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Nelson Daily Miner Nov 12, 1900

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 Daily Edition No.
Nelson,   British Columbia. Monday Evening,   November 12,  1900.
Eleventh  Year
Borne to a Soldier's Grave
by   South   African
Still Praising the Magnificent
Work of  Canadian
Pretoria, Nov. 8.���Via Pietermaritz-
burg, Natal, Nov. 11.���The funeral of
l'rinee Christian Victor, a grandson
of the Queen, who died here from enteric fever, took place today. Minute
guns began bring at 10 a. m. when
the cortege left the Yeomanry Hospital, and continued during the funeral.
The route was lined with a guard of
honor, consisting of the men of the
Norfollrs and llautz. Regiments. Re-
presentatives of ull tbe forces wero
present, including detachments of the
Colonial troops, Mounted Infantry,
cavalry, artillery and the Medical
and Army Service Corps. Tbe bunds
of the Norfolk and llantz Regiments
played Chopin's " Dead March.'' The
Coldstreams immediately preceded the
gnu carriage bearing the body. The
pall bearers were all generals. Oeneral Roberts, Prince Francis of Teok,
General Kitohener and all of General
Robert's stuff present in Pretoria, followed the body. At the Cathedral the
Rov. Mr. Rose, Chaplain of the Australians, received the_body,which was
taken into the church. The chief
mourners and a number of tbe ordinary congregation filled the building.
Tlie service was choral. The Rev.
Mr. Cox, Chaplain of the Canadians,
read the lesson. The Rev. Mr. Wilson, the Senior Chaplain of Pretoria,
and other clergy were present. After
the services at the church the procession reformed in Church Square and
inarched to the cemetery, a mile west
of the town.
Upon arriving at the cemetery the
Coldstream Guards halted and lined
the path to tho grave, standing with
their rifles pointed to the ground and
with beads bent. At the grave the
Rev. Mr. Maurice,tho Kev. Mr. Jones,
and the Rev. Mr. Mullineux, conducted the burial service. The Guards
then tired a royal salute, which was
followed by three volleys over the
grave. The Queen sent a wreath of
lilliea and carnations. Another beautiful wreath bote a card inscribed,
"From His Mother." Other wreaths
wero sent by Lord nnd Lady Rob
erts, Prlnee^Franeis of Teck, the otli
cers of the King's Royal Rifles, General Maxwell and Governor Sir Alfred
Milner. The collin was inscribed,
"Major, His Uigbuess l'rinee Chiis
tian Victor of Scheleswig-IIolBtein. of
the King's Royal Rifles, died October
-Uth, HIOU. At Rest." Tho Prince is
buried close to tho graves of many of
the soldiers who fell hero.
a d tho Canadian Artillery did mag-
I ���>./j~'hting with   General Smith-
Done.. '*/ fytc a desperate attack
by tbe Hot.. ^Ip,, British rearguard. The Boers *<?2 0���ll directions. Three wounded \>_ brought
to our hospital. Surgeon Hartley and
seven men were wounded.
Lyttleton reports that Kitchener
successfully surprised the Boers during the night of November 7th. A
mounted party of the loth Hussars
and tbe Gloucester Mounted Infantry
under Capt. Chetwode managed to
pass tbe Boer outposts and while tbe
latter engaged the enemy's picket the
Hussars charged the Boors in] the
moonlight, sabering many. Chetwode
and several non-commissioned officers
acted with great bravery but tbe Hussars would probably have Buffered se
verely as they got into bad ground,
had not they beon supported by the
Mounted Infantry. Iu tho morning
artillery and infantry joined Chet-
wode's force and completed the Boer
route, who are said to have lost heavily. Smith-Dorien's wounded, who
returned from the Boer camp, report
that Commandant Prynsloo and General Fourier were killed and that General Groebeler was wounded in the
recent fighting.
Steamer Plying Between Nova Scotia and
New Brunswick Founders With
Appalling Loss of Life.
Yarmouth, N. S., Nov. 12.���The]
steamer Monticello, plying between
this port and St. John, N.B., foundered iu the Bay of Fundy, Saturlay
morning, and 33 out of 37 passengers
and crew were drowned.
The   steamer   left   St.   John at   11
o'clock Friday and had fairly good
weather until Saturday morning
when a furious storm broke which
caused the steamer to founder. Among
tbe drowned aro a number of commercial travellers representing Ontario
and Quebec wholesale houses.
sary for the track to sweep wide to
the west until it approached Jumbo
Creek. The other route would Oe to
keep west along the mountain from
the Black Bear, crossing the California and Giant and Coxey ground,
reaching Jumbo Creek at about tbe
same point as by tbe othei detour.
The length would bo about the saute,
it would cross, better mineral ground,
or, at all events, mines that are butter developed, and in addition would
take the line several miles on the Velvet route as located by tbe C. P. it.
surveyors and by Mr. 11. B. Smith.
The authorities concerned are naturally very^reticent under the peculiarly
delicate situation in which they are
placed, tbe more so as several of these
projects are necessarily iminatured
just at the present. But the next few
weeks should disclose a very interesting state of affairs.
Declares Himself Forever Out
of the Billowy Sea of
What Emiie Zola Has to Say About it
Paris, Nov. 12.���Emile Zola, asked
if the Dreyfus case will be reopened,
replied :
"Of course it will be when the exhibition is over.. 'Murder will out.'
sooner or later, it is bounrt to come,
whatever the Senate, the army and
the Pope may do or say.
"Amnesty forsooth! Who in the
world could bury this business in oblivion before it bad run its natural
course? Dreyfus and his friends are
not likely to be oblivious of their natural rights until justice is done. The
only people who want the matter laid
aside and forgotten are those who are
interested iu keeping light under a
"If Waldeek Rousseau thinks be can
put out tbe fire by a vote for oblivion
he is mistaken. There is only one
way of ending the matter and that Is
a fair, open trial. Tbe innocence of
Dreyfus can bo proved whenever the
proper means of doing so are taken
by men not afraid of the truth.
"The Dreyfus case is purely judicial
and has nothing whatever to do with
our religious,political or social differences. Tho people who made capital
ont of Dreyfus are men who wanted to
upset the Republican regime. They
are led by the Pope, the Jesuits, General Mereier and his brother officers."
Kamloops, Nov. 12.���Mr. D. \. McDonald,
Returning' Officer for the Electoral District of \ ale-
Cariboo-Kootenay, has fixed nomination day for
Monday, November 19th, and polling day for Thursday, December 6th���the sain-a day as that in Burrard.
Relief from Public Life a Boon
He Has Long Wished
the Le Roi. Also the C. P. R. will be
enabled to bring coal and wood, and
also stulls for mining sets which heretofore had either to be purchased
along the Spokane Falls ._ Northern
the   G. P. R. and   Great I or, if   brought   in from the north   or
bad   to   be   handled   again   and
Several Changes to   Take Place Before
March 4, Next.
Washington, D. C, Nov. 12.���President McKinley's Cabinet will be ro
organized shortly after March 4 next,
if not before that date.
It was known today that three, if
not four, of the preseut members of
the Cabinet will retire on or before tbe
beginning of the next organization.
Attorney-General Griggs and Secretaries Hay, Long and Gage aro the
members referred to. Griggs^it tired
of his position, Hay is In poor health,
Gage desires to accept the presidency
of a big trust to be formed in New
York City, and Long has bad enough
of official life.
If Hay retires, Postmastr-General
Smith will be made Secretary of State,
Perry S.Heath will bo appointed Postmaster-General, Frederick F. Gibbs of
New York will be made Attorney-
General, and Senator Wolcott, of Colorado, will get a portfolio.
Northern Get Along at
London, Nov. 12.���General Buller,
accompanied by his wife and daughter, arrived here this morning and reported to tho War Otlice. Large
crowds had assembled at tbe station
and in Pall Mall to greet the returning general who received an   ovation.
London, Nov. 12.���-The War Oflice
has received the following despatch
from Lord Roberts:
"Johannesburg, Saturday, Nov. 10.
��� Methiieu surprised Commandants
Snyman and Bemass uear Lichtcn-
bnrg yesterday. Threo dead Boers
wero found, and thirty prisoners and
Bovcral wagons were captured. There
were no casualties among the British.
Kelly reports that Major Mackintosh,
of the Souforth Highlanders, occupied
Phillpolls, Nov.   I."
Pretoria, Nov. ll.���Reports have
been received hero showing that a
plan of campaign Is now being decided upon by tho Boers, who content
plato having each commando defend
tbe district in which it is raised.
Eueb .0111111:1 n<' number from 300 to 600
men. Snort of the commandants have
established a   reign   of   terror among
Taeoma, Wash., Nov. 12.-Oriental
advices received by steamer state that
four to six million Chinese north of
Pekin are in danger of starvation,
tlio crops liaving been a total failure.
One million picnics of tribute rice
were to bo despatched from Shanghai
and distributed among these hungry
hordes front Tien Tsin and Pekin but
the military ollieers of Shanghai
gave ordetB that no rice should be
sent out of Central China. There Is
great danger that an immense swarm
of robbers will be sent out front the
famine district as usually happens.
New York, Nov. 12,���Walter C. McAllister, indicted at Paterson for the
murder of Jennie Bosscheillcr has
been visltetd in jail by bis father
James McAllister, and as a result of
a long conference the father says ho is
prepared to spend his last dollar if necessary to defend his son. It is likely
that insanity will be the plea, as It Is
alleged that some years ago Walter
Buffered Impairment uf the reasoning
l.ansdowne, Ont., Nov. 12.���While
Sngttged in preaching yesterday morning the pastor of the Methodist Church
here, Rev. Mr. Simpson, dropped dead
from heart disease. Ho bad been a
sufferer from the effects of typhoid
fever, contracted a year ago, anil never fully recovered.
llrockvlllo,   Out.,   Nov.    12.���News
reached   hero    from   lleadingly
the more peaceful Burghers and a] Man., of the death of J. Fowler, for-
number of these are coming Into the ! merly of this place and one of the.ild-
Brltllh camps for protection. One ; est railway contractors In ( anada, at
Burgher came Into Greylingstead with the age of BI years. Deceased built
bis hack badlv lacerated from a sjam- part 01 tho tlrand I rtink Railway
bo.ing administered to him by the and lost his fortune in trying to build
commandant In that dl-ttiot. | the Toronto _, Ottawa Railway, now
Colonel   Lessard   of tho Cn.adlans, I the C. P. B.
