo
boat destroyer sent there to protect
British interests, and the torpedo destroyer Fame followed at daybreak
this morning with 200 men. The
Hong Kong regiment iB under orders
to nroceed to Canton.
Joplin, Mo., April 3.���Five men
working in a deep narrow ditch hereto
day lost their lives by a cave in that
caught them from both sides. Four
men were buried under 18 feet ot dirt
aud rock. Ono named Neighbarger
was covered to the waist and died from
hia injuries bofore he could be dug
out. The names of the otherB are not
Now York, April 3.���The work of
searching the ruins of the Windsor
Hotel ended today. The total of the
known dead now numbers 45 aud several persons are still missing. A mom-
orinl service for tho victims of tho
fire was held this nfteruoon in the
ohuroh of the Heavenly Rest. Dr.
Parker Morgan the pastor, officiated.
All the relatives aud friends of miss-
, ing persons were invited as well as
thoso of the known dead.
Bodies of Soldiers and Civilians Interred at Washington.
Washington, April 3.���Arrangements
have been practically completed tor
the funoral ceremouies on the occasion
of the re-iutornieut in Arlington cemetery at 2 o'clook Thursday afternoon
of the remains of about 800 soldiers
and oivilians who lost their lives
either as a result of wounds or disease at Snntiago and Porto Rioo. The
ceremonies will bo of the simplest
character being confined to the commitment services condnoted by Post
Chaplain OhnrleB W. Freeland, who
has been summoned here from the
military post at Fort Monroe for that
purpose. Full military honors will
be paid the memory of the dead and
all of the regular  troops in this vioin-
ity, tho district uatioual guard and a
battalion of marines will participate
in the cere mon ies   at the cemetery.
Col. Franoifl L. Gutnther, of the
Fourth Artillery, will have command
of the military escort and exercises.
The remains of ISO of the heroes of the
war have nlrendy been deposited iu
tentB near tho spot selected for their
interment and it is expected that the
remaining 200 bodies will be brought
on from Jersey Oity tomorrow or next
day. The Presidont and most of the
offloials of the administration in tho
oity will attend the funeral services.
What is Needed to Convey the Passen.
gers of London.
We get some conception of the immensity of the passenger traffic of
London aud New York from the fact
that the passengers carried every year
within these two cities outnumber by-
many thousands the entire population
of the world, says Tit-Bits.
The railways, omuibuaes and trams
of Greater London convey 70,000,000
passengers every year, au army which,
however, closely packed, would more
than fill the whole of our London parks
16 times over; or, iu other words,
London's passengers would require an
enormous park ten miles long, and fivo
miles wide merely for standing
room. They would form a column lti
abreast and standing at intervals of
a yard long enough to reach around
tho earth at the equator, with a residuary column 32 feet deep reaching from
Loudon  to  Naples.
Apart from the railways, ou which
alone ��00,000,000 has beeu spent within the last 20 years, London's passengers require a line of omnibuses long
enough to stretch two deep from Whito-
chapel station iu the far east across
London to Shepherd's Bush statiou in
the weBt The tram cars m daily use
when horsed would form a Bingle line
from Shepherd's Bush via Holhoru nnd
Oxford street to the Bank of England, a distance of six miles. The 11,-
000 odd hansoms and four wheel cabs
would make an imposing column four
deep and as long as our double ilue of
Of toot passengers 200.000, or the entire population of Leicester, cross London bridge every day. Every mi mite,
from 11 till noou, 20 vehiclea and 94
foot passengers pass along the Strand,
or 1229 vehicles and 6668 people every
hour. Pice dilly boasts 141)7 vehicles
and 31)16 pedestrians au hour, aud iu
the | onr. Mm" 558)* people walk ninny
Tottenham Court roan. Within nn
hour nearly 2000 omnibuses pass a
giveu point in Tottenham Court road,
the Struud. Piccadilly and Oboapside,
the numbers ranging from 487 for the
first and 384 for the last named thoroughfare.
Nearly a million people travel every
day by rail within the boundaries of
London. Making due allowance for
the decreased 'traffic on (Sundays, London railway passengers alone for a year
would fill all Loudon's parks seven
times over, aud in siugle file -would
stretch around the equator more than
seven   times. MS
Dominion OustomB Collections  for Past
Nine Moatha Show Over $2,000,-
000 Increase.
Ottawa, April 8.���Tho Brockville
Recorder asked Major Walsh what he
had to say about the attick made ou
him by Sir Hibbert Tupper. He replied that he did not care to say anything a present, beyond characterizing
the statements of Sir Hibbert Tapper
as malicious and falsa,   and that there
was not a word of truth iu anything
that he had said concerning him.
The customs collection of the Dominion for nine months of the fiscal year
eliding March 31, last, were $18,810,-
425, as compared with $10, 541,878, for
the previous year, or an increase of
$2,358, 537. For the month of March
the receipts were $2,363,204 as against
$2,428,485 for March 18118. This shows
a decreaBo of about $60,000, which is
accounted for by Good Friday being
iu March this year and in April last
year, thereby making the collection of
last month short of March 1808.
Mr. Sifton intended speaking in Toronto tonight, but was not ablo to go
as he has to resume tbe debate ou the
Address in the House tomorrow.
The   Turks   Repulsed] in  a  Frontier
Vienna, April 8���A Berious collision
has taken place between Bulgarinn and
Turkish   frontier     guards    at   Ko/.yl
Agob, between .laiuboli, eastern   ttou-
meliii, and Adrianopln on the banks of
I the Toonjn, 66 miles south of Jainholi.
According to a dispatch from   Sofia,
| capital   of   Bulgaria,    the   Turks   at-
tacked a weak Bulgarian   outpost, but
j the Bulgarians, aided by firmed inhab-
i ituuts,   repulsed their   assailants after
1 a  fierce    fight.    Both   sides   suffered
I lo-Bes   of   killed   and   wounded.    Tho
| Turks, the dispatch says, were seeking
| to secure a position   hitherto   held   by
the Bulgarians,
Kozyl-Agob is tho railway station
nearest the Turkish frontier m Bulgarian territory aud it would be an important strategic point for Turkey^ if
���b" 'lu ii n**l to pour Hoops into .Bul
Officers Elected for Ensuing
Twelve Months.
The Handsome Now  Ohurch is all but
Paid for and the Outlook is
Very Bright.
The annual Easter meeting of the
congregation of St. Savionrs' ohuroh
was bold last evening. The'freports
of the officers showed the church to be
in a most encouraging condition.
The handsome new church building,
the best in the Kootenays, haB very
little outstanding agaiust it and by
the time it is completed it will be entirely paid for. The revenue as it it
at present will fully meet the estimated expenditure for the ensuing
years, taking into account the rapid
growth that the congregation has experienced and which will continue,
there will undoubtedly be a largo surplus by next Easter Monday. This is
a state of affairs of which the congregation mny well feel proud. The
Rector, Rev. II. S. Akehurst, presided
nt tbe meeting and after tho minutes
nf tho previous mooting had been read
nnd approved he made a few remarks
about the progress of the churoh.
