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Nelson Daily Miner May 21, 1899

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 Daily Edition No. 322
Nelson,  British C*     nbia,  Sunday,  May 21,  1899.
Ninth Year
Skip With Five Men Falls
350 Feet.
thought co havo   been   ciuiRed   by   tlio
slipping of a "safety" bolt,   Miobael
Cooke, tho ouly   survivor, was  pronri-
uout among the forwards  iu the  team
.'Father Pat"   reeeutly   brought  over!
to Nelson,!
Accident Caused by tlie Loosening of a
Safety Bolt���Inquest Held
on Monday*
Bossland, B. 0., May 20.-At   12:30
this morning au  accident occurred   111
the War Eagle   mine  by   which   four
men   lost   their   lives   and   one  was
severely   injured.    At   the   hour mentioned, Thomas Nelville, N. A, Honey
ford, James Palmer, Mike Cooke, and
W. P. Schoiield got on the skip in   the
main shaft of the miue for the purpose
of going from   one   level   to   anothor.
R.   Hall  who  was  tho    engineer  in
charge of tho eloctrio  hoist   seems  to
have lost control of  thn  skip in  some
manner aud   the   result  was   that   it
dropood from tho 250-foot level   a distance    of    350    feet.    Tho   skip   was
smashed aud broken aud the dead   and
wounded   mixed in   tho  wreck.    Tbe
miners working in the   othor   part  of
the mino hurried to the rescue of thoir
unfortunate    comrados.     Tho    killed
The cage was badly smashed ond
the machinery was so out, of order that
it was fouud impossible to hoist, the
dead aud wounded out of the way.
Short ladders wero secured and the
wounded wero fastened to them and
taken by the minors to the surface
through the Iron Mask workings.
They wore taken to the Sisters' Hospital -where their injuries were attended to. Schoiield died at. the hospital,
but Oooko will reeover.
An inquest was held by Dr. Bowes
this afternoon, and the jury after ox-
amiuing the scene of tho accident adjourned uutil Monday.
Particulars of the accident are as follows :
Five men started to coma up from
the 250 foot level and got into the skip
iu the ordinary way, going on service
from ono part of tlio mino to the
otber. Wheu the signal was giveu for
tho hoisting, the skip wbioh entails
on the engineer in charge a considerable exertion of strength, ho braced
himself and as he did so tho lover gave
way. Tho power had nlrendy been
tumod ou nnd the drum at onco be-
gnn to rovolvo for a downward trip.
Tho quick release of the lover when
the great exertion was put forth throw
Rook Hall, the engineer, downward
to the steps coming up to the platform,
and before he could pick himself up
the accident probably happened,
A. O. Gait, the attorney for the War
Eaglo oompany, said the company was
auxious to givo overy facility for tho
enquiry but they did not, want the
minoB olosed down Indefinitely, though
thoy were quite willing that the
particular parts of Hie machinery
whore the trouble woso should he
held over for the inspection of the
jury, and Buid that nothing would be
disturbed. The inquiry to open tomorrow will, hnvo to Bimw definitely to
whom the blame belongs. Tho chief
of the hoisting machinery is E. J.
Baltonr and his evidence nud all who
bave any kuowledge of tho matter will
be taken.
Miko Cooke, tho well known football
player, who is a member of tho great
International toam, and who was one
of those iu tho skip, undoubtedly hnd
a vory, very narrow osnupe. He fell
B distunoo of 375 feet nud is not only
now alive, but will bo around in good
Bhapn by tomorrow if uot today.
The funeral of tho viotims of the
disaster will probably be a publio oue
and be held ou Tuesday next.
Observer A H. Holdioh predicts a
line   Sunday today.
Mr. W. K. Esling, editor of tho
Trail Creek Nows. is iu the City.
Messrs. S. White and S. ,1. Mightou
have returned from a trip tn the Halcyon Hot Springs.
Mr. J. L. Lawrence and daughter
returned from Winnipeg lust night, accompanied by Mr. Lawrence's  father.
Mrs. W. F. Brougham and littlo
daughter left for Sim Francisco by
yesterday evening's train. A large
number of friends assembled ou tho
platform to seo her off.
R. I). Anderson, of The Miner, returned last evening from the Const
whore he made arrangements for obtaining the supply of paper on which
tho Special Koolenay Number will be
Beginning with tomorrow the three
junior departments taught hy tbe
Misses O'Reilly and Wyokham and
Mrs. Pearcy will ho re-opened,half the
children attending tbo foretioou and
half in the afternoon.
Mrs. J. Roderick Robertson ou Friday evening lost a Roman Mn-aio and
gold bracelet either in the Opera House
or on Ward street between the Opera
House and Raker street. The finder
will be suitably reworded.
Messrs. Vanstone & Williams yes
terdnv sold a bouse and lots, being the
enst half of lots, nnd lot 7, block (IS,
Tbe property, which is situated on Lake
street, wns bought by Dr. Armstrong
from Captain Howard. The consideration wns 82,450.
The morning- service at, the Pres-
bvterinn Ohuroh today will be especially for youmr people. The subject
will bo "In His steps," or "What
would Jesus do." Mrs. Sidney Oliver
will sing a solo in the morning, and
Mrs. Melville Parry in tho evening.
Mr. F'M. Cbndbnuru hns accepted
rhe position of oro buyer for the Hull
Mines smelter, npd will start out on
tbe road this week. His first trip will
In* through the Slocan country. The
Hall Miues intends to ninke a strong
bid for tbo custom ore that that is
The International Navigation St
Trading Company have asked The
Minor to announce that tbey do not
intend tn run nu excursion in competition with the K. ef P. excursion tn
Kaslo The Btnamer International will
merely mnke her usual run at the usual time and rates.
The T. O. O. F. arc chnrtjinc 18.10
for tinkers for their Queen's Birthday
exnursion tn New Denver, children
under 12, SI.55. Tickets, whieh nre
pood for return until the 25th, enn be
obtained at Yanstone's Drug Store.
Mills & Lot*, Oanada Drug St Pinole
On.. Teet7crs Drug Storo aud Sut-
oliffe's barber shop.
Edward Qninlan was brought no
yesterday betore Police Magistrate
Crease on the cbnr*<o of having stolon
*10 from .Tne Dcnhani. The Crown
asked and obtained an adjournment until tbe 20th Instant, when tbe preliminary bearing will be taken. The accused was arrested nf Whitewater by
Prnviucinl Constable Allan Fnrvoster.
and brought into town yesterday. Mr.
R. M. Maodonald appeared for the defense.
Little Tom Gallon bnd a narrow escape of his life vesterdnv afternoon.
He and two or threo'eompnnions went
down tn the lako tn wade in the shallow wnter round the saw mill, they
then ventured further out on some
lorrs. Tom Oallon'fl loc went round,
and he wns precipitated into tbe wnter
nnd ennld not. climb on the loc nenin.
He wns seized with an attack of crump
nnd would undoubtedly hnve been
drowned hnd uot Joe Ourrnn nnd one
of the sawmill men como to his assistance iu the nick of time.
Quite a number of articles were lost
nr the Library Ball on Fridav evening. A valuable hanflkeroblef wan
(trooped bv   a lady wbo is   anxious   tn
recover if.    Tt the (Inder   will  lenve it
it Contain Troon's residence n reward
will lie given. The ball wn* a finan-
einl success but just how much moucv
was made will not he known until all
(he returns arc in this week Those
who were responsible for tbe   function
were warmly  congratulated yesterday
on their success in making it. one of
tbe finest balls ever uiven in Nelson.
The next Library Ball will be looked
forward to with pleasure.
Guerilla Warfare Will Pro
bably Continue.
Two   Construction
Make Things Hum.
Clarendon, Normanton aud Lin-an and
Lord Alfred Pager, were union); those
The deceased, at his own request,
was buried besido his first wife in
Potters' Bar ohurohyard. The Queen's
wreath was inscribed in her own handwriting," A mark of sincere friendship
nud regard   for   faithful   and  devoted
Junta at   Hong Kong  Consider General
Otis   Too   HaiBh���Usual
Tall Talk.
Manila, May 20.���The Filipino commissioners called on Major General
Otis this afternoon and arranged to
meet the members of Amerioan commission on Monday, whon they expect
their colleagues will have nrirvi d. The
chairman and secretary of thoir commission bave been chosen.
Major General Otis has declined to
recognize tho rebels to the extent of
agreeing to au armstico, but he hns
notified the Amerioan commanders to
refrain temporarily from aggressive action. Thus be is in a position to resume
hostilities at any time. This will
defeat any subterfuge to gnin time
which would not bo the ense if the
general ngreed to an armistice. Tbe
Filipinos mo so deceptive that people
would hesitate to credit with good
faith their latest overtures. More attention is uow paid to them thau wns
paid to thoir previous advances, however.
The Filipino commission is notiuu
under instructious from Aguinaldo
nnd tho congress, but it is possible that
if peace is arranged Generals Lena
and Pma del Pilar and their followers
will continue a guerilla warfare. At
Iloilo an attack on the Americans wns
recently expeoted. Tho Filipino
lender boasted be bad 3*000 riflemen
and 10,00(1 Botomen, and sea*, au ultimatum to the American commander
ordering him to lenve the Island. An
army of natives left tho town and after several days the outposts were
doubled. In addition, the Yorktowu
and the Iris anchored iu positions
commanding the mouth of Jara river
where rhe attack was expected to take
pln-e, but it failed   to materialize.
London, May 20.���Tho Filipino Junta nt ilong Kong has cabled the London oilice of the Associated Press saying it is untrue that General Luna is
wounded or has surrendered, contradict ing the report that General Mont-
enagro is dead and anuonnoing that
the difficulty between Luna and Mas-
endo is settled Th** despatch adds
that tbe opinion prevails in Manila
that the peace negotiations have
failed because Major General Otis de
innuded tho unconditional surrender of
all arms as a preliminary. This, it
was further stated, was considered unnecessarily haish, and it was announced that the Filipinos would
"continue to tight until their ri��hts
���i-c recognized and wonld appeal to
mo American people to help them
obtain their natural and reasonable aspirations."
Tho Rov. H. Irwin came into town
lost night, and Informed a Miner representative that  the    aooideut   was
Cairo, May 20,��� "he Inst portions
of tho Athnrn bridge, the contract for
which wns nwnrded to a Philadelphia
firm, hnve left, Alexandria nnd will
arrive nt Atbara in about three weeks,
The bridge W'ill be finished before the
arrival of the usual (loods.
Paris, Mny 20.���The Oountesfl Esterhazy, iu a suit, for divorce against
her husband, asks for a marriage sot-
tlemeut of 250,000 frnncH.
n A detachment of the   iih   Battalion
UampS of the King's Royal Rill. -, of which
the Earl was Honorary Oolonel, rendered the customary honors.
The Countess of Strafford, tbe Ladii a
Ryng   and   others of the   family were
the    chief  mourners.    The   Countess |
was so  overcome   with   emotion   that
The   H,v.
of the   obapel
officiated at   the
What Each Oommittee Will
A   Yachting    Fatality���Examination
of the Fiji Group.
Vancouver, May 20.���The steamer
Miowora which arrived yesterday from
Australia via Honolulu brings mail
advices received from Melbourne which
say a yachting fatality was biought
to light by the discovery of tlie top
mast, of tbe missing ynehl tmeenie in
the water oft' the entrance lo Werri-
bco river. Tho Queenle left Igneous
lMill's for Geeloilg. She was sailed hy
ber owner John (Mark, manage,- ol' the
Melbourne Steamship Company's works
at Willianistnwn lie was accompanied by his four sons, lhe eldest aged
22 und the youngest 12 years, and also
by a young man named Reginald
Johnston ami a mun named Michael
Allan, a resident of William-down.
All were drowned.
R. 0. Andrews, B. A., lately commissioned by Professor Agassiz, liar
vnrd College, lo make a fgeological examination of the raised coral reefs
in the Fiji group,has recently returned
to Sydney, aftor an absence' of about,
six months. A greater pnrt of t
time has been spent in exploring the
Fiji islands. A fewj weeks wero
de-'oted to the Tongan group Andrew
had opportunities Of studying (-oology
and the manners and customs of the
natives in the islands little frequented
liy white men. lie has collected a
largo amount, of valuable scientific
facts i.nd made a careful study of the
whole geological, structure of the islands, winch will be transmitted to
the   British museum.
Freight Kates Prom Amenta Are Two
Cents a Pound���Real Estate
Is  Lively*
Mr.H.C.Cummins returned yesterday
from a visit to Duncau City, aud
while he does not seem to bave seen
anything to induce him to quit Nelson for that place, yet Duncan Oity
must lio a busy spot just now. Owing
to the injunctions which bave been
filed, either the O. P. R. nor the
Kaslo-Lardo-Dunoau railroad nre working in the pass jus<; at preseut, but
construction is in full swing nenr
Duncau City, where Doth compnuies
have construction camps and the men
are busily at work grading and putting
in slips. The Kaslo-Lardo road are now
putting in piers for their bridge across
the Duncau river. About 500 men in
all are working iu ono Duncan City.
There are at preseut two ways of getting to Dumau City from Argenta.
which is at the head of tho lnke. One
is by river aud the othor by trail, bur
the river is very low at present and
practically only navigable for cauoes.
Duncau City is 12 miles from Ar-
gouta, and tho freight chargeB are
heavy. It costs \}., cents per pound
to send freight by water.nnd the packers chnrge two* cents. There is uo
lumber in Duncan City, aud at present it is impossible to got any in
there. Neither is thero a sawmill,
though there is talk of erecting ono
there soou. There is some talk uf trying to take the steamer Marian up to
Duncau City, but this will not be feasible until there is at least auother
foot, of wator iu the river. Town lots
are selling briskly, the urices as a rule
ranging from $100 to $150. Thero are
at present one hotel aud one general
store iu Duncan Oity.
Toulon, May 20.���A French sailor
named De I'looith, bus beeu sentenced
to death for menacing a lieutenant
with a bayonet.
Southhampton, May 20.���The Mayor
of this city has presented Captain Wat-
kins and the other ollicers imcl crew of
the American line steamer Paris
medals nud gifts in recognition of
their rescue of the crew, consisting of
22 men, of the British steamer Vin-
dohaln ou Docomber 27 last, in mid
Two Prominent Liquor  Dealers   Take
tbo Staud.
Chicago. Mny 20.���Martin F. Cook
nnd Henry O. Luyties. New York
liquor dealers, were before the indus-
trial commission todny. Both aro independent of tho whiskey trust nnd
both testified concerning thoopemtions
of tho trust.
Mr. Oook snid that hiB firm had
boeu apuroached by the Standard
Company reputed to bo a part, of the
present trust, and asked to' become a
distributer for it, but thnt ns his company wns willing to givo a rebate of
only 1'., ceuts per gallon tho proposition was declined. This rebate was to
to paid upon the condition that the
house should buy only of tho Standard
Dealers be said, had found themselves entirely nt the mercy of tbe
trust iu fixing prices. On ono occasion prices had been suddenly advanceil
to the oxtont of 20 cents por gallon
for uo other reason, so far as he could
see than to advunce the price of stock
for sueculutive purposes. On nccount
of these objections his firm hnd declined the oiter of ihe Standard Company and established its own distilling
Speaking of over-capitalization.
Mr. Cook thought 18.000,000 a luffloi-
cut capital upon which to conduct tin*
distilling business for the entire couu-
Luyties1 testimony was along the
same lines as that of Mr. Cook. He
said that, in some localities the trust,
cut prices in order to drive out rivals.
It, was natural that it should do so m
tho faoe of its enormous capitalization,
"Adeoaying trust," he said, "is
the hardest thing in the world to
light It often pays no dividends.
The rival spends his money while
the trust managers do not. Consequently suidi rivalry is often distressing. "
Tne commission will hear no more
witnesses until Juno ll, wh ti the investigation of the sugar trust will be
gar sneppard,
Royal,    St.   James',
funeral services.
East End Nuisance Will   Be Remove I
by tho Council.
