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Nelson Daily Miner Oct 3, 1900

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Daily Edition No. 84-      InciaJ library331^ Nelson,   British Columbia, Wednesday Evening,   October 3,  1900.
Eleventh Year
More Nominations Made In
the Eastern Ridings
Sir Charles Tupper Opens
Conservative Campaign
In Gape Breton.
Toronto, Oot, 3.���Owing to the action of Hie St.Mathews ward Conserv
stives (East Vork), in refusing to accept the candidature of YY. F, McLean, M. I'.. Hint gentleman bus resigned liis Lomination and has also
Intimated to sir Charles Tupper his
determination to resign his seat as
member "f the present House of Commons for thai constituency.
Windsor, (int., (let. 3.���Wm. McGregor, M. I'., Liberal, for North
Essex, declines renominatlon,
Sydney, N. 8.,  Oct.   8.���Sir Charles
Tupper opened   the Cape Breton Conservatives campaign here last evening,
Toronto, Oct. 3,���Candidates chosen
yesterday were as follows: Ontario,
Ni pissing. J, B. Klock, M. P., Con-
si.native; Kast Boatings, W. Hurley,
M, P., Liberal; Quebec, Mlselqulo,
Hr.    Cromoau,   Conservative!  Rlchl-
lieu. .1. It, liunuhKct, Conservative;
Cliainplaiii, Mi. Kosscnu. Liberal!
Ilocbelaga, Q, N. Dncharme, Conservative.
St. John. N. II., Oct. 3, lion. Mr.
Karris, the new Minister of Agriculture, was elected in Queen's County
yesterday over Mr. Illthcrllngton,
Conservative, by BOO majority, At the
general elections (local House) Fur-
ris  received   only   ii   little   over   one
hundred majority,     Liberals  regard
the result as significant as tending to
show that   Queen's County is safe for
lion. A. ii. Blair,   as member of the
ll'iuse of Commons.
Toronto,  Oct..   8.���Ex-Aid.  Garrett
l'\ r'ranklund, u pioneer of the Canadian export cattle trade of this city,
died lust evening, aged UT.
Montreal, Oct. 3.���T.   .T.   Chtsholm,
manager of the Montreal Cold Btorage
and Freezing Co.,  in liquidation,  was
"nested last evening charged with
conspiracy to defraud. This makes
Hie third arrest in connection with
the same company und under the
same charges, the other two being 51c-
'ollis, the seccetnry of the coiiipuny,
ami MeCullough, uf the Cioll A Mc-
Cullough Dairy Co,
Toronto, Oct, 8. -Chief Justice Fnl-
conbrldge, chairman of tho Royal
election Commission, suys the commission will not sit for hearing until
lute in November or curly   In   Decern
I'er as the meinliers of the commission
ihui the pressure of legal duties too
Krest to let them ait earlier,
Refiners this morning decided to meet
the cut in rates in New York, nnd ic-
iluei'd the price of Canadian sugars
ten cents per hundred pounds.
Montreal, Oot, :).���It, wus announced this morning that Mr, I!. II. Angus, the well known linnncinl man of
this city, had decided to drop nil fin-
uncial institutions of which lie is n
director, excepting the Bank of Montreal, owing to ill health.
Toronto, Oct. 3. ���Ed. Taverner,
charged with having kicked lsiah
Warner, in the abdomen during a dispute over the respective merits of'
Archie Campbell and Clarke Wallace,
in West, York, was brought up for
trial this morning and remanded for
a week, pending the result, of���War-
ner'B injuries. The injured man is
sinking fust and recovery is most improbable, Warner was manager of
the Ontario Government's famous piggery.
Convention at Fraternity Hall
Is Very Largely Attended,
Private A. E. Berch, a Victoria Boy. Home From
South Africa.
Victoria, B. C, Oct. 3.���Private A.
El, Birch, of the First Canadian Contingent, arrived home lust uight.
He was invalided after Unit thrilling
charge of Paardeberg iu which he
was wounded. Private Berch was
among the heroes from this city who
us members of "A" Company, were on
the right of the line and the most advanced of the tiring line, lle
says that the hoys of "A" Company
were within two hundred yards of the
Boer trenches when the four who full
there went down. By the arrival of
Private Berch the quietus is given to
u story which some months ago gained credence.of Sergeant Norllleotl and
Private Lehman having slept while on
duty. This. Private Berch says, was
not right. It wus given rise to by
the following incident, lle (Sergeant
Northeottl,Lehman.and several others
were on picket duty with a brigade
as their base, Northcott hail just
come off patrol and was talking to
Private Stewart when they saw a
mounted patrol iu the distance silhouetted on the horizon. Lehman
was about to challenge when North-
colt said : "What's the use of challenging, they are beyond distance."
When the patrol went in it seems one
ot the men told Sergeant Scott one of
his men wus asleep, having evidently
bolleved that the patrol passed within
challenging distunoe.   Bergeant Seott
reported it. but on investigation it
was   found that   the patrols hud been
beyond distance. Regarding the hospitals, Private Berch hud nothing to
say. He wns engaged in the Matta-
helle campaigning und wore on his
well worn kliahki the rlblion for thut
service, lie was ulso u member of the
United States cavalry but never
���cached the front.
Ouelph, Ont.,Oct. 3.���At the twelfth
annual meeting of the Christian Endeavor Society Union of Ontario,
which convened here last evening,
"ev. W. R. Macintosh, of Kloru.Ont.,
Introducing  the   subject, "The social
success  of endeavor," made the s c-
what startling statement that ninny
"'""gilt tho Christian Endeavor
movement wus on the wano nnd  that
young people were working in n dying
cause, Still he suid there wus not
yet need for serious alarm, As a
means of oheaklng this retrograde
movement Mr. Macintosh advocated ���
more studied cultivation   of the social
side of man's nature,
London. (Int.. Out, 3.���London's
Population iluring the past year bus
''"���reused only I.-,;, ||ic smallest, in
""iny years,but the increase in wealth
was 1170,594,
Montreal, Oct.   (,���Montreal Sugar
Morning Session Short -The
Principal Business This
Knglish Capitalists Wont Take the
Camp Bird Hold .Mine.
London, Oct. 3. ���It Is reported in
Lombard Street that the deal for a
sale of Thomas F. Walsh's Camp Bird
gold mine l�� Colorado to a syndicate
of British capitalists lias suddenly collapsed. The collapse is said to he due
to the failure of Mr. John Huys lluin-
mond, who wus sent to Cripple Creek to
inspect the property ill behalf of the
prospective purchasers, to make a
prompt report of his investigations.
The Loudon Dally News is Informed
Hint 81,860,000, an installment of the
purchase money which had been deposited with Messrs. .1.   I'.    Morgan *
Co., bus been withdrawn, one authority asserts that the negotiations
have simply been temporarily culled
off, owing to Mr. Hammond's nines8
in Denver. But in other quarters It
Is suid that he has cabled nn unfavorable report. Wcrnhcr. Belt and
Co., tho South African diamond and
goll kings;,I. B. Robinson and 0. J,
lliinibro nnd Son. were Hie bend "f
the British commission which proposed buying the mine. The property
was to hove bieMii bought for W6,O00,-
As it appeared after the noon adjournment of the convention of the
representatives of the Labor unions in
the Dominion riding of Yule-Cariboo-
Kootcnay there will he a third candidate in the lun for representation in
the House of Commons, The question
of nominating a candidate is the only
one that the delegates have been
called together to discuss anil it wus
still under consideration when The
Minser went to press. Among those
present there were many who were in
favor of nominating il candidate nnd
ulso many who were very much opposed to such action, on the ground that
a lahoi candidate could not be elected. It therefore fell to the lot of
those in favor of acting independently
to persuade those opposed thut the labor men should hitve u mun of their
own in the field. The strength of
these persuasive powers will be known
later. The argument was used thut
the laboriuguien have been represented long enough in the Parliament of
Canada by professional men and others who have no real interest in those
who work for a daily wage.
The meeting wus culled to order by
,lames Wilks, who called it, and A.
C. Thompson of the Industrial World,
of Rossland, was elected temporary
secretary. The following credential
oniinittec was appointed: A. 0.
Thompson, Rossland,chairman; ('bus.
Wilson, Greenwood; Chas. McKay,
Nelson; II. II. Dimock, Movie;
Percy Johnson, Sandon; W.J.Hughes,
Yniir; ,1. Brandon, Sllverton.
The convention then adjourned till
one o'clock. When it reassembled
the committee reported 42 properly
credited delegates in attendance und
nine proxies.
Tho temporary organization was
then made permanent, so, whether or
not u labor candidate is nominated
the riding now bus a labor parly In
the political   Held.
The delegates present are as follows :
Nelson���Geo. Payne, C, Mathews, .I.
II. Miitheson, John Bteher, Thos.
Couch, Thomas McKcn/.ie, (two
votes); Edward Blewett, Chas, Mo-
Kay, James Wilks, ,1. Clayton, Wm.
Mcl'hee, H. Robinson, Alex Murray.
0. Anderson, Walter Kay.
Sandon. -Percy .1. Johnson, Thomas
Dull'ce. (two proxies).
Rossland,���A. c. Thompson, J, J.
Hum!, John llarribiim. .lames De-
vine. Thomas 111 own lee, D. MoDou-
gull, Rupert Buhner.  John  McLaren,
A. Ferris, L. E. Hurry, li. P. McDonald. Robert Inches, (two proxies).
Greenwood,' James Bills, ('has.
Wilson, W. ,1. Kirk wood, (four proxies).
Kimberley.��� Harry White.
Moyie.���H. II. Dimock, (two proxies).
Slocan City.���.1. V. Provlance.
New Denver.���S.  .1. Weir.
Sllverton.���Joseph Brandon.
Whitewater.���I. .1.  McDonald.
Ymlr. ��� W. .1. Hughes.
Kaslo.���Duncan Me I'hail.
