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Nelson Daily Miner Mar 25, 1900

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 \<annm.     .      '"   -'<>ul\
Daily Edition No. 685.
The Doings of the Week In
the parliaments of the
Old World.
Nelson, British Columbia, Sunday, March 25, 1900.
Tenth Year
Unanimity of Sentiment
1 n douo with the insurgents captured
hy tbe liiitish, A oommission of Brit-
ish judges to go ont to the Cape is ho-
ing talked of thongli this is sourcely
likely. The feeliug generally seems
to favor the policy of leniency,now being carried out under Lord Roberts'
directions, in spito of tbe faot, that
1...ih through cable dispatobes from
BOUtb Africa and letters from English realtors in newnpnpors there has
linen n bitter outcry against allowing
rebels to go free. Bnt the sober mi ml
od newspapers nie convinced of the
fact, thut tbo main objoot is a pouco-
fnl South Afrioa under British rnle
aud thut revengeful justice will not
tend towards the helping of this.
March 24.���Three questions
endless    speculation  hnve
been discussed during   the past   week.
Thsv are, the possibiity   of dissolution
of Parliament in tbe summer, Imperinl
federation, and tho method of treating
so-called rebel prisoners  in  South Afrioa.   So  far   as  Parliament   is concerned,   it   might as well dissolve  ut
once, for all   the interest that is being
taken in  its prooedings is   conoerned.
The existence   of   the present  Hoobb
dupuuds on   the  progress   of   British
arms in South  Afrioa.    If   they  meet
with quick   suoooss   there will  be  an
early  dissolution.   If   the war   drags
on Lord Salisbury   will   retain power,
nn.il the lust moment   allowed liy   tbe
Brui��li constitution.    With less thnn a
year in which to   go to  the  countiy,
it iB only  natural   that   tbe   Government will   seize "the. most  opportune
moment, but no member   of tbe Onbi-
net believeH that   such u  moment  Imb
come within tbe limits   of  reasonable
determination,iu spite of tbe fact that
the Commander-in-Chief, Lnrd Wolse-
ley, is oredited with  propbecying tbnt
Lord Kobuits will be in Pretoria  May
15.   If tbe forecast  of  the chief oom-
niander of  tbe   British   nrmy   should
prove oorroct, it   wonld   not be nt  nil
unlikely that Lord   Snliirtjury may appeal to the eleotorB in Jnne.bnt several
of the  Cabinet   Mini.......    including
Lord  Lausdnwno,   the    Secretary    of
Stato for  War, have  small   hopes that
the war will bo over before the full of
this year.    Witb such a divergence of
npinion prevailing iu tbo best iufotui-
ed circles regarding   the   duration  of
the conflict,   it   is evidently fntile  to
prophecy   the   tonore  of  tbo  present
Government.   The  lntter  is obviously
dependent upon tho former.    Lord Salisbury has not  any  intention   of   appealing to the  voters until the British
arms  triumph   in   South Africa, nnd
no one  of  any   importance   has beeu
brave enough to declare  over  bis own
name when bucIi an event  is going to
be accomplished.   Hence, the  guosseB
at the date of Parliament's dissolution
are scarcely worth  repeating.     It is n
ouriousltravesty upon truth   thnt   Imperial federation and the formation of
some great council of the Umpire have
been brought   more   to the publio attention by   Sir  Wilfrid   Lanrier,   the
Canadian   Premier, in  his  speooh   nt
Ottawa, than  ever by the  presence in
London of  Federation  delegates from
Australia.    Pnnoh t: chief cartoon thie
week ia devoted to depicting Sir Wil-
ftiii Lanrier  in pleasing controst witb
Sir Wilfnd  Law son, tbe English Liberal, who insists   thnt the war is  not
jnstifled.    The  Imperial    Federation
Coiiiinitteo bus secured from Lord Salisbury a promise to seriously  consider
'he proposal for nn  Imperial   Oounoil
to watch over tho interests of tbe Empire us n whole.
On nil sides articles nppenr.dnbnting
'he woys and-means by whioh the Colonies who. have partidipatod in the
defence of tbe Empiro, mny hnvo r
voice in its oouuoils. It is reported
that the Duke of York meditates pay-
lug complimentary visits after the
war, to all the gront Colonies.
The question of the Colonial prisoners, from being the snbjeot of Cabinet meeting messages, exchanped between Lord Sulisbury and President
K"igor, bus sprung into general dis-
miKBion. 'n this connection it is
understood that President Krnger. set
'lie ball rolling by demanding tbnt
Colonial insurgents nnd British subjects commandeered by Boers should,
when captured he twitted as prisoners
ot war, or else .'reprisals would be tsk-
���� on British prisouerBt at Pretoria.
Lord Salisbury roplied that he
wonld deal with rebels as seemed fit,
u"'l would bold President Krnger per-
Honniiy responsible for tho treatment
Pri!toria prisoners, whereupon Kru-
Kei is reported to have jnswered that
"e would hold Lord Salisbury person-
"Hy responsible for rebels or some-
"Hag of that nature. Bnt, ou all sides
IH Iwug disouBsed as to what sbculdi
Small Engagements, but Good
Progress  Is   Being
General Woodgate Dies from
Wounds Received at
Spion Kop.
English   Press  Opinion  on
Canada's Generous
Berlin, Mnroh 24.��� During the ooming week the Naval Bill conies up before a special Reiobstng commlttoe.
Tho arguments pro and con wore pretty
well exhausted in tho primnry debates,
but the question of how expenses,
which nltogether are supposed to
amount to 17,000,000 marks ere to be
met, will occasion lively discussion.
Tho Government still adheres to the
belief that uo special tnxatinn is necessary, bnt that tho natural increase of
population, now nearly a million annually, brings sutllniont increnBu in
amount of tnxes to meet tbe required
expenditures, nlwnys providing that
the present Btnte of oommercial prosperity throughout the Empire continues. Against tbis calculation the
party of tbe Centre, especially maintains it is too urn ei lam and they must
reckon with years of deprossiou.
Germany, for the first time in his
toiy, is unable to employ a million of
toilir--, not beonnso of lack of work,
but because of lack of fuel aud raw"
stuffs. Ihe Austrian conl strike is
partly responsible fot this, nnd all industries hore are overcrowded with orders, thu iron industry being most
affected, the Prussian Government
ah.nn having recently plaoed ordeis for
six bundrod looomotivee and 9,000 cars.
Tho whole machiuery industry is in
similnr condition,excepting tbe bicycle
husiness. Within a yoar 87 bioyole
works have oeasad to exist. The German ship yards nie oveiornwdod
with war vessols,there being in coutso
of construction, 628 vessels of every
kind. The German foreign trade of
18IIII amounted to ten milliards, of
whiob Beven were maritime, meaning
au increase in tbe latter of 1,300,000,-
000 marks. The same ratio of In-
crease in maintained In German capital invested in shipping, whicb
amounts to nearly six hnudred million
murks, and is steadily increasing.
Even the textile industry ie flourishing and employees, wages are being
raised without strikes.
The Russian Ambassador here.Count
Von Osensaeken, tonigbt gavo a soiree.
Among the six hundred people present were United States Ambassador
White and Mrs. While.
On Monday will ooour tbe oonoert to
be given for tbo benefit of widows
aud orphans of Britons killed in
South Africa, nt which MeBsrs. Hitoh-
ison, Kelly and Cole will perform,
nnd the elite of British and American
colonies will bo present.
(BY \ssim iA-i-i ii PRESS,)
London, Maroh 24.��� Lord Roberts
telegraphed to the War Oflico from
Bloeinfontoiu, under date of March 2!1,
oveuing, ns follows: "There is no
speoial news to report; tbe country
south of tbis plncu is gouerally settling
down. Numbers of aruiB have beeu
delivered up aud the people are beginning to recognize the advantage of
bringing supplies for sulo. Thu movement of the troops in the western district is boiug attended with good results. "
Manitoba Provincial Government Appointments.
John A. MncDonald, Hrandon, No. II;
Wm. Rogers, Melila, No. 1; Dr. Gor-
don*Boll, is retained as bantc.iologtst,
aud E. M. Wood, continues ub secretary of tbo board.
Ottuwa, Mnroh 24.���The Canadian
Patriotic Fund ban pnssed the two
hundred thousand dollar mark, having
reached tho sum of I2O8.U30.00.
Winnipeg, March 21. ���A filial ncci-
rtunt occurred on Ibe farm of Win.
Stewnrt, nenr Humistn, by which
Frederick Teskey lost his life. Teskey
was digging a well mid hud reached a
depth of forty feet, when a [.lank
slipped fri.ui the loose ourth at the top
nud falling, bit him on On. head inflicting injuries from which be died in
an hour.
The induction o( Rev. Wm. Patrick,
ii. D,, to be principal  and  professor
of theology In Manitoba College, has
been fixed by the Presbytery of Winnipeg to take plnce in Knox Church here
on ThurBday, April 18.
Another Deaf Man Joins Mr.
Martin's Patchwork
Ladyemith, Mnrch 24.���The sconts
fiequently engage the Boers beyond
Moron, under thu Biggarsberg, but
no important lighting is inking plnce.
The Free Staters continue to cuter oar
lines,surrendering unrior the proclamation issued by Lord Roberts. They
declare that the Transvaulers aro determined to fight to tbe bitter end.
Tbe majority of those who have hitherto taken part iu the lighting have
been Free Staters, tbe Transvaulers
having been hold iu ieserva. The
Boers are preparing for another campaign and will occupy a strongly fortified position in the Transvaal. Before
they cau be driven out thero will be
heavy lighting. The Boers are not expected to make a Bland, ut Johannesburg, but to ciini-en i uun at Pretoria.
Montreal, Maroh 24.���The Stare
Loudon cabin suys: Commenting on
Hon. Mr. Fielding's new tariff as announced in the Cauadian Parliament
yesterday, the Westminster Gazetto,
whilo acclaiming Canada's generosity,
doeB uot encourage hopes of reciprocity
from this countiy. The paper snys.
'' We aro duly gratified to Cauadn for
its foiling toward Great Britain and
also for the hint that she hopes rather
than expects reciprocal preference
Bometinio or other, but Canada would
do well to base ber calculations on the
supposition that we shall stick to the
free trade sytem." Tbe Outlook
says: "Tho tariff Imperialists of Canada command British sympathy and
the admiration of all, more beoanse
British tariff discrimination in iavor
of colonial proJucts is us impossible
today as ever.- One pillar of tbe Empire's strength is free trade, it must
be the Empire of "open door" so fains borne markets are concerned."
Montreal, March 21.��� The Montreal
Rolling Mills on Fotre Danie Street
West were badly damaged by lire *his
ovening. Tho lire started in tho rolling mills department and extended to
tho general works which were badly
daamged. While the firemen were
working, the roof collapsed and several of tbo firemen were badly injured. Fireman Dassault was taken to
tbe hosptnl suffering from severe injuries, and is in a critical condition.
The firemen succeeded in getting the
fire under control after several bonis.
The damage is ostinintod at about
Apparently His Only Qualification Is That He Is
Comber, Man., March 24.���The lurge
grist mill of S. J. Lund, waa burned
here last night. lusuruuen wus $0,000;
Iobs $12,000.
London, Marob 24.���At n late hour
tonight tho War Otflce posted the following from Lord Roberts: "Bloemfontein, Mnrch 24.���Ycsteidny Lieut.-
Colonel Orubbe, Captnin Trotter nnd
Lieutenant, tbe Hon. E. Lygon, of tbe
Grenadier Guards, and Lieut.-Colonel
i loilnringii.il.of tbe Coldstream Guards,
rode eight miles beyond tbeir oarnp on
Modder River without escort, except
one trooper. They were tired on by n
party of Boers, and Lygon was killed,
and Crabhe, Oodrington nnd Cuptain
Trotter were seriously wounded. The
trooper was also wounded. One of the
wounded officers hold np a white handkerchief and tbe Boers camo to their
assistance, doing all possible in attending to tbeir wounds. Tbe Boera then
conveyed tbo wounded to tbe nearest
farmhouse' where they wero taken
cure of.
Paris,    March    84.���The    Waldeok;
Rousseau   Ministry,   after  enjoying a
short breathing spell,   hnd   to  sustain
another assanlt from its Nationalist opponents  ir  tbo Chamber of  Deputies
this week and came through the ordeal
witb   muoh   diffloulty.    Iudeed,     the
only  result   whioh   the    Nationalists
achieved is to aooontuato the faot  that
the  Governmont   1ms   come   to   stay.
Thoir  organs  fill   tho  air with ven-
goanco nnd   ceaseless   striotures  upon
the  Government'6   policy,   and   with
aiun. to embroil France in foreign complications, hut Parliament seems determined  to hnve tbe  reins ,ot power.in
Wuldeok-Ronssenu's bauds.   The Opposition having failed In frontal  attacks
tried a flanking movement and oarae to
grief  again.    They  brought   forward
two interpellations, whioh were pistols
levelled at the bend of  M.   Millerand,
Minister  of   Commerce and Industry,
and both   missed  fire.    M,   Millerand
and his Nationalist beto noire, is   also
the most vulnernble point in  the Government armor on acoonnt   of  his So-
cialifltic opinions,   and In Fridny's interpellations tho Opposition sought  to
show tbnt his  action in   the  qncfition
under disonsaion wob prompted by personal interests.    Tbe success of tbe interpellations would havo involved   tbe
resignation of M.Milleiand nnd n Cabinet orisis, whioh the Of position hoped,
would lead to breaking up of tbe Ministry,   "to  divide   or  overthrow  the
Government" as M. Millerand described their tactics.    The first   interpellation  which   nconsed M. Millerand   of
promising a subvention   to one of  the
Ciiiitiein-.l nu fourth I'.iK'-.
London, Mnrch 24.���Lord Roberts'
dispatoh saying he has nothing specinl
to report, is generally interpreted to
mean that ho hopes speodily to announce somo intelligeuoe gratifying to
the British. The optimists evon de-
duot from tho number of minor itemB
ol news reoeived. that Lord Roberts baB
satisfsctory news of the advauco of
the flying column from the southwards by a detour towards Mafeking.
In the meanwhile Colonel Plnmer's
position is nroueing anxiety. He Iibb
with him a long train of supplies for
Mafeking, the loss of whiob would be
eeriouB, nnd further information about
Commandant Eloff's movoiueuts is
awaited with trepidation in view of
the report from Protorin that ho was
iBOlating Colonel Plumer's forco near
Gnberones. But well informed people
in South Africa nre moro hopeful than
the inhabitants of this oity. The former aro prepnriua for nil kinds of cele-
bralions to take place on the announcement of tho raising of the eiego of
Mnfeking. A sword of honor is now
in readiness for presentation to Colonel Baden-Powell.
