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Nelson Daily Miner Oct 24, 1900

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ry .31oo
Daily Edition No. 863
Nelson,   British Columbia, Wednesday Evening,   October 24, 1900.
Eleventh Year
Mr. Ernest Mansfield Was This Morning \<Z��__\
Released Prom Prison, Where He Spent
a Week for Other People's Debts.
A $10,000 Syndicate Wants
to Take Half Interest in
a Damage Snit.
"Well I wish you would wait until
I finiBh my lunch, anyway," Bald Mr.
Ernest Mantield at 13:30 this morning
as he wns sitting in his cell at the
Provincial jail, eating his noonday
repast which came from the Hume
Hotel. This was iu answer to Chief
Turnkey Partridge, who informed
him that he waB free to leave the
quarters he has occupied for the past
When he had finished his lunch and
lit his pipe, Mr. Mansfield asked:
"What if I refuse to go'.'"
���We will have to eject you for nonpayment of board," replied Mr. Partridge and then Mr. Mansfield prepared
to leave. A few minutes later he registered at the Hotel Hume, "Ernest
Mansfield, ller Majesty's Prison,"
It ia one week ago today, when
Mr. Sheriff Tuck called upon, and let
it be said, prevailed upon Mr. Ernest
Manslield to sample ller Majesty's hill
of fare In Nelson's jail. The enormous crime committed was that Mr.
Mansfield carried out the orders he
w��b cabled to do, and relied ou the
many rash promises cabled over to
him with regard to funds, but when
it came to the point were never fulfilled, and bo, for the debt of others,!
he was lodged under lock and key for
a period of seven days. He came out
today, and people that have known
him since his first coming, noticed a
resolute look upon his determined
face, there wus a firm step as he
wended his way to tlie Hume, where
everybody was glad to see him once
more breathing the air of freedom,
whilst not a   few were not  backward
in exclaiming it was "a d shame"
putting him in prison, whereupon one
said, "he ought to go back and rni&e
Cain," and another remarked, ���'he'll
raise something elso beside Cain, I'll
bet." However when Mr. Mansfield
had got through with the congratulations, and hand-shaking of his numerous friends, and they include nearly
everliody in Nelson, he went to his
oftice, the last place he was in, before
his Incarceration, and it was here a
Miner reporter caught him, amidst
comforts of every kind. Sevoral friends
were tasting of the choice wines and
cigars he keeps, and in one of the cosiest and best fitted offices in Hritish
Columbia, the newspaper man took
his seat on an easy chair and after
lighting a fragrant cigar commenced:
"Now Mr. Mansfield, 1 want a good
story, and should like your impres
slonB of prison life and the position of
affairs generally."
"Eirst and foremost then," answered Mr. Mansfled, "kindly rectify nn
error you madu when reporting me In
my cell. You evidently misunderstood
what 1 said, for you gave the Itnp'cs
mon that 1 considered ull Frenchmen
my enemies. Nothing could have been
wider of the murk and thut was the
last impression I wished to convey,
for 1 want to Bay thut some of the
best friends 1 have in this world are
Frenchmen, and there is nothing I
would not do for these. On the other
hand, one of my bitterest enemies Ib a
Frenchman, who has tiled for the lust
18 months to ruin me, but who has ig-
nominously failed to do so, and who
evon stated to a newspaper reporter of
a Nelson paper a few days ago, that
"he would ruin me." This In a fact
I assure you. Besides there uro hundreds of people In Nelson und Kuslo
cognizant of this fact, besides plenty
of people in France and England.
Bo 1 want you to rectify, and not lot
it for a moment ue Interred that my
remark alluded to frenchmen us a
people, although It cmtulnly did allude to some Frenchmen, and the public and my friendB will understand
this statement, so please make it pub-
the greatest favor you can
the Min-
lic.for it
do me."
"We certainly will do it
er man replied,
"Well the next thing t want to refer to is the courteous manner I have
heen treated during my Imprisonment, by the jail officials. These gentlemen have been the acme of kindness
and consideration to me, doing everything possible to make my enforced
stay as pleasant as possible for which
I offer  my sincerest, thanks."
"Will you leuve for England right
"As soon as I fix up things in good
order 1 shall leuve for the object 1
have already told yon, and to clear
the stain that bus been put upon me
by the people sending me here."
���That, means you will get the .loiter
opened up '.'"
"Exactly. 1 have documents in my
possession, whieh when shown to uny
judge ill England, will give ine the
permission 1 shall demand from the
directors. 1 shull succeed in this, and
the people of Kuslo will leurn something thut will be to their benefit.
Work will go ahead up at the cunip I
assure you, and before long you will
hear of it."
Will you still act for this syndicate that has caused this degradation
to fall upon you'.'"
1 don't think so. 1 shall judge
better ns to my future actions, when
they interview me in London."
"It is said that you intend to sue
for damages.    Is this so.'."'
"Most assuredly. It iB my intention *o sue for ��10,000 damages, hut 1
shall be guided by my London solicitor, in whose hands I shall pluce.the
"I understand that you were on the
point of forming your marble quarries und brick works into a company.
Will you settle this matter before
you go'.'"
"In the face of what has happened
it would be suicidal to attempt it. I
had made arrangements with my solicitors to get preparations made for a
charter, and prominent men of Nelson were to join me in forming the
company, but I consider the matter
now Indenliitely delayed, "
"Ib there any truth in the report
thut several Nelson people representing 810,000, have offered to udvanco
this sum to you in order to recover
damages, these people to till one hulf
of tho dumages you get'."'
"I do not euro to go into this,but as
you have mentioned it, 1 will sny
thut $10,000 has been offered me by
Nelson people,if I need it, fertile purpose you allude to. Hut I am not in
want of funds. I have plenty for all
purposes ut present, and If 1 want
more, I can get what I want in London."
"I believe you were offered a large
sum of money for Excelsior shares
yesterday. How do you account for
this offer being made, especially when
it has  been  reported   the  mine  was
"I was offered a sum yesterday
that inn into the tens of thousands
of dollars for my shares, un offer that
wan exactly double that made me a
few weeks ago, when I wanted to
sell some. Why this offer should
come now, Is a mystery to me, especially when money has been bo scarce
up to now. , Hut I prefer to be an
Excelsior shareholder, so last night 1
cabled that I would not sell one share,
nnd Instructed the Hank of B.C., Lon-
expert examination, This news must
In my opinion have got to London,
but who conveyed* the news 1 do not
know, I certainly did not, and 1 don't
know of uny of my friends thut would
spend money for such a purpose. Still
the offer was made me, and I refused
it in a prison cell, where 1 wus confined for other people's debt."
'. "This seems a strange affair indeed," the reporter remarked.
tinge. Life is made up of
gs, and a few certainties,
one of them is the Joker is an exceedingly rich mine, and the closing down
of the same when considered from
several points of view, which I shull
point out to the proper authorities in
England, will not perhaps meet with
"Ho you arc certain you will obtain
the ends you wish'.'"
"Absolutely sure."
"It is suid thut your syndicate has
formed a very large company,   Is this
"I have had cables to. that effect
und I saw in a French newspaper,
that such u company baa been formed
and called the 'Mansfield Gold Mines
of Hritish Columbia Company, Ltd.,'
oaptlal 5,000,000 Cranes, 1,000,000 francs
of which is working eupital. In this
paper, it is   stated  that some  of the
leading financial houses and
chants of France are connected
"You will huve a large interest in
this concern will you not'."'
"Yes, 1 guess so; my interest will
be something like 81.5,000 in Canadian money."
"Is Mr. Fleutot connected with this
"I don't think so. Can't tell till I
get to London."
"Does this company absorb all the
properties you are interested In'."'
"I don't think so. I believe it
absorbs about one-fifth of our properties. As I say 1 can't tell till 1 get to
"Was Mr. Fleutot scut out here by
the United Company'.'"
"Not as 1 um uwure of. Ho far as I
can judge he was Bent out by the
Klondyk Champs d'Or, Ltd., and 1
believe drew his salary of ��1,300 a
year  from the   Excelsior  Company.
"But isn't he now connected
with the L'nited Hold Fields Company?"
"1 believe so, how and why I don't
know; it s one of tne thingB 1 shall
fathom right down to the ground
lloor. You see 1 am deeply interested
with the future of the Excelsior nnd
United, and that is one of tlie reasons I would not sell a single Excelsior share 1 have in the custody of the
Hank of B. 0., London. No, not even
for five times the figure offered me
yesterday. 1 have got an idea into
my head that things are not as they
should be, and I will spend every cent
I am possessed of to fiud the truth in
this matter. I see by the French newspaper that the capital  of  the   L'nited
Company is  only   ��320,<     When   I
left London the capital of the Excel-
Bior Company was -300,000, so the
difference of the capita _ib .10,000, exactly the amount of the preference
shares. This I assure you !b very interesting to me."
With this remark the pioneer of
Camp Mansfield, said: "You will
please excuse me now, I'm terribly
busy," und amidst a delugo of papers
and clouds of fragrant smoke, the
newspaper man left him, a very busy
man indeed, with a glance in jiis eye
thut denoted thut he would go right
deep down into ull the nffalrs lu
which he is heavily financially interested.
Oratory Rampant at Various
Eastern Canadian
H. H. Cook's Letter In Reply
to Sir Wilfrid Laurier.
Peterhoro, Ont., Oct. 24.���Hon, Dr.
Montague addressed a meeting iu the
interests of Candidate Kendry, Conservative   nominee, hero   last   night.
Orangeville, Oct. 24.���Hon, sir U.
Cartwright addressed a meeting in the
interests of A. Seniple, Liberal candidate, last   night.
Tilsonbcrg, Ont., Oet. 24.���Hon.
.lohn Charlton addressed a meeting
here last night on the political issues
of the day. He asserted that he was
true to the position which he had always held as a member of the Liberal
party and that he hud always reserved himself to the right of Independent
judgment on all vital issue affecting
the welfare of the country, lie justified the expenditure of the Oovernment during thu past four yearB
but suid the time had com" now
when expenditure must be kept within the revenue and a sinking fund applied to the reduction of the public
The Papal Delegate to Canada Will
Arrive in Nelson Tonight.
