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Nelson Daily Miner Jun 29, 1900

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 . ________��� "!?^_?^    _____ __w___\
Daily Edition   No   765
Nelson, British Columbia, Friday, June 29,  1900.
Tenth Year
Admiral Seymour and  His
Column Relieved at
Surrounded and Entrenched.
He Made a Brilliant
Fate of Legations In Pekin Is
Still an   Unsolved
London, June 29.���4 a. in.���The
casualties of the International force
attackit>K Tien Tsin were the following: Americans, killed Hand wounded
2: liritish, killed .1 and wounded 1;
tlormans, killed 15, wounded 871
Russians, killed 1(1, wounded HT.
The gun fire of the Americana and
liritish is described as licautiful.
After the relieving force pushed on
to relieve Admiral Seymour, the Chinese regulqn, under lleueral Nieh,
says a despatch from Shanghai,
again attacked Tien Tsin fiercely and
bombarded the foreign settlement
with a torrlble lire.
Colonel Din-ward, British, cnminand-
v,l tbe column that relieved Admiral
Seymour. American marines participated In the achievement. The Admiral was found entrenched ami surrounded by Immense masses of Chinese! who were driven off by the ro-
, ^1 lievtng column after a brisk fight.
His men bad made a brilliant resistance, never failing in courage for 18
days' of continuous fighting.
During ten days the men were on
quarter rations. They started with
provisions for ten days and tbey could
have held out a day or two longer.
The column was a few miles beyond
LoftK. Deeming it hopeless to attempt
tu break through tbo hordes, Admiral
Seymour essayed a night retreat to
Tien Tsin, but he came into collision
with a Htrong force of Chinese, arriving from the northeast, and could
neither advance nor retreat. There
was nothing to do but to entrench and
stand a siege,
Tbey vainly attempted heliogruphic
communication. The Chinese display -
fanatical courage ill the attack. Four
thousand Russians left Tien Tsin four
days after Admiral Seymour, but they
never got in touch with him. Hallway
communication from Taku to Tien
Tsin has lieen restored and the force
iu advancing towards l'ekin. Fighting waa iu progress on Wednesday in
the the vloininy uf Tsejtsc (Mm Lln.
Large preparations are be made to
support and reinforce the l'ekin relieving column.
"ii.Ism troops of all nations, largely
Japanese have been landed. The fate
of the members of the Legations is
Htill a mystery. If they are alive and
unharmed at l'ekin, the Chinese Government deserves some credit, the
Shanghai correspondents think, for
ri-Htraiuing the fanatical tribes.
The shanghai correspondent of  the
Daily Telegraph, wiring at BiOB p.m
yesterday says:
"It Is reported on good Chinese authority that the (lovernment, alarmed
by the foreign military preparations,
has Issued an edict ordering the peremptory suppression of the Hoxers and
aiinounciug a decision to protect tbe.
Legations at all hazards."
However this may be, the British
Consul at'Slianghai received no definite
information yesterday. The Daily
Mxpress correspondent says, that
while solemnly promising complete
abstention from warlike preparation,
the Chinese are mounting several six-
ineh guns at the Woo Sung forts.
Three British wurships have sailed
from BongJ Kong to reinforce the
allied squadron at Shanghai
The southern Provinces are sending
troops toward l'ekin and the exodus
of Chinese of all classes from Shanghai continues at the rate of from 10,-
ioOO to IS, 000 a day. Russian prestige
lias been injured during the recent
fighting and an anti-Hussiau rising in
the    I,inn   Tong   peninsula    Kussian
Manchuria is predicted,
Che Foo, June 28, via Shanghai,
noon.���Admirnl Seymour's expedition
has been relieved, having failed to
connect with l'ekin. There is no news
from Pekin. The Russian lleueral,
Sehlelle, commanding the combined
forces of LP,000 men, is supposed to be
proceeding to l'ekin.
Admiral Seymour's expedition is returning to Tien Tsin. His force has
suffered greatly. It Is estimated that
from 40,000 to 00,000 Chinese troops
are now before l'ekin. Hoxers from
all sections are swarming there.
The Russian (leneral in command
of the reiief force had decided, in view
of Saturday's heavy fighting and
marching, that one day's rest for the
troops was essential, and that the advance should not be resumed until today. Meanwhile Admiral Seymour'a
heliograph flashed a message that his
position was desperate and that he
could only hold out two days. The relief started at dawn.
London, June 88.���Admiral Bruce,
in command of the liritish forces at
Taku, reports to the British Admiralty the following casualties: At Taku
JuOC 24, one seaman wounded; at Tien
Tsin up to the forenoon of June 23,
four seamen killed; Lieutenants Ster-
11 n, Powell and Wright, Commander
Heat ty and 44 midshipmen and seamen
Winnipeg, Man., June 28.��� Sir
Henri Joly, new Lieutenant-Governor
of liritish Columbia, passed through
Wiunipeg yesterday bound for Victoria. In passing through Reglna this
afternoon Sir Henri was welcomed at
tbe station by Lieutenant-Governor
and Madame Forget of the Northwest
Winnipeg. June 28.���It has been decided to hold extra sittings of the
Legislature this week in order to permit of prorogation on Saturday morning. There is some doubt still existing as to whether all business will be
completed this week, and adjournment may not take place until Wednesday. The Prohibition Hill was
kgatn under consideration by the Law
Amendments Committee today.
St. Cnrtharlnes, Ont., June 88.���
Alsiut one-third of the extensive
lumber yard of (ieorge Wilsou and
Coy was destroyed by tire yesterday.
The fire was discovered about 10
o'clock bnt before the llreiueii could
get to work bad made such headway that several piles of lumber were
in flames which spread rapidly. The
firemen were driven back Btep by step
but after several hours hard work got
the fire under control confining it to
one section of the yard. Aliout 810,-
000 loss, covered by insurance,
Ottawa, Ont., June 28.���A final
meeting of tho Emergency Rations
Committee was beld last night to
prepare the report. The result will
be that tomorrow there will be two
reports presented to the House, minority and majority reports. The
majority report will show that the
Minister of Militia waa ln no wny
opeu to the charges laid against bim
by Mr. Monk, and that the goods
were regularly purchased and regularly paid for.
The minority report will not adhere to all the charges preferred by
Monk, but it will lu a great way declare the Minister to be guilty of
culpable negligence, although no
proof is forthcoming. In fact those
who were parties to making these
charges are now endeavoring to lot
themselves down easily.
Ottawa, June 28.���Mr.' Illair gave
out an interesting statement of the
Intercolonial Railway. He showed
the earnings for the current year to
have exceeded the expenditure by
18120,000, and pointed out that the
I road would pay this year interest on
every dollar Invested in It. The earnings reached 84,530,000- or threc-quar-.
tors of a million more than last year,'
which was a record on the road.
Windsor, _Ont., June 88.���E. D.
Craig, the first one of the Windsor
boys to return from South Africa, arrived home yesterday. There was a
large gathering at the depot to meet
him. The crowd included a number
of pretty girls and when young Craig
stepped from the car he received
"Hobson" greetings.
In order to better advance the commercial Interests  of   Nelson, and
at the same time give the reading public a better news service, the
owners of The Tribune and The Miner have arranged that the   former
shall take the.   morning   field  and   the latter the evening field, exclu-
���sively.    The Tribune will  be published   every  morning as at present,
that is, every morning except Sunday; and The Miner every   evening
except Sunday.    This will ettaMe Nelson to supply all the country tributary with the latest news.   The Miner   will reach points on Kootenay Lake within   four hours  after   it is published; Houndary points
within aix hours, and points ou the  Crow's  Nest road and on the Columbia River within ten hours.    The Tribune will reach all points in
the Slocan, Nelson and Boundary districts upon tlie same day as published.
