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Nelson Daily Miner Nov 1, 1901

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 Daily Edition No. 1180
Nelson,  British Columbia, Firday,  November i, 1901
Eleventh  Year
the   sun
still alive,
killed tomorrow.
Provinc: u Mb
went   down   the
It is expoctcd it   will be
UV g31oo	
The Horse Trade With South
Africa Has Been Very
Customs Returns   Increase.
Quebec Government Win
All Elections.
Montronl, Oct. SI.-Tho directors ol
the Dominion Cotton company met
toJay and decided to pass the half
jearly dividend. Tho effect lias been
to discount the stock on the maihet.
Tbo company has been paying 0 per
cent, annually. The causes for not
deelarinK a dividend aie the extensive
inpioveuicnt mndo to the property
and the large debt Incurred, the directors considering it better to pass the
dividend aud apply the mouey towards
wiping out tliu debts.
Montreal, Oet. 31.���Threo piovincial
bye elections took place today. In
Drumniomlville, ,1. Laffcrty, Government candidate, was elected by 775
majority. In Quebec county, Dolurge,
Government, 200 majority. In Vuu-
dretiil, Pllon, (iovernrneut, also elected. All the candidates were liberals, no Conservatives being nominated.
Toronto, Oct. 31.���Colonel Dcnnison
ol this city siiys that since March he
has shipped 6,400 horses to South
Africa and will ship SOI) next month
and 800 in December, tho latter from
Ottawa, Oet. 31.���Tho Dominion customs revenue for the month of October
snow an inereae of 8l'0O,07S over the
same month mst year. The total
figures were (3,684,840.
nnipeg, Oct. 31.���At tbe board of
trade rooms heie today W. R. Baker,
assistant to the second vice-president
of Ihe C. I', R��� was presented with
a solid silver tea servioj and an address by the business men on the occasions of his removal from Winnipeg
and in recognition of his Integrity,
unfailing courtesy and great ability
displayed both us un official and aa a
public spirited citizen. Mr. Baker
recently left Winnipeg to take up his
residence in Montreal and shortly
alter accompanied the Royal train
across the continent as representative
of the C P. R.
Londtn, Ont., Oct 31.���Ira Sherry,
a farm laborer, died at Victoria hospital on Tuesday night bcoause it is
said, he would not submit to an operation. He suffered from strangulated
hernia and the doctors believed he
could have recovered had he submitted
to the knife. Ho was argued with
and every effort made to induce him
to go upon the operating table.
"No, I came into this world whole
and I'm going out that way," was his
final answer to the protests of the
Fort William, Oct. 31.���A stabbing
affray took place at Port Arthur last
night and one Italian now lies in the
hospital with a knife wound in hia
side about three inches long. Disagreement while drinking beer and playing
cards with other Italians was the
cause of the stabbing. The assailant
is in custody.
loronto, Oct. 31.���James Harry
Lewis was today indicted for manslaughter. Lewis is a Christian
Scientist and his child died from
diphtheria. Thecrown alleges that the
child's death was caused by lack of
proper medical attention.
Lindsay, Oct. 81.���Wm. Milner
Harrison, of Vancouver, Ii. 0., son of
the late Dr. Harrison, former premior
of Manitoba, was married yesterday
afternoon to Miss .lane Talbot tlaid-
ing, eldest daughter of Judge Harding,of this place.
MorriBbnrg, Oct. 31.���Wm. Kilgour,
one of Morrisburg's leading citizens,
died suddenly at noon today. Heart
trouble   was tho causa.
South African Policy Termed
Murderous and Disgraceful.
Cruelties of Russia and Austria No Standard to
London, Oot. 31.���John Morloy, M,
P., addressing his constitutnts today
at Arhri-ath said : The government is
aggravating the e'samial mischief of
tbe situation in South Africa by their
management of the concentration
oamps The death rate of children,
measure it as you will, is hideous,
excessive and appalliDg. The policy
of devastation has been admitted to
be a mistake.
I wonder what Lord Palmerston
would have said of a government justifying themselves by Baying that
Russia in Poland and Austria in
Bosnia had done ^something like tbe
same. The war has entirely changed
in character and is drifting into a
war of extermination of a people
fighting for their own land.
The policy of unconditional surrender and submission moans extermination aud annihilation. The presoni
attitude of the government is one of
sullen desporation. There is nothing
woise than mottle in a blind horse.
Tho King porhaps at no distant date
will have to seek other ministers with
a better insight and a more pliant
mind in face of the dangerous and
complex situation whicb confronts the
French Naval Squadron Recalled for Unstated
Other Nations Approve Proposed French Armed
Toronto, Oct. 31.���John Armstrong,
BKcd 5b, a marble polisher, and Jane,
bis wife, aged 54, were found dead in
their home, 54 Defoe stieet. Armstrong had hanged himself but how
Mis. Armstrong met her death the
coroner's jury will have to decide.
The former was found by his son
hanging from a scantling in the cellar
fiix feet from the iloor. The latter
*a�� found lying in bed, partly
dressed and dead with blood marks on
her face. Armstrong had neon drink-
>��g heavily lately.
Toronto, Oct. 31.���The funeral of
"alter E. II. Massey took plaoo from
tne family residence, 550 Jarvis street,
��t 1.80 this afternoon to the Central
Methodist ohurch, aud from there to
Mount Pleasant cemetery. Thouands
"'citizens turned out to pay their
'���st respects to the deceased. The ser-
��l����8 at the churoh were conducted by
*"��� J- A. Rankin, paBtor of the
church About 1,000 of the employees
*'t,ie Massey-Harris Co. were in at-
wiiilaiinc and preceeded the cortege to
'he cemetery.
Considerably  Bolow   Last  Year   But
Fairly Good
Victoria, Oct. 81.���With the arrival
or the sealing schooners Otto with 822
skins, the top catoh of the fleet; the
Arites with 542,the Unhrina with 834,
and the Penelope with 010, the C. D.
Ran3 with 500 and the Triumph with
52(1, the returns of the season's work
of the pelagic sealers from this port
are complete. The total catoh for the
season is 88,983 skins taken by 33
ships. Of these 10,250 we-e taken in
Behrlng Sea by 24 schooners; 6,253
by nine schooners off Copper island
and Japan; fi,4'.'4 off the Pacific coast.
Last year the oatch was 35,548 for 38
schooners, 17,757 being taken in the
Retiring sea.
While rough weather was encountered the only accidents were the loss
of two canoes with two Indians in
each. Tho officers of one of the
schooners arriving today reports that
the three Japs taken off St. Paul
island by a passenger steamer and
taken to Seattle and sent to Japan
wore not shipwrecked Bailors, as
they said, but poachers in the Japan
sea from a schooner, formerly the
American schooner Henry Dennis.
Tbey were landed on tho island to
club Boals and the schooner being
driven off by a cutter they were left
and told the natives tbat they had
been lost from a Bchooner. They were
oared for until the arrival of a steamer  bound Boutb,
Ernest Stevens, a 18-year-old boy,
was today found gnllty of attempting
to do grevlous bodliy harm to Isaac
Hazenfraiz, whom he shot with a pea
rifle.   Ho will be sentenced tomorrow.
Had Hoped to Drink From
Cup at Southgate.
London, Oot. 31.���Immediately after
bis arriavl in London today, Sir
Thomas Lipton drive out to his sur-
burban residence at Southgate. An
assemblage ol friends and neighbors
met him about two miles from the
bouse witb a band, unharnessed the
shores and drew the carriage homo
Responding to an address of welcome
presented on behalf of the village of
Southgate, he said he had hoped to
drink from the eup in Southgate, but
it had stuck in spite of the jerk he
had given it. "I mean to lift it yet,
he said in conclusion.
Paris, Oot. 31.���The decision to
make a naval demonstration againBt
Turkey was taken at a meeting of the
cabinet on Tuesday at whioh M. Del-
casse, Minister of Foreign Affairs,
explained the Sultan's procrastination regarding the French demands.
Admiral Gaillard'a squadron consists
of two armored cruisers, two second
class cruisers, and one third clnss
cruiser. Tbo crews aggregate 3,286
men, but the vessels will also carry
landing parties. The Journal des
Desbates says; Everyone at Constantinople and the other capitals
must be aware that the Frenoh and
Russians arc completely in accord in
tbis matter. Under these circumstances it is difficult to believe that
the Ottoman government will not
come to terms and recognizing its
error before it is to late, relieve us of
the necessity of using other means
than those of diplomacy and courteous discussion. La Liberte remarks
that tbe fact tnat Admiral Gaillard
has embarked 2,000 marines is a
warning to the Potre that France will
not stop before a slight show of insistence but will go to the end even
though, war should ensue.
i    ���,- 	
Paris, Nov. 1.���A despatch from
Toulon to the Figaro confirms the report of the return of the entire squadron, and adds that Admiral Gaillard's
division is held in readiness to sail at
a moment's notice. Editorially the
Figaro and other morning papers ex-
pieas surprise at this perplexing and
unexplained move after the dispatch
of Admiral Gaillard to the Levant had
been officialiy;annouricd. The Marseilles correspondent of the Matin
says the return was due to the fact
that the squadron left with only two
day's rations.
The Ophir Has a Tempestuous Passage
ana Meets an Iceberg
Yarmouth, IbIo of Wight, Oct. 31.���
During the first night out from St.
Johns, the lookout while the Ophir
was steaming about 15 knots, sighted
an iceberg ahead aod about two miles
off. The berg was first seen by the
cruiser Diadem whioh warned the
Ophir and the squadron changed its
course and reduced speed. The searchlights showed a pale green mass one
hundied feet wide with about 40 feet
above the water. Tbe Ophir's passage
was tempestuous and ended in a gale.
