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Nelson Daily Miner Jan 10, 1900

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 r I -j i
Daily Edition  No. 62:
Nklson, British Columbia. Wednesday, January io,  1900.
What the Dominion Parliament Will do
When it Meets.
reported confessed their guilt nnd sentence was reserved. Tho case continues
Miner's Specials Have Much of Interest This Morning.
The New Manitoba Cabinet, -A Supposed Murderer is Captured.
(Special Dispatches to The Miner.)
t ,. ,,in   Im.  'I-The Globe, In  en  isters of the Grown in   the city, also
1 ,   I      he de.i   "A __.wan._ie   for Judges  of  the Supreme Court. Jin.t.ce
editorial   headed     A.���" Bnrbrldge   of   the   Exchequer  Court,
Parliament," sy    t  s ��s foilOWS \ .���   ,,,���   fl      ty  Mlnigterfl
oS3* .^-^ - s������:����"*��� -rtr rrof the Be,vico
tr_np. sent to South   Africa nnd   some . from every department.
mere definite determination nfl"*'"! j Ja_ ,, _Tbe 4r,000 (1ml]ltPI,
the measure  of  oar >--'>���^ *       ,'  bv Harm.wor.h, of the  London  Mall.
th ?"'"'" of th. 1'";"',''l.\,, ';���,;,.  ,��� ���,��� ,���������,, (,������ dependents _t the Can-
Us,,,,,,,,* of ,1 Feneral ra.      ��� ;   .   ,. tn ,.,. w���.
sion. with   power  to hi mm*      1     j (n ... ott__0
Hr,.,a���D, i  between shippers snd ra    . m ^ ^ ^^   .^
Wa,s.to regulate   rates   , * , S11,ltl���,���m ��� knowledgiug tbe Wit,
criminations between  individual snip Caoaadins
Toronto, Jan. il.���The Assize Court
today awarded $1,2110 damages to An-
uio Higgins in her suit against St.
Lawrence Foundry, on nccount of the
dentil nf her husband, who fell into a
vat of boiling water and was, fatally
injured.    She asked for 910,000,
Mrs. .Tellett, who was burned to
death today in the Pulitzer'. ,house,
New York, waa the widow of the late
Morgan .Tellett, of Belleville, and bail
a son, Mormin .lellet, in the Trader's
Hank here. He is also well known as
a Kughy Football player. She has a
sister also living here. Mrs. Jellett
was private secretary to Pulitzer.
Toronto, Jan. B,��� "William Andrews,
alias Anderson, who wns'nrrested today on a charge of vagrancy,is suspect
ed of being the mr.rdorei of Miss Knch
ael Ferguson who wns sandbagged Inst
Friday night, suffering injuries which
resulted in her death the follow ing
morning. While the young woman
did not regain consciousness to give a
description of her assailant, it is
claimed by the police that Andrews is
the party who was in the neighborhood at tho time tho crime wns committed.
EverythingisTranquil Where The South African Censor is
Legislators Meet       ,      Working Over Time
SeveMl Speeches Made on the Speech From
the Throne-���Mr. Turner Makes
an Able 1 ffort-
inspected previous to chnrte.iug, nml
tin. e Liverpool stenmers.
The Government's defence as put
inilii by Mr. Balfour nl M inohester
today has nni produced an i given!.i.
impression upon the oonnlry, The
Standard, Times and St.Jami - Gazette
! join in the utmost unanimous: metropolitan nnd provincial disappioval.
A War Office .ompllatiou i I pa_ual-
ties issued hist   evening shows a  total
lot ,,318; 1,037 killed, 8,076 wounded
and 8,511 missing. Theso do not iu-
elude 140 who have snoenmhed to disease, nor the easualtit���- al Ladysmith
lasi   week.
Not So Much in General White's Success
After All.- There Are Some
Sensible Hibernians.
A Two  Days    Di
Been Ordered.
ii int..,,,..	
purs nod rival communities. Dealing
with Ihe -'"Hate, as will reestablish
Government by the people, nni it Parliament shall so determine,or Imperial
iiuiiinri'.i - 80 ",,..;: . ". -'"'. -in. on
tlie proposed amendment lo tli" en
stltntinn; provistou for the rasnmotion
hv fie Crown, "1 fr.r a   mine   silisf ic
tiitv   allotment   of   mummed  rnllwny
hinds to I In- west and the initi tion ol
ll mens ne tn runlet lands granted In
railways subject to taxation .it the
very earliest moment possible under
the erm.s of the original grant.by Par
liiniii-nt.   The  reorganization ol Hi.i
says:   "Both I.mirier   and   Cniaadit
gonornllv    will much    appreciate    ihi
spirit ut the nia.tiiiieeiit donation."
Montreal, Que., Jan. 9.���Geo 11.
Ham, ol the n.iM-ri. ing department of
tun O, P, I!. accidentally slipped
viiiie emerging From a hath tub Jon
Sunday morning, nnd broke a couple of
his pits, Mr 1 lam will be conflued
in I is bed foi a ti w weeks In coiise
Chatham,   Ont,,   .Ian.     ii ���W.   A.
Cum bell was killed by falling off a 0.
lii.niHiit. The reorganisation or Hign p R ,..,,���,��� Milton last nlgh( He
Commissioner's office In London lestab-: ^ M ^ ^ o( Bgg ,in(, si||l,0 ]s7(i ,|]|(1
lishnieiii nr   B   onniinoroiiil   agency   at   ^^     ^ ^   (f   ^   County   Coort  of
the British capital nnd greater Vl'>'""   K,,���t    He was on his way tn  foronto
sentation of Canadians who understand the licet s anil resources of Canada ; a Fcdera law for the relief of insolvent debtors and distribution ol
Imnki'iipt estates; provisions in future
railway subsidies that all mouay so
granted shall be returned to the public   treasury   and   no   money or   ���*
Kent.     He was on his way to   Toronto
in s.iy farewell   to   his   sou,   Sergeant
\V. a. Campbell,   Jr.,   of thn London
s t'liini   of   the   I'nnniliuii       Mounted
It ill. s.  when he incl his   dentil.
,     Ottawa, Out , Jan.II ��� It is announe-
. ed here that arrangements  have been
,nl111!        ���    .- ..... ., .:.;....   i.,..,���,
���.    .,   ���- .        made by the Dominion   Postal Depart-
grants shall he made oxcept for strictly   n ( )()   ,,nrry a limited   quantity   of
colonization roads; estahliebment ol newapBperg to Dawson aud Atlln diir-
a civil service commission and urea- L^ th(J wtntw months, To Dawson
tion nf ��� thoroughly non-partisian I (1|(i (|U|lntity is limited to BQ0 pouadB
civil service; repeal of gerrymander ol ]      week __fl |0 AlHll  ,imitl..i to into
I'll- I       ���- :    i.i..
Blyth, Out., Jan. 9.���Fire at ll
o'clock this morning destroyed the
Hank cf Hamilton and stores of Moses
Scott anil Heffron Bros., tho damage
being $15,000.
Candidate Fletcher's Election Seems
Now a Certainty.
Mr. Fletcher had another very busy
day yesterday dining which he coiilin-
ed bis attention chiefly to the East
Ward. The Houstntiitiiis claim lhe
Knst Ward as their stronghold, but if
this is so their strength is weak indeed. Mr. Fletcher met with the
sntrie snf.-es-. N-.ro thnt has attended
his canvass in other pin's of the City,
and his ma.orit) there will be even
larger than his moat enthusiastic sup
porters dated to bops, From lhe most
unpromising qnnrters come voluntary
offers of support, and he 1ms certainly
secured that floating vote which so often iliriiies eled inns, Ibe element that
is always anxious to be on the winning side. Mr. Fletcher is as surely
elected as If the ballots were counted.
It was announced a few days luck
that Mr.   Houston's committee would
call n public mi et ing foi last nigh
hut nothing more has litviijicaid of it,
though the faithful few (hat were uot
al tin- show may have heen trying to
keep up one another's spirits in the
seclusion of their committee rooms.
Mr. Houston's workers are making heroic effi.its to keep a stiff npner lip,hut
litnl il very living work for they nre
beaten men anil they know it.
ISM, and redistribution of   COllstitnet
tics by Superior Court judges.
Ottawa, Jan. B.���Tbe old printing
bureau mi Washington street adjacent
tn tlm Hank of Montreal has bee J sold
to the hunk. The property is requir-
ed for extending the building. It is
used ai present as ii Government work
ponnds semi-weekly.
Haysville, .Inn. II.���While sakling nn
the Lake of the Hays, Tlinmas Brown,
Jr., aged I it, Margaret Brown, aged '-'I,
and Jane Brown, aged 17, ehildrnn nf
Thomas BrOiVn ran into a with, crack
in lhe it-it near Hlnek Point anil all
were Drowned. Tlm bodies Ol the girls
have heen tt vercd.
Winnipeg, Man., Jan. I).��� It was rumored     ill    political   circles (hat   the
Lieutenant Governor insisted nn Hon.
Mr. Macdonald   Inking   live    Minister
hack for re-election    Mr.   Maodonald
was asked h.v a reporter as Iii the Until
ni the report and replied it wns not
so. He farther said thai His Honor
was agreed as to his taking three Ministers back ft.; re.election, 'lie new
Ministers will he sworn iii tomorrow
nml tl Is expected Unit Hi. dates of
Ihn by ehTti.tns will he announced at
Winnipeg,  Jan.    _.���A  caucus   nf
Conservative members of the i ew _eg-
islamic was   held   tonight at which it
is nndersl I   ii   was  agreed that ibe
Maodonald   Ministry should consist   nt
Hugh John Mncdniiald, Premier and
Miiiniei .General | Ur. MoPadrion,
Emerson, and J. A. Davidson, Keep-
awn, Minister nt Public Works, and
Treason r, respectively.011(1 R, I'.  Rol
Montreal, Jan. B,���Another arrest
in connection with tie Batiqiie Ville
Marie case took plaoe lodav, I.i ties! I,.
Feiinwcs arrived in Montreal from Ottawa and telephoned tn Detontlve Mc
Caskill of ho Canadian secret  no vice
Hint im understood  he hud a  warrant. ,, r
for ins   (i-Yil'iwi'H) arret.!  and if so he I Hn,   Winnipeg    ami  Jos.    Johnston
wished to bo taken Into custody.   Mo- Bolssevatn,   members   without   port
Claskill had n warrant for linn anil wns; (olios.  The new Caliiuel  will he sworn
Chiefs   Report     Considered���Vole   of
Thanks Tendered.
The Police Commissioners met yes-
Iciilav morning in   the City Hall   and
there was a   full alteiiilanee, the Mayor  being  i" the obaii and Alderman
llillyei nnd I'oltce Magistrate Crease
being also present.
Chief of Police Jnrvis' reports for
Uteiiilier nml thn yenr were rend ami
'lhe   Commissioners   recommended
lhe   Cnnucil    In   provide    the     poliol
force with regulation nniforins, as is
itiim- in itonriv nil theothei Incorporated towns of the Province Thev also
reeomtni nileil the ptuchrnsc of two
elect lie  flash    lights llllll    two    hatolis.
They also recommended that Petrol
man James Hardy he appointed a permanent member of Ibe force at u s.i-
iii v of (80 n month,
The linsiness of   lite   meeting   being
lints concluded, Aldermen Hlllyer pro-
im-1 >i n Mite of thanks lo chief of __���
licit ,i:n vii referring in most oordlel
t .mis tn tin. efficient manner In wind,
he hnii performed ins duties, s manner
satisfactory both tn them nud tlm pub,
lie Mr. en'.e - seconded this motion.
In conveying the vote of thanks to
the child, the Mayor also paid a well
merited trlhnto lo tbe excellent work
it ne by Mr  Jnrvis.
lunch pleased to Hnd him so willing
to seek Investigation, fell owes was
with his brother, arraigned nn the
charge of receiving money to the  no-
cnu.it nf $11111,11(11) or more,   knowing
same    In   have    I.ecu   stolen   limn the
Hanipie Villa Marie. They both pleaded not guilty. It was decided to holfl
tbe Investigation  tomorrow morning,
Ottawa,   Jan.   ii.���The   funeral  uf
Lewis H'.air, second son of linn. A.
O. Blair. Minister nf llailwiivs, look
plaoe this afternoon from ble fatber'e
residence      to      BrehWOOll     "I'toclcrv,
where the remains were  plneed   In a
vault.       Although   the report was |;i it
in tomorrow.
(Special Dispatch to Tl.o Miner.)
Victoria, B. C. Jan. II���Secure for
the time being with their mnj rity of
one, although it seems now that it is
but a question of time before they
will meet defeat, the Government to
day moved  the consideration  of th(,
Speech from the Throne. The address
which was moved by Tisdele (Vancouver), and J. M, Maitin (Rossland),
after giving the expressions ol loyalty
and hopes thnt British supremacy
would be restor.id soon in South Africa,referred with congratulatory phrases
to other portions of   the Speech.    Both
members  spoke nt length In moving
the address but dealt for tho most part
with general ties in which they sang
the praises of the Government, they
referred to the increased mining activity, representation for the Boundary,
the settlement Of that district and other general matters.
J. H. Turner replied to the nddessin
a  splendid   speech   which lasted two
house __nol_.'__g with an amendment
to the  address,   expressing   iioii-cniifl-
denoe   in   the   Gnvenrmeut,      He   severely arraigned the liiinucinl policy of
the Government and showed  how  in
floating the Provincial Loan thev   had
caused the loss of   ninny thousands  to
the Provln.e.    He told of the   manner
iu which the credit   of   the   Province
had   been injured by the financial policy of the Government, und  remarked
that when   the   loan   was tloattd   the
British public had  so   fjr   lost   contl-
iletiie ill   the Province that when   the
lists were   opened, less   than   five per
cent   was Inscribed   to  the loan.    Regarding the   cash   grant being   sulisti-
tut'd for hind tn the C. & W. Railway
he congratulated the  I Invent ment   fnr
having in this followed the example of
the bile   Government,   thus they were
sure   to  be   right.    In regard    to   the
opening of Omineoa country,  be said
had il not   heen   tin.   attitude   ol   the
present Government  two years ago,
when m Opposition, there would   have
heen a railway in operation there now.
Returning tn the attaok mi the financial policy he rated the Government
for repudiation of their obligations and
for having hrnught ciiuitiil and labor
Into   competition.    The   grunt   of one
million dollars towards the coat nf tlm
Pacific oable, was ridiculed. Hero he
said the Province cnnld not arise a
loan, could not build its roads nr do
other necessary works, yet  they  wore
to he nskeil tn llimw away a million
dollar! fnr a little  glory,     lice ensured
the Government  for the omission of
a Provincial exhibit at the great mining exhibition recently held at Bert's
Coiiil In London, When iu London,
he had seen exhibits from Western
Australia, the Cnpe anil all (titer mining countries, with the exception of
this country,   An exhibit nt   suoh  an
exhibition where thousands nf miners,
practical miners, were in attendance
WOnld   have  dine   n   vast    nmnuiit   of
good to ihe Province, yet tl... Govern
ment, although they   hnd   ample time,
had not taken up the matter.
