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Nelson Daily Miner Nov 10, 1900

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Array !___������
Daily Edition No. 881
-, Ptovinciji Librnrv
Nelson,   British Columbia. Saturday Evening,   November io,  1900.
Eleventh  Year
131 do ���
Great Interest Manifested in American
Elections-Lieut. Peary Safe
Up North.
Cable Letter By the As-1
sociated Press.)
London, Nov. 10.���The Elections
in the United States and Canada held
the interest of Great Britain throughout the week to an unprecedented extent. Of the two great contests that
between President McKinley and Mr.
\V. J. Bryan was the more closely
watched. There is no concealing the
fact that Mi. McKinley's re-election
meets with the utmost unanimous approval of the press and public, while
(the Foreigu Otlice express undisguised
'relief that it will not have to deal
���'with a new set of diplomats in this
critical state of affairs in the Far
East and other parts of the World.
Among the columns of comments
appearing in the Journals there is
common to all an expression of surprise at the return to power of the existing Governments of Great Britain,
the United Statos and Canada, and
rightly or wrongly the deduction is
drawn that the reversal of the usual
order of things is due to the wondrous spread of "Imperialistic" ideas
among English speaking people. Amid
this unusually keen appreciation of
events occurring on the American
Continent, the .cturn of General Buller excites only a faint ripple of enthusiasm. 'The soubriquet "l'erry-
man" is too fresh in the public mind
to allow the complimentary references now made to him to have much
force, though he will be tbe object of
man}' demonstrations.
The ancient controversy on the subject   of   the   Delagoa    Bay   Railroad
Award should at lust be   settled   with
hard  cash   next    week.    Communications are still passing on   the   subject
between Washington and London, but
only one minor   point   remains unsot
tied, and this should not  prevent  the
bondholders    from      receiving    their
money in a few days.    Another International matter likely to come up  between the   United   States   and   Great
Britain, Ib  the  suggestion to prevent
tho Filipino  Junta  at   Hong   Kong.
Inquiries reveal   that   no instructions
have yet  been   received at the United
���States   Embassy   to this  end, though
should the United States Ambassador,
Mr. Jos. Choate, be   instructed to apply for the suppression   of   the  Junta
it is likely his request will be   granted.    An oflicial of the   Foreign   Office
said to a representative of the Assoc!
ated Press:   "The  extent of the steps
we would take in this matter entirely
depends   upon   the   strength   of     the
case Washington can make out against
the Junta.    If it   is  proved the Junta
is materially   assisting  the  cause  of
the Filipinos, we   certainly shall only
be acting   in   the   Bpirit   of   ordinary
Internationa] friendship in suppressing the organization. Moreover, the
British Empire has no desire to harbor such bodies as Junta."
Those who have long agitated
against the tlocking of horses tails
have won a great victory. The Queen,
in Bending out an order that none of
her horses be treated In this way, also
announced that she had persuaded the
Prince of Wales to follow her example. With Royalty taking up such a
vigorous stand it Is likely that the
docked horse will soon be as rare in
London as full tailed horses are at
Another startling change in appearance is the Prince of Wales wearing
eye glasses. The future King haB
long enjoyed good eyesight but now,
on the advice of an eminent oceulist,
ho has had recourse to this fashionable form of spectacles. They aro selected from the best obtainable lenses,
are framed in tortoise shell and form
an altogether elaborate addition to
the Royal countenance.
Lord Roberts' recommni'datlon that
the returning soldiers be welcomed
with gifts of tobacco Instead of liquor
calls out a singular Indorsement from
The Lancet, which declared that tobacco used with duo moderation is second
In value to food itself in the case of
men enduring long labors on short
The   Associated   Press   learns   that
Lord Raglan, a grandson of the Crim
ean General of that name, will be appointed Under Secretary of State for
Dr. Leopold Kami.the Arctic explorer who has arrived at Dundee on the
whaler Eclipse from Davis Strait,
gives some interesting details regarding the Peary and Sverdrup expeditions. "Lieutenant Peary's party,"
he said, "passed the winter at Etah,
on Smith's Sound,near the spot where
Dr. Hayes had his winter quarters in
1860, and not far from the scene of
the Greeley disaster. In February
and March of this year, Fort Magnesia, our winter house at Bedford on
I'ym Island, was thrice visited by the
members of his expedition and once
by Peary himself. He reported that
about ten months previously he had
met Sverdrup in the Kane Basin north
of Smith's Sound. From conveisation
I elicited that some feeling had been
engendered between Lieutenant Peary
aud Sverdrup, the former rather resenting what he considered the lat-
ter's intrusion into ground which, for
exploring purposes, the American was
inclined to regard as his own. Svei-
drup's party had thoroughly explored
the Ellesinere Hinterland, mapping
out a region that was hitherto a
blank on the charts. Many of Sver-
drup's Hags were seen by us. In the
course of our hunting expedition in
this great tract of country we found
numbers of musk oxen in'whnt seemed
to be old and established feinting
When the Peary and Sverdrup parties separated Sverdriip's understood
intention was to explore tlie vast
area of land and water in and around
Jones Sound beyond Cape Eden. I believe Sverdrup on the Frum is now
wintering in Jones Sound and my
opinion, which is backed by that of
the Dundee whalers, is that it will
be impossible for the Fram to come
out this year. The Autumn is very
tempestuous and the ice was sueh as
to render navigation next to impossible. The natives at 1'etravo reported
that they had returned from Fort
Conger whither they had gono to victual tlie station.
"Lieutenant Peary had 200 dogs and
27 sleds, but having under-rated the
difficulties of the journey and not
having a sufficiency of food, most of
his dogs died. He only kept a few
natives at Fort Conger during the
summer season, and the rest of the
Esquimaux and Lieutenant Peary returned to the settlement in a few
days. The journey was extremely arduous and the party suffered great
hardships. I am certain that Lieutenant Peary is now wintering at Fort
Conger. When I left Cape York on
tlie Eclipse,. Juno t), the Windward
was oxpejtcd to touch there about the
middle of July, where orders from
Lieutenant Peary, which I had
brought, were left with tho Esquimaux."
allan Artillery guns, four guns of the
Eighty-Fourth Battery and SKID Infantry of the SufVolks and Sbropshires.
Our casualties the first day were six
killed and   twenty   wounded,   chiefly
of Sbropshires,who fought splendidly.
The next day the Boers tried to  seize
the stronghold on the Bank of tbe Ko-
mati, from whloh   they  were  beaten
out November 0, but   were  prevented
by Colonel Evans, the Canadian Mounted Troops  and   two  of    the   Eighty*
Fourtli guns galloping   two miles and
seizing it in the  nick   of  time.    The
rear on the return march were defended by Colonel Lessard with too Canadian Dragoons and two Royal Canadian
guns     under    Lieutenant    Morrisey,
Smith-Dorion   says   no praise can   be
too   high   for  the   devoted  gallantry
these troops showed in keeping off the
enemy from the Infantry convoys.    In
the afternoon an event unprecedented
in this war occurred   when some   200
mounted Boers   suddenly  charged the
rear guard to  within   seventy  yards,
when they were   stopped by tlie  Canadian   Dragoons.    During    the   fight
sixteen of tbe Canadians  fell into the
hands  of  the    enemy,   who    treated
them kindly and released   them   after
removing their own   dead and wounded,during which operation tbe Canadians were   compelled   to   lie on   their
faces in order that they might not see
how heavily the Boers   had   suffered.
Our   casualties   were two   killed   and
twelve wounded.
Only One Street  Gar Now
Runs On the Entire
If the Company Gould Sell
Power a Better Service
Would Result.
Talked Of as New Leader of
the Conservative
Toornto, Nov. 10.���It was stated
here,late last night that loeal Conservatives were freely considering the
name of R. L. Borden, Q. C, M. P.,
of Halifax, ns the leader of the Conservative party in succession to Sir
Charles Tupper. He is a son-in-law
of Sir Charles Tupper.
