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Nelson Daily Miner Feb 9, 1901

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| Newspaper in the Koo- J
5 tenays. Established I
I    eleven years ago*... i
A Miner want ad. will \
make it known to all \
Nelson and Kootenay
Daily Edition No q57
Nelson,   British  Columbia. Saturday,   February q,  1901
Eleventh  Year
'mi no
The Official Mail of the Commander-in-Chief
Has Now Been G-azetted-The Interesting Recitals Leave Several Vexed
Points Still Unsettled.
were false.    The greatest uproarensu-
1 ed and the sitting was suspended. On
iibrirv M11        '   reeumptiou of  business,   lie   suid
'8>Uoo 1 observations were mostly  bypoth-
.   cal.    Be did not wish  to   roilect on
Kndroy's honor, but   if the latter desired other Mitislnetion he would willingly   oblige   hiin.    Kndroy   said   he
thought he had tho right   to some But-
isfuetion und explanation.
Loudon, Feb. 8.���Public attention
bas again been turned to South Africa
by the despatch of reinforcements
and the publication of Lord Roberts'
mail despatches. Humors have been
circulated that Mr. Chamberlain had
reconsidered his South Afiican policy,
and was contemplating a round table
conference witb John Morley and Sir
William Vernon Harcourt, and the
recall of Sir Alfred Mllner. The Daily
Mail, however, says lt is able to assert on Mr. Chamberlain's authority,
that tbe whole story is a lubrication
and that the government retains the
most absolute confidence in Sir Alfred Milner.
"Mr. Chamberlain flatly denies,"
Bays the Daily .Mail, "that he has had
any communication either verbal or
written with any member of the opposition on the subject of the war."
I Lord Roberts' despatches  in the pa
nel's are not   regarded   as giving   any
further elucidation  of  the oonduot of
1 tbe war, but tbey are   interesting   as
proving that throughout the campaign he never had sufficient men,
horses, or supplies to cover such a
vast field of operations.
Looking at all the circumstances,
Lord Roberts says the campaign is
unique in the annals of war, and pays
tne nlghest tribute to the gallantry
and worth of the troops, declaring
tbat "no finer force ever took the field
under the British flag."
There is a general idea that, the despatches have suffered considerable
excision at the bands of the war office.
They do not throw any further light
on the summary retirement of General
Colvllle, or any other matters regarding which the public is anxious to
The appearance of bubonic plague
at Capetown seems likelv to add to the
difficulties of the situation. The authorities there have decided upon a
wholesale extermination of rats.
Should the disease spread, it will
necessitate changes in the military
Today, Sir Alfred Milner makes
another earnest appeal to employers
to allow as many men as possible
to enroll in the colonial mounted defence force. From Delagoa Bay it is
reported that the British bave occupied Ermelo and Carolina which until
recently were Boer depots. The Boers
held up a Natal mail train near Vluk-
fontein. The few soldiers on bourd
exhausted their cartridges and the
Boers then robbed the passengers, afterwards allowing the train to proceed.
Lord Roberts' detailed mall despatches ranging from February 6th
to November 15lh, 1B00, were gazetted
this afternoon. They fill 157 quarto
pages and make up the official history
of the war, although without throwing new light upon several inteiesting
disputed subjects Buch as the Sannas
Post affair.
Hundreds of officers, non-commissioned offlceis and'men are favorably
mentioned, including Lord Kitchener, who is referred to in warm terms.
Sir Bedvers Buller comes in for criticism. The first despatch undertakes
to "give a concise account of the
state of affairs In South Africa on my arrival on January 10." It describes the foroes aB
much scattered. "1 decided to leave
General Holler with a free hand in
Natal, but otherwise to remain on the
defensive until reinforcements arrived
and until the transport had been organized." Hefound no transport corps
existing. The colonial forces had not
been sufficiently used, and Cape Colony was restless.
Writing from Jacobsdal, on Febru
ary 16, Lord Roberts says: "General
Buller on Februaiy 6 wired that he
bad pierced the enemy's lines but that
to drive the enemy across the Lady-
smith plain would cost from 20,000 to
30,000 men. I replied that he must
relieve Ladysmith even at that cost.
Buller telegraphed on February 9
that he was not strong enough to relieve Ladysmith without reinforcements, and regarded the operation in
which he was enguged as impracticable. I replied that my instructions
must hold."
In the course of a sketch of the capture of General Oronje, the occupation
of Bloemfontein and the long wait
there, he wrote: "The enemy knew
exactly.how we were situated and had
accurate information ns to the coudi-
iton of our supplieH transports, artillery and cavalry horses, nnd they regained courage."
Tbe marches to Johannesburg and
Pretoria were uneventful as described
by Lord Roberts, his chief concern
being to provision the array. "We
were practloally living from hand to
mouth." he wrote, "and at times had
not even one day's rations to the
He finds that no specific blame can
be attached to Colonel Broadwood in
the Sannas Post affair as "the disaster was mainly due to the failure of the
patrol at Boesman's kop to warn their
comrades that an ambush was prepared." Tbe officer who was pluced in
command of the patrol is not mentioned.
Writing from Johannesburg on November 15 he said : "With the occupation of Kooroatipoort and the dispersal of Louis Botha's army the organized resistance of the two republics
may be said to huve ceased, but tnere
still remains much for the army in
South Africa to do to meet conditions
of guerrilla warfare with forces broken up into small columns and operating over an area laiger than France,
Germany and Austria combined."
Incorporated with the despatches
are reports from subordinate commanders, including the narrative of
General Baden-Powell, who says the
newspaper correspondents gave him
much trouble, as the enemy received a
great deal of information bb to our
circumstances in Mafeking from the
Sir George White gives an account
of the siege of Ladysmith and of the
struggle of the population and the
garrison against starvation and enteric fever.
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Two of Them Sue For Libel and Other
London.. Feb. 8.���The King's bench
division of the high court of justice
today found in favor of Victor Michael
Ruthven, described as an ex-priest, in
a libel suit brought ugainst Emil de
Bom, a Catholic priest, for circulating
a leaflet averring that Ruthven's lectures were indecent. Forty shillings
damages were awarded. The court
found in favor of De Bom, respecting
the publication of Ruthven's record,
copied from the Cleveland Universe,
of March 1, 1805.
The Hev. J. G. Paton, a Presbyterian missionary of New Hebrides, testified that Ruthven's real name was
Riordsn and that he had given evidence against him In America where
he was sentenced to a year's imprisonment for swindling In 1895,a man well
known in America.
The court also rendered a verdict in
favor of the Rev. Bernard Spink, who
was sued for libel by the Rev. Tuber-
ville Cory Thomas.of Chicago, formerly a pastor at Ishperaing, Mich., on
the ground of having imputed immoral conduct.
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Business Men Have Been Dealing With
Manila, Feb. 8.���Since the arrest of
Theodore Cabranza and D. M. Carman,
a former Californian, who are charged with furnishing supplies to aid the
insurgents. Evidence has been rapidly
developing tending to show that not
the Carman company alone, but many
business men in Manila have been
having relations with the   insurgents.
The secret service officers today
brought from Pagsanjan, three natives, members of the general Cailles insurgent committee in that district.
The papers found on them were so
personally incriminating that they
were led to divulge damaging information concerning Carman and others
not arrested.
One of them acknowledged he wus
Carman's partner in insurgent trading. The police learned that Fabellu
an ex-president, and an ully uf Carman's in his Lagune de Bay dealings
has $10,000 in insurgents money deposited in the Spanish Filipino bunk
at Manila. The officers confiscated
this money. Manager Balbaso, of th 3
bank, who had loaned Carman considerable money without security is
under suspicion. New batches ot incriminating evidence were received
by the provost marshal   today.
General Young, the commander of
Northwestern Luzon, is to return to
the United States. General Bell, tbe
provost marshal of Manila, will succeed him.
Buila Pest, Feb. 8.���In the lower
house of the Diet today, a member of
the opposition, Endroy, having charged the minister of justice with foic-
ing the judicial authorities at Marosh-
Vasaihely to support the ministerial
candidate in tbe election, the minister declared tbat Endroy's statements
Invitation to Returned "Volunteers By
tho Government.
Victoria, Feb. 8.���Writs for the
Vancouver unci Nnnuimo bye-elections
were issued today. The nomination
will take place Monday, Feb. 18, and
the elections on the following day.
The government having been unable
to get addresses of all returned South
African volunteers, a general invitation haB been issued through the press
for tbem to join the guard of honor at
the opening of the legislature. The
volunteers are aBked to communicate
with tlie government by wire. All
expenses will be paid.
The Dominion government closed
their case before the supreme court
in re Dendmsn Isliind, und counsel
for Mr. Ludgate decided to accept a
decision as between the two governments, and offered no evidence as to
his claim.
Athabasca  Plant Is Nearly
Creole Group Is Looking Well.
Miscellaneous Mining
as  1
9>��4h*9x*9x*9x*^>x��%��9<*9"9''9 �����>�����
(Special  to The Miner.)
Vancouver, Feb. 8.���It
decided at n big meeting tonight
to raise an additional three
thousand dollars to the Australian guarantee of three thousand and to send a British Columbia lacrosse team to Australia. Victoria, New Westminster, Nanaimo, Nelson and
Rossland will be nsked to appoint delegates to join the Vancouver delegates in waiting on
the British Columbia legislature with a request to subscribe
tho necebsary funds.
- xTav .  H^^, ,, tm\it m% it Mil is% n tkm     ma
Boring     For    Oil���Bicycle    Bylaw-
Indians Petition Government.
Vancouver, Feb. 8.���A number of
prominent Vancouver citizens led by
11. W, Treat and Thos. Dunn, have
purchased 400 acres of land at the
Bcene of the recent oil discoveries in
Washington state, and are confident of
making "big" money. They have
syndicated their interests and have
sold 40 shares at several hundred do]-
Inrs a share, and will commence to
bore at once.
A bicycle by-law has passed the city
council and hereafter all bicycles
will be taxed SI a year a��*d tagged.
The bylaw further provides numerous
rules which must he kept by the rider
on pain of his losing his licence. Both
hands and both feet must be on the
handle bar and pedals when the wheel
is in motion. No children must be
carried. No more than two wheelmen must go abreast. A lantern must
be carried after sundown. Euch
wheelman is supplied with a tag for
his wheel whicli he muBt have riveted
The Indians who are in the habit of
fishing along the Fraser for the ean-
nerH every year were induced by tbe
white fishermen last year to join their
unions, as a consequence there wub a
strike und the Indians not having sold
fish in uny numbers have been in dire
distress during ihe winter. The Indian chiefs have now laid their grievances before the Canadian overnmeut
asking that a fair price be fixed for
fish, and that something be done to
prevent the Japanese overrunning the
river uud taking the source of their
livelihood away from them.
(SI>ICCI��.*L TO Till*  UIMOil.)
Vancouver,    Feb.    8.���Vancouver   is
Buffering from a log   famine   us   well
as a   vexatious   scarcity   of   potatoes
and hard   coal.    On the 10th of   February a   steamer- is   due in Vancouver
to load lumber for a foreign port; the
mills will have difficulty in completing
her eargo. Owing to the slack demand
and   poor   prices     for   logs,   coupled
with a long stretch of wet.cold wenth-
er, loggers became disgusted all along
the const and closed down their cnmpB.
