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Library g31on
Daily Edition No. 841
Nelson,   British Columbia, Thursday Evening,  September 27, 1900.
Eleventh Year
Little Doubt That They are to
Be Held Some Time In
Political and General News
From All Over the
Toronto, Sept. 87.���It is rumored in
Liberal circles here that tho general
elections will take place either November 15 or 23. This statement is
supported by the actual fact that preparations are being made for registration courts for voters to he opened in
Toronto constituencies on Wednesday,
October I".
Fort Erie. (Int., Sept. 27.��� A noted
Now York green goods man named
Collins was arrested here yesterday
and sentenced to eighteen months imprisonment in Central Prison.Toronto,
for using the mails for fraudulent
Ottawa, Sept. 27.���It is understood
that the Conservatives of this city
will give the French nomination to
llou. L. O.Taillon, formerly Postmaster Ooneral In Tupper s cabinet, and
"vlio previously was premier of the
Province of Quebec.
Almonte, Sept 27.���North Lanark
Liberals have chosen T. 11. Caldwell,
of Lanark, to contest the riding in
their interest at the coming general
Peterhoro, Sept. 27.���Liberals of
West Peterhoro held a large and enthusiastic meeting here last night in
the interest of tho candidature of .1.
H. McClomnn. The meeting was addressed hy Sir Richard Cartwright
and Hon. .1. E. Stratton.
Toronto, Sept. 27.���The heath of It.
II. Osier, the eminent criminal lawyer, which compelled him to seek rest
last June, Is still unimproved. It is
stated now that there is no hope of
Mr. Osier being physically able to resume his legal practice for n long
time to come.
Ottawa, Sopt. 27.���Tho Hoard of
Works has recommended to the city
council the dismissal of John Gait,
eity engineer, for alleged non-fullill-
nieut of duties.
Toronto, Sept. 27. ���William Seymour, the well known educationist of
this city and   other cities of   Ontario,
committed suicide at Madoo, Ont.,
yesterday, lle had been in ill-health
for some months past, which is sup
posed to have  been the  cause  of  the
Ottawa, Out., Sept. 27.���At present
the Canadian Patriotic Association is
relieving three hundred applicants at
a monthly expenditure of 8:1,200.
Montreal, Sept. 27.���It was officially announced this morning that the
Royal st. Lawrence Yacht club have
accepted the challenge of Lome Cur-
rle, representing several English clubs
around ('owes, Eng., to compete for
the Bewonhaka Cup next year.
hulk being cattle, have heen sent to
Hritish Columbia by the supervisor of
Ontario Live Stock Association, who
is acting for the Dairymen's Associate, of liritisli Columbia, with money
supplied  hy   the Government of that
Paris, Sept. 27.���The Figaro publishes this morning an interview with
Mgr. Ireland, dealing with impressions gained during his European visit. The Archbishop said he was delighted with the result of his visit to
Home. It seemed to him that the Pope
was iu better health and stronger than
two years ago. With reference to the
relations heween Quirinal and the
Vatican, the Archbishop said he was
able to assert that the accession to
the throne of King Victor Emmanuel
III has strengthened the Pope's conviction that the independence of the
Vatican was lndispensible to the general well-being of the church. "This
is also my personal conviction," he
exclaimed. "I believe that Italy will
finally see the necessity of this. It is
very difficult to say, however, in what
manner to assure this independence
without a guarantee of which I believe that the true solution of the
Roman question is impossible,"
William Jones Didn't Relish
Two Years In the Penitentiary.
Dr. Doolittle who has been superin-
tsndillg the work at the Venus mine,
will Leftvo f<irToronto tomorrow morning having been called there to m et
th directors of the company.
Exports of Former Into Canada Exceed
Those ol the Latter.
Ditferencc in Favor ol Unltott States
Over Twenty Millions.
St. John, N. U., Sept. 27.��� Resti-
gonclie County Conservatives have
again nominated John McAllister as
their candidate at the coming elections.
Carleton County, N. B��� Sept. 27.���
The Liberals renominated the sitting
member, P. II. Hale, yesterday.
loronto, (Int., Sept. 27.��� G. M.
HoKworth, freight and traffic ttuna-
fcor of the C. P. p.., has notified the
Ontario Department of Agriculture, of
a reduction of $r,o per carload on cattle, sheep and Hwlne from any point
In Ontario to Hritish Columbia, One
car of cattle, sheep  and  swine,   the
Washington.Sept. 27.���The Canadian
preferential tariff in favor of the
United Kingdom has not had the expected effect of reducing the proportion whieh the United States supplies
of manufactures imported into Canadian territory. A copy of the Canadian
Manufacturer, just received by the
Treasury Department Bureau of Statistics, calls attention to the fact that
imports of dutiable articles into Canada from the I'nited States in the fis
eal year of 1800 aggregated over 841,-
000,01)0 aud from (Ireat Britain less
than 888,000,000, and that the United
States is furnishing a much larger
amount of manufactures of iron and
steel than the I'nited Kingdom, and
������Thepreponderance of trade is over-
helmlngly in favor of American manufactures, and tariff preference in favor of Hritish goods to the contrary
notwithstanding, American manufacturers are taking the cream of the business. Is it possible that Hritish manufacturers are entirely unable to compete in the Canadian markets?"
The Canadian tariff, it will be remembered, was in 18U7 so adjusted
that the duty on articles entering
Canada from the I'nited Kingdom was
made, beginning with April 1, 18117,
12', per cent, less than the rate from
other parts of the world, and on July
1, 18U8, another reduction in favor of
the United Kingdom was made,bringing the total reduction to 88 per cent,
as against goods coining from other
parts or the world. A recent announcement indicates that beginning
with July 1, l'.iUO, a still further reduction was made, so that the rates of
duty on articles from the I'nited
Kingdom would be .13 K per cent, less
than those from other parts of the
world. While tho effect of the third
reduction of 12), per cent., which
went into operation July 1, 1900, cannot yet be determined, it is practicable to compare the imports of manufactures into Canada from the I'nited Kingdom and the I'nited States
during that time,have had a perceptible effect upon the relative growth of
the imports of Canada from two countries, tho United Kingdom and the
United States.
Incidentally It may also he mentioned that the total exports to Hritish North America from the I'nited
States in the fiscal year 1000 exceeded
those of any previous year,being 81)7.-
041,722 against $89,670,488 in 1808, and
884,8811,81(1 ill 18UU,
Left the Jail Through a Rear
Door and Climbed the
High Fence.
Michael Davltt Leaves South
Africa Broken and Sick
at Heart,
Has Few Kind Words Now for
Kruger or Any of the
William Jones, the man who robbed
James Harris in tlie Sherhrooke House,
and who was sentenced hy Judge For-
in last Monday to two years in the
penitentiary at New Westminster,
found confinement in the Provincial
jail unpleasant aud left this morning
over the baok fence. At 10:30
o'clock Jones was in his cell in the
jail, waiting patiently until the officer should come to take him to New
Westminster. About the same hour
Guard Jarvis took three men from the
same corridor out through the rear
into the yard. lie says he locked all
of the doors behind him. At 11:45
o'clock Jones was not in his cell, nor
was he anywhere about the jail. He
luul flown, beyond a doubt. When
tde discovery was made there were
"doln's" about the jail. Kverybody
who could aid in the search was sent
for and by 12 o'clock William Jones
was wanted very badly.
No one about the jail seems to know
how the man escaped. He either had
a skeleton key or a wire of some kind
with which to unlock the doors, or
the doors were left unlocked. Guard
JorvlS is positive in his declaration
that the doorB were locked, and the
warden is just as sure that Jones had
nothing on his person with whieh to
pick a lock. The escape was made
through the rear of the jail and over
the 18 foot fence. On the outside of
the fence, close to where it joins the
building, there are two heel marks,
deep in the earth, which Jones made
when he landed. It is believed he
climbed to the top of the fence with
the aid of the bars on a window close
to the fence. At least there seems to
he no other place where he could have
climbed so high.
The escaped prisoner is quite stout,
and weighs about 180 pounds. He is
about five feet seven inches tall and
has broadshoulders, and stands erect.
His features are coarse and he wears
an expression on his face which indicates a mean and wicked disposition,
lie has dark hair and is clean shaven.
He is about 30 years of age, and at
the time of his escape he wore convict
Officers at different points about
Nelson have been telegraphed a description of Jones, and as the prisoner only had a start of less than two
hours it is believed he will be captured. The officials of the jail refused
to give The Miner any particulars in
regard to the escape. It was learned
late this afternoon, however, that the
prisoners, among them Jones, were
out iu the recreation yard. It is an
understood fact about the jail that
prisoners in the recreation yard, un-
watched, can easily escape and it is
said that this morning the regular
guard was not in his place.
Port Townsend Wash., Sept. 27.���
The steamer Charles Nelson just arrived from;Nomo, brings 428 passengers. She sailed two days ahead of
the Roanoke, but was caught in the
severe storm und made Dutch Harbor.
Grave fears are entertained for the
steamer Robert Dollar, whieh sailed
from here for Nome, August 25. The
steamer Queen, three days overdue
from Skagway,arrived last night with
1 to passengers and   8200,
George Mitchell who was given a
speedy trial before Judge Forln at
Kaslo yesterday on a charge of stealing money from a miner was sentenced to two years imprisonment at New
: Westminster,
moment, 'lie has,' said Mr. Davitt,
'fought through the war, lie litis
given up everything for their cause.
Now he is going away a pauper, utterly neglected, without money
enough to pay his fare.' "
Loudon.Sept. 27.���The Pretoria correspondent of the Standard, in a recent dispatch, throws new light upon
Michael Davitt's experience in the
Transvaal aud his feelings towards
the Hoers. In view of Mr. Davitt's
contribution to the American press
dining and subsequent to his visit to
the seat of war, the Standard's dispatch is of interest.    It is as follows:
"Michael Davitt left Pretoria on
the 15th of May, 'broken and sick at
heart,' according to the words he himself used on the railway train. Rev.