Then after condemning the Government for the practical discontinuance
of th" office of ugiiit in I.nml, ii, for  so
(Specinl Dispatches to The Miner, i
London, Jan. li.--Further news of
General White's victoiy is anxiously
awaited us it. is generally realized to
dny that there was- little warrant for
the exultation which followed tho an
nounoement of repulse of Itoers. The
remarkable revolution in Bool tactics
is another surprise for the British,
who had not reckoned on Ladysmith
being subjected tu such a courageous
assault. In some quarters it is considered unaccountable that General Boiler
did not press his attempt to effect a
passage of the Tugela River while the
Boers were engaged nortbwatd.
Washington, D. ('., Jan. !i.���Mai)
advices from the United Slates Consul Macrtini at Pretoria show that m
the disbursement of funds sent by the
Hritish Government for the comfort of
British prisoners he was held by the
Boer Governmeut under ,i distinci
stipulation that he was acting unofficially. This attitude of the Transvaal
Government is believed to hnve been
based on a desire to force Great Biii-
ain into some recognition of the status
of the South African Republics. There
is untiling in Macmm's report which
throws the faintest light upon his inexplicable actum in leaving his post in
he middle of the war.
A  Dyspeptic   Freuch   Oanad i
Vents His Spleen in a Church
Loudon, Jan. p.���It is announced in
a special dispatch from Amslcrdam today that nn uncredited rumor is current there that a British cruiser has
tired upon the Dutch cruiser Friesl.utd,
near Delagoi Bay, and that a Dutch
officer was killed.
Springfield, Mn., Jan. I).���Tho
Springfield division of the Ancient Order of Hibernians, which hnd been solicited by tlm national president to
contribute to tbe fund for the relief ot
the Boers decided by au almost unanimous vote not to comply with the request. The reply sent to John Keating at Washington saysi "Wo are opposed to dning anything that is against
the  neutrality   laws  of om  couutry
which   niiisl   he   respected   above   all
Wittipeg, Jan. Si. ���Jt wns decided
to organize nnothol regiment of infantry in this city. At an enthusiastic
organisation meeting held last night
early 100 names of recrui's were enrolled.
Aden, Jau. '.t.--The Imperial German mail .steamer General, detained
hereby the British authorities since
January l, on suBpioion of having contraband of w.ti mi board, has been re
Halifax, Jan. ll. ���The first quota of
tho secoud Contingent arrived Ibis
afternoon and wus met al the station
by the officers of the militia and citizens. Twenty-se-en men were in the
party and came from St.John and Sus.
London. Jan, Hi.���A dispatch to Ihe
Daily Chronicle from Frere Camp, dnt-
c,i Sunday afternoon at :i o'clock says:
"There has been no bombardment
of Ladysmith, nor any shelling at
Chieveiey by the British guns.''
, Special Dispatches to "��� be M iuei
Ottawa, Jan. 8,���The programme ar.
rauged last evening hy the Department
f Militia and, the different railways
concerned in forwarding troops to Halifax lias all been cai ci lied and a delay
all around of two days I as been ordered. The it -ult nf ii, - i lhal tli" Montezuma and| Laurentian will not sail
from Halifax  until the  SOth,   instead
of the    18th,  as   ; aly   arranged.
This will enable Ih M mnted Polioo
squadrons   tn sail     11    till    -nine   day.
Tiny Lave Regiua n Saturday and
will pass through here ou the iTih
instant, ui riving ,. , mn later
than ih" l'.'tli sn that tiny will be able
tn embark on tbe v. Ith the
tliers.  This ohan i rogramme
has the advantage      ��� ont [grand
demonstration u Halifax in seeing the
troops embark in 11 ' dividing in
Montreal, Que., Jan.   ..���The   Montreal 'in. p of   M Rifles
,,.,   Halifai     Bnnfl iy    ting    Tho
Winnipeg troops ere oxpi ted to i ei
through the city Thursday nigbt.
l.ingsi'iii battery arrive 1 te Saturday
afternoon and Toronto battery Sunday
morning. Ottawa battery passes
through Monday aft    noon,
Montral, Jan.   8.��� The  Militia gen
era) order issued from Ottawa fixes the
departure of  tho local detachment 11
"A" squadron Canadian Mi,tinted
Utiles, fnr Sunday next. The boys
will COnafiQUently leave this city where
they have been quaitered for the past
few days on that day nnd will proeoed
direel to Halifax over the Inter Colon
London, Jan. ll).-The Daily Mini
has the fallowing, dated J..n. T, from
Capetown: "Dordreioht is now gar
risoned by 10,000 rebels, thus relensing
the Orange Free state troops for service olesi where
London. Jan. in���Major General
l'linr, commanding tbe Fifteenth brigade, under orders to proceed in South
Africa, died on Monday.
Halifax, N. S., Jan, B.���The Mi
.il , mmission which is eon.ld. ing
the case of the transport Moutezuma
will su| ��� ��� Inti ii i tii" diBinft "ti' :i mil
report tt night or tomorrow. If the
i iiat ,| tbere will probably bo
some "
The Canadian Bnuk of commerce toil.iy . ontrii ii' 'i   five  thousand dollars
to th" Na' ii it.i! Pali w,ii" Fund, -tart-
"il I.i-: week. Including this, tli" fund
amounts tnnighl h
Toronto, Jan. ���9.���Premier Bess tn-
(in v proceeded with the charges In connection With the liv-cle timts in Sunlit
Oiilaiin. where IK men weta reported
for .niioiitiiiii (iii th" (kinservnlIvuside.
This wns ai tbo general election of
Mint h. I8BB, when Colder, Conservative, dele t.ii John Di\ii"n. Minister
..| Ami' nliine 'I he C mn of Kni-iury
"in  i  I" i i l  ,lU(l| ,     i Islet    nod    feign-
smi, who were trial jndgea,   William
Smith, ii.i',1 et Conservative M, P. for
Booth Ontario, S.ld    he had    paid   nut
11,800   fnr   the   ptirpii.es   nf   bribery.
vault.    Aiiiiongn me ritpoi-t wiib K.-,,., Counsel  for Smith remarked up..ti the
eral that the funeral was l0_b_   privu'e   .andid manual   In    which   Smith   hud
there were in attendance all tho  Min-1 given his  evidence.    Several   of_t-ON
(Associated Press Dipalchcs. t
London, Jan. 10.���(4:80 a. m.)���Tbe
War Office    has    not    contributed   the
least particulars as to what    is   taking
place in Natal since Bundny, Neither
hits it allowed the dispatches ol correspondents lo go through, Consequently
the facts of tlie   situation are   replaced
by conjectures and  tho  Impntienoe ol
the public pours Itself into a dienssion
nf the war and nf what might have
been dune nr ought   to   be done   now.
The Morning Post demands that the
forces ntleld, afloat and in preparation,
shall be Increased   by 08,000 men.   To
this end. it urges, that all the trained
men the country possesses nnd volunteers also he culled ont, asserting Incl-
denti.illv lhal although nn. attitude oi
other powers is norreol lo the diplo
mafia sense of the word nu Invasion,
if attempted, would in, sudden and
that now is the time in apprehend con
lingeiit'i. s.
The Daily News editorially defines
the public opinion of the Contingent
as "in a slate which should P.-. Ignored. " it calls for "greater vigilance
than ever on ihe pari ot tin.-" responsible   for Ihe efficiency of  the navy,''
(Specinl Dispatch tn The Minor. |
Victoria, B, C. Jan. B.��� There was
rathei n lively time In tbe Legislator,
today,   Joe   Martin, on a  question   of
privilege, roasting tbe Nanauno  Her
aid for stating that he had paired with
Mr, Weil-, of Kootenay, and then broken    tin mpaol    by   entering  the
House,     Mi      lleliiit'keii    drew    the at
tention of the Attomej General to the
statement of Rev. J! O. .peer tbnt
the Queen's  photo nnd a British  ting
had heen turn from the walls if .1 saloon and trampled under foot The Ai
toincy (leiieral promised to have Humid other reports of Boer sympathizers
being net j vt- to be Investigated. Joe
M:ii tin bai a long string ol questions
nn the nni. i   papers and Messrs    Dig
gilts and MoPbrlllips a" moving In
lhe diri'i'linii nf   having the noti-AIn tl
.Mining At i repealed,
B, ri. Stggeis. Patent Lawyer,Washington. D 0 , H, S. A., renorts lhe
t. iiiiwiu. patents granted January 'j.
I'iiiii. hv the i: s. Paten) Offloe to In
veittnis residing in the Dominion of
Canada    ib will  mall cony of seed���
(leal  nud   ilriiwinus  of ni.v   patent
lor Id cents in   stumps.    A.    II     Can
ning, Toronto, totary engine; Paul B,
lioege, Toronto, oropnlelon of IttMts; I
Dnnliitlc. Toronto, cover fastening fnr
fruit jars or similar  vessels;  James
""�����������-������    iMiiloek ; O
1 1'"*-'*'1 ,|"'  pres-M arrangements, |B'|���i"nrgea oantloui oircumstHnoes and
he moved an amendment lo tbe address I business like diplomacy
fl._a._lnm ���f 1     ,���,      ,-,..:,..  ,,���;,   ���_.
sn that it read after the   cxprcssinns of
loyalty, to which Ihe opposition were
also in accord i ''That In view of tbe
defeat of the Government  on  tbo mo-
lion to adjourn on Thursday last, he it
resolved that the Governmenl inn Inst
control nt the iiniise i__ the confidence of the -utile.'
The Dolly Mnii says it understands
thai ihe supersession of another gen.
etui commanding In Booth Africa will
short lv he announced.
The ciitics range up and down tbe
entire Held of war transactions, iimi-
ing fault especially with tbo lack ol
transports ftr the troops, who are ready
Drink".niter.   Winnhester.  , . - ,
(ira.'f   Clifford,   making   cnncetitrat.'il   ,,", I,,, k 1.,..,..rr.ivv
������p|e'juice;    I'.    Mncev.     Viillcvflcld, j vi.lous.
,������,! utter foryarns poolingmaohlncei 	
���c   i.   M.r.n    Nil-.ui    I!   0.. eoinhlni'il .,    .
Lv,-n. ' ii.'Sbafl and bagger: J. w. _TKA_BHTP   wiiuv al.
Boilers.   IntitiiM.   dtiving   mechanism |     ...   M   ���   w., Jan. '.'-Arrived
m ,,,������,, Woodstock, wa'crguagc. |H0_-1-1-.
""'"' "le-nine. , ���������.,,.,_.���
The amendment was not put,   being ,��� rt0parl BDd   w|th the concealment
left until the sitting Is resumed  al �� 0f nawa, averring  that tboi .orship
1  - -"     .in ��ti. ..       ..        , r   ��� , .1 ,
,.     .....I,ci,,,.,,    tl,,.  i ii;, 11_,
There wire   no di-
to South Africa cuii nn ii the mails,
that the reports of oorreapondoni an
being mutilated ami entire letters suppressed.
Tbe Admiralty In seeking transports
is reported to bave chartered tbe
American   liner St. Paul,   which   wns
I .i unit in, Jan, B. -Tho mai Rets were
tlrm i. inv awaiting tbe settlement.
Altli. gh thi re is , apprehension over
the !.titer.   I le ll   .   i'    hnl   I i
iimiiit will provt  small and it Is known
that the wt tik men in the   In I   ictth
rat in   hot ���    now   I.'. it   stn ie. ,i	
Berlin was Inclined to nibble al -
lalth a othor Jthan New _ork, Pai is
i t,i ::M Ali >,nu shares nnd Spanish
fours Ami t lens moved w Ithlu tl (
Darn ri I lie Its, Nt i Vot h   hi Ir
tin.ne . r I in tin in   as Pari!     I l.lou
Pacific wns weal, .ii New York sale-
which Loudon regarded as an inili.a
tii.ii thnt there would be liquidation n
Iht i. iittnnn stook < nosnls \. i re ont
in three lower than Ibe rule ut tbe last
setileiin in    Money  wns   nbundanl nl
���"   per ci ni  'I be hank n ceivi i I
l.-nl I from  I nrmiinv  nml  I ought     I I
nun iii I ,,i 111:111    , nni   for    Indian   I ui
renoy  account,   .60,000   wn-    with
Monti't al, Jan.   :��� -La Beuinine   Ro
llgoua   . ��� ...nel..", puhliaht tl nndei tin
anthorli ul ion ol the Roman Catholic
archbishop,    ii  us lust Issue prefers] in
Britaii in South  .frica and
tn  Wll.it   .!   tl ' t Vlllell t     lie
oadi n ��� : Greal Britain ns .1 world
powet "L fl up your eyes, French-
Canadian foi the da} of yoor redi nip-
tion is ai Imnd ^'' 0, bt au a sud d
querd 1 (���* England, evei hated and op
piessi tl 1 ������ ihi race nnfi It ndly ic you,
win ������ 1 bildn n ,ir. ft n 1 d ta s| eak the
tin Ir opprei soi - In tbo
s.'|]..iil : Manitoba, you shall nt
Icngt . itar of libt rty rise  I
you .ni'l four right-  !���-; :   ' .    !:,
who tin    ��� long violate 1 thi ra
ti be tbe in mplots  if
the Ui        jtatei aie Involved In is
punishim ni   with   England,   as   th, v
list ,1 itod in tie 11 Imisand
sann   ��� 11 losslon,   Wc bave noted  the
���   ��� ic '���':��� neb r.i e v ,1 b
a 1,1        \ 11        and   is unit ��� .1
mi", Dcipal obaracterisl
.. 1 ,��� ���   anoa   if th
Republli be humiliated  with England
anil   it   the   English ��� ���
: ,,-,  ������ ami   Ami rlca I     '
.   .,. I
1 .11,1   insulins
: 11     world and will
., i,  1 ice t'i"
Ihell coin:"
.1 in.   ���     i ol     ���.
I 1   1
.lam,,:. ,1  Me 11".
1    .   1 loord h. re   .   t
,.   (ith Hi ii ml s vole ���
��� bun     ���    inn ii m ie-
Brab nit's 11 Tl    e in-
lending  to go  must ���     own
tan to 1 ,1 I. te1.at. 1'.." I olonj. but
if tii.-v are go."! rid 11   ami    bote, they
Will g"l    ill" a.'tl il  el,, a      ll
is ib mghl a nn at 1 Hub men
will  join  thi   Major on  iho   terms
j 11,1.11, ,1. NELSON  DAILY MINER, WEDNESDAY, JANUARY ro,   1900.
Nelson Daily Miner
I'u.lisncil Dally except Monday.
11  J,  BEATON, Editor aud Manager.
Subscription Rates,
1) illy por month by oarxter	
per ball year	
per year	
.' .       ��� bj mall	
per vt nr foreifltn	
NBliSON Wekiciy Miner.
VVceldy, pe   naif your	
p.r year 	
per year, foreign	
Subscription! Invariably in advance
.8 1 00
,. 51*!