Montreal, Oct 31.-The whale which
Jostcrday invaded Montreal harbor
��H1 lives It is stranded on u rook
ootsmo the guard pier neai the Victim bridge and it is estimated that
"i�� spot was visited   by 10,000 people
u��ng the day, many of whom saw a
'hale spout for   the   first   time.   At-
empts  were  made during the day to
kl" the animal      Hundreds   of  shots   	
were fired at it with rifles but when ! court today
Signs of Conquest Are  Being  Hidden
at Pokin
Pekin,   Oot. 31.���The repairs to tbe
walls,   tower   and   palace  have been
almost completed. A temporary structure has been erected in plaoe   of  the
destroyed   Cbien   Nen   tower,   under
which Emperor   Kwang  Su will pass
when he will enter the forbidden oitv.
It   is   painted   to   resemble   the  old
stone tower with   cannon in the win-
cows and looks like a piece of theatrical scenery.     Every   effort   is  being
made to ooneea!   from   the   Oourt the
evidence of   conquest.     The   British
loopholcd tbe wall at the Btatlon  outside Chicn Nen gate and  tbe  Chinese
are now building another wall outside
this to hide it from view of the court.
Prince   Ching    started   to   meet  the
Glasgow,   Oct    81.-The    bubonic
plague   has   reappeaieci   here  during
the week.     Four suspected caseB were
removed   from   the    Central   Station
hotel   belonging   to   tbe   Caledonian
railway and one died Saturday.     The
hotel has been closed  and   the  guests
leave by noon tomorrow.
It  appears  that all tho oases under
suspicion   are  serious   at   the   hotel.
An examination of the baoterii proves
conclusively  that   the   disease is  the
bubonic    Plague.     The      municipal
authorities   in   a  notioe  announcing
the fact, urge all householders to destroy rats. ______
London, Oct. 31.-A Sofia despatch
to the Telegraph Bays that Miss
Stone'B release is not expected for
another week. Mr. Dickinson asserts
that Turkey has agreed to reimburse
the ransom.
London,   Oct.   31.-Mr..   Elizabeth
H.nburg. cousin of  Sir  Thomas Sanderson,   permanent under secretary ot
foreign ������!". <"- ***y aged MW.
Washington, Oct. 31���M. Margorrie,
the charge of the French embassy
here, had a short interview with Secretary Hay today after which they
left at once for the White House. M.
Margerrie feels confident that there is
not the slightest danger ol the dissolution of the concordat owing to the
action of the French government in
sending waiships to nuake a naval
demonstration in Turkish waters and
to seize a customs port. The other
natious are parties to the concordal,
understanding tbe situation perfectly,
and in fact most of them ha/e grievances aud olaimB themselves like the
French complaints so they may look
with complacency upon the effect to
make the Porte meet its obligationnsj
There is also precedent for this action
as a few years ago Austria seized a
Turkish port in the gulf of A.'oxandria
and held it until her claims were
paid, yet the incident did not oause a
protest by.the other powers or even
attraot much attention, It is confidently expected that it will not be
necessary for the French admiral to
p-occed to any great lengths before
the Turks will meet his demands,
Plaintiffs brought suit and obtained
judgment for 8100 and costs against
the defendant for money received us
broker in a real estate deal which
was not completed. Appeal is now
taken against this judgment of his
honor, Judge Form, given iu July
last. Whealler & Wragge, for appeal-1
lant; Taylor, K. C, for respondents. |
Lawr vs. Hyers���Aotion to enforce j
a mechanic's lien on a building
bought by defendant on whioh a payment was still due the plaintiff, who
is a contractor, for work done. Judgment had been given for the plaintiff
for $205.50 by Judge Forin. Elliot &
Lennic, for appellant (defendant);
Galliher & Wilson, for respondent.
Malone vs. Ferguson���Appeal from
judgment of Judge Forin at last
County court dismissing the plaintiff's
aotion in a suit for damages for overturning an engine which defendant
was hauling. Taylor, K. C, for appellant (plaintiff); Galliher & Wilson, for respondent.
In re Florida Mining oompany���Appeal from a winling-up order of Mr.
Justice Irving, given on May. It is
claimed by the oompany that the
judge had no jurisdiction to compol
the winding-up of the company.
There are other appeals touching on
the right of appeal which were argued
before' the full court last summer.
Taylor, K. C, for appellants; Whealler & Wragge, for respondents.
Hall vs. LaBau���Appeal by defendant from tbe order cf Judge Form
postponing the trial of this action
with costs against tbe defendant upon
application of defendant to amend his
defence. Galliher & Wilson, for
appellant; Taylor, K. 0., for respondent.
Coveit vs. Pettyjohn���Appeal by
Thos. Covert, the well known rancher
ot Grand Forks, against a judgment
uf Judge Spinks in an action against
another rancher who bad interfered
wi'h his water rights. The judge decided that because tbe plaintiff's
ditch passed for) part of its course
through United States territory that
he had no rights. Taylor, K. C, for
appellant; A. C. Sutton, for respondent.
Tobiasson vs. Grand Forks Mercantile company���The defendant seized
goods for rent which tho plaintiff
claimed under a chattel mortgage.
The defendant olaimed tbat the mortgage had been satisfied by the sale of
mining stocks given as collateral
security and that the seizure was legal.
Tbe case inovlves some nice questions
as to surrender of lease and unlawful
entry. Talyor, K. C., for appellant
(defendant); E. P. Davis, K. C, for
W. A. Macdonald, K. C, W. A.
Galliher, M. P., and John Elliot
leave foi Vancouver tonight and S. S.
Taylor, K. C, left last night in connection with tbe cases.
Fishermen's  Families   Rescued but With Difficulty.
Two  Vessels  With Twelve
Men Missing for Ten
St. Johns, Nild., Oct. 31.���Three
schooners were driven ashore on the
Labrador coast last week during a
gale. One was laden with the families
of fishermen returning from a summer
sojourn on the coast. The womei
and children were rescued with great
difficulty. The schooner was beached
at Snndy Spit. In all three cases the
crews were saved. Two other vessels,
one carrying a Catholic priest who
had been making a saoerdotal visit,
were driven seaward and have been
missing for ten days. The steamer
Uleucoe went in search for tbem but
without results. Twelve lives aie
involved and it is feared tbat all have
Visiting   the West in   the Interest   of
Large Nnmber From Nelson Come Up
Next Week.
Quite a number of appeals from
Nelson aud vicinity will come before
the full bench of the Supreme court
to Bit in Vancouver next week. The
following is a list of those iu which
Nolson counsel appear:
Marino vs. Sproat and Molnnes, a
New Denver ease. This is a suit for
partnership moneys. The defendants
put in a connter claim of about the
same amount as the sum sued for,
and also contend that there was no
partnership in existence. Mr, Justice
Irving gave judgment for plaintiff for
$3,000. The defendant now appeals.
Taylor, K. C., for appellant; Elliot &
Lennic and 0. Wilson, K C, foi
Vfce and   Williams   ����.   Brydge*���
the Republic Mining Co.
Mr Robert Jaffray, president of the
Toronto Globe Publishing company,
was in Nelson yesterday, en route for
tbe east. He left Toronto on October
13th for the purpose of visiting the
west in the interest of the Republic
Mining company which is operating
the Republic mine at Repulbic, Wash.,
and he has visited Republic, Vancouver, Victoria and Spoakne. In speaking,about the affairs of the Repulbic
Mining Company, Mr. Jaffray said :
"We were very well satisfied with the
manner in which we were received
in Spokane by the mining men, with
the interest they took in the affairs
of tho company and with tne assis-
tancc they are prepared to give us. In
carrying out the plan which has been
formulated to plaoe it on a better
basis. The interest was manifested
by the stockholders in the Republic
company, and alBo by the mining men
as well.
"The statement has been published
that my mission in Victoria was for
the purpose of interviewing the members of the provincial government as
to a dispute which has arisen between
the British Col-nubia Southern and
the Canadian Pacific railways over
the former crossing the tracks of the
latter in order to reach the Crow's
Nest coal mines. I know nothing
about the dispute of the British
Cclumbia Southern railway and my
trip to Victoria had nothing whatever
to do with its affairs."
Travelling with Mr. Jaffray is Mr.
D. E. Thomson, of the firm of
Thomson, Henderson & Bell, barristers of Toronto. Messrs. Jaffray
and Thompson left on the early morning boat for Fernie, and after remaining there for a few days will go on to
They Have Raised a Good Crop of Oats
and Wheat.
Grand Forks, Oct 31.���J. H. Kennedy, ohief engineer of the V. V. &
E. railway has returned from a, trip
to tbe Okanagan. He left today for
Cascade to confer with John M. Stevens, chief engineer of the Qieat
Northern, who is making a tonr of
Hugh Cannon reports that a large
number of prospectors are prospering
for coal in Franklin camp and vicinity. He has a force of men wonting
on his Iron Cap claim in that camp.
The ledge has been opened on the surface by an open cut 20 feet wide without encountering the walla. The
working is all in ore; likewise so is a
shaft for its entire depth of 35 feet.
Deevlopment work will be pushed
during the winter months in view of
the early extension of a railway up
the north fork.
B, Spraggett has completed threshing for the farmers of tbe Kettle river
valley in this vicinity. He gives the
oro? as follows: Wheat, 3,505
bushels; oats, 10,308 bushels. Tbls
yield is one-third less than the previous year as most of the farmers
abandoned oercala for hay owing to
the high price ruling for tho latter.
3 H. S. Turner, formerly of the Cascade Record and the Grand Forks
News, will begin the publication of a
daily here on November,4. The new
venture will be called tbe Evening
Major White- bas intimated that
he will not be a candidate for reelection.
Manila, Oot. 31.���Advieea just received here from Calbalogan,an island
off Samar, Bay that 12 men of Company "ti" of the 10th infantry, under
command of Sergt. Wilford who had
been sent from Ilnssv to San Antonio
to investigate and report in regard to
the nnmber of bolomen in the vioin-
ity, were attacked by 140 insuigena
who rushed on tbem witb great vio.
lence, killing two of the soldiers and
wounding two others. Wilford remained cool and collcoted during the
attack and the survivors say he aoted
splendidly. Fourteen of the Insurgents were killed. Capt. Bookmiller
of Company "G" recommends Wilford
for a medal of honor and Pilvatea
Swanton   and aero for  certificate! of
- j
Ottawa, Oot 31.-Hon, W. O. Ross,
premier ol Ontario, ia in the city in
order to nrge Hon. Clifford Slflon,
minister ot interior, to consider
northern Ontario in connection witb
Seaforth,   Ont., Oot. 31.���John   Mo-
Mil Ian, cx-M.   P. for   South   Huron,
died rather suddenly today.
