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Nelson Daily Miner Oct 27, 1899

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 '"" ���i libra,,
Daily Edition No. 557.
Nelson, British Columbia.  Friday, October 27,  1899.
Tenth  Year
j among   shippers   of  grain   and  other
commodities, c.oul included, as thn ore
' companies have it within their  power
jl'n]   'j'ljf-j   QTjjiifP t0 catIBe the Sreat !iulk nf this tonnage
Uii    lilLi   U1 Uillf i to go np the lakes light, if it  is possi-
I hie to mine nnd   move ou the railroads
  tho unprecedented teooril iu ore output
j lhat is looked for next year.
New York Hollanders Inter-     dined at grand forks.
View. MoKinley. j Mr, Shaugbnessy  Flatters  the  Grant!
Forks   People.
  , Grand Forks, B, G, Oct. 26,���T, G.
' Shuughm say,President of the Oanadian
TWO  SISTER   REPUBLICS i leading offloials of llio Pacific division,
af'er an inspection of the Columbia &
j Western Railway ns far us Greenwood,
returned this afternoon to Grand Forks
,,      _       ..    and after inapooting the Grnnby sniel-
Afraid They Will Ee Stricken From the Uii.    ,.ow   mi||(,r   const^otion.   wnrB
Earth���Pergen r.tid His Friends
Get Little Satisfaction.
Washington,   Oct,   28.���The resolutions adopted at u meeting held in Car-
tendered a complimentary banquet by
tliu Gruufi Forks board of Trade at tii3
Yule Hoii-1. Commodore Bidden pro
sided. 'Die leading citizens in attendance including Mayor Lloyd, A, Manly,
,1. A. Smith, E. Spraggett, Juines Addison, 0. Powell, J. MoLenn, J. B.
Henderson,   Chas. Gnmminge, W.   K.
nogie Hall    New   York,   October   11, : C. Manly, J. W. MoOlawihlSi;   .l'   n'
urging the President to offer  the  ser-1 Raler, F.   McCarr, Alderman  Cannon
nnd Fred Wollaston. After tho toast of
vices of the United States to mediate
between Great Britain and Transvaal
and Orange Free State Republics, were
presented to the President this afternoon by n delegation from New York,
headed by Tunis G. Beigeu, President
of the Holland Society. Mr. Bergen
in his address presenting the resolution to the President said that the delegation bud no desire to bniuarrass tho
friendly relations between the United
States and Great Britnin, on the contrary, it was because of thut friendliness nud good feeling they p esented
the petition to the l'r. Bldent in the hope
thut iu the wisi and good discretion
of the executive, away might be found
to Offer the timely offlcos of the Government of tho United States 111 un endeavor to allay ihe bloody oonfliot now
going on in Africa, 'ibis would be
in lino with the newidiplomnoy enuti-
eiuied :it The Hague Peace Conference,
Tho hope wus expressed thut hnnjr-
10 Io terms of pence might lie secured,
thut Ihe honor of both parties minlit r.e
sustained, nnd that the unities of two
of onr Rister Republics might not be
stricken from tho earth, No people
wonld welcome our good offlut'S like
ihe Hugh h. Tho South African Republics were, ready for meili >tion, and
Ihe United Stales us the ftiend of
both, should be the best mediator. Tho
chairman thanked the gentlemen present for appearing uml lev tho sentiments expressed iu behalf of pence.
Such sentiment bin1, his sympathy, but
in u caso where many inievefits nre Involved, moves must be nilldo v. itii
cie.it reserve, lest unwittingly injury
be done to some of the nurtics. Tin
fact, moreover, should uol hi overlooked (lint Vi, ��� 1. hi i''! r st- ::i sin! e.
'lb     I 1     flei      :���
f,il      | I'.llV
thut  the  petiti. n    *uul .   1 ���   ���
most earuesi eon .1  ei   'io 1
"The Queen'' hud been drunk, the
ihairnian in an eloquent speech proposed the health of Mr. Shaughnessy. I"
reply iho Oanadinu Pacifin President
st.ted that he deeply regretted that
time and ciicnuistauces compelled
them to cut short the very excellent
feast that was spread before them and
said : "If tho mines should amount to
naught nnd llie smelters should never
blow in, this mntnifieent hotel would
iiiruish sufficient reason foi building
a railway to the Boundary country."
He paid high tribute to ihe energy
and pluck if the business men of
Grand Folks and said they showed
more energy, put up a better fight aud
made moie mischief than any other
lown of its size on earth. He pronounced the town up to date in every
oartioular. lie said ho would visit
Grand Perks in u year again and 011-
Sdently expect to fine! it with 11 population of 8,000
General Yule Has Now Joined Forces With
General White's Command.
turns buried their dead and c uried off
their wounded immediately after they
fell, those left representing only the
casualties during the last moment of
the fighting. Even their desirable
cannon had been removed although
broken pieces of them could be seen lying about."
Capetown, Oct. 26.���A coord ing to  a
dispatch received here from Pretoria,
in the engagement between tlio Hritish
forces under Col. Plainer, and the
Boeis at Rhodes Drift, six Boers were
killed and four wounded.
Seveial New Justices of the
Peace Created.
Situation Appears Relieved���Boer Hospitals Inadequate,
Gordon Highlanders Were Deadly���British
Artillery Fire Irresistible-
Durban, Oct.  ili.���Martial   law has
been declaied^ throughout Natal. A
transport has arrived with 11 battallion
of the Rifle brigade.
Ottawa, Out., Oct. ill.���The   Minister of   Militia   has  now selected   four
nurses for the South   African   contingent.
The  Date of  Lay-Over  Is   Announced.
Liliut-t Is the Same���New Mining
Companies Eegisteied.
The Conservative Lender so Stutes Before a Quebec Audience.
Grunhy, Que, Oct. 2(i. ��� Sir Charles
Topper addressed a large meeting here
last night. He referred lo the likelihood "f a general election in the near
fuiuie. lie condemned the Government's immigration nolioy nnd its utti-
tude regaining the Canadian Semth African contingent, and promised to sop-
port my lioverunient sen lenient of the
laski01 Boundary qnestion in the in-
iciest of Cunntln.
Hon. Mi. Cn.-'giaiii, Conservative
mim,b"r lor   Moutmnr r,c.\. denied the
1 ���    ��� r   in, :     I'iisli    id ���!!    ie
TO COMPEL PHI s. i i,,-, lu I Ui T
New York. Oct. 28 ��� After two
months preparntn n, iho New York
Sun lodui began its ie.nl bnttle
ngainst organized labor. On Angus
"Hi the members of the T.vpoarai bical
Union, No. (i, or "Big Six" struck,
They Baek to compel the Sun to employ
Union labor in all departments, and
to enforce this "Big Six,' the Printing Trades Council, and every Union
in the city him instituted a boycott
against the Sun. It is to break this
boycott that (he application for nn
injunction is made, In pleading the
Sun's cause in court, Jnrige Seymour
D. Thompson quoted a statement 10
the effect that the Morning Sun Had
lost lio.otm daily circulation, and the
Evening Hun, 40,00(1 daily. The Sunday Sun, tiie statement says, has also
lost, 00,000 circulation. The statement snid tbat the sum of |800,000
represents the loss in advertising receipts since the beginning of tho s'rika
and boycott.
uon Oi i.   .-". - im mi.  a 11 h s
reacheii hen 1I1111 ihe Hritish ste.,mcr
Zurich, ivhinh sailed from liovon, Uct.
1:2, fm this port foundered during a
hurircane, on October 21, 111 the Vig-
te 1 Islands oil the west cost of Noi-
way, Thn captain was saved but il is
feared the crew huve been lost,
Christiania, Oct. 36.��� Further news
of the foundering nf the Zurich has
readied  here.   It  appears that  when
her fate was evident the crew constructed two rafts. The captain, three
engineers, 1 he s.cu I mate wilh two
elogs, were sent with the first, anil tho
boatswain, stoker, one white seaman
aud   five   blanks   with     the     second.
Nei.hcr raft wns snimlin] with food or
��.     ��� *
water, The first raft was picked up
near the Benigen Islamls, ou October
24, with only the captain alive. The
second was washed ashore the following day, louring no truce of humanity
except the corpse of n negi'D,
Cleveland, Ohio, Uct. 80.���TB3 Murine Review says : Lnkc vessels capable of moving 1,778,000 gross tons of
iron ore in 1000, nre already in Hie
hands of the ore companies. These
figures are amazing, and it may be
thnt no such amount of ore inn be produced from tho Lake Superior region.
