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Nelson Daily Miner Apr 27, 1899

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Daily Edition No. 301
Nelson, British Columbia, Thursday, April  27,   1899.
Ninth Year
Men Leave for the Lardo-
Duncan District
Contractors are Advertising*  for Two
Three Hundred Men.���The Crow's
Nest Line-
Posters on the streets yesterday calling for SiOO men to work ou the
Lardo-Uuncan railway showed the
public that the story published exclusively in The Miner, tbat work was
to start, immediately on that road was
correct in every particular. While
it was generally expected that the line
would he proceeded with some time
soon the news of the immediate commencement came as a pleasant surprise.
The faot that work was to start at
the Lardo instead of the Arrowhead
end gave additional satisfaction to lhe
people of Nelson. The announcement
was made yesterday that Messrs. Fou-
pore and McVeigh had been nwnidod
the first section and Mr. Poupore
leaves this afternoon by the steamer
Nelsou for Lardo with a gang of thirty
men who will immediately commence
clearing the right-of-way. At the
first of next week Mr. Pouporo will
retnru to Nelson and will then want
as many men as he can get, It is his
intention to start two camps, -with
160 men in each. His work will be
the construe!ion of the lirst ilfi miles of
the line which wili be from Lnrdean
to Trout hike. This stretch lie will
have completed ready to hand over to
the 0. P. R. hy Oetnbr 1st. Lardean
is the most available deep wu'or poini
nr this end of the Lardo district an i
wi". la. t! tarwv.Bue .,: the rnntl
From there the line will skirt lhe base
of the mountains, avoiding two miles
of flats that are submerged (luring
high water. Cross sections will be
made at once to determine the tulHums
and the fillings in, before tho large
gangs are put to work. At present lhe
headquarters of the contractors will 1 e
at Liirdenu.at the month of llio river,
hut when the water rises sufficiently
to allow a small supply steamer to go
up the river lhe headquarters will be
moved six miles further up so as to be
handy as a supply poiut for both the
camps. Mr. Poupore is outfitting his
clearing gang iu Nelson. Ho has a
complete outfit for constructing the
line nt Nakusp and that will he hurried to the scene of operations All the
supplies for tho camp for the summer
will be purjhased iu Nelson so the
merchants will reap immediate benefit
from the oonstruotion work.
Iu answer to his advertisement Mr.
Pouporo had many applications for
work yesterday and had little difficulty in making up his clearing gang.
However thero are uot a great many
idlo men in Nelson now and it. will
not he nn altogether easy matter to
secure the oomplete gang of !!00 men.
At all events thero will ho no excuse
for anyone being idle.
Mr R, Marpole, superintendent of
the Pacific division of the 0. P. B.
and Mr. Cumbie, chief engineer, returned yesterday from the Lardo couu-
tiy where they met Mr. Douoet who is
in charge of the stuff of engineers
locating tlie line. To a Miner reporter
Mr. Marpole said that it was diffloult
work locating the line as tlie snow was
bothering the engineers. The staff of
engineers would be increased as soun
as possible and work would bo pushed
forward without| any delay. Mr. Marpole aud Mr. Gamble left for Hossland
last evening aud will return hero with
Kir William Vau Home in a few weeks.
The uroat haste with -whloh tbe 0.
P. R. is comnnncing this line is a
matter lhat is being freely discussed.
To enter info an agreement with oon-
triietors to go ahead with tho first
section of the work oven before all of
that section bus been covered by engineers is not the usual way of start-
lug construction as more time is generally takou. Withdrawing the engineers from the Arrowhead ond and
hurrying them into this end of the
line also caused comment, and it is generally surmised that it all means that
the 0. P. R. is endeavoring to checkmate the Great Northern Company.
"Jim" Hill lias had his engineers in
'he district for soiro time and Sir
William Van Home evidently did
uot wish to take any chances on being
crowded out. Ho certainly got a very
industrious kind of a move on nnd
rushed matters through with startling
rapidity. However, Mr. Hill may
H|ill havo a fuw trumps to play and
the gimie will bo followed witli
interest by lhe publio. The more rail-
way construction there is, the merrier.
THE    GROWS    NEST    tlNE.
Talk was rife on the streets yesterday that the O. P. R. was to start immediately on the construction of
Crow's Nest Pass line from Kootenay
Landing to Nelson. Tbe story went
���bat tho 0. P. R. had applied to the
Government for the subsidy on tbo
portion of the liuo nlrendy completed
but had been informed that th" rond
must be completed to Nelson before
the money was handed over.   This   it
was .-aid, wns tho reason why the extension would ho made this summer,
Starting at onco. In this connection it
will bo interesting to point out the
terms of the contract which the 0. P.
R. had with the Government respecting the construction of the line. The
railway was given under contract fo
the 0. P. R. ,,*, to ho construe* ed nnd
equipped for a subsidy of $1 1,000 per
mile from Lethbridge to Nelson the total amount of subsidy not exceeding
the slim of 18,680,000. The line was
to be opened for traffic ou or beforo 81st
December 1SII8 ns far ns the south end
of Kooteuay Lake, there providing
train transfer faoilities, without transhipment, not later than that date,
trom that point to Nelson, the service
to be kept up until balance of the road
to Nelson was completed and put in
operation for public traffic the
contri.'.t allowing them until 81st December 1900 lo complete it.
There are now 390 miles of the road
built, and in operation for whioh the
0. P. R., is entitled to $3,190,000 subsidy . Of this amount the Governmeut bas paid 12,162,190 so there is
$1.02T,,SI0 still dm* the company. Tbe
distanoe from Kootenay Landing to
Nelson is 5-1 miles, making a total of
8-1-1 miles for Ibe line. At $11,000 a
mile this comes to 18,784,000 or ��13-1,-
000 nut limn the total subsidy pro
Tilled by Ibe Government. As tho O,
P. R. has till the end of next year to
complete the line nnd as the season is
now getting well advanced without
any preliminary work b^ing done it is
not likely (hat construction will start
immediately. However there may he
somnthing in Ihe story nnd if there is
it will he a big thing for Nelson. In
any case it |is but a benefit deferred
lor the line must be proceeded with
next summer if not tbis, When Sir
William comes to Nelson next month
he may hnve something interesting to
tell about tlio Crow's Nest line.
Captain Bohoenfelder  of the   Falke Deprecates the   Unfounded Rumors
of Cad Relations.
Berlin, April 20 ���With the view of
rectifying tho reports of the discord
sni.'. i*b axiai between the three naval
commanders- at Samoa tho Nord
Deutsche Zeitnug publishes extracts
today from the reports of the Com-
mander of the German warship Falke
up to Maroh 23, in which Oaptaiu
Bohoenfelder says:
"The wildest rumors are current
concerning the relations between tbe
officers nnd crew of the Falke and the
Amerioan and English. The reports
nre duo to some of our countrymen
who do not tiro of creating ill-feeling between the officers nnd men of
the three countries by promoting
such rumors As a matter of fact the
relations between the different commanders aud ollicers aro of a thoroughly courteous and iccommodating
oharaoter In spite of the arduous nature of his guard duty Captain Sturdee
attended the funeral of a German sailor, Weihl, with a deputation of anolli-
cer and sixteen mon nnd Admiral
Kautz hoisted bis ling at half mast.
No disputes hnve occurred between
the German aud the American or English crewH. At a recent meeting tbe
military representatives of the three
powers expressed indignation nt the
rumors and whenever the commanders
land-ollicers of the Falke meet tlm
Amerioan and English officers at the
consulates social forms nro Strictly observed. "
Dealing with the commencement
ofghostilities on March 15, and the
fact that a fragment of one nf tho
Philadelphia's shells entered tbo Gorman consulate, the report snys:
"The German oosunlnte wis not
previously notified of iho commencement of hostilities and was still in
"I Immediately despatched an officer
to inform Admiral Kautz that the German consulate was not   evncnaled   und
thut his shots had struck   the building
lend requested him to cense tiring   over
Apia until the Germans were in safety
j    "Admiral Kautz told the ollicers that
lowing to my representations bo would
I not   eon tin ne   firing   over   Apia,   and
the following day he sent his (lag lien-
tenant to mo and   expressed regret   at
tho   occurrence.      Admiral Kautz    on
March     Iii.    directed   that   uniformed
ollicers nnd men should be all nved   to
pass freely at all   times.    The  Americans on guard duty were most civil. "
The steamer Archer made che trip
from Ooinaplix to Arrowhead on Monday for tbo first time this season.
This is about two weeks Inter Hum
usual. It took the Archer five onys
to won*: its way through the ice to
open the way,   The steamer Kootenay
BlSO went frnni Arrowhead to > omn-
plix nnd return on Monday. The ice
was lirol.cn none too early as the supplies lit Trout Lake Oity, Ferguson,
Comaplix and Thompson's Landing
were running very short, no fresh
meat being obtainable nnd flour also
being a rare article, a number of oars
of supplies are now nt Arrowhead
awaiting shipment to the mining
oniiip**. When the wnter rises shipments of ore will be mude from
Thompson's Landing where ore from
the Silver Cup, Beatrice nud Emily
/ Edith is awaiting shipment.
Private Letter of  Admiral; Bishop  Walters Speaks  in
Kautz Published.
Jersey City.
An   Amusing   Description   of   the   Hew
King'���Geimans Don't  Like
The  Admiral.
