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Nelson Daily Miner Jan 14, 1902

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..,��>"" ,n"
Daily Edition No.  1240
Nelson,   British Columbia, Tuesday, January 14, 1902
Eleventh  Year
the Agonising Death of
Samuel     Hockaday.
Hardy  Miners Battled With
Blizzards  for  Four
A thrilling story of the terrible
Bufferings of the party of minors, one
of whom, Samuel Ilockaday, perished
nn the trail from Slocan 3lty to the
Bondholder mine last Tuesday is
given by two of them, John P.Stevens
and George Thomas, wh" were in
Nelson yesterday. They gave the foi
lowing account of the cirsumstances
connected with Mr. Ilockaday's death.
On Saturday, the 4lh instant Ihe
following party left Slocan for the
Bondholder mine: Samuel Uocknday,
John P, Stevens, W. (leo, Thomas and
Matthew Walls. All went well until
we reached the point where the party
had to aranch off the Ottawa trail.
Stevens and Ilockaday alone had
snowBh.es while Walls and Thomas
had none. Robert Long, a packer,
look the lead to show tho way toward
the Bondholder camp. There was
seven feet of snow and the pnity
struggled on through it until 3.30
when we met tbe packer who advised
us In turn back as he was satisfied
that the rest of the journey oould not
be mads that night. Walls deoided to
go back to Slocan city with him but
the others determined to push on.
After walking for two hours moro
Th imas was so tired that it was determined to rest and build a lire.
Stevens bnilt a fire, lt was in an ex.
posed position and bitterly cold.
After an hour's rest it was determined to push on agaiu. We had only
proceeded a short distance when
Steven's feet became frost bitten, and
it was decided to camp for tho night.
Fortunately there was a clump of timber which afforded excellent shelter.
A fire was built and we managed to
pasj a good night considering the
conditions. As soon as it was daylight we broke camp and again
started for the Bondholder, and arrived there in about an hour. The
day was spent in resting aud cutting
wood and cooking. Fortunately there
was a supply of oatmeal food in the
Bondholder cabin.
Ou Monday morning we started
from the cabin foi the puipose of
securing the supplies whiub were
cached at the junction of the Ottiwa
ana Hoi dho'der trails. When about
half way we met two men sent from
Slocan to ascertain if we had got
through safely. After reassuring them
we went on to where our supplies
were cached. Here we ate a sandwich
apiece. Then Stevens took a 50-pound
Hack of flour,Hockaday took 16 pounds
of mutton, and Thomas a smaller
parcel. The start was made and only
a short way had been gone when
Thomas   had   to   abandon     bis   load
because   lie   could   not get   over   the (blame,
truilwithout snowshoes. All went well | had done all that men could do  under
freeze to death.determine to renew the
search for tbe cabin. We 'had great
difficulty in inducing Ilockaday to
come as he snid it was all right there.
Finally no peisuaded him to accompany us. Onlv a short distance had
been covered when it was noticed that
Hockaday was lagging behind. The
blizzard had inetcased gruatly in
intensity nnd Thomas and I wore
weak and almost overcome with cDld
and,hunger. We waited till Hockaday
caught up with us and continued on
slowly until we reached a large rock,
tlere a lett was taken nnd Ilockaday
became delirious and began to babble.
Wo gathered some branohes and made
another attempt to kindle a Are, but
it was no go. As the shelter was
scant we made up our minds to push
on again. Ilockaday was now unable
to walk without assistance and we
helped him along. Wo walked in this
fashion until a precipice was reached,
with a sheer fall of MO feet and the
wonder was that wc did not walk
over it. Hero Ilockaday oollapsed
altogether. I said to Thomas, "What
shftli we do?" Thomas replied the
only thiisg that we can do Ib to pack
him, behind a snow bank and a tree
and leave him there This It was
decided to do nnd we had, giout difficulty in packing him to the sheltered
spot. Wo determined to try to find
the cabin as to stand still meant
death We resumed our journey and
it was so dark that we could not see
three feet ahead. After wandering
around for about two hours theie
came a slight lull aud the cabin was
seen in the distance. Wo made our
way to it, and collapsed on the floor
from exhaustion in soon as we opened
the door.
2 After a short rest fire was kindled
and a cup of tea was made which was
the first food they had partaken in 24
hours. There were fortunately two
suits of underwear in the cabin and
these they donned. Then the two men
started out to find their unfortunate
partner, but the effort wus futi.e as
they bad proceeded only a short distance when they oould go no furtbor.
Tlie trail hnd been filled in by the
blizzard. They went to bed and got
up at 4.45, had breaklast and made a
sled and as soon as daylight came
started out. The search was kept up
all day until dark again and they
oonld find no trace of him. On returning they picked up thc sack of
flour. The next day they continued the
search until nightfall with the same
result. Next day (Friday) was a
beautiful day and they continued the
search. At noon they returned to the
camp for their dinner, After dinner
they found tho trail which the sun
had opened up for about 200 yards. It
led in an entirely opposite direction
to that which they hud been searching. They followed this trail to
where it ended and found the rock
where they had rested on Tuesday
morning. They now knew that they
wero in the right track and after an
hour's scuroh they found Ilockaday's
body in exactly the same position in
which they hail left him. He had not
stirred a muscle.
They had considerable difficulty in
dragging him on the sled to the cabin.
They placed him in the cook bouse
connected with tbe cabin. They
rested that night and the next morning went to Slocan to report to the
authorities there. There was no lack
of volunteers to go after the body. At
5 o'clock on Sunday a party was sent
and brought his body to Slocan city.
The Slocan people were very kind to
them and they desire to return sincere
tnanks for their kindness.
A*o   Inquest   was     held     yesterday
(Monday)   morning   and the members
of the party were exonerated  from all
the jury declaring   that  thoy
Supporters of the Fletcher Ticket Gave It a
Splendid ��ndorsement.-Kirkpatrick
Dodged the Igsue.
until they came to the range. Stevens
got to the summit. Hockaday had
great difficulty In getting on, slipping
on the Trail owing to the steep grade.
Half way up he took off the sheep he
was packing and with the aid of
Thomas sucoeeded in making a little
ground. On Stevens advice the sheep
was cut in two ono half being left
near the trail. The two overtook
Stevens and by this time it was get-
ling dusk. Both Stevens and Ilockaday, owing to the failing light had
experienced more trouble than ever in
walking. At this juncture a blizzard
cumiuenced and the wind blew the
fine snow in all directions. Finally
when within three quarters of a mile
from the camp Stevens discarded hit
sack of flour as it was determine! to
make tbe camp at the Bondholder as
they had no desire to remain in the
open tor another night. Describing
this effort Mr.' Stevens says: We still
pushed on with the blizzard increasing in fury, and notwithstanding all
cur efforts' we could not locate the
camp. After wandering about lor
several hours the conclusion was
forced upon us that we were hopelessly lost and we determined to seek
a shelter of some description. The
beit we could find was a snowbank
about four feet high wbich was only
a shade better than nothing, ln
this there was a hole into which
Hockaday crept. I made a little
tronch with my snowsboe and I and
Thomas walked up and down to keep
the blood in circulation. I made
another hole whioh they eaoh occupied
in turn. I tired to light a fire but
when I tried to light it the wind
swept the kindling away or put out
the matches. I tried to light calendars
with matches but could not do it. I
repeatedly warned Hockaday to come
out nf his sheltei so that he might
take exercise and keep his blood in
oi dilation, but he refused, saying he
was warm and comfortanle where he
was. These warnings were repeated
at frequent intervals during the
"light. This continued Until early in
tho morning. Early in the morning
ihomas and I fearing that we   would
such trying circumstances.
Grand Forks, Jan. 18.���One of the
set of converters just installed in the
Granby smelter cornmencod operations
this morning, and worked very
smoothly. The product is blister copper in which the gold and silver
values are still retained. Farther
treatment of this prcdnct in an eastern refinery extracts the precious
metals. The matte from its own
furnaces and from the Hall Mines and
Greenwood smelters will enable the
Granby Co. to produce about 1,200 tons
of blister conper monthly, or at the
rate of 24,000,000   pounds per annum.
Word was brought to Nelson last
nigbt of the death, under very distressing circumstances of Joseph Collins, baggage master at Cranbrook
station. Shortly after daybreak yesterday morning bis dead body was
found about 100 yards frcm tho station
on the main switch, severed across the
middle, a train having passed over
him. How the accident occurred no
one knows. Mr. Collins was well
known at Medicine Hat where he had
charge of an extra gang on the C. P.
R. during the summer. He was unmarried, about 42 years of age, and
came from Port Elgin, Ont.
J. A. Turner, government agent, on
Saturday as a court of revision to bear
appeals against the assessments made
by the provincial assessor. There
waB quite a number of appeals,
mostly adjustments and changes of
owners. The most important was that
of the West Kooteoay Land and Im-
porvement company, owner of Fair-
view townsite, or what is commonly
known as Bogustown. The previous
assessment for a part of its property
had been made on the acreage basis
but tbis year that had boen changed
to an assessment by the lot bringing
the total to a nearer approach to the
value of the nropcrty, and making
quite an increase. The appeal Was
not allowed.