The Sunday School ho stated, had a
superintendent, secretary and treasurer, six teachers and 80 children
with nu average attendance of about
60. Their accounts showed receipts
amounting to $168.76 of which $120.49
was paid for the font alone. The reports for the Ladies Guild showed that
1413.86 had been plnced to the build-
ingb fund and in addition to this the
Indies hud placed pews in the church
at a cost of $231. This speaks volumes
f���*���*��� tho fait'".'.*'*. o". the ladies of the
congregation, Besides the expenditure of that amount of money the
Guild bus contributed largely to the furnishing of the church,there are Bpecial
gifts representing large sums. Mr.
Akehurst proceeded to thank nil those
who had assisted so generously in the
season's work and concluded by reviewing what bnd been done towards
having the Kootenays set asidf into a
speoial diocese. The matter is still
pending, The total receipts for the
year from this parish amounted to
$8,346.96. Thero are 180 communicants
now on the roll.
The warden's statement of the general fund for tho year wns next considered. It showed total assets of $7779.17
with total liabilities of $1,164.16. As
over iJ3.500 bus already been spent ou
the church building and the revenue
is so satisfactory, the liabilities are extremely small.
After the report had been discussed
briefly it wns adopted and the election
of officers was proceeded with, result
ing as follows:
People's Win ^.en.���Mr. George Johnstone.
Sidesmen. ��� Messrs. E. A. Crease,
S. M. Brydges. J. M. Lay, J. J. Camp-
boll, Deacon, H. E. Beasloy, W. Irvine, Gamble, A.R.Sherwood. O.New-
ling.S. J. Sims and H. B. Taite.
Lay delegates to Synod.���Messrs. W.
A. Jowett, George Johnstone, E. A.
Mr. Lay spoke of tho excellent work
of the organ 1st and choir during the
year and moved that a vote of thanks
bo tendered them. Mr. W. Irvine
seconded the motion aud in so doing
complimented tho recipients ou the
very line music they were providing
referring especially to tho Easter services. Votes of thanks were also tendered to the retiring officers, the Lad-
les (iuild, the Sunday School stuff, aud
to Mr. Akehurst. The last mentioned
responded feelingly.
The question of the lack of a sidewalk iu front of tho church came np
for discussion. The meeting seemed
to think that tho only stone church iu
tlie Kootenay wns certainly entitled
to a side-wall*; which would replace the
existing muddy ways to the   entrance.
The chinch wardens were requested
to interview tho City Council and impress upon the City Father* tho
necessity of fbe work. However as tho
work has nlrendy been ordered and
all that now delays it is the lack of
lumber which will bo remedied in a
few days. St Saviours may look forward to proper communication with
her sidewalks   iu   the   nonr future.
The church committeo met after the
vestry meeting had adjourned.
New York, April 8.���Spike Sulli-
van knocked out Georgo Kirwin in tbe
7th round at the Greenwood Athletio
Club tonight,
New York, April 8.���Goorgo Stack-
house New York member of the
League of American Wheelmen racing
board. ninioiincoH that applications for
dates on the National circuit will be
reoeived until April 10. The National
at Boston August 14, to 19, and the
world's   championship   most   at Mou-
i trcal,   August  7 to 13, will be part ot
j the circuit.
-i T
Nelson  Daily Miner
Publish**! t��aily except Monday.
L>. J   BEATON, Editor and Manager.
SijnscRiPTioN Rates
1: illy por month by can'er I 100
por half yoar    6 00
per year r.  10 00
per yoar by mail    000
per year foreign  I" 00
Net son Wkkkiy Miner.
Weekly, pel half yoar !'!��
p.. r year    2 00
���       per year, foreign    2 50
Subscription i Invariably in advance
Notices of Births,   Deaths, and Marriages
Inserted for JO rents oach.
ADVERT. SIM) HA ���I'll*--- Ii iii}*. ft per Inch
or monih i Weekly, gL.60 i*t*r Inch per month.
11 por cont discount on yearly OOlltraolS.
run*,ienl nd\ ertlsinunts IIi'ks.1 nml ullieri 10
c *it8 pir lino lor first, anil t cenl*-i".*r lino for
mbsciiuoni ln-ertion.**. Want ads. one ooni
���i word oarli Insertion. Ko reduotlon on
hasp rates.   Accounts rondored monthly.
nelaon Ml" :r Printing-& PubllshlngCo
i.EI.SPN, B. C.
his participating iu a purely Opposition function would seem to indicate
that the device has not been altogether
A   jenc ngo  war
rope,   or   between
somewhere iu Lu-
Europeau powers
Was almov inevitable. Two years ago
it wns qui n so. One day it was between Gro t Britain and France; the
noit between Great Britain and Germany ; auol ber day between Germany
aud Franc���-, a fourth between Russiu
and Germ ny and always und every
day betwi in Great Britain and Russia, Tbe complications were so great
that oul war could clear them up.
And tc in ike matters worse, Great
Britain :.** isolated���isolated in the
sense of Having no friend or ally in
Europe, u.l so cordially hated aud
feared tha thore was imminent a combination ag liust her of all the great
Powers. . r the better part of two
years the correspondents kept the civilized worl'l in a turmoil of painful
agitation. Today there is scarcely a
speck in th * sky, and there has been no
war to cl r the atmosphere. It is
doubtful .* at any time there was the
slightest danger of a rupture, for excepting Great Britain there was no
European l'ower in a positiou to engage in a '.rst-class war. The most ex-
oiting an* altogether most dramatic
event of the period was that telegram
from the Germnn Emperor to President Kru er, followed by the dying squ.in on. Great Britain would
have fougi* readily enough, but the
heads tb< guide the uatiou knew
there would be no occasion for it, aud
there was ot. The brush between
Turkey a.i i Greece added to such risk
as there ���*������>; the Spauish-Americau
war whs i nt without its little dangers,
and the , r ..astern question of course
was repl*.* . "with difficult situatious.
But the - i*. .*��� ers have come through all
of them ..J'hout the firing of a guu.
No ous 'nm in Europe, ruler or
subject, i. .eserving of so much credit
for preserv ig the peaoe as Lord Salisbury. Tne skill and judgment with
which he i steered through all those
shoals ami r- ks have been most admirable.
It has boeu many years since the
*, neral situ.-ion bore a more peaceful
mx�� i tin it does today. And Great
�� i i in h.is come through it all with
���*'��� g color1*! Instead of being isolated,
.-lie is the - e Power of Europe that
till the othei court. Germany is her
trie ted frien She and Franco have
settled their o-fferences on the Nile,
n I before the ear ends it is expected
tin old troubl * in Newfoundland will
h - 3 disappeared, Kussia is fast re-
00' oiling herself to the discovery tbat
Gr at Britain has interests in the Far
Jii t which she h ib not the slightest
iu ention of sacrificing. Ouly quite
re ���eutly, thanks to the firmness of the
i'lifish Minister at Pekin, Russia has
tn.'st signifli'-i'tly abated her preteu-
si ns. Tho i'iir iticn of China is still
u ossibilit'-. course; but the skill
th I has av*. ** a rnptnre so far is cap-
nb of sue essfully coping witbj nny
d crs which thnt would involve.
in' little affair at Samoa scarcoly
oau s a ripple at anv of the three
cupula. Gieat Britain, the United
st eB. and Germany, the three great
ri'" Is iu trade, aro tho leaders iu the
world's civilization, aud have so much
iu common that a dozen Snnioas would
be powerless to create serious troublo
between them. There is every indication that the century will go out with
tie world as much ut peace as the nat-
ut  I conditions render possible.
