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Nelson Daily Miner Feb 3, 1900

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Edition No. 643.
Nelson, British Columbia. Saturday,   February
Tenth Year
Boers are Moving Southwird
From Ladysmith.
LonJoii Is Uore< bearful-Confl. matl 11 of
tlm Reported Speech of Gonernl
Buller���All War News
li,���lll������, l-"l, 8,-(4tlOn m.)-!leli-
01!I_iii8 (Iinliod fro". Ladysmith tbr.fl
days ��k<i, 'ays ,na 1'"1'1' investment
lines tlmtii were thining and tlm' the
hn.emi.ts wire moving in force toward
the |ia.'.li indicating that a onllialon
wasexnictpd there This intelllgamie
bears om oth.tr signs that Qeneral Bul-
Ier proi rl a fresh attaok.   The War
titii,,, nun 1 inn's to reveal  nothing of
ivliui has happened In Nntnl.
l.ini Kit. iii-iiei- bus been travelling
finiii iiriiiv in iiriiiy in iioitiii.ru Oape
Colony, and General Ereuoh, hv in-
strnctioEs.ia new in Capetown consulting witli Loi'fl Roberts. Large i llgl-
m.,]���,]]__ .nustrnetious ure proceeding nt
Miiiluiv Kivcr, suggesting thai Lord
Metliueu's furlit'n 11 linni> hui been selected us the base from whioh to Invade tlio l'i..' Mate Numerous Bid-
lugs, platforms and warehouses aie be-
ing omit nml Iho railway bridge iH
ivell a.lvaiiii'il.
Gerranii strategists asaert thai the
topograph? of the oonutry wnnld iiiiike
die invasion! easier from Kimberley
mil th.' distrii 1 iiiii-ihiviird than from
tlie more rugged region of BterkBtrooru
or Coleslinrg, therefori they infer that
tlieei iiiimii British fnroea will overwhelm tin' iii 11s rn Magerstonteiu and
lh-i lelii ve Kiuil 111.1 as an Incident
ol iln1 Invasion.
"General Bnller r retreat," saya the
Capo Town correspondent of The
StDtidatil, "has resulted in n recruden
rn ' I treasonable Inlk here. The
hitler feeling of the Dutch against tbe
Brinuli hns possibly Mim'.'sieil the op-
l��ittiiiii'ii,'-.- it nn ni'ttaiii/i'il iittnek on
Bit Alii"i Miliar, hy the Ministerialist pn which lias published an avti-
r|i. Lelii -.ni in have been written by
Mr. Mminiin1, Secretary of the Oape
Treasury, demanding Sir Alfred Mil-
lier's rei'iill,
Tin coming congress of tbe Afrlkan-
rter Bund i- expected io consider a res-
olctiou espiessing its approval of the
policy which lod to the war, and urging peace ou fall terms.
li;- l.ainul thai the War Office intends to increase tbe regular army by
IS battalions nf infantry, adding these
in the existiug regiments.
The cost 11 war to the end of tbe lis-
rail year, March 81, is estimated ut
��-0,000,000. The 1 louse of Commons
has uiu miv grauted ��10,000,000 and
lhe Times says the other ��-0,000,000
will lm asked for.
I These include a number nf smart men.
|eviueiiilv officers, bnt most nf thain
me low class, pennntless adventurors,
'l'i'in morning anma twenty of the list-
ter mirt left lor Pretoria. Many of
them were   riding   lino's  ami   carried
Held -lassos.   Thev   wen. assiduously
attended by a Transvaal detective,
President Bteyn, addressing the
Bnrghers in Natal, accused Qreal
Hii'iiin . f noerclng thn liners intr. war,
ll.. said that England had i.]read.
drunk deeply nl her hlnorl, but was
slill unsatisfied, Hud not Sir Alfred
Milner, he asked, hh i.i Unit the Afrikanders ninsl he annihilated? "Why
His .Timid final object n| the war?*' he
.'-liime.l. " Hut (i,nl will never pei-.
a ii ihe m bjentlnii ui iiiii Aftiktind. rs,
I,. I not Hie H i..��� iu-im lm i,,re Uih
Imii arlun-lik-e   In Um    of   ulii  I,   the
" amy are mn iiy, hut h t ,l  s rugi le
as ('hri.itaiu.s.
" ii ��e iln on unitedly oi r contest for
life and the destiny of our race uiu.-t
.'inl in \ieiiiiv."
London, Feb. II.���Mr. Spenoer Wil-
kinsou, who devotes his articles in The
Morning I'.si today to the principles
upon which war should ne eOnnnctec
a-iipi'liciii I" to South Afrioa, snys:
"The Boots hnve in. greut cities; Pretoria nud lilueii.t'i'iiti iii ine not centres of Biitinual life, like Paris uuil
London. Tu ooiuipy them, therefore,
would lim,. hnt little effect unless
altera defeat of the Hoer army. The
Boer power is the lm.lv nt eili/,, us
ronstiituitig the army, 'it is there-
(ore.oni lirsi business to omsb the big-
Rest army, namely that in the vioillltv
ot Lauymniili.   Though   there    bave
'.' ippi.renilv   troopB    enough    in
oontli Anna. General buller has never
lnnl a sufficient nuiii.er for this purpose. Ai'COiiliugh, the outlines of the
w��r teveni uu bold uud nlear coucoi,-
"""**���   Until    the    strategical    Idea
emorges u icutrols  the   whole opin-
"ii. there cau ho uo duoided tmu in
London, Feb 8.-M-. Winston
""'''bill, in a dispatoh In Thi Morn-
',", , 8t' ''' ** to the (lefen.'o uf Coloneli Long, whose error lost the Hnt-
','nn'lninl,. of Colenso, and, while
""witting   that there was an  error  of
J���g ".'��� contends that   there was no
"TO  arisiug either   from   rashness ur
'���'i'".'iiy.   He  said  Co el   Long's
internal injuries are   very severe,     a
smve operation was performed on him
1  'liiniiiiiy .a.    Tin,   losi   of this nffl-
i  l"   the   artillery   forces   are, Mr.
''''"chill thinks, very serious.
Him,'"'""', P8b* 8���Tb�� ��*-Pe Town
in.,-"'.'" ,'llt ot' Tiu' T"'ies, telegraph-
""ywterday, says: "As ��� military
WHI was truversing Hex River today,
,''-'i'���',1! Individual fired a shot
��''���'<���' killed a soldier. The occur-
,,.     "'  nl��  ontrage  so    near   Cape
���* . wgRests th Ivisahility of re-
martini ?R   ,"' lll'l'i,-i"U not to enforce
ulii law tbronghont the eolouy."
Loudon, Fell li,���The Allan liner
Ntiiui.iian is due to sail from Liverpool to Perl and today with -Oil passengers, Yesterday she was unexpectedly
Inspected by the Admiralty with a
view of chartering her.
Vienna, Fob 3.���Under tin. nns
picas of the Herman Nationalists,
some 1)0,000 people met today to express By in nathy with the Hoers.
Mafeking, Jan. I ���Siege rations of
bread and meal hnve only now heen
enforced. Uals Intended for horses are
now   saved   to   supply Ilm   troopers   if
needed. Tinned milk and matches are
commandering. Liquor is scarce.
Lady Sarah Wilson is plnokily attending the hospital w. ik, and constantly
passing to nnd fro under shell tiro.
Dominion Police Effect the
Capture of a Gaug.
U- ul, &ti>uk' at  Wiuuipeg   Bn  Route
West���L"ii_ Stay in Ottawa -Hews
of tlio  fi at 0outiu���.;iit.
Lortie/o Marquez, Feb.3 ���Mr. Ailcl-
hert S. Hay, the new United States
Consul at Pretoria,left here this morning on his way to his post.
Lorenzo Marqneis, Feb. I.���The following dated. Gabarones, Jauuary 30,
has; heen teonived here: 'A Boer
si'iuir was oantnrd yesterday by Colonel
Plnmer's outposts and u  small  party
was sent ont to reeonnoiter certain
hills. They ascended the wrong kopje
and blundered upon a Hoer fortress
armed with a Miutim : fortunntely lliny
managed to esoape witbot.t oasnalties. "
A inter dispatoh from Gnbaronex,dated
January 3D,   says:   "Oolonel   Plpmer
bad ins ix''1,, pounder on the liner posi-
tion for the lirst time tii-tny. The
Boers replied speedily and accurately
bnt did no damage.''
Home, Feb, ..���Riccittio Gnrababli, I
one of the sons of   thu, famous   Italian
patriot, iii  consideration   of   the   ser-1
vice ren lered hy England   to the cause I
ot   Italian   iuilepeutienee,   has   offered
the Hritish Government to command a
corps of  Italian   volunteers   in   South
Berlin, Feb. 8 ���The German Government has Information that Vesso-
lit/ky, the niiii-Slavist agitator, now
in London, is supplying the press associations, and the continental papers
with matter designed to embitter the
relations of England ami German and
to weaken the Dieiln.iid. Vessniitzsky
is regarded here as a mere neent of the
Russian Government, lhe Hamburger
eorrespnndenti in an article evidently
inspired shows him np and explains
how be waa expelled Irom Gerniauy,
iu connection with this the Vossisnhc
Zeitnng) and otln-r Libera] pan. is
point out thai the extreme unti liri-ish
nnpera m Germany ure merely follow
inn in lis trucks The Vossisehe Zeit
ii'il', which depreciate* the w y certain
German journals have of treating
England aa the nreh enemy of iiviliza
tion and an eligible quantity iu future
internaiioiiiil questions, savs- "When
Germany and Great Britain have heen
rendered sufficiently In stile by this
sort of thinu the scenes m ill lie suddenly shifted, Russia will compn ���
mise nil her riitlieultiea with (Item
Britain und offer her hand for anti-
German alliance ami the resioratiou ot
A Is,ico Lorraine '*
Birlin. Feh. -'.���The Mllltnire Wo-
ohenlilatt, the organ of the general
stall', reviewing Sir Kcdvers Hnller's
list movement-, pronounces it "nn extraordinary nskv undertaking, only to
he justified by tbe nrgenny of tin. situation." The writer says: "General
Hu I Ier should huve  reckoned w iih   tie
faot, already repeatedly demonstrated
in tlio Hour wur, that with modern
weapons, even those long drawn out
lines of defence are exceedingly Btrong,
when nn I'limii) skillfully takes advantage of lopogiaphy us the Boers have
One hundred and seventy-four thousand marks have heen raised to assist
the Red Cross service aiuonit the Hoers.
la""';':*,1"'. .MneBdny,   Jan
'Hi., i
    81.��� The
"hip Mam,, baa arrived   here.
j"'liuuinrv   Wit:
!- the  Bril
"'" forniBii, released.
)ad   of sulphur
r  Fearless,  has
of The!
,"��� ''I'- it.���The correspondent
,'""'�� at Lorenzo Marquez. te].
nun   .v*? v1*!-,,"-'����.v.--i..V��: "Crowds of
here     -,''""' " are still  landing
tbanabunZil?   I"'f *��" days more
hsu ...."'"'V'1 deiorlbed ne Btispiuious
(Speoial Dispatches to The Miner.)
New York, Fob. 2.���It is to he seen
in the mass of eahle matter printed
here this morning, that there is a decidedly more cheerful feeling in London. The confirming of the report
that (ienernl Bnller had announced thai
he would relieve Ladysmith, together
with the unconfirmed report  that he
had   actually   began   n   new   forward
movement, had u good effeot on the
publio mind. Figures Just published
nave alio had a reassuring effect after
causing   utmost    astonishment.     The
Government announoen that it was ascertained   before  the war  began thai
the Hoers would put .10,(1110 men in the
Held. The British in a few days will
have 2111,000 men in Himth Africa
General Jouhert, according to late ad-
vices, has 111,000 men surrounding
Ladysinitii nnd confronting General
Bnller, In the recent turning movement (.leneral   Duller loHt   1,988   men,
(Special Dispatches to The Miner.)
Ottawa, Fell.3. ��� A cable was iceeiv-
ed here today from Sir Alfted Milner
staling ih it Private Husuel of the 0..u-
ii.nan contingent was ill at (linage
River. This is evidently bei'goanl Russia who jollied the Ptmoe halliard Island, New Brunswick contingent
'the arrest of Anthony UecKcra, in
Baltimore, last eveuiug by the secret
Service of tlie United Status, aoti 'g
under orders from the police, concluded one of the must t-cusatiouiil schemes
of the dicade
Deckers, who had assumed the name
of   A.    Rose,    hus   tieeu   charged with
oounierfeiting  uml  it  is ulleged, til-
ihough none of the plates were found
in Ins possession, that he wus the patty
who was responsible tor the counterfeit
il Dominion hills which Hooded the
cnuntry prior to May of last year. The
arrest of Dockers follows thai of his
sun. who was apprehended In Woodstock, ami auuthei alleged nocotnplice,
Frederick OoutS, who wus arrested iu
iu London.
In the possession of Decker were
found a plate for one side O* a i'i Jlol-
BOn's Hank hill ami cuts for other portions. Step- will In. taken nl oi.ee to
extradite Deckers, who will likely he
tried In Woodstock, where his sou,
who hud ulso assumed the num.' ot
Hose, wus nrresteil yestetdpy by Detective Parkinson, of tha Dominion
Police, lu the possession of the latter wns found press plnles for -*ii Mul-
snn's Hank lulls, dies for portions of
hills, aud six cans of coloring material. It was alleged he was engaged in
the actual manntaotnre of lulls. Hie
father, who masqueraded under the
name of Deninger in Bnl ti more, was
head of the alleged oounterleiteia. For
years he Has all employee of Bin-
land's Lithographing Company, Moiu-
real, and being a most expert engraver, one of the best ill America, he drew
a princely salary. About a year ago
he left the employ of the lirtu uud
from thenceforth did not work foi any
firm. Just then too, spurious il hills
were circulated, hnt when n note nl
Buapioion wus printed in a Montreal
paper, the issue of uny new hill of tins
description suddenly Btopped. The assumption is that if Decker's were engaged in the manufacture of these hills
he heciim ) winy, and fearing any pos-
tahle denouncement, destroyed the
plates thus accounting for lhe fact that
no plates for making of i*l hills were
toiiiul in his poBSCSSiuu n..r in thut of
his sou enn Coats, of l.otnriu. Although suspicion was directed towards
Deukersl_BtBpring.no positive prool
i onl.i be gathered ugainsi him. Tbe Dominion police, unsiste.i by ihe Ameri-
e ii Scent Service, have lieu lurking
on Hie case Mine last Mai. The el. v. r
arrest h.reatulled the issue of ihe ilui-
son's Hank hills as have been coutem
plated hy tlie owners "t the plates nud
llll'S. '1 he lllliOhlll in ..I lulls Hint was
cireuluteil eonlu not he estimated with
any degree of exactness, nut it run un
into thousands. Deckers is of Getiuuu
extraction ami ban worked at engrav
ing all his life,
It is likely that, the Strathcona Horse
Will no bete fully two Wieks, as n
will he a heavy task lo oinlit thorn,
while there will piobably b�� some
difficulty in Beonrlng a sieauier lor
transport piirpoa.s, Th" ���tables at ihe
exhibition gronuds will be selected tor
the horses, and it is expected that they
will provide adequate act imortntiou.
li will i'.'   nuecessarv   to   spare   them I
or make much   improvement, as horses I
in he brnnuht frum the West are iicus- |
lonicil   to   great   exposure    ali-l   little,
atl'eend hy lhe severity oi the .leather.
