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Nelson Daily Miner Jan 5, 1900

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 i���rial Library
pvovm01*1 Victoria
Dailv Edition No. 618.
Nelson. British Columbia, Friday, January 5.  1901
Tenth Year
Great Enthusiasm Displayed
in Eastern Cities
A Bic Battlo Expeoted to Take Place at
Tugela Eiver Next Week-���Germans Very Hostile-
(Special Dispatches to Tlie Minor.)
Montreal,   .Ian.   4.��� Fifty one   men.
representing Montreal's contribution
to the art llery force aiul n number of
men sworn in in complete recruiting
nt Qnebea for the Mounted Rifles, left
for Qnebea today. A thousand looul
militia men turned ont to bid tlie re-
oruitH jioori bye and thousands of people lined the march lo tbe station.
Mayor Prefontnine made a speech to
the men in the drill shed, declaring
that he know they would do then-
duty. Four bands were in tho proces
gion to the depot, while in between
wore thousands of citizens singing patriotic songs. Tho cheering at the depot as the train drew out was deafening.
Ottawa's   contribution    to   Mounted
Rifles arrived in town tonight and are
quartered nt the drill shed.
Winnipeg, Jan. -1. ���Tho 0. P. K. de
pot wus the scene of another soldiers'
farewell, when five members of the
Royal Canadian Dragoons left for Toronto where they join the general
staff of the Fiist Battalion of Canadian
Mounted Rifles for service in South
Africa. Sergeant-Major .1. 0, Page.
Sergoaiit-Trnmpoter 1.. Inglis ; Orderly
Room Clerk, Sergeant P. Dalton, Pte.
Mordant Ager and Pte. Watts, of the
Maxim pun detn.ohiiie.nt. made uu Ihe
party. Tbev were accompanied by
Sergeant W. II. Teunant, of the Winnipeg Field Battery, who .-joins the
western contingent al Kingston, and
who was called away from Nelson to
go to the front.
" Ottawa, Jan. 4.���Kingston and   To
ronto troops will arrive iu Halifax at (i
p. m. on the 16th instant. Tim Ottawa men will leave bv tho Onnnria-At-
lantio about ten ni eleven o'clock on
the morning of the 18th Inst and will
start from Montreal by tbe Inter-Colon inl in ii p. m There will be Hit
men and five officers and 1)17 horses
that will leave here. Besides there
will be five flat rars witli wagons and
gnus, two oars witli hnrness and one
baggage car. Tlie Toronto party will
have 18 ollicers and Ifill men il'd Ififi
horses. From Kingston there will In;
10 ollicers end IN] men and IBS horses
��nd six guns.
Toronto. Out, Jan. fi. ��� Then is
much regret here over the eiroun.-
sbinces under which artillery men left
on Tuesday evening with no pocket
money, nn souvenir and little or no
enthusiasm It was not, however,
beoanse of wanting of popular interest
but simply because tlie order to go
enme so suddenly and at tlie same time
the impending change of Mayor, and
moves in tbe City Council put the
municipal system in a sort of chaos for
a few days
When 180 Mounted Rifles leavn Toronto in a few days, there will doubtless be another euthnsiastic farewell.
Reginn, N, W. T.. Jan. 4.���Commissioner llcrehnier bus returned from the
West, having nnrchiiseii horses for lhe
contingent. Many of the ranchers
offered horses as gilts. Every train
now brings horses and men and trooping is prnceeding rBpldlv. Today Superintendent Howe handed over tho
command of the denot division to Su-
peiiiitendent Constantino, who will
take up his residence at Commissioner
Herclnuer's house, and wh.) is busily
engngfd swearing in members of the
Winnipeg, Jan. 4 ���A mammoth patriotic oonoert and demonstration wus
held iu tlie drill hull hern tonight, the
proceeds of which will bo devoted to
the fund for Winnipeg's contingent to
the Transvaal. The n't'iiir was a splendid success, the drill ball being crowded to the doors. Patriotic speeches
were delivered by leading men and n
clioius rendered by a largo ohoir of
school children.
Colonel Peters, lute D. O. 0. at Vic-
loria,was hero today en route to Toronto, whence he has heen transferred,
Loudon, Out., Jan. 4.��� Scones of
nine weeks ago were repeated in London yesterday,when 80 members of the
Canadian Mutinied Rides departed for
South Africa. Though i half holiday
had not been declared, thousands assembled along the line of march, and
ut the station tho enthusiasm displayed wiih its meat ns when the llrst con
tiugont left. Mayor Wilson presented
each of I lie eleven Londoners, on behalf
nf lhe council,with two sovereigns aud
ouo sovereign each to tho others.
of this city, was expected to supply Tin
men I'm' the artillery brunch of lhe second contingent bnt only about 40 Imvo
Volunteered 1$. 0 A. A. men nre anxious to go to the front, however, and
us thev hn"e been pronoin cud physically fit, this parr of the contingent
may be considered completed, The
QuebfiO Field battery was supposed to
furnish l!i men, but not one has volunteered and their places hnve to lie filled bv others. St. John, N. II, garrison artillery will furnish eight men,
while severul other gunners have
offered iheir services.
Ottawa, Out., Jan. :(.��� Thrjn chaplains will go witli the second contingent, namely: Rev. W. J. Cox, Anglican, Pngwa��h, P. E. T.. Rev. W. (..
Lane, Methodist, Purrshoro, N. S.,
ono Hon,an Catholic priest, not yet
named. Tbe Y. M C. A. will have
Mr. Rest, Hruntforri, as its representative.
Montreal, Jau. 4. ���The Imperial
War Ofrloe today cabled tho Canadian
Pacific for freight rate on ],e()0 horses
from Calgary to South Africa, via St.
Job ns, N. B. It is evident that tbe
War Oflioe intends buying horses in the
Ont.-, Jan 4 ��� Winnipeg's
for the second contingent
this afternoon and "C"
buttery is now complete. The latter
battery will leave here Jan. 1~ for Halifax.    Meantime thev will drill.
arrived hen
Ottawa, Ont. Jan., 4.���At the Mil'
itin Department, it is arranged that
Toronto, Kingston and Ottawa troons
would leave ou the lilth instant. It is
necessary that they should be in Hal-
if.ix on the lath.
Henderson Spoke   Until  a
Member Came.
l Associated Press Dispatches. |
London, Jan. ii. ��� (8 a. m.)���This
morning's news throws  no    further
light upou the situation. The exact position at Molteno and Cypher gat is
not yet clear but in any case these little engagements are of sniulliniportunee,
beyond proving that the British forces
are beginning to attain a greater degree nf mobility.
It is fully expected that next week
will see a heavy battle on the Tugela
River, which is now the, pivot of tlie
campaign, The inters appear lo be
working witli shovels and picks. Lord
Methue i's cavalry scouting has developed the fact that tho Boer entrenchments extend 40 miles, far overlapping
the British positions, and making
flunk attacks exceedingly difficult.
Military men affirm that the Boer
tienclies confronting General Puller
stretch owuy some seventeen miles.
and that work uuon them is pushed
unremittingly. While the advance is
delayed flank movements are rendered
most difficult heoause lone marches
nre not done with celerity and it is
hard to time an attack with certainty.
The extent of the Dutch rising, minnow lie measured by taking n line
from Prleaks, on the west to Herohol,
or Barklev, on the east. Along the
whole of this line except nt points B0-
tnalh occupied try the British, the
population seems for the most pint
Tbe Admiralty programme embraces
the stationing nf   small   squadrons   at
Durban, Simons Bay, Port   Elizabeth,
Lorenzo Marques. St. Vincent in the
Pane Verde Islands, and Capetown and
sending an additional Rhip or two to
Aden It is announced from Home,
that Hritish agents and rietctivoH lite
secretly watching all Italian ports.
London, Jan. 4.���Mr. William Waldorf Astor has sent til,000 for tbe fund
for    equipping    the   corns   of   London
Volunteers,   This  brings Mr.   Aster's
total war contributions to ��18,000
Boston, Mass., Jan. 4.���Tlie Onniird
S. S. Ciiiiiilhia left; the Fust Bolton
dock today for the secoud trip to South
Africa in t   e   service   of   the   British
Government,    Che steamer goes direct
tn New Orleans, where a oargo  of   I.-
500 mules will be lukcii on board,
Hamburg,    Jan.     4. ��� The     German
Fast African Company publishes a
statement in the Barnburner Noah-
richten. naving thnt immediately on
the declaration of war. the company
voluntarily refused to forward tn Booth
Africa two consignments of arms already on board their vessels, promptly
to avoid trouble anil delay in connection witli the other portions of the
cargoes. A ennv of the manifest nf lhe
Bundesrath has been published showing that her cargo did not contain contraband. The owners declare that
there is absolutely no foundation for
the statement tint saddles and other
war materials have been found amid
the cargo of the Bundesrath,
Exciting Sitting of the Provincial Legislature  Which Be^
gan Yesterday���More Aid for the Empire-
First Bills Introduced
ing done in tho Sunday Schools. The
older school which meets in the church
showed an increase in attendance of
180 per cent.
Mr, MoDerinid was appointed superintendent for the next year The Sunny School which meets ill the mission
ill in Hume Addition has also made
noouraging progress under ihe oanipe-
eiit superintendence of Mr. R. Rohert-
son and the untiring efforts of Mrs.
j Peck. These schools are starting out
With the s:ime le.iders for the uew
j year.
Reports of H. Y. P. U. work were
[received which weie in part encouraging but which is fully Hoped will ho
far behind the next yenr. The new
ollicers of the Union are President.
Miss Merrill; Vice-President, Mr.
Stocks : Organist, Miss Anne Mellon-!
aid; Sec.-Trens , Mr Taylor. With
such a stuff of leaders tho society must
The Ladies' Aid has given in a full
lenort whioh is of a most satisfactory
character The new Aid officers are
President, Mrs. Ellis; Vice-President,
Mrs. Prosser; Sec -Tresis.. Mrs. Peck.
The meeting adjourned until next
Wednesday night when the church
ollicers will he elected.
(Special Dispatch to The Miner. |
Victoiia, B. C., Jan. -I.��� The session
of tbe British Columbia Legislature
opened at I! o'clock today with the usual ceremonies. In tho Speech from
the Throne, after reviewing the Afri
can war and the dispatching of volunteers, the Lieutenant-Governor speaks
of tho settlement of the claim disputes at Atlin.   Continuing it says;
������The   rapid   growth  in  population
and consequent requirement of B   large
school  accommodation, it    -,
that  the wholi
bo  revised.    At
is a general de-
in   many   towns
become lcOOXpor-
QnebMi Jim.  I.���Tho Field battery,
Berlin, Jan I.���The seizure of the
[in peri a] mail steamer has considerably
aggravated the situation   here   au   the
indignation against England is Intensified, The Government, however, is
still earnestly endeavoring tn preserve
correct official   relations.    No   answer
that, is considered satisfactory, has yd
been received from Louden, und ue
oording to advices here, none is to be
expected for several days longer. To-
day's news, bowevev, Induced tbe German Government tn send another pro-
test to London.
Significant of the intensity of Germany's Indignation against England
in this matter is a declaration publish'
ed today by the German Colonial Society, among whose 80,000 members are
a number of reigning German princes,
which says;
I'England's reoenl proceedings
against German vessels are an outrage.
Tlie faot remains thul lhe small respect whioh the English people fed for
(lermanv   because  of    tier   deficiency
increase in
makes it iniperntivi
educational system
the sumo time, then
sire among people
which liuvo recently
ated for a large share in tlie control of
their schools. A metsure, therefore
will he laid before you whioh, it is
thought, will accomplish this end.
Renewed activity is apuarout in the
liimhorim�� industry, and a grsu'-r demand is likely to arise to make it desirable that some amendments be
made In the act for the measurement
nf logs ns will make its operation satisfactory both to mill owners and loggers nnd a bill with that object is to
be introduced.
"Notwithstanding    the   substantial
remissions of taxation mnde last year,
the general revenue is well maintained. The loan authorized last session
for tlie purpose of providing funds for
the discharge of the large deficit uccn
tnulated. was successfully negotiated
iu London in July last Then it was
only found necessary to issue (1.649,
000, authorized by the net. The price
realised wus higher than that obtained
for any previous issue, The Columbia
it Western Railway Coinpanv, having
completed the line   between   Uosslund
nml Boundary Greek, has become entitled to the land grant of upproxi-
ma ely 2,800,000 acres Preliminary
arrangements hnve been made between
mv (loverniiH tit and the company for
the substitution of a ossll subsidy for
the land grant on such terms ns will
realize substantial saving to the I'm
viuoial Treasury, as compared with ihe
plan adopted lit regard to the payment
of similar subsidies in the past. By
osrrviug ont this arrangement it will
be possinle therewith to open for s,.|.
tlentent in Boundary Creek district
an urea of nwnit 4,000,000 acres, now
res'i'vi'd. The great increase in population in the Boundary Greek dlatriot
and the rapid development of its mining and other intlii-tries, entitle H to
have ii'picsi ut itinB* in the Legislature,
An ami nditient to tho Con��titnt'on Act,
will therefore  he introduced to effect
this, Some amendments will be proposed to the Coal Mines Regulation
Act.     Amendments will be   introdua,
ni to   the    Liquor    License    Act.     The
Government will he asked to author'
Ize  n expenditure to  make Omlneca
Opening of   tho northern pint <f the
Province was also dealt wiih.
