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Nelson Daily Miner Mar 17, 1899

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 Pail) Edition No. 266.
Nelson, British Columbia. Friday, March 17,   1899-
Ninth Year
tion by iin mineral wealth; and tbe
principal  milieu hitherto opened np
are nil   easy   of   ticcess.    Unlike    his
American neighbor,tbe Canadian mine
manager or owner is usually prond to
exhibit his trust; nnd any decent
. strauger expressing n wisli to visit the
mine will lie shown carefully over it.
I While few vilitOTI may aspire to qual-
i ify as   mining   experts, any   man   of
average Intelligence can readily dla-
I tlngulsh between genuine honest
I work en  the ground and Hie Inflated
and Irresponsible press tattle ongi-
I nee rod by "boomers"   and   promotors
  I for their own unscrupulous ends.
On behalf Of   my   ninny   renders   in
Canada, and British Columbia in par-
IS LORD MINTO'S FIRST ��tota;-l ^T^��^^i&
iv   xjwiviv    *��� I ons Of a OOrdial   welcome   with   snch
ease, comfort, speed and cheapness as
shall satisfy the most experienced traveler, whilst compassing a novel, on-
joynlile holiday and obtaining at lirst
band it true  and   accurate   impression
;of the Great Dominion, its present, ril
sources and its   rich   promise for  the
1 future.
At Ottawa and Winnipeg the |
Houses Convene.
In Manitoba They Put 011 a lew   Extra
Frills n ml Openod tbe Legislature
With Befitting Ceremony.
How to Spend the Surplus
of $4,000,000.
Appointments Made by the
l��?��rt.DBCLIiD TO DI
uro ou the strontgh
During tho disutiHsi
the vote, says M_
prinoiple was laid down from count-
less platforms that 11 small majority
for prohibition would be Ineffectual;
that thero unci be a large sweeping
majority, so large as to show thai
Canada demanded, not simply desired.
prohibition and not till then would
Parliament    speak.   No Government
should   enact   prohibition   under   the
present circumstances.
One Suggests That it be Ussd in Eedeem-
ing   Some Ante Election
Norwegian Legislature Shows
Its Opposition to Union.
William Geort-e Paxton Will be Miuiug
Recorder of the Atlin Lake
Ottawa, Maroh It!.���Tne   fourth session of the Eighth Parliament of Oan
tula wuh opened by His Excellency   the
Eurl of   Minto, lliis   afternoon,    Precisely at. !i o'clock, His Excellency proceeded  in  stato  to    the  Parliament
buildings,   escorted by     the   Princess
Louise   Dragoon   Guards.    He was received ut the entrance   by ���n  guard of
honor   from   the    Governor-General's
Foot Gunids,   wilh   bond and  colors,
nnd wns met inside   the main entrance
by the  General   Officer   Commanding
the militia of Canada nnd the offloers
of the headquarters staff.    His  Exeel-
loncy   wns   attended by Major Drum-
moud, Military Secretary ; Lieutenant
Lnsoeles, of the Soot Guards, and Lieutenant   Graham,   of  the    Coldstream
Guards,   aideade camp,   and   by Mr.
Arthur Guise, comptroller of tho house
hold and by the honorary aidos
The Prime Minister, Sir Wilfrid
Laurier, the Beoretary of Stato, Hon
R. \V. Scott nnd tho Minister of Justice, H. David Mills, received His Excellency inside the Semite Chamber.
Being seated on the Throne, the
black rod was dispatched to summon
the House of Commons and Purlin
ment being assembled His Excolleuoy
wns pleased to deliver the Speech fio u
tho Throne.
Winnipeg. Man., March IB.���The
social aspects of the ceremonies attending the opening of the Manitoba Legislature this afternoon XtMfi more Pronounced than for si ver,.l 'sessions tia-*l :
tliero was a large attendance of prominent citizens, the galleries were crowd
ed and many fashionably dressed ladies
occupied     seats   on   the  floor   of   the
House. His Honor Lieutenant-Governor Patterson drove from the Government House to the buildings uc
compunied by Captain Williams. I).
O. O. On reaching the buildings the
trumpeter blew a general salute and
lhe guard furnished by the Royal Canadian Dragoon's presented arms the
battery the while booming out a salute. His Honor wus received by the
Cabinet Ministers aud J attended by
them and his start', which uoinprised.
in addition to Capt. Williams, Oapt.
Nelles, Lieut. Von Straubouzie, and
Lieut. Labbnrn, ho entered the Logis-
lntito Obnmber where he' presented
the Speech from the Throne.
Wellington, New Zealand, March
10.���The Antarctic Exploring Expeditions Steamer Southern Cross bas arrived at Port Chalmers, N. Z., nftei
landing Borohgrevink and his party
nt Cape Alair, Victoria Island, She
reports that all the oxplorors wero in
good honlth when landed.
The Dominion Government Has Graated
tho Eequest, Notwithstanding the
Objections of the 0. P. E.
When the Kootenay Valley Railway
applied to tho Minister of Railways ut
Ottawa for milling privileges over the
Crow's Nest Pass lino some weeks ago
tho C. P. R. opposed the request and
considerable interest wus evinced in
the mutter. The Miuer learned last
night through a source that is thoroughly reliable and trustworthy
that the Government had grunted tin
request of the Kootenay Valley Company. This moans that* the road now
being conslvucted will connect witl
lhe ('row's Nest Puss line ahtv���, livi
mites north of Creston.
This will have au important effeo
on the work of the contractors cngng-
ed on the new road. It will come ai
a boon to Mavnard Cowan, well knowi
iu Nelson as it turns the northerly
end of his work from a comparative!-,
poor pieoe   into  the heaviest kind nl
rock, one side cut   alone having   sonu
90,000 yards of rock.
Toronto, Ont,, Murch 10.���The
Globe prints a number of iuterviows
with loading citizens as to how tho
Dominion Government should spend,
thu if4,00l), 01)0 surplus which has been
announced by the various Ministers.
The majority of those who disouss
the question of the surplus say it
should be spent on improving transporting facilities, thus conducting
most to the permanent advantage of
tho country. D. R. Wilkie, manager
of the Imperial Bank, said he would
not upprove any use of it othor than to
further reduce the preferential tariff
in favor of Great Britain.
Lieut-Col. Davidson thought Canada
should devote a large portion of tin
surplus to maintaining national defences. Lieutenant-Col. Denison said
buy arms, buy arms. G. A. Rcid.
president of the Onturio Society ol
Atrists, would use it to build a national art museum. E. P Clarke, M
P., suid it should bo Bpent in redeeming some of the Government's ante
election pledges.
The Critic Points Out the Advautag es
We Have to Offer.
In a vory readable aritole in "Canada for Holidays" in a recent number of The Critic, London, the fol
lowing of local interest appears:
Oue of mv friends who last year travelled widely in Canada is   extremely
enthnsiatio on its possibilities as a holiday resort; and several others warmly
confirm   his   eulogies.    No   inoro   en*
joyable summer   ont ing.   they   agree,
was ever planed than a Canadian trip,
including   of  course,    a visit   to   the
wonderful lako,   river   and   mountain
scenery   of    British   Columbia.    Int'
railway journey across Canada is made
under the most   luxurious   conditions.
At  espociallv  interesting  portions ot
the route,   observation cars nre attached to the train and these   may be used
bv passengors  without   extra   charge.
Hotel   accommodation   is   better   and
cheaper   than   that    of   tho   English
provinces.    To    the   sportsman, with
rod or   gun,    British   Columbia is   an
earthly paradise.    He   mny   go whore
be likes and have sport free such as is
possible for only Iho wealthiest in Eu-
rope.     Wherever he goes, ho will find
the   people   not     merely willing   but
anxious   to  facilitate   his    pleasure,
either on flood or field.
Ladies need have no misgiving about
visiting    British    Columbia.    Unless
they -wander far off the main lines  ot
travel, they will find themselves quite
as -well-cared for as if touring  among,
say,   the  Scottish   Highlands.    Right
in the centre of the great mining   district   of British     Columbia    lie   tne
Kooteuay   and   Columbia Lakes,    ou
these magniciieut   waterways there  is
now a fleet, of steamers   owned by   the
Canadian Pacific   Railwav   Company,
unexcelled    for  safety,    comfort  and)
cuisine  by    anv   lake service   in the
world. Above the fir-covered mountain
sides lie vast glaciers from which   torrents, forming    innumerable    waterfalls, rush headlong   to   the  lakes beneath,   "lookiug   in Iho  distance-
say oue of  my   correspondents���   "Le
seams of lustrous white  quartz bedoeo
in dark slate."   The sail through   tne
Arrow and Kootenay lakes is a   dream
of beauty and   grandeur  such  as  can
Washington, Maroh Hi���By Papa
brief jn-r received by the Apostolic del-
agate, Mgr. Joseph Stephen has beei
raised to tlie dignity of prothouotar
apostolic. This is the highest hone
which is ever conferred on Catholi*
clergymen outside of tho city o
Rome. Tho honor has been eoiiferre*
by the Pope on Mgr. Stet hen ii
recognition of bis zealous services ii
promoting Catholic, interests union;
the Indians of the United States
Mgr. Stephens for many years has beei.
head of the Catholic Indian bureui
in tins city nnd is himself it praotica
Indian missionary, having laborei
among tbe Indian tribes for a Ion-
period. He was a chaplain in the civil
The  Chris tain   Kitdeavorer's Couven
tion Is! 9 Will le Held at Detroit,
���\ press committee in ooneotion with
the I'.E. convention has issued a letter
of * ree mg \\ liich concludes as follow.-:
"Crtinson   and while are lhe   colors
in which   Detroit   will   array   herself
fol the great Convention     Tlie houses
of the city   will be   opened wide   and
cordiality will find expression iu ever,\
faoe   and   voice   and    manner,     Yon
will have one fare   railroad   rate; yon
can   come   by   rail   from   everywhere
and by water from almost   anywhere;
your entertainment   will   be  at a ren
Bimable cost, and you  cau visit the fa
nions Northern Michigan   resorts after
the Convention,    Von need   the physical invigoralii n of the trip to Detroit,
and the mental and spiral   inspiration
that  comes    from contact   with   the
wholesome life of the Endeavor  host
Rut most of all we want you. "
Paris, March Ki. ���The Figaro pub
slies a report of an interview with lln
Popo bail by its corrcsondeut in Ronn
iu which His Holiness expressed Iiii-
astonishment at tho passions which
had been aroused in Franco over tin
Dreyfus question, adding that it was
perfectly trim that France hud always been at the head of civilization
or barbarism. The Pope depreciated
the attempt to transform tho affair into a war of race or religion, declaring
that now that the mutter bus been relegated to the highest court of the republic, tho decisiion of that tribunal
should be awaited with tranquility.