Cincinnati, April aii. ��� A letter written by Renr Admiral Kautz to bis cousin Mrs. Chailes Lindley, of Cincinnati, hns just beeu mude public by
the recipient. It is. dated March 2!)
and is in the easy vein of a relatives
private correspondence. In the letter
be snys: "You will probably rend a
lot. of stuff about me iu various newspapers but I can assure you that I nm
all right and havo done nothing that I
or my friends mny be ashamed of, unless it is the making of a king, which
I nm obliged to do today. But bo is a
very inoffensive sort of a fellow, a
native 10 years of age. He wears a
French admirals cocked hat but no
shoesjor stockings or trousers, still,considering the torrid weather ho looks
well in this climate. But I hardlvthiuk
ho would look very well on fourth
street Cincinnati. I am not a king
here but just plain boss of the ranch.
The German consul had that position np to my arrival, but since then
ho bas been a very silent partner. I
am very much afraid he do s not like
me, in fact I am not at all popular
here with ijie Germans, but am nil
right with the English and hope to
pull thitragh -***vi*,h thrSls. I -rovo nu
doubt uf being sustained by the Government in all I have done.
Washington, April 2!i. -The publication of Admiral Kautz letter referring
to bis position at Samoa caused absolute consternation at tbe Navy and
State departments at the first reading
hut there was soon shown a disposition to minimize the affair when it
was clearly apparent the letter wns
nothing more than a strictly private
coniniiniicntioii passing between members of the same family. Nevertheless coming as it does close upou Captain Ooghlan'a indiscretion nud following the publication of Judge Chamber's letter not his brother, criliciziug
the Germans in Samoa, the opinion
was held that Admiral Kautz's letter
could to have other lhat a harmful
effect upon relations between the
United States and Germany.
Tho letter was brought to tbo notice
of tho President and some sort of a
reminder may be seut to tha officer to
be more careful in bis correspondence.
In offloial German quarters the
letter was uot treated very seriously
������nd there was no indication that the
German authorities would take cognizance of it. The spirit of fpn in
the letter appealed to some of the diplomatic iitficials who laughed heartily
over Kautz's description of the young
king's make up,and this amusing feature largely offset any irritation which
might have been felt over tbo criticisms contained iu the letter.
The Negroes of the South Will not   Submit Much Lo'.ger to White
English Ensign    Hoisted    Illegally   to
Keep Off   Brigands.
Vancouver, April 20. ���Hong Kong
papeis give the following particulars
relative to Ihe natives of Palawan
hoisting the British Hag over that island :
"II. M. S. Archer, which left Singapore sudiieuly early on the morning
of February 20, under sealed orders,
has returned, Her orders wero received from homo by telegraph, and
thoy weie to tho effect that she was
to proceed uh quickly as possible to
Palawan where, it was stated, the
British (lag bad been hoisted by natives The Archer's mission was to
haul it down. On her arrival off a
small  setilemout  on    tho    Palawan
const the British red ensign wai seen
to be floating. Tho ship bnd not been
at nnclior any length of time before
several Filipinos came aboard and had
an interview with Commander Dura
He informed them tbat he had been
instructed to take tlio ling down.
"Tho inhabitants of lhe town had
hoisted the (lag because   tbey   thought
it might give protection from the hands
of brigands who were ense meed in the
hills.    The Filipino   delegation    made
it clear that   they  had not heard  tho
island of Palawan bad   been ceiled   by
! Bpaiu to tho U- I tad   Slates, and   they
accordingly  promised   thai   the   Hag
should be lowered. When they return-
I ed to the shcro the ensign was pulled
| down.
"The   brigands   who   held the bills
Bt the renr of the settlement ennsed the
Inhabitants a grunt deal of annoyanoe,
; imi their  depredations   bad been considerably   lessened   since   th" British
ensi. ii had been hoist*'I. Wheu the
j Archer anchored tbey hastily retired,
1 There woro uo Europeans in the play. "
'New York, April 0. ���At the Now
Jersey annual conference of the African Methodist ohuroh which opened in
Jersey City today, Bishop Alexander
Walters, D. D., bitterly denounced
tbe Georgia lynchings and made some
startling assertions.    He said :
"It is generally believed by the
fair minded that if O. D. Hose did
kill Oranford, it was to avenge the
killing of five colored men by a mob
said to have beeu led by Oranford at
Palmetto, on March 18." After referring to the nowspaper statomeut that
Hose did not outrage Mr-*. Oranford,
the speaker continued :
"The lynchings of late ave been
severely condemned by the press because they wore not the outcome of the
crime of rape, for which crime lynch
ing is usually condemned both by black
and white. Knowing this the people
of that section who havo some regard
for the reputation of the south raisod
the "Race" cry in order to snvo themselves from everlasting disgrace, and
the baser sort, to justify their awful
���.-rimes. Ere another fortnight shall
pass over our beads, this subtle scheme
vill be laid bare to the world. This
'"*��� the ignis fntnus that is leading us on
to unotuer Woody struggle* it is the
outheru white man's subterfuge tn
satiate his implacable hatred for tbe
negro. If tho good white people of
the North are not disillusioned, and
do not put a stop to this sweeping tide
oi lawlessness it will not be long before they will be again culled upon bill God of Justice to give their best
blood to pay the penalty of the crimes
of the South.
"The reality of our trouble is race
hatred. Some years ago, it was
thought as tbe negro became intelli
gent und cultured this race prejudice
would disappear, but alaF ill some sections of the country it bas only intensified this feeling. Tbe passage
of "Jim Grow" car laws in several of
tho Southern states, the disfranchisement of negroes, regardless of qiiulifi-
entiou, the shutting of them off from
hotels, restaurants, and pl*:cos of
amusement aro all manifestations of
race hatred. We are censured as a race
for not exhibiting manly qualities, we
are considered 'impudent niggers' if
we presume to assert our manhood, we
are truly between the upper and
nether millstone.
"I have come to the conclusion that
nothing but manliness and resistance
on the part of the Afro-Americans
themselves will stop these atrocities.
President McKinley and Federal Government bave shown themselves im
potent to convict tho murderers of
Federal offloials. Tlie Governors of
enitaiii states in the south having acknowledged their inability to protect
the oolored citizens. In tho nnino of
Almighty God. what are we to do but
light   and   die.
"Wn have   pledged ourselves in race
organizations and ecclesiastical councils to do all in our power to improve
the morals of our people but we are
forced to confess that the example set
us hy the whites of Palmetto is not
"TheJJOuhans and Filipinos, on
whom wo have spent so much money
and shed so much blood , to free from
Spanish oppression, were never treated
so barbarously iu time of peace by
that Government aa some negroes have
been in the States or Arkansas. Toxns,
North and South Carolina,and Georgia,
It is rathsr amusing to intelligent
Afro-Ainerienns to read in the dailies
and weeklies of .mr country, of Americans giving to tbe Cubans and Filipinos an equitable and beneficent
government, when tbey are powerless
to even secure life and liberty lo
their citizeuH at home.
"Tbo greatest problem of America
today is not the currency question, not
their colonial possessions, but bow to
avoid the racial war at home. Y'ou
cannot for ever keep the negro out of
his lights Slavery made a coward of
him for 360 years, He was taught to
fear the white man. But be is rapidly
emerging from such slavish fear nnd
before lung he will contend for his
rights as bravely as anv other man.
"'One of two things must lie donejin
order lo avoid trouble. The negro
must be Heated fairly, or furnished
wilh sufficient money to return to the
land from whence bis ancestors were
stolen. It wonld be a burning shame
mi the boasted Christian civilization
of America to be obliged lo confess
before the nations of the world that
she was unable to overcome her prejudice againit the nebtO, and therefore
expatriated him. The lirst suggestion,
that of fair play, is a just one aud if
those in   authority, aud the press and
the pulpit   would   cease   to cater   to
prejudice,    but speak out Jboldly   for
equal justice for all American citizens,
this   could   easily   be     accomplished  ;
Those who speak   flippantly of our ex- '
termination will   find that   wheu   tlie j
work is begun, all tbe white people of i
America will uot be against  the negro
any moro than  tbey were   during   tbe '
civil war.    Why   will   not the intelli-
gent aud far-seeing white   people   call I
a halt to these   injustices    before it is '
too late.    Havo they so soou   forgotten ���
the   history of the   past.'   It   was   the
policy  of   conciliation   aud   tbe  condoning of the   sin   of slavery   tbat led
to the loss of so much blood aud treasure.    Well did  Thomas   Jefferson   sav
before the conflict, in   speaking of the
injustice   of the   whiles   towards   the
blacks:'!   tremble   for   tbo future   of
my country, when   I   remember   tbat
God is just.' "
A Sample of Advertising that
Does Great Harm.
Londou. April 2(1.���Mr. Edward
Roses romantic drama, "In days of
old," a story of tbe Wars of the Koses
���was successfully produced Ibis
evening at tho St. James Theatre,
with Mr. George Alexander and Mr.
H. B. Irving in Ihe leading roles.
Alberta Ranchers and  Farmers are Finding in Kootenay a Ready Market for Produce
Mr T. A. Gregg, formerly editor of
The Miner, came in from the Kast
over the Crow's Nest Pass rnilway ou
Tuesday night, Mr. Gr-*gg bas spent
some time in Alberta and Eastern
British Oolutuhia collecting ii.formation for a descriptive publication he
has in charge and be reports great industrial activity and a most hopeful
feeling for tbo fufuio in ihe different
places ho visited. Alberta is finding a
market for muoh of her produce in
British Columbia, the traffic being very
profitable demonstrating that inter-
Provincial   trade offcis a 'ituoh   better
ricld for. i-jsp.***** i for asm**? '*������*���?'. *'* >'*'i*.-
the changeable old country markets,
distant nnd diffloult to teach and often
renched nt a loss. With a strong market and stiff prices for beef, pork,
mutton, butter nnd eggs nnd other products ot the farm, Alberta farmers wiil
give increasing attention to the British Columbian consumer who has been
found a ready and convenient customer for tbo lino things Alberta can produce in profusion.    To euoournge   this
trade grown to considerable proportions
in a few months and likely to grow in
volume, tbe Canadian Pacific Rail-way
has given a greatly modified freight
schedule from Alberta to points on the
Crow's Nest Railway and shippers find
it grs.it help to business, conBeqnently
Alberta furnishes not a little of the
freight, to handle, which hat taxed the
powers of tbe freight department on
'bis division.