Dublin,     Oct,    31���Maon    O'Brien
will offer a cup for   an   International
rowing contest at tbe Cork exhibition
next year- I
Nelson Daily Minbr,  Friday.  November t, igoi
The Nelson Miner
Publiibed   Kvury Morning  Exoopt  Monday
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Daily, per mouth, by mall     ��"
Dully, per year, by carrier. �� I ���
IMly, per ye-\r, by m��ll    J JJJ
Dally, per f_a foreign    �������
WfcrtKLY   MINKlt
Weokly.por half year 81J5
Weekly, per year    S 00
Weekly, por year, foreign    8 00
Subscriptions Invariably In advance.
IU Flout Btreet K. C.
Cen'.ral Press Agency, Ltd.. 8poolal Agenta
Alotnnder ft Co., 521 First Avenue, Bpokano
WaHh., keep thin paper on Olo, and arc our
authorised agent* for adverltaomonta and sub-
About three years since the Province published several articles in
which it was alleged that Messrs.
Turner and Pooley were using their
positions in tbe provincial government
in the interests of ocrtain mining companies, also that they were receiving pay for their service, which service consisted in allowing the uso of
their names by the companies. Tbe
companies were formed in London for
the purpose of operating mines in tbe
Klondike. It was alleged that the
companies weie of dubious merit and
tbat tbe names of Merers. Turner and
Pooley were simply used to befool tbe
British investor.
At a result of these publications
Mr. W. C. Nicol, editor of the Prov.
ince, was arrested on a chaige of
criminal libel aod the obarge has
been hangingjover him till a few days
since tbe case came to trial and resulted in tbe jury bringing in a verdict of "not guilty."
Tbe jury in effect held that the
strictures of the Province were justifiable and that Messrs. Turner and
Pooley while publio officials had no
business to become involved in tbe
affairs of mining companies and that
they should not have lent their names
and offloial positions to furthering the
interests of such corporations.
In defence of their action Messrs.
Turner and Pooley claimed tbat they
hud no intention of wrong doing, and
that their only (It-she in allowing
tbe companies to use their names and
the names of their positions was to
foster tho mining interests.
It is obviously a bad practice for men
occupying public positions to allow
tho use of theii names by companies
whose success is problematical. The
mere fact that they permit.it is wiong
as they are used as^a lore and many
innooent people Invest their money
becanse they feel certain that a company indorsed in this way mnst have
merit or prominent men like a premier of a province aud one of bis cabinet ministers would not be connected with it. Under such circumstance prominent names have been
frequently used as a lure to catoh the
unwary and to fleece them. If the
plea put forward by Messrs. Turner
and Poolev that they were disinterested in the matter and cbat they were
innocent of wrong doing is correct It
shows that they must, indeed, be
utterly lacking in the ways of the
world, and should hardly be trusted
to go about or to transact business
without the intervention ol gnardians,
Such simplicity is almost childlike
The verdict of the jury is publio
notice to officials in the future to not
lend their names to corporations, and
if tney do and are criticised severely
for it by tbe newspaper) it is certain
tbat they will not be justified when
the come into oourt seeking justification. The acquittal of Mr. Nicol is
simply another verdict in favor of tbe
freedom of tho pi ess.
Late news from the placer find ou
tho north fork: of tho Horsefly tend to
confirm the idea that they are
both extensive and rich. Mr. Joseph
Stlrsky, the dlscovorer of 'he ground,
states that already about eight miles
along the creek have been taken up.
He further says that this iu only "the
starter of it and it looks as though
we are going to have another Klondike." Further on he says tliu development work will not be expensive
and that he expects a great rush into
the country in tho spring. Making
due allowar.ee for the enthusiasm ol
Mr. Stirsky it looks as though the
Horsefly placers are really important,
bnt at the same time it would not be
wisdom to encourage a rush thither
until it is ascertained beyond a doubt
that they are extensive and rich. It
would be entailing unnecessary haid-
ship on a number of people to do
It bas been suggested by one of the
coast papers that it would be a wise
move far the provincial government
to send an expert into the district to
examine tbe placers and to give unbiased information abont them and,
In a measure, advise the people.
Official information from a government source would serve as a guide, it
It suggested,   to  those   who may  be
thinkng of trying their luck in the
new Eldorado. If such action is to be
taken the expert should be sent in at
onoe in order to take advantage of the
exceptional weather which is said to
be prevailing in Quesncl at present,
and it is anticipated that the existing
fine weather may be broken up at any
moment and then prospecting will be
difficult it not impossible.
The coast papers speak of the new
find being in Cariboo when as a matter of fact it is located in the southern
part of the Quesnel division. Cariboo
forms the northern boundary of Quesnel division and Clinton, Kamloops,
Revelstokc and Oolden divisions abut
it on tbe south. The eastern boundary
line is Alberta. The coast papers
bave been in the habit of calling Cariboo and portions of the other divisions
by tho same name, but uccording to a
map issued by tbe British Columbia
department of mines tho new placers
aro in (juosnel,
The following very sensible suggestion is found in the Empire published
by Roland Iielfort in London: "Tbe
annual reliefs for tho British troops
in India which were suspended two
years ago on tbe outbieak of the
South African war are to be Bent out
this year as usual. These drafts will
set frue some 25,000 or 30,000 time-
expired men, tough and hardened by
years of service and training in a
tropical climate. They are indeed an
army of veterans such as would have
delighted the heart of Napoleon
Why should not these men be offered
a special bounty to serve for, say
year, in South Africa.? Lord Kitchener's greatest need at the present
time is for seasoned and experienced
troops. Here, then, is a uniquo opportunity to supply him with suoh
troops. The vast majority of these
time-expired men would gladly welcome the chance of active service.
Many of them have taken part in
recent frontier fighting in India and
have rendered good accounts cf themselves. They are thoroughly inured
to tbe vagaries of a tropioal climate
and to 'toughiug it,' to a certain extent. If raw, untrained leomen,
whose ba I horsemanship is only
equalled by the eccentricity of their
shooting, aie worth five shillings a
day in South Africa, at tbe presont
lime, what would be the worth of
these 25,000 seasoned soldiers?"
The West Kootenay Power & Light
Company should accept the offer of
the city council to make the minimum
quantity of power to be furnished 125
dorse power instead of 150, as out
lined in the recent ultimatum of Mr.
L. A. Campbell, the manager of tbe
Power company. The city should not
be compelled under any circumstances
to take more power than It needs just
beoanse the Powor oompany has it to
Bell and is inclined to be arbitrary.
The looal tramway oompany was compelled by tbe power company to take
and pay for more powor than it needs.
is sorry that it made suoh a bar
gain and is talking of suspending
operations partly on account of the
one-sided arrangement which it is
tied up to. It would never do for tbe
oouncil to enter into a like bargain
and be compelled to pay for a greater
quantity of power than could be con
sinned. If tbe Power company is inclined to be unreasonable, and we be
Hove it is inclined to bo so, tbo council bas the propositions of the Noison
Saw &. Plauiug mills, the Nelson Coke
& Gas Co., and Mr. Crofts for consid
oration. If these are deemed unsatisfactory the council can supplement
the present light plant with additional
steam equipment of a sufficient capacity to meet requirements until the
city is able to put in its own large
plant near Ilonningtun Falls. Fifty
dollars per horse power per annum is
too high a price to pay for electrlo
Environment and t mining have
mueli to do with the point of view
from which different people look nt
things, says the Greenwood Weekly
Times, Often what one considers
tragedy appears to another as burlesque. Americans who atendud tho sitting of the Supremo court this week
were not favorably impressed by the
wigs aud gowns worm by tho judge
and lawyers. To them these antiquated accoutrements made the court
appear like a masquerade. Men from
the East where wig and gown have
been discarded years ago or were
never introduced were more amused
than imprusBOd, The old time resident of lliitisb Columbia, however,
has become accustomed to wigs and
gowns and the court would not look
properly dressed without them. There
is something in appearance but it is
not everything. People were more
Impressed by Mr. Justice Irving's
dignity on the bench, by tho caroful
and incisive way in which Mr. McLean presented the facts in tbo criminal casei; in fact by what the chief
actors were, not by what their dross
made tbem.
In View of Coming
��� ���
��� ���
we are paying special attention to the requirements of
The Ball Room
We cannot go into details but we would ask you  to have
A Look at Our Windows
We have the choicest, newest and daintiest goods procurable in the best markets of the world, and at prices which
will agreeably surprise you.
TELEPHONE    NO.   13.
Asthmalene Brings Instant Relief and Permanent Cure in all Cases.
There is nothing like Asthmalene, It
brings instant relief, even in the worst
oases.   lb cares when all else fails.
The Rev. O. F. WELLS, of Villa Ridge,
III. i says: "Your triivl bottle of Asthmalene received in good condition. I cannot
tell you bow thankful 1 feel for the good
derived from it. I was a slave, chained
with putrid sore thiont. nnd asthma for ten
yenrs. I despaired of ever being cured.
saw your advertisement for the cure of
this dreadful and tormenting disease, As
tlinin, nnd thought you bad oveiapoken
yourselves, but resolved to give it a trial.
To my astonishment the trial aoted like a
charm.   Send me a full size bottle.
Itcv. Dr. HorrlH Wecbsler,
Rabbi ot the- Cong. Bnoi Israel,
New York, Jan, 3,1901
Db. Taft Bros. Medicine Oo.,
Gentlemen: Your Asthmalene is an
excellent remedy for Asthma and Hay
Fever, and its composition alleviates all
troubles whicb combine with Asthma.
Its success is astonishing and wonderful.
After having it carefully analyzed, we can state thot ABthmalene contains
no opium, morphine, chloroform or ether.   Very truly yours,
Avon Springs, N. Y, Feb, 1, 1901.
