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Nelson Daily Miner Aug 3, 1900

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Daily Edition No.  795
Nelson, British Columbia, Friday Evening,  August 3,  1900.
Tenth Year
cubic snys there is n rumor in Pretoria
Hint Botha, the Boor general, bus
surrendered lu the liritisli.
The Allies Will Follow the
River to the Chinese
London, Aug-. 8.���The forward
movement for tbe relief of the foreign
Legations in Pekin begun Sunday,
July 39th, A messnge fnnn Tien Tsin
on that date says the advance guard
ofthe Russians occupied the Chinese
camp and the Japanese pushed up the
right bunk of Pei lln 111 vor without
opposition. It was the expectation
tbat the whole of the nllies about
20,000 men. would be on the march by
Tuesday, July 3lBt. Sixteen hundred
American nnd 3,800 liritish troops arc
co-operating. It is proposed to follow
the river, using bouts to curry food
ammunition and artillery. The telegraph office at Che Koo appears to be
blocked, nnd newspaper and official
telegrams are subjected to Indefinite
Shanghai correspondents learn thai
the Russians were defeated north of
New Chwang aud that a body 5,000
strong is endeavoring to relieve the
force besieged at Toshi Chow by 40,000
Chinese and numerous guns.
Washington, Aug, :i Bad news
came this morning in a report from
Admirnl Remey indicating that serious resistance has developed against
the progress of the Pekin relief column.
The advice confirms the opinion of experts here ns to the tights already reported nenr Tien Tsin being nothing
more than thc result of reconnalsance.
Still a Bcouting party snd strong is no
Inconsiderable force nnd the fact that
the Japanese suffered severely is regarded here an proof positive thut the
relief column will hnve sonic lively
lighting abend. Thc following is
Remey's despatch: "Tnhn. Aug. 2.���
Bureau " Navigation.    ~ Washington:
Chafes  reports   that   son Japanese,
scouting towards Pel Tang, lost three
men killed and 2b wounded, The
enemy were in trenches and loop-
holed houses.'1
A feeling tikin to Indignation wns
excited here by tbe press report  from
conferring us to proper measures to
convey the various .Ministers to Tien
Tsin for temporary shelter, which
conference will soon be ended, (Signed) Yuan, Governor.'
(Signed) FOWLER."
Tien Tsin, Wednesday, July SB, via
Shanghai, Aug. 8���While waiting for
the relief expedition to sturt for l'ekin high ollieials uiv entertaining
nightly at elaborate dinners with mlll-
tury bands playing operatio airs.
President Teniicy, of the Tien Tsin
University, who has volunteered to
guide the army to Pekin. snid todny I
"This business is not in accordance
with Anglo-Saxon traditions, Twenty thousand soldiers nre slaying here
while women and children of their
uwii|rni'c are starving and awaiting
massacre eighty miles away."
Thnt the position of the Legations
demands that the army take extraordinary risks, uud that by scouring
tin- surrounding country und oom-
mandering animals, wagons and bouts
that sufficient transportation might be
Improvised is the prevailing opinion
of civilians,und many officers, notably
Japanese and   American, confirm this
The comment is mode that the European officers are too attached to
book theories to utilize the resources
of the country nnd Hint they would
rntlier stay iii Tien Tsin aceording to-
rules than to sturt for Pekin without
n perfect equipment.
(.eneral Dorward of the liritish
forces, and oilier high officers take an
nn optimistic view of conditions at
l'ekin. saying they think the Legations will   manage to  hold  out.   On
thc surface tlie best of feeling prevails among officers und soldiers of
the several nations represented here.
All arc fraternizing, but the luck of
organization uml a supreme com-
iiiunilci' handicaps progress.
The Japanese nre giving splendid
exhibitions of organization. Their
whole machine moves like clockwork.
The management of the Japanese army
and the bravery, spirit und intelligence of (lie Japanese troops arc such
iis to command the admiration of all
thi' foreign officers.
The heat  is intense.    The   tempera-
Tleu Tsin of the apparent Indifference
of the commanders there to  the crltl- tore averaged 100 degrees during the
oal state of the Legationers at  Pekin.   week'     Yesterday it   wns ISO degrees.
The War   Department   officials  are, The disregard of all  sanitary   rcguln-
satislied   that    Chnfee,    nt   least,   is!ti""sb.v   certain troops   is  a   serious
blameless and that he is   undoubtedly   ""'nuoo.
using bis influence with thc other The streets ure full of refuse and an
commanders to get the column in mo- Insufferable stench pervades the town,
tion. Secretary liny and Minister ' - Tho P��Hce and sanitary work com*
Wu added another score to their ere.l-! Imn's unfavorably with the American
it today when a despatch came from regime in tho Philippines.
I'nited  States Consul   Fowler  at Che 	
Tim  Nelson   Minimi Oompany Among Now
companies Incorporated,
Victoria,   It. c. Aug. 8.���The Gazette  contains   notice of  the following
(leo. A. ltcsscl, Vancouver, to be
lirst clerk in the ollice of the assessor
of the County of Vancouver; I.. 10.
Simmons, Nakusp, to lie Notary Public for tbe Mainland; Kd. E. Lewis.
Trail, to be u Notary Publio for tho
Province; Ed, M. Woods, Atlin, to be
clerk of the pence, to aot at the sitting
of the Court of Assize to be held August 28th; Captain W. ,1. Hunt. Bennett, to be Stipendiary Magistrate for
the County of Vancouver. Expense of
Premier Dunsmuir in South Nanaimo
elections, 8301. Court of Assize to be
held ut Atlin. August 38th. (loUiiin
nnd Delong, hotel keepers nnil ferryboat proprietors ut Sucker Creel..
Lillooet District, huve dissolved partnership.
Temple Emanuel, Vuncouver. Incorporated as "The Congregation," the
President, Vice-President uml trustees
being SolomOn A. Weaver, Simon
Petersky, Jacob Fleishman uml Moses
Hulpei'in. The only Extra-Provincial
oompany licensed is Prank and Bryce,
Ltd., o'f Scotland, capital, Ho.mm.
local ollice. Vancouver; .lobn Leckto,
The following companies were incorporated: Eldorado Mines. Ltd., of
Kosslunil, capital, .1.Ml,(lllll: Nelson
Mining Co..of Nelson, capital 110,000:
Anglo-Lardean Mining Syndicate, of
Rossland, cnpital. 81,000,000; St.
Joseph Cold Mines, of Kosslunil. cnpital. iJloo.ooi): Tamnrnc Mines, of Ross-
lund, capital, 81,000,000.
A spilt Narrowly Avoided When lho Transvaal
War Was Discussed.
Paris, August ::. An unpleasant
split iu the Inter-Parliamentary Congress for pence arbitration was narrowly avoided nt yesterday's sessions.
M. Duraild. siicuking- of the impotence
of The Hague conference, us there had
never been more wars than at present.
protested against the war in the Transvaal and expressed astonishment thnt
the rc(|iiesls for arbitral ion made by
the South African Republics hud not
found nn echo in Europe.
Lord Stanhope, one of the Kn^'li_h
delegates, Immediately rose nnd stated
thut the friends of peace in his country
bud done everything possible to prevent war. adding that it would be impossible for representatives of England to participate in a discussion implying tbe   least blame  on   England.
The presiding official tactfully turned the Impending storm by culling for
u vote on the following resolutions
which wero adopted: "This congress,
acting on The Hague resolutions, expresses its gratitude to those contributing to the results, in the linn hope
that the Powers will not neglect in
future to utilize the means at their
disposal for Hie appeasement of International conflicts, und also its regret
that they have not been able to do so.
Actual war in the Transvaal culls the
attention of the various delegates to
the duty devolved on them to cull the
attention of their respective governments to the obligations the Powers
contracted in giving adhesion to The
Hague resolutions.'
Foo apparently removing nil doubt ns
to the authenticity of the famous Conger cipher despatch,
Minister Wu und the German Ambassador were at the state Department In quest of Information this
morning, having, us Ihey said, no information themselves.
Washington, August 8,���The State
Department makes public the following telegram received todny from the
Consul Genernl at Shanghai nnd the
ConsulatCh.ee Foo: "Shanghai, Aug.
3.���Secretary of State, Washington!
