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Nelson Daily Miner Nov 5, 1900

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 Daily Edition No. 876
Nelson,   British Columbia, Monday Evening,   November
[Great Activity Is Being Displayed on Many
Rich Mines and Prospects in
That Vicinity.
I  Edward Peters of Ymir, u prominent
iiiniiig promoter and who   la   largely
Interested in that  section of the cqun-
was in Nelson   yesterday   and he
lutes   that   the   mining   industry   of
Lit district  has  greatly    Improved
Airing  Ihe   past   few   months.    That
Action seems to beoomlng to tho'f rout
Hinting the prominent mining districts
Hi Hritish  Columbia,    tlood   vigorous
Hevelopinent is   being carried on upon
���early   every    property    and   all   are
Showing up exceedingly   well.    Several largo   deals   are pending and judging from the   present   favorable    cir-
jpuiiis'ances    il   will   he   hut   il   short
Hinic until companies with apparently
Hnliniited capital   will   he   operating
Several uf the best nnd largest proper-
Hies there.
I Mr. Peters, along with M. E. Tay-
^ir, li. W. Taylor, C. I). J. Christie,
In.I Fred Pollock, is interested in the
Birthday group upon whieh consider-
|hlo work has been done. The group
onsists of three claims, the Hirth-
lay, Ivory King and the Woodclluok.
through the entire three claims three'
promising ledges have been found, to
living free milling ore and the other,
pre that has to be smelted. On the
Jlrthday claim n shaft has been sunk
a depth of 50 feet and a vein was
Incovered for a good width showing a
lay streak over two feet wide whieh
lives exceedingly high assay returns
If gold. On the Ivory Ring claim o
laid has been traced over 350 feet and
^pon it a shaft has also been sunk to
considerable distance. 'The vein
���v>'" is over IS incites wide. On this
llaiui ut the SO foot level a tunnel
till be run to tup the vein and it is
npected that it will have to .be run
about 70, feet. It lias been sturted and
111 the work will be centered upon it
���ntil it is   completed.    The third ve
property is situated
i    half    miles   from
second vein. Tl
uhout one and
The Bullion group which is owned
by a Spokane stock company and
which is a well known property is also in this vicinity. It consists of two
claims, the lltillion and tlie Iron Cap.
I'poll them considerable work has
been done in erosscutting and the
sinking of three shafts, the deepest
being down about 85 feet. The lead
shows four feet of free milling ore
giving smelter returns from $10 to Sis
in gold values. The work upon this
property has been retarded of late owing let the non-arrival of machinery
which was ordered some time ago. It
is said Hint the machinery is held for
certain reasons that are known only
to the owners. The property is of
great value and when the machinery
Is installed it will he among the best
mines of the Ymir district. The Woodbury claim also adjoins this property
antl from its vein which is four feet
wide assay returns of 81'- have been
obtained. To the east and Bltuated
near by is tlie Flossie It. group which
is also owned by a stock company of
Spokane. The work upon this property was closed down about a year ago
hut it is understood that the owners
intend starting new developments and
nioie extensive work ut once. When
the work was stoped a tunnel was being run and the   lead was   apparently
lost,   this being lh. .u.ioe ,��f    lelic   nlmt
down.    It is known   that a rich   vein
exists and hy putting the   mine under
good management it is thought that it
can tie put upon II successful basis.
When it was being developed before,
it good trail was built for tlio hauling
of tlie ore and very little work yet remains to be done to iuuko it a good
paying proposition.
The   well known lilackstock   group
as  been   exposed   only by   crosscuts, .
r ,,-_.,      ,     is situated near the tamotis \ mir mine
,nd it  hits  been   discovered to he   10! , .     ,
���    ,,     ., land although the   work   upon   it   has
ches wide on the surface.  Besides  t L (���   ^  ^
lug   free    milling  I    carries  sul-. directors was held but
tides.    Assays   from the   surfaces of.; ���",���,. and ,t   WM   dr-���
keh of the veins have been taken and
ch gave an average of about $15 in
lold hut as tbe depth increases so dc;
Bie values. The property is situated
iwo inileB from the town of Vmir and
(lie facilities for transporting the ore
lie moHt excellent and everything at
present indicates that the property
fill be one of the host in that mining
Adjoining the Birthday group is the
veil known May  ISlossom   group consisting of three claims, the May lllos-
om, May Day and the Sunrise   all   of
vhlch Carry ore of exceptionally high
gold values making it one of the richest properties of the section.    Considerable   drifting   and erosscutting has
been done on each of the  three claims
and on ono of the   veins   a   shaft  has
been sunk to   the   depth   of   35   feet,
'The voin   which   was followed by the
|sinking of tho shaft was found   to   be
h inches wide and its width increased
as the shaft deepened.    The ore which
fu of u galena  chain'cter   gives  assay
returmi from 950 to  0480  In all values
-bout $70 being   in   gold.    This property is owned by Spokane and Taeoma
[capitalists antl it is rumored that they
lure   now     negotiating   with   another
[company   for  disposing  of   it   for   a
1 large sum.
Thu Last Chance property consisting of two claims and owned by Tn-
coma capitalists is also in this vicinity. Much development- work upon
this nan been done. Over 160 feet of
drifting has been completed and two
good veins havo been uncovered. Thei
first vein is foui ftet wide and on it a
shaft has boon sunk to the depth of 10
feet. The ore from this is not free
milling but the smelter returns give
*I0 per ton in gold values. The company is at present contemplating more
extensive development. A contract is
uhout to bo let to sink the Shaft I"
the ISO foot level. A short distance
to the first vein is u parallel load
which If anything contains higher
gold values that the first as the assay
returns are from Sl 3 to 020. The ore
is a free milling quartz, When tho
150-foot level is reached in the shaft
It is intended to run   n   tunnel to the
As yet it is not known whether the
lloat was from tlie lead upon which
the men are now working, or from a
lead which has not yet heen discovered. A search will he made to ascertain
whether there is another lead on the
The tramway ut the Chapleau mine
on Lemon Creek will ho completed in
the next two or three days. Tlie construction of the concentrator which
is being erected at the mine is retarded somewhat by the delay ill the arrival of the machinery. It is thought
that it will he operating about the
last of the present month.
Canadian Officer Meets Death
on   South   African
London, Nov. .. ��� Lord Roberts telegraphs from Johannesburg, under
date of November II, that in operations in the Belfast district on November 3rd Captain Chalmers of the
Canadian Mounted Rifles, was killed,
and Major Sanders, of the same command, was wounded.
Unit work should begin at once and he
carried on vigorously all winter. It
is expected that a considerable amount
of ore will be shipped and it will be
sent to the Mull Mines smelter at Nelson. The -work that has already been
done upon the property will amount
to about 915,000 and it is suid that
there is at present over ��M,000 of ore
ill Bight. It is a galena proposition
and assays as high as SHU in gold have
been obtained. Although it is owned
by an English company it Is said that
another English company is trying to
purchase it.
The well known Dundee and Ymir
properties are being energetically
worked. At a very lute date a new
and rich vein or lead has been discovered on the Dundee property. Assays
from ore taken from the new vein
have just been mado and tho returns
ivere from Sto to 8120 in gold values.
It is from four to nine feet in width.
A crosscut tunnel which has just been
started is being run from tho :;ii(l-font
level of tho old mine and all of the
work will he centred upon this new
lead for somo time to come. It is
said that a deal is pending to sell this
property to an English company. At
the Vmir a tunnel has been started
on the surface at the 1200 foot level,
and it is expected that the lead will
he tupped there in the near future.
The 80-stamp mill is running full
blast, and it is said that the ore that
is being taken from the mine is sufli-
cicnt to keep 10 more stumps en-
At the Venus mine work is being
carried on hy u smull force of men.
They are concentrating the work on
ii winze In No. .1 tunnel and huve now
sunk US feet. It is tho intention to
sink to the 130 foot level. The winze
has heen sunk on a vein IS inches
wide. The ore shows up exceedingly
well, nnd it is increasing In value _.?
the shaft becomes deeper. Whilo some
men were engaged in digging a ditch
on the lower part of the claim on Saturday float was found containing a
considerable amount ��f   visible gold.