A number of property owners of the
East Ward waited upon tin* East Waul
Aldermen last evening to diBOUSS lln'
Enst End problem. Aid. Thomson,
Beer nud Hillyer listened to th" arguments advanoed by Judge Forin and
Messrs. K. Council. Ooxhend, .1. Hepburn, Bannerman, Rutnerforri ami M.
The question wns gone into fully
and every point in connection with
the nuisance debated ut length. Tin*
deputation wanted the women removed. They did not offer nny solution to
the problem as to where they were to
go, but. wero auxious that they should
he turned ont of thoir present premises.
The aldermen referred to the importance of the question and pointed out
their objection to ru.i auy risk of the
wonieu being scattered throughout the
city, where they would do more harm
than by being kept together as they
nre low.
The property owners stated that
they would prefer to leave the solutioii
to the Council, but if nothing wns
doue to remove the nuisance they would
take up the matter and have the
women arrested nud finol or imprisoned until they wero driven out. They
bad decided that tbe enst end of Baker
street was to be cleansed and would do
it themselves if the Council would not.
Judgo Form referred to the pnblioiti
of the houses, and the evil being done
by tbe women in so flaringly parading
vice betoro children of tender age,
After talking over the question foi
a couple of hours the Aldermon Bottled
tho matter in a moment by Btntiug
that at tho meetiug of the Oounoil tomorrow night, the committee appointed to consider the question woul'i
recommend thnt tho women be given
four months notice to vacate their
premises. Thus tho long standing
disgrace to Nelson will be removed al a
stroke and the enst end of linker *-u* i
will be opened for business. Tho
Council will not endeavor to secure
another pasture for tho fallen women,
but will too tbat they cease to be a
It is likely that tbey will be forced
out of the City limits entirely.
The announcement of the aldermen
was received with great satisfaction
by the deputation who were %\ i 1!
pleased that tbeir roqinsts would re-
coivo such  speedy granting.
To tho Editor of Tbe Minor:
Sir���As it seems apparent tba* tbo
City Council hns dismissed that much
discussed topic re tbe question of the
removal of the East End houses ot
prostitution tn a more secluded spot, I
would ask that for lhe hem tit of a
number  of  respectable  oitizens  who
dwell upon the bonier of this half*
world that the nnisanoe be al. least
mitigated in one or two Instances,
Attention   has   been   called    lo   the
faot that a pandemonium nightly occurs, the result of the combined efforts
of a dozen or more so-called musicians
to reduce that much abused Instru-
menr, the piano, to kindling wood,
without the assistance of an axe, nnd
which renders sleep Impossible in thai
neighborhood, I wish to bbj thai
former Mayor Huston, wben Nelson
Was a smaller place than todav, took
upon himself the task of ridding the
community of tliese musical fiends,
and for u timo, at least, much relief
Another matter whioh is tin*  source
of   much   street    disturbance    iu    the
East  End,    particularly   in   tl arl.v
hours of tbtae tine spring day-, is the
maudlin condition upon 'he Streets Of
many of those women, who. with
their mule consols, ure permitted by
authorities to frequent oertnin sal *-
ot the tenderloin distiiet, where boXOS
are ketit for their enteitainment. wilh
the result, above slaled. This sh( old
also he Stopped,
I trust thnt the City Council will see
to it Hint there is nn abatement of tbe
DUiBOnoesJ mentioned herein, even if
these houses ure never removed from
the present,  locality.
The Cotmoll should, nt least, show
some disposition to remedy the evil
Yours tiuly,
Mediation and Arbitration Will Form the
Principal  Work  of the Hague
Teace Conference.
The Hague. May 20.���Tbo committees will meet for the first time on
Tuesday. The eight points enumerated in Count Muravioff'a circular ftr
their consideration, bave been distributed   among    the    committees.    They
nre   ns  follows.     The   disarmament
oommittee consider:
First���Tho limitation of expenditures.
Second���Tho prohibition of fire
Third���The limitation of the ubo of
Fourth���Prohibition of the use of
submarine boats.
Tlie coiumitieo of the laws of warfare will discuss :
First���The application of the Geneva
Convention to naval warfare.
Second���The neutralization of vosselB
in an engagement while engaged in
saving shipwrecked meu duriug and
afler naval engagements.
Third���The revision of tho Declaration of Brussels of 1S74 on the notifications and customs of war.
The committee on arbitration aud
mediation will deal with the eight
qui si ions of Count Murnviell's oircn-
The British monitors of tbo arbitration committee are Messrs. Baunoot'oto
and Howard. It wns learned during
the day tbat M. do Staal placed the
question of mediation and arbitration
iu the forefront, during his speech.
The questiou of the laws of warfare,
rendering war as humane as possible
by the extension of lhe regulations
already existing was then touched upon
by the President, and be relegated
tho question of the reduction of anna-
mini** lo tin* third place. This indication modifies the order, in which
ihe liirie points were plaoed in tho
circular of the Minister of Foreign
Affairs, Count Muravieff, but it has
t lu- merit of corresponding more closely
to the vn ws of the delegates and it is
now considered certain thut media-
tn*n And arbitration will have the
chief place in lhe work of the conference
Further, the opinion is unanimously
OXpressod that Iho American aud
British di legates will make the most
Important part in the study of this
question. The conference decided today that all delegates, including tbe
technical representatives, are to par-
ticipnte in lie* sittings and join in the
discussions Tbe date of the next sitting has iee vi I been fixed. It depeuds
upon Ibe progress which will   be made
by the oommittee, M. de staal announced today that   tin* government of
the Netherlands would give a feto ou
June Hi ill honor of the conference.
Tho   Queou,   Prince   of    Wales    and
Others Sent Wreaths.
London,   Mny   20.-The   funeral   of
the Earl of Strafford   who  wus  killed
on Tuesday eveuing by the Cambridge
express train nt Potters Bnr, Herts,
took place today. By the Utieen's
command her equerries Sir ll. P.
Ewart. Col. the Hon II. P. Oarring-
ton, Lieutenant Colonel Arthur Davidson, and Major the Hon. Henry Charles
Legge, attended, taking n wreath, presented hv Hell Majesty, which wns
placed ou tho cotlln. The Prince of
Wales and otber momberB of the Royal
family, were represented ut th" funeral aud sent   wreaths.   The  Earlfl of
Como, Italy,    Mny 30.��� King  Hum.
hert   todny  opened the International
Exposition of electricity and the National Exposition of the silk Industry,
commemorative of tbe oentennnry of
the setting Op in 1800 Of the first voltaic pile or battery, the prinoiple of
which was discovered  by  Ah   audi r
Voltn,  ot   Como,    Crowds   of   officials
nnd citizens were present and the King
was given a reception.
Byraouie, N. v.. May 80, -'the  By-
rncuse-WoieiSter bull game scheduled
for this afternoon was postponed on
account of thu weuthor.
Chicago     Broken'     Appeal    Turned
Down by U.  S. Court.
Chicago, May JO.��� A decision involving an important poinl in transactions
mi tbe Hoard of Trade was handed
down in   the   United   States   court   of
appeals todav by Judges Woods,   Jen-
km- and DUUD,     In   sustaining   jndg-
mnnta  formerly   given   against   the
hi,iin; ill" in error in the lower ronrl.the
Judges held that the directors of a
bank are not liable for a mismanage-
menl of funds by the president who
lakes  advantage  of  his   position   to
hi ulate.    The   court   denied   the up-
pools ol three Ohioago brokers against*,
whom judgmi nts had been given in
favor of Robert It. Board, receiver of
the Pint National Hank .if Pclln.Iown,
for money lost in their firms by tie
president of Ihe bunk. Tho broken ap-
pi ulcil on the ground that the bank's
directors, end not they, should mnke
good tin1 los-es. The president of tho
bnnk nt Polls wns E. R. Cnsset, v.-ho is
now serving n sentence for defaulting
in tbe sum of -e.i,'ioo.
At Pittsburg���Pittsburgh Washington, v.
At Chicago���Ohioago, r,; Baltimore!
At Cincinnati���Cincinnati. Ni
Brooklyn, t.
At Cleveland���Cleveland, 101 Philadelphia, i.
At BI Paul-  St.  Paul,    B; RnfTulo, 0.
At Milwaukee���Detroit, II; Milwaukee,   I.
\t Minneapolis���Columbus, ti Minneapolis, B
Al Toronto���Toronto (I; Springfield,
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be possible to reach a settlement in respeot to the others, iu which the prin
ciple of give and tnke can bo worked
to advantage. A boundary question
does not sotreadily accommodate itself
to compromise oi concession.
An Interior paper up north says that
few, if auy, of the Interior papers   favor the Government  proposal  to  vote
ono million dollars   in aid of the Pacific cable.    We   Bee   this in a Coast paper.    For itself The Miner  tukes early
occasion   to   repudiate   the   inference
which uaturnlly   attaches  to this bald
statement.    It will he understood that
the   Interior    papers   object   because
the expenditure will bo productive   of
no direct benefit   excepting   to   one or
two points  on tho Coast.   That is not
tho idea at  all.    There   is   not, so far
as The Miner knows, the least jealousy
in   the  matter.    There oannot  be   to
any one who   has   intelligence enough
to    comprehend   the   situation.    The
making of the cable  will  be a matter
of some  importance   to   the manufactory fortunate enough to get  the  contract,   but   the laying of it is   a very
small   affair.    A   ship   will  fit out at
Vancouver,   say,   and then sail away,
and that is the last  of   her   until  the
work is completed.    The  maintenance
of [a station   is   also   a   small   affair.
There might   be a   dozen   cable  lines
putting out from Vancouver, eaoh with
its separate local office, and  the effect
on the population and business   of the
Oity would not be  noticeable.    Oable
lines   do not promote  the   growth  of
places, in the sense   that  railways  or
ordinary industrial   enterprises do. As
there is uo  direct   material  benefit to
share, therefore,   the   Interior  cannot
be jealous of the Coast; it   cannot oppose for the reasou that the Coast is to
get something that  it does not, for in
the  laying of  a   oable   there   is   not
enough to get to  make   it  worth   the
while of any place to work itself into a
coudition of excitement.
The Iuterior papers, as we understand them. oppoBO the proposition on
two broad, general grounds; one, that
it is no business of the Province to
assume any part of the cost of a Pa-
oific cable, and tho other that, if we
have a million to spare, there are
other purposes to which it can be devoted to muoh better advantage. There
ia no question of Coast against the
Iuterior involved iu the matter. The
Miner would rojoice to see Vancouver
or Victoria reap all sorts of benefits
from the construction and operation
of a Pacific cable, and if the enterprise
were one calculated to add to thoir
importanco or to promote their growth
it would be tempted to compromise
���with its scruples so far as to support
tho propose*-* grnut. But there is no
virtue of this kind in an ocean cable
auy moro than thero is one in a telegraph liue; there is nothing fat, in
either. As a Provincial investment
the voto of a million would be very
poor business. Tlie ono or two newspapers that still support the proposul
quote Sir Sauford Fleming ns of the
opinion that tho cable would pay from
the beginning. Sir Snnford Fleming is
an authority on construction, and being an Imperialist of the most ordeut
typo ho is naturully enthusiastic in favor of a Pacilio cuble; but he does not
know better thau the rest of ns
whother it would bo self-sustaining.
Given enthusiasm enough, and anything can bo made to pay on paper.
Cooler calculators are very oertain
that it will not pay for a number of
years. British Columbia is hardly in a
position to take a shuro In an enterprise
that can promise uo immodiate dividends, aud only vory attenuated ones
in proapeotivo.
Thoro can bo no jealousy iu a matter
of this kind, for the very sufficient
roason that thero is not enough substance iu it to excite jealousy. It is
not a question of Interior against the
Coast, and therefore tho distinction
Suggested by the paper alluded to will
not staud handling. It is simply a
questiou of minding our own busitioBfl
and it is no part uf the business of
British Columbia to meddle with the
laying of u Pnoiflo cable. That is tho
joint duty of the Australian colonies,
tbo Dominion, and the Mother Oouutry, and between them thoy nre quito
capable of attending t.o it without interference from us. If we havo millions to burn, we oan probably find
local opportunities onough for the
offoiing of our sacrifice
He Will Not Return   Home By Way of
San Francisco.
Manila, May 20.���Admiral Dewey
is enthusiastic over his home ooming,
but wheu mention wus made of tlie
welcome to bo extouded to him he snid
he appreciated the friendship of his
countrymen deeply but hoped they
would not be too demonstrative. He intends to go directly to hisj home at
Montpeliei, Vermont, nnd live there.
On it beiug suid some people wanted
him to go home by way of; San Francisco and across the continent, the Admiral replied:
"If I were 20 years younger and hnd
political ambitions, I would not miss
the chance."
Speaking of the situation, Admiral
Dewey said :
"I believe we nre near the eud. The
insurgents arej fast going to pieces.
Tbe sending of a third commission
shows that they believe this commission means business."
Wall Papers
We    have   received
our Spring Stock of
Wall Papers . .
and Decorations,
Comprising the newest Designs and Col-
New York. May 20 ���At a special
meeting of the police captains held
yesterday, Chief Devery instructed
them that all concert halls must, close
at midnight, nud that after tbat hour
neither entertainments nor drinks
would be permitted. The new regulation is the result of deliberations by
the police commissioners said to be
prompted by the testimony before the
Mazet committee.
London, May 20.���The Archbishop
of Santiago de Cuba, according to a
special despatch from Rome, has ro
120   Patterns
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Sample Books
on application.
Public Notice is hereby given that
the votes of the Electors of the Municipality of ths City of Nolson will bo
taken oil Monday the twenty ninth day
of May instant between the hour of
H o'clock a. m. and 4 o'clock p. in.,
on tho following By-Laws namely:
By-Law No. .18.���A By-Law to raise
$15,000 for the extension of the sewerage system of tho City of Nelson.
By-Law No 89.���A By-Law to raise
$15,000 for tho extension and Improvement of the Electric Light system
plant and works, of the City of Nelson.
By-Law No 40. ���A Bv-Lnw to raise
$110,000 for the extension of the wator
works system of the City of Nelson.
By-Law No. 41.���A By-Law ro raise
$10,0000 for tho erection of public
buildings in the City of Nelson or
extending aud improving the present
By-Law No. 42.���A By-Law respecting au Electric Street Railway in the
City of Nelson.
By-Law No.48.���A By-Law respect-
nig the establishment of Coke uud Gas
works in the City of Nelson.
The votes of the electors in tho Enst
Ward of the City will be taken nt the
Fire Hull on Josephine street, nnd of
those in the West Ward at the olliee of
tbe Exchequer Gold Mining Company
on tho north sido of Haker Street between Stanley und   Kootenny   streets.
Any mala or female being of tho
full ago of twenty-one years who is
the assessed owner of land or of ronl
property within the Municipality shnll
have a voto either conforming or negativing the snid By-Laws or auy or
either of them, on each Ward In which
ho or she muy ho assessed for laud or
real property.
By Crdor,
City Clerk und Returning Officer.
Nelson, British Columbia, Mny IT,
Foi Sale, Real Estate in All Parts
of the City.
7-Roomed  House. .$2,900
5      " " 1.100
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1'ruinium System of Dress Cutting caught in a
few hours so Hull, any lady cun cut. ber own
garments.  Ladles' Tailoring a specialty.
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Winilcriiioro Minos.  CorrespondonooSolloltod
Diamond Core Drill
It is snid thnt the Aliiska Boundary
question is to be submitted to arbitration. That is the disposition that WANTED
ought to huvo been mndo of it at the
beginning of tho conferences of tho
Joint High Oommission. An uncertain or dispntod boundary question is
not exaotly of a character to mix woll
-with ordinary trade mnttars. With
this eliminated from the list, it ought to | J. H. LOVE, Ag't BakCT St
Oon t met 8
made (or development of
Shares token in  purt ptiy-
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Application for 500 shares and upwards received by
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Telephone 13.
We have purchased the express
and drayage business of Mr. J. W.
Cowan and bespeak as large a patronage at the hands of Nelson citizens as was accorded Mr. Cowan.
Leave orders at D. McArthur's or
telephone No. 8*;.