II. J. Butts, Baptist minister, has recorded them and they are testified to
by Rev. Henry Goodwin, Congregational minister. 'He told me,'said
Mr. Uatts, 'that he had that morning
advised tho Transvaal Government
that if they would commend themselves in tbe e yes of the world and
obtain tlie sympathy of European nations they should at once wire Lord
Roberts to this effect:
" 'Now that the Free State is con-
piered and we are quite unable to resist alone the might, of England, in
the interests of humanity and to prevent further bloodshed, we will sur-
" 'Instead of doing this,' said Mr.
Davitt, 'they have sent a message of a
threatening character, telling Lord
Roberts that they will bloiv up the
mines or destroy Johannesburg if
some terms are not made. What the
terms are they did not state and they
do not really mean to carry out the
treat. Their whole action will cover
them with ignominy and contempt
before the civilised world. Their
purpose is to prolong the business,
without seriously meaning to fight, for
the one object of heaping up the bars
of gold they are taking from the
mines and of accumulating and hoarding them in obedience to the dictation of that old man, Paul Kruger.
" 'That old man, Paul Kruger,'
continued Mr. Daivtt, 'is engaged in
a sort of spiritual seance business
with some blind boy predicting events
that are to happen on certain days.'
"I came out here at my own expense. It has cost me ��300. 1 was
full of enthusiasm for these people.
They knew me, they knew my feelings, but have never ti listed me. Today they refused to give me information as to the situation for my papers,
and 1 go away broken and sick at
heart. 1 am thoroughly disillusionized. For me to remain is no longer
possible. I can not endure it. They
ask mc 'why go away so soon'.' Things
are not as bad as you think.'
" 'What,' said I. 'when 10,0(10
men retire as at Kronostadt.and practically run away without firing a
shot? I went down to Kroonstadt and
saw their positions. They were excellent. Tbe Boers thoroughly deceived inc. They assured me that they
would dispute every inch of ground
and would sell their liberties with
their lives. What happened, you
know. All along the line I have been
thoroughly deceived. I wrote to my
papers this rubbish about the grand
stand that wus to be made at Kroonstadt���speaking through them to Europe. I would give 81 no to withdraw
what I have written. I go away today, but do not know that I can get
a Hritish passport from Delagoa Hay.'
" 'But,' interposed Mr. Halts,'there
are other English journalists hero he-
sides yourself.'
" 'Yes,' replied Mr.    Davitt, 'hut   I
am journalist   plus politician.
is a difference.'
Almost  Unlimited Demand V
centrated Ores There.
Grand Forks, B.C., Sept. 97.���M. P.
Morris, Chilean Consul General to
Canada with headquarters in Vancouver, is here on a tour of the Boundary
district. He purposes visiting other
sections of liritisli Columbia, and will
report to his Government on the mining industry of the Province.
Mr. Morris stated that 1800 tons of
concentrates of leud from the St. Eugene mine at Moyiehave been shipped
to a copper smelter at Antofagasta.
Chili. The British Columbia product
is used for fluxing purposes. Mr, Morris added that there was tin unlimited
market in Chili for concentrates of
Jay P. Graves, general manager of
the Granby smelter, stated today that
the returns of the first shipment of
matte from Grand Forks has been received from New York. They are quite
satisfactory, he added, and also include subsidiary values in gold and
Bilver. The company purposes installing a converter next year, when it
will be in a position to ship metallic
Nelson Will  Very Soon Have Another
Producing Property.
Work  on  Juno  Camp  is to Begin In
Earnest Tomorrow.
The City Wants One to Take
the Place of F. R. C.
Seized a Box of Waterman's
Cigars- Mayor Took
His Star.
Work on the Juno property on
Morning Mountain will begin tomorrow. Twelve miners will be sent to
the property in the morning and the
work will be carried on under the direction of the company's engineer,
Charles Parker. The first work to be
done will he the construction of a
trail from the upper terminus of the
Venus trail to the Juno property, a
distance of 1,200 feet. Near the workings on tho Juno ground will be cleared, and a hunk and boarding house
will be erected. The building will be
over 18 feet wide and 53 feet long.
Upon the completion of this work development work will be carried on
rapidly. Tho development already
done amounts to about 14,000, there
being a 00 foot shaft, and II crosscuts
all on the Juno claim. When development work starts a tunnel will he
run along the Venus vein, at a point
near the line between the Juno and
Venus properties. The tunnel will be
extended until the Juno veiu is encountered and Immediately over tho
intersection of the two veins, a shaft
will be sunk. Mr. W. V. Borland, of
Montreal, vice-president of tlie company, who arrived in Nelson a few
days ago, visited the property yesterday, with Mr. Parkei and Mr. M. S.
Logan of Roshtnd, managing director
of the company. Last evening Mr.
Borland expressed himself as well
pleased witli the property, and the
work already done.
For a few minutes yesterday afternoon both Mayor Houston and Charles
A. Waterman were after the scalp of
Mr. F. It. C. Beer, poll tax collector.
It was only for a few minutes,because
they found him early in their search.
When they got through with him
Beer was ont of a job, and the big tin
star which he has been wearing on
liis vest was gone and with it all the
power and authority with which he
has been clothed since he was commissioned to go out among the people
and "touch'' till males, over 21 and
under 50 years, for two dollars per.
It looked like bloodshed for a little
while, but the mayor succeeded in
cooling Waterman off a bit by promising that he should dangle from his
belt the scalp of the aforesaid Beer.
Waterman had been waited on by
Peer and asked for the $2 supposed lo
be forthcoming from him.
"I'm in the habit of paying my
taxes all at once, " Waterman replied,
"and when I go up to the cityjiall
with my other tax money I will
pay the 8:.'. That's what I've been doing for years and that's what I'll continue to do. "
Beer listened, hut said little to Mr.
Waterman, lie went up to the city
hall and tilled out a blank signed by
tlie eity clerk   giving   himself   power
to seize upon tlie goods and chattels of
Mr.Waterman to the amount of the $2
tax and costs SI.50. Then he came back
to Waterman's place of business,
the Manhattan saloon, and proceeded
at once to seize a box of Royal Seal
cigars, with which to satisfy his
claim, lie got away with the cigars
and in a few momenta later Mr. Waterman was informed of the action
taken. Then he went after his friend
the mayor and together tho mayor
and Waterman looked for the tux
collector. As mentioned above, they
found him. Now tlie tax collector is
looking for u job, tbe mayor is Lsik-
ing for a new lax collector, und Waterman is Looking for a box of Royal
Seal cigars.
Tien Tsin, Sept. 84, via Taku. Sept.
25.���General Chaffee   has   arrived and
has conferred with the stall' officers of
the different departments witli a view
of establishing a winter base in the
vicinity of Tien Tsin. The present
plan is understood to be tentative and
based upon the possible retention of
the existing force. Genera! Chaffee
paid a\lsit to Li Hung (bang and informally discussed tlie OUtlook for set
tlenient. It is understood he preferred
an American officer to accompany the
Viceroy to Pekin. No other power
except Russia lias officially rt gni/.cd
Li liung's presence.
London, Sept. 27.���Colonel Ochiltree
is organizing a benefit fixed for October Hi in behalf of Galveston sufferers, lle has interested Sir Il.-in.v Irving in the project. They have worked witli most satisfactory results.
Many prominent professional people
There I have offered   Ihelr service-and boxes
have sold at prices ranging from BO to
A French   baron came up   at  this  loo guineas each,
Will Ned Support   German Demand of
Surrender aud Punishment.
New York,Sept. 27. ��� "I have strong
reasons for believing Hint both the
Berlin and Loudon Press have been
misinformed," says tho Tribune's
Loudon correspondent,"and that I^ird
Salisbury will not support the German demand   that certain   leaders   of
the anti-foreign movement in  china,
to be designated by the   Powers, shall
be surrendered or punished before negotiations are entered into for peace.
He has remained   in  the background
brooding in silence over the whole
subject and will deliver his answer
after all the other Powers have expressed their views. I do not believe
that he will use phrases identical
with those employed ut Washington,
but 1 am convinced that his position
will not 1st far removed from that of
the State Department With the single
exception that   there will not   be   any
Intimation that Hritish troops will be
withdrawn from China. Lord Salisbury is too adroit n diplomatist to
cause irritation tit Berlin by   a   point
blank refusal t insider   the Herman
propositions, but unless I am misled
by those having Ihe best sources of Information, he will not commit England to tbe Impracticable policy of
suspending all negotiations for peace,
until the leaders of the campaign of
outrages and massacre unsurrendered
by the Empress, " Nelson  Daily Miner,   Thursday  Evening,  September 27, 19130.
The Nelson Miner
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roaldont and Managing Editor.