Strong Speeches Made by the Candidates
in Which Many Campaign Stories
Were Proven Groundless
If a large attendance and an enthusiastic popular demonstration of good
will oan h; taken as an index the
meeting at the opera house last evening, held in the interest of Mayor
Fletoher,and his supporting aldermen,
revealed that his entire ticket will be
elected. It was one of the largest
and most enthusiastic gatherings ever
held in this city. It was a representative meeting made up of both businessmen and workingmen. It was
ended by a standing vote and three
hearty cheers and a tiger in favor of
Mayor Fletcher aud his supporing
aldermen. Mr. Kirkpatrick and his
colleagues had been invited to attend
tbe meeting, but failed to put in an
appearance. They did not even answer
the following letter which was
delivered to Mr. Kirkpatrick at 11 a.
m. yesterday:
Nelson, Jan. 13th, 1002.
John A. Kirpkatrlcli,   Esq.,    Nelson,
B. 0.
Dear Sir.���As I am holding a publio
meeting tonight at 8.30 in the opera
house here, I beg to invite you and
your supporteis to be present. If you
desire any one besides yourself to
speak, kindly furnish me the name or
names by bearer.    Yours truly,
W. W. Beer presided in his usual
graceful and pleasant manner and he
called the assemblage to order at 8.30
o'olock and stated that the object of
the meeting was to discuss municipal
issues and to deny certain uncalled for
aspersions wbich had been raft on the
mayor and board of aldermen. He
stated that Mayor Fletcher and the
aldermanic candidates on his ticket
would speak. Then he Invited J. A.
Kirkpatrick and his candidates for
aldermen on the stage to discuss the
issues of the day, but they failed to
materialize, and a wag In the audience remarked, "You couldn't get
Kirky up on that stage with a yoke of
oxen." Mr. Buer further said that
the mayor and the alderamnic candidates had served Ibe city ably and
well during the past year and that
for that service they had received
more kicks than half-pence. They
would give an account of their
stewardship which he thought would
be satisfactory. He made a humorous
allusion to public utilities and sarcastically said he thought the retiring
office holders should be searched when
they left the city's service to ascertain
if they did not have some of these
utilities in their pookets. (Applause
long and loud).
Alderman Harold Selous was warmly applauded when he arose to speak.
He briefly reviewed tbe causes which
led up to the using of the powor of
Bonnington Falls to supplement the
city's lighting system. He held that
it was the duly of the city to supply
its citizens with good lights and when
the city plant was found to be Inadequate to go to those who had power
for sale and purchase it. He said the
idea of going to the gas oompany for
lights was a foolish one as the city
was in the business of supplying Its
citizens with lights. There was
nothing that could be questioned in
his position on the light question
and in conclusion ho thought his attitude would be sustained by tho people
at the polls.    (Applause and   cheers.)
Alderman Paterson was given a
warm reception by bis many admirers. He mado a brief but forceful
speech during which he said he hoped
thero would be a long pull, a strong
pull and a pull together to show in an
emphatic manner that the efforts of
the council of 1901 had met with the
approbation  and   appreciation of the
elotora.    (Cheeis and applause).
Cheers greeted JAldoman Hamilton
when he caine forward toward tbe
footlights. He said he had not intended to run for alderman this year, but
the aspersions that had been cast upon
him and his colleagues made him feel
that he should offer himself as a candidate Ior re-election. (Cheers). He
emphatically denied that he and his
associates in the council would, if
elected, favor a wide open town, and
said that nothing in the action of the
city government of last year would
lead to a conclusion that such a policy
would be adopted. The statement
tbat tbe city council had increased
the taxes 35 per cent during 1901 he
emphatically denounce us untrue. The
bonded indebtedness of the eity v;as
$275,000 and it takes (24,750 to pay the
interest ad to provide for the sinking
fund for this obligation of tho city.
When the'counoil of 1001 came into
office there were some debentures
which were left over from the previous
council because tbey could not be
sold. These were changed from four
to five per cent, and sold at
premium. Out of this $24,000 was
paid for an overdraft and interest.
Besides this the expenses of tbe
health departmncnt were heavy owing
to an outbreak of smallpox and diphtheria and $4,000 was expended on
tbls account. Besides this $13,548 bad
been expended on street grading,
Su, 125 on sidewalks, $5,275 on sewers
and on waterworks $8,170. None of
these latter sums came out of debentures but out of current revenue and
these amounts were greater than had
been speut by any previous council
from that source. (Applause) The
conncil had conducted tbe affairs uf
the city, he cortended, in a most economical manner, and therelore, he
did not think they should be kicked
out and new and untried men put in
their places. In conclusion he hoped
those present would on Thursday cast
their ballots in favor of Mayor Fletcher and the gang. ((Applause and
Alderman Gillett made a short
speech in which he strongly defended
the action of the council in relation
to the eleotrio light matter. He said
his action and tbat ot his fellow
councilmeu who voted with him was
not in the interest of the Bonnington
Fal's company, but in the interest ol
the people, if Nelson, and their interest was the only one he had in view.
(Cheers and applause.) In this view
he had not been inftuenoed by anyone
but simply by a conviction tbat it was
the best move in tbe interest of the
people in order that tbey might
be furnished with good lights. He
considered that the turning down of
bylaw No. 101 was a good move in
view of Ihe fact that the city was now
obtaining power form the Tramway
coinpai.y. He said that he had beard
that he was to be slated by tbe unions
and declared there was no justice in
this as he, as a contractor, had done
all that a man could do to uphold the
cause of unionism. In conclusion he
asked the support of those present and
promised to serve the people faithfully
and well if elected. (Cries of hear I
hear! and cheers for Mr. Gillett).
W. J. Wilson, wbo is popularly
known as Blake Wilson was given a
most hearty reception and he said that
he was an alderman for Nelson for a
term two years since. He had been
asked to become a candidate and had
consented to try the race for the
second time. "If you elect me well
and good. If not I will be yonr friend
just the same, " he said. (Applause
long and loud.)
[Mayor Fletcher, the next speaker
was accorded an ovntion when he was
Introduced to thu audience, He said
that Mr. Houston claimed the sole l
honor of electing him mayor ami in-
thought this was an insult to the Intelligent)*) of the eleciors, ns he felt
that they had considerable to do with
his being bo honored. Mr. Fletcher
paid his respects to the Tribune which
he accused of iusulting and abusing
without good cause, himself and the
council which ne had presided ovor
He then went into details of tha
financial difficulties which beset the
oouncil. He declared that it took till
July to float the $100.0u0 in bonds.
During the year the counoil had
handled $'.80,000 and this included the
$103,000 received from the debentures.
The council had nothing to do with
tho money received from tho sale of
the debentures but to hand it over to
the banks and all the fduds that the
council had to expend was $11(1,000 of
which $94,000 had been spent.; Of this
sum $45,906 had been devoted to publio woras which he thought was a
very good showing. Mr. Fletcher
made a number of comparisons on
expenditures in the several departments of the city which showed tbat
he oouncil of 1901 had done much
better with the funds at its disposal
than the council of tho year 11.00
In iegard to the charge of running
a wide open  town   he   said,    that   in
1900 there   were   315 arrests while in
1901 there had only teen 387 which
showed that there wns less crime in
the latter year than in the former.
This was largely due to the very
efficient police department. (Applause
andoheers.) In the year 1901 tho-e
had been nine arrests for gambli j
which wero the flrst in the history if
the city. "You dc not want to ce
the town run too rigidly and at the
same time it would not do to overstep the boundary of decency. There
is a happy melium between the two
which we have endeavored to follow
(Hear, hear). I intend to adopt tbe
same polioy during the coining year,
if elected, and I think a majority of
the people will agree with me."
He denied that be and his colleagues had squandered the money of
tho city and tho financial showing
whicb he made was a remarkably
good one. (You're all right, said a
voice in the audience.)
Mayor Fletcher stated that be had
sent an invitation to J. A. Kirkpatrick and his colleagues U: be present,
but he supposed he was afraid to face
the music.
The mayor next gave an idnborate
review of the electrical light incident
and demonstrated beyond a pcradven-
ture that under the circumstances the
action taken by the council was tbe
right and proper one. He sarcastically alluded to the misstatements
made in relation to the peak or apex
load and he made some other telling
points on the Tribuno which were
received with evident pleasure by the
The mayor then took up a copy of
the Tribune and referred to the constant hostile criticism to which he
had beeu anbjectdy by that paper, and
read a list of questions which had
been addressed to bim in the columns
of that paper. In answer to the first
and second questions which asked
why the mayor had favored taking the
West Kootenay Power and Light company into partnership with tbe city,
on a percentage basis, and why this
proposition had not beon submitted to
tbe people. Mr. Fletcher stated that
as to tho percentage basis it had been
fouud impossible to draw up a form of
bylaw which would bo legal. The
purchasing of power from this company had been consideied the best
temporary expedient to bo adopted. If
the oouncil were not able to draw up
an agreement for one month they
wonld not be fit to transact any business at all.
In reply to a question of why he
had ceased taking steps toward')
securing a site on Kootenay river for
a power plant, he stated that ho had
done and was doing his best towards
that object. He hnd kept up an unceasing correspondence on the subject.