This arrangement will go Into effect on Wednesday, July 4.
Hy D. J. Beaton, Manager.
Hy John Houston, Manager.
"Gold   Brick" Operators Arrested In
Montreal, June 28.���Three men giving their names as Stephen J. Pratt,
Johu Saunders aud A. C, White were
arrested this morning charged with
attempting to sell a gold brick -to
Lot-in Gordon, a hotel proprietor of
Danville, Que., and his, son, W. J.
Gordon, for 85,000.
Pratt represented himself lo be looking for an old chum, Alonzo Gordon,
in order to get his assistance in securing certain mining rights in Arizona,
and not finding him concluded his
namesake would do as well.
An Indian, personated by Saunders,
was represented as the past owner,
and a gold brick was produced as a
product of the mine. White, who bad
a room at tbe Windsor, was brought
into the game as the assayer who pronounced the brick gold.
Oordon aocompanied Pratt and Saunders to the Point St. Charles branch
of the Bank of Toronto to get the
money. The manager of the bank
was auspicious ami telephoned for the
police. Pratt and Saunders, growing
suspicious, made off, but were later
captured by the police. A - letter was
found in Pratt'* pocket, evidently intended to be sent to the Gordons after
the purchase had been made, telling
them they had been duped and that it
would be useless trying to catch him.
Toronto, June 28.���The Royal Commission appointed some time ago by
the Laurier Government to enquire
into the alleged election corruption,
will hold a first session on July 24, at
whatever place evidence may be offered. Notice has been given that the
Judges seek to have brought to their
attention any and all complaints respecting the election of 181*0, as well
as elections prior and subsequent, and
conduct|of officials, in'order to make enquiry into every case in which reasonable grounds appear. Persons with
a desire to have elections investigated
must notify the Registrar of the complaints.
Ottawa, June 28.���The Eddy-Besscy
Uigation, which has been before the
courts for years, is ended. Tomorrow
a motion will be made lu tbe Quebec
oourts to settle all the actions pending
and to ratify an agreement entered
Into by Mrs. Bessey ond her father,'!?.
II. Eddy. The terms of settlement Involves the payment by Eddy of a sum
of money,between S/:i4,oo,i and 185,000',
to Mrs. Bessey, and an agreement regarding the manageineut of Mrs. Bessey's property.
Ottawa, 28.���The report of the committee, to inquire into the charges
preferred by Mr. Monk In connection
with the emergency rations supplied
to ^troops in South Africa, was presented to the House this morning. It
completely exonerates the Minister.
Smoker For Visitors.   General News
or the committees.
The prizes for the Water Carnival
are on exhibition in the Hudson Ray
Store window. They are handsome
prizes indeed and well worth seeing.
The prize for the best decorated launch
is a sterling silver berry set, consisting of a large bowl and two other
pieces. For the best decorated sail
boat there will be given a promo
camera with a complete outfit. There
are two prizes for decorated row
boats, the first being a handsome
liquor set in oak, consisting of three
heavy cut glass decanters in a rack, a
wiue cooler, hooped with silver, and
a tray with silver handles. The
second prize for row boats is a complete fishing outfit, split bamboo rod,
reel, tapered line and book of Hies.
The owner of the prettiest canoe
will recelv* a Winchester magazine
ritle in a case. A handsome lamp will
be given for the best instrumental
music played on any boat.
Captain Troup has placed the C.
P. R. house Inmt at the disposal of the
Water Carnival Committee for use as
a judge's stand during the Carnival.
She will be anchored nt the end of
tho ice house wharf. Immediately
behind her will be moored a bnrge,
belonging to McArthur & Co., which
will be used for the display of fireworks.
No one should forget the importance
of decorating for tho celebration next
week. Many are now at work and
those who have not already begun to
do so should not delay any longer.
On the evening of Monday nert ths
visiting oarsmen, firemen, etc., will
be tendered a smoker in Fraternity
Hall, for which elaborate preparations
are being made. The hall had lieen
engaged by Mr. Mill ward who intended putting a dance on, but was cheerfully given up by him for anything that
would assist in the entertainment of
the city's guests. In connection with
the smoker, K. C. Beaton, Secretary
of the Carnival Committee, would like
to secure the names of some good entertainers, singers, dancers, elocutionists, etc. Any suggestions in this
connection may be left at The Miner
ollice and will be thankfully received.
The Vancouver four-oared crew left
Vancouver for N'elson yesterday afternoon and will arrive here this evening.
They will be quartered at the Hume
Hotel during their stay here. They
bring with them one of the best cedar
shells on the Pacific Coast and have
expressed themselves as confident of
their ability to hold their own with
the boys from the Prairie Capital.
Toronto, June 28.���At St. Thomas
Church yesterday Captain Alex. Cart-
wright,son Of Sir Richard Cartwriglit,
and Miss Ada lln.il, daughter of Mrs.
Hart, of Harbor Street, were united
In marriage. The event, was a fashionable one.
-Montreal, June 28.���Duncan Ross, a
well-known railway contractor, died
in the Western Hospital here today,
aged 58 years and a native of Antigon-
ish, N. S.
Toronto, June 28.���The Dominion
Eleotion Commission held Its flrstaes-
sion last night. Nothing but organizing wss dons.
At the last moment It has been
found Impossible to arrange with the
Spokane team for a game here during
the Carnival. The Hosslaud team Is
coming, however, and negotiations
are on with the Colfax, Wash., team,
a strong Aggregation, with a good
prospect of securing them. In any
event visitors to N'elson and Nelson
citizens will be given some fast baseball.
fitted with seats for spectators of
the Water Carnival. There will be au
admission foe of 25 cents charged.
There are four old barges that will
be brought up and attached to the
end of the wharf and will also be
fitted with seats. From this point a
moat excellent view of the aquatic
sports can be had, and it is thought,
many will take an advantage of the
good position.
Clara Mathcs' stock company which
will appear at the Opera House for a
Weeks run, commencing next Monday,
is well known to theatre-goers as a
first class organization that is keeping
pace with tlie times. The coming of
this company will be an innovation in
amusement annals. It is one of the
best and largest repertoire companies
ever organized to play at popular
prices, presenting the newest, best and
latest plays. The company is replete
with pretty girls, graceful dancers,
new music and refined vaudeville.
"Brown's in Town" will be the opening play and is a bright laughable
clean bit of comedy. Tlie bill will be
changed nightly so that Nelson's play
goers may look forward to a pleasant
At the close of a term of hard work,
all the school children of Nelson had
a day's outing in the form of a picnic
which was held at Lake Park yesterday afternoon. At 1 o'clock all the
children gathered at the Central
School, where the two cars awaited
them, and were conveyed to the park.
Luncheon was taken along and a delightful and happy time was spent by
the little ones. The teachers accompanied the children and also enjoyed
the day's outing. The expense of the
ear fare was paid by several of the
business men of the city. Tlie affair
was under the direction of Principal
Soady. Today, being the last day of
the present term, the walls of the
room and the corridors of the building
will cease to echo the merry laughter
aud sound of hurrying feet until tin-
Fall term opens In September. At 1:'M>
o'clock this afternoon the reports of
the results of the promotion examination, which have been held in the
school during the past week, will be
read. The pupils will then know the
grades in which they are to work during the coming term. During this afternoon a literary and musical programme will be rendered and interesting closing exercises are expected.
