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Nelson Daily Miner Jan 2, 1900

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Daily Edition No. 615.
Nelson, British Columbia. Tuesday, January 2, 1900.
Tenth Year
Considering the Drawbacks it Was a Successful One.
Development is Being Pushed and Several New Stamp
Mills Soon to be Erected���A Few Facts and Figures on the Mining Industry
Tin' past year has been a prosperous
one tor Nelson notwithstanding ninny
drawbacks, and the measure of prosperity then experienced justifies everyone in looking forward to 1900 as a
banner year providing the labor tron-
bles which have clogged tbe mining
industry during the past six months
are settled. Unliko the btocan, the
mines of this section have not closed
down on account of the disastrous
strike, but tho troubles have had the
effect of driving many of the best
miners out of the country and have
made it Hard to get full crews. The
result has been that both output nud
development have suffered, while many
of the properties in the earlier stages
of development have not been worked
at all, their owners preferring to pay
the annual assessment of f 100. Tho
brief sketch which follows does not
pretend to be an exhaustive reeor I of
the mining (perations in this district,
but may possibly give some idea of
what has heen going on in the chief
propeitics in the vicinity of Nelson or
which are being operated from this
oity. Practically without exception
The Miner representative was everywhere informed that tho eight-hour
law had prevented the attaining of the
results which had been expected, but,
making allowances for this, the year's
work is verv enconarging and emphasizes the fact that Nelson is an important mining, as well as commercial
and railroad centre. As might be expected the first property to be mentioned iB
Owing to the effect of the eight-hour
law the management of the Hall
Mines, though their has been no strike
at the mine, has had difficulty in
maintaining a full crew of men, and
how the force at work only consists of
125 men. The result bus been that attention has been directed to development rather than output, which consequently was rather less last year than
usual. The output, however, amounted to 81,000 tona of ore. The figures
for the last throe months of the year
were not obtainable, but for the year
ending on September 81, the development work oonaiated of 3,089 feet of
drifting, 258 feet of sinking and 917
foot of upraises. Attention is now
being mainly directed to the sinking-
oi the big shaft, which is now nboot
800 feet below the level of No. 1 tunnel, and.aocordtng to the present plans
of development will be sunk to the 1,-
000 foot level. Stations are being cnt
and drifts run every 100 feot. The
ore reserves blocked out are estimated
at 1S.700 tons, a larger quantity than
that visible a year ago.
At tho Athabasca, operations have
continued all the year though greatly
hampered by the labor troubles. The
mill has been running steadily and the
o]eau-ups average over 110,000 a month
with a prospeot of greatly increasing
this in the future. The property is developed by four principal tunnels, and
development is kept well ahead of stoning, so that it is estimated that there
ig f500,000 worth of ore in sight. The
10-stamp mill was put in by Fraser
& Chambers, of Chicago. About 00
men are now employed at the mine.
A great deal of work has been done
on this property, during the past year,
whioh is situated on Morning Mountain near the Athabasca tramway.
Tho shaft has heen suuk 100 feetto a
depth of 110 feet. The 200 foot oro��s
out tunnel has been continued to tnp
the vein, and from thence a drift on
the vein 150 feet long has been driven
connecting with the shaft. From thin
point a crosscut was driven to a parallel vein abont 20 feet away, and a drift-
has been run on this for 100 feet. Both
drifts aro in ore all the way. At the
00 foot level a drift of 100 feet has also
been run, and considerable ore has been
stoped from here. Short tunnel* and
open cuts have exposed the vein on toe
surface for about 400 feet, and a tunnel is to be driven in on the vein 200
feet below the present workings wbioh
will give 800 feet Of sloping ground.
Shipments bave b��en made from time
to time to the Hall Minea smelter,
with the result that for the past four
months the mine has been self supporting. It is intended to make larger
and more frequent shipments thie year,
and i. atnrup mill is among the probabilities of the near future. An ore
house has recently been constructed,
aud a tiamway has been put up connecting the mine with the tlall Mines
This group is situated on Morning
Mountain aoout half a mile west of
the Athabasca and was bonded last
spring by the Nelson Copper Fields
Company. Since then four tunnels
bave been driven on the property, two
on the Princeton fraction, and two on
the Birdseye. On the Princeton No. 1
is in 75 feet and No. 2, 100 feet, and
on the Birdseye No. 1 is in 186 feet
and No. 2. 40 feet. There are two
quartz veins on the property, one carrying free milling gold and the other
copper pyrites. The engineer in charge,
Mr. R. C. Campbell-Johnston, reports
that the propertv is looking exceedingly well, and that work will be ac-
ively prosecuted all the winter.
The Venus is situated on the northern slope of Toad Mounatin and was
bonded last spring by Dr. Doolittle
acting on behalf "f Toronto capitalists.
Development work has been prosecuted
vigorously since then and with snob
satisfactory results that the bond lias
been taken up. There are three tun-
nels on the property, driven in on the
vein, whioh are in respectively about
800, 250 and 150 feet. The management states that there is enough ore
in sight now to keep the 10-stamp mill
they intend erecting in the spring,
running for a year.
This property also belongs to tbe
Nelson Copper Fields Company, bnt lay
idle for the greater part of the year.
In September, however, operations
ware resumed, and a crosscut tunnel
was run to tap the vain at depth. After tunnelling about 250 feet the ore
body wns encountered a little over a
week ago, and work will be continued
all tho winter.
Tbe Fern is the second mine in this
vioinity to pay a dividend, though it
has not paid one this year. The company wns reorganized la-it spring and
development work has been actively
prosecuted ever sinoe until recently,
when the mine shut down for tbo winter chiefly owina to the faot that tbe
eight-hour law had produced a scarcity of miners notwithstanding the faot
that the mine was paying the union
scale. The Fern is rie'eloped by fonr
tunnels. No 1 is in 200 feet, No 2, 350
feet, No 8, 450 feet and No 4, 700
feet, which gives a depth on the vein
of 480 feet These tunnels are connected bv upraises and are all rnn in on
the vein with the exception of the first
90 feet of No 4, which is a crosscut.
Last spring a five-drill compressor actuated by water power v as installed,
whioh also materially aided the ventilation of the mine, and tbe property
in also equipped with a lO-atamp mill
and a cyanide plant for treating tbe
tailings.   The vein varies from one to
three feot in width.
The final payment on the bond on
this group and on the Royal Canadian,
to be mentioned later, was made on
May 1, and the prnpirtv baa been vigorously worked all tbe year by tho put-
chasers, the Duncan Minea. Limited,
Who subsequently organized a snbaid-
tary oompany to operate the property,
tbe Granite Mines, Limitetd. A double compartment shaft has heen sunk
200 feet this last year to a depth of
250 feet, and besides this 1,200 feet of
levels And tunnels and abont 400 teet
of upraises have also been accomplished. While a ornssout tunnel on the Red
Rook, an extension of the Granite,
waa recently started and has half accomplished the 150 feet to he traveraed
before tapping the Granite vein. An
air comoroasar baa been substituted
for tbe steam power whiob formerly
drove tbe drills, and the compressed
air la conveyed to tbe mine from the
mill lite by 6,000 feet feet of pipe. An
aerial tramway connecting tbe mine
and the mill nas been constructed and
ia working admirably. This property
has nlouo succeeded in keeping the 20-
stnmp mill running since it started up.
A great deal of development haa been
done on this property during the year
whioh is developed by three tunnels
connected bv winzes. Nos. 1 and 2
are in about UOO feet, and No 8, 200,
and tbo greater portion of this work
haa been accomplished during tbe past
12 months. A crosscut, tunnel, which
is now in 200 feet, is now being
driven on the Nevada, an extension of
the Royal Canadian. Outside of this
tunnel, development work bag been
temporarily suspended in favor of stop-
ing, and the balance of tbe crew have
been transfeired to the Poor man. This
property, like tbe others controlled
by the Granite Mines, Limited, is
free milling. As soon as the state of
the roads permits the ore will be hauled down to the mill, a distance of
abont a mile, bv wagons, but later
on the two will be connected by a
gravity tram.
But little can he said of this well
known property, as but little work bas
been done on it this year until a short
time ago when it was acquired bj tbe
Granite Mines, Limited, who are now
developing it vigorously. The management says there is a large amount
of ore in sight, but this will he ran
through the Granite m .11. and not the
Poorman mill which will remain idle
for the present. The Poorman in being
connected with a tramway with the
Granite tramway.
Tbe Granite mill site bns been a
busy scene during the summer, while
the new mill was being built. The
mill, which consists of 20-starops mid
eight grating vanners, a new patent,
was supplied by tho William Hamilton Company, of Peterborough, Ont.,
and installed hy Mr. D J. McNally.
The mill is considered a very fine one
by competent experts, nnd thoroughly
up-to-date in every paritcniar.
Tbil mine iB situated near the bead
of Rover Creek, and was bonded a
couple of months back hy Mr. J. Mal-
linson Williams, acting on behalf of
the Mnllinson West Kootenay Exploration Syndicate, for 150,000. This property had considerable ore in sight when
bonded, and the results of recent development have heen so encouraging that
Mr. Williams h��s, it is said, advised
the construction of a 10-stamp mill on
tbe property next summer.
This famous mine, though not in the
immediate vicinity of Nelson, is operated from here and no article on tbe
mining industryjof the Nelson division
would be complete without a reference
to it. Owing to the troubles the management, for the greater part of the
last six months, bave been unable to
obtain a fnll crew and so, sinoe June
1, has continued its attention to stop-
ing. The property is equipped with
a 40 stamp mill supplied by tbe Gates
Machinery Cnmoany, of Chicago, aud
with the exoeption of one month, haa
been running continuously sinoe April
1. During August tbe mill was perforce idle owing to a brenk down in
part of the machinery. During the
time specified 17,200 tons of ore were
milled, producing 11,000 ounces of bullion and 1,050 tons of concentrates.
Crude ore to the amonnt of 875 tons
was also shipped to the Hall Minus
Smelter together with the concentrates. Tbe bullion was ahipped to the
TJ. S. Assay office, at Helena, Montana. The mill capacity is being in-
creaad by another 40-atampe, this timo
from Fraser & Chambers, of Chicago, and the necessary machinery iB
all on tbe road. The mill is equipped
with vanners in; tbe proportion of
three to every battery of 10 stamps.
Tbo mill is also being provided with
steam power as an auxiliary motive
power, aud to that end a 250 horse
power boiler from the Robb Engineering Company, of Amherst, N. 8., and
a 17"-horse-power high speed engine
from tbe Gnldie & MoCulloob Company, of Gait, Out., are being installed. A new 500 electric light dynamo
is also being put in. The most recent
development at tho mine is the starting of a 2,800 foot cross cut tunnel
whioh will tap the vein at a depth of
about 1,000 feet. When this is completed it will he tho main working
tunnel of the mine. The tunnel mouth
is close to the mill buildings. Inclusive of the men employed on oonstrnc-
tion, 140 men are working' at tho
Baltimore. Md., Jan. 1.���Frederick
McDonald, aged 15 years, son of Rev.