"Americana left Chun King yesterday,
Li told French Consul todny no mes-
snges will be delivered to Ministers
because the foreigners nre ndvnncing
on l'ekin. All pro-foreign members
of the Tsung Ll Yamen were beheaded
on the 37th, for urging the preservation of the Ministers by Ll Ping Hang,
now commanding thc troops ut l'ekin.
He ordered the Pao Ting Massacre.
(Signed) Uoodnow."
"Che Foo, Aug. 3, afternoon.���Secretary of State, Washington: Have
just received a telegrnm from thc
(iovernor of Shan Tung requesting
mc to submit to you the following:
'Have just received a telegrnm dated
���'"ly 30, from the Tsung Ll Ynincn.
mating that the various Ministers and
other foreigners are all well. Not iu
distress. Provisions were repeatedly
sent.    Relations most friendly.    _,'.�����
Washington, I). C. Aug. 3���Seoretary Ray's reply lo l.i Hung Chung
has closed the negotiations with China
unless the old Viceroy is able to secure the full acceptance of the terms
submitted by the United States relating to the foreign Ministers and   that
at once. No orders, therefore, looking to thc relaxation of the proparar
tions for the advance on Pekin, have
gone out from Washington, for us the
situation is described by one of thc
leading offloials here, "There will be
no bargaining on our part in advance
of the concession by the Chinese authorities of full and free communication with the foreign Ministers.''
There is moreover a note ominously
close to actual declaration of war In
Secretary Hay's assertion thut the
Chinese     arc     "unfriendly."      That
kind of language is extreme diplomacy niul il is u narrow step between it
and formal wnr.
Ottawa,   July  8.���A    letter   receiveil
nt the militia department from South
\fric:i reports thnt Private Arkingsly
of Hie 1st Mounted Rifles of Montreal,
died of pneumonia on May loth.
Private J. E. Patton nnil Private
Sterrie   were    slightly   uml   severely
wounded,   respectively,   ul   Stephan-
ncdrii July -'.Oh.
Toronto,   (Int.,   Aug. 3.���A   speclul
Uoulimant llondrle Went Out a Private In Hie
Royal Canadian Rculnient.
Hamilton, Aug. 3.���A large crow.I
citizens, Including many prominent
persons, heartily welcomed Lieutenant Murray Hcndrle us lie stepped
from tlie 'I'. * 11. train nt I o'clock
his morning. He was accompanied by
his sister and brother-in-law. Mr. niul
Mrs. Herbert Reckford, who were on
their Wedding tour and who left at noon
today for their home in Alberta, N.
VV. T. Lieutenant Hendrle was receiveil with cheers nnil numerous
handshakes and for awhile lie was
kept busy kissing fair relatives. Lieutenant Hcndricwlio wns in all the engagements witli other Canadians of
tin- First Contingent till Blonmfon-
tein wns l'cuclieil, wns vory ill from
enteric fever nt Bloemfontein. When
he was convalescent he was sent to
the (ape, where he learned he hail
been given n commission in the Second Dragoon Iinurds, lie applied to
be attached to a cavalry regiment nt
the front but wns Informed lie should
go to England anil report to his own
regiment, lie did so, reporting to
the. Second Dragoon QnardB at Alder-
sliot. He wns not well, so wns examined by a medical board ut London,
leave of absence for two months then
being given him to return home. Lieutenant llendrle joined the Royal Canadians as a private,
Wells, also a bill to enable the snle of
Itosslnnil waterworks ami liglil plant
to Unit citv.
Died as Came as a Bantam Savs a Private Who
Was With Mini.
Winnipeg, Aug. 3���In n letter to
friends here Pte. Hughes of "A "company gives the first details received of
Lieutenant lilanelia.d's death. It appears Lieutenant Blanohard was'in
tlie hospital nt Bloemfontein uml wus
going from thut point to rejoin "A"
company when he met, with u fntnl
wound in nn engagement ut Roodevaal
from which he expired after eight
duvs suffering.
Pte Hughes wns with Lieutenant
Illuiiili.'ii'il in this light and wns taken
prisoner by Dewet, but he posed us a
wounded man nnd got in the ambulance wugon witli Blanohard and savs
he "succeeded in evuding the wily
Hoer until 1 got into the Yeomunry
hospital lines,where I wus nil right."
lie continues, ""poor llluiichurd was
hit in four places by u bursting shell,
a piece of which look away part of my
trousers. Pieces of the shell injured
lllumliaril's knee, foot and calf of the
leg, another piece entered his lung
ana caused bleeding when lie would
move, lie died us game us a bantam.
I bnrieil him ut Kroonstadt."
G. P. U, Dl.c.h..ro(;d Men on Account of tho
Prospects of Poor Grops.
Winnipeg, Aug.3.���Manager Whyte,
oftwieC.P.C., Interviewed today, explained Uio company's action in laying oft' tin' stuff at tin1 shops here. It
wa_S(lone witli the view of cutting
down expenses,the necessity for which
the rompnny feel in the face of the
poof* crop prospects for this fall.
TJic mechanical department lias
heen made to feel thin because the
rolling slock wil! not lie required to
lie increased. An extra number of
engines or cars will not be needed
this year. The orders to cut down
expenses had been received from
Montreal and Master Mechanic Cross
has retained jusL enough men to keep
the shops going.
GOmmission Appointed to Investigate the
Galling Out ofthe MlllUa.
Victoria, Aug. 3, ���The opposition
motion by Winchester l.rown for a
commission to investigate the calling
out of the soldiery Ut Steveston during
the recent labor trouble occasioned a
lively debate this afternoon. The Government at last consented and the
commission wilt consist of Attorney
(leneral Eberts, Ralph Smith, labor
leader, and Messrs Tatlow. Khld, Oliver and Mover, ail of neighboring
Quebec, Que., Aug. ',1���Another Cau-
ndlan paper mill is gone by tire. Last
night the mill of Messrs. Keid, of this
city, situated at Lorette, was completely destroyed. It is believed the
mill hands set it on tire, as some have
been making nasty remarks.
" Toronto, Aug. ;t.���The AlgomaOen-
tral Railway has acquired the charter
and privileges ofthe old Hudson's Hay
& Sanlt. Stc Marie Railway Co.. and
intend extending their present line,
under construction, from its present
terminus at Missunabie to .Moose Factory on Hudson's Hay, about -M)
Toronto. Out.. Aug. .'{.���Shortly af-
er midnight Wednesday Mr. Dean,
ged 71. father of .lames Dean, coin-
tlltted suicide by throwing himself
nto the Hay from Queen's wharf, at
he fool ofBathurst street. The first
ntiumt.ion of the event was given
arly this morning, when George May
iavd discovered a black coat and bat
ay ing on the wharf. The body was
ecovered vesterdav afternoon.
Associated Boards of Trade
Hard at Work Again
Viotoria, II. C, Aug. 3, The progress ,,f the Western Telegraph & Tele
phono bill l�� still Btubbornly resisted
by the Vancouver telephone people,
represented by Bodwell and Duff.
Fair progress Is, however, reported
to have boon iiiu.1.- on the hill by the
oommlttee, The Columbia & Western
lull extending the tim<' for selecting
u lniid grunt was  re-introduced  by
tnnlpeg, Aug. 3.��� It. ll. Oordon,
many years clerk of tho North-
t Legislature Conncll and Dogis-
vc assembly, Iwih resigned. His
gnation waa brought about by
ihle over the publication of a cer-
i dooument which it. iH understood
Ministers did not desire given to
Montreal, Aug. .'I.���Rogers & Taylor of Montreal have heen awarded
the contract for the double truck of
the Grand Trunk Railway between
Hamilton and Niagara Kails.
At a meeting of the Rifle Association
held at the armory last night the following team was chosen to shoot
against Hosslaud next meeting: II.
Hird. N. T. Mel.cod. Dr. Hall, II. E.
Mncdonell, I. W. Peters, A, Grant,
ii. Burden, T. McKenzie, A. Carrie:
nnd Dr. Bymonds, The following will
i, present tho Kast and West Wards in
the match tomorrow: Westward���
II. Hird. II. K. Macdonell. 9, VV.
Peters, Dr. Symonds. I). .McKay, H.
