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Nelson Daily Miner Mar 23, 1900

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Array Dally Edition No. 683.
Nelson, British Columbia, Friday, March 23,  1900.
Tenth Year
persistent Rumors In London
Of tho Relief of That
Reports of Olivler's Victory
Over Gatacre are Not
Umilmi, March 88.���(4 a. m.)-Again
Here is a persistent rumor heie that
Mafeking bus been relieved. It is even
assorted Unit the War Offlne bus received B dispatch positively aiiiimiucing
the relief, hot that publication of it
is held back because the form of the
message admits the possibility of a
mistake. The War Offloe, however,
Asolarea that there is no cnniirination
pf the minor and that no further news
on the Bnbjeot is nt band.
Nu attention is paid iu any quarter
to the wild Hucr minors, of Command-
nut Olivier's victory over General Qat-
acre, which urn only designed to relieve tin1 '-1rcii]iing spirits nf the laugh-
em. It seems certain that Mnfolcinu's
oulv chances lie in relief by the columns eopposed to be advancing from
the sonth or in the possibility tint
Colonel Baden-Powell was strung
enough to attempt a sortie with a view
of oapturing the Boer nuns at a time
when Comiiiuudunt Symons withdrew
his meu to oppose Colonel l'liinicr's
advance. All the reports regarding tlm
iCitish operations in the Fine .State
continue to bo sntisfucti ry. Noihing
tins developed regarding "General Boiler's intentions, bnt it seems hard to
believe that be is again embarking
General Warren's divisions. It is
reported from Loreuao Merqhes thnt
Pretoria is prepared to stand n suig) of
two years, and the Boer women, Iran-
tie at the reverses to thu Boer arms,
are entreating to he allowed to shoot
the Blltish unicorn imp, in,uml at Pretoria. It is also announced from the
T.ansvaal capital thnt Ihe Italian
Government has declined to  interfere.
Wnrrentnn, Mnrch 22.���The liners
have vacated Klip Dam and Windsor-
tun. Their wives nud families have
tied with them. They sank Ihe pouts
or ferry limits at Uiverton and Wind-
snrton. The Valley can only be crossed
by swimming, The country this side
of the river is well patrolled by the
gtontly astonish the Boers. A diB-
patoh to the Morning Post, from
Hloonifonteiu, dated Wednesday, says:
"A deserter reports that the enemy after repeated dissentions has withdnwn
from     Brand fort    northward,'I   Ho
thinks it unlikely thnt tbe Boers will
iiiaki) u stand anywhere south of the
Vnal,    I cannot personally share  suoh
London, March 22.���The report from
Krouatadt, Orange Free Stute, via Pretoria, that tbe Hours uuder command
Ot General Olivier, hod defeated the
British troops under command of Gen-
ernl Qatacre, in the vioiiuty of Bethu-
lie, is not believed here. A dispatch
to Too Daily News from Springfon-
toin, tinted Tuesday, March 30, says
that General Gatacre was "All Well"
and adds that he and General Brabant
had not lest a dozen men in a fortnight. The InBt advices also placed
General Gatacre about thirty miles
north of liethnlie, where the Boer re-
poit says the defeat wiib indicted.
Ebis, combined with the fnot tbnt no
mention of the affair was made by
Lord Roberts in.his dispatch of March
21, confirms the belief that tbo Kroon-
startt report is erroneous. The reports
of skirmishing near LobatBi while apparently uot indicting nny serious Iosb
to Colonel Pluincr's column caused
grave anxiety in rcgurd to his ability
to reaoh Mafeking. Further uowb
from that quarter is anxiously awaited, for in tho six days that have
elapsed since the Inst message was sent
off, serious omigemcuts have occurred,
though not of Colonel Plnmer's seek-
iug. The Boors seem determined not
lo give up their prey at Mafekiug,
without a fieice struggle. In reply to
the major of Cape Town's request to
make "Mafekiug Relief Day" a public
holiday, Premier Schriener wrote:
"May tho holiday come soon nud may
a spirit of general good will and
kindly ceusure prevail at one later."
The Times iu lis second edition,
publishes a dispatch from Lorenzo
Marqnez, which quotea President
,-ii'vn ns saying .at Krooustadt thnt
the Boers could coutiuuo the struggle
tor six months longer.
While the Boers and British in the
Oiaugo Free State are taking advantage of tho period of inactivity to en-
liiely rest, those on the bordeis of
Natal are beginning to show activity.
A special dispTtoh from Dnrbun says
the town ot Pomeroy, thirty miles
eistof Ladysmith, has been burned
by the Boers. A British detachment
arriving at Pomeroy as the Boers
vacaten the place, shelled theburghetB,
bnt they succeeded iu taking up a
sr.ng positiou in the hills with a
lorce estimated to number n.udO.
Correspondence Between Dr.
Borden, Gen, Hutton and
Gol. Hughes.
Minister of Militia Forwards
All These Letters to
Mulock Introduces His Fair
Pay   Resolution  in
He Speaks at Length���News
From All  Parts of
London, March 83.���The Standard in
its principal editorial today indulges
the hope that many Boers may yet become British soldiers. It says: "Tbe
Beet! are proved to have a remarkable
turn fui soldiering and thcie must, be
many young liners who will lie relnet-
snt tn lelum to n dull pastoral life
after tlm excitements of tbe campaign.
If they are willing to adept a military career, wo can llud room (or them
in safer und more satisfactory -.'iiier-
prises than armed rebellion. We uiuy
yet hope to sec sumo ftttnio Omnia or
Jonbeit leading British troops on the
battlefield, side by side with generals
Of Irish, Canadian nnd Australian ori-
fiin. Anny commissions aro to be
itiven tu Australians and similar priv-
flieges must be granted to the other
(.'"lollies including those of Southern
London, March 2:1.���A dispatch to
Tin' daily News from Springfoiiteiu,
"luted Wednesday morning, March 21,
says: "General Gntiicre and his staff
nre mill here. He is most strict regarding the privato property of the
Boers. Borne officers who had looted
Boer farms, have been tried and punished tn Un, great astonishment and
gratification ol tho Hours. "
London, March 22. ���Replying in the
Honse ol Commons today to a series
of questions on the subject uf General
Lout Methnen and his alleged disagreements with the officers of his column, which ha��e caused couBiderable
ouniinont. tbe Parliamentary Secretary
for the War Ollice, Mr. George Wynd-
ham, deolared that no charges bad
been brought against General Methnen
by Colonel Gongh, or any other officer.
Colonel (lough, ho added, has been informed that an inquiry would bo held
in his case. Colonel Gough is alleged
to have been ordered homo by General
Methnen after deoliuiug to obey a command issued by the lutter, aud the colonel demanded a trial by court martial.
It has been learned that no peace
overtures have been mado to Lord Salisbury, nor nny expected at, present by
('���rent Britain. The tolegraphi'j correspondence has been confined to the
treatment of prisuners. Lord Salisbury, as aheady cabled, is holding the
Presidents of the South Afrbau Republics responsible for the welfare of
tho British prisoners. The question of
tbe safety of Johannesburg and the
gold miues thero has uot been raised.
The correspondence exchanged between
Lord Salisbury and President Kruger
will shortly bo given to Parliament.
Lobatsi,   Friday,    March     1(1.���The
Boers   under   Commandant  Bnyraan
uro advancing in   force from Mafeking  and insubordinate
London,   March   2:!.���Mr.   Winston
UborobUl, telegraphing from Lady-
snutli, Thursday, pleads for mercy in
dealing With the rebels. He says:
"Wo must nut try for onr "pound',if
Bosh, " No real oonqnerer ever lost by
e I'liiency, eilhor iu tins world or iu
tlm next,"
London, March 2:!. ���A dispatch to
Tho Times from Kim barley, dated
innrsday, says: "The date of the departure of the Mafeking column from
here has uot yet been fixed."
I.midm,,     March   211.���Mr.   Spencer
Wilkinson, reviewing the general field
()1 opsratlons  In   the  Morning  Post
H��ys: The rumors nf Hour victories
me not worth much but tbey may
"orva to remind us thnt for a day or
WO tbsre lias been 1111 specific account,
'." '"'""ml Oataore's movements. It
IH probable that bis force is moving
northward en the east side of tbe roll-
way. Interest in Mafeking increases
in aostdnesS, Oommandabt Bnlman
"ii'lditly writes highly colored dispatches, which seems a pity for his
actios are sound, Lord Hoberts is not
"��bw to let the Bner army escape him
ni.. he is pausing so as tn elisors,When
"   next,   moves,   the    mobility    aud
,,"mn1e����ol nil bis columns,   Bv this
'""'��� "0 has lauen  the measure of all
s (""���orals nml   troop, and thore   is
""likely |��� bo any such failure of ex
'" "'" OS   omincd during th
"" Bloemfontein  "
Me will
be directing
'"ovmiiiits  ���(   two  if  nnt throe
und   tho result  will  probably
towards Lubatso. Colonel Bodle mnde
a reoonnaissnnco on Maroli 1!! and
found Pitgiini and Potlilnga occupied
by tbo Boers. Ho returned to Goodo
siding and mado a demonstration on
Maroh 14, He found tho Boers in
strong positions at a sharp onrvo on
the railway. Tbey bad mounted a gun
on the line and wero lying in wait for
the COUStmotion train. A brisk tiring
occurred a few mills south of Lobntsi
011 the morning of the loth. The
Boer Maxim was freely used. Colonel
Bodle name In touch with tbe Boors
just in time tn prevent the camp being
surprised. The Boers attacked thn advance party and captured a few boxes
nf ammunition and nearly scoured a
Maxim. Lieut. Tyler was killed, and
Lieut. Chapman oapturod. Colonel
Bodle coming up, put the Boers to
flight with heavy loss. Tbe Boers yes-
teiday woro within a few miles of
LobatBi. Yesterday aftornonn thoy
piessed closely on Colonel Flumor's
math oainp.nnd kept up a hot llio with
a Mnxim, killing one white man and
ono native. They placed the Maxim
and a twelvo and a half pounder nn
the hill on the east side of tho liuo.
four thousand yards from the enmp.