Victoria,    B     0,    Jan.   4.-By   tbe
casting vote of    Mr.  Speaker, lhe (lov-
ernmenl   succeeded   today iu  proving
lhe falsity of the prophecies thnt they
had only to meet the House to he do-
touted. There is still u possibility Ihul
when Mr. Prenlicn makes his appearance nn (he scene Ihey will have to
succumb. The 1 louse was opened
with the usual pomp and ceremony.his
honor being attended by a brilliant
stall and there being a very large attendance of Spectators, The Speech
from the Throne being disposed of,
the Ooverntuent brought, iu a resolution offering tlie Imperial Government
a hotly of mounted men lo net with the
Canadian contingents in the Trans-
vunl. Mr. Scinlin moved 'l:\ resolution in a graceful speech and tlie mo
lion was Seconded bv Mr. Tinner, who
reached lhe heights of eloquence in referring to Canaan's doty in assisting
the Empire,   Then name spt
uttered. This brought up Hurry Hel-
nielten, senior member lor tho cit y
who proclaimed the loyalty of the people of Victoria nnd read a resolution
be wns intending to move, hud the
Government failtd to take action.
Moving tlie previous question Mr. Hoi-
moken was warmly applauded. The
motion curried unanimously,
Then niimn the struggle. Premier
Semlin moved that when the House
adjourned it stand adjourned until
Monday nt U o'clock. The motion was
defeated IS lo 17 and Mr. Tomer mov-
thul   the   Hi
stand adjourned
i when it did adjourn until Tuesday afternoon.   The  Government   was ex-
picting Wells to arrive on lhe evening
iboat from the Mainland and it became necessary to talk the motion out
until II o'clock. Alex. Henderson was
put up tn do it and rising nt 4i80 he
succeeded in talking until six, helped
try the many infeiruptions of the members of the Opposition, who rose continually to points of order. Tbe Government was saved in the evening
Wells wus ou hand ui.'d the House de-
fented tlie motion to adjoinn until
Tuesday by casting vote of the Speaker, 18 to IS, with Prentice still absent. Of course the Opposition are
jubilant. Joseph Martin came from
Vancouver this morning by a special
bout to Nnnaimo thence by n special
train provided by Dunsmuir. The
Government members drawing there-
from i" inference thnt Martin has
been   won   over to rapport everything
they condemned in the late administration. The House was crowded all
day, in sxpentation that Martin would
make a bitter attack on the Govern
ment. He contented himself with
rousting    Henderson, on his change   of
opinion, retorting tho Attorney-General's   Insinuation  that  Martin   had
chtinged coals.
Htggins nnd Martin were the bitterest  opponents  of the Government  all
through. Tim Speaker's rnliug that
the motion of the Government was in
order. Using II o'clock Monday for the
next meeting, when the motion to adjourn until two thnt daj hud been defeated, Is severely criticized and Eberts
asked the Speaker to give a written
inline, staling he did not believe
any other Speaker in Canada would
agtee wiih him.
Hill No. I, introduced by Henderson, lo amend the jurors act, extends
I hut net to Nelson and Kosslui.d regts-
teries, selectors   of juiies   to sit iitimi-
ullv at Nelson on December IB,   Rom
land.  December, 80, selection and distribution of jurors and   preparation   of
the rolls at Nelson Registry   Offloe  at
I lie end of every four yours, from lie
cumber 18, IHIIS.und at RoHslnnd nl the
end of four years fni'ii December 80,
ISIIK. Krom the rolls of jurors at the
Nelson Registry, lhe Dumber to he
selected for   grand   jurors is 4S; petty
jurors, 110, ami tlie distinction between the paynrent of jurors  east und
west, of tlie Cascades Is abolished,
i inline the discission this afternoon,
.Martin, and Henderson hid a warm
ultiTcutinu, Martin denied some statements of Hendersons und the Attorney.
General sold he would not mi-'-that
from any man in or out of lhe House
They talked quite friendly aitet the
House adjourned, although many expected to see u row. The Hon
jiuirnt d at III o'clock tonighl
Greenway Will Probably Step
Out Tomorrow.
Sensational Evidence in the Baiter CaBo at
Montreal-Wimipeg's Big Bank
What Wo Bny From the United States
in the Course of a Year.
The custom's collections for the
p rt of Nelsou during IKSI!) amounted
to f 168,859.89, and of this over $100,-
Ono represents tlie duty on goods of
United States manufacture. Tbo total value of the goods thns imported
amounts in round numbers to about
1400,000. To this must be added the
value of the nnn-datiuhle goods lm-
ported from the same sonice whioh
totals np to about .$840,000, milking the
very respectable total of $640,000,
When Nelson alone buys goods to this
extent in one yenr. it is readily seen
what nn Immense advantage the milling development in Southern British
Columbia has been lo onr American
cousins, though it does not say so
much for the enterprise of Canadian
By way of exchange the only products exported are, practically, ore,
copper nintto, und copper, lead and {
gold bullion. The Pernio coal mines
export a little to the United States bat
their shipments at present are confined
to 88 cars a month. Tlie hulk of their
Output is consumed in this Province,us
not only do they supply the Hull
Mines and Trail smellers with coal
and coke, and also the locomotives on
the C. N. P. road, but they bave very
large orders from the naval authorities
at Esquimau. Later on, when tho
vast coal deposits nre folly developed,
the foreign export trade will, no
doubt, expand, as there is no 0081 like
the Crow's Nest coal to be obtained
within a reasonable distance of the
State of Washington.
However and wherever trade develops in Southern Hritish Columbia,Nelson must be to some extent benefitted
thereby,    as   all   merchandise destined
for Kootenay and stale points, whether it comes from the east or from the
smith,must puss through Nelscn,which
is tho pivot of the railway systems
himtli 01 the main line.
(Special Dispatches in The Miner.)
Winnipeg, Man., Jan. I.���It is generally expected that Premier Green-
way and Oabiuel will resign office on
Saturday next nnd Lieutenant Governor Patterson will then call upon
Hugh John Maodonald to organize Ins
Government, it is understood that
Mr. Macdonald's Cabinet will be composed of himself as Premier ami Attorney-General : R. P. Koblin. Provincial Treasurer, ami .1. Davidson,
Works and Agriculture, with two other
members without portfoliot, Davidson
has no scut iu the House. A protest
lins been entered against the return of
li. O. Ennis,Lihornl member tor Benn
tifnl Plains.   Bunis defeated Davidson
lit lhe recent elect ion.
military experts, Colonel Maker ami
Major-General Klncbsnt, The President nf lhe Council. Mr. McKcehnie,
dived into history ami cited instances
in which Canada hud done her duty iu
Paris, Jan I.���The High Court (Senate) iu secret session today condemned
M. Buffet and Deroulede to ten years'
banishment.   M,    Gnerln    was  sen
tenced to teli years' confinement in ii
fulfilled place, M. Saluces was sentenced to ten years' banishment.
M. Dernnlcrie, still weak from Ins
illness, entered the hull leaning on M.
Barl liters arm. Among the pit'lie
were M. Ilcrouleile's daughter und brother and quite n number of women
friends of the prisoners. After the
reading of yesterday's oeeisinn M. Fnl-
lieres ordered the expulsion of the men
acquitted   and   the public  prosecutor
asked for the application ol sentences
against the convicted.
M. Buffet1! counsel, M. Noitnandc,
followed in behalf of his
client anil begun to expiate on lhc|lut
tor's sentiments when M. Fall Teres
-.topped him and told the Inwver to
keep   the   question   of tlie   sent intent.
"Well." sanl   M.   Normande, "strike
mv   client, so   thnt    lhe country    inny
judge  tbe  extent ot the bate and fear
whioh animate you. "
M. Kniiieies Interrupted tbe conn
sel with lie remark; "You nre insulting the court "
M. Normande rejoined: "M. Bnffot
leaves this court greater than he entered It and he will beoome greater still
in prison,
M.    Buffet   then   said:    "You   have
dealt me  a   blow,   Thank  you.    Yon
| have condemned     the    Government
twelve limes and   I tliiittk yon   twelve
tunes.    I do not, want tn benefit by the
lleienger  law.    II   there   wern  street
| ilenionslratuioiis tomorrow [would take
Annual Reports Show an Kncoiiraging  part in thcin.      I d t want pity ot
Slate of Affairs, ""M" .;",,.,!,!���,,.,,��� y,en r���H��� llm| ������,���,
The animal business  i ting of tbe     "Sinoe yon  hnve coupled  me with
Eirst Baptist Church was held on Wod' the valiant Royalist, Buffet, ami the
nesiluy evening. The reports given of courageous anti-Semite, (lueiiii, I will
the yenr's work were nf n very eticour- ' huro their   piv.     But,    however   haul
aging character, The membership has may be the sentence, however distant
been strengthened by  many valuable she exile, whioh Is even more oruel for
| me,  a patriot and soldier, I   will  return.    I will return when   justice   re.
'tutus.     I sliull be free when Ihe tuition
becomes free.     I urn here   by   LiOUhel S
then.     Accomplish
und double shame
Parliament,    Vive
Vive la  Republl
members   during   the   year,    the   increase   being   one hundred   per   cent
The congregations  have been steadily
growing.  This church   litis   been   supported during the entire year   without
ii "sale"    oi "scoter'   lo raise   money
cites from   and has prospered financially as the n
a stiniliur maiincr,
with an allusion to the   published   reports  that a pto Rocr movement  was
Inking place in the cilv nml   question-
in iin-ml power, bus Ink nch a   deep   |D��� tlie Jnyalty of the   people   of   Vic
orders    strike me
thai which  remain
on   the   history of
I.'Ainiee Nut i< mill '
que tin People I"
M.  Deroulede wus listened to In pro-
h Sunday.   The  report ol the year I found silence but his passionate utter-
previous shows that the total  Bundaylanoei  caused  �� great sensation,   M.
ports show.J In Ihe yenr 1801) Ih I offerings received   at   the   Sunday   service
toiiilled 11,848,08 or mi average nf $;m
Continued   OB Fourth I'ligr.
tuna in allowing such sentiments to lie
lulling offerings were |608.18 or no average ol Guerin said he did not wish  to make
118.78,   Tills oomparlson of ilm two any farther defence,
veurs clearly indiciitits the rapid devel- i ile would not utter a word nf repent
opinent of the church's financial uncc nr appeal tin indulgence, adding
strength, "I will ny  to my  friends,   courage.
Reports wore given of the work   be- .confidence."
Montreal, Jan. I ���The oase against
James Baxter, chnrgod with assisting
,1. .1. Herbert, ex-teller of the Ville
Maiie hank, to escape from justice,
was continued in tho police court today. Herbert and o Brian, oharged
with complicity with Baxter, ate the
principal witnesses, The former stated
that while the teller of the lunik he
oashed ducks to tbe amount of $40,
000 tor Baxter, when there Jweie uo
funds to his credit These checks
were initialed by Lemieux, ex-acount-
unl. When he made his escaped. Her
her* thought that in view of Ins relations with Baxter, the latter ought to
help hint and with that object iu
view he sent O'Brien to Baxter Au
arrangement was made by which' the
latter was to go to Baxter every eight
days and receive -*10 or $13, Herbert
further deposed that the greater por-
tlon of his shortage was made up of
cheques cashed for Baxter who had
no funds in the bank. A few days
before the suspension Herbert gave
these checKs lo    l.e'ititieux, the bunk's
ii mutant,   now serving threes years'
tentenae. When Herbert's cash was
counted, as Baxter had the money and
Lemieux had the checks, he was thut
inuoh short More startling evidence
is promised.
Winnipeg. Man., Jan, 4.���The total
iiiiuk clearings at Winnipeg clearing
house for tlie last year reached tlie
enormous sum of 1107,786.814; an increase of 117,118,487 over 1808, when
the total uus $00,674,886, In '<s!i? the
clearings amounted tn $84,486,888. Tim
'���iisioms returns for Winnipeg for the
year show thnt $1,881,686.86 wns collected in duties uguinsl $1,084,001.68
fcr 1888,
Bedsnn Molver, of Peguis aged 84,
was killed at West Selkirk, while playing witn companions on the ice. They
started to run  n   raoe,   when   Molver
run into a stick   which   cuf the   main
artery iu the eye, He was taken to the
hospital nnd expired shortly after,
Toronto, Jan. I. ��� Abraham lv Fin-
burg, tin- junior member of the firm
of Br nek & Flo burg, bat manufacturers, Ohiongo,   was found  dead  in  his
renin at  the Itossiu   House   this morn
iug with a   bullet    hole in   his   bend,
r-'iiiburg, who was well uonneoted, evidently oame to Canada to take  bis life
for reasons  winch  have not yet   been
a: rtaiiied
Olaveriiig,  Ont,   Jan.    I.��� Robert
MoMIUen. 80 year- "f age. WSS found
doad in a IOOW bans near bis in ii ii '���
hero      lb' I' II a   week ago ill a slolgh,
which, wiih the horse, was found
near  Wiartou  last Friday.   How  the
old miiii was brought here is not
known though il hits been   le-eeitained
that he was frozt n to death
Ottawa,     .Ian.      4.��� Julien    Sobillk
nnd Joseph l.nnriiiuti, wh" lived in
the vicinity of Kustman's Springs,
while i tolling Hie Canada Atlutite
truck on u level crossing, in a rig
yesterday evening, were run into by a
piiN-engcr tram, und instantly killed.
