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Nelson Daily Miner Mar 21, 1899

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Daily Edition No. 269.
a��� ���e
Nelson, British Columbia, Tuesday, March 21,  1899.
Ii:  h Year
Mrs- Martha M. Place Pays
the Death Penalty.
The Condemned Murderess Walked Quietly to the Death Ohair and Met
Her End Bravelj.
Sing Sing, N. Y., March 20.���Mrs.
Martha M. Place, who killed her stepdaughter at their home iu Brooklyn,
Pebruary 1, 1898, was eleotrocuted in
Sing Sing prison this morning, the
first womau to die in the chair in this
State. Mrs. Place went to her death
impassive, calm and with no more
than a murmured prayer. With her
when she entered the death houBe was
the warden, on whose arm she leaned
heavily, her minister, Rev. Dr. David
Cole, of lookers, an old friend and
aged pastor, a woman physician, one
of the matrons of the prison and two
keepers. Mrs. Place was dressed iu
black, a gown that she had made to
wear at her new trial, or as she first
thought to her freedom. She seemed
to tower above the waiden, who kept
her arm tightly within his, aud one
arm around her to support, hor. Her
light gray hair was brushed smoothly
back from her forehead ; one hand held
a small prayer hook. The woman's
eyeB were closed and she picked lnr
way to the chair without loweriug
her head. As she sat down her lips
moved again in prayer and she said :
"God help mu." The two men who
followed her closely wero there in an
instant. Dr. Irvin with an assistant
helped to cut off the view of the witnesses seated around the chamber. It
was but a moment's work to bare tho
log and attach the electrode, the prison
matron drawing her skirts ont in front
of the chair. Tho soc.ind electrode
wns clamped down o***- the head in nn
Instant; Mrs. Place never stirred
Her it&i'il pastor walked quietly away
He could not bear to look nt her
Quioker than it lias ovor been done before, tbo straps across tho face buckled
OU, the pad drawn over th* oyos ; tlie
signal given and the lever thrown
down, The women attendants pressed
close up against the ohair. One could
hardily see a movement of the body.
It grew rigid, the fingers gripped tbo
palms, the prayer book in tbe woman's
left hand twisted across th" wrist and
slipped partly out when the muscles
relaxed. Her mouth, small with thin
lips, merely tightened, it seemed, as
though iii quiet content. There was
uo pain, uo suffering, no sceno of nny
kiud. The woman in the death chamber seemed strangely out of place. Tbe
womau physician was bright looking, sharp in ber movements, rapid in
what she did. But her dress was wlml
gave the scene a strange nspeot. She
wore a gray dress nnd a huge bat with
pronounced crimson trimmings. Sbe
both fastened on the electrode and examined the heart, With tbe prison
matron, hIui stood directly iu front of
Mrs. Place und watched her face as
slio died. Both were affected, but performed thor duties well. At exactly
11 lOl, State Electrician Davis gave the
shock. It was a voltage of 17(!(l abont
Ibe usual strength, nnd was continued
for four seconds. Then it was lowered
to 200 and maintained for 68 seconds.
When the current was shut off Dr.
Irvin, prison nbysicinii. felt her neck,
where (hero wns a slight, pulsation of
the arteries. But the woman wns
dead and those physicians who saw tbo
electrocution and examined the body
afterwards gave it as their opinion
that death had been instantaneous. After a brief interval, a second shook
was given. Those who stood around
did not even hour a respiratory moon.
but it little froth oozefl from the lips.
The voltage wns the snmc ns in He
first shock and again lasted four seconds, It wns gradually diminished to
200 and when the current was shut off
the body sank back quietly into the
ohair, Thn lower limbs had stiffened
somewhat, there was hardly a mark
where tho electrodes had been. Thore
the woman lay, ber face just as she
had walked into the death house impassive, culm, with simply tightly
drawn lips. Tho body remained in lln*
chair until after the Witnesses had filed
out of the ehiniiber. when it was removed to the autopsy table, whore autopsy wns conducted behind closed
doors, no one being permitted to ho
present, except the operating surgeons,
Dr. Irvin, Dr. McKeuiia and Dr. .lennie Qrin. The report was sealed and
not made public, at present. Later in
thn day the body was taken to an undertakers nnd embalmed. It wns
shipped tonight to New Jersoy. Tbo
precaution regarding the autopsy report wns taken merely becanse of the
int.-use interest aroused regarding
the sauitv of Mrs. Place. Indeed,
thoso who have been with Mrs. Plaoe
from beginning to end, say that Mrs.
Place was a perfectly sane woman.
She was prepared for her death earlv
this morning by Rev. Dr. Cole and she
said to him : "I will meet my dealh
bravely, I will put my tntst in God "
She was ready when the warden visited hor at 10:85. She hud said goodliv
to Mrs. Sage, who had been kiud to
her, with tears in her eyes aud to her
attendants and there was uot a word
���pnWn fluting the death marei.   It
was from the top floor of the old hospital building in the eastein pnrt of
the yard, a distnnce of 500 or 600
feet to the chamber. The party descended two flights of Btairs, passed
through the dismantled wards of the
old hospital, through manv rooms aud
last of all through the dimly lighted
corridor that led within. The colls of
murderers row were draped with curtains ; there was no person to look at
the woman ou that journey to the
! ohair. After it was ovei- Warden
Sago said the whole affair was oven
more satisfactory than he had hoped
for. There is no denying that the
wardou had feared a break down or a
Sing Siug, N. Y., March 20. ���Yesterday afternoon Warden Sage decided
to notify Mrs. Place of the day of her
exocution. Mrs. Place mot him in her
quiet way, aud he said, "I have
como, Mrs. Place, so that thero may
be no misunderstanding, You are to
be ready on Monday morning at 11
o'clook." The woman looked at him
and Baid simply, "I will be ready;
I will put my trust in God." The
warden spoke a few comforting
words, and then left her. Mrs Place
cried a little, but bore up wonderfully
Yesterday evening Rev. Dr. Cole of
Yonkers came. Many years ago the
womau attended at bis Sunday
School. He is deeply affected at her
end. He spent the uight in the warden's apartments and today he prepared Mrs. Place for death. After he
left her, the woman had no consolation but her bible. She promised that
she would boar up well, aud, indeed,
though suffering keenly, Bhe maintained her cnluiueBB.
With her in her room all night was
Mrs. Kathryn Ooultry, one of the matrons. She had been one of Mrs.
Plaoe's regular atteudents. In an adjoining cell Keepers Knnnane andLav-
ery were on the watch. All the last
night the matron sat beside hor ward
in a chair, and never for a moment
did she trust the condemned woman tn
herself. Mrs. Place got up several
times and looked from ber window at
tho storm that was howling across the
Hudson. Hor attendant each time
went with her. and so the night
passed. The black gown tbat she wore
to tbo electric chair, Mrs. Place mado.
and when Bhe made it she said it was
to wear ut hor uew trial. Hor Inst
goodbye to the only relative thn'
visited hor was said ou Satnrdav
Peter Qarretson was with her for nu
hour then. Tho woman had written
mtniv timer to her son, n Ur*i of 1*
but bo answered none of her letters
.She bad often spoken of him nntl seem
od giievod because bo did not reply
To her husband, also, she bail written ;
but bp. too. was silent.
In her journey from ber room to tho
door of tbe death house, Mrs. Place
passed the doors of four condemned
murderers namely Meyer, Macdonald
Braun and Pullerson. Heavy cm-lain*-
bad been bung over lhe gratings and
the meu within could only hear her footsteps as Mrs. Place was brought dow n
the corridor. Yesterday she said to
her spritual adviser that she wanted
forgiveness from every one and treolv
forgave others. The matron reported
this morning tbat Mrs. Place did in t
lie inwii until half past two, and then
did so without removing her clothing.
She slept well until six. She aroFB
without apparent regret and wns reasonably composed. The witnesses entered the death houso at 10:40 and th"
doors to the building were immediately closed. Mrs. Place died at 11:01
and made no scene. The first shoo-
lusted four seconds. This makes the
24th electrocution in the state of New
The crime for which Mrs. Place
suffered tbo extreme penalty was tb.*
murder of hor step-daughter, Ida
Place, at their home in Brooklyn on
February   IT,   1898.   The girl was 22
years old. A double murder had beon
planned by the woman. She killed
her step-daughter when the girl wns
taking an afternoon nap. by splitting
lm scull open with an axe and pouring
vitrol on her face and into hor month.
Tbo same evening tb" woman lav in
wait for her husband in a dark ball-
way of tbo houso. When be entered
sbe struck bini in the face with an axe
inflicting a serious wound. He managed to get outside tbo front door and
alarmed tbo neighbors bofore he he-
ciinio unconscious. When the police
and neighbors entered the house thoy
found Mrs. Plaoe in a bedroom, in
which the gas w.ts escaping, and she
was shamming nn consciousness. Mr.
Place recovered and said bis wifo tried
to nuirtler him. The woman was arrested. Tlio motive of tho crime was
jealousy of hor step-daughter.
Death of One Reported in the
House of Commons.
Buffalo, N. Y.. March 20.���Train
No. Hi, on tho Lake Shore road known
as tho "Southwestern Limited," met
with an accident, just outside of Buff-
alo ibis morning. Engineer Heury
Bbattmok, of Buffalo, was instantly
killed. Geo. W. Huberts, tho brnkemnii,
living at Derby, N. Y.. was seriously
injured aud William Poster, of Now
York, the porter, was slightly hurt.
