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Nelson Daily Miner Sep 14, 1901

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 Daily Edition No. 1141
Nklson,   British Columbia, Saturday,  September 14, 1901
Eleventh   Year
The Last Words of the President Before Crossing the
Great Divide.
Scenes Attending the Closing
Moments cf a Useful and
Noble Life.
Milburn   House,   Buffalo,    N.   Y
Sept. 14.���President McKinley died at
9.1S a. 111.
He had been  uneonscious since 7.p,1
p. m.
Ilis  last conscious   hour   on   earth
was spent with his wife,   tc whom lie|
of unconsciousness only to relapse
into another but in this period when
liis mind was partially clear oocurred
a series of events of profoundly touching character. Downstairs the tear
stained faces of the members of the
Cabinet were grouped in anxious
awaiting. They knew the end was
near and that thty had come to hid a
last farewell to their   ehiuftan.
This was about i; o'clock. It waa
an awful moment for tbem. One by
one the ascended the stairway, Seere
tary Root, Secretary Hitchcock and
Attoiney-Oeneral Knox. Secretary
Wilson was also there but he went
back, not wishing to see the President in bis last agony.    It was only a
devoted a life time   of care.
He died unattended by a minister oflmomentary   stay   of   cabinet   officials
the gospel,   but his   last   words   wereBat "*e threshold of the death chamber
ao humble submission to the will of
the Qod in whom he believed. Ill
was reconciled to tho cruel fate toi
which an assassin's bullet bad con-l
ilemned him and faced death in the
same spirit of calmness and peace
which marked his long and honorable
career. His last conscious words reduced lo writing by Dr. Mann, wbo
.stood at his bedside when they were
uttered, were as follows:
"Good bye, all. It is God's way ;
His will be done, not ours."
His relatives and members of his
official family were ut the Milburn
house, exoept Secretary Wilson who
did not avail himself of the opportunity, and some of his close personal
and political friends took leave of
him. This painful ceremony was sim-
Tlien they withdrew, tne tears
{streaming down their faces, and the
words cf intense grief choking in
their throats.
After they left thc sick room, the
physicians rallied him to consciousness and the President asked almost
immediately that his wife be brought
to bim. The doctors fell back into
the shadows of the room, as Mis.
MoKinley came through the doorway.
The strong faoe ot the dying man
lighted up with a faint smile as their
hands wero clasped. She sat beside
him and held his hand. Despite her
physicial weakness, she bore up
bravely under tl.o ordeal. The President, in his last period of consciousness, which ended abont 7.40, chanted
tbe woids cf the beautiful hymn,
"Nearer My Ood to Thee, "aud bis
last audible conscious words as taken
down by Dr. Mann at the bedside,
were, "Oood bye, all, good bye. It is
God's will.   His will be done." Then
pie.   His friends simply came   to  theL
,in.���. ... n.      -l .    ,      ,      ���    Hbis mind began   to  wander  and soon
noor of tbe sick room,   took a longing    M "    _,_   "a   nnm
glance   at  him  and   turned tearfully
at him and
away. He wan partially conscious
during this time. But the power of
heart stimulants, including oxygen
were employed to lestore him to cons
oiousness for bis final parting with
bis wife.
Ue aBked for her, the eat at bis side  gradually like a child in slumber.   By
and held hie hand. He consoled her
and bade her goodbye. She went
through the heart-trying scene with
the same bravery and fortitude with
which she waB borne the grief of the
tragedy which ended bis life.
The immediate cause of the Prest
dent's death ia undetermined. Hii
pbvlclans disagree and it will possi
bly iequlro an autopsy to finally fix
the exact cause.
The President's remains will be|
taken to Washington and there will
be a state funeral.
Vice-President Roosevelt, who now
s . oeds to the Presidency, may take
the. oath of .office wherever he happens
to hear-the news. The cabinet will
of oourse resign in a body and President Roosevelt will have an opportunity of forming a new cabinet if he
��o desires.
" T*he rage of the people of Buffalo
������gainst tbe President's assassin when
���they learned today that he was dying,
was boundless. Thousands surrounded
-the: goal and the police foroe of the
������Hy and two regiments of soldiers
were necessary to secure his protec
- tion.
Before fl o'clock it r.as clear to
those at the President's bedside that
he was dying and preparations were
made for the last sad offices of fare
well of those who were nearest and
dearest to him. Oxygen was adminiS'
Uied steadily but with little effect in
ki'iipii g back the approach _of death.
The President came out of   one peiiod
aftewards he completely lost consciousness.
His life was prolonged for hours by
the administration of oxygen, and the
President finally expressed a desire to
be allowed to die.
About 8.30 the administration of
oxygen coased and bis Dnlse grew
faint, very   faint.     He was sinking
1 o'clock the. pulse could no longer be
felt in his extremities and they were
Below stairs,the grief stricken gathering waited sadly for the end. All
the evening those who had hastened
here as faut as steel and steam could
carry them, continued to arrive. They
drove up in carnages at a gallop or
wero whisked up in   automobiles,   all
nteiit upon getting here before death
ontne. One of the last to arrive was
Attorney-General Knox, who reached
the house at 8.30 p. m. He was permitted to go np stairs to look for the
Inst time upon the face of bis friend.
Those present at this time were Secretaries Hitchcock, Wilson and Root,
Senators Fairbanks, Hanna and Burrows, Judge Day, Colonel derrick,
Abncr McKinley, , the President's
brother, and his wife. Doctor and
Mrs. Mary  Barber,   Miss  Mary Wil-
iaius, Mrs, MoKinley's cousin, the
physicians, including Di. Mcllurney,
who arrived after 8 o'clock, John 0.
Milburn, John N. Scatioher, Ilany
Hamlin, all of this oity, Secretary
Cortelyon - and a number of others.
Rev. CD. Wilson, a Methodist minister of the Onawanda, N. Y , church
was tbe President's pastor for three
years at Canton, called at the residence to furnish his service If needed.
Another Metnodist minister who has a
church nearby remained at tho Mil-
burn residence for two hours in the
belief that his services might bo
Av 9.30 Secretary Cortalyou.who had
been much of the time with his dying
chief, sent out a form*I notiee that
the President was dying. But the
President lingered on, his pulse growing fainter and fainter.
At li..is  p. in., when'  Dr. Janeway
arrived, the President was just barely
alive. There wbs no need for official
bulletins after this. Those who came
from the house at intervals told the
same story that the President was
dying and that the end might come at
any minute. His tremendous vitality
was the only remaining factor in the
result and this gave hope a ot biief
time. Dr. Myntur, thought he might
last until 2 a. in. Dr. Mann said at
11 o'clock that the President was still
alive and would probably live an
hour. Thus minutes lengthened into
hours and midnight came with the
President still hattlin. against death.
Secretary of Navy John 1). Long arrived at 12 06 a. in, iu time to see tbe
President alive, though unconscious.
At this midnight hour the Milburn
house was the centre of a scene as animated as though it were midday
although a solemn hush hung over the
great crowd of watchers.
Vice-President Roosevelt had been
notified early in thc day of the critical
state of affairs and word had come
from him that he was on his way in a
special train. There was no longer a
doubt tbat in the approaching death
of the President a compete change in
the executive administration of the
government wonld ensue. When Mr.
Roosevelt would take the oath of
office was wholly a matter of conjecture. Presidut Arthur took the oath
at 13 a. in., after the death of 3arfield
and in that case Justice Brady of New
York administered the oath. There
is no requirement that the oatb shall
be administered by a justice of tbe
United States Supreme Court,although
that procedure is adopted when cir*
oumstances permit. Without unseemly
baste, the cabinet will tender tbeir
resignations and the new President
will then be free to initiate bis own
policy and choose his own oabinet.
There is little possibility tonight
that Mr. RcoEevelt will get here. Mr.
Anstey Wilcox, who entertained the
Vice-President when he was here last,
states that the best information he
bad waB that Mr. Roosevelt would he
bere In the morning, and not until
late in tne morning. He said tbe
Vice-President would not be able to
reach a railway station much before 4
o'clock in the morning and this would
bring him here about 7. Mr. Wilcox
said in explanation of Mr. Roosevelt's
being so far out of touch: ''The
Vice-President was at all times very
optimistic and when he went away
was absolutely positive that the President would recover and that he would
recover rapidy. He certainly cover
expeoted today's result."
Secretary Long was deeply affected
as he came from the house at 1.45
o'clock He had seen the President
and had given his hand a farewell
grasp. He said there was no hope but
when some of the persistent watchers
asked hiin as to a tumor that the
President was dead he replied decisively: "That is uot true, he Is now
Washington, D. C, Sept. 18. ���The
foct that the physicians had given up
all hope caused some discussion among
the pnlbic men in the city of probability of an extra session of congress,
and of early changes in the oabinet
but the c-msensus of opinion waB that
no cabinet changes or important departures in public polioy we:*e at all
likely for some time to come and that
congress would not be assembled until
its regular session in December. All
tbe cabinet, the chief officials and the
beads of important bureaus, aeccord*
ing to custom, will tender their resignations to relieve the President of embarrassment but it is belieevd Mr,
Roosevelt will "follow the pieccdent
made by Pre��ident Arthur, after Garfield's death, and request them to continue in ofiice.