Bcblnk was ,o years "in und Laodiinu
Montreal, Jon i ���The Shamrocks
defeated the Montresls at hockey lust
night with a score of six'goala to  one.
The ebumpioiii.   hud    their   full   tOOUl
out except the goal   keeper    Montreal
only    played    tin I   their   regular
Slteetsville,    (int.,    .Inn.      I. ��� Noah
Phelps, formerly prosidenl <d the Lincoln Paper Mills and for 86 years president of Grimsby Park Company, died
here this iiieiiiing
Montreal,   Jan,   i. -The fire In Her
nier \ West's  wholesale drygoodi es
Continued mi fourth Pegs,
Nelson Daily Miner
1 '.iiilii ni'ii Daily except Monday.
NklsonMiner Pbintisq & Pdbubhinq Co
l>   J.   BEATON, Editor and Manager.
ScuscnipTioN Rates,
Il-.lly per month by can'.er t 100
per bait yoar    5 00
por yeer  10 00
per your by mall    6 CO
poryenr foroUtn  1000
Nkl&on Wkkkiy Miner
Waekly, pe naif year	
per year, fcjrelgn 	
Subscription i Invariably iu advance
published of all the fnels iu the case.
It appeared in yesterday's Miner, and
makes exceedingly interesting reading.
The Lectfje, New Denver, says tlie
labor trouble in the rilocan tins not yet
reached a definite solution. How can
it reach u solution as long as one side
believes that unreasonable demands are
made and tho other refuses to moderate them'.- It is but another instance
of an irresistible force coming into
contact with nn immovable body.
There can lie no solution excepting
through the Legislature, Some modifications of the Eight-Horn' law.failing
its absolute repeal, will oiler upper-
UonMIn :r Printing & PubllshlngCo j'unity for, if it, does not invite, approaches which may lend to mi agreement.
.1 1 2d
..   200
,.   3 50
nelson. b. o.
Telephone   No.   144.
Electors ol West Wind will rejoice
to learn that Aid. McKillop has con-
Mr. Houston considered it expedient stinted to accept a second t��rui, ou the
to publish an address, in which be earnest entreaties of friends who did
could briefly Mate his views on the jnot want the City to lose the benefit of
public questions or issues that are sup- Ibis year's exper.eute nnd thevery composed to be involved  in the contest for j forti tig   assurance   of   bis   dowuripht
1900 1900 Accept Onr Thanks
Office an 1 Pocket
Whittaker's Almanac
honesty. T
he a raw 0
the May r's
to keep him
��� next Council will not
>. With Mr. Fletcher in
jhair nnd Mr. McKillop
onntenauce, there will be
if the old   Connoil to serve
the Mayoralty. The impression was
oonveyed, however, that this was only
a preliminary, as he intimated tbat
the questions would be discussed at
greater length as the campaign progressed. Less than n week remains,
yet the gentleman has given 110 sign
of challenging public discussion,either
on the platform or through his newspaper We understand there are several gentlemen in the City who would
be glad to meet Mr. Houston on the
platform, and there is no doubt a gen
eral wish that he would give them tht
opportunity by carrying out tho implied promise ol hiH address.
In the   meantime  The   Miner   will , 1N NEW HANDS,
take the liberty of a brief  reference to :    Detroit, Mich., .Ian.   -I.���The newly
one of  the  subjects mentioned.   Mr,  appointed reoeivei
Houston iu his address says.   "Nod
bentures  should  be
Cash Books,
Day Books,
Office Supplies.
New and Important
for what litis been tlie most
successful holiday trade we
have had since we came to Nel.
son While each Benson has
shown 11 substantial advance
over the preceding one, this
year the increase lias been beyond all our expectation, having more than doubled that of
last year, Prom a financial
point of view tins i> most gratifying to the management; it
shows that the lines on which
our linsiinss is conducted
meets with general approval���
but beyond this is satisfaction
in the feeling, that it is an indication of increased prosperity
throughout the etty and Kootenay district,.
'HS00 Miles Across Ciinrda.'
Price #1.50.
Au extract from a letter written  hy
ine of the Nelson boys iu South Africa
1 to Mr.   Rex   Maodonald   is   published
elsewhere.   It is the first message from
I the seat of war that has   come   to  the
iCity, and will be received   with lively
the construction of revenne-produoing
public works." Thu-is in paragraph
two, In the very next paragraph he
says: ������ A beginning should be made
this year at making permanent streot
improvements, The main
streets   should  be   macadamised,   and
Of the Chicago ii
ilirainl Trunk Railway have Issued cir-
|.nlars announcing the change   iu  the
1 ������ ilea except tin I management of the road and the estab-
the main residence streets
There is teeming evidence in those
short, extracts that Mr. Houston is
either a charlatan or is very ignorant
nf municipal methods aud principles.
II may be said first that a beginning
has already been made, and a most
substantial   one,   towards  permanent
street improvements. As this is ig-
noted, we are instilled in the belitf
that Mr. Houston desires to deceive.
That, however, is not remarkable, aud
need not be insisted upon. If is umie
important to be assured that if Mayor
he/vould not consent to the issue of
debentures excepting for works that
wool 1 yield a revenue. And he immediately adds that the principal
lishutent, (luring   the   receivership, of
headquarters  in   this city.   William
'Cotter   is    designated   superintendent
jaud James H. Muir, auditor and treas-
nrer, Receiver Meiidgnn attributes the
1 expensive  teimiiial   iu Chicago as be-
business pnR 'o a certain extent responsible for
-1 the company's financial disability.
Chicago, III., Jan. -I.���The receivers
Great Reduction!
per Ton
$6.15 per Ton
HARD COAL    tr��rt fir
(ANTHltAl'ITK)   99.QO
Oiii buyers are pleased to note that
their selections have been endorsed by
the public. Our staff of clerks finding
thny hud tlie right stock, good values
and fair prices, found their work easy
in selling goods.
Errors and misunderstandings may
Occasionally occur, strive as we may to
avoid them, If any such have ocoured
we ask your indulgence nnd will consider it a favor to bave the matter
brought before the 111:11 ngenien' either
by telephone, letter or-personal call.
We thank you agsi'i and wish une'
and all a Happy and Prosperous New
Delivered to an any point on
Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock
on hand of
Mill at PILOT BAY.
Yards,  NELSON and LAHDO
J.   A��   S.s"
Nelson Employment Agencv
Timher Frnnier.
Girl for Housework.
Two Nurse Uirls.
Baker ��.'!
J. H. LOVE, Ag't
crows NK8T
I inaugurated their control of property
by announcing a list of promotions  in
j the traffic and transportation departments,of  the  road.   George  T. Bell,
J wlio litis been   Assistant,   t.enoral Pns-
I seimei Brown, who heretofore baa been
assiBtaut to General Freight Agent
John \V. Loud, bus been made General
Freight   Agent,   both with  beadqnar-
ters in Chicago, other appointments
| are as follows: Superintendent William Cotter, with headquarters at Detroit : Auditor and Treasurer, James
H. Muir; Master Mechanic, J. K.
Mnhlflald; Master  Car  Builder, John
New York,   Jan. 4. ���In the trial   ot
Roland B. Molinenx today,  Dr.  Henry
. -.        ��..,>>...,. ...   ..I.,,,,,, ,,.\  I,,,,,,-, .   i_j,.  afjjjf-'
ts should be graded and macadam-   I'eaiiian Dongla*s,m spite of the streii
uons protests of Mr. Weeks, was allowed to testify oonoernlng tbe last lllenss
1 of H. 0,  Burnet.     He said he observed
i irritation of tint mums membrane of
the month and  throat  In   bis patient
land thai this ulceration wns caused hy
mercurv. Doctor Douglass said that in
bis opinion, however, Bnrnett died
from weakness of the heart, following
j diphtheria. Charles C. HueIics.u member   of   the   Knickerbocker     Athletic
I Club, testified to the ill (eeling between
rexes rjoraisb und   Moliuenjt.   one of the
most   interesting  witnesses of tbe day
ised at ouce. To macadamise n street
would be a public work, but we have
yet to learn that a macadamised street
is a producer of revenue. Mr. lions,
ton, therefore, if true to his opinion
08 expressed in this address, would
make finished stroets out of thu raw
aud compel the ratepayers to stand all
tbe cost as he went along. W lint do
thorn- who have to furnish tho
think of that prospect?
In nearly every city in Canada permanent stre'S improvements are made
OH borrowed money. As the improve'
ments are made for the future as  well
as the present, it is accepted as a  just j in the poison package w
principle  that
The Best New Years
for your Boys or  Girls is a course
of training at the
Business College
Don't wait for the High
School but give them the
high grade of supplementary
education afforded by this
institution. Classes formed Wednesday,  Jan.   3rd.
Victoria Street, noar Citv Hall.
Noiich Is herebygiven that.11 niectirn of
thu erodltor* nf Charles H. MiicilontiM
will lie lielil nt the uillcee nf Messrs Bowes &
Wragge, solicitors, linker street Nelson, B ('.
on Monday, me i.ith day of January, liniu.iit thu
hour nf Hire,' o'clock in ihe afternoon.
Hated at Nelson, B. C, the 27th lay of  Do-
cumber, 1K1H1.
Builders will find it to  thoir iiilvniiUiKe to
fliruro with Bradley & Co. on Painting,
Fraternity Hall
for linker .1 knnlcniiy His.
can be rented for Concerts, Lectures.
Dan.-es, Banquets and every kind of en
tertaintnent. Qood ante-rooms, cloak
rooms, Kitchen and dining room furnished.    For terms apply
DR. E. O. AKTHUll Oitv
Prospectors, Mteitii!
Young Men, Become Your
Own Assayers-
Three months will lunch you Assaying for
tioid. Silver, Copper. This department is hi
cbaive of Prof. Sutor, Honor Graduate of
MpGUI unlvertlt).
Live and learn how, cheaper than 70a now
most eftlcaolous in ehcckinKdisuase and
preserving h tilth, hiKhly recnniineiid-
od ny thu Mudleal Faculty and professional' arses. One hath will break up
the most severu^cold.
Imperial 8ilverware
The bust Koods on the markut. bountiful dealgne, and uvory article guaranteed for ton years.
Chautauqua Oombination 'Writing Desk
aud Drawing Board.
The best Klnduruaiion Combination
ever invented for children or young
people. Fully furnished with instruction hook, crayons, etc., invaluable for
home education.
The Silverware and Desks aro most suitable
for Christmns nresuiits. Call and lnspuct goods
at my olllee, Hull street between Baker aud
Agent for
liriiish Columbia.
Nelson Cleaning; and Dyeinp
8. D. PI RUHR Prop.
Ladies' and Gents' Clothing cleana I
dyed, altered and repaired.
Bear of ��larkr Hotel. \| 1 mi>
whs Joseph  h'tirrell,   formerly a New
ark   pnllcomnn.    He testified   that   he
saw Moliinetix   on   Dcceiulir   2N, 1KIIH,
coming front Haitden's store, at which
the silver bottle holder, which   figures.
the iuture should help
to pay the cost. In Nelson the work Ot
making streets is tho most formidable
tusk the oltUenj have to undertake,
The Oity is growing at a most gratify-
ing rate, and as it is necessary we
should hegin to assume metropolitan
uirs we shall be obliged at once to put
our main streets in order. This cannot
he done out of current revenue with-
"lit imposing a hurdeuHome rate, ami
a  burdensome    rate w-mld kill tho
i;rii,vtli of the town.       It would not 00
inst to present ratepayers, nor good
'���ivie policy, to tnakn thcni siand all
the cost of Improvements the benefit!
of which posterity is expected to slinrii
as well ns they. That is everywhere
recognised as the true principle, Mr.
Fletcher is also apprehensive of de-
bentores, bnt be protects himself by
saying that in the matter of street im
I'l'oveintinls "lhe cost should be met,
as far as teas!hie, (nun current revenue." That is right euough, hut we
all expect the necessities of the town
will demand expenditures which enr-
relit revenue cannot afford, in face ol
that emergency Mr. Fletcher Is freo to
resort to debentures; bnt Mr. Houston
declares that on   no iieconnt would   be
borrow money tor street Improvements,
and present ratepayers would either
be taxed to death or Nelson' would
have to he content with such sheets as
Nature has made for her.