As   shipping   rates    were   high   und
charters   few   and far   between, local
mill men were unable  to give the loggers any   encouragement, but realised
when the supply of logs ran   out   that
they were unprepared   to meet the demand   for lumber   made   upon   them.
In   the   meantime   American   loggers
crosBed   the   line   and   started io log,
and   as  there   is  no duty on  logs  u
large business   i��   being done by   the j
Americans   who   rnft   the   log*)    into
Washington state.    The principal log-1
gers now doing business here are Mul- j
Iny and Larkin who own two mills in
Washington   state, and   Mr.     Larkin I
who   is. superintending   the work   ifl j
steadily   shipping large ^quantities of !
logs to Blaine.    In   the   meantime lo-1
cul mill owners   aro sending ugentfi to
ail   the   boss   loggers    offering   them :
special   inducements to start up their j
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always brings results, ,
E. Nelson Fell, manager of the Athabasca mine, was  in   the  city yester-
i day on business. Matters are progressing smoothly at tho mine.and the mill
runs for the past   two months, which
| wil be issued shortly, will be well up
| to the standard of (lie  past year. The
' cyanide   plant at the mine   is   almost
completed   and   shiuld    be in   steady
operation within   She   next fortnight.
The stump mill has! been closed   down
| for a duy or two   while the   necessary
'collections with the cyanide   building
were made. The  final  details   of  the
j transfer of   the Exchequer property to
! the Athabascu mine, Ltd,   are  understood to be complete and the Athabas-
i cu shares due the owners of Exchequer
stock   on account of   the transfer will
liKely   be   distributed   within a short
time.    While   no   announcement   has
been made on the subject it is thought
that nothing will be done   in   the direction of resuming work at   the   Exchequer until spring when the weather conditions will   be more favorable.
The first step after the resumption   of
work on the   property   will   probably
be the erection of  a  tramway to convey ore to the Athabasca   mill   where
the   product   will   be   treated   by the
Same process used in the reduotion   of
Athabasca ores, a  preliminary stamping operation, with the cyanide plant
for handling   the   concentrates.    It is
believed tlmt  the   Exchequer ore will
be amenable to this process.
Excellent reports are to hand from
the Creole group on Lemon creek,own
ed by P. W. George of Nelson and
partners. The property is located a
couple of miles up stream from Lemon
creek siding and includes four claims.
A well defined ledge crosses the
group carrying oxidized tellurium in
wbich the values frequently run high.
A tunnel has been driven on tbe vein
for 500 feet exposing a strong lead.
Assays have been had from surface
specimens as high as ��15.! in gold and
70 ounces of silver, while in the tunnels specimens bave been taken which
ran $585 in gold and $102 in silver.
The ownerB bavn had a number of offers to bond but up to date bave retained their interests. Some 40 tons
of high gr; vie ore are now on the
dump and it is possible that a trial
shipment may be made shortly.
Messrs. Procter and Fishburn returned last night from Blairmore
where they spent most of the week In
going over their coal property. The
result of their inspection of the work
done since their previous visit was
eminently satisfactory and both gentlemen are thoroughly satisfied that
in the Blairmore coal fields they have
the biggest ooal proposition in the
west. Sir J. Gait,who Ib prominently
identified with the Lethbrldge mines
visited Blairmore early in the week
with a party of friends aboard a special train, and spent a day going over
the ground.
Fifteen men are at work on the
property now, and the operations are
of un exploratory nature, designed
to determine with some measure of
accuracy the exact extent of the
scums. Tinee tunnels ure being driven, all of which uie in solid ooal, the
quality of which appears to improve
as the work gets beyond tbe point
where thu elements have reached the
deposits. To further establish the
widtli of the various seams, Mr. Fish-
burn laid out a crosscut tunnel to
start on one side of the hill and crosscut ull the known seams. As the veins
are close together the task of oross-
culting will necessitate only a comparatively short tunnel.
Ab already stated the work now un-
derwuy is largely for exploration purposes but us ull the tunnels are in coal
a considerable amount of the product
will be mined in the ordinary course
of development. It is proposed to
ship on a small scale first, probably
live cars per day, certainly not less. If
worked for commercial purposes solely the property would produee 20 cars
per day at the present time, but the
owners prefer to confine their attention largely to development for tne
present at least. Bunkers and screens
for handling the coal are to be erected
at once, the site chosen being at tbe
iiMnn.li of the one crosscut tunnel.
From here to the railroad is an easy
grade, tho contract rate for delivering
coul at the track being 00 cents per
ton. Eventually bunkers on a very
large scale will be erected, the management having in view a daily output of not less than 100 cars.
Several hundred pounds of specimens were brought down from the
mine for exhibition and test purposes.
The samples include steaming, coking and blacksmith's coal. The latter
is of special interest Inasmuch a* good
blackmail's coal is difficult  to secure
and is in considerable demand. The
English article now in the market sells
at $2(i per ton, and blackiniths in tbe
Blairmore district state that the product from one of the seams on the
Blairmore ground Is equal in every
respect to the English coal. This
promise to be a strong factor in the
future of the property. A quantity
of the blackmith's coal will be
brought to Nelson for testing about
the 20th Instant.
The owners have in view tbe establishment of coke ovens at the property. The demand for coke is lame
and will grow constantly as the smelting industry extends.
The properties listed and samples of
ore received recently at the Prospectors' Exchange, K.-W.-C. block are us
Copper-gold ore from the Copper
Plate claim, Nelson district: Rainy
Day Fraction group, Ymir district;
Wheel of Fortune claim, Wild Horse
creek, Ymir district j Dolocoath group,
Ymir district; silver lead ore from
the High Grade group, Toby creek,
Windermere district; gold ore, Rose-
berg group, Big Bend country; Rocket claim, Revelstoke; Florence group,
McCulloch creek, Big Bend country;
Golden Hill claim, Columbia river,
Big Bend; O. K. and Mayflower
groups, French creek, Big Bend; Williamson group, free milling, Arrow
Lake; Donnelly group, free milling,
East Kootenay; free milling gold ore
from Slocan City.; silver-lead ore from
Lemon creek, Slocan.
H. E. Price, of Quebec, was registered at the Hotel Phair last night en
route to Greenwood. He is a brother
of the well known Quebec millionaire
who is one of the principals in the
Standard Pyritic Smelting and Standard Copper companies, and his mission to the west is in connection with
the smelter enterprise at Greenwood.
Mr. Price states that the most important feature of the company's programme is the approaching commencement of operations at Boundary
Falls where the new smelter is located. Tbe date for this event is placed
at March 1, and it is expected that
everything will be in shape by that
Harry B. Perks, superintendent of
the Kaslo group on Cody ereek, operated by George Gurd of Nelson in the
interests of an eastern syndicate, is
iu the city today on business. He
states that a carload of ore from the
Kaslo has just been shipped to Trail.
The ore was ot excellent -juallty and
should run "high. The property is
looking well and development is being
continued steadily.
Jan. 31.���Power of attorney, J. Dorcas to 8. Newswander. J. Doieas to J.
J. Fleutot, all interest in Rose, consideration 81. Feb. 1.���John Turner
to Ellen Turner, all interest in Copper Star, Rodney, Delhi, Mollie and
Delaimar, consideration $1. Feb. 4.
���G. Anderson to J. H. Werely, half-
interest in Ophir, consideration 8/1. A.
Jacobson to J. H. Werely, quarter interest in Boxer, consideration 81.
Assessments.���Feb. 5.���Korea by F.
L. Fitcb.
Locations.���Jan. 31.���White Line
on Kootenay Lake by F. P. Marquis.
Feb. 1.���Moonlight, on Shroeder
creek, by A. Johnson. Feb. 6���American Flag, Crawford Bay, by W. N.
and W. Eakin.
��� ������  *
Yesterday's mining records were:
Transfers,the Safeguard and Canadian
Belle No. 2 on Keno oreek by H. E.
Croasdaile to Q. W. B. Heathcote.
Certificate of work, to T. G. Uamblin
on the Westward Ho.
Big Cash Offer From   English
cate May Be Taken.
Vancouver, Feb. 8.���The Britannia
Copper syndicate held their annual
meeting this week,over 80 per cent, of
the stock being represented. The
three-tenths Interest held by the original owner, Mr. A. J.Boscowit of Victoria, was absorbed by the company
and Mr. Boscowit taken into the company. This property is rather famous
owing to the fact that so many oilers
ranging from half a million dollars
cash to a mllli*. - and a half dollars In
cash und.equivuleiit in stock huve been
refused In spite of the faet that the
proper' v haB not been worked to any
extent,and the tremendous copper-gold
showing is all on the surface, one side
of a high blnff being all in ore. During tbe progress of the meeting three
more offers were made for the property. One from the Elliott syndicate
of San Francisco, one from a local
syndicate led by J. II. Adums of
Butte, Montana, and one from the
Valentine-Scott syndicate of London.
The latter offer The Miner correspondent is in a position to state positively, was ��160,000 cash, pnyable to
the Britannia mine representative in
person on his arrival in London it his
earliest convenience. It is thought
altogether probable that the company
will accept this cash offer and the
claims will pass Into the hands of a
wealthy syndicate with unlimited
means who are prepared to spend at
once a million dollars in development.
The properties are situated on Howe
Sound, but a short distance from Vancouver.
Do you want some fine stationery-
letter paper and envelopes���with the
name of your home or "Nelson, B.
C," printed thereon? The Miner can
���upply you.
Ghat With F. E. Hobbs. Mechanical Superintendent
of the C.P.R.
Nelson Will Be the Headquarters for All, Engine
"The C. P. P.. power in the Kootenay and Boundary is today in perfect
condition and cannot be surpassed on
any division of the system for effec-
tivenesB. Every locomotive is in first
class working order and can be relied
upon to the utmost degree of its power in any emergency," Ib the very satisfactory summary of the situation
given by F. E. Hobbs, mechanical
superintendent for the Pacific division. Mr. Hobbs is one of the very
busiest railroad men who ootne into
Nelson. On his shoulders is the re-
ponsibility of 84 locomotives, not to
mention the big repair shops ut Revelstoke where 115 mechanics are employed.
Mr. Hobbs has been in thia province
since 1880, however, and has grown up
with the country. More than this he
has kept in advance of the times and
has advanced ideas of the future of
the inland. Ilia statement regarding
the condition of the 24 locomotives in
use in the Kootenay and Boundary
division means much to those who are
aware of the conditions prevailing
here. The sharp curves and heavy
grades Incidental to railroading in
the districts specified shorten the usefulness of a locomotive by one-third
in comparison with the conditions in
other portions of the province and to
have the entire 24 engines in perfect
working order at one time is a record
of whicli the C. P. R. men are pardonably proud.
The mechanical department bas
to made marked progress in the district
operated from Nelson during the last
few months. At the present time there
are 15 locomotives on the Boundary
division and nine on this side of the
Columbia. One of the spokes in the
wheel of progress has been the building of the new roundhouse, turntable
and coal pockets at the depot,the ideas
for Yfbich'were drafted by Mr. Hobbs.