All Contractors figuring on  buildings thnt
will rcqulro
Should consult
Who carries tho largest stock of Plato Ulass
In tho Province.
Fishing Parties,
Excursions, and Picnics supplied with tasty Luncheons
at short notice. Melton
Mowbray Pies and all
Pastry a specialty. Short
Order Meals after 11 a. ni.
Ward St.,   -  Opposite Hume Hotel.
NOTICE is hereby given that the first sitting of the Court of Revision appointed by tho
Council of tho Oity of Nolson fur noaring alt
complaints agiinst tlio assessment, for tbe current year, us mado by tlio nssossor of the said
City, will bo held lu tlie Counoil Chamber at
Nolson on Thursday, tlio first day of June, 1899
at 10 o'clock a. m.      .
J. K. STItACHAN. City Clerk.
Nolson, B. C, April 18th, 1SIKI.
pass Kovelstoke every day
to St. Paul j Tuesdays and Saturdays
for Toronto; Thursdays for Montreal
and Boston.
Frank A. Tamblyn
Baker Street
Kossland, Trail,  Hobson and msiu liuo.
Kootenay lake- Kaslo Itoute.
Stu. Kokankk
Except Sunday. Except Bnniltiv
4   p.m.-Loavos-NELSON-Arrivos-ll   a.n
Koolenay Klrer Koule.
Stk. Moyik.
Mon., Wod., Frl. Ttios. Thurs. Sat.
8a.m.-Loavo8-NKLSON-Arnvcs- 0.M p at.
Makes oonnoctlon at Pilot Hay with Htr. Ko
kanoo In both dirocllonH nnd nt Kootenay
Landing with trains to und from Crow tf Nost
line points.
Hiuiiloii and slornii Lake Polnl"
Ex. Sunday Ex. Sunday
9.00 a. m.-Lcavos-NKI.SON-Arrivos-li.lM P- "��� ���
and full Information   by  addressing noaros
looal agont, 0, E. Uoaaley City Tloket Ag't, o
It, W. DUKW, Agont, NoleO .
Trav. Pa-w. Agint,     Dla t. *,aMw-*W'*t' . NELSON DAILY MINER,
Corporation of the City of
BY-LAW NO. 42.
A   By-Law respecting    au   Electric
Street Railway in  the/bity of Nelu.
���Whereas,   Thomas   J.    ���Do!,c"l".f   ���i
Frances W. Peters, both Ot the Oi y of
Nelson (representatives   of tbe British
Eleotrio  Traction Company, Mmitea
hereinafter   called  the  '' WS^���**!.
have applied to the Oity ot Nelson to
the right of   constructing,   equipping,
maintaiuing and operating  street, railwav lines in the Oity of Nelsou,   anfi
W Whereas, the applicants   ������
for tlie authority, right, and priviW
to build,equip, maintain  and   ��pera���
and from   time  to  time   ��mwe^jd
change a double track or  tingleitMOl
railwav or tramway,with all neoeswrj
faeteaVeks>Switohes and turnouts,poles
ooudaits,   and   all   appnanoes
of cars, carriages   anil
and along  the
census taken by the Oity shows
the Olty has a population of 12,000,
thon at such intervals betweou (i a. m.
and 11 p.m. as tlio Oity Engineer with
the appioval of tbe Oity Oounoil, may
from time to time determine.
The tracks of   suid   railway liu-'
on streets improved and
:os   and  other
for the runiiiu;
other vuhioles on, over   _	
streets or highways of the Oity of Nel
son, and
Whereas, it has boon deemed advisable to grant the request of the suid
applicants, subject to the terms and
conditions and provisoes hereinafter
contained, and on the distinct agreement that the fulfillment of the said
terms, conditions and provisos in
far as tho same are prior in poiut,
time to oonstruotion and operation
suoh railway line or portion
shall bo conditions precedent
construction nnd operation
and in so far as the terms
lions hereinafter contained
the operation,   oonduct
"   -"���iy lines or system, or
shall be hud
graded   so   that  oarriai
vehicles   may   easily . travel over imo
across at any or all points thereof with
the least possible obstruction.and on
streets not constructed according to^any
established grade, the said tracks ol
���inlwav linos may be temporarily
but shall be so constructed us nor
to interfere wiili or obstruct tne cross-
lugs of anv streets intersected In s.u
SS and on =uoh streets between such
intersections tbe said ra ilway shallhe
lain so as to impede ^l''fl��n%
ble traffic thereon, and aooording '
plans approved of by the City'Engineer ��� and as soon as-suoh streets are
6   'the said tracks shall bo altered
li emtio,   at   Hie       -
d tlio su
to   agree
:  for   one
their appointment   or   tlie
of   tbe one of them who
ed     then   such    third
ami appoint-
 ty (*���*.-,
be used ouly by workmen .,���.���,������
elliug on tbe oars be ween the time Jh
oars commence running in   the morn
iol-Sartt'om^of the comply
j,ud     comply   wi'li
conditions.    The
ebtssos ot tickets above   named, exoep
workmen's   tickets,   shall *��P*   ���
iars of the applicants at *"'
if   failure  ,tO   Bupply
hv   -oasssen
to  the
and condi-
ielate  to
to conform to sum Sl..**��.   ��� .,
ponse of tbe applicants, and the said
tracks Shall then be laid so that oar
riagua and other vehicles may easily
travel over or across tbem.
(k) Upon streets which are no   ye
improved and opened up by the Oty of
Nelson,   tho   tracks  of   suid   railway
be temporarily laid   acioirl
ed   of  bv the  Oity
ind mav be thereafter alter
ind   the Oity
and   occupations
other      reasonable
case oi
ale on the
times.    In      ,      ���,,
suoh tickets  for purchase by  pa
Rers, then said passengers shall be oat
ried free until suoh tickets are previa
"'i. ThH  apnlioants    shall *����������
und collect from   ever**
any   of   their   ears
son refusing to pay
...  __. nppl
lind shall indemnify llie   Oity
damages arising out  of   tbe constroo-
tion or operating ot their railway.
!). The Counoil muy. after tbe year
moil, by written notice served upon the
applicants, or any one of them, or anyone of their officers or agents resident
in the City, or any person whom they
shall by wiitten notice to the Oity
designate to represent them, to receive
untie, s or process, demand the
strnotion of uny new line or
wi till ii the City limits   on   any
streets us hereinafter provided,
or lines must be designated bs to
and terminus, und must extend
line or lines already iu operation
date of such notice thore    -
right to charge
person on entcrin:
a fare, and any perso.  -,,
any suoh fare may be removed from the
rate of fare for each   passen-
on any ono   of   the
ied   ten   cents,   in
bo  io-
��� .���     and  manage
ment of said railway lines,... -.,
any part thereof, the same and the fill
fllment of the same, shall in all cases
be conditions precedent to the continued enjoyment of the rights aud privileges of the applicants under this By-
.Now, therofore, the Municipal Oounoil ot the Corporation of the Oity of
Nelson enacts as follows:
1, Subject to the fulfiimeit by the
applicants of the terras, conditions autl
provisos hereinafter contained, which
terms, conditions and provisoes and
the due fulfilment thereof are to be
taken, as hereinbefore stated, as conditions precedent to the enjoyment of
the rights and privileges hereby grunted, the applicants are hereby giveu
aud granted the exclusive right and
privilege to construct aud maintain
complete aud operate double and single
traok railways or tramways, and from
time to time to change a double to a
*, , ���ramwav.   and
lines may
ing to plans approv
ed by the applicant.., 	
Will assist, the  applicants   by
ope-half  the cost of clearing
trees   aud   stumps  and ditching
portion of the streets
quired to be so elearei. -
at the op tiou of the City, such work
may be done by the Oity, and one-half
of the cost thereof shall be defrayed hy
the applicants, and should the applicants require to do such work in connection with the oponiug up of such
streets the Oity will give the applicants
tho free use of earth and rock on the
streets, which they may need for ballast or otherwise, aud which in tho
opinion of the City Council is not required by the City for street purposes;
but such material is not to bu taken so
us to bring the streets below tho grade
us established for such street or streets.
(1) Ordinary carriages and other vehicles may travel, on, over aud ���""���no
the said tracks, aud it shall be
oar,    The
ger travelling
lines shull not   exec..    	
eluding ordinary hand baggage, except
on night oars as above provided;   prn-
-,--n    i���. wnnntred of
age   while
of  another
that   when
over   two
lines in   tho   City,
there shall
vided that no fare shnll   ho required
a child under five years of
travelling under the   care
such new line or
shall issue
any line  opera!
single traok railway or tramway,
vine versa, with   the   necessary
traoks,     switches,     turnouts,    poles,
conduits, and all appliances for
the running of cars, carriages
other vehicles adapted to the same on,
over, and along auy of the streets or
highways of tho Oity of Nelson, and
to run their cars, tako, trnuspoit and
carry passongers and freight on the
hy electrio power or suoh other
be found practicable
other  than    '--'���-'���
lawful for all and   evory   person and persons whomsoever  to travel   upon   and
uso the   said   tracks  with their carriages,   or   olher   vehicles,   loaded    or
ompty, when und so often as they may
please, provided   they do   uot  impede
or interfere with tho ears of the appli
cunts running thereon, aud subject  "
all times to the right of tho applicants
to  keOD upon tho    said    tracks   with
their cars wheu meetiug or overtaking
any carriage or  other vehicle thereon.
Tho cars of the applicants shall be entitled    to    tlio  right  of way on   ���""���*
tracks, and any vehicle
foot passenger upon
turn out ou the approach of any cuius to leave the snid   tracks   "*"���*" ���
warning boiug given at   the
tiou of streets     " *'	
siving the
senger i
transfers for
sary to i
from any  one
oider person, and provided
tlie same  passenger travels
or more streets or   lines iu
bo   but   one   fare for   the
whole distance so   travelled,   and   the
when desired by  passengers
transfer tickets at the point
of connecting  or crossing line to  any
who has  paid   oue   fare  ou
ited   by   the   applicants
in the City of Nelson, which   transfer
heck shall entitle the passenger so re-
���itiue  to  a passage on any
connecting or  crossing   line  operated
lid appicauts in said City.   A p is-
hall ho  entitled   to   us   many
oue fare as shnll beneoes-
illow   one   continuous trip or
over the   lines of   the railway
���  point  on the said   lines
within theJOity of Nelson to any other
points ou thoir said lines   within   the
Oity, and such   transfer  checks   shall
lie used only by the  person   receiving
the same, and   shall   be   used  within
ten minutes, or upon the   next   available car departing   upon a  connecting
or crossing   lino  upon   which it is  to
be used.
5. The property  of
consisting of  real estate
ition of their  railway, und neces-
road bed (which
At the  -
be an average aotual bona
poiiiifition of at least BOO person
above iive years oi age, for each half
mile of proposed line, living within a
distance of one quarter of a mile on
each side thereof, and nor within one-
eighth of a mile of any parallel line
already in operation, that is; an aver-
aye of five hundred for each quarter
"square mile, measured as above. The
shall const met and operate
lines within twelve
months from such notice. A bona tide
--. leement must lie mado within
such reasonable time as may be lixud
by Council when giving notice.
The applicants shall   within
inonllis after the final  passage of
By-Law deposit with the Oity Treasury
two thousand ($2,000) dollars to be retained by the Oily as security for   the
payment of any damages   that may re
suit to the City from   tho   commence-
nt of the building of  such   railway
failure   to   coinpleto   said   two
miles as hereinbefore provided, und in
caso of such failure to complete the said
two miles within the time hereinbefore
limited the City shall repay to the applicants the said sum of two   thousand
dollars and interest   at thu rate of five
per cent per annum, less  any damages
payable as   aforesaid.    Upou   ooniple-
tio of such two miles of   railway  said
sum of two thousand dollars  shall  bo
repaid to said applicants, or their   as-
With   interest iu the
of five per   cent,   por an
ion being unable or   failing
upon 'li" said third ailitrut'
week after
was last   appolllte
arbitrator shall be chosen
ed by the Obief Jusitoe for   the   timo]
being   of   tlio   Supreme Court   of   the
Provinco   of   British Columbia, or  iu |
thn event,   of the Chief
sick,    absent   from    tin
! otherwise  unable or  r
then such third arbitrator shad In
, pointed   liy   the   senior judge Of   sneh
court. The decision or award of any
two of the said arbitrators shall be
final, such  arbitratloij to be   m  ether
; respects governed by Iho provisions
of tin* Arbitration Aor.olmpter H nt tb*
! British Columbia   Statutes of   1807, nr
its nmeudni    t
1-1   Any   per
shall iu   any   way or uiamur
obstruct   th.* Ire**    passage   "t  * u-
irnek   nr   tracks   upon
ants   line i f   mil ,va*
must I snail ue umor, upou   conviction   befnri
of the said Corporation, by way ol
hereinafter    mentioned,
Delielltllll i
Justice   being
Proviuce   oi
I'fnsing I"   act.
from any perso
bodies corporate, who may
to advance the Banie as ,*
of mouey nol exc eding
the Mini of Ten thousand
(Kio.iHii, and to cause nil st
raised or re eived tn I e * aid Into the
if   lb*.    In,*: oi.*,    uf  the said
fm*     1.,      i .u poses   and
* efore recited.
ii iln- Mayor of
I'liuseuny niiiii-
l.i*    lliailc.  im-
u< h ��� inn ul Minis
Un* purpose
with lb** objects   In I*1 !
2, li shall lie luwlitl
the Baid Corporation t<
I,,.,. ,,i*  p biiiioi..- t"
cuti'il and issued fi i
is nmv  I"' ii-quii'd  i
a  sum
n tin- whole
lollars ($10,-
ich  sums so
and along   tin*
anv of the applic
shall l"'
nX resident the Oity Police Magistrate.
';1,. ';, or any .lusti.'o or.I..** I ��
not   ex -ding,
I* Ten thousund
nl ihe said De-
... *, .in nation uf
f ilm 1-eai-i
due imi cj-
nu'iit   of  said
imprisoned in
having jurisdiction to ..
oeeding twenty dollars and costs, for
���'��� ������tl'i'iieo. and iu default, of pay-
fine and cost*, tn be
anv police station or
look-up house iu tin* said City for a period not exceeding twenty-one days,
unless such penalty and costs shall
have b.'i'ii sooner paid.
15,  The   City will   not. during
onirency of   this franchise, grant
permit or franchise to any otber person
or persons or corporation fox the  operation of a street car system in the Oity,
or in any way authorize  the
tion of a slr.et railway system  by
other person or persous or corporation
10, The   City   hereby    consent
this Ky law being ratified bv   the Leg
islature of  the Province of British Columbia, and so long as  the   applicants
comply with the terms of this By-law
will not consent   to nor approve of   oi
confirm, or in   any   other   way   assist
any other party or  company or corporation in obtaining from   the
ture any rights or   privileges
of  tie  streets of
and   object   al
however,    lln*   Bum   i
dollars ($W,(jt n), em U
benl ui'i ��� ��� i*ii c "I ibe	
One thousand dollars ($1,01X1), and all
such Debentures shill he sealed with
lhe seal ul lhe Corporation and Bigned
by the Mayor thereof.
;i.   lln*  said   Debentures
date tlie 20th duj   of .Inly,
ami shall  be made psyahli
years from  Lhe said date
money of Canada, al tb
Hank of Montreal in .Nolsmi aforesaid,
which said plaee of  nay nil nl   Bhall bo
led bv tIn* said ilehi'utures.and
attached to tin m coupons
I   Interest,   and lhe
may    1 illier
lll'll    ul*    lithu-
shall   hear
A.D.   1809,
��� in twenty
. in lawful
,iliec  of the
per  annum
ill   hear
tn cuter
��� bull hnvi
i"i* the payment
signature    coupon
written,  stainped,
���1  Tin* said  Debeutures sliu
t nt tin* rate of ih e per centum
from the date thereof,
which interest shall be payable semiannually at said office uf ibe Bank uf
Monireal in Nelson aforesaid, in lawful
money uf Oanada, on the 20th da;
January and the 20th day uf .inly re
spectively, in each year (lining
currency thereof, and ii
pressed in said Debentures and coupons
to he so payable.
b.   It shall he lawful   fur  the   Mayor
uf said Corporation tu negotiate and
sell the said  Debentures or any
then) fur less than par ; hut iuiio
shall the said Debentures or any part
nf them be negotiated or suid foi
be rx-
the   applicants,
used   in  the
power as may ��� ���
but such power other than electrio
power shall, beforo being used, be first
approved of by the Oity Oounoil.