Washington, D    <).,  Jan,   4.���With
the arrival at Manila 1 I' the transput
(Irani, which left San VrnicllCO OU Ihe
2ist of December with the isih Volunteer liifaniiy tioioieii) General Otis
will have command of an effective
force of abont on,OUO nieu The army
now iu the Philippines aggregate M,.
BOO men, of whioh 81,000 are regnlar
troops  mid   m.nOO  volunteers    With
the arrival ol lhe lirmit the Milne volunteer strength of H-1,000 mnn will he
iu the Philippines,
Tin tnirllj of it,., Drum and Modlolno.
'����� l��� l-tUjrod in iln- tiaiiuiii Is ihe iMi,-.i
������  ��� ' n-ii oloiuoiil In the miocomful iroal
iiiuni ot dl-i'ii-i,     I'ii- rniiliiins nru (10111-
I'liiiinuil   by   ih  ti'iiin   iib.iihiiule   pure
liriigs in noi-fscl condition, Rial inn olis
sl.-liin'-, ��klll will mil Im iiiiinii,',! by old
und Iiii|h,lunt dings.
Oiirstookaol requuiltoii for
The Toilet
The Nursery
The Sick Room
Are oomploto   Vout pnlronngo nolloltod,
Nurses'   Directory.
Kor the unnviinlutiu" ql I'ln-i.-laiis ������d
Nun- s, wo liavii u-i.-ilil|si���'d a Niii'm-h'
itiiiviniy. nml in order in hnvo it oont
plelu, rei|iin-l nil NurSIM In Mind In or rail
and  l.'iivu Iholr  inimes nml   nddroMOH.
KOTIOB uf asslunincnt pnrsuniit to the-'Creditors'  Trust   Heeds  Act"    and Amending
NOTICK  is hprjby Khun that Charles II.
m.i, mi,I,.ii,t heretofore m.,,i,i,:- .,.,, ,,,���,.,1 m,,r.
eliilllt inllieuilv of Nulr.  bTO. Iiiih  by  duud
dm ed the ait Inlay of Ilueutilbur. 1��!HI, assluueil
nil In- personal Mato, crodltsand etl'eeis which
may lie seized nnd soul inidur OXOOUtlon and nil
his re���| ,.���iatu t�� 8, M, Brydgoaof the said olty
of Nelson, aci'oiiiitiuit, in Irusl for -lie In-ni-ll't
of liis i-rudltni's.
Tho said duud was executed by tho said
l.linrles II .Maednnalil und tlie s,ild s. M
Brydgea on the '.M h day of Lioooinbor, IBB,
AH persons having claims ai<alii-t Hie suiil
i liarles II. MaodooMd aro required on or before
IhoSlltll ilui ot Kub-iiiiry. 1000. Iii send   to lhe
trustee fu 1 particulars ot themnio duly vorf
Bed. lOKether wiih tliu .eOUrlUM nf anil held
by thorn.
Not eulsli-ri'lij fllrthorglVOn that after tlie
-aid -Juiliiluv of Hulii-miry, hum, tl���- trustoe will
proouoo tiidlsirl'.iiiu n���. proceeds of the trust
e-tnti, among tho parltea nntliiud thtivin hm
inn runird mil, lo the claim- uf which ho Ims
ic civud iiuliccnnd Hint he will nut |,��� l|���|,i,.
lor the proceeds nf the I rii-n estate u- any ,���,||
Ihoroof, siidlsirltinted in any pnrs���n of whose
I'll III lie has 1101 hid IH.I Iie���| t|���.  U,,,,,   ���r   11���.
oombw,Vam,,0",B,C,'Uw -;"' ,ll,y "' ""
a M. BUVDQ1M. AMlgi	
Hoard and Instruction In Assajiiu, all for
tweaty-stx dollars pormoltth.
write to the PrlnotpeJ,
New Westminslor.
All clnssu- of luariiiiiK m.ty l�� had In this,
he only Coll- (ju of Us kind In tho West.
A. R. BARROW, a.m.i.cb.
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Corner Viclorin and Koolunaj SU.
1'. O. Box 559. Tolophouu No. OS
IJ> O   QUKKN, B. A.,
���    Land  Surveyor.
��� Surveys of mineral
claims lands, ele. Agent for obtaiiiltiK Crown
Griinln. Ollhe Turner-l.ueckh block Nelson.
B. ( .
Mi. ic Ih i. (lit, In ih, ���ii���i, , ,,, ,���������
whleli lakrii ill in. Honil leniln on lo r,r
liinr,- slmU.-Ap, ���i,-,
'I'linf vmi arc toduy in the most likely
part of the world iu which lo make a
f-uiiiiieV   Why not stop ami consider
Mining Stocks
lion-.-in and Sold.
, H. F. M'LEAN
Dispensing Chemist
W0Ph!  '"'      P.O. Holm     linker Ulreut.
Usll Unlet  Promptly aii..i,.i,.,i t���.
The average Oanadian render had be
au imperfect conception of   the   clinics
and conditions lending up to the   hoer
war until the win    had   actnnlly   been
declined.    He hns   learned   more sinoe -
of the   nntual   situation, hut   in   sonn-
respects be is probably still in the)
dark.   A young man,   Mr. Walter Car.  will   e
michaol, writing from Kimbnrley to a fW & the KngllilfCTnrohHohool Mm
lirother iu Nelson a   fortnight   |n   a,|-
vance   of  the   TroiiHvital   ultimatODI,
1 "' I- nn- piiitlcnlnrs apply (���
MI88 I'.M.Mi.i!.
        -'"""'s1-'    un iininiiiii, aiisirs t'.vi.M |.;|(
giviw onn of thu olouiunt statements yet Sri'troiS ��'"," "' Mr"' J' "' ""'"'"""n. Bak
Bennett's Improved
Safety Fuse
As    Supplied     British    Admiralty.
Tena and
Mary  Belle
anil others worked
bv the Western
Canada Gold Min-
Ing Co., is line of the safest buys on
the market   Thorough Inspection
cordially Invited.
60-62 Brodway,    New York
C1."I'"' "'!",k' throuifli speeuliillnii with deposil
of s,iii nu [tinny (lolliosl upward lor :i per com
niiirKln upwnril) on tiioi k Bkohange,
Tho urentest fort lines hnve boon (nude throuich
���peoulAUoni tn stoeUs, wheal or Oolton.
if younro Interested to know how ipeenln.
linns nre conducted notify iisjind we will tend
you   lnforiniillon  und  nuirkel letter free of
I'siuii oommlsslons Dbarood for sxeoutlna
8everam����l, Muni iimi sad RMIrwad
Bends(iuot.itIons fiiriilslii-d ou npplloatlon for
purebiiso, fido or exi IlitllKU.
We have jusi received
a carload of choice
Hudson's Bay Stores
West Baker St., Nelson.
Telephone; 13.
Wholesale Houses.
THORPE & CO., I.iMiTKii.-Corner Vornon und Cedar Stroets, Nelson, mnnu-
raoturont ��r mid wholonale dealon In aomtuit
wuiors nml trim sjrups. sole agents tor Bat'
cyon Springs iiiiiu'i-nl wnier.
- \. M. i uniunns, Lesw i, Kvory known
viuluiy of soft drinks, I-. O, llox 88. Telephone No SI. Hoover Street Nelson Bottlois
i.f the l'linioiis St, Leon Hot Springs Mlncrul
�� ntcr.
ner linker .out lullatroots, Nelson, mnn-
luui " KooU-tmy
ilfuetnrer-. of " 'toyui 8eiii
Hollo " briind of cigars.
HJ. EVANS &   .O.-lbuiorSiroel. Nol
���   son. ivuo.os.ilc (Ijii.ers in llmios, ,ik,-,u
eeinent, thu li ick nnd lire el ij, wulor pipe nud
steel runs mid .   n, r.il eoliilnissiou nn ,, h.,,,;,,,
l.lMlll.n.    Klonl Siroet,  Aeisuii,   wlToTo-
snlu denier.-, in   11 nu.    u.enls,   ulu.,  una   liny
and grain.  .Mills.,i tcdmonton, Vlotorla and
New  V, estiiiiiisiui.    Klninuu-s ou Culnary k
Edmonton Railway.
GEO.   F    MOTION   -Wholeiulo  Hay.
l.ruiu iimi i nud.   bpeolul gUOIAUOUi on
ciloiid iut. to .ih kuiiu-iiuj poii.tfl..
A MACDONALD & OO.-Uoruer Ver-
r\m   no,  mm  Jueopbine  .-stieeis,  wnulosalu
rouei'h unil jubboi's in blalmols, nlovos, mills,
booi*. rubbers, ntuoklnuWS und miuers' nun-
UU'iNs a. CO
Ullulc-,,11,'   UlX
t-'-ld hUirngo,
���liiKer ntreul,  .Nulxon,
s iu r.u-.li und cuicii
.      -n.ikirniivi.1. Ailsou.    vt lioiusaiudoni-
i.i ire li iimi cm ed uiuuw.
Broweraof Pine Lager
Ui'ci' nml  1'ditcr.
Ut up   in   nud   Sl-I-   UN.
UYErtS   -i   CO.
plulie ."suo'l
uumer.s iu t.muw.iro ,,
akuuis forUiaul i'owdo
Cornor   linker   and
,   Nelson,   wiiolosale
id    nun ii..-,    supplies.
w i.i.iiii.n i,,,kci nii-w'i, Nulaon, whole-
Mileile.ui-i-., ,n |, u-,u,,���-��� and ininii'K siippilus,
"Hie I mills mm ulin.
White Countered
Ghitta Percha.
Will Not Crack or Break,
Abeoluttly safe In all weather
iooo Noonday   600 Rich
Ucfi'iciKliiin Treasury stock
houie   and    Furniture,
i(""*zls'" KAUOMININO
W. STARMBR smith & co.
Painting ill FqirsiiiiiE
Chimney SwceplnR,
Houses, Ofllcea and Stores Cleaned.
All work done by us is irtmr-
iintccil lirst cluss.
I*avii orders at olllce \V ird Sin
I TURNER,   BEETON   &.   OO.   Coinit
! ��� tiriiu, .111,1 jiisupiimi, Btroeui, Ne'..on
��� Wlioiiuwle il,,,1,-,s h, |i,|i,���i-s ciKurs and dry
good., a���0u r���, |.���,,., |,,,,W1,^ ,.���, ���, M1f
tin. M'oinm > ni^ary liniwiii^ I:,,, ���f tlalgaiy,
,       ,'  I,,,l,     ,lli-     KMi
linker .til., N'oIhiiii,
it. oppeilt
Minimizes   risk   front   Bring
Everything to recommend it.
Ask your dealer for them.
Manufactured by
Iliiiim- nnd lot f, I. sale, oluse to
business part (if city,    l'riw *2,IKHI.
Ward Klrcot. mid net hi on lite ground Hoar.
. ini.-ti'iiideiiic Bollatlad,   Nn Wild I'liU.
Bank of
lhuiu uuuuuu 1
Camboume, Cornwall, England,
opjBritish Columbia,
llenernl Anctil for f,iniila.
lll-itrlhullnn Am-nU.
Is now prepared to issue
Draft! and Letters of Credit
on Skaguay, U.S., Atlin, B.
C, and Dawson City, Yukon
Spokane  Falls &
Northern R'v.
Nelson  <&.  Fort
Sheppard R v
Re6. I^^ntajljij^v.
Tin- only  .ill   nu   ,.n���|,��� Wii,lioiu
I'liiiiigi. i,f onrs between Noltou awl
ltoNHlimd nml S|i(,kiino iu���l llnNHland
Lv���   II.K. ii.ni. N...I.SON. Ar. ,-,.2(1 p.m.
I.v. 11 ar, a.ui. RCWSLAND Aiiiot),,i���
'frniii tliat lenvos N��)non nt a:15 ��� ���
PiwnougWH fur Kettle Miver anil Buuua
UMIyr niW,t RlMBron" w'tbBtnp--
II. A. .IAOKHON, O. I>. &T.A.
Minikin,i>   Want
Agont,Nelson, B, (I
ituriun iimi iliinorstuio.,
JY- GRIFFIN   ,-.   CO.   C.irn.-r   Vernon
���       tut Juauiilihiu nlrei In. Niilm.il, whouifliilln
tleaksrs m proviiilous.om
I moats, inn i ir iimi
NEjr.��P,N    SAW    AND    PLANING
MILLS, l.tMiTi'iii-.Cunier   Front   nud
!.',', "it'eeih,  Nol  iniiiiiiiiieiurur.. of  nud
whoh-Hiili- ilculcr,, h> Hindi m d diinni: nil klndn
Of fnclorji work uiiiile iii order.