A Ministerial correspondent expresses the belief that the vacant Pcst-
mastership of Montreal will not be
filled for some time. He speaks of Mr.
McSbaue's availability, but says that
In Mr. Beausoleil, M. P., he has a
strong rival. And then he adds:
"It is not probable that Mr. Boauso-
ltil will retire trjiu political life during this session." This is a round
about way of saying that the appointment is going to the member of Parliament, which means that another
Liberal member is sitting in the House
with the appointment itself or the
promise of it iu his packet. In the
good old days of Liberal Opposition
such a practice as this was regarded as
shockingly improper.
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Santiage de Cuba, April 3.���Four
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five miles from Sau Luiz yesterday after a lively fight with men of the
uth Immune rwjment. Today they
were brought heo*..*iud locked up.
The Pimieuto es'ate near Cobrc was
visited by 11 brigands this morning
nnd a store on the estate was looted.
In this instance there was uo fighting.
A regular battle, however, has taken
place near Holguin between the baud-
its and men of the second Immune
regiment. Two outlaws and oue soldier wero killed. Further serious trouble
is anticipated at Holguin and Guan-
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The   Boston Wheelmen   Will Not Cooperate in Montreal Meet.
Boston, Mass., April 8.���At a meeting of the Boston '99 club today resolutions were adopted notifying the
Canadian Wheelmen's Association that
in viow of the recent action of the C.
W. A. executive committee on so called
outlaw railing, the Boston club will
withdraw its support aud co-operation
from the Montreal meet. It was the
plan of the Boston meet club and the
L. A. W. officials to hold the '99 meet
nf the L. A. W. the week following,
and iu connection with the world'B
ireet at Montreal.
Case for Prosecution   is at Last Drawing to a Close.
Bridgeport, Conn., April 3.���Today,
which minks tho ninth day in the
trial of Dr. N. Guilford for murder
in causing the death of Emma Gill,
of Southiugton, through a criminal
operatiou, is in the third week of the
famous trial. It is believed, however,
tbat today's proceedings mark, "The
beginning of the end" as far as the
prosecution is concerned, as there is
little doubt that before tho court adjourns tomorrow the state will have
presented all its direct evideuce. The
di feuse, however, promises to occupy
all of this week and the following in
piesenting their side of tho case. The
rratlings are to be assumed to be
long drawn-out. The testimony given
today was unimportant.
Paris, April!!.���It is announced that
the Figaro, which is pablishing
daily evidence giveu before the criminal chamber of the court of cassation
in the Dreyfus affair will be prosecuted.
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. ourions thing happened at Torouto
tbe other day. Speaker Evanturel,
eh* ted hy tho Liberal majority of th*
Li cislntnro, attended with the niem-
In rp of the Opposition to make u* pro-
��� ntiitiou to the leader,   Mr.  Whitney.
ml from his spetoh ou the occasion it
���Mm Id seem that ho felt quite at
home. For a day or two after tho
I bt hi'iiithI election   there   was  some
0 nut whether Mr. Whitney had not
c rried the Province; had not, at
1�� Pt; disabled the Ilurdy Govern-
mi nt Aa usual at ��uch times, thero
*.*. -.- muoh speculation as to what
would happen next, and no rumor was
nviro persistent than that Mr. Bran-
tni el   would forsake   the Liberals   and
1 i' oillce under Mr.   Whitney.    If he
,de Bponker subsequently in the i
keeping him  straight, [trains out of Nelson.
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Stk. Moyie.
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8 a.m.���Leaves���NKLSON���Arrives���0.50   p n*..
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other points when slKnalled.
MalD   Line and   Int*nn. illnii  I'oluls  via
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6.3D a. m.-LeavoB���NKLSON���Arrlves-8 20 p. ui.
Ascertain Rates
and full information   by   addressing neare* I
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K. W. DREW, Agent, Nelto
Nelson  &  Fort
Sheppard R'y.
Red Mountain R'y.
The only all rail route without ohang
of oars between Nelsou and Bossland and
Spokane and Bossland.
Leave 9.40 a.m. NELSON Arriv* 5.30 p.m
"   11:55 "   BOSSL'D    "     3:10
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Mian Lino���California*! April   2
Dominion Line���'-jcoummn April   9
From Portland
Allan Line���Castilian April  8
From New York
Vt'hlto Star Line���Britannic March 29
Cunard  Lino���Umbria April  1
American Lino���PariH March 29
Anchor Line���Anchoria March 25
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Dominion Line -Now England March 29
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la th* Pi-orta-Mi
Attractive Tours during Semon p
Navigation on Great Lakes via Dulutb in
connection with Magniiioent Passenger
Steamers Northwest and Northland.
For maps, tlckots and complete Infoimatloo
call on or address Agents, K. & S. Ky., C fc K
8. Nav. Co., N & F. S. Ry., or
H. A. JACKSON General Ageat
spohaae, Wa
A Splendid Programme is
to be Given-
A Number of First * Okss Oonoerts Have
Been Arranged to Take Plaoe in
the Near Future.
In the Nelson Opera Honso tomorrow evening the first annual concert of
the NelBon Musical Society will be
given. For threo months tho members
of the Society have been practising ns-
sidiously and everything now points
to n very successful oonoert from an
artistio standpoint. The advance
sale of tickets has beon large enough
to guarantee its suoccss from a commercial point of view and also indicates (hat the oitizens of Nelsou are
not slow to avail thenisolves of an opportunity to Jear really first class
music. It would he hard to choose a
hotter programme which is made up
of some of the choicest gems of the old
masters with sufficient soleotions of
a lighter nature to please all tastes.' It
has heen a most ambitious uudeitaking for the society as few amateurs m
Canada would taokle such nn arduous
work. But under tho indefatigable
baton of Mr. W. F. Brougham the
difficulties have disappeared and recent
rehearsals give promise of a distinct
triumph for the local musicuins.
There are fourteen numbers on tin*
programme which opens with tho
march Hougroise (Rackocsy) from tin*
"Damnation of Faust," by tho orchestra composed of thirteen pieces.
A double quartette, "Tho Sands of
Dee," by Macfurren, is next. Mr.