A, l-Ongfordi Dr. Sterling. 9, R.
Stewart, .1. II. Wilson and S. Shaw.
Hnsl Ward���Dr. Hull, A. (Irant, T.
McKenzie, 0, Burden, A. Carrie, 9,
Tinklns, D. 0, Lewis, L. (.obey,
tieorge Heer and II. McLeod.
The Associated Boards of Trade ol
Eastern liritish Columbia met In
Fraternity Hall this morning ane
continued the consideration of the re
solutions offered by the differen
Associated Hoards. Messrs Ross anc.
Haunington, the Fort Steele delegates
arrived during the night and took
their Heats.
The special committee to which was
referred the matter of the application
for a charter for a railway from Grand
Forks to Carson reported the following
resolution, whieh was carried without discussion : Whereas the Associated Boards of Trade are in favor of un-
strietcd railway competition : "Therefore be it resolved that this Association express the warmest sympathy
with the people of the Boundary
country in their struggle for free railway competition and petition both
the Dominion and Provincial governments to grant railway charters lo till
bona tide applicants iti thc Boundary
country aud elsewhere who are willing
to commence construction without delay.
Messrs Oliver aud Procter offered
the following resolution which carried: "That in the opinion of this Association thc (iovernment should
establish a -diool of Mines ut some
central point in thc district of Koote-
nuy or Yule. "
The question of the Agent (loneral's
otlice in London next came up on
motion of Messrs Harper and Ashby
of Kamloops. It provoked a Spirited
discussion in whieli all the speakers
deplored the disgraceful manner in
whieh the interests of the Province
were represented in London. Thc
resolution was not. deemed strong
enough and waa sent to the committee
ou resolutions to he returned this ufternoon. The sense of the meeting
wus thut at least 935,000 should bo
spent annually iu bringing before
London investors the resources of the
Duncan Ross, of Green wood, brought
up the matter of representation of the
Boundary country iu the Provincial
Legislature In the district proper,
he said, 1,300 votes were polled at the
last election and the district liUH no
member for itself while constituencies
ut the ('oust with .'llltl votes have two
members, .Mr. Kerr pointed out that
the votes polled in the Kootenay were
more than the number polled on Vancouver Island which has fourteen
members. The Boundary should have
two members. The resolution was referred to tbe committee ou resolutions
to touch it up and make   it   stronger.
Messrs. Oliver and Duncan lioss
moved the following:
"Whereas, the Provincial Government aids in the construction and
maintenance of roads to mines whenever such roads arc situated outside
the Incorporated limits of any city or
"Therefore, be it resolved. Thai
whenever mines paying royalty on
output are situated within thc corporate limits of any city SO per cent <��f
| said royalty should be paid over to
said municipality hy thc Provincial
Government to aid in the construction
and maintenance of roads to mines
within the limits of suoh municipality."
A resolution to endorse the Government's proposed aotion in appointing a Mining Commission evoked
u lengthy debate and tho speakers
were of the opinion that the laws
should not bo changed constantly and
without notice. Tho following resolution by Messrs. McMillan and Topping was curried: "That this meeting
strongly approves of the proposal of
the Government to appoint a Bpeclal
Commission to investigate tho workings of (he Mineral Acts and to consider tho question of water rights and
the delegates would urge upon the
(Iovernment the desirability of making the scope of the Commission suf-
Hoonlly largo to embrace thi' consideration of how best to raise and  expend
funds in connection with ll onstruc-
tion of roads and bridges, and other
means of Internal communication ns
these matters aro so Intimately connected with thc development of the
mineral wealth of tlie Province."
The following resolution was endorsed without discussion on motion
of Messrs. Harper and Ashley: "Resolved; that owing to Ih,- great numbers of teachers now being employed
In our public BOhools and the ever increasing demand for more as new
schools und districts arc being opened
up. wc recognize tho need of training
schools,  therefore be it
"Resolved: that this Association
urge upon the Provincial Qovernment
the necessity of a normal school being
established for the purpose of furthering this important work of our
Province, and in considering (he convenience of tho several districts of
the Provinoe wo suggest that the locality of such institution be established at Kamloops.   this point   being
tear the centre of   the   Province   and
���oiivenient to all points."
At 18,30 thc convention adjourned
until :.' o'clock.
The lirst resolution offered this afternoon was the following by Messrs.
Whiteside ami D.  Rohs :
"Whereas, the scale of lire insurance rales levied upon property occupied for commercial purposes iu the
Interior towns is exceedingly
high and the efforts of the.
individuals lo induce the Hoard
of Underwriters to reduce such
rates have been unsuccessful,resolved:
"That the executive committee of this
Association ho Instructed to investigate this matter and report to the Association at the earliest possible date
as to what steps oan bo taken to.secure
fire insurance at   reasonable rates."
Tho lirst order of business after the
noon adjournment yesterday was the
eleotion of officers and Mr. '.I. Roderick Robertson und Mr. II. W. ('. Jack-
son were elected president and secretary-treasurer, respectively. A resolution inviting members of the Hoard
of Trade and friends of the delegates
to attend the sessions was passed.
Thi'convention then launched Into
the programme of resolutions und
when the meeting adjourned lust
night Ll of tho 31 had lieen disposed
of. Tho discussions were most interesting and the keen appreclution of
the needs of the country displayed   by
the delegates, the expeditious manner
in which ihe business was transacted
and the sound common sense of the
resolutions carried cannot fail to carry
The Boundary district was thr lirst
topic discussed, The district In the
Kettle Rivor basin is generally known
as the Boundary, but none of the Provincial maps indicate it thus and persons residing outside of the Province
have no correct idea of the real locution of the Boundary, To correct this
the representatives of the (ireenwood
Hoard introduced a resolution to bring
tin' matter before the Government.
Tbo resolution curried.
A resolution suggesting that the
(iovernment make provisions for
quarterly returns of the development
of the mining industry, the point being that such statistics would materially influence investors and ussist
promoters in imlueing capitalists t*>
direct their attention to tho proviuce.
was Introduced, This wus curried
without discussion.
A resolution was adopted recommending the (iovernment to have
maps of surveyed lands plaoed in
every government otlice for the Information of persons requiring information on the point, and that the maps
be kept corrected to date.
T. li. Pi tor moved thut the Dominion government be memorialised
to look into the preservation of tish
in Yale. Cariboo und Kootenay nnd
suggesting tho placing of iish ladders
al lloiiniugton Kails and other points
where natural obstacles prevent Iish
coming into Kootonay lake ami other
inland waters.
Colonel Topping brought up the following which was curried : "Relieving
that the title to Crown granted mineral claims should be full aud perfect
and that all surface ground and timber on the claims should revert absolutely t" the grantee, lie it therefore
Resolved - That this Assoointion, in
convention assembled, do hereby respectfully petition the Provincial
Government to change the law to that
A resolution by Mr. Ituohauan was
to this effect :
Resolved, that in the opinion of this
Association a department of the pub-
lie service be organized to which the
duty of the preservation of the forests
of the Province should be assigned,
aud that provisions should be made
for a rigid system of timber ranging,
for a close Inquiry Into the origin of
timber fires, for the enforcement of
the law in regard to tires carelessly or
maliciously caused, and with moans
and authority to extinguish incipient
tiros where ii is possible so to do.
The Land Registry Office ut Nelson
was dealt with in the following resolution, which wns carried without
discussion :
Moved by II. livers and W. II.
Wilcox, thut iho present method of
dealing with land registration caused
long and vexatious delays to the residents of Kootenay. and tbat as a
registration olllee 'at Nelson has boon
1 pleted     for     some    months,    this
Association urge upon the Provincial
Government the urgent necessity for
the said oflice being opened for business at once.
