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Nelson Daily Miner Mar 30, 1899

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 Daily Edition No  277.
Nelson, British Columbia. Thursday, March 30,   1899.
Minth Year
German Consul Again Stirs
up Trouble*
25 round hout, under. Marquis of
Queuusbuiy rules, to take place between 12 o'clock noon nnd 2 p. m.
on May 2(i. George Siler will act as
referee, aud five ounce gloves are to he
used. Tho fight will he for $20,000
with C(i;.j per cent, of the revenue derived from the pictures to be paid to
the men. Fitzsimmons and Jeffries
and the club posted $2,500 to bind the
H- M- S Eoyalistland Porpoise and U- S. S.
Philadelphia Jointly Bombard
Ooast Villages.
Auckland, March 29. ��� Advices from
Apia, Samoa, dated March 23 are to
the effect that after an ultimatum to
Mataafa's tribesmen to disperse had
been ignored, and the rebels hnd be
gnu an attack iu the diiaction of the
American and British consulates, the
American cruiser* Philadelphia aud
the British cruiser Porpoise opened
fire ou the distant villages. Several
shore villages were burned and there
were a unmber of casualties among
the American and British sailors and
London, March 29.��� The court of
chauoery in deciding n case arising
from the destitution of the strikers in
the recent coal strikeB in South Wales,
today reuiiered judgment thnt the
strikers are entitled to poor law relief
if they ask for it, even when they initiate a strike for higher wages. Agitation has already beguu for au appeal
from this decision and if the judgment of the court of chancery is confirmed, au effort will be made to secure an alteration of the law.
Belgian Deputies   Oause a
Terrible Uproar.
General Vituperation Ends in One Duel-
The Sitting was Suspended
by the President.
Two Bishops were Included
in the Number.
Liter. ���Apia, Samoan "Islands,
March 2!1, via Auckland, N. Z., March
20.��� The troubles growiug out of the
election of a King of Samoa have taken
a more serions turn, and resulted in a
bombardment of the native villages
along the shore by the United States
cruiser Philadelphia, Admiral Kautz
commanding, and the British cruisers
Porpoise and Royalist. The bombardment has continued intermittently for
eight days, several villages have been
burned, and there have been a number
of casualties, among the British and
American sailors and marines. As
yet it is impossible to estimate the
number of  natives killed   or   injured.
As Mataafa aud his chiefs, constituting the provisional governmeut, continued to defy the treaty after the arrival of the Philadelphia, Admiral
Kautz snmomued the various cousuls
and the senior naval officers to a conference an heard tin- .,** .r ..l.i-ii iho
whole situation was carefully can
vassed. The upshot was a resolution
to dismiss the provisional government, and Admiral Kautz issued a
proclamation calling upou Mataafa
evacuate Mulinnu, lhe town ha had
made his headquarters, aud went into
the interior.
The German consul at Apia issued a
proclamation supplementing the one
he had issued several weeks before, upholding the provisional government.
As a result of this the Mataafans assembled in large force and hemmed in
the town. The British cruiser Royalist brought the Malietoa prisoners
from the island to wbioh they had
been transferred by the provisional
government. The Americans then for
tified Mulinnu wheie 2,000 Mnlietoni s
took refuge. The rebels, the adherents
of Mataafa, barricaded the road�� in
the Proviuce and seized the houses.
An ultimatum was then issued to
them to evacuate and threatening
'';. J'lit   of refusal with a
bombardment, to commence at !
o'clock in the afternoon of March 16.
This was ignored, nnd the rebels
commenced nn attack in the direction of tho United States nnd British
consulates. The Philadelphia, Porpoise and Royalist opeued fire upon the
distant villages. There was great difficulty iu locating lhe enemy, owing to
the dense forests, but several shore
villages were soon iu flames.
A defective shell fiom the Philadelphia exploded near the American
consulate but the marines outside escaped. A fragment struck the leg of
Private Budge, shattering it so badly
as to necessitate amputation. Another fragment struck the German con
salute smashing ll.e roof. The <!or-
iiians then went on board lln German
cruiser Falk. During the night the
rebels made a hot. attack on the town,
killing three British gallon, A British marine was shot in the leg by a
sentry of his own party and another
was shotjin the feet, while an American sentry was killed. Thn bombardment continue', mid the inhabitants
of the town took refugo on the Royalist, greatly orowding the vessel.
Many people were leaving Samoa, the
captain of the Royalist urging them
to go, so as not to interfere with the
military operations.
The Porpoise has shelled the villages east aud west of Apia and captured many boats. Tlie British and
Americans are fighting splendidly together bnt there is a .bitter feeling
against tho Germans. Two mon, a
British aud a German subject, have
heen arrested as spies. Tho bombardment of the junglo was tor a time
very hot.
If Sho Approves, the   Modus  Vivendi
Will Stand.
Washington, March 29.���The modus
viveudi to be recognized on the Alaskan boundary, as proposed by the
United States, has been referred to the
Canadian authorities, as well as to
the British Foreign Office, aud until
word conies from both quarters, it
will not be knowu whether the modus
viveudi is to be established. The impression prevails, however, thnt as
soon as Canada has expressed approval
the British Foreign Office will speedily give  her official assent.
Bills   in   tho   English   House   Which
Effect   Canadians.
Montreal, March 2i).���A Star cable
from Londou says: Lord Strathcona
and Mount Royal is in daily attendance at the High Commissioner's
office, though his cold has not quite
gone. He has mado representations
on behalf of the Canadian government
to the colonial office, expressiug the
hope that the Imperial Government
will support the private bill, uow before the House of Commons for the admission of solicitors to the suporior
courts iu British posessions to the supreme courts of the   United Kingdom.
Another private bill, now before Ihe.
House of Commons, comprls holders
���f degrees from Universities ontsido of
be United Kingdom to indicate the
louroe of their degrees wheu using the
samo in the United Kingdom. Lord
Strathcona hns represented to tho Colonial Office that this measure would
impose an invidious distinction upon
Universities of such a high position as
Toronto aud MoGill. The bill was
brought in by the High University
authorities, including Sir John Lubbock aud Mr. Carson, Q. C., who
feel strongly that some step is necessary to prevent tlie parade hero of
British degrees inferior to those of
the Colonial Universities.
; Brussels, March 20.���There were
some exciting scenes in the Chamber of
Deputies today, in connection with
the discussion of the recent expulsiou
from Belgium of a former priest, C.
Sarbouiiell, a native of France, whose
lectures on socialism had caused considerable objections. The socialist
members interpellated the Government, nnd the Rightist deputies tried
to closo the debate. Tbis led to violent Socialist protests, during which
the speakers attacked the King and the
Government generally, leading to much
uproar. Eventually the President of
the Chamber declared the sitting suspended and the Socialists and Leftists
resigned in a body,and rushed towards
the Rightists flourishing their fists.
Though actual fijAtinsr ivas avoidwJ,
the uproar was uEvxiciiuig. -"SW*. -*!��riTC*
abusive epithets were useii and the
President ordered the galleries to be
The spectators appealed to the Socialists, who told them to remain. This
caused some of the spectators to resist
the ushers, and soldiers had to be summoned to clear the galleries, resulting
in ;i series of excitiug scuttles. In the
meanwhile the deputies ou the floor
continued to vituperate, but the house
was eventually cleared and the sitting
was suspended for au honr, during
whioh M. Bohune, a member of the
right and M. Journess, Socialist, exchanged challenges to fight a duel.
Besetted  General   Arbitration   Scheme
Between Great Britain and II. S.
had Fallen JThrough.
added, the coming yoar might be adversely affected by bad freights, which
showed little sign of improving, and
by the war in passenger rates which
was bound to affect the company's
revenue. Moreover, the postomoe
authorities had notified the company
that they proposed to terminate tho o\-
isting agieement in July next, adding, that at the present time negotiations were advancing regarding the
terms of the new contract, which he
hoped might be satisfactory. Finally
the chairman announced that tlie Admiralty had notified tin company
tbat tho subvention uf tho Lucuuia,
besides that of the Campania, would
be withdrawn in September,
The Chairman concluded with a
oomplinieutary allusion to tho officers
and orew of the company's steamer
Pavouia, which recently reached Liverpool after most trying experiences.
After tho meeting the direotcrs recoived the officers and crow of tho Pavouia, complimented them all upou
their ga llautry aud distributed amoug
them the sum of $2,000.
Loudon, Mnroh 29.���A deputation
representing the Interuatioual Peace
Crusade, including the bishops of London and Rochester,   Mr.    William   T.
Stead and a number of momberB of
Parliament waited upon Mr. A. J.
Balfour, the First Lord of the Treasury aud acting Minister of Foreign
Affairs duriug the absence of his uncle, tho Marquis of Salisbury, in order to urge that Her Majesty's Government instruct its representatives at
the Czar's pence conference to effectually support all practical proposals in
the direction of disarmament and ar-
Iu reply Mr. Balfour promised the
most, hearty sympathy with the wishes
of the delegation. Personally, he
added, he took a sanguine view of the
jjossjbility of the diminution of war,
aud, ho continued, there were few
things ho regretted more than the fact
that the scheme for general arbitration
between Great Britain aud the United
States had fallen through, though he
was well convinced that with two
snch communities, having so much in
common, the scheme, though defen-ed,
wus not defeated, and that general
arbitration would be adopted between
them, even if   it   were   not  generally
adopted throughout the world.
Editor of the   Ottawa   Citizen   Fined
on Two Charges.
Ottawa, Ont., March 29.���Tho Mor-
rison-Wrightson fight was settled iu
the police court this morning. The
trial lasted over two hours uud a number of witnesses were examined. The
lirst charge against E. W. Morrison,
editor of the Citizen, was that of aggravated assault against R. Wrightsou,
editor of the��� Tribune. The charge of
aggravated assault was reduced to that
ot coiumou assault, and Morrison on
this charge was fined $20 and costs.
Tho next chargo against Morrisou was
lhat of intimidation, which was laid
by H. B. Rathbone, manager of tho
Tribune. Morrisou was fiued $50 and
costs for this. Carrique ot the Citizen, who was charged with being a
party to the fight on Parliament Hill,
was dismissed.
