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Nelson Daily Miner Oct 5, 1901

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 Daily Edit on No.  1158
ii tibr-u..*. *������
31 no
Nelson,   British  Columbia, Saturday,  October 5,  1901
Eleventh  Year
yacht's   bowsprit   just
golden boats' matt.
lapping   the
Upton's   Challenger   Keeps
Her Nose Ahead Until
the Finish.
Time Allowance Alone Loses
Him the Race and the
T-v-riT*i"ri a rp*p*j-v j   The  usual  pandemonium   that at-
JJiliT Jllii 1 JtjlJ 1 li -mis tim limit   Yankee   victory   in  a
cup     contest     followed.       Whistles,
sirens, bells, hand.*, and  oheers united
in a grand cnorus   of   jubilation   and
.1.  P.   Morgan's  steam yacht   Corsaii
added   to   the   din   by   firing an additional salute of 21 guns.      After the
Columbia   had hauled down her   nails
and set her victory llag   the excursion
boats ciovvded alongside to   cheer   tho
Yankee sflllorS and the  winning skip-
pcr.    Nor   did they forget Sir Thomas
Lipton or his gallant mow.      In   turn
the crowded   steHiners   ran   alougside
the Shamrock   and Erin and the   vanquished received almost   as   much   us
the victor.      And thus   with   felicitations all around,   the twentieth series
uf tlie races   for   the   old   eup   ended
with tlie best of feeling. While taking
his defeat gamely Sir Thomas    Lipton
mnde no attempt to conceal his honest
disappointment when ha talked about
the race tonight on the Erin.   "I   am
very much disappointed,'* he said, ''1
can't   hide   that   I thought within 15
minutes of tho lirst half we had   won.
I was sure as  my   life   that   we   had
won. Whon I looked around the situation had changed   and I had   lost.    It
was   a   hard  blow to be so near winning a;,d then to lose.      I should like
to have got oue race just   by   way   of
consolation.     It is a   very hard thing
to be beaten by a   breath,    by   a   few
beats ot the   pulse.     It   has   been   a
severo strain ou me.     I have   worked
so hard for many months now   aud   I
am glad it   is   over.      To   have   won
would have   betn a joy   greater than
today's  disappointment.     Columbia's
win   today   was   fair and square and
honorable.    Thero is   nothing to protest if I   wanted to protest,    ln fact 1
have   a   feeling   in my   heart that if
there   had been any error in judgment
at ull it would havo been in my favor.
If there had been   any   possibility of
choice in tho matter 1 believe the New
York Yaoht club would have given me
tho race.    Sometimes a man may have
tlie botlor  boat   but   oven   h:..viug   it
must have a wee bit of   luck to   win.
I am very grieved indeed, very  griov-
cd, and," he added, "I should like to
have won one race."
Hardly had the Erin's anchor's
touched bottom than a launch from
the Corsair came alongside bearing
the regatta committee of .he New
York Yacht elub. Sir Thomas met
them at the head of tho gangway, and
as he shook hands with them individually, he said, "Gentlemen,.it was a
fair beating. I want to say again that
you have treated me with the utmost
fairness and courtesy. You have met
every wish of mine and from my heart
1 thank yon.''
Commodore Lewis Cass Ledyard,
chairman nf tho Now York Yacht
Club regatta committee replied, "Sii
Thomas, we havo ncvor had a truer
sportsman to deal with." E. IX
Morgan, manager of tho Columbia
said, "I am very happy that wo won,
and glad the strain is over. Wc certainly had to make a splendid fight
for it. We had a splendid captain
and a splondid crow.' The Columbia
mainsail was unbent befoio she camo
to anchor and soon after she was
towed lu Coney Island.
New York, Oct. 3. -With victory
flag.*-- floating from her towering mastheads and the ends of her spreaders in
honor of her concluding triumph ill
! the races of 11)01, the gallant sloop
Columbia returned to ber anchorage
tonight under the escort of the entire
excursion licet. She today completed
, her defence of the honored trophy in
another stirring rac: with Shamrock
11. over a leeward and windward
course of 30 miles, crossing the finish
line two seconds behind her antagon-
- ist but winning on the time allowance
ooncaded by the Lipton hoat by 41
seconds. For the second time she
has now succeeded in foiling the
atten.pt of Eng land to wrest from our
possession the cup that means the
yachting supremacy of the world.
Tbo plucky Sir Thomas Lipton uu
the bridge of the Erin led his guests
in hearty huzzas for thc successful
defender, "She is tho hotter boat,"
he said, "uud she deserves to be
Tho series of races just closed ~wi 11
always bo memorable for the closest
race ever sailed for tho cup, and Sir
Thomas, although dcfeitcd, will go
homo with tho satisfaction of knowing that his golden yacht is the ablest
foreign boat that ever crossed the
.western ocean. During both soiies not
an untoward incident bus occurred,
and Sir Thomas will retuin to England by far more popular than all the
foreigners who have challenged for
the American trophy.
Today's raco cn paper was the
closest, of the series, but because of
the llukinoss of tho wind on the way
home as a contest of thc relative
merits of the yachts it is not to bo
compared with the magnificent, truly
run and fairly fought battles of Saturday and yesterday* The conditions of
tho raco at the start today wero very
similar to those of yesterday. The
wind was strong and from thc shore,
embroidering Iho sea with foam but
piling up no swell, ideal conditions
for tho challenger. The racers were
sent away before the wind each carrying a penalty for crossing tho line
after the handicap gun. No official
record is kept of the timo after that
gun is fired but the experts with stop
watches estimated Columbia's handicap at 15 seconds and Shamrock's at
So seconds. The sight ot the contestant yachts, Hoeing befoie the following wind, was picturesque bnt not
exciting. The big yachts, like gulls
with outstretched wings had every
inch of canvas spiead, all their light
sails including bulging Epinnukeis
and balloon jib topsails. Their crews
wero gathered aft to keep the head of
the boats up and therefore until the
outer mark was reached it waa
merely a question of holding on to ail
the oanvas and letting the wind do
the rest.
Notwithstanding   the   fact that the
Columbia   boat   Shamrock before   the
wind    last   Saturday   the   challenger
today gained slowly   but steadily   all
the way ont  and   rounded   li   seconds
before the defender,   having   actually
gained one minute and foul   seconds.
Iuimudiatelv after the   yachts  turned
their   noses   for   tho   bent home,  the
breeze moderated   and   turned   lluky.
The skippers split tanks,   each searching for  wind,    with   the   result   that
first one would get a lift and then tlie
other.     Ouo   time Columbia seomed a
mile ahead   when   a   sudden   slant of
wind alloned the   Shamrock   to point
nearer   the  mark   and   a   mile   from
home tho challenger   appeared   to   be
loading by fully   a   half   mile.     The
talent began to feel   nervons,   but   as
the yachts approached   the  finish, the
Yankee   skipper   by   some   miraclous
legerdemain shovod   his boat into   the
light air   like a phantom ship and !(>;;
yards   from home the two racers were
almost on even lei ins. It wax a prett)
sight aud one seldom witnessed   whon
tnoy  orossed   rail to rail.   The white
Venom-elans   Defeated by   Colombians
With Heavy Loss.
Ouracoa,   Oct.    I. ���Thu   mysterious
feature of the Ouajira   campaign   today is the altitude of the   Guajira Indians.     When   the Venezuelans  first
entered tbo peninsula  they robbed the
Indians of their cittlo   and   generally
maltreated them.      The   Indians  arc
now   retaliating  cruelly,   mutilating
and murdering   many of tbo numerous
fugitives   who huve   been   straggling
since   tho defeat   ovor   the   waterless
burning   fiat peninsula in au effort to
reach their lines on the coast,
13 Oeneral Davila's first fight at Cure-
ccoa   was   an   absolute route.      Five
battalions     wore     engaged   and   the
Colombians are estimated   at the same
number. It is not Known that General
Echevira   was   killed   on   the  battle
Held.     After   Oeneral   Echevira   was
reported     killed,     General    Davilas,
Clodomiro,   Castillo   and Ermiio Castro, a brother of President Castro fled
the     field,    and   the   battalion   then
broke.    About BOO   wore killed on the
Venozeulan side,    including 30  minor
Yet From Victoria.���Dunsmuir Undecided.
million dollars to build.     The   plans
for the branch   havo  already   secured
I the       approval     of     the     Dominion
A. ii. \V. Hodges, superintenden!
of the Granby smelter, has returned
Irom   a    trip   to   Arizona   and    New
Nothing Definite Announced | Mexico.
R, W. Brook, of the Dominion
Geological Survey having completed
his examination of the North Fork
coal fields will resume the work of
making a topographical survey of the
lioundary countiy.
Dal Hawkins, the ex-champion
light.weight, was given a benefit al
tlie Owl Music hall last night. He
gave an exhibition of boxing with
Danny Dean, of l'hoenix.
The revenue of the C. P. R. depot
hero last month proved the largest
since the completion of the Columbia
,fc  Western.
Extension Mine Very Much In
capacitated by Recent
Decision in tbo County Court Case
Will Define His Responsibility.
At the conclusion of the Rohitaillo
vs. Mason case yesterday, aftor both
oounsels hud closed their arguments,
Judge Forin said, "I consider a very
strong case has been made out for the
plaintiff Robitaille, but I desire to
give a written judgment, aud look
into the case and review fully the
law on the question," He then
directed that a copy of tbe stenographer'a notes be made out and as
soon as he has perused this he will
deliver judgment. The case involves
many interesting points affecting the
duties of constables and private prosecutions. The arrest was made without a warrant and the plaintiff claims
while private parties were asserting
their rights, and not made to forward
the criuiiua,' law. The case from ulegal
stundpoint is one of the most important to ooiue befoie tho Ccnnty court
in Nelson. Rohitaillo claims the
return of his solicitor's fees at the
preliminary hearing, tho expense of
his* time attending trial aud when
under arrest, and damages to tho extent of _s0o to his leputation and for
his mental sufferings pending his
arrest and trial.
London, Oot. 4.���There is a feeling
of supreme disapointment In London
over the failure of tho Shamrock to
win even a single race. Those who
denounced Sir Thomas Lipton's ambition,asserting that he was using his
yacht to advance his business interests, now realize that his sportsmanlike efforts deserved a better
result. The question is much debated
Whether the defeat of the Shamrock
was duo to the superiority of American seaniaiiship or the bettor constructive ability of the American people.
With a view to settling the question,
the Dailj Expiess has cabled Commodore Morgan and Sir Thomas Lipton
suggesting they should ariange a race
with the Columbia's crew on boaid the
Shamiock II. and tho crew of the
challenge on boad the defender.
Two liritisli Columbians Socure Recognition of Valuable Inventions.
Rowland Ilrittain, patent attorney,
Vancouver, sends the following report
from tlic^ ollieial gazette of U. S.
pateut office for the ween ending September lib. During tho week 58
patents were issued of which four
came to Canadians.
The R. C. inventors this week are
John Paterson, Nelson, hydraulic air
oompressoi. Tin's patent is for a system by which high water pressuro is
utilized to induce and cany air with
it during its fall down a pipe into a
specially designed resorvoir which
separates the air then under tho press*
uro of tbe head of water. This system
has boon very ninch in vogue during
recent years, and seems specially
adapted for us in our province, where
mountain streams are so frequently
available adjacent to mining centres.
tl. A. Roedde, bookbinder, Vancouver, has this week received the United
States allowance on bis application
for a patent on a temporary binder, for
nso on magazines or similar paper
hound books. This device is especially designed for the protection of
such books, and is likely to obtain
very general adoption.
The magazine is locked in the
binder iii such a manner that while
every freedom is accorded for reading,
tho book cannot Uo moved from the
binder except by the person provided
with tlio key too unlock the securing
bars. Mr. Rooddc bus left for the
east in order lo make arrangements
for the manufacture of the article,
when it will be placed on the market.
Victoria, Oct. 4.���The uir here yesterday ami today bus been tiiick with
rumors regarding the political situation, It being rumored last night that.
the premier had resigned and the
governor had sent for lion. Fred
Peters. Up to noon today, however,
nothing of special interest had transpired [regarding Mr. Dunsmuir
although it was learned for a fact
that J. 0. Rrown's resignation had
been iu the hands of the premier for
some days. _ ��� That tlie premier is undecided what to do is evident from
the fact that though the Gaz.etto thin
morning announces that Hon. J. D.
Prentice will act as Provincial secretary and ininiater of education it does
not contain a line regarding Mr.
lirown's resignation. Your correspondent learned at noon of Mr.
Brown's action and when the news
was communicated to n number of
prominent politicians the concensus
of opinion was that it presaged the
witlrdrawal of the premier. It is
known definitely that the premiei
now sees his mistake aod would do
anything to recall his action in
allowing Joseph Martin to dictate his
course but it is too late.