Continued ou Fourth I'm.-. Nelson  Daily   Mixer,   Friday  Evening,   August 3, 1900. _ ^___
Nelson Daily Miner1,;;
D. .1. BEATON, Editor and  Managei
ur to tub
earnest in devoting himself to mat-
8 in which lie takes an interest,
uml it is pretty snfe to say that our
masters nt Victoria will hear of all
the matters that have neon recom-
mondod fur consideration,
The  attenti rf  the  Governmcnl
and Legislature at Victoria is direct-
ed to the following resolution, passed
by the Associated Boards of Trade for
Eastern British Columbia:
"BeBolved, that   in the  ol
this Association
public _er.it
Morrison fe Caldwell
,1,    of
nf the
n department
ihiinlil in' organised  to
hloh the duty of the preservation of
the forests of the Province should  bel01 ' " ""	
assigned, anil that  provisions  should know what rl
be mado for a rigid system of  timber |
ranging, fur a close inquiry into  the
origin nf timber Hits, fnr tin' enforcement of the   luw in   regard  to   fires
carelessly or maliciously caused, ami
with means ami authority in extinguish incipient  fires where it is  possible 80 to do."
TheBe Associated Boards represent a
portion of   the   Province in which nre
situated   such   Important  centre-  of
population us Nolson, Rossland, Knslo.
Greenwood. Revelstoke, KamloopB nnd
(Irand   l-'orlts, to   say nothing of some
smaller   places whoso   enterprise and
prosperity are  a   satisfactory   assurance   that in   a   fow  yours thoy will
themselves  ho   no loss   important and
populous.   Take till those out. and our
Province would make a   poor showing
in comparison witli others in the
Dominion, If British Columbia carries a high head todny among the
largely if
family of   Provinces,   it is
not  mainly  because  it  embraces the
places   mentioned.    What their representative   business   men   say   on  any
question of  public concern is entitled
to the greatest respect   and consideration.    In   the   above   resolution thoy
say   in   effect   that   our   forests   are
exposed to dangers against which they
should he protected, nnd  they venture
to  point  out  the lines on which this
could   best   be   done.    If   the Government  and   Legislature   have the good
BenHe to appreciate   the gravity of the
situation, thoy will give   hood to   the
recommendations which Mr. Buohanan
has   introduced,   at   once   witli   such
brevity   and   comprehensiveness, into
the resolution passed by tlie Associated
Boards of Trade.
It is only the Government und   Legislature  that    can   act   with   effect;
others can do no more than advise   or
recommend.    We are not asking for a
more efficient preservation of our forests because we  are   afraid  of  being
burned up or out.    It  is not  pleasant
to contemplate that our towns may lie
burnt about   our ears,   and   the   products of our industry   consumed    inn
night.    Wo could rebuild   our   towns,
no doubt, and in   thc  course of   time
rcgather about us the little properties
on whieh we depend for n competence
in the evening of life.    There is more
than this at stake.    Our population is
on the inereuse.    Mining   prospectors
are penetrating into all sorts of places,
Soon there will he  industries   of   one
kind or another established   in  every
section   of   the   country.     With   the
spread of population   and tlie   growth
of Industries there will go also nn in-
-reased danger of fires.    It is   easy to
imagine   our   mountains   and   valleys
both alike stripped of  thoir wealth of
trees.    If    that   should    happen  our
streams would dry up, and   our rivers
and lakes shrink to Insignificant   proportions.    That would be a  calamity,
for it would change the entire  fuce of
the country and make it an   undesirable one to live in as well  as   an   unprofitable "lie to work   in.    We   must
preserve our forests if liritisli Columbia
is to go on prospering. Wo have only
to look around us nnd sou what is happening  to  know     that   the   existing
measures of preservation are not sufficient, niul   the   duty   lies with   the
Legislature to make them so. No time
should he  lost in  communicating to
onr governing authorities the   resolution  of the Boards of Trade, with nn
Intimation that action in the direction
Indiented cannot in- taken ton Boon,
A Viotorin puper contains an advertisement for two school teachers,
ono male und one female, to go to the
Atlin oonntry. The advertisement
concludes: "Apply in person to the
Superintendent of Education," Which
means, of course, that no one outside
of Victoria need apply. We do not
ght the authorities of the
Education Department have to limit
applications for public positions to a
few in Victoria, It would be well to
hour in mind that there are others  in
thc Province.	
The cut worm   iB  active  in   several
portions   of     the     Province,    to   the
serious damage of vegetation.  Persons
Interested   have   communicated  with
Dr. Fletcher, Dominion Entomologist,
Ottawa,   who   recommends   poisoned1
bran   ns the   most  effective   remedy,
lu case the evil has extended   to   Nelson, it may be interesting to  many of
our rouders to know how this  is   pre-
pci.'od.    Dr. Fletcher writes  to a correspondent   in Victoria:   "1 find   the
host way to prepare this   is to wet the
bran with   water  slightly sweetened,
then dry this by mixing in   more  dry
bran, until the   whole   is   apparently
dry   again, but  as   a mutter ol   fact
there will he  Sufficient   imperceptible
moisture to make the poison adhere."
The poison referred to is Paris Green,
nnd this manner of applying it *ib recommended in preference to tlie spray
ing system.
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Mr. Fraaer'B addreaa to the Associated Boards of Trade would Indicate
that In his retirement they are losing
nn excellent President, if only he
could have finiiiil ii conalstcnl with
bis other duties to personally attend
the Congress Inst ead of being represented by .'i deputy. Onecqwally excellent "ill in' found in hi successor,
Mr. Robertson, on whose election the
Associated Boards are to be congratulated, Mr, Robertson possessej the
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I'..- -iii:(". arraDKod to atid from ull Kuropcun
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Tlie membera nf tin's Oourt will
attend divine service in the Presbyterian Church ou Sunday morning,
August 5th.
All _.ircstei's resilient or visiting In
the city are urgently requested to meet
with the brolnerI of Court Knntenny ' ";"""..'"""_, "V "".._._""��___..'-_!/-_���
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Nelson  Daily  Miner,   Ffiday   Evening,   August 3.  ��9����
struct ion in the district, pointing out
that though there have been at various
times, a Dominion School of Artillery
at Victoria, and ;i troop of Mounted
Police nt Fort Steele, there is not now
any corps available for thr purppse in
the Province, except tho garrison at
I n conclusion,
of President of Associated Boards ofj^Sffli^n'S
Trade of Eastern B. C.
The annual address of the president
of the Assoolnted Boards of Trade of
Eastern liritish Columbia, which wns
delivered at the opening of the joint
meeting yesterday by Mr. J.S, Fraser,
of Hosslaud, the retiring president, is
an able discourse and, containing, as
it does, references to Home of the most
important questions of the dny. is
worthy of the attention and consideration or all those who have at heart
. the interests of the Kootenay. The
Miner takes pleasure In publishing
it in full.    It is as follows:
Gentlemen: It (fives me a great
deal of pleasure ami 1 esteem it a high
honor to be thus enabled to greet for
the second time, the representatives
of the business interests in the eastern
portion of our Province. I am sure
you will all rejoice with me i" noting
that we have among us this year, delegates from several Boards of Trade
whieh did not participate In the pro-
needlngs of our first convention, Their
presence undoubtedly Indicates that
the work of that convention met with
the hearty approval of the people of
Carrlboo, Vale and Kootenay, whose
interests this association is primarily
intended to serve. It also just Hies.
in my opinion, the expectation of the
founders of this organization, that, by
meeting together like this occasionally, we would lie enabled to work together harmoniously for the development and prosperity of our respective
That there was need of an organization of this kind is also proved by the
promptitude with which the Hoards of
Trade of the Interior have become
members. It should be B matter of
pride to us and must add great weight
to the work of this convention, if we
continue to act in the future on broad,
conservative lines, recognizing no sectional or jealous spirit, that every
Hoard of Trade in Ihe Province of
whieh we have any knowledge, outside of those of the Const cities, participate in our deliberations.
Owing to the fact that the regular
session of the Provincial Legislature
following our first convention, resulted in a political crisis which has only
now been brought to an end, it has
been impossible to secure any legislation on the many questions affecting
Provincial affairs witli which that
convention dealt, anil I would therefore recommend that the resolutions
adopted last year be taken up again,
and, if found advisable, reaffirmed, so
that they may be brought freshly to
the attention of the new Ministry.
Amon^r these are many matters
about which there can lie no controversy, The name "Boundary District," which has become a household word iu mining circles, should
be found on all maps of the Province.
The necessity of Issuing quarterly
bulletins, giving information with regard to thc output of our mines, is
only becoming more apparent as we
realize what the wide dissemination
of such information, by the Governments, has done for other countries
and colonies. The question of the
best methods of obtaining funds for
and properly constructing wagon
roads, ete, throughout the mining
districts, is even more of n burning
issue now than it was a year ago.