Thn exact cause of the accident in not
yet known. Railroad ollicials believe
ice clogged ono of the Interlocking
switches. The engine, combination
cafe and baggage car and one of the
sleepers, was derailed and the trucks
wero blocked for several bonis, None
of the passengers wort* injured
A Prominent   Liberal Asks What  Her
Majesty's Government Intends to
do About the Matter*
London, March 20.���Iu the House
of Commons today the Hon. Philip
James Stanhope, Liberal, President of
tbe National Reform Union, asked
if Her Majesty's Government has received a report of the lamentahle occurrence at Manila, wben a British
subject, named Simpson, had, unfortunately, been killed ; whether the Government was aware that Simpson's
family was dependent upon Mm and
whether the Government would endeavor to obtain pecuniary compensation for his family by friendly representations to the Government of the
United States. The Parliamentary Secretary of the Foreign Office, Rt. Hoti.
Wm. John Broderick, replied that the
mail despatch with details of tbo
affair could not be received before
April and tbat with insufficient information on the subject it was *.ise-
less to make representations lo tin-
United States Government for Compensation. Simpson was connected wilh
the Andrews cotton mill nnd wns accidentally shot (luring lhe buttle of
Manila on February 2.'1 He was looking out of the window of n mill and
owing to his while clothing, wns mistaken for a Filipino
Furious   btprms   Rage   in   the   South
and Do Much Harm.
Montgomery, Alabama, March 20.���
A terittic windstorm, acompanicn u}
rain and hail, passed through tho a-
tensive plantation of Samuel Cmr.*.,
in Chilton County, last night.
Eleven bouses were blown dowu and
two neggro boys were killed and . i
other negroes wero injured.
Pino Bluff, Arkansas, March 20.���
Further details of the fearful stoi in
which swept over portions of Arkansas on Saturday morning reached Pine
Bluff today. At Walnut Lake three
persons were killed. Evory house oil
J. M. Parker's plantation, extensively
known as tho Fish place, was demolished.
Bethlehem, Mississippi, March 20.
���Will Wicker's house was destroyed
by a tornado yesteiday and a child
killed. A stable is said to havo been
blown one hundred and fifty yaids
with a horse in it, but the horse was
Huntsville, Alabama, March 20,���
The tornado which struck the northern pnrt of Madison county last night
did a great deal of damage to houses
and farm property. Passengers who arrived last night on a train from tin
north reported that people wero com
ing into the railway stations in quest
of physicians to attend the injured.
Trial is Now in Progress at Kamloops
Having Opened Yesterday.
Kamloops, B. C., March 20.���The
North Yale election trial is uow in
progress and from prosont Indications
the trial will last at least a week. A
very large number of witnesses nro
prosont for both sides. Argument over
rejected ballots has been going on all
day. Gordon Hunter, for the petition
er, is making a vigorous light to bave
counted in all the ballots marked outside the circles and in the space whore
the candidates names appear. The recount will probably be concluded to
morrow when Iho bribery chnigos
will bf preceded with. Both sides
nre confident of success.
Mexicans   Take   the   Small   Pox Epi-
dotnie As a Serious Affair.
San Antonio, Texas. March 20 ���
State Health Officer llltint, iu cliHigt
of tbe small pox situation at Laredo,
Texas, asked tor more State police and
24 men were sent to him today, Tbe
Mexicans refused to allow tbe officials
to remove their relatives who were
affltoted, to the post house and firing
negan in the western portion of the
city. Two men wero killed ami a captain of the State Regulars wounded,
United StatoR troops from Fort Mcintosh woro marched to tho scene ut 11
a. ni.
Kingston, Janitiica, March 20.���Hon.
John Sherman is worse ami i�� not
likely to survive the night. The hoi
weather has greatly weakened Mr.
Sherman and his doctors feel that, unless a change for the|better comes very
qulek, all hope mast ba abandoned.
Halifax, N. ti., March 20.- An olllcial
Inanity into the wrecked steamer Castilian opened, at Yarmouth today.
Tho Government Steamer Aberdeen
has been forced to send an armed boat
crew tn tho wrecked ship In order to
drive off and keep away the hordes of
hungry wieckers, who for several days
have been engaged in despoiling the
Castilian of everything tbat could be
State   Department   Makes
Documents Public.
Governor Brady Wrote Last Month Asking That Troops be Sent to the
Scene of Conflict-
Washington, Maroh 20,���Some important statements concerning the
Alaskan Boundary line" situation are
given ofnoial correspondence now ou
file in the State and Interior Departments, which has never before been
made publio. The controversy between miners on either Bide of the
line within the piiBt week led up to a
number of casualties. Governor Brady
of Alaska, as long ago as tbe latter
part of February, called attention to
the threatening condition of affairs.
On February 21, Governor Brady,
who wns here, had a lonference with
both Seoretary Bliss, who was then
just leaving the Cabinet, and Secre-
tnrv Hay, in whioh he urged that the
agressive nets ot the Canadians be
promptly submitted iu a formal note
of warning of impending trouble and
the possibility of bloodshed. The note
will bo considered at the next Cabinet
mooting. On Feb. 28, the archives
show, the Governor submitted a formal
coniiimuicafion to the Secretary of the
Interior, in which he speaks of the
hitter feeling along the line that made
lhr, presence of troops, in his opinion,
Among other things,Governor Brady
-���aid in   his letter :
"The Canadians, from our way of
looking at matters, have constantly
shown a spirit of aggression so tar as
tho boundary line is concerned. This
is shown in three instances. There is
a point upon the Stickeen, which for
veins hflj been reearded as uoon the
boundary lino. Thousands of miners
> ave passed up the I oundary line,
thousands have passed up and down
ihe river, merohauls have done immense business and this was always
recognized as lhe boundary line. An
American oitlzen is operating a quartz
lodge six miles below the recoguized
boundary. Tbe Canadian officials have
gone down six miles below him, thus
making a gap of 12 miles. They compel him to pay duties ou his snpplioB
which he carries in to operate this
ledge. Last year in February an order went out to the customs official of
the Mounted Polico to move from the
recognized stations on the bouudary
lines to tbe summit of the Pass. Our
people had uo notification of such intention but thoy made the move aud
some of our citizens were at that time
in favor nf going up and compelling
them to move back by force, but
when I was sounded upon it,of course,
I premptorially forbade any such act.
I took the trip to the summit of Chil-
coot Pass and found the British flag
flying there and the customs officials
collecting duties from all who had
their goods piled up there on tbe
suow. I asked the officer iu charge by
what authority ho had moved -from
the Lake to the Summit and he replied, hy command of his superior officer. Now our customs officials at
Skagway havo not recognized those
lines sn'far as sending convoys over
with British goods. The c.invnys got
compensation from the persons they
convoy so far as Log Cabin, the point
from which the British moved to the
summit of White Pass. Recently the
news has reached us here that two
convoys wero imprisoned for undertaking to continue to convoy as far as
Log Cabin, for two days. Lats last
autumn the gold diggings wero discovered on a creek called Porcupine
Crook, whioh is a tributary of Chilat
River, which is upon the third trail,
viz; The Dnltou, or Chilcat trail.
Those discoveries, are proven to be
very rich and (hey are very close to
the '.in mile limit, whioh also wo always have regarded the boundary. The
cl.iims havo boon worked during the
winter and people aro satisfied with
their richness and manv meu have
gone in with stocks of goods and propose to start in business with the prospect of lively mining season. This
immigration has been extensive from
the fact that a few woeks ago tbo Parliament of Hritish Columbia passed an
Alien Act, which would throw part of
tin* intended Immigration in the Atlin country into the Porcnpino district,
instead and the nggressivenoss which
has been shown the Stickeen and the
passes would impel the Canadians to
move down ami claim this country a��
belonging to them. I think I know
the temper Of our people nnd feel sure
in saving that if such a step is attempted on the part of the Canadians
conflict will ensue." This danger is
so Imminent that I deem it wise that
our troops in Alaska he ordered to
toko oosscssion of these lines and
maintain our sovereignty over the soil.
I see no other stop for us to take if we
want to avoid a conflict with Great
Britain. I regard tho Porcupine district especially aa the point of danger. "
Secretary Hay. on February 8, wrote
to the Interior Department a letter, in
which he reverts to the boundray   negotiations,   Among other things,   he
Isa-rit  "In >h��  whole itreteb of thi
coast boundary line between Prince
Of WaleB Island aud Mount St. Eilas,
there are but two localities in which a
boundary has been provisionally established pending the eventful determination of the entire question, namely on
the Stickeen River a.id at the passes
north of Dyea and Skagway." Continuing, Secretary Hay snys; "The
looatiou of the so-called Pan Handle
boundary line, between Alaska and
the British Northwestern Territoty, is
now under negotiation without agreement so far. U ni il tbe two Governments shall reach and accord as to tbo
aefinitive boundary, it would appear
that the point provisionally located on
the Stickeen River should he respeotad
by both Governments as a modus Vivendi without prejudice as to the final
fixing of the line. A vory full report
of tbe Canadian engineer, Mr. J. H.
Hunter, should, it is thought, suffice
to determine whether there has since
been such encroachment upou the jurisdiction of the United States as is alleged in Governor Brady's letter."
Seorstary Hay concludes by suggesting
that unless it should distinctly appear that the provisional understanding of January and February 1878 has
been disregarded by the British agents
in the Stickeen valley, this Government should not make complaint or
inquiry of tho Canadian Goverumeut
in respect to the statements.
