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Nelson Daily Miner Apr 23, 1899

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 Daily Edition No. 298
Nelson, British Columbia. Sunday, April 23,   1899.
Ninth Year
Feared They Intend to Way
lay Solitary Miners
Unless  Prompt   aud Vigorous  Measures
aie Takeu, Outbreak of Malignant
fever is Probable-
Victoria, April 22.��� ,T. H. Strickland, brother of Captain Strickland of
the mounted police, is in Victoria, on
his way from Dawson to the east.
Mr. Striokland fays that "Soapy "
Smith's gang who were run out (it
Skagway many months ago, have infested Dawson hut are not making any
open demonstration. - Shortly hoforn
he left Dawson thoy disappeared
from the oity, and there was a suspicion that they had gone out to waylay solitary miners coming in wilh
Oolonel Steele in command of the
polioe at Dawson therefore issued a
proclamation stating that convoys
would be sent to each cf the creeks nnd
would take the miners' gold giving
receipts therefor, and bring it into
the city. He also warned miners
against attempting to bring in their
dust without protection of convoys.
Mr. Strickland says tbe unhealthy
state of affairs in Dawson last spring
seems likely to be repented in a much
more aggravated form this year, owing to the larger population and the
accumulation of offensive matter from
several years occupancy of the town-
site. Unless vigorous measures are
taken immediately upon tho opening
of spriiiE to drain the city aud to at
once remove the garbage, a malignant
outbreak of fever is probable.
Ho says the presence of a military
force is altogether uncalled for, pn
lice boiug el' that is needed.
The rovaltv ho  considers   excessive,
nnd   the  reservation   of     alternative
claims for the Government a mistake,
making as it does, tl e difficulties of
the prospectors oven greater than thoy
naturally are.
"chocolate king" arc   evidently to  bo
exploited in Euglan*'.
Encouraged by the Inquiries made of
the American Government by Joseph
Chamberlain into tho interests of the
case, Kev. Stobo, agent of tlio Bible
Society in Quebec, has gone to England, it is said, to start a campaign
against M. Meuler nml to try to raise
f unils lor the defense of I hose whom ho
is seeking lo expel from the island,
An niti'iapt was made tonpen subscriptions for a similar movement in this
illy, Init. it proved a failure.
A demand is made here that the
Canadian Government cable to its representative in London, Lord Strathcona and Mount Royal, instructing
him to publish the facts of this Ant.i-
i-osti affair in England in order to prevent an imposition upon the British
public and the creation of mo'-e bad
Mend between the Governments of
England nud Franoe.
The primary entire of nil tbe trouble
is that a group ofsettlers defy Menier'a
authority upon his own property aud
count upon religious and national prejudice for support in their revolt. They
are described ns pirates nnd wreckers
of the worst description and came originally from Newfoundland, They
squatted on Anticosti without authority nnd live largely upon what thoy
can loot, from vessels wrecked upon
the const of tho inhospitable island.
Some seasons tliese wrecks are very
Mr. Menier complains thnt these
people kill his gnme and tnke his lobsters nnd fish without his permission
and defy his authority in every manner. It is for this reason the French
millionaire has taken measures to
remove the people from the island.
It is reported that M. Menier is expending millions of- money on the
island and, is rapidly transforming it
into an agricultural nud sporting paradise.
Agrarians Desire its Practi- No One Seems Hopefiil of its
(i   ii ,'. ��� Minneapolis   nnd   Columbia
r "lable Critoism hns been aroused
: ,id over tha suggestion to supply
uie ,.rmored cruisers with triple
Bcrews. The English nnd German
oonstruotors being opposed to this
method of propulsion. Our experts
seeiuin think thn Minneapolis nnd Columbia are good patterns to follow in
then* triple screw feature at least.
cal Prohibition.
Ultimate Success-
mm mm
Every Bottle of German Wine Would  be i Appointment  of Profe��or Van  Stengel
I       Taken to Mean the Kaiser is riot
Opened.���Cuban Army's Bad
Beef Brought up*
in Sympathy-
Aurora, 111., April 22 ���The St. Paul
liver ot the Chicago, Burlington &
Qniney road went into a rt'toh seven
miles west of here last night killing one
man nnd injuring several others aud
wrecking the train.
The accident occurred while the
tn.iu was going 50 miles an hour. The
engine left ibe track, followed by the
train, whieh turned over. The dining
ear and one conch were burned.
Dead���Charles F. Lock. Obioago, n
fireman  crushed under  the engine.
Injured���William Clinton, engineer,
badly bruised nnd injured infernally ;
("!. A. Wolf, Chicago, baggage master,
brnised about the back; G, O. El-
*i��er, nhic-'g*? conductor. inj***i*-*ed in-
lernally; A. R. P. Lough, St Paul.
vice-president and general manager o
rhe St. Paul and Duluth Railway,
.in-own through a window and badly
out and bruised about Ibe bend. The
injured are at the Aurora City hospital.
The King and Queen of Italy   Review
the British Fleet at Hanoi.
Sassari, Island of Sardinia, April 32.
���After the King and Queen of Italy,
on board the Savoia had reviewed Ihe
fleets, the jeremouy taking place at
Arauci on the northeast, const of the
island they boarded (be British battleship Majestic, the crews of the whole
fleet cheering, and each ship thundering forth a salnto. A luncheon followed. Replying to a toast offered by
Admiral Rawson, King Humbert said
he recalled his previous visits to British fleets, forming memories so grateful and flattering to himself and to
the Italian navy. Ho also spoke ni
the numerous insiances of gym] ah..
shown by the British memories of lung
standing which explain how your wish
to see the British and Italian flags
floating side hy sido in the interest oi
peace,is always met on our side by tbe
Bame sentiment of deep sincere friend
After complimonting Admiral Raw-
son on his "superb squadron." King
Humbert conclude! his remarks by
saying: "I drink to the health of the
much loved Queen of England, to the
prosperity of the British nation nnd to
the glory of its navy." Their Majesties entertained to a dinner on
hoard the Savoia tonight the British
Ambassador to Italy, Sir Philip W.
Curry, Admiral Rawson and the chief
British naval offices.
Pome, Anril 22.���Tho Messagero
tiday publishes n dispatch from Palme
aro Baying it is rumored there that a
well known German bank has sua-
uenrted for 8.000.000 lire. The other
papers do not mention the report.
London, April 22.��� M Knrminsk.,
Loudon, mannger of credit Lyonese
lolls the Assboiated Press lhat he hns
not heard of th*) failure of a hanking
le��use at Palmero.
Rome. April 23.���A despa*oh from
Palmero to the Fanfulla snys the Kais-
er-Hausmnnn hank hns suspended payment with a deficit of 2.000,000 lire.
Berlin. April 22. -The Meat Inspection bill in the Reichstag und the Midland Canal bill in the Diet have engrossed attention this week throughout Germany. The agrarians and reactionaries oppose both measures and
the ultimate fate of the bills will be
interpreted as evidence of the fighting
strength of the parties. Regarding
the Meat Inspection bill,it was notable
that the debate was practically a repetition of the statements mado at the
United States army beef investigation
in which the worst evidence that jonld
be was brought and the bitterest construction was put on all sorts of American press comments, The reputation
of American packing houses was torn
to sl.n ds by quotations from American
pnhlicnti* ans which were read in ex- I
tenso or which   were   summarized.
It mav he assumed that this will   be
lhe line"of argument put   forward   by1
tho opponents of the bill,for the   com-
ments of the press this   week  were in
sympathy with the agrarians, and al- ;
most entirely consist  of a   reiteration
of   a  charge   which   one   paper   puts
tersely, that,   '"this   Amerioan   menl j
Which Germans   are   expected   to  eat!
hns been found   by the highest Ameri-
can   Investigation    Commission,   unhealthy aud even deadly to   America's
iwn armv of strong lusty men."
An American expert who is in the
confidence of the Washington nmninirt-
r.idon uu.r wfro is umi here* emys: *'it
i rmany passes a law requiring in
iddition to the Amerioan official oei-
nifloates of healthy condition of our
i.eat experts, which are as reliable i t
the German certificates, a double iu-
meotion aftor the arrival of tha men*
nere, that will be tantamount to a
prohibition against American mem
ind such action will be answord by a
retaliation ou German exports to the
ijnited States. Every bottle of Gelatin wine will be opened aud its hygienic qualities tested.
London. April 22. ���According to ad-
viceB from excellent authority, uot
even the most sanguine of those con
cerneil now expect any substantial progress to be made at the comiug Pence
Congress,towards either disarmament,
or even a suspension of armaments
The Czar himself, nnd his entourage,
are reported to have lost their illusions
on the subject, and it is said that the
proceedings treating of military nnd
naval questions will he confined to the
merest, generalities. Nouo of the decisions will be binding and eve*' the
| matter of international arbitration, if
not he ub-
The Rebels Am   Again   Beginning   to
Take the Offensive.
Manila,  April 22.-At (i o'clock this
morning three   of   the   South   Dakota
I regiment   companies   mnrched     from
j Booave and in conjunction   with three
I companies of the   Minnesota regiment
from Guigiuto,   north of   Rooave, en-
| countered a rebel foroe numbering fully
600 when two miles out.    The   enemy
retired throe miles   iu   fairly good order in spite of the fact that the   rebels
su*!'  .-ed heavy losses.   The Americans
we i
Philippine News Should Not
Cause Gloom.
Isandula and Other Reverses to the British  Arms are   Pointed  out
as Examples*
New York. April 22.���At New York
���New York. 8; Baltimore, 7.
At    Washington���Washington,     -l
Boston, 1.
At St    Louis���St. Louis,
lung. 8.
At       Cincinnati���Cincinnati,       1
Chicago, 1.
At Louisville���Louisville,    6; Clove
land. 6,
Second game���Louisville, Id
land,  2.
At     Syracuse���Exhibition     game
Syracuse, 14; Rochester, b.
Kettle River Valley Railway   Not  To
Be Pressed This Season.
Ottawa, Out.. Apiil 22.���After all
the fuss that has heen made it is
practically decided that the Kettle
River Railway bill cannot be passed
hy the houso this sessiou. Mr. Wnin-
wright of the Grand Trunk says today
that tbe O. 1'. R. had put up a bit-
lobby agaiust ihe measure and th"
chances of getting the bill passed were
extremely slim. Some say the Govern-
ment is not prepared to tnke a definite
stand on the bill and said that certain
liberals who votod fer the charter Inst
yoar have changed their views and
would voto ugainst it, this year. Of
course thoro may he some* who would
act the other way ,but it is pretty evident that the bill will not bo   pressed.