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Subscriptions Invariably in advance
All  Chci'krt .sliould  he made payable to the
order   of   Nbison    IMiii.isuim;    Company,
In his Sohnicr Pari; speech the
Premier said :
"We have not glvon the free trade
wo promised, they say. First of all.
wc never promised it. and live years
ago I declared Unit I was a free trader in principle, hut that free trade
was Impossible under existing-circumstances, and thai fifty years might
pass before realised. And yet the Conservatives say 1 have not given the
country free trade yet, and reproach
me with the fact. "
Sir Wilfrid Laurier would not have
said this if be were a brave, honest,
candid political leader. It is true that
live years ago lie said in one. perhaps
two, of his speeches that with our existing conditions it was impossible to
expeet that free trade could be adopted all at once. There is nol a phase
of tlie tariff question that at one time
or another of his political career he
has not favored, lle has advocated
every side of it, begin lug with protection, and running through free trade,
revenue taritT, commercial union, and
unrestricted reciprocity. He has
supported them all. and whenever in
a tight place can quote himself in defence of himself, whatever the charge
may he. It is nevertheless the fact
that the burden of bis speeches in tlie
last campaign was a pledge to give
the country the largest measure of
free trade that was possible under the
circumstances, lie led the farmers,
and the body of consumers generally,
to believe that if elected to power
the tariff would he lowered all along
the line, and that nothing would stay
his hand but considerations of revenue, lie believed in free trade as
they had it iu England. That was
the side that appealed most to his
own fanoy, and be kept repeating it
all through the campaign. If not a
direct and positive, there certainly
was an implied promise that if his
party    were    successful   the   Country
would be within    asurable reach of
free trade, inquiry along the had
concessions nf Ontario and among tin
fanners of Manitoba and the Terl'i
lories will establish the truth of thi:
beyond question.
lle has not given free trade; he has
not given a revenue tariff': he has not
negotiated a reciprocity treaty, or
brought about a commercial union
with the United Stales, witli its continental free trade, lb' litis not done
any of the things lie   said    lie   would
d i. but adhered to the old National
Policy of the Conservatives. What he
denounced he has retained, and has
turned his bad, on ovcrything he
promised. Towards tlie cud he stole
Sir Charles Toppers policy ������! Imperial preferential trade; but even to this
be could not be faithful, for in tin excess of vanity,   anxious for theatrical
effect in bis visit to the English people.lie gave them preference In Canadian markets and stipulated for nothing in return. Sir Wilfrid Laurier do-
lerves to be reproached,
Canadian exports for tin. fiscal year
ending last Juno weir valued at 1101,-
807,440, while in !-'.��;, the last Conservative year, they were 1121,013,853,
Here was an Increase of S8 per cent.,
due. of course, t" the beneficent administration of the Laurier Government, For was it not the Lauricr
Government that   produced   the good
times in Canada? Hut bow shall we
account for the Increase in the United
Stall's'.' Last fiscal year the exports
Wore ���1,304,470,000i ill 1800 they were
1883,000.038. Curiously enough the
growth represents an Increase "i -
percent., precisely thai in Canada.
Was it tin.   Laurier   Oovommeui   tlat
caused this, too'.' nid tbe blessed Influence of Liberal administration tit
Ottawa extend Itself to the i nlted
"liritisli Columbia," says 'I'll, London Empire,"is an extravagant Province and spends more than it receives,
In the lust three years tin deficits
of the Provincial treasury amounted
to JJ,2'.'I,out).   The estimated   rcoclpta
Of tho current year, which will end
June 30th, 1001, are 81,757,330, and
the expenditure is estimated at $:.',-
220,338, so that the deficit, if these
estimates turn out right, will he nearly half a million the present year."
A Province may spend more than it
receives and not he extravagant, If
Tbe Empire understood the con Bid
tions here it would not say that liritisli Columbia is extravagant. Curs is
a large Province, rich in resources,
but expensive to develop. Yet development is an imperative necessity.
There are things to be done that must
lie dono, and they cost money. The
Province may be compared to a virgin
estate,requiring large expenditure before it can be made to yield returns,
Our Governments would lie incompetent stewards if they shrank from the
task so clearly before them. As
long ns our expenditures are made
with judgment there is nothing to
fear and a great deal to expect.
In a speech delivered at Waterloo.
Quebec, in tlie campaign of 1800, Sir
Wilfrid Laurier said :
"1 denounce to you the policy of
protection as bondage; yes, bondage,
and I refer to bondage in tlie same
manner in which American slavery
was bondage. Sir. our policy is freedom of trade such as exists in England, biieh as is practised ill Great
Britain. 1 propose Unit wc should
follow England's example, and open
our ports to ihe products of the
Unlike Hugh John Macdonahl, Sir
Wilfrid Laurier is not a man wdio
Keeps his word, lie has been over
four years in office; his Government
have tinkered with the tariff' to their
hearts' content, and instead of fiee
trade as they have it England our
iiseal policy remains precisely as Sir
Wilfrid found it. As at present constituted, the Liberal party is tl party
of organised hypocrisy, and Sir Wilfrid Lauricr is its chief.
Sir Wilfrid Lauricr continues to
pose as the great conciliator. He declares that his mission as tl public
man is to bring about a union of all
races in Canada. This is nothing
more than the usual hypocrisy, however. There is no man in the Dominion who plays more on racial prejudice than the Premier himself. We
would like some one to explain to us
how else than through and hy means
of racial prejudice ho and Mr. Tarte
expect to carry all the French-Canadian constituencies'.'
A correspondent asks: How many
Presidential tickets are there in this
campaign in the United States, aud
what are the}".'
We have n list of 12. and they are:
Democratic���For President, William
.1. Bryan, of Nebarska; for vice-Presl-
denct, Adlai E. Stevenson, of Illinois.
Republican���William Mclvinley, of
Ohio; Theodore Roosevelt, of New
Silver Republican���William .T. Bryan, of Nebraska; Adlai E. Stecvnsou,
of Illinois.
Pusion Populist���William J. Bryan,
of Nebraska; Adlai    E.  Stevenson,   of
I lllnois.
Middle of the Road Populist���Wharton Barker, of Pennsylvania; Ignatius
Donnelly, of Minnesota.
Prohibition���John G, Woolley, of
Illinois; Henry It. Metcalf, of Rhode
Social Democrats--Eugene V. Debs,
of Indiana;,lob llarriman. of California,
Social Labor���John P. Mulloncy, of
Massachusetts; Valentine Kenimell.
of Pennsylvania.
United Christian���1. F. I!. Leonard,
of [owa; Charles M. Sheldon, of Kansas.
Anti-Imperialist���William .1. Bryan,
of Nebraska; no endorsement for second place
National���Donclson Caffroy, of
Louisiana; Archibald M. Howe, of
National Union Reform- Beth Bills,
of Ohio; Samuel 'l'. Nicholson, of
Thi4 siirnaluro It on every boi nf the gotmine
Laxative Bromo=Quinine *�������*���
the rumerty tb:it ctm-N n ccM In ono day
-���ON    THE���
l''or   terras  and   particulars  onqutre
Art  .Music Co.. or a I 388 Silica St reel.
instruments Supplied,   Phone 133,
Books You May Need
Hunt's Systematic Mineralogy.. 8.1 00
Peters' Modern Copper Smelting 5 50
Stretch's   Prospecting,  Locating
and Valuing  Mines  3 75
Lang's   Matte   Smelting  2 2.1
Miller's   Qualitative   AntilysiH.. 1 7,'.
Kemp's Handbook of   Rocks.... 1 75
Thautvvine's   Kuginecr's   Handbook   5 .10
Hawkins'   New    Catechism    for
the Steam   Engine  2 2.1
Hawkins' Maxims   and  Instructions for  Boiler Room  2 2.1
Hawkins'  New    Catechism   of
Electricity  2 2.1
Hawkins' Handbook of Calculations   for   Engineers  2 2.1
Machinists'    and      Engineers'
Pocket .Manual  1 2,1
Stevenson's Practical Test  I 00
Canada's   .Metals  K.I
A Careful Reading.
at hand that a thoroughly
equipped druggist sliould have.
We have plenty of fine, fresh
drugs, plenty of good help,
and plenty of time to give
your prescription careful reading and careful compounding
so as to insure the best results.
Baker Street, Nelson.     P. 0. llox 220.
On easy terms, the property known as
The Florence Park Hotel
or Roberts' Bancli
148 acres, more or less. A iirst-elass
going business, with 3.1 acres of first-
class hind under cultivation, .ISO fruit
trees, a large proportion bearing
fruit: 1000 small fruits���raspberries,
blackberries and currants.
One mile cast of the terminus of the
Electric Tramway.
For particulars apply to
Hugh R. Cameron
Insurance  Agent,
Baker Street.
Houses and lots for sale in all  parts
of the City.
Victoria-Montreal     Fire   Insurance
Ontario Mutual Life Insurance Company.
Madden Block
Ward Street
Room 1, Tnrnur-Hoeekh lilook.
Houses aud Building Lots in All Parts
of the Oity.
five, -ix. Ht'vcn and eight rouin bouses for
sale, twenty por cent below cost
Nelson Bijloynt Agency
Chambermaid and Waitress for out
of town.
Situaitons wanted by cooks, labor
Bra and miners.
J. H. LOVE. Agt.. Baker St,
Helps In Housework. ����
We can do much to
give you pleasure and
satisfaction in your
With our improved
utensils the work will
be greatly lightened,
while the excellent
quality of the articles
insures a long period
of usefulness,
Baker Street, Nelson.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and   Salted   Heats
Fish and Poultry in Season
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Manager.
Baker Street, Nelson.
Orders by mail receive careful and prompt attention
if t4 -burr lAiTurnw f*> vuM )
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
&'':���".   A AAA A AAA  _"*:>_��
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Orders by mall to any branch will have careful **4 oromot attention.
Thorough Knglish, Calisthenics,
.Music French, nnd German if required. Fall term commences 8k1
September,   For particulars apply to
Josephine M.
A. R. BARROW, am i.e. e
Provincial  Land  Surveyor.
Corner Victoria and Kootonsy Sts.
P. O. Box Bfifl. Telephone No. DS
Wlndormoro MIdoh,   Uorroup - onooSol'.olted
Merchants' Bank of Halifax
Incorporated 1869.
Capital Puld-up.     ,   .    .     ftl,9Hft,07O.oo |  Kent, 91*700,000.0
Koarii ��r Director* t  ThOmu K. Konny,   ProHldoiit;   ThOtDU Ritchlo. Vlco-ProHldunl.
Wiley . urn h. H. G. iiinii.i, lion. H. H. Fuller, M.L.C., Hon. David MaoKoon.
II i lid   Olll.r,  Hit 11 Till. 1
Gcncrnl Mnnatfor. V.<\ on I,. PcaHo, Montreal.
Bupurintontlenl of llmiichuH, and Secretary, W. H. Torranco, Halifax.
