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Nelson Daily Miner Oct 1, 1900

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 Daily Edition No. 844
li y
Nelson,   British Columbia, Monday Evening,   October i,  1900.
Eleventh Year
Twenty Gordon Highlanders
Suffer Death in South
Were Destroying a Quantity
Captured From the
Lorenzo Marques, Oct. 1.���An explosion occurred at Koomatipoort while
the British were destroying the Boers
ammunition, resulting in the death
of twenty of the Gordon Highlanders.
London, Oct. 1.���A despatch from
Lord Huberts, dated Sunday, Sept. 30
"Rundle'a troops ill the lletbelcm
district, have recaptured from tbe
Hoers a mountain battery gun lost at
Nicholson's Neb and alBo 03,000
rounds of Martini Henri ammunition,"
Pretoria, Oct. 1.���Gen. Baden-Powell has arrived here to take com-
iiiuiiil of the police in the Transvaal
and Orange Elver Colony, where it is
proposed to maintain a force of 19,-
uou under General Baden-Powell.
London, Sept. 30.���It is officially au-
Oounced that Lord Roberts has been
appointed Commander-in-Chief of the
Hritish army.
London, Oct. 1.���The Times, in an
editorial reference this morning to
the appointment of Lord Roberta, as
Commander-in-Chief, bints that Lord
Kitchener will come home to assist
him at bis new post.
Chinese Offered to Permit British to
Occupy Pel Tang.
London, Oct. 1,���Dr. Morrison,writing to The Times from Pekin on September 84th, says:
"At the same moment the Chinese
offered to permit the British to occupy without opposition both Shall llai
Kwan and Tong Scban, they also
made overtures to the British to occupy Pel Tang. Although it was known
that these overtures weie supported
by the British authorities in Pekin,
they were discountenanced by Roar-
Admiral Bruce on the ground that
they would disturb tlie concert of admirals. Systematic Russian denunciation of the summer palace has resulted in stripping it of eveiy valuable article. Tbe toot has been packed and labelled and is now awaiting
transportation to Russia. On the second attempt the White Pagoda and
two adjoining temples were razed to
the ground."
of public records by the Transvaal
Government may be prohibited. But
It ought, to lie as easy for Mr. Km-
gor's friends to conceal them on neutral territory as it has been to bury
the big guns where they could not be
found. No reference has been made
in discussions here to the Trent affair,
yet it has a bearing on tbe case. Mason and Slidell had money and Btate
papers with them when they were
taken prisoners by Captain Wlkes,
The British Government insisted upon
thuir immediate release, and their
right to sail under a neutral Hag
with their state papers and treasure
was triumphantly vindicated. The
case will be even stronger if a man-of-
war be substituted for a packet ship."
Town of Kirin Surrenders to the
Russian Troops.
London. Oct. L���A dispatch to Tbe
Times from St. Petersburg confirms
the reports that the town of Kirin
surrendered to the Russians without a
shot, on prc-eiiiptory orders from
Prince Ching. The despatch says that
if similar orders shall be issued with
regard to Mukden, the Russian eon-
quest of Manchuria will be completed. According to the same authority,
no further reinforcements will he required by the Russian commanders in
the  Far East.
The Nelson Man to Be the
Nominee of the Labor
The labor convention to be held in
Nelson on Wednesday promises to be
attended by delegates from all portions of the Vale-Kootcnay-Cariboo
district. There seems now to be little
doubt that the convention will nominate a candidate, notwithstanding
the very strenuous efforts being made
by n few of the Nelson I'nion men to
prevent such action. One thing the
convention will not do, is to endorse
cither of tbe candidates now in tbe
field. The majority of the delegates
have been practically instructed to
this effect.
Of those who are mentioned aB candidates, James Wilks of Nelson is so'
far in the lead that the others are just
about out of the running. The delegates from the Rossland Miner's Union have been instructed for Mr.
Wilks and it is understood that other
delegations coine with tbe same instructions. Mr. Wilks will in all
liklihood be the candidates.
He May Go Himself But With Personal
Baggage Only.
New Yo.':, Oct. 1.���In regard to
President Kruger and the leport that
he might carry Transvaal gold to Eu-
ropet, Mr. Isaac N. Ford says in his
cable letter to this morning's Tribune:
"The rumors that the British Foreign Otllcc has protested against the
removal of tbe archives of the Transvaal Government and the deportation
��f gold by a Dutch man-of-war, are
partially confirmed. No resistance Is
offered to Mr. Kruger's departure,
but the British Government is believed by authorities on international law
to be within its right in demanding
a guarantee that no state property of
the Transvaal is included In the baggage of Mr. Kruger and bis followers.
The BritlBh licet has made no attempt since the outbreak to prevent
���hlpinents of gold by tho Transvaal
Government from Oelagoa Bay and it
seems doubtful whether a German
vessel would now be stopped and bullion removed from it,   The  shipment
London.���An interesting leport
comes from Koomatipoort lo tlie effect
that Mr. Kruger in a letter to his wife
announcing that he is going on a six
month's holiday. Baid, in substance,
that after the capture of Maehado-
dorp he knew the struggle was hope-
leas and counselled moderation but
that Mr. Steyn's ���arbitrary behavior" overruled bis counsel.
New York.���It is believed that all
differences between Corbett and his
wife have been settled. Husband and
wife dined together at a restaurant
and later appeared at a place of
amusement. It is now said that Mrs.
Corbett will not press the divorce suit
she threatened to bring.
Oklnhama City, Okln.��� A Santc I'e
passenger train was wrecked at Waterloo, IS miles north of here yesterday. Two persons were killed outright and three others were fatally
injured. Tom Meyers of Oklabama
City, a traveling man, was one of tbe
St. Paul, Minn.���Fire Saturday
night damaged the I'nion block situated In the heart of the city to the
extent of 830,000.
London.���Sunday was Lord Roberts'
Galled to Form a Ministry to
Succeed the Late Mr.
Patent Car Replacer Does
Remarkable Work in a
Quebec. Que, Oct. 1. ���Hon. S, Parent, Commissioner of Crown Lands,
has been called to form a ministry to
succeed tbe late Premier Marchand.
Mr. Parent has taken Mr. Lomer
tlouin, of Montreal, as Commissioner
f Public Works, Succeeding Hon. 11.
T. Duffy, who has been appointed
Provincial Treasurer. Mr. Parent retains bis old portfolio aud that of
premier. No other changes have been
made in the Ministry.
London. Ont, Oct. 1.���A valuable
car replacer or wrecking frog has
been invented and patented by Ed.
Best, auxiliary ear foremun of the C.
P. R., this city. By actual test in
the presence of General Manager Me-
Nicoll and Thomas Tait, manager of
tbe Eastern lines, Friday, six ears
were thrown off the track and replaced ou tbe track inside of Ifi minutes
by tlie use of the new invention.
Ottawa, Oct. L ��� Sii Alfred Miluer
reports the following dangerously ill:
Private G. T. Duval, of ISth Field
Battery, with Canadian Artillery.
rheumatic fever, at Klmberley: Private Iludon of 65th Royals, Montreal,
with Canadian Royal Infantry, lutta-
mmatlon of intestines, ut Germistou:
Private Davis of New Yoik, with
Strathcona Horse, enteric fever, at
Montical. Oct. 1.���Major Sam
Hughes, M. I', for Lindsay, who lias
been to South Africa, arrived here
last evening. Interviewed this morning regarding the Huttoii matter he
says he will pulhlah a manifesto to
the Canadian public defending his position when he arrives home.
Ottawa, Oct. 1.���A report was received today from Colonel Steele, commanding Strathcona'S Horse iii South
Africa.giving details of the movements
with General Boiler in the the Eaap
and Lydcnburg Mountains. Colonel
Steele reports the behavior of his
troops as splendid   under  most trying
Capetown���The Canadian contingent
under Colonel l'elors, sailed yesterday
on board tbe transport Idaho. The
people of Capetown   accorded   them a
splendid   Impromptu    recoption,   the
mayor voicing the thanks of  the   city
for their brilliant foiees lu the   Held.
Quebec, Oct. I. -Sir Wilfrid Laurier
speaks here on Wcduesduy, October i.
Ottawa, Oct. 1.���Thirty or forty
merchants here were victimized Saturday night by having unloaded on
them bogus ten dollar bills of Mol-
son's bank.
Toronto, Oct. 1,���The Tip Top Copper Mining Co.. and the Ritchie Hamuli Sold Mining Co., each with a cap
ital of seven million dollars, are seeking a charter from the Ontario Government.
Hamilton, Ont.. Oct. 1.���Hamilton's
population is .11,Mil an increase over
last year of 1,104.
Toronto, Oct. 1.���The population of
Toronto is 100,080 an Increase of 0,186
over last year.
Quebec, Oct. L ���Private G. Hatchings, of Vancouver, was among the
Canadian invalids on board the Dominion liner Cainbroman, which arrived here last evening.
Poor SEALING season.
II. M. S.   Icarus   Brings   News Krom
Behring Sea.
Victoria, B. C, Oct. L ���II. M. S.
learns Is back In Esqulmalt from a
cruise In Behring Sea. She arrived
Saturday afternoon and brought DSWI
for those interested in the scaling
Industry,    The season in Behring Sea
lias been a complete failure, all of the
40 or more schooners having miserably
poor catches. Bad weather, rather
than a scarcity of scalB, is responsible
for the unfortunate situation. The
Icarus which left Es^uimaU on the
10th of duly last, experienced nothing
unusual during tlie long voyage. She
left the Sea, September 15, homeward
bound, and calling in on the way
down at Dutch Harbor, spoke the
schooner Aurora there. The Captain
had a sorry tale to tell. All of the
schooners had met with almoBt complete failure in tlieii attempts to take
snals. Owing to the prevalence of bad
weather, it was impossible to lower
the boats except on rare occasions.
The Aurora herself had only about 4(1
skins, "and," said the captain, "I
am going home, as it would lie only a
waste of monoy to the ownerB to remain out any longer." The Icarus
did not bring any news of detailed
catches as she spoke very few vessels,
but there is little likelihood that the
catches as reported by tbe Pheasant
will be much augmonted.
One hundred and twenty-five Scotch
miners to replace the Chinese and
.laps in the Union Coal Mines have
arrived at Comox.
In the police court Saturday, the
sum of Sit") was collected in lines.
The major portion of this was contributed by the keepers and    inmates   of
bawdy houses,
Extensive  Improvements to
the Hotel to Be Started
At Once.
Tlie work upon the improvements
of the Hotel Phair is to be started at
once. Ewart & Carrie, architects,
received instructions on Saturday
evening to commence at once to complete the plans. They were also given
instructions to call for tenders immediately ��>ii the completion of the
plans, which will probably be in less
than a week.