The need of increased parliamentary
representation for the Interior is one
which should be settled before another session. The facilities for the
transaction of publio and court business in Vale and Kootenay are not
yet what they should be ami I would
especially direct your attention to
the injustice done the Interior
hy reason of there being no
resident Supreme Court Judge.
The public schools arc still inadequately provided for, especially ill the
matter of teaohor'B salaries, which arc
the same as paid on the Coast where
cost of living is much less. Government maps showing occupied land cannot yetbe obtained. Municipalities containing producing mines arc still unjustly saddled wilh thc whole cost   of
constructing and maintaining mining
roads. The Nelson Land Registry oflice is yet unopened. No school of
mines has yet heen established, Mine-
owners are still being compelled to
pay royalty on timber used by them
for mining purposes, when cut off
their own claims, in contravention of
the Mineral Act, and the right of
holders of mineral claims to purchase
their surface rights is still undefined,
I am sure that you will all have read
with pleasure that the Provincial
Government intends appointing a
commission to enquire into the workings of the various acts affecting the
mining industry and water rights.
Nothing has done more harm to the
Province of late years than the hasty
and ill-considered legislation on these
subjects, and it is a matter for sincere
congratulation that it now looks
as if a rational and conservative
policy of enquiry lirst and action afterwards, instead of action
first and consideration afterwards.
were to be pursued. I would recommend that this convention should
appoint a committee of three or more
to act as the representatives of this
association before the commission,
and that tbe Government should he
so notified.
While on this subject I would like
say  that  in   my personal opinion
the greatest good this commission
could do would he to give an assurance that no radical change would be
made In the existing laws affecting
the mining industry, and 1 trust that
the conclusions of the commissioners
will be such as to indicate to all
(governments the InndvlHabllaty of
making continual chunges in thc miu
ing laws. Capitalists would then
know under exactly what conditions
they would operate and would not he.
ns in the past, in constant dread of
serious changes made without proper
consideration and without consulting
all the parties interested, by whom I
mean the capitalist, mine-owner,
prospector. working miner and
The Government, I am also pleased
to note, lias promised to finance the
Agent-General's otlice in London, on
a basis commensurate with the amount
of good it can do if properly officered.
In this connection I would suggest
that this convention impress upon the
Government that the greatest usefulness of this ollice to the Province lies
in the way of properly bringing to
the attention of the capitalists of
Great Britain, the unequalled mineral
resources of the country, and this can
only he done liy choosing i'or Agent-
General nnil tlu' members of his stall',
persons thoroughly familiar with the
variety, extent and value of the mineral wealth of our Province, and who
nre not in any way connected witli
the promotion of public companies,
either local or foreign,
While on the subject of interesting
the capitalists of Great Britain in our
mineral resources. I would suggest
thai you urge upon the Provincial
Government the advisability of arranging for a really interesting and
adequate presentation of tlie mineral
wealth of onr Province at tlie exposition at Glasgow, Scotland, next year.
Besides a thoroughly comprehensive display of our ores. it
would lie well to have a report specially prepared by the Provincial Mineralogist, giving up-to-date statistics
of the Province's production and brief
descriptions of tlie principal mines,
of whieli a large enough edition
should lie printed to permit of every
Interested visitor being given a copy,
and the ditVerent Hoards of Trade
might supplement this report with
brief bulletins on their respective districts. A good collection of photographs should also be exhibited and
some special feature, such as a stump
mil] in operation or a working model
of a big mine, should be added to
make the exhibit striking and attractive.
A matter of some importance to
which I beg to draw your attention is
the necessity of a law requiring tile
approval of the local municipal authorities before permitting the plat
of an addition lo an incorporated city
io he registered by the Department of
Lands and Works. In several Instances lately, especially at Hosslaud.
additions have heen platted whose
streets do not conform to those of the
original townslte, the arrangement
being strongly disapproved of by the
municipal authorities, who are, however, helpless in the matter.
1 hear constant complaint of the excessive cost of incorporation under the
Company Lawsof the province, especially ;is they affect mining, and I am glad
to note that this most Important subject will he brought up for discussion
by the Knslo Board. Another complaint needing investigation is that
concerning tho excessive cost of registering titles to mineral claims.
Iu regard to matters coming under
the control of the Dominion Government, I -in pleased to report that the
lion. Mr. Mulock, the Postmaster-
General, personally investigated the
complaints of .his body Inst year,
with the result thut our grievances
were speedily redressed and the postal
service throughout Vale and Kootenay
very materially improved. 1 have no
doubt thai ill so rapidly growing a
community as Ibis there will, from
time to time, be dofectain the service,
but. 1 think, thnt reasonably grounded complaints from this Association
or from any ofthe Hoards of Trade
in Ihe district, will always he
promptly attended lo.
I have also the pleasure of reporting
to you that the Hon. Mr. Blair, Minister of Railways, has succeeded in
securing (lie passage of a hill dealing
with the grievance wc brought to his
attention, namely the ignoring of
established towns along tbeir lines by
new state aided railways.
One of the most important matters
dealt with liy this Association at its
last meeting, was tlie lend question.
This has since been dealt   witli hy the
Dominion Government on the lines recommended by us. nnd 1 am glad to
say that everything is working
smoothly and this country is now receiving the full benefit to he derived
from treating its own lend ores within its own boundaries,and an industry
heretofore non-existent in Canada has
been successfully established,
Since we last met the military spirit
of our citizens have been aroused by
the war In Soutli Africa, now happily
nearly over, in which our contingent
has by its valor, added new lustre to
thc name of our fair Dominion. When
volunteers were called for, thc interior
of British Columbia responded in such
a manner that a whole regiment could
easily have been recruited. Since
then there has been a marked increase
In enthusiasm for service and the
local battalion of militia conld, with
proper encouragement from the Dominion Government, he at least doubled in strength, while, acting on Lord
Salisbury's    suggestion,   rifle   dubs
have been organized all over the district. I would therefore suggest thai
this convention urge upon the Minister of Militia the advisability of
establishing an Infantry bchool of lu-
1 would   suggest tbat
littee  to
present the result of your deliberations
to the Ministry.     I thank you   for the
kindly hearing you have given me.
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_^ Lines West of Luke Superior.
Departure   and    Arrival   Time
Trnins  and  Steamers.
Depnrt from                             Arrive  nt
Nelson                                  Nelson
Sic'iinier    nirives   at  Nelson
from the east, Crow's  Nest
branch    and  intermediate
pnints 2.3o
7. Ill Train leaves Nelson for Rossland and intermediate
poiuts, and via Rohson for
north, Revelstoke,the main
liun and Paoiflo coast points.
7.110 Train leaves Nolson for Sandon nnd intermediate points
and via Slocan Lake ronte
lor north, Kev.lstoko, the
main line and Pacilio coast
Train nrrives nt Nelson from
Rossland   and intermedinte
points 10.115
Steamer    arrives   nt   Nelson
from Kaslo and intermediate points 11. oO
lfi.30 Trains leaves Nelson for
Rosslnnd,   Greenwood   nnd
intermediate points.
Hi.00 Steamer leaves Nelson for
Kaslo nnd way points.
Train arrives at Nelson from
Rossland nud Greenwood
nnd intermedinte points,
and from Revelstoke, tho
main line, aud Pacific coast
poiuts IH. lfi
Train arrives iii Nnlson from
handon and Intermediate
Doints.nud from Revelatoke,
the main line and tho Pacific coast points 111.30
22.30 Steamer leaves Nelson for
CrowB Nest branch aud all
poiuts east.
Trav. Paim. An_nt>
K. J. CO YI.K,
A   11. P. Age-.,
Spokane Falls A
Northern R'v.
Nelson  A
Sheppard R'v
Red Mountain R'v.
The only all rail route between
nil points east, wost and south to
Rossland) Nelson and intermediate
points; connecting at Spokane with
Great Northern, Northern Pacific,
and O. R. & N. Co.
Connects at Nelson \> ith steamer
for Kaslo and all Kootenay lake
Connects at Meyer's Kails with
Stage dnily for Republic, and connects at Bossburg with stage dally
for Grand Forks and Grcenwooil.
