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Nelson Daily Miner Apr 17, 1902

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 Daily Edition No.  1319
Nelson,   British Columbia, Thursday,  April 17, 1902
Eleventh   Year
Pacified Area In the Phllp-
plnes Being Gradually
Gen. Bell's Beneficent Policy
Produced   Splendid
Manila, April 10.���General Miilvnr
has unconditionally surrendered to
llrigadier General Franklin Bell, at
Lipu, Batangas province, with the
entire insurgent force of the province
of Laguna nnd Batangas. (len. Bell
Siivs thnt his (Hell's) influence is
sufficient to quell the insurrectionary |
movements in Tayahas and Cavite'
provinces and capture all thoso In lhe
Held who have not yet surrendered,
bnt Malvnr hns ordered the complete
Surrender of every insurgent lo the
nearest American force.
(len. Wheaton, reporting to the
division headquarters, says that all
resistance in his department has ended
ana that the surrenders just announced menu that tho ports will bo opened
and that the Filipinos in the interior
camps ean be allowed to return to
their homes in time to plant the
crops. (len. Wheaton is especially
pleased witb Gen. Hell's care of the
natives confined in tlie camps. The
officers in charge are hold personally
responsible for the quality ��nil quantity of tne looj served out and lor the
general welfare ol the occupants of
the camp. After securing the mountain passes (Jon. Hell employed volunteer bolomen for protection against
Ladronism. Numbers of Filipinos
volunteered and expressed satisfaction
at the treatment accorded them and
their fainilites who were in the
camps. Oen. Wheaton gives Gen.
Beh great credit for his Indefatigable
work In conducting the campaign. He
was in the Bold on horseback day
and night personally superintending
the most arduous operations. The
people of Manila nre delighted at the
prospects of a resumption of trade
with the pacified provinces and are
anxious to show 'jenerals Chaffee,
Wheaton and Hell their appreciation
of the fact that the insurreolion is
About 3,000 rifles havo been received
by tho American officers in Batangas
and Laguna provinces during the past
four months. Gen. Malvar personally
requested an interview witn Gen. Bell
in order to make his complete submission. The lack of news from the
island of Samar is due to a defective
cable. It is believed, though, that tho
American commander recoivod the surrender of all tlio insurgents iu Samar
yesterday unless the planned proceedings were altered.
A case ol cholera has occurred on
the transport Hancock which arrived
here on Sunday last. she has been
the north fork of the Kettle river he
said: ,lI am favorably impressed
with tlio coal measure on tho north
fork of the Kettle river, The coal
Ihere has beon analyzed and this demonstrates that it is of tirst class quality and suitable tot coking, The
fields are now being prospected to
determine the quantity. If the lesult
of the explorations is satisfactory the
measures will be opened up. 1 understand that a company i? being formed
in tllis city for this purpose. There is
no doubt in my mind, if the coal
measures are as valuable as they are
thought to be,that a railway line will
be extended from Grand Forks to tap
them. Such a lino would also open up
some valuable mineral areas.
"Business," Mr. Mauley said, "is
good in Grand Forks and the opening
of tlie Kettle Valley lines ih certain to
be of great benelit. Settlers are going
in there rapidly. On the Crow's Nest
boat which arrived in this -ity today
there were 17 farmers, who weie bound
for the Kettle river valley for the purpose of embarking iu gardening there.
A majority of them intend to purchase
111 ol 'HI acre farms and to settle on
them cr the purpose of engaging in
market gardening. There is a splendid market for such produce in Grand
Porks, Phoenix, Greenwood and other
Boundary towns, Although I sold 1,000
acres of iny land recently I still have
l,u00 acres lolt and 1 intend to cut
this up into small users and to sell it
lo incoming settlers. The Kettle river
valley will support u large population, for it is a veritable promised
land." concluded Mr. Manly.
Senate   Eliminates   Drastic
Glauses of New Exclusion Bill.
as a jeweler}aod whose death occurred
in  M-unlit v at the age uf I>7. was
Crusade  Against the   Irish [No   ii<m
League Begun In Some
Gongress Appropriates Sum
for Fixing International
Says There is Revulsion is East in
Favor of B. 0. Mines.