There nre said to be upwards ot
eight hundred men now busily nt
work on tbe Crow's Nest line getting
it into shape for the daily passenger
train service which, it is thought, will
be supplied about the first of Juno. It
is uot easy to get information aboul
tliese matters, but the reports along
the line aro to tbe effect that 'I is tbe
intention of the company to put in a
thorough passenger train dailv from
Winnipeg to Nelson which will reduce
the time of transit from 2-1 to "(1 hours
over the present time card. This
nhould mean n grew- deal to Nelson in
many ways. There will be a daily
mail and express service and as the
new route to Kootenay presents
many attractive features for travellers
iu Ihe way of scenery, in manv places
equal to that along the mountain divisions of (be main line aud that is
saying a great deal, (here is certain (o
he large tourist traffic so that Nelson
would do well to put on its best appearance without delay, Considering
that the railway, 2'.l,i miles long
from Dnnmore to Kootenay Lake, wns
built in the very short lime of one
year and two months and considering
also the great traffic which it has
borne siuce opened for business, it is
surprising that it is in as good condition as it is today. The chief tlilli-
culty with which the superintendent
nud Ihe road staff, with the hundreds
of laborers under them, have bad to
contend are mull slides in the cuttings
consequent upon the thaw of n somewhat lardy spring.    This nitul is of   a
singularly  persistent    and   tenacious
character but the Italian experts who
man shovels by the hundreds are
quickly bringing it under subjection
and   in a week   or   so   the last  of   it
will have disappeared,    A number of
Steam shovels are in operation on different parts of the line nml ballasting
is being perfected so ns to ensure a
Solid roadbed for tbe fast trains, which
cniiiiol coiiio   too   soou   to meet   local
Mr.    Gregg   rep nts   business   brisk
nil along   the line.    Mediolne    Hal   is
growing steadily, Lothbridge has voted
180,000  to hive  'an   irrigating   ditch
brought within the  lown   limits.  Ferine   has  a  pay  roll   of upwards  of
130,000 a month.Fori Steele flourishes,
and Oranbrook is spreading itself {confidently over a   line townsile and there
seems lo be   plenty   of   work   for   all
1 hands everywhere, anil   where then* is
j plenty of work there is   happiness and
lhe comfort that come- of thrift.    And
I all this has   followed   (be railway, ho-
| fore which there was nothing but   uncertainty and doubt.
PhiladolphiauB  Treated   to  News   From
Nelsuu That Was Never Heard
of Here-
A misrepresentation of the true state
of affairs in a mining country always
does a great deal of barm and keeps
legitimate capital from being emplo*
ed in developing properties. Mining
uow iB being put on a basis that admits of few frauds being perpeirated
as the people with money havo learnt
dearly to look before they leap. However, there aro still a lew who like to
he fooled and thnt there are "promoters" who are quite williug to do tbe
fooling is evident from tho clipping
given below from Ihe Philadelphia
Bulletin, Tlie item was sent tu Mr.
J. A. Van Glider of tbe Lardo district
witii a request that be look iuto tha
truth of the story. It is unfortunate
tbat such means ave employed to attract attention to the country an I
mining men with the interests of the
district ut heart severely condemn such
sharp practices. As a sample of wilful misstatements tlie article is n gem.
It will bo noticed that the enterprising "promoter" bas located the Le
Roi. "Just below the Payne." A most
astounding piece of work, to he sure.
Une would thiol; that the editors in
ihe Kast would bave sense enough to
investigate such reports and not he a
party oven unconsciously, to misleading their readers wilh tlio object of ex-
raoting money from them under false
pretenses. This most interesting pieco
��� if mining news is given below and
it will be noticed that tbo dispatch,
winch forms thu eoinnieuc-inent ot
ir,   was Soul fiuui  JNoinol- .
Nelson, B. 0., March 28.
Rich finds of gold, silver and copper
.ire reported herefrom the mines of the
Highlander Milling ami Mining Ooin-
iiauy, situated at Ainsworth, on Lake
Kooteuay, about two hours' ride from
this place.    Large numbers of  miners
ire Booking in tbat direction, us tbe
company owns four mines and is preparing to turn onl 1*00 tons of oro
daily.     The   richest     ore,   which   is
high-grade galena, is being found at
rhe Highlander mine. The assays
which have been made at the Helena
md Oharlotte United States Assay
Offices show ns   high   us (102 ounces of
silver to the toii, ami will  average 100
��� unices. The yield in gold per tou is
(39.70, Tbe offloials of the mine are
mrried away with the discovery of
its rich vulue. Maxwell Stevenson,
Jr., the manager, is at present in tho
Bast, purchasing machinery uud looking after the general business of tho
oompany. which bus its head offices
in Philadelphia,
Mr. Stevenson was found today by a
Bulletin  reporter  nt Ins offioe iu  the
Lund Title Building. Wben shown the
despatch he suid it wus no more than
what he knew. "We have undoubtedly
got tbe most valuable mine iu the gold
silver and copper belt in thnt section of
British Oolumbla. The Payne mine,
11 miles from tbe Highlander, yielded
to its owner, R. W. McOuue, 1060,000
in dividends last year. It wns cuptal-
i/.ed a few days ago for $2,500,000 at
pur fl, The eutire issue was sold ut tbo
Montreal Stuck Exchange al $.'1.10.
Tbe Lo Roi mine, just below the
Payne, is another bumper. Iu lNM
lhe stock was selling for eight cents
a share. Last November it brought
$8, a gain of 10,000   per   cent, to   the
lucky holders,  who  realised  princely
fortune!, The mine itself was sold ill
180S for fl,000,000. 1 tall you that it
is the chance of a lifetime lo make
money out in that district at tlm present lime. The ground is loaded with
riches. We huve on our property four
mines���the Highlander, Black Diamond, Little Douuld uud Ivnnhoe.
Every mine bas a clear title to it,
and we own it absolutely out and out.
They are ull being opened up hy tho
main tunnel, through which ure nob
in gold,silver und copper will be taken
out in lurge quantities daily.
"Tbo mines, which lire only four
and a half days' ride from l'bilu.lel
pbia, are the beat located in British
Oolumbla for aCCSSsibility to railroads,
smelting plants nnd seaport towns.
Tbey ure directly connected with tho
Northern Pucific, tbo Great Northern
and Ihe Canadian Pacific Railways.
The smelling plants to which large
shipments of gold bearing rook from
*ni* mine* are being shipped nre at
Pueblo OoL, and Kverel: Smelling und
Iii lining Company. Everett, Washington Stute. Large quantities have
iil-n been shipped to Manchester, England. The world is open to our output, und tbe extent of the mineral
wealth in gold silver and copper in our
possession is beyond computalion.
Hundreds of olaims are being worked
ull around us. und fortunes aro being made every few weeks.
"At tbe foot of our mines we own
one of the largest concentrating plants
In British Columbia. The wire rope
tramways are of the newest pattern,
and onr trucks, chutes anil   machinery
(Concluded on I'**k*'* 21
Nelson Daily Mmer
I'ubliHiieU l>i\ily except Monday.
D. J   BEATON. Editor and Manager.
Subscription Rates,
mily por 111 uth by can'er.	
per hn if year	
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per yuar by mail	
per year foreign..    	
Nkiron Weekiv Miner.
.8 1 (��i
..   500
.10 00
. OO11
. 10 0(1
The question is one of bouudary between that part of tbe British Empire
called the Dominion of Cauada and a
territory of tbe United States. British
Columbia bas uo part in it, and very
properly so. It is an international
question iu which Canada itself ii consulted ouly th'ongh courtesy of tbe
Mother Country. If, because British
Columbia happens to be the Province
adjoining the boundary in dispute,
we are to lay claim to the right to be
heard in the matter it will be necessary to revise the British North
America Act and build over again.
������Vcekly, pet half yoar I 125
p^ryoar    2 00
por year, foreign    ISO
Subscription* invariably in advance
Notices of Births,   Djath:
inserted for 50 cents oach.
i) percent discount on yearly contracts.
Transient ad*\ erOsments (legal and Dtherl 10
oanta per line tor first, and 6 cent-per lino for
subsequent Insertions, Wont nd". one cunt,
per word ea:h Insertion. No reduction or,
these rates,   Accounts rendered monthly.
Nelson Min ;r Printing & PubllshingCo
The City Engineer's report, on the
water supply, published in Tbe Miner
yesterday, is not pleasant reading. It
gives one a feeling of uneasiness, gin-
stead of being reassuring, it is distinctly alarming. The supply in February, 1898, was 500,000 gallous per
day, or equal to about 180 gallons per
head of population. In September,
1898, it was,, 430,000 gallons, a drop to
less than 100 gallons per head. In
Maroh last it had fallen sull lower, the
measurement showing a supply of 30,-
000 gallons per day, or not more than
00 gallons per head of population.
While our population is increasing rapidly, the water supply from the present system is decreasing at a still
greater ratio. Next winter it is expected that the supply will be "totally
inadequate. " This is not speculation ;
it is the report of the engineer, a capable and careful man, who knows what
he is talking about.