MoiiHclgneur 'Falconio, of Ottawa,
who 1b at the head of the Roman in
tholic Church in Canada, accompanied
by Bishop Dontiville nnd the Superior
of the Jesuits of the Hocky Mountains, and severol priests from differ
cut millions, will arrive In Nelson
this evening. Mgr. Falconio is the
Pope's special representative in the
Dominion. He 1b an Italian but speaks
English fluently. This Is his first trip
to tlie west and he is now returning
home from n visit to the Coast cities.
During his stay here he will bo the
guest of Bev.  Father Ferland.
At H o'clock tomorrow  morning the
Apostolic delegate will celebrate mnss
lot the  Church of Mary   the   linuineii-
purt with any of ��� late.    In the evening at 7 :S0 a special
don, by cable not   to
my shares,   Evidently there are part-1 service will be held in the oourse of
ies wanting my shares, or perhaps not, which the distinguished visitor wil
wanting me as a shuiehobler, after address the congregation. The publll
they have learned of my determine- \ Is extended a cordial invitation to ut
tlon to have  the  mine opened up fori tend the meetings tomorrow.
Perth, Ont., Oct. 24.-South Lanark
Liberals decided not to put a candidate in the field but to leave the Conservatives light among themselves, Dr.
Preston und Hon. John llaggnrty
having been nominated by two Bee-
lions of thut   party.
Montreal, Oct. 24.���Hon. (!. A.
Mantel, one of the political writeis
on La Presse, which up to few duys
ago was considered a safe exponent of
the Conservative doctrine, baa resigned from the paper on account of its
attitude in wobbling in favor of the
Stratford, Ont., Oct. 24.���non.
Wm. Mulock addressed a meeting of
Liberals here last night in the interest of Mr.   Hoetz,   Liberal.
Toronto, Oct. 24���Sir CharlcB Tupper left here for Peterhoro last night.
Today he goes to Ometnee and tonight will speak at Lindsay.
Following is the text of the letter
addressed by Mr. 11. II. Cook to Sir
Wilfrid Laurier in the afternoon of
the hitter's appearance in Toronto:
���'Toronto, October 10, 1900,
"Bight Honorable Sir Wilfrid Laurier, Toronto:
"Dear Sir,���Recently 1 addressed a
letter to the Liberal electors of Canada, in which 1 charged that the present leaders of tbe Liberal party, yourself and your colleagues in the Cabinet, havo betrayed the principles of
our party, have been false to your
pledges and broken faith with the
people of Canada. In that letter I
said thut the record of our patty
while iu power under the leadership
of yourself and your colleagues, has
been one long sbumefiil story of promises unfulfilled and pledges broken, of
pXtruvagancc, jobbery and corruption.
:ind nf the most shameful betrayal
of every principle for which the
party has stood in the past. Kccog-
ni/.ing the seriousness of the charge I
made and realizing the responsibility
whloh any one must assume in (nuking such a charge against tlie leaders
of the party to which he himself belongs, 1 felt that 1 ought aot, in fairness tn you and   your   collengues   and
to the members of our party generally, to inuku a general charge of this
nature without giving specific In-
Stances und examples of the dishonesty and treason to principle of yourself
uml your colleagues; and this I did
us eleurly und distinctly us 1 wus able
to do.
"Up to   the   present,   neither   yon.
und'switchers who operated in West
Huron and llroekville under his direction, und whose' entrance into   tlie
Cabinet immediately after  the doing
of tbe gang became   kno.vu,   bud   all
the appearance of being payment for
service done���to make an attack upon
me, with the evident hope of being
able to divert public attention from
tlie charges I made. I might, did 1
care to do SO,challenge without fear a
comparison of my public record and
party service with tliat| of this colleague of yours; for a man who never
made or sought to make a dollar out
of politics need not hesitate to invite
sueh a comparison between himself
and one who has become wealthy by
making tlie most of his opportunities.
Hut permit me to say thut neither
my reputation as a man or a politician, nor the motive that may iniluenee me iu making them are of consequence iu matters of this kind. The
question is, are the charges I have
made true? If they are not, you owe
it to yourself, to your party and to
the country to deny them, deny them
specifically and give evidence in support of your denial. I suy you owe
this to the country ns well us to yourself and the party, for it will not beheld by any honorable man that the
country Is not vitally interested in
knowing whether the men entrusted
with its government are or are not
promise-breakers and traitors to principle.
"You are to speak tonight in this
city. May 1 ask yon t.i take your
audience into your confidence und say
whether or not the charges I have
made be true. Do not content yourself with glittering ami meaningless
generalities, but speak plainly so that
if 1 have accused you and your colleagues wrongly, the public, and par
tieularly the rank and tile of your
party, may know it.
"In order that you may the more
easily meet my charges and rcpply to
them, 1 repeat them as succinctly as
may be, ami lu the order I made
Mr. Cook then repeats his previous
charges and goea on to  say:
"Here are seventeen distinct and
specific charges, not one of which you
eau cither deny or explain away, I invite yon to make the attempt tonight.
"tine of your followers bus directly,
and some of your organs have by inference suid that in making these
churges 1 am influenced by my failure
to Secure a Senatorship Replying to
this statement I have suid that I wus
offered a scat ill the Senate if I would
pay 810,000. You huve taken it upon
yourself to essay a denial to this. Of
my statement and your denial 1 shall
have something to say again. In the
meantime let me point out to you that
even if I were improperly Influenced
in making these charges, this would
not lessen their seriousness or be any
answer to them. Your offence is not
against mo. lint against the deccney-
loving people of Canada: against
every man who believes that public
men Bhould be truthful honest and
"If you nre really anxious to know
why I have made these charges I may
tell you that I have tbe Warrant and
authority of no less a person than
yourself to do what I am doing. Perhaps" you will remember a public
meeting' in the town of Orillln in
1HU7. At the meeting you may remember that you used these words:
���I have paid some attention to this
campaign, ami I have noticed in one
of his speeches be (myself I, had Stated
Hint if the Laurier Government did
I wrong   he   would   have   to turn them
out. if we happen to make some mistakes, Mr. Cook will be there with
due notice, and due warrant to turn
us out.'
���You will see. sir. Hint there   Is nl
least oue humble member of the party
who Intends to keep bis promise.
"I am, sir, your   obedient   servant,
"II.   II.  COOK."
Fall  Assize  Clears the  Criminal Slate.
Grand Jurors Make Their Presentment-Bad Accommodations
at the  Court House
Severely  Criticised.
Victoria, Oct. 24. ���With 13,040 from
the black sand placers of Wreck Hay,
in charge of her purser for safe delivery here, the steamer Willnpu returned from the west coast lust night.
Had the heavy rains nnd high tides,
which lately prevailed mi the const,
not Interfered with the operations of
nor any of ymir colleagues, nor any uf Wli. mines, the shipment of gold wuuld
the newspapers'who are supporting I have been at least five thousand do!-
your Oovernment, have ventured to hart.
dispute or  deny even so much as  one
of the serious charges made by me.
"I notice thut you   huve   permitted
Toronto. Oct.    '.'!.-  .las.   Robertson
seoretary of the Canadian Temperance
one of your colleagues- the oncVllrcet-   League, has sent   out a circular letter
ly responsible for the  Ineffable die-lacking the  public    to  refrain  from
grace brought upon our party by the offering the returning Canadians any
actions of the gang   of ballot   thieves   Intoxicating HqUOrS,
At the opening of today's session of
the Supreme Court here the lirst of
the civil cases was started, McKay vs.
Philips. The ease Is one in which a
mineral claim was staked by both the
plaintiff nnd defendant apparently on
the same day, being tbe 88th day of
August, 18B0, Mr. W. A. Maedonald.
(J. C. appeared for the plaintiff, and
Mr. Ilannington for the defendant.
Apparently Steve McKay stuked the
claim on August 20, 1809, nnd recorded
it ns the Northern Light, while Philips stuked It on the same day and recorded it under the name of Surprise.
The claim Is situated on the middle
fork of St. Mary's River, adjoining
the Welcome claim. The entire morning session was taken up in obtaining
the evidence of the Plaintiff McKay,
and in giving evidence he told how
he had staked the claim, recorded it
and had done the required assessment
work. Tlie ease wus continued at the
afternoon session which opened ut 2
p. m.
Yesterday afternoon the tlrand
Jury made the following presentment:
The Hon. George   A.    Walkem, Judge
of the Supreme Court:
May it 1'leuBe Your Lordship,-The
tirund Jury desires to extend to Your
Lordship a cordial welcome upon your
return to Southeast Kootenay as tt
presiding judge at the autumn assizes, and to express the cordial wish
that you may be long spared to adorn
the bench ill your present health und
Adopting Your Lordship's suggestions the Grand Jury hns visited two
of the most Important institutions of
the district, the Provincial jail and
the General Public Hospital. At the
jail everything was found neat, clean
aud in a commendable condition.
The cells occupied by the prisoners
were orderly and well ventilated. The
Jurors would, however, direct attention to   a   few   particulars   in   which
they think  Improvement   might he
made: Opening from the. much frequented office they found the watch
cell or place of confinement for prisoners committed for capital offences
and awaiting the time for currying
out of their sentences. It would almost seem the refinement of cruelty to
expose these   unfortunate ones to   the
gaze.willing or unwilling, uf everyone
upon whatsoever purlsise he may vis
it the olliee of the prison. They
would therefore, recommend that the
wutch cell be removed to some othei
portion of the building and the space
thuS gained be utilized  for some more
pleasant and presentable purpose. The
grand jury also learns with some surprise that several escapes have been
mnde from tbe prison by means which
might be easily prevented, A tin pro-
jiit inn from building and wall might
apparently be so adjusted nt comparatively small cost ns to prevent Sleeping prisoners from utilizing the water
trough and coping for their purposes. The Urand Jury recommend
that a suitable uniform be provided
fur the warden uml guards at the
jail, as we believe It would Is' un Important element in the preservation
of  their authority  over those whom
I bev ei.nl ml und govern.