Frank Oliver, of Rossland will ship
(a) "Songs My Mother taught Mo,"
by Dvorak, (b) "Star Vinco al be]
Idol," hy Balvator Rosa. Herr Steiner
will make his debut in Nelson and
those who have heard him predict 11
treat as he is a 'celhiist of considerable
ability. He will play Schubert's,
"Litanie" and Dunkler'e "Reverie. "
A sceuo from Wagner's "Tunnlumsi-r"
by Mr. R. M. Macdonald aud the Nelson Musical Society, follows. Mrs.
Brougham is down for two selections,
one an aria from Meyerbeer's "Pre
phete" and tho other, "When all was
Young, "from Faust. Mr. Kydd is
down for a solo. Mr. Oliver will givr
another selection. There are two
more double quartettes, solo by Mrs.
Troup with chorus by the Musical
Society, to conclude with march ami
chorus from Scene III, Act II, "Taun
hauser." Such a programme at all
well rendered will be the greatest musical treat Nelson has ever enjoyed.
Tho concert wil start promptly at
eight o'clock and ticket holders arc
requested to bo iu their seats by thai
hour. There are several good seats
still for sale at tho Thompson Station
ery Co., and tho Canada Drug and
Book Co.
On Monday and Tuesday next the
Ohioago Ladies Quatrette will appear
in the Opera House. This organization is well known throughout the
States and Canada and have an envi-
ablo record. The artists are as follows:
Grace Caboru, soprano; Rose Luti-
ger, contralto aud accompanist; Jessie
E. Dunn, mezzo-soprano and pianist;
Alice Merrill Raymond, alto-solist and
musical director; Zulieme Searles
Bolkcom, impersonator. This is what
some of the papers have to say of the
singing: Thoir quartette singing is
Bimply perfect and every member is an
artist. ���Denver Republican.
Their work throughout was of the
highest character and their harmony
perfect. ���Topeka Daily Capital.
A quartette of musical ability. They
sing as with one voice, a faultless interpretation and clear, concise rendition.���Kansas City Jounal.
Thoir ensemble singing is exquisite ;
beautiful blending voices, of good quality of tone, modulating at times into
intricate harmony artistically executed
is indeed a rare pleasure in these
times when crudity and noise make up
for lack of skill aud tonal deficiencies.
���Wiuulneg (Man.) Tribuiio.
Another first class oonoert arranged
for will be given uuder the auspices
of the Ladies Aid of St. Paul's iu the
Oporn House on tho evening of Mon
day the 17th inst. Herr Stoiuor is arranging the programme which is sufficient guarantee that it will be a first
olass one. Mrs. Parry, Mrs. Brougham, and Mrs. W. A. Macdonald and
Mr. Goo. Kydd will sing aud Mrs.
Bruce White will contribute violin
selections. MendelBsohn'j^popular trio
in minor will he played bv Mrs.
white, Miss Wilson and Herr Steiner.
Mr. W. A. Jowett will act as accompanist. This concert, together with
the postponed one of tbe Catholic
Church, one under tho auspices of the
Ladies Aid of the Methodist Church
and the two mentioned above, makes
the muBioal outlook iu Nelsou a vory
pleasant one.
Herr Steiner has been engaged as
leader of the Opera Houso orchestra.
He will surround himself with somo
good musicians and Opera House patrons will be treated to first class music.
The start will be a modest one but
n�� the patronage warrants it other
pieces will he added.
Easter music in tho churches drew
out vory large congregations on Bon-
u*y. At the morning service in St,
mil s   Church    Mrs.     Troup    sang
cut Thou Didst. Not L.eave" from
ttaudal's Messiah with great taste
and expression. A large number of
peoplo were turned away from the
���rening lervtoe, the handsome ohuroh
being overcrowded. Two anthems
were sung, "Ho is Risen," by Sim-
der. Mrs. Troup taking the solo pnrt
in a very phasing manner. Mrs. Melville Parry sang, "I knew that mv
Redeemer l.ivcth," from tin-. Messiah,
Her oharming voice was never herd
to better Advantage in Nelson. The
singing of the choir wns ulso very good
especially iu the Messiah choruses
and "Ho is Risen." Tho ohoir is
making very satisfactory prouress,
Whioh reflects credit upon Mr. Jowett, thu leader. In tho Presbyterian
church Mr. Caldwell sung tho solo,
"Calvary" at tbe morning service and
Mrs. W. A. Maodonald "Tbo King of
Love My Shepherd is," at tho evening service. Both solos wero very
well sung.
Mr. Melville Parry has heen appointed Kootenay correspondent for
the Now York Mirror, the"well known
Dramatic paper.
On Thursday night of this week
thero will be a first class smoking concert in aid ot the Nelson Fire Brigade.
The Fire laddies havo a great many
friends in the City nnd the supply of
talent will bn sufficient to make up a
lurge nnd varied programme, An orchestra has been arranged for. Among
the attraction will be a wrestling
bout between two Japanese athletes.
A boxing contest and innumerable
songs and recitations. The Opera
House has been secured for the occasion aud tho members of tho brigade
expeot a largo attendance of their
friends. A new departure will be the
appearance of ��� the fire fighters as
musicians as they will nil join in the
chorus of thnt sterling martial
song: "The Soldiers of the (Jueen
A successful rehearsal was held last
Mrs. Goepel hns returned from a
throe weoks visit to friends in Victoria.
A. E. Suckling, representing
Creed Slater & Co., cigar manufacturers is at the Hume.
Mrs. T. Stafford, wife of Mayor
Statford of Vernon passed though the
Oity yesterday en route for Spokane.
Although most of the business houses
were open yesterday there wns littlo
business done, the observance of Easter Monday being moro general than
Mr. White, chiurmau of the Klon-
dvke Champs d' Ore Company,J who
are operating the Joker mine on the
bead of Kokaneo Creek leaves for Rosslaud today.
Mr. J. T. Wilkinson the enterprising
representative on the road for the
Vancouver Proviuce nrrived in the
City last evening and registered at
the Hume.
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce White returned
t'i Nelson yesterday evening from n
visit to the Const,, whither Mr. White
went on business connected wilh the
eight hour question.
Tho City expects to receive a supph
of lumber in a few days and work will
stmt immediately upon the construction
of about a half a mile of sidewalks
wbioh have been ordered by tho Council.
Mayor Neelands, Captain Duncan
Mr. S. S. Fowler, and Mr. J. J
Campbell left for the Coast yesterday
morning to interview the Minister ol
Miues on the recent eight hour legislation.
Mr. Grant Thorburu, one of Silver-
fi u's popular hotel men registered at
ar the Hnnio yesterday. He reports
that tniugs are very livelj
in and around Silverton and lhat tin
outlook for the season is very   bright.
Brigadier Howell, chief divisional
offloe of the Pacific division of the Salvation Army, will conduct special
meetings at the barracks Wednesday
and Thursday b and 0. Tho Brigadier is a good speaker, splendid soloist
and musician.
Silverton iB preparing a big celebration for the Queen's Birthday. The
Nelson Odd Fellows will likely run an
excursion from here and largo crowd***
aro expected from other Kootenaj
points. Iuvitatious will be extended
to the Athletic Clubs of Nelsou to
si nd teams.