Concerning the interesting contest
between the C. P. it. and Great Northern at Rossland, first mentioned in
The Mirier, the following from The
Rossland Miner will be read with interest :
A sensational piece of railway grading and locating was done yesterday
by the C. P. R. railway on the slopes
of Red Mountain just below the Le
Roi dump, and running parallel to the
Spokane Falls & Northern line. It is
usually the custom to first run a trial
line, loeftte it. ami after the grades
have been obtained and calculated, to
next proceed to letting of contractu.
These forms were all dispell
in regular order yesterday, and there] on
wits to be seeu the spectacle
way locating, surveying and grading
all going on simultaneously. In fact,
In one place, just above the Black
Bear boiler house, railway grading,
was started before even the gradient
pegs were put iu.
The reason   for   this   haste .til   the
part of the Canadian I'aeilie was   that
the   Great   Northern   Railway hud already surveyed the very line on which
the work Is now being done, and were
liable at any moment to start   in   opposition.    Tlie points at stake are the
shipment   of   the   big second dump of
the Le Roi   mine and tlie supplying uf
the   Black   Bear   boiler    house   with
wood and coal necessary for the geno.-
ration of 2,1100 horse power steam, and
also witli timbers and other   supplies.
Tho     undertaking   wus     conceived
with tbe   utmost secrecy.    F. P. Gut-
olius, resident engineer of   tlie   C.    P.
R. at   Nelson,   brought  over  on   the
previous day, a corps of surveyors and
a batch of workmen, who were all set
to work   yesterday   morning   al  daylight.    The proposal   Is   to run a half
mile of track which will connect witli
the  line' already   laid   across the big
trestle to the  Centre   Star   and   War
Eagle ore bins.    This track   will   run
round tlio side of Red   Mountain   and
will end just  abovu the   boiler   house
on the Black    Hear   without   missing
tho Great Northern track running   up
from Northport into   the   Red   Moun-i
tain depot.  Incidentally it  will   cross
both tramways   from the Le   Hoi. Uie
main shipping tramway and   also) the
gravity tramway from the second-class
dump, which is not in use, but which
is running to  the   track of  tbe   rival
line.    This   will   permit   the    Le Roi
company   to    handle  the  ore nf   the
dump at a much   less rust   than   if   It
had to bo brought up hill so as to ship
on tbe upper siding of the 0, P. R. at
east, bad to be handled again
brought to the point required by
means of wagons. The contractors,
Messrs. Met'hail _s Tierney, have already a force of 15 men upon the
ground and a larger number are coming. Today there sliould be a gang of
at least (ill men at work. It ia expected that unless some steps are taken
by the Great Northern that the line
will be in use within a very few days.
What steps will he taken by the Great
Northern are not at present known
although it may be taken for granted
that the rival lino will not let the
matter go by default.
It is au open secret that this is   the
beginning only of   railway    .vork   In
this district.    The   C.    P.    R.  lino has
been    surveyed     to   the   Velvet  over
much the same ground, and   in   much
the same direction taken by Mr. 11. B.
id with I Smith is bis late location of tlie wag-
road   to   that   point.    This   line,
f   rail-1 however, was to have its initial point
at tlie end of the Le   Roi spur, situated 70 or HO feel above the present proposed track.
In addition to this thero is also tbe
spui to the Columbia-Kooteuay which
may be put in by either line, C. P.
R. or Great Northern, or which may
he approached from Trail as well as
from here. Besides this, certain surveys from Centre Star Gulch to Murphy Creek have been In progress
throughout the summer, and which
arc known to have bad for their object the proposed location of a line
connecting Rossland witli that point,
either with the object of establishing
a route for the conveying of lime and
water to the smelter near the city, or
with the idea of taking ore from the
camp to 11 smeltor situated on either
the Murphy or tlie Rock Creek valley.
The exact location haB not, of
course, been determined, as there is
the question of water right on the
creeks mentioned, which is a complicated one, and into which several rival interests, the city, the Trail smelter, the B. A. C. and the War Eagle
and Centre Star entor. This matter
is supposed to come up for adjudication this month, but as the Lieutenant-Governor of the Province has considered the advlsabilty of appointing
a special commissioner to Investigate
tbe whole question,the matter may be
delayed for some time before It oorncB
11 p for hearing.
Now there are two alternative
routes for the C. P. R. to the country,
lying north of Red Mountain. That
which appears at first sight most feasible is the line through Centre Star
gulch, the highest point of whiuh is
practically attained at tlio uppermost
trestle. But on the further side of
Red Mountain, in   order   to   keep the
GlaBgow   Hopes   to   Become a Greater
Shipping Centre.
New Y'ork, Nov. 12.���Among the
passengers who arrived on tlio steamer
Lttcuuia was Capt. R. White, R. N.
A., who for the past 58 years lias been
Port Warden of Glasgow.
He is said to be on his way to llutf-
alo to study the American system of
handling otes and grain witli a view
to introducing the same system in
Glasgow. He said: "Glasgow hopes
to become equal to Liverpool as regards Bhipplng. Within two or three
years the revenues of Glasgow
wharfage have increased from
000   to ��470,000."
Moutana's Miilti-Million.iire Will
Longer Fight Senator Clark.
New York, N.  Y., Nov.  18, ��� Milieus
Daly, of Montana,   died at s a. in. today at the Hotel   Netherlands.
Now York,  Nov. 12.-Henry Vlllard,
the well   known   llnanclor   and   railroad man   died at midnight, at Ards-
ley on tho Hudson,
New "York, Nov. 12.���The Times,
in a special from Washington, says:
"Tlio talk about tint Immediate disruption of the Cabinet is without foundation.    The   Cabinet   will   stand   by
the President until ids next Inauguration. Thus members who are anxious to retire will have their chance
then. Nevertheless there will be
changes on March 4th, though the
President would be satisfied if there
were not many lncmhcis nf the present
Cabinet anxious to retire to private
When Sir Charles Tupper arrived In
Montreal last Friday there were let-
tors and telegrams from every part of
the Dominion, expressing sympathy
and good-will, and amongst them
there were messages from six Provinces from sitting members offering
to resign their seats,and promising to
work to elect Sir Charles. When asked shut his decision was to be' Sir
ehailes was llrm In declining, saying
that, under 110 circumstances even if
offered a seat hy acclamation, would
he consent to re-enter political life.
���' 1 am   deeply moved   by   these  expressions   of    good-will,"   said    Sir
Charles,   us  he  showed   a budget  ot
telegrams.    "But   my      decision      is
tinal.    For four years I have   worked,
iu season and  out   of season   for   tho
good of the   Party, to the best of   my
ability.     I have shortened my life   by
privations     incidental    to    campaign
work.    My friends   and  colleagues in
the   House  are  good   enough   to  say
very kind things about   me  and   that
work.    They are too considerate,   but
1 thank   them   cordially   for their expressions of good-will.   In the quiet of
my home-life I will not be an indifferent spectator of public events.    I shall
take tho   greatest   pleasure in   seeing
the Conservative Party, now united to
a man, taking its place in tbe House,
und before  the   country,   waging   its
battles, by   meaiiB   of  younger   men,
full of vigor, hope and endurance, aud
having behind it a good cause, that of
securing for the people of Canada wise
legislation,   righteous   law   and   fair
play   to all   creeds  and nationalities.
As I step  out  of   public   life,   I   am
proud to be  able   to   say that I never
used nor   countenanced   the   using of
any   but   one policy   in   each and   al)
the Provinces.    1 defy any man to say
thut I huve  ever  reflected   upon   any
nationality, or done   other than   help
to Cement the bond of    union between
all   tlie   races, as   Canadians   with   a
common   heritage   uud   u common future.    God   forbid   that   there   should
be anything out pence   and   good-will
throughout the Dominion.    There is a
great    future    for    the   Conservative
Party, and its   future  has not at   any
time in four years, looked as bright us
"Relief from public life is a boon
tlie greatest I have enjoyed for years.
Remember my age. The Party would
not listen to the idea of my resigning. I could not insiBt upon doing so,
against a united protest, hud not the
good people of Cnpe Breton County
given me the opportunity. I made no
great effort to hold Cape Breton, for 1
felt that my duty to my Party wns to
be In the tight, to help my supporters,
rather tbnu to concentrate my efforts
upon one seat. I was in the county
only four days. I have nothing but
what, is pleasant to say of tlie electors
uf rape Breton, nml at this moment,
as I leave tho arena, my heart go.*
out to ull Cuuudn, In the hup. that
peace and prosperity may nbouud."
..|l,.p." IS ILL.
Capo Town, .Nov.    I.'.-General   llu
^^       den-Powell, Is ill  with enteric   fever,
grade ulreudy won, it would be neceu-1 His condition is uot serious.
New Y'ork, Nov. 12.���The opening of
the interior of China to   modern civilization   Is  regarded ut, Washington,
sayB a Journal of t'omuien-u speeiul,
as a probable outcome of the present
negotiations   between China   and   tho
Paris, Nov. IS, r\n epidemic of
smallpox has broken out here, due
probubly to the mussing nf Aruhs and
other persons from the East during
the exhibition. Every precaution to
stamp out the disease has been taken.
Ottawa, Nov. 12.���Wednesday, December .'ith, has been selected as the
date for nominations in Ntpplsslng
County, (Oat.), and December 12th as
polling day. This Is tho constituency where Irregular election lists
prevented the elections being held
November 7th.
Tara, Ont., Nov. 12.���The oflicial
returns in North Bruce give A. MaeNeill, Conservative, a majority of
three votes over ,I. K. Campbell, Liberal. It Is understood thut < nmpbell
will ask for a re-count.
