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Nelson Daily Miner Jun 17, 1900

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,al hb,
Daily Edition   No   755
Nelson, British Columbia, Sunday, Junk 17,  1900.
Tenth Year
Reported in London That Foreign Legations
Have Been Destroyed and German
Minister Killed-Incen-
Foreign Ministers Refused Safe Conduct.
International Column in a Tight
Place-Massacre of Christians Continues.
Loudon, June 17.���I a.m.���There is no
the troops of General Jung Fob. Slang
for several hours. Many Chinese were
confirmation of the reported destruction of the Legations in Pekin and the
killing of the German Minister, Boron
Von Keteior, nor the latter report of
the fighting between the British aud
the Chinese.
The despatches from Shanghai, da tod
last evening, stated that Admiral Seymour's force is iu a tight place between
Lang Fang and Yung Sun, with enormous masses of soldiers in front, while
the Boxers, with more soldiers, are cutting the railway in the rear. The column is reported short of provisions at.d
water. Kiang Nan arsenal, outside of
Shanghai; Is sending vast qua
muuilious north.
All is quiet at Shanghai, hut   trade
has been disrupted.    It hj staled   that     (
seven thousand Americans are coming | Ml!luuerg   ,,
from Manila and that   large   forces of ' '
Japanese are also en route.   The wires
soutli to TieU Tsin hnve lieen out  and
the city telegraph isolated.
According to a special from Vienna, i satisfactory   and   there   is   room  for
it is stated in diplomatic circles there   benefloial reform.     Hut   they  are far
Paris, June l(i.���News of fighting between the European troops and the
Boxers lias enhanced the interest in the
situation in China, which is forming
the leading feature of newspapers.
Tlie diplomatic world is very much
stirred regarding the attitude taken hy
the Empress Dowager. Kven tlie Japanese nnd Chinese legations appear
doubtful ns to the exact conditions of
At the Chinese Legation considerable uneasiness prevails.   The expla-
....       filiation given by the ollieials   there   is
ntilies of " ,B    _     '
will have them lighted up at 8(80sharp,
From that time until SliMI there will he
a general intermingling of the craft in
whichever direction they please. At
9:31) a signal will lie given hy the steam
whistles of the launches for the boats
to assemble in line for the water procession. There will he two lines, headed by the Flirt and Pretoria respectively. The route of the procession will he
in the form of a serpent, aud Ihe lines
will meet and intertwine according to
the fancy of the leaders. The area covered by the procession will he between
the Oity Wharf and the 0. P. It. Dock,
bo that everyone may have a chance
to view the bunutiful spectacle. During the movements of the boats the"
searohlights of the C. P. It. steamer-i
will play upon the passing boats and
two bands will render appropriate music. This is only a brief synopsis of
what will occur as it is impossible to describe such nu event iu advance.
Prizes#will he given as follows; For
the best dcoorated launches and Bail-
boats, a first and secoud prize. For
canoes, prize for the best decorated
canoe. For deaorated row boats under
twenty feet, flrBt and second prize. An
especial prize will be given for instrumental music rendered on launch,
sailboat, rowboat or canoe, while passing the judges.
The committee will spread themselves
nn decoration, as a thousand lanterns
will be used to decorate the shore,
floats and wharves.
The llrcworke are under the charge ot
a special sub-committee and will be of a
most elaborate character.
The committee would be glad to hear
from anyone contemplating fitting out
a refreshment boat for the evening.
Captain Troup will consider any such
All partieB owning suitable barges,
floats, etc.,are requested to notify tho
committee if they will consider fitting up
these barges with seats for tho public to
view the Caruivnl from. It is understood, ot course, that a charge will be
made tor such seats.
Ciiincsc Situation the
sorbing  Topic In
Ashanti    Affair Commands
Attention  as Does
Trouble   Looming   Up   For
London, June 1(1.���The serions
that the Boxers are outlaws, who
j receive no Countenance from the Gov-
I eminent rind- are illtivating their own
as well as foreigners.
embers of the Legation, whose
I constant intercourse with Europeans
I has brought them more into line with
] Western ideas, admit guardedly that
the general relation in China is hardly
work  ln
that the question of Intervention is
under discussion by the Powers and
the re-establishment of order in Pekin
and elsewhere. This, it is said,
emanates from England, and is supported by Germany ami Austria but it
is doubtful if Russia nnd France will
agree to the proposition.
London, Jnne 16.���A special despatch
from Shanghai, dated today, says it is
reported that after au audience of Sir
Claude Maodonald, British Minister to
China, wilh Tsung Li Yemen, live Foreign Ministers demanded n safe comlnot
for their servants and people, notifying
the Tsung Li Yemen that they could no
longer maiutain relations with tho Government.
The answer was "Certainly not, what
other answer Could he expected, iu a
civilized oonntry." This was followed
by au iucrease of the forces aroiiud the
gates and the next night widespread incendiarism.
This incendiarism, according to the
special despatch from .Shanghai. pro-
Vailed among the foreign residences.
Tlie massacre of native Christian
servants of the foreigners was also
common. The buildings of the American missions, the onstoms, mess
quarters and a number of other structures were destroyed, Tbo guards
alone saved the foreigners, who, it is
claimed, huddled in the Legations.
are very short   of   food   nnd deserted
by native servants.
The latest edict against the rioters.
especially uvoidB mentioning the
Berlin ami St. Petersburg despatches
assert that ltussin and Germany hnve
combined for common action iu China.
It is reported that a high Russian personage is going to Berlin to arrange the
details, and  Ihat  Russia does not wish
to compromise hopelessly her relations
with China by a rupture which would
only bo to the advantage of other powers. ���
Dispatches from Tien Tsin. received
in Berlin, state lhat the Boxers entered
Pekio on the evening of June 18, de-
si wed flevornl minsions,and attacked the
Legations but were repulsed with the aid
nt Maxims.   No Europeans were killed.
The attitude of the Chinese Iroops
towards the Boxers wns u oeitn'n.
Tbe liter Obintse reports state thnt
{be British marines and snljorj fought,sous
from pleased at the recent development which has given Russia an opportunity to play what will eventually become a predominant part In
the feared European contention.
Japanese Minister Katow on being interviewed says he has not yet received
instructions from his Government regarding auy action to lie taken here,
lint he has every confidence that Japan
will act iu concoct with thu other Powers, which in his opinion is the best
method of bringing about any desirable
Arranging   Programmes Is
Well Under Way.
The committees hivviug in hand the
arrangements for Nelson's big Land
and Wat ar Carnival, July 2 and 3, hnve
held frequent meetings during the post
week, and all of the work is well under
way.    Mr. W. T. Tec tse!.   Cluiirmnu of
the Committee on Street Decorations
and Music, proroises.to havo Nelson attired as she never has been in tlie past.
Baker street is to he a hower of beauty,
and il Ihe expense is not too great it is
likely lhat Ward street, will he decorated from Baker to the lake front. Captain Troup and his Water Carnival
Committee have- taken hold of their
work will) a will and are going to surprise Nelson citizens and visitors alike.
Chairman J. J. Maloue and his Cain-
donian Sports Comiuifteo have their
programme about arranged and will
supply a very huge share of the entertainment, The Aquatic Sports Committee, with Mr. A. H. Buchanan Of
Chairman, publish their programme
this morniug and it will he recognised
nt once as a splendid attraction in It-
self. Tho Finance Committee, with
George V. Holt as Chairman, have not
yet completed their work, as they expect to raise nn additional $MM) at least.
Up to dato $_,8fKI has been subscribed
and exactly thut amount appropriated.
Tlie Committee iu charge of the
Water Carnival had a mueting lost
night at the oflice of their Chairman,
Captain J. W. Troup. After a thorough
discussion the Committee came to the
following decisions:
The committee requests that all per
judge Forln Will Hold a Sitting Tomorrow Morning.
Judge Forln will hold a sitting of
the County Court tomorrow at 10
a. in.
There will he only one case before
His Honor, namely, David Church vs.
(iodsel & Coleman. Church is one of
the thirteen miners who were employed in development work on the
Little Phil Mine. They were employed by Coleman and aa they were
badly In arrears in wages have sued for
them. All thirteen men are suing
individually but it is possible that
the above case may lie made a lest
case for the whole lot and thus they
Will all he consolidated. The details
of the ease are as follows:
it appears that the menwereengaged
in the Little Phil Mine and when It was
shut down a few months ago the
miners were dismissed and did nut
receive their wages. Mr. Coleman
was having the development work
done on the understanding lhat he
was to purchase the properly from Mr.
Godsel, of Pineher Creek, N. W. '!'.,
who is the real owner of the mine.
The men who are In arrears have
worked from two to three months
without being paid. They have
therefore entered uctlon against Mr.
Coleman personally and are also
trying to got a Hen against the mine
and have the latter sold to pay the
wages. Ilodscl claims that he did
not engage the men, therefore Ihe
Hen must he entirely mi Mr. Coleman's
Interests, hut it seems the latter
baa no Interests whatever in tho
Messrs.    '.Wheeler     St    Martin     of
Kaslo will appear for the defendant
and Messrs, Taylor & llanningtoii
will represent the plaint ill'.
ditiou uf affairs in China Is doily becoming the most absorbing topic in
Great Britain. Pekin is heard of now
almost as mnch us Pretoria, while
countless correspondents and amateur
diplomats write and talk learnedly
upon Ihe perils presented hy the Far
Eastern crisis.
In view cf the geueral pnhlio concern nud despatches from China, it is
rather remarkable to learn that the
Boxers appear to hnvo but little nft'eot
upon the great business between China
and England. Tbe largest houses in
London, trading with the Far East
corporations, insnraiice companies,
hanks nnd merchants, are unanimous
in snyiug their operation- are not in-
tarfeiod with.
The manager of a leading bank,
with branches at Tien Tsin and other
places in ('hina, says: "We get telegrams daily from our representatives,
They seldom even mention the rising."
However this section of the business
world, and those whose capital they
represented arc nutnrally awaiting
the outcome ofthe crisis with anxiety.
They are apparently more disturbed
over the possibility of the Powers
fulling out among themselves nfter
the Boxers receive Iheir quietus, than
over the amount of the damage the
Boxers will wreak prior to that
Secretsry Hny'aattitude Is watched
iu England with tho greatest Interest,
but it is pretty generally recognized
that the United States has no intcii-
tenlion of pulling any chestnuts out
of tlie lire. There is such a plethora
of crises   the    world    over,    ill which
British Interests are virtually concerned, that the average reader of
English newspapers finds it hard to
keep track of them or place them in
their relative Importance. China appeals only vaguely 10 the masses   who
The amount of tbe damage done lo
W. F. Pleroy's residence, corner of Mill
and Cedar streets, by the heavy stones
which were thrown from a blast last
Friday afternoon, will he made good by
Wnlter Webb, who has the contract for
the exoavation which is being done at
that place. The amount of tho damage
dune is not known, but the house was
badly wrecked. As far as can be
learned Mr. Webb will uot be prosecuted, but If my parties allow such carelessness ill tho future prompt action
will he taken hy the oity ollieials.
At St. Saviour's Church, at 11 a. ra.
today, Kev. Mr Yates of New Denver
will conduct ft Masonic service, and all
Masons are requested to lie at the lodge
still   maintain   acute   interest   in   the
doings of Lord Roberts ami his men;
Nor aie the opposing nl the liritish
foroe in tin' Ashnnti Republic by nn
overwhelming hordo ol natives forgotten. Tbe Liverpool inerchuiits.wbo
practlenlly monopolise the (rude with
the west ooast of Africa, aro lond in
their protests against the tardiness in
sending reinforcements, while even the
Conservative weeklies admit a mistake
has been made of underestimating the
strength of the enemy.
The news of the rising iu tho nearby
colony of Gambia adds not a little to
the strain which atrairs on the weHt
coast of Africa have imposid upon tho
resources of the military organization,
whose normal complement has Us
hands [ull at the oilier end of the Dark
But perhnps more important than
any of these is the politicnl
crisis at the Cape. It is dawning on
Great Britain that, unless this is tactfully and satisfactorily set straight,
the pacification of South Africa may
be indefinitely delayed. The putting
down of sntl-Brltlsh ugitation In Capo
Colony, similar to that which has
existed foi a century in Ireland and
without the physlcul forco elements,
is recognized as being a far more serious task than outflanking nud disarming the Boers.