Kingston. Jamaica, March 111���A
correspondent at Cayenne, capital of
French Guiana, Wlltes tbat Dreyfus,
the famous French military prisoner,
is exciting little public interest there
but that, private circles feel strongly
against him, some predicting his return to his place, of captivity on Devil's Island off that coast. This is look
ed upon here as implying that Dreyfus
was removed fiom Devil's Islaud to
Atlanta, Ga., March 16.��� Governoi
Chandler today issued a proclamation
offering 11 reward of $000 for the apprehension and delivery of the lirsi
member of the mob and a further re
ward of $100 for each additional per
son implicated in tho killing of tin
four negroes at Palmetto this morning
Tlie Governor said: ' I regard tin
outrage ns simply inexcusable. Thes
men had been arrested, as I am in
formed,and as there was proof at ham
to convict them, the law was iimpl*.
able to puuish them.
London, Maroh 17 ���Tho Shanghai
correspondent of the Daily Mail says
the preposterous demand of the Chinese has brought the negotiations foi
the extension of tho Cosmopolitan
settlement to it deadlock and the British aud American Association which
met jointly today, (Thursday) to advocate united action by the two governments, adopted resolutions of tin
most vigorous character which will In
transmitted to London and Washing
Viotoria, B. C, Maroh HI.���The
oflloial Gazette today contains the following notices: His Honor tbe Lieutenant-Governor has heen pleased to
make the following appointments :
William George Paxton, of Revelstoke, to be a mining recorder for the
Atlin Lake mining district,
Frederiok   Fraacr,   J. P., of  Revelstoke, to be mining recorder, a deputy
olork of the   ponce, and a oolleotor uu
.-^cr the   rovi iiuo nets, vice W. O, Pnx-
John Cochrane, of Victoria, Homy
N. Watson, of Vancouver, nnd Thomas
A. Mnir (if New Westminster, to be
members of the hoard of examiners
under "The Pharmacy Act" 1899.
G. H. Manchester. M. D., to le ns-
sisiant medical superintendent of hospital for the insane New Westminster.
Edwin C. Austin, of Vancouver aud
Johnstone, M. P. Grny, of Now
Westminster, to be notaries of public.
His Honor hits also revoked the
commission issued to Thomas Grass-
well of Huntingdon, as Justice of
the Peace of the Riding of Chilliwack.
His Honor the Lieutenant Governor
has, under tho provisions of section four
of the small debts act, amendment
aet , 1899, beon pleased tn authorize the undermentioned Stipendiary
and Police Magistrates to hold small
debts courts for the territories written
opposite    thoir     respective     names,
Edward Albert  Crease,   of   Nolson,
P. M. S. M., for the City of   Nelsou.
I    George Albert Jordan,   of Rossland.
I P. M., for the Oity of Rossland.
Joseph Kirkpatrick Johnson, of
Grand Forks, P. M., for the City of
Grand Forks.
Goorge Christie Tunstall, of Kam-
loops, S. M., for the Province of British Columbia.
Geo. Pitt   Endrigh,   of New   Westminster, S. M. for the Counties of New
Westminster,   Yale    and   Vancouver,
excepting the City of Vancouver.
R. A. Anderson, of  Vancouver,
M., for the Couuty of Vancouver.
John Steveusou, of   Barkerville,
M., for tbe County of Cariboo.
Caspar   Phair,   Lillooet, S.   M.
the Counties of Yale and Cariboo.
Michael Philipps, ol Tobacco Plains,
S. M., for tbo East Kootenay Electoral district, south of  Caual flat.
James Fergusou, Fort Steele, S. M.,
for East Kootenay Electoral district.
James Porter, of Telegraph, S. M.,
or the Stiokeen polling division for
the Cassiar Electoral district.
Charles A. R. Lambly,   of  Osoyoos,
S. M., for the Yule   Electoral district
P. ti. Lumpmau, of   Victoria, S. M.
for the City ot Victoria,   within   radius of 40 miles therefrom.
All Kinds of Reports Are Being Spread
at Rome.
Rome,    March     111.��� Prof.   Mazzoni
and Dr. Lapponi,   the   Popo's   physicians, deny   all   the  alarmist   rumors
that hav�� been   put   in circulation regarding Hie   condition   of   His   Holi
ness.    They   declare   that   tne wound
caused by the recent operation is about
healed,    that   the   Pope's   lungs   and
heart are absolutely henllhy   und   thut
his weakness is not more than   is   nn-
ural in u noiiogenarian. On   tho  other
hand, the newspapers   print, a   variety
of reports.    While   the  Tribune slates
that   His   Holiness   has   resumed   his
ubuiiI aiooatloh,giving audienoes, etc.,
the Opinion declares that ho had several fainting tits during the dav, and
the FanfuUa avers that, weakness and
other signs of breaking np are increasing.
Orowu Priiico
is Also   Hooted
iu   tho   Oitj
Pitohed Battle Takes  Place
Street Owing to Election
Hot Springs, Ark., March 10.���Five
lives wero lost hero at 6 o'clook this
evening in a factional tight, over the
coming mayoralty electiou. Tbo dead
are: I
THOMAS TOLER, Chief of   Police  '
J. B. HART, City Detective.
THOMAS F.   COSLEE, Police Ser-
JOHN WILLIAMS,   sou   of  Sheriff
I    LOUIS   HINDLEY,     driver    of   a
| brewery wegou.
Tho niJooii.Js grew out ot tho mayoralty campaign   under way   here.    The
sheriff was a warm   supporter  of   the
regular   Democratic   nominee     while
Toler, Hart aud Coslee   wore  supporting  an   opposition   candidate.    Early
in the afternoon shots wero exchanged
between Sheriff  Williams and his son
John on one side and   Sergeant Coslee
on the other, but no one was   injured.
After this both parties  determined   to
have it out.   Toler,   Hart  aud  Coslee
were walkiug south ou Contral aveuui
at about half past 5 o'clock  when they
were met by Sheriff Williams and   his
two sons, John   and   Coffey,   and   Ed
Spears.    No one cau tell who fired the
first shot, but in a moment there  wns
a general fusilade, iu  which  forty  or
fifty shots were  exchanged.    When   it
was   over   Toler,   Hart,    Coslee  and
Hinkley, a non-combatant, were dead,
and Williams was   mortally wounded.
The  Mayor   immediately   after  the
shooting    appointed   Judge    Balding
chief   of   police.     Leputies   were   at
once sworn iu aud all saloons were ordered closed.    No   further   trouble   is
Ohristiania, March   III.���Sixty Leftist members of the Storthing, the Legislative Assembly of Norway, havo declined an invitation   to dine with   the
Swedish Crown Prince tiutaf, who   is
acting us Regent of Sweden and   Norway during the nlisenco of King Oscar,
who   is   in Southern   France, seeking
to recuperate his   health.    The refusal
of tho Norwegian   Legislature   to   ao-
cept  the   hospitality of the Regent  is
doubly significant   ns   emphazing  the
resentment provnl-*>d   in Norway by  a
recent snyiug of fUO Crowu  Prince  lu
a public meeting at Stockholm that he
would not   object to lead  the  Swedes
against the headstrong Norwegians  in
a resort   to arms to   settle  the qnarrel
between the two countries, and as  the
most striking indication of   open   enmity   to   Sweden   which has been  in
Cbristinia of late.    A few nights ago,
while tho Crown Prince   was   returning from tho   military   club iu Ohristiania, ho mot a crowd ot people  who
hooted   him   ��� nd   pelted    him    with
snowballs.    The     Norwegian    papers
condemned the demonstration, describing it ns in any   event   a   purely personal incident,    But the refusal of the
members   of   the   Storthing   to    dine
with the Regent   bus   wider  bearings
nnd is in tho nature of a political protest against the continuance of the union with Sweden.    In spite uf the   action of the Storthing,   last  winter, in
legalizing thn adoption of tbe separate
Norwegian flag, an overwhelming majority of the people of Norway bitterly
opposed the existing regime.   Of late
in both Norway aim Sweden ihuro has
been an ominous   iucrease of military
and   naval    farces, with   clearly  one
object in view���to support,if necessary
by arms,   all claims   which may  lead
to an  entiro   separation   of   tbe   two
Tho opposition to the continuance
of tho union is stronger in Norway
than in Sweden, but even Swedes
contend that the existing union which
rests upon the Riksakt, or great charter, declaring an irrevocable union
without prejudice to the separate government constitution and laws of each
country, cannot be continued without
modifications of a radical character.
Norway's political grievance is that
sho is deprived of her just share in tho
common government but the principal grievances are of commercial origin and provoked by the foreign trade
interests of the two countries. Their
commercial policies are diametrically
opposed, Sweden having adopted protectionism and Norway free trade.
HAD   A     HARD    TIME     OF   IT.
dhioaso March id.-The Democratic
CHy convention today nominated Carter H Harrison to succeed himself M
Movor The platform adopted steers
d *nr of national issues and the mayor
will stand ou his record against the
Allen Bill and other street railway
never he" forgotten ; and the   summer I 	
climate is near perfectiou. Toronto,   Ont.,   March   ���'������-���**"'.'I'"
There is   another and more practical ,    *"r       ��� tbR, neit week at   Os-
view   which   may   command   Brit eh "SaTaJl tJ,e solicitors for the Otown
Columbia to some   Englishmen   as  1 e go.u er       ^   change of  venue of  th.
vises for a summer   holiday.    .���* p'u,ou sass from Mapanse.
Prsvlnos  li tepidly  ��t������tln| attsn-1 ronton"
Minneapolis, Minnesota, Mareh 18.
United States Senator Klyo of South
Dakota said here toduy thut President
McKinley had lately received private
advices to the effect thut the Filipino
republic was on ils last. legs. The
Senator said he bnd received this information from souices very near to
the President and that the hitter antic
Ipated the filial collapse of Aguiualdo's
Government and complete possession
by General  OtiB within a few days.