A prominent Island representative
who has been regarded as one of the
personal as well as political supporters of Mr. Dunsmuir suid this morning: "Dunsmuir has been a rank,
failure as a piemier and the worst of
it is he does not see it." There is a
well defined understanding that
Eberts and MoBride are joining hands
and that the next combiuation in case
Dunsmuir resigns or even if he does
not, will number them among the
prominent leaders. The city is full
of politicians and members and tbis
week will likely see Boine move made
Victoria, Oct. 4.���It is expocted thnt
work will bo resumed in the Extension ruinos on Monday. Ihero are
now two colliers there which thc
company cannot load having no coul
at Comox the oompany is about short,
as the mine in which tbe explosion
ocourred last summer having been
Hooded. The company have been
pouring a million gallons of water
into the mine every day since the
beginning of August last and it is
estimated that it will take fifteen
months to pump it out. At Extension
they smothered the fire by closing all
the air shafts and tunnels.
Ernest Stevens, who shot John
llazenfrat with a pea rille ou Thursday
nignt, was today charged with shooting with intent, the wounded man
having recovered consciousness and
sworn that Stevens went belli nd some
trees and fired at him beoause he haa
remonstrated with him for throwing
dirt around a field.
Glasgow, Oct. 4.���The secretaries of
the Clyde Yaoht club disclaim any
knowledge regarding the report that ��
Scotch syndicate wil challenge for the
America's cup.
C. P. R. OBSTRUCT V. V. &  E.
Sentence for Intimidation at Rossland
Confirmed by Judge Leamy.
Rossland, Oot. 4.���Thos. M. Beamish, a member ol tiie Carpenters'
union, now on strike in this comp,
was today sont to the provincial jail
to servo two months at hard labor.
The charge was intimidation arising
out of the incident of August 10 when
Joseph Home, a non-union employee
of tlio Northport semltor.was followed
through the streets by a number of
strikers. Tho case was originally
tried in the police court and the verdict of the police magistrate was
today affirmed by Judge Leamy of tbe
county court, who expressed his disap
proval of the incident iu the strongest
terms. Ou bi-icg taken from the oourt
room the prisoner became abusive and
was handcuffed. Ilo will serve his
Sentence ut Nelsou.
Curtis   Hns   No   Use   For  Coalitions
Except For Particular Purpose.
Princeton. Sept. '.'7. ���Smith   Curtis.
M.  P.  P.,  eu  in on Friday   over the
Hope trail      He is  here completing  D  (  ���       .  ^      Massacre   0f
the transfer of the townsite of Copper*
Held to tbe Similkameen   Vullcj   Coul
cum puny.
In un Interview regarding the
political situation Mr. Cuiti** .^aid:
''I really cannot express myself tolly
upon the subject, not being in touch
at this distance, with tbe events
which may be taking place in the
political arena, However one thing
is certain, that ii that the Dunsmuir
government can iiave no majority in
the bouse, and its resignation may be
looked for, The defeat of Mr. Hrown
in Westminster was really the defeat
of the government. It is quite likely,
howcer   he continued, tbat thc house
the 9th Company on
Sept. 28th.
Four Hundred Bolomen Kill
All but Thirteen Men Out
of Seventy-Five.
The following are the rates on Ihe
new Ashcioi'-Dawson telegrah line:
Che local rates at present iu force on
the line beyond Atlin will be continued. The rate for any office on the
line, above or below Atlin will be
continued. The rate for any office on
the Hue, above or below Atlin, to or
from Ashcroft, will boon the basis of
50 cents for the first 100 miles snd
::a cents for each additional hundied
miles, which would figure out 84.60
for ten words from Dawson to Ashcroft, and {.'I from Atlin to Ashcroft.
The usual proportionate rate for additional words will be 30 and 20 cents
respectively. For through business
the rato contjrnplates 30 oents for additional word-*, where tho ton-word
rate is over S4, 1*0 cents for additional
words whero the rate is $3 up to $4 :
Iii oents for additional words when)
the into is **2 up to IjvJ, und 10 cents for
additional words where the rate Is $1
up to p.
So pleased wero the Indians at Van*
couvor with the gruciousness of the
Duke and Duchess of Cornwall that
the tribe from Port Sipmson presented
the Duku with the 'Kitiuid Sharuio-
grah" or bat of the tribe. This hat
is made of wood, most elaborately
carved, and in front is designed after
tbe stlye of a mask. The top is composed of a fringe (if hundreds of hairs
and bristles, pulled roin tho beards ol
sen-lions, caught muny yeais ago,
when tho Indians had only their crude
native weapons with which to hunt
thoso formidable animals. Falling
from lhe back of it is a mantle composed of from 0-0 to 100 skins of the
Royal ermine, which are a rich
ereaniy yellow in color. It Is considered one of the most preeious relies
a tribe nossess.
Washington, Oet. 4.���The   war   de-
piiilmeut tonight leceived the following  despatch   from Mr. Chaffee dated
uiaybeoalltd   together   in   the  near  Manil!l   R1Ting further dotails of  the
disusterous attack   on   the   Uth   regiment :
Manila, Oct. 4.���To the adjutant-
general, Washington: Fiom those
who escaped comes the following:
lin September 89tb, while at breakfast
at 0,48 a. *n. the company was attacked at the signul of the ringing of the
convent bells by about 450 bolo men,
200 from the rear of the quarters and
200 from the front simultaneously
attacked the officers quarters. The
company was corapeletly surprised.
The force attacking in front gained
possession of the arms. A fight ensued
forthwith in whicli many met death
in the mess room in the rear. The
enemy was beaten off temporarily by
about 25 men wbo gained their arms.
Sergeant ltettron assumed command
aud endeavored tu collect tho men so
as to leavo in hosts. When thoy wero
l'eattackud by the eueiiiy. Tbe
strength of thu company was threo
ollicers and 72 men. Of these there
were killed tbree officers und 40 enlisted men, missing six, wounded 13,
survivors 13. Tbe party attacking tho
ollicers in the convent followed
through tne church. A large number
were led by the preaidente. Thero
���vere probubly 101 rides with the compuny ; 2�� were saved, 15 of the lost
(ritles), bud their oolts drawn, and
25,000 .rounds of ammunition wure
lost. Ninety five prisoners outside
the quarters joined in the attack at
the signal.
future, and nn attempt made to pass
redistribution measure, with the hope
of going to tlie country upon it.
Should the government put a oandi*
dute in tlie fit Id to fill the vacancy ill
Victoria, it would bo with the absolute certainty of defeat. In the event
of a resignation I would expect the
formation of a coaiation government.
Such a government," said Mr. Curtis,
"I strongly condemn, The only object
of such a one, should be for a special
purpose, as was the case at the passing of the Confederation act. In the
present instance such a government
should only deal with the passing of
u Redistribution act, and possibly one
tor tlio construction of the Coast ���
Kootenay railroad. Let it be understood tbat this railroad is now an assured fuct, for no government cun
hold olliee unless it deuls with this
most important question, either as
a government owned roud for the construction of a competitive line. The
construction may be expected to commence wilhin three or four months,
and will probably bu built from tbo
coaat end.
"If un nppcal is made to the
country, it will likely be upon party
Hues, which 1 strongly favor," concluded Mr. Curtis.
Port Rowan, Ont., Oct. 1.���Clarence
Rockfollow and Arthur Bantum, boys
aged 14, went out thick shooting on
the lake Wednesday night and have
not been seen since. The boat arrd
some clothing was found on the
Ottawa, Oot. 4.���lion. Mr. Horden
said today that General O'tlrady*
Haley might be retained in eon,maud
of the militia after the expiration of
Ilia term, December .list. In any ease
ho would not be succeeded by ft Cuna-
dian officer,
London, Oct. 5.���Sir Francis Lairing, King Edward's physician, went
to Balmoral yesterday. Ilis majesty
is reported to be suffering from an
attack of rheumatism but wtnt for a
drive during the afternoon.
Andrew Ferguson returned from the
Trail smelter on Tuesday, Oot. 1,
with the returns from the second
Triune shipment mado this season,
says the Lardeau Eagle. The gross
returns were ,5,608.68, I.0G5.43 of
which was gold values. Another 20-
ton lot will be ready for shipment
this week, and tho third and last
shipment this season will follow in a
couple of weeks. If tbo piesent line
weather continues however, the output will bo further increased.
In   No   Hurry   to   Choose Their Lund
Between Grand Forks and Phoenix.
-ni'I'.ciai. TO Tiii'i Miron.j
Grand Forks, Oct. 4.-J. H. Kennedy, chief engineer of tho V. V. &
B. railway has left here for the
Similkameen for the purpose of inspecting thc route now being surveyed
by his assistants.
The delay of the Provincial government in g anting the right ol* way
for the proposed branch from here to
Phoenix is ascribed to the fact that
tbo O. P. R. has not completed the
selection of its lands secured under
tho Columbia & Western land grunt.
Tbo excuse is of tho flimsiest character
as the lands between heie and l'hoenix
are mostly situated ut a high elevation
und are valueless for timber purposes;
in any event tho minerals they may
contain do not belong to the railway
company. On the plea nf protecting
the interests of the C. ���'. R., tho Victoria government is wilfully delaying
the construction of an impoitant com
Montreal, Oct. 4.���The Canadian
Pacific railway authorities have nt
present under consideration an immense scheme of irrigation for the
Northwest by which it is   proposed to
make  good    farming    nnd   grazing
country out of millions of acres which
now lie dry und arid between Cal*
gary and Medicine Hat immediately
on Norlh railway line.
London, Oct. 5.���The casualty lisi
shows that the total Itiitisli loss tn an
uttack on Col. Kekowicli's camp at
Moedwill weie four ollicers killed anil
88 wounded. Fifty-one men killed
and 116 wounded, numbers iniirli
greater tuan those heretofore reported.
0. P. R. May Put on More Trans-
Pacific Steamers.
New York, Oct. I.���A special to the
Times from Montreal says:
�� The Canadian Pacific Railway compuny will probably put on a line of
steamers from Vancouver to Vludivu-
stock, in order to take advantage ol
the trade openings which exists in
the east in consequence of the opening
up of Siberia. In any onse it is certain Unit an experimental steam r
will be placed on the line. William
Whyte, who was sent by his company
to make u report on the condition in
Russia,has presented his report to the
executive hoard of the company.anil il
is learned tbat be is most favorably
impressed with tlio openings for trade
The directors will meet soon after tlie
annual meeting lo take up tho repoit
and decide what steps to tnke.
Mine Still in   Bad   Condition���Relief
Committee Formed.
Nanuimo, Oct. 4.���Three times
within 21 hours the stoppings have
been blown out of the mines. Reports
thnt the flie was practically smothered
uie premature. Threo hundred
miners have left camp convinced that
tiie mines are useless for months to
come. John liryden, ex-M. L. A.,
was chosen honorary president of tho
permanent relief committee formed
today in Ladysmith, An appeal ia
being sent to all provincial towns.
Ottawa, Oct. 6.���Ralph   Smith,
Copenhagen,   Oct.   4,���The   Danish
gunboat Moon, whi le ut gun practice
today with prisunt shells, foundered
to the westward of the Briddlc
ground.      llcr mast head   can be scrn
...v uuu���............ ���  .��.|.w.��w��. -���    a   ft-w   yards   above   the wave.     The
petitivo branch thut will cost   several J crew o   the vesi-el were saved.
P., for Nanuimo. is hen* In the inter
est of the Labor party, lie is ernloav-
oiing to persuade tlie department ol
labor to take Immediate action towaul
the deportation of the alien miners nt
Junius Wilks, vice-president of the
Western Federation of Miners, Is in
Spokane nnd iu an Interview there
staled thut tbe strike at Rossland and
Northport hud only just commenced,
although it had been In existence for
three months. The union was some*
, hat disappointed at Director Freche-
ville's deoision not to accede to tba
demand of the union, but in no si rise
uf tbo went wero they discouraged.
Tlie union men hud ample preparation
made and were, ho declared, determined lo carry on tbe light as long as
then* is u dollur in the treasury of the
federation or u member in good standing to assess. Mr, Wilks went over
the causes which led up to the strike
both at Ninth port and at Rossland and
concludes wilh an appeal to tho publio
for sympathy.
Seattle, Oct, I. ���Win. Ilultze, Richard Wiildmn, Kdward Cnlhert. anil
Joseph C. Wilkins, were drowned in
liehiing sea near Port Safety early in
August. Their bodies were found on
the beach.
London, Oct. i.���It wus ascertained
this evening that King Edward's com
plaint is luiiihngi)  but
uot at al! serious.
Montreal, Oct. 4.���Tbe usual fight
between sophomores and freshmen
took place at McGill yesterday, the
freshmen winning. Both sides are
mourning today, however over impositions of a 82 fine all round.