The intention is to excavate under
the present building, bring it to the
level of the street grade, and thus add
an extra story and make the building
four stories high. The entrance to
the lower floor will be at the north-
cast corner, where heavy double doors
will be placed with ail approach of
granite steps. The barroom will be
moved to this Boor and will contain
entirely new tidings. Tbe room will
he double the size of the one used at
present. Adjoining the barroom will
be a spacious billiard hull with two
card rooms attached. The lower story
will be lighted with both gas and
electricity and heated by steam.
Heavily Loaded Street Car Dashes
Down a Steep Hill.
Witchlta, Kas., Oct. 1.���A heavily
loaded street car dashed at top speed
down College Hill yesterday and at
the foot of the incline jumped the
track and plunged into Chisholm
Creek. Of the 50 passengers. 80 were
injured. Among those most seriously
injured arc. Mrs. i'erguson, 76 yean
old, eye knocked out, ribs and leg
broken, may die; Margie Foster, head
crushed; Mrs. .I. A. McGuirc, lungs
Crushed and injured internally; .1. !���'.
Wilson, hack broken and head crushed, will die; Mrs. .1. F. Wilson, head
crushed, will die.
Mrs. McUuire, who was badly
crushed, said: "A car seat was
thrown against inc and I was crushed
down in the water. A baby and its
mother were thrown in beside me. I
picked the baby out of the water and
gave it to its mother. I think it was
dead at the time. I did not know the
mother. "
Rich Body of Ore Found in
the Ainsworth Camp
Bowling Green,  Ky.,   Oct,   I.���The
postolllce at this place was broken into last night ami robbed ot between
14,800 aud 15,000 in money and
stamps. The robbers are supposed to
be experts who have been operating
in these sections for some time.
Makes It One of the Richest
Properties  in  the
Hong Kong,  Oot   1.���The   British
gunboat Robin baa ���helled the village
nfl.uk    Lao on   the   West    Kiver.    in
retaliation for the Inhabitant! firing
on a British steamer. The rlnglead-
ers were  afterwards   captured  nnd
A strike of great Importance was
made at the Highland group at Ainsworth last Friday while work was being done on No. 2 tunnel. The strike
brought out the fact that the two oie
ehutes, whieh were formerly known.
are connected, making the ore Dody
IM) feet longer than was expected.
The news of the strike was rumored
about Nelson Saturday afternoon, and
when Mr. B. R. Woakes was seen
this morning by a Miner representative,be stated that the story was true.
He also stated that the former owners in running tbe No. 2 tunnel bad
missed the newly found ore body.
Tbe new company had the men
straightening this tunnel and in this
way the strike was made.
"This practically means," said Mr,
Woakes, "that tbe two ore chutes,
which were known to exist in the
mine are continuous. This is of the
greatest importance, as there is a
much larger body of ore in the property than was ever expected.1'
It is not known how wide this ore
body is, as it extends past the sides
of the tuuuel. Its true width will not
be known until sloping Is commenced.
It is said that the new body of ore is
one of the largest bodies in the country.
���   *   *
One of the members of tbe firm of
the California Wine Company, who
has just returned from the Lardeau
country,in an interview with a Miner
man Saturday, said: " Business at
present is very quiet in the Lardean
district owing to the stopping of construction on the railroads. Prospectors and business men who have been
there for five or six yearn are becoming disheartened on account of the
fact that a great many of them have
reached their last by keeping up assessments, etc. When the railroad
started many did (xtra development
work on their property but now as
construction has Stopped some are disgusted and feel like throwing Up their
claims. On the other band a few have
profited by finding tine leads aud lots
of mineral.
"The Triune property is owned by
I). Ferguson of Eerguson, H. ('. Por
this claim he was offered 1100,000cash
or a - -nti i,M.i bond but owing to tlie
richness of the property he has refused both and will work the claim him
self. Owing to lack of transportation
It will cost from forty to fifty dollars
per ton to take the (ire tn Thompson's
Landing where it will be sent away
by boat. There are also two or three
other properties on the same lead
with showings equal to the Triune.
but on account of being hard up the
owners can do no more than the afl-
Mcssnient work. The Silver Cup which
has been working for two or three
years is now one of the largest silver
mines in Hritish Columbia. The Nettie _. is also one of the mines which
has been working al great disadvantage, It has about ten feet of galena
in which there are stringers running
as high as $^,ihio per ton. The owners
naturally only ship enough ore   ii>   i!<>
their development work owing t.�� cost
of transportation.
"Tho American which is on tin1
same lead as Silver Cup ami Nettle I..
is    also   a   wonderful   property   on
which the lead Is exposed for over nl
thousand feet. At the top there lire
fourteen inches of clean galena and
on each side are several inches of rich
carbonates, The owners have hun-
drds of tons of this ore tacked ready
for shipment, it will also oosl fifty
dollars per ton to put thli ore where
it  can  be   handled  t-v    boat.    Only
enough will be shipped to continue
development, The Heat rice mine.
which is no doubt well known to the
public as the Beer Bros, of Nelson had
a bond on It, is also on extraordinary
property, From a 00-foot tunnel to the
surface there is at least 200,000 tons of
ore which averages about 8100 per ton.
Many other small mines arc iu shape
to ship hundreds of tons uf ore if
cheaper transportation could be hail.
"The building of tbe road would not
only benefit the people of this district
but Would be a great help to Nelson.
as the merchants in that district
would buy at least 7."i per cent, of
their goods from Nelson dealers. As
it is now most goods can be brought
cheaper from the Coast, It is plain
that this district, in order to become
one of the richest centers in the
Kootenays, must have better means of
��� *   ���
II. \V. Kirkpatrick and Harry It.
Woolaver, two prospectors, arrived in
town Saturday" from 40-Creek, where
they located a claim whieh they believe is one of the richest in the
Kootenays. The claim is situated
about four miles from the west bank
of Kootenay River and live miles firm
the Poorman mine. They followed
tin* lead from tlie bed of the stream
where the water hail washed it bare
for about three or four hundred feet.
The lead is rich with gold and eon-
tains some copper. Mr. Woolaver
showed some nuggets which were almost entirely gold. These he picked
up in the bed of the stream.
��� ���   ���
The Spokesman-Review says edi
torially: There is every indication
that the decision of the Mall Mines
smeller management at once to increase ihe capacity of the plant is but
one of a number of similar moves in
the smelting centers of the northwest.
The considerable eulargment of the
Northport. and Trail smelters is under
way, tbe Oranby smelter at Grand
Forks is to blow in it1- Becond furnace
in a few (lays, and it may not he long
before it commences the Construction
for further enlargement (,f its plant,
In this way it is probable that the
treatment capacity of these plants
will be fully doubled by early in the
new year.
Vet withall this tin1 outlook is that
then- will still he a shortage of facilities. Tbe output of the liritisli
American Corporations' mines is held
far below capacity because the yards
at the Northport smelter are 'tilled
with ore and the smelter is unable to
reduce tbe surplus as fast as it has
been accumulating. Almost the same
condition exists at Trail, The War
Eagle at Rossland is almost, if not
quite, ready to commence large ship*
mentH, but there is yet no sufficient
treat ment available. The (Jranby
smelter is reported to be running to
its capacity, almost entirely on its
own ore. and shipments to the Hall
Mines smelter an'   as large as cau    be
More than this, there are mines in
all the districts tributary to these
plants that are rapidly ncaring the
permanent shipping sta^e. Rowland's
output will havo a steady growth almost weekly, the Boundary will add
new shippers every little white, and
with the completion of the road to
Republic then' will be a large output
from   there.     Ainsworth    and   Nelson
districts  will   have    their    growing
quota demanding treatment, aud Kast
Kootenay will probably soon be de
mandlng largely increased facilities.
To offset these conditions there is
little doubt thai Ihe smelters will
come iu time. Already there arc rumors thai new plants are projected
at various points, and it is not probable that this opportunity will be
long overlooked hy capital. The enlargements contemplated by owners of
existing plants can not long sutlice.
These conditions are matters for
hearty congratulation. They mark
the uiosl solid and healthy movement
in the history of this northwestern
country. They demonstrate that the
| mining industry is on the solid basis
that must bring tin- country rapidly
forward among Ihe great mining regions of the world. They mark the
opening <>f a great era of activity and
pl'ospel'it V.
��� ���     ���
The Spokesman-Review of Saturday
says: "\V. U. Dowsing, in charge of
the exhibit from Nelson district, was
among those who commenced placing
iheir exhibits yesterday. Eighteen
easi-s of his ores arrived Thursday,
Tin Nelson exhibit will be placed in
the inner right-hand corner. Nelson
won a number of prizes a year ago
��� in marble and building si one cxb bits.
it has still better displays of these
this year. The arrangement foi- the
displays seems better than that of
last year, It also is arranged so that
people will have less   difficulty in get*
ting a limit   in   tlie  tent.    Again   the
mining interests have been honored
with the best and most conspicuous
location on the grounds.    The crowds
Anthracite Goal Mine Operators Must Recognize
the Union.
Miners Refuse to Go to Work
at the Increase of Ten
Per Gent.
Pottsville, Pn., Oct, 1.���The conviction in growing that It will be next to
impossible to .settle the strike on any
basis not Including a recognition of
tlie United Mine Workers. The striko
wus ordered mid subsequently managed by tin' leaders of this organization, und the strikers are following
almost unanimously the advice ami
mandates of these leaders, and it is
generally believed here that the men
will not go baek until they get word
to do so from President Mitchell.
Wilkesbarre, I'a., Oct. 1.���The
strike situation in the Wyoming Valley remains unchanged this morning.
The colliery at Macanqua, employing
l"0 men. is still working. It !k apparent from tlie" declarations of tint
strikers and their leaders that no action will be taken on the attempt of
the mine owners to start their collieries by an oil'er of a ten per cent increase in wages until word comes
from President Mitchell.
Hazelton. (let. I. -Reports from the
various collieries throughout the Hazelton district today, show that practically the same numbers of men are
working as on Saturday, notwithstanding that another march by the
striking mine-workers took place
early this morning.
Shenandoah. I'a., Oct. 1.���The notice posted yesterday by the Philadelphia and Reading Coal and Iron Company, announcing an increase la
wages of ten per cent to all of its employes, was ignored by the striking;
mine workers and none of them went
to the workings this morning.
