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Nelson Daily Miner Jun 6, 1900

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 ^5   V?-..^*
Daily Edition   No   451
Nelson, British Columbia, Wkon-Sday, June 6, 1900.
Tenth Year
Lord Roberts Entered Pretoria Yesterday
at Two O'Olook-Botha Proposed
Armistice but Surrendered
No Loss of Life Accompanied Occupation
Fight of the Previous Day Did the
Work-Turbulent Scenes
in London.
London. June 5, 11:10.��� The Wnr
Offloe has received the following from
Lord Roberts :
"Pretoria, June S, 12:55 p. ni,���Jnst
before dark yesterday the enemy was
beaten back from nearly all tho positions they had been holdiug and Ian
Hamilton's uiouuteil Infantry followed
them withiu li.iiiiu yards of Pretoria,
through which they retreated hastily.
Delisle then sent nn officer with a flag
of tram into the town demanding its
surrender in my name.
"Shortly before midnight I was
awakoued by two officials of the
South African Republic, Captain
Sunberg, military secretary to (Joni-
iiiiin.iuiii General Botha and a general
���ollicer of the lioer army, who brought
me a letter fnnn Botha proposing Hn
armistice for the purpose of settling
the terms of the surrender. I replied
that I would gladly meet the Commandant General the next moruiug
but that I was not prepared to discuss
any terms, as the surrender of the
town must lie iiiK-oiidlliumil. I asked
:a reply by daybreak as I had ordered
the troops to march oil the town as
as soon as it was light.
Id hia reply Botlui told me
ne hnd decided not to defend
Pretoria and that he trusted that
the womeu, children and properly would
tie proteeled.
"At 1 am. today, while ou the line
ot march, I wns met by three of the
priuoipal officials with a Hug of truce,
Muting their wish to surrender thu
town. It waa arranged 1 but Pretorin
should bo takeu possession of by Her
Majesty's troops ut 2 o'olook this afternoon.
"Mrs   Botha   nud  Mrs.   Kruger are
both In Pretoria.   Some of the British
prisoners have been taken away but
tho majority nre still at Watervall.
Over a huudied of the officers are iu
Pretoria. The few I have seen nre
looking well.''
Boer Capital enme as a surprise and explained the Comniuudei-in-OIiief's reticence. It is evidcut that Lord Roberta' himself deferred attacking until
all his columns were ready to co-operate.
Judging from Ixird Roberta phras-
iug, the occupation of Pretoria will not
be accompanied by loss of life. Presumably the Boer forces which so pre-
sisteutly opposed the British advance
at Six Mile Spruit got away.
I'he latest press despatches from a
representative of tho Associated Press
at Pretorin,, dated June 3, quote General Botha us saying: So long as I
can still count on our thousands of wil
ling men we must not dream of retreat
or throwing away our independence."
General Botha, it is added, aunounccd
tho regulations appointing a special
committee to preserve order, substituting military control for that of the
committee. General Lucas addressing the Burghers ou the church steps,
told them all to stand firm. Thus
though their efforts were pitifully futile, it is evident that a few faithful
Boer generals were working desperately to resist the overwhelming force of
Lord Robert's army.
The War Office bus information that
oue of the first things done by Lord
Roberts after the occupation of Pretoria was to direct General French to
relieve the British prisoners confined
at Watervall.
Loudon. June Pi���At. two o'clock this
afternoon, almost eight months after
tbe declaration of war, Lord Roberts
ontered Pretoria. The Commander-in-
Chief fiillllled his promise made to the
Uuards at Bloemfontein to lead them
into the Capital of llie Transvaal, and
I'jigln-nl is celebrating the event with
enthusiasm, Througlintit the length
and breadth of the country, the uews
��� I>i<'n. 1 like wild lire.
Based on the memory of European
wars, wheu the occupation of the
enemy's capital signified the end of
hostilities, Lord Robert's terse message
is universally tnkun to mean the
practical finish ofthe wnr.
In London the Mm siou House and
War Ollice almost instantly become
Ihe centres of jubilant throngs. Plugs
-again appeared as if by niiigic and the
traffic had to be diverted through
other streets,
Lord Robert's Six Mile Spruit despatch was hardly printed by the extras before the Union Jack over the
War Officii was rapidly hauled up the
Hag BtalT and the brief message was
passed from mouth to month, "'Pre-
toria is taken."'
Everyone who bad a chance to rend
Lord Roberts' account of the resistance   encountered   yesterday   was at
that moment commenting on the probability of a fierce light before the city
slu. \i be occupied, nnd were wondering st the Boers capabilities to make
such a determined stand when Pretoria
was hemmed iu on all sides, The pres-
aure of General Fienpb north  of the
of Pretoria, Broad wood's Brigade
is between French's and Hamilton's
columns, and the Gordons are watching the right llanlt of the main force,
not far from the railway bridge lit
Irene Station, which was destroyed
by tho enemy. Our casualties, 1
hope, are very few."
London, June 5.���The War Oflice
has issued the following despatch
from Lord Roberts:
Six Miles Sprnlt, 8:30 p. in., June
4.���We started this morning at daybreak aud inarched about ten miles to
Six Mile Spruit, both banks of which
were occupied by the enemy. Henry's
and Ross's mounted infantry, with
the West Somerset, Dorset, Bedford
and Sussex Companies of Yeomanry,
quickly dislodged them from the
south bank and pursued them nearly a
mile, when they found themselves
under a heavy fire from guns which
the Boers had placed iu a well constructed commanding position. Our
heavy guns of the Naval and Royal
("Artillery which had purposely been
placed in the front part of the column,
were hurried to the assistance of the
mounted Infantry as fast as the mules
Could travel over the great hills surrounding Pretoria.
The guns were supported by
Stevenson's Brigade of Pole-Carew's
Divisiou, and, after a few rounds,
drove the enemy from the position.
The liners then attempted to turn our
left Hank but were foiled by the
mounted infantry and Yeomanry, supported by a brigade of Tucker's Division. As however they still kept
pressing our left rear. 1 sent word to
Ian Hamilton, who was advancing
three miles to our left, to incline towards us and fill up the gap betwecu
the two columns.
This finally checked the enemy who
were driven back towards Pretoria.
1 hoped we would have then been able
to follow them up. but the days now
are very short in this part of the
two hours of
world, and after nearly
marching and fighting we had to
bivouac on the ground gained during
the day.
Tlie Guard's Brigade is quite near
the southem-most fort, by which
Pretoria is defended, and less than
four miles from the town.
French, with the Third and Fourth
Cavalry Brigades, and Button's New
Soutli Wales Mounted Rifles, is north
London, June 6.��� 4:iJi> n. m.���Queen
Viotoria, surrounded by tho Duko nf
York, the Duchess of York, Princess
Christian, Princess Victoria and ninuy
inil allien of 1 ii i Court, drank to the
health of Lord lioberts nnd tbo army,
at Balmoral last evening,
A great bonfire, lighted by Her Majesty's command, biassed ou Craig Gow-
an Mountain, illuminating tbe whole
country for miles around. The Nation
joins in the toast, glorifying Lord Rob.
erts and turbiilently rejoicing iu bis
Tbo despatches of Lord Roberts, tolling of the incidents before the surrender of tho capital by the civilians
stuud alone,as the correspondents with
him have not yet had their turn
at the w ires.
London, June 0.���England hns been
oelabrating the fall of Pretorin, very
muoh as they did the relief of Male-
king. Driinkeuess has been a trifle
le.'.ii conspicuous than when Baden-
Powell was the hero of tbo moment
But in London and in the oilier large
towns the scenes last evening were
praoticnlly a repetition of those which
marked the other victoiies, nud long
after midnight uproarious yelling,
tooting of horns, nnd discordaut olinnts
ascended from the oity streets usually
as silent as the grave.
All during the evening processions
marobed along the Strand,Picadilly and
the other leading thoroughfares. In
fact, so great was the crush, that the
easiest method of locomotion was to join
one of the processions, for whoso Btri-
dent choruses and waving flags, all traffic was stopped. Cabs aud coaches
were freely chartered iu honor of the
joyful occasion, and these wore soon
���o packed with invited nnd uninvited
gueets, that they assumed the aspect nl
living pyramids of Baohanaliuns. j
Babies in arms, white headed women,
girls ofjthe street, club men iu evening
dress and Whitecbapel cosier mongers
gaily interming.ed along the flaming
thoroughfares, bent on celebrating tbe
victory. In the faces of all were continually thrust .huge peacock feathers,
described, for no known reason, as
" Krnger's preservers."
Girls were indiscriminately kissed,
jostled aud tossed around amidst the
ecstatic jubilation of the midnight
crowd. A species of confetti, which
stock to tho clothes of the procession
proved a popular form of showing
one's joy until the stores of the pedlars
ran out.
The night grew older and rowdyism
of the worst form held sway. From
almost every barroom, came sounds of
inebriate attempts to sing "God Save
the Queen" and "Rule Britannia."
At the music halls and theatres last
syening, the mention of Lord Roberts
at Pretoria, brought every audience to
its feet in a second and it was almost
impossible for the performers to bold
the interest of those in front of them.
Every building possessing an illuminating device used it for all it was
worth, until the metropolis was a blaze
with light. The clubs on Pall Mall
were lit up with huge torches and the
staid old street of murky buildings was
scarcely recognized around Marlborough House.
The Prime of Wales came to town
yesterday afternoon, and went to the
opera in the evening. Ills drive to
and from the performance was marked
by a tremendous welcome.
The news was wired to the Queen,
at Balmoral immediately on its receipt and the Union Jack   was hoisted
on the Royal residences throughout the
country and illuminations occurred on
u large scale.
Klfigics of Kruger were burned and
innumerable telegrams of congratulations were sent to the Little Field
Marshal who had made England so
Lord Wolsley reoeived the news
while visiting Mr. Henry James at
Rye. He improved the occasion by attending tho local municipal meeting,
and joined in the cablegram to Lord
Roberts. The Rev. Dr. Talmage, who
was shut up in the Mansion Houbs by
the density of the orowd after
luncheon with the Lord Mayor, said to
a representative of the Associated
Press: "It is tho most inspiring-, the
most wonderful exhibition of enthusiasm I have ever seen. In some re-
i spools it reminds me of the peace
jubilee in Boston, at the close ofthe
American Oivil War. The Boer cause
is lost. They talk of guerilla warfare,
bnt judging from what I havo learned,
it scarcely seems likely that this will
amount to niiythlog."