John Manly, chief engineer of the
Kettle Valley lines, is a guest at the
Fliair. He and furs. Manly havo been
on a pleasure trip to the east for the
past month during which they visited
Toronto, Washington ard other leading cities. Mr. Manly in speaking
about tho business siuation in the east
said: "Everything is looking well
there and business is lively everywhere. Money is plentiful and
some of it will be. available for mining. The feeling towards mining is
veering around in direction of British
Columbia and the outlook is that
within a short time rncritoiroua mining propositions need not go a beg-
giing in Toionto aud Montreal. There
will not be tho same opportunity for
wildcittiug tliat there was when
Rossland was in its heydoy, but there
will be a chance for mining enterprises of the right soit. It is my
opinion that the Granby will soon
begin to pay dividends and tbis will
have a beneficial' influence. Besides
this a number of Kootenay mining
companies are distitouting profits
among their fortunate stockholders
and this has aided in bringing about
a revulsion in favor of mining, and I
look [or considerable investing this
full in our properties."
Jn speaking about the coal   areas on '
The Planks  That   Have So   Far Been
Adopted at Kamyloops.
Kamloops, April Iii. ���Following
are the labor planks so far adopted by
the labor convention:
Government ownership of transportation and means of communication.
Compulsory arbitration of labor
Reservation of portions of coal lanclB
by the government absolutely, lhe
insertion of a clause in coal leases
governing coal prices.
Conservation of forest riches to produce perennial revenue and promote
the pulp industry.
Insertion of a clause in all charters
forbidding the employment of
Compulsory selling of all logs by
governmont scalers.
Free transportation to members of
tbe legislature and judges.
Gradual abolition of all taxes upon
producers and their products, shifting
the burden ou land values.
Restriction of Oiiental Immigration
on the lines of the Natal act, wilh a
provision for rienactmer.t in case of
Tho abolition of property qualifications tor public officers.
The establishment and operation of
government smelters and refineries.
Tne right to retor all franchises and
subsidies to the electorate.
Declaration of election day as a
public holiday with four hours reserved to allow all employes to vote.
Farm lands and implements to bo
exempt from taxation and mild lands
to be assessed at the price asked by
No land subsidies to bo granted.
Ten per cent, of public lands to ho
set asido for a revonuo for education,
and that obildren up to 1(1 years be
given books freo und meals and clothing when necessary.
Municipilization and public control
of the liquor trallio.
Washington, April IC���The drastic
Chinese exclusion bill originally
framed by thc senators and representatives from the Pacific coast states
met defeat in the senato today and in
its place was substituted a measure
offered by Mr. Piatt of Connecticut
extending the provisions of the present exclusion law and applying tliat
exclusion to all Insular territory
under the jurisdiction of tho United
States. The vote by which tho substitute took the place of the original bill
was .. yeas to 11 nays. Onco the
substitute had been made all senators
joined in its support with the single
exception of Mr. Boar, the substitute
being passed by a vote of 70 to 1. The
friends of the substitute showed tlieir
strength throughout the voting on
amendments which preceded the final
action and succeeded in preventing
any material change in features.
Some changes of an important nature
were made, admitting Chinese persons
connected with national expositions
and providing for certicHates of identification of Chinese in insular possessions, but otherwise the substitute
was adopted substantially in thc form
that Mr. Piatt presented it. After
disposing of the Chinese exclusion bill
the Senate made the Philippine, government bill, the unfinished business.
The Senate committee on appropriations concluded the consideration for
the sundry Civil Appropriation bill
today. The total appropriation
carried by the bill as it passed the
house is increased $2,000,247, bringing
tbe grand total up to $52,710,043. One
item of increase is: Fixing boundary
line between the United States and
Canada along the mth parallel.
More Drastic Measures Expected  to  Follow
Dublin, April 10.���Three sections of
tlie Climes' Act have been put into
forco in a large number of districts in
Ireland by proclamation, issued tonight by Karl Cadogan, the lord lieutenant of Ireland. These sections
provided for summary jurisdiction in
cases of criminal conspiracy, intinii-
dation and unlawful assembly, for
trial by special jury and for change
of venue at the option of the crown.
The counties scheduled for the enforcement of the forrgoing sections of
the Crimes Act are Cavan, Clare, Cork,
Leitrim, Mayo, Roscommon, Sligo,
Tipptvary and Waterfovd, as well as
the boroughs of Cork, anil Watorford.
These are the distiicls in wbich the
United Irish League has been most
active. The league itself has not yet
been proclaimed but it is believed
that tbis step will be taken shortly.
For  Reduced   Newspaper|BOOrS   Want   Definite   TeMiS
Postage Yet.
Toronto. April It',. ���Fifty-seven
employees of Sanders, Lnrio and Co.,
manufacturing jewelers,   struck today
for recognition of their union. The
linn ordered one of tlieir employees
who is an otlicei ol Ihe union to
resign. He refused and was discharged.