..10 00
,.   ti uo
,. moo
S 125
. -Oil
.    250
MsonMiii :rPrintitig& Publishing..
imelso... b, c.
Telephone   No.   144.
sistence, another comes along, cuts up
the field, nnd spoils it for both. The
proportion of fool newspapers, especially in British Colombia, is greater
tbnii can bo found io any othei walk of
life cr ninong any other order of created things.
"It is in In- hoped, "said tho retiring
President ol the Board of Trade, in
the animal tepurl lead at the mceling
nn Monday night, "that the incoming Mayor aud Council will take in
hand the election of a municipal
building which will he a credit to Nel
Ron, and at the same time provide
therein suitable accommodation for a
combined Board of Trade room, Museum of Minerals, and more adequate
quarters fnr the Public Free Library.
which lias been such a success."
Only those win, are in direct daily
contnoi with matters of municipal administration know the great need of
additional accommodation. The publio business has entirely outgrown the
present bnilding. Aid. Beer had a
lively sense nf this necessity, and last
summer persuaded tin- Connoil to submit a by-law for obtaining money to
provide more fitting accommodation.
The by-law wus defeated by a small
majority, not, we believe, because the
ratepayers objected tn the expenditure
of money for that purpose, but because
tiny thought lie scheme did not go
far enough. A larger bnilding, such
as thai recommended liy (he Board nf
Trade,wonld have received the popular
support, Backed by lhe influence of
this representative body nf the business
men if the (.'ity. and encouraged by
the favorable vote ..f last summer, it
is not inn nineli t.t expect that the in
enming Council will take action in tbe
Provided, that is. that a progressive
Connoil, whose members have no fish
nf then own to fry nut arc devoted entirely tn the public service, shall lie
elected. If the ratepayers return Mr.
Houston, with three Aldermen who
will give him Mr. Seinlin's working
majority, tbere will   be nn  new City
Hall.     We say tliis ou the authority nf
Mr. Houston's outspoken and unqualified opposition to tlie more modes!
scheme nf last summer. He then gave
it to he understood that he was oppos-
eil in any new building, big nr little.
There is also a paragraph in his address tn tlie electors, m which he says
he will n.it consent tn the issue of debenture.-, excepting fnr public wniks
that will yield a revenue. A City
Hall will 11.it produce n revenue; and
a- Nelson intepayers nf ten, fifteen,
and twenty years hence would enjoy
ns advantages 1,, th" Bftme extent as
the present noes, it would be manifestly alt,ml and unjust tn make cur-
lent level,tie bear the whole of the
est. Witli Mr. Houston in control,
therefore, the recommendation of the
Board ..! Trail.' would count for little.
Iml 1. tins fearfully and wonderfully
constituted Individual would take a
fiendish deli.in in disappointing the
Board of .rade aim treating Its recommendation with contempt. That
body has grown nut of his reuch. Ab
long a- he oonld bully it and direct it,
and play his little part as autocrat, he
VVBI gracious enough   to regard il Willi
favor Bui now ll is different. The
Board ol   Tradt  absolutely   refuses  to
1 ��� .iiiiii.' in his   presence   nud   bnw    its
knee to him. and such glaring, Impudent contumacy Mr. Houston can
neither forget noi forgive, if the bus
men will elf't a rational 'kiuncil
thev may expect a rational return, but
with the Houston influence prevailing
;in      may   prepare   tharoselvet   to  be
1 noli nt    wiih what the master el sis
It, ,���: ,,
No newspaper published in British
Columbia over furnished its leaders
with a better tolegiiphic news eervioe
than was presented in yesterday's Miner
and that will be continued regularly hereafter. No Interior newspaper
has ever equalled it. Comparing the
two local papers, it will be seen that
The Miner published eight columns of
telegraphic news, against its rival's
two. The service is not supplied without large expen litnie. a return for
which can only be obtained through
praotieal appreciation  mi   the part  nf
the public.
All    lhe    l'lastet'11    iicwspapels    have
dispatches from Victoria,   announcing
tbe defeat of the  Bemlin   f.overnraent
0- the niicning day jf the session
They weie no doubt greatly surprised
to learn on the following day that defeat in British Columbia dons not mean
dispatch. Mr. Bemlin and his merry
men are superior to adverse voles, and
tiave'a supreme contempt for ties.
"Ratepayer" must not expect Mr.
Houston to answer his questions They
nro much t too embarrassing for
straight, truthful replies. 11 he will
wait until after the election Mr Houston will have plently to say, although
it may not he entirely orthodox or
strictly to the point.
Th. puritf of thO Dmys iimi MertiHnc-
atiiniiiisterud to tlie wit ion I In the idohI
eKMjntiul element iu tin- i-ue-'uvrul treatment of dl-Mat*. Pro*or_ptlonn nro oom-
p.iunoed by lift from ntMO.utely Pure
Drugs In perfect oondltlon, ai-d thephy
i-ician's skill will not bo nullified t-y old
and Impotent drugs.
Our -too*8 of requttdtcs fur'
The Toilet
The Nursery
The Sick Room
Arc oomptote    Your patronage rtollclted.
Nurses'  Directory.
Kor the qo._v6d_oi.qo of PhyslotanR und
Nutv's, wo lmve _HttiblitdH!d n Nurse*'
Directory, und in order to have it complete, request till Nurses to send In or call
aud leave their nairnta and addrosseft.
Dispensing Chemist
Telephone ||5.     P. O. llnv a.     Baker Btreet.
Mail Order-. Promptly All��mleil To.
Insure vnar lift-
wit ll
agent Ontario Mutual
Life Assurance Co.
A Woman's Home.
The problem of building a home is ono
that cannot be winked with rules. A
woman's home is the perfection of her
temperament. It can be nothing more;
it is notliin.. less, and the Booner she
broadens her mini! mid deepens her heart
the Soulier she will live happily. But if
she goes around smiling like a Cheshire
cat and putting in her valuable time trying to he a benediction while her husband and children are worrying through
life on dried meats nnd linker's bread
she will iimi ilini a little more housekeeping nni a little less loin; making
would iiii|trti\e matters materially. To
live happily any place, in a home or out
of it, requires a constant drain upon one's
common sense, and if n young woman
taking up her trade as a home builder ox-
peels to become a success hy reading the
"helpful hints to yoiiug wives" she is
making a mistake. She would spend her
time better reading the advertisements
in the hack of the magazine, finding Important hut not soul stirring facts about
soaps, baking powder, linen, silver, stove
und Hour polishes and canned goods, for
these things are indeed nf the earth
earthy; hut, although David Harum says
it mini's heart lies close to his breeches
pocket, there is no denying lhe Important
fact iimi un easily accessible gateway
thereto is found about three inches uhovn
ti is collar button.���Elmira Telegram.
i Klectnclniinw-ivl'o
il I'
Whittaker's Alma
U - -
i i.
4 o
_��_ UiS   L_.--._- t     I -_--<! 1-3
to   the
arire number Choice Building   Lots  adjacent
eir Tramway.     For price a i.i i_rm_
[Bee ot the v.   mpany, Macdonal
r  c   and v'ei     n Streets.
ltliiKfli Alvi'iijfi the Same.
Although     many     jewelers     advertise
"something new iu rings," the fact remains Hint they nre hut slight variations
of lhe styles ia vogue at the time Moses
piloted the children of Israel out of the ;
honii.i.e of Egypt.    Kings nre alluded In '
in lhe Bible in the hooks of Qenesls and
Exodus.    They have heen found among
the relics of prehistoric races,  the stone
age, the bronze age and the age of the I
mound   huilders.     Herodotus   mentions
ii,..!   the  Babylonians  wore  them,  and !
from Asia lliey probably were introduced
into Greece.
The rings worn in early times were not
purely ornamental, hut had their significance as signet rings.    A king's niessen- I
ger delivering a message nnd exhibiting ,
the king's signet as authority was obeyed !
Implicitly.   The Romans hud u marriage
ring of Iron with n jewel of adamant, signifying eternity und constancy,    History |
mentions n magic ring possessed hy King
Solomou, of which the .lews und Mohammedans  have  abundant  traditions.    It
wns hy means of this ring as a talisman
of wisdom und power that Solomon wus
enabled to perform those wonderful nets
and   accomplish   those   vast   enterprises
that have made his name so celebrated \
us tint wisest monarch of the earth. The
Inter .tomans wore a profusion of rings,
iimi the more effeminate had rings for
tummer and winter
Cash Books,
Day Books,
Office Supplies.
New and Important
T. C. DUNCAN, Secretary
. .
....'. i '
liu.Un.iin:; Saegram s j, 4
in  b.urcls.    Gnoderham
cases.    So tgram's Star
Wheal Whisky in cases,
in Case!".
and 7 year old Ri e
i_   Wot Is'   Rye    in
'83   Rye and  White
Walker's Club Rye
\. 11 cm a*,
Km 1  iniv Airt. Ni
IT".! fl"���"
1 \ T\ El
-~ r_
'3S00 Miles Acrns
Price $1.60.
r.ini'ila '
'o Waverly
The Best New Year's.
Insure your house, house furniture
and pianos with J. E. Ainialilc,
agent Victoria-Montreal and Equity
Fire Insurance companies.
Nelson Employment Agenc v
--iris for Housework.    Nurse   llirls.
Situations wanted by Waiters.  Waitress,    (tiiiinlieiniaids.    ('(inks.     linker.
CORK  lillll.l.INO.
J. H. LOVE, Ag't      Baker T
Hum   to Tilt  (In-  Hat.
The arrangement ot lite ltuir in Hie
nape or the neck is one which creates
.rent diiliiiilties in milliner; matters.
Nothing is more terrible or disfiguring 10
the contour of the fine than 11 ���np between the crown of the hut and the
coils Of the hair. Yet many, many girls
are to he seen wli.i allow themselves to
lie stn-h objects.
A veil brought around thickly under
the chin and tied above the lirito somewhat mitigates the evil, but it exists,
nevertheless, aud another one attendant
on it���viz, the angle al which the hat is
worn, settinij: In nl.-..lately 11 straight
line across the  bead,  aud  coming  low
down  on  the  forel d,   with   the   result
that becomtngness is reduced to a minium ni.
The angle for the hut when the coiffure
Is low is sli.htly nfT the forehead when
the (-(iiiiii, now sn mm It in viiguo, is inserted at the base of the crown coils.
Then ihe lint rips sli.litly downward.
Another method of disguising ihe vacuum between the crown ami coiffure ii 'o
have a hnlf circle of Bowers, preferably
crush roses, beneath lhe brim! but this
is only when ihe hut is nf u fnncy straw,
Kiit-h us the .lossy kind which this season
ha_ introduced to ns.
for your Hoys or  Girls  is  a  course
of training at tlie
Business College
Don't  waii  for the   High
School but gi\'3   them   tlie
high grade of supplementary
education afforded by this
institution. Classes formed Wednesday,   Jan.   3rd.
Victoria, StfOOl, nu.ir CltV I Lull.
Great Reduction!
$9.65 Per Ton
$6.15 pe-' Ton
Every requisite lor the
Scholar  and student.
0. A- PROiS _ER,   Manager.
11 stalk.
[tij j Spokane  Falls   __.
-Northern f-'v
llAitll COAL
kelson   <��_   Fori
Sheppard R_v_
Red -Maintain R'v.
Builder* will Hnd 11   it.
Il.iiii' Willi Ur.ulli'v _ in
lli.'ir iiilvtiiil.t
tut l'tiiiilitifli
TKI.f-TltnSK :i:i.
N' OTIC l". In hereby given lhal a tiievil.K ��f
Him rvdln-r- iif Charles II. Mm-'ninilil
Will be held .1 tiooffioeti f Mi���r- Howes ��
.Viuggo.solicit ir-. Bakerstreet Nolson, 11 c.
on i.ood .)-. c.c l.'iih il ivof January, lDO0.nl tho
honr ot thro* o'clock m iho afturnooii.
Iiiiit-dni Nolson, It. c. ilu- _;ili day ot Do-
t-l'llllllT,  1S1CI.
\     t .   ','.
.'I.lilt   ���  'I
1 Mi. Houston's pnpei
lim' ��� iilv nil the l.ti-in 'ss
tinii ol thi ' 11 were supporting him
for the Mnyi ralty The llmird of
Trade 1   (hi business  mon's pnr-
liiuiH tu. iimi Mi. Houston li n 1 n-'iti-
bar, The tmnunl mo it ing, the moa!
important - ' the yeat, wiih held on
MondB) ��� -.i 11.111- 1.ui Mi Houston -mi
not pieieni 11 ho ims hu<1i d lur-ie
Iini in. .1 port, ii v...ulii have been
juiliiie ..ti bis pari i" litivc mingled
wiih iii-- iiiiiiiU on iimi oocaalon, 'Che
truiii 1- he has antngonlied mnoh tbe
I,,,-, 1 portion ol thai element, nnd be
knew that his attendanoe n* the annual meeting wonld bnl expoiu hli
weatcnesi and unpopularity, Hence
in   ni wnce,
fining stocks
Houi!111. ;iml sold.
Tena and      and others worked
Mary  Belle |V  *��� rv^M'e.rn
����� -onadn Gold Mm-
\t\f( Co., is one nf the satest buys on
the market.    Thorough  inspection
cordially invited.
IOOO   Noonday    OOO Richelieu
Referendum Treasury Stm-k,    Bold
mi installments 7'._,c., ono third down
Home   Kinl   loi   I r  hiiIc,   close   to
businea.pai-l (if city.   Frloe .li.tssi.
11. A. PROSSEfi,
Tvnvhvri,' Bniploymenl nin-vmi.
"In several ..1 our Inrae cities there nre
established tenchci-s' a_cncies, wliii-h nre
really professional 'iutclliireucc offices.' In
tliviii nr.- kept the names of all those who
_av�� made applications for positions,
with information nnd references concern-
log them, these items being at the serr-
iii' of any   ilcsirniis of obtaining a
teacher," says The Ladles' Homo Jour-
mil. "The tun.li.Iniv pnys tn the agency
iilit.iit $_ for tiif privilege ..r having ber
name registered and nbout ti per cent of
Iter salary for one or two years after securing n position. The agency is iu cor-
respoudenco with schools and teachers all
over the country, and Iu tliK u-ay 11 large
uumbcr of positions arc obtained."
in ir.in nl (In- inn.
Tin- use el the (��� i-lgluatcd in China
aud sprang from lhe following Incident!
A royal princess, very beautiful, wns ns-
sistiiij.' ni litv feast of lanterns, ber face
ftii.ii.il wiih n 111:1 1.. ns usual. The excessive heal compelled her to remove it,
nml in order io annul ber features from
f 11
l.ly uf Hi
iit'M session; tin- nn Ael
puny wiili powor tu oot
operata tramways in il
incl Vale, in 1 In- 1'i.ivi
NoTli'i\ rf ssslgnmonl pnrsuant to tho-'Crodl
tor-' Trust  liu'ils Art"   .nut _mendl_g   I)istl'tCt
NOTICE is litrtity glvon tlmi  Charles II.   	