W, II. Saudi ford, manager of the
Bosun Mine, which is Situated near
new Denver, arrived in Nelson last
evening. In the course of an interview he said, "We have made a record
shipment this month, having sent 140
ear loads to the Trail smelter. Nearly
two-thirds of the month was spent in
development work. The ore which is
galena is giving good returns. The
smelter returns per ear average from
81,200 to 8!,r>00." They are now
working 84 men at the mine, and
have a large am,mm of ore blocked
out. In the property they have run
five tunnels and have found ore in
four of them. The ledge proper is
from two to five feet wide. It is a
true vein as there are two distinct
wallH on either side. A portion of
the ore contains zinc. This variety of
ore is shipped to Antwerp. Belgium,
���nuking it the only mlue of liritish
Columbia which does a purely commercial business with that country.
The mine is capitalized for 00,000
pounds and a large amount of this
has not been called iu. The property
possesses great advantage iu Its situation. The compauy havu a good road
and wharf uud the liest possible ar*
raugeinellts for an ore shipping mine.
The Carnival General Committee
will give a prize of 81(1 to the driver
of the best looking team of horses In
the trades procession. The amount is
not large, but it is given at the re-
request of some of the drivers who are
interested in presenting tho best possible appearance with their horses.
The General Carnival Committee
has arranged with the Nelson Hnw
Mill and Planing Company for the
use   of   their   wharf,   which   will be
The London House Considers
Charges Against Medical Corps.
War Office Submits Roberts'
Correspondence on
He Deeply Deplores Certain
London, June 20.���2:30 a, in.���
Lord Roberts bus sent bulletins of
two small fights, occurring on June
86 nnd 27, in which the Boers were
discomfited. In a despatch from Pretoria, dated yesterday, he says:
"A small force of mounted troops
with two guns, commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Dreiper, was attacked
by the enemy under Prefers and Nel
on the morning of June 20, seven
miles north of Senekai. They beat
off the enemy and burned'their laager.
Our casualties were three killed and
10 wounded.
"General Hunter, temporarily commanding Inn Hamilton's brigade,made
one march yesterday from Hiedelderg
toward Frankfort without meeting
any opposition. The enemy attacked
our Hoodevul Spruit post on the railway yesterday, but were easily beaten
off by a detachment of the Derbyshire
Light Infantry, the West Australian
Mounted Infantry, a Li-pounder, aud
an armored train.
"General Baden-Powell reports   the
capture of an influential Boer named
Kay who was endeavoring to raise a
commando in the Rustenbergdistrict.
A patrol brought iu over one hundred
rilles and more than 4,(SMI rifles and
1,000 inferior pieces have been taken
during tlie last few days. He declares
that thirty Boers have arrived at Itus-
teiiberg going to their homes from
Delarey's commando. They would
have left before if tbey had seen the
proclamation Which was carefully
withheld by the Hoer authorities."
Lord Roberts said that Wednesday,
June 27, was a record market day in
Pretoria for Hoer farmers selling produce. Parties of Boors still hang on
General Buller's Hunks. Mr. F. It.
Ituriiham, the American scout, is invalided.
Varsity Boat Race Won By Yale In Very
Cood Time.
Now London, Conn., Juno 28.���The
Varsity boat race, which was rowed
here on the Thames ItIver today, was
won by Vale, in spite of the fact that
she was handicapped by having a
"sub" in the boat. The race was a
close one, the official time being ns
follows: Yale, 21 minutes 12 1-8 seconds; Harvard, 21 minutes .17 Ml seconds. The length of the course was
four miles and the race was rowed on
a strong ebb tide.
The only Arthur Orton wrote:
"Some men has money and no brains
an' some   has   brains  an'   no money.
Them as has money and iinhrnins. wns
made for  them   as  has  brains an' no
Arthur Orton knew more about truth
than grammar.
London, July 88.���The exposures regarding the hospitals in South Africa,
which began with a three-column letter in The Times Monday from Mr.
W.   A.   Burdette-Coutts,   Conservative
Member of Parliament for Westminster, detailing the great suffering endured by the soldiers owing to mismanagement, led to a number of questions in the House of Commons today.
In res|R>nso to these the Government
leader, Mr. A. J. Balfour, the First
Lord of tin- Treasury made a long
statement, during the course of which
he said that so far as the Government
was aware not any of the sufferings
of tlie sick or wounded were due to Insufficiency in the supplies furnished.
He then proceeded to read extracts
from the correspondence with Lord
Robert! on the same subject, In which
the liritish Coinmuuiler-in-Chief, in
South Africa, dwelt on the dillieiillies
of transport, owing to his rapid
advance. He could quite understand
that people, imperfectly experienced
in these matters, were concerned nt
hearing of the hardships the sick and
wounded hnd to undergo.    He   said he
did not  wish to shirk responsibility
or screen anyone, and suggested a
committee of medical men and persons of sound common mum- should
proceed to South Africa to investigate
the charges.
Mr.    Balfour     Informed  the   House
that  the   Government   agreed    to the
appointment of an Independent committee as suggested by Lord KoIh-iih
and he would propose a nominal grant
for the army medical corps so that I he
House would have an opportunity to
thresh out the matter.
.       \
Continued on Fourth Putt,
:h. mtwm_____ft
Nelson Daily Miner
1). J. BEATON, Editor and Manager
Mr. Ford is very careful to send over
to The New York Tribune the Information thnt the London newspapers refused to become the leant imitated over
the nomination of Mr. McKinley for
another Presidential term. He would,
indeed, give the impression thai ti��'
Indifference displayed bordered closely
on the hostile, His American readers
are asked to believe that In lireut
llrituin there is little esteem for Mr.
McKinley, and the moHt absolute Indifference to the fortunes of the lte-
publl'oan party, lioth are disliked because of their extreme views ou protection, for which little .sympathy exists in free trade England, The nomination was received with coldness,
amounting almost to a frost, and The
Tribune's able correspondent takes occasion to let it be known.
It probably requires a little stretch
ofthe imagination to believe that the
English papers and Mr,   Ford   are  in
collusion with the Republican leaders
in the United States to secure the reelection of Mr. McKinley. Hut a suspicion of this will arise in the face of
so much protesting. Few Presidents,
if any, have stood higher in the esteem of the Uritisb public than has
Mr. McKinley, ami if some other person had secured the nomination at
Philadelphia the other day the newspapers would have been much surprised and disappointed. Over in
Great Britain they have settled down
to the conviction that as long as Mr.
McKinley is head of the Executive,
the United States will not be exploited in the interests of an enemy, Perhaps the evolution of an imperialism
among our Republican neighbors has
brought the two nations into' closer
sympathy, but whatever the cause the
relations were never so cordial between Westminster and Washington
as they have been since Mr. McKinley
became President.
If the  London papers were really as
frosty in their comments as  Mr. Ford
represents, it can mean only that they
are taking the measure of the American   people.    These   are   a   queer lot.
The  average   American, although the
greatest reader   of newspapers   in the
world, is   the most   ignorant.    He   is
the most  ignorant   because   he   never
reads 11 word   of   any   other   country
but his own, and believes there   is no
other worth   reading   about.    To him
the United   States   is   the   beginning
and the end of  all creation.      Until n
few   years   ago   his   newspaper,   with
very   rare   exceptions,   never   by  any
chance   published   a   bit   of    foreign
newa.      Among   a people  so ignorant
it was always   easy   to stir up the old
Anglophobia, and   in   every Presidential election the   liosses   harped   upon
this string.    There have been elections
in which hatred of   tlreat Britain has
been a more   ]M>tent   factor  than   any
special line of   domestic   policy.    English   newspapers   have   observed this
before today, ami have sufficiently regarded it lo put some constraint upon
themselves In   meddling with   the affairs of their cousins.      A    word   said
in favor of one party was taken up by
the other as strongest proof that it was
in favor of  the hated   English, while
an election al all without British gold
on one   side   or   the other was an im-
possibility,    Today tbe London papers
are deciding to keep out   of   it, knowing that   the   least   friendly word for
Mr. McKinley would be nuts   for the
partisans of Mr. Bryan.    They ate, indeed, a queer lot. are these Americans)
veritable babes in the   affairs   of   the
world, but   with   expanding  notions,
now that they have discovered, through
the lessons   of Culm   and   the   Philippines, that they arc not   the only people on earth.