Bnt it is 11 fact, nowriholiss, ilnt
ore companies have this carrying
capacity within their control, either
through charter or ownership of the
vessels, John D. Rockefeller's representatives have 6,800,000 tons of it.
Whether all of this capacity will be
used in (he ore trade or not is 11 ques- !
tion that cannot bo settled at this early j
date, but the situation is certainly one
thnt should causo oonsitlerable  anxiety
New York, Oct. 88,���The Shamrock's jury must has heen stepped und
she will bo ready for her journey, practically by tomorrow evening, but will
not leave before next Tuesday. Sir
Thomas Lipton will then equip the
Erin so that she may set out as convoy
for the Shamrock. Sir Thomas will
leave the following day by the White
Stir liir-r. He Bays he cannot find
time to pay a visit to Cniongo.
Calcutta, Oct. 2a.���The critical con-
dilion of tho cotton industry is exciting considerable attention hero ami at
Bombay, owing to the over production
of the mills. It is feared the decision
to partly close down comes too late to
suve the situation.
London, Oct. 27. ���The offioial announcement if the joining of Goneral
White aud General Yule has come as a
groat relief, and nil the more in view
of tho fact that late dispatches have
shown that only Ihe incapacity of the
intelligence department of the Boers
saved General Yule's column from
what might have beeu a great disaster.
It se-ems that -on ou Friday night
Dundee wns full of ulnrnis. Heavy
tiring was heard at 1 o'clock aud
again at four. A severe thunder
storm scon after slopped tlie Boer cannonade. Saturday passed in tho same
anxious manner in momentary expectation of nn attack. Tho Britisli finally evacuated, taking all tbat tbey
could, hut leaving plenty behind for
the Boers to loot. The appointments
of the Boer hospital at Dundee an described as very inadequate and primitive). The? Boors, themselves.in 'hi _,.!.-.
sence of a nursing staff, got only scant
atlentiou. It is reported Sir William
Penn Symous died on Wednesday, not
yesterday, aud was buried at Dundee
jester lay.
General Yule's column had a very
exhausting march, chiefly, it is believed hy uigbt. Tne reason for a niuht
march is not given, but it was probably a fear eif Bier surprises. The
very heavy rains und mist hampered
the march, but were perhaps the menus
of saving General Yule from molestation It took the column 24 hours to
cover the lust 10 miles.
The only news this morning consists or .iioi'e detailed accounts of the
battle already reported. A correspondent wb visited iho hospital ut Lady-
si    :i.     ivhi ro the   liners' w tn led  :it
...-.'... ,vh ,1 0 1. a. 1 ���, ie
being under!, reports that (Jmeial
.1,11111 > Koi-fc, > ho vwi badly wounded
111 ihi thigh und sinulrier, said thut
the advance of the patriots Miner
Pinar w thout guns, wns simply with
tne object of cutting the railway aim
that this body was subsequently reinforced without General Joubert s orders General Viljoen accompanied
them. The latter was killed early in
tho fight.
According to another correspondent
the Btieis say thnt General Rook, during the bnttle read bis Bible and prayed for victory. His brother, two sons
and a nephew were all wounded and
taken prisoners, Colonel Schiel, of
the German corns and Commandant
Pretorlus were both severely wounded.
Many prominent Boers are not yet accounted lor. Philip Kock says tho Boers
suffored most from the "soldiers iu
little clothes, half men and half women," meaning the Gordon Highlanders, and in the charge of the 5th Lancers. They say also that the two
quick-firing guns captured by the Devonshire regiment are those that wero
taken from the Jameson raid. Colonel
Schiel assurod a correspondent that
nothing could stand ngainst the accuracy of tbe British field guns, which repeatedly drove the Transvaal gunners
from the 0 ubrasures. Tbe British in
fnntry fire was also a complete surprise
to the Boers, who were confident of
their ability to master any infantry
One Elandslaagt correspondent expresses the belief that the British killed fewer Boers than might have beeu
expected, considering the heavy fire of
the BritiBh artillery.
The bullet of the Boer Manser, it appears, makes a clean, healthy wound,
where it passes. No oporutions for extraction have been necessary at the
Ladysrnith hospital.
With regard to the western frontier,
it is reported that President Steyn   re
cently visited a force of 2,COO Boers ex-
cumpd 10 miles south of Kimberley.
The war is having its natural effect in
Cape Colony. Everything is at famine
priies and horse flesh is at a premium.
A Dutch circular is being secretly circulated iu iho Krugers.lorp district appealing to tho Dutch to stand shoulder
to shoulder against " the tyrant who
never keeps faith. "
London, Oct. 20.���The Daily Mail
publishes the following dispatch from
Pietermaritzburg, dated Oct. 2-1:
"The residents of Dundee had a weary
tramp ot 40 miles to the nearest town
where tbey-arrived in a pitablo plight,
having lost everything. The refugees
inclined Mr. Harry Escombe, former
Premier of Natal,and tho Dundee magistrate. One of the Dundee people_savs
lhat nil day Saturday trains were arriving at Commandant General .Tou-
bert's ' fleadqtanrteni at Danhnanser,
from the Transvaal border bringing
Boers and that there must have been
10,000 in tho hills around Dundee. The
natives report that the Boers took l(i
wagons louden with the dead fr in the
battlefield of the first battle at Glencoe. Among the killed were several
Nntal Dutch. A sad feature of the engagement was that three Englishmen
who were impressed at. Krngeredorp
fought with the enemy, one of them
being killed. The others, greatly
affected, suid they were compelled to
fight. Tho Pietermaritzburg defence
corps paraded ieiday nnd was assigned
to a position in enso of attack. "
London. Oct. 26.���Lady Randolph
Churchill, presided vesterdny (Wednes
d y) t 11 meeting of \m��ri en women
11, Loudon, on.- nized to rase funds t,i
1 quip a hospital ship f' r .-south Afn-
oun waters, An appeal for funds was
issued in which it is st.iteel tbat it is
proposed to dispatch immediately a
siiitnble hospital ship fully equipped
with medical store's and provisions to
accommodate 200 patients tor three
months wilh a staff of four doctors,
live nurses and forty non-commissioned officers and orderlies, To curry
this into effect the sum of i'!lo,000 will
bo required which will have to be
raised within a loitnight.
Washington, Oct. 2(i.���The missing
newspaper man, Enston, who was sup
posed to have been captured by the
Boers, ban been traced by the State Department, and found to be all right.
Consul Marram, at Pretoria, reports
that Easton is at the front with the
Boer forces.
The Vanderbilt Family Have Come
Into $7,500,000 Apiece.
New York, Oct. 20. ���Senator Chaun-
cey M. Depew tonight gave out a statement oi the terms of the will of the
late Cornelius Vanderbilt. It shows
that tho fortune is estimated at $70,-
000,000. Alfred Gwynne Vanderbilt
will get about $50,000,000. He thus
becomes the bend of the family. The
will gives Cornelius Vaudeibilt about
$1,500,000. It gives to each of his remaining brothers and sisters about $7,-
500,000. Alfred, of course, not included. Alfred Gwynne Vanderbilt givus
bis brother enough of his inheritance
to make his fortune equal to that of
tb�� other members, namely, $7,500,001).
acoepteel this arrangement iu the spirit
in which it was offered.
Washington, Oct. 20.��� War Department officials refuse to make public
any of tho provi-ions of the arrangement made by General Bates with the
Sultan of Suln, of the southernmost
group of the Philippines, but says the
main feutures have been touched upon
by press dispatches from Manila.
A Cabinet officer says General Bates
has secured for the United States the
valuable services of tlm whole Royal
family of Su!u for the compensation
Of a good clerk and provide 1 for the
immediate mitigation of the condition
of slaves. It is furthei said that this
arrangement is not permanent and
does not preveni different treatment
of ihe islands i-   the future.
Durban, Oct. 23.���(Delayed in transmission. )���Ex-Stnto Attorney Kanster,
tbo defender of Von Volthem, the murderer of Woolf Joel, at one time the
partner of the late Barney Barnatn,
was among the killed at Elandslaagt,
It is said here that the German force,
was almost annihilated   at that battle.
Oepatown, Oct. 2(1.���Tho troopship
Zayathia, whose voyage from Liverpool was delayed by difficulties with
her machinery, has arrived with a
battery and a half of Hold artillery.
Her sister transport with an equal
force which has been similiarly delayed is expected daily.
London,Oct. 20.���The War Office has
received a telegram from Col. White,
elated Ladysrnith, Thursday, giving
a list of the captured ^Hussars, otc., as
cabled to tho Associated Press yesterday, nad explaining that ho did not
havo the list until General Yule's arrived today, adding that he understood
they were all alive, but prisoners.