He had written the premier and various offluials of thc province, and also
the member from the district, tho
latter of whom, however, did not appear to have any more influence with
the government than himself.
The third question asned why Instated that the C.P.R. would not bnild
a refinery at Nolson because tbey
doubted if thoy conld get union
mechanics to work for them in erecting the buildings. In answer to this
Mr. Fletcher said that when the matter of the refinery came  up he   called
London Liberals Hoot When
His Name Is Mentioned.
Lead  He   Must Accept
the Party's Present
London, -Jan. 13.���Tho inaugural
meeting of the London Liberal association at St. James hall tonight was
awaited with groat interest principally because it was probable that
light would be thrown upon the
future relations bewteen Lord Rosebery and tbe Liberal party. Taken as
a whole, the demonstration could
hardly be taken as an enthusiastio
welcome to Lord Rosebery's reappearance in public life.
Lord Rosebery was not present at
the meeting nt which Sir Henry
Uampliell-Iianner-nan, Liberal leader
in the House of Commons, and Earl
Spencer were the principal speakers.
Tho temper o' the meeting was distinctly hostile to the cx-premier. The
speech ol Sir Henry Campbell-Banner-
mun clearly indicated that If Lord
Rosebery returned to the Liberal fold,
he   us le   unreservedly   and   in
ful ith tlie present   policy of
thi -arty.
Tuo ~~ jas crowded. Sir Henry
Campbcll-Bannerman and Karl
Spencer were greeted vociferously.
Miss Hobhonse, who was the first person to agitate regarding the condition
of the concentration camps In South
Africa, was called io tlie platform
and received an ovation. In the
meantime pamphlets denouncing Lord
Rosebery as a traitor to the party
were thrown broadcast from the galleries. The reading of Lord Rosebery's letter of legret was received
with'mingled cheers, hoots and hisses,
the latter predominating. In his
letter Lord Rosebery hoped that the
meeting would aim to secure the
unity of the common sense Liberalism
id which the writer hoped be had contributed in his recent speech at
Continued on Fourth Page,
List of These For Whom Votes
Be Cast on Thursday.
Tho nomination of candidates for
tbe offices of Mayor, Aldermen and
members ot tho board of School
trustees took place yesterday at the
city hall between th) hours of 12 noon
and 2 p. m., J. K. Strachan, reluming officer, presiding. In opening
proceedings Mr, Strachan read the
formal notice calling for nominations
and announcing thnt should a poll be
necessary it would be held on Thursday, Jan. 16th, between the hours of
8 a. m. ana 4 p. m. No incident of
note occurred during the proceedings.
As eaoh paper was presented to the
returning officer he read it and on
announcing tbe nominations closed,
stated that the election was adjourned
until Thursday at 8 o'clock. The
following were placed in nomination.
Frank Fletcher, land surveyor, proposed by J A Turner, seconded by W
VV Beer, H G Ncelands, D LaBau, W
F Teetzel, T G Procter, W A Macdonald, J F Weir, H Byers, D M Carley,
C E Miller,!' Allan,W G Wilson and
Hugh Oameron.
J A Kirkpatrick, gentleman, proposed by W C Maclean, seconded by O
A B Hall, A Thomas, W R Maclean,
J J Malone, Fred Irvine, Tnomas
Madden, C J Wilson.
West Ward���Harold Selous, by A L
McKillop, and E C Arthur.
John Elliott, bv H Q Ncelands
and W A Macdonald.
John Hamilton, by W P Tierney
and T Allan.
D C McMorris, by J McDonald and
S G Campbell.
Thos. J Snanlan, by T S Larson
and Frank L Gibbs.
East Ward���John Petersen, by H
Bvors and A K Vaughan.
W -I Wilson, by W F Teetzel and
J Laing Stocks.
W G Gillett by G A B Hall and N.T
Chi istopher Morrison, by O A B
Hall and W Irvine.
K W Drew, by H T Irvine and F H
John A Irving, by G A B Ball and
W Irvine.
For   members of the School Board	
J E Annabel, E C Arthur, GAB
Hall. A L McKillop, Y W Swannell,
and John . Weir.
Tbe polling place for the west ward
will be at the olico of Ward Bros.,
aud foi the east ward at the police
office, Josephine street.
���*>* '**_W* Nblson  Daily Miner, Tuesday, January 14, 1002
���*m %
The Nelson Miner
Following are thc candidates tor
mayor and aldermen and in'order that
the publio may know just who they
aie voting for they arc put in parallel
columns. Those in the first column
may be relied on to give the city a
llrst class,economical and progressive
government, and The Miner is in
favor of their election:
Tho Minor Tlukct
Kor Muyor
Frank Klotchur
Wost Wild Aldermen
Aid John I linn Hi mi
Alii llaro'il Selous
John MI11.1.
Kast Ward
Aid W O Olllott
Aid John i-atemon
W J Wilson
Tho Tribune Ticket
For Mayor
J A Kirkpatrick
West Ward Alilormon
dipt DC' McMorris
Thos J HciMllOII
Kaiit Wnrd
11 W Drew
Aid J A IrvhiK
Chris Morrison
There was considerable Cheap John
talk in the Tribune yesterday concerning tbe immaculate vittnes and
wonderful abilities of its candidate
for mayor, John A. Kirkpatirck. According to the Tribune Mr. Kirkpatrick Is a veritable replica of the
long since lamonted Admirable
Crichton, and, il elected, he will be as
pure as a fresh Ontario giape and biB
official career will be as spotless as
the snow on tbe peaks of tbe Sclkirks.
Before poople know it he will have
joined the purity brigade. People
were wondering yesterday it Mr.
Kirkpatrick read what the Tribune
said about him and if he did not take
off his coat, etc., and feel of hiB
shoulders to see if wings had not commenced to sprout, and taken off his
hat and looked in the glass to see if a
halo had not begun to encircle his
head. Wings and a halo are necessary
to keep in step with the character of
wbich the Tribune has given him.
Next the Tribune will probably
have the hardihood to call him the
fiery Rupert of debate, the plumed
Navarre of the rostrum, the Laurier of
the Kootenay stump, the greatest
statesman of tbe day, etc. etc. The
fulsome praise of tbe Tribune's favorite of the hour is an old device of that
publication, but the electors will not
be deceived by it. Mr. Fletcher was
painted in almost as glowing colors
by the Tribune when be was a candidate for mayor last year. The praiBe
of that occasion was as unstinted and
piled on as lavishly as the abuse on
several occasions since. There are
others too numerous to mention wbo
have been the recipients of tho favors
of the Tribune only to find that the
paper was an inconstant as the wind,
and it praises one day only to abuse
the next.
Mr. Kirpkatrick is not the wonderful individual whom the Tribune
would have us believe he is. He is
an amiable, good natured mar, who
oreads the making of a speech as
much as it is possible for a man to
dread anything. To a friend a few
days since he confessed tbat to attend
and prcsidt over tho meetings of the
city council would be purgatory to
him. He is not anxious to be elected
mayor. While he is a decent individual enough be has none of the
qualities which should be possessed
by the mayor of ft city like Nelson.
His best friends admit that he would
be as clay in the potter's hands to
Boine who aro endeavoring to secure
his election in order that they may be
able to do as t'ney please in municipal
affairs. He has not sufficient backbone, he is not strong enough in
initiative, and ��e greatly fear that it
would be a case of the tail wagging
tbe dog, if he is so f-irtunute by auy
chance to be elected to the responsible
position of mayor. It would be a most
foolish step to take to make him the
chief oxeoutive ol the city, and for the
loason that he is not equipped by
nature with the attributes whioh are
needed in a man occupying such
a responsible position.
On the other hand, Mr. Fletcher,
while not an angel like the Tribune
would like to make the public believe
Mr. Kirkpatrick to be, has the couiage
of his convictions. It is said that
those wbo arc lifeless arc faultless,
and while Mr. Fletcher iB not faultless, he has many sturdy virtues, not
the least of which is that he bas he
courage of bis convictions and whon
he believes he is right no amount of
opposition or vilification or abuse
will turn him from a policy whicb he
believes is the best for tbo public
good. He has bad a year's experience
as mayor and has served the publio
ably and faithfully and may be relied
on to lollow out the same wise and
benificent policy dining the coming
year. All who desire a progressive,
liberal and wise government and one
which will result in tho upbuilding
of tbo oity should vote for Frank
Fletcher for mayor, and for the ablo
aldermanic oandidatcs.who, if elected,
will act in harmony with him.
corporations; the champion of thc
poor and opponent of the rich; yet in
so mBny words yesterday it declared
itself in favor of Mr. Kirkpatrick,
because he is rujk- ��nd opposed to Mr.
Fletcher beeau* he is poor. This
declaration shows the true character
of the management of the paper and
is but in keeping with its aotions during the time of the traokman's strike
last summer against the Canadian
Paciflo railway and when lhe clerks
of this city wero endeavoring to secure
a half holiday.