V nor .loiMiiihlno nun liuui'i' rtireelH. AkI".
foi OalOlum liiirbldu .mil Welliuid Aiiolylene
mS9I i'",', ''lln (,(,l""i|l mi Kid I ins the ImHt
riinilNlnlli'i mukol and nny i|imnllt.y from
we, up, l'rieoH oaonot be disputed.
Prank a. Tamblyn, Mgr.,
BAKBR Strkkt, Nelson
Mrs.   McLaughlin's
Emit Ward P.operty Holders Hold a Meet-
u-g���The Naurs of tho Differ-
out Candidates.
Tim Aldermanio situation has now
tiikoii definite sliape. Yesterday after-
110011 Alderman MoKHlop was, with
considerable difficulty, induced to run
again. His sterling common sense
mill integrity of purpose made themselves i'ult during the past year, ami
there is no doubt but that he will be
re-elected. Dr. E. 0. Arthur nud Mr.
A. iyerlnnil will, as stated in yesterday's Miner, also run for the West
Ward. In tbe Rust Ward Messrs.
Hamilton fivers and "Blake"   Wilson
have definitely decided to run,and two
stronger, better and more rcpresenta-
tivu men could hardly be found. Both
are shrewd and prominent business
men and desrvedly popular, Mr. ('.
Morrison, ns previously announced, is
the third candidate,
The e si* candidates, while no compact exisis botwenn them, represent
the progressive element iu iho City,
and ,ni broad, general questions are
probably very much in nooord, One
thing is certain, and that is that they
aro all trying to do their bent to further the t'uy's interests aud have no
axes io grilled. Men who have tho interests of the City at heart and the intelligence to properly further them,
are me kuid of aldermeu that Nelson
There is .10 question of any straight
ticket of Mayor und Aldermen bein^
run tIii-s year. The two candidaies for
the mayoralty are seeking eleotion on
their own merits, and the alderniiinic
oandldates, the six ihove mentioned
nt any rate, are seeking tlie suffrages
of the electors independently of the
mayoralty contest Ex-Alderman
Madden will also try his luck again in
the West" Waul, and Mr. W. Irvine is
also mentioned as a candidate for tlie
Same locality. Mr. .1. A. Irving has
annonnoed himself as a candidate iu
the East Ward, aud several oilier
names have also been mentioned,
though, BO far as could he learned last
night, no ded.nte annoiiiicenieiit have
been made besides those   given   above.
A meeting of the householders and
propeity holders of the Kast Ward was
held last night to ennsirier the municipal contest, nud how the result might
affect them. Ihe.question of remov
ing the houses of ill fame from East
linker Street was considered the all
Important one by these present, and it
was decided tn endeavor to obtain a
statement of the question from ouch of
the candidates. A committee was ap-
pointed to wait 011 the various candidates and lenrii their views ou llns
Bnbjeot, and it wns dcidert to support
thuso candidates who pledge themselves to have the hniises removed, und
oppose those who declined. Should
all the candidates give favorable answers, they will probably take no part
in the eleitlons us n body.
Tim meeting of   Mr. Fletcher's sup-
purlers last night was again very well
ul tended, and a great deal of hind
work was done, Evi-ivonii has pot,
tloWO to business, nnd lhe present cain-
puinn promises 10 he thoroughly ,��ell
fought nut.   Mr.  Fletcher's   canvass
emit 1 itucs to be very favorably received, and his supporters are   coiiespond-
Ingly Jubilant,
At a lute hour last night The Miner
learned that Dr. Vt. A. Ii. Hull hud
final IV consented to become 11 enndi
date for the Kast Wind. Or Hall is
universally liked anil reipecled and
should make a strong candidate. His
advent rather alters the complexion of
afairs as outlined nhove and   tends to
make thing! a little complicated for
tlii' electois,  who  will
New Denver has contributed cue
man to the war���Lestook A.Forbes, lie
wns given 11 most cntliusiaslic send-
off on Sunday when he left for Calgary Sand was presented with fSOO,
contributed by New Denver and 8)1-
vnrton citizens, Mr. Forbes is an old
N. W. M. P. man.
During tho your 180!) there were
issued at the Recorder's office at Nelson 1,428 free miners' licenses, Ii7 coinpanv licenses and 24 special licenses,
118!) bills of sale, 1,8(19 assessment certificates and 10? certificates of im-
movements. During tho tame period
o?8 locations were recorded,
There aro 300 tons of ore nt the Mol-
lio Gibson mine sacked ready for shipment, and 1,000 tons will he shipped
from the mini.' during the winter. A
carlond of the ore arrived at tlie Hall
Mines Smelter yesterday, nnd another
carload will arrive this week Tho ore
being shipped runs about 12ji trances of
silver und ?B per oent, lend.
The war is having an unanticipated
effect on the municipality of Nelson.
Owing tn the stringency which it, has
canned in eastern money markets no
tenders have been received for the $115, -
000 worth of debentures recently issued
by the City, although they have been
Weil ndveiiised and the City Clerk has
tecelved nommuniontionfl concerniua
them from mnnj tiiffereut quarters.
Nelson Lodge No 26 of the Kniahts
of Pythias held the annual iustalla'ion
of ollicers on Titcslav evening, and the
following ollicers were chosen and installed for tho ensuing year: L.
Scott, Chancellor Commander; P. J.I
Bradley, Vine-Chancellor; H. Clements, Prelate; K. Q, Joy, K. of R.
and S. ; J, H. Vanstoue, Master of Exchequer; H.G, Pro-ser, Master of Fin-
8UC1; T. Lillie, Master of Work ; .1.
Roisterer, Master-at-arms; W. Lyuen,
Inner Guard; A. McQuaig, Outer
t'tit irii.
f,*/*l**'W>l>**^<*^ t>
Boot and Shoe   Economy
���. -v* vw^vw*. v��.��
Commencing today we will offer our immense stock of
.���it greatly reduced pi-ices in order lo make loom f.
ir our Spring Stuck.   BARGAINS will bo t Io
l>V\UM,WUtt\\UVW\W ���
rWV'��VA^MlV  /
T. W.Coleman, Ainsworth; H. L.
Hume, 0. P. Smith, Fort Steele; II.
W Moore, Trail ; Henry Lyon, Winnipeg; P; E. Beer, H. Steele and wife,
Grand Porks; E. Mownu, Kaslo; W.
.1. Qnerilarsrreshftf, New. York.
All Throe are Siugled Out For Special
large choice   of   good   nien   to  select
Tonight   th
Fletcher will
the c imniitlce
of the electois
Following is an extinct of a letter to
Mr. K. M. Maodonald from Mr. W. .1.
g. Diokson witli the Canadian contingent. From it. will bo Seen that he
has been made lance-corporal, while
his comrades, Privates Patterson nnd
Lee, have been appointed to the Maxim gun crew. As only picked 11101 aie
appointed to the gun crews, it will be
seen that the Nelson boys are doling
more than well. The extract is as foi- , or*
lows, under date of Nov. i!!l:
"Wo reached this place today
iu good nrnor after a good voyage. I can't say that 1 would select
a     troopship    to     travel     in     except
00 certain occasions, but 1 got along
all tight nnd did not feel thu discomforts too much. We were rather
crowded,hut had cool weather aud lots
of itood grub.
"Tin- contingent Is most interest,
ing. There ar.- men from everywhere,
nud sunn who have sen service in
various places. There nre lots itf nice
fellows whom one can chum with, and
1 have met several men who Know
friends of inine.
"lam promoted to lance-corporal,
which is more thnn I expected nnd
saves me orderly work and folium-. We
atari for the front tomorrow with the
48nd Highlanders (Black  Watch)   ami
the Seaforlh Highlanders, so we are in
good com puny.
"It seems that the P. c. contingent
tins very favorably Impresod  the niti-
ceis.     We will be at the front iu aluuit
three days and hope there will be Some
have n  rnther ] I'oers left for ns.    Piitterson   nnd   1
To 'he Citizens of Nelson :
Jn response to numerous requests
from business men, property Owners
aud ratepayers, I offer myself as n candidate for Mayor of the City of Nelson
at tho approaching Municipal Elections.
Briefly stated, my plntform is as follows :
If elected it will bo my  earnest   en-1
denvor to assist   in more firmly   establishing Nelson as the wholesale distributing centre of the Kootenay Country
���the position for wliich she  bns   been j
so admirably designed by nature.
In   furtherance   of   this idea, I will
continue my consistent advocacy of tbe
construction   of  11   wharf which   will.
meet present and future requirements
Iof ihe wholesale and other business in-
I Iciest*.
I believe thai, the City has reached
that stage when permanent street improvements have become au absolute
necessity and that the cost should be
met, as far us feasible, from current;
revenue and should the Citizens see tit
10 entrust. 1110 with the office of Mayor.
It will be my aim to carry out n will
devised system of street, improvements.
It will be toy policy  to oppose  tbe|
borrowing of monev unless the same be
used for the increase or  establishment
of Public  Works producing a revenue
to the Taxpayers,
I tun opposed to any  increase in   the
salary of Mayor, which   would   neces- j
sarily involve 11 reduction   in   salaries i
now paid au efficient stall' of  oilicials,
or an increased burden  to the taxpny- j
J> Don't Forget the Place fnr 5
% Choice (iroceiles, Crockery i
j   and. Confectionery. i��
Nelson  Harness Shop
The   largest   stock
and greatest variety of Harness, Saddles, Collars, Blankets, etc , kept in
the Kootenay. A
call always con-
Hall Street, Nelson.
ui.-.i.m: iiuniii.;..     MMiitv num.
Windorniero Mines.   GorreBPondonooSol'oitOd
Wholesale and Retail Meal Merchants
Branch Markets in Roasland, Trail..Kelson, Kaslo
Sandon. Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Orders by mall to any branch will have careful anj prompt attention.
The Nelson ElectricTramwayCo.Ltd.
supporters     of   Aid.
told   a liiu  meeting iu
rooms,    A liin turn out
is   expected   and it   is
most important to the good govern-
ment nf the (My that, the work he
pained now with energy, From tlie
promises ol support he has received
nnd I'm 11 what is heard 011 all sides
there is no ooiilit Inn that Ml.    t'letch
er will he Nelsons ncM Mayor, bnt his
friends hone to roil up such a majority
that Mr.  Houston will   realize   thnt he
is  luoHt emphatically   not    wanted.
Sipeiehes will he delivered by prominent citizens al tonight's meeting,
There was a I'lean   sheet   nt the City
J'oiice Court yesterday afternoon,
The neil sitting of the futility OoDTl
will he 011 Monday   next, .Iniinary S.
Mrs. A. K, Brown, of Silica Sheet
gave birth 10 a daughter on Wortnesav
It is reported thai A. Mio'doniild &
Co., has recently recened two enquiries tor priced on illltl dozen lirooms, to
lie delivered ou the .Ith instant.
Last year lllltj initio's were mldcd to
the Provincial voters'    list, in this rid-
Ing, bringing the total up to i.iiih, uf
lhe intines added 190 are llmse of miners.
All those who aro in favor of clean
civic government and opposed lo lineman rule are expected to attend the
rally in Aid. Kletuhci'1 committee
rooms tonight.
Tonight (KiikIii   Night)   thn   Riling
Company will play " Maw-otto" by
special request. They will g ve ii
matinee on Saturday   nfterntioii.    This
company's specialties nro good,
Tim City Council mseti at 1 o'clock
tins nf iii iimiii to fin i h ti up iiiii year's
IuihIikiss. When the Onuncil ineets
again there will Im a new niuii tilling
the Mayor's chair and another hutch of
Mr. '.V. 0, Martin, of the hnrdwaro
llrm of Martin Hrnn., of Itossland, ami
brother Mr, Jamei Martin, M P, P..
nrrlvnil in Nelson, with hie son IiihI
night,  who is going lo thn Upper Can
nda College, Toronto.
When the Hudson's linv Company
takes possession of its new hlocli,
which will he about thn end of the
mouth, it will have u very hugely Increased smiIT of clerks. Koor of thou,
have already arr'vnil in thn i"lllv to
await the oponlng of the new stores.
re well. Thev are on the Maxim
ctow, and aro well pleased al h-ing -.������
Mrs. Hodgini nlsn received   n  letter
yestcrda- from Captain  Hodtrina,    He
was well and looking forward to going
to the front. The memberi nf the
Nelson contingent were the only ones
from B, ('.. according to the italwnn
Captain,   that   wire  singled       for
special servo e.
The dillleulty local iustiiance men
hnve had on account of two comptlU-
les, not ineinherM of the Board 1 I I'n-
derwriteis,Inking risks below the leu-
nlur ralis was also OX peri cued :it the
Const.    Thn following   In,in tin- \ . n
oonverProvince sluo>��  how ihej are
getl ing along down there :
The underwriters have won in the
case brought hy Secretary Hobsnn
ni'tiinst th., Equity Pire Insurance
Company, of Toronto, whose local
���gent, W, H, Holland, bad heen luting
risks in ilns olty, Bavornl delays had
1 n o nlonod oMit ihe qntstlon as to
whether the nroteoDtlon  should  prove
that the Kipiilv wiih mil licensed tod"
hOllUMI OUl hire, or Hint Agent Holland should show that such llooDie ex
islid. Afli-i mntiire delili ration the
magistrate al last decided that tho de-
fence must show that they possessed
such n right. As limy dirlinnl lo
give ���nny evidence 1111 this point, the
ctise was decided agtiitisl tlieui and the
minimum Hue of W> indicted. Mt.
