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Nelson Daily Miner Aug 1, 1899

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AT THE ^   4m
paly Edition No. 483-
Nelson, British Columbia. Sunday, August i,  1899.
Tenth Year.
Nelson's Tramway Is|
Under Way.
The Ceremony Is Quite Impressive.
Mr.  Drummond  Is   Presented   With
Golden Spike, Which  He   Well
aud Truly Drives.
The rain showed a strong disposition
to take 11 prominent   pnrt in the ceremony nt thriving  the Hint, spike of  the
tramway  construction   yesterday   bnt
Jupiter l'hnius Duitlly contented himself with being near enough to look Ou
without interfering  with the  pleasure
of  tlio  oooasion,    The  smelter   hand
opened proceedings by marching down
Baker Street to the strains of an inspiring rtmroh,   They turned  down Ward
Street and   proceeded   aloug Front   to
iho comer near the Government waarf
whore tlie tirst  grading had teen done
ami ties  anil   rutin   arranged   for   the
ceremony thnt was to follow.
Across the sidewalk from the road a
large marquee hnd been ereoted and
within it a table was provided with
refreshments. Iu front chairs had been
placed in a senn-cirule withiu which
was a raised platform nnd table for
tlie use of the sueakors.
Shortly after   5 o'clock the band   arrived on the scene and  closely  following caiue  the people   several  hundred
strong.    The gathering was a very rep.
resentative   one of all   cIbsbbs  nt Nelson's citizens,   professional,   mercantile, mining, and laboring mon elbowing one number   to   obtain a point  of
vantage from   which   the   proceedings
could he seen and the speechos   heard.
Tho Udied graced the   affair   by   their
presence,    Among the  members of the
fair sex noticed  were:   Mrs  Duncan,
Mrs. Peters, Mrs.   Stocks, Mrs. A. H.
Bnch ���nan, Mrs.  Goepol, Mrs. Barrow,
Sirs.   Eskriggo,   Mrs.    Horigins,   Mrs.
McFiii-lane,    Mrs.      Fletcher,       Mrs.
Troup, Mrs. Freoman Lake, Miss Bod-
well, Mrs. Gamble, Mrs McBeath, Mrs.
Campbell-Johnstooet   Mrs.   G.   Frank
Beer, Misj Fleming, Mrs.  Sims,   Mrs.
W. A. Maedonuld, Mrs.   Connau, Mrs.
Doolittle, Mrs. Brongbam,   Mrs.   Oar-
ley, Mrs. Melville   Parry,   Mrs.   Taylor, Mrs. Strachan,"Miss Askew,   Mrs.
Arthur, Mrs. Sherwood, Mrs. Bellamy,
Mrs. Knyson, Mrs.  Blake Wilson, Mrs.
Oharles Wilson,  Mrs. W. A. Thurman
aud many others.
Promptly at 5:80 the inaugural ceremony got under way hy the Mayor
taking the stand.
In opening    proceedings Mr.   Neel-
nnds, said: "I am glad to see so munv
here on this interesting oconsiou.   You
all know that we are here for the purpose of witnessing   the driving of  the
tirst spike of the Nelson street railway.
When    our  friend   Mr.     Drummond
ma.de his proposal to   the last Council,
for a  charter   for   the   railway,   and
which proposal tho Council at once ox
pressed themselves willing to   support,
wo did not   think   that   it  would   ho
qniokly he an accomplished  fact.    Tho
confidence of  such men as   Mr. Drummond and those  associated with   Him,
who nre willing to invest their money
in enterprises of this kind, without expecting an   immediate  profit on   their
capital,   tends  gret-tly towards  building up a young  and   prosperous  City,
and we all, I am sure,   hope and trust
that every expectation   of theirs iu re
garri to their enterprise here, an enterprise which will   be  appreciated   and
valued by ub all. will be fully realized.
i ..,), j ���.,_ ���   T ���,,   ���t   -
spike. Tho driving of that  spike   was
not a  matter entered into   lightly and
inadvisedly.    It represented tbe union
of  intetBBts   of   the   two  contracting
parties   aud   before   the ceremony  of
that afternoon they bud  carefully considered tbe desirability of   an allianco
���for lite.    The City���the lady in   the
case���required a   partner   who  would
provide  up-to date-appointments   and
keep good and regular hours.   After au
examination of each other's credentials
they agreed   that   each was meant for
the other and as  a resolt we wero  all
present to witness   the ceremony   that
for the futnro  united the   interests of
the  two  contracting parties in one���a
gold spike taking   the place of the old-
fashioned gold ring.    If   any   one  objected that   we  were placing the  cart,
before the horse, tho lady iu this  oase
providing the ring���he   reminded   the
critic   that   this was   all but the  20th
century,    the    century   ot    woman's
rights and tor the future in Nelson  at
least "the on was goiig ahead of  the
horBe. "     After  paying a compliment
to  the pioueers   Alderman Beer   concluded by extending a hearty wtlcome
to all  Canadians who came to  join in
in aking Nelson the leading City of tho
Kootenays���the   Winnipeg   of  British
Columbia,   and   a special welcome  to
the enterprising capitalists   who form
the British Electric 'traction Co.
Aid. Fletcher arrived just in time
to make a few remarks. He said that
there was in the life of a oity, as in
the life of man, a tide in its affairs,
which taken nt its flood, leads ou to
fortune. Nelson was now at suoh a
period and the inauguration of street
railway construction was but ihe/tawn
of the City's increased importance. To
tho citizens of Nelson, perhaps, the
000 ision did not mean so much us it
wo'.ild to tbe outside publio who would
see in it indisputable evidoucu that wo
had indeed the most important centre
in the rich Kootenay district. Such
enterprises helped to build up a town
and this would be no exoeption to the
rule. He wished tne oompany every
success and expressed the hope that
they would find their investment a
profitable one.
Then same the driving of tbe first
spike and as the spike itself comes on
the scene as an important faotor it deserves some attention. It was the or
diuary size aud shape of a railway
spike. First it had been oopper plated,
then silver plated, aud finally gold
plated, bo it represented in its innocent little self the three important,
minerals with which tbe district of
Nelson abounds. Un its four sides were
tbe following fonr inonptions:
"First Spike used in construction
Nelson Eleotrio Tramway," "Driven
by Mr. C. S. Drummond, British
Traction Tramway Co., Nelson.
B. C, July 81, 189!!;" "Presented
hy His Worship, Mayor Neelauds;"
"Tho Pioneer Street Railway of the
Kootenays.' '\
The Mayor  had already handed  the
spike to Mr. Drummond and a general
move was   made towards  the first rail
tbat was to  be   laid   in   any  eleotrio
street our line in the  Kootenays.   Mr.
Dmmmoud, of oourse, does not pretend
to be an expert  spike  driver, and  no
person   was   quite   snre  that his aim
would he accurate or that he would hit
in the same place more  than once;  as
a consequence there were no volunteers
to hold the spike  for   Mr  Drummond
to  strike   at.    But   the   engineer   in
charge of   construction,   Mr.   Halifax
Hall, had   anticipated snob, a state   of
affairs and bud the nucleus   of  a  bole
already prepared   and tbe spike  stood
alone in it until well and truly driven
home by Mr.   Diummond, whose work
with the   top-maul   was  by no means
anything   to   be   ashamed of.    As   he
struck   the   first   blow the  band oom
menced "God Snve the Queen" and all
hats were raised.
Returning to the platform Mr.Drummond was asked to speak.    On   behalf
of the British Eleotrio   Traction Company, he   expressed great pleasuura  at
seeing so ranuy   people  preseut.    Four
yoais ugo when he first viBited  Nolson
be saw that it wns  destined to become
the City of British Columbia.    He did
not except   the Coast oities in this  as
with the wonderful mineral woalth iu
the hills that overlook ' tho   Mountain
Oity,by the Lako of Kootenay" nud tho
unequalled water aud rail   transportation facilities thero were the requisites
for building up a  large and important
centre.    Eighteen  mouths  ago ho had
promised tho Oity a tramway line.ycs-
terday   he   was   present  to fulfil that
promise.    Iu  lookiug   about for  some
one to superintend the  work���someone
in whom everyone had   coniideuoe aud
who would do   the work iu a  maimer
thoroughly satisfactory to all  concerned���the company had chosin Mr. Hnli-
.- kHMA *i,.it  tht. firm
With appropriate ceremonies, in the presence of a large gath.
ering of representative citizens, at 5:30 last evening1 the first spike
was driven in the enterprise that will give to Nelson, "Queen
City of the Kootenays," an electric street railway system complete
in every particular as regards equipment and service. 'Hie band
was in attendance and rendered appropriate selections, and the
celebration ended late last night with a banquet at the Phair Hotel, at which the representative people of Nelson and other cities
of West Kootenay were present. The social features of the celebration were conducted with dignity and magnificence and the
day thus signalized marks the beginning of a new era of progress
in the history of Nelson.