Tbo British right is proteoted by
Chief Bullion who has warned tho
Hoers not to entor his territory. Col.
Pluincr's present oudeavor is lo insure
tho safety of the railway north of Lobntsi, and to watch well tbo left Hank.
It Is probable thnt before tbo Boers
retire towards Pretoria they will Incklo
tho KhodesiaiiH in foroo. It is reported that the burgherfl are abandoning
Iho environs of Mafeking, leaving only
sufficient number of artillerists to
man the big guns. Thoro are noun at
Kaiiiutalabama. whore   they were sup-
i'ontinui',1 on Fourth 1'nico,
Ottawa, March 22.���The correspondence between Lieut. -Col.  Hughes and
General   Hutton and Dr.    Borden  wns
presented to Parliament tonight by tbo
Minister of Militin.    Tbis correspondence  opens   with a   letter   from   Col.
Hughes   to   the   Minister   of Militia,
offering lo  enroll   and lead in  active
service abroad, a regiment   or   brigade
of Canadians either under the "(lag of
Canada or what   he   deemed better the
flag of the Empire. "    On July 2fi last,
Dr. Botdeu replied   thnt  he   sent   the
offer of Col. Hughes to the War  Office
through tha regular channel.    On Jnly
81, General Hutton wrote the Minister
thnt, while Hughes'   application spoke
well for his military spirit, tbere were
officers of greater experience than Col.
Builhes,   who   had   mnde   application
without the approval of his commanding officer   and   tbe   General   untitled
Col. Hughes of this   irregularity,   aud
the breach of military   procedure.    Un
August 10, Col. Montizambert, D.   0.
C. of Districts 8 nnd 4,   sent  Hughes'
application to tbo   Chief   Staff   ofiicer
iu   tbe   regular   way   nnd   marked   it
"foi warded and   strongly   recommended."    Gen. Hutton had Cnl.   Hughes
written to,calling attention to the mil-
itaty regulations, whereupon tho latter
replied that,  he had   not   violuted   the
Queen's regulations,    witb  which   he
was  thoroughly  conversant.    He  had
yet to   learn of   anything   which   deprived n citizen   soldier from   address.
ing tho Minister of Militin on that  01
any other   subject.    Further be   made
a direct offer to the Imperial   authorities as woil, so that delays   might   be
avoided.    He was competent   to   command bis corps   and wanted to   know
the paragraphs of tbe   Queen's regulations thut   ho   had   violated.    Besides
he considered   the   letter   of   the staff
ofiicer uncalled for.   The sequel of Cot.
Hughes' offer to the Imperial   authorities was shown   in   a  letter from  the
Governor-General's   secretnry to General Hutton, stating   that   Lord Minto
had reoeived from tho Hon. Joa.Ch.'ini-
berlain a  dispatch. Informing him of
that offer, and asking General  Hutton
to inform   Hughes   tbnt  Chamberlain
had requested tbnt nn expression of his
high appreciation of tbe loyal  and patriotic spirit   shown   by   Hughes, and
those who   have   volunteered to   servo
with him, bo conveyed to  that officer.
This   letter   was   accompanied   by   a
note   from His Excellency'a   secretary
stating that the implication was   quite
irregular. Gouerni Hutton in forwarding this to Hughes   asked   for his reasons for  the   irregularity   spokeu   of.
Hughes in reply maintained   that as a
citizen of the   Umpire   he hud a right
to do what, he  did.    An officer of   the
Canadian militin wns uot to be regarded in the same way as an officer of the
permanent   service.    To   tins  Colonel
Foster wroto privately asking   Hughes
to withdraw his loiter befoie tho General bud taken official notice   of it.    If
not   it   might   result   in  making   his
"military  position   here   nutennble."
Colonel   Hughes  answered   that  oven
if he were straining military etiquette,
uo   inntter wha��� wns douo   he   should
not ask the letter back.    Goueral Hutton instructed Col. Foster  to any   that
HughoB' letter was "highly   improper
'   and   that "unless
it was   withdrawn    with   a   complete
apology it will bo tho duty of the geu-
oryl to submit   the   correspondence   in
quV'iition   to   the   Minister nf   Militia
for   reference   to   his   Excellency  the
Governor-General.    Col. Hughes wroto
unofficially   to   the   general,   sovorely
criticizing the   ability   of Colonel Buchanan to oommand, and criticized the
predecessors  of   the general,   pointing
to their failures and   permitting them-
solves to be Influenced by a few In Ottawa, Montreal  and Toronto.   "In nil
love and brotherhood" said Hughes,"!
know you allow yourself  to   be   meddling here and tbere in small  matters,
Even if your suggestions be approved
it must not he forgotten fiat we in
Canada know of British ways in ninny
things. We nre not iu lovo with her
because of her barnacles and hor dentures fastened upon her noble body.
We  have   un   love   for   these   British
remittance men, obanoe offspring and
others sent out to thoBe Colonics and
too often placed in positions Which
thoy nre inrapablo of filling." This
letter and next ono which was dated
the 88th of August was marked cnnlid-
ential. In the last letter Hughes said
that be hud yet to learn of any British
offlcor of note who had boon promoted
to a high command on his merits,
Lord Roberts nlone excepted. On
October 88, after the declaration of
war   Colonel Hughes wrote a   personal
letter to Hutton telling  bim   that he
(Hutton) had published slander
against him as an officer and 11 citizen
nnd as far as his statements concerned
him, they wero untrue nnd his attempt
to connect him with   Insubordination,
laughable and   s ringly   vindictive.
On October Id,   Colonel   Fostei   wrote
Colonel    Montizambert   saving    thnt
Continued on Fourth Pane
and accused the I'ostmnster-Gencral of
having only recently raised the salary
Of some nf his postotlicc employees.
Ottawa, March 22.���In the House
today the PoatmaBter-General, in reply to n question ooncerning The Montreal Star being franked by tbe carload
by George Taylor, said be had knowledge that large quantities of The Star
were franked through tho mails by
Taylor and other Conservative members. He had no knowledge of tho
precise quantities. In the interest of
his hon. friend he hoped be hna assistance in having them franked, seeing
the quantities were so large. He wns
aware Taylor used stumps for franking. As to the oppoBite lines of policy
The Star, Le Journal, the ono being
anid to blame the Government for not
doing enough in.regard to contingents,
while the other acoused the Government for doing anything at all. he
did not know nnythiug about, because
ho did uot read either. As to whether
tho Government intended to take steps
to prevent tbe Baid George Taylor from
us-.ug the mails at publio expense, no
amendment of the statute in regard to
the franking privilege was in contemplation.
Hon. Mr. Mulock moved his fair
wage resolution which is as  follows:
"That it bo resolvod that all Government contracts should contain such
conditions as will prevont abuseB,
wbich may arise trom tbe sub-letting
of such contracts, nnd that every
effort shonld bo made to secure tho
payment of Buch wages as are generally
accepted aB current in eaoh, for competent workmen in the district where
tbo work is carried out and that thia
House cordially concurs in such a policy and deeiuB it tbe duty of the Government to take immediate steps to
givo effect thereto. It is hereby deolared that the work to wbich the foregoing policy shall apply inoludes not
only work undertaken hy the Government itself bnt also all works aided by
giant of Dominion   publio funds. "
He said that the first timo that a resolution of this kind was moved in tho
Imperial Parliament in 181)1. Not only
did tbe resolution he was proposing
deal with Government works, but
other works of publio character. Canada bad the experience of the Mother
Country in tbis matter. It would be
necessary to frame regulations for tbe
proper carrying out of the resolution.
Tho resolution in the Imperial Honse
waa adnptod in 1808 and a committee
was appointed in 18!)K to seo how it
was working. This committee reported in 1807. Mr. Mulock read from the
report of this committee which took
evidence in regard to the working of
tho system. It testified that the law
was working in the right direction although complaints were made
against it. Whilst the first attempts to
utilize  tbis  resolution  might not ac
Victoria, B. C, Maroh 22.���The
Colonist suggests tomorrow that
monster mass meetings should ho held
throughout the   Province,   denouncing
the notion of tbo Lieutenant-Governor,
In permitting Martin to hold office under the present conditions. Tbo Mainland cities will he asked to oo-operate
in the movement and when the resolutions are passed ot the Victoria meeting, the electors will proceed in a body
to Government Honse and insist upen
Governor Molnnes giving au answer to
those resolutions. In the ovent of his
refusing to receive the petitioners,
strong resolutions asking fnr his recall
by Federal authorities will he forwarded to Ottawa. Outside the nhove there
is nothing new in the political situation. Feeling is growing thnt the
Lieutenant-Governor oannot long delay action.
Winnipeg, March 22.���A Kcgina dispatch published hero says: "Hon. J.
H. Boss, Territorial Treasurer, hns
mado a Startling discovery. The town-
Bite trustees ot various points have always onjoyed ?o tier cent, exemption
from taxation on the idea that the C.
P. R. and Government owned three-
quertera oi the townsiles. It is now
discovered thnt they do not own any
porlion bnt aro only entitled to a share
of tho proceeds. Tho townsito trustees
are the owuers. Full taxes ought
therefore to havo been paid nnd not
only 25 per cent. It biay ho impossible to collect the arrears hut tho full
hundred por cent, will bo demanded in
future." Several towns are affected
among them lteginn, Moosejaw, Cjuap-
pello uud Vinlen.
Kuskanook Sufferers Supplied
With Provisions and
Nelson's Generous Response
To the Appeal for the
Ottawa, Ont., March 22.���Tbo Militia Department received tho following
cable today: "Cupe Town, Mnrcb
21.���Transport Milwaukee arrived at
Capo Town today all well, 118 horses
dead.   (Sgd.)   Col. Gordon."
The Milwaukee sailed from Halifax
on tbe afternoon of Wednesday, February 21, witb men and horses of "A"
and "B" squadrons, of Mounted
Rifles, aud the men horses and guns of
"C" battery, R, C. A., in all 700
Halifax, N. B., March 22. ���A cable
from St. Pierre suys the dwelling nf
Jacques Lerasse, on lice Nielley, St.
