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Nelson Daily Miner Nov 17, 1900

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 Daily Edition Nn ,o��-   nvrWV|j31oo
Nelson,   British Columbia, Saturday Evening,   November 17,  1900.
Eleventh  Year
By an* By She Blow Some
More -And Plays Havoc
Nelson's Winter Starts Off In
a Most Enthusiastic
The storm which yesterday afternoon poked its nose above the mountain tops surrounding Nelson succeeded In working itself into a hurricane
long before midnight and all night
long and this morning the wind blew
aud the snow fell, and the Old-Timer
busied himself in a vain effort to recall anything of a like nature at so
early a date in past years.
On the lake the water was lashed
into a fury and navigation for several
hours was suspended. The steamer
Ited Star bolonging to the Ontario
Powder Co., went ashore near tho C.
P. It. dock about 10 o'clock last night
and was still there this morning. She
had been up the lake and was bring
ing a tow of logs back. When about
opposite the foot of Stanley Street,
the boom broke away and tho wind
carried the steamer ashore. The log
boom broke and the logs scattered in
all directions.
Down at the city dock the Sayward
Lumber Co., had a barge containing
about 85,000 feet of lumber. The
barge couldn't stand the rough   tvater
iicinl quiotly sank with her load.
Charles llillyer.of the Nelson Saw and
Planing Co., spent several hours late
last night on his log booms, and succeeded in securing them so that they
are now safo no matter how much
longer the wind continues. W. J.
Astley's boat float at the City dock
broke away from its moorings and
payed a friendly visit to Capt. Duncan's boat house, breaking tbe latter
up considerably. Several other boat
houses and small boats were put out
of business and Will probably so remain until next spring.
The steamer Kokanee left Nelson
at tbe regular hour yesterday,but was
compelled to put in and tie up some
place this side of Procter. At 7:30
ibis morning she had not reached
On land tho damage done is about
as great as ou the lake. The lines of
the llonnington Falls Power Co. went
down during the night, and tho street
car system has been tied up since.
Telegraph wires also suffered. P.
Burns &��� Co.'s cold storage plant was
put out of operation because of the
lack of power from Bonnington Falls,
but aB the weather is cold thero will
be no damage done in this respect.
In the homes of Nelson there were
many cold rooms this morning,and the
coal and wood dealers will be unable
to fill today the rush of orders which
have been showered upon them. Many
citizens found themselves short on
fuel, and are apt to suffer before their
wants are supplied..
One welcome result of the storm has
been the disappearance of the mud.
The makings of this very undesirablo
article are still on the streets, of
course, but the liquid ingredicit lias
become congealed. It is rather heavy
for horses and wagons, but is much
better for pedestrians.
When Messrs. Neelands, Blackwood
and Bunyon were leaving Kootonay
Landing after their, shooting expedition last week they wero approached
by some Si washes ana asked if they
were going to Nelson on the small
boat they had, the Vidette. \Vhen
they said they were, the Siwashcs told
them they had better hurry as there
was a big storm coming. It was going to be cold and windy and lots of
snow was to fall, they said, and the
lake would be so rough that no small
boat could live in It. This was a
week ago. The Nelson men didn't
think much of It at the time but they
recalled it this morning and will always hereafter pay heed to the warnings of the Siawash.
The steamer Alberta fulled to get
past Five Mile Point this morning.
She was compelled to land there nnd
wub blown'up against a couple of box
cars which stand In about two feet of
water. This was shortly before the
arrival of the S. F. & Northern train
on its way to Spokane and tbe passengers were given  an opportunity to
land. Tney had to slido down a plank
at an augle of about Bixty degrees
and in doing so were soaked altnoHt
through with the spray. From Five
Mile Point they took the train and
went to the mountain station and
came down to the town in busses. The
passengers on the boat say the storm
was about the worst, the boat men
said, ever experienced on the" lake.
On her trip up yesterday and her trip
down this morning the Alberta failed
to mako a landing, except at Kaslo
and at Five Mile Point. One passenger for the Molly Gibson Landing was
carried through to Kaslo yestorday
and was carried past the landing
again this morning and is still on the
steamer at Five Mile Point.
The steamer Moyio got in last night
at 1 o'clock,eight hours late. She was
unable to make a landing at the C.
P. 11. dock and had to remain at the
City dock.
The steamer Kokanee, which left
Nelson at 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon for Kaslo, had quite an experience when it reached a point near the
Molly Gibson landing. The wind
was blowing a perfect gale down the
lake and it became rather dark.
Tailing the two things together it
made the management of tbe boat a
ditlicult task, and before the captain
knew where be was the boat ran ou a
sand bar, and could not free itself
by its own power. It lay there until
tho steamer Moyie came down from
Kootenay Landing and pulled It out
into deep water again. Nearly four
hours elapsed before the Moyie CO did
get tho Kokanee into navigable water,
and in tlie meantime tbe latter was
slightly damaged. All the freight
had to be transferer] to the Moyie before the other steamer could be moved. It was some time Dear midnight
before the Kokanee was again on Its
trip to Kaslo. It arrived there sometime this morning.
When the Moyio's passengers were
landed at the City wharf they had
considerable trouble in getting safely
to land. As tbe bus was engaged in
taking Mr. Seaton, who was hurt at
the Molly Gibson miue, to tbe hospital, tlie passengers had to walk up
town, and some of them were nearly
blown from the wharf. Some were
afraid to attempt it and remained on
board the steamer until an early hour
this morning.
Not only the telegraph wires, but
many of tlie telephone wires of the
city, Jand otners leading to outside
points, and especially those wires connecting Rossland and Spokane with
Nelson went down before tbe heavy
storm. Some were still going down
late this afternoon and owing to the
severeness of the weather, tbe repairing is being greatly delayed.
Seattle, Wash., Nov. 17.���In point
of high wind and surf Nome had the
worst storm of the season beginning
October 31st. Passengers on the Oregon, which arrived last night, report
that it lasted with fury until November 3, being still in progress though
milder weather,when the Oregon sailed. After tho wind had blown from
the southeast for 1(1 hours, during
which time all the vossels in port put
to sea, it suddenly veered to the west.
Tbe thermometer dropped nearly 30
degrees. Bain, snow and hail fell.
Along the beach considerable property damage resulted.
Minneapolis, Minn., Nov. 17.���The
snow storm which began Wednesday
still continues and has spread over the
entire Northwest, changing to a blizzard as it spreads. In many places
snow has fallen to the depth of a foot
or more and the Indications arc that
more is coming. The wind begun
blowing a gale and the thermometer
took a^sudden drop during the night.
The swamps in the lumber districts
of the Northwest have frozen solid
and tho lumbermen are sending large
crews Into the woods.
Dululh., Minn., Nov. 17.���It is reported among vessel men here that
the Bessemer Steel Ship Co., of which
John D. Rockfeller owns practically
nil the stock, has transferred the big
fleet of Whalebacks to the Consolidated Iron Mines of which John I). Hock-
feller also owns about all thu stock.
The il.-.-.. consists of 10 whslebacks
and an equal number of othor large
Seattle,Wash., Nov. 17.���The steamer Oregon hns arrived from Nome with
14ft passengers and 930O.OOO   in treasure
A Heart Stirring Scene at
Windsor Castle This
Lord Rosebery's Notable Address   at  Glasgow
New York, Nov. 17.���Isaac N.
Ford, in his daily cable, says: The
scene at the reception of the Colonial
troops by the Queen in Windsor Castle yesterday was a heart stirring one.
Tbe mon who marched into St.
George's Hall, where ller Majesty was
seated, came from places very far
asnndcr geographically but they represented the unity of the British Empire. Many of them limped and all
were invalids, yet they looked an exceedingly serviceable body of men.
They included member- of tho Canadian contingent. The Queen asked after the welfare of the men with true
womanly interest and every word of
her graceful little speech was distinctly beard throughout tbe fine ball in
which Emperors and Kings have been
repeatedly entertained.