-      ���*"��������
Sherbrooke, Oct. 4.���The coroner's
jury on the victims killed in thc
ivieek on the Quebec Central at Thed-
ford Miuea yesterday, brought ln a
verdict todoy that the wreck was
caused by un unintentional error
made by Robert Keeler. train del-
patoher,   Keeler has been employed by
the   attack   is  the company as  u   dispatcher   for
Ours, * *
uu TVf   iak-i    T.fl'-.v.ni--,'���������J"'   '','   !*)l:,1,  *������ ���1-,f  feWnj-a-SJ  ���*������
The Nelson Kunirk .*,..-. >;������,���,...   ,.,..,,:������.-. m,.
lllshod  fivciy Mornlhg  Bxoopt  lifWdaj |
scnscP.iiTior: RATBSi
Dally,pur mcnth.hr carrier	
Dally, per mom h. )>y mall....        "J���
Dally, per your, by carrier �� ' "
Dally, por ye*.r, by mall	
if. Per V-iAr  forr:_:;t	
One i
.1 IX)
0 00:
VVeckly.i   r half year	
Weeklv per year	
Week:    por rear, foreign ���	
.'"����� ilptions invariably ln rulvanco.
.1 -5
2 nil
3 00 ,
I [porta ni. Although lli'y poiseied
'���enormous bodies of ore they generally
Were of a low gradPi and the more
[eOohomioaHy tbey Could he treated the
' more profit would ensue to the shareholders. With this view the managing director Mr. A .1. McMillan bad
gently Interviewed Mr. Thomas A.
Edsob, Who was Investigating a process foi the economical treatment of
this class of ore.
Mr. Edson is not a mining;engineer,
leltber is be a metallurgical chemist,
but of late years lie has giveo considerable attention to the question of the
[economical reduction of ores and has
invented processet f"i reducing iron
ore and for extracting gold found in
sand, and ut present he is InvBstlgat-
I ing tbe nickel deposits in the viniliity
of Sudbury, He is a mun of genius
end accomplishes almost any task
that he attempts. In the course of
his expeiimsntl he has acquired a fair
cup have Deen won anu m ewiu ui I smattering of almost all kinds of
them the Columbia has deleated the knowledge, including considerable of
challenger. Tbe Shamrock has been i metallurgical chemistry. It is prob-
beaten, bnt not disgraced.     Tho racs nMe, thcitfoie,   that he will make  a
115 Fleet StreeU E. C.
Pross AKcncy, Ltd., Special AKer.ts
Alexander ��t Co...121 Kir*- Avanoe. BpoUnc
-Viwh.. keep thin -paper on Bio, anil are our
authorized at-cntx for advertisement! ub
The   three races   for   tho   America
have   been   won and   in eacli   of
weie run in light wind, in moderate
wind and in heavy wind, bnt the cup
defender proved on each occasion to
be a shade speedier than it*- rival
bout.      in the first i nee in a compara-
oomplete success ol his attempts to
find u cheap method of reducing the
gold-copper ore of the l'hoenix camp.
'The reduction of ores by new methods
should be Hn nl luring study for a man
tivrly   light   breeze, the 8bamrotk in 0j tbe temperament of Mr. Edson and
beating to  windward outstripped hor
rival,   but in the run home the   wind
became fluky and the Columbia gained
the time lost   and won the race.    The
Columbia won the   first   raco by one
minute and SO seconds.
The second race, it is claimed, was
thc fastest ever sailed in s cup con*
tebt. The wind was strong and steady
and gave an excellent opportunity of
testing the   respective   merits   of   the
snould he give his entire time lo it he
doubtless would accomplish wonders
in the way of simplifying aud cheapening the present methods of separating the metals from the gangue in
boats   when   driven   at   about    their
maximum speed.     This
that the Columbia was a
in sailing, beating  to   windward
sailing ou tbe wind and   in   scudding
before  it.     The   Columbia   won   the
second race by three  minutes  and   as
In the third raco, run yesterday,
the breeze varied from twelve to
eighteen knotB and occasionally it
wns of considerably less in force. The
Columbia won the third race by 41)
Considering that the distance sailed
in each race was 30 miles, the small
time hy which the Columbia wou iu
_ acb of the three races was not largo
and shows that Bhc is only a little
more speedy than the Columbia.
It is within the range of probabilities that the Shamrock was not
handled ns well us the Columbia, and
a fair test of this question would be
for tho two ynchts to change crews
and sail tho three races over thu same
course. If, then, the Shamrock outsailed the Columbia it would demonstrate that it was the erew and not
the vessel thnt won the series of races
which was concluded yesterday. Ou
the othor hand, if the Columbia won
it would reveal that it waa the boat
and no�� the crew which was victorious. Snch a trial, while it would
have no bearing upon tho cup, would
at least have the effect of fully satisfying the Hritish und American
pcoj.los us to the respective merits of
the two ves;els, although lhat question is already settled in the minds of
a good many.
Sir Thomas Lipton has made n gallant attempt to lift the cup and if In*
has failed it wns through no luult of
his, and he muy well sny with Sem-
pronious, "It is not mortal to command success, hut at least we'll de
serve it.'' lie is a. true [sportsman
and one of the kind who does not
easily givo up and it is probable that
he will have another try on some
future ooousiou foi the cup,
Tlie miners of the Slocan have a
very valuable asset in the dry ore
I ledges and as thoy understand fully
raoe revealed their value they are opening np as
little fa**ter many 0f them as their means will
allow. They recognize while lead is
low that the dry oro will yield more
profit than the heavier wet silver-lead
ores. The dry ore belt is worthy of
the attention of the capitalist as there
is good profit in mining for this
class of ore and the mines
of tlie Slocan are not expensive to
operate. Tlie Slocun Drill of October
1th has the following concerning the
dry ore belt around Slocan City:
"Under general conditions it requires
three tons of dry ore to flui one of
wet. Snch being the case and the
Slocan City division possessing the
leading dry ore deposits of the prov
inee, there is a ready market for every
pound of mineral produced in the
camp, and demand, in fact, being far
greater than the visible supply. As a
result of smelter competition, freight
nnd treatment charges havo beon
greutly reduced, tho reductions mnde
amounting to a fun profit orr ordinary
mining. The attention of investors is
partiiularly dru n to this fact. If
you don't Oelievi- it, come and see fo
Some high clnss experts hnve been
culled into the Kootenays ou different
occasions to puss upon the merits of
mining properties, the most efficient
wiy of operating tbum and the cheapest mothod for reducing the ore. Such
eminent engineers as Clarence Kin��
Henry Bratnober, Dl, Raymond,
Henry Janin, Mr, Eeroborn, Bernard
Macdonald und others come high but
it Is ofton necessary to imvu them.
One of  the  largest gathering of men
eminent in tho mining husinesi was
summoned to appear in tho suit of tbe
Centre Star vs. the Iron Mask, n suit
involving a question of extra lutein!
rigiit*,. The suit wns not fought lo n
conclusion, but was sullied by stipulation slid so the question nf extra Intern!
rights has not yet been judicially
passed on in this   province.    The ease
The Slocau Drill is still keeping
the projeet of the establishment of u
smeller at Slocun City before tbe pub
Ha and in its la.st issue it says: In
quiries of a responsible nature are bo
ing made of the possibilities of the
camp with a view to establishing
smelter here, being a direct outcome
of the agitation stilted some time ago
lo ihut end. Certain informattlon
tins been asked for and supplied on
heiuiif of English capital, and uu
agent of the firm is to arrive here
shortly to size up the situation. The
scheme in contemplation is one similar to thai iu use on tho Broken Hill
mine, Australia, tbe prime factor
being eleotrioiy. It is meeting with
remarkable success there and it is held
would do the sume li*orc. Ample
water power is available for the cheap
generation of electricity und tho city
has room to spnre foi n site. The
movement on foot is Dona tide and if
Slocan cun make her pretensions good,
i smelter will bo established here be-
vollil ll doubt.
icnii'O diivi-U
INCORPOfiHTED    1670.
...-.-*��^,^*0ix**r- -
Fall Goods Arrived
The very latest creations in Ladies'Costumes
Jackets, Skirts, Waterproofs,
Japanese Dressing G-owns,
Parisian Blouse Flannels and Wool Delaines,
American Silk and Satin Waists.
Dress Fabrics (i suit lengths) in Newest Shades and Weaves.
iker is evidently nn alluring game
und it is sometimes played for high
stokes on the trans-Atlantic liners.
Un a recent trip of the steamship
Deutschland a group of Plttsbuig
millionaires became Involved in a
game, to while away the monotony of
tho ocean voyage, nud played for seveial nights dining tho trip. The
result was Unit half a million dollars
changed hands. The winnings were
divided between William 1. Muslin,
president of tho  Pittsburg   stock  ex-
I Change, and James A. Chain bins, pres-
waa a costly one to both the plaintiff Idenl of the Amerloan window glass
and the defendent corporation and the I trust. They won thu money from
prinoipal  expense   wus the pny of the'other trust magnates,    Two of a kind
expert witnesses, whose fees were In
some instances very high. Now il
seems tbat a man more famous perhaps in some lines thnn any of these
mining experts has been consulted
a mining cnmpnuy operating lu Hritish Columbia in the person of Thomas
A. Edson, the noted Inventor. At
the statutory meeting of the Snowshoe
Gold & Copper Mines held recently In
London, the ohHiruiun, the Karl of
t'bestrrfleld, suid that the question of
(rnuspurUing and   smelting  the  ores
by i to the estimation
'kind   wore   held.
in this game were worth (5,000,
threes wero vuliiud Be high us $15,000,
while a full liouse wns appraised at
if'"i.niio.nnd there was scarcely a limit
which four of n
Too beauty of a
gutno like this, played us it wns
between millionaires, is that tbe
losers will scarcely miss the money j
when men in comparatively poor
circumstances, lose money at gambling it hurts them sometimes very
much.   Poker iB  an   expensive game
TELEPHONE    NO.   13.
Hudson's Bay Company.
Our stock is now complete in the above lines.    Call and be
convinced that the most complete stock
is carried  by the
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and   Salted   Heats
Fisn and Poultry in Season
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Manager.
K.-W.-C   Block. Ward Street, Nklson.
Orders by m��il receive careful and prompt attention
m IN CASH, j
���FREE��� {
We will give the above reward to nny person who will correctly arrange thef
Jabove letters to spell the niiinesof three Canadian cilies. Use each letter buti
wince. Try it. We will positively (live tlie money awuy, und you may bu the\
'fortunate person. Should there lie mnre than 1 set of correct answers, thef
|money will be divided equally. Fur instance should 5 persona send in correct >
{answers, each will receive $40; should 10 persons send in correct answers,\
reach will receive $20 ; twenty persons, $10 each. We do this to introducef
iour lirm and goods we handle asquiokly na possible. SEND NO MONEY i
\ WITH YOUR ANSWER, This is a FREE contest. A post card will do. \
f Those who have Dot received anything bum other contents, try this one. fp
uml   should   be played only   by those
who arc rich and can afford to lose.
Tho visit ot William Whyte of the
('. P. Ii. to Siberia is after all to bear
fruit. It will be remembered that
Mr. Whyte made the trip lo Siberia
for the purpose ol learning what the
possibilities in the wuy of trade with.
Canada were nnil on his return wns
reticent ns the results of liis investigation saying that ho bail tu give them
lirst to tho company, but intimating
Bt the same time that something
might,   grow out of thu   result   of   his
Slborlnn observations. A recent dispatch from .Montreal states that the
Canadian rui-iilc ruiluwy may put ou
a line uf suainsliips betwoen Vuncuu-
ver and Vluiliovstock in order to tal'c
advantage of tbe tnulu openings which
exists in consequence of the opening
of Siberia, In any case it is certain
that an experimental steamer will bo
put on. The directors nre to meet
shortly for the purpose of considering
Mr. Whyte's report und taking uction
upon it. Ho it is vory probnble that
tho V. & V, steamship lino will soon
be esnbllshed nnd another commercial
uuoneetion uf Importance lo British
Columbiu and Canada established.
The rate of taxation this year in
Nelson is II,1, mills on the dollar on
assessments on land and -'.j mills on
Improvements. This is low rate nnd
shows thnt thu eity nftnirs arc well
conducted when the cost of improving
tho eity ns needed anil maintaining
tlio civic government calls for such
small contibutions from the taxpayers. A low rate of taxation like
this tends to give nn increased value
to really because the returns from It
are greater when only a moderate
pcr'ion is taken for taxes It is well
Irnown that investors shun n municipality whore tlio administration of its
alTuirs are   corrupt,  thu  expenditures
extravagant and tbo taxes high, for
the reason that in such places they
ure unable to secure idasnnable interest on investments made in realty.
