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Nelson Daily Miner Mar 2, 1900

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 I l.ul
i Lulilion  Nn. 665,
Nelson, British Columbia, Friday, M
\ki 11 2,   icjoo.
Tenth Y
JOY OVBUflE Rt_l_.
f bole British Empire Celebrates Success
of Her Majesty's Arms in South
Africa in Royal Style.
Unprecedented Scenes of Enthusiasm in
London and in All Parts of the
Dominion of Canada.
works display and were  successful  in
:ii,,it efforts,   The   nfl'uir   was not a;
magnificent  one   fr:mi  a  pyrotechnic
stuudpotni Imi   il   occasioned   a great
deal nf noise und   resulted   also in en-
Ni-lsoii was tilled with enthusiasm I tary circles everybody was inclined to
vi'.li'idiiv. II was n day of celehralioii talk. Col.vuol Alynier, who is in com-
iif tliosuooosi of Ihitish arms iu South ' inniid of the Oanadtan Militia, was de-
Africa ami if ever a city celebrated In ��� lighted. When nsked his opinion of the
on ,iiiliu-ins|ii. way Nelson did. Some effeot, Oolonel Alynier said : "I think
iinrlictie spirits, headed by Mr, Frank , uow they will lie-in to roll the Boers
|.'|i.|il���'r. undertook to   arrange   u tire-   baok Into the Transvaal.    Buller   will
go on lo Laing's Nek, unless he rocs
over to assist (Inlnere. Kolierts will
OOnal the Hoers at Blnemfouteiii nnd
nil will then combine. Methnen will
lie mi the left, Koberts in the centre
ilnisini; Ilui several hundred people , and Bnllei ou thn tight, and the Brit-
wbo wituessed it aud the hearty obears ish will have the base line extending
a, i,m.iii Vlotorla, (lennrals Lord from Kimberley to Durban. They will
Koberts, Holler and Frenoh weie glv* ! then concentrate far un advance 011
,11 with a will, U was an evidence Pretoria and Johannesburg. Plainer
that the poople of Nelson are 11 putri- is Doming down from the north with 11
,11, people, that they rejoice with force and Mafeking will ho relieved at
iii those living beneath the Dillon mice. The relief is a great achieve-
.luck in the ulorious victories which ment for British utiiis. Buller had al-
have been chronleled elm inj_   the  past   most   insuperable  dilliculties   in   hie
way. Uo is a splendid chap. 1 have
served under Bnller, Hildyard,French,
Methnen and   Pitaroy-Hart ann  they
ure all splendid fellows. The relief
will have a ((rent effeot tbrongbont the
two days.
When The Miner reached its readers
yesterday morning,   announcing  that
Geueral Dundonald had relieved Ladj
smith, ami suggesting tmit  a demonstration uf some kiud   in comiuemoru-
tii.n of tlie event, be held, the iden met
���'..,'.  pepulai   Favor  at   usee,   Chief
Thompson of the Fire Department 1111
mediatel} begun preparing for a
i-l in lie held   iu the Opera   House
mok- j ul.
Toronto, March 1,���The celebration
I of the relief of Ladysmith by the peo-
uf Toronto was the mist remark*
I able exhibition of patriotic fervor since
thr evening and Mr. Fletcher started ' the return of the troops from the
mi bis fireworks oampaign, When \ Northwest rebellion. The news came
evening on.ne the roar of tbe bombs ' sutliciently early in the morning to
and the red, white and blue fire in the he heard by workers in factories, ware-
vioinity ot the Hume Hotel attracted houses, and stores, on their way to
the ".people, Several long strings of business. The rt suit was thut pisoti*
firecrackers were hung from wiresIoallv everybody in the oity hoard the
stietohed across the Btreet and these Rood tiding* before 9 o'olook and tbo
aided in the celebration.   When the bulk of the  people  spent  the balance
ItHtoracker had exploded the Hooky of the day in jubilation. The fuotoi-
Mountain Rangers, marohlng to the ies closed down, ten thousand school
���tiffing music of the .Salvation Army childen were turned out on the slreets
Bsutl, and accompanied by tbe fire ap- to add their shrill cries to tbe oheer*
lii.ialiiH put in an appeal mien .nil were j ing ot the multitudes, Thousands of
greeted with oheers by the assembled students in tbo various Universities
0low4. Several volleys were fire-1 and : and oolleges tramped the streets sing-
tlie maroh   again    resumed.    As  the   int. martial airs,  and business men  of
soldiers were giveu orders to maroh I the Board ot Trade sang the National
eonio one called  for  three   cheers  for   Anthem.
Qneen Victoria. They were given ; In the afternoon, when down town
with a tiger, and then followed cheers bnildlngs, in spite of tbe raging snow
'or the British generals, [storm, bad been decorated in bunting
Following this, tbe patriotic smoker ana" moai people hnd provided them-
111 tin. Opera House began. The audi- i ne'*'68 wi'1- fr<)tn ��ne to a sooro of tiny
'"��� was not as large as if might bave ' Union Jacks, the   scene   was   a  truly
1 11, but  it was a  noisy  one,   much I meinorable   ono.    Some  of  tho muni-
too noisy at times. Tho programme p****"01" ��* enthusiasm weie quite
consisted of musical selections undjontt>l th" common. A society lady,
speeches, choruses, n boxinR match Dot nontent witl> decorating herself
��n_ 11 inke walk. Mr. W. A. Galliher ��� a" 0VBr' ''u(' s,"n1' Union .lucks to the
Wted as ohalrman Mr. Ualliher first I t0P of hnr "m-tella and hoisting it
introduced tbe Nelson  Quartette oon-1"M8** down street amid tlie applause
silting of  Chailes   A.    Pressor   K   II ��f the  onlookers.    It   was   a   bad day
Thompson, ll. Hardin und Vi. 3. Cald- for pro-Boers.    In one of  tho west end
Well,   who  sung,   "Red,   White  and faotoriOT.   some     Boer    sympathizers
Bins." The balance of the programme were  rounded up ami  the  employees
���rasas follows:   Speech by  Ohalrman R"ve "",ir erring brothers a mock trial
ualliher; roller Skating exhibition   by and made them   kneel   on   the   Union
M. Horry; songs by   John   Devlin, -lack nnd beg pardon.    In another fuo-
"tlimvisi, known as "The Gunner fiom ! t<irv Jit"'r lympRthisers wero required
Galway;" speech by Mr. W. A. Mac- i '*' stand upon a box and sing "Uod
''"imiii; song, Hex Macdonald; cake Ss*8 N" Qaeen," mnoh to the amuse*
walk by Charles Prosser and others ment of the onlookers Everywhere
<ou u h.ixiiiR mulch by Davis und ' the celehrulion wns conducted with the
wthorland. I greatest good humor  and to lhe inces
During (he evsnlng bulletins from ' "ant archuipnuiment of tooting whis*
'"' "'HM ollice were read, nnnoiinc- ' ties, cheering crowds and clanging
! that General  Buller bad  visited 1 belts,   There was  grent rejoicing  on
'Change. At the Board of Trade.
George Oarrnthers secured a supply of
minntiiro   t'niou     Jacks   and   British
ensigns and   soon   hnd  every   niemlier
1 properly  decorated.    \V.   B. Matthews
made a speeoh to thn members and
they lustily pang "Uod Have the
toria; Private P. Finch Smiles, fith
Regiment,Vlotorla 1 slightly wounded,
"A" Oompany, Pilvate Dnnoalfe,
miih. Winnipeg; Private Ft. MaoKen*
''.im,  Manitoba Dragoons.
Ottawa, March I.���The following
oable ww reoeived today from sir Allied Milnei by Lord Minto:
Cape Town, March I..���Referring  to
my telegram of the 21th, No. 2, official
list of imsualtiflH us received Irom
chief of stall' agroo.s with list already
���ent except, the   following  alterations;
Onpt, Arnold, dangorouily wounded;
Tiititi Pie. MoCreary is iihoe dead; imw
Stewart, is Corpora 1 H, ; 7188 Smith
is a corporal; 8809 Power ts 0. Power;
ill 15 is E. Hough ; 78S7 is Private W.
Downing, uud 7(l,ri!l is T. Moore, both
severely wounded ; ..'111 Thompson is
Color Sergeant 0, Thompson ; 71019 is n
sergeant in Company U. ; BOfiS Shrevos
is 11 sergeant; B184 is Moodv ; OIIT'IOO
MoQnerin is 721.0, Company L.; 7(181)
Shaw is fnlHIl Company A. ; T8M Sutton
is 72'liJ, Company U. ; The following
do not appear iu the olllnial list, 710(1
Burns and 7100 Adams. (Hgd, 1 Mil-
Ottawa, Miiriib I. ���Although Sir   Alfred Milner's   oable  today announces
that Captain Arnold, of Winnipeg, is
not dead but is amongst the wounded,
Ihe Militia authorities are in don lit as
to Captain Arnold's fate. On Monday, Colonel Otter cabled that Private
MoCreary, of Now Brunswick Company had sncmimheil to his wounds
on the Hub inst., and thut Ouptuin
Arnold died on the 2-ltb, Saturday
last. While Sir Alfred Milne*1, advices aie the latest, it is inexplicable
that tho commanding offloer of the
Canadians, who by this time, knows
ovory man in tbe regiment, could he
in error ns to Captain Arnold's fate,
Colesbcrg and  rode   Into   Colesherg,
when be reoeived an  enthusiastic w. I  j
001110.    II.. secured   11   certain   amount |
of iiinm',1,liijon, arrested several  rebels I
iiiiii has returned to Rensbei'g,   He reported the railway line clear and working to luiiio-Wellewnan's   Siding,     lie
will report   tomorrow  us  to the   few
culverts   which hnve been   blown   up.
Oolesberg and Oolesberg Jot, are held
by our I roups. "
Storkspruit, Peb, 80,���The Hoers
admit their losses, when Brilliant re-
ciijitincd Jamestown, were 80 killed,
1811 wounded, and -WO missing.
London,    March    I. ��� (II :ii.a p.   in. 1 ���
Puller wires   from Nelthoi-pa   that   he
has just returned from  Ladysmith and
the whole country south of that place
ih uloai of Boers. The garrison at
Ladysmith were 011 hall a pound of
meat per day, nud will want a little
noisim*. before being lit for service.
Sensational Prorogation of the Provincial
House-All Members but Martin
Left as Governor Entered.