Concerning the reported trouble referred to in the above despatch, The
Vancouver News Advertiser of a recent date Bays:
Vancouver is the home of the fake
reporter. The New York World of
yesterday has a speoial from Vancouver telliug of a reported fight be
tween Americans and Canadians near
tbe Dalton trail in which four men
were killed. Carl Slummerfelt is given
as the man who brought the news.
i��n Associated Press despatch from
Washington comments upou it, and
makes some absurd remarks about Can-
adiaus moving the lines of tbe Alns-
kau bouudary. The local evening papers yesterday referred to the matter.
One said Slniunierfelt came dowu ou
the Tees and roughly refused to be interviewed in Yictoria where the boat
lauded its passengers. From inquiries
made by the News-Advertiser it would
appear that* uo man of the name of
Slnnnnerfelt came down on the Tees.
Another local evening paper says Carl
Slummerfelt came over to Vancouver
from Victoria on l'hursdny morning.
The Charmer's passenger list, as published by that same paper, givef the lie
to the statement.
The report of a "pitched battle" hits
heel *1* to-nphnd all over tin* world le,-
now. Americans particularly wiii
believe it to be true and yet the ft cts
point to this Carl Slniunierfelt being a
mythical personage. One local evening paper has shipped him off to California to get him out of the way. To
show that uo Curl Slummerfelt was on
the Tees we publish the list of the 4.")
passengers.    *   *   *
Wont be Necessary to Jump
When the Bell Rings.
By the New Method You Oan Sit in Your
Ohair and Speak  at the
London. March 80.��� An engineer
named German, in the French Ministry of Postals and Telegraphs, says he
bas just brought out an invention
which, he claims, will revolutionize
the telephone. By au ingenious
adaptation of the telephone wire tbe
microphone H made to develop and intensify the vibration received so that
it is unnecessary to place the receiver
to the ear or stand with the mouth
close to the transmitter and conversation is easily carried on between two
persons, both of whom may be several
yards distant from the instrument.
Tbe instrument has been several times
officially, tested and pronounced a complete success.
A. D. C. IN A
British Minister Urges Her   Claims to
a Piei i* of China.
London, Maroh 30.���The Pekin correspondent "f the Times says; Sir
Claude MoDonl d, the British Minis-
tor, has been urging the Tsung Li Ya-
nion to grant tne Belgian demand for
a concession at Hankow, but China
declines, aud the British advocacy of
Belgium's proposal is regarded as unreasonable and inconsistent.
Rome, March 19.���The Chinese ambassador. Sir Chili Tehen, had a prolonged interview today with Admiral
Canevaro, Minister of Foreign Affairs,
presumably regarding the Italian de-
nwnd for a ��� on** -'in nt San Muu
London, March 80,��� The St. Petersburg corespondent of the Daily Mail
says ; It is asserted here that negotia-
tions are almost concluded by which
the treaty port New Chwang, Province of Loao Tung, ou the River Liaou
near the Gulf of Pe-ehi-li, will be
come a Russian possession, Russia undertaking in return to support China
in resisting the demands of Italy.
The Address  in  Eeply   to  the   Speech
From the Throne Was Moved
and Seconded.
Ottawa, Ont., March 80.���Rev.
Betridge, in St. Andrews church Inst
eveuiug, while preaching ou the fourth
Commandment, repeated his opinion
in favor of Sunday cars. This is
looked upon as a declaration against
the Sunday Alliance, which decided
against Sunday cars.
There is some comment hero today
over His Excellency's A. D. C. having ordered a Royal salute to be presented by the guard of honor at. the
drawing room on Saturday, when it
should have beeu only a general salute.
When Princess Louise wns here, a
Royal salute c uld not bo fired.
Belgium, France, Italy and United
States consuls, through Boine mistake,
were ordered by the. A D. C. to outer with the genoial public, instead of
following Cabinet Ministers, as tbey
were doing nnd instead of doing so
thoy left the building without being
There wns a large nttondiioe in the
House today when Bell moved the address ill ronly to tbe Speech from the
Throne. He made an excellent speech.
Martineau seconded it.
Wm. G. Raymond has been appointed postmaster at Brantford III
room of A. D. Clement, deceased.
Mr. Raymond is at prosont Mayor of
Brantford and one of tbo most popular
men in the district. The appointment
will give general satisfaction.
Senator J, B. Tbibaiidoau will sec-
ond the address in the Senate.
Act of   Revenge   By   Threo  Deserter
Sailors at Victoria.
Victoria, B. 0., March 20.���The five
year old sou of Captain Wallace ot the
bark Sea King, now loading lumber
nt Ohemainus for Sydney, N. S. W.,
disappeared on Saturday night aud it
was feared was drowned while crossing the gang plank from the bark Hawaiian Islands to his father's ship.
This morning, however, Captain
Wall ice, who is in Victoria, received
a telegram from Ohemainus stating
that a boy answering the description
of his son hail been seen in the woods
with throe men, supposed to be deserters from the ship, who have kidnapped the boy as an act of revenge ou
tho captain. The aid of the Provincial Polico has been enlisted but the
Captain does not credit tho supposed
He is Making a   Hurry-up Trip to tho
States aud Rotnrn.
Chicago, March 20.���Thomas Jaggers
the messenger sent from London by
Richard Harding Davis, arrived iu
Chicago last night, delivered his message to Miss Cecil Clarke and departed
shortly before midnight for Philadelphia, whore ho iB to deliver a message
to Miss Dawes, at No. 2.12 South 21st
Street, So far Jaggors is ou time und
if nothing happens be will sail from
New York for London on the St.
Louis, the boat that bought linn over,
Wednesday noon.
He Foil Overboard aud   Was   Drowned
at Resebery.
Rosebery, B. C, March 2d��� (Special)���The body of tbo deck-hand Evans
who fell overboard from tho Steamer
Slocan in January was found toduy.
The C. P. R. lias been notified aiui will
take charge of tbe funeral.
Loudon, March 80.���The Constantinople correspondent of the Standard
sayB: " Nows has boon received from
Smyrna that 6,000 Cretan Mussulman
refugees who were in desperate lack of
work und food, invaded and pillaged
Greeks aud Turks' quarters of city.
Aconfiiot resulted tu which many persons were killed or wounded."
Manila, March 20.���The mountain
banditti, of Pauay Island, recently
threatened a serious attack upon Iloilo,
but thoy Were repulsed with a loss
of 21)0 men by General Miller. Mo-
Neill's battalion of the California
regiment, under Colonel Duboce, had
orders to embark on the transport In-
dianiti tomorrow, in order to reinforce*
the garrisons of the towns of Bais aud
Bagnyan, on the east coast of the Island of Negros, where Colonel Smith
is iu command. This is ouly u measure of precaution, as Mnjor-Genernl
litis nays he does not anticipate trouble
Rochester, N. V., Marcn 20.���Rtv.
John W. Millard, pastor of Lyell
Avenue Baptist church, was arrested
this morning ou the charge of grand
larceny Id appropriating to hia own
use $17.1 belonging to Mrs. Elzora E.
Btanloy, of the city. Tho minister
pleaded not guilty and was admitted
to bail in the sum ot $600.
���rnrfli > ���
Nelson Daily Miner
Published Daily except Biirda-f,
Nf.i.son Miner Printing St Pchi.isuino Co.,
D. J.  BEATON, Managing Director and
AIA, COMMUNICATIONS u> tho Kditor must
bo iccoiiipunied by tha n-ime and addreiw
of tho wiiter, not ii.ceaiftrilj* for publica-
tlO'i, but as evidence of good faith,
SupBCBiPTiuN Rates
P illy per month by cantor t 1 Oti
per month by maL    If*
nor half ye*   by ma U     bOti
per year  "000
per year foreign  IB 00
Nkiaon Wkekiy Miner.
Weekly, pel half year  ���   S 1 25
per year.    2 00
per year, foreign    3 00
Subscription! Invariably In advance.
Vol loos  of Births,   Iljaths, and Marriages
inserted for 611 eenU oaob.
���VilvortiHi *k r* 108 madf Known on application
Nelson Miner Print! ig&PubllshlngCo
TO   4I>�� I'KTIMJtS.
Copy Tor �� ban*-****** nl' t.lviril*., i,i< in mn*!
be In Un* nilii*** by 4 o'clock p.m. lo
limir'* change.
no one has the least knowledge of Moyelle ; yet ou the company's maps and
time tables it is Moyelle, uot Moyie.
The only reason there can he is that
the Company is endeavoring to destroy Moyie in order that it may build
up a town of its own at Moyelle.
That is tbe situation as presented by
tbe Moyie Board of Trade, and it is
anything but a creditable one. If
tbe Company has anything to offer in
explanation or excuse, the publio. we
are sure, will agree in saying that it
is high time it was forthcominK.
There has been a large increase in
the aggregate trade of the Dominion
for the eight months of the fiscal year,
in comparison with the corresponding
peroid of last year. But the increase
is entirely in imports, there bein(? a
decline "in exports of nearly five millions in value. This means that oue
source of revenue has fallen off, but
b dug iutoxictnted with the good times
of the past year or two we are keeping
up expenditure by heavier purchases
than ever. The Goverumeut will profit by tbo increased customs duties,
aud at the end of the year Mr. Fielding may have another big Burplus to I
boast of; but unless the near future
shall see a revival of exports more
closely approximating our extravap-ant
purchases, the couutry is apt to sweat
for a prosperity tbat is by no means
as real as it looks.