The Grand Jury desires also   to   express the   great gratification which it
received     upon   visiting   the   general
public hospital.    The   recent addition
to the building   bus increased   the accommodation    for   patients   but   ibey
found that   every bed  wus   tilled   and
patlentl   had   to    he   refused   admittance because of want of room for the
accommodation of further   occupunts.
[The   matron   and   her   assistants  are
! assidious and skillful iu the   perform-
' mice   uf   their   important    duties and
I their success li their highest recom
mendation. The Jurors have learned
with some satisfaction that the directors have it in mind further to Increase their accommodations for patients and believe that they nre doing
the community an Important service
when they recommend this benevolent
institution not only io the attention
and fostering care of the Oovernment
but also to the generous support of the
community amongst which it is situated and which it more immediately
The Grand Jury cannot cloBe their
brief piesentmcnt without directing
attention to the condition of the Court
House at Nelson. It lacks almost
shamefully sufficient accommodation
for the purpose for which it is intended. As Your Lordship is aware there
nre no pioper rooms for the juries, all
being obliged to herd in one small
room which has ulso to accommodate
the law library, while it is not too
much to say that Your Lordship's
health has suffeied during the assizes
for want of ventilation, and all whose
duties have compelled them to bo
present within the ill ventilated court
room have been seriously inconvenienced and discomfited.
The Grand Jurors, therefore, desire
thut the strongest possible representation be made to the proper authorities
of the ncccBsity of a new and properly
constructed Court House in tho growing and flourishing City of Nelson.
All of which is respectfully submitted for consideration.
The session of yesterday afteraoon
brought to a clone all the criminal
cases of which there were nine. This
closed up one department of the fall
session which has been sitting here
since Tuesday, October 10. The tlrand
and Petit Jury were both discharged
nnd those living out of town left for
their homes lust evening and this
morning. Mr. II. A. MaC-MUl, deputy Attorney-General, who prosecuted
for the Crown in the criminal eases,
ulso left for Victoria last evening.
There were ulso a large number of witnesses, who 'came from various points
of the district to give evidence In tho
criminal cases,who have gone to their
various homes. The civil eases of
which there arc four, are on at the
court now. nnd it is expected that tho
assizes will close by the last of this
The Provincial oonstablei who were
attending court have also loft to take
charge of their duties at their various stations. The constables aro II.
W. llarnes, Fort Steele; A. Forrester,
Etoblon, and W. J. Devltt, of Trail,
besides Mr. Itullock Webster and Mr.
Young, of Ibis city.
The three prisoners who were sentenced to pentltentlary, W. it. Albi.
for attempting to do greivoui isidily
harm, five yeani Fred Howard, for
attempting to murder William Muller,
five years, and William It. Hocking,
for bigamy, three years, will lie taken
to New Westminster this evening, in
charge of Conitablei W.   j. iirvitt, of
Trail, and Mr.  Wilson, of   Crestou.
Taking the Criminal cases as a
whole they huve been the most expensive ever   before   held    in Nelson, but
the local oaies Incurred but  a small
cost to Ibe Piovinee.
. i_
London. Oct. .'I. At tbe Newmarket Houghton meeting today the trial
plate won by Mr. '/.. Hardy's Hlddo,
ridden by Mailer, who also piloted
the winner of the Narhohough stakes,
owned by Sir. J. Miller Marconi.
The race for the Limekiln stakes
was won by Lord William Ileresford'*
Jolly  Tur, rlitdvu by  J. Uleff,
1 '
Nelson  Daily Miner,   Wednesday  Evening,   October 24,  iqoo.
The Nelson Miner
Published  .very  Afternoon   Bxoept Sunday
���BY THK���
It;, Fleet Streel, K. C.
Dl       ii   I'ross Agpnoy, Lid., .pedal Agents
Daily, por 11 ion 1I1. by carrier     85o
Ilally, per month, by mail     sue
Dally, por year, by carrier ..$7uti
Dally, per year, by mail    5 00
Dally, per year, foreign    U OU
Weekly, per half yoar  |l 23
Weekly, por year    2 iki
Weekly, per yi-ir, foreign     a 00
Subscriptions invariably iu advance.
All Obeokf Bhonld no made payable to tbe
order   of   Nki-son    I'ciu.isiii.no    Comcanv,
"Mi. Richardson, the Independent
Liberal whom the machine is trying
tn smash in l.isgnr. is a good deal
heckled by the question whether. In
the ease of a straight motion of want
of confidence, he wuuld vote fur or
against the ''��� ivernment, it is a silly
question, for such motions arc not usual in the House. That is the kind of
motion they put to the people at the
polls, and the people have a habit of
deciding it for themselves. On the 7th
of November the electors of Canuda
will spare Mr.Richardson und all other
members tbe trouble of voting eonfi
deuce or Don-conildence In the present
(lovernment. In the House motions
on policy or certain lines of action
frequently involve want of confidence
in the Government of the day and on
these members are expected to vote on
principle. That is what Mr. Richard
sun is supposed to do, and more cannot be demanded uf him.
The Grand .Itiry in connection with
the Fall Assizes has made its presentment, which will share tho fate of
al! previous presentments and be filed
away nt Victoria where no notice will
be taken of it. It is unfortunate that
once in at least a great many years,
I lu- Crown docs not take the advice it
asks ils (irand Jurors to give. The
presentments nre generally drawn up
with great cure and only after the
Jurors have personally looked into the
matters that they bring to the attention of the Crown. They are worthy
��� if every attention at the hands of the
authorities und the present presentment is no exception. The question
of proper accommodation in the Court
House here has been the subject of
complaint by many (irand Juries and
the constant growth of the City and
district is making the demands more
urgent every year. The poorest of
accommodation is now provided as
set forth in the presentment and it
is high time that something was done
to remedy the evil.
"Al showing how trade has grown
under the Liberal administration,"
Bays The Vancouver Province, "it is
interesting to note that whereas the
total value uf agricultural products
and animals and their products cx-
ported from Canada to Greut Britain
in 1890 was 842,074,887, it was in this
year -^ .'_."..".'.' I.'1 ��� and the year Isn't
over yet." Before we can attach the
signiticance to these figures that The
Province does it will be necessary to
Show that the "showing" is due to
Liberal administration. Anything
might occur under it; the iinportnnt
tiling to know is whut takes place be-
cause of it. The growth of exports to
'���nut Britain is not one of them, un
less we nre ulso   to   maintain   that ti
Liberal   administration   is   due tho
growth of United Stutes exports to
the same country, which show an in-
i.i.-iim' uf over 9135,000,000. And the
year is over. It was over on the 30th
uf .lime last. The Province does not
seem to be able to distinguish between
the ti-i ,il    year and the calendar year.
It. was Datura! that the acquittal of
t'ne child Chenoweth, accused of mur
der, Bhould have been attended wit!
demonstrations of satisfaction by tin
large crowd present nt the trial. Thi
child Is only eight years old, uml the
very opposite of precocious; its childish    upatlonl   tu   puss   the time In
court wuuld Indicate .thut it is slngu
larly Immature even  for thut uge.   It
was   Impossible,   therefore,   that   the
jury i Id hold it   fjg-ponsihle for the
serloui crime uf murder. The luw
rendered an Indictment necessary, but
it mercifully leaves to the jury to determine the degree of responsibility,
As it could not justly decide that
there wus any in this case acquittal
followed, and the verdict wns received
with greut cheering, Ho fur there
can In- nu objection   tu anything   in
this, lint how much of the sympathy
for the accused was due to the fuel
thut it was "only a Chinnmnn."
whose     life     wns   sueriliced'.'J   There
was nu evidence whatever to connect
the youthful prisoner with the crime
ami mi that score, too. u verdict of
".Nut Guilty" was rendered, but even
Jiud the down produced  an  army ol
facts that proved the boy's guilt, it is
safe tu say that in some quarters the
sympathy wuuld have been as great
und the cheering as loud. In his remarks to the jury Mr. Justice Walkem
aptly pointed out that just now,while
China was being mnde to answer for
the lives of Europeans who hud been
murdered in the Celestial Kinpire, it
was lirougbt home to us the necessity
of making full enquiries into the
murder of u Chinaman under the British Hag. All human life is sucred here
und the laws of tbe country make no
provision for clemency because the
victim of a crime is "only a Chinaman. " Chinamen are human beings
and ure so considered by the law.
It is too bud thut some people do not
take the law as their standard.
In bis address to tbe   electors of tho
Westminster district Mr. Dewdney
raises un interesting point in connection with the census. 'Flint is to be
taken next year, und it will probably
show that the portion of Canada west
if Lake Superior is entitled to a dozen
additional members. Are we to go
without that representation for the
next five years? Tbe Government
might huve expedited the census nnd
curried a redistribution measure before dissolution, but they preferred to
hasten the elections rather than risk
losing the advantage of the good
times. Therefore the injustice to
Western Canada thut is contemplated.
Mr. Dewdney promises if elected to
press for the additional members as
soon us the result of the census is
known, and not wait for the next
general election. It is not likely a
Liberal majority can be induced to
grant this, and to obtain justice for
the West it wil! be necessary to give
the Conservatives the control in the
next Houbc
In a long article discussing the projects for railway development in this
Province The Vancouver World says.
"We have the best reason for believing thai there is a perfect understanding between President Hill, of the
(Ireat Northern, und Messrs. Mackenzie and Mann, who claim that the
control of the charter of the Vancouver, Victoria & Eastern Kuilway is
vested in them, as to the building of
the projected line in lower Fraser
Valley. Mr. Hill's system in the interior enters Nelson and Kaslo, and
thereby taps the trade of Kootenay
Lake,the Lardeau country and Whitewater Valley to Sandon. By the Red
Mountain Hailway the (ireat Northern competes at Kossland with the
Canadian I'aeilie. as it does at Nelson,
Sandon and at New Westminster.