S3, The lines of said railway aro to
be built, equipped and operated subject
to tlm  following  regulations, aud the
to the  following
applicants aro to conform thereto
(a) Tho applicants before entering o
auy street to construct auy line of rai
shall   make   application   *���  tx
nission so to
horseman  or
iid  tracks   shall
dear; duo
oftho approach of said
sary for such purpose, 	
shull   include  also   the  rails,   poles.,
ties aud auy part or share of the  pavo
t which has   been   cc--
shal)   bo   exempt for
from niunic-
m en
the   applicants)
complv   with
By-Law   and
signs, "���""   "...*.,.���.. ,u ......  meantime
at the
11. If the applicants
the provisions of this _���
shall operate the said line or linos of
railway in uccordauco with the same,
they shall be entitled to enjoy the
rights and privileges granted under
this By-Law   exclusively for the term
, _._.    _ of thirty-five (3b)   years,   and   at   the
constructed by I expiration thereof   tho City of  Nelson
may ou giving   one   year's   notice  of
iho splice of ten (10) vearstrom mun.,;-, their intention so to dp assume owner-
ipal taxation, and uo"taxes   or licenses j ship of the said railway and   personal
-n�����to, ���- --���"nnrf.tr ,,i rtonnection   therewith,   of
upon or oooupy any oi   tne  nn���  ...   than ninety-five per
the City of Nelson for the purpose of
operating a street railway system,
The cost of legislation is to be paid
by the applicants.
IT. All provisions of this by-Law
shall appply to any extension of this
railway beyond the limits of the City
or any line or lines acquired, owned,
"ontrolled   or operated with or adjoin-
in each year during
said Debentures till
ing a Oity   line
3ur by the ringing of gong or hen.
(in) Slid applicants shall at all times
maintain   the   ties,    stiiugers,   rails,
to the
iiiainiaiu    mn    u.^��,
turnouts,   curves,     sidetracks,    pules,
conduits iu a state of   thor-
aud   to   tho   satisfac-
Bngineer,   and shall
and replace   tho  same
s   may    require,   and
way  Biiun   	
Oity for permission so to  do.
the stroet, or stroets, across   or   along
which   thoy    desire   to operate  thoir
works, and before in any way proceeding with the   work  shall   receive  the
approval of tho City Council.
(b) Tho  construction of auy   lino of
railway  ou  auy    street,  or  highway
shall not be c.ommencod  until  a  plan
thereof showing the looatiou on street,
position aud  stylo of   track, road bed,
rails, poles, wires, and all other appliances shull have beeu submitted to and
approved by the Oity Engineer.
(o) No approval either ot   the City
Oouncil or the City Egiueer shall have
auy force or  effect if the railway line
for which the same has been given has
uot beon fully constructed uud in oper-
twelvo   mouths from   thu
j. ........ approval.
Tho location on streets, the posi
-"   ��ii ii,
 ,        detrucks
wires, and
ongh   cllicioncy
tiou of the City
remove,   renew
as  circumstance   	
as the City Engineer may direct.
(n) Said     applicants   shall    at  all
times   keen   so   much   of  the  graded
streets"oceupiod by   thoir said lines
railway as may lio between the vails of
overy track and between   the   lines
every double   track   nnd   for the space
of eighteen (lh) inches on the
of every truck in good repair,
' 30 and other obstructions, and
ico and other ob-
d   as   speedily
as possible the snow   and   ice   to   be
the balanoe of the street so
safe   and   unobstructed
and   other
Bhall be   levied or collected   from   the
applicants during said period upou said
property or for operating and carrying
on said railway.
(i. Whenever the City of Nelson   de-
anv   street   or  highway
my of snch railway lines
shall at   the samo  time
ship of the said railway
property 1,1 connection
every kiud nnd description, upon payment of tho full value of the same, including tho value of any pavement
by or at the expense of
the applicants.      '     " "	
of snow.ict
Bhall cause tbe snow,
similar   manner, or iu such
be approvod  liy
streets   in
lay   a rail-
..prend over
as to afford a
passage way for   carriages
Should   the   Opy   Engineer
time consider that the snow   or
obstructing the said   portions
streets has not   been   possible romnv
ut any
ice    so
of the said
appliances u��u   *	
i with the  plans  approvod by the
Eaineer, and tho gauge   shall   be
atiou within
time of such approval.
(d) The location on ,.v	
tiou,stylo and gauge of   all the traoks
road bed, rails, poles,   wires  aud  all
other appliances shall   conform to and
agree    '     " *   -1"""
Oity Egineer, __
the standard gauge (4 feet,
(e) No new lino or extension of ex
istiug line shull bo opened for traffic
until tho applicants have obtained a
certificate iu writing from the Oity
Engineer that tho same bus been constructed to his satisfaction, subject to
appeul from the decision of the Oity
Engineer iu the event of rofusul to
grant such certificate.
��� *������ -o��v,o��d or  trolley   system
SU inches).
(f) The overhead or
U^AU��P0lea8 erected shall be so
,(w). .. wfinterfere as little as possi-
plaoed as to ii |a"0 { sa**��� streets,
hie with all ��. e,r1,urt.��n(' worknianship
������d both materia.and   w ^
of said   P����f    "'V "   Xl   streets said
quality, and ona,1U�� ��     {]w    pl.
of tbo sum   sin* ,.-* ,	
perly or as speedily as possible removed j
from or about the trucks  of  the   said
railway lines   or   not  properly   or   its
speedily   as   possible   spread over   the
said streets, he muy   cause the same to
be removed or spread us aforesaid, and
charge the expense thereof to the applicants, wbo shall   at. onto pay the same
to'the   City.   If,   however,   tho  Oity
Engineer is of the  opinion   that  such
snow or ice should be removed entirely
from the streets so as  to afford a  safe
passage for sleighs and   other   vehicles
tho said applicants shall at once (\o   su
"pouso and charge, nr in
legleot the City   Kngi-
.... -   and charge the expense
mil they shall pay the   same.
the   Ohief  of Police
the Fire   Department
may order a   susiien-
.     ig of the cin-N on  the
treats used hy  the   said   hues of
traverfed by
tho applicants
pavo in a  sini
other manner us may be a,...
the Oity Engineer (provided-that such
pavement shall not be of a more ex-
penssive kiud than that adopted by
the Oity) those parts hereinafter referred to, and in cuse any
which the applicants shal
shall have been paved prev
time of laying of such traok
the applicants shall upon laying  their
track repave the same and keep iu   repair the same as hereinafter  provided.
The parts referred to shall be:
In case of a   single   track;   between
the rails und eighteen   meiies on
sido of them,
In case   of   double
both sets of rails aud
on each side on
between   each ins
miiiily     known
way track i
ions to the
made or done by or at
to be determined by ar
bitration,     and   in   considering   such
value, the franchise, rights   aud priv.
ileges   granted   uuder    this   By-Law.
und the revenue, profits
derived or likely to be derived are   uot
to be taken into consideration,
arbitrators are to consider only
nul value   of the  aotual and
property,  plant, and   equipments   and
works connected with and necessary to
the operation of the said   railway
hiding such   pavement, if   any,
ml of the said term of said
Ihe Oity   shall havo
and  dividends
ed i
, but the
the acl
after the
thirty-five years.
tniriy-iivD ,����....���  . .
the right at the end of each  succeeding
five (6) years to take over, assume and
purchase the said lines of   railway   and
railway system, and all the plants, ap-
track;    between
.........  eighteen  inches
tside of both tracks and
���side   of   both   trucks
cimmoniy     nuu.,-     us   tho   -'devil"
The parts referred to
shall be kepi constantly in good repair
in- the said applicants, who shall also
construct and keep in good repair
crossings of similar nature to those
adopted by the City within   the limits
foresaid at tlio intersection   of   every
'    ......^    street.     In
pliane.es and Other property connect...
therewith, upon the terms hereinafter
mentioned,provided for as to arbitration, aud the notice required in such
case shall be one year, and until such
assumption and pnrobase the rights
and privileges are to be extended to the
applicants beyond the said period of
thirty-live years ou and subject
the terms and conditions
12 After the expiration of fifteen
(l'i) years of the said thirty-live years
tin* City of Nelson may for fifteen
thereafter, at any time, ou giv-
nntioo of their inten-
me the ownership of
nt their own expel
caso of   their   ni'i
peer may do so
to thorn,
(o) The Mayor,
or the Chief   of
of   the s.iid City muy
sion of the rnnmni
lines wheu such
streets or routes come within tlie limits of the Oity of Nelson.
18. All rights and privileges under
this By-Law may be transferred to
and become vested iu a company to be
formed and organized by the applicants aud their associates and sncii
transfer, and all benefits and obligations arising uuder this By-Law shnll
jbe transferred to the said Company
1 which shall thereupon become and be
liable in the place of the applicants
for the proper carrying out and fulfilment of this By-Law.
19, Nothing in   this   By-Law   ahull
be construed us giving   the   applioantsl
any rights to utilize or dispose of paw-!
er for any other purpose than the operation   of   their railway   or  incidental
thereto,   or   to   permit   any person or
corporation     supplying     Ihem     with
power to have nny such rights.
2C. A contract embodying tho provisions hereof, and a oovanant on the
part of the applicants to conform to
and fulfil all tbe mutters and provisions hereby required of them shall be
drawn and shull he executed by the
City and the applicants within four
months from the passing of this By-
81, Iu   this   By-Law   the expression
"City" shall mean the  Oity of Nelson
"Oity Oounoil" tho   ('ity   Council
the  City of Nelion ; "Oity Engineer
the enigneor   of tho   City   of   Nelson, I
and the word   "applicants" shull   in- I
elude,   refer   to and ho iu  every   way
binding upon the applicants, their and
each of their heirs,   executors,
istrators.   and   assigns,    where
and mentioned in connection with tlie
word     "appllOOUts,"    wherever
same occurs in tbis By-Law, and
ulso wherever referred   to   be   binding
in   every way   upon a enmpnn.v   to   be
formed and organized by the applicants
and their associates,
Done and passed in   Council  nt   the
Nelson   the day   of
-A. I)., 1 Still.
1300.00) fm- the
due under the
land in the
in in ,  ....    ,.-. f their
face value, including the cost nf negotiating ami sale, brokerage and nil
other incidental expenses.
(i.  There shall be  raised   and   levied
the  currency uf
  _ mn nf Five hundred dollars (f600.00) for the payment
uf inleiesl.aiiil the sum uf Three hundred and sixl y dull
payment ol the debi
siid Debentures by  a rate
th* rcl'ui- un all the rateable
said muuicipalil y.
7. It shall In* lawful for the said
Municipal Oouncil to re-purchase any
of the said Debentures upon such t erms
as may he agreed upon with lhe legal
bolder ur holders thereof, or any part
thereof! either at the time of sale ur
anv subsequent lime ur times, and all
Deben tines bo re-purchased shall
forthwith be cancelled and destroyed,
and nu re-issue of Debentures bo repurchased shall be made in consequence uf such re-purchase,
h. This By-Law shall lake  effect on
the first day of June, A. 1). 1899.
Take Nut ice, That the above is a
tineuipy of tbe proposed By Law upon
which the vote ul ihe municipality will
he taken, for the East Ward, at the
I'ire Hall, on Josephine Street, for the
West, Ward, at lhe office of the Exchequer Gold Mining I'u.. on the ninth
f Baker Btreet, between Stanley
St reels, on lhe east half
Mon day, the 29th
name I
side i
ami Kootenay
of Lot It, Block ll.un i-
day uf May, instant, at S o'cloek in the
Citv Olerk,
Nelson, 1',. ('., May Kih, l-a.9.
Corporation of the City of
By-Law No. 88.
-Law In raise 115,000 ti
A By-Law to raise ��iii,in-o lu extend
the Sewerage System.
Whereas,-A Petition  has been probe Municipal Council uf lhe
if ihe  Oity  of  Nelson,
owners uf at  least one-
f the real property
i by   the last
City  of
which nm  ������."-��� '������;,    ,,;. '*,,���,ilieauis,  tube   oeiei unin " "    '". .
,rthwith  paid   t<> the Mtv o> '"V, ,hill| ���,,������ the expiration of
�� it1,M:������,   ���� under tion   .,��!...       ii(< , ���.
,1,.,,    anv     Question     as   to   sunn   l ,,H,;,���,���,,he   aetuul    vulne
by   the Oity
I'B""      r���-
street railway purposes,   r	
same are properly braced und protected
hy the applicants,  witn  tho  approval
of tho Oity Kngineer.
(b) The coaches  and cars to be used
ou the said line of railway   shull be of
modern   stylo and
i safety and
the most
lno in... .    .���
tion, suitable for the safety anu cun,
fort of the passougors; shall when in
operation be always sufficiently lighted
aud boated, aud shall have painted
ou conspicuous parts tborcof in largo
plain letturs, so that tbe same may bo
readily seen by/lay or night, the route
or street ou -wbioh the samo uro to bo
'i.    I?..
lira, tho Chief of the Fire
wires   polos, structures   or   upiili u>"'*
or T'V ; ���w the Olty nor such officers
ft^iWwtaot damage
, i, ������ from tin- outtlng or pulling
Sow      he.  o      mt   Shall   only be liable
N be Ci cost or expense,,, repair-
���   tie   'i vol'   Nelson, when in   Mil-
t-i,��e\  tl,,,  policemen and electee-
Vivo" exhibiting u budge   are
id free of charge on al
rated bv the said applicants,
rhe line of railway ol the appl
charges t
11 be for
"'"  ;""'lKibV,'-,nv    question
^B5ftT��J5^- tbye 0���y
The City shull upon
of tbeir Intention
,iii*l ri'l
cars npei
to im oar-
tbo street
thn K*TerV�� linos during .
City Council.)   Cais  sun lrom   flu*m,
8 WffiSS*"Uii"^!--!���. or  Hum any
sWeot fo^Xl   no car shall be   re
reasonable notice
to do, have the
place tbe streets
. ���  uv  the  railway hue for the
""'"   i   of    It.     ng lb-  gnnlestbcreol,
purpose of ait.   ��� ^    u      pavements,
 *���;���� "I;,,' ,*': Im..*. or for my
sewers, diiuns ,  m.   ^
ing down or 'V/''      ,:,,,���,,,, s wiib
Pipes.""""":;11    , '".',     "a,,,,,,
in the powers o      ���
same being replaoed iiy anu
si* 0* tb" City   witb.nd -
Cuny\-o.npe^>tiiin or    *  ()|.kjim   ���f
,���.,v i,e poonsloi ed totn        ,������im,(;t,���*
the railway  a        * ,       h -j, noli
ll",r,,wi,1\11':"lv ved   but   shall be
i^op��Men,oieaur^c hereof.
The privilege gr
ton  is   also   su 'l'-o\ V ,  iVls��� , ���f
lights (Statutory or^otberw ^
therporporatlon^wnmn^^ ^
to the
of  the
plant equipments
therewith and neoes
tion of tlie railway a
live years'   prospecti.'
the ex-
eing liable
damage  thai
cants, in addition to the  neiuai   value
���tu.il   ami   tangible  property,
and works connected
uv to  the opera-
farther  sum  of
*  prolits in connection With   the busiuess   ns a going
and such five   years   prospect-
shall be an iveil at by   eal-
average profits of ttie rail-
years previous from lln date
nnd   I luce   years
the date of such assiimp
lits bo   lo
Take notice that the above is a true
copy of the proposed bylaw upon
winch the vote of the Municipality
wi 1 ho taken ; for the Kant Ward nt
l-'ire Hall, on Josephine street;
for the West Wind nt the Cilice  of  lhe
Exchequer Gold Mining Company, on
North side   of   Haker   Street   between
Stanley and Kootonay street,   on Mun
day the   2!lib   day   of   May   at   eight
o'clock in tlie forenoon.