T. H. MoDonald, of   Northumberland,
Comity Ontario, was run ovor aud
killed by a Hallmioiv & Ohio train at
Monrovia, Maryland, today. It is said
MoDonald with four others wns stealing a ride. He fell between the cars
and wnB horrilhy mangled. His remains were bioupht to this city and
placed in tbe morgue pending ndvlces
from his fiieiids.
Americans Have Captured Aguinnldo's
Better Half and  Won a Buttle.
Manila, Jan. 1. ���Aguinaldo's wife
and sisters, and 18 Filipinos have surrendered *o Major M. March's battalion of the SBrd Infantry. It whb announced from Manila, December 28,
that Colonel Wilder some time previous to December 15, or perhaps that
day, hnd telegraphed to Vigan from
Bayornhong that Aguinaldo with a
number of litter bearers, bad crossed
the mountains near Bayornhong going
southwards and that his wife had died
in-a village in that vicinity.
Manila, Jan. 1.���The first movements
of a general southern advance occurred
today when two battalions of 88th Infantry landed and occupied Gnhucbao,
on the south side of Laguna de Bay.
Two Americans were killed and four
wounded. Twenty four of tbe ouoniy
were found in one house. One bundled and fifty prisoners and tour six-
pounder rapid fire guns were captured
The gun boat, Laguna de Bay, bombarded the town before the disembarkation of troops, which was made under
the enemy's shrapnel fire. The enemy
evacuated the place before tbo charging Americans, retreating to Santa
Rosa to which town they were pur-
suod. Heavy fighting Occurred along
the road to Snnta Rosa which was occupied by the insurgents retroatiug
soutn towards Silaug. The Americans
burned the country between and around
The following skids aud rinks have
heen chosen in RossUnd: H. H.Smith,
skip:T. M. Beamish, third; J. M.
Smith, second; C. Dundee, leud, J. F,
McCrae, skip; James Lawn, third;
J .K. AlliBon, second; John Boultbee,
lead. W. M. Wood, skip; Fred Star-
key, third; N. Molnnes, second; G.
H. Williams, lead. D. B. Bogble.
skip; F. W. Pretty, third ; W. J. Von-
ner, second; D. Michie, lead. C. G.
Ross, skip; P. MoL. Forin, third; A.
H. MacNeill, second ; Allan Morkill,
lead. W. A. Oliver, skip; Dr. Campbell, third; J. W. Spring, second; J.
Deschamps. lead. A. B Barker, skip;
W. McQueen, third; Rev. D. McG.
dandier, second; C R. Hamilton, lead.
A. B. Cranston, ship; W. H. Patterson, third, ; Dan Reilly, second ; G. C.
McKav. lead. H. D. Morkill, Jr.,
skip;' T. S. Gilinour, third ; Dalby
Morkill, second ; O. V. Jenkins, leads.
J. Elwonri, skip; W. H. Jones, third;
A. B. Mackenzie, second; G.Killinger,
lead. W. W. Johnson, skip; Dr.
Ooulthard, third ; John McKaue, second ; J. Honayman, lead. Le Baron de
Veber, skip; Dr. Kerr, third; J. Gordon, second; W. J. Inkster, lead.
Sioux Falls, S D., Jan. l.-Tbe
struggle goiug on in court bare between claimants from Ireland, Canada
and the United States for the estate of
John McClellBn hBs brought to light
tho fact that he was a deserter from
the British army. The American and
Canadian claimants, Mrs. Margaret
Bukley, Chicago; Mrs. Mary Vine,
Grand Rapids; Thomas McClellau,
Calgaty, N. W. T.. and William Me-
Clellan, Niagara, Ont., all claiming
to be brothers and sisters, have ioined
hands against Mrs. Mary McClellau
nnd Margaret Hnmill, County Armagh
Ireland, claiming to he neioea. Still
claimant Joseph McClellau,
Ireland, claiming to be a
bns just appeared through his
Lawyers from Canada and
Ireland are hero and tho contest bids
fair to last a week longer at least.
Nickel and copper coins have no
mint marks, neither have coins issued
at the Philadelphia mint. Collectors
often pay high prices for coins bearing
certain mint marks, which otherwise
would not have been worth more than
their actual fnce value.
The domand for one-cent pieces is so
great that tbe Pbiadelpbiii mint is
compelled to turn out nearly 4,000,000
per month to keep up the supply.
Ahout nine years ago a silver shekel
was found in Texas, which dates back
to 142 B. C. Ita intrinsic value is 20
cents; while ita ��� value to collectors
reaches the sum of 15,000.
Of United States sil/er coins, the
most valuable is the dollar of 1HII4 Its
value to collectors is |1,000. No other
dollars are worth more*than about $25.
Fourteen of these 1804 dollars aro
known to exist.
Paris, Jan. 2 ���The Senate sitting as
the High Oonrt for the trial of the conspiracy charges wns in session today
in order to hasten the oonclusion of
the proceedings. A sensational incident occurred at the opening, when a
spectator sdduenlv fell dead in tho
public gallery. The session was chiefly
nevoted to a speech by M. Jules Gnenn
in his own defense. He vigorously
attacked senators and publio prosecutor and waa growing abnsive when
the reoeived a sharp cantion from M.
Fallieriea, president of the court, who
warned him to morderato his language
under peril Df being refused a further
bearing. He then proceeded until adjournment with an elaborate repudiation of the accusations against him.
Glorious Victory for British Arms the First
Tidings of the New Year.
He Attacked the Enemy in Their Native Hills and Forced
Them to Retire With Heavy Losses   Ooles-
burg in His Hands.
The genius who compiles the press
dispatches for the Kootenay papers
was so busy Inst night sending information about the manner in which Mr.
McCoy punched Mr. Maher ou the jaw
in New York that he bad but little
time to send   much abont such a com-
81, The bombardment was being continued but its intensity had relaxed.
An uilicial dispatch from Ladysmith
confirms the report cabled yesterday
that Hoveral officers of the Devonshire
regiment were severely wounded by
tho explosion^ of a Boer shell in the
mess tent.
A new   armored   trniu has  reached
General Builer from Dnrbau.
A Capetown   dispatob   says   that an
paratively  unimpoitant event as a vie- exchange of   prisoners   is  unrtjr  con-
tory for British arms in South Africa.
The Miner did its best to  get  more
the   entire   seventh    division   will
have sailed from England by   January
extensive reports of General  French's 11. , ,
Lord Wolsley   replying   to   a   correspondent ,vnn had   asked for  infortna-
great   victory but was unable  to get
more than what follows:
London, Jan. 2.��� the Daily
has the following dispatch dated
1, from Rensburg:
"Yesterday afternoon a big
of cavalry and infantr> with ten guns
under the personal command of Ge<i-
eral French moving by detour, occupied some hills three miles from Coles-
burg, whore the Boeors were in
strength, confident in the natural aid
afforded them by the hills. The ene.
my's position extended six miles
around tho entire village. At daybreak our artillery opened the battle.
The Boers were taken by surprise bnt
replied vigorously. An artillery duel
was maintained for two hours. Then
a Boer Hotohkisa collapsed and was
abandoned. We captured it. A Boer
big gun was silenoed, but the other
Boei guns were withrdawn to the
northward wbitber we are barassinsg
the Boer retreat by a damaging shell
die. Colesburg is in onr hands aud
tho few remaining loyalists are jubilant. We have cap'lurad many wagons
and a considerable quantity of Btores.
Our losses were slight but the BoerB
roust hnve suffered heavily. They
may stop at Achtcrtang or cross the
river at Norval's Point where the
bridge iB still intact."
tion regarding the British artillery
wrote: "Our field artillery is at least
as good as any fielil artillery in
A British firm, according to the
Daily News, affords koen competition
with several American firms and secured the Government contraot for tho
new seven ���')>���>>i bridge over the Tu;
gcla River at Colenso. The firm is
working ni- ��� and day to complete the
It is said that Mr. John Churchill,
younger brother of Mr. Winston
Churchill, will accompany the Duko
of Marlborough to the sent of war.
London, Jau. 1.���The Lisbou correspondent of tho Standard says:
"It is currently reported that the
spsech of King Carlos in the Cortes
tomorrow (Tuesday) will refer at
some length to the situation in South
Africa; but it is doubtful whether
anything will be snid more friendly to
England than to the Transvaal. The
public jh with the Boers and the papers
generally fear British designs upon
Delogoa Bav. The Portugese Government asserts that it has done every-
���hing to preserve neutrality."
London, Jan. 2.���The success of
General French in driving the Boers
from Colesburg has sent a welcome ray
of light through the gloom of tho campaign in South Afrioa. Everywhere
it is commented npon as an example
of sound tactica nnd as an illustration
of what may be done when tho right
methods are employed with the Boers.
The Government is urged to take
the lesson to heart and to see that no
stono iB left unturned in the endeavor
to get tho largest possible forces of cavalry and mounted infantry to the
front. Now that General Freuoh has
tbe Boers on the run, the hope is expressed that he will give them no rest,
but will barrasa them until they hnve
found their way across the Orange
River which is 12 miles distunt. Tbo
old wagon route to the Free State tra
vorsea Colesburg nnd crosses tho river
by a fine bridge, 1,840 feet long. It
is believed that the Boers retreated
towads Norval's Point further east
and the question is whether General
French will be nble to secure these
two bridges before the Boers destroy
One important ellc.it of tho success of
i i nil French is that it will probably have a deferent Influence ou
Dutch disaffection. At Modder River
the Boers appear to be modifying
somewhat their line of defence. Oen.
oral Boiler's scouts have discovered a
Boer camp established In the vicinity
of Springfield,southwest of Oolenso, by
a Freo Htate command.
A similar movement has been made
at Moddor River. A large foroa of
Boers it is said haB formed u new
laager about fifteen miles down the
stream at Enmeelboek.
Heliograph reports from Ladysmith
show that all was  well  on  December
London, Jan. 2.���The Standard's
correspon lent nt Frere Camp, tele-
grnphing ou Jan.  1. says:
"Sir Charles Wnrren's division ia
now nearly complete. Its headquarters will be at Estcoourt.
"It is rumored here that the gun.,
which weio captured from General
Bnller at Colouso have been mounted
in the hills commanding the drift ovor
the Tugela River ut Springfield. The
BoerB it aouoara captured (120 rounds
of shrapnel when they took the guns.
General Buller's difficulties have been
i immeasurably increased by tbe enforced delay since tho lust engage
ment. He now has before him a series
of wild fortified hills running sixteon
miles nkng tbe lino of tho Tugola.
These nro s aiming with the enemy,
posted in positions of great strength
and biistling with guns while the
rivtr in front is in full flood. The
coming battlo will certainly he the
stillest nnd probably the most momentous of the entire campaign."
Durban, Jan. 1.���Tbe Imperial mail
steamer Buiidsrnth of the Gorman
East African line, which wus seized
by tho British cruiser Magicienno on
tho ground thai she was carrying con-
trabrand of war in Delagoa Bay has
been brought to a wharf here and is
now guarded by marines and bluejackets.
Tho United States, Gorman, Russian
nnd Austrian militaiy nttachu", who
spent the holidays in Durban, returned
to the front this evening.