Arrives Unexpectedly on the
Steamer Majestic.
London, Maroh 80.���The Paris correspondent of the Morning Post says :
"At tho meeting of the customs committee of the Chambers of Deputies
today tho ministry announced that the
negotiations resumed with the United
States were approaching a successful
conclusion. Under the commercial arrangement likely to he confirmed, the
United States Government will grant
the minimum tariff on GO classes of
goods in return for a similar French
London, March 29.���A representative of the Associated Press had an interview with Sir Thomas Linton,
owner of tho challenger for the America cup. He said the Shamrock would
probably be launched duriug the first
week of Juno. She was not as ad-
vanood as he hoped, however, and he
was unable to fix the date for her
launching, which would be an entirely
private function. The owner of the
shamrock also said the decision as to
tho mode of crossing the Atlantic
would rest with the Captain of the
Shamrock and her builders. Every-
thing, however, would be done strictly
according to the rules of the Cup Competitions, and nothing in the nature of
sharp practice would be attempted.
Sir Thomas Lipton declined to disouss
the construction of the yaoht.
Berlin, March 29.���The powers
have decided uot to recouvoke the auti-
Anarchist conference which adjourned last December, having arrived at
uo practical conclusions. There was
some talk of another conference, in
which ouly the various ambassadors
should tnko pan. In consequence cf
this decision, the whole project is a
total failure.
Interviewed at Oroe as to his Views on
the United States Policy ol
Colonial Expansion.
Malone, N. Y., Maroh 29.���At no
timo t*iis winter has there been such
a blizzard throughout northern New
Yor as has prevailed for the last 12
hou* i. Travel is almost entirely sit-i-
peu - d aud -tho BRCto-M uic ncibei'uKc
Kansas City, Mo., March 29.���S. B.
Armour, head of tlio local packing
house of Armour & Co., aud brother
of P. D. Armour, of Chicago, died at
his home here at 9 :30 this morniug ot
New York, March 29. ��� A gray-whis-
kered old man, small lu stature, wearing specti cles and a light twoed inver-
ness, landed from the White Star
liuer Majestic this evening. The
stranger gave his name as J. L. Kipling and in reply to a chance question
said he was the father of Rudyard
Kipliug, tho sict uovelist and poet.
He said that be had traveled across
the ocean to see his sick sou and that
upon reaching Quarantine he had received a message that the patient was
rapidly improving.
About himself the old gentlemen declined to speak, but when the question
of the "White Mau's Bntdeu" wai
touched, ho remarked: "I live in a
country place aud of course anything
I could say regarding expansion cannot be regarded as official in any sense.
But. I can tell you how tho plain people of England think on the subject.
They are w.itching with the most intense inteiosr every move that the
United States is making in the Philippines. Ttiey want the United
States to hold the colonies which it has
wrested from Spain and open them
up to the business of the   world."
After getting his luggage passed Mr.
Kipliug hurried to the Grenoble Hotel.
Uo reached the hotel   at   1 :30   o'clock
and was nt oueo   taken   to   the   room
where his distinguished son is ill.
Their meeting  was   uu affeotdonate
Tho father wus almost overcome by
emotion as he embraced his son, and
it was somo minutes before he was
quite calm enough to converse. The
tut her did not remain more than half
an hour. It was thought best by the
physicians and nurses not to submit
the sou to too great a strain, and the
elder Kipling readily acquiesced in the
decision. He said he would return to
the hotel tomorrow morning.
Grounds on Whic'i Porter 3asj(] . i
plioation for an Adjournment
of the Action.
Cobourg, Out., March 29.���The
greatest interest neuters iu the case of
Pouiun vs. the Dominion Bank" in
which Ponton sues for {60,000 damages foi wrongful arrest and imprisonment over the charge of robbing the
iiunk The suit wus brought at the
close of the first trial, und application
was mndu to postpone the trial of this
action 1 v L.. Ocs Porter, of Belleville,
who appears for Ponton, ibe plaintiff.
He basod his application on the
consideration that an appeal was pending against Chief Justice Armour's
decision lhat the case should be tried
at tbis assizes, that the plaintiff-would
be greatly prejudiced by having to
proceed with this action for malicious prosecution while the criminal
charge still stood over, thut he should
havo a fair opportunity of acquitting
himself of thai charge before this
suit should  be   heard,  that   important
witnesses, whom ho requires on the
case are in Colorado, Minnesota and
British Columbia, that he cannot now
properly prepare for his trial, and
that it would be an injustice to^ force
him on witli the case.
Counsel G. H. Watson, Q. C, W.
N. Millier, Q. C, and J. H. Mudriou,
Opposed lhe postponement. Mr. Watson for the Dominion Bank strougly
pressed for a trial in this court. Jus-
tic-i Stroet briefly outlined tho situation, positively refused to grant a
postponement and ordered the case to
jgo oil.
Victoria, B O., March 29.���In tho
Iron Musk vs. Ceut.ro Star caso Mr.
Justice Martin this morning gave
judgment dismissing the plaintiff's
application that the trial take place
with u jury. Under rule lliiii oases requiring a "Prolonged examination of
documents or scientific or local investigation" are to be tried without n
jury, and His Lordship held that the
prosont case comes within tho second
clause mentioned, and accordingly
refused a jury.
Hang ou
Negro   Murderer  Will
May 17   Next.
Loudon, Out., Maroh 29.���In the
trial of Peg-Legged Brown, the negro
charged with murdering Constable
Twohey, Judge MacMahou commenced
his charge to the jury when the court
opened at 10 this morniug. The
charge, which was against the prisoner, wns concluded at 11 :50 when the
jury retired to consider its verdict. At
1 :4o the jury roturned with a verdict
of guilty. Justice MncMahon sentenced
the prisoner to be banged May 17.
Berlin, March 29.���International
securities were steady on the Bourse
today, Americans and Canadians ure
U. S.
A One Legged Man Drew a Revolver
Him.���p. W. Jones KesienB from
the 0. P. E.
Auckland, N. Z., March 29.-Tho
British cruiser Tnuranga wbioh, it
is understood, was intending to annex the Tonga Islnnds, (a section of
tho Friendly Islands, in the Pacific),
was intercepted ut Suva, cnpitnl of
the Fiji Islauds, by order of tho Homo
Get    a
Fresh U.J S.g Sailors
Dressing Down.
Kingston, Jumiiicu, March 29.���Another riot among the sailors of the
Uuited States floot on Bhore leave
last night during which thu men
fought a number of water police and
oiivlianSi resulting in the combatants
receiving plenty of contusions. The
injured sailors wero Wm. Lynch, of
the Brooklyn, ami Edward Barry of
the Texas, who were sent to tlio hospital,  the   former   suffering   from
Now York, March 29.���William K.
Vunderbilt bus duplicated his wedding present to his daughter, Oonsnelo
Duchess of Marlborough, for his sou
William K. Vunderbilt, Jr. Securities
amounting In value to |10,000,000 have
beon turned over to the young muu by
his father, Miss Virginia Fair, the
brido to bo, is said to havo (5,000,000
iu her own right.
Paris, March 29.���Captain Marchund
whoso occupation of Fasbodu on tho
Upper Nile nearly brought on war between Franco nnd Great Britain, is to
be conveyed homo on the Cruiser As-
sas. It is rumored that. Onmbon, the
French Ambassador to the United
States, will shortly lie replaced at
Washington by some one whose family
connections will help him to counteract England's growing influenoe
with America.
St. Johns, Nfld., March 29.���The
sealing steamers Leopard, with 12,000
seals, tho Vanguard with 2fi,000 aud
the Noptune with 22,000, arrived here
today. Thoy report that the remaining ten vessels of the northern fleet
aro almost loaded and that the Walrus
will probably secure a full cargo.
The fishery is likely to provo the most
successful ou record.
Now   York,    Maroh   29.���Managers
Brady   uud Julian, acting   for  James
Joll'rios and Robert  Fitzsimmons, this U1(|   I()1.nlm.   BlMlmlllH   ���������    ..,������� i��.�� ,,<,���.���......, v., ���.,  .......   nl,���-
afternoon siguod articles of agreement  jjaoturod skull   and   the hitter from   u i the EiiBter   holidays   there.    Mclnnes
for a  fight   before   the  Coney   Island I-_..,_������,��*   ��ucu M. P., is among them.
Sporting Club.    The articles call for a, s��-"B"B*-*    u J
Ottawa. March 29.���Mr. Davis, M.
P. for Saskutchowuu, bus returned
from Brockvillo where he was assisting
at the Liberal convention to select a
candidate in tho place of Wood, do-
ceased. Davis says that Comstock,
the choice of tho convention, will bo
oortain of eleotiou. Wood's popular
ity was ��hat kept the constituency
A number of members of Parliament
took advantage of the cheap trip to
New York yesterday to go  and   spend
Guest's Valuables and Hotol Books
Wero Undamaged.
New York, Murch 29. ���Another body
was found todny in tho Windsor Hotel ruins uud wus sent to the morgue,
numbered Body No. 27.���This was Ihe
most complete body yet fouud, consisting of almost a complete skeleton
with portions of the head, arms uud
lega attached. It was the body of a
woman. Tho reoord of fload ami
missing is now as follows: Killed
during the fire and died subsequently
from injuries, ll ; unidentified bodies
at the Morgue 27. Thu big ollico safe
was opened this uftornoon und the
contents wero found to bo uuhurinod.
Mr. Leland said that the safe contained many puokngoB of valuables be
longing to tho guests aud it was stated I
that thu vr.hu- of the contents reachud
ueurly $200,000. Thn books of the
hotol were found uot to have been
A   Vory   Satisfactory   Balance  Sheet
Was  Shown.
Liverpool, March 29.���At tho meeting today of the shareholders of (dullard Line Steamship Company, Baron
Inverclydo, chairman of the Company,
presided.    He announced  an   increase
Winnipeg, March 29.���At noon today
iu his  office, a  daring   attempt  was
made to shoot Mr. H. M. Howell, y.