Pretoria, Oct. :u   via Blocmfonteit,
Nov. 6.���Gen. French arrived ut the
Springs it few miles from Johannesburg, after a difficult march from Ilar-
herton. lie has lost 1,500 transport
oxen since his advance from Macha-
dorp. It is believed that the plan of
moving large bodies of troops about
the country will now be abandoned
and that the complete subjugation of
the country will be attempted by
means of garrisons in the district
towns which will be supplied with
provisions and made the basis for
mounted troops ��� wno will scour the
country round the buses. Lord Roberta before stniting on liis return to
England thanked his bodyguards for
their efficient services and presented
to oach of the men an autograph photograph of himself. The principal
members of Lord Roberts' old staff
will leuve tonight for England. Col.
Hamilton has been appointed military
secretary to lien. Kitchener, on whom
the military command has devolved.
The new heaquurtors stall is being
rapidly installed.
Tlie funeral of Prince Christian
Victor, a grandson of the Queen, who
died here of enteric fever, will tuke
place tomorrow. A telegram from
the Queen commanding that he be
buried in a soldier's grave arrived
just in time to stop the arrangements
that had been made for sending the
bodv to England. Tlie mounted forces
are being re equipped.
The* new Zealand contingent left
for Rustenburg today. The greatest
satisfaction is expressed hy the British here because of the refusal of the
Queen of the Netherlands to give an
official reception to Ex-President Kruger upon his arrival iu that country
and also beeauBe of the action of the
Brussels authorities in refusing to
permit any demonstration when Mr.
Kruger reaches Belgium.
The remaining battalion of the Royal Canadian Regiment left for home
Toionto, Nov.5.���The Mail and Empire this morning publishes a dispatch from Pretoria, under date of 0c
tobei 31, that the remaining members
of tho First Contingent, A and li Companies, the former being composed of
volunteers from B. C, N. W. 'I'., and
Manitoba, loft for home on that day.
Quebec, Nov. B.���Pte. Neil, 3rd Victoria, was among the nine invalided
Canadians on the fnmbroman, which
arrived here yesterday. Rev. Father
O'Leary was also on board the same
steamer, lie, together with nine privates, received a warm welcome upon
Ottawa, Nov. 5.���Ottawa was wild
with unthuBiasm on Saturday afternoon and evening in honor of the returning heroes.
Montreal, Nov. .1.��� Sergeant North-
cote, Privates Stewart and I.re and
Corporal odell,JI!ritish Columbia members  of the  First   Contingent,   who
reached here   Hatl   day, left last evening for home.
Montreal, Nov. ., -Kingston, Pater-
! boro and Toronto warmly welcomed
'the   returning   members  of the First
Contingent today. Much enthusiasm
was manifested by the populace at
each place.
London. Nov. S.���The following despatch has heen received at the War
Olliee from Lord Roberts: "The 11a-
wartien Castle sails November 0, with
the Canadian Regiment."
Toronto. Nov. .',.���The Ontario Oovernment has decided to grant 100
acres of hind to evory member of the
Canadian contingents ill South Africa
who were residents of this province at
tlie time of enrollment.
London. Nov. 5.���The South African hospital commission heard the last
witness in London today, Mrs. Richard Chamberlain, sister-in-law of Mr.
Joseph Chamberlain, Secretary of
State for tlie Colonies. She made the
session quite exciting. She added little to her previous testimony, but
hackled the commissioners. Mrs.
Chamberlain informed them that she
considered herself more capable of
conducting hospitals than the medical
olliccis and told the president, Justice
Uoiner.that he acted more like a counsel with a brief from the army doctors, than aii Inquisitor.
Tomorrow the Electors of the United States
Will Choose One or the Other-It
Looks Like McKinley.
Tomorrow the electors of the I'nited States chose an occupant of Hi"
White House for ihe four yeius begin-
ning March I, 1001. There arc ten
presidential and vice presidential candidates in the field, but there cue- only
two   who  are   considered
lias been done by both parties, and
the effect id' the millions nf money
spent h ill he known. If it is not
to lie a day of big surprises, the Republicans of the United States will
celebrate tomorrow nlghl the election
of William McKinley and Theodore
This   is   the  judgment of
How the Liberals Count on
Capturing the Country.
What They Concede.
Ottawa. Nov.5.���Liberals here claim
to be in a position, from information
received from the various Provinces,
to be able to issue the following estimate of the results of voting on
Wednesday: Ontario���Government 84,
Conservatives 2S, Independent '.'o,
doubtful '.'s, with enanees 01 ine result
being about equally divided. Quebec���(lovernment 40; Conservatives 10,
Manitoba���(lovernment B, Conservative 2, with chances of the other two
going to Richardson, l.isgar, and Puttee, Winnipeg, Independent. Northwest Territories���Oovernment il, Conservatives 1. conceding election of
Davin. British Columbia���No change
conceding the two Victoria seats to
Prior aud Earlo. New Brunswick���
Covernment 10, Conservatives 4, certain of the election of Hon. A. Q,
Blair, who is opposing Hon. Mr. Foster in St. John City. Nova Scotia���
(lovernment 14, Conservatives (i.
Prince Edward Island (lovernment 2.
Including Sir Louis Davis; Conservatives 3.
Showing Groat Activity in the Last
Days of tlie Campaign.
Toronto, Nov. 6,���Laurier arrived
here yesterday and spent the duy
quietly at Senator Cox's, lie left this
morning at 0:30 on a special political
train for points on the main line of the
(J. T. K., including Brampton, Gait,
Ouelph, Hamilton, etc.
mi lotisly, Roosevelt.
William McKinley. a  Republican can- those who are Impartial   and   are not
didate for a s nd terra   and William partisans,    li is   the  judgment,   too,
Jennings   Bryan, for  the second time of iho-e on this side of the   line  who
the nominee of the Democrats ami   of have read closely the papers of all p_-
the     Populists.     William   Mckinley's litical complexion   which   come   from
running mate Is Theodore   Roosevelt, the othei side,    Mr. Bryan's '"Btnnd-
a man who became  a hero during tho ing army" and "Imperial" arguments
Spanish American war, who was rush- have   had   some   effect   in   the    east,
etl into New York-  state   polities   two where ho will probably poll   a   larger
years ago and   was   clouted   governor vote than hu did four   years ago,   hut
of the Empire Stale.   Bryan's running in Ihe west,   where   the' free silver Is-
mute is   Adlai   Stevenson,   vlce-presl- sue won so many  over foui years ago,
dent with Clover Cleveland, and uoin- the people are   prosperous   and    seem
inated with the hope   that   he   would incll I lo have well   enough   alone.
bring to   the   support   of   the   ticket What  Mr.   Ilryan will gain  in the east
many of those Democrats who refused - juless   by sonic   chance   he  should
to support Bryan   and   Scwilll in IH()_, win in New  York   Stale    he   will un-
The campaign whieii closes  tomorrow doubtedly lose in the west   where   line
is not unlike that of four   years   ago, ii  Bilver cry is  not   listened to and
Mr. Bryan has done us he did then, tho people are all expansionists. But
He has traveled in a special train I if Mr. Bryan wins New York with ils
from the Atlantic to tho Pacific, lias big Vote in the electoral college as
spoken at the home of President Me- Mi. lUchurd Croker says he will and
1-inlcy. Canton, Ohio, ami under ihe secures the electoral vote of the doubt-
protecting winces oi Tammany has ful stales, with that which is conced-
toiircd New York State. He has told ed lo him lie will he President Ilryan
millions of electors why   lie should be next  Marchand   Uichard Crocker will
he the Ilanna   of  the  administration
for Ihe noxl four years Petting
men. however, are wagering hundreds
o! thousands of  dollars at odds of live
t ie that .McKinley   will carry New
York Stale, and when men in the
thick of il do that an outsider
wouldn't be inclined to place that
stale ill the doubtful column, There
will he 447 voles in the electoral college. In 1800 Mr. .McKinley received
McKinley what Bryan has been doing .'ii of these and Mr. Bryan 170. Those
for Bryan and Stevenson. Roosevelt who amuse themselves hy predicting
has "camped on Mr. Bryan's trail." Ihe outcome of the present campaign
in the west and for the past mouth say thai McKinley is assured of 358
has been making an average of ten votes In the next electoral college and
or twelve speeches a day. In this re- Bryan hut 108, wilh Idaho's three,
spect, however,he has been far behind Indiana's fifteen aud Montana's three
Mr. Ilryan, who has probably aver- in the doubtful column. With the
aged over 15 speeches a day for the votes of the three stales above men-
past live weeks, making in New Yen 1, lion.,I and New York's .:���'���. Ilryan
City a week or ten days ago 32 would have ".'.', votes and McKinley
speeches in one day, brooking his own   '.'.".'.      Ilul    if     Bryan     carries     New
the next president   ami
has undoubl -
lmIIv mftde   nuinv   votes
in   llif   cast.