Whiteflsh Point, Mich., Nov. 12.���
The Canadian steamer Arabian, plying between Montreal nnd the t'pper
I..'il.es. struck the beach about eight
miles west of here on Snturday. The
crew wns saved. Tbe steniner Is not
damaged,and tugs will be able to pull
her off.
-^b~>^________tL. _���_���___-_���
Nelson Daily Miner, Monday Evening, November 12,  1900
The Nelson Miner
Published Every Afternoon  Excopt Sunday
���BY THE���
Limited Liability.
115 Floet Street. K. C.
Contral Press A.onoy, Ltd., Spotlal Agont.
Dally, por inonlh.liy carrier     ft5c
Dally, per month, by mail    _��w
Dully, por yoar, hy carrier * i W
Dally, por yoar.dty mull    [JJ
Daily, por yoar, foreign    �� "U
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Weekly, pur yoar    ��� jgj
Wookly.por yoar, foreign     ���> UU
Subscriptions invariably in advance..
All Chock" should no made payable to tho
order nf Nelson Publishing Comi-any,
We have received the closing number of the Paris edition of The New
York Times. The publishers of that
enterprising Daily made this foreign
edition a feature of the Exposition,
and for five months enabled visitors to
see close at band how a great newspaper is ||-t out. The TimeB is one
of the best and ablest of American
journals, and its Paris edition fully
sustained Its reputation. It lives up
to its motto, "All the news that's fit
to print. "	
Winnipeg is the latest City to enter
the lists in the contest for possesion
of the Canadian mint, and bases its
claim on the fact that it is adjacent
to the gold fields of Doth British Columbia and the Lake of the WoodB
district. The Mayor announces that
no effort will be spared to secure the
mint for the Prairie Capital and
meanwhile the Coast cities are keeping up tluvir cries for it. Witll Hall's
Siding and Sproat's Landing yet to
hour from, the result is doubtful.
It is learned from The Labor Gazette, which is published at Ottawa,
thut the Department of Public Works
there has called for tenders for the construction of the Postotlice, Customs and
Inland Revenue office, at Rossland.
As the Department is now calling for
tenders for the construction of buildings ut various points throughout the
Dominion, it begins to look as if Nelson would at last get its long promised public building, but no tenders
have yet been called for. From some
of Mr. Galliher's speeches it might al
most be gathered that the Government
is waiting to see if we earn the building by sending a supporter of it to the
mining   interests of   the   district  ha
given a decided   impetus.
The elections in the Yale-Cariboo
district will not take place until December Oth. Nominations occur next
Monday. There is about as much interest evidenced in the contest as
there would be if the polling was to
come off some time in 1002
Every time Mayor Houston smells
gas, sees an electric car or passes on
the street one of the directors of the
Tramway Company, he immediately
works himself into a rage that is
calmed only at the editor's desk where
paper und pencils can always be
Our present Mayor and Provincial
Member is not satisfied with the honors tbe citizens of this City and district have thrust upon him. He again
announces himself a candidate for
Mayor next year���this time for the
purpose of waging war against the
public service corporations of the
Thin signature is on every box or tbe genuine
Laxative Bromo*Quinine w>iet.
the remedy that cures a cnlrt In one <t_ar
Advertisements inserted under this head at
tho rate of ono cent a word per insertion. No
advertisement taken for loss than 25 cents.   '
FOR     RENT.��� Cellar.    Apply   Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
TWO   Fl'RNISHED   ROOMS   to   let,
with use of bath, and electric-light.
Corner Stanley and Carbonate Streets,
three doors above Royal Hotel.
SALESMEN wanted to sell our goods
by sample to wholesale and retail
trade. We are the largest and only
manufacturers in our line in the
world. Liberal salary paid. Address,
CAN-DEX Mfg. Co., Savannah, Ga.    '
FOR SALE���A few throughbred cock-
erls for Bale;   black and brown leghorns.    Apply J. A. Shcrling,   corner
Falls and Mill.
PRIVATE Board   and Room.    Heated
throughout. Hot uud cold water and
baths.   Three   doors    south   of   Postotlice,  Ward Street.
SHORTHAND and Typewriting   done
at the oflice of B.' C.   Riblet,    Front
Street, 2nd door west of   Hall   Street
Tel. 151.
In order to celebrate the victory of
Mr. Tarte's Government on Tuesday
the French Tricolor waved in the
breeze on the new Government build
ing in New Westminster. Tho fact
that under Tarte's regime such outrages ure becoming somewhat common
does not mukc tbciu any the less distasteful. Tho Province of tjuebec
has voted us five year's moro of Mr.
Tarte's loyalty, but the Minister ot
Public Works will coufer a favor on
the Proviuco of British Columbia if
he will see that his "beloved Tricolor" Is not raised to insult us at
such short range. Wo arc too loyal out
here, to have any but the British
emblem at the top of flag poles on
public buildings.
The Tramway Directors are not
seeking sympathy, for the renson that
they are not in need of it. They are
simply asking that their enterprise
shall not be made the victim of the
hostility of the Mayor, who embraces
every opportunity that prrsenls itself
to put liis knife into it. The City is
greatly in need of ndditioliul electric
power, and a short time ago the Conn
ell were endeavoring to obtuin It
They hud all offer frum the Tramway
Company, tbe acceptance of which
would have been a gooil thing for thi1
City, but the Mayor would ratlici
spite the Company than serve the
town and the offer was suffered to
drop. It is not surprising that Directors representing an enterprise
that has done so much to bring Nelson into prominence should resent
treatment of th s kind.
The building of a railway from
Crawford Buy enst to touch Fort
Steele would be a great boon to East
Kootonay and to the town of Fort
Steele,which bus been very sadly neglected by the railway companies. The
dltttriot that It would cipen up is one
of big ledges, but undei existing circumstances, ten, low grade to pay the
evpensivo transportation charges.
The proposed line from Crawford Hay,
through the valleys nf Crawford CreeU
and St. M.-iry's lilver would provide
(hipping facilities to a   large   number
of properties that promlae tu be dividend payer*, With the proposed extension of the C. P. K. lo Furl Steele
from the south that town should look
forward to a prosperous year aud the
FOR SALE.���Florence Park Hotel and
Roberts'   Ranch,   situated on   lake
shore, 2%   miles from Nelson.    Apply
II.  R. Cameron.
WANTED.���Eveiy   woman in   Nelson
to   visit     Mrs. Enfield's    millinery
parlors, and   see   her   stock  of   hats.
The best in the eity.
SHORTHAND���A few pupils wanted
to complete class (evening) being
formed by an experienced teacher.
Pitman's system taught in 20 lessons,
Apply at once "Stenographer," Miner
All persons are hereby warned
against dealing with or negotiating
Share Certificate No. 034 of the Moll}
Gibson Mining Company, Limited,
for Oue Thousand (1,000) shares of
the capital stock of said company.
Said Share Certificate was Issued in
the name of George Kydd, and was endorsed in blank, and was lost or stolen in Nelson, B. C., about the month
of October,  1000.
" Dated this 7th day of  November, A
])., 1000.
Merchants' Bank of Halifax,Nelson.
Tiirnier niece Kh Block li,ikr,r Street
HOC Athabasca 8��. 37 ,'<;
1000 London Consolidated....      34}.
5000 Iiichelieu        Ill
500 Referendum        7).
2000 Noble Five       5
A copper property foi British com
pany. Full payment: 2r> per cent in
shares of capitalized sum In sterling,
Adequate treasury provided. Send re
port of certified mining engineer.
Our Fresh Roasted Coffee Best of
Quality, as follows :
Java nnd Anthtnn Moeha. por pound $   40
��� Icth anil Morha llliind, 8 pounds  t 00
I- ice Bnntos, 4 iHtunds ,  1 00
SlUllOH  lllellll,    .   IHMlTlllH    JOO
Our Kponlnl-lMiil, fl pounds  loo
Our Km Cine-!. Opounds  1 00
A i im ii, oui.m sou. 11, i,
INlELSON. - Q.  C.
flee Can Fit You.
lie hns   one of   the   best   nnd   largest
Fall and Winter stocks In
the l'rovince.
A. GEE, Merchant Tailor
Opposite yiiecn's  Hotel,
Itakasr Street
Plant your Hyacinth
Bulbs in a glass. They
grow better and look
prettier in a glass than
in common clay pots.
Hyacinth Glasses 9
inches high, assorted
25 cents each.
Post-Office Store
Isn't It Sweet?
The delicate, refined Bcent we
constantly strive to secure iu our
perfumes has given us a lasting
reputation with refined people
Tho true fragrance of the'.blos-
soms from which the extracts
are made is so plainly distinguishable as to be delightful
to the discriminating buyer.
Baker Street, Nelson.     P. 0. Box 226.
The RubeiiB Vest i�� tho BEST
undershirt ever devised for infants. No
required. No pulling over the head to
worry small children, lis use is recommended by tlie most eminent physicians
for its efficient protection of lungs and
aliclini 11-n. For sale by all leading Drv
Goods stores.
Every person who carries ;t
watch should wear ;i chain to
protect the watch from (ailing
and from thieves.
We have a gentleman's
chain, guaranteed to wear for
two years, which we offer for
$2.50. Better qualities from
$5.00 up. All made of seamless gold filled wire, and all
links soldered with gold
' WWWWWWVWyWVWWW^*^v*'*'v*^**>>*^^***^^^^^^.
Prepare For Winter
A good old fashioned cold winter is predicted. Be ready for it
by buying strong, solid, dependable footwear���the kind that will
protect you from the rain, snow,
and ice.
We can supply your wants, at
prices to suit you.
The Stioeisxs
For wood or hard or soft coal.
The   largeBt   line   carried   by
any firm in Canada.
"Good   Cheer"   Banges   and
Cook Stoves.    A complete line.
Call and bo convinced that the only place to buy
Stoves  and   Ranges   at   tbe   right   prices   is   the
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
VZ_^ ������������������������^____^-_7
Branch'Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Orders by malt to any branch will have careful 8">4 aronot attention.