Mr. Hill is most anxious to secure
control of the Victoria truflic to und
from the interior points we hnve named. He likewise desires an outlet in
British Columbia for Eastern Canada,
British and European freight and passengers, ns well us procuring a share
of east-bound traffic. The only plan
by whloh this can be nccomplished is
by utilising the churter of the Vancouver, Victoria .t Eastern Railway,
or such portions thereof us will serve
bis purposes. "
...      i_     |,
'!,;���  ���
: ���     i he tlt'iiul, .i
: i   .i i ���-...���:!    .",'
-   u.iJc.-m ���. Fu    :...: /W
��� ������ "���   ��� ������       my
Hugh R. Cameron
Fire and Life
Properties for Rent and Sale on Easy Terms
Olliee over Nelson Wine Store.
The Miner is on sale at the following news .stores at five cents per
Ullhort Stanley Nelson
Thomson stationery Co .. i .,���,
Cniiiulii Drug fcllook Co. Nelson
Hotel Hume News Stand Nolson
Hotel Phair Newsstand Nelson
li. ('amphell V.nir
('. F. Nelson Kowllenvcr
J. V. Delano? Hnsoborry
H. A. iiiei ii.i-.v Slocan City
Hloean News Co. Sandon
Thomson Hros. Vancouver
uunont fie Voiiiih Kuslo
H. A. KIiik It. Co. Greenwood
and  New.   Agents   on  boats and
train* out of Nelson
Books You May Need
Hunt's Systematic Mineralogy. . 85 00
Peters' Modern Copper Smelting 5 50
Stretch's   Prospecting, Locating
and Valuing   Mines  2 75
Lang's   Matte   Smelting  2 25
Miller's   Qualitative   Analysis.. 1 75
Kemp's Handbook of   Hocks  1 75
Tliautwine's   Engineer's  Handbook   5 50
Hawkins'   New   Catechism    for
the Steam   Engine  2 25
Hawkins' Maxims  and  Instructions for   Boiler Room  2 25
Hawkins'   New     Catechism    of
Electricity  2 25
Hawkins' Hand) k of Caleulu-
tions  for Engineers  2 25
Machinists'     und       Engineers'
Pocket Manual  l 85
Stevenson's Practical Test  1 00
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Delivered to any point
on Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock on hand of
Eough and Dressed
Mouldings, Sash Doors,
Inside Finish,
Coast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber-
Mill at PILOT BAY. Ynrds, NELSON
and LARDO.
Kootenay Railway and Nav.
Company, Ltd.
Opera ting
Schedule of Time.       Pacific Standard rime.
Kircctlve February lft, 1000
Paflsenser train for Sandon and way HtaMone
leaven   KaHlo  at 8 a. m��� daily.    ReturninK.
Iuavoh Sandon ab 1.15 p.m., arriving at KaHlo
a* 3.55 p.m.
Operating on Kootenay Luke and River,
Str. "International" loaveB Ka_lo for Nolson
at 6 a. hi, daily except Sunday. Returning,
leaven NelBon at MO p.m., calling at Balfour,
Pilot Bay. A Ine worth and all way points. Connects with S. P. & N. ' nun to ana from Spokane at Five Mil.' Point
Steamer Argcnta ha* been laid up foi the
Steamers call at principal landing. In both
directions, and at other points when signalled
Tickets Hold 13 all points in Canada and the
United States.
To ascertain rates and full Information ad-
dreau i
Manager, Kaslo.fi. C.
Coal and Wood.
Agents Imperial Oil Oo. Ltd.
Crow's   Nest   Coal,   $6.15
Anthracite,     -    -    $9.65
No order  can lie accepted  unless
accompanied liy cash.
Odlce Corner Hall nnd Baker Street*.
H. & M. BIRD
Agcnti for Hurcka  rllneral Wool _nd
Asbeito5  Co.
Insurance Co. of North America, Mutual ll.ifo
Insurance Co., of New York, Quobec
Flro Assurance Co.
SO ft. on Mill Street, next   to
corner O.   Cellar   Street 8   .11)0 00
r.o   ft.     corner    Stanley   nnd
KoliHon, terms  .      650 00
I-Room    cottage,   bath   and
sewer connections, one lot
Mill Street, west of Wind
St., sioo cash, balance easy
terms 1,800 00
B .Room cottage, Ward Street,
two corner lots,   cash   857.1,
balance easy   terms   1,000 00
Il-Koomcd house, corner of Ward
and Kobson, electric lijrht, hot
and cold water,bath and Hewer
conneetionH J.,1 00
H-Itoomed house. Hume Addition 80 00
New house on Water Street    18 00
7-Koomed bouse OK Kobson St.,
between Kootenay and Stanley, bath, hot and cold water,
electric lltfht, and sewer connections  35 00
Is the highest priced Champagne on the English
and  French  markets.
Soo Line
��� Also TOURIST CARS passing Dun-
nioi'e Junction Daily for St. 1'aul, Sat-'
nrdaye for Montreal nnd Bolton, Mondays nnd Thursdays for Toronto
Ssnie cars puss Revelstoke one day
for   your   eastern   tri|t is to  see   that
your ticket rends via Canadian I'aeilie.
Mnters' Sillies.
Those who enjoy hunting
find here a first-class quality of Hunting Goods, not
only Smokeless Londed
Shells that aro dependable
and reasonable, but a full
line of Powder, Shot, Cartridges, Primers, Knives���
in fact nil the needfuls for
a day's Bhooting.
Trains and Steamers Depart.
Ex Sun
Ex Sun
Ex Sun
) Steamer for Kootenay La.d-
,'i-ff   and   eastern   points   via
) Crow's Nest Route.
I Train  for   Rosalan.,  Grand
) Forks, Greenwood,]Midway,etc
) Train forSlocarj City,  Slocan
j points, and Sundon.
) Steamer for Kaslo and  inter-
j mediate points.
) Train for  linsslniul, Nakusp,
> Revelstoke,   main     lino   anil
) I'nciliic Const Points.
For Time Tables, Rates and full information call on or address nearest Local Agent, or,
it. W.Drew, Depot Agent. 1 ;_*_���, u. c.
II. I.. Brawn, ('Hy Agent. ;
Trav. I__, Agent        A   H. P. Age.t,
Neb oi Vanoonver
Close connection East and Westbound nt Spokane wilhf ruins of the
trains of the Spokane Falls and Northern Railway.
Direct connection nt St. Paul without change of depot, with all trains for
Chicago, Toronto. Montreal, New York
and all points West and South.
Leaves Spokane daily for East at*10:15 a.m
Leaves Spokane daily lor West at 7:45 p.m
West-bound trains make direct con"
nection for Victoria and Vancouver
Portland, San Francisco, and all points
on the Sound.
During the season of navigation East
bound trains connect at Duluth with
themagnillcent steamships North West
andNorl.-I.aiid of UieNortheru Steamship Company Line, operated in connection with the Great Northern Railway.
For further information, maps, folders, etc., apply to any agent of Spokane
Falls & Northern Ry., Kaslo ._ Slocan
Ry., Kootei ai Railway k Navigation
Co., or to
Qui. Pass, ii Tkt. Agt.    Oom'd Agt.
St. Paul, Min       Spokane. Wash
Merchants' Bank of Halifax
Incorporated i860.
4'apllal  Paid-up,     .    .    .     si,w.-,.o;cuin  i   |tr��l, 1)11,700,000.0
Honni or Director!! Thomas K. Kenny,  President; Thomas ltii��lilo. Vloe-Prealdenl,
Wiloy Smith, H. G. Iluulil, llun. II. II. KulUr, M.I.C., Hon. H.vld M-oKuon.
Read on,,., iinliru.:
General ManAger. Kdson I,. Peam, Montreal
BuporlnUmdoul of Hranohea, und Secretary, W. B. Torranco, Halifax.
Inspector, \v, F\ Brook, Halifax.
ln*I>uctor D, AI. Stewart, Montrc.l.
Nova Scotia- Halifax Ilranch, Antlgpntah, llrlilgowuter, Guysboro. liOndonderry, Lunenburg.
Mnitlanil (limits Co.l, l'icloil. Purl. Iliin-kosbury, Sydney. Sliubunnciulle. Truro, Weymouth
*rw Ilruii��nlrk-llatliiirst, Dorchester, Kredeiielon, Kingston (Kent Co.), Moncton, New-
c.Kt,le,n.,!Kville, Woodstock. P. K. Inland-ClmrlotU'towii, Suiiiiuorsldc. Uuebec-Montroal
(City Olllie). Montreal, west Burl (Cor. Notre Dame aud Seigneurs Streeta); Westmount (Cor.
Greene Avonne and St. Catharines street. ODlnrlo-Gttawa. NrnTuunilland-St. John's
iiiha. Weal todlea���Havana. Hailed aialca���Now York (16 Uzohange Place) Republlo, Wash
Atlin, Bennett, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver, Vancouver East End, Victoria.
Canada���Merchanttl Bank of Canada.   Bottom��� National Shawmut Dank.   Clilrago���Amorica
National Hank.   San PranclICO���Flrat National Hank.   London, ling.���Bank of Scotland.
I'.ni'K nance���Credit Lyonnau.  Bermuda���Bank of Bermuda.  Gklaa and Japaa���Hong
Kong and shanghai Banking Corporation.
deneial Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange  Bought
and Sold, Letters of Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the most favorable terms.   Interest allowed on special
deposits and on Saving Bank accounts.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
Brewerc of Fine Lager
Beer aud Potter,
Nelson, B. 0.
A. R. BARROW, a.m. i. a e
Provincial   Land  Surveyor.
Corner Viotoria and Kootenay Sts.
Piagers  NaVi)  Cut
All Tobacconists Keep It.
Wholesale Agents:
Turner Beeton& Co:
Nelson, B. C.
P. O.  Box 550.
Tnlnphnnn Nn. I);
EOTEL ROSSLAND *��� o^^~iUra,M,^
Civil Engineers and Provincial Land
By the week from $5 to $6.
By the day *i.oo.
i, V. O'LATOHUN, Prop
0. Box US Kelson, B. Q.
i^ooijis and  Offices to JJeijfc-
Apply    .0
ISfe.sQi) Electric TraijiWai) Co*
Corner* Josephine and Vernon Streets.
iNCORPORf rJU} 1S70b
We Sell the
Highest Values
Lowest Price
Most Satisfactory
Absolutely Pure
In Nelson.