O., hy n ouo logged cripple, named
James Kerr. It appears Kerr was consulting Mr. Howell, and ut tho conclusion of the interview lie remarked
that he would shoot Mr. Howell,
and put his nuud into his sido pocket
to pull u revolver. Seeing what the
muu wus about, two of tbe clerks
jnmpod to Mr. Howell's assistance
and disarmed Korr. The revolver was
a self-cock ing one and was louded in
five chambers. Kerr was Immediately
arrested ami an Information was sworn
out charging hiin witli carrying a
concealed weupon and attempting to
Mr. F. W. Jones, who, for some
years has been assistant and right band
man to Mr. Wm. Whyte, manager of
the O. P. It. lines, west of Fort William, has resigned his position with
tho Company and will leave shortly
for Golden, B. O., whore ho will assume tire position of Beoretary-Treasurer and manager of tho olllcos of the
Columbiu River Lumber Company.
London, March 29.���Sir Thomas
Lipton bus decided not to outer bis
new racing cutter Shamrock in trial
rncos involving u declaration of hei
measurements. Any trials she may
have must be private.
London) March 29.���The Birmingham Post toduy publishes the following report ns emanating from a usually
well Informed source: Thut the United
states Government at the beginning
of February proposed through Sir Julian I'uuii-'eioie. thut Great Britain
should take over the Philippine Islands upon certain conditions. Hut,
it is added, this feeling has altered
greatly since the roceut heavy fighting, Although it is suid beyond u
doubt that the United States ut one
time would have been very ghul to exchange or otherwise disburden themselves of   what will   be a
Troops Aro Steadily Driving the
Filipinos Back.
Manila, March 29. ��� Information
reaches bare thut tho insurgent oapital
bus been moved from Mulolos to San
Fernando. The army has not advanoed
todav, as the mon are building bridges
und waitiug for supplies to come up.
The country between Marilo and
Manila preseuts a picture of desolation. Smoke is curling from hundreds
of ash heaps, und remains of trees
and fences torn by shrapnel are to be
seen everywhere. The general appearance of liio country is as if it had beeu
swept by a cyclone. The roads are
strewn with furuiture and clothing
dropped in flight by Filipinos. The
only people remaining behind are a
few aged persons too lutlrm to escape.
They camp beside tho ruius of their
former homes and beg passers-by for
uny kind uf ussistuuee. A majority
of them are living on the generosity
of our soldies, who give them portious
of their rations, Tho bodies of dead
Filipinos ure struuded in tlie shallows
Of thu livers or are resting in the jungles where they crawled tu die or were
left iu the wuke of the hurriedly-rn-
treuting army, These bodies give
forth a ho'Tible odor, but there is no
one lo bury them,
Tho inhabitants who fiud from tho
towns, Left in such u puuio thut ou tbe
tables our soldiers found spread money
ami valuables und iu tbo rooms were
trunks cuiituiniug othor property of
value. This wus thu case in uiost of
the houses deserted. They were not
molested by the American soldiers
but the Chinese, who slip in between
thu armies, aro looting whuu they
can. Tbey have taken possession of
several houses und ruisod over them
Chinese Hugs, somo of which were
lorn down.
The following cablegram from General Ulis has been received by Adju-
taut-General Corbin:
Manila, March 29.���McArthur's advance yesterday wui only to the outskirts of Miirilan. It took until late in
the afternoon tu repair the road aud
railway bridges and seud cars through
with supplies. Ho commenced ' his
advance at six o'clock this morning,
uud mulched rapidly on Booave. He
will continue to Bigja, seven miles
from Malolos. The enemy huve destroyed tho railway aud" telegraph
lines, autl u construction traiu is billowing our forcos. The enomy's resistance was uot so vigorous today. Our
loss thus far is s ight. The towns in
front of our advu uco are being destroyed by live. Tho troops are in excel
lent spirits.
HluBu.      110 Ul UOlIUUVU    nil     iuww>����      ,   ������  ���.    .       _  ,       ,
the   profits   of   ��80,90:1.     But  he charge of the Islauds.
Winnipeg,    March 29.���In the   Legislature yesterday,  the debute on  the
address in reply    to  tho   Spoeuh   from
permanent i the Throne   wus  concluded,   aud  the
' reply adopted without division.
��� i >
LN6JS0I1       JJ��L1I\'     IU-TlRl    WusbluKt.in more impMssed than   ever
with the superiority of Gaundian situ-
I'lilr.laht'il lluily f*xri'|it *-'"r*liiy.
NK1HI1N   MlNKH   I'HI-mvi:   tt HVHI.IRHINU CO..
l). J   BEATON, Managing Dlreetor ami
AU. lOMMUMl'AI'lnXS to the Editor in ual
be liooompanied by th i name ami address
of tho wiiuir, not u.Le-KUu-il; for pubtlca-
tion, but as Qvidenos nf KOOil faith.
SursoBirrioN Kates
OhIIv tier month by cur*'er ���I I 00
per month by mpl      1 DO
per hall yes bxnwii   6tw
tier yoar  10 0
VMM* year  foreign.  13 00
Nki.son W'KaKiy Minkk.
Weekly, pet half year  $ l SO
por vwvr    2 00
���       per year, forcly    HOO
Bubserlpdoaj lnvnrl'.hiy in Advance.
Nolli'os  of Births.   I' albs, and Marriages
lilsrrtoil fer 00 rents r.n-l-.
Ailvortlni in n tea nuuu i.*i��w*n on applioatlon
kelson Mbu i l'i oi    ig& PubllshlngCo
NELS     v,  B. C.
to nn 11. rial >.���>
i..|.�� i**r i iiiiuK*-. . i   iii % erilxouieat  mtui
i" lit Uu* om..   lit   i  o'cloek  p.m.  tti
In.in.   rltnuut'.
Between the suggestions made by Mr
Bnohanau,    President  of    the  Kaslo
Hoard of Trade, and by Mr. .1. .1.
Campbell of the Hull Mines Company,
the Government at Ottawa ought to be
tious over American. He is intensely
Cuiiudiau, nnd therefore liable to be
a little biased ; but he is ulso u man
of excellent judgment in such things,
ami his opinion is the right one. Cauada lias superior institutions, and
whether tints or Tories are in it is ou
the whole will governed. We huve a
tine country, und nre doing well. But
the postal arrangements iu the Kootenay are probably tho worst in the
world ;lho worst, that is, for a countiy
supposed to be governed ou enlightened
and progressive principles. We are
sorry tbo Postmaster General has failed
to observt this. He must he subject
to some hypnotic iuUuenco fur enough
bus beeu said ou the matter to arouse
the attention of the dead.
The report, indeed, is careful lo
avoid grievances of ull kinds. That
is a wny the politicians have. Instead of grievances, it gives promi
Ueuce lo u elnim that the deficit has
been reduced from (781,000 in 1890-117
to $-17,000 in 1897-98. That is anotner
way the politicians have ; they love
to sound their own praises, especially
if at the expense of their opponents.
Mv. Foster who knows something of
the public accounts, says it is luipos
sible to make good this claim by any
recogui/.ed process of figuring; hut
thero it is. on the first page of the re
port, and much will be made of it at
the next election.
The report has its political features,
of course, but it also contains some
interesting bits of  information.    One
able   to   deal   intelligently   with   the | of the most curious is   that   iu   refer-
question thut is of   such vital moment : cnoe to dead letters.      It seems incrtid-
to the lend industry of this Proviuce.
It is but slightly removed from a
crime to lefuse to take the Stops ntvps-
nary to insure the development of the
enormous lead resources of the Slooan
region. Tbey are rich beyond computation, but thoy lie unproductive be-
cause the Government are undecided
how to act in respect to them, Mr.
Campbell says thai the industry will be
materially helped if Parliament will
but permit the tree admission of lead
mined and smelted here but refined
in the United States Mr Buchanan
suggests two or three courses ; one a
bounty on lend, another an increase of
duty on foreign lead, and a third an
arrangement by which lead mined and
smelted in Canada can be refined in
bond and returned free ol duty, which
is identical with Mr. Campbell's
Both of these gentlemen ure perfect y
familiar with the lsad qnestiou in all
its phases They kuow exactly what
is required to give life to the industry,
and lhe men at QttSV a- who do not
know are expeoted to have the good
sense to listen to (hen),
Ptrhaps they will. Unfortunately
the present is not an opportune time
for pressing   the   mailer     Tho   Joint
Imi during tbe fiscal year there
were returned from the British Post
Office 10,1 Bo tlead letters. From the
United Stales the number was 79,42!!.
and of domestic letters, post cards,
circulars, etc., there were sent to the
dead letter office no less than 940,588.
What a terrible amount of ignorance
< r curelessnoss ihese figures represent!
More singular still, of these 10,788
wen* registered
Wall Papers
We have received
our Spring Stock of
Wall Papers . .
and Decorations,
Comprising the newest Designs and Colorings	
120   Patterns
To Select From.
Sample Books sent
on application.    .   .
Cheap Cash Store.
Bargains In House Furnishings.
Lace Curtains     5��c per pair.
" 3 yds long and 45 ins wide... .$1.00
" 3 1-2 yds long and 60 ins wide   1.75
Nottingham Lace Curtains at  $2.25,   $2.50,  $2.75,  $3.25.
Best Ouality Nottingham Lace Curtains at $3.75 per  pair.
Swiss~Curtains at $4-0�� Per Pair*
Best Quality Swiss Curtains at  6.00 per  pair.
Art Muslins at ioe, 12 1-2C, 15c and 20c per yard.
A Full range of Dotted Net and  Swiss  Muslins  for  Sash
A Special Bargain���1 piece only,   Reversible  Cretonne   at
35 cents per yard.
Terms Strictly Cash. Stand 2 doors east of Bank of B.C.
Hudson's Bay Stores,
'   & BOOK CO.
Who has seen my Cloths nnd
Samples of Overcoat Suitinav,
Trousers ami Fancy Vestings
mysthey are elegant, The prices
are right. Fit and Finish can
not be excelled in Canada.