Inspector, Wi K, Brook, Halifax.
lnripcutor 1*. M. Htewart, Montreal.
Itrniirlir* I
Nova Hrolla-Hallfax ttranch, AdUkoiiIhIi, Hrldgowater, GuyHboro. Londonderry, Lunonlmrff.
iMailland i Jl.n i ��� Co.), Pictou, Port lluwkosbury, Sydney. Hliubenacadle. Truro, Weymouth
New Bruntmlck Miiilnii .i. DorcliCHtcr, Krcderlcton, KlnRHton {Kent Cat, Moncton, Now-
caHtle, Suckvltlo, Woodstock.   P. i . In la nil���Charlottetowti, Hum u torn Id e.   QiirtxrMontroal
(City Offloo), Montreal, Wont Knd (Cor. Notro Damo and :;tii;n  , StreeU); WcHtmount (Cor.
Greouo Avenue and Ht, CatbartncH  Street.   Ontario���Ottawa,   Newfoundland��� St. John'H
Culm, Wi-Mt Indies���Havana. Hulled Mate*��� Now York (Ki tixchange Place) Kopubllo, Wturti
Atlin, Bennett, Grand Forks, Nanalmo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver, Vancouver East End, Victoria.
4'orre upondrnlN i
Canada���Merchants rank of Canada. Bonlon-Nallonnl Khnwniiii Bank. CfclBSff��� America
Nntional Hunk. Han Frunrlarii���Flmt National Bank. Smi.lim, Rag, -Bank of Scotland,
s-iii-is, France���Credit Lyoiuialx. Ilrrmuila-Bank of Bermuda. Oklaa and Japan���Hong
Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation.
(icueial Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange  Bought
an.' Sold, Letters of Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the most favorable terms.   Interest allowed on special
deposits aud on Saving Bank accounts.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
��� ��� ������    sunn���������-������hi ������|., 	
PRICES S1.25 TO $4.00.
Lawrence Hardware 60.
Just unloaded���
Another car of
For family trade.    The best,
purest, and most palatable.
Special Prices to the
Corner linker and Stanley Street*
Spokane Falls A
Northern R'v.
Nelson *% Fort
Sheppard R'v.
Red Mountain R'v.
The only all rail route between
all points east, west and south lo
Rossland, Nelson and intermediate
points; connecting at Spokane with
Great Northern, Northern Pacific,
and O. R. & N. Co.
Connects at Nelson with steamer
for Kaslo and all Kootenay lake
Connects at  Meyer's  Falls wi:h
Stage dnily for Republic,   and  connects at Bossburg with stage daily
for Grand Korks and Greenwood.
Leave. Day Train. Abbivk,
10 lir) B.m Spokane 7:10 p.m,
12:05 p. m Rossland 5:30 p.m.
9:30 n, m Nelson 8:00 p.m.
Night Train.
9:45 p.m Spokane 7:05 s.m:
11:00 p.m Rossland 6:110 s.ni.
H. A. JACKSON, G. P. & T.A.
Spokane  Wasn
Atrent, Nelson, B.C
Atlantic S. S. Lines.
From Mont mil
Allnn Uno TunlKlnn  Oot V!
Iloiiilnliin I.lno Cninbroniiui BJJS
Beaver Lino lnko OnUirio ,! , ,5
Beaver Lino   LimiMnln P��� 'J
From Now *��r��
WliltoStnr Una Ofiinio  (,c,\*
WhiloHtnr Lino Ti-iitonlc  WS
I'uniiril Lino ('iimimnin out"
I'm.ii.I  Lino Klrurlii	
Amorioan Lino HI. i     	
Auiorlciui Lino Now York	
Anchor Lino   Kllilopln	
Anchor Lino Oity Of ltomo...	
N.O. L. LlnoKalsor Wllho mdor Uomsc
N.O.U Uno Lnhn	
French Line I,o (.ascnuno	
French Lino In Tonrnlno	
Allan UtAlo Line California!!.
Oot 13
(Irl 3
Oot I"
(let II
Oct II
Del 1
ret u
Nelson,  B. O.
Cunard Uno Ivornla	
Dominion Lino Now Bngttod _
riimilljS arranged to and from all Kuroiiwi
point*. For ralOH, tlcko.a and full Informal""'
apply to C. P, K. dopot onont or II. U Brown
nty I'liKMuiiKur Asrcnt, Nelson, B. C.
Gonorol /mint,. IM'.It. Offlcos, Winning
CKl'i.llil.l  CAST STEEL
7-8 inch ilium. $111.50per 100 feet. ��*
immediate delivery in Nolsoa
i. O. T. OROFTS, ,      ��� n.
I'. (1. Box      . Nelson, P "���
V. O. GRKKN        F. 8. OLBMKNTH
Civil Engineers and Provincial Und
P. 0. Box Ut M*'800' B' U Nelson Daily Miner, Thursday  Evening,  September 27, 1900
08l,ttnt Action of Lieut. Young and
Twelve Men.
,.,,���,, y, v. Young, of the Manitoba Dragoons, has aistinugished
'!mM,lf in South Africa. Uleut.
young is 11 brother nf <'��� W. Young
���ho has been on Provlnolal policy
duty In Nelson, and lie is also an old
business partner of Prank Tamhlyn
of.this uity. Of ineni. Young's ao-
tlon tho following Is from an Ottawa
Knowing the Interest taken in the
Canadian troops, Major-General Hut-
ton added a more extended account of
(m3, 1 mid intrepid   notion of Lieut.
Voung and his party than it was possible t" inolude   in   liis   lii'ld    report.
I [out  Voung, of the  Manitoba Dra-
Lr',���,iis' was sent with a Hintill party to
Jeoonnoltor Klip Kop. The detachment moved off, but Lieut. Young,
hearing that the Inhabtianta of the
district were aroused und would probably oppose liis further advance,orosB-
,���| tho river so us to reach Klip bop
from the rear. To this oleverly executed movement Major-General Hut-
ton attributes the success which followed.
After following the east bank of the
river for two or three miles, tin- party
reached two farms, the men In which,
eight in number, were promptly disarmed. Crossing the river by a well
recognized drift close by, Lieut.
Voung found that he bud taken the
duster of farms and homesteads in reverse, and hud surprised their in-
nitiles. After a short skirmish eaeb
farm was disarmed in turn, and lie-
tiveen 40 and BO men were thus rendered powerless to make further resistance, in the meantime the spoor of
two guns belonging to the commando
was discovered and after sonic search
the gunB were found packed in such a
position that the farms in the neighborhood formed a kind of defence
against an attempt to take them if
made from (lie direction of Zmitspan
drift. The party succeeded in returning to camp at 3 a. in. The whole
Incident forms a singular instance of
what cool, daring and steady courage
can do. Nothing could better test
tlie finest qualities In liritisli soldiers
than to capture gunB under such oir-
eiimstaiiee from the very centre of
the enemy without the loss of a man
oi a hurse. Lieutenant Young and
small detachment are deserving the
highest credit for their brilliant achievement.
The names are Lieut. K. V. Young,
Manitoba Dragoons; 1'tc. .1. Keillors,
-1stIi Highlanders; l'te. .1. Spencer,
Manitoba Dragoons; l'te. s. McGregor, Manitoba Dragoons; Sergeant 10.
Puritan, II. Y. Own Hussars; Corporal
,1. Roacll II. (I. 1'. G, ; Private L.
Wllge, 1st Hussars; Private W,
Wright, 1st Hussars; Private N. .1.
Taylor, .'nd Dragoons; Private YV. N.
Bell. Wiul St. John Fuslleers; Private
Buckwlth, 03rd Rifles, and three of
Remington's Quides.
Mr. E, II. Woakes Tells  of  the Work
lleing Done.
Mr. K. It. Woakes, manager of the
Highland Mining Company, returned
from the property at Ainsworlli yesterday. In Bpeaklng of the operations
being carried on there Mr. Woakes
"Everything is progressing rapidly
and is looking well. We have nearly
tin men at work and no time 18 being
wasted. The wharf bus been completed and tho construction of the. found
titiuti for the mill is also completed.
The frame work of tbe mill is being
put into place, and tbe first car of m-
ohlnery will bo on tbe ground some
time next week. All the towers for
the aerial tramway have been erected,
und work is being done on the build-
Ing over the upper terminus and ore
bins. It is expected that the rope
and other material will arrive next
week, ami the line will be in operation by the lust of October. The shipping of ore to the Hall Mines smelter
will begin at once. The bunk and
boarding house is being rapidly constructed aud will bo completed about
the loth of October. On the mine
much work is being done. Two new
tunnels are being run,one being above
ami the other below the old workings.
The upper ono has been run .10 feet
while the lower one has been extended lull feet. These tunnels tire being
run on a well defined vein eight feet
wide. The old workings have been
put into shape and arc now ready for
Result of Work of   Scientific  Men on
Atlantic Coast,
New York, 8ept,"87>���The scientific
men from the Hritish museum under
'lean Nienle (lomnrd who have been
excavating In Long Island during tbe
past two months for traces of man's
existence previous to the glncial period have discovered that a scene containing iplics of tho bygone age runs
hi a line due southwest from Green-
point, at Brooklyn through Midland
Beach, Htaten Island, to an opposite
point on the Jersey shore. They
found along this line stone Implement! of various kinds, in tlie
"boulder wash' known to geologists
us being peculiar to the glacial period. Thus proving perhaps, that man
existed before that period. How
many yonrs ago it is difficult to figure,
but It is variously estimated us extending anywhere from 40,000 to :; -
1 J'oars.    At Midland Beach a  stone
Knife was unearthed. Among the
relies found was a skinning knife, B
"hipped stoue-pestle and   u  hammer,
Professor (ioinard, Ik,pes lo establish
aoeuratoly the line reaohed by the
great glacier which geologists aver
swept down from New England tens
of thousands of years ago, carrying
away all vestiges of animal and plant,
Max  O'liell   Tells   How   to   Compass
This Happy Result.