.lames N. Hill.president of the S. F
A N. road, and son of Piesidnt J. J,
IH11 of the Great Northern, will not
visit Nelson (is nt lirst intended, lie
left Kaslo by barge with his private
car nt l o'clock this afternoon, orriv
ed at Balfour nt 3 o'clock nnd Icftim
mediately for Spokane,
Little Suffering in the British
Legation During Siege
of Pekin.
Twenty-Six of Them Reach
.   San Francisco on the
Archie Ctiiminghnm bus Inaugurated
ii panel delivery service In connection
wiih   bis express   business,    Parcels
will be delivered at   In  o'clock in Hie
morning and   Ti   o' clock in the nfter-
J noon.
San Francisco, Oct. 3.���The passengers on the steamer Coptic, which arrived from China Sunday night, were
released from quarantine this nfter-
noon. Among tho passengers were 'J(i
who passed through the siege of Pekin. These include Miss M. E. Andrews, F. M. Chapiu and wife nnd
three children, Miss Douw, Miss Dudgeon, C. II. Fenn nnd wife und two
children, Dr. J. 11. Ingram and wife,
und two children; C, II. Oliver und
two sous, Miss Ceeile Payne, W. F.
(!. Squids, Mrs. M. S. Woodward and
daughter.  Dr. W. G,   Becker.
All tell interesting stories of the
seige of Pekin. Miss M. E. Andrews
of Cleveland, O., who is one of the
best known women missionaries in
China,having spent 3:.' years in church
und school work there, told an interesting story of her experiences during
the Boxer uprising.    She   said:
"At Tung-Chan, where I was stu-
tione 1, we have for years beard wu.ru-
ings and threats of anti-foreign, anti-
Christian uprisings. We grew accustomed to such threats and thought
nothing would ever come of this bluster, so that when the Boxer cartoons
and literature reached Tung-Chuu
we were not greatly disturbed, thinking the agitation would die out us it
has in past years. Then came news
of conflict and murder, und nt night
we could see the sky red with the
light of Incendiary fires. Alarmed nt
this wc decided to hurry to Pekin.
Tung-Chun is a Christian educatioal
center. The North China mission of
the American board bad its seminary
there. Besides this there were the
chapel and dwellings of the missionaries.
"During tho seige wo did not suffer
very great hardships. There was
enough food, such as it was, and,
while we were somewhat discouragd,
wc were so happy ill being away from
the fury of the mob that we could not
complain, Our converts who were
given shelter ut the legation, proved
to be very helpful during the siege.
Tbey helped build and strengthen the
lorlilieiitions and took a great deal of
work from the shoulders of our men.
lint for them I do not think tbe siege
would have ended so happily, for
without their aid we would not have
had the strength to do all tbe needed
work, They deserve praise for their
"A very sud incident occurred
when wc left Pekin on the way out of
China. We passed Tuiig-Chuu, the
scene of so much of our work. The
mission church and seminary hud
been burned to the ground. We were
told they were Ret afire the morning
lifter   wo   lied   to    Pekin.    The     trip
through the devastated country was
very painful to me. There wns terrible loss of life and property, I am
going buck to China within it yenr, I
hope. Thut land has been the scene
of my life's work and 1 believe it is
my duty to continue my labors there. "
Mrs. F. M. Chapin, who, witli her
husband, lied from Tung Cbuu to Pekin, suid; "After leaving the Methodist mission where we stopped for a
few days upon reaching Pekln, we entered tbe British legation without serious difficulty. Once Inside, the walls
closed in around us und shut off the
sight of the drumutic scenes without.
Wc women did not dure Indulge our
curiosity by a slnglu glimpse of the
street. At night we could sometimes
see the glare of fires in the sky and
Ihe noise without wns often painfully
distinct. Very soon lifter the siege
begun we commenced to eat mule and
horse meat.   Of course we did not cut
the meat with zest, and a very little
went it long way. lint as we had
plenty of rice and bread, tillrJ was
never any actual privation. The bread
was made of Hour ground within Ibe
legations grounds from wholewheat,
It wns coarse but nourishing, There
was never a day during the siege thai
we did not have sufficient food, Wc
hud 30 sheep within the enclosure
which wc reserved for the invalids. If
the healthy people sometimes felt a
longing for a nibble of mutton they
never admitted it. "
Miss Rutherford, in telling of her
experiences in Pekin, said: "1 passed
Hi weeks of the greatest suspense, and
if it were possible for suspense to become monotonous, it would certainly
have become so in that time. The
Women did not have tho excitement
thut fell to the share of the men to
keep our courage up. We could only
listen and wonder what would happen next. We were eager for work lo
do and anything that had to he done
was well and promptly done, you may
be sure."
Boers put to Flight a Convoy
and Escort of Sixty
London, Oct. 3.���The following de-
Bpatoh has been received from Lord
"Pretoria, Tuesday, Oct.. 2.���A convoy of t% wagons, escorted by sixty
mounted men, was attacked by 110
Boers, October 1st, near llejagersdrift.
while on the way to Vryhcad. Twelve
of the men escaped. The fate of ibe
others IB not known, Tbe Boers derailed a train near Pan yesterday
evening. Five Coldstream Guards
were killed and 19 injured. Commandant Drieckson, who has been opposing Paget.bus su.'rcndcteu after a personal visit to Koomatipoort to assure
himself that Kruger had gone into
Portuguese territory.
Matter of Consolidation of Rank of
B. C. and Bank of Commerce,
,1. II. I'luiiimcr, of Vancouver, as
stunt general manager of the Bank
of Commerce with headquarters at Toronto arrived in Nelson last evening.
Mr. Pluinmer, who is making a visit
of inspection to the branches of Ihe
bunk ut Greenwood, Rossland, Cran-
brook ami pernio, is ulso looking up
matters in connection witli the amalgamation of the Bank of Commerce
with the Bank of British Columbia.
Mr. Plummer has already visited tlie
brunches of the hitter bank, which
are situated in various cities nf the
coast, and Mr. Robert Hill.manager of
the branch of the Bank of Commerce
at Ottawa, visited the branches of the
interior. The work of consolidating
the two bunks will be completed in
about two months. When Mr. Plummer was seen by a Miner representative this morning be said: "The
amalgamation of the two banks has
been practically agreed upon by the
management of bolh banks.but is subject to the results of the Investigations which have so far proven satisfactory and which will he completed
in less than two   weeks.
������It will probably require about ton
weeks to send out the requisite notices
to shareholders, the notice of appeal
to the Govornor-In-Cotincll for the
approval of the agreement, and for tin'
execution of the formality required
by the bunk net. There will be no
cliitnge in the Nelson branch beyond
the mere change of name. The bank
here will have behind it a very much
stronger and larger Institution, The
new institution will still retain the
title of the Bank of Commerce, "huh
will do uway with the name of the
Bunk of British   Columbia.    The now
< pany   will   have a   capital of   S?s,.
000,000, It will have about Tu brunches
throughout the Dominion in addition
to branches at New York. New Orleans, San Francisco, Portland, and
various pluccs from Victoria to Daw-
son City. There is only one oltj in
which there Is established a branch nf
both bunks and thai is  at, Vancouver,
Here the work will   be   di    in   one
building, but in other places il "ill
be carried on   practically   the same as
it nt present,"
Mr. Plummer will return to the
Coast by way of Spokane in a few
Goeur d'Alene Miners Will Be
Released From San
Men Did Not Know That the
Captured Train Carried
San Francisco. Oct. 3. The I'nited States cieruit court of appeals has
rendered a decision on the quashing
of the indictments against the ten
men win, were arrested at Coeur
d'Alene during the mining strike
there lust year for interfering with
the United States mails. It was
shown that the men did not know
thut the train which they interfered
with carried tbe I'nited States ninils.
Ten men now imprisoned ut Sun
Quentin, Cal., under the indictments,
will be released as soon as the decision reaches Idaho and the necessary
papers can be sent from thut state to
the warden ut San Quentin,
The lo men who are now imprisoned at San Quentin as a result of tho
former trial, and who will be released
in accordance witli the decision of thu
omit of appeals, are: Francis Butler,
Mike Malvey, P. F. O'Donnell, Arthur Wallace. John Lucinnctte, Henry
Maroni. Louis Salla, Kilwitrd Albln-
ola. c. R, liurrls, Denis O'Rourke,
All with the exception of Dennis
O'Rourke were sentenced to ^'J
months1 imprisonment and to pay a
line of Sl.iiiKi. O'Rourke, on account
of his age. was given a sentence of
20 months, As a prisoner scrvcB out
a line at the rate of ?���; per day, the
ifl.nnii line ineaiil over another year of
Imprisonment, unless the defendants
were able to pay the same.
The trial was commenced at Moscow, blah n the :.'t'.di day of October. 18110, and lasted about two weeks.
Thirteen men wire tried ut olio time,
ihe result being that three wore acquitted and the lu mentioned were
convicted of interfering with the
I'nited Males mail. The three men
who were tired and acquitted were:
Fred VV, Garrett, W. V. Bundrew,
Fred Shaw.
There wore Hire.' indictments tiled
against tin men, two of them being
dismissed, Kaeh wns on the ground
nf interfering with tbe United states
mails on the SOth day of April, Isuo,
at the town nf Wardncr. Idaho, at the
time of the big riots mi the Bunker
Hill & Sullivan and other large mines
in the CiHiir d'Alene country. Miners
of   Gem   nnd   Burke,    near-by   towns,
had taken possession of a Northern
Pacific train ami gone to Wardncr to
make a  demonstration   against   the
non-union miners there. Shortly lifter
the train reached Wardncr the mill of
the Bunker Hill A Sullivan mine went
up lu a terrible explosion,
Lexington, Ky.. Oot, B, II. C, O.