A prominent Free Stu'er, with British sympathies bnt with mauy relatives
commencement of the war. Be has only
just came to England from the ('ape.
and. though opposed to the Bondites, is
respeoted and trusted by them.
The gravity of the issues, depending,
upon a solution ot fhe situation caused
by Mr. Schreiner's resignation of the I
Premiership of Cape Colony, can. per-1
haps, be belter Igmiged hy this Free
Stater's opinion than by auy censored
Statement from Capetown.
The English newspapers devote
many editorials to the question.
Those who are inspired show no desire to have Sir John Gordon Bprlggs
in sole power and Mr. Schreiner in
the Opposition ranks, for apart from
the fact that it is doubtful if he can
maintain his majority, the opinion
prevails with the Colonial ollice, and
is expressed by almost everybody
coining from Europe, regardless of
political faith, that Sprlggs is utterly
unfitted in point of ability to steer
the Colony out of the present crisis.
Some of tlie English papers which
are not inspired, notably The Globe,
bitterly depreciate begging Mr.
Schreiner to continue in oflice or even
to help out in the dilcma, drawing
parallells between his utterances and
actions before and after the issue of
war was assured. Those who know
Cape politics thoroughly tell the Associated Press that if Mr. Rhodes
could reassert his former Influences
over Mr. Schreiner all would Ik- well.
But Mr. Rhodes is iu Rhodesia and
Mr. Schreiner has recently expressed
himself as being as bitterly vindictive as ever over what he considered to
be Mr. Rhodes' breach of faith with the
bond party.
July will witness a l'au-African con
ference iu London, with the objict of
Securing increased recognition of the
rights of Gieal Britain's colored subjects. The idea originated with Mr.
Williams, a native of Trinidad, whose
appeal met with an enthusiastic response. Southwest Africa, the West
Iudies and it is said the United Slates
will send representatives, with a view
of looking after the iuteiests of the
colored race.
More  trouble  is   looming up for Mr.
Joseph Chamberlain, as Queensland refuses to abide by the federation compromise made liy the Australian delegates in London. There now seems a
possibility that the hill will he withdrawn by the Imperial Government
and referred bnck to Australia.
(In all sides the death of Mrs. Gladstone has called forth genuine expressions of sympathy and admiratiou such
as would scarcely hnve been written
about any other woman in the Kingdom.
Tlie trend of them all is that she was
the ideal wife. Both the private service
at Ilawniden and Ihe publio ceremony
at Westminster will lie as simple as possible, in accordance with her ideas nnd
those of the great Commoner. Though
their grandson comes into possession of
llawnrdeu. it will remain as a kind of
family house,Mr.and Mrs Herbert (Hailstone being ns free lo come ami go as they
were during the life of their parent*.
The London dock strike, involving
lO.tKJO men, will he settled by the London Chamber of Commerce, whose oiler
to arbitrate has been accepted by the
strikers. They demand full recognition of tlieir trade union and increased
wages. The sl i ike is not yet old enough
to have its (tl'cct seriously felt and
publio interest is so engaged iu affairs
abroad that it has scarcely caused comment.
The London County Council has
passed a resolution giviug it power lo
pull down every illuminated sign shown
in the streets. Over hall the brilliant
devices, which now make London guy
at night,   will   ho condemned on the
ground that the Hushing lights frighten
horses nud endanger lives.
Rumors That Mainland Members Won't Endorse
Turner and Eberts May Be
Opposed   Booth May
Be Speaker.
Probable That Portfolio Will
Be Offered to John
,,f   the   lower   of  the church lost
footing  when   near  the   top ami
dashed    lo   pieces   oil    the  tloor
w.     lie   was  an   employee of the
Hamilton Bridge Works.
Victoria, June HI. ���All interest
at tho const in the polities] situation centres in thu Opposition canons ut Vancouver on Monday.
There is mnch speculation us to what
thi ontconie will be. Shrewd observers
express the opinion that a majority of
tbe mainland members will refuse
lo endorse tho Dunsmuir Government
on the ground thnt tbore is too much
of an island flavor about it. However,
opinion is about equally divided on
this point.
Tbe members of tbeOpposltlon party
say they will proceed wilh the convention us originally arranged, and that
Iheir action (here will in no way b? influenced by the Governor's action in
calling as his adviser a Minister who
hns not yet been endorsed by the party.
The outcome of Ihe caucus will be
watched with great interest.
It is likely lhat both Messrs. Tinner
and Eberts will be opposed, although il
is possible   that   the   Premier   will be
elected by acclamation in South Nanaimo. Mr Yates is credited with u desire to agaiu try conclusions with Mr.
Eberts in Soutli Victoria.
The Cabinet is still Incomplete and
it is understood that although a portfolio was offered to Mayor Harden
of Vancouver, that gentlemen declined it. Messrs. Wells and Munro,
both staunch Liberals, may also be
asked to join the Cabinet, though
whether  they   "ill   accept  the  offer
l-clliaills lo be  seen.     Tile  Speakership
will probably be offered to ex-Speaker
Booth, member from North Victoria.
Houston is merely looking over the
situation but will probably be offered
portfolio. He has declared that he
does not desire one.
j, V. Welch, of Grand  Forks, who
is manager and director of the Sliver
Knot and Laurier claims, of that
place, arrived ill Nelson yesterday
morning. He brought a huge piece
of ore from both claims to l��- assayed
here. A test of the ores was taken
some time ago and that of the Silver
K_Ot SSS&yed   Sis   while   the ore from
the other showed 8iw.    Jus) of  late
they struck" what they considered a
good pay streak, and they think that
the present ore will give much higher
returns (ban the first. In the silver
Knot claims they ran n tunnel 1 to feet
at which point tbey struck 8 IB-fool
Isdge, The shares of this property
are now selling at IJ cents, but it is
BXpeOted they will soon advance. A
meeting of the owners will 1��- beld
.tin,,- 13 al Grand forks, where thiol sinking a shnft will be dis-
In the Laurier claim a 4-foot
ore   from
Ottawa, Jnne HI.���The National
Pulp & I'aper Co. of Montreal, with
a capital of 1300,000, is seeking incorporation.
An order iu council has been passed
establishing the following regulations
respecting the entry of traveller's commercial samples under ihe British pre-
ferentisl tariff. Dutiable rnniiiiercial
samples from the United Kingdom or
other liritish country, uesonipanying a
commercial traveller through nn in.
terinediate country into Canada, may
he entered at the custom house undei
thu    British   preferential   tariff,   upon
proof by certificate or affidavit, to the
satisfaction of the collector at the port
of entry, that the samples are liomi tide
the product of the munutncluier of the
United Kingdom or a British country
admitted to the benefits of the liritish
preferential tariff in Canada.
Colonel Prior iirought up the lo per
Bent, royalty on (be Yukon aud was
iu favor of its being abolished.
Several resolutions from the liritish
Columbia Hoard of Trade in favor of
this were read. The Premier gave no
encouragement but promised a definite
statement ill the near future.
The Messugo John Houston Sent Home
Prom victoria.
John Houston's friends lu Nolson
were anxiously awaiting news from
Victoria yesterday. They got a little
but it was not what they had hoped
for. It was to the effect tbat influences were being Iirought to bear to
keep His Worship from getting what
he went to Victoria after, aud that it
"looked like Wells," meaning that
W. C. Wells, niemlier-elect from East
Kootenay, was in line for tbe portfolio of Minister of Mines.
It is generally admitted by Mr.
Houston's friends tbat that gentleman
went to the const ln search of a portfolio. That he expected to be called
upon, in tho event uf certain conditions arising, is well known, but when
he left Nelson he was hardly prepared
to find upon his arrival in Victoria
that a Dunsmuir-Turner government
had been formed while he was speed-
lug along eoinfoi ml.le stowed away in
a lower north ou the Imperial Limited.
llui notwithstanding the fact tbat Mr.
Houston had been always an opponent
of the Turner party, his friends here
say that be would he perfectly willing
to join with Messrs. Donsniuir,Turner
and Eberts if that step wonld bring to
In in what he has cherished from the
beginning of tho Into campaign, tha
portfolio of Mines. His friends say
that as thu Cntlou party is dead, and
its leader consigned with due formalities to his political grave, Mr. Honston
is fron to oast his lot with whatsoever
party tin may chooBe, and that ha
would undoubtedly join that party
whioh wonld do tlie most for htm.
Therefore, he would swallow Turnerism, bo tho pill bittor or sweet.
Willi (Iovernor Mackintosh defeated in Ihe Kossland Biding Mr.
Houston has felt since his election a
week ago yesterday that his chances
for a portfolio were of the best, ne
wns sure of this until he found
that his friend "Bob'' Green uud
other anti-Martin members-elect had
received messages asking I hem to be
present at a caucus to be held in Vancouver on Monday and that In the
sending of these messages he hud beeu
omitted. This worried him and he
del ermiiied at oiiee to go to the Coast
and look the Beld over. He did so
and reached Victoria yesterday morning and after looking around a bit
wired home that "it looked like
Wells." The message was au admission that In- had gone to Victoria lu
search of a portfolio of Ministyr of
Mines ami had reached there only
to find thut there was an applicant ahead of him,   ��� .  I   smart   boy
who looked us though he could fill thu
bill. But Mr. Houston's friends are
still hopeful ami one of them offers to
wager that John will not give up
until he IsndS a prize.
London, Jnne 18.���James Wind, a
civio employee, while standing on tho
Grand Trunk Kuilroud truck yesterday
was strunk hy a train aud killed. He
leaves a family.
Niagara Kails, Jane Hi���Henry
Belppel fell from the top of tbo Can
tilever bridge this morning and, strik
ing on
H.iiicn Powell   Has Occupied
(SPECIALS to Tin: minkh.)
London. Jnne 111.���The War Offloe
has received the following message
from Lord Robert! :
"Pretorls, Juno iii. ��� Rsatenburg occupied yesterday by Baden-l'owell.
"Buller, I bope, is at Btandert.
Bellberg will be occupi**) from this
place soon aud then the Grange Hlver
Colony will lieeouie completely cut off
from the Transvaal. Over hum stands
of arms were ^surrendered nud Hans
Blofl and Pete Kruger, son of President Kruger, were made submissive to
Haden l'owell yesterday, having been
previously disarmed ou tbeir terms."
A rumor is tife in London that Lord
Huberts is negotiating wjth President
Kruger, thinugh his wife, regarding
terms of  surrender.
Tbe only news of importance this
motnlng is a telegram from Oape
Town aennuncing lhat the Ministerial
deadlock has been relieved. Hir Oor-
dou Spriggs hopes to have a Ministry
formed by Monday, and it is believed
that Mr. Koso-lunis will accept a portfolio.
on the llocr side, said lo  a  represent!!-   mutt
tive of the Associated Press .today  thnt
be bellsvtd the Bond party wonld break ledge has been found.   The
ont in an anmd rsvoll today, were rilles  the claim amslsts of  gold, silver and  Ohurcb this afternoon     A
 ii,-r .,.,���..- v..-v -.. ,-.  ,,_w_.  |   " ." ,. ... Fulzi'v   who was work ug  on the   u-  thut mure might lie Jotind,
Mm\mnA^mmnmlVm$\tmUv��mtA tltr minmtry |-��r *"*���*'�� -��, ,_t- at ths __r-m. |iuuj,��h,. _ .
rooms on Baker street at 10:.TO am.
While the laborers  were working on
linker  street  yesterday, several  silver
i atone abutment, was   killed, j coins and gold  ornaments were found
  j in front of the Nelson saloon.    After
Montreal, Jnne   Hi���A  terrible so-  Ihe discovery a complete examination
oident look place in St.   Jean   Baptist  was made of eacli fhovclfull   of eftith
man named   ss it was moved   by  the men, iu hopes
I _���
JNelson Daily Miner
Published Dally exoept Monday.;
the Senate and Sir Wilfrid Laurier
in the Commons declared that they
had no knowledge of it. Evidently
the   Mclnnesea have Btrong claim
KaunN Mineb i'hintinq & I'uuiisiiiNO Co   tl) [,e rcgar(je_ as K   family of very
I)  J.  BKATON. Kdltor and Maunder.
SuBScniiTioN Kates,
DaUy por month by can ler	
per bait year.
per jeer	
peryuur by mall..
per year foreign..