The Tribune goes so tar as to say that
Nelson docs not [want a mendicant
for mayor, and this means that it desires to put some purse-proud individual in the place. While Mr. Fist-
chcr is not a wealthy man atlll he is
not a mcndioant.as tho Tribune would
like to make the people believe. Because lie M comparatively poor he
should not be debairod from holding
a public office, however. We believe
that he would All It much better than
any local Croesus, however. Had the
sentlraci.t contained in the Tribune
artiole been published in some paper
that Is a pronounced organ of monopolists it would not havo attracted much
attention, but ln a publication that
has tried to pose as the friend of the
downtrodden, the poor and oppressed
tbe utterance earne like a flash of
���ightntng out of a clear skv, and
shows that under pressure sometimes
Its truo sentiments come to the surface. We wonder what organized
labor will say to this declaration that
the length of a man's purse must be
taken before he can aspire to a municipal oflice, and at the same time have
the support ot the Tribune. How can
tho paper reconcile this declaration
with those made on previous occasions
that the poor should be exalted to any
office in the gift of the people. Thc
jewel of consistency, which the
Tribune has occasionally displayed,
must be in pawn to the rich candidate
which it is supporting.
Tho Tribune has put up a now sign
in it columns whioh reads about
follows: No noor man need apply tor
any municipal office, and expect to
receive the support of the Tribune.
A supprrtcr of Mr. Kirkpatriok yesterday said: "If we win, Harry
Wright is to be oity clerk, John Hen*
derson, treasurer, Perry Wright, assistant; the oity engineer is not re>
quired. Tho police force is to be
remodeled." "Yes," said a listener,
"and John Houston is to be   mayor."
The henchmen of J. A. Kirkpatrick
are promulgating a number of campaign fictions. One is to the effect that
Mr, Fletcher has not paid his sewer
lental. This is made out of whole
cloth as Mr. Fletcher has his receipt
In full for his sewerjrental and any
one desiring to look at it can do bo by
applying to him.
���Many of the supporters of J. A
Kirkpatrick concede the election of
Mayor Fletcher and some of them are
banking on the election of two or
three of his candidates for aldermen.
Tho supporters _ot Mr. Fletcher
should, therefore, vote the straight
Fletcher ticket and vote lt straight.
There is not a man on the ticket wno
will not do yeoman service' for the
city, if elected, and are well worthy
of tbe support of the electors.
Dainties in Fine Groceries,
Dainties in Imported Sweets,
Dainties  in   Finest Biscuits,
Dainties in Wines and Liquors.
Dainties in Cigars.
In Everything to Eat and  Drink.
The Hudson's Bay Stores
Asthmalene Brings Instant Relief and Permanent Cure in all Cases.
Therej_ nothing like Asthmalene. It
bring9 instant ^relief, even in t-e, worst
oases.   It cares when all else fails.
The Eev. 0. F. WELLS, o Villa Ridge,
111..says: "Yourtrial bottle of Asthmalene received in good oondition. t oannot
tell you how thankful I feel for the good
derived from it. I was a slave, chained
with putrid sore throat and asthma for ten
yews, I despaired of ever being cured. 1
saw your advertisement for the cure ot
this dreadful and tormenting disease, Asthma, and thought you had overepoken
yourselves, h.at resolved to give it a trial.
To my astonishment the trial aoted like a
charm.   Send me a full Bize bottle.
Kcv, Dr. Morris vTecMler,
Rabbi of tha Cong. Bnai Israel,
New Yokk, Jan, 3,1801
Db. Taft Bros. Medicine Co.,
Gentlemen: Your Asthmalene is an
excellent remedy for Asthma and Hay
Fever, and its composition alleviates all
troubles which combine with Asthma.
Its success is astonishing and wonderful.
After having it candidly analyzed, we can state that Asthmalene contains
no opium, morphine, chloroform or ether.   Very truly yours.
The Tribune again threw off its
mask yesterday and exposed its true
face to the public. The paper has
aiways claimed to be tbo friend of the
workingman and tbe  enemy  of the
Some of the supporters of J. A.
Kirupatrick declare if they elect their
ticket that they will make a clean
sweep in the oity hall, police department, fire department and city lighting department. What they are really
fighting for is the spalls of office.
The preseut corps of city employes is
an efficient one and the ratepayers
have every confidence in the various
employes and should vote for Mr.
Fletcher and his supporting a'.dermen
in order that good and faithful servants of tbe oity may be retained and
not turned out of their places for
merely political reasons.
Representative government has been
tried and proven ; municipal govern
ment by couitnissoners hits been discussed and has its advocatos, but government by proxy is an enigma which
only Nelson, so far aa wc have hoard,
haa never been asked to experiment
with. Nelson people are not going to
try any such chimerical experiments.
No one lor a moment imagines tbat
Mr. Kirkpatrick has the least Intention under any circumstances of being
more than a proxy for the editor of
the Tribune. Mr. Houston is running
by proxy, and when the battle is over
Mr. Kirkpatrick need not feel too
soro about it; he can console himself
that the defeat was not of him but that
of his principal.
Avon Springs, N. Y, Feb. 1, 1901.
Dbs. Taft Bbop. Medicine Oo.
Gentlemen : I write this testimonial from a sense of duty, having tested the
wonderful effect of your Asthmalene, for the cure of Asthma. My wife has
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My wife commenced taking it about the first of November. I very soon noticed
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commend the medicine to all who are afflicted with this distressing disease.
Yours respeotfully, 0. D. PHELPI��, M. D.
Da Taft Bros, Medicine Co, . Feb. 6,180L
Gentlemen: I was troubled with Asthma for 22 years. I have tried numerous remedies, bnt they have all failed. I ran across your advertisement and
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Home address, 235 Rivingtou street, S. RAPHAEL,
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Mines bought, sold and reported on
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I have a complete stock on hand ol
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<   ���    M,eoe,M<i.oo
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 Hoard of Dlreelora    Thomas K. Kenny, President;   Thomas Uitohle, Vloe��� President
fWlloy Smith, a. Q. Staid, Hon. David Maofceen.
Bead offli-*, Halifax t
uenerul Manager, Edbon L. Pease, Montroal.
Superintendent of Branches, and Seorotary, W. 11. Torranoo, HalifaT.
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Atlantic S.S. Sailings
From St. John, N. a
* Ionian (new) Jan. 11
Lake Superior ������ jan u
���Tunisian(new)  Jan.,' 18
Grath Castle Jan. -)!
Corinthian jnn, 26
"Those stoamera leave Halifax two days lator
_                     FromlPortland, Me.
Dominion j-0j,t ���
_   ,    , From New York
Zealand  �����   fl
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st. Louis ::.������������������������::__\i\
Jan 15
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_?_Tm& :::::::.:.:::iB|
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Contlnen'al sailings of Fronch. North Ger-
Sfoaffi '   ��� A-P,Md ItaUan Ums8 ��n �����>
��_i_f_S___M ___ v*2-50- and upwards
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something that looks   like  it.   t4ff'
ronee Hardware Co., Agents. Nelson   Daily  Minsk, Tubs-ay Januaky 14, 1902
Only a  Few Days During
Which Slock Can Be
Following Is the manager's report
showing the condition of the Sirailka-
meen Valloy Goal Company,   limited:
The premiers of the Siiuilkamcen
Volley Coal company, did not ask the
public to subscribe for their Btock, to
pay accumulated debts, or help tbem
inko up some Inflated bond; or to
rcpny any mom ber of the original
syndicate for any money paid. On tho
contrary, tho syndicate turned over to
the publio a company, fully incorporated��� capitalisation, one millon dollars; pur value of shares, one dollar
(inch���ready to Issuo stock, with all
demands paid to date. Loases for four
thousand five hunored aores of coal
lands, and $2,500 in cash on hand.
The public wore at that time offered
the opportunity of purchasing shares
at twenty-five cents per share, non-
nsscssalbe and fully paid up, on calls
of live cents per share months, with
non forfeiture clansc; and notwithstanding the untiring efforts of many
narrow-minded, jealous people against
them, the company succeeded in selling abont twenty-live thousand shares
at tliis figure. They then purohased
the to.vunite of Copporfleld, and what
was then known as the "Lamont
Kancli," whioh was platted, and
amalgamated with Copperfleld under
tho name of Ashnola. Mine thousand
dollars of the purchase pike for this
properly was also paid for by tbe
nieinbeis of the original syndicate,
out ot dividends from the sale of a
portion of their coal In mis to s
Toronto syndicate. The members of
the original Similkameen syudicata
take lots in Ashnola st market price
to reimburse themselves. The balance
of the purchase price for said Coppei-
field and Lamont's ranch, S11,000, was
paid in cash and stock by the Similkameen Valley Coal company,limited.
All of which goes to show the faith
of the promoters of the company in
their undertakings, as well as giving
the stockholders tbo benefit of their
ready cash. The company's stock was
then advanced to 35 cents, [Tstill fon
calls of five oents per month; and
aiout forty thousand shares where
sold at this price. The oompany then
seiured H report from Mr. W. Blske-
more, which wns sufficient in itself to
guarantee, coupled with the work
already done, for a further advance of
the company's shares to 50e still on
calls as above mentioned. At this
lieiiiv about ten thousand shares were
The company now feel justified in
ailavncing their shares to ono dollar,
from tbe fact uf their having recently
secured leases and titles to live
thousand six hune'red acres of what is
known as Collin's Gulch coal lands.
