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Nelson Daily Miner Jan 26, 1900

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lv Edition No. 636.^
Nelson, British Columbia,  Friday,   January 2b,  igoo.
Tenth Year
Present Position a Command
E Ono.
s \\     ,   Miss giv��� lliird
U.iii'ii.ui Oontln eut-
London, Jnu. -fl.--.-*86 ��. m.)-
(lincial Hull'i'i I'liriise, "Tho moil urn
..,,,,,1,. 1.������ thrilli" England witli pride-
_n(!��iifl-leucc. His Inking nnd holding Spion's kn]i is considered 11 per
maiHiii ndvnneo Sir Charles Wnrren's
opiniciu llml mill's "*' the ndjnoent
Kui'i ���in in In-" ��re untenable, in accept-
eiitiy most expert observers as obviously nm. liecuiiBOof the height of the
nation, iihliongh some point out that
ii may Inch iidequiite gnu plntfortn to
resist artillery fire on the two extend-
edsldes, li is nol likely Ihat Uenernl
Warren will let go anything he holdH
nnd news of further fighting is calmly
awaited. The military authorities
recoguize.nl conrso, thai iu the 12 or 16
_,il,. between Spion's kop mid Lndy-
siiiitii, there nre contlnnons defensive
; ��� ami rugged hills niid ravines
wlni'li inr outrange Spion's kop t "t
theyaresLre Hint the Itoops who have
turned the Hours oul of dilDoull places
randoil ngniu. The military expert
of The Times, saysi "It is exceedingly rlilllcnlt to arrivi nt any exact
fsiimai'' nf the advantage gained. A
definite otijenl lms been obtained nud
definite step? hnve been taken in tli"
fulfillment of tlie strutogie plane, it
In necessary to await fuller information befote nttacliiug undue import
incetotlte successes so far attained,
AtUm<i there Una been ��iendy pro-
Tin Kil li nm Castle renobed Durban
yesterday, thus giving two thonsnnd
idditionnl troops tn Oeneral Bailer,
ami linn  n' troop ships bave arrived from India bringing, among others.
S Kgluinnt nl Ulllcers, Beyond these,
11 1- 1 : publicly kuowu hero how
heavily (lenoral Bnller bus been re-
iufnii'i'il, bnl those having nertnln
niiiiifi'ii ma wiih ihe War Ofllce nre
ntislied llml General Bnller will hnvo
is mnn-, mom imn ns ho may need to
make Ins work easier, The situation i.i
Hie DeiRlibothooil ni the other armies
ii iiiii'haii-ni, tint a forward movement by Uoiier-1 It, neb is dally expected,
A dispatch tn the Ftandurd, fro n
Reneliurtr. describes  Gen ml French's
"H'tot-itii 11 na m \, forming a urenl
"���iiii-'ii'l, ninuml Hie liners' position.
I'll"'���"in-i. mi. in Huye hi' could Inke
Coleahnrs two
any time,
' '',l" from Protnrln gives the text
,,f;l cumpliilni whioh President Krn-
B�� mane to President   Steyn,   regard.
Ing tho wan!  nt  cooperatloi   tbe
j"!' "!  ,lv  '"'i" Staters  at  Moddei
������'"'���'��� ��'"! ulso Pn.-| i t-teyu's ml-
'" ' '   1 "'   Staters.    President
Hay,      whn   says:   "In Uotnbe'   last.
General  James   B. Obelrne, a distiii-
Igulshed citizen of   New York,   visited
tbe Department   of   State   intimating
that: lie would be accredited representative of the South   African   Republic
He v.ns courteously   reoeived   nml   in
formed thnl 11 was  nol the praotiae of
the  Depart-mont of State  to recognize
a eiti/eii of tbe United Stati b as representative in n fori igu power.   No Gov
i'1'iimciit, ami no representative of nny
Government   ohjected   to  the appoint
inciil uf Genernl   Ohnh'tie, or any  one
, ]��a   ,|u ihn n | n ����� illative of th" Smith
J01 ,1 broil 1 ��� . _ 11 'i bi orelary uf
Mate for Foreig 1 Affairs, speaking
Inst evening snid: "The Governmeut
have neither controlled the generals
in their operations, nor stinted them
in the forces they have demanded.
We have implicitly followed the guid
iinee of the military advisors."
11 way     ut
I   <"'"���'"     I'I  lie  l".,i,���.,i   with regret
I  "''""'''��� '   '���" l.i not tl,.. Free
11 il"' last battle ami that
'"I1";"'1 ��� ������    ��� iiltllied   in iheir camps,
' ""M" 'i    resisted and even
""""   " m.v.    'Ilese   ���ato.
J?'*' ' ��' '0 give olTlnlal luforina-
r,'"'n>t�� of dlsagr mis
""wwii till lllll,,,
M'-.l.l.-i I.,,,.,-. Wednesday, Jan    "i
11  ""hn  Archibald Mae	
,';',:'"'"������ """ "-""-'	
 ���|""1" Hlghl n,
u!'!:\, ��oln"J   or   i.np.s.    Btlliah
:    """���    ��    A���v,,',,  have
.J. ",""   ��"���� ""."ii    frum   Johhn
  anolJ. or the  Norfolk
���l:;:;;::.'; ���*���* u.
II-,..,,.    '   "'    '"""^ "OltlDg
.ml ������'",���; rv:'"''V*-''<>*>OM,,..chi
���,  ,     ',.' "    Oaptaln  Baton,
other,���' ",��-'i""""""'"*veh"
'in,   ' " u,ll""i"i 1 om. member
1 ���,,/."" ,WH ;" ���   The tribe*.
nortlni,., ,, V"!   Jobh" |M Probably
��ble|,,i '*1",���,,'' "" tb�� Niger, in
��i    '""''-'i-iiir iv. tbe attaok
London, Jan. 811.���Advices have heen
received from Spearman's Camp that
General VVoodgute has succumbed to
the wounds he received in the attack
on Spion's kop.
(Special DispntohcB to The Miner.)
Ottnwn, Jan. 85.��� Comptroller
White, of the North West Monnted Police has ad ressul Ihe following eoni-
iiiiiiiieiiii.ms are recruiting arrangements for Strathconn's Horse to the
Assistant Commissioner Mclllree, of
the Mounted Police, with instructions
to hnve i, circulated among the utli-
oors so that tlm nn n may be selected
witlinul   delay;
"Recruiting for Lord Strnthooiia's
Mounted force for service in S.niili
Al'rien, will commence in .Mauituba,
Hritish Columbia, ami Mounted Police
posts in the North West Teniloties
about the lirst of February,
"Applicants must be good ��hots,good
horsemen, nnmarriod and betwoen 38
and 40 years of age; hetght not less
than live i'.'ei six luches,chesl measure-
imiiits not less than .'II inches.
"Engagements will be made under
the Army Act fnr six months wiili lin-
liililiv nl extonsioa tu n yenr. The
pay   will   lie   lhe same   as Unit of the
Monnted Pol toe until their arrival iu
South Africa, alter lhal Imperial
Army rates will prevail."
Major Howe, senior squadrou commander, Is appointed second lu oom-
iii.iinl of the North Wesl Mounted Police in lb" s mil  contingent, in place
.,f Lieutenant Colonel Bteole, who hns
been appointed in command ut' the
Sirailu'inia contingent.
W_ |,|
ngt.ii    ii 0
16, -Tlm
>'���'.!!,.  .
lloi     '0" "questing   liifmmn
1,1 n response to the
Am,,,!'',     r""h"H of"tbe Booth
" "'  ^.erciary ' of   Htat
" lu;^"'j. > Him'p'ij.;,:;;;;:
London, Jnn, 85.���(3:80 p. ni.)���The
jubilation    over    General    Warren's
inihieveiui'iil in cnptnriug Spion's kop
Tuesday night Is chastened by tbe realization thai his su ees's is only provisional ns ii appears clear from Genernl
Buller's tTl-patch thai the Boers fully
recogulze the s.rntigei nl Iniportai.oe
of Sin.m's kop,nud thai nt the nine bis
inossigo was se.it nil' they had not
abandoned the Ide. of recovering il"
position, Nevertheless, a heavy load
of nnxiely l.ns been relieved From the
nation ns there Is general expectation
us ih" British siieei'i'ileil iii keeping the
hui all day Imii.', thov will ninnngu tn
retain il until General Warren nlai is
guns enough mi ii tu domiuute ti e
Boer trenches right and I. ft. Then.
Is the usual disposition bete to exnu
gerntu the Importnnoe ol the pi im
snored, Hnt tbe best ini' irme I pi
lenllzo thai ��� Icuerul Bnller still h u
tusk ahead of him milling for dngued
lirrsi-li nee nml an i ntlrlllg all i ',
and lhal lhe iii illeully will IllOrenso IIS
the pnsiiiiin develops Tne relief of
tbe tension nn the stock cxehunge was
| very mark.'.I. Business began more
.liii'il'iillv all innnil and with an l.p
ward inovemonl under the Inflnencu 11
the   news   al    lhe    Wai1 I mice, ami   al
the i'lulis ami other resorts iberu was a
notable change from ihe gloomy  rem
nl yestordnv
1 he nppnnrano i of ne*s  placards on
tin. street  smii crowds "(  i plo lo
th.. War i mic" mid ih.. lobbies were
���oon filled to sufToontion    Those nenr
tin. notice hoard read out Ih"   liens   al
frequent Intervals fur the inn.'in of
late arrivals, wbn were unable tu np-
prOBOb ami each SUOeeSSlvO reading led
tu a renewal uf cheering. In the lad-
lw' lobby there were signs of the snd
siiie nf   victory    A   i-iirHtliui  often
nuked wns, "Wll.'ii will the disunities
lm received V ' TboOgh I i.n.'r.il lllll-
ler's ilispntcb is dated and spnil.s of
BpimVl kop being  enpliired last utgllti
it apparently menus Tuesdny niphi
Ai'i'iiniing tn General Bnller'i dis-
patch "tbe small gnmsnn whs surprised."   His   siiiisei|iieiii    statement
lhal, "uiu*   I..shi'S   were eom,i h rahle, "
iiiilieiiii'H Hint Hm British huer suffer
ml gieiilly from ���boll lire Iiiiiii III" Boer
J pusiliuus.
The statement thnl there wns only
a small garrison nt Spion's kop, aame
somewhat as a surprise as it had been
imagined the liners were there in
great foroe ami it is taken in some
quarters to indionrn thai the Hoers
were not sn surprised nl the nssanll as
it appeared, but hnd previously drawn
off their main body, ami left a small
force lo withstand iln> British advance.
li is evident, in spue oi the fact that
the Hritish hold Potglester's drift mid
the hills above, that the Hums have
succeeded in bringing up enough artillery to inflict nonsidprnbln Inssas nn the
tij !" i ond ' lie rangi a iu oidi I tu , ,������
vent ihis very thing, uud although
General LyitlCni ought to have poi
nenr enoogh to Spion's hup to either
intercept the retreating Boers or prevent a seiiuiis attaok uii'" the Hritish
bill taken possession of the hill.