London. Oct. 2(1.���A belated dispatch
sent from Glencoe Camp, on tho night
of the battle in tbat vicinity admits
that few Boeis dead or wounded, were
found on the field, and explains this by
saying: "Throughout, the fight the
Boers, in  accordance With   their  cui-
Toronto, Ont., Oct. 86.��� The Globe
snys the Onturio .Government bus decided to appoint a commission of
bankers and accredited financiers to
investigate tne financial methods and
standing of thn Government, with a
view of giving public assurance of the
accuracy of tho accounts as presented
to Parliament from tine to time. The
Globe Ibis morning says the Ontario
Government has deoided to appoint a
commission of jodges to investigate
alleged frauds in the Into West Elgin
election. It is their intention to prosecute all parties charged with corrupt
Berlin, Oot. 26.���The Deutsche Colonial Zeitung publishes nn article
strongly deprecating any suggestion
that Germany shonld renounce her
claims iu the Samoau Islands, and declaring a hope tbat, wherever tho German flag floats, it shall float forever.
New York. Oct. 20.���Sir Henry Irving with Ellen Terry, arrived from
London on the steamer Marquette.
Sir Henry will begin his American
tour at the Knickerbocker, in this
oity, next^Monday night.
Peterboro, Out., Oot, 20.���Ihe citizens of all shades of politics decided to
banquet Hon. J. R. Stratton in recognition of the honor conferred upon him
by the Ontario Government iu selecting him as Provincial Socretary.
Victoria, li. C.. Oot. 20.��� The Official Gazette of today contains notice uf
the following Provincial appointments, Tu be Juslieis of the Pence,
for the counties of Victoria, Nanainio,
Vancouver, Westminster, Yale Cariboo and Kootenay : William Charles
Graiutm, of Langley Prairie ; Frederick
Cruse Nivan, of Whitewater; Robert Cornell Waterson of Rossland, aud
Donald J. Dewar, of Trail.
Howard Jennings Doncnn,Vancouver,
barrister at law, to be n Notary Pub-
lie in and for the mainland of British
Columbia ; Charles Joseph Fngan, eif
New Westminster, B. A., M. B,, to
be Secretary of the Provincial Board
of Health, snob appointment to take
effect on tlio 1st day of November; Edmund Leslie Gill, of Alberni, to be a
License Commissioner, for the Alberni
distiict, vice A. D. Faber. resigned;
Johnson Gibbons, of Vancouver, M.
R. C. V. S., to be inspector under tho
"contagious diseases'' animals Act;
John E. Griffiths, of Golden, S. M., to
bo clerk of the peace, to act at the sittings of Iho Court of Assize to be held
ut *in> h:i 10 piuco on riip aisr of October.
John MoRae gives notice of his application to purchase II acres of laud
situated about one-hulf mile northeast
of tbo town of Quesnelle Forks.
,1. T, Bethuue, P. F. Scharschmidt,
Prank Armstrong aud Jas. S. Harvey,
will apply to the Legislature for an
Act to incorporate a company with
power to construct, maintain and operate a Hue of railway from some point
ou tbe northern boundary of tho Province at or near the point of intersection
of the DalUni trail thouco southwardly
by the most direct nnd feasible route,
by Cbllknt Pass, to some point at or
near the Indian village of Kluokwan,
or as near to the shores of Lynn canal
as the Province has tho power to
grant, The usual powers till ulso be
Ine Viol lia iiiniopli Gold Mining
Company, of Kosslund, having been
absorbed b.\ the Trail Creek Mining
Company, of London, notice is given
of the issue ot si ares in the home company to the holders of stock 111 the
merged corporation.
Gold Commissioner L. Norrin, at
Vernon, gives notice thut u:i placer
claims legally held in the Vernon
Mining d.vision will be laid over from
Novemhor 1st., 1899 to May 1st, 1000.
Gold Commissioner, of Clinton, gives
similar notice for Lillooot district, tho
dato of lay-over beiug from November
15 lo May 1, 1900.
The P.ed Rock nud Bald Eagle Gold
and Copper Co., Ltd., noil personal
liability, is incorporated, capital
stock, $1,500,000 on $1 shares; registered olllce at Greenwood, B. O. Tho Pacific Northwest Mining Corporation,
Ltd., is registered as an extra Provincial Company, with bend olllce at
Mansion Houso Chambers, 20 Bucklers-
bnry, London, Eug. Their office is in
Victoria, B C., and their attorney is
G. A. Holland.
Deputy Commissioner Gore eif tho
Lands and Works Department is calling fnr tenders for the purchase of UO
acres oi laud, lot 081, group I, Osoy-
ikv division of Y'ale  distirct.    Tenders
receivable until November 15.
The Spuzzuni School district has
been created and embraces the area
within 11 four mile radios of the C. P.
It.'s tation at Spu/.zum.
Guelph, Out.,   Oct   88.���8ir Wilfrid
Lnurier arrived here yesteiduy on his
way to Fergus. He was tendered
an enthusiastic reception. Ho speaks
at Fergus this evening.
Quebec, Oct. 20.���Capt. Skrimshire,
01 the wrecked steamer Scotsman, attributed the eause of tho disister
to some unknown e-urreut which took
the ship IH or 19 miles out of her
San tod, Oct.   20.���Two fresh cases of
bubonic plague have occurred here.
��������� ��81
Mson Daily Miner,
Nelsou, B. 0., Oct. 88th, 1890
Editor   Miner:    Sir���The   following
1 ublistieu ually except Monday. ' which relates lo   the   music ball quel
Nm.so.v Miner Printino & Publishing.Co., . tiou is from   Wednesday's   Ecouoinist,
land might be interpreted by many for
I a rendition of Met'ol lough's ravings.
"There are hundreds of people   who
I do not care for fiction or history.   This
latter   class, if   properly   looked   after
,.I ICO I Ulight develop into good citizens.  Just
..  son I uow they spend the early part  of   the
.. in 00
1). .1    BEATON, Editor anil Manager.
suBscKii'Tio.s; Rates
nlly pur month by can ier.
pur hall year	
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per yuax by mail	
poryfar foreign	
10 00
Nelson Weekly Minbr.
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por year, foroiKD    2 50
Subscription I invariably in mlvunce
.dsonMIn ;rPrinting* PubllshlngCo
nelson. b. o.
Telephone   No.   144.
Canadian loyalty was never in such
a ferment as it is today. If we wore
to seek au explanation of this we
would find it in a complication of reasons rather than in auy special one.
The Imperial idea has taken firm bold
of us, and we feel tbe oneness of the
Britisli people more acutely than nt
any time in the past. There is also
great indignation at the Boers They
have behaved as badly as we could ex
peot from an uncivilised raco. And
there is grave apprehension that soma
European Powers that do not love
Croat Britain may desire to take advantage of the occasion to harass hei
in other quarters of the world. All
theso, and others of minor note, have
stirred our loyalty to an unusual depth.
We see an illustration of this in the
thousands who responded to ihe call for
volunteers. It is illustrated again in
an unusual, bnt practical, manner by
the patriotio coudnot of one or two of
our wealthy men, who have provided
insurance on the lives of tho thousand
volunteers who go from Canada. Sir
Charles Topper has something to do
with this, but exactly what the connection is has not been disclosed. And
now it is suggested that the Dominion
raise a fund by publio subscriptions,
to provide for widows and children of
any British soldiers who fall in this
war, and for the maintenance of those
who may be disabled. Tbe fund is to
be an Imperial, not a Canadian, one,
and to be paid over to the Imperial
Government for disbursement.
We are showing a
First-Class Line of
There is no reliable information as
to the strength of tbe Boers. According to an exchange, The Patriot of
South Arrioa ooni|ratco runt rue iruiisi-
vaal aud Free State combined could
only put 20,000 men into the field. It
arrives at the result in the following
way : nineteen years ago, during tbe
war of independence, the Transvaal
could only muster 8,000 men. Since
1880 there have been additions from
outBide, but *hey are neutralised by
the number of Burghers who have
trekked into Bechuanaland and Rhodesia. Calculating, then, upon the
baiis that the Burgher population has
increased 50 per cent, since 1880, the
number of Burghers would be at present 12,000. As to the Free State, taking into account that it will have to
protect its Basntoland boundary, 8,000
is the very largest nnmber of its Burghers that could support the Transvaal.