Philadelphia. Pa., April 22.-"Charlie" MoKeever of this city and George
Kerwin, of Chicago, fought six fast
rounds at the Nonpariel Athletic Club
hero tonight, Kerwin displayed a lack
of science, but was very game and
withstood considerable punishment.
McKeever had the besl of the bout iu
the early part of the figat, hut at the
mid both men wore tired and honors
wero about even. There was no decision.
New York, April 22.-At the Greenwood Athletic Club in Brooklyn tonight .Ioe Burke nnd Tom Butler,
both of Brooklyn, were scheduled to
UO 36-ronndS at 186 pounds for the star
attraction.   It terminated in the  18th
round, when Burke fouled Butler who
tell to the floor writhing in agony,
Blld was counted onl hy tho referee
who did not see the' blow struck.
Butler bad tho advantage in lending
aud showed superiority in lighting.
Went to  Rescue   Spaniards���No   Ou...
Knows Thsir Fate.
New York,   April   22.���A   dispatch
to the Herald from Manila snys:
Admiral Dewey in an interview to-
lay said the expedition of the gunboat
fork town to Baler was purely to res-
������.uo the Spanish soldiers and priests
.vho aro being besieged in a ohurch
here. The soldiers refused to surret*
.Ier whin expeoted to lay down then
.mis by General Rios.
Admiral Dewey said he did ia i
enow what had become ot Li utenaui
* Mlmore nnd the 14 men in the launch,
L'hey had been sout to sound rhiiinouth
of the river, but beyond the bend out
uf sight of the Yorktowu. The supposition is *h*y were captured or killed
hy the Spaniards or the 400 insurgents who nre besieging the Spanish
Admiral Dewoy declined to say whal
steps be would tnke toward a punitive
General Rios, the Spanish commuii-
der,-when interviewed said he did n I
think thnt lhe gurrison at Baler know
that the war between the United
Slates and Spain had  ended.    He   hud
Bent un officer in January to tell
garrison to surrender. The garr
refused to surrender either not beliov-
mg the officer or fearing they would
he entiapped by ihe insurgents Since
ihen General Rios had no communication with tlie garrison and this is the
iirst information that tho Spunish flag
is still flying at Baler.
He thought the Americans were slim
tit by the insurgents as tbo Spaniards
themselves are besieged and have
no wav of getting to lhe river, (-ieneral Rios said he had not been consulted    Ho doubts whether  the  proposed
exchange of Filipinos for the Spanish prisoners would succeed ns the Insurgents are holding the Spuninrds   in
ihe hope that it will help their  oause.
They are not seeking money.
The letter containing General Kins'
last appeal to Aguinaldo said the Span-
l li prisoners would create a bond of
sympathy between the Filipinos und
| anything is  agreed to, will
j solutely obligatory.
The   British   newspapers tins week
have warmly taken  up the question of
i Emperor William's   choice of   Professor Von Stengel ns u German   delegate
to    the.    conference.      It   is   pointed
1 our thut judging from his writings, he
\ is a declared udvortito of war,  nnd not
, if pence.    Therefore   the   papers  here
| *onfess themselves as being nonplussed
I it   his   selection   and   declare     it   is
I hardly possible   the   German Emperor
���un desire tho success of the conference,
f he maintains his nomination.
Extracts     from   Professor   Stengel's
i imphletf'Derewige Friede"(everlast-
tig peace) have heen produced.    Some
.1 his   references to   America are   de
���niedly   interesting.     Alter   di during
'-.it tbe Germans, beat of all natious
./inula   suppuii    tlie ������/''aiitt.s*,-.: nspii
itinus of the friends of peace," he snys
'The   Amecricans   intoxicated    with
���tuooess will strive to become the doin-
nant power nnd diotate   to Europe In
my contest between   Aniericn and E
���ope.    Shall Germany stand peacefully
ni one side and   how   humbly   before
America,   Certainly   not,   This is nl
���eady impossible because political   do*
ninion is also economic dominion, and
Germany must bo politically und mil:
urily powerful if she does not wish   to
;o to  economic destruction."
Further on Professor Von Stengel
leclares he does not know whether it
was mere madness or crime when
lerpotiiul peace was preached to tin
ierniau nation, and describes th*
Izar's rescript as a "bombnstienil*.
"(imposed document."
David Christie Murray, in the
'.ondon morning papers todny, ro*
iiurks that Europe is nuxions to learn
if, after tbis frank expression of his
.pinions, Professor Von Stengel's ap-
���ointment, will bo confirmed by Em-
icror William, adding, that if so it
would be a stiviug not to hold the
���ouference at all."
; exhausted   their   ammunition,
'compelled   to   return     to   their
p. ni.���'lln* heat is intense. Ao
n n the thermometer registered 96
degrees and the mercury wns still rising. There were several prostrations
from bent among the troops, but only
one man was wounded. Later the
tinny tugs opened fire or. the enemy
along the rivir   luniks.
The rebels nre unusually active from
Malolos ns fur ns Oalnmpit They have
been busily ut work on their trenches
nnd several now trenches have been
discovered within two miles of the
railroad. Fires tne burning east of
rhe railroad, nnd it would a pi nr thnt
the rebels are evaouating the foothills
towns iu anticipation of nn attack upon the pnrt of the Americans troops.
Washington, April 22.���The follow-
ing dispatch wns received at the war
department today:
"Manila. April 82.���Adjutant General, Washington: Troops are nluin-
dtiiilly supplied nnd the sick, wounded
included, 'comprise only seven and a
fraction per cent (if the conmiiiiiil
General Otis also forwards the following additional casualties.
Wounded���Second Oregon,   April I"
Company A, Private
toot, moderate.
Thirteenth Minnesota,
vote- Nicholas Hansen
Winders and Corporal (
Manila,    April 38.���10
W.    O.    Walker,
April 20, Primal William
. H. Burling-
,46 i
brcc of about 200 rebels yesterday n
ifternooil attacked the outpost of the
i'. ���^'t.ittut.'iri YStf:':nt:t,i at** Jxulft. ..-.(��'*'
if Pasig and Pn ros. Two companies
Immediately encaged tho enemy and
idvaneed in ope ��� skirmish order. The
���ebBls were checked and routed after
*.n hn ira' flgbtitig, leaving 12 men
illed "ii the field aud several wounded
I'ie Amerioan troops also obtained
I.ISS* s-ion of Manser rides and many
��� flier wapons. Three Americans were
London. April 22���The^news from
the Philippine Islands of the move
ment of General Lawton from the
Santa Cruz district and the capture of
the boat's crew of the United States
gunboat Yorktowu, has made a considerable impression here,and the comments of press all reflect anxiety lest
the. unfavorable news have a discouraging effect upon America's expansionist movement. Prominence is
���,'iven to dispatches from America apparently indicating*-*) courting of pubic opinion regarding the Philippines,
ind the general tenor of the British
nessdepreoates thiB seeming tendency
n gloominess,     pointing out that   up-
ni Innumerable oooosii ns British arms
ave met with a check ouly to eventu-
, t ly conquer all obstacles.
"We were discouraged,   after   Isan-
.nia, " remarks one paper."hut we are
evond the Zambesi all the same."
b'scussiug General Lawtou's rctire-
nent the Speaker says:   "The   move-
nent appears on reflection, so natural
hat any other course, we argue, would
ic orlmiual folly."
The   Spectator   praises   the   United
-intes Government's   wise   policy in
tending   regulars   to   the Philippine!
ind telling the party volunteers that
hey may go home as fast as they like.
Continuing the Spectator says:
Checks there (the Philippines) only
near, the loss nf time and the Amori-
-ni lit,*. ��** Xikt, f-Uuij* k*-"i��-W-i ''
the Economist expresses   itself   ina
nnilar strain and pooh-poohs tho idea
that "The Americans admit they are
^competent to perforin a task which
om pared with India is very small."
\dding: "The Americans aro not
he people to yield while they aro
pmily delied. They are too vain as
veil as too resolute. "
further Extension of
Rights is Being
April   2 1
Their   Running
Asked For.
���A   moating   of
V      LITTLE     BIT      TOO      MUCH.
David Christie Murray Would Erect a
Statue to Washington in England.
London, April 22.-At the annunl
linner of the Sheffield Press club given
nt Sheffield this evening the Rigid
Hon. George J. Goschen, First Lord of
rhe Admiralty, wns the guesl of honor
Mr. David Christie Murray, the novelist, alluding in the course of his speech
to the relations between (ireat Britain
and tho United States, suggested the
erection upon British soil by British subscriptions of a statue of George
Washington  in   recognition  of "The
if the cause   in which    Ammeter-
."lu   honesty of the cause   m will*
rison   |oa j���llKi,t against us and of our
mil amity for that great people.
A Despatch Representing M. Mouier's
Side of tho Case.
New York, April 22.���A speoial to
the Herald from Quebeo says:
Public opinion is likely to be directed again lo the island of Anlicosti und
M. Mentor's treatment of some oi its
residents. Complaints made by these
latter and some of thoir friends and
sympathizers    against    the    French
Managuas.Nicaragua, April 22. ���Ihe
Government in negotiating the sale oi
all iis railroads and steamboat lines
With their workshops to Mr. O. E.
Nlooll the British consul. Hm proposed transfer curries with it the privileges of extending the railroad to
Rivns and also of connecting Managua with Tapfiz, The consideration is
stated to bo |0,600,000 in silver.
The Modus Vivendi on tho French
Shore Question is Extended.
St. Johns, Ntld., April 22.-The
British Government wired tbe Colonial
cabinet' today that the Imperial Parliament bad passed llll act renewing for
this vein* the modus vivendi by which
the French and Lobster factories on
the treaty shore are legalized, ind the
superintendence  of    lobBter   pnnking
operation! is planed under the charge
of the captains or the of the Frenoh
and British  warships    Tim Colonial
legislature, If is expected, will pass a
similar act at thu coming sessiou.