The Rosslaud Record scolds the banks
of tbat city because they do not help
to support the newspapers by advertising. This would not be surprising in
a number of British Columbia newspapers that might be named, but it
is surprising iu one ns intelligent and
as ably conducted as The Record. It
is adoptinR au entirely incorrect view
of advertising, aud oue by no means
complimentary to the dignity and independence of the Press. Possibly the
banks would deaserve scolding if
newspapers subsisted on cbaritv. Perhaps some of them do, but it would
bn better in that case if they kept the
fact as carefully concealed as possible
Neither banks nor any other business concerns, institutions, or corporations are expected to advertise merely
out of consideration for the newspapers
Aud a newspaper demeans itself
when it solicits patronage on thai
ground. Advertising is a business iu
itself. The banker or merchnnt who
dosires to push his trade will keen his
business conspicuously before the public by means of advertising. If for
any reason lie does not choose to do
this it is his own affair. The newspaper is tho medium through which
this is doue. If conducted with ability
and enterprise it will in time gain the
confident" and support ot itn cunati
ttieuoy of readers, aud then it becomes
valuable as au advertising medium.
The business man who appreciates
the advantage this offers will use it for
the advancement of his own interest;
but should ho conclude on the other
hand that no benefit is to be derived
from advertising, it is clearly his privilege to act ou his couvictiou without
exposing himself to the reproach of
the newspaper.
No man is bound to advertise, any
more than he is bound to keep a donkey cart. If a doukey cart pays be
will set one up, and if advertising
pays lie will advertise. It is his
own business ho has to consider, nut
that of the newspaper. It] is open to
The Record, however, and to othor
newspapers to say, if so inclined, that
many business men do not yet understand the business of advertising. There
may be a dozen good reasons why the
banks in Rosslaud do not advertise; of
that we kuow nothing. But in these
days of competition uo person whose
business depends on pnblio patronage
can afford not to advertise, if he has
the intelligence to know how to ad-
vertise judiciously, Especially is
this true in a new uud rapidly developing country liko British Columbia.
Nelson offers nn excellent illustration
iu point. In three years it has mncb
more than doubled its population. Men
who were in business three years ago
and do not advertise are not known hy
the thousands who havo come in
siuce. Tho shrewd business man understands this, and be is careful to
keep his name prominently forward,
with the result that every uew settler
knows of him and is likely, therefore,
to trade with him. The same with
the banker ns with the merchant, ouly
in a modified degree no doubt. The
in w settler has a draft to buy, a deposit to make, or an account to open ;
he goes to tho bank he knows, which
is the bank tbat advertises. The only
duty of the newspaper is to afford all
advertissrs the opportunity to introduce themselves to the public whom
they dtsiro to cultivate; and if a live,
clean newspaper, that is not only
road ou the street but is welcomed in
the homes of the people, it will re
coive this patronage for the reason
tbat it earns it and gives value   for it.
FOR SALE���Household goods, including fine parlor rug, lace curtains,
door draperies, etc. Must be sold at
once. Apply mornings at honse, west
side of Sianley steert, seoond door below Carbonate.
Where ts
It is on the South Side
of Baker Street and is
filled with the very
latest things in Boots
and Shoes.
Purauanl to tbe Creditors Trust Deed Acts
and Amended Aets.
Who has seen my Cloth-; ��nd
Samples of Overcoat Buittntre,
Trousers and Fancy Vestings
says thoy arc elegant Thu prices
are tight. Fit and Finish oan
not he excelled in Canada.
Ladies'    Tailor-made  suits  a
5 & 9 Clement Block.
Is now prepared to till orders
for Luncheons, Dinners or
Evening Parties.
.Melton    Mowbray    l'ies.     Chicken*
Veal, and Pork Ties.   All orders
promptly   attended    to.
Ward St.,   -  Opposite Hume Hotel.
Dealer in BOOTS &
SHOES. Repairing
work a Specialty. The
Cheapest Place to
Deal in Town.
It is petfeotly dear from the letter
of the Secretary tbat tbe Moyie Board
of Trade bits put the Canadian Pacific
Oompany in the wrong. Aud it is n
kind of wrong which a big corporation, generously bonnied by the country, cannot afford to commit, Tbe
Oompany is guilty of nu unworthy
pettiness in its treatment of Moyie.
All British   Columbia   knows   Moyie;
Hall Street,
Few Doors Below Baker.
Time Onrd in effect January 8rd, 1898
South ti'n-1. North t   a
Read down Head up
Boat  Lvn.fi.Sia.in.  KiihIo    8.30 p.m.  Ileal Ai
"    7.30   " Ainsworth 7.10	
'    ���       "    8 00   " Pilot Buy ��.30	
������    8 1.1   "    It.ilfnut*   6.110	
������     Ar    IMS   '��� 3 Mile I't.  S.10    "
!    "      "   10.*)   "    NcIhoii    4.30    "
NOTICE IS hereby given that Samuel J.
Mlghton, of Nelson, B. C. heretofore carrying
on DU6lneBs as Tobacco Merchant at Nelson. B.
C��� has by deed datod the 10th day of March.
A. I)., 189!*, assigned all his personal ostate,
credits and effects, which may be seized and
sold under execution, and all his real estate, to
Hugh R. Cameron, of Nelson, B. C. Agent, in
trust fortlie benefit of his creditors. The laid
deed was executed by tne said Samuel J.
Mighton and by tho said Hugh R. Cameron, on
the 10th day of March, A. D., 1899. and all persons having claims against the said Samuel J.
Mighton are lequired, on or before the 10th day
of April, A. D , 1899, to send to the Trustee full
particulars of the same, duly verified, together
with the particulars of the seourity lif any)
held by them.
Notice is hereby further given that after tho
-Hid 10th day of April. A. I).. 1899. the trustee
will proceed to distribute the assets of the
trust s-Uato amongst those creditors who are
emit loci thereto, nnd whose claims havo then
boon lodged with him, having regard only to
tho el'Ims o[ which he then has notice, and
thai he will not be responsible after said date
for the assets of the suid trust ostate, or any
put-i thotoof, >o d^tributcd to any person or
persons, Una or corporation of whose claim he
had not notice al the time of distribution.
Notice is hereby given that a meeting of tho
ci-e-liiors of lhe said Samuel J. Mlghton-will be
he il nt the luw ofllot* of Mncdonala St Johnson
on Haker si tout, in the City of Nelson, on Monthly tho SHIi day of March, A. 1).. 18911, at the
hour of two o'clock in the afternoon.
Iiatud at \iI-on. B. C, this loth day of
Muuh. A. 11.  ltd".
Solicitors for tho suid Trustee
Tourist Ours pass Revelstoka. ditil)
to St. Paul; Mondays for Toronto:
Thursdays for Montreal and Boslcn.
To  Hossland, Trail,  Hobson.
6.10p.m.-*Loaves���NELSON���Arrives-10.31 p i
tkm.i.-nui Lake-Haslu lleute.
Stu. Kokankk
Except Sunday. Except Sui-.d ,
i   p.m.���Leaves���NELSON���Arrives���11   o.n
koolenay Ulver Itonlc.
Mon.. Wed., Frl. Taos. Thurs. Sut
8a.m.���Lenves���NELSON��� Arnves-ti.oO   p ta.
Makes conned ion at Pilot Buy with Str. Ki
kanec in both directions.
Steamers on their respective routes cnl   a-
prinoipul Landings  in both directions tie
other points when signiilled.
Iliihi   Mm* ami   InlcMiieiltiiti* Point-,   via
Slur nu < II)   Haiti.
6.86 a. m.-Loavcs-NELSON- Arrives-* 60 p. tn
Abckhtain Hatks
and full informal ion    by   addressing nearc
local agent, C. E. Hia-U���>*, ('itj  Ticket Ag't, Ol
It. W. DREW, Agent, Noltn
Trav. I'ass. Agent,      Dist, Pass. Agent
Nelson Vancol.v ���
Spofrane Falls A
Northern R'y.
*���    I.V
CounooUwithN.& K. B, Railway train for
Spokane, leaving Five Milel'olnt at* 10:0.1 ii.iu.
Si earners leave Kaslo city wharf at foot of 3rd
street.   Subject lo change without notice.
Nelson <8l Fort
Sheppard R'y.
Red Mountain R'y.
The only all rail route without ohang
of oars between Nelson and Kossland and
Spokane and Bossland.
Leave 9.40 a.m. NEL80N Arrive 5*30 p.m
"   11:55 "   R0S8I/D    "     3:10
"    8.30 a.m. 8P0KANE   "   6.30 p.m
Train Hist lenvea  Nelsou at 9:40 a.m
makes  close connections at Hpokane (oi
all l'acitio Coast Points.
Passengers for Kettle River Bnd Boundary Creek, connect at Marcus with Stage
0. G. DIXON, G. P. St T.A.
Spokane  Wash
AKont.Nelsoo, B. O,
Cheap Cash Store
We are now open and ready for business,  stock fully
assorted.    We wish   to  draw  your  attention to  the
LADIES" BLOUSES in Print, Muslin, Pique. Prices
from 50c up,
EANCY WAIST SILKS.   Prices from 50c per yard
to $1.50 per yard, all the very latest patterns.
FANCY   DRESS GOODS, All the  newest shades
and styles.
Martin O'Reilly & Co.
Groceries, Provisions, Mining Supplies, Mining Drill Steel.
WHOLESALE a     r A Speciality.
P. O. Box 214.   Vernon strset, Nelson, B. C.
Sewing Machine Sale.