Benjamin, editor of The Lexington
Standard ami attorney fur "Tallow
Hick" Combs, who in accused of being
accessory to the killing of Willinm
Goobel, was alio! in the buck here
last night, by Mike Moynahan, whilo
Hieing alter a registration quarrel,
The Harvest Home services which
were being held ill the Salvation
Army Barracks here concluded last
evening. The meetings all through
were a decided success and the proceeds were beyond expectation, Tho
local army wished to   collect the   sum
of one hundred ami seventy-five dollars but over two hundred dollars
wns obtained, A prize wns given to
Hie liny   and   girl   who   collected   the
most money, Little Blanche .lock-
man ami Willie Riley were Ihe winners. The auction sale of children
aiul Ihe social proved n grand success
in every way and every one present
seemed to enjoy the evening's enter-
tuiniiiciit. Nelson  Daily  Minkr,   Wednesday  Evkwwo,   October 3, 1900.
The Nelson Miner
Published Kvory Afternoon F,��opi Sunday
���HY TIIK���
11;, Klcot Stroct, K. 0.
Cent nil  Press Agency, Ltd., Bpoolal Attend
Dally, por inonth, by carrier     "Jo
Daily, per month, liy until      OWJ
Daily, per year, by carrier *��88
Dally, per year, bj ill   ���'Jjj
Bully, por yeur, foretell    �� "U
Weekly, per half year  MM
Weekly, per year    ; j"
Week ly, por year, foreign     ���* w
Bubsorlptlous invariably in advanoe,
All Checks should no made payable to tho
order   of    Nelson    PunusllINO    COMPANY,
I   IMIlKI'.
Labor delegates are meeting today
in Nelson to nominate a candidate to
represent this constituency in the Dominion Parliament, should they deem
that course advisable after duly considering it in convention. It is
thought that a nomination will ho
made, but we are so near the event
Itself that it is not necessary to spec-
ulntc upon it. There may be a labor
candidate, und candidates represent
ing a dozen other interests and class
es; but the plain duty of the people of
the 'constituency will remain the
same. Any number or variety of candidates cannot alter the issue. The
Government of which Sir Wilfrid
Laurier is titular Premier are appeal
��� ing to the people of Canada for a re
newal of confidence, nnd oiler their
record of the past, four years us their
plea for support. Thut record is not
confined to one interest or one loeal-
ity; it embraces all matters and
things affecting the public affairs of
the Dominion, of Nova Kcotia and
Prince Edward Island as much as of
Ontario and Hritish Columbia. It has
to do with our fiscal relations with
other countries, and with the vurious
parts of the Empire of which Canada
forms 11 portion. It has to do with
internal policies itfl'ecting the dearest
rights nnd interests of all classes of
the people, it concerns the development of great natural resources that
are scattered everywhere throughout
the Dominion. It has to do witl:
steamship communication without
and railway communication within.
It is not limited to Nelson or to the
constituency of Yale-Cariboo, nor to
one class of the population.
In Great Britain todny theie is a
general election in progress. It
hinges mainly on the record of the
Foreign and the Colonial Offices.
The Foreign Office hits imposed upon
it the duty of maintaining foreign relations that will prove most advantageous to the Empire; the Colonial
Office is expected to look after the in
terdsts of the Colonies as they may
affect or lie affected by general Imperial policy. Iloth were more or less di
reotly concerned with disputes that
ended in a war with the Transvaal,
aud thus the COUduOt of the War Office
has been dragged ill as an important
issue of the elections. These are large
matters, and the people of Great
Britain are broad enough and intelligent enough to rise to   the   occasion.
Here and there some specialist candidate is put up, but the muss of the
people keep their mi mis fixed on the
one great issue���Have the present Gov
eminent managed the weighty matters iii band with satisfaction, or
would it be to the interest of the nation to entrust them to the opposite
party'.' That is the issue. In Canada
we have to decide whether our (Jov-
ernment have conducted the various
affairs affecting the welfare of tho
Dominion to the best advantage, or
whether they have kept faith with Unpeople In regard to the pledges on
the strength of which   they   obtained
power four years ago. Broad-minded
Canadians, who  regard themselves as
citizens of 11 Dominion of six millions
of intelligent and enterprising people
rather than us mere residents of a
parish, will keep this wider and high-
er issue before them and aet accordingly.      	
to pay their expenses'.' Not one. Many
of you have seen your sons, the hopes
of your homes, leave you to go to the
United States. You did not like to
see thein go, but you guve them the
money to pay their expenses, for you
did not like to see them go forth
without 11 dollar in their pockets. Tbe
Government of Canada could not do
less for the sons of tbe country who
thus went forth to Africa. I was a
member of the House, nnd approved
of the sending ot the first and second
contingents, or at least of allowing
these young men to go. Hut some
asked, Will this thing continue'.' 1
will reply,'Sufficient for the day is the
evil thereof.' "
As an authority on matters of a
party or political complexion The
Free Press of Winnipeg is very unreliable. It is too prejudiced to speak
the truth where it thinks something
else would serve its purpose. It is
publishing statements of a "deluge of
dismissals" from the civil service at
Portage la Prairie and Brandon, It
says these officials have been dismissed without notice���it docs not Bay,
without "cause. Hut it would be better also if they were given notice
with a request for reasons why they
sliould not be dismissed. Neither the
Dominion nor any Province in it
can have an efficient civil service unless the members of it are assured
that their positions are permanent as
long as they conduct themselves properly. And if their conduct is impeached, the least consideration that
can be show them is to give an opportunity for explanation or defence.
The Conservatives leaders are accused of fomenting racial and religious
prejudices. The Miner is keeping close
watch on their utteranaes, but has yet
been unable to detect anything that
would sustain the ehnrge. The Liberal leaders, on the other hand, are
depending wholly on racial and religious prejudices to carry Quebec. Mr.
Tarte is especially active in this work.
Ill a late issue of his paper, La Pa-
trie, is the following: "The Orniig-
istes���that horde nourished on prejudices and hate���are u veritable branch
of the Tory party. Mr. Joseph Royal,
the traitor of Itegina, raises the
spectre of George Brown, one of the
fathers of militant fanaticism in Canada; but don't forget that Laurier
is not the successor of Brown, hut of
Louis Ilypolite Lufontaine!"
A special coal oil number of The
Mining und Engineering Review of
San Francisco has heen issued. It is
rich in illustrations finely executed,
and gives a glowing account of oil resources the existence of which has
been but indifferently appreciated outside the State of California. If tbe
hands of the. Rockefellers can be
kept off, the price of kerosene on the
Pacific Coast should be sensibly lessened.
Books You May Need
Hunt's Systematic Mineralogy.. $"> (1(1
Peters' Modern Copper Smelting a Ml
Stretch's   Prospecting,  Locating
and Valuing  Mines  2 7">
Lung's  Matte  Smelting  3 3B
Miller's   Qualitative   Analysis.. I  T,",
Kemp's Handbook of   Rocks.... 1 T.'i
Thautwinc's   Engineer's   Handbook   5 50
Hawkins'   New    Catechism    for
the Steam   Engine  3 35
Hawkins' Maxims and  Instructions for   Boiler Room  2 :.'.">
Hawkins'   New    Catechism    of
Electricity  :.' :.'.",
Hawkins' Handbook of Calculations   for   Engineers  :���' 95
Machinists'    ami      Engineers'
Pocket Manual  I 2:,
Stevenson's Practical Test  1 nil
Canada's Metals  s.".
Canada drug &
A Careful Reading;.
nt hand Hint n thoroughly
equipped druggist should have,
We have plenty of fine, fresh
drugs, plenty of good help,
and plenty of time to give
your prescription careful reading and careful compounding
so as to insure the best, results.
wood or hard or soft coal.
largest   line
any firm in (
" Good   Cheer'
Cook Stoves.    A
Ranges and
complete line ���
".ill and be
3toV0S   and
convinced that the only  place
Ranges   ut   the   right   prices
to buy
is   Hie
Helps In Housework.
We can do much to
give you pleasure nnd
satisfaction     ill    your
With our improved
utensils the work will
be greatly lightened,
while the excellent
quality of tlie articles
insures a long period
of usefulness.
Baker Street, Nelson.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and   Salted   Heats
Take Laxative Brotuo Quinine Tablets. All
druggists refund the mono; if it fails to cure-
25c.   K. W. Grovo's signature is on each box.
Advertisements Inserted undor this hoad at
tho rate of 0110 cent a word por iiiHortion. No
advertisement Utkon for lens than 23 cents.
HOST.���Fox terrier bitch, 10 months
old. black and tan head, black spot
on tail answering to name of Spark.
If any information is obtained, ad
dress, C. W. Young, Provincial l'olice
olliee, Nelson.
SHOHTIIAND���A few pupils wanted
to complete class (evening) being
formed by an experienced teacher.
Pitman's system taught in 20 lessons.
Apply at once "Stenographer," Miner
WANTED. ��� (leneral        Housework.
Hood plain cook.    No   objection   to
going  outside of city,  will wash and
iron. Address W. Miner Office.
mnke up nnd remodel all kinds of
fur garments in the latest styles.
Dressmaking a specialty. Mrs. llynd-
man, opposite Provincial Jail, Ward
FOB  KKNT. ��� Unfurnished six-roomed
cottage,   water, electric   light, und
sewerage.    Apply to Mrs.    Croasduile,
Observatory Street.
FOR KHNt^^'uririshrXToTniis.    Ap-
ply :ils linker Street.    Ojiiet part of
Bnker Street. Nelson
P. (I.   liox :.':.'(���,
Soo Line
Ilure is the   manner   in   which    the
Transvaal contingent Is handled down
in Quebeo, in order to make It paln-
tiible to Krench-Canadiuns. The extract Is from 11 speech delivered hy
Mr. Ilernier, the   Minister  of   Inland
"We are accused of being Imperialists because we simply allowed men
to enroll themselves to go    to   Africa.
At the time of   the   war   of   secession
many of our young men fought in the
American army, Could the Government of   tile   day   be   charged     with
Americanism? When young Canadians enrolled for Cuba or the Philippines, could tbe Government be accused of I'llillippinism'.' I affirm positively thai the Government simply allowed these young men, whether they
were Knglish. Irish, or Scotch, who
wanted to go, to enroll themselves.
