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Nelson Daily Miner Jun 27, 1900

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Daily Edition   No   763
Nelson, British Columbia, Wednesday, June 27, 1900.
Tenth Year
Citizens   With   Boats   and
Stores Should Begin
At Once.
The Water   Carnival   Must
Be  Made a Grand
Plenty of Bunting and Flags
Can   Be   Secured
It is desircil liy tlie Carnival (leneral
Committee that all owners of boats
in Nulson make an effort to have
thein in the Water Carnival next
Tuesday evening. They must be decorated and as an incentive to this end
the Water Carnival Committee has
set aside a liberal amount for prizes.
Ab this portion of tlie two day's programme is a distinctive feature of the
celebration it behooves all patriotic
citizens to aid in making it what
visitors will expect it Ui he.
In addition, too, it Is desired that
business men begin early In decoration of their stores, particularly on
Baker Street. There are plenty of
flags and bunting to be had in the
city and a few dollars expended judiciously will go a long way toward
giving the city the appearance it
should have. Citizens should remember, too, that they are desired to decorate their homes. Nelson must outdo
itself this year for the visitors are
coming in thousands.
The Winnipeg crew arrived early
yesterday morning on tho steamer
Moyie and have begun their practice
work for the race with Vancouver next
Monday. They remained on the
steamer until about 8 a. m., when they
were met by a deputation from the
Nelson Boat Club and escorted to the
Phair Hotel, where they will make
their headquarters during their stay
They are a fine, athletic looking lot
and will snrely give Vancouver a hard
tunic for the cups next Monday. The
orew is |niadej up ns IoIIowb: Riley,
stroke; Hayes. 3; Hamber, 2, and Bole,
They brought their own shell with
them and by noon yesterday they were
all down at the boat houso preparing
for their lirst work on Nelson waters.
The boat is a handsome one nnd
seeniB sadly out of company in the boat
house, which, considering the advantages Nelson possesses, should most
cerbunly contain one or two boats of a
similar character. One end of tho boat
house has been knocked out in space
sufficient to make a stall to accommodate the two boats of the visiliugcrews
and the local oarsmen will spore no effort to make the visitors at home dur.
ing their stay here.
About 2:30 in the afternoon the Win-
nipegs lifted their shell from tho rack
end in ft moment or two she was
dropped lightly into the water nt the
rear of the Iwat house, and the men
were off for a spin. They took quite a
long row, being out for over an hour,
and went quite a distance up the lake.
They handle their boat neatly Bnd pull
a strong steady stroke tbat is the result of clean, careful practice work on
their own rivor.
The following sketoh of the various
members of the crew, taken from the
Winnipeg Free Press of Inst Saturday,
Is of interest in showing that the men
are old hBnds at the game:
"With 'Con* Riley as stroko. Fred
Bole, bow; 'Tommy' Hamber, 2, and
H. Hayes, 8, the Winnipeg Rowing
Club has what promises to bo a four
well able to represont them on Kootenay Lake at the Nelson Water Carnival
on Monday, July 2. Mr. 0. H. Riley
has riann from practically a novice of
three years ago to one of the fastest
and iteadieBt strokes iu the club. Hie
rowing has been, with the exception
of a win at Rat Portage in 1808, purely
local, but for all that the club have
erary confidence In his being *M�� to
Mta pwe before the Vancouver crew
that will do him no discredit. Mr. Bole
is ono of the youngest members of the
chili, but shows a coal head iu bow, and
rows a clean, neat stroke. He rowed
with Riley in 1808, when Riley made
his debut us stroke of a four, and won
out at the summer regatta of the oluh
in that year. Mr. T. E. Hamber is
probably the oldest hand at the oar,
having been a member of the club for
some years. He is an all-round athlete,
being known in nearly every pure outdoor sport. Mr. Hayes is the biggest
man of the fonr, and ii generally considered to be built of thu material used
for the giants of old. He rowed with
Marks' senior crew against tbe James
Bay four in '08."
The four-oared shell brooght to Neb
son by the Winnipeg crew is no ordinary everyday boBt. It has traveled
and seen much, and its little trip from
Winnipeg to Nelson Is the shortest
kind ot a jaunt, It was built especially
for the Winnipeg crew that contested
at Henley, and has therefore crossed
the Atlantic twice. In addition to this
it has carried Winnipeg boys to viotory
at Minnetonka and elsewhere, and it
now bus the additional honor of boing
the first paper shell on the Nelson
wuter course, n course that some day
should be the gathering pluce of crews
and boats from all of the rowing cities
of the West, Middle West and Pacific
Recently announcement wsb made
that floats for the trades procession
could be made IH feet high, but it
was ascertained yestcrdny by City
Engineer McCulloch that In some
places the trolley wires are only 111
feet from the ground, and for that
reason no floats Bhould be made over
15 feet high iu order to pass under
the wire with safety. Last year the
Hudson's Bay Company's float, which
was a very handsome one, was caught
in some wires and badly damaged.
The business men of Nelsou have decided tbat tbe City should bo handsomely decorated for Dominion Dny aud
many of them'.are now at work designing decorations for their buildings. To
iHinte the words of one of Nelson's
prominent business men the town is
gettiug suoh a number of people here
from outside points that it should do all
in its power to make Nelson the most
talked of City in this part of the country. Imperially along Baker Street
should an effort bemBde to beautify the
town and one gentleman whose plaoe of
business is on that thoroughfare Bays
that he will make his front ' 'so elsbor-
ate that it will dazzle the eyes ot all beholders." Ward Street is another
street that should be decorated and
thus tbe two prinoipal streets, upon
which most of the visitors will congregate, will impress themselves upon the
memory of nil. The Oity will, of coarse,
take part in tbe decorating, but the
merchants should spare no effort to
make the general effect most brilliant.
Mr. Halton, who will have charge of the
decorating for the Oity, will be glad to
make any suggestions to snyoue who
contemplates suoh decorations and oan
bo found at Teetzel's drug store during
the dny.
The Nelson Footbnll Club at a
meeting Inst night decided upon the
team which will play against Knslo
next Monduy nfternoon at the recreation grounds. The line-up will be
ns follows:
(loal, Rev. Ocorge Monroe; backs,
0. W. 1)111, (Cnpt), A. J. Fisher;
half-backs, W. J. Montgomery, J.
Barnes. II. Houston; right-forwards,
\V. Martin, T. Duncan; eentre-for-
wnrds, 1). McNichol; left-forwards,
A. T. Boeluncr, J. Thomson; reserves,
L. A. Hodge and F. W. Lang.
The men hnve been working hard
in practice and Knslo will have to
piny u swift game to come in sight of
the trophy.
A meeting of the Football Club will
be held In the Waverly immediately
after practice tonight to make arrangements for the Knslo match and
other business.
General Shuffle to Occur
Soon ln Cabinet at
Mr.  Tarte's  Speeches  Will
Probably Cause His
The House Discusses Charges
Against Citizens of
Winnipeg, June 20.���The Tribune today has the following Ottawa special:
"Ottawa, Ont , June 26 ���It mny,
with reasonable certainty, be taken for
granted that Tarte will be retired from
the Cabinet nt on early date. It is
stated that a number of members from
Quebco have notified Premier Laurier
tbey will not run again unless Turte is
retired, and the feeling of the Ontario
Liberal contingent i-eeins to be against
him. It is not thought Tarte is personally disliked, but his practice of
making speeches which embnrnss the
Government and put others in a false
position has caused many of his friends
to weaken and to agree that it would
be safer for the party and improve the
prospeols at the coming eleotion if be
would retire.
"It is generally .understood that a
ohangs will be made soon and tbat a
Hlinllln in the Cabinet will ooonr. Hornier, the new Minister, wbo ia very
highly regarded as a Liberal of the
old school, may become Minister of
l'ubllo Works. Fitzpatriok is tnlke.i
of as Minister of Inland Revenue, and
Brodenr, the present Deputy-Speaker,
as Solicitor Oeneral. Jette, the present Lisntenant-Qovernor of Quebec.
may be sent to the Snpreme Oourt to
make way for Tarte, as no effort will
be spared to get him the highest possible position.
"Some Liberal politicians nro looking askance at Bonrassa for going to
Winnipeg and participating tn the
school qnestlon. It is thought since
he has become a leader that he will
lead a revolt in Quebec, and that
serions embarrassment to Premier
Laurier oannot fail to result. His
notions and language are closely scanned here."
The Boers Have Now Adopted irregular
Fighting In small Bodies.
