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Nelson Daily Miner Nov 19, 1901

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 [ProvIncurLibr.ry g31oo i
Daily Edition No. U95
Nelson,   British  Columbia, Tuesday,   November 19, igoi
Eleventh  Year
imperial   Government   May
Accept Offer of Mer-
Foreigners   Will    Not    Be
Barred From Henley
Ottawa. Nov. 18.-The Imperial
Bovcrniiicntis is in eommunientionwith
the Canadian government in regard to
offer mnde some time ago in connection with the M^rritt affair. Tile
irovornmcnt then offered the Imperial
authorities facilities for reernttlng in
.annua. Great Britain wants, mounted
infantry nnd it is likely an arrange-
ment will be lnR(,c 'ov recruiting a
force hero.
Toronto, No?. 18.-Mayor Morris,
of Ottawa, is here today looking for a
pardon. Lieutenant - governor'n
council will he asked to raise the disability under which he now labors
and will continue to do for two years
to come, unless the government rehabilitates him. There is no precedent
for this.
The livening Telegram's London
cable says that tlio proposal to bar
foreigners at Henley Kegatta inolud-
Inij Canadians, was badly defeated.
The vote was 99 to 37 in favor ot accepting foreign entries.
The Evening Telegram's London
cable says Major General IlutVon has
accepted t��e command of the Federal
troops in Australia.
boot and shoe manufacturer, assigned
today.. As-els, $190,000j liabilities,
Lushed  to  the Rigging  for 110   Uours
With Little Clothing.
St. Johns. Nfld., Nov. IS.���Further
details of the suffering of the barke-
tine Titania, Liverpool for St. Johns,
which was wreoned on Saturday
morninn in a dense fog near Cape
Ilace, have been received here.
During Ihe 30 hours of Saturday
sad Sunday while they were lashed
to tlio chip's rigging they were absolutely without clothing excepting
tlieii shirts and drawers. Their rescue
was mane with great difficulty. Three
men from the shore succeeded, at the
lisk of their lives, in aiding the shipwrecked men to land. Boatswain
Williams, who was drowned, impatient with the delay in reaching the
shore and driven crazy by his suffer-
icRs plunged into the sea and tried to
swim to land. His lifeless body was
tlnown high against the cliffs.
Montreal, Nov. 18.���The trial of
Tlionvald Hansen, the Dane, who
confessed to haivng murdered little
Eric Mnrrntte in Westmount on
Ootober 8th, was postponed till the
March t��rui of the King's Bench
division this morning at the request
of his counsel who pleaded tbat Hansen was insane and that he wished to
trace his family antecedents in Denmark.
"ev. H. C. Rife, noting pastor of
Man Congregational ohuerh, who revived aa call to the pastorate of that
"dhierli a few weeks ago was stricken
"nli appendicitis on Saturday nnd is
"ow in the hospital where he will
undergo on operation.
A cdinniunioation waB received at
Dominion VV. C. T. U. headquarters
this morning from Lady Henry Somerset announcing tnat the next world's
"��� C. T, U. convention would bo held
it Ottawa.
Clinton, Nov. 18.���Doherty's   organ
Laying   Steel   From Marcus���V. V. &
E, Proposed Spnra.
Grand Forks, Nov. IH.���Porter
Eros., oontractors, have been awarded
the contract for laying tlio rails on the
Great Northern and V. V. Sc E. bo
tween Marens nnd Orand Forks. It is
expected that track laying wi.'l be
commenced at an early date as all the
rails havo reached Marcus. Those
rails intended fee enrves are now
being "curved" in the yards there,
(flailing from Grand Forks to Marcus
has been completed with the exception
of heavy rock work near Hall's Ferry
and an open cut. 1.000 feel long near
-The railway committee of the privy
council will meet at Ottawa or, Nov.
27th to resume consideration of the
application of the V. V. ,fc E. railway
for a permit to build a spur from
Carson, II. C, to the proposed depot
site here and a sub spur to the Granby
smelter. At last sitting the matter
was hold ortir, Hon. A. G. lllair, minister of railways, holding that the
committee had no authority to issue
an Aider for the building of a spur
from a mam line that had no existence. Mr. lllair was apparently not
conversant with the facts as the main
line is practically iinished. A certificate with maps, etc., was fonvnrded
today from the V. V. & E. office here
nnd will be submitted at the meeting
on Nov. 2th.
Government will  Take   up
Matter When Wells
Winnipeg Want Leave to Charter
American   Vessels.
Winnipeg, Nov. 18.���Walter T.
Hart, assistant general secretary of
the Chioago Y. M. C. A., haa been
appointed secretary of the Winnipeg
association, succeeding T. D. Patton,
who is removing to India for woik
Winnipeg grain dealers have wired
Hon. Mr. Siiton urging that lako
navigation regulations be modified
for the balance of the year so that
American vessels may be used for
carrying grain from Fort William to
Georgian Hay points, owing to tho
shortage of Canadian vessels and the
congestion of Buffalo elevators.
Many Want Information and Rush
Expected Next Year.
Victoria, B. C, Nov. 18.-The department of mines is receiving hundreds of applications for information
of recent gold finds in the Cariboo
district and in answer is sendiug
maps and all information of the district iu their possession. A big rush
to the district is looked ftTr in the
The ship Greta which arrived here
yescerday from Cardiff had a narrow
escape from collision with an unknown ship off the Golden Gate.
The stranger passed under her bows
during the night, The Greta brought
1,800 tons of patent fuel for the navy.
This fuel is used only in cases in
which it is necessary to get up steam
in a hurry and is the first to this
iV was badly damaged   by fire on
Saturday night. The loss is covered
b)' insurance. Between 200 and 300
employees will be idle, until the
factory In rebuilt.
"Haua, Nov. 18.-The casualty de
Partraont at Capetown by cable re
Ports tnat Private John Hall, of
Kitchener's fighting scouts from Mou-
real, was wounded at Tretontain, on
"ov. 14th.
Quebec, Nov. l.-Gaspard Rochette,
Yosterday   Before    His   Honor   Judge
Shield vs. Henderson���R. M. Macdonald, for plaintiff, obtained an
Older under the judgment act.
Manley vs. Arlington-Application
for permission to examine witnesses;
adjourned till Thursday. P. E. Wilson for plaintiff: A. M. Jchnsou for
Re Geo. Young���On application of
R. W. Hanuington, letters of administration were, granted, appointing his
widow, Mary Ann Young, admin-
stratrix of the estate of her late husband, who was drowned on the
steamer Kokanee.
The next__civil session of tne
Supreme court at Nelson has been set
for Monday. December 2nd. Notices
ot trial will have to be given by Saturday, Nov. 24Hi.	
last issue of the British Columbia
Gazette contains noticeof the appointment of Thomas Alfred Mills, of
Nelson, to be deputy registrar of the
Countv court of Kootenay and deputy
district registrar of the Nelson regis-
trv of the Supreme court. Mr. Mills
naB performed the duties of these
offloeB for some time but has only
ranked ns an extra cleik in the office.
The significance of the notices Is that
he now becomes a member of the regular staff.
Light and Water Rates Must
Be Paid by November
At the meeting of the city council
Inst evening, after the reading of the
minutes of the last meeting and the
report of the finance co.nruHtee,
several minor matters came up for
attention after whion the city olerk
called the attenliou of tho council to
the matter of the arrears in trade
licences, water, scavenging and light
rates, Afler some discussion it was
decided that all delinquent license
holders should be given five clays to
settle in and then if no notice was
taken that they should be preceded
against. In the matter of the water,
light and scavenging, if the accounts
are not settled by the end of the
present month the services are to be
cnt off and action taken.
Aid. Paterson called the attention
of the council to the muddy state of
Ward street between Ilakar and Front,
and after discussing the best means of
remedying the existing state of affairs
it was decided that the mud should bo
taken off in carts and used to fill in
holes in other places.
Fire Chief Lillio wbb present to
press the need of the fire department
for a new fire horse, and suggested
advertising in the Macleod, Alberta,
paper for a horse, as that being in a
horse raising section wonld probably
be productive of resultB in a short
time. This suggestion was acoepted
and the city clerk authorized to advertise for a team in the publication of
the town mentioned.
In the matter of fixing up the
channel of Cottonwood creek on the
portion of its bed owned by the city,
the city engineer was authorized to
examine the creek and make a report
to the council.
On motion ot Aid. Irving, seconded
by Aid. Madden, it was deoided that
the proposed fiscal bylaw, No. 102,
should te read for the first time, this
was unanimously carried.
The mayor stated that he had had
several letters from Victoria on the
subject of the city securing the power
site, the government expressing its
willingness to go into tffe matter as
soon as Hon. W. C. Wells returned.
As Mr. Wells is cast on a trip and
will not be back for a week or more
it is not likely anything will be done
in the meantime.
Aid Irving moved that bylaw, No.
102, be read a second time and was
seconded by Aid. Madden. Aid.
Selous moved in amendment that it
should be read a second time after
the oity had secured a suitable site for
its power plant. He said that he did
not like to say anything against the
bylaw until he had something definite
to go on. The question involved the
borrowing of $150,000 and was too
important to be rushed through without every consideration, aud he for
one would like to have all possible
facts and figures before him before he
took any action npon it. On tho
amendment being put to vote it passed, Aid. Selous, Hamilton, Paterson
and Gillette voting for it and Aid.
Irving and Madden against. The city
engineer was instructed to visit and
examine the site and seoure as much
information as possible.