A great dinl of fodder will have to   he
laid ill   to   lied   the horses     It     was
stated todny nt the Militia Department
thin the first detachment  will arrive
in  Ottawa,   about   the   SOth   I list nut.
Very few arrangements other  than tor
recruiting have uh yet been completed.
Hamilton,   Feb.   3.���In  connection
with the arrest of tbe gang of alleged
counterfeiters,Anthony Deckers nt Baltimore, his son Paul at Woodstock,
and Han Cunts nt London, detectives
in this city yesterday afternoon took
Mrs. Anthony Deckers into custody.
She and two daughters and a sun of 14
were boarding nt 777 Jackson Street,
west, having been there only a lew
days,and Mrs. Deckers was arrested on
advice from Chief Sherwood, of Ottawa. In one of Deckers' trunks was
found n lithographic stone on which
had been a partially engraved imitation of a Molsnn's Hank lull of the denomination ol' (6, Mrs. Deckers became
hysterical when arrested. As -lie was
evidently ill, she was allowed to ie-
main in the house under sinveillnncc
of lhe police. It is understood thai no
oonnterfeil Molsou's Hank bills havo
Leon ciictiliitid ill this city.
on account of the reports that they
have heard, thut the first contingent is
oomposed of u thousand of the best
sharp shooters in the world. Page
Nays lb,- uiott.li ,,f the nnntiiigont i^
"Death to the liners."
As the House was about adjourning
Mr. Balfour read a telegram received
hv the (,111c,'ii. fnim the Mayor nl Mule
dated January 87, and in tin. i,i|-
HIP    IHT   imnnlll   Mntt-> fln,WJ January 37. and in tlio foi
H    AN       rK   AK   lowing torma:   "Upon the   linmtre.l.
lu   fill   Ul HUiUI dny of the siege Mafeking sends   loyn
Winnipeg, Feb.   3,���Llouteunnt-L'ol
unci Steele was here today ell mute   to
Regina and western points where lie
goes to organize the otrathcoua Horse,
Recruiting lor tho Manitoba troop will
begin beie ou Monday,
A, H. Dharleson,of Ottawa, bus gone
with u gang of 17   men  to commence
work on telegraph line from Atlin tn
Dawson City. Ilu will engage IIII
"lire men ai Vancouver, 'lhe first
slieleh will lie from AI 111 to Telegraph
Creek, a distance ol :-11 miles. From
Telegraph Creek, tbo nev\ line will
niuii, h nil' I'm lliizilion. n (lis nice of
���lull miles, und ftuin Hnseltou to Qnes-
nelle, llnu miles,
House of Commons Sittin
Was a Lively One.
Ottawa, Feb. 3.-Sir Wilfrid Luurier
bus contributed $100 to the Onundiun
Pntrintic Fuud.    Blanche   Libnitt,   of
Hrnntl'oid, also .-en,is $190,    The   fund
now mini fl)4,8(IU,
devotion lo Hor Mujosty and usi-ur-
tilices nl its continued resolve to main-
tain Her Majesty's supremacy in this
town, "
fi tlossip 111 ilu lobby this evening
si'i'tns lo indicate that the fmpressiou
I produced last night bv Mr.Wyndbani'a
exposition of the military situation is
deepening, and it is noticeable that
tbo opponents of the   (Ioverninent   urn
WIRE FROM MAFiKING JK ��,nSin.t%dipKttr
Sir   Edward   Grey h, Sutton, utterances have also produ od a   good i HVet
iiniil it is asserted   m   the   lobby  that
Mr, Lnlfoiii' Rend" a Mcssige to the Qnoeu   pressure is heiug bionght to near upon
Lhe lenders ot Ilu.  Opposition to secure
the   withdrawal  nf   iho   amendment,
From Ool- Bade!.- oweU'SilUalUnt
Little Gni'iisou,
Winnipeg, Feb. 3.���Judge Zenbler,
ahairmnn of the commission appoint'
id by tbe Dominion Government to
Inquire into the elevator system of
Manitoba and the west, died here this
evening from bronchitis, The Jndue
hail heen suffering lor sumo weeks and
Was removed lo the hospital on Monday last The remains will he taken to
St Catherines, Out., fm interment.
St. Johns, Nllil.. Feh. 3.���The Allan hi er Arcadian, which arrived
Wednesday, brought important dispatches from the Hritish Government
bearing on the French Shore modus
vivendi It appear* that new developments respecting the matter have arisen, rondeting farther delay  advisable,
The prospect of n settlement with
France in a month or two Inter, rat her
than at present, is responsible for the
postponement of the Legislative session.
Montreal, Feb. 8.��� The Star's correspondent with the Transvaal oon tin
genlsays: "Belmont. Capo Colony,
Feb. 1.'���The rebel fjree of 300 fiom
Sunnyaide laager, tn Wbloh they returned after tne Torontos mid Queens-
landers drove them nut lust month, hns
given onr lads some work which has
enabled them to again show their vnl-
or The rebels occupied Thoriibill,
sonio distance to tbe northwest ol here,
this morning. When word was brought
here orders were given for the dispatch
of n relief force and mounted troops of
the garrison here sortieri out ugainst
tiie rebels The Dutch had received
word of this Coming for they hud retired from the plaoe utter looting the
farms, when the Mounted Infantry got
Omemee, Oct., Feb, 8. ��� Wm, Storey,
of Baiileboro, visiting at the home of
it sister. Mrs Miuniel Koddy, near
here,was found dead iu tied tins morn-
lug, probably the result ol heart disease, storey wns a prominent
The Members Want it Understood
Thnt B. C. is in the Empire.
I Special Dispatoh to The Miner. )
Victoria, B. O., Feb. 3.���Little of
importance was done in the Legislature ii dir beyond passing the liquor
license hill through its second reading,
tha Oppjsitlon und Government joining in eiidnrsiiiion of the measure as
correcting nud improving. K-liv ��� unique bill io "'regulate tlm length of
hair to he worn by miners," passed its
initial reading and Ma Bride's Mnnlc
ip.il Elections Act amendment bill far-
d similarly, li was unainoniusly resolved, nn Captain living s motion,
that "British Columbia is Hritish nnd
we desire the Home < rovei nn,out end
the Unvernmeiit of Cauado to know
that we,as an inl.gral part nf th_ Hrit-
Ish Umpire, can he depended upon to
assist by men and means to uphold
our Empire uud thnt the present war
n.uit he fought p. u finish at  whatever
BOSt." It >'-a- CMiliiincii by the mover
thai the ohicot was io stir ihe Duinin
lou up lo a Iii Her appiecialiou of their
responsibilities. Later on Premier
Bemlin informed Mr.   Helmcken  thu
the liovernment hud not seen tit to
transmit the offers of men with upi p-
ment Unit had been made hy Vicioria
und other cities, not belnfl in u posi
tion to gunrniitcii the ability of tin "-e
municipalities to execute the promises
Hull ii dozen liovernment miiiiBures
were advanced during the day.
Ulrivt'll ----���_*��. ��o ounpiuiuus |     ��� _ ���
on   Uerman   steamers. J " Continued on Fourth Pago.
Ottawa. Feb. -.-I'liviiic !���'. 0. Page
wbo is with tbe First Canadian Contingent at South Africa, writing under (lute of December 33,says lbe lioeis
aro very much afraid of the Cauudiau��
Paris.   Feb.   3. ���A dispa'ch   to   the
Hav.is News Agency, Irom Cairo, confirms, the report   cnhlid   to the Associated Press on January ill, thnt �� rebel-1
lion occurred  among  the  Soudanese <
troops in Khartoum. It snys there is I
much anxiety here. There have been I
a'numlier nf giave inci.'ents. notably !
the grawing discontent iu lhe Ivgyp- j
Imn iiriny,which hns nil.lined tn a mn- ;
linv in two Soudanese l.attalioiis. The!
Government has sent Colonel  Wingnte
to parley with them. The unnv '
complain   of   bad   treatment nnd   the ,
neotet dispatch of  Egyptian troops  to
South Africa.    It appears certain   thut
ten Maxims  and   a   large   ussiuunient i
of saddles   have   none to   Durban, and ',
a   number of English ollicers nud civil
liiie tannine, have   obtained   furlough |
logo   to Smith   Africa,    which is   hi-
lieved to he n breach of Egyptian neutrality,   'lbe Government  is alarmed
ill the attitude of the Black troops,and
has nsked the Khedive to intervene.
The lattei has sent a letter urging
obedience, but the unxi'ty noveithe-
less, continues, Egypt is iilmnst deluded of European loldtera.
I,nud. n, l'eb 3. ���Attempts made to
throw light on the connection of Mr.
Joseph Chamberlain, Secretary of
btaie for the Colonies,with the Jttraie-
snn raid, did not meet with much me-
ee.ss in tbe House of Commous today.
Mr. ( Inn,,lierliiin I.'ine asked in ra-
Kurd to a letter sent liy Mr. H. K.
HawLsb y, Consul tor the Hritish
.-until Allien Company, to tin- Karl
Grey, formerly hiiiish Aiiininistr.tor
of Mnsbonaland, under date if Fobra
ary _3. IH!I7,i,i which he snid that Mr.
Chamberlain would have uo one hut
himself tn blame if the cublo dispatches referriug to the negotiations of
is'-ia, were produced before the Parliamentary Committee of Inquiry, replied
that there were euinmunicatioiH between third parties und hud nn knowledge of them, the time they were
changed, Hn assumed that the canle
despatches     were     those   which    Mr.
Howksley   htio   declined   to   prodi	
The cable messages were sent lo bim
in ismi for confidential perusal and he
returned them with a letter, -living
there wonld he 110 personal objection
to their publication.
During the course of the ihiy's pro-
ceedinge, Mr. John MitoNell, an antl-
l'arnellile, enlivened the session hy
asking questions regarding 1 he Irish
militia. Among other things he asked,
why the Irish militia men weie sent
away from Ireland lo which Mr. William Johnston, OotiservuHve member
for South Hclfnst.pinuiptiy iuterjeoted,
" Hecnnse tbey ure rebels." This caused Mr. Dillon, Irish Nutinnnliist, to
exclaim, "ltish rebels are good enough
for yon to (ight behind in the Transvaal." Mr. Timothy Henley. Nationalist member for Noith Louth, joined
in, asking. "Why does Saudarson
i mean Edward J. Sanderson. Conservative member for North Armagh, und
son of.tbe great Orange leader. Colonel Sanderson i go to the front'-"'
The debate on the amendment to the
address in reply to the Speech from
the Throne, wus then resumed. After
Mr. James Bryce, Libera] member for
the south division of Aberdeen, had
severely censund tho Government for
"provoking an unjust war," Mr. Hoe.
J. Gnscbeu, First Lord of tbe Admiralty,declared that the Cabinet assumed
full responsibility and proceed to rebuke the charges ot provocation, At
this juncture,the Irish members showed a disposition to disturb the proceedings, Mr. Redmond inviting Mr. Gos-
cben to try to "talk sense" whereupon
the Speaker remonstrated and Mr. Red
nioiid withdrew bis expiession.
London. Feb. 3.���Sir Edward Clarke,
member for Plymouth, who followed
Mi. Qoschen, suggested that at the
end nf the debate the uinelidmeiit to
the Address should be withdrawn, ns
the vote might he misunderstood in
the Transvaal and throughout Europe.
He said that wliaieier difference of
Opinion there might be regarding the
Inevitability of the wnr, more mis
chief, in his judgment,would he occasioned by slopping hostilities than by
conducting them to a successful   issue.
Colonel Sanderson, Conservative
member for North Armagh, in a lively
speech criticising the pin-Hoerism of
the Nationalists, provoked another
Bceue by declining that the Nationalists never attieked in trout, but alii ays from the rear. This run ark was
nut by nu uproar frum the Irish
flenches, Mr. Dillon complaining that
the Nationalists bad been urnssly in
sailed and o1 ben jeetingly asked Oolonel Sanderson why he nio not go to
lhe front. Mr. W. Redmond said the
Speaker ought to proieol [rit-htuenfrom
such insults, lidding:    "If I   hnd   said
anything, I   should  not he permitted
lo do so." the hull evoking roars of
laughter. Mr. Redmond retorted to
the laughter: "That'a the way to
hoist the Union Jack- iu Pietnria,"
Mr. John Redmond then appealed to
tbe Speaker fnr a deci.-i in as to whether Oolonel Sanderson's remark wus not
unparliamentary The Speaker declin.
ed to bo drawn, but, in quite a long
oh for bim, be pointed out that
b remarks used in the freedom of
debute, liv the .Nationalists, as well as
others, were, so long as they did not
become personal,   in  order.   He said
be bell.'Veil the Members of the HoUSC
would give him credit for always liy
iii_ in in. Impartial, though in questions of taste he had in. control. Colonel Sanderson resuming, raid: '1
have not meant to insult anyone, bnl
innking ba.k upon the historical record
oi ibe Irish nee 1 thought myself .ins
iiiied." This was followed by renew
ed Irish prule-ts und cries of "OOW-
nrd." Mr. Dillon exclaimed: "Some
English soldiers gel behind Irish snld-
.iers." Mr. William Redmond said:
"This will be nice rending In Pretoria." Mr. Dillon exclaimed: " l in ice
ns many Irish soldiers as English have
hi'cn killed in tbe Transvaal. "
Mr. Balfonr���the scene of recrimination continuing���appealed to the
House to refraill und   tbe Speaker sue-
Should, however, tins not lie aitaiueil
it is c.\rec_ori thut (lie debate will, in
any event, end curly next week.
The court circulat announces that
the yueeii is much touched nrd uratili-
od ut the receipt of the telegram Irom
Mafeking winch was read last evening
iu the House of CommonuB by Mr.Bill*
A   Much   Needed   Association at Lest
Organized iu the Enar.
Quebec, Feb. 8.���A largo and representative gutberlng from all the Prov-
iinces of Canada, and many nf the
1 States of the American Union, met on
the invitation of Hon. S. N. Parent.
Commissioner of Lands, Forests and
Fisherios.at the Government ollice this
morning. Tie. basis of a new organization to meet annually, to he known as
the North America Fish und (lame
Proteotinu Association, was laid nnd
ollicers elected, Committees weie unpointed to consider nud report on the
linrmonizing of ibe laws of the border
Provinces nud Stales. The following
ollicers were elected :��� Chairman, Hon.
s. Nt, Parent; First Vice President, G.