1'tsters who drew up the Constitution,
and was overlooked in the public discussions. The commercial men, the
great majority of the lawyers, and
the bankers wish t(i do away with the
limitation, and so do the majority of
the people who talk about the matter.
Indeed they are amazed to learn that
the proposed Constitution had not
been submitted to the Imperial (iov
eminent before it was submitted to
the people here, when the objection
could have been taken in better time.
The Governors of the Colonies must
certainly have neglected their duties
in this matter. A minority have the
curious notion that because the people
voted for the Constitution, right or
wrong���it must go through without
change. They calmly propose to alter
the terms of the partnership without
consulting the chief partner. This
narrowness of view is one of the chief
evils of the insularity of Australia,
and the petty parish politics that has
been the result nf its divisions. "
In a paper contributed to The
Forum Mr. John Charlton, without
intending it, tells in brief figures
what the preferential tariff has done
for Great Britain. During the last
fiscal year Canada sold to the Mother
Country nearly three times as much
as to the United States, but curiously
enough bought from the United States
nearly three times as much as from
the Mother Country. Here are the
Sold to Great Britain 8 00,860,000
Bought from llreat Britain.  37,t>0ruHH>
Sold to United States   36,503,000
Bought from United States 106,648,000
The good people at Ottawa should
exercise their Ingenuity in devising a
preferential that will give a preference. The present one seems to work
into the mitt of the United States.
We are uow booking orders for
Chinese Lanterns
Colored Fires
Flags, Etc
And if you wish to   avoid disappointment give us your order
At 5-Mile Point
The best Summer Hotel on Kootenay
Ijike. Always cool and shady, with
beautiful walks and splendid scenery.
One of the hest spots for HsIiiuR ou the
lake. First-class table aud bar. Best
of attention.
R. F. PERKY. Manager.
Tenders will ho reoeived by the undersigned up to the loth of July next
fer the sinking of a shaft on the Maud
S. mineral claim ou the North Fork of
the Salmon River. Plans and specifications will he mailed on application
tn the undersigned.
0. G. HOHSON, Seoretary
New North Fork Mining Co., Ltd.
P. O.  Box 1185,
June 1st, 1!K)0. Vancouver, B. 0.
In Summer Goods.    Everything that the people want,
and   prices  to  please  the most  economically  inclined.
White Pique Skirls;   Regular Price $1.75;   Slaughter Price  00o
White Pique Skirts, nicely trimmed;  Regular  Price |3./0; Slaughter Price  $1 7f>
White Pique Skirts', trimmed wilh black and white piping;   regular Price $it; Slaughter Price  _ 50
Black and White Checked Summer Skirts:  Regular Price lit; Slaughter Price  1 6(1
Colored Muslin Blouses;   Regular Price $1;  Slaughter Sale Price  50o
White and Oolorod Muslin Blouses; Regular Price 12; Slaughter Sale Price  1 (Ml
Colored Muslin Blouses, with, white collars! Regular Price $.!S; Slaughter Sale Price  1 fit!
Remember, the Slaughter Sale is still on, and everything
is going at wholesale prices.
| Martin O'Reilly & Co. ,
^y^-jfr -^5_s '-3^ ^g ^5 '-5^ ���-S'-fr-a. ^-_t__ft __&- _& __fc_2fc __fe __& ___\___\ -__\ __&
'~** ^**0*0*-**���**��� 0*^-0*'&^^^^^^^^^^^i09&'*
Great West
At 8 Per Cent.
On ImproTBfl Property.
Baker Street.
St. LeonMineral Springs
The property on Upper Arrow Lake
known as the St. Leon Mineral Springs
property consisting of ohont 47fi ncreB
of land with hotel buildings nud valuable Mineral Spriugs, and a large tiact
of standing timber,;may be purchased
on reasonable terms. Absolute title
and possession can be given nt once.
Full particulars will be mailed on application to
Vendor's Solicitor, Revelstoke.
Big Schooner
Beer or Half-and-llalf only
The only good Beer iu Nelson.
I'or. Stanley and Silica Btraoto,
Bank of
British  Columbia,
Is now prepared to issue
Drafts and Letters of Credit
on Skaguay, U.S., Atlin, B.
Cat and Dawson City, Yukon
We   are now doing  htisiuess in
Next to Nelson Hotel, where we hope to see  all
OLD customers and many NEW ones.
Give us a call.
Telephone 10. po Box, K and w
We Have Sold 75 Per Cent of All the
Portland Cement
Fire Brick, Fire Clay
���..___. and Sewer Pipe
UBeu in the Kootenay r
Just Beoeived���Oarload
Dominion  Ale and  Porter
Dominion  White  Label  Ale
(In pints and quarts)
This is the finest Ale brewed in Canada
Dominion  Bulk  Ai.e
(pints and quarts)
Teacher's Scotch   Whisky
(In   l.Vgallon   kegs)
is still the lies!
Advertisements Insortod undor this hood at
tho ratn of ono cont a word por Insertion. No
advcrtlHOiuent taken tor Ioh* than 25 oentfl.
Australian federation is not making
the progress that was expected a few
months ago. This is due to the narrowness of the Australians themselves.
The oorreipondenl oi The Monetary
Times, of Toronto, thus explains It:
"The trouble is over the clause In the
proponed fountIttition. which limits
the right of appeal to the Privy Council and gives power to the Federal
Parliament to limit it still further,
Till" device is the work of  a few bar-
FOR KENT���Two tenement*, 110; 5-
rnomed cottage, |17 ; (I-ronined house,
���20; 7-roomed house, $31); 8-roonied
house, $4(1. Apply Hiydges & Howell,
Mart Ulock (over Merchants Bank of
Room I, Turner-Boeokh Block.
1-1-rooro house, nil conveniences, 2
lots down town.    A bargain.
Houses all parts of tha city.
Baker Stieet improved property.
Iiiconio IS pur cont net.
76-foet best rosideuoo corner iu the
oity.    A snap.
A good list of building lots to -loloct
WANTED���By a young lady, position
as lady's help or companion.    Good
references.   Address L, Miner.
TO   LET.-House  to   let   across   the
lake, atove, etc.   Apply O. Nowling,
Raker street.
FOR   SALE.���Sectional   boiler   (upright) fi Horse  Power,   all   flttlugs,
almost new.   A bargain.    Apply J. H.
Love, Baker Street.
FOR RENT.-2 rooms In West Blook.
Apply at offloe of 0. W. West & Oo.
ALL KINDS-Of plain   sewing  done,
Blouses and children's clothes a specialty.   Mis,    Hogep,   opposite Opera
Wanted.��� 9000 rook men and genernl
hands for work on White Pass and
Ynkon Railway. Wages 88,80 per day.
Hoard 81 per day. Work every day
Pay monthly In cash. Fare from Vancouver 1*1 with $r> rebate, alter working 110 days. Apply to M. J. Honey,
oontraotor, .111 Inns of Oonrt or A. O.
Ross, -125 Cordova Stroet, Vancouver
or on tho work
Merchants' Bank of Halifax
Incorporated 1869.