In the Ottawa House the Finance Minister
Asks for $2,000,000 to Pay for
Contingent Expenses.
Paardeberg, Web. 26.���Yesterday was
observed   as  a    tacit,   armistice.    The
Hours finely showed themselves  to the
Hritish   troops.    Our horses   are   now
thoroughly resied and   fully   rationed
Boer    prisoners,     both
and Trans.anlers seem convinced   now I 10   O'clool
that   the   war   must   end   in   British
victory.    They seem equally convinced
tbat,   when   British   get to   Pretoria,
sonio foieigu power will inlorvene.
Kingston. March I.���Out of [our
members of the 16th Battalion, Plcton,
who went with the first contingent to
Booth Africa, three were wounded,
Pri*��Rt��.*A. Croft, Private ('. Holland
aud Private ,T.  L. II.  Biiidshuw.
Quebec, Mnroh I.���A oablegram has
been meyived by Mrs. J, l'\ Wil.on,
wife of Lieut-Col. Wilson, from Captain "Buff" Ogilvie,dated Kimberley,
reporting himself well. Evidently on
reaching Cape Town, butteiics "D"
and "E" of the second contingent
were rushed through to Kimberley and
are at present stationed there.
Rensberg, Fob. 28. ��� General Clements,escorted by a squadron of Innis-
lilllngR, entered Oolesberg this morning uml received un enthusiustio reception. The Boers are in full retreat.
A number Of leading Boers have been
arrested. The inhabitants nre well
and not starving. They have suffered
many indignities at the hands of the
ftoera, but uo violence.
'���"���Mmtli,   and  that  there
bomi In the vicinity.    The  news was
"""lv'"l With loud  cheers.
London, March I.��� The Pioterimir-
ilzbnrg correspondent of The Daily
Telegraph, uudei date of Tuesday,
says: "Mr. Qntridge, a contractor,
who resides tt Dundee, after being
kept in prison at Pretoria for five
weeks, was put beyond the Portuguese
border. He describes the treatment of
the Biitish prisoners as disgraceful.
Fever bad broken out before he left,
and a Boer doctor told bim that the
Government would uot allow adequate
medical supplies. "
London, March I.���Mr. Gibson
Bowles, Conservative member of Parliament for Kings Lynn, who was
much interested by tbe statement of
Mr. Cecil Rhodes, the other dny tbat
tho profits of the Do Beers' oompany
last year were ��9,000,000 and that there
are diamonds In Kimberley now valued at ��107,000, intends to suggest to
Mr. Balfonr,first Lord of the Treasury,
that tbe rescued property he dmtriliut-
ed among the troops as salvage, or at
least hi applied to tlie relief of the
widows and orphans of the fallen.
Paardeberg, March 1.- Lord Roberts
addressed the Canadians, expressing In
the Strougest terms his pleasure and
appreciation of their splendid work and
courage. He, attributed to them the
greatest share In the Boer surrender.
London, March I.���Special dispatch
from Cape Town, dated Tuesday  snys;
"Thn Hoers of Burkley East, have
offered to surrender on condition that
the safety of the rebel Dutch ia assured. The British, however, insist upon
an unconditional Burender,"
Paeydeberg, Feb. _h. ��� (Evening, j���
The h.iers arc reported in force to the
southweat. Tbe British are well and
London, March 2. ��� (1 ::i(i a. m.)���
Britons feel that they uro living in
the presence of momeniuous events.
Tornados of patriotic excitement are
whirling tlr.ougli the oountry. Even
the dullest sonl must have heou stirred
by the emotions of yesterday and Loudon's six million wero raised to u high
pitch of patriotic exhalation. It was a
wonderful sight. Old men have nothing in menioiy with which to compare the day. Some likened it to Luck
now, others talked of lhe fail of Sebus-
topol. it was a time of singular abandon, Iho usual conventions of society
ceased to con trol und everybody knew
everybody else; all joined in smiles or
bellowlngs as their dispositions moved
them. Lord Latisdowno chose the
psyoologioul moment to nnuounce estimates exceeding ��60,000,000 aud lather
startled the public by unfolding the
programme of tho Win Ofllce to send
out, 111 addition to tbe 110,000 hoops
now afloat, fill,000 fresh soliiieis Lord
Kolierts will ultimately have a force
of a quarter of a million. An order
has reached Woolwich arsenal fm tbo
construction of 224 new guns from li-
ponnders to 12 inch guns. Uf these Mi)
are to Do naval guns. Already 86,000
workmen are  employed at the  aisonal
Victoria, B. O., March I.���Joseph
Martin, Smith-Curtis and .1. Stewart
Free Staters j Vales were sworn in this morning lit
at the Court House and
then drove lo the Legislative buildings and went lo work In their several
departmnts, Mr, Martin in the Attor-
iiey--.leneri.rs ollice. Hon. Smith-Cm-
tis in the Finance Minister's, and
Hon. Mr. Y.-itcs iu the Provincial 8eo-
The   most   sensational week in   the
history of ihe  British Columbian Parliament   was   brought  to 11 close  this
afternoon when the Legislature 11111 to
prorogue in a scene   us   dramatic  and
sensational as tli.>iif_ti it were part of a
political   drama.    It   was, however, a,
significant demonstraton, showing us it
did, the feeling of tho people in regard
to lhe selection of Joe Martin us Prem-
ier by the  Lieut,-Governor.   Iramedi-1
ntoly after prayers hail heen read,Prentice sprung to bis  feet,   although   the
Lieutenant-Governor was waiting out-1
side demanding ths removal of the bar
of the House, aud moved as a question
of privilege, that tbe House had no use
for Martin who hiul beeu callled on to |
form  u  Government.    With   well an  '
thenticated anlmity, tbe rules  ..(  thej
Honse were suspended and  the mot ion
adopted   amidst   loud   uheeis.    J.   M. ,
Martin, of   Kossland, alone   voted   In
the negative.and Dunsinuir. Helmcken
and Turner refused to vote at all.    The
count was giveu 86 to 1.    The   gal Ier- j
ies were cheering wildly when the im- ;
patient  Governor pre-empto_ily ordered the removal of tho bar, aud euteied,
sparkling with all bis regalia and  accompanied by his staff.   Then  it  was
that the sensation   was   sprung.    Mc-.
Kcclinic wi,- mi   his   feet   asking   for
names when Molnnes entered, and  be!
paused.   As    be   stopped   Dnnsmnir
sprung up, nnd   witb   the word "Gen-'
tlemen"    he    started   for   the   lobby. I
Tbe whole House, with  tbe  exception |
cf  Premier  Martin, followed   and   as I
Mr. MclnncH took tho throne,  tho coat
tails of tbe members,  were  disappearing around the  corner.    The  galleries
were iu a tumult, shouting, hisses and
cat calls,    drowned   all   voices.     The
Governor sat still for some   time  und
then   he  began  to   read   his   spacch.
"Mr. Sp'iikei- aud   gentlemen  of  the
Legislative Assembly."
" Where are they V shouted 11 voice
iu the gallery and the cat calls and
shouting were resumed. After the delay, he continued reading to Premier
Martin, who looked fur once as though
be had not all the self possession that
he  usually   carried,   and   the   empty
I lllllm.
and 11,000 more will lie engaged, The bunches. When hi concluded, some one
decision to send out more troops and to; shouted : "Three cheers for Mclimcs,"
increase the armament met   with   nni   i and the audience   groaned.    The   Gov-
versal approval.      The BoerB seem to I ernor then hurried from tbe House to
W|"".'wn, Maroh 1.-The (lugs which
. " WRen down   yesterday alter   the
"joiolng ...
*w�� tailed
11 the surrender of Oronje,
again today tot the  relief      Toronto.    March   1.���The   telegram
1,1   and   all   over the  city i prints   a   specinl   cable from   Loudon
".' ''-������I.VHIIlitl
"emblem of  liberty Boated ; which'says the War Otllce has supplied
I'li.ating  tbe   joy over  the! a list  of wounded in   actional   Paar
". "i the brave
uiu Qovei
*"' k-o.it'"'""' ""'<H Wer" '"'���"���"yd '""'I ; adians.    it   inoludes     the   following:
botnnn   ."''"""' Popular   joy,   private j Severely wounded, "L"   Or,   Private
-im in,I   i���   tne   demonstration   H. Andrews, 6th   Itegiineut, Victoria;
I' triotiu  deoorotion.    Iu   mill-1 Private  Beach,   6th    Regiment,   Vic-
garrison.    From all! deberg,   Feb.   IH.   This  indicates  the
"""nt, civic and other   pub- ' nature of the wounds received by Can-
uu.iiiyr   '
London,   March 1.���A  special   fiom
Cafe Town   says that a   telegram   has
Heen received there from Mafekiug.un-
nounciug  thul   the   Boers made n severe and   protracted   assault  ou   Feh.
24, but were driven   off at all   points, j
They lost 40 killed and wonuded     The I
British   lost   two    killed    and   three:
London, March 1.���When   the   news
of the relief of Ladysmith, wiih received this morning, London went wild
with joy. Business was al a stand
still and tralllc on the main streets
was blocked for hours.
have gotten away from around Ladysmith Without losing a gun or their
baggage. Van Keen's Pass is only
abont 20 miles from Ladysmith. The
enemy had arlillery in acti in Tuesday
and they probably utilized both railroads in retreating, sending heavy
pieces lo Pretoria and lighter ones to
tin* Free Stnte.     Dr. Leyds says  Gen-
tbc accompaniment of groans and
hisses. As he left, the members hurried back to their seats, and Mr. For*
ster, of Delta, was elected chairman
amidst cheering thai could be heard
lor considerable distance. KcBoIufioiiH
were then passed and wiih "God Save
the Queen" the members dispersed.
The   Government   held a caucus to-
Bennett (Cons.) after winch tin
discussed il in detail,
Major Beattie (London) Introduced
an aot to determine the length of
working day for workmen and labor
ers. Erb in I nn I need a I,ill t��� amend
tbe Dominion Elections' Aot as regards the manner of marking ballots
The idea is to use a punch instead
of a pencil and the pnucb is to he need
to mark within flu. disk.
Taylor (Conservative whip) asked If
it was the Intention of the Govern-
ment to place a sum |u i|���, esitmates
foi the purpose nf erecting a monument at the Capitol in memory of the
Canadian volunteers who have fallen,
or may fall on the Hold of battle in
South Africa iu defence of the Empire.