The South African scout, �� K. Burn-
ham, now on his way hack to South
Africa, to become a member of Lord
liniicit's staff, expressed considerable
satisfactiuii nl the news of Hi" capture
of Spion's kop. He stud to n representative of the Associated Press: "It is
evident that, the Huer position is brill;;
shaken and I do not think it will ba
a Inns' busluess now to drive tbe Boers
ont   of   the  Drakensburg.     W.  shall
then    r h  a  rolling  open country
whore there is a obance to diiplny
tactics and undertake flanking movements and eavaiiy operation.    Bnl the
Boers ar" sure to make a must .l.-t��.-i"
mined stand annum Pretoria. II will
nut take 1uiilt lu reach the Boer capital,
lmt the seine of Pretoria will he both
lung and dilBonlt." Bnrnbam says
Ingram, another scout, leaves San
Prnuoisco forthwith to join nini in
Sonih Africa.
the liners will in the end, lm utterly
vanauished by the Hritish. When
that cutnes, the natural qnestiou is,
what will he the future of tlio Trans-
Van]? Not tbat oountry alone, lmt nil
of South Al'rien offers ondlcs opportunities in mining nnd agricultural industries, li i- one of tbe linesl conn-
tries in ih" wurlil, end is capable ol
Inch cultivation, lis resources nni
side of the gront gold mines, nr,' liv-
metidons. Ir can l " developed and civilized into a magnificent country, one
nf the mosi valuable nf rii.�� British
colonies, not equalling Australia prnb-
hii',   . u' proving a   priceless  pi i	
r. tl���.. '    ill ,'i".   '
ih a I "i ni iki the c inect'On 1 e-
i ei u ,.,i:.] an I Rhode, in. The natives nre loyal to Bngland, feeling
tliiit Groat Britain is their friend,
Thev Iniv., heen oppressed by the Hoers
so lon;:, that they will hail British
rule witli delight. The extermination
of the Boors ns a nation is inevitable,"
said Mr. Corlit_ iu conclusion, "hut
it may be thai the Bool'S who are lelt
will settle down ami become unnd colonists, and God-fearing people."
QWfjL'pU If (Ii'iin! IF   I  births, denths  and marriagi
0 IJ-jDiI, i _ U i.' J _J U il U i Vale hm I registration distri
Inhabitants oi" the Oily
Panic Stricken,
| tnria, A. M. Bunting, of Whitewater,
I William     Humphreys    Edwards,    of
K.tuloops, in  ii"  district registrars ot
es, for   the
The realty syndicate, of San Francis-
��� o, napil ii 55,00 10, bend office, Vancouver, a.   William . attorney, is reg
1st ri 'i   .i'    nn   "Mi.i "un Uioinl   com,
: pniiy.   'i'le-   following   companies art.
incorporated :
Liuli smith Gold-t up-
i-i'i Mill e;: i '" . ( i Trail, capital, 91, -
501 000; Atlin &   IVillow  Creek   Gold
STEAMERMIAMIASHORE "!ui"�� '':��� ������\^y^ <*#���
: !.-.. aing Star Mines, ol Rossland,
onpi.nl, c-.'eii.O; 0 ;   Morrison  lliues, of
, I ,i.'":..-,, i.i, o i_)iial    ,'i-".v. 100 ;   V.   nnd
Riots    e  rhreatene   in   I   ��� hinwreokI ,\{, Mines  Co., of Vancouver,  cupital
e  I'hreata ie   in Ji   ��� bipwreok
the White Kookt��� i'he Provincial Oaze'.te.
Loudon, Jan. 85.���Tbe War Ollice
has issued the following dispatch from
iSpenruian's Cntttp, dated .Tuunnry -,'i,
13:10 tin- mor'iiug: "Goneral Warren's troops Inst ni_h* ocoupied
Spurn's kop,surprising the small gnrri
sun, who (led. It his been held by ns
all day although wo were lieavilj attacked, especially by a verv nnuoying
shell tii" I fenr onr casualties nre
considerable nnd I have to inform you
with rogrel that General Wood^nte
was dangerously wounded, Genernl
Warren i< of thn opinion rhat be lias
rendered th" enemy's position is nn
tenable     Tile men nre splendid. "
London, Jan. UU.���(I a. ill.)���At
midnight, the Wat Office announced
that nothing further had heen received
from the front for publication imiigbt.
Halifax. .N. S., Jan. 25.��� Thi) troopship Pomernninii with "B" squadron,
G-nndiiiu Mounted Rifles, made np of
the Ni ii ill W "st Mounted Folic \ will
sail at 1 oo'look Saturday.
Berlin, Jan. _ii.��� The Foreign Ullice
is still publishing its endeavors to
secure the release of Hev. Mr Harnies,
whom the Hritish arrested in Natal
lmt month, on tha charge of aiding
Hie Boars, The Ijiirliuii authorities
have informed Loudon, so tbe Foreign ollice here understands, that Sir.
Hnrines rendered himself an object of
suspicion an.l a thorough Investigation
is necessary, which will take considerable time.
Buffalo, N, V., Jan. 25.���Hugo Cor-
lit-/,, of London, Eng., .-joint manager
foi M. I'ad.'iewski, the pianist, and
who has just ruoeutly returned from
ih" Transvaal, alter a lengthy stay ill
tbat Republic, Was interviewed   today
hi ii reporter ol the Oommerolal as
to matters in President Krnger's land.
He spoke Indignantly of the manner
in which the Uitlauders wtre treated
bv the Hoers iii Johannesburg, saying
the /nines (lhe police) were armed,
and shut down the Ditlnnders npon
the slightest provocation, sometimes
apparently wlthont provocation. The
British residents, be said, were subjected in constant insult frum tbe police'
mi'ii, ami oilier municipal employees,
iuBiilts irom which they hnve no redress. Practically tbey were under
subject ion. " A peculiarity nf the country," said Mr. Onrl.'tz, "is that the
English build benuiifnl houses in the
elites iiinl the municipal authorities
tnko no enre of the sli""ts sn tnnt they
are in a   lilihy,   unsanitary  condition
o ' ryvi Imi"     Th"   apnnarnn f  the
sir" is i. frightful, h cause the money
put aside fur the innnieipnl purposes,
mostly supplied   by  the fjitlandnrs, is
ei Into the poci s of the offlo nis.
There is no cleaning the streets, in
improvenieul of lim roadways, One
nf the greatest crimes laid at the
Boors," continued the speaker, "is
that they put the vilest liquor Into
the wnv of the natives. One prominent
linn there,   manufacturing   qnnntiiies
��� l the flory   stuff,   Is uiimuilly putting
��� ia ,���  sums   of   monev,   not   Into the
��� ���  - kl'tS    ",'     Ih" I lav. IIII, "111,    but   IlltO
the hands nl the olMolnls, I do not except I'n si.I.mt Krnger hns. If (ti in
I'omplicity In tins matter, Hi i i
gi ia Ins shnro through other oWcinl .
\ ��� far as ih" I i.a. helng s God fi ii
Ing ra".' is coucuriiod, ttiny show il
only hv bullrilug a lui nf nbiirohes, bnt
mn In their action i nlwnj s, > ine
tlr-i   principles "( Chrlsli ty would
i, i |nvn one's neighbors, In spirl .
�� hieli Hm Boers nre nttei ly Inek Ing
at all lines. Thoy do nol Inlernte
nnj other n llglon   than   th��lr own, ii
kind of I  nil ai lani-iu.     \o   iiiiiii    who
professes a nrnud other than iIns is nl-
lowed in  hold  office,   The Boers nre
ai ,, sluve driv.'is. If iiiii Boers win
in tins strngglo, wbloh seams Itiipossl-
tile at  priseiil,  they    will iiislanily i"
e-iaiili-h slavery In Smith Africa,
" | .in imi believe anyone has visii.nl
the   Transvaal   reoently," ooutlnuod i 	
Mr. I'nriitz. impressively, "who does r.nmlon, Jnn, ���.'.,. The si. jam.-
not share my opinion   In regard to tbe Gnzetto's onrrcsDnndnnl In his   mailed
Huer erudition   nf   affairs  there,   and, mil   of   the    buttle   of    Colenso,
II,"   euliiahillly   Of   lb"    Hois,  unless   dw.'lls on th" "lie,., ���r  ll,,. Mauser hui
let, wbieh he snys is "iiii iiiiuht ii very
possibly, he Is dlreotly.or Indirectly in i,,,,,,,,,,,, ���,���,., ���,���, luftlot-s-l some
the pay of the Transvaal (i'l-eriini'iil.   wo'nderfn] wnuuds.
"The   British   have   insl   with  re       "Home  of  the   bullets," be  snys,
;,   ,���  .���,.��� i,,,i  .......i.-iii  in. "took extraordinary courses.   ,\   i i
verses,   ,t   ii  true, bnl  one n.nn   en   w|||) ghnH��� t|)0  ,L   ������, ,.,,,.., ,,,������.
trenohed can keen ton men at bay, and ont nf his side and bo is .hung well
tho British havo been terribly handl- An officer was shot In the loft breast,
capped    The British  did   not prepare tho bullet enme ont low'down the bnck
for war   right,    did    not,    Wlthlll   mv1""1   I'" was   welkin,;   nhout   lasl Sun
''" ""'    ""        ,���, ..       day, and said  he i..|t   uuihiug   wnmg
opinion, "xpi'i'l war.     liny wei" lore    with him,
1,1 imn it .   I   "Th"  Boers  treated   onr  wounded
" I no iiiii believe the   war wi II he of ; well,    and    iii   faot  did nul  lake   llieui
lung  duration.   Ii   is  Inevitable that
Berlin, Jan. So. ���A Gorman gentleman nf In��_li politlonl 11111! Bocial Btiitns
whn is fully empowered to express the
views of Count Von He.'low. lhe foreign secretary, upon Angln-Germnn ro
lan.ms made the following statement
to  the correspondent  of  the'AsRoolnt-
ed  Pl'l ss :
"'the British do not nold a single
German ve-sel. and in negotiations aie
now in progress, since Germnny has
not yet formulated lur clause for in-
ueinnity; [nvestlgntiun is lirst m ei s
siirv nul ihis is now ornoeediug, The
I'd Hug between Grent Britinu and
Germnny is growing better, despite
tho efforts of the jingoes of i�� Hi conn-
tries to the contrary, Reonnt remarks
inii-t nol. be understood ns meaning
thnl Germany is aiming at onnveuii.g
n i���.mien uee for the hit1 rnnl ionul set-
tlotneni of si a rlglil of neutrals hi fore
ll ' iini of the war. As (or all talk
about intervention  it Is  bnseh ss,   No
a ii ni. iii ion exists nnj place, "
I,on.Inn,   Jnn   "a     i lenciiil   Buller's
ni'd is   in   in ��� i roops   ih" siilislai  of
will li ba ��� already be. n onbled l" the
Associated Press, fninwnrnln. them to
hi ware . f (al-e orders, ciincliiiles i
���our general:, will give only ol i
del namely 'ndviiiiee,' Hlionld iniv nee
in an> iiuie lie snrni Iseri hy a volley III
close quarters, he must leiuember that
the only wnv lo vlotory lies In rushing ii|i"ii lhe eni'inv,  lur   the one till nil
il ii" ny aim not   stand   is  n hand m
hand lie In Ihis war has Ina n forced
I. i i he hev -', and iiiisesi tu..i Ives, by
an enemy who use every means nf
treachery, deceit and c mspirnny, to
gum (heir ends. Lai us hear ourselves
as tlie Hoots deserve, "
I'.nil.in uml iiii (fourth I'iikii.
Victoria. H. ('., Jan. _."i. -According
to advices received by the steatner
Miuwern, wbloh arrived this morning
from the Souh Seas,the plague at Hon-
. 11 i.i ii is itBsnming fur mine serious dimensions thnt was ever dreamed of.
Up to ihe time the Miowern sailed, the
death list bnd amounted lo 'is in all,
land of these one of the viotims was a
white woman, whn according to all re-
'ports, was uf ih" most cleunly   habits.
The city of Honolulu is panic stricken, and other islands ol the group are
greatly excited, Inter-Island ship-
; ping is at b standstill and matters are
��� becoming serious iu regard to the
food supply.