The outlook is not ooe to contemplate with any degree of serenity. It
would not be, rather, if we oid not
know how to forestall the calamity that
threatens the Oity. There is within
reach of us a plentiful supply of water,
if we but expend the money necessary
to put it at our service. The present
Council, with au intelligent sense of
the situation, has signified its intention to ask tho ratepayers to provide
the means to do this. The City must
have water,and it cannot be had without paying for it, Tbe Couucil could
not do otherwise than it proposes without very grave failure of duty to the
public it is elected to serve. For some
reason efforts are beiug made to persuade the citizens tbat the proposed issue of debentures is not necessary.
We have ne*-er known a City to provide itself with a system of waterworks and escape being taxed for it.
The opposition is entirely incomprehensible, excepting in tbe light that
it is offered wantonly and for the
mere purpose of embarrassing the
mem bers of tbe Council. But what
about tbe citizens themselves? We
may treat lightly any embarrassment
to which the Aldermen may be subjected, but if we should find ourselves
without a sufficient water supply we
would be apt to conclude that the em-
barrassmeut hud become general and
that it was of a particularly awkward kind. It might be fine fun to
annoy and dis appoint the Aldermen,
but the fun would disappear when
next winter we found our taps dry half
of the time and no water iu the hydrants iu case of fire.
This is a young and growing Citv,
of many needs. Tbe first and most important of all is an abundant supply of
good water. Tbis is right to our band,
to bo obtained at moderate expense.
Cottonwood Crock and Lako aro our
natural reservoir, and we have bnt to
tap it. The money to pay for this
must bo furnished by the ratepayers,
aud as tbe work is intended for the
future as well as today, the usual and
proper course of raising it by debentures will be adopted. Members of
the Council will find tbe ratepayers
supporting them in the effort to provide the City with an efficient water
system. Closely allied with an abundant water supply, on the soore of
health and comfort, is a proper system
of sewerage. To provide this a further sum is necessary. Tbe Oity can
no more dispouse with theso services
than can a family in keeping house
do without beds and chairs. Tbey are
uecessary, and in obtaining them it is
wisest to extend payment of their cost
over a period of years. The City has
already spent so much on its electric
light system that it would seem
childish to refuse tbe further sum required to make it efficient. In the
matter of these Improvements the Aldermen aro proceeding wisely nnd well,
and deserve aud will doubtless receive
the hearty support of the citizens.
And now conies another war scare,
with Russia, of course, as the aggres-
1 Sor. She is said to have quietly seenr-
i, and Marriages ed a port ou the Persian gulf. Why
not? It is the most natural thing in
'���'peiMiioii'-i1'. the world that she should strain overy
nerve lo get a southern outlet. That
has been her aim for forty years and
more, and it is a blameless ono. By
keeping her cooped up in her Arctic
regions, the other Powers have done
tbeir best to repress her sympathies
With modern civilization and enlightenment. With the result that she
ha�� been ever restless and ever scheming. If she bad been allowed to come
ont to tbe Mediterranean years ago,
Russia today would be Great Britain's
best friend and most powerful ally.
There would be no Indian nightmare, such as has troubled Britain's
sleep for a generation or more. As
it is she is a rival whom it is thought
necessary to continually watch and
continually checkmate.
Wall Papers
We have received
our Spring Stock of
Wall Papers . .
and Decorations,
Comprising the newest Designs and Colorings	
120   Patterns
To Select From.
Do von know that you can save money, and, what is doubtless'of much more moment to you, have greater satisfaction
in the decoration of your home hy personally selecting your Wall Papers.
Many things require consideration, the
lighting of the room, the furniture that
is in it, the woodwork. The paper on
your wall has more to do with the harmonious blending or
all these than has perhaps anything else. See all that are
to be seen, but SEE OURS before buying.
I ���
������������������������ ����������*�����*�����������������
Thomson Stationery Co. Ltd,"��'
Sample Books  sent
on application.    .   .
Continued From Page I.
about the mines are of the best and
most substautial character. I bave
c ome Fast to provide for increasing the
output, so that the wealth-laden ore
iu sight may be converted into United
.States currency. Iu February, 1898,
we organized the mines iuto the Highlander Mill and Mining Company,
with a capital of $1,000,000 fully paid,
non-assessable. My father, Mr. Maxwell Stevenson, a member of the
Philadelphia bar, is tbe president of
the oompany, I bave been out in
British Columbia developing the mines
with an efficient staff of engineers
since 1805, and the time bus now come,
with all this discovered wealth before
us, to tnke it out. In order to do
this, extra capital is necessary. We
propose to sell 100.000 shares of common stocli, par value $1, at 50 cents a
share. Tbis stock will lie worth from
(S to ft, 00 a share before the year is
our. Within the past few days we
have sold 115,000 shares, and anticipate
that all will be taken within the next
fow days.
"The mines are already developed to
a depth Jof -,'0O feer. There are seven
mammoth veins of ore. each one showing great richness. To enable us to
get tho ore out more rapidly it is necessary to run a main tunnel, cutting
the veins at a depth of 000 feet. I
have come east to raise tbe required
money, Every dollar which we will
now nut iuto the plant will return ten
to the investor. I will] be at the office
of the company, 004 Land Title Building, where I will be glad to give any
particulars about the mines* which
have been developed under my direction, aud with which I am porfeetly
The Hon Ton Restaurant, a well
known and popular place, will be
sold at reasonable terms if tuken
soon.    Apply, P. O. Box 127.
Nelson Employment Agency
linker Aired.      .1. II. LOVE, I'rnp.
2,1 men for railroad work.
Cook for Damp.
Chambermaid for hotel.
Waitress first class.
The Victoria Colonist   is troubled in
spirit because British   Columbia is not
reckoned with in the settlement of the Furnished   HoilSe   LOT  Sale-
Alaskan boundary (|ue��tion.  "The Do-1 	
General Broker.
for Buildiug Purposes. Definite contract giveu. Fire,
Life aud Aceideut Insurance.
Keal Estate for sale aud to let.
Many Suits of Clothes.
I have made many suits of clothoH and I want
to make many more, and have concluded to reduce the price for 30 d*ys.
Scotch and English Tweeds ��� from ��32 Lo $25
liluu and Black Hell Wharp Serge
Suits .from $30 to 124
Ulaek Heavy Series  $20
Heavy Scotch Tweeds, nice pattern
for Business Suits $20
I will teach Ladies the art of cutting thoir
own |<arineiIs. Van Dune World's Fair
Premium System of Dress Cutting taught in a
tew hours bo that any lady can out her own
garments.   Ludies' Tailoring u specialty.
5 & o Clement Block.
All Contractors figuring on  buildings that
will require
Should consult
J.   W.  MELLOR,
Who carries the largest stock of Plate Glass
in the Province.
House Cleaning Time
We can assist yon in tbe annual
overhauling by Fainting, Paper-
Hanging, Kuli.iiniiiiiiig and Interior Decorating Estimates
cheerfully given.
Josephine st. 0pp. Clarke Hotel
Take notice that Lee Boo has this
ilny sold his laundary business to Kain
Choug. Anv bills against Lee Boo
must be presented by April 2aud for
payment. Kaiu Choug will uot he
responsible for any accounts against
Lee Boo.
Nelson, April 17th.
Gamble & O'Reilly.
limine unci tWOloUi  with  Hcven   roomi**,  ou
Oarbonate stroot, near Cedar street. 93&00,
Boarding House with 27 room*, on Vernon
streot for sale or rent, i-ood business proposition.
Now bouiOi suitable tor dwelling or boarding
houso, lit rooms nnd tjiisctin'iit, heated by fm-
nuco.    Kor rout on Ward und Silica streets.
Also a large list ol thu bust Besidentta
orty In tho city.
minion," it snys, "has really no iliroct Situated ou Lot l8.Blook ,7, in t
concern, yet it   is   consulted at  overy ^l'',B"",- 'a ��iii-ywn>- ���jotween Baker and
' J                                            3 toria streets.  For particulars apply
stage, while the Province is ignored. " uosa BOMONA, Nelson, ti.e,
ly of
Agcnls tor Addition "A" and "lluiuo" Addition.
The British Oolumbla Permanent Loan ami
Savings Company, who give the most reason-
uiilo terms to borrowers, allowing Principal to
bo paid off at any time without Charging any
Gamble & O'Reilly,
Groceries,Provisions,Mining Supplies, Mining Drill Steel.
P. O. Box 214.   Vernon stroet, Nelson, B. C.
A Speciality.
Diamonds, Sapphires, Rubies, Pearls,
'1 opaz arid other Precious Stones can
be found in abundance at our store.  .  .
Baker St.
Metropolitan   Opera   Co.
Same identical company that made such
:t big success before.
Two Nights and Matinee, Commenc=
ing Friday, April 28.
including Sydney Roherer,   Baritone.    Introducing the latest i\ovelty "Edison's Dream Realized.
Friday, "Mikado" Saturday, "Bohemian Girl"
Matinee, "Olivette."
Prices, 75 cents and $1.00.    On sale at usual place.
Wll.I. BE HKI.ll AT
MAY 24, 1899,
$1750   IN PRIZES  $1750
Free-fi r-all
Slooan H��*te
Slocau Huce
Puny Kace
P0115 Rnoe
1st Prize |200.00
2ml Prize flOO (XJ
Int Prizo f 75 00
Sod Prize j '2,r).oo
int Prize $ r-0.iH)
2nd lMzet 25IX)
FOR  $31(0
For further ptrtionlsrs spply
Silverton. B. C.
One of the bent puYinu hotels in Ymii
at ii bargain to e reBponaihle party.
Dining room, kitoheu ami roomi all fur-
t.islied complete. Bar reserved by proprietor.    Address
Ymir, 11. C.