Description   of  the  Formal
Occupation of Johannesburg.
Lady Roberts Hoists  Union
Jack���Incident at Bobs'
Battalion  of Imperial Yeomanry Captured Near
Johannesburg, Friday, Jnne 1.���The
entry of nn armed force yesterday into
this large, modern, populous town, afforded suoh a sttnnge oomrast to tbe
previous incidents of the war as to
make tho oconsion peculiarly memorable.
Soon after ton o'olodk Lord Roberts
and his stuff left the oamp followed by
the Guards and Ste-enson's brigades
and a few newspaper correspondents.
Preparations hnd been made on n large
scale to welcome the Field Marshall.
Tha space around the Court House was
thronged and the balconies were filled
with ladies. In front of the Court
House tho "Vierkleui'' Free Stnte
ling still floated.
At about 2 o'clock cheers in the
distance heralded the approach of
Lord Roberts, The 'Vm Inoreased and
bocniiW <Knfe:iing Lrftlre t'oniiiiainiei-
in-Chief, calm and collected, led the
column Into the square and reached the
front of the Court House,
The crowd became almost unmanageable, trying to break through
the cordon formed by the body-guard
in order to get closer views. Cheers
and cries of welcome and "Well done
Bobs" resounded on all sides.
After bis Introduction to the chief officials, Lord Roberts dismounted aud entered tbe Court House and made a
short speech nccopting the surrender of
tho place and requesting the officials to
retain Iheir offices for the present, Lord
Roberta afterwnrds left tho building, remounted ami the "Vierkleur" was
hauled down amidst hurrahs from tho
nondescript population.
There was visible emotion on the part
of many Of Ihe rugged Burghers, Tears
streamed down the faces of these big,
bearded men at the sight of the loss of
tbe ling they hnd fought for bo well,
After a brief interval tbe rattle of
drums and shrieking of fifes heralded
the approach of General Pole-Carew's
Guards, The troops were drawn up
around the ling stall' and the Union
Jack was hoisted by Lady Roberts,
the fifes played ' 'God Save the Queen,''
and as the music ceased a great roar
of cheers broke out followed by a
chorus of "God Save the Uueen." l*M1
During the singinR of the National
Anthem a tall Fiee State artillerist,
who wns listening to tho oeromony refused to lift his hat. Bystanders tried
to force him to do so, when a British
Gnardsnian interposed, saying; "Leave
him alono. Ho fought for his ling.
You are too cowardly to fight for nny
flag. " A inarch past subsequent to the
march through the town cloBod the
Lord Roberts' headquarters wns nt a
small inn iu an orange grove. There
was a chin nol i 11 -.i ic scene there at the
close ot the victorious dny. Oue of the
stiilT officers npproncheil in order tn (lis
cuss a matter of importance, and found
the Field Marshall with the innkeeper's
little daughter ou his knee trying to
tenoli her lo write. When tbey were interrupted, Lord Roberts looked up smilingly and said, " Don't conio now, can't
you see I am busy?"
ed, I ordered General Methuen lo proceed with all possible speed to it's Assistance. Mi'lbueii was then on the
march from Hellbron to Kroonstadt,
and half an hour after tho  leceipt of
my telegram, on June 1st. he started
off. By 111 o'clock a. in. of of the following day, he had marched II miles
but be was too lute to rescue  Oolonel
Spragge't Yeomanary,
"Methuen attacked the Boers, who
were about .'ttXHI strong, aud after a
running light of live hours, completely
routed the enemy. It is a very regret-
able circumstance but I hope il will not
be very long before the Yeomanry will
be released from captivity."
London. June I.���The casualties
of the British iu the lighting under
lleueral Warren at Fabersput Muy
10, when, with 7IK) men he was surrounded and attacked by 1,000 Colonial rebels who were repulsed, included one man killed and 10 wounded
among the Canadian artillery.
Cables From South Africa Add to
List of Wounded and Sick.
Ottawa, Julie B,���Cables from South
Africa announce the death at Naatiw-
poort of Pte C. II. Bolt of Montreal,
of enteric fever: Pte A. W. Gray,
Mounted Rifles, as severely wounded
near Johannesburg. May ,'sth; Captain R. C. 11. Stevens as dangerously
wounded; Pte L. llore lis slightly
wounded: Captain I). F. Harrison,
transport ollicer, as dangerously
wounded and ill with enteric fever
at Wynburg,
Those wishing to subscribe to the Dominion Day Carnival fund are requested to
do so by leaving from 50 cents uuwards.ac-
cording to the size of thoir purses, at one of
the banks or newspapor offices tomorrow.
Quebec, June 5.���The lumber plant
at St. I'j a one du Sugenuw, belonging
to Prince Bros. & Co., of Quebec, was
destroyed hy lire tonight. The loss will
reach $100,000, Forty families are homeless us a result of   the   i ling, nliun and
it is believed several persons have perished iu the flumes. The telegraph office aud other buildings are destroyed.
The fire is supposed to have been sturt-
ed by ooloniatB.
Hamilton, (Int., June 5.���The Hamilton Methodist Conference Temperance Committee today, in the course
of a report presented, made reference
to Manitoba affairs, The committee
uoted with satisfaction that the
Premier of Manitoba had introduced
a Prohibition Bill into the Legislature thus redeeming the Government's   anti-election    pledge.    The
measure appeared to have been drawn
up with great care in regard to
stringency.    The   passing  of the bill.
and   its    effeotnal     administration
would set other Provinces a wholesome example.
Belleville, Out.,.1 une 5���The news of
the capture of Pretoria was received
here very quietly. Al night there was
a gcueral illumination. The citizens
lire holding oil' for a big demonstration
wheu the Belleville contingent returns.
St. John, N. B., June fi-St. John
went wild with enlhusinsm when Ihe
news of the occupation of Pretoria
was received. In less than an hour
public and private buildings were covered with bunting and the whole cily
looked like a laiiy scene. Tonight
there was n grand piocession.
Ilamilton.Juue 5. ���When the official
uews of tho surrender of Pretoria was
received, tbe mayor proclaimed a hall
Lacliue, Que., June 5���An unsuccessful attempt was made to blow up the
safe in the 0, 1'. It. station here last
night. The burglars, however, were
frightened oil' before they accomplished their purpose,
Moutreol, June 5.���Rev. Mr, Troop,
rector of St. Martin's Church, has rallied out his throat and resigned because
the warden would uot full in with his
views iu favor of free pews.
Full  Court Decides Names
Objected to Will Co
On List.
Government Candidates All
Working   Hard  In
AlbernI Opposed to Martin.
Opinions From All Over
the Province.
London, June 0 (12 o'clock midnight)
���The following   is   n   despatch   from
Lord Roberts announcing Ihe aurrend-
er of the 12th Battalion of the Imperial j
I Yeomanry,
"Pretoria Station, June 5 (12:55 p.m.)'
���I regret to report that the 18th Im-1
peiinl Yeomanry bad to surrender to a i
very superior force et Boers on May,
Hist near Lindley. On receiving con-
lirnmt ion of the battalion being attack-'
Toronto, Ont , June 5. -Walter Bar-
wick: <,i ('., mot with a serious accide' t
on Saturday. While standing in the
law olllces of n friend a window snsh
fell and struck him on Ihe head, fracturing bis skull,
Montreal, Juno 5.���Tlie William
Drysdnle Company, book publishers
nnd stationers, have deoided to go into
Vancouver, B.C., June 6- The 505
residents of the Nelson Biding, whose
siifliugu has been bunging iu the balance for the last week or two, may
rest easy now on the assurance that
they muy exercise to the full their voting prerogatives on Saturday next.
Tbe appeal in the Nelson voters' list
case was today allowed by the Pull
Court sitting here, Justice Walkem
dissenting from the decision of Justices
Martin and Irvine. Thu appeal was
from a prohibition order, granted by
Mr. Justice Drake at Nelson. It wns
understood at first that costs were adjudged to go with the order, but tbe
question has been laid over for uceis-
ion today, owing In a question raised
by K.  P. Davis,Q. O, consel for the re
Victoria, B. C. June .1.���The Premier is spending today on the Mainland and is expected to siieak at
Steveston loiiighl.
Tonight the Government held a rally
at John's Bros, Hull; while another
Qovernment    meeting  is  called   for
Mctchosin to be addressed by tlie oandidates  of   the   Administration    for
Mr.  liberie speaks  tonight at the
Royal Oak and tomorrow evening at
Mount Tolmie.  Mr.  Sangsler.  Bberts'
opponent, stated today that it was not
his intention to hold any more   meetings, contenting himself   with   speaking at those of his opponents,
owing to a change in the Elections
Act,   the   returns   from   the  cities of
Victoria,   Nauaiino,   Vancouver    and
New Westminster will  not  be avail
able  as   early   as   usual.   The   polls
remain open in these places from li a.
m. to 7:80 p.m. The oonntry districts will bo unaffected by this regulation,
A special from Minimum says : "W.
J. MuuAllan returned from Album
last evening, whero ho has been (or
several days p��st looking over Ihe
political si tu.i non. Mr. MacAllan
says that Mr. Neill is a pronounoed
auti-Marlinitu, and thnt be will be
elected by a good plurality. After
hearing so much snout A I hern i being
strongly pro .Mnrtin. Mr. MucAllnu
was surprised to find that it wan the
opposite feoling that prevailed there.
The mining men don't want the
Premier because they think that his
policy will i" "h oapital out of tho
country, nnd the farmers don't want
him ou uceoiint of his railway policy,
whioh they contend would increaso
tbeir taxes.
James Iliiusniuir sud I). M. Kberts
returned from Tuxuls Island tins
morning, where they held two meetiugs
yesterday. Sentiment on the Island np
pears lo be equally divided between the
Iwo candidates,
.1. McPhce, one of tbo Ciiinnx candidates, about whose  allegiance   to the
i.ovi t linn-Hi there bat been > > doubt,
has at laat declared himself for Martin.