The people of ill" luwn of Hilo,
which is in future to be the port of
.���all for the In rs" transports of the
United Stales, refuse to allow the
steamers from Honolulu to bind there,
threatening to drive them hack by
foree of arms, should they attempt to
com,' in. Steamers are still arriving
from Japan with full loads of Japimeie
immigrants and nm throng at the
quarantine stations is growing to
enormous proportions,
The steamer 7oriliime Main arrived
when the Miowern was in port with
over live hundred ou hoard. This crowd
increased the horde nt quarantine to
nearly four thousand,
'lim ."nine.e.ti's cargo included some
big shipments of frozen mutton for
this port, uml mnoh sugar from the B,
('. refinery. Her cargo in full was as
follows: 1,850 carcasses of frozen-mutton, 9,083 bugs of Bllgur, 105 bans of oil
cake, 840 barrels of bids, il bnrrnls of
pelts, HI casks of whiskey, and Hi
packages of sundries.
The Miowern did not call at the
plngue infeoted port of Honolulu, that
is, she did nol berth liioro, hut anchored outside the harbor and the. mail
wns brought .nil to ber. She did not
embark pnssangers or hind freight.
j h.,ii .,he carried passengers, which of
c mse wonld have necessitated a iisk.
iier I'liisar snys, a thousand could
have heen obtained. The Bleamers ply-
fug to San Frnnoisco are arranging to
carry passengers on the agreement
Hun the Intending passengers before
shipping go into quarantine for fifteen
nays. The Mi.iwna left Sydney on the
Und i.islam,and Brisbane ou tbe 5th,
The sie.iui collier Miami, a large
steamer of the fleet engaged in carrying con! frum Vnucouvor Island cilleries to San Krani'iseii is ai-lime uu White
Rooks, nnd uccnrdiug to privute advices recoived hy ii shipping in in. sh"
is liable In become a wreck, The lirsl
news of the n.oidi ul   to tho big oollior
was  rt iveii   hi   a  brief message  to
I. UK-lev, Logim it ' 'ii. , �� ho ai once
rl pub In d tin tug I.nnie nnd a pilot in
her nsBi ituuce, ll wns then thought
i hut -li" wu i nol sorb usly Injured ami
would   soon   he    hauled   off   Into deep
wan i' by the tug nnd the collier Hiis-
tul, which hail goto lu lur dssistauce.
Both i ho Lot ne iiiiiI Bristol fulled to
move lur aim a later message received
here n ports ihat the damage to lhe
M iniiiI is more serious, nnd in the
opinion nf tbo writer she was not
i l.i |j ,o hisl long. _he wns said to
be in danger of bn akin;: In two, SIih
��������� ii heavily loaded \. iib coal for Bun
l'"i:i in i:i i, si inn i lie went ashore on
11 e  dnngerous   little  gioup of  roofs,
ai.mud    which |l '    colliers   have   heen
in the habit ol passing v, bolt bnond ont
\> nli their coal onrgoes from I n stel
,'.r,, and was lo have been linn led to
ihe  (loldeu   Gate, as  nl   the  pn i ul
; iimi. linn  is a i oil famine   (hero, nud
lhe mm nrrivnl of tin  bi n nf lhe
Miami   w ill    "i loni ly   nireel il nr
knt, The Miami i n sti el, I iv In-screw
steamer ol '1,030 ions, buill nine years
ngo   by   Sim] I    iV    Son- Oo .   of   Now
i York, ai which po, i she is   registered,
She is ll'.O  ,""!   lung,    13   'i "I   llOl    mill
i, i, 11 deep, She Is said to be nndi i
charter to lloi en,. Id I ��� Sons ,v  i lo,. ol
San  l.'raiii'iseii.
Tl Hieiai  (Inzotte  today   i nun
noli I Ilu.   followiug I'rov inri.,1 up. I
pointmontsi George H. Cross, of New
Westminster,  Jobn  Fannin,   of   Vie
Tlie   L.itlslaturi  Got Through   Plenty
of Business.
, Spin ini Dispatch to The Miner, i
Viotonn. H. ('.. Jan. 35.���The
House belli auoiliei short, but pretty
busy session today, Green presented
a petitiou from Slocan City miners.
a��king that the Eight-Hour law be
nit interfered with. An ant to amend
Ilie Jurors' Aot was brought down hy
nn age, Bills in safeguard trustees
hy shorteniug the period for registering bills oi snla nnd prividing that the
Lands and Works Department shall issue .'r.-.vii "lairs for mineral olaims
instead of the Mines Department were
re id a se 'mul time. '1 lie County
i.'.mrts Vacation Bill, thi Mnnioipah
lies Bill, the Farmers' lusi itntes and
Notaries Hills were pnt through com-
m ittee.
Tbo debate 11" the afternoon was on
il: Bills ot Sale amendment This
will prnliiihlv he amended in committee. The pi iieral feeling is Hint in the
Const cities the lime fnr registering
may be reduced to, say. ten days, but
in other distriots the change from 31
Mays to i I i- strongly opposed, while
in sum" pais nf CaBsiar and Cariboo ii
is asked ilia" the time be made 80
Wnehiu:-! . P O.. Jan. ���>:,.-TTu-
en-- of Hi i rhsni i l. Roberts, the Mur-
in..a repn ntnilve d., ��� from Ut��b.
which hn ocnopied so much of tbo attention ot the House since the assembling of Congress, was d.'eiiled todny
by the adoption of a resolution to ex-
elude luni by n vole of 368 to 50 The
Innguagn of the resolution wns ns follows: "That nnderjthe facts and cir-
coins,aces of the ease, Brigbam 11.
Huberts representative elect from
Utah, ought not to have or bold n sent
in tlie RonseJJof Representatives, nod
that the seal to which he was elected,
is In i'ehy declared 'vacant,' " The
iiiiii'inlmeiit to expel Mr. Roberts without searing him, offered by Mr. Lnoey,
was i'lled our on a point of order, and
the House only voted upon the resolution of the majority and minority ol
the committee. The Intter to seat and
lin-ii expei .Mi. Roberts, wob defeated
by 81 io 344,
Paris,   Jnn   35.��� \n       idei    ���   ���> h
is ci nam to i o!;i  vi ioious   prutes s
is the visit uf tm, f'ardinal lllchnril,
lhe Aroliblsbop of   Paris,   ti  tin  lu id
l|ll liters of 'he    AsSUlUptlo lisl     i.-ll.e, -
(whose oriler was dissolved ) (terdsj
by the e.irieriii mil i " ni 11 I.i nres. i
Ins condoli ii es mi j i ne, day s c mvu ���
tion     The ( ar.iinal     irrii SO unexp' "I
petty, while Ilui   ia" lying
iu ihe chain .      IV .1   tal incl him
at the   ii     11,   Cnrdinnl  proceodod
to the editorial room ol Ln Croix,
which i- tl"' organ ,���', the Assumption.
isis,    i   strnnnly    nntl Ministerial,
The iir'dnle blessed tile edi.nl and said,
"I urge v.ii In persevere in your work
w lib simplicity nnd llrmni - ���
Pnrii.   Jnn   :���      In the i Ihnmbei   ol
Deputies   lodny ,^1   l.u-n      unti-Sem-
ii... presented his   Intel pell itlon ol Ibe
i invi i iiiiii ul "i. Hi"   High i ',,,,11 1"'  '
en im:, hui the Premier ;M,   Wnlrti nl
Ri   ii nu,   refused  tn nci i   ill nnd a I,
eii lot' ii .   iiostpiiiuum ni   for a mouth
M,    IjIISII      He II   v.,Ill,' ,1     Iii    ill-, nss    |l
��� i       but II    ' ��� ni    ��� ii
by   the   , luinihei   ngn elm i ;.i.hI -
poueilieiil for n niniil h  . Inln M   Lnsles
limed   " the   pi npln   �� ill   lay yon
lua    i I ll' ���    l    W ll
shall I..- in ii," mid I ol the carnival.
nu,i thai i ��� nol ii si uson to n msslnnto
'.nu, itui ,i
Si. Johns, Nihl.. Jar 35 .News
has just heen received I bul n huge.
nni now ii vi ��� ' i m eui v. eul nshore ou
i     i .. i Point   in   Bay ril   ' lenrge,   on
Wen -ii.iv.   Jan. i,     Hi r  spars wore
nil gmi" ami a l"i of w recknge wm
along her .-i'i.'. hui -I '��� showed no
sicii" ol men or boats Mnn news is
ex|' "led.
Hnrrisbnrg, Pn, Jan i 'i Ini Male
Democrat i" I onimii ��� ��� ni tin pnen for
the th in,"���ra.'.v of the StntOS lodny I y
making i '"I I Will ill ni J. Hrvnn   lis
eh,in" for lhe  I'n ���   ,le.ley   ill    the    veal
I\Ti��l��.nn    Dnil.7   Mi*nfirltake stBp910 mlsrePr'sent Mr- Robert*
l.LI&UIl     JUdilJ      lVllliCl   son, and so this story is   published   in
- ' tii" hope that they will be still farther
llblisoed l��Mly except Monil&y.
11   1    I1EA TON.', Editor and Mainmor.
ini * ased.
Mr llennton will probably contend
that he has ih' word of thirty four
men, as against one on the other side.
Kvii then the oil" would Ik believed,
unless it can be abown that the
thirty-four dropped from the liionii.
There bave been labor ttonbes in the
Slocnu since Jnno last JJurinu those
eight months they have been disonss-
ed iu every camp, town, nnd city, and
in every newspaper, in the Province
It 1- -imply impossible thnt any mnn
er body of men swliiug employment as
miners onnM hnve resided in British
Colombia a week   without knowing of
  ilu m    If those thirty-four signed   the
declaration  alleged,    they   hnve writ-
���.elsonMiiiirPrintlnK-tPubllshlngCo  ��� ��� themselves down as too  hopelessly
Subscription Kates,
Morning Ed
11 lily per mocth by c-.n'or	
per half year	
iiur yerr	
imr y^ar by mail	
pervtar fofelfrn	
Nelson  -Vkkkiy Minek.
Weakly, p< r l.ilf year % 1 25
p. r yenr    "HXI
i. a year. forciKn ... 60
������i.i,,. i .j, [on  a,,ariably Inadi .i" ���
1900 1900 |y*jinino; Stocks
Bousltt and Sold.
Advertisement-insert-- under tliii head iu
[ the rat  of one cent a word per In-ertlon.   N'o
ti-eoi'nt tnken forl-i--  Imn 25, ,-nts.
Ollice aul Pocket.
Tena anJ
Mary  Bellc
'I i i.i (PHONE    Nn-   14.)
The  Miner will pa)  Si
for information thai ���'. li   the
urtiiht and ..-mi. tion '���:
who  steals  a cop)   oi   tr 1 i ��� paper
irem the  premises ol om subscribers.
���h   morning
received  by
than   any   other
stupid and ignorant to understand anything. Tie- testimony of -mil men!
would not be worth a moment's con-i
sideration. The declaration may >xi-t.
bnt if does it was nbtaiued from men
either too Ignorant to know
said or too unscrupulous to cur", nud
leu who do i.et bc-siiate
to fraud ;��� niai, a point. 1'.
i~ "ii such evidenoe as tin- Mr Houston relies, in his eagerness to Buppori
th. fraud and to keen up th"  Hrife.
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lessens ill French '
A   idy   <*. Le-'
desires t" explnmu
'or I s-nu- ill ' ii   li-1'
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I:.-:-- .��� ilu-      ' ri
an tnstnllmi nts ," .
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employ   > i
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uuu lo ii.
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the I reiuoi't Hon 1.    A reward ol ill)
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rear of Athabasca   Snlnon,   ocnuoied
by lias Cnmonuv      Apuly on in .-hi ir-.-s.