Ottawa, April 2 1.��� a meeting
he railway committee of lhe privy
lounoil wns held this forenoon. There
joro present Messrs. Blair, Mulock,
Mills nml Sir Henri .Tolv. Consitler-
,iM�� interest centered in the applica
lion of the Bedlington St Nelson Rail*
viv company for running rights over
i portion of the Crow's Nest Pass Railway. Application wns first made nt a
previous meeting nml adjourned to let
iho two companies come together
md try to reach a mutual agreement In
terinit  of  a   new application on   no-
, ni nt   of   the    Bedlington    company
wantiug rights over I2!.j miles.tbough
hev onlv   applied   formerly    for H'o
miles; und to allow of an estimate t>e-
made.   The  enst   estimated    bv
mid the railways was 1881.000,
Clarke, on behalf of the C. P.
ro  ihe application   and
:   in  it ;,* ense   tbe    Bedliliglon
.       |i|  he compelled   to   pay
ii H .*f the approaches  and
j. i     lit   wus allowed to uso n
,   line wliich wtis paying,
in minister of railways to
lln-    oompany   considered
the   apronohes begun  and   Mr. Mulock
' nd if thev wonld extend from ocean
.., nnenn. Jud Clarke was nol pre-
mind to answer Ibis question nnd Mr.
Blair held such ii principle was u dan-
,,r. it- one to lay down. The commit-
tea decided to concur in the principle
of the application. Representatives
nt the two lines ure to moot to ciideu-
por lo ngree ns to the terms, ns soon us
thoy come to a agreement -mil un order will be issued confirming it. If
'thev fail tu eiimi to an agreement in a
nionlli tlie   conimilten   will   deal   the
wilh the case,���Rossland Miner
A more recent despatch from the '-up
itttl   stutes   that   the   two   coinpunies
have  settled the question of  running
powers niniculily among themselves.
It.. *
held tl
lor i<
for U:
i .nit n
ask   w Horn
��� 1
The Missouri River is Within Seven
Feet of tho Danger Point.
Omaha, April 22.���The Missouri
river is now within seven feet of the
Inuger point, and is steadily rising at
in* rato nf ubout eight inches iu 24
.tours. A dozen families residing iu
Blast Omaha wero driven out today aud
o-iight the water stands IN inches on
'he floors of their houses. The stream
hat broke through from Florence
lake to Cuto lake lust night is now
10 feet wide, several foot deep uud is
It tiring away great hunks of earth.
It follows the old course of the river,
near the Nebraska shore, and a rise of
mother foot would make it a raging
Vermillion, S. D. April 22���The situ
ttiou is worse tonight than at any
ime this week and the Missouri river
hns risen two inches in five hours,
stock loft on turins between tho Mis-
lonri and Vermillion rivers cun uot
now ho taken off. From Vermillion
for 15 miles west toward Yankton and
night miles south of Nebraska Bluffs
���Im country is almost a solid body of
A-ater from two to four foot deep. The
laud east towards Sioux Oity ia fast
being siitunorged.
Copenhagen, April 22.���The Meteor-
oloaoal   Institute has   sent   a   circular
to all the institutes in Europe and
America   proposing    a    general suh-
scrip'ion to defray tho cost of u daily
telegraphic weather report from Iceland and the Faroe Islands. The Great
Northern oompany have agreed to lay
the cables Immediately. Fourteen in-
stitutes have replied tavorably to tho
in U.
Novel Feature to lie Introduced
S, War   ships.
New York, April   22. ���A   special to
the Herald from Washington says:
Rear Admiral  Melville will  shortly
submit   to the hoard of construction  a
proposition for fitting tbe proposed nr-
inured cruisers wilh triple screws, und
it is believed lhat  the   suggestion will
be  adopted   promptly,   Plans are br
Permission to Be   Asked   for  Spanish
Troops to  Relieve Balor.
Madrid, April 22.���At today's cabinet council tho ministers considered
the situation of the garrison defending
Baler, in the   Inland   of Luzon, and it
was deoided to instruct General  Rios,
Spain1! principal   coinniuuder   in   the
Philippines, to request   Major General
litis,   tlie   Amerioan  commander,   to
pel init   the   Spanish   troops at Manila
to go in to tho aid of the beleaguered
Only Four Men of tho Crow so Far Aro
Madrid, April 22���Thu duke of
Tctiian, former Minister of Foreign
Affairs, bus been appointed Spain's
delegate to the International Peac��
Conference whiob is to meet at
Hague next month.
Oakhill, Fla.. April 88.���The Steam
er General   Whitney,   Captain   Haw
theme,    sunk   50 miles   off Cape Oa*'
nveral    today,   one   boat  loud oi   ,
men   .ittemptng   lo   land ut   Mosquito   bridge
Lagoons house of   refuge   was  upset,   I
 1 18   nun.    iii'ludiiig   tin
wu*,*  drowned,   Tin*  chief engineer,
assistant   engineer,   fireman   and one
sailor      were     saved.     The     cuptuili s   a
SMh^*^*SBf S3  iuliXXr-r sTill rd from
New York.    April   22.���In   tho   T i-
ternutiouil Class   match betweon   six
111 I representatives   of   Oxford   and C.1.11-
aiiil   six  of    Harvard,   V;,'i,
and Columbia,   Oatohingi
Oaptaiu I resigned after 81   moves,   making the
score. Great    Britain    threti,    United
siaies one, Great Britain won eventu-
to   -*,'a.    Pillk   accepted   a
Tattersall   and Cook   boat
s ally by 8)
Fifteen men   draw from
i u
Nelson Daily  Mher
1  .blished i>aily except Monday.
KgLBOM  MlXKK  l'lilXTINU  & I'l-BI.lStltXO Co.,
I). J   BEATON. Editor and Manager.
.$ 100
. 500
. 1000
.   ti 00
. 10 00
Ilaily per month by earrer	
per half year	
per year 	
per yoar by mail	
per yeir foreign	
NKI60N Weekly .Miner.
)A eekly. pui half year $ I3fl
piryear    2W
por year, foreign    860
Subscript ion I Invariably in advance.
Notices of llinhs, Djalh-*, anil Marriages
inserted for 50 cents oach.
ADVERTISING It ITJH���Dally, $3 per Inch
per month ; Weekly, ?t.50 per inch per month.
11 per cent discount on yearly ooutracis.
Transient adi ertlsmenta ilenal and other) 10
C'lU-s pi i linelor llrst,and .i cent.-per line for
subsequent insertions. Want nils, one cent
pel word oa:h Insertion. No redui-tion on
thjserates.   i ceount.- rendered monthly.
-. el son Alio :r Printing & PubllshlngCo
-ELSO*M. B. C.
It is sucRested tbat the "difficulty"
ovor tlie City's banking account might
be overcome tbrougb com promise, giving a portion of tbe account to tbe
Bank of Montreal nud tbe remaining
portion to tlie Merchant's Bank of'
Halifax. There might be value iu rhe
suggestion if it were nor based on nu
entirely wrong assumption. There ii-
no difficulty, and only cbese *wbc
���want to create a difficulty
pretend that there is. The Finance
Committee, as tbey bad a right to do
and were bound to do iu the faithful
discharge of their duty as trustees of
the people, made inquiry of the banks
as to tbe terms on which they would
do the City business Those of the
Merchant's Bauk if Halifax were the
most favorable, and they were recommended for ncceptance. They were
8.ocepted accordingly, iu regular meeting of Couucil and in regular and
lawful manner. Common sense and
common honesty left no other course
possible. The ratepa**** rs elect a Mayi r
and six Aldermen to transact the*
public business, which tbey are sun
posed and expected to do with
same care, diligence, and fidelity tbi .
devote to their own. No honest man
wonld seetc the positiou on anv othi
understanding. The Citv has large
banking transactions, nud a pur: ���
public business is to see that thi ���
conducted with pruden * nnd ���
An Alderman, in his privati
ity as a citizen, may make any terms
he -.ileuses wuh his bunker; hut when
becomes to deal witn the people's
money, m his capacity as trustee, he
will, if at all sensible of bis responsibility, respect his trust und carry it
out to the beat of his ability. It was
with tbis sense of responsibility thai
three Aldermen out of the five who
voted.resolved to study the public interest aud accept the better terms of
tbe Merchant's Bank of Halifnx
There is and can be no difficulty in a
situation of tbis kind. It is too manifestly the hones;, straightforward,
business course to take to coustitute
itself a difficulty, or to be tortured or
twisted iuto one by any process of ingenuity. The whole matter is a plain
simple business transaction, and the
people of Nelson expeot to see it
carried through on ulaiu. simple business principles. But there is more
than this to it now, iu view of all that
has taken place. Members of the
Council owe it to their own reputa
tious ns public men to see thnt the
interests of the City shall be protected, by making tbe best bunking terms
open to them : but in addition they
owe it to tbe community iu general to
see thut it siiali be spared the indignity
of   having   an   honest attempt   to  do
public   business  in   n  business  way
frustrated.   Anything like compromise
now   would   be   a reproach   to  everv
person   concerned iu it.    Oompromiff
might   hnve   been  honorable at  Oral
after what has taken pl.i **.   it  Is   im
possille     It would be a direct 61
agemeut to   the boodle   element iu the
City to exploit it whenevei the opportunity offend   it   wonld be a pnbll
advertisement thnt the affairs of  this
corporation an :��� I conducted on   business prlncipl
members of iln* Provincial beg slnture,
and   un   its -   *
titled to ui nrly 14. It has over on
third of the membership of thi Provi i
I oial and one-sixth oi the membersh *
of iho Doiniuion Parliament In t *
six Kootenay Hi lings the vote cast
was 4.oiio. so that if separated fro u
Yule. Cariboo and Lillooot. it would
still be by far the strong.-t district
in the Province." All of which a
doubtless correct, and very interesting.
But why u redistribution at all on
the eve of a census! There wns no
gerrymander in British Columbia to
ondo'why then,disturb the present con-'
stitneneies until the distribution of
population is ascertained in the regular constitutional way?
Tin* l-iilillt' al  I iiu11
blame the newspapers
much   of    the   present
Many person
and   attribute
condition of things to the character of
the ndvanoe notices published. Experienced theatre :oers ongjit uot to be
misled by an advance untie?. Tliese
are usually written in very ilorid language, bur most people ought to be
able to judge of the general oharaoter of the entertainment to which
hey relate. No one bus any right to
'lame the newspapers if be finds a
vaudeville show simply a vaudeville
show. Others blame the management
of the theatre; but with the manager
it is simply u matter of business. If
bringing a Brsl * li -.- ��� ��� any * - i
financial loss and a third rati affair
rives him a substantial profit, tbe
��� manager  is not i* * ngage many
i of the former. 'Che matter rests with
the public. If they want lit-st-class
dramatic entertainments, they mnsl
, 'tcronize those tb . *���*��� hioh will
* liable the inanngi em to engasi
others Then will ���:i*":i hi more oi th<
high   class   nnd   fewer   of lowi l
grades, which is what we all de-sire.���
Victoria Colonist.