Despatches of Today Bring Little That
Ib New,
Washington. D. ('., Oct. 1,���Several
Important despatches were received
today from China, Generally they
tended to confirm the events reported
Saturday. From Canton, Consul Me-
SVade reported the issue of a decree
punishing Tumi and bin colleagues so
that there is no longer doubt as to the
accuracy of Shcng's statement on
thai point, Mr. Conger also has received official notification of China'*
peaci mmisaion which was forecasted by Minister Wu's advices several
days ago. Mr. Conger made no reference to the condemnatory decree.hence
it is agreed that it was not issued
when his despatch was sent In St.
Thursday. Li Hung (hang's long
stay at Tien Tsin is exciting some
comment as he is aware of American
instructions to Minister Conger to
open negotiations with him In Pekin.
Il gives the idea that Karl Li is not,
fully satisfied that the reactionary element is overcome at l'ekins. and is
waiting more positive-assurances.
entering  will pass tlrst   through   this
*   ���   ���
Kossland, U C, Oct !.-  The output
for the weak   which   ended   Saturday
evening conn- up very nearly   to   tbe
Polling For Twenty Members is Progressing Today.
London, (let. 1��� .Sixteen English
and Irish boroughs, electing :.'il members of the House of Commons, arc
polling today. Ho tonight's return*
will furnish some Indication of the
trend of opinion.     Winston   ('huichill
is among 11 and Ida tea   whose   fate
will be decided today.    Another   long
llBtB "f   unopposed   returns brings the
total number of   those already elected
[ up to noon today I lu as follows:   Con-
CoutlniH'il on  i muni 1'uku.
seivativi-s 78, Unionists is, Liberals ��
i Nationalists ti.
������BB Nelson   Dailv  Miner,   Monday  Evewiro,   October i,  1900.
Tlie Nelson Miner
Published Evorj   Afternoon   Excopt Sunday
��� UY TUN���
Limii i.i, l.lAMii.nv.
I). J.
il Managing Editor,
Business Manager,
Contra] 1
US Floel Street, E. c.
��� ��� - Agonoy, Ltd., Bpoolal Agouti
Dally, por month, by carrier	
11,lily, per nice!li, by innl]	
11 illy, por y ir, by carrtor	
Dalij. por yoar, by mail	
Daily, per year, forolgo  ..
Weekly, per hair yo&r	
Weokly, por yoar	
\\ ��� ,  ��� fi rolgll  ������������;    '
Subscriptions Invariably in advanoe.
., 00
11 w
?1 US
2 11(1
3 110
All Chocks should Do mado payable to tho
ordor of Nelson Publishing Cumimnv,
Among   loeal exchanges complaint is frequently mado that Mr.
MaeNeill and Mr. (lallihci arc not
Known to the people. This is hardly
a fault on the part of the candidates,
and so far as il is one they will mend
it as well as they can before election
day. But if the men arc not known,
surely the principles for which they
stand are. and that is the main thing
after all. Mr. liullihor's election
would mean that this constituency is
in favor of live years more of Lauricr
and Turte; if wo desire a change to
better men we will send down Air.
MacNcill.     II  is to he hoped   that the
electors   of   Vale-Caril    arc   voting
for principles anil    public policy,   not
for individuals merely.
Books You May Need
Word comes from  Whitewater  that
the miners and mill men at that camp
have been called out. owing to a dis
pute   over   tiuibcrmen's   wages.    The
Govern tit are under a pledge to the
people to appoint a Commission to inquire into the working of all laws
bearing directly on the mining industry. The mi nets themselves should be
as anxious to have this promise implemented as tile mine owners, No one
wants strikes if they can be avoided,
and a thorough mutual understanding of the conditions may lie all that
is necessary to ward them oil'. AVe
have uo right to suppose that the
miners want more than justice; wc
have no right to suppose that tho
mine owners have the least desire to
give less than justice. Sliould there
l,e a difference of opinion as to what
Constitutes   justice   between   the   two
parties, a Commission informed of
all the facts might do much to bring
them together. The Government should
aet promptly iu giving effect to their
pledge, and the Commission should
be clothed with authority to make the
fullest possiblo investigation of all
laws affecting either tbe miners or
mine owners.
���'We never promised free trade."
said Sir Wilfrid in his Sohmer Park
speech a few nights ago. "Five years
ago I declared that free trade was a
principle to be aimed al. but it was
impossible to adopt it." For what
Sir Wilfrid said live years ago it will
be belter to take the records. In a
speech at Winnipeg, according to the
revised and authorised report as published in The Toronto Globe, ihe chief
organ of the party, he said: "And
now 1 will ask you. what is the policy of the Liberal party? I refer to
freedom of trade, such as exists In
England, freedom of trade as it is
practised in (Ircat Britain, freedom
of trade as was in vogue at the time
of Cobdeii and Bright. We shall give
you free trade, and although it will
be a bard light, wc shall not give in
one inch or retrace one stop until we
shall have reached the goal, and that
goal is tlie same policy of free trade
as it exists iu England today."
Hunt's Systematic Mineralogy,. $.r> 0"
rotors' Modern Copper Smelting 5 50
Stretch's   Prospecting, Locating
and Valuing   Mines  2 75
Lang's  Matte   Smelting  8 38
Miller's Qualitative  Analysis., I 78
Kemp's Handbook of  Rooks.... l 7.1
Thaiitwine's  Engineer's  Handbook   8 80
Hawkins'   New   Catechism    for
the Steam   Engine  ~ 88
Hawkins' Maxims  and  Instructions for   Boiler Hooiu  2 25
Hawkins'    New     Catechism    of
Electricity  2 25
Hawkins' Handbook of Calculations  for Engineers  2 25
Machinists'    and      Engineers1
Pocket Manual  1 25
Stevenson's Practical Test  1 00
Canada's   Metals  85
An Englishman who knows Canada,
having lived In it the greater part of
the last eight years, has a letter in
The London Times on the Canadian
elections. Willi many other Englishmen he rejoiced when the Liberals
gained power in 1 800, partly because of
the Hritish desire to give tlie other
side a cliauee. partly because of his
sympathy as a free trader, and partly
fiom admiration of Sir Wilfrid Laurie himself. Hut it has been with dismay ho lias seen the Liberal party
throw an y their magnificent opportunity. They advocated free trade,
" hut. in spile of the Cohden medal,
their revenue tariff does not differ
much from the old protective tariff."
Nay. in some particulars we arc
worse off, lie amis, notably in respect to the dealings with the Standard (lil Company.
The correspondent  does   not   blame
the 1'rcnch-Canndians    for   their   lack
of enthusiasm ai the outbreak of '.he
South African war. but "it certainly
is unfortunate that the Government of
the moment did not more truly repre.
Sent tic popular opinion on the sub-
jeii.ainl doubly unfortunate that they
Bhould have seal so ant i - Hritish a
French-! anadian as Mr.Tarte as their
ri presentatlve to the Paris Exhibition." The writer just fails to tak
in tic exact situation. Other members "I ihe Government were probably
in,I over anxious to send Mr. Tarte.
That gentleman went to Paris as the
Canadian representative, nol bocause
of the Government's desire, but be-
cause lie insisted on going and bil
colleagues were afraid to say bin
nay. Mr. Tarte is a gentleman whi
will have his own way. or wreck tin
Government, Bather than have th.
Government wrecked his colleagues
will submit to anything. Mr. Tarte
knows this and presumes upon it: he
is master, and lie acts his part.
Here   is  another   extract :   " While
the popular feeling that the   Liberals
have not truly represented ihe Loyalty
of ihe Dominion will certainly help t,
make    the   Conservative   victory   secure, the victory was   anitcipatcd he-
fore the war was begun.  'I ho Conservative programme may embrace protection, lull many free   traders will voti
for it rather than   for the same thing
in another  name; and   it is  at   leasl
doubtful    if    the   Conservative   part}
will enforce a Higher tariff   than   the
pre cut one. "   The   writer concludes
a   letter     that, shows     an     intimate
knowledge of   affairs   and   a   shrewd
llpprceiati f public sent ilnent. with
the  remark,1   "No   Government  ever
h, ;-a:i witli BO fair prospects, and few
have failed so signally in the per-
funuiiuc-e of what tlicy promised,"
The Conservative members of the
Manitoba Legislature went into caucus and seleeted by ballot the oue
whom they preferred to succeed to the
Premiership on the retirement of
Mr. Hugh .1. Macdonahl. The choice
foil on Mr. Roblin, They had the
right to name him their leader, and
they did it in regular formal manner.
Hut they must not suppose that this
settles it beyond doubt or question.
The caucus proposes, but it is tbe
Lieutenant-Governor who disposes.
There will probably be a new Lieutenant-Governor before tho change is
made. We have seen what a Lieutenant-Governor appointed by a Liberal
Government may do. 'The new hand
ill Winnipeg may ignore the leader of
tlie majority, and scud for some one
on the street. If there were a member of the House who lias neither following nor friends he may Bend for
him. With the new brand of Lieutenant-Governors anything may happen, whether within the four corners
of the constitution or nol.
Fall 1
through Neehindf
'outwear today.
stock of
The test of Wine, Quality!
On the   English and  French markets
Pommery commands the highest prices.
The only wine used at the Ascot races
this Year.
he   well
spent, and you
at the extent of
the stock.    Vi
Will be fitted
taste suited,
little ones
perfectly  and your
lirmg the wife and
On October 3rd of last year the Secretary for the Colonies cabled the
Dominion (lovernment that the War
OHiec would be glad of the tender of
a Canadian contingent. Mr. Tarte was
not willing, and as Mr. Tarte'6 wish
had lo prevail the Premier found it
necessary to furnish an excuse for not
complying with the desire of the Imperial authorities. He sent for the
correspondent of the otlicial organ,
The Toronto Globe, and gave a long
Interview for publication. Here is a
portion of it:
'There is no menace to Canada, and
although wc may be willing to contribute troops. I do not see how wo can
do so. Then, again, how could we
do so without Parliament granting us
the money'.' Wc simply could not il
anything. In other words, we should
have to summon Parliament. Th
Government of Canada is restricted
in its powes, It is responsible to Par
liltmcnt, and it can do very little
without the permission of Parliament.
There is no doubt as to tho attitude
of the Government on all questions
that mean menace to British interests,
but in this present case our limitations are very clearly defined, And so
it is that we have not offered a Canadian contingent to the Home authorities. The Militia Department duly
transmitted individual oilers to the
Imperial Government,   and   the reply
from Ihe War Office shows their attitude on Ihe quitttion. As to Canada's
furnishing a contingent, the Government has not discussed the question
for tiie reasons which I have stated.
reasons which. I think, must easily
he understood by every one who understands  tn institutional   law  on
the quest ion. "
It will he wil to keep this extract
in mind. The Liberals are saying
now that Ihe (lovernment did not re
fuse or even hesti.'ite; all they did was
to "carefully deliberate. " Their candidates will be saying the same lis the
campaign progresses.