Pierre, was burned with its contents
this morning. The loss will reach $8,-
Sydney, B.gjU, March 22.���James
Brekbnni, Chief of Police here, wa3 fatally Blabbed today by an Italian laborer. Beckham came from Halifax
to take tho position of chief   of polico.
Smith Curtis Addresses tbo Liberal Associaliou.
Rosslnnd, B. C, March 22.���Hon.
Smith Curtis, by invitation of the
Liberal Asscciation, attended their
meeting tonight und addressed them
on the preseut political situation. He
was cordially received nnd individually
tho members, who wero present in
large numbers, expressed their intention of supnoitmg him should ho stand
for this riding. Hon. Joseph Martin
was uot approved or opposed and as a
body tho association took uo divided
action except to pass a resolution calling ou the Libenl Executive of the
Piovince to summon a convention to
decide what attitude should   be   taken
Feeling   Between
and   Free   State.
London, March 211.���A special correspondent nf The Times nt Bloumfun-
toin telegraphing Thursday saya:
"Yesterday Mr. Krnger issued a uroc-
lamatiou aunexiug the i'uo Stato to
tho Transvaal. Mr. Stoyn immediately issued a counter proclamation declaring the Free Stato intact."
Loudon, March 22.���The DnilyNews
has the following from Bloemfontein,
dnted Wednesday; "It is rumored that
Mr. Kr��ger uud Mr. Stoyn will meet
at Krooustadt in the Orange Fiec State
on April I to discuss the future pro-
gamnie. The feeling between the
Transvaal and tbo Free Stato is very
..   by the party.  Tho question nf drawing
complish what was expected of it, still,     tty .]nCJJ was Ilot discussed.
it could   be   improved   from   time   to | 	
time, when it was shown that suoh
improvements were necessary. Tho
first two propositions dealt with expenditure of public money to those
who supplied material and labor. As
to the question of Bub-oontraots, the
enforcement of what be proposed in
bis resolution, would be most desirable. The contractor would have to be
responsible for his agents and it
would uot bo possible for any contractor to defraud his workmen out of
their just rights. Then, bb to that
pait of the resolution wbich referred
to tair wages, it ought to have general
support, Contractors frequently moved around aud pulled down the labor
market in this way. His resolution
would put it beyond contrnctorB' interest to seek to interfere with labor
murkets Contractors will naturally
utilize all labor before applying to the
outside. Whut tho country was interested in was to boo tnat workmen
got a fair day's wage for a fair day's
work. Apart from tho humane point
of view it wns in the interest of the
country and Government to soe workmen get a fair wngo. If tho House
adopted the resolution it would ho the
duty of every Minister of tho Crown
to live up to it nnd see that tho principle which it doclared for was maintained.
Sproulo���How oould you enforce tbo
fair wages part of your resolution
against n railway company that was
drawing a subsidy fiom tho Dominion
Mnlook���It is not advisable perhaps
nt the presont moment to go into how
the law is to bo enforoed, but I see no
difficulty in doing so in the caao
whicli was pointed out to me. Bclon
the Dominion paid tho subsidy, it
could he arranged that the company
would have to show thnt thoir workmen wero getting current wng3s of
the district in which they woro employed. The resolution would have
Ihe effect and would soon be adopted
by Provincial Legislatures and all
Clark Wallace, who followed, characterized tho resolution as bumcombn.
It did uot mean anything. He said
thut tbu heart ot Mulook wns not iu it
The Miner's appeal yesterday morning for provisions, clothing and cash
for the relief of those who lost their
ho.uusand^iill their personal belongings
111 the Hie whicli wiped out Kuskanook early Wednesday morning wns
spontaneous und reflects great credit
nu tho generosity of tho citizens of
N-lsou. Early in tho morning bundles of clothing, parcels of provisions
and contributions of cash cniuineucod
In arrive nt Tbo Miner ollice ami up to
a late hour last night the donations
still came in. Tbere was eveiythiug
from needles to a Bide of beef and
when the steamer Moyie pulled out
last midnight it bud nn board a couple of tons of clothing and provisions
for the tuifortuuates who are sorely iu
need of them. A member of The
Miuer staff accompnuied tho shipment,
which, through the thougbtfulness of
Mr. F. W. Peters, of tbe C. P. R.
freight department, was carried to
Kuskanook free of charge. The Miner
limn will open a supply depot iu Kua-
kauook early this morning before Tho
Miner roaches its readers aud the supply will ho mado to go as far as possible.
Thero is no doubt that u great many
articles not sent last night are essential to tho comfort of the fire suffureis
and this morning The Miner will receive a telegram from Kuskauook stating what tho inhabitants of the burnt-
out town are most iu need of. Tbis telegram will be posted at Tho Miner
office and those who did not contribute
yesterday will do well to wuit this
morning to seo what is most urgently
needed. Of the destitution of the inhabitants of the town tbere is no doubt
and considerable aid will bo yet required.
Tbe following is n list of tboso who
contributed yesterday. Some sent parcels with no names attached and othors
reqnested that their names should not
be mentioned :
Vancouver Hardware, plates; R. M.
Maodonald, clothing; Mrs. Ernst,
clothing; Mr. Wnldie, tent, ftove,
eto. ; A. Ferlaud, shoes; Turner,
Beeton & Co., provisions; Lillie
Bros., shoes;.I. Chnlditch ft Co., provisions; Mrs. H. Bird, clothing; Mis.
R. M. Bird, clothing; S. Neolnuds,
shoes; Wallace A Miller, shoes; M.
O'Roilly hosiery; Hudson Bay, provisions; Mrs. A. H. Buchanan, clothing;
Crickmny Hospital, clothing; Hume
Hotel, clothing; W. M. Q., hum and
bacon ; J. A. Gilker, hose; J. A. Irving, provisions; Brackman iV' Kor,
Hour uud oatmeal; Konteimy Coffee
Co., 8(1 pounds oatmeal; the Beatons,
clothing ; W. A. Maodouubl, clothing ;
Mrs. Jameson, Clothing; Ered Irvine,
dry goods; Mrs. F. W. Fetois, clothing ; Mrs, (,. Frank Beer, clothing;
Mrs. W. W. Beer, clothing; Kootenny
Supply Co., provisions; A. McDonald
& Co., provisions; Morrison & Caldwell, provisions; J, Y. Giilllu & Co.,
provisions: Mrs. Eskngge, clothing : P.
Burns, meat; Kirkpatnck ft Wilson,
proviBions: dipt. tJuncnn, clothing;
Mrs. A. D. Emmy clothing j Lnwimce
Hardware, tin plates, olc. ; J. B. Turtle, shoes; J. J. Campbell, clothing;
Mrs. J. Roderick Robertson, clothing;
West Kootenay Butcher Co., meat;
Mrs. Bannerman, clothing; Mib. D.
Kelly, clothing.
Cash   contributions   were, receive  as
follows:   Mrs. Fred Burnett,   $r,; cash
85   cents;   Mr.    McAllister,   tl ;
Htaddart, IS; cash, 25 els. : John
l.atchie,     $2;   Friend,   (Lull;  J.
Vales, (I.     	
London, March 22.���Lnrd Roberts
telegraphs ftorn Bloemfontein, dnted
March 21,as follows: "Sn many burghers havo expressed a desire to surrender under the terms of the last proclamation that I have sent small columns in varions directions to register
their names and lake   over their arms.
A cavalry brigade has gone to the
eastward to Tubanchu and a detach-
in int fiom Spiingfontein has occupied
Smitbllold, whore 601110 Transvaalers
and a wagon with arms and ammunition wero captured. The Scots
Guards ilie nt Edeubiiru and ltcddcrs-
bnrg. General Clements' brigade is
marobing hither by way of Phllippolis
and Fauresmitb.
Krnnnstudt, Orange Free Stnte.Tues-
day, March 2d, via Pretoria, March
22.���The Boers commanded by (ienoral
Olivier hnvo engaged the British
troops under Genciai Giitnoio in the
vicinity of Bethel in, repulsing the
British with henvy loss and oaptnrinR
many of Ilium. Burghers are arriving
here in great numbers. General De-
wet arrived here today. Desultory
lighting with Colonel Plnmer's cnlumn
huH occurred nenr Gaberonos.
No Discrimination Will   Be Employed
ill Issuing Licenses.
Washington, D, C, Man-b 22. ���Secretary Root made a brief statement
to the press, at the War Department
today, in regard to'ths aetinn of tho
Department In granting licenses to
prospectors to prospect the water front
ol Cupe Nome in thn search for nolo.
Ho admitted that one or two such licenses had been issued, but to whom
be did not remember as it waa in the
regular routine of tho department.
There were about a dozen applications
of the kind oil file and they will be all
granted,   Tho   Secretary     explained
that his authority in tho mutter was
baled upon the statute gi-ing the Wnr
Department jurisdiction over the navigable waters nf tbe United states.
Although   he   did   not go Into   details
Secretary Root made  it clear thai tho
privileges in question were tree to   all
responsible persons and no discrimination hud been intended iu the ,-:,-. h
that had been acted npnn.
Quebeo, March 22. ���A verdict of wilful   but   unpremeditated   murder   has
been rendered by   the jury,  which
was nut five   minutes, against   Joseph
D sue,   alias   (imspelit. at St.   Au-
bert, fnr the killing of    Albann    Bnnr-
gennit.   The prisoner wns transferred
to tho Montmaguy jail.
iNeison Daily Miner
I'ublUhwl Dully except Monday.
Niclson Minkh Phintino & I'oblisiiiho Co
I)   J   BKATON, Kdltor and Manaaor.