Pre*.(fet. 1 McKinley lina
;is '. ho .' iw r
lean youth would suy,
'stayed   right
with his job." lie has spent .'i portion
of tlio last few months in Canh ���,
but the greater portion of the time
has been spent in Washington whore
his presence lias been necessary because of the Chinese trouble-:, lleco.se..
velt has been    doing for   himself   and
record of 38 speeches in one day. during the campaign of 1800, There
have been during the present campaign no "pilgrimages to Canton"
such as there were in 1800 when Mr.
McKinley at his home there received
and address) I hundreds of doh gationa
from all parts of the   east    and    many
from as far west its Minnesota and the
Tomorrow   the   result   of  all   that I tho ballots are counted.       ICC. 11.
York he will also likely carry Illinois.
West Virginia ami Uclcware, all of
them much more doubtful than Now
York. To he elected, however, he
must cany New York, unless he
knocks ihe apparently solid Republican    Column    literally    to   pieces.     I In
paper it looks wry much like a Republican victory tomorrow, but you
nevci can toll until tic polls close and
Montreal, Nov. f>.--Conservative
leaders including Bowell, Whitemaii,
anil others went by special train for She .lumps Im
Toronto. It is the intention to address meetings at intermediate points
between Montreal and Toronto.
lireiclivillc Nov..",. Sir R.fiu'twright
addressed a large meeting of electors
here on Saturday evening,
Cornwall (Int., Nov. .'..���lion. Sir
Wilfrid Laurier was greeted by about
i;c  pee,pie here,    Saturday   evening.
lle addressed a meeting iu   tlie   interest c,f Mulhern,  Liberal.
Perce, Gaspe County, Quo.,Nov. 5 ���
Rudolph Lcinieux, Montreal, Liberal
anil A. Boattdry, Perec, Conservative,
were nominated here today for the
House nf Commons. The election will
be held next Monday.
New York,"Nov. 5,���John McCuade,
a clerk in the War Department., is lying in Ihe emergency hospital. Ills
life in the balance, says a Washington
special lo The World, liis neck is
broken as a result of a scrimmage in
a game of football, If McCuade has
strength enough to stand an operation
Hie doctors say there is a hope that he
will live.
The regular weekly meeting
City Council will he held at s   i
tlii- evening.
if   the
the  Life of    He
New York, Nov.   .'>
:- Rostra
lid   Save
Portugal at Cascalc,a fashional
side resort,    made    a   tin Mini;    n   ' lle
Little Boys tccldentally Killed  -
Ncwi papiT Man Dies,
Pinker ton,   ilul..   Nov.   :,.    Walter
Hohie. ten years old, Is dead  as a  result of n dl charge from a   rifle in the
and is now   a   I Ino in the eyes   of  hands of hia little   Bister who bad got
all her subjocts,   says   tl   LI lion   do    possession "f   the  gun   and playfully
spatch to the Journal  and Advcrl
The   Queen   waa  on   the   beach   Idly
watohing Cataluo Croom,hci be
bringing his boat ashore.   Suddenly a
wave  overtui ned   tho   boat,    I roi
arm was broken and he was ovcrci	
by the under tow.    'I ho i.nncii. who i
an   expert   swimmer,   seeing thai
was drowning, sprang   Into the   en m
her olothlng,  before  any  of   liei   til
tendants could prevent lior. Sho iv,	
to the boatman's  side'  and  hold  him
up until persons on   shore pul oul
boats and rescued bol 11,
Croom was taken to   the Royal Pal
ace, where he is now being mil  ' d by j
the   Queen,    She   i-.   none   the wm ie
fof 11-l  experience.
pen nt. d it ai   w alter, the contents of
w hlch killed I,i in Instantly.
I nt". Nov.   5.   I.'. Grant Wllkle,
fonnorlj ��� ��� cretary-troas r of the st.
I l iSi Journal, is dead, aged 10,
T tc Nov. '..    John Guy W llkle,
four years old, is dead from injuries
i eclved .c -a ie ult of pla\ in/ w ith
matches ou lo Iduy night.
Lambeth, Ont., Nov. _,��� J, .1. Lew-
Farmer, slncl hla wife ill the head
anil check hone, and   thei mmlttcd
��� cm iele      by     ��� llOOtlng      himself.       Mrs.
Lewis win recover,
Now   York,    Nov.     il      \
from Paris   to   The   Ihi.
the   exposil  am: I
od   tile   Transvaal    pa valine
Mr.  I'ieri.on,   Ihe   Trs    .-aal   cnmml
sinner and   e_r,ue lal K "' "'   '"
remove that   Inscrlpti i.,v .J'JtJI1"
England  with
New York.   Nov,   :..    The   Belgian
packel   ti ami r.   i'i Incess  i Inmenl inc.
while,  ncnrlng   I over   pier on Hatur-
exchanged   words   with  ots,.ml
nearly fifty miles of bco, says a
1 io  l he   World   from   London.
Marooni's   Instrument ticked off mes-
!������ ni   Belgium  with con-
r"-   r    King   Leopold, to the
~r,TTT.TrT     .Traf,  tif'Railways and   the
i'. eki i Department at Brussels,
. Nhl-on Dau.v Miner, Monday Evenino, Nov��Mr-ER 5, iqoo
The Nelson Miner
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Subscriptions invariably in ailvuncc.
All Oheoks -linulil no mado rayabln lo I he
oriior nf   Nulson   Publishing   Company,
As' an example of the stuiV with
which Liberal organs are feeding
their readers we quote from The Victoria Times:
��� "Mr. Earle boasts very loudly about
Liberals deserting their party by hundreds, It would be more satisfactory
if he would give the names of a few.
We admit that Mr. Cook lias gone
over on the promise of a Senatorship
from Sir Charles, which he could not
get from the Liberals and because he
had been repeatedly rejected by a
strong Liberal constituency because
of his treachery. Mr. Charlton, Mr.
.Martin and Mr. Rlohardson are Lib
erals and will support the Government
in the House if they are elected, although ou some minor matters they
are.not in accord with their leaders.
We"deslre to draw the attention of
Mr. Earle to the ease of tlio Hon..John
CoBtlgan, who was a member of several Conservative administrations and
will be elected as a Liberal on Wednesday next. What drove the Hon.
Qeorge E. Foster from York, N.B., to
go down before the strongest man in
that l'rovince. Hon. A. (1. Blair? The
defection of the Cihson family, the
richest and the most prominent in the
constituency. Cue of the members of
that family is going to redeem the
seat for the Liberals. There aro many
other cases of this kind, and we merely give these as conspicuous examples. ''
This is more than usually full of
statements that are misleading and
others that are positivey incorrect,
Mr. Earle should have no trouble ii
satisfying the organ in regard to
those desertions from the Liberal
party. W hetner tney are raiting piacc
by the hundreds we do not know, but
within a few weeks past the newspapers have contained the names of
large numbers of them, necessarily of
the moat prominent in their respeoti
Communities. They cannot stand
the new Liberalism introduced by Sir
Wilfrid Laurier, Mr. Tarte and Mr.
Sifton. The organ is maliciously incorrect in its references to Mr. Cook.