Wall Papers
We have received
our Spring Stock oi
Wall Papers . .
and Decorations,
Comprising the newest Designs and Colorings	
120   Patterns
To Select From.
Sample Books sent
on application.     .   .
\~)o you know that you can save money, and, what is doubtless of much more mOment to you.  have greater satisfaction*!
^���(.���������������������������*��. in the decoration of your home by per- ���
��RSONALLY ���sonally selecting your Wall Papers.
,..li:ct voir X Many things require consideration, the
X wall paper. X lighting of the room, the furniture that
X+++<+++i.4+++++++X is in it, the woodwork. The paper on
your wall has more to do with the harmonious blending or
all these than lias perhaps anything else. See all that are We havej-ust opened a conv
to be seen, but 5EE OURS before buying. ment of
California Pickles and
;   pe
Thomson Stationery Co. Ltd,1
��4-��/l    NELSON,
f Dfl
�� \mt n
Groceries, Provisions, Mining Supplies, Mining Drill Steel.
WHOLESALE   Mail 0rdeArssPecia.ity.
P. O. Box 214.    Vernon street, Nelson, B. C.
General Broker,
A Tii'icly Rebuke
it will be Been t!ur we were nr.i far
wrouK in anticipating that lhe Finns
���*���. mid be a wel orae nddi'ioi to oor
1 oDnlation 1:: 1 and the I
west.    It is easy to    ruck a j '*���   il .'i*!
people with *        *        **.< u**
������'. -    -.   11 bis *-onntry
.���*-:   look    it  1    -     ���:   mid   the
I**-*-:1        . ���* *.*   than
t.   The i
1 In s ti great
.   .
* ���
-   *
t!..> praii.    -   ���
for Building Purposes, Definite   c * 1 ael    .* ��� Fife,
I  i            ',* cid    * 1   ��� .
���          ������ .
Another shipment of those fine   Side   Combs,
Belts, Sash Clasps ::nd Neck Clasps   has  just
been   received.    You   should  sec   them.    All
kinds of Je velry repaired.
*< ....   1 tore-
S n -
.    . WALKER,
Jewel r.
Baker St
.1 ..     ....   ..-* ���*���* s*-ai
Cake notice tli..* 1.* bag this
��� - Id bia '.. -- -    Kain
Dg.    A.u -      .
1   1st be present
*:*     Eta      C      .
1  sponsible   fir   but
I   ������ 1.
\. *.- v  .V ��� ll : Ttli.
.      .
plate ulaso
J.   W.   MELLOR,
Who carries the largest Plate Gla
in the l':**..
House Cieaniay Time
W.- ��� an 1.���     ���*,.. the bi i ���*-. il
overbauli _* bj 1'   * *.  **��, 1   .
II .1 ginjt, Calsomii ing  aa ,  In-
u-noi    Oi*.- 11 iling       Ealimatts
sbeerfaU] given.
tan   Opera   Co.
il c impany that made such
a big success before.
Two Nights and Matinee, Commenc=
ing Friday, April 28.
-���hiding Sydney Roherer,   Baritone.    Introducing the lat-
est iNovelt)  "Edison's Dream Realized.
Friday, "Mikado" Saturday, "Bohemian Girl"
Matinee, "Olivette."
Prices, 75 cents and $l.oo.    On sale at usual place.
Josephine St.
0pp. *    rke Hotel
Oue of th ��� best pay lug hotels iu Ymii
a* ii bargain to a responsible party.
I) nil).* room, kitoheu aud loomi ail fur-
11! lied complete. Bar reserved by proprietor.    Address
v Ymir. it. O.
Are You (  i
To .'.
C: v
If you an
��& Yukon
1 .... -
md thai auyoue with  possible.
a -pull may bave them diverted to bis
own or his friend's intereat* II*.,���������
men ramiot afford to put the iciiiimm-
ity in that position, nnd it may
added that they have DI * ti e lllghteal
intention of doing SO
The Kaslo   Eootenaian   Ia    resolved
thai, so (ar as ilritish Colombia -.-
cerued.    the   propOMd     redistnl ntioii   CODJ
shall not be   made   m  Ignonuiof    It
has taken the trouHi* to compile   -  *  ��� i
fig-OKI that   ar>* oi tralm   in tbil ,
oeotion:   "At the  Provincial eh
iu July lust the QtHubei . f \. n*- polled
In the whole Prorlnoi was   10,809    I;
this bad l * * -   . ��� q election tbe
rote wonld have been divided ami ngsi
the sitting ni'-mi en ai   - *
Prior and Mi   Earle, ViotoiiaCity, ..
Ms*, Mr. W   \v   !' Mi inn.���< -i ai
Island, :i-i!il; Mr   Maxwi 11, Van
t'ny und 0 lasiar,   BUS; Mr.  M
New Westi-jin-ter 1 istrii I        .       Mr,
Bosttx-k.   Sale,   l%* iienay,    i .
Lillooat.   7,001     Mr    Bostook -
i<titueney   roiurued   111   out   o( Ul
V.     ���   1  . -   ,   -
*   BUY IT
i he Miner
Crow's Nest Pass
Coal Co.
Payment must   tec
.til orders.
��� JENT.
Two 1.
1              :       '
ii ,
,  -y   .
-   -
i    I*. Si
W  11   :
ll. r   *���:
uui  News    Vg
trains out oi  N .
;;. . ...        every       day
. Paul; 1      lays an '. Sni m 1 ly ���
i hur-adays tin  Montreal
d Bob
lUOH   IICKEl'S   lii'CED  il.'D
Kossland, Trail,  Kobs **. aud nidin liue,
NKi.-iN -Arrives-lO.AJp n.
kMrmj Lake���Kaala Uouir.
- .   :; i;.i.nkk
Kx*-*j.! .~undiv
- ON ��� . .:-,vr.- II   a.lt
*k'...i  niti  Uver R.oiie.
*.'., U, Pit -��� Thurs. *5n!.
SK!      S ��� -   * *���*  v a*..
'   :    ���     '  -T   Vn
* -    ���       I   K
ii r.tw . Nt-f
. *tl .in I Nlftran   l.ikt*    1'iiinl.
Bi   -lll.ilii)*
.���.,.-. .       .       . . ���
which we willjie glad to  have  yo
^tlixrti JJicklcs.        (Shcrktns,
-Xhoto Choto, both ^tom
anb isour,
IJcppcv Sauce, |{cb |jat
-Xhili Sauce,
(ialtfontia IL I i p c (DliUes.
Hudson's Bay Stores,
West Baker St., Kelson.
Telephone 13.
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer and Porter.
Drop in   and see   us.
b. r
We have purchased the express
.iiul drayage business oi Mr. J. \V.
C�� wan and bespe ' as large a pat-
ronage al the hi '- oi Nelson citi-
���_'ti*- as ���,*.;>.-  .r     *...,   Mr. Cowan.
l-e:iv�� orders > *. McArthur's or
telephune No. .^s-
Eggs from pure bred
Plymouth Rocks at
$2.00 per Setting.
B. c.
General Teamsters.
Apits for Y C, Oil Ge
(Standard Oil Co.)
Anthracite Coal.
1 will state for the benefit of any
one contemplating purchasing the
Hon Ton Restaurant, that it is some
of the fixtures and not the business
ihal should be advertised for sale
hy the party I have leased said place
from, as I have no intention whatever of going out of business. On
the contrary I have leased the building from lhe owners and will furnish it newly throughout as soon as
my present lease expires with Miss
M. Duffy, which will be June ist,
1899. D. E.  RIORDAN.
Im now prepared to All orden
for Luncheons, Dinners or
Evening Parties.
Melt * in    Mowbray    Pies.    Chicken,
Veal, nnd I'ork Pics.    AH ordera
promptly   attended   to.
Ward St..   -  Opposite Hume Hotel.
First Class Fir
Cut any lengt1
to order.    One car  of Fres *
Spokane Lime just arrived.
Office Cor. Baker & Hall Sts
Telephone   iii).
NKL80N l.ODGK. No. 23. A. F.StA.
M. met*u si'<tmti WcdiU'iMlft)' in encli
in*wi; li.   VisiliiiK brethren Invited.
G. It. I.ksmix. Secretary.
^tfttfe.    I-  "���  O.   F.     Kootenar  I^1**'0
j��Hb -So. 1(1, meets every .Monday lli|*ht.
^^^^^ lit   tliuli   Ma:i.   Ivoolenny ��t'uct
���JojoiirniiiK Odd Pallowi cordially invited.
E 0 Arthur, K. G.   John Viinmone. V. G.
Fred J Squire*. Secy
N'KI.*siiN'S   Ol'KK.N    NO.   -���ll
���,  sons   OR    KMil.AM'.   meeta
& e\ *****  '   "it-ond and fourih Wadnoadar of
3 u c I  oaoh mouth at EC. of 1'. ball, Mac.
V\ .      Honiild mock, eor.   Vernon   and
^. .-;. --      .lo.e|.liiiic>trecI.v   VUiiinc -���'-���
NO conllully luvite.1
.ions Watson, BscretaiT.
Ag't, or
Gamble tz O'Reillv,
il .1     .  I   ill.IK
-        ��� ted
Nelson Cleaning and Dyeing
S.   li. PIEKKE  Prop.
LaJie>' and Gents' Clothing cleaned
dyed, altered and repaired.
OOURT KOOTKNAY, 1 O.K., NO. 3)3* meet.
l*t and 3rd W��dn��idHj eaoh month In tbo
K of l' li.iii.   y \v :*��' mi li. p. D, B, C R.1 J "
Green. IMI : J. l**jrki-s. .-e.').
NBUON L.O.L. No. UU.' meet, to ih>' ",l*"'
Honald tiUick e\en Tl.iinnUx eveninn al ��
o'eloik. VUlUng inunib r- cordlallT InTltea.
John Tovb, \V. XI j f, .1. iim.ll.y. It 9.
&. NELSON    l.niiGK   No   si.*.. K. of   P.