London, Jnne 27, 8:20 s. m.-The
Boer ooromanda in the eastern part of
the Orange River Colony appear to
have been broken up by their leaders
for the time Into Binnll parties that
harass ths large columns of the British, incessantly ontting off soonts,
sniping pickets and making a show of
foroe heie and there. Commandant
Obristian Dewet, is the geniuB of those
guerilla operations. He is the hero of
the Boers in these laat days of hostilities.     Lord  Roberts' columns  Ut
Continued on Kourlh Page,
Ottswa, June 20.���In the nouse today
Mr. Maxwell (Burrard) said that a
member of the Opposition had made certain reckless charges ugainst theoitizens
of Vauoouver. He wonld have brought
the matter up before, but he expected
that Sir Hibbert Tapper would hnve
taken steps to have proven his statements.
Mr. Foster wanted to know if a
member of tbe House oould ohargc another member of the House with being
reckless on a telegram from an outside
party. The Speaker aaid that the statement reckless was not Parliamentary and
should be withdrawn.
Mr. Fielding was not going to
say whether it wns right or wrong to
read this telegrnm, but he did not
think that the member for York
(Foster) wns a proper party to crlti
cl/.e It Blnce he, the other day, read n
telegram charging the Solicitor-Hen
unil with making a false statement.
Mr. Mnxwell then rend tho following telegrnm:
"Vnncouver, B. C., June 111.���To
(Ieorge R. Maxwell, M. P., Ottawa,
Ont.: Reconstruction of Yukon telegraphs, n despatch Bays Hint my son,
Percy Charleston, received 5 per cent,
on all goods brought hero. 1 am sorry
Hir Hibbert made such a charge,
respect Ills father very mnch, but
muat say bis son made a fnlse assertion. My son Is In a more lucrative
a business than politics. The brokers
here are Chickmay Bros,, strict Conservatives. (Sgd.) Donald B. Charles
lesion, a brother of J. B. Charleston.'
Ottawa, Ont. June 'JO.���Militia
estimates were again under consideration when the House resumed at 3
o'clock. Dr. Borden said the Department  WM constructing a   large
store building in Ottawa. Lieutenant
Colonel Prior said thnt the Militia
Department should hnve stores on
hand of all descriptions, Dr. Borden
replied thnt the Department wns well
equipped for an emergency in clothing
BupplicB. Indeed it waa better equipped than ever before.
On an item of 0840,000 for the purchase of iirniB and ammunition there
was considerable discussion. The
Minister said that of this amount
81!iO,0(io_wus for the purchase of three
field batteries to replace thoBC sent to
Soutli Africa and 100,000 for rifles.
It was the intention of the Government to place In tbe hands of the
soldiers the best kind of weapons
that could be secured.
Toronto, June 26,���Orop reports gathered throughout Ontario, principally relating to Western Ontario, show on the
whole fair prospects, Iu many places,
however, the lack of rain is n great
drawback and a continuance of the
drought will have a bad effeot. Grain
promises fairly well. Hay is ligbt aud
in regard to fruit the outlook is bright.
The ground root crop iB generally satisfactory.
Winnipeg, June 28.���The drought in
a large portion of Manitoba was broken
tonight. Heavy rains are reported all
the way from Brandon, Oarbery, Sew-
ell, Shoal Lake, Douglass, Trehorn,
Holland nnd many other points in
Western and Central Manitoba, with
every prospect ot continuance. A
day's ruin will work woudera on the
wheat fields. There was also a heavy
rain iu Winnipeg tonight.
Toronto, Ont., Jnne 20���The relatives of Miss (i ,wans and Miss Rutherford, the Canadian women who are
shot up in the Chinese Capital, fear for
their snfety, na no news has been received from them since the wnr started. They were members of prominent
local families and had boen in China
nine years.
Montreal, June 20.���loOo foreign
emigrants will arrive at Halifax on
the Assyrian in a furtnight, and will
be forwarded to Winnipeg.
Kingston, June 2(1.���Mra. Q. H.
Cntts, aged 3d, drank bug poison in
mistake for whiskey last night and
died soon after. Mrs. Cntts picked
up tbe wrong bottle in the dark.
Newmarket, June 26. ��� Embury's
steam lanndry nnd the warn rooms of
Deering & Co., and Richard Crake,
agent, adjoining, were gntted by fire
this morning.
St. John, N, S��� Jnne 20.-A fire at
St. Stephens this nfternoon did $15,000
worth of damage to the stock of the
Imperial wrapper fnctory, Wall's book
store, Waterson'a drug store and Gregory's grooery. The Wrapper Company
has |12,000 insurance.
Montreal, Que., June 2(1.���The
special correspondent of The Star,
with the British forces In South
Africa, cables as follows:
"Pretoria, June 18.���Ueneral Baden-
Powell, the gallant defender of Mafeking met (Ienernl Hutton's Brigade
cast of Pretoria todny nnd rode into
the city with nn escort. He received
n warm greeting from Lord Roberts,
who complimented him on the brave
stand made by the garrison at Mafeking. Baden-Powell reported that his
ride across the country hnd been uneventful and that n Inrge number of
Boers had handed their arms over to
him. When be left Mnfeking everyone wns well and in good humor.
"The Canadian Light Infantry were
in the fighting which took place east
of Pretoria Monday and rendered a
good account of themselves. Pte.
Frost was killed and Pte. Balnea
seriously wounded. Captain Mnc-
Donncll has been wounded by accident.
"The foot infantry are Btill doing
their share towards guarding the
lines of communication between here
and the springs. They have not hod
any lighting since the surrender of
Pretoria. Tbe Canadian Artillery
were engaged in the sharp outpost
fight yesterday. Morden Kerr waa
killed at Trigis, Bell wns taken prisoner. There arc two Bells in Company "I)," they both belong to Ham-
Montreal, Juue 26,��� The Star's correspondent, with the Canadians in South
Africa, cableB it was Strathcona's
HorBe who blew up the bridge nt Konm.
atipoort. The news ia accepted here
with some reserve pending confirmation, as Htratbcona's Horse was recently reported us being with Duller't force.
Feared That City Will Now
Be the Scene of an
United States Will Establish
a Strong  Force at
Allies Have Entered Tien Tsin
���Seymour's Column
London, June 27.��� 3:45 a. m.��� A
fresh phase of the bulletin in Cbinn, is
the probability ot an immediate outbreak iu the great southern Provincial
oentres. The populace there daily
is assuming a more hostile attitude towards foreigner?, and
the latter perceive symptoms of a general uprising, especially at Nanking,
where, according to a despatch to the
Daily Express dated yesterday, '' Kang
Wu, one of the worst enemies of foreigners, has nrrived from the (I rand Canal,
armed with orders from the Empress to
deal with the southern Provinces."
The friendly attitude ot Vleekoj Lin
Cih towards foreigners has brought him
into disgrace with Piince Tuang Preei
dent ofthe Tsung Li Yamen.
The unrest at Canton is described
by a despatch from thnt city to The
Daily Telegraph, dated Monday, vin
Hong  Kong  yestcrdny,    ns   follows:
"It is feared^ that we nre on the
eve of a scene of bloodshed and anarchy in the twoquangs only parallelled during the Tne Ping rebellion,
The signs of a murderous uprising
are so manifest that wealthy Chinese
are hurrying from Canton and the
vicinity, taking their wives, families
and vuluables with tbem.
"Li Hnng Chang has beon again per
emptorily ordered to Pekin, His
enemies declare that they will murder
him before he enn reach there. His
presenile alone restrains the revolutionary elements here. His departure will
let loose the 'blaok flags' and 'cud
girdles', knowing this, Li's trusted
olllcers are Bending thoir families to
Hong Kong.
"The Viceroy himself * treats with
Americans in this crisis. He snyB
thnt they nlone wnnt no territory nud
he places himself largely, almost
unreservedly, in their hands. At an
important conference todny, he reiterated this statement! 'All the missionaries have been notified of the
Imminent peril through confidential
runners. They are leaving Canton
hurriedly, and only a few are now
"Commander McLean, of the U.S.
steamship Don Juan Austrian, iB the
first here to protect foreign interesle.
He iB cnpnble nnd energetic and is reinforced by H. M. S. Redpole. Two
hundred foreign residents at Shanieu
are armed.
"The Canton population reaches 2, -
000,000, in addition to 25(1,0110 living on
junks und sampans (lint-bottomed river
boats.) Most of these people are disaffected and incendiary proclamations
are increasing the numbers of the virulent."