It docs not. because it cannot, know
that Mr. Cook has "gone over on the
promise of a cSenatorsliip from Sir
Charles," Mr. Cook has no such promise, would not exact it if lie could,
and could not lie induced to accept a
Senatorship on the condition suggested* He was not "repeatedly rejected
hy a strong Liberal constituency he-
cause uf his treachery" He was never
a candidate m a| strong Liberal constituency. He was sent into North
-lmooe as a forlorn hope,aud he made
it Liberal until the National Policy
restored it to the Conservative column. East Simcoo was strongly Conservative: Mr. Cook made it Liberal,
ami held it so for several elections.
lie was not rejected for treachery,
for the reason that treachery is foreign to the eharaetci of the Cook
Mr. Charlton has not entirely bro
ken witli nis party, hut neither Mr,
Martin nor Mr. Richardson will give a
general support i" the Government if
elected. To all Intents and purposes
they are Opposition candidates, The
less said aboul ihe case of Mr. Costl
gan ihe more agreeable ii will he to
Mr. Cosligau's friends. If The Times
Is noi Informed of the influences that
brought about hi'' conversion if might
possibly learn of them from His Hem
or Lieutenant Governor Joly, who as
Minister of Inland Revenue was fully
conversant with them,   'ihe defection
of tile    Gibson    family   did    not   drive
Mr. Foster out of Vork, The Gibson
family referred to have   been Liberals
since the ri I,   and   therefore  they
could not secede from the Conservative
party.    The   Times  is  either   not as
honest as it should he in i|s discussion of political affairs, or it is so ignorant of Hani thai it would he better
lor itself if it did nut discuss them
at all.
its politics. Hut it was not sent in
this diiection, where almost every
other man met on the street is a Win-
nipegger, or has intimate acquaintance with it and is therefore interested in its political doings. The election was in Centre Winnipeg, a Local
constituency established in 1888, and
which has been strongly Liberal from
the first. Last Thursday it elected
the Conservative candidate, Mr. T.
W. Taylor, by the respectable majority of 158. This is interesting to Canadians everywhere, as an indication
of the trend of political sentiment in
Manitoba. The party maohine, as
constructed and directed by Mr. Sifton, was employed to its full capacity,
but to no avail. It really looks as
if that Napoleon among statesmen had
lost his grip in that Province.
.One of the Laurier and Tarte organs
in Quebec, La Defense, publisned in
Chicoutimi. has the following choice
morsel: "The drama which for some
months has been unrolled in.-outh
Africa approaches its end. A few difficulties of detail, a few more cannon
shots, and it will be over. Force will
have triumphed over right, over justice and courage. The heroic people of
the Transvaal pay with their blood
and their liberty for the audacious
wish to remain masters of their own
country. They fall, and the conquerors are about to divide the spoil,
as brigands do after having assassinated a traveler in a corner of a
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likely I., aegleel tiling :i. Interesting
a piece of Intelligence as the result
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day, No doubl it was Hied, nnd very
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^ifo. T. OROFTS. tm>, Nelson  Daily Miner,  Mondav  Evening,  November 5, 1900
Sifton'. "Moral Reform" Letter
Was a Mere Election Dodge.
On October 30 the Winnipeg Tribune
published an interview with Mr. II.
C. Lisle, (i barrister, who was on his
way home to England from Dawson.
Mr. Lisle sai'l ho hatl read the report of Sir llibbert .'upper's speech'at
Brandon in regard to Yukon matters.
Sir llibbert Tupper, he said, hud
not stated one-tenth of what he might
truly havo said in regard to the manner in whieh tho administration of
affaire had heen conducted there since
the rush to the gold, fields commenced, Mr, Lisle is an Englishman, and
says ho lias no particular interest
in Canadian politics; and lie is, therefore, able to give an unprejudiced
opinion in regard to the matter, lie
declare that the manner in which the
officials have acted and are still acting iB simply shucking to anyone accustomed to Hritish ideas of government. The "back door" system which
has prevailed there has been disgraceful aud unblushing. It is, of
course, not easy to get definite evidence m regard to transactions of this
kind. The otlielals who have heen
bribed, do not, of course, publish that
fact; and the people who have bribed
them natuarlly keep quiet on the subject for fear of having the concessions
thoy have improperly obtained taken
from them. In such matters one lias
to rely hugely on circumstantial evidence. In other parts of the world,
the popular presumption is that government officials are honorable,
straightforward men; in Dawson the
public unanimously believes the larger
number of the officials are corrupt.
Mr. Lisle was also ashed whether
lie.was in Dawson at the time Mr.Sif-
ton's letter requesting the closing of
tho gambling nouses and and either
dives was receive''; antl, if so, what
steps had been taken to give effect to
"Yes," said Mr. Lislo, "it arrived
before 1 left, and it caused the greatest amusement in Dawson. The only
thing that was done in connection
ivith it was for Mr. Ogilvie to write
back to Mr. Sifton, informing him
that there was an immense amount of
capital invested in tho gambling
houses referred to,"which it would not
be safe to summarily confiscate, and
suggesting that the matter should bo
allowed to stand over until nest June.
That is bow tbe matter stands at
present. Dp at Dawson, we look upon this simply as an election dodge
on the part of Mr. Sifton. it is generally believed that there is an understanding between Mr. Sifton and Mr.
Ogilvie In the matter, of course before any reply is received by Mr. Ogilvie the elections will lie over; and
then, if the Oovernment is sustained,
matter, will undoubtedly he allowed
to go on in the same old way. Why,"
said Mr. Lisle, "1 myself have heard
Mr. OgilTie personally juke about the
matter, and declare that it would he
impossible for Dawson to exist without those institutions. These institutions are practically licensed by tho
Government,and form the chief means
of revenue for carrying on what, elsewhere, would he municipal undertakings. The gambling-house keepers,
tlie dance-house keepers and the prostitutes are regularly summoned and
fined 850 hy the Mounted Police, who
have a list of them for this purpose.
There is no attempt made to bring
any evidence against these people,
They come up to the court, plead
guilty aud play their S"><> flue is a
matter of course; and the girls laugh
and joke witll the magistrate when
they do so. 1 have seen lifty of them
before the court in a day. and they
look upon it as a regular thing, and
regard tbe line as practically a license
for carrying on their bus'iiess. No
attempt whatever is made to close up
tho places, and I have seen' gamblers
an hour after leaving the cotut carrying on their business again, just as
though nothing had happened. When
we want money for grants to our hospital or our other charitable institutions, an extra raid is, made on these
people for the purpose of obtaining
it. They are rounded up, and lined
8.10, andthe money is handed over to
the cause of 'sweet charity.'
"I may say, in conclusion," said
Mr. Lislo, "that there seems to be an
impression down here that things
have greatly improved in Dawson
since tho lirst rush of gold seekers has
ceased, and since Mr. Ogilvie and Mr.
Sonkler have .been sent up there. This,
however, is very erroneous. In sonic
respects, perhaps, things are a little
better than they,were; but practically
the same state of things prevails as
when tho complaints of the people of
Yukon were first made to the world.
If you do not hear so many Complaints
now as formerly, it is because the people there have come to the conclusion
that it is practically useless to try to
get redress, and that they must grin
and bear it. The I lovernment, apparently, thinks that because we are up
there Bo far out of the world,our complaints can be safely Ignored, and we
are left to the mercy of the officials
and treated as though we really had
no rights whatever. The condition of
affairs there would limply shock any
one accustomed to the normal state of
things in a liritisli community j and
tbe only thing that surprises me is
that when there is so much material
on which to base charges, Sir llibbert Tupper has been so comparatively
moderate   in presenting his case."
"1 suppose Mr. Rich man is delighted to get all bis daughters off his
hands?" remarked ono worldy-wlse
person to another,
"I'm no sure about that," returned
tbe other,' "for he's bad to put nil
his sons-iii-law ou their feet and keep
them there."
(Winnipeg Logherg.)
paH Bern Mr. Hugh .1. Maedonald he-
fur lofaat til ad vcrda pingiiiiineelclni
afturbaldsmanna i Brandon I;jordaeini
vid naestu almennar Baiuhanspings���
kos ningar.
This utiro.turo In on every hox ol the genuine
Laxative Broino Quinine ��������*��*���
the remedy ttwt cart, n ct��!1 Is 0"? ��������*
(Belleville Intelligencer.)
There is a beautiful hymn, "Shall
We Know Each Other There?" Many
people sing it in church who don't
seem to know some of their old ac
quaintanoes here.
Says the Kamloops Standard: The
Chief Commissioner, the lion. II. 0.