1  <a
a 50
Weekly, P" half yoar	
m,r year	
pe. v ear, foreign	
Hubanrlpiloin hivarlnbly in advance,
.�� l'."i
.. 300
Nelson Min ir Printing 4HubllshlngCo
nelson. b. o.
Telephone  No.  144.
L<.ndo..lK..Kla..iMniH���..^Klc<,,H.rccl ,K.C
Central Press Agency, Limited, special Agent
original oddities.
The prompt action   of the  members of the  Council, and  especially
of Aid. Irvine,Chairman of the Public  Works  Committee,   in   dealing
with the corporation  drillers' strike
the other day, meets with the entire
approval of the business men of the
City, notwithstandingthe thinly veiled protest of Mr. Houston's  paper.
The  civic  authorities   cannot   too
quickly    get     rid    of   men    who
are  not satisfied    to   put   in   nine
hours of good honest work  on our
streets for the  very  liberal  pay of
three dollars and twenty-five  cents.
Railway contractors can employ  all
the men they want,   for the  same
work,   for $2.50   per   day  of  ten
hours.    Why  should  the  ratepayers of Nelson be made to pay more ?
It may  be a gratification  to Mayor
Houston to have his little army of laborers at his back, to vote him  into
office and salary, but the people who
pay the taxes are under no  obligation to stand the cost of  his   popularity.     If the men think  an   eight-
hour day is long  enough, let   them
have their eight-hour day; but  the
elected trustees of the  City's  interests will,   if they  are  honest,  see
that the people are   not   robbed  to
give  it  to them.    Let  them   take
their eight-hour pay for their eight-
hour day, or go.    As it is, they are
being paid a higher wage   than prevails in other city in Canada or  the
United   States.    If   determined to
force something more, under the encouragement of the recent election,
let them bring on the issue.    In any
event, however, it is to be  distinctly  understood that  the   ratepayers
of Nelson will object  to  any  gross
imposition, and  it is a   satisfaction
to them to know that they are in no
danger of being subjected   to  it as
long as they have  Aid.   Irvine  and
his colleagues in the Council to protect them against it.
The stock of a mining company
with which some prominent citizens
of Montreal are associated went up
fifty points or so on the strength ol
reports of a rich strike, and then it
went down again because the reports were supposed to be exaggerated. Whereupon it is concluded
on the Montreal Mining Exchange
that the mining industry of British
Columbia has received a "black
eye." The members ofthe Montreal
Mining Exchange have something
yet to learn of the mining industry
of this Province; indeed, it would
not be far out to say that they have
all to learn concerning it. It is not
depending on the fortunes of any
Montreal company, by any manner
of means. Nor in British Columbia,
nor among those who know what
mining is,does the success of a mining prospect depend on the names of
those who may happen to be behind
it. The metalliferous resources of
this Province are quite too abundant and apparent to allow of any
serious check to their development
by the disappointment of a few
Montreal gentlemen.
If Sir Wilfrid Laurier is not to
have it to be understood that any
utterance of his on the floor of the
House is mere empty wind, silvery
sound signifying nothing, he will
take early cognisance of the fact
that the people of British Columbia
have disapproved in the most emphatic fashion of their Lieutenant-
Governor and desire his dismissal.
Some remarks of the Federal Premier two or three months ago led to
the expectation that the official head
of Mr. Melnnes would roll in the
dust if his arbitary actions in dismissing Mr. Semlin and introducing' the very obnoxious Mr. Martin
were not condoned by the electors,
and there is a pretty unanimous desire that the threat may be made
good. Mr. Mclnnes's usefulness
is gone, and it is the popular wish
that his corporal body go with it.
New Goods!
Just  received   from
The ver)' latest ideas in���
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Wholesale Houses.
THORPE & CO., LiMiTKU.���Cornor Vor
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variety nf soft drinks. P. O. Box 88. Telephone No. 31. Hoover Street.. Nolson. Bottlei*
of the Famous St. Loon Hot Springs Mineral
Koynl Mout and koolonry
or the
.  Belle ClKars.   Katun ��nJ OffloOi Maker Strest, Nolnon, B. 0*
EVANS & CO.   RU..T suvri, Nol
_    -(i:i. wholOHiilu dealors in lli_uorH, cigara
cement, tiro brick and lire clay, waler pipe and
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Now Westminster. Kdiuoiiion, Alto. Elevators on Calgary & Killuonlon Knilway. Manufacturers of celebrated II & K brand cereal**.
If Mr. Dunsmuir shall keep on as I
he has begun he will give the Province a strong Government. Mr.Turner's return to the Finance Department will be accepted as an assurance that our financial affairs will
be well managed, and that he is
again in a position to put his experience and knowledge of affairs
generally at the service of the people, will do much towards re-establishing public confidence. It was
thought lhat Mr. Helmcken would
be made Attorney-General, but Mr.
Dunsmuir shows appreciation of
long and useful service in calling
Mr. l'.berts to his old department.
Mr, Dunsmuir. own name,  at the
There was a love feast at Cran-
brook, to celebrate the election of
the Martin candidate, Mr. Smith,
Among tbe feasters was Mr. Costi-
gan, wbo was himself a candidate,
although less in opposition to Mr.
Smith than to Mr. Fernie. As he
succeeded in defeating Mr. Fernie,
he had every reason to join in celebrating the election of Mr, Smith.
This was not the full measure of
Mr. Costigan's amiability, however.
In the course of his speech he took
occasion to defend Mr. Martin, especially in regard to his career in
Manitoba, and read a mysterious
letter which conclusively established
that gentleman's political virtue.
Archbishop Langoin, of St. Boniface, said the other day that tha
Manitoba school question is not settled. Senator Bernier says it is not
settled. The Victoria Times is endeavoring to make il appear that
Sir Charles Tupper believes it is not
settled. The late Archdeacon Tache,
a great ecclesiastic, a great statesman, and a good man, said that no
head of tried and trusted colleagues, \ V**?*00 COuld ho considered as ���*���
will be   of immense   advantage  in
convincing  the outside  world  that
reason and common  sense have not
entirely deserted us. If he is hesitating in the selection of a Minister
of Mines, The Miner ventures to
suggest the name of Mr. Taylor, of
Revelstoke, regretting at the same
time that it is not in the happy position to recommend its nearer
neighbor, Mr. Keen, of Kaslo.
tied that was not settled on principles of right and justice. Does
The Victoria Times know that the
Manitoba school question was settled on principles of right and justice?
Mr. Higgii'.s retires amid cheers
and laughter. Al the declaration of
the official count he thanked those
who voted for him, and sympathised with those who voted against
him. lie said he was like the man
During the campaign in North who brok(, ,,is |eg_t00 big too cry,
Nanaimo the young Mr. Melnnes j and t00 much hurt to laugh,
said his father had more than once
communicated with the authorities
at Ottawa with the view of resigning his position as Governor. This
was said in the presence of Mr. Turner, who took leave to doubt that
any such correspondence  had taken
whero you can depend on Rotting tho bout
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10c, up,   PrlccH cannot be iii puled,
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ooib,   rubbers, mockinawH and minora' nun-
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aud Ward at*., NY I on. U. 0,
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goods.   Agents for Fabst, Brewing (Jo. of Mil-
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corner hniiit   and Hall  Streets, Nelson.
Wholesale dealers in Wines (ease and bulk),
and i .���   ' "��� ��� i ini Imported Cigars.
JY GRIFFIN A CO.-t'orner Vernon
��� .> l.i Josopbluo Streets. Nelson, wholesale
dealers in provisions, cured meals, buttor and
Brewers of Kino Lager
Beer nnd Pwter.
Drop In and see us.
Nelson Employment Agencv
Chambermaid, 4 uooks (women), a
J. H. LOVE, Afl't      Baker Sf
Tenders will b�� received by the tin.
ilerHiitned np to the Kith of .Inly next
for tli���i Riiikiiix of a abaft on'lhe Mttud
8 miiinml claim on the North Fork of
the SHlnion River. Pimm iinrl upeoi-
ftcntioiiH will be niniled on application
to the nademigiiHrl.
0 O. HOB80N. Seoretary.
New North Fork Miniuft Oo., Ltd.
P. O. Box 1185,
Jnue 1st, 1UW.       Vancouver, 8. O,
Gamble &0'Reilly
Two lots and house, 8 rooms, bath
room and kitchen, all modern Improvements, good view, handy to
tows, 8:t, 5<Hi.  Terms,
New Cottage, Mill Street, $:.'.r. per
New tkittapp, Stanley Street, 830
per month.   All modern conveniences.
Two  new cottages, tiore Street, 815
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Gamble b O'Reilly.
Boom 1. Turner-Eoeckh Block.
Real Estate & Mining Agent
14-room honse, all conveniences, 2
lots down town.    A bargain.
HoDHes in all parte of tho oity.
Baker Street improved property.
Income IS per cent net.
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city.   A Hunp.
A good list of building lots to eeleot
Charles St. Barbe
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General  Agent.
Canada Permanent and Western Canada Mortgage
WE   HAVE   SOLD   75%   OF   ALL  THE
Used In the Kootenay.
Dominion Ale and Porter
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Dominion White Label Ale
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Ibis is tbe finest Ale brewed iu Canada.!
Dominion Bulk Ale
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Teacher's Scotch Whisky
NEL80N, B.O.
Honey to lonn ou StraiKht Mortgage.
Apply to O. U LENNOX, Baker 8t.,
A. R. BARROW, a.m.,.C.E.
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Corner Victoria sad Kooteosj Bts,
P. O.llox CM, TelffhMt No, M
We are now doing business in
Next to Nelson Hotel, where we hope to see all our
OLD customers and many  NEW ones.
Give  us  a call.
P. O. Box K. and W.
i   Teleph
lone io
The Nelson Coke &
Gas Company is
now prepared to supply the best LIMB
in   the   country  ni
5oc per cwt
Special rates on carload   lots.     Apply
Baker Street.
Atlantic S. S. Lines
Allan l.lno  "Tunisian"1	
Allan l.lno "Niimiilini'  ���������
Dominion l.lno "I 'iiiiiliniliinn
Dominion l.lno "Vanrouvor
Beaver Lino "Luke Ontario
Beaver Uno "LiwiUiula'
From MontmjJ
. J urn' *
.'.' July:
. Jiiim fl
 June -'��
Kroui Now York
White Star Lino I'Gormanio''....
White 8lar (Line "llajsstio
Cunard Lino "Servia	
Cunanl Lino "Luoania 	
Alienor Lino "Ftfrne���is ���������;,""
Anchor Lino "Oily of Hniiiu
American Lino "St. I'uiil      ;���
Hod Star Lino "westornmnd   ;
North Oorinun   UordJ"worro ,
North Uernun Lloyd "Minor Williolin        3
linn     I 1 I'll...  |."  ������".!'    a    Ill
Juno il
,l _
Juiio -;
J inn' -J
dor GrOHHO"
Allan 8Ute Lino ���'-_.���' Of' N^&iTsg
Cunard  Lino "Ivornla"  '_'_Z^___a
Paw-gee arranged to and from a ��'���' ' 1|on
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Birkbeok Investment. Security & Saving'
Co., of Toronto.
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Real Estate and Insurance.
Ofnee with C.W. West SCO.. Cor.H.ll
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Oity Office of th�� Hal** W*>M"
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II Dry Goods, Millinery, Men's Furnishings,
Commencing Wednesday, June 20th, We Will Offer   Special and   Reliable Bargains in All Lines.
Our stock of Black Crepons, Poplins, Henriettas, Serges,
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bilks for Evening Wear
Special Cniin's Prints ioc, 52 in, wide
Special Cruin's Duck Prints ioc
Special Cruin's Cambric Prints ioc
White Pique ioc
White Table Linen 25c yd
White Linen Napkins 1.00 per doz
Large White Towels ioc each
Large White Terry Towels 25c each
Linen Crash for Suits i2j/_c yd
Tapestry Carpets from 50c yd
Brussels Carpets from   1.00 yd
Wilton Carpets from 1.20 yd
Axminstcr Carpets from 1.20 yd
English Moquett Carpets from 1.50 yd
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Lace Curtains 75c pair, $l/_ yds.
Reduction of prices cut away down during Sale, and as we do not make a practice of advertising
Special Sales all the time, our customers know that what we say we mean.