In matrimony abdicate power, but
always lie clever enough to let your
wife think that, the sceptre is in your
hands. She will respect yon more for
If you want to rule your wife gently, discreetly, but firmly, show her
that you have the qualities Which she
herself seldom possesses; broad-mindedness, freedom from prejudice and a
lofty sen bo of toleration and forgiveness.
If your dinner is bttdy cooked praise
your wife and damn the cook, or lie
content with remarking thai, at the
club the dinner is invariably well
For weeks ami perhaps months you
will have a good dinner.
A husband's club is the fortress in
which lie can rest and rally his forces
before engaging in a new battle.
Now that women have their clubs,
loo, the matrimonial campaign is
fought on equal terms.
If your mother-in-law pays you too
frequent visits neglect your' wife, for
her and the lady will disappear like
Let your wife have her own way in
everything, (Inly draw the line at
being toll! what is good for you.
That's provoking.
Of this remain judge youi'Helf.
-In    matrimony    spend    your    time
watching and    lighting   that   terrible
enemy, that, awful monster, habit.
It is as difficult to be a never interesting husband or wife as it is to
be witty every day of your life,
Never impose your society on your
wife when you see she is not. iu the
mood to   enjoy- it ami   you are not   in
the mood to make if enjoyable.
Never lecture your wife except by
diplomatic, hints iu a casual, conversational sort of wtiy.
Advice is a piece of luxury thoroughly enjoyed by the one who gives
A lecturing husband is the king of
Never moralize, never pose for u
model of virtue. Iu fact, never make
an ass of yourself before your wife,for
1 don't care what you think or say
you are, your wife is very much better than you.
A prig is what women loathe from
the bottom of their hearts.
Always he considerate, at first, especially. The happiness of your
whole married life may, will, depend
on the consideration you have bestowed upon your wife the first day.
Virtues and faults should go each
side of tbe balance, and if, on any
day of reckoning, the scales should
incline the right way, be lenient and
forgive. *
Never let anyone of you two take it
for granted that all the wrong-doing
comes from the other.
Self-conceit and self-righteousness
are the dead enemies of happiness in
matrimony. Ho not expect too much
of mat i i molly.
La Rochefoucauld said that some
marriages are good, but that none
are delicious. If yours is good, rejoice, return thanks and remember
that with all its faults matrimony has
a great redeeming feature; it's respectable.
"Now, Kuty," her mother said,
"when your aunt from lloston comes
to visit us tomorrow you must not say
anything abou\ her wearing spectacles. " Kuty was not like other
She held her tongue- Katy did.
And the next day it frosted.
���   ��   ���
"The new neighbor on our street
seems to have a hunted look."
"Yes. Ho was one of the Cincinnati
census enumerators."
Soo Line
Imperial    Liniited.
East   and   West
First <lass Sleepers on all trains from
Arrowhead .vnii Kootknay Landing
Tourist Ours pass Medicine Hut
daily for St, Paul; Saturdays for
Montreal and Boston! Mondays and
Thursdays for Toronto, Same curs
piiBS Revelstoke one day earlier.
7:10 Lv Nelson Ar 10:85
15:80 Lv Nelson Ar lS:ir,
Morning train daily for and from
Rossland, and for Revelstoke, main
line and I'aeilie ('oast.
Afternoon train daily for and Irom
Rossland, and from Revelstoke, main
line and Pacific Const, and daily
(except Sunday) for and from Uouii-
dury points.
7:801 LV 1 ���,       (        Ar 10:80
,,,   ,      , .Nelson] (Kx Sun)
(Kx Sun)        ) (        I���" ?"">
For and from Sandon, Siocun I""".'*1'
Revelstoke, main line nnd 1 acilic
Kootknay Lakk Kaki.o Riutk.
(Ex Sun)       Str Kokanee       (Ex Sim)
16:00 Lv Nelson Ar UiUU
Saturday to Argonta and return,
leaving Kiuslo at 20:00k.
Kootknay Rivkii Koutk.
Dnily    Sirs Moyie nnd Nelson    Daily
22:U0 Lv Nelson Ar 2:M
Connects at Kootenay Landing with
Crow's Nest Line trains.
For rotes, tickets and full information apply to Depot or City Agent,
Nelson, H. C, or
A Tempting Table
I'li- ."',,   "���     ���' V. "���' ���gg"* '
If you have difficulty in making a
pleasing variety In your bill of fare
from day to day,
Come to Our Grocery
and learn how easily and economically
il can be done.
Here are a few things that will help
Breakfast Cereals of all descriptions
Fresh Fruits arriving daily
Choice Butter and Eggs
A full line of Cured Meats
Also our Teas and Coffee that
cannot be excelled.
Kirkpatrlck fe  Wilson
Delivered to any point
on Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock on hand of
Bough and Dressed
Mouldings, Sash Doors.
Inside Finish,
Coast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber-
und LARDO.
If You Smoke
Smoke  tlie
Royal Seal
Kootenay Belle.
R. P. Rithet & Co-, Ltd-,
A|[entJ   lor British  Columbia.
A. B. GRAY, Box Sal. N.laon, Kootenay
Trav. Pans. Agooti
Nol. on
A. O. P. AgoM,
Bank of
British Columbia,
Is now prepared to issue
Drafts and Letters of Credit
on Skaguay, U.S., Atlin, B.
C., and Dawson City, Yukon
Wholesale Houses
rrUlOHPK & OO. Limiloil���(.'oruor Vornon
JL mill 1'uiltir StroeU, Nolnon���Munufuctur-
ordof nml wholesale dealers in aerated waters
unci fruit, syrups. Bole iiKuntu (or Halcyon llol
"���pimi, mineral water. Telephone W).
N. M. Cummins, Lessee���Every known
variety of xofl drinks. I'll Box 88. Telephone
No. 31. Hoover Street, Nelson,  Bottlers ol lho
fanioiiH SI. Loon Hoi Springs Mineral Water.
A. Maodonald)���Architects und Huiierln-
tuiidonts, Broken Hill Block, corner Bukor mid
Ward Streets, Nelson.
CO.���Mmiufm-turers of the lloynl Seal
and Kootenay Hollo Cigars. Factory and
olliee, Baker Street, Nelson.
HJ. EVANS & CO.���Baker Slreel, Nel-
��� son���Wholesale dealers in liquors, el-
Kara, eeinent. lire brick anil lira clay, water
pipe anil hleel rails, and K"noral coininission
merchants. _____
J   A. M'DONALD -Madden Block. Nolson-
���   Kruibi, Ico cream, "O. B." chocolates.
nigh class eonfecllorery.   Ieo Cream Parlors.
Wholesulo and retail dualorn in uriiin,
huy, (lour, food, MHIh at Victoria,, New YVont-
minnter; Kdmonton, Alta. Klovatons on Calgary and Kdmonton Hallway, Manufacturers
of the celebrated li. & K. brand coroaltt.
A MAODONALD & Co.-Corner Kront
��� and Hall HtTOetB��� Wholenalo grocer*
and jobbers in blankotH, gloves, inittn, boot*,
i iiiilin , nuickinawri and uiinorH' sundricH.
J3( Olliee corner Hull and Kront .Streets,
Nelson���Lumber, ceiling, flooring, und every
tbing in wood for building purponeH. Uet our
prices.   Correspondence solicited.
1_>   BUHN8 Sc CO*���Baker Street, Keton-
. ��   Wholesale dealer
iiioatb.   Cold Storage.
ers in fresh ami cured
Baker Street, Nelson-Wholesalo deal-
era in fresh and cured meal*.
Street, Nelson ��� Wholesale dsal&tS in
hardware, miners' supplies, sporting goods,
M'LACHLAN BROS. (Successors to Vancouver Hardware Co, Ltd.) Baker Streut,
Nelsou U holoHalo dealers In hardwaro and
mining supplies, plumbers' and tinsmiths' supplies.       ___________   _________________
i\    paints, oils nnd glims; mechanic*' tool*.
Agonts foi Ontario Powder Works; dynamite
rpURNKR, BEETON &Co.-Corner Vernon
X    and Josephine Stroot*,  Nelson���Wlido-
���air dealer- in liquors, cigars, und dry goods.
Agonts for Pabst Browing Co. of Milwaukee
and Calgary Brewing Co of Calgary.
unsON'S BAY Co.���Wholesale grooeriei
and liquor* etc., Baker Street, Nelson.
Kront and Hall Streets, Nelson���Wholesale dealers in wines (case and bulk), und
domestic and imported cigars.
J Y. GRIFFIN & 00.���Comer Vernon and
��� Josephine Streets, Nelson ��� Wholesalo
dealers In provisions, cured meats, butter and
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer and Pinter.
Kelson, 6. 0.
H. & M. BIRD
Agents (or Eureka rilm-ral Wool and
Asbeitos Co.
Insurance Go. of North America, Mutual Lift
Insurance Co., or Now York, Quebec
Fire Assurance Go.
SO ft. on Mill   Street 8   500
r,(i ft. on   Vlotoria  Street,   easy
terms      .r>��U
35 ft. on   Victoria   Street,   easy
terms...      880
BO ft. corner on Stanley Street. .     650
:.Ti ft. Victoria Street, west      650
.10 ft. Vernon Street,   went   1,800
H-iioomed House  on  Carbonate
Street 82.1 00
7-lloomed   House,    Park   Street,
close to Baker Street  no On
7-ltoomcd House on Mill Street. 85 00
8-Roomed House.Hume Addition 2�� On
Furnished House on Observatory
Street  88 (111
Coal and: Wood.
Agenta Imperial Oil Go. Ltd.
Crow's   Nest   Coal,   $6.15
Anthracite,     -     -    $9.65
No oriler  can lio ncccpted unlesi
accompanied liy cash.