Berlin, March 111.���Prince Henry of
Prussia has started for Kino Chou
Bay where all the war vessels composing the two German squadrons in far
eastern waters, will assemble for the
formal transfer of the comninudorship
from Admiral Von Diodrichs to Prince
Cheyenne and Northern Passenger
Train Finally Deserted.
Choyeuue, Wyo., March Hi.���The
passengers aud trainmen who have
been prisoners tor three weeks on tl e
Cheyenne and Northern paBsenRer
train, which has been in the suow
drifts nt Iron Mountain for that length
of time, travelled 10 miles ou snow
shoes yesterday to where the road was
* mon uud were brought here by a special traiu. Col. P. Richard of Chicago,
one of the passengers, says of tho
trip: "I have been iu the war. shipwrecked, und in a railway collision,
but have had no experience to oqual
this .-.f the past three weeks. We wero
stalled in a high bleak desert, where
blizzards raged every day. We wero
short of provisions part of the time,
sick with dysentery from drinking
suow water, aud eating poorly cooked
food, frozen at nights, unable tn
change onr clothos or wash, and
have been generally demoralized and
miserable. This morning we ate the
last of our stock of provisions and wero
brought out just iu time to save us
from serious sickness."
Meu ou   a British Cruiser   Afraid
Beiug Blown Up Any  Time.
Portsmouth,   Eng.,   Maroh   16.���Au
inquest was opened  here   today   into
the circumstances  of   the death of the
stoker    of     the   British   first     class
cruiser   Terrible,   who wus   killed by
a boiler explosion ou  board tbe cruiser
while she was ou her way from  Malta
to Davenport.    Tho   evidence  showed
that   during   thu course of the   homeward voyage five steampipes burst and
that at various times   the fires had   to
be drawn from under three of the boil-
ers iu order to prevent a disastor. The
slokeis and engineers were almost iu a
stato of pauic aud   wero afraid   to   go
ou duty not knowig at  what  moment
au explosion might occur.
New York, March Ul���Joe Wnl
oott, the Bnrbndo and negro pugilist,
met aud defeated Billy Edwards of
Australia, iu the Kith round of what
was to havo beeu a 20-round bout at
tho Broadway Athletic Club Iioubo
here tonight. The fight was fierce on
both sides from start to finish.
Loudon, March 10.���Mr. Leopold
Rothschild, who recently broke his
nose by striking tho branch of a tree
while riding to hounds uear Windsor,
met with a still more serious accident while riding to tho sitine hounds
yestorduy. He was thrown from his
horse into a ditch, fraoturing his collar bene and ons ef his ribs.
A Tompornuce Man Comes Out Against
A Prohibitory   Law.
Toronto, Out., Maroh   10.���John A.
Paterson, a membor   of the  executive
of the Dominion   Alliance,   has a letter iu the Globe this morniug criticizing the action of   the   executive   con-
doming   Sir   Wilfrid   Laurier, ou  account of his recent  communication re
prohibition    and   taking  the  grouud
that, in view of the smalluess   of  the
vote polled in favor of  prohibition,   it
would bo unreasouable to ask for a prohibitive   inoasure   and  that   Premier
Laurier'b position is quite   reasonable,
also that Premier  Laurier or his Government nnd mado uo   promise   in ro-
gard to tho matter  which justified the
charge that they  were   now  breaking
G.   O,
O.   N
charge that they  were   now���  mmm�� , ( Park(
their word to the *��EBm\t*Wl�� '����������� Moutisal.
refusing tt enaet a preMMWe msas ���
Hume���Harry Guger, Trail.
Buchanan aud wife, Kaslo
Hugh Davidson, Pilot Bay.
Sutherland and wife. Kaslo; D.Gavin,
Jr., Viucouver; Oliarles Green, Toronto; John R. Oostigan, Cranbrook;
R. McLean, Kaslo; J. A. Otto, San
Francisco; R. H. Williams, Regina;
J. S. MoFarland, Silverton; H. A.
Brady, Silverton; W. H. Langridgo,
Revelstoke; N. E. Brook, Calgary; A.
A. Morley, Loudon, Out. ; Harry E.
Dean, Toronto.
Pbair���Arthur   B.   Fenwick,     Sau
Francisco; Charles Est rum, Kimberly,
B. O. ; Mrs. E. Turner, Sana; Joseph
J. Taylor, George H. Kirkpatrick,
Rossland; W. Heathcote, Akron, Ohio;
"    Parker,   Oakland;   C.   D.
Tho Play of tho Great Master Will Be
Here on Monday.
One of the most remarkable plays of
late years is Ibseu's "A Doll's
House" which will be givou here ou
Monday night. A Michigan paper thus
refers to it:
The current theatrical season has
been marked by the paucity of offerings, but it is worth something that
the few companies which have been
bore have been generally organizations
of merit. One of these is the Clara
Thropp company, which appeared
hero Saturday uight iu Ibsen's great
drama, "A Doll's House." Miss
Thropp is the only nrtiBt who ever
brought un Iliseu play into the upper
peninsula, but tho introduction which
sho gave the local thoatro goers to tho
leading work of the Norwegian dramatist was certainly a good one, and it
is worthy of note that the play was received by the audienco with intelligent appreciation,
The part of Dora, the doll wife.is one
whioh requires u peculiar variety of
talent. Of childish, sunny, mercurial
disposition, at Iho same time jealously
guarding a skeleton in tho closet, which
will out in Hpite of her,the part makes
heavy demands on tho aotreBS who
would port my it well. But either by
lovo for Ibsen, natural temperament,or
hard study, more likely by all three,
Miss Thropp is able to givo a finished,
and well thought, out personification
of Nora. Thero are several fine climaxes in the piece and she invariably
rose to them with powerful effeot.
Miss Thropp gives evidences of being
thoroughly conscieutious iu her work.
Londou, March 10.���Barou Russell,
of Killowen, Lord Chief Justioe of
England, has beeu appoiuted to suo-
coed the late Baron Herschell on the
Venezuelan arbitration commission.
Port Said, Maroh   10.���The  United
States transport   Sheridau which sail-
i ed from   New   York on February   19,
for Manila, hu arrived hsre. >
\ >
Nelson Daih  Mher
Published Pally exoept i-'urda)*.
N'KlsliN   MlNKIl  I'KINTINII  St  I'lllll.lSllINU P.O..
0.3, nic.M'i.N. Managing Dlreetor and
Al.l. < ommumcai'Ions to the Editor must
be tooompanled by tha uams sad address
uf ilm writer,not nicetsarilf lor publloa*
tion, out us evidence ot kixhI faith.
Dully per nionlli by curlier ��� 1 00
tier month by iimi     1 00
perimifyes bynmil   500
per year  I'll*"
peryeai foroisn 13 oo
\ HI .SON   WlCI-.KI Y   MlNKK.
tVeekly, pel half year         11M
tier vuitr    H "���*'
poryoar,toroign  *i""
-<iiii..*ri|nIiiiii Invariably lu advanco.
Kotloas uf Births,  Ujaths, umi Marriages
InMirtud forWcsi '* I'.il .
Advertising n loi inadi Known on applloaUon
Nelson Miner Printing &PublUhlntCO
TO ��1��VK��TISKI1S.
i .i|D Im* 1 liiuiitr*. nl    t.lvciil ini   iiiii-i
be III  Ihr (Mllll     b>     |   o'l'llllk   |l.lll.   I<>
Insure cliiinac.
to curry it out. Wo have done with
the talking Stage, and Hhoiild now advance to the stage of practical doing.
If il be decided that. Government
! assistance is necessary, the coinliined
energies of those Interested should be
brought to   bear   ou   the I lovernuienl,
and the strongest possible effort made
to move them to action. The assault
��� will be met with the statement, it 1 -
(ways ready on such ocensions and
always supposed to be conclusive, that
there is no   appropriation.    Maltha*
there is in it special sense ; but there in
nn appropriation for educational purposes, and it will be dilllcnlt. to show
iiiui the proposed loienoe classes do not
come within tlie category of these,
It is the duty of those moving for the
classes ta press the mutter to this
length, If wu itre to wait for n special appropriation nothing can he tlone
until after the next sessiou, which
means the loss of a year.
This iN a mining country. Tlie future of Kootenay depends on its mineral development, nnd the future of
the Province lnrgely depends on Kootenay, The study of minerals, although
it need not be exclusive, is most important, for Willi a scientific know I
edge of them would coinu, in due
time and   process,   scientific   mining.
Temlm'Hfnr mnovinif u t)0UM on eioriitT uf
ijtko nml I'urk ttirtmiH win !����� received until
Saturday noon, int h of Maroh* Parttomerti at
Canadians will regret to learn of
the serious illness of Lord iStrntheona,
better known ns Donald A. .Smith.
They will regret it because tbey know
that to a nm ii of his age, with constitution already impaired, au illness
of any kind is a very serious matter,
lie luis been a hard man in his time,
pursuing   his   object    with   littlo re
There is nothing thnt will so quickly
and effectually cure a tail twisting
American as to send biin over to Kng-
land on an ollicial mission. Mr. Hay-
ard, ono of the best Americana of his
iluy and generation, was never a tail-
twister; he was too much of a statesman and u gentleman to he that, pro- Klir(* fov , ,1^ rj((|1|fl or feeliU((S 0(
ferrlng always to do what was right oti)(,va. Perhaps that is chnraoteristio
rather thuu to do only what was popn- of M mcn ,vlm *,.ive ^eil successful
lar. Whon he ventured, as Ambassa-' j��� amaM*ng huge fortunes, But he
dor to St. Jumos, ou somo very just lms l)d011 ��� ,)H(ifll] ���,������ tl) the Btate|
disparagement of American methods |lllvjMg a,,,,,, *t, much good service, and
���nd manners iu comparison with i{ h(, l)IH(1(, molloy )ie j,UB hMn Kt,nf,r.
British the United htates   was thrown  ous in e3EpeUiiing   it.    it Will   ho   the
into a condition of violent upheaval;
he was deuouueed us a renegade,
and his recall wns demanded, But he
wits not recalled, mid before he died
thinking Americans who know something of the world beyond I heir own
immediate horizons were convinced
be wus right.