Early yesterday morning a large fire
on Toad mountain in the vicinity of
tbe Silver King mine caused the
report to be eiroulated that tbe
mine buildings were on lire. The
cause of tho alarm was the burning ol
a two-roomed log cabin occupied by
Mr. and Mrs. Neally. Mr. Neally
was employed in the mine and his
wife had just arrived from Montreal,
the couple having only the day before
moved into the cabin. In the early
morning, about S o'clock, thoy were
awakened by the barking of their
dog, and on rising saw the whole of
the other room was in flames, the bedroom also having caught. The dooi
leading out was from the other room
and by the time they got the window
and   climbed   out   their   night
dresses were on fire.
cd in the house.
The dog perish
A circular Issued to Ratepayers
by Mayor and Aldermen,
The following circular has
been issued by the mayor and
council to the ratepayers:
Dear Sir,- The undersigned
beg to remind yon that the vote
on this bylaw takes place on
Tuesday, the 10th instant. This
bylaw is introduced by the
majority of the present council,
simply and solely to provide
consumers with good and efficient electric light.
The conditions of the electric
light service prevailing the last
two winters will be fresh in the
memory of all.
Do you wish foi a similar condition tbis coining wnter'f
This bylaw represents tbe beat
terms the council have been able
to obtain, after much effort and
This bylaw has been violently
opposed, not by means of argument, but by carping criticism
and vile insinuation against the
Any attempts at argument on
the part of the opposition are so
evidently appeals to prejudice or
such obvious misstatements, as
to be quite uuworthy of reply.
Tho undersigned beg   to again
remind   you   that the vote takes
place on   Tuesday the   Kith   instant, nnd are respeotfully,
Aldermen.      1
,_______. ______u���_���_���������t���__a���__* *__a)
Location   of   Polling   Booths,   nours
and Who May Vote.
Voting on bylaw No. 101, being "a
bylaw in regard to purchasing certain
power from the West Kootenay Power
& Light company," will take place
today. The polls open at 8 o'clock a.
m and close at 4 p. m. The poll
for the east ward will be taken at the
Police court on Josephine street, and
for the west ward at the office of
Ward Bros., oa the' north side of
Baker street between Stanley and
Kootenay streets. Every male or
temale, being of the full age of 21
years, who is the assessed owner of
land or real property within the
municipality is entitled to vote. J.K.
Strachan, city clerk will be returning officer at tho east ward polling
booth and E. A. Crease, P. M., at the
west ward.
BYLAW NO. 101.
Editor Miner,���I trust that the
majority of voters today will think
for themselves and vote as their com ���
mon sense dictates. The Tribune has
been doing all it oan to befog the
issue before us. Having sold an inadequate electric lighting plant to
Nelson, the editor of that paper is
doing his utmost to prevent us obtaining tbe necessary power from elsewhere. I have not seen a single practical suggestion made by the Tribune
for insuring proper lighting for this
winter. That mado by the mayor and
the majority of the council Is a practical suggestion and should be adopted���I believe I am voicing the opinion
of the maiority of property owners
here when I say that they will not at
the present stage of the game vote for
a bylaw to provide $150,000 for a
electric plant, and il is needless to
say that even If they were willing to
mortgage their property to this fur
ther amount that it would not afford
any relief this winter.
By taking the needed power irom
the W. K. P. Sc L. Oo., we pay for
the year very much less than the interest would be on (150,000. The oity
is only hound for one year, why not
follow the advice of our mayor and
council, who are quite as capable of
giving.us sound advice���indeed, muoh
rrjnro so���as the editor of the Tribune.
Try the plan for one year and enjoy
sufficient light, instead of having to
go back to coal oil lamps and swear
Ing. I cannot see how the city oan be
injured by doing this, and It Is a
matter in which I think we may vent
ure to please ourselves instead of the
autocrat of tbe Tribune.
Nine Cases of Tetanus Foi
low  Upon   Vaccination.
Camden   and   Philadelphia
Are the Centres Affected.
Philadelphia, Nov. 18.���The alarm
that has been caused by nine cases of
tetanus following vaccination in Camden,. N. J., has aroused the city
officials there to take official action In
the matter. The board of health and
the board of edncation each held
meetings today. The former decided
to request physicians to cease vaccinating persons until au investigation
as to the easue of the lockjaw cases
can oe made and the latter rescinded
the order of compulsory vaccination of
all sohool children.
Of the nine cases of tetanus so far
reported seven of the victims have
died und the other two are still'in a
dangerous condition. The buard of
health appointed a committee of three
to act in connection with the county
physicians and make a complete investigation of the whole malter.
There have been several cases of
tetanus from vaccination reported in
Philadelphia, but no special action
has neon taken.
Think Mr. Dickinson Oan Pay Moro
Than He Offered.
Sofia, Nov. 18.���Another letter has
been received from Miss Stone. Her
health has been somewhat affected by
her continual confinement and hard
fate, bnt she expresses herself as still
confident of ultimate release.
A letter to Mr.Dickinson, diplomatic
agent ot the United States at Sofia,
replying to his proposals concerning n
ransom, says tho brigands will hold
ont for a figure very much above the
sum at Mr. Dickinson's command.
The brigands interpret Mr. Dickinson 's not having fixed on the sum he
is willing to pay and on a time limit
as being indications that he can get
more money. Tbey also demand im-
munjty from prosecution. But it Is
impossible for the diplomatic agent of
the United States here to have power
to bind the governments of Bulgaria
and Turkey. Tbis point, however is
not likely to be a serious obstaole in
the way of the negotiations. .
Washington, Nov. 18.���Anothei
cablegram received from the United
States Consul General Dickinson at
Sofia today indicates that, while Miss
Stone has not yet been ransomed,
there is reason for feeling reassured
as to her future. The despatch furnished evidence that Mr. Dickinson
remains in indirect communication
with tbe brigands or their agents.
One Man at the Baby Mine Rescued
After Four Days.
Pocahontas, Va., Nov.18.���The work
of removing fallen slate and debris
from the Baby mine still continues.
This morning the body of Peril./
Moulter was found entombed iu a
room on tbe west side. Ho was living, but a few hours more no doubt
would have brought death. For six
hours physlcaius worked with him before lie was restored to consciousness.
He is yet feeble but Is likely to
There was great rejoicing when the
news spread that he had been recovered alive. Moulter says that all
within the mine on Thursday commented on the heaviness of tbe atmosphere and that a number of the men
left work before he did. He loon
found the danger was imminent and
with several others started to run
from the drift. A heavy report which
shook the mountain wan heard and
an instant later a huge cloud of
smoke and flame was seen coming.
He lost sight of his companions bnt
he turned into a side room as quickly
as possible and was shut off by falling slate. Possibly twe days elapsed
before he succumbed to the foul air.
November 14th contains the following
announcements: Supplemental regulations regarding smallpox and tuberculosis have been issued by tbe Board
of Health. Tbe regulations for tuberculosis provlle for a noticfiation of
the medical health officer, to the end
that precautions may be taken for
preventing a spread of the disease and
also for disinfection of apartments in
which persons afflicted with tuberculosis have died. It is declared unlawful to spit in tramcars, railway
cars, or other public conveyances or
on sidewalks Dr on floors or olhei
parts of publio buidings. It is declared to be unlawful for any person
to sell milk unless he has a cetillcate
of a date not Inter than six months
from the provincial veterinary surgeon
that the cows from which such milk
comes are free from tuberculosis.
A certificate of incorporation has
been issued to the Marysville Town-
site Sc Development Co., with a oapi-
tal .stock of $32,000. The bead oflice
is in Spokane, the office in the province is at Marysville and Edward C.
Smith of Marysville is the attorney,
The Northwestern Hydraulic company has been registered as an extra
provincial company with a capital
stock of 9100,000. The head olliee is
situated at Pierre, County of Hughes,
South Dakota, the office in this province is at Big Bar, and William E.
Gore, .a miner, is the attorney for the
Building       is       Lively���Pathfinder's
Assessments, Etc.
Grand Forks, B. C, Nov. 18.���
Owing to the condition of the roads,
rendering haulage by wagons very
expensive,- the El Caliph is the only
Republic mine shippingjjoro at present
to tbe Granby smelter.
J. S. Carter, district passenger
agent of the C. P. R. is here on one of
his regular trips through tho Boundary. In an interview Mr. Cnrter
stated that there was more building
operations in progress in Grand Forks
tban in all the towns ot the Kootenays combined, excepting the coal
towns on the line of the Crow's Nest
Pass railway.
John Rogers, president of the I'ath<
finder Mining Co., states that the first
assessment at the rate of tl per
thousand shures is being very promptly responded to, and that the amount
of delinquent stock promises to be
small Development work will be
resumed as soon as tbo obligations of
the company are discharged.
Judge Leamy will probably make
his home here as he has written a
friend asking about house rent.
The new skating rink will be
located midway between Grand Forks
and Columbia. Its dimensions will
be 140x50, and the cost 81,300. A
hockey team is being organized.
An aerie of the Fraternal order of
Eagles will be Instituted here
Tenders have been called for building the spur to the town of Marysville
and the plant for the sawmill has
arrived. Everything is in shape to
push work on smelter construction.
A shaft of 10 feet has been sunk on
a Lamb creek placer and it will be
continued to bed rock this year.
The average yield of the placer
claims held by J. Thompson and Gus
Theia on Perry creek are turning out
from 814 to $17 per man.
The Crunbrook Herald considers it
as settled that the main line of the
Crow's Nest railway will pass through
that town. It bases Its assurances on
the faot that Mr. Lumsden, the chief
engineer In field work, has been surveying a r"Ute up tho St. Mary'3 valley. This route continued would
rcich Pilot Bay which is only three
miles from the end of the Balfonr extension and thus the long sweep southward to Kootenay Landing would be
out off and a big saving iu time and
money effected,
Portland.   Me.,   Nov.   18.--Arrived,
Sunday at Op, in., Dominion   steamer
Dominion, from Liverpool.