.Shanghai cables that the French
Oouaul there has received a telegram
from Shan Tung asserting that 11.000
Chinese troops sro ranking a forced
mnroh from Shan Tung to l'ekin. Two
Jesuit lui hers and 100 native Cbriatisiin
hsve been murdered in the southeastern part of the Province of Chi Li.
The Chinese military authorities
have been discovered recruiting at
Shanghai inside the foreign settlements and some agents have been
arretted in the act of constructing
entrenchments around tbe European
A Chinaman conneoted wilh war
purchases for the Chinese Government
In Europe, wbo was Interviewed by
tbe Daily Express, says that China has
Immense qoantttiet  of arms and am
munition, and will  "stagger  humanity," if driven to defoud herself.
London, June SB.���The Parliamentary
Secretary of the Foreign Ofllco, Mr.
Win. Ht. J. Broderick, in reply to s
question today, said: "We havo no information from tbe Legations or Admiral Seymour's force or from Tien
Tsin. Our last information from the
officers in charge nt Wei Hal Wei iB
that .'1,000 of the force for the relief of
Tien Tein was encamped within nine
miles of Tien Tsin on the evening of
June 21. From private creditable
soiirceB we nre informed the relief force
subsequently entered Tien Tsin and
marched north and the Legations were
not harmed.   We hope this is true."
Che Foo, Jnne 211.���The Americans
and British entered Tien Tsin first,
silencing the guns of the arsenal nud
breaking through the Chinese lines
nnd the foreigners were close behind
The RuBsinns 'lost four killed and
thirty wounded. The losses of the
other nationnlities were small.
Admirnl Seymour's force Is about
20 miles from Tien Tsin. It is Bur-
rounded by Chinese troops and Boxers and hampered by the presence of
sick and wounded.
It is reported that nil the' foreigners were sent from l'ekin with a weak
Chinese guard uud it is assumed that
they were with Admiral Seymour.
One thousniul Japanese are landing
at Tnkn. and 2,INK) more nre expected
tomorrow, when a battalion of French is
also due.
The foreign Admirals have appointed
Commander WiBo. of the Monocacy, to
lie commandant at Tung Kit. The Netherlands cruiser Holland has left Java
for Che Foo.
Washington, D. 0��� June 86,���The
purpose of the Government to place
an adequate military force in China
was made clear today when orders
were issued U (leneral CliuiTee to
Ink,- ciiiuiuiiiid nt the forces in China
aud to proceed ut once to assume his
new duties.
More significant probably than the
assignment itself was the wording of
the formal orders to General ChiitTee
issued lnte in the day hy Acting Seoretary of War Meiklcjnhn, directing him
to take command of the troops ordered to China and to proceed to l'ekin by
way of Snn Francisco and Taku, accompanied by his aides,"
It bad been expected the military
forces would be concentrated at Che
Foo or some other convenient base
but the direction to proceed lo Pekin
indicated a firm determination ou
the part of the Qovernment authorities to have a strong military force at
the seat of the Chinese Government.
The announcement of (leneral Chaffee's assignment and the orders to
proceed to Pekin came ufler the State
Department bad declined lo accede to
n second proposition from the six
great Viceroys of China that foreign
troops be kept out of China until LI
Hung Chang reaches Pekin.
In a formal manner, with Ihe signatures of the six Viceroys representing
the greater part nf the Empire, Minister
Wu repeated today his plon of yesterday
that the foreign tumps be kupt out of
tbe country.
Secretary Hay laid the formal request
of the Viceroys before the Cabinet mect-
ihg but there waa no diaposiliou lo vary
from tbe President's determination, already made known by Seoretary Hay to
the Chinese Minister, to send the l-'nit-
ed States forces to such points as were
menaced anil where ourofiloials aud citizens were in danger.
While the Viceroys spoko for their
Provinces they oould not spunk for
Pekin, and it is to l'ekin tbat tbe ollieials most anxiously look.
Minister Conger is still silent and
tho latest advices have shown that
little reliance can lie plnoed on the despatches from Shanghai saying the
Ministers and Legations at Pekin were
safe. For this reason the orders to
Ueneral Chaffee to proceed to Pekin
took on an added meaning.
United States Makes Another Demand
for Settlement of its Claims.
Washington, June 20,���As to tho report from Constantinople that the
American charge, Mr. Uimcom, linn
presented another demand for the settlement of tbe American claims, it enn
lie stilled mi high authority that Hie
United States Government is steadily
pressing for n definite and final settle-
ment nnd is losing no opportunity to
remind the Turkish authorities  of the
Continued OU ruuiUi l'��i
__������ NELSON   DAILY  MINER, WEDNESDAY,  JUI$E 27, 1900
T). J. HKATON.  Editor and  Manager
lowance to the Premier, but ii is
not certain lhat this would bring
his case within the four corners of
the Constitution Act, and by making his position one ol emolument
under tbe Crown render a re-election
necessary. To put himself quite on
the safe side, however, he hits resolved to go back to his constituents and ask for their approval. In
doing this Mr. Dunsmuir is demonstrating a respect for Parliamentary
practice which others might emulate
with credit all around.
It is said that Mr. Blair will retire from the Cabinet at Ottawa and
take refuge in the Supreme Court of
New Brunswick. There is also a
revival ofthe rumor that Mr. Tarte
will resign his portfolio, but what
he proposes to do with himself is
not said���perhaps lake himself olT
to his " dear France.' Political rumors are always rife, and there may
be nothing in these. But it will be
surprising if events do not indicate
a feeling of uneasiness at Ottawa
that will demand some shifting of
ballast before the Government try
their next venture in the sea of public opinion. Mr. Sifton is somewhat
out ol mind just at present, but it is
by no means improbable that be and
Mr. Tarte and Mr. Blair will all
walk the plank before the next general election. Mr. Tarte might help
to hold Quebec, but his   offensive .  f|l ,
French sympathies would   make  it  UiNiJ     ioUJ-ilD      VV JjJjJl
rattier bad  for tbe  Premier  in   the
Tbe Sandon Mining Review has
been revived. Mr. Clifford was so
unfortunate as to have the entire
plant and stock of his office in the
great fire of a few weeks ago,
and his contemporaries in the Kootenays will rejoice that he has been
able to resume publication.
other Provinces. Mr. Sifton is utterly discredited in Manitoba and
the Territories and to retain him
as Ministerial leader in the next
campaign would mean the complete
loss of those constituencies. Mr.
Blair has been a clever manipulator,
but few would be surprised to learn
that he has lost his grip in New
Brunswick and that his room in the
Cabinet is   more   prized   than  bis
Monday. July 2ud.
Clara Mathes'
Big Comedy
In a repertoire of New York
Successes and High Class
company. A reconstruction that | Vaudeville, with special scenery and accessories.
Monday Evening will be
presented the New Comedy
would involve the retirement of these
three Ministers is one of the probable events of the near future.
Now tbat the elections are over,
and there is no longer occasion to
simulate an indignation for which
there was never the least ground, it
is freely admitted that the voters'
list in the Slocan is in a vile condition and needs cleansing, When
an attempt was made to do this a
few weeks ago it was characterised
as an assault on the privileges of
free British subjects and a vast
amount of twaddle was indulged in,
in the not entirely vain hope of making capital for one of the candidates.
There was a similar spurious eruption in connection with the list in
Nelson, to which several hundred
names were added in glaring contradiction of both the spirit and letter of the law. It should be one of
the first duties of the new Legislature to give to the Province an Election Act that will not be so easily li-
liable to the abuses that were successfully practised in these two constituencies.
The Colonist, remarking on the
notable lack of singing birds in British Columbia, intimates that as
Minister of Agriculture Mr. Turner
may take such steps as may be necessary to supply the deficiency.
This could only be done by encouraging their importation. The absence of feathered songsters in our
splendid forests has been a cause of
���ome surprise and much regret to
all new comers, and anything within reason that the Government and
Legislature might deem desirable
under the circumstances  would   no
of play
cialties nightly.
Popular Prices.
Reserved    Scats  at   usual
Two    first-class . HOTEL
SITES  near proposed
new railway station.
Business and Residential Lots
in all parts of the original  Townsite.
Land Agent.
Noxt Bank of Montreal.
7-8 inch diam. JiaBOper 100 feet. For
Immediate delivery in Nelson
P. O. Box 676. Nnlson. B. C"
Room 1, Turner-Bueckh Blook,
14-room   house,   nil   conveniences, 2
lots down town.    A bargain.