Ladles    Tailor-made suits a
Wo think it is greatly to he regi-elii**.
thut tin* Nelson Board of Trade should *
have endorsed tlie petition of the Van- ,
eouver  Lumbermen's   Association for,
nil increase ot duty on   rough   lnuiber I
to  ���?-.*   per   thousand.     *-?ueh   iinrvisi *
would no donht   be   a   benefit   10  tie*;
lumber industry in this Province   Hi t
tbe matter is   ot   Dominion  interest;
it   is a   question of Dominion   policy,
and it is not to   l>e expected   that   tie
live or six millions ot"   Canadians out- ;
side of British Columbia   will   yertuu :
their   iuteresis     io   he      prejinHtially
affected in et-der to please tie fifth of a I
million   inside   of   it
Quebec would   never   con
increase of duty would   imperil  their
trade with the United   States.    Man.-
5 <St 0 Clement Block.
Groceries, Provisions, Mining Sup
plies, Mining Drill Steel.
P. O. Box 214.   Vernon street, Nelson, B. C
Mail Orders
A Speciality.
House Cleaning Time.
As you will no doubt require New Carpets and Curtains when renovating' the house, do not forget we
have a much heavier stock of Carpets and Lace
Curtains than formerly,and will be pleased to show
what we have. The latest novelties in Dress Goods.
We are showing a fine range of Ladies' Capes,
Jackets and Skirts. ....
Clothing,   Boots and Shoos,    Gents' Furnishings.
Minina  nml   Keal   Estate   Broker,
linner-lineckli Block. Nelson.
Money to "oau far building purposes.
MiabiK ���s't.,1-. s tor Sale���Doadee, Monarch.
1 tea.  Fairmont.    A >*i Republic nnd rami
M ���'���* *n\ey ���'*  ���--;.    I li*�� le*. i*!n\l dalle****) in
v*"*-*   i ***sy briug . >*u *h. u.'uul
1 ro'xn-l)   (. r  -, u
lluus.111 ���rum.
A.  FE^LAlSfp   & CO.
Some Pianos are Sweet in Tone
Some Pianos are Responsive in Touch
rSome Pianos are Chaste in Design.
25c. per Dozen.
The best on the Market.
Hudson's Bay Stores,
West Baker St.. Nelsou.
Telephone 13.
Is now prepared  to fill orders
for    Luncheon*-,    Dinners    or
Evening PartieB.
Melton     Mowbray     Pies.     Chicken,
Veal, nnd Pork Pies,    All orders
promptly   attended   to.
Ward St.,   - Opposite Hume Hotel.
par -    f  the tit)-.
First-''ass board .ind   room.   Todd's
Id stand,-corner Ward  and   Durban*!
Couiiuiosiou   will     resume    Us    ses  , iol-a ami the Territories  would ri��e iu ' "to, in lear of Knclish ehmvh. heated
sious in August, ind ou both sidus the I revolt, ami the Maritime Provinces are I !'>' **]��������������    l^Me lu.ni-d |4: room and
, , :, .  .     ...     ,    . .   .     oowd 95 and 95:50.
hope (Mm*   to  ta strong   that   some-1 bettor satisfied -with  the duty as it it\ I    4 collection of line Belgium Oarariesl
thing will corns of   tlu��   negotiations. IIn matters ol   Dominion policy   it   is \ f. r sale.
It is understood that this lead question   UOl how Nelson, or Kooteuay, or Bnt- j _       __       /-yTr   iTtt/-* tt r tit
ia one of the   subjects   that   stand tor I i<h   Columbia   will   le   aflected.   bul  J t      \t     ()|iAll(*rH|i|'>|
adjustment, audit should uot   ta   re- I Canada as  a   wliole.    The   regtettable ,
B��nteil as unreason-iMe if Ministers ask : thing   is   that   the   Board   of Trade, |~
that its   consideration   at   Ottawa  ta, which has deservedly   stood   high, has
suspended until the outcome   at Wash- '. lent its name to   a   movement   which
iuuton is ascertained beyond doubt.   It  cannot possibly sueee.'il. and   thus ex-
is   probable,   theroforo.    that   another * pewed itself to the risk   of   baying   its
year will -jo hy without   a 11 v thins ta-1influence weakened.
nig done���unless. Indeed, there should
ta a treaty ami an early session to   ra-1
tify it.
Few Pianos are  sweet in   tone,  responsive
in touch and chaste in desig*n.
2T��r- BOARD AND ROOM Listen t0aMason&RischPiano-
Play upon a Mason & Risen Piano,
Examine even the case of a Mason &  Risch Piano,
And in it you will find all the requisites of
a perfect instrument.
Inspection Invited.
Correspondence Solicited.
Eggs from pure bred
Plymouth Rocks at
$2.00 per Setting'.
Thomson Stationery Co. L't'd. "W-
The Danger
' Whatever may ta the policy which '���
shall   ta   folio wed   by   this   Govern- '.
ment. it slul!   not   have reference  to
any   policy   followed   by   the   t'nited ;
States    the inspiration of our   policy ;
shall   ta   the     consideration    of   the
taut interests  of   the   IVnnnion.   and
shall ta   derived   within   Canada am*
not frviui outsiile of (."anada. "   so   said
tbe   Prune   Minister   in   that   speech
which was so bereft ot the   customary
snnnv ways.    It was in   :h*  course of
a reply to 1I1* nuigis!. .; 1 f rt't.-iliatiou
Later on   in   the delwte   Sir   Richard
Csrtwright   nderriM ta ibe same   sub-
j*v-t iuul sanl *   "if il beoomat  Moas-
ssry to   strike   tack let   us do an. but
111 heaTen's nunie i#! ns do it like  sen
sife!e men. and not Injure ourselves foi
tbe  sake   of    injuring     others."    In
both cases, then  can ta   ix**   doubt   ll
all, tlx* Miuisi.rs cave ti;:erance io tbe
rifht   MBHmant      Their   words    sre
iMUimeudiHi to the   thonfihttul   ivnsic.
erallcn    of   that    eth< ���    .iuiiugutsliesl
osiesroai:,   the   Atv ruey-Geueral    ot
Priti*<h Oetombia.wbc   aused an act to
ta paaaad  taacclude aliaaa froui tbe
Atlin eoumry. to :h.    ervat   injury of
the   trade   ol   the   OaM    cities   and
to    the     sti'.'.      greater      injury     Ol
the    ������uiu-.u-c     iiii.-;,-:- . n:     of    Atlin
its-aif.     for   i><*     tatter   reas-cn     than
that some Si '.ies of t!><* I :>vnin)5   t'n-
ioa   (ml :  - v"*i*iaiii.*iB��.
His   ix>lit*.-*C   lea Ottawa   do
Ml arorove ol thai i*nii*.<-v. bnt unfoi*
taiiawlr tHe l)t(tiatta(*hed statesman
of   Britlffe to   fivmuentiv
UpM into   dcmu��:*v m  that  the r*.*u-
dllllVU i��< taiMllle  *V*
Your t*v,*> nu*.) iv >*..ir:imi: >eu every
ilav of ll.eir ��*atlll*a and their in-
Ability -.**! werk vdUMMU hell*. rii��
I*.. ;ire the "ilait-i* hrt-iul nwlier>" for
��KKt of ii*-. Vho > nn- pricaleei io all
Oon : v..*t:le\-t them Timet) .itteatioii
�� ./. *.��i .* future misers.
B. C.
Auction   Sale
Of Household Goods.
TAILOR.     Gleaning
&   Lott's   fruit
THE SLEEPING  CAR   ROUTE     We wi" se"  at  auction, on  the
1-1 ex   no    ���TCT premises, on Thursday, March 30th,
EAST   OA     UEST. 1 at ; o'clock p. m.. all   the contents
BETWEEN THE PACIFIC AND'"{ a   w��"   furnished  house.     Sale
A-pTA yr/c ! without reserve; terms cash.
" ' Come to Observatory street,   2nd
Tourist Cars pass Reve'stoka daily !house west ol Stanley.
and Repairing1*. Clothes!to  St. Paul: Tuesdays andSatni-dAysl
.-.-.-.-I >   ,^   ^rt^*-     <-\,.��, for ToMinu : Thursdays for Montreal!
made to order.   U\er and Bostm.
UU&IC UBS9QN& - On r>��iw antU or
tiuiiar. hy Mrs. W. J. AaUtf, KoWn stxwe!
t��ti doois WVM of StAnlcy.   P, O. Box 1��.
strictly l*nrc Cn-am Tutor nuking Po^dw
nvvic m thfl Provl M Art >otir wnx^ r for it
. Kutx>ur.*��<c H. C pro��i\ieiio��. nil o:her ibimr>
bdafeqiuO. STKMLKR ft RARLK, Maim
(���votsMn, Victoria.
Two l^ots a:h1 Bmm  wi:h 14 wain* M  S��1ka
strwJ takmM .K>*vAtao *ini Hal! -. rvMx
tv*o;;fut:?    dtaMed.      l*r .,    |3J#
Vprm> J4.5CM  Otfh.   b*Wca< u.
be   amqeed,
I al c d Bow l.\*:- yz ���**.:rwt. near Jo-*. | hhlO,
tfr-Mt. Ptta* Jl.aii     Term- $Mfi ,."*<h.
kane* in bo;h dlreOttOMh
lirviC LKSSOXS   8tBftR| *nd PteM, b;
Mrs    >ydn^y OhrcT.  i.>U>rn-aiOfy street. i��o
���.lokuv ��W of S:.*B^y.
 ��� BMftBwnoo their reRpaotlve rootM i  i
A MM1TKI* Amount of vrir��t* fnnd^ to loan   prinrij\,l lAMttD^I  iu bx>ih dirw'.ions kp
t��   BMMlMjl   upon   iniproT^i cily  i>r-oprrty.   i*ther points when ���Jcitallftl.
Apply 10 Kllto". ��n*i l.��'jii)i*, *.�� ioj.orv. Nelson
"P1 T.Kr PtOfu or abool Aptfl UL eijthl
i.ytm hOMiV-. f>ir��ish��i. lL*th prnv-a. WtV nc
lmh*. piano, w. rk^hop. and largtifsniea. Oar
ntr <rf FalU maA Hoor-ar rtrttu   Applv  E. P,
Spokane Falls A
t-iorthOTT. R'y.
I Nelson  A  Fort
Sheppard R^y.
The only nil mil route without chang
: of cars between Nelson and Bonland and
biiokine and Rosaland.