Nelson's street railway system was pro jected and will be con
structed by   the   British   Electric Traction   Company  of  London,
Eng., associated with   whom in"this enterprise   are some of the
leading business men of Nelson.    The name ol the corporation  is
the Nelson Electric Tramway Co., and   their  stock  is   fully subscribed for by the individual  members  of the   company.    Not a
single share of stock is on the market, nor was it necessary to  go
into the money markets of England   or  Cavada   to  obtain  funds
with which to build and operate the line.    The London  company,
whose representative, Mr. C. S. Drummond, is now  in  the  city,
owns and operates over forty street railway lines in Great Britain,
Ireland and other foreign countries, and when the company  signified its desire to furnish the money to build and equip  an   electric
tramway for Ntls.in, our business men were ready to produce  all
other moneys needed, for the experience and history of the present
company is of a nature that insures against financial mistakes.
To Nelson the service and uses of an electric tramway as   applied to the present time arc insignificant  as   compared   with   the
effect it will have upon the future of our city���a future that is made
as sure as human means can make it, by the carrying  out   of the
work now so well begun,    All the best  knowledge  of a  number
of the shrewdest foreign and local financiers tell   them  that  there
must of necessity be an important city at some point in West Kootenay, fabulously rich as is this district in mineral wealth, and that
from its superior location and advantages Nelson must be the city
of all West Kootenay cities.    To assist in  hastening the  arrival
of our future greatness as a center of population and   wealth,   this
investment is being made, and the investors are content in the belief that their enterprise can pay the company well out ot its earnings   and   become   in   a   comparatively   short time  a  financial
The Nelson electric tramway will follow the streets of our city
as set forth in another column of this issue, and will penetrate the
outlying and practically inaccessible residential districts and thereby, so to speak, bring them into town. Property that is now held
at little value will increase in value by leaps and bounds, as its desirability for building purposes increases. Residents who cannot
now afford to own a home, by means of the tramway service can
enjoy that privilege, and without detriment to their business interests and without great financial sacrifice. In short, the line
enables our city tobecome a city in every sense of the word.
As in the past year Nelson has grown in size and importance
to a degree app.oaching the incredible, so in the coming year, assisted by and through the agency of the tramway system and our
other important commercial enterprises, the City of Nelson will
certainly increase in wealth, population and commercial importance in an increased ratio. We have the location of locations, the
wealth that is necessary, the men of the class who build great cities, the surroundings that promise as those of few countries
promise, and we have the confidence, hearty good will and cooperation of the business centers of Canada and Great Britain.
The future of Nelson is bright indeed, and the wise men of Nelson
are those who can read the signs of the times and fall in with the
procession, as it goes forward in it march of progress.
npplnuded as he took the Btand. He
merely onid that it was not yet his
time for making a speech. He would
build the lino first and,perhaps, would
then have something to say.
Dr. Doolittle wns asked to say something. Jjong before the doctor became
identified with auy  gas enterprise  he Speaker
Speakor   of  the   Ho use of   Commons
the   Ho use of
Passes Away.
Toronto, July 31.���Sir .lames Edgar,
of   tho    Canadian    House of
LadiBS .ia Sen e^ei. I will not de- fax Hall and he wns sure that the oo .
tain you and Mr. Drummond I beg to slruotion would ^ oowptote in every
present you with this gold spike nud detail. He had Nf^R,"^ a
on behalf of tbe  Oity call upon yon to for twenty years   nud w.  1 bim a
perform   the first  pnrt of the work   of I resident director  the public must   �������
was n fluent speaker nud wns uot be
hind -hand yesterday. He Bald that
the tramway peoplo hnd evidently
realized that the gus company was
about to make Nelsou a very good
place to live in nnd consequently
they oaine along to make it better by
bringing all parts of the Oity cIobo together. Howaveras it was ueariy din-
ner time he had no wish to keep those
presant from enjoying their evening
meal at the usual time aud be would
not make a   long  speech.   Tbe   tram
Commons died nt fi o'clock this evening. Sir James had heen in. poor health
for some time but even his most intimate friends aid not anitcipate suoh n
sad ending to his illness and the news
come us a severe shock to nil classes.
actual construction of the Nelson
Street Railway. Before you peiform
tlia act I havfl calied 111 you to do, I
would ask Mr. Alderman Fletcher, the
chairman of the Oity Publio Works
Committee and Mr. Alderman Beer as
representing tbe Finance Committee to make a few lemnrks.
Alderman Bear followed in a speeoh
'""*  wns   greatly   enjoyed.    Ho  said
satisfied tbat the oompany meant to
do everything in a complete manner.
And then there wbb Mr. F. W. Peters
who has a pruccioal kuowledge ot mil-
roadiug. Cnpt. Duncan and Mr. Peters would be a very good team. He
hoped that tbe cars would be running
long before winter sot in. The oompany wonld get the best cars available
any plane nnd the citizens of Nelson
could be sure of a service  tbat   would
not make a long speech. JDe *!?"! Canadian Boat Again Loses a Seawan-
r fiTSK ahoatlntheynmwP"ey ES j
risking a large amount.of  money  on j 31.-The  second   race
"'^"ntt^nW.tfn^Te-��� for the Seawanhaka Cup came oft to-
he and Mr Drummond oould shake day on Lake St. Louis and contrary to
bands and congratulate ona another on th(j expeotatiorj 0f the supporters of
the fact thnt their Pred,b'1fnBf���'naad the Canadian boat, Gleneairn III, was
bo���'s future bad provenjell  *�����^ 1 WQD by ,bfl  Araerloan boat  Constant
The   banquet   last   evening   was in
keeping with the   Other ceremonies  of
the  day, aud a fitting termination  of
a very auspicious   occasion for Nelson.
It took place nt the Hotel Phair  and
mine host Phair left no stone unturned
to make it the   most   brilliant   of   its
kind that has every taken place iu Nelsou.   Tables were Spread in   the  form
of the   letter  E.    A   Inrge  number of
plants set them   off to splendid advantage ; the   hanging   baskets  from   the
ceiling swayed gently and waved their
fragile green tips to the merry makers
below, the eleotrio lights never   shoue
more   brightly   and quite  abashed the
old moon that   struggled   manfully to
find  a   space    between   idlv   drifting
clouds through which   to gaze through
open    windows  at   the   gathering   of
Kootenay's most prominent  men,   assembled   around   the  festive  board to
celebrate  with  Neison   an   important
epooh in her career.    Every interest of
the  Kootenays    was  represented   and
ably   discussed     during    the    even
ing by tho various  speakers.    But,   of
course, before the  speeches  came   the
diuner itself.    It was   a capital spread
and Mr. Phair who devised it, and the
chef who executed it both deserve   tho
greatest   praise for its   general   excel-
ieuce.    A   corp   of   pretty   waitresses
flitted about with steaming and   tasty
soud, delicious morsels of fish, appetising entrees aud savory joiffts, while  a
company of white uniformed boys was
accountable for a series of reports which
resulted from a bombardment of thirsts
which fell ready  viotims   to  the  cup
thnt cheers.
The British Electric   Traction Company wero the hosts and they certainly
orovod   to   bo   very   excellent   hosts.
Nothiug that   could   bo done to 111 ako
tbo affair a brilliant success was overlooked  nud   the   hearty   applause that
greeted   every   representative  of  that
company   evinced   tbo   pleasure   tbat
those present   were deriving from   the
banquet and showed the great pleasure
the oitizens of Kootenay had   in   welcoming to Nelson such a bodyof prominent and   influential   capitalists.      A
large number of  invitations   were   issued.
The invited guests were:
The Mayor, J A Kirkpatriok,   H   B
Thomson  F Fletcher, A   L McKillop,
G F Beer, 0 Hillver, W   A Galliher,, ,1
K Strachan,   A   L   McOulloch,   E  A
CreaBe,   Cnptain Fitzstubbs, W J Goe-
pel, J A   Turner,   A H Buchanan,   G
V Hdt, G Kydd, MLay, K Frew, D J
Beaton, J Houtson,   W   F  Brougham,
H W R Moore, C S  Drummond,   Captain Duncan, F W Peters, J L Stocks,
A A Langford, 0 Halifax Hall, J Fred
Hume, M P H, Hewitt  Bostock, M P,
Thos, J Sims, H   Selous, W   A   Mac-
doimld, Q 0, A M   Johnson,  J Roder
ick Robertson, A E Hodgins,   R   Re,u-
wick,   Captain  Troup,   H   Conan,   A
Maodouald,   Judge   Foriu, H   George
Johnstone, G K Taokabury, H E Beas-
ley,     Dr.   Doolittle, L   L  Merrifield,
David   Morris,G  0   Buchanan,   L   A
Campbell, Blake Wilson,   James  Lawrence, Bruce White, D O Lewis,   H  E
Oroasdaile, R R Hod ley, J J Campbell,
P Criddle, S S  Taylor,   Bruoe   Archibald, E   R   Woakes,   R   0   Campbell-
Johnston, E Nelson Fell, T  M  Ward.