He regards the facilities *iow available as the best In the province and
expresses the opinion that the exigencies of the service are provided for
the next two years, at the expiru-
tion of which time the company will
undoubtedly be compelled to make
further provision by reason of the
additional business which will undoubtedly have grown up in the interim. The coal pockets, which will
shortly be in operation at the yards
are a special hobby of the master mechanic and their usefulness cannot be
contradicted. The pockets are arranged to hold quantities of coal ranging
from two tons upwards. When an engineer wants fuel he bucks his "mill"
to the pocket containing the desired
amount, releases the trap door in the
bottom of the pocket und couIb his
engine in three minutes instead of a
couple of hours as wub formerly the
case. Coal pockets have been erected
at Eholt and at Smelter Junction
where the scheme operates most successfully In saving time and labor.
An interesting change has been
made in connection witli the servico
on the Rossland hill by the introduction of the Shay engine, No. Ill, to
take the pluee of the ordinary locomotives formerly used on that grade.
The Shay, with its remarkable departures from the ordinary stile of construction, has done splendid service.
Witb it a load of 285 tons is hauled
on the hill in tho same running time
occupied by the best engine on the division of ordinary build In hauling
132 tons, in addition to which the
Shay economizes in coal, water and
labor. The success of No. Ill on the
IloBslund hill has been Bo marked that
the management  proposes to displace
the Moguls now in use on the Kicking Horse Pass grades with locomotives of the Shay pattern. This will
bo interesting rending to railroadmen
as it is probably thu first time the
statement lias appealed in press.
According to Mr. Hobbs the com
pletion of the bridge across the Columbia will bo of prime importance
to Nelson. In the rlrflt Jplnee it will
hrlng about the construction here of
a thoroughly equipped machine shop
capable of handling all the repairs for
the 24 or more locomotives whicli will
then be running on the two divisions, To handle, this work, a considerable stall' of skilled mochunics will
be required, anil practically all the
work now going to Kcelstoke will
be done in this city. Tho plans for
the building arc already decided upon.
It will be located immediately behind and adjoining the round house
to which it will be connected by two
trackB. Furthermore Nelson will be
headquarters for all the locomotive
crews on tbo two divisions, except the
Bossland hill crew. This will locate
more than twice the number of highly
paid railroad men In Nelson than are
now residing here, a fact which will
materially benefit the city.
Mr. Hobbs goes ncross the river
tonight on business and returns to
Revelstoke in a day or two.
How a  Peace  Envoy Was
Shot Down in Gold
Gen. Dewet Was Present and
Gave the Gowardly
Bloemfontein, Feb. 2.���(Saturday)
���An influential burgher gives some
details regarding the treatment of
the peace envoys who went to General
Dewet's laager. It seems that they
were ordered to remain with a cart
until the mules arrived as the Boers
were breaking laager in the expectation of a British attack in the morning. Commandant Kroneiuau came
up and asked them why they had not
inspanned. Norgendael replied that
they had been ordered to wait for the
mules, whereupon the lioer commandant immediately sjamboked Morgen-
dael on the head and face and said lie
felt inclined to shoot him.
General Dewet coining up at the moment said, "Why dou't you shoot
him?" At this Froneman tired at the
envoy who died of the wound. Mueller and_another envoy were sjamboked
Duke and Ducbeso   of   York Have Not
Abandoned Their Voyage.
Toronto, Feb. 8.���The Globe this
morning publishes a special London
cable saying that Australia after all
will not be disappointed. Accompanied by tho Duchess, the Duke of Cornwall and York will leave England
about tbe end of March in time to
reach Australia early in May. Their
royal highnesses will make the voyage
in the Ophelia which will be converted for the occasion into a royal yacht,
and will be escorted by a couple of
Tbe King is evidently determined to
walk In the footsteps of his illustrious
mother and to show the people of the
colonies that his message to them on
ascending the throne was written in
all sincerity. His majesty is aware
how eminently desiiuble it is for tho
good of the stata that the heir to the
throne should become personally acquainted with the. Australian people.
The royal decision not to abandon the
voyage paves the way lor Impeiial
federation. It is rumored that the
Duke and Duchess of Cornwall will
also visit Canada and the United
You should'nt send out of town for
cards for yourself or your husband
until you see what The Miner can do
lor you.
Counter   Proposals   Will   Shortly   Be
Submitted By Great Brituin.
London, Feb. 8.���It is learned by a
representative of the Associated Press
that a reply will be shortly sent to the
United States Nicaragua" canal project. It will not comply with the senate's demands. Neither will it be in
the nature of a flat refusal, though
for purposes of immediate construction it will be tantamount to such a
refusal. It will consist, mainly, in
a counter proposal or proposals likely
to necessitate extended negotiations.
The nature of the proposal is not yet
Toronto, Feb. 8. ���I). II. Andrews,
manager of the Canada Land and
Hanch Co, Crane Lake, N. W. T.. is
here and wants to buy 1,000 yearling
cattle. He finds it diffloult to obtain
them. Premier Itoblin is here to confer with the Ontario government concerning the Bainv river mining district. He is anxious to make arrangements to prevent Wild cat mining
schemes from being unloaded on the
Brussels, Feb. 8,��� In the Chamber
of Deputies today a petition inviting
Belgium to offer to arbitrate between
Great Britain and the Transvaal was
debated at some length. The foreign
minister, M. II. Maverreau, said tne
government did not object to the petition being referred to a committee,
but thev considered the authors of the
petition miBtook the meaning of artl
cle 27 of The Hague convention undir
which It was desired to act.
London, Feb. 8.���The treasury invites tenders for an issue of ���811,000,-
000 of Exchequer bonds with interest
at 3 per cent. They will be dated
March 7, 11)01, and are repayable at
par December 7, 10U5. The list opens
on February 11.
Are you in wane.'    If you   are,   tell
the people, through The   Miner   want
column, what   you  are  in   want   of,
I You'll get it. ���rJ-J��*...*iW*tl��lllWMiri*W
���' i
Nelson  Daily Miner, Saturday,   Februray 9, 1900
mm��; ��� m m*9mp��ymmVTm*
The Nelson Miner
Published   Every   Morning  Except  Monday
���by tuk���
LiMiTBn Liability.
With the announcement that Mr.
C. A. Gregg has assumed the editorial
control of the Nelson Miner something may appropriately be said regarding the future policy of the paper. A strenuous endeuvor will be
made to make The Miner a newspaper
worthy of Nelson and the Kootenays.
It will have but one mission���the
publication of all legitimate news
and the exercising of every effort to
advance the interests of the district
in which it is published. Nelson ib
big enough and Kootenay important
enough to support in an excellent
fashion a thoroughly up-to-date newspaper. But it must be a newspaper���
not an organ.
Like everything else, running a
newspaper is a business proposition.
The Miner can only hope to succeed
by observing that truism���and it intends to do so. It thinks it can adequately represent Nelson and Kootenay and hopes that its efforts in that
direction may meet with the recognition and support at the hands of tbe
public which they deserve.
All that is asked is that The Miner
may be given "a fair field and no
favor." If in tbe past there has
been a laxity of persistent adhesion
to the broad policy above outlined,
shown in its conduct, the promise is
now given that there will be no cause
for complaint on that score in the
With these few explanatory remarks,
The Miner and its new editor now ask
for a friendly reception at the hands
of the people whose sympathy and support they hope to merit and receive.
pitying, nnd pitiless Richard; that
extraordinary compound of opposites,
and that pattern of knight errants
whose fortunes we delighted to follow. It is more us a lover, however,
he is now presented to us. Kings muy
be lovers as well us us more common
mortals, and this one excelled in his
expciience of the heart as be did in so
many other things. In his creation
of Jehave Mr. Hewlett has introduced
us to one of the noblest of women,
one who will ruuk high among the
best whom fiction Iiub given us. If lovers have a Heaven of their own, she
has long been exalted as a saint. It is
said that all the world loves a lover;
theie will be few readers of Richard
Yea-and-Nay, therefore, who will
not love Jehuvc. With its other merits, the book is unusually close to historical fact in the events which infuse
so much life into it. For sale by
Canada Drug tit Book Co.
One of These
Whittaker's Almanac.
The   N. Y . Wot  Almanac.
Canadian Almanac.
New  Vork Clipper  Annual.
Office Diaries, 1901.
The Great Boer War. By
A. Coiiaii Doyle. Cloth,
The Eldredge B. Sewing
Machine. (Ball Bearing.)
Canada Drug and
Book Co,, Ltd.
K.-W.-C.  BLOCK.
An interesting circumstance in connection with the growth and progress of Nelson is the fact that there
is no lack of appreciation shown by
the people of the coast and elsewhere
at the marvellous record'' made by the
metropolis of the Kootenays since
its municipal birth. Go where one
may on the coast and at distant outside points and inquire about Nelson
and the answer is immediately forth-!
coming "Nelson is all right; it is a
fine city���perhaps the most progressive
of its size in all Canada. " This is aB it
should be. Nelson thoroughly deserves
every word of praise which has ever
been uttered regarding it. Its business men are progressive and enterprising; its civic equipment up-to-date
in every particular and a credit not
only to Nelson but to Western Canada.
That it has a splendid future is admitted by all; and when that high
position among the large cities of the
west which awaits it has been attained, there will be no disposition to deny
that it lesulted mainly owing to the
pluck and enterprise shown by its citizens in the early days of its history.
Boy   Only   Union - Made   Shoes,
factory N? 88
This stamp used by tbe JOHN Mc-
PHER30N CO., Limited, of Hamilton,
the only Union factory in Canada.
The coast cities are to witness a
lively scramble among transportation
companies next season for the Yukon
traffic. It has been officially announced that the C. P. R has purchased
two very line steamers to be operated
on the route from Victoria and Vancouver to Hkagway. With the steamer
equipment it obtained in the purchase
of the Canadian Pacific Navigation Co.
the C. P. R. will now be In splendid
shape to meet Its American rlvalB in
the race for the rapidly growing carrying-trade witb the north.
Lord Kitchener has taken the trouble to deny the Btory circulated by a
South African editor that he Issued
instructions to his troops to take no
prisoners. Tbe yarn was obviously a
base calumny on the face of it. as all
who have Knowledge of Kitchener's
splendid reputation well know, but
perhaps it is well that the unscruplous
individual who printed the story
should be arrested and punished for
his misdemeanor. Kitchener's task Is
hard enough without his being continually subjected to lying statements
by enemies in the camp.
iCrow 6 Morris I
Flora de Vlneda f
Vallens 6 Co. t
Two choice  cigars, well known  ��
all over the world.
Will   give   most   enjoyment'^.to
people who know a good
? Tie Qui Clear Store
* BakBB Stiieet.
(By Maurice Hewlett. The Copp,
Clark Co, Limited, Toronto, publishers.)