Miii'iloiiiilil horelofora u-nding ns general tiicr-
i-liiini in Hn-tin ni .\ii- BTO Im- in deed
��� liit.-d iliv_iili tlm- of lii.t'iiiliir. I-'.|..i. ,.-i.iu"l
all his personal ostnto, orcditsand ofTocIs wliloh
ntuv Iii--t<i/"il nnd -mil under nxocutlon and nil
li i-'. en 11.1 iif tos. VI. Hrydg-s nf the saldcitj
nf S't--nn, tu ftiiiiii.int. in trii-t for * he luiitiii
nf Iii- creditors.
'lit- -iiil .li't.l  was cio ni.ti  in   Iho -.till
('It.nl.-   II   M 1 ild nml   the   -ni.I  R   M.
Hn-dgos n't the -J It day nf lloconihor, 1800.
All p rs.in-limine il.iiiii- imiiii-l tin' said
I'liurlcs II. Macdo laid art! roqitlred onor in fore
tlie SOth da j of K.b uary. 19 JU, to serd to tho
trustOH fu 1 purtifiiitu-11' tin'-.inn' duly vpri-
tl-il. tn.filii'i'with thf oeurlt'os Of aiiyt hold
it\ thorn,
Not'i c Is hereby furthor given that after iho
-uitl Wthday of l-flii-niir)-. I'.ii'i. ibe trnstoe "ill
prooeed to distribute the procc -ilsni tin- t--,i-i
f lull- among tho partli - ontltlod therelo, bin
Ing If.irtl nlilt iii tin-fltiiln-of wlii,-Ii   lie   bus
|  IT   viV.tl  I llliff .Hill  llllll   III'     Will   Hill     III'    Iilll.lt-
! for thoproc I- of the trust estate o- any  part
I licit'.if. -ittli-lli   ill fit lit mil pt'l'son   of   wlin-f
. liiiin In- In- nni Iimi tint iff ui ilu- time nf lhe
Dated nl s'll-tm. II. c. Uio .'Ti )��� day of lv
.. ini.i i. ism.
s  M. llliVIillKs. Assignee
Bank of
British  Columbia,
Is now prepared lo is-siu1
Drafts and  Letters o( Credit
on Skaguay, U.S., Atlin,  B.
C-, and Dawson City, Yukon
ml-    all
uf   ot
i null
rail route without
- ln-i ween Sola ni a u
pokan  nu   Rossland
Lv.  0.15a.m. NKI.soN. __ B._i p.m
Lv. ll_.tti.ui. KOSsl.vNh .v,-:iiHl, ui.
Lv    Sl.'iii.in Sl'OK \NK   \r.ti l'i i.ui
We Im ��� e ju-i received
a earload ol choice
Vege tables
be__t ,
Hudson's Bay Store.
West Baker St.,  Nelson.
Telephone 13.
Wholesale Houses.
THORPE & CO-, Li_it_d.���Corner Vor
nun mul iVtliir Mruots, Nelson, iiiiiini
I'lu'tiiicrs of and wholesale dealers in aerated
waters and trull syrups, tfolcugouu for Hut
uyon Springs mineral water.
.v AI. ruiiiiiiiiis, Lf_bs._, I'.vvrv kuuwu
un if y ni' soft iiiiukK. r. o. box as. Tale-
phono No .1. HeovorStreet Nelson BotUors
.1 Lhe l-'.uiiiiii.s SI. I.unn llill SiniiiKs .litliirul
'('nun  Unit
It'llV' -
S*. Is.
ll 16
��� ,.lt .
���  .
it   ���  1'...
���   .  t
i tn
..  Ki t
tn- i
. Bo .
- 'i  .
i... l. .-in
��� eel
M..  .
'(��� i
A. .1 Al
���1 A
���   Warn
G   K
A (tent
II. 1
>TOTICK is hereby uivon thai nppltcntlon
t will In- nt;.il.- in ilu- l.i'ui-OlitiYi-   Atinem
ii ( olutnfala, nt IU
iu Incorporate u (.'om
iincl. Iiuil'l, ��� qutpAnd
Dintrlct- "f I.ouH-liiiy
: f i   !i  (nlvinlil i
in run it'-'l muiiii ��� i icli inuiiWiis ���. ii> electric,
���team or othor powi r, m mn) Lw moM oconnmt-
cal or convonlonl; lo orocl and opernte lolo-
firaph nnd tolephom-i lines In and boLwoon nil
thoclll *-. lown-. vMigcti and -etil**im*ii.s in
-iiti liintHctfl of Km'!i n v and Yalo, with pow��
ortoconnoci with othor lino- thai may operate
in or' ml -ni* ��� n: -i.' li iii-trill-; in supply oleo-
11 h ���. ft vain, air, w ner or o her power io other
rorimrnl ��� m , manurai Lorlt-n nr ludii IduaN;
tot-iipply ii;.:i," itltuntirporntion.) mnmifdC"
torlcri or i nih irti n . to m quire nnd hold wtxt-
er rlKhU for tho puruo*-C of g-neriitti-g iiowor,
wholncr for th-'lrowu ui*eor tho . ft. ol othor
rorporationH, i niiuinctnrlcfi or tr.dlvldual-
t<�� fii'in-iiiimi KUpp-3 w iter '���'< other conHir^-
tloim, mnnufartnraH or Indh IdunJ- in _aia hU<
11'iii ���: t i acquire nnd hold 1 1, tlinbor rl [IiIh,
nulii-ni u.i> luidolheri ropcit) nmlea��iemeut_i,
for tho piiri-OHCH ot tin L*unip*iiy, with ti il hoc*
eftMnry powent in thnt behulri to noqulto all tho
in! a . |i i\ iii k< nnd bm>iii-iu of t lie
S��-1 "ii Kloctric 1 rnmwny Company) l.iniit._1;
liMi**<||iin���.,!] l !u'    ,--.l   . fiMii. hi-.--    |>rlvillg. tt
nnd iiH-iin--- nt the Uofwinnd itndcophle Vloun
lain  Kloctric Itiillwu]  t'omunny, Llmltetl; to
    ���" ���  ��_i   i-vwiiiivn i i     -                             _ .                                  ^ Lim   r.iiiii [,���  111111 wu)   ..-mi winy,  i.iiiiim'm; hi |'im'-\n;i'ina ui nm
the common  ffn_c nho nioveil  it  iiui.-l.lv    I .Ann t\ii   .^ Im     l*ATTA_l wpoh onltl. either Uj   wos  "t  bonun or other      8loamon.cnll nt
to  nnd   fro  in   froiil   of  hor  raon   thu      KlM.l.iM      \ 11 _ 11 11\ _M I     "''   fwrnany iuun1dp..ntvin*. lntrlcUof dirccllonH:end att
.,     ,    "     "     '   '."   n'   ������"������'"������   �������      ll   \\\\\     I    \ 1      II    K.M.t.'n.n in ���..,., : t. ���i.'ii-mu .\..i,;,iii..!,  i J   liekoui aold to al
���Irnulti sly   lii.hiu   her  chnrioa  iin.1 ; *UV1I1IV I I  _) llll  /IVIVU   ,,1V,, nnil crtlior i                      my mun.nl    United atatoK.
coullng her bruw.  The Itlcn wns pl once oalltyin nld 1-1*1  nj nnd Yale, j   To nneurtaln raw
Safety Fuse
adopted throughout Iho kingdom, Path-
critic de' Medici cnrrlcd iho lii-t fan ft i
hnl.i  over soon  In  l-'ra   and  in ihu
im I l/onls XIV the fan covered with
jcwvU was worth .1 small fortune.
As   Supplied    liriii-.li   Admiralty
IHtOI. Kit.
WAII 11 S'|'.
Tbfl  I'll'i'tll'i   News    icilsei'     p__ll-_-
mn wiili its i-sue  ni   Baturda/.   Too
mm Ii iniiiii"lil Ion,  ;rnl tOO   <-<i?l I rict cil
ti in id. Thai i- iii" iltnatlon In mora
plaoes limn rii'i(iii\ if ona nawapaper
baoomei fairly MtabH.lied, with rea<
s mable proipwt of u oont-Ortabla rob-
KON80L, stock BXCHAN0B III.imi.
G0-G2 Brodway,    New York
run lie lllllilt llinilli<li -nei'iiliillnil with rlorXWll
.if $:��l l<i|lliiilytl(i|li,is)ii|iwiiril|iir :i por eei.t.
111.11.-in Upward] nn sitni k Kxelitllige.
1 iif .11 Hie 1 fori unci inivf born jnadothrough
inoculation, in .looks, \\ hoat or Cotton,
If yiiiinre ItitireHleil In kniiw l.nw speouls
lions are oonducted nnilfy iikihuI ws will sond
yen   liiforiniilInn  mul   market  teller   free  ill
oinmlHsInn- ohargsd  fir  txooiillng
(..iiiriiiiifl.   Hi ,1    11,1,1     11   ii,���:1,1
bondsquoUllons fiirnttlivd im iiitplleailnn foi
|.iiri'lni-i   -tile or iisclisn.o.
Ilui li  I nr lhe  Hi, I r.
I.i-lii linlr si iti i,e washed often and
'lli.'.l    ill    ll III.       A    It!.;, -p.it,llllll    nf
household un ilu oddi tl t.. ent li basin
nf water used In wnsliiug n--i-is material!) in keeping 11 light Dark hnlr
should be dried in Hie shnde, or it will
fade in -ii.'.ti, lt.it it th,. dark haired
_irl wishes In light. 11 h.    Iresscs without
n bleach she can nt nil li - thing
in that ilini Hon l.v milling i���,r;i\ i,, thn
"liter  I, ufter drying the hair in the
���hade, giving li it " un luith" ns often
os practicable, 1 lui Ing ll c un bntlt I be
linir ihould he ��� M. mi nnd shaken out
ttin-tiilitly. 1 tint the nit -. limy reat It nil
tbo runts alike.
Tea Table Bllquelte.
A hundred yoai ns t tin ra wns _
(lusliit ten inhle etlquclle. ll win considered n lack of ...un.' j to take mnch
cream or ��imni  in nne'��� ten,    !':ii|.ifits
demanded thai lhe les -I hi In tasted
from the -i n   nnil   thul  the hostess
sin.nld then Inquire, "|�� ... it   tea  ngreo-
sble?"  Modern wnineii would lie -1 ked
h.T ii fiishiitiinhie liuiv of il lui- who
cooled her les a Ith her bn nth, Vet
Ytnini wrote ..f n certain beu ilderlnf _a<
��� ty ll.tity:
n>-r two r.xi ll|t. nn-   ���   t bl_W
T ml iiiii Donas anil Infjams Ihi lirmt,
while I,ni, white linger ind s thim it conspire
to lift Ills guy snd umkc tlm W01 Id sdluirs.
nnil ull tt'l,. r  ll unl,  f - ni  in- iiiti.li ititii
iioworsHiid privlli   .       iimi bu mi <��� --ury  or]
I I    If    lllll I tl f In  lhe    llttiilllliiflil    Of I
lilt' ;,I.Hf ..I,i. , I   .  Or .HH  'if I Ill-Ill.
I tl .n Uf i It) "i Nulfltnn Mn- l-i  dm   <ti
Dei ember, A, li��� i    I
MACIlIlN ALU ..' .ln|l\-ll\.
Kootenay Railway and Nav.
IN'l'l-.llNA'IKIN'Ai. NAV. .. TRAD. I'd.
Sohedule uf Ttiuo.      Paoitia dt-tndtu. lime
ICA-LO .. SLrllCAN  t:Y.
Passengcir train for Baudonand wiirstatlon
leaves  kuslo at n a. tn.. dnlly.    Iteturalng,
luavesRandoo at t.l. p.  arnvlog at Kaslo
ut S.0_ p.ui.
Operating on ICooti n i> Lake and Klver,
str. "International' leaves Kasio for Nelson
111   tt ll. in,  ihlily  exii'ltl   Suiitluy       lift ill-lilt k,
loavosNelson at 1,30 p.ui., oalling at linlfuur,
I'llnt Bay, Aii.swurlh iiiiii nil Miiy nuiiits. I'nn
I'.ii'ls Willi Sir. "Alhieln" 1.1 if d froOJ linn
ti' r- K.rry, Idaho, ilsowtth s. K. ft N. to imil
finm ti|OKI  B'   I'iif Mi!.' Pi.nil.
sir Alhci'iu" l.eai'j- N.bsin for Bonner.
Kerry. Tuesdays snd -taturdny* at 7 n.iu.,
mcoitiig Hionmer  '*liitornatlouar' from Uu-lo
III   Pilot   I'll)'.
Keturnlng, leaves Ronner's Ferry nt 8 % in.
\\ ��� tliu'-ti.iy- nnd Suntliivs.
luri'fi oonnectlotiH inndo al Bonnor's Fen.
with Oroal Northern Railway lor ml itoints
t n-t unit west.
sn-  "inuii'utitiiiiii" ianves  Ku-lo fur lardo
nml Ar.ciiiii in 8.1. p.m, SVedncsdays ni.d irl
i.iuj-.   Sir. "Atl'ftiii" h .iv. -   Ku-lo fur l.irdu
anil Ariieei.t in sun p.ui siundnys
..til 'millings In Imtli
ml.. > pnlii . \, u.'ii si.t.itleil
ill pi en- in I nu.ulii tn.il ib.
i" and Full Information, ml
'-Inn.t.t r. Ivu-l.t. R, t
.ii ..iiiiti'  ol " 'toyui oiui" mul "Kootenay
nut    brand of olgara.
HJ- _..i..j .i iO.���Bauer afreet, Nel
�� son, iiiiuitsui- iltt.i.fi'.s in liquors, cigars
t iiu-iii. ilro u luk mul lire oi ty, water pipo nnil
,1001 i.u.s .11(1 |t, ii, r,u eollillns-iiiii llioretlalil.s.
��� ..-i .'  ..-.;.... & r\ ... ivlii_.i_.ir.-__i CJ.
\iin.i*. r rum .*5,i*u_i, ._u-,_u, wnuiu-
. n.,.i.i>- in iImi , -.us, B_U.t tinu imy
I .i.i.n. Mlltti l i.uinuul. n, i iiiui'itk mul
rt .\c8i iiiMu r.i tuiurH on Oulgarj/ _c
int.ul. n LUiUwa>,
AMAoUONALD -__ OO.   U)r. ur V.r
���    nu      .unl   tlUcrtJpbuiU   OUtttiU,    WIlulO-Hlt?
-io ��� i- .iiniji��lilK'i> in ul,iivt*L>,  KluVUf,  Dlllil-i
nun,-.   ruiitMis,   nmrivlli.iws ami   itiliu l*rt'  nun
F^t^H A.^D bAcI  MEATS
^   t_Uf-N_> d_ CO    'tai-_r.-_Lr.uL,   N-lnun,
%m     A'tlulUvll.   Uu_U_r_   Ul   _i_.-._l   .unl   ftiit   :
LUO-U,   U-iU *-l_."utt_.