George Alexander, Robt. Irving, 0   W
MoAnn. W W Benton, Mayor Goodeve,
H  O   Blaokstook,   A    B   Maokenzie,
Edwin   Durant,   Ed   Rossland Miner,
Ed   Spokesman-Review,      Hon   O  H
Mackintosh, J S C Eraser,   W   F  Tye
T Mayne Daly, W H  Aldridge, Father
Pat, Sir William Van  Homo, E Evan,
Baker, T G Shaughnessey,  L A Hamilton,  E R  Atherton, W Whyte,   A E
Douoet, P   Burns, R   Marpole, H Abbott,   M A   MacLeod, R   R   Bruce, H
Montizambert,   James Johnstone, P T
Bone,   T G Procter,   H R Cameron, A
G Gamble,   Judge Spinks, N   F   Mc-
Leod, W T Oliver, D M Oarley.
The biblioal problem of "wedding
garments" wbb a little uncertain until
the eleventh hour at which time some
of the guests bad not time to arrange
their toilets and were too modest to
sit down with "white shirted hoboes."
Mr. Frank Peters, Mr. Halifax Hall,
Mr. W. A. Maodouald nud Oapt. Duu-
cau were responsible for the seating
arrangements aud toast list, but 011
Mr. Halifax Hall's shoulders full the
brunt ot tho entertaining programme,
and the entire success of the evening
was due in no small measure to tbo
trouble he took iu arranging the whole
affair. It was nt lather a lato hour
when the guests Bat duwu to dinner to
the strains of the "Roast Beef of Old
England" from Heir Steiner's orchestra.
With the soup cimn a piper win
charmed some ami mil 1 d others. The
musicians coiiti.u.e.! i.ctive during the
wnole diuner, tho "Hot Timo in Old
Town" giving an impetus to the spirits of the guests.
The first toast of the evening, was,
as was duly meet and right, that of
our gracious Sovereign, which was
dr.niH to the   strains of   the  National
Mr. Hall then proposed tho health of
the President of the United States
remarking that he hoped that the U.
S. would always continue good friends
with Great Britain and enjoy suc-
an1     oommoice.
Many Make Merry at
Festive Board.
Successful Banquet at the
Hotel Phair.
Prominent Men of the Kootenays Assemble  to Testify to  Nelson's Increasing Importanoe-
'""i  was   grently   enjoyen.    no   sam
that actions speak louder than words ;| could DB sure 01 " ���.'Y"~ rt"";aRe and
H was not therefore necessarv in many bo of great W^"JfflF5ow��-
words   to  assure the  British  Eleotrio an   equipment   thatii�� our" .
Traction Oo. of the good will of the mental. He Hjm** }5S fff WOOld
people of Nelson. That good will hnd ! the handaorp IJ I* ���� �� f *8 JJ ,���.
already been expressed in granting the nlwnys keep *��� ��J5""5��T"
nesireo- franchise nt the polls nnd wns , foresting and pleasingSSffiS npon.
<4"ally,���,mi��takoably shown by the Mr. �����>�������� ^Vg the meVto
presence of so many Indies and gentle-, He was at the line ""WJLSJed RUd
>uen to witness the driving of the first drive spikos but  was  oisooverei
cess      in      arms      ���      --
.r  . .The "Star Spangled Bauner" was then
Provided   an   ample supply of refresh-1 ont   0f five   IBces   against   the   Glen-  flnnK with enthusiasm,
nents of which they   Invited glgMv L^,,,   nothi       nnd a, tbe course to-      Cnpt.   Troup    rTirt   thThe  felt
haw,rPdfM it while it was for-! turn in a fresh breeze Constance should K��� ^oU that be was not a better
mX weaentefl to Mr. Droromonfl. ]ha��� a aood show. She certainly Bppaker. He came here In 1898 and
The ceremony   occupied   just half   an rnatVelous windward  work  in  he did not have to wait until   the War
SKb^"*-^??^ Tr00Dd9 of the triM^^^^n^^^^
dispersed as .lupirer remind the  course todny. .ndTlaatlM   He   begged to thank Nel-
by the ladies. I
and Navy, Reserve Forces and Kootenay Riffles. "Rule Biiinuuia" was
warmly sung and then Mr. Hodgins
rose to reply. He apoligized for speaking in the place of Mr. Oroaisdaile. He
kuew hut little of the army but bad
some knowledge of reserve.
The Unity of the Anglo-Saxon re-
1 lieved Great Birtain of much responsi-
bilty yet at the same time the Canadian militia and volunteers must remember that they are pnrt of tbe British army. The Kootenay Rifles deserve pntronnge nud looked to business
men for the same and especially for
tie ride range in Bogustown. Such
a oompauy should help a company
which would defend them in the hour
of need and in time of peace would pay
no dividend.
Mr. Drummond then proposed tbe
health of the Mayor and Oonnoil
which was responded to by the Mayor
in the following terms :
'' I thank you for the toast which bas
just been proposed and so heartily received. The members of the Oity
Oouoil are a unit in their desire to
serve tho best interests of tbe Oity.
Their time is given freely and the Only
toward thoy ask is that at the end of
their term ibey will have the knowledge that they bave been faithful to
their trust and have earned the approval of their fellow  oitizens.
"lam glad to be present at this
splendid banquet and to have taken a
bumble part in this afternoon's proceeding.
'' Today should be a red-letter d; y in
Nelson. We are all proud of onr
young City, she has all the elements of
stability and progress .vid we here,
have the fullest confidence in her future.
"We have good live business men
here, men who are ever ready, f> lend
a hand in whatever is proposed for
the City's welfare. Our rcoeht Dominion Day celebratiou was an evidenoe
of their open hands and hearts, and
the lively competition for the purchase
of tbe Cl.y's debentures, and the good
figure they realized is strong evith uce
of tbe high place Nelson holds in the
minds of capitalists in tbe East and
"As other numbers of tbe Oonnoil
will follow me I will not further take
up your time but will simply again
thnnk you for tbe honor you bave done
Alderman Fletcher followed tbe
Mnvnr. He explained briefly how
the company carao to get their charter.
He personally, as a member of tbe
Council, bad fought them on fair
grounds and of course, did bis best for
the Oity. He was anxious to see tbe
Tramway Company here, and therefore
tried to hit a happy medium and
tbe Council, he hoped, had satisfied
both the Oity aud the Tramway Oom*
Alderman Beer briefly replied and
referring to ibe successor the tbe pros*
pector recited a poem which appeared
iu The Miner S| o dal Number entitled "The Prospector's Hymn."
Mr. McOulloch remarked that be was
Tory glad too that  tbe  street  railway
company had been   taken up 10 practically and enthnsiastioally.   The  qnestion of eleotrio propulsion was   of  bnt
recent   date.    If   a   simile   could   be
drawn  witb Rip Van Winkle anyone
who had been put to sleep 'Jo years ago
would    have    wakened    up   to  find
most   extraoidinary progress   in   electrical invention.    He  referred  to the
works at Bonuington Falls as being   a
magnificent   project.     Mr.    Strac'.inn
in his response said   he thanked  those
j prosent for the   hearty way   in  Which
1 the toast   had been   reoeived, and also
desired to add his tribute of   thanks to
tbisu enterprising men who bad promised  us  electric   oar   servioe for Nelson, for the interesting ceremony   this
afternoon and for   the splendid   hospitality this evening.    He  said he was,
as all picsent, he was sure were, proud
of Nelsou and he was  gratified at the
(Continued on Third Page.) NELSON DAILY MINER, TUESDAY, AUGUST i,  189).
Nelson Daily Miner
1 u binned Daily except Atondsy.
D. J.   BEATON, F.ililor and Manager.
Yesterday Nelson eutertnined itself
in celebrating the most auspicious
event in its history. In the afternoon
the citizens assembled iu large num-
bars to assist in the formality of driving the first spike iu a system of eleotrio tramways, nnd in the evening n
hundred of the most prominent of
them dined together in further oelo-
bration of the occasion. Thoy will be
excused for such effusive felicitation.
The event marks a great stop m the
forward march of the City. It does
not at once add to the population, nor
sensibly increase the volume of trade ;
these will follow in due time and as a
natural consequence; hut it raises
Nelson at a bound from the class of
mere country town to that of a metropolis. A tramway is no rarity in these
days, it is true, but a tramway in a
young town like this, in the interior
of a young Province, means tbat there
is a confidence in the future of Nelson
which is bound to insure its prosperity.
We oould make the boaBt that Nelson is the first of the interior towns of
British Columbia to indulge in the
convenience of a tramway system, and
likely to be the only one for some
time to come. That, however, is
not necessary in order to establish
our superiority. it is becaus. of
a snneriority already manifest that
the promoters of the system have
resolved on investment here. Nelson
is tbe most thriviug centre of
population iu the Province today.