���\�� * i- In l o.o.F. hall. MoDonaldbWCk
w-rery   Tuaadar  evening al  8oeio*-K
II rUIUng knlghu cordlallj invited
I   ni- KllKSl-ll. P
QCO. itmw K of '
md *^.
Bear of ( l.rkr Hutrl
N1I40N l.iHHir.. SO,  '.'   ���   'l-vV- "Jf '
every   Thursiliiy  In ihe ini'.*-*.  hall,    u
William*., M.W.;   w   s -������������',. lie.-.see.; 1,*.!���
Urlsoo',1, nnuoier: 1'..    .-����� Kccelver, ami
Ou Sunday the "Stnriny Winds did
blow���nw���ow���," hot some of us ven
turi'rt on the lake. We were one nf a
party in whioh thn gentler sex mingled in spite of Ilia elements, tins attraction added to .1 large camp fire
rather handicapped the aiiglihi}. Tin re
wus a glorious storm in tlie afternoon.
Somehow a little patch of sun stole
over tbe ground �� hero our party were
resting. Then- nn uniched the storm
olouds gather.rolllng tlnv; u from the Silver King, bringing lain uud wind with
them. (Ireat bodies of gruy mist burned
before us and iu fancy wo could hoar
through tbe bowling blast tbe cry uf
Brynliildti the Valkyrie hurrying from
the wrath of Wotnn. Some such
sreue as this must, have inspired the
muster genius of Wagner during his
sojourn at Geneva when ho sketched
out the ideas of bis grout music dra -
ma," Ring of the Nieblungen," We
forgot the fish,forgot the discomfort of
tlie stormJand, huddling round the fire,
talked of the Gods. Walhnllu, Siegfried
and the other heroes nud heroines ot
German mythology till tbo bonis crept
nn and it was almost evening. Then
came the sun. dispelling the storm
clouds mid gilding the snow cupped
peaks towering above us;, nd we scorned to see the gilded towers of Wal-
hnlln, tho 06leBt-i.fi home nf tbe gods
in all tbo glory of the evening sun.
* *   *
A Hsh roso incontinently and recalled the dreamers. Tben us the sleepers
of the onchanlcl unlnce of Ihn sleeping beauty awoke fo life (in tbo interests of strict* propriety it. is necessary
to state thut l.bo cause of tho awakening wns not the same us in tne fairy
taie. which, if cur memory is correct,
wus a kiss) we uroso and manned our
craft. It was lato but we wanted some
!ish for breakfast Besides, if we returned empty handed, it miglil
have given rise lo questions, for one
of him at least hud u"giidc wife"uwuit-
ing us at home. For a brief half hour
the sun shed his warmth on lln*
water during whiob time we tempted
seven fish of no grout, size to join our
oompany. Then tho sun sank behind tbe bills nml llio evening, cold
and clieerli- .canio on reonllillg, reus
ibut our brief holiday waa done and
that we m.ist buckle to for anothei
week's work, nud make provision for
ibe home lor an* ther brief period.
* n   *
So wags the world for nol u few nf ns
who    are   sojourners   iu   this   Oity
Nut a bad place,not nn uncongenial lifi
after all,and we imghl   do worse     W<
mny at lines "*_' t the hninp. " b  :; *
rliaooulnnto and supercilious imd - -.* i-
for better (lays thitl uw iiussad Some
of us. like Mr. Qilead P. I eck, *. ill
"strike iln" and many of lis * -ill 1 ���
oven thai which he hath, and tl e ���
will nonie when manv will be I'u
away from this little Oity ol thi i- * ti ���
nays, cither con mining i---itii ��� ;* ���* * I
ense what lie Imtb garnered in or still
tilling Hip soil. It may be lamy it
may bn want of discernment, on lhe
pun nf the writer, bm possibly more
than one of tlm wanderers, he be rich
or poor, may think with pleasure oi
the interval,of life spent here. "\i**
we bud to work then lull we oonld
make a decnnl living; ami then ounu
tlm diiys of rest, all tin* more enjoyabli
in that they were none too many foi
our desire, We had friends ton and
there was freedom whioh is unknown
in this fog-bound London, this gay
Paris or this sunny Florence. Om
money brings cure nnd anxiety bin
in Nelson wo didn't think of it."
'.Sulliciniit. unto the day was our
motto.' Sea we were happy tben." Or
"Here we are still griming nt thi
mill,nnd though onr reward niuy b
greater yet nre the wheels more bur
(lens.une, for* out* bucks ure bent am
weary, and tbe years grow anncn
Would that wo worn back in Kootouui :
for though* there wus but little grist for
the mill theio yet was onr labor
light. And wo took our pleasure with
the rest for in thai, country trespassers
were not prosecuted nor i��ns tbe fishing and shooting atriotly* reserved. "
* *   *
We may be rinlil nnd we may be
wrong. We would fain gaze into the
crystal where the loniiis of time work
out our future fm- us. But "Merlin is
dead" ami wn live in u iiiiiller-of-1'acl
age. Wi nan but oust our linos into
the lake of the future; perhaps we
tuny book u good fish or perhaps wn
may strike a   "snug"     Quten Snbe I
Yesterday, iu order to show sympathy with the curly closing movement
we became one of the  unemployed nml
went a fishing bun   ,,, the afternoon.
'i'lie morning wns lovely ; but, no soon
or   bad  wo launched   om- boat,   than
tbe warm zephyr  succumbed   to   rvtde
Bursas  und    wben wn arrived ut  the
chosen   spot, the icy blasts   chilled   ns
to tbo marrow.
Wn toiled bravely for two hours, for
bad wo not an important 0. P. li
official aboard to whom wn wished to
display our skill. "No Sir! Tin corkscrew shall not bn used till wn bave
ball'a dozen," roared our skipper
through thu howling wind. So wo
Shivered and thirsted and looked ask-
mice at two large bottles of something
brewed by a "homo industry." Put
tlie half dozen clime nt lusi, and tben
followed another half dozen. Wo
thought it n triumph to   bring back a
dozen in spito of the unprnnitioiiH weather nnd wn Jeered ��t a colleague who
bad toiled   ail day umi    tuken but om.
But wo gave away our flab lo deserving friends���noi thai wn were olior-
liable bul because wc prefnr eggs and
bacon foi breakfast���und at home wn
bad doubts cast on onr voracity.
"Virtue is its own reward" and
wn don't  Intend to give  away  any
Nelson   Hugby   Football   Club    1'lny
on tlm  Reoteatlon Grounds,
A very pleasant and successful prao*-
ticn gome of Rugby football wns played yeslnnliiv afternoon ou the reorea-
tion   ground,    Only twelve a side,  in-
stead or fifteen, wns played, ond tbe
ground wuh rather hind and duslv
with occiibioual   rocks   stiutterid   here
and there, but these slight drawhacks
did not materially de'traot from the
* i..*o. 'i ent i*i ilu* aii* im.*, ���'.. play.
Consult ring u . the fin t prao-
l ice nl' the season ihe ganie w. a
fairly fast one, . nd afforded a fair op
portonity of judging , f the respective
merits id tin* players. The ohief fault
noticeable, espi 'dally among the forwards, was lack of team piny, and
though lussin.* wa sometimes indulged in. ii was frequently nf the wildost
(1 iscription. 'i'lie forwards, too,
w.*re ton anxious la pick no   the   bull.
A little pi tin* in "dribbling"   could
In* indulged in with advantage. Mr.
Haines played his usual sterling
game Mr. Jeffs also played well.
He has great pace, and with a lii tin
praotice should tnu e u splendid three-
quarter, of iln* others, the most noticeable perhaps,j were Messrs. Partridge, Macrae, Wetmore, Houston,
Hepburn and Thomson,
Mr. Haines' combination outclassed
their opponents in tho outside division, though Mr. Hepburn's
"pack" held their own, the former
eventually winning by I wo goals and
a try to a try. Tho following were the
HiKby Fullbacks Moore
Maoren      i i Parks
1     ! \ Ilr, Hall
( McFarland
I Sims
(til it well
- Winter
Full backs
5 backs
i backs
Furl ridge    r
.lelfs I
Haines       *l
Yesterday eveuir.,.' a mooting of the
oommittee was held in Mr. Haines'
moms and it was decided fo hold an
Association football praotice match
on Wednesday, and a Rugby practice
on Saturday next. All football players
arc cordially invited to take part io
both games. Father Pat* und bis Kossland ream will be over, bore on Saturday, Mi*;* (i. and overy effort should
be strained t-o give them a warm,
though cordial, reception.
CHARITY   BALL   ON     MAY     in.
Representative   Meeting   Last   Night
Appointed Permanent Officers.
At a meetiug last evening if was decided that iho Grand Cbariry ball
would be held on Friday tbo lfltb of
Mny Thn following gathered in Mr.
it A.Grease's offloe to make arrangements for thn bull whiob promises to
boa great success; Mrs. Lay, Mrs. Goepel, Mrs Gamble, Mrs. Day, Mrs. G.
Frank Beer, Mrs. Sutherland, Mis,
t'aylnr, Mrs, Pander, Mrs Jameson,
Judge Forin, M* -*.���;*.;   Kydd, Jameson,
* .in*.*. Kinghorn.O.St. Barhe.Holt,
i*   c tight,   .-..   si**. art,   Lay, Sher
* * rt, i.e.,. e, Bridi * -. A. I i. i rami le,
...  W.  Buatnu.    Judge I <*.in occupied
��� Imi. ami .ir t'rca.-c acti d as secretary *** tin meetiug. 'ibe first busiuess .aii;** fixing of the (lutes tor
*.*������ all as May 111. which will nol
������.ui,In*!, i nn ai.*- of the noun roilF
niher so* ul i rents that are slated foi
liui in ar future The election of per
mum i. * llici is for *:i.* bail ri stilted as
fi How s ;
iii .isuri r���Mrs   (fo* nel.
.*-   in    : ', -   iV,   iV.   ,~ '
Music    Oo   ... i * *      i t'fl     (.iambi,
I    .ii    ul Si   Barbe,
nonl i lonin - Mrs   Lay.