We have boen too absorbed iu tbo
South African war to take note of
what is happening in India. Millions
of our fellow Buhjeots iu that ancient
Empire aro starving to death. We
need not cite evidence of the destitution, or go into details. The Viceroy
says that thoy "uro face tn face with
famine of wntor and food nnd cattle
which, in particular areas affected, is
unprecedented in character and intensity. " And further: "Tho crisis ia
one which not Iobb tbnn an Imperial
war demands the loyal and enthusiastic co-operation of all who love India. To that oo-operatiou in the
months of trial that lio before ns, on
behalf of the Government of India, I
unhesitatingly appeal."
It has bean deoidedjto raiso a Famine Fund in Nelson. Let us not bo
discournged by tbe immensity of the
destitution. The small sum of ouo
dollar will sustain life in one of those
starving Indians for a mouth. Nelson,
thon. small asj it is, aud stupendous
us tho calamity may he, enn make its
sympathy felt to au appreciable extent.
Mr. Kydd, of tho Merchants' Bunk
of Halifax, has ^kindly consented to
not as treasurer of tho Fund. All contributions will be acknowledged
through The Miner, aud nfter remittance will he aosiBowledged a second
time in Tbo Indian Standard, published at Rutlam, Central India. Tbo
good work of assisting to provide re--
lief for those starving millions is progressing at numerouB places tnrough-
out the Dominion ; happy, prosperous,
and generous Nelson should uot be behind.
There bns been, and is yet, rivalry
between Vancouver and Victoria, although for Bhamn's snke both endeavor
to hide it. Tin.- rivalry is at the
root of t lint sectional feeling whioh
more than once has nlmost openly arrayed Island aud Mainland in a struggle for supremacy. We believe it is
tru - that the over-reaching ambition
and the consuming selfishness of Vancouver have beeu mainly responsible
for this condition of tnings, and although of the Mainland tho Interior
has been dispo-od to give its sympathy
to Victoria. There is danger that thin
favor i ��� about to be withdrawn, nnd
that at no distant day a uuitod Mainland will a���inn,' control of publio
affairs, witb slight regard for thu
wishes and in absolute defiance of the
power of the Island.
Tho circumstances hnve been bus-
picous from the very beginning of tbis
latest phase of tho crisis, Tbe suspicion is deepened by tbe following,
from Tbo Vancouver Provinoe:
"There is very good reason to bo-
lievo thut the Dunsmuir interests will
actively support Mr. Martin in the
coming contest, even to tbe extent of
contributing substantially towards the
expenses of tbo Government side.
Moreover, tbe few seats in which they
have a controlling influence aro to be
thrown, if possible, to Mr. Martin's
support." A combination between
Mr. Dunsmuir and Mr. Mnrtin would
be an unnatural one, and could only
be effected foi a sinstor purpose. It
would bo impossible to find two mon
more opposed in training, disposition,
nud sentiment. There is nothing in
common between them, unless it be a
selfishness that could ho turned to their
mutual advantage. Mr. Dunsmuir
has been credited with having controlled pust Legislatures, and it Is beliov-
oil that be and Tiie Colonist newspaper, which he owns and whoso policy be directs, nre so strenuously opposing the adoption of Federal party
lines through fear that control will be
lost to him. His power can only bo
preserved by maintaining the system
of personal government thnt has prevailed iu the past. It is in the hope
of |" i|" tuatiiiK that system that Mr.
Dunsmuir is throwing his support to
Mr. Martin.
Tbe Miner has bad very little sympathy with tho frequent attacks mi
"tbo Dunsmnirs,'' but it confesses tbnt
it oonld only view with alarm a combination so fraught Willi danger to the
general public Interests. It could only
mean that Mr. Diinniiiuii and Mr.
Martin bad United nn the common
ground nf plunder. If the Diinsmiiir
inlliicnce for evil, as that would be,
con only be destroyed by arraying
Mainland BgBlnsi Island, we bolievo
the speotacle of tbOSS two linked arms
in a political OOTltest would be aggravation enough to drive the people to
The civio officials are taking extreme measures tn collecting the road
tax from Italians. Those officials are
acting under iustruotions, nnd if the
prooeedings tnkon seom liaish tbey aro
rot to bo blamed. And as the road
tax is a reasonable and jnst one, it is
"iilv proper thnt Italians as well as
otherB shall bo made to pay it. It may
be uecesssry to hunt these foreigners
liko criminals, and whon run down to
take thorn before the Police Magistrate
and have them heuvily fined or oast
into prison. But unless tbis treatment
is meted out lo all delinquents,tho dis
crimination is unjust, of course, uml
many will think it brntal. Are there
nib,-is besides Italians who are in ar
rears for road tax? In view of the
drmtio measures tnkon against these
we think it is tbe duty of tbo Couuoil
to mako iuquiry and soe that all are
treated alike. It may be tbe policy
of tho corporation to drive Italian:
out of tbe town, and if bo it will proh
ably bo wiser, before carrying it out
to givo us all an opportunity to doter
mine whether it is n policy the town
would desire to have adopted. Mayor
Houston, unfortunately, is afflicted
with a groat many unreasonable prejudices, and it is a very grave question
whether he is to be permitted to indulge them at the expense of tbo public iuterest. A respbotable, industrious, law-abiding Italian is as good a
citizen as any othor, and is deserving
of liko protootion and consideration.
Wo are told from Ottawa that the
people themselves must deal with
Lieutenant-Governor Molunos iu the
fiist instance. That is right ouough;
but what are tho peoplo to do when
they are not given tho opporfuuity to
doal with him? If we hnd u Goveruor
willing to obsene n decent regard foi
the unfailing practice in such oases, be
would have given Mr. Martin a weok
to form his Cabinet nnd then ordered
him to tbe country at once. In that
case the people conld net. Bnt as it is
Mr. Martin is taking the summer to
complete his Cabinet, and the election
will ho held when it pleasos him to
give tbo word. Our Goveruor is believed to be merely a tool of Mr. Martin's, and the peoplo can enly look on
in helpless amazement. As it ia out of
their powor to move tbe Governor to
move Mr. Martin, they can only appeal to Ottawa to oome to their relief.
A few weekB ago The Miner sng
gested that the forest resources of this
Provinco, if protected from destruc
tiou, would yet piove of great value as
a Bnpply for pulpwood for the manufacture of paper. A Mr. Richardson,
of the Graham Paper Company, of St.
Louis, one of the largest of tbe kiud iu
the world, is viBitmg Vancouver, aud
has expressed au opinion very much ou
tho line of that of Tbe Miner. He
tbink9 that with our enormous water
power and abundant pulp forests we
should be supplying paper not only to
tbe home market but to tbe whole of
the Orient. Some day a man will
come along with money and enterprise
enough to go into the business on a
largo soale, and in dne time British
Cslumbia will bo known as one of the
largest prodnoeis of paper on tbe continent. ,
Onr usonlly correct contemporary,
The Rossland Rooord, is aFtray m
saying thnt Mr. Potts, to whom it iB
rumored the portfolio of Finsnoo in
the Martin Governmonf has beeu tendered, is tbo junior member of tbe law
firm of Tupper, Peters & Potts. Mr.
Potts caaaed to be a member of that
firm some time ago, and it is inconceivable that he oan be considering a
proposal to tako office under Mr. Mnrtin.
Lot on linker Street, cast of the
Queen's Hotel.
6-Koomcd House and 2 Lots,
with lawn, Harden, trees, etc., in
good location.
6 Good Building Lots, only one
b ctk from school house.
4 Lots, with Improvements, near
Ofera House,
8-Room   House and   Lot, close  In,
only   1650, 011 easy tonus.
3 Houses for Kent.
See Annable
FISH ���
Ciullisli, Whole ami in Bricku
Salmon Bellies iu Kits
Holland Herring in Kits
Mackerel In Kits
Flesh Canned Salmon
Flesh Canned Kippered Herring
Fresh Canned Kippered Herring and Tomato Sauco
Fresh Canned Kippered Herring and Shrimp Sauce
Fresh Canned Kippered Mackerel
Fresh Canned lb oiled Mackerel
Fresh Canned Ocean Haddies
Fresh Canned Parsed Bloaters
Fresh Canned Shrimps
Fresh Canned Crabs (Deviled)
Fresh Conned Sardines
Fresh Anchovies in Glass
Pakson Kelly;
By Andrew Lang
Mr. Jack  Hamlin's Media-
Bret Harte
Louis Creswicke
1 he Bitter Vintage;
K. Douglas King
An African Treasure;
J. MacLaren Cobban
Prospecting,  Locating and
Valuing Mines;
Engineers' Examinations;
New Catechism of the Steam
Maximsand Instructions for 1 The pest Ihafc Moijey can pu��.    Take r4o Other
the.Boiler Room;
The Mineral Industry;
Life of Napoleon III.;
By Archibald Eorbes
c&nadaTmjg &
A Boarding and Day School conducted by
the Bisters of St. Joseph of Peace ttissttu-
uted at thu corner of Mill and Josephine Streets,
in one uf the host, residential poraonB of Nelson, and iw easily accessible from all parts
of 1 he city.
The oourse of study includes the fundamental and higher branches of a thorough Kngli-b
education. Business course��� Bookkeeping,
Stenography and Typewriting) Science course
���Mufiic, Vocal and Instrumental; Drawing,
etc.���Plain and Art Needlework; Calisthenics,
Manufactured by tho Brneknmn-Kor Milling Co., Ltd.
Victoria, Vancouver, Westminster, Kdiuonton, Honshu.d, Nolson.
Kor terms an'1 narttoulan apply to tho Siwtcr ' x   ^..,
They are made in your midst, of the finest Havana Tobacco.
Where good Cigars are sold they can be bought.
The  Royal Seal and  Kootenay Belle.
Union made.
Kootenay Cigar Mfg. Co.
i ...The Ring of Reliability...
As the Big Sale progresses we add many names to our list of friends.
Our efforts are being appreciated. The Sterling Values we are giving have
made Our First Anniversary Sale a huge success. Those requiring Good
Goods at Money-Saving Prices have come our way, and have not been disappointed. Our advertisements have that Ring of Reliability which is assuring to readers that nothing is ever put in for effect only.