The Nelson Planing Mill has secured the contract for supplying the City
with the length lumber needed at $10
per thousand. J. A. Say ward ubtained
the contract for sidewalk lumber nt
$9. Genelle & Co., the the Goat River
Lumber Co., F. Lavin, and Shooli
and Aruot also tendered.
E. Unconie bas obtained the con
tract of erecting electric light poles
for the city at $2. lib per pole. The
other tenders wero Stutter & Seaman,
$1; G. Beaumont, $11.75; Kelly St
Macdonald, $-1.-36; G. Matbesou, |8.50|
S. MoRae, $8.25. ��� David Dui-lz,
$4.50, and Thomas Dcnistor, $5.76.
Yesterday the Rev. R. Frew joined
Mr. Charles McLaughlin und Miss
Catherine June MoUuo in the bonds
of holy matrimony. Tlie ceremony
was performed at the house ol Mr.
John Grant in the presence of a lew
intimate friends. Mr. CharleB Macdouald was best man, and Miss Mc-
Ewan bridesmaid. The happy couple
left by bout yesterday afternoon lor
Snudon where Mr. McLaughlin owns
tho Palaco Hotol.
The Printers of   Nelson   Have Organized Onco   More.
Thero was at one time a printer's
Union in Nelson but tho organization
died a natural death ns there were to
few printers iu town lo support it.
VoBterdny, however, thoy got together
and organized another union with Ut
charter members and a charter has
boon applied for.
The following officers were elected:
President, J. W. Mclntyro; Vice Vres-
ideiit, H. B. Hubbard ; Fred. 0. Me-
nury, Rec. -Sec. ; W. G. McMorris,
Oor.-Sec, and Treas. ; J. 0, Fletcher,
Sergt. at Arms.
The Phair-J. E. Poupore, Nakusp;
Ivan Lamtois, G . Montreal; S. P.
Tuck, Kaslo, C. WalDey, Silver King
mine; H. J.   Bremau,   Montreal;  W.
Heathcote, Bonnington Falls; Frank
Longford, Sandon ; 0. Taylor, Halifax ;
H, A. Dnrven. Robson; H. J.
Franklin, Sandon,
Hume���W. Westerland.Sandon ;C. W.
McArthur, Spokane ;Mrs. C. T. Straff mil,
Vernon; H. .1. Sullivan, Toronto;
Miss. M. Livingstone, Slocan City; A.
Marshall, Vancouver; A E. Suckling,
Vancouver; R. J. Hannah, Toronto;
J. T. Lawrence, Nakusp ; W. H. Lang-
ridge. Revkelstoke; H. J. Robie.New
Denver; Florence Benson, New' Den-
verr; Jas. J. Godfrey, Sandon; Grant
Thorhurn, Silverton; Mrs. McDonald,
Silverton; .1. T. Wilkinson, Vaneouvor ; W. Parker, Brooklyn.
ncternluKli-al ll'-port,
(Observations taken by A. 11. Holdich.
KST KST      h-Al.L   OMSTKR
Mur 28 Tuesday 60 110.0 0.00 27.70
Mar29 Wed'day 47.5 33.0 0.00 27.70
Mur 30 Thursday 42.0 23.5 0.00 ?7 95
Mnr 31 Friday 40.0 30.0 0.00 27.a*>
Apr 1 Saturday 41.5 30.0 0.00 27.75
Apr 2 Sunday 61.0 33.0 0.00 28.00
Apr  3 Monday 42.0 32.0 0.03 27.115
unnecessary work, the old fashioned implements and old fashioned methods are good
enough for you.
But if you desire Lo nmko matters oasior for
yourself and help, come in and look over tho
we are showing. Eaoh article is tho best of
its kind both in quality and design and our
prices are not high.
Vancouver Hardware Co., Ltd.
importers of
Shelf and Hcaw Hai'dware.
The Danger
Your eyes may be warning you every
day of their weakness and their in
ability tu work without, help. Tin
eyes are the "doily bread makers" for
most of us, They are prieeless to al)
Don't neglect them. Timely attention
will save future misery.
(i-room house and 2 lots on Cur- %
bonate street     $115(1
House and 'i lots on Silica street 1460
0 room house and 2 lots near Park 10fi0
House and 2 lots on Josephine st 1800
House and 3 lots on Vernon streot 3600
House and 2 lots on Lake street 2(K)0
50-foot lot on Haker street.
Biota on Hobson street  775
2 lots ou Hoover street  650
2 lots on Ward street ,  500
2 lots on Latimer street  100
lj lots on Carbonate st. residence 500
1 lo' Carbonate street  B60
2 lots in Hume Addition   350
24 lots in Hume Addition a snap
J. L. VANSTONE, Mining Broker.
11. II, WILLIAMS, Custo-: s Broker.
Real Estate Agents,
Baker St.,
Nelson, 1). O.
Egg's from pure bred
Plymouth Rocks at
$2.00 per Setting.
Capital Paid  up ���      ��� f!l,000,00G
Uust -      - i.aoo.lXU
U.S. Howland, Pros.   T. R.Merrill, VicePros.
Wm. Ramsay,     HuRhByan,     Robt.Jail'ray
T. Sutherland Slliyner,       Kliiw Honors.
Hoad Oflleo, Toronto.
D, K. WILK.IE, General Manager.
E. HAY, Inspector.
iti'iiiirlii". In nil principal ClUei ami lowim
In    Ontario   anil  Uim-'mt
llraliclirx    In      Maiiltalni,     Northwest
Territories and ItrlllHlt < ipIiiiiiMu.
Wiv   i*ko, Portage La Pkaiuik. Hi-aniion
"n        'AI.HA1IY, 1'lilNCK Al.BKilT, KDMONTON
* th Kdmonton, N. VV.   T.    Vancouver
pX,HON.  K1CVKI.8TOKK, 11. C.
.-Agents in Urait Britain��� Lloyd's Bunk, Ltd.,
7-i Lombard street, London, with whom inonej
nmy ho deposited for transfer by letter or cable
to any part of Canada.
Letters of I'redit issued on Alaska Commercial Co. payable at St. Michuel's, Alaska, and
Drafts Sold, available at all points In Can-
da, United States nnd Kurone.
Letters of oredit issued, available in any
part of the world.
Savings hank Department���Deposits or fl
nnd upwards received and interest allowod.
Debei torus���Municipal and other debentures purchased,
Money Ordors issued payablo at any Hank
Rates���under   ��lo,   80;  ��io   to 190,    100;
$20 to ��30, 1*31 $30 to $50, 14c.
J.   M*   LAY.   MANAGER.
Say John
Come in and see our Nkw Link oic Siioks.
They're just what you want for this weather
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'em. Bring some of your friends along too;
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Mining nml  Real   Estate   Broker,
Turner-Bwckli Block, Nelson.
Mouey to loan for building purposes.
Mining Shares for Sale���Dundee, Monarch,
1 Utica, Fairmont. Also Republic and Camp
MoKinney share-*. A few hundred dollari Invested may bring you thousands.