Sir Wilfrid Laurier: "Onfortunately
the wai is not yet over,though the sue-
c.isrcs which have lately attended Her
Majesty's aims, of which Ibe relief nf
Ladysmith Jig one, (cheers) have
brought the end within ineasureabb*
distance. Tbo Government believe
that so long as the war lasted all our
energies should be ben*- on prosecuting
it and when the war is over the Government will he pminred to :e_.���mbw,.
not merely tli, dead but tbo living
(checis). In reply to Davis (Basket-
obewanj Sutherland said that The He-
gina Leader bad received m ISS-1,   11,.
���.'ii for advertising milling regulations.
The total amount paid to the Leader
Company between Jan. 1, 11.H8, and
Jan. 80, 1896 for advertising and printing was 147.862,
In reply to Poster, Borden said the
expenditure inouned to date for tbo
transport of Canadian troops into antl
out of the Yukon was 1896,041, from
which was to   be deducted -f.ri2,!lj2   for
constructing barraski.   sir   Charles,
on the orders of the day, read a telegram winch he bad reoeived statiog
tbe insurance company which had
placed accident Insurance on the Canadian contingent had authorized hini
to pay out .28,000, covering deaths
which occurred. Sir Charles Biiid that
the uows received today would make
it 181,000. Sir Charles also called
Laurier') attention to thu report iu the
press that Chamberlain hud asked Australia if they could send more troops to
South Adieu iu event of the Imperial
troops being wanted elsewhere. He
asked whether the Canadian Government hud received any such report.
Sir Wilfrid said the Government had
received no such informatmii.
Sir Charles: "1 am glad to hear
this aud hope tbe whole story is void
of   truth."    Hourassu   pointed   out
that Mr. (losch    First   Lord   ol the
Admiralty, bad said that negotiations
were well advanced in Canada for a
naval reserve. The Premier asked
BoursSSB to move for papers and they
will be brought   down.    The debate on
Fielding's resolution followed, it was
carried almost unanimously.
,.ral Joubert is assembling 80,000 men night and Semlin announced his rent Winburg, TO miles north enst of j tiremeut from the leadership, Cotton
Bloemfouteiu. Colonel Alhrecht accoid- was unanimously chosen. The party
ing to a dispatch from Paardeberg ! will oppose party lines.
affirms that the Hoers have 76,000 men j Speaker Forster said tonight that it
left. I was reported that, the Government had
  1 already dismissed Martin und his col-
London, Murch 2. ���(I :l,*i n.m.)���Uu-; leagues. He did not credit it but said
til midnight London gave itself up   to lit was not improbable.
the wildest expression   of  Joy,    Frum | 	
the Mansion House to the West End all     Ottawa,   Maioh   I.���In  accordance
the leading  thoroughfares  were  oon* I witb a motion made by  the   Premier
-tintly   paraded    by   cheering crowds,
intermittent!] bursting   into  partiotio
n Tuesday last, this was Government
day   iu     the     House.     After    routine
Toronto, March I.--Premier Boss
made the important announcement
this morning to u good roads deputation that the Government was prepared to grant lUKJ.OUO a year (or ten
years, towards improving the roads of
Ontario, provided a satisfactory s>>
tern is found. The gentlemen to whom
tlie statement was   made   compiisod a
committee appointed for the purpose ol
interviewing the Government at a recent county convention called by Vork
County Council.
London, March I.���The War Offloe
has reoeived the following dispatoh
Irom Lord Roberts: "Paardeberg,
(date uncertain.)���Clements repoits
tbal on hearing Oolesberg had been
evacuated  he  sent a   foroe to oooupy
songs.   Bauds   marching through the proceedings were disposed of Fielding's
streets   assisted with strains ol jubila-   resolutions tor two   million dollars for'
tion and the same exultant   notes were | tn��� Canadian   contingents   were taken
to be heard at   every  railway  station Lp,   Dr. Russell, (Liberal) ot Halifax,
or plaoe of pnblio gathering throughout I mada an able speeoh in favor  of tbe
laiitinuod uii Fourth 1'iiKt).        ��� j proposition.   He    was   followed    by
Montreal,   Maroh 1.���Tbe srttke  it
the Montreal Cotton Company's works
ut Valley field is still going on. It is
now in nays siliot the mills were dint
II   A. Allan returned yesterday fmm
Portland,    lie   says   if   the    weath.r
keeps line the Californian will lie limit
ed in a few days.    At present she is lu
Cjiitltiui'il on Kourih Paw.
iNeison Daily Miner
1'ublliitnxl l>hlly oxcopt Moiuluy.
NkI.SII..   MlNKIl I'ltlNTINU  & I'Ulll.lHIUNO Otl
11  I.  BEATON, Editor and Manager.
'i'ln, oountry may hnve nn opportunity to reckon   witli   Mr.   Mnrtin   later
on, and in the meantime let bim "continue the task be bus undertaken to
form a new Government. The oou.
iimii of tlie people just now is with
nm Lieutenant-Governor, it. is most
desirable thnt something should be
done lo teiicti this man tbat   be   ll   BO
autocrat io ruler, and   Hint   the   | pie
.,f I'ritish (Jiihiiuliia ar.. not his kIiivcs.
The   unaonetitutionnl  and   arbitrary oallin
oriairi   tbey bave  the eilective  contiol
ol the House.'
Anil the resolution was caned by n
vote of _1 to II.
Dismissing the politionl Bltuation
at the beginning of Iho week, a paper
that is evidently preparing 1 tHoJf to no
eept whatsoever hii|,|inus, Tin, Oolurn-
iiian of New Westminster,said:   "Mr.
Semlin tuny resign, lint, supposing he
did,there is hardly a remote possibility
of tho Lieutjiniiit-Clovetiior (jailing upon the leader of the Opposition, or any
member of tb.. Opposition, to  form a
Government." On whom else .shnnld
ho call, pray'.'   We are   supposed to be
miller tin, British system uf Parliamentary government,    and wherever
that prevails the custom is to go to
the Opposition.    Only   in   Hritish Co*
Inmiiia would a Governor  think of
otl a man   who hail   absolutely
New Books.
Parson Kelly;
By Andrew Lang
Mr. J in;   I Iami.ix's Media-
Bret Harte
Louis Creswicke
0..#..#4I��..��>.��..#..��..��..��..��<.����*-������*��"*��� "���*-��'
They arc made" in yonr midst, nf the fiii.;.t Havana Tobacco.
Where fjood  Cigars are -sold  they ean  he bought,
The  Royal Seal and  Kootenay Belle.
Union  made.
.lismissai of the Turner Administration ought uol to have heen condoned ;
it  mi'   given  him enoourngement lo
lUdulge his love of authority by engaging in anothei and greater outrage,
To what extent, if any. Mr. Hiius-
muir may have been in the plot Will
perhaps never be known, bnl it seems
as clear as day that Ihe Governor and
Mr. Martin have conspired to make
summary riddance of me Semlin
Government, in Older that the latter
might be advanced 10 the Premiership.
Mr. Melnnes is not confining himself
to th.- constitutional functions of Governor,lmt is employing tbi- power vested in hi< posiliou to successfully intri-
Hoe in behalf of political favorites.
When a Government Is defeated the
usual custom, of course, i�� to resign,
There can scarcely he any other course
under our Hiiiish system of party government In this Province, however.
1 here is not paity governmeut; it is
Kovernmeu on personal lims. a Premier of proper dignity and self-reipeot,
iu Mr. Semlln's place, would probably
have (_on.i as directly as-possible   afte
,1..rent t,. lodge his resignation, Bnt
politics in British Columbia are not
conducted on the loftiest of principles,
and if he ohOSa to make terms with
opponents, and thus obtain a majority,
it was not for the Lieutenant-Governor
to object. The people might when
the titno came, lmt it was none of Mr,
Mcliines's business. Mr. Semlin was
able In iissuro Ihe (lovnrnnr that he
had effective control of the Houro, but j
notwithstanding this fact he was dis- i
missed. Why? Because Ihe Governor'
was ijjt to be baulked of his opportunity to bring 111 his own clique,
represented in the person of Mr. Martin. There is tin open evidence of this
as the motive for his action, hut it
would be safe to defy the wit of man
to conceive any other explanation that
would stand a moment':' intelligent in-
It is hiKh time this autocrat was
cheokeil in his career. A strong man
at Victoria, with his wits abont hini,
would   speedily   bring     bun     tn   his
knee* He would not permit the Legislature to be prorogued or dissolved;
bo would allow no mesilge to be received or read from the Governor, bnl
would hold the House in session and
defy bun. The House represents the
people, and in a trial of strength between the ueople nnd Mr. Mclnnos the
latter would be quickly taught his
place. This would involve no disrespect to the otllce itself, or to tbe
t'rnwn for Which it stands. The only
disrespect ie shown by the occupaut,
who does not scruple to use it ns an
instrument for an unworthy purpose.
Hut better many times over that the
severest proprieties be shocked than
that free Canadian citizens should be
made to submit to such an outrage.
nn following, and who proceeds with
the work of Cabinet-making by selecting men who aie not in public life
and ,,f whom Ihe people never heard,
When The Columbian mnde its guess us
to tho probable course of tbe Governor
it doubtless had the advantage of the
broad,.si kind of a hint, which a close
intimacy with Mr. Martin would readily put in its way.
Mr. Houston's lnvalty will have re*
neived a severe strain, through the ac-
lioo of the Hritish House of Commons,
ill rejecting a Bill to establish an
eighi-houi day foi underground mining. His paper sin,old drop Victoria
for a time, nnd devote its great abilities und stupendous energy to the enlightenment of those benighted members ut Westminster.
50 Cases
11 New Drugs
and Hedicines
The Bitter Vintage;
K. Douglas _ftng|*j
An African Treasure;
J. MacLaren Cobban
Prospecting,  Locating and
Valuing Minks;
Engineers' Examinations;
New Catechism of the Steam
Maxims and Instructions for
1 j11 ���: Boiler Room;
The Mineral Industry;
Life of Napoleon III.;
j   Kootenay Cigar Mfg. Co.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and   Salted   Heats
Fish and Poultry in Season
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Manager,
I Baker Street, Nelson.
Orders by mail receive careful and prompt attention.
By Archibald Forbes! FOR MACHINERY |T]jr
cajnada mm &
Paper Hanger,
Jll.U.tt   111'(kill. Mil I IH   I'I HIM .