The White Star steamer Majestic
which left Liverpool 00 December 18
with 2.000 troops arrived hete today.
Capetown, Jan. I.���Ugly rumors are
in circulation of a Dutch   rising   with
the   object   of seizing   Capetown   and
tho decks and capturing   the Govsrnor
of   Cape Colony,   Sir   Alfred   Milner,
The centre of the movement is said  to
be Paarl, a village about 80 miles trom
Capetown,   where   a   meeting  of  the
Afrikander Bund was held   yesterday.
A similar   meeting   was held nt Rioh-
innnd on December 28, nnd it is report-
; eil that   the   members of the Bund  in
these two towns are acting in ooncert.
The members of the Bund   at   Wellington nnd l!    Dutch in Clan William
I district   are said   to   bo  armed  with
! Mansers nod to bo nnxioua to use them
in behalf of the  Boura.    Although tho
story of a rising are discredited tbe police and   military   are  taking  ample
Nelson Daily Miner
Published Dully except Monday.
NklhiinMinch Printing & Publishing Co,
I >   I.   BEATON, JCdltor nnd Manager,
Suuscription Ratkb,
1) tly por month by canter I 1 on
per half year    6 00
pur year 1000
nor y..ar t>y mall    <> 00
purviur foreign  1000
NiasoN Weekly Minkii.
Weekly, pe  naif year f 1 2a
p^rrear    100
por your, foreign    3 50
Bnbsorlptlon 1 Invariably In ml Vance
Walson Mln sr Printing & PublishlngCo
NELSON, a. c.
Tlll.BPHONfli    Nil.    I.|.|.
Until u year ago tbo present management of The Miner never beard of Tho
Tribune, nor did it know that there
waa such a person as Mr, Houston in
existence. This is a humiliating confession, we know, for it evinces unpardonable ignorance of the great men
and tbe groat things and the great
events of the Empire. It is possible,
therefore, that there is much in their
claim that thev have been taking active part in public affairs for seven
years, without disgusting one portiou
of the community or nauseating the
uther. On this we shall not venture an
opinion, beyond the suggestion that
those whom it opposed in the past
must have been men of extraordinary
meekness, or Mr. Houston and his paper must have developed entirely now
natures. For during the past year we
have learned something of both of
ttora. and for genuine .journalistic
ruffianism they snrpasss anything we
Latterly, it is true, they bave bo-
come exceedingly tender in their references to persons and principles it was
their pleasure formerly to trent with
sneers and abuse. The reason of this
is not diftlcnlt to discover. Mr. Houston is a candidate for Mayor. So he
was a year ago, and on that occasion
he used his paper to make ruffianly attacks on every person of the least
prominence who dared to have an
opinion different from his. The policy did not work, and he was defeated. For months afterwards his abuse
was more violent than ever, and in
addition to attacking nppoueuta he
freely indulged in sneers at religion
and morality, reverence for which in
the minds of the better class of citizens had much to do with his defeat,
lis has thought a different policy
might serve him better this time, and
no suoking dove could outdo him
in mildness in discussing persons,
while for a month or two past his pa-
por has been unceasing in its diligence in reporting local religious
events and professing the utmost re
speot for matters of public moralitv.
He thinks there may be votes in this,
while a wink and a leer arc safe
enough to hold bis old friends.
Only towards The Minor can ho permit himself to display his natural vic-
iousness. There is tho chance of a
atiay ballot everywhere else, but The
Miner is hopeless and nj iisk is run iu
ubnsing it. Our latest offence���and a
heinous ono it seems to be���is to roport
a rumor that Mr. Houston will endeavor to support himself with an Alder-
inuuic ticket made up of old and reliable friends, some of whose names
were mentioned. Ordinarily and under
normal conditions and circumstances
this would be considered too mild an
offence to deserve notice. Not so in
this onse. Wherein lies its iniquity we
are at a loss to determine, unless Mr.
Houston regards it as a reflection on
his friends to associate thair names
with his. If that is it, we beg to
apologize to his friends and to admit
that possibly Mr. Houston is right.
As to the general conduct of The
Miner, we can assure this rather foxey
candidate that it is quite capable of
looking after itself, and that if it is
evar at a loss what course to pursue
or policy to adopt it will not go for inspiration to sources '.cprosonted by him
or his friends. We can easily understand that it has not caught tbe fancy
of tho element that finds Mr. Houston's
paper to its taste, nor does it desire
to. It will rely for its favor on the
class that believes decent journalism
will win in tbe end, nnd confidently
abide the result.
ohango last year wns for the public
good. If Mr. Neelauds did wrong this
yenr, tbe election of It now Council
will bring it to light.. If Mr Fletcher
shall misbehave himself next yenr, in
palming off electric light plants or
anything of that kind, we shall get
on to his Iraoks tbe year following
with a new Mayor. Changes are
healthsome when we are not entirely
sure of our man. And besides this, the
position is not to lie regarded as the
prize for any one citizen. There ore
many in tho City who would adorn if,
and it should be understood that it is
open to any of them to try for it.
It is still lawful and pormissable to
punish treason with death. If tho
Bon's ot Gape Colony are as disloyal as
reported, ami giving aid and comfort
to the enemy in the wholesale fashion
attributed to them by the correspondents, it would bave a wholesome effect
to hang a dozen or so of them. That
wonld bo more Immune nnd much more
sensible than by leniency to oncour-
nge them to enlist in the ranks of the
enemy,and in the end be put to the necessity cf shooting them down by hundreds.
New Yorbk, Jan. 1 ���Andrew Carnegie has donated to the Cooper Union,
1800,000 for tbo establishment of the
day school similar in scope to the
present night school, The school which
will complete the las! department of
the original plans of tho Peter Cooper
Union, will lie technically known as
tbe Mechanic's Art Higb_Sohools of
(loopor Uniou.
St. Louis, Mo., Jan. 1.���For I lie first
time in ninny years the Mississippi
River is frozen over here. No boats
are arriving or departing and tho ferries have been compelled to tie np.
Tho purity ��f Hi*! Druga and Medicines
administered to the patient i<s the most
essentia] element In tho BuocossfnJ treatment of disease. Proscriptions arc ooni-
pounced by as from absolutely Pure
Drugs in ported condition, and thephy
HtotanB skill wilt not be nullified by old
nnd impotent drugs.
Ourstoobaof requisites Cor'
The Toilet
The Nursery
The Sick Room
Arc complete    Your patronage solicited.
A Pew I
still left.
A   few   odd
pieces ol
Plated Ware
at clearing oil'
CANADA drug &
COAL ) )   AL!
Great Reduction!
Nurses'   Directory.
For tho oonvenlonoa of Physlotana and
Nurs s, wo luivo established a Nurses'
Directory, and In order m have it complete, request all Nurses tn semi in or cull
and loava their names anil Addresses,
li. F. M'LEAN
Dispensing Chemist
Telephone iIS,    p. o. Box 225,    riakcr Street.
Mail Orders Promptly Attended To.
"A"" V��% $9.65 Per Ton
CHOW* NKST $6i15   pe,.   Ton
Don't forgel
to try
St. Leon
Hot Springs
After the Xmas festivities.
Solo bottlers
Nelson Soiln Watoi Factory.
Sealed Tenders will be reoelverl by
tho anrlsrsiRnerl until 13 o'oIook noon",
Wednesday, January :i IDOO, for th��
creation of a two storey warehouse nnd
cold storage bnildinK on Front Street,
for J. Y. (iriftln & Co, Lowest or
any tender not noressniily accepted
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer and Porter.
Drop  in  nnd see us.
B. C.
Paiini ul Paprtaps
Chimney Sweeping,
Houses, Offices and Stores Cleaned.
All work clone by us is guaranteed first class.
Leave orders nt olllcc. Wwd Street, oppoilt
Nelson had Mr. Houston for Mayor
during the period of incorporation in
18(17. He was the choice of tho oleetors
of tboBe days, who had a right to favor Whom they pleased. He was elected Mayor for lfifiS by a small majority,
over a citizen of good character and
repute. He was thus Mayor for two
terms. He tried the third time, nnd
was defeated by Mr. NeelandH. Ho is
now trying it fourth time. In every
election for Mayor, Mr. Houston has
baen a oandidate. Does this man own
the City, that no one else is to aspire
to tho position of ita Chief Magistrate?
Nelson oould not make a greater mistake ��han to confine its Mayoialty to
one person, aud especially when that
person is anspeoted of sslflsh nims. To
do so would be to encourage municipal
corruption, in this case to put a premium OU it.    No one can   deny that.the
Builders will find it tn their advantage to
flguro with Bradley & Go. on Painting,
The Best New Year's
for your Boys or  Girls is  a course
of training at the
Business College
Don't wait for the Hifjh
School but give them the
high grade of supplementary
education afforded by this
institution. Classes formed Wednesday,   Jan.   3rd.
Victoria iStrci'L. near Cilv Hall.
NOTICE is heroby given lhatn meeting of
the creditors ot Charles 11. Mudonald
will be held al the offices of Messrs Bowes &
WraggO, solicitors, Bukcrstruet Nelson, B. ('.,
on Monday, tho IJth day of January, liKW.nt the
lionr of throe o'clock in the afternoon.
Dated at Nolson, B.CH the 87th day of December, 1899,
XOTK'K rf assignment pursuant to tbo" Creditors' Trust  Deeds Act"   and Amending
NOTICE is hereby riven that Charles H.
Mncdonald heretofore tradingnsKcnoral merchant in tho city of Nelson. B. C. lias by deed
dated the 86th day of December, LOW, assigned
all bin personal estate, credits nml offoOtS which
innj be seized and BOiu under execution and nil
his real estate to s. M. Brydges of the said city
of Nelson, accountant, in trust  for the benefit
of his creditors*
'lb" said deed was executed by the said
Charles H Macdonald and the said s, m.
BrvdgOS on the :!i> h day of December, 1800,
All persons having claims against the said
('buries II, Maodonald are required on or before
the 88th day Of February. libU, to send   to the
trustee ful particulars of the same duly veri-
fled, together with the lecurlttes uf any) held
by them.
Nottoo is hereby further given thai after the
said BOthday of February. 1000, the trustee will
proceed to distribute tbe procpBcUof the trust
(State among the parties entitled thereto, hav-
Ing regard only to the olatms of which ho has
ronolVed notice and that he will not he liable
for the proceeds of the trust estate Of any part
thereof, so distributed to any person of whose
claim be has not bad notice at the time of  I lie
Datedat Nelson, B. C��� tho 27th day of December, 1880.
8. M. BRIDGES, Assignee
Bennett's Improved
Safety Fuse
As    Supplied     British    Admiralty.
White Countered
G-utta Percha.
Will Not Crack or Break.
Our Fresh Roasted Coffee of Bi-st
Quality, us follows :
Java and Arabian Mnchu, per pound      ..,$   II,
Java and Moohn Blond, 8 pounds    i oo
Fine Bantai. 4 pound.       i oo
Hutu-. uiond, /, pounds '.'.'. i oo
our special Blondi 6pounds ',.,., i oo
Our Hlo Rout, li pounds  i oo
A nil it. "Km it 1 111j>.
Salesrooms :
2 doors east of oddfellows
INfELSON,        -        o. C.