Mrs. Petider, Mrs, Goepel.  Mrs  Gam-
.��� .     Mrs. Lav.   Mrs.   ,-ulhcil   nd,    ll rs
Jameson,     Mrs,   Frank   Beer,;    Mrs
Taylor, Mrs.  MoOulloch, Mrs.  II.  Mac-
;   a.ill,   Mis.   ,1.   A.   'i'nni'T. Mrs,     Knd
Robei tson, Mrs Ohirko, Mrs
MoKillop, Mrs. Freeman Ijnlte, win
power to a.id in their numbers,
Decoration Oommittee ��� Messrs
Sherwood, A. Stewart,   Haines,   Free
hi im  and Kingbni'ii.
Floor Commit Ice���Messrs. Day,
Kinghorn, Stewart, Orease, Wi-igbi
and New ling.
Mrs. MoOnllnob was appointed con
vener of tin Biibsoription committee.
The price of tickets was plaoed at
���$2 for gentlemen and ifil for indies.
This it was thought, would suit th*
purses of most citizens und witli an
active canvass a lame number of tick
els should be sold. The ball will
lake place iu tbo Opera House which
will bo in all decorated for ibe occasion. The funds will bo devoted to the
public library and a neat sum will
uo doubt bo realized. The commit
tees will get. down to work ut once nnd
the bull promises to ho one of tho
most enjoyable   features of the season.
count question,tbo proposed money bylaws und .-in application for a gas franchise.    A   lively session   is   expected.
Blackmail & Ivor have just secured
the contract for supplying the Al sla
Commercial Company with 800 tons
(30 carloads) of manufactured goods.
Their Viotoria mills will be kept ru lining day and nigh! for several weeks
to fill lhe order. This is the second
year that Hrac'riuau & Ker have supplied the big Alaskan Company.
The Phuir arrivals yesterday were:
D. C. Johnston, Everett; J, J. Brnug-
hall, Spokane; J. ti. Hassack, Win-
nineg; W. T. Gurd, Winnipeg; T. R.
Ella, Vancouver; Wm. G. Hargreaves,
Winnipeg; J. W. Oantall, Spokane;
0.  Becker,  Victoria; G.    A.    Keefer,
Crestou; J. H. PotT, Vancouver; Sol
Cameron and wife, Rossland; Mr. and
Mrs.   A.   A.  Sterling,  Trail.
About ii o'clock yesterday afternoon
smoke was seen issuing from P.
Burns & Co's snioko houso. The alarm
of tire was given, and the Fire department were on tin* spot, in a very short
space of timo. There was a hose on
the premises, however, aud the fire
was practically out by the timo they
got there. The fire started from an
overheated stove. Very little damage wub done.
There was an exciting run-away
on Baker street yesterday afternoon,
which might have had serious results.
The delinquents were a team in an
express wagon ivhi charged down
Baker street upsetting Mr. Keith
Raid and his horse *just below the
Queen's Hotel. Mr. Roid was thrown
uuder fbe sidewalk but luckily was
not hurt. His horse was a good deal
out up. The runaways then collided
with a wagon opposite the carriage
factory on Hail Street, after which
tbeir wild career wus soon checked.
III   ItllU.ll.
ly A. II. Holdich.
Apr 10
Apr 17
Apr 18
Apr 111
Apr ao
?8 OO
Apr 21
Apr 22
30 0
and those about to build
should enquire of us for
estimates on
Roofing b
We make a Specialty of
Hot  Air, Hot Water   ami
Steam Heating.
For Ladies
and Gents striped
Dun't stop In think of where to bny your shoes wheu iii need of a pair, but
come direct to Lillie's Shoe store and we are quite sure
ynu will go away satisfied
Aberdeen Block.
Are You a Judge
Of Fishing Tackle?
If so Inspect the different stocks in
Nelson and we will sell you an
Nelson Hardware Co.
Suits to Suit Everybody
At Prices to Suit Your Pocket.
A large oouBignment of lhe newest designs iti Beady-to-weai
Clothing just received.   Our foods are nil new and fresh.
No old stook or shoddy suits at Emory & Walleys.   We have
uho just opened a full line of John  11. Stetson Hats.
The Hub Furnishing House.
Emory &  Walley
Vancouver Hardware Co., Ltd.
Importers of
Shelf and Heavy Hardware.
But a line of Soap, the largesi and   most  decidedly the best line of
ever brought into Nelson     Laundries, hotels, restaurants, mining camps
and all interested ill the Soa|   Question, will And it to their
ailvanta*..-   to use
Lathers freely, lusts longer and eon ,   .      > injurious chemicals,   making
it perfectly harmless to the mo I i!.1  :ate hands und warranted
not to injure the fin -st ; tbric, only at        >
M. DesBrisay & Co.
Mr. D. MoArthur wuh able to gm
out again yesterday, aftei being con-
fined to the house for several days,
At tho evening service o' the Baptist
church  ilm sermon   will be  preached
by the Hev. O,  W.  Hose,    His   sulijecl
will be "MicecHs ami Failure, "
Messrs. O. MoL, Brown, Frank
Fletcher, VV. F; Brougbuiu und u few
friends leave bj a speoial Irain thiH
morning on a ilsbin*,' expedition,    "
Mr, YV.   ll.   Bnllook-Wehster,   ohiel
if ihe Provincial l'olicc of fins district
loaves this morning on a visit to Viotoria, He will, be ubivnl about It)
There will be n baseball mutch on
the recreation ground ilns afternoon
id iveon the Nelson nine nnd a team
flicked   from   tho   rest   of tho   Nelson
Mr. Fred Starkey, who recently accepted tho position of manage** of the
RosBlaud brunch of the Parson's Pro-
fines Company is In tho Olty looking
vi ji some of Ills frieuds.
The ivoufiniy Kivei is rising steadily, nm! Iho -teiimer Allien.-! now (Inds
no lili'icollv In niiikin** her bi-wc. ,;ly
trips to Bonner's Kerry. Bbe leaves
Kelson on Tuesdays and Thursdays al
7 a. m
Kev. Jniues Woodsworlh, suporin
icnilent of missions for Manitoba, N.
\V. Territories, and B, O, Contort noes,
arrived In tbe City lust Qighl over
lhe Crow's Nest.iuid will preach in the
Melhnilisl church  ibis evening.
tn the Presbyterian Ohnroh this
evening tlm choir will slug the anthem, "llc|oic. vi. with .IcriiHileni,"
bv Spinney, Mrs Melville Parry and
Mr. II' Kvdd will also sin-,' a duel en-
inlcii, "Tarry with me, U my Saviour, " liy Nlcolai.
The chief matters that will come np
for consideration al Ihe Oity Council
tomorrow evening will be the removal
of tlm disorderly nouses, thu Bank ao-
Very often improve so
rapidly with the use ol
glasses that in u short time
they do not require them al
all, or, perhaps need a weak-.
er lens. In that case we
change glasses for our patients free of charge.
The Braokman & Ker
Milling Co., Ltd.
Wholesale and Retail.   Grdiu, Hay, Feed, etc.
Write for Quotations On Car Lots Nelson, B. C.
'it     Wo have throo good Roildonoo Prop* i
,A   |,iii-lh>s fur side id h lull-Kiilll <A
yl     Also Bavoral housop to rant. ji
\ ~ I
i iiiimi iu LOAN >e
If so read all the "Fishing Tackle" advertisements and then come and buy
your  Oi llit from
The Lawrence Hardware Co
who carry the most complete stocl. :,i \'el son.    All our
goods Imported direct  from  Eny ��� '     Vmerlcan and
Canadian Manufacturers.
I Lawrence Hardware Co.
Moreens $2.50
Horeens $3.00
Moreens $4.50
Silver Silks
Extra Value
Satanas $5.50.
Martin O'Reilly & Co.
The Canadian Mutual Loan &. Investment Company advance money
on easy terms. Low interest. No
shares required.
Mining- and Ileal   Estate   Broker,
Tarner-Boeckh Mock, Nelson.
Trimmed and  Untrimmed Millinery,   Miit^hlesn   Selection of
Fashion Creations torSpriog und
Summer.    Attractive  Prices.
Mrs. McLaughlin
Niagara   Falls Acetylene    Gas    Machines.
Newling b Co.
Baker Street
General Broker-
Hotel for sale $6,000, renting for $100 per month.
Money  to  loan   at  8   per
Fire and Life Assurance.
Shelf and Heavy Hardware, Nelson, B- C.
w       Stock  nml  CuBlomn   Broker**-*,
f. Real KhI.uIo und
>i Iniiuraiioo AkohIh.
When You Ask
For a^ffl**^^^
see that is made
by the
NOTICE Is horoby irlvon that tho HrM M
1 in*.- uf 1.I10 Court of BovIkIoo upiiolntod bj tho
< 'oiiti.-il of tho Olty o( Nelaon tor h -Ink nil
i*iini|iiaiiiiHiik'Iiihi thenrntosRinoni fur iiiii our
IVIll    ll'lll*.   .1^ llllllll*  l*J*  llll* UN   I���*lll* llf    llll!   Mltlll
CilV, will I**' llllll III   III*'   l'iilllli*ll   Clliuillii'l* ill
NolBon on Thunflay, thu Hi-hi day uf J  mtiti
nl   llln'i-liirl' n. 111.
.1, K stiiai-iian. City Olerk.
Nolson, H. C. April Uth, wm.
The Hon Ton Restaurant, ;i well
known nnd popular place, will be
sold ut reasonable tonus If tuken
soon.    Apply, P. O. Box 127.
Kootenay   Cigar   M'fg  Co.
and avoid taking a cheap imitation
which is now on the market.
Spokane  Falls &
Northern R'y.
Nelson  ���&  Fort
Sheppard R'y.
Red Mountain R'y.
The only all rail route without ohang
uf earn between Nelson and KoBsland and
.������Spokane aud Rosaland.
'.eave 9.40 a.m. NELSON Arrive 5.30 p.m
"    11:55 "   EOSSL'D    "      3:10
"    8.30 a.m. SPOKANE   "    6.30 p.m
Train Unit Ii-iivch  NelHon at 9:40 a.m
.nnki'h olole onniieotiiiiiH at Hpnkaue fin
ill Paolflo (,'iiiihI Points.
Passengers (or Kettle Biter and Bound-
iry Oreek,0Onne0l Bi MareiiH witliKtH(*e
(!. (i. DIXON, (i. P. &T.A.
Spokane   Wiwb
A��enI,Nel*ioii, U. O,
There  ;irc some very fine ones in stock   thai   will
be disposed of al cheapesi prices, We are receiving new shipments of Plants and Cul Flowers
Frank A. Tainblyu
linker Street.