I will state for the benefit of anyone contemplating purchasing* the
Bon Ton Restaurant, that it is some
of the fixtures and not the business
that should be advertised for sale
by the party I have leased said place
from, as I have no intention whatever of going out of business. On
the contrary I have leased the building from the owners and will furnish it newly throughout as soon as
my present ease expires with Miss
M. Duffy, which will be June ist,
1899. D. E. RIORDAN.
Is now prepared to fill orders
for Luncheons, Dinners or
EveninK Parties.
Melton    Mowbray     Pies.     Chicken,
Veal, and Pork Pies,   All orders
promptly   attended   to.
Ward St.,   -  Opposite Hume Hotel.
Nelson Cleaning and Dyeing
H. 1). PIERRE Prop.
mmm; ItltOKI It
Windermere Mlno��.  Correspondence Solicited
Ladies' and Gents' Clothing cleaned
dyed, altered and repaired.
Hear of Clarke lUtel.
if so,   come   and  see  our
assortment of
Hudson's Bay Stores,
West Baker St., Nelson.
Telephone 18.
We have purchased the Express
and drayage business of Mr. J. W.
Cowan and bespeak as large a patronage at the hands of Nelson citizens as was accorded Mr. Cowan.
Leave orders at D. McArthur's or
telephone No. 8^.
General Teamsters.
to! G. Oil Cf
(Standard Oil Co.)
Anthracite Coal.
First Class Fir
Cut any lengtl
to order. One car of Fres*
Spokane Lime just arrived.
Office Cor. Baker & Hall Sts
Telephone   88.
Are You Going
To Atlin or Dawson City
If you are call and get posted on
the White Pass & Yukon Route,
The best, safest and ch eapest route
West Haker Htreot NKI.SON
< tiitroit 1TION 01' TIIK CITV oi<- NBUO.V*
NOTIOE Is hereby given thut the flryl Blt-
tiiiic of the Court of Revision appointed by tbo
Council of the Olty of Nelaon for healing nil
oouip'M'Usag-tiiut thaassessmentfor tlie current e-\-. uh iiitwle by tlie HH-i'sHni* ni* tho said
Oity, will ho belli in tlie Council Chambornt
NoIho,. ���n Thursday, the nr��i ilny of J "in*, low
ut IU u'clock a. in. ,   ,
J. K  HTItACHAS. Cily Olerk.
Nelson, ti. P., April Uth, WW.
NKLSON LODGE, No, 23. A. F.fcA.
M. meets second Wednesday In eaoh
month.   Visiting brethren Invited.
G. L. Lennox, Beoretary.
I. O. O.  F.     Koolcnu)- Lodgo
No. 10, moots ovory Monday night,
at  thoir  Hall,  Kooteuay Btroot
Sojourning Odd Fellows oordlally Invltod.
E C Arthur, N. O.   John Vanstone, V. U.
Fred J Squires, Secy
second and fourth Wednesday o'
each month al K. of P. hall, Mao;
Donald Blook, cor. Vernon ana
Josephine streets. Visiting bretli-
ri*ii cordiully invited
John Wathun, Booretary-
1st and 3rd Wednesday in each nionlli n Oo
K of P Hall. F VV Hwancll, O. I). B, 0. K.i J 1(
Green, O.K.: J. Purkiss. Seoy.
NKLSON L.O.L. No. IBM moots In the Mso
Donald block every Thursday evening M0
o'clotk. VlHlting members cordially inviwo.
John Tove. W. M.I F. J. Bradley, 11. S.
.NKLSON LODGE No.,��fe K\ "!,., ft
���Vneoi* in i.O.o.F. hall, MoDonaldWocl*
jovery Tuesday evening;at 8PJSHj
JJM Waiting knights cordially Invited
CmahFukncii, 0. C.
(-U0) Gko. Bonn K. of K.andS*
u o
evory Thursday in the I.O.O.F. hl\N-,. ,
Williams. M.W.: W 8 Smith, KfijVgfO.!*''**i
Drlsooll. hnanolor* F. J Squire. Uecelver, an"
waa A. H. Clements, who bought the
property from Mike Bonlley, Nr. Cie-
ments previously owned the adjoining
lots on Victoria stroot. The prion was
a good one and in keepiug with the
advanos in values all ovor the Oity.
Unexpected Death of Walter
S. Ashpitel.
Earlier ill the   Day   h?  Seemed in
Usual Health���He Died of
Eeait Disease*
Thn uncertainty of life and the certainty of (loath wero very sadly and
strikingly exemplified yesterday evening when Mr. Walter S. Ashpitel was
suddenly out off though to all appear'
iincesjn his usual he lth, He was
down town yesterday morning, and
though never very robust lie appeared
to be in better health than usual. He
was boarding with Mr. and Mrs.
Rowley and went tip tho hill to lunch
as usual. After lunch he complained
of not fooling very well, but neither
be nor anyone else attached any importance, to it and when Mi\Rowley left
the house about 5:80 he seemed all
right, At 0 o'clock he became scri-
ouslv ill. Ho went to bed and Dr.
Arthur was hurriedly summoned,
everything possible being done for
him in tlio meantime. All efforts were
unavailing, however and he expired
shortly after the doctor's arrival. Dr
Arthur pronounced the cause of death to
be heart disease.
Mr. Ashpitel came to Canada from
England about lb years ago, nnd engaged in fanning south of Groufell,
Assiniboia. Hi) came to Nelson
nearly three years ago nnd started tbe
Nelson Soda Water Faotory, and he
was also interested in the Club Hotel
While here, ho made many friends,
and was universally aud deservedly
popular. He v. as generous to a fault
and upright in all bis dealings. His
loss will bo especially felt by Mr. .1.
K. Rowley and tlie Messrs Omniums
who knew him Intimately in lhe Territories for ynars before oomiug tn
Nelsou. He had been in uncertain
health for the past year, hot had always
supposed that it was bis lungs, not bis
heart, that was ail'ecled, bis sudden
cud being thus Ihe mnr������ unexpected.
He was considerably older than he
looked, being about iio years of age.
The funeral service will be held this
afternoon at l o'olook at the house nt
Mr. and Mrs. Rowley ou Josephine
street, whence the cortege will prooeed
to the cemetery. The funeral arrange-
nients are in the hands of D. McArthur & Oo.
Work Has Started   nn Oonstruotion  of
the Hank of Montreal Blook.
Tin: brick block whieh the Bank of
Montreal is erecting on the comer of
Kooteuay and Baker streets will
when completed be a very handsome
building, It will be ooostruoted of
pressed brick and terra cottn, with
balustrades and oilier metallic ornamentations of cooper. Owing to the
impossibility of obtaining the requisite
brick here just at present, it, will be
imported from Toronto Pressed
His bricks are nn expensive article, and
when laid down hero will cost several
cents a brick.
Alderman Hillyer has secured the
contract for laying tlie foundations of
tho building, and work commenced
yesterday, Tenders for the cotistrnc-
tiou itself will be opened in Vancouver on the 80th lnathnt. Tbe plans for
the building were drawn liy F. M.
Kattciihury of Viotoria, and tlie work
will lie supervised here by Captain A.
E. Hodgins.
The main entrance to the building
will be nt tlio cornet* of Kootenay and
Baker streets, anil the basement: will
consist of a managers room, tlie banking room 25 by HO, nnd an inner aud
outer vault. Upstairs there will lit
live n oras and a lobby which will be
devoted to the use of the Bank clerks.
Judging by tbe plans, tbe Bank of
Montreal building will li*) bv far the
handsomest block hitherto erected in
! bans, said he thought that if any justification of IiOrd Salisbury's polioy were
required, it was afforded by the nres-
ent relations between the United States
and Oreat Britaiu,
''At a trying   time"   said his Lord-
ishin, "the Governmeut preserved their
self control and   waited   for   coolness,
justice aud   common   sense, to reassert
themselves.    Now    the    dark     cloud
whioh so   long hung   over the   Anglo-
i Saxon   p -nples   lias drifted off.    It   is
only a  few   days   since   British   and
: American offloers and men fell on  the
j same field of conquest.    Tbey werejiot
| engaged   in   fratricidal   struggle, but
were  fighting   shoulder   to  shoulder.
And small though   Hie incident* was it
will be of importance   in   llio   history
of tlie world. "
"All must regret," continued Lord
Selborue," the lamentable cause of tho
iucident, but the only three nations
concerned are what he might term tbo
throe 'cousin-nations of the world.' "
He remarked that lie had no doubt
America aud Germany in tbis matter
would provo as amenable as Great
Britain to tbe dictates of common
For Ladies
REAL     ESTATE      18    BOOMING.
Sales and Rumors of Sales Are "Thick
as  Elena.''