Wheu Mr. liny wont over ns his
successor verv loud voiced pride wns
taken in declaring that he was too
good an American to toady to tbe
British as Mr. Bayard did, He was
not three months in Buglnnd before
he was morn British than Mr, Bayard ever thought of being. The loading Now York papers sent correspond
ents over to London, a
v/ere tail-twisters; they
time great admirers nf
British. A fow yours ago
the New York lawyer, spoko most in- |
sultiugly, and, of course, most, uu-
fairly, of Great Britain in connection
with the Venezuelan affair; two days]
ugo, as Ambassador to St. James of
two weeks' stauding, be referred to
the same affair in a manner complimentary to Great Britnin   at   the   ox-
sinoere hope of nil   Canadians that he
will recover from his present illnesf,
and he spared many years yet lo enjoy
it fortune that bus not been turned to
a huso account
Says The Kossland   Reoord:   "It  is
to be hoped   that there   is no   foundation in fact to the   charges   of bribery
and corruption   preferred   against  ,J.
Fred Hume,   Minister  of Mines,   und
member   from   the    NoIbou   Ruling.
There was apparently  no   ocoasiou for
employing suoh methods in   lhe recent
election of Mr. Hume, und we hope ho
will be able   to answer  tho   petition
f   whom  against him   siilitfactorily    to himself
became   in I and friends. "   As Mr.  Hume wus pur-
everything I sued by two petitioners, according  to
Mr. Ohoate,   reports,  we   are   afraid   our   Rossland
contemporary's  solicitude is in  groat
danger of being wasted.
West Kootenay Valley, B. C, on  line
of C. N. P. Ry., and
Nelson & Bedlington Ry., now under
Information regarding Oreston may
be had of GEO. MTAKLAND, Agent
Nelson, or from
Creston Townsite Co.,
0RE8TON,  B. 0.
*.' 1
MeteroloKleul Report,
(Observations taken by A. II. Hold
Mur 13 Monday
Mtir  7 Tuesday
Mm* 15 Wed'day
Mar 111 Thunsdaj
SNOW      BAR.
Mar io  Friday
penso of his own country.    He is   pro- j Mm-11 Saturday
grossing rapidly.    At this rate ho will I u,ir 12 Sunday
be moro British   than   tbe British before his term is half expired.
It is an education to the average
American to live a short time iu England. He is quick to study the people, and soon learns to respect aud admire them. He returns to his own
country, not less an Americuu, but
with eyes opeu to his former insane
prejudices, and an enthusiastic friend
of the whole of his race, uot the
American portion of it ouly. In London he meets peoplo superior to his
own in all those quulities that make
for cosmopolitanism, and he discovers, much to his surprise and disappointment, that everything kuown ill
his own country originated there.
He losos his conooit, and comes back
a wiser and better man, To promote
au alliance all that is necessary is to
send Americans to England as fust I DA A ~Q T) A ISTFl ft OHM
and iu as great numbers as possible.      -DVilHU   HX\ X)    HUUIYI
First-class hoard and room,  Todd's
old stand, corner Ward and Carbonate, in rear of English chinch, heated
I by steam.    Table board $4; room and
i board (6 ami $6,50.
A collection of line Belgium Ow ariea
! for sale.
Boarding School
For Girls	
Qyppeewyk, .Moss street,
Victoria, B.C. Senior, Primary Classes and Kindergarten, conducted by
Miss   Green   and
Miss   Dawson.   .   .
Boarding and Domestic arrangements under the management of Mrs. Green.
Ladies or girls wishing lo attend  any  school   received,
Highest references. Terms
on application.
Any of ua could say that it is desirable to have science classes established at the principal centres of
population of the Province, as Mr.
Holdich does iu a gouorul way in
tlie paper reoently rend at it meeting
ot the Canadian Mining Institute nnd
published in these columns yesterday.
Many of ns have been saying it for
several months past. But uono of us
have aaid it as forcefully or us intelli-
geutly us Mr. Holdich does. It is a
simple subject enough, but out of it
he mukos an interesting paper. Ho
argues convincingly that it ought to
be done, and shows how easily it mny
be done. Yet wc doubt if anything
will come of it.
Those who ure prepared to take the
part of teachers, or lecturers, cannot
afford to givo the time necessary without somo compensation, and to rely on
fees alone would bo to expect too much
from the pupils. To help the scheme
out it ia essential, as Mr. Holdich suggests, that the Provincial Government
should come to its aid, And that ia
exactly where the failurejwill be. The
Government will not come to its aid.
There is nothing in it for tho politicians ; it does not offer the brand of
patrouage out of which votes are made.
Nevertheless an effort should b*  mado
Humphreys & Pittock.
Fresh Fruits, Candies,  ami all   kinds
of Soft Drinks.
Canadian   and American Papers always on Sale.
Next to Nelson Hotel,    ''S";
! MUSK.' LESSONS. (In piano oikmi or
guitar, hy Mrs, \V. J. Astlqy, Robson stroot
\ t wo doors west of Stanley,   P. 0. ltov* 130.
j I'lOSKKIt BAKING PdWDKIt. tho ouly
Istrlotly Pure Croam Tartar Baking Powder
mado in tho Provlnoa Ask your grocer for It,
Encourage B. 0 production, nil othor thinim
being equal, stk mi. Kit ft BAULE, Manufacturers, viotoria,
��� '-._ LOTS   14 & 15.   BLOCK  26
Groceries, Provisions, Mining Sup-1   carbonate   street
plies, Mining Drill Steel.
P. O. Box 214.   Vernon street, Nelson, B. C
Mail Orders
A Speciality.
Sewing Machine Sale.
As we are short of floor space, we are selling the
balance of our New Williams' Sewing Machines at
ihe following prices: 3-Drawer Improved, $28; 5-
Drawer Improved, $30; 5-Drawer Improved, Drop
Head, $35. There are only a few machines left.
Drop in and gel a bargain before it is too late.
Baker St., Nelson, B. C.
Some Pianos are Sweet in Tone
Some Pianos are Responsive in Touch
Some Pianos are Chaste in Design.
Few Pianos are  sweet  in   tone,   responsive
in touch and chaste in design.
Listen to a Mason & Risch Piano,
Play upon a Mason & Risch Piano,
Examine even the case of a Mason & Risch Piano,
And in it you will find all the requisites of
a perfect instrument.
Ii-tape-clioi) Invitr-cL    Co!Tespoijdei)ce Solicited.
Thomson Stationery Co. L'fd, "IT
Bird Cages  Bird Cages
We have just received a con=
signment of Brass and Japan=
ned Cages, which we are sell=
ing At Exceptionally Low
Tinware and j Ciraniteware,
Lawrence Hardware Co.
Nelson, B C
Spokane  Falls^ &.
Northern R'y.
NeIson  &  Fori
Sheppard R'y.
Red fountain R'y.
The only all rail route without chang
of cars between Nelson aud Eossland am)
Siioliain and Rot-aland.
Leave 9.40 a.m. NELSON Arrive 5.30 p.m
"    11:55 "   ROSSL'D    "     3:10
"    8.30 am-SPOKANE   "   5.30 p.m
Train lhat leaves Nelson at 9-40 bid
maki'H clnH'i oonueotiuns at Spokane (m
*ill Paolflo Coast Points.
Passengers for Kettle Hiver and Bound
ury Oreek, oonneot al Marons withStagi
O. Ci. DIXON, ti. P. kT.A.
Bpokane Wash
AatPDt.Nelson, B. 0,
MUSIC LEHBON8 SiiiKhiK nml Piano, by
Mrs. Sydney Oliver, Observatory stroot, two
(InoiM woit of Stanley.
WANTED���A woman cook; nurse kent. An-
lily Mm. F. Flotolior, Silica streot,
WANTED 'I'u ri*i,l. 11 lour nr llvo room oot-
liiKi* by the Ut of April. Apply A. ll. <:. Miner
roil hai.k (ihkap-Two nlae rsttdmM
low la 11 nu. addition.   W, R, MMUm
Havana Direct.
A shipment or choice assorted Cigars. They are
the best value for the
money in the city.
Prices 2 for 25c.
and 3 for 50c.
Also best brands of Clear
Havana and Domestic Cigars. Tobaccos to suit all
Hotel Hume
Cigar Stand.
S= Real Estate and Insurance Agent. 3
eW The Birkbeck Investment,  Security i|
�� and Savings Co. 3
t-1   advance money on Improved Real Estate.    Repayable in 5 and 58
���p: 8 years by monthly instalments. -^
w ^Pacific Ky.
loui'isli Oars imss Revelstoks diiily
to St. Paul; Mondays for Toronto;
Thursdays for Montreal and Boston.
To Rosaland, Trail, Hobson,
0.40p.m.-U>ave*-NKLSON-ArrivoB-10.:W p in
Uooteitny Lake��� Kuslo Koule.
Stu. Kokankk
Kxoopt Sunday. BlOOpb Bund iv
4  p.m.���Uoavefl��� NELSON���Arrlvos���11  a.n
KoolfllH)- RlVCr Etniili-.
8th. Moyik.
Mon., Wed., Fri. Tuoh. ThUffl, But,
8a.m.���Loavoe���NKLSON���Arrives--G.flO   p n;.
Makes connection nt Pilot Hay with Sir, K< -
kanee in hoili directtoDB.
Steamers on their renpeotlve routes ''��! ui
principal LundinKH in both direotione un t
other points when Blgnalled,
llnln   Mlie  HIMl   Intn iim'��M:iI<" I'uIuIh   via
Klomii rily, Kally.
(i.ae a. ra.-Leavea-NBLSON���Arrtvea-8 so p. m.
and full Information   by  addreralfiR nearei t
InoiU agent, 0, \*i H> a*��h*y, Oily  Ticket Ak'i. or
U. W. IMIKW, Agent, \o!m.
Trav. Push. Agent,      IHat. Pass. A^^ t.t.
Ni;Uon VfthOOUV if
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
. . FRESH . .
('amps supplied on shortesl notice and Lowe? Priuea
Mail Orders receive I'lu-el'ul attention.
Nothing but fresh and wholesome meats and supplies
kept in stock.
Markets at Nelson and Ymir.
All Kinds Of Smoke.
'['. k B. 1'IiUG
Time Curd in efleol January  3rd, 1H1IK
South b'nd. North b   a
Read down Head np
Boat Ijvb. 8,80 a.m. Kuslo   8.30 p.m. BoatAr
"    7.30   " Ainsworth 7.10    "        *'
"    800   " Pilot May H.30    " "     '
"    8 15 "   Balfour   (UK)	
"    Ar   !).4.'i   " SMUe Pt. fi.10   '	
"   10.30  "   Nelson   4.30   "       '���   I.v
Connects witli N. & K. S. Railway train for
Spokane, leaving Five Mile Point at 10:0.i a.m.