Toronto, Nov. 10.���Tho official de
clarutions of the returning officers in
the three Toronto divisions show that
5,71)7 more votes were cast for the four
successful Conseravtive candidates
in Toronto than for the four Liberals.
The three People's Party candidates
lost their deposits.
Montreal Nov. 10.���Montreal and
surrounding country for hundreds of
miles is covered with a heavy blanket
of snow this morning which is interfering to some extent with steam and
electric railway   traffic.
Toronto, Nov. 10.���The body of
Frank Jackson, aged 21, son of a well
known vesselman,was found iu a bud-
room at the Tremont House last night,
deatn having been caused by a dose of
carbolic acid. A note was found Hay
ing that lie was tired of life and in
tended to end it and said lie was not
worthy of his kind mother. The unfortunate young mun had been a bartender and had acquired a taste for
gambling. Later developments disclosed the fact that Jackson had been
served with a warrant for his arrest
on a charge of forging a check for 8300
with the name of II. P. Ecknardt ft.
This morning the Nelson Electric
Tramway Co.laid off' one of their cars
and during the winter months there
will be but a one car service,unless in
the meantime the company can arrange to dispose of some of the power
they are now paying for and not utilizing. When the two car service was
inaugurated tho company hoped to
continue it during thu winter as well
as summer months, and in addition to
this had hoped this fall to be able to
reduce the car fare to tive cents. In
explanation of the present move an
oflicial of the Tramway Company said
to Tbe Miner this morning:
"When traffic began to fall off, as
was expected when cold weather set
in, we found it necessary to reduce
cxppcuses. We were approached by
the Mayor and Aldermen in regard to
furnishing power to light the streets
and at their request we submitted an
offer to the Pub.'.j Works Committee.
This offer was carefully considered
and t he prices compared with the
pricos for lighting the streets in other
large cities, aud the Board of Works
recommended the Council to accept.
Briefly the offer was to furnish 50 new
alternating series arc lamps for street
lighting at a rate of (96,00 per lamp
per annum, and if desired an additional charge of 13,00 per lamp per
annum from trimming, carbons aud
repairs. If the City did not desire to
go to the expense to install   this  syB-
Canadian Troops Again Cover
Themselves With
London, Nov. 10.���Lord Roberts,
telegraphing from Johannesburg
under date of November 8,givoB an interesting report to the War oflice.
lie says: "General Knox states that
ho takes no credit for the very successful engagement of Nov. II, which
was due, in the first Instance to the
determination of Letgallais never to
lose touch with the enemy, and secondly to the abrupt way in which De-
lisle handled the firing   line after Le-
Ottawa,    Nov.
statement  of tho
first four   months
shows revenue   of
lo.���The  financial
Dominion for the
of the fiscal year
(17,830,859 as com
pared with 810,000,481 for the same
period last year. The expenditure
Is 110,148,884, leaving a surplus of revenue so far of over seven millions. In
addition to this there is a capital expenditure of 83,742,801. For the
month of October alone, the revonuo is
���4,571,371 and expenditure ���3,300,854
and capital expenditure$1,000,42-1.
tem we agreed to do so and only asked thu City to reimburse us the actual
cost of same at the termination of
the contract, if they did not wish to
continue tbe contract longer. Had
this offer been accepted it would have
resulted in our reducing tho cost of
operating our tramway very considerably,enabling us to continue our present service or if necessary improve it
in some respects, such as rcducton in
fares, etc., thereby resulting in the
City not only obtaining the most modern lighting system at a low cost but
a first class electric tramway service.
However, the Mayor declined to consider any proposal from this company
and nothing further could be done.
"You ask how our figure compares
with other cities, We will tako the
City of Winnipeg of some 50,000 people, covering a large area. Up until
last year Winnipeg paid 15 cents per
night per lamp or 8164,35 por lamp per
annum, and this to a company which
operated the street railways and lighted the entire city. Last year Winnipeg installed their own lighting plant
and today it is costing them 25 cents
per lamp per night as against our
offer of 20 cents to Nelson, and they
probably use four times the number
of lights Nelson would, and the larger
number the less it will cost por lamp
for power. Take the City of Vancouver | they pay $00 per annum��� same as
we offer���and they pay this to the
company that operates the electric
stroet railway and lights the city
Rossland pays $'.10 to the company
which has the franchise for the city
lighting. The original figure was considerably in excess of this, but In return for valuable concessions to the
lighting company, the city induced
them to cut their figure for street
lighting down to tbe lowest price
possible. It should also he remembered the same company aro supplying
power to mines in Rossland in largo
quantities thus enabling them to do-
rivo large profits, etc.
Then wo may return to tho pricos
Nelson City paid for its lighting to
the old Nelson Electric Light Co.,
before it was sold to   the City.    They
tecting the City's   interests, provided
he is sineore.
"And then about the price charged
P. Burns A Co. Tbe statement which
appeared in a Nelson paper that we
charged P. Burns & Co., $5 per h. p.
is incorrect and the-writer of the article knew it. We do not furnish P.
Bums .- Co. power at that figuie. At
the same time I admit we do uot make
any money on the power we furnish
that firm; they had a valuable cold
storage plant leady for operation and
stored with meats, the City was unable to furnish the necessary power to
operate and a serious loss would have
occurred to them had we not. allowed
the City to go to our sub-station and
obtain the necessary power.
"This company spent largo sums of
money in Nelson, and are the largest
tax payers witli perhaps one exception. They have carried out their
agreement in regard to the construction and operation of their tramway
and asked no concessions from tho City
further than those contained in their
franchise, and they feel confident that
they will receive ordinary fair play at
the hands of the citizens of Nelson
even though the Mayor should refuse
"If the citizens of   Nelson want the
streets properly lighted at a very moderate cost they havu had the opportunity of getting this done, and enabling
Nelson to   maintain   her   position   as
an up-to-date town, lighted   properly,
aud at the same time  maintain a first
class electric   car   service.    If,   however, it  is   considered   preferable   to
potter along with a second hand, antiquated lighting plant   and   leave   the
City in darkness, we have nothing to
say.   But this company cannot be expected to continue to   operate its   lino
at a heavy loss when they   receive   no
consideration.     You   understand,     if
our offer had   been   accepted we could
have   turned on this   light   in   a   few
days, thus relieving tbe City plant   of
the power now   being   used at a  Iobb
on the streets, winch   power  could be
turned iu to light nouses   and   offices
unable to obfuiu light owing to shortage of power iu their part of the City.
It is unfortunate that in reducing our
service we are   compelled    to dispense
with   so   many   good men, but it   unavoidable      under      present    circumstances. ''
Work on New G.P.R. Yards
and  Buildings  Going
Ahead Rapidly.
Trains Will Pull Into the New
Depot Before First of
New Century.
Toronto, Nov. 10.���Harry Price, a
prisoner at the Central Prison, whose
home is in Whitby, attempted to escape yesterday as a freight train was
passing the prison yard. He tiied to
jump on the train but missed his hold
and falling under the wheels, his left
leg was so badly crushed that it will
have to be amputated. Price was serving six months for vagrancy and had
only five weeks.rnoro to put ill.
Toronto, Nov. 10.���City Treasurer
Coady reported to the Board _of Control yesterday that of 122 members
of the First South African Contingent,
who were insured. 01 have returned,
seven had died and 51 sailed from
Capetown on the sixth -Inst. Of
these 51 fourteen policies were for one
year only and hud absolutely expired;
the other 37 would lapse before the
men reached home. Coady was directed to arrange with the insurance companies for a month's extension of
Ottawa, Nov. 10.���A cable received
from the General in Command of tbe
line of communication in South Africa, states that the Canadian Artillery,
Dragoons, anil Mounted Rllles will
sail abouMlecembcr 1st.