Comer linker anil Stanley StreeU
Spokane Falls A
Northern R'v.
Nelson  A  Fort
Sheppard R'v.
Red Mountain R'v.
The only nil rail route between
all points east, west and south to
Rossland, Nelson and intermediate
points; connecting at Spokane with
Great Northern, Northern Pacific,
and O. R. & N. Co.
Connects at Nelson \> ith steamer
for Kaslo and all Kootenay lake
Connects at Meyer's Falls with
stage daily for Republic, and connects at Bossburg with stage daily
for Grand Forks and Greenwood.
Effective Sunday. October 21st, 1000,
Train No. 88 (Night Train).
Leave Spokane    10:45 p.m.
Leave Northport      S(BO a.m.
Arrive RoBBland       7(30 a.m.
Train No. 84 (Night Train).
Leave Kossland    ll:00p.m,
Leave Northport    12:45 a.m.
Arrive Spokane      7:U.r> a.m.
H, A. JACKSON, G. P. & T.A.
Spokane  Wash
Acent. Ni'l.1011,   H.l I
Will pay the highest cash price for all
kinds of seoond hand Roods. Will liny
or sell anything from 1111 anchor to a
needle. I.rnitnre, stoves, enipert*,
cooking utensils, boiiKlit in household
quantities. Also cast oil' clothini.
Call and see me or write. Address
Silver King Mike, Box 200. Hall
Street, Nelson, V. 0,
Turnor-.oor.kh Bloc. Bakor Street
London Consolidated (Silver Hill)
Mollle llibsou.
.I uno.
List yonr Stocks nhb nt,
Atlantic S. S. Lines.
Krom Mon I real
Dohi inion Line Ilnin in Ion Nov -J
Dominion   Line (Jiunliroman -COV-10
Allan Lino (>arl��lan  Nov 3
Allan Lino Tunisian Nov 11
Beaver Line l.ako Superior B�� _
Heaver  Lino I.iko Ontario No vl
From Now York
While Star Lino Teutonic Nov 7
White Star Line (iminanlc  _!?_
t'llnanl   I.lno I'ampanla N0"3
Cunard I.lno Ktrurla Nov 10
American Lino St. Paul  H<_Z
hod Star Lino Krlcslnnil gov 7
Fronch Line La Touralne  N��v 5
Anchor Lino KurncHHla i. ��^,,,
Anchor Line   Ethiopia By!
N.O. L Line Lihn Nov 0
Allan Slate Line Sardinian _?.*,?
From Boston
Dominion Lino Now England  Nov 7
Cunard Line lvcrnia .'. 'V,"Nov' ..
Pottages arranged to ami from all gnrowj?
polnlB. For rates, tloko.n and full information
nmily to 0, P. R, depot nKont or II. L. Brown
_lfy IWlKor ^01,.. Nelson. B.C.
Gonoral A iront. C.l'.lt. Offices, Winnipeg
7-8 inoh diam. $13.50 per 100 feet. For
immediate delivery in Nelao.
WlpnJPW Commercial Talks About
the Flood of Catalogues.
The following very sensible article
I. from the Winnipeg Commercial:
As is usual about this time   of   tho
, , ,],,, west is being Hooded just
yV with the catalogues and other
__ture of eastern departmental
._,. The retail traders of the west
baw always had a grievance against
ll_e stores for stepping into the held
��� .ins way at the season of the year
when there'is a little extra money in
olroulation and  the farmer has some
sh with which   to make  purohaae-
an. thBJ arc quite jUBti led In feeling
si they do about it. These departmental stores will sell only for cash,
o.ev never lift a hand to carry utiy-
' over u bad year, and they only
.,; business in this country When
��� know there will he'a little ready
0 be snapped up. The western
erchant is called upon to sup-
here with goods at till
,    supply   them on   credit
retail n
jilv I'onBiiniei'S
ivlien there is no cash to pav
and to sometimes carry accounts for
years when hard times strike the
country, or when there has been some
Individual ease of misfortune, and to
the credit of the trade it may be said
that they never shrink from doing all
that their capital will allow of this
sort of thing, and sometimes a great
deal more, in spite of possible disastrous results to themselves. It does
teem, therefore, too had that when
there is some cash trade going these
eastern sharks should slip in and take
it awuv from local traders. And more
so because tncre is no good reason
whatever why they Bhould get the
business. They do not handle better
goods, nor do they offer better bargains when everything is taken into
consideration. They make no redress
if goods arc not what have been
ordered and. in the case of miscarriage
tn delivery.they do not hold themselves responsible. The goods have all
to be ordered from catalogues and
price lists are often made to appear
very superior to what they really arc.
The moral of all this is that western
consumers should keep their trade at
home.   The remedy rests with them.
War is no hinder to the animals
employed In  its serivoe than to the
men who light its battles. If an observer of ,he battlefields has any pity
left tiftc ceing the niutiliated fragments of inen.it is sure to be brought
out by the sight of the wounded and
starving animals.
The scream oi' a horse in pain is said
to surpass the most agonizing shriek
that tlie human frame can produce.
In tlie wake of the armies in South
Africa are strewn the bodies of dead
and dying horses and oxen, and amid
this Horrible evidence of the carnage
of war stagger hundreds of animals
too badly phiyed out to be of tiny further use to the army. When the war
broke out many humane persons in
England besought the Qneen to  issue
orders that special attention lie paid
by the soldiers to killing wounded
animals and putting them out of
their misery as soon as possible.
Hut while humane treatment of
horses is always taetily enjoined upon soldiers, it was obvious that special orders would be unnecessary, and
in the heat of battle impossible to
carry out.
The worn-out horses and oxen of the
British army cannot be cared for, and
so they are turned loose to stray over
the veldt.
This is not a mercy, for the grass is
Bo scorched by the tierce sun, and so
trampled out, that nothing lint slow
starvation can overtake these poor animals.
Many times, when it can be done,
the veterinary surgeons with the army
kill these doomed aniiimls.
Men who full in bnttlo, or die of
disease, are buried, bur the exigencies
of war do not penult this in the case
of the dead animals, although it
would he better for the army if it
could he done; for the putrifying carcasses poison the air and breed the
camp diseases which feed upon the
tejs~-5r-��_^^5-.flp-^.S?'^'T&fPS"-8_ ^'���flr->-k-^->* ��__.-^w��.'V^r
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Timepieces. L
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Wholesale Houses
Representing the Largest
European and  American Manufacturers
Mills, Mines and Smelting Machinery
Apartodo No. 83
Cost of Meilical Education in London,���According to Tlie Lancet the
minimum sum u .tudent must be prepared to flpciul in London during a
year on board and lodging is 4300,
He eun, however, save SI) per cent, of
thin expenditure by living with a fellow-student. He nuiHt be prepared to
spend at least 8M more iu bonks and
instruments. He will be almost the
exception If he does not incur one or
twoj-xlra liabilities in the way of special tuition during his five years' career, lie will require another Still for
pocket money, and to these figures
must be added liis fees and the price
of his clothes. "We do not think
that in Londn any young man sliould
lie asked to attempt to maintain himself and pay the necessary fees and expenses of his medical education upon
a less sum thuu 8500 a year. If a student cannot command personally, or
by allowance from his parents 8"il)l>
per annum, and look to receiving it
regularly for at least four out of five,
years of his curriculum, we consider
that he is rash, in these exacting
days,to embark upon our profession,"
One Night Only-October 29th
Introducing Our Distinct Novelties.
t Everything New. Novel and original.
8 Enjoy Two Hours and a Hall ol Clean Fun.
5        Prices WC, 7sC and $1.00.    Seats now on sale at usual place.
m ONE.      |
Eight pages of summarized and
classified news.
Eight pages of practical agricultural and live stock artioleB.
Eight paeos of interesting fiction
and magazino features.
Out of the Ordinary.���"1 think wc
Ought to give this wedding a display
head on the lirst page," said the city
"Out of the ordinary, is It?" asked
the managing editor.
"Well, I should say It was," answered the city editor. "Why, there
was no 'bower of roses,' no 'floral
bell,' no 'wide-spreading canopy,' no
'blushing bride' nothing 'beautiful in
its simplicity,' no 'solemn strains' to
the wedding march, no "
"Knough," cried the managing editor. "Double-lead it and give it a
scare head. It's the only one of the
kind."���Chicago Post.
Bank of
British Columbia,
Is now prepared to issue
Drafts and Letters of Credit
on Skaguay, U.S., Atlin, B.
C, and Dawson City, Yukon
$t FOR   SALE.
ijjjt       A"two-story   dwelling;   7 large rooms:   fnint and   back
"* stairs;   halls;   closets; bath room ; sewer eonneetion ;
about four blocks   frum post-office  J-.imo
i'i $700 cash, balance monthly.    A first-class buy.
ijb.        Five-room cottage; sewer eonneetion; 25-foot lot; a block
9 from tram line, in Addition A         750
Sjjt Easy terms.
A*       Two good 3.-foot lots, near the street car barns; only....        000
W       50-foot corner, Vernon  Street     8,500
i8t      '.Ti-foot lot, Carbonate Street       860
5-Room Cottage  817 50
4-Kooin Cottage     lr' "0
B-Room Cottage      lr' I"1
t-Uooin Cottage       18 00
To   let  on a yearly lease. 0-room house, comer of   Cedar
und Victoria;   all plumbing;   gas and electric light.
Fire insurance Fromptly Placed.
10111'K It. CO. Limited���Conor Vornon
uml Cedar .trccl*. .Nelsou��� .Mull.f.clur-
of und wholosttlu dealers in ucrnUul water*
awl fruit Byrupfl. ~ole agonts for Halcyon llol
Upriuga in,in i,.i wilier.   Telcnliuuu 00.
M. Cttiiniiiiiri, Uottaeo���Kvory known
cty of r_f.ii.uikn,    i    ,        '1 uluphune
Nu. 31. l.uo\ _r an .ft, NuUun.   l.utllui-H of tho
Liuioiih Bu Loon llol. HprlngS Mineral Water.