Steamers leave Kaslo city wharf at foot of 3rd
street.   Subject tOOhange without notice.
Steamship Lines
Allan Line���Califurnlan...
Dominion Line*���Scotsman.
From St. John
 April   *-'
 April   II
Allan I.ino-Cnwliliiiii.
From Portland
     ..April   S
From Nuw York
vviiiic Sim- Una���Britannto Maroh ill
tlunard Line- Umbrla April l
Aintrricun Lino��� ParlH Maroh -"'
Anchor Line- -Anohorln Match 25
From ltiismii
nonunion Lino���New Kngland March 29
Passages arranged to and from all Kuropoan
points. For rates, tickets iiiul full Information
apply-to C. P. R, depot agent or 0. E. Beasley,
Olty Ticket Agont, Nelnon, B, C.
M51   General Anient, O.P.R. Offices Winnipeg.
As we keep our Tobaccos in both our Excisi  an' Customs Bonds we i ve
able to carry a large and assorted stock.
We have purchased the express
and drayage business of Mr. J. W.
Cowan and bespeak as large a patronage at the hands of Nelson citizens as was accorded Mr. Cowan.
Leave orders at D. McArthur's or
telephone No. 8*;.
PRINCIPALS  ^pw-o^lsebbyrob0X:.camb.
Boarding and Day School.      Present   Numbers 44.     Preparatory  class
under Lady.   Highest references to Parents, etc.
For Terms apply to Principals,        -        117! Georgia St, Vancouver.
Improved  Property
. House mil lot on Victoria street,  near
j     Presbyterian ohuroh  tern
House and Lot on Victoria stroot  2100
; House and Lot, on Victoria streot  IjjjJ
House and Lot on Victoria street   JJJJ
Houso and two lots on Carbonato street.. ljjw
HuHiness Horner on Vercon Htroei.    *^"
Hairy Hunch near city���Others wanted.
Houho to lei on Stanloy stroet. _.   .. ,
Money   to  Loan���Ileal   Estate   and   Uialim
Mortgages. ,        .
1    Wauted-Mlning Shares, Nelson, Ymir and
��*�������� VKrMroBoMkfc Mm* ������U*���� ������ NELSON DAILY MINER, FRIDAY, MARCH 17,  i��9Q
W. B*   Q08NLLL   SPEAKS   or  THE
sir, inn- Ciiiiiiiiiiiin 1i:im Imeii \vanil"r-
lllR about Ilm lioiiNii any ilia * A -10-1 -
(1-1'' nil day nml mv wile thought he
wns got UK   cu'ii/.v.    Sim    is   ;i nm-vniia
woman ami will in* greatly relieved
io lit'itr ilm truth.'
About 25 or 30 Poo]ile are Daily Entering
Greenwood, Where all ia
Mr. \V. K. (losiicll hns juHi returned
(������ ui an extended trip through tlm
Boundary Country und leuves this
morning for tlm Orow'H N��nt Pnu.
lie wns seen by n Minor roporter for
notes of the diatrlot, Mr, Uoanell
s;iys tlini the report* ni'ilm vii'linsof dm
I'.iiiiiniiivy linvo not 1 1 exnggei'atedi
,\l  nil l*Vl'lllH,  IIH llllll wlni tulois 11   1*1111
nerval 1 vii view of si'tili HinttOl'H, Im wns
greatly ��nrpri"iod at the ihowlnga, en-
piriiiilv in tlm viniiiity of (ireeiiwoodi
The whole oountry from Oanoade Olty
to Camp Mi'Kiiiiin.v is experlHUoeiiig
n boom and utagoi Iu urn loaded every
ilny. Of I'oin'se, u good iliml of tlm m��� -
livitv at the iireseni lime is of n   Hiiee-
uiiiifve oharaoter, and will oontlnue to
be until the railway koIh i" Bnd Ilm
iiiiiies nel ihipplllK when liiisimms will
settle UOWU   to a legltiuiUte basis.    At
the present time Greenwood is the
iiimii whioh in exoltlua tho grenteit
amount of attention ana is really the
Meooa of the DUtriot, About 2b or
BO people are going dally, and tho hotels iu- orowdea. There Is n greater demand fm- bulldlugs Hum onn he supplied nml reals nre hi|*li ami still ml-
vauoing* There is a large number of
transactions In reel estate, which lnm
readied �� Qgure affording for the present uot muoh room for speoulutsiou.
The mines in proooss of development
around the town nre showiup up well
and Values nre Improving with depth.
Hy the time the railway roaohes
Greenwood whieh will In all probability lie in July next, probably half a
dozen will he In a position to ship,
It is needless to Bay that tbe oitizens
nru nil hopeful of tlm future,end are,to
use a phnso not unfamiliar in western
eiroles, "stamliiiK pat."
Grand Forks and Oolumbla are lie-
inn extensively advertised, and a
strong effort is being made to create a
boom. It is unsafe in the present
stute of feeling there to Hay anything
favorable to either one or the other,
l-'roui an impartial point of view it
is difficult to uinke any forecast of
1 heir future. Several strikes ot rich
free milling ore have heen made recently, but so far the mineral development Iiiih not bean of snch a oharaoter
as to found conclusions, tio far ns extra growth mny be nll'ecled hy it. The
valley in which they aro situated is a
very beautiful one and said lo be fertile.
There is considerable excitement
in Oamp McKinney nml properties nre
changing hands, a number of owners
having made money out of tho deals.
Increased oonlidenee has been given
to tbe future of the camp by the sale
nf the Fouteuoy In which it. is understood the Dnnsnmii's are largely interested, The towusite of McKinney,
which has heen plotted, is being cleared up and owing to its thickly wooded
character tins is nn easy tusk, especially on account of the deep snow.
There is no bcoin nt Midway, hut its
prospects are very guud for its bono n-
ing a town. The situation is one nf
the most beautiful in Ihe Province and
ils geographical location very favorable. Here,as in nearly every place in
the Bouudary Country, progress is retarded by the lack of lumber for building, but as sawmills are being erected
il is expected that early in summer
Ibis want will he supplied.
In the next month traveling in
lhat district will be no easy task, as
the roads are breaking up, and their
(onilition is being made worse by reason of the great volume nf freight.
Hundreds of teams are on the way from
Bossburg and Marcus, nnd the" roads
will be all but liupnssalbe very shortly
Grading on the Oolumbla St Western
is steadily going on und it is anticipated that trains will be running into
Greenwood in July It is announced
too, that the 0. P. R. Telegraph Or.,
will have completed its telegraph line
in about two months when the difficulties of communication now com
plained of will bo obviated.
It is t-ery difficult to givo advice to
those contemplating going into the
Boundary Country. Mr. Gosnell says
there are certainly good opportunities
in some lines at Iho present time,
but. evou now employment is hard to
obtain, and by tbe time the railway
gots in the probabllitity is that business will bo overdone." Real progress
can not go ahead, of mining development and that is always slower than is
anticipated. There ih, however, no
doubt of the future, as the extent nnd
character of the ore deposits aie of the
most remarkable character.
Thomas   Moral! nf   Nolson   Uses   His
Ideas tn (lood    Advantage.
Kelson has been ciinlrihuling 100)6-
tiing quite Unique in Ibe way of inventions lately, ami Tliiiinns Mnrall is
one of  the  leading   Inventors,   Some
| time ago he finished a model of a
"header and thresher" whioh outi the
'grain, heads it ami threshes it as the
machine goes over the flelrt,
Aboul   a   week   ago be    invented   a
i oinpressed air wbisllc for   n   bicycle,
I which   is   an   exceedingly   clover ar-
| rangeiiieiil     The   lubes ni which   tlie
' frame nl' a hioynl insists are used   as
an air reservoir and I'rnm ihem the air
is available fur a whistle, in lieu of a
bell; fill' pumping up Ilm tiros, and
also fur an ail brake. The machine is
ailai'heil lu lln* rear axlo nf the wheel
ami is worked by au eccentric running a small pump Hi led m one of the
tube frames, which foroes the air
through ihe different tubes uf ilm hi
cycle frame. The whistle and air
brake are liiiiuagcd by bul Inns attached
to the handle bars, and can be used
Without any inconvenience In lhe
A pressure nl' fifty or sixiy pounds
can be obtained, and a small dial ou
the handle bars indicates the air pressure in tho lubes. The whole arrange-
lnoiit weighs less than half a pound
and can be al Inched lo any wheel
Mr Moron completed bis Invention
in iho machine shop uf Elliot and Morrison, and has left for Washington, I).
V., lo have it patented in Ihe United
Some of lhe Houses  Opened or Closed
During tlm Past Week.
The following are s mio of the latest
business changes in this part of the
Province. Kaako and Williams, hardware, etc., are closing their store at
Trail; Wm. Meadows, cigarn aud confectionery, has opened at (,'ascadoCity ;
Turner and Kalstnr, Kaslo, grocers,
havo dissolved partnership, KossThnr-
burn, dry goods, etc., Silverton, closing his store ; D. H. Chapman, hotel,
Trail, has closed his houso ; Kiedol St
KeiiBter. bakers, etc., Kaslo, have dissolved partnership; J. B* Wilson,
grocer, Kaslo, is removing to Anu-
coiula; Esoolet, restuarant, opening in
Greenwood; J, H. Hownrth, jeweler,
Brooklyn, removing to Slocan City ;
Brooklyn Hooks, drugs, etc., reported
out of business; .lames Hooves, men's
furnishings, Hobson. reported Opening 1
Shaw and Shaw,    produce,    Brooklyn.
removing to Rossland; E, M. Simp*-,
Brooklyn, men's furnishings, removing to Slooan Oity; Sick  ami Kaiser,
brewers, Fort Steele, have dissolved
pari nership,
ed as having all the modern improvements except electric light   and   Steam
Martin  O'Rlelly  & Oo., will have
their dry goods store opened the llrst
Of next, week. Tho spacious store iu
the Hank of li. C. building has been
thoroughly renovated and fixed up and
when the slock is in place will present quite tt   metropolitan   appearance.
Tim siock reached ihe Oity yesterday
and will bu put ou the shelves immediately.
Editor of The Minor :
Bir���"OitixOll's" letter in Ibis morning's Miner- re thu disorderly houses on
Kast. Haker street meets with the
hearty appr ibalion of   a large number
in this  city,    ii is   Indeed   time Dm
Council look the null tor in hand. It
is disgraceful that right in the heart
uf Iho City, on Iho best street, these
women are tolerated, and thoir scandalous mode nf living allowod.