Ottawa, Nov. 10.���lions.Wm. Patter
son,James Sutherland and John (harl
ton reached Ottawa this morning,
Toronto, Nov. 10. ���Little Miss
Lulla Hunt, eleven years of age,
daughter of Thomas Hunt,read an address to Lord Strathcona at the Board
of Trade banquet.    The little girl has
since    received   a   letter   from   Lord; P��ul 50 cents  per   light   per   day
Strathcona, enclosing   a cheque for   �� ��18B.B0 per annum as against our offer
hundred dollars for the "Eloquent lit- \"1 8''"'
tie gentlewoman."
jrnllais and Ross were wounded.
Sinith-Dorrien reports that the two Ottawa, Nov. 10.-The Nor Invest
day's fighting mentioned was very j creameries are being operated longer
hard. His force consisted of 350-this season than last. The increased
Mounted Troops from the Fifth Lan- output amounts to 100,000 pounds.
eers, the ltoyal Canadian Dragoons Nearly all the Northwest butter Units
and Mounted Rlilee. two  Royal   Can-  Its way to British Columbia.
per annum. In the face of
these figures I do not think it cun be
said by any reasonable person that
our prices for fifty lights are anything but extremely low. At tho
same time wo desire the contract so
that we would be able to save money
on our tramway operations. Of course
no one can  blame the Mayor for pro
The smoking concert in honor of the
return of Private A. S. Lee held at
the Opera House last night wns a
great success anil patriotism and enthusiasm ran high. Mayor Houston
opened the meeting and Ilev. Mr.
Munroe followed with a prayer, after
which Mr. Leo gave a vory interesting account of his experiences. Then
followed music and refreshments of a
liquid nature. Dr. Quintan was chairman. A collection was tftken to defray the cost of a cablegiam of congratulation lo Major Iliidglns nn his
pieimcit inn and this morning the following was sent: "Lee home, smoker
In his honor tenders yon congratulations." This was sent to Johannesburg.
Contractor John 'ley"   has heen given the contract to creel an aelilillou to
Mr.   J.   K.   Slraehan's    dwelling   on
I Rob��on .Street,
The improvements whieh are being
made at the local yards of the Canadian Pacific arc progressing rapidly
and when completed Nelson can congratulate itself upon having, with
but one or two exceptions, the best
railway   yards   along the   C.    P.   R.,
west of Winnipeg.
The new station which will be used
as a union depot for the Canadian Pacific and the Spokane Falls &   Northern branch of the   Great   Northern, Is
situated   a short distance to  the   east
side   of Cottonwood   Creek,   and   immediately    to    the   north   of   Baker
street.    The building is being erected
under   the   supervision   of Contractor
John   Hepburn and has   now   reached
the   stage   where   the    rough    frame
structure is completed.    A   portion of
the frame   outside   walls   is   finished
ind the other part   would be well underway, were it not for the   difficulty
in obtaining   the   material   from   the
coast, where the lumber  1b   obtained.
The roof is also well   under   way and
tbe work of shingling it   was   started
this  morning.    Twelve   men   are engaged upon the building and If everything proves favorable   the first train
will pull   iuto   the new   depot, about
January   1.   1001.    The main   line   is
situated to the north of the building,
and is  connected to the station   by   a
platform which is 400 feet long and 18
feet  wide.    On   either   end   nnd   the
south side a platform 13 feet wide will
bo constructed which is to be   sheltered with a roof of   the same width.    A
hard, level drive way to  approach the
south   of   tbe   building   will   be   laid
out.      The building will bo  brilliantly lighted by  electricity, the   fixtures
being quite elaborate. The steam from
the boiler room of the roundhouse will
be used   in   the   heating of the building.
The eight-stalled roundhouse whieh
is situated to tho extreme north of
the new yards, is almost completed
and ready for use. Contractor A. U.
Creelinan had the contract to build it,
and the work was done rapidly. His
contract is filled with the exception of
the completion of the cloora, which
would have been completed some time
ago had the material been ready. A
crew is now engaged In lying the
lloor and the tracks, which work will
be completed in but a short time and
then the building will be occupied by
the locomotives at once. The massive
turntable, which is immediately to
the front of the building, has been
completed for some time past and ia
being used daily.
The freight sheds which are to be
225 feet long by 40 feet wide will be
erected directly on the other fllde of
Baker Street from the station. Nearly all the material for the erection of
the building is on the ground, and
will be put into place as quickly as
possible, Mr.Creelinan the contractor
doing the work has ten men engaged
and as the work advances other men
will be added to the force. The stone
piers have been placed and the erecting of tlie frame structure will bo
started today or tne first of the week.
The shed or packets to hold tho coal
and sand supplies will be built by
the company. The piles for tbe elevated track are being driven and will
be completed during the first of next
Week, when the work upon the structure of the building will be started.
Several tracks leading to the front
ami the north of the station have been
laid and are ready for ballasting. At
tbe end of Railway and Vernon streets
the steam shovel is at work removing
ihe bank, so that proper grade can
be made for the track over which thu
trains of tho Spokane Falls ._ Northern will run Into the depot. The
liiitit taken from the bank is being
used to grade thu tracks of tho eastern portion of the yard. The excellent plan of the yards is greatly duo
to the splendid work of   Resident   1'hi-
fflneer Outellns of this city, who baa
been in charge of  the operations.
Mr. 1'. J. Russell left for Spokane
last nigiii to be gone three or four
days. ������:���'���
Nelson Daily Miner, Saturday Evening, November io, 19JO
The Nelson Miner
Publiaheil Kvory  Afternoon   Except Sunday
���]JY TIIK���
Limitku Liability.
115 Fleet Street, E. C.
Central  Pros* A|?oncy, Ltd., Special Agent*
Pally, per month, by carrier      65c
Daily, per month, hy mail      two
Dally, por year, by carrier �� j, ���
Dally, per year, by mail    0 W
Dally, per year, foreign    J >"
Wookly, por half yoar  MM
Weekly, per year.......    f'_[
Weekly, per year, foreign    3 UO
Subscriptions invariably in advance.
All Chock? should Do mado payable to tho
order of Nelson Publishing company,
As the mines in thiB country increase bo will increase the population
of the cities and the volume of business. Every citizen's pocket is inter-
sted in these increases and any effort
to bring them about should receive a
unanimous support. All that is necessary is the proper advertising of our
riches in the money centres of the
world ; advertising that is reliable on
the face of it, conducted on a systematic basis and of a nature best calculated to bring results. We have waited in vain for the Governments to take
up the work. We have sent collections of ore specimens to various exhibitions where they invariably get
lost so that when another is required
the work has to be done over again.
The Government publishes annually
an excellent report of the mining industry for a twelve-month back but,
the publication and distribution are
limited. In a back room, in a dark
building, in a narrow street in London there was, or is, an office where
people were supposed to obtain information about our mines. Some very
rich mines and some wild cats were
floated in London, and there ends
what has been done to Impress upon
the capitalists that we have one of
the greatest fields for investment in
the world.
It Is clear, therefore, that if the
work is to be done we must do it
ourselves and no longer leave it to
others who have their stake eleswhere
and but a small interest in us. In
Winnipeg, some time ago, there was
organized the Central Canada Chamber of Mines to do just such work as
Bbould be done here. It iB officered by
the best known business men and
bankers of Winnipeg, besides representative mining men, and its membership is composed of those most
prominent iu the mercantile world in
Western Ontario and Manitoba. The
object of the organization is Bimply
to do everything possible to foster the
mining industry of the Lake of the
Woods district. At short intervals reports aro published aud distributed
where they will do most good. To
give an idea of the nature of these reports it might be well to enumerate
tbe headings over various columns in
one received by Tho Miner. They are,
under the general beading of Result
of Mill Crushings, Record Number,
Namo of Company or Owner of Reef,
Survey No., District, Ore Taken From,
Depth of Shaft, Average Size of Reef,
Description of Ore, Tone of Ore Milled, Gold Saved per Ton by Amalgamation, Total Value of Gold in Ore per
Ton, Gross Value of, Gold in Ore
Treated,No. of Affidavit, No. of Statement or Certificate, Wheie Milled.