Lord Rosebery's address delivered I
to the studonts of Glasgow University '
was an old engagement but the subject was worthy of the leader of the
English party. It was "The British
Empire," and he described the altered conditions in which ixvery country
aspired to be a nation of shopkeepers
and said that England was bound to
examine and remodel her state machinery, and methods in order to
maintain a desperate light for existence. Lord Kosebery did not take ad
vantage of the academic occasion to
deliver a political harangue but he
sounded a warning that the twentieth
century would be a period of lierec
international rivalry in art, war, and
peace, and that every class of society
must be trained for responsibility of
power. Lord Rosebery's Btreugth
is dally increasing in political circles and his resumption of the
leadership of the Liberal party is
looked upon as the one certainty of
future politics. It will not be brought
about prematurely nor forced upon the
uuwilling l a lie-.-cl party.
The Real Object of His Journey to the Countries of
Serious Defeat of the Boers
at Edenburg on
In Mexico They Arc Having a Very
Exciting Time.
Casa Grande, Mexico, Nov. 17.���In
an attack on the Mormon colony at
Paschoco, 1- Indians and four Mormons were killed. Several were
wounded on both sides. A band of
Apaches attempted to stampede a
bunch of cattle belonging to Mormon
sealers. The alarm was sounded and
the Apaches were driven off, leaving
a number of their dead on the Held.
Couriers from the settlement hastened
to Casa Grande for aid, it being
feared that tbe Indiana might return
and renew the attack. A squadron of
cavalry and lifty infautry wore immediately started from the Jiiares
Post. Tho Govenor of Chihuahua also
ordered out a force of Ituraleures. It
was first believed that the raiders
were from the San Carlos reservation
in Arizona, but this is not at all correct and some of the olllcials are inclined to believe that the party was
composed of Chiricahtia Apaches, who
fled Into Mexico several years ago
when the" I'nited States Governiimnt
rounded up the Apaches.  '.^_
Railway Wreck, Attended by Lobs  of
Life in  Pennsylvania,
Oil City, Pa., Nov. 17.���A head end!
collision between a Pennsylvania extra freight train and the regular Lake
Shore rlhssenger train occurred two
miles south of Polk last night. Both
engines were demolished, all of the
passenger coaches left the tracks and
forty oil and coal ears of the freight
were derailed. Tlie wreckage destroyed all tho telegraph communications!
The killed arc: Thomas .Sutton, baggageman, of Ashtabula; John Kane,
brnkemnn, on freight train, of New'
York; Engincor I'itzer, of the freight,
of Newcastle. Two male passengers
and tho newsboy,names unknown, are
supposed to be derd beneath the
wreckage '
London, Nov. 17.���It has been ascertained that when ex-President Kruger lands at Marseilles the formal announcement wiil be made that be is a
Bpccial envoy duly empowered by the
Governments of the Transvaal and
Orange Free State to make representations on their behalf to the European
powerB, and, if the opportunity arises
or be afforded them, to treat for
peace with the British Government on
the basis of legislative autonomy for
the two Republics.
This announcement will probably
bo followed by a telegraphic appeal to
European sovereigns and the President
of the United States for an international conference upon the future of
the two Republics.
Dr. Leyds, the Transvaal's representative in Europe, has prepared this
appeal in accordance with instruction,
and it merely awaits the old ex-President's signature. Dr. Leyds has assured Kruger that there will bo little
difficulty about his being personally
received by the various sovereigns.
It seems impossible that he can thus
delude himself. Before Kruger can
make an appeal to the powers England will have formally notified them
of the anuexation of the Republics,
and it would bo an unfriendly act for
any power then to receive the ex-Pres-
ident as an accredited envoy.
The news from Bothaille has revived hopes of the ending of the war before 1001. It is the first break in a
succession of minor exasperating reverses in every quarter, and the only
striking success yet achieved against
Do Wctt. If it lessens his prestige
and magnetism for enlisting all males
wherever he appears, it will have an
all-important influence toward endiig
the war, but it is doubtful if the
Boers will ever believe that he is defeated. He and Steyn together are
calling upon the Iturghors to light,
and must still bo treated most seriously. There are now two chief Boer
fighting columns operating 400 miles
apart, entirely independent and without news of each other. De Wett and
Steyn arc in tho western part of the
Orange Free State, and Botha and
Vijoen in the eastern Transvaal.
Other groups ure really composed of
Sir Alfred Milner's speech has not
cleared up anything, and was in vain,
as he counselled submission. The
campaign must drag the entire length
of military conquest, abandoning the
idea of reconciliation in this generation or the next.
Meanwhile mining interests have
started a movement in London against
the plan of forcing the Rand to pay
a large share of the war bill. J. B.
Robinson, C. P. Itudd, and Lord Harris, ull chairmen of big companies,
make threats amounting to disloyalty
if tho mines are heavily taxed. Sir
Michael Hicks-Bench is tho man to
resent Buch threats. Unionist Commoners denounce the suggestion that
Hritish taxpayers pay a hundred million pounds sterling rather than thut
the Hand shareholders should bo disturbed, A prominent supporter of the
Ministry nays that If the'susplolon of
such a policy had arisen In the minds
of the electors at the general election
there would not have been a Unionist
(lovernment today.
Since his return General Buller has
been proving as loquacious as General
White was after the relief of Lady-
smith. General White wus sent to
Gibraltar for the sake of silence, and
General lluller has been Installed in
the command at Aldershot for the
same purpose. Conimaniler-in-Chief
Wolselcy and he are both angry, bc-
cauBo the Government may possibly
seek pnhile self-justification before
l.ord Roberts' replmo displaces their
school. General lluller pointed out
two genuine   personal   advantages   of
Un- Boers, Their eyesight, he said,
was two miles bettor than tho British,
and tho knowledge of the Kaffir
tongue enabled thviu, by   resorting to
the native kraals,   to beat the British
Intelligence Department.
Bloemfonteiu, Nov. 17.���The Boers
heavily attucked the railroad at Edenburg, Nov. IB, (Thursday). It is reported that the Boers were completely
cut up. OneJ report has it that 7.',
uf the party were killed or   wounded.
Durban, Nov. 17.���The Natal Mercury reports that among the measures
to bo adopted in order to pacify the
Boers, is the rceon^entrado plan ol
Lord Roberts. .Lord Kitchener has
decided to take this step owing to the
difficulty of dealing with the armed
Boers while hampered by the civilian
people in the outlying small towns.
Convicts Break From a Kansas Gaol
and One of Them is Killed.
Leavenworth, Kan,, Nov. 17.���One
of the most daring and successful escapes on record was made by three convicts at the Stato Penitentiary at Lansing this afternoon. The dash for liberty for one, at least, was brief as he
fell with a bullet through his head
from Deputy Warden Thompson's revolver before ho could gain cover.
The convicts, Sam Smith, under death
sentonee, E. P. Stell and Ben Cravens,
during odd moments in the coal mine
had fashioned a "dummy" revolver
out of wood, covering the same with
tin foil. This afternoon the guard at
the bottom of the pit suddenly found
himself looking into the muzzle of
what he though was a B9 ealibre revolver. At tbe same time he was commanded "baud up." The guard was
compelled to give the signal to the top.
the guard accompanying tlie convict;,
being afraid to give the alarm, tletting
outside tbe enclosure Guard liewett
was overpowered, bis Winchester and
ammunition taken from him. After
passing another post occupied by Patrol Murphy, -the convicts broke and
ran. Oue of the convicts seized Murphy's gun and opened fire, Sewuitz
falling severely wounded. Deputy
Warden Thompson was attracted by
the shooting and diew bis revolver and fired, shooting Smith
in the head, his wound being mortal.
Another fell but a convict comrade
who was entrenched in a ravine,dragged tho body after him. The place is
surrounded, but owing to the misty
night nothing may be done before
morning. Lute reports from Lansing state that the two prisoners arc
surrounded in a thicket three miles
west of the prison. A fusilade is being carried on between the officers
and convicts.
Lonora Mine of Mount Sicker to
Bring a Big Price.
Vancouver, B. ft, Nov. 17.���One of
the biggest mining deals, ever engineered in British Columbia is in a
fair way of being consummated,
namely the salo of the Lonora mine of
Mount Sicker, Vancouver Island, B.
ft, for 13,000,000. This mine has been
bonded for that sum to an American
syndicate through J. H. AdaruB, formerly of Butte, Mont. The Lenora is
a shipper and is the richest mine in
British Columbia, next to the Le Roi
of Rossland, and has greater possibilities. It Is owned by Hy Croft,
brother-in-law of thu multi-millio_-
aire coal king. James Dunsmulr.