Some ot   the   cabinet members   aro
not in goud health and would sincerely welcome a relief from their offices,
but all would waive all personal desires and continue until such time as
they could be relieved easily,if indeed
they request relief at all. Under the
presidental succession act, a President
Decoming chief magistrate would have
to summon congress in special session
but the requirement doeB no apply to
a Vice-I'iesident succeeding to the
office of his dead President, and it is
believed, no extra session will ht
called in the absence of statutory requirement, as the three months intervening until December can be bridged
over without difficulty and theie is uo
special occlusion for congiess as
William   McKinley's   Career
From an Ohio Village to
the White House.
and called for Mrs; McKinley.
with him now.
She Is
12.30 p. m.���The President's   physicians report that bis condition is practically   unchanged since the 9 o'clock
bulletin.    He is sleeping quietly.
2.30 p. m.���The following bulletin
has just been issued by the President's physicians. The President has
more than held his own since morning and his condition justified the expectation of further improvement. He
is better than yesterday at this time.
Pulse, 123.    Temperature, 99.4.
4 p. ra.��� The President's physician*
report that be is only slightly improved since the last bulletin. The
pulse and temperature remains the
sume as at that hour.
5 p. m.���The President's physicians
say his condition is grave at this
hour. He is Buffering from extreme
prostiation. Oxygen is being given.
Ue responds to stimulation but poorly.    Pulse, 125.   Respiration 40.
5.38 p. m.--The physicians were
hastily summoped, and from what I
could learn the President has had
another sinking spell and it is feared
cannot rally,
5.40 p. m.��� The President is dying.
His physicians have so announced to
those near him.
5.48 p. m.���The President's family
has been summoned to the bedside.
Colonel Brown says there is no hope,
he is dying.
0.21 p. m.���Secretary Cortelyou has
jurit come to the door and announced
tho President is still alive.
0.25 p.m.��� Tho President's physicians report that his condition is
most serious iu spite of vigorous stimulation. The depression continues nnd
is profound. Unless it oan he reduced
the ond is only a question of time.
0.30 p. m.���It was announced that
the President does not respond to the
oxygen. His physicians have announced that unless he does respond
to stimulation it is only a mutter of a
short time, j
0.57 p. m.���Messengers anounced
that the President is still alive and
that there is no hope. The entire
staff   of   physicians is  at the bedside
7.00  p. m.���The   President   is   un
questionably dying.
7.23   p.   ro.���The   President   is nn
conscious.    The end   is   but   a   short
timo away.
7.4(1 p. m.���The President became
unconscious at 0.40 and now Is barly
��� I
7.48 p. m.���Dr. McBurney juBt arri
ved.   His carriage came at a gallop.
ys an int]
sident Me
S p. m.���"Not twenty minutes more
to live," was the announcement froni
the Milburn House at 8 p. m.
Rev. Dr. C. V. Wilson of Tons)
wanda, formerly paster of the l'resl
dent's church at Canton, readied Mil
burn House shortly after 8 o'cloul
and demanded admistion.
Hon. ChaB.M.Davies,tho comptroll
of the currency, who enjoys
mate acquaintance with Presid
Kinlcy, arrived in Buffalo early this
evening and reached the Milburri
House shortly after 8 p. m.
The relatives of the dying president,
the members of his cabinet anil those
personal friends who are at the home
taking tbeir final leave of him. The
party is assembled in the drawing
room and one by one are ascending tjo
the sick room. The scene is a sorro
ful one and the silence is broken onl|
by sobB. Ou the street and avenue
stricken crowd awaits tbe comin|
A Soldier, a Statesman, an
Ideal Man. a Credit to
His Country.
8.50 p. m.���Secretary Cortelyo*- an'rl
Mrs. McKinley have been with tlie
Piesident for some time. An announcement from the bouse
in. stated that tbe Presiden
extremis. The situation has developed into one of mere waiting for the
announcement of the Presidents
an   Moat 8.50 (j.
nt   is   i|i
9.20 p. m.���A message announce^
that the Prosident is being kepi alive
with great difficulty by ubc of oxygen!.
It is added that the case is now moi-^
9.27 p. m.���The pulse has left thb
President's extremities and lie may
live until midnight. Consciousness
seems to have finally left. In his most
recent lucid moment the President
comforted Mrs. McKinley.
9.30 p. m.���Attorney-General Kno.
and Chanucey Depew have just been
admitted to the house.
9.30 p. m.���The President is slowly
dying. Secretary Corteiyou has jurit
sent this announcement from the
house. At the same time Or. Mynter
who had just come from the sick room
said that there was hardly a pulse,
and thnt tho body was getting cole
although the President's vitality wns
so strong that he might last until 2
o'clock in thc morning. But he
might die at any moment. Tho extremities are now cold with the np
proach of death. The last sad otlicci
about the bed side havo been performed and the Piesident hns lapsed into
unconsciousness after a brief period o
conscionsnesB. During his conscious
moments Mrs. McKinley was brought
into the chamber and there was an
affecting faiewell. Members of the
cabinet one by one saw tho President
momentarily and there was n hushed
exchange of words. Thon the Presi
dent softly chanted u hymn. Just before he lapsed into unconsciousness ht
begged the doctors to let him die. Al
9.00 every one within the house and
in the great crowd outside is awiatin
the announcement of tbe end.
9.45. p. m.���The administration ol
oxygen bas been suspended for some
time. The President before he finally
lo-it consciousness, bid his wife u ten*
der farewell. He waa then heard to
murmur words of tho hymn, "Nearer
My God to Thee,'' probably his lasi
10.03 p. m.���The   last period of oon
sciouMiess   was   spent with   Mrs. Mc-|
Kinley at   the bedside   of   her   dying
husband.        She   bore   her    affliction
7.50   p.    m.���Under   the   effects   of
stimulants the President   has   revived
(Krom   yesterday's   11   a.   m.   Extra
edition of The Miner.)
William McKinley, 24th president of
the United States, was born in Niles,
Trumbull County, Ohio, January 2!',
184.1. Ou his father's sido his ancestry
was Scotch -Iirsh. Ilis mother's
family was Puritan.
William received his first education
in tlie public schools of Niles. When
he was nine year.*-' old tho family removed to Poland, Ohio, where he was
admitted into Union seminary and
persued his stndie-i until be was 17.
ln 1800 he enteied the junioi class of
Allegheny college, Meadville, Pa.,
here be would have been graduated in
the following year but for the failure
of bis health, owing to which, as soon
s he was able, he sought a change by
engaging as a teacher in the public
school. Ilo was fond of athletic sports
and was a good horesraan.
At the age of 10 lie becains a member of the Methodist Episcopal church,
When the war broke ont in tbo spiing
of 1801 McKinley volunteered and
going with the tecruits to Columbus,
A'as there enlisted as a private in the
2'lrd Ohio volunteer infantry. This
regiment was one of the most famous
of Ohio organizations, including an
unusually large number of noted men,
among them Oeneral Rosecrans and
President Hayes. Ue participated in
all of the eatiy engagements in West
in 18011 ho was promoted to first
lieutenant, and conducted himBelf
with gallantry in every emergency,
winning honors especially at Winchester.
In 1804, at the age of 21, McKinley
was promoted to the rank of captain.
He was assigned as ncting assistant
idjutant general on the staff of Oeneral Carroll, commanding the veteran
reserve corps at Washington, whero
he remained tlnough that exciting
periad which included the surrender
if Loe to Grant and the assassination
uf President   Lincoln.     Just a month
fore this tragedy he had received
from the presidont a commission as
nujor by brevet In tbe voluntei
United States army, After the wu
he began the study of law al Youngs-
town, t)tiio, and completed bis course
nt thc law school in ibany, N. Y.
In 1S07 he was admitted to the bar nt
Warren, Ohio, de settle,! in Canton,
Ohio, where bis sinter was a teacher
in a public school.    In    I8A9   he   wns
nominated   by   the   republicans    for
prosecuting   Attorney tor the   county,
ind waa elected, although the country
had    been   democratic.     In   HTi   he
failed of re-t lection by 45   votes.     He
esuiuod his private practice, but continued hifl ink rest !n politics, and his
services   a��   a   speaker   were   eagerly
ought by the lepoblieans.    In 1870 he
waH nominated for congress   and   was
lected by   8,1100   mujority.      In   1877
>liiu went   strongly   democratic   and
the     legislatuie    gerrymandered   tho
state so that   McKinley found himself
onfronted by 2,580   adverse  majority
in a .iew   district.     Notwithstanding
this he was re-elected   to the Oth con
gross by 1,284 majority.
The Ohio legislature of 1880 restored
lis old congressional district and his
e-election was assuied. Ilo wan
���bosen by the Chicago convention as
the Ohio membei of the republican
national committee, and accompanied
lenernl Garfield on bis tour through
New Yoik and other states. In the
7th congress McKinley   made himself
with   superb   fortitude.      The   Presi-Hfainons by the advocacy of a high pro-
dent'B laBt words   were   addressed   tbltective    tariff.      In    lss2   Ohio   went
Continued on Third   Page.