&  Ladies' and Children's Waterproofs, Just Placed in Stock
In Ladies' we have Special Values at $8.00, $10.00, $12.00, $15.00.
They are made of plain, check or mixed materials.    See them.
In   Children's  we  have Sterling   Values at $4.00,  $5.50,  $6.00.
All   new  and   best materials.    Worth seeing.
Each and every garment guaranteed.
Martin O'Reilly & Co.
Houston Block, Baker Street. ��,
Heated by Hot Air
Finest   Dining;   Room
in the City.
Temperance Hotel.
The Family Resort of ihe
The Waverly Hotel
Houston Block,    -    Nc!son.
Borne Choice Lots and Bouses for Sale.
Agenl Montreal Loan & Investment OOi
10c. up,   l'rlcus rniiiiol he H��putW,
���I'linvi- 08.
Frank A. Tamhlvn, Mgr.,
Baker Street, Nelson
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
8Vg> ����������������������� eKt)
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Orders by mall to any branch will have careful and prompt attention.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and    Salted   Heats
Fish and Poultry in Season
E.  C.   TRAVES.   Manager.
Baker Street, Nelson.
Orders by mail receive careful and prompt attention.
short time only will elapse before
that bugbear of the thrifty house-
keeper looms up, "House-Clean-
ing," when the man of the house
lives  by
and what meals he manages to pick
up at the restaurant. We are look-
ing forward to that time. We know
that carpets are bound
old, spots will appear, and the
decision will finally be that it will be
cheaper to put
new carpets than relay the old; and
then how much more satisfactory
for all concerned! We have not
room to say much here
subject, but will merely remind you
that we can fit you out from the
to the attic, and will guarantee
We can ofier a nice choice in
American   Axminster    from   25.00
to 30.00.
English  Axminsters  and  Wiltons,
all sizes.
English    Brussels    and    Velvets,
19.00 to 30.00.
If there is a spot where all the
wear comes on your carpet, and
which begins to look shabby while
the rest is comparatively new, the
remedy is
We have a fair assortment and
all sizes.
Smyrna, 1.25 to 4.00.
Axminster, 1.25 to 5.00.
Wilton, 6.00 to 10.00.
Wool, all colors.
Also,   a   large   stock   of
at prices that will satisfy you.
All our carpets made and
laid in a workmanlike manner, free of charge.
Telephone 13. NfcLSON   DAILY  MINER,  FRIDAY,  MARCH 23, '900
amain Troup, who has bean-in the.
Bonurtary Country for several days,
"eturnert yesterday.
A msetlug of tii" exeoptlve of the
Moisoii Liberal AssoolatlOll will he
h li in 1H-. Arthur.'* offloe, on Snlur-
��*" Maroh al, at 8 o'clock p; in.
Bimuel lirinlmi8 hllH tiniisforved lo
vhamiis Morlarlty, a i|imrtnr IntexeBt
i��� tbu BmugRler Fraotion olairo. on
Wild Hoise Orook foi a nominal con-
Tbe mineral oluim llrmlforil, situ-
���hiilim   Hi"   I""'lh   H,01'H  "'   Mm'"inK
Monntsln. wns transfwred Ixom J, V.
Holden i" ��� '��� y- Mernnola tor u nominal oonBlderatlou,
Mr \V. J. Qoopel want to Kuskannob
laai iii"!" i" Investigate tha oonduion
0| tbe sufferers tbere, with n ylew to
moviiiii'K   (lovor.nncnt   aid for   tliosii
Uu are left destitute.
Gilbert Peone, of, Yinir, Imh trans-
jerred to OweirBbyrc and John Ktin-
ml both of Ymir, the Apex nlaltn, on
tbe iiiviilr between Hidden and Porcupine Uri-i'kn.for a nomiiiul consideration.
Wm. Gooding, who came up before
Judge Forin for sentence (or forgery
ami theft, on both of which charges
be pleaded guilty, ��ot off with tne
li^iii sentenoe of six months for both
Maynnrd H, Cowan nnd A. D. Bop-
ppr, nf Bpokane, passed through the
cii'v in*! night im route fnr Eu��t
Kootenny. Mr. Hopper is ono of the
largest mining operators in the (Jouer
d'Alsnes and western Washington.
Tin' ourtain will lio rung np at H:!io
slinryi this evening on the Nelson
Hlunstiels' Bnterlalntnapt, which
promises to he on" nf the hest attractions thnt ever held thn hoards ut thu
Opera  House.   TIih  proaeedB  will   lio
devoted, to the Canadian Patriotic
Fund, nml the recitations of "Pay,
Pny, Pay," and "liolis" will bo
features of tho excellent programme.
The sale of seats has noon very satisfactory,
The representative of Tho Waterons
Engine Uo., of Braiitfnnl, Out., was
in Nelnon yesterday and informed the
City Sugineer tht.t the road making
plant ordered by tho City from his
llriu was shipped ypsttiidny. It is now
sore to arrive ere tbe time set in the
contract, April 2U. The plant will be
arconiriiiiiied by nn operator who will
lie bare for !10 days to put the plant in
thorough operation before it is accepted by the Oity.
Carlo Dacista, the Italian who was
brought buck to Nelson by Special 0111-
rer MaGrjgor, on the elwrpe of disregarding a summons, wus before Magistrate Urease yesterday. Dooista was
one of the men who failed to pav tho
mad tux and on being summonsed, ab-
Bcoadsd. He wns found with so:r.e
ether Italians who were encamped up
tbe Like. He was fined |6 by the
Magistrate and also taxed witli all the
oosts of bringing him iu.
The information that the trouhln
with tne eleetrio light in town was
due lo defective interior wirine; was
not altogether correct. Tho chief
trouble occurs between the hours of 7
and II p. ni., for ut that time thore is a
greatly decreased volljiH" at the power
house, owing to a lack of power to
generate sufficient current to supply
the neeussatv voltage. The City hopes
by tho use ol meters to chock tho indiscriminate use of li��hls ���'oring those
honrs, ut certain points aud thus remedy the trouble.
The man Hummers, for whom there
wns a warn nt issued day before yesterday,at the instance of the proprietor
of the Model Restaurant, returned to
town yesterday and Have himself up
to the police. He left town in n harry
ou Wednesday, having drawn his pay
from the 0 P. H. a pnrso containing if'J.'i disappeared at the same time
nud as 'ie was suspected of taking- it,
nud also left a hoard bill of ifiiO, tho
warrant was sworn out for his arrest.
Ifesterday morning ho saw an account
of the warrant nnd the fact thut ho
wns charged with tho theft in The
Tribune,and at once made np his mind
tn return and Rive himself np. Ho
will he arraigned, before Magistrato
Crease today.
New Dry Goods Firm Formnlly Opens
its Store.
Yesterday Kerr & Co. formally
opened their now dry goods st"ro in
the Madden Hlonk, and added another
tn Nelson'a list of first cluss business
establishments. Although tho wenther
wus decidedly unfavorable for tho on-
OSBlon, tbe stream of peoplo all day
long kept thu clerks busy showing and
selling goods, Tho store wns benoti-
fullv decorated and on exhibition were
seme of the choicest novelties of En-
WPS and America. The firm of Kerr
�� Uo. is composed of Mr. A. J. Kerr,
who recently sold ont his dry goods
hiisiiiess in Lindsay, Out., nnd \V. J.
Meugher, lniely oonuetoed with ono of
Helson s business firms. Both of tho
members of the iirm uro experienced
My goods men and promise to give to
tne ludies of Nelson tbe choicest goods
'"> he market. The stock now on tbe
shelves and counters speaks for itself
nnd the now firm promises to keen it
��n to the highest standard. While
the formal opening was held yester-
nay, Messrs. Kerr & Co. havo been
lining business for several days and
(Wring that timo hnve enjoyed a largo
share of the patronage of thn Nelson
ndies. The millinery department of
tne store is to bo made a prominent
feature. It is in the hands of an experienced nnd capable milliner and the
otent styles in bondgear will always
'�� kept, on hand. The* new dry goods
""���I Logins witli a promise of a largo
V;\n of the busiuoss in its lino in this
New Dry Goods Store
4 ���������������������������
Cor. Baker and Ward Sts., Nelson.
We are well satisfied with our opening. Everything has heen a decided
success. Lathes who are good judges say our Stock is select; and, what is
better still, prices right.
Press Goods. Our New Black and Coloured Dress Goods, Trimmings
to match, are elegant.
Silks.    The finest in the trade, for Blouses or Dresses.
Ladies' Heady-Made Suits, Skirts, Jackets and Capes. Style and fit
Prints.    Victoria Lawns, Muslins, Ginghams, etc.
Eipbroideries. Laces, Corsets, Gloves and Hosiery; Table Linen, Napkins, Towels, Towelings; Bed Spreads, Bleached Sheeting,
Circular Pillow Cotton, etc.
Everything lVeWf Choice and  Select.
OUr Motto:    "Good Goods, Cash, and One Price."
the work throngh speedily, he invited
them all laHt Saturday evoniug to tha
Neslon Brewery where he entertained
them at a smoker aud broached several
kegs of beer. Yesterday before he
went away he went to the store to tell
the men good bye. As soon as he appeared thoy all '("it work and headed
by the foreman, Mr. Onrrie, presented
him with a sealed paokage, that contained a gift from tho men to show
their appreciation of the kind treatment they had reoeived from Mr.
Ubanniette. The presentation Bpeech
was mado bv Mr. Ourrie iu behalf ot
the men nnd himself nnd in giving the
paokago to Mr. Chanmette he stipulated it should not be opened until ho
reached Westminster. Mr. Ohnumette
returned thuuks in a neut little speech
and complimented the men on the way
they had performed tbeir work. Unknown to him the paokage contained a
silvfr sugar bowl, spoon bolder, a
dozen spoons and a tray. In some way
the meu found out that Mr.Ohaumotte
will be married in n short time and so
determined to give bun a useful wedding gift.	
Tho Mining Recorder of Kaslo makes
tho following report:
Locations-March 4, Iron Hand
Fraction, ou Lyle Greek, Ida N. Banting. Victor, south tork, Ohas.