& CO.
Committoe   Have  Decided  Upon  Programme and Prizes tor Boat Races.
The committee in charge of the bout
rnces him deotdod upon  tbe order ot
races mill has selected tlie prises for
the various events. The following ia R
symipBis of the programme, which may,
however, be snhject to slight aUeraUgns
before the llnnl tiny:
Sailing Huce���Conditions lobe mutually agreed ll'pou. Weal Her permitting, Monday, II a. m; if necrssiry to
postpone, to be nailed Tuesday, 8 a. in.
Prize, pair of Lematre blnooiilars.
Pour-onred Baoe��� Local crews: one
mile. Prizes, pewler mugs to winning
crews.    First heat, 2p. m.
Single   Outriggers - I il   entries
hBlfmile. 2:20 p. m. I'rize, case of
pipes, donated liy Crow St Morris.
Koiu-nared llacc-Local crews. Sec
ond heat, 2:10 p. 111.
Ladies' Singles���Quarter mile. 8sl0
p.m. Prize, silver soup tureen, donated by The Mine.'.
Swimming ltuce- Seventy-live yards.
3:40 p.m.    Prize, gentleman's M.i-li
Four-oared Race���Looal crews; third
beat or finals.   4il0p.ni.
Tandem Oan ,68���Half-mile with dim!
4:30 p. in. Pelseg. silver cigarcte cases
to winning pair.
Double ScHillH���l.n.ly coxswains; one-
quarter mile. 4l40 p. in. I'rze, silver
cream and  sugar   set   to eoxswnin of
winning crew.
Triple Oanoes-Half-mile with turn.
5.10 p.m. Piize, silver match boxes to
winning crew.
Fonr-oared Shells Crews from Vim-
couverand Winnipeg; mile nnd ahull
straightaway. (I p. m. Prizes, silver
cups to winning crew.
Hand llace-Seveiity-flve yards. 0:30
p.m.   Prise, silver Husk.
Another crew has been organized to
compete in the local fom-oared race,
nnd is made up as follows: Stroke,
(Ieorge Stillwell: No. 3, H. W. R
Moore; No. 2,Thomius (iiilloin and F.
II. Hawkins, bow. Thomas (ialloni,
Jr., will act as coxswain for the crew
Weokly   Output  and
tho Mines.
Rossland, Juno   Kl.-The output nf
the camp for last  weok   wns  confined
to tho  Le   Roi, which  stint ont 4,800
tons.  The other mines nt preieiit.suoh
ns the (limit, .Evening Star, 1 X L nud
iron Mask, nre shipping only occasion-
ally us they aro having advance work
done so that they may ship regularly.
The War Ragle and the Centre Star
have ns ynt to catch up with tbo development work, although Home sloping is going nn in both mines. By the
ond of August, if all goes well, these
mines slniulil lie iu a position to rejoin
the ranks of sbippeis. Besides thess
the .Tosie, the-No. 1 and tho Nickle
Plato with the possible addition of the
Columbia-Kootenay wilt bo ready to
join, or will havo nlrendy joined the
largo shippers of the camp.
The I,o Roi last week again broko its
own record for shipments and this
week puts nut a total of 4,31)4 tons.
This is in advance over tha previous
best rnoord by -117 tons. The large
output is partially made np'of 9l) tons
shippod ou the llith instant from tho
sccuud class oro dump to Trail iih a
trial shipment.
In the No. 1 a station hag been out
on the liOO-foot level and cross-cutting
for the vein has been commenced'.
The levels are being extended and the
working force would be increased if
there were more air. An Immediate
decision from the Bed Mountain Buil-
roild ih expected ill regard lo the spur
track and when this is laid and the
new compressor running the mine will
bo ready lo ship BOO Ions a day.
The station on the 000-foot level of
the Nickle Plate is practically completed and cross-cutting north and
gonth    for
This  mine
Nelson, June 21
Coming on  Its Own l'alnce
Hugo   Monster    Meungorie   of    Bare
Wild Animals.
Seven  Large Troupes  of    Educated
Horses and   Ponies.   The Best Arenie
Performers of   Europe  and  America.
Benl Unman  Chariot Baees.    Hosts of
Funny   Clowns.    Facetious   Fun   nnd
Frivolity.    Everything New and Original.   Nelson, .lime 21.   Two Performances���Afternoon and Evening.   Free
Morniig Exhibition on Show Grounds
After the (fraud Street. Parade.
EXCURSION   Batkh-liy Special   Ar-
the   vein   is   in  progress. I rangenieut���have   been   minle   by   all
Is   now in a position   to I SS?_ft__4fi���IBSS-H? com^iei
Merchants' Bank of Halifax
Incorporated 1869.
Capita] l'ni<l-ii|i.     ,    .    .     *i.!is.-.,ti;ii.iMi  |   Krai Wl.tMUHHMl
Hoiinl ,>r IMreetAmi  ThomasK.Rental,  Proaldonti  Thooiaa Rltohte, VIoo-rresidonL,
Uii.) Smith, II. li. Bauldi Hun. II. II. Fuller, M.L.O., Hun. David MaoKoan.
HciKl Ollice. Ilnllftiv:
General Mannflor. Ed^on I,. PeoflQi Moatroal.
Superlntondeti! of Uranohw, and Beorotary, \\\ li. TotTanoo, Halifax,
Inspootor, W. !���'. Ilrrali, Ihillfax.
Ins pool 01 li. M, Btowart, Motitronl.
\ovh Reotla- Halifax Bfanoh, A-Usonisb, Bridgewatcr, Qaysboro. Londonderry, I.unonbnrg,
MaltJaud (It.o.i.-. Co.), piotou,  I'nrt llawkaVBarr, Bydner, Bluibenaoadlo, Truro. UYyiimutli
���><����� 1: ��i,i.   iiiiiliursi.  Dorchester, rrodorlcton, KinM  iK.-i i I'm. :u 1  New
oasUo.Baokville, Woodstook. r. K. ManS���Cliarlolloiowii.Buuiiaoriildo. Unelicr Montreal
(City Ofllco), Montroal, Wost Knd (Cor. Notre Hume and BelgneureBticota); VVeslnloiint (Cor.
flrooiio Avenue and St. C-atliarlnps Btroot, Ontario���Ottawa. NewltoiiHtllanil BU Joan's.
Cuba, Heal lollies���Havana. Imicl Htntes- New Vurk in, blxobango Plaoo) LtepnblIo,Wnsh
Atlin, Bennett, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver, Vancouver East End, Victoria.
rtirrrsiioiHlriilM t
CiiuiHlii-MercliruiH Tank of Cnimdn.   Boitolt��� National Shuwniul Hani:.   Ililm^o   Amcricn
Nulional Hank.    Hun   Krmn-ltro-'First Nulional   Hunk.    l.om1��i>, I n.:,    K.ink (if   N*ut Intnl.
1*11 rln, I'i'iiiiit   OrodH Lyoiinals.   Itmiiuiln   Itunkof Jk-nmnln.   < liliui uihI Jiiiiiin   II ���
KoiiK Mid phnUghfU 1I ��� liking Corporation.
Uuneial Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Kxchmigo  Bought
and Sold, Letters of  Credit, lite, Negotiated.
AccouniH reoelvad on t!io most fftvorftble terms,   Interest allowed on Bpeolal
depositB .ind on Saving Bank aooountsi
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
Kin  tons  a
if ore   Unit
illiy.     A
1-:;  foot1
from siocau t'ity, Silverton, New Don-
vor, Kaalo,  for one fare for round trip,
S ounces' in j Tickets   on   wile   June   21,   good   to
(Told   luiH  been   made   oil the Hull-foot | return June 22. 	
level In Ui
work left on the   fidil-foot
level of the Josie.
Appended Is a statement of the
shipments for the last week and year
np to date:
' - ���"��    ���    ��� Yenr
Le Roi *J"2JM
War Kafjle 10.6M
Centre Stnr   1<��}1'_
Iron Mask	
Evening Brtr	
Monte ('briato	
I.X. L	
Iron   Uolt	
_S Boi...
The steamer Lnke Ontnrio of the
Beaver Lino passed Father Point Friday at 0:30 a. in ,
OertificateZof Improyemrnts.
Notice���VeunnKo and Shenango Mineral clnim, situate in tho Nelson Mining Division of West Kootenay District. Where located���On west side of
Kngle Greek,nbont 2,000 feet southwest
of Poormun quartz mill.
Take notice that I, Chas. Moore, of
Kaslo, R. O.i acting as agent fm Thos.
B. French P. M. O. No. ll,:S0!iH and
Isaac Ericsson, Free Miner's Certificate No. 11,804 B. iutmirl, sixty days
from the dnte hereof, to npply to the
Mining Recorder for a Certificate of
Improvements for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant  of   the above
And further take notice that action,
under section !)7, must be commenced
before the issoimce of suoh Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated this 25th day of  April, 11100.
Turner Beeton& Co.
^^N ELSON���*____
Just arrived from Milwaukee
PRICES  $1.25 TO $4.00.
Lawrence Hardware 60.
Nelson,   B. C.
Bank of
British Columbia,
Is now prepared to issue
Drafts and Letters of Credit
on Skaguay, U.S., Atlin, B.
C.| and Dawson City, Yukon
The property nn Upper  Arrow   T.iikc
known as the Bt Leon Mineral Borings
property consisting ot client 475 acres
nf land with hotel buildings ami vain
able Mineral Springs, and a hirgn tiin-.t I
of Htandme. timber, may be purchased
on reasonable, terms. Absolute title
and possession can bo Kiveu at once.
Full paitieiilars will he mailud on application to
Vendor's Bolloltor, Kovulsluke.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Branch Markets in Roasland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Orders by mall to any branch will hsve careful and prompt attention.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and   Salted   Heats
Fish and Poultry in Season
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Manager:
Barbs Street, Nklson.
Orders hy mail receive careful and prompt attention
The Nelson ElectricTram way Co.Lt(l
Large number Choice Building Lots adjacent to the
line of their Tramway. For price and terms of sale apply
at the oflice of the Company, Macdonald Block, Corner of
Josephine and Vernon Streets.
T. C. DUNCAN Secretary,
. I
* ������* --** NELSON DAILY MINER, SUNDAY, JUNE   17. 1000.
II. UUooTery Killed l��e Great Madder (IrUWlUV lliilimlr} .
A BtrlkhiR i'xn 111 pic ��f how nn Inrlustry
mny be rsvolutlonltod by un apparently
insiKiiirlcniit discovery is shown in tlie
in: i..n of dyeing.
Before 1808 miulilr-r vtn* used fur tl"'
source of s valuable dyeing material
which its roots contained, called allsarln,
By varying thu treatment several colors
and shniles enn he produced, Some "f
these arc among tho fusti-st and most
brilliant dyes known.
In 18118 over 70,000 tons of madder
wer. grown. In 1800 two German chemists, Grnebe and Llebormann, were milking scientific Inquiries regarding its composition. They found tlnit by heating all*
trln with zinc ilnst a l��nly wus obtained
which, sfter much trouble, wus found to
b. Identical with anthracene. Anthracene
|s a well known body obtained in Ihe distillation of coal tar. It occurred to the
scientists, "Can alizarin he obtained from
authrurone?" After months of strenuous
labor they managed to effect this, but the
process discovered by them was Impracticable on a commercial ocale. At this
point nn English chemist named Perkins
devised a process which could he worked
on a large scale, nnd in a few months nr-
tiliclnl alizarin, which so lately hud been
looked upon iu �� chemical curiosity, wns
being produced by the ton, nnd its price
rose from a few shillings a ton to over
200 times Its former value.
At first, owing to the difficulties In Its
manufacture, the artificial alizarin little
more than held Its own with tho natural
product, but successive Improvements
gradually cheapened it till the price of
madder fell from $-M to $00 a ton, nnd
ultimately the artificial product drove It
from the market.
It wns found thnt one pound of dry alizarin was equal iu dyeing power to 00
pouuds of madder. Now the great madder growing industry is practically extinct. Aliznriu was the lirst vegetable
dye which was made artificially.���New
York l'i.���:�����.
Haw nidi-rent Nationalities Seem to
Adopt IllBrrcnl Method..