Mr. Croft bought tbe mine originally for a paltry few thousand ilul-
larH.bccauHC English or American capital could not be induced to take hold
of any properties on Vancouver Island, which in those days had not
made its name as a mineral producing section of the country. Mr. Croft
built six miles of railway to the water and developed the mine Systematically,with the result that every dollar
of the running expenHes has been met
by tho ore shipments, and the mine Is
now on the eve of paying dividends,
with a million dollars' worth of ore
blocked out, and the ore which runs
very high in copper aud gold proved
absolutely 135 feet.
A new vein in this proterty was
stuck last week, just before No. 2 tunnel reuehed the main lead, which ran
8,ri0(l to the ton lu a.l values and eight
feet wide.
Association Wants to Hand
It Over to the City's
Something About One of Nelson's  Best Public
Bra/.ll, Ind., Nov. 17.���The hoisting
cngincerB of mining districts Nos. s
and 11, who bad been on strike since
Monday for an increase from 87.r�� tn
880 per month, and shortening of the
day's work to eight hours, have declared the strike off, and returned to
work this morning at the old price.
Tbe question of turning the Nelson
Public Library over to the City's control is now being agitated not only
by the members of the Library Association, hut by other prominent citizens. The Association Iiub had control
of it for nearly two years, and has
brought it up to a position that is n_
honor to the Oity. It has become extensive enough to accommodate a city
of large population but Nelson is
growing so rapidly that the Association is not financially strong enongh
to incense its capacity accordingly.
The demand on tho Library is increasing every day aud it now requires a
good strong financial body to control
it. It Is thought by some that the
City cannot accept it as yet, but on
the erection of the new Postoffice
mi i Id ni;- in which there will be apartments set aside for this purpose, it Is
probable that the City will take it
under its control.
At present the Library is supplied
with .100 leeccilis classified into Fiction,
History, Travel, Art, Science, Biography, Philosophy and .Miscellaneous.
Besides the books many of the prominent newspapers of the Dominion, and
numerous magazines are kept on
file. All are being used constantly by
regular and irregular subscribers.
At present thero are over loo regular
Subscribers, and the Irregular subscribers ure but few, but both are increasing monthly, Tbe subscription
to subscribers is uot heavy being only
92 per year which shows how such a
public institution, second to noue in
Nelson, not excepting the hospital, ia
run on a very economic basis. It is
stilt beyond the reach of some, but
could be placed within tbe reach of
all, were it backed up by the City.
Since it has been in the hands of the
Association nearly 82,420 has beea expended. This money has been raised by
donations, entertainments, etc., but
owing to the enlarging of the Institution, the expenses have become quite
large and now the Association is badly in need of money.
Its history is rather a checkered one.
It was first conducted on a very small
basis by the members of the Baptist
Church, and was only used by the
members. About January 1H08, the
Nelson branch of tbe Women's Council decided to make it a public affair.
The Council then purchased tho
books from tbe Baptist Church and
threw it open to the public but tho
number of books was quite limited.
In November just two years ago it
wns decided to form an organization
for the sole purpose to control it. And
that organization is what has carried
it until now. Books were added regularly each month until tbe original
small number has reached the .00
London, Nov. 17.���Unconfirmed
statements emanate from Paris and
Odessa that a secret treaty has been
concluded between Russia and China
for tlie occupation of Manchuria.
There is no fresh news this morning
throwing light on the situation. The
Japanese Minister in lvondon who waa
interviewed yesterday hinted at the
possibility of the Allies pursuing the
Chinese court into the interior If they
desired, although he said lt_ would be
a long process.
London, Nov. 17.���There Is a strong
intimation In many quarters that
I onl Durham Is particularly anxious
to curtail Mr. Richard Croker's English racing career and that the fight
against the hitter's horse, the Scotchman, was largely due to his being the
owner of that rncer.
Near York, Nov. 17.���Thore Is excellent authority for the statument that
of the proposed British loan, not less
than 8.10,000,000 will be floated in tins
country. Nelson Daily Miner, Saturday Evening, November 17, 1900
The Nelson Miner
Publisliod Every Afternoon  Except Sunday
���hy Tins���
115 Floct Street, E. C.
Contral  Press Agonoy, Ltd., Spo-iU Agonl-
Ilaily. por month, by carrier	
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Dally, pur your, by carrier	
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Weekly, per half yoar *J J��
Wuekly. por year.......    iffl
Wookly. por yoar, fnrulKn    o W
Bubsorlpttone invariably In advance.
All Check- should no mado payablo to tho
order of Nklson Puiilihiiinu .omcany,
In its references to The Miner Mr.
Houston and his paper continue, as
usual, to be untruthful. This morning, for instance, it says tnat The
Miner persistently proclaims its allegiance to the Conservative party. We
should not be surprised if our contemporary were more stupid than malicious in this statement. The Miner
has never proclaimed its allegiance to
the Conservative party, and therefore
it cannot truthfully be Bald of it that
it persistently does so. It oweB, proclaims, and professes allegiance to no
party. In Provincial affairs it believed the party associated with thu name
of Mr. Turner was the least hypocritical, and the most honest and progressive, and supported it. Before deciding on this step it did not inquire
what prospect of gain or profit to it-
Belf it had to offer, aB Mr. Houston
would have done, but took its course
on principle and stuck to It. In the
larger field of the Dominion, it preferred and prefers tbe policy and principles of the Opposition, and for that
reason supported them. It has little
faith iu Sir Wilfrid Laurier, whom it
regards as weak and shallow and beyond all doubt hypocritical. It has no
faith at all in his Tartes and BlairB
and SiftonB. It had no confidence in
the Government, and as The Miner is
not a trimmer aud never afraid to express its convictions, it gave and still
gives its support to the Conservative
party. Mr. Houston is a parish politician. He is too ignorant to see beyond the boundaries of his own little
bailiwick. He has been accustomed
all his life to deal with tho little
affairs that immediately surround
him, and to exercise all his talent in
turning them to his own profit. He
cannot understand that a man or a
newspaper can support a cause on
principle only,and therefore falls into
the error of supposing that because
The Miner is giving such little aid as
it can to the Conservatives it is necessarily bound in allegiance to that
party. He is simply too ignorant to
know better.
Another mistake is made in saying
that The Miner "belaborei." Mr.Mac-
Neill with "fulsome flattery," while
that gentleman was in the field as a
candidate. It is a curious form of expression,but the meaning is apparent.
The Miner has said little of Mr. Mac.
Neill personally, and certainly never
"belabored" him with "fulsome flattery." It wus not necessary to say
much of him. Concerning his personality, all the people were intoreBted in
knowing was that ho was B gentleman
of excellent character and good abilities. It was possible in theso respects
tu speak favorably of him, and it
was alno a pleasure. But that done
his personality sank out of sight, and
the much moro important issue of
those public questions on which the
country was to pronounce judgment
arose In its place. It was not Mr. MacNcill, but the principles he espoused,
that challenged attention mid run
���Mention nnd discussion. This again
was something new to Mr. Houston,
who can never regard a principle excepting as ll affects his own interests.
He has never risen to the support of
a principle lor its own sake,und never
can. He wns not constiucted on those
lines. And for no other reason than
that The Miner was found supporting
the principles for which Mr. MaeNeill
stood as a candidate, Mr. Houston
reaches the conclusion thut It has
been "belaboring" him with "fulsome flattery." It is probably rather
late in thu day, but it Mr. Houston
were to go to school again there is a
chance that he might learn something
of a higher plane of politics than any
he has yet conceived.
The letter of Mr. J. B, McArthnr,
provisional president of the Chamber
of Mines, which appears in The Miner
today, nets at rest any doubt, as to the
C()mpreliensiveni--.s nf the scheme that
the Rossland gentlemen have undertaken to father. When tbe appeal Is
made to the vi'iious interests throughout the district it is hoped thut there
will be'a general response and every
possible support given. The Miner
urgod Nelson citizens to take the first
step towards organizing a Chamber of
Mines in the hope thnt Nelson would
be it_ headquarters, but the ever cn-
turpriaing people of Rossland were
again to the fore. But if Nelson cannot run the affuir it can at least turn
in and help to make it a success in order that tho mineral riches of Yale
and Kootenay may be brought before
the investing public in a manner that
will demand attention and produce results. The only fault to be found
with the Chamber of Mines ia that it
should be at least livo   years old now.