Most of us have met Richard
.Lion-Heart in Ivanhoe and The Talisman, and have a fairly intimate acquaintance witb the character that
more than any other in the list of
English Kings lends itself to the fancies of the romancers. In Mr. Hewlett's book we bare tbe same headstrong,   violent,   magnificently  rash,
*li.^^.^fcn^.*ja,. JmAA m^wMs,m\^itWmx\,smmAS,m\^tSAmx%,m%
"A Earning Voice''
Ih tho title of nn IntcroHtlnj-i little book
that hhowH how
it, LOUT and lion It, may bo
It in Hent Kcuurely  ruled r plain envelope Freo, on i-uuelLit of /< HUtrnii for
We aro the leading HpcclallHU In
out-log ul) fn:;o.i ui' Kidney and bladder
Trouble. Hoxunl VV tmkneHu and linpo-
toney, HyphUH (junorrhu'.ft, Night
LoMWri, lileet and HU-lcture, quickly
nnd permanently. Wo havo cured
Ih-jiiHimU at their own hntnoH. All
lot torn kept "trhaly rivate ai-il an-
nwerod in plain (teafr t envelope. Consultation by mail fr o. Write today.
Sta  0, Ohicago. 111.
D. J. DEWAR, J. P.
Notary Publio, Oonvejanoer.
82,2.-)0 buyB 8-room house on Carbonate
st., central location.
82100 bays (food house on Silica Btreet,
near Kootenay.
81,550, good house near hospital.
82,000 buys good house with large   lot
in Hume addition.    Easy terms.
8000 buys two   lots,   100x120, on   Mill
3-room   house,     Stanley st. ���8 8 00
3-room house, Mill st  10 00
17-rooui house, Home  addit'm . SO DO
lis it Common Sense
to pay from $50 to ��65 for a
Sewing Machine
when half that amount will get one ?
If you have any idea of buying a machine
it will be dollars saved you to investigate the
merits of the
High arm, Vibrating Shuttle, Lock Stitch,
Light Running, fitted with Complete Set of
Attachments, and carries the Hudson's Bay
Company's Guarantee for Five Years,
i| THE  ��.
I Nelson 6iotiiino House |
Great Slaughter Sale for the
Next 30 Days.
1 From 10 to 25 Per Cent I
IN ordei to make room for Spring Gords I have
decided to sell for the next 30 days, all goods in
stock at greatly reduced prices. Al heavy
goods away down, cost not considered. And in
Clothing, Gent's Furnishings, Hats and Caps and
Boots and Shoes, I will give from 10% to 25% discount and all Rubber Goods at cost.
Now is the chance to partake of the best bargains in above mentioned goods ever offered in the
Koolenays. My stock is all new and up-to-date,
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the best opportunity to get good goods] at less than
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Four Drawers, with Top Quartered Oak, $30
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Complete  Electric Equipments for  Electric   Power   Transmission  and
Lighting for Mines, Towns, etc.    Electric Fixtures, Lamps,
Bells, Telephones, Annunciators, etc.
Houston Block.
Ladies' and Gents' Merchant Tailors and Dyers.
Suit* Made te Order, Gleaned, Dyed, Altered and Repaired.
Josephine St., Opposite Clarke Hotel.
Mall Orders Solicited.
P. O. Box 884
t? ��F
Put Us On
Your List...
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your  wants  perfectly.
Kirkpatrlck 8 Wilson
Canada Permanent and Wes-
tern Canada Mortgage
head office toronto, ont.
Money to loan on Straight Mortgage.
Apply to Q. Tx. LENNOX. Baker 8t
Pursuant   to   the   "Creditors'   Trust
Deeds Act" and   Amending Acta.
Notice is hereby given tbat John
Leask and Francis G. Bankin, carrying on business in the town of Cranbrook iu tbe Province of British Columbia, as tailors and men's outfitters
under the Arm and style of Leask tit
Rankin, by deed of assignment for the
benefit of creditors, bearing date the
7th day of January, 1901, made in
pursuance of the "Creditors' Trust
Deeds Act" and amending acts, have
granted and assigned unto Creighton
Ross Palmer, of Cranbrook, British
Columbia, clerk, all the personal estate, credits and effects of tbe said
John Leask und Francis G. Rankin,
and of each of them (both partnership
and private) which may be seized
and sold under execution and all tbeir
real estate and of each of them in
trust to pay the creditors of the said
Leask tit Rankin, ratably add proportionately tbeir just claims without
preference or priority according to
Tbe said deed of assignment was executed by tne said John Leask and
Francis C. Rankin, on the 7tli duy of
January, 11)01, and by the said Creigh
ton Ross Palmer on the 0th day of
January, 1901.
All persons having claims against
the said Leask St Rankin are required
to file with the trustee on or before
the 20th day ot January, 10U1, full
particulars of Ui.'ir claims duly verified, and the natio.K nf the securities.
if any, held by tlu-i...
And notice is hereby given thut after the said 20th day of January 1001,
the trustee will proceed to distribute the assets of the estate mining
the parties entitled thereto, having!,
regard to the claims only of which he
then shall have bad notice and that
he will not be responsible for the assets or any part thereof so distributed to any person or persons of whose
claiiii he shall not then have had notice.
A meeting of the creditors will be
held on (Saturday the 3Uth day ol January, 1001, at two o'clock In the ufter-
noon, at the offices of VV. V. (lurd,
solicitor, llaker street, CranbruoK,
B.   0.
Dated at Cranbrook, this 11th duy
of January, loin.
Solicitor for the Trustee.
Coal and Wood.
Agents Imperial 0U Oo. Ltd.
Crow's   Nest  Coal,   $6.15
Anthracite,    -    -    $10.76
No order can be accepted unless
accompanied by cash.
Office Corner Hall and Baker Streets.
China Hall
Telephone 261.
First Door West of C.P.B. Offices.
Brewerr ot Fine Lager
Beer and Porter,
Nel .on. B. 0.
Caveats, Designs, Copyrights and
Trade Marks obtained in Canada
and all foreign countries.
Boom 8, Bank of British North
America, Hastings Street, Vancouver.
Will pay the highest oash prioe for all
kinds of second band goods. Will boy
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needle. Furniture, stoves, carports,
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Snantities. Also oast off clothing.
tall and see me or write. Address
Silver King Mike, Boi 200. Hall
Htbm. Nolann.  P. O
Our pictures have all the charm of
the person. They are true as life,
yet without the fuults of nature.
Baker Street.
Could wo rotwl tho hearts of woman, what a
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NervouNnortd, Weakner-m, Baokaoho, Headache,
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muwm' * c*�� ut*, e cfcicagfr, iu*
Mention thU pftpr
Large number of Choice Building Lots adjacent to the line of their
Tramway.' For price and terms of sale apply at the office of the Company, Macdonald Block  corner of Josef hine and Vernon Streets.
A. V. MASON. Secretary.
Pursuant   to   the   "Creditors'   Trust
Deeds Act" and Amending Acts.
Notice is hereby given that George
Bremner, carrying on business on
Baker street in the town of Cranbrook
in the Province of British Columbia, under the firm and style of
George Bremner St Son, as general
merchants, by deed of assignment for
the benefit of creditors, bearing date
of tbe loth day of January, 1901, made
iu pursuance of the "Creditors' Trust
Deeds Act" and amending aets has
granted and assigned unto Hubert Edward Sherlock, of Lethbridge.Alberta,
North West Teiritories, merchant, all
his personal estate,credits and effects,
which may be seized and sold under
execution and all his real eBtate, in
trust to pay the creditors of the said
George Bremner tit Son, ratably and
proportionately their just claims without preference or priority according to
The said deed of assignment was
executed by the said George Bremner
and the said Bobert Edward Sherlock on the IU       ay of January, 1901.
All persons h.ving claims against
the said George Bremner tit Son are
required to file wiih tbe assignee full
particulars of their claims duly verified, and the nature of the securities if
any held by them, on or before the
2��th day of January,   A. D 1901.
And notice is hereby given that after tbe said 'JHth day of January, 1901,
tbe assignee will prooeed to distribute
the assets of the estate among the
parties entitled thereto, having regard
to the claims only of whloh the assignee shall then have had notice, and
that the said assignee will not he responsible for the assets, or any part
thereof, so distributed to any person
or persons, firm or corporation, of
whose debt or claim he shall not then
huve had notice.
A meeting of the creditors will be
held on Monday the 28th day of Jan-
uay, A. D. 1901, in the premises of
the said debtor, Baker street, Cranbrook, B. C , at the hour of two
o'clock in tho afternoon.
Dated at Cranbrook this 14th day
of January, A.  D. 1901.
SoUc''"* for the Assigne.
The Gait Coal office has
removed to the Ward Building, on Baker Street, two
doors west C.P.R. offices.
A full supply of Gait Coal
now on hand.
General /-igent.
jjel. No. 265.
Delivered to any point
on Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock on hand of
Rough and Dressed -
Mouldings, Sash Doors.
Inside Finish,
Coast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber-
Mill at PILOT BAY. Yards, NBLSOH
and LARDO,
conmssioN agent.
P. 0. Box 626. Cable Addreii: "Creasdalls,"
Nelson.   (Jude-Morelng I Nasi.
Is prepm-ed to negotiate the sale of
developed mines. Has arranged fee*
dealing iu shines ou the LondoH aad
Miiil.mil Stock Exchanges. Shara*
bought mid sold in London on margin.
Will tuke obnrge of the interests of
absentee investors.
Olllce: Selous Block, Nelson, B. O.
Baker Street.
NELSON.  -   -   B. C.
A. R. BARROW, am. 1.0. a
Provincial Land Surveyor.
Oorner Victoria and Kootenay Sts.
P. 0.  Box (toll. Telephone No. 95
F. 0. GREEN        F. B, OLKMKNTS
Civil Engineers and Provincial Land
P. O. Bos Hi M.lson B. Q,
... i..  ii . mjwiiniwwriifini nn ti
(Wgag-wvaawwito Nelson Daily Miner, Saturday, February 9,  1901
Miss   Idu Johnson is Given u Bracelet
Lust  Night.
The Terpischoreau club gave an
unusually pleasant dance last night in
., honor of Miss Ida L. Jiilmson, a popular member of the club who is leuv
Ing the uitv. The organization has
proved to be most successful socially,
and as Miss Johnson wus actively
identified with its formation, the
members made a special effort to dem-
onstrute their uppreciution of her
efforts in this respect. Accordingly
on the preceding evening she was pre-
sented with a liuuclsome gold bracelet
and loeket as a souvenir of the club.
The presentation was mudc by T. J.
MoCamtnon.wbo voiced the sentiments
of tbe club In   the   following uddress:
Dear Miss Johnson���It was with the
most profound regret thut we, the
members of the Terpsiehorcuu club,
learned of your intended departure
from among us. You, who hnvc been
so instrumental in oiguni/.ing and
carrying on the social functions in
connection with the club, und you to
whom we nre all indebted foi tho
very many pleasant hours we as a
olub have enjoyed. Your efforts ut ull
times and on all occnsions huve been
how to best promote, from a sociul
standpoint, tha interests of those who
affiliated themselves with this club.
Therefore in losing you we lose not
only a mpinber and head of our club
but also one whom we feel it will be
very diffioull to replace. On behalf of
the members of this club we wish you
a safe and pleasant journey, and sincerely hope that in tbe near futur��
you way And it convenient to be with-
us once again.
Before parting tonight we would
ask you to accept this gift, not for
Its intrinsio value but us a token in
remembrance of the many pleasant
hours we have spent through the
efforts you so generouBly and ably
marked out for us. Again wishing
yon a safe and pleasant trip, and muy
your whole journey through life be
orowned with the essence of success
and happiness.