Mon.. w��i.. FTi. Tiu-. Thurx -jiit.  L"��T�� 9-40 i.m. NELS0K Arrire 5-30 p.m
h-mb.���UaTet-yKiaox-AiriTM iw pit. j   "'    11^5 "   ROSSL'D    "     3:10
Mkkw conr.��ti a��r wilh sir. Ki ���;   "    8-30 am. SPOKANE   "   d.30p-m
'l'n*in thnt  lenTes  Nelnon (it 9:40 a.in
e!*>se  eonoeotioM Rt **vwk��ne tin
���ifio tVust Points.
Pkanacen for KettleKi��er*iiKl Bound-
n'v Creek,oooneet nt Marcini vi-HiStUf
To Kossland, Tr*��il. Hobeoo,
tv*oii m.-U-AVfr.*���NKt^ON ���Arrives-10.^.* p in
k.*i.l<na<   Ial.     ki.Ml.m*
#tk. Ki>k��m:k
Kssepl *SunJii> Ki*-ei-i Bund o
, I   *.!.in.- l^��veis--NKl>*.lS ��� Arrive-���11   h.ii
k-MMrHM-l   fttltrr   K...II, .
Stk. Moyik.
. p. sk.-
.sii r
1Y-.iv >v ������
WANTED���fir tho-raniMj  cvmptMi   uxl
aanwrieneeJ -.*.*o. -Mttioa a> ho��>eki>ep*r in   IooaI *^-cn:
tal* BrtKlluH hotel. C. P. R   prrt*f*rT��\i.    I'.rt
, .^ ,      errrHi-w cxeharift*.-.      A.*lv*lrp>.>   Miner   otttoe.
��� ���-<*���-������"   NeJiwe.
lxi: o*.- lUVer -:ri*v:. v.eAr ::
orriCKS *ui\l Hoom> Ul reii*. newlj* .iecor-
**-*.*- ���*' ���-      -- .   :*-*vp-   aM tad p.v~ A?-*':  '*   -      v.��::.*>nc}
rni m thi ftL LW.
*...    - :or .vddi:.,ui 'A**miH"n-amr*'AimUML
llur   aUil    Im. run ill:.I-    1'ullO-    il:i
-I... .ni   Lake   IM-.il).
*��..���*��.w a-Til'TTt   "^y-***"!   ililiMlti p.tn
AacBsiAUi Katbs
ard full intonn.\i��on by Ritdne^amc in^re t
C t B**a.-lvy. Ctt] Rakat &��� .. or
R. tt. KKKVV. AiMVIMki
Steamship Lines
From St. John
\llnn Line���C'alifurnlan April   2
Dominion Liue^S.-oliiiuan April   ���
From Portland
Allan Line���Castllbui          .April   $
From New York
White Star Line���BriUUUlio     Mareh i.)
*'unard  Line��� Uinbria  April   1
Ameriean Lir.u���l'arl-* March **9
Anchor Line���Anchorla March '25
fTom Bniion
Dominion Line -New F.ngland March it)
Pnssaues arranged to and from all Kuronean
points. For rat ei. tickets and full informal ion
lUplytoC.P. K, depot agent, or C. ��. Beasley,
city Ticket Agont, Nelnon, B. C.
���451   General Aaetu. C.P.R. Offlces Winnipeg.
We have purchased the express
and drayage business of Mr. J. W.
Cowan and bespeak as large a patronage at the hands of Nelson citizens as was accorded Mr. Cowan.
Leave orders at D. McArthur's or
telephone No. 8**.
Dealer in BOOTS &
SHOES. Repairing
work a Specialty. The
Cheapest Place to
Deal in Town.
Hall Street,
Few Doors Below Baker.
Carbide -
Niagara   Falls Acetylene    Gas    Machines.
Newling & Co.
Baker Street
a G. DIXON, g. p. *t.a.
Spokane   Wasli i
Ac-nt.Nel.-on. R O,
lot* on Cat- tl
.    HI5V  ��
Tr��v. l^s**. Agrn;.
lr.>u r*s.< .Virei.t
V��iiv'..\ **r
WAMKI'--Bj  rr>; .* ��^- b,��iklie��'iieT. ��ho
* h<mr
loko-iv.   A**lr
h><S or) hennadaj* :**��� ����re. a **��t of h��.\ksi
\" Y 7. Miaer .**��.
Kni..h i o ui��^ia l>*-ni*r,--*f*i loan an.1
Kt*. .n*f�� v ooipany ib.ii;.*- :.-,,. ni��>.l nvtsox-
i*S".* lerm* to iK^reii^r. Allow::,,; IV.rs-ipftl to
l^e *puo.:. olta: a-ii time withou; t*.v jty-. "m: aar
\S ANTI'O -JL mai. ������riUi sonic koo*ledffe of
lumber!.-- ��� ��- ��**booacSarcct|SUM Ar. i
by ".elt^r **l.*amti*.T.- tM-orlVv.
WANTKO   Al Nsk*.;--,   (fateawd ue mak*
ee;    I**j-1 ewiu in -.*��* rtri��f.     t\*-.er G��nel!e
Tben1 i* DOtkiad IB the l\*<��tniaster-
lr��ue*r��r> -rv;*.-rt oaB *--:*���-..-   i-r--
po*u: I .    Kivten��y     lu
hi* ��*>-c\h. c-n ii.i   *.  ^rv>- Mr Rieiuuxi
Gainble & 0 Reilly,  -s
WAXTKI^-OenMM   *-.rl tor how*   work
M   ��� ���|��*^-o�� Vtrnot!
KOK Btlij   OW Ei"it*.iNip��rs ��: *i rr*l* jx*
AO'i'liSX      1**-      Jtt*:   li"   IklBcf   lo   (Mil   M*i��   (UHU
"8   "<*���"���   -Rn iiii
Four roooieJ cottage on Kootenay Lake, opposite Nelson. Enclosed trait and vegetable garden,
well stocked with large and small
fruit trees of all kind-. Henhouse
etc.    Appiv
Baker Street.
A". < Mtl-Mjiu. Hgurinj on   hullilin^s that
������ill rr^nitr
Should OMWdt
J.   W.   MELLOR,
Who came- tht- UrprM -look ot llaie Ulaw
in the l*rovlooe
(-.���room boan and
boaata -treet
Hoiwr ami *.' lot. on Silica stn-el '1M0
5 room house ami i lota near Park lOoO
House anil *.' lot* on JOMpblM st 1300
goon ami s iot< on Varnoa *tre��t Jsw
Hon** laml J lo;- on l^kt street ����
IMoOl lot on llakir street.
.lloison llotv-^in stre.t      ".I
i lots on Hoover-ftreet WO
Slolson Wan! -'.,*.<*t        500
2 lotnon lAtimcr -two!        **W
11 lots on QutatMU ��u re��i*i��nc�� i*��i
I IO* i."urlHin;Ui. stnN't      i^-1
i lots In Hume Ail.litlon     S-W
��| lots in SIM Ailililion a snap
J. L VANSTOSt, Mining Broker.
R. H. W1LUAMS, Mni Broker
KmI fmt Affsts.
Unlet .i*
Court Has Over-Ruled 1hs Objections of
of the Miaority Creditors of
the Estate.
It will be remembered that nt the
last meeting of the creditors of the T.
\V. Gray estate, an ofl'er was made by
Alderman Charles Hillyer of $16,000
for the sawmill and stook on hand,
Out of 02 (iretlitora present, a large
majority favored the sale to Mr. Hillyer, the figures being 43 in favor and
19 against. Messrs. Macdonald and
Johnson, however, acting on behalf
of the Bunk of Halifax, thu Braden
Bros., nnd most of the other dissatisfied creditors opposed the snle. Mr.
T. M. Ward, the assignee, accordingly
began confirmation procceedings, with
a view to having the legality of the
salo placed beyond dispute.
Yesterday, however, Messrs. Taylor
and Hannington, counsel for Mr.
Gray, received a telegram from Alderman Hillyer to the effect that the
Judge hud deoided thnt in view
of the overwhelming majority in favor
of the sale, the assignee must give a
title to the property at once. No order
wns considered necessary by the
court. The result ia that Mr. Hillyer
becomes owner of tho saw mill and
its appurtenances, aud one of Nelson's
important industries will soon be
ouco again in full operation.
See the Sinking of Spanish
Boat at Santiago July 3rd,
at Opura House.
The Force nt Last Will Be on An Efficient   Basis.
A little over a year ago Cantaiu A.
E. Hodgins received instructions to
raise a company of riflemen in Nelson,
Similar compmies were to be raised
in Rossland, Revelstoke and Kamloops, the whole to form a regiment
called the South Kootenay Rifles.
The company was speedily raised,
and the authorities duly notified of
the fact. Regular drilling began,
and after a few months, Caotain Hodgins' Commission was gazetted ; but
the men had no arms, am' nothing
seemed able to induce the department
to forward them. At last about two
months ago the rifles arrived, and
drilling recommenced with renewed
vigor, though still the force had no
It would seem, however, that all
difficulties are at last at an end, for
yesterday Captain Hodgins reoeivod a
letter from Mr. Howitt Bostock stating
that all arrangements had been math
foi the supply and despatch of the iie-
cessary uniforms and kit, which
should arrive any day now. Iu case
of their not coming immediately, ti
letter from Oaptaiu Hodgins to'the
Dupartuieut will suffice.
Beaching and Burning of Spanish
Oruisor Viscayn��� Optra Houso tonij.lit
and the balance of wuek.
An Attempt to   Prove   Mrs.   Mallette
Runs  a  Gambling House.    JJJ;
The whole of yesterday afternoon
was taken up at the Police Court in
hearing an information laid against
Mrs. Mallette of the Kootenay Until,
for keeping a gambling house.
It appears that the prosecutor went
into the Kootenay on the 25th and
challenged the bartender who was alsi
au Italian, to play a game called
'' tricks.'' The bartender was 'stuck,'
whoreupou Colsinio wanted to pay him
another game for $13 a side. The bartender demurred, but eventually they
put up $13 apiece aud agreed to play
for drinks for the house. Tho house
was crowded, there being about* 75 persons present. They played, Oolosimo
lost, and the spectators imbibed at hi.-
expense. Oolosimo afterwards lain
this information.