Absolutely safe in all  weather
' 0
FOR iooo
For the OFFICE or
Whit taker's Almanac,
Canadian Almanac,
Tliomson Stationery Co., Ltd.
Mrs.   McLaughlin's
Delivered to an any point on
Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock
on hand of
Mill at PILOT BAY.
Yards, NELSON and L.YHDO
J.   A.   SAYWARD.
Parisian Hair Dressing
Aro now open.    A  largo nsMirUnenl   of IlaU
Gkods, Faolal Treatments and Hair Tonic*
I.Hilics -linuM not ho without, our HoseCrouniH
KOOm 1) Victoria HuiMinte.
l>ox598        Phone 141
7-Koom House Furnished,
2 small HoURBH<
7-Room Hcuno  *:M>0
H-Hooni House and 3 lota, good locution  850
Young Men, Become Your
Own Assayers-
Three months will teach you Assaying for
OoM. silver. Copper, 'this department is in
charge of Prof. Butor, Honor Graduate Of
Live and loam how, oho&per than von now
Board and Instruotion In Assaying, all for
CWenty-six dollars pcrmonlli.
Write to the Principal,
New Westminster.
All olassos of learning may bo hud in this,
ho only College of its kind iu the West,
I line is n iid��'  in i lie affair* ol' man
wbleb taken ai iiir iiooii leadi on io tut
In lie.    Shake* peine.
Tluit.you are today in the most likely
part of the world in whioh to make a
fortune? Why not stop and consider
ining Stocks
Bought and Sold.
Tena and     ;"iiJ others worked
Mary Belle ty SirJftS���
J Canada Gold Mm-
\t\i_ Co., is one of the safest buys on
the  market.    Thorough  inspection
cordially invited.
iooo Noonday    coo Richelieu
4-room   house   and    Furniture,
House and  lot f. r rale,  close to
business part of city.    Price #'2,00(1.
H. A. P
Ward Street- nn<l kcI in on tlio ground tloor.
^orrespondenoG Bollolted.   Nn Wild Cnt��.
Minimizes   risk   from   firing   fuse
Everything to recommend it.
Ask your dealer for them.
Manufactured by
William Beimel! Sons k Go.
Cambourne, Cornwall, England.
General Anent, for Cunaln.
DlHtrllmtliiK Anont*.
Bank of
British Columbia,
Is now prepared to issue
Drafts and Letters of Credit
on Skaguay, U.S., Allin, B.
C, and Dawson City, Yukon
Fraternity Hall
lor linker A Konlentiy si..
can he rented for Concerts, Lectures,
DaiK'iK, Banquets and every kind of en
teilHiinni nt. Good mite-rnonif, clonk
rooms. Kitchen nnd dining room fur-
nllhedi For teiiiH apply
i DR. E. O. ARTHUR  (!itv
tnorit eltteaoious in oheoklngdldOftBQ and
preaorvlDH h- ulth, hiKhly rueummuml-
ed oy tho Medical Kueuity nnd profeB*
sioininurses. Ouobatn will brcuk up
the most suvL'ro',eol(l.
Imperial Silverware
The beat gooda on the market, beautl<
fuidoBlffD8i imti every nrtiole Kuann<
teed for ton years.
Chautauqua Oombiuatioa "Writiug DeBk
aud Drawing Board.
Tho beat Kindergarten Combination
ever invented for nbildron or yount?
people.   Fully fu<ntahod with Inatruo
tion book, eniynnH, ete., tnvuluiible for
homo eductttiun.
The Silverware and Deaka are most   auttablo
for Christ mas presents. Uall and Iubpooi gooda
at my olHeo, Hall street between Baker and
JOHN BLANEY, ��'8o.�����b.��.
Every Man
likes to dress in Fashionable nml
Nice Fitting Garments if he .'an
do ho nl n reiiHonnble price. M\
Fall nnd Winter SnmpleH me now
complete in SuitinRs, Overooati >g.
unci Fnno> Vesting*, Give m. r
onll nml 1 will quote you pri'jis
that will astonish yoo.
Ladies' tailoring   in   all    its
brunches, a spi cialty.
Rooms i and ��� ���
Clements.Hilly er Block
Nelson Cleaning and Oyeinp
S. D. PIERRE Prop.
Ladies' and Gents' Clothing cleans 1
dyed, altered and repaired.
Bear of (iurhr Hotel. M l r-ON
where you can dopend on Rotting iho bent
nrandilu tha uuirkut nun any qimnutj- from
Hie, uj),   l'rii'i's cunnni be disputed,
���iiioxt: 93.
Frank A. Tambi.vn, Mgr.,
Baker Street, Nelson
. i. c. B,
A. R- BARROW, a.m
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Corner Vlotorla unit Kootonaj su.
l'. O. nox mo. Telephone No. m
��' ��� Land surveyor. Buryoys of mhioral
eiaiiiH liiti.is, oiq, Akohi for obtaining Crown
Qranti,  Offloa Turnor*Boookn block  Noliou,
60-62 Brodway,    New York'
can be msdo through speoujatlon wtiii (inpo^ii
ottBO 00 Ithirlydollaisl upward lor 8 per eui.i
margin upward] oil i In. k Kxelnmgc.
ThOBrontoitforl niics have boi n madetlirougb
Bpeoulatloni in Kioeks, Wheal or Cotton.
It you aro interested io know i,nw speouls.
UonaaracnndUrted notify ns and we will Bend
you information and market, toller frou of
Usual couimlssloni rlmrged for exeoutlhii
oraers. B
eoTcrnnisat, Hunl Ipal and IlKilroHil
bonds quotations furnished on applloatlon for
purcbiiKe, sale or exchange.
fNCJORPORAT"'"" ^��iT0>
Soon New Vear  will be upon us,
the time foi new resolutions.
Just DotThis Down
and hang it up in your
From Jan. 1st, 1D00 I shall
always get my Groceries
from the
Wholesale Houses.
THORPE & CO., I.:.mitki>. -Corner Vernon anil t'cilar Mreels, Nelson, manufacturers of and wholesale dealers In aerated
waters and trail syrups. Sole agents for Halcyon springs mineral water.
���N. AL uuniuiins, i.ism.1. Every known
yanoiy ol sofl drinks, I'. O. Iti.x SS. Tolo-
phone No 31, Hoover Street Nelson lloiileis
oi ibo Famous 8U Loon Hoi Springs Mineral
ner Uokuruuu HaltQireets, Nelson, man-
ui.iciurer- of " Hoyal Seal" and " Kootenay
iieiie" brand of olgars.
HJ- EVANS &. .O. Bailor Street, Nol
�� sou, wbOittSdle doaters In itquo s, cigara
ceuicnt, lire t> ick and liruci t>. water pipe ami
sleel rails und gun, ral euunuissioii uierebauta.
LIMITED.   Imoui airoet, Nonion, wiiole-
sale dealers hi    Hour.   Ujouls,   etc., and   nay
anagram.  .Mills���i  Kdmonton, Vlotorla and
New   Ucslmmsur.    Klmulors on Calgary At
hdtnoiitun Railway,
GEO-   F.   MOTION.     Wholosalo Har,
ur.nu and teed,  .���special Quotations on
c.ilond lols io all Kuolcna) points.
A MACDONALD & c6~.-Oor.ier~Ve7
��� nun mm Jusepblne Btreeta, wholosalo
jrrooersandjobborsln blaufceisu glores, initts
ijoois, rubbers, maoklnaws ��9ti miners' sun-
��% > ernou stroet. Nelson, Importers, wholesale grocers.
O BURNS A CO-Maker street,' Nelson,
57 ! ���, iS*i" "e'llers Iu fresb and curou
ineaLs,  uuiastorago,
ww    -inker'Street, Nelson.   Wholesale deal.
cis 111 fre li andciiieii meals.
HBYEKS & CO.-Corner liakjr "and
��� .losepmnc Sti'oett, Nelson, wholosalo
dealers in harawaro and mining oupullos.
Agents for Plant fowdorUo, wurvwrn,
VAri��i?.UVSfl   HARDWARE   OO-y:
W l.i;nil li lluUcr oireet,.Nelson, wholu-
.-.iluiliulers in li.inlwaro and minii'K sunulios
plumberVanit Ujwmltn's supplies,   * "ul'P��UH,
NELSON  HARDWARE  CO.-Wholesale paints a.m uiiu.
"TURNER,   BEETON   i   CO-ciroer
s     veniu.i  aim Jusepliluo Slreou,, No'son ,-
aiioiesale detluiB III liquors cigars and ils/
��va ace aud
atgary n uwl
MaoHlnory and stores of the
Doratha Morton
For particulars apply to
Itaker Street, Nelson
Applcwlmlle Block.     Baker si. cor. Kootenay
Jo'sophim!���"1""00 ��" 8"'c" s"'oot'  ���"' or
"f      Ig'iiy.
UD'Url'o lint wU.       uuiiiwiu ^.o-
oui'iosaiid liquui'oiolu,, Bakerau,Nois.n.
I Y GRIFFIN & CJ. -Cirner Vernon
Ws anil jimophluu oll'UuDS. .Nelson, who.esnlo
dealers Ul provlaloas, cured meals, uutler und
irl.ll M.LLSj, I.IMITKI>-Cui'i,er Kruiii a.M
w i��� ?u,",,,iS?!*0"' ni.miuaolurors of nnd
wbulesalo dealers Iu sash ,n.l doora; all kinds
of factory work niiulo io order.
w    iiu. j.isepluue and nuaor Streets.   AgU.
lia'JIaclii'i'ieCo1:1""0 """  Wul"",d Aoo^"!na
W.F;,,TiE,ET2El- & OO. - fJorneTiakor
,,,. ,.���.,..Il"d JoHopiiln, nireets, Nelson, wholo-
lien ni k'i ? nifyftJ"*! ����VVhu��. Agents for
I'eni or I< ire Clay Co. of ilenvor, Colorado.
From n stoiun boat
ton Imby'H rattli),
Everything; bus a
vnlne nt my store.
Ward St., Bet. Baker end Victoria
Mr. Robert Jimiiiie whh married yes-
torilay to Miss Agnes limes Crick-
Miss Piiimni stints her kindergarten
clnss ('us morping nt 8:80 in the Eng.
lish Clinrcli spllOol room.
Mr. J. J, Kloiitot of Kaslo, ai'iicinl
malinger til the ICxcelslor Gold Mining
Coiiiprtqy, paid a visit to Nelson yesterday,
William Hamilton, of the Win.
Hamilton Manufacturing Company,
will arrive In tho City from Vancouver
The Salvation Army Band Invaded
one of tim street oars yesterday afternoon, and thete was .1 nniHiiml trip to
Kogustown and buck,
There will be no Sunday street oar
agitation in Nelson, The company settled it on Sunday by simply running
tho cars, thus killing any limitation before it iivuu showed signs of life.
M. Desfirisny Ss Co., the well
known grooers, have turned timir busi.
ness into a limited liability company,
and will hereafter do business under
the name of Tbe Western Mercantile
Company, Limited,
Tbe latest arrivals nt the Provincial
Jail are W. A. Gray. iwntenaed by lJ.