Continued on   Fourth Page. Nulson DailV Minki., Satuiujay, Sb^tshBeb 14. -9^'
The Nelson Miner
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William McKinley, twenty-fourth
piesident of the United States, soldier,
scholar, and statesman, succnnib.'d
t .is morning at 2.15 to tlie wounds
inflicted on him on September 0th by
Leon Czolgosz, anarchist. Tlie manner of the death of President Mc-
Kin ley, proceeded as it was by ovur a
week of agonizing pain, was a poor
requittal for a lifo that was spent in
thc service of bis countrymen, and
(lining which, no matter in what
cupnoity he served, whether as private
or president, he was inspired by
patriotism, unselfishness and a sincere
desire to pciform his wholo duty in
aooordance witli tho dictates of his
conscience. There is not a step in
his career,, as volunteer soldier, as
district attorney, as governor of the
state in which he waB born, as congressman, nnd a President-ami from
p. ivatc solder to president is a wide
Social gulf to cross���which was not
marked by an unfaltering devotion to
duty and a high ideal of what constituted that duty. While Mr. McKinley wbb not intensely brilliant,
si II he bad good judgment, was well
balanced, was gifted with unflagging
energy and incorruptible honesty and
it vas but natural that a man of such
character should win the good will of
the people and finally be usvanleil the
chief oflice in their gift. The people
recognized in him a safe, honest and
conservative man with whom the
business interests would be safe, as
the only radical changes that would
e.inie during an administration presided over bv him would be in lhe
direction of assisting that which was
already established and ailing instead
of taking away from it. Dis rival,
on the two occasions on whioh be was
victor in the presidential race, was a
man of icon-clastic tendenoles, an
advocate of new and untried doctrines, and inclined, on the whole, to
tear down instead of building up existing institutions. It was feared that
ho would attempt to revolutionize the
financial anil business alTairs of tbe
countiy and so tbo safer candidate,
Air. McKinley. was seleeteil for nresi-
dunt on both occasions.
Tbat Ihe lifo oi so valuable n man
ns Mr. McKinley should bave been
taken by so useless and ilesplicuhle nn
Individual as Czolgosz Is nothing
short of a shame. The law of compensation should run through all
things, but to simply hang a follow
like Czolgosz for slaying a man like
McKinley seems poor satisfaction
when it. is considered that one McKinley is worth far more than a wilderness of men liko Czolgosz.
The assassination of Piesldont McKinley is regarded with us deep sor-
I0W in this country as il. is iu the
United States and the deed of the as-
sassitt is execrated as strongly here an
it is there, fur it is fell, that ou the
free soil of tbis Continent there should
be no nourishment for the fnuI plants
of anarchism to grow and produce the
crimson blniBOms of murder. The
people of Canada have only expressions of sorrow that so good a man
should havo been so foully removed
from a sphere Of usefulness and condole wilh their American cousins for
tbe great loss which they hnve sus*
lained. They hope, however, that tho
lesson taught by the cowardly oil mo
will not bo lusl and thai the people ol
the republic will lake it fully enough
to heart to clean out the festering
nests in which   the   foul   doctrines of
anarchy are hatched, where murder is
counselled and where those whose
bands are stained with blood are ex-
r,Ited as tho Lord's annoiiiteil. The
republic should no longer be the
asylum of these tigers of society
Uncle Sam should sternly compel the
believers in tlie doctrine of anarchy
to " move on, " and with the belli of
Ihe other civilized nations, the members of tho guild of thugs could soon
be made to know that no countiy
will tolerate them aud an energetic
crusade would In a short time sealtei
ihe various bands anu render tholr
f iture plots against life futile.      That
such a  ci'iisiuio  will   be inaugurated
now seems certain.
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after crossing anil recrossing the continent will lonve llali'ax for lireat
llritain on October 31st after having
spent a month anil live days in Canada, lt will lin the most memorable
visit royalty ever made lo Canada,
forty years ago when the l'rince of
Wales, now King Edward, visited
Canada lhe populatioon was then
only about 3,000,000 while now it is
live and a third millions. Then the
provinces were not unitod under a
Federal government. Then il would
have been impossible to have crossed
the continent because of tlie mountains anil the trackless forests, hut
now the distance can be traversed, in a
palate car surrounded by all of tlio
conveniences anil comfort that a
traveler could desire. Then the people were engaged in tho east in doing
whnt we now are in the wost,conquering the wilderness and making it lit
for tim sustenance and habitation of
man, and there were but few of the
leisure class which there is now.
living on the fortunes made by their
enterprising and industrious pioneer
forefathers. Tlien the spirit of imperialism was not as strong as it is
now, although the early settlers of
Canada never held hacls when thoy
were called on to take np arms for
home defense or In aid of tlie Mother
Country and they were stubborn and
valiant soldiers too. The present
generation, however,has perhaps more
enthusiasm for imperialism than their
fathers, for the reason that the
strength, the glory,the vnstness cf the
empiie ami the honor of being a part
and parcel, an integral part, of it has
been brought more home to tbem than
ever. In the last forty years tho
various portions of tlie empire hnve
been connected by cables anil this lias
resulted in binding tbe colonies closer
than ever to the Mother Country. The
heir apparent to the throne arrives
loo, just after the limn when the
Dominion bad given active expres
sion to tlie feeling ot loyalty which so
thoroughly animates it lo by sending
contingents lo South Africa to aid in
putting down the enemies of the empire, nnd when tlie spirit of imperialism is fervid and anxious to do honor
to the. representative of the sovereign,
King Kdward.
Among the cities which will he
visited by the llnke and Duohess are
Quebec, Montreal, Oltawa, Winnipeg,
llegiua,Calgary, Vancouver, Victoria,
Niagara, St. John anil Halifax. ICai-h
of these cities will view witli the
othor in honoring nnd entertaining
their Royal Highnesses and ill making thoin feel that they are among
loyal and admiring subjects. It ivill
be a triumphal journey seldom paralleled in history, which will be :\
source of much pleasure to the royal
couple as weli as to Ihe people of
r.'tuadu. lt will be wiiriuer and more
fervid than was given to the father of
the Duke of Cornwall when he visited
this country, because of the changed
conditions mentioned  above.
The present trip is hut an extension of tlie journey which the Duke
and Dticbcss of Cornwall and York
mado on the occasion of the federation of lhe Australian colonies. Tlie
yacht Ophir conveyed the royal
couple to the antipodes anil they weie
given a number of splendid receptions
at the different ports touched at en*
route and ovations at tbe populous
centers in Australia. As warm as was
tlie hospitality shown the royal
couple by our cousins in Austialia we
believe when il, comes to entertaining
such distinguished guests that we can
even do bitter; at least that is the
spirit, which will animate lis in Ot*
tempting so pleasant a duty.
Iu the several Ovations which the
people of Canada will tender lhe heir
apparent and his spouse there will be
nothing forced or compelled about
them, as tbey will but be the spontaneous outpourings of loyalty on the
part of a patriotic people, who respect
the   sovereign, love their country and
lovere its institutions
It is next to impossible foi a criminal to escape arrest by flight in these
days of rapid communication by wire.
Even if he travels on tho fastest
trains the story of his crime anil bis
description am telegraphed or telephoned over the wires ahead of him and
long before ho can find a secure biding place the officers of the law havo
him in custody. Magnier, the absconding agent of tlie Nelson A Fort
Sheppard railway, who thought be
could steal SHOD and escape the vigilance of the officers of the law found
out bis mistake wlien he arrived at
Vancouver, after his hurried flight,foi
the news of bis larceny had arrived
ahead of hiin and he was taken inln
custody immediately on Ilis arrival
there anil now bo must answer for
bis crime. lie doubtless sees bow
shortsighted be w,,s lo have committed
the crime. Had he lleii south and
crossed the line witli his stolen plun-
dei he wonld havo been, just the
same, taken into custody and quickly
extradited, as under the treaties between the two countries it is a comparatively easy matter to extradite a
criminal from either countiy, as each
finds it to its advantage to make the
process as easy as possible for the
other, because ciiminals are constantly crossing tlie line in tlie hope of
evading tiie rigors of Hie law. Magnier was very shortsighted in arranging his llighl, as be took with him
his little boy and there ure only a few
routes by which lie could have gotten
oui of this section anil these were
so well watched that a man accompanied ns he was by bis son could
not hope to escape recognition and arrest. It was doubtless bis intention
lo go to some of the mining camps of
the nortli, Dawson, Nome or Atlin, in
the hope that he would be able io there
evade the search that woulil he made
for him, but even had be succeeded in
getting tn one of these places he
would have been bunted dowu and
No matter where tbe criminal hides
himself, except under extraordinary
circiinistances, he can lie found, provided those Interested in bis apprehension think he is Important enough to
make the effort.
Magnier's ease is another exempli li-
eation of the utter folly of ennie anil
that honesty is the best policy. He
is certain to be punished for his crime
by a term in tin* penitentiary and
when ho emerges after he nils served
his time he is forever a marked
man wilh the prison slain and thu
brand of tlio convict upon him, anil,
unless he goes to the other end of the
world when* he is not known, he will
never again have an opportunity given
liim of honorable employment, What
might have been an honorable uml
useful career is irretrievably ruined,
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V-Isnn. l<- 0 Nelsou   Daily Miner, SaiuKdav S-_PTfiM_!i-_. 14,
Continued from First Page.