Windermere Mines, Corrosp - enoo Solicited
Blelchert and lliillliliu Systems.
Baboook and Wilcox, tic.        #
GAS and OIL~ ENGINES,     j
flexible METALLIC tubing, -to. Glazier,   Paii-jter,    Etc*
*���"���������������,0 J. C.f.CROFTS, m.lm.k.
INCORPOfU+*V. -670.
We have just received
a carload ol did1"-.:
Hudson's Bay Stores
B^__frYato.t.K' nelson, b. c. Chimney Sweeping.      west Baker st.. m���.
Or to Kkkhusson & Orofts,Vancouver 	
ESTIMATE^'t;__.NsflilSRTS.iO��-. Ward St. opp. Opera House
Telephone is.
Received this week,
fresh from tbe manufacturers.
Telephone US.    P.O. Box 830.    Bilker Street.
Mail Ordora_Promptl. Attended To.
Advertisements insd'tud under thtflheadat
tin. ruin of one cent n word per insertion. N*o
advertisement tnken (orless limn 'inconts.
COMFORTABLE   room   wiih ose  of
bathroom for gentleman   In  private
family, good situation.   Address X.X.,
Miner Offloe,
FOR BALE.���Ten Adroit, with largo
linusu close to Nelson. Pine situa-
lion fnr keeping poultry. Good fowl
hoi.su. Apply X, H.ix B80, Host Office,
MK-. a. It ALTON has opened  dressmaking peilorgin the Madden Blook.
Shu   make.,   a     specialty   of  evening
gowns nnil Inilor mini., costumes.
WANTKD-Teaoher (lady)  for  Pilot
Hey Pulilie  School.    A^plv to  John
Allan, Beoretary. Pilot Bay, B, 0.
k.&^^^-^-0*'0*-0*-^-^^'^-&'��'��;&_S;_S;_S!&_&&&& _&&_&& _L-_&_E_-**\& ���_&��-
(j. __.* *8_. *__ ��� ���___���*. ���___*"��� ____*. __?. "SJ. -___*: -5^ .5- -ST- ���*__ - �����. ��� ���-^������^������-^������^���.^���^���'���^������^���'^������^���^������^������^������^���������-^������^������^������^���������^���v^
We are making our store look bright and attractive with spring-time beauty.    Our   WilS��h   GOOl
DCDtirtlilCnt tc"s lls 0UM la'e-    We lake pride.in inviting you lo come and see the beauty of ihi*-. stock.
Prints, Ginghams and Piques
New Prints in light and dark patterns, fasl colors, nt. He, 10c,
I-',..',   I.V. ISO.
New Ginghams In fancy stripes anil cheeks,  fast colors, at
I2j_.e, I5c, lHc, 20c, 96a
Ladies' Tailor-Made Costume Department
This season Minis ns in a position to offer STERLING VALUI-S
in all lines of TAILOR-MADE SUITS AND SKIRTS in superb
styles of latest designs, AT PRICES  IHAT TALK.    A look
through will be convincing.
New Tailor-Made Soils in Serges, Homespuns, Cover! Cloths,
Ladles'Cloths, Tweeds and whipcords at 18.00, $10.00, ���12.60,, ., 126 OO, 128.0 .130.00
New Tailor-Made Skirls in Berges, Crepous, Cheviots, Bollels,
Tweeds. Coverts, all colors nnd designs, al |4.00, |4.B0, f6.00,
16.00, |7.00,(8.00 and upwards.
New Piques in fancy stripes and spots, l.lc, 18c, 20c, 25c.
New Duck Skirts.  New Linen Crash Skirts.  New White Pique Skirts.  New Spring Coats.  New Sprint. Capes.
Space will nol permit its to quote prices further, bul a word to the wise is sufficient.
First-class qualities and ri^'lit prices make our goods invincible.
Martin  O'Reilly  & Co.
P. S.���Special attention given to Mail Orders.
Houston Block. Baker Street,
ou. wash Goods  /f\
&r. -        ���...ww���, _-j
^r*_fc.__B__ft^-*S ____-___-___���-�����__ :_b5__���_.'__���. __���____��'-__>___���__B'��*'_____ _2��__S__��*__���_. ___���.*_________.**4**-*^-***��.--*****..**<��..'_, w5i.
-00 ��� 00 ��� 00-0*-00 ��� 00'00',00 ��� 00-00 - 00-00-00-00-00-00-00.X).-00-00-00-00^-00^-00   00^^^^^^-p-f
WANTKD.���For    three    people,    two
rooms with board in central  part,  of
t.iwn.    With hath  preferred.    Address
II, Miner Ollice.
WANTKD.���Hoys   nnd   girls tn   strip
tolmcco.    Fifty cents   ti day, and   as
mnoh nion. as they  can  earn.    Kootenay (.linur Oompany.
Following is the statement mad., by
Mr. Bemlin, when tin- Honse resumed
..a Tnosduv after the adverse v..te of
the previous Friday:
"Mr. Speaker, I risen, a question
oi privilege,   cm Fri.iav last, I moved
tlmt this House be udjourii.d until today Thi- was in nder lhal the Qov*
.'iiioi.'nt, which bad   just   Hustained   a
.nieat  in tin- II.nw i.y u majority of
one. might see it mniio arruugomeiil
.-..iild not lie come to by which tin* hus
mess ol the eniintry might be goo., mi
v. ith. Snob un airungennnt whs ...ine
i... ns I i .'ii.'n.l. nnd I :..\\ ���.-.,,I His
II..in.r tin- I.ioutennnt-tJnveriior to that
effect la-t evening. I iiiform.-d hini
that tin* (loveinini'iit Imrl effective rou-
trol of the H..iis��i, and wns ready to go
..ii with the destntoh of business.  This
forenoon, however, 1 received a com*
iiuinicution from His Honor to the
��� H..t thnt he declined to lie further
mlvise.l by myself and my eollnugue*,
und hnd alrondy sought, or would
forthwith ".-.'k other ndvisors. In
connection with tin-, .imimunication I
���hoold like lo hav.. un SSpreatiOD from
I lie House af to whethei   oi   n.,i I had
properly advised His Honor in reference In the situation, and hh t,, wli.tK
.���r this (.loveriiment nad ell.-i live   cou-
trol ..i the li.ins...   For Huh porpose, I
Leg to mOVe tbe following revolution,
which is seconded by the II,a. th.. At-
" "1'bnt this bonis lining fully nlivn
to the grent loss, iticonveiiinn.i. und
.���x|��'i]��) to thn cuntry of any interup-
tion of Hit' |.u.ui. * nf this House ut
the iirn��ent time, begs to express its
regret tbut His Honor has seen lit to
dismiss his advisors, us in   the present
��� .���������������������������������������*.������.���..������������
��� ���
��� WANTED-Furnished House: about %
"J     four rooms.- not too far from Bnknr *���
1 antl   Water  Streets.    House   with  \
��� bath-room preferred.   Address "B,"  ���
��� .
��� Minor Ollice. ���
.���.���.������...���������������..��� ������<.<>. ++X
joining Stocks
Bought and Sold.
Silver    Star    Mining    Stock   of
Sumpter, Ore.   Call for Prospectus.
5000 Hit; Horn Treasury.  A snap
1000 Noonday    000 Richelieu
Here's a good buy 1
Referendum Treasury Stock.    Sold
on installments T'.jc, I)^o per month,
11..use  and   Loi   in  business portion ol   town, $3500,
Heated by Hot Air
Finest   Dining   Room
in the City.
(Fite, Life, Accident and Loan'
Have   Removed   Their   Odices  lo
More Convenient Quarters,
A Real Estate Department
Has been added, and I have
on my list
Some Very Good Buys
In Houses and Lots
Therefore consult mc on Insurance,
Real Estate, and Money
io Loan
Temperance Hotel.
The Family Resort of the
TheWaverly Hotel
Delivered to an any point on
Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock
on hand of
The direct route from
to all points
EAST   and   WEST.
First*Glass Sleepeisou nil trnius I	
TO I KISTCAKS  pass Medi.iii.  IW
daily for St. Paul, Sundays and Wed*
ncsdays for   Torouto, ' Frlda.n   f"1
Montreal and Boston,
Same oars pass Revelstolce mn. dny
FINISHED LUMBEK.     "",li,r
���*__���!S_ Ha"  F.J.BRABLET&OO.
Next door lo N..\v Bank of Montreal,
mi Kootenay Street,
Nelson. B.O.
lor Baiter .1 Keotenaj m
can he rented for Concerts, Uectnros
Dances, Banquets and every kind of en*
ti ilainnient. Qood nule-iiiiniis. cloak
rooms. Kitrh.'ii mul dinluft. room furnished,   for termpply
DR, E. tj. AKTHUH*! Oity,
BalldemwUI Ibid It lo Ihoir advnntaxe to'
flf.-ure with Driulluy k Oa. on 1'iilnt.ltiK.
Nelson Employment Agoncv
Twelve coal miners, Waitress, Dish*,
Help of all kinds 1'iu'iii.lied.
OOBH liuil.l,i.\(j.
J. H. LOVE, Afl't      Baker SJ
Promptly and neatly done.    Special
at tent inn given tu children's clothes.
Third .loor back of Odd Follow��' Hull,linn,
Kuotcnii) Street,
Board and  Room.
First Class Hoard and Room;
Todd's old stand, in rear English
Church. Table Board, $4; Hoard
and Room, $5 and $5.50.
Conservatives and all favorable to
the Oonseivative ennso are Invited to
register their names npon the voters'
list    Registration  can  take plaoe at
any time,the qPOlifloations lioini: lint-
ish   sulijecls,   2\    years   of   age,   six
, months' residence ill tbe lJrovii ami
I uno month's reflidenoe in the Hiding,
Tbe uuu.. voters' HhI is used for both
! Dominion and  Provinoial eleotions.
Tho following will lm pleased to
draw applications at their ollices for
intending voters 1
.1. H. BOWB8.
B. M. BKYDGES, Bocretary Ooij.
servative Assooiatiou.
Mill at PILOT KAY.
Yards, NELSON and l.AKDO1
Nelson Cleaning and Dyeing
S. D. l'lEKKK Flop.
Ladies' and Gents' Clothing cleans I
dyed, altered and repaired.