A dispatch from Maseru, Basntoland,
under yesterdny's date seems to dispose of the story thnt General French
was lighting yesterday, but it Indicates
that a battle is imminent. From
elsewbero come stories ol the Boer,
rallying "at vnrious points. Krooustari
is well entrenched and General Jou-
bert ifl preparing to ranko a determined stand, while the Boers in tbe eastern districts have boen ordored to rally
at Fioksborg, northward of Lady brand,
in tbo Orange Free State, is not yet
ITjbdued, Sir Charles Parsons, commanding a column in tbe westorn dis-
tiict, composed of Canadians and nth-
 (Joiitliinc'l on Fourth I'ligo.
Ottawa, Maroh 24.-The list of offl-
oers of the provisional battalion to garrison Halifax is given out oflioially today   as   follows:     Lieutenant-Colonel
Commanding,    Lieut.-Colonel  Vidal;
Senior Major, to be   appointed ; Junior
Major, Captain George  Stinsou,   10th
Royal Grenadiers, Toronto; Adjutant,
Captain A. O. Forbes ; acting Quartermaster,   Captain   F.   A. Dodge,   t>8tb
Battalion; "A" Oompany, British Columbia and Manitoba, Captain, Lieut.
MacKuy, 42nd Battalion;  Lieutenant,
H. C. Akroyd,   GOth   Rifles;   Lieutenant, F. F. Clarke,   ot 12th  Battalion.
"B"   Company,     London,     Oaptain,
Onpt. A. C. MacDonald,   of  the  59th
Battalion.     Lieutenants,    Lieut.    A.
W. Aston, of the 88th Battalion, Lieut.
J. O. Law. 10th Royal Grenadiers, Toronto.    "C" Oompany, Toronto,   Captnin, Major S. O. D. Roper, G.   G. F.
G. ;   Lieutenants,   Lieutenant    S.   A.
Howard,   10th    Battalion;  Lieut.   R.
Wood,    10th    Battalion.    "D"   Company, Oattwa and Kingston,   Captain,
Lieut.-Col.   Skinner,   14th   Battalion;
Lieutenants, Lieut. A. S.   M.   Adam-
son, G.   G.   F.   G.,   Lieut.   Goronrd,
42nd Battalion. "E" Company, Montreal,   Captain,   Capt.   W.   H.   Evans;
Lientenant, Lieut. N. S. Ogilvie,   5th
Royal Soots.    "F" Oompany,   Quebeo
nud St. Johns, Oaptain, Lieut.-Col. D.
M. Toschereau,   92nd Battalion ; Lieutenants, Lieut. F. A. O'l'aiinll,   82nd
Battalion, Lieut.  Allunl, of  the  00th
Battalion.     "G"     Company,      New
Brunswick and Prince Edward Island,
Cuptain, Oapt. J. J.Sharpba; Lieutenant, I,lent   O.K.   Murscieau,   ;:ird Battalion.   "H" Company, Nova  Sootia,
Captain, Cupt. A. H.    Alderson,    5th
Battalion; Lieutenats,   Lieut.    A.   B.
Gurney, 09th Battalion, Lieut    Cbas.
Beardmore, 10th Battalion.
Marmora, Ont., Marob 24.���Pire
broke out early tbi:j morning in a large
brick buidliug occupied by Rose,
butcher and grocer, destroying it together with John Green's harness
shop. Brick' Carriage shop, 1). Dun-
lay's, aad n iargd hick belonging V>
Onpt O'Neill, nnd containing two
general stores, witb hardwaio store of
Frank Carscallen. The origin of tbe
fire ib unknown.   Loss $80,000 or more.
Winnipeg, Mnrch 24.���Ahoe Oline,
a young woman of Winnipeg was arrested in Minneapolis yesterday charged with having raised fl bill to $10 by
tbe use of revenue stamps from cigar
boxes. The woman was taken to the
train by a deteotive.but osoaped before
tbe train left Minneapolis station.
Miss Oline had lived witb her mother
here tor nearly a year and removed
to Minneapolis only a week since.
Two or three of tbe raised bills have
boen diBoovered hy tbe police.
Mrs. Margarot MoFarlane, nged 102,
died nt Stonewall yestorday. She was
one of tbe oldest residents of Manitoba.
A now health hoard for tbe Provinoe
is gazetted today. All chairmen up-
pointed bv the Greenway Government
are removed and the following appointed : Dr. J. J. MoFadden is
mnde chairman ot tbe board; Dr.
Holmes Simpson is tbe health officer
for No. 1 district, Winnipeg; Dr. J. J.
McI'luiilen,   of   Neepawa,   No. 2;   Dr.
London,Mnroh 24.���Mr. Spencer Wilkinson reviowiug the situntin:, at the
seat of war for the Associated Press at
midnight says: "Two points of acute
interest are just now Mafeking and
the Boer column trekking north from
Smithfiold and Rouxvillo along Bnsnto
border. About Mafekiug wo aro in
tho dark. Colonel Plumer hns but a
handful of men and is not strong
enough to attack Commandant Sny-
man and raise the siege. Commandant Snyman therefore hns attacked
him, aud Colonel Plumer has retired,
expecting, no doubt, to return after
Commandant Snyman whenever the
latter turns back.
Lord Roberts never forgets small
things while attending tn great things.
It may be taken as certain that be
knows how and when he shall have
Mafeking relieved, supposing tbe garrison can hold out, but he does not
disclcse bis plans in ndviince, Wo nre
all left to our guesses. My first guess
that the column hud gone np by Berkley ou March 19 seems to huve been
wrong. My next that the mounted
force wonld go up from Prieska us
soon ns the robels were settled is not
rnled out yet. General Methucii has
been a woek near Fourteen Streams,
probably waiting for troops. The Boer
Genernl who is homing to get past j
General French up at Kroonstad may j
bo onnglit and mude to light, but with
only u lew thousand mounted meu he
ought to be able to elude the British.
The   design   no donbt is that General
Bnller will move simultaneously with
Lord Roberts, who hns been at llloeni-
fontein for ten days. Ho seems to
wish t.) sottle tho country behind him
before going on. Lord Roberts will
Bhortly have the Eighth division nnd
may form tho troops now available
into a new Tenth division. He will
then huve in his hands 75,000 men and
Genarnl Bnller 40,000. The former
force need not.be moving at one time,
for it would bo easy to form a third
column to oross tho Vnnl River nt
Kimberley and turn uny Boer defence
on that river. In view of these figures
aud the known power of Lord Roberts
as a leader, 1 attach little importance
to declarations thnt they will make a big
tight. If they stund before tbey nie
driven into Pretoria, that can help
them very little. It will ho a question
of weeks until Lord Roberts may be
looked for north of  Vanl   River ut the
Victoria, B. C, March 24��� Premier
Marlii   hns ugain   returned from   the
Mainland, and this time   his  mission
hns not been fruitlesn.    He bus   secured a Cabinet Minister in the person of
George Washington  Beeho,   a  farmer
and rancher   at   Agnssiz.    Beobo  will
take the portfolio of Provincial   Secretary, Mr. Yates going to that of Chief
Commissioner of   Lands   nnd   Works.
The now Minister hns been   prominent
in the Farmers' Institute work   foi a
numbor of   yenrs   and the Premier believes he will be a distinct accession to
the Cabinet    He  has been a   residont
of British Columbia   for 18  yenrs.   A
special Gazette today contains tho official announcement   of Mr. Beebe's ap
poiiitment, and the resignation of Mr.
Yates as  Provincial  Secretary.   Victorians do   not   know   wnether to bo
amused or indignant at this  action  of
Martin in calling in such a  rank   outsider,    Martin,   when asked as to who
he was, said be did   uot   know  muoh
about him, except   thut   be   was deaf.
This makes two deaf men in tbo Cabinet,   Mr.   Smith-Curtis   ��nd   O.    W.
Beebe.    The one qnestio'  asked on Ibe
street  todu:    was, "Who tbo devil  is
George W^ebingtoii iieetitiV li iB conceded on nil sides that Martin is doing
his dnty uobly in keeping  np   the  hilarity of tho   political   situation.    Local Liberals have called   a   convention
for Wednesday next
Ralph Smith, M. P., left tbis morning fur Rossland, where he will address a meeting to be held thore on
Monday night, with the object of
straightening out the present troubles.
Mr. Smith yesterday received n tele-
gram,signed Hon. Smith-Curtis nud J.
M. Martin,asking bim to go there aud
meet Commissioner Cluto.
The award   in   tho  conl miues arbitration   cubb   wus   banded down   tbis
morning.    The case has been a famous
oue und the sittings of the   arbitrators
have been prolonged over   n  considerable  time.    The nward 1b in  a  sense,
tentative, the  validity  of   the specinl
rule promulgated   by   the   Minister of
Minos, excluding from tbe   coalmines
of th) Province   ull personB who could
not understand tbe rules as promulgated in   English, being referred   to  the
Supreme Court.    Tbe Chinese   in   tbo
Union mine uro  prononuod   dangerous
with the exception of fivo, who proved
their  competency   to   arbitrators, although   the   evidence   on   tbe    Bnmo
ground in   regard   to   the   Wellington
mine; wns  insufficient   to  warrant  a
similnr pronouncement.    Tbe   arbitrators further agree that while  all   Chinese and  Japanese may not be dangerous in these   workings, n   considerable
per oentago are.    Iu  fact   the  goueral
tenor of the award is   against the Chinese nnd   in   fnvor of tho notion of the
Quebeo, March 24.���A ton yenr old
boy named Parent, the sou of a St.
Snnvenr laborer, was nearly devoured
yesterday by two huge dogs in a field
neur thu Sacred Hospitul. Tbe child
was terribly bitten and one of Ins ears
torn olf. Ho would ceitninlyj hnve
been killed lint for tbe Intervention of
ii stieet cor conductor und bis assistant, who came veiy oppoitunoly to
the rescue.
J OttawB.Ont., March 24.��� Cavnnagh,
who was committed for trial on tho
charge of matricide, having, it wns
alleged, murdered his mnlhnr on Dee.
2, was yesterday acquitted by the jury
on the ground thnt no evidence had
been submitted to show his guilt.
Menford, Ont, March 24.���Hon.
William Mulock, Postinnstcr-Gciieral,
wns banqueted by tbo citi/.elis of
this plncu lust evening.
Montreal,   Mnrcb    24.-
if |line steamer L'Aquitiiine
-Tbe  French
with" Hon.
end of Apri1, and  before  Protorin,   .
the Bofis fall back to   that   place,   in J. I. Tarte ou board, arrived at Havro
tbu first half of May. this morning. NELSON   DAILY MINER,   SUNDAY, MARCH 25, 190b
JNeison Daily Miner
1 -aLI!���,ie-. 1 1 '.illy i.m-mii. Monday.
n  I   BKATON, Kdltor and Manager.
will bo united iu the detenu illation
to put an und once I'm all to one-man
government iu British Columbia,
11 illy per month by cantor I
per half year    H W
per yoer    "00
Doryuorby mall    500
in ii- ye.ir  fornix.. -    ""
Weekly, per half year I IU
Pvrrear    JOO
por yoar, foreign.,    2 60
tiubsorlpiloui invariably In lulvanoe,
Nelson Mln ��r Printing & Publish IngCo
nelson. b. o.
Telephone   No.  144.
The Miner will pay $10 reward
for information that will lend to the
arrest and conviction of any person
who steals a copy of this paper
fram the premises of our subscribers.
Mr. Dunsmuii's organ 111 Victoria
has any number of "positions" in support of its opposition to party lilies.
Oue is 1 hat "this Provlnoe needs a policy of its own in local affairs." We
do not know n Province in the Dominion I hat does not, nor oue that has nut
a policy of its own. A Liberal Administration or u Conservative Administration 111 British Columbia would be
quite as free nud quite as capable, mid
tien. is no carthh reason to supposo it
would nut be quite us anxious, to
evolve a purely Proviuainl policy us any
peisounl, one-man Government could
possibly be. A gieut many people
seem to be running away with the
idea that because wo divide 00 Federal
party liueB we must necessarily engage
ouiselves with Federal politics. Men
of matuied and robust understanding
know better. We divide iuto Liberals
and Conservatives to take our sharo iu
directing matters at Ottawa ; tbe party
lines movement lost now contemplates, and can only mean to contemplate, that we shall divido iuto Liberals und Conseivntives with the view
of directing ntluirs at Victoria, und the
purtv thnt does this with most satisfaction to the people is tbo patty the
people will   support.
There have been several meetings of
Conservatives iu Victoria; local Conservatives; at which the expediency of
adopting Federal party lines in our
Proviuoial elections wus under discussion. Those preseut could uot come to
an agreement, and tho meetings dispersed without action. All this is taken very seriously by Victorians themselves. In the lnnguugo of n modern
classic, they imagine themselves the
only pebble ou tbe beach. Because they
cannot agree ou party lines, tbey oou-
olude tbere can be no party lines in
tho Province. If they can take their
minds nud eyes oft the contemplation
of thoir own supreme importance for
a moment they will see ull over the
Province n settled determination on
tbe part of the Conservatives to put up
Couservativo cundidutes in all of the
constituencies and to appeal for support ou party grounds. While the
few Conservatives of Victoria are
quarrelling among themselves aud imagining that the earth cannot revolve
without them, the Conservatives elsewhere have settled on their oourse and
will pursue it to the end, In absolute
indifference to any action thut may be
taken at the Capital. Ou this point our
Island friends may put their minds
at ease; on one Bide, at least, thu next
elections in this Province will be cou-
duoted on  party   lines.
Tbere would be just ns little doubt in respect to the Lib-
orals, but for the unfortunate circumstances thnt have lately arisen.
The new Premier, Mr. Martin, desires to be recognised as a Libera), and
is anxious to be nocepted us the lender
of the party iu tbe Province. The
best of the Liberals will not acknowledge him as leuder, or, in tact, have
anything to do with bim. They know
him, and, knowing, tbey cannot ro-
i-poet him and do not trust him. As
Liberal Premier of the Province, Mr.
Martin would bu in a position to injure, if not defeat, every Liberal can-
idate for the Commons at Ottawa.
Next to advancing himself, the most
cherished desire of his heart is to destroy the Laurier Government. It is
to gain strength for this grand achievement that be is employing nil his arts
to foroe himself upon the Liberals as
their leader. It is for this he has directed tho few leading Liberals in
Vanoouver who have cast in their fortunes with bim to call a convention.
The better members of the party will
not join in this movement, nnd houce
n division which makes it impossible
to conduct, the next Provincial fight
on party lineB.