As we are short of floor space, we are selling the
balance of our New Williams' Sewing Machines at
the following prices: 3-Drawer Improved, $28; 5-
Drawer Improved, $30; 5-Drawer Improved, Drop
Head, $35. There are only a few machines left.
Drop in and get a bargain before it is too late.
Havana Direct.
A shipment of choice assorted Cigars. They are
the best value for the
money In the city.
Prices 2 for 25c.
and 3 for 50c.
Also best brands of Clear
Havana and Domestic Cigars. Tobaccos to salt all
Hotel Hume
Cigar Stand.
Baker St., Nelson, B. C.
Some Pianos are Sweet in Tone
Some Pianos are Responsive in Touch
Some Pianos are Chaste in Design.
Few Pianos are  sweet in   tone,  responsive
in touch and chaste in design.
Listen to a Mason & Risch Piano,
Play upon a Mason & Risen Piano,
Examine even the case of a Mason & Risch Piano,
And in it you will find all the requisites of
a perfect instrument.
f ijspecfciei) Invited.    Correspondence Solicited,,
Thomson Stationery Co. LTd, IT
Boarding School
For Girls	
Gyppeswyk, Mobb street,
Viotoria, B.C. Senior, Primary Classes and Kindergarten, conducted by
Miss  Green  and
Miss  Dawson.   .   .
Boarding and Domestic arrangements under the management of Mrs. Green.
| Ladies or girls wishing lo at-
i lend   any   school   received.
Highest references. Terms
on application.
Birdcages  Birdcages
We have just received a con=
signment of Brass and Japan=
ned Cages, which we are sell=
ing At Exceptionally Low
I rices.       .....
First-class board and room, Todd's
old stand, corner Ward and Carbonate, in rear of English church, heated
hy steam. Table board $4; room and
board $5 and |5.50.
A collection of tine Belgium Canaries
for sale.
Humphreys & Pittock.
Fresh Fruits, Candies, and all  kinds
of Soft Driuks.
Canadian   and American Papers always on Sale.
NpxMo Nelson Hotel,   ,pJS
Tinware and   ���  firaniteware.
Lawrence Hardware Co.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
. . FRESH . .
Camps supplied mi shortest notice and Loypet  PriuUa
Mail Orders receive Careful attention.
Nothing but fresh ami wholesome Diuals and supplies
kept in stock.
Markets nt Nelson and Ymir.
Boarding* and Day School.       Present   Numbers 44.     Preparatory  class
under Lady.   Highest references to  Parents, etc.
ForTermi apply to Principals,        .        1171 G��orgia St., Vancouver.
Steamship Lines
From St. John
' Allan Llnc-Callfurnlan April    2
Dominion Line���Scotsman April   11
I From Portland
: Allan Lino-Cant 11 Ian April   8
From New York
1 White Star Line���Britannia March 211
I Ounard Lino���Uinbrla April 1
American Lino���Paris March sin
Anchor Line���Anchorla March '2b
From lloBion
' nonunion Line-Now England March 'ill
P-ikhr'-'oh itrrangctl to and from all European
points.   Kor rates, UckoU* and full information
apply toll. I*. H, dopotagent or 0, E. Bou��loy,
. City Tlckot Agent, Nelnon, B, C.
; MJ|   General Agent. C.I'.K. OfflceH Winnipeg
We have purchased the express
and drayage business of Mr. J. W.
Cowan and bespeak as large a patronage at the hands of Nelson citizens as was accorded Mr. Cowan.
Leave orders at D. McArthur's or
' telephone No. 8s,.
Improved  Property
1 Ho"s*r ini lot on Victoria Htreot,  near
Presbyterian church ������ ������*-*'
Houho and Lot on Victoria Htreot  5JJjj
Houho and Lot on Victoria stroot   |g>}[
Houso and Lot on Victoria street  ���  j*K
Houho and two lots on Carbonato etroot..  1800
HuninoHH Corner on Vert'on a tree t  ���   *l*w
Dairy Hunch near olty���Offer* wanted,
Houho to lot on Stanley ntreeU _.   .._,
Money   to  Loan-Real   KHtato   and   Chattel
MorteagoOi _  ,       ,
Wanted���Mining Shares, Nelnon, Ymir aim
OSm Tmnuf BMttt M-toto XtlM* ������ NELSON DAILY MINER,  TUESDAY, MARCH 21, 189Q
Reasons Are Given to  Show  That Men
Should Work But ?ix  Pays
a Week.
The following, which explains itmlf,
1ms been handed to The Miner for
To tho Employers of Labor, and tlie
advocates of Sunday work through:
nut the Province of  British   Coium-
\Vo the Sabbath Observance Society
of Nelson, B. 0., advance the following reasons why Sunday Labor should
cease in our Province.
First���A Physical Reason :
Science teaches us that after six consecutive (lays of work our physical
natures through exhaustion, demand
cine dav's rest.
Experiments have demonstrated that
Labor cau do more work iu a year by
working six days rather than seven in
one week. *
It therefore follows that Sunday La-
bor is "of profitable from a business
point of view.
The advantages of a Sabbath rpst
me (a) Better workmanship. (b)
More work at the year's end for less
money. (<-) Leisure time to the workers for self culture.
Second ���An Intellectual Reason:
We affirm that man is au intellectual
bring, that everything he knows has
to be learned. Leisure time is indis-
pensible for bis development.
The greatness of a Nation consists
uot iu the wealth of its rich men, but
it does ensnsist in tbe greatness of its
intellectual men. We affirm that onr
great men are being constantly recruit-
ted from the ranks of the common people.
Therefore, to take away their leisure time is to degrade man to the
level of a machine, so that one of the
liberties of the Rights of Man are infringed upon and the praotice of Sunday Labor bBOocies u grave and National danger.
Third���A Moral Reason:
This Society believes in the existence of the living God, and that the
fear ot him is the beginning of kuowl-
That His Government is not a thing
of chance, but a system of perfect
In this life of ours there is very little of what can be called freedom of
It is for us to discover the laws of
Nature and obey them. By obedience
to those laws we are led right, by disobedience they become terrible to us.
We assert that. Sabbath labor violates
a law of our moral, intellectual and
physical natures, nnd continuation
tberoiu must* bring forth its just punishment,
P.  Burns Has   Trouble   About a Ship
ment. of Porkers.
P. Burns & Oo. recently shippel in
No head of hogs from Kansas, which
arrived at Russell, just across ihe
line, on Thursday evening, says the
Cascade Record of Saturday last As
this custom houso is not a warehousing point, Officer Rose declined to admit the porkers, even on payment of
duty, and they were kept, in the burg
ofRussell, till this morning.
Bv the expenditure of about |60 in
telegraphic charges, etc., Mr. Burns'
agents in Cascade secured an order
from the Minister of Customs at Ol-
tawa, admitting the swine. The order contained the provision that the
hogs must be slaughtered under the
supervision of Collector Rose. If any
one misses that official from his post
for the next few weeks, ho may possibly be found at the slaughter house,
carrying out the order of the Minister
of Customs to the letter.
The Citv   Council meets  in   special
sessiou   tomorrow   to further consider
the   revision   of   the   City   By-laws
The work will probably   be  completed
at this meeting.
There were over two hundred visitors to the reading rooms of the Free
Public Library last week and an increased number of books were loaned
to subscribers.
Two drunks were before Police Mag
intuitu Crease yesterday. Ono wi*s
warned to leave town, which be promised to do, and tbe other added iff- and
costs to the City's revenue.
Kuskanook will be Hit) (ermiiius of
the Nelson und Bedlington railway.
Work will commence at once on the
necessary terminal buildings. Tlm
company owns the towusite
Gamble & O'Reilly closed a silo en
Saturday for Lots 88, 84, SIS and 86,
Blook 22, to Erie Palraquist for I860.
The same firm sold Block 0, Additn u
"A" for |760 to T. H. Roberts.
The sale to the Atbabasoa Mining
Company of a portion of the timber
limits of tho estate of the Nelson Saw
mill Company was rattlled by Judge
Forin yesterday. Only $200 is involved.
City Assessc r Straclmu lias all but
completed his assessment of the Wiut
Ward and will start on the West Ward
in a few days. He will have the work
completed id time to return the rolls
to the City Council on April 10.
It is probable that when Aid.
Charles Hillyer returns fi-oni Victoria
the legal tunglo in which the Gray
estate is involved will be straigleni d
out and the mill will bo again started
up with a full complement of men.
Whon the handsome block of the
Hudson's Bay Company at iho South
east comer of Stanley and Baker
Streets is finished next fall, a full line
of everything that goes to make up a
first class departmental store wll be
carried here.
It was only to be expected that the
winter would have one more fling before flnnlly giving way to spring so
no one  was particularly   supriMd  at
yesterday's snow storm and cold
weather. The barometer has been
predicting a storm for some days.
A story is going the rounds now to
the effect that the comer of Kootenay and Baker Streets will be further
improved by the erection of a first
class hotel on tin! lots owned by A.
B. Hodgins, Nolson has no reason to
complain uow of its hotel accommodation.
It is aUmt time for the lacrosse enthusiasts to think about organizing for
the season. The iufusiou of considerable new blood this winter should
make the Nelson team stronger than
ever. An effort will be made to organize an Association and have a regular
schedule of games with other Kootonay clubs.
"I can sell goods without advertising," say�� one class of business meu���
so culled. So they can got from Nolson to Vancouver by riding a horse or
toiug afoot, but the man who takes
the cars gets there a great deal quicker
aud much more easily. Advertising
is to any kind of business exactly
what the railway is in transportation.
