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Nelson Daily Miner 1900-01-28

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:>:>*J r
Daily (Edition  No. t>.j-
Nelson, British Columbia. Sunday, January -K,  icoo.
Speculation as to Leaving
Spoin Kop.
inner circles of the (Ioverninent nre
perfectly well uwnre nf such un eventuality, but ihey have no fears for
tlm immediate future, implicitly believing in n successful enmnx of the
war ami trusting it will offset the in-
ilial blnudors,
uii   -     ��8
Reported Ihat M.ifeki g Has
Been Relieved.
London, Jan. --.-Mr. Sponsor Wil-
],i���Ml��� nitioleson the wnr situation have attracted much attention
inie and abroad, wrote tlm following review of the situation fnr
[lie Associated Picas nl midnight mid
niier the War Office bad given out a
leii-iam Irian Lord Roberts, dated at
Capetown Saturday, saying there was
nn chuuiie in the situation
"The affair of Spion Kop appears
v,ny much like n reverse at the deoi-
-m'. ,,1,1111 of battle. According to
liencial Bailer's telegram, General
Warren determined to take the hill
because n commanded the enemy's
Hilar positions, Having taken it
Tuesday Ulght, he abandoned It Wednesday niglir, presumably because he
was unable to hold it. Tin* robllehed
ueids of Genernl Bailor's telegram
have i he tone nf a reverse as announced, Whether the mishap oau ba made
good, it is impossible to say. A general attacking tins, to some extent, the
power of making bis own decisive
(mint.   General Warron may   yet  lest
tl "my hy   success   at   some   other
paint or he may retake Spion Kop nnd
ki, p il ini unless iii one wav nr another the bnttle uo w going on con be
iMip. no possibility of Lady-
sail ih being relieved General Buller's
army, unless successful, will be in a
(1' pnsition, for its retreat would
he a difficult operation. The main
l'"i foree is as mar to any point on
Ilie raiUav as is (lencral Warren's
wing nf Holler's army ; and tlm llenr
Inive the of speed. Kor this
leas ni, u- well as li.c iiise of the importance nf pnrpiso tn relievo General
White, wh may expect General Bnller to do Iks very utmost before giving up the attempt, and in this ceeoes-
sill Ins ihe best hope nf success. The
American civil war showed how rifle
lite aims, by rendering assault rtirll-
cnlit the battles last ina several dnvs,
nnd as since then the range and rule of
lire lime heen greatly increased, the
propagation of nuintlnn uf battles was
.c'eil, liiil witlioiir ii fuller
knowledge than the telegrams as vet
atlnrd, il is not possible clearly to Interpret this episode of un unfinished
light, The report from Boer sources,
thnt Mafeking lms been relieved, ia
credible, for Colonel Plainer has Keen
persistently working ill that direction
ami ihoio iias heen time since he was
Inst heard of near  (iiilieiiines  for   him
l ver   the   intervening     distance.
Moreover, the Hoers hnve wisely heen
���'������iK-.-iilr.ilintr their forces nt mure decisive noiiit-i hm it requires a report, "
London, Jan. .". ��� An eminent British Gencal, reviewing the Sonth African nffairs of the past und present,
summed it nn: "First of nil, we nn-
(h lesiiiuuic lhe cncniv ; secondly, wn
knew nothing of the power of modem
Weapons wheu oppnged to each other
Un tne hands of lolerahlv equal forces;
thirdly we ih s'rleil slrn i'l'v in satis-
l.i e ine i I y Ihn 1 iiii an Lady
sin th and kin,Ier.e. appealed tn us
nml we nnsiiTi il ns qui. kly und as
Unthinkingly   as   does   an   electric re
c ver io a itnngiiiitter. we h o
��� learned ninny tl inu-s nt chief of thorn
we have learned Unit long gnus and
nlli'H minimize tremendously tho advantage which formerly aocrned to the
ngresBor. Yet, I thoroughly believe,
and I urn not speaking without experience, that lunl any continental nation
undertaken the same task with the
'same force, ir would by ihis time
hnve been wiped nut. Hut tlm appreciation of oar shortcomings ouly makes
us the more determined. It inay ho
six mouths, nnil it may he a yenr, hut
we shall achieve our  object.
Acceptance Is   Conditional
Upon Its Decision.
London, .lun, 88.���(4:80 o. m.)���The
only news issued bv the Wni iilll ie
daring lhe nigbl is a dispatoh from
Lord Uoherls, dated Capetown, Saturn iy, smting ihe Hiluiitiiin is unchanged and Unit Genera)   Fieacb   m
I1"' II i"  nissance  (it   tin amy's
position nn Thursday when   bo  found
,1" I s strougly posted   al   Pletfon
'i'ii     1 he maps dn not show Buy such
Place ni in .ion of General Fri neb's
Operations and il is probable tint
Hi'inliuiii iii. in miles north of Col. s
burg, is ihe place meant,
\ 'O'cial dispatoh from Oolenso,
dated Wodnc.dny, Jan, IM, says that
' '"a a iiiiani Lucas Meyers'  nommnnd
���Mn pi i-i,| and siirrounileil a strong
nt i.eiieral Meihuen's infiintiv,   killing
'���'',"'" g i'.i and capturing IB.
'Hi" ilbsenoe nl news from   the   fronl
i�� cuii-iuu  puhliii  attention   IO   turn
ll ii'Miing   nf     I'nrlintni nl,    am!
'Pj "tin > as in imw the  Govern nt
will naei the iiiiucks on it witli regard
'"  tl" ennsas and conduct nf the   war
" fnriaste nl whioh  lms already  I	
{J'on m the sn. lies ut   Mr,  .inim
"0|*h i, ami others llurilig the plisl
v" k.    The Government  defense  is
potliups Ini.shiiilnweil hy lhe Hiieechcs
'""l" al I 111 ii i i.u Ini in lasl evening hv
JJI. 'I    Culliiigs  ami   Mr.   .1.    Ausiin
' liiiniiii'iliiin,
London, Jnn, 97.���Though criticism
in ilm Government nud its way nf
Handling thn war is nnabnted, It is
��ii" in sny thai when Parliament meeti
lMe"lay   ni'sl,   nnlhiiig   seriotiH   will
���"���"It     There will ho   Uio   usual   limns nf   censiiie.  wiih   perhaps   more
inn   usually   impassioned   ileniiucin
I Oils ,d    il,,,   varinim   oepml meuls   of
11 Administrative, especially tho
":" ""i  Colonial   ollli'cs     Bnt,   such
I   "'   i" lis"' nl  lhe   nvel'ilgn    Kng-
"""nm, iiiiiI such is Ilm   Hirongth   of
'"   I iniscrvnliv
London, .lun. 27.��� Mr Joseph Chain-
hci'hiin, who expected to attend the
banquet of the Birmingham Jewelers
and silversmiths this evening, was un
nhle to be present owing to tho holding of a meeting oi the defense committee, His place wns taken by the
Right Hon. Joseph rollings. Under
Secretary of state f r the Home Ollice.
and Mr. Austin ('hainberlaiii. Civ il
1.3rd of the. Admiralty.
The former, replying to a tnnst to
"Her Majesty's," deplored
tho nttltod.i of the press in regard to
Hie wnr iu Knntli Africa, lie snid
there had been no muddle in Its conduct and the fuels, when known,
would show there had heen no war in
whioh more foresight, skill ami cure
had heen displayed by ilm Government than hy the pres-nt one. Tbe
reverses, he declared, only increased
the determination   to  prosecute  work
t,. tho end. They involved lhe i|ms-
tinn whether Great Britain should
maintain her position or sink into an
insignificant third rate power,
Mr. Austin ('liamherlnin. in the
course nf his remarks, said Hint if
Great Britain had shirked ber reanon
siliiltiv the price paid would have
been tho loss in the near future if
Booth Africa, nnd hel separation is
not remote in the future from those
meat branches of the Anglo-Saxons���
great branches of the Anglo-Saxon
sicck whose loyalty, which is due to
ih'ivcuie in Ureal Britain's power
to see right done net subjects in every
portion of the world���was so dear In
Great Britain,
Lord Dnurnven, who is chairman
of the committee having In obarge the
rnisi.ig of n force of monnted sharp.
shooters for .service with the Veiiiniin-
ry iu South Africa, has appealed lo
tiie public for subscriptions in uid nf
thai object.     He savs   he   has   already
four hundred applications,whose shooting records arc high and many nf
whom have hnd excellence iu the hush.
The amount needed is BJO.OI). of which
i''.1 (lllll lias nlr.'iinv been suhscrihod.
London, Jan. '-7. ��� The defence committee ot the Cabinet met at the War
Ullice (bis i.t't. rnuon, land .Sulisury
presiding. There are reiterated remote
thai lhe   gravest   kind nf   news   from
Natal is being concealed by tbe War
oiiice It is cum said thut General
Buller's forces arc iu retrent. Lord
vVoiseley, the ��� ommnnilei inchiel ot
the foi'es, was nl-o pies.nt ut lhe
o nun of ihe cnmiui tee. fir Michael
Hieus   i on,h,   the Cliiiuoeliur ol  thn
l'.M'li.(|in r,  came in    la inl'in pui'i n-cly
in *iti. ml.   Mr.  ,1. Unmuerliiin,   ben-
r, Inn id" Sale fnr the ('ninnies, nave
up other engagements lor the as ine
I he officials maintain silence and
say ihi'V have nothing I'm' publication,
nni it is evident 'rum the u ir Office
announcements, to the effeot that the
casiiaiiics repotted hy General Buller,
occurred in Genernl Lyttletnu'o brigade, which nppnrentl. Jwas md engag
ed ut spion Kup, iimi mere haa been
severe lighting nni yet reported,
1 iniscrviitivn organisation, thai
wih i���, sarpilHing if Lord Kulln-
���'" V I majority |h even iippieoiiihlv
woakonod, This mere tally of voles',
""'in. lllllll ne construed as a real
'"'"' "I utlinniil foaling (,������ iniiiiv n
";'" "HI pn tn the (iovernmenl  Inhnv,
" '��*rte has privately   doolnred
" niennn nughl iu i.n hanger]   I'm   innl-
,  ""ni-irniinii  ami ,\M i( Lord Halls-
,',"' ""l ""I disassociate himself   from
1    " or culprits   resiuinsllilc   lor
������ lailnnnl nomination he innsl even-
"""iv tako tlm oonsequenoei,    Tlm
Londou,   .Inn.   87. ��� .1 tl0   p.  in. )���
The War   Ullice   him   nu  news nl   He
catastrophe to  Genernl Boiler's   I	
reported from Berlin nnd rtleorenln
tlm story. Neither has the War I ifflne
any explanation, nl   lanm fnr pnbliea lhe iihamlont t nf Bpion Bop,
uml there lire un nilviccs in Ihis ci n
nectioli fioin Imleoeiulenl lonrcei
Ion disposition today is In regard   Ilm
evacuation as nol  en serioci ns nl lirsl
thought and coiiiiuelilalors are aliiising
iho military authorities, both nl horns
ami al tbe front, fnr   publishing   llBSt)
one-Hints of i.n i in plate, half under
stood operation, tbne alternately thrill-
lim nnd depressing to the milioii.
London, Jnn, Jl -There are signs of
Important  movemouts  developing  in
the   iioilli   Of   I'ape   Colony.    (1 ml
li'iiiiich has   sin led   in   pelting   in
loud) wilb General Gat-Ore, possibly
presaging n ciiuihinaHnii Ol the twn
columns and the cninineiieinu ol a UOU
ccnlrali !   the forces, which is he-
lieved _0 he Ilm ground wnrk nl Lord
Uoherls' plan ol ciimpillgn.