The secretary of tho board of trade
received a letter today from Postmaster General Mulock stating that the
British postal authorities held no
change could be made in postal rates
on newspapers without their consent,
and thai although representations
have been made to them iu favor of a
reduction their consent has not yet
been obtained, the reply being thai
the llritish authorities did not see
their way clear to make the reduct'r n,
Ho Gets Bis V. V. and E. Charter
From the Dominion Government.
Vancouver, Apri' 10 ���Word comes
from Ottawa of a notable viotcry for
the V. V. and E. before the railway
cominittee of the privy council. Mackenzie & Mann on one hand sought a
Dominion charter for which the V. V,
and E. has so persistently asked at
Ottawa in previous sessions, but
failed to obtain it. In former years
the C. P. It. was tho opponent. This
time tbo Keltle Valley lues was
against the proposal and was represented by Mr. Strattcn , of Toronto.
However Mackenzie and Mann had
such a strong lobby out that late on
Tuesday night Stratton and his associates realized that they were beaten
and retired from the fight. Yesterday
the V.V. and E. hill went through
without a dissenting voice The re.
suit is that J. J. Bill by building a
IB mile circular road, will ho able to
tap the Republic camp and retain ores
lor the American smelters.
Capt. Irving Cairns He Was Defrauded in Stock Deal.
Victoria, April 10.���The promoter.-
of the Blakeley treasure searching expedition tj Cocos island have received
word that another expedition left
Glasgow on November 28 last on the
baric Hroughton. The Blakeley
should reach the island Brst.
A parliamentary enquiry was commenced here today into the administration of the oflice of the gold commissioner at Atlin, beld by .1. D.
Graham. It is alleged that Mr. Graham sold the governmental building
for isolation hospital purposes for $760
which could havo been built for $100,
Capt. John Irving, of this oity, has
commenced an action against Col.
Hayos, of Victoria, formerly of Portland, for $25,000, the face value of
10,000 shires in the Nahmint lines on
Alberni canal for which the captain
says hu paid $28,000 on the understanding giveD by Hayes that there
was 70,000 tons of 10 per cent, copper
ore in tbe nine, und that the shares
uid not, as alleged, belong to a Portland man when sold but to Col. Hayes
Himself. The mine has not proved as
valuable as expeoted.
Sad Calamity Sustained Hy a Manitoba Farmer.
Winnipeg, April 10.���A sad tragedy
occurred today at Overmore, about 2n
miles from Emerson. Fred FranUsbv,
a farmer and bis two small cihldren,
a girl aged five and infant son were
severely burned, the children dying of
their injuries iu a few hours. The
family residence took fire in the
absence of tho parents. I'ranksby returned in time to rescue the children,
but the two youngest were fatally
burned and Franksby hlmsulf was
so badly hurt that ho is now in Hie
Speculations as to His Successor and
Other Appointments.
Rome, April 10,���The recent signs
of the increased feebleness of tho Pope
which led to alarming reports of nis
sudden death, tbe end of last week,
have caused a marked recrudescence of
activity among the cardiuals aspiring
to the pontificate. The campaign
preparatory to the next conclave proceeds incessantly. The sacred college
is divided into two distinct forces,
headed by Cardinal Rampolla, the
papal scire'nry of stato, and Cardinal
Vannutteili, respectively. The latter,
and Cardinal Gotti now constitute the
most probable successors to Leo XIII.
Those who are not now considered
dangerous candidates are fond of
pointing out, however, that almost ISO
cardinals have heen buriec during tlie
pontificate of Leo XIII and that the
prolongation oi the life of nis Holiness for a few years, is liable to cool
many more ambitious calculations.
Archbishop Faiconi, the papal delegate in Canada, has been definitely selected to succeed Cardinal Martiuelli,
the papal delegate to the United
States. This appointment will not be
officially announced, however, until
the meeting of the consistory next
October. It was belt that Archbishop
Falconi's experionce in Canada, bis
learning, his cjnimand of the English
language and his diplomatio abilities
especially fitted him for ,he Washington post.
Tratlie in tickets to the ceremonies
at St. Peters and the Sistine chapel,
hold in connection with the Jubilee in
honor of the twenty-fourth anniversary of the pope's coronation, has
assumed such proportions that it bas
developed into a veritable scandal,
Americans and English people aie the
principal victims oi this traffic and
the bartering in tickets,of which from
r,i),000 to 00,000 are often issued for
the oeremonies at St. Peter's, is
carried on at alt the principal hotels
here by gioups ol speculators who ar.>
in league wilh the hotel employee.