-���'-���Ml OU'C-U-N-i-Uti,     *���> Him    di'' H'   "'
i" 111 li- li i-i.Ueu.i_il .uuulH.
I.IMI I 111     n.tkltl*    __LI_Ol, iN _lr>uU,      wnolu-
poluui'.un'.*. ni ii.t-u.Wii.-_ ami   iiiuiii'K' (tULipity-i,
lilumii_r.'.iini lli___ult-i'_ ^upphurt.
EL3UN   HARDWARE   CO.-^t��olo
u , auiLh Uuu oiih.
t*UKr.fc.rt, DiitTON A OO. Comer
v iitiu.i nun juni'j.ntiio -5iro_,n, Nu'mui
Aiiuiu-Ulu -luntuin in Uquui-l uigura mul dry
Kouu*.. ..K-iii.iijr I'.itis. ..rowing Co, of Mil*
rt a, kttO ilini CaiK.iry limwitig UO.  of   -<.lKl��0''
LtU-ON'6 DAY OO.    "liol.Mii- ��iu
uortiMt-uU iii|uin*-, _.c, l.akui* oL., NoIk in.
White Countered
G-utta Percha.
Will Not  Crack or Break.
Absolutely suf. in all wentlicr
Pope's Miners' Safetr Hate
Minimizes   risk   from   firing  f-is"
Everything1 to recommend it.
Ask your de iler for them.
Manufactured by
William Bennett Sons. Co.
Cambourne, Cornwall, England.
Paiiiiai ail i'aprfeiii
Chimney Sweeping,
Houses, Offices und Stores Cleaned.
All \mi lv iii in- by ns is guaranteed lira, class,
I.,  i' f   mil. r- ,,l -III .���   'A' t I   , i ���  I. <>[>;> i.| |
Every Mao
HI. i.!i n fiitl ll.iiinlii' Bystoms,
BAbtock nn'1 VVUoox, ota
M"">'" J. O.T. CROFTS, m.i.mk
UK^.rY8?r.S_K NELSON, B. 0.
��� inn Feroubson iV- Crofts, Vancouver
ESriMATcO.     F>LAN3.    HEPORTS.
Oaaoral __ml for (inn in.
llMrlliullii.  Amnts.
Ill ���    1(1   'i        r    i'..,   i..unl.It-    .. ,|
Nice I' ititi ir i iiiiiniitts if in-  .,,.i
.1 it    ;.    nt, in ��� lit'   iiiif.'.     M\
Fall nn.I  Winter Samples nre mm
f..iii|ilt li nt rllliliriB*, Ihririinli
mi.I l-'i.tn'i   \ f 'in. ,    (ivi.  in
null titiii   I   uii]  qt  you  pin -
Hint mil in.'  i isli yon.
Ladles' rallorliig  in   nil   Ms
III' 111    llf-,   11   s|i   < ��� 1. 111 J .
<o\ .".'j:I l'i  n;
nsiiiiMi:.  in \i. i>i tn;   ami
inn iiii
..ii ii.,ii
-c Finnish..	
���o.i as,
, $39,00
kiiiiiii-i I nnil ii
Clements llllljtr lilu.k
'." Ilnom it. n-i-
:i lluum lluii-u nml a luis, K-uoii luiiiiluii
JY   UHlFFnM   _   OO.-1'"iiii'r   Vernon
ft   it. tt .___|#iiii,_ e_-_l_. No���on, �� iioiesiili.
"."..���  '. lit.v_.o_s,riireii inciiis, .inner nml
��� hfl,-.
i'ii-L.i, i.lMiliu l inner 11....1 mid
ti.,11 ou-uuis, Nolson, niiiniiiiietiirer.s of and
���vliolusnio dculurs in snsli S.1.1I doorai nil Irlnds
ni i.iiiD. i worn innitii 10 oiilor.
   Jit-enl iiiiii iIk.h-.-I'   BlntOt-t   AKts.
lurl'iiiiiii.ii UiU'Uldo nml   \\ ellmnl Acelylene
(,.i- Alntiiini; Iu,
A. R- BARROW, a.m.i.c.e.
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Comer Victoria and Kooteaa) sis.
I'. O. lm\ Ml), Telephone No. M
I'. I'. _Kt.K\ f, s, 0_BM*_IT1
civil k'nglnoors nml I'rovlnoi-I l_nd
P.O.Box 14. Nelson, a i'.
���AT��� !*_��,.,
Mrs.   McLaughlin's wm
Ghastly Tragedy Wns the Result of nn it-
tempt to it al a hi 'e np to tho
ill , KiDg.
A ghastly trngedy wns enacted yesterday morning nu iho line of the Hall
Mines Tramway   where  nn  unknown
]     t   I  ;..  lift       ��� III!"    ll'tl"'.: I i't 1   I''
i-t"..i n rule. The first intimation ol
tlie aceiilent ".na the sndden stopping
of ihi' tramway slimtlv after n
n't'lni'li. A ltnin wns Immediately Rent
np lit" right ol way snd when he ur-
tin il nl the sptii where lhe tramwuy
crosses tin- Athabasca .mil a horrible
stitht mat his eyes.
A bucket was jammed up against the
8.-Inch wheel on thn station, nml
ornsheil tind hnddled np between lliein
I iv a 111:11 > wtli lis lii"i ' I ting if.- 1" '
of he ti ki t -ii ' the fice ��>��� lied m 'I
Itliic 1 it nnd ��� "'.: i'i 11 -:'li line
111;,II l.if 1 il we t lint li tn ni
tain assist 'in e, 1 tinning "II the ny.
The Provincial poliitn were notified ill
mien, anil Constnble Kelly, with tli"
foreman of the tramway, Grnhnm,
nnil a linesman tnnk a team nnd proceeded tn tho spnt with all possible
It was fnntitl ueoessary to cut the
clips witli a cold chisel before th. body
coitlil be released, anil sn gre&t was the
strain that when this was done Ihe
cable leaped forward abont three (eel.
The victim hail placed his blankets in
the bottom of the bucket, and was
Bitting on them with cue hand in his
breast pocket, tho arm ouoircling the
handle, He had evidently gone all nn-
Buspeotingly to his death. About no
feel lower down Hacks !n the snow
showed where he hart climbed Into ths
bucket by the aid of a stump, The
tramway men ihiuk Unit, not understanding how to ride in a bnoket, he
allowed  it to  Bwing  with the  result
that it cot twisted on lo the wheel
which pulled in both bucket nnd man.
The body is terribly crushed and the
lei't leg snd righi shoulder nre broken,
Heath must have been practically in-
Btaneous, The body was brought into
town and placed in D. Mi-Arthur &
Co.'s undertaking parlors where it will
remain all today In Iho holies of its
being Identified.
Constnble Kelly immediately notified the coroner, Dr, B, C. Arthur,
hut on receiving his report the lntter
considered an itnimst to be unneces
sary. No blame whatever is attached
to the Hull Minis Ciiiuimny. wl ich has
always done its nimoBt tn prevent any
one riding on the tiamwav. Notwithstanding It" visilanoe. however, there
h.ivn been several setinits accidents,
tlningh this i.i Ihe lirst tine Unit has re-
stilled dually.
The deceased was alunt six feot
high fairly well built, clean shaven
an i.ni itiicr   very fair   imr very dark.
He is   tlmught    tn have hern   a   miner
though ins hands do not altogether look
like those   i( a working   man.     He wis
dressed in a hlaok coat and trousers,
ami wnre .1 red sweater with a blink
shirt underneath, He also wore a black
Fedora hit  and a  long   brown   over-
enat There wns nothing in the jinek-
cts of thn deuessed to identify hint.
There was no money or letters only a
me nornndnra staling that be had
bought a pair of grey blankets on lie-
Dumber :11st and unme other articles.
There w��re some poker chips, �� razor
nml so no candles,
Army barraoks will be postponed until
Friday night, nl _ o'clock, on nocount
ii' the municipal elections, A literary
programme will be rendered ns a feat-
tire of the entertainment.
Tho -iupei.nl bnnk will not occupy
Hi" qnnrters soon to be vacated by the
Bank of Montreal, but will take 110s-
session of the lower western half of
ih" Burns Blonk as soon as it is com-
plei'tl The bank will then hnve verv
hand nnie nnd onnnno linns quart, rs.
I'll-- pollius 1 Ini'ii in th" Kast Wnrri
i- situated in lit" nlrt sample rooms of
the Pbair Hotel, next to F. ,1. Brad-
lej's pnint shop on Josephine Street,
nenrly opposite the Clarke Honse, In
the W"st Ward the ntiicn nf the Exchequer Gold Minimi Company, next
door tn Ward Bros, on VVest Baker
Street, has been ciiosnu.
In the County Court yesterday .Tiiil^e
Forin gnve judgment in favor of the
plaintiff hi tlie ease of Anderson vs.
Hull-ell. This judgment is verv in..
11'Hunt tn inn,in-.in thul 11 establishes
theii righl to til" a lien on the property for payment nf wages when work-
'nt; for a man who has a bond on a
mine. The court then ndjourned until
March B,
A l.nsslnnd firm   refuses  to nccept a
'    it 1 f li"- r unl ale from the 1 In et
Cor '-ii Rnllv ������.'  1 '"nu""   It  arrived
i 1   ���'   ' rn/t'ii    nl jli'i t      Ir   thu   firm
re 11;  h .- no ��� s   foi it  i'   might st ml
it       In    '_'     'tt      \     "    n     ,      , ;lh     )||l| .
ho key ntcl es mi 't ib iii re is no
present indication that we will be aide
in get ice in any other way.
The gentleman who is soliciting tl e
sufferance of the electors of tho Kast
Ward under the name of W. J Wilson
is "Blake" Wilson. Tho "nick-name"
by which Ihe popular mauager  of  P,
Burns 1- Co. bus become so genorall}'
known that the public failed tn reoog-
nize him under the initials W. .1.
For the benefit oi tbe public then, it
may be said that W. ,7. Wilson and
Blake Wilson are one and the same
P. N. Mason, Spokane; S. Brooke,
Viotoria; D. MoPhorson, Slocan
City ; Thomas W. Bennett, Vancouver.
J, M. Fahcy, Toronto; George Webster, San Francisco; Pedro Cherbo.
Kuskononk ; A Webster, Loudon, Eng.
Qeorge M. Berry, Vancouver; C. ,T
Brewster, Trail, ; W. Lawrence, Robson.
Hold   Commissioner  John   Kltknp,
of Kii-islaud, is in the City-
Mr. Ernest Mansfield   left tor   Kaslo
on yesterday afternooi.'s limit.
Mr. James T, Gates,of Viotoria, rep-
resenting tbe Giant Powdei Company,
is in Nelson.
Mr. Paul Messer, representing the
mining mnohlnery firm of Fraser ,v
Chalmers, is in the city.
Dr. Btoddarl has rented 111" I'mir
front rooms of th" Mailiieii Block and
will open on.oai there shortly,
Mr.   iiobien.   nssistaut'englneer, of
the    London 1.    11.   C, Golliflelds, i".
turned yesterday frum a month's hnh-
day tirp to New York.
Mr. W. V, Anderson, travelling pas
sengt r ngoni of the  c. l1. u. retnnisd
yesterday    from    a    linen   week's   tup
through Eastern Canada.
Missis. Herbert Wilsntt and II. M.
T I'vni have taken n contract for sup
plying "tirdwiinii nnd tin foi the
Birdseye mine, They leave ror th.'
iiiiini today,
Th" name of Mr. .1   11. Wallace wns
niittnitli'tl ti'tim the list    nf   Hit's"   who
signed Mi. .1. a. [.villa's nomination
papers as   published    in  yesterday'!
Bister Teresa nf ihe order ol Bt, Joseph of Peace arrived in town yesterdnj
iii'i'imiiiaiiieii by three members of tii"
Sisterhood, They will open their
sabool here shortly,
An idea of lhe work thai Aid. Mulch-
ir has done during the past vt.it an
I'lniirtniin   nf lhe lio.'ml   nf Wurl.s   ran
bo gathered Irom a perusal ol the
City Engineer's report pnlblshed nn
th" 11st page of this morning's Miner,
The Postal anth'irilies am ontllng fnr
lenders for Ihn currying of tho iniitl
betWet 11 Ih" DOS) OffloO and the 0. I'.
Ft, depot, the N. ,. K. si r 1.-1 ���.>t ami
lhe    < Tit v    Wharf,     The    I'lint I'll"!    will
dni ��� from April 1
The   Colleo   social at  tho   Snlviitioit
The Most Amusing Perforrnan
Seen in Nelson.
Professor McKwen _r.ve his Becond
performance in the Opera House last
night lieforo a crowded audience.
There was no doubt about the BncoesB
of the entertainment, the audience literally Bcroamed with laughter nil
through, some seeming to oomu dangerously ncir hysterics. Por unadulterated Bide-splittiug fun nothing in
Nelsiui at any rat".has evt r approaobed
the show last night, The professor's
hypnotic performances are not merely
amnslng however. They arc also in-
slrnctivo. He ceitainly seems to have
mastered many of the secrets of psychology.
After a few Introductory temarks
lb" professor proceeded to put about
fifteen gentlemen, Who had come upon
stage, into the hypnotic state and all
but two were successfully mesmerised.
After several preliminary experiments
the subjects were told to clasp their
hands together. It wns no sooner done
than thev were tightly looked, and
funny to n degree were the antics they
went through trying In get them apart.
N'ext they were told tn shout out ti eir
first names, but not a Bonnd oonld they
inter, and the audience roared as the
thirteen, iinfottnnntes conscientiously
endeavored with frantic monthings to
call out Iheir names. After nn inter
mission the subjects were aRtiln mes
iui-1'i/.i'ri and were |o|d that on awaking a very funny story wonld necur t.t
tbom, Sure inough it the wold 'three
the thirteen were iu ennvtilsions of
laughter, slapnini! Iheir thighs and
sunt" even lulling   n'f Iheir   chairs   in
tlm extremity of thoir mirth.   Sn comical w'tis tins   that   til.   inidieneo   wns
si'im reiiee I to  a'l   almost similar con
tittmn.   Then they got the toothache,
and the pain shifted downwards nnd
they writhed on the dusty stage    '.    th
fltomaoh nehe, One man who only
had live Augers on one hand wished to
collect   the two  'Hissing ones from  n
in.in in Ih" ini'ii.     He was brought
tu ju-i iti time to prevent n fight Two
ii'in then song sun.- an.1 mother did
the cake walk, then all the thiiteen
fell 10 milking Imaginary but restive
"tiws. but Ut" orownlng Bvenl ol tii"
evening was the last, Beven nun
eii" plncsd in chairs and while In a
trance, seveu   olherobnln  with seven
brooms were plaoed  beside  th  nnd
the suliji'.'ts wnl," ti]i thinking each
wns alone with his 1 ���< i-t girl. Thu
savei* swains then proceeded to kiss
iiinl fun He iliii seven brooms smld the
yells ol the audianct. ' (no in his ar
door npsnl hi< 1 ilr  one and her chair,
Patenaude   Bros.