Under these headings arc given numerous reports, the authenticity of
which is attested generally by affidavit and sometimes by a proper statement or certificate. Other statistics,
given under numerous heads, arc Returns of Total Gold Extraction of Four
Mines Mentioned llclow, and Result of
Assay Tests. In the latter case some
of the sub headings aro Ore Taken
From, Depth Jlelow Surface, Average
Size of Reef, Description of Ore, Assay Value in Gold per Ton of Ore,
snd in this caso also tlie statements
��ro   verified by affidavit.
It will be seen that such reports,
sent out by an organization of sound
business men,and properly certified to,
cannot fail to attract attention and
give intending investors an absolutely
accurate idea of the resouces of tho
district. A collection of all the reports issued would show exactly how
every branch of the mining operations
stood. The mine owners and managers supply the Information, which after the organization was properly
effected, came in freely and with but
little trouble to the Chamber.
Now that the political unrest of the
throe big Knglish speaking nations is
settled, the war in South Africa practically terminated and the danger of
trouble ine the far   east   over   Chinese
affairs almost disappeared, the opportunities are so favorable for profitable
advertising thai no more time should
be lost by those whose interests will
be advanced by the   prosperity of  the
Kootenays. The Miner can see no
better method of bringing that about
than by the organization of a Kootenay Chamber of Mines on the lines of
tho Winnipeg Chamber and a systematic distribution ;of reliable information regarding our mines and minerals. Everyone will probably readily
acknowledge that such a step would
be a wise one, but more than that is
required���the step should be taken.
British Mining of October 27,
discussing the increased mineral
tax in this Province, says: "We
do not know hy what argument
the Government convinced themselves that to double the old tax on
the output of the mines would be a
just and timely measure. Perhaps
something must be ascribed to the
prevalence of that erroneous belief
that the ability to pay is excuse
enough for any tax. The mines are
rich, it is argued, and the owners are
making big profltB; therefore put the
screw on them. This is a dishonest
principle, and it is as impolitic as it
is dishonest. There are mines that
are not rioh, but whose owners are
struggling to make them so. Is it
wise to add to the burdens inseparable
from development? Thi policy of British Columbia should rather be to encourage mining in every way possible.
It would be bad policy to make development harder if the Province were
depending on its own resources, but
when it has to look abroad for capital
it iB worse Btill. Onerous taxes do
not usually encourage over-sea capitalists to add to their investments."
Every burden put upon the mining
industry in this Province is an economic blunder. We have fish, it is
true, and we havo timber and bits of
farming land here and there; but no
one is depending on these to make
this a permanently great and wealthy
Province. It is our mineral wealth
we look to, and tbe policy of every
Government should be to encourage
its development in every way possible.
For nearly half a century Sir
Charles Tuppei has been a force in
Canadian political life. Such a man
cannot retire without the event becoming an historical one. He has
been a great leader, but without the
essential qualification of tha magnetism that excites affection. He compelled our admiration by his ability
and his earnestness, but he could never quite get into the affections of
the people. The late Sir John Maedonald enjoyed the public affection
when he was not always sure of the
public admiration. This was the secret of his success as a leader. Sir
Charles Tupper baa not been so fortunate, but be will none the less carry
with him into the retirement he is
now seeking, after a life of splendil
toil and achievement, the sincere respect of the Canadian people.
It will probably he ascertained in
time that the defeat of Sir Charles
Tupper in Cape Breton was due to
tho opposition of the Dominion Iron
and Steel Works, that company of
many millons of capital of which the
American Mr. Whitney is the head,
and with whom are associated some of
tho most powerful of Canadian capitalists. The company arc grateful
for favors received from the Liberal
Governments at Halifax and Ottawa,
and no doubt are expecting others.
They know that the Liberals were
their friends, and it was not sure
what the relations would bo if tbe
Conservatives got in.
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HiyiPfMI,l,       I J       I      I    |_    JU1
Mr. S, S. Fowler Tells London People of the Big
The last number of the British Co
lumbia Mining Review, published in
London, Eng, contains the following
interesting interview with Mr. S. 8,
Kowler, of Nelson:
An interview   with   the engineer in
charge of their property is always  of
interest to shareholders, but   it   gains
additional importance when  the mine
in question is the  largest of its  kind
in the country,   and the   information
which   we   have been so   fortunate to
obtain this week from Mr. S. S. Fowler will probably   interest many   be
sides the   shareholders.    Mr.   Fowler,
who has just arrived in London   from
liritisli  Columbia   is the President of
the Canadian Mining Institute, and it
hus been under his   direction that the
Ymir has been brought to its   present
satisfactory stage of  development.    It
was a  happy  coincidence  that   now,
when the British Columbia   market is
attracting much attention.and any information concerning the Ymir,which
is at present  second   only   to the   Le
Koi in value and importance, is eager
ly welcomed, that the company's engi
neer should be in London, and tho information    which   he   has been   good
enough to place at the disposal of our
readers is valuable, not only   as  coming from such an authoritative source,
but also as being the most recent that
could    possibly   be   given.    We  take
pleasure in stating   that  this   is   the
first occasion on which Mr. Fowler has
submitted   himself to be   interviewed
regarding the mines in his charge for
the   purpose   of   publication.    Naturally, the Ymir  mine   itself   was   the
chief object of   the   interview; but as
tho parent company, the London   and
B. C. Goldfields, has considerable   interests in other portions of  the Province we endeavored   to   obtain   a few
particulars  of  what  is   being   done.
The very   marked, activity   which   is
now being shown in mining  development  of all kinds   in   the   Boundary
division, in which that company owns
several properties,   lead us to first ask
Mr. Fowler for   any news of that district, and   he   stated   that  up to   the
present  the   company   have  not commenced to actively develop thoir properties.    Regarding the Enterprise, the
silver-lead   mine,   which   is   situuted
ou Ten-Mile Creek, running   into Slo-
oan Lake, which is believed to have a
great future before it, he reminded us
that this property   is different ill several characteristics  from  other well-
known silver-lead   properties, such as
the Payne and Whitewater, inasmuch
as the ore occurs in this instance in a
granite   formation, while   the   Payne
and others  are   in what is known   as
the "Slocan slates."
Asked for a comparison between
the properties in these different formations he stated that,as far as his own
observations went, the average width
of the pay oie in the granite was somewhat smaller, but there were less of
"great faults," and a greater variety
of silver minerals, while the values
were quite as good.
lie added: "There is very little to
say about the Enterprise; we are giv
ing most of our attention now to development work and are shipping
only from the uppor ground, just
enough to pay expenses and make a
small profit. The mine is operated
by tunnels and we have probably
about 1,000 tons of concentrating ore
in sight, and we are now contemplating the erection of a concentrating
mill." The much vexed question of
the recently Increased mineral tax was
next suggested. Mr. Fowler said:
" We are very much opposed to it,
and it operates to a great disadvantage on those properties which are not
paying a profit, but which are doing
just as much good to the country as
others by employing men. It is certainly to the disadvantage of Brlti.li
Columbia, inasmuch as it tends to
keep capital out, and ib a matter of
great concern to mining investors as
it has occasioned a feeling of uncertainty seeing that the Uovernuicnt
might take it into their heads to double it next year. The tax is levied on
tho gross value of the ore at the pit's
month, leBs cost of transportation and
treatment whether by milling or
smelting, the cost of mining, however, is nut deducted." To our next
query aB to the labor conditions he
Btated "we feel that the Oovernment
has gone back on us. The imposition
of the tax on coal Is of no benefit
whatever to the Kootenays. The coal
owners of Vancouver Island practically control the Pacific market, aud
obtain the cost of the increased taxation from the consumer, but the tax on
other minerals  1b   entirely  different,
I >   I  I
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and Cake
are light, sweet and wholesome,
while others are sour- heavy,
bitter, unpalatable. The same
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It's dl in the baking powder
can be depended upon always to make the food light,
sweet, delicious and wholesome. This is because it
is scientifically and accurately combined and contains the purest grape cream of tartar, the most
healthful of all fruit acids, used for a hundred years
in the finest leavening preparations.
price bak:\_ Pow_-_n co.,
Note.���There nre many alleged cream of
tartar baking powders upon the market
sold at lower price.-!;, which prove, upon
analysis, to be alum powders in disguise. Alum ii a corrosive poison,
which must not lu taken ia the food.