Assessments���Maroh 5, Silver Fox,
Ohas. Moore; Dream, R. McLeod;
Dora, A. Stalberg; Mayflower, W. J.
H Holmes. March 1(1, Zhini, L. R.
Lindsay; Alice, L R. Lindsay.
March 17, Scranton, Thos. Doyle.
Certicfiato of Improvements���Voy-
ageure. to tbe B. O. G. F. & D. Co.
Ltd. ; Free Silver, to D. F. Strobeok
nnd Jas. Russell Hardio.
Transfers-March 17, M. Stevenson
to Highlander M. & M. Co., Ltd., all
iutoiest in the Eagle Fraction, con.
$1 ; W. L. McLaughlin to Hon. C. H.
Mackintosh, all interest in Hattie,
con. |1,	
Mr. E. J. Lilly, a prominent citizen
of Hannibal, Mo., lately had a wonderful dliverance from a frightful
death. In telling of it he says: "I
was taken with Typhoid Fever, thnt
ran into Pneumonia. My lungs be-
oarrie hardened I wns so weak I
couldn't even sit up in bed. Nothing
helped me. 1 expeoted soon to die of
Oonsumption, when I heard of Dr.
King's Now Discovery. Oue bottle
gave great relief. I continued to use it
and now urn well and strong. I onn't
say too much in its praise." This
mnrvellous medicine in tho surest and
quickst cure in tbe world for all Throat
aid Lung Troubles. Regular sizes 50
,,'ents and $1. Trial bottloB free at Canada Drug & Book Store. Every bottle
i.1Lr,iK' N' ��naninette. who hns been
in nelson for about u month snperin-
"itirting tbo construction of Ibe cold
KOBJM rooms in P. Burns _ Co.'s new
iniUhng, left iMt DiB,lt for vancou-
f , ��� Mr- Chanmette has made many
��� I'.iidH dming his stay here nnd es-
ecially amoug tho men who have
���en working under him. To show
"is appreciation of their efforts to push
^ \^> V*> V*> vi> ^*> vii V#> vd> \*> \i> vd> \^>��i#> \*/ id> \*ir % d> vi/ \*> ti*/ vl/ n*/ vl> Vi/ *^
The  New Town  of   Procter,   Terminus  and   Transfer   Point  of  the
Orow's Hest Sailroad.
This old established and well known Hotel is olferel for sale;
n Bargain. Hotel conta-ius 18 rooms. Lawn Tennis Grounds, Summer Houses, Boats, etc. Steamboat Landing on the Grounds; including Furniture, Bur Fixtures, Bedding, Linen, Stoves, Cooking
Utensils, etc.
Two hundred men are working ou Construction, Townsite and
Wharves nt present time.
Plans of Townsite, Depot, Wharves, etc, can be shown to
intending purchasers;   also Photographs of Hotel.
Easy terms will be made to responsible party.
For pi-ice imd full particulars, apply
2 B*.KER  ST., NELSON. fc
R. A. 0. McNally, Rossland; Miss
Green. R. F. Tolimo, Rosslnnd; R.
V. Green, W. F. Twiss, Kaslo: .T. Lonsdale Doupo, Procter; M. H. Oowan,
H. D. Hopper,Spokane; G. Alexander,
Kaslo; ,1. Wilson, Kamloops ; A. Black,
Toronto; Mr. aud Mis. G. W. Benson,
AdvorUnomoiits inserted under this head at
the rale of one cent, B word per Insertion. No
advortlHOmont taken for Iohs than 25 cenUj.
WANTED.���Small class  in   elocution
by ooinpetent Lady   teacher.    Pupils
taught in their  own   homes.    Address
Elocution, Minor Ollice.
WANTED.���Light work of any kind.
Collooting or timekeeping preferred;
also evening work snch ns bandliug a
sot of books. Address, 0. M., Miner
Ollice. SSS
WANTED.���Position as  stenographer,
Apply at this ollice.
Because a Watch has
run for years is no indication that it does not
need cleaning. Many a
watch is ruined by being let run too long without it. The oil becomes
dry and invariably the
little machine becomes
cut and worn. Wehave
every facility for replacing any part, or making
a watch throughout if
necessary. First-class
work only.
Patenaude Bros
TO   LET.���Large,     nicely   furnished
room     with     coiiveniouoes.    Apply
Northeast   corner    Lake   and    Cedar
Paper Hanger,
Glazier,   Paiijter,    Etc
Chimney Sweeping.
Office. Ward St. opp. Opera House
Nelson Employment Agencv
Messenger Bay.   Dressmaker.
Girl for Housework.
J. H. LOVE, Ag't     Baker S?
Twenty-three Mineral Ohdms, from one to
tlireo mile, from Handon, In tho fnmon*
Hlonm. for Halo cheap. Will Hell for chhIi nr
bond from ono to tivo yonrx. Will Uiko ore
for pny. Sicklies,, forcen nlo to offer tho above
Kootenny Dako Hospital. NoIhoii. II. C.
WANTED.���by   a thorough   practical
tailor, permanent   situation as   coat
hand.    Address,     "Tailor,"   Box  07,
Moose Jaw, Assn.
WANTED.���Good Shirt   Iioner.    One
who   is   thoroughly    competent    to
baudlo white shirts.    Apply at  Enterprise Laundry, Vernon Street, City.
WANTED.��� Mnsic   pupils   (piano) by
nn   experienced   lady   teacher.    Address, A. B,, Box  B50, P. O., Nelson.
��� TAILOR  ���
Oleanine and Repairing Neatly Done-
Clothing Made to Order
Corner Ward and Baker.
SEWING GIULS wanted at the   Hud-
sou's Bay Stores.
WANTED.���Boys   and   girls to   strip
tobacco.   Fifty cents   a day, and  as
much more as tbey  can earn.    Kootenay Cigar Company.
A. R- BARROW, a.m. i.c.e.
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Comor Victoria and Koolonay 8t��.
V. 0. Box 559. Tolophono No.!��
And do it right- Wo can put on half
soles, heels, patches, or sew up rips, as
as good as any man iu town, and a great
deal better than some, and charge no
more than they do.
The  Shoeisls
Bring Your Repairing.
i. 0. <:iii:i.n
F. g. < I.I.UIM h
Civil   Engineers   and Provincial
Land Surveyors.
1��. O, Box 115 Nolson, ft C.
$12,000 Stock of Now Goods Offerod at Cost.
We have decided to sell out our Dry Goods
and continue exclusively in Clothing) Boots, Shoes,
and Gents' Furnishings, and now offer all onr Dry
Goods stock at wholesale prices. This includes all
our Spring' Goods now in stock and in transit from
the East. It is the first time in the history o(
Nelson that a stock of this size has been offered to
the public at such a low rate, and all wanting bargains should not fail to see our prices. To the
ladies of Nelson we would say that this is a good
opportunity to get your Spring and Summer Dress
Goods at a bargain. Here is a sample of some of
our prices :
Brussels Carpet, Regular   1,251   Sale  price
Wool Carpet, Regular 1.00;  Sale Price
Wool Carpet, Regular 75c;   Sale price
Union Carpet, Regular 70c;   Sale Price
Stair Carpet at
Lace Curtains, Regular 1.00;  at
Lace Curtains, Regular 1.50;  at      -
Lace Curtains, Regular 2.00;   at
Lace Curtains, Regular 3.00;  at     -
Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
Incorporated 1869.
Capital Palibvpi    ���   ���   ���    $l,WMW,aa | Real $i,;oo,<m��o.oo
Ronni ��r Director*t Thomas B. Konnoy, President;  Thomas Ritchie, Vioe-PresldenL
Mlchaol Dwyer, Wlwy Smith, II. G. Bauld, lion. II. II. Fuller, M.L.O., lion. Duvid MucKcud.
Head Office, Halifax:
General Managor. Edbon L Paaaoi Montreal,
Superintendent of Branches, W. H. Torrance, Halifax.
Inspector, W. K. Brock, Halifax.
Secretary, 1). M. Stewart, Montreal.
itriint Ins!
Nova leotla- Hulifax Hranch, Antlgontsh, Bridgowater, Gursboro. Londonderry, Lunonburtfi
Maitlami (Hants t'o.i, I'iitou, Pnrt Hawkphbury, Sydney, Biiubenaeadlo, Truro, Weymouth*
New Brunswick���Bathurat,  Dorchester, Frederioton, Kinaston (Kent C0.1. Honoton, New
caMtle.Saekvillo, Woodstock.   T. K. IhIhimI���Cliarlotlctown, Suuiuiei>hle.   Qlichee -Montreal
(City Ollice), Montreal. West End (Cor, N��tro Itaino and Belgneurs streets); Westmonnt ((.'or.
Qreene Avenue and st. Catharines Street Ontario���Ottawa.  Newftosuidlaad-st. John's*
Cuba, Weal IihIIch���Havana,  lulled HIiiIcn- New York (l(�� tbcohange Place] He-public, Wiuih.
Atlin, Bennett, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Van*
conver, Vancouver East End, Victoria.
�� Ml iTs[niiiih nl~ :
Cniiiiilii���Mi'rrhanlh Bunk of ('lunula.   Boston���NalioniU i-hnwmul Bonk.   rhlcnKO���Amprioa
Nations] lionk.   ��tui PruBdMO���First National Bank.   i. !  Kn��. - Hunk of Scotland.
r:irK FriuM-o  Oredit l.yotiniiiH.  Barmnda���Bank of Bsnuuda,  chhm iuhI Junan - Houk
Koiik and Bbanghai Banking Corporation.
Oeneial Banklnf; Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange  Bought
and Sold, Letters of Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the most favorable terms,    Interest allowed on specia
deposits and cm Saving Bank accounts.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
For that house you have erected:
Sideboards, Cheffoniers and Dressing Tables.
Combination Bookcases and Desks and Ladies'
Toilet Tables.