We think this is to be regretted. A
united Liberal party would mean the
subsidence of Mr. Martin, for there
cm. be no union with him ut tbe bead.
A nuited Liberal purtv would ulsu
mean the dawning of better government in British Columbia. With the
two parties opposed iu a fair nnd
equnre fight, the people would have the
assurance thnt, whichever won, the
political cii.nl it inn- in the Province
would bo immensely improved. There
is Liberal mntorial as well as Conservative material for a Cabinet superior to
any that British Colombia has bad for
many a day. In view of the division,
however, which hns boon created by
the unwelcome nnd surprising usurpation of Mr. Martin, the strict party
movement will be confliied to ore side,
und the muss of Libeinls will bo free
to distribute their support between
Conservative candidates and candidates who will present themselves as
avowed supporters of thi still unformed Government of the new Premier,
That many of them will go to Mi. Martin there is already iibnndance of evidence, nnd they will have the company
of many dianppointod and disaffected
Oonservatives; but under the peculiur
ciinumstniices of the situation we believe the best clcini ills of both   pnilies
We have word from the Const that
the mannger of tho Winnipeg Industrial Exhibition Associutiou is moving on Kootenny. He is u wonderfully
resourceful nnd energetic person, is
Mr. Heubnoh, aud a year or so ago
conceived the ideu of adding a Biitish
Columbia department to the annual
.innin.u exhibition held ut the. prairie
Capital. He has visited Vancouver und
Victoria, with tho object of inducing
the business iuterests of those cities to
use their influence with the Government to give a sum of money in aid of
the enterprise. He had nlreudy seduced
the li.iiuiiiioii Government into an
appropiation, und with reasonable assistance from the Province n special
building will be erected, iu which we
will be free to uiuke nny displuy that
we may consider to our ndvuutuge.
Mr. Heubnoh will probably visit Rosslaud und Nelsou, aud solicit the
good ollioos of the Boards of Trade of
those cities. They may as well ruukc
up their miuds beforehand to please
the gentleman uud allow bim to go
Mb way, foi they will yield to bis persuasions iu the end anyway.
If tbe German Minister of Foreigu
Ail'iiir.-. Count Vou Buelow, kuows
the mind of the Emperor and Inbiuet,
thero will be no European int. rv.mtiou
in South Africa. He thus delivered
bimself a few days ago iu respect to
tho policy of Germany and her allies,
who were agreed on thiuu things:
"First���To offer no mediation, excopt
upon termB proposed by ono belligerent
and upproved beforehund by the other.
Second���That if England, while can-
colling tbo independence of tho Boer
Republics, as she had an undeniable
right to do, gave some sort of promise
of equal political rights to all white
meu in South Africa and retained fiom
infringing on '.be rights nt preseut
eujojed by Enropenua, Europe could
not have a leg to stand upon iu tbe
matter of Intervention. Third���To
oppose euorgeticully ull proposals for
European intervention or n Europoau
conference upon the South African
The Greenwood Daily Timos, n stnl-
wart Liberal puper, will huvu nothing
to do with the Vancouver convention.
It budes no good to the party, and
"should be discouruged by Liberals."
"It is called simply for the purpose of
endorBing Joe Martin, nnd thoso wbo
take part are bound by the decison of tho
oonventiotl." This is not the opinion
of anotbor Liberal paper, The New
Westminster Columbian, in which the
advice is given to nil the constituencies to send full delegations to swamp
the Martin purty, and have it declined
once for all thnt Ihe Lib..nils of Brit
ish Columbia are not to be led by tbe
nose by this political   Wandering Jew.
Tbe Mil ' 1 '������' extended report of
Mr. Fielding's budget speech was
greatly appreciated by the business men of the City. A budget delivery is the interesting event of the
session to the business community,nnd
notwithstanding our limited space we
felt culled upon to present it at length.
*veu to the exclusion of othor important matter,
George Washington Beebo���well,
perhaps it will be best to wnit until
we know who tho gentleman is before
discussing him ub 11 British Columbia
Minister. But what nn exquisite comedy Mr. Martin is giving us!
For the Times
From CQi Town to Lafly-
By (late) (i. W. Steevf.NS
Forly-oi Years in Mil
Hy Loitn RoBBBTf
Both Sides of the South African
Tea years ef Op Cat*
. in Peace ml War
ill He Latest Current
Canada drug &
whore you can depend on netting the boat
tmtndriin tha market and any quantity from
inc. up,   i 'm '��������� cannot be diHputed,
���PHONE Ji:t.
Frank A. Tamblyn,  Mgr.,
IUker Street, Nelson
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer und Porter.
Drop in and see us.
Ladies' and Gents' Clothing cleane 1
dyed, altered and repaired.
Bear riarke ������Ml, nkiaon
Houston Block,    -    Nelson.
Some Choice Lots and Houses for Sale,
Agent Montreal Loan & Investment Co,
City of Nelson Local Board of Health
Notice ie hereby given that all per
sons resident within the City of Nelson who hnve not been vuccinntod
within seven years are required with
iu seven duys from the publication of
tbis notice to be vaccinated.
Persons requiring to be vimjinnted
freo of oharge may nt tend at any time
during the next seven duys botweeu
the hours of !) and fi o'clock p. m., at
my office on Josephine Street for the
purpose of vaccination. Upon the
eighth day following the day ou wbich
any person has been vaccinated, he
or she sbull attend the medical prac
lionet by whom the operation was per
formed in order tnnt tbo inedioa] pruc
tioner may ascertain by inspection the
remit of tbo operation.
Any person failing to comply with
the requirements of tins notice will
be liuble to tbe penalties prescribed by
tho Public Health Act.
D. LABAU, M. D.,
Medical Health Ofiicer.
Nelson, B, 0., March 20th, 11100.
City of Nelson Local Board of Health
Notice is hereby given thnt the pub
lie Is informed tbnt rule No. 511 of the
regulations of the Provincial Board of
Health, approved by order of tho Lien
tenant-Unvornor-in-Coancil, is in force
in the City of Nelson, by wbioh every
person of an age to make bim or ber
legally responsible, wbo bas uot been
successfully vnocinnted within sevon
yenrs, or wbo does not hold a certificate of his or her insusceptibility nt
tbe present time to vncciuntion, is inquired to procure the vaccination of
himself or herself within seven duys
after pnlbio notification hy the Medical Heulth Ofiicer directing general vaccination. 1). LABAU, M. D.,
Medical Health Ofiicer.
Nolson, B. C, Mnrch 20. IflOO.
Delivered to an any point on
Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock
on hand of
Mill at PILOT BAY.
 ���~~��~ ���~~  vvnoic    our   stock
SfiT^Jtesi SSBl���   IMMEDIATE   SALE I this year than ever
Paper Hanger,
Glazier,   Paiqter,   Etc
Chimney Sweeping.
Office, Ward St. opp. Opera Mouse
A recent London cable says, referring to the Aniericuii oiler of mediation : "For this complete clearance of
the situation I .mil Salisbury is indebted to tbe Aiin-iii-.tii Government,  and
instead of resenting Secretary Hay's
dispatch, there is no possible doubt
that lio is sinceerly thankful to its
author. It is even hinted thnt there
was a quiet previous understanding of
tho whole mutter, but this is not positively asserted, for it would, of couise,
call ont an olficinl denial." The Miner
suggested at the time that there was
probably a "qniot previous understanding.''	
An enthusiastic admiiei of the new
Uritish Columbia Premier, interviewed at Ottawa the other day, said of
him: "He is the only hope and salvation of the Province, ns tho exploiters and schemers have manipulated Ihe
Goverumnt so as to strip the I'rovlnofl
of its resources, nu 1 there will be
nothing left worth saving, if Martin
fails to SQCOOed and Keep the rusculs
at buy."    Whew I
Nelson Employment Agencv
Messenger Ray.    Dressmaker.
Girl for Housework.
J. H. LOVE, Ag't      Baker S?
This Offer Open for
Days Only-
Lots 11 nnd 12 in Block 28, being the
Southwest Corner of Gore and Kootenay Streets, Nelson.
Cash Price $450.00 for the Two.
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and what meals he manages to pick
up at the restaurant. We arc looking forward to that time. We know
that carpets are bound
old, spots will appear, and the
decision will finally be that it will be
cheaper to put
new carpets than relay the old; and
then how much more satisfactory
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room to say much here
subject, but will merely remind you
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Hlocan, for wile cheap. Will sell for own or
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fur pnj, Btoknen forces me to oiler the above
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���  TAILOR   ���
Oloiiiiine nml Repairing Nontly Pons.
Clothing Made to Order
Corner Ward and Baker.
In the mutter of nu application for a
duplicate of a certificate ut title to lots
eleven (11) and twelve (1SI), block
twenty-Bevon (27), City of Nelaon, B.
Notice is hereby given that it Ih my
intention at the oxpiratioo of one
mouth trom the publication hereof, to
iHsne n rlnplicnte of the certificate of
title to the above lands, issned to
George A. 6. Hall, on tbe 20th day of
December, 18UK, and numbered IBS!) E.
Land Registry Ofnco, Victoria, B.
C, IBtb February. IHO).
Fraternity Hall
.'or linker A Kootenay sis.
can be rented for Concerts, Lectures
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0,00 Springs mineral water.   "
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"Whither away?  Shall we sail or itiyf  Wbltlnti
awuyY" I fiaitl,
*'Into the luiuet'l glory ���( gold ami passion ol
rose rod?
Over tho water ehingtd to wine nnd Into thu nk��
we ilip,
Hut never u fairer shore than, thin shall find our
buoyant ship,
Rot though by shadowy Arcady wt drop tho anchor at last,
And iu thu dunk our weary sails cams rattltnu
down the mast.
Into tho dirk Btoall oS tho bark.   Let us stay in
our bridul June.
Whither nwuy should lorers stray from tho Island
o! Honeymoon?"
"Oh,   far  away   in  tho  dying  day  and  farther
away," she cried,
"Ere the Rlory of gold has faded yet or tht passion of rose red died 1
Oh, far awny from tho happier present visit tin
hippy past,
Though never shall our ghostly sails die down thu
Humlowy mast I
For wo will flit by the twilight land and nami
lliu places fair,
But set no foot on tho shore," stro cried,  "noi
drop the anchor thore,
But under the night with so swift a flight that
tho keel Is singing in tunc,
Back, huslo buck on tha starry track to tho island
ot Honeymoon I"
���J. Russell Taylor In Scribnor'i.
H. & M. BIRD
Agents for Eureka Mineral Wool and
Asbestos Co.
Real  Estate.    Fire  Insurance.
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4^�� \��> As/ \s> \*/ \��/ V4/ \#i \*> t*/ h4j�� \4> \e/ S \��/ v*/ \f)> vdn*/1*/ \*> \4i \i/ \#/ it/ \��> ^
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A an IJno "Nuuiidtan" Mnroh :il
Allan Lino "Parisian" April 7
omnnn I.Ino "llninlnlon" April 18
Dominion Lino "Can.bronun" April 17
��� ,, from St. John, N.H.
Iloavor Lino "Uko Superior" April 4
Heaver Lino "LusiuinhV' Apiilll
.���     ,, From Halifax, N. S.
A an Lino "Niiiiililinn" April 1
AlUii Lino "Parisian"  Al rll s
Dominion Une ���'Dominion'' April U
jMSVet Lino "Lakn Supurlur" April t
lwmir Lluo "Lusllniilu" April \i
un 1.   ��.     . From New York
wii lohlnr Lino "Ucrinanlo" April 4
White Star Lino "(I oanlo" April IS
;inian Llno"l,ui-iinia" April 7
��� iiiiarilLln��"Kirnria" April II
Anerknn Lino "W. l'anl" Xprll I
llodSinr Lino "FrloHland" April I
Aiuiljor Lino "Kllilolila" April 7
norih Gorman Lloyd "Sanlo" April :i
Allan SU1U1 Line ���'('iirenii" April M
JSSf^S ��rraiiK��l U) and from all Kuropoan
���'I . ,f��.r rnU"- tloket* nnd full infcnnallon
"DiilytoC.P.H.dopolagent or O K. BonMloi,
����| l'asHoo({oi AkooU NnNon, Il.C
rieneral Alrnnl,. C P. K. l)ITIro��   WlnnlreK
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Plrat Class   Hoard   and   Room;
fudd's old  stand, in  rear  English
Church.    Table   Hoard, $4;   Board
��nd Room, $5 and $5.50.
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1 'Ivii ami MeolianlaaJ KiikIiiooih,
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Jun? '"r.lh" ���""Ion iron Worlm, RaboOnk
��� "iiriiK Bailor Co., Oraoko'a win Rope
and itopnwuvt, Ktc, Ktc.
farm. -ikMhtvJMwtot/.
tmm������tmm ��� mm ��i~i        m    ���    ���^���sj*
0<nj /JjUU,
Bank of
British Columbia,
Is now prepared to issue
Drafts and Letters of Credit
en Skaguay, U.S., Atlin, B.
C, and Dawson City, Yukon
A Myiterr Thut Was l.imllj  Bxplkln-
��d by a Scientific Stan.
Trofeasor W. J. McG��, in chnrge of
tile burSSU of ethnology, Is well known
ns n member of th�� famous Society For
Psychical Research and snys that ho
used to have a fad of sleeping In haunted
houses, hut never succeeded in finding a
ghost indoors, although he once huuted
up ami caught oue out iu the open.
"While I was once ia a country town,"
he snid, "a clerk in a store shot and killed
n burglar who had succeeded iu forcing
an entrance.  The coroner, a superannuated politician, wns called from a neighboring village, viewed the corpse and  pronounced   the   man   deserving   of   death.
Without an examination tho body was
thrown into an ordinary box, carted off
to   tho   cemetery   nnd   unceremoniously
buried.    The  townspeople,   incensed   at
such a careless proceeding, protested, and
physician wns later deputised to disln-
5j I ter the body.   This was done.   Later the
5J^ I body wus returned to the grave, and tho
jj; j box wus only about half covered with
5! I earth.
"Within a few months there begin to
be vugue rumors about things not being
exactly right ut the cemetery. 1 paid no
attention until an old, hard headed farmer enme to me nnd, explaining thnt he
had heard that 1 professed to some scientific knowledge, asked me to investigate
g. i the ghosts which, he said, he hud seeq
the night before in the graveyard.
"I waited a few nights, fearing a practical joke and. going out the back way
ncross lots, reached the cemetery about
10 o'clock, the night being very dark. I
stopped at the corner of the graveyard,
nbout 75 yards from the robber's grave.