Knoiii 1, Turner-Hocckh Block.
Houses and Building Lots iu All Parts
of tho City.
Five, ��|X, seven ami   olghl   renin  houses  for
ii,',:.. only per ceiii iiciew cosl
Will pay Mm highest cash price for all
kinds of second hand goods. Will buy
or sell anything from nu anchor to a
needle. Furniture, stoves, carperts,
cooking utensils, bought in linusehnld
qnantitiei, Also cast off clothing.
���all and see me or write. Address
Silver King Mike, liox 800. Hull
Street, Kelson, 11 (j,
I'd I
Their   foot   needs   will   be
d   equally   well, and at  won-
rfully little cost to
A Careful Reading.
at hand that a thoroughly
equipped druggist should have.
We have plenty of fine, fresh
drugs, plenty of good help,
and plenty of time to give
your prescription caiefnl reading and careful compounding
so as to insure tlie best re
Helps In Housework.
We can do much to
give you pleasure and
satisfaction in your
With our improved
utensils the work will
be greatly lightened,
while the excellent
quality of the articles
insures a long period
of usefulness.
Baker Street, Nelson.
nNC0RP0rWf.f)l6T_ .
Don't overlook us
when you need
See our special
for brakesmen-
elastic sides - a
good, neat, strong
Also the finest
Boys' School Shoe
you have seen.
Baker Street, Nelson.     I\ 0. Box 886.
Our whole attention is given to
buying and selling Boots and
Shoes, and there's benefit in this
on. Wc are sure wc can convince
you that the place to get your
Footwear is
on easy terms, tlie property known as
The Florence Park Hotel
or Roberts' Ranch
I i:i norea, more <>r 1��*hs. A first-class
going business, witli .'15 aorea of iirst-
claas lam! under cultivation, 580 fruit
trees, a large proportion bearing
fruit; woo small fruits���raspberries,
blackberries and currants.
one mile cast of the terminus of the
Electric Tramway,
Kor particulars apply to
Hugh R. Cameron
Insurance  Agent,
linker Street.
I hereby give notice that at the
nexl meeting of the License Commia-
ners for tin Nelson district will
apply for a license to sell intoxicating
liquors at the Kossland Hotel. Vernon
Street. Lot 111, Hlock Oil, in the City
of -Nelson, H. 0.
J. V, O'lvAl'tillLIN.
Soo Line
lijiperia.    Limited
East   and   West
First Class Sleepers on all trains from
Arrowhead and Kootenay Landing
Tourist Cars pass Medicine Hat
daily for St. Paul; Saturdays for
Montreal and Boston; Mondays and
Thursdays for Toronto. Same cars
pass lievelstoke oue day earlier.
7:10 Lv Nelson Ar 10:1��
15:110 Lv Nelson Ar 18:45
Morning train daily for and from
Kossland, and for Revelstoke, main
line and Pacific Coast.
Afternoon train daily for and from
Rossland, and from Revelstoke, main
line and Pacific Coast, and daily
(except Sunday) for and from Boundary points.
7:30 Lv )  �����,.������ j Ar 19:30
(Ex Sun)        \ Nel8on \        (Ex Sun)
For and from Sandon, Slocan points,
Revelstoke, main line and Pacific
Kootknay Lake Kaslo Route.
(Ex Sun)      Str Kokanee      (Ex Sun)
10:00 Lv Nelson Ar 11:00
Saturday to Ar^enta and return,
leaving Kaslo at 20:00k.
Kootknay Riveh Route.
Daily    Strs Moyie and Nelson     Daily
22:30 Lv Nelsou Ar 2:30
Connects at Kootenay Lauding with
Crow's NeBt Line trains.
For rntes, tickets and full information apply to Depot or City Airent,
Nelson, Ii. C, or
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and   Salted   Heats
Fish and Poultry in Season
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Manager.
,        Baker Street, Nelson.
Orders by mail receive careful and prompt attention
Placers  NaVi)   Oil
All Tobacconists Keep It.
Wholesale Agents:
Turner Beeton & Co.
Nelson, B. C.
Comer linker and Stanley Street*
Merchants' Bank of Halifax
Incorporated 1869*
Capital PiiM-iip,     ,    .    .     $1,9K5,O70.OO  |   Kent, $1,?M>,000.0
Board ��r Directors!  Thomas K. Kenny,  President;  Thomas Ritchie. Vice-Preaidont.
Wiloy .siniiii. H. G. Bauld, Hon. H. H. Fuller, M.L.G.. Hon. David MaoKeen.
Ileail Office, Huliraxi
General Managor, Kdbon _. Pease, Montreal.
Superintendent of Branches, and Secretary, W, B. Torrance, Halifax.
Inspector, W. I-'. Brock, Halifax.
Inspector 1). M. Stewart, Montreal.
Itrnlichen I
N��va st-itiia- Hiiliffix Branch, Antigonish, tiridgewater, Guysboro. Londonderry, Lunenbu
w*i��.i���a .u���*- *i_ 1   t���_._-    t__. r._...i.1R^ury( Sydney, Snubonacadie, Truro, Weymou_.
Frcdoricton, Kingston (Kent Co.), Mono ton, New-
Trav. Pmb. Annul
A. I). P. Agent),
aamble & O'Reilly
Maitland tlliu.i ��� Co.), Pictou,   Port fiawkesbury, Sydne
Mew HruunwIck���HathurKt,   Dorchester, Kredoricton, ]___��� -
castle, Saekville, Woodstock. I*. I-:. Islautl��� Charlottetown, Sumnierside. Qurbee���Montreal
(City Office), Montreal, West Knd (Cor. Notro Dame and Seigneurs Streets); Westmount (Cor.
Greene Avenue and St. Catharinos Street. Ontario��� Ottawa. NewTouiidlanil -St. John'*
<mm, Went 1 iMiii-K 1 [u v.i n;i. I'nited Ntatr�����New York (16 Kxchange Place) Republic, Wash
Atlin, Bennett, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver, Vancouver East End, Victoria.
Iitrrr.i"    ....      :
t'annclu- .1 hants Bank of Canada. BoitM��� National Shawmnt Bnnk. ChlMgo���Amerloa
National Hank 'nn Francisco���Flint National Bank. London, Kug.-Bank of Scotland.
Paris, France- < 1 lit LyonnalB.   Ilrrniuda-Bank of Bermuda.   < lilim and Japan���Hong
Kong and Shanghai thinking Corporation.
(ieneial Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange  Bought
and Sold, Letters of Credit, etc., Negotiated..
Accounts received on the most favorable terms.   Interest allowed on special
deposits and on Saving Bank accounts.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
A. R. BARROW, a m. 1. o.E
Provincial  Land Surveyor.
Oorner Viotoriu and Kootonay Sts.
P. O. Box IHSfl. Tfilepbnne No. 08
Of W rltliifc Paper won't lant
lung. You'd bolter placium.
other "burr/ up' order with
PRICES $1.25 TO $4.00.
Lawrence Hardware Co.
Nelson,   B. C.
J^qoitis ai)d Offices to I^eijit.
Apply   to   Ihe
isfelsoi) Electric TraipWai) Co,
Corner Josephine and Verrjoi) Street:*,
Spokane Falls tfc
Northern R'v.
Nelson  &  Fort
Sheppard R'v.
Red Mountain R'v.
The only all rail route between
all points east, west and south to
Rossland, Nelson and intermediate
points; connecting at Spokane with
Great Northern, Northern Pacific,
and O. R. & N. Co.
Connects at Nelson v ith steamer
for Kaslo and all Kootenay lake
Connects at  Meyer's  Falls  with
stage daily for Republic,   and  connects at Bossburg with stage  daily
for Grand Forks and Greenwood.
Leave. Day Train. Arrive.
10.35 a.m Spokane 7:10 p.m,
12:05 p. m Knselund 5:30 p.m.
9:30 a, ni NeUon 8:00 p.m.
Night Train.
9:45 p.m Spokane 7:05 s.m:
11:00 p.m Rossland 0:30 a.m.
H. A. JAOKSON, G. P. & T.A.
Spokane  Watb
Asrent, Nelson, B.O
Atlantic S. S. Lines.
Froni Montreal
Allan Lino Tunisian  Oct U
Dominion LIiib Cambroinan Oc'"
Beaver Line Lake Ontario octJ
Beaver  Lino   LiiHitanta Oot IU
From New York
White Star Lino Ocoanlo Oct:)
White Star Line Teutonic Oct 10
Cunuril Line Campania Oct 11
Cunard Lino Ktruria Oct 13
American Lino fit. ixniia  Oct 3
American Lino New York Oct 10
Anchor Lino  Ethiopia Octli
Anchor Lino City of Koine Oct 13
N. O. L. LinoKaiwir Wilhelmder Oo��KO...Oot 1
N.G.L. Lino Lahn Oct 9
Fronch Line 1.8 OancoKiio  Oct 4
French Line La Touraino Oct 11
Allan KI a to Line California ii Oct I
From BoHton.
Cunard Lino Ivernla Oct 13
Dominion Line Now England  Oct 10
I '��� i ��� ;i>:- ��� arranged to and from all European
pointH. For rates, Llcko.H and full information
apply lo 0. P. It. depot agent or H. L. Brown
City Passenger .agent, Nelson, B. C.
Gonoral A o���t. C.P.R. Offices. Winnipeg
7-8 inch liiam. $13.50 per 100 feet, For
immediate delivery in NslMM
I'. O. Box      , NolBon, P n
fTo7~grekn       V. S, Or_MENTS
Civil Engineers and Provincial Land
P. 0, Box Ut Velwo, B. 0.
S*W~ _���___
Nelson  Daily  Miner,  Monday  Evening,  October i, 1900
A.}! Kill CANS
[low They S id Their Money In Lon.
(lon's Dig Establishments.
,..,   |nl[us of   American tourists, sc
��.,7.iK It atVecta railways, steamboats,
���Sl nirents, has afforded   ran
I ,,,,,,-im lljrumo, "���'"   �� ������ ;    	
,_ for two special articles in ro-
nit luaue of The London Dally Chron-
i'l,, its oflleot en the trade of the
'"'���.,,., |B also worthy of consideration    "hen thu Amerloan "poper"-
tho transatlantic equivalent
much  to travelling
bo    inuoli     more  to
V"������'iiiiii'i'fiinillhii*"   oontemplateE
".    l.���  fumllle  to Europe, writes  u
J'l.fnnlclc representative  who happens
to have Halted and Btudied the States,
he allots bi
Imti-lrt   "I"
l���iiii.iii" requirements ol the women
of hlBtiurty. The problem whloh I
imvi) Bought to solve is how far anil in
���i,iii manner this shopping money is
socnl  In England,
^Vallltng up Oxford Street I was at-
traoted by a conspicuous notice In
���H tho windows of an onterprUing
drapery and general store, which
mviiisV' be gradually spreading it-
solfiilong tho thoroughfare. Americans urc thoreby notified that they can
be supplied, within, gratis, with a
tabid showing tho equivalent of vaii-
onssuma of tinglish money In dollars
and cents, This struck mo us offering
ii Bold for operations, so I entered the
shop, Inquired for the general mana-
aiul catechised him.