It is bound to he a large City. As
long as the mineral wealth of Sonthern
British Columbia holds out, the prosperity of Nelsou is assured. Tbat
wealth is the source of all development, and development on every line
will be a condition peculiar to tbis
City. That ib assu'sd us by its situa
tion, assisted by enterprises that have
been naturally attracted to it. The
one whose inauguration was celebrated
yesterday is the latest, but not tbe
least. Influenced by a deep rooted
faith in tho solidity ana oontinued
growth of the place, English capital
has come to furnish us with the modem equipment of an electric tramway.
We have beeu prospering heretofore,
but this in the distinctive mark of a
new era, and our citizens will be encouraged by it to greater hopes aB well
as greater achievements.
The Tramway Oompany are putting
a large sum of money into Nelson. It
will require a large sum to complete
the portion of the system to be under
taken tbis year, and a larger to extend
it as will bo required. But over
nnd above this they bava invested
heavily in real estate. They have oomo
to stay with us. They are associating
themselves with the future of Nelson.
It is not an investment for tbe moment only, but for all time. Nelson ia
naturally interested in the tramway,
net only as a grent enterprise in itself
hut as calculated to encourage other
enterprises; we must not forget at the
sime time that tho Company who are
building it thereby make tbomselves
deeply interested iu Nelson. There is
a mutual interest, and the faot should
insure the pleasautest mutual relations.
The coming of the tiam is not the
only ovidence of tho prosperous future
that iB ahead of us. The establish-
mont of gas and coke works is scaroely
leSB au indication of tho genoral confidence in tho continued growth of
Nelson. Tho two enterprises make for
us a reputation that will give our
Oity no llttl�� renown ; aud those nt b
distance who read of ub will have no
diflicultv in believing, what those on
tho spot know to bo a fact, that it is
the most enterprising and prosperous
in tho interior of British Columbia.
Who killed Cock Robin? It is early
to dispute over it, bb the political
breath is scarcely out of Mr. Martin's
body yet; hot it Is a qnestion the newspapers are already discussing with re
mnrkable vivaoity. Naturally the
names of the two Opposition paper* in
Victoria come up in this conjection,
but The Columbian, of New Westtnin
ster, hastens to deny that either of
them is entitled to the least oredit. It
settles the matter by declaring that
Mr. Martin hus been "the primary
cause of his own downfall." No doubt
of that. Had there been no Mr. Martin in the first place, there could have
been no downfall; or if the gontlorunn
hnd conducted himself with discretion,
calnmity would not hnve overwhelmed
him. Mr. Mnrtin gave cause for his
own overthoiw, otherwise it would not
havo ooourred. We can all agree on
this point. But that was not enough
to oocasion tho downfall, for if it had
been left, say, to Tho Columbian,
tbe people of the Province would novor
have known thero was a cause. In
Tho Oolnmibnn's eyes Mr. Martin was
n great man aud an entirely propel
Minister, until othor newspapers began
to open other oyes to the fact that ho
wus n person whom it was most dosir-
able to  get   rid   of.    The  ciiubc  was
:hare, unquestionably ; but it was quite
mother thing to exploit it The news
paper tbat exploited it to the most pur-
oose is deserving of most credit. In
ihe judgment of Tho Alinor that newspaper is Tho Victoria Globe, although
.ve should be sorry to rob The Colonist
of an iota of tbe very largo share due
to it. The Globe made a specialty of
Mr. Martin, and it hnd the knack of
lupregnatiug the public with its very
omphalic viows of him.
The Province newspaper tries to set
up a lament o\er the departure of Mr.
Joseph Martin, but not successfully
enough to give it a genuine appearance. It does this, no doubt, in oiler that to tbo public oyo it may preserve tho semblance of consiBtnrcy,
Tbe Province for the past year aud
more haviug served with more than
the usual fidelity as chief persoual organ of that extraordinary individual.
It cannot drop him all at onoe and
in a temper to attract publio notice,
without exposing itself to the suspicion
that during all these months it has
been too blind to see or too dishouest
to confess. Therefore, it lets bim go
in a leader in which it continues to
Hound his prnises. He wns a man of
great ability, we are told, in which
case we think it a great pity he did
not take some occasion to mauifest it.
As evidences of his ability we are informed thnt the Act to exclude aliens
was undoubtedly of his conception,
while it is believed that he was also
the author of tho Eight-Hour law.
Organs of a uice sense of judgment
would hesitate to bring forward these
in the hope to establish a claim to
statesmanship, but then The Province's
judgment, as we have seen, has been a
trifle off for Borne time past. We aro
willing that Mr. Martin should take
all the credit of the Eight-Hour law,
hut in that case what becomes of our
own Mr. Hume? He has been depending ou the applause of posterity
mainly on the Btrflugth of this measure,
and it must be a bitter disappointment
to bim to have *he glory of it ascribed
to another.
The.death of Sir James David Edgar, Speaker of tho Canadian House of
Commons, wad so unexpected that the
announcement of it will come as a
shook to the community. Ho had been
oomplaiuing of ill health for soveral
months, and less thnn teu cays ago
left Ottawa to enjoy the benefit of a
complete rest at a charming rotroat on
Lake Simcoe. It was not said or generally mspeoted, however, that the
illueBs was of an alarming character,
and in saying an revoir to him at 6t-
tnwu his friends doubtless expected to
welcome nis return, if not this session,
at least next, in restored health. He
was a man of fine personal character,
whose death will be sincerely mourned
by many besides hiB own party associates.
The Era newspaper, of Golden, says
that the proprietor of a dance bouse in
N: ltoii was shot dead by a policeman.
There is no danoe house in Nelson,
therefore no proprietor; thore has born
no shooting of any person, oilher by
a policeman or by anyone else. An
affair of the kind described occurred in
another town, and our contemporary
has been careless enough to ascribe it
to Nelson. Such carlcssness is, to say
the least of it, reprehensible. We
pride ourselves on being a law abiding,
well living, God fearing community,
and it is not pleasnnt to havo other
newspapers publishing statements concerning us that are Oalonlnted to put ub
in disrepute.
London, July Bl.���In tbo House of
Commons today Mr. Michael Davitt,Notionalist member for South Mayo, nsk-
ol what action tho Covernunt of the
United Slates had takon in behalf of
Mrs. Maybrlok, the Anitrioan woman
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Martin O'Reilly & Cf.
Hank of B.C. Building,
now undergoing st ulence of imprisonment for life after having been convicted of poisoning hoi husband,
whether petition from putlic bodies
and persons in America and it tbe Secretary of State for homo nffaiis, Sir
Matthew While Kidle, could present
the papers to the House with th 1 Government's replies, The Homo Secretary
answered tho qnestion. saying representations had been made in IV.vi.r of
Mrs. Maybrick by the American Gov
eminent through the United Suites
Ambassador hero, Mr.Choato, and I hat
numerous representations had been
made by private individuals. Bur he
siid it would be contrary to practice
to rresent papers dealing with U.e exercising ot the Koyal prerogative.
Washington, July SI.���Rear Admiral
William T. Sampson today filed in tlie
Supreme Court of the District of Co
lumbia a suit on his own behalf aai
also in behalf ot the officers and enlisted men of the ships of the North
Atlantic stution who took part in the
naval engagement off Santiago and the
subsequent captures of prize mouey.
Tho suit is similar to that recently en-
terod by Admiral Dewoy in the same
Niagara. Ealls.N. Y., July 81.-Prof.
George Forbes,of London, England, the
distinguished electrician, arrived here
today and is the guest of officials of
the big electric power compuay. It is
understood that Professor Forbes presence has to do with tho problem of
trausmiing power to Toronto. Mr.
Wallace Nesbitt, of Toronto, counsel for
the Canadian branch of the power company arrived here tpmgbt.
Berlin, July 81.���A private memorial
service was held at Eriedricharuhe
yesterday and Emperor William sent a
magnificent wreath of laurel and
palms, which Prince Hoibert Bismarck laid on the late Prince Bis
marck's tomb. In an accompanying
telgram and Emperor alluded to the immortal services rondeod to the Fatherland by the late Chancellor.
St. Johus,Nfld.,;july 31.���The Peary
loliet steamer Diana passed ont of the
Straits of Bjlle Isle on her way north
last Tuesday. -She signalled off Battle Harbor, Labrador, "All well."
Judging from tbo reports of shipping
from the north of Labrador, the Diana
will meet with heavy ice packs in the
viciuity of Greenland Coast and this
will probably delay hor return considerably.
Benton Harbor, Mich., July 81.���A
pile of baggage carelessly plaoerl on the
railway platform at Woodward Resort,
Pawpaw. Lake today, was struck_by a
passenger train ��� and violently thrown
amoug'300 waiting passengers, several
of whom were knocked down aud severely hurt. Miss Clara Hanley, of
Chicago is thought to be fatally injured.
Victoria, July 31.���Capt. Herman
Smith, at one time mate ot the Coquit-
lum attempted suicide yesterday by
shooting, the bullet entering his left
side. It has been extracted at tho Jubilee Hospital and he is now ou the way
to recovery.