For Fin Clucks
and Watchea
\V" have received a loi  nt
llt'ti iiit iii ( limit CI ills  al
remarkably   low   (lgnns.
The   ntf llllll keepers   ami
will iiutk" ii-efiil present 1
Patenaude Bros
and    Opticians.
Nelson.    -    B. C.
and, though he  dusted  her cniefullv,
bad a   terrible time sqnsring  himself. I
It is impossible   to desoribo tho seine.
It iiin:-t lie witnessed   to   he   realized.
Titer" were few   sceptics   after  last
night's performance,   and   for   their i
benefit it may lm  said thnt if   it  wits .
not genuine there are 18 first class low ]
coini'diaiis in Nelson   who   have  been j
biding tin ir ligfits under bushels, and
who laid  heiter  take the first train to
London   or   New      York    where   liny
will    certainly    command    Immense
Not Yet Complete But Over Seven
Hundred Dollars to the Good,
If Ihose who slill owe something to
the Mansion House Pond would hand
their iiiuiiunls to Mayor Neelatuls or
Bitot. Beer they would greatly facilitate the despatch of the money to England, ll is expected that Nelson will
send at least {800 ns   its    contribution.
Lieut. Beer bus handed The Miner the
following statement :
Receipts: Ticket Bnles, $175,715! auction, JBttl.SO; bar 8109.85! P I urns'
contribution, $25; Knolen ty Supply
Co,, .10; Triliuue Ptg.Oo,, $10; Bank
of 11. ft, on deposit, $12; Bank of
Montreal, $61.50! A, K. Barrow, $5;
O. D. J. Christie, $10; Captnin Pitz-
stnhbs, $8.501 Minor Ptg. Co, $5:
Loudon anil B. C. G. P. Co., $3B.
Total $S 13.lit).
Expenses: Opera House, ..ii; Miner
Pit;, Co 1 .10; Kootenay Cigar Co.,
.1.; W. Thurman, $:!; Transfer
charges, $3 ; telegram, $l.B0| Tribune
Ptg Co., Slit; Nelson Hardware Co,
**6 cents. Total expenses, $65,85. Cash
on hand $748.55,
-'V. V.-.
Commences MONDAY MORNING- and continues until they are al]      d
Gome early and get the best selection.
The Shoeists.
_flW**VSAA��W.AflW^ S^tWtiWlMlfVWiAA^^ *>-VVVWVWrVVW*VV^^ ,
Editor Miner:
Sir���At this particular time it would
he of interest to the voters of the Oily
of Nelson to learn from Mr, Houston
whether it is true,
(I)���That he signed n letter to Ihe
Dominion Government, stating that
the mine owners iii this district, were
Importing alien miners and refusing
work at the same wages to Canadian
(.1 ���Anil if true thnt he signed any
statement to the Government upon this
question, why he did not appear tin-
tore the Commission or hring any evidence in support of his statements?
:lll-Ifho did not know that this
statomeut was absolutely false when
it was made'.' RATEPAYER.
Nelson, 11. C., January I).
At the rri|nest of n large number of
electors, I have consented to offer myself as a candidate tor tbe office ot Aid-
nt man for the East Ward of the City.
If elected 1 shall endeavor ta discharge
faithfully the duties of the ofti.e. So-
liiitini! vour support I remain, yours
Bincerely, W  J, WILSON.
At the request of a large number of
citizens, 1 have consented to become a
candidate for Aldermen   fnr the   East the mad
1 at the
'lection ti
1 be
nr vote
itnl  influence
��� If
will be
E A   B.
To Hie Citizens of Nelson :
Iii response to numermia requests
from business men, properly owueis
and ifttepayers, I 0I1V1 myst If as a candidate for Mayor of the city of Nelson
at the approaching Municipal Elections.
Briefly stated, ray platform is as follows :
If elected it will be my earnest endeavor to assist in more firmly establishing Nelson ns the wholesale distributing centre of the Kootenay Country
���the position for whioh she has been
so admirably designed by nature.
In furtherance ot this idea. 1 will
continue my consistent advocacy 1 t' the
construction of a wharf which will
meet present and future requirements
of the wholesale and other bnsinebs interests.
I believe that tho City lias reached
that stage when permanent street improvements have become an absolute
necessity and that the, cost should he
met, as far as feasible, from onrrenr
revenue and should the Citizens see lit
to entrust mc with tho nltlce of Mayor,
it will be my aim to carry out a well
devised system of street improvements.
It will be ray policy to oppose the
borrowing of money unless the same be
used for the increase or establishment
of Pnblio Works producing a revenue
to the Taxpayers,
I am opposed to any increase in the
salary of Mayor, which would necessarily involve 11 redaction in salaries
now paid an efficient stall' of officials,
or an increased burden to the taxpayers.
I am strongly in favor of maintaining the Eire Department in a position
of thorough effloienoy and would advise tbe adoption of modern equip
intuits including a Pile Alarm System
and the purchase of a chemical engine
which wonld effect a reduction in all
Fire Insurance.
It will be mv consistent policy to
safeguard the taxpayers against any
attempts on the part of corporate hod-
j ies, carrying on business in Nelson, to
encroach upon the rights oi tho Citizens.
In my opinion a Buffioieut amount
of monev should be expended upon the
Purks "f tho City so that they will provide the Citizens with recreation
grounds and opportunities for healthful
On all municipal works mv policy
will be to employ bona-fldo residents of
Nelson  and  to  maintain  tbe  publio
staiiilar I rale of   wages
I believe that   the Publio Schools in
Nelson should be under the control  of
the City and that e��ery   effort   should
to establish 11 High   School In
Nelson  Harness Shop
��� ��� ���
: ! largest stock
unci greatesi variety of Harness.Sai -
dies, Collars,Blankets, ci. , kept in
the Kootenay. A
call always con-
Street, Nelson.
-5*> ib iti il) Hi i.it\k it, \ii \ _ \|/ \|/ v��� v��� ti/��^ v��� t<> \��� vfc ���) iti v. < \_ rti &
1 r**
\\ e arc overstocked in some lines .
have decided to 1 educe some 1
ol in Nelson.    A few ol lhe pi
thev are genuine
t prices never
given below
.C    Blenched Tabic
The direct route from
tn all points
EAST   and   WEST.
First-Ol Has Sleepers on all trains Irom
TOURIBT OARS pass Medicine Hat
daily lor Bt. Paul, Sundays and Wednesdays for Toronto, Fridays l'n
Montreal and Boston.
Same cms piss ReveUloke one day
I.ii" it. epeci'il, Ufl
|^ in. wiili'. it.'i". Ml.
^ Bleached   .iibl
;^ qiinlityGSc. 00c,
��� -* Fioe Quality   Pure
\X Napkins, 1 00,   1
���_- ���   _."in and 88.00 iiei
,*[* Good Quality and large -i/c '
_�� iititi-r for  1.00,  1 _"t.   1.50
"5 up tu ST.mi apiece.    Kvciy
r* a bargain.
3 AU Wool  White Blankets 1
Linen,    extra
$1.00 and 11.23
l .i in -ri  Table
..">.  I 5t I, 21111,
13 '_���
ood lieu
1'-".. 13,
.unl   In.,
y Flanni li
18, and 20c.
!.-"i0 ami
.      few      Ladi. -'
iiinl  lllousea In  I
and .-.". 00, .in "lei
icy Striped
pi'k'l     I   ."'0
l.nili".-' (',
-.  in-,,,.
in __:
Any Ladies' Jacket in the Store
To and from itohson, Rossland.       ! _2
Kx. Situ. Kx. Sun.; 'j*
8.00 Lv.        NELSON Arr. 11.40 rg
18, It) Lv.dtiily NELSON daily Arr._2.10  -^
Morning train connects f r nil points' -^
Bveninfr train connects to and from ra
I Main Line and points north, anil (ex. -a.
Hun.) from all points in HOl'NI'AKY '-���
COUNTRY. ;�����
Daily. sir. .Movie Daily.' _5
24.00 Lv.        NELSON       Ait. 17.20 |C
Connects   Kootenay    Landing  with   '"
Crow's Nest Branch trains both ways.     3
KOOTESTAYLAKE-KASLO ROUTE ! �����    Tei'lll. Cash'
Ex. Sun. Sir.  lCukaticc.      Ex. Sun   -jj ^
_W. 9.9.9. 9\ (I. ft. 9. ft. 9\ 9) 9). 9. 9X 9X 9X 9X 9X 9X 9X 9\ 9X 9X 9X ^
Baker Street St
At the request of u large number of
I lie ch'cli'is of the West Ward,in which
I reside, I have consented 10 offer myself as a candidate for Alderman in tho
West Ward. If elected I shall endeavor lo discharge the duties ol the office
in the best of my ability in the furtherance  nf  the general inteiost of the
Bolieting .vour vote and Influence, I
remain, your respectfully,
our midst.
In concluding I wish to say that in
the event of my election I will consider it my duty to share with the
Council tlie responsibility of the Civic
administration believing, us I do, that
the assumption of entire authority by
one individual is suhversive oi all constitutional liovernment, whether
Municiunl or otherwise. Yours respect l'nllv,
_jt. ll.nl
and  iclurn,
moo Lv.        NELSON
Saturday   to   Amenta
leaving Kaslo iti 20k,
Ex. Sun
0.1 HI Lv.
Ex. Sun.
Ar. 11.10
4 his NELSON to ROSSLAND ins 4
Kor rates ami full Information addross imur
e-t local agent, or
<J  K. BKASLEY  City Paasongor Akciu
II. \v. DREW, Agein, Ncltin
'I'ruv. Puss. Agent, A   ll. 1'.   .\KOl.t
Nel- -n Vaiirrt v r
Turner Beeton & Co.
NELSON   LOUGH   Sn.   IB,  K.    of 1'
Kmo.ta in IC. of p. I111II, Oildfcllown blook
iry Tut���i,i\   ovonlng ut   8 o'olooh
JAU viklUng knlghla cordially   lavltod
I.. Sen O. <'���
o. Joy, K.of it. nml S,
u ill   opon lior  Klndergftrton  nml Primary
Hohool in tho ICngli-ih Church Bohool lloom on
'.'nil Jim,
Kor i'thi������ partloulan apply lo
Miss PAIiMKIt,
al tho rotldonoo of Mm, J. It. Kobor. on, link
orblroui  Wont,
Fraternity Hall
�� ..1 i:..l.. 1 .1 kofil.'iin.v His.
can he rented for Concerts, Lectures.
Ii.in.' -, Banquets and every kind ot en
it ltiiiniiit nt. liiuid iitii.c-inoiiit., cloak
i.tiinis, Kitchen and dining room fur-
���tisheil.   Por terms apply
lilt. K. C. AKTIILII   (it v
In oompliauoe  with the reqnesl of a
large number of  oitizens, 1  hu''e consented to offer myself  as  a candidate
for   alderman   In the West   Ward.    If;
elected   I   sholl ��� rlo my utmost to pro- !
leet atitl   farther   the   interests  of the-
City.   Owing to unavoidable  cirenm-1
staii.'cs I shall not he in Nelson during  -fljouralngOddFello'S
the week,ami cunseqoeiltly will he nu- ]    OBhew
ahle to make u persons! canvas.   Hop- J 	
im! in receive vour support   1  remain,     niu.sun 1..11.1.. No, MtO-iiu
ilii'iiientiv, i I'u'iiii't block ihi'} *i"ti>ii'
.\.  1 1.K.1.A.N11.       ( llTovBi u. M
yours t
COURT KOOTKNAV, I. 0, F��� No, 3138.
Mcotlnga '-'Sit nnd 11I1 Ihursdny, Kniii-rn.il
hull. .1 A IrvingU, R,   W. B. t-liuw. It. 8,
jjr^^,      I.   O.   O.   K.      Knot "ilui    UhIk"
^*2i-  No. Hi. ii..-'-:- < vi iy Miiiiil.ij in,-In
nl   tlieil   Mull,   Kooteiiuy  hl��*ui't
conlitilly invitt'il.
N.ii   John Booley, v. u.
i' red .1 re ,_i'j
1- in thi   M "���
lay ovonlng ti  i
lllt'lllt.t'l-    I'tlllli.tllV     Ut! ll'tl
V. J. lirodlor. ll. 8.
Jusi arrived from Milwaul
ELKOTOR-   <il''   WEriT   WAItl) OF;
Ailt 1 lli-i-liit-nl- iii-'-t'l"'l   until r lilt- liittitl til
1).t- rut - nt on" ""nt e word por hiMTtlon,   Mo
ithiiii-i niriit iiikru for l"s- 1 ban M aunts.
w \ rs '11;t > - A house furnished or nn-
furnished,   with   bath  room    Rnnl
inotlerale.    Apply   R.   O,     CnrnpbolL
WAftTb-).���Cottage ol tbioa rooms,
or litre"    rooms   "lose ill.    fnr   lifihl
bon.okeeping,      Psrmanenl    tenant.
,\ii,in m "Oottnge," Miner 1 iffloe,
MIST    Siiliinliiy, 11 Latly's |iur.e. eon
Miuini! $110, between PnatofHoe and
skniiiu.' link,   Return to Hmei unite.
Reward of IW.	
iriixisiil.i) lin s. private family,
with board, wonted by a gentleman
mul his   wife,    Apply   in A.   II.   O.,
Miner (lllii'c.
I reipeotfally snlieit    your votes mul
iiiiliu-iieii in sn|i|niri of my candidature
' 'derman,
ur tlie olliee nf  A I
E. C.
Nl-LSON'S   Ul'KEN    SO,   JU
<��__=&(.    SUNS   OK    KNOI.ANI),     '���
1 [f       lv   Mr-i  and    third   Wodni  daj   ot
tic n til   each   inonili   al   I 1 un 1 nny Imlt.
l|(S��0.t|]   ooroor ol  llakor  end   l<" nai
; m 1)1  slrootn,   Vlnltltig brothorn cord-
��� ^_e=#   lull) Invltod,
Joiim Watson. M't rotary.
Wholesale and Retail Meal Merchants
--.-   ������������������������
Branch Markets In Ro��sland. Trail. Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Orders by mnll io nny brsncli will hnve carelul snd prompt attcntlun.
NELSON A Kill I-:  No. -'-'. If. O,   K., iiiooln
m        ���   tvi'iy -t'l'iiiiil nml fnurili Wi'tliit-ii.ii- "f etion
THE EAST  month.   Vlrlllns   membon i-onliully   Invll-
: J It. Wiih. .-urittiiy.
In response to bnmerous requests 1
have consented lo offer myself foi candidate for Aiiiii'iiiiin for tlm Knsl Ward
ut the forthcoming innuicipnl election, My polii y will Im to work fi 1
tit" _i iii'ial Interest nl tii" ftenple
Villus truly, C.   MtlKltl-u.N.
i< to nubounne that 1 am
ilr I'nt'   Mili-riiitiii in Hi"
Wt Bt
I desii
a ouudid
Wan 1.