London, Jan.J7.���Tbe War Offloe en-
lionnccH   that    Ilm ca��nallics   rnpnrlod
hy (lencral Bnller yesterday oonorrsn
III the luiltnliotl of 11 nil Lyllletnu s
brigade whioh, in far as Known m the
Wnr   Ollice,    wns   not    engaged l" Ih"
cnplure or   defei    of   Spion KOp.    It
nppeniH, Ihcrcfure, tbut   limy lire
I |   io the  considerable onnealtles
which Oeneral Bnller has reported as
having iiciuriud ul Spion Kop.
"uthusi_8._- Send Cff Given  the  rtal
wait Oauadians at Halifax���,i Peer-
l'.ss   Eody  of Men,
(Special Dispatohes to The Miner.)
Ottawa, .Inn 27.���The Government
of Hritish Colombia has been unfilled
that the aonepfanoe of the Province's
offer of UK) men for Sourli Africa is
conditional upon the decision of the
War Ullice.
Halifax, Jnn, 87.���The Canadian
troopship Pomeranian hauled nut in
the stream "hortly after  2 p.   ni., mid
ailed nt fi :B0 p.  tn.
s Thn Mounted Police nnd North West
volunteers were given a grand send
off. Fmm the armory, through the
afreets to the point nf embarkation,
the march of the men wns n triumphant one Hubs tlcw frum many
house tops'. Prom Inch buildings were
suspended hundreds of strings of (lags.
A Burging nud excited crowd took
possession Of the streets. Traffic was
supeniled   and   there wus n   tie   tip   of
vehicles generally.   Kleotrlo curs were
"side tracked" ami the mob held
sway.    The scene when tlm   procession
was nppriachlng the railway bridge at
the intersection -if Upper Watei street
anil Campbell Komi, was nn inspiring
spectacle, the sight of n lifetime. Heinle the men   departed   they   were nd-
drassed hy tim Lieutenant-Governor us
follows: "I am very glad thnt my position us Lieutenant-Governor of this
Province gives me tha privilege of addressing n few parting words to yon
before you emhirk on yonr long and
living voyage. Von renr. sent here today nn embodiment ot loyal mid parti-
otic seniimeiil thai nrevades the whole
uf the British Umpire, It is that noble mid lofty spirit that bus Impelled
you,   freely  ami  generonely, to leave
\our homes nnd lake up arms in support   of our country's cause iu the dts-
��� ntit. part  of  the umpire,   Yon   hnve
em and distinction hy so doing and ynu
havo nlsn merited your ('iiuntry's
gratitude, Oanada ll indeed proud nt
her volunteers and has every reason to
lie so. We look forward with an assured confidence that when the opportunity is given tn yen, your valor,
and cnurage under nil circumstances
will give addiiioiiil reason for that
pride. Whilo you have tnken upon
yourselves the responsibility of uploading   tlie   honor   ami fair inline  nf
v.nir country,  whioh  1 feel  nwrared.
i u never will forget, tbnso who remain behind must assume the charge
uf those near nml dear to ynu.all whom
vour nre parting from and whose cure
must bo nnrs until you return. Oolonel Heiciimei, I congratulate yon upon having under yonr eoiumund such a
splendid   hndy   of men as I hnvo   seen
here hefoie me today.   Thev nppear to
lave lieeii driiwu Irom the tliiwer of
our most vigorous and active Ciimidjnu
..iiiiiI.. ml ami such a battalion would
do honor nnd ho a credit tn nny itrmv
in Hie world, In ('(inclusion. 1 sluill
not say good live, but I most heartily
wisli you tlio b'-st of gnod tiirtune in
��� very way. May ynu hnvo n propitious voyage, a brilliant nnd victorious
nanipniun mid n Joyous return to yonr
Canadian   homes,    Uud speed ynu,"
The troops embarked in squads to
Iiiii music of "Far Away" nml " A ii In
Lang Svne. "    'lhe   men   of the Leins-
icr Regiment, and the Boyal Canadian
Dragoons,    undei    Major   Williams,
i-hi'i red luslily as the vessel l.dt |_)a
after two days' illness. The report I
also refers to one of tho New Bruns- |
wiok Cnrnp'iny being court mnrrialeil j
for having in bis possession stolen i
properly, knowing u to ho stolen,     lie!
got 80 days.   The stolen property con i
sistod of a revolver. Colonel Oiler snys i
that tbe   members   of   the   contingent
had been working   very hard   fnr   ibe
period whioh bis report co-ered.   They '
wero   frequently   on   duly at 11 o'clock
In tlm morning,   In one instannd thoy ;
had   nil their camps taken   down   nnd :
everything on the train ready to start
at I a   iu.    Notwithstanding   the barn
work tho men are in excellent spiriiR.
and doing well.
Montreal, Jan. 37.��� A dispatch hn��
been received from London aunouno-
ing ihe death nf Captain Cortland Gordon MacKuiizie, R. A., uniivo of this
cnv at De Ant janoiloil, Sonth Africa,
from typhoid fever MiicKenzie was
in oharge of tbe Iiii tish remount establishment nt De Aar, having been
sent there Inst Bummer by tbe British
authorities when hostilities were pending,
Qneboo, Jan. -7. ���At last, night's
meeting of Hi a City Council, n resnln
tion wns unanimously adopted express,
ing tlm deep sympathy of the oltlZHls
nf Quebec with Marquis nf Dufforiu in
the dentil of hi- son,  Lord Avn.
Winnipeg, Jan. 2','. ��� A petition was
tiled this morning against S. A. lieri-
raud, as nu iiiIhi' for St. Bonifnoe,
The petitioners are Napoleon Bumbo,
printer. Of St. Boniface, nnd Joseph
Champagne, of St. Portrait Thn petition nllngfs Hie usual charges Of bribery and corruption antl alad ask8 that
HiTtland     he   disipi llified    [ol     eight
It is uml.istood that a meeting of
Liberals  of  South  Winnipeg will he
held on .Monday, when a final decision will be arrived nt us to the placing
of a candidate in the field in opposition to Hon. Hugh John Macdonald,
iu the apri'onching by-election, which
takes place a week from next Tuesday.
C. A. Vonns, Liberal member f. r
Delornine. has planed his resignation
in the bunds of the Libeial Association
us n result of exposures made nf ex
Premier Greenwuy's rtenling with the
na is just now
An Interesting Gable Letter
From French Capital.
It Is Now tbe t'oliticitl lire Braid���Sig-
nificuit A nvoniont oi Frcncli
Montreal, .Tan  IT.���Daniel   Walker,
hlakemao. , mployed by lhe Grand
Trunk Railway was killed this morning nt St. Henii, Hn fell between
tWO curs, tlm >vh els rf one car pass
iug over his   i dy.
fans, Jan, 2*f.���Tha trial nf ll.i As- Fathers his inteijc ted
soil o life into nn otherwise pn saio in-
litioal week. The inns ciiiii,:i i | [he
Fathers is believed to be thn beginning of n Government campaign
against the clerical mm,
which recently has too openly enti red
ihe polilical arena.
Tho Order of ihe   Ass'iuiplionists   is
tcuiurkable for the  ascetic  life of  its
members, which, with its huge roveu
lies, bus iit'i'.iiiited tho accumulation of
great wealth, which,   according tn the
Government    supoorters,    has     upon
mainly used to under nine tho    liepuh-
Ilie,    They   have   not   ticcoptod   I ileal
'ami have  deoided   to  appeal   ngninst
j their convictions.
An outburst of piotisi.,'  in the Radical press has been oniised by what looks
like Ilm   apparent   lie I.- ..! tact   mi the
part of Cardinal Klcluird, the Aronlii
hop of Paris, in visiting .the   fathers
| and expressing his sorro.v ut their com
viction,   ami thus openly eucournging
11 hem.   The Radicals  ilemiind thai ihu
I Guvei'iiineiit take some  nuliou   ngninst
ICardinal Kiclintd for   his ovir Incuiil-
cation with   so-called   hlsgnl   associations,   Sonic newspapers iven   use the
i incident as  a lever in  fnvor ol sepniu-
I lion of Church   ami   Stale,    'Ilm   l.i-.
j truil of this agitation has air. any  beon
| borne  iu   thn   shape of an  official de-
inland upon the   Card llllll   for   an   explanation of his rim.lmt.    Ibe privnti
loretaty  of the  ArchbiMiop  ni Hurt
ays the   prelate's   reply in ihe I'r
tion without interdiction of tesi-
deuce." Tho Drcvfnsiirds are very
aii'.iy iii ihe t"..mi nl the Announcement. The A nr. ire ra!! - ii aii upright
forgery, because ii ouiiH all mention
ni ih" extenuating oiutumstnnaes,
i irl martini and the pardon.
i. livening scenes have been ocoa-
n d by thn inimial drawing tn select
consnripts from Paris h i ich begun
ihi- week, Parties of yonng conscripts
have been parading the Bnulcviirds,
wnnriug iri-oolor rosettes in Iheir button In le. and vi ith liighly colored patriotic pictnres, hearing iheir army
nniiil ers snick in the front of their
hui i, Ettoh ArrondisFOment linn its
own day of drawing at (be town ball
hi the presence nf military officials.
Tho young fellows celebrate tho day as
u holiday ami the streets of thu Arrnn-
dis'eim nts nightly resound wilb their
Hallux, .Ini
Lake     <'uiu
, jnu. i..���Tbo mini steamer
iitario. from Liverpool, while
coming in the harbor lust night, ran
down and sank tbo Dominion Coal
I'umpiiny'H hargn Al Taylor, The
barge bail B00 Inns of coal
crew       escaped
Ontario passed u   steamer nt II
last night and which
.1..  -...���...-..   A
on   hoard.
The        Lake
.. ur (1  o'clock
uuu wiiii u is supposed lobe
the overdue steamer Asbanti,
Montreal, Jan 27.���Mcl_eod Stewart,
of Ottawa, promoter of tho Georgian
Hay Cnunl scheme, is in town today.
He nnnonnoea  he hns received  word
that several members lit " o syndicate,
which is to build iho cam.I, lift Liverpool todny en route to ibis country accompanied by Ci'iisulting Kngineer
Kenneth MoKeniie, son of Sir James
Unkenale,   The first sod will he oiu-
cial tamed on Dominion Day, hut before that lime considerable money may
be rxpendcil by tho syndicate, so Slow-
art snys.
Montreal,   Jan.   _7. ��� It is  officially
announced   thai   the Canadian I'atilic
Railway Telegraph   will erect one of
lhe must up lo date (olograph buildings
ill Hie Humi ti inn on thn situ of their
present hcaih|iiii!lers in tins city. Til.
building will be eqnl pei I with nil Ihe
I'I eal iinprnvemoii'S us r>giinls fueili-
lies for handling their rapidly lucre,
ug hiiHioesH.