Mgr. Bisleti id indignant at this scandal und has spread broadcast a notice
that all tickets to the pontifical ceremonies are given absolutely gratuitously and everyone trying to sell such
tickets must be regarded as a dishonest peison.
as to Representative
Any   Hour  Alay   Bring  An-
noucement of a Settlement.
Three   Hundred  Thousand   Men    on
Strike But Fairly Orderly.
Brussels, April 10.���This evening
it was announced that l,r,00 ���nen were
out on strike in the district of Mons.
Chai leroi and Liege alone. Manv
men have stopped work in other sections of the country. A dynamite
cartridge was exploded during the day
on the railway track near Arlo. The
explosion badly damage the railway
bridge but tratlic was not interrupted,
Serious disorders have occurred at
Cockerill,in tlie coal fields at Seraing.
A detachment of Lancers was compelled repeatedly to charge a mob
numbering about 2,000 persons engaged in throwing stones at tbe
troops. Many people wero injured.
Tbe oafes in which tlie rioters took
refuge was sacked.
It is estimated tonight that nearly
:i(i0.noO men bave gone on strike. The
movement is well organized, but as
the men are short of funds, it has
been arranged that in all trades in
which tho cessation of operations
would incommedo the public such as
bakers and such trades, the men shall
continue working and contribute to
the support of others. At Vcrivers.
nenr Liege, the Socialists have persuaded the taverns to close their doors
in order to keep the idle men from
the temptation of liquor.
Amsterdam.Apiil 10.���The Ncicuwn
Vundendng says Queen Wilhelmina is
suffering from peritonitis.
Victoria, April 10.���Tbo steamer
Moana of the Canadan-Australlan
line, which arrived this morning from
Sydney, New Zealand, Fiji and Honolulu, brought upwards of 200 passengers, many of them distinguished
Australians on their way to London
to attend the coronation ceremonies.
The other liners of the line will be
crowded with passengers bound also
to London. The stealers booked to
San Francisco are also carrying manv
Tne surgeon of tlie Monna reports
that in Sydney there were is deaths
from bubonic plague during the two
weeks prior to March 35.
London, April 10.-The Associated
Press bas excellent authority iu saying that np to a late hour tonight
there have been no definite developments in the meeting of the Boor-
British negotiations, The Associated
Press learns lhat Lord Milner, the
British high commissioner, in South
Africa,has defined certain propositions
upon which peace may he scoured
almost immediately but tho cabinet is
said to havo disagreed upon the merits
of Lord -Milner s terms at its meeting
"Sparring for lime" best describes
thu present status of the negotiations,
neither sido being willing to risk a
decision which would tireak off the
present conference. An agreement
may be reached at any moment, but
this is moie likely lo be the result of
semi-Independent action by Lord Milner and Lord Kitchener at Pretoria,
than the lather involved condition of
the cabinet at London,
The broad lines uf Great Britain's
terms are now known to the government representatives at Pretoria, and
upon these representatives the cabinet
lpparently .shifting the rosponsiiblity
of taking advantage to nil opportunities, piovidcd no cardinal principles
be sacrificed, The govormeot has ordered that the cahle and lhe government lines between London and Pretoria be k*pt clear to ensure rho most
prompt transmission of Lord Kitchener's messages. There ls good reason to believe that the Iloers are
vigorously demanding a representative
government and that this demand is
opposed witli equal vigor hy the British representatives.
It is understood that the Boers
strongly object to the long delay proposed by (.'rent Briliiu hefore a representative government be granted the
former republics and that they also
insist that the number of Boer Scots
in tho council bo specified. lt is understood that the cabinet will reas-
semble tomorrow to dircuss the matter further.
St. Joseph, April Hi. ���VV. J.   Bryan
and a party of pro-Boer   sympathizers
will   inspect   tlie   alleged British remount   station   ut   I.athrop,   Mo., to
morrow,   according   to a despatch re
eeived by one of Mr.   Byran's   friends
bore tonight.     Mr. Bryan   will   visit
the   camp   at   the  solicitation of  his
friends   in   congress who, it   is  said,
will follow his advise iu the matter "f
urging Congressional action.
Steps Taken to Erect a Cairn Over-
loosing the Cape Peninsula.
Capetown, April 10.--A meeting of
citizens to establish a national memorial in honor of the late Cecil Rhodes
was held here today. A comrnitti o
composed of Sir Gordon Sprigg the
premier, die mayors of the various
towns of Cape Colony, and a number
of other prominent persons were
appointed. The committee will issue
an appeal for funds throughout the
British empire for the purpose of
erecting an immense cairn on Devil's
peak,overlooking the Cape pen insula.
Tiie cairn is to lie surmounted by an
heroic bronze figure of Cecil Rhodes
looking to the north.