It is true the Ooveriiment paid their
expenses, and they had a good right
to do so. Is there a man in this audience who will say that   wc did wrong
FOR     RENT.��� Cellar.    Apply   Merchants' Hank of Halifax.
KOR RENT -Furnished rooms,  (lood
attendance,    decond   door   east   of
City Hall.
FIRST   CLASS   room   and   hoard  in
private family, $5.60 and fO.   Table
hoard  81.   Carbonate Street,   second
house past, of Josephine.
frjipena,    Liipiied
East   and   West
First Class Sleepers on all trains from
AniioiviiKAii and Kootknay LaNDTNQ
Tourist Cars pass Medicine Hat
daily for St. Puiil; Saturdays for
Montreal and Boston; Mondays and
Thursdays for Toronto. Same cars
pass Revelstoke one day earlier,
7:10 Lv Nelson Ar 10i85
15:H0 Lv Nelson Ar 16:46
Morning train daily for nnd from
Rossland, anil for Revelstoke, main
line and Pacific Const.
Afternoon train daily for and from
Rossland, ami from Revelstoke, main
lino and Pacific Const, und daily
(except Sunday) for und from Boundary points.
7:.'l0 Lv )  N .        I Ar 111:30
(KxSim) f Nelson j (Ejt Sun)
For nnd from Sandon, Slocan points,
RevelBtoke, inniu line ami Pacific
Kootknay Lake KASLO  Koitk.
(Ex Sun)       Str Eokanee       (Ex Sun)
16:00 Lv Nelson Aril :1m
Sntiirdny to Argenu anil return,
leaviug Kaslo at 20:00k.
Kootknay RrvBR Route,
Daily    Stis Moyie ond Nelson     Daily
22:110 Lv Nelsou Ar 2:.'i(l
Connects nl Kootenay Landing with
Crow's Nest Line trains.
For rotes, tickets ami full Information apply lo Depot or Olty Agent,
Nelsou, Ii. 0., or
Fish and Poultry in Season
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Manager.
Baker Street, Nelson.
Orders by mail receive careful and prompt attention
Plaijers  NaVi)   Oil
All Tobacconists Keep It.
Wholesale Agents:
Turner Beeton & Co.
Nelson, B. C.
Merchants' Bank of Halifax
Incorporated 1869.
I'niillal Paid-up.    ,   ,    .    $i,ox.i,oio.oo |  Rr��i, fti.joo.ooo.o
U.-U0""1 Vf "''���"'"������"���.TIioiiiasK. Konny,  President;   Thomas Ritcldo, Vlco-I'rosldont
WUey Smith, H. G. Uuuld, Hun. H. II. Fullor, M.L.C., Hon. David MacKucn.    "-" rr""munl-
Until oilln, llulirux!
General Manager, Kdson L. Pease, Montreal.
Superintendent of Hranclios. and Secretary, W. B. Torrance, Halifax.
Inspector, W. F. Hrock, Halifax.
Inspector I). M, Stewart, Montroal.
Brunches t
K18 S",'|a-Hidlfnx Pranch Anti[,'onlBh, Hridgowatcr, Guysboro. Londonderry, Lunonbiirg.
v., .t__.'n.t^COi'i',1,lcl0,"','or'InwkoHbury, Sydney, slmbcnneudic. Truro, Weynioull,
?_�� b ,"1 ck,T.1,ai,1.nr",t' 2." _h__ Frcdenoion, Kingston (Kent Co.l, Monctoii, New
ru, iei! , 'I e' 5 __?"% _S *;,: ���"""������I-Chailotlotown, Sunnnersido. ��JuH��ec-MonlrcaI
citj umoo), Montreal, West End (Cor. Notre Dumo and Solgncurs Streets) westmonnt (Cor
Gieeiic Avenue and St. Catharines Street, Ontario-Ottawa, Newftmadlaad-St, J0W1
tuba, Weill Indies-Havana. United Males-New York (IB K'xchango Place) Hepublie,Wash
Atlin, Bennett, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver, Vancouver East End, Victoria.
Correspondents 1
raiiada-Mcrchaats Bank of Cannda.   Iloslnii-Natlonal 8hawmut Punk.   I'hlcagn-Amorlen
London, Knav-llank of  Scotland.
���iruiudo.   Ihliiii and Japan-Hoim
g Corporation. ���
Ueneial Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange  Boueht
and Sold, Letters of  Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the most favorahle terms.   Interest allowed
deposits and on Saving Bank accounts.
Don't overlook us
when you need
See our special
for brakesmen-
elastic sides - a
good, neat, strong
Also the finest
Boys' School Shoe
you have seen.
National Hank.   Hun  Francisco-Fljet National Bank.'
1 iirin, France���credit Lvonnala.  Bcrmada-Bank of Hcnnuda.
Kong and Shanghai Diuiklli   "
('orui'i' Baker and Stanley StrecU
Spokane Falls &
Northern R'v.
Nelson  & Fort
Sheppard R'v.
Red Mountain R'v.
on special
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
W. r. ANDKK30N,
Trav. Paim. Agent
stamped on every
garment, insures
w w you genuine
the most perfect, most healtinul,
most  delightfully comfortable
underwear made,   indorsed
by physicians.
For Men. Women mm&
-**' r It Mil !�������_. n-
fttlflritdiui. Dryltoodft.
'     Siorei kcfpfUll
A   G. p, Auefct),
Will pay tbe liigheHt cnsli prion for all
kinds of second linnd goods, Will liny
or nell anything from an nnclior to u
noedle. Furniture, itovea, onrpert*.
oookiiiK ntcnsila, IioukIu in household
(innntities. Also o��Ht off clothinp;.
Oall and nee inn or write. Address
Silver King Mike, Kox sjDO. Ha"
Rtront. Nnlflnn. R fl.
f^ooijis ai)d  Offices to J^eijfci
Apply   to   the
INfelsoi) Electric TraijiWaiJ Co,
Corner Josephine an��l Vernon Slreeta.
A. R. BARROW, a. m 1. o.e
Provincial  Land  Surveyor.
Corner Viotorin nnd Kootenay Bt��.
Telnphnne No.
0    Rot find.
Of Writing Paper won'l Inst
You'd bottorplace��n-
'hurry up ordorwlth
Houses and lotH fo
f the City.
('mil puny.
Ontario Mutual Life I
Hale in nil   parts
Fire   IiiNiiriiiicc
iiMiriinec Cora-
Mnddon lilock
Ward street
The only all rail route between
all points east, west and south lo
Rossland, Nelson and intermediate
points; connecting at Spokane with
Great Northern, Northern Pacific,
and O. R. & N. Co.
Connects at Nelson v ith steamer
for Kaslo and all Kootenay lake
Connects at  Meyer's  Falls  with
stag-e daily for Republic,   and  connects at Bossburg with stage  daily
for Grand Forks and Greenwood.
Lkave. Day Train. Abbivk.
HI .:i.r> a.m Spokane 7:10 p.m,
12:05 p. m KiinhImiuI 5:30 p.m.
8:30 a, 111 Nelson 8 :(XJ p.m,
Night Traiu.
9:45 p.m Hpokane 7:05 b ni:
11 lOO p.m Kossland ti.M a.m.
H. A. JACKSON, G. P. & T.A.
Spokane   WasD
Aitoni.. Nelson, B.O
Gamble & O'Reilly
Atlantic S. S. Lines.
From Montreal
Allan  Uno Tunisian  Oct 1^
Illinium.11   I,loo   r,mil.111111:111 Oct*
Hciivor Uno 1 uko Ontario  Oct*
Heaver  Uno   l.n it.uiin Oct I*
From Now York
WhltoStar Line Oceania  ������  l,cl''
White Slur Uno 'IViiloole  Ocl HI
cuoarii l.ino Campania "w.S
Cumin!  Uno Kliurla  Oct lj
American UnoHt. IkjiiIh   Ort-1
American Uno Now York  00'
Annlior Uno   Kthlopla OctJ
Anchor Uno Oily of Home Ocl I.'
N. 0. U UneKnimir Wllholm (lor Douse.. Oe s
N.Q.U Uno Lahn Oot"
French Line Ui (lai-coifne    Ocl |
French Uno UiTouniino Oct 11
Allan Uttte l.ioo California!!  O"18
From BohIoii.
('iiniird I.lno Ivo'nla Oct ������
Dominion Line Now Knulai.d Oct 10
PaMagm arrMgeq lo anil from all Kuropcin
|iolntn. For rat<w, lloko.a ami full Informal Ion
apply lo ('. P, it. dopot. BKont or II. L, Ilrown
City I'aMHoiiKor -rtKonl., NolHon, H. 0.
Ooncral A vool,. C.I'.K. OIIIcod, WliuilpcK
(.KlK.llll.l   OAST STEEL
7-8 inoh dium. 918.60por UK) feet. fOV
Immediate delivery in Bel**
nnd Iry n bottle, a floson, or a harrol of
CALGARY BEER a�� It II the best ami
oboapen on the market, Also try our
WINES,    LIQUORS,    and    CIGARS.
Telephone ITJ, Haker Ht��� Nelson, II, O,
Room 1, Turnnr-Bneokh Hlonk
Houses and Building Lots in All Parts
of tin) Oity.
Flvo, six, seven and oluhi room houses for
sale, twoniy per cent Uelvw cost,
J. 0. T.
GKOFTS. ., _ ���
l��. O. llox       . Nelson, P "
K O. OKKKN        K. 8. OLEMKNTS
Civil Engineers and Provincial tani
iP. O, Box Iff *��lwn, B. 0.
"_____. Nelson  Daily Miner,  Wednesday   Evening,  October 3, 190a
What Hector McRae Would
Have to Assist the
A tew days ago The Winer published an Interview given to the Rossland
Record by Mr. Gordon Hunter, In
which Unit gentleman nii'eil his views
In regard i" the manner In whloh
prospectors should bo assisted by the
ProviuoiaJ Government. Hector Me-
Rno, humorist and mining man, ol
BosBlnnd, has written a letter enlarging upon Mr.   Hunter's  Kolietne.    The
letter reads:
"As an old piker who lias dropped
nearly 8300,000 of Eastern money In
digging out promising looking mining
prospects from Quebec to Vancouver^
I was very much Impressed with Mr.