The case for the prosecution closed
yesterday, aud several witnesses for
the defense were beard. Eventually
the trial was adjourned until this
morning, when the remaining witnesses for the defense will be examined. Mr. R. M. Macdouald appeared
tho   prosecution,   and Mr.    ti.   ti.
Taylor Q." 0. for the defense.
^ See the Destruction of Oervera's
Ploet nt Sauitago July 3rd., Opera
House tonight.
These are the days wben tho minds
of ladies ure largely taken uu witli the
now Easter hat. Styles this year run
to colors and a great manv flowers are
nsod. The Bize is abont Uie same as
last year and the shape, as usunl, does
not enter at all into the scieuco of hat
Tho ladies Of Nolson need not go beyond the borders of their own town
to secure the best that the millinery
world has to offer. Tho stocks arrived
in the oity this spring are first class
in every rospoot and all tnstes and
purses can bo accommodated. Mrs.
McLaughlin's stock of imported hats,
whioh she purchased while on a visit
to the east, charmed a great many
ladies yesterday when she had her
opening. She has somo exquisite
samples of tbo milliner's art, with nil
the latest shades and styles. The
store is most attractively arranged and
every lady should visit it.
["'rod Irvine & Co., also have their
millinery opening on thoir hands now
and are showing a very largo and com-
pleto stock to a constant stream of visitors.
A Largo Oongrogatiou  in St. Saviours
Church Last Evening.
Yesterday being Wednesday in Holy
Woek there was service in " St. Saviour's church lust evening. An especially iittructive musical programme
had been arranged and tlio bundsome
edifice was completely filled. In its
completed   condition     St.    Saviour's
church is one' of the most tasty buildings ot its kind in tho Province and
the congregation can congratulate
itself on possession of it. Last evening's service was conducted by Rev.
Mr. Rhodes and the musical portion
was under the management of Mr. W.
F. Brougham, the choir being \augmented by the addition of several
members of the Nelson Musical Society. Mr. Brougham deserves great
credit for the earnest manner in
which he has worked to ussure tho
success of the service and that it was a
success is the best praise ho can receive. The service opened with an
autiphone for Palm Sunday by Mr.
Brougham anil was followed by a
hymn aud the Benediotns. The Benedict us was an old Gregorian chant, as
old as English Christianity for it dates
from the time of St. Augnstin, the
first missionary bishop to Eugland.
Two selections from Gounod, "Offer
tory from tha Messe Solennello" and
"All Ye Who Weep" wero splendidly
given. As a solo Mrs. Brougham
sang, "Ho Was Despised" from Handel's Messiah. Her rich, pure and
powerful voice aud artistic interpretation of the selection greatly charmed
the cougregatiou. The chorus,
"Surely He Hath Borue Our Griefs"
was sung by the choir and was followed by the solo and chorus from the
Crucifixion by Spohr "Tnough all
thy friends forsake thee.'' Mrs. W.
A. Macdonald sung the solo, her sweet
voice proving 7ery pleasing. Handel's
"Behold the Lamb of God" and
Steiner's Sevenfold "Amen" were
the other selections. The singing of
the choir was of a high class nature,
and it reflects great credit on Nelsou
that she possesses musicians who undertake and carry to a successful issue the rendering of such ambitions
selections. An orchestra greatly assisted. A goodly collection in aid of tbe
building fund of the church was taken
Great College Boat Race on the River Thames���between Oxford and
Cambridge teams���Don't miss to'see
this Opera-House tonight and balauce
of week.
Criminal  Has   as
Yet  Escaped
It was on Monday night that Terence Ryan was shot down by an unknown man, presumed to be an Italian, aud the identity of the assassin
seems as much a mystery as ever.
Shortly before his death Ryan came up
to engine No. 127, which was sidetracked, and said to the turner aud
wiper: "Buys, I have been having
some fun with the Italians." Soon
afterwards he left, saying: "I gness
I'll go to bod. Good by ; God bless
you.'' He had only walked a
short distance when the fatal shot was
fired, and Ryan fell, shot through the
The various roads leading out of
towii aro being patrolled, but the murder is supposed to be cached in some of
his countrymen's shacks which arc
situated along the main line near the
station. Mr. W. H. Bullock-Webster,
chief of Provincial Police loft yesterday
morning for the  scene   of the crime."
Ryan is stated to bo a young man
about 24 years of age. lie was well
connected in Montreal, but at the time
was working in Smith's boar.iing
house at Cranbrook.
Roosevelt's Rough Riders and Then-
Trained Horses���Shatter iu Cuba-
Landing the First U. S. ��� Soldiers iu
Ouba���Spanish Bull Fights���nro some
of the scenes to le reproduced���at tbe
Opera House.
*r ol
.0 As
n inisi-
The Nelsou mid Fort Sheppard Railway train was four hours late yesterday evening.
Mr. /I. J. Campbell, assistant manager of the Hall Mines, Ltd. left yesterday evening on a visit to Rossland.
Mr. Robert Young, Ins v
agencies for tin*. Great V*. est i.
surance Co., is in Nels**n on
ness trip
iho animal general meeting nf the
Ni Ion Lawn Tennis Club will be
held in Mr. Selous' office next Sutur*
day evening at S p. m.
Mr. W. A. Galliher, delegate of the
South Kootenay Board of Trade, leaves
for Ottawa this morning, the negotiations in respect of his pass having
boeu satisfactorily concluded.
<*) A meeting of lacrosse men will be
held in tbe Fire Hall this evening for
the purpose of organizing for the season. Everyone interested in Canada's
national game is   requested to  attond.
Reserved seats for thn concert to bo
given in the Opera Houso on April E
by the Nelson Musical Society arj on
sale at the Cauada Drug & Book Store.
There is already a brisk demand for
Nelson rejoiced iu tho possession of
ono of its unusual wind storms yesterday. Merchants on Baker stroet
Buffered groat inconvenience on account
of the clouds of dust that blew promiscuously about.
The difficulty with the supply of
water was overcome yesterday uud
now the service is as good as usual,
'I'lie reservoir ran dry on account of
the trough winch foods it becoming
blocked, thereby diverting tlio wator.
Necessary repairs wero made yesterday.
Prospects are good for the organization of an Amateur Minstrel Troupe
in Nelson. Several gentlemen havo
interested themselves in the undertaking and a minstrel show will likely be
the result. Anyone who would like to
take part can send hi-> name to Mr. K.
Steiner who   is one   of the promoters.
Tomorrow is Good Friday. If will
be generally observed as a holiday liy
Nolson merchants. Every man who at
all loans towards angling will be out
after tho elusive trout if the weather
is at all favorable and on Saturday the
air should be permeated with stories of
marvellous catches.
The Nelson Baseball Olob met last
night nt the Hume Hotel. It wns decided to havo a practice   game   at 2 p.
tomorrow.   The committee which
hns bum looking after the flnanoos of
the club presented  a   very   gratifying
report which showed tbat $200 had
already been subscribed. The mauager
was authorized to purchase a complete outfit including a rubber plate.
Phair���C. F. Cross, Silverton; J. M.
R. Fairbairn and wife, Kaslo; J. Chip-
man. Sandon; A. M. Jameson and
wife, Nelson ; T. E. Oronyn, Toronto;
D. O. Ditmars, Vancouver; M.
Downey; Spokane; John G. Auld,
Stratford, VV. A. Strong, Stratford,
Albert Perry, Toronto;
Hnme.���A. F Corbin, RosBlnnd *,
M. Gnnkel, Chicago; Thos. F. Gray,
Mr. F. J. Painton has just received
a large consignment of the famous
Nordheimor pianos at his store on Baker Street.
"War ou Canvass" at Nelsou Opera
House, Thursday, Friday and Saturday Evening.
MetcrolOKlcul Beporl,
taken by A. H. Holdich.
Mar 23
Mar 21
Mar 25
Mar 26
Mar 27
Mar 28
Mai- 29
unneceaeary work, tho old fashioned implements and old fashioned methods are good
enough for you.
But if you desire to make matters easlor for
yourself and help, come in and look over the
we are showing. Eaoh article is Ihe best of
its kind both in quality and design and our
prices aro not high.
Vancouver Hard-
Co., Ltd.
Importers of
and Heavv Hardware.
Crow's Nest Pass
Coal Co.
Payment must accompany
all orders.
Spring Opening,
I Respectfully Invite the Ladles of
Nelson to  our Millinery Opening,
Mrs. McLaughlin.
<'oitroie 11 io.\ or 1 in ��n v oi  mjhoy
Tenders for the Erection of Electric Light Poles.
The City Council aro prepared to receive
tenders for lhe erceliou of (approximately) -17
elfOtrlO light, poles. Specification cun bo seen
and form of tender and other Information obtained at the olllco of the Oity Engineer,
Tenders addressed to tho Undersigned, sealed
and marked on tbo outside "Tender for Erect*
[ng BleutrioXaght 1'olcs," ure required to be
sent in not later than ten o'clock on lhe morning of Saturday, the lit of April next,
The ('ity Council do not bind themselves to
accept the lowest or any tender sent in.
By order,
City Clerk,
Nolson, B. O., March 88, 181)8.
I'uiMimil to tlie I'rcilil'H's TnimI   l>rcil AclH
uiiii  Aiim-ihIciI Ac In.
NOTIOE) IS hereby given that huniuel J.
Mighton, of Nelson, B. C., heretofore carrying
on business uh Tobacco Merchant at Nelson, H.
C, ban by deed dated the llllh day of March,
A. It., Iwbj assigned all his personul estate.
eredltH and elfects, which may be seized and
sold under execution, nnd all bis real estate, to
Hugh It. Cameron, of Nelson, H, C, Agent, in
trust for the benefit of his oreditorn. The hiW
deed was executed by tne suid Suimiel .1.
Mighton and by the suid Hugh It, Ciuncrnn, ou
the llltb day or March, A. 1)., 1889. and ull persons having claims against lhe suid Suniiirl .1.
Mlghton ure loquircd.on or before the loth day
of April, A. l), im), lo send to the Trustee full
particulars of tlie same, duly verified, together
with the particulars of the security df any)
hold by them.