London, April 17.���In a despatch to
tlie war oflice dated today at Pretoria.
Lord Kitchener reports the capt urn of
Kit) Iloers in the Klerksdrup district
since April 11.
Toronto   Street    Railway     Held   tbe
Boards in Montreal.
Montreal,   April Hi.���Toronto   rails
were   tho   chief   feature of the    stock
exchange this morning,   opening 1 1-4
up to 110; advanced to 121   and closed
at   120   on   the snle id   1,000   shares.
Steel nnd coal both opened steady   but
recoiled   one or two points eacb,    The
market opened as 14.", forCoal and OS or
Steel but  dropped to 148   1-4 for  Coal
nnd 10" :t-4 for Steo'.     0. P. R,    was
fairly active nnd firm.
I     All   that   was   mortal   of    Richard
JHourke, for 72 years iu   business   here
ASTOR GIVES ��80,000.
London,April 10���W. W. Astor has
given ��20,000 to endow   those  professorships in the  university   college   of
London,   whioh   nre   today     without
London, April  15.���Leadill, I.'s, i',.|.
New York, April 10.���Close���Bai
Silver S3 l-8o; Mexican dollars 43c.
Copper oasy.    Lead quiet.
Conditions Said to Support Charges
of Gov. Heard.
New Orleans, April 10.���Today Col.
Crowder, the United Statts officer
asslgbned by the government to investigate+he reported maintenance of
an alleged British supply camp at
Port Chalmette, examined into the
charges declaring that munitions ot
war wore being shipped from Chai-
molt'- to South Africa. All lhe recent
evidence is understood to have been
largely in support of tiiu charges
madt fay Governor Heard and some
portions aro suid to have gone far
beyond any allegations submitted
Secretary Hay by the governor.
Port Arthur. April 10. ���Andrew
Carnegie has offered $I0.0iiii for the
erection oi a library building here.
Ottawa, April 10. ���Dr. Hugh Fleming, son of Sir Sanford Fleming and
Miss Ethel, daughter of J. J. normally, K. Ci were marrid todny. The
ceremony was held in the church oi
Sl Albans, the most fashionable one
in thc eity. Nklson  Daily Miner,  Thursday,  April 17,  1902
Tlie Nelson Miner
I'M'li bed   Every  Morning  Kxcopfc  Monda'
Dally por lucnth, by carrier ���    05c
Dully, por month, liy mall     50c
Dally, por year, hy carrier.. .........1 7 00
Dnily, por ye<vr, by ruall    6 00
Dally,poryuM forolirn    9 00
Weekly,por half yoar  $1 26
Weekly, por yoar    2 00
'Vookly, por yea,', tjrclgn    8 00
vulworliii.uui, Invariably ln advanoe.
Display Ailvortlscniciits. ?l per inch por
month; Display AdvortUoiiienU, it oents per
inch saoh Insertion ic-^ than month] Locals, in
cents per line ouch iiwrl ion; I 'la-sillcil Ailver-
lisolnonl-. 1 cent pin- wool each Insertion;
Wholesalo Cards, %". _ per month) .Sociuty
Oarai ISifiO pot mouth,
145 float Hlrout, K. C.
(Jontral  I'roHS ARonny, Ltd., Bpoolal Agonta
Alexander & Co.. Ml First Avonne, Spokano"
Wa> to, keop thin paper on lllo, and arc our
authorized agents for advortlsoinonta and sub-
The abovo Reward will be paid to
anyone Riving evidence, that will con
vlct persons ol stealing The Miner from
our subscriber's doors.
The announce nent of Sir Michael
Hicks-Beach, ehancollor of the exchequer, that an Import duty of :ul per
hundred weignt on gram and of 5d per
hundred weight on Hour is to be imposed comes like a bolt from tho blue
to the peoplo oi tho empire. It bad
been rumored that Croat llritain was
about to depnrt from tho avowed free
trado policy but it wns not thought it
would tako this exact form. The
government had taxed incomes beuvi-
ly and tho graduated succession tax is
so severe that in some instances it
has been evaded by gifts and dona
tloos made before death. The tax on
grain and breadstuff* is claimed to
be necessary owing to the beivy expenditure caused by tlio South African
war. Tbo cost of this war for the two
years an a half, that It has already
lasted, reaches tho enormous sum of
��105,034,000 nnd the import duty on
grains whioh is about to be levied
seems to lie the only available method
of raising tho necessary funds.