Houses nil pnrts of tlm city.
mprovod    properly.
We are now booking orders for
Chinese Lanterns
Colored Fires
Flags, Etc.
Ami if you wish lt>   avoid disappoint*
mont (jiyo us your order
Lines West of Lake Superior.
Departure   and    Arrival   Time   of
Trains  and   Steamers.
Depart from                            Arrive  at
Nelson                                  Nelson
Steamer    arrives   at  Nelson
from the oust, Crow's Neat
briineli     and   intermediate
points 3.30
i.Io Train leaves Nelson for Robb-
land and intermediate
points, and via Rohson fur
north, Revelstoke,the main
lino and Paoifio coast points.
T.Ill) Train leaves Nelson for Sandon and intermediate points
and via Slocan Lake ronte
for north, Revelstoke, the
main lino aud Pacilio coast
Train arrives at Nelson from
Rossland   and intermediate
points 10.35
Steamer arrives at Nelson
from Knslo and intermediate points 11.00
16.80 Trains leaves Nelson for
Rossland, Greenwood and
Intermediate points.
Hi.CO Steamer leaves Nelson for
Kaslo nnd way points.
Train arrives at Nelson from
Rossland and Greenwood
and intermediate points,
and from Revelstoke, the
main line, and Paoifio coast
points 18.45
Train arrives in Nelson from
Sandon and intermodiato
points,and from Revelstoke,
the main line und the Paoifio const points 19,80
83.80 Steamer leaves Nelson for
Crows Nest branch und all
points east.
Trav. Puis. Aftont
A  (1. P. Akoi.ii.
Bnker   Stieet
Income 15 per cent net
75-feet hest residence  corner  in the
oity.   A snnp.
doubt   receive the hearty  approval j    A goon list of building lots  to select
of the public.    Two thing! we want   'r��'",
���to preserve our forests, and to retrieve their stillness by   introducing
a greater variety and volume of bird
The following from The Sandon
Mining Review refers to a matter
that requires investigation: "A
gentleman who says he knows personally whereof be speaks informs
the writer that John Houston took
out papers in Seattle years ago,
constituting him an American subject, If this is so, and be has not
again taken out papers on this side,
he cannot legally act either as Mayor of Nelson or member of the B.C.
Legislature. The matter ought to
be fully looked into to prevent imposition i"	
Mr. Dunsmuir is seeking re-election with his colleagues, although
it is considered very doubtful whether he is under any necessity to do
po,   The Legislature voted an nl-
Wanted.���8(10(1 rock men and general
hands for work on White Pass and
Yukon Hallway, Wnues SH.Iill per day.
Board SI per day. Work every day.
Pay monthly in cash. Pare, from Van-
eOuyor *8(l witli $5 reflate after woik-
ing 80 rlnys.    Apply lo M.   J,   llenev,
I contractor, 811 Inns of Court   or A.   O.
I Ross, 485 Cordova Street, Vancouver
or on tho work.
Big Schooner
Beer or Hnlf-iuul-llidf only
The only good Beer in Nelson.
Cor. Stanley and Silica Streets.
J We  are now doing business iu _
Next to Nelson Hotel, where we hope to see  al
OLD customers and many NEW ones.
Give us a call.
Telephone 10. P 0 Box, K and W   \
Turner Beeton& Co.
Just arrived from Milwaukee
Our  Clearance Sale of
Is still on and will he continued until all is sold.
A consignment of Linen Crash and White Duck Skirts, delayed In
transit, just opened up. and  we Offer them
at  these low prices:
Regular 11.85 Linen Skirts at g .75
Regular   3.00 Linen Skirts at   1.511
Regular   2.50 Crash SltirtH at   |,7J
Regular   1.50 White  Duck Skirts at         1.15
Regular   3.00 White  Duck Skirts at 1.50
We Have Sold 75 Per Cent of All the
Portland Cement
Fire Brick, Fire Clay
n 1 ___. v i and Sewer Pipe
Used m tho Kootenay ~
Jnst Received���Oarload
Dominion Ale and  Porter
We want to clear out
our stock of
while    the
present    warm
Until July 1st we will offer
our whole stock at prices that
must sell.
Just look in and see if this
is not a fact.
(in pints and quarts)
Dominion  White  Label  Ale
Bank of
British Columbia,
Is now prepared to issue
Drafts and Letters of Credit
on Skaguay, U.S., Atlin, B.
and Dawson City, Yukon
This Is the finest Ale brewed in Canada.
Dominion  Bulk  Ale
Teacher's Scotch   Whisky
(pints and quarts)
15-gallon   kegs)
Is still the hest
nelson, It. ('.
The Nelson Coke &
Gas Company is
now prepared to supply the best LIME
in the countiy at
50c per Cwt,
Special rates on carload lots.    Apply
Baker Street.
Tenders will he rrosiveil hy the undersigned np tn the 15th of July next
fer the sinking of a shaft nn the Mauri
8. mineral claim on the North Pork of
the Salmon River.,    Plans and   spnei-
fleations will be mailed on application
to tho undorsigiind.
0. Q. HOHNON, Secretary
New North Fork Mining Co., Ltd
P, O. Box 888,
Jnne 1st, 1000 Vancouver, H. 0.
The Gottage Hospital, NcIsod
A private Hospital, Medical, Surgical and Ohstotrical cases nursed in tho
I Inline. Private room $2{) and tin a
week. Bods in ward |ia a week.
Nnrses sent ont to private houses at |lfl
a week. Apply to The Mis.es Crick-
AilvcrtlKomcnlHlnBortod unrtor thin head al
I he ml 1. of ono cunt n word por InrarMon. No
ailvortlBoment tnkon for Ions tlinn 2.5 oonls.
LOST.���Small  key of  vault  in  safe.
Itcturii to Alex. Stewart,
TO   LKT.���House  to   let   across   the
lake, stove, etc.   Apply O. Newling,
linker street.
FOK   SALE.���Sectional hrrMsr   (up-
right) B Horse   Power, all   fittings
almost new.    A bargain. Apply J   fl'
Love, linker Street.
POR HKNT.-2 rooms in West Blook
Apply at nlilce of O. W. West St Oo.
If You Smoke
Smoke  the
Royal Seal
Kootenay Belle.
ttlM I*    	
Great Reduction!
iVLL KINDS-Of plain   newlug done.
Minuses nud children's olothes a speedily.   Mrs,   Hogen,   Opposite Opera
PRICES S1.25 TO $4.00.
Lawren66 Hardware 60.
$9.65 Per Ton
$6.15 Per Ton
Nelson,  B. C.
.\        WANTED.
Waitress.    Cooks (women).
First-class woman cook wants s  J>
Hon In camp. OM WM*  ��>����*��'"
J. II. LOV6, Agt., B��k�� ��
NEW G.   P. R.   DEPOT.
The Company Will Commence Active
Work Here at Once,
"You will see tho work in connection with tho new union station and
yards started in earnest in a day or
two, and then pushed with nil possible Speed," was the expression used
hy Captain Troup when this Crown
grunt* for hloelts 88 and BO were
handed over to the Company yesterday
morning hy their solicitor, W. A.
The Crown grants for the above
two blocks were*recoived here yester-
torday morning from Vancouver by
the 0. P. B.'s city solicitor, P. B,
Wilson. The agreement, conveyance
and lease, were at once executed hy
tbe city, heing signed liy Mayor
Houston and the City Clerk. They
were then handed over to Mr. McDonald who at once trivnsfei'etl them
to the Company.
It Is possilile that the work at the
new yards will be. started Friday
morning or by the first of next week
at the latest. Tha only reason why
the work does not begin today is that
the tenders already received hy the
Company are not satisfactory and
they are only waiting for other tenders. It is expected that these will
be received by tomorrow.
The flrst work which will he done
is the excavating to change the present course of Cottonwood Creek.
The course of the creek when the
work Is completed will he about 2(10
feet cast of the present bed, and will
run immediately in front of Baiter
Street. This work will be done to
allow wagon room on the east side of
the new station.
Excavating for the foundation of
the eight-stalled round house will be
started hy the first of next week.
The erection of the union station,
the building of tlie round house, the
laying of the trucks and all the other
work in connection, with the enterprise is expected to he completed in a
few months.