W. Titnoinb, St. Johnsbnry, Vt., Commissioner uf Fisheries, Vermont: Second Vice President, s T. Rasledo,
Toronto, Deputy Coiuiasiouer of Fish-
eries Ontario; Third Vice President.
John Fouler, Jr.. Boston, Muss ;
Fourth Vice Firsident, Hon. A. T.
Dunn. Si John, N, II., Snrveyor-Geu
oral of New Bmuawick: Fifth Vice
President. Charles B. dak. Caribou,
Pish uno Gamo Commissioner, Maine;
Sixth Vice President, O. H, Wilson,
Glen Fulls, N. v.. Joint Secretaries,
l. /.. Jniias mul Rene Dnpont, (Juc-
bee, and 1). J. Smith, Fishery Commissioner for New Brunswick, Chat-
bom, N. P.
The afternoon session was spent in
discussing plans of the association.
It was also decided tn hold the next
convention in Montreal next winter.
flu Iiiiiii, Detroit, (jaebea uud Ottawa,
were applicants for the convention,
Tonight the delegates were entertained to dinner hv Hon. S.  N.    Parent
Katanoab, N. Y., Feb. 8.���The
bouse of Qeorgo Winans at Bnnltnn-
ville, about five miles east of this village, was destroyed by fire last night
uud four ot Winaus' children, whose
ages range from two to eight years,
weie  probably burned to death,   Tlm
parents left home Tuesday afternoon,
ieavinj, tho children to take cure of
themselves, ft is supposed that they
set their home on fire while at play.
Tiie house stood ill an isolated place
and nc one apparently kuow of the lire
until Winans returned borne lasl night
aud found tiie house hurtled down
The children were missing. Up to
noon today, uone of tho bodies bail
been found.
New York. Fell. 3. ���A World specinl says: "Fears have been repeatedly
exressed during the lust three months
thai the 'links are planning another
general massiii re of the Christians in
the interior ol Turkey. The Kurds.
particularly in KurriiB'an, are much
excited, and it needH only a spark to
slnrt them upon Iheir awful work. The
World bus nitoriuut ion winch indicates iimi Ht Mardlli, liitlis. Ditrhekr
and Harpool Hie principal cities of
Centnil and Eastern Turkey, the Mil-
selincii-' are only waiting a favorable
opportunity tn repeat their horrible
iimi of rapine and murder of the full
of lSlij, aud the soring of I8IIII.
Seatle, Wash , Feb. 3���In conform -
ity with tlie Boundary modus vivendi
the Canadian   officials  have   rem. ved
their custom    house   from Log   Cabin,
where it    handled   all of th.    mil   and
' wagon road business from the Interior,
' to the summit of   White Pass.     In explanation of tbe change Mr.  E. -.  I',u-
by,    supervising    officer,    snid:    "The
United States Custom  ollice Is station
ed at tbe   summit, and in oase of  ony
misunderstanding ns tn touting affairs
i the matter can be settled   right on the
spot by the  representatives  "f the re
spective Governments without delay."
Wrungel, Alaska, Jan. 30. ���Via Beat-
tie, Feh. -' ���The mail fiom Oasaiar,
P.. C. region, came down the Stikecu
im the lirsi lime since November IB,
The carrier reporl id the whereabouts
Of Captain Dixon ..l Halifax, reported
Iobi .ni Hays Mountain lust, fail. He
was en ionic from Dense Luke in Telegraph station, 'fh. winter in the interim tin- been unu-ally mild and the
sniw lull  light
Saratoga,  >'. v., Feb   8,���Tbe cold
eeded in   persuading  Colonel Sunder    wnve registered 30 degrees boluw   zero
son t�� withdraw tbe expression. ' at daybreak.
Nelson Daily Minei
1 nlilltineil imily oxc.-nl Monday.
..n.-eiv it in'kk PaiKTiNO & I'uni.isuiN.i Oo
11  I   BAATON. Editor and Manager.
I:' thon 1 stories of mtrlgii is  ut   Victoria nr.'  true,  om sprightly   oontom-
lomry, 'Iln' Daily Times, ut' Green-
wood, linn]:- a dissolution cannotoome
1,a,-..uii. ni Mr. Cotton it says; "Ho
lms been alini'ged will, sacrificing
his political friends in ihi' past, nml
In. line evidently nut jel forsaken his
lunl practices,"
\0\0~ \0X0\0\0\0\0\0
1 in an order nf the Legislature 11 Return has been made ol "li correspondence in oonaeotion  with tl ni.'i.i
[in-lit of lhe Kiglit-Hnur law. When il
heciiino known that the Legislature Iimi
passed the law, the Mini's Department
was del aged with telegrams, letters,
protests, mul petitions, some of wbloh
make Interesting roading It is not
inii- prosont purpose to mnku n review
of these, hnt will give an extract or
two that will speak for themselves. It
hns been represented time after time
thut the Business men of Nelson are in
favor of the law; the following letter
from Mr. Teotzol nnd a n urn her uf
others addressed tn Mr. Hume will
"We, the undersigned business men
of Nelsou, respei'lfully heg In nsk yon
ns our representative tn no everything
iu your power tu prevent lhe disaster
which we forsee tn ns innl to the ills
Irict in which we nn- interested
through the enforcement of the legisln
lion paused at the lust session of the
Legislature sffoating the boats nf uu-
derground luhor in the metalliferous
mines. From our Intercourse with tlie
miners in the neighborhood oi this
town, we are convinced thnt they have
heen satisfied with the wages they
have been earning, and with their
bonis of labor, and from onr knowledge of the conditions wo believe that
thev tire better off thiin the miners
..1 the Unite) States, from where
many of them have .nine to Letter
their ciornrastanoes b, re. We have invested our money in this place, and
have staked mnoh mi its growth ami
prosperity fiom th.- increased working
of present mines and the development
��� .I new ones, and if, as we believe to
he the case, Ihis interference with the
free right of coiltruot of employer and
employee be persisted in, we anticipate
that present operations will lm greatly
reduced, unl Hint the opeulng of new
mines and the development of the
oountry generally will receive a heavy
blow from the frightening away of
capital, which is known tn lm very
timorous when, there is danger nf labor troubles. The results which we it it _
ticipnte   would   he sn   ruinous   lo   us
whoso business is dependent upon th
prosperity and growth of  the mining
industry nud In the^dislriel us a
Whole, thnt we en,mot ten strongly
urge you to leave nothing undone, into tnke any action DO matter bow
strong nr unusual, in prevent any In-
torfor_nee with the state nf things
which hns hitherto existed   here   with
regard to the relations hei ween em-
plover and employee. '
This was written as early as April
1st, nnd those whose opinions it voiced ore certainly to he congratulated on
tbe accuracy with which they pre
dieted the consequences that would
follow the operation of lhe law. There
is a letter from Mr. Green, member
for the Slocan district, lie became
alarmed at the outlook, anil on March
It*, wrote to urge delay in patting the
law into force.    Here   is   out' extract,
mom eloquent In  its denunciation of
lhe manner in which the law hud been
passed nam ii it hnd been mi intended:
"A delegation of mine owners is on
its way to the (oust  tn  Interview you
on   the   subject, uud   I would   laggest
that you accede to  their d amis  for
un assurance that  no prosecution will
he instituted until ynu notify them tn
the contrary. 1 nsk this tin lhe reason
and I desire lime to Had nut their
wishes in the matter,'
We shall make room now fur ju-t nn
more extract.    It   is  n telegram from
Mr. .lames Wilks, dated March '."', ml
dressed to Mr. Hume.    Mr.   Wilk*,   11
will be observed, is very   f.miilutr and
very peremptory.   His a uands oer
tuinly deserve the honor of capitals:
"Kight-Hour law thoroughly enforced ;
parfwri harmony. NEVER mind
Ml. Houston's paper can be  ( trite
on occasion. It published tbe Union's
version of the  Enterprise mrnir.   ii
���ays. nud thinks it only fair nuw that
It   should   give   lhe   other   side,     lm-
polled try ooneclence, therefore, it pub
lisli-s in its yesterday's issue tha tale
graphic uurreepuudenoo between Mi
Robertson and the Vancouver ageni
who employed tbe men tbal wire tan)
to work ai tbe Enterprise mine, quoting from The Newi-Adrertiser,   Tbe
onntritinii la -oinewhnt limned iu eon
pie.vion  hv the exceeding tardiness oi
it.    Tli.'   distressed organ might   bavs
relieved  Iteell nearly _ fortnight ago
try (footing  the  same  conespuudenoe
from The   Miner.  in| \i huh   II   otlgi
imily appealed
Un all hands it is felt tbat the pnliti-
i'iil situation in this Province is far
iiiiiii satisfactory, hm it Beeros tbat all
lie efforts Of nur representatives at
Hie Capital me unequal to the task uf
.tralghtening it out. One good, strong
.nun would settle the dfllcalty in a
dav.Imi ihe trouble is tu Red the mm,.
The editor uf The New Denver
Ledge thinks an injunction should bo
granted to restrain funis from running
newspapers, This is the first intimation lie has given that he wishes to re
tire from business,
Never mind the Slocan kickers ; attend to me. That is what yon ure there
for.   iixpect letter.
When you  want any
We guarantee stock
Vegetables, we
and   our prices
have them.
arc   right.
Parsnips,   Beets,   Turnips,   Carrots-   Onions
Apples (cooking ,-uic! eating) ���
Jams, assorted, in 5 'D P"''s
I'lV I'Yuil,   assorted,  1 gal tin:
$2 per box
10c per lit
61 ic
-     -     SOC
IN.*. OR PC RATF*1 '1370
A correspondent of The Daily Cbron
icle, who gives some personal reminiscences Of President Kruger, snyR:
One of his ui.isi striking characteristics in his iiiipirinrliuliilty uud hard
lieadedness. lie preserves this quality
uniier the most trying oiraumstances.
It is aii unfailing source of wondei-
Uient to those who study him. 1 wiih
Visiting Hliiniiifuntein in Mny last,
When the historic conference hetween
him and the High Onminissiouer, Sir
Alfred Milner. waa ill progress. The
deliberations were   private, bnt on the
Friday evening preoedlng the termination dnh (jn.-sip snul thul: there hud
heen 11 serious difference hetween the
two  Presidents.   Suob _ n   difference
would, we knew, almost surely spell
wnr. We were, therefore, inquisitive,
not to suy anxious. Hungering for
something tangible, n friend���a prominent financier���and 1 stolled to the
President's mansion early next morning, hoping to draw his Honor into
conversation on tbe subject. Contrary to our expectation, he was in his
usual good spirits, full of animation,
und smokingi bis eternal meerschaum.
The weather being .warm, we sat out
on the terrace and talked. The old
man fenced all attempts ut bringing
the conversation round to the conference, nnd began retailing some of his
hunting experiences, .Shortly after
our arrival VVolmorans, a member ot
the Executive, came along, und oui
waning hopes rose. Peril'. '�� be would
mention lhe subject we lunged to hnve
broached. But no. his arrival only
suggested a new train of reminiscences
10 the President At length, weary
, and hallleil. mv niend and 1 tQok onr
'leave, eiiiiiiiiu lo the conclusion, shared by others to whom We related our
experiences, that surely things could
not be very hnd. Yet when 1 read the
lllue Hook on the conference a few
weeks later, 1 found that at the very
jiiuio President Kroger hud heen jocularly reviving to n> pleasant memories
nl bis yonng days ne wus in one ot
the tightest political corners he had
known, uml that i-. Haying much.
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way or tha other about tha Provincial
niter uf n oompany ..f rooRh (idpr�� li
thu intention in  to act ��� pi  thsm th��
Met -.hdtild Le iini.le   km,im ,,ii,|   rtOM
ink.mi   t..   affeol    then     o .'.iiii/ntiui.
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nf any Ml   lln.i    r"i|iin  1 ��������� ,,n   Hi.
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Ihat thite   I*   dilllcnlly    in   pratldlnR
traniportation Ii finply trifling with
the in,itt.'i      i mn,In   i- tl,,'   I Hi   ,,i
tilth marine nation in tie. World, and
to My thnt li .nnn.it lui ni h traniport'
ation tn a hiiiidred men nixl hotasa ll
uiueli tOO uhmrd lo Im. |i|eui-unt.
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After the Fire Was  Out Thej Spent
Several Hours ia Propitiftting the
Ollmi-oi Devils.
in alarm of Are was sounded about
o.js list evening, ami sinoke was seen
;���'. ;,..,l,���e from the upper stories of
il, Koe's store below Vernon Street,
, niiiatmvn.   The Fire Department
,,    |,.��� wilb all   possible speed, I ill
1   ,, ihiv C"l there the tire was   prae
\i  . 1 1'".  1- ... .      ,,, ���
t-.-ll.oiit II stirted throuiih n Chi-
',,'|,o, aniiii'iitiilly letting off a
iici'iM' 111 the upper story which exploded a whole burrel of them,
Ihrii'lly tl"'lir" ,miko 0"f bordoB ol
,,. i���,| rliiuanien c-.me pouring oul of
iveivwhere like rats from a burning
V,,.ii all gesticulating, mouthing and
toblieritiK '" l**'BII8e e'toitement, Thei
' d ...oiriis upon gallons of Wlltel
{,��� ,|M, floor long after the tin, was out-
tu tli'ir'
llieii tl"'
It ni'i'
1 iiiiniinsc satisfaction, urn
1 he nu.
1     1 a lire is 1 onsiilui'i (1 by
iiiiii liblo   sin
i il \> nil   an   tlllplo-
has heen   oil', lined,
pn pit
several bonis   Ininurcil-
s nf   crackers were let oil
,,,i11 nutuis   roar,   ��hile
Hi.  Oil ,.'-���   us Iln.