It is a radical departure from tho
so-called free trade policy of (Iroat
Britain and also from the oiten
declared principle to keep tho tax off
the poormnn's table, and to confine it
to luxuries for the rich. Tho Cobdon
elub and other exponents of free trade
principles will doubtless strenuously
oppose the passage of the measure,
but that it will prevail is a foregone
conclusion, as the government has a
good sized majority . which stands
ready to carry out its will in almost
any direction.
It was in 1840 (80 years since) tbat
the duty on cereals was abrogated
and since then (ireat Britain lias practically been a freo trade country. Tlie
oonditions whicb brought about the
abolishment of tho import duty of
cereals were that bread was hign, the
hands employed in manufactories
were uot then organized into unions,
while the employers were organized,
and wages wero low The result of
high priced bread and low wages became so intolerable that it caused a
revolt of tbo manufacturing population and this loci to rioting in Man-
chster and elsewhere in England
The result of the agitation was that
the ministry of Sir Robert Peel caused
the corn laws, as thev were called, to
be repealed. They had been lu effect
witb occasional modiOcations sinct
tbo early part of the Fifteenth Century. The effect of the repeal of these
laws was hurtful to tbo agricultural
interests of tho British Isles, but It
stimulated manufacturing and commerce to a wonderful extent and the
little over half a century that hns
elapsed since the abolishment of thi
corn duties has been the most pros
peroos period that Great Britain has
As the duty which it is purposed to
impose is small and ns tho condition
of thoso engaged in the manufacturing
industries much better than previous
to 1846, when tlio import duty on
grain was abolished, the hardships
entailed under the proposed law will
not be severely felt. It is the entering
wedge of protect ion, however, and may
result in the adoption of further import duties which will change entirely
the tariff policy. Freo traders will
therefore strenuously Oppose the measure and will doubtl-.ss make a strong
effort to have   the   duty   removed,   as
soon as the financial condition of tho
government is bettered.
The situation should he taken advantage of by tne Colonies to secure
the preferential advantages wbich
they have so'long been socking from
Great Britain. For instance, the
corcnls of Canada might, bo admitted
duty free, while like products from
other countries could ne subjected to
the Import duty. This is nn opportunity lor Great Britain to give practical   encouragement  to the  imperial
spirit and to benefit the colonies in a
large way. The question is, will the
Mother Country embrace the
Migrations occur at irregular intervals and one of considerable magnitude is in progress and tho movement
is from the Western stHtf-s of the
United States into Manitoba and the
Northwest ,'1'erritioiics. lt is a result
of tho enormous wheat crop of Western Canada and the excellence ol the
wheat raised there. The farmers of
Dakota, Nebraska and other western
states iind thut they can sell the land
they aie cultivatiug for un avcrugo ol
i"'0 per acres and that they can get
just as good land in Canada on wnich
they can raise better wheat for $5 per
asrc, and many of then arc selling
out and purchasing farms in Canada.
The number ot settlers which will
come in this year will probably be
larger than in any previous year. The
Dominion Immigration commissioner
places the number conservatively at
3(1,000, which would be double the
number that camo iu last year. The
deputy minister of agriculture for the
Northwest tenitorios is quoted as saying that fully 200,000 Americans
would arrive, in tbat portion ol the
west alone. The latter is, wo believe,
an overestimate. Put the figures at
40,000 and it will probably be within
the mark. The new settlers are of a
desirable class, are frugal and industrious and the large majority aro well
suppliea with tunds. Thoy will open
up a vast area of valuable farming
lands with their capital and labor
and as largo as was the wheat crop ot
Manitoba and the Northwest last year
it will bo but a year or a few years
before it will be doubled.
The revenue of tht Dominion continues to grow under tho beniflcont
Liberal rule. For the nine months
ending March ill tbe revenue was $3, -
433,s(il moro than for the same period
in the preceding fiscal year. The excess of revenue over ordinary expenditure was $10,437,000.
Smith Curtis has withdrawn from
the inquiry before the commission
appointed to investigate as to whether
his charges against the premier in relation to the proposed railway deal
are true. If the account telegraphed
from the coast in relation to tho proceedings of Wednesday are true it is
no wonder that Mr. Curtis withdrew.
Again work has been stopped on the
V.V.and E. railway. Any other mnn
than James J. Hill, piesident of the
Great Northern, would be discouraged
by the efforts put forth by rivals to
delay tlie extension of his line. Bu is
a man, howerver, who is not easily
stopped onco he undertakes to do
anything. Besides a brand new charter has been obtained from the Dominion government.