The Miner is told that Mr. McKane
is not the sort of person to chose it as
the repository of his confidence.
That may be. Unlike Mr. Houston,
The Miner is not running after "confidences." That very singular person
is not only anxious to get Mr. Mo-
Kane's "confidence," but also the
"confidence" of Mr. MoKane's opponent; he is industriously seeking not
only the 'confidence" of the party
Mr. McKane supports but also of the
party he opposes. So far as Mr. McKane is concerned, whom The Miner
does not know from A<*ar_ and whom
it has no special desire to know excepting in the broad sense of his being n candidate, Mr. Houston Is possibly right in what he says and safe
in what he desires and expects. That
will not make an atom of difference in
the attitude of this paper, however.
In principle it is opposed to the present Government,and believes that this
Province will be best served by electing a man who will stand up for interests whicli they have bo far neglect
ed. For these reasons it will support
Mr. McKane and hope for his success.
Mr. Houston can continue his frantic
chase after "confidences."
The Miner has no desire to see a
change in the Conservative eampaign
committee of Nelson, if that committee ns at present constituted is considered the best for the purpose and if it
shall be decided that Mr. McKane is
to run as a purely Conservative candidate. Whether as a Conservative, opposed to Laurierism,or as a representative of the mining Industry of the
Province, this paper is prepared to
give him its heartiest support. It
would prefer to see him not tied too
closely to party, but to come out in
the interest of that great industry
which is the foundation of all our
prosperity in this portion of British
Columbia. But should he run as a
Conservative, and should he and bis
Nelson friends content themselves
with the existing committee, The
Miner will have no complaint to
make. To suppose otherwise is only
another of Mr. Houston's many mistakes.
The Public Library has become such
a necessity to the City that it must
not be allowed to get into difficulties
that would endanger its existence on
account of the lack of money. It Is
unfair to ask the ladies and gentlemen, who put it on its feet and financed it for the past two years; to continue indefinitely to worry about It
while the rest of us enjoy the numerous privileges it has to extend. It
should be taken over by the City and
no doubt In a short time it would be
made to pay its way.
In alluding to the "babbling of
party secrets" The Tribune has given
an unconscious due to the author,and
a correspondent asks that the diamond kettle offered by The Miner be
sent to him for suggesting that it was
"Jentlemanly John." The editor of
The Miner, however, regrets that as
this apparently does, but in reality
does not, alliterate, this answer must
be considered incorrect.    Next I
The latest returns and recounts in
the Dominion elections place the Government's majority at 43. One of the
Princes, P. E. I., going Conservative
on the recount gives that Province to
tho Opposition by three members to
Editor Miner:
Sir,���In reference to your editorial
iu yesterday's issue relating to the
Chamber of Mines for Southern British Columbia, 1 desire to say that the
organization is at present provisional.
The object of the Chamber of Mines
will in a few days be presented to
eveiy mining, smelting, milling and
transportation company, and every
prominent mining man known tothe
officers in the district, asking then to
become members and lending their cooperation in furthering its objects.
A circular letter is now in print and
will be distributed next week setting
forth its objects. In the Course of two
weeks a general meeting will be called when a permanent organization
will be completed. The provisional
committee appreciates your article as
showing the absolute necessity of the
movement and its greqt importance at
tliis time, and that the Chamber of
Mines will have your ardent support
in the future.
The movement for a Chamber of
M i ni. took on form and being here on
the ,30th of October past.
.1. B. M'ABTHUR,
Provisional President.
Rossland, Nor, If, I
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Bulbs in a glass. They
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Canadian By.  Accident  Insurance Co
Equitable Savings, Loan and Building
Association ot Toronto.
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11 room house and cellar, all modern
conveniences, $25.
Alsosplendidlv f urniBhed house through
out, including piano; would be suitable as boarding house, 83().
Notice is hereby given that, in accordance with section 12 of "Bureau
of Mines Act," a special examination
for efficiency in the practice of assaying will beheld In the t'i:y of Nelson,
on December 3rd, lOoo, ami such following days as may be found necessary. Details of such examination
may be found in tho li. C. Ua.ette���on
tile in each Government Otlice.
Intending candidates should make
application for such examination 10
days in advance to the Provincial Assayer, Secretary of Hoard of Examiners, Victoria.
Such apollcatlon to be accompanied
with the fee of 810.
Minister of Mines.
Department of Mines, Victoria, B.
C., 5th November, 1900.
Atlantic S. S. Lines.
��� ..      .,    . From Montreal
Beaver Line Montfort  Nov 16
Heaven Lino Lake Cliamplaln        Nov 22
Allan LineTunlHlan       Novll
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Allan l.mi' Nii'iniliiin  Nov 28
Dominion Line Vancouver Nov 21
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lie inn ii urn Line Vancouver Nov 2d
���        ,  ., , From Now York
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t'uiiard Lino Umbria     Nov 21
White Star Lino Ooriiianio     Nov 11
WhlU) Star Lino MajcBtlc    Nov 21
American Lino Now York   Nov 21
Re-t   -ilul-   I,ilie-  Wi-c,I.-riiI i        . 'Nov 21
N.O. UlJno Trove... Nov 20
Anchor Lino Ancliorta Nov24
French Lino Ia Lorraino .."Nov 22
Allan Slato Lino Stato of Nobra-kn.... Nov 17
.,     , ,      _        ,, From BoHton
Dominion Lino Commonwoaltli  Novll
Cunard Llnolvornla         Nov 17
P-M-lfON arranitod to and from all European
polntH. For'rat-en. tloko.nand full information
apply to C. P. R. dopit agent or H. L. Brown
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Merchants' Bank of Halifax
Incorporated 1869.
Capital I'ahl-up,     ,    .     .     gl.OHft,070.00 |   Kent, SI,.OO.oo#.o
"*our<I or iMiwioi",:   Thomas K. Konny,  President;   Thomas Ritchie, Vice-President.
Wiley Smith, H. 0. Bauld, Hon. H. H. Fuller, M.L.C.. Hon. David MacKoen.
ri. 1.1 Offlre, llallfttxt
GencrnI Manager, Ivl-on L. Pease, Montroal,
fcjuperlnteiident of Branches, and Secretary. W. B. Torrance, Halifax.
Inspector, W. K, Hroek, Halifax.
Inspector D. M. Stewart, Montreal.
r.ni nc in**!
Nova Kcotln-JlnHlax Branch, Antlgonish, Bridgewatflr, Guys bora Londonderry, Lunenburg.
Maitlaud (Hants Co.), Piotou, Port llawkesbury, Sydney. Hnubonacadle, Truro, Weymouth
New ttrimrm'lcfa���Batnurst, Dorchester, Frodericton, Kingston (Kent Co.l, Monoton, Newcastle, Saekville, Wtortstock. P. I.. Inland���Charlottetown, Summerslde. Que bee���Montreal
(City Office), Montreal. West End (Cor. Notro Dame and Seigneurs StreetB); Wostmount (Cor.
Greene Avenue and St. Catharines Street. Ontario���Ottawa. ,\r�� rouadlaad si. John's
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Atlin, Bennett, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Tan
couvcr, Vancouver East End, Victoria.
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Cnnnila���MorohantR Bank of Ctinnila. BoMtiiu���National Shawmut Bank, Chicago���Amcrloa
National Bank. Hun Fr-ncjHco���First National Bank. London, Bug.���Bank of Hcollaml.
FarlN. Frmirr��� Credit LyouimiH. Itrrniuda���Bank of Bermuda, .hlua and Japan���Hong
Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation.
(Ien-ial Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange  Bought
and Sold, Letters of Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the most favorable terms.   Interest allowed on special
deposits and on Saving Bank accounts.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.O.
Notice is hereby given that in virtue of the Act of the
Dominion Parliament, 63 and 64 Victoria, Chapter 103
and Chapter 104, the name of
will   be changed to
"Zbe IRo^al Bank of Canaba"
t   from and after
the  Second   day  of  January,   1901.