This coal is known to be flrstclass
bituminous and coking coal. This
property cost tbe company ��f 1,.100 in
cash, and thirty thousand shares of
tieusurv stock.
Word has been received to the effect
that the company's engineer, Mr. W.
Blakemore, lias shipped a diamond
drill from New York to tlie company's
property. The mining operations of
the company are now under this gentleman's charge.
As lots are now selling in Ashnola,
it is estimated that the oompany will
sell at least two thousand lots during
the present year. The completion of
the electric light plant for the new
town, and the installation of waterworks aud power plants has already
been arranged for. This work will
be surervised by a competent engineer. WLen completed tbe company's
power plant will be sufficient to supply all needed power for the adjacent
mines. The Tillman Lumber company are already on tbe ground doing
business, and are under contract with
this company to furnish tbem fifty
thousand feet of manufactured lumber
per montb, and a second company are
now negotiating with tbe directors of
the Similkameen Valley Coal company
for a second mill. This lumber will
be required for mining purposes, and
lhe ereotion of some twenty cottages
for the use of the employees of the
company. In addition to the above
several business blocks are already
arranged for by business men.
The Toronto company who purchased land from the. original syndicate, promoters of the Similkameen
Valley Goal eo.npnny, are commencing
the development of their property concurrently with the last named company. Their office will be at Ashnola,
and their pay roll distributed at that
point. This means two pay rolls
already secured for Ashnola. In addition to this Ashnola will be the
pa} soil noint of the mining operations
of Copper and Kennedy mountains,
situate about two and a half miles
distant. These are the facts that warrant the directors in advancing price
of shares as above.
The  following   is   an   approximate
statement of the assets of the company
at   this   date,     over   and   above   all
Licenses from thegovernment
for 10,000 acres of fine coal
lands, estimated value, $50
per acre '...$   500,000
1,000 lots in Ashnola at   $200
each       200,000
1,000 lots in Ashnola at 8100. 100,000
1.000 lots in Ashnola at $50.. 60,000
Remaining   townsite   lands,
all    of   which   is    crown
granted        25,000
At   least   25,000,000   feet  of
timber       10,000
Water power rights, already
secured       150,000
Surface rights to  coal  lands
at $10 an   acre..          100,000
Treasury siock and  cash   on
hand      397,000
..     . .   " $ 1,538,000
Wo uno ipooial earo In purchasing peritubal
only uebutlBMourod. a drop ol our rwrfo
uoqtiul to tbo went of a bouquet of nowen.
in uijuui vo uio NeDf oi a rouquot oi Flowers.   All
Iovith of good extracts will Rppreofata our judgment nnd discrimliuiiiou.    Any quantity from a
1.011 UU1!<'1> In ;���   1 'HI Ml.
Wo havo in stock a largo lino of
Frost k'ilio* Cuomols Vesta for Men and
,.?���  IV',,���� Hoys, made oi chamois lined
With Ihilinel.
Frost Olie��n ChnmoUVe.ta for Women
l-iuai. VMccnaii(l(ilrlH,inadoofohamol��
covered with French lIuinoL
If you want to make a XiniM Rift that will be a
���fliiri'O of comfort, pleassuro, anil a -runrd to health.
these are thu iircijX'rihliiKS.   I'rlee, $3.00,
Clilidron'B bIzcs, $2.00.
Advertisements Inserted under thin head at
the rate of ono eo.it a word per Insertion. No
lulveriiHouionti taken for leas than 25 oenw.
riituailnn Wanted advertisements Inserted
threo times froo of oharfte.
FURNITURE for bale���Martin
O'Reilly is offering all his household furniture by private salo ut his
residence, Latimer street. Can be seen
any time.
"I \ J. ROUEKTS-JN & CO.-Noxt door to
I'JLA the new Post Ollloo Uulldlmr, Vernon
St., Nelson.   Day 'phone IStt. NightVlione in.
TO LET���Comfortably furnished   bedroom   with use of bath, on Victoria
street opposito Phair Uotcl.    Address,
M. K., Miner office.
Canada Drug and
Book Co., Ltd.
Completion crows granting
coal lands and surveying
same 8     53,000
Completion of water powei
and   lighting   plants        75,000
Development coal mine, und
equipping    same      135,000
Company's proposed buildings         50,000
Street grading, sidewalks,
etc        35,000
Halance 111,205,000
whioh is positive evidence that the
company's stock is worth one dollar
per shnre, the price at which it is
now selling.
Tho advantage of tbe Similkameen
Vnlle.yCoal company having an indisputable title in the way of a Crown
grant of Ashoina, together with its
location, and tho resources of the surrounding country, viake it practically self sustaining. Every requisite
can be obtained for the maintenance
of a smeltor at Ashnola, within a
radius of twelve mileB.
All of the above will make Ashnola
a city of no small importsnee within
the next two years, und after careful
consideration by the full board of
directors ofthe Sifnilkameen Valley
Coal company, limited, it has been
decided to withdraw their slock fiom
the market of llritish Columbia on
and after February 15tti, 1902.
Tako l.axitilvi! Bromo Qutnlno Tablets.   All
drui-glsts refund the monoy if lt fails to oure,
_. VV. Orovo'ssdgnauiro In un each box.   26c
Dublisbed   Kvery Morning Kxoept  Mondai
Jack Chlsholm and W.Johnson have
reinforced tne staff operating on the
Horseshoe says the Trout Lake Topic.
This brings the working force up to
nine men and from this out three
shifts will ire put ou. There is over
live tons of ore up and two sorters are
being kept busy sacking it.
Ore from tbe Silver Cnp is coming
down to the C P. R. warehouse at
Trout Lake at lhe late of ten tons a
day and now about 300 tons is stored
under that roof. With what the
Nettie L. and the Silver Cup will take
out during the winter there will be
aoont 1,000 tons I6ady for shipment
from the lake by spring time. This
is more than th��re is warehuuse
accommodation tor.
ln Chambers, Befoie Ilis Honor Judge
Tattrie vs. Walmsley���Adjourned
from last ohambers.    Settled.
Royal Rank vs. Langtidge���VV. A.
Macdonald, for plaintiff, obtained
leave to have the case reinstated and
to prove the claim.
Manley vs. Arlington���W. A. Mac-
domJd ior plaintiff, was granted an
order for the examination of witnesses
outside the jurisdiction.
Wright vs. Sawyer���Order made for
substituted service conditionally upon
summons being taken out.
Fraser vs. Orr���Order made for
substituted service.
The following nrmes were added to
the city votes' lists: N T Maeleod,
A W Nngle, James A Macdonald, R J
McCandlish, W McCandlish. In these
cases the oity clerk stated that the
names hnd been inadvertently omitted
from the lists when printed. M A
Roberts' name is to be added upon his
snowing that his taxes were paid
previous to the date for closing the
The Bunyan cup  contest   was   con
tinuea   last  night   at the Club  rinks
whon   one  game  was played, one  of
thc   Bheets   of   ice not being in   good
condition.   Tho score was:
J Nolan W Seatlo
A R Sherwood        W Clayton
W M Irving C Morrison
T McLaughhn.sk 7 T Lillie. sk, 12
In a scratch agme played in tlie
afternoon when Wailey defeated
Tamblyn by 13 to 8.
Starkey vs. Walley and Mncloed vs
Turner are set for today, if the Ice is
in condition for both games to be
played. If not, the first mentioned
will be played in tbe evening.
FOR SALE���A bargain; 4-roomed
house, stoves, tables, chairs, bed,
etc.: stable,chicken bouses and fenced
gaidon. South of nine Iter. Price $225.
Apply H. and M. Bird.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson^ Kasl.
Sandon, Throe Forks, Now Denver and Slooan Git}
Order, by mat- to at��w branch will have careful and oramot attention.
__ N. M.Cuimiilna, Lenooo-Kvery knowr.
variety of soft drlulu. I'll Hox 88. Teloulion
.No. 31. Hoover btreet, Noluon, Hottlem of Hi
famous BU Leon Uot Springs Mineral Water
FLAT for rent over Lester's grocery
store on Water street (opposite hospital). Three bright, pleasant rooms
and complete bath room, hot and cold
wutor, gas range, etc Rent very
low.   Apply to E. B. McDermld.
FOR     BALE.���One     heavy    draught
team, apply to ,1. A. Say ward
FIRST   CLASS   room   and   board   in
private   family,    reasonable   terms.
Apply   on   Silica st.-eot,   second   door
webt of Ward.
1 Appiv to Mrs V. 3. Sqnires, Room
40, K. W. O. block.
3. H. LOVE,
Nelson Employment Agency,
P. O. Box 405. Fhone 278.
Wanted.���Railroad men. Situation
wanted by girl for housework.
WANTED���Work cutting and packing
wood. $1.50 for cutting and packing
per cord,     I need the work.    Address
John lloeho, this office.
WANTED.���Men and  women   wanted
to work  at   homo.       Good   wages.
Write   Glasgow     Woollen    company,
Dept. O.i Toronto
WANTED.--A     reliable    nurse-maid
apply   between   10   and  12 a. m   to
Mrs. D. R. Young, Silica street, opposite Methodist church.