1 Hay-Pauncefote Treaty Awaits
Ratification  by  the
Preliminaries  Completed at
Washington at Noon
Washington, Nov. 18.���Nothing more
remains to be done in regard to the
signing of the Hay-Pauncefote treaty,
which took place at 12.05 today before
the senate meets, or Indeed until the
treaty shall have been ratified, rejected or amended. If il should be ratified the state department will proceed
to Immdistely negotiate the treaties
with Costa Rica and Nicaragua for
which it already has arranged in
protocols standing before the senate
which will permit tlio canal to be constructed and prescribe Ihe terms up in
which the consent of Nicaragua an1
Costa Rica is given. It was in anticipation of tins action, it is presumed,
that the Nicaragua government only
recently denounced the treaty of trade
and commerce with the United States.
This treaty contained directions Con,
veying rights as to canal construction
which are to be replaced by more
modern provisions. There was no par
ticular ceremony connected wilh tho
signature today of the important conventions. Lord Pauncefote had been
Indisposed for several days past and it
was not, expected that the treaty could
be signed betore the end of the current week. However, to tbe surprise
of the slate department ollieials th"
ambassador appeared at the deportment about noon nnd tbe work of
signing the treaty was soon dispatched. Tho scene was in the historic
diplomatic chamber of the state department and beside the principals,
Secretary Hay and Lord Pauncefote,
there were present Mr. Sidney Smith,
chief of the diplomatic bureau of the
United States state department: Mr.
Percy Windham, the second secretnry
of the llritish embassy, and William
Uwyn and Edward Savoy, the secretary of state's private messenger
whose duty it was to attend to the
plaeing of the Peals. The treaty was
signed by Secretary Hay with a gold
pen in a silver penholder which had
been used in tbe signature of other
conventions and is the personal property of the secertary.
The   British   Columbia   Gazette   of
Saturday was not the day one would
choose to go swimming in the lake of
choice, both the atmosphere and the
water were decidedly chilly but no
less than three of tbe deckhands on
the Nelson had involuntary baths in
tne lake. Two fell in through the
nlipping of the gang plank at tbe
Molly Gibson Landing, while tbe
third tumbled off the wharf at Lards,
None sustained any damage beyond
an unpleasantly cold ducking.
Has Finally Consented to Try For the
Viotoria Seat.
Victoria, Nov. 18.���E. V. Bodwell,
ii. C, who has repeatedly refused to
enter politics, tonight oonsentcd to
oppose the government as an opposition candidate in the by-election.
Washington, Nov. 18.���Postmaster-
General Win. Unlock, of Canada, conferred with Postmaster-Oeneral Chas.
Emery Smith and Assistant Postmns*
ter-Genoral Shallenberger today on
the proposed improvement in the mail
facilities between Canada and tho
United States principally regarding
thoso transportation routes which
run over Canadian territory. Arrangements have been effected under which
Canada will take charge of the transportation of tho United States mail
across Canadian territory from Alaska
after July 1st, next.
R. B. Dixon, who was identified
with the Crow's Nest railway constuc-
tion and operation since 1N07, was in
the oity on Sunday, and In speaking
of the condition of the road he said!
"The road from Dunmorc .luuction to
Kootenay Landing is in as perfect a
condition as it is possible to make it.
This is the third year that the trafilo
department bos had to ballast the line.
The work done in I00O by Iho Irani
shovel outfit Wilh Engineer Montgomery and under the immediate
supervision of Uoadmaster Erickson
was excellent. The quantity of ballast turned out.bents the record of any
similar work done on tho system.
Since Superintendent limy assumed
charge of the division in February
last with Fred Walker as trainmaster
and eh let dispatcher, a marked improvement in tbe movement of the
tratllo has been noticed and has met
with a full measure of appreciation of
all the shippers and consignee
-. ���
J :
i ).
���   ���
\ ...'.-I
. .*     "3
*     t Nklson Daily Miner, Tuesday.  November 19, 1901
Trie Nelson Miner
Published   Every  Monfluie  Except   Monday
Dally per month, by carrier     65c
Daily, per month, by mall     two
Daily, perynar, by carrier   a 7 OU
l"��ily, perye^r. by mail    5 00
Daily, por yjAT foreign.    9 03
Weekly, per halt year  IJ 25
iVeokly, per year    | ���
>v_ekly, per yenr. foreign    �� VI
Subscriptions Invariably tn advance.
145 Fleot 8treer, E. C.
Central Prrns Agenoy, Ltd.. Special Agenta
Alcxiindor & 00..5H1 First Avenue. SpnVano
ff_.li., keep thin paper on flic, and ure our
auMionzod agents for advertisement* and sub-
The abovo Reward will be paid to
anyone giving evidence that will convict persons of stealing The Miner from
our subscriber's doors.
There is evidently a change of front
on the part of the   mine owners in ro-
gard to the erection   and maintenance
of a lead refinery,   as   a   definite plan
is to be submitted at the   forthcoming
meeting   of   their   association   to  be
held   in   this   oity on December   4th
Those interested   in the   project   havi
evidently   seen   its   possibilities in a
now and more favorable   light   as the
concensus of opinion   ainoDg the mine
owners   and the parties who have the
refinery in hand, when   the last meeting of the mine owners was held,was
to the effect tbat there was not sufficient silver-lead ore mined us   yet   nor
would there be for some time to come,
to.supply enough matte   for the refinery.     It was  also   urged against the
erection of the refinery that   the mine
owners would not guarantee sufficient
ore, and   that   the   supply   furnished
it   was  not    steady,   for   the   reason
that  shipments   were   large when the
prioo  of   lead   was   high   aud   amatl
when the price of lead was low.    The
refinery people wanted full   assurance
of a steadv supply of mat'e.
It has since been demonstrated,however, that the refinery will not have
to rely entirely on British Columbia
ores for material to keep it in operation. , There arc silver-lead mines in
northern Washington, Idaho and Montana.which, owing to their location,
would find it profitable to ship .lien-
ores into British Columbia for treatment, and the outlook is that the
home supply can be supplemented to
a considerable extent from thir
Bource, just as Ihe American smelters
before the mines of the Coenr
d'Alenes gave them_.niore lend than
they need, added to the home supply
by purchasing ores in East Kootenay,
the Lardeau and Slocan.
One of the projectors of the Sullivan
smelter at Marysville in East Kootenay was asked where the dry ore
whieh would be necessarv for the
fluxing of the wet ore of the Sullivan
and other East Kootenay mines would
be procured and the reply was that it
���would have to be purchased wherever
it was for sale. The purchases would
be made preferably at home, but if a
suffioient supply could not be bought
here they would buy it from the
mines in the United States.
This is showing the right sprit, and
the sort which should animate those
who have the refinery project in hand.
If the local supply of lend ore is not
��� sufficient purchases of lead ore could
be made in the United States. Tin-
ore could be reduced in the locul
Bmelteers and tbe leBd refined in the
local plant. While it is true that on
the lead ore not mined in Cnnada no
Dominion bounty of *���'' per ton would
be paid Hill the lead ore brought from
the United States would aid in keeping the refinery in operation.
There would, wa believe, be only a
short time during which we would
have to go abroad for lead ores, indeed, it Is doubtful if it would lie
necessary to do so. It would
probably take a year to build the
refinery and iong before that time the
railway now building into the Lardeau will have opened up a section
that is rich in silver-lead mines. Besides this new mines of thn kind are
constantly being opened elsewhere in
B, C, and the outlook is thnt the
production of silver-lead ore will be
greatly enlarged within the next
twelve months and the indications are
that by the time the refinery is ready
lor operation there will be more than
sufficient home material tj keep lt
going the year round.
That the refinery would be profit
able no one who will look into the
situation can for a moment doubt.
Putting into concrete form the results
that would follow the produoing and
refining by Canada of all tbe lend she
would require for the use of her own
people, it will lie seen that quite an
army of men wonld be employed and
thn resulting addition to the levenue
of the mines would pay interest on a
considerable amount of capital.
In August Canada actually paidf81.-
filll  for   lead  in  all   forms, the total
weight used was approximately 2,055,-
345 pounds, which at three cents a
pound, had they bought it from aXan
adian refinery, would have cost SGI,-
600. Canada thus paid 810,959 to
foreign manufacturers for labor and
profits and in addition paid $6,191 in
duty, making a total at the rate of
$313.silo for the year. This makes no
provision for profit on the material
used���it is all labor, running expenses
and profit. Of this sum it might
therefore be safely presumed that two-
thirds would represent the wage bill
which is sullicient to pay -00 men an
average wage of 81,000 a year, an
amount that is not to be despised.
Should the quantity of lead produced in Canada hy the price on that
consumed at home being put up to
three cents per ponnd. be increased to
.,000,000 pounds per month, ns would
undoubtedly be the case as lead
would then average the producer 2!tf
cents a pound.it would mean upwards
of 845,000 more per month to be die
tributed among the refiners, smelter
man and miners than at present, or
almost (150,000 a year. To produce
tbis quantity of ore would mean an
increase in the working staffs of these
enterprises of upwards of 250 men.
No account is here tlliken of the silver that invariably accompanies lead
in ore The difference in the prices
of oie wonld enable ore to be mined
for the lead it contains, so that all
receipts from silver would practically
be profit. All these things working
together would give an impetus to the
working of silver-lead mines suoh sib
the industry in Kootenay has never
In tea lead the Imports amounted to
162,1U!I pounds for the month of
August at an average cost of 4.97 cents
per pound. No duty was charged on
this so with lead at three cents a
pound there is a margin of 1.97 cents
per pound for manufacturing it.