. i ,,hui.,
The dlsoussion "t the Elgnt-Honr
amendment was postponed from Inst
session t" this, The reversal of the
rule to duly weigh and consider any
proposed legislation before passing it
has nnt been attended with  the happi-
t   result.    On   another   occasion   our
|legislators will  do  well to  debate the
The Miner publishes
iiior" ie-w - ol the   world
wire nt its own ofllce,
newspupei in British Columbia.    This
,- a remarkable olaiui   i"  malti in be-. ,
I nn-asur.-before   it   is made law. rather
''"I""   ���>>'��'��   four-pagi   paper, pub- tfc(tn after    lt  thi| hnd  ll(.en (lone   |n
lished in a town  ol   live  thousand in-1 the   ease o(   the  Eight-Hoar amend-
habitants, but   it is   jnstitied   by   the] meat, there i-  good reason to  believe
faota    Our dlspatohes ar"  not   jiaddod
with clippings from other papers, bnt
are fresh irom the wires, and appear
as early as in any other newspaper in
('itiz.-us of Nelson might   do  worse
iiiun give this  simple atati ment a few
th" mining industry of Boothem Brit-
i-b Ooluraoia wonld have been spared
the blow ihut i- -till staggering it.
From Portland, Me.
 Inn. ;.i
Feb,  :.
1 ��� :���   I
���.'���*.      ....      .  Feb  1'
i-auii St".*.   \ o**k    ���
White .-.Ar J ini* "Teut nic" Fob 'i[    Urt    B_.RhER, Jjeutist  hii_.
 '������'' ���"��� ���'-��� ���   jj��b 3  an ofti''**   with   Dr     Morrison.
.North bcrman Llu)d        .Ie       _*������ ��� 6 i, ���___  ,.,,i ,    ..--i- �� __.-_____,-ii*.
Vmerioaii Lin   ������.-*.         Feb 7 | BPd ntirlBe work a upeP.alfr.
Red Star Line "Westorulaud"  F��b 7 ���
Cunard L.&e'*Lucat_ia".. .   ... Fen Im
Allan State J_ine ".*riato of Nebrunka' .Maroh 1
From Ronton
Dominion Line "Xmw Enpland", Feb. 14
From St. John. N. B.
Rearer Line "Laho (mtario" Jan. 31
Beaver Lino "Montrose" Fob "
_'astru_ges MrranKoit to .ind from all European
point--;.   For rates, tickets antl full informal ion
'iDplj* to 0. F. R, depot a^i-nt or 0   K. Heasley, i 	
OityPa8sengei^nUNrtroniBjr,riei qAS   aI1(1   Q|L    ENGINES,
E. Bearfley,
ISelM-n, H.i
W. }'. F. CUMMING8,
General A-teut. (' P. !_. OtHoen  Winnipeg
Blelchert and HaUidie tjystemB.
Bftbeo.k ami Wilcox.
We have just received
a carload ol choice
igent Ontario Mutual
Life Assurance Co.
lB^_.'.r;;K nelson, b. o.
I Or to Fbroubson .t Orofts,Vancouver
Mr BelgeaBen may he n most
wortby person, but 1��- will not Ret the
oonutry to believe that he did not
come (luwn  from Atlin n lew   months
niinuti'H of very   thouKhtfnl considers-1ago,   liro.itliinc   rtire   threats   against
I the Government   for  their   Alien  Ex-
, . , ....    oloalon Aot.    H<
iirnie, lint   wi- nre   fairly
not l-wtinx of  enter-
mtitleil   to
We  are   __   __.  .   _
iniitesteil   it wus (In-
llngmnob  barm  to plaoer mining in
ask if the business men Of the Olty thft, aisttlot. He may repent and
who an anxions tn 8��e It grow Into 1 oreep baok to tbe Ministerial fold, lmt
prominence   nud  importajee  do not I ha gains nothing  by pretending now
I that he   h,ul never struyeil.   either   in
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A Piano that improves under
usage.    More  musical than
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being left undone by its
makers to advance the in-
instrumeut musically and to
keep up the hijjh standard
Hudson's Bay Stores
West Baker St., Nelson.
Telephone 18.
think tbat snob a pews service iR
worthy of enoontagement. They will
not need to be  told   tnrtber tbat   the
thuutiht nr act.
The   people   at   Ottawa   will ��ive a
unly prneti,.,i enconragemant that oan ������,,, ���,,������������ ,,, Mr, E D MurtiUi
be given a newspaper Is t.i patronize I elected yesterday as member for Win-
It.   We think w��  ean claim   tbat re-1 nipeg,   In  Bberbrooke  the i.'ouservn
ward.   We are   poblisbina  a  aewsy  lives keep tbe seat, althongh  it would
paper and a elenn paper, "ii" in evory
way worthy of Nelson, It i~ gnuil lui-i-
ness on  the |inrt of  the people to son
port a
pnpei   of  Which   that   ean   I.e j has nm iiii'r.'.'iM-d   bis
i appear by a slightly reduced majority.
| The Uot>eminent made an nnosnally
earnest effort to enptore it. The ie-
-nl' i- mi indication that the Premier
strength   in his
the laM  genera]
own   Provinia
Mr. Hoiistmi and his paper are as
ready if ever to Inflame tbe passions
of tlm miners, and to proloug th> tron-
bles thai are proving so disastrous to
the bosiness Interests nt tbe Koote-
nays.   While others who fori their re
Thomson Stationery Co., Ltd.
Great Reduction!
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The News .dvertlser, Mr. Cottons
paper, says ths Qovernment had three
in a majority  on   Mr.   Clifford's mc
tion of   want   nf   I'linlideui'e.    The di-
\i- abows only two, with Mr. Mar
tin   innl   Mr      Biggins   absent;   but,
i'n n. there was tbe Speaker, We have
���ponsibillty as law-abiding und palri-1 never before known a Bpeaker to be
otie citi/.en- regret tbe differences Ibal   Included In lhe regular  reckoning of a
exist, Md aro using all their inline   majority, but  they  do strange  things
to bring ibonl a seitl.mnnt, tbe Mayoi  ont In Viotoria,
ni  Kelson  and    Ins   i, i   .mil  organ 	
never lose <n opportunity to add fool A young Ontario volunteer, writing]
tn tbe tlanie. The Elght-Honr law Ito In- motner from De Aar, says:
baa been made tbe subject of moch dir-   'They used   na  One In  Cane  Town.
i-ossiou already tins wasloti, and while The �� in and nirli gave us tobacco
there will be very  general regiet tbat I and algat-ttea,   and  ginger  ale,   ami j
this interest in u  w.n  not  displayed  told di nol to mind the white Huk bnt
before it w-a- palled  there   Is no little  in peg  it   to   them."   Those  women
-itihfuetioii in observing tbal lhe mem   and girls were right, as  they  usually I
ban at a rale appeal  sensible "f the are,   And never fear bnt the boya will
mlsoblet  tbal   baa bevn  oaoied,  ami peg  it   to  them  when   thoy  get tbe
manlfeet   a   disposition   to do any-  ohanoe,
thing reasonable nr pun tii i
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Kootenay Lake.
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on hand of
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of tbe Famous st. i.oon iiot Sprtngs Mineral
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��� son, who iMUttdeaiera in linuo a, olgan
cement. Are b lOk and tire ol ��f, water pipe and
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���   wtuie.idu dealers lo Crokh and oared
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fords, NELSON and l.AKl.o
J.   A.   SAYWARD.
to   ���
Nil -us. II. r.
,,sir it.   Ihe whole Pro.li.oe. Inrleoil, in   lhe  lew."  seys  one  of  tbe | u^.suwS''^- ��-^j��5Ji^S..T' �� '"' ''
pertosrted  that   thei lothlng  shnatnrs    Xbe  lew   has hsd u  seven
months'   innl m Roesland, nod every
iiinmin  ��� iin.|itny in  iii" district  hns
p.iitiniiiii   for   11-   i inliiniit or re-
very eerionely wronii, end that a doty
n'Mt- -ijiihm here li poi 11 i lihl Oood
oltisens reelles tbal this i- nol a tint*
lur words "i nations thnl will pr<
uitiH'i disci in. imi Mi Hi u ton I-
nut Inflnem ed  b)   i nnsidi rstunis thai
ui,|hmI tn tin   mason nnd n	
of tlm-'   whn have a n gard i
pnblio int.-r��-_t
a ftw 'in*" an" a in.mi er 11 nu ii
���.ver.' employed on Ibe L'onsl to work
> S'K'un uinn' bnl on arrival were
tampered with by agents 11 Ibe t Dions
���ml tin' majority of tbi m were Indue
nl ti, violate tluir ' iniiiii- Mi
linustnii nml ln�� paper seise on lbs lo
oldent    in    in-  desire   t"    ��tu   np
liirtli'i  tmul'li'     *lli" ni.'ii.    it  I, '.unl.
were deceived    in proof of this tb"
wi.nts ul mi alleped dei laratlon. made
uml aigoed by  themselves  an quoted
Tiioy   I'lsiin    ii   wi    represented  to
them timt "there was ab ��� loti ly no i��
Imr ttnnl'l ��� nr   "trik" in  the   Miami ''
Mr.   Robertson,   tbi   mnnBRei ol  ti"
nun", denies tbal   then   n v oon
I'i'iiliiii'iit   ur    iiii-i. i ntal i' ii      nn,I
in rapport ni in- ,ii-, i.i.ui.'i obtains
a telegraphic meseaRi* from thi agent
wh" emph 'i"i 'I'" "u 'i i hh ngenl
i h'iv omphatto snd eipllolt In tn-
stiitiiini'iit thut th" linn v.in Informed
of iiiiii iii"i"nuhiv noderatood iii<- ������ >.
a, i Blronmatai s of the eltosllon   itm
the miners are to be k. |ii in s i ndl
tion ol rnsi'Mttiii'iil, innl s iuiiikIv
tbe  Union  Igntl  uml   Mr    Bl
peal iWhut   more  could   I"'   desired ���
The iini" lm- gnne ' ��� tot nn appeal of
iimi kinil.
I   -I   .In-, |,li of I'ri, ���,.      li ,. -im-
,' Hi,-, uriu-riit Mill ai,<l .li,-, I'liii.r .'   .
ll luflhu   boil   im-ul, nli.,I   |".iiiiiii. ,,t   N.'l-
soii, uml i- -a i .-i',i,   from  nil liarl-
oflliui ||y.
ti ui , ii!   Hit]]  lm liuti    11" fniiiliiiiii'ii
nil nn,I ii'-l,, i' lit.iii, lie. ol ii tlioroii|.ti hiik'<l-li
liu-ii" ii r-.     Roakhoujillia,
,    !.\ a,,,I   I I |��� H nl Hi.'      Hl'll i ���,   , uui-c
\i'i-;'. \',��� .1  1   ln_tr.il la);  llmwfng
I',..a, snd An Ni-odlnworki i all-ih, ni, -.
'on Skaguay, U.S., Atlin, B.
C, and Dawson City, Yukon
Nelson Cleaning and Dyein;-
S.  II. riK.RKK Prop.
Ladies' ."ind Gents' Clothingf cle.-me 1
dyed, altered and rcpnired.
' H_Hf nl I ' ������'.���   II...-I. ..'I-II\
Bulldsrswlll (lnd ll m tholr advantage io
iluuri' wiih lii'niili'v \- I',,, on Piiluilnu.
l,.kr!  .-11'.', I    -V l-tlll.     W llOlu_llL'lll'' I
1 sn in ffs ti mul oured meals
I.I.MIIl.li     liak,
1. tll'..l('�� ,1, It .1,1.'
nnber-',nut iin-...
,iu,   wnui.
���K i.U|i|in,-,
'111.I    "HI.I,
NUS ��� mill- it.tu ul,i>.
The direct route from
to all points
EAST   and   WEST
l-'ii'-l ���( lun- SIhi._i.1S ill   t-iiiii'- Iiiiiii
REVBLSTOKBA KOOTENAYLDH   ___.__,__,____,_..__.-...�� ^.,
��� l_.ik-_.-r Ol., Ni .