Thin ��li;nnluro Is on every box of the genulm
Laxative Bromo-Qiiinine t��m��u
tt�� remedy that can* _mM __._���__*������*
as the owners of metalliferous mines
eannot fix the price of the metal.
It is generally regarded that the eight
hour law has come to stay. Contract
work, whi(_) would obviate to a great
measure its evil effects has not been
laigely introduced as it is extremely
difficult in the Solcan to fix conditions, but it is more extensively employed in tho Rossland minos. The
labor situation must still be regarded
as fairly unsettled. There is not so
good a grade of mining labor in
the Province as there was before the
advent of the eight-hour law, as the
best men have gone elesewhere." Ry
this time we thought we might introduce our chief topic, and asked Mr.
Fowler to tell us something about the
Ymir, which is the largest free-milling mine at present operating in Canada. He pointed out thnt instead of
increasing the capital of the company
in order to provide money for the
large increase in the stamp mills and
the heavy expenditure of other machinery they had obtained a loan for
this purpose from the parent company,
and this hns now been entirely repnid
out of tlie profits of the mino. Ihe
80 stamps now running are all connected and can be worked either by
water or Bteam,so that the mine is entirely independent of climatic conditions, and thero is nothing now to
stop milling operations being carried
on continuously. Owing to the abundance of timber in the neighborhood,
wood is plentiful and cheap, so that
the coBt of operating the stamps by
steam is much Ibbs than if they had to
import coal. The chief ore body of
the niino will average about Its feet
in width, and has been exposed to a
length of 500 feet, and has been proved to the 500 foot level. Uoth the
value of the ore body and its width
appear to be.constant with depth.
The most important development
now In progress is a crosscut adit
from about tho same level as the top
of the ore house, which will be driven
to meet tho shaft, and will prove the
vein at a depth of 1,000 feet. This
work, it is anticipated, will he completed about this time next year. The
mill is now crushing about 200 tons
a day, and taking the ore at a rough
average of $10 per ton, the saving on
the plates is 80 per cent. It is possible that even a little more work may
be got out of the starapB should tho
experimental eyanido.plant which has
recently been Installed prove a success, as In this case a coarser screen
can be used and more rock be put
tluough per diem. As the success of
this experiment Is likely to prove of
considerable importance to shareholders we enquired and learnt that this
might enable a saving to be effected
of 81 on every ton of ore. In answer
to our query as to the value of the
lower ore body, Mr. Fowler said:
"Tho ore below No. 3 lovel ia quite as
good as that, above, but aa wo are
anxious to get our shaft down ire are
not actually blocking ore out. We
ship all our concentrates either to the
Hall Mines or Trail smelters, and
have obtained a better rate than we
could get from nny American Bmcl-
ter. We sell onr lead on the London
quotation, which this year has been
of considerable advantage to us." In
theae remarks  of  Mr-   Fowler there
are several points to be carefully noted. The present profits, whieh are
all available for dividends, aB the
mine has wiped out its indebtedness,
are over ��00,000 per annum. If the
cyanide tests prove satisfactory an additional profit of about -ill,000 per annum will bo gained, and also a greater crushing capacity will bo added to
the stamps, so that the anticipation of
40 per cent, profits are likely to be
realised. The present ore reserves aro
large, but the result of the tunnel
now being driven to prove the vein at
the 1,000-foot level will be eagerly
A correspondent sends tho following: Strange are some of the relics
that came into London from tlie seat
of war. A knot of Scotch Kcservists,
invalided from Hloemfontein, drifted
into Kuston Station on Saturday, and,
as usual, an admiring crowd gathered
round to give them a hearty send-off.
One broad-brogued Irishman, bound
for Glaflgow, in whose battered appearance shone tho glory of battle,
had sipped too freely of tlie loving
cup, and allowed his native humor
to run riot. "Look here, boys,"
he said as soon as he got into the
train, "I'll show yon the finest picture iu London," and upon the word
he stripped lo the waist and thrust
his bare hack through the carriage
window, to the astonishment of the
admiring throng. A delicately tinted
picture, representing a scriptural allegory with Christ on the Cross as the
central figure, was tattooed right
across the IriBhman'B uack. "That
was done in hospital at Bloemfon-
tein," he said. "A comrade did it
when I as laid up with a shot leg.
It's the only relic I've got to take
home to mother. " And as the train
steamed out of the station a lusty
liritisli cheer rang out for the tattooed
"For years all efforts to euro Eczema In the palms of my hands failed.''
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all skin diseases. Only w cents at
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The most miserable beings in tho
world arc those suffering from Dyspepsia and Liver Complaint. More
than seventy-five per cent, of the people In the Dominion ure afflicted
with these two diseases nnd their
offcets; Bitch a Sour Stomach, ,Sick
Headache, Habituul (ostlvcncss, Palpitation of the Heart, Heart-burn.
Watcrbrash, (inawlng Pains at the
Pit of Stomach, Yellow Skin, Coated
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From Montreal
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Allan Line Tunisian Nov 11
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Dominion Line Vancouver Nov 21
From Halifax
Dominion  Line Vancouver Nov 2*.
Froin Now York
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Cunard Line Umliria    Nov 21
White Star Line Uortimnto..  Nov II
Whito Star Line Majetl ic Nov 21
American Line Now York  Nov 21
Hed   Hiar Line Wosternland. Nov 21
N. G. ULlne Travo Nov 20
Anchor Uno Awliorla Nov 24
French Uno Le Lorraine  Nov 22
Allan State Line State of Nebraska ��� Nov 17
From Boston
Dominion Line  Commonwealth  Nov 11
Cunard Line lvernia Nov 17
Passages arranged to and from all Kuropean
points. Kor rates, tlcko.s and full information
apply to O. P. ft, depot agent or II. L. Brown
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Soo Line
the: best
Also TOURIST CARS passing Oun-
more Junction Daily for St. l'aul, Saturday, for Montreal and Boston, Mondays and Thursdays for Toronto.
Same cars pass Revelstoke oue day
for  your   eastern   trip is to see   tlint
your ticket reads via Canadian I'urilic.
Trains and Steamers Deport.
Ex Sun
Ex Sun
Ex Run
1 Steamer for Kootenay Lacd-
> ing   and   eastern   points   via
) Crow's Nest Route.
(Train   for   Rossland,   Grand
j Forks, Green wood, Midway .etc
(Train for Slocan City,  Slocan
) points, and Sandon.
I Steamer for Kaslo and  inter-
) mediate points.
1 Train for  Rossland, Nakusp,
[���Revelstoke,   inaiu    line   and
) Pacifiic Coast Points.
For Time Tables, Rates and f ,U information call on or address nearest Local Agent, or,
It. W. Drew, Bonot Agent 1 Nolson, B.C.
II. I.. Brown, City Agent.  /
Trav. I'-bh. Agent        A. u. P. Awi.v,
NftlFon Vanortiver
Spokane Falls Sl
Northern R'v.