Wells, paid Kamloops a visit yosteiv
day. lle went over tbe ferry with
Messrs. Fulton, M. V. P., Tunstall
and Gordon. Today notice has been
received (calling for tenders for the
new bridge, Thus the only pledge
Mr, Fulton gave before the election is
in a fair way of being redeemed.
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Collegiate School
Victoria, B.O.
The Lord Bishop of Columbia
J. W. Laing, Esq., M. A., Oxon.,
Headmaster. Rov. C. Ensor Sharp,
M. A., Cantab. II. J. S. Muskett,
Esq.., St. Peter's College, Cambridge.
Moderate terms for boarders and day
scholars. Hoys received from eight
years of age and upwards. Military
drill. Technical art including mechanical drawing. Hoarders may, by their
parents wish attend any place of worship to which they are accustomed.
Present numbers fit.
Eight  pages of summarized and
classified new..
Eight pages of practical agricultur-
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3 Sections.      24 Pages.
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luaves Sandon at 1.15 p.in,, arriving at Kaslo
a' 3.55 p.m.
Operating OO Koolonay l.a_oand Rlvor.
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at II a. iu, dally o_cc.pt Sunday. Reluming,
Iciivim NoIhoii al 0.10 p.m., calling al Ilalfour.
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nooU, wilh S. r.tt, N. train la and from Spo
Imuo at Five MUo Point.
Sleiimir Argunta has boon laid up foi llio
Summon, call at nrlnclpal landings In both
directions,and -t Outer points when signalled.
TlcltoUsold toall point, iu Canada and tlio
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To ascertain r-loa and full Information aa-
dross I
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water, Observatory St., Mag-
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Hall Sts., from Nov.    1st 830.00
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Savings Company.
St, Louis
To be had wholesale at Nelson.
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Co., Ltd-
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Kootenay Agent.
H. & M. BIRD
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Asbestos  Co.
Insurance Go. of North America, Mutual 11 Ifo
Insurance Go., of New York, Quebec
Fire Assurance Go.
Sixteen lots in llogustown havo been
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sale at prices varying from 8nr> to 81-5
each. These lots are all in good position aud are Ural-class  building sites.
ll-Roomed house, cornor of Ward
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New house on Water Street	
Cottage on Water Street  	
7-Roomed house mi Robsim St.,
between Kootenay and Stanley, all conveniences	
li no
���:ii no
is on
10 00
Turnor-Booc.kh Block Baker
'J,000 London  Consolidated (Silvi
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quantities. Also cast off clothing.
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and i in.: syrups. Solo agents for ilulcyou Uot
Springs luinorul water.   Telephone t>0.
.1^1 N. fit. Cummins, Leasee���Every known
Variety of soft drinks. P u liox 88- Telephone
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famous St. Loon Hot Springs Minora! Water
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Ward streets, Nolson.
CO.��� Manufacturers of lho Royal Soul
uml  Koolonay   liolio   Cigars.    Fuelory  und
OlttOO, )'..i i <-i  ;-i 11 .'I. Nolson.
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��� son���WliolotiUlo dealers in liquors, oi-
Kurn, coment, llro brick und llro ciuy, water
pipe anil stool rails, ami general commission
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hay, flour, food. Mills at Victoria, Now West*
uiinsLor; Kdmonton, Altu. Elevators on Calgary and Kdmonton Railway. Manufacturer.
of tlio celebrated R. & K. brand eoroulH.
A MACDONALD & Co.-Cornor Fron
��� and Hull streets���W liolosate grocers
and jobbers in blankets, gloves, mitts, boots,
rubbers, maokinaWB and miners' sundries.
.a\ Olliee cornor Hall and Kront, Streets,
Aoison���1-umbor, ceiling, Mooring, aud everything iu wood for building purposes. Get our
prices.   Correspondence solicited.
P   BURNS & Co.-Buker Street, Nelwn-
���   \V hoiosule dealers in fresh and cured
mouth.   Cold Storage,
Baker street, Nelnon��� Wholesale dealers in fresh and cured meats.
Streot, Nelson ��� Wholesale d_aluiB in
liurdwaro, minors' supplies, sporting goods,
M'LACHLAN BROS. <Succossor_ tc Vancouver Hardware Co, Ltd.i liakor Street.
Nelson��� \\ holosalc dealers iu hardware ana
mining supplies, plumbers' and tinsmiths' supplies.
paints, oils anil Rises; mechanics' tools.
Agents foi Ontario Powder Works; dynamite
rpUUNKR, JiEETON & Co.-Corncr Vornon
JL. and Josephine Stroots, Nelson���W he lo
sale dealers In liquor--, cigars, nnd dry goods.
Agonts for Patwt Hrewing Co. of Milwaukoo
aud Calgary Brewing Co of Calgary.
UDSON'S BAY Co,-Wholesale groceries
and liquors etc.. Baker Streot, Nel-On.
Kront and Hall Streets, Nolson���Wholesale dculers n wines (case and bulk), and
domestic and imported cigars.
JY. GRIFFIN & CO.-Con.or Vornon and
���   Josephine Streets,  Nolson ��� Wholesale
dealers in provisions, curod meats, buttor and
Delivered to any point
on Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock on hand ol
Rough and Dressed
Mouldings, Sash Doors.
Inside Finish,
Coast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber-
Mill at PILOT HAY. Y.nls, NKLSOM
und LAID O.
Bank of
British Columbia,
Is now prepared to issue
Drafts and Letters of Credit
on Skaguay, U.S., Atlin, B.
C.) and Dawson City, Yukon
K O. QHEKN        Y. 8. U!_MENTH
Civil Engineers and Provincial Land
P.  O. Box WS -��!-���, B. U
A. R. BARROW, a. m. i. o.K
Provincial  Land  Surveyor.
Corner Victoria mid Kootenay 8t_.
P. O. Box 569. Telephone No. ur.
Soo Line
AlaoTOl'KIS'l CARS passing D_n-
iiiore Junction Daily for St, Paul, Mat-
ardayu for Montreal and Boston, Mondays ond Tliui.ilRya for Toronto.
Same cars   pass   Revelstoke   ono   day
for   vonr   onsti'in   trip  is to   ace   that
your ticket rends vin Canadian PaclUo.
Trnina mid Steamers Depart.
Ex Sun
Ex Sun
Ex Sun
) Steamer for Kootenay Land-
> iu|r.   and   eastern   points   via
) Glow's Neat Koute.
I Train   for   Rosslanc1,  (irand
f Forks, (Ireenwood,.Midway,elc
I Train for Sloean City,   Slocan
j points, and Sandon.
| Steamer for Kaslo and  iuter-
f mediate points.
1 Train for Rossland, Nakusp,
\ Revelstoke,   main    line  und
J Pacl-lc Coast l'oiuts.
For Time Tables, Rates and full information call on or address nearest Local Agent, or,
R. W, Drew, llcpol. Audit I Molson, B. C.
H. L. Brown, City Agent, I
W. .. AMUKK-ON, Si. J.-OYLK,
Trav. Pus. AgeDt        _.   (I. 1'. .��i'U
NelFon Vnnfcn��er
Spokane Falls Sl
Northern R'v.
Nelson Sl Fori
Sheppard R'v,
Red Mountain R'v.
The only all rail route between
all points east, west and south to
Rossland, Nelson and intermediate
points; connecting at Spokane with
Great Northern, Northern Pacific,
and O. R. & N. Co.
Connects at Nelson with steamer
for Kaslo and all Kootenay lake
Connects at Meyer's Falls with
stage daily for Republic, and connects, at Bossburg with stage daily
for Grand Forks and Greenwood.
Effeotivo  Sunday, October  21st, 1U0O.
Train No. 33 (Night Train),
Leave Spokane     Ill:4;1 p.m.
Leave Northport      !i :50 a. m.
Arrive Uosalaud       7:3(| a.m.
Train No. 34 (Night Train).
Leave Kossland    11 :(lo p.m.
Leave Northport     12 :4", a.m.
Arrive Spokane      7:05 a.m.
H. A. JACKSON, G. P. & T.A.
Spokane  Waste
Agent, Nelson, B.C
OAfiS.-MEALB a la 0ARTE.