Ui-Kr or I larke lliilrl, M IJ.OV
When the Men are All
Goije  io War
Business Women
Will  He Needed
c Nelson Basiuea Ool lege is h
iraiinin, hchool tor yonng women as
well SI voting men. The i.,lrt���,.t byh.
teni makes I .lsinees easy.   Try It,
Tu unl from ll..I.-un, Rossland,
Ex, Sno. Kx, Sn".
8.00 l.v.       NELSON ArclM"
18. in Lv.daily NELSON daily Arr.l__W
Morning train connects for nil poials
Evening train connects to and from
Main Line and points ucn-th, anil w\.
-unjfrotn all points in BCH'NDAl."*
Daily. sir. Moyie i'1'1'-
-4.00 Lv.        NELSON       Arr. 1"-"
OonneoU  Kootenay   Loading n;l1'
Clow's Nest Brtinofa trains both WB1
Ex, Sim, Sir. Kokaneo.      K_. "'""
16.00 Lv.        NELSON Arr. ll."1
Saturday to   Atgenta   and relut"
leaving Kaslo st aik.
Ex, Bun, Ex. Sim
J0.00 Lv. NELSON Ar. 14.40
Km-rut,-  Mid fall inlorilliiliiiii sddfSMBW
Bsl looal agent, er
C  I.. Bt ASI.KY  ovy l'.iH_ongor AW"
It. W. DIU1V7, Akci.i., No1��"'
Trav. !�������_. AgSDt       A O. P. __����.���
I Nelicn V_nwi*vt_ NELSON DAILY MINER, FRIDAY,   MARCH  _,  1900
grade, with
! OWER RATES it^Tzi^
M^ course,   liiiiny   peop
, Prevail on Ul-
iiic Canadian
Boundary Division
view lo securing the
h a school iu Nel-
llie |.,ck nf sd.'Ii n
y peop 0 are compelled,
through inability to send their children tu other cities for such instructions, to 'like them away from school
with an incomplete education.
���JPhair-H.'' rEmr��p_a3,rfok,    Ro..  WllO_eSale    HOUSGS.
Fre|glit Dep.
artment Makes Announce
tirst    class
to   !)(!
im. 1,1 oi importance to Local
Tne Canadian PaoiUo Railway issued
. .,�� tariff of freight rates yesterday
,],,��� shows a great reduotlon in rates
tow    Nelson   and   nearby   points,
the reduotion  avMaglng about 40 per
cent on all classes of freight.
' BeWemi Nelson and Greenwood  tho
���l,l     rates      ranged
ne.   liiin.lr."l    on
..nm   per   hundred   on   tenth   olass
nvl(,|���     The   new   rate   is  from   UO
ntB   per   hundred    on   first   oiass
in .'1 cents per hundred on tenth class,
hieing a reduction   ol from 51 cents   to
U dent* per  hundredweight   or  an
average of 10 l"1'' cent,
Between   Nelson   nnd Brand   Forks
,1 |d first class   rate   was |1.2.1 and
in,, new rut'' 78 cents, und so on along
tho claasiflcatiou till wa reaoh the new
rule of Is oeuts per hundred on tenth
[lHjggOodB ns against the old rate of
8*3 cents. Here we find a reduction of
;,,������ 17 to 14 cents, being also an
average of about 40 per cent, in the
whole tariff list.
The adoption of the new rate is due
totheC. 1J. H. having taken over on
Uaroli 11 the management oi the Colombia and Western Extension into the
Bonndary district, Up to the present
tn,,,' thn extension has been operated
and controlled by the oonstruotion oon*
tmotore, who also fixed the freight
rules ami the 0. P. R. was not to
blame fot the high rate that previously
existed. Before the extension was half
Unbilled the people along tbe line were
clamoring for a freight service as all
goods lnnl l" be hauled in hy team. So
to loci nodate them an arrangement
,i- uimlt' with tbo contractors to operate a freight service. The rate was
lied lu the contraotors over tbe signalers of tlm superintendent of construction, innl was about half the cost of
teaming li was considered a fair
compensation to the contrnctois for
tl xpeneo of operating the road. Recently tho Company deemed it inadvis-
account ol tha heavy snow on
tl uunmits, in continue tho laying
of track to Phoenix (.'amp aud decided
to takeover Ihe management oi the
road from the oonstruotors. It was i*n-
mediatel; decided to innka a reduction in tho existing freight rutes und
die tariff leaned yesterday i** the result
ol that decision.
Very Rapid Servioe By the Canadian
Pacific Telegraphs,
Night Dispatcher Ross, of the Can-
"hini  Pacific   telegraphs, had  copied
u" nn the Associated Press seivice
abont half fust une yesterday morning
���nd would have then goue home had
HOI Ths Mil ir been receiving some
ipeoial dispatohes from Montreal. He
waited to copy them, bnt they were
���""""h- sluwly aud frequent waits
were necessary, He was not at his
iMtrurnent at two o'clock when he
��M called sharply, and when he te-
plied, Vancouver saids "Wait, Lady-
Wit- " Mi. Ross immediately tele-
(toned Iho .Miner thnt Ladysmith bad
1,111 relieved, for the call could mean
nothing i Is... a minute later came
Iho welocme message, "tadysmith ha-
1'""   relieved "     Then    followed:
'"Hi" -Var Offloe offlolally nunounceN
!l'i" Udysmilh has beeu lelioved."
Md alien live minutes later came Bul*
"*���*'�� diBpatoh, Mud The Miner been
11 ' ' " ipeoiali Uu telegraph
'���" bave been closed befero
������'>'U..i- was received.
It was,i vorj creditable  feat fur the
P. It. telegraphs, for the luinounoe-
': '���' '������.ii-   mail,' by   ,),(, War Ofllce ut
���' ,; '" ;""i just eighteen minutes
"" "l'"'.'i..i Kuss culled up Tbo Min-
"l'a"'1'  'be news-at oxactlv a u.
���''r;">iy In ibe heart of the anoun*
''""" ���*" far away from London, to ie*
Wo the news In such a short time is
���'���������"'or which the   Canadian Pacillo
deserve every credit
Mr. Anson Wiiealler, of Kaslo, is in
town for a few days on legal business.
The B. 0. Mines, near Kholt, have
uvcrgori 7(1 tons of ore a day shipped,
during February.
Tho maximum temperature yesterday was -HI degrees and minimum 80
degrees.    Rainfall was .(11 inch.
Nelson's old acquaintance mid
friend. Mr. Holdich, is about to remove from Revcistoke to Ferguson, iu
the Lardeau oountry,
Mr. A. Booth, leal estate nnd insurance agent, has removed .to more commodious quarters in tbe 0. St, K. land
ollice building, Kootenay Street.
The mineral claim, Ilirectoiute
Fractional, was transferred yesterday
from <J. 1). McKenzie to the Hustings
Exploration Syndicate,Ltd., for a nominal consideration,
Captain Troup, of the C. P. H., is
expected back from Calgary today and
Will immediately go tn the Boundary
Country to take over the management
Of the Columbia <ft Western division
of the ('.  P.  R,
Ferguson, in the Lardeau, is a  now
place, an.) of eiiurso it has a newspaper. It is n bright, healthy-looking
sheet, hut is chiefly remarkable for
the fact, that it is not. called the Miu-
er. it has beeu christened The Eagle
A curling match was played at tbo
rink yesterday morning between the
following rinks: Dr. Armstrong, P.
10. Wilson, Frank Fletcher, skip,, and
8. M, Brydges, P. W. Weir, .). H.
Wallace, skip. Mr. Wallace's rink won
by 19 to i.
The interest of Charles Callaghan in
the claims Cody Fraction and .Inker
Fraction will be exposed for sale by
Sheriff Tuck ni his ollice on March li,
to satisfy a judgment ohtaiiieil against,
Callaghan by Hunter Bros., of Sandon.
amounting to fill. IT und costs.
The telephone company has auuonno-
ed its intention of reducing the price
of telephones in Nelson to $2,50 u
month for iiistrumojts in business
houses and i'i for residences. Those
paying six months in advance will be
charged nothing lor connections.
The cast of characters for the opera
"Pinafore" Will bo as follows: Sir
Joseph Porter, K. C. B., Mr. Free-
man-Lake; Captain   Corooran,  Frank
Worthlngtoil; Lick lload Eye, C. B,
Winters; Hos'h'h mute, H. Gervan;
Ralph Racksbaw, J, Loohore; Josephine, Mrs. W.  A.  Macdonald, -, Litt'a
Buttercup,   M��s.   \\.   3.  Gospel, und
two minor parts will be chosen from
the  chorus
City Olerk Straobau sent out about
sixty notices yesterday to ull property
owners, whose houses nre contiguous
to sewers, to have tlie proper connections inad.. with same within ill) days
from Hate of notice. The notice stipulated that the work must be completed
to the satisfaction of tbe City Engineer, and says that unless the connections are made within the time limit
that pioeeediugs will be taken against
ull delinquents.
There seems to be some'dissatisfaction with the contracts which bave
heen let on Iho Balfonr extension of
the Crow's Nest Pass Railway, inasmuch as it is claimed tbat, the act
states that no pel son who is not a British snbject can secure a contract or be
otheiwise employed. There arc several persons, it is said, who are uot
Hritish subjects, and wbo have received oontiucts in preference to Canadians. The mutter will be presented
to the Government in the proper manner.
A shnok near the smelter occupied
by u man named George Miller, caught
nre yesterday afternoon and burned to
tho ground. Everything in the bouse
was lost. The shack was near tho
flume which supplies the water fnr the
power for the City electrical plant.and
for a while the flume wns on fire. If
tlie flnme bad burned it would seriously crippled tbe illumination of the
City Inst night. Mayor Houston and
Chief Thompson went to the scene of
the tiro at once when they beard of it,
being notified by City Clerk  Strachun.
Thomas Claiborne was arrested early
yesterday morning, by the night patrolman,' on tho complaint of Edward
HuHkkins. wbo thought that Claiborne
had appropriated some money belonging to the former. At lirsl hi. charged
Claiborne with taking about ,*S'JII(i, but
later on some of tbe amount was found
and the loss amounted to 1180. Has-
kins had been drinking yesterday afternoon und went to ll mom in the
Olurk House to sleep. At tho time he
hud about |800 with him in checks und
currency.    While   ho   was in the room
Claiborne went up to tbo room.   Later
he was seen tu be flush ai. I spending a
good deal of money. When Hasklns
awoke be missed his money and on being informed of Claiborne's notions
bad hini arrested. Later in the day a
warrant for him was issued by Magistrate Crease, and he will he tried this
morning in tho Police Court.
laud; Liilie th, nghcrl v, I'el.i'linin,
Ont. ; T. G, Holt, Vancouver | A. W. |
Whealler, Kaslo; .1. D. Porter, Spokane;.!, A. McKinnou, Silverton; T.