Howser, for  the  defence,  slated thut
thev intended   to appeal from Hi in-
viclinn.     Iu   the   meniiHiue   Mr,   11 ��� >I
hind's otbir   coiniuiny,    the    Violnrin-
Montreal,    1     not going into the   tin
.lerwrileln' Associntion. luil  is eonliii.
iiing to hike liskH t,t its own rales.
1 am strongly in favor of maintaining the Fire Department In a position
of thorough efflnienoy and would advise the adoption of modern equip
nioits including a Fire Alarm System
and the putt Icise of a ohcntienl engin
wliich would effect n reduction in
Fire Insurance.
It will be mv consistent policy to
safeguard the   taxpayers against any
attempts on the part of corporate hod-
ies, carrying on business iu Nelson, to
anoroanh upon the rights of  the Citi-
Iii my opinion a sulllcient amount
nf monev should he expended upon the
Parks of the City so that they will provide the Citizens with recn-aiion
grounds and opportunities for healthful
nn all munlolpal works mv  policy
will he to employ iiona-lide residents of
Nelsou und to maintain the publio
stnudnr 1 rate of wages
I believe that the PohliO Schools ill
Nelson should he under the control   of
the City and that every effort should
he made to establish a High School in
our midst,
In ((including I wish to say that in
Hie cm nt 01 my election 1 will consider it my duly to share with the
Council Ih" responsibility of the Civic
ii'miiiisiriilioii believing, us I do, that
thi assumption of sutire antbotlty by
one Individual is subversive of nil constitutional Government, whether
Mnnioloal or otherwise, fonra re.
speot fully,
In oiimpliiiit'o   with the le.piesl ol  a
large uumbei ot oltixens, I no��e oon��
Seiitod to Offer myself 11s a cuiiilldale
toi   alderman  In the Weil  Ward,   if
elected    I    shall   do my utmost to pto-
tei 1 ami farther the Interea.i of the
City.   Owing to unavoidable oircnm-
stnuitll I shall mil he in Nelson during
Hie week,and ciinsei|iieully will lie tin-
able to make n personal onnvni, Hop.
lug to receive your support I remain,
vonn obediently,
a. PSRLAS i'
- direct route from
tool) points
EAST   and   WEST.
10  the
Large number Choice Building  Lots adjacent
line of their Tramway.     For price and terms of sale
at the office of the Company, Macdonald Block,  Corner ol
Josephine  and Vernon Streets.
T. C. DUNCAN, Secretary
First-Class Sleepers on nil trains from
TOURIST CARS pass Medicine Hat
. dally for St. Paul,  Sundays  and   Weil-
al1 I tiesdays   for    Toronto,    Fridays    f' 1
Monlrenl and Boston,
Same  cats  pass  Revolslokc 011c dny
To and from Robson, Rossland.
Kx. Sou. Ex. Sun.
7.10 Lv.        NELSON Arr. It), in
18.00 Lv.de.lly NELSON daily An-.21.10
Morning train connects f r nil points
Evening train connects to nnd from;
Main  Line and points   north, anil (ex.
Bum} from all points lu BOUNDARY
KOOTENAY RIVER ROUTE.     I             ���
N'ic.^-r    Arr^&O.   D.   J.   CHRISTIE Kootenay Railway and Nav
Just arrived from Milwaukee.
88.00 Lv.
Connects   Kootenay    Landing  with
Crow's Nest Drauoh trains both ways,
Kx. Hun.        Str.  K.'Uimee      Kx. Son
ltMK) Lv. NELSON Arr. 11.0 1
Saturday to  Amenta  and return,
leaving Kaslo at 20k.
Ex, Son.
9.00 Lv.
Bx. Sun.
At. 14.80
4 his NELSON to ROSSLAND hm4
INSIIItMK.    lllll.
I'll,,1.,   II
7*Rooni Baum Pamtihod<
8 BDlAtl llo��h��H.
���Room III le-i' ...
1 i;,���,ii, Housoand9lots,good location
.    BN
For rates and full luroriuiiiiuu nddrosi near
est loud agent, or
v K, hkasi.ky city Paaenger Agcnl
it. w. iiiikw, Agent, Set" n
W, T, ANPBR80N,   ^     B.J.COYUC,
li'vi. I'UflU-. AkihiU*     A   II. I*.   Agouti,
N|.|l  n V'lii,-, 111 ��� r
'111 IC'K 1- liorabi uivi
'i HE ' 11 v uf NELSON.
I tii.|i ���ctlully solicit your votes nnd
iiillitcLcu iu rapport of my candidature
lor Hie Ofllce ol  Alderman.
K, c  ARTHUR, M. D.
Patenaude   Bros.
Por Pin   Clocks
and Watches
We have received u lot of
Ilea nil ul (iiilin Clicks  ul
I ciiiiilkiilily    low    ll^uriH.
The me tfniekeepors nml
will inakc useful presents,
Patenaude Bros
Watchmak rs,
and    Opticians.
Nelson,    ���    B. C.
a^I       will !����� tiuiilf in iln' l.rKl-lit1l\f   \    em
tiiy of thn Provl r Brinish I'olumbld, nl |t��
him mmwIoii; for nn Aoi to Incorpurnt4i u Com
piiny ulih powor lo ('tin-t t uri. build, nqulp nn-1
opornta i niiiiwayi in i in-1 -i-i rdi- nf Kootuim)
nml Vnlr, in tho Provlnoo of HrllWi ColvmbU:
in tmm iit.il onorntu itioli irittiiuii\ 1 hi oloatrlRi
, hi nun ur ottior powor( iu inny txi moi>tornnoinl
IoaIoroonvonloiitt to orool  iuid oporaui \<\>
, .:iii|di nml 11 li i-i  lino   iu nnd hoi w\ on nil
t lie rilii n. Inwii",  vHI>ik<'m ��inl  miLtlPinonlJi  in
miIiI IrlHlrlom "f Kni'h'ii iv iumI Ynl.\ uith \��<w
ortooonnMl wtlhothor linm thai inn) opornta
In or outiddo of nuoli dlHii'loU; to Hipplj  ojoi
11 rii', ntofinit "ir, wnlor orowiur povror io otnar
' tn |imi,iIim|i-..   nniiiiifiii loi li-H    nr   [inll\ tell] ll  ,
11) fti 1 iniy 1 Ik iii in otnoroorporfttlonii, manufai
1.lilt'- or InulvldunWi m noqulra and imid wnl
or rinhiN for Hi'' purnona nr KonornUng jmwer,
1 whouior for iht 11 own it*o or thu n  ��� ui othnr
1 oorporntioniii   u ntiufiiciorioiii or  Indh i��in.<i
j to nirolinand lupnly ivator Lo nihur oornoi ��
I I Im h, inn nit fact urii ������- nr Irnll \ id mi I   .n -.ml Ih
I trlrU; tottcijulpo nnd imid land, Umbor riRhi -,
1, im  ofwnj nndothoruroportj nmtoaftoniunl .
fm Iht' 1 hi 11 iu 1    ill 1 In' ('niitiniiy,  w iIh nil  in ������
omnry iiowop in iimi Irohulr; lo noqiiliu nil tho
11   'i   rroiirnlMvt, inl\ IIokom und buntni of thu
Nnlton BIcutrloTrfimwnj ConiiHiny, Lltnltedj
loncnnifa nil thu ��woU. frauchlfioM, iiriv IIIk* "
nnd builniw nf thu ItoMlnnd mid tfonhlu Mputi
1 in- Mich I- tlatlwnj �� 'iiniiiiny, Llmlli'il; In
rocotvonld.oltliurb)  wns nf bonin  oi nlhci
W|j��0, from iniv iiitnilii|ii|il \ in Ml III l>l-ll'i<-1s nf
Knol> linv ni'VmIc; Iu ulil ill. DXulltptloll fl'ntn
Inxitllnii nml nl In r prlvilotfun flnu, uny iiiunl< I
IMiHty tn wild imlncu ol Kootunn) nnd Vnlr.
nnd nil other  umiuI,  noofl*nvt(l' Ol   Ini'tduntal
irOWOM nntl jnlvlInK'"4 "'   "IftJ l��;   iu-i i-- n l \    nr
Im Iduntnl or ronunottvi' i" lliu n>untuutc I
lilt- nUOVU OtljOPtH, nr .thi   uf llit'lll.
IMtod iitthnClty of Nolnon Ihln Ih dn>  nf
Dorumbor. A, l��.. l"'��>.
M,\ri��(i\ALli ft .1O1INI0K,
Stttt/ton for iht ApplUtiHt ,
BlOlchurl nml II11III1II" f-y-lcliiI,
Bsbcook nml WUoox, otc.
GAS    cl   OIL   ENGINES,
''''v^s^r NELSON. B. C.
Or toFicnauBsoN A ORoiTe,Vanoom 11
KASl.ll ft M.lli'AX   ItAII.WAY
I Schedula of Tims.      Paoltlo Ktnndard PUne.
,4\ii MIAMI     i -u^-oiiK-'r iiniii for Sandon sod way stations
leiivuH  Kaslo nt ��� ii. in.. -I,illy.    KAtnrnlns,
leavos Bandon si LUp.*n��� sirlvlng si Ksslo
nt S.AB |i.in,
IMI-'.ll.S'ATKlNAl.  NAV, & TIIAII   OO,
OpumtUiKon Kootanay i.-   Ithcr.
 I3.VHI     Mir. "liiii'i-iiiiili'iuil' leuvi". Kaalo tor Nal	
ni ii a in. ilioi> axoapl Bunday RatumlnK,
ii'uvo Sri-nil ui I.S0p.ni,, oalling at Balfour,
I'llei Bay, AliiHworln and nil uu> nuluu. Con-
 la wi'ti B'r, "AlbO'la" W wo (run- lli-u
ui-r- Furry, Idaho, ilno with H. K. S N. to and
from Hpokana at Fur MllePolnl
sn      AiiiiM-iii" Uaavoa S.-t-<it, fur lliiuiii'i ���
Flirty,  'I'u,---'l"j ���   nnd   Katurdnyii nt 7 u.m .
1 i'iiik Mi'iiiui'i- "iiit'M-iiniini.iir' from Ki^i"
nt iTnt Bay.
lo iiii-uliiK. loavoa Bonnet - Parry al k k. ">
\\, 1,10 ��lay�� and Bund ,
Dlrool oonnuotloni inaoa si Bonnor-R Forri
ulili Qranl NurJiiiii ItiolMiiy fur all point
anal im<i waal.
I..MJIU KIM   \N   IUV'I   IO!
Btr, "Imortintl U"luovo�� Kunlo fur Lart!
and Aifli'-ii'-i "i ".lip.1, iVodnoHlayit and l-n
.i.ij     mi, ".mi 1   I,-,"-- Kaalo for l.npl'i
urn1 Ai'K'1,1.1 in ""i p.m.Biiiuia) 1,
st.Kiiiii'fl.call in nr Inal luudlngn In bol
 na, and .11 "il,, 1 polnli  whan ilgnalleil
I |i 1,, ������ , old '-, all in,'   nt ( nti'i'lii niul ill,,
I 1111. -1 111. ii-,..
TO 11 it It nl II lull'- and   full   infill hint lup. ad
m 1  igi 1. KaalOi 11.1
Municipal Bleotions' Act.
Every Man
likss to dress in Psibionnblo mil
Ni'o FlttinR Garments il be mn
1I0 ho ut 11 reasonable priWi M>
full nml Winter Beinpiesaronow
i-oiiipii io iu Suitings, Overooati -���
nml Fanoy Vesting*, Give mi
null und I will quote you pri'i ���
Hint will astnnisli you.
Ladies' Tailoring In   nil   Its
branches, a sptrtlnll y.
Stevens \IL
Ice Nolo0 thai I -1,nil "" Batorfltij
no nth iiuv of Jnunai v   Ini tout, nl   in
o'olot li .1   in .   ut the f'lty Hull,   Nel
ion, ri  ''    bold .1 ' lontl ol   Revision,
io iioiii nml iii tt 1 nun"  nil question oi
voters  complaining  thul their  mimes
hnve t'li-ii   Improperly  omlttorl from
iii. intii- Hit ol   th" Municipality   of
tin. tu; .,1 Nelson
Dated ""I .Innuary, A. D,, IU00.
Police Mnk-i-ilriiti'
. in,.1,-1
ni ,., Nol
l<niuii ��� 1 and 11
(. linn nt ��� Mill.M 1 Block
in' imly
Mil. A, W, PUHDY.