Close eonneetion East and Westbound at Spokane withtiaiiiM of the
trains of the Spokane Falls and Northern Railway,
Direct connection at Sl. l'aul without change of depot with all trains for
Chicago, Toronto. Montreal, New York
and all points West and Sooth.
Leaves Spokane daily for East at!10:15 a.m
Leaves Spokane daily lor West at 7:45 p.m
West-hound trains make direct con^
nection for Victoria and Vancouver
Portland, San .'raiicisro, and all points
on the Sound.
During the season of navigation East
bound tnini connect at Duliith with
thoniiignilieentsteamships North West
and North-Land of theNorthern Steamship Company Line, operated in connection with the Oreat Northern Railway.
For further information, maps, folders, etc., apply to any agent of Spokane
Kails ft Northern RyH Kaslo ct Bloean
Hy, Kootei ai Railway & Navigation
Co., or to
Uenl. l'ass. & Tkl. Agt.   Oom'cl Agt,
St. Paul, Min       .Spokane. Wasli
By the week from $5 to ?6.
By the day *i.oo.
J, V. O'LAUGHUN, Prop.
Lambee & Butler's
Players' Navy Cut
Smith's Glasgow Mixture
Try a tin of
Or if you chew, try
Battle Ax
and Star
Baker Bt.
The Miner is on sale at the following news stores at five cents per
Gilbert HtanloT
Thomf-on Stal-onerr Oo
Oaniula Drug BBOOI Co.
Hut ci Hume NewH Stand
Hotul I'hiiir Nowh titand
It. Cftmpboll
C. K. Nolson
J. F, Dclaney
R, A. Itradrihaw
Shiran Nowh Co.
Thomson Bron.
1.1 nion 1 & Young
11. A. kiiiK fcC.i.
Nol son
Nol won
Now Denver
8I0CAQ Cltj
and  News   Agents   on  boats  and
trains out of Nelson
NKLSON LODGE No. 23, A. F. & A
M. mcetu .second Wednesday In eacb
month.   Vi'HniK brothem wolcoiiie.
NoIhoii Kncampmcnt No. 7. Meet* every 2nd
and Uli Friday of each month. In Odd Kellowrt
Hull, cornor Bakor and Kootonay ntreoU,
NoIhoii. A. H. ClmncntN, 0* P.J D. McArthu/,
R. y.   ViriitiiiK brothers alwayH welcome.
I- O. O. 7. Kootenay Lodge
No. Mi moetfl every Monday night,
at   Iholr  Hall,   Kootonay utreot
Sojourning Odd Fellows oordlAlly Invited.
John A. HoRm, N.G.   D. W. Rutherford. V.O,
Prod J. Squire, Por. Sec.
NK1SON LOUGH  No.    __S, K. ofP
, nici- m K. of l\ hall, OddfellowM block
Rovorv  Tuesday  ovonlng at 8 o'clock
.sJAll vM'Jug knight* cordially  Invited
F. J. Himih iv. C. C
J. A. PiQU-frm, K. of K. and B.
NKLSON   L 0. L. No.
meet* in Fra-
ernlty Hall on I!rut and third Friday evening*
Ofoaon month at 8 o'clock.. VlHlting niembem
cordially invited.
Crawford, It. S.
it. Robinson, \VTM,;   Wm.
NKLSON AKRIK No. 22. F. O. K.. meet*
every second and fourth Wednesday, of each
m onth. Visiting members cordially lnvlt-
Charles I _osser. Secretary.
the first Wednosday evening of
each month at Ftatornity hail,
corner of Haker aud Kootenay
street*. VlslUng brethorn cordial.) Invltod.
John Wathon, Secretary.
Meetings 4th Thursday of month. Fratei-na
hall. J A Irving C  k     1*. It. Fleming. R.H,
S.     :���.'��� I".   K '������   IKNOMHItJ    ��   in   in  il     ' tuner
WWd and Silica Sts. Sundays: Holy Communion K a in.; and on thu 1st and 3rd Sunday!
iu tho month after Matlins; Mnttln- at 11 a.m.;
Sunday School 2.31) p.m ; Kvonsung 7.30. Ihtlly:
Matttns at D.30 a. in. Thursdays and Saint _
)>ays! Holy Communion 10 a. m. Friday*:
Evensong f.80 p. m., followed by choir practice. II. S. Akehurst. Kootor. Frod Irvine,
Oeo. JohnHtona, Wardens.
CATHOLIC  Chuhcii -Corner Ward and Mill
ltroet-i Mass every Sunday at Band 10.00 a. m
linn".! ih ion at 7.3U p.m.   Mass every week day
nt ','.].'. ii.in.   Rev.   Father Ferland Rector.
I'm ������ m 11 v i KitiAN Ciiubch���Services at 11 a.m.
and 7.30 p.m. Sunday School at ?.30 p.m.
Prayer meeting Thurwlay evening at 8 p.m.;
Christian Endeavor BocietT tnoels every Tuesday ovenlng ����� 1 o'clock. Itov. R. Frew,
Mrthohikt Chuhcii���Corner BIHo* and
Josephine StreetH. ServlooN at II a.m. and 7.90
u. in. ; Sabbath SiIhmiI. 2.90 p.m.; Prayer meeting on Thursday ovenlng at So'clock: Epworth
l/'.Kuci', K��� Tuosday at H a.m. Itev. J. H.
Whito, Pastor. Residence, josophlno KIreet,
rear of church.
lUitiHT CiuHCH ��� Services morning and
ovonlng at II a.in. and 7.90 p.m.; Prayer meet.
Ing Thursday evening at H p.m. the H. Y
P.U. IT dav evening at 8 o'clock. Strangers
cordially welcomed. Rev. G. J. Coulter White,
" 'astor.
Salvation Armv���Sorvtc s every ovenlng
at 8 o .loch In barracks on V otor. street
Adiudant. Edgenombe In rhartro.
Of Writing Paper won't last
long. You'd better place another "hurry un' order with
"""O^SeJf SB__-B
Nelson  Daily  Miner,   Monday  Eveniso,   November j, 1900
Apparently from outside reports
the appointment t,�� the wardenBblp of
the rrciviuciiil jail here, will ho made
in a  few flays.
Mr. A. R'. Sherwood is oonfloed'to
liis house through an accident which
resulted in the .prainlng ��>f an ankle.
IK' expects to l)o unt in a day or
Tomorrow afternoon and evening
the returns from the election in the
United sink's will be received at the
Athabasca, corner of Kootenay and
Haker Street.
Judge l-'orin held a slinrt sessi.cn of
chambers at Hie Court House this
morning. Only a few minor cases
came up, there being several ohamber
applications disposed of.
Mr. M. s. Logan, of Rossland, who
owns a controlling interest in Hie
Juno property on Morning Mountain
arrived in N'els.en lliis morning, lie
will visit tlie property tomorrow,
The court of revision held by .Mr.
Harry Wrighl to,lav was exceedingly
short. Only one name was objected
to. that being C. A. Placltett, who has
been living in Spokane for the past
two years.
Mr. .1. M. Williams, late manager of
the Chapleau mine on Lemon (reek,
and Mrs. Williams left yesterday morning for Liverpool," England, Dy way
of tin- C. P. R. They will sail from
New York by the- c unard line steamer
Mr. Tear! Fleming who has for
some lime past heen chief clerk ,In
Captain Core's office,will tonight take
charge of the position of freight clerk
on the steamer Moyie. .Mr. 1''. .1.
Whitiet. of Captain Troup's olliee,
will take oBarge of the duties in Cup-
tain (here's olliee.
Emerson and Neelands of "The
olliee.'' have arranged for a private
wire and an operator on their premises to teceive the election returns
from the United States tomorrow.
Returns will be received from 3o'eloel<
in tlio afternoon until tho result is
announced, whieh should be some
time about midnight.
Tho ease of Mauley vs.Collom,which
was adjourned last Saturday morning,
will be ei|/ain opened before the Supreme Conn here tomorrow morning.
The adjournment waa granted on nn
objection raised as to free miners'certificates which were produced in
court, and time was granted so that
witnesses could be brought from New
Denver and .Sloean City whore the recording of the claims was done.