Dim. Taft linos. Mbdicinb Oo.
Gentlemen : I write tbis testimonial from a sense of duty, having tested the
wonderful effect of your Asthmalene, for tbe cure of Asthma, My wife has
been afflicted with spasmodic asthma for th" past 12 years. Having exhausted
my own skill as well as many others, 1 chanced to see your sign upon your
windows dn 130 th street, New York, I at onoe obtained a bottle of Asthmalene.
My wifo commenced taking it about the first of November. I very Boon noticed
a radical improvemcut. After using one bottle bor Asthma has disappear! d
and she is entirely free from all symptoms. . I feel that I can consistently re
commend the medicine to all who are afflioted with this distressing disease.
Yours reBpeotfully, O. D. I'HELPb, M. D.
Db. Taft Bbos, Mbdicinb Co, Feb, 5,1901.
Gentlemen: I was troubled witb Asthma for 22 years. I have tried numerous remedies, bnt they have oil failed. I ran across your advertisement and
started with a trial bottle. I found relief at once. I have sinoe purchased your
full-sized bottle, and I am ever grateful. I bave a family of four children, and
for six years was unable to work. I am now in the best of health and am doing
business every day.   This testimony you can make such use of as yoa see fit.
Home address, 235 Rivington street, S. RAPHAEL,
07 East 120th St,,Now York Oity,
Do not delay.   Write at ODce, addressing DR.  TAFT BROS, MEDICINE
OO., 79 East 130th St., N. Y. Oity.
Sold by All Druggists.
Jewels, candy, iloweis, man���that is
the order of a woman's preferences.
Jewels form a magnet of mighty
powei to the average woman. Even
that greatest of all jewels, health, is
often ruinou in the strenuous efforts
tn make or save the money to pur-
uhu.se them, if a woman will risk her
health to get a coveted gem, thon let
her fortify herself nirainst tho insidious consequences of coughs, ooldl arid
bronchial affections by the regular
use of Dr. Itoschee's German Syrup.
It will promptly arrest consumption
its early stages and heal tho affected
lungs and bronchial tubos and drive
the dread disease from tho system. It
is not a etui' all, but it is a certain
���urn for coughs, colds and ali bronchial troubles. You can get Di. O.
1). (Ireen's reliable remedies at W
V. Tectzel &. Co. Oet Green's Special
Ai rival and Closing ol Malls.
CIobo Arrlro
United states and \
9.30 a. m. { Kaxtcrn  Cnnaila via \   5.20 p, m.
"   K. * N '
(  Untie
l     a.
12.00 p. m.
.. m. IB
j   4.00 p, m.
nnd    i
P. Ii. > 10.3
nt      I
Crow's Nest polnU
ami Bastorn
Revn'.stoko   nnd
Main  Lino  C. P. 11. 1 10.30p. m.
wont and oast
9.30 a. in. Him land *    5.80 p. ni.
0,00 p. m. Rowland 10.30 p. m.
7.30 a. m,        llomiiljirr Polnta  '  10.30 p. m.
D.30 n. in.      Blooan bako Points *    3.30 p. m,
(Kaslo, Pilot Bar land 1
���1.50 p. in.  {       Kootonay   Lako      V  ll.lio a.m.
I Point* ��� )
i/ftn ��   /    llalfour Tuesday.    I .,_,. _
4.50 p.W.   J, Thursday,    Saturday J   "����*
*   Kxoopl. Sunday,
N. E. T. CO.
Forty minute service until 11 a. m.
and after 7.40 p. m., 20 minutes between.    Leaving at
Maulejr HI.
7,00 a   m.
6.45 a. m.
Twenty minutes until 7,40 p. m.   at
the hour, 20 past and 20 to
BokimIo w 11 �� le.nl ey 81
7.40 p   m 8.00 p. m.
8.20 8.40    ���
9.00 9.30
9.40 10,00
10.40 1020
last rar. last car
Tho 10 p. in. anr from Stanley street
meets the 10.10 p. m. train at tho depot,
goes up Stanley street and then to Bo-
Good lots for sale in Addition "A"
close to Tramlines. Fur all information apply at the Company's office,
Vernon street.
Managing Hecn^ry.
Our Pall Stock of
Furniture and Carpets
Is now complete.
We bny of the Largest Manufacturers nud Importers.
J. 0. BUNYflN & 60.
The Complete House Furnishers-
"Jibe IRoyal Bank of Canaba"
Capital   Authorized,
Nova   Seotla���Halifax   Branoh,  Antiiionl"b
Brldftewater, UuyKboro. Londonderry, Lu
onburg. MalLland (Hants Co.), Pictou, Port
Ilawkesbury, Sydney. Shubenacadle.Truro,
New    Brunswick ��� Bathnrst,     Dorchester,
Frodoriaton, Kingston (Kont Co.), Mono-
ton, Newo&gtio, Bacsvllle, Bt, John, Woodstock1
P. K. bland���Charlottetown, Sumiucrsldu.
Incorporated 1869.
.    HU.oou.ooo.oo I Capital l-uld-up,     ,    .    .     $3,000,000.00
It"', WI.1mi.IHNi.IKI
Board of Director*     rhomas K. Konny, President;   Thomas Ritchie, Vice- President
Wiley Smith  H. Q. Bauld, Hon. David MacKeon.
Head (IBM, Hiiiirii*!
General Manager, Kdson L. Pease, Montreal.
Superintendent of Branob.es. and Secretary, W. B. Torranoo, Halifax.
Uuehee���Montreal,   (City   Office),   Montrca
Wost Und ICor. Notro   llamo and Seigneurs StreoUO; WosUnounb (Cor. Ureuue
Avenue and St. Catharines Street,
Newfoundland���St. John's.
Cuba, West ladle.���Havana.
United Mates-New York (16 Exchange Plane
Grand   Forks, Nanaimo,   Nelson,   Rossland,   Vancouver,
Vancouver East End, Victoria
Canada���Merchants Hank of Canada.   Boston -National Shawmnt Bank.   Chicago���Illinois
Trust and Savings Bank.  San Frnuelscu��� First National Bank.   London.  ��og.���Bank ot
Scotland.   Paris, France��� Credit Lyonnais.   Bermada-Bankof Bormuda.   China and J*.
pan���Hong (Cong and Shanghai iianklug Corporation.    Hpokaiie���Old National Bank.
Ueneial Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange   Bough
and Sold, Letters of Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on tbe most favorable terms.   Interest allowed on special
deposits aud on Saving Bank accounts.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
The new Coal City is owned by tho Similkumeen VnUey Cool Company,
Limited; who have placed one tbonsnnd lots on the market nt the following
prices: from$50 to $225, oue fourth cash, balauce three, six aud nine months,
without iuterest
There ia also a small block of the first one hundred thousand Bbares remain-
to lie sold at 35o., 5c. a ehare down, balnnce in six monthly payments. Whon
these are sold the shares will be advanced to $1 envb by the Company.
The Company's laud, including the townsite of Ashnola, is uuderlaid with nt
least threo fine seams of coking, steam and furnace coal. The Oompnny also
own the water rights and at lsast 5i5,000,000 feet of fine timber. All the above
is owned by the one Company, and every shareholder will participate in the
protits accruing from the sale of any of tbe above mentioned property.
A full force of men are now at work and will be kept ou oontinually during
the year.   For further information apply to.
E. J. STEEL, Official Broker, Nelson, B- 0-
Or Vedder & Cunningam, Greenwood, B. C.; J. B. Ohuroh, Viotoria, B. C. I W
W. Fellows, Sandon, B. 0.; C. E. Douglas, Vancouver, B. O.
Wholesale aod Retail Meat Merchants
t*g> ���������������������-gs��s
Branoh Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Orders bj mail to astw branch will have careful and oronwt attention.
Canada Permanent and Western Canada Mortgage
head office toronto, ont.
Money to loan on Straight Mortgage.
Apply to O. Ii. LENNOX. Bak w Si.
H. & M. BIRD
$2250���Six roomed house on Victoria
street, close to the city ball all
improvements. Cash $1050, balance easy terms.
$500���Threo roomed furnished house
and 50-foot lot on Hoover   street.
81100���Two story house and corner lot
close to depot. Cash $500, balance easy terras.
Subscribers in Kaslo
Every morning immediately
oo arrival of steamer, at the
rate of i
75 Cents per Month
Subscriptions to be left
with the agent,
D.  J.   YOUNG.
FOR rent.
815.00���Four roomed  oottage on Ward
818,00���Six room house on Robsou St.,
close to Stanley street.
10,000   Royston   Uold    Mining   Co.
shares for sale at 5 cents.
��� SEE ���
West Block. East Baker St.
You should'nt send out of town for
carda for yourself or your husband
until you see what The Miner can do
for you.
Kootenay Railway and Nav.
Company, Ltd.
Shortest and quicKcst routo to tho oast and all
points on Iho O. K. & N. ond Northorn ra-
citlc ltailwayn in WnshiuKMn, Oregon and
Southern States.
Time Card Effective August 1.1901
Kaslo & Slocan By-
8:30 a. to. Lv.
10:55 p.m. Ar.
Ar. 4:00 p. in
Lv. IM p. m.
Int Nav- & Trading Co-
5:20 p. m. Lv. Nolson Ar. 11:00 a. ra.
0:10 p, ra. Ar: Kaslo Lv. 7:00 a. m,
Connootlng at Five Milo Point with Nolaoa
db Cort ^hoppard Railway both to and from
Uosaiand, et��	
Tickota sold to all parts In United Stato�� and
Canada via Ureal Northorn and O. It. & l>>
Oo.',i lino*. ..
Oooan Btoarashlp tlokets and ratos vlaau
linos will bo tarnuhed on application.
For furtliM particulars oall on or oddrebS
Suwer, Kaslo.B, V
G.K Tackaburv Atront. Nolson an.