At n (lovernineul meeting st Cumberland Mr Mcl'hee sbhI he bad endorsed
th* Mnrtin (Jovornineiit except the railway plauk al Courtney, Mr. McPhes
���ni.l from the platform thlt lie supported the Mnrtin (lovernment and. after
hearing the Hun. Joseph Mnrtin explain
bis railway polioy, that lie (Mcl'hee)
hnd much pleasure in supporting tilt
railway plank. Mr. Mcl'hee tinted on
Saturday evening at L'uion liny, thut be
would support Muiliu't (iovoiitiient ns
, tbe leader of tbe Liberals of the Piov-
TLobo wishing to subscribe to the Do-
iiiiuioiiJOarnival Day.fund ari|ioquoated to
do bo by leaving from 50 ."cents upwards,
according to the size of their pursos, atone
of the banks or newspaperofflces tomorrow.
Some extracts Prom British Columbia
The editor of the Orilnd Forks tit-
zette wired the editors of the leading
Eastern dailies inviting- expressions
of opinion  from tbem respecting the
perils of Martiiiism. Here is a Montreal opinion :
".Montreal, May nil.���(iazettc, Grand
Forks:���The career of Joseph Martin
in Winnipeg, at Ottawa, aud in British Columbia an well, has been at*
tended by agitations which always
appealed to the baser passions of tho
people, and have bad the efrect of
raising wanton strife without accomplishing any compensating good. It
is hard to believe thai the peoplo
of British Columbia at this period
especially, when a strong, businesslike Qovernment is absolutely essential to the development of the Province's great resources, would trust the
reins of power in the hands of a man
actuated by personal umbition as
Mnrtin appears to be,
"Editor The star."
Here Is a wonderful piece of Imagination from the Slocan City correspondent   of   tbo   Vancouver     World:
slocan Oity, B. ('., May 38.��� Tho
labor vole here is nlniost unanimous
for Kane, the Government candidate.
We arc confident of a   large majority
for the Qovernment  candidate,  ami
indications arc that the labor vote
throughout the constituency will ba
almost a unit for our cundidate, mulling his .success practically settled.
The Trail Creek News says: In a
speeeli ut Victoria Minister of Finance
J. C. Brown tsld: " And up in the upper country, judging by reports, he
could suy tbe uioimtuiiiB of Kootenay
were vocal with the nuino of Mortin."
Has nuy body heard the mountains
groan lately.
A Boundary paper asks the following questions.!
Who "did the millers dirt" on tbo
Elmore olaim.    Hon. KnuHi-Curtis.
Who worked his niineis 10-hour
shifts on the Humming bird? lion.
Who will I .ike a sail up Salt River in
Martin's In mi on the Hth of June, Hon,
Smith Curtis.
Who tells "stories" about the number of Japanese employed in British
Columbia?   llou. Smith Curtis.
Here is an inlerestiug bit of dialogue
from an extended report of Premier
Martin's Alberni speech of Tuesday
Mr, Mnrtin in conclusion said: "I
wish you, gentleman, to well consider
before you vote what yon nre votiug
for. Thero is no united party in the
Held eieept the (iovernmeut Party.
The Opposition is composed of many
sections and many leaders."
A Voice- " Any lender is better than
Mr. Martin "Thai, may be. bnt st
present there is no leader of the Opposition ns a whole. The Government
Party, however, has a candidate in
every constituency."
A Voice   " That in not trne."
Mr. Martin���" It is true."
A Voice���"Itis not; lu several constituencies you have tho same candidates."
Another Volco -"Vou have no candidate in North Nanaimo."
Mr.Martin -" 1 have- Mr. .Melnnes."
A Voice-"Thanks; that will do; it it
nil I wanted to know, and I will shut
up yonng Mclnurs."
Mr. Martin tried to explain Mr. Mo-
InniW Ripport, but it was no use; tlm
meeting accepted his statement ts ha
no.de  il.
Those wishing to subscribe to the Dominion Day Carnival fund are requested to
do so by leaving from 50 cents upwards,
according to the sizo of their purses, at one
of the banks or newspaper offices tomorrow.
Toronto, Juno 5.���Toronto spent itself in last week's extraordinary outburst and there was little outwerd
manifestation when the announcement
of tbe occupation of Pretoria, expeotert
since Thursday last, at length arrived.
Toronto nnd most placeB In Ontario
rsnlly celebrated tho event on There.
JNclson Daily Miner
i'ubllmicU Ually eicept Monday.;,
' D J.  B-ATON. Kdltor and Mauagor,
Dally por month by oanter ���   0s
per half year    3 "��
peryour    'Jjj
peryuarby mall    ,"M
perroar foreign -   8"��
Nelson Wkkkly Minkk.
Weekly, per half yoar | 1 88
otrrear    a0��
po, vear, foreign    'So
SubsorlpUonH invariably In advanoo.
Nelson Min sr Printline & PuMlshttgCO
nelson. b. o.
Telephone   No.  144.
London [England] Olllee. UI Fleet SI root, K.C
Central Press Agency, Limited. Special Agcnl.i
Nelson Daily Miner
June 6, 1900.
GlimDses ofSouth Africa
In Peace and in War.
OUT out this coupon nnd hying
or Henil it with 10 ceuts in silver
for eaoh Portfolio desired, to
the  Portfolio   Department  of
The Nelson Daily Miner and get
Parts 1 to IK, "Ullmpsesof South
Africa in Peace and In War."
Sec announcement on another
With the occupation of Pretoria
the war virtually closes. There are
Boer forces enough to keep up the
appearance of warfare for weeks
and months yet, and there is no reason to suppose they could not find
for themselves the means to subsist.
But to what end? Kruger may have
deceived himself, as he certainly
deceived his people, into the belief
that the Transvaal was invincible;
neither Kruger nor his people can
believe so any longer. And as they
rank above the savages, they must
realise the utter inutility of prolonging the struggle. As a concession to
theirpride,tliey mayput oft thehumil-
iation of surrendering until it can be
made with better grace, but it is in
the highest degree improbable they
will decide on maintaining a system
of guerilla warlare. There would
be nothing new in that to the
Boers, for with them it has been
guerilla warfare from the beginning.
They will see there is nothing to
gain, therefore, either in results or
novelty of defence, and will take
early occasion to swallow their pride
and make the best terms they  can.
It has taken longer than was
thought by the most experienced
heads, and even Lord Roberts himself found the march to Pretoria
a more tedious piece of work than
he expected. But he may take
consolation in the knowledge that
history will say of it that no campaign was ever planned with greater skill or carried out with more
perfect exactness. Nor will history
forget to give his due share of credit to the man behind Roberts, Lord
Kitchener of Khartoum, the man
*ho, though always in shadow,
loomed big in actual presence.
saw several years ago that the
political situation was drifting into
a condition of chaos, and saw moreover that the only effectual preventive was the introduction of party
linos. This view was urged on Mr.
Turner, who refused to accept it,
much to the disgust of Mr. Kletchcr
and many others like him, He is
not likely now, should lie be elected, to be one of those to invite Mr.
Turner to return to the old hodgepodge system. It was belter than
Cottonism or Martinism, but there
is slill another belter than either
ol Ihcin, and Mr. Fletcher will
do all that one man can to have it
introduced. But as to Turnerism,
in the objectionable sense meant by
Dr. Hall's editor, there is no more
danger of returning to it than there
is of returning to pocket boroughs
and open voting; il is as dead as
Cjuecn Anne.
The City of Nelson is paying Mr.
John Houston twelve hundred dollars a year to look after its affairs
and to see that they are conducted
with reasonable economy and efficiency. He was himself the first
and loudest in insisting that its
Mayor should be put on the footing
of a salaried official, claiming that
in this way his services would be
under more effective control in the
interests of the municipality. For
a period of nearly two months he
has been neglecting duties he is
thus paid to perform, his time having been almost wholly occupied in
endeavoring to get himself elected
to another position which also carries an indemnity. Mr, Houston
has a great weakness for public
salaries. He expects to get himself elected, although it is believed
that a majority of the people think
otherwise ; and if elected, he will
be absent at Victoria during a session that is to be called at once and
which from the nature of things
will last lor some time. During liis
absence his duties will be entirely
neglected, as a matter of course,
but he will continue to draw his
salary from the taxpayers of the
City. This is the penalty the
people are asked to voluntarily impose upon themselves, under the
assurance that Mr, Houston is the
only man in the community who
can serve the public in any capacity
whatever. Assuming his election,
it would be curious to know how he
proposes to reconcile his duties as
Mayor to his absence in Victoria,
attending to his duties as member
of the Legislature.
Dr. Hall's editor professes to fear
that Mr, Fletcher's election would
be a return to Turnerism. There
is no Turnerism either in existence
or threatened, therefore it is impossible that there can be a return to
it, A constantly growing number
of the community lament most
deeply that Turnerism has not been
more in evidence during the past
two years, if by Turnerism is meant
the control of affairs by a Government of which Mr. Turner was
Premiei. The Province would have
escaped much evil if it had been.
But however that may be, Mr.
Fletcher's election will not restore
Turnerism, That gentleman is
pin of the many Conservatives who
same freedom as oilier citizens.
In connection with this case, which
has given rise lo a great deal of
ignorant contention and to a display of feeling that bordered on
lawlessness, it may be worth observing that of the full Court two
Judges were for the appeal and two
against. While the judgment settles the dispute itself, il leaves the
merits of ii still in doubt.
The electors of British Columbia
will do a wise thing next Saturday
if they vote for a clean slate and a
fresh start. We have had sufficient
experience of government by faction, as the Province can testify lo
its cosl; let us try a new method, It
is impossible that il can be worse
than the old one, and there is at
least the chance that it will be better. In Nelson let us relegate Cottonism, Martinism and all the rest
ofthe abominations lo the lumber-
room, and by the election of Mr,
Fletcher do our full share towards
putting the politics of the Province
on a more solid footing.
If we take Mr. Houston at his
own estimate, he is a very great
man ; but in a public capacity he
has probably as much on his hands
as he can attend to in earning his
salary as Mayor of Nelson.
Frank J^letctier.
Stability of Government.
Observance of our Constitution.
Peace, Progress,
and Prosperity,
Agitation, Stagnation,
and Adversity.
Committee Rooms over Neeland's
Shoe Store, Baker Street. Open
every day and evening. All supporters invited lo attend.