M. Boalthee,of Ros8land,to six months
for obtaining money under false pretences, and G. B, Hitchcock, of the
saiiiepliice committed for trial for forgery.
Tin* representatives of B, D. Wood
& Co., of Philadelphia, who have the
contract for putting Up tbe gasometer
for tho gas works here, arrived in
Nflsou yesterday, and will start, work
thii ��� morning, About 1IU men will
be employed,
Mr.   WiIlium   'Pennant,    the   express
messenger on tbe run between Medicine Hat and Nelson, left. Nelson Hut-
iirdny evening for Winnipeg to join
the Kovnl Canadian Dragoons, of
which he is n member, and who are
ordered to the Transvaal,
Tbe Miii'i' is in receipt of the sea-
son's Westings by both telegraph nnd
mail from the Vancouver World, The
greetings by mail   were in the form of
u veiy artistically printed postal card.
The wires conveyed The Miner's best
wishes to its Coast contemporary.
Knssliiiid   citizens   have appointed a
Urge representative committee to make
iiiraiigenii'iiis for the big wiuter enr
nival which will take place during
the tirst or second week of next monih.
Nelson will, ns usual, send both curlers and hockey players.
The Nelson Business College, Victoria Street, opens tomorrow and the
Indications .ire that a lurgu number   of
stiid��iiiH will take advantage of this
opportunity to Bcquire a thorough
business enuoatinn without going nut
of the Province for tt.
The Mayor and Mr. (Jeorge Peer
complain that several persons have
smoking concert tickets and funds In
their possession mill have not yet turn
ed them in. Until this is dime it is
impossible for a remittance to lie made
to rhe Mansion House Vend. All those
who have not yet none so, are request
mi to settle up promptly.
Mr Bernhardt, W. A, Turner ami
F. Twoinbly, respectively, superintendent, mine foreman and mill foreman, at tbe Ymir, \\er�� agreeably sin ���
prised nt Christmas time by being each
presented with a handsome gold watch
and chain of the approximate value of
f lot), by the employes of the mine uud
mill. This unsolicited tribute speak"
eloquently Of the way in whinh the
much nhnsen inniingenient of the Ymir
mine treats the men it employs.
On Monday next, the 8th instant tbe
annual election of the Board uf Trade
officers will be held. The retiring otti-
cei'H are : President, J. Hoderiok Robertson; Vice-President, James Lawrence ; Secretary. P, W, Swanuell,
Mr. J, K Bobertson has announced
that owing to pressure of private business, he will not submit himself for
reelection. The question of changing
the mime of the Poind to the Nelson
Poind of Trade, and certain alterations
in the by-laws will probably also he
brought up.
Mr. Harry Wingfleld, formerly a
non-commissioned officer in the  aotti
Hussars ami whose time as a reserve
man has just expired, bns receivaa a
telegram from Mr. B, B, Eaton stating that tbe offer of his services with
the second Canadian contingent has
been accepted, and he stints lor Calgary tonight. Mr. Wingfield has been
working at the Pirdseve mine for the
past six months, and his friends intend
giving him a good send-Off. This
makes five men who go from this district with the second couringent.
Blackwood, Hnmbolt, Ka. ; E. N.
Murphy. Toronto, Out. ; M. DesPrisny,
New Mills, N. B, ; V. E. Morrison,
Mt. Forest, Ont. ; H. MoLeod, KansnH
City, Mo. ; H. W, 13. Copelnnd. St.
Catherines, Out, ; Charles Stewart, N.
Dakota ; F. P. Walsh, Niagaru, Ont. ;
Harvey Stephenson, New York ; Obas.
J, Belch, Sanford. Ky. ; Terriok G.
Haul tain, Peterboro, Out.; II. E.
Hniil'.nin, Cardinal, Out ; .1. H.
Howes, Toronto j Jltmes G, Kelly, Halifax; Sidney Oummiiigs, Uxforri.Eng. ;
W. W. Beaton, Orllliai A. McAllister,
Kastiown, Eng.; Pedro Cherbo, Italy ;
Jules Fleutot, France; Geo. A. Ball,
Washington, U. 0, ; Ormis Turner,
Green River, Out, ; Frank McGinn,
S. Hathurst, N. P. ; G, Campbell, Sidney, 0. P. |T, Loo Peel.Cariish, Eng.;
.1. A. Pai|iiette, Pembroke, Out. ; D. L.
rt. Fraser, Halifax ; Robt. 0. Oarley,
Frnnktown, Out. ; Harry Wright,
Perry Wright, Beaton, Ont, ; Al Whit-
let, Chicago, 111, ; G, A. Hunter,
Elmsby, Out.; w. J, Thompson, Quebec: Geo, Thurmaii, Toronto; William
Pall, Chatham, Out, ; D. McArthur,
Oxford, N. S. ; E. U. Davison, Gortar-
ich, Out. ; J. O. Piinnvan, Quelph,
Ont, ; C. J. Wilson, Berlin. Ont. | P.
R. Fleming, Newcastle, N. B. ; J. B.
Cameron, Win. M. Manning, Toronto;
W. P. Tlerney, Aruprinr, Ont. j Theo
Mndsnn, Copenhagen, Denmark; A.
Mortimer Johnston, Montreal. Que. ;
Noah NuIT, r'ixun Villa; W. G.
Browne, Cannington, Ont, ; L. Acton,
Manchester, Eng. ; Sidney Taylor,
Hum lock, N. B. ; G. M. Phillips. Arthur R. Poole, Charlottatown, P. G.
I. ; Charles E. Beasley, Toronto; J. E.
Ross, Woodstock. Ont. ; H. A. Ger.
vnn. Ottawn, Out. ; W. Henderson,
Owen Sound, Ont. ; C. W. Rilnv,
Stratford, Out.; j. l Vanitone. Kin-
eardine. Out ; L H. AIIibou, Windsor,
N. 8, ; Mrs. R. J Hamilton, Stratford,
Out ; Mrs. H. T). Huire. Dalbonsip,
N. B i E. M. Fry, Ft Smith, Ark.;
Sam Rutherfoid, Bnaverton, Out. ;
James Wndils. Cnstle Dnbhs, Ire. ; B.
,1. Royal, Houltnn. Me. :' Win. M.
Hume. Dundee, Scotland. ; James A.
Porter. London. Eng. ; Charles Riley,
Woodstock, Ont. ; R. E Estabrnoks's,
Snokville, N. B ; D. H. Killridge,
Granny, Que. ; H. W. R Moore,
Wimbledon, Eng.
. WW WW wwwwvvwwwwvwvwv* v\.
May you Know the *
Blessings of a 5
Reaf liappu New Year.
LILLIE BROS.        }
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Hotol Register.
There were many people who wished
to extend the season's greotinas yesterday to Mr. Horace Hume, the popular manager of the popular Hotel
Hume, One of them thought of the
scheme of making the gree'ints more
lasting by registering them and the
list finally developed into one of the
birth places of many well known citizens. There was �� spirited contest for
a timo betweeu tbo natives of the
Maritime Provinces and those of Ontario, but the lattor soon pulled ahead
and ended with !17 while the Man-
time Provinces could only muster SI,
The United States were represented
hy 11 and other nations and countries
by 1(1. " Misceliunciins" Canadians
numbered font, making the total Canadians 43 against 37 other people and
about half of the latter ure British subjects,    Those who signed were :
Lloyd P. Wolfe, Bellofonto, Pa. ;
Frank B Gibbs, Victoria, B. C. ; John
Oholditch, Enstouiie, Eng. ; W. H.
Dowsing, Hull. Eng. ; O. M. Rosen-
dale, Strausberg, Germany; J. A.
Armstrong, Millbank, Ont. ; R. J.
Hamilton. Charm., N. B. ; Si H.
Seaney, Portland, Urn ; Fred Irvine,
St. John, N. B. ; R. McGnire, Ireland;
8. Neelauds, Toronto; H. T. Irvine,
St. Johns, N P. ; W. ,T. MnoNab, Wallace, N. S ; R. E. Smith, Amlrerst,
N. S. ; Onslow Newling, Exetor, Eng. ;
Frank M. O'Hrion. Bathorst. N B. ;
Dr. T. W. F. Stoddait, Bradford,
Ont. ; Fred Buruott and wife, Brant-
ford ; E. Mansfield, London Eng. ; 0.
W. Slipp, Sussex, N.B. ;John A. Kirk,
patiiok, Shabennokadie, N. S. ; C.   D.
The Will Rising   Company  Opens Before a Full  House.
Mr. Rising must lmve been grati-
tied at the size of the audi-
ence which greeted his opening play
Inst night. The performance was of
the lightest kind of opera bonffe in
which it plot is neither desired nor required. Miss Lilinn Kemble looked
very charming nnd sang veiy sweetly
throughout, and Mi. Rising sang so
much belter last night than he did the
last time he wns t.ere that it was liuid
to believe it was the same man.
Of the specialties La Jess, the human anaconda, was universally conceded to be exceedingly clever. Mr.
Frank Lewis' sleight of hand tricks
were vary dexterous, and the audience
heard with legret that a painful acci
dent had prevented Mrs. Lewis from
assisting him It insy be mentioned
that Mr. Lewis offers to extnoati
himself from any handcuffs that may
he put on him inside of three minutes,
and challenge" all owners of handciitl's
to try him. Of Arthur Sulviui, the
Celebrated English tenor, tho less said
the better, even if   he did get encored.
Collections For   the Year  and For the
During the it months ending De
cembei 81, IKllii, Nelson contributed to
the Dominion exchequer the very
hmdsnmo sum of %\H3.uT>2.8ft, being the
amount of tho custom's collections.
Following is the statement for December:
Dutiable Roods
Free goods	
Total imports.
Duty co looted	
other revenues  ���
,$is,on in
mi no
>.i7,i;ii no
20.873 OO
S7H,I81 00
 116,081 ill
IS Mine ���
Coke;  f K037 00
Copper matte    ll,89o 00
Load Bullion    lo.siiioo
Hold bullion     2I1.IIH 00
To the Citizens of Nelson:
In response to numerous requests
from business mou, property owncis
nnd latepnyers, I offer myself as a candidate for Mayor of the City of Nelson
at the approaching Municipal Elections.
Briefly stated, my platform is as follows:
If elected it will be my earnest endeavor to assist in more firmly establishing Nelson ns the wholesale distributing oentre of the Kootenay Coontry
���the position for which she has been
bo admirably designed by nature.
In furtherance of this idea, I will
continue my consistent advooaoy of the
construction of a wharf which will
meet present nnd future requirements
of the wholosalo and other business interests.
I believe that the City lias reached
that stage when permanent street improvements have become an absolute
necessity niifl that the cost should be
met, as far as feasible, from current
revenue and should the Citizi ns see fit
to entrust me with tho office of Mayor,
it will bo my aim to carry out a well
devised system of street improvements.
It will be my policy to oppose tbe
hoi rowing of monev unless tbe same be
used for the increase or establishment
of Public Works producing a revenue
to the Taxpayers.
I am opposed to any increase in the
salary of Mayor, which would necessarily involve a reduction in salaries
uow paid an efficient staff of officials,
or au increased burden to the taxpayers.