Of lead acetate in August there was
102,108 pounds imported at an average
cost of 4.47 cents per pound leaving
1.47 cents for manufacturing. No
duty is paid on this commodity. There
was 1,378.089 pounds of red and white
lead imported at an average cost,
eluding an only 5 per cent, duty, of
4.15 cents per pound which allowB
1.15 cents per pound for manufacture.
Time and careful attention to the
business would no doubt procure
foreign markets for the surplus lead
either in its crude or in the manufactured state that would return the
miner more than the one aud one-half
cents per pound on which theso calculations have been based.
consideration it seems to The Miner
tbat the best solution of the dilllcntly
in which the city finds itself is to take
the power from the Power compnny
for a year, as no franchise which
inheres to-the city, so lar as the right
to fuinish the citizens with lights is
concerned, will be lost or endangered
by the arrangement. The ratepayers
will, therefore, be acting wisely is
they vote in favor of the adoption of
the bylaw.
Another ridiculous food fad has been
branded by the most competent
authoiities. They have dispelled the
billy notion lhat one kind of food is
needed for brain, another for muscles,
and still another for bonefl. A correct diet will not only nourish a particular part of the body, but it will
sustain every other part. Yet, however good your food may be, its nutriment is destroyed by indigestion cr
dypepsia. You must prepare for their
ppearanee or prevent their coining by
aking regular doses of Green's August
Flower, the lavdrite medicine of the
healthy millions. A few doses aids
digestion, stimulates the liver tn
healthy action, purifies the blood, nnd
makes you feel buoyant nnd vigorous.
You can get Dr C. G.Green's reliable
remedies at W. F. Teetzel & Co.'s.
Get (Ireen's Soeeial Almanac.
It seems a little early to mention   them
but every lady prefers to give her friends
something of
Her Own Handiwork
and it is high time to select and choose the necessary material. We have just received a very complete assortment
of Belding's celebrated Stamped Linen Goods consisting  of
Our Fall Stock of
Furniture and Carpets
Is now complete.
We buy of the Largest Manufacturers aud Importers,
J. 0. BUNYflN ii 60.
Pin Cushion Tops, Embroidery
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Tray Cloths, Sideboard Scarfs,
Laundry Bags, Tea Cloths, Shaving
Cases, Button Bags, Centrepieces,
io  all   sizes,   Veil Cases,   Doylies,
Delivered to any point
on Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock on hand o<
Rough and Dressed
Mouldings, Sash Doors.
Inside Finish,
Coast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber-
Mill at PILOT BAY. Yards, NELSOB
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Colored Denim Cushion Tops
etc. etc.
Every shade of Embroidery   Silks
in stock.
A lovely lot of articles  in  Handworked Irish Linen to select  from.
The Canadian Bank of Commerce!
With Which Is Amalgamated i
The Bank of British Columbia. |
The Hudson's Bay Stores
Today the ratepayers veto on the
question of taking not less than 100
horse power from the West Kootenay
Power Sc Light company to be nsed
in supplementing the existing plant
of the eity in furnishing lights for
residences, streets, etc. For this service the eity is to pay the company
monthly ov. the 20th day of each
month, $:s.75 per horse power up to
U00��horsQ power and for oil horse power
in excess of 300 horse power at the rate
of f8.33% pel horse power per month
The power supplied shall be continu
ous as required during the whole 24
hours of the day. The ordinance provides, too, that the highest minimum
load for any month during the contract shall be the minimum load for
each of the ensuing months during
the contract, unless the minimum
increased by the corporation. It is
Understood that the additional power
is to be used onlv on tbe alternating
portion of the city system as it conlil
not he utilized on the direct current
system heenuse this would involve the
purchaso at Considerable expense of
To defeat the bylaw means thnt
owing to the overload which is pnt on
the plant tho lights will he poor, and
from 000 to K00 lights, whieh are at
present connected, will have to be cut
off. If the bylaw is passed the light
which the ratepayers nocd will he
furnished and it is claimed thnt not
over 100 horse power will be needed
for the entire year. It rs claimed that
a prollt will In* made by the eity on
the power whioh it purchases from
the West Kootenay company,   and this
is a  strong   recommendation  for the
The city government says thnt it
wonld be difficult to borrow S12!i,000
or Si.'-o utlii at present to instal a plant
owing to the prevailing stringency in
the money market, but  it anticipates
a change for the better in financial
conditions in the soring, or later In
tbe year. They further claim that it
is a laige undertaking to put in so
costly n plant at present aud as the
oity will malic a prollt on tho power
which it. is proposed to lense from the
Power company there ia no necessity
for hurry, as the nily will he more
advanced and the nonntry better
developed in a year from now than nt
present and therefore it will then
have more taxable properly and be in
a better condition to secure the needed
loan for the works tlinn at present. In
any event it is a large and costly un
dertaking lo put in a plant on the
Kootenay river and requires careful
consideration before it is al tempted.
Taking   all of the facts lUo careful
J. C. GWILLIM, B-,  Sc-,
Late of Geological Survey of Canada.    Six years experience in B. C
mining districts.
Baker Street Nelson. B C.
Paid-up   Capital,   $8,000,000;    Reserve   Fund,   82,000,000;
Aggregate  Resources Over 865,000,000.
GEO. A. COX, President.      B. E. WALKER, General Manager.
Asthmalene Brings Instant Relief and Permanent Cnre in all Cases.
Porto Rico Lumber
Co., Limited.
Rough and
Dressed  Lumber,
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A-l White Pine Lumber Always in
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Ceiling, In .iilc Finish, Turned Work, Hash and
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attention*   Malt orders solicited.
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Anchor Line Astoria Nov. 30
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Dominion Lino New England Dec,   1
For further Information rcK^rdlnn N. G.
Lloyd HambiirK-Annriean, Ilolland-Amorlcan
linen and for ral,cn, renervation of berths, etc.
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Gen. Agent, Winnipeg, Man.
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The Waverley Hotel
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UNITBD STATES���Naw York, San Francisco. Skattlb, Portland, Bkaqway,
Savings Bank Department.
Deposits Received and Interest Allowed,   Present Rate S Per Cent
GRANGE V. HOLT, Manager.
Nelson Branch.
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To iny astonishment the trial anted like a
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Civil Engineers and Provincial Land
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. Nelsou, tf.<'
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The new Goal City is ovvued by the Similkameen Valley Coal Company,
Limited; who have placed one thousand lots on the market nt the following
prices: from $50 to $225, one fourth cash, balance three, six and nine months,
without interest
There is also a small block of the first one hundred thnntand shares remain-
lo he sold at 35c., 5c. a share down, balance in six monthly payments. Whon
these are sold the shares will be advancod to $1 each by the Company.
The Compnny's land, including the townsite of Ashnola, is underlaid wilh at
least, three flue seams of cokinjr, Btcam and furnaeo coal. The Compnny aim
own the water rights nnd nt least 25,000,000 feet of line timber. All the nlxivo
is owned by the one Company, and every shareholder will participate
profits accruing from the sale of any of the above mentioned property.
A full force of men are now at work nud will bo kept on  continually
the year.    For further information apply to.
R. J. STEEL, Official Broker, Nelson, B- Q,
Or Vodder & Cunningam, Greenwood, B. 0.: J. E. Ohiiroh, Viotorin, R. C.; W
W. Fellows, Sandon, B. O.; C. E. Douglas, Vancouver, 13. C.
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Nelson. B. C.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
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Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slooan City.
orders by mail to awr branch will bave careful and nrornnt attention.
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Twenty minutes until 7,40 p. m.   at
the hour, 20 past and 20 to
lto���i���|������, KU.Ieygl
7-40 r  m 8.00 p. m.
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9'O0 g,_0
940 10,00
10.40  last rats. 10 20
The Id p. m. ear from Stanley street
meets the 10,10 p. m. train nt the depot,
goes np Stanley street und then to Bo-
Hoed lots for sale in Addition "A"
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P. O. BOX 633.
L Nelson   Daily 'Miner, Tuesday November 19, 1901
Word comes frura Lardo tbat a raw-
hlding outfit was taken up on Sunday
tu laing out ore from the Lavina
���roup. The ore will have to be raw.
tided about i��"r mileB to tlle lake aml
probably 000 tons will be taken out
this winter.
At the record office yesterday the
locations were: Future, on Mineral
mountain, on the north fork of the
Salmon river, by C. A. Campbell.
Climax, on Toad mountain, by ta. J.
Cumralngs,. Certificates of work were
issued to M. O'Brien, on the Lonely,
und to A. Franker, on the- 1'lezzc.
Certificates of improvements were
granted to the Tran.sviial-Zanibesi
Mining Uo,,on tho Sherman, Trensn
Uox, Pinnacle, Erie, Blank Nigh
The Unnk, X-Kl-U-8 and Myee.
TO CUBE  A (��!l> IN ONR ll.IV.
Tike IjlX'ilivo Hronioljlllnlne Tablets. All
jnmbiU refund tbo money If lt (alls to eure.
K W Grovo's nlgnature is on euoli box.  2oe
���'Lfl IlELLE MARIE."
A Stropf,' Melodrama Well Rendered
by the Auditorium Co.
"Ln Belle Marie, "was presenlcd^bv
(lie Auditorium Stock company at the
n.lem Ik use last evening before a
large nnd enthusiastie audience. It
is a strong melodrama with depictions
of lave, hate, villniny, murder and
revenge. The play abounds in dramatic cliiiinxcs and all its good features
weie ably brought out by the talented
company. Ruby Miguel in the dual
role of .lean Ingloside and Marie
Dnlioi!. showed how versatile she is.