Mr. Cotton's paper says that in
ability Mr. Cotton is head and
shoulders above his rival candidates
in Vancouver, It says again that
he opposes the introduction of the
party system of government, for the
reason that a general mixing of Provincial affairs and Federal issues
would follow in consequence. This
can hardly be taken as an evidence
of Mr. Cottons's ability; if the view
is seriously held, il is rather evidence
of very gross stupidity. It is a wonder the large Provinces of Ontario
and Quebec manage to get along so
well, when the parlies in their Legislatures divide on the old lines. We
never hear that with them there is
the constant and deadly conflict between the Provincial and Federal issues that is predicted of British Columbia. We must be au inferior
breed of Canadians, surely, if we
cannot contrive to keep them sep-
arale. There is no necessary connection between the two, and no
sensible man would pretend that
there was if he did not expect by it
to frighten those who are still in
their political childhood.
H. & M. BIRD
Agents for Eureka Mineral Wool and
Asbestos Co-
Real   Estate.    Fire   Insurance.
Private Funds to Loan.
Lots 1 to 8,'.block 60, oorner of Hoover nud Hendryx Streets.
These are good level lots, cleared of
trees nnd stumps. The view from them
Isoneof-'he beat in the City and the
situation is well adapted for residences.
The opposite block has been reserved
by the Qovernment for public purposes,
Not less thiui two lots will he told ntn
time. Terms: Half cash, the balance
in li and lli months,
Eight-room house aud two lots on
Kiilison Slreet, between Stanley
and Kootenay, per month 820 oo
New Goods!
Just  received   from   the
The very latest ideas in���
Card Cases
peftsj Etc.
Canada drug &
The Nelson Coke &
Gas Company is
now prepared to supply the best LIME
in   the   country   at
5oc per cwt
Special rates on carload    lots.     Apply
Bon We .Giii Co., Lid.
Baker Street.
^ \*/ w)> i*> \*> \*/ **/ %d# \*> vfc ntJi U> <t(>> S \*> %��)/ i*> \*i \*> i*i V*i %*/ \*> vl/ il> \l> ^
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���"$      Used In the Kootenay.
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I   Dominion Ale and Porter
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if   Dominion White Label Ale
^ (pints and quarts)
'�� This is the finost Alo brewed in Oanndu.
3   Dominion Bulk Ale
.-* (in 16 gallon kegs)
j   Teacher's Scotch Whisky
Wholesale and Retail Meal Merchants
a _a______j___4A  ____, __
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon, Three Forks, Now Denver and Slooan City.
Orders by mail to any branch will have careful and prompt attention.
The  Rubens   Vost   in tins  BEST
undershirt ever devised for Infanta,   No
BUTTONS,     PINS,    or     STRINGS
required. No pulling over the head to
worry Hitinll Citlldron. lis uhh in reruni-
menued by the most omlnent pliygtclons
for its efficient protection of lungs and
abdomen, For sale by all leading Dry
Goods store;).
������n���i m mm mmiatiw.
By a majority of one, the three
members of the Supreme Court
have decided that the names objected to arc entitled to be included in
the present list of voters, and they
will be registered accordingly.
Everything has been done in order
and in obedience to tlie law���
everything, that is, excepting the
violent outcry that was raised
against the exercise of the right to
appeal ; and now that tbe matter
has been settled In favor of tne persons to whom objection was made,
they may cast their ballots with the
Spokane Falls A
Northern R'v.
Nelson  A
Sheppard R v
Red Mountain R'v.
The only all rail route between
all points east, west and south to
Rossland, Nelson and intermediate
points; connecting at Spokane with
(ireat Northern, Northern Pacific,
and O. R. & N. Co.
Connects at Nelson with steamer
for Kaslo and all Kootenay lake
Connects at Meyer's Falls with
stage daily for Republic, and connects at Hossburg with stage daily
for Grand Forks and Greenwood.
Lv, 10-20 ii.ni. SPOKANE. Ar.6.30 p.m.
Lv. 11.16 a.m. UOriSLAND Ar.B.lfipni.
Lv.   8.45 a.m. NKLSON. Ar. 8.00 p.m.
H. A. JACKSON, G. P. & T.A.
Spokane Wash
A��ont, Nelson, B,0
To get the beBt results from a
timepiece it is necessary to thoroughly understand its mechanism.
We have this understanding, acquired by years of study and practice in some of the best workshops
in Amerioa. We invite the severest tests and guarantee satisfactory
178 Baker Street, Nelson.
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Trimmed Hats
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uoedle. Furniture, stoves, carport*,
cooking utensils, bought tn household
qnnutities. Also ni.it off clothing.
Oall and see me or write. Address
Silver King Mike, Box 1200. Hall
Street, Nelson, B. O.
Office with G. W. West a Co., cor. Hall
and Baker sts.
City Offloe ofthe Nelson Boat IWiter
We are now doing business in ��
Next to Nelson Hotel, where we hope to see all our J
OLD customers and many  NEW ones.
Give  us  a  call. f
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Bunding.   Twealy-five tints to select from'.
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Lawrence Hardware Co.
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West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and   Salted   Heats
Fish and Poultry in Season
E.  G.   TRAVES.   Manager'.
Baker Street, Nelson.
Orders by mail receive careful and prompt attention
Charles St. Barbe
Stock and Share
General  Agent.
r. V. i.itu \ p. ��, iimivu
Civil  Engineer*   and Provincial
Land Surveyor!,
P.O, BoxlU Nriaon.BC
where ton oan depend on Rotting tho bout
iriinilM In ths market and any quantity from
10c. up,   PrlooM cannot bo deputed,
TIIIIM  ��3.
Frank A. Tamb-yn, Mgr.,
**akkr Street. Nblson
A. R. BARROW, a.m. i.e.e.
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Comer Victoria and Kootenay Ste.
F.O.B<��M��. Telephone He. W
Aquatic Commlttoo Meuts und Decides
Upon a Programme.
The^oonimittee in charge ot the
mimitio Hportn, to be Kiven on Dominion Day. liold n meeting yeaterday
alternoon nt tlie Rank of Montreal,
with A. H. Hnnrmnnii, cliiiirninu of
tlie oommittee, proairiiUK.
The meotiuK wbb   for the   pm'iinno of
deciding on a programme for tlm boat
menu. Mr. Iluoliiinnn nnnnnnoud that
an appropriation of |7B0 hail been made
for this end of tho celebration byt.hu
soneral uoimuitlee, and that tliiH
amount wan availablo for tho variona
event! to bo considered.
The principal event to be arranged
for wna tliofnui'-oai'cd race (or crews
from Winnipeg, Yiinouuver and Victoria. An appropriation waa made for
the expense to bo Incurred In bringing
these urews to Nelson, and the balance
was divided int<> prizes for the different events which will ho as follows:
Four-oared hIioIIh, crews from above
named cities, mile and a, hull dash,
handsome individual prizes for the
members of the winning crew. Four-
oared raae for local funis, entries unlimited, three-quarter mile heats, individual prizes for winning creWs. Single
outriggers, dash or heats according to
number of entries, prize to winner,
Double sculls, inrlgtred hunts, laily coxswains; if live starters first, and second
prizes, if loss than five starters, one
prize, prize goes to lady steering.
Double canoe race, prize to winner.
Oanoe race, canoes to be manned hy
three persons; if five starlets first and
second prize, if less than Ave one prize.
Ladies'skiff race; if four starters two
prizes, if less thau four ono prize.
Hailing race, course and distance not
yet decided on, one prize. There will
be also a swimming race of 100 yards
and a tub race, for both of which prizes
will be given.
The committee decided that the
prizes will all bo of a nature worth
competing for and two members of the
committee were appointed to make a selection of suitable articles and report to
the committee at tho next meeting. It
rests now with tho water fraternity to
get in line with largo fields for ench
event, in order that the races shall bo a
great success.
Mr. A. R. Sherwood has retorted
from a trip to the Boundary couutiy,
where he wont to inspect the agencies
of the Birkbook Company,
The Nelson Football Association
will hold a meeting at the Waverly
Hotel next Friday evening at 7:110
p. in. for the purpose of organizing
for the season.
J. J. Walker, the jeweler, has been
making extonsivo improvements in his
store and now has one of the most complete jewelry establishments in the
Mr. J. H. Nolan, snb-colluctor of
onstoms at Wnneta.has been transferred
to the departmeut at Ottawa, nnd will
leave in a few days for tho Canadian
Ilr. Hall has engaged tbe Opera
House for Friday evening next when
he will address the electors of the
Nelson Riding. Candidates Fletcher
and Houston will be invited to be
present and only the throe oandidates
will address the meeting.
The following is the run of the
Athabasca mill for May: Period of
run, 21) days; number of tons crushed,
420; valtte of bullion recovered, &M,-
890; value of  concentrates  recovered,
83,ci2; total values recovered, 918,511;
values per ton uf ore crushed,   $11.07.
The News-Advertiser says: "Mr.
Charles Powell, a young Englishman
well known in Vancouver who joined
the Stratheuua Horse at Nelsun, hns
written tu a friend in Vancouver, saying that the Mfrathcona Horse was
attached to the Mafeking relief column. The letter was written while
on the march to relieve the plucky
citizens of that town."
Andrew Christopher, n minirg carpenter, who was employed at the Poor-
man mine, and injuied in an accident
there laat week, wns removed lo the
General Hospital on Monday night in a
oritioal condition. Ho has not recovered consciousness since being taken to
the hospital, and last night after a consultation of physicians nil hope for his
recovery was abandoned. It was not
thought that he would live until this
The following transactions wero ro-
eorded yesterday ut the ollico of the
Mining Recorder. Locations : Janet,
7 1-3 miles west of Nelaon by Francis
Holland : Ladyamlth, between the forks
of Falls Greek by George Thminan;
Lnoky Jim, between Hidden and Por-
onplue Creeks by L. A. Snyder.
Transfers: Oapital No. 2 from Frank
Blwin to Snaqunhanna Gold Mines,
Limited, for a nominal consideration.
Certificates of Improvement: Lome
Beeoher on the Nip and Tuck, the
RiverBide and Nancy Jane olaimB.