HU8I0  LB88QN8. ��� On  plMO   orgu   ur
Kiillur, by Mr^. VV. .1. A*ul-*y, Itiilmon Hlroot
i wo -loom wont of Htunluy.   P. l>. Hox 1H0.
MUSIC LBU80N8 Sln��liin umi I'lnno. by
Mr**, hydiuiy ollvor, OtiHurvulory Htreot, two
doom womI of Mtulll-iy.
OfFIOKH nml Itiio'iiKlo runt, nuwly doooi
uiiii andpalntod, '*i*i*ij iimhm **** utatlonor
i-u., Mil.	
A young imiy. ootnpstonl and fuitlifnl will
in* open ni mi ongagwnonl u Btonognpinir mkI
lynowrltor In two or throo wouk*,. unexoep.
iiniu,iiiu roforonocs. Aodrses, itWlngsalary,*
in*. Minor olllco.
fOR SALE nlil iii.w-��pnpiir�� nl ?."> ci-nU pat
100, Jul lln* 11,Iiik lu pin nil r i*ur]i ll.
Minor oilioo,
WAN IKI I A Koixl, itrong youth to leiiir
ill,. I'liliiilxiiii-iiiK mid Kiii-nltiiru luiHlnon.
Apply Nolson I'limlliiro 0o��� t'ornor Hul-i.
umi Kootenai ilreet-i,
WANTED A lioj not younaurt hun U to do
liKlil wink  mni Irion ii trade.   Apply Mine*
mn**. *.
MTI'ATION WANTk'll-Hy R Hnl-claiM
Japanoso hotol or roHUiumnL oook. City or
oountry.  Aiicirumi p. o. iiox 2U Nelson. NELSON DAILY MINER SUN HAY. APRIL 23.  1899.
*V%^^%*% %*e%e%eW%A
TThe announef ment has heen made
that work will be resumed on tno Tennessee mine, which lies about one mile
north of Ymir. This property is owned hy the Hamilton Sc Rossland Gold
Mining Oompany, of Hamilton, Out.
It has two parallel ledges within ailis-
tam-es of 2b feet, both of which are
crosscut by a tunnel which is now in
98 feet. The first of thesu ledges in
decomposed quartz, 17 feet wide, anil
currying good values in gold. The
highest assay obtained from this vein
was $28.5(i iu gold per ton. The second
ledge carries solid white iron, from
which it series of assays taken ranged
between $2. oti aud fO, ISO in gold per
ton. This ledgu, which is 'il! feet from
the mouth of the. tunnel, bus been
sunk on a distance of 4b feet making a
total depth from the surface of 100
feet. This winze follows the hanging
wall and is almost perpendicular.
* *   #
Honcastle's circular for April is out.
Tbe Viscount takes a cautious view
of Transvaal affair?; but he thiuk*-
that President Kruger has beeu checkmated, aud will coma to terms with
the magnates to the improvement ol
the Kaffir market. Hi* also looks for 8
rise in British Columbia "descriptions" in the coming summer and autumn, and predicts a brisk movement
iu company promoting, especially ill
copper. The busy seasou, he thinks
will extend from the second week in
April to'the end nf August. No doubt
the V.iscount will himself have a hand
in many of these promotions.
* *
Work has been started ou the Mollie
Hughes group by the owners. Tin-
property will be developed during
the summer the owners declaring thnt
they can make good wages and pay
all expeusos iu taking out aud ship-
plug ore.
* #   *
i New York, April 22,���Bar silver,
59J-8 ; Mexican dollars. 471i.
* *   *
There will soou bo erected at Van
Auda ou Texada Island, British Columbia, Bays the Post-Intelligencer,
what will become iu time the largest
smelter on the Pacific coast.
Tba Vau Auda Gold {it Copper Mining Comuauy, which owns 20 copptr
claims on tho island, among which are
the famous Cornell aud tbe well
kuown ' opper Queeu, will build this
smelter to handle the ores of its owu
aud British Columbia copper mines,
Work of oonstruotion has alieady
begun aud tho plaut will be iu operation by July 13, smeltiug 50 tons oi
ore per day. By January 1 of next
year tbe capacity will he increased to
150 tous, aud thereafter as the demand
for its use grows it will bo enlarged to
care for 800 tons and more per day,
In addition to the smelter there w 11
be erected a sampling plnnt, the only
oue ou the Pacific, coast! The immediate cost of these two enterprises vill
bo $50,000. Tbe nuthority for these
Statements, 11. M. Trent president uf
the eompauy who is at the Hotel
Butler. He is hero awaitiug the arrival of his wife.
" i'Iio vein on tho Copper Queen i.-
from two tn seven feet wide, but W(
havo not dono as much work on it.
The values are about the same.
"Tbe smelter is located ou tbe sbore
about one-half miles from the Cornell
The ore will be hauled iu wagoni
to it from the mines. We believi
that such a method is cheaper thai
buildiug and operating a tramway."
Milling Stock Quotations.
I'nm Mel by J. I,. Vin-ioi*;.  Successor to II.
O.    McCulloch.     Minii!*-    Hroker,
Nelsou. 11. C.. P. O. box 109.
Value of Company Value. Price
iiriti.-h Columbia.
Uhahasoa  48
Uuriboo (Camp MoK)  1 60
'leer Park  7
Dardanelles  12
lundee  im
Cxoheauer    n
ffivonjnff Star  12
Porn G. M. Co  50
' run Musk  72
ran coll  IS
ifonte cri-tij  12
Morrison  IS
Mammoth  2
*.i ��� *��� * urlboo  3
le I*** .*	
Pathfinder  I'
itiuiiilci* Cariboo  '.'������)
;l0(\ui Slur  ill
Sullivan  17
sliiininin Dolphin  2J
ramarack (Pooled!  10
*.*irionin  51
Waterloo (damp MoK)  Ill
Winnipeg  2-*
Wiiirii.u (Treas)  22
Wonderful              ll
Hun Hur  ."i
Blaok Tall   1"
Hodie  S
iiulte & Hoston  s
ilicspii Blue Jay  114
Dora  3J
lolden Harvest  5
tiiildeii Sunset   24
lold Ledge  S
Insurgent   6"
Iron Monitor   1
I ini Blaine             43
Lone Pine  37
Murning Glory  13
Mountain Lion  1 10
N'.inli.-Snn Poil  il
PolO Alio  31
Princess Maud...  91
Quill)  IU
Republic  3 70
Uebiite  tu
sun Poil	
I'ruilc Dollar	
Pom Thumb  It)
Buffalo Hump Dev   (it
Edmonton, N. W. T., April 29.-
Love. opposition, nnd strychnine con
spired to cause William Roland DI *
Lottie Brunnette tn take their o\\ i
lives last night. The young coin I*
were highly respected and the rash a-*
has caused profound snrrnw in tin
town aud district.
New York, April  88.��� James Blsi *.-
the London messenger, who was si n
from London to Hampton, Cain., lo
Mr. Harry Leslie Hlniidell Modal
mont, M. P., to deliver u letter ahe.i.
of oue seut by mail, arrived here lu
day on his return trip. He snid lu
heat the mails to Hampton bv l!
Baraboo, Wis, April 88.���Wben re
turning from a dunce early this ninrn
ing four young people were ran rlosvi
hy the Chicago aud N. \V. fast mail n
Crawlurds Crossing about a mile free
this city. Three were killed aud <������,
badly injured. The dead ure Benjli
min Tulibis, Kitty Marshall autl Ni I
lie Welch.
Memphis, Tenn., April 88.���Tie
flags at Montgomery park were ilyin;
at half mast because of the tragi
death of former presiding Judge *M
Lewis Clark.
Provincial  Rights Association of Britisl
[Teuifiornrily l irgnniz.sl In August, 1SI1S.]
In defence uf Provincial Autonomy, rullil*-
ly hmulcil bv -1-110111.1. II. Mclnnes. I.leultl.i.
ernor of tlui Province, mni futlier lo guuril lln
rights and Unetues of the-people againsl nib
A conwtlluLlonn unil not n jmrly  or pulllu'ii
organisation, ll. KBv v\ h,
fiossliu.il. II.c. Becretar;.
Notioe is hereby given thai I. ilm under.ign-
oil. Austin II. ClemotllJ*, inlenil ul tho llrit
Hllllngnf tlie Itoiinl of Licensing Oominl-nloll
on of iln* Olty of Nolson, o* in* held thirty (801
day;after iln* publication of this notice, in ���,,
ply for n Retail Liquor s.ili Uoonso tot tin*
promises known ns the turner "lore of tbe ii.iii
KellowB Hnllili. c. on l"i number "��� ������ Ml in
I k IwolvolHI, being idtuatod un i1     oath
i*u,l i*.unci nt linker noil   Kniileliiiy   m   "i*l*. hi
ibe Wont Ward uf llio-nlil ciij of Neli m.
Dated this Uth day of March, A. !>.. IWO.
. 3
Trains Kn
i on Pacific Slaiularil Time.
West Bound
East Bound
Leaves Daily
Arrive Daily
i.lKi a. m.
-I.S2 a. in.
i.3U a. in.
9.15 a. in.
9.63 a. ui.
10.12 a.m.
in*.-.'.**) a. in.
n.30 a. ni.
10.40 a. m.
SouUi Fork
Hear Lake
Pnj nc Tram
Cody Junction
3.55 p.m.
8.20 p.m.
2.2.*> p.m.
2.10 p.m
2.00 p.m.
1.15 p m.
1:31 p.m.
1.23 p.m.
1.15 p.m.
Vrrive Daily
Leave Dally
Leaves Dolly
Arrive Daily
11:00 a. in.
11:13 "
11:25   "
Arrive Daily
Dully Leave
Sunerint.imit.'i 1
Time Caid in effeel January   3rd, lSUh
���South b'lnl. Ni.rlh b'ml
Iteiul down Honrt np
llont Lvb. 0.30n.m.  Kuslo 8.30p.m.  Boal Ar
"    7.:,;i  " AlnBworth 7.10 '
"    8 00   "  I'ilm Uny ii.*.il	
"     "    S15  ���'    Balfour   6.00	
*���    Ar   11.15   " 5 Mile l'i. ... 11 '
-   10.30   "    Nol-on 1.30    "        -   I V
Connects ��Hli \. & V. ti. Itnlhvny Irnin fm
���spoMir.e. lenvlng Klvi Mils Pi Ini al 1":".*) a.Ill
���;ie.iiu*-i-s lin\ i Kaslo city wharf nl fool of 3rd
-ir. .1.   Bulijucl to change wlihoni notloo.