England Was Js'nt Cheered By the Latest War Developments.
i:-;' imi Dispatch lo Tho Miner. )
London, Jnu. 27.��� The week which
opened full ol high hopes, is closing
gloomily, Thi'result of Genernl War-
ten's Spion Kop ael ion has had at most,
a more deep listing . Ileal Ulan woulu
an ant and out reverse, so keen is the
revulsion of feeling after the short liv-
"i jubilation. Heath, tco, bus beeu
icr.v busy in high places at home, it
is said,that one week adds sneh^names
as John Kiisk.ii, the Dnkejof Teok,
and Kichurd I',. Ulackmore to the list,
i r.ui iln- Knglisb point of view there
is liothiug in the state of international
lelutions. The war is far too engrossing to permit people to pause nnd consider ii.c effect on Grenl llrilain of
tho anpareiii obango of regime in
China, while Congress calculating ou
ilia Micaiuguu onual or tho proponed
ne reus" in the aiiiiiimeiil uf the I'nit-
���n Mai's soiuoely cause a ripple of in-
ier. -t. The Foreign UQlce apparently
bns in i ilm slightest belief that tbe
i ni.'.iini rJnlwer.treiil is_, in danger of
viointiou and so far, has taken no
steps iu that matter, Neither do the
pl'o-Boers or their meetings in Ihe
United Mans any longer uttraot attention or comment, for the majority of
Ibe British have inane np Iheir minds
ilint the United States is friendly to
them, and they put aside any inani-
testations to the contrary as due to lo-
ed political onuses, which cannot be
taken as in nny way
representing un
says the   prelate's   reply to. tlie Prom- tiuiinl opinion,     A   curious exception
Ier, M. Waldock Koos-anu, on tho mil) to the general  patriotism, which   pre,
jeer of the omen e its on :'i��> :" ,   ..��� ... ;h.   nidiliiy  ���. I ::'I olnsses,
visit to tne Asuinpiioiusl   Kan, i-  a.- oconrrnl     the   other  nay,   when   Ihe
r.,r  .1,.,   I ',,1 ,'inl In.I,. I     linctial   I          , ... : I, ni ���, -l,,,slii i-,,  ..ill,,,,!,,,,,   ,,,.,,-,!,'     !,-
jet   lilt ll
Montreal. Jan. 87. -A ipeolll frnni
Halifax sins ilia' Hepiily ."���iirgenn
I bin ml Oliver, whn has si en llrilish
troops   in   all   parts of lim   world, OX-
pressed tlm opinion, after the inspection of tbe  ftniji'i-(icuoriii  yesterday,
thai lhe wi stem men were ubout lis
line a lot ot llgloinu   men   us   be   had
nu   seen,    ih" force  hnd created a
ureal liupn n-slnn iu Halifax, where
the nminted lilies nre reuiirih'd ns the
Ilm si cnnis Sinn III the e;ly.
Oolonel Mccle. who wan iu Montreal
today i n iiiiiI" In (lilnwii, said : " I
Will try In gel wi'st as hi nm as possible
I iniiit- wi' w ill lm able In leavn for
Booth Africa lu uiu mi a mouth. "
'I he Hank o| Ni vii Hcotln Iiiih sub-
set I bull fi. UUU lo Hie Canadian 1'iilri
OtlC l''und.
Toionlo, Jan. 17     Tlie Olol err"-
spondeiii,    writing   from    Belmonti
llceemhii'   tl,    sa\s.    ""It looks   mnie
like war on  lb" line "f ooromunl ia-
Hon   Th" jouiui'v iriui Belmont  up.
lin mid miles, In Modder Hiv '1.   looked
wailike   el gh.     Al danl   eviilince
exists, and a 'nl   lookout   is   lining
kept   up    Th illre   for f     tlio
Canadians, nlsn  the  Australians,  arc
keen to get up to Ilm front. I'lnin
their cMics nn kopjes, ihcy saw, wilb
Wild   impathi     Ihn   Magersfoiitein
Ottnwn, .lan 'J..- I,iciilcniint Cnlnn.1
i niei -ends a report tn the Militia Department. Which coves lhe (InlllgH (if
the lirst contingent   from December   I
I,, I) nber I?     Uefercnci' Is made lo
the dentil of "rivale Cluipnell, one of
Now   Hrumwuk IConipany, who  died
Dtlnwn,   Jan.    21.��� Goo.   Hums,   of
London, Ont., lms been appointed Collector ut Customs at thnt point In plnci
nf Mr     Held, d a-. (I.    The   position
is worth *-,-Oii.
London, Jan.   27,���O, Stan   Allan, a
well known Western  Ontario journal
1st. und popular in bicycle circles, died
al Loiaiuc, I dun
Halifax, Jnn. J7.-B.
II, I' . or Kiel ml,  N.
P,  I'lvnn, i x-
S., Is dead.
lilt    I.KVDS IN  IIKltl.lN.
Berlin, .lan   '���!"������ The North Herman
iiii'/.i'tte mis afternoon  wye ths I  tir.
Levis. Ihi'l diplnmntic uncut uf the
I ransviuil, who has   in lived   heie   fnr
the celebration of the Bmperor's iiinh
dav. wns received   bv Couiil Von Hue
low, the Minister tf  Poteign Aifutrs,
The local Anelgcr publishes n report
of an i> lervlew with Dr. Leyds in
which lm is quofrtl lis saying Ills pres-
iinee tu Ih ihn has liothiug to do with
politics but dim merely |o the Inviia
linn tn the dli'l'ilnallc dinner, which
ll'i lllln    leceivi'd    fnnn    Ibe      lllip'linl
Chancellor.   Uegnrdlng mediation Dr.
Leyds snid Hint Hie Boers had no occasion i" appeal tn nny one Everything wns going splendidly,   As to ti s, (if peace,   bli personal   opill
ion WIS thai (Ileal III 11 nt ii would have
Iii return a large   pinllnii   of Hm tern
tiny she bad   sell d   from   the   Huers,
ami lb" Ked.ial   Republics   would,    of
t'lillise,   Obtlln   every    giuirnulee   that
not ii   hair   uf   their   kinsmen   would
suiter.  No W0rds,lia OOntlnU-d, need In' iiliuul   the   absolute    uidepend
eiiee   of    the    Republics.      Ladysniilh,
Mnfikiiig. atid KiniliKrley,    Dr.   l.evds
conniiiied. were simply   piimuis,    Willi
the   solo   dllli l. mo   thai    Hie   llrilish
bad IO . "llsume   II "li   OWII     I'n.I isbnei
tor the Correctional   tritmnal I
nouiiced tin' dissolution of III! i,...
was very simple. The Card ill a I sain
hi! bad no thought thnl his action hart
any siguiHriance, Ha simply wished
to synipiitni/.c with ine Fathers on
passing tlirougb  u  pnlnfiu eient.   He
.nil nol wish lo pmtit-t i,gainst ihe verdict, and the words attributed to the
Cardinal, he added, were a garbled
summary without uftinlnl atiaiaoters,
A special dispatch to Tho Temp.'",
from Home,   says:    "According In in
formation from tbo best source, thu
Vatican, though ingietiing tbe conviction of the Assumpiionisis.would have
preferred that  Uardinul . Kb in,is had
not made lhe visit hy whin; the 0116-
lilies of religiiin might profit Hail
Hope     Leo   been   consulted,   <'annual
Richard would not havo made the visit
Which wus kind, mil md politic."
'ilm National 1stoignudenounces tbe
Government for its prosecution ol
political opponents whioh they declare
was the sole motive of the   trial.    The
result of the trial  furnished tbe  most
cxcitdig session of the Chumhei    I De        Lo  don, ,' n
punts since   .is reopening,    a   suing bus i.ceidsd to
of Deputies rose for  thcpnrposeol n   I militia hattiilt
iiiiuiaiing the statements ot   the public
pi'oseciitoi,  Hint   Il;.y   were   iiiutd   at
ilieii election hy   the   ASBllluptiouiSIB,
,-M'niriiluns anathemas  wero lununhed
al Hm head   of   the   pn die   proseemor
ami tlm inif.itilimit.'   Minister ol Pnl
Ik:   Worship, M.  Mollis,  winch   n suited in thu spectacular cxmilsinn   id    le
Bernard.   Though   there    baie    Lcuit
many exciting scenes in the I haiohir.
Ibis wns the Hist ijiue since lhe Drey.
ins ngitaliiin lhal tlm mili'iiiv tuts
eecu sutiinumod tu expel 11   Depiiiy.     II
nns succession of Indignant disclaimers wns intended in oreate a wave of
feeling ngninst ihe Government lu tbe
' hamper, it fulled ulleil.i and mill
elicited vole wlin ll gave ll'esb piiid nl
.be strength ol Hm uovornment.
Repeated iillirimilioiis hy a large sec
Hull    111    the    I'lalll'll    press,     llml    lhe
Hritish jingoes ami the Chum burial n
clique in the Cnliinel hnd deioiminen
o pick a quariel with Prance in order
io recoviii tlm   prestige Ureal   Hrltnlu
nns lost in i.uiiipc, hv her ii v. is, s in
,-outh Afiica nnd that Madagascar
miiiiiii he the lirsl point "f nttnek. have
I  lied  whlll   is regarded  Inn   a.   enu
III ii'illli.n  in    lhe    iiiiiuni in'    lhal
1110 Goterniuenl    has   ile.nlid    ,,,   di-
iiaiib n,iiiiii troops there ami to form a
i,|(lllel"eillllp mill    al'seniil    n       Diego
Mini.   The O-Vernmenl explains  that
lhe move had    LO    Mi' ("nil sl-lille   iIII ,
nut Is merely u pan ol the hIipihij nu
inmn.-i .1 plan id l,iitil. ni" iln i olon
ies. H is denied that ii iini any < i n
ncet inn whatever with   Great i ritaln, ,
Ktlgllsb designs in Maiiiigasear and In t
 ni ii    nni,in, u   to  prtivoku    �� nt
sooner or Inti i ll not merely n i nnstnnt
cry nl " W"il "in Anglo] In   i npi i .
hut iinil.ilihiiillv    I Ilillg    an      i i    n
ni   faith v. Hh lhe mas.   n|   In Hell pco
The tuiiie i ' i uroyfns has nm
yet subsided in some quartets Thi
Nationalists pross ha- been nine It inn
Hm (invi'i nmi ni i.n having -appro wi
illegally, n is alleged, the publication
uf me judgment ..i ib"   Heunes   court
Icrshire volnnti eis rc.pi et,..
ntUiul Lnnl Sherbourue tor a riUurunge
nn his i siales. Thev received the
reply that if the people of England
wanted rill.- ranges thev must pay for
tin m.
Only n very few ol Ihe regulars are
left in Bngland, and these nre bitterly disappointed bemuse they are nn-
1'ble to go ont to South Africa. The
shipment i I raw Yeiimnnery In South
Africn and keeping the seamen bom ���
mis given rise I" further sharp criti-
ois'ii iu military circles.
A 14-pound si'iui nntnuialic rapid tiro
nmi, made by the VIkos-Mnxim Company, for the Now Department, wns
tested ihisjwielc in the presence of tbe
United .'-laps naval attache Lieutenant
( aiininnnilor Colfell and the Admiralty
nlHcials, Twolvi rounds" were fired
satisfactorily and 2(i hundred feet initial viln'iiy was secured with Ii tons
prcssnie. The woaoon uill now bo
-hippeii in the I'nited States,
.;   -The, War   Ollice
I  uly two   additional
und another batten
Loudon, ,1 n. 27,��� From tbo'.fleld  of
i riy i nil' n 'I ml HI ir> criticism it
,   . . I i i ii ii. in ,.n   , xtruct   from
a I  Iter of nn officer lit tlie (runt,    whn
v',1,- "An orderly was bringing
- ti v   it iii. n a wounded  man,   dying
ii ihi' ground near mo, shut through
the abdomen,   He could  hardly speak
Wing to the divings of bis month, lint
lie said, "lake ll to my pill Mist, he's
norse hit tliau me.' " After reading
this, (mo can understand that General
Hnlli r did not slop ovi'i when lie
line I. '  The men Ut. splendid.''
Lorenzo Marquea, Delngoa Bay, Jau
id    ii is lejioii.ii on good Transvaal
nilh.'ill.  I Imi Mafeking   was   relieved
i u   I Ul -dav. .lan    ' "
Loudon, Jan. 27,   'lhe depattora rrl
ih"  ii i.mnv   ��� ntinn   of  Hi"  Loud, ii
i, Inn',, i s,    nun,In i lug   |;|| men, were
"una I this  mug   fnr "-' ni 1 lm in |
Inn Will re thoy
[nr All ie i
Ml i      ||
embark today
i li ii i * 'niii |..