I am strongly in favor of maintaining the Fire Department in a position
of thorough efficiency and would advise the adoption of modern equip-
menis including a Fire Alarm System
and tbe purchase of a chemical engine
which would effect a reduction in all
Fire Insurance.
It will be mv consistent policy to
safeguard tho taxpayers against any
attempts on the part of corporate bodies, carrying on business in Nelson, to
encroanh upon tbe rights of the Citizens.
In my opinion a sufficient amount
of monev should be expended upon the
Parks "f the City so that they will provide the Citizens with recreation
grounds and opportunities for healthful
On all municipal works mv policy
will bo to employ bona-flde residents of
Nelson and to maintain the publio
standard rate of  wages
I believe that the Public Schools in
Nelson should be under tbe control of
the City and that every effort should
be made to establish a High School in
our midst.
Iu concluding I wish to say that in
the event of my election I will consider it my dnty to share with the
Couucil the responsibility of the Civic
administration believing, as I do, that
the assumption of entire aothoiity by
one individual is subversive of nil constitutional Government, whether
Municipal or otherwise. Yours respect fully,
Don't Forget  the Place for   J
Choice (iroceries, Crockery   J
ami Confectionery. i
Geo. Bell & Co.
Nelson Harness Shop
The largest stock
and greatest variety of HarnesSiSad-
dles, Collars, Blankets, etc., kept in
the Kootenay. A
call always con-
Hall Street, Nelson.
���   ;1>ACI.FIC K
The direct route from
to all points
EAST   and   WEST.
First-Glass Sleepers oo all  trains Irom
TOURIHT CARS pass Medicine Hat
daily lor St.. Paul, .Sundays and Wednesdays for Toronto, Fridays for
Montreal anil Boston.
Same cars pass Revolstoke one day
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
^*^JZ.m ������������ ������ ��� W ".TSr^Ti
Branch Markets in Roasland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
iandon. Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Order, by mall to any branch will have careful and prompt attention.
J. McPHEti
Complete Electric Equipments for Electric Power Transmission and lighting for ,,.ines,  towns,   etc     Electric   Fixtures, LampsBell*. Telephones, Annunciators, etc.
Josephin* S* NELSON, B. C.
To aDd from Bnbson, Rosslnnd.
Ex. Nun. Ex. Sun.
7.10 Lv.        NELSON Arr. 10.40
18.00 Lv.daily .NELSON daily Arr.21.40
Morning train connects fi r all points
Evening train connects to and from
Main Line and points noilh, and (ex.
Sun.) from all points in BOUNDARY
Daily. Btr. Moyie Daily.
23.00 Lv. NELSON        Arr. 1G.20
Connects Kootenay Landing with
Crow's Nest Branch trains both ways.
Ex. Sun. Str. Kokanee.     Ex. Sun
10.00 Lv. NELSON Arr. 11.0)
Saturday to Amenta and return,
leaving Kuslo ni 20k.
Atfrlt'iiHunil ProduoU,
|8S,7U oo
K.'i 00
���2.127 00
Total   ��8S,957 Ml
The Arlington mine neai Slocan
City is roported as being in much hotter shape than ever before. A one hundred ton shipment will soon be made
from this property, there being already
thirty tons sacked at the mine.
*   *   ��
The funnel heiiiK run on the vom or
the smuggler mine is producing some
nice ore. In the faee of the drift the
pnyslreak is fourteen inches wide of a
high crude of concentrating ore and
the management fell confident that
this will be replaced bv clean oro as
depth is gained ou the ledge. At one
noint on this vein the outcrop showsto
he over three feot wide nud well
sprinkled with ore.
London, Jan. 2.���A special dispatch
from W natiign, County of Berk, savs
that Mr, Richard Croker, who has
heen staying nt a country hoiiso thero,
slipped while mounting a horse owing
to tho animal swerving, and broke his
Patenaude   Bros.
For Fin   Clocks
and Watches
We have received a lot of
Ben iiifnl China Clocks at
remarkably low figures.
The are timekeepers nnd
will make useful presents.
Patenaude Bros
Watch mak *rs,
and   Opticians.
Nelson,    -    B. C.
3. 3. WALKER, the Jeweler, wislus
to announce that the drawing for ho-
elegant phonograph whioh commenced
ou Saturday night, will he continued
tonight, ns the winning number has
not yet been drawn. All those holding tickets are requested to be present
at Walker's Jewelry Store at H o'olock
tonight to participate iu the drawing.
will   opon  her   Kindergarten   and   Primary
School In the KngUsh Church School Room on
Und Jan,
For terms particulars apply to
at I ho resldenco of Mrs. J. R. Robertson, Raker Street. Wost.
0. A- PROSSER,   Manager.
Ex. Sun
t).(K) Lv.
Kx. Sun.
Ar. 14.20
4hrs NELSON to ROSSLAND his 4
For rates and full iiiforuiation address near
est local agent, or
U  K. BKASLEY City Passongor Agenl
it. W. DREW, Agom, ,\,'1h ii
Trav. Pans. Agent,       A   O. P. Agcr.t,
Nelson Vanncuvrr
Kootenay Railway and Nav.
Schedule of Tlnio.       Pacific Standard 1'lmo.
Paf songer train for Sandon and way stations
loaves Kaslo nt 8 a. in., daily. Returning,
leaves Sandon at 1.15 |i.ni��� arriving at Kaslo
at 3.65 p.m.
Operating on Kootonay Lake and Rlvor,
Str. "International' leaves Kaslo for Nelson
at 6 a. ni. dally except Sunday. Returning,
leavos Nelson at l.mip.ni., calling at Balfour,
Pilot Bay, Alnsworth and all way points. Connects with Sir. "Albo-ta" Io and from Bonner's Ferry, Idaho, ilso with S. F. k N, to and
from Spokane nt Five Mile Point.
Str Alboria" Loaves Nelson for Bonnor's
Forry, Tuesdays and Saturdays at 7 a.m.,
meeting Steamer "International" from Kaslo
at Pilot Hay.
Returning, leaves Bonnor's Forry at 8 x in.
Wndnosdnys and Sundays.
Direct connections made at Bonner's Fern
with Great Northern Railway for all point.,,
east and west.
Str. "International" leaves Kaslo for I.ardo
and Argonta at 8.45 p.m. Wednesdays and Iri
days. Sir. "Atberla" leaves Kaslo for Lardo
and ArgenU nt, 8 00 p.m. Sundays.
Slonmorscall at principal landings In both
directions, and ��t olher points when signalled
Ticketk sold to all pnintu In Canada and the
Unhod States. ,..,,.
To ascertain rales and full Information, ad-
Mannger. Kaslo. li. C
The Nelson Electric Tram way Co. Ltd.
Large number Choice Building Lots adjacent to the
line of their Tramway. For price and terms of sale apply
at the office of the Company, Macdonald Block, Corner of
Josephine  and Vernon Streets.
T. C. DUNCAN, Secretary
Turner Beeton& Co.
^  NELSON���^
Just arrived from Milwaukee.
"ORBIT"  Brand and
PREniER Navy Cut Tobaccos.
Aocnts r-on C*n��o�� ��� JAME6 TURNER & CO.. Hamilton. Ont.
for machinery iAtlantic S. 8. Urn
Hlclcheilnnd Hallldlo Byitomt.
Dabcot'k and Wilcox, etc.
A^t0 J. C.T. CROFTS, m.i.mk.
BK���A.LKKrle?t:K NELSON, B. C.
Or to Fkroubbon & Cnoi-rH,Vnncouver
Krom I'or.liiiid. Mi'.
! Allan I.ino "Ijinri'iitlaii" 1)00.27
I Allnn I/lne "Parisian'' Jan.  0
[Dominion Una "Cambroman Dec.:ia
Dominion Ulna "Vancouver" Inn. li
Krom Now Vofk
[ While Star Line "ToUtODlO   . " ���
North Qormao Lloyd "Baale"..
| irporioan Lino "St.Paul", ...
i Wlillo Star Line "Cymric"���
Hud Klar Line "Wunlornland"
(.'iniaril Line "I'mlirln". ...Jan.  li
Anchor- Lino "AnehoMa7 .
Allan Ktale Line -'Slate of Nvbriwka'. .Jon. 90
C'unard Line ' Cnin|innin",. Doe. BO
From 11.' i ii ii. Maui.
Dominion Lino "New  KiiKlaid" Jan. II
!'"��� ..UK'- iirriiiiwil in .mil from all Kuropenn
imiii'      For raloi, ticket* and full Infcrmatlon
: apply to l". P. It, dopotngi'M or 6   K. Hoanlcy,
t'lly MUinnMI Auenl.. NelHon. It.I'
\V. P. F. f CM MINOS.
General AkciiU (' P. It OOMN  WlnnlreK
..Jan.  .'
.Doc. 17
 Jan. :i
 Dec, 27
.     ....Jan   li
'/ A
MININO ���BOHBB,      iVOTABl l-l lll.H .
tt'lnilormoro Mlnon.   Corrcapondanoi Sol'.cited
Uffl V
He Jabs Mr- Maher in the
Jaw Rather Hard.
In a lii��eiy Ouutest in New Korlt Yesterday the Irish Pugilist Go?s Down
Before the American.
New York, Jim 1. ���Kid McCoy
auain placed himself in the ohatnpiuii-
ship class by defeating Peter Maher in
a short, crisp, well tonal]t battle of
five rounds before tbo Coney Island
Sporting Club this afternoon. The
fight was scheduled to last 26 lonnds
nml the purse was to have i860 t'-IO, ���
IUKI but the atteiidnace wns not as large
ni hnil been expected and before the
tight was begun the principals agieed
that tbe winner should receive the
Hi'iiss gate receipts.
Tbe battle was hard fought from
start to finish. But McCoy was by far
tlie ollverer man in ring tactics, dodging, side stepping,and hitting powers.
He showed himself to be a good ring
general, ever watching for an opening
and never failing to take advantage of
one.    Maher, although   credited  witli
and he in turn
ers'   seconds,
gloves did not
refused to  use
being a heavy hitter, did not get in
ninny effective blows. His foot work
was poor and at times he did not appear to have peifect control of himself.
When the men entered the ling and
stripped fov the battle, both looked to
be in perfect condition and they were
greeted with tumultous applause. Under Marquis of Qoeensbnry roles
which, according to the articles of
agreement] were to govern the coutest,
new gloves, which were provided hy
the club, were banded to the referee
gavo them to the box-
McCoy claimed his
fit him and stubbornly
them. Ho insisted ou
wearing an old pair which he claimed
suited hiie but Referee Charley White
was obdurate and McCoy gave in.
McCoy was the uggressor in the start,
forcing  Maher to break  ground.   The
Kid   feinted   cleverly   with   his left
Maher sparring with   an  anxions look
ou his face.   Then the Kid   sent a left
hook to the jaw, Mooring tbe Irishman
who was up in two seconds.    The Kid
tried a right cioss bat  missed, Maher
tried a left swing for the head bnt McCoy sidestepped neatly. He essayed another o( these and again went wide  of
the mark aud got a left in the body for
bis pains.    In au attempt  to   counter
Maher overreached himself and fell but
regained his feet almost immediately.