Signed on behalf of the Terpsichor-
ean club,
S. G. SIMPSON, President.
MISS K. SCANLAN, Secretary.
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REV. J.  0.   SHEARER,   Traveling
Organizer of  tho   Alliance, will visit
���    Nelson next Sunday.
Sunday, 11   a. in.���Baptist  Church.
Sunday, 3:45 p. in.���Mass Mooting,
Congregational Church.
Sunday, 7:30 p. m,���St. Paul'B Pros-
byterian Church.
Porto Rico Lumber
Co., Limited.
Rough and
Dressed  Lumber,
Shingles, Mouldings.
A-1 White Pine Lumber Always In
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Rock of Ages! ftgSS^fifi
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cento r of tbo angry waves titands tho
"OKOda OF CHRIST" the "RUCK Or*1
A-UK.S." a fomalo figure Is struggling
to giin refuge on tho rock whore the
"weary are at rent."
Guardian Angel! $��$&
chihlron aro rambling along and Btid-
demy come upon a precipice. A Guardian Angel lovingly protect** them from
Lord's Supper l��a��%$
lug our dcur 1-ord and all Hih ApoH-lea, .
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Christ in the Garden!
Our denr Lord before His Crucifixion.
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The Jewelers.
Successors to T. H. Brown.
The Palm
Tea and Coffee Parlors,
K- W- C- Block,
Phone No  254
AVe have jnst received a large
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Porto RicoLumber Co.,
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ease of Drunkenness V We havo
a sure cure which can he given
with or without the knowledge
of the patient. Send for particulars, enclosing i cent stamp
for reply. Address Dr. W. II.
Saunders  & Co., Chicago, 111.
Atlantic S. S. Lines.
From Portland, Me.
Allun Line Hlolllan Full III
Allan Uuo Tunisian Fob W
liuinliiluii Lin*- IJuinlnloii tab HI
Dominion Lino (Inniuroinun Fell 'J7
From Ut, John
Denver Lino l.ako Mei{antlu * Fob Ni
lliinvrr  I .Im* Lull" Hu'nlilor I'Vli-.'J
llonvor Lino I.uk" Ontario March I
llonvor l.lno rJloamoi'H call at Ilullf ix ono
day later.
From HoHton
Dominion Lino Now Knutoid rob ��
liunnrd Lino Hnxonla Full till
Cunurd Line Ivornlft Muroli II
From Now York
Ounard Line Urnnrla  Fob in
cunard Lino Hervla FoliiCI
Cunard Lino ICtrurla March 2
While Htar Lino MuJchUo Fob W
Wbll." Htnr Lino Uooalllo Fub 27
American LlnoHt ixnilu Fob ill
American Lino Now York Fob 21
N. (i. L. Lain Fob HU
N. O. L. Kaiser Wllbolin dor Grouso. March fi
Anchor Line Funiou.la Fob ft!
Allan State Lino Hiufi of Nebraska... .March2
1'iinniiKon arraoKod to and from all Kuropoan
points. For ratos, t.lokn. h and full Information
apply to O. P. IL depot airont or H. L. Brown
tffy Passenger Ag,oi,t. g��MU
General ��u-o*��t, fl.P.K. OW<*����, W|nninpi��,
Bakhh Street.
h ul Estate and insurance Agents.
Three lots and bungalow, is rooms
and bathroom, with all modern improvements, electric light fixtures
complete, good locality, good view.
Situation, Hoover Street, near Josephine.    EaBy terms.
Lot fl, lllock IS, Bogustown, with 15-
roonied house, new, Jluno.
Mill Btreet���Lot and (1-roomed house
with bathroom, modern conveniences,
plumbing complete, OlUOOi or rent for
*25 per month.
During the last week Rheo was obliged to turn away many who sought
interviews and so has decided to prolong her wait in Nelson. Her success
speaks for itself. Ilor character delineations are correct and her prophesies made in many different parts
of the world have come true in numberless cases. It is not necessary
to canvass at length the foundation
upon which this knowledge of future
events is based. Observation of the
repeated occurrence of particular
marks or signs in the hand has served to furnish the data for making predictions. Careful examination,through
identification und generalization
weie the processes by which the laws
of scientific prediction were arrived
Rheo will give readings from 10
a. in. to 8 p. m. every day except
Sunday. Fee 81.00. Readings with
chart 82.00.
Owners   having-   claims   for
sale containing say
Less than 10 per cent Lead and
small Values Gold or Silver
are requested to forward particulars as to approximate
quantities of ore in sight, assay values, amount of development work done, transportation facilities, names of locations, etc., to
P.O. BOX, 505, "MESON.
���B. C
Miners, Attention!
MARK   &���
Q-utta Percha Water-proof Fuse has been g
proved and not found wanting.
No miss-holes.   No running.
Wholesale Houses
"pHUHi'lii & CO. Limited���Uuruor Vernon
1 and Cedar dlreoU, AeUuu���Manufuctur-
erd of and wholosule dealers iu aerated wateru
and fruit nymph*, tiole aKUiilH fur lluicyon Hut
flpringa mineral water.  Telephone oo.	
_13( Ni M. Cuuimiiit-i, LetiBeo���Kvory known
variety of Hoft drink*. I' U l*ox 88. 'XolophuiiL
.\o. 31. Uuoyoi btreet, Nolson. liottlerd of thu
I'.iinuus bt, Leon Hot SpriiiKs Mineral W.iter.
ClANE & MACUONaLU (II. Cane, Jamob
/   A. Macdonald)~ A rein teeth una uuporiu-
lOiideniH, iininui ilill uiuuk, corner HaKei aim
WardbtruuLH, .\ul.--un.
HJ. KVANb" & CO.���Haker Street, Nol-
���     r.Oll ��� ��� U Jlulc.-ilU;   dUtULIH   in   lll[liur*i,   ol*
Kar��, eeincnt, lire bnck and lire clay, water
pipe aud otuul rails, und guuurul uommibbioi'
J_J \\ innt-iulo und retail UeaKirn in kiuIu,
nay, Hour, leud. .Willis ut Vioturiu, New W nut.
minuter; itidniontun, AiLa. JtlevaloiK on Calgary and iMlimmujii Hmiwiiy. Mauiifaeturerr
ol' i ho ouleuruted ii. ii, K. brand curealri.
A MACUONaLU & Co.-Corner Kron
��� and Hull btreotu��� WholuHulo i:run:i''
and jobbeiti In blankeU, K.leveu, uiitU, booU,
rubbers, niaokluuWH and minora1 Muudi low.
i^i Ollloe oorner Hull und bront HliuoU,
.siiir uu i.umhi'r, oolliiiK. Iloorlnift and ovory
ihini'. In wotjd fur builduiK ptirponutt. Uet otii
Ill'lOUH,   CoiTOHpouduuoo HulioiUid.
1> 111 ItiN.i t% di, liukor mn-.'l, NuNon-
1. ��� WliuleHale douloiH lu frouli und uurod
ineaUt,   Cold titoniKv,	
W" EttT   koOTftiNAY    iiUTCHJtlt   00.-
Duker CStroet, NoIhuu-Wholonale doul-
tin. lu fii ill and ournd inoau.
J blroet, Nolltfn ��� Wholfwilu iI.mImi,, In
haidware, mlnern' HtipplioH, HporLliiK kuodH.
M'LA('1U-AN uitO.1. (bucceHHorH Lo Vun-
couvor HardwuruCo, Lid.) liukor btreot,
Nelwon���VVholotfulo donlorH In Imrdwaro uud
minliiK HUpplieb, phuiibeiH' und UuhiuUIih' hup-
"VTELSON  hardware CO.-Wholesale
JA|    palntH, ollti and kI'iHh; ineohanlcH' tooln.
Akouui for Ontario Powder WorkH; dynamite
"liquors and dry goods
mUKNKR, IlKld'ON & Co.-Cornor Vornon
X and JoMOphlno blrootH, Nobwin���WhClfr
wio doalere In HquotS, otgan, and dirgoodB.
AKentH for PubHt llruwinu Do. of Milwaukee
anil l.ulKiiry Urowlnn Co of CalKary.
UDBON'B HAY Co.���Wliolcmilo (frocisrloi
mid llquora oto., Hukur Htiool, Solmin.
ALIKOHNIA WINK OO., Llinllod-t'ornor
^., rronl nnd HaUBtfeiU, NoIhou���Wholo-
,.nli. duulora li vylnoii limHo nnd bulk), nml
iniiicmi Ic and linimi'Uxl oIkhi-h.
T Y. GRIFFIN It CO.���Oorner Vornon and
r) . Joxovlilno HtrooK, Nelwn - Wholewl;
dralera io prorlalo-"   nroi) a, tt, bottor and
I >i'*>'i'l>'iO"��"'>">"��>">">"��">"'>'i<"'l"<">'i''|ii>ii'iii'>ii>ii>ii#ii<ii>
! The Canadian Bank of Commerce
With Which 1.1 Amalgamated
The Bank of British Columbia.
Paid up   Capital,   $8,000,000;    Reserve   Fund,   $2,000,000;
Aggregate  Resources Over $05,000,000.
HON. GEO. A. OUX, President.      B. S. WALKER, General Manager.
London Office: 60 Lombard Street, E. C.
New York Office; |6 Exchange Place.
And 68 branches in Canada and the United Stale*, including:
Atlin ' Ohkknwood Nklson Sandon
(iitANiiitooE      -Kamloops New Wkstminster  Vanoouveb
Fernik . Nanaimo Rossland Viotobia
UNITK1) STATKS-Nkw Yokk, San Fkanoisuo, Seattle, Portland, Skaoway,
Savings Bank Department.
Deposits Received and Interest Allowed.   Present Hate 8 Per Cent
Nelson Branch. GRANGE V.HOLT, Manager.
i    i       m\       -xm ..Am,       /m       infill I m% 11 ftal I ��� fftal I j fftal ffffal llt%l la^l��a#llffalliff>alll
I  jr^HQI'VI)%/**^mJ**W*^^mf*Wtf^W9,^,^mWt^W'^^Evw^Erw^r,^Bfn
With plenty of our
nice, clean ware in
your kitchen, you will
find housework easy
and enjoyable. It lasts
for years, and is a
pleasure every day.
Besides, "things taste
so good" when they
are cooked in it.
Lot 12 in Block 2, in the City of Nelson,
with stone and brick block thereon, commonly known as the Houston Block. Said
lot having- a frontage ol 50 feel on llaker
Street and a frontage ot 120 feet on Jo;e-
pliin* Street, wi'h 16 fool lane at rear, will
be Solo by Public Auction subject to a reserve bid, on Monday, the mil Day of
February A. D. 1901, al the hour of two
o'clock in the afternoon sharp, on the .Northeast corner of Josephine and Haker Sts.,
Nelson, B. C,
Terms: $5,000 cash al time of sale,
one-half of balance of purchase price on or
before 30 days from date of ��ale, and other
one-half of said balance, on or betore 60
days from date of sale.
All rents and other- earnings of said
property will he received by vendors until
full purchase price is paid. Further terms
and conditions will be made known at time
of sale or upon application to
Nelson, B. C.