Liverpco', July 31.���The Biitis'i
steamer Dxnore, Cant. Crosby tioin
Montreal. July 19, has arrived hi rj
slightly damaged haviug been in collision with the British steamer Duu-
Loudon, July 31. ���Sir Phillip Man-
field, who was mayor of Northampton,
is lHlia, and who represented Noiih-
iimptou in Liberal Interests, ill to 95 is
dead.    He was   bom is 1819,
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c/rij ^   /w. ntU
nsfuju/Hiu/ JrKMt laint nlStHfri/ ud
'eas ���x.
ed From First Paw".
��� u���,.l1 ,���Cn its tho  promoters
nnntideiifo Bu'", ,u(1 ;��� <���ir yonng
nf tl,e all, it in tne early fn.twe tLB
CW;'�� J , justify their con-
WOW WWW M'ly J ,a'oein can-
flrience.   TH "^ .    ,���.(m()   coulinent,
"t'nh cotbow RP'b mark en pro-
which  000111 ^  fj)iip^   fl  prn(|regl!
"Mrh'ind all the elements of stability.
"nftar large sums had  been spent in
0   ,���,... s     and   Btrent   improve-
improveroents, loclltiml
",ent ^tTSiMIW hnd been
��s ", u r, ir.J-<i >v the Oity Oonnoil
!1"! *f��   that the de-
aI"i y Lhr if the Oitv 'nstead of
miZ\ hard* 0 the property own-
K'eSed soveral good sonrces of
"TTSS Oity inorenscd   so  wonld  its
in,its   income  from its  watir
vSelectric light   and   sewer   svs-
and other sources
would he suffi-
oient that in the no distant future Nel
would ho in such a position as to
the levying taxes on real es-
Where could one find
lower? This
mm the"rate on lands wns n fraction
ketone percent. ��nd on >"|P9J��-
meats one quarter of one per cent.
tnte al together.
��� plane when taxes were
ax for general ranmcipal expenditure
as bnt one quarter of one per cent.
The other rates were for interest and
for sinking fund 011 debentures which
Sresented a revenue for and not a
harden on the Oity.
The assessment of 1608 was something over $800,000, this year, not in-
Hiitlinp this season's building opera.
tiona the assessment was over ���1,600,-
000 and he was not over slepi)in�� the
mark in saving that next .year s assessment, at a'fair and not au over valuation, would  bo  not phort of two mil-
liuifl. .    .,,     ...
The people hero were   not   KloticUK-
era come iu to mako their little pile
and then go. but were men providing
nomas for themselves nnd their children to come after them, each one
helping in his humble way to make
Nelsou a prosperous, progressive, clean
and law abiding City.
The Mayor then briefly proposed the
health of tne Nelsou   Tramway   Oom-
P' Alderman  MoKillop    in  seconding
the same remarked   that ho   was only
duiwn out on  National   occasions and
this was   an occasion when   the  chief
interest   was    how   long   th"    R068t.S
would held out.    Nelson   to put it   fig-
lirati ely had "nor got   irs first pock��t
in its   pants."   The    Tramway Com -
puny  had great faith Iu tho presperiiv
of the town   and   he   was   pleased   tn
see it.   When   he   fiist.   name here  be
felt lonesome when    he walked   down
the streets at 8 a. m., and saw no one.
Now this company   had   money   the
which   could   do most   thiugs.    There
was a Sootoh engiueer  who succeeded
m a job which three others   bad fulled
in but  could not put a decent nose  rfh
his face.   The company wonld succeed
ill   building their  railway   bnt   must
not expect a dividend for   sometime to
eouie.   Nevertheless he  considered the
street railway was  one of the best advertisements the City could have
Mr. Drummond, who was greeted
with prolonged cheering then rose to
reply on behalf of the Company. He
began by saying that be was no speech
maker aud preferred do.'ng practical to
talking work, tin this occasion however he felt it incumbent ou him to
come to Ihe fore. The enterprise
which the company he represented had
undertaken was on which was of great
interest to the whole City. Wherever
the parent company (the British Electric Traction Company) established
hues, they considered themselves as
one of the people of that place and this
wns their secret of success.
When he first oamo   bere his  project
was well received by the City Coiur.il
He then quite realized the fact   that
the line could not be made   to pay for
some years    But,  on   this   bis return
visit, his views  had somewhat changed: he was now disposed to think thnt
his company would   not   buvo to   wait
a year for returns.    NelBon   bad   been I
Koinn ahead in a solid way and   fortunately had not   experienced   n    boom.
Befote the winter set iu lie intended
that the cars should .bo running < n the
first throe miles of the railway     The
British   Electric   Traction    Oompany
I ad for director some of the most notable men   in Loudon,   one   of   wh.im,
Sir Oharles RiveiB   Wilson, wns   well
known in Canada owing to his position
on tbe   Grand   Trunk   Railway.    The
Nelson  Tr.iniAiw   Co.   was    tho lilrd
oirooany tlut hn I lem started by this
great o^aii zal on and th >y were in so
str a k a pisitioii   th it they   were weil
!,,'ln   tooiriyo.it  nil   their promises.
Mr    Drt mmon t   then gave  a   list  of
i��" prinoipal    towns in   England  in
which   his   co npnny   had   linos.    He
s ii thht Nelson wonld have   the  best
system   and oan that it were  possible
to give,    The plans of the   first   three
lililos were now known,   and the question nf   extensions   would   be   left   to
the looal directors.    Thoy hoped to ex
tend the line to the Mountain   Station
of the N. &  V. a.    Hnihvay.    It must
he home   in   mind   that their  system
as a rnle only provided fur  ��rados of
BOO feet lo the mile   whereas in Nelson
it was propoiad to have   Krados of over
BOtflfeet to the   mile   and   that  wunld
Bltail   a  oost   for un   extra   100 horse
power on each car and   u reduction   of
tlie diameter of the wheels. The speed
would average II   miles  nn  hour pro-
viced   the   Oonu.iil   would   allow   it.
He  ouded by apologising   for   Uek  of
eloquence bnt he desired to  deal  only
with plain business facts.
Mr. Drummond s speech was loudly
applauded and "For he'H �� jolly good
relbnv" mndt the rIiibsos rii'iK.
Capt. Dunoan followed Mr. Drummond. Ho beRa'i by saying that he was
not Roini> tn commence In the orthodox
way aud say thnt he wns no publio
speaker. On the contrary he boasted
���nt he was such ;but at the snme timo
119 was a pnblio listener and after
hearing so much, he did not
intend to say anything rnoin. Tho
ground had been well covered already
o.v Mr. Drummond, aud Mr. Peters
'""1 Mr. W. A. Mncdonnld wonld sutli
oieiitly make np the deficit.
Mr. Peters said he found difficulty in
"''lowing Mr. Drummond. The company had oome here in a business like
''"inner with an implicit belief in tbe
jnture of the Oity and tbey intended
to construct a first class street  railway
system.    As   biS   friend   Mr.   Proctor
would say they bad  "plenty of money
to burn" and they  did not "look at the
cost. He/Jnly hoped that Nelson would
repay  tnia   confidence and   enterprise
by patronizing   tho   cars in  the  same
manner aud spirit as they had the   af
teruoou ceremony and cvoniug banquet
that day.    Tho   railway wonld provo a
great  advantage to tho City hy   open-1
ing up residential   property.    After all
Oapt.   Duncan  and himBelf  ware  but!
working officials who were paid a  low j
salary.    He would now make   way for !
one who was paid to do tho   talking at I
a far higher salary than the said working oflloials received.
Mi. W. A. Macdonald, Q. C, said;
that if it had not been for Mr. PeterB'
last remark he would have spoken
for three hours. He could not invest
his own mouey in the company as he
had'ut any, but he was quite ready
to invest that of his friends. He bad
done bis best to drive a good and fair
bargain with the City on behalf (if the
company and though at first he met
with some oppositiion yot in the end
he succeeded aud the host proof of the
generally satisfactory terms given was
the large majority of votes which gave
the company their charter. He pointed out that as other cities of so small
n population as Nelsou bnd au electric street railway. The smallest
population thnt. as a rule, was demanded for this purpose was 40,000.
When he applied for the compauy's
franchise he only asked for what wns
fair, knowing full well that his clients were well able to carry out what
they undertook. Mr. Procter then sang
iu excellent style the "Tars farewell."
Mr. PoterR then proposed the toast
of the Banks and Commercial Interests. He read a letter he bad received from O. O. Buchanan of Kaslo regie'ting his   inability  to   attend  and
eet with   every sue- | Ti .
uctiou   of   the   line     I   f"\7     :       C
ireotors   of his com-     I   IV      V���> ^
here   were
tleman   would   tn
cess in tbe   eonsti
and   that    the   directors
pauy would   find   him   as
satisfactory as his   frieuds
sure he would be.
Mr. Hall's health was drunk in the
most eutbuslastio manner. He was informed that be was a "Jolly Good
Fellow" as impressively as a half a
hundred lusty throats could convoy
tbat cheering information to him.