You shouldn't send out of town for
cards for yourself or your husband
until you see what Tbe Miner can do
for you.
ft : Nelson   Daily Minhr, Friday November i, 1901
^���������������* ������������������������������������������
A. ManonaW.of Kosslund.jnd J.
A, McUona'11'   ��ri'
hitect,   of Nolsnn
Wednesday  fr��m lMl visit
"���St* B"1 m,ue- " WaS the
2TS of the latter to this prepare staled that to all appoar-
er'I ���� very rich proposition. The
""'    road   fron,   Crawford      Ba,
5 ����'"iniiy up the moun.tain'
Z the level of the vein is
__\i Hs outcropping, are exposed
J3L the road The ore If prinol-
oarlonnu'sof silver and .ad,
Th of it not requiring any milling.
��� f��t.inea in--er.e. ot blanket
s, fto lower of which ,s being
developed nt present. Tl.o development
lk consists of tunnels driven on
tbeoro into tbe face of the: mountain.
^.appear, tons unlimited and
continuous the little
haB boen   encount-
Superior to Alum Baking
;Pbyd0rs.   Equal to any
itHer.Anli Alum Baking
rovyder and costs but
^ half the price.    '���' y
_ practically
conolrymck   that
-red h.vioff been left in as supports.
It ia expected that the tramway,
Which connects with tne road some
distance below, will be completed
ihortlj betoro Christmas, on whioh
Bhipuents will ^commenced at onoe.
lleildes the vein which IB being
worked there are a number of others
former un the slope of the mountain,
on allot whioh tho ore values are
TCry bigb, A large quantity of ore is
Hoped out now ready for shipment,
.and within another few months the
(silver Hill will probablv take rank
u one of tho loading mines of the
Kootenavs. Its development is especially interesting to Nelson, as bosides
a number of Nelson people being
stochliolders in it, Nelson is tlie
natural a-ntie of supplies for it,
steamers running direct from tho city
to Crawford Bay, where all supplies
lor the mine are landed.
On the Alice mine, situated near
Creaton, work has been slnokened
down until the wagon road is compiler!. Only two men being nt work
Inthomina at present. When the
government have completed the road
the loll force of men will be started
atwoik on the 850 foot level, on
which it is intended to prosecute development during the winter. Tne
wa|?on road is three and one half
miles iu longth and tke most of it was
put in last year by the government for
the convenience of the ranchers along
the valley of (lout river, and later extended to the mi no. Whon the load
was first put through part of it was
left unfinished nnd on this repairs are
now being made,, ch icily from the
foot of the hill to the mine. It ia not
lilcely that any shipments will be
made this winter, but development
work will he pushed vigorously. The
abaft to tbe 250 foot level bas only
Liven omuplrii.il a short time, aud it is
intended to drift n com-idorablo distance at this level.
On tho Kaslo yesterday was a oar
of ore from the Hismaiek mine on
Houth Fork. This is the first shipment
which has been mado from this property for some time. The ore -was
consigned to the Hall Mines smeller.
The mine is owned by a number of
the business men of Kaslo. It is situated on the south fork of Kaslo
creek. Thuro nro three tunnels on the
propeity, the lonteit of which is 241
'Ml. The ore is a silver-lead, the
���vorajrc assays of the carbonates being
WO ounces in silver with 14 per cent.
lead, while tho clean galena averages
200 ounces in silvor and 72>^ per uent.
lead. On the property are ore bins
��nd bunkhouses, whioh were erected
more than a year ago, when several
car loadfl of the ore were shipped to
tbo amolter. There is a trail two and
one half miles long to connect with
the wagon road which wan constructed by the government a year ago last
Tbe final payments of 805.000 on tbe
want am being made by the Mackin
tosh syndicate to Messrs. A. D. Coplen
' ���� Mrs. Milton Bentley   of Spokane.
M'-  Coplen  and  Mrs. Bentley,   who
��'��   related,   held     about   1,8 00.000
MiMM ont ol tho total capital stock of
3.500,000  shares   and they sold  their
Interests to the Mackintosh   syndicutc
��n 'be basis of five cents per share the
Kreaterpart of   whioh   was   in   cash
end tho balance in ahares  in the now
company     Several other snareholders
""ng in Spokane have received moBt
��f their money.      Now that   the   last
payment has practically   been made it
is thought that trie Mackintosh syndi-
nate WI" oommence  operations on the
"'ant mine,   ,vhj(,h  u looated ,n ^
"ossland camp.
At the record office yesterday   there
0,"�� no locations entered. Certificates
��� work were issued to the Canadian
*Weto Exploration Company, Ltd.,
on Agassi,, Alhambra; to Charles
""����>��� on Brush, and to H. I, 4
w on Vermont. Transfers,
�� '��UI'1 "ourley transferred a whole
������� undivided interest   in the   Hex to
��� "ems, consideration $100.
'bo opening up of a number of
very good effect on business in the
city, although as tbe wholesales are
tho ones chieily effected at first it
mites a little time for tbe impetus to
tiade to be felt by all.
As a r'.'snlt uf the recent strike of
free gold on thhe 12. It. fraction on
Norway mountain, owned by Messrs.
Terzick and Carpenter, the Trail
smelter has Bent a confidential agent
to examine it, Should the report of
the agent be satisfactory the smelter
management will take hold of tbe
property. Ore oarrying such values
as claimed for the ore of the E. R.
fi-ac.tiuii would be of benefit to the
smelter by increasing the value of tho
matte shipped.
The steamer Kaslo yesterday
brought in one oar of ore from the
Summit mine at Cody, for the Trail
smelter, ono car each of ore from the
Reeo and Rambler-Cariboo, both for
the Selby smolter at San Francisco,
and one car from the Bismarck, sooth
fork, for the Uall Mines smelter.
Operations will be resumed on the
Highland mine near Ainsworth on
January 1st and It is anticipated that
a fnroe of 125 men will be employed.
It is a\'o intended to restart the large
concentrating plant of the Highland
Co, which is looated on Kootonay
lake, at the mouth of Cedar creek.
Tho Rambler-Cariboo Mining Company on Wednesday paid a dividend
of one cent per share or 812,500. The
total dividends paid by tho company
up to date is 8180,000. The mine ��s
producing about $30,000 per month
und the ore averages atout $100 to the
At present the output of the mines
of the Crows Nest Cual company is
1,800 tons a day and ii is expected
within a short time that this will bo
iucreaaed to 2,000 tons.
Eighty men are working the Whitewater and the mill is running double
Hair Brushes
Nail Brushes
Tooth Brushes
Clothes Brushes
We arc showing a
splendid new lot at
Very Low Prices.
Hair Brushes 50c, to $3 50-
Canada Drug and
Book Co., Ltd.
Atlantic S.S. Sailings
From Montreal
Allan Lino Tunisian Nov.  7
Allan Lino Corinthian Nov. 10
Beaver Lino Lake Simcoo Nov.  8
BoaverLlno Laku Manitoba. Nov. 16
From Portland, Mo.
Dominion  Lino   Vancouvor Nov. Iff
Doml ilon Lino Dominion Nov. 23
From Now York
Ounard Line Umbrla, Nov. 9
Cunard Line Lucunia Nov. 10
White Star Line Majeatlo Nov. (I
WhttcStar OneOeeamo  Nov. 13
American Line Philadelphia Nov. 13
Amorioan Lino Bt,   Paul Nov. 2(1
N, G. L. Kalflor Wllholm derGrrsflO Non. 1!)
Hamburg-American FuiHt, llimnuick...Nov. 23
French Line La Uascoguo Nov,  7
Fiom BoKton
Cunard Lino Ultonla Nov.  lfi
Dominion Lino Commonwoallh.. .t Nov. 27
Gou. Agent, Winnipeg, Man.
J. 8. CARTER. D. P. A.. Nolaon
Delivered to any point
on Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock on hand oi
Rough and Dressed
Mouldings, Sash Doors.
Inside Finish.
Coast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber*
Mill at PILOT BAY. Tarda, NELSON
and LARl/O.
Advertisements Inserted under tola head at
the rate ot one oent a word per Insertion. No
advertlfloment taken for lea* Umu 35 com*.
Hlluatlon Wanted advortluomunto lnuorted
throe tlniod free of ohartce.
FOR RENT.���On Josephino street,
between Hiliua and Carbonate street
an eleven roomed house excellently
adapted for a private boarding house.
Contains all conveniences. Thoroughly
renovated recently,    liter Uros.
DJ. ROBERTSON & OO.-Next door to
���   Miunuw Tout Oltlco iluildiug, Vernon
til., Nelson.   Day 'uhonu _t. Night 'i.liunu aJ7.
HOUSE   to rent   on Vernon     street.
Apply Captain T. J. Duncan.
Silicii,     second   door
-Apply       on
west     Ward
ROOMS and HOARD.���Every convenience ;   south oast   corner of   Carbonate and Josephine street.
ROOMS TO RENT.-K. W. C. lilock-
Two rooms en suite on Ward st.,
also rooms facing tho west. On September 1, two sirgie rooms and two
or three en t.i,.to facing Baker st.
Furnishei or unfurnished. Mrs. F,
J. bqu.re, Room 41, K.    W. C. Hloek.
EMPLOYMENT.���All ktndB of help
wanted���Orders for help receive
prompt attention. R. Hurdy, Employment agent. Phone 44. i' O. llox,
WANTED.���By a woman work of any
kind.     Would  pefer   looking  after
ollices.    Enquire at Nolson Cafe.
Sloiis Ihe Congh
anil Wort" off Ihe Void.
LaxitlvoBtoruoQuinlno Tnblel* cure a cold
In ono day.   No Cure, No Pay.   Price 25 conta
& CO.
t Phone 117
���++��������������� j-*** ��������������������+ ������*
Close connection Bast and Westbound at Spokane with trains of the
Spokane Falls and Northern Railway,
Direct connection at St. Paul without change of depot with all trains for
Chicago, Toronto. Montreal, New York
and all points West and South.
Leaves Spokane daily for East at 9:15 �� m
Leaves Spokane daily tor West at 7:15 a.m
Leaves Spokane daily lor West at 8fl0 p in.
West-bound trains make direct connection for Victoria and Vancouver,
Portland, San Francisco, and all points
on the Sound,
During the season of navigation East
hound trains connect at Duluth with
themagnificent steamships NorthWest
*nd North Land of theNotthern Steam'
ibip Company Line, operated in connection With the Great Northern Bail
way.      ', ��� .