Tho municipality owns its own
light und wuter plants und the revenue derived from these about payH the
running expenses of the city and as u
result the tuxes for keeping up the
interest on the bonded indebtedness
and providin-j for tho sinking funds
are about all the property owners
hn*o lo pay.
obtained in all countries
Registered Patent Attorney, Mechanical Engineer and Draughtsman. Hank of H.N A. building,
Hastings St., Vancouver, B C.
Write for full particulars.
���_-,a*.*-**** ���*.���_���*-�����. ������� a;
Brewers of Fine Linger
lloor an J I'oiter,
nuor in and bee us
!-*-l_*n*   It. O
Ilo  sure and get thu genuine   BENNETT'S OUTTA PEItCHA FUSE,not
something that looks   like   it.       aw-
renco Hardware Co., Agon'21,
UtIM TSi uftSo'&oSo
chciiuo.il   on    tho    murkot.    Also   trv   our
Wlf.ES,    LIQUORS     iii'l    CIQAR&
Tele phono 03 n��.or au, Nolson
fe-Mr^fgr*^^^ - -
prices  for
tor sale
cash or
on  thc   i:
al close
on easy
Canada Drug and
Book Co., Ltd.
�� Fall   and
8 Winter
Deiiverc-Tto any point
on Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock on hand of
Rough and Dressed
Mouldings, Sash Doors,
Inside Finish.
Coast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber-
Mill ot PILOT BAY. Ynrds, NELSON
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Subscribers in Kaslo
Every morning Immediately
on arrival of steamer, ut the
rate of        ,
75 Cents per Month
Subscriptions to bo
with the agont,
D.   J.   YOUNG.
For domestic or steam use.
A full supply always on
Kates lo all railway and
lake poinls
General Agent.
Tel. No. 265.
Office ��� Two  doors
C.P.R   offices.
N. E. T. CO.
Reduction in service, taking place
Sunday 29th inrtant. 40 minute
service before 11 a. m. and after
7.40 p. nt.    20 minutes between.
Ti.ni: taiii.k.
7.00 a. tn.
Stanley si.
7* 20 a. in.
S.40 '
11. OO
��� I.20
Every 20 minutes Met ween, ��,
hour,  20 past and 20 to.
7-20P-���*������< 7.20 p
J. 20
(O 40
it. rai ���       last car to switch
Muiilrj, si
Golf [Capes
Skirts. Etc.
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J. G. BUNYAN & 60.
Wc have thc Largest and  Finest
Assortment in the city.
Spokane Falls *%
Northern h'yt
& Fort
Sheppard R%
Red IWoyntain R'v.
To San Fraucisco and Return
$46.30 BY STEAMER.
This especially low rato is made
on account ofthe Epiocopal Convention to he  held in San Francisco.
Dates of sale, Sept. 33rd to
inclusive. Good to return
Nov. i;,ih.
P. L. S.
KASLO,   B.  C.
Mineral .-laini. and mines suiveyed.
Buffalo and Return
Good for sixty days, first
and third Tuesday, August,
September and October.
Through   passenger    traiins    he-
tween Spokane and Nelson.    Buffet
���Spokane      and
service    between
,:!���'!_ "'n* Spokane...
��P'm Rossland.,
. Nelson....
Hi ir.in.
.T:35 p.m
.���1 -Ml p.n.
. ii- :0S p, m.
H. A. JACKSON, O. p. at.a
G*. K. TAOKABURY S^m   ^Mb
A(.ent, Nelson. B.O
KoGtcnay Railway and Nav.
Company, Ltd.
BliortOBl and ijulokost route to the oast anil nil
ppluU on tho 0. K. & N. mill Northern I'n
oino i.iiilwny*) in Wn hiiiitton, Oregon iii��i
Southern Slates.
Time Curd effective August I. 1901
Kaslo & Slocan Ry*
Slffll ii, iu, l,v.
lUlMp.m, Ar.
I Kuslo
���L ii I it Inn
Ar. 1:00p. in.
Lv. 1:15 p. Ill*
Int Nav* & Trading Oo*
m. I,v.
in. Ar.
A Foil i*>hoiipar_ Hallway" boil
ItoHMiin-l, ele.
Sift ii.
0:10 p,
Nelson Ar. 11:00 a. ill.
Kuslo Lv. 7:00 a. Ill,
BatFIvoMllo Point, with Nol.-im
to und /rein
Tlokota -"old loall parts In Unlleil Slalo.-niul
J minil'i via til-eat Northern ami o. lt. ec N.
t o. s lines,
Oiidwi Htoamalitp tlokota anil niton via nil
lines win iinfiiniishe.iim application.
i or turtuer particulars can on or oUilroei*
_,   ,, ���, Munairor. ic ,,_]n, M, tl
O. Iv TMicinuuY Anont. Nulson Jl.0.
���J- 0. aWILLIM, B-,  Sc,
Late of Geological Survey of Canada.    Six years experience in 13. C
mining districts.
Baker Street Nelson. B
uatilyouiCXtTho^T ,mK'"ul"
for you.
n ut cun   <io
Canada Permanent and Whs-
tern Canada Mortgage
head office toronto,  ont.
Money to loan on Straight Mortgafte.
Apply lo ti. L. Li-lNNOJ,. H__k��. Bt.
���>) $
h_**��^������!>_��,v^^��^J_^-^.**.******^^ .-^~���-J-��**"->*>-*>*. -:���������>*���
At the record ofEoo yesteriluy the
following transactions were recorded,
locations, Yukon fraction, nn Hear
Creek, above tlio Dundee (Sold Mining
Co.'s property, A. E. O'Neill; Eclipse,
on the northeast tributary of Cottonwood creek, about four miles from
Nulson and half a mile from the N. &
V. 8. railway, by II. W. Pi-took;
(���old Queen, on the west side of Hlioep
creek, two and ono ball miles northwest of the Yellowstone mine, by C.
L, Ilortnn. Certificates ot work were
granted to Charles Norlluidu on
Manila and lo Conrad Woll'u on Lo.
John MoLatohie, P. t*. S, has jnst
returned from a professional visit to
the vicinity of Ymir. He reports that
Ymir is more active this year than it
was last, for the reason that more
work is in progress in its vicinity
than ever before. A number are en-
-aragoil in developing claims and considerable assessment woik is boing
done. At tbe Ymir mino a large
force is at work in the mine, in the
mill and in tho construction of thb
cyaniding plant, One of tbe piomis-
- ing properties there iii tbo Shiloh on
which a crosscut tunnel is being
diivon to tap tbo ledge. The tunnel
is in 1,10 feet and in a few foet morn
it is anticipated tbat the ledge will bo
encountered. The surface showing on
the Shi lob is promising. It is being
developed by Spokane people.
li.     _.*ls*_u  pr!<-_s fiift obUlofit) ft?      4    rr.        '&   a   fin
.a, who win toft-M., with u,i,! w a*A    rciKtpf   ,f
Jnt the wholesale men get   nhelll   If VJl      IlUllJlvl      V U*��
Mr. J. L Parker, superintendent of
tlio Hrooklyn and Stemwinder mines,
in the l'hoenix camp is in tne city ou
a business visit. Mr. Parker reports
tbat l'hoenix is prospering and the
mines are doing well. The shipments
from the Mother Lode and tho B. C,
continue, a promising strike lias been
mado on tho Winnipeg and lhe lioundary, be says, is one of the most important mining sections of Southern
British Columbia. Mr. Parker said :
"I visited tho LeRoi today. (Friday)
forenoon nnd found that the machinery
at tbat famous mine is once again in
operation and that ore is being
hoisted from tbe lower levels. I
recognised among the workers several
old mi hits who have returned to
work   and   it   is   anticipated   by tbe
''management that a number of others
will return shortly. Once the mines
resume full swing again it will earn a
groat deal for Ilossland, which lias
certainly   boon   very   dull   since   the
'.strike The interest manifested yesterday in the bulletins of the closing
yacht race caused quite an excitement
.at noon, but, generally speaking tho
streets of Rosslaud are like those
desciibed in (loldsinith's 'Deserted
Village.' The miners ut present
.working are living   at,   the   boarding
* houses uu Red Mountain, but once the
member*' of the union decide to return
to work tbt town will resume its old
air of life and bustle.''
Recent   development on   the Mountain Hoy group of claims on tho south
, sido   of Pool   crock   has   resulted   in
somo discoveries   of   very   rich   free-
' milling gold ore.      The group is situ-
atcd   iu tbo same belt ns tho Eva   and
Oyster groups   in the Lardeau district
and   belongs   lo   J.    McOoe   and   VV.
Geiard.    The  property   was located
nearly four   years   ago   us   a  galena
pioposition and  assessment work  has
been done   eaoh year.    The ledge was
a largo ono   but tho   flro was of  such
��� low grade that little hope   was entertained of the proporty   proving   to   be
of any great value.     'The   recent (lis-
: covenes on lhe Eva and other  adjoin-
; lug properties having shown   that the
claims comprised   in the   group   were
i In tbo free gold district the ledge was
> thoroughly    prospected   and   stripped
[ for   a   considerable   distance.     Tins
J resulted in n shoot   of  extremely rich
;: gold oro being found ill the ledge that
[had     before   beon    worked   only   foi
silver.      Tbo   owners   are    naturally
muoh elated ovei the discovery.���Ler-
dcu Eagle,
discount the wholesale men g
fraying thoy have  considerable udvau
tag over lhe retail men.  Tbe retailers |
hold that this is thoir   legitimate field
and the others should keep out of   it.
Of   late   they oomplain that the  jobbers   have   pushed   this   small   ordor
business stronger than   over and   will
even   break   packages.       The   Retail
Grocers' Association   is   preparing   ,i ]
statement   of their case winch will be'
given to the public -shortly.
On the other hand the wholesale
men say that if they did uot fill the
orders from tho /nines the companies
would buy iu tlio East then selves and
that muoh trade would be lost to the
city. They have strong competition
from tlio coast cities und if Nelson is
to maintain its prestige ns a wholesale centre they must get special terms
from tho railways as their coast competitors do.
tffUft   t?Afi V  MlSEfc, SA-if-iUiAV (k-UHtci. J,  *J0|
^&hTity**or**��*t u 'i*ew^-^_--^->af^jige^^
Remember the Maeeahoe's dance
next Tuesday evening in Fraternity
hnll. Tickets f 1.50, including supper.
Ladies free.
R. H. .Inmesor,, of Victoria, on returning homo from the Lardeau said
it wns undoutodly ono of tbe richot
mining fields in this province of mineral wealth. The first prospecting
was done for silver-lead, and for a
long time the miners worked ou the
quartz ledgos ignorant of tho fact thnt
the bright particles of mineral with
which the rock was impregnated wan
gold, not copper or Iron pyiites, as
tbey supposed. One lino day,however,
somo prospectors showed somo samples
of rock to an expert and he told* thorn
without hesitation that they had
struck rich gold quartz. In consequence the Lost Cup, Goldfinch, Independence, Oyster, Eva and other
claims wore staked on an immense
quartz ledge on Fish creok, one hundred feet wide on the Goldfinch and
easily traceabie for four or five
miles. The ledge is mineralized for
its whole width nnd so rich that
pieces of rock taken at randon from
the dump gWo good showings of gold
when crushed nnd pannod.
Artioies of incorporation of the new
townsite of Marysville, in East Knot-
ena,whore the Sullivan mine proposes
installing its smelter, were filed at
Spokano on Thursday. The capital
stock is !l'!,OU0 shares of the par va'ue
of .1 oaoh. Tho company owns about
1,000 aoras aud 160 acres have been set
aside for the townsite and smelter,
The contract for thu construction of
the smelter has been let to Early
lirothers.of Northport. A sawmill has
boen purchased and will soon be put
in operation at the townsite.
It is a mystery why women endure
Backache, Headache, Nervousness,
Sleeplessness, Melannholy, Fniuting
anil, Dizzy Spells whon thousands
have proved that Electric Hitters will
quickly euro such troubles. "1 suffered for years with kidney trouble,"
writes Mrs. l'hoho Cbciley, of Peterson, la., and a lame back pained me
no I conld not dress myself, but Electric Hitters wholly cured me, and,
although 711 years old, I now am ablo
to do all my house work." It overcomes Constipation, impioves Appetite
gives perfect, health. Only rule at Canada Drug .t Hook Co.
Jewels, candy, lloweis, man-that is
the order of 11 woman's preferences,
.lowols form a magnet of mighty
powei to the average woman. Even
that greatest of all jewels, health, is
often rumen in tbo strenuous effort?
to make or save lhe money lo purchase them, If a woman will risk her
health to get a coveted gem, then let
her fortify herself against tlio insidious consequences of coughs, colds aud
bronchial affections by the regular
use of Dr. Rnschoe's German Syrup.
It will promptly arrest con-uimptiou
its early stages and heal the utVeiitcd
lungs and bronchial tubos nnd drive
tlio dread disease fiom the syi-lem. It
is not 11 nine all, but it Is a certain
.���lire for coughs, colds and ull I11.111-
ebial troubles. You can get Dl. O.