Gordon .Hunter's unique scheme for
developing the prospeots and prospectors of this Province. The scheme,
however, is weak in some points. In
the liist plnee the Hum mentioned by
him, 8500,000, would be barely sufficient in develop two mines in the south
belt, What is wanted is a fund of
$500,000,001) SO that (it least live prospectors in each camp In the Province
should have a chance to make u decent
sized hole in each of their prosepets
and in the fund. A staff of experts
comprising the following well-known
men would lie required: John Hayes
Hammond, Clarence King, Dr. Raymond, Alexander Dick, Hoss Urowne,
Wayne Darlington, C, A. Molson,^Bernard Maodonald, John B, Hastings,
!���:. li. Klrby and 1>. J, Macdonuld.
The services of this stall' eoulil lie secured for probably 8500,000 per un-
iiiiiii. This would leave n balance of
84011,600,000 for , developing 100,000
prospects in this ^Province. The fact
that every ounce of gold In the world
for the past ."'(I years has eost on an
average of 845, nod every ounce of
blh i-v.'.'i leaves a handsome margin between the Government and the
prospector. Provision should also he
made by the Government for a smeller
for each claim, This would also prove
a profitable Investment to the prospector, tile government and the smelter
man, as it is a well known fact that
the ores in this camp, yielding 08
cents per ton.net n profit of over Sinn.
IHHI per month when treated by the
proper parties in a wholesale way. 1
would also suggest the retention by
the Coveriiinent of the services of Mr,
Uordon Hunter, who might be useful
lu financing tlie scheme, All of whieh
is respectfully submitted,
The test of Wine, Quality!
On the   English and  French  markets
Pommery commands the highest prices.
The only wine used at the Ascot races
this Year.
a fifteen-pound oannon ball. Tins
caused me to be unconscious for a bit
and 1 also bled quite a lot. I survived, possibly owing to great excitement, nnd led my men from aetion
and when this duty wns performed I
had to be carried to the held ambulance, 1 was afterwards sent to the
French hospital at Johannesburg
where I received good treatment and
rapidly recovered. After recovering
instead of going to the front 1 wus
put on the staff of tlie army service
corps, on which I am at present serving."
-ON    THE���
For   terms  und   particulars  enquire
Art Music Co., or nt MS Silica Street.
Instruments Supplied,   Phone 133,
Return engagement of tlie
For 2 Nights Only
I.ient. Young Tells   Modestly   of   His
Now Famous Capture of a Boer Gun.
Mr. Charles W. Young of this city,
has just received an exceedingly interesting letter from his In-other, I.ieu-
teuaut K. V. Young, who is at present
lining active service iu South Africa.
The letter is dated Wynlicrg. August
Id, and is as follows: "Your communication was a considerable time
ou the road as it wus among the mail
Which was captured by Dewet. Some
of this mail wns recaptured but the
great majority of it was liurned. We
���He Kept on the go nearly all the time
and have plenty of hard work and
lighting. We were ill all the cavalry
engagements and I tell you old chap 1
have heen in some pretty hot places.
The chasing of the mounted natives at
a galloping rate puts me in mind of
fox hunting in England. My company took mi active part in the engagement at Thaba N'ohu and my
troops behaved splendidly and showed
that they are made of   the right stuff.
"Our next engagement was at
llinuilfort and hero I took my troops
a little to close. We were forced to
retreat amid a perfect hail of bullets
but came out all right. At our next
engagement which was shortly after.
I had my horse shot from under me.
Before we reached Johannesburg wc
hail some of the warmest encounters
that occurred during the trip this
'ar.    Shortly   afterwards   we reached
Pretoria which  we  took in the name
Of the Queen, The next day the Hoers
came upon us and this engagement
nearly proved fatal for inc.
"I think that was the hottest fire 1
was ever under. One shell came right
hy my head and went through u
horse's neck close by but did not explode. It was a fifteen pounder.
Shortly after, while scouting >ith
eight men I encountered lifty Hoers
with two guns: and by a sudden, bold
dash, and   by menus   of   a   big   bluff
tvhtoh I gave them,we catpurod nearly
every man guns and ammunition,
General Button, on our return, greeted us with wannest congratulations,
and said It was a wonder we did not
leave our bones   behind.    Two of   my
sergeants anil myself are mentioned'in
USSpatches, and they may give me tbe
"��� s. 0, Iii another engagement
shortly after this we lost a great number of men and your humble servant
got a terrible bung In   the bend  w|th
Wednesday, Oct. 3
The Gieut Christian Play
Thursday,  Oct
"The Cheerful Liar.'
Prices 50 and 75c.
HughR Cameron
Fire and Life
Close connection East mid Westbound at Spokane with trains of the
trains of Ibe Spokane Palls and Northern Railway,
Direct connection at Sti Paul without change of depot with all truins for
Chicago, Toronto, Montreal, New Y'ork
and all points West, and South.
Loaves Spokane daily for East at'10:15 a.m
Leives Spokane daily lor West at 7:45 p.m
West-bound trains make direct con'
nection for Victoria and Vancouver
Portland, s.-m Francisco, and all points
on the Bound,
During the season of navigation East
bound trains connect at Dulnlh with
the magnificent steamships North-West
and North-Land of theNorthern Steamship Company Line, operated in connection with the Great Northern Kail-
For further Information, maps, folders, etc., apply to any agent of Spokane
Falls & Northern Hy., Kaslo & Sloean
Ry., Kootel al Railway ,fc Navigation
Co., or to
(jeul. 1'iiHN. .t Tkt. Agt,   Oom'cl Agt.
St.. l'anl, Jlin       Spokane. vVasli
Wholesale Houses
JL   audO.
Limited���Corner Vernon
.. jtlar dtrcuU, Nelson���Munufaclur-
ui_ of aud wholesale dealers in aerated waters
ami fruit syrups, bolu ageuta for Ualoyou Hot
dprlngs mineral water.  Telephone oo.
N. M. Cummins, LosBee���Kvory known
v.uiuly uf sol'Idvillks. 1' O liox 88. 'ioluphonc
No. 31. lluovor Street, Nelson. UoUlurb of the
r.inous (Jt. Leon HotHprings Mineral Water.
Children's School Shoes that will stand
all kinds of wear. Strong, reliable
Shoes, thai will prove a solace to the
father's purse. These are the kind we
have to show you.
The SLoeists
Representing the Largest
European and  American  Manufacturers
Mills, Mines and Smelting Machinery
Apartodo No. 83      -       -       DURANGO,  MEXICO.
CIANB & MAODONALD 01. Cane, James
j   A. Maodonald)���Arohiteota and superin-
1 .niii r.   . 1 ii ni,m Hill 1 Uui'K, corner Haker and
Ward Streets, Nelson.
ou.���Manufacturers of tho Royal Heal
ana Kootenay Bulla Cigars, Factory und
olliee, iiaker Street, Nelson.
HJ. KVA.NS SC CU-Buker Street, Nol-
��� son���Wholesale dealers iu litiuorn, ci-
Kars, cement, lire brick and lire clay, water
pipe and steel rails, and general commission
J    A. M'DONALD -Madden Block, Nelson-
���   b'ruftS, ice cream, "O. B." chocolates.
nigh olass confectionery.  ico Cream Parlors,
S.  Saviour's [English] Ohuroh��� Corner
Ward and BUtoa Sis. Sundays: Holy Communion 8 a. tn.: and on I he Is! and :ird Sundays
in tho month after Maltins; Mutt in- at 11 a.m.;
Sunday School 8,90 p.m ; Evensong "..'to. Daily:
MatUns at0.80 a. 111. Thursdays and Saint':-
Days: Holy Communion 10 a. m. Fridays:
BvenBOngf.80p. m., followed by choir prac
tico. II. S. AkehurHt, Hector. Fred Irvine,
Geo. Johnstonp, Wardens.
Catholic Church���Corner;Ward and Mill
streets Mass every Sunday at Sand 10.00a.m
Benediction at 7.30 p.m.   Mass every week day
at 7.1>r> a.m.   Rev.   Father  Kerland Rector.
PRBSBYTBRIAN Ciium li���ServicoHat 11 n.m.
and 7.:t0 p.m. Sunday School at 2. HO p.m.
Prayer mooting Thursday evening at 8 p.m.;
Christian Kndcavor Society moots ovory Tucs-
ty    _
day evening   a*\ 8   o'clock.    Rov. R. Frew,
l*ast or
METHODIST Ciiuhcii���Corner Silica and
Josephine Streets. Services ut 11 a.m. and 7.30
p. ni. ; Sabbath School, 2.30p.m.: Prayer meeting on Friday evening at 8 o'clock: Kpworth
League O, K., Tuesday ut 8 a.m. Rov, John
Robson, Pastor.
Baptist Chuhch
Wholesale und retail dualorn in grain,
hay, flour. leud. Mills ut Victoria, Now Westminster; Kdmonton, Alta, Elevators ou Calgary und Kdmonton Railway. Manufacturers
of the celebrated B. -v \i. brand curualtj.
A maodonald & Co.���Corner Front
��� and Hall streets���Wholesale grocers
and jobbers iu blankets, gloves, milts, boots
rubbers, muckinnws and miners' sundrios.
Olllco corner Hall aud Front Streets,
.Nelson���Lumber, ceiling, llooiing, aud every
thing in wood for building puvjiotius. Get uur
prices.   Correspondence solicited.
BURNS & Co.���Baker Street, Nelson-
Wholesalo dealers iu fresh aud cured
meats.   Cold Storage.
Baker Street, Nelson
ors in fresh and cured meats.