Hiiiic inlbii'iilial n
noniici ibla   name
(tocardiuitly tbey prnceenea to
i,,i,. bim. I'"
mul iiiun.'..n.
nltnnsl  in n
tin- t'i'lisiials   run hither   mid thither
v,itu btiruini.   punk   sticks   mm  j ss
stinks.  Son.e of these  were placed
fjoift ei iiiiii'iuis .i'lssc (or im Is) to
tm.ii.l in die tinriiersu
Altogether  it
null inr-  were
Sun.a of these  were placed  in
t the buck rooms.
seemed   that ihe infer-
���e   heniK   must etl'i i tuallly
n -I   to  say slunk   nil. tor
tin. nf the burning JOBS sticks smell
must iiniiiiiiiiiilily
Apatl from the religions u-pect of
tin'iillaii, il >"'is an OCOOaioU lor a
celebration unl lo no missed. Wo Kee
op.n-il Ins heart, his oignr boxes, his
snnisiie nnd Ins bouse and foi a time
n|n'ii liospitiilii.i was ex ended to all
visitors, including the "Foreign
Devils. '
Win ii il e placid sm nice of Jbinese
lib isstirrel, Chinatown has cesiums
ami iieintis in ih interesting and amusing, incl ii i- strange tbal ilm outside
world should have so little knowledge
nf tiie   inner   life of   these
lu.v. hard  working    bnt
dirty, yel-
.iv  Pew  Aliens   Are Employed  at
The V in if.
ii im- I. eu ,':v,'iy stated by interest
nl parties iimi tho SJuiir is practicnlly
sa alien worked mine, und lu support
of thai statement The Tribune some
time back said that Captain Forrester,
Provincial coaatablc at Vmii. visited
ili�� nun,' to mi nre volunteers fnr the
Transvaal bnl only gol one man. As
a matter ol f.icl Captain Porrestei never visited tbe nunc in search of recruit.. He ei, n Iv -eni np a petition,
ml,h,.--nl to one of the employes, a native horn .niiudian, with the request
di .i ho i u iitlata it. As a mailer ot
fi.'i tic ���' ;,n ,.,i .mis returned with-
unr on , ITori to obtain slgnatnrei.
lla i ��� nre now UD men employed in
Ilie iinir mine nnd mill, and a c.n-e-
fol census Iiiih been taken wbloh shows
that of these 118 are Hritish subject, ::'.i
American snbjectB, and si\ of i ther
ties, 01 the UN Tliitisli sub-
-;������'��� ��� - are native born Canadian:-,
and of tbe nu \iuorloans, 18 were born
aril Bnbjotitc, This effeotnally dis.
I-1- ��� the all 'Ration ib.it tbe Ymir is
im alien worked mine,
The Tun City Teams   Will Meet in  a
Second Struggle.
lie Nelson Hookey team has profited
BJ Its expi ic n,,' of Thursday night,
mil liromises to give tbe Lacrosse hoys
a better gnino tonight, when lhe two
'.'"ns agnia lin np ,,, the rink. Not
withst-nding the tact that tbe men
went onto the ice entirely without
Pi - lice, Thursday's matt h was a very
Itjieresting   om   to   witness   and   to-
night a a hlbeevon   more  so.   Tbo
���ii a players are capable ol putting
"i1 .i very strong game and ibe two
tennis would sivo any others in the
roantry a very good nrgmuent.   While
ne Lacrosse I,,,,,,, shiiiipi ���;��� tonight,
.'!���* ' re should nol be ns uneven ,.s
11 ' -'la','s us the Nel-nn piny ers have
Pr-Mtedc Idetably by their first  ex-
l,'"l',"v,  i  in nny cent the game
will lie intoreeting ta both teams are
'���'-' He players will be iilin.it the
-���"ii" a- those who played on Tburs-
The cases of llluiulcll vs. Muir,
rencn vs.   Hall   Mines, nnd Sloiinc   vs
Gorinly were set down for trial yoster
day at the  fortbaumlng Bitting ol   tin
Supreme Court.
Another oarload of Molly Gibson on
wns received nt, the Hi,II Mines Smel
ter, nod altogether the mine shipper'
140 tons of high grade ore during thi
month of January.
The monthly service for the yonng
will he held in the Presbyterian
church tomorrow morning, nnd in the
evening   Uev. Mr.   Frew will   preuoh
from Ihn text "Tho Crime of Cain "
The new townsite hy ilm Uro lien-
vro mine is being surveyed and lels
will sunn be placed on the market.
The townsite Which litis been named
Dcnvro.is situated about six miles east
of Greenwood City.
Mrs. .1. Roderick Robertson acknowledges receipt of socks for the snldieis
in South Afrioa from Mrs W. A Mac
lonnld, Mrs. C IC. Miller and Mrs.
Hnrtwig, Over a hundred pair will be
sent, fiom here shortly.
Messrs. Oliffe .t f!u , yesterday moved I heir bonk and stationery stole from
Hull Street to tlio premises' vacated by
Mr T. B. May, who hns engaged a
hun.lsonicl. fitted np Inn bersliiip in
tbe basement of ihe Muddmi block,
The Buornmeni of the Lord's Supper
nil he lulu,i, i-n re I in ilie Methodist
Church on sntidny, at ilm i lose of n e
ninrning s.rvice In the evening
the pasinr will epenk on "Onanswered
I'riiyer, und lbe Keiisnn Therefore."
The chief of   police   complains   thnt
the city is full   of undesirable cburuct
ers. ii hi. li have recently been discharged fiom the Provinoial jail     Thodilli  |
fiiltv is  enhanced   hv   the   fact   that,I
work is  soaron   and   the   walking   is
Tbe exeontors of the estate of A. 1,.
Kaweett, the condnotnr who was killed
al Robson Inst October, havo commenced an action for rtitituiges against the
('. P. R, The writ is issued hy Messrs.
Billot .v.- Lennie. The deceased wns
tho sole support nf his parents.
Tbe Kooteuav & Algnma Gold Mining Company, lias acquired the ('run-
brook and Kooteuav mining olaima
fiom Messrs. A. W. McVittie nnd
.lohn Leusk respectively These oln'me
are situated about l'.;, miles from Wan-
eta nn the east side "of the Columbia
In continuing the lower tunnel on
the Molly Gibson n rich chute of ore
bus been discovered in the Aspen vein,
which rnns parallel to the main vein
about .10 feet away. The strike ooDBl'sts
of u pay sneak of high liliulo elenn
ore from a fool to two feet iii width,
and shows on ruby silver and grey copper. This will greatlv add to the value
of this already rich mine.
The Birdseye mine oo Toad Moon
tain, wus temporarily closed down on
Thursday pending instructions from
London. A oable was received yesterday directing that operations be Immediately resumed.anil accordingly the
entire crew goes up to tin. mine iii the
morning.   Veiy rich ore hu? recently
been struck on tiie Birdseye and there
is little doubt lmt thai the bond will
be taken up at the end of   the   month.
Antonio Van Gnfre, the equilibrist
and contortionist, who appeared in
the  specialty    troupe   at   the  Opera
lb,use last night, was extremely pond,
and his perl..rmmice seemed to be nil
thai is claimed fm- it. Miss Emma
Cotrely did some neat juggling of   the
stereotyped kind. The rest nf the performance wus not wnrth while ROiDK
to spo, nnd lor their own good, lis well
as lhe j/ood of the Nelson theatre going publ'c, it would he as well if such
shows would, io the future,strike Nelson off Iheir list o[ engagements.
A benefit concert will ho tendered
Herr Steiner in the Opeia House on
Mondav the 12th instant. One of the
host programmes ever given in the
ICity is being prepared. One of the
most pleasing features will bo the up-
I penrnnce of Mrs, Bruce While, who
I has not yet appeared in the Opera
House and wboni the people of Nelson
havo had but too seldom opportunities
to lieai. As it violinist Mrs. While has |
but few cipuils in Camilla Miss Lillian Gurd, whose abilities us nn elocutionist have been kept very much in
the hack ground hv her,since she came
to Nelson, will   give some leadings.
; ���'���-'''A-V V-WV .VVV-VV-V--V--V-WV V--^^
Are you going to the  Kinky    II'  so ynu
will probably need a pair of Skating Shoes,
Ami ..in supply your needs on shori notice,
if you will come early, Bring yonr Skates
und   hnve   them   pm   on  tree   ol    charge,
- ,VWViMi/*yS**��,"'_V'*,\A<V-*^^
There is a Clearing Out Sale of Gents'
Furnishings on at O'REILLY'S.
���������������������������f ���*������������������+.���. ������������������������������������. ���.������������.������.>���������������������.-���������
Friday and Saturday Evenings,
February -��� and ;.
Matinee al 2:30 Saturday Afternoon
Greatest  Novelty   Act iii  the World
��� .>���������
s, Lee St Taylor |
Victoria Street, Nelson,
(Opposite the Postollice);
Nelson Opera House I    v
3    Nights Only    3|  **^nT
; Monday, February 5
Correspondence Solicited.
The Premier Colored Organization ol" America, in
1115 Leaflinp; Colorea Artists
��� Vocalists,
Pretty Girls.
Having iu.-t rat-mad from tlio Eastern Markets, whore 1 havo boon piwohwlng
Spiiiiu- li.ia.K -htoli mn now in transit In Nelson, nnd lo iiink,' room foi- Ihi. samo. we
will for t Ii.- noxt, Iimi .lav- ilo away with tho ordinary proili and soil goods at 10 jo
oontadvan-ooii wholosalo on-1. ihis In poroont tain* Just BUfflclentrto pay freight
i! The Black Bostonian
SI Quartette.
���Vl'Tiii; HOTEL HOME.
11  I   Macrloimlrl,   KnikonooK
B-rtdiugtnn, Towntoj (1 A   Cannon,
\!i,.'.���,v.,'; u. A  Klc6   uootrpai.  j.
11   Hal,ii   arenuwood
""'in, Viiucotiver,
Uuun B. Gil
. ���}'��� <:""  \  Hinton, nf  Vlotorla, is
Ml   lill'   I   ||y
Mr, John Uilea Infl tost night for
������*""�� mi uiu n,i bn-lnena iu his on-
i,;l"".v Mdepntj .herlfl.
. "''' ""it siiii���_s ,,f  tlie Supreme
11 will lm   .'iiii   (.xi-lnsiviilv. them
*'''_ ti.'i'iiiiiliial oa.8S mi tlm duck it.
Mr   Haratlo MoDonald lms tranaffr
Klrkwell    fraction  nn Toad
Mr. t Inn lee   I'nrknr   fur
M itiiin to
Paragraphs About Boundary and P.oss-
hiti.t   Bnaineen Men.
Mr. ll '.Vilkins. nf Qreenirood City,
hn< Bold his livery stnlile to Messrs
Ivuniert ft Qnllnway.
Mr. .1. H Qnndevn, nf Grand Forks,
has snl.I nut his (Imn stnre to the
ilraii.I Forks I '.run (Imn jinny.
The Grand Forks Bunk & Stationery
Oompany    hus   acqnlrsd   tlm  (irumi
KiirkK hriini'h   nf   the   stationery lnisj-
in ss nf Mr  .1.  II Walhii'e, nf Rossland,
Mr  I). I). Ferguson ut Oaaoade Ciiy<
builder and  oontraotor, is  glvlns up
liiisiness unit in'emls shortly   tn return
to Manitoba,
Messrs. Knnx & Dehiney,  the   Kholt
jewellers, have none nut nf business,
Messrs Barolay & Harris have
opened a livery buainess nt Midway
Messrs, Atwood & Thomson, feed
aim produce merchants uf Greenwood
('itv, have opened u branch offloe in
H. Brown & (!n . furniture dealers
ami auctioneer*, bn-e started business
in tiiiiinl Forks,
Messrs. .1 Ij. Coles has opened a stationery end fancy kiuhIs store, in
Benttle, Muir & (X, hnve opened n
men's fnrimliini; nttrt tailoring establishment at Greenwood City.
una'ui,  miiwx.-.iiv ,.,,-,, i>..���   ,-.  .,u. _���...    _,  ��� -  -
oliaivos.   This i- an opportunity nol ofton ptesontea to me ptidlli
-alnl'li' |iri''l- :
Dross Goods, regular prloo 65o, solo price	
Dross Goods, rowulnr prloo Jl. sale prloo	
lin-. Goods, regular price_LS0,sale prlco	
niiuk Ci-iiiiiiii, regolar price S2.60. aalo prloo	
Hiuiii Uropon, regular prloo J_00,salo prloo......	
Hlaok Poau do Solo (fllRl. regular prloo 81.40, salo prlco	
Illiick Saiin. regular prloo .i.aii. sale prloo	
Prints, rngulw prlco 'Oo,salo prlco ...... ..	
IjnlIns'Silk Minus s. r'giilnr prloo $���>. salo prlco ... 	
Ladles' Velvet Blouses, regular price J3. salo poop	
Fan, y Oiitttig I'lanii'1. regular prlco 12Jc, salo price	
l.iiili,',' Eleotric Seal CoaU at	
A fow Ladlts' Jnckots and Capes	
Uriv Blankets, rognlar prico W.eoloprlco...... -
.Mini- Tweed Mil s. regu ar prloo fcl��,sale prloo.,
Mon's Sorgo Sulta, rogulai price ��I2, sale price ...
Mon'sdver its, regiilnr prleo, SI'.'. Bolo prloo....
Mon's Oiators, ivgulai p loo *s. salo price	
hiuiii;- Dongola Button Boots
l.adi s' Dnugula l-V'ed Ho..h
Ladies' Alasfci Ovorahoos	
Ilor.- nre u fow
 $:���.-. on
..at less Hum cost
. S2.7S
. 87.sn
. $3,00
$1 35
11 The Coontown 400
Jubilee Singers.
Admission   50c,   75c,  and $1
I! Fare
.Got block, baker sr.   A.     FERLANU.   | Op^t-* ��� k~wy
inoammmimnmomm^ooommvmomtiooo^mmmmmmmtioomm^mmmmmmmmom ��� II \V> %. U i
Herculean  Equilibrist;  Sj.ikio
to produce his equal.    A puzzle to tho medical profession.
Champion of Them All
Knropo'n Miirvt'iion- Premieriugglor an.l
Aiiu'i-ini's Qroatosl  l.-a-iinie ArtisN.
Bert- THE    McCLEARYS-   Viola
Premier Comod) MitBloal Wonders.
Th.' Wonder ot t he iOth Centur>
And  :i   Host  of Other  Specialties.
Matinee Saturday Afternoon.
Admission   50  anil   75  Cents.
mining $tocks
Bought and Sold.
5000 Ui}r Horn Treasury. A snap.
iooo Noonday   600 Richelieu
Referendum Treasury Stock.    Sold
on installments T'.je.., one third (luwn.
House and   Lot 111 business portion oi town, $3500.
House  nml   lot   for mle   close  10
business pail of city.   Price _'_,H
I'.M.I. UN -
Chris Allan gnve hirtfa tn n son
'  "i.iriiiiill ut   tier resnlen	
ioiMv.l.''"     'M"""'r   ""rl  "onaMd��-
���;','   rJulllvsu   und   Tom   Onntinn
,'    Probably be  hrouRht Dp tor eleo
" " to the manner ol their trial uu
���U' May next,
���\ s.uiiaiv ,i,������|;  was rewarded for
' "'ixiieiis in the Police Court   yes-
'  '.v the Imposition oj tin. umtul
ll"" ami ooats,
J?'   ' hl|l" urriveil in NelRon   Inst
v  '"OK-    linlny    he   will   visit    tbe
,'"'\"! .npon whioh a mill will tie
r'"'"1 Iwforo Ions.
'"'us' Hospital Aid Society
""""'���Iini Monday afternoon next
,'*"���'.M'ln.iK in tlio lecture room
""���nud th" ProHbyteriau Church.