TOURIKTCAR8 p��s- Medicine Mat
iii.il>- mr Si. I'ii nl.   Sundays  nnd   Wnl-
nesdnyfl for   Toronto..    Ptldftyi   foir
Montreal nnd Uohiou.                          .1 Y GRIFFIN 4 CO- amor v.
,.._ms Revelstoke one day .YX^--''''''^iU,i'^,u'1- Nttl 'who
TUHNLR,   BfcbTON   &   CO.   uhh
.triio.  i.ti.i j.*-!', iiini- alreai .   N��
wiiuiffiiiu tt.-.ik'if in itqiiuN aigan afld d_T
ki.imi-    t\gaiti fur i*.I.-. Mil-Win^ i u  oi Ml*"
��n ktoaiiui alKac) t-t i��wi  11��>   >l
H~ UDbUN'-i ti*s>( OU.
inn-' aud ii'jiun>.i . . i
in provMoii-,ourad m-Mti, i_.iir.i *��_
. I ���
)    Ml     '.I   IH
.tip. i loi
..ti��i [..ii [< Hint ��� ��pjj|j in tha BUtor
\n inn, .��� ,'i prevention ii
worth a  |iiuiiiil  oi   ��� ure,
I' \nn Iiiiie nol Iini
AMi III   1
Which ��ni
i nu in .,, iiniort nn a'
I'n.,, .i.i.i,mil |l.i.
Which ��ni   '"'ii.' ui ron Il4.no
>n- -i fort nn ,!. a     o os
I    icd hoi
per Mi'ik If
Mrs.   McLaughlin's
MIMM. Itltilkl It, -OTAK1   I'I IILIC.
i\ im','ini'ii'MJeee. Oorrssp   -e&osBol'olted
WIMlKltMKUK. ..   (!.
srhora ynu oan depenll on -riiiii- the best
ia ii,a in Hi ��� market am any ,1111,1,111., fun,
I'ir. up,   la a,iimi ba 'ii imii a,
Tn nul fnuii Ui.lisiin, HukhIiiiiiI. J,'., MILLS,   i.imiii.i,   ( uruor  H     '
l,'v    U,,n |.v    v,,���      "''"    ""H'l' -.   .Ni-I-iiii    iiiiiii,iiiii'Iiiiviv  ,,f   mul
Qi-i t _,,,������_, .'x",,1"   "," -"'--I--..I--.-... ���.- 1  ni nil kl	
8.00 L,V, M'.I.SON All- 11.10   I'llnrliiD milk mail,��� i���n ,|,.r.
IK. ini.v.ihiily NELSON dally Arr.__.10
Morning tniin ennnente for nil poiots ACETYLENE gas
in HllfMi.MIV I'OfNI'lfV. W ANSI ONE'S DRUGSTORE.    '���
K In llllll    lllllll    ,"',.".'', ���' I'll"'" 1,11,1   link' I    ,-l,i, In.    Ak'-'
,1,1 I,   ���,���l    ���v      !'"' ' ''.'' ''"���"  VfTllUs iiiiiI   M.llnll.l   A,',.|)l,'li"
....!'.".. '..!i:  ,'" M'l'i'iii''"
A. R- BARROW, *._t.i.c.i.
Provincial Laud Surveyor,
I.i'iik   in
' Nelson Employment Agenc
Tram lei
Tie    Mil'1
Luiiinli v ami :
I   IKI   \      I Oil
llllll'.   IIIIII.I.IM
Olrli  for
J. H. LOVE. Apt      Baker V
Prank A. Tamblyn, Mgr.,
Bakbh Strbi 1. Nbi ���
Evening iralu ooiidpcI
Miiin I,itic nml polnte 11
Sim.1 limn nil points in BOUNDARY
Daily. Btr, Moyle limlv,
21.ihi Lv.        NKLSON        Ait. I7,to
I'liiini'iiH  Kootenay   Landing ��iili
Orow's Nest Braoob trfllne both wuvn.   ,'
Ex. Ban.      sir. KnlcRon     Es.Bun '���'���'���"O' t,a. ouwHrn
 I*       NELBON       Art. 11.1.         rRPPM jfc pi rmirMTC
sniiniiiiv in  Aiiii'iiin  nml return '        -UUUMi at b__B___UI 1B
leaving Kaslo 81 ��k. i ���_. i-v-ll   ��"iiKiiiccr..   and I'roviin-ii.l
Ex, Bun, El. Sun,
ciiiiii'i V!,'i���ii������i���i Kootenai hi*.
O.Box US, Telephons Ko
M.l.^i is s   Ul KK.N    Nn.   .'ll
RONM    "I     KNULANII,    i i
lli-i   nml    ilniil   U> <iln)   of
i-i.. I,   iiiiinili   ul   Krali i'n
I'liNii'i-  nf  Haki'i   nml   Iviiiiti'iniv
ii   -ti.-.-i-.   VliUIng bmthi i.i
mil) liull,il.
-l"ii I li i    ia.     i , ,, ',,i \
0.00 l.v. NELSON        Ar, 14.-0
Pot rates snd full lufom-atlon address near
<���  I In, nl ailrlil. HI
c   I. Iii A8LKY  ill) I'n ii-.t aki'ih
II.   VV    IHIKU.  A|(|.|,|. N,|.i i,
Trav, rn���. Aiii'iii.      A ii. r  Aki'i.i
"  * V .in ,
P.O.Bos IU
Kelsofli il
Baraain sale # O'Reillys
Paper Hanger,
--l.wi.-r,      l'..i,,|..r,     E-C
Chimney Sweeping.
.Ollice, Ward St. opp, Opera Houn
��� prKD    HEJAU-E    NO I
...    [] Will Be Arranged Inside
No Smillpo*- Yet iu
!��,,  days nu mail,   i
tins lii'ini receiv
For Iln']'
vMtiin.' 'I' ws|i>��livrs
u ,.,������.,   snokniie,   nml   pot)
lV| v  ,|   |B,   llllll   ulll'Il    ni
Tlin   ri'iiann   why
ai'- ;i "
���au ho ospi"'te'l
,  ���.  is Hint   the mail   is   not
,"'"B'',t��il slid eons-qnenlly   ie not
Jj to i'ii-- 1'"" frontier. Mr. 1
'"!] pc-ieral iuspentnr of the ralhv
��� ,,; ������d stntioiietl  nt Spokane,   v.
m, , .,,   Monday   that   the  na
,���..,!,-i�����ii-:ii'|| before It woold
���Uoereel  til enter   British   Colnmbi
���,���i (,'ii.Ri'iiplied  Hm  department
W���8|,i,,Kton,   Tiny,    however,    con
1,1        ���iti  i��iv n�� nppiirently
��� -. fares    in be n
c i
!';������- ���
I   till .1 lit'   all1 la !'���
|l,l I'     I'' ."    U.  Si     l'
I    ;! ,   no i ���snr.v nl'
ip���,i. ,in- -111 i"" nimlii insiile nf 48
L0���rs |��� ih,. meantime Wednesday's
ndThnwdsy's mall remains oiled np
at Northport.
���]���]���,,, i- null.inn new in tlie Innil
siiii.i'ii'ii Fiirtnniiit'ly cbere nre no
ra-i.in Nelson, nnd the quarantine
reflations nre working snt-sfaotorily.
All Un' passengers from the aoiuli
vi-ti-nliiy wero provided with the no-
ff-siry I'ltilii'iiii's, .'iini none lnnl in hr
Itirncil liai-k.
It wns freely stated in town yesterday thol two oases of smallpox had
been ilisnovered  in  Rossland,   rhis,
however, wns not the nisi'. Dr. Ln
Him, in response to inquiries, received
an otHcial intimation yesterday that
not only hnd no case nf smallpox been
ili-ii.irii1. Inn thnt there was not
evi'ii ii suspicions cnBe. ThiB disposes, of
adnmaniuf! tumor wbloh was Indus'
itinnsly spread by tlionglitless persons.
Two cases hnve however, made their
ni'pi'ni.ni" in the Republic Clamp, in
Cnlvilli' Keservntion
Thr Cmi-i -inm nl the Yards Hns Been
Ai -laiul Borne Hays ago in The
Mhiit iii,' vn-li of froigbt into Greenwood lms been so grent thut congestion
waited, mul Mr Frank Pi-torH went
fan I, iry uml Btrnighlen ont mat-
ten Winn there in' fniiinl iimi n great
il'iil .'I   frclelll     lui    Miilw iv,    Rook
Creek nnd Camp MoKIuney had nlsn
.'ui'iiiiiiihiini theto, the conkisnees
not being able to gel it freiiibted
nuMv. There wers also very large con-
slgnmenis for the Greenwood mer-
ii'im-. ii .mv of whom   lnnl   allowed
their stncks to i une almost depleted
��i:ii' waiting lor tbe railroad tn be
lim-li'il Mr Peters rented n large
warehouse which nocnouterj fur n large
���'""iini ni  lim surplus, nml,   ns  the
ulii hnve jnst I i laid in'u Midway,
mm down -iiiiiii oarloads of fr< Ight
1,1 'Hal   I" i n     Th,.   yanls   weie   nlsn
I il encumbered with oonstrno
lion material.    Mnoh nr this lms   Doen
1 nnd shippers can now be sat-
"     ' al goods will   rench  their des-
��� nli reasonable promptltode,
nl-'    OFFICERS.
Aiinii.il Meeting ,,i Independent Order
nl Km caters,
Ibe Independent Order of Foresters
""'' '" '''at, nml ||���|| |,mt ni��ln whim
the in-tnlluiiou nf officers fur tlm ensn-
'"-'v " ���      place,   The offlcors eleot-
���"I  '"nl   di lv    iii.ia|l���,|   with:   Court
I' '��   "   '*   R.,  Hi...  W    It.    Shnw;
." : ����i"   r, lim .1   a   Irvlngt Vloe
,"1"1 '"'"""i.   I'"     .1.   .1.    Cln.inlii'l'-:
���       ��������� '-"ivtary   Bro,   Fleming i
'���'���'iv,   Bro,   Paiiersnn;
i |" W, ll  Smith i  ilini
. "   ;'" K    Irwin: Senior   Warden,
��� lm Warden   Bto, l-r.-t-
1   idle, Bro, ,i,.ir,'���'��; ,i������.
I,1 ';;,;;    '     Hoyd; Pbyslolan, Urn.
" mles ovor,   those nrea-nl
.'!'",",'" ""  "wwllml  niid  iiuiiii
��� ^   Mr   Willn.inK.    Thn   BOOd
 I. Ur. Arll.nr   ,���������	
��f M'     "    I-     IOX,    whn
with un iinii.iiiiiiv   heppy
"" i hatrman nr tl venlng,
"' Hanger, !���". w. s��������
,,,"',': '''''   '/'"I I   of   III.-    High
Order, to wbloh   Mr.   w.
1   I'litii'i  member of tlm
.'..���'   ispijed    Mr ,i. a  Irving
,,,! ' "! '"��   he ti rthenfflners
.'', '���'> "���". imil.1.   K.
' PlM lor the visitors,   nml
'   ."    Mnnrn. llll-weiell foi   ll,..
VUld  lanii. Kvil... " W|,   ,|���,���
,,,,,'V I    "lillilnns    well lis,,
""������ evening oame to an
lho��e present werei   v    w
t rrv '; Motion! -i. ,i.'w
Kltam .    "''   ''* l""H"n' ''   K"
i, ,   i ''""""'��� ���'��� E.   Aii.,.,1,1,.,
,       ��""*. Angus Bhaw,   w. Hip.
Aithur, J  c s  i.,,,,,...,,,,
V'    "WIH* H   W.llnKh.
M  Mmphy, ,i    smell.   |.;.