.1. Roiiilley. A. I). Pelly, Mrs. Jainie-
son,   Greenwood;    J,   Hauimar   mid
wife, Grand Forks.
Hum.-- 0. Dillniiin
Sadie Fletcher, Cranbronk; E. O.
Kldgswsll, Nelson; D, W, Moore,
Trail; II. O. Cooper, Vancouver; A.
DesBrisay, Victoria; .1. H. Ingram,
THORPE & QO.. Ihmitkd.-C
nei,  I  Ulnar Blrouts, Nelson, i
faofcuroi-H of anil wliolaaalu doiilors in aoratuil
w.iiers nml trait -.mp-.   Bole agontu tor Bill-
Milwaukee;  oyonSpriagH minora! water.  TollIO
Clocks -nd
Fine  Watch,   Clock   and   Jewelry
repairing-.    Work   and   snoods
guaranteed   positively.
Patenaude Bros
���N. At. Uuniiiilnx, boiane, fOvory known
variety ���r soft drinks. P, 0. Hex ss. Telo-
phonoNo. 31. Hoover Btroot KoIhoii. BoUIoik
of the Famous hi. I.i-im lint Springs Mineral
e Bros/ Shoe Store
."y *J.ri- Strachan Will Shortly Start
���_��� ���_, to Compile Statiatioi.
"���*'   Olert    Strachan  has   about
'*""   making   a   transcript  ol tbo
5E!ui " rmnd   In a few
1 ' fl�� making the new as-
A �����nt ordered by the City Council.
-,,.,, .j '""" lie will   make a ecu-
���i���.,;���"," ",|:* ���"'' Nelson.   In making
���"' will note the  number ol
i.i,,,, !    alien     residents.    The
'  -ui"ills   hist   year   was
.,.' ,'���" ";" were 681 property hold*
Kleotlv '  ""-.v .ir the list wil be
(ortnnsi        " ""     Mr  .Strachan   was
l__   --"'ar   in   having   but
ort that   ' V""'"lH appealed, areo-
���Vliil,. .1 *"lv "ski'ssim-h can point to.
Ull ���,.,.' census is being made n
nil,,.  ., '" '""'Piled   of all  children
wl,l ftolto. lS**\*_.,l!*t -n'"rs-    TllOTe
���   a list of children who are
"*"lj|u    ���*��  the  High   School
Mr. .1. E. Lilly, a prominent citizen
of Hannibal, Mo., lately bad n wonderful ilcliverance from u frightful death,
In telling of it he says, "I wus taken
with   Typhoid   1'Yvoi',  thut   ran   into
Pneumonia. My lungs became hardened. 1 was so weak I could mil lit
uii in bed, Nothing helped me, I
expected soon to die of Consumption,
when I beard of Pr. King's New H,s-
eovciv. One bottle gave great relief.
I continued to use it. und now am well
and strong.   I can't, say inn much in
Ita praise.     This marvellous dioine
is tiie surest and quickest cure in the
world for all Throat ud Lung
Trouble. Regular sizes 50 cents ana
81,00, Trial imtlles fiec at, Canada
Drug Ac Hook Store. Every bottle
Now that it is universally acknowledged that my patent appliances positively cure RUPTURE,
and are GUARANTEED to give
invite the very worst cases���-infants,
children and adults���no matter how
bad you may be afflicted.
I will pay your lure both ways if
you can force the Rupture down in
any posiliou with, my NEW RETAINER on.
Size and age immaterial.
See what our leading Physicians
Ottawa, December auili. 1800.
I have much pleasure in testifying
to .1. I.. Armstrong's ability iu the
mechanical treatment of Hernia or
Rupture. He has very successfully
treated patients of mine ranging in
age from a fe>v months to (ill years of
age. Most of these patients wove
uIHicted witb very huge unmanageable
Hernia, which failed to be relieved by
all[the trusses triad, The principle uf
this putent appliance seems to be perfect. The support is directed against
the Hjat of the rupture ouly, aud can
be manipulated to retain accurately.
1 unhesitatingly recommend Mr. Armstrong to the consideration of the profession and tbo public.
HKN'ltY F.   ..BIGHT, M. I)..
IU_ Elgin Street.
John Montgomery,    G. M.Williamson,
h. B. C. P.    Suftery of     M.  D. O.M.
Montgomery and Williamson.
Physicians  and   Surgeons,
Ardoch.N. D.. Deo. 80th,  IKU7.
I cau unhestitatingly recommend J.
L. Armstrong's patented appliance
as one that bus given me perfect satisfaction in the treatment of Hernia hy
-such menus. 1 believe it to be as sci-
entilic ns it is possible for su.h appliances to be made.
Pationts of mine, on whom several
styles ol trusses have been tried and
failed in their object, found, when lifted with the Armstrong appliance, that
they could do all kinds nf work,lifting
heavy loads, etc., with safety, and
without experiencing any discomfort
or pain, In adjustment it is simplcity
in itself.
The profession would do well to investigate its merits before llttiug then
patients with any other.
December lfith, 181)1).
I huvo much pleasure in recommending to the attention of the profession
a Hernia supporter, the invention of
J, L. Armstrong, of this oity.
After repeated trials of the instrument I um satisfied thnt it is the
most efficient truss in the Dominion.
As regards mode of application mid
results, it, stands alone in this country,
embodying the principle of fixed support, not to say pleasure in the treatment of hernia, recognizing as it does
that the requisite pressure is afforded
by the wall of the nhdnmen. Yours
trulv, C. 13. CHUKCH,  M. D.
1 have the privilege of referring yon
to several of tho most reliable ludies
cured by my   appliances, including the
wife of u prominent minister of the
gospel, wife of u prominent lawyer,
wives of two nieichnnts, and others,
including a LAI.V (IS YKAKS OLD.
and mother of one of our most pinini
ucnt merchants. These ladies have
not worn anv support from one to I'liiu
years, and most of   I hem three   yenrs.
Testimonials from most respectable residents of Victoria, B. C.
(which lill too much space), viz:
L. Goodacre, Esq., Queen's Market, Purveyor lo 11. M. Navy.
II. Mansell, Merchant, Government street.
R, llonil'ray, Esq., C, E
J. C. Elliott, Esq., Sec. Board o
Fire Underwriters.
J. Giscombe, Miner, Eort  Street.
1 will be al the Hume Ho.tel
for two days during the mouth of
March; dates to be announced
Call Early.
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snlo deal,its In iloiii". uieuls. etc., nnd bay
und grain.    MilNal   ICIitioiit.in,   Vii'lol-in lln.l
New w.'.iiiiiM-ii-,..   ^levators on Culgary &
Kdmonton Railway.
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Atlantic S. S. Lines
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ltiwl  Star  Line "Fi'ie-huul" .Feb. 28
North Gernem Lloyd "Siialo"  March li
Allan Statu Lino "State of Nchiaska' . Mauh I
Passages ;ur;ii.. A; to mid from all European
points. For ratOfl, ticket***; and full infcrtnalion
apply toO.Pi It, depota*S��nl or (J E. I'l-if-li-j.
City PassenROi Agent, Npiwin, M.t*
W. I��. F. t I'MMIM-iS.
Genoral Ai.ent. 0 P. It. Oftou* WlnnlrcK
Phones:    Office.   H7:   House,   152.
Font-room House nnd  three lots,
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Gall and See Me.
Real Estate,
Fire Insurance,
Life Insurance
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Groceries,     Crockery,    E.c.
I Dried
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Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
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l��� ,n i n���.   Ion  "'  '������.
KC��� , li ... II]    u ��     Mo  i .i.
'",       '. i -iu.lv  i.i.i.    tlm ia,"1
Ii.ll.tl.l   lilgla '  '���!!���>-"
ed a     i lu    ��� '     Bjwalmei
mill,) a,���i Up. wrlllng,   -	
m | I,    ' I  nnd   Inii',,,,. nt��
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' Tot ii.rini. ond iittrtlculnw iiU'l) to tlio al.tor '
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...L. POGUE...
Hnrutjwt iiinl   Sad.ilcrT
i ur leading ihop. Lvn
-io.k. Bml mwortod tt-oi k
..i, band Hiuni--, Colin i ui I.- -i iiinkHs, _j.ni-
.11.-. Blanket!, Hell-
win.- BrathM) ('oin)n
l'i looa   ..���,  f.ii lur),
i i_.il .mil tee.
(or.  Ward   uud   >.__Kur
joy nra thk kfj.tft
Inuod iron. First Page
with bonfires, rockets and music ac-
ompanimeni fht Imperial .oldiera
..nd sailors of Viotoria and Esquimau
stations, ,.t oourse, tike a prominent
part in Hi.' display,
Un Metiopolis. Tho West End clubs
iho cnfos, the restaurants and the
public buildings were biilliantly il-
laminated and their Interiors, even to
Ilm tables, wore beautifully decorated
with flags, limiting aud ingenious arrangements of electric lights. At all
Hie music halls patriotic songs weie
giveu, lhe people rilling aud joining
amid scones of unbounded enthusiasm.
Hardly a person could lie met with
whn was nut wearing the national emblem, in the shape of_a tri-cnlor rosette, or ribbon, The liiogrnpli representation of leading Generals aud hemes ..[ the win weie greeted with tremendous acclamations. One striking
feature of the rejoicing was the great
number of American flags intertwined
with the Hritish. At 11 o'clock, when
the theatres and the music halls pnur-
ed forth thousands, the jubilation was
redoubled. In Trafalgar Square every
available inch of space, including
the plinth of lions at Nelson's column,
was occupied by a surging, singing,
cheering orowd, All joined in "God
Save the Qneen," wildly applauding
every reference tu Roberts, Bnller.
White, Baden-Powell and the rest.
The scene at this point was almost
without precedent and is not likely to
bn forgotten by those who witnessed
it. A smaller, hut an almost equally
striking demonstration occurred in
the vieiuity of St. Paul's Church yard
earliei io the evening when the famous peal of bells was rung in honor
of lhe occasion. Fall Mall, the Strand.
Fleet Street and Oheapslde echoed and
re-eohoed nutil long after midnight
with the cheers and songs of the slowly
and reluctantly dispersing crowds.