An Joan Ingleslda she had the ingenue
roh' of a simple, though decieved
girl, while as Maiic Dubois, or La
Ilellc Marie, she was a woman of the
rv'jrltl, bent on revenging the wrong
Hint had been done her and her family
bj flcorgo Leighton. She proved a
veritable Nemesis to him, who was
tin' villain of the play. Wade Rhine
played the hoavy villain part of
(ii'urge Leighton most effectively and
rose to the full height of each scene
and situation, llarry O'Connor was
nt liomn in the pnrt of Earl Leighton,
tile wronged brother, and won the
good will and approbation of the
audience. William H. Mcllride was
happily cast in Stubbs and gave a
whimsical piece of character acting.
Hie balance of the east was effective
anil the play as a whole was ably
Tlio specialties between the acts
were of a high order. William Wood-
fall.who has a splendid baritone voice,
rendered the Holy City in an artistic
manner and was compelled to respond
to two encores. Wm. Harris, Mcllride
sang lu'sh songs and danced jigs so
effectively as to evoke the most vociferous applause. Ed Ilaisten showed
himself to be a muster of the art of
trick bicycle riding aud was warmly
applauded for his efforts.
Tonight the attraction will be "A
Country Girl," which is said to be
one of tho stongest dramas in the
company 'a reportoire.
bast Night's Concert a Decided Music
The concert in St. Paul's Presbyterian church last evening was a deckled success and its promoters are to
be congratulated. The artists were
��� Miss Ciucenie McCoy, A. T. 0. M.,
sopranos Miss Jean Robinson, pianist; llerr F. Steiner, J. Lochore and
Miss McConnell. The three last men-
Honed are well known in this city and
"ol'ly held their own and the eity's
reputation. Miss McCoy, though suf-
wing from a severe cold, fairly cap
hired her audience. Her stately ap
pearanoo , her rich, sweet, ringing
"oice.and the thorough training so evident in her style, at once thiilled nnd
Pleased the listeners. Miss Robinson
seems to be a born musioian. No
moio brilliant pianist has appeared in
nelson for manv a day, and under
���wt skillful touch the instrument
fairly seemed to speak. These young
'"dies should they return to the oity,
*ould certainly be greeted by a
Wowded house. Their visit to Nelson
h��s added largely to the host of their
Mends nnd admirers.
SuperiortoAlum Baking
Ppwjers. Equal to any
other Anti-Alum Baking
Fpvyder/and costs but
- m_wmM
and   he   will   also   solicit orders  for
dour, oats and baMl hay.
This Is a new departure as far ns
that company's Nelson establishment
is concernid and will emphasize the
fact that this city Is the whole-ale
centre of the Kootenays. Mr. Hurt
will pay regular monthly visits to all
East and Wost Kootonay points.
Twelve venrs ago J. W. Sullivan,
of llnrtfoid, ('linn., scratched his hg
wilh a rnsly wire. Inflammation ami
blood poisoning set in. Kor two yenrs
he suffered intensely. Then the best
doctors urged amputation, "but," he
writes, "I used one-bottle of Eleotrio
Hitlers and 1 y boxes of Huelilen's
Arnica Salve and my leg was sound
an J well as ever." Kor Eruptions,
Eczema, Tetter,Suit Rheum, Sores and
all blootl disorders, Eleotrio Bitters
has no rival on earth. Try tbem.
Canada Drug & Hook Co., will guarantee satisfaction or refund money.
Only lid cents.
If yon have a fancy to try Llpton's
Delicious Tea ask your grocer to please
not tell you that he has something
tnst as good, for you are tired of that,
jallc and you bave an idea of your
H. & M. BIRD
Money In Loan  (In Imijh-oyimI   Urnl  Eslale
1st Mortgage* at H per efittt.
If Hr>0 Four roomed house and cellar
and improved lot on Mill street,
planted with fruit trees
If 850 House and lot on Observatory
street, west of Josephire, cash
$2I>0   balance easy terms
ff2800 Eight room house and two corner lots, plumbing complote.elee-
trio light, (1800 c��sh, iWOO in 12
months and assume if i.kiii loan
!f2r> Seven room bouse, modern improvements, corner Stanley Street
and Mines Road
$20 Six room house, corner of Observatory and Stanley Streets
(fl!> Cottage cor Ward and (lore streets
82i> Furnished house on Carbonate St
The Rossland of the Lardeau
Full particulars of
For domestic or steam use.
A full supply always on
Rates to all railway and
lake points
General Agent,
Tel. No. 265.
Office ��� Two doors "west
C.P.R. offices.
Christmas Tide
Will be here in only five weeks.   Take advantage
now of the abundant selection we offer in new,
handsome goods, useful and ornamental.    Just
what your friends will be pleased to receeive.
STERLING SILVER���Always rich, chaste in design
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CUT GLASS���Nothing more refined and suitable for
presents than these sparkling crystals. We
have an excellent selection.
TOILET GOODS���In Ebony, Leather, Sterling and
Oxidised Silver; for ladies and gentlemen; useful
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Watches, Clocks,  Rare and Precious Stones, Fancy
Lamps, Fancy China, Patriotic and Souvenir Goods,
Jewelry and Everything in the Jewelry Line.
Watch Repairing a Specialty
The Jeweler.
Advertisements in-^irt o<i nndor thin head ni
the rate of ono oont a word per insertion. No
advertisement] taken for lefw than 25 cent*.
Situation Wauled advertisements inserted
threo tirnoH freo of charge.
HOUSE   tu rent   on Vernon     street.
Apply Captain T. .1. Duncan.
TO RENT.���Two   furnished rooms on
llaker street,   180 ; sixroomeil house.
11IS.      S.     M.   Brvdgeb,    K.     W.   0.
B'tlKNlSEI)       ROOMS.���Apply      on
Silica,     second   door   west     Ward
street. ____
ROOMS and HOARD. ���Every convenience;   south east   corner of   Carbonate and .lotepliinu street.
ROOMS TO RENT.-K. W. C. Hlocl.-
Two rooms en suite on Ward st.,
also rooms facing the west. On September 1, two sir^ie rooms and two
or three en EU.te facing linker st.
Furnished or unfurnished. Mrs. F.
J. bqu.re,  Room 41,  K.    VV. C.  Hlock.
WANTED. ���A nurse ffirl.  Apply Mrs.
Tbobnrn Allen, West End, Victoria
WANTED.���Men   and women wanted
to  work   nt   lir.me.      Good   wages.
Write   Glasgow    Woollen    compnny,
Dent. C.. Toronto.
YOUNG Man wants   situation,   olliee
work, timekeeper or   any   position
of trust.    Apply L.   L���    Miner Olliee.
EMPLOYMENT. ���All   kinds   of   help
Wanted��� Orders     for   help     receive
prompt attention.   R. Purdy, Employment agent    Phono 44.   P O.'  Box,
MEN WANTED���On     Crow's      Neat
Southern   Ry.     Good   wages,   long
job   Headquarters, Elko,    li.   C.     A.
Guthrie & Co.
Oflleos now occupied by R. M. Macdonald ; possession lie. 1st.
7-roorn     house,     modern   convenience, $l!2.
G-room     house,    modern     conveniences, 813.lid.
4-room house, water only, 811.
Two lots, Observatory fit, 8450.
5-room house, Uftr Donate st.   81.0(10.
7 room house, Carbonate st,    $2,100.
P. L. S.
KASLO.  B.  C.
Mineral aMrM and mines suiveyed.
Will pay the highest oash prioe for all
kinds of seoond hand goods. Will buy
or sell anything (rom an anchor to a
needle. Furniture, stoves, oaiperts,
-ooking utensils, bought in bonsehold
quantities. Also oast off clothing.
Oall and see me or write. Address
Silver King Mike, Box MO. Hall
Street, Nelson, B. C.
^ 8andon, B. c, Nov.   17.-On   Nov.
Mi VV. F. DuBois and wife went from
^l*on t0   Hloonn   CUy_     0_       ttinK
��" t'H) train at Slocan City a tan
"lured   clreps   g_u   case     ,j��        feet
'""l!. wns left on the C. P. R. trnin
"ia nothing has beeu heard of it
* nee although Mr. DuBois name was
��� ".un the look and it was seen on the
'ram after every passenger had got
'"��� It oontained wedding presents
consisting of a Rogers ware chocolate
""0, pot, cream Ditcher, sugar
"""I. He, three leafed clover waiter,
���1 engraved with a black lily pat-
"'"! a sterling silver crumb   tray,   a
tench g,ey silver carving knife' nnd
'""���i a wallet containing $50 in
American lulls.
U is learned that Mr. Chas. Burt,
jormerly with n. J Evans & Co., has
lt��. <? I,08i,inn wHh the Rudson's
��i.,    ";���' "8   ''""e'ling salesman   for
"'es, liquors, cigars   and groceries.
Tenders are invited for the purchase
of the stock in trade of Theo. Madson,
of Nloson, II. C, consisting of Clothing, Boots and Shoes, Mens' Furnishings, and Chattels and a Tent and
Awning Factory, with Canvas, Tent
Hardware and Sewing Machines, etc.
Tenders may be for the whole of the
stook in trade or for any part theieoi,
Tenders may be for Cash or on
Terms. . .,. .     ,
Tenders to be in wilting and addressed to tho undersigned on or be-
fore Monday the 25th day of November, 1901, at 12 noon.
Dated ut Nolson, B.C., this 151b day
of Nove,nber,10l...Rcy ^
Assignee estate Theo. Midson.
MacdoiuiH   &   Johnson,    Solicitors
for Assignee. _______________________
,, .��� e|TfloUvo healer of snralns, Balls,
sPnnrBo-Co throat. ^J^fjPf' sorrniw,
init'iiniualinii n horses and cattle, uriiinns
"nimontT<"roved a jugromqsnoooes-a.