"It Is rcry strange how different nationalities scorn to run to special inodeB
of committing suicide," remarked n phy-
��� 1, '.im of this city who takes an interest
iu the bizarre side of human nature. "1
���e�� hy the papers that an old German
cut his throat here tho other day. That is
a favorite method of self destruction
��� lining middle class Germans of a suicidal temperament. Just why It should
bt so Is hard to conjecture. It Is unutterably horrible and a wholly unnecessary
inulction ef palu, yet nnyhody who hns
given the subject attention can recull
dozens of cases���nil Germans.
"Amsrknns generally shoot themselves.
That method, it seems to uio, enn he
trueod to certain national characteristics.
When a typlcnl Amoricun decides upon
doing anything, ho wants to do it the
quickest, surest and easiest way, and
there Is nothing that tills the bill in ull
those particulars ns well as a bullet.
Drowning Is a way of getting out of the
world that Is more likely to bo followed
by a Frenchman than one ot auy other
nationality. There, again, is a chance
for the theorist. The French aro nu aesthetic, romance loving people, und a
plunge luto the rivor is a vastly more poetic style of making an exit than at tbe
���ud of a ropt or by the mutilating Impact of a lump of lend. The despairing
heroes nnd heroines of French uovels generally take tbe water route to eternity,
sad the influence of fiction ou everyday
life is a good deal stronger than matter of
fact people would care to admit
"As far as hanging is concerned 1
don't know. I hnve memoranda of 70
suicides hy hanging, covering a period of
sbuut five years, and tbe folk who pro-
domluete are Norwegians. Tbe nationalities are so varied, however, thnt It would
be foolish to attempt to lay down a rule.
Your English suicide Is a most versatile
individual. He plays no favorites. With
him all roads lead to Lethe."���New Or-
I'-uiiH Times-Democrat.
lli.nlillnit f|i.
Speaking of "doubling things" reminds
mo ot a story I once heard Of a little girl
whose nnme wns Suzio. This pnrtlculnr
Susie had a habit ot saying "g-O-O-d,
good," and "w-o-o-d, wood," nnd she used
to look so funny when she spelled words
ln thnt fashion thut, like Mary's little
lamb, she always cuused u commotion in
the Bchoolroom.
So one duy tho tencher snld: "Suzle,
dear, you mustn't say g-o-o-d; say g-dou-
ble-o-d.   Try and remember, my child."
Just then they cume to the old familiar
phrase in the regulation first render: "Up,
up, Jane! The sun Is risen!" It was little Suzle's turn. Looking up with a cute
smlls to catch the look of sympathy nnd
approval she felt sure she merited for remembering the rule ot "doubling things,"
said she, without even a Bign of hesitation: "Double up, Jane! The huu bus
risen!"���London Answers.
Goll I ii.l.-p mnealllee,
There Is at least ono instance of n golf
match being played in the dark. This
was ou Montrose links, In England, and
the players were Lord Kennedy nnd n
Mr. Cruickshanks. The mutch, which
wus one of three holes, wns got up at 10
e'clock at night, and one of the conditions
was that it should be played off Immediately. Bach man's caddie carried a lantern, and s light wns placed at the hoie.
Otherwise the match wns fought out in
the dark. In order that the balls when
driven should not be lost a string of end-
dies covered the course and traced the
hulls by the whizzing sound they uiude in
their flight overhead.
"Ucmpniber," said the young man with
the downy mustache and the foreign title, "I am not a fortune hunter."
"No," answered Mr. Cunirox gloomily.
"I discovered that shortly after I became
your fnlheriiilaw. You propose to sit
still and have the fortune walk into your
bank account. You wouldn't do anything
so fatiguing as to get up aud bunt for
it."���Wasbiugton Stnr.
Always Loses at First.
Wife (pathetically)���Are you going to
be out until after midnight again tonight V
Husband���Oh, I suppose so! I never
seem to havo any luck until about 1
o'clock!���Detroit Journal.
Street Car Amenities.
"Why do you glare at that woman so,
"Arthur, I overheard her coll our dear,
precious bsby s tf> cent music bog."���
Jlrooklva Ufa.    ��.
The white cloth and white flauncl
waists, with a colored dot or stripe, are
Just now in marked favor.
Crape scarfs (or neckwear nre Increasing in beauty und in softness of coloring.
They are pretty und becoming.
Tentative efforts arc again being made
in favor of Bouiowbnt shorter skirts, but
no one can make an absolute prophecy
concerning them.
Some women nnd girls nre wearing
ground their necks il hit ot white illusion
high up, just inside the stuck, so that it
gives u lino of white around the neck and
tics in u Jaunty little bow nt the hack.
Short, pretty and convenient neck furs
arc merely broad bands "f fur fastened
with clusters of short tails at the front
and with a high ruff of some rich shade
ut velvet, often of n brilliant hue, ut the
Fashionable fur trimmings are still of
snide, iniiiU, marten or othor tails, bunging like a deep fringe from yokes, square
sailor shaped collars and pelerine points
or stole shaped fronts of velvet, trimmed
with chenille und fur on applique.
There nre new graceful models in both
five and seven gored skirls, the hack'; cut
tn conform to the latest manner of adjusting a certain amount of fullness at
the back in one very deep box plait, in
two narrower ones, or iu a number of
long tucks or French shirrings very closely mussed.
Applo green, a rich shade of reddish
plum color, rose color und Jot black velvets are much In evidence na accessories
on evening toilets of cream or ivory white
satin, crepe de chine or net over taffeta
silk. The velvet decorations nre almost
covered with cut work iu satin or point
applique lace.
Soil and location will cbnngo the appearance of fruit and ulso the quality.
Mixed husbandry In gardening and
fruit growing is necessary to tbo best
Whenever wntcr Is given to bouse
plants, enough should be given to wet the
soil thoroughly.
Iu pruning trees of nny kind it Is better
to have one strong brunch than two or
three weak ones.
A small, vigorous tree with copious
roots when first set out will be a good
hearing tree sooner than a large ono witb
mutilated roots.
Manure should never be placed In close
contact with n tree when setting it out.
If used, the better plan is to mix tbo manure thoroughly with the soil.
If when trees nre received tbey nro
dried uud shriveled, they mny be liindo
plump nguiu by covering them completely
with moist earth for several days.
One advantage in keeping n young tree
staked Is that it leads to the formation of
clean, straight stems, these in their turn
being conducive to the growth ot good,
open heads.���Exchange.
A qualm 8torr ot Vl.-tor lluiio and
Luuls rhlllppe.
In the reign ot Louis Philippe Victor
Hugo wns a frequent nnil welcome guest
ut the Tuileries. Here is ono of his uu-
ecdotes of thu time as told lu Victor Hugo's mcmoirsi
"A few days ago the king said to Marshal   Soult  tin   the  presence of others),
'Marshal, do you remember thu slogs of
Cadis V
" 'Rather, sire, I should think so. 1
swore enough before Hint cursed Cadis.
I invested the place and was forced to go
away ns 1 had come.'
" 'Marshal, while you wero before It 1
was Inside it.'
" '1 know, sire.1
" 'The cortes and the British cabinet offered  mu  tbe couuuund of thu .Spanish
" 'I remember, sire.'
" 'The offer was a grave ono. I hesitated long. Hear arms against ErnnceV
Por my family It is possible, hut against
my country! I was greatly perplexed.
At this juncture yuu asked me through _
trusty person for a secret Interview lu a
little house situated on tbe Cortadurn,
between the city and your camp. Do you
remember the fact, Monsieur Marshal'/'
" 'Perfectly, sire. The day was fixed
and the interview arranged.'
" 'And I did not turn up'f
" 'That Is so.' .'!!��,'..'
" 'Do you know why 7'
" 'I never knew.'
" 'I will tell you. As I wos preparing
to meet yon the commander of the English squadron, apprised of the matter, x
know not how, dropped upon me brusquely and warned me that I was about to
full into n trap; that, Cadis being Impregnable, tbey despaired of seizing me,
but that nt Cortadura I would be arrested by you; that tho emperor wished to
make the Duko d'Orleans a second volume of the Duko d'Engliein, and that you
would have bad me shot instnntly. There,
really,' lidded the king with a smile, 'your
bund on your conscience, were you going
to shoot mo V
"The marshal remained silent for a moment, then replied: 'No, sire. I wanted
to compromise you.' Tlie subject of the
conversation wns changed. A few minutes Inter the marshal took leave of tbe
king, nnd the king, ns he watched him go,
said with n smile to the person who hnd
beard the conversation: 'Compromise!
Compromise I Today it Is called compromise.  In reality he would hnve shot me.' "
Mark Twnln's record up to date is 22
volumes, und these nre soon to bo Issued
by a Loudon publisher in a uniform edition.
Some one asked St. Guudeus why victory wus always represented liy a female
figure. "You arc u bachelor, I suppose,"
replied the sculptor.
Elizabeth Gardner is considered the
greatest woman figure painter iu America. Some years ago site won the gold
medal of the Salon in Paris for her pointing called "innocence."
Mile. Benin, the new Italian literary
celebrity, is described by n Paris correspondent to hnve "the head of Balzac,
with beetling brows, black Laliu ox eyes
und no neck to speak of."
Thomas Sidney Cooper, the English
artist, entered upon his ninety-seventh
year the other day. He has been nn exhibitor at the ltoynl academy since 1833
���four years before thu queen came to the
throne���and he has not yet joined the
ranks of thu retired it. A.'s, for several
of his works were to be seen iu the recent exhibition ut Burlington House.
Great crises make grunt men.
Tbe men who succeed nre generally
ahead of time.
Artistic diplomacy is to sny nothing
nnd sny it well.
Politics should be less a mutter of party than principle.
The plaudits and love of n child are
greater than the praise of a statesman.
The state of matrimony, like the state
of Vermont, is very pleasant to enter
It Is very pleasant to be a hero, but n
continuous performance is hard on tbo
A nnvnl officer should be content with
the honors that come to him iu bis profession.
We may ask courtesies from acquaintances, but favors should come at the
hnuds of friends.
Mnny a mini I1113 been mnde a good
citizen by being soundly thrashed when
he needed it.���Kansas City Independent.
Children should he taught to any
"Thank you" as soon as they can speak.
A child should be taught to tnke cure
of his own clothes, us well as to be uent
in putting away liis toys and keeping his
small possessions In order.
Try honey Instead of sugar for dellcnte
children.   Many can take it who cannot
digest sugar. USB il tor sweetening milk
puddings or porridge, indeed Just ns you
would sugar.
A child should lie taught to gnrglo ns
inrly us possible, niul should never be nl
lowed to be "stubborn" about taking
medicine, for dlsobedloncs In this respect
Is not Infroquontly a risk of life.
It Is a sign of weakness to venomously
bate people.
Women hnve the most to wenr, but
men have tbe most to cut.
Don't depend OB the future too much.
There is a funeral In store for every one
in the future.
Wlmn n man snys he wants work, he
does imt always mean that he Is wiiliug
to do the work he Is capable of doing ��l
the market price.
In families where they don't put up nny
fruit one ot the children is Bout around
the cornor for oanued peaches wbepevtr
compsnjr uneipoctedlr cymes,�����tohJf��n
��!___ _ .   . .        __. T**~_
A Transaction In Which the Mann
Man Was lluillj Beaten.
There was au auction sale in the little
house, nud one after another tho widow's
few possessions foil beneath the hammer.
Presently the auctioneer took up a large
bowl which happened to be full of sugar,
nnd the poor woman, anxious to Bave its
contents, hastened into the next room to
find something In which to put it.
Just ns she returned the auctioneer
cried, "Sold!" and the purchaser insisted
that the sugar was his. The widow
pleuded for the little thnt was much to
her, but tbe man was obdurate, niul murmurs of Indignation arose from the
crowd. Angry at this demonstration, the
man turned, nud his eye rested on Mr.
"Mr. Wise," snld he, "you nre a lawyer.
Am I right or not? If you say I am not,
I will givo back the sugar, if you say I
am, 1 am cutltled to It, and I'll keep it."
"My friend," replied Wise iu his gentlest tone, "you put a delicate and unpleasant responsibility on mo. Hadn't
you butter decide the matter for yourself:"
"No," replied the fellow curtly. "1
know what your opinion is going to be,
] and I want you to give it so that this
whole crowd can hear it."
"Then," said Wise, "I advise you that
tho sugar Is yours. The widow cannot
take it from you.   She hnB no redress."