Maher   then   began   rushing   tactics,
forcing the Kid to the ropes, landing a
hard light on the body.   The Irishman
had  McCoy   in   a tight place at   this
early stage   of   the fight but the  Kid
nroke away   nimbly   and sent a   hnrd
left in Maber's stomach before the first
round had   ended.    McCoy   tantalized
the big fellow with his fomting in the
next round und induced Maher to make
a swinging effort with both.   Tbe Kid
got into close quarters much tothesur-
prisejof Mailer's friends  and   while ho
received blows back of tbe shoulders ho
put right aud left hnrd    Io   the   body,
On   the   Breakaway   MnCoy   landed a
H.aggeriiiB I'll on the jaw.   Then they
mixed things up, Maher landing henv-
ily on tho body   with both hands  and
in the breakaway sent   bin  loft,   fere
iug Kid to the ropes.\ Tbe Kid stopped
back after this.    When   they oame together again bo measured tho Irishman
uioely and with   a right  on   the  jaw
sent   Peter   to   his   hands   and   knee
where tlie Irishman   remained for four
seconds.    When Maber got up beseemed to lose his head and   rushed at McCoy, sending  his   right   to body  but
received three left   jabs   from the Kid
in the face.    Iu a rush to the ropes tbe
Kid .dipped to the   floor,   but   waa  up
in a jiffy, sending his left to  Maher's
face, throwing the  Hibernian fighter's
head back.    Then two  lefts to the jaw
and a right over fr.mi   the  Kid  made
the g ing a welcome sound for   Maher.
By this time   MoCoy was   more   confident than ever.    He   feinted  but was
rushed tn the ropes   where  he   hooked
his left to the jaw   and   escaped   from
Peter's  return.    Then   he began play
ing his long   left   in Peter's stomach
an l the Irishninn   began   sparring   nt
Ling range     With a .well   timed feint
tho Kid brought the big fellow to him
and sent him baok with two 1-ft hooks
on the jaw.    Maher essayed a light re-
tuin.biii McCoy dneked and they came
to * elineb breaking   from   which   tbe
Kid tent a straight risht   tn   tbe   face
and another  to   the   stomach     Maher
��� lien tiled to mix it up and   forced the
Kid to the   ropes, bat   the   1iii.it  got
back to the cuntrr ot tbe ring, where ho
lauded a wartRtit left tn the  fin .-   ji,Ht
nt. the call ot   time.    MoCoy  assumed
the aflfrresaivn   in the next ronud   hat
Peter sparred carefully.   The Iriihmau
noon began forcing nnd feii ted the Kid
into ��� left which landed lightly on the
Wind.   Then Maher forced MeOor into
it   neutral   corner  planting  a  terriflr
left on tlie face which jarred   McCoy's
head.   McCoy sidosteppsd in an  uniia
nul direotton and   Peter tried  another
left which   fell short.    In   a   mix   up
whioh   followed,   honors   were alsmi
even bat McCoy was cautioned by   the
referee for holding.    Maher outpointed
the Kid by so   per oent. In this  round
���ending right" and lefts to  the   head
while the Kid retaliated with lefts on
the wind.    Towards   the  close of the
round Maher   was  nantloned for hold
iug and coining from 11 breakaway he
sent a left hook to MoOov's face which
did the Kid no good. At this point
Maher's friends became very confident
that the Irishman would get tho bettor
of tho Hoosier lad, but MoCoy had a
great deal left in him. He waited for
the big fellow, who hail tho better of
the previons round, and tapped him
with a left lightly in the face, at the
samo time shifting to the left side;
then both lnnded lofts to tbe head.
Peter sent a hard left to the face
whioh tho Kid countered. Then be
sent one to tho throat and tried to croBB
with his right but the Kid ducked
and then landed left and right on the
jaw. Peter wavered and MoCoy sent
another right which foil a bit short
and then dropping his left to the body
tried a right swing and as Peter sidestepped the Kid mot him with n full
svviiiRing left which landed on the
point of the jaw and the Irishman
went down resting on his right elbow
and was counted out in this position.
It wns a terriftto blow aud landing
right ou the mark, it was one of the
cleanest knockouts ever seen in a ring
Probably in the history of ring fights
in this vicinity there has never been
such a quick change in the betting as
that which occurred during the two
hours preceding this fight. For some
days Dast Maher was the iavorite as
good as 100 to 00 being bet on his
chances, 100 to 70 on Maher was the
ruling price. When the club house
doors opened this afternoon and an ong
different sporting centers this prion
was maintained until within an hour
of the beginning of the contest Then
a peculiar condition of affairs occurred
and for no apparent reason Maher stock
was beared, while tbe Kid was bulled
and when tho men got into the ring
their positions in the betting market
were reversed with the Kid the favorite.
Fiist Bound���Shook hands at 5:17.
Kid inlineliately took the offensive.
Peter breaking ground. Kid feinted
with left. Kid then sent left hook to
jaw Mooring Maher. Maher was up in
two seconds. Kid tried to cross but
missed, Maher tried left swing for the
boad, tint the Kid sidestepped, neatly
Maber again tried left., hut Kid again
sidestepped. McCoy sent left to body
and Peter in an attempt to return the
blow slipped and fell but regained
himself quickly. They then came to a
clinch. Peter forced the Kid to the
ropes, where he put right on Kid's
body. Kid broke away nicely aud after n little spaning put it left to Mabel's stomach.
Sreoud Bound. ���Both came up
laughing. Each sparred for an opening. McCoy feinted with left. Peter
inn le a vicious right and left swing,
neither lauding, and at close quarters
the Kid put lgbt and loft to body. As
they broke away Kid put left to jaw.
Then they mixed it up. Maher landed
right and left to the body. Iu .the
break away Maher put hie left to
body. Coming together again the Kid
measured his man aud Bent right to
jaw, putting Maher to his hands and
knees. Maher was up in four seconds
and rotthed madly at McCoy, going to
his body, while McCoy landed three
lefts on the face. MaherJ forced the
Kid to the ropes aud Kid slipped to
the Moor. As soon as he got up he
sent left to Maher's face sending his
head back. Kid sent two lefts to jaw
of Maher. He followed with right
which reached Maher's head sideway
and gong sounded.
Third Bound���McCoy came up more
confident than ever, while Peter wore an
anxious look but was very determined.
Kid feinted with n blow being stiuck.
Maher forced Kid to ropes but Kid
booked left to jaw and escaped a return. Twice the Kid jabbed left to
Maher's stomach and Peter became
more wary.
They came to n clinch, each landing
light, fights to ribs. The Kid Bent Maher back and followed with another
which .knookeJ the big fellow throe
yards back, McCoy blocked right ro-
tur.i. Thev came to a clinch but in
the break Kid sent a straight right tn
faro and body. Maher tried to mix it
up aud forced Kid to the ropes but Kid
fought back and got back to the centre
of the ring where he got in a straight
left to face just as bell sounded.
Fourth Bound. ���McCoy was quicker
on his feet. Both men sparred enro-
folly with Main i forcing. Kid tried
left landing lightly on wind. Maher
fniced MnOoy to a cornel and Kid led
left ou face jiiriing Maher. McCoy
stepped to left and Peter struck ont
witli left but fell   short   iu   mix   up.
Peter got right to head and McCoy was
cautioned for holding. MoCoy hooked
left to faoe aud head followed with a
left for the body. Maher jabbed left
straight in the face at close quarters
without a return. Maher broke
ground repeatedly, McCoy chasing him.
Kid sent left to face but Peter hooked
two lefts to head and then used his
left twioe to the Kid's head while McCoy jabbed left to';wind. They came
o a olinoh in which Peter was cautioned for holding, but at same time
he sent left book to McCoy's face.
��� Fifth Round���Peter forced the paoe,
Kid tapped with left lightly to face
shifting to left side which is unnsual
in McCoy's ring tactics. Both landed
lefts to head. Then Peter sent another
left to face. The Kid countered. Peter
snot left to head and tried to cross
with right but missed. Maher led,
MoCoy lauded hard left on jaw. McCoy crossed right over point of jaw,
Peter forced and olinched. McCoy
followed with left swing on jaw and
Maher fell. Maher wbb counted out
and MoCoy won. Time of round two
minutes ���.'<! seconds.
New York, Jan. 1.���Robert Fitzsim-
mous was motched today with Jaok
McConuiok, for a six round sparring
contest. The purse is to be 75 per
cent, of the grosB receipts, the winnei
to take all. The date is January 20,
and the placie Industrial Hull, Philadelphia.
The ball given in the Fraternal Hall
last night was a great success. Tbe
attendance was large and the floor aud
music excellent bo there wns nothing
else to he desired. The committee
that had the arrangements in hand did
its work well, every detail having
been carefully attended to.
Nelson Opera House
rionday, Jan. ist
Comedy and
Vaudeville Company
will open a
in   the   Nelson Opera
House, on
Monday, Jan. 1st, 1900
They will produce Operettas,
Comediettas and high class
Corporation of the City of
Public DOtlCQ U hereby i*ivi��ii Io tin. KIitIoim
null.   Miinii-tiMllty of IbpOlty of Nolson that
I require tin* proflonoo of the wd doctor* al
tin i mill, ii ohfitnoor in tnojdty offlcotpn vie-
loriii stii'ci In thr City of Nil -in on Moiitiiu.
tlir. fi;:l.il. tiny of Junuiiry, l!N)0, ut \i O'cToQK
noon, for I hi; pOFpOM of Mooting porMlM tori'ii-
roton. iiu'in iu tiif \iitfii-11���:��� t ��'n i us Major
ami AMi'Huni.
rim inn.!, ni nomination of ��� <t*.i:.i,i���.    i,,;i
In; it   follow*:
Tin- mndJdatof! nbnU bo notilnftlnl In writ
Iuk; tho writing "hull bo luboonbod by two
voter* of  Lha ntiinfcinaUty ns bropofor nno
��0OOndpr, Mil) hIuiII ImmuiHwvoiI tithe KHimi-
mil oil" ��� i nt itny lime between the tlute of the
not lee inn! -J p.m. of lliotlny of the nomlimtion ;
mill In (he event of a poll heliiK nooc��nary lUQtl
poll will he Opened on the 11th iluy of .Inuuury,
HMO. ul H o'clock !������ the forenoon it ml kept open
until i o'eloek In the nfttu-noon, nt the following pluee*. viz :
Korlhe K'i-t Wind   At the 1'tmir Hotol Htmi-
DloRootnei Bcroqsp Block .on tho out Mao of
Jo-ephlne rttreel. het ween linker nml Vietortu
For the \Ve*l   Wunl--Al   the  offloo of the
Kxohequer Ooid  MiniuK Company, ou  tho
north *itlr of linker Htrt'Ct. but wren Stanley
Street nml   Kocitmiiy   Street, In i)i<   city of
Of  which every pOrlM I* hereby required to
take notloo and bovoto hhtiMlf aooordlnBty.