Notice Is hereby further given that after Ihe
Hald 10th day of April, A. 1)., ltflKI, the trustee
will proceed lo (llntribulu the uhhuU of the
trustOStatO amongst  those creditors who aro
entitled thereto, itnd whoso claims have then
been lodged with him, having regard only to
the claims Of which  he then bus nO'Ioe, and
that he will not bo responsible after said dale
for the assets of the suid trunt estate, or any
pari thereof, so distributed to any person or
parsons, Arm or corporation of whoso claim ho
had not notice at the timo of distribution.
Notice Is hereby given that a meeting of thu
creditors of the said Bamuel .1. Mlghton will be
held at Ihu lew office of Mucdnnuld V Johnson
on linker stieet, In Ihe City of Nclsnu, on Mnn-
day tho20th day of Maroh, A. D., 18B9, al the
hour of two o'clock In the afternoon.
Dated nt Nelson, 11. 0��� thin 10th day of
March, A. I)., 18W.
HnlioiLom for tho uald Trustee,
Say John
Come in and see our New
They're just what you want
of all kinds���Won't cost ypu
'em.    Bring some of your  friends  along
we'd lil-e to get acquainted with them.
Line oe Shoes.
for this weather
a cent to look  at
The Easy Shopping Store.
$8,500 WORTH
That is the extent ot" my last shipment
of Diamonds and other Gems. You
can chose a stone and have any setting
you desire. Fine watch repairing a
Baker St.
No Kick Coming
When you see our $10.00 Suits. They are what you
have been paying $14 and $15 for.
If you want something better than a ready-made suit,
we have a Full Range of Spring Samples from the well
known firm of Kennedy & Douglas, Merchant Tailors,
Toronto. We will take your measure for them. These
are Union Made Goods.
Emory & Walley,
The Hub Furnishing House.
Falling   on     Sunday    this    season    will   create   a    big   demand   for
Don't go without them. We will be well stocked. We have also
made artangements with the Hens of Nelson to supply us with New
Laid, so there will be no excuse for not being able to get Strictly New
Laid Eggs for Easter. Something choice in Easter Hams and Breakfast Bacon.    Very lean and extra cure.
Your table won't be complete without a pound of our Celebrated Tea.
M. DesBrisay & Co.
T. Rails T. Rails
8 lb.
12 lb.
Drill Steel, Blacksmiths' Coal,
Ore Cars, Powder, Caps and Fuse.
Lawrence Hardware Co.
356 Fishing Rods
And more coming. English and Canadian
make. Bamboo (whole and split), Steel,
Lancewood and Greenheart. The largest assortment in Kootenay. Mail Orders promptly attended to.
Nelson  Hardware Co.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
..FRESH . .
Gumps supplied im shortest notioe and Lowes Prices
Mail Orders receive Oareful attention,
Nothing but fresh and wholesome meats and supplies
kepi In Hlock.
Markets at Nelson and Yinir.
' P. o
Boarding and Day School.       Present   Numbers 44.     Preparatory  class
under Lady.   Highest references to  Parents, etc.
For Terms apply to Principal - 1171 Georgia St., Vancouvei.
Wholesale Produce
and Provisions.
Wchave been appointed so'e agcntu
for Koolenay for SWIFT St CO..
South Omaha, and will carry a full
Htock of meats of 1 heir manufacture
al Nelson	
Mail orders will he filled at prices
ruling on day order is received.
P.   J.
Head - Offices - Winslpe?
Branches Vancouver, Vistoma
Nkj.s'*n. Rossland, Atum Lakh
Taqibb Lake, Ui-ukn-wood, B.C.;
uud Dawson City, N. W. T.
RUSSELL, rianager.
Patronize Home Industry, and Smoke the
Royal Seal
And   other    Union
Made Cigars  of the
Kootenay Cigar Mfg. Co.
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer and Porter.
Drop in   and see   us.
B. f
To Loan^
Great West Life Assurance Companv.
At 8 per cent, ct
Improved Property,
Agent, Baker Street.
General Teamsters.
Apnts to B. c. on h
(Standard Oil Co.)
Anthracite Coal.
First Class Fir
Cut any lengtK
to order. One car of Fres^i
Spokane Lime just arrived.
Office Cor. Baker & Hall Sts.
Telephone   S3.
Capital Paid np ���    ��� it-.ooo.oo**.
H����t -      - l.'JOO.Ut'U
II. S. Ilowland, I'res.   T. It.Merritt, Vice Pnt.
Win. Kunihay,      lluxh Ityan,      Until.Jutrruy
Ti Sutherland Htayner,       Mia- ICiikiii��.
Mead Olllco, Toronto.
I). U. WILKIE, General Manager.
K. If AY, Inspector.
Branches In nil iirlnrlpul . 1IU1 ���> and tu��u.
In    Ontario   anil   Quebec
it. ji ii. ins    Iii      iiuiiii..i>u,     \.rlhwfil
TiiTlliirlr. anil Brlili.li i nlumliU.
Man.   Cai.uauy, I'iiini.-k Ai.iikkt, Kiiiionton
Bouts Kdmonton, n. w.  t.   Vancouver
Nkij-on. Lkvkixtokk, 11. C.
Audit* in Ureal Britain -Lloyd'H Hauk, Ltd.,
78 Lombard *.truet, lxmdon. wltti whom money
may liu deposited fur transfer by lulter or cable
tu any part of Canada.
NSMOM  liUANi-ll.
Lotton of Credit Itnned on AluukaCommercial Cu. payable at til. Michaol'ii, Altwika, uud
Dawson City.
Drafta Bold, available nt all polntH In Cauda, unitod Sta tee and BJ-orope.
Lettonof credit Inhuou, available in any
pail uf Uu* world.
SavitiK*. bank llcpnrtmcut���DupOHltH of $1
*ind upwards received and intero.t allowed.
l'rbi.'i I nre* -Municipal and other deben-
tnrofl pi,relumed,
Money Orders Issued payable at any Dank
Ituti-H- Under |iu, 8c; |iu to *��, ioo;
a, tu ;* *", lio; $3u to turn, lie.
J.   M-   LAY.   MANAGER.
Geo.   Holbrook,
City Scavenger.
All kind** of day and night 'Y.'.venncrln***:.
Work promptly done. Chimney .**wii*pi"*i
Uox m,   Lc�� n or-Aev. at M. Ot*HrUay-|, J
How New
Ohio for npiirly 34 hours. During the
night the wind had caused the snow
to dritt badly, resulting in more or
less delay to railway traffic. Trains
from the east are reported from one
to two hours late.
The Rush
Miners Haye to  Wo:k Every Minute of
the Shift-��� ;ale3 of Properties in
East Kootenay
Mr. John
the Rossland
thority for
"The mines
their hours
shifts at the same ia;e
it is expected that iLe
Hi'Uni'ssv,    Secretary   of
Miner's   L'nion,   is  au
the following   statement.
at Rossland have reduced
of   work   to   eight-hour
of wages,   and
Minis of   Nel
son will follow suit."
On Tuesday evening Mr. U. 0.
Buchanan informed 'he Board of Trade
that there was a well defined rumor
abroad that the miners of Slocan district on May 1st intended ro strike
for au eight-hour dnv at the old rate
of wages, and that the mine owners
intended to reply by closing down the
mines. but Mr. Ile.messy's statement would appear lo show that the
Rosslaud mine owners intend to submit quietly to the ini posit ion of the
extra wage.
Further advices from Rossland are
eagerly awaired. for it i-* generally
thought here that the attitude of Ross
laud in rhe matter will have an important influence on the issue of the
affair. It is kno.*.u that the Ross
land Union is largely responsible for
the alteration iu tin* act.
Accordingly The Miner telegraphed
Rossland for information last night,
aud received the following reply froru
an authentic source :
Rossland, K (J., March 20���"Tbe
eight-hour law which w s passed by
rhe last legislature is being oomplied
with in every particular, and -wages
have not been reduce.!. In some of
the mines there aro uow three eight
hour shifts and the men stay down in
the mine and ear their lunch while
there. 1"> minutes beius allowed for
this. The men most be at their post
when the whistle blows ami must nut
not leave till then
"In other mines ami prospects there
are only two shifrs of eight-hoars each
ami a lay off of lour hour* between.
The mine owners were liy no means
pleased with the law, but nnani
mously decided to obey it."
* *      i
It has been learn *d from a thoroughly reliable source that, tlie Movie
aud Queen of the Hill- have been sold,
au English syndicate being tlie purchaser, A few davs ago N. A. Wai-
liuger, the resident agent for the
property ar Fort Steele, received information from E. P. Davis. Vancoii
ver, one of the principal owners, srat-
iug that the miue bad been sold to an
English syndicate, It is also said tha'
uctive work will begin on the property
within 80 days.
The Moyie and Queen of the Hills
are situated about midwny between
the .Lake Shore and St. Eugene mines,
aud are traversed by rhe same ledge
About 200 feet of tunnels have been
run ou tho properties, and large bodies
of ore have been exposed on every
hand, and with the same amount of
development work promise to be a;
equally valuable as tbe Jit Eugene
Several carloads of ore are already on
the dump and shipments could begin
at once.���Moyie Leader.
* #   *
Messrs. Massam & I.aidlaw, of Spo
kane, have bonded from N. C. McKin
try of Fort Steele, a group of claims
situated on the Sullivan mountain
known as the Big Dipper group: for
the sum of $26,000 payments are to be
made at short intervals and the final
pavment on August 1, 18110.
the Big Dipper lies about 2,00(1 feet
west of the Sullivan, und has been
prospected and partially developed
several shafts have been sunk, aud
there is everv indication of an ore body
underlying the surface showings on
the property.
The claims situated   on the Sullivan
Mountain und known as the West Sul
livan group, have been sold to Spokan*
capitalists for the sum of $6,000   cash
There are thi66 claims in the group
and there are good suifuee showings Of
mineral on lhe property.