Onv Olerk,
B. O, May 18, 1899.
���anied under tbissec-
*,,   any   existing
" anv
Dm said per
iod  mentioned  is not .
t the franchise and   privileges
f the same should re--I
to obtain   electric *
power, or  uum ,,,i/   Other   cause   for
hieh the applicants   aro not   ill   any
sengers j
Mired to siow   ������- --jreH(V1 or  persons
loss signalle , ,,y B por-
ilosiring to boa d sue       ^ ^^.^ f()
,on 01 persons ��...   WOn
be let off.    DWJjTJo,   uter than   8 :80
niugonallrouI�� s  . m _   aml
n. m., ��uV?r"'i5  o^s shall be  run
not   to  be
eaoh,   and
wav liable.
B   Single cash lures   ure
���i��ai!8USrtfiJEJ����   to have   the
bull   oonimenco
inipping of
,.  The   applicant
tbeaotaal ^��rt\^"Yn the City with
their lines of railwayin ^
inn period ol   onr   u am,
the final pas��aBe��ftm oy         {tM
go0b oonstrnotiou  sn-ui ,
carried on oontiuncus (;mn.
until the applioants si ���
plated ut lewt two ���i ;ini,
0��  li"hU,V  "'  ' ���   uiseastowhelber
shonldanyqnMtion arise as ��ted
^"^SndMSnt" the Olty   Bn;
Uiiuniislv all 1 """-,     ,,....,,.   to   decide
glneer snail have the poworatohia ������
binding       "I11"1
five profit
eclating tin
way threi
of siu'li   assiimiitinii
from and after
die | tion und such prospective pr
be paid shall be deemed   to  include all
rights, benefits uud ndvaul go conferred under the Irancliisu granted by
this By-Daw,
The decision of the Cily Kngineer
t   to the provisions of sub-
Q," "II," "I,"  ".I"
two (il i   of   this
and   conclusive,
snbjei-t only lu appeal lo tic City
Oounoil, and should any dispute   arise
hoiweou the City   nnd   Uu* applicants
with reference   to the  carrying out   uf
any other portion   or   portions   of   tbe
of   this Hy-Law or   should
ieal from tho decision of
In the
���  por-
le-b dispute or appeal shull be
I by arbitration and snch arbitration shall he condiu ted bv three
triitors, one to be chosen by cacli
parties hereto und the third to be up-
pointed by the two so chosen as aforesaid,   In  the   evenl ot  either party
hereto failing, neglecting   ir   refusing
to  ehoiiso  an  arbitrator   for  fifteen
days   after being requested in writing
by the other parly In do so.    then
parly who makes   such   request
appotnl tin* arbitrator for ami   in
ball' of the   party so   falling,    neglect
ing in refusing us aforesaid,and n
further  event of   the said two arbitra
Corporation of the City  of
Kl for Hi
with respeo
sections "F,
and "N," Of seetion
bylaw shall be  final
.>f ihn
lly Law No,
A  By-Law to raise 110,001
erection nf Public Buildings,
Whereas. A Petition has beon presented to i he Municipal Counoil of the
Corporation nf tha Cily of   Nelson,
signed by the owners ot at least, one-
tenth of the value of the real property
of the said City (us shown by  th
Assessment Hull), requesting the s
Oounoil   tu  Introduce  a  Hy-Law
raise the sum of Ten thousand dollars
($10,000) for the purpose of electing
Public Buildings tn the City uf Nelson,
or fur extending and Improving the
present buildings.
And. Whereas, It is expedient to
borrow the said sum of Ten thousand
dollars ($10,000) fm* the purposes aforesaid.
And, Whereas, Tin whole
of the rateable land of thi
according to the lasi  revlsei
incut Roll, is  Eight   liiiudr
thousand, elghi hundred and seventy
dollars ($800,870.00).
And, Whereas
tn raise annually
Bight 1 nt nil]*<
for paying tl
ITl'IUll' .,1,,,,
of tlm Oity o
Btnted to t
signed by th
tenth of the valui
of the said Oity (as show
igaessment K"ln. requesting the Bald
Council to intryduce a By-Uw to raise
il���* sum of Fifteen thousand  dollars
($15,000.00) for the purpose ol   extending 11���-.-rwcriige System  ol   tbe said
C ai',,1 Whe.crcat.* It Is deemed expdi-
,.���i to Inn-row the Bald st >f  Fifteen
dJousaud dollars ($15,000.00) for the
mirnose aforesaid,
\i���l Whereas The whole a unl oi
the rateable land of the said Olty, uc-
cording to the lasi revised Assessment
Roll is Bight hundred and six tbou-
san.icigbi hundred and seventy doll*
ars ($800,870.00), . ,
And Whereas, It will bo requisite t-
,,ii���* annually, by rate, the
Twelve hundred and ninety
($1,-290.00) for paying
lDNow,Therefore,The Municipal Council of the Corporation of the Olty of
Nelson enacts as follows i
1 ll Bhall and uiay be lawful tor the
Mayor of the Corporation of the Olty
���f Nelson to borrow, upon the oredtt
,,f the said Corporation, by way ol the
Debentures hereinafter meutlonea,
from any person or persons, body or
bodies corporate, who may bo willing
,.. iiivance the same a** a I
ding   *
Mini  of
lhe said' debt and
n, a sum
of mouey nol exceeding in the whole
the mim of Fifteen thousand dollars
ii--, 000), aud to cause all such sums so
raised or received to be paid Into tha
hands of the Treasurer uf ibe said Corporation, for tne purpi
the objects hereinbefore
*.    ||'shall be lawful   [O
oi* ihe MHid Ciupuiuiinn to cause  llliy
nuinbcr of debentures to be made, exe
unt! with
ibe Mayor
cuted und Issued for such sum or sums
l���.  required for  the  purpose
iforesaid, ool exceeding.
the sum of Fifteen thousand
$15,000), each  of (he saitl De-
lmlitu.es being of the den.nn.nut ion of
thonsond dollars ($1,000.00), and
ueb Debentures shall  be sealed
(th the seal .>t the Corporation and
.signed by the Mayor thereof.
I,  wm be requisite     B. The said Debentures shall  bear
v,   ..Ho- sum of date the 20th day of July. A.D. 1890,
' lollara ($880) and shall be made payable In twenty
���,   iulereBl.lyearslruinlh.-  said   date,    in   lawful
of Oanada, at the omoe of the
iltl  Citv.
���il Assessed   Ulltl   BIX
aa may i
and   objeot
dollars I
���d and sixty
id debt
Now.Theief,,,.'. theMunleJpaKJoun-  moneyf-Montrea, ,��� Nl,,M���1 uf(ll,,snic|
i whloh said pis
on of the Corporation
r"1",,I'uU,,n tt^tlpSn.to^ payment Of interest, ami
Mayor of the Uorpor
of Nelson lo borrow,
p lyiiicnl   shall be
die said Debentures,
attached tu  thuin   jou-
the signatures to the interest coupons
may be either written, stamped,
printed or lithographea.
'. The said Debentures shall hear in-
tir.'stat lhe rate of five per centum
p>.' annum from the date thereof,
which interest shall he payal.lt- semiannually at said oflice of tin* I'.arik of
Montreal in Nelson aforesaid, in lawful money of Canada, on tho '20th day
of January and the 20th day of July
respectively, in each year of tlm currency thereof, and ii shall be expressed
in said Debentures and coupons to he
so payable.
5. It shall he lawful for the Mayor of
said Corporation to negotiate and sell
the said Debentures or any of them
for less than par ; but in no case shall
the said Debentures or any part, of
them In.- negotiated or sold for less
than ninety-five per centum of their
face value, including lhe cost of negotiating ami sale, brokerage and all
other incidental expenses,
(i. There shall lie raised and levied
in each year during the currency of
said Debentures the sum of Seven huo-
dretl and fifty dollars ($750.00) for the
payment of interest, ami the sum of
Five hundred and fort \ dollars ($510.00)
fm* tin- payment of 1 he debt do,- under
the said Debentures l.y a rale sufli-
cieiil tin 1 "I'm* mi all the rateable lands
in the said municipality.
7. It shall be lawful fur the saitl
Municipal Council to repurchase any
of tho said Debenture* upon such
terras as may be agreed upon with the
legal holder ur holders thereof, or any
part thereof, either at the lime of sale
or any subsequent timo or times, anil
all Debentures so re-purchased shall
forthwith be cancelled and destroyed,
and im re-issue uf Debentures so repurchased shall hi' made in consequence of such re-purchase,
S. This By-Law shall take effect on
the lirst day of June, A.D, 1899.
Take Notice, Thai, the above is a true
copy of the proposed Hy-Law upon
which the vote of ;ho Municipality
will be taken, for the Kast Wind, at
the Fire Hall,mi Josephine Slreet; for
the West Ward, at. the offloe of the
Exchequer Gold Mining Co., on the
north .side of Haker Street, between
Stanley and Kootenay Streets, on the
east half of Lot 9, Block 11, ou Monday, the 29th day of May, instant, at,
8 o'clook in tho'l'urenoon.
City Clerk.
Nelson, B. C, May 10th ���
Corporation of the City of
A By-Law respecting the establishment of
Coke nml G >s Works in the Oity of Nelson.
Tho Municipal Council of the City of Nelson enacts as follows:
1, VV. H, Pearson, W. H Pearson Junior, h.
L. Merrifield and .1. T. VVo^cott, hereinafter
called the Company, nre hereby granted ihe
right, subject to tho tonus, conditions aud provisions hereinafter contained, which tortus,
conditions and provisions nnd the due fulili-
inenl thereof are to be luken as conditions precedent l i tho enjoyment of the rights end
privilegeshorebygranted, to erect, construct,
maintain aud operate Gas Works within tlie
limits of the City of Nelson, and lo lay down,
relay, conned, disconnect and repair' all pipes
along, through and under the streets, alloys,
grounds, bridges and thoroughfares of tlio snid
City of Nelson, that, may be necessary for supplying gas to tho consumers I hereof, "nnd erect
an) pillars, lamps or other works, and do all
othor things which ihe Company Bhall deem
necessary for supplying gas iu tin' Inhabitants
or Corporation of ihe suid City <if Nolson aforesaid, and doing as little damage as may be in
the execution of the? powers hereby granted.
2. The Company beforo erecting suoh pillars,
lamps or oihrr works and doing suoh other
things whioh tho Company shall deem necessary for su 'plying gas tu the Inhabitants of
the City, shall make application to the Cily
Council foi- permission so to do, naming the
street or streets, alley or alloys, or other place
along, through or under which ii.cy desire to
ereotsuoh pillars, amps or othor works or do
smdi othor things whtib the Company may
deem necessary, and bofore proceeding In any
way with any of such works shall receive the
approval Of the Oity Council.
8. Tho laying down or relaying of any pipes
or main ; along, through and under the streets,
alleys, grounds, bridges and thoroughfares of
Baid City and erection of any pillars, lamps or
othor works and tbo doing of ail other things
which the Company shull deem necossary shall
nm be commenced until u plan thereofshowing
the location, position and style of Mich pipes,
pillars, lamiis, works and things the Company
deem nocessary, shall have been bu omitted to
aud approved by tho City Eogineer- .And tlie
location, position and style of such pipes or
mains, Pinal's, lamps, works and other tilings
shall conform to and agroo wilh the plans approved by the Cily Kngineer.
i. The Company shall wil bin sixty "lays from
the Anal passage of this By-Low (unavoidable
casualties of lno sea and flro not preventing!
commence to construct, erect ami establish
Coke uud tins Wm ks und buildings adequate
to the supply of u$n within ihe limits ot the
Baid City of Neison, i nd suoh construction,
erection und ostab Ishroonl shall bo carried on
continuously and diligently until suoh works
and buildings ure completed sufficiently lu
supply the demand for gas, ami within six
montns from the final passing of thin By-Law
shall proceed as the City Engineer muy direct
to lay tho requisite length of mains of an adequate diameter, mid una)] on demand supply al
all lines therefrom to all porsons as hereinafter meni Ionod uu adequate amount of gas, of
good quality, nl the bouse,shop,establishment,
works or residence of i he person requiring I he
same. Aud tho < 'ompauy shall within tin:
period of two years from the passing of this
By-Law expend upon tho construction of the
Coke and Gas Works and the laying of mains
aforesaid, nol loss Hum tho sum of Due Hundred Thousand Dollar* (���lOu.nntli.O), or forfeit tbt!
rights granted under Mil.- franchise.
5. Tho price of gas supplied by the Company
for lighting purposes shall bo controlled by tho
Citv Council, bul shall in nu 0040 without the
oonsent of tho Company bo loss than 12.00 por
thousand foel or moro than 9:1 neper thousand
feet, ond shall supply as much gas as may bo
required for lighting the itroots within the
limits aforesaid within iifiv feci of any main
laid by Ihe Company, aud shull supply lhe Cor
pnrulion with gus fur power purposes If roqulr-
od ai a price nol to oxoood 81 00 per thousand
feci. Gas for oooking or heating purposos shall
be supplied ut nut more than ft-.00 por thousand
OUblo fool of gus, and gas required for power hy
anv porson or corporation othor than ihe City
shall bo supplied al nol more (bau $2.00 por
thousand cubic foot.
ti. Tho Company shall, suUjocl to the provisions horoinafter con tain od, ou demand. Introduce Into and through Ihe walls or enclosures
Of a houso, shop, establishment or residence of
any person requiring the somo. a proper service
pipe with stop oook and furnish 0 gus motor if
roqu trod for accurately measuring (he supply
of gas lo the person requiring the same, al a
fair market price, mil exceeding for all the
sum of $10.00, und shall keep suoh service pipe
and gas meter in proper oraor and repair, provided that itshall not bo compulsory on ihe
Company to furnish or introduce the same as
Aforesaid to any shop, bouse, establishment or
rosidonco ot a distance of moro than fifty fool
from their mains. Have as hereinafter men-
7. Provided thai any porson dosiringasupply
of gus if the place wherein suoh gas is required
bo distant mora than flfty fool from any main
may roqulro the Company to supply such service pipo, stop oook ami motor for the prioe
above mentioned In addition to a sum nol e\-
eecdingftou a foot on cueh tool, of distance
over and nhovc lhe said llfh   foot,
8. Wiih ihe pormtssl >r tho City Council
and**ooordlng to plans approved bv tho City
Kngineerantluiidorhis supervision ihn Company may if found necossary make any Hewers
thai may bs necessnry for carrying off tho
Washings and waste llneals which muy arise in
tho mating of gas, nnc for Lho purpose afore-
suid may romovo und raise all matonol In such
Streets und bridges und tbey may In such
hi 1 eeis do all othor nets whieh tho Company
shall from lime to lime deem nores-ny for
supplying gus In lhe fnhnbiluuH within the
RmftS specified iu (he second heel ion hereof,
doing a�� lit lie damage as muy be in  Ibe execu
tion of the powers hereby granUd and making
compensation for any damage that may be done
in lie execution of siich powers,
!��. Nothing herein contained shall authorize
or empower the ('ompany to lay down or place
any pipes or othor works into through or
againsl any building or any land uot dedicated
to publio use, without the consent of tho owners ur occupiers thereof.
10. Before the Company proceed to open or
break up auy street, bridge or pavemenl they
shull give to the City Kngineei or otber authority under whose con I roi or management the
same may be, notice in writing of their intention to open or break up the same, not less than
three clear days befo-e beginning such work,
except in eases of emergency arising fiom detects in tlie pipes or other works, when Immediate notice shall bo given. No pipe, main.
sewer,pillar, lamp or other work or thing shall
be used hy the Company for any purpose until
tbey obtain from the City Engineers certificate
iu writing that the sane has been creeled or
constructed to his satisfaction,
11. When the Company open or break up the
road or pavement of any street or bridge, they
shall with a-1 convenient speed, com plot e tho
work for which the same shall bo broken or
opened up, and shall 11M in the ground, reins! ite
and make good the rond or pavement SO opened
'or broken up and carry away the rubbish occasioned tberoby and snail nt all tunes when
required while ny such stroet or novoment
shall bo broken up, cause a light sullicient for
tho warning of passengers to be sei up and
maintained every night during which same
shall lie opened or broken un.