The wheelmen of the City want a
road to ride on If they unite in an
agitation to secure it and do something themselves to provide the necessary funds a good road way would no
doubt be tho result. Tho old wagon
road through Bogustowu could be
fixed up ut a small cost, and would provide a stretch of two miles of good
The tile culv< rt to carry off the
storm water will be laid in Ward Creek
gulch botween Victoria and Baker
streets as soon as possible. The Oity
will not fill in the street at once but
the completion of the culvert will provide a place for those doing any excavating this spring to dump the earth
and thus assist to fill in the gulch. In
the fall the street will probably be
The needs of Nelson will be brought
prominently before the members of the
House of Commons during the present
sessiou. Over $300 has already been
subscribed by oitizens to send a mun
io Ottawa to press upon the powers
that be the necessity of erecting a Government building hero aud doing a few
other things that will improve the
Oity aud stand he monuments to the
wisdom of the present Government*.
A Miuer reporter recently paid a
visit to the new hotel Mr. Roberts
has opened some two miles up on the
banks of the Lake. It will be a very
great attraction to the public during
the boating season and people will
find everything they require in the refreshments line. Mr. Roberts is enlarging the premises and is providing
large diuing rooms suitable to large or
small parties aud everything will le
of the best obtainable.
Czarowitz were travelling in   the   Far
To The Bditor of Tho Nelson Miner:
Sir���Whilst quite agreeing with Oil-
zens' No. 1 and 2 that the worn til
should bo moved off East Baker streei.
tho crucial question remains inst
where it did sonic years ago.
If tliese women are to bo moved off
Baker street, where arc they to go'/
Whilst human nature remains ns it
is, and probably always will be, women of the East Baker street class
must exist, and should be reganli'.l
rather as social safeguards thnn
In every civilized community from
the days of Babylon to the present
time, "we have certain knowledge < f
there existence, tiud in new count rit s
where few men can marry, they am
almost an absolute necessity; sad and
unpleasant as this truth may be in
Simply to turn these women out
of their present abodes would be lo
spread over the towu a number of
bouses of prostitution in the guise of
millinery establishments, cigar stores.
and third rate hotels, all the attendants in which would ho immoral women, and most fruitful sources of disease and vice. Again many of these
women who own their properties, aro
tor the most part, for prostitutes, well
behaved; and have certain rights
which ought to be respected.
Neither the Province before incorporation nor the City since have ever
taken any steps to prevent tliese women from buying their property nor
building the bouses on the East End
blocks; aud all respectable peoplo who
hav* purchased more recently got their
lots at low prices as they were in tl e
vicinity of houses of ill fame; tin y
bought knowing this, and have therefore nothing to complain of.
As, however, the City has
grown in size and importance and the
space occupied by the houses may
sliortly be wanred for legitimate business purposes little hardship  need be
caused iiwneri by compelling thorn to
move to some less conspicuous locality ;
but before attempting to (dean oul
tbis moral cesspool let ns be certain
what we are going lo do will) the contents] and be quite sure that we shall
lessen, not increase the evil in tin*
City of Nelson by any ill-advised
slen taken in undue haste.
Nelson, March 20, 1KIII).
It is Said That Princess   Victoria Will
Wed Prince George of Greece.
Vienna, March 20, ���A report is enr-
ront in diplomaric c'rclos here of the
engagement of Princess Viotoria of
Walos lo Prince George of Greece.
Tho journey of the Princess of Wales
to Athens is supposed to ho connected
with the project.
Princes Victoria Alexandra Ogla
M'iry is the second daughter of the
Prince of Wales, and was born on July
6, lKfiB. Last year it was rumored
tbat the PrinccsH would probably be-
como engaged to John Baring, Baron
Prince George of (jniece is the second son of King George und he is 211
years of age. Last January he was
appointed Commissioner-! ieneral of
the European Powers in Crete. Ho is
a sailor by training, and made, as
commander of the Greek fleet, a special study of the torpedo service He is
verv popular in Greece���a favorite of
tho'Czar of Russia, his cousin, whoso
life he saved a few years ago from a
fanatic's assault when he and the then
The   Shamrock  is Being   Built  Very
Much   on the Sly.
London, March 20.��� A friend of Sir
Thomas Lipton, who saw the cup
challenger Shamrock yesterday, says
thnt the framework of the yacht has
been completed, including the planking nnd plating. The vessel will probably not be ready for launching before,
the end of Mny. The strictest precautions are taken to preserve secrecy
regarding the lines and other details
of the yacht. Two detectives are stationed day and night outside the sbed,
in which sho is being built, to prevent any unauthorized persons from
entering. A novel expedient has
beeu adopted to prevent outsiders from
learning anything about the yacht,
namely to dress the whole hull during
construction with a canvas covering,
termed a petticoat. Tbe Shamrock
will wear this ugly garment from now
until she is finished, aud even during
the actual launching until the water
conceals hor naked outlines. In fact,
the most modest, women oould do no
more to conceal her charms than the
designers of the Shamrock are doing
to ptotect her nakedness from the eyes
of peeping Toms.
McterolOKlcal Keport,
(Observations taken by A. H, Holdich.
Mar 7   Tuirfay 38.0 211.0 0.00 28.00
Mm* 15   Wed'dny 11.0 23.0 0.00 27.90
Mar 16 Thursdaj 42.5 19.0 0.00 TI 90
Mnrl7   Friday 60.0 21.0 0.00 27.85
Marts Saturday 53.5 27.0 0.00 27.85
Mar 19   Sunday 49.0 34.0 0.00 27.60
Mar ��0   Monday 37.5 26.0 0.21 27.40
Straight as a Die
To achieve the gieatest success
one must use the best means and
materials athis disposal.
Carpenters, Joiners am*.' Builders
cannot expect to do pood work unless they have pood tools, and we
are showing an Ai line.
Vancouver Hardware Co., Ltd.
importers or
Shelf aud Heavy Hardware,
Out of Sight
Are You ?
We   will    fit   you   with
Patenaude Bros.
i List Your Real Estate i
, !*���
With Us. |
-       J
We have 15,000.00 Outside Gap- **J
Ital   waiting  to   invest in  nny  ^
 " : |
,1.1, VANSTONE, Mining Broker.   \
H. II. WILLIAMS, (usto'iS Broker.   J
II.II, WILLIAMS, (usto-s Broker.   J
Ileal Mate Agents, jj
j  linker tit.. Nelson, B. O.   ft
FOR SALE���Household koo<1h, io-
oludins tine parlor run, lnce curtains,
floor draperies, etc. Must be sold ut
onoe. Apply ttinriiiiiRS at house,
west side of Stanley street, seeond door
below Cni-bonnto.
MUSIC LESSONS, ��� On ),lano orKnn or
���{Hilar, by Mm. W. ,1. Amloy. Hob ion sLroo!
I wn doors west of Stanley.   P. 0. Box 130.
xiiictly I'uru Cream Tartar Baking Powder
made In tl>�� Province Auk your grocer for It.
EncourageB.O  production, nil other things
l���*liiK equal.   STUM LB It St   KAHLK,   Manufacturers, Victoria.
MU8IO LB8SON8���Singing and Piano, i>y
Mrs. Sydney Oliver, Observatory Btreot, two
doors west of Stanley.
KOR SAI.K-Klrst-class sot of tinnei-s' tools,
l'riio moderate,    Apply P. 0. Hox 113. Nelson.
KOH SAl.K-IO-ft. Petorboi-o canoe, steol
jaw centreboard, bronse rudder, and sail, 180.
Elliott and Hale boat house.
FURNISHED ROOMS to rent with private
family.   Apply this otllce.
A LIMITED amount of private fundi to loan
on mortgage upon Improved, city Property.
Apply to Elliott aud Lennie, ���allolton, Neliob,
If You Never Had the Grippe
Don't cultivate it. Better pay $10.00 a pair
for your Shoes than go through it���its cheaper. But you can't pay so much as that here.
If you Grip on to a pair of our $3.50, $4.50 or
$5.50 Slater Shoes you'll not have the Grippe.
Money Doesn't Count.
I must clear out my present stock to make room
tor New Spring Goods. My .Seven and Twenty-
one Jewel Watches will be tlie fust to go at
Bargain prices.
I make a specialty of fine Watch   Repairing.
Jeweler.  Baker St.
The West Kootenay Brick
& Lime Company, Ltd.
Wholesale Produce
and Provisions.
We have been appoint ed so'e agonU
for Kootonay for BWIPT ft CO..
South Oinnhu, and will curry a full
stork of meats of their manufacture
at Nelson	
Mail orders will lie filled at pm-etj
mllng on day order Ib received.
Capital $50,000.00,   divided  into  50,000
shares  of $1.00 each.
DIRECTORS���W. W. Beer Esq., W. H. Dowsing Esq.,
W. A. Macdonald Esq., H. G. Neelands Esq., T.
G. Proctor Esq., all of Nelson.
HANKERS��� The Bank of British Columbia, Nelson,
B.   C.
SOLICITORS���Messrs. Macdonald & Brougham, Nelson,   B. C.
OEFICE���Proctor's Building, Baker street (west), Nelson,   B. C.
Issue of 5,000 (10 per cent, guaranteed) Preference
Shares. Also 7,500 ordinary shares of $1.00 each, payable as follows: 25 cents on application, 25 cents on allotment, and the balance when called for, no call to be made
until three months after 22nd February, 1899.