'God's will,   not   ours,   he
10.40 p. m.-I-*-* Mann said tho
President was still alive and might
linger an hour longer.
11 4!i p. m.���Tbo personal colored
attendant of the President at 11.46 announced that the President was still
aiive. At li 47 p. in. Dr. Janeway of
Now Yoik,the heait specialist,arrived
and was admitted to the Milburn
11.52 p. m.���Dr. Htookton came
the House at 11.60.     Ho   said:
President Is holding liis   own.
is all I ean tell you."
... _ m._-Dr. Wasdin, one of the
physicians s jost left the liouse and
snid: "A bulletin will he issued at '-'
o'clock ; further than that I decline to
r-'.30 p. m.���The President's   plrysi-
e'ans report that his condition is prac
tieallv unchanged since
bulletin.    He is sleeping quietly,
the '.I o'clock
1,30 a. ni.. Sept. 11.���An attendant
ciune from the hiiuso and said the
President's pnhe had shown practically no activity in four hours. There
wns only a slight heart heat All ol
the doctors wero still upstairs, near
nt hand to the patient.
2,16   a.     m.-
died at 2.la a.
-President     McKinley
slightly brighter. l!ut owing to the
President's extreme weakness and his
fatigue, no attempt was made to conceal the appiehensions which weie
felt. The feelings of depression iu-
creaed in volume and intensity. Secretary Cortelvou insisted that the
truth should he maile public hy the
iloettors an! the bulletins themselves
were telling their unfortunate story
all too plainly. There was still hope
that tlio worn and weary patient
would b_* better in the morning and at
midnight Seeretary Cortelyon said it
was not probable that another bulletin would ue issued until morning.
Shortly after two o'clock the physicians aud nurses detected a weakening
of the heart's action. The pulse Muttered and weakened and then sank
toward collapse. Tim end appeared
to he at hand, restoratives were
speedily applied and the physicians
fought die battle with all tlie leservo
force of sc.enec. Action was immediate and decisive.
~os*jlauil, Sept. 13.���Ou the arrival
of the premature leports of the death
of President McKinley scores of Hags
in the eity were placed at half iiiaot
aud are now Hying at that altitude.
It is probable that tomorrow the
Hag on Mount Roberts will be placed
al halfmast. This flag floats 0,530
fuel over sea level and is claimed to
ho the highest   flag in lhe Dominion.
Buffalo, Sept. ill.��� The Sixty-lifth
and Seventy-fourth regiments of the
National Guard have been assembled
in their barracks to be in readiness
should tho large crowd assembled at
polico headquarters make any hostile
demonstration. There has been no
Indication of a disposition on tho part
of the crowd to riot, and the assembling of th�� National Guard is simply a precautionary measure.
Chief Operator Montgomery .shortly
before 0.30 o'clock and was re "ailed a
few moments later. lu explanation
it was stated that the operator at the
Hiillalo end of the White House wire
had been handed a bunch of official
messages announcing tlio President's
death, and immediately began rushing them oil', lie had sent threo of the
messages when they were recalled and
word given to kill those sent.
Chicago, Sept. Hi.��� When shown the
Associated Press dispatch announcing
the inevitable death of the President,
Emma Goldman, tne nnarcbist, now
being held at the Harrison street
station, carefully adjusted her
glasses . read tho bulletin, and aftei
a moment's pause, without a change
of expression said : '' Very sorry.''
Absolutely no shade of regret or
pity showed itself upon her countenance. ''1 do nul see how that can
effect my case," she added, ''if it is
carried on lawfully and legally. Thoy
have no evidence against me. Chief
Bull and Chief O'Neill have admitted they have none. They are holding me without evidence. The death
of McKinley would only lengthen my
timo of imprisonment if they convicted me. I feel very bad for the Baku of
Mrs. McKinley, outside of that I nave
io sympathy."
yesterday's 11 a. m.
3d I tion of The Miner.)
Milburn House, Buffalo, Sopt. 18.���
President Mcivinloy began to sink
shortly after two o'clock this morning
after a critical period of 12 hours
during which alarm and hope
mingled in the emotions of those who
surround him. Trouble began on tlie
pieeeding afternoon through the failure of the uigestive organs to perform
their functions. Tho necessity for
nourishment had boon pressing for
Several days and the partial failure of
the artilicial means had led to the
adoption of natural moans. Tho rectum, through which nourishment
had been injected previous to Wednesday, became irritated and rejected
the enemas. This forced the physicians to try and foed him through the
mouth, probably before the stomach
was prepared Tho Hist administration o[ beef juice through tho mouth,
however, seemed to agree with the
patient and the physicians were highly gratified at the wuy the stomach
seomeil to receive the food. The
break fane of chicken broth and coffee
given yesterday morning was spoken
of by all the physicians as strong evidence of the President's marked improvement. It was only when it became apparent late in thc morning
that this food had not agreed with
the President that the lirst genuine
anxiety appeared.
The pulso was abnormally high,
12(1 heats to tne minute. With a temperature of 100.2 it should have been
30 heats lower. The weakness of the
heart began to arouse serious concern.
Instead of growing bettor the President's condition after that grew
steadily worse.
The staff of physicians, augmented
hy Dr.Stockton, who had temporarily
taken the place of Dr. Mcltnrnuy, was
summoned early in the evening and
there was a conference.
At 8.30 o'clock iast night the physicians officially announced that the
President's condition was not so good
Tho probleinof disposing of the food in
the stomach was becoming a serious
ono and the danger of heart failure
increased. Digitalis and strychnine
were administered and as a last resoit
saline solution was injected in the
vuins. The physicians, after tholr eon
saltation and the examination of the
patient, oould offer little eneourugii*
ment. Ilu was very weak and bis
heart was bo feeble that they feared
least his lifo might go out at any
Dr. Mann and I). Mynter left for
their homes, their only reassuring word
was that they had not given up hope.
During this whole dreadful night
Mrs. McKinley know nothing of
the change that had come. In her
feeble condition it was considered
best net to inform her of the President's critical oondition ami she slept
peacefully In her room through it all.
As midnight approached the situation was growing critical. Calomel
and oil were given lu the President's
bowels and digitalis to quiet the
hoart. However, jnst before midnight
the President bad two operations of
his bowels which relieved him very
lnuo'u and the midnight bulletin was
more favorable.
It was believed then tnat the opening of the bowels would havo the
effect of alleviating the wild pulsations of tho heart. Ills pulse did
drop   to   120   and   tho   prospect   was
Buffalo, Sept. 13.*��� Governor Yates
of Illinois, who is hore, issued the
following proclamation postponing
Illinois day: In view of tho serious
change in tho condition ot the President within tlie last few hours, it is
thought hert to postpone indefinitely
all arrangements aud exercises in
connection with Illinois day. If, in
the providence of God the President
shall recover, the State of Illinois can
show her interest in the Pan-American
Exposition and her rejoicing by naming another Illinois day. (Sgd.)
I.icnurd Yates, Governor.
When the peoplo of Nelson awoke
yesterday morning and read that the
President's life was despaired of they
received the news with consternation.
The last nows of the night before was
that his progress towards recovery
was uninterrupted and suoh alarming
nows was entirely unlookod for. The
serious turn of affairs waa the sole
'opic of convsrsation on tho streets.
Hundreds of enquiries weie made at
The Miner Office all morning.
At half past nine the Spokane Falls
,t Northern Telegraph Co., posted a
bulletin that Mr McKinley had passed away This the Canadian Pacific
Telegraph Co. immediately denied,
but bad news travels faster than good,
and many Hags were half-masted and
ot'ior signs of mourning displayed.
Twenty minutes later Tho Miner
issued an extra which gave the news
of tho patient up to noon, Buffalo
time, and a general story of how the
night had passed nt the bedside
The nows was iocoivcd with great
satisfaotion as it showed there was
still a slight hope. All day anxious
enquiries were made and The Miner's
telephone was kept busy. At UilO
oauio word that tbe President was nn
The C. P. R. telegraph has given a
splendid service since GlozgoBz flred
the fatal shots and Manager Symth
and his sttitT have done all in their
power to get all the news for the
papers and through them to the
Victoiia, B. C, Sept. 13���There
was a rumor in circulation this morning to tlie effect that torpedo boat
No. 311 attached to thu British squadron in these waters had foundered in
Seymour narrows on thu east nuaat of
the island. Tho report proved to be
without foundation.
London, Sept. 14.���4 a. m.���President McKinley's fight for life haa
watched from the outset in Great
Britain with an intensity that has
beon recalled the last days of (_ueen
Victoria. Every phase of medical
evidence lias beeu keenly discussed
and the painful suddenness of the collapse after a revival of hope deeply
stirred the nation. The spontaneous
and heartfelt participation iu the
anxiety of the American people at the
bedside of the dyiDg President has
been expressed   in eclitorals in all the
moiniug papers whicli
were still holding theii
for tbo last sad news.
:i. m.
Chicago, HI., Sept. 13.���The anarchist habeas corpus case was postponed until 10 o'clock tomorrow, no
decision bolng given on any of tho
points raised.