Today the��mining records areas
follows: Transfers I'l'om Robert
Bates to M. ('. Monnghan and li. Kee-
fer entire interest in Little Joe for a
nominal consideration. Locations���
Alanta, on Salmon Kiver, by Ada
Campbell, Itokanee, about six miles
oast of Nelson, by II. K. Ilnrmeister.
Certificate of >Vor��� To Canadian Pacific Exploration, Ltd.. on Alhainlira
anu Agassiz; to Ada Campbell on
.Nancy C; to .lohn VYaldbeser, on Hide
Away; Joseph Duhamel   on   Pelton.
A delightful birthday party was this
afternoon given by Mrs. .1. C. (lore,
in honor of her daughter Hazel, and
her son George, it lieiiice- the occasion
of Hazel's   I'.'th birthday.    Nearly  :.'.",
of her scl Imates were in attendance
and a right jolly good time was had
Late this afternoon the young party
sat down to a quaint dinner consist
ing of a birthday cake, nuts, candies
and other thiric.es of a delicious character. Both Ihe table and room were
artistically decorated, Mrs. (lore wns
assisted hy Mrs. !���'. 1'. Gutelius and
Mrs. Robert  Hamilton.
Joseph Paquette, manager of the
Spokane Calls a Northern Telegraphs
in Nelson, w.i . seriously burned about
the hands mi Friday night. A hanging lamp in ihe telegraph office began
to drip and the oil blazed up. Something had Ice he done or Ihe oil would
have dripped to the Boor and the
building taken fire, Mr. Paquette
tool, hi    chances  with   the lamp and
si le e| in ;..e|i Ing ii io   the   -t led.
but licit    before   liis hands   were   very
badly burned, Ur. Lallan was called
and the burned parts dressed and
"Jpc" Is now going around with his
bands wrapped in cotton,
M Lull I  RST'S    III; HUM!
His Lawyer Wauls it In 'lake Place at
Fred   M.     '���'    t,    �� ho    formerly
occupied the ,1,,- Ition c,f agent of the
C. P. I.'. .'il.",( 'r.'iiihi'ool; and who was
arrested there early Friday morning
and nt on.-c brought to Nelson, enme
before Magistrate Crease, stipendiary,
nt   tin'   i oiii't  House   tlii- morning to
answer i   thi  mapiraey to
defraud the company. His lawyer .I.
I.'. Costlgan. ���) < . id c iiuibrook, when
tho court opened made an application
to have the case remanded to Cranbrook. He could not understand ��lathe case had to le   heard    in    .Nelson, ;
when it is alleged that Cranbrook wan!
the plnce whore the offense was committed. Magistrate Crease doeided
to hear the evidence of tho chief witness of the case. \V. II. Langridge,] of
Revelstoke, auditor of tlie Pacific division of the 0, P. R., before giving
his decision upon tlio question. Mr.
Langridge was then called and lie was
still ill the witness box late this afternoon. His evidence was mainly
documental, producing the books of
the Cranbrook olliee. and showing several places where they were wrong.
Mr. W. A. Maodonald, Q, 0., appealed for the company, and Mr. W. A.
Galllher assisted Mr. Costlgan.
A Large -expenditure Hy  the C. P. R.
For the IioliBon Bridge.
Since tlio work started at Robson
for the construction of the massito
bridge which is to be erected across
the Columbia Kiver, rapid progress
has been mado. Engineers Armstrong
of Montreal, and Blandy, of Nelson,
have been engaged in surveying for
the track nnd the approach to tho
bridge on the East side of the Kiver,
and their work is now half completed.
In a few 'lays the track will be located. Pete Genelle & Co. have been
given the contract for Ton piles. Tho
firm has established its camp at Burton and has a large number of men
enguged and is filling the order as rapidly as possible. Messrs. Poupore
and McVeigh havo been awarded the
contract to build a temporary bridge
or an approach to tlie bridge proper,
a distance of 1,400 feet. This work
will be started immediately ou tlie arrival of the piles. It is rumored that
thoy will be given tlie contract to construct the false work across the River.
This work has to be completed before the further construction of the
bridge is carried on. At the completion of the false work over (10,000
yards of earth from the west side,
will be taken across the river and the
approach to the bridge on the east
side will be graded and the temporary
approach which will be built on
piles will be filled in. Mr. John
ilunn who has the contract for the
erection of the live piers has located
a quarry about a mile from the
bridge, where the stone will bo obtained. The work wiil bo pushed as ra
pidly as possible as the greater por
tion of it has to be done during low
A contractor in figuring on the en
tire cost of the bridge has placed the
amount at (650,000.
Centre Winnipeg Returns a Supporter
of the   Manitoba (lovernment.
On 'Thursday last, for tho first time
in tlie history of the riding, Centre
Winnipeg elected a Conservative. It
had always been looked on as a Lib
oral hive and the Liberals had expect
ations of carrying it this time.
At the last general elections iu Man
Itoba Col. McMillan retained liis
seat by 113 majority, tlie smallest he
ever received when contesting the
constituency in the interests of tbe
Liberals. His appointment as Lieut
Governor made tlio seat vacant and ou
Thursday. Thomas W. Taylor, Conservative, was returned for Centre
Winnipeg by LIS majority over Robert Mutr, Liberal. Tlie .Siftoniau machine was behind Muir, and all its
powerful Influences were brought to
bear but the tide had turned and tbe
Conservatives won tlio day. This may
be taken as indicative of the results
in Manitoba on Wednesday.
8.1(1,000 the Trail Smelter Payroll For
the Month of October.
Directly and indirectly there are 500
men employed at the 'Trail smelter,
and the revenue derived therefrom is
(50,000 for tho month of October. This
break, all records and the end is not
yet. A payroll of (50,000 per month
means (000,000 for IS months. This
big payroll may not be kept up the
entire year, but it is more than likely
to reach half a million. There aic
many more pretention, towns than
Trail Hint nre less fortunate. It is
time feci- our people lo prick up their
earn and get a move on. Each man
hns something to do to help push
things along, nnd now is the timo to
put the shoulder to the wheel.���Trail
( re-el; .News.
Dublin, Nov. 5.���Amidst considerable excitement the Lord Mayor at a
meeting of the corporation today ruled
out "f order n resolution to confer the
freedom of the eity ou former President Kruger of South Africa.
I.inky Soldieis. ��� Lord RoSSlyn has
evidently an eye for detail. In his
article in ihe Mall describing tlie
effect of Lord Roberts' advance upon
Pretoria on tho prisoners at Watervnal
and other guards, he wrote: "llol-
nnder and Britisher,soldier and Boer,
peasant, prisoner and warder,   joined
in a universal scene of congratulation,
n mutual expression of osteon and
a general glass of Robert Brown's
Four-Crown Scotch Whiskey. JInppy
Hie lot of the prisoners who were able
lo soothe their sorrows witll so fame ins a brand as Robert Brown's
Cars Bunch on a Stoop Hill in Montreal Witli Disastrous Result.
Montreal.Nov. 5.���Six persons were
seriously injured and a score of others
cut in tho face and hands yesterday
afternoon as a result of an electric
car, which bad almost reached the
summit of Cote Neiges Hill, backing
up and colliding with another car on
the way up,whloh, in turn, ran into a
third car which was followed by a
fourth and fifth. The inotorninn of
the ii th car is said to have come to a
dead stop inBtead of running back and
allowing the others to do the same.
His action caused all tho cars to come
together with nbove results. The
company says the accident was duo to
a trolley coming off the pulley and
had the head cars remained quiet
none would have been hurt. 'The cause
of tho accident could have been remedied in a few minutes but tho passengers, ranic stricken, rushed in on the
motoriuan and prevented him using
tho brake.
New York, Nov. 5.���Only at the
headquarters and at the leading polit-
cal clubs were there any traces of political activity today. Those in charge
of the campaign employed their time
in dictating statements for publication, and writing final letters of admonition or of instructions to party
leaders in the eity or tho state.