-Wholesale deal
Street,   Nelson ��� Wholcsule   diralais  in
hardware,  minors'
��� Wholesale   diruluis  in
upplies,  H|Jortiug goods,
\f 'LACHLAN BROS. (Successors to Van-
1x1. couver Hani ware Co, Ltd.) Baker Street,
Nelson���Wholesale dealers in hardware und
mining supplier, plumbers' and tinsmiths' sup
nlies.  ^	
Services morning nnd
igut 11 a.m. und 7.30 p.m.; Pruyer meet.
Thursday evening at 8  p.m.  tho B. Y
'  < at 8 o'clock.
Rov. G. J. Coulter White,
paints, oils ami glft88| mechanics' lools
Agents foi Ontario Powder Works; dynamite
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
&_=-���������>��� ������������-a_)
Branch Markets in Rowland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon, Tliree Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Order* by mall to any branch will have careful a-J oromot attention.
H. &. M. BIRD A Tempting Table
Agents lor Eureka nincrul Wool anil
Asbestos  Co.
liiMir.ini.il Co. ol North AniiiUci. Mutual I.ITo
In -.in.im ��������� Go., ol New York. QUODM
lire Assurance oo.
B0 ft. on Mill   Street	
B0 ft. mi   Victoria  Street
SB ft. on   Vlotorla   Street,   easy
mi ft. corner on Stanley Streel
'-'5 ft. Victoria Street, west	
M) ft. Vernon Street,   west	
s-Itoomeil  House  on   Carbonate
Street 9
7-Koomeil House.   Parle   Street,
close to linker Street	
7-Kooined House on Mill Street
ti-Iioomed House. 11 nine Addition
Furnished House on Observatory
- ^
:in On
2B iiu
30 lln
(Ill i
If ymi have difficulty in making u
pleasing variety In your lull of fare
from day to day,
Come to Our Grocery
and team how easily and economically
l it can be done.
Here are n few things that will help
evonlngatllii.nl. mid 7.30 |i.in.; Prayer meet
Ing   Tfiiirnday evening at 8  p.m.  lho R V
I'.U. Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock.    Strange���
cordially welcomed
Salvation Ahmy���Sonic fl  ovory ovenlng  wile dealer
ot 8 o'cloch  In  harrackn on V olorl     street
Adindant. Kdgeoomhn In rhamn.
Properties for Rent and Salo on Easy Terms
Nelson Wine Store.
A general meeting ol the supporters
rvatlve    candidate    for
��� House of Commons for
11 be held
the   looms
tore on Baker
of  the Const
member of tbi
yale-Cariboo constituency wl
on Thursday  evening
over   Neelnnd's   shoe
Street     It  is  Important  that   thei
should lie a large attendance,  us th
best method   of organising for tn
campaign will be <]^J,l'|s)slj'{;v|N1,;|
Chairman Conservative Association.
Nelson, October 1st, 1000,
The Miner is on sale at the following news stores at five cents v"-'
Gilbert Stanley
ThoniHon Stationery <
Canada Drug fellook Co,
Nr) -mi
llolol Hume Nowh Stand Nelson
Hotel I'halr News Stand Nelson
Ii. Camiiliell Yinir
C. V. Nelson New Denver
J. K. llelaney lloseberry
H. A. Ilnulshaw Slocan City
Hloran News ('o. Sandon
Thomson Hros. Vancouver
Laroontft xonng Kaslo
11. A. King fe Co. Greenwood
and  News   Agents   on
trains out of Nelson
boats  and
Canada Permanent and Western Canada Mortoage
Money to loanj)n^8traJKh^MortgaB.e
Apply to O
��� ''���'Ii   v,u    '     ^���    ���-       d     ���-
U LENNOX, Bukor  St.
I hereby give notice thai al the
next meeting of the Llcenso Commissioners for the Nelson district Will
imply for a license to sell intoxicating
liquors al the Rossland Hotel. Vernon
Street. Dot 111.  Illoeli 60, in   Hie   I Ity
of Nelson, H. C. ,        ,XT
J. V. O'DAI'dllDlN.
rpUKNKK, IIKKTON & Co.-Corner Vornon
X and Josephine Stroots, Nolson���Whcle
.ale dealers in liquors, cigars, und dry goods.
Agents for I'absL Hrewing Co. ol Milwaukee
and Calgary Hrewing Co of Calgary.
HUDSON'S HAY Co. -Wholoaalo grooorlen
and liquors etc., Haker Street, Nelson.
J Front and Hall Streets, Nolson���Whole-
Mile dealers In wines lease and bulk), and
domestic and imported cigars.
Corner Vernon and
Nelson ��� Wholesale
lesion in "provliiions, cured moats, butter and
t) .   JouphlnS  Streets,
NELSON LODGE,   No. S3, A. K. Sc A
M. iiiootk hoooikI Wcilnomluy  in oiich
inotith,    \ i ii in,- brcjlliorn woltomu.
Kootenay Railway and Nav.
Company, Ltd.
Schodule nf Tliue.       I'aeilie Standard I'lmo.
FJIeClvo February 1st, 1IKI0
Passenger trnin for Sandon and wayslalions
loaves Kaslo at 8 a. in., dally. Returning,
loaves Sandon at 1.10 p.ui,, arriving at Kaslo
at 3.5.1 p.m.
Operating on Koolonay Ijiko and River.
Str. "International" leaves kaslo for Nelson
at 0 ft. in, dally M"^ BundM. Ril'iri'ing.
leaves Nelson at l>. 10 p.m.. enlliiig at Halfoui,
Pilot Hay. Alnswo-th and all way points. Connects with S. F. k N. train to and from Spo-
kano at Flvo Mllo Point.
Btoamer Argenla leaves KnaloTooMlns
Fridavs nl IIa.m. for Ihe head nf niivigatl
l|���.   fjnnor llunean  Kiver:   rotllrnlllg Iciin-
Hall's Lanilliig Wi'dnesdays anil Salmdajs.
StoamornOall St lirlnclpul landings In both
dlreclIons, nnd it other points when signalled
TickclsKOldtaall points in Canada and I lie
'to ascertain r��ici and full information ad
I. O. O. F. Koolonay l/xlge
No. Hi, meets ovory Monday night,
at   Ihoir  Mall,  Kootenay atroot
Hoiournlnu Odd Follows cordially invited.
John A. Meltno, N.G.   11. W. Rutherford, V.G.
Fred J. Squire, Per. Sec.
Nelson Kncnmpmciil No. 7. Meela every 2nd
and Itn Friday of each month, ill Odd Fellows'
Hall, coiner Haker nnd Koolonay strents
Nelson. A. H. Clements, C P.| D.MoArthU
It. S,    Vial ting brothers always welrome.
NKL80N  LODGE  NoT~S6, K. ofP
moels In K. of P. hall, Otldfollowa block
��,,,everv   Tuesday  ovenlng at  8 o'clock
rJtJAII visiting knlglits cordially  InvlUxl
F. J. Hkaiii.ky, C. C.
. A. I'AgrKTTK, K. of R. and B.
NKI.SON L. O. L. No. KIM meets in Fra-
ternily Hall on lirst and Ihird Friday evenings
uf ( i'l' month at 8 I'cloek. Visiting i'iiiiiImt-
rordinlly invltod, il, Robinson. WVM.; Win
Crawford, It. s.
j and
in on
droau l
R01IKRT IRVING.     .    .
Managor, ��io�����njI C,
Meetings 4th Thursday of iiionlh. Kralvrnnl
hall. J A Irving C. R.   P. It. Fleming. R.S,
Nhl-KONH   OCKKN    NO.   241
B0N8   OF    KNOLAND,   mcoU
ednesday  evening of
i   al  Fiatorniiy hall,
Haker   and   Koolonay
streets.   Visiting brelhern cord-
i.ill] Inviled.
John Wathon, Socrctary,
Breakfast Cereals of all de-
Del.vered to any point,    scriptiong
on Kootenay Lake.       _     ,  _    , .  ,        , ,.
��� ; Fresh Fruits arriving daily
, have a complete stock on hand of QMqq g^ ^ ��ggg
Rough and Dressed
Mouldings. Sash Doors.
Inside Finish.
Coast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber-
Mill nl PILOT HAY   Ynrdu, NKLSON
und LARIK),
A full line of Cured Meats
Also our Teas and Coffee that
cannot be excelled.
j. a/saywaed.
Kirkpatrkk & Wilson
By the week from $5 to $6.
Hy the day 81.00.
= J. V. O'LADGHLIN,  Prop-
Coal and: Wood.
Agents Imperial Oil Co. Ltd.
Crow's  Nest  Coal,   $6.15
Anthracite,     -     -    $9.65
No order can lie accepted  unless
ueeoini'iinird  liy ensli.
Office Corner Ilnll nnd Baker Street*
St. Joseph's
JNexl term coiiinienceH Sra
Beptember. Por putlou-
Inrs i|i|ily to the
\   the  llrnl   Wi
01.;    ''"li   inoiilli
���cil    corner of  11
NKI.SON AKIIIK No. 22. F. O. K., meeU.
every nconnd and fourlll WMBSSMn of ouch
in enHi. Vl.llliiK iiieiiiliir,. cordially Invit-
ciuirli"! I'ro-iri, Bccrotary,
Brewers of Kine linger
Heel nnd I'm Id.
nitor IN AM) HICK OS,
KeliOD, I). 0.
Bank of
British  Columbia,
Is now prepared to issue
Orafts and Letters of Credit
on Skaguay, U.S., Atlin, B.
C, and Dawson City, Yukon
District. Nelson  Daily  Miner,  Wednesday Evening,  October 3, 1900.
The Council of the loeul Hoard of
Trade meets ut S   o'clock this evening
at tlie board rooms.
Rev, s. Rhodes, of the English
Churan, will preaoh *his evening in
the Baptist mission room, Hume Ad-
diiton, on "Does the World Still believe in the Supernatural." Service
begins at  7:��.