���I should say thai for chic American uustouier last year we have had
five tills year," was the encouraging
reply to my first question.
"j suppose the Paris Exhibition will
affect the extent of your trade this
"Only as regards tho quite wealthy
class who can afford to pay Paris
prices for elaborate toilets. We are
already having many customers who
have been to the oxhibltlon and an-
poor to have reserved much of their
shopping for London, Our New York
agent Informs us that we shall have
another baton ot visitors in September
���tne well-to-do folk who make a
point of Bpondlng Augusl at the fashionable American seaside reBorts, and
having no country houses with partridge Sl ti"?,'. u ill iniilic a   point   of
visit in},' Europe   when   the  ordinary
tourist  rush is out. "
I further gathered here that the
American lady customers, in spite of
their prohibitive customs duties at
loon,', ime largely of costumes, bnl
most of all ol drapery "fancy fronds. "
They take everything English except
ns regards one or two special articles, which (hey prefer to lie of American pattern, and these," tbe manager told mo, "we have a point of providing! having ascertained from our
agents on the other side exactly what
is required." Dress lengths arc also
lunch in demand, probacy owing to
the faei thai in the States home dressmaking is practiced on a larger BCale
than iu England, ami 1 was shown a
Bpeclinen of an American paper pattern specially imported to suit this
class of; customer | also, hy the way, a
guide to London, supplied free' to
Aincrioan customers,
In i:ui. there is a general tendency
in London drapery stores to eater for
Brother Jonathan s daughters,     :
Calling on n couple of fashionable
Wesl End dressmakers, 1 ascertained
that the New York and Chicago society lady is only just realising that
Linalon'ciiu turn out as smart toilets
as I'arlsi A fashionable tailor said
that he was not much affected hy the
tourist season, having a regular connection among the "young bloods" of
New York, who eali periodically to
give their eiders. At a large cheap
tailoring establishment, however.
there appeared to he quite a lush of
American customers iu .Inly���for four
guinea or five-guinea suits, which
had to he made up '.'.against time." so
that they might lie worn al once.
Krom an Inquiry at a "fancy" shop
in Regent Street I learned tiiat very
lillle was purchased by American cns-
tomers except photographs���mainly of
the Queen, the Prince ami Princess
of Wales. Duke of Connaught, and
English society ladies, including to a
large extent those of American parent'
age, "Frames, purses, nml things of
that kind." I was told "they seem
this year to be buying in Paris."
As regards hotels, all classes. Including Uloomsbury hoarding houses, have
done a bi^ American business in spite
"f the exhibition. One interest in^
"ik'u of up-to-date American tastes
was elicited from the proprietor of a
hotel in rural Devonshire. "Americans," he said, "arc beginning to appreciate the fact that Knglish scenery
iii certain counties is as beautiful, if
not as grand, as in many of the tourist resorts of Europe. I now find it
Pays me well to lay myself out for
American customers people who until a few years ago knew nothing of
'he English Provinces outside of
""���""������-^������������__-���������������_________,_________________________________^^^___      ^<<-
Millinery Opening |
October 3rd, 1900. |
Wo cordially invite all the ladies of Nelson and neighboring towns to call at our Millinery Parlors
on the above date and inspect our stock of Fall and Winter Millinery, consisting of the latest Paris and
American Pattern Hats, and a very superior assortment of the very latest Novelties and most stylish
Millinery. We also display on our counters the most select and complete stock of Dry Goods, Furs,
Mantles, Jackets, Suits, Capes, Dress Plaids, Ready Made Skirts, and Suitings, ever shown in the city.
U7���  ....1.    ���   II !._        ������_   /    1     .1 r 1.1 !_,    CACT'L.-DM
��       J ,        ���   _.��WJ ^-.*^^_J _���   ��   v,���k.       A      lUIVt^J XXVSV^Jr **_MMM      W.W.S...J      ��...��       _,��.>... ^ _ t      ^.   V   *��� .        ~.._.,  j.
We ask you to specially examine our prices and sec that  they compare favorably with EASTERN
Wednesday, October 3rd
tends to the welfare uf the people;
anil 1 shall hold him hound to follow
you, when your are Prime Minister,so
long as you adopt a course that tends
to the same great result." 1 need not
say that the interrupter thereafter remained silent.
"Xuo, gentlemen, will ye n' fill
your glasses, for I'm about to bring
iorrit The Queen.' (Applause.)
(lor queon, gentlemen,is really a wonderful woman, if 1 may say it. she's
am' o' the tfuid auld sort. Nan whlg-
inaleerieH of falderals about her, hut a
douce, daeeent body. She's respeetable
beyond a doot. she 1ms brocht up a
grand family o' well-faured lads and
lasses���her auldest son being a eredit
to uiiv mlther���and they're a' weel
married. Ane daughter is nae. less
than married to the Duke o' Argyll's
son and heir. (Cheers.) (leutleiiien,
ye'll maybe no believe it, hut 1 anee
saw tha Queen, (jBensation.) 1 did.
It was when I took my auld broon
coo to Perth show. I remember her
weel���such color, such hair!" (Interruption and cries of "Is it the COO or
the queen ye're proposing'.'")
������The queen gentlemen, I beg  your
pardon, but I was talking about the
coo. However, as to the Queen, somebody pointed her out to me at Perth
Station, and there she was. smart and
tidvlike: and says  I   to   inysel'���'(iin
my auld woman at haime slips awa',
ye need da remain a widower   anither
hour langer. (Cheers.) Noo, gentlemen, the whusky's guid, the night is
long, the weather is wet, and the
roads are saft, and will harm naebody
that cqmea to griei So aff wi' yet
drink to the bottom! 'The Queen."
(Cheers).���Glasgow Weekly Mall.
Thiw nifrnaturo is on ovory box or tbe gonulne
Laxative Bromo-Quinioe T��b,ets
tho remedy that cares a ooM tn ������> Oay
s. Baviouk's [English J Ohdhoh���Corner
Ward and BUIoa 8te. BundayB: Holy Communion 8 a. in.; umlon the Ut and 3rd Sundays
in thu monUi lifter Mntlins; Mullin-ut llii.ni.;
Sunday School 2,:�� p.m ; E&Vonsong 7.30, Daily:
MatlinniitJI.SO 11. in. Thursdays and Salnt_
Daysi Holy Communion 10 0. in. Fridays;
Evensong T.80 p. in., followed by choir practice. H. s. Akehurut, Hector. Fred Irvine,
QeOi Johnstont', Wardens.
Catholic Chtjkoh���Corner Ward and Mill
streets Massovery Sunday at 8 and io.oiia.m
BenediotlOn at 7.30 p.m. Mass every week day
���n ;.];..i.in.   Hov.   Father Korlnnd Heelor.
Pkkhiiytkkian CHUIiOH���Services at. 11 a.m.
nnd 7.;w p.m. Sunday School at 2.SU p.m.
Prayer meeting Thursday evening at 8 juu.;
ChriHtlan Kndeavor Society mootH every TUes��
day evening o��i li o'clock. Uev. H. Frew.
Mkthodiht Ciiuuch���Corner 8illcft and
Josephine Streets, Services at llu.m. and 7.30
p. nt. ; Sabbath School, ..30 p.m.; Prayer mooting on Friday ovonlng at 8 o'clock: Kpworth
League C, K., Tuesday at 8 a.m. Hov. John
Robnon, PaHtor.
BAPTIST CHURCH ��� ServIcoB morning and
evening at 11 a.m. and 7.30 p.m.; Prayer moot,
ing Thursday evening at 8 p.m. the B, Y
KU, Tuesday ovonlng at 8 o'clock. Strangers
cordially wolccMod. Rev. O.J. Coulter White,
Salvation Army���Servlc I overy ovonlng
at 8 o'cloch in barraokH on V otori street
Ail i Hiliini KdgeflomhH in rharae.
The Miner is on sale at the following news stores at five cents per
Gllbort SUnloy Nolson
Thomson Stationery Co NoIboh
Cnnadn Drill? StUook Co. Noliion
Hotel Hunio Nuwh Stand Nelnon
Hotel I'lialr News Stand NolHon
II, Cnmnboll Ymlr
C. F. Nelson NcwDonvor
J. K. DaUney Ko��obcrry
H. A. Hradrtliaw Slocan City
Blociin News Co. 8andon
Thomnon Htoh. Vancouver
Lninontft Young Kanlo
H. A. Kitiif fe Co. Greenwood
and  News   Agents   on  boats  ane"
trains out of Nelson
Kootenay Railway and Nav.
Company, Ltd.
Schodulo of Tlnio.       I'aciflc Standard I'tme.
BObottve February lni, iuoo
Mr, Qladatone wus not usually regarded us ii wit, and he certainly did
ttol hut up fur out', yet I liuvr heard
liiiu Bay, at one tiinu or another,
things which I consider to lie witty.
Many years ago when residing in l.iv-
arpool, l was present one evening at a
meeting at which Mr. ' OUdstone appeared us the adovcate of the candidature of h,la brother-in-law, Sir Stop-
lii'n Olynne, who was at that time
standing for the representation In
Parliament of a neighboring county.
At the moment when Mr. iJ'.iulstone
lnul flnlehed his speech 11 sluiliby-luulc-
ii)i;. unkempt, and ragged jnan thrust
liiniBi'if forward to the front-of the
ttcotlng and insisted on asking Mr.
uladstone a question, lie wanted to
know whether Mr. Gladstone would
nol hold his brother-in-law bound to
follow him in every course he propos-
6[1 to take whenever he,Mr, Gladstone,
h!i"uhi in ni-  Prime  Minister.   The
object of the man's question was obviously to discredit 81r Stephen Olynne
���mil tn show him up as tbe mere iioin-
'iiei' and Instrument of bis illustrious
brother-in-law. There were some
angry interruptions, and then' were
also many scornful cries of "Don't
answer him" from the audience, Bui
Mr. Uladstone, having lirst, stilled the
noise by u wave of his hand, and then
nxed bis eves on the rmle questioner,
said in his blandest manner, "1 shall
bold my brother-l_ law bound to follow me when I am Prime Minister
W long as 1  adopt .'a course  which
Mrs. Enfield specially
invites all the ladies to
attend her Fall Millinery Opening
October 2 and 3.