For further information, aps, folders, etc.. apply to any agent of Spokane
falls & Northern By., Kaslo & Blocaa
tiy., Kojotei ai Railway & Navigation
Oo , or to
Oity Pass, and Tkt. Agt, W 7ol  W,
Rivei'Bide Ave., Spokane, Wash.
J. K. TAUKABURY, Local Agent,
Nelson. B C
WANTED���By young   English   lady,
certificated,    position   as governess.
II. R. U��� Y. W. C. A., Vancouver.
0. F. Comer & Co. Calgary
good tinsmith apply to
MEN WANTED���On     Crow's       Nest
Southern   Ry.      Uood   wages,   long
job   Headquarters, Elko,    IS.   C.      A.
Uuthrie & Co.
Ni M. cummins, Lomhoo���Every known
vuriuty of Hotl drink*.    I' o iiox 88.   Tuluphuu
No. ;ji. Hoover tiiruul, Nelnon.   tioLtlent uf the
fdiiiuuri til. Loon i I ni. riui iiiK'ri Mineral Water
/"1ANB & MACDONALD {11. Cone, Jarao
Ward tiiroeui, isoLuou
A. Moodonftldl���Architects aud tjuuorin
tondeuts, llrokeu Hill lUook, oornor Bakor and
HJ. EVANS & CO.-Baker bticet, Nel
���   non -Wholortalo dealertj in liquors, ol*
Kara, coiuont, lire brick and tiro olay, water
pipe and steel raiiu, aud m'noml cumuutwdon
MACDONALD   & Co.-Corner  JTron
._   and  llidl btroets���Wholesale grocer
aud, jobbera In blanket*, gloved, mitts, boots
rubber*, muukinuWH and miners' gundriett.
PBUUNd & Oo.-Baker Street, Nelsou-
���   Wholoijalo dealer* lu froth and cured
nicuu,.   Cold MLorago.
Baker Street, Nelaon���Wholesale dea
era In fronb and cured incuts.
NELSON Employment Agency. Uaker
street.    Phone 278.   J. It. Love.
WANTED.���Railroad  men 82.25 per
day, 85 per week for board, free pass.
Foundress.      Girls     for     bouse Woik.
Railroad men for Lardo.
ntn: IHIIIhit' ��-��>l��l Properties���We are
auxloiM lo secure a Tew Tree mlllluK gold
properties ut once. The Prospector's Ex
change, Nelson, B. V, Boom 4, H.W.-4I.
Presbyterian Ladies' Aid Give a Successful Supper and Sale ot Work.
Tho Hallowe'en anpper and sale of
work given by the Ladies' Aid of the
Presbyterian ohuroh yesterday afternoon wd evening was a most successful affair. The sale of work, which
commenced at 2 o'clock in the afternoon, was continued until late fn the
evening and was the means ol raising
quite a sum of money, which is to be
devoted to clinroh purposes, lu oharge
of tho candy table were Mrs. P.
Lamont and Miss Keeson; at the
fancy work table, on which were
many beantifnl objects of ladles' work
made cr donated by the ladies of the
congregation, Mesmades Aithur, C.
E. Miller and S. Sutherland were in
attendance; novelty table, Mrs. J. H.
Hamilton and Mrs. C. Wilson. Mrs.
Chittick and Mrs. Spooner Berved
afternoon tea to the ladies who were
present in tho afternoon. In the refreshment room the number of gentleman who attended to take supper
was so great that the capabilities of
the amateur waitresses were serverely
tested, but they suoceeded in carrying
the supper through in a manner
highly, oieditablo to all.
The committee iu obarge of the supper was composed of Mrs. Weir, Mrs.
J. McDonald, Mrs. Hood, Mrs. Hays
and Mrs. D. MoDonald, and a number
of other ladies gave their assistance.
During tho evening Steiner's orchestra
played a number of choice selections
which added muoh to   the   success  of
the affair. 	
"I suffered such pain from corns I
oould hardly walk," writes H. Robinson, Hillsborough, Ills., "but Buck-
len's Arnica Halve completely cured
tbem." Acts like magic on spiains,
bruises, cuts, sores, soalds, burns,
boils, ulcers. Perfect healer of skin
diseases and piles. Cure guaranteed
by Canada Drug & Book Oo.   25c.
Stoves and
Ranges . .
We are (showing this season a full
line of these goods aud solicit your
esteemed patronage.
Lawrence Hardware
n""es,   &b well as mines else-
��n tho Kootcnays,   is having  a
The Canadian Bank of Commerce !
With Which Is Amalgamated
The Bank of British Columbia.
Paid-up  Capital,   88,000,000;   Reserve   Fund,   82,000,000i
Aggregate Resources Over 865,000,000.
HON. GEO. A. OOX, President.      B. E. WALKBB, General Manager,
London Office: oo Lombard Street, B. C.
New York Office; 16 Exchange Place.
And 68 branohOB in Canada and tho Jnlted States, including i
nntSriBooK       KamISomi Nbw WasTMrasTra Vanoouvto
fSh^u. nInaTSo Rossland Viotoria
viikon DISTRICT���Dawson and White Horse.
UNITED STATKS-Nicw York, San Francisco, Sbattli, Portland. Bkaowat,
Savings Bank Department.
Deposits Received and Interest Allowed.  Present Rate 8 Per Cent
I Nelson Branch. GRANGE V. HOLT, Manager.
<;<ll.l�� SILVKK COPI'EK IEAD��� Mines   and
prospects wanted,  fiend report and samples to the I'rospcctor's Exchange. Nelson
It.r.   Boom I K.-W.-C. blor.k.
Money to  Loan at 8  per  Cent.
7-roorn house, 822
(i-roomed house, 813.50
4-ronied house, if 11.
Two lots, Observatory st, 8450.
7-roomed house, $2,100
5-roomed house , 81,100.
Porto Rico Lumber
Co., Limited.
Rough and
Dressed  Lumber,
Shingles, Mouldings.
A-l White Pine Lumber Always lo
Wo carry a complete stook of Coast Flooring
Coiling, Insldo Finish, Tnrnod Work, Sash and
Doors. Spooial order work will receive prompt
attention?   Mail orders solicited.
Street, Nelson ��� Wholesale denials in
hardware, miners' supplies, sporting koous
LA.CULAN BROS. (Suocouttors to Van
_ cou v cr Hardware Co, J Ad.) linker Swoon.
NtjiBon���Wholesale dualem in hardware and
mining tmitpliud, plumbem1 and Uuainitbu' Buy
NKLSON   JIAUDWAUit.   CO.- Wholesale
paiiio*, oiJt, and Kii.rw; meohanicu' toolH
Agent* foi Ontario Powder Works; Ofnamile
r nURNKR, BOZOVON & Oo.-Corner Vernon
JL and Josephine titreolrj, Nelson���Whole
sale dealers in liquors, cigars, aud dry goods.
Agents for Pabst Brewing Co. of Milwaukee
and Calgary Brewing Co of Calgary.
HUDSON'S BAY Co.-Wholosale groceries
and liquors etc., Bakor Street, Nelson,
Ottlce corner  Hall and  Front SLroets
Nelfldn��� Lumber, oeiling, flooring, and every
Miiug in wood for building purposes. Get out
prices.   Correspondence solicited.
f|l   GALLON fe CO.-Doalero in   __
X ���   and twines.   Always a large stock on
hand. Telephone 21)5.
ore sacks
stock on
Hooni44,K.-W.-C Block
Dominion and
Land Surveyor.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and   Salted   Heats
If you don't likn Blue  Ribbon Tea it's
because yon never taeted it.
Extra values in Fleece-lined underwear for Hoys at KUKK & CO'8.
Fisn and Poultry in Season
E.  C.   TRAVES,   Manager.
K.-W.-C   Block, Ward Street, Nklson.
Otders by mail receive careful and prompt attention
Porto RiooLumber Co.,
Head Ollloo
-Hendrvx and Vernon ft, Nelw,n
For domestic or steam use.
A full supply always on
Kates to all railway and
lake points
General Agent.
Tel. No. 265.
Office ��� Two doors west
C.P.R. offices.
VVlnilormoro Minoa.   Corresponde&OBSollott
P. L. S.
KASLO.  B.  C.
Mileral .'J���������<; and mines suiveyed.
CARS : : :
addition   to
Will pay the higbert oash prloe for all
kind, oi seoond hand goods. Will buy
or sell anything from an anchor to a
needle. Furniture, Btoves, oaiperta,
-ooking utensils, bought In household
quantities. Alan oaat off clothing.
Oall and see me or writ*. Address
Rllver King Mike, Boat MO. Hall
Street, Nelson,  II. a
Crows' Nest Section-
LeaVe Kootenay Landing
Tuesday and Friday for St
Paul via Soo Line.
Friday only for Toronto,
Montreal and Boston and intermediate points on direct
For berths, timetables, rates and full
information apply to,
H. L. Drown,
Oity Passenger Agent j
, 8. Cabtbb,
Din. Pass. Agt.
Nf laon
E. J. OOYl.R
A. G. P. A.
If there ia anything you requira,aak
for  it  in    h" column  of tne Mint, Nelson Daily Mink Fri ay, November i,  iooi
Letter Do you   want  a  good
Files Letter File, one that Is
honestly made In every
particular, the bent cheap File ever
made? If so, v.o recommend our
"Accountant," with double arch,
index and cover.    Price 50c.
For a better File, in laot, tbe best
File made we recommend the "Shannon," with index and cover. Price,
letter size 90c., (Jap size $1.00.
For oilier Sundries of all kinds we
know no better place than the
Thc'IIerculeK brought in two bargei
loaded with limestone yesterday Irora
Kaslo, for the smelter.
The laying of the water pipe on
Vernon stieet from Stanley to W.rd
was finished yesterday, completing
another water circuit.
Another large shipment of baled
bay from ranches along the line of
tho new Lardo railway was brought
to Kaslo yesterday by the Nelson.