TH��Vmen���;r ra ,'�� Vancouver
n  Psriv   -'Wc1 cons dor Griffiths' Menthol
'X'satebrS. R v'^Le Ne.��n. B. C.
Hair Brushes
Nail Brushes
Tooth Brushes
Clothes Brushes
We a^e showing a
splendid new lot at
Very Low Prices.
Hair Brushes 50c. to $3 50-
Canada Drug and
Book Co., Ltd.
You can put in your coal and then light the fire
from the top. It has a large ash pan so the ashes
can be removed without trouble. It has a draw
grate so the clinkers will go down in the ash pan.
Ask for the
Ox Air Blast
DJ. ROBERTSON & OO.���Next door to
���   ihoncw  Post OMlco iJi.iklin_{, Vernon
SU, HAltfOO.   Day 'phoni; BB& Night phono U07.
__H    N. Al. Cutmuifiri, l#e.*soe���Kvory known
viu-ioty of soft drinks.   V u box 8& luluplion
No. 31. Hoover Street* Nelson,  bottlers of the
f.Liiiuuri Su Loon Hot Springs Al mural Water
C1ANK 8c MACDONALD ill. Dane, Juuio
/ A. MaodoiuUdi- Archnccu unit nuhi'rin
Lomlonu, Broken Uiil illock, corner iiuiior uud
Ward StroetSt rtelsoo
AMACIvjnaljj & Do.���Corner Ktou
��� and Hall Streets���WbolesaJo nrocur
and jobbui'n in blonketSi glovesi mitts, boous
rubburs, niackinawb and miners' sundries*
1>  BURNd & Co. -Raker Street, Kelson*
,  ���   Wholu^alu dealers in fronii a U cured
incatb.   cold Storage.
TT    iiakor Street, Nelson��� Wboiesaie doa
Bi'ri in fresti and cured moats.
j Btj-ooL, Nolson ��� Wholesale dsalan in
liardwaro, miners' uiipiir , H)>orLint( __oods
M'LAOHLAN BRO& <HiicccfworH to Van
oouver Hard ware Oo, Ltd.; Baker Stroot,
Nl'1hoh~\v holtiHulo dealers in nardv/are and
mining -ui>,iluw( nlumborH' and UiiHuiitbh' ��up
J_y paints, olid and Klunrt; inucbiinics' looln
Agents foi Ontario Powder Works; lynamao
rpTJRNKR, BKKTON & Co.-Cornor Vernon
X and ,iu ���I'i'iiini! StrooU, NuIhoii��� Whole
naln doaltirn in litjunrs, cik;u . .oni dry gpoofl
Agents for Pabst Brewing Oo. of Miiwaukoc
and, Calgary Brewing .Co oi Calgurr,
UDSON'S HAY Co.-Wholesalo Krooorio;
ami lit|iiurw otc, Baker Street, Nelnon.
Ullico corner Hall and Front Streets
Nelnon���liUiubor, cciliiiK, flooring, and every
thing in wood Tor building pnrpoaes. Oct our
prlooH.  Oorrespondenoe Boludtwli
fp GALLON fc CO.���Doali M In ore hiicIch
X ��� and twlnos. Always a largu Ktock on
baud. Tolepbono2UJ. Roc n il. K.-W.-C Block
Dominion and
Land Surveyor.
169 nelson b c
& CO.        j
.  Cigars _
Phone 117
ohl.-iinrcl in all oountrieB
ReRistered Patent Attorney, Mechanical Engineer and Draughtsman. Bank of B. N. A. building,
Hastings St., Vancouver, B C.
Write for full particulars.
Stoves and
Ranges . .
We nre nhowing tbin sonnon a fnll
line of Uichc ([oodfl nnd solicit your
i otcriiii'il patronage.
Lawrence Hardware
Close connection East and West-
hound at Spokane with trains of the
Spokane Falls and Northern Hallway,
Direct connection at St. 1'nul without change of depot with all trains for
Ohicago.Toronto. Montreal, New York
and all points West and South.
Leaves Spokane daily for East at 9:15 i.ui
Leaves Spokane daily tor West at 7:15 a.m
Loavos Spokane daily lor West at 800 p m
West-hound trains make direct connection for Victoria and Vancouver,
Portland, San Francisco, and all points
on the Sound.
During the season of navigation East
bound trains connect at Duluth with
themagnillcentsteainnhip8 North Wesl
and North-Land of theNorthern Steamship Oom|xiny Lino, operated in con
nectiou with the Great Northern liail
For further Information, aps, folders, etc., apply to any agent of Spokane
Falls A Northern Ity., Knslo tc Slocan
Ry., Kootei ai Railway & Navigation
Co , or to
City Pass, and Tkt. Agt, W 7ol  W,
Riverside Ave,, Spokane, Wash.
G. K. TAOJtAbURY, Local Agent,
Nelson. H 0
You Hhould'nt send out of town for
cards for yourself or your husband
until you sec what The Miner can do
for you.
i   '. .
i "i ~ ���
CARS : : :
in  addition   to   usual  equipment   on
Crows' Nest Section-
Leave  Kootenay  Landing
Tuesday and  Friday   for   St
Paul via Soo Line.
Friday only for Toronto,
Montreal and Boston and intermediate points on direct
For liertlw, timetables, rates and full
information apply to.
H. L. Buown,
City Pusseuger Agent,
J. H. Cajitkb, E. J. Ooylk
Dis. Pans. Agt A. G. P. _.
Nelson Vancouver
I    '
< i  .
\ i
��� >
��� } #
}! Nelson Daily Miner Tuesday, November 19,  19��'
We desire to inform
tho public that we
have taken over the
bunineKH of
whieh will in the future bo carried
on under the Btyle of
Wc ask for the support of  the resident* of
Nelnon and the Kootonay Country.
Our premised   arc being enlarged and im-
Sroved to meet tho ever growing trade of the
The stock of Books, Office SuppHo*. Station-
cry and Fancy Goods will he increased and of
feredat prices which will make it worth your
while to deal with uh.
Auditorium Stock Co.
Only a Country Girl
Corpoiation of the Oity of
BY-LAW   NO.   101
A Ity-Law In Kegrt ni iii i'li it -liavi 11- t .rial n
Power from Hie We*l Hii��(euiiy Power
nuil Light Company.
'(Tlio Maxim (run practice winch was
to have come off on Saturday was
again postponed.
^ On Nov. 2(ith the provincial licence
court will sit to hear the application
of W. Lynch for the Kootenay hotel
at Ymir.
Tho ore shipments to the United
States through the Nelson rustoui
house for tne week ending November
]8th were as follows: bead bullion,
fiO.USO lbs., value. $8,17.1 galena ores,
liO tons, value 88,228; gold,870 ounces,
value, $10,748,
The shipment of freight through
the Nelson railway yards continues to
grow in volume, the commencement
of the Christinas trade with thu rail
way construction going on in various
parts of the Kootenays necessitating
the transfer of large quantities of
various kinds of supplies.
At tbe residence of W. L. Tebo.
brother uf the groom, yesterday afternoon Frank Edward Tebo, C V R.
agent at Cascade, was married to Miss
Ethama Kearnan who had arrived
the previous day from Simcoo,Co..Out.
Mr. and MrB. Tebo leave in the
morning for their home in Cascade.
A large quantity of lumber is passing through tbe city at present for the
Lardo from Pilot Bay. It is cheaper
to haul it on <i barge to Nelson and
load it on the cars, whence it can be
shipped direct to its destination without handling it again, than it would
be lo take it bv a more direct route.
The wholesale fruit dealers report
thnt the apples this year are keeping
very high in price, and although of
first class quality are scarcer than
usual. Grapes are still plentiful and
arc fairly cheap. The lirst oranges of
the new crop are expected to arrive
today, and will noon be plentiful.
Pears and bananas are plentiful.
I All rifles, uniforms and other para
phemalia of the Hooky Mountain
Bangers must be turned in at the
armory on or before Friday. A noncommissioned officer will be at the
armory en Tuesday, Wednesday.
Thursday and Friday evenings from 8
till !l o'clock for the puipose of receiving them.
Reports from all parts of the east
indicate that Ihe winter has set in in
earnest, with plenty ot ice and snow.
In Nelson,so far,the weather although
chilly has been very mild, there not
having yet been a single hard frost.
In many gardens the rose trees are
budding, and many of the hardier
varieties of flowers are still blossom
P..    W.    liannington    has   returned
from R ossland where he was   attending   the   examinations   of   the defen
ilants in the pending cases  of  the Le
Roi   Mining   comoany   vs.    Rossland
Miners union and others.     The   quas
tion   arose   whether the officers of the
nnion, that body    not being iucorpor
ated, could bo compelled to give tcsti
mony.   Mr. Ildnnington contested this
point,   and   their   examination    was
adjourned   pending    an application to
the Supreme court.
After   .1, Cuthbert Welch, secretary
got   home   to   Trail,    he gave tc   th
Trail Creek   News   the   following   as
the list of the   provisional   officers  of
the   Assayers'   association   of llritish
Columbia:     President,    Herbert   Car
michael.    provincial     assayer;   vice-
president,    Alex     McKillop,    Nelson
secretary-treasurer. J.       Cuthbert
Welch, Trail; council, A. A. Cole
Rossland; II. Harris, Nelson; Thos.
Kiddie, Van Anda; Douglas Lay,
Kimbcrlcy; H. W. Mussen, Nelson;
Win, F. Robertson, Victoria, provincial mineralogist; (1. Siindberg,
Greenwood; Howard West  Sandon.