Floplna i"t :i 1 wal ol your  oonfl
ilt'itee, 1 am, viutr olii'ilietil servant,
nn n \iii.i;u. Dentist has opened
an oiile" with Dr Morrison, (Jrown
mul t'liilgc work 11 speoiulty,
In ri'tpiinse to the request of u large
nnmber nl oltl_ens I have offered myself ri a candidate fnr Alderman In the
East Wnril If returnctl 1 shall cinleii
vnr to serve the City faithfully In thai
OnpROlty.     HoiiitiK for   your   vote   nnil
iiHMiHtui.o'. 1 remain yours obediently,
CHUIICH nii;i:i it'i:'i
S,   Sn nu 11 9  |l'l\i,i i~ll|   lllll'l 111    l'i.I'm r
\\ iiiil ttnil .-ilu ,. ���-!-      Hiindii -    11 'it  '"in
itiiiiiiiiit ft 11 in.: and 'tu il" 1-1 ���' 'I 1 tl - '"I-
11, iiif month inii'i M.i'U" it M itttii ������ II n.11
��� iiiulitv School _.:i" n in . ; ' ��� I
Maim   ,ti II :m ,1. in.
n        Holy ('01 Id 11   in.     Krai
tin ii-iiiih ;._f) n. ni. l.li'i'.v.'ti li) "if " I- 1
1 i... 11 n, ��� a hut 1, Ileum 1 1 Irvli
(tin .Itiliii-i'iii ���. 'A itr.lt
I'll! ami  't.t |J   ''III  I" II     -'��� ' '��� I' '  -    'tit 11
nnil  7,30   |t in.     .-'inilii'.   ������'.''���
I'tt.yi r liit'tliliK 'I hur till)' livollll
t 'liri-tltiii l.iiil' .11 or fc 11 1    ""
rtn)  ovonlng ut 8 n't look.    Itov, It. 1  ���
Mil uiintsr tin ie ii im . HI
.ln-i |iliiii" Mit't'i- : 1 I'M't-ul tin in. .iini ;.:!'
p, in. j su til nu ti School. 2.80 e 1" . 1 t.t 1 1 moot
111K011 Kriiluy I'viiiliiK ut s o'clock' Kpworth
I.i iiKut r. ��.., Tin Uny ui s nni. itiv. .toll 11
KobMiu, Pnater.
I'A'iitiii.ii riirai'ii Mam al Nolaon, llr-i
nml 1 iiinl miiiiIiiv .ti s uiitl 10.00a.m.; Ilonodlo
lion at7.80 tu s 11.111. Hev. t-'tiiiiii' I'ltlmiil
Baptist Oiiuncn Borvlom morning and
t'vi'iiiiiKiit 11 u.in. mitt 7.;ci ilui.. Praror mool
in,: a ..lui' ti,y ovonlng m B p.ni, :it" M. V.
I'.t. Miiniltn i-m'iiIiik ui 8 o'clock. Slrniigcm
in tllully wi'ltiiiiit'il.   litv. 1 , u . I:..-..  I'.t I..1
Ba.vatiom aumv  Borvla 1 oven svonlnR
nt   stii'it.ilt   ill   Inn itnl:- uii V "tori      -licit
A1I.I111I1111I IuIkocoiiiIhi In cliursc.
to vusy.
'   ^'  >o 4Mv
4S   As
/I^4J_4~^aAu/ WMs<AS.
REISTERER    & CO.,        E. J.SCOVIL
Brewers of Fine Lngct
Bet 1 ni--! Porter,
Dtiip in mul see in.
,11 M\c   1111.mm.      Milllli I'lll-I..
wiiiiii'iiiti'ie MiHi'f. 1 a "iciusi
What Was Done During the
Past Year-
Miles of Water Mains, Sewers ami Sidewalks Were Laid   Many Streets
Oponed Up.
At tlie meeting ol the Oity Council
tins afternoon Mr A. L. MoOnlloob,
<*ity Engiueer will present his annual
report giving n cletailerl account of the
work (lone in his department during
tho year. Appended is a synopsis of
the report. :
Waterworks���During the winter of
:898-99 it was found .thabthe water
supply from Anderson Creek through
the wooden flume with a repetition of
the extreme cold of last winter would
he inadequate and. on nccouut of the
liniblity of the flume freezing up. is a
very inefficient supply. To remedy
these defects a 14-inch steel conduit
main was laid during the past foil up
Cotton-wood Owek, and providing kthe
City with a duplicate water supply.aud
guaranteeing an adequate supply under nil conditions. During the past
year the water mains that were frozen
last winter have heen protected from
frost. Of the old '.-inch mains _,-lM)
feet have beon taken up and relaid
with l-iuch and Clinch pipe.
There has been laid dnring 1899 the
following mains:
Pourtcen-iuch conduit up Cottonwood Creek.
Six *nch���Victoria from Stanley to
Josephine; Front Street from Hall
Street to Riblet's Foundry.
Four-inch main���Front, from ends
of pipe to City limits; Lake, Cedar tn
west lino park: Victoria, Stanley to
Kast limit of Falls; Silica, Cedar to
went limit Park; Silica, Stanley to
Ward : Carbonate, Cedar to west limit
Park: Mill, Cedar to west limit Park;
Josephine, Victoria to Baker i Ward,
from hydrant to Gore; Gore, Josephine
to Kootenay; Stanley, Gore to south
of Houston; Innis, Stanley westerly;
Houston, Stanley to east of Ward;
Two-inch pipe���Hoover Btreet, from
end of pipe tu Hall; Hall, from Hoover
northerly ; Kootenay. from eud of pipe
to Mill Street; Mill, from Kootenay to
Mailson's House. Total water main
laid during 1899,   17,870 feet.
Summary of water mains laid to
Fourteen-inch main, 10,279 Hn. feet;
12-inch, '.Oil; Hi-inch, 1,5511; K-inrh,
*i,l.!i; ti-inch. 11,086; 4-inch, 15,087!
���.'-inch. 7,188; P..- inch, 7*7 ; old .-inch
mains still it, use. 1,527. Total length
uf water mains, ."i0,770 Hn. feet or 9.6
miles. Total number of hydrants in
use In; total number of WHter services
put in during 1899, _46,
During the pnst year the following
sewers bave been laid: Eighteen-inch
pipe sewel un Ward.
Twelve-inch pipe on Ward; Silica,
from Ward easterly on alley block 83
and part 84; Latimer from brewery to
Nine-Inch sewers���On lane, block 84
tn Hall Street.
Eight-inch sewers���Kootenay, from
Baker to Silica; Silica, Kootenay to
lane easi ol Stanley, on alley blocks
80 and 81, Silica to Mill; On alley,
block 92, Kootenay to Falls; on alley,
block 98, Ko.tt. nay to Pulls; Victoria,
from Josephine tn 'iii feet of Hall; Sill
ca, frum mar Ward to Henrlryx ; on
allev, block 28, to Josephine: on alley
block 27 and part 26, Josephine to east
nl Hull; mi alley block BE and 'HI: on
alley bluck B9, 40, 11, 12, Ward to Cedar;   Latimer,   Stanley   to Kootenay;
Kootenay,   from Mines Road southerly
tion to Jan. I, mod, 240; total number
Of hnuses connected to sewers, 262.
Electric lighting���During the winter of 1S98-99 the water power at the
electric power station was Inadequate
for tbe then requirements. To increase
the power a wooden box flume 8(1.20,
and '.1,200 feet long was constructed
from Whitewater Creek, a tributary
of the Salmon River,to the Cottonwood
Lake watershed.
At the power station a 2,B00 light,
alternating dynamo and a 230 horsepower Feltou water wheel was intsall-
ed and a general rearrangement of the
machinery at the power house -was
The dynamo capacity is now equal
to 5,000 lights, the maximum number
of lights iu use at anyone time at pres
ent being 8,100.
To fully utilize the water available
from Whitewater Creek it will probably be necessary to store the day flow
at Cottonwood Lake which can he done
at very small expense.
During the coining year the electric
light day should be very greatly improved.
During the past summer some feeder
lines were added to improve the light
in the business portion of the City,
hut outside of this practically no street
wiring was done during 1MIS or 18I11).
It will be necessary during 1900 to extend the wiring to the easterly portion
of the City, viz , Water, Lake, Victoria, Silica, Carbonate and Mill
Strefts and also some portions of Addition A.
Something must also he done in the
way of street lighting on the portion
of the City on 'he alternating system,
as this part of the ('itv is now without street lights.
I strongly recommend the use of
meters on all services as their uso will
check the indiscriminate burning of
lights at all hours, and will increase
the capacity of the plant hy probably
80 pet cent.
Forty-three meters have been ordered
for the larger consumers and 1 hope to
have these meters installed in the
course of a few weens.
Sidewalks���The following is a summary of the sidewalks built during
1899: Twelve-feet wide, Oil) feet: Id
feet. 1.2(0; 8-foot, 1121 ; 0 foot. 7,075;
4-foot, 5,940; 8--OO.,8,_-0. Total length
of sidewalk building 1899, in,(i:jii Ilu
eal feet, or 8.6 miles.
Street Work���During the year a
great deal of street work was doni in
opening up streets and improving und
grading other streets.nothing however,
was done in the wav of permanent
pavements. The following streets were
opened for ttatJic during the year:
Ward Street, from Raker to Viototia :
Watd. Silica to Mill; Silica, Hall to
Park ; Silica, Falls to west City limits; Carbonate. Stanley to Park; Mill,
Hall to Park ; Hoovei, Ward to east of
Josephine; Observatory, Stanley lo
Josephine; Robson, from Stanley to
Hall: Gore. Stanley to Josephine ; fanes, Stanley to Josephine ; Ward, Hon-
ver to Hcnstou ; Cedar, Carbonate to
Latimer; Cedar, Silica to Water;
Hendiyx. Silica to Mill; Hall, Mill to
Hoover; Poplar, Water to <*. P. K
The following other streets have been
railed or otherwise greatly improved :
Front Street, Ward to Hall; Silica,
Stanley to Josephine; Josephine, Silica
to Mill: Latimer, Hall to Mountain
Siding; Mines Road, Stanley to Falls;
Kootenay Street. Observatory to Robson ; Stanley, ubservatory to Houston;
Baker, at Kootenay : Victoria, Stanley
to Josephine; Mill, Stanley to Ward.
If any Nation Waits to In
fere in Our Complications
Americans Believe That Blood is Thicker
Than  Water���Pulp aud the
Free List-
The following letter has been leceiv
ed from Mr. R. 11.    Eaton at  Calgary,
and will be read with .interest   by his
numerous friends:
Calgary, Jan. 5. 1900,
My Dear Sims: Was very glad to
got your note of 31st December and
wish to think Nelson boys for the
very gisul feeling show and hearty wishes expressed for my bon voyage and
safe return, also for the very substantial presents and purse forwardid
here. You will no doubt be glad tu
leiirn that five Nelson men have been
acoopted to say nothing of the dog. A
few more might have heeu accepted
bad they been on the ground although
large numbers nf gttoil men hove been
refused. The R. C. boys who have
been accepted   here to date are Hruwn,
(Special Correspondence of The Miner)
Washington. D. ('., Jan. 5 ���Popular
feeling in regard to the Boer war is
rapidly veering around in this conn-
try. Despite misleading statements
to the contrary continually published
iu Canada and Great Britain, public
sentiment here, heretofore, has always
been on tha side of the Boers both
beoause they constitute a so-culle.1l Republic and because of the disproportionate size of the conibatauls. But
this feeling has been somewhat like
that of a man who sees his hroth��r engaged in a fight of which he does not
approve. He* would not be torry if the
brother got pretty well punched to
tench hint nol |.i be bo hasty the next
time, hut he would also feel much disposed tu take oil' his coat and go in, i
there seemed to be any danger of the
brother getting the worst nf it. During our war with Spain, Canada seemed to feel about the same way. It considered   that   we were   altogether   too
e,iel;y and wanted us punished,bat not
As long as England is merely lighting the Beors, she will meet with lots
of opposition iu this country, but as
soon us any L'uropean power attempts
to chip in, the world will be astonished by the depth of pro-English sentiment that will develop in this country. Blood is a good deal tblokei than
wnter.and most Amerioana realise that
the preservation ol their own race ascendency depends "U the ultimate vie-
lory tif Euglanu.
The close relationship between this
country and England was siiown at
the recent New Year's reception at the
White House when the entire British
embassy was present, The Right
Honorable Lord Pauncefote, of Preston. G. C. H , O. M. C .  dean of   the
iiiplnniaiic corps, was accompanied by
Lady Paiincfot and their four daughters I Mr. Gerald A. Lowtber, titst secretary : Captain Charles L. Ottley, R.
N., and Mrs Ottley; Lieutenant Colonel A. H. Lee, It. A . military attache, nun Mrs. Lee, his American
bride; Mr. C N. E. Eliot, C. 13., second secretary; Mr. W. G. Max Mailer,
second secretary; Mr. Robeit Brora
ley and Mr. Arthur E. O. Humphreys
Owen, liniinrary attaches.
The good feeling between the two
Countries   was ulso emphasised by   the
pleasure thai was expressed at the fact
Ihat Mr. Kli.it, of the embassy, hud recently bull tie.ib' a Knight uf the order
of file fighting saints,   St.  Michael and
St. George. Mr. Eliot's management
of the Snmonn difficulty, when he rep.
resnted England as commissioner to
those islands last winter, was socb as
tu win fur him the warmest otticml
commendation of the United states
Government, and to make him popular through) ut the loontry.
A   g-ioti many Onundinns  turn no at
Washington from time  io time.   The
latest arrival Is Mi. Edward McKen.lel
of Mouttoal. who was somewhat hiiiuh- ���
ed when asked what Canada thought uf |
the alleged   Fenian   invasion  of   that
"It i-nil new spa pel talk,' he said,
"and Canadians am losing no sleep on
account   of   it.    We know from   what
it will prevent anv European nation
from taking parr, no matter how
much   they     may wish tu do 80,"
U. S. Consul Almar I-'. Dickson, has
reported to tho State Department hare
that a company has been formed at
Gaspe Basin, Quebec, lo carry ou the
nil boring business there. The consul
docs not expect much from the venture, as he says tiutt !>:! wells have
been sunk in the last fen years, am!
that in ouly one has nil been found,
and in that one il has been exhautsed,
'l�� concludes: "I have conversed
with several oil experts during tin
past five years, and they inform me
that the sand and gravel here nre not
suited to oil, ami thai the dip of the
rock is altogether wro g. This, they
say, should be ubout 50 feet to the
mile, aud it is about 1,000 feet to the
mile in most places where wells have
been put down in this vicinity."
Representative Shacklefurii. of Missouri, has introduced into Congress ������>
bill placing on the free list all wood
pulp suitable for or adapted to the
manufacture of printing paper, and
all printing paper suitable for or
adapted to the pi in ting of newspapers, periodicals, oi hooks. Wood pulp
is extensively manufactured in Canada.