C1AN1. &  MA( DONALD 01. Cuuo,
J   ... MuuiumUit, -Arch Hue in ami Miuurin
i.udunih, Ifrukcu Hi
Ward airuuu, ;s_lr.ou.
J it tn UN
l peril.*
Hlock, uomur bukur and
U0.���Manufacturer* of thu Koyal Bom
i.uuiciuij     belli]   ( inarH.    Fuclury   aud
oltlce, baker (street, Nolsou,
HJ. RVA.N8 & CO.���Bakor Btreet, Nol-
���   son���Wholoaalo dealon in Uquon, ci-
It  cum
' unti
Uro brick and tiro olny, waior
rict i rails, and K^^orul oomtni-WlOQ
Il._ Il C'hlhM   Ul
A. M DONALD   Madden Hlock, Nelson-
KrtiiU, ICO -ruain, "U. H." ooooolatw*
tootlooery,  leu Uream Par lota.
'������ bOlOBa _ and retail dualorH lu Riain,
iiuj, Hour, leud. Alii It, nl Vietonu, Now Wual-
LnlnBtori tCdmon.ou, Alia. hiuvaiorH on Oal-
Kary and i'.duiuni .11 Kadway. Alauufuoiurorti
of the celehniU'd ti, a. K. bnuid eerualH.
A1AUDONALI.    & Co.-Cornor   Kron
and   Hall  hlreetri���\\ hulew.lo   uroccni
aim Jul-"" .    in  blanJ(OU| kIovim, mlltB,  booUt.
rubbers, maokinawfl and uiinurb' hundnon.
Ollitu corner Hull and rroni SirecU),
eisun���JjUmboTt cuiluiK. Ilooriug, and uvory
ihuiK in wuod for bnildin^ uurnono.. Oet our
price..   Corruspotiduncu nuhcilod.
1>  BURNS & Co.���Baker Btroet, Nelson���
���   WholcKaio dualern in fro^h aud cured
iiiuau.  Colli ritoraKo.	
Haker rilreel, NuIhoii-
4 in f _ ������--._. aud cured meats,
Wholu��ate deal*
,   Nelnon ��� Whob'nalc   d.alius  in
in in i' :.���   .supplies,   spurting   goodri,
LACHLAN  UHOS. (SuccossorH to Vancouver Hardware Co, i.:��u u o.. i ,-inia.
.Nelson \V l.n.i ni.- dealers in hanlwnro and
uduiiiK supplier, plumbon1 and titiKinltlui' Hup-
pllen. ______
J_H   paluLs, oiU and fflbss; utoohanlot' tools
paints, Otis and RlbBS; lm-el
Agents tot Ontario Powder Work
[lies' tools,
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
ft- __��� ����������������������-__
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Orders by mull to any branch will have careful a*- prompt attention.
3 Sections.      24 Pages.
$1.00 PER YEAR.
Balance ut 1900 froo with au.-orip-
tion for 1901.
Gamble & O'Reilly
Baker Street
Real Estate and insurance Agents.
TELEPHONE    NO.   130.
Thin ilgnatnre la on ovory box ot tbe genuine
Laxative Bromo-Quiaine T��bl,,u
the remt-y t_��t curcn a coVJ tq one day
B'-tooaaed House nml Until Eoom
together with Kltohen  Range
t'liinplete with hot im<l ^��l(l
wate^ observatory St.. ^"-K'
niflcent view,   rent  inoVadlng
water rates  ��� .������WilW
r,-Uoonieil   Hoiirb  corner   Cellar
and Carbonate Streets ICiO.OO
r,-l!oomed lloime Hume A<ldltion81.ri.<Hl
.(-Roomed Cottage ('.ore  St 81:!.till
!i-Koomed House Corner Mill   &
Hull Sts., from Nov.    1st 880.00
8. Baviouu'h [Knui.ikiiI Ciiuiu'ii -Cornor
Want unit Silica S1b. Bundayn! Holy Ooni'
ninnloii8a. in.; anil on tho lnl iiiiii:irilHiinilii)>
In the month after Mnitins Mattln-al 11a.m.
Hiinilay School i,W p.m : Kvin.nK 7.110. Unity
Mattbuat9.80 a. m,   Thnndayi ami Balnti
IIiij-b; Holy  nun,i,in lo a, in.    Kridny.
Evensong v.3u p, m., followed by choir prae
I ico.   II. S. Atohunil, Koclor.   .rod Irvine.
Goo. Johnstone, WardonH.
Oatiioi.ic Clluncil-Conior'Wanl nml Mill
Htrootw Maiw ovory Sunday at 8and 10.00a.m   .
Bonodtotlon nt 7.30 p.m.   Mw�� every week day i
, at7.lSa.ni.   Hov.   Kathor  Kerland llcelor.
I    PKK8IIYTK1UAN Cllullcll���SorvlccBat 11 a.m. I
land  7,:��l   p.m.     Sunday School al, _:��) p.m.
1 Prayer moot Inn Thursday cvonlnK al 8 p.ui.l 1
I .hrlrtian Kndoavor Sorloty nioeln ovory 'I UOS-
day ovonlng   ak ��  o'clock.    Hov. H. Frow,
I Mk.tiiodist Chukch���Corner Silica and i
.le iiphliio rttreela. ServlceK at 11 a.m. and ".30
p. m. ; Sabbath School, 2.:��lp.m.: Prayer mool-1
lag on Thursday trrenlns at Ho'cloek: Rpwortp j
l.eiiituo C, K��� 'luoiday at.a.m. Hov. J. II.
While, PnHlor. Henidenco, .loncpbino Street, '
rear of church. .1
Haitibt CllUHOll ��� BorvlcoH morning and
ovonlngatll a.m. and 7.30 p.m.; Prnyor meet.
tng   Tliiiraday ovonlng ot 8  p.m.  lho H.  <
P.U. TuoKdoy evening at 8 o'clock.   .trnngoi-H
��� _ Ilov. O. J.Coultor White,
;irc greatly in
demand. Sudden changes of
weather may lie
expected any
day. How about
your rubber-
wear? Are you
ready for the
rainy days? Purchase now,
better than cure
wood or hard or soft coal,
largest line carried by
any firm in Canada.
"Good  Cheer"  Ranges and
Cook Stoves.    A complete line.
Call nml he
BtoveS und
convinced that  the only   place to 1'iiv
Ranges at the right prices is the
Shoe Co.
Rents collected.   LoaM made.  Agents | onrdially woloo-nod,
British Columbia Permanent l^oun  & I HUJ^now ahmv-Berrlo ��� ovory ovonlng
Savinirs CoUiimny. at Bo'cloch In barrack" on V otori     utroct
'      B *     J J Adludant Kdgeoomba In obargo.
St. Joseph's
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Aid.   KINliS   OK
Fresh   and   Salted   Heats
riUll.NKU, HKKTDN & To. Cornor Vecnoii
JL nnd Jwophlno t-lruuLx, NuIkiii���Wliclu-
haiu dealora tn Uquon. ciKurn, und UryKootla.
Atcunl* fur I'.ili i Itrewiiitf Co. ur Miiwttukeu
aud Oalgury Browtng Co or Oalgair.
HUDSON'S UAV Co.���WbplMdC grocerioi
und ii.jiiui ������ etc.. Jluker Sli-t't, .scl^oii.
CIAUKOKNIA WINKCO..Limitwl-('ornor
i   From and Hull Streets, Nelnon- Whole-
M_B (lealunti n  wino_ (cu.hu uml  bull.), and
tiiiine. : it und iini.urh-��i ciKttr>i.
ruoVISHiNM,   I��H(.1)ITCB & PEUIT8
JY, UHIKKIN it, CO,   Corner Vernon and
.   Jortu|ihints Street*,  Nelnon ��� Wtioleitalo
dealers In provloloiin, cured niualH, butter and
Canned or Fresh
Just now the fall fruits are especially attractive. You can buy here the
best of
Peaches, Apple., Grapes,
present eating,
and    preserved
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trom the neces-
of putting up fruits if.you prefer
for fall canning or foi
Our line of canned
fruits will continue
best, so you arc free
Fish and Poultry in Season
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Manager.
Baker Street, Nelson.
Orders by mail receive careful and prompt attention
.Txi'xt. term conmienoe. Uwl
September.   For partlcii-
lai's apply to the
Canada Permanent and Western Canada Mortgage
Money to loan ou Straight MnrtRBRe.
Apply to a. U LENNOX, Baksr  St.
Rnoui 1, Tumor-Bouckh Block.
Houssb and Building Lots in All Farts
of thu Oity.
Five, mIh. hovoo and ciKlit room Iiouhcii for
milo, twenty per coot boluw cost.
Fresh  or  Canned  Fruits as  You
Want Them.
Peaches, Pears,
Plums, Quinces,
Apples, Bananas,
Sweet Potatoes,
Green Tomatoes.
Klrkpatrlck ft Wilson
innuh i     	
Houses and lots for sale In all
of the City.
Victoria- Montreal
Ontario Mutual Life
1'irc   Insurance
Insurance Conv
Maoden Block
Wird Streot
'1 ���
(Irand Forks, Oct. 84.��� The t'.ranby
smelter, which blew In just two
months ago, has thus far shipped S3
carloads, or BOO tons, of matte to a
New York refinery. This matte is
estimated to be worth 8160 per ton.
This would give the value of the total
shipments to date as 8105,000, The
shnwinjj is considered good, especially as the second furnace blew in
only two weeks ago. The nominal
capacity of the smelter is 500 tons per
day. hut the fact that no llu_es are
required enable the plant to handle
ii'ii Ions per day. A few days ago the
inn for 24 hours amounted to624 tons,
a record-breaking figure. A matte
converting plant whlon will enable
I lie smelter to ship metallic copper
will he installed within    the next few
��� ��   ���
Word comes from Kaslo tliat a deal
is on for the Mountain Con. group
hy which that property will, in all
probability, be turned over to London
capitalists nt a good figure. The
group consists of five claims, the
Mountain Con. and Coatio,whloh were
bonded from .1. A. Whittier last July.
ami the Granite Mountain,Silver Lake
and Silver Lake Falls, which were
located by W. W, Warner since that
time. Tlie formation in whloh tlie
claims are located is granite. They
are almost, on the divide between
the north fork of Carpenter Creek and
the south fork of Kaslo Creek, l'rop
ertics in this belt have not received
much attention until lately,and at the
time work was commenced on tlie
.Mountain Con. its prospects weie not
considered promising. Development
hns proved differently, however.