Property for sale In all parts of the city.
Houses to rent.
The Easy Shopping Store. B0AED AND K00M
First-class hoard and room, Todd's
old stand, comer Ward and Carbonate, in rear of lini-lisli church, heated
by steam. Table board 1*4; room and
board 16 and -?;">. 50.
A collection of fine Belgium Cuuuries
for sale.
1 have just received a
consignment of
23=3ewelleb Ibampton Movement
used by all railroad   men.    Come   before
they   all go.
Baker St.
No Kick Coming
When you see our $10.00 Suits. They are what you
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If you want something better than a ready-made suit,
we have a Full Range of Spring Samples from the well
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Toronto.   We will take your measure for them.   These
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Emory & Walley,
The Hub Furnishing House.
Falling   on     Sunday    this    season     will   create   a   big   demand   for
Don't go without them. We will be well stocked. We have also
made ariangements with the Hens of Nelson to supply us with New-
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Your table won't be complete without a pound of our Celebrated Tea.
M. DesBrisay & Co.
T. Rails T. Rails
8 lb.
12 lb.
Drill Steel, Blacksmiths' Coal,
Ore Cars, Powder, Caps and Fuse.
Lawrence Hardware Co.
Shelf and Heavy Hardware, Nelson, B- C.
356 Fishing Rods
And more coming. English and Canadian
make. Bamboo (whole and split), Steel,
Lancewood and Greenheart. The largest assortment in Kootenay. Mail Orders promptly attended to.
Patronize Home Industry, and Smoke the
Nelson  Hardware Co,
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
. . FRESH . .
(Jumps supplied Oil shortest notice and Lower Price*,
Mail Orders receive Careful attention.
Nothing but fresh and wholesome meuts and supplies
kept in stock.
Markets at Nelson and Ymir.
PRINOIPAL8-B;^o<MWwR'K,&( oamb. enq.
Boarding and Day School.       Present   Numbers 44.     Preparatory   class
under Lady.   Highest references to  Parents, etc.
For Terms apply to Principals, -        1171 Georgia St., Vancouver.
Royal Seal
And other   Union
Made Cigars  of the
Kootenay Cigar Mfg. Co.
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer and Porter.
Drop in   aud  see   ns.
To Loan-^
Great West Life Assurance Company.
At 8 per cent, eti
Improved Property.
Agent, Baker Streei.
General Teamsters.
Apnts fir B. C Oil Co.
(Standard Oil Co.)
Anthracite Coal.
First Class Fir
Cut any length,
to order. One car of Fres.t
Spokane Lime just arrived.
Office Cor. Baker & Hall Sts.
Telephone   88.
Geo.    Holbrook,
City Scavenger.
All kinds of dny and nlmht HoavcnKerlng.
Work promptly done. Chimney dw*Mplug
Hoi ��13.   liearo ordnni al. M. IiwIlrinar'K.
Time Card in effect Jn.nuii.ry  3rd,  1808
South b'nd. North b  d
Itwid down        . Koad up
Ilont Lvb. 6.80 a.m.  Iviwlo    8.30 p.m. Boat Ar
"    7.30   " Ainsworth 7.10	
"    8 00   " Pilot Bay 6.30   "        "    "
"    8.15   "   Balfour   6.00	
*���    Ar   0.1.1   " SMilePt. 6.10	
"     "  10.30  "   Nolson   4.30   "       '���   Ly
Conned*** with N.& K. S. Hallway train for
Spokane, leaving Klvc Mile Point at 10:05 a.m.
Bteamera leave ICai-lo cily wharf at foot of SM
Htreot.   Subject to change without notice.
Many Promising Properties
Coming to the Front
Aid* G* Frank Beer Think*! it Will Greatly
Retard the District if Enforced ���
Wagon Eoads Needed-
That the miuing legislation railroaded through the Provincial Legislature
at the tail end of the session will (lo n
great deal of harm to the mines in the
Lardo-Duucan district is the opinion
of Aid. G. Frank Beer, who has just
returned from :i visit to that region.
In talking with a Miner reporter yesterday, Aid. Beer stated that the law
would surely prove unworkable and
that if it was enforced it would mean
trouble with the miners which would
perhaps end in the closing down of
all the mines. In a uew country it
would not be possible to pay $3.50 a day
for eight hours of work. In the Rossland camp it iB altogether different as
tha properties are pretty well developed. In the Lardo district the men
are so far away from any centre that
they have nothing to do but work and
would rather stay in the mine ten
hours a day for $3.50 than lay off for
16 hours at reduced pay. The men had
no complaint whatever as to their
work and but a few of them know
yet that the eight hour law is in force.
Aid. Beer thinks that au attempt to
enforce the law will do irreparable
harm to the country.
Speaking of the Lardo district generally Aid. Beer said that he expeoted
to see great activity in the properties
there this season. Heretofore the
owners of Lardo claims stood iu the
way of its advancement ou account of
the prohibitive prices they asked for
their properties. Thore arc signs uow
that it will be worked at a more businesslike basis than heretofore which
will encourage a large amount of capital to go in. There is uo doubt abont
tho district being exceptionally rich
and wheu tbe weather permits active
work will start on a great many
claims. Thore are several good companies interested in properties there
and the showings thus far have been
sufficient to oucourage them to push
on the work. The good prospect of tho
early building of a railroad through
tho richest mining region has gieutl.v
stimulated development work. This
moans considerable to Nolson as this
Oity will be the supply point for the
southern part of the district and also
for the camps as far north as the enter
prise of Nolson Merchants can make
itself felt.
The most immediate want of the region it the extension of the wagon
road up the north fork of tho Lardo
River not less than six miles. This
would givo shipping facilities for 2(1
good properties and be ot imnienso
benefit to the district. It would be easily constructed and would uot be au
expensive piece of work.
While in the district Aid. Beer
made arrangements for taking tho ore
from the Beatrice miue in which he
is interested to Thompson's Lauding,
When ho left 10 horses aud nine men
were at work bringing down the oie.
The season being Into before the trail
was mado he will not get down as
much as he oxpected but hopes to have
over a huudred tons down before tho
road breaks. While ho was at the
niino they drove IB feet in the lower
tunnel, striking the vein, and completing 120 feet of work. The showing
is very satisfactory. Thoy are now
drifting ou the vein and pushing the
work as rapidly as possible. The appearances continue favorable.
Speaking of other properties iu tin*
district Aid. Beer said that while he
wan at his property men were put to
work on the adjoining claim the Silver
CJuoeu. Work will also shortly commence on the Black Diamond,
Nettie L., Littlo Robert, Union Jack,
Rob Roy and others. ,1. W. Westfall
of Rossland was in thu country with
Mr. Beer. His lirm is interested in
several properties upon which devel
opmout will be pushed as soon ns tin*
season admits. The Old Gold Quartz
aud Placer Mining Co., and the Primrose Gold Mining Company have done
considerable work. On each property a
working tunnel is now being driven
and both have considerable oro on the
dump. A shaft is being sunk and
drifting oontinuod on the Nettie L.,
undei the supervision of D. J. Cameron. The recont strike on this property
has caused quite an excitement in
the country and brought hosts of congratulations to Mr. Pool, who is largely
interested uud who iH one of tho moBt
popular mining men in the district.