Dsy Train,
10,86 a.m..
... .Spokane,..
.. .7:1(1 p.m,
12:115 p. m.
... .Rossland..
.. .5:30 p.m.
i):30n, in...
Nikjiit Train,
. .7:05 a.m:
...()::��) a.in.
H. A. JAOK.HON, G. P. & T.A.
Spokane  Wnsli
Agent, Nelson, B,0
Wholesale Houses
rp-iUHN. & co. Limited-Corner Vernon
X uml Oedar dtreeU, NoIboo���Manufaotur-
t.rri of and wholesale dealors in aerated waters
uml fruit BjTUpS. Soli, agonts for Halcyon Hot
Springs mineral wator.  TulupliuneffO.
N. M. Cummins, Lcssoe���Evory known
variety of soft drinks. 1* o Hux 88. Tolephone
No. HI. Hoover Street. Nelson, bottlers of the
famouH Bt. Leon Hot Springs Mineral Water.
CO.���Manufacturers of tho Uoyul Soul
a mi  Kootenay   Belle   Cigato   Factory nud
oilier, linker Mreel, Nelsun.
1| J. KVans & CO.���Bakor Street, Nol-
1 ��� son -U hulirMile dealers in liquors, ei-
Ktu**( cement, dre brick and lire olay. vvatw
pipe and t-ieel rolls, and general commission
J    A. M'UONALD���Madden Hloek, Nelson-
���    fl'Ults,  iee cictun,  "ii, b." chocolate..,
nigu olass confectiopery.   leo Cretun Parlors.
XJ v. boiusuie aud retail dealers in grain,
hay, flour, foea. Mills at Victoria, New Wut-t-
lulumer; Kdmonton, Alta. -h-iovHtorH on Cul-
garj and i.uiiiuiiLun Railway. Manufacturers
uf the celebrated ti. u K. brand cereals.
AMACIJUNALO & Co.���Corner Front
��� and Hall streets��� VV hulesalu grovel's
anu jobbers In blankets, gloves, mitts, boots,
ruobers, inucklnaws uud miners' sundries.
t^ANK k MACDONALD (II. Cane, Jamui
J   .a. Macdotialdl���Architects uml superin-
icinlcnis, i ;i -n Hill block, corner llaker and
U aid Streets, iNelson,
J3I     Oflice  corner   Hull ami   brunt  Streets,
,-Ulsou���number, coiling, flouring, and every
dung in noun for  building purposes.   Get our
prices.  Correspondence solicited.
1~_\   BURNS A Co.���Baker Street, Nol.on-
.  ���   Wholesale dealers in fresh and cured
mouth.   Cold Storage.
Bakor street. Nelson���Wholesale deal
ore in frosb and cured meats.
\ l'__Ai'Hl.AN  BROS. (Successors to Van-
_______   couvur Hardware Co, Ltd.) Haker Street,
.Nelson���\\ holesule dealers in hardware uno
mining supplies, pluiubert? and tinsmiths' supplies.
JA puniis, oil* and giiiss; mechanics' tools.
Agents foi Ontario I'owder Works; dynunilte
i'l'KNKK, BRETON &Co. -Corner Vernon
und Jo&ophlno Streets, Nelson���Whclu
sale dealers in liquors, cigars, and dry goods.
Agents fur Pabsb Brewing Co. of Milwaukee
aud Calgary brewing Ou of Calgary.
II UDSONS HAY Co.   Wholesale groosriet
I    aud liquors etc.. baker Struol, Nelson.
C.ALHOKN1A WINK CO., Limited-Cormi
.! l-'ronl und Hull Streets, Nelson Whole
Bute dealers in wines (cose and bulk), ami
domestic uud imported cigars.
JY. QRJFFlA & CO. Corner Vernon and
��� Josephine Streets, Nelson���Wholesale
dealers in provis'ons, cured meats, buller and
The Nelson Coke &
Gas Company is
now prepared to supply the best LIME
in the country at
50c per Cwt,
Special rates on carload lots.    Apply
Nelson Coke anil Gas Co., Ltfl.
Baker Street.
Brewers of Pine Lager
Beer und Potter.
Nelson, V. C.
AdvcrtlHomontx lnwortod undo.   UiIh lioad ftt
tho ntU< ol ono cunt 11 wonl pur liinur.lon.   Nf
m. ���- i'    iii inl.'']. forloKH than 25oont��.
\Y ANTKII    Position a- Cook or ({I'll
eral   homework.    Address   "M,'
Miner office.
WANTKJJ ��� To    rent   u   ten-ronmed
house, or ten rootniln oommunloet
[ng  Iioiihi'H,  fiinilKliril   or   unfurnished.
AiIiIicps " 11fnmi.," Miner offloe.
LOST   On 211I1 iimi n orooodile leath,
er olg&f Oftie.   MonnKrani  .1.  II. II..
nil vor.   Howard Q3.M),    Apply Mlnei
Kim sai.k   Thoroughbred  Airedale
puppies]   best iilm-l   in  America
Address Box 184,
TO   Id.T- Houiw   to   let    acriwit  the
Ink.: -tove,  and   niuily   furnished.
S..\y 0. Now ling, Baker Street.
Economy Is Wealth
You   cannot   make  money  easier  than
by    saving    it   on    FOOTWEAR.
We fit your feet and your pocketbook
also.    You  can  only judge the value of
our low prices when you see tlie splendid
footwear we give you.
Call  today   and   economize.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Branch Markets in Rowland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Orders by mall to any branch will have careful a-4 nromot attention.
~\\'e are now doing business iu
Next to Nelson Hotel, where we hope to see  all  our
OLD customers and many NEW ones.
Give us a call.
Telephone 10. P 0 Box, K and W   I
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and    Salted   Heats
Fish and Poultry in Season
_=.   C.   TRAVES.   Manager.
Baker Street, Nelson.
Orders by mail receive careful and prompt attention
... STORAGE ...
Storage space to rent; good, clean and cool;  at   reasonable
rates.    Apply to
The Nelson Electric Tramway CO., Ltd.
Room 9, Macdonald Block.
Merchants' Bank of Halifax
Incorporated 1869.
<'AplUl   r.-Mnp.      ���     .     ���      WI,ftX..,u;.MH.   I   Itctl ��1,700,900.*
ttourd of Dlrceter*! ThonuuiB. Konny,  Prwddontj  Thomas Ritchie, Vice-rrcHideni.
Wiley Smiili, fl. tl. BuuM. Iluii. II. H. Fuller, M.!_.('.. Hon. LMtvM MacRoon.
HiimI Olllre, Halifax!
General Manager. Kd��on I.. Peam, Montreal,
Buperlntondenl of Bronchos, nnd Secretary, W. li. Torrance, Halifax.
Lpspector, W. V. Brook) Halifax,
limpet:!or 1>. M, .Stewart, Montroal.
iu .un ins!
Nova Hcoiia-Halifax iirancli, AnUgontsh, Brldgowator,Guyaboro. Londonderry, l.unonburg.
Maltlantl (HnnLw C'o.l, Ptotou, Port Rawkesbory, Sydney. Btiubonaoadle, Truro, Weymouth
.fw Itrunw Mirk Hathun.1, I lore holer, Kretlericton, Kingston iKt'i>! Co.l. Moncton, Now*
eantlo, Sar.kvMo, Wootl^loek.    I*. K. InIiuhI   (imiloltetown, stlinnieraido,   Uiif-hrr���Montreal
(City Offloe), Montreal. WeHt Kmi (Cor. Notre Dame and BelgnenniStreets). Wentinount (Cor.
(Ireeno Avenue and Sl.  Catharines   Sheet.   4in(nrlo   Ottawa.   !_rw!'tHMMlland- -St. John's
Culm, Hml InillfK���Havana.  I mteil Male .   New York (Hi I. .change I'laue) Hepublie, Wash
Atlin, Bennett, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver, Vancouver East End, Victoria.
Correspondents .
('anuria���Merchant* Bank of Canada,   ll��*��l��ii -National Shav*mut Hunk.   Miltago���Amoriua
'���-'ut it.mil   Hank-   Snn  FruncUco���First National   Hank.    Iimilnn, Inn.    Hunk of  Scotland.