Nelson Sl Fort
Sheppard R'v,
Red Mountain R'v.
The only all rail route between
all points east, west and south to
Rossland, Nelson and intermed iat
points; connecting at Spokane with
Great Northern, Northern Pacific,
and O. R. & N. Co.
Connects at Nelson vith steamer
for Kaslo and all Kootenay lake
Connects at Meyer's Falls with
stage daily for Republic, and connects at Bossburg with stage daily
for Grand Forks and Greenwood.
Effective  Sunday, October  lilst, 11)00.
Train No. 3:1 (Night Train).
Leave Spokane    10148 p.in.
Leave Northport      5 ;60 a. 111.
Arrive Kossland      7::tu a.m.
Train No. 34 (Night Train).
Leave Kossland     II :(!() p.m.
Leave Northport    IS ;.B a.m.
Arrive Spokane      7:05 a.m.
H. /y. JACKSON, G. P. tc T A.
Spokane   Wat.
Agent, Nelaon, B.O
The Macoy
Comedy Co.
Three Nights,
Commencing   Monday,
Nov. 12.
Change of Bill Each Night.
A Circus Girl
Seats on sale at usual place.
Trices SO and 7.1 cents.
Delivered to any point
on Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock on hand of
Rough and Dressed
Mouldings. Sash Doors.
Inside Finish.
Coast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber-
Mill ot PILOT BAY. Yards, NELSON
and LAR) O.
H. & M. BIRD
Agent, fur Eureka  Jllnerul Wool and
Asbestos  Co.
Insurance Go. of North America. Mutual lllto
Insurance Co., of Now York, Quebec
nre Assuranco Co.
Sixteen lots in BogUBtOwn have been
placed in our hands for Immediate
sale at prices varying from S*.r, to Sl'-T,
each. These lots are all in e.e-o,,el position and are llrst-cluss building sites,
(>-Hoome<l house, corner of Ward
and Kobson, all modern conveniences S-S u<>
8-Koomecl house. Hume Addition 20 00
New house on Water Street   1H 00
Cottage on Water Street  in no
7-Hoouied house on Robson St.,
between Kootenay and Stan-
lev, all conveniences  2H 00
St. LoUis
To he had wholesale ttt Nelson.
R.   P.   Rittiet    &
Co., Ltd-
A. B.   GRAY, UuUor B*m Nelnon
Kootenay Apent.
��� Ilfl.ll ll.lllli:il, M.TAItt  rimu.
\Vlndor_iero Mint*.   (lorreercni'lanonHol'-oilc-el
Bank of
British Columbia,
Is now prepared to issue
Drafts and Letters of Credit
on Skaguay, U.S., Atlin, B.
C, and Dawson City, Yukon
Collegiate School
Yictoria, B.C.
The Lord Bishop of Columbia
.1. W. Laing, Etaq.i M. A., Ozon.,
Beadmaster, Kev. C. Knaor Sharp,
M. A., Cantab. II. J. S. MusWett,
Ksq... St.   Peter's College, Cambridge.
Moderate terms for boarders unit day
sebolars. Hoys received from eight
years ol ago anil upwards. Military
drill. Technical art including mechanical drawing. Hoarders may, by their
parents wisli attend any place of worship to which they are nccustomeii.
Present number. 54.
Civil Engineers and Provincial Land
P.  O. Rox Ut W-l��on, B. <1
A. R. BARROW, a. m. l o.e
Provincial  Land Surveyor.
Corner Viotorla and Kootenay StB.
P. O. Bo. MB. TfileDhnnn No. 9.1
i��tirwoM   NO. IM.
nnd try a bolllic, n .oi-cn, or a barrel of
QALQARY BEER "�� It In tho beat and
obeapeat on tho market. Alao try our
WINES,    LIQUORS,    and    CIOARS.
Tolophnnc, IB. 'WicrSl    Nelaon. H. C.
Room I, Turner-Boeokb Blook.
Houses and Building Lots in All Parti
of the Oitj.
I c\ r, nix. m-\ i-ii anil eight room houaee for
Hale, twunty ine rent below ooat
Wtll pay thu higheat oasb prioe for all
kinds of seoond band goods. Will bay
or sell anything from an anchor to a
needle. Farnitnre, stoves, oarperta,
oooking utensils, bought in household
qnantitiea. Also oast off clothing.
(lull and gee roe or write. Addreas
Silver Eing Hike, Box 900. Hail
Street. Nelson.  R (1.
Real Estate and Insurance
Loans Effected at   Reasonable, Rates.
Haker Street, Nelaon.
Canada Permanent and Western Canada Mortgage
head ofki0e toronto,  ont.
Money to loan on Straight Mortgage,
Apply to U. [. LENNOX, Baker Ut.
Nelson. Nelson  Dailv Miner,   Saturdav  Eveniho,  November  io   1900
"The Office" has received another
large consignment of clams which His
serving gratis to its customers.
The funeral of .lessie E., the Infant
daughter of Mr. and Mis. .1. J. Lang
ridge, who died jesterday took place
this afternoon.
Mr. Justice Walkem will leave for
Hossland tomorrow where he will
open the fall session of the Supreme
Court ou Monday.
The Rev. Gordon Clements, Belfast,
Ireland, will occupy the pulpit-in St.
Paul's Presbyterian Church tomorrow (Sunday) morning.
Mr. M. P. Cordon, ex-Mayor of
Kamloops, and Secretary-Treasurer of
. the Inland Cigar Manufacturing Company ef that place, and Mr. lleo. A.
Borthwick, Manager of the same company, are in Nelson on business.
Capt. Seaman, of the steamer Slocan, and Mrs. Seaman arrive on the
Crow's Nest boat this afternoon from
a six week's pleasure tour through
Eastern Canada. Thoy will be the
-guests of Mrs. D. C. MoMorrls while
in Nelson.
The receipts and expenditures in
connection with the smoker to Private
Lee last evening have not yet been
announced but there will be a band
some surplus which will be devoted
to the purchase of a souvenir for the
returned warrior.
Mr. A. S. Leo, after renewing his
acquaintance with old friends here
will leave Nelsou the lirst of next
week for Edinburgh, Scotland, where
he will remain during the winter at
his old home. Ho expects to return to
Nelson next March.
James McDonald, a laborer, was
brought to the Provincial Jail th
morning by Constable Mcl'hee from
Rossland to serve a six months term
having been convicted on a charge of
stealing a seal skin cape, from McAr-
thur & Harper's store on November 6,
Messrs. J. Oilmour and C. J. Me
Hardy reached Nelson last night after
a hunting trip near Slocan Lake.
They brought back with them the
greater portion of one of tho biggest
deer shot in tnat district this season
It was shot by Mr. Gllmour.
Mr. D. J. McNally.of Spokane, who
is the agent for the William Hamilton Machine Mauufactuirng Co., and
who installed the mill at the Poorman
mine and also the one Bt the Yellow
stone mine near Salrao, is in the Olty
on mining business.
Since the installation of the new
switch board at the loeal oflice of the
Kootenay Lake Telephone Oflice, 40
new subscribers have been added to
the list. The orders are being tilled
as rapidly aH possible, and good sat
isfaction is being given throughout
the system.
The City workmen were today lay
Ing a sidewalk to grade on the north
side of Victoria Street from Ward"to
Stanley Street. An electric light is
also to be placed in tront of the Public Library and that portion of.the
street will be considerably   improved,
"Wanted���A Man" will be the sub
ject of Rev. Wm. Munroe's sermon on
Sunday evening in the Opera House
Anthem "The Lord is My Shepherd."
Solo,"One Sweetly Solemn Thought.