The St. Elmo, owned by Hugh Mc-
Pherson is ono of the most promising
claims and active work iH expeoted to
commence in a few days. While there
Mr. Beer heard that several valuable
claims had ohanged hands and iu each
oaso work will be coienmnced as soon
as the Hiiuw admits. The Bad Shot,
on Gayuor Crook, owned by Messrs.
Johnston & Campbell will bo largely
developed and considerable money will
be spent on it this spring. ThiH property should become a shipper in the
near future. Iu fact there should be
not loss (ban ten shippers in this district this season.
The probability of the 0. P. R.
building up Pish Creek as far as Pool
Oreok will result in a large amount
of work being done there. Already
plans are completed to put a lurge
number of men to   work niirly'in May.
The Mohawk is one of lhe prorating
claiuiH thore. The Toinson, owned
by Messrs. Ferguson and Know Ies, V
adjoining the Silver  Oup,   will
considerable work done at it with
the probability of its heing one of
the best properties and largest shippers
in the distriot.
In conclusion Aid. Beer said that he
had every confidence in the district
proving oue of the richest in the Province aud that this season would see it
make great progress.
#   ��   *
The winze being sunk in the No. 3
tunnel at the Wakefield Mines, has
now reachod a depth of 70 feet. The
ground is hard aud quite an inflow of
water was encountered, so that the
contractors concluded to throw up the
contract and work for the company at
days pay. A good famount of ore has
been encouutored all the way down, so
tho company will push the work to
completion as fast as possible. The
Wakefield Mines are employing a
large number of men doing development work. When their tramway is
iu operation tho building of which is
decided upon, it will be the biggest
shipping mine in the lako region.���
New York, April, 8.��� Bar silver 593-.,'
Mexican   dollars   47)^.
Cooper steadv, strong; brokers',
$18^ ; exchange, $18.
Lead, easy ; domestio brokers, $4.50;
exchange, $4.85.
Tin, quiet; plates steady.
KansaB Oity, April 8.���A special
to the Journal from El Pasco, Tex.,
Grant G.Gilllet, the Kansas plunger
who escaped to Mexico after absconding with two dozen cattlemen's money
claims to havo mide a contract with a
Chicago stockman named Burke to look
after his cattle interests in Peru. Soon
after his arrival in Mexico, Gillett
purchased a hotel at Chihuahua, which
he is said to have  just  sold at a loss.
Tragic  End of   A  Frenoh  Canadian
Toledo, O., April 8.���A romantic
and tragio story come? from Point
Pelee, Out., James La Blanche, a
vnuui? French Oauadian, killed "his
sweetheart, an Indian girl named Olga
Potamie. The Frenchman lived on
the mainland,and had not seen the girl
during the winter. When he went to
her home he learned that she had
Kiven her love to another, an American. He begged the voung woman to
take a walk with him. When they
arrived at Lover's Rock, a snot
made famous because an Indian chief
bad there murdered a French girl who
refused to marrv him, La Blanche is
said to have stabbed Miss .Potamie.
Hn thriw the body into tho lake and
drove the knife with which he had
killed tbe girl he loved into his own
heart, falling dead iuto the water after her.
Mining Stock Quotations.
i'om ile-i by .1, L. Vanstono. Successor to II.
O.   McCulloch,     Mining    Uroker,
KuUon, B. Om P. O. box 169.
N'iuiic of Company Value.        Price
British Columbia.
Athabasca  51
Cariboo (Camp McK)  1 70
Deer Park  74
Dardanelles  12
Dundee  30
ESxoheauer  ll
Evening Star  ll
Fern G. M. Co  60
Iron Mask  79
lion Colt  20
Monte Cririto  12
Morrison  19
Mammoth  2
Little Cariboo  2
Noble Fivo  33
Pathfinder  u
Humbler Cariboo  36
Keuo  90
Slocan Star  110
Sullivan  18
Bhannan Dolphin  ;t
Tamarack (Pooled)   io
Virginia  61
Waterloo (Camp McK)  Hi
Winnipeg  28
Wiarton (Treas)  22
Wonderful  7
Hon Hur  22
Blaok Tail   15
liodie  6
Butte & Boston  83
Ohespa Blue Jay  si
Dora  34
Golden Harvest  4
Golden Sunset  ��  2
Gold Bedgo  fil
Insurgent  fU
Iron Monitor  4
Jim Blaine  45
Lone Bine  39
Morning Glory  10
Mountain Mon.  85
NorihSan Poll  12
Balo Alto  8
Princess Maud  8
ftullp   13
Republic  375
Reaate  19
San Poll  76
Trade Dollar  isj
Tom Thumb  20
Buffalo Hump DeT  (JJ
Provincial RightB Association of British
[Temporarily organized in August) 180ft*]
In detenoe Of Provincial Autonomy, ruthlessly invaded hy ThomaH ft, Mclnnes. LIcuL-Gov-
ernor of the Province, and futlior to guard the
rights and lihoitleH of the people againit mis
A constitutional and "ot a party or political
Rosuland, B. C.
After June 15th I will be pre
pared to furnish good, dry lire wood,
cut on mountain to parties paying
cash when woodis delivered.
Positively no wood delivered   except for spot cash.    Tel. No. 91.
ig.-jt Chas. F. ETTBR,
Notice is hereby given that I. the undersign*
ed,  An- nn  H. (Momenth. Intend   at  the llrst
wittingof the Board of Licensing Commission'
ers of tho City of Nelson, to he neld  thirty (30)
days after the publication of this notice, to ftp
ply for a Retail Liquor Saloon Lieensi for tho
Iiremiwe* known mh the corner Htorn of the Odd
PolloWl ituilding, on lot number oue [1] in
block twelve (12|. being Hltualed on lhe SOttth*
east corner of Maker und Kootenay Mi-eels, in
the West Ward of tho Haid City of Nelaon.
Jatud thU 10th day of March, A, D., t8U9.
The Rush
Has been so great we were compelled to
order more goods, which have just arrived.
First come, first choice.
H. H. Vincent,
Merchant Jailor.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
a.g> ����������������������� s>*-9
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo,
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Orders by mall to any branch will have careful and prompt attention.
The Brackman & Ker
Milling Co., Ltd.
Wholesale and Retail.   Grain, Hay, Feed, etc.
Write for Quotations on Car Lots,        ���       Nelson, B. C.
Ne.soi)   Teijl  ai)d   AWijing   Factory
Canvas Goods, Tents, Awning, aud
Fancy Striped Cuvtains for Verandahs aud Windows.
Theo. Madson,
jtE Real Estate and Insurance Agent. S3
E The Birkbeck Investment, Security i|
��e and Savings Co. 3
g�� advance money on Improved Real Estate.    Repayable in 5 and =3
fc*** 8 years by monthly instalments. .