D. Green's reliable remedies at W
[P. Teetzel **���*. Co. Oot Qreen'a Special
Fir  and  Tamarac
ways on hand.
All Kinds of Teaming and
Commission Work*
Oflice on   Raker Streot. Tel. S3
Porto Rico Lumber
Co., Limited.
Rough and
Dressed   Lumber,
Shingles, Mouldings.
A-l White Pine Lumber Always In
Wo carry n complete slock of Oo.-ial,FloorlnK
Colling, Insiile Finish, Turned Work. Hash and
Dooi',.. Bpeolal order work will receive prompt
attention*   Mull ordor*' solicited,
Porto Rico Lumber Co.,
fload Office��� HoM-irTv and Vornon Kfc��� Nolnon
Is    lame    or    interferes
bring  him   to  the   City
Horseshoeing* Shop, Jo
sephine Street
A. R. BARROW, a ti.i_o.__
Provincial  Land Surveyor
Oornor Viotoria and;;Kootenay Sts.
P.O. Box 500 Telephone  No. ����
NICLSON LODGE"   No. '23, A. F. & j
M. incctn ..ocoiul Wednesday in
monlh.   VitiilinK brolhorn welcome
t&KkWttk    **��� **"'��� ��*  '���     Koolonay l.otU'o
-ffiKggj-psi No. Hi, nioelrf overy Monday night,
**\mKmmr   at   their   flail,  Koolonay stroot
Sojourninp* Odd fellows oordlally invited.
John A, Mollae, N.O.   11. VV. Uutlicrford, V.U
Fred J. Muuire, Per. See.
Neluon Royal Aroh Chapter Xo. 193,0. lt. U.
Moots third Wednesday, .sujoui'iiiiiu ouln'iiin
inns tnrllcd. tieorgu Johnstone, ' '���' ***'
Matthews, S. K.
HI. W.
NKLSON LOOUB   No.'iS, K.of P.
ueuls in K. of l*. hall, Odiltelluws block
oryTucsday evoning al. H o'oloek.
Vll vlsithiK knights cordially  invito
Wm. InvlNR, CC.
A. T. l'AUK, li. of It. and 8.
Nelson Knca pinent No. 7. Meets every'2nd
and llli Friday of each inoiilll, lu Odd Fellows
Hall, corner Laker nnd Kootonay streets.
Nelson. A. II. Oloinonte, 0,1'.; 11. MoArliuu*
11. S.   Visiting brothers always welcneip.
NKLSON L. 0. L. No. 1181*2 nieclx in Km-
icniiiy Hall on first and third Friday evenings
of oocli month at 8 o'olook. Visiting member
cordially   invited.    W. VV, Bradley, W. K.
A, Mint}'. K. S. 	
NKLSON AK1UI0 No. 22, F. 0. K��� moots
every second and fourth Wednesdays of each
1110111.I1. Visl-tag members cordially lnvili
Charles ProsBor, Raorotaw,
Kootonay Tool No. 7, IC. 0. T. M��� hold their
rogular mootlngs in Fratoi'iilty Hull, 1.0. o. V.
block, on lho 1st and Urct Thursdays of each
n.iinih. Visiting brothron cordially invitod to
attend. O. A.llinwii, lt. K,i A. 1'. l'urdy, Com.
11. .1. Steel, U.S. C,
NKLSON'S ill,'KEN NO. 211
1st and Iti'd Wednesday cveninusof
each iiionlh nt Kialcrnhy hall,
cornor of llaker anil Koolonay
Btreets. Visiting brulhui-n cord-
lull) Invited.
Kiavauii MACl.liol). Secretary.
Retail Grooera Tliinlt the  Wholesalers
Invade Their Field,
There in friction between the wholesale ami retail grocer*] nt Nelson
chiefly over the question of supplying
poods to the larger mines 111,11 railway
contractors. This matter lias come to
the front recently through the efforts
being made by the wholesalers to
procure lower freight ratos to and out
I cf Nolmin tlinn they have got in times
past. If tlio wholesalers lceop out of
whnt tlio retail men consider their
Held harmony will prevail nnd no
doubt all will act together in furthering any object that will help one
without injuring thu othor .
Kor some tune quite 11 lingo proportion of the groceries supplied to the
minim has been furnished 'by the
wholesale houses. Thoso is purchasing
goods from the eastern houses pot n
jobbers discount from what retail
grocers buy them at. Tho purchasing
ngont makes out u list of his require*
merits usually ut (lie beginning of the
Certificate of Improvements
Littel Peri Mineral Cluim, situate in
the   Nelson Mining   Divisiou   ol West
Kootenny nistriet.
Where locatod : On .Salmon river, 11
miles south of Ymir.
Tako notice that I, P. 0. Green,
aetinu; nsngent for Emma A.
Rami, Free Miners' Certificate No.
intend, HO days from
dnto hereof, to apply to tho Mining Rconrder for a Certificate of Improvements for Iho purpose of obtaining
a Crown Grant of tho ubovo olnim.
And further tako notioe thnt action,
under section 1)7, must bo commenced
before tho issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated this 5th day of October, A. 11,
11)01. F.C.GREEN,
OOUllT KOOTKNAY,   I.  O.   F���  No.   Hit*.
Meetings n.h Thursday of month,  Fraternal
hull. .1 A Irving 0 ft.   I'. 'I. Kliiintni.. It.*
Nelson Court. Star of   Kootonay, A. 0. F.
Meets  2nd and   lib    Wednesdays In  every
month. Visiting brethren weloome W. Mac-
Mlll1111.cn    1'obort MoUod Sec.
It is just, like throwing away money
when you throw away Iho SNOW
SHOE TAGS whioh aro on cvory plug
nf Dobs, Pay Roll and Currency
Chewing Tobacco. Save them nnd
you cun have your choice of 180
liamls'iine presouts, Tugs are good up
to .Inn   1st, 1008.
Ask your dealer for our new illustrated catnlogiio.
If holesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Branch Markets in Kossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslc
Sandon, Three Forks, Now Denver and Slocan City.
Orders by mail to as��-r branch will have careful a-*-"*) oromot attention.
rf /MjylCu   diA^tiwJ ft*/
A/ cuA/
Certificates of Iprovements Certificate of Improvements
Armstrong, Treasure Rox, Erie, Black
Night, Bunk, X-10-U-S, Myee, Pinnacle
and Sherman Mineral Claims, situate in
the Nelsou Mining Division of West
Kootenay District.
Where looated���About one milo west
of Erio. B. 0.
TAKE NOTICE that I, J. D. Anilerson, P. L.S., of Trail, B.C. ageut for the
Transvaal Zambesi Company, Limited,
free miner's certificate No. B5,";I117, intend, sixty dnys from the date hereof; to
apply to the Mining Recorder for certificates of improvements for the purpose of obtaining Crowu Grants of the
above claims"
And further take notice tbat notion,
under section 87, must be commenced
before the issunuce ot such ecrtilicutes
of improvements*  ���
Dated thid 2lBt day of August, A.D,
1001. J. D. ANDERSON.
Certificate oi Improvements
Gold Standard Mineral Claim situate
iu the Nelson Mining Division ot West
ICooteuay Distriot.
Where located���Ou Toad Mountain,
north cast of Silver King Mine.
TAKE NOTIOE that I, F. C. Green,
acting as agent i'or A. II. Kelly, Free
Miners Certificate No, 060461, intend,
sixty days from tlie date hereof, to apply to tlio Milling Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for the purposo of obtaining u Crown Grant of the
above claim*
And further take nolica thnt action,
under section 37, must be commenoed
before the issuance of such Certilicate
of Improvements.
Dated this2..h day of July, A. D,
1001. F. 0. GREEN.
Certificate of Improvements
Gold Tip Mineral claim, situate iu
Ihe Nolson Mining Divisiou ot West
Kootenay District.
Where located���On Toad Mountain,
north of Silver King mine.
TAKE NOTICE Unit 1, E. C. Green,
noting ns agent, for A. 11. Kelly, P.M ('.
B50454 and A. H. Buchanan, V. M. 0.
No. H50021, intend, sixty days from the
date hereof, to npply to the Mining Recorder for n Certilicate of Improvements, lor the purpose of obtaining a
Crown Grant of tbo above claim,
And further take notice that action,
under section 117, must, bo commenced
before the issuance of such Certificate
nl* Improvements.
Dated this 20th day of July, A. I).
lOol. F. C. Green.
Matilda Mineral Olaim. situato in the
Nelson Minim.** Division of West Kootenuy 1 llstriot.
Where located Near the East Fork
of Champion Creek, about six miles from
the Columbia River.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Kenneth L.
Buriiot, agent for tne Mount Sicker nnd
British Columbia Development Company, Limited, free miner's certificate
No. 668443, intend, sixty days from tbe
date hereof, fo apply to the Mining Re-
coi'dci- for a certificate af improvements
for the purpose of obtaining a Crown
Grant of the above claim.
And further take notice that action,
under section 37, must be commenced
before lire issunuce of such certificate of
Dated this 20th day of August, A, D
Certificates oi Improvements
Venus and Saturn Fraction Mineral
Claims, situate iu the Nelson Mining
Division nf West Kootonay District,
Whore located���On Morning Mountain.
TAKE NOTIOE tbat I, P. C. Green,
acting as agent [or the Venus Gold
Mining Company, Limited, Free Miner's Oertifioate No.BBO,4*38, intend sixty
days from the date hereof, to apply tu
the Mining Reoorder for Certificates of
Improvements, tor the purpose of ob-
tniiiiiig Crown Grnuts of the above
And further take nolice that action,
under Beotion 37, must bo commenced
before thc issuance of such Certificates
of Improvements.
Dated this 28th day of Julv, A.D.
1001. F. 0.  GREEN.
Pure Egyptian Cigarettes nre fully up
predated by Cigarette smokers. The
enormous sale of this brand proves it.
gold everywhere    16o. per package.
Certificate of Improvements
Bunker Hill, Sullivan, and Fidelity
Mineral Claims situate in  the  Nelson
Mining Division of West Kootonay district.
Where located���Ou the Wost North
Fork of Salmon Biver, about live miles
from Red Mountain.
TAKE NOTICE that I, R. Smith, P.
M. 0. 66702B, acting as agent for S, A.
Cameron, F. M. 0. B6O8OB and Win.
Griffith, F. M, 0, 6BS32B, intend sixty
days from the date hereof, to apply to
tbe Mining Recorder for Certificates of
Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining Grown Grants of tlie above
And further take notice that action,
under section 37, must bo commenced
before the issuance of such OerlilloatcH
of Improvements,
Dated this 1st duy of August,   A.    1)
tt. SMITH,
Ocvtilicates of Improvements
Blue Bird, Michigan, Lo'iia Donne,
Randolph nnd Trout Mineral Claims,
situate in the Nelson Mining Division
of West. Kootenay Distriot.
Where located���Weat of Doer Creek
and about two and one half miles from
lhe Lower Arrow Lakes.
Take notioe that 1, Kenneth L. Burnet agent for the Montana Gold Mining Company, Free Minor's oor-
tiffoate No.  B 1)8700, intend 00 days
from tho date hereof, to apply to the
Mining Recorder for a certificate of
improvements, for tho purpose of obtaining a Orown Grant of the nbovf
And further take notico that aotion,
nndor suction 117 must be coininonoed
before the iHsnnnee of such  Certificate
of Improvement*.
Dated this 12th day of September
A. D. 1001.
Certificate of Improvements
"Good Enough" Mineral Claim, situate in the Nelson Mining Division of
West Kootenay District.
Where located: Near Craigtown.
Take notico Unit I, J. 1). AndorsoD,
P. L. 8., of Trail, B. 0., ageut tor Joe
Bernard, Free Miner's Certificate No.
BB0340, D, Buyer, Free Miners's Certificate No. HI2KI7, and Paul Bonnet, Free
Miners Certificate No. B60100, intend,
sixty days from tin* date hereof, to
apply to the Mining Recorder fur 11
Certificate of Improvements, for tin
purpose ot obtaining a Crown Grunt ol
the above claim.
And farther ttko notice tbat notion
under section 37, must lie commenced
bf fore the issuanoe of such Ocrlifioati
of Improvements.
Hated this 22nd dny of July, A.P.
Certificates oflmprovements
"Iron Stiver aud Silver Queon" Mineral Claim, situate iu tbe Nelson .Mining Division of West Kootenay Distriot.
Where local ed : On Craig Mountain.
nonr Crnigtown.
Take notice that I, J. D. Anderson,
P, L. H., of Trail, B. 0��� agent for
George Davis, Free Miner's Oertifioate
No. B88440, and John H. Nolan, Free
Minei'b Certificate No. HfiOfill, intend,
sixty days from tho dnto hereof, to
apply to the Mining Reoorder for 11 del'*
tillonte of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Graut of the
above claim.