Eepresenting the Largest
European and American Manufacturers
, Mines and Smelting Machinery
Apartodo No. 83 DURANQO, MEXICO.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and   Salted   Heats
Fish and Poultry in Season
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Manager.
Baker Street, Nelson.
Orders by mail receive careful and prompt attention
Merchants' Bank of Halifax
< lililliil    ��� -c, I< 1 - ��� ��� 1..
Incorporated 1869.
SI,_Wl,07-.<KI   I    Kent,       .
Dominion and
Land Surveyor.
469 nelson b c
A well established livery business,
known as Reynolds' Livery, eonslst-
injr of four honed nnd ' luiinnoss,
two bulatl.two sets sleighs one spring
wagon, nnd building.
Lense of ground for three vears nnd
four months nt 810 per month;
1'nrt of purchnso monev can bo arranged with the undersigned on
Hugh R. Cameron
linker Street,   Nelson, B. 0.
��� 1,100,000.0
Kuiirii <>r Kirnim--:   ThouinH K. Konny,   l'u- ul,ni,;   Tlioiiiiue lUt-hlo. Vlce-Prtaldonl,
WUoy Hiiiith, II. G. H1111I1I, lion. II. II. Kullur, M.L.C.. Hon. David MacKoon.
II end   I  c,  llulirnXI
Goncral Mfitiap or, Kclhon L. Pernio, Montrual.
B.pnrint-iiilti.t of liniiirlii's. und Hocrutary, W. ii. Torranco, Halifax.
IiiHiioctor. W. F, Hroek, Halifax.
hi' 1 11   1 "i 1>. M.. 1. cmci 1, Montreal.
Hru orhi'H I
Nova Mi-mi. llnlifav Hrimoli, Aiiiiieciii h. HildKOwntcr, GuyHboro. Iiondondorry, Lunonbora.
MuUlimc] iiim.i- en.I. l'ietou, Port HawkoHbury, Hydnoy. Bhubonacndlc, Truro, Weymouth
New itrinice*, ii-i, itiiiiiin 1, Dorchester, Freriorlnton, kIuk'hUiii iKont. Co.), Moncton, Now-
caHtlo,Haokvlllo, WtOuStOOK. P, V. ImIiiniI���.hurlottctown, Hummnnildo. Qocliee���Montroal
(City Olllco), M1.11! 11 el. West End K'or. Notro Dame and HolKueuni Htreoe-I, Wotitmounl. (Cor.
Groono Avonuo and Bt, ('ntliuriiiiiH _tl___ Ontario���Ottawa. Newfoundland- HI. John 'I
mini, Went ladles��� Havana. United Hialen-Now York 116 K.ohaiigo Plaoe) ltopubllo. Wash
Atlin, Bennett, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nalson, Rossland, Vancouver, Vancouver East End, Victoria.
CorrrHpondrnU i
4'niuHln Morchnnt h Bnnk of Cnnnt.n. Brntlon���NntionnL Shawmut Ilnnk. Oilcago���Amor lei*
N_.tlo.nnl Hiink. Han I'r*. ur Urn Kir-i Nation.;. Ilnnk. Lou .Ion, Kiik* -llnnk of Scotland.
PnrlH, Frimcfi���Credit, Lion nn Ik. Bermuda���Bank of Bermuda. I'lilim anil Japan��� nOfif
KotiK and Shanghai Banking Corporation.
Ucaeial Banking Busln.Hn Transacted; Sterling: Bills of Exchange  Bought
and Sold, Letters of Credit, Etc.. Negotiated.
Accounts received on the moHt favorable terms.   Interest allowed on special
deposit*, and on Saving Bunk accounts.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
1^001715 ai)d  Offices to Reijfc.
Apply   fco
JNfelsoi) Electric TraijiWai) Co-
Comer   n|oaop)ili)C  ai)<l   Veri)o��> Street*.
"The warmest thing;
town" is the Hudson's J
Blanket. Made in y
White, and Blue.
Z% Point, $7.00 per
4    Point, $8 00 per
We also carry a full Iii
Canadian Blankets, in \\'lj
and  Colors, from $2,751
pair up.
See our stock beforep
chasing elsewhere.
Corner Baker and SlnnlpyStre- |
Put Us On
Your List...
We will see that jl
are not disappoint
in superiority of g^
ceries, prompts'
delivery, or reasonablej
ness of price.
From tempting ^
fast foods to ri*
materials   for  ^]
desserts,   we  *>"
your  wants p"
KlrkpatrlcR b_
Coal and Wood
AgenU Imperial Oil Oo.L^ I
Crow's Nest Coal, $6j
Anthracite,     -    "   $9,0^
No order can &����8rJ
accompanied by '""        J
OlTlce Corner Hall nnd BB���� '
7.8 inch di.��n. lia^P;;''1'1;,'^
immediate  deliveiV
BPPiy'_. T. 0ROFTS,
*���**#*#( Nelson  Daily Miner,   Monday   Evening,   Novem��br 12, 1900
Th. froat was on the cottage pane.
The skies were gray mid chill,
But with a trembling hand ahu smoothed
Her kerchief's dainty frill,
For then she Buw the youthful senilrel
Dismounting in the snow,
In velvet coat and buckled shoes,
Thanksgiving long ago.
While with her wrinkled sire ho talked
Of weather and of wheat
His ear was ever strained to catch
The music of her feet.
Her dimpled arms were deep In flour,
Her rounded check aglow.
Her fattier slept���ho stole a kiss
Thanksgiving long ago.
Bis stately mother and her guest.
Were waiting at the hall
Before the feast in silver served,
But lie forgot them all,
And at the furinor's hutnhlo board,
With curly head bent low,
Be called a courtly blessing down
Thanksgiving long ago.
Clear rose the moon abovo tho woodi,
And twilight veiled the farm,
But still lee lingered at the gate,
Tho bridle on liis arm.
"Oh, bake and brew for mo alontl
Bt mine for weal and woe.
1 love you, dear," he softly Hid '*'
Thanksgiving long ago. /_.
In yonder carven frame she standi,       j. 'j
In peurls and tilue brocade,
And still tradition fondly keep.
The pumpkin pies she made
And tells agnln the story swoct,
When granaries overflow,
Ot how the Biiuiro a-wooing went
Thanksgiving long ago.
���Minnie Irving in New Mngland -Agaztna.
laid to Be tin- Moat Wonderful Vi-ge-
tnble Curiosity In Existence,
Few families possess an heirloom thnt
c.n compare either In rarity or antiquity
with the Warlock pear of Colstoun,
which Is beyond doubt th. most wonderful vegetable curiosity in existence und
its authenticity beyond dispute. Hugo,
Lord de Gifford of Yester, the magician,
lived in the reign of King Alexander III
of Scotland, lie presented himself before the king previous to the battle ot
Largs, 12('e_, and is described by Sir Walter Scott in "Mannlon."
The wizard Lord of Yester gave his
daughter in marriage to a scion of the
ancieut family of Uny, ancestor to the
present Marquis of Twceddnle. As the
bridal party was on its way to the church
the magician plucked a pear from a tree
hard by and gave it to his dnughter as
her dowry, informing her that so long as
she and her descendants preserved it, so
long should they prosper. The pear was
in consequence carefully preserved na the
precious palladium of the family, whose
fortunes, during the next 300 yenrs, rapidly advanced, John Uny, in 1478, being
raised to the peerage of Scotlnnd as
Baron Uny of Yester. He was succeeded
hy his son John, second bnron, who was
succeeded by his Bon John, third baron,
whose dnughter, Jean, was married to
George Itrouu, laird of Colstoun, served
heir 1004.
The "Warlock penr," which again played the part of dowry, thus pnssed to her
descendants, the Hrouus of Colstoun, who
derived their pedigree from the ancient
kiuga of France. In 1080 Patrick Broun
of Colstoun wns created a baronet of Nova Scotia and was succeeded by his soa
George, second barouct of Colstoun, in
Whose time the pear, hitherto cnrefully
cherished and which to all appearances
wns aa fresh as when plucked, began, in
accordnnce with the warning of the en-
chnnter, to exert its Influence mnlignunt-
ly. Sir George wns married to the Lady
Elizabeth Mackenzie, daughter of George,
first enrl of Cromurtie (the famoui Viscount Tiirbut of yueen Anne's reign),
and she, not content with merely beholding the pear, longed to taste it, and, as in
the case of a remote ancestress, the temptation was too strong to be resisted.
Authorities differ as to whether the Lady Elizabeth reully bit the pear or merely   dreamed   bIis   did.    Debrett,   in   his
Baronetage, states that she dreamed she
bit It, but the late Sir Richard Brown, I
Bnrt., author of an elaborate MS. history!
of the house of Colstoun, says distiuctly !
thut she bit it, mid it is certain that there
arc murks of teeth in the penr, which Is |
now hard ns a stone.   Whether the bits '
was real or imaginary, the fact remains
that almost Immediately the family for- [
tunes began to wane.   Sir George Broun
wns soon afterward drowned In theTyiie,
_T18, and the  I.ody  Elizabeth only es-1
cape, by her clothes bearing her up in
the water.  Sir George died without heirs
mule, and the title, which was to heirs
mule   general,    became   dormant    nnd
though subsequently assumed by a collateral brunch nguin became dormant in
1770, and ao remained for more than 50
years, until after proceedings, very interesting, a young cudct of a distant branch
proved  his father to be entitled to the
bnronetcy and wob accordingly declared
heir. Tlie entire estates had passed nwuy,
and,   together   with   the   mngic   cornuc,
were become tho property of the family
of   Itumscy,   earl   of   Dnlbousic,   whose
predecessor had married tlie niece of tlie
unfortunate   Sir   George   Broun   above
In a silver box, with a strung casket,
BOfe under locks and bolts, the magic cornuc now reposes, in the custody of Lord
Dalhoiisie, nnd one can readily understand how highly tlie relic is prized and
how jealously preserved by the present
possessor.���Chicago News.
General Fitz-IIugh Lee, when asked
about Cuba, from which ho hns just returned, replied, "Cuba is a smile of the
The Russian embassador, Count Cas-
Bini, likes nothing better than dinner parties and entertains in this manner usually every week.