Tngi i' Blver
Modder Sprint. Upper
I ru it iv, Jau 18. ���Tin
Hun n era I nw endi stoiIng In foroe,
wtth iu,"en troops, the Bpion Kop route
to mitli The Orlug mi <leneral
ll' tha'- position v'-ii ma, u ns terrific,
The grass wn- liieil. rooks dislodged
and i rem h." |ilni pd, hoi the battle
wa- prni I li nllj one slih d, the Pederals
only ii hoi      i he in Ing censed
nt i 'ik, bnl wu    " uiiieii Dili   morn'
Ing In   the v i   nnil   111'    "1'h    and
III te
lb i in .hm    ,     -mm "i Ihe piipci
i. i , iiiiiii ���,   lm ,    i   lelegrnin   from
in, ti    i   lyimi   thnl General   Wniren
war   ' nl   mi'    fplon   Kop. w here
tlie Hoers fell upon him, thnl i ��� ol It
, aim   n    M   n    -  mi in.  I    nnd Hint  Ilui
Im     liusty tctrcnt     et the Tugela BIT
'V'"""1     K in-     '"(.allllal.    he  llllll , |1|M|
ol   win,  has   yielded    by    having   lie
sentence posted   nt Bonnes   this  week
In tho foreign form, "Dreyfns, Alfred,      Bi-rlln, Jsu   21     ll   In   aid that tlie
volunteer as  captain, pmnntlcnri   nn German K nu  tillloe   bus cnuflrmn<
tbe general  staff,   high   trusion,   ten 1 Hon of ihe report   tbal  Gonernl   War.
years detention, nud military degrada- reus divi��iou has been defeated.
Te .ih Y
CAUSE MM Tl     :
Navy  Will Soon Be Mi   i
Powerful Than Russi   ,
It is Said Th.t the J spam      *
Moveiiieni  /'
tlie I a
London, Jnn, ���;;. i        ,,,-.
noon newspapers .i-s.   into tl
nre todny of iin- new .:..���
ship Shikishiran with
cations in regard li ,
China, especially . it is unn i 1
that she will i nib uvoi trarcrsi the
Sui z canal by divi   111 : .. ,-
armamoiit.    Up to the
ship of her sine bn
Loudon,   Jan
thai tin' depiu
was dire,nil    .:,,,   |,
China is lm on net,
Press learn- todaj
(ailing wmi   :, ���  iled
Q   I
ago, and  a lan���������        | , ,,
board her pn i
the I'diiinnir   ,      I'hiiui      Bul
this incidcni    w.i
importance in iii   alt,  noon
ii -, tho Associah (1 Pn     , j
that il    in I mi
of the secret ainu , ,.
tbOSO who are in .   .  ,-.,,   i     ,;
tracts, have for .-   i ,.:
ongbly believed -in-  n . dinted sti king
a blow ai Russia
If this   iinpi'i ssion    .  correct
there is highest nud n i      cousi n itivi
authority on �� hicli lo   ��� ase   it    it it
not unlikely thai Jnpai   9 -    i nn
be forced ami the una li Intended    i 0]
will he atti'inpi. J l. io,,. in i plans  an
oomplotnd.    li maj ; ������ that only
nieiliiat. s for the pn . nl   a demonstration to prevent  Kussill    In ,,   ih, ,;. -,_;.... ,,;,., h v irioi
lespoinleiiis   hive  credited   her  with
since the change in Oh I nn's Bmpi ror.
Two powerful w ..*��� vossi Is, built   for
Japan    on   the   < lyde,   will   soi      bi
reiuly In sail, while others   arc   i   del
course of construction,   The  Bin
has not nttracti il much   ntti i
theii importance as international   fao-
inrs may be judged from   a   Rtal
ninile to a repi rl. r   nf   the   Assoi    "
Press by   one   of   Kng land's  v,   . ,  i
sllip hoilders,  wllO   'hilar, d    ih,
sels bnilding for Japan were the   uiosl
powerful   In   tbe   world,    - .,
the Japanese vessels in  course of con
stinction would hnve   been   com)
before now had not Japan onoouuten i
Bnnncial    dtflioultits,     The    l-iitish
builders would ii"i let tbe .. - .
until everything was paid for  iu  nasli
in acompllsh   nns  Japan   Induced   n
syndicate  ol   English   bankers ti    u
vaiici' the money and tbelr notl n lia
been Ihe subject of a good deal it    pri
vote cnli. i-oi  in  tlie inner   ad 11
ciroles, when   it   wa-   reullzirt     ha
I minus   naval   power   Japan
iiccuinulating alio iboiigh   (Inat    i    ll
nin's strength   was   nol   impnin      I
miis thougbi   luartiisable  for   I
capitalists to -ii materially assist Japan
m bocome a dangerous rival
A well known naval   ox p. 11    tell
reporter of the  Associated   Press  ths
if Japan puts in commission tbe
BOhl dllh'.l foi   -, i \ ii 0 In    the    mar    III
tuc. she win be ready t'nr war within
six mouths ami can tin n defy l('
and as the Japanese and Russian liiin.
at present in tbe I'm liast, compsre,
Japan's Hi. t will have aii eici I leu i
cliniiee ni controlling thi
Bt, Petersburg, Jan   ',     i hi Moral I
pnldishi's a point! d   in in |e   dlsi
the   recent   experimental   tram i
Russian     tloops   10 Kuskb,    and
plainly :       Iln   lin i-   01 llgl d    to
ptecautionary measuti - mi lug   to Hi
rtlitorhani ��� ol tbe balati a of | nwer in
���mi-. i|in in
. i   ii  ' i i ii    i
unjust, therefore, to  blnrae  Knsstn
sim is mnking  preparutn
the long nm betweeu P \i
rii,ne '
swii'i-.ii i ill.   u iiiii.i   I
A   Mnsi   U-irnordlnary  Robborj   Iti
i,. rted hn in ' Ittawa
(Spi ��� mi DI pa ah to Th   '
< Ittawa, ���      111,   ��� nm
i  and nngi r In tho Hell Street B
i,ill- I  I   In,I. ll   ill     a     'l  ,
I ell' e   till I      'I lllll    tl Wll
to  bave   been  a tl in  tin
school row ni tie i.i. Iho con
gregation   wot i oil li ml   all often
del I illg  loin I'll III 1 he  III
Hhi i Mv nfi     ��� o'i li   i ever) thing
in n idln        md the 1 i.:   n,
prnpnn for Ilu ovi iilni i nti rlulnii
which    ii      In au      a
o'oli ilmut
ihe i.e,i, s rcit indi..
Ill  11 lid Illg lhal  He | dis
a;.|    and       All III III
plati s. |
svcrythlri boil   and    thi
fourti' a tebh   weri
was su] ' iu had i tl whs ���       ileal
Joke, hm I i"' ai'"' a|i an nt thai
there wn  no |oko alaro . .  md
ihe si. Ini    i "    Indelli itel    i    '|
'I he ni ���-,   h e   "��� , 11 11| i    i     In 11 '
rn ihe pnl;,,. iiiii   nothing   ra fa
been discovered as to who tn tbe  pet
pelllll' I    nf Ilm    'aim. 1
_.u.ison Daily Miner
edge i innigh to correct tbo mistake, or
wit enough to question it or ask for
proof, '
co-pl Monday.
n.s'Ml.VKIt I'lllS.'IN'l) & H.BUSHIS     C
11   '    BK . r' in.-. |,-,iiin.-iii���i Manniior.
m r
1 Pi cki 1.
Mr, Houston's paper is  very   angry.
\ .   ment ol faot in The Min-
ei nni" itself has thrown It into
a violent passion, The statement was
innocent and inoffensive, and qnite
usual with other enterprising nowspa-
pel ��� ui'di r like circumstances ; but it
was the spark to explode Mr. Houston's
id vindictlveness, These it
was 1: in   to expose   in ordei
ro introduce the following veiy troth-
ful remark: "They (the oitizens
sun thai Nelson is ool large enough to
rl two dully newspapers, ond
they r re : I oir patronage to thu one
that " .:.. - nearest voicing their views
��� ni questions that nonoern Nelson's future welfare, "    They   do; they do.  in
The London, B, 0., Review says:
"'lhe tronbln ill British Columbia todny is that the   men  are   led   hy  the
���i"-i'   by doiegates whose   notion is de- 	
term!tied by a lot of  half-baked  social
;""' ''���'��� p��1,t,onl '���'""i,i""' *"��� Whittaker's Almanac
snail ol being   goverund   by  common-
sense business   oonsideratious,   S01 r
01 later the mru will got very tired of
their leaders. A working man will
fight for higher wages or belter hours!
these things he understands and ap-
precintes But for vaguo theories ro
L'aniing mythical effects of the con-
tioct system and such liko ho will
tight neither lone nor heartily. Then
is every likelihood thnt Btablc rela-
Itions between labor uud capital in the
mining industry will be airived al
short |y.
Turner Bees,.) &Co    LUMBER.
Cash Books,
Day Books,
Office Supplies.
terday   tbere    nnpeared   In  any nther member of   the  LeaM.iiun
Mr.11 inst n's paper 888 inches of what  to bulldoze biui."   No, thnl n- ool ii
purported to   he   paid  edvertising; In  objeotiou,   The objection  is that   1   -
The Mioer of ihe same dale ibere were  too obtuse to onderetand Hint a ".peak-
be i, every Hne of which is paid !e_ js not Kuppo,,,^ to be n partisan, and
:l  ton ignorant of parliamentary pr fl-
ure   to lm fitted for   the  position.    He
A  ii",n by    Ministerial   prim    says:
"The objection   to Tl 1:1s   hor-lcr i-   -��j IT i.
th.1 im will not allow ir m. EnensorMNew and important
Delivered to an any poi
Kooti'ti'i'i   Lake.
1 on
"��� \~T "'
.'.p.! j
Just arrived from Milwaukee.
i! 1 dan
These figures show thai the
patronagl goes to the newspaper that
is appreciated purely on its merits as a
Kelson enterprise.
While  engaged   in   comparisons    it
may i uteri onl that Mr. Houston's
paper yesterday printed 128 inches ol
telegraphic news, set in nonrse type;
in yesterday's Miner there wen i!i 1
inches in fine type, Mr. Houston will
doubtless he rejoiced to learn thai the
circulation of The Daily Miner has increased by over one hundred and lifty
copies Bin ��� last Now Vein's day.
From time to time, if he desires it.
wo shall he glad to tell Mr, Houston
many other things it will tickle Imn
to know.
"8-OU Miles  Aci'i
Price $1.60,
, "s\
��� >
s.i I'.iiil'ihi
Mr. < Ireen wns late to lise in the debate "ii the Address, but he managed
to distinguish himself notwithstanding, He was speaking of tbe mining
tie ��� Bienl In the Slocan and of the
year's business.    A  Government paper
��� ; Imn as  saying:    "Even for the
pre   nl  rear 18,000,000 would probably
the   profits   ol  the  Slooan,
il   output   would   probably
1 .-������!   tor   the  year   1
"l his is jun much for   The Eootennian.
i: woold  I - only  too  glad If it were
ti.te,   1 c.t   ns    oldfasbioned   ideas of
.  v. 11   not pcriuil such   mislead-
it ttemi uts   to   go   unchallenged.