The subscription list for this issue will open at io a. ro.
on Mondav, March 13th, and close at 3 p. m. on Friday,
March 31 st, 1899. Applications for shares, accompanied
with the amount payable on application, should be made to
the bankers of the company (where prospectuses and forms
of application can be obtained) or at the office of the company. Copies of the memorandum and articles of Association of the company may be inspected at the office of the
company's solicitors.
Paints,   Oils,   and
We ask the Painters to test the quality of
our goods, and our prices.
Nelson Hardware Co.
We have more poods displayed in our store on Baker streei than most
stores carry at any time, but that is nothing. Our large warehouse on
lhe water front is rilled to its utmost, saying nothing of our basement in
the Aberdeen block, 50x125 feel, and filled to overflowing.
We carry this stock, which you can easily see is the largest in Nelson, because we are in a position to buy in quantities, therefore enabling
us to give the public the benefit, which we do.
Call or write for prices, mid remember our goods are guaranteed.
Sole agents for the celebrated "Three Star" Flour, Blue Ribbon
and Monsoon Tea.
M. DesBrisay & Co.
Did You Get That Hat?
If not at Emory & Walley's you need a new
one. We have all the latest Styles and Shapes.
Get one while they last.
Emory & Walley,
Head - Offices - Wlnnlpe *
Hkanciiks V.vNcorvKH, Victoria
Nelson, Rossland, atlin Lakk
Taoibh Lake, Greenwood, B.C.,
ami DAWBON (Trv, N. W. T.
P. J.  RUSSELL, flanager.
Patronize 1 [ome Industry, and Smoke the
Royal Seal
And  other   Union
Made Cigars  of the
Kootenay Cigar Mfg. Co.,
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beei* and Porter.
Drop in   and see   us.
B. C.
For Sale
House and Lot
on Stanley Street,
Between Mill and
Latimer Streets
It is a Snap.  :  :  :
Bakkr Street.
General Teamsters.
for B. C. Oil Co.
(Standard Oil Co.)
Anthracite Coal.
First Class Fir
Cut any length
to order. One car of Fresh
Spokane Lime just arrived.
Office Cor. Baker & Hall Sts.
Telephone   88.
Capital Paid  up f2.000.000
UohI -       * LSmMMI
U.S. Howland, I'ro*.   T. K.Merritt-, Vice Pros.
Win. Ramiay,       HiiKh Ityan,      Uobl.Jaffray,
T, Hut hwlatld Hlayner,        Llloi Hogon*.
Head Offloe, Toronto.
I). Et, WII.K1K, General Manager.
Ei HAY, [oipeolor.
Urancbei in all prlaslpal eltlei und Minn**
In     Ontario   iiimI   Qnt'brr
Itrtiiirliri     In       M11nii1.hu,      Virth-nrhl
Territorial "��'<��� Hriiinii roiuiiibt*.
Winnipeg, Portaoi Li pj-mirik. Hhandon,
Mllll.    1'AI,<*1AKY,  I'hlN-TK Al.HKKT, KliMONTON,
Bouth Edmonton, n. vv. t. Vancouver,
Agent* in Great Britain���Llord'i iiunk, Ltd.,
Ti Lombard Btreot] London, witn whom money
maybe deposited for bransfor by letter or cable
to any pari of Canada,
Inittera of <'mlit Untied on AlonkaCommercial Co. payable at 8t. Michael'**, Ahwka, and
Draft*- Sold, available at all point* In Can-
da, United StateHund Kuroue.
Letters of credit iasuod) available in any
pnrt. of the world.
Having" bank Department���DopoKltH of $1
and upwards received and IntoruNt allowed.
Debet tares Municipal and other debentures purohasod.
Money Order-inHuod payable at any Hank
Rates-under 110, 8c; fio to $0, 10c;
|2)l to ���*'.;���', 12c; &flJ U) $50, 14c.
J.   M-   LAY.   MANAGER.
Geo,    Holbrook,
City Scavenger
All kiu*l of ilny and hlghl UutvonKflrlng'
Work *., ���iiul*: !j done. Chlmne*r dweeplng
BoxaSS.   Uaro ord-m ��t M. 1'MUrliM'i.
r L>
Alaska Rich in Another Valuable Mineral.
The Snownhoe, a Promising Property in
the Greenwood District,  Bonded
Por a   Large   Sum*
nnd the Oro townsite, has corae down
from his lofty property and is at the
Vliair. The mill will commence ru;:-
111111: i" nl'out three wteks and Mr.
Farini will bo the host at a little party
that will dignify the formal dropping
of the stamps.
*   *   *
tt has been stated that Mr. Rohfirt
H. Aim has discovered a means whereby gold could be saved by a dry process. Mr. Aim writes: "The process
I am about to demonstrate at my
works at Rat Portage, and on a small
scale in Toronto, is simply one whereby the ore is ground euher dry or
wet, to an impalp ible powder, and
theu amalgamated in a moist state in
a machine which is my invention."
Easter is Almost Here.      HATS! HATS!HATS!
Sim Francisco, Onl., March 20. ���A
special from Taoonin, Wash., says immense copper ledges have been dlflOOV
ered on Prince William Island, in
Alaska, between Ora nnd Vadea, not
f:ir from the mouth of Copper River.
In ono instance glacial action has laid
bare a copper ledge ii.OOO feet long,
four feet wide, extending from Tidewater to back of a high bluff. Near
by other copper ledges, though not so
favorably exposed, are being opened hy
men who claim they are working for
the Standard Oil Syndicate. An English syndicate is represented there by
Llewellyn Williams, a mining expert
of Loudon, who was ordered there
by cable from Australia.
* ��  ��
Tbe Boundary Creek Times of recent
date says: The Snowstorm is bonded
again for a big figure. There is something peculiarly attractive in this property for the experienced mining man
and he is always anxious to seoure It
under his coutrol. Years ago George
Turner of Vancouver bonded the property, but his business affairs called
him elsewhere; then Patrick Clark
secured a bond and did considerable
development work. He reluctautly
left tbe mine to give his attention to
Republic properties, in which he was
heavily interested. No sooner was the
Clark bond cancelled thau the Kootenay Development Company rebonded
the property for 165,000. This company did considerable work and paid
JB, 600 ou account ot the bond. For
some reason known only to tbe members of thu company, the money was
not forthcoming to meet the second
payment. This week J. W. Astlev,
the well known Rosslaud mining en-
igueer, took a bond on the property
for $70,000. Ten per cent, is to be
paid in cash within two weeks, It
is reported that Mr. Astley represents
the Kootenay Development Oompany.
reogrnnized with the new men nml
more money. Tho Snow-shoe is in the
group of famous Greenwood camp
properties. It lies adjacent to the
Stemwinder on one side, tlie Rawhide
on the other and the Old Ironsides in
front. It. is a full Crown Grantee
claim. Considerable work has been
done on the property. There is an incline shaft for 170 feet. At the 70-
foot level a crosscut runs for a distance
of SIS feet in ore, and at 190 feet, there
aro 176 feet in crosscuts and drifts. Ai
this level two ore veins wero crosscut. One is 40 feet wide, while tin
hanging wall ou tin* other vein has
not beeu reached. The ore is n ooppei
pryitos in a mixed gangie of oalooute
with some specularite and iron pyr
ilos. From the old 17-foot shaft values of $10 to $S0 in gold and three t<
10 per cent, copper were secured. An
average sample from tho new work
ings gave copper 14.0 per cent., silvei
80 ounces and gold $10 to $15. Tin-
ore is self-fluxing. Tho Snowsboo i>
owned by Robert Wood, Thos. McDowell and Robert Denzler, each holding
a third interest. Mr. Astley has re
turned to Rosslaud to make final ar-
rangem-mts for closing the deal. When
theie are completed, work will be commenced on the property,
* *   *
New York, March 20.���Bar silver.
oil3,*!'; Mexican dollars, 47. Jjj
Copper, easy; broker's, $17'.,; ex
change, $10 :-,to $17^.
Lead, easy; broker's, $4.20; ex
change, $4.4()"to $4.45.
Tin easier. Straits, (38,6% to
#38:75.    Platos strong.
* *   *
T. Mayne Daly, of Hossland, W.   A.
MucDonald,   of   Nelson, and   Andrew
Kelly,   of   Brandon, were in   Cascade
on Tuesday, says the   Cascade Reoord,
They   were   en   route to   tbe   Golden
Crown mine in Wellington camp. Th*
property has a 833   foot tunnel   and   I
vertical shaft of ISO feet    This is  on*
of    the    big     gold-copper    proposi
tious    that     is    supplied   with mn
chiuery and is expected to he ready t*
ship when the railway leaches it.
* *   *
A Ymir dispatch snys: A good
strike hns liven mnile on the Tnmaracl*
mine. The vein is being crosscut nt
abont the 200-fnot level, where it is
uncovered with a width of live feet,
averaging right aOTOSS $10 per ton in
free milling ore. There is| i|uite n
large local demand for Tamarack pooled shares which have risen during the
last few weeks from six cents to 15
cents, at which prije | is even uow
bard to tiud sellers. The. whole of tin
treasury stock of the company has
been sold, most of it in England.
# *   *
Some rich samples of ore have recently been taken from the Exchequer. Two assays of ore from the bottom of the ledge when it was down 55
feet went $20 SO gold and $U.0I silvei
anil (89,80 gold and $5.10 silver, respectively. The shaft is now down 511
feet and Ihn ledge continues lo maintain its high values.