General Manager.
Halifax, 1st November, 1900.
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accompanied by oath.
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Large number of Choice Building- Lots adjacent to the line of their
Tramway. For price and terms of sale apply at the office of the Company, Macs'onald Block, corner of Josephine and Vernon Streets.
? T, C. DUNCAN, Secretary.
F. O. GBBKM       V. S. 0-EMKNM
Civil Engineer, and eProvlocW ^ai
P. O. Box W�� MmB- B
A. R. BARROW, A" i0B
Provincial Land Surveyor.
Corner Viotorla and Kootenay B��
P. O. Box-SB. T^P^N^5
if 0. T. OROFTa
u ll   1.
tlMal' Nelson  Daily Miner,  Saturday   Evening,   November 17, 1900
The Ni'w British Ruler in   Ashantl
 According to recent  advices   recoiv-
cd lit the British Colonial oflice from
West Africa, the British Resident
Agent to Ashanti, dipt. Donald Stewart, has returned to liia post in Ku-
iwissi and will shortly inaugurate reforms in tile administration of the
protectorate which.it is said will give
tho natives no cause for further ro-
volt. The exiled King of Ashanti,
l'romhi, together with the King of Ko-
kohl, had boen deported from Sierra
I.cone to Seychelles. The deporation
of these royalties is considered as deft-
nile announcement that the British
Government has uo intention to revert to tho old order of tilings. As
Icing as Pruinbl remained In Sierra
Leone the KumassiB and other Ashanti
trihes believed it possible that they
might get their king buck again.
They are now Informed that he has
gone across "the great water."
The British Uesident Agent, it is
said, will completely ignore the significance of the "Golden Stool," to
guin possession of winch brought on
the recent revolt and will allow the
natives to cherish this smybol of barbaric royalty to their heart's content.
In the meantime, the Colonial Oflice
haa received several communications
from educated Africans pointing out
the grievance of their compatriots.
They complain that under British rule
trade has been more restricted than
in the days of the native kings, and
that the white man, though he respects the lives of the people and has
done away with the saerifieal groves,
_ yet by his "hut tax" and other im-
|;posts makes it harder to trade success-
' fully, and this is said to be one of tbe
I contributory causes of the revolt.
Among the measures to be administered by Capt. Donald Stewart is a
new form of taxation which it is said
will be along lines less calculated to
clash with African sentiment than
was the "but tax." From all accounts the natives recently in armB
have returned to their villages and
await with considerable pleasant an
ticlpation tho administration of Capt.
���   ��   ���
The Situation in the British Colony
of Nigeria.���According to a usually
trustworthy authority, there is no
truth whatever in tho recent reports
that have been published in England
and cabled iu fragments to this
country by certain London correspondents of extensive military operations in Northern Nigeria or severe
fighting and a British reverse at the
greut town of Zaria, or of fears being
entertained at the British Colonial
Oflice of an impending revolt throughout Nigeria. It 1b pointed out that
there 1b no necessity for any such oper-
iii ie ens, as there is no opposition to
British rule or hostility on tho part
of the rulers or of   the Fulani people.
Advices at hand from Niger country
show that any recent operations iu
Northern Nigeria have boen, first, in
connection with the extension of the
telegraph from its present terminus
at I.ovkoja up the Benue Uiver to lbi,
the most easterly town at present occupied by the British. The other expeditious whieh have beeu in progress
in the protectorate since the beginning of tho year have all been in
eonneetion with tho discovery of
healthful sites for an administrative
centre, the valleys of the Niger and
Its great tributaries being very un-
Den. Lugard decided to send out
survey parties to find new Bites, aud
also to got into closer touch with the
Kulanl people. Tbe three columns,
after doing their survey work, all met
at Ulerko, a town some 250 miles in
the interior from Lokoja, and under
the powerful King of Xaris, a vassal
of Sokoto. Colonel Morland and Lieutenant Colonel Lowry Cole, with two
columnB, then proceeded to the town
of Limu, occupied by a turbulent pagan tribe, who had boen raiding the
natives and kidnapping some British
carriers. There was some heavy lighting, in which Lieutenant Colonel
Lowry Cole and most of tbo Europeans were wounded, Tho town,
which was Burrounded by a maflslve
high wall, was strongly held, anil It
waB only alter fierce fighting that the
gates weie breached by seven-pounders and the place taken. The chiefs
then submitted.
Used in Millions of Homes���40 Years the
standard. A Pure Cream of Tartar Powder,
Superior to every other known. Makes
delicious cake and pastry, light, flaky biscuit,
griddle  cakes ��� palatable   and   wholesome.
Not..���A void baking powders made from
alum. They look like pure powders,
ami may raise the cakes, but alum
is a poison and no one can eat food
mixed with it without injury to health.
It Contains Better   Nourishment   For
Body Than Kick Man's Dainties.
"Tbe poor man getB a much greater
real valuo iu food for his money than
does the rich man."
"Tho true nutritive properties of
food on the poor roan's table are much
greater than the food on the rich
man's table."
"Thrcc-quatrcrs of tho food the
rich man buys Is wasted."
"There should be more economical
cooking for tbo rich uud poor."
"FigureB will prove that a man can
easily livo on 1!> cents a day."
Such ure Boine of the valuable and
interesting conclusions in a report al
l's 1'IIKR A  WHO IN ON- i��AV
Take X_iiatlvo Bronio Quintan Tablets. All
driiKid-erj refund the mono? If It falls lo ouro.
II5c.1l. \V, Uruve i iwu-turo la oa eaoh box.
most completed by Trof. \V. 0. Atwater, of Wesleyan University, who for
years has studied the relative value of
Lately he has obtained facts and
figures touching tho food of the rich
and tho poor all over the United
Stutcs, and has summarized the data
from nine states in which presumably
dwell the most rich men.
Professor Atwater has analyzed the
broths, stews nnd soups, all the dishes characteristic of the poor man's
board ; he has studied the fricassees,
the ragouts, the delicacies that tempt
the palates of the rich, and he has determined, most encouragingly, that,
while the rich man's food may taste
better, until the rich man's palate becomes jaded, the poor man's food will
build inure muscle and bruin : is better
fitted to be consumed by tbe human
In a WOld,the learned professor, often employed by the government as
an expect, is sure that pea soup is
more valuable, if cheaper, than terrapin stew ; thnt corned beef and cab-
ago much surpass in nuritive value
capons stuffed with chestnuts:
calves' liver and bacon far superior to
tbe fatted lives uf Strassburg geese.
Tbe publication of Professor At-
water'B full report is anxiously
It was Professor Atwntci who made
such elaborate experiments on the
value of alcohol as a food. The experiments proved to Prof. Atwater'B
satisfaction at least, that two ounces,
four tablespoonfuls, of alcohol iu 24
hours, and no more.supply tho human
body with fuel to mnke heat and muscular power���that is, act as food, not
as an Intoxicant. More than two
ounces act as a poison.
Prof. Atwater experimented with
persons who have drank moderately
nnd with those who "never tasted a
drop." To be sure of them ho kept
them In a small coppci room. The
results wero the same. Doses below
two ounces in '.'4 hours bad no bad
effect; at the end of the day there was
no trace of alcohol in the breath, the
body wns in normal condition, tho alcohol had been completely oxidized-���
turned into boat. As soon as
the professor learned that more
than two ounces of alcohol is poison
he went no turher in that direction.
He had no desire to learn bow much
a man can drina, but how much ho
can drink without It hurting him.���
New York Journal,
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than seventy-live per cent, of the people in tbe Dominion are afflicted
with these two diseases nnd their
effects; such a Sour Stomach, .Sick
lleadnche, Habitual Costiveness, Palpitation of the Heart, Heart-burn.
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hornB.    Apply J. A. Shelling,   cornor
Falls and Mill.
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throughout. Hot and cold water nnd
baths.   Three   doors    south   of   Post-
office, Ward Street.
SHORTHAND and Typewriting   done
at the office of B. C.   Riblet,   Front
Street, 2nd door west of   Hall   Street.
Tel. 151.	
FOR SALE.���Florence Pnrk Hotel .'ind
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Pitman's system taught In 21) lessons.