The carrying ont of the enterprise
will necessitate the destruction of the
many gardens now cultivated by
Chinamen. There are several dwellings in that vicinity which are occupied hy Chiiiameu, and the occupants
will have to find a home iu some other
quarter of the city as all the houses
will be pulled down to make room
for tho buildings and tracks of the
_n compensation for the two blocks
the company has given the city a
seven-year lease on the recreation
grounds which arc now being fenced,
and has also given the city a deed,
absulutely, to 411 acres adjoining
Cottonwood Crock to be used for park
purposes by the city.
The water in tho lake has risen four
ilichen iu tbe In'-t 21 hours.
The next Assize Court of Nelson District will he held at the Court House
Octobei 10.
A. M. Johnson of the McDonald Ss
Johnson mill will lenve this morning
for Slooan City to transact some legal
The electric lights weie turned on for
tbe first time at the (leneral Hospital
Monday evening nnd added greatly to
tbe appearance of tbe institution.
A meeting of the Rifle Association
will be held this evening to arrange
for the reception of tbe Kossland and
Kaslo teams and for the rifle match to
occur during the Carnival.
Prank Oassidy of this city, a railroad
conlmotor, loft last evening for Smill
St. Marie, where he intends to engage
Id contrscling work, as much railroad
building is being carried ou at that
John Hickmett, who enmo to the
city about two weeks ago from Ottawn,
was taken to the (leneral Hospital yesterday iiflernoon suffering from the
after results from nu operation performed a few months before he left Ottawa,
8. A. Haybridgo of Slocan Junction
will be tried at 11:% o'clock this forenoon at Mr. Bullock-Webster's oflice
on a charge of selling venison after
the close uf tbe season. Tho complaint
was made by Constable Allan Forester
of Robson.
The Kootenay Railway & Navigation Company has completed the ballasting of the Bedlington and Nelson
division which runs from Kirkwood
to Port Hill and the company claims
that it Is now one of the best ballasted
roads ln British Columbia.
Manager Kydd of the Bank of Halifax desires to acknowledge the receipt
of 81(1 from J. ('. Blandy and 15 from
A. F. Procter as a contribution to the
India Famine Fund. This fund is for
a most worthy purpose and Mr. Kydd
will be glad to receive other subscriptions.
Manager George Kydd, of the Bank
Of Halifax, will leave for the cast on
July 3d for a month' B vacation. During his absence Mr. (I. A. Taylor,
manager of the Victoria branch of
the bank will assume charge of the
local branch, and will arrive iu Nel-
#ob some time this week,
The steamer International was ontight
In a heavy blow oil' Pilot liny oigbl Im
fore Inst nnd knocked ivbonl ra,tliei
roughly.   Her starboard rail was badly
damaged nmi the crow were busy \i sler-
dny repairing the damage,
The executive commit too of the Kp-
worth Luagne nf tho Methodist Chiirch
will moot at the houso "i Miss Lillic
on Friday eveniug, A full nltniulnnce
of Iho niomboi'B has boon requested as
tho work for tho coming year will be
Hume: Jumes Miller, BonnlllgtOII
Palls; W. A. Dowar, Toronto; I). Mo-
Lnod, Toronto; D, ,|. Muiinsell,
Prootor; E. Oharlca, Rossland ; 11. IS.
Womp, Toronto; M. Rittonliery ; Mont-
troal; P. M. Chosiorlow, Greenwood ;
T. Lewin, HoHslnnd; I). M. Monro,
Trail; U. Jackson, Silverton,
Phair: Thomas Billiard. Rossland;
F. II. Bates, D, \V. Hamber, II. S.
Hayes, C. A, Riley, R. S. Riley, Win
nipegiQeo, W. Spencer, w, \_. Goz
zero, Ban Prancisoo \ Thos. MoDonuell,
Greenwoodi J. W. Stewart; P. J.Hiok-
ey, Muster P, J Hickoy, Hpnlin.no; .1.
B. Hastings, Viotorin; W. A. OoplesB,
John Unveil, an employe of (lencllc
& Co. oi Mnkusp, hnd his ric,ht hand
badly oru-hed while coupling cms nt
that place Mondny torenoon, Ho at
once came to the (ienernl Hospital of
this city mid yesterday, after dressing
the wound, it was found by Dr. Dougherty that it would be necessary to iini-
putato tho index linger, the lest of the
hand being saved.
The laying of the wnt��r main oo
Prout street, which has so long been
talked of was Btnrted yesterday morning. _ hydrant will he placed nt the
oorner of Josephine and From streets.
This work would have been completed
before this had it not been for the delay of the arriving of necessary material nnd as it hns not arrived yet the
work will progress slowly.
A stenni shovel which is now being
fitted out in the local C, P. It. yards
will be sent to Slocnn Junction about
Friday for the purpose of filling iu the
bridges along the Columbia ,t Koolonay
Railway from Slocan to Nelson. There
are thirty-six bridges in all to fill up,
niue being already completed by the
steam buovcI which has been working
for the past two weeks. It is the Intention of the oompany to take out all the
bridges, putting culverts iu their places.
Owing to the high water a portion of
the Arrowhead branch of the 0. P. 11.
hns been washed away and cannot be
repaired for about a fortnight. In the
iiieani inie steamers will run up to Revelstoke and in order to do to nud make
main line connections they will require
to lenve Robson nt twenty-two o'clock
in the evening, instead of nine o'clock
in Ihe morn!ug. Commencing todnj
thero will be a doubling back of trails
at 8 p, m. from Nelson and Rossland lo
connect, snd such doubling back of
trninB gives nn additional service between Nelson and Rossland. Outside
of this tho Kootenay service will not be
interfered with.
Comiug to the Nelson Opera House
the week of July 2 is Clara M it lies'
Big Comedy Oompany in a repertoire
of popular dramas, comedies and lii(;li-
class vaudeville. The opening bill will
be the merry comedy, "Brown's in
Town," and there will be a change of
play and specialties nightly. This company carries a large amount of special
soencry and all plays will be produced
in n perfect manner ns to costume niul
accessories. Miss Mnthes is well nnd
favorably known to our (heater-goers
and is supported by u superb company
of players. Popular prices will prevail and seats can now be secured for
the opening performance.
The following transactions were
recorded at the Milling Recorder's
ollice yesterday: Locations���Morning
Star, on Wild Horse Crock, by Dan.
McLeod and 1). E, Grobe; Sunny
Morning, on North Fork of Wild
Horse Creek, hy William Camming,
Transfers: From Silas Johns to
Michael Egan, entire interest in the
Ilukano, for a nominal consideration ;
from Michael Egan to George A.
Campbell of Victoria, entire interest
in the Dukane, for a nominal consideration; from John I). McCaskcll
to Edward J. Cnrran, entire Interest
In the Brandon, for a nominal consideration. Certificates of Works To
F. S. Algiers on Vermont claim,
to Robert Reeves on Sierra and Love
Itising above the babble of latter-
day litoratn.ie the voioe nf one writ-or
lings sluing and clear���tbe voioe of
Kiiiiyitnl Kipling.
His works are distinctively British.
Ho writes for Hie Empire and the
soldiers. Be voices the thoughts nn:i
aspirations of Iho liritish people. Aud
>cl his works ale read in every tnugue
nf Europe, nnd in the United Slates he
is the must popular author of   the ilny.
if yon like  conventional, effeminnto
reading, don't lako Kipling.      But   it
you want Reniathiug different��� something now nnd (rush���if yon like
originality,virility, power and insight,
then you want to road Kipling uud
own bis complete works.
Tho Miner has arranged for a fow
sols of the nnthnri/.ed edition. See
our offer in today's issue.
Spring chicken and nil the dolinanins
of tne season served to you when yon
visit; Florence Park Unto! nt Roberts'
Kanch, two ami   a half  miles  up   the
river.   \V. M. Roberts, proprietor.
Dnnolng at Lnkn Park Pavilion every
Wednesday evening���rain or shine.
���0*o*o*o*o*c*o*o*o*e*oeO'fO | ****/w*****^**��^**^**^**/vvv*vvv��^<Wvvv^��^^��^^��
When your watch needs repairing
soud it to tin by mail or oxprosB-l It
will havo tho same careful attention
as if you loft it personally, and be
returDou through tho Bnmetohaunol
aa you send it. It will also carry
our guarantee,
T. H. Brown,
Because the eyes tire easily,
some folks say tiiey are not well.
In most such cases there is eyestrain.
Neglected eyestrain is sure to
produce sickness.
Be wise.
Have your eyes examined.
Know their exact condition from
an expert.
Consultation free.