Ail the latest imported
novelties of the season,
and a large assortment
of English and American styles of Trimmed
PaBSonger train for Sandon and way nt��llon��
leavos   Kaslo at 8 a. in., daily.    Hoturnlng,
loavos Sandon at 1.15 p.m,, arriving at KanIo
at 3.5S p.nl,
Oporallngon Koolonay Ijikoand Hlvor.
Str. "International" leaves Kaslo for NoIhoii
at, i a. ni, dally except Sunday. Returning,
leavoH NolHon al (iJO p.m., calling at Ilalfour,
1'ilot Bay, AtnHWorth and all way polntn. Con-
uecU, with S. F. & N. train to and from Spo-
kaiin at Five Mtlo Point.
Stoaiuer ArgonUi leavoH KukIo Tuesdays and
1 Friday* at (I a. m. for the head of navigation on
the Uppor Duncan Kiver; returning leaves
Hall's Lauding Wednesdays and Saturdays.
SUmmors call at principal landlngH in both
directions, and ��t other points whon slgnnllod
TickcUsold to all points in Canada and tho
United StaloH.
To ascertain retoB and full Information ad*
Uanaanr. ��in..��Rjf C.
Close connection Hust nnd Westbound at Spokane with trains of the
trains of the Spokane Fulls and Northern Railway^
Direct connection at St. Paul without change of depot with all trains for
Chicago, Toronto. Montreal, New York
and nil points West and South.
Leaves Spokane daily for East at'10:15 a.m
Leaves Spokane daily for West at 7:45 p-m
West-bound trains make direct conj
nection for Victoria and Vancouver
Portland, San Francisco, and all points
on the Sound.
During the season of navigation East
bound trains connect at Duluth with
the magnificent steamships North-West
and North-Land of theNorthern Steamship Company Line, operated in connection with the Great Northern Railway.
For further information, maps, folders, etc., apply to any agent of Spokane
Falls & Northern Uy., Kaslo & Slocan
Kv . Kootei ai Hailway & Navigation
Oo.j or to
(jenl. Pass. & Tkt. Agt.   Com'cl Agt.
St. Paul, Min      Spokane, ^ViihIi
Wholesale Houses
Children's School Shoes that will stand
all kinds of wear. Strong, reliable
Shoes, that will rrcve a solace to the
father's purse. 1 hese are the kind we
have to show you.
rpHOKPE & co. Limited���Corner Vernon
X    nml Cedar dtrueta, NelaoiJ���Munufuciur
er���� or und wholesale doalen in Mtatod wtii.rH
und fruit oyrupt).   Solu ukuqIh for llulcyon llol
tipringl mineral water.   Telephono U0.
N. Bi, CuuimiiH, LenHee��� Every known
variety of soft drinks, r O Box tW. Telephone
No. 31. Hoovor Street, Nelnoii. Iinii I, i-. uf the
fdinouH Sl. Leon HolSpringH Mineral Water.
CANK sc MAODONALD iH, Cone, Jamea
A. Macdonuldl���ArchiteetH and raiperin-
ifinl.'ins, Broken Hill lilook, oomer liakn and
Ward StroeU, iSuiKon.
ii >. M.uiuii'i 1 mi r of the Koyal Soul
untl Kootenay Belle Cigaro. Factory and
oftloe, Baker Slreel, Neltson,
HJ. EVANS Sc CO.���Baker Street, Nel-
* noil���Wholewalu deuleiK in liquor*, ci-
Kai'ti, cement, lire brick and lire clay, wut.r
pipo and bteel railH, and (joneral OOmmlnlOD
J   A. li'DONALD -Madden Block. Nelaon-
���   KrulU, ico crearii, "U. B." chocolates,
high clu8H confectlopcry.   Ico Cream 1'arlorH,
\'. luiif nit* and retail deulorH in grain,
| huy, flour, feed. Mill! at Victoria, Now Wont-
minster; Kdmonton, Alta. KlevalorH on Calgary and Kdmonton Railway. Manufacturers
of thu celebrated B. Sc K. brand cereals.
NELSON LODGE,   No. 88, A. F. & A
M. moots second Wednesday in each
month.   Visiting brelhcrn welcome.
I. O. O. K. Kootenay I��dgo
No. 10) inooUovery Monday night,
at   their  Hall,   Kootenay street
Sojourning Odd Follows cordially Invited.
John A, McRao, N.G.   I). W. Rutherford, V.G.
Fred J. Squire, Per. Sec.
Nelson Encampment No. 7. Meets every 2nd
and 4th Friday of each month, in Odd Fellows'
Hull, corner Baker nnd Kootenay strcoU,
Nelson.   A. H. Clemonts, C. I\;  I). McArthur
H. S.   Visiting brothers always welcome.
NKLSON   LOBOK   No.    S!5,  K.  of_
k meets in K. of P. hall, OddfeUowa block
"fteverv   Tuesday oveulng ut  8 o'clock
���X\U rutting knights cordially  invited
F. J. Biuiilky, C. C.
I. A. PAqiJKTTK. K. of K.and 8.
AdvcrtlHomuiilH lnnorlod under thlH hoad lit
Lliu rain of ono cent, a word por innorl.ion. No
advurttBoment Uikon for Iokh Hum '-'.ri cnnln.
FOB RENT.���Furnished  rooms,   Apply :ilH Baker .Struct.    Quiet part of
FOR    RENT.��� Cuilnr.    Apply
Ohsnts1 li.nil. ot Halifax.
|,'l)K HICNT���l'liiiiishcil rooms.   (Incxl
atteiiilimce.    Second   door   eiml   of
Olty Hall.	
FIRST  CI.AHS   nioiii   mid   Imiiril  in
private family, 15.50 mill ((I.   Talile
board 84.   Oapbonata Street,  second
house east ot Josephine,
NKI.SON L. O. L. No. 1IW2 moot* in I'm
tornlty Hall on CrHt and third Friday ovonlng"
of caoii month at 8 o'clock. Vi iIiiik tiioiiiliom
cordially invltod. it. Iloblnson. VVVM.: Win.
Orowford, It. H.
COURT KOOTKNAY, I. O. V��� No. 31��'
MoollnKH 4th Thiiiwlay of month. Fraternal
hall. J A Irving C. It.   1'. II. Fleming. H.B,
AMAOOONALU & Co.-Cornor Front
��� and Hall StrooU���Wholenalo groccm
and luMin in blankutn, glovoH, iniiu, tfoou,
rubhci-H, mackinawH and minora' HundriUH.
Oflico oornor Halt and Kront HtrcuU.
fselHon���Lumber, coiling, Mooring, and ovory
tiling in wood for building purpose*, Oot our
priced.   Corrcpondonco Kolicltod.
P   BURNS & Co.���Bkker Stroot, NoNon
.   \V'holoi��alo doalorii in frOHh and cured
luoalh.   Cold Htorago.	
Bum Htroot, NolMon-Wliolomilo dual-
cm in fi,   h and cured muaLa,
J mroet, NoIhoii ��� Wholcnalc dealalM in
bardwaro, minora' mippllo*, Hportlng goodK,
M'LACHLAN BROH. (Bliocomorn lo Van
couvor HaiflwaroC'o. Ltd.1 Baker dtrool.
Nelson��� wholewalo dealora In hardwaro and
mining KiipplioH, plumbcra' and timiniltun' HUp-
"l^KLSON HARDWARE! CO.- Wholesale
ii palnta, olb, and RlssSj uiechanlcn' inul.
Agonlri foi Ontario I'owdcr VVorku; dynauilto
tho llrat Wednesday ovening of
oach month nt Fiaturnlty hall,
cornor of Baker and Koolennj
Htrocla. VlHlting brothorn cord-
lallj Invltod.
John Watson, Bonrotary.
NKWON A Kill V, No. K.K..O. K., moeUi
evory Moconil and fourth Wedno*lnyB of oach
iu onth. VlHlting members cordially invlt-
Chnrloa I'roiMor, Becrelary,
rpURNKlt, BKKTON &. Co.-Corner Vernon
X and JoKophinc Btroco., NoIhoii -Whols
Halo dontcra tn HqunrH, clgarH, and dry K"1"1 ���
AgentH for Pabnt Brewing ('o. of Milwaukee
and Calgary Browing Co of Calgary.
UDSON'8 BAY Co.- Wholesale groc��rlo<
and lkiuoni otc.. Baker Btroet, Selton.
CALIFORNIA WINK CO.. Limited I ��nirr
Front and Hall Blrooti, Nelnou- Whole
Hale doalera In wlneH (0SS1I and Inilkl, and
domoHtio and tniporl^Kl clgara.
JY. ORIFFIN 4 CO.-Corner Vernon and
���   Jouephlnfl BlreclH,  NeNon - \S'holuHale
dealora In provision*, curod memo, huttcmnd
Representing the Largest
European and American Manufacturers
Mills, Mines and Smelting Machinery
Apartodo No. 83
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Orders by mall to any branch will have careful a��4 erompt attention.
H. & M. BIRD A Tempting Table
Agents lor Eureka  nineral Wool and
Asbestos Co.
Insurance Go. of North America. Mutual  Lift
Insurance Go., of New York, Quebec
Fire Assurance Go.
r,(l ft. on Mill   Strwt 8   fillll
so ft. on  Victoria Street,   eaay
terms     500
IB ft. mi   Victoria   Street,   eiih.v
terms     MO
B0 ft. comer on Stanley Street..    Nfto
!B ft. Victoria Street, weat     0B0
50 ft. Vernon Street,  weat  1,800
8-Uomin'il   House   on   Carbonate
Street 8'-'.1 IK)
7-Koomeil   House,   I'arlt   Street,
clime tO linker Stieet   30 0(1
'/���Boomed House on Mill Street   U 00
8-ltoomeil House. Iliinie Addition 10 00
Furnished House on observatory
Street   3.', (HI
Delivered to any point
on Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock on hand ol
Rough and Dressed
Mouldings, Sash Doors,
Inside Finish,
Coast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber-
Mill sl PILOT HAY   Ynnls, NELSOU
ami LABDO,
If you have difficulty in making a
pleaaing variety in your liill of faro
from day to day.
Come to Our Grocery
and learn liow easily anil economically
it can be done.
Here are a few thing! that will help
Breakfast Cereals of all descriptions
Fresh Fruits arriving daily
Choice Butter and Eggs
A full line of Cured Meats
Also our Teas and Coffee that
cannot be excelled.
Kirkpatrkk ft  Wilson
Coal and. Wood.
Agents Imperial Oil Oo. Ltd-
Crow's   Nest   Coal,   $6.15
Anthracite,     -     -    $9.65
No onler  can Ik, accepted  unless
accompanied by cash.