The joint Transvaal-Free State forces
will consequently not number more
than 20,000.
evenings around the saloons, and later
nn in an intoxicated condition parade
the street! making night hideous with
their bowls of profanity and obscenity,
terrorizing women and corrupting
young ehildreu. A meat many of them
sooner or later reach the brothels and
there contract associations that menu
inin to reputation and health. Will
no one stretch forth a band to save
these wrecks of humanity?   Tbey   are
not desirable visitors to the homes of
our citizens or the Nelson Club. Nelson is iu need of a place that will minimize the evils of n vice that is spread
iug to an alarming extent. Where are
young nun without homes to spend
the evening.- If it were not for the
faot that thrse same yonna men are
thrown on their own resources to select amusement, bow long would these
dens of iniquity flourish on the principal streets of Nelson? Those women
who havo grown rich on the money
of those who havo been driven to their
houses," etc., etc.,  etc.
It is doubtful if a local paper, which
circulates among respectable people,
can publish such sensational und contradictory claptrap as the foregoing
and expect to retain the esteem and
support of 'bo public. This remarkable effusion cannot be classed as an
editorial refrain, it is more like the
suppressed ranting? of an individual
who had been kicked on the buck of
the neck by a uinlo and hud not yet io
vived. However, out of regard for tho
editor of tho Ecouoinist let us presume
tbat ho did not write ibis stuff, but
kindly consider it a botched mixture
of the idea of certain over-anxious persons who have bud access to tbe columns
of the Economist. Briefly wo will
dispose of the Economist's argument:
If these young men referred to ure so
morally depraved as to reach the extremes related above, then. it. seems to
me tbat tbe prison, and not a music
hall, would have a salntory effect upon their conduct. Again, the "dens of
iniquity," were they removed, might
oause a worse condition of affairs than
now exist if these same young men,
now running at large, are in tbe habit
of so disporting themselves as 'he
Economist contends. Certainly their
behavior would havo to be considerably improvod upon before they could
expect to ba admittd to respectable
houses or the Nelson Club.
Tho papers of Nelson are, in my
opinion, doing tbe place much harm
through this habit of constantly ventilating and magnifying certain conditions that aro no worse here than in
any other live town in Canada or the
United States. A clean family pap.^r
will not discuss such affairs, particularly when there is no necessity for it,
but in this instance tlio Economist
must; be called.
-A... ��..,. .... tl,,. Monoj I   hull   anjMttion     LH
concerned let the 'Jonucil attend to it,
no petition either pro or con should be
listened to. It seems to mo that every
nian, woman and child in Nelson endeavors to dictate a particular policy
for the City Council to follow in any
ind all issues.    Yours truly,
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A barrister has had his feelings
ruffled in the Victoria Police Court.
He wus qnizzed by a smart witness,
and the Police Magistrate looked on
with a broad grin. At whioh The Col
oniBt becomes indignant, declaring
tnat "counsel have a right to be respected even when they go into a Police Court " There is no doubt of this.
"In the higher Courts," it adds,
"counsel are protected against impertinences frnm witnesses.'' A witness
has been hectoring a lawyer, ond Vic-
toiia propriety has been outraged.
How is if when the lawyer hectors
the witness? The latter is of far more
frequent occurrence, and is every whit
as improper and offensive. Yet the
poor witness may be badgered and insulted, and not a word said about it.
We can surely afford to let the one instance of the witness brow-beating tbe
lawyei go without remork, when we
aro silent ns to the thousand instances
of the lawyer brow-beutiug tbe wit
In asking the House for power to
raise eight millions sterling by Treasury bills, the Chancellor of the Ex-
oboquer, Sir Michael Hicks-Beach, intimated in very plain terms that after
the war was over tbe taxpayers of the
Transvaal would be required to bear a
reasonable proportion of the cost. It
was woalthy in goldfields, and wilh
honest administration these could be
made to furnish a part of tbe expenses,
while at the same time the ordinary
taxation might be reduced. It is not
usual to display suoh consideration for
an enemy, but as tho bulk of the
taxpayers in this case would be the
Uitlanders, for whom the war is ostensibly being waged, it is perhaps
natural that theii circumstances should
be considered, There would be more
pootic justice in exacting the foil
Transvaal share from the Boers exclusively.
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Dominion Line "Vancouver"  Nov ii
Allan Line ''Callfornian1' Nov, !)
Allan Line "Nllliii'liiii," Nov. 4
From New York
White Star Line "Germanic" Nov. 8
White Star Line "Teutonlo" Nov. 1
Outlaid Line ' Campania" Nov. 1
Cuiiiirtl Line "I'lnhria" Nov. 11
Anchor Line "Kl liiopia" Nov. I
North Gorman Lloyd "l.iilin" Nov. 7
American Lino "rft. Paul"    Nov. 8
From Rosior
Dominion Lino ''Canada" Nov. 8
Passages arranged to and from nil Roropoan
points. For rates- ttoketa and full infcrnialion
apply to C.P, B, depot ogiml or C IC. Beasley,
City Passengei Agent, Nelson, Ii.l'.
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~f-m-0w0m0��000000 ^���^���^���^���^^r^r^r^^r^rjg-jjrjgrjjr^r^^.'^^'^v N
Impjitant Letter AddieMed bj the Street
Railway Company to the Council.
What It Entails.
The Nelson Tramway Company, in
n letter which is published in full below, makes what Beenis to lie a veiy
reasonable request of the Oitv, The
Tramway Company is bmlrlinu into
Bosustown and tho route thoy propose
to follow in tin' present road to the
Nelson & Fori Sheppird depot, whioh
is iii faot, tli�� only ��ilHiii lory route
(buy 01111 adopt, Tliifortunately iliis
roml orosses some lots, jnat where it
leaves Water street, within tho Ciiy
limits, in Oak .��tro"t, in the HnmeAib
ilnion. To prevent snliaequeiit legal
difdunlties llie oompanv has noirnirecl
the five lots whieh lire mentioned in
thn said letter, and aoross these the
tramway will go. The Company's re-
qnast i", iii brief, an enquiry to ascertain what tlio Council is willing to do
towards establishing 11 permanent roadway across Ihe lots in question, The
tramway cani ot r.e esoected to build e,
roiil the nsplvea, no. if the Counoil do
iiotliiuR tbo proselit means of reaohing
Nelson's ohiet Buburb will be eloseri,
uml lliii bionl conditions are such that
11 good road oannnt be oonstrnoted thoie
without milking a wide detour.
The letter referred to is as   follows:
To Kin Worship the Mayor of  N-lson,
Nelson, 11 0. :
Dor Sir-1 inn instructed by tlio
Directors of tliis Company to advise
you thnt they have porchnsoil Lots. 24,
an, 2'.>, 21 and 28, Wools 1, in the
Hume Addition, adjoinlnB this Ciiy,
with a view of semiring the most direct and li.st route In- their tramway.
Tins Company are u w, therefore, in
the pobIiou to receive offers for a right-
of-way for a road rr Rtreut parallel lo
their track through this private prop
erty. From the conversation with
yourself and the Oity Engineer tins afternoon, I understand you are fully in-
formed of tlio ilotuiis of the situation
uml that the City has previously gone
into the matter with n view ol securing tin- aforesaid lots for this purpose
Should your i onticil consider thai
Steps should be fiKi'ti b> !li":n to in-
siii'o the permanent opmiiiig of this
important means of access to your
City, this Oomnaoy will be willing to
consider any offers that yon miiy
niiikn. Tho Directors of this Company feci that us im no' '-1' courtesy to
ymir Com oil these facta shonld be
laid before you. The rrils will
shortly be luid over thi>se lots and in
the event of no net-on being taken by
yourself, the Nolson & him Sheppard
and private individuals or others for
the nnht-nf-wny and notiHtincii 'ii of *
road, the present trespass "iii be prevented.   Yours truly,
C. H iLIKAX H \!.L,
Uugineet in Charge.
Ne s ui   B. 0,, Oct. II), ismi.
Stamping done ai Mrs. MoLnughliu's
Millinery Store
!! F Tolmie, of Sandon. is a guest
at ihci'liuir, on his May to the Coast.
li M. Vincent, ihe merchant, tailiii1,
will have uu annouui cu.cnt in tomorrow's Miner,
Tho masonry work on thn Land
Kegistry office is expected to be finished in about a week's time.
The meteorological report for Oct.
85tb is. maximum, -lii.O; minimum,
114.0; rainfall, 0.38; baromeler,   28 02.
,T. D. Sword, of Rossland, Kootenay
agent of tan Inger-oll-Sergoiuit Drill
Co., is in ihe Citj, a guest at tbe
The Hon. F. 0, Carter-Cotton, Minister of Finance, is making a trip
through Rossland aud tho Boundary
John Christonsen, tho man who
thought be was robbed, was yester
dav lined $5 and costs, for being drunk
aud disorderly.
The "Ticket of-Leavo   Man'at Ihe
Opera   House   tonight,   with   R. Fj.