Have just unloaded a carload of the finest and best
finished Furniture ever received in the Kootenays.
linker and Wurd Streets. Nelson, B. C.
lieadquarlers For
Porfcjaijd Geijiei)l3 Fire pricks
Fire Clay, American Cumberland Coal (Blacksmiths').
Special Quotations Given for Cm-load Lots,
A. B. GRAY, P, 0. Box 621,
Nelson, B.O.,
Kootenay Airent
The Nelson ElectricTram way Co.Ltd.
Large number Choice Building Lots adjacent to the
line of their Tramway. For price and terms of sale apply
at the office of the Company, Macdonald Block, Corner of
Josephine  and Vernon Streets.
Lost   K. & S.  Burne Located by Capt.
"I oan't find any lmr|re, bnt have
found a box car " This was the fir-it
meSBOtje   ever sent from tbe   bottom of
Koot ly Lake and   was written   on a
Hiitto 7") feet belew tbe surface by Captain .lames Moore, a submarine diver,
and was sent np to Cupt. A. K. Mac-
rlonalil, who was in charge of the apparatus above water.
Capt. Moore is nn experienced submarine diver from Vancouver, who
was ompluyed by the C P. R. to look
for the K. & S. barge that wns sunk
off the 0, P, K. pier about three
months ago. The burge was about
tbree-iiunrters loaded with stone aud
sank in about sixty feet of water, but
her exact whereabouts were unknown
and (,'npr. Moore went down to mnke
n survey of her location and condition.
The diving nppurntus was put on a
small scow which wns anchored ns
near us possible to where the burge
wus supposed to be. After taking off
his cost and waistcoat the captain put
on a heavy woollen sweater, thick
woollen rights nud a woollen cnp.
Over the tights he wenrB heavy woollen hip stockings. The diving suit,
wbich is made of a heavy twilled fabric intorwoven with rubber was then
put ou. This euvelopes the whole
DOfly with the exception of the hands
anil head. At the wrists uro wide rubber end's which fit closely over tho
wrist and ure made watertight by
strong rubber bauds. A padded collar
is worn around the neck to keep the
weight of tho helmet oft the shoulders.
The neck of the diving suit is made
with a wide bund of half-inch rubber
and to it is clumped by thumb screwB
n wide copper neck-piece to which is
attached the helmet. Canvas boots are
then put on and over these are drawn
the heavy leather diving shoes with
leaden soles Thcno bonis weigh about
;i() pounds The headpiece is made of
copper aud has three openings for light
uud vision, these mo protected by bars
and covered with heavy glnss. This is
slipped over the head aud screwed
firmly ou to the copper neckpiece, the
visor in front being lift' open.. At
the back of the helmet is attnehed the
pipe which is connected with the air
pump. A strong knife is buckled
arouud the waist and heavy weights
fastened to the chest and back and
the diver is ready for the descent.
Captain Maodonald then fastened ulife
line nrniin 1 Cupt. Moore's chest und
started the men at the pumps. After
a parting word to Captain Moore ho
screwed the glass visor in place and
tho diver stepped to the edge of the
scow und dropped into the water. Ho
sank slowlv to the bottom while Onp-
t.iiii Macdouuld steadied the signal
rope and kept uu eye on the nir pipe.
As soon as he struck the bottom he
moved nipirily nwuy nnd commenced
the search for the sunken scow. His
course coul.i be followed by the bubbles
that arose from the escupe vnlvo in his
helmet. After being down about n
hull' hour Captain Moore signalled to
dipt. Macdouuld and a slate with a
pencil attached was sent down to him.
In a short while Cupt. Macdonald
pulled up the slate nnd found thereon
the message which bends this column.
Capt. Moore had found a box car which
was lost off the slip over a yeur ago.
In a short whilo he came to the surface and reported finding the car.
After a rest he went down again nnd
in abiiiii teu minutes enme a signal
along tho line that indicated that he
bad found Ihe barge. When bo oame
up be reported that the barge was lying in about 66 feet nf water and could
be raised. Her caigo of stone was still
ou her. After making a bnoy fust to
a line aud anchoring it over the barge
operations were suspended nntil today.
Hoth Capt. Macdonald and Capt.
Moore were in the Navy nud nre old
bnads at the business having done a
grent denl of submarine work. They
wili resume operations again today
and the first steps towards raising the
bnrge will be taken.
Capt. Gore, of the 0. P. B., wns on
the barge superintending the work ull
yesterday. The usual Mafeking dispatches are overdue but uo anxiety is
felt on thnt score.
Dynamite explosions wrecking tho
railway are proceeding south of Lo-
Aliwal, North, Gape Colony, March
88.���Commandant Olivier left Siuith-
lield two hours before the British
Rconts arrived. He only sucoeeded in
inducing about 150 met to aocompnuy
him, mostly insurgent colonists. The
Free Staters refused to go with him
nud nre returning to their farms.
City of Nelson Local Board of Health
Continued from  First Page.
Hughi'H bad noted illegally iu calling
for recruits nnd under tho Army Act
might be fined ��80 or imprisonment.
Tn this Hughes mnde nnswer to the
General, that Hutton had given out u
slanderous statement regaiding him.
He said that he had all data. He
wonhl neither be made to tiny $101),
go to prison nor be vindicated. "I
shall await." said Hughes," a public
correction and retraction." Ou October a?, Colonel Hughes withdrew all
his ldters uo to date. On loth instant
General Hutton recommended that
Colons] Hughes be removed from command of bis regiment and placed ou
the retired list. On October 88, Colonel Hughes wrote, "on train," to
General lluttnn expressing regret at
the unfortunate misunderstanding between them. "My apology," said
Hughes, "for giving wny to temper
and displaying au independent spirit,
is that 1 wns given to believe thut I wus
to be superseded In Ihe Tiansvnnl."
Again on October 2~, Colonel Hughes
wrote what ho called nn ample apology
for certain letters written the General
under excitement. Ho regretted what
he said about the British serivco nnd
wisher',   to   withdraw   whatever   wns
deemed Insubordination. This apology wns not sntifactory to Hntton und
the General wrote on it that if no otli-
cil apology wns given Hughes would
ho retired. This wns conveyed to
Hughes,  who evidently   did not   again
apologize, On Janusiy in. Colonel
Poster oabled Colonel Hughes nt Gape
Town ns follows: "General proposes
to recommend von ns captain in
Strathcona's Horse.   Reply if you will
accept. " There is nn record of any
reply nnd thus the story of tho re-
mnrknble episode is Incomplete,
ContlnUOd From First Page.
fused   to   hnve     their     base.    Colonel
'loner's scoots were at Itiimntnlabamn
Notioe is hereby given tbnt nil per
sons resident within tbe Oity of Nelson who have not been vaccinated
within seven years are required within seven days from the publication of
tbis notice to he vaccinated.
Persons requiring to be vaccinated
free of chnrge mny attend nt any time
during the next seven days between
the honrB of 3 nnd 5 o'clock p. m., nt
my office on .losephino Street for the
pnrposo of vuccinntion. Upon the
eighth day following the day on which
any person has been vaccinated, he
or she shall nttend the medical prac-
tioner by whom tho operation wns performed in order that the medical pruc-
tioner mny ascertain by inspection tbo
result of the operation.
Any person failing to comply with
the requirements of this notice will
he liable to Ihe peunlties prescribed by
the Public Heulth Aot.
D. LABAU, M. D.,
Meriieul Heulth Ofiicer.
Nelson, B. O., March 20th, 1800.
City of Nelson Local Board of Health
Notice is hereby given thnt the publio Is informed that rule No. oil of the
regulations of the Provincial Board of
Health, approved by order of tho Lieu-
tenant-Governor-in-Counoil, is in force
ni the City nf Nelson, by which every
person of an age to mnke him or ber
legally responsible, who has not been
successfully vaccinated within soven
years, or who does not bold a certificate of his or her insusceptibility Bt
the present timo to vaccination, is required to procuro the vaccination of
himself or herself within seven days
after pulbio notification by the Medical Health Officor directing general vaccination. U. LABAU, M. D.,
Medical Health Officer.
Nelson, B. C, March 20, 1000.
lli.llion Mineral Claim, Aiuswortb
Mining Division.
Take notice thnt I, John Hirsch,
agent for T. G. Procter, Free Miners'
Certificate, lliltil; W. A. Jowett, F.
M. C, 27085; H. U. F. Pollok, F. M.
0., 27G0S; R. Falls, F. M. O., 14785;
Geo. E. O. Martin, F. M.C., 11261, intend, 00 days from date hereof, to apply to the mining recorder for a Cer-
tiotiaie of Improvements, for tbo purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of the
above claim.
Aud further take notice that notion
nnder section !I7, ninst be commenced
before the issnnuce of such certificate
of improvements.
Dated this 21st day of March, A.
D., 1000. JOHN HIRSCH.
Delivered to an any point on
Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock
on hand of
Mill at PILOT BAY.
Yards, NELSON and LARDO.1
J.   A.   SAYWARD.
...L. POGUE...
Harness and  Baddlorv
The loading shops Larn
btOOKs Bbtl ��*NorWMl ittofk
on band. IIkdichh, Ool-
Mil ot boal makcH.Hud-
illi'M. HiiuikriH, Hells
Whips,  Hrurihos, Com Uh
Prtotw Kat inflict or y.
!   ('all nnd ��������������.
:   ("or.  Ward   and   J.akur
\ nraM��.
Ten acres, with   large house close to
Nelson.    Kino  situation  for  keeping
poultry,    Good fowl boose.    Apply X
Box 688, Post Offloe,  Nelson
K  TO   BUY	
m   Bailey's Wood Bottom Planes,
Stanley's All-Iron Planes,
Stanley's Block Planes,
Stanley's Rabbit Planes,
Stanley's Plumbs and Levels,
Disston's Saws,
Russel-Jennings' Augur Bits,
Universal Spoke Shaves.
Are  something you   want  good.
We have therefore purchased the
hest goods that money can buy, and feel satisfied a call will
convince you.
Jilft n won! about
\m      We carry an elegant line of Inside and Front Door Sets, liutts,
J5 etc.    All   the  Newest  Designs, nnd  at  the   Lowest
rj Prices    Drop in and see them and get prices.