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London, Sept. 111.���Mr. Cliaote has
sent the following message tD Lord
Landsowne; "My (Iovernment desires
to convey to Lord Hnpetoim, Govei*
nor-(!eneral of Australia, and Lord
Uaufour, the tlovernor of New Zealand, their most sincere gratitude
and the thanks of thf people of the
lluited States for their messages of
hoartfelt sympathy. Will you please
assure them that these messages, coming as they do, from tlio most remote
quarters of tho wide Hritish Empire
and all inspired with the same earnest brotherly interest, have touched
the hearts of the President's countrymen and are deeply appreciated.
They are in the highest degree cheer
ing to the President and
The news of the death of the President was received in Nelson in less
than one minute after it occurred. It
took precedent over everything on the
0, P. R, wires. It was Hashed from
Buffalo to Montreal and thence to
Vancouver and on to Nelson. So
quick was the servicaand so prepared
was the Telegraph coinpany to handle
it expeditiously that before the lasl
word of the brief ineflsflg" loft lluffalo
the lirst word wns being dashed off on
tho typewriter in Nelson. It was
bulletined in two places in Nelson
in less than ono minute fiom the time
Mr. McKinley breathed hiH last--at
the Miner oflice, and tho C. P. I!.
Telegraph ofllee.
As soon as tho news was announced
Mayor Fletcher ordered the tolling
of the flro bell, which notified the
public of the passing of the President.
Atlantic S.S. Sailings
From Montreal
Allan Lino Tunisian  Aug. 30
Allun  Lino Numidlan ,   ���Bopt, 7
Boavor Llue Lako tittporlov Au*. 8U
Boavoc Lino Lnko Simcoe. < Sept. ii
Franco-Canadian Line Garth Castle.... Aug, -to
Fmiico-Ciuii-diiiu Lino  VVii.._au Sept. 17
From Portland, Me.
Dominion Lino Vancouver   Sept,   7
IMiiiniiiuii Lino   I .omnium  ,.. Sept. li
From New York
White Star Line Tmil.m.o AUHf, 28
While Htur Lino Germanic Kept,   4
(.unard Lino KLrurta Aim 31
Cunard Line   bOl'Vla Sopt,   8
American Lino st. Haul Auk. 38
American Line st, Louis Sept. 4
French  Line l/Aqultalne  ���* Autf, 20
French Line La Uhutnpasno  Bopt,  5
N. g, L. Kui erln Maria Theresla be pi. 10
Anchor Lino City of Homo Kept. 7
Hamburg American Deul-sehhuirt Sept.  i
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City PasaouRor Agent. Neluon, B, C.
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pipe ami bteel raita, and geaer&J cummin-.luu
A    MACDONALD   &   Co.-Corner   Frou
���   (iiiii  ii,ui  oireete���Wholesale  grocer
ana jobbers in   t-lttUU-Otet* gloves, muif..   buoU.
rubbers, maofcinaws aud uiiuors uuuurles.
rBUUNd & Co.���Haker titreet, Nelson���
���   \, holesale dealers ui frcoii una cured
uiuain.   Cold storage,
\\7 HttiT    K-WOi'KNAY    J.b'T.;il-'_lt    CO.-
fV     baker ptreet,Nelsou��� Wholesale (tea
ein in frosh unl eurud meats,
titreet, Nelson ������ Wholesalo djuhus io
hardware, miners' supplies, Hiiorting k-jou*.
VT'LACHLAN BHOd. (Successors to Vau
jJlA. oo ever Hardware Co, l_td.j linker direct.
Nelson���Wholesale dealers iu hardware und
iiiming supplies* plumbers' aud Liur-iiiM.ha" ��up
[���vT KLson II.-I_d.vai.-_; CO.- Wholesale
JA points, oun uud KituM; nioubamos1 tooin
Agents 101 Ontario Powder Works; lynamiie
rilURNKa, itKi.ToN & Co.���Oornor Vernon
X. ami Josephine Streets, Nelson���Whole
buio du.uoi'f. in liquors, cigars, and drygoods,
Agents lor Kili-i lirewingCo. oi AUiwaucee
aud Calgary Jlrewlug Co oi Calgary,
j I UDdON'd iM    Ou.    '�����!"' grocerlo
1  k      liuO U-l-toi. u .0., .0 .i_<Ji   uiriOvw, kSwlSUU.
Jluil and r'ront BLrueta
~el8on���-Lumber, riolltug, llouiin;;, and every
tluog Ui wood for building uurpotiQB. Get oui
priotm.   UorruKiionduii-t! HOlioltod,
New York, Sept. II.���On neeount r.f
the death of President McKinley the
international     yneht   races     for   the
America's cup between Shamrook II.
and Columbia will he postponed.
liWnther or not the postponement will
lie for a few weeks or until next season has not beun dochled.
mu:  imiiiiiik Mold   ProDertlet-We are
uii\1ouh to Her.ure a tew free ml ill,it; auld
i��ro|M'rii,'H nl ��'.   The  I'rofipocUir'H   Kx*
rlmuii,',   Nt'lNOn,   U.   ���,   Uuulu 4,   K.���***>',���('.
<i��LI. SILVKIt (OFI*KU l.t:,I��~HlUC*    ami
prosper.,), ��� uiilrtl. scud report uud Ralll*
pics lo Ihe I'roHpi'i'lur'N K\eliun*(i*. NeUon.
B.O.   Boom4 li. ~. <. bloek.
obtained in all countries
Registered Patent Attorney, Mechanical Engineer and Draughtsman, Hank of B. N A. building,
Hastings St., Vancouver, H (J .
Write for full particulars.
BALLON tr. CO.���Doalero In oro sucks
anil IwiiicH.   AKviij-, ,* lari-i' RtOCk  on
nil. 'rolopiKHioiWJ. Kuu.n ll. K.-W.-0 Block
North Creek, N. Y., Sept. 111. ��� Vice- i
President Hoosovelt started at (I
o'clock this morning from Tahaws
CMub with guides on a hunting trip
through the forest On receipt of the
dispatches stating that President McKinley was critically ill, men immediately started 111 search of him lip
to r> o'clock it wan impossible to
locate him Out he was finally found
00 the top of Mount llurcy, a distance
of lOmlleB'fron the club house, at
which point the despatches from
lluffalo were delivered to him The
viee-pri'sidont Immediately stared for
the elub at which point teama wore
waiting to convoy him with the
quickest speed to the railway.
Washington. Sept. 13.���A premature
announcement of the President's death
| was given out at the White   House by
Cork, Sept. CI.���At today's meeting
of the conionin council of Cork a resolution of BVPIIiatlly with President
McKinley wns pronosed by Sir .lolin
Suotl,, but it had to be withdrawn be*
cause Aild ���rmaii Cave,a labor muni-
ber, opposod It, declaring that Mr.
McKinley was no friend of Ireland
hut a friend of Great llritain.
lireat consternation wus fell, by the
friends of M. A. llogarty of Lnxmg
ton, Ky.,When Ihey saw he was turn-
in_r yellow. Ills skin slowly chungod
color also his eyes, and be suffered
terribly. Ills malady was Vellow
.laundlco.      Ilu was treated bythe best
doctors, but without benefit,   Then be
was advised to try Electric Hitters,
the wonderful stomach and Liver
remedy, and he writes: "Alter taking two bottles I was wholly cured."
A trial proves its matchless merit for
all Stomach, Liver ami Kidney
troubles. Only 860, Sold by Canada
Drug .fc Hook Co.
Have you seen Perle's Raincoats
made In Serge, Worsted and Tweed.
Kvery garment guaranteed. KERR S
0A��8.-MtlAL3ala 0ARTE.
Close connection Bast and Westbound al, Spokane with trains of the
Spokane Falls and Northern Railway,
and at Bonner's Ferry witn  Kootenay
Kaiiwuy ._ Navigation Oo,
Direct, connection at lit, Paul without change of depot, with all trains for
Ohioago, Toronto, Montreal, New Yori<
and nil points Wist ami Soutli,
Loaves Spokane daily for'East at_l):l.'i a in
Loaves Spokane daily tor West at 7:15 a.in
Loavea Spokane daily lor Went at 8:00 pn**
West-bound trains make direct con-
iieclion for Vlotoria and Vancouver,
Portland, Ban Francisco, and all points
oil til,' .' ,Miiid.
During the season ot navigation Hast
bound trains connect at Duluth with
the magnificent steamships Nortli-West
and North-Land of LheNorthern Steam*
skip Company Line, operated in con*
nection with the Great Northern Ball*
For further Information, maps, folders, etc., apply lo any agent of Spokano
Fulls A Northern Hy., Kaslo Sc Slocan
Hy., Knotei ai Railway ic Navigation
(li*, or to
11. A. .1ACKSON. Com'l Agent,
Spokane, Wash.
O. K. TA_.__A1.UUY, Will Agent,
Nelson. R "
COMPANY, Limited.
Notioe in hereby Riven thai nn extraordinary genera) meeting of t.liu above
named company .vill bo licit) at* the
reg late red oflloe of tim Company on
Bolter street id tbe City of Nelson,
Rritish Columbia) on Monday.the 33rd
day of September, A. I)., looi, at lhe
hour of eleven o'clock in the fore-
noun for the purpose of considering,
and if tlmu^iii fit,pasting a resolution
authorizing tbe dii ectors to raise tin-
Mini of one hundred lIioumux! pounds
(filOOiOOO) by tin; issue of mortgage
bonds, or debentures! or otherwise, to
huuIi person or persons, uompany or
corporation) and upon suoh terms and
uonditions un tn thu directors may
snom innft.   ity ordor,
Nelson, Oth September, 1901.