French   as   "Rob   Krierly,"    will bo
well worth attending.
The work of installing (bo steam
liet-ng apparatus in thu Hudson's Bay
Oo.'s block, will commence about the
middle of next weeek,
YV. A. Jowett, who bus been ill for
sumo weeks at the Hotel Spokane,
Spokane, is fust recovering, und is expected home this week,
Advertisers should band in their
copy for their Saturday morning mis,
al an early hour today, to assure their
appearing in tomorrow's issue.
Engineer Morris, of Ihe Gas and
Coke Co , is advertising in this morning's Miner, for 80,000 common bricks.
Bricks are scarce in this s clion just
The new residence of W. W. Beer,
now being erected on Silton street, is
fust assuming proportions,nud will undoubtedly be of tha lines! of Nelson's
line homes.
The advance sale of seats for the en-
teruinment at the Methodist Church
tonight, Indicates that tbe affair will
be a financial, as well as a social nnd
literary success.
Mr. aud Mrs. .). O. T. Crofts, of
Vancouver, who have been stopping ut
the Huiiic, have rented the Vincent
cottage for thu winter, and aro now
domiciled therein.
A special offer of jewelry will appear in J. J. Walker's ad, in tomorrow's Miner. The phonograph be. is
giving away is attracting the attention
of all visitors at his store.
W. Valentine Hunt, superintendent
of the West Kootenay Power & Light
Co.'s works at Bouuiugton Falls, was
iu Nelson yesterday on business connected with the new power lino they
are running into Nelson,
| The removal side of Martin O'Reilly
& Co.. is about fifty per cent, ahead
ol thut lirm's expectations. The goods
shown and bargains offered till their
store with eager purchasers.
Some idea may be conceived of the
stringency of the local labor market,
when ii i,. stated that tinners nun command fli a day, aud local contractors
cannot get enough at that price.
Rowland Macula, of the Giaui Powder Co., Victoria, came in last uighl
on the Great Northern, and is a guest
ut the llnine. He leaves tomorrow for
tbo Const, hut will shortly return nnd
engage iu business in Nelson.
Ten colored lights huve been lidded
to the oliandelier in the Nolson Opera
House, uml were lighted last night
for Ihe first lime. The effect wns
pleasing   and  adds  greatly to tho up-
poarai    of    Nelson's     Hue   hinm.->   ���f
iiniuseihi nt.
From Nelson the ffronph Theatre
Company play tlm towns along the
Crow's Nest Pass Rnilwny, many of
which have never bien entertained by
ii tinatiieai company. The company
is n good one. ami will doubtless do
well in Un- upper country.
Tne hoy Irwin Crossett, who was
convicted of snatching n J10 bill from
John Andrews, was brought up for
sentence yesterday. His father entered into a if.'il) bond for his gold bell r- ior, and the boy was lelensed under suspt nded sentence.
Tlio wood famine that came to Nelson with the cold weather may be said
to havo disappeared with the coming
of the past few fine days. Tho fuel
dealers have caught up with the de-
mnnd, und arc laying in huge supplies for future emergencies,
Nest week will be initiated n daily
train Eervioe to Gland Forks, except
on Sundays. Under the new Bchedule
it. will He possible to leave Nelson al
7:10 a. in., and reach Orimd Forks nt
l :lfi p. in. The return train loaves at
ii o. ui., reaching Nelson at 7:40.
Mr. .Hunts Crouiii, manager of the
St. Eugene mine, is iu town. He says
that during the past summer a mill,
tramway and flume were put up at tbe
mine at a total cost of about $80,000,
hut that the mine is now practioally
idle owing to tlm operation of the
eight-hour luw.
A large quantity of nursery stock
from tho Slony, Wellington and Puk-
liiim nurseries, of Toronto, arrived iu
Nelson yesterday and will be delivered
to the pnreha ers todny hv ,T. E An-
nnble Next summer the yards of Nelson homes \vi 1 be moto beautiful thau
,(. W. Bnugough, Canada's greatest
i nitoonist, whoso work in the Toronto
Globe has given to thai journal much
of its prestige, will delight a Nelson
nudienoo nt the Opera House on Thursday night next. He is too well known
to need extended mention, for his work
ndvi rtists itself.
Tho new two-story cottage being
built on Mill street by ,1 E. Annulilc,
is lust neariug completion, and will
be ready for occupancy within ton days.
It is ot utiiactive design, well ur-
ning d nnd carefully constructed, with
all modem improvements, und ados
imuih t i the iipneuinnce df that, section of Nelson.
Mr, Charles Parker, M. E., arrived
ai the Hume last night. He reports
i .ui the Referendum Company, operating tlio property of the same name
ou Forty-Nine Creek, has let it contract for the sinking of the main shaft
50 feot further down, nnrt nlso for Uie
drifting of 100 feet on tho vein. Erij
Steveuson lias secured the contract.
VV. Ford, advance agent of "Tho
Comic Players," will urrive in Nelson
today to make a date for his company
at th - Nelson Opera House. This or-
gaiiization is on tho lines of the
"Breezy Time" combination, that
gir'e so much enjoyment to a Nolson
audience a few weeks since. Nelson
is fast becoming a gieat snow town.
(1.0. Buchanan, the Kasl) lumber
manufacturer,came in from the Boundary country last night. On bis trip hn
completed the organization of the Columbia Lumber Company, with a capitalization of $1,(100,0(10 'and tbey will
endeavor to coutiol the lumber business of the Boundary country. Mr.
Buobanau leaves for his home in Knslo
The Miner is in receipt of a pamphlet entitled the "Slocan District,
British Columbia," published by the
Sandon Mining Review. It is a
neatly gotten up und handsomely
primed publication, nnd contains a
'listdeal of interesting information regarding the mines of Slocun, nor are
the mines ot Nelson left wil bout due
His Honor Judge Forin is now bold-
ing County Court at Rossland, and the
following are tbo new cases on the
docket: Drumlieller VS Clearwater,
et al, Daniel vs. Eagles, Sullivan vs
Jones, Taylor vs. Thatcher, Mi-
Uaughey. vs. Smith, Thomas & (frei-
ger vs. Sulinssick, Linlietg vs.
Doliin, Cochrane vs. McNish. Daniel,
vs. Eagles, Aslley vs. Kniinolly, Taylor vs   Lo.khart & Jordan.
The entire day at the Court House
yesterday was taken up in the arguments of counsel in the Traves ease.
Whin the Court rose, Mr. Gnllilier was
still   speaking,    He   will conclude his
speoch this morning, after which Mr
S S. Taylor will reply. Tho case of
Church VS. Stevenson, scheduled for
i rml vesterdny, was settled out of
court. This is the lust of the jury
trials nt this sittings of the court.
J. Kent, superintendent 'of the
Canadian Pacille Telegraph Company,
accompanied by District Superintendent Wilson, of Vancouver, was in
the City last even iir and left for the
Boundary eoimtiy today, to inspect
the company's new line into that district. He ,vill return in n few days
whan an attempt will bo made to show
him the faults of the present press
sen ice bis lino gives to Kootenay.
At Ihe Hume���J, W. Loulhorn,
Montreal; Twongn, Knslo; Mrs. E. A.
Sparry and two children, A. N.
Sporry, Greenwood; W. T. McDonald, J D. Wiudriim,* Winnipeg; A. N.
Ferrow, A. P. Whiting, O. P. Hill,
Port Hill, Idaho; Samuel Vila, Hamilton ; Mrs W. E. McCnrniiick, Vancouver; Marietta La Dell, W. A. Richard-
siu, Toronto! Charles Parsons, Vancouver ; (i. E. Bums, Montreal; \V. N
Language. Hevelstoke; Charles Parker, RosBlaml; Jeff Davis, Grand
Forks B. C,
; The present term of Court is raising
hob with some, if not most of the jnr-
ors. Business men are compelled to I
neglect tbi-ir business affairs and spend
their valuable time deciding cases in
wliich tbey can huve no personal interests. Of course, it iR unavoidable
nud is a public dutv, all citizens are
liable to be culled upon to pnr/onn,
but the one uniiiiiinous vcrdint the
jurors would undoubtedly render easiest
would be to the effect that j' y duty
is not an unuiixe I pleasure.
The tj e^ Feed
the Brain.
Parents who neglect their
childr, j's eyes are more
^     cruel than
7] the Chinese,
Bia-^sa i j wno encase
ALTvJ the feet of
\ their little
^ ones.  One
dwarfs the feet���the other
stunts the mind.
When we adjust glasses
study becomes a pleasure.
Patenaude Bros.,
Nelson. B. C.
Wholesale Houses.