There   is   a   very   healthy    feeling
around   town   now.    It has been   The
Miners   pleasure   for   the   past    lew
mornings   to tell its readers of all sorts
of things being   done that will   lie   of
groat importance   to thn  Oily of Nelson.    Yesterday the now   one was tin*
bonding of a large group of claims  on
Toad Mountain, all of whioh would be
developed extensively this season.   The
slreet railway project is   beiug   talked
about frei'y and yesterday there   wore
uutnerous minors of a great many real
estate deals   beiug   on the taois,    The
more one looked   into I lie   matter  the
more he  becnnie   convinced   that   the
threo were iu   some   way  closely con
ueoted nnd lhat   there   was a big conspiracy   on   foot to do Nelson a  grim
deal of good.    Tbe conuectiou   can   bo
traced   through   the mining    deal  iu
which tho Duncan Mines haven linger,
or   through   the    railv ay   project   in
which Captain Duncan is nt   tlie head
here, and then to the recent big  deals
in real estate   in wbioh,   it has  been
announced the Dunoan Minos have figured largely.    However, whatever connection   the   three   have,   there is   no
doubt thnt   some oue or some corporation is endeavoring   to buy up Bogus
town.    This   is   a large order hut   investigation revealed the fact that there
is  oertainly a  movement on   foot   to
purchase all the valuable  lots   in thai
desirable resident ini quarter   Probably
in  order to   got   the   matter  through
quietly   nn   agent   was dispatched   to
Vancouver   to   endeavor  to    put   the
deal through and negotiations are now
in   progress.    This   coming    immediately aftor the City   Council   had   put
itself ou record as   favoring Ibe granting of a franchise for nn electric street
railway and   at   thn   timo when those
interested   in tlie road wero   known to
bn making   heavy   purchases  of   real
estate   makes   it   look us if tho  street
railway people were after  the   lots in
question which would   rise in value as
soon ns the  street   railway runs down
to Bogustown. As the promoters themselves aro the   only   ones   who   know
where tho lino   will run it is but natural that thoy should oudeavor to  buy
np tho lots that   they will make valuable,   At all evnnis,   whatever   truth
there may ha  iu these   surmises there
is  oertainly groat activity in the  real
estate market  and reports of big deals
may   ho   expected   almost   every  day
now.    Rumor  had   it yesterday   that
the  streot railway poepie were dickering for tho vacant lot at the corner  of
Ward aud   Baker street,   opposite   the
Hume   Hotel   and also for the  viicant
lot at thn   corner   of   Hall and   linker
streets.    The rumor ot   the   lirst   deal
could not lie confirmed   but   regarding
the other  lot    Tha Minor reoeived tho
best of nssurnuces  Ihiitjm   effort  wns
being mndo to purchase it.    One man,
who is nsunlly well   informed on such
matters went so  far   ns   to   say   that
English   money   wns   ready   to    buy
every   good   comor   lot in   tho   City.
This is n most  oncouraging   slate  of
Ono doal that got beyond the rumor
s'nge -was the sale of (he property at
tho corner of Ward and Victoria
Btreots, where Dr. Foriu now resides, for 14,000  cash.    Tho purchaser
Tickets are selling well for tbe Fra-
loriiii] ball next Tuesday nud a large
al tendance seems assured.
On Friday evening the Metropolitan
Opera Company npeu their return visit-
to Nelson in tbe "Mikado."
Nol withstanding the wet weather
yesterday there was a practice of
Association football on the recreation
ground  yesterday afternoon.
Aid. G. Frank Beer has returned
from a trip to the Lardo district
where he has extensive interests. He
gives good reports of the piogress being made in mining in that region.
The O, P. R. train was several
hours late last night, sbe was detained
through waiting for the boat at Robson, which for sonic reason failed to
put in an appearance in schedule
Aid. Hillyer an.l his associates
Messrs MoDermott, Tl. Houston and
H Snreai*, who recently purohased tbe
Nelson Planing Mills, are making arrangements for the incorporation of a
company which will operate the plant.
The weather clerk is mean enough
io predict several more days liko yesterday. However there is one comfort
in the fact that raiu just now is doing
considerable good in getting the frost
ont of tlio ground and helping tbo
snow leavo the hills.
A dance was given yesterday evening at Hie Queens' Hotel hy the ladies
of the Roman Oatholio Church, the
proceeds to bo devoted to the building
fund. A large number of guests
were present and every one spent a
thoroughly enjoyable evening.
In the Polico Court yesterday ,7.
Burton aud Joseph O'Hnra were
brought up ou remand on the change
of vagrancy, lo whioh was added the
charge of stealing a watch at Kootenay
Landing, O'Hern was discharged hut
Bnrlon was found guilty and was sentenced to two months' hard labor.
There are a large number of oom-
pleted and inhabited but still unpaint
ed residences in Nelson. If all bouse
owners would get lo work nnd paint
I heir houses it would wonderfully
Improve the appearance of the City
The paint dealers would uot object,
the painters would have no serious kick
coming nnd the citizens wonld applaud tho move.    So let's have it.
Mr. ,T. W.   Wilson,    superintendent
of 0. P. R. telegraphs in British Columbia, is lying ill with pneumonia
in tho Misses Orickmuy's hospital.
He was brought in from Slocan June
tion ou Sunday and siucu then has
made such saiisfactory progress that In
is now practically out of danger. Mrs.
Wilson has arrived to attend ber husband through his illness.
This will bo a busy summer for the
laboring man. If lhe street railway
line is built and the Cily goes on with
the (66,000 of contemplated improvements a large armv of men will In*
employed. The Lardo-Uiincnn railway cau lind work forj 800 men all
Summer and there will be more properties operating on Toad Mountain than
over before. There will be no excuse
tor anyone neing idle.
Owing to the inclement wcalher
there is a scarcity of brick iu Nelnon
just now, accordingly P. Burns St Co.,
have decided notlo begin the con
striiction of their block on Baker street
until .lnne. Half of the ^building will
be occupied by P. Burns St Co.. and
half by the Parsons Produce Company,
with cold storage accommodation for
both below. Tlie block will take-in
about four feet of Mntbosnn's barber
shop, the whole of ihe old Merchant's
Hotel, tho whole of P. Burns & Oo's
sloic and si veil feet; of lhe Post Otllce.
The id* ck will li** constructed of pressed
brick and cut stono.
Extra Special
and Gents
Ladies' Underskirts.
Striped    Moreen   at
Don't stop to think of where to buy your shoes wheu in need of a pair,
come direct to Lillie's Shoe store nnd we are quite sure
you will go away satisfied
een Block.
Santiago de Cuba, April 20.���Kl
Oobre, ono of the richest copper unties
in the world, will probably resume
mining operations at an early date. A
meeting of the stockholders of the
mine and of the railway leading to it
will bo held in Havana May 16 to consider a proposiiion made by a British
ial ll.-i*.;: *
(Observation*, taker.
by A. II. Ilol.lion.
1.0 w
Apr '20
?8 00
Apr 21
Apr 22
60 0
Apr XI
Apr 21
(;����� 5
Apr 2.5
Apr 26
10 5
and those about to build
should enquire of us for
estimates on
Roofing b
Tin smithing
We uiiikc a Speoialty of
Aiv,  Hot Water
Steam Heating.
Watered Moreen all Colors
at $3.00 each.
Striped Silver Silks, extra
good wearers, $3.50 each.
Watered Moreen, extra
wide, with Large Frill, $4.50.
Satana Underskirts, nice
as silk and better to wear, at
$5.50 each.
Will soon bring up the big Trout,
will outfit you with the  best  of
thing in the Fishing Tackle lint
stock speaks for itself.
Martin O'Reilly & Co.
Nelson Hardware Co.
Suits to Suit Everybody
At Prices to Suit Your Pocket.
A lai-je consignment of the newest designs iu Ready-to-wear
Clothing just received.    Om-  goods  nre  fill  new  nnd  fresh.
No old stojk or shoddy suitH at Emory & Walleye.    We have
also just opened a full line of John  B. Stetson Hats.
The Hub Furnishing House.
Emory &  Walley
The Canadian Mutual Loan & Investment Company advance  money
i on easy terms.    Low  interest.    No
shares required.
Mining and  Real   Estate   Broker,
Turncr-Boeekh Block, Nelson.
Vancouver Hardware Co., Ltd.
Import cts of
Shelf and Heavy Hardware.
Cured without medicine.
A properly fitted pair ol
glasses will do it.
Eyes Tested Free, Do
not delay but come at
Just reverse this word and you   have   before  your   notice   three  of the
greatest words in connection with the Three-Star-Flour problem
Any Lady or Gentleman Cook
who has the  use  of both hands,   and is endowed with an ordinary share
of common sense, cannot help turning out good bread if they use
Gilt Edge Soap is cheapest and best.     If you
haven't got the Dough to buy the Soap,   you
can't make bread before you knead it.
M. DesBrisay & Co.
large  and fine  stock
Hats and Children's
of Sailor
Bonnets just arrived at
Mrs. McLaughlin
General Broker-
at *$*V
Hotel for Bide |8,000, 1 outing for |100
per month.
linker street property for sale
OO11, renting for 8100 per month,
for 5 years.
Twelve LotB in Hume Addition, obeap.
A In-roomed House for rent, convenient to linker street.
Money to loan at 8 per cent.
Life Assurance.
Fire and
The Brackman & Ker
Milling Co., Ltd.
Wholesale and Retail.   Grain, Hay, Feed, etc.
Write for Quotations On Car Lots Nelson, B. C.
Wo have a flu-foot Lot on Baker Btreot
for H'tlu    Ono of of tin; bunt nnaim in
tho City.
stock  nml  Customs   Broken,
Itcal Kstuto find
Insiirut.co Agonts,
Tho Phair���H, Marpole, Vnnoonver;
H. J. Oiinihin. Viim-nnvor; W, Low-
ton, Toronto; ,1. K. IMciulcniill, Uosh-
lunil; ,1.  A. (Hock,  Portland, tiro.
The Hume���H, Davidson, Pilot Hey;
Mr. nml Mrs. R. O. Oaraphell-John-
ston. City; J. O. Oouliu, viotoria; T,
K. ArraitBtead, Spokane! F, M. Sterling, Toronto; 15. H. Hughes, Sandon,
The Present Friendly Anglo-American
Relations Are its Vindication.
Lou ion, April 86.��� The Earl of Sel-
Itornn. under Seoretary of Slate for tbe
Colonies, addressing a Conservative
11111HS meeting this evening at St.   Al-
If so read all the "Fishing Tackle" advertisements and then come and buy
your  outfit from
The Lawrence Hardware Co
who carry the most complete stock in Nelson.     All our
goods imported  direct  from   English,   American   and
Canadian Manufacturers.
Lawrence Hardware Co.
Shelf and Heavy Hardware, Nelson, B. C.