<a11ll.1l  l-i.lil-.il..     .    .    .     HI,tHS,��!��.M  I   Kra ���I.TOe.Ma.e
Haanl or Olrrrtora i  Thomas K. Kenny,   President;   Thomas ltii.-l.io   VI,���,,'l'r���ti,...,',,
Wlloy Smith,  II. O. Iluuld, Hon. II. H. Fuller, M.L.C.. Ilia. David MacKoen. r8a'u����l-
Hri.U omtt. Ha 11 Out
General Manager, KdM>n 1.. Pease, Montreal.
Superintendent of HronchoH. and Socretary, W. II. Torrance Halirur
Inspector, Vi. V. Ilrock, Halifax. ���������������������.
Inspeotor 11. M. si,-wini. Montreal.
Nova S.-oIIh
V "   llr.i
castle, Suck
(City Ollice), Montreal. Wost Kwl (i'or. Notre Dame and Batgnran -trifarW______t'Si~.
Greene Avenue uud SL Catharines Htroot.   ttaUrU  Oltuwo.   Nr��r��___i��__   hii���i,,;���
��'ul>a, Heat Indira-Havana. I......1 umiM-New York (Hi ttxohug* l'lucel "i.ul.'lle \v__\
Atlin, Bennett, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland Vancouver, Vancouver East End, Victoria,
('���rrrMp.Md.-ta :
Claaada-Mcrelmnts Bank of Canada.   aW.I.��-National Bhawmut Hunk.   ___t_____ Am.,t�����
Nulional Hunk.   Ban Franclarn-Flrst National Buuk.   Loudon, Knit. -Ha. k ,1 MuSSJj
Kong- and Shanghai Bunking Corporation. "'"���   swnuj
Ueneial Banking ISuslncss Transacted; Sterling BUI* of Exchange  Bouc-ht
and Sold, Letters ot  Credit. Etc., Negotiated. ����uKm
Accounts received on the most favorahle terms.    I nt crest, allowed on special
deposits and ou Saving Bank accounts.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
We want to clear out
our stock of
while    the     present
weather   lasts.
Until July ist we will offer
our whole stock at prices that
must sell.
Just look in and see if this
is not a fact.
The Nelson Coke &
Gas Company is
now prepared to supply the hest LIME
in the countiy at
50c per Cwt,
Special rales on carload lots.    Apply
Nelson Golce aid Gas Co., Ltd.
Baker Street.
fay 4wt /�� ^^
If You Smoke
Smoke   the
Royal Seal
Kootenay Belle.
IE El.
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer and Potter,
Nelson, II. C.
���IIHIIJI- _�����___,       /VOTARY PIIBIIC.
Wlndsrmera Mines.  Correap ��� enoBSol'olted
PRICE8 31.25 TO 84.00.
Lawrence Hardware 60.
Nelson,  B. C.
Great Reduction!
<_168__Mi, $0.05 per Ton
orow^nkst $g_l5 per Ton
Nelson liimlpeiit Apocr
Two earponters; wnitresss; cooks
(women). First-class woman cook wauts
siliiulioti in camp,
J. II. LOVE, Aet��� Baker St,
\ Ia___l
Mr. and Mm. Scwell left for Viin-
iniiverliiHt evening.
Mrs. W. J. Goepel has returned
home from a trip to the Const.
Heaver Lille steamer Lake Superior
arrived at Liverpool li a. in. on the
\V. .1. Davidson ofthe Kokanee has
been appointed lis freight clerk of the
Heaver Line steamer Lake Champ lain
Inward bound, passed Cape Race at
:; ii.ni. on the 27th.
Work will be started today on the
hiving of the sewer along the line of
blocks till, till and 08.
At the Police Court yesterday morning,   before   Magistrate   Crease,  two
drunks were lined 8.1 and costs.
Mr. \V. II. Dowsing will leave for
Spokane tomorrow where he expects
lo remain two or three weeks.
Mr. M, Bennisoli, formerly of the
steamer Kootenay, has been transferred to the Minto us purser.
There will be a second prize for the
UIO yards race for grocer's elerks on
Tuesday us a box of cigars has lieen
donated for that purpose.
Vi. 11. Saudi ford and Mrs. Sandl-
ford lire lit the Phair for a few days.
Mr. Bandlford is the manager of the
llosun mine at New Denver.
Mrs.  J.   Roderick  Robertson,   who
has been seriously ill for several
weeks past, has recovered sufficiently
to allow her to leave her bed.
Twenty-live Italians wore booked
yesterday for Sault Ste. Marie over
the C. P. R. They will be employed
in constructing railroad lines in that
Phair: .1. W  Smyth, Cranbrook: C.
II.    Wolf,    Spokane:   T.    .1.    Walker,
Rossland; A. G. Creehnan, Kossland;
C, W. Vedder, Spokane; Mr. and Mrs.
W. II. Sandiford, New Denver.
Hume: G. A. Mitchell, Kossland: A.
Harvey. Vancouver: A. Waehtinuster,
Ainsworth : Mr. and Mrs. II. S. Collins. Spokane; John Smith. Kevelstoke: S. Didisheim,  Kevelstoke.
Charles E. Waterman, manager of
Ihe local baseball team, received word
from the manager of the Boston
Bloomer team that the latter would
not be able to play in Nelson until the
latter part of July.
Tho work of repairing nnd refitting
the telephone exchange is proceeding
rapidly and the system will in all
probability be in working order today. The Miner stnff were glad to
hear the voice of "Exchange" again
last night.
Dr. Dull has been appointed goal
referee for the game between the
Nelson and Kaslo clubs. The game
Will take place at BtDO o'clock Monday
evening, William MeAdiim and F. E.
Dynes will be ill charge of the gates,
and an admission of 2.1 cents will lie
J. E. Annable, manager of the Nelson Opera House, will today have a
bandstand added to the front of the
building, just below the center window. It Is expected the work will be
completed tomorrow or Monday. It is
Intended that it will serve as an exit
case of tire, and fire-escapes will be
attached to the structure.
J. E. Annable, who has just returned from the Hector Mine, which
joins the towiisito of Ainsworth,
bri ngs good reports from that property. Two' ledges have lieen discovered, each being four feet wide. One
has been stripped 800 feet. The pay-
Streak is from   10 to   12   inches wide,
the ore from this running about 810.
The other part of the ledge contains
concentrating ore. At present they
have 800 tons in the bin at tbe mine,
and a carload was shipped to the Trail
smelter yesterday. The property is
owned by a Nelson Syndicate and is
under a bond of 81.1,1)00. The directors
will hold a meeting in Nelsou next
week to discuss what action to take
in developing the property.
The annual school meeting of tlie
Nelson school district will be held ill
the school house at 11 o'clock tomorrow morning for the purpose of electing a trustee for the ensuing year and
transacting other business. It is desired that all ratepayers of the district make an effort to attend without
being personally called upon by the
The 0. P. R. is now engaged In
connecting its branch, which ends at
the eastern city limits, with the
brandijif the S. F. Ss N, II. R. which
ends ubout 1,000 yards beyond the
city. The connection will be completed in about a week and will enable the C. P. R. to ship over the
other road material for the completion of the Balfour extension.
Mr. ,1. .1. Campbell, of the Hall
Mines, has received a Cablegram from
London saying that the Oompany has
gone into allotment on the new shares.
It will be remembered that Mr.
Campbell received a notification several weeks ago saying that proposals
for new shares had been called for.
It is these shares that are now being
J. A. Turner, Government Agent,has
returned from Silverton. where he
spent several days ascertaining the
damage done by the slide on Four-
Mile Road, near Grady's Gulch. The
landslide was quite a bad one, several
hundred feet of rock and dirt having
been carried away from the roadbed.
The road is a Government one and repairs will be made at once.
Superintendent Hodge, of the Telephone Company, was in the Boundary
Country when the fire occurred at the
Exchange ollice. Mr. Hodge was telegraphed for and returned yesterday,
bringing a new Switchboard with him.
which was installed at the central
station last night. Nearly all of the
lines in the lower part of town were
in working order last night.