THORPE & CO., Limited.���Corner Vernon uml Cedar Streets, Nolson, maun-
faclu-or.s of aud wholesale dealers- in aimued
waters and f roll syrup... Sole agents for Halcyon Springs mineral water,
���N. ill. Cummins, Uessrm, Every known
viu-ie>>- of soft drinks. P. O. Box 88. Telephone Nn 81,   Hoover Street Nelson
llel- linkertitul Hiill.-sireels, Nelson, illiln-
nfaoturors of " 'loyal Seal" and "Kootenay
Hello" brand of olgarB,
HJ. EVANS & CO. Haker Mircet, Nel-
������>. son, whoiesalorlealers in liquo *, otg<trs.
cement, fire b lek and tire obiy, water pipe ami
sttvl rails .mil gonoral commission merchants,
I.imiti-ui.-Front Sireet. Nelson, whole
sole dealers in flour, meals, etc., and naj
and grain. Mlllsiit Edmonton, Victoria and
New Westminster. Elevators on Calgary &
Edmonton Hallway.
GEO-   F-   MOTION. -VVIiolc.Uo  Hav,
iriviin ami heed,  tipeolal Quotation, on
onload lots to all EooLenay point*.
AMACDONALD & CO.-Corner Ver-
. lion and .Josephine StreotS. wholesale
gro ters and jobbers in bUuikete, gloves, uiltis,
hoots, rubbers, uiaokinaws uml miners' sundries.
Vel-uon bll-eei, .Nelson, importers, wholesale grooers.
P  BURNS A CO -Maker Street,  Nelson,
���   whoUMale ttealer.s iu fresh and cured
me a.--.  C/lil storage.
-Haker Street, Nelson.   Wholesaledealers in fi-e-h and cured meats,
H BYERS A CO.-Corner Uuker and
. Josephine Streets, Nelson, wholesale
dealers in hardwire and mining supplies.
Agents for Glaat Powder Co.
i.l.MlTKli linker Street, Nelson, wholesale dealers in hardware and ininiPK supplies,
plumbers'and tinsmith's supplies.
ELSON  HARDWARE   CO.   ^ >">'^
ale paints una uii^.
Vernon uinl Josunhino HtruL-u, Nelson,
wholesale dealoifl in luiuorn olgarfl uml dry
Kuorin. Agent* for Pa dbg Brewing Co. of Mil-
vvii, kot; nnrt (JiilK'i-ry lirewi'iK Co. of Oftlgftry.
UDSON'S BAY CO.   Wholesale gro
aeries and liquors,oto., Haker St., Kelson,
JY GRIFFIN A OQ.-Cornor Vernon
��� and Josephine streets. Nelson, wholesale
dealers in provisions, eured ineiits, butter and
MILLS, LiMrricn���Cornor Front  and
Hail streets. Nelson, manufacturers of and
wholesale dealers in sash ai d doors; all kinds
of factory work made lo ordor.
no-- Josoplilae and Haker Streets. A��ts.
forraleiu.n Oarbide and Welland Acetylene
Ga- Machine Co.
WF. TEETZEL& CO Corner Haker
��� and Josephine Streets, Nelson, whole-
sal,- dealers in ossayer'a supplies. Agents for
Denver Fire Clay Co. of Denver, Colonulo.
of all kinds.
ISIeh-hcrlnml llallidie systems.
Habeo<'k nnd Wilcox, etc.
GAS and oTU^ENGINES,   etc.
���m��^ NELSON, B. 0.
Or to FflRGUeBON & Ckofth,Vancouver
H* !<$�� The Ladies Admire !
r^1^ "Jul;
<*^ \ccBool
The latest in Footwear. We have
jusi received a consignment inclini-
ing   tho   Famous Julia Marlow  iiUi{
and I'll' luniniis'i i;t;.li-s Willi br, nil
toes and lieavy solos.
You Can See Them
In our window,    You can try tlu-in on   inside und it wont i; st you nuythiug.
QambJe  &  O'Reilly,
Land Surveyors & General Accnts.
Custom Mouse, Real Estate
and Mining Brokers.
^HIif\ini/ii��Ai/\iy\iA*/U/iii/\dAl/?U/\��/\i/ Hi \4i\li\to\*Ato\*A*/\4ii^
'3 Canadian, American,       Fleece Lined, 6
| English and Scotch        Natural Wool, U
3 Manufacture.                 Fine Cashmere, &c. &���
a Trices   from   $1,50 to   $7.50   por  Suit.    See  our " Verus" jlt-
0 ��5r-
^j               brand absolutely unshrinkable English Goods. s^
-sy s*
I Emory St Walley |
Hub Furnishing House. if:
Shredded Wheat Biscuit.
Requires Little or No Cooking.
Economical, Wholesome, Palatable, Nutritious-
The Best and Only Food for Dyspeptics.
Telephone Call, No. 10. Post Office Box, K and W.
IheNelsou ElectricTram way Co.Ltd.
Large number Choice Building Lots adjacent to the
line of their Tramway. For price and terms of sale apply
at the office of the Company, Macdonald Block, Corner of
Josephine  and Vernon Streets.
T. C DUNCAN, Secretary
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
&y$c~ ���������4 ������������<gs��i
Branch Mai'kets in Roasland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo,
Sandon. Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Orders by mall to any branch will have careful and prompt attention.
Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
Incorporated 1869.
Capitol Authorized   -   -   -   -   $2,ooo,ooo
Capitol Paid Up, $1,500,000, Reserve, $l,25o,ooo.
Head Office: Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Genefal Banking Business transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange   Bought
and Sold, Letters of  Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the nr'-t favorable terms.    Interest allowed un special
deposit] 'nd on Saving Bank accounts.
Atlin, Bennett, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver, Vancouver East End, Victoria, Ymir.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
Lois for Sale, llnuses to Rent.
Iannis I'll improved Ileal Estate.
Fire, Life and Accident Insurance.
OFFICEl llllll.l BLOCK,
Unkvr Sired Nelson, It. ��'���
I Fire,   Life, Accident and  Sickness
Real Hstate and Loans.
/-Room   1 louse $2,250
50-Foot   Corner       ,}oo
io6-l;oot Coiner       600
For Kent   "1-1011111 In 1 ni.-shi.-il house,$80
We  have  several snaps   in   House
:i Kovims uml attic,2 luts, comer Hm!in-y..Sl,;kiO
I lloouis, 2 lots, lovely Bltuatlon  1,000
I Utioins. nice cottogn. Unproved lot    000
5 lloouis. sioiiu foundation, t-L-llur full size 1,550
ti linijiii.s Vernon sireet, - lots, excellent
value  1,950
U H0011 s, down town, lu-w, all conveniences, rented ul &M   2,150
8 Itoeins,  largo   voraudah,  2  lots,  Ui:i\d
cheap 1U00
8 Kooins. all conveniences, ? lots, new��� 2.WJ0
With l'\  L. OBLBB,
Real Estate & Mines-
Bank of
British  Columbia,
Is now prepared to issue
Drafts and Letters of Credit
on Skaguuy, U.S., Atlin, B.
C.j and Dawson City, Yukon
Corporation of the Oity of
Tin* following persona aro entitled to be
placed on tho Voter's List for tho Oity of iNei-
on, viz.,
A.ny mult, or female !xM<inr a British s'lbjcct
of tho full aro ol twfnty*one yearn, Mhonlmll
have paid* un or before tlio ltr*t day of Mo��
rt*mber next, all municipal rat s, taxes aaxess*
ment-and Heels*! fees payable by him or her
11* 1 lit- municipality,
a Who Is ihe ;i--'- >!'i owner of lands, or of
Im prove munlM, ortheaase'Ved ocijupii;rof Junds
situ itf- within ihe munloipnlity. or
^b) Who is 1 resident of md oarrloa on 1��uhj-
ne��e md te the holder of iiMdcr'n license in
the municipality, ho annual (ut: f-��r which in
10I .<���-- 1 u 'i. dvc dollars or
(cl Who is a householder within the muniei
\o itrrson hall bo entitled lo voto unrfer a
houseno dor'H ou iliflcation, nor shall his or her
luii'K! bo included lu In- A.nnu ii Vot- r* Lint
mile- he or she shall, on or bufore the Flrnt
day of HecruiiMT n xt, cmcr with tbe under*
signed bihor her name a>s u \oifr, mid Hhail
make and personally deliver to the under*
signed, at tho same time a Statutory declara-
lion, the form of width may bu obtained ul the
ciiy olllce.--.
Hy order.
J. IC. STRAOHAN, Oity Clerk.
Nelson, R ('., (Jet. 12. infx
Great Reduction!