Work ou the new St.Joseph Convent,
which is being erected hero,is rapidly
progressing and in tho course of a
few weeks tin' building will lie in a
fulr way to oompletion. The opening
services, however, will not bo held
until about new year. Tho programme is not yet arranged but it Is
thought that the Bishop of Westminster will be present at the   ceremony.
Mr. .1. McLean of Carberry, Manitoba, has just arrived in Nelson, He
states that much difficulty is being
eneouutered in completing the harvesting of crops. The harvest has
been advanced until the thrashing
stage, but owing to the heavy rain
and snow very little thrashing can lie
done. Much of the grain is still in
the stock and if the wet weather continues  much   of   it will be lost.
E. C. Treves appeared before Magistrate Crease at the police court this
morning on the charge of purchasing
live grouse from Mr. George Hagley of
Club's Landing. Mr. Traves pleaded
guilty and was lined 825 and costs.
I.ate yesterday afternoon a complaint
was also laid against Mr. Bagley for
selling the game and prompt action
was taken and Mr. Hagley was
brought before Magistrate Crease, Sti-
pendary, and was fined $5 and costs,
the fine being light as it was the
lirst offence, Four drunks were also
brought up at the police court aud
each were given the usual line of 85
aud costs.
A change in the southwestern portion of the tramway line,is to be made
immediately. Tlie Tramway Company bus made an appliction to the
City Council for permission to run a
Hue from the present line on Kootenay Street across Observatory to Stanley aud up Stanley to tho skating
rink on Houston. It was the intention of the company to run the line
across Robson Street, but this idea
bus been abandoned, owing to the
steep grade on Kootenay Street between Observatory and Hobson
Streets. The company is now waiting for tlie decision of the council,
and if favorable, work will begin at
once. Tho line up Kootenay and on
Houston streets will be removed and
uHed to construct the new line.
There were two millinery openings
in Nelson today, one at the store of
Kerr Ai Co., aud the other at Fred Irvine & Co. Tlie weather was anything but " millinery opening "
weather, but notwithstanding this a
large number of ladies were out and
the many beautiful pieces of headgear at each store were greatly admired. At the store of Kerr Ai Co..
the display consisted of both millinery and drygoods and was most tastefully arranged. All of the fashionable styles of hats were to be seen,
tho black huts predominating. In
shapes, the low felt hats were most
sought after, with tho pompadour's
and tiainsboro's a close second. At
Fred Irvine Ai Co. 's there was a particularly tine display. Over 100 huts
of the latest Parle and New York
styles were artistically arranged in
the millinery department. In the
main portion of the store drygoods
and furs were on exhibition, the latter making tlie most attractive feature of the fall opening. At both
stores the millinery and drygoods
display will continue for several days.
A fast freight service has been inaugurated on tbe Spokane Kails Ai
Northern and the mixed train service
withdrawn. This will not only give
a better freight service but the passenger service will also be greatly improved. The delays which formerly
gave offence   to   pussengors   will now
be done away with. Considerable
work has been done in the way of
Improvement! to the roadbed and the
putting iu of sidings and spurs (luring the past summer, and considerable
work is now underway at several
points along the line, principally In
the vicinity of Marcus. The local
passenger agent stated this morning
that the business of the road is picking up, and that the prospect for increased business during the winter
month* la bright, It is expected that
the Tamarac. Wilcox, and other Yinii
properties, the Robin Hood and several propositions along the line, will
be added to the list of shippers during
the winter, and will send ore to the
Hall Mines smelter. Thus a daily
freight service is given to North-
port, the train leaving each afternoon
and returning each morning. This
connects with a regular daily freight
service from Northport to Spokane.
An enthusiastic meeting of tile Liberal-Conservative Association of Ross-
lad. was held Monday evening in the
board of trade rooms, in that city.
The meeting was presided over hy l)r
B. Howes. president, and short
speeches were made oy Dr, Howes,
Mr,  A. W,   Kosi,   ot Colombia | Mr.
John McKano and Mr. A. II. MaeNeill, the candidute of the party. Mr.
MaeNeill spoke of the bright prospects of the party, lie stated that be
hud visited Nelson, Ymir, Kaslo and
Ainsworth and found tbe Conservatives united at every point. The organization at each place was perfect,
und the whole strength of the Liberal-
Conservative party would be east for
the candidate at this election. Mr.
Ross, of Columbia, stated that tbe
Liberal-Conservatives in his section
could be counted upon to give a good
majority. The workers were enthusiastic and determined to win. The
whole Boundary country is thoroughly conservative, und tlie Conservatives
there, in common with those all over
the Dominion of Canada, have determined to do their part to turn the
present administration out of office.
Tbe reports from all parts of Hritish
Columbia clearly show that this Province will take its old stand and return
"the solid six" of Liberal-Conservatives to the House of Commons in Ottawa.
Canadian Freight Association Issues a
The Canadian Freight Association
has issued a circular to shippers and
consignees calling attention to the
frequent violation of the Canadian
Classification Rule No. 2. governing
mixed shipments at car load rates.
The rule is quoted and the circular
"The railway companies now find,
however, that the rule is being systematically ignored, and so general
has the abuse become that they are
seriously considering tho advisability
of cancelling it entirely. It has been
found in many instances thut a number of wholesale merchants in different lines of trade will join together
for tlie purpose of making up a carload for shipment to some one point
and for distribution to several consignees, thereby destroying the less than
carload traffic of the railway companies.
"It has been considered advisable,
however, before taking any action
towards withdrawing the existing
privileges, to cull the attention of
shippers to the present unsatisfactory
conditions, and to request that all interested parties faithfully carry out
the regulations as set forth in this
rule. In the event of the railway companies being unable to obtain relief
by this means further uction will be
come necessary."
Hob Fitzsiiuinmons, tlie conqueror
of Sharkey, has been known hitherto
as a man of deeds rather than of
words, but a picture which has been
going the rounds of several newspapers, American and British, depicts
him in the rapt and impressive attitude of tlie after dinner orator. His
appearance in this new role was at a
dinner given recently in his   honor at
Philadelphia by Anthony J. Drexel-
Hiddle, a millionaire. After the
chairman had proposed his health, the
pugilist rose to reply. He was, of
course, in evening dress, and the
three diamonds in his shirt front, it is
said, cast a cool, white light over the
Emphasizing his points with that
hand that has been so favorably
known between tbe ropes as the instrument of a "good right band
punch," Fitzsimmonsreturned thanks.
Here is a brief passage from the
speech which will give an idea of
the freshness of his oratory:
"Mr. Biddle is throwing bouquets
at me thut I don't deserve. He is a
good fellow, and I'm his true friend.
I'm glad to be at this dinner, for it is
an honor.'to be entertained by Mr.Bid-
die. We met buck in 'IM in a friendly
go' at the Pen and Pencil Club here,
und he's a good one with the   mitts."
��� ���   ���
"Well, uncle, whloh do you prefer���
tbe white man of the mirth or the
or the white man of the south'."' asked the idle one.
" Hoss, I'll tell yo' jes' how it is,"
was the reply. "When do white man
am feel' good be am all right anywhere, but when de white man ii'm
fellin' wrong I don't want nufiin' to
do with him nowhere."���Chicago
t   ���   ���
The Rev. Dr. Fourthly���I have now
been your pastor, Mrs. Upjohn, five
full years. And yet it seems only a
short time, after all.
Mrs. Upjohn (with a faraway gaze)
���No, five years does not seem so long
���except when I recall tbe fact that I
have bad .17 different hired girls in
that time.
��� ���   ���
Miles���I saw a dollar lying on tbe
sidewalk this morning and didn't
pick it up.
Biles���How did that happen?
Miles���It was counterfeit.
lilies���Do yon know you have committed a very serious offence?
Miles���And bow's that?
(iilcs���Passed a dollar knowing it to
be a counterfeit.
"Our (Icorgie is to be a policeman. "
'What makes you think he Is   fitted
for it?"
"He walks In bis'sleep. "���Cleveland
I'lain Dealer.
���   ���   ���
Patient���Your own   health seems to
very much improved   of   late, doe-
Doctor���Yes, I sold my horse and
carriage and bought an automobile recently.
l'aticnt���Ah! yon attribute your Improvement to that?
Doctor���Yes, the walking has done
me good,���Philadelphia Press,
In its regular Saturday milling column, The Victoria ('olonist, litis the
following, which will prove of Interest to all mining men :
It may safely be said that the mining industry of the Province was
never in a more floUr'shing condition
than ut the present time; nor has'any
like period to that of the last few
months witnessed so marked and
substantial a development. Few people even in tbe Province itself, have
any ueeurute Idea of the rapidity with
which ore-production is increasing or
of tlie development thut is taking
place, not only in the two Kootenays
and Yale, but in other districts,
whieh, up to tlie present, have attracted but indifferent notice. From
Boundary Creek alone shipments lire
being made of between four and live
hundred tons daily���or half the output of tbe much longer established
Camp of Rossland���while three mines
in East Kootenay are putting out
more ore in tbe aggregate than the
whole of the Sloean, In the Ymir
district one mine���tlie Ymir���is being
worked ut a profit of 838,000 monthly,
three mines at Nelson with the early
prospect of a fourth, when tho Hull
Mines' equipment is completed, are
producing in tlie most satisfactory
manner; Lardo, despite its lack, of
transportation facilities, is beginning
to send out rich consignments of galena for smelter treatment, while
nearer home, at Howe Sound, Texadu
Island and the different camps on both
the enst und west coasts of the Island
actively is decidedly marked. These
ar the lode-mining districts, bul the
reports of progress arc quite as Bat 18-
faetoiy from Cariboo, ('assiar.thc new
plaoer camp of Atlin,and other northern diggings���Cariboo promising' a
gold output this year double that of
last, and Atlin from all accounts will
make, if nut quite, very nearly as
good a showing.