Robert Hodge, barrister of ROBslanil,
on .Saturday procured from Judge
Foorin in chambers an order directing
tho sheriff to attach the real and persona] property of Emila Dreyfous, of
Rossland. Mr. Dreyfous left town
suddenly one (lay lust week and overlooked the formality of settling with
some of his creditors. It seems that
the professor commenced building
operations In Rossland about a year
since. He erected three dwelling
houses on lots which he owned and
(shortly after their completion the
strike was ordered with disastrous re-
MISS  RUBY  MIGUEL.    Leading   Lady
Auditorium Stock  Co,
PRICES :   25 & 50 GENTS.
Saturday Matinee.    Seats   on   sale
at  McDonald's,
The meeting of the Nelson Hockey
club called for last night was adjourned to another date yet to be fixed.
The Fernie Hockey club was organized last Thursday night for the coming winter. There was a large and
enthusiastic meeting. Efforts ill be
made to form an assoniat'on to be composed of Elk, Frank, Pincher.Macleod,
Moyie, Cranbrook, Lcthbridge and
Tin; Municipal Council of Iho Corporal ion of
Ihe City of NoIhoii in Council iiHHenibled enaeU
aa follows:
1. Subject to tlio tei*mn, conditions nnd pro-
v'fdons hrrcln.'ifleremit rtfnod, it in ngreed that
LhoCorpdtatloashall take and the Co^'-'ny
shall supply electric powor al. tho mib utruiu.. of
the Company in the City of Nelson for the
power and lightingpurpoaosof theCorpomlion
2. The quantity of power to ho taken hy Iho
f 'orpoivitiun Eroui tho Company will ? ot ho lest
ihiiu UN) horse power, such horse power lo he
delivered at a pressure of 2Mi volts.
3. The Compnny will supply all tho rogalat*
i-iK npparat us in i heir substation for rerouting
| he Power necessary for properly operation b>
1. The Company shnll supply power from NiO
bor*6 power lo UO horsepower if required by
I be Coi poration al Ihe same rate as hereinafter
agreed upon, without further notice. The ox-
cess of powor over 100 horse powi r to he
Oh owed for accordinK 'o tins horse power used.
In comb of thu Corporation requiring further
POWor the Company will agree to supply the
same upon 80 da)�� notice upon ihe following
hauls; In (Kse l.V) to'J'K)horse power is required
by the Corp nation, Iho Compnny will agree lo
lupply tho satne up to 200 hose powo- as re*
quired charging for a minimum of 15. hor-o
[lower nnd for ibe excess of hors* power over
IN according to the hoivc power used. Iu qmq
801) to '��.%) horncpowcr Is requirod by Iho Corporation the Company will agree lo supply tbe
���>amo, charging for a minimum of 20H horse
power and from that up to'JWihorse power according lothc horso power used. In case 800 to800
horse power ii required bv the Corporation tho
Company will agree to supply the same charging for a minima of 300 horse poworand from
lhat up to \iV) horso power according to tiie
borne power used In cjisd 860 to EDO horse
power is requir u by the Corporation the Com
pany will agree to supply tho same charging
for a minimum of350hor c powerantl from that
up lo 400 horso power according to the horse
power used. In (rase 400 to 450 horso power is
required by tbo Corporation, the Company wil
agree to supply the same charging for a minimum of 400 horse power and from that up to
460 horso power according to the horse power
lined. In cane 450 to 500 hon-o power Ih required by the Corporation, the Company will
agree to supply the siune, charging for a minimum of 450 horse power and from that up to
600 horso power according to the horse powor
used, lt being tlic Intention thnt the Company
will alwayn keep in reserve 50 horse power
over and above tho minimum stated hy the
Corporation to bo required, and shall charge
for the said 50 horso power according only to
the horse power used.
AnditiH understood that the highest minimum load for any month during the contract
hereunder shall he ihe minimum load for each
of the ensuing months during the contract, unless tbe minimum is increased by tho Corporation,
5. Calculations of the quantity of power used
by thoCorporation are to be based upon the daily
average peak lotd, such peak loa:l to he arrived at by takifg volt-ampere readings, and
tho Oftlculaiions made from such readings,
such re dings shall be taken after tlio power
has passed through the regulators.
G. The Corporation will pay to tbe Company monthly on the 20th day of each month
for tho power used (not being less than U 0
horse power* during the preceding month at
the following rat*: Kor all horse power up to
800 horse power at *he rate of $3.76 per horse
power por mouth; and for all horse power i'^
excess of 800 horse power at the rate of"$3,33_
per horse power per month*
7. The power supplied by the Company shall
be continuous as required during the whole
twenty-four hours of each day.
8. If by reason rf any accident or any cause
Rev. Dr. Wright leaves todny for a
short visit to Greenwood,
C. P. Hill, of Kitchener, intend
to spend the winter at the old
home in Delaware, When be left it
17 years ago he said he would not return until he was a 82ll<j decree
Mason and was worth 850.OOO. Hoth
these lawlable ambitions will have
teen accomplished is 2 very few days
when he will start for the east,
Phair.��� R. Irving. W. J. Twiss,
Kaslo; II. Loiekman, VV. J. Alnoy.
Rossland; E. O. Kamin, W. II. Aldridge, Trail; L. A. Campbell, Rossland; Mr. and Mrs. Qnigley. Grand
Forks; J. J. Collom, Blboani O. M
Benrotta, Fernie; 8, Mn.r, Orand
Porks; S. L. Prenter, Vancouver j
H. Cameron, Hahuo: D. P. Patenaude,
Helena; W. C. Adams, Slocan; B.
Crltchfield, Asotin City; T. R. Kiln.
Vancouver; Q. J. Buffum, St. Louis;
(J. A. Maedougall, Ottawa.
Hume. ���S. W. Brown, C. A. Cornwall, Ronnlngton; E. C. Gh.pnmn,
Kaslo: J, F. Qolden, .1. M. Akors.
W. C. E. Koch, Sioean; it, J. Pleutot,
l<'rnnk;.I. Mcleod, Winnipeg; S. S
Walker, Northport; J. C. Davenport.
Spokane; W. R. Wilson, Victoria
Q; C. Matthews, Montreal.
Orand Central.���P. V. Hutchinson
T. R. Mcnltosh, Ainsworth; F John
son. Great Falls; A. B. Jerkness
Kaslo; \V. J, Browner, O. L. Brera
ner. Ymir; W. ,1. Henry, Rossland
A. Wallace, Greenwood; D. Gordon
Peterbroougb j V. St. Clair, Walla
Queens���A. J. Coursen, Seattle; A.
P. McDonald. Silverton; W. A
Davius, Imperial Mines; J, God bolt,
sioean; Auditorium stock  Company
Every year a large number of poor
ttuflerers whose lungs are sore and
racked with coughs are urged to go lo
soother climate, But tbis is costly
anil not alwaya sure Don't be an
exile while Dr. Ring's New Discovery
for Consumption will cure you at
home. It's the most Infallible medl
eine for Coughs, Colds, and all Throat
and Lung diseases on rnrlh. The first
doiso brings instant relief. Astounding on res result from persistent __i
Trial bottles free nt Canada Drug* &
Hook Co. Price 50c and fl. Every
bottle guaranteed.
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer and Porter.
Volcm    P.  O
suits to bis venture   in   tbe  building! Apply to G. L, UCNNOJS.  Bakw S��.
J in*-. I Kelson
Canada Permanent and Western Canada Mortgage
Money to loan on Straight Mortgage.
Whatsoever over which the Company shall have
So control, a stoppage in the supply ot power
shall at any time occur, the Corporation .shall
be allowed a rebate from tbe price in the
agreement, provided, proportionate to the actual time oftheBOid stoppage.
'.). The duration of the agreement hereunder
Bhall be for the period of one yea" from the
date the Company shall commonoothodolivory
of power to thoCorporation, winch date shall
not be later than December Is:, 1801.
10, In the event of any dispute or difforenoo
orhdng between tho Company and tho Corporation in rrg.ud to tho const ruction lo be placed
on this by-law or thu contract to bo executed
embodying the provisions hereof, or tho administration thereof, or any details of business
between the t'orp; ration and tbe Company in
respect thereof, the same &hall be referred to
ibe arbitration of three arbitrators, o 0 to
be chosen by the ('ompany and one by the Corporation nnd these two arbitrators so selected
shall select a third, and any decision upon the
point or points arm ed at by the majority of
Buob arbitrators shall he final and binding upon both theCorporalion and company. Bueh
abrhration otherwise shall be governed hy tbe
previsions of the Arbitration Aot, being Chapter!! of the Revised statutes of British Columbia, and any amendment, thereto now or hereafter made.
11, A contract embodying the provisions
hereof and covenants on* thenar 1 of the Company to conform to and 'fulid all niattors and
provisions hereby wquired of it, shall h*;
drawn and shall be executed by Ihe Corporation and the Company within one month after
tbe date nn which I bis by-law shall take effect.
12, It Is understood that nothing in this bylaw contained shall be construed as conferring
upon tho Company any right or privilege to
generate or distribute or dispose of electric
light or electric power within Ihe limits of ihe
City of Nelson except, to the Corpoiation.
IS. In Ibis by-law tbe expression " The Corporation " wherever us id  shall   refer to and
mean the Corpotation of tho city of Nelson,
aud the expression "The Company" wherever
used Hhall refer to and mean the West Kootenay Powor & bight Company, Limited, its sue
COSSOrs and assigns.
M. This by-law shall take effect and be in
force on and ofter the 26th day ofNovomoor,
15, This by-law may be cited as "Tbe Power
By-Law No. 101.