Persons wishing topurchase
a very line Watch are cordially invited   lo   visit P,\T-
enaude linos', establish*
ment. Watches of all the
best Swiss and American
manufactures are represented.
Expert Watch Repairing a Specialty
Patenaude Bros.
1        P. BURNS & CO.
Wholesale and Retail Meal Merchants
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon. Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City
Orders by mall to any branch will have carefu* and prompt attention.
WA11I) ST.
Bank of
British  Columbia,
Is now prepared to issue
Drafts and Letters of Credit
on Ska^uay, U.S., Atlin, B.
C-, and Dawson City, Yukon
1 -m-e number Choice Building Lots adjacent to the elstoke and South, Fernie
i- n-heir Tramway. For price and terms of sale apply and Wesl Sell Tickets Feb.
i??^ office of the Company, Macdonald Block, Corner of "th, 13th, 14th, 15th and
"and Vernon Streets. '6th, limiting going portion
T. C. DUNCAN, Secretary10 date ol sale> and return
13th Feb.to Feb. 17th   PrOSPBClOi'S, jMM!
Youn.c; Men. Become Your
Own Assayers-
Fraternity Hall
.���orBaH-r*"-"''"**'"" sl
. I,,.,,.���!,al for Ooncert-
kinil of i'ii-
DanfleVBa-que-s and every -tact arm-
, ,  ��� im,.       Qood ante-roomB. oloak
::::��: Kiu-iu't. ���,.,i dm.uK -m i��>-
nishcd. ^XraWauB city.
Brewers of Pine Lager
Bum' mid Pinter.
Drop in  mid  s��(.  us.
\ _; portion  good to leave   Ross
land   up   to   February   [8th.
Nelson, B.C., Jan. 291I1, tgoo,
Ihreo ninntiw will toacli you An��ti)-InH fm
(lui,1. Sllyor. Copper. Till, iloparlmiml In
cliursfl of  I'rof.  Sin,,'.   Ilnnt.i- Qmiluati.  nl
M,i.ill liiii.'i.i,}.
.    I,lv.; an,I loam lam, rhi'iipi,,' 11,1,11 nni now
inloriii.ition iiiltlroHH
Kor nil e.-i nnil f 11
cut local agent, or
U  K. HKAKI.KY Olty I'iiH��iinKi.r Agent
It. w. DllBW, akoih, Nalaoti
1 VV. V. ANUKH80N, K. J. OOYI.K,
Tr��v. I'u���h. Akiii.I, A   O. P.   Anei.t,
I Nelitn.
Board nnd In-trnotfoD in .\
l wen! y-nt\ .tnlliii-- p,i mk.iiIIi
Writ.'iuiIii' Principal,
-1 i 3r.j-c. all fur
Rcv.J. VV.SiiiKi i.i., H. A.B. I).
Now Wet-tiiiim-i-ur.
' J 1. r,,
Ager.1,      I    All fliii-.!'- of IctiuniiiK uny i,. hiul In thu,
Vj.__-HU--.ir   W�� onlr Colltue of lt_ klud lu th.- W.it.�� __���____-�����
Continued Prom i'ii'-i I'ngi.
but the places are filled. Tbo Boors
have nn menus oi replacing tbe lost
nun with fresh soldiers Looking nt
tlie matter In tins light it is a- inevit
aide that Joubert will he beaten. lis 11
was thut Grant would tike l'irhiiiiind.
Few dispatches nre   now   allowed In
oome through from the seat of op3r��
lions about Storiuberg aud Coleaberg.
ami it is apparent thut the itiitliiirilies
are anxious to direct attention from
the work in progress. General Kelly-
Kenny��� division is natively employed
In no-operating with 'iiinernl Qntnoru
.unl General ITrenan. i'he Dutch garrisons, both_at tjtormbeig and Coles-
herg, Iinye been reinfnrued, nnd tbe
Boer i-tntegists nre striving to repeat
tleir taeties at Magersfonteln, Oolenso
and Spion Knp, liy creating a new impasse liy which tin- Hritish inrnslon
of the Free r--tut.. may lie blocked,
Some weeks ago many ol tho best
friends o( tbe Government were tuning its teoonstrnctlon. It is almost too
lute uow for that policy. People dow
are looking for some Btrnng 'nan to
lead them. Rosebery's mini, lias been
on eyery tongue daring tie Inst few-
days, but to turn to him before Mr.
Chamberlain has been tried appearh to
most to be unwise and iinlnii fiom
many points of view.
bis hud mode me savage. I'ut I waa
11 Press - il'n -i.oini.'iit. without arms
of any kind.    There   was a wire fence
la'iiv-'i'ii 111"  I tb,' liors.'-iiiii).  Should
1 ,. hi i inii.- ii.!. '.- The nl. 1 .-I anothei
- 101 ni such -non range decided me,
1 leath stood before me, gnm, sullen
Dentil, wn!..nit In- light hearted com
piiiiinn. Ohnllce, So 1 held up my
hand, unl. like Mr, Joirocks's foxes,
oried "Capivy." Then I was herded
.villi tli.- 11 her prisoners in a miserable group, and ai.mi ihe same time  I
liolne,1 Unit mv lianil wa- bleeding,
and it begun l" p nr with rain.
Two days before 1 bail   Willi,'ll  In an
[officer iu bigh i-oiiiiiiuiiiI ai bome,
whose friendship 1 have tin- honor 10
enjoy: "There bus been a great deal
too much surrendering in this war,
ami 1 1,up,' people who do so will mil
be euoourugeo. Pate bad intervened, yet (bough ber loin, was full of
irony she seemed i" -ny. as I think
Raskin om,- .mi. It matters very
hnl" whether your judgments of people n'e true or amine, uml very mnoh
whether tbey ure kind or 111,kin.I, '
nni1 repeating thut  will make un end,
London, Feb J.���This morning nt
the Life Guards Barracks, Regent
Turk.the Prince of Wales inipected another contingent of Veomnnry volunteers prior to their departure irom
London to embark- for   South Afrioa.
Loudon. Feb. 3,���(2:87 p.m._��� 'There
is no Official news from General Buller'- headquarters and the only information which hu- reached London iu
any way supporting th" reports that
in- bus reorossed the Tugela Kivar. is
found in the Associated Press despatch
announcing Lord Dnudonald's reconnaissance wbiob is taken to Indicate a
ptelude to renewed activity. As tho
dispatoh is three days old, and Lord
Dundonald found no diffioulty in crossing the river, it is not impossible General Kuller may have moved in the in-
leriin, and public anxiety is again concentrated on the Upper Tugela. Ilii-
pat"baa from elsewhere in South Afri-
cu merely tell of desultory shell tiring
and the movements of patrols, though
Oape Town mentions a rumor thnt
General French haa captured 80C Hoers,
when- nnd when, not being announced.
liorenzn Marquez, Thursday, Pen.
1.���A dispatch from Gaberoned, .luted
January .8, describing a reoonnnis-
-ance of some of Coionol Pluuier's
forces around the Hoer laager southward, seems to dispose of the story
that Mafeking has been relieved. 1 m
thut date the Rhodesfans captured two
Transvaal Ilags und drove oil' tbe Hoer
outposts before returning t.> Gabernues.
London, Feb. ,. ��� Sensational rumors
nre current thut the Military Ballot
Act will be put in force February 14,
and that Genernl Roberts, the Commander in Chief of the British Forces
in South Africa, hns cabled lor 90,000
additional men, which, it is added,
the Government has promised to give
him, sending CO,000 militia, and volunteers and 40,000 militia reserve. II
is also said that volunteer- will be
mobilized forthwith. It is even asserted tbat the Cabinet ha- specially
dealt with then matters. The militia
liallot makes every unmum. .1 man between IS and 80 years of age liable to
serve for five years.
The Suffolks were sent out. in the
words of a War Office statemeut after
tile disaster ut .Nicholson's Nek "to
rnuke good casualties.'* The 1st Bnttul-
1011 Suffolk Kegimetit or the 12ih Fool
was originally a "Koundhead" corps
in the Commonwealth Army. '1 In 1,
"id Ring James wanted the regiuienl
to swear allegiance 10 him. The men
were ass.'ini.led before the King, who
instructed the major to stnte Hint Ins
.Majesty wished them either to   pledge
themselves for ever to his service or
go about their businessrupon which all
of them laid down their arras. "Very
well," said the King, "the next time
1 shall not do you the honor to consult
;.ou. "
The Suffolks fought right through
the Irish campaign of William III.,
and then at Flanders, lu the latter
country, curiously enough, in the light
of recent occurence, tlie Dutch allies
surrendered the whole regiment to the
enemy in spite .>! the colonel's protest.
'I'he Dutch geiieiiil was beheaded for
this act. Tneu the l-'th had the honor
of fighting ut Dettingen, witli General
Wolfe as the adjutant. Wolfe had his
horse killed under him ill this engagement. At I'niitenoy the regiment
Buffeted more severely Uinn any other
oorps,aud at the glorious buttle of Min-
den in 1767, it formed part of the unshaken British infantry which lour
times crushed the attacking cavalry
and were ultimately victorious. Tlie
Snffolks still don with pride thn
"-linden Kose. " Afterwards the regiment served tn India, one of lhe men
shooting the tyrant Tippoo dead. At
another time a detachment was wrecked on the coast near Travancore, nud
many of the men were murdered by the
natives, but at t^nilnn the survivors
took their revenge on the enemy,
charging with the, cry, "Remember
our murdered comrades."
President Vs. Vice-President Series
Will Commence This Afternoon.
Draws were made last night lor the
President vs. Vice-President mutch of
the NelsonJCurliug Club. In the following li-' tiie rinks with correspond'
ing numbers will play against one un
I ���R.  Henley, A.   H.  Hu.'hnnnn, T
Liilie. .Indue Forin (skip).   ���-.-('. I).
.1. Christie, .lm- Vansti  H. S  Kiwi-
liniii, B. Wimll. v. (skip. 1 'I. ���-V VV
Blimey, John Kirkputnek, A. Perriei,
K. A. Ta.iiblvii, (skip). 4. ��� Blake
Wilson, T. .1. Sims, ,1. M Lay, F. W,
Peters (skip). .",.���f.hns Prosser, S
Bridges. .]. Oamonell, II. K.  Cumeiou
(Skip), ii. ���T MaOSon, I)/. Armstrong. H. Rome, W'm Riohardgon,
(skip) 7.��� <\ .1. Smith, Wm. Liilie
,1 II. Fox, G. (' Hodge, (skip). 8 --
II. W Bollock, .1 F. Weir, Fred Elliott, Frank Fletobsr, (skip),
Ctus. Hillyer, K. L. Co, Inane,
Morris ,11, Dr.   Hawkey,  (skip).
I. ���Fred Irvine, J, Mi'K.'iizie, Jus.
Lawrence. A, Carrie, (skip) 2 ���W.
A. McDonald B, Archibald. W. A
Galliher. X. T. Mcla.nl. (skin), 8.-
W. i.ia-se. A Jeffs, Joe 1 honiii-. n,
John Hue, (skin), 4.���8. P. Shaw,
Sum Neelands, W, !���*. Anderson, .1 II.
Wallace, (skip). 0 ��� li. A Crease, F.
.1. Bradley, Ilr. Hall, P. Laniont,
(skip 1. ii ���Olias, Wilson, D. Porter,
Gro. Steele, P ,). Hnssell. Iskin). ?.���
Dr. Arthur, Unlit. Weir, H. Good-
eve, W. W, Beei. (skip). 8.���T. 0.
Duncan, .1. L. Stocks, John Houston.
J, R. Roburston, (skip). II. ���Mr.
Campbell, A. (j. Gamble, II. J.Evans,
Jacob Dover,  (skip).
There   is   a   Clearing   Out   Sale  ii)  Gei)ta_*
Furnishings oi) al Q3JjElLLYJS,
At Kuriiaum tbe defenders were
placed iu a splendid position by the
faot tbut. a substantia] sbcool room
was lcopboled, tiie missionaries who
built it having doubts about their congregation.
Loudon, Feb. -.--The Times today
has a dispatch from Sterkstroom, Cape
Colony, stating that Boer missionaries
are distributing bullets snd working'
throughout Bssutoland to induce Ihe
tribe to rise against ihe Hritish.
Commenting ou the fact ihn' an English company is about to establish a
manufacture of lyddite in Belgium, a
Brussels papei savs: "In Moses' time
Egypt suffered from ten plagues If
the English hnd exi-teil then the land
Of the Pharaohs would have been visited by uu eleventh.''
Loudon, Feb. -'. ��� The Secretary of
Male for tbe Colonies, Mr. Joseph
Chamberlain, answering an inquiry in
tlie House of Commons today, regarding the Newfoundland Shore problem,
said   negotiations   With    France   were
proocesding at present He added that
the Imperial Government ban asked
the Colonial Government to obtain a
renewal of the previoos arrangements.
The repoii of the rcent commission,
he continued, would not be presented
j by him at present.
The Miners are All  Getting Tlie Association's Wages Per Day.
It hns been a frequent assertion of
The Tribune's thnt the miners at the
Payne are only getting $8 a day, while
it is as frequently insinuated that tbe
Slocan mine owners were insincere iu
their compromise offer to the Union of
i'.i.'is a day. Both of the statements
are untrue nnd form part of the campaign of deliberate misrepresentation
The Tribune started months ago for
the purpose of keeping up the present
unfortunate agitation.
The men recently brought    into   the
Payne were originally hired for $ii a
day, hut alter their arrival they weie
offered (8.35, which of course tbey accepted. The men are intelligent and
educated and will compare with any
miners in the countty. They have express, I themselves as well pleased
wiili the accommodation and food pro
vided for them,
Had the mine owners been insincere
in their original offer, they would
hardly have voluntarily given the raise
in wages referred to.
(.'rent au.viet.i e\i-ts about the payment of tne licenses lot gold milling in
the Transvaal, 'lhe leading groups
have determined to pay. Mr. Hui-
���ic.n, representing tbe Boksteins.Robinson, Hailey and other groups, nasal-
.i-;,(lv nulled nt Delagoa. Mr. Thomson, representing the Barnatn Oousnli-
dated, the GoldAeids, Farrar.and oilier
[groups, is ulso nt Delagoa for Hie pur-
(lime of npplvinu for leave tn en>er
1 in. Transvaal for the purpus nf assisting ihe oiinuiuni.'s. It permission Is
refused tenders fir licenses will be
formally made, Reports stale that
tbe Transvaal Government has alieady
confiscated the properties of absent
burgle is uno sold tiiotu liy auction.