And further tnke notice that aetinu,
under seotion 37, must be commenced
before the issuance of such Certificate
of Improveiuoiies.
Dated this 18th day of July, A. I).
11101. J. I). ANDEKSON.
Certificates oflmprovements
Now Year, Amethystine and Tourmaline mineral claim:', situate in the Nel*
son Mining Division of West Kootcnny
Whore located- On tlio East bank 11
the Columbiu River, two milos south
nf Trail.
TAKE NOTICE lhat I, J. D. Anderson, P. L IS., nl'Trail, 11. C, agent for
W. W, Carlisle, Free Miner's Oertifioate No.   li 50854, intend,   sixty  days
from the date hereof, to npply to tin
Mining Reoorder for Certificates of Improvements, for the put-pose of obtaining Orown Grnuts ol Ihe above claims.
And further take nol ice ibnt aotion,
under section 37, must be commenced
before the issuance nfsitcli   Certificates
of Improvements,
Dated this20th dayof  July,   A.  I)
Advertisements Inuerted antler tni.- howl al
the rato ot one oent a word per Insertion*  No
w_vert.i---.enif.il., taken for Ioch lhan 25 c.*nt_H.
���Situm Ion Waniod advertlsements inserted
three timer; free of chance.
l-'llJiNlsill'-!- Biooma,   ever} convenience; south eael corner oi Carbonate
und Josephine streets.
Arc you iu ivant? If you are, tell
the people, through Tlie Miner want
column, what you are is want, of
You'll .jet il.
FOB BENT��� Home Temperance hotel,
20 bedrooms, dining room, parlors,
.(it.ehen, nl! furnished complete; 87.i
per month. Apply to A. 0, Gamble,
agent, Itaher str, et.
BOOMS TO BENT. i**'. W, C. l*l.--���-
Two rooms on suite on Ward st.,
also rooms facing tie. west. Ull .Sep-
tember l, two single rooms and two
or three en cn.te lacing Baiter st.
Eiii'imsIm"'. or unfurnished. 'Mrs, 1-'.
J. Sr'u.ic, Boom il, K.    W. C. Illock.
WANTED.--A position as cook.    Have
many   years'   experience   in   camps
anil hotels.    Steady aim reliable. Ad
dress "Cook" this ollice.
NELSON Employment Agency,  linker
street,    l'hone -78.    J. II. Love.
WANTED.���Man lor wagon road, 8H
per   day.     Laborers,    25c   per   hour.
Nigbt cook,   Miners.   Bailroad labor-
ers lor Lardo.     tiirls foi   housework.
Cook, 87S.
Contracts taken   fur   Diamond   Core
WANTED.- Waitress,Girls .'or Uonse-
woi-K.     Men   for    Bailroad   work,
men for sawmill, sciond cuok if~.u  per
month, stone unison.
Western   Employment   Office,   II. A.
Prosser, l'hone U7u.
Storage���I have a   iarge   warehouse
for     storing       household    or    other
goods. ���
_.'iUi:  -it-ii-tii. Uold   Properties���We are
anxiiu.H to secure u few free miiu��i_ ��.��iii
prop, riles ai once*  Tile  Prospector's  t&x-
eliunge, Nelsou,   "*'.  ���,   ituom i,  k.-tv.-t'.
<;<. lit Ml.tl.l- COPPl'.K-LEAD ���MlUCfl   and
prospects -wonted.  H..ntl repurl nuil -sum
pies (�� ii"* Prospector's Kxelionge. Nolson.
i_..\   u<h>m i h. \v. .. block.
Has Money to Loan at 8  per cent,
On     improved     Heal      Estato    in
amounts of ,1,000 urvl upwards.
Loan*, qmokly arranged.
fcjT'htii',    four,    live   ami six   roomed
llOUSca for rent.
5-Boomed Cottage for sale, 81,700,
Two 26-foot buildiug lots , ,'iiio.
Insurance, Ileal Ksliue, Rentals.
Will pay the highest oash price for all
kinds oi seoond band goods. Will buy
or sell anything from an anchor to a
noodle. Furniture, stoves, carports,
-ooking utensils, bought, in household
.���nautitics. Also oast ol! clothing.
Oall  and  seo  mo  or write.   Addros**
Silver   King   Mike,    llox   KIM.      Uoll
i**rtiu-, Nelson, Vi 0
.^IfeS^, .*
1'* U'lk^ir/
*._���vr ��-���>-, * ���Joioii**i/
jj*, .v m. < iiiiiiiiniK, Lessee���Even .,,,,�����
varWe i_..drf_to. i*SHex��t_I_8S*
No. .u. Hoover Street, Netaoa.  UotUeno. the
l.iliiuu*. S!_ I.0011 Hot SpriUKi. Jliuerul Water
( l^Kf- MA<;��ONALll 111. Ouno, Jam.
\i   A. Aliiciioiuildi-Archiu-clH una auoorii,
HJ. KVANS __ COe-Baker Street, Nol
��� son���wholesale dealers iii Uanors oi-
KarH, cement. Ure hrick mid Uro clay, witur
inc'iVi'iIi'ls"        'aUs, and ijonural coiuuiiBslon
AMACIl'JNALD & c:o.-Uorner Fron
-- and liu.ll EllroetB-WholoHalo grocor
and Jobbers iu blankeU, glovos, mitts, bootu
i-milwrn, mackuiaws and luiuora' sundrlw.
1>   B.V,KN**I & Uo.-llaker Street, Nelaou-
���   Wlioluialo dealorH iu (roth and curod
incut-,.   Cold titoriiKc,
ilakor btroot, Nolson���Wholesale don
urn la freiih and cured moaui.
XJ Stroot, Nelson - Wholesale dealais In
hardwaro, minors' supplies, uporthiK goods
M'LACHLA-. BROS. (Succossom to Van
couvor HardwaroCo, Ltd.l Baker Stroot.
Nelson���Wholosalo doalors in hardware and
iiiiniuK supplio-i, plumbers' and tlnuiultbs' auu
[���al KLSON   HARDWARE  CO.-Wholesale
i-1     painU, oils and K'uss; uiooliauies' tools
Annuls for OnUirio I'owdor Works; -irnauilto
' pURNKR, HEKTON & Co.-Cornor Vornon
X and Jonophlno Street*, Nolson���Whole
r-ulo dealers In liquors, cigars, and dry gooda.
Agents for Pabsl llrowing Co. of Milwaukee
ind Calgary llrowlng Co of Calgary.
UUUSON'S HAY Co.-Wholosalo groceries
and lemurs ul.c, Hukor Stroot. Nolson.
L^l Ollico corner Hall and Front UtrovU
Nelson���Lumber, coiling, tlooring, and every
l hhig in wood for building purposes. Get oui
liriooH,   Coi-rosuonilonco solicited.
rp GALLON tc t'O.-Doalor. In oro sacks
X. . and twines. Always a largo stock on
hand, Telephone 885. ltooin 11, K.W.C Block
Dominion and
LaDd Surveyor.
ia..lN*B IS-KOKF.lt, ��OTAST
���V'liidcrniorr, Mined.   CorrespoiiddiiooSollcIte
Certificate of Improvements
Portepln   Miner I cluim,  situate in
tim NelHim Miniiij,' Division of West
Kootenny District,
Where located   On Porcupine Creek;
'JAKE NOTICE that I Theodore
Bonuohamp, net int. as RRent of Frank
DiwiiiiliiiiT, free Miner's oertifioate No,
B48S40, intend, Bixty days from tin*
date hereof! to appy to tbn Mining
Recorder for a certificate of Improvements fur the purpose <>f obtaining a
Orown Qrant of the above claim.
Ami further tnke notioe that action,
under section '.tl, must he oomnienoeu
before the issuanoe of minli oertifioate
nf improvements,
Oiiteil thin 6th ilny <if September,
Closo connection East and \Vr*Rt-
bound at Spokane with trains of the
Spokane Palls and Northern Railway,
Direct connection at St. Paul witn
out change of depot with all trains foi
Chicago, Toronto, Montreal, New Yori.-
and nil points West and south.
Loaves Sjiokaon duilj' for.Enitt at!9:lb am
Loaves Spokano dailj tor Wont at 7:15 a.m
Leavos Spokano daily lor Weat at 8*00 p*m
West-bound trains make direct con-
ncetiiin for Victoria and Vancouver,
Portland, Sun Francisco, and all polntt
mi the Sound,
During the season of navigation Easl
hound trains oonnoct nt Liuiuth ivith
themagniflcost steamships North*Wbbf
andNortb*Land of theNorthorn Steamship Oompany Lino, operated in con-
nootlon with the Great Northern Rail*.
Kor fuiflier Information, maps, folders, etc., appiy to any agent of Spokane
Fulls Sr Northern Ry., Kaslo Sc Slooan
Ry,, Kootei al Railway ic Navigation
Or , or to
City I'iib.h. uml Tkt   Agt,  W  7ol  W,
Riverside Ave,, ypokane, wash*
Q, K. T.-UhAllURV, Isiciil At;eiit,
Ni'lH'in. R (1
Civil l:in*,ln.:e,-.*. nnil I'ro   aclal l.autl
P, O. Box lis t_    on, B.C.
To  All   Eastern   Points  via
L.tkc Route, All-Rail or Soo
Line, via   St.   Paul   or  Chi
BUFFALO. $76.00.
Sixty    Days'    Limit.
Good going Oct. i-f5th
rhrough Sleeping Cars Kootenay Ldg. to Toronto. Arrowhead to Vancouver,
For  pamphlets doscriptive of^Oan
Bilinn Pucillo tours ami for Time Tab
RnteB, Tickets,  apply
H. L. Bhown,
City PasHoui-er Agont1)
J. S. Uahtkr,
Dis. Pusb. ARt.
E. J. Coyle
A. G. P. A.
Vancuuver -VfUKm Daily Mini* __A-iio\r Octobers, 1901
ii ���>
���Vt mot* * -.*>. f*x
t .'(.    ���*-���.*���   liMS!
R**ts-i��.-,>   '-J
T3J be-**. :- ���.'���;�� ��r fe s.' W. .7. ; tijiT.'Bt? cr. !b# tfr? -,**-��   i^.m
���V,,*. 2'.' Mt   kt us _fi_WIMj ; ***��� **���*���* ******** ������' ' 'I -'-���**-���
���*������������.   bo*J  ::'.   -.-.   T-*;3:*fc?t-. '    T>     M* '-:'.:i-r.    !"-��   fo.-.-.!-,_:��   ore'"
;.*.*.    �� -.-���. - -���
*���/ v-* *��*=.. rrx.'. -*r.
.      ���*       . -- :.*.
A sarloail      ' ..-     fross  :c- ��: , = i ��*. |
ir.*.--'!      -.*:**-���:*;     -*.-   tbe ���.	
���k'A.1 I   PAPF**CS   "   ' ' " 'S-'oc' A^ TiiE HOTELS.
-  '.-       ' .'.-     -.' -. .   .     .-_������  DOW '*^r.-.-.��� 1 .. - *      - ::.-   ;.- ;    oritB,
<~  .*** ��� r.     -    _wa ':* --*"'���'     '---��:*.       Mim   Maud
Is* art. ���   - :-:.-_���   Mn. V   H    '.'.i,.-.    Kaslo    J
-.   .. 1 ir...---A -..<-.*.���      ���'���   "- pol .- ���-.*..-. -restertiav  saorn- .;   ...,.;     .-   Vaneosiver; T.  ��v.   u
*_-% st <a *���* _r% ^ o -"���* ���*���** --> --* -^ -^--^ ��� n>J?te%& V^r^fhC^W^f^^^^^h ���\r^r>.
NELSON. f_. d.
��� :���   r..    Who >.*.        props etor,    ���*��*
Seed |1      - -      - --*'." i'.ji   ino-
-   - ....        -^   -.'  profasM
.*.*.-- - ��� ������ :.    thc
���~   '!*-
I :. :..'..- tfl '-
'      ���
���    ���   -
to bt
H   .   .. .���
. Metfeil . '..-��;.- Forks; A. D.
I! ..-.*;. >'��� A;.. ~.r. E. ssancou,
Be - Denver; .. Galbrailb, fc*r:rax
.'*.' :   Toronto.
I . llkMD ' ���: .'    I
Cal     A. -. ��� ��� .-.     J.   L.
.'���*-       ���     . r.������'.:'���.r'r.A* WOA
�����.'���      lot mt L.    L;' -:-.- son
-   -   -      .      ."-.*-.'.���.-.      Caacaue;
i -* :-.-���    If:-    ���  -.::.       ���     --..--.-.