The Waverly Hotel under its new
management has improved wonderfully and has now become first-class
in every respect. The latest innovation in completing its up-to-dateness
is the engagement of Ilerr Sleiner'a
orchestra which now plays during the
dinner hour. It is needless to say
that the music is excellent and the
dinner is not surpassed by that of any
hotel in the city. The orchestra niaile
its first appearance last evening ami
greatly pleased the guests at the
hotel. Mr. Werner's piano playing
was a prominent feature of the music,
The dining room is very attractively
decorated with blooming plants and
palms and the Waverly is enjoying
the prosperity thnt such enterprising
management deserves.
Mr. Frank Fletoher and Mr, W. A.
Macdonald returned last night from
four dny's work In the Ymir district
and ns far smith as the Boundary, Mr.
Fletoher was given a very enthusiastic reception when lie visited the committee rooms last night where his supporters were hard at work. It was
Fletcher all along Ihe line and the success met, with was most encouraging.
Mr. Houston's votes there will be al-
niist, nil iiiu'i Dr. Hall will fare slight
ly better.
Nelson took the news of tho fall of
Pratoria very quietly indeed. The
drat word of Gen. Roberta entry oame
to tho Minor ollice at afcout 8:11(1 yesterday morning and was at once telephoned tu the various hotels aud to the
oustoms house. There waa a heavy
rain falling at the time, but aa soon as
it ceased the Mag at the onstoms house
and Ihe Phair and Ilunin hotela were
pulled aloft. This was the extont of
any local celebrution. The peoplo were
too buay talking politics to disouas the
A social gathering was held yesterday afternoon and evening at the
lionie of Mrs. John Watson on Stanley
Street. Music and refreshments
were the features of the evening and
a collection was taken up for the
benefit of the building fund of the
Congregational church. Miss Meconium ami Mrs. Brown rendered several
selections on the piano that were
greatly enjoyed as was also the singing of Mrs. Edward McLeod. The
ladies of   tbe .church   desire to thank
the ladies of other denominations who
kindly rendered assistance during the
Could uot cxpreaa the rapture of Annie
E. Springer, of 1125 Howard St, Philadelphia, I'd., when i.be found that Dr.
King's New Discovery for Consumption
had completely cured her of a haoking
cough that for mauy years hnd made
life a burden. All other remedies and
doctors could give her no help, hut she
aaya of thia Koyai oure���"itsoon removed the pain in my client nud I can now
sleepaoundly, something I can soarcely
remomber doing before. I feel like
sounding its praise throughout the universe." So will everyone who tries Dr.
King's New Discovery for any trouble of
the throat, ohest or lungs. Price CO ets.
and (1, Trinl bottles free at Canada
Drug aud Book Store; every bottle guaranteed.
How oan they do it for the price?
Aren't thoy perfect V So dainty tool
Are among the manv expressions of
approval heard from the many visitors
who thronged tho parlors of the Stamp
Photo Studio for the past week, They
oan be taken raiu or shine.
Spring chicken und all tbo deliaaoins
of the sonsou served to you when yon
visit Florence Park Hotel at Roberta'
Ranch, two nnd a half miles up the
river,    W. M. Roberts, proprietor.
Be sure you aro right, then go ahead.
Vou can't be wrong if you deal with
Nickoraou, watchmaker aud seoond
hand trader. 257 Baker Street, Nelson,
B. 0.
Spokane Falls  & Northern  Kailway Oo.
Oliii'.iirc. of Time.
Effective Sunday, June 3rd, the
Spokan Falls & Northern Railway
will chnugo time and inaugurate new
aorvico as follows: Day train will
leave Spokane at 10:85 a. in., arrive in
Nelson atS:0i)p. ru., arrive at Rossland at 5 :80 p. m.; will leave Nelson
9:80 a. ni., 11'live Kossland 12 :05 p. m.,
arrive Spokane 7:10 p. m. Night train
(new service) will leave Spokane 9:45
p. in., arrive at Kossland 0:80 a. m. ;
will leave Rossland at 11 100 p. m., arrive at Spokane at 7 :05 a. m. Great
Northern standard sleeper will bo attached tu night trains. H. A. Jackson,
General Passenger Agent.
Jlesars. Crow St Morria, the tohncoon-
ists, give a ticket with every 26 cent
purchase, which entitles the bolder to
an iuferest iu a case of pipes," a box of
25 cent cigars, or a single pipe. Drawings are held every Snturdny night and
the lucky men havo their ohoice of all
the largo assortment of pipes in Crow &
Morris' big show cases nnd of tho several brands of 25 cent oigars. Tho Crow
St Morris storo is the one with tho open
front and you can't misB it if you walk
down Baker Street.
"A Friend in Need
Is a Friend Indeed."
Too many people never come to
They wait lor the "/lasses to come
to them.
These are the people who talk
about bad eyes in old age.
Death and glasses come to all.
Blessed are they who ciie young.
Blessed arc they who use glasses
when needed.
When in doubt about the needful
time, or ignorant of the proper kind,
come our way.
Patenaude Bros.
Notice to Contractors.
Sealed Tenders will be reoaived until
12 o'clock, noon, Monday, Jnne 11th
next by tho undersigned for the ereo-
tion of a tbreo story brink block for
Kiikpatrick & Wilson and A. H. Clement. A deposit in the form of a
marked cheque payable to the order of
the owners for the sum of 5 per cent,
of tbe tender must accompany each
tender to insure consideration, otherwise it will not be entertained.
The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
Booms 7 and 0 Aberdeen Block,
To the Eleotors ofthe Nelson
Riding of the West
Kootenay Electoral District :
-KNTUiURN Aa the uomiiieo of tho
Conservative party I beg to offer myself
as a oandidate at tho coming general
eleotion to represent you iu tho Legislative Assonibly of this Province.
Tbo time has arrivod when all parties
are fully nlivo to tho fact that the future
welfare of our 1'ioviuoe demands a
iioiiiid, fair nud honest buaiueas administration aud that any great popular
Party must appeal to othor and
higher considerations than those of individual fear of loBa, or hope of gain.
I oonsider it the duty of every member
elcoted, to bo a Provinoiiiliat to the extont of tho beat interests of tho Proviuce
first, last and alwaya, and to support all
good legislation with that object iu view
In asking you for your support, I will
state that 1 am opposed to hasty legislation of any kind, but particularly with
respeot to our Mining LawB, as feuding
to jeopardize business interests and to divert oapital: for instanoe, twice tho Legislature has passed Alien Exclusion
Lbwb and they are now for the second
time seeking to repeal them after haviug
done considerable mischief .and damage.
With regard to the Eight-Hour Law, I
am opposed to any change in the law
as it now stands. Shorter hours for all
olasses of labor is no new idea, but in
my opinion the principle should be suoh
as to appeal to ull Sections of the Community as being not only a ueoessity nud
benefloial to all, but in keeping with tbe
general advance ment of onr civilization.
I would udvooate tho amendment and
strict enforcement of the Metalliferous
Mines Inspection Aot, so as to more effectually proteot the lives ot workmen.
With regard to the Mineral Act: I
would endeavor to have certain sections
more clearly defined, for the purpose of
avoiding litigation ; and with regard to
oo-ownership, to introduce au inexpensive and Bpeedy mode of making a co-
owner bear his share of assessment or
relinquish his interest.
I am iu favor of an amendment to our
School Laws so as to give Oitiea the control of the Sohools in their midst.
A fair Redistribution Aot should be
passed as soon as possible.
I would advooate the bringing into
foroe of the Torren's Act, provided it is
made optional ; as the cost in a great
mnny cases will be excessivo and out of
all proportion to any benefit to ho derived,
I would urge the speedy construction
of a Court Honse in Nelson, equnl to
the requirements of this district,
I would strongly advocate increased
Grants for Roads, Trails aud Ilridges
wherever suoh will upbuild and develope
our Province, more especially in the
Mining Distriots, and all ��noh expenditure to be placed in capable and experienced hands to bo dealt with iu a
systematic way.
Our undeveloped natural rcBonrcoa
Bhould receive more attention, nud be
more widely advertised in order to attract
With regard to cheap foreigu labor I
believe, whore the remedy ia Bn Imperial
matter, in view of tho stand our Proviuce
aud Country has taken in tho present wnr
giving both lives aud money, tho desired
end can be gained if properly nought,
without In inging about a BflrloUl misunderstanding with the Dominion Government and entailing deplorable agitation
as we require pence and prosperity in our
I nm opposed to any clique or faction
nt politioal agitators whose principle nim
is to embarrass and retard tho business
of the Proviuco for purely personal ad
I strongly condemn tbe aotions of the
Lieut.-Governor as being nu invasion of
the principle of responsible government
and a  misuse of  his power uuder our
('mini 11 nIHm,
Youra respeotfnlly,
Nelson, 11th May, 1900.
^^^^/V**^**/>*A**A^/*^^WWWW^^*WV^A^^^^' ���
A Cushion
For Your Feet
Rubber Heels make walking a pleasure, give you
a springy, clastic step, and will add many years to
your life by doing away with the constant jarring of a
solid heel.
The best kind, neatly attached, 75 cents a pair.
Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
Incorporated 1869.
Capital Paid-up,    ,   .   .    i-.i.'^.',,11711.mi 1  Bui, wi,:oo,o��i.oo
Bniinl or lllri'rtiirnt   Thomas K. Kenny,   President I   Thomas Ititchlo.  Vlto-I'ro��lilenl
Wiley Umll.il, 11. U. -uuld, Hon. It. II. Fuller, M.L.O., Hun. liuvid MucKucn.
Hi-mi oiiiic, lUllfkzi
General MunuKor, i:,i un I,. Pease, Montreal.
Buperlntcndeal of Bmnohes, nnd Secretary, W, I). Torrance, Halifax,
ln.speetor, \V. K. Ilriiek, Halifax,
limned or I>. M. Stewart, Montroal.