Office Corner Hull nnd linker Street*
By the week from $5 to $6.
By the day 81,00.
: ���^��^^r^��v^>v^A��^rVv^^^^avsAr^/vvvyv^^vvv^vvv^vv^/vv��>^��^��v^^
Children's School Shoes that will stand
all kinds of wear. Strong, reliable
Shoes, that will pvve a solace to the
father's purse. '1 liese are the kind we
have to show you.
The Slioeists
: A��VWWWV��**Ar\
Representing the Largest
European and  American  Manufacturers
Mills, Mines and Smelting Machinery
Apartodo No. 83      -      -       DURANGO, MEXICO.
P.aijers   NaVij   Oil
All Tobacconists Keep It.
Wholesale Agents:
Turner Beeton& Co;
Nelson, B. C.
GREAT NORTHERN D     \lf    \\n\l
railway.   i\. w. uny,
Commission and
Manufacturers' Agent.
Have iusl received the first   lot   if
samples of
Close connection East nnd Westbound at Spokane witfa trains of the
trains ot the Spokane Fulls and Northern itailway.
Direct connection al Mt��� Paul without change of depot with all trains for
Chicago, Toronto. Mnnllciil. Now York
and all pointu West and South.
Leaves Spokane daily for East at 10:15 a.m
Leaves Spokane daily lor Wost at 7:45 p.m
West-hound trains make direct con"
nection for Victoria and Vancouver
Portland, San Fianeisio, nnd all points
on the Sound.
During; the-senson of navigation East
bound trains connect at Duluth wiih
the magnificent steamBhips North-West
and Noitli-Ijinil of iIn-Noi-ihern Sieatn-
���hip Company Line, operated in con
nection with the Great Northern Kail
For further Information, maps, fold-
en. etc, apply lo any agent of Spokane
Falls Sc Northern By., Kaslo .v Sloean
By., Kootei ai Railway ,t Navigation
Co., or to
Genl, Pais, k Tkt. Agi.   Oom'cl Agt.
St. Paul, Min      Spokane. Wash
From the faclory ol Messrs.   Ilooth
and Fox, Cork.
Now on View at My Office
over Merchants Bank of
Our Fresh Roasted Coffee I'.i-M "S
Qnalily, as follows :
Jnvft nml Arulilrui Morlm, per potllld $   111
JiiTii mid Mix-hii Blend.9 l"iiin*l     1 IK.
Kino Bunion, 1 pounds,.-  1 lrfl
HnnlOH Blend. 4 ponwlx  I ill
Our tfporlullilimil, ii iioiinils  I ft.
Our Hlo Honnt, B pound*  1 00
Sai.khkoomh :
Nelson.      -       n. c.
I hereby give notice thai nl tin-
next meeting of tho License Commls
���loners for the Nolson district ��iii
apply for a license to sell intoxicating
liquors al tho Rossland Hotel. Vernon
sin-el, l.ui in. Block 00, iii the City
of Nelson,  II. 0,
Will pay tbe highest cash prlee for nil
kinds of second hand goods, Will bnj
or sell anything from an anchor to a
uceillo. Furniture, stoves, OStpert*.
cooking utensils, honglil in bouiebold
qnnntitles. Also cast nil Clothing.
Call and see me or write. Address
Silver King Mike, Kox 2U0. Hd����
Street, Nelson, B. 0.
The Miner is on sale at the following news stores at live cents p*r
QllbOTl Slnnlny Nelfton
Thomaon BtaUonetr Co      Ke&on
cmmisii i iMu-.'.-ii.x.I, ('o.     Nuion
Hold Ilntni' N6WI Htand Nelson
Hold I'huir KowiStand NoUon
1*. Cninnbdl Ymir
('. K. Ni'Ihou NewI>cnvor
J. K. DoUney Rommitj
H. A. Hriulxhiiw Hlocnn City
Hloran NownCo. Handon
Thojiirn)!! HroH. Vancouvor
LamOnl Sc YounK Kiiwln
11. A. KitiK le Co. (Ircoiiwood
and   News   Agent!   on   boats  and
trains out of Nelson
8, s,\\ iui us (BnoU8H| OBVROn Corner
Wunl nnd Sllloa Btfl. Band&ytj Holy Com-
manion SB ��i.; mid <m tho l-i and 3rd HtmdayM
in thn n i i.i i' 11 aflcr Mull Ins; Mat tin*- at 11 a.m.;
BundaySchool8)80p.mj BVaniongIM, Dally:
MattinMtt it.:u) a. in. Thunoayi and Ha!nt'n
Days) Holy Cominunion 10 a. in. Frldayn:
KvonsniiK 7,;hi ii. in., followed by choir prao
ttoOs H. B. Afcehurat, Routor. Prtd Irvine,
(ieo. Johnston**, \Vnrdnnn.
Catholic Cbdrob -ComarlWaM and Mill
Rtroobi Haaaovory Sunday at Hand 10.00 a.m
Hi'iiciliction at 7.1(0 p.m.   Miimh every weekday
ut 7.l.rm.m.   Itev.   Father Ferland Raotor*
I'KKKiiYTKHUN Cin'itf.H-HurvtcoHat 11 a.m.
and 7.80 p.m. Hnnday Hchool at 2.30 p.m.
Prayer mccllnK Tlmrwlay evening at 8 p.m.;
Clirl-tian Kndi'iivor BOOtatj VDOOti ovory Tiiiw-
day craning n*> i o'clock. Hev. It. Frew,
MKTHt.niHT Chukcii���Corner Hillrn and
Joscphinr Strict-, ScrviceH at 11 a.m. and 7.30
n. ni. ; Sabbath School, 2.3H p.m.: Prayer mooting on Friday OVOIllng at 8 o'clock: Kpworth
Loagne Oj K.. 'I'lin-iday at H a.m. Itov. John
Rowon. Piwtor.
lUi-riHT Ciii'ncn ��� HcrvlccH inominK and
evening al II a.m.and 7.30 p.m.; Prayer meet.
iiur Tnuradaj aronlng at 8 p.m. the It. \
r.c. Tuenday evontngat 8 o'clock. HtraiiK<-rH
cordially woloo*mwi, Itev. (J. J. Coulter WhlU\
Hai.vation AKMY-Hcrvlo h ovory evening
at 8o'cloch In barrackn on V otorl street
Adjudant yAuii'Qinba In chafuo. ���I
Nelson Daily Miner,  Thursday Evenihq, September 57, 1900.
VV. P. Teetzel & Co. have Juki completed a deal with the U. C. Copper
Co., for the supply of a large amount
nf assay supplies.
Mrs. Mary fTogatl is having plans
drafted for a frame cottage whieh is
to be erected on Mill Street mar lleii-
dryx. Messrs. Ewart anil Carrie are
the arch it eels.
Messrs. C,  \V.  West and W.   P. Tier-
ney. coal morchants,have entered Into
an agreement with a view of protecting themselves In tholr coal business,
Hereafter their business Is to be run
on a oash basis and the money for
coal ordered, is to be In tho office of
the coal   merchant   before  the coftl is
\V. Ferguson Anderson, local traveling passenger agent of the Canadian
I'aeilie. returned from Rossland this
morning, lle slates thai the people of
Rossland are enjoying good times, and
that there in more ore being Bhlpped
nnd more miners at work at the present time than at any time in the history of the cap.
The: following are tho mining records for today: Transfers��� l-'roin
Frank Simpson to Charles Linderman,
X interest in Cuba, North Star, and
Two Owls, on Hall Creek, for a nominal consideration, Certificates of
Work���f)n Arizona Boy and Clark, to
C. 10. lienn; Shamrock, to William
l-'eeney: ml Ashcrofl and Clinton,
EVedoricton, Lilly and Bradford^ to 1*.
E, Doolittle.
The Miner has received through
the kindness "! Mr. J. A. Mara a
copy of the Dominion voters' list for
the Nelson hiding of West Kootenay
and for the west riding of Vale in
the electoral district of Yale and Carl-
boo, tin the Nelson riding list there
arc 2,522 names and on the west riding of Vale list, there are s:; I names.
The list is the one which will lie
used in the coming general    elections.
At 11 o'clock tomorrow morning the
first annual shoot of tin- Nelson Rifle
Association will begin at the range.
The committee on arrangements has
completed its work. Entries are being made hy parties from Rossland,
Revelstoke, Sllverton,Kaslo, and o'hei
- places. Five marksmen arrived from
Kaslo this morning. It is expected
that each contest all through will he
close, as many good marksmen
have heen heard from.
Capt. John IL Clifford, manager nf
the Silver King mine, is down from
the hills for a day or two. The captain reports the work iu the mine progressing favorably, lie is waiting
now for the machinery which was ordered a week ago. As soon as it is
received and in place there will be
much more activity about the [ting
than at the present time anil the captain is therefore waiting anxiously (or
its arrival, lie expects _tu hear in
about a week iu regard to the proh-
ahlc date of shipment.
The case of the Merchants' Bank
of Halifax vs. John Houston and T.
M. Ward, will he heard at Ottawa in
the Supreme Court of Canada on October 0. Mr. S. S. Taylor, left this
morning for Vancouver where a preliminary hearing of the case will he
held on Saturday. Mr. Taylor will
leave for Ottawa on Sunday. Messts.
Macdonahl and Johnson, arc conducting the case for tlie plaintiffs, while
Messrs. Elliot and l.ennie are acting
foi Mr. Ward, anil Messrs. Taylor anil
Bannlngton for Mayor Houston.
It will he gratifying to the many
friends of Fred Peters, son of Colonel
Peters, and formerly a pupil of the
Victoria High School, says the Victoria Ti s.to learn that he has passed the examination for admission as
a cadet into the Royal Military College, Kingston. There were .'Is successful eadidates. Peters ranking 23, with
43 per cent, of the possible marks.