Kenney, .1. n.  Bojpd,   l-
Mrs. J Roderick Robertson wishes
to acknowledge the receipt of n dozen
iniirs of socks for tlm soldiers in Sun'li
Afrioa from Mrs. J, A. Gllker,
Two men are aotivaly i'ti-ii{;eil in
making ne at thn skating rink, nml if
tlm jnt'si'iit weather holds, it is expeot'
ed thnt linn' will lm skating there to-
Mr. ti. C, Tniistnll, agent for the
Hniniliiiii Powder Company, left fur
truil on ysiiiilay evening's train,
wheui i' lm �� ill pn oi nl to ' lasoude (liiy
und liuiiii'ini> puiuts.
Thn City Olerk completed his round
up of lim i li'i'irir light users yesterday
ami i- now Biigiiueil on his report
iv 111 (ill  Is In In'   in. i-rnl. al   nt Ihn   iii'Xl
meeting of  tho Council,
Lieutenant Beer stateB that he hns
ns yet n ci ivi'il nn nnthnr zation to no-
oept recruits for South Afrion, When
lm lines, hn intends, lin says, to engage
i snu.ir.iti' offloe on anoounl of the
Tiic ion mnn whn were ordered to be
nm   to   work breaking   stone  for   the
Citv, in order to arrive nl s e idea nf
the I'i'si of Ihn same, urn tuokllug tbe
nin rock lilniV on Victoria Street by tbo
City Hall.
There were three nnsea nt the Oitv
Poll '��� Court ����� 8'enl j. Pre i Pn n
nu   ,i   i,e- Sti in ns      iven   a h tlmd
a an   co- is fur   i  ii.1    , no .   ��� :.  .   nr
II-.       H     I.,.      ll    l-l     g .1     n..,!'     Ill    ll!    s
loi vngruuc>.
Mr. E. 0. Kingswell, who is testing
the Granite ore with a view to ascertaining whether it is adapted to tlie
cyanide process, wns lu town yester-
diiv, and reports thnt tbe tests nn> pro.
i eedtng sutisfaotonly.
Mr. Hunk Noll, of the Porto Rieo
mine. Ii.is disposed of n three-eighth
Interest in the Spotted Horse, nnd u
one third interest in the I.one Smr to
Mr. .1. A. Clerk, of Truil, for (330
The olnitns ure sitnated nenr the town
of Ymir.
The Baohelors' Cluli gave another of
their enjoyable dances at Fraternity
Hull lust nigbt. The ball room contained plenty of gnests, without being
iveii'rtiwiled, lhe niusie and floor were
excel lent, nnd n most enjoyable evening was the natural result.
Two miners oame down from the
Birdseve mine on Morning Mountain
yesterday, and report that thu vein re-
teiToil to iii yesterday's Miner, has
widened out In lour feet, anil preserves
its richness. The shall is being sunk
on tbe intersection oi two veins.
News wns received in town yestei-
day that Mi. M, Sullivan, a well
known Kamloops ranobcr, died the
ottii'i day in California, whither he
lunl none for his health, Mr Sullivan
was a well known old tinier, and reputed wealthy. Me owned several
raii'dies, lmt usually lived on the
North Thompson River, near Kam-
Mr    K.   lv   Strong,   the drngglst,
formerly of Trull, uml for the nasi lew
months    wiih    ll.   I".   MaLean,    of
this Citv, leaves this rooming to open
a drug stern for thn Rosslnnd Drug
Co.,of which he will lm ii):ihumi<r. Mr.
Stinii- is well and favorably known lu
Kootenny. nut\ will undoubtedly make
a hig success of ihe new venture at
The eoinmlltee of the Lioensed Vie
loaders' Association held a meeting
yesterday nftemonn and decided that
their annual banquet next Monday,
will he held ul thu l"iii"n's Hotel. The
gnests will sit down at S ::lo p. in., and
a record breaking spread is promised
Invitations have been issued lo the
Mayor and itv Connoil, the President of tne Board of T'riiilu ami ihe
I.   \V. Steele, lhe two   years and   n
halt uio-sou ni Mr  Gei rge Steele, died
ai .a o'clock yesterday   moruing of lm
yiigltls.   Tho   Rev, Robert Prow   will
read the hnriol service  at their  hnnse
on Silica Street, ul 2   o'clock this   al
lernoon. after  which   the cortege will
proceed lo th metery, Mr. und Mis
Steele's ninny in Is unite In expressing sypiinilliy with their nud loss. The
child bad previously always eujnyed
excoll' ut health.
The Kooteiniv Cigar Manufacturing
Ciuiii.iiiiv is extendiug Its Held of operations, which now lcuchiH from ("ul-
miry io ihe Const. Oulv yesterday
they received orders for 70,000 Olgars
from Lethiridge, McLeori uud Calgary,
mul in ir only complaint is thai il is
ilillieiilt In make lhe supnly   keep   pace
witn the demand, Owing to judicious
baying iu-i spring the  Hrm lms u sup
ply of inw   iluvunn   loliileeo   on   hand
sufficient   in   last   over a year   longer
ihus avoiding the Inconvenience of the
present short ���npply of Cuhnn tnhncco,
which is a legacy of the Iiiiii war.
All do t'lis   (old    Helllnk   Ilium linn
nl Wesi .leiVerson,   i).. after  iiifTuriiig I
18  nibs   troiii   Rectal   PlstnIn,   ho i
would die unless a rostll nperal lou was j
lieiioi ini'ii ; bill h" cured    himself witli
live lumen ol   Huclilcn's   Arnica Salve,
the   surest Pile   enre o irlh, uml lhe j
iiesi Siiive iu  ihe  World.   ".'���> rent" ��i
inn    Bold by   Canada   Drag &   liimk
Is  envied   by   nil  poor  dyipeptla ���
whos.i Sloniaeb anil lover are out of
order. All sueli should knnw that Dr.
King s New Idle   Pills, lhe wonderful I
stiiniucii.  mul   Liver Remedy, gives a I
splellillil upiu'iile. sound   digest ion and |
a regular  bodily bnlill   that insures,
pel feel Health ami grent energy. Only
1 i . eiils lit Canada Drug St Hook Hlor
Give Your Feet
a Chance
To live respectably. Buy j-ood,
sensible footwear, that is lit ted to
llieii needs and .shape, and the)
will gfive you no trouble.
I rit.   DtbJ
The Highest Priced Winein the Market
retail al the
line lutes ns the ordinary standard wines.
r*.   it i
A.   II. lilt \Y.
'Imay Agt. Sell
Try ns for comfortable SIkhs.
Ilicwersof Fin ' i ugei
lleec anil   I'ocler.
Drop  in  and  see  us.
��� .i->A/-.i'WWvVNA.-vvwv---^^
It. [lurry's i iti i
Iiiun,- Ailtll'.lon.
B. C.
i ���__,, ��_�� . -i���_, . -��,. ����_
-__;:* -'_*���> ^s* -^to- -^ff.*
. a3> ��� tat ��� 00 ' f&< ��� tit
��� "_*i     "^^ -  -*��, ���  ^UK .  -**| . *_L . ^X ��� SW- ��� *���**, - "*_. -  "".. ��� **^  ��� *l_k
-��tsv ������a*' '*K*> �����&& -������__ -*3s- <_���* -*__ir- 'V&. -���_��> __���> -_te> -^f ��� .
��� er*��� /��. ��� **>��� it* ��� fttf t*'p.0 ��� taif e��0- &!����� 00 ��� 0S0 '0*.\S)
***^-- -, a
Flannelettes : :
Good All Wool Grey Flannel
Toweling, extra quality :
Ladies' Black and Navy Top Skirts
Ladies' Mercerized Underskiits
5 cents per yard
20 cents per yard
5 cents a yard
$4.00 up
$2.00 up
Ladies" Jackets for $3.00, $5.00, $5.50, $6.50;  worth double
Ladies' Suits (Skirt and Jacket) $8.00;
Ladies' $1.50 Blouses
Ladies' All Wool Black Cashmere Hose
A good line of Ladies' Corsets
Table Linen
Table Napkins
Large-size good-value White Bedspreads
worth $12.50
for $1.00
25 cents pair
for 50 cents
20 cents a yard
75 cents a dozen
Houston Block Nelson, B. C. ^
A^fc:^'***"*'��� ____*_��. <__-'___:-��-'��__--'St%*'StSt&&^&,&.__?.__?:^s*-'^^.^.S-"$.^**.$;:S. mT
Bennett's Ini; roved
Safety Fuse
\     Supplied    British    Vdmirnlty.
White Countered
Gutta Percha.
fat   ArcAs' CjTTLsLAsfC' Tho l. v. 7vm
7      jt/
_ppj-_m��*-.->"��!,'�������� " ' ���" ff
l^lTAsfl'  As?
f/trCfi   Asn^f   rtf^r  &<S
p. burns & CO.
Young Mini, Become Your
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants    ^ *�����!���
"ii  Rifle Compony    1..-1.1
,"��� '"in iu-i ulghist whioh
""'"   IlltlSd,    Tin.  turn
'    Mill'.
 -   nr   tha   n.Imiih
.'.".'""i.'lii' Nolson.Lnomss.
Branch Markets in Rowland. Trail, Nolson, Kaslo
Sandon. Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City
Ontors by msll to any branch will have caret-' and prompt attention.
11 li    '"il '��� in '��� .on   Vi   , Ins i"i
ilnlil.  Hllvi'   I "i'i'''    Till   	
, i nvo nl   I'rnf,  ��� hi,a    Honor Qinilu iti   ol
M, lllll   I    Mil.'    III.
l.h. nn,! imn in,ii. ,ii, i|�� r I   in lou now
Will   Not Crack or Break.
\'c iilutely safe in ,iH  weul
-,iii' in a
I'liililnm .
op's Miners' s
Persons wishing lopurchn.Be
ii very One Watch   are i or
ilinllv iiiviii-il  tn \i--ii I'ai
BNAUDti   Bros1,   eslnbll
ment.    Watcheti o( all
Ihsi   Sui'.s and American
manufacture! are roprosent-
ll'ianl nml  In-truallOll III   !,   a i.i i: all  (ui !
in. III!   -I\ lllllllll- |��� I  ll'iMilli
Willi   lllllll    I'llllllllHll.
N, H   \\ '   Lllllll l,T.
All    Oil I'.i'MIIH       I"   I]     I.'      I     III    III   llll    .
I nl) U i II   Lm' la  U '   '
Experl Watch Repairingn Specialty  [osephme   aiu
^Patenaude Bros
l_;n"jr.. numbe. Choice Building Lots adjacenl to the
line of their Tramway. For price and terms of Bale apply
at the office of the Company, Macdonald Block, Corner ol
Vernon Streets,
T. C. DUNCAN, Secrete!}
Iliiin.  . au'i Baddlerj
;       'I In  ll  i,Ilia:    liop,   laiftfi'
 I.   Ill   i        "in   I    till 1
"*     nil    IiiiimI       II U
. nl     bl      '      In  '     '
II. ||| ml . I   ,        ll.ll
��   \\ hip..   Ill 'i lu
O  '"''
|V        Iii
>      i ��� ��� ll     ,,
i in    W '.nl   ami    llitla i
-Ir. i i
Mil im (I -���    i i',l>    limn    Iiiiiii;    I
l.\ ,i \ lliinj; to ui "iiiini'iiil il.
\ i, i,'in tl,.il.i i,'i them.
-iiiiii iiiiitt Hois _ Ci.
i nmbourne, Cornv all, Bngland.
ih -  i . ���i
i O,
I:ratcrnity  Hall
I ..r Unl..'.'.\ liKiiit-ni.i lis.
lam Iif rented i i I Inm i'i it, I i mi's,
I ��� III Iln C] 111 I     III il i HI \   lllllll 111 I'll
1.1 iniiiii, ni    i in ni in u> rooms. I'lo ik
ii "in . '.'   inn . ml 'lining i  lm
nlshed,   I in in in- npply
int. B. 0, au rut H Qlt.