It was a chilly night, with an occasional
gust of wind. I wnitcd probably half or
three-quarters of an hour, occasionally
glancing toward the spot until I, like the
others, 'saw something.' I watched tht
specter for a long lime.
"Above the grave hovered a white figure tapering toward the head and answering the descriptions of the people beholding it previously, who had said It
wore a tall, peaked cap. It made irregular movements, sometimes crouching,
sometimes stnnding. I had heard rumors
that there appeared not only the ghost
of the robber, but the little ghosts of bis
children, who, the presumption was, hnd
stnrved to death. Sure enough, the little
ghosts began to appear. Tho figures were
apparently indulging is weird orgies. I
started toward them. As I approached
they gradually became more Indistinct
nnd finally melted entirely Into tht atmosphere. 1 weut back some distance
until they reappeared, like blue flames of
fire. Suddouly I remembered a former
experience, nnd the whole explanation
wus clear. The ghosts wero in reality,
ns I afterward proved, the phosphorescent fumes due to decomposition of tho
organic gases thrown off by the robber's
body, half covered as It was, in the still,
humid air. Yet this was as veritable a
ghost as has ever been teen."���Washington Times.
Miss Ruth Underbill, this year's golf
champion, i�� a granddaughter of tbe lute
Obarles A. Dana,
Mrs. Mill-in Allen of Klyrin. O., who Is
OS years of age, is the oldest member of
the Woman's Relief corps,
Mrs. Mary Hunks, the widow af Con-
orul Banks, 1ms just celebrated her eightieth birthday at her home in Wullhuiu,
Miss Orn A. Root of Cincinnati spends
her spare time collecting books uml reading matter to scud to the soldiers iu the
Mrs. Anno 1-1. Brumby, mother of Lieutenant Brumby of the Olympla, wns one
of the spectators nt tbo festivities in At-
liiiitu iu hiiiiiir of her son.
Miss ICililli ltoot, daughter of the secretary of war, makes the tenth young unmarried woman In the cabinet set nt
Washington, an unprecedented number,
Lndy Edwin Arnold is a young .lapn-
neso whom .Sir Edwin bad educated after
the English fashion and then married,
She fully appreciates her husband's liter
nry talents.
Three Parisian women, Mmc. Gustavo
Piiruf. Mine. George Osthctmer and Mine.
Gustavo Rlchetot, have offered u prize of
$20,000 to the Inventor of the best device
for life Hliving nt seu.
Mny Nunez, who us Mrs. William Lo-
ring Spencer is known 11s the widow of
the late United States Senator Spencer,
from Alabama, is going on the singe
again, this time in vaudeville. Before
her marriage she wus a member of Au-
gustin Dnly'B company.
Baroness Nathaniel de Rothschild hns
left numerous bequests to the museums
of Paris. Among them nre a collection
of musical Instruments and autographs
to the Conservatoire und 11 collection of
works by early Italian painters to the
Louvre, together with u picture by
Mrs. Yjnngn, who is the mother of the
Duchess of Manchester, having spent the
summer in Europe with her daughters,
nnother of whom is Lndy Lister Knye, is
now in this country. Mrs. Yz.uugn will,
as has been her custom for yenrs, puss
the winter months ou her plantation in
Mrs. Carrie Chapman Cntt of Brooklyn, who succeeds Miss Susan B. Anthony, retired, us president of the National
Association of the Woman Suffrage Societies, is a popular college womnn und
has  for a  number of yenrs  beeu  nsso-
clnted with Miss Anthony in advancing
the work of tho organization.
Dr. Anita Newcomb McGee, who Is nt
the bend of the woman army nurses nnd
is nu assistant to Surgeon General Sternberg, has the runk of n first lieutenant
and is entitled to wear shoulder straps indicative of her rank. Dr. Mctlee has the
distinction of being the only womnn ofiicer in tho United States army service.
Guy's matinee record to wagon Is now
The great trotter Little Tube, 2:101,4,
has been converted tu the pace by A Ilie
Oscar L, 2:13<4, Is n newcomer to tlio
list this year. He was said to have
shown 2:10 over Belmont
The second heat in 2:00 by Prince Alert
at Moirisliiwn, N. .!., recently is the New
Jersey stale record for u half mile track.
Lord Vincent, 2:08%, wns formerly
owned by .1. W. Bill of Greenville, Pa.,
wlio purchased him at $700 and sold him
tor $1,860.
There Is more harness racing In the
south this winter than ever before, nnd
Georgia mid Texas will keep the horses
busy until the new year.
It is snid that the recovery of Lndy of
the Manor is now sure. It Is to lie hoped
that this is tbe case, as she scorns like thu
best two minute prospect for a pacing
mare out.
The bay gelding George, hy Scarlet
Wilkes, who trotted a skyrocket race at
lteiiilville last year, taking u record of
2:18*4, and went wrong soon after, la
now winning iu the slow pacing clusses in
the east.
Dai'iel, 2:07'/,, Is proving one of the
cracks of the New York speedway. One
afternoon recently she wns timed n quarter in 301,*! seconds. It is snid that her
owner, Dr. II. II. Kane, is willing to race
her against Humps, 2:011^.
There nre eight drivers who have put
two or more horses in the 2:05 list. Mc-
llenry, Snow nud Ceors are the only ones
who have been miles In 2:05 or better
with three different horses, nnd Andy
McDowell is the only trainer who ever
drove two trotters in the 2:05 list.
2 Lots, 6-Bnoin House, corner,
on Carbonate st let $2,000
2 Lots, 8-Boom Hon te Carbonate street     2,150
Agents foe  Hums Addition   and   a
large number- of Addition " A" Lots.
poi)'t WorpiJ.
Merchant Tailor,
Josephine Street,
Suits from $25.00 Up.
Real Estate & Mining Agent
Room 1. Turner-Boeck Block.
Splendid Corners on Stanley, Josephine. Mlll.Billcn, Ward.
Flnt-elsSS Hotel Sile on linker.
I^its and Houses in nil porta of the
Will luiild you n Homo if 1 oannot
suit you.
Si i  Mr.
Accident nnd Sickness.    Special Health
Policy issued by
Head   office,   Montreal.       Costs only
$10 a year.
Gamble 8 O'Reilly.
Mining stocks
Bought and Sold.
Silver Star Mining Stock of
Sumpter, Ore.   Call for Prospectus,
5000 Big Horn Treasury.  A snap
1000 Noonday    600 Richelieu
Here's a good buy :
Referendum Treasury Stock, Sold
on installments 7}��o., l)^c per month.
House and Lot in business portion of town, $3500.
14-Koom House, cheap; terms
easy;  close in.
In Little Ilohc-i-iln.
The two literarv people were going out
to luncheon together.
"How much moucv havt you got?" asked one.
"Twelve cents, just," snid the other,
counting.   "And you?"
"I've got only 6 centi. I thought you
had enough."
"Ah, well, I can borrow 3 cents."
After a luncheon on coffe* nud cakes
amounting to 10 conts euoh the younger
literary man said, "I'll match you for tbe
"But we haven't a coin to match with,"
said his senior in "the business."
The younger man wus an optimist. H*
said, "\Ve"ll go to the cigar store and
borrow a coin and match, nnd the loser
will get the mini to trust him for cigars."
"You go to the  1" said  tho older,
who was a pessimist. "You get the clgnrs on credit, and when we nre paid this
afternoon we'll match, and the loser will
do the paying,"
The younger got the cigan. Later tht
older man paid for them.���New York
Commercial Advertiser.
liens thrive best on a good variety of
Keep the chickens clean nnd the house
KnfKr corn makes an excellent food for
So long ns n good variety of food can
be supplied there is little need of giving
condiments or stimulants.
Hens should be killed when 3 years old.
They lay less after this, nnd they nnturnl-
ly become diseased with nge.
The goose, if properly iniinngcil, Inys ns
many eggs as the turkey nud cnn be raised to maturity ut about one-half the cost.
Leaves and hny chaff make nn excellent litter for floors. Hy throwing gruin
nmong it the fowls nre kept busy scratching.
It Is not necessary to thrash out sunflower seed, sorghum, Kutlir corn or
broom corn. Let the fowls pick thu seeds
from the bends.
Ducks nre much more easily fed than
chickens. Nothing seems to disugree with
them us long us it is sound and sweet.���
St. Louis Republic.
It Is important in wintering bees to
have a well formed brood nest.
Comb building censes nt the winding up
of the honey How ut any season of the
If hoes cnn gnthcr honey during the full
monllis, usually the brood ucst will bt
well formed.
To hnve bees do well In winter they
should be kept very quiet, with no disturbance whatever.
If bees are wintered in the cellar, they
must be kept quiet throughout uud In utter darkness ull the time.
llces that are wintered In chuff hives
mny huve the entrances to the hives
closed entirely during cold weather.
Nothing will advance the progress of
the npiury so well us n supply of empty
combs. With good enre they will lust indefinitely.
Empty combs that are not In the hives
und protected by the bees ure in danger
of being destroyed by moth worms. Ku-'
mlgatlng with sulphur is the best menus
of ridding them of moth.���SL Louis Republic.
Capitol and V. C,
Cabinet Cigar Store,
The Deacon's ritliniitnm.
"Job WHS In de renl estate en stock
rnisin business," said nn old colored deacon. "En he wus de hes' fnriner in all dt
Inn', but de devil got Inter de sheriff en
he levy on nil Job hnd, en Job wu/. so po'
he hnd ter set down en scratch fer a
"Dot nln't de way it rend," objected
one of the brethren.
"Br'er Williams," Bald the deacon, "you
Is old en gray, but you has yit ter I'arn
dat no matter how you reads de Bible, it
gits dar. Tu'n it upside down en cross-
ways, en It Inn's you at de tame ferry
whar you fust got in de bont. 80, either
git out de mcctin, or lemine go on wid Job
Ink' I wuz gwiue!"���Atlanta Constitution.
Congressman Roberts must not get tht
notion that the Uuited States wus annexed to Sulu. It wus the other wuy.--
Chicago Record,
Ttuilynrd Kipling continues to show
frod Austin, Esq., of Swinford Old Manor just how the poet laureate ought to
do it.���Boston Globe.
General Joubert, tho Roer commander
in chief, is not a tuilor by trade, but he
uinkes his own clothes. He likes thut
kind of a fit.���Kansas City Times.
Cornelius Vandei-bilt left $1100,000 to
Cbauncey 11. Depcw. Chaunccy must
have refrained from telling stories when
Cornelius was around.���Chicago Times-
A court of justice of nnd for women
only iu proposed in France to adjust disputes In whicli men take no interest nnd
about which they are fundamentally ignorant. This is in line with the suggestion mnde by The Herald iu connection
with litigation between dressmakers and
their clients.���New York lleruld.
After the battle at Coney Island between Jeffries und Shut-key no oue, wt
suppose, cau doubt that New York is tht
true home of prizelighting in the United
States.���New York Tribune.
A good many New Yorkers have been
drinking "milk" that was 88 per cent water uud didn't Imagine the truth until it
was made known by otliciul investigntiou.
Benighted Uothaiui���Boston Globe.
Cun it be possible thut New York la
really to havo a custom house? Has every conceivablt obstucle been removed?
Can untiling be done to prevent ItV   Until
the building is uctuuiiy finished conserve-
five New Yorkers ot long residence will
continue to huve doubts.���New York
New Yorkers who might otherwise
huve to patronize the fumuus butht In
Europe cun now tnke them very comfortably ut home. All they need is to till
their bntlitubs with water (V) nud allow it
to settle n little while. The resulting deposit of mud will be all they cuu usk for.
���New York Herald.
The Methodist Eplscopnl church hns
established missionary work In more than
100 centers in eight of the middle state*
of the republic of Mexico.
The United l'rcsbyterinn church la
Scotland and America muintaiiis 7 missions, supports il- ordained missionnries,
11 ordained natives, 10 medical missionaries and 43 zeuanu missionaries.
New York is the strongest Lutheran
city iu the world, hnviug 34 churches of
that denomination witli 10,094 eommunt"
lams, and church property valued ut
JH.ood.ooo. Preaching is dout iu eight
different languages.
Six  room  Goltngo Opposite  Nelson
with more then an aore of hud.
Young fruit trees, strawberries small
fruits anil ciiltivuiisl bind for garden.
Creek running through Burden. Ex-
iM'lleni spring water lend Into house
Grove at back, Apply .1. J. 0AMP-
HELL, smeller Office, Telephone 3��,
Spell It Por Mt.
English royalists are very fond of playing simple gnmes, and the "spell It for
nie" game Is the fnvorlte of all. Lord
llenciinsiiild once gave the queen the letters A T II B L Y It A to make into a
word. The queen tried very hard, bnt
failed to find the right tne, which waa
Strange how much fatlgtt people can
endure when they think they art hnviug
n good time.���Nebmska State Journul.
The present Is to be a "ring season"
unsurpassed in fashion's annuls.
A striking ring consists of five diamonds In n straight bur crossing the hoop
at right uncles.
A pink topnji heart ninkes nn nltrnctive
ring, l'iiik und other colored pearls, as
solitaires, ure among elegant rings.
A novelty in men's nil gold senl rings is
one differing from the orilinniy ring iu
thut the sui-fnce of Iho portion usually
devoted to tho sent is slightly rounded instead nf flat.
Among Inexpensive rings, fire opals in
various combinations  with  small  brii-
linuts are In favor, as Is a small emerald or a ruby with one or more diamonds
In graceful two and three stone designs.���
Jcwelurs' Circuinr.
Belgium hns the Inrgest amount of rail
rond Tn comparison
with its total urea,
82.2 miles  to each
A new broom may sweep cleat, but It
takes an old ont to reach tht dirt la Ut
coraars.���Chicago .News.
the   amount   being
Square mile of nren.
In Sweden Street curs rarely stop to
pick up or to set down passengers, and
the natives of both, sexes nre wonderfully
expert In jumping ou and off while tht
CSrs are In motion.
Coniplnluts huve been made Intely of
the potr quality of window glnss used on
tli-niiuu railways, not only in tht pussen-
ker curs, hut la the locomotives, where,
10 save a few dollars, thu lives of pussea-
SMi art nut In peril.
Wnsh the scnlp with bran water when
troubled with dandruff. This treatment
is snid to he sure und safe.
Bathing the chest with cold wnter each
morning will greatly slreuglheu it, nnd
friction should also be used.
Cornmeal poultices are too heavy where
there Is n great tenderness. IrhUSeod
and slippery elm should be used Instead.
A L'lass of hot water taken liefnrt
breakfast hns cured many cases of indigestion, and no simple remedy  Is  mora
widely recommended by physicians to
Emperot William has learned to speak
The I'rlncess of Wales Is nn omnivorous render of serious literature.