12. The Company shall be liable for and shall
Indemnify the City for all damages arising out
nf the construction nnd n. oration of their said
Coke and Gas Works, including therein Ibe
construction and keeping in repair of every
main, sewer or nny other work in respect of
this Ry-Lawand the convoying of gas or sewage through such mains aid sewers.
lit. If al any lime iu the opinion uf the City
Council the profits Oil the gus sold   ill   lhe City
bo excessive the Company shull submit lo
arbitration the question of tho prices charged
for gas supplied and shall produce their books
and other papers for Inspection and Ihe prices
of ga- supplied for all purpo.-cs shall he reduced as lhe Cily Counoil Bhall direct, according
to the rate decided by arbitration, but not iu
uny ease lo reduce lhe Company's prollls under
15 por cent, per annum on the gas business,
such arbitration lo he conducted under lhe
provisions of the Arbitration Act, being Chapter 9, I887.0f the British Columbia Statutes and
amending nots.
II. The ( ity shall havo the right on the expiry
ot ten years from the date of tho passing of lhe
By-Law to take over and own the Aforesaid
Coke and Gas Works on a valuation to be determined by arbitration; the city and the
Com puny lu name each au arbitrator, und they
to name a third, and in the event of them dis-
agroeingon ������ third the same to be appointed
by the Chief Justice ef the Province, such ar-
hi! ia I ion to lie conducted under the Arbitration Act. Chapter 9, 1897, of ibe British Columbia Statutes or its amondmentsisuch valuation
to bo based on tho value of the plant at the
tlmo of tr/iusferasa going concern, and the
value of tho Coke business established, but no
value shall be determined ns inuring to the
Comnony by thoir possessing the franchise to
distribute gus throughout the City.
15. The location of such works to be approved
o' hy the City Council.
17. The rights, liberties and privileges mentioned in this By-Law. subject to el.use 11.
shull be exclusively enjoyed save as Io the
Coke works, by the Company for a period of
twenty-live years.
17. A contract embodying the provisions of
this By-Law and a covenant on the pert of tlie
Company to conform 10 and fulfil ull the matters and provisions hereby required of them
shall be drs wn and shall be executed by the
City and the Company within sixty days from
the passing of tills By-Law,
IH. In this By-Law the expression "City" shall
mean the "City of Nelson"; "City Council"
shull mean "The Municipal Council of the City
of Nolson"; "City Kngineer" shall mean "The
Kngineer ef the City of Nelson", and the word
"Company"shall include, refer to nnd be in
every wny binding upon the Company, their
and each of their heirs, executors, administrators and assigns.
I street, between Stanley and Koolenay Streets,
on the east half of Lot i>. Block ll. on Monday,
I the 29th day of May,instant, at 8 o'cloek in the
I forenoon.
City Clerk.
Nelson, B. 0., May 10th, 1899,
Take Notice that lhe above is a true copy of
tho proposed Hy-Law upon which the vole of
tho Municipality will bo tuken, for the Bast
Ward at lhe Hie Hull on Josephine street, for
the Wost u'urdut the office of the Exchequer
Gold Mining Co. on north side ef .Maker street
hetwoen Stanloy and Kootenay streets, ou
Monday the 29th day of May at eight o'clock in
Ihe forenoon.
City Clerk.
Nelson. B.C., May I6th,1899.
Corporation of the City of
Hy Law, No. 3!>.
A Bv Law to raise 115,000 to extend and improve ttlootrio Lights.
VVHRBBASt A 1'etition has been presented lo
the Municipal Council of the Corporation of
the Oity of Nelson, signed by the owners of at
least one-tenth of lhe value of the real property of the Oity (as shown by the last Assess-*
ment Kollj, requesting the said Council to Introduce a By-Law to raise fifteen I housand
dollars ($16,000/for the purpose of ox tend ing
And improving tbe Electric Light Works System and I'binl iu the City of Nelson.
And V7UBKEAS. it is expedient lo borrow
theBAid sum of fifteen thousand dollars (Slo,-
oouy for the purposes aforesaid;
And Whereas, tbo whole amount of the rateable land of the suid Cily, according to the last
revised Assessment Roll IS eight hundred and
six thousand eight hundred and seventy dollars
(#806,870 00).
And Whereas, il will bo necessary to raise
annually by rate the sum of Twelve hundred
and ninety dollars ($1,290) for paying the said
debt and interest.
NOW Therefore the Municipal Council of Ihn
Corporation of the City of Nelson enacts us
fellows :���
I. It shall and may bo lawful for ihe Mayor
of the Corporation of the City of Nelson to
burrow, upon Ihe credit of the said Corporation, by way- of the Debenture hereinafter
men Ionod, from any per��on or persons, body
or bodies corporate, who may be willing to advance the same us n loan, a sum of money not
oxceodlngin the whole- the sum of Fifteen
thousand dollars($15,000), and 10 causo all such
sums so raised or recoi ed to he paid into the
hands of I he Treasurer of tlie said Corporation,
for Im purposes and with the objects hereinbefore rod ted,
:'. Ii shall be lawful for the Mayor of Ihe
said Corporal ion to cause any number of Do-
bonturos to be mado, executed and issued for
such sum or sums n-i may he required for the
purpose and Object aforesaid, not, exceeding,
however, the sum of Kiftecn thousand dollars
|8lfl000), each of tbe said Debentures being of
tne denomination of one thousand dollars i$t,-
000), and all such Debentures shall he Healed
wilh the seal Of tho Corporation aud signed
by the Mayer thereof,
8, The said Debentures shall bear dato the
BOth day of July. A.D. 1809, and shall be made
payable in twenty years from the laid data, iu
lawful money of Oanada, at the office of the
Bank of Montreal in Nelson aforesaid, which
laldplacoof payment .shall he designated
by tne said Debentures, and shall have attached to them OOUponx for 1 he payment of interest, and I be signatures lo the Interest coupons mny bfl either written, ���tainpod, printed
or 111 hograubed.
1. Thu Mid Debentures shall boar interest at
(be rale of live percent 11111 per annum from the
datothereof, which Intorot shull bo payable
semi.1 inliyat   i-uld   otllce  of   lhe   flunk of
Montreal nt Nolson aforesaid(in lawful money
of Canada* on the 2'l| h day of January and lhe
,'(tl.h day of July respectively. In oach your H ur-
Ingthe currenoy inettof, uud it shull bo expressed in suid Debentures and coupons to be j
-10 pa] able.
A, It shull be lawful for the Mayor of said J
Corporation lo licentiate and sell the said Debenture's or any of (hem for less tluin par ; but
In no enst Bhall the salt' Debentures or any of
th in he 1 egoliale I or sold for lens than ninety,
live per eeiiliiin of their face value, Including
the cost of negotiating and sale, brokerage and
all Other incidental expenses.
tl. Thero shall he raised mid levied In each
year during I be currency of said  Debenture!
rhe sum of Seven hundred and fifty dollars
(700) for tbepaymonl of Intoresti and ihe sum
of rlVO hundred and forty dollars (M0) for the
payment of the debt under the said Debentures hy a rate sullleieul therefor on all the
rateable Innd in the said Municipality.
7, It shall bo  lawful for lhe said  M mleipal
Council to repurchase any of the said Debentures upon suoh terms as may ho agreed upon
wilh the legal holder or holders thereof, or any ;
purt tlicrcnl either at lhe time of Hale or any
subsequent time or times, and all Debentures
10   repurchased shall forthwith ho cancelled
and destroyed, and no re-issue of Debentures
HO repurchased shall bl mude in such repurchase.
H. This By-Law shull take eflecl on the 1st
day of June, A.D.,1809.
Take Notice flint the above It a I "lie copy of
Uu? proposed Hy-Law upon which Jut vote of
tho municipality will be taken, for lhe lCast,
Ward al Ilm I- Ire Hull on Josephine Slreet, for
the West Ward at the office Of Iho Kxcliecpier
Cold Mining Co. on the north   side of Maker
Tako Notice. That lho above is a true copy
of the proposed By-Law upon which iho vote
of the Municipality will be taken, for lhe Kast
Ward at the Fire Hall on Josephine Street; for
the West Ward at tne orlleo of the Exchequer
Geld Mining Co. on the north sido of l!aaer
���Street, between Stanloy and Kootenay
Streets, on the oast half of Loti), Hlock 11, on
Monday, tho 29th day of May, instant, at 8
o'clock In the forenoon.
City Clerk.
Nelson, B, C, May 10th, 1899,
6:80 am.���Train leaves C. P. R. station
for main  line,  and  intermediate points via. blocan
Lake route daily.
8:00 aill.���S.S, Moyie leaves for Kootenny L'd'g and way points
Monday, Wednesday and
0:40 a.m.���Train leaves N. & F. S.
station for Hossland, Spokane and way points daily.
10:05 a.m.���S. S, International arrives
from Kaslo and way points
daily except Sunday.
11:00 a.m.���S. S. Kokanee arrives from
Kaslo and way points daily
except Sunday.
4:00 p.m. ��� H. S. Kokanee leaves for
Kaslo and way points,
daily, except Sunday.
4:80 p.m*���S* S. International leaves
for Kaslo and way points,
daily except Sunday.
5:80 p. m.���Train arrives N. & F. S,
station, trom Spokane
Rossland and way points
0:50 p.m.���S.S. Moyie arrives from
Kootenay L/d*g and way
points, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.
8:40 p.ni.���Train leaves 0. P. R. station for Robson, Trail,
Kossland, etc, daily.
8,80 p. m.���Train arrives 0. P. R.
station from main line and
intermediate points via
Slocan Lake route daily.
L0l80 p.m.���Train arrives O. P, It. station, from Kossland, Trail,
Robson, etc., daily.
Transportation Companies are requeued to
irlve nollee to the Miner of any alteration In
tho time of trrivol and departure from Nelson.
Steam tugs Kaslo, Angerona, Red
Star, Heronlob, Surprise and others
ply on Kootenay lake to and from Nelson, but have no regular times of arrival ad departure.
Corporation of the  Oity of
By-Law No. 40.
A Hy-Law to raise 330,000 to extend tho
"Water Works System.
Whereas, A Petition has been presented to
Ihe Municipal Council of the Corporation of
the Oity of Nelson, signed by the owners of at
least one-tenth nf the value of tho real property of the said City (as shown by the last Assessment ltoin requesting the said Council to
Introduce a Hy-Law to raise the sum of Thirty
thousand dollars ($:-iO,ooo) for tho purpose of
extending the Water Works System of the
bald City.
And Whereas, it is deemed necessary and ex.
pedleal to extend the Waterworks System of
the City of Nelson for the convenience of the
citizens and for tiro protection.
And Whereas. Itis expedient to borrow the
bald sum of Thirty thou and dollars (30,000j
for ihe purposes aforesaid :
Aud Whereas, '.he whole amount of rateable
land of the said City, aooording to the last revised Assessment Boll, is Bight hundred and
Bix thousand eight hundred and seventy dollars
And, Whereas, it will bo requisite to raise
annually by rate the sum of Two thousand live
hundred and eighty dollars (2,680.00) for paying
the suid debt and interest.
Now, Therefore, the Municipal Council of
the Corporation of the City of Nelson enacts as
1. It shall and may bo lawful for lho Mayor
of the Corporal ion of lhe Oity of Nelson to harrow, upon the en dit of the smd Corporation,
by way of lho Debentures hereinafter mentioned, from any per-on or persons, body or
bodies corporate!, who may be willing to advance tlie same as a loan, a sum of money nut
exceeding in the whole tho sum of Thirty
thousand dollars (30.100,00;, and to oause all
such sums so raised or received lo he paid into
the hand of the Treasurer of the corporation,
for tbo purposes and with tho objects herein*
before recited.
2. Itshall be lawful furl lie Mayor cf the said
Corporation to cause any number of Debentures to be made, executed ami issued for such
sum or stuns as may lie required for the pur*
po.-eand object aforesaid, not exceeding, however, the sum oi" Th rty thousand dollars (30,-
000.00), each ef the bald Debentures being of
the denomination of One thous ind doll rs llf-
000.00), and all sm h Debentures shall be sealed
with the seal of the Corporation and signed by
the Mayor tnereuf.
li. The said Debentures shall bear dato the
20th day of July, A.D. 1899, and shall be made
payable in twenty years from the said date, in
lawful money of Canada, at the otllce of the
Dank of Montreal in Nelson aforesaid, wlrch
said place of payment Bhall be designated by
the said Debentures, and shall have attached
to them coupons for tho payment of interest
and tlie signatures io the interest coupons m��y
be either written, stamped, printed or lithographed.
���1. Tlio said Debentures shall bear interest at
the rate of live per centum per annum from
the date thereofi which interest shall hi; payable semi annually at said office of the Hank
of Montreal in Nelson aforesaid, in lawful
money of Cat ada, on the 20th day of January
aud the 20th day of July respectively, in each
year during the currency thereof, and itshall
he expressed in said Debentures and uoupons
to be so payablo.
5. It shall be lawful for lhe Mayor of said
Corporation to negotiate und sell tiio said Debentures or any of them for less than par; bul
in no case shall the Baid Debentures oi any of
them be negotiated or sold for Ies--, than ninety-
ftve per centum of their face value, including
the cost of negotiating end sale, brokerage
and all other incidental expenses.
(i. there shall he levied and raised in each
year during tlio currency of *aid Debentures
the sum of (fifteen hundred dollars (1,300.00)
for the payment of Interest, and the sum of
One thousand and eighty dollars (1,030.00) for
the payment of tho debt due under the said
Debentures by a rate sufficient therefor on all
the rateable land in tlie said municipality.
7. It shall be lawful for the said Municipal
Council to re-purchase any of tho said Debentures upon such terms as may bu agreed upon
with the legal holder or holder* thereof, or anj
part lHereof, either at the time of sale or any
subsequent Utue or times, and all Debentures
sort-purchased shall forthwith bo cancelled
and destroyed, and no reissue of Debentures
so re-purchased shall be made in consequence
of such re-purchase.
8. This By-Law shall take effoot on tho 1st
day ol Jure, A.D. 180*0.
Provinoial Land Surveyor.
The fliner
Will issue
about the
middle of June the Handsomest
and most Carefully Prepared
Presentation of the Resources
of the Kootenays that ever left
a press.
Sixteen Pages,
Containing views of Nelson and
all the Slocan and East Kootenay towns, and the mines tributary to each,
ioo Half Tones
are now being* made from photos of the towns, leading business houses and hotels, and
leading citizens.
For Advertisers
This number will offer exceptionally favorable means of
making themselves known to
the people of this district, and
also of bringing their names
prominently before the outside
i  world.
Price Ten
Cents Each.
Leave list of names with ten
cents for each one at this oflice and we will ��3
do the addressing and mailing. I NELSON DAILY MINER. SlJNDAY,rMAY 21, 1899.
Moro growlfl for tlie weather olerk.
He ia as disobliging ns a politician
when questioned liy tlie lioard ot
'lrnde; lie blows lint and then cold
and altogether confounds the weary-
waiting augler,
Yet  iu   spite  of ull, the   emerald-
sprinkled turf, the jewellery of opening
buds,and tbe fuller crimson on the rob
ill's   breast   remind us that spring   is
with us.
Want of spare time, want of enei-gv
aud want* of seasonable weathei has, I
fenr.krpt me from the river tbis week.
Wo lii.i'lf tbe pretenoe of a fishing excursion last Sunday. Our craft wus
graded by two of Ibe gentler sex who
rebelled against tlie inclemency of the
weather; and we, being weak and sus-
' eoptiblo (who would not be so in such
enlrancing company) scorned to linger
by the dark lake in the hope of has:]<el-
ing a few wretched iisb but landed und
lunched in indolent luxury cheered by
tlie glow of a log Are.