Some of the papers were undoubtedly
what candidates sometimes Irreverently designate "stiff," and the faol
that the Victorian has passed so signally successful is a sullieient commentary on the efficacy of tlie High
School as an educational   Institution,
Alex. MeCanley. of tin- Canadian
Mounted Rifles in South Africa.writes
to his father at Edmonton, from Pan
Station on ihe inh August, saving in
part: "General Itutton inspected us
yesterday, lie asked the nun different
questions such as when did yon wasli
lost? Have you enough underclothes?
Do yon gel enough rations'.1 Have you
soap? etc. He gave tin- order that
every man has to have his hair cut.
lle never asked what kind of a horse
you had. Half the horses could not be
made to gallop, We have to ride theft
till they drop, Wc arc not doing
muchfightin now. nothing hut patrols nnd Cos-,-nk posts, Lord Roberts
is sending the Boer women ami children up near Belfast. The third train
load went up yesterday. There was
Mm on one. ami 800 on another. Some
of the damsel-, were quite saucy, and
shook their lists at some of our hoys
nnd said: 'Vou will have to flghl us
next.' We received a free issue of tea.
coffee, sugar, pipes and tobacco, which
wus bought by money given us by
the Bed Cross Society. The boys were
greatly pleased to get them."
Tlie relatives of James Joi'don, who
died ai the hospital Tuesday, were
heard from today. A telegraph message was received from a brother Fred
.Ionian, of Grand Valley. Ont., requesting that the remains he Interred here. The funeral will take place
at :i p.  m. tomorrow.
The entertainment at. tin- opera
House last night given by the Ladies'
Hospital Aid Society was a success
financially ami otherwise. The ani-
matograph pictures were good and
tho litorary and musical programme
by Mis. Melville Carry. Mrs. Arch-
hold. Mrs. Woakes, Miss Slocks. Miss
licnsusan. Mr. Kydd and Mr. Crofts.
was excellent.
The Spokesman-Review says: It. (.'.
Riblet, of Nel-.on was in town yesterday, He is one of the busiest men in
Hritish Columbia, Besides having
contracts to fulfill for tin- Nelson City
Council ami lor mines around Sandon
he is now building a special ore-car
for the N'ison-1'oorinan mine. Tlie
capacity -if the car will he several
tons, and it will he so constructed
thai handling will be easy. The St.
Eugene mine in East Kootenay has
also ordered a tool and timber train
from Mr. Kiblet. By tin- use of this
car Ihe St. Eugene can do away with
a number of blacksmiths' shops and
concentrate all the blacksmiths at one
central point, from which the cars
will deliver drills rapidly to all sections. Tin1 air which supplies the
forges will also operate   the tramway.
Tin- Canterbury Outcrop says: While
prospecting about III miles up the
north fork of Horse 'thief Creek,
Frank Stockdale discovered a lake of
hot water about B,000 feet above the
sea level, lie states that the water is
so hot that lie could not bathe in il.
The lake is situated on the summit
of the range of mountains whieh divide Horse Thief and Number Two
creeks, and is the uppermost one of
three lakes. The other two are of
cold water and each is about a quarter
of a mile below the hot one, whieh is
on the very top of the divide. The
day he was there the hot water lake
seemed to he much higher than usual
as around the edge there was grass for
about ten feet out in the water. The
take appeared to be very deep in the
centre and the water a very dark
blue, similar to that of Lakes Superior and Ontario. .Mr. Stockdale is
very much iutrested in his discovery,
which Is certainly verging on the phenomenal, at such an altitude.
Victoria. II. C.. Sept. 27.���George
Riley and Richard L. Drury will lathe Liberal candidates in Victoria at
the approaching Federal elections.
This was decided upon on the first
ballot at a convention held at the hall
yesterday evening, There were tour
names put before the meeting���those
of George Riley, R. L. Drury, Major
John Nicholles and Lieut.-Col. Gregory. It only required one ballot,however, to reach a decision, the two
lirst named being chosen as the standard hearers by a g-ood majority. The
nominations were then made unanimous, As a prelude to the voting,
too. It. Maxwell, M. I'.. delivered a
lengthy address on the political issues
of the day. Indulging in a strong denunciation of the opponents of the
Liberal party am! predicting a victory
foi the Lauricr-T'artc administration.
Mr. C-o. A. Riley was proposed by
Senator Tcmplcinan and seconded by
John Plercy, Mr. Drury by Dr. Lewis
Hall and seconded by L. 1'. Huff. Both
candidate are well known Victorians.
Mr. Riley is a prominent railway
contractor ami was at one time a
member ot the linn of Larkin, Connelly i& Co., who built tin- Esquimau
drydock, Drury is an insurance agent
and a member of tin- board of school
t ruatees,
That Hon. .lane-s Dunsmuir made
no idle boa8t when he told Ihe people
of British Columbia he was desirous
of replacing all the Chinamen employed in liis mini's with white men is
borne out by tin- announcement which
has just been made I hat he has engaged 200 coal miners in Scotland, ami
thai the lirst batch has already left
DEAD on Till-: STREET.
New York, Sept. 27.��� Charles F.
Prek, 60 years old, real estate dealer,
was found dead at four o'clock this
morning on tho sidewalk. His face,
which was badly crushed, was found
turned downward ami the arms were
outstretched. Dr. ICenyon, from the
New York hospital, said the man had
been dead for some time, but expressed no opinion as to the cause.
Shenandoah, Pa., Sept. '.'7.���The
long period of dry weather was ended
early today ny a heavy rain which
i-aine as a great relief to everybody
hero, especially the soldiers who have
suffered from lack of water. The
strike situation between Mabonoy
City and Ashland is unchanged. At
the'latter place the Hast nnd the l'otts
collieries are still in operation,
Very Rich   Copper   Ore   Found on the
Metropolitan Group,
A, II. Harmon, a mining man of
Greenwood, arrived in Spokane yesterday, says the Spokane Chronicle,
and brought the report of a great
strike of copper on the Metropolitan
group at the head of the north fork of
the Lnrdcau, which is owned by
Messrs. Carter, Thompson and others.
Two large veins and several stringers are exposed for distances varying
from two inches to three feet in
thickness, and all containing ore of
remarkable richness. Assayet Shan
noli who tested several of the samples
brought down, says that some of
them are almost solid gray copper
and range In value from 900 to 1,000
ounces in silver.
The lead lirst encountered is the
largest and is from six Inches to three
feet in width of solid ore exposed on
the surface for about 100 feet. Then
parallel to it and some distance
away is another lead lying in a contact of lime and schist, ranging from
eight to is inches in width also of
clean galena and gray copper, and between these two are stringers lying
in the lime in width from a two-inch
streak to a respectable seam of eight
The following conundrums originated in the mind of a Nelsou school hoy,
one who sells Miners tn the   evening:
Why can't a fisherman he generous'.'
Because his business makes him sell-
How was Admiral Dewey's naval
rank reduced when he got married?
lle became Mrs. Dewey's second mate.
Second Furnace of Cranby Smelter to
Be Blown in.
Grand Forks, 11. C.. Sept. 27.���The
Granby smelter will shortly ship 150
tons of matte to New York. The
first consignment despatched two
weeks ago comprised 28 tons. Only
one furnace has been operated thus
far, but the second furnace will be
blown in about October 1.
At the smelter ore receipts from the
Knob Hill and Old Ironsides, controlled by the Miner-Graves syndicate, aggregate 10 carloads daily. The Ii. C.
mine in Summit Camp, which has
hitherto heen shipping to the Trail
smelter,��� will ship 2W tons to Grand
Mother Lode Makes First Shipment to
New Smelter.
Greenwood, Ii. C, Sept. 27. ���Inaugural ore shipments to the Greenwood
smelter tool; place yesterday from the
Mother Lode mine. About 3,000 tons
were sent to the smelter so as to relieve the congestion in the ore bins at
the mine. Both the mine and smelter
are owned by the British Columbia
Copper Company of New York. The
smelter will not be iu operation until
Dallas, Tex.���All reports indicate
that the Lower Brazos and Colorado
Rivers are falling slowly except at
Lagrange where the water is reported
to have risen -4 feet since yesterday
and still rising slowly. There is no
confirmation of the report that Men
ardville of tbe Upper Sanhasa was
Hooded. Menardville has no rail or
wire communication.
Victoria, B, 0.���Mrs. Nolte, the
smallpox patient whose illness caused
the steamer Walla Walla to be quarantined, died at quarantine station
this morning.
London���Copper closing, Spot ��62
17s. (id; futures. ��78 10s. The market
closed easy. Sales���Spot,825 tons; futures, :i75 tons.
Santiago de Cuba.���Last evening
shortly before midnight. Colonel I'a-
ven of the Cuban army was killed in
tho Cat,, Commerole by Ootavio Mono,
formerly a clerk in tlie olliee of the
captain of the port.
Fort Worth,Tex.��� A passenger train
on the Fort Worth & Rio Giamle R,
It. ran into a washout near Roeb
Creek yesterday. One person was
killed ami six or eight badly injured.
Their names have not yet been
Hazelton. Pa.���The request made
yesterday by Sheriff llnrvey for.troops
although not refused, was not granted by Governor Stone. The sheriff
and state officials at Harrisburg, however, have an understanding between
them and if the necessity arises, soldiers will be thrown into this region
In short order.
flume.���D. G. Hobs, Montreal;
Henry Roy, Rossland; Charles Moore,
Kaslo: John McLean, Carherry; J.
R. Gifl'onl. Hall Mines; Eugene C'ro-
tean, Viiiir;.!. V. Harris, Kaslo; A.
E. Bailey. Seattle; ,1. M. Read, Wii-
wamssa. Man. ; Mrs. Jennie E. Harris. Kaslo; John F.Holden, E. l. Felt.
Slocan City; Arch Cameron, Yellowstone mine.
" Phair.���John MoKane, Rossland; I).