Auction Sale \
Improved ��ieal Estate ��� . .
. . . and Household Furniture
Acting under instructions from T. H. Graham
the undersigned will offer for sale a very desirable
7 ROOM COTTAGE on Robson Street, together
Tuesday, February 12th, at 2 o'clock p. m.
'Ihe cottage is designated as No. 176 Robson street, near
Stanley, and is built upon a lot 50x120 feet. It is fitted
with hot and cold water, bath and all modern conveniences,
and the lot is fenced, containing a lawn and a garden.
The property and furniture may be inspected on the
morning of sale.
TERMS, on the real estate : one-third cash, one-third in
six month?, and balance in twelve months.
TERMS : on the household furniture, cash.
For further particulars apply to
Chas. A. Waterman & Co.
The Royal Bank of Canada.
Incorporated 1869.
.     .     til'I.IMMI.-HID.UO I  ('illi'llll   raid-up,      .
��l*sl, l-tl.TOIt.tNIO.OU
{ NO. 4 K.-W.-C. BLOCK. NELSON, B. C,
* Hold, Silver-Lead and Copper Mines wanted ut the EXCHANGE),
k I'llKI*;   .Mil.I.INI!   li(il.l)   pi'opei-tiuH  wanted at onee for Kastern
' Investors,
j Parties bavin***   mining   property for   sale are   requested to send
I samples of tlielr ore to tbe KXCIIANilli for exhibition,
�� We  desire  to bear from pi-oopeetors wbo bave promising mineral
f claims in Until.h Columbia,
I Prospectors  anil   mining  men   are requested   to make  tbe   I0X-
. CHANGE their headquarters wben In Nelson.
r All samples Should be sent by express, I'KI-'I'AII).
L (.'orrespomlenee solicited.    Address all eommiinieatlon
lis to
C    -iiilciplHiiiii No. 104.   P. O. Box 700. NELSON, B. 0.    J
P. BURN5 & CO.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slooan City.
Orders by melt to any branch will have careful amd nrompt attention.
7-8 ineh ilium. 918.60per 1(10 feet.   For
immediate delivery   (n   Nelaua
. 0. T.
nnd  Iry a bottle, a flown, or n tmrrol ot
aALQARY BRER m It I" Mm i��*hi and
(iiiihihI,   on    l.lio    iimrkiit..    Aim   try  our
WINKS,   LIQUORS    and    OIQAR8.
Tolephono M,
noksrBt  Nul��ou,U. i;
t'tiiillnl   Au1ll��ri/.i*il,
Roard or Ulrcetora     I'hoinan E. Kenny,  President;   TlionniN Kltchio, VleoPreuidenl.
Wiley Smith. H. G.Bauld, Hjn. David MaoKoon.
Head oiiici-, Haliraxt
General Manager, Kdoon L. Pea��o, Montreal.
ttupurl'iLendoni of llraueliux. and Hecretary, W. B. Torrance, Halifax.
Vova   Scotla-IIalilax   Ilrnnoh,   Anlluonli.li.
Brldg-ewuLtir, Uu>h0oi-o. Ijonaondurry, l.un
iimIiihk   .Mail In ml lllantH Co.), 1'iclou, Port
liawkobbnry, Hydnuy. ahubtmacaUle.'rruro,
Sew    Krunfmick ��� llulhuri.1,      noreliOHtur,
Froderlclon,  K Iiiks'.ou iKenl Co.l, Mono-
ton, Newcastle, Sauk vllle, HI, Jo)in,\V*ooditU)ck*
I*. K. iMlaud���Charioltetou'ii, .-miiinierside.
Quebec-Montreal   (City   Olil
,    Went  Knd  (Cor. Notre   Dame and Bolu-
nourn Htreetal;  Womiiiounl (Cor. Ureeue
Avenue and St. Uatbartow  Street.
Newronndlnnil���St. JoIiii'm.
< iil.u. Weill iBdles���Havana.
railed Niaten-Now York (III Kichimuo I'luoo
Uepubilo, Wanli.
Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson,    Rossland,
Vancouver East End, Victoria.
llcncial Banking Business Transacud; Sterling Bills of Exchange  Boucht
and Sold, Letters of Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accoonts roceivnd on the most favorable Urniu.   InturcBt allowed on special
deposits and on HavinK Bank accounts.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
,   "gss._. ...
Protect Your
Best   Faculty
and Save
Your   Sight.
W. J. harvey. p. o. m. c. /., Profsawr of Apbtholaiologr, Dootor or Optics
nd  Kciolilllli' 11; i nt.in, ui  'I'oi'onln, Iiiih kiv.-ii mIkIiI  to  r i j ��. 11 ��� . ��� il    lluil   kck   .iiHitiiilc III 111
him ��� i luiiil hiiiniiM'       i*ni|iii- iiillli'liiil with Wiink KycB, Haadaoliei, Palm in tin' llsso, Kysi
iirosiit'il or Divorgodi Doubla or iDuutlnoi Vuuoa,bosaol Musotilar Howor,or any Krrorof
ifri'iiui inn ni i In- I'lyri, will lui kIvoii a froi'i-otiHiiltailoii.      I" li  .Mn':'
(llni..'    Ill I I'll lo Muy   ii'lii i im I it a im II i\ r ifiiHl'finliie of mil I.furl
AT M'LEAN'S DflUQ  STORE unill Halurilay,
II.nn .  in Mi I:' "ml :' in .'i.
West Kootenay Butcher Co,
Fresh   and   Salted   Heats
Fish and Poultry in Season
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Manager.
Baker Street, Nelson.
Orders by mail receive careful and prompt attention HI
Nelson   Daily Miner, Sasv*dav,  February 9, 1901
Born���Feby. 8, to the wife of Alfred
V. Hebden, Stanley street, a son.
There's something in the want column of Tbe Miner that will interest
The new tug Valhalla is to be
launched this afternoon at 2 o'clock
from the C. P. K. shipyards.
Are you in want'.' If you are, tell
the people, through The Miner want
column, what you are In want of
You'll get it.
W. H. Bullock-Webster, ehlef of
Provincial police, returned yesterday
with Constable Young, from the
Boundary country.
The books just added to the library
include An Englishwoman's Love
letters; Eleanor, by Mrs. Humphry
Ward ; Oeoffry Maralyn, Henry Kings
Daniel Galliher, the man who raised
a row in Fairview was arraigned De-
fore Magistrate Crease yesterday in
the Provincial police court and asses:
ed 810 or 20 days.
G. C. Williams, a well known old
timer in the west, leaves this morning on an extended trip to London
and Europe, lt is IT years since Mr.
Williams was home.
Thomas Wood, known to the police
as "Sleepy Mike," was in the police
court yesterday morning charged
with being drunk. He was given two
hours to get out of town.
W. .1. Astley. manager of the rink,
is to be congratulated on his ice.
Both for skating and curling, the ice
a: the rink is infinitely better than
any ice heretofore obtainable in
The Nelson intermediate hockey
club, which includes a number of
fast players is willing to take on the
seniors for a game, and it is probable
that a match will be arranged'for
Monday night.
Below the C. P. R. yards and Id tbe
vicinity ot the shipyards is a line
sheet of ice for skating. Skaters have
a clean sweep for half a mile and a
number of citizens took advantage of
the fact yesterday.
Lieutenant Beer received yesterday
a check from the paymaster of tbe
Royal Canadian Regiment for service
in South Africa covering the pay due
to Private A. S. Lee. The amount was
some 851 arid this was placed to the
credit of Lee in the Hank of Montreal.
Harry Howard, tbe colored man
committed for trial at Fernie on the
1st inst.. on the charge of attempted
murder is to be tried in the speedy
trials court here. The charge against
bim will be that of wounding with
intent lo commit grievous bodily
barm. ,
A monument is to erected at Woodstock, Ont., in honor of an Oxford
county boy, who 'ell fighting iu the
ranks of the first Canadian contingent
in South Africa. Funds for the memorial are being collected In Nelson
among former Oxford men, and about
30 of these have subscribed. Jack
Boss of the C. P. R. telegraph staff Is
On Sunday evening In Emmanuel
church, Hev. R. B. Ulyth will preach
on "A Call to Service." Mr. Blyth
has earned for himself an enviable
reputation for eloquence as a preacher and lecturer. At tbe evening services the usual appropriate music Will
he rendered and a cordial invitation
is extended to everyone.
The towns and cities of the Kootenays nre falling into line with the
action of the Nelson city fathers In
urging upon the Dominion authorities
the necessity of prompt and effective
measures toward reestablishing tbe
quarantine nt the international hound-
aiy line. City Clerk Strachan was advised yesterday that the Rossland
council hail t.-iki'ii action along this
line and other cities will follow suit
The cottage addition to the general
hospital is practically completed and
will be taken over by the hospital
management today. The matter of
securing furnishings will be goue into at once as it is desirable to have
the building available for occupation
at tliM earliest possible moment. It is
expected thnt patients will be found
to occupy the extra beds as soon as It
is available, thereby relieving the
congestion at the main building.
In Emmanuel church tomorrow afternoon there will be a mass meeting
of all the chuiches. Rev. Mr. Shearer
will preach on "Sabbuth Observance."
It is reported that a fatal accident
took place yesterday at the Queen
Bess mine, by which a miier, whose
name could not be ascertained, was
killed hy a missed bole in one of the
lower levels.
Kev. J, G. Shearer, tbe representative of the Lord's Day Alliance, who
is to be in Nelson tomorrow, will conduct three services during tbe day.
In the morning he preaches at St.
Paul's Presbyterian church, at the
Congregational chuich in the afternoon and at the Baptist church in the
Rev. H. B. Blyth, B. A., arrived In
Nelson last evening. He wi',1 be tho
guest of Rev. Win. Munroe for a few
days, before passing on to assume the
pastorate of the Congregational
church in Victoria. Mr. Blyth will
preach in Emmanuel church on Sunday evening and on Monday niuht will
give his popular lecture on the Boer
Laxative Bromo-Qulnlne removes the cauee.
At the   court   house   yesterday   the
case of Brackman tit Ker Milling  Co.
Ltd. vs. Oppenheimer, was continued
It is probable the end of the case will
be reached today.
The examination of II. E. Beasley,
an officer ot the defendant company in
Fawcett vs. C. P. U., which was to
have taken place yesterday waH postponed to this morning pending the
arrival of E. P. Davis, counsel for
the plaintiff, who came iu from the
const lust night.
The action of West vs. Buchanan,
a suit arising over a lumber deal, is
set down as the next case on the
The Miner has received a copy of
tbe new almanac for 11)01 published by
the Royal Baking Powder Co. It is an
artistic arid useful book and will be
of interest to housekeepers. A noteworthy feature of the almanac is a
prediction ot the weather for every
day of the year, by Prof. DeVoe, who
correctly propheBled the great Galveston cyclone and other important meteorological events. The Miner is authorized to say that anv woman reader
of this paper can secure a copy without cost by sending a request to the
company, at 100 William st., New
But her beauty was completely hidden by sores, blotches and pimples
till she need Bucklen's Arnica Salve.
Then they vanished as will all Eruptions, Fever Sores, Boils, Ulcers,
Carbuncles and Felons from Its use.