Talking of ore   production,   by the
way, the Le Roi last week   broke   all
Rossland   records   with the   very tidy
output  of   nearly   5,(11)0 tons, and   as
the Centre Star bad  accounted for?,-
700 tons more, Rossland   had actually
arrived   at   the   status of a-tbousand-
tons-a-diiy camp, which   is no had result of growth of live years.    The ein
inently creditable account the I.e Roi
is now giving of itself is none the less
gratifying because the mine is practically owned   in   England.     The   Hritish investor   bus   bud   on   the   whole
a pretty bud time of   it iu Hritish Columbia (liis   own fault, mind you, in
most cases), lint .holders of   Le Roi's,
H.   A.   0.'s, Athabasca,   London and
It. C.'s, and not   a   few   other slocks,
will very soon begin   tu   realize   that
there are   plums   in Hritish Columbia
pudding after all, if one   only   knows
where to look for   them.    Then   there
are several of the   Eastern   Canadian-
owned mines that   are going   to show
up very nicely this year. Cariboo, Mc-
Kinney, of   course, continues to    pay
its dividends regularly, but iu Hie last
week or so a plan   of development has
been laid out upon   a quite  extensive
scale and ere long the   capacity of the
mill will   be   increased.    The    North
Star bus declared a second substantial
dividend which was  paid   last  week;
War Eagle  should   soon   recommence
to earn profits  for   its  share-holdersi
Payne has resumed payment of regular
quarterly     dividends;      Cariobo-Hy-
dranlie will certainly declare   a   dividend   this  year;   while   both   Centre
Star and St. Eugene at  the rate shipments arc being made,should ere long
figure very high in our lists of profit-
earning mines.    This is   necessarily a
very hasty and   superficial   review   of
conditions  but 1^ have   laid  stress on
the    remarkably     favorable     outlook
with an object in view.     If Ibis country is to go ahead at a rate warranted
by the   undoubted wealth   of   its natural and potential resources, it is necessary,���absolutely  so���that the people resident    in   the   country   should
rise to the occasion   and    "enthuse."
At present we   are   sadly deficient   in
this regard.    The man   in   Ihe   street
Who has   speculated   a   few   hundred
dollars   iu   mining   stock   whieh   has
temporarily    depreciated     in     value,
guages the conditi if the mining industry by that most   inaccurate   barometer, tlie local share market quotations,    lie tells you be   has  no longer
"any use" for  mining,   that   he   has
lost such and such   a sum in such and
such a   mine,   of   which   only   u   few
months ago every one was talking  of
as a good  Investment,   and   now   the
shares are   down   to next lu   nothing,
and he winds up   by   stating with the
air of authority that   th mntry   is
no good and all mining bul a gamble.
The point of view is not   only pusll-
lamlnous and (Illogical but It  is also
distinctly harmful to the interests of
Hritish Columbia itself. Of course 1
am referring here more particularly
lo tbe spirit prevalent in ihe Coast
cities,   lu the mining centres you liml
much less of this sort of thing, Km
It is undoubtedly tree thai the attitude of Victoria and Vancouver In the
past bus been bitterly rcscnto 1 In the
Kootenays and led to a feeling of an
tagonism that should not exist. If
we are be beeou.e as good a mining
country as the States or Australia we
must have faith in our own resources
And by faith I do not mean undue
optimism but the. faculty of reading
tin) signs of tbe times intelligently
whereby confidence in tlie great future before us is naturally and inevitably engendered.
���   *   ��
The annual meeting of the Sullivan
Group Mining Company, operating
tlie famous East Kootenay mine oj
that name, was held in Spokane Monday afternoon. The chief business reported Was the election of trustee and
ollieers and the receiving reports as
to the work of tlie company,
The new ollieers are: President,
Senator George Turner; vice-president
���I. M. Armstrong; manager, Charles
II. Wolf, and secretary-treasurer, J.c.
The new board of directors is as follows: Senator George Turner,Colonel
W. W. D. Turner, F. T. Post, .1. M.
Armstorng. E. 1). Sanders, Colonel W.
M. Ridpatb, Charles II Wolf, .1. C.
Williams, .I.M.  Blake.
Recent development on the mine has
been highly satisfactory, as is indicated by tbe following statement
made by Manager Wolf to The Spokesman-Review :
"During September the Sullivan
group shipped 10(10 tons of ore to the
Trail smelter. Our output is increasing each month. We began shipping
Muy 34 last and during that month
shipped 15() tons; In June, 500 tons;
.Inly, 575 tons. August, 1100 tons, and
this past month, 1,000 tons. Next
month, if nothing unforsecn happens,
Ave will send to tbe smelter approximately 1.500 tons. This is certainly a
good record for a young shipper especially when one Considers thut during this four months we havo been
bumpered in getting out tlie ore by
tbe installing of our compressor
plant, new liO-borse-powei boiler.water works, erection of compressor
building, new shaft house and blacksmith shop, ore bins, bunk and mess
bouses, etc.
"Happily, all improvements are
practically completed, nnd I say, with
some degree of pride,that tire Sullivan
lias been economically run nnd is
well equipped as any young property
in tbe country, and 1 dare say that
no other has made greater improve
ment, both in underground allowing
and surface equipment, during the
past 13 months.
"Last week we struck tbe ore in the
crosscut fiom the incline shaft. Thl
is tbe most important strike on our
property in tlie last few months. It
piovcs that the ore is with us at depth
nud that the vein is not u blanket, as
some people have supposed. We shall
Immediately open up a new level at
this point, aud then sink deeper for
"We are preparing for heavier mining from now on. 1 have just let a
contract for sou cords of wood, and
am ordering coal, powder, etc., in
much larger quantities than heretofore. We know we have a mine, and
believe   that  it   will   make   a    great
��   ��   ���
Some high-grade ore in the south
vein of tlie St. Elmo, on Red Mountain at Rossland, has been uncovered
in the drift, according to a letter
written by Superintendent Henry
Drum. One assay recently made, according to the letter, run SI-'ii.sT, in
gold and silver, and some copper as
well. The ore has been gradually
Improving with progress in the drift.
A crosscut is being run to cut the
vein towards the west. Several small
stringers of quarts have been met,
but the main ore body has not yet
been reached. On tlie surface values
have been greater in tbe west end of
the claim, and it is believed that the
ore body there will he of much higher
grade. Tlie St. Elmo is held largely
in Spokane, the company having been
Boated there several years ago. Dr.
Olmstoad is a prominent stockholder.
e   *   *
Captain John R. Gifford came down
from tbe Silver King mine this morning. In speaking of the new machinery which was ordered some time ago
for tbe mine be stated that a portion
of it would be shipped from tbe east
on Friday. Capt. Gilford stated that
a heavy snow storm prevailed this
morning in the bills about thu mine.
This is tho first heavy snow in this
vicinity this season.
New Sultss Jackets
Wc are now ready to show you the latest ideas in
arc cut in the very latest modes and the
prices cannot fail  to satisfy.
JACKETS range from $g
SKIRTS range from   $2.75
SUITS are t0 De h;ul nom a Homespun al
$8.50 to a fine Serge at        $34.00
We ask you to look at them. Their worth will convince you.
Houston Block.
"^""^  Tlmrman's
aw. A. T.
Have you tried it? Tho
man in the picture is smoking
one, and he is happy. You'll
be just as happy if you try it.
W. A. THURMAN, Tobacconist
"What hind of a climate have vou
"It's tine,1' answered the resident.
"Tbe only trouble is that tlie weather
gets discouraged and quits too soon.
The summers are too short to produce
bananas and pineapples and the winters aren't long enough to raise polar
bears. "���Washington Star.
It is certainly gratifying to the
public to know of one concern in Ihe
laud who are not afraid lo be generous
to Ihe needy and suffering. The proprietors of Dr. King's New Discovery
for Consumption, doughs and Colds,
have given uway over ten million
trial bottles of this grout medioine;
and have the satisfaction of knowing
it has absolutely cured thousands of
hopeless cusps. Asthma, Bronchitis,
HoarHP.iess and all diseases of the
Throat, Chest and Liangs aru sorely
onred bv it. Call on Canada Drng &
Hook Store tod get a free trinl bottle.
Regular size 60c and fi, Kveiy bottle
gUAranteed, or price refunded.
A look through Neelands' stock of
Fall Footwear today.
Time will be well spent, and you
will be surprised at the extent of
the stock.    Your
l'hair���C. I). Monghan, Toronto;.I.
c. McGregor, Spokane; W.H.Yawkey,
Detrlot; F. T. Griffin, Winnipeg; N.
F. Townscnd. Kossland:.I. 10. Mitchell,    11.    Mosoley,   Whitewater;   .1.  II,
Ham, Montreal (George Martin,   Kaslo; D. A. Cameron, Seattle.
Hume.��� W. W. Armstrong, Toronto; 0. W llunsal. K'imberlfv; I). F
Dickson, Winnipeg; F. S. Smith,
Montreal; (1. II. Itmnaay, Vancouver;
T. G, Fleutot, Kaslo; A. Munn. Kaslo; .1. B. Gifford, Mall Mines; W. V.
Hunt,  llonnington Falls.
Spring ohicken nnd all the delloaoiea
of the season served to you when yon
visit Plorenoe Park Hntel at Roberts
Ranch, two and a half miles up the
river.    W. M. Roberts, proprietor.
<S %j&Tnri.00
This signature iii on every boi nl the genuine
Laxative Bromo-Quiniw *��"��������
ttao romedr that mures a oaM It) m��� <t*r
Are You Right?
Vou can be sure of your minutes
if you provide yourself with our
of our accurate and reliabh
Don't run���get a good watch to
run for you.
Manufacturing Jewelers.
Will be fitted perfectly and your
taste suited. Bring the wife and
little ones
Vou. Their foot needs will le
filled equally well, and at wonderfully little cost to
Our whole attention is given to
buying and selling Boots and
Shoes, and there's benefit in this
Gee Can Fit You.
has   one of
Fall and
Iiu-   best   and   largest
" inter stocks in
1'rov I nee.
A. GEE, Merchant Tailor
Opposite Queen's  Hotel,
Baker Street,
You. We are sure we can convince
you that the place to get your
Footwear is


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