Even now at   2 o'clock in the morn- j
iug, there conies from Manison   House
Square   every few minutes  the  sound
of   vigorous   cheering.     Everywhere
groups ot people can be  seen   and   although noisy they are perfectly orderly.    Great throngs remained in the vi-1
oinitj   iif  the  War    Offloe    until   ll
o'clock   last evening  when it was an- |
UOUOOed that no   further   news was at
baud foi public.tion.
From et cry part of the Empi re there
is a constant influx of telegrams de- .
scribing the rejoicings. The news
wa�� received with great enthusiasm at
Dublin, where, however, tbe jubilant:
spirit of the Trinity College students
carried them beyond the bounds of ills- |
eretion. A large body of thein marched to the Dublin Mansion House where
they scaled the garden walls and cup-
Hired a gieen flag flying un the
grounds. A policeman aud the servants of the mayor's residence with j
others struggled desperately to recover
the trophy and eventually wrested it
from the invaders, several o. whom
were injured. Other constables soon
arrived ou the scene and a dozen stn-
deuts wero arrested, but with the ex
Caption of three nil were rescued or
managed to escape. Later in the day,
isolated assaults weie committed,
chiefly in the neighborhood of Oollego
Green. A strong force of police kept
tho students within the college gates
and cut oil' from the excited orowd that
assembled in front of the college buildings. The three students were arraigned and small lines wore inflicted. No
further disorders occurred. Great rejoicings are repoited at Malta and also
al Gibraltar, whore un effigy ol Pres-
iilenl Kruger in chains   was   paraded.
Montreal, March 1 ��� The news 0[
the relief of Ladysmith was received
with much greater enthusiasm
throughout Eastern Canada thau tbi
utns ol tbe relief of Kimberley or
Cronje's surrender. Crowds Ibrouged
tbe newspaper bulletin boards nud
manifested the greatest interest in the
news, many cheers being raised for the
general wbo has had tbe most difficulties to perform in relieving the
beleaguered garrison. Many stores
displayed Hags and bunting. McGill
students, npon hearing tho news, visited several newspaper ollices, some of
whom had leaned somewhat in their
sympathy towards the Boers. Iu some
instances they took possession nf the
bulletin boards and compelled tho pro-
piietors to display the British flag.
Finding no flag displayed on the city
hall, tbey marched iu a body to the
tower of that bnilding and hoisted tbe
flag. Five hundred high school boys
also paraded the streets   with banners.
At 5 o'clock this afternoon the students of Laval, the Fi-bocIi Catholic
University,appeared at St. Giles Street
and demanded that the flags ordered
up by McGill boys to be pulled down.
The request was promptly complied
with bnt not until one British flag had
beeu torn np hy tbe French students.
Then the McGill men appeared again
and there was every prospect of a riot.
Litige bodies of police kept, the two
factions apart, until the leaders got together under the chairmanship of Alderman Lebeuf, chairman of police committee. Tbeu it was agreed that the
Laval students should go oue way and
the McGill men the other. The pilir.o
started the crowds moving and the
trouble was over. Tonight, despite a
blizzard that has stalled tbo street railway for the first time In its history.
and tied up all railway traffic, over
ten thousand people gathered on Dominion Sqnare and around an immense
bonfire of tar barrels celebrated the
relief of Ladysmith, Nothing like it
was ever seen in Montreal.
..... rattle of con. rsation interlarded
.'iii, tundry cxpre-sjions, admittedly
i ngli I. .i. ... Igin tail .. mallj not
forming pan ol Ihe polite conversation
of our medical men, li was whilst be
was thus employ, d that an iillicei made
some casual remark abont civilised
warfare, upon which our guest fired
up, uml wiih a voiley of expletives as
sured us that lie and all bie compatriots were as oivili ted aud a goud deal
moie so limn tlm British. Nobody
ventured to argue the question,aud his
oatbural was received with polite silence, some of us thinking sadly of the
nairow escapes from painful death he
had survived iu hi_ attempts to swallow oue of our largest sled knives during dinner, and also of bis peculiar
manners, customs, and conversation.
Having eaten and drunken bis lill
be shouldered his sack of corn and
coolly usked for the "countersign" so
ns to enable him to pass out of our
lines to his ambulance I And this ho
would certainly have obtained had not
a stall' officer who bad been a pained
witness of the festive scene and bided
his time for decisive action, gently
taken tbe "Doctor" aside and made a
prisoner of him. Of course the "Doctor" was highly indignant, and talked
very big about the sanctity of the Geneva Convention. His captor, however,
was obdurate, and he was marched off
under escort. It may be mentioned
that subsequent inquiries amply justified both the course taken and his fur
ther detention. This story has been
given in detail, as it affords an admirable example of the amount of gullibility with which the Boers credit us,
and also of the lengths to which many I
Of our officers will go in their chivul-1
! ious desire lo help an enemy in dis-;
I tress. It is hardly necessary to add
that the safety of a whole force might
easily he compromised by nn adroit spy
thus truding on the good nature of an
ro    t: J*. I lJT\    b KN OH US I 80 _l?K_0*_ _00OOO0t0CI_OD0O0_Jf_f HI { Hl=
t milium u from I IrsI Pago
uu upright position and lighters are
alongside Inking otl'Ihe cargo. When
he left Portland the wreaking steamer
from Boston was visible off the harbor
and could begin work immediately.
All depends whether tbe wind keeps
down. She is resting easy at present
and work can go on quietly as long as
this state cf affairs  continues.
Ottuwa, March 1,��� Rocen, the late
inspector of separate schools for Manitoba, is here and says it is his intention to run for Proveuoher us Libera
candidate at the coming general eleotion. He speaks confidently of his nbil-
ity to carry tho constitutenoy.
It is reported hero that Watson may
resign from tho Senate to oppose
lioche in Marquette when the geueral
elections aro held.
SignB point to a general election
next summer, although much may de-
peud upon the progress and result of
the war.
We HaVe a  FeW
Heating ��� Stoves
left over,    To _*.el clear of
them we arc offering them
���actual   cost ;    and  as   Steves havo  advanced   in   price
since we bought, anyone requiring Stoves
will   get   tlicin   at
Gei)liii)e J3argaii)  If ales.
Ottawa, March I.���The Military Department today issued a bulletin showing the following having died from
wounds received on Tuesday. February
2', In "D" Company: Corporal P.
S. Brady. 4'Jrd Ottawa, and Oarleton
Hides; "E" Company : Private F, W.
Wasdell. 3rd Victoria Killes; "IP"
Company: Private A. Roy, Hiith
Temisoouata and Rimouskj Battalion;
"H" Company: Private G. Johnstone, iliird Halifax Killes, died February 36, from his wounds received in
action at Paardeberg, on Feb. 18,
Calcutta, March I.���There is goneral
rejoicing throughout India at the capture of General Cronje and tbe relief of
Ladysmith. The statue of Lord Koberts
has been decorated with flowers uud
iiiaiiv congratulations were wired him
including     one   from   the   Cawupour
Chamber of Oommeroe which  said:
" Your birthplace salutes you. "
Cupo Town, Mnrch I.���The news of
l.iidysraith's relief last night was olll
chilly promulgated at about 10 o'clock
this morning und spread like wildfire,
The towu becunio wild wilb delight,
Iho residents parading the streets uud
dugs uud bunting lieing displayed
everywhere. The thmugs of persons
crowded the front oi the Governmenl
'louse hurrahing und singing. An excited crowd stormed Parliament House
und a mai. mounted the flagstaff anil
hoisted tne Union Jack as a protest
against the attitude of the Ministry.
Victoria, B. 0., Match 1.���News of
the lelief of Ladysinith was received
here over tho 0. P. It. wires, 18 minutes after tho annuunoumunt in London, about two o'clock in the morning. Fire bells pooled in accordance
with prearranged plan and a tusiladi*
ol fire crackeri and bombs stinted from
telegraph and  newspaper offices was
taken up al hotels and other scenes ot
all night activity BO that a gland celebration was very quickly iu progress.
Advantage was taken of the early
hours and absence of traffic to start
gieat bundles in lhe principal streets.
In the morning papers Mnyur Hay-
ward proclaimed u holiday and called
upon the citizens tu ileeoiute and give
up the day to festivities an.l right
nobly did they respond. Stores, factories und snluii.ls were closed and the
greatest demonstration over witnessed
here has been in progress all dny and
up tu ii   late   hour   tonight  continues,
Quebec, March 1.���A cable was received from " BufiV'Ogllvie nf the Canadian artillery, dated Kimberley. Evidently tbo Canadian batteries were
rushed through to protect Kimberley
as soon us they reached Cape Town on
the Lanrentian.
Toronto, March 2. ��� A speciul cable
to The Globe this morning from Modder Kiver snys G. B. Corbould, Fifth
R. C. A., Victoria, reported missing,
is now reported safe.
London, March I.���Tho news of tho
relief of Ladysmith caused a scene of
unprecedented excitomeut in the city
today, particularly in tbe Stock Exchange. Mobs of thousands of persons
surrounded tho Mansion House, cheering and waving Hags and stopping t ra -
tlie. Business in.tbe House was superseded by champagne drinking and general jollification. Tho older members
of the Exchunge say tbey never suw
anything like it. Patriotic songs wero
heard everywhere instead of stock
quotations and dealings were Infinitely
small. Provincial centres wero similarly engaged and tho wires usually
devoted to business were blockaded by
messoges of congratulations.
The markets opened nominally
stronger but sagged in the absence of
trill'suctions. The tone finally wns
harder on a lumor thut (Ienernl French
was   at   Bloemfiintein.    Consols   were
merely still,   In short, tbej public was
too mnoh preoccupied to speculate.
Americans weio tho lightest. Tlie mar*
kel for Ihem opened sluing and free,
general buying.
"Grey Scout,'' writing In the Saturday Review, says:   The following is a
fairly typical example of the opinion
held by the Boers of the intelligence of
our ollicers. II was on the night following one of the severe combats
which marked the British advance lu-
wards Kimberley that the officers of a
eer'ain corps had gathered near the
bivouac (Ire for their 'dinner." as
the evening meal, which did duly fur
breakfast aud lonoheon as well on t-hn��
day, was styled. Suddenly a man iu
civilian attire appeared, equipped with
a large i leiievu cross on his m-ni, .,���[,
asked fur the coiiiiiianding officer. To
tin. latter he told a rambling Btory
about his ambulance work, and ended
by asking foi corn for bis horses.