ItriuirltcH t
IVnvn Hrotln- Halifax Branch, Antiffpntlh, BrillIgewater, (Inynhoro. Londonderry, bnnenbnrg
iMaitliiml (Hants Co.), I'ielon, l'orl llnwkoHtaury, Hy.lnoy, Bhubonaondlo, Truro, Weymouth
Ulen llrunsnlrli 1 in 1 Inn i. UOK-Mtar, Freilei'ieloii, Kln|?..loii iKunt Co.l, Moncton, Now
oastle, Bnokvlue, Woodstock, r. -. blaail���Oharlottotown, Bumnierafde. linei,ri-���Montreal
(City Olllee). Montreal. Went Knil (Cor. Nolro Dame and SelKiieuis HI i ,. il i: West-Want (Cor.
tli'iieno Avenue and Ht. Catharines. Streot. Onlnrln���Ottawa. Ne,,rountllai,U- St. John's
1'uIm, West Indies.���Havana. Untied Mates���New York (III tCxchnnge l'lnco) Hepubllc, Wiuh
Atlin, Bennett, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver, Vancouver East End, Victoria.
I'orrmpondeulH I
Canada���Merchant* Bunk of Canada. BoHlon-Nallonnl Shawmul Hank. < lilrnco-Amorlcn
National Hank. Nun iMBelRCO��� Find National Hank, l.niiiliio, Knii. - Hank of Scotland
I'nris, (ranee���Credit Lronnala.  Bersmda-Bank ot Bermuda,  riiiun mid .inunn-Homi
Kour and Shanghai IJaiikliiK Corporation.
(icneinl Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange  Bought
and Sold, Letters of  Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounta received on the most favorable terms.    Interest allowed on special
deposits and on Saving Bank accounts.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
Nelson's Newest   Hostelry. Complete in every respect,
It has just been   opened  and the
public is invited to visit it.
By the week from $5 to $6.
By the day 81.00.
Oertifioate of Iinproyemrnts.
Notice���V��unngo and Sheuango Mineral claim, nitnate iu the Nelson Mining Division of West Kootenay Din-
trict. Where located���Ou west side of
Eagle Greek, atiout 2,000 feet southwost
of Pooruiaii quart/, mill.
Tako notice that I, Ohas, Moore, of
Kaslo, B. O.i acting as agent for Thos.
R. French F. M. O. No. 11,305B and
Inaao Ericksnn, Free Miner's Certificate No. 11,304 B, intend, mxty days
from the date hereof, to apply to the
Mining Rooorder for n Oertifioate of
Improvements for the purposo of obtaining a Crown Oraut of the abovo
And fnrthor take notico that action,
under section 117, must he couimenoeil
before the isBeaiice of snoh Certificate
of ImprovoineulB.
Dnted this Siitli day of   Aptil, 11)00.
Bank of
British Columbia,
Is now prepared to issue
Drafts and Letters of Credit
on Skaguay, U.S., Atlin, B.
C.| and Dawson City, Yukon
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer and Porter,
Drop in and sec us.
B. C.
Fraternity Hall
for linker A koolrnny Sin.
can he rented fur Ounccrts, LealO-M
Dances, Banquets and every kind of entertainment. Good nnle-roiiiiiH, cloak
rooms, Kitchen nnd dining room furnished.    For terms apply
DR. E. O. ARTHUR  Oity.
Notice of Application for License.
I hereby give notice that I Intend to
apply i" tho Board of Licensing Commissioners of the Oity of Nelaon at its
next sitting for an hotel licenie for
the premises situated npon Lot 1(1
Blook (HI (north side of Vernon Street
hetwoou Ward and Josophine) in tbe
Oity ot Neliou.
7 8 inch ilium. HE BO per 100 feet. For
Immediate delivery- in Nelson
J. 0. T. CROFTS,
P. O. Box 6/f., Nelmn, H. 0.
Delivered to an any point on
Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock
on hand of
Mill at PILOT BAY.
tarda, NELSON aud LARDO;
J.   A.   SAYWARD.
Room  3,  Turiier-Boeckli  Block, Nelson.
Notary Public, Ren! -State, Insurance
Mines, Loans.
$2,0110 will huy lot with furnished
house rented for �����() per month, and
stable reuted for 81(1 per month. Very
central location.
820(1 cash, hit on Carbonate Street.
$2,(1(11) will purchase 1 lots and residence, Hume Addition.
.-I/inn will purchase loton Baker St.
A nice collage and huge lot Five Mile
Ranch at Pilot (Bay,  (HI   acres   cultivated.
|N;V) house aud lot on Robson Street.
���2.-KK) will purchase It-riiiiined house;
very central location and easy terms.
Call at once.
8-1000 will buy Corner on Baker
Street.    Easy tonus.
81000 will buy Corner ou Vernon
���2M) oach will buy 5 nice residence
lots on Carhonate Street.
82(1 a month will rent a 8 roomed
bouse.    A snap.
Great Reduction!
'   $9.65 per Ton
$6.15 per Ton
Houston Block,
Agent for Phoenix Insurance Oo.
of Brooklyn, N. Y.
Fur Hale or Lensi���Large building
OD VernoD Street, suitable fur warehouse, factory or t&rge boarding homo,
Several good houses for rent.
Choice lols for Mile.
Nelson Employment Agencv
Olrl for Housework.
Cook (woman).
COKE   IHUl.l.lNU.
J. H. LOVE, Agt     BakerSf
Suitable for Ladies' or Children's Dresses, also Ladies'
Blouses; good heavy weight; width 27". inches. Special
Price 60c a yard. Shades: White, Cream, Heliotrope,
Blue, Pink, Cerise, Purple, Green, Navy and Black.
Sample line of Ladies' Silk Blouses; regular price
$5.00; clearing at $2.75.
Nobby Millinery for June
Agent Standard Patterns.
Yourself and Friends
are   invited   by . . .
Home Art Society of Decorative
Needle Wort
of New York, to view auSExliibitioelof
Silk Art I>_eed)e Work
and arrange for a series of lessons
from   May   28th   to   June   13th.
Hours   10   to   12  and  2   to 4, in
Hume Hotel Parlors.
Art Lectures Mondays, Wednesdays  and   Fridays.     Lessons and
Lectures free of charge.
MRS. KENLY, Artist and Teacher.
The teacher will inform each lad)'
joining the class where the Silks
and Linens can be obtained.
Belding's Art Silks and Linens
used exclusively in these classes.
With the Compliments of
Fred Irvine 8 Co.
FORTY ���a.i'cin...
cents  Lawn Sprinkler
The cheapest, simplest, and most desirable device for
sprinkling lawns ever made. With ordinary pressure it will
cover a space of from 50 to <">o feet, and is the only sprinkler
on the market that can be moved from one location to
another without shutting oil the water or wetting the person
handling it.    They're only 40 cents each.
Vancouver Hardware Co., lm.
Mara Block. Nelson-
The Nelson Electric Tram way Co.Ltd
Large number Choice Building Lots adjacent to the
line of their Tramway. For price and terms of sale apply
at the office of the Company, Macdonald Block, Corner of
Josephine and Vernon Streets.
T. C. DUNCAN Secretary
f VWvWlTlAl t U-uVl*l��r��r*r��i*l ��***A**AAAAAAAAAAAAArVlr>lVSr^^
This Space has been purchased by Dr. Hall's Committee to be
Used by them in the interests of Dr. Hall until Election Day
Vote for
To the Electors of Nelson Riding, West Kootenay District
1 Equal Rights and Eight |
2 Hours for all. 5
Gentlemen. ��� Iu response to num��r-
ously sffened requisitions askinp; me to
he u caudidate for the Provincial Lcr-
iilatnrt at the forthcoming election, I
have consented to enter the contest as
an Independent Liberal. _
I have the honor, therefore to solicit
your votes aud influence, und if elected 1 shall do my utmost to secure for
tho Province honest, economical and
progressive government.
A brief outliuo of some of the principles which I think should bo embodied iu the Legislative Aots is given
I huve the honor to be gentlemen.
Your obedient servant,
G. A. B. HALL.
1. The principle of eight hours constituting n legal day's work should be
recognized aud strictly enforced.
2. Steps should immediately be
taken through tho proper channels to
prevent tha immigration into this
country of Chinese aud Japanese laborers.
3. Two dollnrs and n half per dny
should ho the minimum wage of uu-
Bkilled lahor throughout the Proviuce
on.all government works.
4. A fair wage bill should be intro
duced requiriug tbe payment of standard wages ou nil works to which the
Province contributes subsidies or aid
in any form.
fi. The establishment of a labor
bureau under the direction of a Minister of the Crown, whose duty it Bhall
be among other things, to collect labor
Btatistios, and   to act  na   a   mediator
Exclusion of Chinese and
Japanese Labor.
between employers nnd workmen in
all cuses of actual or threatened
strikes with power to call nnd examine witnesses aud compel disclosure
of all material facts iu connection
with suoh disputes.
II. I believe that trims ronds should
be built and maintained by the government and encouragement given to
miners to extend these roads. Such
work should bo directed by competent
government engineers. Where trails
are required to single or small groups
of claims che cost of such trails, if
built by the claim owners on the approval and under direction of a government jnnsec.tor or engineer, shall
apply as  assessment  upon the claims.
7. Government ownership of nil
telegraph systems nnd railwuyB where
practicable by construction or purchase.
8. The establishment of technical
schools   for   metallflerous   miners   in
I Efficient and Permanent
_ The    introduction    of a
Civil Service.
connection with smelters at differeut
points in the Piovincp.
9. To draw tbo atteutiou of capitalists and investors lo British Columbia
us a desirable centre for profitable
mining operations by suitable advertisement nnd by the appointment of
a special ngeuc at London and elsewhere whose services shall bo free and
equally available for all owners of
British Columbia properties.
in. To encourage the establishment
at suitable points in British Columbia of
(a) Steel nnd irou works.
(b) Shipbuilding yards.
(0)   Additional   smelters nod   refineries.
11. The retaining of tbe resources
of the Provinco as an inset for tho
benefit of the people, aud taking effective mensnres to prevent the alienation
of the public domnin, except to  actual
Fair Wage Bill.
settlers or for bonn lido business or industrial purposes, thus putting an end
to the practice of speculating in the
12. The takiug of active measures
for tho systematic exploration of tbe
Province, including n government survey of tbe province by sections and
the preparation ot accurate aud cheap
maps iu accordance with such   survey.
111. The interests of the Province
can he best served by a permanent
civil service, appointments to which
should be made by reason of merit and
not of political intluenoe.