\|ii,i, wliuiii- 111", It,     li.ik-1  K00U naj
in   nl   ii id ," I llli il    1 , ���
.In ,
It    n   i'li III      nn  Blllcii
0. A- PROSSER,   Mamuj;or.
'ru fa
��<*sUs r��<J Y
Contiuued From First Pago.
lahlishment last night,   caused $-20,000
Strathroy, Out.. Jan. 4.���The Misses
Weir wore probably fatally injured
this evening in a collision witUa
freight train, before which they attempted to cross in a light   buggy.
Montreal, Jau. 4. ���J. M. Routh, u
well known insurance broker, representing Western Lancashire and Quebec companies, died here today, aged
R9 years.
(.Associated Press Dispatches.)
Kingston. Out., .Inn. 4.���The electors of Leeds County hnve adopted a
Inciil option by law by  a   majority  of
llelleville, Ont., Jan. 4.���Rev. 0.
J. H. Huntnn, rector uf Christ Church,
dismissed bis congregation on Sunday
lust, because the choir hHd not com
plied with his request to turn to the
east when chanting tho "Gloria."
The outcome.of the incident is awaited with interest.
Montreal,Que., Jan. 4���-The Merchant's Rank of Halifax has decided to
change its name, When the necessary
(barter is grunted by Parliament, the
bank will he known as the Royal Punk
of Canada.
iug, bringing tlie whole of tbe Boer
tents, wagons, and loot, and leaving
he Cornwulls in garrison at Sunny-
sido. The British force then started
for Douglass, the Torontos bringing
up the rear in wagons, In the afternoon the troops entered the town unopposed amid extraordinary scenes The
Inhabitants were overjoyed and crowded about tbe solrtii rs, shaking hands
with them, and when thov learned
that, their deliverers were Canadians
and Australians, the enthusiasm became frenzied.
There were deafening cheers ns the
troops traversed the main street and it.
was almost impossible for them to
make progress, the crowds being so
eager to sliake hands witli the colonials. It appeals that the landdrost
nnd all the mounted rebels evacuated
the plaoe on the previous night.
Quantities of ammunition were cap-
tared and destroyed,
ReUSbUrg, -Inn 4.- The British casualties to General French's forces up
to 'he afternoon of January ;i were five
men killed and '.'4 wounded. A detachment of 85th New Zealandors Had a
narrow escape vhilo advancing on
Colesburg. They wore diiectod to occupy a kopje but met with a hot reception from a concealed force of
Boers Another body of British troops,
seeing their danger doubled to tbe rescue of the New Zealandera aud their
retreat was successfully accomplished,
under cover of the guns on the hills
westward. Tlie destruction of tho
wrecked I rain included 23,000 rations
und a supply of rem.
Vienna, Jan, 4. ���The game left unfinished yesterday in the lust round of
the Kolisoh Memorial Chess Tournament, was concluded today when Kor-
tia and Sclilester drew. The final division of prizes divided by Brod and
Spblester fourth, Alapin, fifth, sixth
and seventh, Marco, Wolf and Sinki.
eighth, Kortie, ninth, Poliol, tenth,
Nelson Opera House
��.i��.i��ii��<i.��.��s)"t��''ej"a>"*>" ��������������"��''�����������>*���"�����
IH>\ .171
Berlin, Jan. 4.���Tho Cologne Volks
Zoitung asserts thnt Emperor William
will proceed during May or June next,
to Havre and will then visit the Paris
Exposition. Tho correspondent of the
Associated Press, on inquiry at the
Foreign Office regarding this statement
wns given to understand that the Emperor   had   formed no   such plans.
Montreal, Jan. 4.���.lames Baxter,
the well known banker and broker,
who is charged witli aiding Herbert,
teller of the wreoked Ville Marie
Hunk, to escape justice, was placed on
trial in the police court this morning,
Herbert gnve evidence that Baxter had
received about (40,000 from Iho bnuk
on the mere presentation of his note by
his own son, or clerk in his employ,
while ut the sumo time tho bank had
nothing to Baxter's credit. Some of
the notes presented were initialled by
Lerpienx, the cashier of tlie hank
while other notes bore no initals whatever. Maximum penalty for Baxter's
crime is fourteen yean in the penti-
Heading, Pa. Jan. 4.-It became
known here today that tho cargoes of
Hour seized by the British oil the
const of Africa bound for Portugese
ports belonged lo the Scuhord Milling
Oo. The company have over 12,000
sucks on hand slored here which have
heen ordered for South Africa It will
he held, however, until the present
question at issue as to whethei the
British can legally seize such consignments, is settled.
Boston, Mass., Jan. -I.��� Charles H.
Cole, former president Olobo National
Rank, charged witli misappropriation
of funds of that institution, arrived in
this city today, from Los Angeles,
Cal.,iq ohurge of a United States mar-
shall. Bail was fixed at ifSO.OOO which
was furnished, and tlie prisoner was
Comedy and
Vaudeville Company
by request will give a pocket
edition of Andrew's popular
comic opera
has taken place the business will be oouduofced under the same manage-
ment, and our many customers will be pleased to know that they will
be met nnd dealt with witli the same courtesy ns has hitherto prevailed.
The class of goods which has been handled by and built up such a
reputation for the firm of M. DBS BRIsAY & OO. will continually be
kept Iu Stock, and as our customers will not, be asked to deal with
strangers the reputation oi the old firm will to maintained throughout,
Commence the your aright by dealing with the old reliable.
Wishing you all a very Hnnpy New Year, you will know us as
The Western Mercantile Co., Ltd.
Successors to M, DesBrisay & Co.
Staple and Fancy Groceries.
.���Uir.it ��T.
I (<l��.iS>.S>.t"S>'e>"S>^'S>"��"*>��H����'*w��>,��>''
NELSON B. C.    i
Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
Washington, D. C, Jan. 4.-Itnly
has returned a fayorable response to
the recent note of the State Department respeoting the open door in
China, Italy was the last of the great
powers lemaining to he   heard from.
London, Jan. 4.��� An army order has
been issued directing tbe embodiment
ot   sixteen    additional   battalions   of
Toronto. Out. Jan. 4. ���Arrangements
are heiug made   for the meeting of the
i tularin Legislature, February x or 18.
Toronto, ,lau., I.���The local Council
ul the Evangelical Alliance in comcli
mice with a request from Lord Pol-
warlh, president of the alliance iu
Great Britain, lias Issued an appeal to
the churches of Ounniia to observe Bun-
day, January 7, as u tiny nf humiliation and prayer, and invited tho olergy
and ministers ol all denominations
to get private Christians to offer to
Almighty (iod, confession, supplication nnd iiiteisession Unit whatever
tuny he amiss iu our national life niav
be forgiven and that peace may he
speedily re-established on a right and
permanent basis.
The offer of Lord Iveagh to provide
at his own expense a completely
equipped hospital for use in South Africa, has bees accepted.
The War Office has invited .Sir William Thomson to accept the post of
chief surgeon, to the forces in South
Africa, instead of consulting   surgeon.
London. .Ian. 4.���It was announced
thiB evening that it would bo impossible to salvage tbe Huinhurg-American
liner Patria which carght tire in the
English Channel on November 16, and
subsequently went ashore.
The   Hascotte
The    programme    will    include
Lewis & Lewis   in  the   greatest   of
acts, the
also the marvelous contortionist La   less.
Incorporated 1869.
Capital inthoilzeid   -   -       -   $2,ooo,ooo
Paid I p, $1,500,000, Reserve, $l,25o,ooo,
Head Office:  Halifax, Nova .Scotia.
General Banking Business    transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange   Bought
and Sold, Letters of Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on tbe most favorable terms.    Interest allowed on special
deposits and on Saving Hank accounts.
Atlin, Bennett, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver, Vancouver East End, Victoria, Ymir.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
Madrid. Jan. 4.��� The Minister of
Finance, Seuor Villaverd has tendered
his resignation to Senor Silvella, the
Premier, as tho result of difference be-
tweeu himself and the majority of the
Ministers, regarding the Government's
budgetary proposals.
Montreal..Ian 4.��� Loois Etnbeuiteio,
secretary of the Amateur Skating As.
sociation, oi Canada, is arranging Cor
a meetiiiK between Johnuy Neilson,
world's champion prnfesBionnl speed
skater, of Minneapolis, and Nornil
I'aptin, of Tom Eok's string nf fast
men, and the prophahle coming champion, on the M. A. A. A . rink is one,
two nnd three miles races for a purse
of |S0O, Neilson refuses to skate nn
any other traok and tlie race will t
place curly next month.
Capetown, .fan. 4.���Intelligence has
been received here from tbe Free State
tn the effect that President Steyn lias
Issued a proclamation declaring that
every white man, irrespective of nationality, is to be considered a burgher, and is liable to be cjmpelled to
tight for the defense of the country.
New York, .Inn. I���A most tragic
event occurred today in part three of
tbe general sessions court. The wife of
n prisoner was stricken with apoplexy
nnd cerebral hemorrhage while she was
in the witness chair testifying to his
Innocence. Bhe was carried unconscious and in a dying condition from
the room. So earnest anil ringing
were tup lost  wortls of an apparently
dying woman that the .jury a moment
afterwards returned n  verdlot   of not
guilty lor the hus'.inad. The case was
tlii.t of Louis Gordon, a Russian mechanic, who was charged hy Abraham
Unite, with the larceny of a chain valued .11 *!!<;.
Mrs. Gordon died tonight at the hospital without regaining  consciousness.
Insure pour lit''
agent Ontario Mutual
Life Assurance Co.
Insure your house, house furniture
ami pianos with J. E. Amiable,
agent Victoria-Montreal and Equity
Fire Insurance companies,
...L. POGUE...
Harness and  Saddlery
The leading shop. Larva
ItOOKi Bast "rtsortert BtOOK
nu   hand.    Harness, Col-
IInn ot best   niiiiii'.". Sail
dlea,    m.iiii.t i",     Urii',
I Whips, BruahoSt Coiudh,
1 Prioea nfttiafaotory.
I   ('all anil ceo.
I   Cor. Waril   and   Baker
; street*,
Springfield,   Ills.,   Jan. 4.���For the
thin! lime sinoe the street car men's
strike wasjiniuiguriitcd, dyna nite was
resorted to tonight,being placed on the
���tree! car tracks und explode i beneath
a car containing IS passengers Nn
on- was Injured hut the car was badly
1 minion a from First  I'iiko.
root that the coinnianders of English
warships, hasten lo cniuinit breuclns
of international rights, so long ns only
Germany is thereby touched. This
luck of tear 10 touch the German dag
must he thoroughly and speedily
cured. "
Indignation meetings have heen call-
nil hy branches o( the Colonial Society.
The German   press,  with hardly   an
exception, thuiiiieis against England,
Kven the scmi-utiicial   Berliner Post,
"It cannot he denied that the Indignation amused hy the wilfulness Ol tin
-i.i/.iues by liritish coiiiniaiideiH, is
-|ireailing in wider and wider circles.  '
New York,    .Inn.    4.���Two   million
dollars In gold will he taken from tho
clearing houses  tomorrow hy bankers
in this city. It is believed that this
sum will represent the amount ol next
Saturday's gold shipments
AilvurtlHomonts Inserted undor this head at
tho rat" of one coat, a word por insertion. No
advertisement U1ke.11 for less ihan 'IS oenttt.
BGUKKfaiKPKH of large experience
desires evening engagement nt auditing, 01 keeping siuali set of hooks.
Will close books for year, etc. Apply
at this office.
WANTKD.���Hooins and hoard in private family, in  good  neighborhood,
by lady and two children   aud   nurse.
Address, O. H, B.,   Postolfico Box B05,
HTt'U A T IO N W~A N TK1J. ���. Dining
room work or clianiheiinaii), or with
pleasant private family.    No objection
to going to the country.    Kxperienced.
Address, "A" Miner Offloe,
WANTED.��� Office boy "or junior dark.
Reply stnting age, experience, etc.,
to llox Nn. 605, Nelson.
Corporation of tho City of
1 In tic  Kiel
of Nel.mi tin
Vienna, .Inn   1.
sgmlenn Bultong
Wynneiir   Al
nays :     "It looks 11s
11 Ureal  Britain cared less lor the cat
go in question than she did for demonstrating* before tlie World, that 111-
'inmi'ii most unlucky mi the land, she
is the unchallenged mistress of the
seas, a  demonstration which  will do
more for the German navy than all the
speerihes of the Bmperor William,"
E Brussels, 'inn. 4,���Senator Lajenus
former Minister of Justice, and new
member of the BelRian Council of
Stale, presided al a meeting 111 this
1 ilty today. Of the committee recently
formed to organise a movement in
Belgium In support of an address to
President MoKlnlny np|>enling to him
to mediate in favor of pence, helwee'i
Great Britain and tho Transvaal. Af
tar long discussion il wan decided to
invite the public lo send letters in sup
poll of Ihe  H1eve1111.nl. to the seeii'lHi'V
of the league, and from next Sunday
tn place petitions for signatures in all
the cnies in Brussels, nnd the Provincial towns.