Patenaude Bros.
Watchmakers, Jewelers and Opticians,
Notioe is hereby given that an extraordinary meeting of the sliarohol-
dors of the Oasoade Water Powor &
|ji��bt Company, Limited, will bo hold
at the offices of the Loudon Ss Brilish
Columbia (ioldiields, Limited, Bakor
Street, City oi Nolson, British
Columbia, on Wednesday tho nth dny
of .Inly ut il o'clock in  the  afternoon.
Tho business lo be outorod npon at
the said meeting is ns follows:
la) Por the purpose of considering
the civine; of a further mortgage ol
Hi,801), tn be charged, upon nil the
assets and property, both ronl and personal of the oompany of whatsoover
nature or kind nnd upon all tho in
come and also upon the undertaking
of tho Company generally, and if decided upon, to authqrlze tho execution
of the said mnitgagc to soeure the said
sum of ��8,800, with interest at 0 per
(b) To consider and accept, should
ii be so decided, tho resignations of
the directors of the oompany.
(e) And, in tho event of the acceptance of snoh resignations, to elect
directors ill the place of such retiring.
Dnted nt Nelson, B. C.this lllth dny
of June. 1!HI0. ;
Are Your Feet Right?
Arcjthey dressed in the latest
style ? If not, call and see our
stylish footwear at popular
Onr Ladies' Patent Leather
Shoes are just right.
f A ���;���;��,��f
The Bliooists
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Tbn property on Upper Arrow Lake
known as tho St. Leon MinernI Springs
property consisting of about 475 acreB
of land with hotel buildings nud valuable Mineinl Springs, and a largo tiact
of standing tiiiiber.^mny be purchased
on reasonable terms. Absolute title
and possession can be giveu at once.
Full particulars will be mailed on application to
Vendor's Solicitor, Rovolstoke.
Could not express the rapture of Annie
E. Springer, of 1125 Howard Ht,, Philadelphia, Pa., when sho found thnt Iir.
Kiug's New-Discovery for Consumption
had completely cured her of n bucking
cough thnt for runny years hnd lunde
life n burden. All other remedies 'Aud
doctors could give her no help, bnt she
snys of this ltoynl cure���"it soon removed the psin in my chest nnd I enn now
sleepeoundly, something I enn scarcely
remomber doing before. I fowl like
sounding its prnise throughout tho universe." So will everyone who (ties, Dr.
Kiug'B New Discovery for niiy trauma of
the throat, ohest or lungs. Price 511 cts.
and $1. Trial bottles fico nt Canada
Drug nnd Book Store; every bottle guaranteed.
Well, (he latest drop nt the Wallace.
Mill"! Co's Store was the drop of ths
plate glass to tbn door. But thnt did
not prevent the big rosb last night for
tbeir June snaps.
FOR reivJt.
2 Tonoments flO
5   roomed Col Inge   17
li   roomed Bouse  20
I  roomed Bouse  UO
s  roomed House 40
The Bnyward Bouso for rout or sale.
prijdges & tioWe..
Mara   Block, (Over   Merchant's   Bank
of Halifax.)
Canada Permanent and Western Canada Mortgage
bead office toronto,  ont.
Money to Innu nu Straight Mortgage
Apply tn (J. I.. LENNOX, Baker St.,
Nclsnn.   .-���',.
Delivered to any point
on Kootenay Lake.
have a complete stock on hand of
Rough and Dressed
Mouldings, Sash Doors,
Inside Finish,
Coast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber-
Mill st PILOT BAY. Ynrds, NELSON
nnd LARDO,
Room 3,  Turnei-Boeokh  Blook, Nelson,
Notary   Public,     kcul     _state,    Insurance,
Mines, Loans.
$2,000 will buy a lot with furnished
house routed for fill) per month, nnd
���dable rented for $10 por month. Very
central location.
$2(10 oash, lot on Carbonato Streot.
.-���'.i'iiiii will purchase 4 lots and residence, Huuio Addition.
81,20(1 will pnrobase a lot on Bakor
A nice cottage and large lot nt Five
Milo Poiut.
Ranch at Pilot Bay, 00 acres cnl-
$SS0 honse and lot on Rohson Street
$4,000 will buy corner ou Bakor
Street.   Easy terms.
$4,000 will buy cornor on Vernon
$250 each will bny R nioo residence
lotH on Carbonate Streot.
$20 a month will rent an 8 roomed
house.    A snap.
Por Sale.���4,000 shares of Big Horn
stock at 6 cents per share.
H. & M. BIRD
Eureka  Mineral Wool
and Asbestos Co.
Real Estate, Fire  Insurance.
Private Funds to Loan.
Bouse on Carhonnte Street, 2 blocks
from tbe post ollico containing Dining
Room, Drawing Room, Kitchon,
Pantry, Large Basement, S Bed Rooms,
Dressing Room and Bath Room. Heated throughout with ooal furnace. Possession July llth. Rent per month $!lf>.
" Mr. Perks honse across the lako oon-
"aiuing Sitting Room, two Bed Rooraa
and Kitchen. Furnished oomplete.
Possession July 1st. Rent per nionib
lliiAl) OFFICE NEL50N, 15. C.
V^Z2.~ ��� ���������TTTT^__ET,aJ
Branch. Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Orders by mall to any branch will have careful and prompt attention.
A. R. Woody.it & Co.'s Lawn Mowers
American   Ball Bearing Lawn Mowers
Cactus Lawn Sprinklers
Fan Lawn Sprinklers
}_  inch Rubber Hose
^-inch Rubber Hose
-inch Rubber Hose, wire bound
inch Cotton Hose
inch Cotton Hose
Vancouver  Hardware  Co.,   Limited
Baker Street, Nelson.
Place Your
Orders for
Streamers, Banners,
Signs and Mottoes
When  turned  out
appearance of your
you in determining what
orders at once.
by  our   artist   arc  vorkl
lisplay.     Poor work will
hi want,    liivc us
of nrt. They will add to the
Ictract from il. W'c will assist
plenty of time by placing your
Corner Josephine and Victoria Strcels.
&   CO.
Nelson, Brltlita Columbia
Our Fresh Rousted Coffee Best of
Quality, us follows :
Java anil Arabian Mocha, per pound I   40
Jura and Mocha Ml-ml. 3 poundH  1 00
Fine BantOH, I poundH  1 00
Santos Hlcnd, 5 poundH  100
Our  SpoclalBlond, II pounds  1 110
Our Uio HoiihI, Il poundH  100
A nn ii. om>nc holicited.
rVELSON,       -        B. C.
Merchants' Bank of Halifax
Incorporated 1869.
In..).].!   I'al.l.np,       ,     .      ,      $l,flKA.O.0.0O   |    K<>*��, *|.;<M��.MM.0
noun, of IHrrrlorHt   Thomiw K. Konny.   PrvM.dont;   Thomiw Hltrliln,  Vive rruM.dmil.
.Wile. Hri.ii,1. II. U. Riiil... Hun. II. H. Kullor, M.L.C., Hon. Uuvld MucKocn.
llrtMl  OlMrr, 11*110, _ i
(it'ii.-rill Manager, KaVon U I'en no, Montreal.
tiuptTiiiLonrioiii uf Bmnohtt-j mid Becrulnr)-, \V, II. Torrance, Halifax.
In- in i'i".i. W. K. Ilrook. Halifax.
In- in-i i or I). M. Stewart, Montreal,
Branch��� I
tfnv�� Kratla-Halifax Hranch, AdUkoiiIhIi, BfMgewater, fluynhoro. Ixindontlerry, Lunenburg.
MaiLlumUHiinU (.'o.i, 1'luUm, I'ort Hawkobury, Hydnov. BhuiKTiiu-ndir, Truro, Wuymoutii
Nrw itruiiiM h-it \'>-.\\ inn ��� i, DorchMter, Krcdnrk'ton, Kink'-inn iki-nt I'm, Muncton, New
rusllu.Huckvlllu, Woodblock. P. i;. Iiilnml���(.'harlolti-towii, sanunonme. ��|uH��r -Montreal
(City Ollico), Montreal. Went Knd (Cor. Notro Damn and EwgMtlN BtfteM) Wonlmouiit (Cor.