Why is it Unit Haker street is not
graded as far as Cedar street and
lhat pari of the town built op, Decent people shun it as they would a
pestilence hut good builidng lots are
get ting scarce and peoplo aro gradually building residence closer to this
sore spot, having been led to believe it
would bo removed. East Haker stroet,
is tho natural thoroughfnro for a great
many people both north and south nf
it hut how can women and innocent
children use it while   this double row
of houses is in full blast'-' Drunkenness and profanity and all kinds of
foul language are lo bo encountered in
broad daylight and murder has been
known thero nt night. The spring
building boom has already opened
among theBe houses, some being enlarged and others not previously used
being brought into service. Now why
should this be? Who are we afraid of?
Surely not the people themselves, tho
scum of the worst element in the
States. Aid. Hillyer said last yoar
that thoy must he moved. We look to
him nnd somo of the other holder spirits in the Council to get to work and
ut least mitigate the evil of this pest by
removing it from its prosont publicity
if it. cannot lie stamped out altogether,
Move them ont. Move them now.
Though I do not know who "Citizen" is 1 range myself on his side nml
subscribe myself. | OITIZENJll.
i   St.    I'alrick's   Day    mi 1
and   ribbous will be in or:
Nelson Mongolians   Attend   a  School
Whore English   is Taught.
There are great goings ou in Chinatown these days. Young Mongolians
are burning English, This bus various effects on the students, according
lo the peculiar idea which each has
to the proper method of studying.
Each night a numbo'i- of the younger
and more enterprising Chinamen attend a class that is being conducted in
the City hy a lady who has interested
herself iii extending her pnpils'
knowledge of the English language beyond "heap good" and a few other
phrases that make up the English vo
oabulary of somo of Nelson's Mongolians. The Chinese boys who are houso
servants have caused consternation
in some otherwise peaceful households
by their close attention to their studies. Before they were inoculated with
the educational germ they went quietly
to work, bur, now thoy roam around
the house, broom iu hand, and mutter, "f-o-x���fox; f-o-x���fox. " Occasionally thev will break out with "A-
E-I-O-U." and keep that up for a
couple of hours. They eertunly make
most persistent students aud -judging
by reports from various households
the progress being made is very en-
couraging, Yestorduy two oitizens
were referring to their Chinamen in
connection with the school and the
amusing way in which they spelled
words all day. A third man. (who
had overheard them) said " I'm much
obliged, gentlemen, tbat will relieve
my wife greatly." An explanation
WI naturally asked  Im,   "Will you
green tie
Mi*. P. Doiuilo is making several
Improvements to his store and inleiH.s
in future to cany a large stock of groceries, etc.
Mr. Geo. Hale who has been in
the hospital for some time past is improving rapidly, and it is hoped will
be able to come ont in a few days.
Mr. James Lawrence was out yest* r-
day for the first time since his serious
illness Ho is not yet as spry as whi u
in his usual health but is imi roving
Mr. L. A. Allison and Mr. H. W,
Munsen, of Ihe Athabasca mine, le��\e
this morning for the Kast. Mr. Allison will pay a visit to his old home iu
John R, (ostigan, y, O. of Cranbrook, son of Hon. John Costigan, is
in Nelson on his way to Victoria to'
take ihe law examination in order lo
enable him to practice in this Province.
Mayor Neelands was slightlv worse
yesterday. The after effects uf his ul-
lacks of la grippe have loft mm iu a
weakened condition and it will pro! -
ably be several days before he will bo
able to leave the house.
Tho A. E. Markham Company played to a fair house in Nelson last night,
presenting "Mavourneeu and Swan
Swanson. " Tho company will appear
iu Kossland Saturday night and will
go from there to the Boundary Country.
At the Crystal Kink Saturday evening a benefit will he given the Hall
Mines Smelter band. Skating will
cuinnience at 8 o'clock and continue
until II o'clock. As it will bo the hist
skating of tho   season   a big crowd   is
Owing to a series of disappointments
the lecture and concert announced for
tonight in connect inn with Ihe building fund of the Ca'h ilia Church is in-
diiinitely postponed. Father Ferland
hopes that the entertainment will be
given early in May.
A Taxpayer'a Association iu Cascade
has pronounced in favor of a Small
debts court* and the appointment of additional Justices of the Peaco. A petition embodying these requests is bo-
iug prepared and will be forwarded to
tho Government at Yictoria.
Mr. Chapman, local manager of the
A. MacDouald St Co., left yesterday
for Fronio, where he will moot Mr.
Mao'DOnald. The two of Ihem will
visit tho principal points on the
Crow's Nest, aud expect, to arrive in
Nelson next Tuesday or Wednesday.
A vory interesting curling contest
was played at. the Crystal Kink last
night* between rinks skipped by Frank
Tamblyn and James H. Wallace. It
was a greon rink against, all winter
players and the more experienced men
won. The rinks and scores were:
Brown, Sharkey. Cameron, Frank
Tamblyn (skipi 8; Goodeve, Kichavd-
soii, Carey, James Wallace,    (skip) 14.
Something up-to-date in the way of
watches is a |98B time piec thut J.
J, Walker, the 1-Sakur Street jeweler,
now has on exhibition, but uot for
sale in bis store, It might   be dtscrib-
Straight as a Die
To achieve the greatest success
one must use the best menus and
materials atllts disposal.
Carpenters, Joiners and Builde.'S
cannot expect to do good work unless they have good tools, and we
are showing an Ai line.
Vancouver Hardware Co., Ltd.
Importers of
Shelf and Heavy Hardware,
Out of Sight
Are You ?
We   will    fit   you   with
Patenaude Bros.
Modern li-Room House.   Can be bought  f)
for 11200, *7H0 cash down.
1 TO RENT. ��
p,  Boveralgood 1 and a Hooni Cottages,  t,
If You Never Had the Grippe
Don't cultivate it. Better pay $10.00 a pair
Por your Shoes than go through ii iis cheaper. But you can't pay so much as that here.
If you Grip on to a pair ol our $3.50, $4.5001*
$5.50 Slater Shoes you'll not have the Grippe.
Some of the Choicest Jewels ever received in
the Kootenays arrived yesterday and are now
on sale. I make a specially of fine watch
Jeweler. Baker St.
The West Kootenay Brick
& Lime Company, Ltd.
Capital $50,000.00,   divided   into  50,000
shares  of $1.00 each.
DIRECTORS- VV. VV. Beer Esq., W. 11. Dowsing Esq.,
W. A. Macdonald Esq., H. G. Neelands Esq., T.
G. Proctor Esq., all of Nelson.
BANKERS���The Bank of British Columbia, Nelson,
B.   C.
SOLICITORS���Messrs. Macdonald & Brougham, Nelson,   B. C.
OF I-'ICE--- Proctor's Building, Baker street (west), Nelson,   B. C.
Issue of 5,000 (10 per cent, guaranteed) Preference
Shares. Also 7,500 ordinary shares of $1.00 each, payable as follows: 25 cents on application, 25 cents on allotment, and the balance when called for, no call to be made
until three months after 22nd February, 1899.
The subscription list for this issue will open at io a. m.
on Monday, March 13th, and close at 3 p. m. on Friday,
March 31st, 1899. Applications for shares, accompanied
with the amount payable on application, should be made to
the bankers of the company (where prospectuses and forms
of application can be obtained) or at the office of the company. Copies of the memorandum and articles of Association of the company may be inspected at the office of the
company's solicitors.
Just Received!
The Largest Assortment of Boker's and Wos-
tenholm's Cutlery in Pocket Knives, Razors
and Scissors that ever  came   into   Kootenay.
Wholesale Produce
and Provisions. . .
Wo havo boon appointed w>'e ngOQUi
for Kootemi} for hivikt k CO.,
South Oninlui, and will oarrj �� f��n
Mtoob uf ni'-ui- of thoir manuftwjturu
nt MoUon	
Mull onltu-H will In.' tilled nt price*
ruling on ilny order u roootvod.
Head - orriccs - Winnipeg.
till IV III (S   V\\l III'VUH, VllTUIIU
Nl.l-.HV   I :���>���11 AMI.    All.IN    1.4Kb
Tauidii  Lakk, Qmcknwoop, H.I'.,
iiiiiI l>*.v\*.u\ I'u v, N. \V. 'I'.    .    .
P. .1. RUSSELL, rtanager.
Patronize I lome Industry, nnd Smol<i' the
Royal Seal
And other   Union
Made Cigars of tin.-
Kootenay Cigar Mfg. Co.,
Brewers of Bine Lager
Beer nml Porter.
Drop  in   anil nee   us.
B. O.
For Sale
House    and    Lot
on Stanley Street,
Between Mill and
Latimer    Streets
Il is a Snap.  : : :
Baker Street.
Nelson Hardware Co.
In the lead again this spring.   Their  Stock of  Groceries is complete,  both
Staple and Fancy.
m\   House unit 2
'2 Lotn on Carbonate sireol
$1,201). only $;V>0 Q&uh down,
Houses and Lots in all parts of tin* city,
,1.1, VANSTONE, Mining Broker.
II. II. WILLIAMS, Custo'is Broker.
Real Estate Agents,
tinker St.., Nelson, 1!. C.   ti
Is now prepared to fill orders
for Luncheons, Dinners or
Evening Parties.
Mellon     Mowbray     Pies.     Chicken,
Veal, and Pork Ties.    All orders
promptly   attended   to.
Ward St.,   ��� OppoBita Hume Haul.
Don't forget to try onr Tea, also the New Brand  of Flour.     The   price  of
this Hour will he very low, and quality guaranteed.
M. DesBrisay & Co.
General Teamsters.
Apnts for Y c. Oil Co.
(Standard Oil Co.)
Anthracite Coal,
First Class Fir
Cut any length
to order. One car of Fresh
Spokane Lime just arrived.
Office Oor. Baker & Hall Sts.
Telephone   88.
Nelson  Opera  House.
Monday, Harch 20th.
One Night Only.
Miss Clara Thropp
in the Popular
Admission   50c,   75C,   and    $1.00.
Seats on salt now at Canada Drug & Bool' Co.
Cnpitnl Paid as $2.ooo,ow
UohI 1.200,000
It. S. llnwliind, Pre*.   T. R.Merritt, Vice Pre-*.