,, iordin  ly it pays its   respeote t" the
mn member  who appears to bo  iu
a e md-   on of I appieet ignorance 11 the
ition   in   that   district. In the follow .nn ra   ��� and polished mnnuer:
'hi  Ki   ten ilan bus  published   tbe
1 ligures   of   ore   shin
uu 11 s   !;, m   the   Slncnn   month    by
ii during the  yonr, and   in   Issue
,,f the nth instant, thero   appears   ths
for   the   year,   viz.    84,480.'_f*-8
pounds .nrth   91,407,468. This
i�� , in .fifth the amount stated by Mr.
i        , but oi nns the shipments mad'
,       to   tbe   in-t of June,   when   the
linur  law  oame     Into   luce.
ted to |1,11)8,514, leaving for the
��� , months that   has elapsed bIui e n
pit! il i    bi �� in- of  1868.964.    In fair-
icy   nute   thut  there was  a
     -hipped   tbrongb
Hb       i litv to Ni isnii which is in t in-
thi custom  returns, bul   we
are uu ible to give tlm exact figures, alibi "     ll will not oo anywhere near
be total value  of  the oi
, ool think   that  Mr.   Green
In ully   n idled   the House     We
i  . idi D   B   I" where   Mr. ilrccn
11" has heard at some
1   -' Dill I  tho    lignies    nl    SOVI 11
ol ,! i a ted  ai the value
i      tpul for  the  whole of
ni   one   of  ita   boom
:     nn  in the oonsoiou a
i ��� the   members  were
ml   ihau   himself of
Ki   ' in-    be  grappled   np
in-  memory tins
i toltlplli stlon   of millions bi
' thul   tin' Blgbt-Honr
ni,,, d the output of tbe Bin
���   previous year,
"Tin   ;i   nh nt  i-   u sad eoninieiitary
upon i" llgenoe of  tbe   U Rlsle
tun   ���     "in ib    Columbia,   tn   tbe
-imi-���    : : i, del at" Mi   Booth, ono nt
inn   in   tbe   House,   stated
posed that  he bad voted fnr
Iho  1 limn   law, bu'.   that he did
���   hi time that be wa i  di -
in n in create grant
��� ��� than  any othor ever put
on I books  of   the   I'n   lm
n   ol 1890   passi tl   ai
i wiih   stealtb ami   sei reoy,
i �� hose keeping we
I ��� I   oor   interests   mil   one
to   "ha!,. UK"  ll  to   ask  a
in  cnli   attention   to  its
'   ��� he -an mbers can c np
0    lb,use      ii   lllllll,     ri    ' "I
nml    ��� ilously   Inclined
i      i   lis  ".   ."Mnn      They
rtjSCO   -:ini  and     liie
:   v ith ai i:   rits
in ni from   the represenl itlve
i obiefly niicei' d  ii
in Hu \ statement wild]
gi"i' ilsi   ami again  thi
not a man ont  ot  ibe  US with kuoisl-
appe.irs to ho another Mayor of Nelson.
Wholesale Houses.
A'full line nl'
Harris ! lorn  mad*. Tweed
Fancy Full Goods of
every description. Call
and inspect my stock.
1 have a complete sunk
on iii
t.iM i
i it
. .1 ���
UliULIUX-iM, .'.-AMI DO   ti
An ounce
worth  a
ol prevention is |
poiiiul   of  cure. I
null   anil   fidar
Limited.���Cornor Ver
Streets. Nelson, tnftiiu-
fooLuret-i of nnd wholesale doalorfi In ru.ri.U__l
watera and frnli syrups, Soloageata for Hal*
oyoo Springs minora, water.
���.V M. ('iiuiriims, U's.-1-t, Kvcrv known
variety of M_fi drink*. P. O. Box 138. Tole-
phonoNn 81. Hoover Street Nolson limtloii.
tif (In' K.LJiiiiuri Hi. Iaou Hut SpriiiKn -.linen.!
wlier.. you am  depend un  K-llincr Hie  host
jmuvulnths market ana_any quantity from
Wc. up,
Prices cannot be disputed,
'PHONE 911.
mmu ll ia:. : :.
.UTAH,.  I-l lllll
Frank A. Tamblvn, Mgr.,
Baker Street, Nelson
Windermere Mines,   Corrosp ���''occoSoroit.ri
Mill ul. I'I LOT BAY.
Tunis,   NELSON and I. VI," lit I
_*���/". I
Insure your life
agent Ontario Mutual
Life Assurance Co.
Insure you- house, house furniture
and pianos with J. E. Amiable,
agent Victoria-Montreal and Equity
Fire Insurance Companies.
We have just received
a carload ol choice
Hudson's Bay Stores
West Baker St., Nelson.
Telephone 13.
J. EVANS & OO.    lU.a-i'S'roL"., Nul  ,
a  boii. who oritue deatertt In Uquo s. uig-irn I
cement, lire l> lok mul QreoUy, water pipe und ;
steel rails nnd general oomtnlBsioii merobHnla,  j
Limited.- Kraut street, .Semun. whole-1
Nile deulei-i In   flmtr,   meals,   eta, and  hay
and grain.   Mills iti   ICdmontun, Viotoria and
New   .Vest... ln,.it er.    _Clu\ator_ on Calgary &
l.'liiioiittni Kail way,
A Piano that improves under
usage. More musical than
others and lasts longer    .   .
Mason & Riscii
\ Piano that lias nol only
won a reputation, hut a Piano
that is constantly accentuating that reputation, nothing
being left undone by its
makers to advance the In-
instrument musically and lo
keep  up   the   high   standard
Stationery Go., Lta.
A MACDONALD 6c CO.- Comer Ver-
��� im. and .'-.- ,'iiiiic streets, wholu-ulo
.i" fManajubberHia bUiuutH, glove*, tnttis,
two   |   rubbur-i, mackiii;iw_ aud mluetu' nun-
BUKNa A CO   'I-'-'i"
,le-ul,    ,
1,1 slum,
P  BUKNa A CO   H��Korstrcol, Nelson,
.     \. lluR'-uli-   ilralil.-    Hi   |;i.'-|i   uml   CUrtl't
ink, i .-unl  ..tlaou.   U  :     ���*!.
.���is in fiv bimdi u.-U  nun -
I'I b.
ll. ll iltlu.j
ill lin.,ml
mil  inuiii
\\ tllllu-
TURNtR,   t_r_.__.TON   A   uO.   forner
\ i ri.u.. .mil .in-r, linn: aireec*.  Neuon i
wholft-talu dot-lorn In tiquur_  olgarn uml dry!
jjoodn    Agent-for Patw urewiug Co  ol .Mi.-
iva hooaiid Ualgar) Urovvltg Co. of _.��lgaiy.
HUOojN'o BaY GO.     khol.-tale g.o-
uuriwanti uqi ..* ��� , Link, r M.,No.H.n
lUM-lur* in prot btioi
d, CD- l' irner Vornon
stre i> Nelson, who tunia
itOur* 'i me lu, uutter .-ml
I lie Nelson Gas Co.
Will show a line line of
Has stoves ai Ranees
Al    their    new    office   iliis
week,   Announcement later.
Great .Reduction!
$9.65 per Ton
$6.15 per
MILLS,   i-iMH
'  l'   nml ;
II,ill   -s-iims,   ...Im.ii    nn.iiii a, i ana . nf  nml ]
IVtlulOMlle ill al. I- ill Midi  .   li   iHMns;  all   kllals
ul lai In. >   l\,a I. in all il.-r.
In. I
n.'   J,.-.', ,iiiiii' aii,l   iiiih".   -l.,ils.    AkU.
In , lu a Ouruido and  i\ i Iktntl Aoulylcnu i
Mnclilnul ,���
II.Mlll (HM,
A. R- BARROW, a.m.i.cb.
Provincial Land Surveyor, |
1 nil i P Viol n ��� i an,I lv - i,.l. u i.i .- ;-.
I'. O, B01      ' Telia,I    Nu li',
I. < .1.111 l\ I   ,. i ll him,
Livil  linnineer..   und Provincial
Land Surveyor!,
' "-M.
Hotel -^
My $12,000 stock of BOOTS AND SHOES must be sold
inside of 30 days.
Ladies' Fine Shoes,
Men's Fine Shoes,
Children's Fine Shoes, I
The Best Goods
from the Leading- Factories, at your own
price.   Don't fail to call Monday.
lll'l- nml llnllnlli' -j.!, in
Hi.Iiiih li i.>nl Willi,\. , i, .
GAS    ml   OIL   ENGINES,
Nelson Cleaning and Dyoin. : p. J, BRADLEY & CO.! RPEOIA T 9 A T V
Establishment- *rhblAL bAL*L
H.  I). IMK.ltUK Prop.
Ladles' nnd Cuius' Clothlnff deam
dyed, altered and repaired.
If... ���r �� l.rl.. .1,,.-.. ..I...
Painters nnd
Atlantic S. S. Lines
Ulllllt. i-will   l|���,I   ||    !,,
Ilini,   ulll. III iilli., H (������
Hi, Ir adrantA_o in
"i. I'aiiiiiii^.
Mrs.    McLaughlin's
A Mini
Allan 1,1,,
" J- C.T. CROFTS, ilui ,
til ii.kv mini;
ii i,i ntrool
i'. I- i iimi .-win k Onoi
KNHINKKIW AMD   AUKVI'H. jn       .       nn A(,OT!T. n��
ESTtMATis,   plans,  reports. ' L. A- i IvUbbLit,   M_.nui_;or,
���, Frum I'urllninl. ��lc
, ."lurontlan" run. 31
'.Iii"    ( iiiiiliriiniiin" Ki'l'.   II
Dominion Uno "VMoouwi*"...**.'';*,Kb. 17
U'l.lin ��,..- . 1        Krom No-   N nrk
vMiilo Slir Lm,, "Toutonlo", IVli ,'l
Jnohor 1  "Aioliorla" ....     Kb 8
North norinan Umd ��Hii|ilo".      '        .'. .
)l"'"'J'"iiii   I.I""   "Si,   I'nul"     y,.h  7
'���'I ���-l'r.l.!!!.."H,'s|l.,-���|���,���|"         Kg, 7
(   inai'il  lain"!.man,,."..  i.,,��� "���',
Allan hum, i,i������ 'sua,, of Nobnulka'.Mnrcli I
,,.. Prom iii'stnti
'"    N.-W Knitli.nrl" Ki'li. 14
11    ,,  ,    i1*'.1.*"1" st 'lo|i". N' �����
',"' <JOntario" Inn 81
Minn com:"  j,',!, 7
i���,m'rs'""i.'","T""'*",'! I"'""1 ,r"1" "" Unri'i"'""
i   i'���i-     l;V"r',i,;'"",""'"l dill l.,frn,...lion
���liv 1 ... .AiJ'?_E��J"***.' m ���'   B. Bea-loy.
_ ,   W. ]'. P l'UiilUI\'(lS.
Uouoral__m,bI,UftH,ot_o��. WlnulrM
Hl'll! II' |  ||| NELSON DAILY MINER, SUNDAY,  JANUARY 28,  1900
Al,,. .1 Biief Sortie  Across the Dining
liM,m   11    '''toll. 11 the Enemy
W.s   ompl toly louto .