On Tuesday evening last Aime
Francis Gravelle of this city was
united in marriage to Mrs. Stella
Weston, of Spokane, Wash., by Rev.
Dr. Wright of St.Paul's Presbyterian
Deer are repoited to be very plentiful this year at tbe various hunting
resorts, although tney have hardly
started to run yet. On a trail near
Crawford Bay en Monday, a bunoh of
five caribou were seen together.
Oeo. 0. Tunstall yesterday presented
tbe Are department with a check tor
$10 as a mark of appreciation for their
prompt arrival and quick work in extinguishing the fire in tbe office of tbe
Hamilton Powder corapsnys' office oo
Wednesday afternoon.
In the Suprome oourt case of Gamble Ye. Stocks yesterday the defendant, J. Laing Stocks, was examined
before the special examiner. Registrar
HimnitiiiH. An application for an
affidavit of documents in the same
ease was heard in chambers by his
honor, Judge Forin, and adjourned
till Monday next.
The advent of the cold season has
oaused a considerable improvement In
the retail trade of the city. During
the last few days a number of men
wbo intend continuing development
work on their clairca during the win
tcr have been In the oity to lay in
supplies before the snow comes and
blocks the trails for horses.
The manager of the Mirror Lake
Ice company, Charles Bjorkncss, re
turned yesterday over the Crow's Nest
from Norway, where he bas spent the
last six months in visiting the land
of his birth. Mirror Lako is situated
about three miles back of Kaslo, and
owing to its altitude nnd the purity
of the water the ioe obtained from it
Ik of good quality and is in demand
throughout tbe Kootenays.
A pretty wedding took plaoeon Wednesday evening when John Thomas
Armstrong, of Rossland, and Miss
llella Cunningham of Winnipeg, were
nnited in marriage by Rev. Dr.
Wright. The ceremony was performed
at the residence of Mrs. H. W. Smith,
Silica street, in the presence of a
small company of invited friends.
The bride had just arrived by the
afternoon steamer but notwithstanding the fatigue of travel looked
bright and charming in her beautiful
biidal attire. The happy couple left
yesterday for their future home in
J. A. McDonald of Rossland,secured
the skin of tbe bear which was shot
near tho bunkhouse of the Silver Hill
mine last week. Tho bear bad been
stealing anything left out and was
shot by the strategein related in The
Miner in a previous issue, a piece of
meat having been placed in tbe bottom of a barrel, so arranged that on
the meat being touched a heavy rifle
was fired at the disturber. The bullet
nearly tore the heart out of the bear,
killing the animal instantly. Tbe
skin is coal black and one of the
bandsomecst that have been secured
tbo animal having been in tbe pink of
On Wednesdny while the steamer
Nelson was landing at Six Mile point
to take on some freight the gang
plank was run out before the shore
lines were attached as is the custom
at the way points along the lake to
save time. As a rule all woiks
smoothly bnt on this occasion as one
of the deckhands ran across the plank
to pull it farthor np on the whaif the
boat moved out slightly with the result that he and tbe plank were precipitated into tbe lake. lie went
down but name up immediately and
was promptly seized witb a boathook
in the hands of one of the other men
on the boat, and hauled on board none
tbe worse for his ducking. ,
The brick work on tbe Salvation
Army bairacks wi'l be finished by tomorrow evening, unless work is
delayed by wet weather,
Tbe dance given by the Nelson Moat
club on Tuesday cevning at tbe I'hair
hotel waa so successful that it has
been determined by tbe club to give
several during the wintor.
Yesterday evening, October alst, at
the bouse of Mrs. H. W. Smith, Silica
street, Rev Dr. Wright united in marriage William Allen and Miss Agnes
llrldgeford, both of Comaplix.
Tho Socialilic Eduoational club
gave a fery successful "poverty"
social at tbo residence, of Miss Meirill
at night. There was a large attendance and a very plcaant ovoning was
spent in games and music
At Fraternity Rail last evening thn
TerpsiohoreaD club held its first
regular assembly of the season at
whicb about 40 couples wore present.
These assemblies are held every Thursday evening during the winter and in
the past were very successful, Mill-
waid's orchestra furnished the music,
As John Mend, a miner, employed
lit tho Silver King mine, was clear-
ng ont tbe rook after a blast, bis
pick struck an unexplodcd stick of
powder which blow the rock and dust
in bis face. His eyes were badly injured. Dr. McLennan was telephoned
for and had him brought to tbe Kootenay Lake General hospital. It is expected that his eyesight can bo saved.
R. Helme, of the Dominion Express
office, returned to the city last evening from Moosejaw, where he has
been spending a couple of week's
vacation. Mr. Helme brought witb
him a number ol fine wild geese
whicb be shot. He states that the
floe weather is still koeping up on the
prairies it having been like August
during the past couple of weeks. A
month ago there was a heavy fall of
snow there accompanied by cold
weather. The snow lasted about a
week and since then the weather has
been delightful.
The annual meeting of the St. Andrew's socioty wan held last evening
in the parlors of the Phair hotel, Mr
J. Roderick Robertson, the president,
in the chair. The names of 17 gentle
men were proposed and accepted as
members of tbe society. The question
of clebrating St. Andrew's day with a
dinner or a ball was discussed at
length, bnt as opinion was divided on
tbis matter an adjournment was taken
till tbis evening at 0 o'clock. A
hearty invitation is extended to all
tbe members of the society and all
wbo are eligilbe to memberhip to attend tonight'b meeting. The desire of
the society is to induce more of the
younger natives of Scotland and Scottish-Canadians to become members.
Last evening being Hallowe'en the
small boys of the city wore up to the
usual diversions and pranks enjoyed
by their kind everywhere on this occasion. A number of complaints were
sent in by telophone to police head
quarters regarding missing gates and
lawn mowers, etc. In the upper part
of the city hardly a gate that could be
moved was left on its hinges, and
tick-tacks and other diabolical contrivances startled a good many grownup ponle and oaused them to bless the
boys in language more forcible than
polite. At the public school the sup
ply of wood for tho winter had been
piled up carefully on the edge of the
steep hill which overhangs Ward
street on the school grounds. This a
party of SO boys very thoughtfully
threw down the bank.
Combination Suits for Women and
Chi Id: en. Special values at KUUR &
Phair.���J. Ii. Whittior, Sandon; R.
W. Thomas, Vancouver; Mr. and MrB.
C. N. Moussand, Montreal; F. Smith.
Toronto; E. C. Gordon, Silverton; C.
J. Muir, Three Forks; H. F. Miller,
Spokane; F. B. Tnrney, Pittsburg; J.
Isacksou, Untie; Wm. Hunter, Silver-
ton ; J. McKaue, ltoHKlund; C. H.
llutohins, Toronto; A, C. Gordon and
wife, Montreal; C. S. O. Mount,
Queens���Mrs. A. McCaw, Spoknne;
Geo. Monro, Gieston; Mike Johnson;
Cranbrook; G. IS, Mooru, Euvnsvillo,
Wis.; A. M. Wlnlaw, Slocan; H.
Stewart, W. J. Patterson, Sandon; J.
Marshall. Kitchener; J. S. Anderson
and wife, Krie.
Hume-W. N. Bravton, Kaslo, T.
Webb, Montreal; W. It. Hogg,
Toronto; 0. B. McKay, Brockvllle;
E. L. Denis, Montreal; J. II. Msc-
0111, Vancouver.
Orand Central���J. Hull, Fern mine;
Mrs. C. Fletcher, Slocan City; D. McLennan, Kuskonook ; J. W. vYostQuld,
Trout Lake.
John McKaue. of Rossland, is at
the Phair. He is en route for the
Lavlna group in the Lardo.
Much Pleased With the Lines and
Piospects of Kootenay.
W. Downie, sunerinteudent of C. P.
R. lines in Kootenay, retuined on
Wednet'���,y night from accompanying
Thos. Tait, manager of transportation, R. Marpole, general superintendent of the Pacific division, and party
over the C. P. R. lines as far an Nak-
sup. Accompanying Mr. Tait, were
his brother-in-law, Major Cockburn,
V. C, L. A. Hamilton, formeily land
commissioner for the C. P. R. at
Winnipeg, now of Toronto, M. Collins, Mr. Tait's secretaiy; with Mr.
Marpole were Campbell Sweeny, inspector of the Bank of Montreal at
Vancouver, II. J. Cambie, chief engineer of the Pacific division, Grant
Hall, mechanical superintendent. The
others of the party were Mr Downie,
J. S. Lawrence, trainmaster, and R.
A. Hainbridge, resident engineer nt
Nelson, and Mr, Armstead, Mr. Mar-
polo's sooretary.      '
The party left Nelson on Sunday
morning and went direct to Phoenix
where tbey visited the mines there
which are making excellent progress.
They then went back to Hartford
junction where they inspeoted the
new loop under construction to avoid
tbe switchback into Phoenix. Thoy
then went into Greenwood where
they spent the night.
On Monday morning tbey left for
Midway on an inspection of the line
which they bad found in excellent condition throughout tbe division. Returning to Greouwood, the party
visitid the smeltei ol the B. C. Copper
company which has been working so
satisfactorily since its construction.
One additional furnace is being put in
and theso will be ready for operation
in a month or six weeks when the
smelter will have a capacity of from
1)00 to 1,000 tons per day. The party
then went ovor the Mother Lode
branch of flva miles, nnd visited tho
Mother Lode and Sunset mines.
Granby was their next point to stop
and there they went through the
smelter which was a scene of great
activity. Two frrnaceu are being
added which will make four in all
and the works will have witb these a
daily capacity of about 1,300 tons.
Tbo manager stated tbat it was the
intention of tbe company to add two
fumaces whicb should be in operation
by tho first of June next. The party
then returnod to Grand Forks and
after going through the city took
train again going direct to Rossland
where they arrived in the evening.
After spending the night there thoy
went over all the spurs to the mines
and found them in good condition.