Dominion and
Land Surveyor.
i6g NELSON  I. C
To All
Eastern Points via
Rout., All-Rail or Soo
via   St.   Paul   or   Chi
Li pi oil's
linchl llavoi
Tea   i.s   a winner.    1'iire,
, anil first package lea put
low! try a battle, a iloznn, or a liarrol of
QALQARY BEER iu* " Ih tlio bum and
cliuauiiHl on l.lio iniirkut.. AIho try our
WINES,    LIQUORS     and     CIQARS.
Tel, pliimi-IU
A. TAMBLYN. Ma�����������������
���takarSU, Neliton
West Transfer Co.
Goal m Wood
Best   Fir and   Tamarac   Al_
ways on hand.
All Kinds of Teaming and
Commission Work*
Office on   tior��r Street, Ti
il, XI
Pan-American Exposition
BUFFALO. $76.00.
Sixty    Days'     Limit.
Good going Sept. 3rd, 17th
rhroilgh Sleeping Cars Kootenay Ldg. to Toronto. Arrowhead to Vancouver.
Kor pamphlet, deioriptlve ol Oan
aiiiau PaclUo tours and for Time Tab h
Hateh, XickeU, apply
,ty Passenger A^fit
can he sngaged for Private I'iirtios,
Socials. Receptions, Halls, etc, For
particulars apply to |. B. POLLARD, E, J. Rnhic's Tailoring
ICstahlishinent, llakcr Street.
, H. Oaktku,
Dih. I'l^a. Agt.
Nell 11
EC, J. I'l'YI.K
A. (I. P. A.
Hlimftu IIUOKKK, jiiioii riai.K;
Wluilftrinoro MUMS,   I'lirroipoiiitiucfi'-lol'-OlLU
WINOKIt-llil-l.. 11. 0.
:> Nelson Daily Miner Saturjw. September 14,  1901
Wall Paper
We have on sale for
n few days a line of
Remaanta    of   Wall
Papon*    The     onor-
moue sale of our well
known   WALL   PA.
vH'i >ia- 1.-ft tn with ri few odds and en<i-
1  at we wi*!-to Hear oui.   The lengths vary
tram 2 to 6 Double RoIIh. quite fiuffirient for a
large an  will  ha a small room.   Tho prices
range from 16c. per bundle up, bul while iho
prio<   ..relowth* trade of our WALL 1'A-
1*1-;!; i-KMN ANT-3 Is as i_oo<l as ever.
Pianos to Rent at 87 per month.
��� tHHWVWV vwvwwww*
*��� Tlie Kaslo commenced running on
fie unito between Nelson anil Kaslo
y isterday.
A -ession of chambers will be held
next Monday, September 16, by Judge
I''oiin,a telegram to that effect having
been received by the registrar of the
court yesterday.
A .sheriff's seizure of the interest of
B. Dufour in the N. Bonaparte claim
was recorded yesterday at the suit of
the Heibo- Brewing Co., to ho sold on
Thursday, September 24th, at Nelson.
On tho uew bridge across the
Columbia at Hobson two spans have
b'en placed and are being completed
ready for the swinging section, which
h it not yet arrived from the bridge
e mpany.
There will be a meeting of the
license commissioners of lhe Nelson
uistrict on Saturday, September 28, to
consider the application of \V. S
Iklye for a licnese for the North
Mar hotel at Hall Siding.
Tho camp on the Nelson-Granite
wi, in road was shifted yesterday
from its first location a mile and a
ball out, to a point near Sandy creek
Where it will probably remain until
the road is completed.
The Nelson Checker Club will be
reorganized for tbe fall and winter,
'and will entei on a series of games
shortly. The secretary announces that
a meeting will be called to make ar
langcnieots some evening next   week.
Three of the five boys who wore
summoned to appear at tho police
court yesterday nioining showed up,
and wore remanded until today, the
other two did not arrive and tho con-
Btalile sent to look them up was unable to locate their whereabouts.
A meeting of tho musical committee
of the Nolson Operatic Society was
held in Dr. Lallan's ollice last nigbt
when it was decided to produce the
opera "Chimes of Normandy," providing a suitablo conductor can hi
secured. Overtures will be made to
Herr Stcinei.formerly ol Nelson, who
now resides in Spokane and who so
ably conducted former product ions,
lt is hoped that his services can bi
secured as this would assure an artistic production
Minister and Young Lady A fleeted.
Ministers sometimes find they suffer
from the cfect* of bad hahils as well as
ordinary people.      Uev. Mr. , of
Athons, N. Y., had become greatly
emaciated from (toffee drinking,which
produced stomach trouble and all of
tho effects of overwork or poor Hour
He quit the colfee and began drink
Ing Postum Cereal Food Colfee.
His hoaltll began to improve and he
now weighs 1.11 pounds, nn increase
uf Ir, pounds 0V61 his former weight.
This improvement in health anil
strength is shown to be due to lhe use
of Postum Food Coffee, by the fact
that when he stops di inking Postum���
as he has done fin an experiment���ho
begins lo lose Mesh   and get   tack into
his old eondition,
A young lady who writes about the
ease says that She vva.s formerly sulTer-
ing greatly from "those twin
diseases, " dyspepsia ami iiiii'Voumioh.s.
"i knew that both of the diseases
had thoir origin in the use of coffee,
and whilo I was fully aware of its
Injurious olTcctH upon   my  system,   I
was not willing to give it up, for I
did not know nf anything to take its
placo. Tea, I knew, was also Injurious, and as fur cocoa, It lacked the
'snap and go' which can alone satis.'y
a ooffee drinker's   taste,   About  two
yeRrs ago I purchased my lli'Ht box of
Poltum Food Coffee and quit the use
of tailTee. I made I'ostuin according to
directions and found I had a drink
not only equal to colfee, but far superior lo it. in many ways Since that
timo have usod it constantly and find
my general health very much improved, nnd the'twin diseases' gone.
I also send yon the nan.es of Kev. and
Mis. , of   Athens,    N.    Y..    who
have been greatly helped by the lift*
of Postum Food Colfee iu the place of
ordinary coffee.''
Tomorrow at Emmanuel church,
Bev. Wm. Munroe will preach in the
evening on "Sooialism as a Force in
Nelson." This will be tht third of c
series of addresses on "Forces in
Nelson.1' Appropriate mnsic will be
given by the choir. A cordial invitation is extended to everyone.
At the Presbyterian church tomorrow morning Kev. W, II. Wilson, of
N'eemueh, India, will preach on
"India's Need of Christ. " and in the
evening on "Signs of the Times in
India." Kev. Mr. Wilson has been a
Presbyterian Missionary at Neemuoh
for the last seventeen years.
An action has been entered by Archibald Bremner against the Arlington
Mines, Limited, Slocan City, for a
balance of 11,010 due on a contract to
deliver mine timber, and 82,000 damages for the breach of that contract
by the Arlington Mines. The aetio.i
is entered in the Supreme Court and
will be tried at   Nelson in  December.
You should'nt send out of town for
cards for yourself or your husband
until you see wbat Thc Miner can do
for you.
Daniel Fraser has entered an action
it Kru* against William Davis, manager of the Transvaal-Zambesi company, to be tried in the Supreme
Court at Nelson in December, claim-j
ing distribution of profits in the}
floating of certain mineral claims by
the said William Davis in the London
market, and also claiming SJ900 for
assessment work performed
The legiilar meeting of lhe Nelson
Socialistic Educational Club will be
held in the Miners' Union Hall, on
.Sunday afternoon next . As it is expected that Kev. II. II. lipid, Congregational Minister of Seattle will be in
the city Ibis evening, an cffoit will
be made to secure him for an address
for the meeting of the club.
The following books have been
added to the Nelson library: Capt.
Kavenshaw by K. W. Stephens, The
Infidel by M. 10. Ilradden, Ivan
Ilyitcllby, and What to Uo'.1 by L. N.
Tolstoi, Naturo by K. W. Emerson,
Sartor Knstailus, by Thos. Caryl lo,
Knickerbocker's New York, nnd
iiraeebridge Hall by Irving, Vivian
llrey by llcaeonslield, Silence ol Dean
Maitland by Maxwell Gray, Cranford
by Mrs. Haskell, Two Admirals, Wing
Sc Wing, Water Witch by J. i".
At tho record ollice yesterday the
fo1 lowing transactions were recorded:
Locations, Davenport, on northeast
slopn of Mount Veide by T. Ii. Illack-
berger and II. W. Keeb; Mam, on
westerly slope of Pino Alto mountain
near Second Relief mine by (I. II.
Root; Copper Reward, on northwest
slope of Siwash mountain, by T. K.
Hlael. bnrger and U. W. Iv'nch; Rock
Island, on northeast fl.oJ.ie of Mount
Verde by (ino. 11. Root; North Star,on
Sandy Creek, by J. P, Swedborg; Hold
Dust Fractional, on Sandy oreek,by
Oscar Johnson. Certificates of work
weie issued to F. Earnshaw on the
Eldorado (He Skatteboon Branch Mint.