(ll  UU"
ll   -II
l.,ilaii hits (I'tin.i iHliei I im-
11 ihe iii'iKiiii'i'Cc "ahs i'"i
lilted liv Ilini, but im tlm (itliir
saiti'ri it lm entered intn Hn
dm ni'i'iiHiun und ourried off
i iiiiiini'H,
1 in tlm verv early   hniirn  yes-
1, 1 init,   Unit   Mrs. Jjal.uu he-
niMMi'Mii'i-. or tbmisht bJih did,   thnt
.,,������. 1 nr wns 11 oviiiK  in   tne  house.
linn ii as   all   illliilllKill    in li    llliinii'iil
innl iit-r siispii'imiH  were regarded   by
IHlauSl lid l> Ill>- sum (In Of KOIlieOUH llllll'-
|ns in 11,1' .liinnu riiiini, anil a moxt
initililn 8i|iienk from the rtonr l-iidina
lining I'liniii to tbe kitchen,
iimed tin' il'ii'iiii who pi'iici I'.lial
|i nni, Hv heonnie utt'icheii to the pro-
1)(i- cnil nl' hm revolver mi'i ootinnenooil
fi,,,,,,,,! a   tin'  iMimi'v.   wh"   by
(I,,! mil      lll'l"       I'lltl'l'IKllliH      ill     tl ,'
I Ik> itiack ii(. une.' novum en
nr -B th    v.   il   i'f th" din   i_
11    ;.   . 1; ,
b    iti  11 ' e HiTfl cnli I Hn
p0Hi in.,   n(   llin   enemy wiih   full}  i  -
Vt'i. !�������� 1.      I In'    doctor's lldvlllK l> WIIH   sn
Will , Vl'llll'lt   that  llO    Ollt-l!lll!lllllYlTl"l
tin'iiiciiiv hy croKsniK the open plain
in il." full niys of a soihtIi li(,'ht
jiniismg from n chandelier nhnve. But
la' iimi no harassing shell tire to oon-
1,'ini wi.h nud the movement wus no-
rominished in I!"0'' order, Renoblng
tlie drift between his position in tlm
dining room nnd tbe enemy's entreni li-
uiciil in Ilu' kitchen the doctor hello-
griiplied that they had b. ttcr rapitn-
Uic to aviiirt bloodshed and he offered
tn iniiii them as prisoners of war until
tin' iniiii" arrived. These terms were
not received with fnvor und the enemy, being paralysed by the suildcn-
n.'-s, 1 the attack, were not able to
bring their Rnns into notion nud prepared to retire to n neighboring kopje
'iln1 attacking force endeavored to
onillaiik tins movement, but tlie enemy, being iniirn mobile, Hindu good
their retreat lint tlm rinotor mimaicd
to drop two well directed shells Into the
retreating force and ne. no sign of bullets inn be found iu tbe wulls, it is pv-
iddil lhe enemy carried them off
Tlii'.v made a Blight stand for a mo-
i'iiiI on tlm viraiida.biil the iittacklng
fun'" milled into a new posiliou at tbe
(loin. By (his tunc the nuiiny was in
full retreat across tho veldt to the
back gato. While attempting to escape
tbe doctor again brought his sun Intn
position und poured three volleys niter
them,   But the two men got'nlonr, and
il ii'inv  liuving been  driven oil'.
genernl l.allau dispatched an official
roport tn the Police Department, _iv-
lim details nf the engnBemeut, and
Btnting  that    the    list  of  casualties
WOnll 1 !��� :(-('i'ltailh'(l Inter.
Tii" Police Department were enrlv
on the Bold bnl all efforts to lonnle
the 1 liemy were for the time nnsocci B��-
tn. There were alsn reports yosterd iy
of two looting sorties ticing perform*.
i',l, rvi,I,.inly by the siime force thn'
met defeat iu the night attack on the
l.nHnii Lunger, Prosser's second band
store and the uld Cariosity Bhnp were
entered inula large nrroantof stuff
curri-il nff. The police bave eveiv con-
li'linci'thai the I'lilnrils will speedily
lm !������ lninl ilm hare, Dr. T.iHnu is sore
that one bullet, nnd perhaps two, took
effect, nut of the IIvm flat he tiled.
The two nn 11 disappeared before he
[���oiild gi 1 u good look at litem. Notb-
in_ was miB-ing from Inn bouse.
in tlm meantime three mon have
ln'i'ii nrnsliil on suspieion, mill tbe po-
nliilent   of   hiivinc    ell    ilm
lies ,
(ili'iul'is :.n 1 ti���.jr accomplio
prison within 34 hours.
safe in
Mr, 11 0. Bnchuiiaii, of Kasln. paid
o visit to Nolson yesterday.
Gen, 11,11 8s Co., W. P. Tiernev nud
���I- ,1. Walker have now advertise-
mems in t,ulny's MVI1Ti
Assistant City Clerk WassOU was
M" tu ii'lni'ii to the   ollice   j-.'Hierilii..
"" '"'���' u luid np two nr   three
cans with mi iiiiunk of la grippe.
"'"' ��� P, K aaibnrities are now
oeiioii ding for n sue fer their uptown
Mia. which ��in In-ail und.r oueroof,
oever-il eligible sites   are   now   under
"iiisidcnit mn.
Although there will he no skn'ing
"tne rink till   toniorro*. their is ex-
''',' kntimi near the C. P. U. wharl
'   ," several  enthusiasts  to,.k al-
vsntagn last evening.
V'flnrilay ll Ft i-l���liri���  Mr.   O.   M.   Kos-
"ni" hail mi   display   linn   Bpeeiiliena
" t-'al na me and  carbonates from   Ins
,'"" "lice Ci-ck u.uir Aiuswortli.
ll1" rmirih nl .Inly.
''"' ''i'"    Department  was  onlled
;"";!" ;"'c k yesterday evening
"'tlie Knnlinniy ||���t,.|,  wneta   ��� ,,iljm.
w��i I,,, t|rH,   jj,e brjOTae>Wp0nrt.
,.**""   i'i   usual   proiiiuiitude,   but
<ii'ir.-.r''i'v",eB were uot "fter "n'"'
in the advertisement of Neelanrt'��
111  I'-'iiiiormm yesterdav tbn value of
���l li i     ,""V,'"'"" K W'as Ntnti'd nt
I. '""��� It should hnvo read ���18,000.
( ""-'"'��� lesierday was largely  attend-
Monday!11' * 'mvu bm" '���'"B"��"'1 for
foMi'mn.; ?' M"c��ll"��;'   left yesterday
,',,'  " "ui'lix  with a fore,, of men and
mi   ���" "". wh" wi" be employed in
< i _,i,��� orn from the Beatrice
,,'    ,;:;''���us bin,,.,',,, been  done
lun,    I "" oompanv will  then
W(j|| " 'to-en  horses (imployod  on this
tica'vm I1   '.'" "lar,H for   Sont1'   Af-
ll,. is,' '""' ""��� 0" Tnesday evening.
bn; ,���,,', -t0 fparintend a min-
fm ���    r,y, '? Bhodesla,   which is
onn,,! ,,,;""'"  '"""is'   rated   on an-
1  ,",'",'",'���   '"  ,h" meanwhile
,ir,l;i:];;;t...,ike service   in   ���  body
���������' .j R Robertson wlibes to nek-
���onksrrn    ii  ""'"'I't ��f four   pnlrs   of
f iCm% """��<"'����"   six   pairs
���'.ills  Vi,      ���'*.'��� tor Uu, use  ot   H���,
""i'"ii.���, i ""! '" ril""h A1'ri''"' Mr*
I.",,,,'   ���   ''"�� bad miiiiy   other   prom-
Die I . IJ. li. will Mail fouoillg
the lninl set nsidu for tho erenttnn ol
their depot, divisioiml works and
bullriiiies as .soon as thev gel a deed
from ilm City streets rnnuing thrnni h
the laud The City line iilrenriv en.
tei'i'd iiilo nn iilti'i' i.i'iit ,ii this effect
wiih ilui 0, P, ii., bnl tbo deed has
not yet In rn i xin uii ,|.
The Kootenny Olgnr Manufacturing
Ci nipnuy lnivi morn niders for ciuurs
'"    Ihe r   i nitin tme tin u   they Van
nil.    iii... rnnihil,   ti,.,   onnipnny I as l
  0 '  ��lth  i- lark of    |���.|p    ,",,   strlp
the ii.ti'ss ry lo anco, nun io,l;i. till v
;'"' ndvei Ihiiiu fi r i.0ys uml g tla to
help limn, ol; ihis work,
All members ei the nnnndinn Order
nf Korrieters who reside in ot me vis
iting Nels.m urn onrdlnllv Invited to
.ni"! ilu' High Chi. f Ranger at the
insinll iiiun of olli, ,.|s of Conn Knnio-
uny Belle at l*r:,t|.|'iii'v Hall, next
Wednesday night, Jnn Hi, at 8 p m.
innl lo cu,nin to ilm bunijuet which
Everything points to the cn'nt uno.
cess of the annual banquet nf tlm Li.
censed Vlntiiallers' Assncintinn, of
Nesou, ai iho QnPHd's Hntn] tomorrow
niaht Arrniigemeiits hnve been onm-
pleted, uml, nltlioimh it is the Initial
pffoit in Hns |i���, ol the yi iiiir n-sc m-
'i,';,���|i", " ���'-' i ' f no enininit'i I' of
hi inngcnipiii is .ulllon nl to gum mei
n very ��� n  iv        ,>���
.i.i. ;. ,.._������ nl n i li s nil , f
siineym-'. who-, inissinn i s an ns ,!
some i iiniisiii In Ni ls,,n, are Biitnued
in surveying tbe line from ti ,��� Nelson
.v I'mt Sh'eppni'd depot to Five lliio
Point, and thence to the end of Cottonwood Lake. The present track is
not nltogi Ilui truly 1 id, mid w-licn the
siitve.ins' tusk is- through, the track
will be icluid lo their   measurements,
Rossland has done' proud in
connection with th" Canadian Patriotic Fund. The Minstrel show realized
a handsome sum fnr tlm fund and
this has been snpplemente I by tlm pro-
oaeds of a hull ami nn euotlnn sale ot
mining stock, arranged by the ladies
of Rosslnud, The sale nf stock at tha
ball realized $1,024. Various contributions .have inudo Holland's total
shout la.BOO, There is some talk of
the ladies of Nelson getting np a putii-
otio ball to take place In the Opt rn
House some time next month,
Mr. .Simpson, of The Oranbronk Herald, und Mr. Brown, of the Bpokane
Review, paid s  fraternal  visit to tbe
Miner office last liiclit. Mr. Brown
snys more ii marie of tbe smallpox outbreak than the Occasion deserves.     Mr.
Simpson is u rank Crnubronk man. Ha
will not sny anything ill of Port Steele
he is ton i_'oo,i natural for that, hut
hi' declares that tbe Uovernment o(floes
must come to the railway, lie wus mo
favorably impressed with Nolson thai
be expressed the belief It would yet
become the Ornnbriok of West Kootenay, Mr Simpson left on lust night's
boat for Ornnbrook nnd Mr. Brown
leaves this morning for Bpokane,
Por some veins nisi tlm tli vision of
the ili liter,iiiiiii,ins mintng districts of
Trail Crii'l; nnd N ilson, bus been nn
satisfactory, ami several applications
have heen mode to get the boumhiry
between the two altered. By thn lust
Gazette this bns nl Inst beeu ' effected;
Nelson takes nil that part of Trail
Cieek wbloh lies nasi of ihe Columbia.
Trail Creek takes nil of Nelson district thnt lies west of the sainn river.
This will apply io ihe recording of
all mineral claims from this time
henceforth Asa matter of revenue,
Trail Creek losses more than it   gums,
I,nt tin' gain in the faoil.ty of record to
ibe prospector is considerable, and tne
liouii'liiiies are more in accord with
Ihe other political divisions.
At  n meeting  Friday afternoon of
ihe Rossland minstrels, it wns  practi-
I'ullv decided,   should   the question nl
trnnsnortatiou be nai-sfui-tnrily Fettled.
thai ibe .an ns   should   show   at   Trail
i.evt Friday,   and   Bt    Nelson   on   the I
following   dny.     Tbe    entertainment
here will he in   aid   of  the  Canadian I
Patriotic Fnnd   and as  the   principnlsl
of the   tronuo   are   nn nng   the most ]
prominent people of  Rossland  n   full
house   should    greet llmm.   However,
Munag.r Annnble lies already arranged
for the appearance  of n variety troupe
here next Friday ami Satnrdiy snd bus1
wired tbe Rosslnud   Minstrels that   he
cm give them dates next week.  Meanwhile   nothing bus been   deolded   bnt
tbe opportunity  to bave the  excellent
entertainment reproduced    bare  will
not he missed..