Tbey left Rossland on Tuesday afternoon for Trail whore they spent a
short time inspecting the smelter and
hidings and oame on to West Rplison,
were transferred across the river and
ran through to Slocan city. From
there the private car was again ���fer
ried up the lake to Rosobery where
the night was spent
On Wednesday morning the party
went to Sandon and after making inquiries into the prospects of the mines
of that vicinity they left for Nakusp,
were transferred to Arrowhead and
thence went to Revelstoke and Van
Good progress is being made with
the now steel bridge across the Colum
bia river at Robson. Train, will be
able to pass over it by the end of the
year. There is yet considerable grading to be done before regular traffic
can be maintained over it. In antici
pation of the changes this will cause
nn enlargement of the round house
and repair shops at Nelson. These
will then be tbe ohief repair shops Of
all tho rolling stock on the lines
from Nelson westward. It is expected
that the staff in the engine room,
shops and yards will numbor 100 men.
Tbe round house at Eholt is being
enlarged to do repair, ou all the stock
used exclusively in the Boundary.
Tho repair Bhops now at Trail will
ho removed to Nelson.
Mr. Tuit and Mr. Marpole expressed
themselves aa well pleased with tbe
condition of the lines in Kootenay
and with the prospect for the trade to
be done there.
It is practically settled that there
will be a double train seivice on the
main lint of the C. P. R. next summer
beginning when tbe Imperial Limited
is put on. The present mail, express
aud passenger service will oe continued and the Impelial Limited will
probably carry only first class passengers. The time of the last two years
may yet be shortened a little.
northern shipping is praotically over
and all the small vessels have been
put into winter quarters.
There's no rest for those tireless
���ittle worker*���D*. King's New Lite
Pills. Millions are always busy, cur-
irg Torpid Liver Jaundice, Biliousness, Fever and Ague. They banish
Siok Headache, drive out Malaria.
Never gripe or weaken. Small, taste
nice, work wonders Try them. 250
at Canada Drug & Hook Co.
Just Received
Rainyday   skirts.     New   Styles   at
Heavy Wool  Hose for   Women   and
Children.     See KERR'S values.
Constantinople, Oct. 31.���It is
again rumored tbat Mine. Tsilka, the
companion of Miss Stone, and her
child (born since her capture by tbe
brigands) are dead,
New York, Oet. 31���John E. Red-
mund, Puirick Mcllugh and Thomas
McDonald, Irish members of parliament, were enthusiastically received
hy a delegation of Irishmen here
Washington,     Oot.     31.���President
Roosevelt   is   expected   to attend  the
South   Carolina Interstate   exposition
on December 2nd.
Port Townsend, Oct. 31���The steamer  Roanoke  from Nome report,  tnntl
��� IS  THE ���
Leading Scotch  Whisky
R. P- Bithot & Oo-, Limited
A large Shipment of
Portable Basket Grates, And-Irons,
Brass Fire Sets,
Brass Fenders,
Spark Guards-
A- I>- (jl\A-Y  Representative
P. O. Box 521
West Transfer Co.
Goal m Wood
Best  Fir and  Tamarac  Al
ways on hand.
All Kinds of Teaming and
Commission Work-
Office on   Baker Htreet Tel. SB
blowers ol Pine Lager
lle.er aud Porter,
*ui��nn  R. O
Kootenay Street, Next Oddfellows' Hall
P. O. Box 633.
obtained in all countries
Registered Patent Attorney, Mechanical Engineer and Draughtsman. Bank of B. N A. building,
Hastings St., Vancouver, B C.
Write for full particulars.
and try a bottle, a donon, or a barrel ot
CALGARY BEER aa It is tho boat and
ohoapost on tho murkot. Also try our
WINES,    LIQUORS     and    CIGARS.
Telephone 03 Bakor St, Nelson
P. O. GREEN        P. 8. OLEMENTB
Civil Engineers and Provincial Land
P. O. Box 145 .Nelson, B.C.
J. 0. GWLLLIM, B-, Be,
Late of Geological Survey of Canada.    Six years experience in B. C
mining districts.
Baker Street Nelson. B c.
Manufacturers ofBEST STEEL WIRE ROPE.
Tramway, Hoisting, Mining Wire Rope.
Lang's Lay for Tarmways and Underground Haulagi
Local Stock tarried, estimates furnished.
H. E- CROASDAILE Agent Nelson-
{ NO. 4 K.-W.-C. BLOCK, NELSON. B. C.
J Gold, Silver-Lead  and  Copper Mines wanted at the EXCHANGE.
PREE  MILLINU   HOLD  properties  wanted at once for Eastern
Parties haying  mining  property for  salo are  requested to send
samples of their ore to the EXCHANGE for exhibition.
We desire  to hear from prospeetors who have promising mineral
claims in Hritish Columbia.
Prospectors  and  mining  men   are requested   to make  the  EXCHANGE their headquarters when in Nelson.
All samples Bliould be sent by express, PREPAID.
Correspondence solicited.    Address all communications to
Telephone No. 104.  P.O. Box 700. NELSON, B 0,   {
incorporated under tho laws uf British Columbia.
Capital S1,000,000 In 1,000.000 Shares. Par Value J1.00 Each.
All Trensiiry Block,   No Promoter*' anil Sn Preferred Slock,
Cambourue Group, 9 Claims Oyster (iroup, 6 Claims
Located in Ihe Free Gold Fish River Camp,   Lardeau Mining Division, British Columbia,
Large Veins.
Free Hilling Gold Ore
In view of the splendid showings of both high and low
grade ore and the unrivalled facilities for the economical
developing and working of the properties, it is confidently expected that, not only will the present issue of stock be sold
quickly, but ttut no more will be offered at less than par.
Address all inquiries for information or applications for
stock to
P. O. Box 556, Nelson, B.C. Official Broker.
Spokane Falls &
Northern R'v.
Nelson de, Fort
Sheppard R'y,
Red Mountain R'v.
Bo  sure and pet tho genuine   BENNETT'S GUTTA PERCHA FOSE,not
something that looks  like   it.   Law
rence Hardware Co., Agents.
arifflth'n Liniment; is nn omorgenoy doctor
that h always at band and Devon fills in those
diseases whJc*isosuddenly and nn xpwfefflr
endanger tho lives of olitBren-let tho attacks
name whon thus may, and with what severity
they may. iinick relief ii assured. ��"�����������
For Halo by J. f. Vanstnne Notion. B. C.
Is   lame    or    interferes
bring  him   to  the   City
Horseshoeing Shop. Jo
sephine Street
Are you in want? If you are, tel
the people, through The Miner want
column, what you are in want of
You'll get It.
For the comfort of the number of
people who are now using this
popular line, a direct daily Buflet
Car service has been inaugurated,
thereby giving passengers every
comfort obtainable on any of the
larger railways in  Canada or the
Close connections made at Spokane for the south, east  and  west.
Only 10 hours to Seattle and 18
to Vancouver and Victoria.
Passengers booked direct through
to all European points.
NELSON LODGE    No. 23, A. F. &
���M. moots second Wodnosdoy in
month.   Visiting brothorn wolcomo
L O. O. F. Kootonay LodBO
No. 16, moots ovory Monday night,
at tholr Hall, Kootonay street
Sojourning Odd Follows oordlally. invltod. _
John A. Molluc. N.G. I) W. Kuthorfonl, v.U
Fred J. Squire, For, See.
Nelson Royal Areh Chapter No. 183, Q. "��� "���
Hoots third Wednesday, Hojonrnlng <��nip��8
Ioiib Invited. George Johnslono, '/.. ����� w-
Matthews, S. K.
NKLSON 1,01)11 K  No.W, K. ��f >'���
.meets in K. of K hall, Oddfellows block
wvuryTuesday ovoning at 8 o'olooK.
'All visiting knights cordially Invito
Wm. Iuvink, O.C.
A. T. Park, K. of K, and a.
Nolson Enca pmont No. 7. Meets over? - "
and dill Friday of eoeh month, In Odd I allows
Hall, corner Baker and Kootonay si���0"'
Nelson. A. H. Clements, C. P.; D.HoArUnu
It. B.   Visiting brothers always woli-om".
NKLSON L. O. L. No. 1699 meets in fraternity Hall on first and third Friday even i����
of eaoh month at 8 o'clock. Visiting uienioor
oordlally invltod. W. W. Bradloy, w.k.
A, Miuty, R. S.  _____
���SS5,.     "AY TRAIN Arrive
,��:^a-m Spokane 7:35 p.m
}lfP-m Rossland 4:10 p.m
10:10"���" Nelson 0:05 p.m
H. A. JACKSON, O. P. _ T.A
aK.TAOKABUKY8p��kane  W'*
Agent, Nelaon, B.1J
A. R. BARROW,a.mlo.B
Provincial Land Surveyor
Ootrwr Viotoria nnd Kootenay 8U.
PC Box .60 Telephone So. u
NELSON AERIK No. 22, F. O. Ii"'"0"1?
evory second and fourth Wednesdays or own
month. Visiting members oordlally in���
Charles Prosser. Secretary.
Kootonay Tent No. 7, K. O. T. M��� hold *#
regular meetings in Fraternity Hall, 1. U; �����V
block, on tho 1st and 3rd Thursdays of if'-"
month. Visiting brethren cordially��vlU��iw
attend. G. A. Brown, K. K.i A. P. Purdy, Ooiu.
H. J.Stool, D. S.O.
NKLSON'S   tJl-'EKN   NO. Ml
SONS   OF    KNGLANI),   meets
Island 3rd Wednesday ovonlDgsof
each month  at Fiatonito ��
UUUIl     HUM)til     ��tJ    a�����wi~*----����� .���,,..���
corner of Baker and Kootouav
BtrocW. Visiting brethora core
iallj Invltod. .___
KnwAitD MAOi.non. 8ocrotarv.
COURT KOOTKNAY, I. O. F., No. �����*
Meetings 1th Thursday of mouth., FraUrnai
hall, J A Irving C K.   P. 1. Fl eming^UJ^
Nolson Court Star of Kootenay, A. O. F.
Meets 2nd and Uh Wednesdays In ovary
month. Visiting brethren welcome. w.��w
Millar C.H    Pobort Mctood. Bee.


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