The khedlve of Egypt complains that
he cannot live on jriOO.UtlO a year.
The crown prince of Germany Is snid
to have grown taller than his father,
which the emperor dues not relish, nud
to strongly resemble hia mother.
Since the war broke out Queen Vlcto
1..1 has been present at the daily public
morning prayers of the royal household,
and specinl petitions are offered for tht
preservation of the srmy,
Among the peculiar attractions at tha
Pnris exposition will be a great mncliiiit
for making elonds of sll varieties nt will.
A bicycle gsared to 340 will !>��� Shown
nt the Paris exposition. The front sprocket contnins (10 teeth and the rear sprocket
7 teeth,
Eight sections st tht Paris universal
exhibition of 11MK) will be devoted to "the
history of the religious of the world, with
tbe beliefs of ull the known racea of men,
past aad preseut." j NELSON DAILY MINErt, SUNDAY, IWARCHY25, 1900.
j^*"^-''_'-~'.    '"'"""-
What various sizes and shapes
are said to indicate.
Character aa Depicted !>>��� tht Useful
Oman In the Center of the Faee.
Tbe Wide lie of the Nose In I'l*-
ares of Speech.
While it is true thnt some people hnvt
Hoses thnt look as if they did not belong
to their WSflfOfS and seem always trying
to get rid of them���witnesB Cyrano do
Bergerac��� it is also true thut there nru
Innumerable Instances where the feuture
assimllutcs with churnctcr nnd hnrino-
oizes with the whole form and physiognomy. History teems with illustrations of
this fact.
When Socrates wns called a sot on account of his nose, he acknowledged its
lungunge wns a true index to his natural
character. Bpnce between the eyes, wbich
is rilled by tbe upper nasal extremity, indicates the organ of form or power of
correctly judging locnl distance and conditions. It was remarkably wide In
Washington's head. Gouverneur Morris,
one of the most ImprcsBivo elocutionists
of our Revolutionary era, had a prominent and expansive nose, which gave a
sonorous emphasis to his voice.
l-'riiiil:liii'.-. nose wns said by phrenologists to lllustratu the economical instinct
embodied so famotisly iu "Poor Richard." The chlvulrlc temper of Henry
Clay wns evident iu his nose. So was
(hat of Alexander Hamilton. Tom
I'uine's grossuess us well us mental vigor
was symbolized in this feuture, nnd so
wero the strong but unrefined proclivities of Gilbert Stunit. Voltaire's nose
v.miM seem to be turned up at ull creation and untitling n purudox.
Lavnter calls tbe nose the "sent of derision." He says a benutiful one Is
never foand In a countenance otherwise
ugly, and he considers it "uu nbiitment of
thu-brain" and, like the arch iu Gothic
buildings, the essential feature He declares:
"I ha 'o never Been n nose with n broad
back thnt did not belong to nn extraordinary man, such ns Swift, Crosar Borgia, Titian, etc. Smnll nostrils nre nn indubitable sign of unenterprising timidity;
the open, breathing nostrils, of seuslbil-
A Inter nnd more annlytle writer finds
infinite shades ot mennlug In the shapes
and size of the nose. The first ridge, just
nhove the top, for instance, according to
his ohservntion, is the sign of self defense and is large in Controversial meu.
My the length of the nose, from the rout
downwind nt a right angle, he estimates
the tendency to suspicion.
Whether one acquiesces in such details
of uusnl language, there Is uo doubt thut
general force of churnctcr Is ussocinted
-with a certain strength in this feuture of
thn face. The Roman aquiline nose is
identified commonly with high birth or Intellectual vigor, the snub with plebeians,
the Iluidolph with grossuess, tho retrousse with fun, the flexible nostril with
feeling, tbe broad with courage und the
Indented with sensitiveness.
A cinder in the eye or a cut lip excites
commiseration, but an accident to the
nose provokes a laugh. Even common
Iinrlnncc seems to huve singled out the
nose, of (rTTfoutures, to treat with contempt or at least ridicule. "Follow your
nose!" Is the watchword to impertinent
ciceroni, and to be "led by the nose" is a
Synonym   for  Imbecility.    "Nose out of
iobit" Is the approved phrase for discom-
ittire. When n mnn is too plebeian for n
challenge nnd too insignilicnnt to lie (logged, the common method of punishment
Is to twenk his noss,
' "I'll silt the villnin's nose!" Is the lowest of threats. To turn up the nose nt
an object suggests contempt too smnll
for indignation, to lay one linger on the
noso nnd gyrate all four with tho thumb
for a pivot are vulgar comic gestures,
and thus tbis feature of the human face
seems, by universal consent, to be associated with the ridiculous and menn
phases and forma of life.   Why is this?
Partly because occupying tho center of
the physiognomy and being the most
prominent poiiitthereinjts lenst singularity breaks up tho harmony of the whole;
partly because It is the moftt passive yet
ostentatious of the features and liunlly
because its character, being indicated by
form���without mobility, like the mouth,
and chuuges of tint and size, like the eye,
���hns a certain fixed emphasis which
provokes attention. Hence they nra fortunate whose noses have an overage typo
end no special mold whereby they escape scrutiny.
It ont turns from the form to the use
of the nose, ona will find somewhat of the
tnmc deprecatory estimate. To smell out
a thing, for example. Is a figure of speech
which savors of indignity. It bas none
of the perspicacity of vision or the deli-
cucy of touch. Smell Is a sense wherein
the animals are often our auperlors,
which mny In a degroo account for this
comparative disrespect. It is tho Bcnst
least vaunted ns a distinction of humanity. Even Shylock nppeuls to the eyea
ami hands, but Ib silent about noses.
However, the latent ntlinltles of Ihla
sen .��� are fnr nearer tn the mind nnd further removed from the mero animal faculty than tho vulgar know. "The nso of
incense In churches," says Montaigne,
"so universally received In nil uutions
and religiona, wus luteuded to cheer us
and to purify the senses, the better to fit
us for contemplation." Ho also notes as
an lillosyncrusy, " "f Is not to be believed
how nil sorts of odors cling to me."
Although it is the blind who perhaps
appreciate mos' fully the full slgnili-
ennct of scent, even thoso blessed with
perfect vision, if of sensitive temperament, have in this sense a prompter to
memory more Instant than sight or
touch. Sandalwood cnn tako one to the
orient; lavender to tho rural households
of tld England; frankincense to the temple and cathedral; pine balsam to tht
forest. Whnt crenma of youth and lovo
and sorrow come with the odor of the
violet! Whnt drenry reminiscence of
tempestuous voyngcB with tho smell of
lillge wnter! How diverse the sensation
awakened by the air of a boudoir uud a
bospltul.���New York Press.
Ont '>"> of 1,1 fe.
If, Invisible ourselves, we could follow
a single huninn being through u single
day of his life and know nil his secret
thoughts uml hopes nud nnxielies, his
prayers und tears nnd good resolves, his
passionate delights nnd ntrugglcs against
temptation, wt should havu poetry
tuough to till a volume.
Tht tausagt It said to have been Invented In Germany In the year HtlT. It
waa Drat mads of a goat's stomach stuffed with blood and llttlt pieces of pork.
Chopped pork was not used until tht
Ssnta, century.
The Indian thief Wns Not So Savaat
as lit Looked.
Many years ago a number of Peoria Indians organized a show company uud
made a tour of tho east. They were
mostly half breeds, and ull were thoroughly educated in English, but it was slipii-
Inted by the management that they must
talk only In their native touguc, und
when they got on their wnr togs they
looked savage enough Indeed, Among
the compnny was Will Lnbadie, well
known in Galeae, aud one evening he
was standing iu the corridor of an eastern hotel, dressed in his chief's robes and
lookiug every inch the savage man of fiction, when he wns npproached by an elegantly gowned lady, and the following
conversation ensued;
"You big chief in your own country?"
"Yuu go to Washington to see great
white father?"
"Y'ou cannot spenk white man's tongue.
You speak no English?"
"No, madam. 1 regret to say that I do
not understand the language."
The poor woman was greatly surprised
and embarrassed, hut perhaps not so
much as a bevy of girls on u later occasion. In almost overy town some of the
audience would remain behind to get a
better view of the awful savages. Ont
night Lnbadie hnd tnken his sent in the
orchestra box after the show, nnd four or
five young Indies who were standing near
commenced to comment on his personal
appearance. "How would yon like to kiss
him?" snid one of the maidens with a titter. "Oh, girls, let's all do It just to see
how it would feol to kiss a real Indiun!"
exclaimed one more during than the rest,
whereupon Labadle turned calmly to
them and said:
"Ladies, nothing would afford me more
plensure than to give you a praetioul illustration of the oscillatory accomplishments of the red man."
There was a chorus of little screams, a
swish of skirts, and the (neater was empty.���Gulena Republican.
An   Odd   sad   Pathetic   Scene   From
Life In the Metropolis.
It occurred on a Third avenue "L"
train. The car wns well filled with men
und   women  on  their way down  town,
when   a   pollct ih  got on  nt  the Oue
Hundred and Twenty-fifth street stntion.
He carried a buby in his arms. The ofiicer took n seat opposite a theater party.
"Oh, isn't thnt a pretty buby? Havo
you arrested him?" exclaimed one of tha
young women.   The policeman blushed.
"No, mn'nm," he snid. "You see, he's
a foundling���picked up by a girl iu a
hallway, miss."
"Shame," said one of the men.
"He hns silk ribbons In his hood," his
compnnion observed.
"And a silk slip. Oh! who could be so
cruel?" exclaimed a younger girl.
"Where's he going?" some one asked,
and the policeman answered!
"To Bellevue. Then to Randall's is-
Innd if he ain't claimed right away.
They'll give him a nume, you know."
Hero the buby began to cry, softly nt
first, Increasing it to u wail thnt would
not be silenced. In vuin the young women trlod to quiet the child. The policeman shifted him uneasily from one shoulder to the other.
In the corner of the car sat n womnn
with n smull child. She wns poorly chid,
but In her face wns the kindliness of
motherhood.  She came forwnrd.
"I thiuk the child is huugry," she snid.
"Give him tt me."
Resting her own child In her lap, the
mother held the little foundling In her
arms and drew nbottt him n faded shawl.
The cries ceased, and n silence fell upon
the theater party. When they left the
train at Forty-second atrect, the baby
was still quiet,
"He's asleep now, I think," the laborer's wife told them. One man slipped a
roll of bills into tht policeman's hand,
"Eor her," they suid, nodding to the
woman in the corner. "To Hellevue, eh?
Too bad."���New York Journal.
petitors that their establishment was a branch of
we wish to emphatically deny the truth of
such statements.
We have been in business for ourselves
for over one year and are quite able to manage OUR OWN BUSINESS and have today
the largest and best assorted
Stock of Dry Goods
in the city. We solicit the continued support of our friends and patrons solely upon
the merits of the materials and values we
have to offer.
During this week our special drive will be on
Heated by Hot Air
Finest  Dining   Room
in the City.
Temperance Hotel.
The Family Resort of the
The Waverly Hotel
Lot on Baker Street, east of the
Queen's Hotel.
6-Roomed House und 2 Lots,
vitli lawn, garden, trees, etc., in
good location,
6 Good Building Lots, only one
b ock from school house.
4 Lots, with Improvements, near
Of era House.
8-Room  House and Lot, close In,
o.-ly   1650, on easy terms.
3 Houses for Rent.
This department is stocked with all thellatest novelties and it is our intention
make the prices so low that if you will but come and see the goods you will n
want to leave the store until you have selected a pattern for yourself.
Martin O'Reilly & Co
Houston Block, Baker Street.
See Annable
F. L. Osier & Co.,
AND ....
Bobby us ��� Court Crier.
A SpriiiKlii'ld lawyer hns a son about
10 years old and a daughter about twice
that age. The boy has been around the
courthouse a good deal with his father,
and the young woman hns a steady bean.
The other evening the young tuna passed
the house, and the young woman desired
to speak to him.
"Bobby," she said to her little brother,
"won't you please to call to Mr. Brown?"
Bobby knew the stnte of affairs, and he
hurried to the front door and called out
In the usual loud monotone of a court
"John Henry Brown, John Henry
Brown. John Uonry Brown, come into
Mr. Brown came In, and Bobby withdrew to a Bafe place.���Ohio Stato Journal.
|K GENERAL  BROKER.                              3
I |E: ������������������������                                        3
H Headquarters  for  Insurance  of All Kinds or 3
jj�� Loans on Real Estate.
��= ������������������������                             3
| FOR   SALE                       H
���^ Beautiful  Home, io Rooms, 2 Lots, at a Bargain  2
Sr Several Good Lots and Houses at Reasonable Prices 5s
��J Two Lots on Baker Street.                                             2
% FOR    RENT���Three Houses.
��~ Fevor and Smallpox Policies.                                          Call or Phone.    ^
Whr Ha Was Cautions.
Maude���George, I think I oughtn't to
many you, for I don't believe you love
uie nt all.
George (ardently)���Why, my darling, 1
am passionately, desperately, madly in
love with you. I worship tho very-
Maude���Vou talk well enough, George,
but those letters you wrote to me when
you were away were so cold and distant
they fro��e my heart. One would think
you were writing to your washerwoman
about her bill.
George (slowly)���Maude, I���was���engaged���to���a���girl���onee���before, and
when she sued me for breach of promise
all my letters to her were���read���out���in
���open���court.���London Answers.
We havo to thank Gaza, In Pnlestlne,
the gates of which Samson carried nwny,
for gnze or gauze. (Jnza means "treasure," and precious to the fair is the tissue whicli coverH without concealing their
charms. Voltaire, wishing to doScrlbj
some Intellectual but perhaps dressy woman, said, "Slii- is an engia In a cage of
Ilia l.uili.
"What, you want more money for your
tailor? I gave you $00 for him only a
mouth ago."
"Yes, but, uncle, It wns just my luck���
the fellow didn't come then with his bill."
���Fliegeude Blotter.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
&g. ������������������������ *B��B
Branch Markets in Roasland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan Oity.
Orders by mall to any branch will have ccrefu! and prompt attention.
Codfish, Whole nnd in Bricks
Salmon Bellies in Kits
Holland Herring in Kits
Mackerel in Kits
Fresh Canned Salmon
Fresh Canned Kippered Halting
Fresh Canned Kippered Herring and Tomato Sauce
fresh Canned Kippered Herring and Shrimp Suuoe
Fresh Gunned Kippered Mackerel
Fresh Canned Bi oiled Mackerel
Fresh Canned Ocean Haddics
Fresh Canned Persed Bloater*
Fresh Canned Shrimps
Fresh Canned Crabs (Deviled)
Fresh Canned Sardines
Fresh Anchovies in Glass
Tho most grewsome nnd fdroclooi of nil
the trine* of BoQtfa Amuriru ore the Kn-
nhiboti of tho Atimzon, who nlffa.fl devour their cnptivcti.