Whon Magnier, thc absconding express agont of Waneta, was arrested
at, Vancouver, $7111 wns found on his
person and on that of his son who was
with hiin. The. prisoner was locked
up in the Vancouver city jail pending
his lemovnl to Nelson w'hein h�� will
come up for his preliminary hearing.
Constable Young loaves this morning
tor Vancouver to biing bim baik.
When in Nelson, on his way to the
coast, Magnier was vory anxious to
attract no attention to himself by
changing large bills anil when it was
necessary for him to seoure change he
Sen! bis son to gel, a bill changed at a
locnl store. The merehnnt asked the
youngster what he was doing wilh
suoh a large hill and Ihe reply was
thai his father liad|senl Jiim out to
get it changed.
The regatta of the Nelson Hunt club
wil] be held this afternoon eoiuiieiic-
ing at 2 p. in. shaip, and will consist
of four-oared races, Interspersed with
Indies' doubles, gentlemen's doubles,
mixed doubles, tandem I'anoe, jipsct
canoe, and omnibus races and a tilting  contest.    The  lirst   race of iho
foiir-oareil crews will he al. 2 and tin,
final boat at IS p. in. All races will
linisli opposite the icc-linniui pier
whore a float will    bo moored for   the
convenience of the judges.
(Continued from First Page)
Queen   Studio   portraits are   bright
and up-to-dato.
,1. M. Ludwig left for Spokane yesterday to attend lhe fair.
W. II. Ilulloi'k-Wehster leliirned to
Nelson Thursday evening.
D. o Lewis, of the 0, I'. R. staff,
leaves foi Kcvcistoho this morning.
A daughter was horn to the wife of
Mr. Robertson, of the 0. P. R. shops,
yesterday afternoon.
A. II. MeKeiiney,agent ot the Oulta
Perelia Rubber Company, is in the
city. He came in direct fiom Toronto
via the Crow's Nest line nnd will
make a tour of   the   Kootenay towns.
II   Lnekliinn, M.    ES.,   arrived   here
yesterday from Rossland, nnd left for
tim   Lavlna  group  m   the   Dunoon*
Liu do group of which be is the engineer iu charge. Mr. Luiikma.ii spunks
hopefully of the pio"poets of the La-
VIna group.
strongly democratic, and McKinley
was re-elected to congress by the narrow tuaigiu of eight votes. McKinley
oontinued his support of the policy
of protection, opposing with great
vigor what was known as the Morrison tariff bill.
At the republican national conven-
ioii in 1884 McKinley was an avowed
supporter of Mr. Blaine, He took an
active interest in the presidential
campaign of that year, nccoinpanying
Mr. Blaine on his tour through the
middle west. McKinley was re-elected
to congress in 1SN4 by 2,000 majority.
and In 1880 by a majority of 2,550.
He strongly opposed the tariff bill in*
trod ued by Mr*. Mil If, and was the
chief liguro, on the republican side, in
a scries of remarkable debates. It
may be classed as the opportunitny
of Mr. McKinley's life, and was
splendidly improved. On April :.'.
IsHS, he presented to tho bouse the
views of the minority of the ways and
means committee on the Mills lull. On
May 18, Ihe day the general debate
was iti close, he delivered what was
described at tbo time as "the most.
effective and eloquent tariff speech
overheard in congress." The scenes
attending its delivery weie full of
dramatic interest. The press of the
country gave the speech extraordinary
attention, republican committees scat*
ti'iml millions of copies of it, and it
every where tecanie a text book ot the
campaign. At the republican national
convention of IHss, McKinley wns
pressed to become a candidate for the
presidential nomination, but he persistently refused, laboring strenuously
' Hi behalf of his fiiend, John Sherman. Whilo be could not accomplish
I Sherman's nomination, ho preserved
1 bis own integrity and increased the
respect and condlier.ee of tho people
lin himself. He was elected to the
j fifty-first congress by a majority of
U.lOo. He was a candidate for speaker of this eongiess, but was beaten in
1 caucus on the third ballot by Thomas
I II. Reed. He became chairman of the
' ways and means committee. On April
10, 1800, he Introduced the general
tariff measure which has since borne
his name. Ilis speech in support of
this bill fully sustained liis reptatiim
as au orator.
In I8.111 bis district having been
gerrymandered again, McKinley was
defeated by 300 votes. In the Ohio republican slate convention of 1801 he
was nominated fcr governor hy nccla-
mation. Ho conducted a wonderful
canvas, and was elected governor by, a
majority of 21,500, At the republican
national convention of 1892 he was
niged to allow the use of his nnmo as
a candidate. lie replied that bo ne-
lleved President Harrison justly entitled to another term. lie asked his
friends not lo vole for him, but foT
Hai ri soil. Still when the ballot was
taken many persisted in voting for
him though his name bad not been
formally presented, The Ohio delegation responded -M lo two for him.
He challenged the vote, and r-ut himself on roi ord for Harrison, who on
the entire roll call received 53fi votes;
Bainel82; McKinley IK:;; Reed four,
and Lincoln one. McKinley moved to
make the nomination unanimous,
and the motion prevailed without oh
joction. After the loss of the light by
the republicans he gave up neither
courage nor confidence, Iu 1803, at
the republican convention at Ohio, he
was unanimously renominated for
llovcrnor, nnd was lo-oloctold by au
ovei cvholinning plurality.
(In the expiration of his term as
governor, McK in iny returned to his old
home at Canton. Already throughout
thu country had begun a movement ill
his favor thnt, proved almost Irresistible in every republican statu convention. State after state, and district
aftur district,   declared for bim until,
wlien Uu, national convention
assembled, he was the choice of mora
than two-tb 1 rds of the delegates. In
the republican National convention
held In St.. Louis in .lune I8IHI, he was
nominated on the lirst ballot, receiving
liiiil', out of II--' vn'o.s.ilnd in the ensuing   election   he   11 ived   a   popular
vote of ?, 1111,77:1,.1 plurality ol 001,81(4
over William,). Bryan, In the. electoral college. McKinley received :J7I
voles, against 170 for Bryan, The
prominent issues In the canvass wero
tin* free oolnagc of silver anil the
restoration of tbo protective tariff
'on Marcli I, 1807, McKinley tool;
the oath of ollico at Washington, For
members of his oabinet the named thn
following: Seeretary of State, .lohn
Sherman of Ohio; Secretary of (he
Treasury, Lyman .1. (ingo of Illinois;
Secretary of War, Rnssol A. Alger of
Michigan; Secretary of the Navy,
.lohiill. Long of Mnssaehusetts, Noer'e-
tury of the Interior, Cornelius N.
lilissof New Yoik, Attorney Oeneral,
Joseph McKcnnn   of     California;
Postmaster General, James a. Gary of
New Jersey; Secretary of Agriculture,
James Wilson of Iowa.
In 1000 McKinley was unanimously
renominated by thu republicans, nud
was rc-clcclcd over William ,1. Ilrynn
by a vote of 7,208,054 to 0,358 789,
The electoral college stood 202 for
MoKinley and 155 for llryan.
Mr. McKinley inurried 011 January
25, 1871, Miss Ida Saxtou of Clinton.
Two daughters wero born to Ihcm,
but both were lost iu early chihl-
liood.      Mrs. McKinley s   health, not
robust nt nny   time, never bus rallied
from   these    two     doaths     in    till I oh
���The latest styles nud newest materials iii Children's ltendy-to*Wear
Coals for full and winter at K Kit It Sc
Vancouver, II. C, Sept. 1:1.���J. B.
Cbarleson, superintendent of the all-j
Canadian wire to Dawson stated today
that the wire would be in operation
on Sunday. It is sain that on Saturday afternoon greetings will be wired
direct from Dawson to Premier
Referilng to the disallowance of the
B. C. anti-Japanese immigration
legislation, Japanese Consul Sliiniizn
says his government wiil continue lo
prohibit Japanese coolie Immigration
to America,
�� NO. 4 K.-W.-C. BLOCK. NELSON. B. C.
I Oold, Silver-Lead   and   Copper Mines wanted at tlie EXCHANGE
. FREE   MILLING   GOLD   properties   wanted at once for Eastern
t investors.
, Parties having   mining   property for   sale are   requested to send
* samples of their ore to the EXCHANGE for exhibition.
��� We  desire  to  hear from prospectors who have promising mineral
\ claims in liritisli Columbia.
, Prospectors  and   mining   men   are requested   to make  the  EX-
! CHANGE their headquarters when in Nelson.
All samples should be sent by express,  PREPAID.
f Correspondence solicited.    Address all communications to
Rossland, B. C Sept. 1:1. Henry
Bratnober, the mining expert who
represents an important section of Ec
lloi shareholders, hns shown Secretary Woodside of the Miners' Union a
cablegram from the new directorate
of the company stating that they "ill
uot alter the present management
wholly in regard to the strike. Mr.
Bratnober statos for publication Hint
ho is working iu complete harmony
with Bernard Macdonald, the local
manager. This will have an important bearing oil the strike situation as
the   Minds'    Union believed a settle-
ent could be arranged on terms
satisfactory to their organization,
after the new_directorate assumed control of the companies affairs.