The Headlight group has beon sold
to Spokane parties for the sum of *-!.-
000 in eash. This group is situated on
Mark Cteck, and lies in a northerly
direction from the North Stur, and
south west from the Sullivan. It
is reported that the above named
properties bave been purchased and
bonded for Toronto parties. We trust
that tbe report is true, tor it is very
desirable and to .the best interests of
the district that eastern Canadian capital should be the direct means of
opening up this district. ��� Fort Steele
* *   *
According to late advices from Juneau the new stamp mills being erected bv the Treadwell Mining Company
on Douglas Island have commenced
grinding away at the lew grade ore
that yields many huiidieds of thousands of dollars every year, The
number of stamps added is 750 and the
output of the mine will be materially
increased. The Al-ki and City of To-
poka have been carrying the machinery
north for the lust three months. The
new mills will mean tin employmen
of a great man*,  more man.
* ��   �����
The Noble l-'ive is waiting for water
to start tbe concentrator. Tbe bins
and pockets are full and a two weeks
run will bo required to handle the oro.
* #   #
New York. March *���'.*. ��� Bar silver,
oII>b ; Mexican dollars.   IT1.,.
Montreal, March 29.���After a raiu
storm lastiug all night mow began to
all, aud uow the streets are several
inches deep in slush. The thermometer bas dropped considerably, and the
storm has assumed the proportious of
a blizzard.
Brussels, March 29.��� A heavy storm
has prevailed here and in this vicinity,
resulting iu tbe complete disorganization of the telephone system. The
damage done to the wires is so extensive that it is not likely that the repairs necessary to the restoration of
the service can be made within a
Loudon, March 29.���The Daily
Graphic announces that the Marquis
of Salisbury, Premier and Secretary of
State for Foreigu Affairs, bas approved the draft of the convention dealing
with the British aud Russian spheres
of influence iu China, and tbat the
convention awaits the signature of the
high contracting parties.
j See Flagship New York and Monitor Puritan, bombarding Matauzas at
Opera House, Thursday, Friday and
Saturday, evening.
Sau Francisco, March 29.���A letter
from Guatemala says: Mr. Casin, a
friend of Ezetta, ouce president of Sal-
vadi r. walked over a cliff a few day's
siuce uear Port-a-Jutla and was dashed
to death on the rocks below. Nobody
believed the act suicidal, through he
declined to take food for a couple of
days prior to the occurrence. It will
remembered Casin made a fortune iu
Salvador, variously estimated at from
1600,000 to $1,000,000. He shared Ez-
etta's exile and participated in the expense of the sloop on which Ezetta and
he sailed for California a couple of
years ago. Ezetta died m Panama in
poverty, and the satne fate has overtaken Casin.
Alining Stock Quotations.
Corn iled bv .1. I.. Vanstone, Successor to H.
G.    McCulloch.     Mining    Broker,
Nelnon. B. 0.. P. O. box 1B9.
s'luue of Company Value.
British Columbia.
Athabasca 100
..'ariboo lOamp MoKt 100
Deer Park 1 00
Dardanelles t 00
Dundee 100
f'xeheouer   .. 100
Bvening Star 100
Kern G. M. Co    25
Iron Mask  100
Oen Colt     100
Monte Crisio 100
Morrison l im*
Mammoth    I 1*0
Little I an boo 1 OO
.oblc Five 100
Pathfinder  1 oo
���{unbler Cariboo    100
licco 100
-lucan S;ir    60
Sullivan 1 Oo
Si.annan Dolphin 1 On
I'ainurack il'ooledi     : 1 ou
Virginia loo
Waterloo iCainu McK) 11*0
Winnipeg 1 00
Wiiinon (Treas) 1 00
Wonderful ioo
Hen Hui- 100
Hlnek Tail  1 GO
Hodie 100
Huttc& Hoston 100
Cheepa libit Jay ioo
Dora IOO
'.iokhn Harvest  100
Golden .Sunset  1 00
Gold LedKO 100
Insurgent 1 00
lr*>n Monitor 100
Jim Blaine  100
Lone Pine  ioo
Morning Glory  1 Do
Mountain l.ion   ..1 00
Has been so great we were compelled to
order more goods, which have just arrived.
First come, first choice.
H. n. Vincent,
Merchant Tailor.
J. Y.   QRIFFIN   &  CO.
Dairy Fed, Mild Cured Meats, "GRIFFIN BRAND" our Specialty.
Choice Creamery and Dairy Butter, Cheese, Eggs
 Write us for Pi-ices	
Nelson Branch.
p. burns & CO.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
���S^"^/" ������������������������   "-C^-^iJ
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo.
Sandon. Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Orders by mail to any branch will have careful and prompt attention.
New Spring hats of All Descriptions  to Suit
All Tastes	
Stitson's, of  Philadelphia,   and  Christy's,   of
London, are Our Leaders.   	
J. A. GILKER, - P. 0. Store
Kirkpatrick & Wilson,
Groceries  and  Crockery.
We have just received a large assortment of
Direct from  the  Factory.     Prices 25  per
cent,   cheaper  than   in   the  past.
The Brackman & Ker
Milling Co., Ltd.
Wholesale and Retail.   Grain, Hay, Feed, etc.
Write for Quotations on Car Lots        ���        Nelson, B. C.
Nona San lJ**il	
, ...ii��j
Palo Alto	
 1 oo
3 75
 1 (JO
Tom Thumb	
HiitlHlo Hump Duv    .
Where is ,
It is on the South Side
of Haker Street and is
filled witli the very
latest things in Boots
and  Shoes.
jSlelsoi)   TenJ;   ai)d   AWijing   Factory
Canvas Goods, Tents, Awning, and
Fancy Striped Curtains for Verandahs and Windows.
Theo. Madson,
fc Real Estate and Insurance Agent, ^
I The Birkbeck Investment,  Security |
I and Savings Co. |
X^ advance money on Improved Real Estate.     Repayable in 5 and -^
t= 8 years by monthly instalments. 3
Turner Beeton & Co.
Carload   of   PABST   BEER   Just   Arrived.
A Large Stock of rWW
Liquors, Cigars & Tobaccos,
Dry   Goods  and   Ore  Bags
, Always on Hand.
Wholesale Oijlg.
The Eminent Piano Manufacturers
Have been attaining enormous success recently with their new Scale
Cabinet Pianos. In Ontario and Quebec provinces especially, recently
many lead-ng families have purchased these high-grade pianofortes, in
preference to those of any other Canadian maker. The trade associations which the Messrs. Nordheimer have enjoyed for over 50 years in
connection with their representation, for the Dominion of Canada, ot the
world-renowned Steinway, Chickering, and Dunham Pianos, have given
the house the true ideal as to what a strictly first-class mus'cal instru-
��� 'ment should be.     It is gratifying to nnte the success that is now reward-
#   BUY IT    *
The Miner is on sale at the following news stores at rive cents per
* ing their efforts in the production of the Upright Pianos of their manu-
I facture. . ��� ��� .....
Clev.'iuurl. Ohio, Maroh   80.���It  hai
mowed iteadily   throughout   northern
Gilbert Stanley
'1 bomton .stationery Co
Canada Drag ft Hook Co
Hnii'i Hnnu'News stand
Motel Phair News Stand
Humphrey fc Pittock
l��  Campbell
c. K. Nelaon
J, v Dolanoy
Union Bros.
.1. I, Melnto-ii
Blooan Nows ro.
W. Patter
iboniiiiii Bros*
Nol son
New Denver
siott*a ci*}
Frank A. Tamblyn Humphreys & Pittock.
-BakerStreet, will havo, tlirouKhotit
Iho hummer, un assortment of the
choicest Houm; jilnnU ever received
in Nd-on.    New ihlpmenu ever)
��������� i***k.       ....       ��������� 	
Fresh Fruits, Dandles, and nil kinds
of Soft IH-iuk**.
; Can
Kirkpatrick & Wilson,
China Hall.
All   Communications relating to British Columbia business
to be addressed to P. O. Drawer 505, Nelson, B.C.
���%%������%������������ <%%^%^%**%*-%%^%%--%%
J. Roderick Robertson,
General Manager
S. S. Fowler, E. M.,
Mining Engineer
RRANKA. TAMBLYN, fTRBBr.NexttoUelaon Hotel,
ullan   nnd Amerioan Papers nl
Ways on Sale.
No. 93.
$6.75   PER   TON,   DELIVERED.
All orders must be accompanied by cash and should  be   forwarded
either personally or by mail to the office of
General Agent Cor. Kootenay & Baker Sts.
RT pTrTtHET & CO., LTD.,
Wholesale Merchants.
Liquors and Groceries.
MILLS,    Enderby and Vernon	
A.   B.   GRAY,   ip. o. box en  nelson, b. c,
Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
* Incorporated 1869.
Capital Authorized   -   -   -   -   $2,000,000
Capital Paid Up, ��1,500,000, Reserve, $l,25o,ooo.
Head Office: Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Comparative  Statement,  -showing   the  progress nude by this Bank in the
past ten  years:
CnpitHl Paid   Up...
Liabilities to Publio.
Total Assets	
$ 1,000,000      I 1,500,000
200.000 1,250.000
2.602,000 8,175.000
093,000 1,387,000
8,836,000 8,554.000
*t.0:i8,000 9 900,000
5 280.000 12,737,000
(ieneral Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange   Bought
and Sold, Letters of  Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the in    t favorable terms.    Interest allowed on special
deposits   nd on S.-iving Bank accounts.
Atlin, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver
Vancouver East End, Victoria, Ymir.
A Ravings Hunk department baa been established In connection with the Nelnon branch of
this bank. Deposits of one dollar and upwar In received, and current rate of Interest allowed.
i\X present 8 per cent, per annum.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
Coif^lvlRTuMBER CO.
CRESTON, B. C. mowWdrW
Dealers in all kinds of Lumber.   Can be delivered at any
time in any Quantity.
C. A, BIGELOW,      ���      Mgr.
(ieneral Broker.
FOR SALE West Kooteuu} Valley, B. 0., on  lins
..,..,            ,, _ of G.N. P. Ry.. and
Heal Estate iu ull Parts of the
City. Nelson & Bedlington Ry., now  under
_  construction.
Fire, Life, Accident
and Sickness   ASSURANCE.
Information regarding Oreston nia
be hud of GRO. RTFARLAND, Agen
Nelson, or from
MONEY   TO   L0&N Oreston Townsite Co.,
Alerd-' n block.
ORK8TON,   B.  G.


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