Y'esterdny the following transactions
were recorded at the Mining Recorder's Ollice: Locations���Procter, on
Morning Mountain, by Ewen Me-
Fadgen. Certificates of Work: To
John l'hill,ut on Sophia and Glga;
to William Sehanal/.red on First Relief; to Moses St. Charles, on Red
Eagle and Grand Republic; to Susie
Ford, on Black Star; to E. Peters,
on Charmer; to William Allen, ou
Djllie Virden and Zula King.
II. A. llaybridge of Slocan Junction,
was brought before Magistrate Crease
yesterday morning, at the Court
House, on a charge of selling venison
out of season. Owing to the nonappearance of two of the witnesses,
tlie case was adjourned until 11 a. in.
next Wednesday. J. llampson, who,
was a witness for the defendant, gave
his evidence as it would be impossible
for bim to appear next Wednesday.
Mr. George A. Stewart Potts, appeared on behalf of the defendant.
The Hall Mining and Smelting Company, the successor to the Ball Mines,
Ltd., has issued notice that holders of
ordinary shares ill the old company
are entitled to claim an equal number
of ordinary Shares of ��1 each iu the
new company, with 1.1 per cent per
share credited as having been paid up
thereon. Forms of claims for signature are now at   the Ball Mines ollice.
L. L. Merrifield of the Venus Mine,
and ,1. Roberts, who was operating the
mill came down from the mine yesterday and left for Toronto last evening,
Mr. Merrifield said that the mill was
working splendidly and that the
crusher wub giving tlie best satisfaction. It is expepted lhat when they
make a cleanup at the end of the
month that tbey will have a 81,000
George A. Mitchell, Traveling
Freight Agent for the Northern Pacific, witb headquarters at Rossland,
arrived In the city yesterday morning,
lie states that although freight traffic
was good at the lirst of the month, it
Is much better now and that there is
a good prospect for the Bi_nmcr*seoson
In that department, There is also a
better feeling, as to trade, among all
the business men of the Kootenay
district and an impression that times
are bound to improve.
Mr. W. H. Bullock-Webster and
Magistrate Crease left last evening
for Fernie, where the second trial of
ex-constable Bullick on the charge of
stealing Government moneys, will be
heard today. The case will bo beard
before Magistrate Crease. It will be
remeiiibered that liullick was tried before Magistrate Lange Inst week, who
dismissed the case, Immediately after
the dismissal, through the instructions
ofthe Attorney-General, new Information was laid, whieli resulted Into
todays, trial.
Would quickly leave you if you used
Dr. King's New Life Pills. Thousands
of sufferers have proved their matohlesx
merits for Bick nervous headaches.
They make pure blood and st rung
nerves and build up your health. Easy
to take. Try them. Only 2I> cents
Money back if not cured. Sold by Cau-
ada Drug aud Book Company.
81, this is the amount to date
saved to customers who purchased
goods at the Wallace-Miller Co., Ltd.,
Store during tlie great June Discount
Sale. This saving will allow them to
enjoy the Carnival in good shape.
Spring chicken and all tho dolioaoios
of the season served to you when yon
visit Florence Park Hotel at Roberts'
Ranoh, two and a half miles up the
river.    W, M. Roberts, propiietor.
F. M. Higgins, Editor Seneca (Ills.)
News,was afflicted for years with piles
thut no doctor or remedy helped until
he tried Bucklen's Arnica salve. Ho
writes two boxes wholy cured him,
It's the surest pile cure on earth ami
the best ��alve in the world. Cliire
guaranteed. Only 25 cents. Sold by
Canada Drug aud Book Company.
Because the eyes tire easily,
some folks say they are not well.
In most such cases there is eyestrain.
Neglected eyestrain is sure to
produce sickness.
Be wise.
Have your eyes examined.
Know their exact condition from
an expert.
Consultation free.
Patenaude Bros.
Watohmakers, Jewelers and Opticians,
NEL80N   B.O.
Whon your watch needs repairing
send it to us by mail or exprosB. It
will havo tho samo oarelul attention
as if you left it p?rsonally, and be
returned through the Bauie channel
as you send it. It will also carry
our guarantee.
T. H. Brown,
Delivered to any point
on Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock on hand of
Rough and Dressed
Mouldings, Sash Doors,
Inside Finish,
Coast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber-
Mill tl. PILOT BAY. Yards, NELSON
ond LABDO.
Room  3,  Turner-Boeokh  Block, Nelson-
Notary   Public.    Real    Kstate,    Insurance.
Mtnea. Loana.
$15 per month will rent an 8-roomed
f   850��� House ard  lot, Stanley Street.
Kotl���House  and lot, Bobson Street.
2, UK)���House and lot, Victoria Street,
Block 1)2,
1,800���House and lot, Silica Streot.
8,000���Two houses and lots, Silica St.
1 000���House and lot, Silioa Street.
2,(XKI���Furnished   house, and   lot  on
Silica Slreet, Block 14, Rents
-hi per month.
225- $50 cash, rest on time, will purchase lot in Block 70.
A licensed hotel, also cottage and lot, at
Kive Mile Point.
4,000 Shares Treasury Hloek '-Big Horn"
Simooe Mining & Uev. Oo.
Gamble &  O'Reilly,
Bakor Street.
Two lots and bouse, S rooms, bath
room and kitchen, all modern improvements, good view, handy to town,
.-;;..iini:  terms.
Now cottage, Mill Street, $25 per
Now cottnge, Stanley Streot, 830 per
month.    All modern conveniences.
Two now cottages, Uore Street, $15
leach,   Apply
j Gamble & OReilly, Agents
Are Your Feet Right? _V0 _w��_5W Rfe&��W   _
���ill. Marto-ff    ��
Are they dressed in the latesl
style ?    If not, call and sec our '
stylish    footwear    at    popular
Our  Ladies'  Patent Leather _\
n, . .     , ,t__a����������H
allocs are just right.
lace Boot
The SboeisU
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
_-__ ����������������������� ,__._)
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon, Three Porks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Order* by mall to any branch will have careful and prompt attention.
A. R. Woodyat & Co.'s Lawn Mowers
American   Ball Bearing Lawn Mowers
Cactus Lawn Sprinklers
Fan Lawn  Sprinklers
J_-inch Rubber Hose
2<��- inch Rubber Hose
2^-inch Rubber Hose, wire bound
J_-inch Cotton Hose
^4-inch Cotton Hose
Vancouver  Hardware  Co.,   Limited
Baker Street,  Nelson. Q
Storage space to rent; good, clean and cool;  at  reasonable
rates.    Apply to
The Nelson Electric Tramway CO., Ltd.
Room 9, Macdonald Block.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and   Salted   Heats
Fish and Poultry in Season
E.   G.   TRAVES.   Manager.
Baker Street, Nelson.
Orders by mail receive careful and prompt attention
���;&<& That Nelson people and visitors may look their best during the Big Land and Water
Ifm Carnival we will sell today  (Friday)  and   Saturday   SPRING   AND   SUMMER   DRY
ijUki GOODS and MILLINERY at prices never before offered in this city.   Ladies' Silk Shirt
���-jf^fc Waists and Blouses, Dress Skirts, Sun Shades, Gloves and White Wear will be almost
given away.
IN MEN'S FURNISHINGS we have Negligee and Regatta Shirts; latest novelties in
Ties and Neckwear; special value in Balbriggan and Silk Underwear.
IN THE HOUSE FURNISHING DEPARTMENT our Carpets, Rugs, Linoleums and
Floor Oilcloths will go at cost prices.