14. All unoccupied lands in tho Province shonld be open to hona tide settlors nt fair prices which shnll be decided upon by a government land agent
or valuator, and better facilities should
be given for acquiring small nreas for
establishment of market gardens and
16. Whom mineral claims are hold
by joint owners nud whore one or
more of such owners refuses to con-
tribute towards the annnal assessment
work, provision should be made in the
Mineral Act for tbe sale of tbe interest of such delinquent  owner.
in. The abolition of the deposit by
candidates for the legislature.
Redistribution of the constituencies
on au equitable basis.
I will advocate the appointment of
a conciliatory Hoard to consist of
representatives of Labor. Business
and Capital, to whom nil disputes
between Labor and Cnpital will be
The   establishment  of a
Labor Bureau.
(The Miner is not in any way responsible for liny
of the sentiments expressed in these columns. The
matter is prepared by Dr. Hall's friends and occupies space purchased by Dr.  Hall's committee.)
If You Want
Good Government
And the
Expulsion   of   the
Vote for Dr. Hall-
A rutlle Attempt to Mislead  tho Public Made  at the
Curtis Meeting.
Another attempt was made by Mr. W.
A. Galliher at the Hon. Smith Curtis'
meeting to get an answer to tbe question
put to Dr. Hall at the Fletcher meeting by
pulting the question in different shape so
as in some way to connect Dr. Hall with
the Government. The attempt was futile,
only drawing out from Mr. Curtis an emphatic denial that there was any understanding with Dr. Hall or bis party to
support the Government, and that tlie
only answer he could give was the answer
given by Dr. Hall as reported in tbe press,
that, '"'in the event of 19 members being
elected to support the Government he
would not take it on himself to vote a want
of confidence motion   but   would give the
Government a chance to carry out its
policy." Nothing could be more straightforward. Dr. Hall is running as an Independent candidate and the position he has
taken will have the approval of all right-
thinking men, and he is gaining tbe votes
daily of men who do not want to see the
country thrown into another election should
the situation be such as Dr. Hall stated in
his reply at the Fletcher meeting. There
must be a strong apprehension by Mr.
Galliher's friends that it is just possible
that the Government will get many supporters or why are they so anxious about
Dr. Hall's vote? It must be a desperate
position to be running for a party that has
not enough men in the field to form a government and with whom neither Conservatives, Martinites, Turncrites-or any other
"ites" will coalesce. Dr. Hall's platform
is made of sound planks and the electors
know that he will do what he believes is
best for his constituents and the Province,
in any emergency tbat may arise.
Candidate Houston's paper is greatly
wrought up over tbe question as to whether
Candidate Hall was a "willing" or '���unwilling" candidate. There is one thing
certain he did not announce himself until
he was petitioned to do so by seventy-five
electors of tbe Riding. Il was bard on you
John. Your highest hopes were blasted by
bis appearance in the field, but il will only
prepare you for the avalanche tbat will
swamp you and Cottonism from tbe political arena on Saturday night.
Dr. Hall will hold a public meeting at
tbe Opera House on Friday night, tbe
night before election, to which will be
invited Candidates I [buston and Fletcher.
All of tbe members of Dr. Hall's committees are requested to attend the committee rooms during the evenings of this
and Good Government
The Result of a Letter Written by
Miner Employee.
An employee of thu meohnnical end
of The Miuer oflice recently wrote to
bis parents in the east a letter of which
the following is a portion : "It is now
8:811 in the evening and as I write you
this there ooiueB from the gulch, over
which the Minor office is situated, the
roaring of a boar, two of tbeBe auimnlB
having made their home beside a small
creek, whioh rune beueatb the office.
All night loug you can hear tbem
roaring, and straDge as it may seem
the people here pay no attention to
tbem. I am often afraid when I
veutuie out of the ollice after dark that
oue of them will giahme." In reply to this letter the fond mother of
the young mun wrote: "Your letter
in regard to the wild animals which
hover about the Miner office has completely upset me. It must be a terrible
place ond I do uot want you to stay
there any longer. I enclose you a draft
for StIO with which to pay your way
homo. Telegraph me as Boon as you
receive this when yon will come so
that 1 may be relieved." To this the
young man replied by wire: " Beats
belong to au adjoining hotel and are
tame. Don't worry. I will use the
money for other purposes, for I need
it." The young man expeots a letter
from homo in about three daya.
Advcrtlsemon���i lnsorlod under this head at
tho rate of ono cent a word por insertion. No
advortlaomoiit taken for loss than 25 cents.
FOR SALE.���Tbe lurniture in a five
roomed house in the Hume Addition.
Purchaser will be given the privilege
of renting the honse at $25 per mouth.
House throughly modern and furniture
used onlv since Inst October. Apply
Box ia5,'NelBon, P. O.
WANTED. ���By a married couple with
ono child, board in a private fumily.
Address A. B., Miuer offloe.
WANTED.���Bonr.1 in a private family
for n lady.   Address W.   M.   F., Box
188, Nelson.
TO RENT.���A furnished   room   iu  a
honse on tho corner  of  Vernon  and
Cedar Streets.
WANTED.���An experienced stenographer.     Apply   to   H,   R.   Oaiuerou,
Baker Street.
TO RENT.���A    furnished    iooui    in
house    on   Sllloia    street    between
Oedar and Pine.   L. J. Conkey.
WANTED.���Lots, or bouse and lots,
payable iu monthly instalments. Morton, Miner Offloe.
Thoso desiring to subscribe to the Dominion Day Carnival fund are requested to
do so by leaving from 50 oentB upwaids,
according to the size of their purses, at one
of the banks or newspaper offices tomorrow.
Murder of Another Missionary Charged
to Them.
London, June 0.���The Pekin correspondent of tbe Times telegraphing
Tuesday sayB: "Mo Norman, a missionary of the Society for the Propo-
gation of the Gospel, was oruelly murdered at Yung Oiling, on May 20th.
Tbe vicoroy of Pe Obi Li has officially
conveyed the fact to the British Minister.
The murder was undoubtedly due to
the complicity of the Chinese (iovernmeut in the disturbances caused by
the "Boxers.'' A Becret edict, issued two days ago forbade the soldiers
to fire upon the "Boxers." The
soldiers who were killed at Huang
Tsun offered no resistance, and were
simply guarding the railway."
London, June 5���The Shanghai correspondent of the Daily Mail, telegraphing yesterday, says: "The "Boxers" are within three miles of Tien
Tsin. In addition to tbe marines, the
defensive force includes volunteers
Under the command of Major Higgs,
lute of the Iltih I-inceis, Tbe town Ib
practically under arms."
FOR RENT.���7 room furnished house.
Modern conveniences.    Apply to Mr.
John, Royal Hotel.
Wholesale Houses.
THORPE & CO., L'MITKD.-Corner Vor
non and Oedar Streets, Nelson, iuanu-
fnoturors of anil wholesale dealers In uornUni
wnlors and fruit syrups. Sole agonls for Halcyon Springs mineral water.  Toliio
���N. M, Oinmnins, Lessee, Every Known
variety nf soft drinks. P, o. Box 88. Telephone No. 31. Hoover Streot. Nolson. Bottlers
of tho Famous SI. Loon Hot Springs Mineral
K��P.TI -AX -.8IQAR .MANUFACTURING CO -Aliiiiufaclurera oflho
ltoynl Heal uml kootonry Hello Cigars. Fac-
lory and olllee, Bakor sirusi, Nelson, 13,0.
HJ. EVANS & OO.-Manor Struct, Nol
��� son, wIioiohiUu dealers ln liquors, cigars
content, lire brick nmi llrnolny, wnlor pipe mid
stool rails nnd general commission merchants.
J A. M'DONALD - Madden Hloek,
��� Nolson, n. 0.- Frulls, ice ereniii,
U. II. OhOooUtM, high class uoufoellunoiy.
leo Orea���i parlors.
WANTED.���A first-class   general  servant.   Mrs. Taylor,  coruer Ward aud
ALL KINDS- Of plain   sewing  done.
Blouses uud children's clothes a specialty.    Mrs,    llogen,    Opposite Opera
The Brilliant Young Novelist Died
London, June 5���The afternoon pu-
pers refer to Stephen Crane, tho Ameii-
cau novelist who died today, in terms of
warm admiration. Tbe Ht. Jnmes Ua-
. rile siiyt.: "The loss of oue of the
most brilliant of preeeut writers will be
as deeply fell by tbe English iib by the
Moors riiissing at Flgulg For an
Attack Upon the French.
London, Juue 6���Hpeoial despatches
received this eveuing from Algiers portray a Bcrious bituetiou. Thousauds of
Moors are mussing at Figuig, nud in
Ihe neighborhood, preparing for a determined attuck iiiiiiii tbe advanced post
of the Frenoh.
NEMON LOUGH, No. 23, A. V. A A
M. moo. Booond Wednesday In onch
month.   Visiting brotliom welcome.
I. O. O.  K.     Kootenay Lodge
No. Ill, incel* overy Monday night,
at  lliolr   Mall,  Koolonay stroet
Sojourning Odd Follows cordially Invited.
John Scoloy, N. O.   John A. MeHno. V. O.
��� ). w. Rutherford, see.
Nelson h.iidimpmi'lil No. 7. Meets every '.'nil
niul llli I'ridiiy of each month, In Odd Fellows'
Hull, eoinor linker uud Koolonay streets
Nelson. A. 11. Clements, Q I'.; 11. McArlhiK
It. S.   Visiting brothers always welcome.
COURT KOOTENAY, I. 0. F., No. 3l.li,'
Meeting. ��h Thursday of uionlli. Fraternal
hall, J A Irving C. B.   P. It. Fleming. II. 8,
NKLSON LOW1K No. ib, K. Off
-meets In lv. of P. hall. Oddfellows Monk
raevorv Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock
JaAll visiting knights cordially Invltod
L. Scorr 0. O.
O. Joy, K. of It. and 8.
NKLSON L.O.L. No. law moots in tho Mac-
Iloiinlil block ovory Thursday evening at 8
o'eloi.k. Visiting iiiombers cordially lnvllod
It. Koblnson, W. M.: M. Crawford. A. 8.
first mid third Wednesday of
ouch month nt fraternity hall,
cornor of Baker mid Kooliinny
street*.. Visiting bmlhcrn cordially Invited.
John Watson, Socrotary.