'! -^���1
Released After Five Mouths
Suspicions as ti Onuses of David Grant's
J)evtli- Bryson Lawsuit-Special
Oaniuli-ii Telegrams.
(Special Dlspntchos to The Miner, i
Ottawa, Jan, 35.���Walter Brewster,
who wns given nineteen mouths in
the New Westminster penitentiary for
misappropriating funds of the Canadian Pnoiflo nt Nelson, is to I e n lean 'I
ufti r   st" \ .iiv. noiitle
belongs 10 iVellnuu  County, u u.
Sbcrrann, M.   P.,   was here today -cc
ing the  iuttiee  department regarding
iln  case
A report wns received here todny nt
the Militin Department from Lieu ton-
nut-Colonel Otter. It gives a brief
resume of the dally work from December I until December IT. hot gives lit-
tie that lias not been already covered
by eahle correspondence from the front.
homed, and as a result of Hm examination by physicians Dr. Arthur Jules
Johnson   began   nn   enquiry into  tbe
��� ���ails., of Ins death at polioe headquarters hist night,
Although the enquiry was not con-
eluded after midnight, the evidence
I alien had hid the Crown ollicers in attendance tu order ebe arrest on the
charge of manslaughter of Dr. Her-
liert E. Sheppiird, and Peter Byers,
late nf Marklinm, but   now of Toronto.
This action is taken solely on admissions made hy the two men who are
now prisoners.
Ottawa, Jan. 85.��� It is understood
that at today's Oubinet meeting, an
Order inl'uiincil was passed allowing
the law to take its course iu the case
of Levi Stewart, colored, who killed
John Kuss, also colored, nt Sandwich,
Out., hy hittiii". him with a stick.
Stewart will be hanged on February fl,
si.iull'ville.oiit., Jan. 35. ��� Fredenok
Neddiek. is  in a   dangerous conditiou
from the .'Heels uf n binvv 1 cived   on
his  head, while  playing   hot-lie]   Inst
prisoners, ns they said they eiinld not
ho bothered wiih them. They took
the wounded colonels, ns thev like colonels, nnd would prefer one with a
title, but thev rilled their packets,
and wont for bread in the haversacks
with creed I don't Hunk thev ee.n bi
getting much bread now. They also
Btripped onr dead of nil clothing Enl
they have uu Pimlico behind them,
und officer's lireeehes were blghli
treasured. The arrangements made by
the medical officers were perfect. Tlie
wounded were picked np almost at
unee and within twelve hours they
were eomfi rtiihlv settled in hospitals
mid being attended by the best muses
with every eunifiiit that money could
procure. "
Montreal, .lan.
today   resulted in
liovernment.     In
John   Mcintosh.
!5, ��� The by-elections
black eyes   fnr   the
Sherbrooke,    Hon.
Conservative,    was
elected hy !IS majority, in spite of tbe
fact thnt I.aurier, Field! nil, Tarte,
fisher and Patterson took an active
part in the contest, while Foster and
Bergeron were the only Opposition
leaders who took part in tlm campaign, Liberal money was spent more
freely. Liberals were sure of victory
aud during the last dnys of the fight
ottered odds on Lebnron, lhe Liberal
In Winnipeg, Martin, a brother of
Joe Mnrtin, who bid been turned
down hy ths Sifton purty, was elected
by about HO majority. In Lotbiniere,
there were two Liberals in the light,
and once mure the Government lost
their nominee, Boisvert, hning defeat
ed by Fortier, Independent Liberal, by
dji,       , Jan, '.
mix Inn ii iai S or< ta \. wfcil at
his office this afternoon fell over in a
swoon from acute indigestion, Prompt
medical assistance, however, revived
him.    He is recovering.
Windsor, Ont, Jon. 85.���After maintaining for over six weeks that ho was
sniveling for the crime of others. Levi
Stewart, a colored man, lying iu Sandwich jail, under sentence (if death,confessed yesterday that lie was the .murderer of old James Kuss. At his trial,
when, Ilie sentence of death wns about
to be passed on him, Stewart asserted
that be lnnl unfiling to .1" with the
murder, and that the renl criminals
were Shankiins and Sarah Carter, both
of whom bad given evidence against
Montreal, Jan. 23.���Tho wholesale
millinery stuck of W. .1. (J'Mnlley iv_
Oo., Notre Street wns, damaged by tiro
tonight lo the extent of {6.000.
Ottawa, Jan, 85.���The Canadian pn-
triotic fund now amounts to $77,500.
Sherbrooke. Jnu. 36.���At n meeting
in the interest of the Liberal candidate, Leharon. Messrs. Fielding ami
Tarte Hpnke Inst night. Tarte contrasted the attitude of tbe Conservatives
who mad.' cliarges against the Government, but were afraid to pot their seats
in jonpurdy, with bis own action in
IH'M), when h" ottered to resign his seat
if bn could not prove his .'barges
against the Conservative liovernment.
Not being able to bring serious reproach ngninst the liovernment, the
Conservatives were trying to set race
���gainst race, like '['upper, who at Winnipeg in lH'.iii,asked the electors if they
were going to vote against an English
Protestant and put a French I'ath'ilic
in power as Premier. Sir Wilfrid
Lnurier, said Tarte, is a credit to Iuh
nice, and English blends are as proud
of bini ns Frenob-Canadians arc.
"Though 1 have heen a Conservative
in tbe past," said Tarte, "now my entire devotion aud all my convtotions
belong to the Liberal party." lie was
iii harmony with Ins colleagues in re
g.ird to sending the contingents,though
he had been inpliaticHlly of the opinion that Parliament should have been
Greenwood, H. 0., Jan. SB.���Burns
anniversary was celebrated here by a
dinner ar the B. C. Hotel. II was
largely attended and very successful.
Greenwood hnd live big events tonight:. McCulloch, champion skater
of tho world: Hums' dinner; Mendelssohn   concert;     McEwen's    hypnotic
exhibition, and the performance nt the
Alhambra theatre.
Hamilton, Jan. 85. ���Hamilton's
patriotic fund has gone over the $10,-
000 mark aimed at, and is now ijll),-
800. Mayor Teetzel asks the citizens
tn make all the demonstration possible
hy the ringing of hells, blowing of
whistles, eta ,when authoritative news
comes of tbe relief of Ladysmith.
Warkwortb, Ont., Jan. 2o. ���At a
Conservative convention today B.
Cochrane, M. P., was nominated for
East Northcmberlnnd, and Dr. Wil-
lonahby, ex-M. P. P.. rnr the Le_isla-
tive Assembly,
Montreal, Jnn, 85.���The Conserve
five candidate wus elected In Sherbrooke today liy abont 100 majority.
In Lotbiniere tbe Independent   Liberal
is elected hv over 100,
Winnipeg,  Man.    Jnn.    .'."i. ��� Marlin,
Independent    Liberal,  was   elected   hy
about forty-nine majority over Puttee,
lhe I ..iimi candidate.
Ottawa, Jan. 80.��� The Onrleton
County Oouncll today made n grunt of
fino.  towards the  comforts of the sec
ond contingent.
The funeral of Charles il   Mnstayer,
Hclnr,  who died hei" nn   Monday, took
place this afternoon, when his remains
wen- laid iii Beech wood Cemetery,
om. hundred thousand dollars will
be spimtj In Ottawa in tbe conittno-
Hon of ii new route I rum the city to
Hui.an Hall, by ibe Ottawa Improve'
ment I 'umiiiiHsioiiers.
Tin. rumor now is iimi the late Hon,
George Bryson was so aver-,, to tbe litigation as in the estate of his huh,
John Bryson, ex-M, P., that lm bus
made handsome beqaeiti to tbe widow
nnd  ..th.r heirs of  John   Bryson, to
take    effect    III    event ol    Iheir    Insilin
their rail wiih George Bryson, If
thin be inn-, the heirs of the eat ite "f
lhe late   John    Hi von    ��ill   not    lose
anything no  mnttet how the   ponding
law suit goes
TOtOOtO,   .lllll.   ".'.a-    I lav III  Or'11,1   died
on January 18, from  Inflammation  ol
tbe lungs,   ills remains were Interred,
lmt  later, when    it    was   alleged    thai
tbe medical treatment   wbloh  here
cclvcd was Irregular,  bis body was .v-
Albany, N. V., Jan. 85.���The representatives of the committees appointed by the Legislature to consider tbe
causes of the decline of commerce at
the port of New York, and tbe condition and prospects of the New York
Slate canals, were presented to the Leg.
islulore today, accompanied by a
lengthy message reviewing the-reports
nnd recommending notion on them.
In   tbe report the Governor snys:
"Neither New York no;' New York
State oan afford to rest  supine, while
their eager business rivals strain
every nerve tn take away the commerce
which hns been so lame ll part ol their
life   blood.     New   Y'ork   is   the   ouly
state through which, because of its
topography, it is possible to trnnBp, rl
freight by water from tlie great unsin
of tile Mississippi to the Atlantic
The Dominion of Canada, un the
north, has ilmilni advantages, and
how well the Canadians have availed
themselves of them, the final opening
rn' their great oannl system last full,
conclusively proves. If we do mil Improve ou I own canals, we shall have
mn lung wherewith to meet the advantages oonferred on Canadian somtnerno,
by her cainils on the mirth, while we
deprive nnrs.'lves of a greal aid in the
Struggle with our business rivals jM
our own country, leaving onrsolves ul
tbe inoroy of n combination made by
railways for the benefit ol onr localities, "
The Governor strongly recommended the plnn proposed by the committee
for n larger canal, capable ol carrying boats of a thousand Ions   enpiieity,
to build which would Involve nn ex-
pnnililure of .*r,u,uuu,nun, and lays
there is every region, after Ih" most
liainmi Investigation, to beliovo thai
the largo "anal will resnll In a transportation cod across the Stale of New
Jfork, as low as ihai nn the St. Haw
reiiee canal. iiiiiI lar less than any rate
that is possible by railways al any
time within the Immediate fntnro, if
ev.'i    Tbe  difference  in favor of tho
01 Is   ever   the   railways, being morn
tlinn three   fold,    that   is, Ilu.   freight
rate mi the einiii.  being  less than a
third   of llml    by   railways.
Paris, Jnn. 85. ���The Patrii. yesterday asserted that Ml. Charles Ma
crura, formerly United States Consul
at Pretoria, hnd visited the Foreign
i ,!li, h, ii itli ' ir. I evil- i . nn i-i to fi
��� :
v it? pu i.M.,' ���' tins ino ling, .-��� -
there is nut. a word of tuitli in the
statement, that be bnd not seen Mr.
Mneriun, and that he is nble to affirm
publicly that Mr. Macnini is not the
bearer of any letter from President
Kroger. On being asked bis opinion
regarding the capture of Spion's kOD,
Dr. Leyds declared himself skeptical,
implying that Genernl Huller hnd
not gained any serious advantage. He
wns convinced that the Boer commander had a plan drawn np and that
it wns a part of pre-nrronged scheme
to leave Spion's kop ill the hands of
the Hritish. Dr. Leyds said it, wns
not correct thnt he wns about to open
negotiations for the intervention of
Germany nnd France in fnvor of peace.
At least be said :
"Not for ihe present, becnuse such
intervention wauiri not be opportune
just now, nnd we must await
aitaii. Sale * O'Reilly's
(Special Dispatch tn The Miner )
(ire, nu, nd   Jan. -1 - Andrew Kelly
Brandon; Hon. 'I. Mayue Daly, Q- O.,
RoBsIund; W,   A.   Maodonald,  y. <"".,
Nelson; A, puller, Spokane, nnilw.
L, Orde, Rossland, directors nf tin
Biiindon and Oolu Uiow u, i rri" ed in
lhe eiiy this wiek. and wi ll thu Ikiii
directors, held a n eeting in ihe H. ie!