.     V
w1M^$##w NELSON DAILY MINER. FRIDAY, jlf^E 99. i<)��Q.
���   'immm^ym^-^-tmmy^w_-'*^mm
Continued From First Page,
London, June 88.���Tho War Office
has Issued correspondence with Lord
Roberts regarding the charges of Mr.
Hunlet I'oilttH.
On June Ith bis attention was called
In brief telegrams to tbe allegations
and also to other complaints of a
general break-down iii the hospital
system. Two days later he replied in
part as follows:
" The-principal medical ollicer reported the arrangements at Kroonstadt
were in all respects in good order and
Lord Methuen said they were thoroughly satisfactory. I was deeply distressed at being unable to make suitable arrangements for tbe sick on onr
lirst "arrival at Kroonstadt. lint it is
obvious tbat a certain amount of suffering is inseparable from the rapid
advances of a large army into an
enemy's country."
On June DO, .the War Oflice cabled
Lord RobertB that disquieting reports
regarding tbe hospital were accumulating and asked him if anything
could be done and particularly
whether more nurses were needed.
(in June 85, Lord Roberts replied,
saying that be did not wish to shirk
responsibility or screen tbe shortcomings of the medical corps and
suggested a committee of Inquiry,
He said there bad been an abnormal
number of sick at   llloemfonteln, due
to the exhausting nature of the march
and the terrible, unsanitary condition
at the camp at Paardeberg, where tbe
only water available for drinking
flowed from the Hoer camp, higher
up. where the river waa crowded with
decomposing animals and also witb a
considerable number of wounded after
the fight on March lulli.
To improvise accommodations at
llloemfonteln for such a number,
which had become 7000 before be left
llloeinfoutein, was no easy task, said
Lord Roberts. No tents were carried
and the public buildings had to be
turned into hospitals.
In three months there bad been i',.-
789admissions to the hospital of patients Buffering   fi i   entertlo fever,
while the deaths numbered I,.170.
about i\ por cent. Lord Robert* observed that he did not know whether
this would be an abnormal rate in a
civil hospital in peace times, but if
the rates were abuormal.it was due to
the exhausted State of the men and
not to the neglect of tin. medical
Toronto. June 98.���The Canadian
delegates to the World's Chamber of
Commerce meeting assisted ill the unanimous carrying this morning of a
resolution urging the Imperial Government lo appoint a Hoyal Commission
to consider trade relations. All
Canadian resolutions would thereupon
be withdrawn. Regarding the Colonial
contribution to the Imperial Army and
Navy. Mr. Iladrill of Montreal, proposed that the colonies should contribute and urged the Imperial Government to convene an Imperial conference to consider Ihe whole question. Mr. Qeoflrlon of Montreal, opposed the proposal, lie said Canada
did the beat she could for defence out
of sympathy and did not desire Imperial taxation. The resolution was
adopted with three or four dissentients, Neville M. Lubbock moved
a resolution requesting the imperial
Government to enter into a convention with Austria, Germany and other
[lowers for abolition of the sugar
bounties. The Secretary of the Man-
cheater Chamber begged the Canadian
delegates not to take part in the discussion in which they were not concerned.
I New Dry Goods
The last two days of our Great Reduction
Sale, we want to take in more money than
the first two. Here are a few SPECIALS
for those who come early:
Lace   Clirtaii)S
2 1-2 yds long, 36 inches
wide; regular 65c; today
and Saturday 40c pair.
3 yds long, 50 inches wide;
regular 95c; today and
Saturday 60c pair.
3 yds long, 54 inches wide;
regular $1.50; today and
Saturday 95c pair.
Frerjcli   Organelle   MUslfrj
Regular 50c, going at 35c
yard; regular 25c, today
and Saturday 12 l-2c yard.
Table  L.ii)er)    pleached
56 inches wide, worth 75c;
today and Saturday 45c yd.
5 s Table Napkins; regular
$1.00; today and Saturday
65c doz.
60-inch Linen, worth 90c;
today and Saturday 55c yd.
Some very handsome Trimmed Hats, going at one-half
regular price.
Colored    Parasols
Regular price $4.50; today
and Saturday $2.50.
Agent Standard Patterns
Baker Street
The Miner has on band a number nf
portfolios of "Glimpses of South
Africa." There are no complete sots
left, numbering from one to eighteen,
but there nre several of all other
numbers with the exception of three,
four, live and six. These will be sold
at five cents per copy.
Nelson's Newest Hostelry. Complete in every respect,
It has just been opened and the
public is invited to visit it,
By the week from $5 to $6.
By the day 81.00.
Atlantic S. S. Lines
From Montreal
Allan Line Tunisian Juneau
Allan l.inc Numiillan July 7
llominion   Line Vancouver July 7
Beaver Lino Lusllunla June 80
From Now York
White Star Uno Majestic July!
Ciniuril I_no Lnoanja June .'to
Anchor Line City of Homo June 30
North Gorman Lloyd Kalsor Wllhelm der
Grosse July 3
Allan Slate l.lno Slate of Nebraska ��� June 30
From I<<> i .hi, Ma^s
Cunard bine Ivernia  Juuo30
PiiNHuKcs urrtutk��cd lo and from all Kuropcun
points.   Kor rut oh, llcku.snmt full Information
apply to ('. P. It. dopot anon! or W. Y. Anderson, 1'liy Passenaor Asont, Nelson, H. C
Gonoral Agent, O.P.R. Office*, Winnipeg.
Canada Permanent and Western Canada Mortgage
head office toronto,  ont.
Monoy to loan on Straight Mortgage.
Apply to O. L. LENNOX, Baker St..
Will pay the highest oash price for all
kinds of seoond hand goods. Will buy
or sell anything from nn nnchni to n
needle. Furniture, stoves, nnrperts,
aooking utensils, bought in household
quantities. Also oast alt' clothing.
Oall and see me or write. Address
Silver King Mike. Box 200. Hall
Streot, Nelson, B. 0.
Take  notioe  that  Kwong Ynen   no
longer peddles vegetables   for me, nnd
i all accounts   must   he  paid to  mo   or
'��� Chinamen having bankets bearing  my
name. 1A)M.
Nelson, Jnno 2-lth, 11K10.
Mining and Seal Estate Agents,
Houses aud Lots on Reasonable Terms.
See Our Lists.
Ollice,  Victoria Street, Opposite
I'hair Hotel.
Offlce With C.  W.  West &  Co.,   Cor.
Hall and Baker Streets.
City Office of. the Nelson Soda Water
The Oottage Hospital, Nelson
A private Hospital, Medical, Surgical and Obstetrical cases nursed iu tbe
Honse. Private room 120 and (15 n
week. Beds in ward 112 a week.
Nnrses sent ont to private homes nt ���IB
* week. Apply to The Misses Crick-
Large Size
For Sale By
Western Mercantile Co. Ltd
Turner Beeton& Co.
Just arrived from Milwaukee
Place Your
Orders (or
Streamers, Banners,
Signs and Mottoes
When turned out by our artist arc works of art. They will add to the
appearance of your display, I'oor work will detract from il. We will assist
you in determining; what vou want. Give ns plenty of time by placing your
orders at once.
F.   J.   BRADLEY  &   CO.
Corner Josephine and  Victoria Streets. Nelson, liritish Columbia
7 fi inch dinni. 9,3 'tl)per Vi) feet. For
Immediate deliver- In Nelson
J, 0. T. CROFTS.
P. O. Box -76, Nelson, B. 0>
Civil Engineers and Provincial Land
P: O. Box 11.1 Nclsnn, B. 0,
Stock and Sta Biter.
where you oan depend on Rotting tho host
hrnndri In the markot and any quantity from
lew. up.   l'rloos oaonot be disputed,
���fllOIMK S.I.