Qreone Avenue and st. < allium. Htrt-ct- onurio- Ottawa, v ��r��inHiinmi hi. John'*
�����iiii:i. Weill Id (Ilea���Havana, I mtrd Hlalm���Now York (Hi Kxrbango I'l.f < i Itc|iubllc, Wonb
Atlin, Bennett, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver, Vancouver East End, Victoria.
rorrrKpondr nl* t
Cnnnilit���Merchant* Pank of Canada.   BoNtun���Natlonnl Hhawmut Hntik.   * uu n^..    \ i<-.-. -, , i
National Bank-   Han  FrmnUrn   K.i  I   Natiunal Hank,    imnlui., l.m_.    I ;.mi. of  Bcolland.
Purls, Fmnrr -Credit Lvounalrt.   Bermuda-Hunk of Ileruiudo.   Chlaa nnd Japan   Hoiitf
Kong and tihaugtial liiuiklng Cur|K)ration.
Oeneial Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange  Bought
and Sold, Letters of  Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts receivod on the most fnvoraiiln Urnis.    Inl��m t-i.t allowed on special
depoBitH and on HiivinK Bank account*.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
I'. 0. GKKEN        F. 8. OfiEMKNTH
Civil UnKinecrs and Provincial  Land
P,  ().  Hnx 14.1
Nelson, I). C.
A. R. BARROW, a m. l o.E
Provincial Land Surveyor.
Comer Victoria uud Kootonay BM.
P. i>   Box 550. Ti'lnphout' No. 115
Oertifioate of Irnprovementa.
Notice���Venango and Shenango mineral claim, situate in the Nolnon Minim.' Dfvinlon of West Kootenay District. Where located���On wost Bide of
Eagle Creek, about 2,0(10 feet south-
wost of the Poorman iinartz  mill.
Take notice that I, Chas. Moore of
Kaslo, B. O.i lulling iisagont for Thos.
R, French, V. M C. No. 11,1105 B and
Iniiac Ericltson,, Free Miner's Certificate No. 11,1104 IV intond, sixty days
from the date thereof, to apply to the
Mining Reoordei for n Certificate of
Improvement for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of the above
And further take notioe that antion
under section ,'IT, mmit he commenced
before the jmiuance of snoh Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated this 36th day of April, 1900,
Storage space to rent; good, clean and -cool;  at   reasona
rates.    Apply to
The Nelson Electric Tramway CO,, Ltd.
Room 9, Macdonald Block.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and   Salted   Heats.
Fish and Poultry in Season
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Manager'.
Baker Street, Nelson,
Orders by mail receive careful and prompt attention
Vancouver   Convention    Decide   That
Mooting Ol 1901 Is to Be Held
In Nolson.
The Masonic Grand Lodge of Hritish
Columbia, which held Us uiinual
oommnniontion at Vancouver on
Thursday and Friday of last week de
olded to hold its next uiiiiuul meeting
iu this oity adding one more to the
list of conventions to bn held in Nelsou in 1801. This is one more recognition of the fact tbat Nelsou ia the
central point of the upper country.
At the election of officers Harry
Watson of Vauoouver, was elected
Grand Master; Oreig Young, barrister of Niiuniiuo, was elected Dcruty
Grand Master; E. B, Chipmun, the
popular City Clerk of Kaalo wns elect
ed Senior Warden and Rov. Mr. Shiup
of Nanaimo, was elected Junior Warden and Dr. W. J. Quiulan, was reelected Grand Secretary, No. six district, which includes Yulu nud Kcot-
enay was divided into three new districts. Mr. Jamos Rnymer of Rossland
being appointed D. D. G. M. of the
district, west of Columbia River, and
John Hamilton of Nelson, train superintendent of the C. P. R.i was appointed D. 1). G. M. of the distriot
lying between Colnmbin River nnd
Kootenay Lake, while, Mr. Morrow of
Fort Steele, was appointed District
Deputy Grand Muster of the district
lying east of the Kootenay Lukes. Tbe
delegation to the grand lodge from
Nelson , consisting of Frunk Fletoher,
Dr. B. C. Arthur, George Johnson,
Hamilton Byers, Harry Oonnon ami
Dr. (juinlan, returned tu tbe city
Monday evening.
All Quiet In Political Circles���Date for
By-Eiectlons Fixed.
Victoria, B. C. June 2H.���All is
quiet in political circles. Mr. Mc-
Imies and his private secretary are on
the Mainland. Chief Justice McCnll,
tbe Administrator, has arrived. He
will officiate until the arrival on
Thursday of Governor Joly.
The dates of Ihe bye elections are arranged ns follows : Nominations, July
5, aud elections for East Kootenay,
July 11; South Nnniiiino, July II); Lillooet, July 12, anil Dewdney, July 10.
A few crunks, who think Ex-Governor Mclunes has uot been sufficiently
rebuked, got together this evening and
unanimously decided to tender that
gentleman the nomination in Viotoiiu
in opposition to J. 11. Turner. People
who are not entirely crazy do not think
Melnnes will consent to receive nnothe
Continuod From First Page.
Bteadily contracting the  area   of tbeir
Tbe British prisoners nt Nooitged
acbt are now more oomfortable. Large
quantities of food and   blankets   bave
been forwarded to them and their  en
closure is lighted by electricity.
Pretoria telegrams say that supplies
of warm clothing me renohingLord Roberts' Infantry, who had been ragged
and had suffered from the cold weather,
Commandant Genernl Botha is uncom
monly active enst of Pretoria. The Can
adiaus are doing spleuaid outpost work.
London, June 16.���11:25 p. in.���The
AVer Otlice has received Ihe following
despatoh from Lord Robe ts :
"Pretoria, Presidency, Juue 20.���Sir
Charles Wurreu reports that the rebellion in Cnpe Colony north of the Orange
River is now over. The last formidable
body under Commandant De Villiers
surrendered on June 20th. consisting of
shout 220 men, 2S0 horses, 18 wagons,
200 lilies aud IIXI, (XX) rouuds of ammunition.
"General Baden-Powell reports thai
pacification is going ou satisfactorily in
the Buteuuerg district.''
Continuod From Klrst I'iikc
Unsatisfactory and   Indefinite natai'C i f
the present situation.
But beyond the pressure there has
been no imperative action taken, nor
has it been definitely determined �� hat
course will be adopted if the temporizing of Turkish diplomacy is carried to
the point of actual failure to meet the
American demands,
Sir Colin Campbell, although the
hero of many splendid achievements
in the Peninsular, Wiilehcren, Demer-
lu-n.  China*, Sikh und Crimean    wars,
is best remembered ln British hearts
in connection with his magnificent
conduct of the campiiigii arising out
of the Indian mutiny. For his brilliant services during those stirring
times Sir Colin received a peerage lis
Lord Clyde and a pension of ��2000 per
annum. Ills career Is more worthy of
our admiration in that It was entirely
self-made, the gallant Sir Colin being:
neither of g/ood family nor possessed
of the initial advantage of a good education.
For his capture of Mngdala and tho
oousequent turmiuntiou of the Alive
sidian War ou April 18th, 18(18.
General Sir Robert Napier was awarded the stereotyped _200n per annum,
and received, iu addition, the double
dignity of a field marshulship and the
title of Lord Nupier ot Mugdnlu.
Of late, however, the life pensions
have dropped out of favor. For instance, the present Commander-in-
Chief.LoidWolseloy.reciiived a grant of
��26,000 only for bis successful oonduct
of the Ashuutee onmpnign of 1872-1874,
while for the Egyptinu campaign of
1882 and the Nilo expedition of 180-i he
reoeived n peerage und a viscountoy,
respectively. Similarly, Sir Herbert
Kitchener emerged from the shambles
of Omduriunn with the title of Lord
kitchener of Khartoum and a much
debated grant of ��85,000,
Tbe present Comiiiiiiider-iii-l'hief at
the Oape of (loud Hope (Lord Roberts)
bus made Still less, although his gallantry (be is a V. 0.) and his long and
ardoUS service���he has been fighting
his country's battles for upward of
2(1 years���are probably unsurpassed by
any living soldier.
Lillooet, B- C., June 26.���There is
little or no change in the river. Tbe
weather waR wanner this nfternoon.
General Agent for Southern B. C.
for the
Birbeck Investment,
Security & Savings
Co., of Toronto. ', .
Money Loaned on  Straight Mortgage,
Real Estate nnd Insurance.
whore you can depond on getting the best
nrandHinths market and any quantity from
tOc up,   Prices cannot bo disputed,
���I'iiom: 93.
Frank A. Tamblyn, Mgr.,
Baker Street, Nelson
Brewers of Fine Lnger
Beer and Porter,
Nelson, B. C.