Some of the intimate friends of President Kruger who huve hud the plensure
of dining with him say that lie closes his
dinner with a big cup of black coffee, hot
enough to seuld hair off n dog.
Tlie Duke of Devonshire possesses a
book for which his father refused nn offer of $100,000. It is Claude Lorrain's
"Book of Truth," the rarest book iu Europe nnd nn heirloom iu tlio family.
Captain William Edwards of the
Princeton vnrsity football eleven ia ono
of the biggest und strongest men who
ever played in the college tenm. He is
a man of heroic stature, standing 0 feet 2
in his stocking feet uud weighing 240
Colonel Baden - Fowell, the veteran
South African warrior, is an excellent officer, a good sportsman, nn inimitiible on-
tertnlner and a bit of n literary swell to
boot. He went through the two Mnta-
bele wars and gained experience, honor
und no wounds.
Ex-Senator Henry P. Dawes of Massachusetts celebrated his eighty-third
birthday recently by entertniniug the
Mondny Evening club, a literury society,
ut his home in Pittsfield. Mr. Dawes rend
a pnper on "The Duties and Functions
of the United States Senate."
James S. Galloway of Hillsdale, Mich.,
has just purchased the whole of Morgan
county. Out., 39^ square miles, for the
white pine timber upon It. He could cut
nearly if not twite 100,000,000 feet, but
Intends to hold most of it, nwuitlng developments.   He paid $300,000.
Lieutenant Commnnder T. B. M. Ma-
Bon of the nnvy, who died a few dnys
ngo, wns baptized ub Theodoras Bailey
Myers, but he took the name of his mother's family, Mason, to heir the fortune
left by tho family, tho income of which
wus between $40,000 und $50,000 a year.
Alfred J, Newton, the new lord mayor
of London, is one of the largest manufacturers of yenst in the world. He is also
a henvy owner of steamships and interested in many other mercantile enterprises that go to make London famous.
He is only DO years old aud was born at
Sir Guy de Lusignnn Is a direct descendant of his namesake, the king of
Jerusalem, founder of the Knights Hospitallers, who after his defeat by the
Turks in 1000 A. D. founded the order
of St. Catherine nnd ruled Cyprus, nfter-
wnrd tnking up the cnuse of tho Armenians. Sir Guy is well to do and lives at
Neuilly, near Paris.
The only son of n prizefighter who ever
amounted to anything, It is suid, is the
Right Hon. William Court Gully, speaker of the British house of commons. His
fnther, John Gully, a butcher nnd afterward a prizefighter, grew rich and was a
member of parliament for Pontefrnct in
1835. Speaker Gully Incidentally receives
a salary of $25,000 a yenr.
Wholesale Houses
'IMlUltl'li. fie CO. LimiUHi���Uirnor Vornon
_I_ anil (Jotiur airoolw, Nolson���Manufuotur-
oi'ri of und wiioiOhtuo tloulorH lu aorutoii wuLoix
and i in i1 : \ rn ic-.. , ii,.' .���!.���. in for Haloyon llol
auiiiiKH niiiiurt.1 wulur.   Tuluphono t-0.
_JJl .N. M. CninimiiK, Jxjhhoo��� Kvory known
Variety of nofL diinKn. I' o liox 66. Telephone
No. 31. lioovor bbreeti Nolriun. lioltlorti of tlio
.diiiuUH ou L.0011 Hot tiprlugS Minora! Wutor.
CYANIC & MACDONALD Ul. Cuiio, Junius
J   A. Macdonuld)���ArulnLouu and aunorm-
u���luifin... i '.nn, fti Hill Iiiock, cornor l_ukoi una
\\ urd sirooiti, _M)l_>on<
CO.���MnnuiuutniuiH ol lho Koyui Soul
una Ivootonuy lioho Cigtu a* Factory uud
oillco, bakor aireut, NoIhoii.
HJ. KVANS 6c CO.���linker Streot, Nel-
��� kou���V\ hulonulo iii-.'ii in In lujuora, ci-
Kuro, cement, lire brick and tiro cluy, wutor
pipe aud bteel railn, und you uml coinu.i_-.ioi.
VYho.et-ulu aud retail duulura in grain,
hay, Hour, food. Mills ut Victoria, Now VVoat-
unuBtor; Koiuoutou, Aitu. iuuvuloru ou Calgary and -Miniummi Uuilway. Manufacturon.
of tho oolebruiod ii. _c lv. brand ccroult).
A MACDONALD &, Co.-Corner Fron
��� uud Hall (streets��� v\ hoienuio grocers
una jobburb in blunkotn, gloves, iniitti, boots,
rubber;*, inuckinuwB and minors' sundries.
_1_1 OIlloo corner Hull and trout, Sireeta,
(..olson���.Lumber, ceiling, Hoofing, and ovory
thing in woud for building purposes. Uot our
prices.   Correspondence solicited.
P   BURNS & Co.-Bakor Streot, Nelson���
���   Wholesale dealers in fresh aud cured
inoais.   Cold bLorago.
Baker Street, Nelson-Wholesalo dealers in fresh aud cured meats.
Street, Nelson ��� Wholesale d.alais in
hardware, minors' supplies, Hpurting good.-,
M'LACHLAN BROS. (Successors to Vancouver Hardware Go, Ltd.iBakort)treei,
Nelson��� U holcKulo dealers iu hardware una
mini ii,,- supplies, plumbers' and tinsmiths' supplies.
There nre scores of places In this country where only oue rn.il comes every 14
Not 0 per cent of all the women in
America spend as much money as $50 per
year on their clotheB.
Only 18 per cent of all the families in
America employ domestic help, lenving
82 per cent without even one servant.
Out of 12,000,000 American familus
the income of 4.000,000 of these families
is less than $400 each per yenr, nnd the
Incomes of nearly 80 per cent of the en
tire nuniher are less than $1,000 each per
If all the dressmakers known to exist
In America worked 24 hours of each day
for n whole year without stopping for
sleep or nionls, they would still be able to
make only one dross apiece for less than
seven-eighths of the women of America.
Ask the average person where the central point of nrco Is in the United States,
and he will fix it somewhere in Illinois.
Tell him it Is nearer San Francisco, nnd
he will be incredulous until he remembers
thnt Alaska is within the boundaries of
Uncle Sum.���Edward Bok In Ladies'
Home Journal.
The Dos l., in���l,d It.
A New York society dume, who Is an
���rdent upholder of the Society Kor the
Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, owns
a little fox terrier of which she Is exceedingly fond. A mnn who cnllcd on her
the other dny wns ndmiring the dog nml
asked Its mistress how she, with ull her
humane theories, could huve nllowed the
cruel dog fancier to cut off Snap's tiiil
and enrs to the fnshionnbie degree of
brevity. The dnme drew herself up and
replied with some hnuteur:
"My dear sir, Snnp expected it. Every
thoroughbred fox terrier expects to linvo
his tnil and ears shortened." And that
humbled mnn went nwny laying to him-
ielf, "Tlint's the first time I ever thought
of 'noblesse oblige' ns applying to fox
terriers."���New York Tribune.
l-'.m-ti to Ills trnft.
Plumber���So long. I'm off to lay a
Poet���Well, gooilby. I'm off to pipe a
lay.���Syracuse Hernld.
The honeymoon Is considered over
when the Woman finds her husband tins
used a lot of her hnlrplns to clean out hla
plpo.���New York Press.
In New Mexico, In the rich ennyona
among the hills and mountains, tnuiUra
kilt fci-_��tgrow to a li��!_-t at ill feit   ...
It Is quite ewtnin thnt tho Amerlcnn
army mule is uot u purty to the alleged
Anglo-Saxon alllnnce.���Washington Post.
Thoso army mules in South Africa
seem determined to turn the sanguinary
struggle into a tremendous boom for the
automobile battery.���Detroit Free Press.
We nre confident those Missouri muleB
would not havo permitted themselves to
be stampeded if they had been fighting
for their own country.���Kansas City
With thousnnds of Missouri mules enlisted both on the sido of the Hoers and
the British, the contest In South Africa
ennnot help being stubborn.���SL Louis
The mule, whether In peace or war, is
a subject which should be approached
with a feeling of profound respect. From
every point of view tho subject Is ono to
promote gravity.���Atlanta Journal.
According to chemical analysis, IB
parts of the flesh of fish have about the
i.a rn.- nutritive value as 12 parts of boneless beot.
The curious fact Is noted by M. Mnu-
rnln In the Journal do Physique tHat
careful measurements of the intensity of
gravitation in different ports of the globe
show this to be greater on Islands than
on continents.
The velocity of light Is 102.000 miles In
a second of time. From the sun light
comes to the enrth in eight minutes.
From some of the fixed stars of the
twelfth magnitude It tnkes 4,000 years
for the light to reach us.
A womnn In Kansas hns taken her life
becnuse her husband sinelled of beer.
What she would have done if he hnd
used brllllantlne on his whiskers must remain n mystery.���New Y'ork Press.
A woman In New Jersey has just begun suit against a man for not fulfilling
an engagement of marriage made lu
18B8. And yot some cynics declire women have no pntiuuee in matters ot thi
kurU-_lil-JB9_�� ASMI-MB. .  - ;
"VT KLSON HAU1AVAU- CO.- Wholusnlu
i > paints, oils und glass; moclianlcs' loots.
Agents roi Ontario Powitor Works; dynamite
rpURNKR, HKETON & Co.-Corner VcrnoH
X and Josephine Streets, Nelson���Whcle
sale dealers iu liquors, cigars, and dry goods.
Agonts for Pubst --rowing Co. uf Milwaukee
and Calgnry Urowing Oo of Calgary.
UPSON'S BAY OO.���Wholesale groo.Tio-
and liquors etc., ilakor street, Nolson,
Kront and Hull streets, Nelson���Wholesale dealers t) wines (ca��o and bulk), aud
domo-tio and itnportod oigart..
JY. GRIFFIN & CO.���Corner Vernon ami
���   JoKophinc Streets,  Nelson ��� Wholesale
dealers in provinions, cured meats, butter and
Atlantic S. S. Lines.