(Idler Corner  Hull nml  linker Street*.
Brewers ol Fine Lager
Hctir and Potter,
Nelson, U. V.
By the week from $5 to $6.
By the day J 1.00.
J. V. O'LAUGHLIN,  Prop.
St. Joseph's
Nexl Lprm commences 3rd
Bapteilibaii For particulars apply to the
Bank of
British Columbia*
Is now prepared to issue
Drafts and Letters of Credit
on Skaguay, U.S., Atlin, B.
C, and Dawson City, Yukon
��� Nelson Bail* Miner,  Mondav Evenmo, October i, iqqo.
Heaver line steamer Lake Ontarlo.in*
ward bound, passed Hearth Point on
Sept. 38.
Dominion line steamer Cambroman
passe,! Magdalen on Saturday and was
clue in Montreal this morning,
Tlie C P. K. hotel at llanfl closed
yesterday (or the season. The chalet
at  Lake si.  1 Ic   was also closed,
Mr. nnd Mrs, llerberl Irvine will bo
ai in,me to their friends Tuesday, Wed-
iiemhn ami Thursday   aftcri n   and
Tl, ntrnct   to   construol   a resi-
donee ul the corner of Nelson and
Helm ion Aveinie for 13. llarrop was let
mi Saturday to A.   Pfelffer,
Mi-- i : Ickmay, Mr. A. G.Crlekmay,
.-.ml his little child, arrived in Nelson
Saturday evening on a visit to their
ulsters al tho Ootlage Hospital.
Mr, A. U.   Sherwood   returned   last
night fr   o  trip  to  the   Boundary
Country, lie reports thai business in
that w ition is in a very prosperous
A large number of Nelson citizens
left this morning for Spokane to attend the Spokane trull fair. Indications poinl I" very large travel between Spokane and Nelson during the
fair season.
The regular weekly meeting of the
City i il will be held tliis evening, Itoyond the question of the continuance of the work of macadamizing linker Street there will bo little
business before the meeting,
Then- will be a special meeting of
the Ni-l-.il lodge A. P. & A. M. at
7:30 o'clock next. Wednesday evening
,ii the Masonic Hall on Haker street.
Orand Master II. 11. Watson, of Vancouver, will visit the lodgi that evening.
Contractor John Toye lias been
awarded the contrael for the construction of two cottages on Victoria Street
fur .Mrs. ,i. McLeod. Each house will
cost about 81,400, The plans were
completed on Saturday by Ewart *
A football practice will be held at
the recreation grounds from 5:30 to
IS :30 o'clock this evening to get the
men in g I shape to meet the Silver-
ton team on Saturday. The management of the Nelson eluli has asked
thai there be n full attendance, so
that the best team possible can bo selected.
Indications point to a very large
audience at the Opera House this
evening when Rev, Father Drummond
lectures on "The Irishman as a Soldier." That all who attend will be
thoroughly entertained, there Is no
doubt, for Father Drummond is a
most eloquent lecturer and gifted with
an endless   How of wit.
The first   meetings  of  tho   Harvest
II ,��� series, which are being  held in
the Salvation Army Barracks, have
proven very successful. On Saturday
evening  many gifts were brought In,
and tonight when these   will be   sold.
the hall will resemble very much a
small departmental store. Tho sale
begins at - 0 clock and will continue
through the evening. . A large attendance i> expeced.
Th,r. win be a full rehearsal of
'���The .Mikado" iu the school room of
St. Saviour's Church at eight o'clock
sharp this evening. Tomorrow evening there will bo a full rehearsal In
the Oporn House, on Thursday evening in the school house ami on Friday
and Saturday in the Opera House. The
orchestra will practice In tho Bchool
room on Wednesday ami on Friday
ami Saturday will play at the rehearsals. The th-st performance will be
i��" weeks from tonight bo it is im-
portant that no one should miss a rehearsal.    Tin stunics   will     arrive
tills week,
A despatch to The Vancouver l'rov-
Ince from Nanaimo says: Colonel
Prior says thai William Sloan, Inde-
pendenot-Libcral nominee for Nanaimo, came to him. when he was iii Nail icw day- ago, and asked him
for his support and Influence In the
approaching  election.    Mr.   Sloan In-
ti led that  If the Conservatives won
in   the  contest and    a    Conservative
Government   should   take   olliee   next
     he    Would     BUpport        it.     (If
course, If the Liberals pulled it off he
would support them faithfully. This
statement was told by Colonel Prior
to some friends, and Sloan was charged with having made it. lie very emphatically denied it. and said Colonel
Prior wus lying. Several other person-, however, say that Sloan] told
them tile same thing. There is now
evidence to show thai the Independent Liberals are   nol going to have 11
all their  own way.     The   n ting   at
( umbel .and on Tuesday night was a
\viy   warm   one,   nnd   the   man   who
made IIm    speech   of   tl veiling was
Mr. Hav Lhornthwatte, who succeeded in preventing Billy Molnnes carrying He meeting. The Cumberland
Liberals declined to endorse Sloan,
The Sandon    Mining    llevlew    says:
The Nelson Tribune  says thai   bc	
mies in smelting now overcome the
Increased oosl In mining consequent
upon the operation of the eight-hour
law.    A    lew   months   ago.   however,
...-. .���,,..  ������,!	
The Tribune used to argue there
no increased cost of mining by
same,law. When The Tribune
gets itself, it sometimes tells
The Sandon .Mining Review says:
An easy going man. named McEucll-
ern, who has been around the eity for
the past couple of years, was arrested by Chief Stubbs Thursday, on a
telegram from the sheriff al Duluth.
What his offence is will nol he known
Until tho sheriff arrives to extradite
him, if necessary. It is supposed,
however, that ho was in sonic way
connected with an express robbery
.some years ago.
The Miner is iu  receipt of a Circular
which is being sent out by The Galveston Tribune Printing Company, In
which il  is slated thai  at  the time   of
the storm, September B, which occurred at (ialveston. the company had
in press a handsome publication entitled. " Picturesque (Ialveston."
These hooks will now be sold to the
public lit ��'.' per volume, the profits
from which will he tendered to the
(ialveston Relief Committee If the
public wish to aid in this cause they
can do so by addressing all orders and
making checks payable to the (Ialveston Tribune, of which Clarence
Ousley is editor.
Rev. Robert Frew, pastor of St.
Paul's Presbyterian church, returned
from his trip to the (lid Country this
morning. While away he visited
several places of note in the I'nited
States. From there he went to Europe where he traveled quite extensively. At (llieramnicrgaii lie witnessed the world famous pass.on play. At
Koine, as this is Holy Year, he saw-
pi Igrinis who had come from all parts
of the world. He attended some of
the services held for the pilgrims and
deserihes'them as beautifully magnificent. (In his return from the continent he visited lladdo House where
he spent some time with Lord and
Lady Aberdeen. While there he held
services in their beautiful chapel.
He enjoyed his trip to the fullest ex
tent and returns very much Improved
in health.
Continued From First I'iiro.
figures of the previous week, being
7,370 tong. (ir tills quantity the Le
Roi sent out 4,337 tons, the Centre
Star 10811 tons, the Le Roi No. 2, 3,504
tons ami the (Hunt all tons. That this
tonnage will be kepi up to tlie end of
the year is a matter that depends pri
marlly pn the increase In the, smelter
capacity, but to no small degree upon
the ability of the railway to the
Northport smelter to keep up a snHi-
cient supply of ore ears. If the output is kept up to the figures of the
past two weeks during October the total of last year will have been reached
by the end of that month and the export for November and December will
then represent the increase for the
year's shipments over those of last
The Kossland Great Western promises to begin the shipping of ore during the coming week. This will add a
new and steady shipper to the list,
as the mine can easily output from -Hid
to BOO tons per day, It is probable
that about 800 tons per day will be
sent out at the start. The Columbia
,\ Kootenay is preparing to ship from
No. .', tunnel, where some faces are
being cut for stupes.
T. Q, shaughnessy. president of the
Canadian Pacific Railway, had a consultation Saturday with the management of the War Eagle ami Centre
star as to smelter rates at the Trail
smelter. A freight and treatment rate
atSl.T.'i per l"ti has heen offered by
the management   of the  smelter, but
it was   refused   Sonic   days ago.    The
result of Saturday's conference could
nut he learned, as both sides were reticent. If the Canadian Pacific smeltiv
docs not come to a point which suits
the War Eagle-Centre Star people it is
said they will build a smelter.
��   ���   ���
In connection with the Lawr vs.
Parker mining suit over ihe Rebeck ah
claim on Morning   Mountain,    it    was
slated ill tin Iillnns of the Miller on
Saturday that Charles Parker bail
relocated the claim under the name of
lllue .lay. This is not tlie case. .Mr.
Parker said this morning: "1 purchased the claim from a prospector,
who. Innocently an far as can he
Learned; had relocated the claim. Tlie
decision in the suit will settle a very
Important point, namely, whether
claims may lie held without tlie work
being actually performed on them as
per certificate of work recorded."
��� ���   ���
Whitewater, Oot, I. All the employees of the Whitewater mine and
mill were called out Sunday morning
by the Whitewater  Miner's Union, as
the result of a dispute over timber-
men's wages, nnd the whole force,
union and    non-union men, complied,
causing a   ( plete -hut down.
��� ���   ���
The new olliee building at the Arlington mine, near Slncaii City, IS to
be erected at once.    The contract  was
let ob Saturday to A, Pfelffer oi Nel
son,   by Architects   Ewart   & Carrie.
The building Is to cost over 98,300,
��� ��   ���
A mining record olliee is to ho erected at. once at Crestou ut a cost of 81,-
500, The plans for the building
whieh were drawn hy Ewart & Carrie
are now finished and work upon tho
building will begin at once. Government Agent, Turner visited Crestou
last Friday and selected a site. The
townsito owners are giving the lot
free of charge. The building will be
so constructed that the present jail
and police olliee and the new mining
recorder's olliee will he connected and
under one roof. Mr, 10. N, Murphy,
who is now keeping the records at
Kuskanook. will he given charge of
the duties at Crestou. Crestou was
chosen as it was a central point for
that mining district.
��� ���   ���
Today's milling records arc as follows: Certificate of Work���To Thomas Kane, on Minnie. Fog Horn Fractional, Keogh. Belle, Singlehurst aim
Edith', Locations���Marijose, and
Mother Lode, on Kootenay Kiver, by
Robert Burmester; Comstock, on
Kootenay Kiver. hy Julius R, Roisterer ; Vosemite and ironside, on
Kootenay River, by Harry S. Sinkan.