This was followed by most cordial
cheers. The recepient of tho least in
reply said thnt his preliminary engagement with the company was entirely
a technical one and that bis duties did
not include such "important social
ceremonies." However, be hart been
made the representative of the Brit-
ijh Electric Traction Company for the
evening and quoted the old adage of
"Great Oaks From Little Acorns
Grow" expressing the wish tbat the
evenings amusement would be the
small acorn.
Then came "Auld Lang Syne" and
the National Anthem. All present
voted tho affair' a brilliant sneess
and the representatives of the com-
1 puny were heartily. congratulated
upon Ihe termination of the   banquet.
Tne Wall Paper House of the West.
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day we have a	
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en Block.
The Miner has already given fui
particulars of the Company that is
building the electric tramway in Nelson and also the streets npon which
it will be mil, but a repetition this
morning will not be out of place.    The
[Nelsou Electric Tramway   Company is
a   subsidiary company   of tbe   British
l Elotrio Trnction  Company,   the largest   corporation   of   its   kind   in   the
I world     This   fact   alone   speaks   eloquently for the future of Nelson tor the
Plaster Paris.
In buying your Wall Paper, valaa U,
of course, a prime consideration. 'Plus
��� + + + +��++++, is   one   of   tbe strong
��� points of our line���
t VALUE.    It is on this
��� that we stake[oui' repu-
��� tation as the Wall
T Paper House of British
+ Columbia, Wheu buy-
T i"K paper, it is not al-
T ways how cheap, but
+ how good.   Here again
��� we come in. " How
good?" and "Value"
are o.ir two strongest
���^������������������������4 points. Net prices to
'he consumer���no rake-off or coiumuv-
8ions to anyone.
Thomson Stationery Co.
Ltd., N��LS0N, B. C.
: Repu-
; tation
> staked
I    on
giving   some figures on   freight  rates
for lea:i ore.
Mr. A. H. Buchanan   lose   to
while the band played "The Man That
Broke the Bank at Moute Carlo."   He
said that wheu be first came to Nelson
there was nobody here yet ha hnd lived
and fattened.    He had a bad sold  and .
would laave it to   Mr.   Holt  to   reply I Parts
further tor tlio  banks.     Mr. Holt saiil j board
he had come here Reven years  ago aud
hoped   to   remain   hero   many    more
ye:!rs.    Ho arrived   iu   Nelson in   tho
full bloom of youth and bad lost nothing but bis  hair.
Mr. McLeod of the Hudson's Bay
Company also made suitable remarks
regarding Nelsou's commerce. Ald-
t rmau Thomson said he would require
the "Terrible Tmk" to assist bim in
the heavy task of responding for the
aeronauts of Nolson.
Dr. Doohttlo followed as a representative of tho Gas and   Coke   Company.
Hu had   beeu set down to  respond   to
the mining interBts bnt in the absenco
of Mr.   Merrifield   the chief  Engineer
of the Pearson   Syndicate be expressed
his opiniou of Nelson. As a centre  for
the investment of capital iu bis   opinion the citizens of Nelton were getting
more than they were giving in  granting such a franchise  as all such public
conveniences as   rapid transit gas added to^the attractiveness  of imv city as I
a place of residence  and aho helped to !
increase   its   population   and   imi.ort-
ance.    He illustratetd his point by citing the War   Engle mine in   Rossland
which   had   been   referred   to in   the
speech of tbe Oity Eugincer. Tbe faith
exhibited   by   the    Gooderham-Ulack-
Rtook syndicate in buying n supposedly
worked ont   property and   spending  a
large amount in further developing   it
ami its   subsequent success  had   done
more   in   advertising   Rossland    than
anything   tho   mine derived   from  its
locatiou, and in  fact  the  phenomenal
growth of Rossland ,\as largely dne to
the success   of the   Le   Roi   and   War
Eagle   mines     The   capital   put   into
the   Nelsou   Tramway   was   expended
by business men iu a bnsines like manner, and, if the reward did   uot  come
quickly enough to meet   their expectations, thev would redouble their efforts
in self defence to increase the   population to a poiut  where   their  oonmany
would pnv for their outlay.
Mr. W. A. Macdonald Q! C. theu in
an eloquent, speech proposed the toast
of the Milling and Smelting Interests.
He considered tbat the mining interest of Kootenay concerned the whole of
the outside   world
Mr. Roderick  Robertson feared that
indisposition   would prevent bim from
opening    another   railroad   with
old   friend   Mr.   Frank    Peters,
congratulated tbe Tramway   Co.
promised  to do all   in   his   power  to
furthor   their    interests.    He  felt   it
would he   idle at  tbat   hour to  elucidate all tbat was going on   in  mining
Mr. Hedley spoke in the absence of
Mr. Croaisdaile in behalf of the snielt-
Mr. Wonkas spoko briefly as being a
stranger. He said tbat Kootenay gave
greater promise as a silver producing
country than Pauama. No mining
camp in the Western Hemisphere
n uld show suoh  an   assembly   as was
men who are at the heart of the gigan
j tic   concern   rto   uot   go  into   things
reply I blindly and   only   build   where   they
House Cleaning Time
We oan assist you in tbe annual
overhauling hy Painting, Paper-
Ilanging, Kiilnomining and Interior Decorating Estimate.
oheerfully given.
Josephine St. Opp. Clarke Hotel'
know a sufficient population will follow to make the investment a paying
one. Tbe head office of tbe parent
compauv is in London, England, and
it operates forty different lines in all
of the world. On the local
are Oapt. T. J. Duncan, F.
W. Peters, J. Laiug-Stocks, W.|A.
Maodouald, Q. C., and W. A. Duncan, while E. Gareke aud O. S. Drnin-
moud are London directors. The parent company provide the mouey for
construction and equipment and retains
the bulk nf the stock.
The line begins ar the Government
wharf.goi t up From Street to Vernon,
thence eatst to J sepi.ine, up to linker
nnd along Bakir to the (J. P. R. depot, thus connecting tbe depot and
wharf with the business centre of the
Oity. Another lino runs from linker, up Stanley to Mines Road, to
Kootenay and np Kootenay to Houston,
whore it roaches the skating nud ending rink, whioh is now the property of
the Company. Another line runs from
IGovernmeit wharf, to the eastern
| boundary of the City along Front and
Water streets. Negotiations are uow
under way to extend the line through
Bogustown, thus opening a large and
charming residential district.
The whole line, in* fact, will open
very promising residential paitN of tbe
Oity.it will make property, that was
worth but little on account of its isolation and tho difficulty of roachiug
it up steep bills, several times more
valuable; it will eucourage tho building of houses on now vacant lots aud
the taxation to be derived from such
improvements will mean considerable
to Nelsou.
Forty or fifty men will be employed
and cars will bo ruuning in September provided the manufacturers do not
delay in shiping thu equipment.
Power will be derived from Bouuing-
tou Falls and a large staff of men aro
now at vork stringing the wires into
the City. Mr. O. Halifax Hall, who
is iu charge of construction, lias been
with the O. P. R , for lil yoars and
is a thoroughly competent man. Mr.
L A. Campbell, of the Roimington
Fulls Company will have charge of
the electrical equipment.
The Duncan Mines, Ltd., whose di-
reeors are largely the moving spirits
of the tramway company, bave now
larger holdings iu the Nelson mining district tbau auy other corporation.
That our business has grown so rapidly in such a
short lapse of time ?
Quality of our Goods, the Closeness of our Prices,
the Fairness and Honesty in Dealing with
our Customers, thereby gaining the confidence of
the public and proving ourselves worthy of
their patronage.
3-LB.   BOX  CREAM   SODAS,   35   CTS.
M.   DESBRISAY   &   CO.
Butter, Eggs, Cheese,
Cured Meats, Green
Fruits and Vege-    \
Full Stocks Carried at Nelson
and Rossland.
Mail Oiders Solicited.
Garden   Tools,  Lawn   Mowers,   Garden
Hose, Lawn Sprinklers, Ice Cream
Freezers, Bird Cages, Screen
Doors and  Windows.
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer and Porter.
Drop in  and nee   us.
wiw to bim as  a
more that night.    It
stranger most iinprensive.
Oapt. Duncan shortly   proposer!
railway interest, which wete respond-1
ed for by Mr.Tnokabury in an amusing i
apeeoh;  and   also by   Mr. Peters who
naiil thnt   'i}<2   years   ngo   there  were
only 88 mil��H of railway in tr.e Nelsou
distriot   and   no  boa.s.    There   were
now ii.'i.'i miles of  lines, 11   steamboats
and three tugs.
Mr. Conau also briefly replied.
Alderman      MoKillop,     remarking
that ho never had been out  of  Nelson
during the past fivo years,proposed the
toant of "Our Sister Cities. ���'
Mr. Hoctor MoRae in nplying said
that at Rossland banquets they never
not beyond the Army aud Navy toasts
for three or four days yet full reports
of their  speeches were always in tbe
Rossland looked on Nelson as ber
mother-in law and treated her accordingly. He personally owed much to
Nelson and to the hanks bero. He intended making a long Bpeech but as
his notes were written with a fork be
oonld not lead tbem.