0    Telephone No. 104.   P. O. Box 700. NELSON. B G.   _
. %rV*A**A>%��0*r*4V*ArV*****<>*r>rm***f\i\^^
"Zbe TRo^al Bank of Canaba"
A meeting uf tho Rocky Mountain
Rangers and Rille association was
held last evening in the armory and it
waB decided that shooting should take
place every Saturday afternoon at _
o'clock, and that if any members
wished to shoot on Sundays at least
six names will have.to be handed to
Sergeant Steel not later than 11.30 p.
iu. on the Saturday proceeding the
shooting, otherwise markers will Uot
be at the butts Any mourners of the
Rocky Mountain Rangers who wish to
go to Victoria liui-l hand in their
names tu Sergeant steel tonight,without fail. Tho desire is to ascertain
how many wish to go to Victoria on
lhe occasion of the visit of the Duke
and Duchoss jf Cornwall and York,
Those who go will hnve to bo away
for at least �� week.
A meeting of the Nelson Rifle Association to pick a team to go to Kossland mid to discuss matters in connection with the annual prize meeting
will take place Tuesday evening September 17th at the West Transfer
ollice at 8 o'clock.
<'n*,lliil  Authorized,
Incorporated 1869.
H':i,imhi,iiihi.imi I Capital  i'lild-up,     ,    .    .      W'.ihki ikhi in
���*�����' #l,lwi,ll��l!g,
Hoard of  Iftlrfrfum      Thomas K. Kenny.   President;   Thcmiii.il  Kltchle.   Vice FrM-lnnl
iWiloy Smith   II. U. Uauld, Hot. David MucKeon.
Head Olllii', llulirax!
General MnnriKor, Eil���on L. Peaso, Montreal.
Superintendent of Branches, and Sucrouiry, Vt'. li. Torrance, Halifax
llrnn    es I
;��bl*c���Montreal,   (City   Ollico),   Montroal
West  lOud (Cor. Not.ro   llamo and Hot,*-
iiaurs Streote);   Wesl mount, (Cor. Ureoua
Avenue and St. Catharines Stroot,
Newfoundland���St, John's,
Cuba, Went Indies���Havana.
1 inn ii ftlalea���Now York ill! KxchaiiKe Plata
"Our little daughter had an almost
fatal attack of whooping cough and
bronchitis," writes Mrs. W. K. Haviland, of Arni.ink, N. Y , "but when
all other remedies failed wc saved her
life with Hi. Ring's New Discoveiy.
Our niece who had Consumption in nn
advanced stage,also used this wonderful medicine and today she is pefeet-
ly well." Desperate throat and lung
troubles yield to Dr. King's New
Discovery ns to no other medicine on
earth. Infallible foi Coughs and
Colds. r,oc and SI.(HI bottles guaranteed by Canada Drug & Uuok Co.
Trial bottles free.
Perle's Waterproofs   on    display   al
KERB -��� CO.'S.
For boualide students enroute to
college the Canadian Pacific railway
will issue tickets tn Toronto at .80.40,
to Montreal at SilH.lO. Tickets on
sale Sept. 11 to so, l^nM particulars
at City ticket olliee or station.
I).  P. A., Nelson.
If yon don't like Blue Ribbon Tea it's
because you   ever tasted it
IT'S THB 01.I) .siokY
A   Well Known Toronto gonlloman tried all
tim CiiIihtIi cures hoard of fur ���/Darns at
insi .lii|inni'-c catarrh Ouro removed every
symptom of tho discaso,   It 0111'on poriuai
Mi'W. 11. Williams, or 2.11  Church Btroot
Toronto, writes!   "1 ItnvoiiKod.fnpneflotlalari'li
Cnrofor onlarrh.aud uollovo 11 to lie an nrllalo
of KUporlor nni'il.   Il linitgtvon inn Inimndlato
rollnf, uml oitrod mo oomnlutoly nf nmito ca*
iiii'ili. whioh hail troiiblud mo foryoam   I  he
llovo 1 havo trlod ovory othor roinoil* known
fiti'i'iinri'h.liiii in I'luli hsinneo in* catarrh iv
till' I.   Il I- new *unn' l-lmo sllllio bolliu I'llri'il
ivIlhJapi Catarrh Cure, and I linn- sin 0
boon foi' finui ovory symptom of tho tl Incase
I run highly 1 nmmunil this romoily.'  Price
.nfiviitH, un iIm.vi 1
Km'mdi! hy J, !��� Vanslnnn '���'������'���iiiii.h. 0.
Limn Dprtiit
A very full lino of these, including several reserved brands on
hand* Shipments for Kootenay
arc made from Victoria,
Additions to our stocks ure being
continuously received by sailing vessels via Cape Horn.
A stork nf thes.' embracing tho loat)*
intf brunt..., is carried at Nolson,
thereby en lib ling quid- dollvory to
Kootonay buyers,
.Curried in slock in Nelson.
R. P. Rithet & Com Limited
A1>    _f 1 1-? A \r      Koolmmy
���   IV  KM lY_/Y V    lt(>|.i.'*_.ti..ui.-.-
P, 0. Hox G_il      .       NolHon.
'ova   Srolla��� Halifax   Branch,   AnUKoni-l
Jtriilis'i)wilier, GujHhoro. I_onil_mt-orry, l.u
enlmrg. Maitlaiut (Jlantn Co.), Pictou, Port
Ha .vkeNbury, Sydney. tihubonacadie.Truro,
W oynioulh.
New    itnmsivhk ��� Bathurst.     DoroheHter,
Fruilcriuinn, KiiiKHtou {Kent Co.), Monc
ton, Newcastle, Hackvill... St, John,Woodi.lock-
I*. !���:. iMlaii-l���Charlotte tow 11, Summotvide. K^mbiic WohI
Grand   Forks, Nanaimo,   Nelson,   Rosslana,
Vancouver East End, Victoria.
. liri'f HlHIIIlll'llls :
ranaila-MorctiantR Bank ot Canada.   ttoMnn-National Khawmnt tliink.   Chleimt-llllnnl.
Trust and Sayings Bank,   San Fmnclwu-ll'IrHt National Bank.   Lmi.l.in,  KuK. - Ilmik of
Scotland.   Paris, France���Urodlt Lvonnala.   Bermuda-Bank of Borninda.   <i1i.1111ui.tj,
pan���Huiik k.ong and Shanghai BankliiK Corporation.    Spokane-Old National Bank,
(i.iieial Banking Buslnesi Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange   [tough
and Sold, Letters of  Credit, EU., Negotiated.
Accounts receivod ou the most favorable terms.    Interest allowed on special
deposits and on Saving Bank accounts.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson. B.C.
t>��� . ���*_���
Our Hardware
The bookkeeper takes
a trial balance; you
take a trial of onr
hardware, and you'll
stay with us tin' bil-
anco of your days antl
the balance will always be in your favor
Hardware should he carefully sclcctcil, because it is
Dot bought every week in the
year, and once a (rood article
is purchased you are doubly
*jf /k,no AHrdA/ to <t*u>tnj  &/ &lA/
rf /n^MAj,   -^t/tCc^tij ft*/      j
H. & M. BIRD
82,450 now-, seven-roomed house on
Hoover struct, thoroughly up to date,
lirst class plumbing,     Kasy terms.
Bight  nun 1 house on Mill   street
and four lots. Plumbing complete
New fin unci*. Terms to suit purchaser.
Seven roomed cottage and three lots
on Ohscrvatry street. Plumbing complete.    lOasy tonus.
8,5.00���Seven roomed bouso on Carbonate stieet very hand to
town. Heated by furnace, Wired
for   electric light.
812.00���Cottage on Robson siroet.
f 15.011���Cottage Oil Waul street.
The lute storm has driven tho
ducks into the Kootenay Flats.
The House-Boat is lor rent to parlies wishing to g*o duck shooting. 1
Man and canoes in charge.
I'or terms apply to
Or lo The Miner Ollice,
Porto Rico Lumber
Co., Limited.
Rough and
Dressed  Lumber,
Shingles, Mouldings.
A-l White Pine Lumber Always m
Wn carry a OOmplOtO stuck of Const KloorlnB
Colling, liisiilc Pintail, Turned Work, BMh��*"J
Doors. Hpoolal ordor work wHlrucolvtj.i'oiiii1*'
iillciilioii'   Mall oraora HOlicillal.
Will pay tho highest oash prion for all
kinds ol seoond hand goods. Will buy
or sell anything from an anchor to a
needle. * ornitnre, stoves, oarpert*.
-ookuig uteusilB, bought in household
luiintitios.     Also  oast   off   clothing.
_iii ""_-. "��� me or write* Addreae
Hilver King Mike, Box _tM_ Hall
Siroet, Nolnon, B. U
Porto Rico Lumber Co.,
Hoail Ofllon- l>.���.1*-. v anil Voiron VI.. Nolwn
i^YOUR horse"
Is lame or inteifeie-5
bring him to the City
Horseshoeing" Shop. J*3
sephine Street
J* C. GWILLIM, B*.  Sc*,
Late of Geological Survey of Canada.     Six years experience in B* C
mining districts.
Baker Street Nelson. B. k


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