Shicc duly 20 the vein has been opened up by two tunnels, showing continuous shoot with from three to Is
inches of ore, the property being virtually a grass-roots payer.
Three ears of ore have been shipped
during the summer, the last one averaging :; IT ounces silver and .1. Hi per
cent lead. All work on the property
has been suspended pending tlie completion ,if the deal.
.Mr. Donnelly, of London,who is the
owner of the Donnelly group, near
that town,*iS reported to have sold the
property to a company which will
develop it extensively.
* *   *
The Ymir correspondent of the
Spokesman-Review says:
Il seems that the checkered career of
the Hall mines is at last over, aud it
will once more enter a period of pros
perity. The company owning this
mine and the smelter at Nelson was
reconstructed in London some months
ago and the statutory meeting of the
new company was recently held. In
his address the chairman said: "The
mine has been cleared of water and
the intermediate levels developed, the
following report being received by cable from the manager: 'No. 7 level,
west, the ore is 1:.' inches thick and
continues as rich as ever. No 7 level.
cast, the south lode or vein shows a
body of ore live feet wide. Tho ore is
good and will pay. No. 6 level, west,
shows a body of ore soven feet wide,
averaging 1.*, ounces of silver and I1,
per cent copper.' As to the smelter
wc have an enterprise ot an entirely
different nature, (if course the mine
is more or less of a speculation, as all
mines arc, but. a speculation in whloh
the chances appear to be greatly iu
favor of success. In the smelter we
have what may be looked upon, practically as a commercial enterprise; that
is to Bay, an enterprise to which we
can hn,k for a steady and consisted!
nt in n, which will not be dependent
upon chance. I may mention here
thai it is tlie intention of the present
hoard tn carry on the work of the
mine and the smelter   as two separate
Concern!     absolutely       separate       cun
cerns. This was nut tlie practice in
11 inpany. The result of the practice which we intend to carry nut will
be that when the mine becomes a pro
ducer tin- smelter will   purchaser   the
ine from the mil xactly In the same
��ay as it purchases oUBti ires from
outside miie-s. so  thai tile accounts of
the  two concerns  will not get mixed
np. Witli regard to the smelter itself
il, will be satisfactory to you to learn
that i in- prospects of business aie considerably greater than was anticipated at the time of   reconst ruction.     By
business I mean the prospect "f bual-
ness with regard to tbe smelting of
custom ores. It was doubtful at one
time whether the amount   of business
which would come to us  in the  Aral
year would be sutliciciit to employ our'
smelting works up to their full capacity,but it now appears that the proB'
peoti promise to be not only fully  up
lo the capacity of our smelter, but even
in excess: so much so that our manager lias advised us that in a very short
time it may be desirable   to   erect   an
additional furnace, That is a matte,
still nn.in consideration."
It may be safely stilted tlint the future prospects of the smelter at Nelson
are even more tosy than described   by.
Nelson  Daily  Miner,   Wednesday  Evening,   October  24   1900.
the chairman of the London hoard.
Mining in the district from which this
smelter draws its ores has received an
enormous impetus during the last 1:.'
months, and there are actually mines
which have to refrain from malting
immediate shipments because of the
incapacity of the local smelters to
handle the increased tonnage. The
shipments from the Slocan arc heavier than ever, while there is an ever-
Lncreaaing tonnage of concentrates being sent in from the mills in the
neighborhood, Thus the Ymir, Athabasca, Granite, Venus and Whitewater arc all sending out regular consignments of concentrates while the
Ymir, Queen Hess and a number of
mines iu the Slocan are all considered
as customers of the Hall Mines smelter, in addition to the large tonnage
received from the Kossland distiict.
The Arlington mine, at Erie, is shipping regularly a monthly output of
from 20U to iiuil tons, the oro averaging about 825 per toll. During August
the shipments amounted   to   335 tons,
realizing 85,750,
��� ��  a
Henry Roy, of Kossland, one of the
directors of the Richelieu .Mining
Company now operating the Silver Hill
mine on Crawford May, wus in Nelson
last evening enroutc, to the mine aud
he confirmed the report which wus
published in The Miner a few day ago
that the McVeigh brothers had been
given the contract for the hauling of
the ore from the mine to the landing
at Crawford Hay. He also stated that
stables would he erected at both ends
of the trail at once. Shipping will be
commenced at the  completion  of   the
��� ���   ���
Ymir, H. C, Oet. 24.���The Silver
Crown (iold Mining Company, which
has been formed in Spokane to operate
the Shiloh mine here, has decided to
commence mining on a larger scale
than heretofore. The present shaft,
which is down about til) feet, has demonstrated the existence of a good body
of ore, sufficient to warrant heavy expenditure in development. It has
therefore been determined to run a
f.yo-foot tunnel, which will start
from the Dundee wagon road and will
go about I ou feet to strike tlie vein.
From that point the tunnel will follow the vein to a point about 500 feet
below the present shaft. This tunnel
will he run by machine drills, nnd a
compressor plant is to be installed almost Immediately, The proximity of
the Shiloh proportj* to the town of
Ymir. which is overlooks at a distance
of half a mile, renders its successful
development a matter of great local
interest, as all the miners and employes can live here.
Work has been resumed on the
Fourth of duly, owned by the Broken
Hill Mining; and Development Company, and a force of men is at work
on the long tunnel which taps the
main shaft. It is the intention of the
management to ship ore from this
tunnel as soon ns a sufficient fall "of
snow makes raw-hiding possible.
Other companies are steadily prosecuting work. TI11 Simcoe Mining
and Development Company is still
driving the long crosscut tunnel which
is to tap the vein at a depth and
which is in 275 feet. The British
Lion syndicate is similarly driving a
crosscut on the Big Four property
and expects to strike the vein in about
30 feet. On the Kldorudo mine, own
ed by the Eldorado Mines, Limited, a
shaft is being sunk in some rich ore
near the mouth of the old tunnel.
Tie famous Flossie K. group is also
to be operated again. Two years ago
this property had a great boom by the
announcement of some  phenomenally
high assays. A shaft was sunk; (in
feet in some promising ore,but at that
depth ore and all traces of vein matter
were cut oil' by granite. A little prospecting baa since been done from the
bottom of the shaft, but so far the
faulted vein has not been located, tilling on the assumption that it is only
a fault which lias been encountered,
live of the heaviest stockholders of the
Salmon   Kiver and   Porcupine Mining
 ipany, which owns   the   property.
have decided upon doing a little more
extensive work in an effort to reach
the vein. It is understood that
enough money has been put up to do
50 feet of work.
.lames M. Anderson, manager of the
Oold Hills Exploration and Developing I ompany, Toronto, now operating
properties on the Duncan Kiver, ar
lived ill Nelson from Kaslo this morning, lie states that tlie work upon
the property was closed on Saturday
last for the winter season and will be
resumed about the lirst of May next.
Mr. Anderson also intimated that
there was a possibility uf moving the
Office id tlie company from Kaslo to
Nels.,11 next season. Mr. Anderson expels tn leave for Toronto ubout next
Saturday, where lie will remain during t he winter season.
TO CI KK A COLD l.\ U.M   on
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets, All
ilruifKM�� refine! the mono* If It fall* lo euro.
��w.   K. V7. Qrovs* slKiMinim Is nn each hox.
uiM\-   uiiiikiiii, M.i mi  1-1 ,IM,
VYliiduniiiTii Minim.   Corrimp  - onoobol'.oltol
_        THE TOWN
Mr. ti. C.
BORN���To   the   wife of
Hodge, of   Stanley Street, on
last, a son.
Allan line steamer Tunisian, arrived at Liverpool, Nov. 22, and the
steamer Corinthian arrived at Montreal yesterday.
The St. Andrew's Society will hold
its annual meeting at 6 o'clock Thursday evening Nov. 1, at the Board of
Trade rooms. All members are invited to be present.
Mr. and Mrs. Rowley, whose residence was badly damaged by lire yesterday morning, have taken up their
residence in Mr. Sydney Tytler's
The Ontario Powder Works, of
which there is a branch in Nelson,
has just closed a $100,0(1(1 order with
the contractors constructing the Rainy
Kiver road. This is believed to be
the largest order fo explosives ever
placed in Canada.
There are some interesting facts in
connection with the Chenoweth murder ease that terminated at the Court
House yesterday. The crime was committed on the 33rd of May, the prisoner was arrested on the 23rd of duly
and acquitted on the 83rd of October.
It was 34 hours to a minute from the
time the jury was sworn in until it
gave   its verdict.
One result of the visit of tho Nelson
Operatic Society and the production
here of "The Mikado" is that the local musical talent has been aroused
from its lethargy into which it had
fallen since "The Pirates of Penzance" was produced. A movement
is now on foot to revive the Rossland
Operatic .Society and to produce "Pinafore" or some other opera. Arrangements are under way to hold a meeting of those who would like to take
part in the production of an opera and
to put one on at an early date. It is
believed that an opera so produced
will receive the hearty support of
the lovers of music of this eity.���Rossland Miner.
The Butte Miner of a few days ago
says of the company which appearB
here next Monday night: "A Breezy
rime" la on at Sutton's for a week
including a Saturday matinee. The
engagement began with a matinee
yesterday before a full house upstairs
and down. The plot is just a thread
on which to hang a lot of clever
vaudeville acts. There is plenty of
singing, most of whicli is good. The
gags are new and breezy. There is
a good element of wholesome fun
throughout that helps to while way
a couple of hours. The last act represents a pretty garden scene, at
night, brilliantly illuminated with
red electric lights, and in this act
many clever and fresh vaudeville turns
are done and lots of songs are tiuite
well rendered.