J On we 1 aeon :'.r
-   - --'-��� 1 tbat  "futi
^^^^^^^ are
*�� j   work - .  .-*.    c st II foi tbe   next   ten
���>��^WMM����***%��WW��W*-***l.-*Wb*��MM*^ *>     '
.. *  -   open   **ai^c   begi as
Z The KofA'j   bro .;*���.*    .*.    10  toi ._���.. taken *��i:.*. Croup
hlfx.-an Stsr or*- ir.*: *:*.    tool '���'���  ffhRe
Ural        -�����������:-�����.���.   Dodd     ri:/.ir,.
���'��� bite    V:., -.   fi.    Oordoo,    -:.^r
Kir.?   min-r     '*.    Morris,    Vm r.    0.
Kenny.        Roaslai Ij     f.      te.'d.   M.
iTreeowood, Tr*/ut f.alr*:.
One nigbt by brotbsr's   feahj
',   ?
''. _-*
The Northwestern Development
Syndicate, Ltd.
_.' undi r the laws of Briti -��� Columbia.
Capital $1,000,000 in 1,000,000 Shares,   Par Value $1.00 Each.
AM Treasury Stock.    No Promoter's and No Preferred Stock.
���������*>r   r.rf.   jetterdoj,    both   lot   the
Trail smelter.
At the Conr.'.y   eonrl   -i   ���-���:���      '
cane of BoWtaille   fi   Ms*.*, wa
cloH-il   but   ju!-f.'.-;*;r.t   ifM      rierrtd
ui til t lis morning.
/ p-��ct;-:e   ion   of   tbe Srs  -    .
was nel')   jent'^cay   after.-....'
Nel��oo Haw A; PlaniLj; Mills, where a
test of the wate." power   arailaftU   al
that point wan made wi:>. insai sail**
factory resioiw.
.. writ�� Mrs. J. C.!_.,-,
Hnider f/. '.ritterjden, K'y.. "r. r*e*e*x*^l , rrfilB
v WLviH -.*..-an (j]': lefore we could j*-*, i ��rrr^,
a doctor, -.', ore gine it Or. L'ing's *^. J
>*ew Dutoverj, which gaTe *--nick; 5K
relief *..- I permanentlj cured it. We e 4
slwaj    beep the botue 'o protect] **j*>
.:   -   wtl!    '.    r^rad or,   Sandaj
id at I     -    alistie   ���'.iab,   by
��� i .or.   the  nobject- |
;.'���- * ���
and   i.ix;.-   ' -uses   Uodei   -oo ilisti
rDioent. Tbe meeting will 'm- .*���*: *_��uKu. n-.-urea me o: enronieI rt^
���.-. d�� at 1 . lie It in tbe Miners' bjooebUl trouble [bat no otbei rem-1 jF't,
���monball "H J:'i  ': t y ~ "���,        U-','\^\j
oor   ebil- froin   ^roop and Wboop-   �� ^
a-   ^-r ;r CVm^b.     It cured  me  of ci._-���-.__.���':   '''-__--
���wambourne Group. 9 Claims
Located in the Free Go.'J Fl-j'n River Camp, Lardeau Mining
Oyster Group, 6 Claims.
Division, British Columbia.
wonld   relieve.       Infallible  for!
. _*..-,      IX.-U.    T-.-ca:     ard    L;rv    -n,,
Edward   McKenna,    drirer   for   P.   ���.Tour..^.     -. ... ar... l:.     Trial bottles fc'-
Bon    fc Co     1-astained a paioftil aed-  i:^ at f-sr*a<-a f-rug _��� B-_^k Co. 'v**'
,, *^ _>
-j*:m jresterdajr afternoon  wbi.e *..-ar.-- ������������^__ *|-. d
ferring     rjoarten   uf   beef   from   tbe      To tr.e Editor of The Tuily   Miner:|^
*.o ti.e   Kokanee.     fie  -.iipped ;
r.e Editor of The Daily   Miner: 11crr>.
Dear Sir,���I sect yon   a   f>en)   last \%f%
Malone *���. l^rgnson.a salt for dam-   and fell from tbe   wagon  di*.locatJ__K; "wk   ��Dd a*!ked .Tf-*n t**1  pnblish it in|_-**i��
one to  a  bis left knee and   receiving a  general   ymn   W-T-     Vou   deciicerf, and re- j" ' "���
tamed   it   to
age*   on   -Seconal of injury
portable   engine,   came   np resterdaj
before Judge forln, r,ot nai adjc
ontii today after a portion   of '.-e tfri
dense had been heard.
A hunting party COIDpOteJ of
Mi**isr��. Mu.-.mid. fioit, Van A-^wrfr
and iy,rne otner-i from   toe   A'.nabasca
ibalung up.
A:    Emma nil
,    ..   ���   me  with the  crushing j f'j^
I reply   that  I   *.*;as   E0 po^t   a[l^ ti,st   *g���   r
ebnreb   tomorrow  J0U ,.cou!d ,aiD 0D. h..^r ^���^
::.-..-..:.-.(��� tbe ,vcramer.t  of The Lord ��� of a lansage machine."    Bow I won't
Supper wiil be   ob__mred.     Bef    Mr.   be crmbtd, and I propose to ibow  up
Munroe  wil]   preach on tbe Example  Jaat   attempt   to    throttle    bud
of Christ.    In the erenlng Ber. D. H.  genjM#    Pnblith   this card   and   the
Reid, of Pbeomx,   wiil  preach on the j following  r.oe
mine started olf on a bunting   trip np   Bobjeet   aarioonced,    Christ   and    the  char-'
i.-.t.tailor, is ex*   Yours.
the   east   fork   of   Cottonwood  Oreek 1 **.-o-.-d.     A   oordial
Tbnradsj afternoon.     A-.   they  bareItended to everyone.
not rstorned yet it Is thought H__J are |    An ,1?. rnofpeetot named   Andrews. '
niaUing ��ome   record-, owners ol   tbe   fioooer.-ough   claim on '
In   the   article wbieb appeared res    Horning mountain, hn  been missing j
terday regarding civic   mntter:- it t.:i\   since yesterday forenoon and fears are
stated that Mayor  Heelands  accepted  ezpresaad .'or bii safety.    He had beer.-
no remuneration,     This is  incorrect,   boarding on La*.in.*r street and   occa**
em iD yoar  columns and
me at your   advertising   rates
I itood npon the ocean's sandy beach,
And with   a reed |   -.-.rote   upon   ibe
saoc these words :
'AgDes, I love thee:*'
Bnt   tne   winds tame  and the   waves
roiled mountain high.
I And blotted out the fair impressioD.
Mr.      Neelands    declined   the  .V",'    sionall) had gone   to   bis   claim   bnt  Cruel waver*, treacherous sand, fragile
Mayor   flonslon   had   drawn, bnt ao-1 tbis time he has not  done  so. Kearcb I       V*n'<
ceptad    H.JOO    at    vbich   som  tbe waa being made   for bimlast nigbt.     \,.[\,,��el\Tl''lIiUu:xiothee.'
.   .       ..   . i "��t lr'J'a lhe nigliest mountain   peak
mayora indemnity baa stood aince, .*���,���,   ,,a,iie!!*   Aid of tbe Congrega-U'II plnck the tolleet pine,
The contract for the replankiog ar. : i-,r,;;al  cburch are intending to give a ! Ad(1' dipped id the crater of Vesuvius.
other repairs   needed   or,   t.-,e   Nelson   i_vM    at borne on October 16tb in   the [ ,-"V\! 'J:..'".''. ,/''*��� ,   ^,
L.I-o ��� ,..._,      , . ,,i l jon .r,e nign and ournithed heavens
city wnarf wan  given to    Jchn  Toyejcbnrcfa   parlors.     A   large number of |       these words:
yesterday,      for     the   sum    of   M'-'O-1invitations have been   sen*,   out   witli i'*'A    Wi*.e   W
Mayor Klev-ber han  decided to  bringIeach of which ia eocloaed ���
before the council at the riert meetingItoc'i and a card asking the gentleman
the subject of *m*.<r.il improvementsIreceiving it to enclose doable the
tbat conld be made in tl.e approac,-. to   :.. .   -..,���.,,< ,-..,... v. hat   his   ���:.?.':   in
the wharf at a sma.i cost.
The regular annua] olflss-firtog ol
the Nelson company of The Boeky
Mountain Kangers will be held '.his
afternoon, commencing at 2 p m.,
arid tomorrow at 10,30 a. m., and, if
nrcessary, at 2 p. rn. on Monday. As
it ia obligatory for every member of
the company to be present at one of
these practices Inordet to qua II fj ai efficient an*' bedntltled totbe Domioioc
grant nnder which thee company -������-���--
organized. It is hoped that there will
be a foil attendance,
a  First-Olasc*   Telling Argna-.-Et.
ented on   tiie even-
receiving it *
amount of coin
socks is, to be
ir,-* '.I the a; bo,....
The subject of t.: rr;',rnlng sermon
at Ibe First Baptist church tomorrow
will be The Hired l.azor. and of
the evening Christian Baptism.
The pastor's Bible class will meet at
8.45 p. rn. At tlie- close of tbe rno.-n-
:.*.;��� -,i-r-.i": tbe ordinance of the Lord's
'-..j,per wil] lit- Observed arid In the
evening there wii! be thc ad mm Intra-
tii of '; ��� ordinance of Baptism to
several candidates The public an-'
strangers in m** c!ty especial);
������ ��� Icomed.
i' is drawing the
Jargeii audience ever known,
And giving ao entertainment that
will take your breath away."
And I would line to see any dog-gone
wave wash that out.
There are over SO,000 trees and
shrubs now growing in the liiverside
Nurseries, lirand Forks, embracing
naarly ai) varieties suitable for the
Kootenay climate.
���'About a year ago a doctor and nil
wife came to hoard with us \V<
alrerirl3' hail Miss 0., who was at that
time thin and yellow and   o , Iderab j
out of heal ill.
The first morning ':.'��� new hoarder
came to the table ns guests, the young
lady remarked a*i she SI ' bei cop
down, 'This is coffee!' while tbe
doctor added, 'Not at all like tbi
poor ooffee they have beon giving u
at tho hotel.' I smiled behind uo
napkin and asked if either of them
ever u��cd Postu.-n food Coffee, Tie-
doctor said he hail tasted it, bnt it
was weak miserable stufT. Miss i/.
bad heard of it and wished she could
try it.
I sain nothing, bnt at tl�� end ol
three months, when Miss 0, wai
ready   to   leave us f,,r a new field of
labor, Kald, 'I hnvu been giving fi
I'ostum Food Coffeo all tbo t!mi pon
have been here,' 'What is that coffee
I'ostum?' she said. I replied Hint I
had noticed with great pleasure, hei
daily gair, in health, and no-.*, that
sho was leaving us after only tbree
months at ooi table, she had rosy
cheeks and a plump figure, winch was
all the argument any one needed tc
prove the fact that she had been well
cared for, anil ttic reason for her gain
In h-ialth waa the UN of I'ostum Food
Coffee, for no other change   bad  been
inndii of any account in her food,
The doctor was very much delighted
with tin* experiment, and discovered
that where be hnd tried I'ostum
before, Im had been unfortunate iu
having it under-boiled, I'ostum must
be boiled fifteen Ol twenty mlnntci to
bring out the dellcloui llavor, nnd
then it will suit'- tbe taste of nny-
one." Mrs. Florence Dougherty,
1'lact-rvilli', Idaho.
!-. '.. Henderson, the popular representative of the Henderson Directory
Co., who has been in the city with
bead larteri at tbe Hume fur several
-��� Il ft   ���'   '��� I laj foi   Bo -,ai.d and
tbi fioundarj conntry. Mr. Henderson kee] ��� '.n oli ��� I inch with affairs
in tin* Kootenays and Vale and report tbat bi Und -i decided Improve-
���I,.:,- in busi di I ia tbe evi ral tow ns
which .-���' lias '��� Ited and nowhere is
tbis mon notl -.*������.��� than in Nelson.
'The mining action is (.'rowing
steadily and the population is increas-
jiriji, '* be   sal'.'. This is not notice-
ahl" so moch to tlio residents as it if
to those who visa tbe different camps
and oi tit--, occasionally as is the case
w itii nn*. Reside! 'liis I find that the
business men an heller and more
lir.nly establisbed than tln-y vr-cre In
tbe earlier dayi of the Rootenayi
when they were constant j- changing
and shifting. This makes ii rrmrh
moro satisfactory to transact business
witli them. I think that thc coming
twelve months will be the most prosperous evoi experienced in the mining
seel ion of Iii iiisii Columbia. j
Have von used healthful IT*.feme
Baking Powder, tie latest discovery
in chemistry ?
If 70a don't like Blu-- Kititoa Tea it's
because you   e7ir tasted it.
Catarrh caused  the doafness, but  Japanese
Catarrh Hare cured laecalarrh. allayed all
inflammation   and   restored  tho hearing
after |,i,-.-/-i,v,- in Toronto and Winnipeg
bad talk
Mr. li *���*. Spencer, 11 Coolmlm**, ave., Toronto.