From Montreal
Beaver Line Mont fort. Nov id
Beavor Line i.ake t'liamplain Nov 21
Allan Libe Tunisian Novll
Dominion  Line Cambroman Nov 10
From Portland, Me.
Allan Lino Numldian  Nov 'IU
Dominion Lino Vancouver Nov 2.
From Halir.tx
Dominion  Line Vanoouvor ..Nov2&
From New York
Curnrd  Line Lucania Nov 17
Cunard Lino Umbria  Nov 24
White Star Line Germanic.  Nov 11
Whito Star Line Majestic Nov 21
American Lino New York  Nov 21
Red Star Uno Westernland Nov 21
N. G. ULlne Travo Nov 20
Anchor Lino Anchorin. Nov 24
French Lino L�� Lorraine  Nov 22
Allan State Lino State of Nebraska....Nov 17
From Boston
Dominion Lino Commonwealth  Novll
Cunard Line lvernia    Nov 17
Panagei arranned to and from nil Kuropean
points. For rates, tleko.H and full information
apply to C. P. R. depot agent or II. L. Brown
City PassonKcr Agent, Nelson, B. C.
Goneral Ao-out. C.P.U. Ofiloe., Winnipeg
the: best
St. Louis
To be hail Wholesale at Nelson.
Soo Line
Also TOURIST CARS passing Dun-
OIOI _ JurjOtlot) Daily for St. Paul, Sat-
uriliij-s for Montreal aud lio.tun, Mondays and Thursdays for Toronto.
Suiui! cars pass Revelstoke one day
for  your  enstoin  trip jh tn  see  that
ymir ticket lends via I'liiiiiilinn Paglflg,
Trains and Steamers Depart.
%.   P_    Hittiefc    &
A. B.  GRAY,  B��k�� St- Nelson
Kootenay Agent.
MINIMA ����-_.-_, HOT-E- P1IRIH
Wlndennei- Mine*,  Corre��pniiileii>o��8or.olli��l
Ex Sun
Ex Sun
Ex Sun
Steamer for Kootenay Landing   and   eastern  points   via
Oiow's NeBt Route.
(Train  for   Rossland,  Grand
j Forks, Greenwood,Midway,eto
j Train for .Slocan City,  blocan
j points, and Simdon.
) Steamer for Kaslo and inter-
) mediate points.
) Train for Rossland, Nakusp,
[���Revelstoke,  main    line  and
) i'aeitiie CoiiBt I'oiute.
For Time Tables, Rates and fall information call ou ur address nearest Local Agent, or,
It. W. Drew, Dopol Agent 1 Nelnon, B. C.
H. h. Brown, City Agent. /
W...AM_lh)KSOf<, K. J.-O.LK,
Truv. Pass. Agent        A. (i ��� ''��� Agent,
Npi.on v��,���v, *er
Spokane Falls Sl
Northern R'v
Nelson  Sl Fort
Sheppard R'v
Red Mountain R'v.
The only all rail route between
all points east, west and south to
Rossland, Nelson and intermed iat
points; connecting at Spokane with
Great Northern, Northern Pacific,
and O. R. & N. Co.
Connects at Nelson v ith steamer
for Kaslo and all Kootenay lake
Connects at Meyer's Falls with
stage daily for Republic, and con-
rlect. at Bossburg with stage daily
for Grand Forks and Greenwood.
Effective  Sunday, October  21st, 1U0O.
Train No. 33 (Night Train).
Leave Spokane    10:45 p.m.
Leave Northport      5150 a.m.
Arrive Kossland      7:30 a.m.
Train No. 34 (Night Train).
Leave Kossland    11:00 p.m.
Leave Northport    12:4f> a.m.
Arrive Spokane      7105 a.m.
H. A. JACKSON, G. P. .V T.A.
Spokane  Wash
Atrent. Nelson, R.O
H. & M. BIRD
Agents lur Eureka Itineral Wool and
Asbestos  Co.
Insurance Co. of North America, Mutual ILIfo
Insurance Co.. ot Now York, Quebec
Flro Assurance Go.
Sixteen lots in BoguBtown havo heen
placed in our hands for immediate
sale at prices varying from SH5 to 1185
each. These lots are all in good position and are tlrst-class building sites.
0-Roomed house, corner of Ward
and Kobson, all   modern   conveniences 825 00
rt-Roomed house, Hume Addition 20 00
New house on Water Street   18 00
Cottage on Water Street  15 00
7-Koomed house on Kobson St.,
between Kootenay and Stan-
lev, all conveniences  25 00
Bank of
British Columbia,
Is now prepared to issue
Drafts and Letters of Credit
on Skaguay, U.S., Atlin, B.
C, and Dawson City, Yukon
Civil Engineers and Provincial Land
P. O. Bo. Ut V��|son. R. ��
A. R. BARROW, a. m. l o.E
Provincial Land Surveyor.
Corner Viotoria and Kootonay 8U.
P. O. Box R5��. Telephone No. 95
offiok aho ff.arocvcf.
lKLtl.l    NS   NO.   ISO.
The Macoy
Comedy Co.
Three Nights,
Commencing   Monday,
Nov. 12.
Change of Bill Each Night,
A Circus Girl
Scats on sale at usual place.
Prides 50 aud 75 cents.
Delivered to any point
on Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock on hand ot
Rough and Dressed
Mouldings, Sash Doors-
Inside Finish,
Coast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber-
Mill it PILOT BAY. Yards, NELSON
and LAR1 0
Collegiate School
Yictoria, B.C.
The Lord Bishop of .Columbia
J. W. Laing, Esq., M. A., Oxon.,
Headmaster. Rev. ('. Kiimii' Sharp,
M. A., Cantah. II. J. H. Muslott,
B_q.., St. Peter's College, Cambridge
Moderate terms for boarders and day
scholars. Roys received from eight
years of age and upwards. Military
drill. Technical art including mechanical drawing. Hoarders may. by their
parents wish attend any place of worship to which they are accustomed.
Present numbers f>4.
nnd try a bolllo, a dozen, or n, bnrrol of
CALGARY BEER ax It, In llm hunt and
rhi-iiiir-t on tho market. Also try our
WINES,    LIQUORS,    and     CIGARS.
FRANK  A. TAMBLYN. M.�������������.
Tolorhnnn W. U-ki'r SI    Nelson. RC.
Room 1, Tnruor-Boeckh Blook.
Houbcb and Building Lots in AU Parts
of the Oity.
Five, iel_. Hoven and olKlit room honnoH for
wain, twenty pic cent below oont.
Will pay the highest cash prioe for ill
kinds of seoond hand goods. Will bay
or sell anything from an anchor to a
needle. Fnrnitnre, stoves, oaiperU,
cooking utensils, bought in household
quantities. Also oast off clothing.
(lull and see me or write. Address
Silver King Mike, Box 200. H����
Street. Nelson. R  O.
Real Estate and Insurance
Loans Effected at  Reasonable  Rutes.
Haker Street, Nelson.
Canada Permanent and Western Canada Mortgage
head office toronto,  ont.
Money to loan on Straight Mortgage.
Apply toO. f* LENNOX, Baker Bt
Lambee & Butler's
Players' Navy Cut
Smith's Glasgow Mixture
Try a tin of
Or if you chew, try
Battle Ax
and Star
Baker St.
OAfiS.-MEALS a la 0ARTE.
Close eonneetion Bust and West-
hound at Spokune wit-trains of the
trains of the Spokane Falls mid Northern Railway,
Direct eonneetion at St. Paul without change of depot, with all trains for
Chicago, Toronto. Montreal, New York
and all points West and Smith.
Leaves Spokane daily for East nt"10:15 a.m
Leaves Spokane daily tor West at 7:45 p.m
West-hound trains niiike direct con[
jection for Victoria and Vancouver
Portland, San Francisco, and all points
in the Sound.
During the season of navigation East
.iiiiuicl trains connect at Diiluth wilh
the magnificent steamships North-West
and North-land of theNorthern Steam-
ihlp Company line, operated in con-
lection with the Great Northern Kail-
Pop further information, maps, fold-
re, etc., apply lo any agent of Spokane
.'alls ft Northern Ity., Kaslo & Hlocan
By., Kocitei ai Railway i. Navigation
Oo,, or to
Genl. l'ass. A Tkt. Agt.   Oom'cl Agt.
St. Paul, Min      Spokane. Wasb
Kootenay Railway and NaT.
Company, Ltd.
Opo rating
Se-liiciliili- ot Tlllio. I'ui-illi- Mliinil.nl   1 title.
BUBWUTI February lvt, 1900
PasHonKor train for Bandon -nd wny��_itlo_��
loaveH KrhIo at 8 a. m., dally. Ilelurnlng,
Iorvi!n Hnndon at 1.14 p.ru,, arriving at Kxlo
a* 3.&5 p.m.
< >pcrat Iiik on Koolonay Lake and ltlvor.
8tr. "Iiitrriciiiiciiiil loavoa K-��lo for Nolson
at 8 a. nt. dally nioept Sunday. Returning,
Iiiivch Nelson at MO p.m., oalllnn at Ilalfour,
Pilot Bay. Alniewo'th and all way point*. Con-
n-ct. wilh H K. ��t N. train to and from Spokane at Klvo Mllo Point.
Btenrncr Argonln has boon laid up foi the
Hteamoincall at principal landings In both
rllri-otlO-H, and ��t other points whon algnallrd.
r o.kotBHoldloall point. In Canada and the
United Haii-.
To aacortaln rates and full Information ad
ilriei_ I
u*n��i���.r. Kanln. R. C.
Of Writing Paper won't last
long. Vou'd hotter place another "hurry up' order with
MHMH Nelson  Daily  Miner,  Monday  Eveniho,   November  12, 1900
A"marriage license was today issued
to Mr. Daniel tlraut and Miss C. Sinclair.
Gold Commissioner .1. Kirkup, of
Rossland, is in Nelson aud is looking
after assessment business.