We, the undersigned retail merchant**.
of the Oity of Nelson, hereby agree to
clone our respective places of business
at   seven  o'clock  each evening,  except
Saturday nights nnd the nights preoed
Ing Statutory and Civic holidays, and nl-
ho to keep our places of business   closrd
on Sundays and nil legal holidays.
This agreement to t��kc effeot May Lit,
P. Bums A Oo.. West Koolenay But.
Co., J. A. Gilker, G. O. ttoss, H. N.
Hendriokson, ,1. I*". Weir, 1) McArlhur,
,1, .1. Waiktr, Fred .1, Squire, A. Par-
land, Nelson Furniture Oo, Geo, F.
Motion, F II, Loring, Patensnae Hioh.,
A. (I. Show, Hyde tt Titsworth Oo.,
Theo, MiiiIbiiii, Fred Irvine tt Co., Mnr.
tinO'lteilly tt Co., Emory * Walley,
Wallace & Miller, H, M. Vincent, J. A.
Irving & Co., Kirkpatrick St Wilson, M,
DesBrisay & Co., Morrison *& Caldwell,
Lillie Hum., Thomson Stationery Co.,
1.1., Neeinud Hhon Emporium. ,1. B.
Wrny, T. .1. Seaiilan, Hudson liny Co.,
Jacob Dover.
When You Ask
For a���
Spokane Falls &.
Northern R'y.
Nelson  &  Fort
Sheppard R'y.
Red Mountain R'y.
The ouly all rail route without chang
of cars between Nelson and Kossland and
Spokane and Bossland.
J*eave 9.40 a.m. NELSON Arrive 5*30 p.m
"    11:55 "   KOSSL'D    "      3:10
"    8.30 a.m. SPOKANE   "    6.30 p.m
Train that leaves  Nelson at ��:40 a.m
mnki'S close connections at Spokane foi
nil Paoiflo Ooast Poiots,
Passengers for Kettle ltivor and llouuil-
ury (.'reek, connect nt MnreiiH with Stage
C. tl. DIXON, G. P, fcT.A.
Spokane   Wash
Agent,Nelson, B, 0,
Kuilur, by Mrs. W. J
two (lours west of Stanley.   P. O, Hox IHO,
On piano ori<nn or
Astley, Hnl*-nn strop*
���v.   p r  *
see that is made
by the
Kootenay   Cigar   ISVfg  Co.
and avoid taking a cheap imitation
which is now on the market.
There are some very fine ones in slock that will
be disposed of at cheapest prices. We are receiving new shipments of Plants and Cut Flowers
Frank A. Tamblyn
Haker Street
MUSIC LEHSONB-Slnging nml Piano, by
Mrs. Sydney Oliver, Observatory stroot, two
door*. womL of Htunley.
OBTIOKB und Rooms to rout., newly docoi
ut eii and painted,  Apply Thomson stationer
Oo., I.l'l.
a youui* lady, oompetent ami faithful win
is* open to no engagement as Htt-noKrui-h-'r umi
typewriter in two or throe  week**,   l.noxoop-
i.ioimbii* references.  Address, stating salary, A
in, Miner offloe,
kor sAi.i-: old nowspapen
Ilm.     Just. Die  Ibinn  lo |>lll
Miner office,
ut 2*1 oon Is per
under enrpoU
the   I ;.imi ''i 11,i;    nml
Apply Nelson   turnlttiro  Oo���
and Kootenay street**.
A good,  stroll*- youth
to loan
* 'orner llnl-i.
WANTED A boy not younger than. U to do
llKht work  und leiirti n Undo.    '
��hl work   umi  loarn  u  nude.   Apply Mine
WANTED-Siimll  collage   mid lot.   Must
be cheap for oashi  Apply post olliee dm* Im,
A PINE OPENING In business for u person
wilh iniKleruto eupflnl. Proprietor wauls to
sell out on aecounlof leaving for tho old country,   Address "A. H.," thin olllco.
Charles Beresford aud Sir Charles
Dilke warmly congratulated Mr. Bar
rett upon his addresss.
Toad Mountain Deal is an
Assured Fact.
Work on This Bich Property is Progressing Slowly Awaiting the Advent
of the Railway Line.
It was with a great deal of satisfaction that the news in The Miner yesterday morning of the bonding of a
large number of claims ou Toad Mountain to au English oompany, was received. It was taken ns a most
healthy sign thnt British capital was
being directed to the Nelson district
in such a practical way and all now
look forward to Toad Mountain to
prove itself very rich. With unlimited
capital behind them and worked in
a proper manner some of these claims
will undoubtedly provu themselves
good niine3 aud a couple of years
should see most of them shippers
which will make Nelson the foremost
mining camp in the Province. This
year, however, a large staff of men
will be kept constantly at work,
starting as soon as the snow leaves |
the bill sufficiently to allow operations
to begin. Further investigations yesterday showed that The Miner's report
was correct in every particular ex- j
eept that the number of properties
bonded is 1G iustead of -iO as stated
yesterday. Most of them have con I
siderable wcrk done on them already
and have provedj their richness. The
people interested are principally those
now promineut in tho Athabasca Company but there are several others behind the deal. The first payment has
been made on the bond so there is no
possibility of the transaction not being a "go."
The deal has been engineered largely
by Mr. A. H. Kelly who is interested
in most of the properties bonded. He
has always been a consistent believer
in the richness of Toad Mountain
and has hung ou wheu others have
given up hope. He now has the sat
isfactiou of seeing ample capital forthcoming to prove that his convictions are correct and his friends hope
that ho has made a good clean-up 'uiii
the transaction Ho is ono of the men
iu this country that deserve success.
*   *   *
M. J. Bar.isch, who represents the
Freuch shareholders in the Silver Onp
is at the Phair. But little has been
heard of tills exceedingly rich property of late. Last year it shipped
jilOO.OOO worth of ore which gave an
average value of 300 ounces of silver.
8 to 12 per cent.of gold and 30 per cent
lead, uettiug $146 to the ton. To a
Miner reporter Mr. Barasch said thut
the development of the iniiio was still
continuing but thoy were proceeding
slowly while waiting for the railway ;
to be constructed i-:to tho Lardo
oountry to make the cost of shipping
the ore more reasonable. At present
the ore has to he hauled 20 miles while
the proposed line of tho railway now
being constructed will pass Within four
miles of tho property. There is now
1500 feot of tunneling on the Silver
Cup, the vein having beeu opened up
by tunnels at three levels. The veiu
is from five to seven feet wirte ou the
average while on the lower level,
where the ledge was crosscut last
mouth it widens out to 30 feet, a remarkably good showing. As soou ns
the railway opens the district.; a large
stall' of men will be put to woik and
the ore uow blocked out will be stuped
when "transportation facilities are
supplied There is a great deal of
concentrating ore now on the dump
A concentrator will be built when tlie
line of railway is located as it will determine Ihe site of tho concenttati -
Mr. Barasch lookH forward to a very
prosperous and busy season for the rich
Lardo this year. He thinks there are
n large number of properties there
thnt will prove to be lug paying min.*-.
Ha thinkH tho Government made n
grave mistake in passing lhe eight
hour bill which cuinot help bnt have
a detrimental effeol un the oonntry.
Thu Silver Cup is reputed to be one of
the richest mines iu British Columbia,
Prospectors going up the Fish Creek
and Trout Lake districts report four
feet of snow still on the level which
will make lhe season late before active
work can cointnencc. A busy timo
is anticipated up there this summer.
New York, April 20 ��� Bar silver,
til ; Mexican dollars, ;iH>.j; rfilvor certificates, (12 to Hi}}..
British   Government   Gives   Amouut
Advised By Cable Committee.
London, April 21.��� The Times announces this morniug that the British Government has decided to contract an annual subscription to the full
amount reported in the report of the
Pacific Cable Committee "of 1890 for
the construction of a Pacific cable from
British Columbia to Australia. After
pale said he believed that by international law the United States Government was bound to recognize the company's possessions in tbe Philippine
Islands or take up the undertakings of
Spain in this connection. "Ho added
ihat negotiations on the subject had
been opened ami the oompany expected
a reply shortly. Tlm peace relations
with the United States authorities in
the Philippines were most BatlStaotory
hn was clad to   say.    Relative   to the
iirious proposed cables connecting the
" niteri States with Australia, and
TT nadn with Australia, the various
"o ernrnents were^Btill considering the
'���m-stion which wore" expected to be
inn       within six months.
Part of Calumpit   is Captured By   the
Washington April 2li.��� The follow -
ig cablegram was received at the war
department late tonight:
Manila. April 20.
To Adjutant General Washington :
Lawton has two columns united
which bave driven the enemy to the
north aud west. Slight casualties,
names uot reported. Only meaus ot
communication are couriers. MacAr-
expressing its satisfaction with the
Government's decision, the Times
snys: '"It is not obvious why the
Government havo decided to pay a
subsidy instead of joining on the
same terms as Canada aud the colonies. The subsidy method seems to involve foregoing all share in the Pacific Cable profits, as well as the right to
nominate commissioners iu case the
line pays, and the subsidy should no
longer be required. If there be any
alarm as to supression by wireless
telegraphy that scare may be dismissed,
as the uew system does not promise to
bridge vast space.''
Increase  in   Ordinary    But  Decrease
in Capital Expenditure*1.
An Ottawa dispatch says that the
estimates for 1800-1900 presented to
Parliament show a proposed increase
in the ordinary expenditures of $668, ���
485. as compared with the previous
year. The figures are $-11,528,2118. as
against 140.964,818 for 189800. There
is, however, a decrease of $3,117,421
o*i the capital expenditures, making
tlie net decrease in ordinary capital
expenditure of jl,013,930. The total
for ordinary capital is 146,206.550 as
compared with -V-i7.9Uil.487 for 1898-99.