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Wholesale Houses
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__ii_iit_.il���Corner Vernon
unU Cudtir 0U%ti_a.|^O_ao_t���Miuiu.ueu.r-
uf uinl wiioloKulu Uiiiilurs in uorulutt wuLorn
und trim tiyrupu. Sole uguutH for Halcyon Hut
tJprluga min -i'a. water.   Telephone uu.
���\] Ki-auN BOOA WATJ-ll KACTUUY-
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vuriely uf hufL drink.*. I' O liux 88. Toluphouo
Nu. 81, lluuvur SLieul, NcIhuii.   bolllun* uf the
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tendonlH, Itruken Hill Uluek, corner linker und
Ward btreou, Aolhun.
Co.���Munul'ucturcies uf tho Hoyul Ideal
una   lioutonuy    lieliu   UigOTB,    -factory  aud
oil let;, linker direct, Nclsuu.
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��� ���-un u huh .��� ii.tr dealers in Uquore, cl*
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hay, flour, Iced. MUlt. al Vieloriu, Now Wont*
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of tho celebrated li. & K. brand eeroulH.
A MACDONALD & Co.-Cornor Fron
��� und Hull .-t reel :���. \\ iiuii'Miir grocorH
aim jobbern iu blankotH, gloves, miita, bootu,
ruUbeiH, niuckinawM una miner.' Hundnon.
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incut-.   Cold -.lurago.
Vy    Baker ytroot. Nelson��� Wholesale dealers iu fretm und cured iuuuIh.
btroet, Nolson ��� Wholcwilo dealing in
hurdwaro, ininun.' supplies, npurtiug guod_,
M'LACHLAN BHOS. t_.ucco.wor8 to Vancouver Hardware Cu. LULl Baker Street,
Nelnon��� U bolesale duulort. in hurdwaro and
ruining Hupphef, plumbcra' aud tiunmibW supplier. ^^
t^" klson haudwahk co.- Wholesale
-iA palulH, mt - nnd Rises; mechanics' toota.
Agents foi Ontario Powder Works; dynamite
'pUilNKK, BEET0N & Co.-Cornor Vernon
X   and jo-tophine Streets,  Nolson���Whcle-
sale doalors in liquors, cigars, and drygoods.
Agents for Pabst Browing Co. of Milwaukee
and Calgary Brewing Co of Calgary.
UDSON'S BAY Co.���Wholesale grocerlo.
und liquors etc., Baker Streot, Nelson.
C'tALlKOltNIA WINKCO.,Llmited-Cornor
J Kront and Hall Streets, Nelson���Wholesale dealers n wines tcaso and bulk), and
domobtic and imported cigars.
JY. GRIFFIN & CO.-Cornor Vernon and
���   Josephine  Streets,  Nelt'on ��� Wholenale
doalors In provlnions, curod moats, butter and
Delivered to any point
on Kootenay Lake.
1 have a complete stock on hand ol
Rough and Dressed
Mouldings, Sash Doors.
Inside Finish,
Coast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber-
amlLAR) 0.
(ice Can Fit Yon.
lie lias  one of   tlie   bent   and   lnrgc.t
Kail and Winter Btoeks in
the l'rovince.
A. GEE, Merchant Tailor
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it_lr_r -trect
Will pay the higheiit ca.h prioe for ill
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needle. Fornitnre, itovee, oaiperti,
oooklng utensils, bought in household
qnnntities. Also oast off clothing.
Oall and see vat or write. Addrean
Hilver King Mike, Box 1100. H��U
Street. Nelson.  F��   O.
Canada Permanent and Western Canada Mortgage
head office toronto,  ont.
Money to loan on Straight Mortgage,
Apply to O. U LENNOX, Baker St
Lambee & Butler's
Players' Navy Out
Smith's Glasgow Mixture
Try a tin of
Or if you chew, try
Battle Ax
and Star
Put Us On
Your List...
We will see that you
are not disappointed
in superioiity of groceries, promptness of
delivery, or reasonableness of price.
From tempting breakfast foods to richest
materials for dainty
desserts, we will fill
your  wants  perfectly.
Kirkpatrlck b Wilson
Baker St.
Spokane Falls Sl
Northern R'v.
Nelson Sl Fort
Sheppard R'v,
Red Mountain R'v.
The on-ly all rail route between
all points east, west and south to
Rossland, Nelson and intermed i at
points; connecting at Spokane with
Great Northern, Northern Pacific,
and O. R. & M. Co.
Connects at Nelson v ith steamer
Tor Kaslo and all Kootenay lake
Connects at Meyer's Falls with
stage daily for Republic, and connect, at Bossburg with stage daily
for Grand Forks and Greenwood.
Kffective  Sunday, October  :11st. 1900,
Train No. ..1 (Night Train).
Leave (Sim-ane    10:1", p.m.
Leave Northport      5 ISO a. in.
Arrive ltus-land      7 :',w n.ui.
Train No. 34 (Night Train).
Leave Uosslund     II :00 p.m.
Leave Nurthport     18:48 a. in.
Arrive Spokane      7 :0ft a. iu.
Spokane   \V_b6
Agent, Nelson, B.O
" Soo Line
Alao TOURIST CARS pawing Dan-
inure Junction Daily for St. Paul, Sat-
nrdiiyH for Montreal and Boaton, Mondays and Thursdays for Toronto.
Same cars pass Revelstoke one day
for   Miur   enKtein   trip is to  see   that
ymir ticket rends via Canadian PitciBe.
Trains and Steamer. Depart.
) Stemner for Kootenay Laml-
n.iiv"   I "'K   ""d   eastern   points   via
.     "y    Jciow's Nest Route.
8:00 ) Train for Boailanc*, Grand
i Ex Sun ( Forks,Greenwood,Midway,eto
| 0:00 ) Train for Hlocan Oity, felooan
I Ex Sun f p.lint i, aud N.iiiiIuii .
I 1(1.00 j Steamer for Kaslo and inter-
, Ex Sou I niediute points.
Train for Rossland, Nakusp,
Revelstoke, main line and
1'atifiic Coast Points.
For Time Tables, Rates and fall Information call ou or address ueareet Load Agent, or,
It. \V. lirow. Depot Auent 1 Nolson, B. C.
II. 1.. Ill-own, City AKont.  j
W. r. AMJKK-U-, -. J.COVI.K,
Tr.v. I'm-, Auonb        A. (). P. AHOLD.
V��l. o�� VaiMviivAr
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer and Poller.
Unison. B. 0.
Twenty-five per cent off all
Trimmed and Ready-to-Wear
llakcr Street.
Collegiate School
Victoria, B.C.
The Lord Bishop of Columbia
.1. W. Lainit. Baq., M. A., Oxon.,
Ilriielniiisti'i'. ltev. 0, KiiMir Hharp,
M. A., (nntiih. II. J. S. Muakett,
Ksi|... St.   Peter's College, Cambridge.
Moderate terms for hoarders and day
wh.clars, Hoys received from eight
years of age and upwards. Military
drill. Technical art Including mechanical drawing. Iloardera may, hy their
parents wish attend any place of worship to which they are accustomed.
Present numbers ft4.
Itll.HONl    NO.   170.
I have now In stock a line
of all i-In��� '.i ie of
Special Line of Tweed Suitings at $25,
Successor to Fred J. Squire-
F.J. SQUIRE. MANAGER Nelson  Dailv  Miner,   Saturday  Evenwo,   November  i y. 1900
For a real. good, up-to-date ad. The
Miner would call the attention of its
readers to that of Mr. T. II. Ilrown,
the jeweler.
The executive committee, of the
Young People's Union will moet at
the home of Uev. Robert Frew thiB
evening at B o'clock.
Dr. I.allau has made out the rerort
of the General Hospital for the month
of October, and it shows that 04 patients were treated during that
E. Wallace, alias J. A. Sheets, formerly agent of the C. P. It., will be
given a speed}' trial before Judge Forin at 10 o'clock Monday morning, on
the charge of theft.
With the advent of the cold weather "The Office" is serving its patrons
with Tom and Jerry���a seasonable
beverage calculated to withstand the
fierceness of the wintry winds.
The Nelson Coke and lias Co., is
placing on the market for consumption in furnaces and stoves a large
portion of its coke output. This new
fuel has already been tried by many
prominent citizens and is pronounced
as excellent for heating purposes.