There will be no meeting of the
City Council tonight us it was adjourned last Monday until Monday,
Nov. Hi.
Mr. F. W. Monghan. uf Spokane,
who is connected with the Spokane
Knlla ft Northern, is in the city on
Mr. Maodonald, accountant of the
ltevelstoke branch of the Imperial
Hank, is spending a few days with
friends in Nelson.
Dr. Simon .1. Tnnstall.who has been
attending the Medical Association
meeting in the East, is in Nelson en-
route to his home iu Vancouver.
The regular monthly meeting of the
Nelson Hoard of Trade will be held at
8 o'clock Monday evening. It is probably tho bankruptcy question will he
The regular monthly meeting of the
Nelson Lodge of the Masonic Order
will be held next Wednesday evening.
There is work in the Hecond and third
degree to he transacted.
The meeting to make the preliminary arrangements for the organize
tion of a young men's club will hi
held this evening at the club rooms of
the new Congregational Church.
Former C. P. II. Agent Wallace,
alias J. A. Sheets, who was arrested
some time ago on the charge of theft
from the company, will come before
Judge Forin for trial next Wednesday.
Hon. W. C. Wells, Minister of Public Works for the Province of British
Columbia, is in Nelson conferring
with Messrs. .lohn Houston and R. K.
Oreen, respectively members for Nelson and the Sloean.
The Miner has finally learned something in regard to the election in l'ic-
tou. The Associated Press refused to
say anything about it. Sir Charles
llibbert Tupper, Conservative, and
Maedonald, Liberal, were elected.
The Department of Mines is issuing notices of the special examination
for efliciency in the practice of assaying which will be held in the City of
Nelson, December :ird. Details of the
examination will be found in the 15.
C. Gazette.
A mass meeting will be held in tho
Opera House on Thursday evening, at
which Mr. A. L. Sifton, M. L. A.,
for Calgary, Alta., will be the principal speaker. Other supporters of Mr.
Galliher will speak, and Messrs. MacNcill und Foley will be, invited to attend.
"Lou" Waters, the brawny blacksmith and idol of the baseball fans,
lias left town. He left some time between Saturday night and Monday
morning and several interested friends
are endeavoring to learn of hil
Two drunks, Scott and lliatt, appeared before Magistrate Crease at the
l'olice Court this morning and they
were lined 8.1 and costs. The work of
the police force has heen rather small
during tho first half of this month,
and the two arrests made last night
are the first.
The City workmen nre today engaged in laying the side walk on Water
Street between Park and Cherry
Streets to grade. Another force, of
men is engagod in; clearing up and
grading around the new K.-W.-C.
Hlock at the corner of linker and
Ward Streets. The sidewalk there
will soon be laid and a decided improvement is noticeable already.
Mr. William Gill, of Victoria, Inspector of Inland Revenue and Mr. .1.
K. Miller, of Vancouver, Collector of
Inland Revenues, will be in Nelson
on Thursday to examine the local
olliee, as they aro on a trip of inspection thorugli Eastern Hritish Colon
bill. During their stay here they, ii
company with Mr. K. W. Swannell
will inspect both the electric light and
gas lighting systems of the City.
In an Interview with  Mr.   Douall,
Vice-President of the Hoiinington
Kails rower Company, which appeared in Saturday's Miner there was an
error in the figure!, The .Miner stated that "the entire outlay will probably amount to Sl.10.00li." As a matter of fact the cost of the Improve,
ment. will amount tu  about 1000,000
or 870(1,(100. of which amount about
8ir,(),(l<)(> would lie spent locally.
Today the mining records are as follows:    Transfers���Krotn   .1.   W.  Welch
of Indianapolis, to ll. Worst of Ely.
rla, Ohio, entire interest In Little
Hillie. on Wild Horse Creek, for a
nominal consideration; 'J', (J. Burke
to George Maltland, both of Nelson,
I, Interesl in Minerva claim,on Morning Mountain, for a consideration of
S^'oo. Certificates of Work���To J. A.
Taylor, ou Boston| I'.  Daly, on Atlin;
Ymir,   hy   Sol.
Judge Forin held Chambers at the
Court House this morning. Besides
disposing of several applications very
little was done. In the case of Faw-
cett vs. C. P. R., an order was made
for further atlidavit by Mr. R. Marpole of Vancouver, as to the documents in possession of the defendants
relative to the ease in issue.
John McICane Talks of a Promising
l.ardo Property.
Mr. John McKane, President of the
Lnvina-Huttc Consolidated, Ltd.,
whieh is operating upon the Lavina
group which is situated a few miles
from Argeuta in the Lardo district,
arrived iu Nelson today from a visit
to tlie property. The company has a
good force of men at work and the
developing of the property is Mjeing
pusued with great, energy. Mr. McKane states that the amount of work
done at the property will amount to
over 1,200 feet and the property it
showing up exceedingly well.
At presentjthe work is being centered upon a tunnel which is heing run
to tap the lead at the 400-foot level.
This tunnel will be over 450 feet in
length when completed. A shaft has
also been sunk to the depth of 80 feet,
and has followed an exceedingly rich
vein that distance. The quartz ledge
is il feet wide, and distinctly defined
by slate walls. Big showings are being made as the development work
proceeds on each of the claims. A
shipment of ore from the property has
already heen made to the Hall Mines
smelter of this city, and the returns
netted the company, after paying all
expenses,840 per ton in gola and silver
Anothei shipment is about to be
made to the Kaslo Sampling Works
which is being done to give the ore a
thorough testing.
Not only this property, but all the
properties of that district are showing
up well, but the section would undoubtedly be further advanced if it
had the accommodation of a railroad.
It is rumored now that arrangements
are being made to send a surveying
party into that district, and undoubtedly when spring opens the transport
ation accommodation in that section
will be equal to any in Hritish Columbia.
The company, also needs a good
wagon or sleigh road to the property.
The Provincial Government has allowed 43,000 for this purpose, and it is
stated that the company will duplicate
this amiun; and with the 80,000, a
very good road will be constructed.
Mr. McKane stated that he thought
that the company would thoroughly
develop the property before they started to ship on a large scale,therefore it
is probable that it will be sometime
next season before the trail is constructed. The force of men engaged
at the property will continue development vigorously all winter.
Adjoining the Lavina group is the
Lost Mountain property, upon which
much developmeut work has'been done
and the property is showing up in
good shape. The company is now
driving a tunnel on the Giant claim
and they have a considerable body of
clean ore in sight. The property is
meeting with much satisfaction with
the directors, and they have decided
to push the development   all   winter.
Will Incorporate.���Krom Crawford
Ray to Fort Steele.
The last issue of the Hritish Columbia Gazette, contains the information
that: "Messrs. Whealer and Martin
will apply for un aet to incorporate a
company to build a railway from a
point at or near Crawford Hay, Kootenay Lane, the Crawford Creek and St.
Mary's River valleys to Fort Steele,
East Kootenay. " This road will undoubtedly run over the route which
was surveyed for the H. C. Southern,
which originally intended to run to
Crawford's Hay, but the route was
abandoned owing to the steep grade
to the summit to the Hay which is
something over r>,()00 feet in 17 miles.
Should the incorporators of the road
mean business, and the road con
structed, it will open up a mineral
Held of vast extent,and he of incalculable benefit to F'ort Steele aud the
tributary country. It has been suggested that the (.ireat Northern may
be baoking this enterprise. If such
iB the case, there will be no delay in
construction and instead of one railroad Kort Steele may have two.
With Jugular Vein and Windpipe Cut
George Westall Lives.
Vancouver, B. C., Nov. 12.���George
Westall, who was stabbed twice in
the neck in Westminster by a sailor
named Wood, in a drunken row, will
live in spite of the fact that one
wound penetrated the windpipe, and
the other slit the jugular vein downwards. Westall's remarkable recovery is due to his having a magnificent
Wood, who is -111 years of age, bears
a clean record, as a quiet inoffensive
man. lie remembers nothing of the
stabbing and explains the matter by
saying that he supposes he was mad
drunk and was not responsible for his
Washington. 1). C, Nov. P.'.���W.
R. Hearst.proprietor of The San Fran-
clsco Examiner, New York Journal
and Chicago American, it is said on
good authority, is to begin the publication of a daily paper in the National Capitol within tho next month.
His editor-in-chief will be no less a
person that William Jennings Bryan.
Bryan's salary, it is said, will be
825,000 a year.
Kerr & Co.'s
Canadian Pacific Train Runs From
Montreal to Ottawa.
Montreal, Nov. 12.���The Canadian
Pacific made a record run Saturday
between Montreal and Ottawa, making the 112 miles in 110 minutes. The
record trip was made by Lord Strathcona on a special train which left
Windsor Street station at 8:37 a. m.
reached Vaudreuil,24 miles in 2ii minutes, the rate being 53 miles per
hour, and the run thence to Ottawa,
88 miles, was made in 84 minutes, at
the rate of 03 miles per hour. Deducting ten minutes for stops and slow
downs, while passing through yards,
the actual running time was 100 min
utes for the 112 miles. The run wus
made on a heavy track, snow having
fallen all night, which makes the
speed ull the more phenomenal.
Ottawa, Nov. 12.���It is unde-stood
that Sir^Wllfrld Luurler will deliver
his first public address since the conclusion of the general election campaign in his own constituency, Quebec
East, in a few days.
Spokane Mining Stock Exchange
This morning's Spokane quotations
as received from The Miner's special
cM'l :< IAI. TO TIIK  IIIM'.K.)
Hlacktail 11H
Butte St Uoston  8
Crystal  5'4
Deer Trail Con  2-W
Evening star  (P^
Gold Ledge  2%
Golden Harvest     %
I.X.I  0*
Iron Mask 38
Jim Blnioe  ���
Lone Pine Surprise  8V4
Mi unit ain Lion 50
.Morning Glory  7'i
Morrison  2'Jj
Noble Five  -p'.,
Princess Aland  2'.,
Palmer Mt. Tun    17
Qnilp 28
Humbler-Cariboo 211
Republic    01
Reservation  S
Hossland Giant  2
Sullivan l;-|i.;
Tom Thumb I8I4
Walerloc   ill,,
Winnipeg  4)i
Conjecture  4)4
Sales���Republic, 2000 nt. (il ; Palmer
Monntnin, 5000 at 10,'<;; Morrison, KKX)
nt 2'.; ; Princess Muiitl, 41100 nt \U ;
Conjecture, lono nt 4; 10.000 nt <_!_
buyer 80; BOOO at 4 seller (K); Sullivan,
lou'll at 13.