"Ah!" cried the mnn, turning to the
spectators.   "What did I tell you 7"
"Stop!" thundered Wise, whose manner
at once changed. "I've advised you at
your persistent request, as 1 can prove by
those people. It remains for me to tell
you that I charge ��1 Is. for my advice,
aud I demand Immediate payment. If
yon trifle wilh me lu tbo matter of payment, you will most certainly regret It."
The man turned scnrlet and, fumbling
In his pocket, produced a guinea, which
tbo lawyer handed to the widow, nnd the
crowd yelled its approval.���London Answers.
The Fool Fo..
"When the pursuit of wealth tempts
you, my son," said the sage, "remember
the fable ot the fox that hungered for
some wonderfully fine grapes growing in
u garden the only entrance to which was
through a hole In the wall. It was so
small that he had to fast threo days before he could crawl through it. After he
hud got inside nnd filled himself he wns
too large to crawl hack through tbe hole,
and wns compelled to fnst another three
days before he could make bis escape
from the garden. So he went out as poor
an he went in."
"Yes," said the ambitious young man,
"but why didn't thu fool fox take a lot of
grapes to the hole nud push them ont
through itV Then he could hnve cnrrlcd
away enough to keep him fat for a
month."���Chicago Tribune.
Why H�� Wns Excnsed.
At the Dublin city sessions one morning a Juror prayed to be excused, and
snld he had a doctor's certificate thnt he
whb not lit to serve. He hnnded up a
closed envelope to the recorder, who
found it contained a letter from a well
known Dublin medical man. Amid great
laughter in court, the recorder read this
letter aloud:
"This man has been asking for a certificate that he 1b unable to Borve ns s
Juror. 1 don't know whether he la a
knave or a fool, but be has little brains,
and ho reeks of porter."
Not Contaalons.
The reminiscences and recollections of
W. G. Grace, the veteran English cricketer, contain one good story, a Joke mads
by Tom Einmelt, a famous bowler.
One Saturday afternoon Enimett was
bowling for his club, but tbe fielders
dropped catch after catch with such systematic persistence that ho lost his temper, threw the bull on the ground aud
"I'm not going to bowl any more.
There's on epidemic on this ground, but,
thauk heaven, It ain't cntchin!"
Her Fortune.
"My face Is my fortuue, sir," she said.
And it was no fairy tsle, either, for she
wss a bearded lady aud 4rew sixty pes
from  the dime snuieUm.~Fhllsdelphl��
SswcUb��� ��� ���	
The Empire and
The Soldiers
These are KIPLING'S two great themes. Round them he
weaves, with the witchery of genius, his matchless stories and
His complete works in 16 volumes contain 170 stories, YM
stirring poems, 88 letters of travel, and three immortal books-*
"Captains Courageous," "The Light That Failed," and "The
Naulahka"���one volume each���all breathing of the Empire and
the Soldiers.
Read Kipling and you will know Tommy Atkins���you will
know the Umpire.
now places his complete works (Authorized Edition) within easy
reach of all its readers. The offer below will hold good only while
our few  sets last.    Do  not  delay  or your dollar may  be too late.
The Authorized Edition
Each volume bears the author's autograph and sign-token.
This is the only edition with the biography by Prof. Chas. Eliot Norton.
Decorations by Mr. Lockwood Kipling, the author's father.
BOUND in dark green English cloth.
PRINTED handsomely on good paper and illustrated.
Special Offer
The   Regular price  of KIPI.ING, in  good binding (copyright editions), is $1.50 per volume���$24.00 for a complete set.
The  price of this edition is $1.00 per volume -$16.00 only.
For a First Payment of $1.00 the  16 volumes will be
delivered FREE to your address.
Then you pay $1.50 monthly for 10 months.
CALL AT THE MINER office and inspect the books and
leave your application.
If you  can't call, cut out this coupon, sign, mail to us with
$1.00, and the 16 volumes will be delivered promptly.
1 i'liiin Tales From the Hills
I Im-linliiiK Prof. Norton's Sketch.|
2 Soldiers Three; Story of the Uuils-
by's; In Uliick niul White.
8  Unucr the Deodars: Tlie Phantom
Kickshaw;   Wee Willie Winkle,
4 I ic|mi't mi-ill nl Ditties; llalliuls ami
UiiiTiu-k Boom KiiIIiiiIh.
5 Life's ll.iiiilicnp: licing Stories of   :
Mine Own People,
0   The NmuI.iIiU.
7 Mhiiv Inventions.
8 The Light Thut Failed.
9 The Jungle .Book.
1U  Thu Second Jungle Hunk.
11 The Seven Seas.
12 Captains Courageous.
18  The Day's Work.
14 From Sea to Sea: Vol. I.
15 From Sen to Sea: Vol. 11.
It)   SUlky St Oo.
3 THE Daily MINER, Nklhon, B. O.i
Please send me the works of Itudvard Kipling (authorised edition), bound ln
| cloth, complete iu HI volumes, for which I agree to pay you $lti Ot). I enclose |1.<K>
: as Bnt payment, and will send yon $1.50 per mouth hereafter until the full sum is paid.
:   Tlie hooks to remain your property until paiil for in full.
B. C.
The Tobacconist
������������������������������ . fe
Hock, Henry Clay, La Espan^:|
ola, La Carolina. ijl
The finest Imported Cigars to be  had  in   Nelson. $
Fine line of English and Egyptian  Cigarettes and K
Tobaccos. W
������������������������������ 5
B. H. H. PIPES |
3   Tobaccos and   Smoker's  Supplies  of   all    kinds,   ��
Purchase a
and a
Leonard Refrigerator
Peerless   Ice   Cream
We have them.
Vancouver Hardware Co., ��*���
Mara Block, Nelson-
I have now in stock a line
of all classes of
The Tobacconist.
Special Line of Tweed Suitings at $25.
m\ Successor to Fred J. Squire-
4>1M Wfl*to!lW*W** W1*tWWW*W W-*^' P. J- SQUIRE. MANAGER I
Manatfar Ourrati lias milled a new
verandah to the Blllca Street front of
ii���. oiuh Hotel.
The stoamor Onmbreniau piihhocI Capo
Race Thursday at B.:30 a, in., nnd is
due nt Quebec. Buutlny evuuiiiK.
Mrs. J. K. Baiter and family of Nova
Scotia arrived in Nelson yesterday,
where they will make their future
Several of the young men of the, eity
were trying yesterday  to organize a
new crew, with Mr. Laird nf The Ti inline, ae captain,
_t. J. Farlfiy of Spokane, formerly
a prominent property owner of Nelsou
arrived in the city yesterday mornlpg.
He left tor Pilot Bay lust evening,
Edward B. Richards, who has been
Hiitl'nruiR from throat trouble, for the
past few days, went to the Genernl
Hospital lust evening for treatment.
due of "Bill" Herring's fox terrier
puppies strayed from home several
days ii(ro and Mr. Herring would
appreciate it If the tinder will return
the puppy to him.
Mr. S. Davys, formerly manager of
the Silver King Mine, and David
liriiiiinor, who wns conuueted with tbe
Wakefield Mine, have jnst returned
Irom n trip to the Old 'Jouutry.
The steamer Kootenay iiKiiin went
into service yesterday morning, Mr.
Stewart Moe, left the city yeBtordny
mid will inspect the boat ou her
arrival at Kobion, aud will return this
Work npon laying a 15-foot sidinvalk
to Krnde on tlie south side of Bilker
Street from Ward to Josephine Streets,
will be started Monday inoruiDu. It
is expected thnt it will he coinpletod
iu a few days.
A meeting to complete the organization of a local ('ourt of the Ancient Or
dor of Foresters will be held tomorrow
evening, at S o'clock, nt the Miners'
Union Hull, at Ihe corner of Kootenay
and Victoria streets.
Anew jonriiiil has entered the field
iu Tbe Canterbury Outcrop, It first
Hindu its appeal anco laat week and pre.
sents a creditable nppearance. To
quote the Outcrop it is "devoted to the
mining and development of the Windermere and Golden District."
Tho Nelson Gun Club held their
weekly shoot yesterday afternoon.
Captain Thomson of Vancouver, a visitor, headed the score, with 18 out of
20. The following is ihe score, each
man shooting at 2u birds: 11. YV. P,
Pollock. 12; H. II. Williams, 11; Captain Thomson, 111; Clarence Gnepel, 12.
Hume: ,1. C. Davenport, Spokane; F.
0. Carninck, 8t. Louis: A. ('. Htin-Ht,
11. M. Young, II. A. Sinnll, A. M. J.ibii-
ston, Vancouver; .1. M. M. Beiieduru,
Kilveiton; Mr. aud Mrs, Charles G.
Cliiffln, Powder Point; W. C. Hall, Hev
Phair: W. L Clierslie, 'William
Beealey, Oalgaryi .1. A. Wblttier, San
don; A. Wheeler, Kaslo; ,T, W. Stewart, Bpokane; George K. Buffum, St.
l/niis; H. 10. Mlddieton, Winnipeg)
Kev. C. K. Yates, New Denver; W. M.
Dunning, Tneomu, Wash.; J. II.Hrock,
The Daniel McLean, who wns in
trouble several dnys ngo for creating u
disturbance on tho Koknuea has requested The Minor to state thnt bl had
no iutention whatever of committing
suioide or even making a Mini' at it.
He emphatically denies any such iutention.
The book committee of the City
Library purchased the following publications during the past  week:  "Uli-
leaveiicd Bread," by Robert Grant;
"TheBcallst," by Herbert Flowerdew;
"Alabaster Box," by Walter Besant
and "Haldoon," by I.cltov Hooker,
A sermon on "A Young Mans
GlOry" will be preached to young men
this   evening.    In    the     Presbyterian
Church, by Hev. It, ('. Sntberlnnd,
B.I), Mr. Kydd will sing, "If With
All Your llearls," from Elijah. The
services begin at 11 n. in. imil 7::n>
p. m. The pastor's Bible class meets
at'_' ::i() p. in.
Harry Marshall, who has been conducting a barber shop oil Baker
Street for the past several nioiillis.
will leave for Denver, Colo., tomorrow morning, lie was at the
head of the Nelson Minstrels, which
society tendered him a pleasant farewell   reception   last.   Friday  evening.
He was also instrumental In establishing the Barbers' Union, nnd wns
correspondent and financial seoretary
of the same. He has sold his shop lo
H. McMnnn and J. C. (lardnier.
At the Mining Recorder's oflice yesterday the following transnetions were
recorded: Locations: Belli, ubout
three miles southeast of Nelson, by
Steve Hawkins; Tamarack Fraction, on
Tamarack Mountain, by T. S. Mcl'lici-
Hon. Certificate of Work: Spoiled
Horse, to Edward Cole; Moonlight, to
J. E. Head; Good Enough, Hallaes, to
Joseph Ilernard; Eiie, to Jniiics,!. Godfrey. Transfers: From I. William
Godfrey to James J. Godfrey, entire
intermit In tlje Erin for 8100; from E
H. Glasford nnd M. McLeod, entire interest io the Kipling for n nominal con-
This afternoon thero will be a conceit at Lake Park by Heir Stonier'*
Military Band, who will render the following programme: "Major General
Button March;" serenade, "Idol of
My Henri;" grand march, '���Tenth
Hussars'of the 1'iiuce of Wales:" wall'/.,
"Constellation!" two-step, "Comedy
King;" overture from "A Night in
Chinatown;" mazurka, "La C/.arina,'
and selections from the opera* "Liiore-
z.ia" und "Belle of New York."
Those ladles of Nelson who ate In
need of anything In the dry goods line
would do well to look over the advertising oolumnsj of The Minor this
morning. Mnrtin O'Kielly Ss Co.,
Fred Irvine & Oo. und A. tforlaud are
nil announcing special sales and Tho
Miner can assure its renders tbat some
splendid bargains urn being offered,
Inoidcntially too, the amount of advertising in this morning's Miuer is
very good evidence of tbe high regnrd
in which The Minor is bold as an advertising im��dinm by the business community of Nolson.