At the Methodist Church tomorrow
both services will he of a special nature. At 11 a. m.. Children*' service;
duets, choruses, etc., hy the Sunday
School. The front seats will be reserved for the children. At 7:30 p.
in., song service. Subject, "Hymns
That Will Never Die."
"The Signs of the Times" will be
the subject of Kev. Wm. Munroe's sermon tomorrow evening in the Opera
House, (lood music vocal and instrumental will be rendered by the choir.
This will be Mr. Monroe's last Sunday in the Opera House. A cordial
invitation is extended to all.
W. D. Pitcairn. a resident of Nelson years ago, and now editor of the
Herald, Panoka, Alta, must have taken some live stock iu payment for a
subscription. In the last issue of his
paper this advertisement appears:
"For Sale���Pure bred Tamworth pigs,
six weeks old. Apply_ editor of this
Mr. D. L. Sterling, representing the
St. Charles Condensing Company, of
St. Charles, 111., arrived in the City
last night. The company manufacture condensed cream and other such
goods, and they do an exceedingly
large business with the Nelson whole-
Mr. Joe llowson, who conducts a cigar and candy shop on Baker Street, a
few doors east of Ward Street, has
sold out to the Misses Klinkwitz, who
will immediately start a fruit and
confectionery department. Mr. How-
son will leave shortly for the Slocan
district where he may again start
Mr. Scaton, who wns engaged in
constructing the tramway at the Molly Oibson mine, met with a serious
accident yesterday which resulted in
badly crushing his leg. He was caught
in the cog wheels of the tramway.
He was brought to the City last
night by the steamer Moyie and taken
to the City Hospital for treatment.
Thomas Madden, proprietor of the
Madden House,is improving his piem-
lses. Since the sidewalk on Ilaker
Street has been placed on grade the
Madden IIouso has boen several feet
above the street. Mr. Madden is now
lowering the lloor of the bar and office
to correspond with the street level
and will otherwise improve the building.
A quiot wedding took place at 2
o'clock this afternoon nt the resident
of Uev. Kobe.t Frew, when he united
In mnrringe, Mr. Philip James, a
mining man from Kossland, and Miss
Hannah Morrison of Ottawa. Miss
Morrison arrived in Nelson from Ottawa last evening by the steamer
Moyie. The happy couple will leave
for Hossland this evening where they
will make their future home.
Mr.'Annable was 7 .rtunute enough
to secure the full set of films of the
photographs of the famous Passion
Play which has been produced every
ten years since 1643at Oberaminergau,
He has made arrangements to have a
new Edison moving picture machine
produce^ his wonderful piece of work
at the Opera House on tlie afternoon
and evening of Christmas Day. This
life like representation, together with
abort explanatory remarks about the
great piny and each picture, should
be received with g;eat interest here
on such a peculiarly appropriate day
as Christinas.
Mr. R. MoOulre, of the Molly Gibson mine arrived in Nelson last
night, and he seems to be greatly
pleased with the way in which the
new tramway is working. It was
completed yesterday and is giving the
best of satisfaction. It has already
transfered considerable ore from the
mine. The shipping of ore will begin
tomorrow or Monday. Four teams will
be engaged in bringing the ore down
to the landing and probably this number will be increased as a large quantity of ore is stored at the mine, there
being sufficient to keep eight teams
going. They will ahip from one to
two cars per day. At present six or
eight men are engaged at the mine
but when shipping is well under
way, it is expected that the force will
be   Increased.
Rev. Robt. Frew will conduct both
the morning and evening services at
St. Paul's Presbyterian Church tomorrow. At 2 :30 he will take charge of
the adult Bible class, and the subject
for discussion will be "Healing by
Says an exchange: A sensible
young lady made the following dying
request to her friends: "Do not lay
me down by the rippling brookaide
lest the babbling lovers wane me from
my dreams; nor in the beautiful cemetery in the valley lest the sightseers
cooing over epitaphs distract me; but
let my sleep be under the connter of
the merchant and business men generally, who never advertise. There is a
peace that passeth all understanding
and a deep sleep into which neither
the buoyant footfall of youth nor the
weary shuffle of old age will ever intrude. "
Minister of the  Interior Arrives From
East to Help Galliher.
Hon. Clifford Sifton, of Brandon,
wjin is coming to this district to hold
meetings In tbe interest of tbe Liberal Candidate, Mr. Galiher, will arrive
in Nelson tomorrow evening. On
Monday morning he, in company with
Mr. S. S. Taylor, Q. C, will leave for
the Boundary Country where they
will hold meetings at Grand Forks and
Greenwood. They will also be aided by Mr. A. L. Sifton, who held a
meeting at Rossland last night, and
by Mr. R. B. Kerr, a barrister of
Phoenix, who will be at Trail to
On Thursday evening of next week
the speakers will again hold a meeting at Rossland and on Friday evening will hold a meeting at the Opera
House in Nelson, and on Saturday
night at Kaslo.
It Is reported that Mr. Galliher who
Is holding meetings in the northern
district, Is meeting with good iuc-
cess. When be returns to Nelson he
will conduct .meetings here and at
Editor of The Miner:
Sir,���It has just come to my knowl
edge that at yesterday evening's
meeting at Rossland, Mr. McKane
stated that Mr. Galllher had signed
a petition .against tbe * eight-hour
This is not true,but as Mr. Galllher
was not at tbe meeting and neither
of the other speakers, Messrs. A. L.
Sifton and li. It. Kerr, had a personal
knowledge of the facts, no sufficient
denial could be made then.
I am telegraphing Mr. Galliher and
his denial will be pulblshed In due
In the meantime I would be obliged
if you would print the following   let
er which   I hav.      ejeeived   from   Mr.
Taylor on the   km ject.    Yours,   etc.,
Mr.Taylor's letter says:
"I am in a position to contradict
Mr. McKane's statements made last
night at Rossland, which were to the
effect that Mr. Galliher had joined in
a petition seeking the repeal of the
eight-hour law.
"I am aware of his signing two pe
titions to have the law retained on
the statute books, and one ef these he
prepared and assisted in the securing
of signatures to the same. Yours,etc,
"S. 8. TAYLOR."
London, Nov. 17���"Opinion Is strong
here," says the Shanghai correspondent of The Dally Express, "that the
European commanders are doing more
harm than good by the punitive expeditions which, by   the destruction   of
illages, excite the Chinese to exact
the foreign demands, a feeling which
it will take a century to eradicate" It
perfectly clear that the Emperor
and Empress Dowager care nothing
because a few hundred Chinamen are
killed and the Allies would be far better employed in trying to secure .the
return of Kwang Su to  Pekln. "
Spokane Mining Stock Exchange
This morning's Spokane quotations
as received from The Miner's special
BlaokUil 10 8^
Butte&Boston  2X 1%
Crystal  0 4
Deer Trail Con_  2% 2U
Evening 8lar  <SX 4X
Gold Ledge  2% 1%
Golden Harvest     % %
I.X.L 5.1 18
Iron Mask  0 25
Jim Blaine  8 5
Lone Pine Surprise  1% TH
Mountain Lion  4U (J
Morning Glory 5^,' 6%
Morrison  2��f 2hi
Noble Five  6 0
Princess Maud  2 IX
Palmer Mt. Tun  17 0
Qnllp 2- tl
Itambler-Curiboo 26 22j._
Republic     0 74
Reservation  5X ���%'
Rossland Giant  2% 2k
Sullivan 16 12
Tom Thumb VAX 0
Waterloo  oH 2J-8
Winnipeg  0 0
Conjecture  3%      2%
U. 8. Marble  14
Sales-Crystal, 2000 at :><-..; 30 day
call X i Morning Glory, 1000, 3,000 at
6; 1000, 1,000, 600, 3,000, 5000 at 5'4;
2,000, 3,000 at bX; U. 8. Marble, 1000 at
11'-_ | Black.nil, 1,000, 1,000at 0.