,��$(&, $9.50 Per Ton
Special  rales  for  carload   lots and
for outside points,
2500 MINERS.
'I'o work In the Mi'iiillifiTiius Mines of IlriU.h
Columbia*, at tlio following prices per
ilny of olffht liours:
lliinii Drlllen t-i.wi
Mnoblno Men  :i..'i0
Minora In shnfn  3,��Ho fl nu
Cnrnien   2 .VI to   3.00
Bhovollen MO
I.riborers;         H..iO
liliicksinillis  lISIlo 14.01)
'I'inilieriiien    8.M to ui.ki
HiirlATIiiN. Sandon, llrliish Columbia.
where you can depend on Kt'lUnK the best
bran As In th 9 market mm nny quantity from
10c. up,   I'neoHcaonol be disputed,
'PBOBfK n.'t.
Frank A. Tamhlyn,  Mgr.,
Bakbr Street, Nelson
Xt/ fa   ^^J  q^Alu/
1.1 m.11-
The drift which is being driven from
Ihe bottom of the Exchequer shaft is
now in about 40 feet, and then- is two
nnti a half feet of ore in the face of
thi' drift, which is Iho best hitherto
encountered in the mine. Superintendent Miissoii considers that the property
never  locked  so  well  as it  does nt
* *   ���
Mr. ,1. R. Cranston, manager of the
Bornite Bank property, came over
from Rossland yesterday, for the purpose of seeing that the shaft oil the
above property is properly started, nlsc,
to see to getting iii supplies to last
about seven month", so us to insure lie-
hitf able to work all winter. Mr.
Cranston says that the parties men-
tinned in the articles of association nre
T. R, Morrow. R. W. Nnrthy, Mr,
Wbitesides. I)  U. Birks   and himself.
* *   *
The Golden Crown, Wellington camp,
is being developed from the i!00 and
150-foot levels. Good ore is being
taken ont at liOO-foot. On the dump
are two large blocks of ore taken from
the shnt'ft, one about 8,000 and Ihe
other 2,000 pounds weight. It wns intended to send oue of these to the Spo
kane Fair, bnt when the freighter
backed up to the dump, and found i.e
could not lift either lumps of ore, he
concluded not to handle such unwieldy exhibits. The Mocks are very
line specimens of ore, and it is to lie
regretted that they were not among the
Boundary exhibits at Spokane.
���   *   *
Development work on Champion
Creek, below Erie, is being actively
prosecnted just at present.
Congregational Church nt Grand Forks
at his own expense. The structure will
be of brick, nnd will be completed
this fall. The site was given by the
townsite company. Mr. Miner will
also contribute liberally towards the
maintenance of the clergyman in
chai ge.
The first coal to be shipped into New
Deuvei for domes! ic. purposes, made
its appearance last week.
The Glooscnp group of three claims
at Trout Lake, has been bonded to a
Toronto Company, for |36,000. The
bond makes it obligatory on the company tc spend (6,000 on development
work within a period of IH months, for
which they get one hall of the claims,
and should they conclude to pnrchnse
tbo propetty outright, the bond enables
them to obtain the remaining one-half
by a payment of (25,000 at any time
within a peri d nf IS months from the
date of the execution.
necessary money. It was thought better to do this, than to let the next
Council come into office with a big
debt hanging over tbem. The music
hall by-law was again brought np,
but the question was adjourned uutil !
the return to the City of Alderman
Beer. Alderman Hillyer's amendment to the fire insurance by-law was
also discussed and adopted. By its
provisions the tax on insurance companies has been reduced from $200 to
$100 annually, but the Council ordered
immediate steps towards the collection
of this tax.
S9SSS��SStf9esey693SeS ��WS89S9S9eSS��e5SS*SSSe��
At this time of the year is a necessity
Also is
Rev. B. A. Irwin, a brother of Rev
H. Irwin, is the pastor of the English
Church in Vrybnrg, South Africa,
which has just surrendered. In a letter to his brother here written just before the outbreak of hostilities, he says
that war was earnestly demanded
there. Everything was torn up with
anxiety pending the commencement of
hostilities.���Rossland Record.
Several ears were pretty badly smash,
ed Monday morning, on the wharf nt
Slocan Citv. The usual custom is to
send all the freight cars which are
brought up ou tbe mixed train from
the crossing off on a flying switch
from the wye, while the passenger cars
with the engine follow. That morning
the switch was turned on to the wharf
instead of into the yard and when tbe
cars got on the incline the brakeman
lost control and the ears smashed into
several others which were standing
and sent them up onto the barge. Fortunately no ono was hurt.
The White Pass Railway has 800
men at work on the railroad to White
Horse, the grading of wliich will be
finished in time to us) the roadbed
this winter for frjighting. The ex-
teusirn of the road from White Horse
is being made by the Dominion Gov
eminent, which has appropriated
$175,000 for the work and has now -10
men engaged on it. This new trail re
duces the distance from Dawson to
Bennett from 564 to 443 miles.���Atlin
Ore has been encountered again in
the tunnel being driven on tbe Queen
Fraction. The ledgo is being crosscut
at the tunnel face.���Denver Ledge.
Mr. Robbius, manager of the Brooklyn and Sternwinder at Phoenix, is in
the city on his way back from examining the North Star mine iu East Koote
nay. H^ states that by the day tho
Oranby smelter, now being built within a mile or so of Greenwood, is ready
to blow in, many of the Phoenix properties will be regular shippers. Columbia is suffering from a scarcity of
lumber and other material, Furnished
rooms rent at sight for from three to
seven dollars a week. Board ranges
from $0 to $10 a week. All classes of
skilled labor are in demand.
Tho oloanup from the five stamp
mill on Granite and Banner in Camp
McKiuuey, last week, was a gold brick
valued at $5(17. The shaft is now down
thirty-live teet in solid oro. Cross-
cutting will soon be commenced to determine the width of the ledge. Ono
thousand feet of piping has just, beei
laid in connection with tne water service. The stamp mill, which will be
enlarged shortly, runs day and   night.
Thirty thousand dollars will be expended within the next three months
in the town of Grand Forks
in improving the waterworks and eleotrio light systems. Owing to the construction of a dam across the north
fork of the Kettle River for tho Gran-
by smelter tho water in future will be
taken by the city from tho main Kettle River. This change involves the
erection of a new pumping station. A
new steel tank with a capacity of 800,���
000 gallons will be built on Observation Mountain, nt an olevation of 22
feet. Electrical energy will bo supplied
by thi smelter plant. Two thousand
additional incandescent lights will be
supplied by the first week in January.
B. C. Riblet, of Spokane, has been
engaged nv the r-ity to aot as consulting   engineer.
S. H.O. Miner, piosidentof the Gran-
by smelter, near Greenwood, has announced   his  intention of building   a
It is astonishing bow some people
can get news. If it is stated by The
Tribune yesterday that li. L. West, of
The Miner, was selected "Head Push
for the Nelson Miner's Acssnciation."
While it is a position that any man
might be proud to accept, and one
which is squarely iu line with my
belief and principles, and which any
man of unbiased views, considering
the awful conditions existing in the
Kootenay country today, brought
abont by unwise and ill-considered
legislation, and backed up by unscrupulous men, who, to gain their own
ends, woul 1 see the country go to the
dogs,regardless of future consequences,
I desire to state that no st.ch position
has been accepted by me. The majority of the people of Nelson are so well
acquainted with the unreMability of
Tbe Tribune that it is hardly necessary to make a denial of anything appearing in Tbe Tribune columns, still,
in justice to the , honorable gentlemen
comprising the association, the denial
is made. H. L. WEST.
Isabel T. Kerr and Local Talent, Entertain Tonight.
Tonight at the Methodist Church,
assisted by local talent, Miss Isabel T.
Kerr, of Toronto, will give an entertainment that is well worthy of the
patronage of Nelson people. Of Miss
Kerr the following press notice? are
taken from Eastern papers :
Miss Kerr,of Toronto, gave some fine
leadings which were heartily applauded.���St. Mary's Journal.
Tho Elocution department of Moul-
ton College was well represented by
Miss Kerr. Her rendering the "By
the Love'1 and "The Soul of the Violin" was excellent.���Toionto Globe.
Miss Isabel T. Kerr reoitad some selections wilh dramatic effect. The
way in which she held ber audience
spell bound shows tbat Miss Keir possesses groat newer as an elocutionist ���
Woodstock Times.
The program consisted chiofly of recitations given by Miss Isabel T.
Kerr, who rendered her selections as
an artist of ability, Tne "Story cf the
Rat" kept the audience in laughter
throughout,��� Straitord Beacon,
MissKirr, it li els n, umde her
lir-t appearand' in lavistnoli as au
elocutionist, and snrpirsi d and rii light'
ed the audience by the high skill am)
histrionic abilities which she has carefully trained ���Tavistock Gazette.