There is $35,000 voted for improvements in ihe Narrows between the
Upper ami Lower Arrow Lakes, aud
���22.009 for the Vancouver drill hall.
Mavis of Saskatchewan, moved to
place coal oil ou the free list. Field-
iug moved an amendment to adjourn
the debate, which wus carried by 68
to 30. The budget will be dowu on
Tuesday next.
Occupation of  Philippines Advantageous to Great Britain as Well.
Loudon, {April 20.���The Colonial
pnity of the UOUSe ot Commons nl a
meeting this afternoon ,Sir Charles
Dilke. advanced radical M. P. for Ibe
Forest of Dean, Division of (lloiices
fershire, presiding, listened lo a long
address made by Mr, John Barrett formerly United States Minister to Biam,
on Ihe relations of America in the
Philippine Islands and the British
Colonies in the far Enst.
Mr. Barrett's remarks were of the
lame tenor ns his speeches at llong
Kong nnd Shanghai, showing the
effect of American possession of the
Philippines to lie mutually advantageous to the United States, (ilea: I'rit
nin and the Far East, although
America, he said could be depended nu
to compete keenly with (Ireat Britain
nii<l Ucrmnny and secure from Ihem
all tho trade possible, miikim* Manila
n base of   competition.    Admiral Lord
The Hiyei   Pays Her Sccoud Visit  to
Victoria, April 20.���The Hiyei is
the training ship of the Japanese navy
and 62 cadels aboard of her are experiencing); their first trip. From here she
will go to Seattle thence to San Francisco.
Tho Hiyei still bears thn charred
timbers to show where the shells from
the Chinese ship Piugiaug exploded
in her wardroom with such disastrous
results. This is her second vovi'go to
this port, having been here two sum-
mi is ago, when her visit was made
the occasion of a number of celebrations. She came then all unannounced
as she does now. Tho local Japanese
colony is Already planning a series of
elaborate affairs for the officers.
Question   is  Expected to   Be   Sottled
Within   Six Months.
London, April 86,���At the semi-nil-
nual meeting of ihe G.istern Telegraph
Oompany today, the Marquis of Tweed"
linn lias taken the portion of Calumpit
south of Ihe river. Movements are attended with difficulty on account of
jungle, beat and strong intrenchniciits.
Casualties���Killed,   3;    wounded   ll,
Developments thus fur satisfactory.
(Signed) OTIS.'
Paris. April 20.���The Figaro's publication of the evidence of Captain
Ouignet before the court of cassation
has thrown the anti-revision party into a consternation. Several of the papers suppress altogether tho testimony
of the officer, whose principal statement was that the guilt of Dreyfus
could lie only inferentially established
from the secret dossier,
The     Eclair     denounces     Captain
Ouignet in unmeasured terms. Oaptaiu Ouignet's denunciation of Colonel
dii| Paty de cinni as u forger is held
lo be a complete give awny of lln* general stalT. Tlie only possible explanation for ii seems to bo that Ouignot,
acting under orders, is making du
Paty de ('lam a scapegoat for the staff.
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer und Porter,
Drop   in   nnd   see    uh.
B. f
We have a fine assortment of woolens always
on hand. Goods made up at the shortest possible notice. As everything is kept and made
on the premises satisfaction is assured.
H.  n. Vincent,
Merchant Tailor.
Special   Dress   Goods   Sale
To clear a few lines at half the usual
price.    All in Dress Lengths   of  7
yards each and no two ali'*e.
8 Pieces Figured DresB Goods at 40c. legulor price 76c.
7 Pieces Figured Dress Goods at 05c. regular price $1.25.
10 Pieces Figured DressOoodi   Jl )) .'*j liar  prloa$l,7 6
The balance of our Spring Capes and
Jackets at wholesale Cost Price.
A. FEi^LAISlp   & CO.
We want to tell you about our Spring Styles  this
week of which we have a
Large and Well Assorted Stock
Come and see our Styles and Prices before
you buy,as our Stock is second to none in
lhe Kootenay District. You will always
find our lines up-to-date  and   at  popular
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
. . FRESH . .
Onmps supplied on shortest notice and Loivee  Piioea
Mail Orders receive Oareful attention.
Nothing but fresh and wholesome meats and supplies
kept in stock.
.Markets at Nelsou and Ymir.
h. byers & CO
Heavy ai)<) Shelf Hardware,   Paints,   Oils, Etc.
Hose,  Steai-p Packing  <& Wire   I?ope.
Agents: Giant   Powder  Co.,   Truax
Ore Cars, Canton   Drill  Steel,   Gur-
ney, Tilden Stoves and Ranges.
^ Real Estate and Insurance Agent.
I The Birkbeok Investment,  Security ��S
I and Savings Co.                |
fc FOR    SALE���Corner,   50x120  on   Mill   St.; 5   lots   in   2g
EZ Block 44; Corner Block of 6 lots on Observatory St.                     JIS
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo,
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Orders by mall to any branch will have careful and prompt attention.
Wcet Kootenai Valley, B. O., on  line
of O. N. P. Ry., and
Nelson A Bedlington Ky.,  now   under
Information regarding Oreston may
be hiul of OEO. M'KAKLANU, Agent
Nelson, or from
lime Curd in eltecl January   3rd, 1808
Creston Townsite Co.,
South b'nil. North b-nd
Read iinwn Ki-iui up
lloiil I.vs. B.80 a.m.  ICimlo    8.30 p.m. Boat Ar
"    7.WI   " Ainsworth 7.10    	
"    S (HI   " l'ilot liny 6.80	
" H15 " llnlfiiur tiM " " "
������ Ar II.M " 5 Mllu 1't. 5.10 " " "
"     "  io.;to "   Nelson   l.si   "      "  Lv
!   Oonneots with N. tt V, ti. Railway train for
, , * Bpokane. leaving Five Mile Polnl at 10:0ft a.m.
A 4-1 n vi 4-i n    0!      -v      T *v\ ����  Steamers leave Kaslo olty wharf at toot of 8rd
jB.lldilllU    KJ.      IO.      JulUeS   ��troet.   Subject to ehiingB without notloo.
KOBKHT luviNii. Manager
From Montreal
Allan I.lno   Nmnlillan April  90
Aiinnl.iiii'  Oalifornlan  Mny ii
Dominion Line���Dominion April 80
Dominion Lino���Scotsman  May 18
Reaver Une���Lake Huron May u
From New York
White Star Line���- Majostlo  May :i
Qunard Lino���Luoanla Mm- i;
Amerioan Une���St Louis May 3
Anchor 1,inc.Aiii-liniU May II
Allan Stato Una���State of NebrasM   May :i
Prom Himion
Dominion Line-���Now Knglaml  May  3
Passages srrangod to ami from ail European
point*!.   Kor rates, ticket*, anil foil Infcrmalion
anpiyto 0. P. it, depot agont or O. K. iioaniuy
Olty Tloket Agent, Nolson, B i
.1*1   General Agent, C . .11. UUloos  Winnipeg
Wo, (he undersigned, beg tn notify
tlm publio that wn are the only persons
lining business us Miirchnnt Tailors in
Nelson, having nil our work done on
the promises and paying Western
prices fur sauie. Also that wo are prepared tn give us good satisfaction us
can lie secured anywhere, and defy
competition even though originating
from persons currying lamplea only
and having thoir work done in Eastern Canada
Furnish :r.
Special Sales This Week
in Jardiniers and Pedestals, Onyx
Tables and Cut Glass at
Kirkpatrick & Wilson,
China Hall
Groceries   and  Crockery.
All   Communications relating to British Columbia business
to be addressed to P. O. Drawer 505, Nelson, B.C.
J. Roderick Robertson,
General Manager
S. S. Fowler, E. M.,
Mining Engineer
Wholesale Merchants.
Liquors and Groceries.
Ml LLS,    Enderby and Vernon    ...
A.   B.   GRAY,    ip. o. box en  nelson, b. c,
Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
Incorporated 1869.
Capital Authorized   -   -   -   -   ��2,ooo,ooo
Capital Paid Up, $1,500,000, Reserve, $l,25o,ooo.
Head Office:  Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Comparative Statement,  showing   lhe progress made by this Bank iu the
past ten years: 1888 1898
Cnpitnl Faid   Up  $1,000,000 I 1,600,000
Rest     2W.IKH) 1,250,0011
Deposits  2 802,(100 8,175.000
Circulation  IM.OOO 1,887,000
Loans  8,885,000 8,664.000
Liabilities t.  Publio  4,088.000 8.000,000
Total Assets  5,286,000 12,787,000
General Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange   Bought
and Sold, Letters of  Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the in    t favorable leims.    Interest allowed  on special
deposit;   nd on Saving Bank accounts.
Atlin, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Bossland, Vancouver
Vancouver East End, Victoria, Ymir.
A Saving* Bunk department has been established in connection with the Nelnon branch of
this bank. Deposits of one dollar aud upwards reoeived, and current rato of Interest allowed,
st present 3 per cent, per annum.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
Another carload direct from
Pabst Brewing Co'y, Milwaukee
Capacity 2,000,00 barrels
per annum.
Turner Beeton & Co.
NELSON. Agents.
Kootenay Electric Supply m Construction Co,
Complete Electric Equipments for Electric Power Transmission and lighting for mines,  towns,   etc.    Electric   Fixtures, Lamps, Bells, Telephones, Annunciators, etc.
Josephine St. NELSON, B. C.
$6.76   PER   TON,   DELIVERED.
All orders must be accompanied by cash and should   be   forwarded
cither personally or by mail to the office of
General Agent Cor. Kootenay & Baker Sts.


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