Wm. Ramsay,      Hugh Ryan,      Robt.Jaff-ray.
T. HulhcrlandSnaynor,      Kiln* Horoi-w.
Itoad Olllco, Toronto.
I). H. Wll.KIE, General Manager.
E. HAY, Inspector.
Itrniii Ih-h Iii nil prlnrlpul rltle* and town*
In    Ontario   and  Quebec
liniiirlii-i    In       -lliiiiII. -in.      \orlh��.~l
1 .iiii.irir*. and llrlllHli Columbia.
Winmi'Kh.  POBTAOI La 1'k.miiii*.. IIiundon,
-Man.   OaLBABT, I'kinck Ai.hkht. Edmonton,
Bourn Edmonton, n. W.  t.    Vancouvkr,
Agontu in Great Britain���Lloyd's Rank, Ltd.,
78 Ijombard ulrcct, [jondon. with whom money
may lie depoatted for traniifer by letter or oable
to any purl of Canada.
letters of Credit isHued on Alaska Commercial Co. payable at fit. MlchaelV, Alaska, and
Dawson city.
Drafts Hold, available at all points In Can-
da, Culled Slates and Europe.
Letters of oredit issued, available in any
purl of lhe world.
Savings bunk Department���Deposit* of |1
'ind upwards NMived and interest allowed.
Debei.turos-Municipal and other debentures purohased,
Money Orders issued payable at any Bank
Rntes-ri*l' 1 $10, 8c; #10 to tie. 10c;
$20 to $30, 12c; $30 to $50, He.
J.   M.   LAY.   MANAGER.
Geo.   Holbrook,
City Scavenger.
All kinds of day and night .Scavengerlng'
Work promptly done. Chimney Sweeping
BoxM.  faMTt 0M��l at M. MMNfli
A Prominent Torontonian's
Encouraging View.
P* Pi Doolittle Sptuks of the Renew
ml (Joiifuloiioo Being  Pluoed
in 'lliis Provinoe.
Among tlm visitnrs in ilm (-ity at
preient in Ur. Perry K Doolittle, o(
Toronto, (int., who is en roate to
Southern Oullfointn, where be holds
large In teres ti In some Rold mini's.
Dr. Iioulitile snjoTi it lurge pruotioe
in Uutiiriii's oapital olty ami. ii��� nddi-
tiuii to that, hi�� Inventive Reuim has
nlacud liim in that uomfortable position where he oan Invest largely in
mining properties us lie is the inventor of tho Keif-acting huh bloyolo
brake that is now universally nseil in
the wheel liinuufaclure. In i-iinvirsii-
tion with u Miner reporter last even-
inn Dr. Doolittle said that British Oo-
luiubia oould expect to Bee a large
amount of Ontario capital Invested
here in tbo uonr future. "A few
years ago as you know" be said, "Toronto was the stamping ground for almost evory wild oat that was turned
loost on tbo credulous public, Olivine
of cheap slock hecanie epidemic nnd
Shares in any company floated were
eagerly bought up. Of course, iu almost overy caso all the money invested
wus loBt and this naturally gave ��
great Bet-hack to the capital that
would otherwise bave (steadily oome
this wny. Reaction Hot in and nearly
all investment ceased. Now, however,
another mining boom is on In Toronto
but it ia a healthy one. People have
ooutideuce in tho country, have past
mistakes to guide them into tin* right
path and only bona fide propositions
have uuy show on the Toronto Mining Exchange. The people Willi formerly bought five cent .shares, ex-
puoting Ihem to no to a dollar, now
buy dollar shares to hold them for dividends. Confidence has been restored
in the Ontario investors by the investments heie by such men as Good-
erhani, Blnekstock and (!ox nnd the
iNUocossful handling of the War Ragle
has done more than anything else to
turn Toronto money this way. The Lo
Roi and Curiboo-McKinney hnve also
attracted attention and made mon led
people regard mining us a business
and not as a speculation. The recent
successful flotation of the Payne will
do 0 great deal for the Slocan country.
Peoplo down EaBt regard it as one of
the best possible investments as may
be judged by the fact that tho stool-
was eagerly bought up at a price
away above par. As the doings of
this valuable mine will now romi
prominently before the public tbe Slocan country will receive advertising
thut its wealth entitles it to hut which
it has lacked in tbe past."
Dr. Doolittle will spend two or three
weeks iu and around Nelson before
proceeding East.
* *   *
Now York, Maroh 10.���Bar silver,
09; Mexican dollars, 47; silver certili-
catos, 60^ to HO)*;.
* *   *
Between 40 and 6(1 men are employed in and about the Lu Roi smelter,
savs the Northport News. The
crusher is kept running and men un*
employed in putting tbe new machinery in placo, repairing tbe old fur
naces. finishing the new boiler building, roaBting ores anil making general
preparations for resuming active
smelting. As near us can be learned
No. 1. furnace will be "bin-wed in"
on the 20th ind No. 2 in about one
week thereafter. Oro shipments con-
tiune at tbe rate of 300 to 350 tons
per day.
* *   *
Mr. Henry Cargilc, nn old resident
of Aschroft, writing from the Atlin
country says: "The Alien Law has
put a stop to work here; nothing doing at ull. There is only one new building going up to sjieak of, und that is
for the Bunks of Commerce uud Halifax. Tbe Government otlicerB are still
in ono building about 15x190, No
work here at all; very dull and 411 degrees below zero. The old teamsters
say thut this is the coldest they have
hail tbis winter. You can see all sorts
and varieties of frozen feet, from tin*
toe up to the kueu. on some men on
the trail."
* *   *
Quicksilver is obtained from cinnu-
bur. British Columbia is fortunate
enough to possess this mineral among
its long list of valuable natural assets Mr. Colijnhoun. a mining engineer of Huvonas, contributes some
interesting particulars regarding it
to The Kamloops Sentinel:
Cinnabar was first found about four
years ago us float on tbo north side of
Kamloops Lake at Copper, but owing to tlie ingorance of the original
finder, the specimens lay around the
Savouas Hotel until un eutorprisiiig
and learned prospector identified the
ore which resulted in tho location of
the group of claims now owned by
tho Cinnabar Mining Co. The formation in which the cinnabar occurs in
this section of the country consists of
basaltic and ilnloniitic dykes traversed
by veins of quarto and calcite in
which the ore is fouud in some instance in a pure Btate, also finely disseminated through the gungue associated with pyrites und other foreign
elements. These dykes and deposits
have a general direction of N. N. W.
and S, ti. E., through what appears to
bo diabase porphyries, but it is impossible to detenuinue the true nature
owing to the Burface decomposition.
To the north of the company's properties Cinnabar is also found in altered
conglonioratos on the Hardy Mouutiin
nnd in fine grained granites on tho
Caledonia; to the east it is found in
tine scarlet spots, Associated with the
cinnabar we also fiud copper sulphide
aad    earbouatei and on  the Hardy
Mountain, as aforementioned, sulenide
of mercury which invariably carries
a gold und silver asssay. During my
trips iu the Kamloops district last
Summer I discovered u deposit of oiu-
unbar some IB miles south, proving tlm
southern extension of the belt, so that.
considering the Criss Crook deposits
to the north we can state that the belt
has heen traced foi 30 miles. Not-
withstanding the fact of the existence
of l*u;'.* bodiis of medium furnace ore
0.oil percent, lo two percent, and
over, exposed by the development of
the Ciiinnhnr Minimi: Company and
other deposits of high grade oro hitherto untouched, they have not made u
success. It seems a pity that through
the fault, ignorance und gross mis
liiauageuient of the concern the whole
distirct should ha held back in its
progress. About 15(1,000 bus been
thrown away in work nnd the erection of u (irau/.a furnace, tramways,
elo , and has only produced IS3N flunks
of ijiiiiksilver; of this nniount Ul wns
produced by moans of enst iron retorts
und seven flusks by the Clrautsa fur-
*   *   ��
Mr. Hedloy, Superintendent of the
Hall Mines, has found it necessary to
write The Monetary Times, Toronto,
lo correct some misrepresentations
that thero recently bad boon circulated
with reipeot to the capacity of tho
seiultei*. An extract will hu interesting; We huve two blast furnaces,
ouo with a capacity for copper of
about 150 tons. This iB occasionally
used foi lead smelt i ig, and on that
material its oupuoity cun only be fig
uii'd tor hot-ween HO and 110 touB per
day. Our lnrge furnace, however,
with nn area ut the foyers of 144
inches by 44 inohes, has a capacity
of 300 tons per day, if charge is of a
suitable diameter Its normal capacity might be slated ut about 280 Inns.
but wo have actually smelted in this
furiiui'o iu 24 hours 810 tons of ore and
flux, in addition to tho slag recharged
und coke. While on the subject, I
feel that a few items of general interest
will not OOllie amiss, and wonld liko
to briefly review the praotice at this
First, then, ore from the Silver King
Mine, owned by this oompany, at
prosont curries from 2 to 2.5 per cent,
copper with from 1(1 to 20 ounces of silver and traces of gold. This is the
biiRis of our smelting operations, and
we trent in this copper furnace us
well, any ores obtainable bearing copper, silver or gold, without loud,
no matter Whet the description As yet
tho supply of this custom material is
extremely small, And onr grant lnck
is doppei ��� two per cent, copper being
about the limit for economical con*
oentration of the precious metals The
product of this first treatment is t-'cn-
rally a matte, carrying 45 to "id per
rent, copper If, through excess of
sulphides in the chnrgu. the matte car
ries less than 45 per cent copper, it is
our custom to roust and recharge lo
produce ill excess of 45 per cent. For
further concent rut ion of values, we require to crush and roust this matte,
uud smelt it in a roverherntory furnace, producing a white metal
oarrying 76 per cent, copper. This
iignin is crushed, roasted and smelted
in another refining furnace, the pro*
duct of which is ladlod ns IIH per
cent, copper, with silver and gold values, varying, according to the material treafod, from 300 to 600 ounces sii
ver per ton, and five to 30 ounces ot
gold. We ship this in anode form,
ready for the electrolytic separation of
copper from precious nietiils and im
*   ���*���   *
.Mining Transfers.
Whore no conslleratlnn is namod in transfer*
the nominal sum of $1 Is to bo understood.
March 2.���
S. J. Mlghton to Duncan McArthur
whole of B. St M., Buokhorn, S. .1.