We were no longer on tho shore of
Kootonay lake hut wen* transported in
fancy to some island in the Aegean
hea, Cythera or Leslies; the centuries
rolled iiack and we lived with the gods
and god-like heroes of the Iliad ; und
there ubove us towered Olympus, from
the summit of whiob Zeus descended
to pay bis addresses, as was his wont,
to our fair eoinp-ninns.
It should be noted that in the matter
of costume we did not attempt to copv
the classical mode ; it was too eold for
that, nnd besides our nineteenth ,*. n-
turv ideas do not permit of the
same laxity m dress ns lhe queen of
love aud her hairl-maidcns indulged
But. the stem realistic faot that it
wns growing colder, thnt n missmbla
drizzle was causing the fair ones'
locks to become "draggled." destroyed
our Hellenic play. We galnntly denied
ourselves our sport, (if the truth were
known, it wns with willing hearts)
and hastened home.
* *   -:t
A few decent sized lish have heen
taken during the week from the lake
near the sbore opposite to the town
They seemed to fancy n small green-
bodied fly with a teal wing and blue-
black hackle. As the water rises the
fishing in the lake from the wharf lo
Grohman creek should improve. Lust
year we got u numl er of fish just below tbe O. P. K. wharf iu tbe evenings
about this time of the yenr. Bnt the
weather wns seasonable tben, while us
for this yoar.���Come. We buvo said
enough about it.
* #      it
I must go back to Sunday for tbo
rest of the week has been devoted to
honest (I hope so at least) wjrk. Among
the few relics of better days thut ure
spared to me, are several buttered Japanned ti'i boxes containing Hies.
There is ono box of Salmon (lies thai
I would not exehnuge for the hanking
account of Croesus, so precious to me
aro tho memories connected with its
contents. Poor old battered warriors
of the water, their feathered garments
torn and worn, their silken bodies
frayed and discolored, their metal barbs
blunted and rust eaten, yet are they
dearer to me than mnch fine gold. As
it was Sunday I brought, out my
treasure, being the nearest approach to
a family bible that I possess. The
audience were anxious to know the
history of five sombre hoed roughly
tied flies occupying a space by them
selves, with tho" letters "D. M. " written oil the box just underneath (hem.
I was not iu a mood tben for spinning
a long yarn so evaded tho question.
The curiosity of Eve's daughters is not
easily quenched and I was tho next
day pressed for an explanation, but
pleaded want of tune. Finally ou being importuned for a third time. I
mude a solemn compact with my fair
friends (hut a full und unabridged history of "D. Jl. " should appear in Sunday's Jliner under "Angling Notes."
Here it* is:
On tho West Coast of Scotland in the
county of Argyllshire and within
twenty miles of the town of Oban
stands a littlo old fashioned hotel and
about six cottages. The place is known
ns Tny-n'uilt which,I believe,is Gaelic
for  'house by tho stream. "
The stream is a brawling bum called
the Nant which empties itself into
the Hiver Awe near to the hotel. The
river Awe runs out of Loch Awe,
some 16 miles from Tny-n'uilt nnd
runs into un nrin of the sea called Loch
Klivo within n mile of tho hotel.
About three miles of the Kiver Awe
������10 preserved by lhe landlord of the
���uiy-n'uilt Hotel for bis guests,
'lhe Awe resembles the Kootenny in
miniature, touring through huge
chusms of fern covered red sandstone,
through moor and forest, through tlie
blank browed rocks of the Puss of
Brander until at lnsl its turbulent current seeks rest in Loch IClivo.
For several veurs two or three of  us
mado a pilgrimage to Tny-n'uilt ut the
timo when as Chnucer wrote :
"Aprille with li ih showers swoto
The draught of March   had pierced  to
the rote"
Put Chauoer went to Canterbury���
"The   holy    blissful   martyr   for    to
Not   so   wo nineteenth   century anglers; for wo went  intent  ou rest and
salmo sudor.
Tho lirst year that I went there, ir
was my privilege to muke the acquaint
auce of 0110 Duncan MucDonald, a poor
crofter who, in the summer added to
his Blender ra 'ans of sustenance by
acting ns ghillie for anglers, I sny
my privilege; for I hnve never yel
known a more naturally refined or
sympathetic soul than thnt poor crofter
possessed. Wo immediately made
friends, and, no matter what previous
engagement ho might hnve mude,
Duncan wus always waiting to attend
mo on my arrival. Ah ! the joyous,
peaceful days wo spent together.
Early in tho morning when the silver
bank's of mist hung o'er the summits
of Pen Moro, whon the spider webs
olung from the jialo primrose to the
purple orchis, when Ihe scent of the
briar nud the meadow-sweet, as the
early sunbeams drank up the dew drops
hanging on the blossoms, hung heuvy
on the morning's breeze, then would
we olimb the road that led towards the
river, breaking off across a meadow
I tenanted with picturesque sbnggv West
Highland cuttle, their backs sinning
ins it wore wilh hoar frost.so thick wus
i tho dew, until at length the river bank
was reached. The memory of the
sceno by the river fills my heart to
Badness; my poor pen would commit
sucrilege in attempting to describe it.
Sulfice that the Awe is one of the
loveliest rivers in that garden of The
Almighty, the West Highlands.
*3 Duncan was a kecu and expert angler ;
also a rough, hut practical Hy dresser.
Of course the fish received their proper amount of attention from us, and
we invariably had better success than
our friends. Put we had other things
ill common besides fishing. Duncan,
though no soholar, hungered for books.
His oppreoiativeness was marvellous.
Pegiuniug with Burns and Scott we
drifted iuto Carlisle nnd onco for
nearly threo weeks wo spout nt least
half our time over "Heroes uud hero
Then I inveigled him into Tennyson ;
he learned by heart some of the lines
ol the "Jlorto d'Arlhur." Even
now I can hear his deep but gentle
voice reciting ;
"The   old   order   chuiigetli.     yielding
plaoe to new
And   God    fulfils  Himself  in  many
to the aooompanymont of the song of
the throstle and the lark,
"Man! But that's flue." he would
always end with.
Then after an early dinner we would
bio back lo (he river again and snatch
an hour's fun with the sea trout. When
black night hud set her shadows on the
deep silent pools, always shunned by
lho angler in the sunlight, then would
lho sea trout ris.i merrily to tho fly.
Ir wns weird work ousting iuto the
black waters at random, tho whish of
tin' line and gentle tightening of the
rod 'on alono signalling thnt the cast
was straight and true; then would
come a sharp tug; the water shone
phosphorescent in the silver moonlight
tt here broken by the struggles of the
lively sea trout ; then tho death struggle; and Duncan would lean over tho
locks and peer into the moonlit depths
finally bringing in in tho net a silvery
beauty. Put I must turn to tho closing scene. One late autumu I was
staying near Obun and happened tn
meet 111 that town mine host of tho
Tay-n'uilt hotel. Duncan was dying
he told me; a severe attack of influenza
had completely broken him down and
he was now but awaiting the end. He
had asked repeatedly for me, and,
having heard that I wus in the neighborhood, bad sent a message to me by
some friend, (I nover roceived the
I returned with the landlord to Tay-
n'uilt that day hut I was too late.
Some hours before my arrival the gentle spirit had passed the bourn from
which no traveller returns. Duncan
camo from Loch Aber, a district near
the western ostremity of the Caledonian Canal. Il seemed that his message to me was a request fo furnish a
little money sufficient to tako his hotly
to Loch Aber, and also to pay for some
musses for his soul (for Duncan, like
the majority of the Loch Aber folk,
was of u family thut had (dung to the
oil faith). It was late in the year;
the first snow had already fallen and it
wns with dilliculty tbat we carried
lout my friend's request as to the disposal of his body. Wo took him in a
bout down Loch Etivo uud the littlo
"With onr and sail
Moved from the brink, liko some  full
breasted swan"
until we reached a village further in-
lund. From there we carried him
in n rough cart over tho hill side to
Fort William in Loch Aber where we
placed him to rest in the burying
ground near tho Roman Catholic
Chin oh there,
Slnll 1 ovor forget that journey ovor
the mountain? It took us somo five
hours. Silently we trudged over the
mossy mountain load sparsely flecked
with snow, patches-ol purple heather
now and then showing through tho
thin white sheet covering the hills,
marking where tho snow hud drifted.
Then as wo descended the hill we
left the snow and wero in a brown
and purple carpeted moor: below us
the river Looby winded until it joined
the sen. Par in the distance wo could
seo the lower portion of Pen Nevis,
the summit being wreathed iu clouds.
The red sun sank lower, lighting
with his glow the distant hills of
Mull in the West so that they seemed
'.0 be in a molten sen of fire. Then
gradually he glided to rest behind the
mount litis, tbe sky deepened from oar-
mine to purple, and it wus evening. I
could not help likening the setting sun
to my dear friend,for.glorious as it was
in the heavens,yet. when it had sank, the
reflection was still more gorgeous than
when it was still with us. And
Duncan, though he had gone from our
sight, yet left with us lho memory of
a pure, genuine and loving character,
a memory, which is to my mind more
soul-inspiring und healthier than any
Ber mon.
It is one of life's ironies that when-
1 ver a soul meets with one of its own
kindred. Ihe thread of life is divided
between them all  too soon.    Iu onr
journey through this world we
delay l'i r a few moments in some
cninvunM-rni, whore we meet a traveler whom, wo suddenly remember,
we have searched for from yoar to
year. Then sweet intercourse is held;
wo are entranced, and yearn for n
more pi rfect knowledge ot that mind
���hat would seem to blend so with our
own OS fo form one harmonious whole.
Presently nil unawares, tho grim
spoiler steps in und the companion is
wrested from us. Whither goes he?
Pure wo assert wo know.' At tho
best we can hut conjecture. And
some of us aro so wonk thut wo are
templed to live for thut day only,
flinging all reason to tho four winds,
as the old Persian tent-maker Omar
Khuvaam advised ;
"Ah!    Take   tho   cash   and   let,  tho
oredit oome
Nor   hied   tho   rolling   of  a   distant
Forgive my sad and pessimistic
rumblings, but I cannot find a happy
Inspiration today. So gibes and cooking receipts must rest till next Sunday.
For me today my motto is;
"Ernst ist das Lcbeii. "
streets   to  Messrs.  W. and T. Duncan
for |1,000.
Ward Pros., agents for Addition 182,
report that tlio sale of lots there has
been brisk recently.
On the recreation grouud this afternoon the Nelson baseball nine will
play a game against a team pioked
from the rest of tho town.
Auy who lent dishes for the Library
Pall and have not yet called for
thein will find them at Hurdle's fruit
store in the Opera Houso block.
Tho Junior Association football
team are taking round n subscription
list to raise funds to enable I bent to
go and   piny New Denver on the 24th.
The Nelson Baseball Club havo just
about decided to send a second team
to Kuslo on May 24, to competo in the
matches there. If sont, it will be a
combination which the Kusloites will
not bo ahlo to overlook.
The Nelson Boat CI'"' will hold
their annual general nneti'ig on Monday, May 2-.' at 8 p. m. in the rooms
above the Bank of British Columbia.
All members or intending members
lire requested to attend. Tho club
hopes to bo able to hold a spring regatta shortly as well as thoir usual regatta in the autumn, Sovcrnl othor
items of iutorest aud importance to
rowing men will be brought up for
discussion, so it is important that the
general views of the club be ascertained by the members turning up in
full force.
The Nelson Lncrosso ,01111) hnvo been
gelling some effeotive practices dining
tho past two weeks, and will hold
their final practice this morning on
the reoreation grounds at i) ;!i() a. m.
The following will represent Nelson
at New Denver ou tho Queen's Mirth-
dayk; G. Henderson, P. Lynch, F.
W. Grant, J. Thompson, D. JloNichol,
H. P. Howdeu, A. .lull's, A. P. Perrier, W. (.;. MoMorris, F. Meuury,
W. Fraser, 0. Archibald, D. Rutherford, These constitute a strong teum
that shnnlrl have no (liiliculty in wiu-
niug their game.
il U-'imrt,
tiken by A. 1
1.  Holdich.)
I-ATK            DAY
May 11  Sunday
May 15   Monday
May is Tuesday
Muy 17   Wed'day
May It' Thursday
27 05
Muy 10  Friday
May 20 Saturday
and those about to build
should enquire of us for
estimates op.
Roofing b
We make n Specialty of
Hot  Aii-, Hot Water   and
Steam Heating.
Vancouver Hardware Co., Ltd.
Importers of
Shelf and Heavy Hardware.
Work and worry make age
faster than years. Whatever
makes work easier and worry-
less, smoothes back tiie
wrinkles and lengthens life. A
splendid help to this end is	
A session of the County   Court   will
bo opened hero ou Tuesday next.
Mr. O. Daru has solil   his house and
lot on the comer of Mill aud   Latimer
And think that there will he no hot weather
this year, because we are haying a few cool
days. T e warm weather will come with a
rush, and find you unprepared unless you get
your Summer Shoes and Oxfords now.
Our lines are fresh and complete. Come and
get first choice.
een Block.
Can be obtained  here at Sacrificim
Prices.      Before   buying
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Two Carloads just received. Try our Prices,
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sell in the Paint Line.
Agents in Nelson for Cabot's Creosote Stain.
Who is your Hatter ?
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We have Stetson's, Roelofs and other American
makes of Soft Felt Hats, and are Sole Ag-ents in Nelson
for Coaksey's Stiff Hats.
Underwear of English and German Manufacture.
Mail Orders receive careful and prompt attention.
The Hub Furnishing House.
Box i48, Neison. Emory & Walley
Before going, cull at DesBrisay's, where you will
get promptly and profitably outfitted. Goods packed in
cotton sacks and re-packed in gunnies ; or packed in
boxes, if preferred.
We can fix you up in any style, and all you have to
pay for is merely the goods. No extra charge for packing
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Largest and best selected stock in   town  to  choose from.
Prices right.
M. DesBrisay & Co.
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Martin O'Reilly & Co.
WEST HAI lilt S'l
!G i )QQDQG.QG.a��i
I h ive seven Lota thai 1 will sell
separately or all together, four of thrra
ou Nelson Avenue, where tbe Street
Oars are expected to run, and the* theis
are also well situated.
Terms one-third cash down, and
balance in ti nml 11 m,*s at 8 per cei t.
Other Choice Lots.
Money to Loan.
Fire insurance at Lowest Kntis.
Mining; and  Kent   Estate   Kink r
Turner-Boeckh Block, Neison.
Fancy Dry Goods, Silk
Shirt Waists and Dress
Skirts always to bo had at
Mrs. McLaughlin
General Broker-
Hotel for sale ���Sti.OOO,
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renting tor $100
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00,1, renting for 8150 pel month, leased
for 5 yearn.
Twelve huts in linn
A 12-ronmed House
ent to Haker Btreet.
Money to loan at H pj
Life Assnranoe,
a Addition, cheap,
for rent, conveni-
oent.   Fire and
Atlantic S. S. Lines
From Montreal
Allan Line   I.niirriillan Juliet!
Allan Line- Nimii'lian Juno 10
Dominion Line���Dominion tuno 8
Dominion Lino��� Cambroinan. iune m
Reavor Lino���Lako Ontario iunol
From Now York
White Star Lino���Majestic May 111
Canard l.lno���l.unl oa , luno tt
American l.lno���Purl** Mil} ttl
Anchor bins���City Of Home June tl
Allan Statu Une-Stute of Nebraska.. ..Juno U
From I'okioii
Dominion Line���New KnKlanil May til
Passages ormngod to and from all European
iiolntw. ForraioH, tioketsand full information
apply lott. P. K, depot agent or P. F. Bsasie**
City Ticket Agent, N* l��m, I). O,
515) General Agent, O P. R. Offlooa Winnipeg,
At Office of The Duncan Mines Limited.
If so read all the "Fishing Tackle" advertisements and then come and buy
your outfit from
The Lawrence Hardware Co
who carry the most complete stock in Nelson.    All our
goods imported   direct  from   English,   American  and
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Lawrence Hardware Co.