HELP     of   all   kinds     wanted    and
furnished.     Western   Canadian Em
ployment Agency.      Large warehouse
for   storage; call   at Prosser's Second
Hand store, Ward steet.
MEN WANTED���On     Crow's Nest
Southern   Ry.     Good   wages, long
job   Headquarters, Elko,    B.   C. A.
Guthrie & Co.
Money to Loan on Improved Real
Estate st 8 per cent.
Por Rent.���Office. Baker street, $15;
5-room cottage, $15; 4-room cottage,
Vernon etreet, $10; 6-room house, Vernon street, $?5.
For Sale���Ranob, 12 miles from
Nelson; 2 lots Observatory street, 8450
-room house, $2,100.
New York
San Francisco
via 8oo Line, St Paul, Ohioago
and all U. S. points.
Tourist Sleeper Service
Y_\ A *r-�� rr\ Lv Revelstoke Wed<
f* J\ ^S I nesday, Friday and
i-"VW 1     Sunday.
Lv. Dunmore Jot. Monday, Thursday and Satnrdav.
Lv. Kootenay Ldg. Friday, St. Paul,
Toronto, Montreal und Boston
_ti Ft?CT Leave Kevelstoke
\k[ r ^\ I Mondsv, Wednesday
���� __t\_> 1 and Saturday, Vancouver, Seattle, Ooast
VANCOUVER to Alaska, Hawaii,
Ohiua, Japan, Australia,
Through bookings to Europe, via Atlantic Line
Prepaid tickets from all points at
lowest rates     	
For berths, time tables, rates and foil
information apply to.
J. Si Carter,
Dis. Pass. Agt.
A. G. P. ��.
If you are at all nooptionl about trying Griffiths'Menthol Liniment your druggist will soil
It with tho understanding that if not entirely
satisfactory your .money back, use it ror
rhcumatlHin, neurolgln. sprains, bruises, muscular soreness and all forms of swelling and inflammation.   Price S3 cents.
Are you in want? If you are, tel.
���be people, through The Miner want
column, what you are la wast of
You'll set it
A MACDONALD & Oo.-Corn or Fron
��� and Hall atreots-WholeBale grocer
and Jobbers ln blaukots, gloves, mitts, booU
rubbers, luuukinaws and minors' 'undlios.
P   BURNS Si Co. -linker Street, Nelson-
���   Wholesale dealers In fresh a d cured
meal*,.   Cold Storage.
Bakor Struct, Nelson-Wholesalo don
ors in frush and oureu meate.
Streot,  Nelsou - Wholesale dsalars ir
hardware, miners' supplies, sporting goods
M'LACHLAN BROS. Bakor Street, Nelson,
B. (J.,���Dealers in general harhware,
mining supplies, gluss, paials, Portland Co-
ini'nt, lire clay and Scotch lire brick. Agents
for W llkins and Co,'n celebrated steel wire rope
points, oils and glass: ineohanios  tools
Agent* foi Ontario Powder Works; ujnuniilo
TURNER, BEETON Sc Co.-Corner Vornor
and Josephine Streets, Nelson���Whole
salo doalors tn liuuors, cigars, aud dry goods
Agents for Pabst Browing Oo. of Milwaukee
and Calgary Brewing Co. or Calgary.
UDSON'S BAY Co.-Wholesale grocerle
and liquors etc., Baker Street, Nelson.
Ol.'lee oorner Hall and Front Streets
Nelson���Lumber, coiling, flooring, and every
thing In wood for building purposes. Get oui
prices.   Correspondence solicited.
J    A. M'llONALD,   whoteolo and retail
���   Oi>rcctloner,   Tho largest stock of Con
fuctionory in lhe Kooteaays.
Dominion and
Land Surveyor.
J. 0. GWILLIM, ft,  Sc,
Late of Geological Survey of Can.
ada.    Six years experience in B. C
mining districts.
Baker Stre* ��� Nelson. B. C
obtained in all countries
Registered Patent Attorney, Mechanical Engineer and Draughtsman. Bank of B. N. A. building,
Hastings St., Vancouver, B C.
Write for full particulars.
Canada Permanent and Western Canada Mortgage
head office toronto,  oht.
Money to loan on Straight Mortgage.
Apply to Q. Ii. LKNIIOX, Baker St.
Finest and Best Bar In the City.
The best Brands of Liquors
and Cigars.
11.00 AND $1.50 PER DAV
JOSEPH HARWOOD.   -   Proprietor
There will be a meeting of tbe
Independent Labor party In the
Miners' anion hall, Wednesday evening1 at 8 p. in. sharp. All members
are requested to attend as there iB
Important business.
The Waverley Hotel
Rates $1.00 to $1.50 per day. First
class Meals, 2So. Next door to Operas
House. P. O. Hox 210. Telephone 147.
Victoria St., Nelaon.
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
With Which la Amalgamated
The Bank of British Columbia.
Paid-up   Capital,   J8,0(X>,000;   Iteserve   Fund,   $2,000,000-
n__   .--~ Aggregate  Kcsources Over 005,000,000.
HON. GBO. A. VO_+ President.      B. K. WALKER, General Manager.
London Office: oe Lombard Street, li. C.
,   _ _ .    New York Office; 16 Bichtnge place.
And 08 brauche* lu (faniulu nnd tlio u'nllol Slulen, lncludlngi
Atlin Gbkknwood Nklson Sandon
(.KANIIUOOK Kamlooi-b Nkw Wkstminbtib   Vanoouvhb
FBBNiit Nanaimo Kohslanu Victoria
YUKON MSTRIOT-Dawhon and Wiiitk Hoksk.
UNITK1) BTATKB-Nkw Yokk, San Kranoisco, Skattlb, Portland, Skaowat,
Savings Bank Department.
DepoBlta Roooivod and Interest Allowed.   Present Bate II Per Cant
| Nelson Branch. GRANGE V. HOLT, Manager.
Publio Notice is hereby given to the Electors of
the Municipality aforesaid that a poll has become
necessary at the Election now pending for the same
and that I have granted such poll, and further that
the persons duly nominated as candidates at th�� said
Election and for whom only votes will be received
Manufacturers of BEST STEEL WIRE ROPE.
Tramway, Hoisting-, Mining Wire Rope.
Lang's Lay for Tramways and Underground Haulage
Local Stock carried, estimates lurnished.
H. E* CROASDAILE Agent Nelson-
Municipality ofthe City of Nelson, to wit:
Fletcher ....
Hamilton .,.
For Muyor, Al-
dormnn or
School TriiHtoo
For Mayor
John A.
*'      '*
Rich'd Wm
"  Alderman
Wm. G.
n         it
John A.
ti             tt
it             �����
"           M
Wm. J.
it          tt
ti           tt
��t           ii
Daniel C
it          ti
it           ti
Thos. J.
it          ii
Jno. K
School Trustee
Ed. O
ti        i.
Geo. A B
it        it
H        ���<
V. W.
"               M
John F
ii               ti
For   wlmt
A bod o
Rank,   1'rofomlon
Silica Sheet
Stanley Stroot
Vernon Street
Silfo-. Street
Carbonate  St.
Victoria St.
Vernon Stroet
Victoria St
Victoria St
Latimer St
Stanley Street
Stanley Stn'Ot
Kootenay fcit
Victoiia St
Silica  Street
Slant y Streot
Mill Street
Front Street
Street Merch.
Land Surveyor
Station Agent
Mechanil Engin'r
Maxtor Mariner
afP-Col. 1. B.
of which all persons are required to take notice and
to govern themselves accordingly.
Given tinder my hand at Nelson this 13th day of
January, in the year 1902.
Returning Office
Brewers of Fine La��er
Beer and Porter.
V.Wn  B. O
a bottle, a doeen, or a barrel ot
RY BEER aa it In the beat and
cheapest   on    the   market.    Alno   try  out
WINES,    LIQUORS     and    CIQARS.
Telephone 93 Baker  t. No
and try a
Kootonay Street. Next Oddfellows' Ha
P. O. BOX 633.
P. L. S.
KASLO.  B.  C.
Mineral il-"i**��s and mines suiveyed
At the request of a Dumber of ratepayers who aro interested in school
matters, I bave decided to be a candidate for School Trustee at the comic-*
���lection. J. E. ANNAliLdi.
West Transfer Co.
Goal ^��Wood
Best  Fir and Tamarac  Al
ways on hand.
All Kinds of Teaming and
Commission Work*
Oflice on  Bakor Street
Porto Rico Lumber
Co., Limited.
Rough and
Dressed  Lumber,
Shingles, Mouldings.
A-l White Pine Umber Always ta
Wecamrn cnmploio sstock of Coast Flooring
Ceillnit. In��ldc Fintah, Turned \VOTkVSa��h an"
Porto RiooLumber Co..
Haad Offloc-Hendrrx and Vmbot -fo, h_k_
- *
Nklson Daily Miner Tubsdvy, January 14, 190;
Typewriters things that should
be iini.itud on by
the buyer uf a tpyewrlter. First, it
should bu made o( thu best mnterinl
so that It can stand the wear mid tcnr
and last fur a reasonable time without
having to be rebuilt. Secondly, it
should havu as few puits as possible.