G. Ross. Montreal; Mrs. G. Mitehcl-
son, St. Paul; J. W. Gleeson, Woodstock, Out. ; John llavcrty, Trail; E.
I-'. Lloyd, Sllverton; .1. tl. Sullivan.
Trail; W. S. Stout. Toronto: G. Ford,
Winnipeg; II.  It. Gammon. Sloean ; (I.
Ii. Cross. New Westminster.
"There is hut  one   small  chance  to
save your life and that is through an
operation." was tbe awlul prospect set
before Mrs, i, H, Hunt, of Limo Ridge,
Wis., by her doctor uf tor vainly trying
to cure her of a frightful case of stomach trouble and   yellow jaundice.   He
didn't count on tne marvellous power
of Electric Bitters to cure stomach and
Liver troubles,  but she heard of it,
took seven bottles, wits wholly cured,
avoided surgeon's knife, now weighs
more and feels hotter than ever. It's
positively guaranteed to cure Stoinncii,
Liver and Kidney troubles and never
disappoints, Price50c. at the Canada
Drug A- Hook Store.
See the illuinnation in the II.C. Novelty window tonight. They are just
opening a fine line of electric hand
lanterns, electric table lamps, electric medical batteries, electric fans
and dynamos, electric belts, etc. Also
sec our little scissors, the greatest
novelty of the age, can he used for
eighteen different purposes successfully.
F. ,1. Bradley & Co. have received
their full stiick of wall papers and
wall mouldings.    See them.
Spring chicken and all tbe delioaoios
of the season served to you when you
visit Florence Park Hotel at Roberts'
Ranch, two nnd a half miles up tbe
river.    W. M. Roberts, proprietor.
The finest line of picture mouldings
in the K'ootcnays can be found at the
store of F. .1. Bradley & Co., Josephine Street.
That pretty picture should he framed. Call and see the mouldings at F.
.1.  Bradley & Co.'s.
Are You Right?
You COD bo sure of your minutes
if you provide yourself witli one
of   our   aeour&tQ   and    reliable
Don't run���gB\ a pood watch to
run. for you.
Manufacturing Jewelers.
Advertisements Inserted under this hoad at
tho rate of otio cont a word por hmortlon. No
advertisement taken for loss Mian 25 contti.
WANTED.���Situation   by a Japanese.
First Class Cook,    t'itv or   country.
Address T. V.. P. <>. BOX 040.
LOST.���Fair     of     men's   spectacles.
Finder will kindly return to Mr. A.
II. Clements, proprietor of Nelson Hotel.
FOR     BENT.��� Cellar.    Apply
chants' Bank of Halifax.
HOUSEKEEPER.���Working,    wishes
re-engagement.     City recommendations.    Address "S." Miner Olliee.
POR SALE.���A "Greener" shot  gun,
13 bore, nearly new.  Price 8100 cash,
worth double.    Address. Uox I, Miner
FOR   RENT,���New    house on   Silica
Street, near   Hendryx : modern   Improvements.    Apply John McLeod.
WANTED���A situation as lady help���
domesticated, good   needle woman���
Address Miss Pearson, care .1. R, Robertson, Drawer 505.
ALL KINDS of House Cleaning, general olliee work, window cleaning,
etc., done. Enquire at E. T. Smith's
shoe stand at corner of Ward and Raker.
FOR RENT���Furnished rooms.  Good
attendance,    riecond   door   east   of
Olty Hall.
FIRST   CLASS   room   aud   board  in
private family, (6.60 and fit.   Table
board 84.   Carbonate Street,   second
house east of Josephine.
Of Writing Pfiper won't laHt
long�� You'd tHM.torplncc another "hurry Op' ortler with
NELSON LODOE, No. 23, A. K. 4t A
M. lneotH Hocoml \Vcdnondny in ench
month.   VIhII inn brethorn welcome.
^HjUfc. '��� O. O. V. Kootenay Lod���o
^H No. 1(1, moot* ovory Monday nl���ht,
~"Ws-~ at their Hall, Kootenay Htreot
Solournlnd Odd Follows cordially Invited.
John A. Moftae. N.O. I). W. Kiitlicrford, V.G.
I'rcil .1. Scinlrc, I'er. Sec.
Nelson Kncii ir,i.r i No, 7.   Meets every '2nd
ami 4tli Friday of each month, In Odd FoIIowh'
Hall, corner Haker nml Kootetmy tttrootfl
Nelson. A. II. Clements, ('. P,| II. McArthu/,
R. a.   VIhIUhk brothers iilwnyH welcome.
NKLSON LODGE. No. ��5, K. ofP
meets In K. of P. s...11. Oddfellowii block
everv   Tuesday  evonln��� at 8 o'clock
11 visiting knights cordially  invited
P. J. ItllAlll.KV, C. C.
J. A. PaQUETTB, K. ot 11. and 8.
NKI.SON U O. L. No. 1(192 meets in Frn-
tcriitty Hall on I'rst anil tlilnl Friday ovenings
of each month ut 8 o'clock. VisitlnK members
cordially Invited. K. Robinson. W.M.: YVm,
Crawford. R. H. 	
COURT KOOTKNAY, I. O. P., No. 31��-
Meetings Ith Thuiwlny cf month. Fraternal
ball, J A Irving C. R.   P. R. flaming, R.8,
TO < i in; A �� oi ii i\ <im; mi
Tuko Lnxntlvn Bronin Quinine Tablets. All
driiKKlnlH refund the money Ir It falln lo euro.
��e,   10, W, Drove's signature Is on each box.
the tlrst Wednesday evonlng of
each month nt Fiaternh.y nail,
eornor of Hakor and Kootenay
streets. Visiting brethorn cordial)} invited.
John Watson, Secretary.
NKI.hiiN AERIK Nil. 22, P, O. E��� meets
evorysooond and fourth Wednesdays of eaoh
ni onth. Visiting members cordially lnvlt-
Charles Pressor, Secretary.
And Napkins.
Our New Linens  have arrived.    For quality,
Rfice   and   design,   tlie   like   has   never   been   shown  in
Table   Linens  by  the yard start in price at 25c to
Tabic Napkins start at $1.35 dozen to $f 5.00
Table Cloths prices start at $1.75 to $15.00
If you want anything in Table Linens, Napkins or
Cloths, see our stock. Should you not want to buy they
are worth seeing.
Linens are advancing in price. All ours are at the
old figure and some less.
The NEW Dry Goods and Millinery Store
Canada Permanent and Wes-
tern Canada Mortgage
head office toronto,  ont.
Money to loan on Straight Mortgage.
Apply to Q. I _ LENNOX, Baker  St.
St. Joseph's
kext term commences 8rd
September. For particulars apply to the
nml  try a bottle,  a ilozen,   or a barrel  of
CALGARY   BEER  as It Is tlie bext ami
chunpesL    on    the    market.    AIho   Iry   our
WINES,    LIQUORS,    and     CIGARS.
Telepliono 10. Baker HI.. Nelson, 11. C.
Kootenay Railway and NaT.
my, Ltd.
Scbodulo of Tlnio.       Paolflo btanitanl rime,
Kirecllve February l��t, lsieo
PasHcngor train for Sandon and WSJBtaUons
loavcN   Kaxlo at, 8 a. ni., dally.   ItoturnliiK
leaves Sandon at 1.15 p.m,, arriving at Kaalii
at 3.65 p.m.
Operating on Kooteimy bike nml Kiver,
8tr. "International" leaven Kaslo for Nelson
at 6 a. in, dally except Sunday. Returning,
leave! Nelson at MO p.m., calling at Balfour,
Pilot Bay. Ainsworth and nil way points. Con-
necU with S. F. & N. train to and from Spokane at Five Mile Point
Stoamcr Argciita leaves Kaslo Tuesdays and
Fridays al Ii a. in. for the head of navlgal ion on
tho Upper Ilcnivin Kiver; returning leaviw
Hall's I. i in-, .i i- Wednesdays and Snturdays.
Sloamors call at principal landing* in both
direct ions, and at ot nor point* when signalled
Ticket.-* sold Is all points iu Canada and Hi.
Unltod States.
To ascertain rales and full information ad-
dreHS l
Manager, s|o�����Bx ft
" ���        el?
Can actually be put to tbe following; uses:
i. Screw-Driver. to. Stereoicope.    r
i. Tracing Pattern Wheel.    II.  al.BS-Bre.ker.
j. Scissors. i2. Ruler.
4. Cigar-Cutter. 13. Cartridge-nxtractor.
5. Ul.ss-Cutter. 14. Buttonhole-Scluors.
0. Hammer.      _ 15. Oas-Ptpe Tongs.
7. Wire-Culler. 1 16. Nail-File.
8. Prnslng-Kiiile. 17. Clg.r-Boi Opener.
9. Penknife.       <_ 18. Measure.
F.acli scissor is enclosed in a le.ithershcatli, tipped with metal,
enabling you to carry it in your vest pocket, without Injuring
iminu'lt.    On  receipt   of  cash   or postal   order for  ONI.
m>l.i.Ait, will scud you one postpaid- AveuU Wnnlt'U.
R001715 ai)d Offices to Reijit.
Apply   to   ihe
INfelsoi) Electric TraijiWai) Co.
Corner Jo-ephlne and Vernon Street*.
Flannels and Flannelettes
Are Now Seasonable.
We  have  them  in  large  quantities.    They  come
widths, in plain and fancy patterns.
27-inch  Flannelette at..
31-inch  Flannelette at..
34-inch  Flannelette at 12 v2
36-inch  Flannelette at !.'.!!!!.'.!.'.!!!!    15c
Extra heavy quality of English FJanqdettB at.'    18c
ah w���,epP^Y FLANNELS- an
AH-Wool Manuel, 26 inches wide, at....    20c
Our Finest quality at     35c
a yard
a yard
a yard
a yard
a yard
a yard
a yard
Houston Block.
��� I


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