Aid;   Fletcher  proposed
Washington, July Ul.���Oue of the last
official acts of Socretnry Alger, who
will relinquish his portfolio today,was
to prepare a lengthy stntement covering several matters regarding tho conduct of tho war which have been the
subject of criticism in tbe public
pre^B, particularly with reference to
the appointment of staff clficers in the
volunteer army. The Secrci'iry says
tbat he was led to make the statement
oa acconnt ot the ''many criticisms
wbioh have been made hy the public
piess and especially on aoconnt of a
reoent article which uppoarei. ir the
Loudon  Times   containing   assertions
which have no foundation in troth"
Groceries, Provisions, Mining Sup
plies, Mining Drill Steel.
P. O. Box 214.
A Speciality.
Vernon street, Nelson, B. C.
For taking out imd loading on rock
cars 700 cubic yards, moie or lo=a, of
BuildlngStone. For further pat Honiara
apply to
Econ. Gas App. Con. Co., Ltd., office
of J. Keith Rcid, Esq, *
Ice Cream
AU Contractors figuring on buildings th*
will require
Can now get figures from
R. H. WILLIAMS, Nelson, Agent for
Who carries the largest stock of Plat* Ulan
In the Province.
Delivered to an any poia   on
Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stMk
on hand of
.,,.���.   ^       . the    toast
of the learned profeBFions.
The Rev. R. Frew in a spceeh bri
ming over with Sotoh witticisms
���     -  i-1*-   ^i.T,rnh  nnd   Mr. W.
lied for the ohuroh and Mr. w. F.
Brougham for the legal profesxion.
The toast of the Press followed. Rev.
Mr.Frew proposed the toast of the ladies and Mr. A. Mainwanng Johnston
responded. Alderman Thomson proposed the toast of the (Minimum Mr.
Halifax Hall. He spoke of the capuble
manner in whioh the dntieB of the
evening had been fulfilled hy Mr. Hal!
"���-'   "������*  nan.
und expresbed
tbe hope that that gen-
Will find the 	
the   most   desirable
made���soft,    light
formed  of the  clearest
fectly    transparent
protection   to   the   eye
wind and sun.
��� Eye Shield
eye protector
ml    flexible ;
mica, per-
Shelf & Heavy Hardware,
Etc., Etc., Etc.
Mill at PILOT BAY.
Yards, NELSON and LARDO.
General Broker-
Promptly Attended to.
Patenaude Bros.
Jinuu ill |.ni-.-lui���,,��� 2 Choice. I.otH on Itobton
St., near Stanley St., wtih r hack thoreon.
$.*i,V) will purcnoHO Choice HeHidenec Corner
on Mill St., 100 ft. (rontiiKe. 120 ft. deep.
��175 will purchoHC *2 1.01 ���, on Carhonoue St.
.I.OOOHhaiuH Uticft IpoolodI l)c
10x00    "     Fairmont "    <c
    Blackcock Mining Company 20c
Mining  and  Real   Estate   lirok r
Tnrner-Boecku Block, Nelson.
Nelson Cleaning and Dyeing
8. 1). PIEBKE Prop.
Ladies' and Gents' Clothing' cleaned
dyed, altered and repaired.
Bear of Clarke Hole I.
Hotel for sale $0,000, renting tor $100
per month.
Baker street property for sale at $8,
000, renting for $160 per month, leased
for 5 years.
Twelve Lots in Hume Addition, cheap.
A l<��-roomed House for rent, convenient, to Baker street.
Money lo loan at 8 i>.
Life Aasuranoe.
cent.   Fire and
F. B. IIAKl'KH. Mimical Dlreolor, leader
Nolson Orchestra; Mindcianii fumlihed for al
ocoaulonH on short notice.   Tclophono 1
KOK SALB���Old aowupaponi at M oenta per
100, Ji'-| th* U1I11K to put uiulor carpel.'
Miner nMiw ~JL.
�� . 1
'1   '������       1  iHill 1
t       KOOTENAY |
: 1
A gold brink valuo 110,000 whh yesterday Bhlpped by the Bank of Montreal to Helena Montana.
*   *   ���
Ou July 28th a lurge shipment of
Kalena ore was made by Mr. Heap
from Ainsworth (via Nelson) to Great
Falls Smeter, Mnntaua. Tho total
valuo of the ore, as per the cnstom
house retnrns. was $8,496.82 made np
nf $.107.07 the valne in silver, and
$2,6;>S 25 the valne in lead. On tne
sunni day ','0 tons of Crow's Nest Ooal
wns shipped from Fernie to Great
The bonding of the Golden Fleece'
Stanley, Gold Dollar and Little
Johnny to E.O. Kgan for fit),000 shows
the confidence tbat gentleman has iu
East Kootenay properties. From what
oan be learned the property possesses
more than ordinary merit. The
claims shows considerable development, one tunnel on the lead is now
iu 72 feet besides ttve open cuts varying from 15 to 85 feet. A ooutract
will immediately be let to run a 400
foot tunnel, which it is thought will
pretty thoroughly   develop   the  mine.
The average assays made from the
ore are about $80, although assays running as high ns i*Itj!l have been made.
These properties are on the divide between Louis and Tracy creeks and adjoining tho Minnie M. and Tiger.
The character of tho oro is similar to
that in the Estella and other claims in
the immediate vicinity.--Fort Kieelc
*  *   *
New York, July 81.���Bar silver, 60
3-S; Mexican dollars, 4S.
Oopper. steady, brokers, $1S. 50; ex
change, $18.50.
Lead, quiet, but firm; brokers
*4.85; exebang. 14.55 to $467)$. Tin
unsettled; plates steady.
Giant Powder Oo. is   Prosecuted���Mr.
Taylor, Q. C., Makes a Statement.
Yesterday morning, the Giant Powder Co. appeared before Magistrate
CreaBe to answer the charge preferred
against them by the City for keeping
a powder magazine within two miles
of tho City limits. The indictment
was similar to that preferred against
the Hamilton Powder Co., which
wns fully reported   in  The Miner.
M. VV. A. Galliher prosecuted and
Mr. S. S. Taylor, Q. O, appeared for
the Company.
Mr. Gallihar pressed for an adjournment as he was engaged on another
case before Judge Form that morning.
Mr. Taylor then rose and made a
statement to the effect that both the
Hamilton and Giant Powder Cos. had
decided to move their stock of powder
at once.
A temporary building was being
erected on a piece of land some dis
tance up the lake and almost opposite
Robert's ranch. The land in question
was purchased some little time ago by
the Hamilton Powder Oo. from Mr.
Foster, The building will be ready
within a few days and the whole of
the powder now stored in the building
on Hoover's ranch will then be removed to the new quarters.
Mr. Taylor said he would see the
Council this evening and explain to
tbem the course bis clients were nbout
to pursue. He would then request, on
bis undertaking mat the powder
would at onoe be moved, that all pro
ceedings against both companies be
Tbe oase waB therefore adjourned un
til tomorrow at 10 a. m.
Returns for Exports, Imports  and Col
loctions   For July.
Tb�� total value of imports for the
month of July is $66,898, Of this snm
$56,408 represents dutiable values and
$10,495 free goods.
Tbe    duty   collected    amounted  to
$16,247.22   nnd   other  collections   $1,
152.68 making tbo total net receipts lor
this month $17,1)99. Ho.
Tke receipts tor the corresponding
raontJ of last year were $10,982.86
which niakeB au increase of  $6,417.4!i.
The total value of the exports for the
month is $211,877. Tbis is below the
average but yesterday a large entry
from the Hall Mines was given in,
which, however, will not be entered
till todav. The valno of this Hall
Mines consignment will be abont
$30,000 thns bringing up the total to
close pn $50,000 which is the average
fignre for the mouth.
Tho Inland Revenue roturus for the
mouth are as follows;
Spirits. $8,082.69; malt, $881.51; to-
bacoo, $258 25; tobacco raw leaf,
$187.20: cigats, $1811; pethrnlenni Inspection, $12.50.    Total, $4,011.15.
four takes place tomorrow. The boat
loaves the City wharf at 9 a. m
Everyone is invited and a good t;me i
Tho Crow's Nest lino is greatly ap-
oreciated by Nelsou business houses.
Tho Nelson Hardware Company bns
just received a carload of freight from
Winnipeg six days after it was shipped
by the O. P, R. Twelve days is about
the ordinary time for such a shipment.
If you have a friend at home whom
you would like to interest, in Nelson
and whom yon wonld like to inform of
the groat strides Nelson is making,
just send this copy of The Minor to hun.
There are lots more copies at the ollice
if you ha-e more than oue sneb friend
Among the novelties this season
with the Walter L. Main show which
exhibits nt Nelson. Monday, August 7
may be mentioned the celebrated
Werntz Family, six in number, direct
from Berlin, G'rmany, the most expensive aerial feature ever presented
in America. Canandiagua the horseback riding pony, the only one like
bim. In the big Menagerie tent will
be seen the "Congress of Nations," a
representation of every nation on
earth ; the music will be furnished by
a gonuiue band of native Cubans.