Frank A. Tambi.vn, Mgr.,
IUkkr Strbbt, Nki.son
A. R. BARROW, a.m.i.o.E
Provincial  Land Surveyor.
Corner Victoria and Kootenay 8|s,
Telephone No. OS
The Hall nines Limited.
To Share Warrants Holders:
Special resolutions for liquidation
and reconstruction were passed at an
Extraordinary General Moating held
on the l~th of April last, and continued at a further meptlng on the .'loth
idem, and In conformity therewith a
new Company has been registered
under the name of the Hall Minim: St
Smelting Company  (Limited) having
a capital of ��830,000 In Ordinary
shares of ��l each.
As Liquidator of the old Company
I (five notice that the Agreement for
the transfer of the assets of the old
Company to the new Company, Which
was subi lilted to anil approved by the
said   Extraordinary General Meeting,
has now been executed and is dated
the Sth of June 1000, Holders of
ordinary shares lu the old Company
are entitled to claim BB of right an
allotment of an equal number of
Ordinary Shores of .t'l each in the new
Company with 111 per cent, per share
credited as having been paid up
thereon. Forms of claims for Rignfti
lure can be obtained at the Offices of
the Hall .Mines Limited, Nelson,
British Columbia, and in order to be
effective the same must be forwarded
bo as to reach the ollice of the new
Oompany. No. 1 l.cadcuhall Street.
London, England, not Inter than
Friday. 87th Julv, 1900.
H. & M. BIRD
Eureka Mineral Wool
and Asbestos Co.
Real Estate, Fire Insurance.
Private Funds to Loan.
House on Carbonate Street, 2 blocks
from tbe post olllee containing Dining
Room, Drawing Room, Kitchen,
Pantry,Large Basement, II Hnd Rooms.
Dressing Room and Hath Room. Heated throughout with oonl furnace. Possession July nth. Rent par month $:!,">.
2 Hr. Perks honse across the lako containing Sitting Room, two Bed Rooms
aud Kitchen. Furnished complete.
Possession July 1st. Rent par month
Certificate of Improvements.
Notice���Venango snd Sbenango mineral olaim, situate in the  Nelson Min
inn   Division  of   West  Kootenay Dis-
ti lot.   Where located���On west side of
Eaglo   Creek, about   2,(HK)  feet south
west of the Ponrman quartz  mil).
Take uotice that I, Chas. Moore of
Kaslo, B. O.. act i in; as agent for Thos.
K. Frennb, P. M. C. No. 11,808 B and
Isaac Erickson., Free Miner's Certificate No. 11,11114 11, intend, sixty days
from the date thereof, to apply to the
Mining Recorder for a Certificate of
Improvement for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of thu above
And further tnko notice that action
under section JIT, must be commenced
before the issuance of suoh Certificate
Of Improvements.
Dnted this 2��t_ day of April, 1S>00.
Notioe is hereby given that an extraordinary meeting of the shareholders of the Cascade Water Power &
Light Company, Limited, will be held
at the ofilces of the London & British
Columbia Goldiields, Limited, Baker
Street, Oity of Nelson, British
Columbia, on Wednesday the nth dny
of July at 8 o'clock iu the afternoon.
The business to be entered upon at
the said meeting is as follows:
(a) Kor the pnrpose of considering
the giving of a further mortgage of
��8,800, to lie ebarged npon all the
assets and property, both reid and personal of the company of whatsoever
nature or kind and upon all the income aud also npon the iiiideitnkinu
of the Company generally, and if decided upon, to authorize the execution
of the said mnitgage to Secure thu said
soni ol i'2,!)0(i, with interest at 8 per
(li) To consider and accept, shonld
it be so decided, the resignations of
the directors of the oompany.
(p) And, iu tbe event of the acceptance of sueh resignations, to elect
directors in the place of such retiring.
Dnted nt Nelson, B. C.this IDth dny
of June, INK).
Two    first-class    HOTEL
5ITES near proposed
new railway station.
Business and Residential Lois
in all parts of the original Townsite.
Land Acent.
Next Bank of Montreal.
General Agent for Southern B. C.
for the
Birbeck Investment,
Security & Savings
Co., of Toronto. . .
Monday. July 2nd,
Clara Mathes'
Big Comedy
In a repertoire of New York
Successes and High Class
Vaudeville, with special scenery and accessories.
Monday Evening will be
presented the New Comedy
Drama J
Change of play and specialties nightly.
Popular Prices.
Reserved Seats at usual
Lines West of Lake Superior.
Departure   and    Arrival   Time   of
Trains  anil   Steamers.
Depart from                            Arrive at
Nelaon                                  Nelson
Steamer    ai riven   at Nelaon
from the onat, Orow's Nest
brunch    and   intermediate
points 2. !lo
T.Iii Train leaves Nelson for Kossland and intermediate
poiuts, and via Holwcui lor
north, Kevelstoke,the main
line and I'nniflc coast poiuts.
7.80 Train leaves N'elson for Sandon and intermediate points
ami via Slocan Lake route
for north, Kevelstoke, the
main line aud Pacilio coast
Train arrives at Nelson from
Kossland  and intermediate
points lo. .15
Steamer arrives al Nelson
from Kaslo and intermediate poinU 11.00
15.80 Ttaius leaves Nelsou for
Kossland, Greenwood and
intermediate points.
KI.OO Steamer leaves. Nelsou for
Kaslo ami way poiuts.
Train arrives at Nelson from
Kossland nnd Greenwood
and intermediate points,
and from Kevelstoke, the
main line, nud Pacilio coast
points 1M.4B
Train nriires in Nelson from
handon and intermediate
points, and from Kevelstoke,
the main line and the Puci-
tlo coast points 111.80
28.80 Steamer leaves Nelson for
Crows Nest hrnncb aud all
points east.
Trav. Pass. Agont
A a. P. A_m.ii,
Spokane  Fa lis A
Northern R'v.
Nelson A Fort
Red Mountain R'v.
Money Loaned on Straight Mo, Ik;iAV*.
Ileal I'lstate and Insurance
P. O. Boj 669.
Nw BON  11. 0,
A Boarding and Hay School oondueled by
tho Dialers or St. Joseph of I'eooo. It Is sit u-
ai nl at. thooorncrof Mil) and Josephine street*,
in ono of tbe best residential portions of Nelson, nnd ia easily accessible from all purls
of I ho city.
The coarse of study Includes the fundamental nnd hlghor braaobea of a thorough Kngllsli
oducatlon. lluslness conrso ��� Hookkcoplng,
Stenography and Typewriting.   Science course
Music, Vooal and Inslniuiontal; Drawing,
'���w.   I'IkIii and Art Needlework; Calisthenics,
Kor t��rmi ��M particular* apply
The only all rail route between
all points east, west and south to
Rossland, Nelson and intermediate
points; connecting at Spokane with
Great Northern, Northern Pacific,
and O. R. & N. Co.
Connects at Nelson \< ith steamer
for Kaslo and all Kootenay lake
Connects at  Meyer's   Kails  with
stage daily for Republic,  and  connects at Bosaburg with stage  daily
for Grand Forks and Greenwood.
tiKAVa, Day Train. Ashivk.
[JJ-88 a.m Spokane 7:10 p.m,
12 :()T> p. m Kossland 8:80 p.m.
9:30 u, in....... Nelson 8:00 p.m.
Niijlit Train.
!,:'lf> P.m Spokane 7:05 a.m:
i? :0�� P-ru Kossland ti-.'M a.m.
H. A. JAOKSON, G. P. It T.A.
Spokane   Waali
Aurent. Nelson, B.O
Merchant Tailor,
Baker Street,
Opposite the Queen's.


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