A subject that is exciting considerable dlcussion in European scleutiflc
circles just now is, "Where is the
bump of mathematics seated?" Gall
placed it at the highest and outer
part of the orbital edge. Moebins
agreed with him. from the fact that a
portrait of his grandfather (a noted
geometrician) exhibited this development. Tnis view received additional
weight from the fact that a distinctive feature of tho female skull in the
poor development of the orbital edge
and the additional fact that men
whose heads resemble women's in this
respect are usually as poor at figures
as are tbe majority of women. Tbe
masks of Goethe and Beethoven ure
cited as illustrations of this fuct.
Moebius, however, goes further and
located the mathematical seat in the
third frontal circumvolution. This
circumvolution, prominent in man
is missing in animals, but the back
part of it being known to belong to
articulate speech, and as animals are
equally deficient in speech and mathematical ability, Moebius claim that
its absence in animals and its presence in man point to it logically as
the seat of the faculty In question.
This, however, lemains to be proved,
and as tbe opportunities for autopsies
on distinguished mathematicians are
extremely rare it may be long before
the question is satisfactorily settled.
In the meantime our phrenological
friends may find it a fruitful theme
for study and discussion.���Health
H. & M. BIRD
Agent! for Eureka Dlneral Wool and
A-beitos Co.
Insurance Go. of North America, Mutual ILIfe
Insurance Go., of New York, Quebec
Fire Assurance Go.
Sixteen lots in Bogustown have been
placed In our hands for immediate
sale at prices varying from 185 to 812.
each. These lots are all in good posi
tion and are first-class building sites.
8-Roomed house, corner of Ward
and Keilii-Jiii. all   modern  conveniences 82.1 00
8-Roomed house. Hume Addition 20 00
New house on Water Street  18 00
Cottage on Water Street  15 00
7-Roomed house on Robson St.,
between Kootenay and Stanley, all conveniences  25 00
A Bing That Satisfies.
No purchase of a lifetime requires
the care that should lie taken in
buying the engagement ring. We
have made a study in this lino
and have chosen a stock which
will enable you to have the best
sets, the prettiest settings and tho
moat reliable plain rings.
Manufacturing Jewel.��.
The P.ubons Vest is the BEST
undershirt ever devised for Infants. No
required. No pulling .ever tlie hi���: il to
worry small children, Its use is rei'or.i-
f mended by tin: most eminent physicians
1 for its efficient protection of .tings inn!
abdomen. For sale by all leading Dry
Goods stores.
A well established livery business,
known as Reynolds' l.ivery, consisting of four horses nnd harmless,
two busses,two sets sleighs one spring
wagon, and building.
Lease of ground for three years and
four months at SI0 per month.
Part of purchase money can be arranged with the ure.lci.igued on
Hugh R. Cameron
Baker Street,   Nelson, B. C.
All persons nre hereby warned
against dealing with or negotiating
Share Certificate No. M4 of the Molly
Gibson Mining Company, Limited,
for One Thousand (1,000) slinres of
the capital stock of said company.
Said Share Certificate was issued in
the name of George Kydd.and was endorsed in blank, and wns lost or stolen iu Nelson, 11. C, about the month
of October,  1900.
Dated this 7th day of November, A.
D., l'JOO.
Merchants' Bank of Halifax.Nelson.
i nd try a hot tlo, a (los.cn, or a barrel of
CALGARY B6ER iw it is the best and
._iQH.p_.st. on the market. ._.'���.��� iry our
WINES,    LIQUORS,    and     CIGARS,
Telflvhoitfl 03.
A. TAMBLYN, Man.c..,,.
WaWSt   Nolson. B. C.
8. Saviours (English] Church���Cornor
Ward and Silica Sts. Sundays: Holy Communion 8 a. in.; and on the 1st and 3rd Sundays
in tho month after Mattins; Mntt.n- at 11 a.m.;
Sunday School 2,30 p.m.; Evensong 7.30. Daily:
Matlins at 0.30 a. in. Thursdays and Saint's
Dayst Holy Communion 10 a. in. Fridays:
Evensong 7,30 p. m,, followed by choir practice. H. S. Akehurst, Reotor. Fred Irvine,
Geo. Johnstone, Wardens.
Catholic Church���Corner Ward and Mill
streotB Mass every Sunday at 8 and 10.00 a.m
Benodiction at 7.30 p.m.   Mass evory weok day
at 7.15 a.m.   Rev.  Father Ferland Reel or.
Turnor-Boeckh Block Baker Strsot
"50(1 Molly   Gibson       2'J
iooO Salmo Consolidated        5
S00 London Consolidated      MX
Real Estate and Insurance
Loans Effected at   Reasonable  Rates.
Hakor sU.rpet.  Nelson.
Kerr & Co.'s
See our window of
Plaid Dress Skirt
All   the  newest  effects   in  Camel-
Hair Plaids and Homespuns.
Very  Nobby
Each   piece   ticketed   with   a
reduction of regular price.
Reduced Price Good Only
While in Window.
Do not miss the opportunity. See
for yourself and have first selection, j
Kerr & Co.
Cor. Baker and Ward Slreets,
Yesterday mornim. T. T~
overboard Lm "fttri.".! |"
corner,, Ward and l,k 's'"
Ho oould not swim and Wl ,��� '
cued wiih difficulty       WMW8.
A whirlwind BLl,u,,
cant lots nt tho  Ea_t K��� i     ",'
or twenty minutes  y h  ���'',''
the atmosphere was....,���.11
drift of asli.es. ,l���, ,';,/^
cans and old ,-lmes. lu"��ier
A corporniion oonlroot BnUliefl
according to   specification    ,
pronounoed   unimpeachableT
style, workmanship and material
was struck by lightning, '
Sundry assessments bein.
worked on different olaims ����_
blown Into adjoining olaims and
a special meeting of the Lealsls.
turo will be necessary t��� ���,���,
them out aid return" them to
their oi-iKlunl otvucis.
Several oitiiens lust consider-
able   tune, nnd have not yet tc
Oovered it. None of tiieni carried
one of Brown's Watches,
This should be a warning to
people who purchase their time-
pieces elsewhere.
Bank of
British Columbia,
Is now prepared to issue
Drafts and Letters of Credit
on Skaguay, U.S., Atlin, B.
C, and Dawson City, Yukon
Room 1, Tnrner-Boeckh Block,
Houses and Building Lota in All Putj
of the Oity.
Five. six. Hovon and eight loom honwn lor
min. twenty pe- neat iwiow coat.
By the week from $5 to $6.
By the day Si.00.
Of Writing Pnper won't lunt
long. You d bet torpluco nn-
othu��- "hurry uu' r>"tier with
^^ fc_r
It is the Very Best Fuel
for Furnaces and Large
Per Ton
Company's   Office.
Baker Street.
of Canada
paying up promptly.
Canton, Nov. 17.���The American
Consul here has been notified that the
board of reconstruction has been ordered to ;pay 810,000 as the first Installment in settlement of American
claims. All the consuls are preparing
for indemnity for the destruction of
missions. A special deputy has been
appointed for each district to estimate
the damage done, the Chinese appar
ently realizing that settlement of
claims is the only method of ridding
Canton of foreign gunboats.
Thi! ilgnatur* li on every box of the fennlas
Laxative Bromo-Quinine ����"*.
u�� t,u$h m ������������� mm m m___y
'Holds in solid assets nearly $ 5,000,000
Has business in force nearly  30,000,000
H"ld�� * Per cent. Actuaries Reserve.    Has the FUNDS ON  HAND to  nut
every dollar its of business on a 8J_ per oeut.  basis and still leave a handsome
Has an Annual Income of Over $1,000,000.
Pays its Policy Holders an average of over $1,000 every day in the year
Has an Interest Income whioh much more than piys all its death cluims. Holds
fv?r?a- "ver B" liabjlities on Government Standard ot over HALF A MILLION
Pays all its Profits to its Policy-Holders.
ESTABLISHED 150 YEARS LO_lQOIlj    _-.fl_��'1
ORBIT      Brand and
-rKEMI fcrv. Navy Cut Tobaccos.
Aa.NTS son Oanaoa ��� JAMES TURNER & CO.. Hamilton. Ont.
CROW  &   MORRIS,   Sole Agents, Nolson, n. G.
District Agent.
Kepresenting the Largest
European and American Manufacturers
Mills, Mines and Smelting Machinery
���m      7   DURANGO, HfEXlCO-
Apartodo No. %&


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