The V. hs-teiii's estimate lmt th.
new gold tax ������ ill yield  ��17,000 u day
j to the Transvaal Government is regarded   as   niauifesJ.v   absurd.    As  a
j matter of fact the  entire  gold   output
jiitpres-oit is valued ut only 11 little
mer ��300,000 a montn. The Boer representatives olnini they nre coining
gold 10 the am omit oi ElBO.OOO
monthly, bul mis is believed to be
considerably    beyond   the  capacity  of
I the Mint, In i.n.i case it is probable
that the surplus raw gold is smuggled
to Europe for the pnrpose of procuring
supplies and promoting tlie Boer pro
pnganda. The tone ot the Transvaa
papers indicates that the autohrities at
Pretoria are alarmed by the seriousne
ot the posiliou on tlie Wi stein an
Southern borders ot the Free Stnte.
Last week they dispatched 6,00(1 men
from Natal to help 111 resisting tlie attacks of Generals Gataere uud French.
A leading Trans.aali-r states that tho
Boers are determined to make a (les-
pemte effort to compel the capitulation
of Ladysmith, and that they aro sanguine of success.
>., ��,i��o t,,Q��o��%rH<m..&..m��>m��'9��mr>>4''^''*i''9��4t''9��+<'*''m)>'mi''*'+��*��*
uro rapidly Incioafling in
Because   ii
. ny Ten in i
I'ut  up  in
mid   1
lis    ,,
lb  pad
and the quality is fur above
;h   class   Tea  at   a   low  price.
S,    O11C12   used   always   used.
Tlie Western Mercantile Co., Ltd.
sors to M, DesBrisay 1- Co.
Mt-iV IS  ('
��5��.^��.sH'ffi_��JT">'>��'-/' i<ifi-'>__i_i#W'��'��#iHi'''>'��<''_in<��<"<ii<ii<mmi>��j
We a
.is.-- I.i IK
1 GooKlna Stove
The Miner is on sale at the following news stores at five cents per
Gilbert Stanley
Thomson Stationery Co
C1.nu._11 DruK fcHouk Co.
Hotul Hume \e\vn "atnnd
Hotel lMiiur Newt. Stand
_��. Campbell
V. F. Nul-son
J. F. Dclaney
H. A. Bradsbaw
Slocan News Co.
Thomson Uro*.,
Lumont & YouiiK
H. A. Klnic & Co.
and   News   Agents
trains out of Nelson
New Denver
Slocan City
on  boats and
Spokane Falls <-&
Loudon, Feb -'.���The (lunette indi-
outes this evening that it in the
Queen's intention to noufer the Vlotorla CroBs on Captains Oongrnve nud
Keel, Lieutni.'inl Roberts nud Corporal
Nnr-e, for their attempts to save the
guns at the liuttli) of (Jolenso.
New York, Feb. 3.���This morning
wns the coldest of the season. At
Quarantine at sunrise, tlie temperature
had dropped to five degrees above zero.
Northern R'v.
Nelson & Fort
Sheppard R v
Red fountain R'v.
Cape Town, Feb. 8.���The Supreme
Couit hus decided in make no order of
roiitlsrotinu in the   ca-e   of the steam
ship Ma-I., in ai present, iu order to
give her owners an opportunity lo
show within three weeks thnt she hnd
no intention to trade with   the enemy.
1. I
In describing his capture, alter the
wreck of the armored train, Mr.
Winston Churchill writes:
For my part I found myself on the
engine when the obstruction was at
last passed and reinaiued there jammed
iu the call next to the muu with the
slmttered arm. In this way I travelled
some B00 yards.aud passed through the
fugitives, noticing particularly a young
officer,   Lieutenant    Frank-land,   wh...
with a   happy, confident smile 01,   bis
face,    was   endeavoring   to   rally   his
men.    As   I   thought   that   only
Wounded should be carried by   thi
gine and thut sound men shnnld ru
mnipcd on to the   line, nnd hence
address from which tin- letter is writ-
tan, for  Boaroely  hud tbe   locomotive
left me than I found m.-elf  alone in a
shallow cutting and mine of  onr   sold
lei's   lo l'i. seen.    Then   suddenly tlieie
appeared on the line lm     men   not   111
uniform. "Platelayers," I said to myself, and then with B surge of realisation, "Hoers." My mind retained B
momentary impression of these lull figures, full nt animate.t movement, clad
111 dark Happing clothe-, with slouch,
storm-driven hats, poising ou their
rltles hardly a bundled yards away. 1
turned and ran between the nil Ih of
the track, and the only thought I
achieved was this "Beer mark-man-
ship." Two bullets passed,both within a font, ooe on either sole. I flung
myself against the banks 01 the cutting, lint they gave no cover. An
Othtr glance at the figures. one was
uow kneeling In nim. Again I started
forward, Movement seemed the onl}
chance. Again two soft kis��- racked
in thn inr. but nothing struck me.
This could    not   endure.     I    must   get
out of the cutting���that damnablt 001
ruler.   I scrambled np th" bank    The
earth sprang op beside   me, and muu.
thing touched mv hntid, bill outside
the cutting wus a tiny depression, I
crouched 111 tin-. Struggling to get ni;
wind.    Oa the other   side   nl  the mil
way a horseman galloped up, shouting
to me and waving his hand He was
Mcarccly forty yards off. Willi 11 rille
1 eonld have killed him easily I knew
nothing of  white  (lags,  and the  bul-
Frankfort, Kv., Feb. _.���Tbo cnndl-
I lion of Wm.Goebe] is tonight considered better than   at nny   time  since   be
i wus shot.    The   iron   will and the determination of the wounded mini   that
he will "lot die bv an assassin's   bullet
jis still considered   the  main factor  III
I sostalntug liini.but tonight tbe attending physicians   for   thn liist time hold
out muu.. bop.,  for his ultimate reoov-
; cry.
There is a really appalling craze
which has invaded us (says Madame).
hailing from Suburbia and tne worst
ofil seems to have caught on 11 ith
frightful intensity among quite eu-
lightened Londoners Goodness oniv
knows where it will enn if some
strong-minded social reformer like
Mrs, ��� but wu will not mention
names���does not come forward, und
Immediately nip it in the bud. I refer
to tbut torin of afternoon entertainment known as the "Hook Ten." It
is almost as prevalent as " lhe Absent-
minded Beggar;" in extreme case you
tiud two combined. In every orawing
room one is victimised and asked to
guess the meaning of a device representing the title of some
111 many cases no one Int..
of. Surely one's intelh
ently taxed in this rapid
Tiie only all rail route without
change of cms between Nelson u d
Rossland und Spokane and Rossland
Lv.  8.16 a.m. NELSON. Ar. 5.2(1 p.m.
Lv. 112*111.111. RO-.SI__ND__r80.pi_i,
Lv    _-IS 11.111. SPOKANE. Ai'.d.l.'i p.m
Trinu thHt  leaveB  Nelson nt Q;]fi a.i,
makes close connections at Spokuue f. 1
ull Coast Points.
Passengers for Kettle ltiver and Boundary Creek,connect tit Marcus witbKtnie
H. A. JACKSON, G. P. & T.A.
Spokane   Wash
Aflrent  NpI-oii   R O
Which we at*, offering* at
Shelf & Heavy Hardware,
Etc., Etc., Etc.
Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
Incorporated 1869.
( a;.Hal   I'al.l-iic.
"onrd ��r  lllrerlor*
Michael Dwyer, Wilej *i
si.iis.-,,(i;o.iHi 1   1;,  1.
Thomas K. Kenner, Pros!
lllll.   Il.d. Haul.!,   il  II.
i.-iil :
II. Fi
Tliniiin-. Ititclii,'
Her. M.L.C., Ilm,.
Vi, ,' "lil.-i'l,-
David MucKr
Stockholm, Feb. 3.���The Archbishop
of Sweden, the must Kcv. Anton Sum!-
berg, who was believed to have recovered Irom appendicitis, is dead. He
was Iniiiii in |s|>
London, Pob, 8.���Lord Woliloy   din
I i',l this  evening   with   the  Queen   at
1 laborne.
Greenwood, ll. ('., Feb, '.'. ��� Local
mining operators have taken n bond
on the Dayton,   in   Camp  MoKioney,
for fJM.OOU,    Todny the lirsl cash    pay
incut was made. The Dayton is a recent discovery, and has a remarkably
iiig ledge of oxidised quats showing
free gold wiib values running up into
the thousand!.
[ Jay P, Graves bas taken np the bond
(in the Grey Ragle, Banner, Tiptop
and Triangle claims, in Greenwood
Oamp, A strong Montreal company
ba- ben form..I to develop   the group.
hook   winch
ever   heard
Ct   Is snllici-
ag.'   without
being exercised ill   momenta of relaxa-
j tion liy these mental gymnastics.    Uo- j
I casiionally.it is true, one comes across
I one or two ideas which   are  distinctly
diverting.    The other day  I   was   at-1
i tendintf one of these social functious ���
j there was n large gathering��� when tlie 1
door opened and there  entered   a well-
jknniin   social   buffoon,    wearing  his I
I frock coat turned   inside   out.    "What!
jam I':' lie exclaimed   to   his   hostess,
Everybody   apparently  took bim serl.
oii-'lv. and begun   lo   think   hard.    At;
lust one of the Indies jumped up ajdl
.Tied joyfully, "I know your're 'Vice-
Versa,'   '    amidst     general   applause.
Tlnie was another man there, dressed
in clerical garments, who refused to I
utter a single word, hut .������niveinil hv '
melius of signs, l| wn- -mile I line be', j
line thev discovered him to be "Tile |
Silence of Dean Muitlatid." Then there
was a young mnn with a string ol oig-
arettes banging   round his   neck.    He,
II was given to understand, represented
"The   Virginians."   A    stout    lady,
j dently wearing a boxing glove, with
"Almanac, llll.O" written across it,
personified "Punoh. " It makes one
shudder tn think where a craze like
this will end if carried 10 |fl extreme
Kootenay Railway and Nav.
Opci\u Ina
Schedule of Time.       Pucillc -���������'tHnd'.r.l Time.
P__Meng(*r trHin for Sii'idon "ind wityr-tation-
lei-Vc* K.ivnlo at 8 a. in., dnily. HelLirnini*.,
1. lives Guidon at 1.16 p.m.. arrlvluK __1 KaAn
a' .'..65 p.m.
Op-Tiuim, on Kootenay Lak<"jind Rival.
I Str. "InLeriiationar leave- Kntdo for Neli-on
at (> a m, daily except Sunday Hot liming,
loaves Nelson ftl i.;v�� p.m., callinK a�� Ualfour,
I'ilot (.ay. Ainnworth and all wuy paints Con-
DOCil with S'r. -Albe ta" to m>d fron�� Hon-
iht- F.-rry. Idaho, il-wwith S F. a N. to and
from Spokane al Five Mile Point
str Alberta" LoaTM N'ulaon for Houner's
Feiry, Tnoadayi and ^aiurday- at 7 a.m.,
ineetuiR Steamer "Iiiteriiational" from Ku-lo
>u l'i ot Hay,
Returning, leave- Homier'. Ferry at 8 X m.
W -winonaafN ami Sundiiy*-.
Dlrcut connection- made at Itonner- Ferrj
with Or-Mt N'onliern Itailway for all poinu
easi and w-'st.
Htr. "Intornittionat" leave- Ku-lo for Lardo
and Armenia at 8.4fi p.m. U'edm-day- and hri
ia>-. Sir. "Aii-e-i.t" lt!��ve. Ka-lo for Uido
aii(' ArKenUat 800p.m.Suinlay-.
Biaamenoul at BrlnclwU landing in iwnh
iiireetinn-.and at other polnti when rignwiled
'lieki-t- -old to all |M-im_. In Oanada and (he
1 ni'ed Htatea.
To anoerlaui ra toe and full information, ud-
tlre-^ :
Head Office* llalllii\:
General Manager. Kd-on L. Peanc< Montreal,
Sup. rlntendom of Brnnchen. W, H. l<orrai)ca, ITallCax.
Inspector. VV. F. Broc*, Halifax.
Bocretar}*, D. M. Stewart, Montreal.
Nova Hrotia- HallAu Mraneh. Ant'_:oiii-ii. Bridgewat��r, i.-iy-imi-o. Londonderry, Lunonbiirg.
Mal-land (Uant-i Co*), Plclou, I'ort Unwkt^bury, Sydney -Oitibenacadfo, Truro, Wttymouui,
N��*_. itruii--.-. irk n.tinMM. Dort'h^stcr, Fi .ti. liei.i.. Kinjrtton iKeM Co.), Monctoh, Nev
euitk*. saekvilie. W- o 1-um- .. i�� k. i*i-nni -I'lmriotietown, miiuiihiretdo -Mtebce Montreal
(City Offlcet, Montreal. vVc__i Kmi iCor. Notie Dai i- .ini .-���������11:11 ureStrtota); iVeatmoun iCor.
(ireenu Avenue an i st. Uetbnrln.-. street lonario Ottawa, >ni nmadlaN-tl si. John'-.
.aim, .t mi ladles���Havana, 1 ailed Male*���New Vork mi tCxobange njaoc) Kepntllc, Wash.
Atlin, Bennett, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver, Vancouver East End, Victoria.
Com span drsla:
mn - NaUnnil Phi wmul lt"iik. rblcago���Amfrioa
Km;. - Hank 'f Hcotland.
. Iiiun nm Japan- Hon..
.'niniihi-Morchanta nanl. i.f Cnnnda
Nn 1   n   1   Hank     '���hii   I'r   ne|*_en    ]-'iv>i   Natio al   Ha   k.    I.otiila
rartf., Pmner  I'redll Uytmnali',   Bermuda- Bnnkof Birtnuda.
l-i'iik' ami Shan, hai I'-ut - '!������_.��� Curpirat Ion.
(iencial Banking BuslnchS Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange   Bought
and Sold, Letters of  Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
AcciKintN received on tlie most favoi-ahlr l.'inia,    [ntPFPtt allowed  un ipeolftl
dnpoflti and nn Saving Hank acoouuta,
Geo. Kydd, Manag-er, Nelson, B.C.
P. O. Box K. and \\*.
Telephone 10
For the iKxi
offer the Public th
e Greatest  Reduction in
Ever before ad
vertised.   A call will convince you.
\l,,���.._,,.P   Kn.lr,
Baker Street
No. 18..
E, ti   HlffR-ro, patent lawyer, Wash
Ington,   I.  (' . ppiiii-   the   follnwing
natnntfl  uranted   ly tlio United States
Patent Olllno, Jannary   ���.'::. imm, t��� ��� in-
rentnrs  renirlinx  in ihe Dominion  nf
1 "Ml idfl      11.. �� ill mail ni|iv of s|i('iili-
nation mul ritnwInRi c.i|iny patent i or
In cuts in itainpn. 11 I'. I'nrv, 1 ',ii.-
���eonn, oard bolder for rrelphl onrsi II.
I. 1 Inlllne, Granliy, eollar itwo pnt
enleitW, Key*, Montreal, ear Hd.or-
tlsin_ rievlri.; I,. R. Miller, Daweon,
tin'' patent, as follow.; apparatna
foi minlnx in frozen ���ronnd i apparatna fnr exeaTRtino and elevatlnR u-ia
.ell 1 iiiK in   trnz.-ii Krnitiid ; ts.    A.