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Keeps a full line of Royal Seals and other Union
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Kootenay Cigar Mf'g Co.
Factory Prices.
Spokane  FaMs  &
Northern R'v.
PI elson &_Fort
Sheppard R'y.
Red Wiountain R'y.
The only ull rail route without ohang
of oars between Nelsou and Bossland and
Spokane antl Kossland.
Leave 9.10 a.m. NELSON Arrive 5*30 p.m
"    11:55 "   K0SSI/D    "      3:10
"    8.30 a.m. SPOKANE   "    6*30 p.m
Train that leaves Nelson at 9:40 a.m
liiakrH cIobo oonneotions nt Bpokane (01
���ill Pncilic Cunst Points,
Passengers tor Kettle Hirer and Boundary Oreek,oonneot at Marcos witliKtage
O, G. DIXON, (i. 1>. &T.A.
Spokane  Wash
A��ent,Nelson, Ii. O,
Furniture  hiiillciont for four-
Apply io Annablo,
roomed houso,
TO LET. A woll-furnishod rimm In il nuw
house with all modern Improvement*, on car-
bonato, two doom from Josephine, No children.
Apply Mlneroffloo,
FOit RENT, Tho promises al preaent ooou
plod U-- Tlio Minor Offioe, Possession i��t oi
Juno,   Apply on the premises.
MUSK" LESSONS. ���On plnno oncan or
guitar, by Mrs, W. J, Astley, Robson Htreot
two doors wesl of Stanley.   P. O. Box IHO.
FOR BALE Old newspapers at SO cents per
im. Just the thing to put under curpots
Miner olllco,
WANTED- -A boy not younger ihan 15 to -io
liuiii work and learn a Undo. Anuly Mine*
A FINE OPENING���In himino-w for a pornoD
with moderate oapital Proprietor wants to
coll out on account >\ leaving for ihe old coun
try*   Address "A. 8.," this oi'ico.
WANTED    Every man. WOtnan and child   n
Nehton lo sond copies of'Die ftiinort Bpeotal
Kootenay  Number to friends lu   tho  Kant
Lewe names with tenSeonts for each ono
this offloe and wo will do Lho rest,
TO BENT An oilice and bedroom, furnish
od, immediate possession mny be bad* Aj\
ply ll*irci]ii Beloua,
B.Tytl< i Is now prepared to rtve lessons (either
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Baker St, Wost,   P. 0. Box 574.
FOK KKN'T���Two roomed offl.'u next to the
Opera IIoumo on Victoria 8t.�� $15 por month
Apply Minor ofllco
\        KOOTENAY \
Manager Davis, of the Wonderful
aud Miller Creek mines, interviewed
in Spokane the othor day said :
"The mines will probably be shut
down for a time. I expect to shut
down tho Miller Creek and Wonderful with others until some agreement
in reached so wo may know what to depend upon. This eight-hour law was
uot asked for by the miners nor the
mine owners. It was passed at tho request of some Coeur d'Aleue agitators,
whn are up in that country. Any reasonable miner would prefer to work
10 hours por day and got $li. 50, to
working eight and receiving $3. I
would rather pay the 0 hour scale
than the lower one. Of all the men in
my employ, I do not think there is one
who is in favor of tho new eight-hour
"Concerning the Wonderful aud Miller Creek, Mr. Davis reports development proceeding Btenriily. Tlio crosscut tunnel on the Miller Creek is in
about 210 feet aud making good headway toward the vein. The upper tunnel on the vein has passed through ore
continuously for 14G feet to where a
break was encountered and after some
development there the ore body was
again found aud is being followed. On
the Wonderful work has stopped at
the point where tho cached ore was
recently found, it being so neai the
surface that water comes in too freely
to permit of more work there until
the spring thaw is over. Tlie cross-cut
tunnel on the Wouderful is in 6'
feet, and a raise is being made on
stringer of galena in order to determine the strike of the vein from which
the stringer is supposed to lead.'"
*   #   *
The Nevada has been incorporated
as the American Eagle, and development work is to be resumed at an
early date. R. C Pollett of Hossland, who was the original owner and
holds a large amount of stock in the
company, has been out inspecting the
claim with the view of putting a force
of men to woik shortly. The ledge,
which is 55 feet wide assays from $88
to $130. A considerable amouut of
work was done last fall and a crown
grant is being applied for. The group
is not far from the Rio Grande. It is a
most promising property, and with
more development work under judicious management should contribute to
tho list of Ymir shippers this summer.
���Ymir Miner.
A contract hns been let to Ed. Lind
for hauling ore from the Ymir mine,
which is not capable of being treated
by the mill and concentrator from the
mine to the Ymir railway station for
shipment to the Nelson smelter,
which has the right kind of fluxes for
same. Ed. Lind is going to nnt on six
four horse teams for it me'ius
about 20 tons per diem���20 tons of
crude ore and about six tons of concentrates. The mill is now in full
running order, and tho bullion that
will be shipped this summer will be
more than a pleasant surprise to the
denizens of Throgmorton street, and
act as a gentle stimulant to the
"House" enlightening tbem as to what
Ymir camp can produce.���Ymir
��   *   *
Rossland, May 20.���The Copper
King group, in the Lardeau district,
has been bonded to W. A. Magor of
this city for ��60,000, "The property
will bo worked this summer," said
Mr. Magor, "There is a strong, well-
defined ledge running through the entire group which has been uncovered
on the surfaco, showing considerable
width. The average of assays range
from 25 to !10 per cent copper. This
property has been examined and reported on by two nrominent engineers.
H. O.    MeClymon't   and   Mr.   Jeflfrys.
Mr.  McClymont   has   just   returned
from the Lardeau   and  the snow there
was yet three feet deep."
*   *   *
New York, May 20���Bar silver, 01 ;
Mexican dollars, 4H%.
production and a reduction iu the supplies used in tne mi i.e.*;.
The most amicable relations existed, and still exist, between the em
ployers and employed at the mine--.
The men were earning good -wages,
equal to any being paid in camps in
the United States, and higher than
thoso paid in many,and they were rendering good   services for tnese  wages.
If any discoutent was rifo at the existing state of affairs, it was not generally known. It is therefore deeply
to be regretted that the Legislature
has see fit disturb the existing harmony, to interfere with the growing
prosperity of the mining districts,
to reduce the wages earning power of
the men employed, and to interfere
with the free light of contract hitherto enjoyed.
J As to the future, after the 1st of
Jnue next, at* the mines represented
by tho undersigned, the standard rate
of wages that will In* paid to skilled
miners for an eight hours working day
���vill be three dollars ($8.00), and other
labor will necessarily be ulso paid for
according to tlio time worked.
Tho Hall Miuos. Limited.
The   London    St     British    Columbia
Goldfields,  Limited.
The At babasoa Gold Mine, Limited.
The Ymir Gold Mines.  Limited.
The Duncan Mines, Limited,
The Loudon Hill Development &  Mining Company.
The   Exchequer   Gold   Mining   Company.
The Dundee Gold Mining Company.
Mollie Gibson Mining Company.
Yellowstone Mining Company.
Nelsou, B. C, May 10, 1899.
* SILVRT0N I   .
MAY 24, 1899,
$1750   IN PRIZES   $1750
Slocan Knee
Slocan Race
Pony Race
I'ouj Race
1st Prize $200.00
2ud Prize S100 (XI
1st Prize $ 75 00
'2ud Prize �� '25. (xi
1st Prize $ 50.00
2nd PiizoS 25 00
FOR $3011
For further particulars apply
Silverton, B. O.
Boston, Mass., May 20.���The
American Agricultural Ohemier.l Co.
which is the combination of several
fertilizer manufacturing concorns
announced tho consummation of its
plans today. Tho authorized capital
stock is 140,000,000.
As tho annoucement hiiB been made
that the Government of British Colombia pnrposo forcing the Amendment
to tho Metalliferous Mines Inspection
Aoi, making eight hours a working
day for thoso employed underground
in metalliferous mines; Sen. 13.���"No
porson Bhall be employed underground
in any metalliferous mine for more
thau eight hours iu evory twenty-four
hours;" the undersigned as representing one of tho two parties mainly
afieoted, consider it advisable to make
public their views on the situation
created by this uncalled for legislation,
and to indicate what their line of action must* inevitably be.
While the undersigned are determined to respect aud adhere to tho laws of
the Province, it may bo pointed out
that this law is far reaching in the
Injuries it must inflict upon tho miniug interests of the Province, and on
the amount of wages earned by the
It moans reducing the hours of labor
in the mines from 20 hours a day to
11) hours, as many of the mines are so
oiroumstanood that three shifts cannot bo worked to advantage. This
means a roduotion of 20 per oent in
tho amount of tho production of many
mi es, and a reduction of 20 por cont
in the development work being carried   on in the   mines  preparing  for
Thirty days after dato I will make
application to the Ohief Commissioner
of Lands and Works for a special license for a timber limit, situate in
the District of West Kootenay B. C.,
more particularly describe.I as follows:
ConimenciiiK at a stake planted on
the north limit of Ten-Mile Creek
about three miles east of Slooan La'ko;
thence north 20 chains: theuce oast
40 chains; thence south 10 chains;
thence enst 20 chains; thence south 10
chains: thence east 10 chains; thence
south 10 chains; thence east 10 chains;
thence south 20 chains; thence east
10 chains; thence south 10 chains;
thence east 20 chains; theuce south 20
chains; thenoe east 10 obains; thence
south 10 chains; thence east 10 chains:
theuce south 40 chains to the south
east corner; thence following the north
boundary of Ten-Mile Creek northwest
terly to point of commencement, and
containing five hundred (500) acres
more or less.
WM. O. E.  KOCH.
Datod at New Denver, B. C., this
10th day of May, A. D.  1899.
aamble  &  O'Reilly.
House and two lots, with seven rooms, on
Carl-omito street, near Cedar Btreot, ?2.**,oo.
Hoar'liliK Houso wilh 27 rooms on Vernon
stroot for salo or runt, good liusim*SH proposition.
Now houso, suitable for dwelling or boarding
house, 13 rooms and hiisoincnt. he-itud hy fur
naco.   For rent on Ward and Bllioa streets.
Also a large list of the best Residuntia   I'rop-
orty In lho city.
Agents for Addition "A"and-Humo"Addition.
The British Columbia Permanent Loan and
Savings Company, who give tha most reasonable tomiH to borrowers, allowing Prinoipul to
bo paid off at any timo without Charging nn}-
aamble & O'Reilly,
FINEORDEREDCLOTHINQ Arrived and Open for Inspection
We have a fine assortment of woolens always
on hand. Goods made up at the shortest possible notice. As everything is kept and made
on the premises satisfaction is assured.
H. n. Vincent,
Merchant Tailor.
Winter lingers in the  lap of spring, but  Gardens  must be
attended to, and we are Headquarters for
Garden   Tools,   Lawn   Mowers,   Garden
Hose, Lawn Sprinklers, Ice Cream
Freezers, Bird Cages,Screen
Doors and  Windows.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
<^^> ���������������������������-s^e
Branch. Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo,
Sandon. Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City
Orders by mall to any branch will have careful and prompt attention.
Slocan Ore Purchasing Co.
OU*     NELSON,     IB.     C!.
Is now prepared to buy all classes of Silver,
Gold, Silver-Lead, Lead and Copper Ores.
The careful attention given to large contracts will be extended to the smallest
shipper, prompt settlement and choice
of mode of sampling guaranteed.
Address Drawer S, Nelson, B. C.
Purchasing Agent.
Peter Crenelle & Co.
Headquarters for lirst
class Building* Material.       Wc     make    a
specialty of
Well Seasoned Flooriii}*:, Rustic and
Ship Lap.
E. C. BEEi
Nelson Cleaning and Dyeing
S.  D. PIERRE Prop.
Ladies' and Gents' Clothing cleaned
dyed, altered and repaired.
Hour nl Clarke llnlrl.
T. D. Woodcock & Co.
w. j. a. JJICKSON
A good Copper or  Gold Properly
partially developed.    Apply
Mining* Broker,
Nelson, B. C.
Choice residential lots   and  good
business lots for sale.
Over two hundred   lots   in  Addition A arc on the market.
Hume Addition and city property
or sale.
Business property a specialty.
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer and Porter.
Drop in   nnd see   us.
From the Eleotrloal BtatidardlslngToaUng and
and TrninK 1 tisl.il n1<-, I.oiiilini. Late of I lie Oity
&Houih London BleotrloRallway; with Messrs.
Hcott* Hrox,, KoiiHliiKtoii. Ohief elootriolan lo
Messrs. Watkin Broa., Northampton, Knglami.
B. r
Are You Going
To Atlin or Cawson City
If you are call and get posled on
the White Pass & Yukon Route.
The best, salcst andcheapest route
West Baker Street NKLU0N
The shipping Point for Goat
Mountain Mines on the Crow's Nest
Pass and Bedlington and Nelson
The Centre of one of the Finest
Agricultural and Fruit Growing
Districts in West Kootenay.
For information and Price Lists
apply to L. A. HAMILTON,
Land Commissioner C.P. R.,
Agent, Creston, B. C.
GEO. McFARLAND, Agt., Nelson.
General Teamsters.
The finest lot of Crockery, Glassware, etc., that has ever been
brought into Kootenay.    We have the   Stock   and   our   prices
are below competition.
Pints, Quarts, Half Gallons, in any quantity.    Come early and
display.     Don't forget we carry the largest stock  of Groceries
in Nelson and our Crockery and Glassware Depart
ment is upstairs.
see the
Kirkpatrick & Wilson
P  0. Box K 6 W
Telephone 10
Baker street
All   Communications relating to British Columbia business
to be addressed to P. O. Drawer 505, Nelson, B.C.
���v w-% -%'*-'V%*%%--%%' ���*���*���%.-v*.
J. Roderick Robertson, -,
General Manager .Tni   ^^v��.T    ^
?owler,e.ml, NELSON, B.C.
Mining Engineer     J
S. S.  F
clesale Merchants.
Liquors and Groceries
MlLLS,   Enderby and Vernon	
A.   B.   GRAY,    ip. o. box en  nelson, b. c,
Agents Imperial Oil Co
Dealers in Wood and Lime.
Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
Incorporated 1869.
Capital Authorized   -   -   -   -   $2,ooo,ooo
Capital Paid Up, $1,500,000, Reserve, $l,25o;ooo-
tlead Office:  Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Comparative  Statement,  showing   the progress made liy thiH Bank iu the
past ten  years: 1888 1808
Cnpitnl Paid  Up  8 1,000,000 | 1,500,000
Rest     200.000 1,860,000
Deposits  i:.8U2,(KX) 8,175,1)00
Oh-oultttion  1)93,000 1,887,000
Loans  8,885,000 8,651,000
Liabilities to Public  4,038,000 9,900,000
Total Assets  5 280,000 12,787,000
General Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange  Bought
and Sold, Letters of  Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the in    t favorable terms.    Interest allowed on special
deposits 'nd on Saving Bank accounts.
Atlin, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver
Vancouver East End, Victoria, Tmir.
A Savings Hank department has been established in connection with the Nelson branch of
this bank. Deposits of one dollar and upwards received, and current rate of Interest allowed,
at present li per cent, per annum.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
^i*m     JTrnin the B. C. Portland Cement Co., Vancouver, B. C.
This Cement is Guaranteed, and is used by the
C. P. R. from Vancouver to Winnipeg.
Turner Beeton & Co.
.  . . . Write  for   Quotations  and   Testimonials. . . ���
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
. . FRESH . .
<'.imps supplied on shortest notice and Lowep Prices
Mail Orders receive Careful attention.
Nothing hut fresh and wholesome meats and supplies
kept in stock
Markets at Nelson and Ymir.
Complete Electric Equipments for Electric Power Transmission and lighting for mines,  towns,   etc.    Electric  Fixtures, Lamps, Bells, Telephones, Annunciators, etc.
Josephine St NELSON, B. C.
$6.75   PER   TON,   DELIVERED-
All orders must be accompanied by cash and should  be   forwarded
either personally or by mail to the office of
General Agent Cor Kootenay & Baker Sts.


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