M., Purple Queen, Wild Horse, Loyal
Legion, Anuie Maud, Transvaal, Spot
Cash, Tomahawk.
March B.���
Edward   Cole   to   J. J.   McMullcn,
>3 in Morning Glory.
March 4.���
Richard Blundell to S. J.   Mightou,
.'���j in Tomahawk, $150.
March 6.���
Walter Blancbfleld to Ronald C.
Ferguson. }, Wellington.
P. T. Booth to Edward Lebrum to
Fred Miggins. >, in Sirdar, $50.
George Wilson to John Noicross,   U
iu Golden  Crown  and   Florence   \\.,
March 7. ���
Frank Fluunery to Andrew   Lenan-
der, i8 iu Blue Bill, *10.
March H. ���
P. J, Kiug to Robert Elliott,   Silver
March ().���
Conrad Wolfe to Lewis Levy, R.iiny
Day No. 2-
March 10.���
Chas. F. Stall to J. S. Bobbins, >s
In Emma.
J. S. Bobbins to Mr.j. C. Brown, VA
In Thelma. Emmu, Bobbins Fraction,
Knlispel.  WOO.
C. W. Anderson, John Lindblud,
John Bergman, nnd John A. Turner to
W  A. Galliher, Summit.
Duncun McArthur to W. A, Kalli-
ber. B. St M. and Buokhorn.
John Philbert   to   Joseph   Sturgeon,
March 11.���
.Tunics westgate to John Reith. 1-B
in Joyful and Duncan: >, in Little
Anna: 10 in Hnwkesbnrg : i., in Lillie ; % In Munoie, $160,
Geo. Westgate to   James   Westgate,
Joyful, Friday,   Fort Shi ppard,   Monarch,   Lillie,   Little   Annie,   Muncie,
March 18.���
,1. B, Baxter to Robert Spencer, %
in Oceun Wave, $50.
J. B. Baxter to Albert White, J�� in
Ocean Wave, .$50.
W. E. Cox to Chas. K. Tnvlor, U iu
Maggie May, *450.
Maroh 15.���
Thomas Mayne Daly to Kenneth
Miuing nnd Development Oo., Ltd.,
October Fraction,
R. W. Baconi to L. A. Snyder,- -.(,
iu Francis B.
| Geo. H. H. Symonds   and   I loo.   R.
G. O'Driscoll to   Edmund   O, Traves,
% iu Number 2.
March 10.���
C. J. Differ to R, W. Bacom. \�� iu
R. W. Bacom to John Reith, u iu
Minneapolis, *Tu
Easter is Almost Here.
The ladies of Nelson will all have their new
Spring1 bonnets and your old suit will look
shabby. Call around and let us make you
look new in a new Spring Suit. A full line of
spring and summer yoods just received.
H. n. Vincent,
Merchant Tailor.
J   Y.  GRIFFIN   &  CO.
Dairy Fed, Mild Cured Meats, "ORII-FIN BRAND" our Specialty.
Choice Cicaiiieiy and Dairy Butter, Cheese, Kggs
 .'    ..    ..    Write uh for Prices	
Nelson Branch.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchant
IS^ZI^ TTttTTtt"���*v2tr\��,��
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo.
Sandon. Three Forks, New Denver and Slooan City.
Order*! by mall to any branch will have careful and prompt attention.
The Brackman & Ker
Milling Co., Ltd.
Wholesale and Retail.   Grain, Hay, Feed, etc.
Write for Quotations on Car Lots,        -        Nelson, B. C.
Spring Stock
of Footwear^
Has Arrived.    The Very    Latest  ii
^^    everything,   for    both   Ladies   anc
Neelands' Shoe Emporium.
Nelson   Tei)t   ai)d    AWi)ing   Factory
Canvas Goods, Tents, Awning, and
Fancy Striped Curtains for Verandahs and Windows.
Theo. Madson,
AftVRSHiBflroxa.       fl    TJ#   J,   CHRISTIE
London, March 18.-A despfttoh to
the Chronicle from Borne, says that
Lord Salisbury, through Sir Phillip
Cnrrie, the British Ambassador, has
thanked Admiral Canevaro. Italian
Minister of Foreign Affairs,for Italy's *
prompt aud loyal action in the Martiuo I
General Broker.
Real Estate in nil Pints of the
Who hns ���c<mi tny Cloths "nil
Samples ot Overooat Bulthum,
Trousers and Fancy Veatings
snynthoy am elegant. The ln-icos
iiru right Fit and Finish oan
not he cxcclle-l In Onnada.
Ladtorf    Tailor-made  nulls  a
Fire, Life, Accident
and Sickness  Assurance.
Aberdeen Block.    .    .    .
5 & 9 Clement Block.
rur��uant lo tin* t'nrillturH Tru*t imtiI Act*
ItlHl    AllM'IMlCtl  Acts.
For a four-storey brick blook In (ireenwood,
B, Oi Plana and specifications at Wallace &
Miller's store* Nelnon. Proposals will he received for tlie whole of tbe work and raatorutjfi
or for the ditlerent parts of same np tu Monday
at noon. April 3rd, 181(0 The lowest or any
tender not necessarily accept ed.
Dealer in BOOTS &
SHOES. Repairing
work a Specialty. The
Cheapest Place to
Deal in Town.
Hall Street,
Few Doors Below Baker.
New Spring hats of All Descriptions to Suit
All Tastes	
Stitson's, of  Philadelphia,   atul  Christy's,   of
London, are Our Leaders. .... ....
J. A. GILKER, - P. 0. Store
NOTICE IS hereby given that S*iiiuol J.
Mighton, of Nelson, B. C, heretofore carrying
on business as Tobacco Merchant at Nelson. H.
C. ha�� by deed dated the 10th day of March.
AtD.flwi. assigned all bis personal estate,
credit-* and o(Fuels which may be seized and
sold under execution, and all his real estate, to
Hugh It. Cameron, of Nelson, B.C., Agent, in
Iri'.Kt torth.6benefit of his creditors. Iho mid
deed was executed bv tne said Samuel J.
Mightonand by the said Hugh H. Cameron, on
the 10th day of March, A. D., 1899. and all per-
sons bavin,; claims ayaluBt tho said Samuel J.
Mlghton arc lequiivd.on or before the 10th day
of April. A. i). isio, to send to the Trustee full
particulars of the same, duly verified, together
with the particulars of tbe security Uf any)
held by them.
Notice is hereby further given that after the
said 10th day of April. A. !>.. 1891*. the trustee
will proceed to distribute the assets of the
trust estate amongst those creditors who are
entitled thereto, nnd whose claims havo then
been lodged with him, having regard only to!
theolximaof which he then has notice, and
tbat he will not bo responsible after said date
for the assets of tho said trust estate, ur any
part theieof. ;-o distributed to any person or
Rorsons, flrin or corporation of whose claim he
nd not notice at the time of distribution.
Notice is hereby given that a im-eting of tbe
creditor-*5 of tho sain Samuel J. Mighton will be
he'd at thu law olliee of Macdonald He Johnson
on Haker t;tmot, in the City of Nelson, on Monday the20th day of March, A. I).. 1800, at the
hour of two o'olook in the afternoon.
Dated at Nelson, B, C��� this lUth day of
March, A. b.. \m.
-Holidtior- tor the laid IVuiUe.
Kirkpatrick & Wilson,
Groceries  and  Crockery.
We have just received a large assortment of
Direct  from  the   Factory.      Prices 25   per
cent,   cheaper  than   in   the  past.
Kirkpatrick & Wilson,
China Hall.
Gamble & O'Reilly,
Civil Engineers & Provincial Land Surveyors.
(Mineral Claims Surveyed and Grown Graute applied fur)
Ki*n.l Estate, [duui-anoe and General Agents, Notary Public, etc	
INTERNATIONAL REGISTRATION COMPANY includes an Accident and Fever Policy, which giveB you
115 00 per week while laid up or $1500 iu case of death for
the small premium of $3 (X) per year.
GAMBLE & O'REILLY, Agents, Baker Street.
All   Communications relating to British Columbia business
to be addressed to P. O. Drawer 505, Nelson, B.C.
1%*%^^ -%-%**%^%%.<%%.'V%.'V%.
J. Roderick Robertson,
General Manager | Mr-.,   ^y^M     r-��    /-��
S. S. Fowler, E. M., f INbLSON,   t>. C.
Mining Engineer ) S!)(t
$6 75   PER   TON,   DELIVERED.
All orders must be accompanied by cash nnd should  be   forwarded
either personally or by mail to the olliee of
General Agent Cor. Kootenay & Baker Sts.
A Lucky Strike
Foi 15i*i*i id and Pim'i-y miikeri". Tin- pi opt**- of Ni'lon and BUrroUl ding* live
(ing 1 ei*n liyiiu to induce s nu* seusi'iie iiu'i-cliiiul lo put in 11 stock of
the celebrated
So  wc.l  knowu  to all go d   hrmd makers  an .     .
We feel satisfied that all i tere-ted along this line will feel highly pleased
to know lhat M. DesBiisa.y & Co.. the leading me chants nf tliiaeity, have heen
appointed sole agents fur Nels n The pr-ce of this flour is much lower thau
any other iind quality guauiuUed,   Ask for 3 Star at
Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
Incorporated 1869.
Capital Authorized  -   -  -  -  $2,000,000
Capital Paid Up, ��1,500,000, Reserve, $l,25o,ooo.
Head Office: Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Comparative  Statement,  i-howing   Ihe progress uisde by this Bank in the
past ten  years: 1.S88 180S
Cnpitnl Paid   Up        $ l.OtX'.OUO      $ 1,500,000
}fst--.  200.1)00 1,250.000
''.''P'-Jit-  2,802,000 8,175.000
I ircnlatioii  yo:-!,0<H) 1.387,000
}J!,,l,n��.;.- **  3,835,000 8,554.(100
Liabilities to Public  4,088.000 1)000,000
Total Ass* ti  52800110        12,737,000
(ieneral Banking Business transacted; Sterling; Bills of Exchange   Bought
and Sold, Letters of  Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the in    t favorable terms.   Interest allowed on special
deposit!   nd on Saving Bank accounts.
Atlin, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver
Vancouver East End, Victoria, Ymir.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
CRESTON, B. C. cRow-gV^W
Dealers in all kinds of Lumber.   Can be delivered at any
time in any Quantity.
C A. BICELOW, - Manager.


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