Done and passed In Con noil assembled this
day of 11K1L
TAKE NOTTOK thai I he above is a I rue copy
of the proposed by-law upon which tho veto of
Ibe Municipality Will bo taken on Tuesday the
nub day of November Instant   between the
hours Ol eight o'clock A.M. and I o'clock P.M-.
for the Kast Ward at Ihe City Police Court nn
the cast side of Josephine Street anil for Ihe
West Ward at the office of Wind Brothers on
tbe nort 11 side of Baker st reel bet ween Btanloy
and Kootenay streets iu tho City of Nelson.
Clerk of the Council.
Nelson, It.C.
November 6th, lOuli
Corporation of the City of
Public Not ice is hereby given lhat Iho vote
Of the electors of the municipality of the City
of Nelson will betoken on By-Law No, 101. "A
By-Law in regard to purchasing certain powor
from the Wist Kootenay Power & Light < 'ompany" on Tuesday, the 19th day of November
Inst nut between the hours of 8 o'clock a.m. and
I o'clock p. m.
For the Kast Ward at the City Police Court
on Josephine Street and for tho west Ward
nttheohiee of Ward Brothers, on tho north
side of Uakcr Street, between Htnuloy and
Kootenay Streets in tho ('ity of Nelson.
"Any male or female being of tho full age of
twenty one years who is the assessed owner of
land or of real property within the municipality shall have a vole either confirming
orneK.itiving the said Hy-law in each ward in
which he or she may bo assessed for land or
real properly."
Datedat NclHOn, B. C, this 8th day of  November, 1001.
Returning Officer
nnd try n boulo, n dozen, or a barrol o!
CALGARY BEER rw ll in tho boxt, and
nhoapoMt on _tho mnrkot. AIho try our
WINES,    LIQUORS     anrl    CIQARS.
FRANK  A. TAMBLYN. M��......
Telophono 03 Baker Sl,, Nolson '
,\\*ING to the mild weather, Ready-to-Wear Garments have not sold as freely as  we expected,   and
our stock is much too large,    lt must he reduced.    Here's the way!    For the next 15 days we will
place on sale our entire stock of Tailor Made Suits. Jackets, Capes, Skirts, Blouses, Underskirts and WaODerS, at prices in many instances less than the cost of production. Take advantage ol
thi iSeiring sal" and you will secure the biggest bargains on the market anywhere.	
Blouse Bargins.
Tucked and Corded Blouses
having the Bishop sleeves,
made from French flannel, cashmere; corduroy velvet, satine
and mercerized effects. All this
season's styles. The 2.00 quality to go at $I-25
Regular 2.50 quality to go
at 2.00
The 3.00 French Flannel
Blouses; sale price 2.25
3.25 Satana Blouses reduced
to 2.50
The 3.75 Twill Mercerized
Blouses: clearing at 2.75
4.00 Cashmere Blouses, while
they last 3-00
Canes Must 60.
Ladies Black Capes made of
heavy freeze cloth, 27 inches
long and having storm collar.
Regular 5.00, sale price. .$3.25
Ladies Black Beaver Cloth
Capes 27 inches long, made with
pleated back and trimmed
with silk braid, roll collar. The
7.00 quality, sale price 5.00
Ladies Broadcloth Capes 30
inches long, pleated back,
strapped seams and appliqued,
roll collar. Regular 15.00, sale
price 11.00
Ladies Plaid and Golf Capes
at special reduced prices.
Fur Lined Capes made of silk
and wool brocaded cloth and
lined with grey squirrel, sable
collar and sable rimming, 30 inches long. Regular 60.00, sale
price.., 48.00
Children's Garments.
Eiderdown Cloaks, Cashmere
Cloaks, Woolen Hoods, Knitted Jackets for Infants, Woolen
Caps: to goat from 10% to 50%
off regular prices.
The balance of our stock of
Pattern Hats and ready-to-wear
Hats will be sold at half-price.
Special values in Children's
Trimmed Headwear.
Sable Ruffs, Sable Collarettes
Sable Caperines, Electric Seal
Collarettes. Your choice of our
stock at special reduced  prices.
Snaps in Tailor Made Suits
You'll find Broadcloths, Cheviots,
Serges. Venetians, Pebble Cloths and
other fashionable materials in the collection���made up in the newest styles-
many of which have silk lined Jackets.
$8.00 Suits will be
sold for 	
The 12.50 Suits marked
down to	
Regular 20.00 Tailor Mades
sale price	
The 25.00 lines to go at,
Regular 30.00 Suits marked
down to	
35.00 Suits will be
sold for	
$ 3.50
Underskirt Values.
Silk and Satin Underskirts
made with corded flounce and
lined throughout with flannel;
special for winter wear. Regular prices 10.00, 12.00, 13.00,
all at one price, each $5.50
Underskirts made from mercerized satine in black and colors, having corded flounce and
Regular 2.00 Skirt to go at 1.25
"       2.75     "     "    "    1.85
Ladies' Jackets made of Kersey Cloth,
colors fawn and black, having reveres,
silk stitched, double breasted, lined
with silk.    Regular 7.00, C^7^
now on sale at v4>vJ*/ vJ
Jackets make of Beaver Cloth, colors
fawn, black and brown, having reveres,
double breasted, pearl buttons, lined
throughout with satana, silk stitching.
Regular 8.00 and 9.00, now <��[" f\f\
one price, each ^f\jf\J\J
Jackets made of superior quality Melton
double breasted, reveres silk stitched,
pearl buttons, lined throughout with
serge silk. Your choice ot CQ 00
the 12.00 line for 3>0,\J\J
Special Values in Blankets,
Comforters, Hosiery, Underwear, Gloves, Waterproof Coats
for Women and Children,
Ward and Balier Streets,
��� NELSON, B. C
One lot of Fancy Cotton and
Moreen Skirts, regular 2.00,
2.50 and 3.00; all at one price,
each 1.00
Wrappers made of heavy flannelette in fancy patterns, fast
colois, front and back yoke, fitted waist lining. Regular 1.50
sale price 1.00
Wrappers made of wrapper-
ette in light and dark patterns,
fast colors, trimmed with nifties
and braid, pleated back, full
skirt, fitted waist lining. Regular 2.50, sale price 1.75
House Gowns made of outing
flannel, fast colors of cardinal,
green, blue, helio, satana reveres braid trimmed, Bishop
sleeves, skirl having flounce and
very full, fitted waist lining.
Regular 3.00, sale price.. .2.15
Dress Skirts.
Ladies Dress Skirts made of
all wool serge, colors black and
navy, lined throughout with
percaline, binding of velveteen.
Regular 6.50, sale price.. .3.75
Ladies Dress Skirts made of
black worsted and mattilisse
cloth, having inverted pleated
back, lined with percaline and
velveteen binding. Regular
5.00 and 7.00, sale price, your
choice 4.00
Ladies Black Lustre Skirts
made with inverted pleated back,
lined with percaline and velveteen binding. Regular 4.00,
sale price 2.50
"Zbc IRoyal Bank of ^Canaba,,
Incorporated 1869.
1,11.11.11  AniliorlzDl,    .     ., ��3,00��,M��.���� I Capital rald-np, ,   .    .     f��.fK>,0(_>.o<i
BCKI.      .      .    . ...  vi.Two.uw.mt
Bnnr.l of IMrrclnrn    fhomaa B. Kenny, President j  Thomas llllohlo. Vloe-ProBirtont
Wiley Brnilh. II. U. llaulil, Hon. David MooKoon.
Head OtBce., Haliraxi
Qonoral Manager, Edson L. Pease, Montreal.
Superintendent ot Branches, and Secretary, W. B. Torrance, Halifax,
Branches <
Nova   acolla-Halttax   Branoh,   Antl_oni>h
Brid(rowater, QuyHboro. Londonderry, 1.U
onburg. Maltland (HanM Co.), Pictou, Port
llawkosbury, Sydney. Bhnbona^adle, Truro,
New    Brnnnwlck ��� Bathurst,     Dorohester,
Frodoricton, KitiKBton (Kont Co.), Mono-
ton, Newcastle Sackville, Bt, John .Woodstock'
P. _ Island���C'narlottetown, SumuiorRide.
Quebec���Montreal, (City Ofllco), Montroa
West End (Cor. Notro Dame and Selg-
nours Streetat; Wostmount (Cor. Greone
Avenue and St. Catharines Street,
Newfoundland���St. John's.
Cuba, West Indies���Havana.
United Htates-Now York (1G Exchange Place
Republic, Wash.
Grand   Furls, Nanaimo,   Nelson,   Rossland,   Vancouver,
Vancouver East End, Victoria,
Correspondents t
Canada���Merchants Bank of Canada. Boston���National fihawmnt Bank. Chicago���OllhoU
Trust and Savings Bank. Ban Francisco���First National Bank. I.ortilfm, Eng.-Bank of
Scotland. Paris, rranee���Credit Lyonnals. Bermuda���Bank of Bermuda. China and Japan���Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation.   Spokane���Old National Bank.
Uenoial Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange   Heugii
and Sold, Letters ol Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the most favorable terms.   Interest allowed on gpecioj
deposits and on Saving Bank accounts.
Geo. Kydd, Manager. Nelson, B.C.
|West Kootenay Butcher Co,
Fresh   and   Salted   Heats
Fisn and Poultry in Season
E.   C.   TRAVES.   MANAGE".
K.-W.-C   Block, Ward Street, Nklson.
Orders by mail receive careful and prompt attention
Manufacturers of BEST STEEL WIRE E0PE.
(Tramway, Hoisting, Mining Wire Rope.
Lang's Lay for Tramways and Underground Haulage
Local Stock carried, estimates furnished.
H, E- CROASDAILE Agent Nelson-


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