Brnlth, .\ii. nn,   night lamp; W.   H.
Walton. Ilruutfnrd. lootn-lbnttle,
' Awinl anxiety was fe|| for tbe
willow of tho brave General Bnrubarn
of Marina--, Mi, . when the dnctnri
naift alio oould not live till morning"
writes Mrs. s. H. Llnooln, wbo at-
tendod her thnl featlnl ni_lit ".\ii
thniiu'lit sh,. inn-1 .nim ih,- frorn niifii.
nioiiin lmt sho begged for Ur. King'l
New Discovery, laying it bud more
limn once sav al ber life, and had mr-
i'.i ber  .>!   oon.ttmptlon,   After tbiee
-lllllll  ���!'    ' -  -ll.'  -h'l't  I'lisily    all    lli_llt,
mui ii fnrtber us.' completely oorod
her." 'i'liin niarvi'lloiis luedicino is
gnarenteed to oore all Throat Obesl
nnd Lnng Dlseaaea, Only 60 cent and
11.00, Trial bottles free at Canada
Drug & l', ,,i  Store.
M-l.-.iN LODGE,  No,SS, A. F.k
M. iii.'ils 4i-i 'oail \V, ilii,,.iiaj   in ,-������ h
llionlli.   V1-.H in^ lire! hum.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
nillM KOOTKNAlf, I 0, K., Na :n:_.
Meeting. 2nd and III. *l hiirwlny. Fmt.rn.1
i..ii. -i -\ IrvingC. R.   IV. B.Shaw, it. .-,
j*t>j,.       I-  "���  "���   K.     K.ioli'imy U��ln,
-Zf_[lj_��        ". in. iiiii'-, n-ry Mcmrluy niichl.
'���"        in   ihtii  'lull, Kootanay utro,,!
SoJonniiiiK 0.1,1 Pollom .'.M,li.illy InviUxl.
ii Mi,,-... N.Q    John Booler, V. O.
 li.'.l J Snilru -..-ii
M-i.s.iv i ,,.,.. so. innineetain the Mao-
Donald block every Tliur��d��] evening al I
.,, a, k. Vis Una oiombon. oordlally Inviif.l
John rove, u. M : K .1. ilrndloy, It. s.
M I.hin   \ KltlK  Nn   .'... K. ft   I,..  i.
""il   .'".,':   ,i,l   fiaiiil, \V,.,|���..a���,- ���, , ,���.|,
month,   \i-ninu   memtwr. cordially   Invii
���l It. wmv. Beoretary,
Fresh   and    Salted   Heats
Fish and Poultry in Season
i     Orders by mail receive I
C.   TRAVES.   Manager.
Barer Street, Nelson;
nd prompt attention.
M'.l.s.iN H i,,l KKN Nil. _l|
SONS of I.M.l.iM, ������.���,
Mr-i and third Wodno��da) ���t
. ���.. I. oionth iii Kmtoml j hull
oprner .,t Hak.-r ,,n.l Kootenai
-....���I-. Vlaltlng brntharn cord-
lallj Invited,
.ions ii'.u.iiN. Becrotary,
M I.-US   I.OIH1K   No,    _-,, K.   of i>
   '    I" K. ul I', hull. (M,lf,-i|i,��.|,|,��.k
ivorv   I".-.].')   .i.iiiiiK ��i  s nolnoli
Ul   vi-lthlK kl,l���hl.   i-nriilally    Invltoil
I.. HOOTT t;. O,
O. Jov, K.of H.��ndH.
Ni i -,\. |i , .
A  Hoardln i  i |. .
���;:���;;-;;,:   .
'      all   ������,',.
"!..' iilon     nn in.
I'I      lll.tl  .,
"i   .   ' '. '"- nil I;    I,,,, a hllf
Plain and Art N����ii,wo.i
jsu^rioT" "Bd t""-,k"1"-- ��PP��I tu Um H-H i
.. L. POGUB...
Hniin'.-.i nud  Saddlery
Tin, loading -imp- I-hk.
lock, Bee! ��� .-mi.-il Ht/irs
on   liini'l.    Iiiun.'--.  t't.I
', i..rs oi i���-i makos.-ao
.!t.-. Ulnnketa, imi
U l.i|i..   |l,ii-i���-. Coinli-
;  etc
Prion Mtlafaetory.
0 II mul -i'.'.
Cot   W.r.l   and   Bak.r
itrtati _������
3.  '9^0.
Miner's Special Letter From
tbe Front.
IbeylAre Having Interestine Ex oriences
iu South Afrio*���Geol. Wauohope's
Death Due to a Blunder.
��� 1(.|ul Oorrospondeuoo of Tlm Minor)
Belli 1. Oamp, gen,   10, 1800-The
.,,1 ciuiiHlians-'lii"  Inst    hnrriad
,,,,- 1 senl   von   wus ou the road   np
latter I --H
1 Gap
,���. Town i". ����   w�� fl��PP'
"",.������. baton  _rrivnl.ii De Aaron
__i.._   ii-,..   ���>    w��  nvoiveil
,v,.vUn-.. und lillin-  Hi"  cook
UU ii,-ten resembled 11 pot full "I
11 inula apie
1I111 drag mi"1-*
nut in 1
d ilrnivii
,������ nmiaiiiiL'   Dec '*.   *���*���*��  ri'coiveil
Sha.mi* preoeded or by two hours.
v�� nitcbod onr tents between the lines
" .I,, Onrnwall Begimenr, the Monnt-
1 Infantry, under Uolonel Alderson.
About 1.010 troops cBre oamped
iiiore of all branches of the service.
,,,,���, whole of that-  Sunday it was   ivo-
nnaiblo i�� �� 1 . arn ��uead,  owli-H to
lim teirltlc dual stornn���u benvy red
,,,,, i��� dense olourts oblitorntinf.
'��� pntn
inl-unini'. At De Aar "we dro.a tho
���miles foi or.r transport servioe, oue
linndred and thirty In all, Hi. men
f,ir dm trausport section (44) being
iiiiiivn from the different comnanles 01
the rogiiunut. Oui stay here wns tilled
with battalion drill, nioratiiM and
ami various fatigues during
the day, tl��' neighboring Kopjes afford-
ing the Hun a" excellent substitute
iniiii attack in place of the real eno-
The two Maxim guns were given
whish does nwii.v with
mi the march. An or-
iIit in oontieotion with Ihese moles
�����:,�� the pause nf mnoh merriment nnd
nhaff on board ship, ii having oome
1 odors (liar the Maxim mm would
'hy 11 mule or sumo other
in'elliui'iH no'i-eoiuniissiiinod offloer, "
Captain Hell in oharge of Maxim peo-
lion. lunl some targets affixed nn one of
thu ItopjeB, at which some exaollent
practice was made. Hospital trains
ilnily passed through to Cape Ttwii
from the front, while tronna l;opt
coming up with equitl regularity, both
for the trout and to relieve other red-
intuits OU the line 01 eoninuinieiitioii.
On Thursday, Deoeiuber 7, our turn
rume, when tho Kssex Kegiment having relieved 08, wn entrained in open
tracks lor, us we made sure this time,
the front. Kight glad worn we nil to
get out of De Aur. the dust storms
newt reasinc there. The entraining
of the mules was [al from 1111 easy tusk
and wns the occasion of considerable
merriment, the majority of they being
an unbroken lot, Ou Thursday after
noiiu wo arrived at   Orange    River,
where ��,��� relieved the right half battalion of the famous Dargai heroes,
.lust ns tents were being pitched 11 regular hurricane struck us, blowing the
iipen lonts about like as mnay para-
I'liutes. Immediately following it
oarae a deluge of ruin, small rivers
forniiiig nn the bard baked veldt, tlio
��� amp having more resemblance to in-i-
gntion works than 11 regimental oamp,
Ai nun had not fallen for eight months
il wns indeed lather   welcome   though
coming a  little inopportune,    By  ?
|i. 111. nil tents were op aud in order
and "puniH In lhe cook house door" being sounded we readily responded, Hint
being our lirsl meal since tho previous
'���veiling. Dm mules conld not be detrained that evening owing lo the side
tracks lii-iug required for sending up
ihe Hnwitzer batteries with lyddite
required for the from. Verv
interesting it was to tulfi with
the wounded of the various regiments
who filled the hospital hole, in nil
stages  frniii   dying   to   convalescence.
Many nn Molting experience was to be
heard from some of the Argyll and
antherland Highlanders who had suff
������rnl so severally in this lmt engagement. Wounded Kocr prisoners were
also to be ��een in the hospitals, sharing lbe same care and attention as our
ritn>h [soldiers. Satorrlav morning,
ll'V-miber !i, saw us more on the move
and by a t.m. entrained und across the
"range River and now we begun to
realise we were really in thp enemy's
country. Iieud horses hy strewn along
tne veldt, and there wero graves oon.
"isting of a rude pile of -tones, marking the last resting pln(.��� ,,f ���m���v 0f
wr JMI and bravest.    I��� the   distance
!""!" l" " small parties ot Reming-
'��u s scouts over on the alert for the
'���"<"���.* Remington's scouts, bj their
"tre]ud during and plnok, huvn made
���1 great name for UiciishIios and hnve
""'iy reason to be prood of it. The
ei-graph Imes nloug side thu railway
rack are all palled down and cut up
"���Boers    method   being to   hilch   a
!i'��� .,1,".." "V1**1 irnn Wt-raph posts
'"'I pull the whole thing out
���wived ���t  Belmont Oamp about  11
in, .'!" "'""J1"' "����UB of ��� big battle
"evnus t��� Modder River, wo mnrch-
'om l,,,,r miles to Van   W.yok's farm
JM there pitched our oamp alongside
toe'   lV?_Se,.��na._w���>lr  f"i'   the
1 11 sellVa".Wy,'ki*ili-'i��KO.. Ibofurm
"l'i   h,K   two    hr,,th"'<    h"vi��g
ao,;.'r"I,m,.,1,,,Hine ��f the Boers
That   ��� ."��� nr,,ipl11">'1 been captured.
��� inn,,.""K your correspondent hnd
;,,.; ;^Pu from being planted bj
Iw 1. n, 1 .*_18 ���,nm*J ,ent' who care.
f *,!all,Ml the ,riW"* it his rifle a.
obimtS.' 1 " i.^.tr-%8 b��lng ii, the
pawln,  i* ,'" hnllm "having mv head,
'"��� bOM TlMTiitn''"',KH ,,n" ,""1"r
-lav     ,,.   ' " "Ojlowing morning Sun-
SSmh��_!._10' w,! """���'������������"1 '��<* "��
������, '^"s and again, while in the
f*��>>  il ii '." "'"'"., oam" ��� '1pl"��'' "f
i��e" th      "M really ��� hieH���i���K ������ ,t
ooit fnr a  while anyway
of stones hns been heiipcd over Other of
their dead, Oraves of onr own soldier
Inn are to be found through the vuri
qua kopjes while humbe.B of dead
horses round camp do not maue matters pnriiculnrlv pleasant. Hoers have
been seen by the scouts 111 bodies of
from one to three nud four hundred :
the night befoie our arrival here, I.-
800 Hoers were in close proximity to
tne camp,
"Kovcillc" and "stand to arms" go
ut !! o'clock every morning, when all
the regiment turns out, into the
trendies, and the Maxims made ready
for iiciiou. During the stay of the
regiment here they have thrown up
some excellent earth works facing 11
line of kopjes on our west and dug
trenches all round the camp Onr pickets and outposts have- uiptured one or
two prisoners who at present, art) under close snivelllunae in the guard
room. Water is scarce hero and conies
from wells about four miles out and
also by train from Orange River,
The awful news of the severe loss suffered by the Highland Brigade reached
us on Tuesday and for the next three
days came the hospital trnius with the
wounded, passing through on their
way -johHi and from the lips of a
wounded Blankwatoh mnn. I lieard 'lie
same  imprecations  against a  certain
high nflioial as had been applied t.,
bim nlsn by a wounded Highlander al
Orange River. People at home know
more news than we do though even
within 211 miles nf the battle and Klm-
berley's search liuht visible. But time
will toll to whom the blame of these
mistakes, as such lbev must be. will be
attached, Suffice it to say Major-Gen-
oral Wauohope, tbe popular idol of the
Highlanders, went gallantly to his
death in the fulfillment of bis order,
the Highland Brigade, having
marched in quarter column, to within
Uiu yatds of the Boer entrenchments.
before they were aware of the enemy's
position us no scouts had been scut
Oil   Wednesday,     December   18,   our
Onnadinn mail arrived and   bundles nf
Eastern   newspapers which  were  very
Welcome.    Ammunition     trains   and
supplies arc proceeding regularly to the
front,    Numbers of ostriches belonging
to tbe neighboring   farms roam   about
the canip and in  consequence a gondii
I nuniher are minus sonic   of their   best
I plumes, which   no doubt by this  time
are 011   the way tn   Canada   as a Xmas
present to 1 sweetheart   or parent,    At
j first, the ostrlofies   were   encouraged to
roam about the camp, bnt their thieving propensities being found   out  thoy
��� aie speedily   chased out now.    One OS-
trloh, poking his long neck  under   0110
of the tents,quickly abstracted the sergeant's whistle and laiiyon which w.nt
to make up its evening meal.   Another
i I   noticed, calmly pick up   the   bright
sight protector nf one of   the lilies  on
! the stack and in a second had swallow-
iedit.    Tbe   horses of   tho   Royal Horse
I Artillery have   been  largely   recruited
from   the  ranks of the Strong   London
bus horses.    One of   them refusing   to
start at any pride  the other morning,
looaxing,   etc.,   being  of  no'avail,   a
bright scheme struck one of the  Tommies, who, seizing bis metal mess till,
gave it a   ring   with his spoon aud   iu
the   true     cockney     conductor   style,
shouted,      -'Hank!      ('ity!       Hank!
Suand!   One   penny   nil   the   way!"
'and off went the horse.    This above is
I no lish story.
The   regiment, in common with   all
[others, hnve   got   nothing except what
tbey stand   up in, the valises  mid   kit
lings having heen left at   Cape   Town,
nonscquently  tobacco  is    becoming  a
ivory scare commodity  and there is no
; chance of obtaining  any   as  th to  is
j neither n wet nor  a   dry canteen here,
; at the same time our neighbors, the B.
; H.  A., have their regular pint   of beer
j per diem  the same  aa the other real-
j meats did in our   previous camps.    Np
doubt   we  shall   bo supplied when onr
j commanding offloer  sees fit to requisi-
1 tion for the same.