Seattle, Wash., Nov. .1.��� Both Re
publicans and Democrats are claim
ing for their respective candidates a
complete victory in thi. state. Republicans have anounced the complete
figures of the poll of 551 out of 10111
precincts in the state, which gives
them a majority of 7757 over the entire opposition. The remaining precincts it is asserted, will give them
over 12,000. The Democrats refuse to
anuoiince their poll but say that Bryan will carry the state by 10,000 and
that the entire state ticket from governor down will go in by over 15,000
London, Nov. S.��� The Brussels cor
respondent of The Standard says that
the Transvaal agency there has received information that former president Kruger is seriously ill on the
Dutch warship (leiderlands. on which
he is journeying to Europe. This report
is probably another version of tho recent report that Mr. Kruger was suffering from sea sickness.
The annual meeting of the Black
cock (Ymir) Gold Mining Company
was held at the orlice of the company
Inst week and all the former ollieers
were re-elected. Following are some
extracts from tlio annual report,which
is of an encouraging nature: "As
soon as tlie sleighing sets in more ore
will be shipped to the smelter. During the past year much Important
work lias been carried on in connection with the Blackcock mine. Tbe
principal work on the property, some
of which was carried out prior to
the acquisition of the mine by the
company, consists of two shafts respectively 65 feet and 110 feet, witli
drifts and crosscuts therein amounting to ubout a further 100 feet. There
is also In addition about 000 foot of
tunneling and a number of open cuts,
crosscuts, small shafts, stupes, etc.
These various workings indicate the
existence of a largo and valuable body
of gold-bearing ore.
"In March and April last two carloads of ore were shipped to tlie
Northport smelter. These shipments
aggregated 42 tons 7H2 pounds of ore.
and returned to the company tho net
sum of 81,-1(10.4-1,o. an average of over
(88 per ton net. This is an extremely
satisfactory return.    It mny he stated
that there aro also considerable quantities of milling ore on tlio various
dumps nt tho mine, and thai prior to
the incorporation of the e_iii| my between .on ami 300 tons of high grade
ore was shipped from   the   mine.    All
work hns been carried on in un economical manner nnd it is hoped that
before long the finances of the company will permit of further active development. "The expenditure of u
comparatively Small amount of money
will, it is believed, develop the Blackcock mine iu such a manner us to enable it to he a steady producer. The
property is admirably situated on a
wagon road, only about live mi]eg
from   tlie   Viuir   railroad   depot,   and
with an abundant water and timber
Are boots nnd shoos any cheaper'.'
I Ins the price of hats gone down'.'
How much loss does it cost to buy a
What   Is  the  present cost of   linen
and cotton us compared witll 1806?
Is thread   now   cheaper than it wns
four veins ago'.1
How much less do   you pay for pins
and needles'.'
How much did you pay for your last
new ourtain?
Is tinware
the l.il
ilow much has been knocked off the
price of crockery'.1
lias the prioe of   sewing   mueliin
been greatly reduced'.1
aware cheaper than it wuh when  ���������
berals were in op position?
Spokane Mining Stock Exchange
This morning's Spokane quotations
ns received from The Miner's special
Lone Pine Surprise.
Hales���Lone Pino,
2r,() at 8 H :
ini,' Glory, 16(10 at (i
:'., ; Princess
2_<l nt 17. _.
We Are Still |
Talking   1
We still have left a few of those Handsome
Jackets of which we told you last week, and they too
are going at Bargain Prices. We would particularly draw your attention to a
nicely finished Beaver Cloth
Jacket, stitched with silk at	
When things are "tbe best" they
become "the best selling." Abraham
Hare, a lending druggist, of Belleville, (��.. writes: "Electric Hitters
nre the best selling Hitters 1 have
handled in 2(1 years." You know
why'.1 Most diseases begin in disorders
of stomach, liver, kidneys, bowels,
blood and nerves. Electric Hitters
tones up the stomach, regulates tho
liver, kidneys and bowels, purifies
the blood, strengthening the nerves
hence cures multitudes of maladies
It builds up the entire system, l'nts
new life aud vigor into any weak,
sickly, run down man or woman.
Price fit) cents.   Sold by the Canada
Drug ,*.- Hook Co.
.lust received at J. A. McDonald's
a shipment of "Gentleman in Khaki,"
"Lord Roberta," "Buller," "Kitchener," and the "Tartan Plaid" candy
boxes, which when filled with our
choice candies, cannot bo equalled as
a gift for the fail uiium.
Visit  Florence Park Hotel at Koi
crts' Ranch, two mid a   half miles up
the river. W. M. Roberts, proprietor.
in Dress
We have gathered together
for tomorrow some of our
most desirable Dress Fabrics,
and a prices very exceptional.
PLAIDS. These are very
choice, pretty for children's
dresses, waists, etc. Our
price 25 cents per yard.
in all the new mixed shades,
very stylish for ladies' skirts,
they are in great demand.
Scotch Wool P l a i o s.
Clans Maedonald, McKin-
tosh, Gordon, Cameron, etc.
Kerr & Co.
BAKU- Htiikrt, Nhi-hon.
The Liberals, when they were in
Opposition, distinctly promised that
they would reduce the cost of    living.
Have they kept this promise?
Let the workman ask his wife if tho
household expenses   nre nny   less now
than they were in 1890,
Do groceries cost loss than they did
in 189(1?
How much has tho price of a loaf of
bread been reduced'.1
TO < 1 III   A  < 01 l��  I.V  o\l    IM 1
Tako Laxi.lv. Itronin Quinine Tablet*.   All
druKKl f - refund tlie monoy If It fiiiln In cure.
Ifo,  K W. Orov�� ��� Mk'uatm. la oa ox.li box 1
Atlantic S. S. Lines.
From Montreal
Hunvor Uno  IWonlfor,, Nov n;
Bo&viir I-iiH! i.uku Obamplftln Nov 88
Allun l-iiio Tunisian Nov 11
Dominion  Une Cumin..man Nov 10
From Portland, Mo.
Allan Lino Nurniillun  NOV88
Dominion Line Vanoouvor Nov94
From lii.iir.ix
Dominion Lint: vanoouvor .Nov 'J,.
From Now York
Ourara Lino I.tieanin Nov 17
(Jiinnnl Lino Umliriii  Nov M
White 8Ul1' Line Gonimiilc, Nov ll
Whito Star Lino Majestic Nov 21
Amuricnn Uno Now York  Nov 81
Kort   ���*.��_��� Uno WoHtcriiliinil Nov'Jl
N. (J. I_. Line Triive Nov 20
Anchor Lino Anchorhi Nov 24
French Line Ut Lorraine Nov 22
Allan Htatfl Llno.Slatoof NebruHkn....Nov 17
From Host on
Dominion Line Commonwealth  Novu
Ciinnrtl Line Ivornia Nov 17
r.i i -i i 11 -i nrcri lo ni,-! from all Kuroponn
point* For nil-nnt lleke.N anrt full in (..mini ton
atijily lo ('. I*. K. depot Went or II, L. Drown
City Pawenifor AKcnt, NoIhoii, It, (\
W.I \ K. ( I'MMlNdS,
GouorM A Kent, C.IML Uiilcec, Winnipeg
Then we have the Finest Kersey  Cloth   Jacket
with storm   collar,   stitched
with silk, box back
/e wouiu   particu-
rversey  Cloth   Jacket
We have many other Handsome Jackets rang- 3
���^ ing in price between these two, and can suit any _\
S^  pocketbook. _3
| MartinO'Reilly&Co. J
We have been instructed by Mrs. Catherine Finnerty to se!
by   public   auction   the   contents   of   seven-room   house,
Bedroom Sets, Parlor Set, Dining
Room  Furnishings,  Stoves,  Etc,
Wednesday, November 7th
At 2 O'clock P. M.
On the premises, on Carbonate Street, second house east of
Josephine Street.
Chas. A. Waterman & Co.
Full Returns of the Elections in the
United States will be received by special
wire on  TUESDAY   NIGHT  at the
/L -aUsmO cUiy^ Afrt-A/t
��� MM HI     Ull II Hill��� �����'    Alt    "'���    '"��� "
Room 1, Tor-or-B__c.li Blook.
Houses and Building Lots in All Parts
of the Oity.
Five nix. novo, and oIkIiI room housca for
.tic, t. Liny pur cunl bulow uout.
Canada Permanent and Western Canada Mortgage
head office toronto,  ont.
Money to toon on Straight Mortgage,
Apply to U. U LENNOX, Bailor  St.,


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