The tpi.iinK .ii ion. by inw required to at po*
MMnod by tho candidate* for the office or ofnow
IIU iitioued RDOVe nre an follow*:
The perooni onallflpd to be nominated for
a nl rit-, i.,in. tin   Mayor pi tho pity ihall be
���liah DOfMffM ns ore m tie Hrit in UttbJoeU of the
full ntfe of twenty-one yenr*. nnd nre not ill*
qitnllfled under hot Inw, nnd hnve been for the
n\x inn,,ii, n��-i preceding the dny of iiomiiiii-
tloii the registered owner in the Ijtud Hog In try
Ofllce of l.'ml or reel property In the ClLynf thr
**wm*e4l vitlue on the [aet iimoieipnl UNO*
mi-Hi roll ni ouo llton ��� n i Mniini or more oror
nnd above nny registered luetimbrAm-o or
elm ran, nnd who nre otherwise duly QUaUfloQ
*   iiiMin. ij. ,; voter*.
The pt< i.n .|H��iiii' 'I to be nominnted fornnd
elected w Aldermen of ibe city shall be Hitch
I'M (in i. ..!��� iiii.Ii Hi r, i, Mt.ii. t nf the full
nge of twenty one >��� ii in I nre not dlHipmll-
fled under mi) Inw, nnd hnve boon for the hIx
iii-miii i.. ��� i preceding the dny of uondnntiou
ill- c-i'i ''ml owner In tbe I..mm! ItcgMry
OfhYc of Innd or renl pronerty In the Cil) of the
OMMaeeo vnlue on ill*' i��nt municipal aM0M<
iiM'iil roll of   five  hundred   ilolliu*  over und
above any i'i'i '������!. I  it in,in- ������ or clmrK .-
mid who ore otherwise i[iiiiHtlcd n*muni<lpnl
Ulvon under ruv bond nt tbo City of Nolion,
In the Province of Hrltlnb t'olumhln, the 2Htb
dny of December, ihw
Itcturiihitf Officer,
In hi
your life
ilgant Ontario Mutual
Life Assurance Co.
...L POGUE...
HarnesB and Saddlery
The loading shop. Largo
htock. Boat -asorted atock
on hand. Harness, Collars ot best nmkcH. Siul-
dlos, Blankets, Bells,
Whips, Brushes, Combs,
Prices satisfaclory.
Cull and -ee.
Cor. Wird mid Baker
NOTICE is berwriy Riven that nn application will bo made to the Legislate e An8��iiil>ly of the Province of British Columbia at its next session,for an
Ant to incorporate a Uompany with
power to construct, equip, maintain,
ami operate telephone nml telegraph
lines within and throughout the Province of British Columbia, and to construct, erect, nud maintain such and so
many poles and other works and de-
v ices as the Company deem necessary
for making, completing, snpporting,
using, working, operating and maintaining the system of communication
by telephone and telegraph, and to
open or break up any part or parts of
the said highways or streets hs often
as the Baid Company, its agents, officers or workmen tliink proper, and for
the purposes of the undertaking ro purchase, acquire, ��>r lease, mid hoM and
sell and dispone of lamis, bnllrtlngS or
tenements withiu the limits aforesaid,
and to purchase or lease, for any term
of years, any telephone or telegraph
lino established, or to be established, in British Columbia, connected, or
to be connected with the line which
the Company may construct, and to
amalgamate with or lease its line or
lilies, or any portion or portions thereof, to any company possessing, as proprietor, aiv line of telephones or telegraph communication connecting, or
to be connected, with the said Company's line or lines, and to borrow
money for tlie purposes of the Com-
panv, and to pledge or mortgage any
of the Company's assets for that purpose, and to receive bonuses or privileges from any person or body corporate, and with nil other usual,necessary
or incidental right?, powers or privileges ns may be necessary or incidental
to the attainment of the above objects,
or any of them.
Dated this  18th   day   of  December,
1899. .1. R. BROWN.
Solicitor for the Applciants.
Insure yout house, house furniture
anil pianos with J. V.. Annahle,
Bgcnt Victoria-Montreal and Equity
Fire Insurance companies.
AdvortlHoniontaliiaerlod under this head at
Uie rat a of ono cent a word per insertion. No
advertisement taken for loss than 'la oonts.
HOi iKTKKKFEK of large experience
desires evening engagement nt auditing, oi keeping small set of books.
Will close books for year, etc. Apply
nf this nffice.
WANTED.���By   a   young  man, room
und bnnrrt with   private   fnmily,   in
honsn with   modern   MPVAoiSDOMi in
mort, a home.    Apply nt this ofllce.
DR. BARBKK, Dentist has opened
au otlle�� with Dr. Morrison. Crown
and bridge work n specialty,
Nelson Employment Agencv
Two Nunc Girls   for nut   nf   town.
All sorts of help fnruiibod.
COKK   lilill.l.INii.
J. H. LOVE, Afl't     Baker E?
To the matter of tho "CompunicH Winding Up
Act. 18U8," awl in the mutter of the "Nelson
Poorman Gold Mining Company, Limited." hi
1 in nidation.
Notice ts hereby given that at an extraordinary general meeting of the Nelson Poorman
Gold Mining Company, Limited, held Novem-
Inir 17th, 1869, duly convened, a special resolution requiring the said company to be wound
up was duly passed: which resolution nt a sub
sequent extraordinory general meeting of the
said company, also duly convened, anuhcld on
December ftth, 18W, WOfl duly confirmed.
Atnuch last mentioned meeting the appointments of William Murray Botsford of tho City
of Vancouver Province of British Columbia,
as liquidator aud Charles C. Bennett of the
same place ns inspector, for the purposes of tho
Winding up were confirmed.
Notice is also given (pursuant to "Companiew
Winding Up AcL 18K8" section 10), th&t the
creditors of and othors having claims upon the
said company, are required on or before the lOt h
day of January, A. 1 >., lttOO. to send their uhiucb
nnd nddresses, the particulars nf ihcir debts or
claims and the nature of the securities, if nny,
held by them to William Murray Botsford,
Merchants' Bank of Halifax, Vancouver, B. C,
the liquidator of the said company.
Notice 1h further given that after such last
mentioned date the said liquidator will proceed
todthtributc the assets or the said compiny
among the parties entitled thereto, having regard only to the claims of which he shall then
have notice.
Dated at Vnncou\ er. B. C. Doc. 6th, 1899.
Mackinnon Building, Granville Street, Vancouver, B. C,
Solicitor for the said Liquidator.
Shareholders in tho s-iid company aro requested to forthwith forward their share certificates to tho -aid liquidator In order that the
distribution accuring thoreon may be speedily
NOTICK Ib he��by ��iven that application
will be niado to tho Legislative Assem
bly of tho Provinco of Brisish Columbia, at it*
next session; for an Act to Incorporate a Com
pany with power to oonstruct. build, equip and
operate tramways in the Districts of ICootenny
nnd Yalo, in the Province of Hrltinh Colvmbla;
to run and operate such tramways by oloctric,
si ram or other power, as may bo most economical or convenient; to erect and operate tole-
graph and telephone lines in and beiweon all
the cities, towns, villages and settlements in
said Districts of Kootenay and Yalo, with power to connect with other linos that, may operate
in or outside of such district*; to supply electric, steam, air, wator or o< her power to other
corporation-), manufactories or iudividuals;
to supply light tnotheroorporations. manufactories or individuals; to acquire and hold water rlghU for the purpose of generating power,
whether for their own uso or the use of other
.   nanufacturies,  or   individuals
to furnish and supply water to other mi pun
to furnish ami supply water to other corpora
Hon-, munufacUiries or individuals in said Dis
trii't-; U)acquire and bold Und. timber rights,
rights of way and other property ii ml easements,
for the purpose* of the Company, with all necessary powers in that behalf; tn ncquiie all the
assets, franchisee, privliei<es and business ui tlie
Nelson Klectric Tramway Company, Limited;
to acquire all the assets, fr:iiicbNes, privlligi s
and business of tbe Itosruand aud Sophie Mouu
tain Klcclric Knilwity Company. 1,hulled; to
receive old.either by wuy nf bonus or otherwise, from any municipality in said Districts of
Kootenay or Vale; to obtain exemption from
taxation and other privileges from any municipality in said DMriets of Kooleimy and Yale,
and all other usual, necessary or incidental
power-, nml privileges ns may be neceswiry or
Incidental or conductive to the attainment of
the above objects, or any of them.
Baled at thi! City of Nelson this 1st dnv of
December, A, 1).. 1899.
��W�� Uon for .''if . t////Y<u;f f.
Spokane Falls dt,
Northern RY
Nelson  & Fort
Sheppard R v
Red Mountain R'v.
The only nil rail route without
i-liimi;.' of cure between Nelson a. d
KhiihIiimi and Spokane and ltoeeland
Lv. 0.16 u.m. NKLHON, Ae. 5.20 p.m.
Lv. 11,86 a.m. KOS.HLAND Ar 300i.hi.
Lv,  8.15 a.m. SPOKANE, Ar.tl.ir> p.m
Train thnt leaves Nelson nt 0:15 a.ir
nmki'H I'linii' mmiiiHiliiiiiH at SpokaDe (ul
all Coast Points.
FassenRors for Kettle Ri>er and Huim ;
nry Creek, conueot at Marons withHta��>
Spokane   Waxr
Annul,. Nelson, B. C
rno.ii: 8
has taken place the business will he conducted under the same manage'
ment, and our many customers will be pleased to know that they Will
be met and dealt with with the same courtesy as has hitherto prevailed.
The class of goods which hiiH been handled by end built up sUCh a
reputation for the fli'ii of M. DEB HHI AY ,fc OO. will continually be
kept in shek, nnd ns out ru-tnin- is wil ot, e asked to ileal with
straiii.i'i'sthi' r i ut.it on u  ihi'uiil Hem will be m liiilained tiirdllgh ut.
t'online et- th   yen   arliihr by dnnlinu with lb old reliable.
Wishing you all a veiy Huupy New Year, you wi.l know us as
The Western Mercantile Co., Ltd.
Successor, to M. DebBrisav & Co.
Stup e and Funoy Groceries,
"AKF.R HT. NEL40W M. I'.
>��l��l'��"��"��"��">"��"*"*"*>"*" *>"���"���*** '^"���"���"���"���"���"���"���"���'������'M
Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
Incorporated 1869.
Capital Authorized   -  -   -   ���   $2,000,000
Capital Paid Up, $1,500,000, ttesene, ��l,25o,ooo.
Head Uttice: Halifax, Nova Scotia.
ueneial Banking Business transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange  Bought
and Sold, Letters of Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the most favorable terms.   Interest allowed on special
deposits and on Saving Bank accounts.
Atlin, Bennett, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Tin*
couver, Vancoaver East End, Victoria, Ymir.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.O.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and    Salted   Meats
Fish and Poultry in Season
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Manager.
Baker Street, Nelson.
Orders by mail receive careful and prompt a'tention.
We wish you one
and all
A Merry Xmas   .
and a Happy New Year.
P. O. Box K and W. Telephone io. Baker Street
We are sho.ving a
First-Class Line of
Gooklna stoves & Ranges
Which we are offerinp-nat
Shelf & Heavy Hardware,
Etc., Etc., Etc.


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