A cordial Invitation is extended to
all.    The Opera House will be heated
A meeting of young men will be
held In the club rooms at the new
Congregational Church on Monday
evening to make preliminary arrangements for the organization of a
young men's club. All young men of
the city who may bo interested in
such a move are invited to be present
The Ladies' Qulld of St. Saviour's
'Church propose holding their annual
sale of work about Deeembor 18th,
and a dinner will be served in connection witli it. Tlio ladies are holding
regular meetings every Thursday afternoon at the Rectory on Stanley
Street and will bo glad of the   help uf
all ladies of the congregation.
Magistrate Ciease. before whom the
preliminary hearing ofj the ease of
Medhurst. on a charge of conspiracy
to defraud the (anadain Pacific, was
being conducted at Cranbrook, on
Thursday, and S, M. Hrydges, who
was acting as Court Stenographer,
returned to Nelson last evening as the
caso was adjourned until November
15, as rubllsbed in Tlie Miner of yesterday,   Mr. W. A. Maodonald, Q, ('..
who was conducting the case for the
0. P. K. is expected to return this
The Ladies' Aid Society of the First
Baptist Church will hold a Cliureh Sociable om Monday evening the 13th
Inst, to   wliii'h   the  general   public Is
cordially Invited. A choice programme has been arranged,   with Mr.
Thomas Parkinson in charge, and a
very pleasant evening is anticipated,
A collection will lie taken nt the door
in aid of the funds towards tbe settlement of tlio new pastor,  Rov. Mr.Moi-
gan, of Nova  Scotia, who comes to
N'elson on December 1st. Mr. Morgan
will be remembered as the eloquent
and genial minister who occupied the
pulpit of the Baptist Church during
the absence of Pastor White at the
Winnipeg Conference.
His Lorship, The Hon. Mr. Justice
Walkem, has handed do.wn his reasons
for judgment in the case of Lawr vs.
Parker, and tbe full text of tbe judgment will be published in these columns on Monday. The decision ib an
important one to the mining community.
The Maeoy Comedy Co.,with a special car of scenery, will give three performances at Nelsou Opera House
commencing Monday, Nov. IU, pro
ducing tbe Hrst night the uproariously funny farce comedy entitled "A
Circus Girl." This play was written
by the humorous author Sidney
Grundy and is said to be one of the
funniest plays ever put on the stage
it being contsructed for laughing purposes only. The Macoys are up to date
people in their profession and come
here with a good recommendation
from the preBS.
llonnington   Power    Company    Will
Spend a Large Sum of Money.
Mr. W. M. Doull, of Montreal, vice-
president, Mr. Frank   Paul, of Mont
real, director and Mr. L. A. Campbell
of Rossland, general   manager of  the
llonnington Falls Power Company, ar
rived in Nelsou   today after  spending
some time in inspecting the   plant   at
the Falls.    The  company is now con
templating considerable extensions to
the plant and the   expenditure in this
direction will probably amount to the
sum of 31.0,0.0.
"Yes we are contemplating most extensive improvements to our present
plant" said Mr. Doull today. "The
fact of tho matter is that the plant
is being worked to its fullest capacity, and all the power that we are
manufacturing has already been sold.
The country and more especially the
mining and manufacturing industries
are making buch rapid advancement
that a large amount of power is required. If we could satisfy ourselves
that the country will guarantee us the
trade, which 1 have no doubt it will,
we would commence work upon the
new enterprise at once. This means
an enormous outlay to the company
but it is quite willing to stand it.
The extension means duplicating the
entire plant. A new dam would have
to be constructed so that double the
present water power could be obtain
ed. The present building will havo
to be extended to double the size
The entire outlay will probably
amount to 8150,000."
Mr. Doull was surprised to find the
city of Nelson was dragging along
year after year with a very unsatisfactory lighting system,when it had a
most perfect one near at hand. He
took Rossland for an example and said
that that city is being so satisfactorily
lighted that there is not one cam
plaint. The llonnington Falls plant is
a perfect one, and the cost of the
power is as low as the consumers in
Eastern Canada pay. Satisfactory re
suits can never be obtained from the
City plant and Mr. Doull thought as
soon as proper power Is admitted Into
Nelson then and not until then will it
become prominent as a manufacturing
centre. The plant like the one at the
Falls is a great blessing to a common
Ity; and once given a chance will
aid in advancing that community.
New   York,   Nov. 10.��� R. G.   Dun
head of   the mercantile firm of  R. G
Dun and Co., died   In this city   early
this morning of cirrhoses of tbe liver,
Spokane Mliilnir Stock Exchange
This morning's Spokane quotations
as received from The Miner's special
NAMB. A.KKD. 1111).
Hlncktail 11 lo
Bntte & Hostou  2,S(       IX
Crystal  &>_       i\_
Doer Trail Con  2)4 2VA
Evening star  ot^ 4
Gold Ledge  2\     \%
Golden Harvest     \ U
I. X. L  0 0
Iron Mask 34 0
Jim Blaine  8 0
l.une Pine Surpriso  8i�� 8
Mountain Lion IM) (j
Morning Glory  (JW fl
Morrison  2fi 2%
Noble Five  5 0
Princess Maud  21a \%
Palmer Mt. Tun   17 0
Qoilp 23 (I
Rambler Cariboo 24 ;������' 24
Republic    00 68
Reservation  Q 5
Hossland Giant  2\ H,
Sullivan \a\ _w
Tom Thumb 13 8
Waterloo  8I({ 2J<
Winnipeg 41, 0
Con jeeftire  4 8W
Mammoth \i\i 8
Gold Standard Ill 7$f
Rainbow  8 ri
Sales ���  Kimilib'i  Ciirilniii.     5000   nt
21 \ ; 1000 Bt M.
The last Issue of The British Columbia Review, (London, Eng.,)
says, in reveiwing the stock   market:
It must seem to the majoirty of investors whose hopes are centred in
the British Columbian section of the
mining market that the little boom
which everyone was talking about a
few weeks ago, aud which actually
seemed to have materialised, was sud
denly nipped in the bud. This to
some extent has been the ease, but it
is more apparent than real, because
the shares which attracted most attention were those of the Whitaker-
Wright group. Others, such as Ymirs,
Athabascas, Velvets, etc. do not appear to have suffered in popularity to
the same extent. Recently we have
seen a daily improvement in quotations of the three subsidiaries of the
British American Corporation, while
both the parent company and the Le
Roi itself have been neglected. It is
sufficient to show that the investing
public are not at present taking any
interest in the shares of this group,
for they would hardly neglect shares
possessing accrued dividends, announcement of which is daily expected, in order to pay attention to newly
floated steady marking up in price of
Rossland Great Westerns and Koote
nay Mines would tend to 6how that
there seems some truth in the rumor,
which has been freely circulated in
the market, that these shares are intended to reach ��10, and that a bonus
will be declared on the shares of tbe
British America Corporation, which
will be distributed in shares of these
companies, and this, some say, will
work out at about 25s. per share. This
may appear to be a somewhat intricate method of finance,but it is not so
unlike the financial diplomacy of this
enterprising group as to cause one to
disbelieve tbe rumor, and as both
mines in question have ore bodies of
potential value, such a bonus would
not be undesirable. Rumor also has
it that after this the B. A. C. will
quietly pass out of existence, as it has
served its object and sold all its priu
cipal assets of value. Regarding the
Le Roi No. 2, it is whispered that so
soon as the original Le Roi has been
put up to 10, the shares of its junior
namesake will be marked down to the
same figure, and the two companies
will be amalgamated. Such an amalgamation, if it is seriously considered,
would prove of no value to the Le Roi
Co., and would mean that thu shares
of Le Roi No. 2 were watered to the
extent of half a million, a much more
severe strain than the mine is likely
to prove able to afford. In presenting these rumors to investors, wo do
not suggest that they give them credence,although it must be granted that
the}' offer a somewhat plausible explanation for the otherwise quite incomprehensible movement in the B, C.
market, but what appears to us certain is that the shares of the Le Roi
and the B. A. C, which are ripe for
dividends, must go to a higher price.