___5___BEB_553BSS-3_3_5*!  ' '       ���" ""   * ' ""'V...'."   , .       ,        "" " -"*     "'"        ' *        '
'Iho woman who is lovely in face,
form and temper will always have
friends, but one who would be attract'
Ive must, keep her health. If she is
weak, sickly and all run down, she
will be nervous and Irritable. If she
has constipation or kidney trouble, her
impure blood will cause pimples,
blotches, skin eruptions aud. a wretched complexion. Electric Bitters i* the
best medicine in the world to regulate
stomach, liver and kidneys and to
purify the blood. It give* strong
nerves, bright eyes, smooth, velvety
skin, rich complexion. It will make a
good looking, cliaiming woman of a
tun-down invalid. Only 50 cents, at
Canada Drug St Hook Store.
Spring chicken nnd nil the dolioaoins
of the senson served to you when yon
visit Florence Purk Hotel at Roberts'
Ruuch, two nnd n half miles up tbe
river.    W. M. Roberts, proprietor.
Summer huts,summer shoes, summer
suits. Some nre light, some are dark,
ull are cbonp nt tho Wallace-Miller
Co., Limited, Juus sale.
The eastern press is unanimous in
their praiso of tho Gront Syndicate
English-American Shows which will
lie ut Nelson. Juno 21st. The cream of
ncrobatio and gymnustio artists from
nil parts of tho glohe, and a monster
mcuiigorie of wild animals.
Tho Wallace-Miller Co., Limited,
found it impossible to wait on all their
customers Saturday night, but aro doing their best to please all during June
"A Friend In Need
Is a Friend Indeed."
Too many people never come to
They wait lor the glasses to come
to them.
These nre the people who talk
about bad eyes in old age.
Death and glasses come to all.
Blessed are they who die  young.
Blessed are they who use glasses
when needed.
When in doubt about the needful
time, or ignorant ol the proper kind,
come our way. .    ,
Patenaude Bros.
Advertisements Inserted minor thin hciul at
tho rut.) uf ono cent n word por insertion. No
tulvortisomcnl lal.cn tor loss than 25 oonts.
FOK RENT.���3 rooms iu West Block.
Apply at ollice of 0. W. West & Co.
FOR RENT.���Furnished or unfurnished rooms.���Applewnitho Block, Cor.
of Kootenay and   Baker streets, opposite Oddfellows' Hall.
WANTED���A    seeond-huud   Bkiff   in
good condition. Apply O. W., Miner
FOR SALK.���A new (i roomed house
in city limits, bntb room, wntor aud
all conveniences. Cbcnp. Will be
satisfied with a payment down of ft'JIHI
or ijtflOii. Balance on easy terms. Apply
It, Miner Olllcu.
WANTED.���Six good press brick  uion
wanted   nl    once    Rnsslnnd     Court
Honso.     Wages 8T>.5n por day.    James
FOR BALE���Lota 2 ��nd 8, Hloek  18,
on Victoria Slreet.    Also handsome
piano.    Apply second house from corner of llendryx Streets.
WANTED.���A first-class   general  sor-
vnnt.   Mrs. Taylor,  coruer Ward aud
ALL KINI)3-Of  plain   sewing  done
Hlouses and children's ojotbes a spec
inlty.   Mrs,    Uogcn,   Opposite Opera
Two    first-class    HOTEL
SITES near proposed
new railway station.
Business and Residential Lots
in all parts of the original Townsite.
Land Agent.
Next Bank of Montreal.
...New Dry Goods Store...
FrlG6�� and Profits Knooked into a Cooked Hat.
We Gommence Our Great Slaughter
Sale of Dry Goods and Millinery	
TUESDAY,     JUNE     19th.
1(1 patterns, nil the latest
shades, regular price )fii ami
87.    Sale price 8 4 oil
llrecn. Navy, Red, Red and
Bine, regular price 40c. Sale
price      :;.r.c
10 pieces, regular price   Hfic.
Sale price       25c
r> Black Grenadine Patterns,
ranging in price from 81.7.")
to 8.1.110 per yard. Sale price
just 1-2 the regiilu. price.
Pluin and Figured, regular
price 3B.O.    Sale  price      250
The very newest Styles, regular price 915.00. Sale
price..-. 8 II "Il
Regular 818.00,    Sale price.   12 00
Regular 813.00'    Sale price.    8 "ill
CAPES. Regular 928.00,    Sale price.
Regular price 810.00,- Sole Sergo Suits, Blaok and Blue,
price 8 ii no regular 810.00.    Sale price..
Regular price Sit.'.no.     Sale LADIES'WRAPPERS.
l>rlco    7"" Regular price 81.50     Sale
Regular   price  820.00.   Sale price	
price   12 00 ,,       ,     ���, -..     .. ,
1 Regular 81.75,   Sale price ...,
BLACK COTTON CAPES. ���      ,     ���.,,���,    _,
Regular 83.00,    Sale price..,
Regular 825.00.    Sale price.811 00 .,,, , ,....��������
_ ,M I 1,1,1 .\ I',111.
Rogular 885.00,    Sale price 30 00
_  All Trimmed Goods,  regular
BLACK AND COLORED silks. prlcB out rlgU ������, ,���,,�����
Black Peau do Solo, regular A   f,.w   |.-,,n,.v   .,,���,   |!]m.it
price 81.15 nnd  81.50.   Sale
Prlce 86c and 81  IB !lt big ^.luetions.
Regular   price   81.40.      Salt
SI   I
Straws, all the newest shape!
8 l 00
Linen Crash,   regular   price
81.50 and 81.75.    Salo price.8 1 21
Blue Denim,   regular  price
88.50.     Sale   price      9  '.'���'
Regular   price   81.25.     Sale
l'ri���  B5e    LINEN CRASH
Fancy Stripe,   for   Blouses;
all new shafles,   regular 05o With P��vld Oversklrt,   rcgu-
to 75o. Sale price  line          lar price 84.75.    Sale pi-ice..8
Regular   814.00   Suits. ..Sale With     Overskirt.       regular
price 8 S nil SI.7.1.    Sale   price S
Regular 75c,  Sale price	
Regular 81.00, Sale price...
All better lines al same reductions during sale.
Chenille   and* Table   Covers
,        at greatly reduced prices.
al Ing reductions during sale.
5 Dozen Percale, ull new.
regular price SI.on. Bale
.'I Dozen Percale wilh white
yoke, regular price 81.25.
Sale price	
r, Dozen    Plain   Colors   with
embroidery    yoke,    regular
^_   price 81.50  and  81.76.    Bale
Regular 200. Sale price...
Regular Hie. Sale price....
Regular 50c.    Sale price...
Regular 85c.    Sale price....      2.10
lll.-ick Lisle, open work, lock
Stitch,    regular   price     75c.
Sale price      60o
Regular 81.00. Sale price... HO
Regular 81..10. Sule price.... 1 15
Big cut on all better gaods.
All al sale prices.
Regular   price   $S.(K>.      Sale
price  |( 00
Regular 810,50,    Sale price..    7 50
High     classes     black      and
colored at   sweeping   reduction.
WHITE P.l.orsKS.
Embroidery trimmed, regular Si.7.i.   Bale prioe 8 1 oo
I |t,��/.cii fancy Embroidery
Yoke regular price $'J. IM
and S'.'.lii.    Sale price  1 50
Regular 81.25. Sale price .. 05
Regular 81..in.    Sale price...   1 25
Madden Block, Baker Street, Nelson,
Railway Company.
Lines West of Lake Superior.
Departure   and    Arrival   Time   of
Trains  and   Steamers.
Depart from Arrive  at
Nelaon Nelson
Steamer    arrives   at  Nolnon
from the east, Crow's Nest
branch    and   intermediate
points 2.3n
7.lu Train leaves Nelson for Rons-
land nnd intermediate
points, nnd via Rohson for
north, Revelstoke,the main
T��� " line and Pnoifin const points.
7.110 Train loaves Nelson for Sandon and intermediate points
and via Sloeun Lake rente
for north, Revelstoke, the
main line aud Pacilio const
Train arrives at Nelson from
Rossland  and intermediate
points 10,88
Steamer arrives at Nelson
from Kaslo and intermediate points ll.oo
15.80 Trains leaves Nelsou for
Rossland and intermediate
111.00 Steamer loaves Nelson for
Knslo and way points.
Train arrives at Nelson from
Rossland nnd Greenwood
mid intermediate pointu,
and from Revelstoke, the
main line, nnd Pnoifio coast
poiuts lrUii
Traill arrives in Nelson from
.sandon and intermediate
points, and from Revelstoke.
the main line and the Pacilio ooaBt points 10,80
22.110 Steamer lenves Nelson for
Crowe Nest branch and all
poiuts east.
Trav. P��_��. Asent
A O. P. Agouti,
Large Size
Tor Sale By
Western Mercantile Co. Ltd
Close connection East and Westbound at Spotfiino with trains of the
trains of the Spokane Falls and Northern Railway.
Direct connection at St, Paul with-
nut change of depot with all traiiiH for
Chicago, Toronto. Montreal, New Vork
and all points West and Soutli.
Leaves Spokane daily for East at 10:15 a.m
Leaves Spokane daily tor West at 7:45 p.m.
West-bound trains make direct connection for Vicloria and Vancouver,
Portland, Sun Francisco, nnd all points
on the Sound.
Dining the season of navigation East
bound trains connect at Duliith with
Ilieni.-ignillcenl.steamships North West
and North-Land of tbeNorthern Steamship Oompany Line, operated in connection with the Great Northern Railway.
For furl her Information, maps, folders, etc., apply to any agent of Spokane
Falls ft Northern Uy., Kaslo At Slooan
Ry., Kootenai Railway _ Navigation
Co., or tn
Oenl. Pass, _ Tkt. Agt.   Com'cl Agt.
St. Paul, Mill       Spokane. Wash
7-8 inch diam. 118.60per HO feet, Fo.
immediate delivery iu Nelson
tl. 0. T. CROFTS,
P. O. B0XS76, Nelien, B, 0.
Trimmed   Hats  sold   at  the  lowest
possible rates.
Balance of Pattern Huts at cost.
All Millinery reduced.
Also Fashionable Dressmaking, First
Class Fit (Juaranteod. Prices reasonable.
Upstairs iu tbe New Hall Block.
Nelson   School   of   Business.
Summer Session Now On.   Day and Evening
Bookkeeping,  Shorthand   and  Type-
Manuscripts Typewritten at Reasonable Rates.   No. 7 Victoria
Block, Cor. Josephine and Baker Sts., Nelson, B. C.
Delivered to an any point on
Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock
on hand of
Are Your Feet Right?      _^��CSV 8#!__*_l
Yards, NKLSON and I.AKDO.
J.   A.   SAYWARD.
Arc they dressed in tlie latest
style?   II not, call and sec onr
stylish     footwear    at     popular
Our   Ladies'   Patent   Leather
Shoes |rue just right -AnX-orf
nomw rr-moi
Tho Slioeists
Thos. Dunn &> Co., L'd.
minimi ii_oki:h,      Mil im num.
inn (MmuiiT iron,       iiimiiv rim*,       um im> nmr.tr btkkl,
mimiih' M.T_Uh mm Mm Manilla -oru,
II1MWIII     MM   AND I  iri.
WlDdtrumro Mlncw.   Corroup ��� onoiSol'clUxl
Write for Qnotntions.
Cnlilc Address, "Dnnn."
Will go further in our Store than in any other Dry Goods and Men's Furnishings Store in the Kootenays. Our Big SLAUGHTER SALE, started over two
weeks ago, is still on, and the prices are still so low that you cannot afford to over
look us. "How can you sell this so cheaply?" is the question we are continually
asked. Come and see us and we will answer it for you. In the meantime just gaze
upon the following prices.   They will give you an idea of what is in store for you.
Ladies'   Tailor    Made Suits,    One   Green
Serge, silk lined coat, roll Satin collar,
box pleated skirt, Percaline lined, Velveteen     bound.       Regular    $30.00;    <"_i ��� i\(\
to be slaughtered at      oKM H )
Two Lines of  Ladies' Percale Shirtwaists.
Fast colors.    Regular$1.00and$1,255     _.,.     ,
slaughter price      OU'Ctb*
Ladies' Tafetta Silk Blouses.    Good colors
and   patterns   and   ol" the  very   latest
styles.   Regular price $ 15.00; slaughter      <__ -7   -*/ \
price       ui .Ov "
Ladies'    Black   Crepon   Skirts.    Regular      ^ - . u v
$10.00; to be slaughtered at        ^pO.l >\'
Chenille Curtains, 3 1-2 yards long, double
dado. Regular $4.50 and $5.00 per
pair; slaughter sale price, per pair....