0:80 11111.   Train 'eaves c. p. u  stntion
tin* in;,in  lim   ai il   Intermediate points  via Mm* ii)
Luke route dailv,
.S-.tHI nm.- S.S. Movie leaves foi-Kiuil
eiiuy L'd'g and way points
Monday,   Wednesday  nnd
9:40 ii.ni. Train leaves N. .V 1*'. s
stnl inn I'm* RokrIhdiI, Spo
kune anil wny points daily.
lihii") a.in. s. s. International arrives
from Kaslo nml way points
dally except Sunday.
11:00 a.m.   s.s, Kokanee arrives from
Kaslo and way points dailv
except Sunday.
t'.UO p.m, S. S. Kokanee leaves I'm*
Kuslo    and     way     points,
daily, except Sunday,
1:80 p.in.- s. s. International leaves
I'm Kaslo and way poinis,
dailV except Sunday.
5:80 p.in* - Tt-uin arrives N, -t 1-". s.
station, from Spokane,
Rossland and way poinis,
8*60 p.in.   s.s. Movie   arrives from
��� Koolenay    L'd'g and   way
poinis,  Tuesdays,   Thurs
days and Saturdays.
We have a fine assortment of woolens always
on hand. Goods made up at the shortest possible notice. As everything is kept and made
on the premises satisfaction is assured.
H. a Vincent,
Merchant Tailor.
We want to tell you about our Spring Styles   this
week of which we have a
Large and Well Assorted Stock
Come and see our Styles and Prices before
you buy,as our Stock is second to none in
the Kootenay District.    You will  always
una ou
���date  ai
at   popul
Special   Dress   Goods   Sale! i
A   fill'KFR
To clear a few lines al half the usual
price.    All in Uress Lengths   of  7
yards each and no two ali'-e.
8 Pi oes Figured Dresi  Goods at 40c. repitlnr price 76c.
7 Pieci ��� i",eu.*il l'i*   1 Good       -
10 PieeeB Figured  Di us Good 1   *3! >t   S'Uir pri
The balance of our Spring Capes and
Jackets at wholesale Cost Price.
A. feulaWp & CO.
Special Sales This Week
��� i ,i G
West Kootenay Butcher Oo.
. . FRESH . .
Damps supplied on shortest notice und Lowes  Price.-.
Mali Orders receive Oareful attention.
Nothing but fresh and wholesome meats and supplies
kept in sleek.
.Markets at. Nelson and Ytnii-.
1 ���*.'*.i' :
���st-ais, ;*,. .
Tables and Cut Glass at.
Kirkpatrick & Wilson
Heavy and Shelf 14   rdv/are,   Paints,   Oils, Eic.
Hose, Steal**! Packing * Wire Hope.
Agents: Giant   Powder  Co.,   Truax
Ore Cars, Canton   Drill  Steel,   Gur-
ney, Tilden Stoves and Ranges.
China Hall
Groceries   and   Crockery.
All   Communications  relating to British Columbia business
to be addressed to P. O. Drawer 505, Nelson, B.C.
1%%%% *%*V%"V!
J. Roderick Robertson,
General Manager
S. S. Fowler, E. M.,
Mininy Engineer
R. P.
ET & GO., LTD.,
Wholesale Merchants.
Liquors and Groceries.
MILLS,   Enderby and Vernon	
A.     B.    GRAY,     (P.  O.  BOX  611   NELSON.  B. C���
����� rthurT7h1^wS:1 MeichantsMBank of Halifax.
t: Real Estate and Insurance Agent. 3
I The Birkbeck Investment,  Security |
and Savings Co. 3
IS        FOR   SALE���Corner,   50x120  on   Mill  St.; 5  lots  in   3
EZ    Block 44; Corner Block of 6 lots on Observatory St. j|3
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
*- -.- - < ���"�����������'������ *S?*��S
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo.
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Orders by mall to nny branch will have careful and prompt attention.
8:40 p.m,
H.'M p, 111,
or nODIBIIOLD ilitsuiiu; am>  nit
s*��\ii, i.ki 1.4 I'M
Aciinc on instruoUoiM from Mr, K. h. Ami
rt *vs, who la about Lo&ving Hum-iij, woihtUl on
WBDNK8DAY, APRIL20ih, 1890
ai 2 imii., Boll by Public Auction, absolutely
WlthOUl POBOtVOi llli! rnlil't! ctihli* 'I n of ll l^ 11 ^{
donoo,8rd bou��ofrom titanlu) Ktreot un Our*
bonato Ht., noxl Minn- to Mayor Noolands1 rott<
doncei oonslstlnK ofi
L<\rgo oxtoiiHlon oak dining table, ouk book-
ow��o unci doski inagnilloi ntoak ildo board, sot
dining room ubalru hi solid ouk, oak hall ra< k,
dfftWtnB 1'iiinn clmirs, BOfaS and lirit'-u-iiruc 2
ilm* Huiiii oak bod room seta, \ extra One Wilton rugs, lutli Mini stairoarpots. laoe ourtatns,
kltohonand heating stoves, linoleums, baUi,
rufrigorutor. Patenc kitchen table and many
ot hor household artlolostOO ntuuvruus lo nicu-
nTftstnTi Tnwnsit.fi Do    A^tnMovtio,a"MoiJn ��oeii��iit condition,
VJIDOUUU XUVVIIOIIjU WU.,   bomglnusolessthanayoar.   This Is an excel!
lent opportunity to go* good furniture nt your
West Kootenaj Valley, II. ('., on Hub
of 0 N 1*. Hy.. imi
Nelion St Bedlington Ity., now undur
Information renai-dlng Oreston may
be bad of GEO. M'F.WU.ANI), Agent
Nelson, or from
Atlantic S. S. Lines
From Moi troi
, .Apr
April ���.*.'
M:i*    18
Mai   .1
Train leaves <'. P. It. sta
li.n for ltolisiui, Trail
Rossland, etc, ilaily.
* Allan l.ln*-' -"Minn*lln"
,���    . . ,,,,,.   i A il..n I.iih-   Ciilll'.aniiin
Irani   arrives   (.    r   R. I Dominion Lino   Dominion...
Ial ion from iimin line and I Dominion Unp  Soommnn
Inter diate   points    v|o, BsavorWno-UkoHuron ..
Blooan Lake route daily. Prom New York
10:80 p.m,   Train arrives O. P, R. .ta.! ^U��SZ$^*   ��� gS !
lion, Irnin  Kossland,  I rail, i Aini'i-iriin Lino- 81 Louis  M��}   :i
Robson, etc, daily, AnoborUne     Anohorln    ...  May 6
Allan Stato Lino  Ulaloof Nobrmiin    Mnj .1
Triinspniutlnn in,up mi*    are roquostod 10
glvi ti**.* ui ii,,- Mini r nf any alloratlonn in. From llnmon
iln Hi *f urivii viil'inn.'iri.iirn fn*in Nrlnon.   Dominion Line   Now Bnglnnd Ma)  8
Steam tugs  Kaslo,   Vi, arona, Red     ��J       gSffl
Star,   II''im r ���.  atn-pvUe  una  ntnera applytoCP. K,depotagcni or ���    IC   Du   lu;
ply i'ti Knot 'iiiiy Ial ������ to nml from Ni'l- i ItyTloket Agent, Nel on, it i
son, bat have no regular tlmoa of ar- WILLIAM BTiTT.
v Ival ml departure. 6ioi   General Agom, c   -B.Offloo�� Winnipeg
own prloo us Mr Andn wa lms inn do reserve
on anything nnd tho quality 01  tbo goads Is
ahond of anything we have over oilurod for
sale hero.
(��� iods on view afternoon prior to and on the
nioiniiiK  of  huIo.   Balo   ul   2  So'o'OOk    ntiurp.
Tortna oath.
(*, A. WATKRMAN& i!0.
Wn, tlio undorsisned, in*(* to notify
the publio tlint we nre tbe only persons
floiiiK Iiiimitii-sH as Merchant Tailors in
Neli ,1. ImviiiK ull our work done mi
iln* promises ami paying Western
prices for ��nme. Also timi we am pin-
pared In itlve us (-iinil satlnfnotiou us
ran in* -���-���-��'*-' 1 nnywbero, and defy
competition * tou though originating
1 imii person" carrying samples only
nnd having their  work done   in East*
.....   1  In.....I.. *
Capital Authorized   -   -   -   -   $2,ooo,ooo
Capital Paid Up, $1,500,000, Reserve, $1,250,0(10.
Head Office:  Halifax, Nova .Scotia.
Comparative Statement, showing  the progress made by this Hunk iu thr
past ten years: 1888 1808
Cnpitnl Paid Up  $1,000,000 11,600,000
Rest    200.000 1,260,000
Deposits  2.862,000 8,175.000
Circulation  tKM.OOO 1,887,000
Loans  8,886,000 8,664,000
Liabilities to Public  4.088,000 0.900,000
Tola! Ass't*  5280.001) 12,787,000
Qeneral Banking Business transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange  Bought
and Sold, Letters of  Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on tbe m   t favorable terms.   Interest allowed on special
deposit!   nd on Saving Bank accounts.
Atlin, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Kossland, Vancouver
Vancouver East End, Victoria, Ymir.
A Bavinm Bank department has been established In connection with the Nelson branoh ol
this bank. Deposlta of ono.dollar and upwards reoeived, and ourrent rate ot interest auowea.
ut proeenl :i peroenL per annum*
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
Chinese ai)d Japanese Matting
���Japanese l^Ugs
This is the Cheapest and most
effective class of goods for house
Turner Beeton& Co.
>*> ii i Inumlii
a. o. BOBS
Complete Electric Equipments for Electric Power Transmission and lighting for mines,  towns,   etc     Electric  Fixtures, Lamps, Bells, Telephones, Annunciators, etc.
Josephine St NELSON, ����� c-
$6.75   PER   TON,   DELIVERED- .
All ordors musl bo accompanied by cash and should be   forwarded
either personally or by mail to the office of
FRANK   FLETCHER,  P. L. �� ,   ���
II. M. VINCENT, | General Agent Cor. Kooun.iy & Baker Sts*


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