This apparently will uot be until the
wirepullers havo completed their final
���   ���   ���
The following are the mining records for today: Transfers���F'rom
William Connolly to Edward Welshe,
of Rossland, !; Interest in the Agnes
on Salmon River for S480, Certifi
cates of Work���On the Neptune to
Ole Skattbo. Locations���N. Bonapart,
near Craigtown,   by   Edward Dufour.
Hume.���1). S. Johnson, Vancouver;
M. P. Gordon, George Borthwick,
Kamloops; W. II. Vass, Montreal;
W. T. BoadlcB, Salmo; I). J.McNally,
Spokane; II. E. T. Haultaln, Yellowstone Mine; Walter Davidson,
Toronto; C. A. Farr, New Yorlt; C.
I). (1.  Browning, Slocan City.
Phair���-Frank Anderson, Montreal;
John (liiun, Stonewall; II. W. Armstrong, Toronto; Mrs. E. E. Knowles,
Miss S. ;E. Hughes, Ainsworth; Miss
Gallup, Robert Irving, .1. H. Gray,
Kaslo; L. A. Campbell, Kossland ; T.
Paul, W. M. Doul, Montreal; Robert
Marpole, Vancouver.
Mr. Hintle of tho smelter wus taken
to the City Hospital this afternoon
and Mr. Johnson, who has been under
treatment there for rheumatism for
some time was discharged.
Would quickly leave vou if you used
Dr. Kind's New Life Pills! Thousands of sufferers have proved their
matchless merit for Blck and Nervous
Headaches, They make pnre;blood and
build up your health. Only SB cents.
Money hack If not cured. Sold by
Canada Drug & Book Co.
Kerr & Oo.'s
One word about our Blankets;
they are the best for the least money.
We bought them at a reduced price
we give you the same benefit.
5 1-2 lb. Wool Blanket, good value
at $4.25; our price $3.50,
6 lb. Wool Blanket, good  value  at
$5.00; our price $4.25.
7 lb. Wool Blanket, good "value  at
$6.00; our price $5.00,
8 lb, Wool Blanket, good  value  at
$7.50; our price $5.75.
We are not overstocked with this
lot, they will not last long. Coin,e
early and make sure to get what you
want of them.
Kerr & Co.
BakkhStuket, Nelson.
The Pleasure
of Living...
Is   sadly  marred  if
those   useful   mem
bers���feet���are   distressed.
Our new fall styles
in Vici Kid, Kibo,
Duck, Box Calf and
Patent Kid have
Proven that the
height of fashion
can be combined
with absolute ease
in footwear.
No painful " breaking in."
Styles for every use
and occasion���
Street, Dress, House
and Outing.
Shoe Co.
TO rim; *  .OLD IN om: ho
Tnkft Limii I vi, Bromo Quinine Tablet*. All
driiKKlat. refund the nioner If It full��� lo oure,
fie,  K. W, Orovo i signatore U on wmh box
Will tho young man who pot two
keys from Peer Bros, to Inspect a eot-
tago on Cedar Street, please return
them at once.
Visit Florence Park Hotel at Roberts' Ranch,"two and a half miles np
the river.  W. M. Roberts, proprietor.
Brewera of Fine Lager
Beer and Potter,
Melson, B, 0.
R. W. DAY,
Imperial Life AtBUrnnce Co. of Canada
Oauniliitu Ky.   Accident   lusu/nnce Co
Equitable Savings, Loan aud Building
Association of Torouto.
��� aud
Fob Baud,
Vernon 8t.    50 foot, lot with houses on
same bringing in $11) monthly.
30 foot lot uud house, Baker 8t.
For Bent.
7 room house, all modern conveniences,
5 loom house and kitchen, all modern
conveniences, $10.
11 room house and cellar,   all modern
conveniences, $i:i.
Also splendidlv famished house through
out, including piano j would bo suitable as boarding house, $.')().
What Is the Matter
With Your Watch?
Won't it go'.' There is uo mystery
about it, and if we are favored
with your repairs we guarantee
to please you. Aro you in need of
a new time piece'.' If you are we
can give you a bargain in
watches. Come and examine them
Jewelers and Opticians.
All persons are hereby warned
against dealing with or negotiating
Share Certificate No. 9M of the Molly
(iibson Mining Company, Limited,
for One Thousand (1,000) shares of
the capital stock of said company.
Said Share Certificate was issu3d in
the name of George Kydd,and was endorsed in blank, and was lost or stolen in Nelson, 11. C., about the month
of October, 1900.
_ Dated this 7th day of November, A.
I)., luoo.
Merchants' Bank of Halifax,Nelson.
Turner-Booc.h Block Baker street
:i()0 Athabasca 80.37X
IO00 London Consolidated....     34H
B000 Richelieu       in
BOO Referendum       7X
3000 Noble Five        5
A copper property foi liritisli company. Full payment: 35 per cent in
shares of capitalized sum in sterling.
Adequate treasury provided. Send report of certified mining engineer.
By the week from $5 to $6.
By the clay 81.00.
Lambee & Butler's
Players' Navy Cut
Smith's Glasgow Mixture
Try a tin of
Of if you chew, try
Battle Ax
and Star
Baker St.
Of WriiinR Paper won't_wt
long.   You'd bolterpliii'd another "hurry up' onier with
J\nglo - A
merican Hire
Authorized Capital $1,000,000.
Licensed by the Dominion Government to tr.iusact tho business of Fire Insurance throughout Canada,
Security for Policy Holders, Jan. 1st. 1900, $484,696.29. ',
Head Office, McKinnon Builnidg, Toronto, Canada,
__ piu-side..t:
S. F. McKiunou, Esq,, of Messrs. S. F. McKinr.on ft. Co., Limited, Toronto,
J. J. Long, Esq., The T. Long Hros. Co , Colliugwoi.il.
A. A. Allan, Esq., Messrs   A  A. Allan & C\, Toronto.
Johu It. liarhei', Esq., M. P. P.,  President Toronto Paper Co., of Coinwall,
Georgetown, Ont.
Dr. George H. Bowlby, Berlin, Out.
A. B. Cunningham. Esq., Bur-rioter, Kingston, Ont.
EC, P. Eckhardt, Esq., Messrs. H. P. Eekliurdt <.. Co., Toroi.to.
.lohn Flett, Esq., Flett, Lowndes & Co , Limited, Toronto,
.lohn Cowans, Esq., Messrs. Gowans, Kent & Co., Toronto,
W. J . Guge, Enq., The W. J. Gage Go., Limited, Toronto.
Dr. Uriah M. Stanley, Brantfora.
.lohn Knox, Esq., Messrs. Knox, Morgan & Co., Hamilton.
Reuben Millichnmp, Esq., Messrs. Millicbiunp, Coyle & Co. Toronto.
J. N. .Hhenstone. Esq ;, Nce-Treas. of Ihe Mnseey-Hanis Co., Toronto.
Hugh Wnddell, Esq , Peterborough, Out.
General Fire Business Transacted at Equitable Rates.
Agencies at all Principal Places in Canada.
Madden Block.
GKN-H.W. Makaom
ESTABLISHED 150 YEARS LOndOtl,    Efl��'
ORBIT      Brand and
Plv.tiiVlI__.rv Navy Cut Tobaccos.
Ao-nts por Canada i JAMES TURNER A CO.. Hamilton, Ont.
CROW  &   MORRIS,   Sole Agonts, Nolson, D. C.
I have now in stock a lino
of all classes of
flee Can Fit You.
He has  one of   the   best   and   largest
Fall and Winter stocks in
the Province.
A. GEE, Merchant Tailor
Opposite Queen's Hotel,
llul-ur Street
Special Line of Tweed Suitings at $25.
Successor to Fred J. Squire-


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