A Tragedy Discovered Yesterday
Morning nt the Royal Hotel.
A horrible tragedy was disco/ered
yesterday about 12 o'clock in the Royal
Hotel. J. E. Houghton returned to his
room on Wednesday evening at about
7 :80, Shortly afterwards a muffled repot! wan heard, but no notice was taken of   it.
���J esterday morning the chambermaid
went up twice tc the room, but Mr.
Houghton was apparently asleep.
About noon tho bartender went in
and discoveied the ghnsllv truth.
There he lay dead wilh his head buried under tho clothes, and a liullei
through his right temple..
The deceased was uutil about six
weeks ago, superintendent of the Sullivan mine, in East Kootonay, and has
a wife aud child in England. Coroner Dr. Arllmr was called in, but
did not consider an inquest necessary
and bis remains were removed to D.
McArthur & Co.'s undertaking parlors
where tbey will be prepared for interment. His bankbook, which wus
found in his room, indicated a balance
amounting to $900. No reason has
been assigned I' r his rash act.
A Special Meeting of the Council Held
Yesterday Afternooon.
A special meeting of the City Council was held yesterday afternoon, nt
which the cbiof business was the consideration of the deficit which now
seems inevitable at the end of the year.
The Aldermen rightly felt no qualms
abont the matter, as the money hud
not been squandered, but had been
spent on needed public improvements,
It was decided not to let the deficit
stund over as an overdraft, but lo ask
the rate payers to consent to the raising of an additional loan, by means of
issuing debentures, and  thus rnise the
The Return Visit of the B. E. French
Theatre Company.
Before proceeding on their way East,
the R. E. French Company, has decided to show three nights in Nelson,
and they opened this short engagement
yesterday evening in "Young Mrs.
Wiiithrop," the popular and well
known society drama. Mrs. French
played the part of Mrs. Dick Chetwin,
with her usual skill and finish, aud
Miss Mamie Holden was a delightful
Edith. Walter Brooks was a decided
success as Douglas Wintlirop, as was
K. McLeod in the part of Dr. Mill-
bank. The other characters were
equally well portrayed. The play tonight is "Ticket of Leave Man." the
woll known melodrama by Tom Taylor, which ran continuously at the
Adelplli Theatre, Loudon, for tlnee
A flor being out for more than twenty
four hours the jury in the case of Kerr
vs. Bums brought in a verdict for the
defendant coupled with a rider a k-ng
that the plaintiff should be dealt with
ligbtlv in tho matter of costs, owing
to the peculiar circumstances of the
caso. His Lordship, Mr. Justice Martin, reserved judgment.
Pearline, Gold Dust,
- Washing Powder.
We are headquarters for these.
Every Man
do so at a   reasonable
Fall and Wintlr'lanV���! P
complete in BuiUDK8,Cr , T
and Fancy Vesting!.!   Give
call and 1 will quote yo,   ,"'  '"
tbat will astonish you '   ;js
Ladies' Tailoring  in   .
1 ranches, a specialty,
Rooms i and
Clements.Hillyer Block
*����X������X������L��X����^����^����jCJi��J.iX����.������.��.A. (.����������.��������������������*'
\      WILLS'S
New York, Oct. 20.���Bar uilver, 57
7-8; Mexican dollars, 47J4 ; silver
certificates, 58J��.
New York, Oct. 26.���Copper,steady;
brokers'. \1%\ exchange, 17^,
Lead, easy; brokers', $4.40; exchange,
14.57 ^to$4.62>f
Tin, weak; Straits, $31.15; plates,
unsteady; Spelter, weak.
Thursday, Oct. 26
Return engagement
of tbe
R. E. French
Theatre Oo.
Th^ee Nights and  Saturday .Matinee.
Complete Electric Equipments for hlectric Power Transmission and lighting for ...ines,  towns,   etc     Electric   Fixtures, LampsBell1. Telephones, Annunciators, etc.
Josephino S* NELSON,  B. C
To= Night
Ac have c  >n< ;������
a; in      ml nn     n  ���.
I r oin In ,; ""    niii-i ii    to    e  it
uicreasi tinu.ubeio cus nine a
Lo onr store
Seats on Sale af   the Thomson
Stationery Co.
Tltomson Stationarr Co., Ltd.
J. E.
Real Estate
Fire Insurance
Life Insurance
Money to Loan
Nelson, B. C
Glass from
R. H. WILLIAMS, .Vki.su.v Ag til i
J.   W.  MELLOR,
?.'175 will purchase 2Li Isuii t irbonndo ?t.
(lOOwlIl purchiise three lots  n DavIs'Slddl
tion, Inoludtng oovnar.
$800 willpurohnoe two lots In Addition A,
S,0'I0 Milium I'liiM (iiiuleil).
lU.llKI     "        Knll'llliml    ���'    .
Blaokoook Mining Oo
Mining  ami  Kiwi   Estate ' Broker
Tarner-Boeekh Block, Neinon.
A house (furnished or unfurnished]
suitable tor a family bonrding house.
Address '��� Y. Z.," P. O., City.
Builders will And It to their advantage to
figure with Bradley & Co. on Painting,
We me showing the latest
oorreot styles in Millinery,
wilh nothing lacking flint
could add tn the altraolive-
ncss aud completeness of our
Kor 20,000 hard burnt common
Brick, to be delivered at the Nelson
Coke & Gas Works. Samples to be
left at Company's office.
1' Engineer,
C. A- PEOSSER,   Manager.
Crow's Nest Pass
Nelson Employment Agency
Four carpenters, oook, Machine mon, Helpers
and  mucker* tnr railroad work, laborers
j       fur eit> uml outside,
I'wo women cooks want situations,
J. H. LOVE, Ap't      Baker r
Special   Rates For Carload
Mrs.   McLaughlin,        CHARLES ST.BARBE, Aflt.
Fraternity  Hall
Cor linker,i Kootenay sis.
can be rented for Concerts, Lectures,
JJiuiocs, Banquets and every kind ol entertainment. Good ante-moms, cloak
rooms. Kitchen nnd dining room furnished.   For tennii apply
DR. E. O, ARTHTJB, Oity.
.. L. POG
Unrgnlnc In
"Kill TKUI
wnirs, nre,
AND SOO LI .!-;.
The ilicci'l route from
to nil points
EAST   aud   WEST.
Kii'-il.-riiisis S\ ep 'is ou nil (.rains irom
TOURIST OARS puss Medicine Hut
daily lor St. Paul, Sundays and Wednesdays For Toronto, Rridajs r<-i
Montreal and Boston
Same c.-rs I'uss Bevelsioke one day
To and from Robson, Rossland,
Rx. Hun. Kx. Sun.
7.10 Lv.        NELSON Air.10.40
18.00 Lv.daily NELSON daily Air.21.10
Morning train connects Mon.. Wed.,
I'Yi.. f i' nil points In BOUNDARY
Evening train connects to nnd from
M.-iin Line and points north, and on
Tue., Tliiii',. Snt., from all points in
Daily. Str. Movie Daily.
28.00 Lv.        NELSON       Ait. 16,3
Connects  Kootenay    Landing with
Orow's Nesl Branch trains both ways.
Rx. Sun. Sir. Knkaupo Kx. ."-iin
HUH) Lv. NELSON        Arr, ll.lH)
Tue., Tluii'., Snl., lo Aigents nnd
re!., leaving Kaslo at 20k,
Tn and from
Rx. Sun. Kx. Sun.
0.00 Lv. NELSON At. 14,20
4 hrs NELSON tii ROSSLAND tin 4
Kor rates nn,I full Information address near
est local ageut, or
i'. K. BKA8LKY  Oity Pawengor Agcnl
It.  rt . IM!   W, Aki" i. Nelsrn
|.    > MiKKsoN K. J.i'OVl.K,
,..   \      t,       A  il. P. Ager.1
J  rIDC  kt
in   inv poi t on
i    ;t��xk
.���ii  haiiil ol
;h v\d
Mill .it PILOT BAY.
yards, NELSON aud LARDO,
J.   A.   SAYWARD.
From a Steam bunt
to a baby's rattle
Everything 1ms n
value nt my store,
Ward St., Bet. Baker ami Victoria.
Nelson Gleaning and Dyeing
S. I). PIERRE Pi'0P'
Ladies' and Gents' Clothing clean8'
dved, altered and repaired.
���tear ��i 4'larke llnli'l.
Wladormoro Mlnoa.  Correspondence Sul ol��


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