Whnt onu't be OQIfd piitn innnoy Into
tbd doctor's pocket���Chicago Nuwa.
They arc made in your midst, of the finest Havana Tohncco.
Where (rood Cigars are  sold  they can  be bought.
The  Royal Seal and  Kootenay Belle.
Union   made.
|   Kootenay Cigar Mfg. Co.
The Peat: fchat Moijcy can pUy.    Take-Wo oMier
Manufactured by tho Brnokman-Kor Milling Co., Ltd.
viotoria, Vancouver, WoHtiiilnHtor, Kduioiiloii, l{otwliii.d, Nolson.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and   Salted   Heats
Fish and Poultry in Season
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Manager.
Baker Street, Nelson.
Orders by mail receive careful and prompt attention.
"40ft ^MtoM I ���
of   the Nelson Hara-
18 confined td MS liumti with
JnaUaSk of la grippe.
vIr mid Mrs, B. O. Kiblet have
-loieu thoir boose on Stanley Street
���d uio bow ��t tl... Phnlr Hotel.
The nuiiilier (if hhhoh of  grippe  oon-
Hnaes t" Inorease daily.   The   ��ui-
,1,'hih! promises to usunino litrgo nio-
I i) l'nlemiudo, the jeweler, in eou-
tlntiing to linproje at Battle Crm-k,
Jliob., and ih expeoted imok in Nelson
sums time In May.
Mr D. Pergnsoo, of the KiiHt Kiifl
Qrooery, who hits been down with
miaumoula for the past week, ia mi-
nroving uiitl wt" hs able to leave Inn
tied Borne time {his week.
A large crowd wiirohed the rnoRrpRH
���f the safe of the imperial Hunk np
linker Street this lnorniiiR. The ante
wiih placed on skids nnd drawn slowly
up lbs street by two horses.
J E. Amiable has received a con-
ligament Of   buttonhole   buttons with
portraits of our vlotorioos British generals whioh he ia willing to bestow on
those who are admirers of British
The Bodega on Bnker Street is the
Hist establishment in Uwn to lay its
lloer with linoleum. The goods were
supplied and laid by tho Hudson's Bay
stores' carpet department and tbe work
was well done indeed.
The Hev. Mr. Slaekhouse, of Mors-
land, will preach at tho Baptist
iihiiioh loinonow morning and evening, As this ia the lirst time service
has been held In tho church for nearly
a month Mr. Staokhouso should meet
with a warm reception.
Owing to tho continued absence of
Hev. Mr. Krew, who ia ill at Kam-
loops, (he service at the Presbyterian
Church this morning will be oouflnotl
ed by Mr. .1. Laing-Stocka. Judge
Forin will conduct the evening service.
A most successful rehearsal of "My
Turn Next," was held last evening
and Mr. E. P. Whalleyis ploused with
the progress being made. Ho has been
forced, however, to delay tbe performance, because of tbe illness of Mr. W.
A. Stewart.
All of the mnohinery for the cold
storage plant of P. Burns & Co.
reached Nelson Priday night and will
Im pnt in place at as early a date as
possible. Aocordiug to Aid. Blake
Wilsons all that is missing now iB the
eleotric power, but he is still out after that.
T. O. Procter and \V. H, Dowsing
went to Spokane yesterday, aud Mr.
Procter continued his journey tu New
York, from where he will sail for
Kuglaud. Mr. Dowsing will remain
in Spokane until Thursday or Friday
of this week. When he returns to Nelnon the town of Proottsr will begin to
J, J. Walker, the Baker Street jeweller, made a thousand dollar sale the
othor day. Tbe articles sold woro two
diamonds, valued ut |800 apiece. Mr.
Walker still has them in his store and
will have them until Wednesday, until
which time ho will be pleased to Hhow
theui to anyone desiring to   see  thoui.
After a season of what might fclmost
be termed summer weather, Nelsou
dropped back against yesterday to a
tempeiature more in keeping with the
days of February thau with those of
the end of Marcn. It wad damp aud
cold aud dreary and the snow tried its
best to fall but with little success.
There is a consolation, however, in
the faot that it cannot last long and
thnt when it has passed away warm
weather will be hero to stay.
Dr.   Armstrong,   the   veterinarian,
narrowly escaped serious injury Friday while administering a dose of
medicine to u horse. He was attempting to pour the liquid down the animal's throat, when it reared and iu
some manner broke the bottle in the
doctor's hands, Inflicting a severe cut.
The horso attempted to strike the
doctor with its fore feet and nearlv
succeeded in flooring him. Tbere was
assistance at hand, however, and the
doctor suceeded in getting out of the
The Minor forwarded another shipment of useful articles ajd comforts
by tbe steamer Moyie last night to
the fire snffeiers nt Kuskanook.
Among those who kindly aided were,
Mrs. It. W. Day and Mrs B, Hodge,
clothing; Mr. .1. B. Tuttle, shoos;
and Mr. P. R. Stewart, a sack of hams
aud case of eggs; $5 was received
from Obas. Hillyer, and $16 from
guests in Mrs. S. MoDouald's boarding house, which, with $160 sent flora
the city of Vancouver to the Mayor
of Nelson, will do much to alleviate
the present distress.
Mr. P. Lamont.of the Canada Drug
�� Book On., believes in advertising in
ihe Miner. A short time ago lie received a shipment ot books from Kast-
'���rn publishers nnd immediately upon
their receipt advertised them in his
Jisiial space in The Miner. Then the
books began to go. Orders came from
the Bloeaii and other portions of the
Kootenays whore Tho Miner is lead
aud large numbers were also purchased by l���oal people. Of the entire shipment, but two books nre loft in the
store. Mr. Lomout iB now advertising
another lot of very excellent books
and expects to be rid of them in a
very few days.
't has; been discovered in connection
with the construction ot the retaining
wall at Ward und Silica Streets, that
the work can he done cheaper by oon-
tract labor than hy day labor. Mayor
Houston stated at a Oonncil mooting
that it wan costing the Citv W.BO anu-
"10 yard by day labor. Then tho
council determined to ask for bids lor
'he woik nutl the successful bidder
was willing to complete tho wall for
*���> ����� per cubio yurd. Tho contract
w"nt to the man who was foreman of
11)(! day labor Rnng. Ho employes no
one but citizens of the Oity and the
J-itV saves ar. cents per cubic yard on
the work.
New Dry Goods Store
As this is to be one of the leading features of onr business, we wish to draw the attention ^?<<-
of the ladies of Nelson to this  Dress Goods  Department of ours.    The stock, of which we are ^T
justly proud, contains over live hundred patterns:   the  best  efforts   of the  leading  Knoi.isii, $&<-
French and German Manufacturers,   All that is new in the world of Dress Goods awaits Jt^
your inspection. Sjjf"
French Voile OlothS, the very newest in Colored Dress Goods, at $1.00 per yard. ^<<-
French and English Orepons In all wool, Bilk and wool, and all silk, from 7oc to 15.60 per yard.
English Park Suitings, all new similes, ill inches wide, at #1.00 and $1.50 per yard. fi��fi.
Rluoll Cords, all shades from purple to black, at $1,00 per yard. Sm
English Covert Suitings, choice colors, at 0Bo per yard. /ZZS
Ladies' Boxoloth Suitings from $1.00 lo $2.00 per yard, "O
'Hue, and Black Herges, all wool, from 10c to $1.25 per yard. ��y
Perola Cloth, the newest, thing in suitings; colors, Navy and Black, 51 inches wide, at, $1,40 per yd. IJ*^'
Black Lustres, in Plain and Brocade, at 85o, 10c, 15c, 50c, 05c. 75c, up to $1.50 per yard. JL
Silk Grenadines at $1.00, $1.75, $.50, $11.75, up to $6.00 per yard. KK��-
Blaok and Colored Poplins, Ottoman Cords aud Cashmeres at prices to suit you.
Our Motto:    Good Goods, Cash, and One Price. V
KERR & CO. |
Madden Block, Baker Street, Nelson. f
One of the treats of the minstrel
show Friday night was the appearance
of Mr. W. J. Hall, of Kaslo, in "The
AbBent-Miuded Beggar" and in
"Bobs." The Nelson IdinstrelB were
fortunate, indeed, in being able to enlist the services of bo gifted an elocutionist. Mr. Hall has all of tbe dra-
Hatic tire nacessary to a proper rendition of these two selections and iu listening to him one can hardly find
room for even the slightest criticism
of his work. Iu " Bobs" he was particularly good, aud his appeal through
the lines of "The Absout-Mindod Beggar" could nor. fail to drive the baud
of tbe meanest man to tbe pocket in
which; tbe change iB kept. Kaslo
should be proud of her townsman and
Nslson should ever nave a kindly welcome for him when be appears upon
the concert platform.
The last of tbe effeots of the Imperial Bank were moved yesterday from
the old quaitors to tbe new quarters
in the Burns Blook. The big safe was
taken up Baker street on rollers, O.
W. West having the contract for tbis
portiou of the moving. The interior
of the new offices are not yet complete but will be so before the end of
the present week and the Imperial
Bank will then have as fine quarters
ns any bank in the Kootenays. Malinger J. U. Lay is as proud of the
oltices ns he is of the increased bnsi-
noBS of the bank, which was opened in
Nelsou just oue year and lour monthB
ago. There was then a staff of three,
including the mauager. Today five
clorks ore employed. The floor space
of the new oIllceB raeaBuies 100x28 feet.
The rear will be nsed as apartments
for tho staff aud will be exceedingly
comfortable. Manager Lay's private
ollice will bo in the front to the left
of the entrance.
A.folly attended meeting of the ex-
ecutive of the Nelson Liberal ABSooia-
tiou was held in Dr. Arthur's oflioes
lust evening. In view nf tbe fact that
a meeting of the Liberals is called for
Vancouver for the 6tb proximo, it wns
decided to hold a convention of Liberals iu Nelson ou Saturday the Hist instant, at 7 -80 p. ni., for the purpose of
nominatiug ton delegates to attend at
Vancouver. A telegram was sent to
Premier Sir Wilfrid Lanrier as follows: "The Nelson Liberal ABSooia-
tiou wish to extoucl cougratulatiouB
upon magnificent showing of fiscal
yenr,and heaitily endorse increase preferential. A. M. Johnson, acttuR secretary." The convention at Vancouver in called for the purpose cf defining the stand the Provincial Liberals
will take in.the forthcoming Provincial election" The; Nelson Riding is
allowed ten delegates, aud will doubt-
loss be heard from.
^\*j�� \i/ \*/ n*/ vi> ��*/ i*> \d/ \*/ v4^ x*/ \*/ �� vi/ \*/ *#/ \*/ \*> <ld/ \*/ \l/ H*/ \*/ d*> l#/<i��.
r$   Tbe Now Town of Procter,  Terminus  and  Transfer  Point  of the   ^
'-2 Crow's Nest Bailroad. ��.-
This old established and well known Hotel is ofTeivl for sale;
a Bargain. Hotel contains 15 rooms. Lawn Tennis Grounds, .Summer Houses, Boats, etc. Steamboat Landing on the Grounds; including Furniture, Bur Fixtures, Bedding, Linen, Stoves, Cooking
Utensils, etc.
Two hundred men arc working on Construction, Townsite and
Wharves at present time.
Plans of Townsite, Depot, Wharves, etc., can be shown to
intending purchasers;   also Photographs of Hotel.
Easy terms will be made to responsible party.
For price and full particulars, apply
Are grnud, bnt Skin Eruptions rob
life of joy. Bnckleu's Arnica Salve
cures them; nlso Old Running and
Fever Sores, Ulcers, Boils, Felons,
Corns, Warts, Cuts, Bruises, Burns,
Scalds, Chapped Hands, Chilblains,
Beat Pile cure on eaith. Drives out
Pains and Acbes. Only 25 cent a box.
(lure guaranteed. Sold by Ounadn
Drug and    Book Store.
Mother of Frank Tamblyn, of This
City.     .
Tho New Era, of Clinton, Ont.,
has the following in regard to tho
death of Mrs. John Tamblyn, mother
of Frank Tnmblyn of this   Oity :
Ono by one the old settlers of Hnl-
lett Bro passing away. Tliis week we
ohroniole with regret the deniiso of
Mrs. John Tamblyn at her late home,
con. 12, ou Wednesday Feb. 28, at the
good old nge of 70 years and live
months. Mrs. Tamblyn,with her husband, was one of tbe earliest settlers
in tbis township, having come in the
year 1874. The deceased was a native
of Devonshire, EnRland, and came to
Canada when only 11 years of nfio,
residing iiist in Hope township, Durham Co., where she wus married in
181.1 to her husband, who survives
her, und where they lived until the
spring of 1874, then removing to the
present homestead. By this marrinite
there woro nine children born to
them, of whom four sons aud two
daughters are left with their father to
mourn. Frnuk is in Nolson, B. O,
John W. ou the homestead, Thos. J.
in Manitoba,   Wellington   N.   'n Hnl-
lett, Mrs. Jag. Snail in Blyth, and
Miss Mary at home;and all were home
exceft Thomas, from Manitoba. Being so long a resident of this community, she wns widely known, and
her many friends will indeed miss her,
as she was n kind ueighbor, nud was
genial, companionable and bospitahlo.
She was a strict and faithful Metho.
dist. The funeral was very largely attended, the lenuiins being interred iu
the Union cemetery. Rev. Mr. Coup-
laud olliciating at the turinl. Their
many friends sympathize in this bereavement with tho husband and family, in the Iosb of a loving wife and
kind mother.
Kemovos everything in sight; SO
docs drnstio mineral pills, but both
ure mighty dannerous. Don't dynamite the delicato machinery of your
body with oalomel, oroton oil or aloes
pills, when Dr. King's Now Life Pills.
| which are gontlo aa a sommer breoze,
do  the   work  perfectly.    Cures Head-
I aohe, Constipation.    Only 25  cents  at
i Canada Drng & Book Store.
Nil HON, 11. C.
A Boarding and Day School conducted hy
Iho Simon of St Joseph of l'eaco. ltl��nilu-
aled at tho corner of Mtll and Josephine Htreots,
in ono of tho hoHt residential portions of Nelson, anil is easily acecHHlhle from all Paris
of Ihe city.