Infallible for Cuts, Corns, Burns,
Scalds and Piles. Cures guaranteed.
35 cents at Canada Drug and Book
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. All
druggist** rotund the money If lt falls to oure.
2So.   X. W. Grove* ultoiiiuirn Ih on eaoh box.
Special   Instruction   Received    From
Bishop ot Westminster.
Rev. Father Ferland. rector ot the
church of Mary Immaculate, haB received the following interesting communication from the Bishop of New
Bev. and dear fathei.���The accession of Edward VII. as King of England, In succession to his lamented
mother, tne late Queen, is an occasion
of rejoicing to all the the subjects of
Ills Majesty.
To give proper expression to out
gratitude to Almighty God for this
peaceful succession, we prescribe that
a solemn Te Deum be chanted after
each maBS on the Sunday after the
reception of this letter in all the
churches where yon officiate and
where the Binglng of the hymn is possible. ,
In places where the Te Deum cannot
be sung you may replace tho singing
by appropriate prayer.
Veiy faithfully yours in Christ,
New Westminster.
In accordance tho Te Deum will be
sung at the church of Mary Immaculate tomorrow n orning after high
muss. The choir of the church has
been practicing the hymn and the service will be of an Interesting   nature,
Couldn't Hove for 4 Hours After Drinking
2 Unps.
When coffee drinking effects a man's
health so badly that he has to be put
to bed for 4 hours after drinking 1
cups at dinner,   lt   is   high   time   he
That was the experience of Mr.
Hood, In Geneva, Mich. His wife
writes: "I consider that Postum saved the 'Ife of my husband. For I
years ho had been troubled with hiB
heart, and kept getting worse. 1 flu-
ally induced him to make the experiment of leaving off coffee and taking
Postum Food Coffee, and he Improved rapidly, but one day he drank two
cups of strong coffee for dinner and
bud to He on the bed four hours before he could move, since that time
no coffee is used, but Postum altogether. Be has entirely recovered
bis health, has no more trouble with
his heart, and says he likes Postum
better than he ever did like tbe old
fashioned coffee.
A number of our neighbors use Postum altogether to the exclusion of ordinary coffee. Once In a while I find
a person wbo bus tried Postum and
does not like it, but always And, upon inquiry, that they tried to make
lt by boiling It 5 or lo minutes,
which absolutely will not do. It
mu��t bo boiled 15 or 90 minutes after
the boiling begins. Put In a little
piece of butter to prevent It from
boiling over, and you will have a delicious, pslatable.and nourishing bev-
���tragi*." Ada Hood, Geneva, Mich,
(BY-LAW NO. 87.)
A By-law to raise 879,000 for the pnr-i
pose of paying off   advance made by
Bank  of   Montreal  on   Debentures
WHEREAS By-laws Nos. 68, 89, 70,'
71, and 72 of the by-laws of the City
of Nelson being respectively a bylaw
to raise 816',000.00 to" extend the water
works system,a bylaw to raise 815,000.-
00 to extend and improve the electric
light system,a by-law to raise 820,000.-
00 to extend the sewerage system,a bylaw to raise 820.000.00 to improve the
streets within the City of Nelson and
a by law to raise 80.000.00 for purchasing a road making plant were duly
passed, and debentures issued thereunder for the respective sums mentioned in said by-laws in all tne sum
of 870,000.00, but said debentures so
Issued remain unsold.
And whereas said debentures -so
issued and unsold were hypothecated
to the Bank of Montreal as security
for an advance thereon of 870;000 for1
the purposes in the said by-laws recited.
And   whereas   a   petition'has been,
bntira of  8 o'clock a. m. and 4 o'clock
p  m.
City Clerk.
Nelson, B. C, Februarv 5th, 1901.
(BY LAW NO 88.)
A By-law to raise 821.000 to pay over
draft due the Bank of Montreal und
accumulated Interest.
WHEREAS, a petition has been presented to the said Municipal council
of the.corporation of the City of Nelson signed by the owru-i., of at least
one-tenth Of the value of the real
property in the said city, as shown by
the last revised assessment roll, requesting the Bald council to introduce
a by-law to raise the sum of twenty-
one thousand(821,000.ou'dollarsfor the
purpose of paying off the indebtedness
due by the City of Nelson of the Bank
of Montreal by way ot overdraft and
accumulated interest.
Wnereas, it is deemed expedient to
borrow the said sum of twenty-one
thousand (821,000.00) dollars (which is
the amount of the debt intended to be
Advertisements insorted under this head at
the rate of one cent a word por insertion. No
advertisement taken for lew than 25 cents.
Situation Wanted advertisements inserted
three times free of oharge.
FOR   RENT.���Cellar.   Apply    Royal
Bank of Canada.
FOR SALE.���120 acres of flrst-claBS
agricultural and garden land, 12
miles from Nelson on Kootenay Lake.
Will sell In 10,20 or 40 acre tracts.
Price and terms reasonable. Apply
or address, A. F. Rosenberger, Room
4, K.-W.-C. Block, Nleson.
8100,000.00.-1 want a GOLD mine
netting 8100,000.00 annually. Free
milling gold properties wanted. Send
price, terms, full report, etc., to Andrew F. Rosenberger. Nelson, B.
C, Room 4, K.-W.-C. Block. Phone
created  by tbis  by-law) for the  pur
presented to the Municipal council ot f-^Bi*������"M* .. m . , ���,���
the corporation of the Cltv of Nel-1 '��* J***""*** the amount of the
Bon, signed by the owners Of at leaSt 2Sfe***SS5��.realt W' of .thf
one-tenth of the value of the- property W�� e,ty'���^.��fd,inf to th?, ?at "T'f
in the said citv, as shown iby th-Tlast ^f"***** ��*>���- '* *-����� ���lUj��V *ry'
revised assessment roll, requesting *N J*0*"-1*1' foUl' bun(lml (��-0��5'-
thesaid council to introduce aibyilawi'-^-w^oB*11"8-
to raise the sum of seventy-niaethon,! Artd'Whewas, it will be necessary
sand(87'.i,00000'dollarsforthepurpoBss'*�� ��i^��n,raall.v by,rate ,***> s"m ��j
of paying off the indebtedness totbe'?L8����*00 for paying tbe said debt aid
'   ��� ��� interest.
Now, therefore, the Municipal council of the corporation of the City of
Nelson in coui.cil assembled, enacts as
tbe only place in British Columbia
where prospectors can exhibit samples
of their ore to tbe mining public. No
charges made for exhibiting your ore,
and listing vour propeity. Room 4,
K.-W.-C. Block, Nelson, B.C. Phone
FOR SALE.���Second   hand   piano  in
good   order.   Will be  tuned  before
delivery.    Apply R. W. Day,   Turner-
Boeck block.
Bank of Montreal and interest thereon
for whicli said debentures are so
And whereas it Is deemed expedient,
to borrow the sum of seveuty-nlnu, Io'low8: t ���
thousand (879.000.00) dollars (which is 1* ���" a1"*" and may be lawful for
the amount of the debt intended to be : the m*��J<" ��* tn�� co' poration of the
created by this by-law) for the pur-1��% ��* *elM���� *�� borr��7' uPon the
poses aforesaid. credit of the said corporation, by way
And   whereas,   the  amount of the of debentures hereinafter mentioned,
whole rateable real   property   of  the ?ror?   any  Per80n <* persons, body or
said city, according to   the last revised   assessment   roll, is   two   million,'
sixty-five   thousand,    four    hundred
(82,00.1,400.00) dollarB.
And whereas, it will be necessary to
bodies corporate, who may be willing
toadvauoe the same as a loan, a sum
of money not exceeding the whole,
the sum of twenty-one thousand (821,-
000.00) dollttis.und to cause all Bums bo
ra'.se" annually   hv'rate thTshm  8N����fJ*i��''d t0  he Paid into the
._.._..     .  .. -       -     _ _ * ��. ��� . ��� *   .      hunHn   a#   thn   tnai, .-lulu    nt    4 1 wi.   c n wl    M/-\V _
Tha Interest In curling increases as
the Rossland bonsplel approaches.
Last night John Hue bad n telephonic
conversation with T. H. (Illmore, secretary of the Kootenay Curling association, and was Inf irined that 12 or 14
outside rinks would probably be present at the competition. The Tamblyn
and Rao rinks ure certain to go from
Nelson and in addition rinks skipped
by A. T. Walley and .Midge Foiln together with the Twentieth Century
Colts will probably onter the contests. An interesting game, with
rather astonishing results, was played
at the rink last night as follows between two of the rinks who are going to
I). 8. Stanley, (I. C. Hodge,
C. Morrison, J. A. Fox,
F. A. Tamblyn,     A. T. Walley,
J. H.Wallace, s.3. W.Richardson,s.lH.
Phair.-W. S, 10. Bernardo, Erie;
H. H. Perks, Cody; R. t). Owen, II.
B. Price, s. Smltbfion, Quebec I G. H.
Winters, Montreal i (leo. Lindsay,
Winnipeg; .1. N. Carey, .1. C. Ryan,
KaBlo; F. E. Hobbs, Revels��oke; J,
M. Young, Toronto: E. P. Davles,
Vancouver; C. 10. Cornell, Rosslnnd.
Ilume. ��� n.    Gavin,   jr.,    Vancouver
A. S.   Carinlchnel. Winnipeg;   Hugh
B. Gllmore, Vancouver (J. A. Mitchell, HoBsland; W. 10. Hole, Hlooan
City; R. T. Walls, Trail; .1. Ilever-
Idge, Vancouver; Mrs. .lennie E. Harris, Kaslo; Ed Knnpe, Orund Forks:
Riiiuil Green, May and Jennie,
An ad. in The Miner  want  column
aiwuys hi lugs results,
(80794.00) dollars for paying tbe said
debt and interest.
Now, therefore, the Municipal council of the corporation of the City.ot
Nelson In council assembled, enacts
as follows:
1. lt shall and may be lawful for
the mayor of tbe corporation of the
City of Nelson to borrow, upon the
credit of the said corporation, by way
of debentures hereinafter mentioned,
from any person or persons, body or
budics corporate, who may be willing
to advance the same as a loan/a sum
of money not exceeding on the whole
the sum of seventy-nine
thousand (879,000.00) dollars, and to
cause all such sums so raised or received to be paid into tbe bands Of
tbe treasurer of the said corporation;
for the purpose'and with the object
hereinbefore recited.
It shall be lawful for the mayor
of tbe said corporation to cause any
number of debentures to be made, executed and issued for such sunt or
sums as may be required for the purpose and object aforesaid, not exceeding, however, the sum of seventy-nine
thousand (870, (too. oo) dollars ;each of the
said debentures being of the denomination ot one thousand (81000 00(dollars
and all such debentures shall be healed with the seal of the corporation
and signed by the mayor thereof.
3. The suid debentures shall bear
date the iirst day of April, A. I).
1901, and shall be made payable in 20
years from the said date, In lawful
money of Canada, at the office of the
Bank of Montreal in Nelson aforesaid,
which said place of payment shall be
designated by the said debentures.and
Shall bave attached to tbe coupons
for tbe payment of interest, and the
Signatures to the interest coupons may
tie either written, stamped, printed or
4. The Baid debentures shall bear
interest ut the rate of five per cent per
annum from the date thereof, which
Interest shall be payable semi-annual
l.v ut the said office of the Bank of
Montreal in Nelson aforesaid, in lawful money of Canada/on thu first day of
April and the first day of October
respectively, in each year daring the
currency thereof, and shall be express'
ed In said debentures and coupons to
be so payable.