# *   ��
The transfer of an undivided one
half interest in the ('lift, situate three
miles south of Nelson on Toad Mountain, from William Monro to Ben Miller of Nelson,   for $2000, was recorded
ii  ��  #
The Hall Mines, Limited, which has
a bond ou the True Bine claim four
miles from Kaslo put additional men
at work oil the properly lust wook.
# #   *
G. A. Farini. who is looking utter
the interests of the Golden Wedge mine
Washington  Boys Are  a Cool Lot and
Distinguish Themselves.
Manila, March 20. ���It is reported ou
good authority that Aguinaldo is taking extremo measures to suppress Bigns
calculated to cause a cessation of hostilities. Twelve residents of Manila
have beeu condemned to death because
they wrote advising surrender, and all
loyal Filipinos have been called upon
to perform the national service of despatching them. On Friday last General Lagarda visited Malolos for the pur-
poso of advising Aguinaldo to quit.
He argued with the insurgent leader
and attempted to convince him of
the folly of his persistence in the face
of overwhelming odds. Aguinaldo
was furious at the advice and ordered
General Lagarda to be executed immediately, and tbe unfortunate geu-
eral was promptly decapitated.
Among the incidents of yesterday's
fighting was the coolness exhibited by
a oompany of the Washington volunteers, who crossed the river in a native oauoe under heavy fire, fifteen
being taken across on eaoh trip of the
small boat to attaok the enemy's
The iuabilitv of the commissary
train to keep up with the advance led
to considerable suffering, and many of
the men were completely exhausted
when they were reoalled. Falling
from the ranks they were Btrung along
for a distance of about six miles, numbers returning to enmp in the military
ambulances, which were always cIobb
up to the linos. The work of the ambulances was especially worthy of mention. Yesterday's casualties on the
American side number 21, all of whom
are more or less seriously wounded
Hong Kong, March 20.��� A corre
spoudent of the Associated Press at
Manila writes: An army has seldom
operated under harder conditions
than have been encountered by llio
American "flying brigade." The
country the American troops have traversed is iutersecled with lagoons nnd
narrow and unfordable rivers, and
bamboos stand so thick thut Iho enemy cannot be seen a hundred feet distant. During tne charges, the Americans were ignorant ns to whether thoy
were nt tacking a hundred or a thou
sand rebels, which amazes the foreign
observers. The Filipinos were uniix
pectedly fierce at Cainta. Had it not,
been for the fact tbat the Amiricin
line wus thin, the enfilading fire of
the rebels would have slaughtered
many of our men. One of the prison
ers captured by the Americans snys
the Filipinos leaders boast that they
can continue tho war for years, depending upon the American forces being weakened daily by the twenty
men killed, wounded or invalided.
Seme of the high ollicials hero think
that 10,1100 reinforcements nre heeded,
as the troops  now   on    the  island   ure
hardly more than is required to maintain a line aroui.il Manila and police
tbe city. Considerable rain has fallen already and il seems that the season for rains is beginning prematurely. It is possible tbat wheu the
steady rain? begin, our troops will
hnvo to be withdrawn to permanent
haracks, which may enable the rebels
to return to their old positions, The
Americans have refrained from destroying tbo buildings in the country
swept by General Wheaton's troops. A
sentry has been stationed before every
store at Pasig, but (he soldiers are
bringing in loads of loot from the
dwelling houses.
London, March 21).���There is absolutely no foundation lor the alarmist
report which has been cabled to yonr
side of the Atlantic concerning the
health of Lord Slrathcona and Mount
Royal. Tho High Commissioner is
not soriouslv ill with influenza at
Luueville, France. His health is fast
Improving, As a matter of fact, he
is back at work nt the High Commissioner's olliee at Westminster today,
full of enthusiasm    for   his   work   for
London, March 20.��� An Anglo
Egyptian expedition will in* undertaken next mil umi), according to a de-
s'lateh from Cairo lo the Dully Mail.
Anally to dispose Of the Khalifa Ali-
dulluii and the othor Dervish leaders
iu the Soudan.
Two Lots and Houso with ii rooms on Billoa
Btreot between Josephine and Hull s rests,
beautifully    altUBtod.     Price  **s:i,r>oo.
Term*. $1,600 ri-h,   balance lo
be  arranged,
Lot and Houso Latimer street, near Josephine,
street, Prloe 81,000.    Terms $.'iiK! caHl,
balanoeon mortgage.
ijot ami store on linker street, kooil loaatton,
I'rleo $8,000,
Lot on Baker Stroot, near tlie corner of Cedar
stroot, $800.
Also a largo list of ihe besl Residential Property In the eily.
Agents tor Addition "A"and"Hunio"Addition,
The British (Vnmiiin ivi*iimii**iii Loan and
Savings Company, who give Un* moat reasonable torms to borrowers, allowing Principal to
be paid offat any time without Charging uny
The ladies of Nelson will all have their new-
Spring bonnets and your old suit will look
shabby. Call around and let us make you
look new in a new Spring Suit. A full line of
spring and summer goods just received.
H. n. Vincent,
Merchant Tailor.
J   Y.  QRIFFIN   & CO.
Dairy Fed, Mild Cured Meats, "ORIPFIN BRAND" mil* Specialty.
Choice Creamery and Dairy Butter, Cheese, Eggs
 Write us for Prices	
Nelson Branch.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
<j^g> ������������������������ gK9
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo,
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slooan City.
Orders by mall to any branch will have careful and prompt attention.
The Brackman & Ker
Milling Co., Ltd.
Wholesale and Retail.   Grain, Hay, Feed, etc.
Write for Quotations on Car Lots,        -        Nelson, B. C.
rXle.soi)   Teijfc   ai)d   AWijing   Faetori)
Canvas Goods, Tents, Awning, and
Fancy Striped Curtains for Verandahs and Windows.
Theo. Madson,
��E Real Estate and Insurance Agent.                       3
B The Birkbeck Investment, Security %
��i and Savings Co.                 1
S^ advance money on Improved Real Estate.    Repayable in 5 ami   ^3
E 8 years by monthly instalments.                              1E3
All Kinds Of Smoke.
T. k B. I'LUG
As we keep our Tobaccos In both out' Excise and Customs Bonds we ire
able to cany li large ami assorted sto.uk.
New Spring hats of All Descriptions  to Suit
All Tastes	
Stitson's, of Philadelphia,   and  Christy's,  of
London, are Our Leaders. .... ....
J. A. GILKER, - P. 0. Store
Kirkpatrick & Wilson,
Groceries  and  Crockery.
We have just received a large assortment of
Direct from  the  Factory.     Prices 25  per
cent,   cheaper  than   in   the  past.
Kirkpatrick  & Wilson,
China Hall.
All   Communications relating to British Columbia business
to be addressed to P. O. Drawer 505, Nelson, B.C.
<\A\W% '%%-%%-%%^%"%%-'V%.
J. Roderick Robertson,
General Manager
S. S. Fowler, E. M.,
Mining Engineer
$6.75   PER   TON,   DELIVERED-
All orders must be accompanied by cash and should  be   forwarded
either personally or by mail to the olliee of
General Agent Cor. Kootenay & Baker Sts.
Wholesale Merchants.
Liquors and Groceries.
MILLS,   Enderby and Vernon	
A.   B.   GRAY,    ip. o. box en  nelson, b. c,
past ton years:
Cnpitnl Paid   Up...
Liabilities to Public
Total  AsB't-J.'.	
Wtwumi and Factory KINO STRIBT .AST, TORONTO.
Agent, F. J. PAINTON, Art& Music Store, Nelson, B.C.
Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
Incorporated 1869.
Capital Authorized   -   -   -   -   $2,000,000
Capital Paid Dp, $1,500,000, Reserve, $l,25o,ooo.
Head Office:  Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Comparative Statement, i-howlng   Ihe progress made by this Bank in the
"���"-��� *���"��� ���*���"������"��������� 1S8K 1898
% 1,000,000     % 1,600,000
200.000 1,250.000
2.862,000 8.175.0(H)
098,000 1,887,000
8,885,000 8,664,000
4.088,000 9900,000
6288.000       12,737,000
General Banking Business iransacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange   Bought
and Sold, Latters of Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on tlie m   t. favorable terniB.   Interest allowed on special
deposit!   nil oil Saving Hunk accounts.
Atlin, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver
Vancouver East End, Victoria, Ymir.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
CRESTON, B. C. crow-SVstW
' Dealers in all kinds of Lumber.   Can be delivered at any
time in auy Quantity.
C. A.BIQELOW, ��� Manager.
General Broker.
Rial Estate in nil Parta of the
Gamble & O'Reilly,
! tkn'Iikiih are Invltod for building OOKB
OVENS. Rpsolfloationa at my olliee. Tendon
nrustboreoeivodnol inter iimn i n. m. on
Wednesday, J8rd March, 1890. no tender
tiocuKHuilly Dooopted,
For a fouMtorey briok block in Greenwood,
B.C. rbiiiM and Bpoolflofttlons at Wallace &
Miller's store, Nelson. Proposals win be received for the whole of tbo work nnd materlall
or for Lhe illH'erent purtw of eatne uo to Monday
al noun. April 3rd, 18111). Tbe IowohI or any
tender not neoesMiily uceepted.
Fire, Life, Accident
and Sickness Assurance.
West Kootena*. Valley, B. C, on line
of O. N. P. Ry., and
Nelson St Bedlington Ry., now under
information regarding Oreston may
be had of GEO. IVf FARLAND, Agent
Nelson, or from
MONEY  TO  LOiN Oreston Towusite Co.,
i     tiMm, dm,,   ...     | mum*. * o,


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