The poumo of study Includes the fundamental and liir.li, r hrauohoH of a thorough KiikUhIi
education, iiimii, course ��� Bookkeeping,
SlonoKi-aphy and Typewriting. Science course
���Music, Vocal and Instrumental; Drawing,
etc.���l'laitt and Art Needlework; Calisthenics,
Kor tonus an I uartlculurs apply to Iho Sister
Because a Watch has
run for years is no indication that it does not
need cleaning. Many a
watch is ruined by being let run too long without it. The oil becomes
dry and invariably the
little machine becomes
cut and worn. Wehave
every facility for leplac-
i;ig any part, or making
a watch throughout if
necessary. First-class
work onlv.
...L POGDE...
Harness and  Saddlerv
'Ihe loAilitiK "hop. ' ' ���' '
r-tock. Ii''"i HKKortod Htnck
on   hand-    n     . Col-
lfltti ot bent in;i . . ��� ������;
dies. Blanket*!, IlolN
WhipK, liin-hi ���-, Coinbn
l'rlflOH    ill 1 -fii-'l ury.
Call and seo.
Cor. Ward  and   J.akor
Patenaude Bros.
A. R- BARROW, a.m. i.e.b.
Provincial Land Surveyor,.
Cornor Victoria and Kootonay St*.
1*. O. Hox 659. Tolephono No. 'X>
v. v. t.itii \ r. a. euuuum
Civil   Engineer*   and Provincial
Land Surveyors.
P,0, IIOXH5 Nolson, 11, C.
And do it right- Wo can put on half
soles, heels, patches, or sew up rips, as
as good as any man in town, and a great
deal better than some, and charge no
more than they do.
The  Shoeisis
Bring Your Repairing.
*l 7ft, flV ?!W W/H "T�� flvm *\ ^V W ��� flV^V ^V 3r\ ?n *V *n *\ ^ *\ m JK JfC,
$12,000 Stock of Now Goods Offorod at Oost.
We have ilecitletl to sell out our Dry Goods
and continue exclusively in Clothing, Boots, Shoes,
and Gents' Furnishings, and now oiler all our Dry
Goods stock at wholesale prices. This includes all
onr Spring Goods now in stock and in transit from
the East. It is the fust time in the history of
Nelson that a stock of this size has been offered to
the public at such a low rate, and all wanting bargains should not fail to sec our prices. To the
ladies of Nelson we would say that this is a good
opportunity to get your Spring and Summer Dress
Goods at a bargain. Here is a sample of some of
our prices :
Brussels Carpet, Regular  1.25;  Sale price
Wool Carpet, Regular l.oo;  Sale Price
Wool Carpet, Regular 75c;   Sale price        -
Union Carpet, Regular 70c;   Sale Price
Stair Carpet at
Lace Curtains, Regular l.ooj   at
Lace Curtains, Regular 1.50;  at     -
Lace Curtains, Regular 2.00;  at
Lace Curtains, Regular 3.00;  at     -
Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
Incorporated 1869.
Capital Pald'Vp.    ���   .    ���    #i.?t*v>;o.oo 1 Bui im,;immmm.(m>
Hoard ��r Dlrreloni ThomM K�� (Connor, President]  Tbomaa KilHiic, Vloa-Praddont.
Mlclnvul Dwyer, Wiley Bmlthj  It. U. Bauld, Hon. 11. H. Fuller, M.L.O., lion. David MacKeen.
11..,,i onicr. Halifax.
General Manager, Edbon L Pease, Montreal
Buportntendooi ol Branches. W, li. Torrance, Halifax.
[niipootor, W. K. Urook, Halifax.
Secretary, 1). Mi BtOWnit, Montreal.
Novn Hcolla-Halifax Uraneli, AntiKonish, BridgQWatef, Ouyiboro. Londonderry, I.unt'iiburp,
MalUand(HanU Co.), Wctou, Porl Bawkwbnry, Bytiney. snnbonaoadlo, Truro, Weymoutn.
Xrw itruitHMirii Uathunt, DorchMtor, Proderictpn, Kinftston (Kent Co.), Moncion, now*
oaatle, BaokvUle, Wooaatocfc V. k. Iiland���CharlottebD^vn. Uumnieratde] luebee- Montreal
(City OfflOO), Montreal. West Knd |COT. Noire Hume and Be)gn��un Btn et>*l; WihIiiiouiK, (for.
Ureeno Avenue and HU Catharine-. (Street Ontario Ottawa. >��-m louiiillitiul St. JoIiu'h,
t'ui����, Weal I��dlea���Havana. United Ptetea���Now York uti (exchange Place) Republic, watn*
Atlin, Bennett, Grand Forks, Nanalmo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver, Vancouver East End, Victoria.
I'uiiiulii���Merelmnts Batik of Canada. Ilonlon-Nationui Bhawtnttl Hank. CfcleagO -America
National flank- Khii I'rtncUro���Flrtl Natfunal Bank. I.0111I011, I'.iiie. Hank of Scollaml.
I'arl*, Prance   Orodlt  HyonnaiH.   Iterinmla- Hunk of Bermuda*   (liliiu nml Japan   II011K
Kuhk nnd Bhanghal liankfiiK Corporation.
Ueneial Banking Uusincsa Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange   Bought
and Sold, Letters of  Credit, lite, Negotiated.
Accounts received on the most favorable terms.    Interest allowed on speciu
deposits and on Saving Bank accounts.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
For that licuse you have erected:
Sideboards, ChefFoniers aud Dressing Tables.
Combination Bookcases and Desks and Ladies'
Toilet Tables.
Have just unloaded a carload of the finest and hest
finished Furniture ever received in the Kootenays.
Baker and Ward Streets, Nelson, H. C.
Headquarters For
Portjai)d Ceijieiji, Fire pricks
Fire Clay, American Cumberland Coal (Blacksmiths').
Bpeolal Quotations Siren for Carload l-ots.
A. B, GRAY, P. o. Dos 631,
Nclcnii,  B.O.,
Kootenay Agent
TheNelson ElectricTrainway Co.Ltd.
Large number Choice Building Lots adjacent to the
line of their Tramway. For price and terms of sale apply
at the office of the Company, Macdonald Block, Corner of
Josephine  and Vernon Streets.
T. C. DUNCAN Secretary
.    .
Southern Afrioa, tlmt enormous expanse of tropically verdant territory
extending from the Zambesi Hiver to
ih 1 Capo of Good Hope, line for n oea>
tuiy or moro lain doriniint to tlio eves
of the civilized world. Only within
tlio past two dnondi-H lias pnblio attention boon drawn to tho wonderful
natural resources nud rainornl weullli
of this wild and rugged land, and
yet, within this period marvelous creations of brilliant   modern   cities have
supplanted tho desert hinds and haunts
of savage tribes. The ��tendy march of
civilization, the sll-prsvailing ambition to aOOOanlate the wealth of diamonds and gold thnt lay beneath the
ornnt of thiH benighted laud, each has
borne its part iu thn nietaniorphohis
aud heralded to the world tho wonderful possibilities of that "Dark Continent" for tho energy and outerprise
that the aoth century will briug to
In no othor country of the world has
progress boon marked with such adversity and Ntrite as Africa. From the
time tho early Dutoh settlors landed
In the Capo Colony np to tho present
there litis existed almost a constant
state of warfare; the uatives disputing
the advance of the Dutch an* they in
tarn resenting tho inroads of civilization. In spite of this, so strenuous
���were the efforts of the colonists iu
tbeir determination to turn to account
tbejieauties and resources of_the land
of their adaption, that today they enjoy thn fruits of their suoceBsea in n
paradise of tropical vegetatiou, a salubrious olimate and surrounded by the
highest advantages of intellectuality
and  luxuries of civilization.
Cape Town is the metropolis and
seat of governmont of the Cape Colony.
Its historical past and present is firmly
liukod iu tho traditions of tho early
Dutch nnd thn Iiugeuots. Trno, the
old forts and buildings of distinctly
Dutch iin-l itecturc still remain, but
magnilloont odiflces of the most modern type, beautiful botanionl gardens
and the publio improvements are evidences of the wonderful advnnco of
Port Elizabeth is the Liverpool of
South Africa. It is a great commer-
oial center, coupled with Home of the
largest shipping interests in the
world; a oity of tho most modern type
ossentially English in oharncter, and
possessing some of the largest as well
as tbe most architecturally magnificent
buildings and publio institutions in
South Africa.
Natal is the beautiful tropioal Gar-
den-Colony. Its luxurious vegetation
and glorious olimnte, its wide nveu-
nes of trees and fine buildings, tne native Zulu servants and the pictmesque
costumes of the Orientnls, lend an uir
of peace nnd trauquility, while the
marks of oivilization and progress are
in evidence at every turn.
Johannesburg, the Golden, with its
flue architectural creations, public Institutions and pnrks, possesss many attractions that easily place it as the
foromost oity of South Africa. Its
great industry, mining, the apparently
inexhaustible veins of gold-benring
quartz, iu which upwards of seven
hundred millions of dollars are invested, has been the attracion for the
thousands and thousands of "Uitland-
ers," whose "grievances" are substantially the cause for the oroel wnr between Briton and Boer, tho battles of
which have rnnked ns the "bloodiest
of Iho century."
So grent has been tbe intorest manifested in South Africa and tho progress of the war and so cngor the
thirst for information coupled with
the demand for n Pictorial History incident to the scenes of warfuro, that
thu publication of "Glmpses of South
Afrca" haH been undertaken upon ��
scale of grandeur, fidelity and completeness never before thonght of ami
involving as it nas an expense of ex.
truordimirv magnitude, lu order thill
the work might bn absolutely reliable
and thorough iu its character, thn pnb.
Ushers havo contracted for its author
ship with Mr. Wymblo Flamming,
an Afrikander, whoso nutlimity upon
South African matters Is world-widely
acknowledged. This geutli'innn���born
in the Capu Colony, having travelled
ovijr nearly every inch of tho conntry
south of the Zambesi Hiver and lived
in South Africa for nearly thirty
years, with an extensive newspaper
oxperieuco in Africa, England and
America, the author of many interesting sketches of Sonth African life and
Hoenory, formerly connected with the
consular service at Port Elizabeth,
whose eoniments on Ihe war hnvn been
ho favorably received by the Canadian
and American press, and whoso mag-
niileenl collection of photographs will
apimar in this work���will present
South Africa as It is todny.with views
of everything of publio interest, including most nf the Important scenes
of battle and a graphically illustrated
.Inscription of each stage in the pro.
grass of tha war.
This great work is published in serial form, and when completn will com
prise, the most magnificent collection
of photograph lo reproductions of the
British-lioiu- wnr aud South Africa,
obtainable in ibis country.   Portfolios
will be distributed by The Miner, full
particulars appearing in Tuoslny's
amount oontrlunted to the Kuskiinnnk
lire sufferers fund amounted to I'M.-id
instead of (69,40, as stated iu the pr-.
pers of Baturday,and will be duly sent
to the sufferers' fund.
London Journal Deals With   tho  Closing Down.
The   following   extracts,   from   The
B. 0.   Review,   London, are  of  local
interest:   The    cniiiuinniliug   position
occupied by those  mining managers
whose reputations lire generally acknowledged have uot bean gained without ability or ennrgy. To these stalwarts, in whose hands it can bu said
the interests entrusted to their charge
havo increased in value mid bill to become representative of the conntry, tho
Province owes a debt. The mini more
frequently makes n mine than n mine
tho man, but a good mill cannot alter a bud mino.    In   the   hotter   sense
tho London and British Columbia Gold
fields Company have been fortunate.
This company has scoured the properties and also thu right managor in
Mr. J. Roderick Robertson, whose
prnutical nbilities are not under-rated
in the current issue of the Mining
Record. Huving n personal acquaintance with Mr. Hobertson, it is pleasant to Bee our impressions endorsed tij
our local contemporary, whose opinion is n tribute to n oharatler of sterling value.
.   When Mr.  Davys   was   superintend*
ent of the mine, the   constant   text   of
his reports was tho necessity of further
divolopinent to reach the valuable bodies of ore existing   iu the lower levels.
This advice was tardily   taken   by tho
Board of Directors iu London last year,
iu  an endeavor to raise ��00,000 on debentures.    Ahout half of this sum wns
subscribed   almost   entirely hy the directors   thoinselves,   and    work    was
pushed on tho   now   shaft   and   drifts
theicfrotn.     Monuwhile,       BnctesBful
efforts   wero   made   to buy ores   from
outside to keop tbe smelter  going,   by
tbe aid of which such ore as   could   be
got from   the   Silver   Kin���'   might   nt
once ho   turned iuto caph.    Whcu   the
eight-hour law oa-ne into   force, some
of the chief sourecs of   supply  of  this
ore from outside   wero   cut off hy   tha
closing of tho   Slocan Mines.    It  was
thus   found   impossible    to   keop   the
smelter going at, a profit, nnd without
its   aid   the   company hnd no   further
funds to proceed with its development
It   is   uutuilnic-.tr   that   these   eveuts
should   have   happened   now.    If   the
work could have boen   carried   on   for
a few months  longer, probably live or
six, the reserves   of   ore   would   have
been tapped,and it  is   only   ri:is,unble
to snppose from   the  discoveries  that
have been made   with the   pr"spectiug
drills that  the  company   would   have
linen on its  feet   again.   This, shortly
put, is   the   correct   statement of   the
case, and it is well   that   it should be
known ou your  side.    Mr. Cronsdaile,
the  general   manager,   nas   been   the
chief ohntnpioH heie ou the side of the
mine owner's against the   miners' unions.    The latter deeply resent the imputation that their eight-hour law had
anything to do with the cljsing of the
concern,   and their   journals   uro   bit
lerly accusing Mr. CrouBdaile   oud his
assojiates of   incompetence   and   mismanagement.
Continued from Hirst Pago.
two riv::l chambers Of commerce ut
Versailles, the president ol whioh is
ono of M. Millernnd's friends, nnd had
Violently attacked thu Frenoh Minister to Belgium, M. Gornrd, waa withdrawn, on M. Delcasae, Foreign Minister, replying that the Cabinet had
unanimously decided not to graut tho
subvention. This declaration showed
thnt un dissension existed within the
Ministry in regard to the matter.
The second intorprollation regarding
the declaration nf a dressmaker mimed
Paquln, to whom, it was insinuated,
M. Millerand is under obligations, resulted in the Chamber voting to proceed with the ouler of tbo day. which
wus tiinta mount to a vote of confidence
iu   Millerand, by u majority of 4fi.
The third interpellation aiming at
the Minister of the Colonies will come
before the Chamber on Monday, when
M. Dnqiiesiiny nnd .Guilhert, deputies
for Martinique, will raise the question of responsibility for ruoent troubles in that island.