The Byron N.White Co., of Sandon,
purposes utilizing the waters of one of
the large creeks of the Sioean for the
generating of electric power. This is
to be used for lighting the several
cities of tho Slooan and for power for
the mines. Electric drills can be used
to advantage in the Slocan and when
plenty of electric power is available it
will mean that mining can be carried
on cueaper than under present
In London tbe gilded youth are
eschewing the cigarette and taking
to snuff. The fahionablo youth now
carries a snuft box, whioh are much
smaller than those in use in bis
grandfather's days. It is hoped that
the habit will extend, for as bad as
snuff taking is it is infinitely better
than tho health destroying habit of
cigarette smoking. Tho snuff box
will bo welcomed if tho cigarette
package will go, as snuff is the lesser
of tho two evils.
Colorado has settled tbe mining
taxation question on what seems to be
an equitable basis. Mines aro seper-
ated into two classos producers and
non-producers. Thc former is a mine
with a gross yearly production ol
$5,000 and over, and is assessed on its
proceeds, after deducting the cost of
miuing, transportation and treatment.
No producing mines are not assessed.
A similar law should bo put into
effect in this proviried.
..   IMPORTANT   ..
Not a clearing  of broken  lines but  a big,   broad,   comprehensive movement of
That handsome lline Copeland China set  in   the centre of
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In dainty shapes, some in dark blue and  green   tints   with
broad  tracings  of gold,   others  in  pretty  floral   designs
From $4.50, $6.25 were $5.75, $9.50.
Bohemian Glassware in many rich designs $1.75 were $2.50.
Several other kinds $1,60 were $2.50.
A very handsome set of Doulton Ware in green and   gold,
12 pieces only $17 was $23.    Others at $2 25, 400,   5.75,
8.00 were 3.25, 5.50, 8.25, 11.00.
1 Fred Irvine 8 Co. j
|   To the Busy Housekeeper |
What about those new   Bedroom Cnrpets?   What nhont replacing {
those old window Shades P   What about those new Curtains ?   What i
nbout all these little wants of this season of the year '. '
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Our Fancy Work department is most oomplete. "
We Will Charge You "toderately, Serve You Courteously {
and Suit You Perfectly. {
dcg. Fahr. and explodes when eon-
fined at 3150 deg. Fahr., says an exchange. When dynamite is Ignited
in the open air and unconflncd it
burns slowly and without exploding.
The dynamite, however, must bo well
made and Kept. Quneotton burns
quickly and without exploding when
ignited in the open air. A common
lecture experiment is to place a piese
of loose guncottou on the ope" hand
and sprinkle a few grains of black
powder through the guncottou. When
the guncotton is ignited it burns so
rapidly that it does not lire the gunpowder, and leaves the scattered grains
in one's unburnud hand. This is not
an experiment for an unskilled experimenter to attempt to perform.
Tho Armstrong Hotel,at (Ireenwood,
Ii. C, has just been entirely reno
vated. The best equipped, best man
aged hotel in the Uoundary. I. P
Armstrong, Crop.
Office supplies���Morley and Laing.
The failure of Warde, the Saakes-
pcrian actor, to visit Nelson is consid-
nble of a disappointment to our
theatre-goers. That Mr. Warde intended to play in Nelson there can be
doubt, as he went to considerable
expense in sending an agent to this
city and in bringing his advertising
paper. The illness of three of his
leading people,however, prevented hia
visiting us. Manager Annablo is not
to be blamed for the failure of the
company to appear, on the ^contrary,
ne did everything in his power to induce it to come, even offering to incroase the large guarantee wbich he
Nitroglycerine   freezes  al about 42
Kootenay Coffee Co.
Roasters of Choice Coffees-
Quantities   to   suit   at   wholesale
Our Java and Mocha at 40c, and Our
Choice Blend at 25c.
is the best value for the money.
We guarantee satisfaction if you
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Pure Choice Teas
All varieties and grade.
West Baker St. Tel 177. P O. Box 182.
Will pay the highest cash prioe for all
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needle. Furniture, stoves, oaiperts,
cooking utensils, bonght in household
quantities. Abo oast off clothing.
Oall and see me or write. Address
Silver King Mike, Box 200. Hal)
Street, Nelson. B. 0.
General teaming. A specialty of moving Furniture aud Pianos. No 1 Dry
Wood, nil lengths. Orders left nt the
Wesetrn Canadian Employment Agenoy
receive prompt, and careful attention.
and try a bottle, a down, or a barrel of
CALGARY BEER as it la the best and
clicannst on tho market. Also try our
WINES,    LIQUORS     and    CIGARS.
Telephone 9a Baker SU Nelson
Finest and Best Bar In th�� oity.
The best Brands ot Liquors
and Cigars.
$1.00 AND S1.50 PER DAY
Delivered to any poini
on Kootenay Lake.
i have a complete stock on hand o!