AT TH.v HOTEL HUME. T. (lutes, Nelson; .nmuel
Vila. Hamilton! Miss (.'race Swni.
KnsliilV. P.  Malbivct,  ('level,mil;   T.
D.   0.    Lloyd,   "fin to:   Charles   C.
liriiliu, Henry Lyon, Ontario Pawiei
Winks; 0 Moflready, Vancouver; lv
\V. Tniiiri', TV run hi; I). I). Slowiirt,
A si irtiing Inoldenti of which Mr
John Oliver, i Phlladelubiii, was tlie
subject, la ii,irate.i bv bi in as follows:
"I wns iu n  t  ureailul   condition.
Mv skin w'.,s iiliuosl yellow, eyes -link-
on, I"ol',i, a,isi, pin li  continually in
buck ami sides, no  unpi lite���iiiuilunlly
gracing weaker  dav  by day.   Three
physicians bad   given    menu     Koitu
ii.iicly, n friend advised trying Itleo
trio Bitters; and to my great  Joy and
surprise, Ine (list   bottle muile a rieeiri-
mi improvement, I continued then-use
for three weeks, nnil nm now ll well
uinn. I know thev suve'l my life, and
roi,bed the grave  of another victim.'
Nunc should fail to   trv   them     Onlv
oil cents guaranteed at Canada Drug e.
Hook Store.
Persons wishing to purchase
a very line Watch are cordially invited to " Pat-
enaude Bros', establishment. Watches of all the
best Swiss ami American
manufactures arc represent-
Expert Watch Repairitiga Specialty
Patenauie Bros
Skates and  Shoes !
Are you going to the Rink
Monday ni^lii ? If so you
will probably need a pair of
Skatine* Shoes.
The Highest Priced Wine in the Mai
Sold reltiil al the same rales as the ordinary standard wines,
li    oi       i Veuve Clicquot Champagne
We nave the Shoes i ask for iti
And  ean  supply  your   needs
on short notice, if you will
come early. Bring your
Skates and have them put on
free of charge.
.. li. GRAY,
Kin,I, nny AKt. Nel.-,
'^''S*rVv*r>*irVW*r\rV*t\^^ >J.   H.   LOVE,  Afl't
Till   Makers     Girl   for   Housework,
rovtUACTS   TA1CKV    Kill    DIAMOND
Nelson Employment Ageucv
Brew! raof Fine Lngei
Hi., ami  Porter.
Drop ,ii nnd    ��� _   uh,
Raker PI nelson,
^"�� ��� **��. -^!Sl ��� ,��_.-''-'_l."*_k.'^. "����,���������__. "��!_,. ���_!..->. .-__.-__,. -.j__ . --ll, . '-^ . VT^ . >-l^ . V^ . ���-_ . >��_ .-_��,.   -��. . >__. . >_. . -__ . �����.
>_���> tn, _*_s> -_(,> _q(�� _��_S _����. ^g *se�� _^g ^J5 ^__g^ ^gjg _,_�� ^�� __�� _^��! __B _*;���.-? __B "-to "_> -*��> -__�� -"** -^ -^
f0- _a.   ' 0W>. 00 ��� 00 ��� fJ0 ��� 0O> ��� (-* ���/��'-_K��' -00. 00 ��� /MV 0T.*. ^30 ' 0H0 ' 00 ". 0 ' ,' i" '  r.f ' 00- &J ' 0* ���    -0
-^b f^ "^ -^ **���: -*���� -it> ~_�� -%�� ��� i
���00'0JI'00'rW'00.^.A0-00 -,_��.-�� I
fx New Plaid Skirtings. Prints, Ginghams, Piques.
m and Ladies' White or Colored Aprons,
: 5 cents per yard
Flannelettes : :
Good All Wool Grey Flannel
Toweling, extra quality :
Ladies' Black and Jfavy Top Skirts
Ladies' Mercerized Underskhts
20 cents per yard
5 cents a yard
$4.00 up
$2.00 up
Ladies' Jackets for $3.00, $5.00, $5.50, $6.50;  worth double
Ladies' Suits (Skirt and Jacket) $8.00;
Ladies' $1.50 Blouses
Ladies' All Wool Black Cashmere Hose
A good line of Ladies' Corsets
Table Linen
Table Napkins
Large-size good-value White Bedspreads
worth $12.50
for $1.00
25 cents pair
for 50 cents
20 cents a yard
75 cents a dozen
(P Hi
�� Houston Block Nelson, B. C.
Dt\A/  o' -fusisttfi
f   /
fUOirV     r*lir
- .JfijJUis
jUunjLr dyne,     ��osa^, Yc/zifivt _.       ^%^<-^t^t^J tf-
ScJiU4 J^u^tud /o-tf &U Sl��J- W^ 4inJ(y
: Prospectors, Attention!
Younc; Men, Become Your
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants    0m Ass^ra
y.^yj'* ^v w ��������������� ���^i^'c?'
Branch Markets in Rowsland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon. Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Order* by mall to any branch will have cm.!.:" and prompt attention.
Throo month! will loach "fpu A.��.ylii|i fur
(i,.iii, BIIvup, I'opper. Thin dopnrtmenl I" In
olmmo ol Prof, outer, Honor ( of
Mcfllll IJnlvomlll,
Llvi Bnd lonrn how.oh.aper than nm now
The Nelson ElectricTrani way Co, Ltd. jagg��jmww;
Board _-n.]  [nutruotlon in AftmjrlDff, til for
i veni\ ..iv dollnrri pi pmoniii
\VrIuii"the l'pInolpal,
N"e,S    \\ ���    !lllill-llT.
,.L. POGUE...
,                        ,        ���.    ,        ���   .,,,          ,                ,.                          . a Tho leading ahup. Ijiiv
Larire number Choice DUildini,   Lots ;uliaceiu to tli- ti *_ \f.--: \   i..���������>. n.- ..ri,,uu..k
���,",.���                              r,                      ��     .                    J,         ,                 , r*  �� V .,';' 1 "ii   Iiiun'.    II nn. s.. Ool
in. of their 1 ram way.     l'or price and terms of   sale  apply I .:��� |i . i .   ,,i i���-i makon.-*-.
J                         I                                                                             v  v   j                  I    t   �� ��� .Hi          HI ink   i���*       llcll-
it the office of the Comoanv. Macdonald Block.   Corner  ol '?.   -     '���' i whiV, nmaiii��, oowb-,
line of their Tramway. For price and terms of sale apply
at the office of the Company, Macdonald Block, Corner ol
Josephine  and Vernon Streets,
T. C. DUNCAN, Secretary
��   rile-.      Illank   is.
f    \\ hl|   .   Iliu-ln., (J
l'i,,     all farlury.
Call an.l ...-.
Inr   WMil   -ml   Utktt
Bennett's Improved
i Safety Fust
As   Supplied    British    Admi
White Countered
Gutta Percha.
Will Not Orack or Bre _.
AbsoluU'li Baf. in til  u
i onditiona
Pope's Miners' SifBty Ii ft
Miiiiiir/es    risk    li
Everything to recomm
Ask your dealci I
Manufai lured In
William Bennett Sons k i.
Cambournc, Cornw h     i   p;lai
Oenornl ."... nl loi I
Fraternity  hah lljlbrr .1 I. ..  HI.,
run in- rented for Ootn
DaiK'i'., llaiii|U'i'   ii.l.i,   j k11,<I
Iri lainni, III.     lin .1   II.I,   I,a,Ills.   ,        k
rii.niiH, Kiii inn nml dlnlDg room fur*
ni.liwd,  Fur tenopply
.I'.'"!.. K   BEASI-E*-   PUUMi   .ED.
Ohnngon Marie in the Personnel nt Nel-
eon C. P, R. Offloleli,
Mr, ll. l*. Beasley'B many friends
will bear with mingled feelings tlint
he Is iiiniui to leave Nelson for good,
Ho lms been appointed to iln. hnsiness
staff nl President Bbanghnessv at tin-
head offloe of tbe 0. P, H. at Montreal
Mr. Ben-ley lms benn 1-1 yem-H in
iiii.- oountry, nnd his departure will be
viewed with universal regret, though
nil will join in congratulating him on
bin now appointment wbiob is a promotion in every aeuse of the word,
The 0, P, R. exeoutivn is also to'he
oongratulated on having reongnizod
the Burvioos of one of those nbla and
oourteous ulli.inls wboso uiliiiiiiislrii
tve nml executive ability Iiiih goue far
townrds building up thu prodigioua
busiueoB wbiob tin- 0. I. R. now on
joys in iin- country.
Mr. Beasley will be sncce-ik-il by
Oaptain Troup, wbo will be superintendent both nl Iln- railroad mul Bteam
boal linen of this aention, nml nnder
bi�� iiiilc nml experienoed hands tin'
pnblio will la. sure tn roooive tlm
��� n xci'iliint sorvioe as  heretofore,
,1   K    McCullorb   Will   Appear   Hero
Tomorrow   Night.
At iu.t it is almost assured tbat thu
���hating nnd curling seasou haa commenced. Tbo fav.,ruble weather conditions of the nn few dnys ha en-
nonraged ihe rim, loanagemenl to get
in work nt ba' making und tbe resnll
is tbut tomorrow night tbe rink will
im op-n for skuiers. Tbe Binelter
Band will he present,
Tbe opi-uing will be made uuaploioua
iiy the appearanoe of J. K. McOnllouh,
ui Winnipeg, the m-knowledueil champion Bkatar ol tho world. Ho is the
only skater of note who combines
Bpeed mul fniipy skating nnd in both be
certainly exoella. His fancy w.irk is
wonderful and consists of open work,
wbiob is tnuoh prettier than the close,
intricate figures nre generally
performed hyj fanoy skaters.   Ho will
give an exhibition of thai   sp 1   thai
electrified the large gathering at Montreal three years nun when he outskated
the fastest men of the old world nnd
won for Canada the obampionahip of
the world. There are many ox-Man-
itohans iu Nelson who knew '".luck"
McCullouh in bis home and these bn-e
nn hesitation in ren mi mend ing other
Nelsonites to attend tbo opening uf the
link tomorrow night.
-4a^\*|_ir ^*i> -ieV^ellr %!(# itlir iAir \A_rx-i_f \-A_r ^ir'i-l^ $ \#jr ^*j_# \*j>>X*#> "ii_f Xtt.r V<lt> \>i_f \A_r iiii> \*|>x^_ir ���__��
__S *
3 Skatin
j        ..OPENING..
| Monday, Jan. 29th, 1900
fining $tocks
Bought and Sold.
Ttritl J'nd       and others worked
S Mary  Belle '.*'  "!��   ���es��rn
'.'.'!,:  in i t'ii , is one of the safest buys nn
<g-  the  market.    Thorough  inspection
*' .  cordiallj  invited.
0'A     iooo Noonday   600 Richelieu
Refe I--alum Treasury Btook,    Bold
_���; lou iii.simlaienis v.j'- , une third nowu.
;   '; I!  Ill   e    ami     |l.|     I'   I'      ale,    ell.  e    t,
,���.!    lai  nns   pail ui iiiv.     I l'i ll-   :_,,00ll.
I H. A. I'I-
g^   If you hnve not had
if      The Champion Skater of the World.     f ^
*fm '-**���**���.