The sensational stoiy published iu
certain papers, that a grave situation
had arisen iu Morocco ns tho outcome
of the French occupation of the oasis
of Iiisalah.is denied in official quarters
where it is declared that Morocco protester!, but only in a platonio wny,in n
matter which is being argued without
any serioiis^friotiou.
V w \tt Me WW to WW Wto ^ Wl WWW W WW WW WWit- -& dfc
| Birthday Gifts |
| Wedding Gifts |
| Sterling Silver *
] Silver Plate
in   Rings,   Earrings,
Studs, Scarf Pins.
Brooches,    Pendants,    Shirt
��� ,m al """' Hall, Kooloimy , *'
Sojourning Odd Follows oonllally InvlteL
John Boolsy, N. U.   John A. M,li,u. o ���
  '>��� W. ltutherfiir,!' ";���.
Nolson ICnoiunpiiionl No. 7 m���.u��~77������'
an. 4th Friday of eaoh in.I ih, 1, ' ,,,V-n 3ni1.
Hull, coinur Hnkor and KooUim,''',*��
Nelson. A. II. ClnmonU V. V��� "ft, I V,'1"-
it. S.   Visiting brothers ,'ilWays ��"u���,,*'U"lr'
COUltT KOOTKNAY, I. <>. V., N��� ,,,���.
Meet lugs  2nd and  (tb  Thursdii.    kv,'.,     "
����� J ^ living o. it vy.b!fghgy .'ft"'"'
,JNKiaoN L.o.UNo.MnmesUm tho mT
1 onald block every Thursday ,?���,'���'.*ft
oclo.lt VlKlllllg liloniUors cordially ,\. til
It. ltohliisoji. W. M.: M'Orawford   I "
NHSMON LODGE, No. to, A. K. & \
M. inooU mound Wodnosiiay |n' eaoh
month.   Visiting brothoin woloome,
NKLSON LODQK No, St, K ���i n
.moots |��� k. 0f |>. ftJJ OddlaUows blU
Wi.rv -ues. ay ovonlng at 8 o'oioi
<V11 visiting knight,, cordially Quj
L. Hoorr 0. 0.
Q, Joy, K. of It. and 8.
Unit, and third Wednesday it
ouoh uionth at Fraternity halt
oornor ol'linker and Kootenai
stroola Visiting brothoin cord-
lullj Invited.
John Watson, SoornUry
NKLSON AKHIK No. W, F. 0. K. moots
every sooond and fourth Wednesday-si of uuoh
iu oath, Visiting mruibors cordially Invlt-
J It Wray. Secretary.
Continued from First Pago.
ers, has received a check at Vau Wyk's
vei, between which plnco and Ken-
haidt a strong force of insurgeuts is
reported to be entrenched. Colonel
Horchiner, commanding tbe Canadian
Mounted Hides, is convalescent at
Carnarvon nud will rejoin the troops
on Sunday.
Diamond Set Watches.
We make a  Specialty  of Fine Watch Repairing.
Mail orders promptly attended to.
Baker Street
Nelson, B. C.
Stafford Badly Used By Two
Loafers Yesterday Morning.
Proprietor Stafford, of the Model
Restaurant, hud an experience with
two hold-up artists at !1 o'clock yesterday morning. The visitors evidently dosind, when they entered, to
make the proprietor bolicvu they were
drunk nud in this thoy were success
ful. They ordorod supper nud evidently relished the meal. Then they
arose vnd as Mr.Stufford cauio forward
to collect for tho meals one of tho two
mon grabbed bim and begun to pommel his head. The other reached ovir
toward ih) cash register jind was abont
to get into it, when Mrs. Smith, of
tho restaurant, appeared. She came to
the assistance of Stafford nn.l between
the two of them thu men wero forced
out. Mr. Stafford called (or the police
in a voice thut hud the desired effect
as both thn would-be linld-npi made
a dash for Ibe "Dark Continent" and
nt onco made thoinselves "non est."
The policemen were soon on the scene
und after* n shoit senroh, bagged their
gaino in nn up town saloon but foi
some nnnccouutnblo reasou thoy woie
not arrested. Mr, Stafford, howover,
thinks they should have been held foi
assault. He was not badly battered as
a result of his experience, and after
rearranging his toilet, was doing luisi
ness at tbu old stand.
Tho Nelson Minstrels wish to hrart
ily thank   Mrs.    and    Miss   Tatnlilyti
Hudson's Bay   Co., MoArlhi'ir  & Co.
Nelson Saw Mills,    tho   Cnnnda   Drug
& Book Co., and Kelly &- Steepnr,   for
kindly proriding articles for the singe,
at their  coucert   on  Eriday  evening,
March 2!1, also to   tho citizens of  Nelson for their Inrgo attendance   and up.
They also wish to nniiounin that the
London, Mnrch 24.���Advices received
here announce tho death in tho Mooi
Hospital yesterday, of Genera) Sir Edward Woodgato, who was wouudod iu
the engagement at Spiou Kop, ou January 14. The late General Woodgate
was born Nov. 1, 184o, nt Balbrough-
ton, Worcestershire. He served with
(he Abyssinian oxpeditiou in 18u'J>,
receiving a medal, "id served In tbe
Ashanti wnr, 187D-7, receiving u
medal with clasp, aud heiug mantion-
ed iu dispatches. Ho served in the
Zulu war of 1870 as Staff Officer
(medulaWith clasp, mentiouod in dispatches, brevet of Major). He was
mado a Staff Officer iu the West Indies, sorviug thero from 1880 to 18H5,
proceeding to India in regimental officer in tho autumn of the latter year
and returning in Deoember, 1880. He
wus promoted to Lieuteuant-Colonel
in 1803, aud to Colonel in 1807, and
was placed iu command of the Regimental.district of tho King's Own at
Lancaster, lu April, 1808, he was
sent to cflinmnud the troops iu Sierra
Leone, where the natives were in re
Toronto, Maroh 24.���Zetland Lodge,
A.F. & A.M., celebrated its 20th anniversary last night by presenting $10,-
000 in gold to John Ross Robertson,
M. P.,to found nnd endow the Zetland
Cot iu tbe children's hospital of thi
Advertisements Insorted under tnlshoadnt
the rut', of one oent n word por insertion.   No
el v m 11 . nin.i i nl.i ii for loss I 11.,11 'lb oonU.
TO LET.���Seven roomed house, furnished or unfurnished, With bnth.
West Silica Street. Apply to Mis. J.
Ciuwtnr.l.bartk of Presbyterian Church
or at Methodist parsonage.
WANTED,���Five or six roomed house.
Rent must be luw as poison desiring
it lost all he   bad   in   the   Kuskanook
firo.    Address W. M., M r Office.
WANTED.���Positiou as  stenographer,
Apply at this ollioe.
TO   LET.���Large,     nicely   furnished
room     with     conveniences.    Apply
Northenst   corner    Lake   and    Cedar
WANTED.-By   u thorough   praotical
tailor, permanent   situation as   coat
hand.    Address,     "Tailor,"   Box   07,
Moose Jaw. Assa.
SEWING GIRLS wanted at tbo   Hudson's Hay Stores.
WANTED.-Boys   and girls to   strip
tobacco.    Fifty cents a day, and   us
much morn us they   can oarn.    Route
nny Cigar Company.
Hull.lerswill find II to their advantage lo
lirim- will. Jlrndlev Si Co. on I'alnflliK.
..Tie Fasiiai Mr..
a. Saviouh'h [BNQUBHj Chuhcii-Corner
Ward and Nilica BU. Bund&yBi Holy Communion 8 ti. in.; and on tho IhL und ,lrd Sunday!
in tho month nftor MatttnK; Mm i in- nt 11 u ra -
Hundtty School 2,30 p.m ; Kvonnong 7.1(0. Dalit!
Muttins at it.30 a. m. Thursdays and Saint'ri
U;i\:-: Holy Communion 10 a. m. KrlduyH*
KvctiMOJig 7,90 ii. m��� followed hy choir pruo-
llco. II. 8. Akchurut, Hootor, Krod Irvinu
(loo. JohiiHtono, Wardens.
Catholic ('uuncn-CornerIWard and Mill
nit-eels Boats every Sunday at 8and lO.Wa.ni
Honedlction tit 7.S0 p.m.   Masn overy wook day
at7.Ua.m.   Hov.  Father Kurland Reel or.
I'mMiviFiii \n Chuhch���SorviceHat 11 u.m.
and 7.30 p.m. Sunday School at 2,'M p.m.
Uruyer inoollnK ThurrHlay nvoninK at 8 {un.;
Christian Kndeavor Society mocU overy Mon'
day evening at 8 o'clock. Hev. H. Prow,
Mktiiowht Chuhch���Cornor Silica and
Josephine Slroots. Sorvieos at 11 a.m. and 7.30
u. m. ; Sabbath School, 2.30 p.m; Prayor mini*
nu; nn l''i'iil:iy evening at 8 oVltv.-k Kpworth
Ijookuo C, lv. Tuesday at 8 a.m. Hov. John
Hot>t>on, I'oHtor.
BAPTIST Chuhch ��� Sorvlcon mornluK and
evening at 11 a.m. and 7.30 p.m.; Prayor inoeL
ing vVedneHday evening at 8 p.m. tho H. Y.
P.U. Monday evening at 8 o'clock. BtraiiKers
en dially welcomod.   Hev. C. W. Rose, [Pafctojr
Salvation Army���Scrvlc s cvory evenlni
nt 8 o'cloch in barracks on V otorl utret'l
Adindant Kdgooombe tn ebargo.
Goods galore from
Merry England and
Bonnie Scotland; also
the finest Serges from
Emerald's Isle.
0pp. Silver King Hotel,
Turner Beeton & Co.
z-.���NELSON ^r^
Just arrived from Milwaukee
Kootenay Railway and
Company, Ltd.
Schedule nf Time.       Paoiflo Standard rime.
Kiloetlvo February l*t 1000
PaHHcngor train for Sandon and way stations
leaves   KohIo  at 8 a. in., daily.    Roturning,
loavosttandon at 1.16 p.m., arriving at Kaalo
at 3.65 p.m.
Operating on Kootenay Lake and River.
Str. "International" loaves Kaslo for Nolson
at 0 a. in. dally except. Sunday. Returning,
loavea Nelson at 4.30p.m., railing at Balfour,
Pilot Bay, \ j I. v. n* i h and all way polnta. Con*
necU with 3. K. & N. train to and from Spo-
kauo at Klve Mile Point
All)orta" IcavoH Kaslo for Lardo and
vi::rni.i at 8:90pni Wednesdays
StoamorH call at principal fan      	
directions, and at other points when signalled
principal landing* In both
TlckelMsold to all poleUtln Canada and the
United States.
To ascertain ratoa and full Information, ad-
Manager. Kaalo, B, O
The Cottage Hospital, Nelson
A private Hospital. Merhcitl, Snrul-
'-i.l nn.l 111>;-1.��� 11 i<-ii 1 ciihoh mirH.-.l in tbe
Houne. I'i ivuh. room flu an.I tin a
week. l'-.l- in wind *h.' n week.
Nnr��.�� Heut ont to private houses III |ir>
a week. Apply to Tlio Misaea (lrick-
The Miner is on sale at the following' news stores at five cents per
Gilbert titanlor Nelson
Thomson Stationery Co NuIhoii
Canada Drug felkrak Co. Nelson
Hotel Hume News Stand Nelnon
Hotel Phair Nows Stand Nohton
1>. Campbell Ymir
C. F. Nelson Now Denver
J. F. Dolanoy Rosoberry
R. A. Bradshaw Slocan City
Slocan News Co. Sandon
Thomson BroR. Vancouver
Lamontft Young Kaslo
H. A. King & Co. Groenwood
and  News   Agents   on  boats  and
trains out of Nelson
Onr Fresh Roasted Ooffeo Best of
Quality, as follows :
Javn an.l Arablnn Mooha. p.-t pound 9   itt
Java and Mocha Blond, 3 pound*  1 00
Kino HanloH. 4poundK  1 00
Banloa Blond, o pounds  1 00
Our   tipoolnlBlond, 0 pounds  1 00
Our Itlo Him-i, Gpounda 1 00
fVELSON.        ss        P. C.
j. IRON 5
Ir.ui  nu.l Brua <n..!..��- of Kvrrj- Drarrlp
II.....   Krpalra   and   JobliinR
H32 A NI-I'.CI tl.'i'l.
The direct route from
to all points
EAST   and   WEST.
First-Glass Sleepers on all trains from
TOURIST OARS pass Medicine Hat
doily for St. Paul, Sundays and Wednesdays for Toronto, Fridays for
Montreal and Boston.
Sunie cars pass Revelstoke one day
To and from Kobson, Rossland.
Ex. Sun. Ex. Suo.
8.00 Lv.        NELSON Arr.11.40
18.40 Lv.daily NELSON daily Arr.22.ll)
Morning train connects for all points
Evening train connects to and from
Main Line and points north, and (ex.
Sun.) from all points in BOUNDARY
Daily. Str. Moyie Daily.
24.00 Lv. NELSON        Arr. 17.20
Connects Kootenay Landing with
Crow's Nost Branch trainB both ways.
Ex. Sun. Str. Kokanee. Ex. Sun
10.00 Lv. NELSON Arr. 11.00
Saturday to Aigeota and return
leaving Kaslo at 20k.
Ex. Sun. Ex. Sun
0.00 Lv. NELSON Ar. 14.40
4brs NELSON to ROSSLAND brs 4
For ratos and fall information address near
38t local agont, or
C. K. BKASLKY City Passengor Agont
B, W. DREW, Agent, Nelson
Trav. Fasa. Agent        A H. P. Agent,
Nelsfn Vanooofer
Spokane Falls A
Northern R'v.
Nelson A Fort
8heppard R'v.
Red Mountain R'v.
The only all rail route without
chunge of cars between Nelsou olu
Rossland and Spokane and Rossland
Lv.   9.15 a.m. NELSON. Ar. 5.20 p.m.
Lv. 11.25 a.m. ROSSLAND Ar.8.00 p.m.
Lv.   ai5 a.m. SPOKANE. Ar.6.15 p.m.
Train that leaves Nelson at 9:15 a.m
makoa close oonneotiona at Spokane foi
all Coast Points. ._      .
Passengers for Kettle River and Boundary Creek, oonneot at Marous with Stage
H. A. JACKSON, G. P. & T.A.
Spokane Wash
Asrent. Nelson. B.O
���MIM BBOKKW.      ����TAB* TV*W.
Wtndermoro Mines.  Correap ��� enoaSollotted


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