With the usual hospitality of the
Hritish officer he wns at unci, made at
home, corn was ordered for his horses,
and be was provided with dinner,
which latter be proceeded to dispatch
iu a manlier fearful and wonderful to
Mounwhilo ho kept up u not unuinus-
The following I snys The Daily
Chroniole) is an instance nf the mistakes that emanate from the War Office
returns of the killed nnd wounded in
the present campaign in South Africa.
Doubtless there are great difficulties to
be encountered in rendering a correct
return but for all that, it is a pity thai
friends and near relatives should be
made to suffer such auxiety. On Nc
vember ill) last a man nt Aldershot received a notification from the War
Ollice to say that bis son-in-law in thi
1st Northumberland I-'v.sileers had been
wounded at the battle of Belmont. On
December 12 be reoeived another letter
stating tbat the number previously
given as -l-lli; should read 4487, thus
giving him hopes of some mistake having been made, Next day the father-
in-law received a letter irom the injured man himself stating be bad been
wounded nt Belmont, but that be was
all right, nnd expected tu be on doty
in a few days. On January '.'II the
War Ollice reported to the fat her-inlaw that tbe man bud been killed on
November 28, but ou the following day
a letter was received from the son-in-
law written on Christmas day at Modder Kiver, stating that he was all
right, his wound bad healed up, nnd
he was not at all disfigured. On January 3-1 the Wai Office, in reply to further Inquiries, wrote the father-in-law
nt Aldershot regretting to state thnt
his son-in-law died   in November last.
Winnipeg, March 1.���Another contingent of 44 men, and 17 oars of
horses passed through this city for Ottawa tonight. There was general rejoicing throughout the west when the
news was received of tho relief of
Ladysmith. At many of the smaller
towns iu the Territories, processions
were formed nnd with bauds paraded
the streets. Hon. Clifford Sifton reached here today. Tomorrow the Minister
attends the aunniil meeting of Binudon
County Liberal Association at Brandon.
Winnipeg, March 1.���U. S. Consnl
McCook, of Dawson, passed through
for Vancouver today. Inspector Belcher, second in command of Strathconn's Horse,who has been detained at
Regina by illness, left there for Ottn
wa today.
Manila, March I.���A hundred insurgents, seveu miles from San Fernando
de la Union, ambushed ten mou of the
Third Cavalry who were escorting a
provision train. The Americans scattered and whilu returning to camp one
man was killed. The insurgents cap-
turod four horses nud n quantity of
provisions. A subsequent reonnais-
sanoe of the locality developed the fact
that there were entrenchments there
aud a force of Filipinos estimated to
number Sou men. The Third Cavalry
is preparing to drive tho insurgents
out. The recently porohuscd naval
trrnnsport A lava, sent to Reguy in the
Gulf of Libera for Spanish prisoners,
has returned here bringing 500 prisoners, including priests, ollicers, soldiers und civilians, and 10   Americans.
Chicago. 111.. March 1.���Mrs. D. B.
Tcneyck, IlIK North Lcnvct Street, received information that she would receive piobnhly ono-liith of an i state
valued in mure than (90,000,000 left by
her uncle who died 13 yeai-i ago in Albany. N. V. According to the story
told b) .Mis. Tcneyck. the uncle's
naiiiQ wus Kusucll Wandell. His relatives liave not beard from him in yeurs
and had no idea of bis wealth until the
administrators of the estate began to
look up the rightful heirs. The whole
fortune   falls   to the   children   of   bis
brotbera and sisters, Three live in New-
York and two in Chicago, Tlie other
Chicago heir is John Wandell, a retired Chicago  iV   Northwestern engl*
New Vcrk, March 1.- Copper, .Lui<-t:
brokors'$10.!i  exchange, .lfl.8_
Lead.dull ; biokers' 14,45; exobanae
'lin    firmer    bul   dull;   Straights,
18.86, nominal    Plates, qniel
Spelter,   qnlel \ domestio,   14 B_   in
|4 oo
Ottawa, March 1.���Mr. Dan Smith,
K. J. Whitla and J. H. Ashdowu are
here. Interviews with the Minister
were held in reference to Mr. Smith's
dismissal. It was clear that the dismissal was nn net of retaliation, and it
was also made clear that Mr. Smith
would uot be reinstated.
Lieut. -Gov. Forget is here. He nnd
Madame Forget ure gnests of Premier
Laurier, The Militia Department does
not intend to make nn official statement of the list of wounded iu the first
tight iu which Canadians were engaged until the mails arrive. It is impossible to do anything with figures.
Some of the Australian members nre
among the figures giveu as belonging
to tne Canadian Regiment.
Vancouver - Hardware
Co., Ltd.
Mara Block, Baker Street.
-< _.
I t
_ ta
��� ta
_   g\
Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
Incorporated 1869.
4'liplllll   ral.l-.ip.
Kui.nl or Dlreetorgi
Mlolmol liwy
poi\*i WoppiJ-
Merchant  Tailor,
Josephine Street,
Suits from $25.00 Up.
Bank of
British  Columbia,
Is now prepared to issue
Drafts and Letters of Credit
on Skaguay, U.S., Atlin, B.
C.j and Dawson City, Yukon
In tho inntter of an application for B
duplieate of a certificate uf title to lots
eleven (11) nnd twelve (Ia), bloek
twenty-seven (27), City of Nelson, II.
Notloe is hereby  given that it is my
Intention  at the  expiration   of one
month Iniiii the   publication hereof, to
issno a duplicate   of   the certificate  of
title   to   the   above   lands,   issued  to
.ieorge A. B, Hall, on the .Oth   dav of
December, inns, aud numbered 1188 K.
I,and Registry  Office,   Victoria,   H.
C, Ililh February. 100),
IM.9M.O.O.O0  I   Krs #i,:ihi,iiimi.i��i
mas K. Ki'iiiiev, President;   Thomas Ritchie, Vloo-Prosident
Wlloy Smith,  II. (I. Hiiulil, lion. II. II. Fuller, M.L.C., Hun. David MttoKcnn'
ll. a,i imiii.. Halifax :
General Manager. Kd>on [��� Peaso, Montreal.
Supertntondonl of Branohos. W", B. Toitiukt. Halifax.
Inspector, \v. I-'. Brook, Halifax.
Secretary, I��. M. Stewart, .Montreal.
Itirinel.,--, !
Xeva s.oiia_Halifax Hraucli, Antigonisli. Bridgewater,Guysiioro. Londonderry,Lunenburg,
Mnitliiml (Hunts t'o.l, Pietini, Port Uawkesbury, Sydney. Snubenaoadle, Truro, Weymoutn,
New Braaiwlelc���Bathant. Dorchester, Frodortcton. Kingston iKeet Co.), Moncton, Now-
eastlo, Snckvillu, Woodstock. I*. K. IhlHii.l-Cliai'lottctowu, Suininer.-iile. Qliel.ee���Mom real
(City Otllce), Monti-nil. West Knit (I'or. Noire Jlanio and Seigneurs Streets); Wcstiiiounl (Cor
Greeno Avenue and St. Catharines Street. Ilnlnrlo Ottuwa. *'<>wroiiii,llni.<l- St. .lolni'-
< ni.a. Wem ladles���Havana. United Stales- New York (10 tCxohange Plaoo) Republic, Wash.
Atlin, Bennett, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver, Vancouver East End, Victoria.
Correal lentai
I'ann.lii���Mereliunis Bunk of Canada, Ballon���National Shawmat Hunk. Chicago���Amotion
National Hunk-   San Francisco���First National Hank.   Luiiilnii, Bug.-Bank of Scotland
PorlN, Franco   Credit Lyoiinals.   Iter. In   Hunk of Hoi'inuilii.   China anil Japan   lion-
Kong und Shanghai Bunking Corporation,
Ucncial Banking Business Transacted; Sterling: Bills of l:\clinn_c   Bought
and Sold, Letters of  Credit, lite, Negotiated.
Accounts received on the moat favorable terms.    Interest allowed on apecia
deposits and on Saving Bank accounts.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
For that house you have erected:
Sideboards, Oheffoniers and Dressing Tables.
Combination Bookcases and Desks and Ladies'
Toilet Tables.
Have just unloaded a carload of the finest and best
finished Furniture ever received in the Kootenays.
Baker and Ward Streets, Nelson, R. C.
Turner Beeton& Co.
/--^ NELSON-^:?,
Just arrived from Milwaukee.
when ynu can depend on k-.iiii-k the betl !
nriinitxln ihi niiirki.t uml nny .,..,,.iii.. front
IOC up,   Priam runnel be dlsputcl,
tiiom; 9.1.
Frank a. Tamblyn, Mgr.,
BAKBR Stkkkt, Nelson !
Hnllfnx, N s , March i ,rhe work
nf flttliiR .mt the trauapori Mouteray
is nl ready well under wnv. The v. ���.-'���
Bel  oame into porl    flnrltin   Monday
nlghl mul li taking on roi mn  ton��
of coal .'mil getting ready  foi   Strath
oona'i Hortie,   The work will i   .i	
by tho Older Dempster Oo , who bave
engaged S00 men, An army of wurk-
in. n will be kepi going day and niitiit
until Ilie boat iB ready fnr ��ervne.
(���hiliiiui Mi'i'iiiiiiiini Engineer*,
Supplied nml Bro. tod.
\.;i:nt- tor lhe Ftl-doti Iron Work-*., Rnbeock
t  WIlCOX  HililiTl',,...   H.llr.   Will- Il()|��,
ami Ropeway*. I��to.,*��to,
��uA twuL   "fij*  Aty/fc/ And ^
A. R* BARROW, * mice. mi .
Provincial Land Surveyor,    lllCJNclSOll Mcctl'I.. I VaillWayCO.Ltd.
Ciiiimi Viotoria nml Kootenai Bt*
P, O.Bod MO,
Tolophono Nn. IM
1. <. l.llli >
t.��. ��i.i:m;vrH
Civil   Engineers   and Provincial
I .-nul
P, O, Box 116
Nolnon, B, (.'
Large number Choice Building Lots adjacent io tin*
line of their Tramway. For price and terms of sale apply
at the ollice nf the Company, Macdonald Block, Corner ol
Josephine, and Vernon Streets.
T. C. DUNCAN, Secretary
r*A9f99A' "tWr^


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