A mass meeting of the Conservative
party of Nelsou will be held at the
Opera House Friday evening. It is
expected that Mr. A. II. MaeNeill,
Conservative candidate for the Yale-
Kootenuy-Curiboo district will be
present and deliver the leading address of tlie evening. Mayor Uoodeve,
of Rosbland, will also be present and
other local politicians are expected to
be present and deliver addresses. Late
this afternoon there was a little doubt
as to whether Candidate MaeNeill
would be here, hut If he is present,
the opposition will be invited to attend, and will be given an opportunity to discuss their side of the question. A most interesting time and a
urge attendance are expected. This
will he the first meeting of this campaign where the candidates have come
together, and a warm time Is looked
Woodatock, Ont. Oct.    21.���Mrs. El-
stone, 70 years of age, was yesterday
awarded one dollar damages for
breach of promise of marriage from
,1. King, a few years her senior. Action was instituted for 86,000,
Krantford, Ont., Oct. 24.���11. Munroe. porter at the Brant Hotel, wns
electrocuted yesterday by touching a
live wire in the cellar of the hotel.
Sarnia, Out., Oet. 24.���A. (ioodall,
ship laborer is iu the hospital In B
precarious condition from the result
of being stabbed in the left groin, the
gash being about an inch long and
extending In to the lining of the bowels, received by a knife in the hands of
a fellow workman, naineil Mays, colored. The stabbing was the outcome
of a quarrel on Monday night. Mays
lias been arrested.
Fifty Light Arc Dynamo
May   Be  Run  by
The lighting of the streots of Nelsou
will be the main point of discussion
at a special meeting of the Hoard of
Pulhie Works to he held at H o'clock
this evening at the eity hall. At the
meeting of the Council on Monday
evening, the question of lighting the
city was raised, and it was thought
that to light it properly it would ro-
quiro lifty 2,000 c. p. lamps and a all-
light arc dynamo to give a sufficient
current, and it was intimated that the
dynamo sliould be run by steam. It
has been suggested to rent the engine
at the Nelson Saw and Planing mill
and place the dynamo there. Some of
tlie aldermen did not agree with this
proposition but the question will be
fully discussed this evening. It is not
yet known what expense the new
method of lighting the streets will
incur. It is evident that some such
proposition will havo to be carried
out,us it is not intended to place more
machinery at the present power bouse
on Cottonwood Creek.
It is understood that the power
company at Bonnington Falls is going
to place a proposition before the meeting this evening, for the express purpose of lighting the streets. It is
thought that their bid'will be much
lower than the expense the city
would be required to go to carry out
the method of lighting proposed.
The adjourned case of Israel Wallace alias ,1. A. Skeets, who was
charged with theft fiom the Dominion
Express Company, while working at
an otlice on the Crow's Nest Pass lasl
year was beard before Magistrate
Crease, stipendiary, this afternoon.
Wallace was committed for trial. A.
M. Johnson prosecuted, while P. Wilson, defended the prisoner.
Hume.��� C. W,Armstrong. Montri
W. A. Richardson, Toronto; Ernest
Mansfield, 11. M. Prison: C. M. Roi-
ston, Vancouver; J. Stream and wife.
Montreal; E. B. McMaster. Vancouver; K. W. Turner, Toronto; I), W.
Moore, Trail; G, W. Lawson, Toronto; W. II. Spencer. Ymir;.I. A. Cam
eron, Cranbrook.
Phair���dames M. Anderson, Kaslo;
II. Roy Stovel, Kaslo;.I. C. Riewery,
Rossland; II. Allenberg, Spokane; R,
M. Parker. Spokane; ,1. 1). Young,
Vancouver; J. M. Harris. Sandon;
P. McVeigh, Rossland; II. Henderson,
Rossland; Henry Roy, Rossland.
Advertisement, insert,, under thin head at
tho rat. of ono cent a word per Insertion. No
advortlBOineat taken for lost* than 2b cunts.
FOR     BENT.��� Cellar.    Apply
chants' Bank of Halifax.
WANTED���Good    General    Servant.
Mrs. .1. R. Robertson,  Silica Street.
WANTED.���An     olliee     boy.    Apply
Davis, Bowes & Ward.
FOR SALE.���A good.paying boarding
house business.    Apply after 5:30 p
m. to Carbonate Street,   2nd   east  of
WANTED���Gasmaker. Man   with experience    preferred.    Apply   Nelson
Coke and lias Co., Ltd.
LOST. ���On Stanley Street between
Silica and Latimer,on Sunday afternoon, a mink skin. Mrs. Akeliurst
will be glad if the same be returned
to her.
WANTED.���To   rent, a   four  or   tivi
roomed cottage with lire place.    Ap
ply E. R. P., Miner Olliee.
FOR KENT.���Comfortable front room
to let. (furnished), with private
family on Stanley St. Reasonable
terms. Apply nt Mr. Scanlan. Grocery Store, Stanley St.
FOR SALIC. Florence Park Hotel and
Roberts' Ranch, situated on lake
shore, :."_, miles from Nelaon, Apply
II.   R.  Cameron,
WANTED  -Dressmaking    apprentices
wanted.  Salary paid.   Hudson's Bay
"One night,  my brother's baby was
take with Croup'," writes Mrs. '.I. C,
Sider, of Crittenden, Ky., "it seemed
it would strangle before we could get
a doctor,so we gave it Dr. King's New-
Discovery, which gave quick relief
and permanently cured it. Wc always
keep it in the house to protect our
children from Croup and Whooping
Cough. It cured me of a chronic
bronchial trouble that no other remedy would relievo." Infallible for
Coughs, Colds, Throat and Lung
troubles. .1(1 cents and $1. Trial bottles free at Canada Drug ,t Hook Co.
Visit Florence Park Hotel at Roberts' Kanch, two and a half miles up
the river.  W. M. Roberts, proprietor.
A box of Lowney's candies
the tiling to take home aftei tlie theatre. If you don't, prefer Lowney'e
we have Gainings "tl. II." chocolate
which arc delicious. As for fruit you
can't lind any licltei than the displaj
at .1. A. Maedonald's Palace Confectionery.
Your Eyes Hurt
Do you know tho difficulty?
It 's^titno you consulted someone who (loos know.
We'd like t<> lind out for yon.
\\V will toll you what your
ey< s need, and tit them for
yon so you can enjoy reading
and working for years to come.
It will pay you   to   oome   and
Bee us.
Mnnufacturinir Jeweler*!
Write us
a Letter.
If you have any need in the
jewelry line, however small,
just write us about it.
Oar new 1901 Catalogue
contain* photographs of
many hundreds of our
choicest pieces, and will
be sent you free.
We guarantee safe delivery
���prepay charges and cheerfully refund money if you so
Established   1854.
R.yrie Bros.,
Yongo s\u_ Ad.l_.ido Sts���
WANTED,     lively   woman ill   Nelson
to  visit    Mi-h. En field's   millinery
parlors, and   see   her   stock   of   lints.
The hest in tlie city.
SHORTHAND-A few ,,���|,iis wanted
to complete   class  (evening)   being
formed   by   an   experienced   teacher.
Pitman's system taught   in 20 lessons.
Apply at onco "Stenographer," Miner
KiKsi  class room and  hoard in
private family, 16.60 ami |(i.   Table
hoard 8i.   Carbonate .street,   second
house east of Josephine.
Isn't It Sweet?
Tlie delicate, refined soent we
constantly strive to secure in our
perfumes has given ua a lasting
reputation with  refl 1 poonle
The ti u i fragrance of the liiUB.
sums from which the extracts
nre made is so plainly distinguishable ns to he delightful
to the discriminating buyer.
Be Wm in Time
Never would so little money buy so much goods. 0i
Mark Down Sale last week created a sensation. The lowe
priced goods in several of the lines quoted you have
cleared out. The sale must continue, however
week we will give you better qualities than ever,
as  close  prices.    A   great   drive   in
and this
;it almost
Ladies' Jackets
in Beaver Cloths, Kerseys, Covert Cloths and Broadcloths
made in the latest styles and handsomely finished :
will be
will be
will be
will be
will be
U 50
(i 00
7 50
11 50
A second   drive in
Ladies' Tailor Made Suits
We still have a line we wi
To go to the other extreme, we want to
fine line, superior quality of goods and
which we are selling at $10.00 per suit.
sell   at $5.00  per suit.
d very
We have some big surprises,  too,  in
In  addition  to the above ban
offer in
gains we are making an
Fine White Wool Blankets, soft finish, made from specially
elected  yarns,   fancy  colored   borders,   in six, seven and
eight  pound  weights.    Sec our leader in  extra quality of
all wool, eight pounds, 68x86 inches, at $4.75 per pair.
at all prices and qualities. One line we would call your
attention to is a fancy printed covering, new designs, at
$1.00 each.
i'aris, Oct.24.��� At a Cabinet council
today If. Deloaase, Minister of Kor-
Ign Affairs, announced that the min
isters of the powers at Pekin met recently to Semiofficially examine the
trench proposltons aa a basis for
peace negotiations and showed themselves favorable thereto.
11 nd  Iry a hot tlo, a i
pnonpoH     Ull    I he    in
Baker Streel, Nelson
above arc a few of the bargains given in out
effort to get tne money we told you last week we needed
and must have. We got a lot last week, but are still
compelled to sacrifice in order lo get more. Don't miss
this chance.
r. o. Box 386
loton,  ur a barrel  of
-. ��" It it I Im bust and
WiaiPc        i_v��1��B_*��.    Al����  "T  our
WINES,    LIQUORS,    ami     CIGARS.
-elsphena in.
M.N.U. >,.
Ni 1-on. II. ('.
....v   *< Pffi.  "'on'tlast
othur  'hurry up' uiilur with
flee Can Fit You.
Hi-' has   Ol f   the   best   and   largest
Fall and Winter stocks in
the Province,
A. GEE, Merchant Tailor
Opposite Queen's  Hotel,
Hitler Street


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