Information as to the riches of Cape
Nome in Alaska, conitnues to come
in. The latest arrival from that part
of the world is K. M. Jackson, who
says that the spot is just as rich in
gold as it has been represented, and by
next summer there will be 25,000
people at work there. He thinks that
the resources of Ihe locality have
scarcely been snatched ovei, and that
there aie untold millions yet to be
taken from Mother Earth.
$��%��� ,5_j-^ . !.����_-,.  ���' -��*_- w>K^ -5_u=C _t
Nelsou Opera House I]
Still remains i the mind i
year lOul is the commence
il out
tu   n\   as '.ii W
eiiii uf another
ther 'he year   HH'il or the
century.    Let them  figure
6   MIGHTS    6
Re-aitts in the mind of any person nt
that we can nd bnve bo n selling ilu
11 has been figured out
persons, man,  woman  or child
best goods lor  lhe  leust money.
Monday, Jan. 8th
leu iii.ii iietii.i ies has proved il
sn cheap guilds bandied, No. 1
f The Western Mercantile Co., Ltd.
Why lnok fiiitliei when mathematics lias proved that we lead both iu
quality and price.    No cheap goods baudled, No. 1 or none.
Famous Scottish  Mind-
Reader  .'unl   Hypnotist.
One   Great
Hypnotif-.m by Telephone,
Hypnotic Balloon
tfr.._-._-i .4(fl..i
Successors to M. DesBrisav & Co.
R.IK Kit BT.
Mt.-in it C,
n#��_^ __���_*>����� ����_��_" ."_'��� -"���"- "_"0i'_n_l__n.l
Hy tlie only ilrsi closd undertaker In Kelson,
ME. A. W. PURDY.   AUdrow
App-QwhattQ Block.     Bakerat oor, ICootcimy
Or nt  residence  on Silica  street.   Kast
Nelson Cleaning and Dyeing
S. D. PIERKE Prop.
Ladies' and Gents' Clothing .lean. 1
dyed, altered and repaired. ���
Itenr of i iin'1,1- llntrl. >. I����i\
Atlantic S. S. Lines
Krom Portland, Me.
Allan Line "N'liiniiliaii" .Inn. 17
Allan Line *'Cal-fornianH Jan. 20
Dominion Une "Doiliil ion" Ian. 97
Dominion Line  'Vumbromun" Feb.  3
From Now York
While Star Line "Ocennh-"      Ii.ii._7!
.Jan, 231
.Jan. 2.
J nn 20
Jiui. 30
Jan. 25
.Jan. 27
Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
Incorporated i86g.
Capital Autlioiizi'il   -   -       -   $2,ooo,ooo
Capital Paid l'p, $1,500,000, Reserve, $l,25o,ooo.
Head Office; Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Ueneial Banking Business transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange  Bought
and Sold, Letters of  Credit, lite, Negotiated.
Accounts received on the most favorable terms.    Interest allowed on special
deposits and on Saving Bank accounts.
Atliii. Bennett, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver, Vancouver East End, Victoria, Ymir.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
;*_���-._���-:-���-------���---------.-- ---_ _ _________-_4_-___r_-______________v
Harness and  Saddle!y
Tho if id.ng --hop. Larg-fl
ftock. Besl n-orlod *_t��ck
on ham.. Harnett*, Oo]
I.--*- ol bo-tl makoH. Bart-
files. Blanket*, Hell-.
Whips, Urn-lies. CoiDDS,
Prices sat i.-fact or.*.
Call and ���eo.
Cor. Ward  and   linker
North Grimm Lloyd "f_ohn".,
MiH_rirun Line ���'NVw York"	
lied sun- Line "Kni-slHnd"	
Canard Line "Ktruria"	
Anehor Lino 'Ki liopliil'	
Allan State Line "State of Nebraska'.
Cunard Line ''Campania*1	
Iii the matter ol tho"Oonipanio_ Winding l'p
Act. 18.8," and hi tho maitcr of tho "Nolson
Poorman Gold Mining Comjiany, Limited," in
i liquidation. *
Notice is hcrol > given that at nn extrnordln-
Passages arranged to and from all Karopeim l nry Bcnon_l meeting of tho Nolson  Poormn
points.   For rates, ticketK and full infcrmaiinn   q0|j Mining ' oinpnny. Limited. h��-M N'ovem
applytoC.P, K.depotagent or U   K. I.oa..loy, , i(ljr \-lt\u \^.u. duly i oovoi ed, n special resolu-
City Passongei A_ji-.it,. Nelson, IH'
Guneral Awent. C P. K. 0-._i._i.   Winn In g
ttou requiring the said company to hi wound
up was duly passed; which i�� milui lon at a sub
sequent oxtmordinory general mooting of tho
-.ml company, aUoduls convened, and held on
l��i comber 5th, 1800, wad duly conflrmt <l.
At such la -t ment loned meeting i he appointments of William Murray Uotaford of the City
of Vancouver Province of British Columbia,
^s liquidator and Charles C. Bonnet! of the
-nine place as Inspector, for the purposes of tlie
Winding np were confirmed.
Nut i��*e i-. also given Inurauunt to "Companies
     Act, 18I��" rootlon 10), thai ihe
_  _ il others having rlatms upon the
1 -aid company, atv required on or before thn luih
dny of January, A. !��.. 1900. to --end tholr names
| and in id n -t-.-s, the imrtloulars nf iheirdobti or
  claim*and the nature of tho securities, if any,
Three month- will teaoh ydu A-sayii.g for 1 held by Ilu in in   William Murray  Botsford,
Gold, 811 v or, topper.   This department is in  Merchants' Bank of Halifax. Vancouver, B. 0,,
chanre nf  Prof,  Sutor,  Honor Un.dunts of  tho liquidator of the sold company.
McGll) Untvorslt.. I    Not.ctuIs further given Unit after Mioh last
Live mul learn how. cheaper than von now   mentioned date the said liquidator will proceed
live. todistrlbuto tho assets or the said company
I amoug the parties entitled therein, having regard only to the claims of whioh bo shall then
I nuvti "<>i lee.
Dated at Vnncpu or, B <'.. Doe.Oth, 1890.
um.i.iim: PLUNKKTr,
MacMnnon Budding, GrauvUle t-troxt, Van-
! comer. 11. \\
Solicitor for tho Raid Liquidator.
Shareholders  in Ihn said  company   are re-
[ucKted to forthwith forward their -liar
Young Men, Become Your\���$$��*vmS
n i | orcditora ol nnd *
Own Assayers-
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and    Salted   Heats
Fish and Poultry in Season
E.   C.
Street, Nelson.
Orders hy mail receive careful and prompt attention.
Board anil  In-truititiii in
iwi'iiii -i\ iiiiii tr. portnonlh,
Wriii- to the I'riiioiiinl,
A__R.li I.', ull lor !
Ni iv. Westminster,
All elame* of karntng nny be had Id ihw
he only Colli -_..��� ..f it-- kind in tho West,
Delivered to an any point Oil
Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock
on hand of
titii-iitt- tn tin--niii ii
diBirlbullon ttft iiiiii;
initiator In ortlor th it tli
lliorcon tuny lio .pQedlly
Can't ilo belter than
about thi.ir dnilj' wants. 'I
is iht' quality, price and i|u
with Crockery, Glassware, eti
iy talking with
tie advantage we have over
niii\   ul  stock.    We can
u Rock Bottom prices,
mail orders carefully
supply   yon
to hi. ��� k !���;. "ii nlle.v- t'lofk 7 l""1 s ���"���- I Wlngfletd, SimH. Hovii'K, nivHi'lf. (Nil
ilitiitii A, K.-i.tfiiiiy   tu Wiiril ; <ni nlliv | H011)   y,ltU.<, N,.rt-   Dunvi-r;   Hn
blook 1.  .'iini 1-'. K'tntfituvto   Ward ; nn j Koa)llmli   Murni'k,     VtinconviT.
alley block 87, Cedar easterly! on alley i |)np flonl (;r,,���liwn���,,.
blook ?, from star lodging l'��*"s'' ";l|i''
i ntoli   basin   oonueotlons, 888   feet,
Total   amount   ot  sewers laid during
I   11,178 ili'I or 9 t-fl miles.    Num.
I., ol man   holes bulll   dnring   18911.
B.   number of oateh basins bnilt, 10,
Summary ol   bwi rs built to data i
I.i.in. fti iiifli miiin sewiTH. 1,880
,,���., . ,.,.,,���i,, 958; ia-ln.li, 8,8861 in
I nob steel ploe Bewei onilet,880; fl-inrii |
ittiiii.ii i.wi rs, 848 i B-lnoli steel pipe,
Oodai itreel outlet, 700i B-tnoh branob
sowers, Including oatob basin, 18,018.
Iota! length of sewers lnirl to date,
38,591 im feel or 1. it miles of sewers,
* i'oti.1 number of man holen bmit. 68;
total number oi catch iiuniiiH, 19.
Total namiiiir of iilninliiiiK permits
,1,,,-iiiK 1899, 818; total number of per-
mltN iHoedtoJan. I, IWO, UTO.
Total number of permitn fnr sewer
oonueotio- during l_B��. 1-17; total
uumber Uf permit,  for  -ewer oonneo-
Life tit thn barracks is quite   lively.
of course e.eryone is liosiiin_ around
getting ready to pall out. New horse,
anil men Ki'ttit>K broken in. much tn
the enjoyment ol numerous civilians
who nsM^miilc nn lhe mumi'i' every day,
The rations ire plain but aooil. The
quantity is tint quite a* lnrne us moun.
tiinonrs ii utillv 'tin"iiui-t but extras
mn he boogbi in canteen or town,
Tbe officers whom   l   bave sun ore
well tinalillert for the tusk iiln'inl nml
I trust TOO Will hear of kikiiI wink
frum IblSContingent   Yum- fnitlifnlly,
I<   I'.. BATON,
Berlin, Jan 9.���The Relobslag wns
reopened today. Thf business transact-
ni was tniiBiiy formal. The budget will
be iiisriiHMiii tomorrow.
snnrce it emanates, nnd nrr well satis-
lii"l with tin1 knowledge   that the (iery
warriors who are going to devour Can-
sdaMood   raw,are  wind-jiitiiiiipis ��'   l{()|'rll   \\|)
tbeeighte.n-csrst   vorloty,   nml   iimttV
their talk ol  gore is anff,   Af.wi.nt-, DKKSSKI)   LUll
beaded individnali  who bave deluded
tin it1-'hi s    intii   thinaing   Unit    they
have a grievance n_iiinst K.i.inti.i.   m,  MOULDINGS, SASH   DO
doubt realise Ihat this wonld lo a fine
time tn mill  to tii"  comptnatlons of
(.real Britain   hy the Invasion of th
Dominion, and hence the  Incentive of
tlm raid    But they \>ill take it "tit In
A not hi i tut' resting visitor t" the
Capital tiiititi. the lmst week, was Ur.
P, l.itiry, Manchester, England, who
talked entertainingly of the  Boer war. I
"The end of tbo war will undoubtedly see Qniilntirl supreme nil Ihe way
from Hi" Oape 'to the Zambesi," he
���aid. "Th" Boets hnd every advantage
in nun. monitions snd position nl the
outset, and thej im\" won a lew bat>
lies Bui Btllaln's sin power will
enable  bet  lo   . In   In the snd,    Al-
Mill nl I'I LOT HAY.
J.   A.   SAYWARD.
_0| I  nil    .f'llill.    Ill"    t..    I
rktl tun. tiny qunotlt]  I	
oaonol li" disputed,
where ro
in-tintl- in ilfi intirkt i mil,
lOcup,   I'm-
���piiom: S3,
OnOTATIONi jllinimh tbe navy im.y mil lit"   n sin^l
'shut iiniitiK the   war. victory Will  be
J&M&.i%dZ��ttmn$2>\to'tait<   "'"   ����'��   I "   "   will
kers     ll'l'th;   exehmiRP, (til.nil.     Lead . ,,     , PnAMK   A   TAMBLVM     .\ irr
steaily.brokers'��4.4r); eitibsnge 1-1,70 to|1,1'��l<H l^"111'' lh" ,,'llisl��i'l "fui'limit- ��*��������  ������������   ��a_i__ti.,   mgr.,
14,75, '��d troops ana munitions,   bnt becsnue Baker Street, Nelson
NOTICE is hereby plven that an npiili-
cation will bo made to the Legisls-
tin- Assembly of the Province of Bril
i-th Col nml in at its lmxr session,tnr an
Ael in incorporate n Company with
power in nolistruct, equip, maintain,
mul operate telephone ami telegraph
lims within ni.d throngbout the Province ol British Oolnmbla, nnil to oon- I
s root, nt i't.nml maintain Buch and sn
many poles and othor works and do-
vices as the Conipnuy deem necessary
for making, completing, supporting,
nsing, wiikin;;. operating and maln-
tntnlng the Bystem uf foinmnnlcatldu
bv telephone  and   telegraph,   end   to
j.'   open nr break op any p rl   or parts ol
'  ihe  Bald highways or streets is often
us the sain Company, iis agents,   niii-
iits or workmen think proper, nnd for
I , tbe purposes of tbe undertaking to pur-
,���,! i ", at quire, i r lease, nnd holrl snd
,-"li .niii tHspo��util ininis, bnilnlngs or
tt in nu ri. within tli" limiis nfnresnid,
nml tn tniii hn-" ��� i lease, for nny f rnt I
11 >- nrs, nny teli pbono or telegraph \
line established, nr lo 1" i etui Usher), in HiItish 'lo iiinbia. nt iiiiii'ti'ii. I,,
in in- (.iiiii'Tti i! \. i i li iho lin" will oh
tli" Cnmpnny may construct, ami to
aiiiiil.iiiiati with ni lease its line or
nut-, tn any pnition nr portions there*
nf. in any company possessing, ns pro.
pi h iif. in v lui"  nt telephont n or tele
graph iiiir.iniiiiit'iitiiiti    it inn 'lin..   ii-
Iii li"  t 01 i"'i. wiih   Ih" s;mi   t !om-
|iiiny's   liii"   nr lines,  ami    In   borrow j
initiii j fi r th" pnrposei "f the Com.
psnv, nnd to pledge or mortgnge any'
of tii" t'iii.iii'iiiy���-. assets for thai imr-
pt se, ami in receive bonuses nr jirivii-
oges from .my prison or body corpor.
nt". iini with till itthi't usual.uecessnry
nr int'itit niii right*,   powers or prlvlf-
may !"���  ssnry oi Incidental
to tli" si  iii nn mi 11 th" air.!" objects,
it any I t   III! in
Dated litis  ISili  day  of  December
i-im. ,i. ii. miuwN,
Solicitor fur the Apploiants.    '
attended to.
O. Box K and \V. Telephone io. Baker Street
We are showing ;
First-Class Line o
Gooklno Stoves & Ranges
Which we are offeririg**at
IIvI_?0_-T__!_.S   OP
Shelf & Heavy Hardware,
Etc., r-:tc, Etc.


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