Stock anl Share Broker.
The Miner is on sale at the following news stores at five cents per
Gilbert Stanley Nelson
Thnm.on Stationery Co N'elson
Canada Drug: &Book Co. Nelson
Hotel Hume News stand Nelson
Hotel Phair News Stand Nelson
li. Campbell Ymir
C. F. Nelson NewOenver
J. F. Delaney Hoseberry
11. A. Hrad.-liaw Slocan City
Slocan Nowh Co, Sandon
Thomson Bros. Vancouver
I.uti'im A Young Kaslo
II. A. KIiik A Co. Greenwood
and  News   Agents   on  boats  an<?
trains out of Nelson
0Afi^.-MEAl8 a la OARTE.
Close connection East and Went-
bound at Spokatae with trains of the
trains of the Spokane Fulls nnd Northern Railway,
Direct connection nt St. Paul without change of depot with all trains for
Chicago, Toronto. Monlrenl, New York
and nil points West and .South.
Leaves Spokane daily for East at 10:15 a.m
Leaves Spokane daily lor West at 7:45 p.m.
West-hound trains make direct connection for Victoria and Vancouver,
Portland, San Francisco, and all points
on the Sound.
During the season of navigation East
hound trains connect at Diiluth with
the magnificent steamships North West
and North-Land of theNortbern Steamship Oompany Line, operated in connection with the Great Northern Rail-
For further Information, maps, folders, etc., apply to any agent of Spokane
Fulls St Northern Ry., Kaslo It Slocan
Ry., Kootenai Railway & Navigation
Co., or to
Ucul. Puss. St Tkt. ���gf���   Oom'cl Agt.
St. Paul, Min      Spokane, Wash
| The Empire and
I The Soldiers
M These arc KIPLING'S two great themes.    Round them he
m weaves, with the witchery of genius, his matchless stories and
���m   songs.
m His complete works in 16 volumes contain 170 stories, 137
+�� stirring poems, 88 letters of travel, and three immortal books���
-># "Captains Courageous," "The Light That Failed," and "The
���m Naulahka"���one volume each���all breathing of the Empire and
->��   the Soldiers.
Read Kipling and you will know Tommy Atkins���you will
know the Empire.
now places his complete works (Authorized Edition) within easy
reach of all its readers. The offer below will hold good only while
our few  sets  last.    Do  not  delay  or your dollar may be too late
The Authorized Edition
Each volume bears the author's autograph and sign-token.
This is the only edition with the biogragky by Prof. Chas. Eliot Norton.
Decorations by Mr. Lockwood Kipling/the author's father.
BOUND 'n dark green English cloth.
PRINTED handsomely on good paper and illustrated.
Special Offer
The   Regular price  of KIPLING, in  good binding (copyright editions), is $1.50 per volume���$24.00 for a complete set.
The  price of this edition is $1.00 per volume���$16.00 only.
For a First Payment of $1.00 the 16 volumes will be
delivered FREE to your address.
Then you pay $1.50 monthly for 10 months.
CALL AT THE MINER office and inspect the books and
leave your application.
If you  can't call, cut out this coupon, sign, mail to us with
$1.00, and the 16 volumes will be delivered promptly.
1 Plain Tales From the Hills
I Including Prof. Norton's Sketch.]
2 Soldiers Three: Story of the Uads-
liy's; In IJIaek and White.
8   Under tbe Deodars; The Phantom
Kickshaw;   Wee Willie Winkie.
4 Departmental Ditties; Ballad, and
Barrack Boom Halhids.
5 Life's Handicap: Ileing Stories of
Mine Own People,
0   The Nimlahka.
7 Many Inventions.
8 The Light Thnt Failed.
0   The Jungle Book.
10 The Second Jungle Book.
11 The Seven Sens.
V2 Captains Courageous.
18 The Day's Work.
14 From Sea lo Sea: Vol. I.
15 From Sea to Sen: Vol. 11.
1(1 Stalky St Oo.
Thk Daily Minkk, Nklson, B. 0.1
Flense send me the works of Rudvnrd  Kipling (authorized edition), bound  in fc
cloth, complete in 10 volumes, for which 1 agree to pay you $10.00.    1 enclose $1.(10 t
ns lirst payment, nnd will send you $1.50 per mouth hereafter until tbe full sum  is paid. _
The hooks lo remain your property until pnid for in full. -
B. C.
Spokane Falls A
Northern R'v.
Nelson A Fort
Sheppard R'v,
Red Mountain R'v.
The only all rail route between
all points east, west and south to
Rossland, Nelson and intermediate
points; connecting at Spokane with
Great Northern, Northern Pacific,
and O. R. St N. Co.
Connects at Nelson v ith steamer
for Kaslo and all Kootenay lake
Connects at  Meyer's   Falls  with
stage daily for Republic,   and  connects at Bossburg with stage daily
for Grand Forks and Greenwood.
Lkave. Day Train. Ahmvr.
10.88 a.m Spokane 7:10 p.m,
12.-06 p. m BoRiIand 5:30 p.m.
0:30 n, m Nelson 8:00 p.m.
Night Troiii.
9:45 p.m Spokane 7:05 n.m:
11 :(K) p.m Rossland 0:80 n.m.
H. A. JACKSON, G. P. St T.A.
Spokane Woafa
Atrent, Nelson. B.C
Merchant Tailor,
Baker  Street,
Opposite the Queen's.
Will pay the highest oanh price for all
kinds of second hand goods. Will buy
or sell anything from an anchor to a
needle. Fnrnitnre, stoves, carpertP,
cooking utensils, bought In household
quantities. Also east off clothing.
Call and see me or write. Addreas
Silver King Mike, Bos .no. Hall
Street, Nelson, B. C.
Nelson's Newest Hostelry. Complete in every respect,
It has just been opened and the
public is invited to visit it,
By the week from $5 to 96.
By the day $1.00.
Great West
Life Assnrance Co,
At 8 Per Cent.
On .wort Property.
Take notioe that Kwong Yuen no
longer peddles vegetables for me, and
all aoeonnts mnst be paid to me or
Chinamen having baskets bearing my
namo. LUM.
Nelson, Jane 24th,  woo.
Offloe With C. W.  West &  Co.,  Cor.
Hall and Baker Streets.
City Ollice of  the Nelson Soda Water
Baker Street.
At 5-Mile Point
TheJiest Summer Hotel on Kootenay
Lake. . Always cool and shady, with
beautiful walks and splendid sceDcry.
One of the best Bpols for fishing on the
lake. First-class table aud bar. Best
of al t eution.
K. F. PERRY, Manager.
Kootenay Railway and Nav.
Company, Ltd.
Schcxlulo of Time.       Paclflo Standard Time.
Kllertivo Kobiuary let, 19U0
Passenger train for Sandon und way stations
leaver:   Kaslo at 8 a. in., daily.    Returning,
leaves Handon at 1.15 p.m,, arriving at Kasio
at IIM p.m,
Operating on Kootonay Lake and River,
HIt. "International" Icavoh Kaslo for NoIhoii
at fl a. in. dally except Sunday. Ileturnlntf,
Ichvoh Nelson at (IjOp.ni., calling at Balfour.
Pilot Bay. AlnHwo*-th and all way points. Con*
rtocts with S. P. A N. * i it in to and from Spo-
kano at Five Mile Point.
Steamer Argonta leave* Knslo Tuesdays and
h'ridavH at It a, iii. for i lie head of navigation on
the Upper iMincnn ht ver; returning loaves
Hall    Landing Wednesdays and Saturday*'.
Steamers call at principal landings tn both
directions, and at other point* when signalled
Tickets sold to all points in Canada and the
United States.
To ascertain rates and full Information ad-
dross :
Manager. Kaalo, B.C
NKIflON   B. C.
A Boarding and Day School conducted by
tho Sisters of HL Joseph of Peace. It ts situated at thucornerof Mill and Josophine streets,
In ono of tho best residential portions of Nelson, and la easily accessible from all parU
of the city.
Tho course of study includes the fundamental and higher branches of a thorough Kngllsh
education. Business courso��� Bookkeeping,
Stenography mid Typewriting.   Srience oourse
Music, Vocal and Instrumental; Drawing,
ota���Plain aud Art Needlework; Calisthouics,
PYLE'S   PEARLINEI IhtirBD< ���,icalm���l>
Large Size
For Sale By
Western Mercantile Co, Ltd
Windermere Mines.  Oorraep ��� enee Solicit*!
i # a . v


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