In this ago ne nil avoid complicated
macbiiu-ry, simplicity is the rule in
mechanical engineering. Thirdly,
insist on investigating cho merits ol
aur three machines���the Empire nt
100.00 built on exclusively its own
design; tbe Manhnttan at |00.i)��, exact
duplicate uf tlm Remington: the New
Century at $125.00,
Show Room for Mason ,fc Uisuh pianos
Jerald V. Hopkins, superintendent
of the Yellonstonu mine near Salmo
oame in last evening,
At the police court yesterday mum
ing a drunk came up for trial and
was lined 85 and costs,
The Kokanee took an excursion of
skaters from Kaslo to Mirror lake last
evening, where the sakting Is said to
bu first clnss.
No ore has beon   brought   from   th
Molly   tlibson   for several days owing
to   the bad   conilitiun   of   the   roads,
which makes hauling expensive.
At the musical service hold at tbe
hospital on Sunday afternoon by ths
members of the local blanches of tin
Society of Christiiin Endeavor, a short
address wus given by Bev. llr,
At the record otlice yesterday morning there was ouu location entered,
the Snow Shoe, on Nine mile creek,
by W. 11. lieamisn- certificates of improvement were granted to Henry
Kcarns on the L, M. Fraction
Carthage claims.
The meeting tomorrow evening nt
the Congregational church to hear the
report of the Y.M.C.A. committee will
not commence till �� o'clock, 80 as not
to interfere with the service in the
week of prayer series which is lo be
held that evening.
Last evening tho provincial police
discojered who havo been stealing
the wood fiom thu provincial isolation
hospital. Chief dilutable liullock-
Webster and Constable foung caught
two Chinamen in thu aot and arrested
At tho meeting of tho city council
last evening no business was transacted beyond thc reading of the rc-
poits of the finance omniitttee.tlie city
engineer and others relating to tbe
business of the city for the past year,
tlwing to a pressure of other matter
these reports are unavoidably held
over until tomorrow. After the reports
had been accepted it was dended to
hold an adjourned meeting on Wednesday afternoon nt 2.80 for the transaction of unfinished business.
Rowland Ilrittain "patent attorney,
reports that last week Charles Hauios,
ol Vancouver, received tlio allowance
from the United (States ofllco of his
patent for a gold WBsher. Thero were
nine patents issued to Canadians.'
The Nelson Hunt club give the next
of its regular dances this evening iu
the Phair hotel. Tluso who have
attended thu elub dancus In tho past
know how enjoyable they are and thiB
one should havo a largu attendance.
Tiokets may bo procured at the hotel
or from any momber of the committee
The meeting In connection with thc
week 01 prayer last evening was held
tn the Metho-'.ist ohnrch whioh was
dlled to tho doors. Ensign Hcntt, of
the Salvation army, deliveiud tho ad
dress and Rev. Mr. Thompson, of
Kaslo, was present and took part in
the pcrvlou. Thu meeting tonight
will be held In the Presbyterian
church when Rev. W. Munroe will
A meeting of tho license commissioners for the city of Nelnon wns held
yesterday morning at 11.30 when thc
applications for tho renewal of
licensos for the ensuing year weru
heard. Theie were no applications for
new licenses, and but ono transfer
nsleil for, that of thu Imperial hotel
from J. Q, Naismith to Joseph Ilar-
wood, which was granted. As _o complaints had been mado as to thu conducting of tho houses holding licenses
by the ohiel ot police during tbo year
a resolution was passed granting all
tho rcnuwals.
,1. Mackie, from Ilegina, is in Nelson for a few days. Ho states that
business is in very good oondition
throughout tho territories, although
thu luck of freight transportation is
proving a hardship to many of the
fnriners who have not been able to got
out their wheat yet. Large shipments
quantities of land in the vicinity of
licgina have been talon up during the
past summer, principally by settlers
from the states, and somowhat of a
boom is expected in the way of building in thc spring.
Good Old King Coffee
People don't realise what a savage
tyrant coffeo is. lt gets the upper
hand and one of the reasons it maintains its power is that people do not
believe that ooffee is doing the deadly
work, but they wake np once in a
A lady in Norfolk, Va., writes an
inturesting experience. "Some months
ago a friend who was calling asked if
I wanted to read a sweet letter, and
as I read it she brushed ber tears
away. It was from a beautiful
Christian woman, the mother of hor
The doctor had told her that they
could not give her any encouragement,
that she would never be well again,
Ind in hf-r sweet, Christian way sho
wrote regarding her approaching
death, saying she hnd relinquished all
hopes and was quietly awaiting the
coming ol the grim reaper.
The husband sent for his mother
who was just able to be moved. When
I called I found she was suffering
from a most aggravated stomach and
bowel trouble, being in pain moBt of
her time, and she could hardly retain
enough nourishment to keep her alive
although she was always hungry and
craving food, but not daring 10 touch
it because of the agony it brough her.
I found she was a coffee drinker
and insisted that she quit the coffee
and tako I'ostnm Food Coffee with
some Cirape-Niits llreakfast Food. I
had gone through wonderful experience myself nnd know thu vniue of
both Postum and Grape-Nuts.
I went right tu work and made her
a cup of Postniii the Hist thing, which
she drank and liked it wonderfully
well. She made tbe change and began
to improve in a fen days. She lias
gradually gottou better and better,
and, of course, 1 have been much
interested in her recovery,
A short time Bgo I met her
daughter-in-law and asked how her
mother was gutting on. Shu said,
'Wonderfully well. Sho is a new
woman. Slie has entirely recovered
hor health and spirits, and just to
think it was liy the simple act of leaving off that poisonous coffee and taking on Postum Food Coffee and Urnpe-
Nuts Breakfast Fond.
This letter was written OJ Mrs. M.
L. Bggleston, of Post Norfolk, Va.
There is a wonderful lesson thnt
thousands of people Jan learn, thnt of
leaving off narcotloa and poisonous
drugs liko coffee and using plain,
natural liquid and solid food containing the elements tbe Creator intended
Kor man's use.
Alexander Allan, caretaker of thc
city cemetery, in his report to the
iitv council, states that there were 58
interments in thu cemetery last year,
distribntod as follows: Ci?y ground,
39 j Catholic, 13; Anglican 8. Odd
Fellows 2; Knights of Pythias, 2;
Masonic, '1; Chinamen, 1; Potters'
field, T, The roads both outside and
inside the grounds havo been muoh
improved and there iB now a good
supply of water. Tho caretaker's
house has beeu painted, adding much
to its comfort. lie suggests that seats
hu supplied for tbe grounds and that
some brush still on a part of tbe
grounds be hauled away.
A Tribute to the'Memory of One of
Nature'B Noblemen.
Editor Miner,���Samuel Hockaday,
miner, dies on the trail going to his
mine; caught in a blizzard in the
snow, overcome by fatigue, becomes
delirious, dies from exposure. What
does this convey to the average mortal, who knows nut the miner with
his good and bad qualities? His
temptations under which the weaker
ones fall, and over which the high
principled ones prevail. This man
was known to the writer who counted
him as a friend for fifteen years. Out
in India under a boiling sun working
for John Taylor and Sons, a household word to miners in West Britain,
they worked togother as miner and
manager. There all mining work is
done by uontraot with native labor, as
caste prohibited natives from mining.
The white miners are in constant
temptation to b'ibes ol whiskey and
presents lrom the contractors, to
induce them to put in a good word to
the manager. The white miners live
together in a bungalow, having a
common mess. One incident showed
Hockaday's fearlessness lor his principles. His wife in Devon sent him
some wearing apparel of her own
making. They were of the old
fashioned make and were not as
stylish as those made by the native
tailors. The other miners laughed
whuu tbe new graments wero donned,
though they wore the same pattern at
ome. Sam's Jane made them, and
he valued his wife's loving thought of
him, so he wore them, and fought
every mother's son who criticised���a
worthy tribute in a little thing to the
noble British women who have
mothered tho British empire, uot forgetting   the United States.
After leaving   India  in due   course
Sam   came to British  Columiba,   still
advocating good ovor vice    A member
of   thc   Salvation   army,   and   cornet
player in the band.    Xes, because   he
recognized the daily good that army
doing, and wished to help. A member
of tho Miners'   union���yes,   from   the
first in Devon,   when he felt proud   to
be   helper   to his lather underground,
as a full blown miner. However, fearless  to   criticise   their   policy   if   he
thought such policy was   not   for  tbe
miners'   best interest,   but   belieivng
that in the main they   were   elevating
the miners'  oondition   of   life.    Died
in     harness,    working   a     mine    on
tribute.    This showed his dogged per-
severenoe. He backed hip own opinion
that ere was there, and though it took
nard   work   to   bank   it, ho was   not
afraid    of   tbis.     A   typical   Briton,
possessing    all the sterling   qualities
of   these empire builders,   fearless in
upolding what he thought was   right.
Those civaIrons traits inherited   from
a   hig   minded   mother, and   kept up
to mark by an   equally   high   minded
wife!     Vwiat was good enough for his
forebears, was good enough   for   him,
though     unconsciously   marching   on
with progress.