' London, Jatl, U. ��� It now nipenrs
that it Is Mr. John Churchill, second
son of Lady Knndnlph Churchill, ami
not Mr Winston Churchill, who his
heen given co'iimnnd of 11 sqUfldtOD ol
lhe South African Light  lb rse.
Lord Hosslyn hns thrown up Ins engagement al the Court Theatre, in order to jom the Yeomanry.
I'uulie mil ire In liorobi ko
or tlie   Miilii. ipiilllv ni   I he I'ill
I roqulrd tie  presence m the
III II 1 llllllili. 1   il, lhe . in   olllconoii  V
lorltiHIroel In that'll} of Nelson on Mnmlm.
tl iuiiiii tlnj of January, IIM0, al M o'tilooh
noun, for I lie |,ut i", <��� el . li 1 1 in, persons in rep
re.eiit litem in the Municipal Council as Mayor
and Ahlenin 11.
The IllOUUOl   1 unil ii-ii ul 1 .inilnliiles shall
be .t  luiiiiws���
Tin' oanilltlaliiashall hu notnlunlot! In ��iii
Iiik: tho urltltifli "hail he siibsortbetl b) t��o
Miters ol   Ih inii Ipiilll 1   ie   prnpii.r, anil
 lel.nlnl shall  he llullVOratl I 11 he   llellll'll
I11K Officer al mo Mm' between ihe unlit of tin'
lllll lee mill I p.m. of I he iho III' the nominal Ine ;
nml ill the 1 \ .III nt a poll lieiiiK lieee--ili I in h
poll Will he opened on the lllll il.ij of liimi.tn.
I'eloek III lhe Imelionn at'nl kepi Open
ink In lhe   nflei 11,11,1,. ni   the follow
Kel Win,I    \\ ihe I'hair llolel Sum
(���   Selena     Ithiek. 1111   the ensl *|f|e of
Street, holWI On IlllKor ami   VlelOI'hl
MOdder Itiver, .I11t1.fi.��� Aftei Sunny
sole wns eiipliired thu Torontos oocii
pled the lunger for the iiluht mill jollied thu main body tbe following morn-
IISl0.nl Hi
HIS phlee
for I he
pie Itmill
sit I".
fm III' W. 1 W.inl Al ih,. nllh, ol the
K\elie,|IMT (lolil Minim; t'lllllllllnv, ell I he
niiltli lido ol linker Sir, el. hi'luei'ii Slanley
Street    mill    K'lliti'luil     Slieel,   III   lhe   I'ily   (if
1 ir wliloli ovory porsnn Is horoby roqiilrotl Id
I ike mil lee lllll) UOVOrll IlllllSOlf llrinrilllllflV.
Tho i|iiallih ni ions by law ronnlrotl to bu pes
SUB I by Ibeealiillilale- for thu olll. e orOlhoOS
nn lit limed nine e an  as hillim .
The   peis.in, iiunlill'il   In he    i 1 ut I, ol  for
mill   elei led lis  lllll   II  ��l   I In   ell I ..hull he
-111I1 per- is are mule Itrlll-h -nli|erl- ul the
roll iiflie of twollty-ollu .veins, and are nut dl--
a mil ill ed undor any law. ami (uiyo 1 n lor iho
six months next iirecoduiu the ilay of iiotiilnn>
lion tho roffistorotl ownor in 1 he Land lie ci -t ry
lllll, e of land 01 real niulieily in the I II j '< if I he
llsses-ed Milne on the Insl Inilllh Iplll llssc-s.
ment roll ul une iboils iml dollars or mure over
ami  abovt   am    registered  lituiinibranao or
eluit'ce, mid Mho are otliorwlso lllll) i|llalllled
ie, liuilii, i)ia] v ul, 1
The pel ..ills,j null lied I" lie lioinhiiilell to) Itlnl
eleeled ie   Alilellue In   ell v   shall  lie Slloll
persons ll��� lire male llrlllsll  siihle. Is of  the foil
HK''of t wenl \ une m ni .,01,1 me not illiipiull
(led under till) law, and nave In 011 for the six
tnonllis next  plfcellblg (bit dm ul  Inalluii
the ruitlsteiml uwnii Iu 11,,��� I.,n,| Meulxtrv
Ofllce of land 01 oal proper!) Ill llio('lt) of tb'e
Msessetl value 00 I1111 ln-i liiiialelpnl hhscw
tneol roll  ul    ll\,    hiindieil   dnllni-   over nin'
abovonil)   oil 1,led   Im inohrane ��� ehaine,
mid who me other WI 0 (pintl'lnil a niiinlilpitl
Qtvon Ullllor 1111 hand al lie ( ily of Nelson
III the PrOVllll'IIOf Ml II l-ll ' .,, ,,,1,1,1. 'I.. "Hill
dill of I lei ember, ISII1I
,1. K. HTKAI'llAN,
II' lllllllns Illlhel"
DR. BARBER, Dentist bus opened
an offloe  with   Dr.    Morrison.    Crown
and bridge work a specialty,
Atlantic S. S. Lines
Krom Portland, Me.
Allan 1,Ine "Uoirenllan". I lee, 27
Allan Line "l'arl��lan''    Jan.   li
lioinlnlon Line "Camhroinan" Ilcc.'tn
llomlnioii l.lne "Vancouver" Inn. 18
From New York
While Slur l.lne "Teiilonlo" lice.27
North tierinin Lloyd "Snnte" Jan. 2
Miierlean l.lno "SI,. Paul"    lice.'.��',
While Slur Line "Cyinrlo" Ian.   II
Ited Star l.lne "WeHternliiild" lice, 27
1 'ininril Une "I'nilirla". Ian.  11
anohof l.lne "AuonoMiC     Deo.80
Allan Stale I,hie   'Sliiln of  Nehraskn'. ...lllll. 20
('iinard I.Inn ' 1'iiinpanlii", llee. HO
Krom Boston, Main,
Doinlolon Lias "New MiikIhi a"        ..inn. .'t
PSMIlgM OrTangod to anil from all liltiropenn
points.    Kor ratiiH, lickels ami full Infcrinalloii
apply to 0, l'. it, nopot agent or 1: K. BeasTsy,
lilly I'llHsetifliei Ai(ent,, KcImoii. II I'
W. I'. K  t'llVIMINdS,
lli'iii'ial Aifl'i'l   I'l'   It  lllll    IVInnlii'K
Wlnilhig 1 11
lite  "NelMin
l.linlteil."   In
In thu mutter of llir'Tnmp
Ael. IM,' and In lhe mailer of
I'ool'lllali Hold .Minim; t'oiopiinv
Notice is horobl Kheii thai, ill, an cxlriinrdlli
ary K'tu't'al mooting of Ihe Nelson I'oiirmaii
Hold .Mlnlliflt Coiopatiy, l.lllllted. held Novi'lil
tier lilll. ISlllI, duly eoiiM'iied. n spieial  rSSOlll
Hon romili'lng 11 aluootnpniiy 10 ha wound
op wasdnly passed; whleh rcHulolioo al a aitb
soqiiontoxiraordinorygeneral tneeiiiiK of the
said eonipany, nlsnilol) eonvened. uml lit-lcl 00
I Irei'llllier olll, IMItt, was duly oonllrihl'll.
At .'itch ln-i tneiil looeil ,,,, ,i ini, i h,  appoint.
ii I   ol William .Murray Holsfonl of Hie I'lly
ol Viineo'iver I'rovloec of llrll'sli ( nliiinlila,
as Ihpil'lslor nml I'liarles 0, Hetlllctt of tbe
.111111' place a, Inntieelor, for the pai-posei of Din
\\ Indliiif ll|i weti' eoittlrineil.
Nuiiee i ���i ..io..,,,, in ii o.i io "Companies
WlnillliK I'll Ael, ISIIH" seellon 101, Ihnl the
efledilorsof and others having < I ,,n, upon the
-nld eoinpany. are rei|iilred on or before Hie llnh
day of .Uniinry, A. II., Inoti. toHenil llirlr names
and nililrcNses, the partlclilars of iliclrdehl,. or
, In l ins and the mil ii ie of tbe snciirllles, if any.
held by Ihem lo Wllllnm Murray llolafuid.
Mcrehiuiis' Hank of llallfnx, Vnnooiiver, II. It,,
tbe lliinldntnr of the said company.
Nol.fcnlM finiher kIvcii Hint, after Slloll liml
ilieiit.lolirildale Ihcnld Ihinhlator will proootd
llllllslilhiite |he iisselH of Ihe H.llll eiimpoiy
iiiiiiiiik thO piirlle.i eatIIled Iherelo, IiiivIiik re
.   o,I "id,   I,'Hie . I on,,  ul  win, h   he   Khali   then
have not lee.
llntisl ��l  Viineonver, 11. (' , I .lllll, IKW.
u," ' n,i mi li,i,I,ion lo.oiv ni,. Hlti'i'l, Vine
conver, II. (!.
Solicitor for the    si,I l,i.|iildnt,u
Sbarebolilers  In Iho    .ul   cotiipany   aro  ro-
 sled i" im i in- nh fm ward  their "Inn.- rcr
,,,,.,,,    |o ill.    .ml 11, I.,!,,, | ih i il, o   the
dlslrltnitloii ai Inn Ihnrwm may bo aiwetlllv
N'iTK'li is hereby given that an application will be made to the LegislB-
tiio Assemhly of the Province of liritish Columbia at its next session,tor an
Act. to incorporate a Company with
power to construct, equip, maintain,
und operate telephone and telegraph
lines within and throughout the Province of British Columbia, and to con-
������irnct, erect,aud maintain such and so
many poles and other works nnd devices as the Company deem necessary
for making, completing, supporting,
using, working, operating ami maintaining tlie system of communication
hy telephone and telegraph, nnd to
open or break up uny part or partH of
the said highways or streetn as often
us the Hind Company, its agents, oftl-
oerH or workmen think proper, and for
the pnrpoHus of the undertaking to purchase, aoqclre, or   lean, mid hold und
sell and dispose of lands, InnloingH   or
tenements within tlie limits aforesaid,
and lo purchase or lease, for nny term
of years, nny telephone or telegraph
line established, or to he established, in Biitisti Columbia, connected, or
to lie oonneoted with lhe lino winch
the Company may construct, nnd to
amalgamate with  ot lease itH line or
lines, or any portion or port ions thereof, to uny company possessing, as proprietor, in.v line of telephones or tele
graph I'oitinniiiicnlion connecting, or
to be oonneoted, with the said Company's line or lines, and to borrow
money for the purposes of the Coin,
panv, and to pledge or mortgage any
of the Company's iihsiiIs for thai purpose, ami to receive bonososor privileges from any petson or body corporate, und wiih all olhei usual,ut ssary
or incidental rights, powers or pitvii-
eges us may he necesHiiry or incidental
tu the attainment oi the above objects',
or any of thcin.
Dated this   16til   day   of   December
I Will. .1.  it.  BROWN,
Solicitor for the ApplciuntH.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and    Salted   Meats
Fish and Poultry in Season
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Manager.
Baker Street, Nelson.
Orders by mail receive careful und prompt attention,
Can't do heller than
by talking with
sin'A-ii: in Tin; Boat Rivhii Mining iiivis-
ION      OK       WaST      KtlllTICNAV      IIIST11IIT,
WtiKio: LoCATBDi UN lli'.io.in (| lliti'Hsia,H
Mountain   uuutii oi,- Width onousa
'PAKK   NOTIOB  Unit   1,  O. II. N. Wilklo,
1     in- Iiik  ns  offOIlt on-  Henry   Hoy,   frito
Minors' CortlHoato No. 1111,887, Intqnd, sixty
nays irnin  tlie  dale bnr-iir. In apply to tliii
Minh'K ttooordor for.��oertlaoata af Imbrovo-
ini'iits, for Hie tnii'iiiiM' i>r obtaining a Orown
uriuil nf thnnbovo I'liihn.
Anil I'm I hi,I 11, In iiiilliii Unit nelliin, miilai-
Si'iiiun 117, llillst lie rniiiini'iiri'il uoforo thu Ihhii-
iillt'i* nf fini'li I'lTlillriitn qf in,|,i,,,., in, ni .
ImU'il bhls 1Mb dm nf I mull r, IHIlll.
o. ii. n. wTlkik,
l-'l ItllSHllltlll.
to try
St. Leon
Hot Springs
Allot the Ninas festivities.
Sole boll lel'H
Nelson Hotla Watei Vuotory,
about their daily wants.    The advantage we
is the quality, price and quantity of stock,
al Rock Motion
with Crockery, Glassware, et
Mining and mail orders carefully
P. O. Box K and W. Telephone 10.
supply   you
linker .Street
Wc arc slio.vmj^ a
First-Class Line of
Gookino stoves & Ranges
Which we arc offerinfifQat
Shelf & Heavy Hardware,
Etc., Etc., Etc.


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