NKLSON AKKIK No. 22, K. O. K.. mooh.
every second nnd fourth Wednesdays of eaoh
in ontli. Visiting mrmbors cordially lnvll-
Cliurlus Prossfii, Secretary.
Baitibt Ciiuhcii - Services morning mid
pvonlng at 11a.m. and 7.80 p.m.; Prayor moot,
ivv, *___���_' availing ��t �� P-ra. the B. Y
l'.U, I Monday evening al 8 o'clock. Btramren
cordially welcomed, liev, 0, J. Coulter While,
Service for the year 1900 will
be commenced JUNE 10th.
The "Imperial Limited"
takes you across the Continent in four days without
change. It is a solid vesti-
buled train, luxuriously
equipped with every possible essential for the comfort and convenience of passengers. Ask your friends
who have travelled on it or
Limit--,��� Wholesale und retail dealers
In grain, liny, flour, food. Mills nt Victoria.
New Westminster. Kdmonlon, Alia. Elevators on Calgary ft Edmonton Railway. Manufacturers of eolebratcd B & K brand coronls.
U���"'"UAK,"fI,r'7,��� ��B.O.
Birkbeok Investment, Security & __i
Oo- of Toront^    "*��
Money Loaned on Straight M
Real Estate and Insur
��� . ��� TO   RENT.
- l-llooineil Oottages,
H Lots on 01
���sorvalory Sl��� sj_75 (
DurInS the heal of the
.vou want to keep cool m
l few o|
Big Schooners
10   Cents.
The only good Beer in N,.
A MAODONALD & CO. ���Corner Ver
��� lion and Josephine .Streets, wholesale
grooors and jobbers In blankets, gloves, mills,
boom, rubbors, mucklnnws and miners' sun-
V/ .Ins. A. Macilounltl)-Architects und Sll-
porinl i mine.,. Broken Hill Bloek, for. Bakor
and Ward Sts., Nolson. B. 0,
(Mice corner Hall   ana Front Streets
OJfuOB corner
Nolnon, B. C.\   Lumber, Ceiling, flooring und
everything  in   wood   for  building   pmposeB.
Got our prices.   Correspondence nol
Tin v. Pass. Agtml:
A  O. P. Agent),
Gamble &0'ReiIly
Two   lots und   house. S rooms.
room   and   lcitvlieu,    all   modern
provements,   frond    view,   handy
town, 8,t,riOO.   Terms.
New Cottage, Mill Street, SM
New Cottage, Stanley Street,
per month,   All modern conveniences
Two  new collages, (lore Street, $11
Gamble b O'Reilly.
i into
Smoke Our Cigars
They are made in your midst, oi
the finest Havana Tobacco.
Where good Cigars are sold
they can be bought.
The Royal Seal and Kootenay
Union made.
Kootenay  Cigar
Mfg. Co.
NELSON,     -     -     B. C.
Tenderfl will bo received by Ibe un-
rlerniKiierl "P to the 15th of .Inly noxt
for the HinkiiiR of a shaft on the Maud
8 mineral claim on the North Fork of
tho Salmon River. Plana and specifications will be mailed ou application
to the iimlei������ ii- I.
a O. HORSON. Seoretary.
New North Fork MiniuR Oo., Ltd.
P. O.  Box !)8o,
June lnt, 1000.        Vanoouver, B. 0.
Canada Permanent and Western Canada Mortgage
Money to loan on Straight Mortgage.
Apply to 0. L. LENNOX, Baker 8t���
P  BURNS A CO   linker stroel. Nelson,
���   wholesale  dealers in frosti and cured
meals.   Cold storage.
- linker Street. Nelson.   Wholesale deal
on, in fro-ti and cured mouts.
1.IMITKD��� linker Street, Nelson, wliofo-
sale dealers ln li.ml wure nnd mining supplios,
plumbers' und tinsmith's supplios.
sale putnts nud oils.
Vernon and Josephine StreotH, No'son
wholusnle dealers in liquors cigars and dry
goods. Agents for Pabsl Brewing Co. of Mil-
wnekee and Unlgiiry Browing Co. of Calgary.
HUDSON'S BAY CO.-WholoHalu *.��-
corioti iiQuliquorti, oia, Dakar St., Nolson.
w/ OOrner Front and Hull Street*, N'cIkoii.
Wholesale denlera in Wine_l (0M6 ami bulk),
nnd Domestic and Imported Cigars.
JY- GRIFFIN A CO.-Corner Vernon
��� and Jo-ephlno Streets. Nolson, wholesale
dealers in provisions, cured meats, butter and
Merchant Tailor,
Baker  Street,
Opposite the Queen's.
Is hereby Riven that I intend to apply
at. the llrHt meeting of the Hoard of
I.ioe-iiB ComuiisRiouorH for the Oity of
Nelsou, held thirty days after the date
hereof, for leavo to transfer the license
now held by me for a saloon known as
the Athabasca Saloon, situate on the
southenst corner of Baker aud Kooto-
nay Streets, Nelson, B, 0., being on
Lot 1, Block 13, iu Nelsini aforesaid,
to Patrick .1. Russell io trust for the
Athabasca Hotel Oompany, Limited.
Duted this 11th day of April, l'.IOO.
Witness:   P. E. Wilson.
Eoom 1. Turner-Boeekta Block,
Real Estate & Mining Agent
14-room house, all conveniences, 2
lots down town.   A bargain,
Honsos in all parts of tho oity.
Baker Slreet improved property.
Income 16 per oent net.
7C-Inot best residence coruer in the
city.    A snap,
A 1,'ond list of lmililiiiK lots to seleot
The Miner Book Binding pliint is
installed and in full operation.
If you have a full set ol "Glimpse
of South Africa" bring them to The
Miner office and have them bound.
Atlantic S7 S. lines
Allan l.lno "Corinthian"
Alliin Line "Parl���on"
llnininiiiii i,lne|
1' I'l'in Montreal
.lune It
Beaver Une "LakeB������'��� Jlnc��
Beaver I-ne'-liKsuBrvV;.;:::'^
White Star l.lno "Oooanlo" ^"""jjft
White Slur Lino "Teutni'io" ?"uu
i'iiii.ir.1 Line "Klniiia"	
Cnnartl Line "C���llipanlft",...
North German   Lloyd "Lalm'
North Gorman Lloyd "Time'
Anchor l.lno "Ethiopia"	
Alliorie-n Lino "SI. I/iuis"
Hod Star Line "Frlesland"
Allan Slato Lino "Sardinian" ...
Panama nrranKed to and from all Kuropai,
amilytoO.P. R, depot agon I "or V _ ___���
City PauHunuei Auont, Noli-on, IM!
,    W. )'. K. CUMMINQS.
rinnon- Aaonti.p p. K. (���� Wlnnlrej
Juno 20
June 9
June 111
June li
.1 une lu
June in
June 15
��� June IS
June III
Close connection East and Wert-
hound at Spokane with ti-ains of tlie
trains of the Spokane Falls ami Northern Railway.
Direct connection at St, Paul without change of depot with all trains tot
Chicago, Toronto. Montreal, Newioft
and all points West and Smith.
Leaves Spokane daily for East at 10:15 m
Leaves Spokane daily for West at 7:45 p��
West-hound traies make direct con-
uection for Victoria and Vancouyer,
Portland, San Francisco, and all |��>mis
on the Sound. - .
During the seasim "f ii;ivie;alioiiMa
bound trains connect al Duluth win
and North-Lund of tbeflorthera'Steamship Oompany Une, operated in connection with the Great Northern Bau-
Kor further Information, maps, tow-
ew. eta, apply to any ageDtofSpoUn.
Falls & Northern liy., Kaslo �� ��MM
Ky., Kootenai Railway 4 Navigation
Co., or to
eh3Dl.PaM.4Tkt.Agt.  0o����1#_|
St. Paul, Min     Spokane, W��n
Kootenay Railway and Nav-
Company, LtJ-
Sohodulo of Time.       Pad Oo ��� ��"��
Kll'ei'tlvo February'lfi. I���
KASLO & 81.0  AN   n-        Uon8
Passenger train tor Bandonand ��S&,
loaves  Kaslo at 8 a. n... 11.il ���   " t Km���
leaves Sandon at _Up.ni,. an lung
at3.fiSp.nl. ...   ., ,v tr 1���AD. CO,
OporallniionKoi.emiyUki   �����Neli0n
Sir. ������Intoruiilional   leaV " "'T^niM,
kano at Five Milo I'lilnl.     I)TVISioN.
LAItllO.IlUNIAN   IIV^l i|]d
Str. "AlberU" loavesl KM"'�����
Arifonla at 8:30 P m WodnWdayjI ,   bpU
-loamerBcall at prinolp    '' .',^ "U��
illroctloiiH, and at oUJer points wnen^ *   th,
Tickota Hold to all point* In Lanaa
^ifei- rates and fall UK****
NKI.80N n. c.
A BoanlliiK and Day'Selmol conducled by
tho HiHtorn of St. Joseph of I'oaeo. II i iI'i
al od at the cornor of Mill and Josephine streets,
In ono of tho best i-e.ililcnt.lal portions of Nelson, and is easily ucccHsiblo from all parts
of I bo city.
The eou'rso of Htndy InclitdcH tho fundamon-
lal and lilKhor brnncbos of a (borough KnKllsb
educalion. ��� ashless courso ��� Bao-keeplnff,
Htonouiraphy and Typewriting. Science course
���Music, Vocal and Instrumental; Drawing',
eto.���Plain and Art Needlework; Calisthenics,
For tonus iiad oarllculars apply
The Miner is on sale Bt the following news stores at five cents P��
copy: Nc��n
Gilbert Stanley Nc|60n
Thomson Stalloiiory oo |l)0���
Canada DrnufcBook W. Maoa
Hotel Hlinio News 8      1 NoWn
Hotel Phair NewsStano ymlr
ji. Campbell NewD*"tor
C. F. Nelson Homiborry
J. F. Ilolauoy si0Clin city
It. A. Bradshaw B1  sandon
Slocan News Co. Vancouver
Thomson Bros. '����� k�����1o
Ijiinont ft Young Ol.c0iiwood
H. A. King ft Co.
and  News   Agents
trains out of Nelson
on boats taS


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