1*.ni-, (uiii.i   Credit Lyonnals,   iierimula   Hank of Bermuda,   <iilun nnil Japaa���ElQng
K.ou% and HhuiiKhai I_nuki��K Corpora! Ion.
(leneial Banking Huslneas Tran.iacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange   Bought
and Sold, Letters of  Credit, lite, Negotiated.
Accounts received on the most favorable terms.   Interest allowed on special
depositH and ou Saving Hank accounts,
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
Steady employment will be given
lo   25   good   coal   miners   at   the
Canmore mines, Alberta.
THE H. W. M'NEILL CO. (Ltd.)
W. F, Littlb, Manager.
7-8 inch (li.un. 81 a60per WO feet. For
immediate delivery in Nelnoo
���>. o. Box f.'/f.. NnKon. B. 0
i. o. gbehs     f. s. otiBMHNTs   Gamble &  O'Reilly,
GREEN & CLEMENTS    c,_. �����.,  p.
Civil Engineers and Provincial  Land       R.��- E.t.t..
I ���     '   K.i.lHL
L-- 8_
P,  O.  Hon 1 If
KmIm-II.  H. 0.
H. nt.   CoL.fOTfD
-o.n. rvi.M.
Two  cooks.    Waitress.    Two  incn
Haker . li.. t, Nelann. II. C.
for baying,                             .                   Hv the week from $�� to $6.
' I   niir-i' Kill   want       _,_ ., ,__. ,_. __     J
Cook (woman) und
it mill	
liy the day *i
J. II. LOVE, A*t., Haker St     !J, V.  O'LAUGHLIN,    Prop- Nelson  Daily  Miner,   Friday  Evening,   August 3,  igoo.
Will last only one week longer.    Odd lols must go, regardless of consequences.
I Children's Shoes!    Boys' Shoes!    Men's Shoes!
Children's Suits!    Boys' Suits!   Men's Suits!
Children's Hats!    Boys' Hats!    Men's Hats!
In short,  BIG BARGAINS In everything that a man or boy wants to wear   NOW.    Call in your wandering thoughts, gather yourself together,
and see what you can do with live dollars at
The Wallace-Miller Co.'s
Continued From First Pago.
Another of Col. Topping's resolutions was: "That this meeting desires to call the attention of the Government to the Injustl if certain of
thc provisions of the act of 1801)
known as an act to amend the Bureau
of Minos Aot. whereby in opposition
to the spirit of liritisli law and to all
precedent, retroactive legislation is
made to injuriously alToot the rights
and interests of an important body of
professional men. This Association
approves of the prinoiple of an examination in assaying and thc issuance
of a certificate of proficiency hy the
(iovernment as an antecedent to men
not already established In business
being permitted to engage in assaying
iu this Province. And further this
Association, having heard the statement and suggestion, submitted by J.
Cuthbert Welsh, ossayer ai the Trail
smelter, to the Minister of Minos and
other Ministers of the Crown, hereby
heartily endorses the same and trusts
that the suggestions therein dealt
with will receive consideration and
be acted upon during the present session of the Legislature. And thai
this Association also strongly urges
the desirability of holding examinations for assayers annually in the
mining districts as well as in Victoria,
In regard to the surface rights oi
mineral claims the convention adopted
the following:
" Believing that the title to Crown
granted mineral claims should he full
perfect and that all the Burface rights
of such claims should belong absolutely to the grantee; be it
"Resolved. That this association
do petition the Provincial Qovernmenl
to Change the law so that owners of
mineral claims may he allowed to acquire Ihe surfaoe thereof at   the   s.-uiii-
prices that would lie paid if the purchase were mode under the I.und Act:
provided, that the application be made
within six months after the Crown
grant is issued.
II. livers .-mil I). Hoss Introduced a
resolution pledging the association lo
urge the post otlice department to
establish a daily mail service among
the towns of Eastern liritish Columbia,
where a daily service is in operation.
and that a mail   car should he  put on
the Crow's   Nest   Pass   road   bctwi	
Medicine Hat and Kootenay Landing.
The matter of bringing the resources
Ot British Columbia to the attention
of English investors through an exhibit of minerals at Glasgow, Scotland, was gone into and   universally
approved, and a resolution was passed
recommending the Government to take
action in this direct ion.
A resolution, urging the Government
to appoint a supremo court judge for
the Interior to expedite the administration of justice was carried.
Moved hy 1!. I!. Kerr, seconded by
(I.   Whiteside   mill    resolved,    whefe.-is
the county boundaries should be adapt -
ed to transportation facilities SO that
communication may be easy between
all parts of eaoh county, mid whereas
the northern parts of Kootenay and
Yale are closely bound together l>y
one railway mid their southern parts
by another, there is no pro|icrconnection between the northern niul south'
ern parts of Vale or between the same
portions of Kootenay mid whereas
groat sinus of money nn- annually
wasted by the Dominion mnl Provincial  Governments  In   transportation,
this Association r mmonds the  alio
lition of the present line nf rlivifdon
between Kootenay mid Vale and the
substitution of :i line running oust and
west     which     will   place    all   pointH
on the main line of the   c     I .    II.    in
one  county   and   nil   points   on   the
Crow's Nesl mnl Columbia St SVe ten
railways in another,
The following resolution, offered
by Messrs. Oliver and Cuinmlngs, was
carried:    "Whereas;  under existing
laws the owners of lands inside of or
adjoining the limits of incorporated
'cities and towns within the Province
aro enabled to have the same platted
without any regard whatever to the
location, width or direction of the
streets and alleys of such town or
city, to which the addition may be
contiguous,  and
"Whercasl this may he done without
reference to. or the approval of the
city or town adjacent, therefore be it
"Resolved; that this convention do
ask the Provincial (iovernment to re-
ipiiro that the owners of such plats
obtain the approval of tho loeal municipal authorities before the plat of
any such addition can tie registered
and titles given to any property therein, iind further that before the plat
,,f any new townslte or of any addition to an existing townslte be registered, the platting shall he examined
and approved bp an engineer appointed hv the Government."
U. W. Day has beeu appointed receiver to settle up the busincHS of the
Nelson Furniture Co.
Mr. .1. A. Kirkpatriok. of Kirkpnt-
riek Ss Wilson. loaves tomorrow
morning for llanff where he will
spend a short vacation.
W. A. Thurman purchased some
thoroughbred fowl at tbe Winnipeg
Exposition and it is now on its way
to Nelson. Mr. Thurman will return
Ubout August ISth.
Arrangements are being made hy
tlie local football team to bring olT a
hi^ match here with the teams of
fernie and Cranbrook,   The teams are
��� \| ted in Nelson next week.
A party composing Mr. and Mrs.
Will Irvine. Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Stevens.     Messrs.      Herb     Irvln
enough to meet any crack   players   in
The regular train from Spokane to
Nelson did not ootuo in last night or
this morning on account ofthe derailment of a work train tit Waueta yesterday morning. The track was cleared about noon today and the train will
be in on time tonight. No train left
Nelson for Spokane this morning and
passengers had to go by way of Kossland this afternoon. 'Ihe mails for
the past two days will bo Iirought in
on tonight's train.
Track laying on the llalfour extension, beginning at Balfour und proceeding towards Nelson, w ill probably |
commence tomorrow. A crew of |
over SO men who have heen working
on the Columbia and Western, near
Greenwood, will arrive iu Nelson today. The Roberts tracklaylng engine
will also he brought over. A full gang
of nearly two hundred men, with machinery and material, will he Immediately sent to Balfour and operations
will start at once. The work will lie
under the direetii f Engineer  A. !���'.
Pr"lt,'r'                                                    , Close   connection   East   and  West,
Tlie officer in   command of the local bound at Spokane with trains  of  the
company of thc Kicky  Mountain Kan- trains of the Spokane Falls and North-
gers has issued alt order that all rifles ,,,.��� |{ailway.
and uniforms at present issued to the     Direct connection nt St, Paul wit.li-
memliers of the company and the liitle I ml( cJjange of depot with all trains for
Association he returned to the armory   Chicago, Toronto. Monlrenl, New York
on  Haker Street.    The armory will he   mill ���,| ,,���inls \v,.S| and South,
open each night of  next week except- Lea_es gpo)jane daily for Enst at 10:15 a.m
ini.   Saturdav   from 7 -in till '.' o'clock   T a* ,        , .,J ,    -_.   .   _n._
for  thc reception of tin tilts.   Hall : leaves Spokane daily lor Wost at 7:45 p.m.
drill   for   inspection    will   commence |     West-bound trains make direct con-
August     i mh
Thursday     evening.