Turner Beeton & Co.
Carload   of   PABST   BEER   Just   Arrived.
A Large Stock of    ���-.*.*���.
Liquors, Cigars & Tobaccos,
Dry Goods and  Ore Bags
w���.��� Always on Hand.
Wholesale Oi)li).
PurHuaut to tbe CredllorH Trust Deed AcU
anil  Ameudcd Act*.
NOTICE  IH   hereby Brfvon that Samuel J,
Mighton*! of Kelson, H. u��� heretofore carrying
on DU&inOBI km Tobacco Merchant at Nelson, H.
C, ha* by deed dated lhe U)th day nf March,
A. 1>., 189.', iiHsiKued all bin perrioiml OfltdtOi
credil-* and oirectM, which may bo Belted and
sold under execution, and all bis real estate, to
Hugh H. ('ameron. of NcIhoii, It, (J., AkciiU In
tniMt for tbo benellt of bin creditors. Tho Raid
'Iced WOH executed by tne said Kunmel J.
Mighton and by the said Hugh K, Cameron, on
the Ktth day of March, A. I>., L899. and all per-
hoiih navlng claims utmiiiHt, the suid Hamuei J.
Mitchioo arc I0qulrod,on or before tbe HMhiluy
of April, A. I), IBflO, lo send to the Trustee full
particulars of tbe smiic, duly Verified, together
with the particulars of tho wt-curlty nf any)
held by thu
Notice Ih hereby furthor given that after the
: -ipril. A. D��� \M). the trustee
will prooeed to distribute the ansols  of  tho
Haid 10th day of April, A.
trust estate amongst those creditors who aro
entitled thereto, and whose claims have then
been lodged with him, having regard only to
Un* il mn i if which he then lias notice, and
thai ho will not he responsible after Haid date
for tho atMutH of the said trUHt estate, or any
parttheieof, ho distributed to any person or
persons, firm or corporation of whoso claim he
had not notice at tho tlmo of distribution.
Notice Is hereby given that n meeting of tbo
creditors of the said Samuel J, Mighton will be
held at the law olllco of Macdonald ,v Johnson
on Maker sheet, in the City of Nolson, on Monday the80th day of March, A. It.. 1809, al tho
hour of two o'clock in tbo afternoon.
Dated at NcIhoii, B. C, this 10th day of
March, A. I)., 1800,
Solicitors for tbo said Trustee.
Who hai MM my Cloth*, and
Samples of Ovurccmt nuitlm***,
Tr0U86n and Fancy VohUiikh
wiyHihey are elegant. The iii-Icoh
aro right. Fit and FIiiImIi can
not Iw excelled In Canada.
Ladled    Tailor-tnn.de huita a
6:30 am.���Train leaves C.P. R. station
for main   line   and   intermediate poinls  via Slocan
Lake route daily.
8:00 am.
9:40 a.m.-
B m 9 CUmeat Block.
-S.S. Moyie leaves for Kootenay L'd'g and way points
Monday, Wednesday und
-Train leaveN N. St P. S.
station for Rowland, Spokane and way points daily.
10:05 a.m.���ti. ti. International arrives
from KiihIo and way points
daily except Sunday.
11:00 a.m.���S. S. Kokanee arrives from
Kaslo and way pointH daily
except Sunday.
4:00 p.m.���S. S. Kokanee leaves for
Kaslo and way points,
daily, except Sunday,
4:30 p.m.���S. S. International leaves
for Kaslo and way points,
dailv except Sunday.
5:30 p.m.���Train arrives N. & P. S.
station, from Spokane,
Rossland and way points,
6:50 p.m.���S. S. Moyie arrives from
Kootenay L/d'g and way
points, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays,
0:40 p.m.���Train leaves O. P. R. station for Robson, Trail,
RosBland, etc., daily.
8.30 p. m.���Train arrives C. P. R.
Station from main line and
intermediate points via
Hlocnn Luke route daily.
10:30 p.m.���Train arrives 0. P. It. station, from Rowland, Trail,
The Robson, etc., daily.
Tailor Transportation Companion aro roquo**tod to
give notloo to the Miner of any altorai.li.mi in
the Umtof irrlvnl and denuture from Nelson.
New Spring hats of All Descriptions to Suit
All Tastes         ....        ...��        ....
Stitson's, of  Philadelphia,   and  Christy's,   of
London, are Our Leaders. .... ....
J. A. GILKER, - P. 0. Store
Kirkpatrick & Wilson,
Groceries  and  Crockery.
We have now on Display in our window a fine
Assortment of
Every piece having; the maker's name stamped
on it.    We are selling at very low prices.
fiyamtne an& be tfonvinceD.
Kirkpatrick & Wilson
All   Communications relating to British Columbia business
to be addressed to P. O. Drawer 505, Nelson, B.C.
. *���%/%/%�������� *%%%%%%������%%'���%%*���%%
J. Roderick Robertson,
General Manager
S. S. Fowler, E. M.,
Mining Engineer
$6.76   PER   TON,   DELIVERED.
All orders must be accompanied by cash and should be   forwarded
either personally or by mail to the office of
General Agent Cor. Kootenay & Baker Sti.
R. P. RITHET &. CO., LTD.,
Wholesale Merchants.
Liquors and Groceries.
MI LLSp   Enderby and Vernon	
A.   B.   GRAY,   ip. o. box en  nelson, b. o.,
Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
Incorporated 1869.
Capital Authorized   ....   $2,ooo,ooo
Capital Paid Up, $1,500,000, Reserre, $1,250,000.
Head Office: Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Comparative  Statement.,  showing   the  progreBS made by this Bank ia th.
past ten years: 1888 WW
Capital Paid   Up....r  9 1,000,000 $ 1,500,000
ReBt  200.000 1,250.000
Deposits  2.8(12,000 8,175,000
Circulation  808,000 1,387,000
Loans  3,835,000 8,654.000
Liabilities to Public  4.038,000 9.900,000
Total Assets  5,280,000 12,737,000
(ieneral Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange  Bought
and Sold, Letters of Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the m    t favorable terms.    Interest allowed on special
deposits   nd on Saving Bank accounts.
Atlin, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Yancoiwr
Vancouver East End, Victoria, Ymir.
A BavingH Bunk douartment hn** beon enLablitihed In connection with tke Nolwm braiioh of
llil*. bank. Iic|iii*.iii. of ono dollar and upward! ronolvod. and current rate of lulcniul allowod.
at proHoot 3 por cent, por annum.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.O.
CRESTON, B. C. omriMiW
Dealers in all kinds of Lumber.   Can be delivered at any
time in any Quantity.
General Broker.
Ileal Estate lu all Parts of the
Kire, Life, Accident
and Sickness  Assurance.
Aberdeen Blook.     ,    ,    ,
WeBt Kootenay Valley, B. O., ou Hue
of O. N. P. r.y��� and
Nelson * Bedlington Ry., now under
Information regarding Oreston may
be had of GEO. ATPABLAND, Agent
Nelson, or from
Creston Townsite Co.,


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