��� ���   ���
The May and Jennie property on 40-
Creek, owned by A. 11. Kelly has been
bonded to parties represented by T.
F.    Fleutot.    The   developing  of   the
property will be commenced   at   once.
��� ���   ���
The surveying of the Government
road to he constructed up Ill-Crock has
heen completed and work upon it will
he started in a day or two. Superintendent W. A. .McLean is in town
today, and is holding a consultation
with Government Agent Turner, as to
tho best method of proceeding with
the work.
The First Annual of the Nelson Rifle
The first annual shoot of the Nelson
Rifle Association finished ut a late
hour on Saturday afternoon. Taking
tho affair as a whole It was a grand
success, and the shooting which was
fair ou Kridaj, was much bettor on
Saturday. Besides the contests already published in those columns, the
Team and Ladies' matches were shot
off, lu the former there were six
teams contesting, the first prize of
8-0 being won by the Kaslo team
which consisted of A. McQueen, W.
.1. Davenport. A. J. Dill and C.Moore.
The second, third and fourth money
was taken by the Nelson Association's
first and second team anil Kossland's
team respectively.
The result of the Ladies match
which consisted of seven shots at .100
yards with a possible .')"> points, in
which the ladies choose their marksman, was as follows: A. McQueen,
Kaslo. Ill; A. Grant, 33; II. liird, 33;
K. II. Dickson, Rossland, 33; L. Qo-
bey, 33; C, Moore, Kaslo, 33; Dr.
Hall, 33; R. Strathern, Kaslo, 33; T.
II. I'iekard, Revelstoke. 31; W. Harp,
Kossland, 111; W. J. Davenport, Kae-
lo,   33.
In the grand aggregate contest
which closed the shoot, tho prizes
were awarded to those who made the
highest scores in the C, I'. R. match,
Tramway match. Corporation match
and Ladies match, as follows:
Dr. Hall, points 1ST. prize 810; W.
Harp, Kossland, 1st, SH; A. (Irant 183,
ST; ll.llird 181, 801 A. Carrie ITS, 85;
F. K. Stewart 177, $1; R. 11. Dickson,
Kossland. IT.",. 13; T. D. Pickurd, Revelstoke. IT.',. 83; I). McKay 175, 83; N.
T. Macleod. 175, 82; A. McQueen 174,
Sl : J. Richardson 174, 81; D. O.Lewis
IT:.'. SI ; .1. D. Tinkiss 109, 81; L. tio-
bey 108,81.
Much of the success of the event was
due to the work of tho oommittcc on
arrangements, nnd the active work of
the   secretary, George M.   Phillips.
Considerable   Reduetlon in the Prices
Formerly Charged.
Beginning today, Oct. 1, tho water
rates in the eity of Nelson will suffer
a considerable reduction, the new
schedule of rates as lixed in a spoeial
by-law passed hy tlie City Council, going into effect. The new rates are
as follows:
Four roomed house, 81 per month;
formerly, 81.50.
Five, roomed house, 81.'J.I; formerly,
Six roomed house, 11.50; formerly
:.'."> cents a room for all over five rooms.
Hath and toilet rooms. 85 cents extra, formerly 50 cents extra.
If the water rates are paid one
month in advance, a discount of 10
per cent is given, if   three   months in
advance the discount will   be  -ii per
The Voung Man���Johnny, your sister's hair curls   naturally, doesn't it?
Johnny (the young woman's younger brother)��� oh, yes. she just naturally curls it.
TO rl III:  A  < "I l>  IN'  <>\l   DAT
Takn l.iixiitlve Hroino gninlno Tablet*. All
driiin<lnt�� rofiind the money If It fulls to euro.
WO,   K. W, Qrovo's slKiialurc i��������� on each box.
Thanks America For its Treatment of
tho Church in the Philippines.
London, Oct. 1,���Archbishop Ireland, who has arrived here from Home
on his way to the United States, in
an interview today is quoted as saying:
"lu one of the audiences which ho
granted lue, the Pope said: 'We are
well pleased with the   relations of the
American Government to the church
in Cuba and the Philippines. Tho
American Government  gives proof of
its goon will and exhibits a spirit of
justice and respect for the liberty and
rights of the church. You will thank,
in my name, the President of the Republic for what is being done.' When
I reported to Cardinal Rnmpolla (the
Papal Secretary of State) my conversation with the Pope, the Cardinal declared such statements were what he,
personally, believed and knew to be
true, and that 1 was at liberty to repeat them to the American people.
Furthermore, Cardinal Kumpolla said
that on no less than three different
occasions petitions bad been sent to
the Vatican In the name of the Fill
pino leaders asking that direct official
relations be opened between them and
tho Vatican. But the Vatican has al
ways refused to listen to such poti
tjons out of consideration for the
American Government."
Washington, D. C, Oct. 1.���The
War Department is in receipt of a ca
blegram from General Chaffee indicat
ing that he has received the instruc
tions to withrdaw most of the United
States troops from China and has pro
vided, in accordance with these instructions, for a Legation guard. The
despatch follows: "Received Sept
30, 1900, via Taku.���-Adjutant-General
Washington, D. C., Sept. '-".Ith, :ioth,
cabled fiom Tien Tsin, received your
numbers 42 and 43, The Ninth In
fantry, third squadron of Sixth Cuv
airy and light battery will constitute
Legation guard. Shall endeavor to get
all supplies to Tong Chow before water falls.    (Signed.) Chaffee."
Despatches 13 and 43 referred to by
General Chaffee were those containing his instructions to withdraw the
American troops from Pekin.
Chicago, Oct. 1.���A Bilver tooth
plate, to which two false Inoissors of
the upper jaw were wired, is the only
clew to the identity of a severed human head that was found tied in a
grain sack in Cedar Lake just across
tho Indiana state line. The head was
packed in quicklime before being
thrown into the lake, and tho features
were destroyed by the action of the
chemical. The only hope of getting a
clew to the mystery, is that the dentistry work may be recognized.
Provincial Health Officer Fagan has
determined that it will be well to
have all the Indians on tho reserve
vaccinated and arrangements to carry
out this decision are now being perfected.
Hume.���A. 0. Egbert, Ainsworth;
W. A. Clute, Kaslo; J. C. Conlin, Victoria ; H. E. Wittlanfer, Herton; II.
L. Johnston, Greenwood; W. J.
Hogg, Rossland; F. II. Hill Vancouver, J. Bowron and wife, Medicine
Hat; J. s. McLean, Rossland; A. M.
Fanning, Victoria; H. G. Hruce,
Buffalo, N. V. ; E. C. Black, Burton
Phair.���Mrs. Ilogle, Victoria; J. M.
Hillings and wife, Salmo; C. E, Frad-
ley, Rossland; Charles 11. Wolf. Spokane, Miss Dora R. Heck, Calgary.
The woman who is lovely in face,
form and temper will always have
friends, but oue who would be attract
ive must keep her health. If she is
weak, sickly and all run down, she
will be nervous mid irritable. If she
has constipation or kidney trouble, her
impure blood will cause pimples,
blotches, skin eruptions and a wretched complexion. Electric Bitters is the
best, medicine in the world to regulate
stomach, liver and kidneys and to
purify the blood. It gives strong
nerves, bright eyes, smooth, velvety
skin, rich complexion. It will make a
good looking, cliamiing woman of a
run-down invalid. Only 50 cents, at
Canada Drug & Book Store.
i,'i  i,
That pretty picture should ho framed. Call and see the mouldings at F.
J. Kradlcy .t Co.'s.
I''. J. Hradley & Co. have received
their full stock of wall papers and
wall mouldings.    See them.
Spring ohickeu and sll the delioaoios
of the season served to yon when yon
visit Florenoe Park Hotel at Roberts'
Ranch, two and a half miles up the
river.    W. M. Roberts, proprietor.
The finest line of picture mouldings
in the Kootenays can be found at the
store of F, J. Hradley & Co., Josephine Street.
OAL,GTARYh _'lER 'uTi'i ��� tn. ���ft_
WINES,    LIQUORS,    ...i.l    CIQARS.
T.l��ph.n.��, Ibk.rSl .\,.|.������ I,,.
W - -  %
Fall Millinery Opening
* Extend to the Ladies of Nelson and vicinity a cordial W
\'( invitation to our GRAND DISPLAY of jfl
I Pattern Hats and Bonnets |
\i/ Including the very latest Parisian and. American styles (j)
\j/f and all the newest effects in trimmings /fl
t ON    WEDNESDAY,    3RD     OCTOBER, Jj\
\��� 9)
\l/ And following days. Will display DRESS GOODS, SILKS, 9)
The NEW Dry Goods and Millinery Store
^SrV _: ^_'*2 *���"-_ '^8'-St *-^S'-5�� '-S'-5fc ^8'S"-S '-^5'-_: '^'^ '-^��'^5 'S'-S'^ _Pf
*S ^^00-^l-00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00''.fo.-00-00   00-00-00-00^2-00'00?0f&-*
The sitting of the Court of Assizes
in Victoria has by notice in the Provincial Gazette been postponed from
October 2 until October 7. As there is
but one ease to come before tbe court,
the postponement will not inconvenience many persons.
Are You Right?
You can be sure of your minutes
if you provide yourself with one
of   our   accurate   and   reliable
Don't run���get a good watch to
run for you,
Manufacturing Jewelers.
Return engagement of the
For 2 Nights Only
... l-tllj...
Lecture by
Father Drummond
Mon. Night Oct. 1st.
Houses and lots for sale in all  purls
of the City.
Victoria-Montreal     Fire   Insurance
Ontario Mutual Life Insurance Company.
Maddon Block
Ward Street
-ON   THE-
Kor   terms   and   particulars   enquire
Art Music Co., or at ~ss Silica Street.
Instruments Supplied.   I'hone 111-.
Canada Permanent and Western Canada Mortgage
head  office toronto,  ont.
Money to loan on Straight Mortgage.
Apply to Q. U LENNOX, Baker St.
Wednesday, Oct. 3
The Great Christian Play
Thursday,   Oct 4
"The Cheerful Liar."
Flannels and Flannelettes
Are Now Seasonable.
We  have  them  in  large  quantities.    They  come   in  all
widths, in plain and fancy patterns.
27-inch  Flannelette at  ^c a yard
31-inch  Flannelette at j t, ,oca yard
34-inch  Flannelette at ;.!'.!'!".! i2"_c a yard
36-inch  Flannelette at (] t, j^c a yard
Extra heavy quality of English Flannelette at. 18c a yard
Then there are GREY FLANNELSan
All-Wool Hannel, 26 inches wide, at  20c a yard
Our Finest quality at  35c a yard
Prices 50 and 75c.
Martin O'Reilly & 60.
Houston Block.


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