The health nf the reginiiiit is fairly
I good, a few canes of malarial fever of
a mild type being in the hospital. Private Obappel from New- Bruswiok died
of pneumonia on Wednesday, December
18. Burial same dav. Our camp, owing to the energy of Ihe Mounted Infantry scouts, is fast assuming the proportions of a largo slock ranch, some
19,500 head of sheep, cattle, goats and
horses, having been brought in from
time fo time. The four Nelson men
ure in the best nf spirits nnd Rood
health, but fretting lo get a slap in al
the Boers. Lieutenant Hodgins is in
good health, uml spirits His tall,
soldierly figure is always conspicuous
among the ollicers.
In tb
i(;'^nftenea,,,,-;;;,;,,..; nB��� 6,tfBl.
L."1  r,,"."'i*"*-l  at  Orang,
-Kb- .,r ���_, ' ' I,' "a"'- Camped along
fa,,,,, ,     "'���'*<* the   Monnted   In-
��lCffn0,ltaBll��l Horse
H,-,,,,,, ',,;.''"''I Otter being appoint-
"wi eoo v.m ���'." '"*"��� In "���" ��oP-����
'""���"""iv id iT "������������ li""'' ��w
*n��Mth_vf��n    '_���""' of n���r* lylnj
ln'> fell, where   possible a   pile
ll is interesting to recall 11 striking
instance of tin- late Lord Ava's bravery. About 15 years ago, whoti his
father was Governor-General in India,
the deceased, who then bore the title
of Viscount Claiidebnye, performed a
gallant act which ut once stamped him
as a hero, and which was chronicled
in The Irish 'limes of that day. His
father had received as a present from
Russia, three hear cubs, and one of
these grew up to maturity, and was
kept In a beat-pit adjacent to Claude-
iioya  House,    one  morning,    when
there was none of the family nbonl the
plane *save the youthful viscount, lhe
bear furiously attacked Hie keeper,
un aid man who had 1mm 11 iu the habit
Of daily descending into the pit tn feed
it.    Lord Olandelioii, attracted by the
man's cries, rushed to the plaoe, and,
without a m iment's hesitation, leaped
from the wall into the pit below,
wholly unarmed, and tackled the hear.
The animal's attention being thus suddenly diverted lo tbe new-comer, the
keeper was enabled to effeot his escape hut Lord Olandol-oye had to pine-
ticnllv fight fnr his life until he sol
stunned Ihe bear that he was able to
scale ilm steep wall.
They Must Pay the Duty on
ISaw Lumber Here.
Lord   Pauncefote Is Very Popular iu the
United States Capital���A  Ospe
Nome Busli Is Anticipated.
The following is nn obstruct from n
letter written by sergeant, in the Cold-
Stream Guards (Police Constable Pandered, of the Wolverhampton Polios
Force. Army Reservist), who ia with
Methnen's column, He was nt the buttle of Modder River,, and snys:
"During the afternoon some one
seems to have spotted me from the
trenches. First a shot struck the side
of lay boot nnd struck my rifle just ill
front of my face, filling my eyes with
dirt and splinters. 1 rose up a little
when another shot struck the middle
linger of mv left linnd. I hud got on
my knees when 11 bullet stinck me fan-
in the Chest on the buckle of mv haversack, breaking it through tbe centre
and caiis-'ng a slitrht, puncture of lbe
skin nnd bruising my chest. Have
been congratulated as being the luckiest, beggar in my Imttulion."
(Specinl Correspondence ol The Miner)
Washington, D..C, Jan. 3(1.��� Wash
ington is greatly pleased to be_r tbat
Lord Pauncefote, the Brtiish Ambassador, will probably be retained here
for at least a year long-r, although
be is already nearly twn yeaia ens the
retiring ago His term has twice bum
extended, and it. is understood that the
action will he repeated a third time
in view of the delicate questions arising from the Transvanl war nnd tbe
necessity of having iu Washington a
diplomat socially ponnlnr and especially;* fitted by years of experience, lor
the management of Anglo-Saxon
affairs.   Sir Thomas  Sanderson   has
been for some time gazetted to succeed
Lord Pauncefote on bis  retirement.
a committee of millionaire lumbermen from Michigan bus recently heen
in Washington, urging the state Department to take advantage of British
embarrassments abroad and gratitude
for United Slates sympathy, to urge
the removal of the export duty imposed by Canada on logs. The committee, how-over, Das received scant encouragement, having been told that
Congressional action willjlie essential
before any concessions oan lie secured.
In olher words, they were given to
understand that so long as they insisted on a duly of f_ per thousand on
Canadian lumber, it wns quite certain that, Canada would not reduce
her export duties. The explanation of
the movement is f-vund in the faot that
American lumbermen own millions of
acres of limber in Canada, which they
wish to cut and bring over to be sawed
in mills ou this side of the border.
This, however, wonld simply strip the
Canadian forests without any compensation advantages, so Canada imposed
the export duty ill older to compel the
sawing of tho lumber on her owu side
of the border. Thoie is no profit on
lumber imported after paying $2
duty, and therefore, the vnst possess
sioiis of the lumbermen are lying idle.
It is understood thai Canada will repeal h?r export tax if the United States
will repeal its tariff duties, but to
this last lhe lumbermen will not consent.
An immense pro-Boer meeting was
held in this city last Sunday night, at
which a number of Congressmen and
other well known men, made violent
anti-British speeches. It was evident,
however, that nearly all those present
were either Germans, Irish, or Dom-
ocrate, scarcely a Republican being
present. The Germans and Irish came
through hostility to Great Britain,
and the Democrats came because they
saw in the meeting an opportunity of
attacking the administration for its
Philippine policy. Scarcely a speech
was made which failed to draw a parallel between the two wars. This faot
serves to explain most of the rancor
manifested. Further, it is quite evident that quite as enthusiastic a pro-
British meeting could easily bo organized.
Trouble is undoubtedly brewing over
the fact, that immigrants who are paupers or diseased,ami who for these reason have been denied admission to the
United States,are coming tn this country via Canada II is oven repotted
that English steamship agents make a
practice of selling doubtful emigrants,
tickets to the United Stales cities via
Canadian ports. The custom lias become sn widespread that the Bureau oi
Immigration is considering means of
obstructing it.   Mr, Powderly, head of
tbe Bureau , snid 1 enlly:   "The lm-
migration Bureau has for sonic lime
had the question of policing the Canadian frontier under consideration, In
order to make such a plan effective, it
will be necessary to delay trains
fiom Canada in crossing the boundary
lino between that country and the
United Slnles. Traffic would be delayed and travellers put to nicocvcni-
euoe by reason or the stoppage of trains
for 11 sufficient length of time to enable
the immigration officers to propeilv
inspect arriving immiginnts. II nr
rangemeilt can be made to obviate this
difficulty, there is no doubt that inspection will bs   made  at   the   border
Insead of at Canadian ports ol entry,as
at present"
Consul Smith, of Victnrin, sends an
interesting report on the prospective
rush to Oapo   Nome.    He savs:   "The
transportation companies tbere and on
the Sound are all actively engaged in
preparing steamers for the long trip,
l'hey have already booked all the
passengers that can be carried on the
lirst trips, 01 every vessel Ihat can be
secured. At a recent meeting of representatives of the companies, it was
computed that 11*1,0011 persons desired
logo   to On e Nome us   soon   as possi- |
hie.    The reports that hud 1 11   circulating lasl season in   regard lo the gold
discoveries   al Cape Nome were   quite
generally  disputed   here, the opinion
being Hint the Atlin nnd Klondike
countries were more promisicg uml ill
so easier of aooess. But the last two
steamers from the north effectually
dispelled all uncertainties, ihe passengers bi inning with then indisputable
evidence that all along ihe bench in
the vicinity of Cape Nome, gold in
paying qunntites can bo had for the
Wholesale Houses.
Delivered to an any point on
Kootenay  Lake.
I have a complete stock
on hand of
THORPE & CO., l.miTKii.������-rumor Ver
uuu uml t'l-iltir siruuis. Nelson, manufacturers of aad wholesale doalers in aerated
WHtuisund frui' syrups. SoleagoiiU) for Hal-
oyon Sprlngu minora! water.
- .V M, I 'iiiiiii,   ,h. 1.1 _-     .     r.\, ia  klluwn
vuriui,  ur Ki.fi ,1 ink .   I', 11   11, ..  ss    |, 1,
1 hone v,,  .:1     li .���   1   \,   mi   Hn Hum
- I'   111,' 1 uu.ai.--   .    . 1 .    a  .      . ,1.1   lal
COMMlS'-'iON * a,,. CHANTS
HJ- EVANS &.   -O.   B.iiiiir siroet, N il
���   .-uu. wauiusillo ,1-a.���'.'������ ill llqUOt'K, ta_u-
ceiiiunt, Uro i> ick ami lirod >>, water pipe and
steel rails ami g< n> ral I lUllRnion una-, hauls.
BI.ACKMAI. __ !._i..v..LLUMG C J.
I.1.MITKII.- Front si.riM-l, .\ul_ull, niiule
.-uio denim's in Hour, mo.ils, _lt-., una im.\
aud grain, MUlsat ftdniouton, Victoria -ma
New VVdStminsl-r, bilavutorn nn Culgarj &
Kilniuiaim Railway.
.Mill at PILOT BAY.
J.   A.   SAYWARD.
A MAODONALD &. OQ.-im-wr v,i-
��� nun alia JuBt-p-iluo btreett-. wholosalo
uro-tt-tt and jobber*, in bl-uikeit., Klov.-n, mltis,
Loots,  rubber*-, QiaoKihHWtJ ui.it tnltiurs' nun**
Fa__-__rl   -V    rw   __  -. .     -.     O
��� bu  1.   i* O-j  ������>���' "   ������
__    ivli -ie- tit   iu mui     iu i-'t n .uiu
I ine.iLn.   0 IU -l.'iiU'*
-Jiakur Pireet  .Nelson,    it iioic-iuudu.-l
ers in fro it Andouiod meals
LiMITUD iiiiker OLreut, N-_Im.ii, uiiule-
rait. dealers in bwdwaro and mining supplies,
plumber*.'mul [inniultti'ti supplies.
NELSON   HARDWARE   CO. ��� U bulu
--mii .anus uuu ulib,
vernou mm .luM'i-hino dtvouLa, NV.ou
wholesale de-iiem iu llquora cigars and dry
goods. Agout-*_or Pabs_ Brewmg Co. ui Milwaukee and Calgary Brewing Co, ni C-hlgary.
UDSON'S BAY CO.- -A holesale gro
oonesand iii'uur.*.,o-.u.. Baker___,_ Kelson,
C. A- PROSSER,   Manager.
Real Estate,
Fire Insurance,
Life Insurance
JY  GRIFFIN * OO.-Cornor Vornon
���   ami juflepluno.otro-tH. NuIkuii, wholosalo
iii-ulursni provtaloufl,cured rnoati. butter ami
l-KK ���	
MILLS, LniUTBD���Cornor l-ruiu ami
j Hull streoui, Xi'li-uu. niiinurliclurur.-H uf ami
I wholesale doalora in sash ��� a doors; all kinild
I of t'tiulory Murk niiule in orilur.
nor Jusoplutu.' uml iiiik'a' tftreotn. .*iKt-s-
[ fur ('iilcl11.11 (.'iirbitlu ami Wnllnml Aoetylene
Kin   MnoliinoCn.
A. R- BARROW, a.m.i.c.e.
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Cornor Vlotorla and Kootonaj st-i.
K O. Ilox 559. Tolcpluiili! No. 115
I. i. l.ltl I \
r. a. GLBMBNTa
Small   House $ 8.00
Small  Cottage    10.00
Civil   Engineers   and Provincial
Land Surveyors.
'V, O. Box 115 Kelson, n l'.
Paper Hanger,
Glazier,    Painter,     Etc
Chimney Sweeping.
Office, Ward St. opp. Opera House
i whara you run depend on Kotiiiit. tho i��*��t
Il iiMnilsin ths murk.*! ntii. any qtmntlty fron:
10c. up.   FMOM cmiiiot bo disputed,
iimim o.i.
Frank A. Tamklyn, Mgr.t
Bakbr Street, Nelson] j
Atlantic S. S. Lines
Prow Portland, Me.
Allan Line'���Prtristnn'' ..Fob 10
Allan l-ini: "Nuuiiiiu-ii"       Fob. SI
Dominion lino "Vanoouvor"  Fob 17
I'uiu,nin, Linu "Dominion"1 March .'t
From Bt, John, N. H.
BoavorXlno "Montrooo"  Fnb.7
Heuvur Line "Aruwa"     Feb 11
From Ronton
Dominion Lino "N-aW Kn^land" Fob. 14
Krum Nt w   York
, DaUBl-d Line "Lucania"  Ken lu
j -'utinnt Line "Kiiuiiu" Feb. i;
, White Blar Line "(ieniiiinle" Feb.7
1 White Btar Uno "Oceanio" Fob, i'i
Auehor Lino "Asturla"    Fob 17
ineriran Linn -New Ynrk" Fob. li
Hwt star Line "Kensington"  Feb I.
J North I)i'nn in Upjd "I aim"     Kuh. 2n
t Allan Slate Une **State of Nobnuika' .March 1
! P_u__ngM arranged to and from ail European
; points. Kor rah'-. Iirkrir- and full infrrmalion
1 apply to (M*. H, depot agonl or (' _���_. Meanloy,
; city raMongei Agent. Nolmn. H.'
W. 1��. K. CUMMINGa
f-.-ni-rn.   Aircrti  '   l��   H   ���!�����* *. '..|.lr. ft
nilllt   llll.lkllC.       ><)1 AUV II IILK'.
Windermere Mine.'.   Corrcau  ��� otcoSorcitcd
Turner BeetoN(& Co.
Just arrived from Milwaukee.
(/A aU<aJL  <V TLAJ  1~��<14- Jsl
^m-/^/y./* AlltAUL t\***7lrAAM
0 J ' 0    _��   _f      '    j 'f
Aynyfi/ 4n.4Lsv   *Ub>twu.iLts ArAiis.
We are going out of this line for all time.   This is absolute.   We have a large and
up to date stock on hand, and will close the entire line out at your own price.
Shirts at Less money than ever sold for before.
Underwear below manufacturers' cost.
Neckties, latest patterns, cheaper than cost of goods.
Collars and Cuffs almost given away.
Hose at lowest prices ever quoted.
THEY   riUST   BE   50LD
To Make Room for Spring Dry Goods.
Prices  that almost correspond with the above will be found to prevail in our
Dry Goods Depaitment.
Dress Goods from
Prints from
Flannelettes from
White Cotton from
Toweling from : :
All Wool Grey Flannel : :
Table Linen, Pure Irish Linen, extra width/
Ladies' Tailor-Made Suits
Ladies' Skirts
Ladies' Silk Blouses
Ladies' Wrappers
Ladies' Aprons
25c a yd up
cents per yard
cents per yard
$8 up
-      $4 up
$4 up
. 75c
40c up
Today is the great day of the week at our store.  Bargains the greatest ever quoted
in Nelson.   Satisfaction guaranteed, or money refunded.
Martin O'Reilly & Co.


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