Whuu wo sec his funeral let us take
off our hats to the caithly remains of
a noble character in thc less prominent walks of life, but whose epiiit
lists gone to join his peers with the
Supreme" Spirit.
A type of a splendid specimen of
llritish nobility, who hnvo carved out
an empire throughout the world. Let
us lay his good qualities to heart, and
follow his line example.
Jan nth, 1903.
Kill tne Germ that is Destroying
the Hair Root
For Salt by Drujglils. Pries $1.00.
Bio watGh sale
See Our Window
Twenty-five per cent discount,  the
best value ever offered.
Patenaude Bros.
(Continued from First Page)
a meeting of the lending merchants
and bankers ot the city and as a re*
suit of that meoting a definite offer
was made to the parties who were
contemplating the ctocting of a refinery, which offer was stated to be
acceptable, and it wns intended to
build the refinery here. Thu roBson it
was not gonu ahead with was thnt the
market for lead took a position that
was not encuuraging for tho industry,
and that with certain other troubled
conditions prevented tho plan from
being carried nut. As to the remark
abont union labor at that time the
strike of the C. P.It. trackmen was on
and it wns not known whether, if the
building had beon docided, that uniou
workmen would have helped in the
erection of the building, and this
causing a delay ; tbo other conditions
spoken of materialised and so put it
off indenfiitely, although the present
plant being put iu at Trail was but
an experimental one, and the parties
at the head of the enterprise had
stated at the time tho matter o��me up
that Nelsou was by far thc best situated point for the industry in the
Kootenays, and filled all tho requirements necessary, and tbis with the
substantial inducements offered by
Nelson made it very likely thnt a
largo rufinury would yet be put in
heie, with the passing of the prosent
era of quietness.
He then touched on tho other questions, and after answering them said
that If he oared to take the trouble of
asking John Houston any questions
as to how he had conducted the business of the city during his term of
office he could ask some very interesting ones. One little thing was that
when the present council took office
they found tbat the city rock crusher,
whioh was valued at 82,000 had been
lent by Houston to a contractor to be
used in his business at Robson and it
had been found necessary for the city
to commence legal proceedings to get
it back again. He had heen accused
by Houston of not paying his sewer
taxes. However, he hnd, nntl at the
proper dates. Houston had taken the
trouble to get into the oity hall in the
absence of the proper gnardians and
search the city books, and he hoped
it had done him some good.
Mr. Fletcher then paid a tribute to
the aldermen who had supported him
during the year in council, and said
that they though they had frequenty
differed from him on many poin's yet
had all been doing their best foi the
eity and agreed on tho whole very
well. The result's of the year's operations were to bu looked at and he
hoped that tho citizens would show
that they had apprueiated the efforts
of the council during tho past year by
rallying on Thursday at the poll? and
voting for him and his friends on the
Mr. W. W. Beei then rose and asked
if Mr. Kirkpatriok" or any supporter
of his would like to spuak, and if so
thoy were invited to the platform
where they would be pleased to hear
them. Tnero was no response to this.
A vote uf support and appreciation
waa then taken which was practically
unaniomus and three tcrnlio cheers
and a rousing tiger were given for
ayor Fletcher and hiB supporting
aldermanic candidates. This ended a
most successful meeting.
.. Slaughter Sale
For the next thirty days I  will give  a great
Slaughter Sale in all lines in stock consisting of
Boy's and Men's Clothing, Furnishings, Hats. Caps
Boots and Shoes
In order to make room for Spriug Stook I must slaughter some of my present
tlock and wish Io give my many customers the benefit thereof. Mow is the
chance to partnke of some of tho best Bargains ever offered in Kootenay. The
sub- is genuine, the stock new and the prices away down, Cull, get prices, examine goods and be convinced tbat I am offering tbe greatest bargains ever
offered in Nelson.
Notice to Our Customers
With each purchase from $10 to $25  one
h.tndsome   Oil   Painting.    Over  $25   a
large Oil Painting.
This Is for One Week Only.
of the supporters of
Candidate  for   ilayor   for   1902
will be held every evening till   Election Day,
Jan. 16th, at Committee Rooms,
Over Imperial Bank of Canad*
All Friends and Supporters Are Cordially
Invited to Attend.
Holding a
Evory act helps to create a reputation and by reputation you
judge chnracter. Our reputation
is founded on the excellent
things ne have sold ami onr
charactor depends on ko-ping
up this reputation, Wc take
every precaution to give our
friends the hcnctlt and wo offer
special value and some low
priees on a variety  of  beautiful
Watches, Rings and
Suitable for   women   and   men.
Lamps, Cut Ulass, eto.
Watch Repairing a Specialty
cor. Baker & Stanley Sts., Nelson
At the request of some of the ratepayers, who like myself arc very
much interested in school matters,
have decided to ho a candidate fo
Trustee ut the coining election. You
support respectfully solicited,
,1. F. WEIR.
Ladies and Oentlemen,���I beg to
announce myself a candidate in the
forthcoming election of aldermen for
tho Kast Ward and respectfully solicit
the favor of your vote and influence.
1 am heaitily in favor of civio ownership of public utilities.
Nelson, B. C, Jan. 4th, 1002.
There's no rest for those tireless
little workers���Cr. King's New _.te
Fills. Millions aro always busy, curing Torpid Liver, Jaundice, Biliousness, Fever, and Ague. They banish
Sick Headache, drive out malaria.
Never gripe or weaken. Small, taste
nice work wonders. Try them. 25c
at Canada Drug and Book Co.
A 8ne line of Imported and Domestic Cigars, Peterson's Patent Pipes,
I.owe and B. U. B. goods���at Thur-
At the request of a large  number of
property   owners   anaj ratepayers
again  offer myself  as  candidate   fo
mayor   of   the   City of Nelson at  th
coming   municipal   election,   and respectfully  ask  all those  who think I
have served the City's interest to vote
for me.      You rs Rcspefully,
I am heartily In favor of civic ownership of public utilities.
Jan. 4th, 1002.
In response to the request of a large
number of property owners and ratepayers I again offer myself as a candidate for alderman in the East Ward of
the City of Nelson, at the coming
municipal election.
Thanking you for your support in
the past, your vote and influence respectfully solicited.
I am heartily in favor of civic ownership of public jtilities.
Nelson, B.C., Jan. 4th, 1002.
Ladies and Gentlemen,���Ab Inde
pendent candidates we Bolicit your
vote and influence in our behalf as
candidates for Aldermen at the approaching election. Wo claim allegi-
anoo to no party or clique in the contest, but il elected, will serve you
faithfully and just on all questions
affecting the welfare of tho city. Wo
are in favor of civic ownership of
public utilities and will advocate tho
control of all franchises which by
right belong otthe municipality.
(Capt.) D. C.M'MORRIS.
Nelson, Jan. 8, 1002.
I hereby announce myself as a   candidate   for   Alderman   for   the   East
Ward at the coming civic election.
R.  W. DREW.
Nelson, B.C., Jan. 7., 1002.
I beg to offer myself as an alderman
for the   east   ward,   and  respectfully
ask your vote and interest.
I am heartily in favor of  the   clivc
ownership of public utilities,
(). N. T. Hill of lirceiinood paused
through the city Inst night en route
to Halifax to join tho third contingent
for service iu South Africa. Mr. Hill
is well known in banking circles in
the province and was at tlie timo of
his departure tor the east accountant
in the Greenwood branch of thc Canadian Hank of Commerce. Lieut. Jack
Leckie wired llill yesterday morning
that there was an opening for bim
and he left on three hours notice. J
At the request of several I have consented to offer myself for election as
Alderman for tbe West Ward ami
respectfully ask all those who think
the interests of the city will be servetl
by my elootion to vote for me.
II am heartily in favor of civio own
ership of publio utilities.
Nelaon, Jan. 4th, 1003.
I beg to offer myself as  an   Alderman   for the West Ward  and respeot-
fully ask your vote and interest.
I am heartily in favor of civic ownership of puhlie utilities.
Dated Jan. 4th, 1002.
I beg   to   offer myself   aB an Alderman for the West Ward   and   respect
fully ask your vote and intorest.
I am heaitily in favor of oivio ownership of publio utilities
Dated Jan, 4tb, 1902.
N. E. T. CO.
BOGUSIOWN-7:00a.  m., 7:40,
etc.. heing odd hour and  40
past   and   even   20   minutes
Last car 10:15 p.m.
STANLEY ST.-(S:45 a. m., 7:20, 8:00,
8:40, fl;20, etc., being even hour
and 40 minutes past, and odd 20
minutes past.    Las*, oar 10:30 p.m.
F. O. GREEN        Y. 8. OLEMENT-j
Civil Engineers and Provincial Land
Cor. Kootenay & Victoria sts. Nelson
P. O. Box 14S Telephone 283
Concentrator For Sale Cheap
The plant now contained in the
buildings it Thunder Hill, Upper
Columbia lake, consisting of one BO
ton concentrator, complete, with
engine, boilers, etc. For further particulars aply to A.S. INNIS, Victoria.
If there is anything you require, astf
(or  it  ln    hi column  cf tbe Miu��r.


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