The Kootenay Brick and Lime Coni-
pauy aio kept c:\ceedmglv busy supplying the very large demand for its products. At Balfour 950,000 bricks are
now being burnt and they nre all spo-
keu for. Thirty tons of lime will arrive in Nelson today and will be immediately gobbled up for the buildings
in course of construction Hillyer &
McGhie, contractors, are bringing
down 200 tons of the marble from the
company's quarries. This beautiful
stone is now being used extensively for
building purposes aud will make some
of tho block? now in course of construction among the handsomest in the
Judge Forin was engaged yesterday
iu hearing the evidence of a case in
which Mr. Vnustone, the mining broker, is suing Dr. Symonds ou a stock
dealing transaction. The plaintiff
claims that the defendant engager
him as his broker to sell 100 Nelson
Poorman shares. The deal was put
through but the doctor declined to deliver np the certificates, whereupon rhe
plaintiff was compelled to buy elsewhere in order to fulfil his contract
with the purchaser and, in ord��r to
do so, he had,he contends,to pay more.
The evidence was all put iu and the
oise will be argued today in Chambers.
Barrie, (Ont.) Gazette: The Nelson,
B. O., Miner, publishes an excellent
illustrated mining supplement, of
sixteen pages, containing a history of
the Kootenays and mining industry.
A photogravure of E. A. Crease, police
magistrate,formerly ot Barrie, appears
in the issue. Other Bnrrieitos in Nolson, are H. G. Neelands, Mayor, formerly in Inland Revenue ollice under
the late P. Hartley, Charles W. Dill,
assistant City Engineer ; F. W. Grant,
foreman of tbe Daily Miner; Luther
Lennox, is a prominent lawyer; Abe
Johnson owns one of the best saloons
James and Samnel Neelands, a large
shoe store, ; Wadds Bros., aro the prin
oipal photographers, and T. J. Cainu
bell is with the C. P. R.
Mattawn, (Ont.) Tribune : We have
received a copy of The Nelson Miner
illustrated supplement, giving riescrip-
tios of the works, businesses and business men of Nelson, B. C. and surrounding mining towns and villages,
with cuts of many of the principal citizens there. Among othfcrs we are
pleased to notice a cut of the dry goods
and clothing store of our old friend A
Ferland, formerly of this town While
the store is somewhat smaller in size
than the capacions quarters occupied
by him in Mattnwa, the place nas
neat, well arranged and business like
appearanoe about it, such as one might
expect, to find under tho direction of
Mr. Ferland, anywhere. Among the
Slocan Oity business men we notice
the name of J. H. Howartb, watch
maker, whom we think we met some
years ago in Pembroke, who seems to
be as fond ot birds as ever.
Famous English Tobaccos
CAPSTAN (Navy Cut)
Bargain Columns.
T ��ft  �� a.
I  Some Unusually Good Bargains Offered  By  Our   En-   \
X terprising Merchants.   Changes Daily. X
+��!�������������������������������������������� ��������������������������� ���������������������������^������������������������������������4-��i��+
Telephone Call, No. lo.
Post Office Box, K and W,
Ladies' Kid Gloves.
All Colors and All Sizes at
Reasonable Prices.
Martin O'Reilly fc Co.
From aSteamboat to ;i Baby's Rattle
Everything has a value at my store
(let ween Ward anil Josephine Streets.
We are   now   offering   Special   Bargains   in
MEN'S SUITS.      s.vMne>> WORSTED SUITS at $15.
EMORY & WALLEY,  Hub Furnishing House.
��131111 at Humphreys & Pittock's!
Bring Your Job Work lo
Iho Miner Outco   ....
Corner   Baker   and   Ward  Street*.
Ice Cream at Humphreys & Pittock's.
Big Schooner
Beer or
A number of fish were taken on Sunday. Mr. Arcbie Johnson had over
til) at Ward's Grossing. The Rossland
anglers there also had good sport
thongh tho professional tishertnon
helped to make their baskets hoavy.
Mr. Alastard Lee topjf fonr good fish
by trolling ou tlio L:ike. Mr. Anderson
of The Miner took 20 below Koolenay
Bridge nud Mr. Bosq.net (angler in
i.rdinary to the Editor of The Tribune)
caught two good sized eharr with bait
consisting of piices of white fish. Mr.
Procter and his friends got some nice
tish at Halfour. Last weok Mr. B
A. Anoitt caught a basket of beauties
in a creek noar Knskonook, they aver
aged nearly two pounds npieco. Six
good trout were takon just above the
rapids with a very small brown fly
similar to those seen on tho water.
The Rest Glass   of  Beer  in
Nelson is at the
Cor. Silica & Stanley Sts.
E. J. Curran, Prop.
Put up in small bottles suitable for
Camping and Picnic Parties.
^   ^burIss & CO
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Branch Markets in Roasland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo,
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Orders by mall to any branch will have careful and prompt attention.
LAMBERT & BUTLER, London, Eng.
To be had at all Tobacco Stores in Town.
Turner Beeton & Co.
MERCHANTS fNriLoUiN,    D.    C
$6.75   PER   TON,   DELIVERED-
All orders must be accompanied by cash and should  be   forwarded
either personally or by mail to the office of
General Agent Cor  Kootenay & Baker Sts
25 Per Cent Off
J. A. Gilker.
California Fruits SS>
Peaches,  Pears, Plums,
Apkicots,  Watermelons.
East End Grocery.
Watermelons at Humphreys & Pittock's.
SPECIAL The Doctor Orders It..   What?
3-Pound Can of Pears
Morrison & Caldwell.
Riesterer's Lager Beer
Just the Thing in Hot Weather.
Ice Cream Soda at Humphreys & Pittock's.
Children's Linen  Suits, $i.oo.
A few more Light Colored Muslins,
at s, 9 and 12^ cts.
Nelson Cafe.
Merchants' Lunch, 12 to 2, 25 cts.
open all night.
Tomatoes at Humphreys & Pittock's.TN���
...L. POGUE...
llnrKiiiiis In
WHIPS.  El'.
The Best Furnished Homes are
not complete without a choice selection of HOUSE PLANTS ; but few
have their stock complete, and they
should call and get plants nicer than
those of their neighbors. I keep none
but the best varieties.
Baker Street, Nelson
Fresh Fruits at Humphreys & Pittock's.
First-Class Board aud
Room, Todd's old stand, in
rear of English Church. Table
Board, $4.00. Room and
Board, $5.00 and $5.50.
Atlantic S. S. Lines
From Montroal
Allan Line-ralifovnlun Auk 17
Allan Line-Havnrmn Aag   |
Dominion Une-Domiplon J��f ��
Dominion Llnc-Uiimbroiimi    Aug M
Beaver Line-Lake Ontario  Auk ;
Beaver Line-lake Huron Aag Hi
From Mew York
White Star Llne-Gornianlo Auk }<j
Cunard Une-Onmpanla. A  K   ^
American Une-St. Paul ���        ��
Anchor Lino-Alienors... Aug
Allan 8'ate line���Mongolian auk i��
Krom Hoston
Dominion Une-DeiVshire auk iu
PnuwiiroH arranged to and from all Kuropean
WlnSTurrato, Uokettftnd full intcrnmtion
ioply to 0, V. U, depot agent or 0 B Beaaley
City Tickot Agont, Nelson, B. l>,
I      Gonor&lAKcnt..(:l'. R. Offlcns   Winning
Windermoro Mines.   CorrespondeEcoSol'nited
From now until the end of the season we aie selling
ill)II   'II   lslSWI ��=1 #-%v\\j
The City Council had u short inpot-
iog last evening and adjourned until
tonight to allow tbe City Fathertf to
attond the lmui|unt at tho Phair.
The Prpsliytcriau Sunday School's
Annual Excursion and picnic   to Bal-
General Teamsters.
Agents Imperial Oil Co
Dealers in Wood and Lime.
onrioB cob. hakkr a hali, nts
Bon Ton Restaurant.
Has   been   Enlarged    and    Newly
Furnished,   and   will  be
run as  a strictly
FRITZ   HONOLD.       ���       PROPRIETOR.
Josephine Street.
Bass's and Alsopp's
Indian Pale Ale
On Draught.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
. . FRESH . .
Camps supplied on shortest notice and Lowes Priueo
Mail Orders receive Careful attention.
Nothing but fresh and wholesome meats and supplies
kept in Btock
Markets at Nelson and Ymir.
Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
Incorporated 1869.
Capital Authorized   -  -   -  -  $2,ooo,ooo
Capital Paid Up, $1,500,000, Reserve, $l,25o,ooo.
Head Office: Halifax, Nova Scotia.
(iencial Banking Business transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange  Bought
and Sold, Letters of  Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the m    t favorable terms.    Interest allowed on special
deposit!   nd on Saving Bunk accounts.
AtHn, Bennett, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver, Vanconver East End, Victoria, Ymir.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.


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