Berlin, Nov. 12.���The following
report dated November 8, has been
received here from Field Marshall
Count Von Walderze: "Major Graham, with two companies of the First
East Asiatic Infantry, and the Second
Squadron of the Second Battery, proceeded from Tien Tsin, via Chung
Ying, to a point six kilometres north
on the left bank of the Pei Ho, where
he had a slight encounter with mounted Boxers and has arrived at Tung,
Pa., 12 kilometres east of Pekin.
Russian troops have successfully encountered six thousand Hoxers north
of Shan Hai Kuan, losing four killed
und (il wounded. British columns
have returned from Pao Ting Ku to
Pekin and Tien Tsin. The latter column destroyed several Boxer camps.
Clinton, Mass., Nov. 12.���The police
last night arrested William Erickson,
who is supposed to he Oscar Johnson,
the man wanted for the murder of
(lustaf Erickson, who was stabbed to
death at his home in Worcester on
Saturday. So certain was Chief Stone,
of tho Worcester Department, that
the prisoner was Oscar Johnson that
he decided to take him back to the
St. Johns, Nlld., Nov. 12.���The Colonial general election returns from the
Bonavista District,with half the count
complete, indicate the election of Mr.
Morin, Opposition leader and his colleagues, Messrs. Blandford and Chaplin, by majorities of about 700 as
against 1,700 received in tlje previous
election. No other counts have been
reported. This will give Morin four
men and Premier Bond seventeen.
Ottawa, Nov. 12.���Lord ^Roberts cables Lord Minto this morning, that
Lieutenant Elmsley.of the Royal Canadian Dragoons, dangerously wounded
at Botnaville, is   now out of   danger.
Toronto, Nov. 12.���Captain Barker,
of "C" Company,; Royal Canadians,
who figured prominently in the engagement at Sunny Hill and Paarde-
berg, South Africa, and who returned
last week on the transport" Idaho, has
been offered a commission in General
Baden-Powell's South African Police
force, and Is inclined to accept.
Lieutenant-Colonel Win. N. Alger,
for many years paymaster of Toronto
Military District, is dead, aged 02
years, lie was a native of Norwich,
England, and came to Canada at the
time of the Trent affair and had been
paymaster since that time up to eight
years ago. ,
TO �� I Itr  A   (Hill IN o\i; DAT
Tuko Laxative Broroo Quinine T.blotH.   All
-,,'   ,    ���, ""   ' I dnigfflHtd refund the money if It falln to cure.
John   Dean, on JJluck   Diamond.    Lo-1 no. % W. Brave�� signature ie un oucli box
Kingston, Ont., Nov. 12.���R. Camp-
bion, who was one of the liveliest
men to greet the returning soldiers to
Kingston last Monday, and paraded
through the streets with them, is dead
from paralysis of the brain. He was
sticken shortly after returning home
from the parade.
Toronto, Nov. 12.���The Royal   Can
adian Yacht   Club have decided to is
sue a   challenge   for "Canada's"   cup
now held by the Chicago Yacht   Club.
The Canadians   are   hopeful   that   the
American^ yachtsmen   will  decide  to
hold   the   race in   Buffalo next  year,
dining the Pan-American Exposition.
One word about our Blankets;
they are the bestfor the least money.
We bought them at a reduced price
we {jive you the same benefit.
5 1-2 lb. Wool Blanket, pood value
at $4.25; our price $3.50,
6 lb. Wool Hlitnket, good  value  at
$5.00; our price $4.35.
7 lb, Wool Blanket, pood 'value  at
$6.00: our price $5.00,
8 lb. Wool Blanket, good  value  at
$7.50; our price $5.75.
We are not overstocked with this
lot, they will not last long. Come
early and make sure to get what you
want of them.
Ad-NT foil
Imperial Life Atsuranoe Co _fn
""I'11""11*-   Accident  .La'N
Eftultable Savings, Loan ___ fifi
Association of Toronto *"!
,,00TH in^r-H
For Bale,
Vernon Bt.    50 foot, lot ,viUl ,
same bringing io tl ,.,���|,|,!"8U"<
M loot lot and house, Baker Bt
Fob Punt,
7 room house, all modern oonv
0 loom bouse and kitchco,
conveniences, $10.
11 room house and  cellar   all ,��� 1
conveniences, 828, """''I
out, including piano i would ll"!
able aa boarding house, 8:iu.     "*|
Brewers of Fine LaRpr
Beer ami Potter,
Nelson, B. C.
Butte, Mont., Nov. 12.���Fire broke
out in the 200-foot level of the Bell
mine. Amalgamated Copper Co. property, last night, and is still burning.
Tne ore in this mine contains a large
percentage of sulphur and the tire is a
hard proposition to handle, The loss
will certainly be large.
When things nre "the best" they
become "the best selling." Abraham
Dare, a leading druggist of Belleville, 0., writes: "Electric Bitters
are the best selling Hitters I have
handled iu 2U years." You know
wh}'*.1 Most diseases begin in disorders
of stomach, liver, kidneys, bowels,
blood and nerves. Electric Hitters
tones up the stomach, regulates the
liver, kidneys and bowels, purifies
the blood, strengthening the nerves,
hence cures multitudes of maladies.
It builds up the entire system. Puts
new life und vigor into any weak,
sickly, run down man or woman.
Price 50 cents. Sold by the Canada
Drug it Hook Co.
The most miserable beings in the
world are those suffering from Dyspepsia and Liver Complaint. More
than seventy-five per cent, of the people in the Dominion are atllicted
with these two diseases and their
effects; such a Sour Stomach, , Sick
Headache, Habitual Costiveness, Palpitation of the Heart. Heart-burn.
Waterbrash, Gnawing Pains at the
Pit of Stomacli. Yellow Skin, Coated
Tongue and Disagreeable Taste in
tlie Month, Coining up of Food After
Eatiug. Low Spirits, etc. Oo to your
Druggist and get a bottle of August
Flower for 78 cents. Two doses will
relieve vou. Try it. For sale by W.
F. Teetzel.
Lucky Soldiets. ��� Lord Rosslyn has
evidently an eye for detail. In bis
article in the Mail describing the
effect of Lord Roberts' advance upon
Pretoria on the prisoners at Watervaal
aud other guards, he wrote: "Hollander and Britisher.soldier and Boer,
peasant, prisoner and warder, joined
in a universal scene of congratulation,
in a mutual expression of estee_t and
a general glass of Robert Brown'b
Four-Crown Scotch Whiskey. Happy
the lot of the prisoners who were able
to soothe their sorrows with so famous a brand as Robert Brown's
"Pour-Crown. "
Have you ever eaten MAPLE PODDING? It is a new confection made
especially for J   A.    Maedonald.    Try
it and you will be sure to like it. We
have a fresh lot of Lowney's camlies
just in today. Ontario apples have
arrived too.
Visit Florence Park Hotel at Huberts' Bunch,'two and a half miles up
the river.   W. M. Roberta, proprietor.
Kerr & Co.
By the week from $3 to $6,
By the day 81.00.
J^nglo-jl^merican Pi
Authorized Capital $1,000,000.
Licensed by the Dominion Government to transact the business of Fire Iod|
nnce throughout Canada.
Security for Policy Holders, Jan. 1st. 1900, $484,696.19.
Head Office, McKinnon Building, Toronto, Canada,!
eSTF.'McKinnon, Esq,, of Messrs. S. F. McKinnon * Co., Limited,T-rooto,
J. J. Long, Esq., The T. Long Bros. Co, Coliingwood.
A. A. Allan, Esq., Messrs. A A. Allan & Co., Toronto.
John R. Barber, Esq., M. P. P.,   President Toronto  Paper Co., of C��tinil,|
Georgetown, tint.
Dr. (ieorge EL Bowlbv, Berlin, Out.
A. R. t'tinniugbam. Esq., Barrister. Kingston, Ont.
11. P. Kckhardt, Esq., Messrs. H. P. Eckhardt A Oo,, Toronto.
John Flett, Esq., Flett, Lowndes & Co , Limited, Toronto.
John Gowans, Esq.. Messrs. Gowans. Kent & Co.,  Toronto.
W. J. Gsge. Esq., The \V. J. Gage Co., Limited, Toronto.
Dr. I'riah M. Stanley, BraMford.
John Knox, Esq., Messrs. Knox, Morgan & Co , Hamilton.
Reuben Millichiunp, Esq., Messrs. Millichaiiip, Coyle & Co. Toronto,
J. N. Shenstone. Esq;, r-cc-Tr.as. of Ihe Massey-liurris Co., Toronto.
Hugh AVaddell, Esq , Peterborough. Out.
General Fire Business Transacted at Equitable Rates,
Agencies at all Principal Places in Canada.
Madden Block.
London, Eng.
ORBIT      Brand and
PREMI ER Navy Cut Tobaccos.
Aocnts rod 0_n��d. i JAMES TURNER A. CO., H.muton,
CROW  &   MORRIS,   Sole Agonts, Nelson, B. C.
Ottawa, Nov. 12.���A cable from the
High Commissioner's olliee, London,
says that the transport Hawarden Castle, with the remainder of the First
Canadian Contingent on board, is expected to reach Southampton on November 37tb,
What Is the Matter
With Your Watch?
Won't It go'.' There is DO mystery
about it, and if we are favored
with your   repairs   we   guarantee
to please you,   Are yon iii need "f
a new time piece? ' If yon are we
can give yon a bargain in
watches. Come and examine them
JcwoliM and opticians.
I have now in slock 11 line
of all .-l.-i--.c- of
Special Line of Tweed Suitings at
Successor to Fred J. Squire-


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