Armstrong, it is understood that iln
matters principal!) discussed wu'i in
connection with the shipping of ore.
There is at least 8,000 tons on the
riiiniii immediately available, nnd it is
Btated thai theio me 80,000 tons nf |90
ore blooked out iu the unties. At present they urn Working ill a cress cut
I'rnlil the BOO-foOl level. 11 is proposed
In commence shipping as soon us
the railroad spur is completed to tbe
cVi"iii eg  ��� ine,
BOX :,;;   i
rapidly Inorotwtng In
/!0>-SGON   TEA
Be.-aii'-e  il
mi.  i  a in i
I'm   up  in
i.   and   i   Ib   pm-"
vour  uiitl  the  quality is  far i.bove
,i  high   class   leu at a  low
kagfes,    Once   used  always
The Western Mercantile Co., Ltd.
Successors to M. PhsIIkis.w & Co.
NEMO* It. c,
tn^tii>ii>ii_iiit"_>"Bii>iiiiu��i'>">"t"��"<"*"*'"*"<"*"<ii<ii'imini 1
��� .
i ;
.on iu
Freight Train Huns Away and
Blows Op.
Wilkesbarre.Pn,, Jan. 85.���A freight
train on the Central Railway, ct" New
Jersey, coming down the Wilknsliarrc
Mountains this evening, ran away.
At the foot of the mountains, the ears
left the track and were piled high in
the air. There was dynamite in one
of the cars which exploded with gr��nt
force. The shock was felt for a di. -
r.'.nen of twenty miles. The windows
in nearly every house in the town of
Ashley were broken, It is expected
that several men ate buried in the
First Royal Dragoons  send a Message
to Their Colonel.
Berlin, Jan. 86.��� The North German
Gazette this evening publishes the following :
"The commander of lhe Hritish
First (Roynli Dragoons, has sent a
tehgriini to the Emperoi from Spearman's Oamp, as follows:
" 'The Roval Dragoons send their
respectful greetings on the anniversery
of the birthday of their Colonel iu
chief.' "
The Emperor   replied, "The Colonel
in chief semis the  Royal Dragoons bis
best thanks for their wishes."
Manila, Jan. 26. (8:4(1 a. m.)���Part nf
General Sipwan's column drove a force
of 60 Insurgents from their entrenchments at Sun Diego, Sunday. The enemy official]v reported (17 killed and
many   wounded.    Onr casualties   were
one killed nnd II wounded. Another Hniperor how to move about in ibe
naltiiliiin ennm upon a hundred other portnrinirnre. Herr Vorhiils-mi, tlm
rebels in an entrenched position ami  Umperor's fnvotita stage manager, is
rooted them, killing 15. The Allied-! h.H,'V ,r'"" Wieshaden, and bis heen iih.
cans   had    two    wenn.ed.     General """ting the Emperor,    Hi�� Majesty ex-
i.,,,i..iii Cru   ii
the Boundary generally.
County Court was held hero yesterday. Judge Spmks made uu important
decision respecting the light of the
free miner to use the timber on his
claim. There were half a dozen cases
in whioh this right wns in one way or
another involved, hut only one was
heard, thut of John Mulligan vs.
Louis Blue, Adolph Fisher, et nl. ill
which the defendants were sued for
damages for cutting and carrying
away timber and trespass!ug on the
plaintiff's mineral claim.
The evidence went to show that the
defendants, who nre sawmill men, had
gone uu In the plaintiff's claim, and
bnd cut a certain iinraher of trees
which were traced to tbe mill. The
point of law involved was, whether
the owner of the mineral claim could,
under the act prevent mill men from
entering, cutting and carrying away
timber, No evidence was offered in
In half of the defence, the plaintiff's
solicitors applying for a nnn suit. His
Honor gave the following written
judgment i
"The miner owner is entitled to the
timber ou bis claim for mining purposes. Anyone who takes timber from
his claim interferes with thnt right
and commits a trespass. The defendants have cut nnd carried awav from
the plaintiff's claim, the extent ol tbe
quantity the plaintiff oannot say. but
be claims over 111 trees.and the defendant does not contradict thnt  claim."
His honor gave judgment for iS-lii and
cnstH. He expressed the opinion, also,
that the owner of the mineral claim
had no right to sell or dispose of the
timber, or to use it for any other than
mining ptirooses. Thi-i is a very important decision ond ns it will he appeal, d from, the result will he locked
forward to with general Interest
throughout the Province.   The interest
of every claim holder is affected. The
other cases will stand over pending
the result of the appeal.
GooKina Stoves & Ranges
Which we arc offering* at
Shelf & Heavy Hardware,
Etc., Etc., Etc.
Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
rnpllnl  I'nld-iip.
Incorporated 1869.
Wi,nx.-..ti.o.m> 1 Beat,
Berlin, Jon 26.���Tomorrow night
Emperor William's play, "The Iron
Tooth." will hare its tirst performance
at the Royal Theatre here His ma.
jesty has taken imieh pnina abont the
preparations mul especially in drill
ing tlie soldiers who have been detail-
en triini the Alexander Regiment.
rdny   they   were   show    bv   the
Wheeler and dnngbter, left on Wedn
day on the transport Warren,   foi   San
Dresden,   .lan    85.���The    Emperoi
and Empress iirriv
afternoon,   lu    c
Id at the castle tins
inseqnenoe uf the
death nf Dowager Dunhess Frederick
nf Sobleswig Hnlstein, mother of the
Empress of Germnnv, nt Dresden, this
morning, today's court reception in
connection with tbe Emperor's birthday bus been abandoned.
Albany,   N.   v .  Jan.   JB.���Among
the hills Introduced in   the Senate  to-
ihiv,  was   uuu   hy   Senator   Ellsworth,
empowering the Buffalo & Niagara
Pulls Eloutnc Railway <'".. when au-
thi.ri'/.i'ii by the Province ol Ontario,
or the 1) .minimi nf Canada, to cqnlre
the property of nny railway operated
in tlie I'riiviiiei' of Ontario,
pi esses the hope thai tbo people ol Ber
Iln will appreciate the play,
Hani" ird, I'onn., Jan. _��. ��� Lai Haw-
lulls of California   nud    Murlin   Flail.
ettv, of Lowell,fongbt a an round draw
at the Coliseum here tonight,
Moscow, Jan, _..���Oonnl Lee Toi-
moi. in 1111 interview published in the
Rnsskl Lisliik, denounces the win in
."Siinili Afrioa as showing the "sordid
nnd soulless commercialism that rules
the world."
Hnnni ,,r ii,,, >'ioi.: Thomas B (Connor, I'resiiient;  Thomas EUtohle. vieo-oro-aileu:
Mlohaol Dwyor, Wlloy Smith, II. u Hmilil, Bon. H. ll. roller, M.L.O., Hon. David HaoKeeo,
lllllll   OllllT.   lllllllll.]
Oonorat Mnnagor. BkUon I, PeasOi Montreal
Superiniondoni of Branolios. W. It. Torrance, Halifax.
Iiibiodor, \V. I". Brook, Halifax,
Socrotory, D. M. Btowart, Montreal*
Ileal,, In ��� !
Nova Srotla-Halifax Br-noh, Antlgonlah, Bridgowat-r, Oayaboro, Londonderry, Lunonbunj
Malilii il (II111.1- Co.), riiiiiii. Port nawke. bury, Sydney Htiubonaoadlo, Truro Woymoutli.
New iiiihi.��� 1,1,   Hiiinir-i.  Dorchester, Frodortrton, Kingston ilo- i Oo.l,Moncton  Xi��-
i-i-iilc. Sm'kville, Wood-uootc   I" K. l-.lanil-Charlolteioivn.Ui vale   Qarbre- Montreal
ii'ity utile-.-). Miiiiiri'iil. wi'xi Kiul iCor Notre lin mo mil U.-lgn urs Streets); Weatmooni iCor,
Qroono Avenue 11111 8k Cuiliiii'iiii- Street,      Ottawa.   Kvwfoaadlaail���8t. John's.
��-uiia, Weal Indies -Havana. United ���tatta-Non York ilu Kxohnngo Plaoel Kopubllo. Waih.
Atlin, Bennett, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver, Vancouver East End, Victoria.
fansda-MorohanU "ank nf Canada.  Haslaa-Natlunil Bhawmut Hunk.  Otaleaia-Amerioi
Nail 11 1 ''link,  "mi Ir t..-1-c.i   Firai Nallo nl Ba k.   1 1.1,., Kmk. - Hunk ,,r Scotland.
Parts, naner  (reiiii Uunnnl-,  Itrnnnda-Bank of Biraiuda.  t'klaa a lapau-HoDg
Ivoiik iiiiii Minn, hat I'nliKiiiK I ut-|iiiriltioii.
(leneial Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange   Bought
and Sold, Lsliers of  Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the moat favorable terms,    Interest allowed  on special
deposits and on Saving Hank aooouuts.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
P. O. Box K. and W.
Telephone 10
For the next  TWO  WEEKS  (only)  KIRKPATRICK  &
offer the Public tbe Greatest  Reduction In
A    XU';||S UODOK,   \o. 88, A. F. &��� A
V>TX''""''���"""""'  u'l'l"l-il''J   in i-a.li
>r    month,   Vlaiting brothorn,
Ever before advertised.   A call will convince ynu.
WILSOn t)1
linker Street
it, k.   of
London, Jnu. US,���Aonnrriina to n
special dispatoh from Shanghai It is
repiirted Jibiit Emporor ECwang Su
hos committed nulnlde,
London, Jan, ���!'��� -The  creditors   of
tlie I'jirl of Yarmouth   met today   nml
resolved  to plaoe  his estate In bank.
S'Kl.-o.N   i.ui,nr;
( j. ftiuui 1- in K. ���r p, hall, Oddfol'towa liliiei
'���I "''��� rt'ui' "��� 1 ,'"""!" .  !>el'lliK "I   S  oeliK'l
(fc^r/All   i i-ntiiK knl-lil.   iiinlliill)'   Invito
Snoa, Jan, 38,��� Osman Dlgna, the
principal general of the late Khalifa
Abdullah,who was recently taken prisoner by Hm   British, lms been broughl
I��� hi ,,. 1 c. c.
I'.,lm. K. Of ll.iinilrl.
COURT KIIIITKVAV.   I.   11.   B>    N���,   m]l!t
MieiiiiK- >'n.i and  un Thanday, Pratornal
'" 11. Bhnw, K. s.
.1 A Ii'viiiu r. p.   vv.
No. i��.1
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
'J3&&&        '"   "���   ��'    '','      Koolelliiy   1^mI_;i
<5i|����p5f,.    Nn. III. meet.every Miiiiriliyiilxli:
nl    Hieil    "toll,    Kiiiilenii)   Itrool
BojouraloR Odd follows oordlally Invited,
11 (thaw, N.Q   John Booloy, V, n.
1 rial .1 Squires, & j
NKIAON I..11I., N���. |,;.,.. , .,��� ,,���,  M;���.
Donald  Wook uvcrj 'll,,,, ,i���y ovonlng nl K
John lovoi w, SI.1 1. .1, in,iii,y. k. s.
SkTHON   AKIIIl:   No.   8J,   p.   0.   |.;��� , ,
ovory Boaond and fonrili Wcdnoi-taj. of caoli
i" "a li.   M-miiik   tartnbora cordially   Invli I
J  II. WI'HI.   S, ell l.il'y. '
Fresh   and    Salted   Heats
London, Jan. US.��� The Financial
news publishes 11 dispatoh from
liiieiios Avrcs, asserting that inn Ar-
gentine budget showi n defloll of fill -
Fish and Poultry in Season
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Manager.
Baker Street, Nelson.
by mall receive careful nnd prompt a.tentlon.
i. .���J-fB^'^


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