8 Vancouver Hardware Co., Ltd.
0 NELSON,   B.C.
^ (i*> ^*> i*j�� 14/ ^fc v^/ n*/14/ *#> \^ \4> i*>rS v4/1*> \*/ \*/ \*> \*> t*> \*> V*> i*/1*/ i*y ^
WE   HAVE   SOLD  75     OF   ALL  THE
K      Used in the Kootenay.
RS   Steel Mining Rails,
Blacksmith Coal,
Sewer Pipe, Etc.   5
NELSON,  B.C. ��_
A*a kuu *��U ��*>&S +** t
Ati^/ ih.
Bank of
British  Columbia,
Is now prepared lo issue
Drafts and Letters of Credit
on Skaguay, U.S., Atlin, B.
C, and Dawson City, Yukon
Gamble & O'Reilly
Poi)*t Worn}.
Merchant  Tailor,
Josephine Street,
Suits from $25.00 Dp.
2 Lots,  fi-Hoom   House, corner,
on Carbonate stro t $2,(KM)
2 Lots, S-Hoom Honse   Cnrhon-
nte street     2,150
'.i Lois nnd House on Silica St.
between Stanley and Word.
Terms    s.noo
Agents for  Hume Addition   and  a
large number Of Addition " A" Lois.
Accident, nnd Sickness.    Special Health
Policy issued by
Bead   oflice,   Montreal.       Costs only
$10 a year.
Gamble & O'Reilly.
Real Estate & Mining Agent
Room 1. Tumer-toeck Blook
Splendid Corners on Stanley, Josephine. Mill,Silica, Wind.
l-'irsti-iiiss Hotel She on Baker,
I-ots end Houses in all parts of the
Will Imild you a Home if I cannot
suit vou.
Hui-: Me,
MinM Stocks
Bought and Sold.
Silver    Star    Mining:   Stock   of
Suiiiplcr, Ore.   Call for Prospectus.
5000 Big Hum Treasury.  A.snap
1000 Noonday    600 Richelieu
Here's a good buy :
Referendum Treasury stock,    Sold
on installment! 7J��o., l}^c per month.
House and  Lot in business portion of town, $3500.
14-Room   House,   cheap;   terms
easy;  close in.
H. A. P
"Enjoy Yourselves."
Opera House
Friday, March 23rd,
By Nelson Favorites.
By the funny End Men, Marshall,
Gervan, Honeynian and McGinn.
In   his   Original   Stump Speech on
the Topics of the Day.    He'll
Make   You  Laugh.
the   Fancy  Roller Skater.
And other things to make you laugh.
Last, but not least, the Great
and Only
Walked   by   the  Champion   Kake
Walkers of B. C.
Reserved Seats 7,c.
General Admission 50c.
Plan now open at Opera House
Secure your seats early and avoid
the rush.
God Save the Queen!
Great Reduction!
$9.65 per Ton
W'S  NKST   AC ��E   _.__   t>
coal       cbo.lO per  ton
F. L. Osier & Co.,
AND ....
In flie mutter of nn application for n
duplicate of a certifinato uf title to lots
eleven (11) and twelve (12), block
twenty-seven (27), City of Nelson, B.
Notice is hereby givon thnt it in my
intention at tho expiration of one
month Iroin the publication hereof, to
issue a duplicate of the certificate of
title to the above lands, issned to
3eorge A. B. Hall, on the 20th day of
December, 1898, and numbered 15U3 K.
Hi i-i- inr-iiciieral.
Land Registry Office, Victoria, B.
C, Iftth February. 1(10).
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer end Porter.
Drop in  and sec us.
Fraternity Hall
Cor linker .1 koolrna) BU.
can he rented for Concerts, lectures
Dances, Banquets and every kind of en-
lei-tninment. Good ante-rooms, cloak
rooms, Kitchen nnd dining room furnished.    For termpply
 DR. E. O. ARTHUB1 Oity.
IIIMVC  IlftaiHl.it.       flOTAKY PI'IILH'.
Wlndormore Minos.   Corrosp  - oncoSot'oltcd
Capitol and V. C,
Cabinet Cigar store,
Six room Cottage opposite Nelson
with moro than an ncre of land.
Young fruit tiros,  strawberries  ��� mull
fruits nml cultivated land for garden.
Greek running through garden.   Excellent, spring WMtei- lend into house
Gravest back.   Apply .I.  J.   CAMI'-
BBLL, Bnielter Offloe, Telephone 29,
Wholesale Houses!
factum��� of and wholcsaedealers h, ' ^"j
varietur of soft drinks, po. Box Sin??"1
phono No. at. Hoover Street Nelson nJni0-
oftoFamons St. Loon Hot Sp��S BSSS
CANE & MACDONALD ill (-,���,.'
.las. A. Macdona di -Arohitoc < ������ i i"���
perlntendents. Brokon Hill ffiook ���<,.",' ^u'
and Ward BtS., Nelson, U. (", '   ��'' "llktr
J. EVANS ip6.-BaKorSi.rool \-���i
��� son. wholesalo dealers in llouora ���!������.
ont tiro brlok and lire clay? wa!ur p'iS A1
1 rails and general oonuntarinn ,,,���..���i ���..."u
ion merohuti,
I.lMlTKD.-Kront Street, pTeTsoff, wfc��.-
salo doalo��� in Hour, moals, otc, and v
and grain Mills at Admonton, Victoria J
New Westminster. Klovators on CalgiV &
Edmonton ltnllway. "   J K
Nolson.   (OoonroV. Million's old stand
Hour,   Food,   Grain, Hay and Produce   Car
PI    " o,l"-'c'alty'     Correspondence  solicited.
A MACDONALD & cb.-Corner Ver.
��� non and Jumiphlno StrooU. whoi-walu
grooorsandjobbcralnhlanlioUi, gloves mil's
boom, rubbore, nmokinawB and minors' sun!
P BURNS* OO-Hnkor Slreot, NcU���,
���   wholosalo doalora In fmsh and cure,
moats.   Ouldstcrago.
W    -U?!u-r Street. Nelson.    W?oUi��S)SS'
cr�� in fro-h and cured mouts.
Limitko-Baker Street, Nolson, Van',,'
-aleili-ali-i-:. in hard waro anil   mining sunnlios.
plumborx' nnd tinsmith's supplies.
���-ali- paints and oil*.
Vernon and Josephlno Strooui, Ne'.wn
wholosalo dealorB In liquo��� olgam and dry
goods. Agents for Pabst Brewing Co. ot Mil-
waukoo and Calgary Browing Co. ot Calgary
UDSON'S BAY CO.-Wholesale groceries and liquors, etc., Bakor St., Nelson.
JY GRIFFIN * CO.-Cornor Vcruon
��� anil Josephine streets. Nelson, wholosaifc
dealers In provisions,cured luealt, butter and
H. & M. BIRD
Agents for Eureka Mineral Wool and
Asbestos Co.
Real   Estate.    Fire   Insurance.
Private Funds to Loan.
The Bodega on Baker Street.
Mr. Morley's reBidenoe  and about 112
ncreB of land across tbe Inko
Five room house and two well
cultivated lots, neatly fenced. All plumbing except
sewer   connection  $1,400 00
Two lots, corner Latimer nnd
Hendryx      525 (HI
four lots, corner of Ward nnrt
Hiehards   Streets      WW 00
Two lots nnd shanty on Robson, rietween Stanley uud
Kootenay      DOC 00
Lot aud warehonso 18x80, on
Baker   Street  1,275 00
C-room House on Corner Hoover St.,
Well finished, 1800,
2 Beautiful Lots on  corner,  close In
Cm- I.iue Almost given away.
Fire, Life Accident and Sickness Insurance affected on hest terms.
Money lent on improved Ileal Estate
Next door to New Bank of Montreal,
00 Kootenay Street,
Nelson, B.C.
Bulldor*i will And it to their advantago to
figure with Bradlov ft Co. on 1'alnllng.
^ "��� 1*",l"<* J.T.I'iKunK
Nelson  Tailoring,  Cleaning and Dyeine
Ladies' and Gents' Clothing cleane I
dyed, altered and repaired.
���ear t'larka u��ui. lUMtN
Atlantic S. S. Lines
From Portland, Me.
Allan Lino "Nunildlan" March 31
Allan Line "Parisian" April 7
Dominion Line "Dominion" April IS
Dominion Lino "Cainbroinan" April IT
Krom St. John. N. H.
Beaver Lino "LnkoPnporlor" April I
Beaver Lino "Lusitanla" April 11
From Halifax, N. S.
Allan I.Ino "Niunldlan" Apul 1
Allan Line "Parisian"  April 8
Dominion Line "Dominion" April II
Beaver Lino "Lake Superior" April ���>
Beaver Lino "LuslUinln" April IS
From New Vork
White Star Lino "aermanio" April 1
While Sl��r Lino "Oocnnlo" April IS
('iinnrd Lino "Lllonnla" April
Oansra Lino "fit rurla" April I*
American Line "SI. Paul" April I
Bed Slar Lino "Frlosland" April I
Anehor Lino "Ethiopia" April'
North Gorman  Lloyd  "Baalo" April]
Allan Slate Lino "('oroan" April 1-
Passages arrangod to and from all Kuropenn
point* Kor rates, tlokots and full Information
apply to UP. II, dopot agent'or U K. Boaaley,
City Passongoi Agent, Nelson, II.tl
Hener*! Agent. CP.B. Offload  Winnipeg
Board and Room.
First Class Board and Room;
Todd's old stand, in rear English
Church. Table Board, $4; Board
and Room, $5 and $5.50.
Civil and MochnnlcAl Knglneors,
j     VANCOUVER   AND   NELSON,   B.   C.
Supplied and Erected.
AGENTS for Iho Blsdon Iron Works. Hancock
4 Wilcox Holler Co.. (-rooko's Wire Hope
aud Itopiways, Etc., Etc.
.���WT ��


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