......        "For oi.;r 12 foots  I have suffered
from catarrh, which, to spito of doctoring with
Hpeelsllstj in Toronto and  Wbmlpog, became
.  11 e, .....;.. > n... hearing became affected
About a y* ar w.' tor icured Q mmple of Japan*
.��� , t-fltarrl Con   afterwiinU u'sed in all four
I ;..,-,', been ontfrcly fees from
' ...    Ing has all utitbor re
turned,   1-   n cheerfully  and 10:-,-ii.-ntioii-ly
nd ft.    All *:: .;-..;i ������-. 50cents. Write
for 1 ' ��� and at   '���������:������ -. tree.   Grit-
tlth  and ktacph i-oo'o. Liinlu-il. 121 Church
ilrect, Toi into
l-'or -.ih.- lo J. I'  V;,,..ioN<* V..I-1I,. B. (;.
Large  Veii)sf  Free  Milling   Gold   Ore.
200,000 Shares Now Offered at 50 Cents per Share
In view of the splendid showings cf both high and low grade ore and the unrivalled facilities
economical developing and working of the properties, it is confidently expected that, not only will tht
issue of stock be sold quickly, but that no more will be offered at less than par.
Address all inquiries for information, or applications for stock to
for   the
P. Oi Box 556, Nelson, B. C.
^'���'���'\0nt>t_rC"*5,-""%rf^^f^S^j f\~r'>>,fr>\~~^>JJi~^J,--~'; -^'i, ~"'y,<*>���??>It *#f^)-r*^
^���" "<(li^r'iii^r<(LL~ ^O? 'r0xr "lis? 'r<li?^JL- ''riif <;*._>" 'oj.- Ou-? Oii.-"* Ou.-" 'oL-'-V* ''io? '(a?
E   i
-,   3
Official Broker
Special Features of ti.e
Florence   Hot   Blast
Our New Idea Deflector Fire Pot greatly increases tke beating capacity of the stove, and in connection with the deflectorjring forces the
heat to the floor. The base is hot, the floor being warmer than w;th a
base burner.
The Hot Blast Attachment takes in the cold air through a duct at the
rear of the fire pot, the heated air being discharged in a circle at the top
of lire pot, over fire, thus consuming all the gases and products of combustion. It can be operated in connection with the front draft door, or
independently, by a screw register in the rear of base, insuring complete
control of the stcve with nearly perfect combustion.
The large Hot Air Circulating Flue on the back takes (he cold air from
the floor antl ejects it intensely heated, through the top adr'ing greatly
to the heating capacity. -,,. j,
Where the stove is operated according to directions we guarantee it to
consume all the ga.-, contained in soft coal, thus deriving   the  benefit
all the heat in the fuel consumed, causing a truly remarkable  savin
fuel over any other stove on the market.    The stove will hold  fire
24 to 48 hours without attention.
B   Of
"��bc 1Rov��al Ban!; of Canaba"
.       . ���'���.'���.IMMI.MM*
Thoinn** Hitchlo,  Vic-3 Hri-iileD:.
Certificate of Improvements
Etna Mineral Claim, (itnate in ilu-
Ni-l.on Mining DWUion of West Koo-
ten.'!*, DJatrlct.
Where Located:���Un North Fork of
Wild Home Creek, m\ rniliis from N.
Sc I*. ti   Railway.
TAKE NOTICK that I, r. S. (.*'-���
menta acting us agent for Wm. Dong*
las, Free Minora Certificate No. li.
S0077, Intend sixty dayn from tbe date
hereof, to apply to tim Mining Ilr-
'���oniei f'.i a 1 erttfieate ot Improvements, for Ihe pnrpoae of obtaining a
Crown 'iuuit 'it tbe above claim.
Ami furli,<��� r take notice that action,
iin'ii-r r'M.-iinn 37, must be commenced
before the istnancc o* *-ik.-1i Certificate
of Improvements,
Dated tola 37th day r,f Joly, a. ii,,
i*i'i*. fc*. *s. CLKJ1BNT8,
H. & M. BIRD
Incorporated 1869.
talillal   Aulhorliid, K.i.mr.i diki.iiii .   I .ipli.il   9*.ilil-up.
Kr.l, .        .     .
Board of l��lrc,-l.*r.     rhoma^ K. Kenny,  I'rc-iuent
W'Ucj .-jmiui   H, G. ii:iuld, lion. DftVid -MacKer-n.
���cad oturr. HaUOuci
General Uanager, }->l-on 1.. Peaae, Montreal.
8uperi:itendoui of BrMchet and Seeretary, W. B. Torrance, Halifax.
Bran    ci!
���ova   Kroila-Hnlilax   Branch,   Anti_*oui-l       . rlwr-Monl.real.   (City   Office),   Montroal
Bridj-ewaier, Guj-noro, Ixindonderr}-, i-ii WeBt Knd  H'or. Xotro   lianio andSolK-
enbur*-. .Maitland (Hart-* Co.'. I'ie'.ou, l'ort neum jjtrcct^j;  W'e^tmounL  ICor. Braeue
Hawkc-hurj*. Sydney. tihulninaciulicTruro, ;       Avenue ai:d Bt Catharines  Btreet,
Weymouth. . iinurio���Ottawa.
Vcw     i:rh 11-111. k ��� Bathnr-I.      Dorehester, ��� NrnriinnillniKl���Sl- John'p.
Krederieton, Kin_-;on iliinl Uo.1, Mono   j��-uba. West ladle*���Havana.
Ion, Newca.-tle..--a'-h^ilie, St, Jol.n.W oodfttOOk*   ��� ��..   . ^.   .       .*       u    i,���cL-..i,.nD.P!,rt
p, k. UUBd-fa___rlotte_ow_, _n____u_reld_.     !' ���"!''' " *? lr".Nl;w s ork (I1' ���*-*'*1���n'"-' un
ttepnbuo, \\ aaa.
Grand   Foriis, Nanaimo,   Nelson,   Rossland,   Vancouver,
Vanconver East End, Victoria.
Mcrchnn'-- Rank of Canada.   Ittthi
(a 11 ad a
Trust aod Savings Bank*  San Frraelieo-'
Boot-land,   pari*-*., Frmaea-^Orodil Lronnaf
Hong Kong and Shanghai Banfdng C
National Shawmut Rank.  CMeaga-fillnota
--- B National Bank,   i..:__._...__,  Eug.-nank of
-���   Bertnada���Bank of Bermnda.   < iiina andJa-
orpomti_.il.    fi]HiUuiir-Uld National Bank.
Uencal ^nkl^ ��*s Trans��ted: Sterling Bills of Exchange   Beugh
in, *    , ' L8tters 0l  Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
.^ccoU���tsreceived onthem��*t^favo^bleUrme.   fat^Tied oa -,,eci,il
depobit, and on Baying Bank aoeounte.
aeo. Kydd, Manager. Nelson. B.C.
VOll Itl-INT.
We have a number of houses in   all
p.irts of the city at
rents. Call and see
if you want a house.
our   list
Atlantic S.S. Sailings If
Allan Line Tunlr'.-.n.
Allan Line 1 orlnl  Ian ,.',
Allan Line  I'.ui-ian
Beaver Line lake Mini
leaver Line Lake Manitoba
Heaver Line Like Ontario...
Krom .Mun. rial
.  . 1 i-l     I
... Oct, li
Oct. l'i
....Oct.  1
..   .Oct. II
Oot, I-
J-'nuii Portland, Me.
���_. _.. .,...��� Vanooaver Or*t. 1
Dominion Line Dominion   ���  ���
Iloini lion Line Carabroinan ...
Ilnminlon  Line
Ilominion Line \ w Btngland
Dominion Line 1 ommonweiil V,
< nn.11,1 Line Ivornia
i.'iin.ini Una Baxonia.   ..'..""
 Oot. I
Fiom Boei
.1. I*. Collom, nianagfng diieotor of
th*! Arlington, is at the I'liair.
A. C. (inrdc, manager of the Payne,
la a gneat nt lhe l'hair. He returned
yuat<$day   altera  month'a abaenee in
the '-.ist,
.Mr. end MrH. T. .1. Sium and Mrs.
Cover returned to Nelaon yeaterday
after that eaatern trip, and in retfiH-
tured at the Hume.
Et, A. C. MaoNally, agont ol thu
Jftuiea Cooper Mannfaoturing eotn-
panv, v.ari at the I'liair yeaterday and
leaves for Roaaland today.
K. T. Lowery. the IniirioriiiiH eititur
of the Now Denver Ledge, waa among
tim _*tii-Ht. at the Hume yeateray, lie
Hiiyn tin*  Luct-ine   of tlio Kooteuayi ia
Certificates of Improvements
Apeax, Sliver Boa! and Oarte** Mineral claitna, riituate in tbe Nelaon Min-
IngOlviaion ��f Weat Kootenay Diatrlct
Whero located Near head of the
niniii fork of Whitewater Oreek,
TAKK NUTKK that I, Theodore
Beaucbamp, aeilng hh agent for U. t.
Hoy. free miner's certificate No, B60806
nnil .1. ,1. Malone, free miner's certificate No. I).r*u."*.*i8, intend sixty days
fr"m the date hereof to apply to the
.MiiiiiiK Beeorder for a oertlnoate of Improvements for the purpose of ohtriin-
111X Crown (iraiits of the iiIkivii elniniH.
and further lake uotice that action,
under seotion ')", must be oommenoed
before the Issuance of such certificates
of Improvements.
Iinted linn Sth day of Bsptember,
lliiil. T   BE4UCI1AMP.    ,
Houses fcr sale cheap for cash or on
easy terms.
^ H. H. PLA.YP0ED |
& CO.        j
������������____-__���-^__.���__-__--___.^--__^-���_���. j
I  Cigars...
Tobacco .
I Phone 117 |
I'un-iiil Liriof'.iiiit..-.nia.
Onaard Line 1 mbrla. 	
Cunard Line huofnia.
\Vlule.*Jt.'ir Line (lei-innni ;   .
\\ hiui Hur Line Maioetle
Whin-sur Line Oceanic
Aliierienli Line t'llllallolphla,
American Line .*���'!.  Paul	
An.erif-ui Line   SI. Louis...'..,
farther sailing9 for tho ab        ���__ 	
BYonoh, Ited Slar, Holland-Ajiierlonn, II. A. I
Co., N. O. Lloyd on application,
W.P, P. I.'I.'MMI.VOS.
Gen. /.(.ent. Winnipeg,
J. S. CAIlTKlt, D. 1', A,. Nolson.
.Oot. 1)
mt. -il
  net. Ill
 Nov.   ������
Krom New York
 Oot. 5
 Oct. 19
.Oot. ID
  Oct  i
 'lei.   !i
 <lel. li;
 Oot, 2
 Oct,  II
 Oct, In
FHI K    lUl ivr  rni m"P1"''' Mlnoa wllBU"1 <���' ��>e BXCHANGB.
lnveatora,     l"JL,*U5lu  t'"1*11  properties  wanted at onee for Eastern
aamnlesof thel?^ totoeWlIAN^R.   ^MS .requested to semi
We  desire   to  h,*-,,- r     J-*A,-"AM.h for exhibition,
claims i��� Hrltiali Columtda    prOSpootors w,1�� 1,ave promising mineral
aoiioiwu,   Addreaa all oommunleatlons to
Telephone No. 104.  p. 0. box ?oo.
%^VVWt*>>*V*%^*^*'*>^'��*-*-*^^^^^VVV%Wl^**-^V- I
MtlB��|^i|y.i Jt 11 (plltt 11 ft| ,j
Wan. J
Shares at 26 CENTS for D few days
only when tbe price will be ralaed lo
>B cents. Thin || positively the last
chance of obtaining shares at this
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
With Which Is Amali-ani.tc-
The Bank of British Columbia.
PaJd"UP   *****   *'����S   We   Fund,   ,2,0*10,000,
fate Beaouroiw !>.-��_ ������� ,.���.,.,.,.    '     '     '
.   -8,000,000i   Reserve
OEO. A  r,^vl'��te.,U--'sou,'TOs Over  .65,000,000.
��� ����X'l reslde'"       B. E. WALKKIt, Ueneral Uanager.
And C8 bra";___ 1 to .taSS?.*'.1-'.*. ,?."!��."*���. P"��
*i in Canada and tho United St.atori, inelndlns:
Kamloops ki',. ��-. sandon
,.,��� Nanaimo ,,      " ���'���stminstkr   Vancouvkb
1 UKON* IirsTrrrL-*T   i�� Iioosland Viotohia
OWT_S> _TATKsIvL'iV���� Ai�� .WHIM lionSR. ICT0R'A
f      Savings Bank Department
t) Nelson Branch
GRANGE V. HOLT, Manager.
.. *��_*���


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