Keerult or squad drill
Wednesday evenings.
C. _\ Haunington of Port Steele, a
delegate to the Associated Boards of
Trade arrived in tho city last night.
Mr. Ilnnnington is employed by the
Canadian Pacilio as engineer for that
district.    Ill the  course   of   an   inter
view in connection with the
, .     *  I railroad through the Wind
Wright   and   the Misses McLeod hav I
neotlon for Victoria ami Vancouver,
I   lie held   Port land, San Kiancisco, uml all points
on (be Bound,
Dining I lie Benson of navigation East,
hound trains connect at Duluth with
the magnificent steamships North West
.-nni Niii i h-l .and of the Northern Steamship Company Line, operated in con-
neotlon with the Great Northern Ball-
proposed i ""}'���
rmere dis-     For further Information, maps, fold-
.. working hard ,���] ers, etc., apply to any agent of Spokane
is now   more   bone I I'"'"1 & Northern Ky., Kaslo is Slocan
established   a   camp   at   Seven   Mile I trh't.he said."we
,, .  .    .       :,        '.,,   ���    ,,i . iget a road,   There is now more  nope  ,
Point where they   will spend the next   *f ^.^ IU.._   _ve-   ,,_,___     ,,   _.!���   Ry , Kooto| ui JSUUfv/A, ft Navigation
Co., or to
two weeks.
The masonry work of the new cyanide plant whieh is being erected at
the Athabasca mill is nearly completed and the machinery, which was nr-
ilered from Victoria, will be installed
as soon us it arrivos.
Dr. Harry Lane of Portland, Ore..
arrived In Nelson this morning from
Fort Steele. The country up there,
lu- says, is in a prosperous condition
and everything is looking well. The
St. Eugene, Sullivan aud North Star
mines arc shipping ','.M1 tolls per week.
Mr. E. 1'. Whalley had a narrow-
escape from drowning about noon today while crossing the Lake ill his
sail boat. The boat was capsized in
the middle of the Lake by a sudden
gust mid Mr. Whalley was thrown into the water. The steamer Nelson
went to his assistance and towed the
boat  Into thc city wharf.
The members of Court Kootenay.
No. 3138, Independent Order of
Korostors, will hold a special meeting
I rrow night al 8:80 to   meet   Hev.
Alex. MacOilllvray, P. II. C. It. On
Hunday morning the Court will attend
service at the Presbyterian Church.
All resident and visiting Foresters
are requested to meet Bt Fraternity
Hall at In a. m. Sunday for this purpose.
The Nelson Quoltlng Club tournament for individual chaiupionsbip
was commenced last Monday evening
and the lirst ronud will be finished
this evening, when   Judge Forln   snd
ii.-.it-ge Nunn meet each other.    The
results of tho first round so far are:
Miller31, vs. Annable SO: llardic 31,
vh, Weir so; Wallace31, vs. Smyth 33;
McKenzie 31, vs. Watson HI; .Valley
;!. is. Irving '.'It. In the second
i omul McKenzie defeated Walley.
core 31 to IB. leaving Miller and Hardin to play. also.I. II. Wallace to play
winner ol Porln vs. Nunn. Thc semi-
linals will be played early next week.
The elub, which Is newly formed,
has developed some strong players
and   they can  put  on a  team good
probably ho some time but undoubted-
.-a!.' :_' ffVll   -l a" ��Sf, I *���.*��� WHITNEY.   H. A. JACKSON,
trade   established   with   the  mines. * *
The proposed lino will leave the present line at Cranston and pass through
the Windermere district and join the
main line at Qolden. The plans were
sent to the head otlice of the Canadian
Pacific at Montreal last week. As the
district is naturally level and little
cost will he connected with e,instruction it is thought that favorable action will he token in the near future.
Tbe principal feature of the new road
will ho the coal shipments to the
coast. As the navy vessels require
over '-'00.nou tons per year and as tbe
coal from the Crow's Nest Pass is the
only coal in Western Canada adapted
to thoir purposes, mi Immense trade
would be established. It would also
bean important factor in connection
with the mines about Windermere.    "
Uenl. Pass. & Tkt. Agt.   Com'cl Agt.
St. Paul, Min       Spokane. Wash
Was the hall that hit (i B, Stnacl-
mnu of Newark,Michigan, in tho Civil
Wnr. It cause I horrible Ulceis that
no treatment helped for iio years.
Then Hueklen's Arnica Salve cured
him. Onres (Juts, Bruises, Burns,
Boils, Felons, Corns, Skin Eruptions.
Rest Pile onr. nn earth. SB cts. a box.
Cure   Biiaranteed,      Sold   by   Canada
Drug iV Book Store,
mnl   try  n  lioM.le.   u  itozeii
li.nni-.t    on    lho    niiirlol
Kootenay Railway and Nav.
Company, Ltd.
Beheduls of Time.     Padfla -Undani I'tme.
Ktl'ecUvi) February Int. ltwo
Passenger train for _unilon anil way station.
leavos   Kaslo at 8 a. ni., dully.    Keturnlnp,
:,.-...  i-i.l.m m  1.16 p.ui,, arriving at Kaslo
at 3..V, p.m.
-ill-rating on Kootoluy I.ikoand Rivor.
Sir. "Intornnlioiml" loavos Knslo for Nolson
nl II a. in, daily except _undny. Returning,
lenves Nelson al fi.10 p.m., culling ut Balfour,
Pilot Buy. Ainuwo'tli nnd ull way points. Connects with S. V. A N. trnin u. and from ..do-
kuno ut Five Mile Point.
.toninor Argnntn lenves Knsiu Tmisilnvs and
rrlilnysiit lin.m. fin-tin- lieud of navigation on
llui   Upper Itenciui hiver;   returning lenves
llulU 1-niihlig Wednesdays and Snturdavs.
Slouincrs call sl iirlncinnl landings In both
directions, nnd -I Other points whon signalled
Ilckat�� sold lo-ll points in Canada and the
United Suites.
To ascortain roles and full information ad-
dros. i
uinaanr, KarIo. R.C.
The Miner is on sale at the following news stores at five cents per
vir.ES,   LIQUORS,
Telephone IB. ��� Bakor Ht,
liiirrcl  nf   copv
tost nnd i (lllliert Stnnlo;
Nolson, H. 0.
Mining and Real Estate Agents,
Homeland Lots on Rcnnnnable Termi.
Bee Our Llsti,
Oflice, Victoria Street,
Phair Hotel.
Thoinnon Stationery t'o
Canada !>niKfcHm)k Co.
Ilot .0 Hums Newa Stand
Hotel I'halr N'uwuHuind
P, Campbell
('. Y. Nation
J. Y Dolaney
It. A.  Bradnhaw
Htociin New- i ().
Thon.wnn Bkm,
l.iunonl & .''inn.'
II. A. Ki'iKfc Oo.
and   News   Agents
trains out of Nelson
Nil nn
New Denver
.Slocan City
And Save Money? t
A dollar saved is a dollar gained, gj
I This is how we will save you money: I
���j By selling you goods at these prices: ��
|      press  Goods     |
9 Fancy Black All-Wool Dress Goods; regu-
Jg lar 50c;' to clear at       25c
<�� Black    Crepon   Dress    Goods,   in    skirt
!S lengths;   regular $i a yard;   now.'...      35C
jg Fancy Silks for Waists;   regular price 50c.
rg        n��w      26c
���g Fancy   Silks   for   Waists;    regular  $1   a
ji yard;    now       5Qc
on   boats  and
S   D & A and B & C Corsets;   regular 50c
���S line;   now, per pair        25c
:�����   Thomson   Glove-Fitting  Corsets;  regular
j�� $2.50 and $3;  now, per pair	
I $1.25 and $f.50
g ���������������������
I       SCO.      I
i��  Houston   plock       paker Street gj


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