Lace Curtains, 3 1-2 yards long, 50 inches
wide, lock stitched edge. Regular $3
per pair; slaughter price, pet  pair....
Men's Furnishings.
Fine Colored Shirts with Collars  attached.
Regular price 75cts; to be slaughtered     ��� . ^     1
Men's All Wool Sweaters.    Regular$I.5p; ~--
slaughter price  * O CIS.
Men's All Wool  Feather Weight   Underwear.    Regular price $1.50; slaughter ^  ,.
price, per suit  3hl ��� * )\ )
Men's Suspenders.    Regular price 50 cts.; ,-.-,
slaughter price  -rO CIS.
Men's Suspenders.    Regular price 25 cts.; ._     .
slaughter price  lO CIS.
Get in Before the Rush on
Martin O'Reilly & Company.
Baker Street, Nelson, B. C.
H. & M. BIRD
Agents for Eureka Mineral Wool and
Asbestos Co-
Real  Estate.    Fire  Insurance.
Private Funds to Loan.
I,ots 1 nnd G. Hloek 41F. oorner (it
Observatory uud Hull Streets.
liOta 1 to H, Block on, Ooruer of
Hoover and Hendryx Streets.
Two good building Lots, upper Hide
of Mill Street, next io corner of Cediir.
Two roomed home on Robson Street
cheap, (GOO ouhu und fnnn. Easy term a
Mr.Motley's residence across the hike.
Six roomed House and two Oorner
Lots ou Watd Street.    Rented at fJI.
Bight roomed House Standing on 100
foot oorner on Stanley Street. All
modern improvements including furnace.
Smoke Our Cigars
They are made in your midst, of
the finest Havana Tobacco.
Where {rood Cigars arc sold
they can be bought.
fhe Royal Seal and Kootenay
Union  made.
Kootenay  Cigar
Mfg. Co.
Oau only bo obtained by utilizing
tbe factors wbich tend to bring
them about.
If you wish to cot the best results
from a timepiece bring it to us.
We claim to give the best results.
None can do more.
178 Uakcr Street. Nelson.
Life Assurance Co,
At 8 Per Cent.
On April Prort.
Spokane Falls
Northern R'v.
Nelson ___  Fort
Sheppard R'v.
Red Mountain R'v.
Baker Street.
B. C.
Great Reduction!
i_itiffi_SgJ& $9.65 Per Ton
orowi NK8T $6.15 per Ton
Room   3.   Tunier-Boeckh  Block, Nelson.
Notary Public, Real Bstate, Insurance
Mines, l.ouns.
W.iiik) will Imy lot with furnished
house rented for StO per month, and
stablo rented for 81(1 por month. Very
central location.
8200 cash, lot on Oarbonate Street.
$'2,ihhi will purchase I lots and reel-
deuce, Uilllie Addition.
81,201) will purchase lot on Baker Ht.
A nice cottage nnd large lot Five Mile
Hunch at Pilot Bay, 00 acres cultivated,
ijHiiil liniiHc nmi lot on Robson  Street.
{2,400 will purchase 11-toomed bouse;
very central location and easy terms.
Call at once.
$���1000 will buy Corner on Baker
Slreet.    Enfcy teims.
$4000 will buy Corner on Vernon
|860 each will hny fi nice residence
lots nn Oarbonate Street.
ftO ii month will rent n H r.ioined
house.    A simp.
Nelson's Newest Hostelry. Complete in every respect,
It has just been opened and the
public is invited to visit it,
By the week from $5 to $6.
By the day 81.00.
J. V. O'LAUGHLIN,  Prop-
The only all rail route between
all points east, west and south to
Rossland, Nelson and intermediate
points; connecting at Spokane with
Great Northern, Northern Pacific,
land O. R. & N. Co.
Connects at Nelson \�� ith steamer
for Kaslo and all Kootenay lake
Connects at  Meyer's   Falls  with
stage daily for Republic,   and  connects at Bossburg *>ith stage  daily
for Grand Forks and Greenwood.
L-AVB, Dny Train. Aiihivk.
10.35 a.m Hpoknne 7 :10 p.in,
12:05 p. m Kossland. 5:30 p.m.
9:30 a, in Nelson 8:00 p.m.
Night Train.
0:45 p.m Spokane 7 :05 n.m:
11:00 p.m Rossland 0:50 a.m.
H. A. JACKSON, G. P. * T.A.
Spokane  Wash
Agent, Nelson. B.O
At 5-Mile Point
The best Summer Hotel on Kootenav
ljike Always cool and shady, with
beautiful walks and splendid scenery,
line ol the best spots for fishing on Ihe
lake, First-class table aud bur. Best
uf attention.
it. v. PEitRY, Manager,
Nblbon b. 0.
A Boarding ami Dny School conducted by
the B.Htora of Bk Jo_ejbh of Poooo. It. Is Hit .1-
utfii at tho corner of .Mill und Josephine streets,
in on. or the bcsl residential portions of NoIhoii, aud is easily neceHHibli! from nil parts
of I lie city.
The course of stud; includcn the randamen-
t-iil find  higher bnmeht'H of a thorough English
education. Business course-- Bookkeeping,
Btenography und TypnwriiiiiK,  Sojenoeoourse
���Hurilc, Vocal and JiiHirumonUil; DmwIiiK,
etc.���I'laln and Art. Needlework; C'aU> then lew,
i' or 1 enn-. .in I particulars apply
Hu potior,
KXKl Men Wanted to Unload Ourran's
Big Schooners
Beer or Half-and-IIalf only
The only (food Beer iu Nelson.
Wanted.���2<Klu rock meu nnd general
hands for work on White Pass &
Yukon Railway. WnnoB 88.80 per day.
Board $1 per day. Work every day.
Pay monthly in cash. Fare from Van-
coiivet ifaii wilh $t> rebate after working BO days. Apply to M. J, Htnoy,
contractor, 89, Inns of Court or A. 0.
Koss. -\25 Ooidovu Street, Vauoouver
or on the work.
Will pay tho highest cash price for all
kinds of seoond hand goods. Will buy
or sell anything from an anchor to n
needle. Furniture, stoves, oarperts,
cookiug uteusils, bought In household
qnnntities. Also oust oil clothing.
Call and see me or write. Address
Silver King Mike, Bo. 300. Hall
Street, Nelson, B. V,
Kootenay Railway and Nav.
Company, Ltd.
Schedule of Time*      Paolflo Standard Tlmo.
Effective February 1st, 1000
PaHHongor train for Sandon and wayHlationa
Iouvoh   KumIo  at 8 a. in., daily,    UuturniiiK,
leaves Sandon at 1.15 p.m,, arriving at Ka_m
at 3.55 p.m.
Operating on Kootenay Lako and River.
Str. "International" leaves Kaslo for Nelson
at I! a. in. dally except Sunday. Returning,
leaves Nel_on at fi.JOp.m,, calling at Balfour,
Pilot Bay, A inn worth and all way point n. Connects with 8. K. & N. train lo and from Spokane at Five Mile Point.
Str. "Albert*" lcavon" Kanlo for Lardo and
Argenla at 8:30 p m Wednesdays
SteamerH call at principal landings in both
directions, and at other points when signalled
Tickets sold to all points In Canada and the
United States.
To ascertain rates and full Information address :
Manager, Kasln, R,(\
NKLSON LODGE,   No. 83, A. K. & A
M. meets hocoiuI Wudnusday  in each '
month.   Visiting brothern welcome.    !
.��    QP No. Hi, meets every Monday night,
^^i^^ at  their Hall,  Kootenay -trecl
Sojourning Odd Fellows cordially Invited.
John Sooloy, N. G.   John A. McRae, V. G,
D. W. Kulherford. Sec.
Nelson Encampment No. 7. Meets every 2nd
and 4th Friday of each month, in Odd Fellows'
Hall, coiner Bukcr nnd Kootenay streetw.
Nelson. A. II. Clements ('. P.; 1). MoArthu*
It. S.   Visiting broihers always welcome.
Meetings 4th Thursday cf month. Fraternal
hall, J A Irving O. R.   P. R. Fleming. R. S,
.moot* in K. of P. hall, Oddfellows block
Kevetv Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock
���JA11 visiting knights cordially   Invited
I��� BCOTT C. C.
O. Jov. K.of R.iuidS.
NELSON L.O.L. No. 1003 meets LU the Moc-
Donald block every Thursday evening at 8
o'clock. Visiting members cordially invited
It. Robinson. W. M.: M. Crawford, tt. S.
S. Saviouii'h [BnOUSHJ Chuhcii���Cornor
Ward and Silica Sts. Sundays: Holy Com-
in union 8 a. in.: and on tho 1st and 3rd Sundays
in the month nfter Mattins; Miittins at 11 a.m.;
Sunday School 2,30 p.m : Evensong 7.30. Daily:
Mattins at 9.30 n. m. Thursdays and Saint's
Daysi Holy Communion 10 a, m. Fridays:
Evensong f.80 p. m., followed by choir practice 11. S. Akehurst, Hector, Fred Irvine,
Geo. Johnstone, Wardens.
Catholic Chuhcii-Corner .Ward and Mill
streets Mass every Sunday at Sand 10.00 a.m
Benediction at 7.30 p.m.   Mass every week day
at 7.15 a.m.   Itov.  Fathor Ferland Rector.
PuKflHVTKKiAN Chuhcii���Servlcosat 11 a.m.
and 7.30 p.m. Sunday School at 2.30 p.m.
Prayer meeting Thursday evonlng at 8 p.m.;
Christian Endeavor Soclet v moot* overy Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock. Rov. R. Frew,
MktiiOiHST Chuhcii���Corner Silica nnd
Josephlno ; 'I reels. Services at 11 a.m. and 7.30
p. in. ; Sabbath School, 2.30 p.m.; Prayer meeting on Friday evening nt 8 o'clock: Epworth
League C, K., Tuesday at 8 a.m. Rev. John i
Robson, Pastor.
Salvation Ahmv���St^rvlc s ovory ovonlng
nt 8o'clocb in barracks on V etorl street
Adiudant Kdgooombn in charge,
Baitibt Chuhcii ��� Services morning and
I^iVeted   Steel   Pipe.
We   make   a   specialty of   Hydraulic Elveted Steel Pipe, and furiiMi
cstiiiniti's cheerfully for Huine.
Steel   cut, punched  and formed for niiililnp pipe mi the ground when
Sheet Steel and Iron Work of every description.    Blieet Steel for ball-
ers, water tankn. linliiu; ore chute.s, ore bins. etc.
SatlsfactidVi guaranteed.    Correspondence solicited.
flwtronfl & Morrison
Ollice and Works���Foot of lleatley Avt
Hou8ton*Block,      -      ��� Nelson,
Agent for Phoenix Insurance 0o.
of Brooklyn, N. Y.
For Sale or Lease���Lurpe building
ou Vernon Street, suitable for warehouse, factory or iarge boarding lionse.
Several good houses for rent.
(Jhyicc lots for unit,
ovoniiiKut 11 H.m.iind 7.30 p.m.; Prayor muet
lag 'I'l.nr ri;i> uvunhiR at B p.m. the I'. Y
KU. Tuesday ovunlnK at 8 o'clock.   Btrangen
Shoes by Mail
If you don't live In ��� town
where there is a " Slater Sli'f "
Agency, you can get your exact
fit, in shape, size and width,
und you can choose the precise
leather you want, from "Characteristics," the handsomest ami
most complete shoe catalogue
ever published iu America. '���
tellsall about "The Slater Shoe"
and accurately deacribes the different leathers,���the kind of  war
they're good for, aud how to carrtfor them.
Price $4 oo and J5.50, stamped on the sole in a slate frame with
-������era' name,
Write for one, it's free.
cordially wefcomod. Hov, II. J. Coulter White,
Merchant Tailor,
Baker  Street,
Opposite the Queen's.
P. V. VKKKN P. 8. lir*l:M��
Civil  Engineer*   and Provincial
Land Surveyor!,
P, O, Box IU Nelson.W)
-$�����������  ������������������   �����_�����������������-���'
I.II.I.IH BK05    Aberdeen Block.
f ^7i^Ji____2V
*ri#sik   __. j-	


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