.*). It shall be lawful for the mayor
of said corporation to negotiate and
sell the said debentures or any of
them for less than par; but in no case
shall the said debentures or any of
them be negotiated or sold for less
than ninety-five per centum of their
face value, including thu cost of nego
tinting nnd sale, brokerage and other
Incidental expenses,
0. There shall be raised and levied
In each year during the currency of
said debentures the sum Of thirty-
nine hundred and fifty dollars(S3,050,-
00)for thu payment of Interest and the
sum of twenty-eight hundred and forty four dollars (82.H44.00) for tbe payment of the debt due under the said
debentures by u rate sufflolent there-
fur on ull the rateable land in i the
said municipality,
7. It shall be lawful for the ��� Said
municipal council to re-purchase any
of thu said debentures upon Snob
terms as may be agreed upon with tbe
legal bolder or holders thereof, or
any part thereof, either at tbe time
of sulu or uny subsequent time or
times, and a.l debentures so re-purchased shall forthwith be cancelled
und destroyed, and no re-Issues of
debentures so repurchased I shall be
made 111 consequence of such re-pur-
oh aie,
H. Tub. by-law shall take effect on
the date  ot the final passage thereof.
Done   and   passed   In council at the
City of Nelson on the        day of
, A. D.  1901.
Take notice that tbe above in a true
copy of the proposed by-law upon
which tho vote of the electors of the
Municipality will betaken: For the
I'.'nsi Ward'at the City Polios court,
on the east side of Josephine street,
between Baker and Victoria streets;
for the West Wurd at the office of
Ward Unit hers, on the north side of
linker street, between Stanley nnd
Kootenay sti-eots. In tbe City of 'Nelson, on   Tuesday, the  nineteenth day  *,    . .. ���
oi Fcbiuuiy, instant, between th�� Entrance Pee 35 Cents.
hands of the treasurei of the said corporation, for tbe purpose and with
the object hereinbefore recited.
2. It shall be lawful for tbe mayor
of the said corporation to cause any
number of debentures to be made, executed and issued for su-ib sum or
sums as may be required for the purpose and object aforesaid, not exceeding, however, the sum of twenty-one
tbousand(821,ooo.oo)dolliu-.s ;eacb of tbe
aaid debentures of the denomination
of one thousand dollars(81,000.00) and
all such debentures . shall be sealed
witb the seal of tbe corporation and
signed by the mayor thereof.
3. The said debentures shall bear
date the first day of April, A. I).
1901, and shall be made payable in 20
years from the said date, in lawful
money-of Canada, at the office of the
Bank of Montreal in Nelson aforesaid,
which said place of payment shall he
designated by the said debentures,
and shall have attached to them coupons tor the payment of interest, and
the signatures to the interest coupons
may be either wrltteu,stumped, print
ed or lithographed.,
4. The said debentures shall bear
interest at the rate ot five per centum
per annum from the date thereof
which interest shall be payable semi
annually at the said office of the Bank
of Montreal in Nelson aforesaid, in
lawful money of Canada, on the 1st
day of April and tbe 1st day of Oo
tober respectively, in each year during the currency thereof, and shall be
expiessed in said debentures und cou
pons to'be so payable.
5. It shall be lawful for tbe mayor
of said corporation to negotiate and
sell tbe said debentures or any of
them for less than par; but in no'case
shall the aaid debentures or any of
them be negotiated or sold for less
than ninety-five pet centum of their
face value, including the cost of ne
gotiating and sale, brokerage nnd
other incidental expenses.
6. There shall be raised and levied
in each year during tbe currency of
said debentures the sum of ten bun
dred and fifty dollars,(81,0o0.00)for the
payment ot Interest and tbe sum of
seven hundred and fifty-six (8756.00)
dollars for the payment of the
debt due under tbe aaid debentures
by a rate sufficient therefor on all the
rateable land In said municipality,
7. It shall be lawful for tbe said
Municipal council to re-purcbasc any
Of the said debentures upon such
terms as may be agreed upon with the
legal holder or holders thereof, or any
part thereof, either at tbe time of Bale
or any subsequent time or times, and
all-debentures hi re-purchased shall
forthwith be nun I'ed and destroyed
and no re-issue of debentures so re
purchased shall be made in cunse
quence of such re-purchase.
8. This by-law shall take effect on
the   day ot the final   passage thereof,
Done  and  passed   in Council at the
City of Nelson on the duy of
, A. D. 1901.
Take notice that the above Is a trne
copy of the proposed by-law upon
whloh the vote of the electors of the
Municipality will be taken : For the
Hast Ward at tbe City Police court,
ou the east side of Josephine street,
between Baker and Victoria streets;
for tbe West Ward at the office of
Ward Ilrotbei-H on tbe north side of
Baker street, between Stanley and
Kootenay streets, In the City of Nel
son, on Tuesday, the nineteenth day
Of February, between tbe hours of B
o'clock a. m. and 4 o'ulock p. m.
City Clerk
Nelson, B, C, February nth, 1901.
Stanley Street Rink
FOR SALE.���Lot on   Vornon   street,
bringing   in   ground   rent   of 825 a
month. 82000.   Apply R. W. Day.
Randolph Stewart's new map, .sbow-
ng all surveyed mineral claims. 81.50
each. R. W. Day, Turner-Doeck
WANTED.���Postltion of   any   kind-
would prefer machinery or construction work.   Address Mc, Miner Office.
WANTED.���Employment by  business
man with 20 years' experience.    Address Joseph Jones, Miner Office.
WANTED.���Position   as    waiter   on
steamboat  by an experienced   man.
Address A. S. Miner office.
WANTED.���Good strong   willing woman   wants  situation   as  upstairs
girl in hotel. Address G., Miner office.
WANTED.���Furnished     room     witb
heat  and   privilege   of   bath,  neat-
Post Office.    Address 11., Miner Olflce.
WANTED.��� Position      as     general
house servant   by woman.    Address
K., Miner office.
WANTED.���Situation    by   man  and
wife, to  cook for a   camp, (experienced),   apply F. W., Miner office.
DO YOU   need   an experienced Bookkeeper   and    stenographer.     Write
W., Miner office.
WANTED.���Every  man   or    woman
who wants   anything, to make tbat
want known in tots colmun.   A Miner want ad always brings result.
BOOMS   TO LET .��� Clement-Hillyer
block.    Apply Tramway  com pany's
FIRST-CLASS   Room and   Board,   in
private  family,   reasonable  terms.
Apply on Silioa street, two doois west
of Ward.
WANTED.���The  reader to know that
if he   reada   tbis,   other people will
read his ad, in this column.
FOR   SALE.���Two    Smith-Premiers,
one Densmore, one Empire, good con'
ditlon.    Apply   W. L. T., C. r\R. Telegraph office.
and masquerade costumes made and
rented.    Green's    tenement   in   alley
between Josephine and Hall.
FOR SALE,���Any  amount of apace in
this   column,   lt   always brings results
TYPEWRITER For Sale.-Williams'
machine, visible writing, neat type,
fast work, convenient case, only in
light use for short time, good value
at 850, will take 830 cash. Can be
examined at Miner office.
WANTED.���General    housework    by
good working   woman.    Will   wash
and   Iron.   No   objection to leaving
city.    Address W. Miner office.
TRAINED NURSE  open   to  engage
ments.    Mrs. Seton, Silica Street.
HELP WANTED.���The  Miner  wants
?'ini to help swell   this   column.    A
ner want ad. always brings results.
FOR SALE���A new house, ten rooms,
very convenient,with all modern Improvements.   Apply A. E, Clarke, oorner of Stanley and Carbonate   Street.
WANTED.���I'OHtlon   as  assayer   by
young  man holding B. 0. assayer's
certificate.     Experienced,    references
furnished.    Address   S, Nelson Miner
HELP WANTED.- We must have at
once a number of reliable persons
and families In this locality to work
for us whole or spare time, good
wages paid. No canvassing. Write
for position today. People's Syndicate, Dept. A., 130 Yonge st,, Toronto, Ont.
FOR SALE.���House   and lot In   good
location. All modern Improvements.
Address A 1, Miner Office,
FOR RENT.���All modern house. Good
location. Furnished or unfurnlahed.
Address A 2, Miner Office.
WANTED.���Active steady young
man for porter at the General Hob-
pitsl. Apply between 11 and 12 a ni.
Monday to Mr. Swannell, Room 0,
Turner-Boeokh Block.
DR. MORRISON, Dentist, has removed to his new offices in the
K.-W.-C Block.
By the week from $5 to 16.
By the dgy '���1.00.
Winter Carnival
Curlin? Bonspiel
Eight Curling Contests    SNOWSHOE RACES   I
Under the Auspices of the Koote-
nuy Curling Association.
Hookey Tournament
For Senior, Junior and  Ladies'
Championships of B.O.
Ski Eaoes
Skating Kaovs
For  Provincial  Championships
and for Men and Buys.
Cutter and Dog Races
13,000   In Trophies ana Prizes   13,000
Rates of Single Fare for the Round Trip
On All Railways.
ty For further pticuiu-lars see posters and programmes, or address
Seoy. Carnival Committee,   Hossland,  B. O.
M*r,*A,****^***rW���� *��*^*^^^l*^^^*^i*v�� vv>��vva'%***iMV*i<iVv\**i.yvvvMV^ya
Now Is Your
During this month we will sell Boots, ShOCS
and  Rubbers at greatly reduced prices, and we ,
would invite you to come in early and secure a bargain.
The Shoeiita L.lL*L,Iti    DlYvA&a
! fr'***''^******''****''******'*'-''**'*''***'***'**^
Why is it that I cannot read
like others at night without
getting my eyes tired and
inflamed ? Why ? Because
your eyes are defective, and
unless you wear glasses that
will correct the error the defect will become chronic and
incurable. Ninety-five per cent of eye trouble can be cured
by wearing glasses.
~~       WOMEN'S TASTB. I
The women of Nelson are
usually quick to appreciate
quality, style, and work-
manship in footwear. They
have set their seal Of approval on the new style ot
toe, of which we carry a
large assortment in Don-
gola, Vici Kid, and Patent
Kid, for the street and the
i Neelands   Shoe 1
For wood or hard or soft coal.
The  lai-Rest  line carried   by
any firm in Canada.
"Good   Cheer"   Ruhr--.*,  and
Cook atoves.   A complete Hue.
Call nnd be convinced that the only place to buv
Stoves  and   Ranges  at  the  right  prices  Is  the
We must have room for our" Spring^t^iroir"
and in order to do so we will give special quotations for the
for the next 30 days.    We have the finest line of
Picture Framing and Room Moulding In thetftv
sign Painting nnd Interior Decorating a Specialty *
Josephine   btreet,      -      .      Opposite  Clarke   HofcJ.
'..     -.,<���   ,(li-*W -..     ' '���������-'���<   ���'-���.'   ���       '������-���.-. ���:������������


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