�����   In Exhibitions of Fancy and Speed Skating, with a  j \ [J Jl AR-LtlS   D.J. UilUlb 1 IE
\&   Grand Relay Race against a number of Fast Local  ���*!
are rapidly liioroaalng in
ll��.\ .",:;
Gait Goal
f   any Tea in th. n-ark'et.    It's h high  class   lea al  a low price.
Th Best for Domsstic U ej pu> ����� d ���ib ****0,ice usitl alw,,ys used*.
i iOv vJ
niiorm  in  flavour and the quality is far above
Diepli for nu
[2 Men, arranged to show the Champion's Speed to & fi    KULI^JY
*~ ,1,, l.���,  ,   i .                                                                                           "���-.��� w'ha-ii will s,.,.���,.(. |0 V(lli ||5(00 porweokif
_s ine best advantage.                                                     jr- Lou iro.oiui.-ttumi.__B u. .-,.i.-i. small-
'X _? pox.
-* ffj l'l'i.T 83.00 and Jl in.   ls>ni-il hero.
:*_" .���������V*                                                                 51    rrr=___=____=-_=r==
���4 /_...r-..ii_...u  :_  4-u���  m .   \r _:i- ��_I     iVllSGi~LLAf-EOU3
Tbere is n gentleman in town win.
has laen particularly inixiotm tu Indulge in ourling nnd has snid many
unkind ilimns  tegarding thn mildneaa
ui the weaber, yesterdnv he went
Into Frank Tiuublyn's more to nicer-
tain when, in tbe opinion of thnt en-
thuaiaatio onrler, they eonld indulge
in the roaring game. "What the deuce
are those things?" asked tbe visitor,
liter a few minntea conversation.
"Why, in,n't yon knew.'" naked
��� ���'rank. "Nu, never saw unrli freaks if
I oking things before. What nre they
t ir?" '"Well, if yon must know, tiiey
are curling stones." The gentleman
i not so ati.xioua to indulge in hi-< fav-
mito game now nud iH willing tu let
il e weather take its oonrie. Curlers
lu .k forward to taking possession of
thai*   sheets   nf   iee     lit  III"    rillk   oil
'i ileaday night. A large number of
ie v Btonea hnvn beeu received and
w I nu the season opens the ire will
I i. bnbly !"��� kept bua.v.
The Miner'a war bulletliis have be-
noma v.-iy popular and ull day a erowd
.1 interested oiticeni stand in frunl of
Mr Mc-I.ean's Drug Store to learn the
I ii. st ie�����-ns it is received at The
lllll il office fresh   from   the   C   P. it.
-.   The noil Important  diipatoh
in v sierilay'��� Ti ilniiin, that telling of
i1 ibaudonment of Spion Kop by the
i������ liib, waa received by The Miner,
ii, morning before and  wan bulletin -
..I all dny Friday where be who pawed
���iu,.'i t read, A Tribune man evidently
1. int. nl all events, it is gratify,
mn in know Unit, in oommon-witb all
ii, t-itizeni "i Nelsun, The Tribune
Appreciate! the enterprise uf The Miner
In rei elvlng a dally wax newi lervice
in uddltion to the iiHiiiil   night    lepnrt
l'i ��� ntn, Jan. ,7 ��� Arthur Cardinal,
rmeily of Ottawa, was lentenced tu-
dny lu 111 years in the  penitentiary f..r
ittempt to  niurilei'  John   Hughes,
j-i ling fellow in Central   Prison.
Bank of
British  Columbia,
Is now prepared to issue
I Irafts and Letters of Credit
on Sknguay, U.S., Atlin, B.
v , .hi I Dawnon City, Yukon
I )istri�� t.
McCulloch is the Most Versatile
Entertainer on Ice.
5 ������������������
g   The Public  will He allowed tu Skate before and after
4   the exhibition  and  hetween parts ol  the program.
_a ��������...
1 The Smelter Band
i_B In   Attendance.
Advoi'llsnincntfl InmirtoH under this head nt
the rnt-ot uno cent a word por insertion.   No
iiilverllsi'iiiii'l'ii for less iiiun _.i i-ontn.
5-i i LOST���Between Royal Hotel and Post-
0, oliii'e.riubt lionil libiek Real gatiutlet,
���"-���  Finder please return tu H F. McLean's
ST     01-11 ^   Mule.
Sf!|WA"NTEt���A siugle gentleman wants
!_��; I buaril by the week. Address X,
1%\   Miner OIHce.
g; WANTED.���Knva and girls to strip
_J|; tobaoco. . bitty eents a day, und as
5*. i much more as thay ean num. Knnte-
5J. | nay Cigar '.'uinnany.
"ST-! TO   LET.��� Furnished   room
St I    E. C. II., Miner OIBoe,
|p | WANTED.��� A competent newspapor
g^\ man ean hear nf an opportunity for
Si employment by nddreBsing this  oflleo.
S. j LOST.���One bin
.,; ������������������
*5 9r I     "
^-g i-i                                 5. LOST���One hhiok   Fisher   tail   from
%2 Speeial arrangements are  being made to accommo-   S-i   a lotlies' for boa,   Finder please re-
r-g fc I torn to D, A. MoParland, City.
_i date Spectators.     Doors open at 7.30 o'clock.
\0 Exhibition   commences   at   8.30.
LOST. ���A black s'-iilskin muff, left in
the Treiiiunt Hotel,     A reward of *10
will be paid to nnyoiie bringiug Banie
t,i the Clarke House.
Admission 50c.   Children 25c.
ar-'TO BENT.���Fine office or store in
&\ roar nf Athabasca Saloon, nonuoled
"*��'. I by lias Company.    Apply on premises.
���*5 C?      DK. BARBER, Dentist  lias   opened
^9)9m9Vmx9x9x9)9)9mm9\9m9m9x9x9)9x9x9x^ISndtridgrw.rkD_ s,""..i^n- l',w"
Gait ht Gill,
$51 Per te
I The Western Mercantile Co., Ltd. |
f Successors to M. DesBrisay & Co.
1    -Akiusi. _El_.��..B.C
We.are sho ring .
First-Class Line
Gookina Stoves & Ranges
Which we are offering at
Special Rates
On  Large   Quantities.
Special Rates
On   Car   Load   Lots.
Our stock of Onyx and Brass Tables has been ��
����� reduced to six, and as we desire to go out of that line m
of trade, you can have them at your own price Monday,
Baraains in Jewellers' Goods!
General Agent,
NELSON,   -    -   -   B.C.
Telephone 147.
Office,   Baker St.
(With C. D. J. Christie.)
W, _.__!__. MEM
Paper Hanger,
Glazier,    Paii)_er,    Etc-
Chimney Sweeping.
Waul St, .pp. Open ll.nisi-
1      I ,.   h   ROM-Cd  ("iill.-i- It.-st nf
!��� 1 ilily. HI  l.illi.MH :
b    Mis I,a    p'-l   pOOOd I     IC
mil Mi  ta iii.,|i.i, :i 1 '��i
I l,���lllll" 1 '"
.', i���.anils I 1.
llur  .'i��,.-iuiiii.-mi. 11 |-niti,l I n
i, ,  i'    |u    :  , ponnaa ...... 1 '"
i  I HI tl. l.llli. I! -.111< 1111. :
Nelson,      -      o. c.
Some Silverware and Jewellers' Novelties left over m-
from the Holidays that we will sell at prices never |T
before quoted here.   A full line of Watches. Clocks, f(<"
Diamonds, Silverware, and a thousand and one beautiful ��<-
conceits in up-to-date Jewel lry, at |[
Mail Orders Promptly Attended To.      |I
Remember that we have
an    elegant     stcck    of
stock too large for our
store,nnd to reduce stock
Big Discounts
Will prevail. Prices will
be foui d lower than the
lowest and stock superior to that of our competitors.
Shelf & Heavy Hardware,
Etc., Etc., Etc.
Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
Incorporated 1869.
. apllal   Pnlil-np.
$l,M_.MO.M  I   ���*' ���
Geo. Bell b Co.
"imril ��f Dlrrotorni  Thomnfl K. -Connor, Prosldont;  Tho*niu Ititohic. Vtoo>nretI-1enL.
Mlohaol Dwyor, Wiley Smith, ll. G. BftUld, Hon. II. II. Fuller, M.L.C., Hon. David UaoKeen.
Ilrn.l Offlff, llulira\-
Qensrnl Manogop. Bdtton !.. PenROi Montreal,
Snprrin.ondoni nf Itrnnchoo. w. Jl. Torranoo, Halifax!
inspector, VV, P, Hrock, Had fax.
E_ecrotar)*, It, M, Btowart, .Montreal.
ItrtiiM lu>_:
xovii Hrolla- Halifax Branob, rVntlgonUtu Rridgawftt*��r. (.uy-horo. Londonderry, Lunenburg,
Mait.ard (Hants Co.), fit-ton, I'urt Hawk*1 bury, Sydney Kliubonaeadie, Truro, W��*ymoutE,
n.'.v i-run-.-v.ik B-.thurvt, Don-h*nt-or, Froderictpn, Kingeton 1K0 t Co-I,Monotou, New-
oasUe.Saokvlliti, Wiiodnioo^ r K. UlntMl -Chiirlottc.own, Munimoraido Qaebf-a���Montreal
iC-ity OHlrei. Moniroal. ^ est End iCor. Notre Itomo and __��.ign un SUfettl; -A'eatmnuni ICor.
Qreone Avenue and St. Cathaiinoi Ktroot, oiilnrlo Ottawa. Nrwl^nn-dlan-tl st. John's.
(11I111, WmI I mil. s- Havana, I nileil -lal. ����� -New Yuri, till tCxrluingo liaeel Itepublie. Wash.
Atlin, Bennett, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver, Vancouver East End, Victoria,
.'urn nli :
.iiiiihIh-Morohants ra** k pf Canada, Itimti.n -Ni U��n <1 Bhawmul Bank. I'lilrnxo -America
\a*l 11 I   Mtinb    +nn  l-'r  *���<���(��(��������   Piml   N'-i'iu nl   Ha   k.    Lniiilan, Kng,    Hank -f   Seulland.
I*arm, Praner Credit I.y-mi*-i-. Hrrma-ilit- Bank ut Btruiuda, �� hina .111.1 JapaM��� Hong
KungandBban hai Hnukiug(.orparation,
Qeneial Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange   Bought
and Sold, Letters of  Credit. Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the most favorable terms,   Interest allowed un special
deposits and on Saving Bank aooouutS,
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
P. O. Box K. and W.
Telephone 10
For the next  TWO   WEEKS   (only)   KIRKPATRICK  &  WILSON
offer tlie Public the Greatest Reduction in
liver before advertised.   A call will convince you.
Uaker Street
Baker Street.
No. 185
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Ni 1 ION, B, V.
A Boarding ami Day School oondnotod by
t in- Bister* "f Bi Jowiihof Poaco    It In s.tu-,
nlod at 1 Iii'coroorof Mill and JoHophinu RtrocU,,
In ono uf tlio D0..1 ro-ddonlinl portloniof Nel-
���on,  and i*- 1 OJ-f���>  RCCffwiOlo   fi'tun  nil part*. I
ol thooity.
Tho rtnir-c of sliiily imlmli - thr fiiniliiiiicn-
lal and Ii-kIi't brain haa of h IhorooKh KngiMi
education. Bunlnot** cottwo Bnokkoopliiff,
Btonoarnphj and Typewriting.   Bel iooourwi'', VihiiI nnil Iti-lnirm tilnl; Drawing,
OtO.    Plain and All NecdUiwork; t'all-llirnlr-..
Por torn
ami partlonlan apply to tlio sister
Fresh   and    Salted   Heats
Fish and Poultry in Season
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Manager.
Baker Sthket, Nelson.
Orders by mail receive careful and prompt attention.
Hr       ,'-'��


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