Rough and Dressed
Mouldings, SashDoor8>
Inside Finish.
Coast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber-
Mill at PILOT BAY. Yards, NELSON
and LARDO.
Lawrence Hardware Go.
The Fishing aeason is now open and we invite onr friends and
inspect our large and complete stock of
patrons to
Bods, Reels, Ousts, Flies, Fly Books, Lines, Fishing Baskets,Trolling Spoons
Guns and Ammunition
^belRosaLIBank of Ganaba
CnplUll. Auiliwrlsrit,
Incorporated 1869.
ftj.ooo.ooo.o�� I Capital Pald-np,     ,   .    ,     ffcMMlMl
�������������� iMM,M0,0|
Board of Dlrtcton      I'tinnm^ K Konny,   Prorildenb;   Thomas Klbohle.   Vlri�� r.,  ,,    ,
WUe�� Binltb, H. G. Bauld, Hon. David MaoKeon. WW-WW)
���lead Oilier, Halifax t
Uonoral Managor, IMson L>, PuaHe. Montreal,
BupuriuUmdunl of Braiiohen,   W. li. Torranoe, Montreal
Itrani'liea t
Nova Scotia���Halifax Branoh, Antlfronl--l '
Bridge water, Carsquet, Ghuraboro*   Ixm
donaorry, lainonburu. Maitland, (HatilH
Co.), rif.tim, Port Hnwkoribury, Sydney.
Hhubenucadic, Truio, Weymouth.
New llrtinHvrlcli ��� Bathurnt. IMUhoiiriic
OOTObestOI Fredorifioii, Monnton, New
chhUo, Itcxton (Kent Co.), tiaokville. Ht,
P. B. ImIuimI- <'lmrloi.tot.mvn, Huituimr^-ldn
Uur^c-Montroal,   <Ctiy  .otttco),    Montr*
Went Baa (Cor. Notro   Dame and Baltf.
neu**n atroeU-l: WtMtroounti (Cor. Urouiiu
Avonuo and at. Catharlnoe Htrooti
Si.y roiiiitllaiHl    SI. John'rl.
lului, Mint Imllfx    llttviihiL.
I"iiii��*��I AUtfl�����New York (10 Wrchfttiko Plane
Kopublic, Wanh.
Grand   Furfcs, Nanaimo,   Nelson,   Rossland,   Vanconver
Vanconver East End, Victoria.
VorrrapoiidentN t
t-anada���Merchants Bank of Canada.   Bottom -Nationa   Shawmut Bank.   Chicago-Illinnii-
Trui-ib and Savings Bank.   Han PrancUeo���Nevada National Bank.   London, EiiK.-Hank of
Scotland.   FartN, France -Crodit Lyouimls.   Bermuda��� Bank of Bermuda.   China mid Ja
pan���HOng Kong and Hhanghal'BaukiiiK Corporation,    Hpokane��� Old National Hunk,
General Panklog Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange  &augh
and Sold, Letters of  Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the most favorable terms.   Interest allowed on ipecln
deposite and on Saving Bank accounts,
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
r-*~ ���-a
�� Be Sure and Get the Genuine. __
| Lawrence Hardware Company |
B Sole Agents, Nelson, B. C. 2
Manufacturers of BEST STEEL WIRE HOPE.
Tramway, Hoisting, Mining Wire Rope.
Lang's Lay for Tramways and Underground Haulage
Local Stock carried, estimates furnished,
H. E- CROASDAILE Agent Nelson-
OAfiS.-MEALS a la 0AKTE.
obtained in all oouDtrieij
Registered Patent Attorney, Mechanical Engineer and Draughtsman. Bank of B. N. A. building,
Hastings St., Vancouver, B C.
Write for full oarticulars.
Dominion and
Land Surveyor.
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer and Porter,
V��l��on B. O,
Close connection East and Westbound at Spokane with trains of the
Sp ikane Falls and Northern Railway,
D rect connection at St. Paul without change of depot with all trains for
Chicago, Toronto. Montreal, New York
and all points   East and Smith.
Leaves Spokane daily for East at 9:40 ��, ni
Leaves Spokane daily tor West at 7:20 a.m
Leaves Spokane daily tor Weat at 8-00 p.m.
West-bound trains make direct connection for Victoria and Vancouver,
Portland, San Francisco, and all points
on the Sound,
During the season of navigation East
bound trains connect at Duluth with
the magnificent steamships North-Wesl
and North-Land of theNorthern Steamship Oompany Line, operated in connection with the Great Northern Bail-
For further information, aps, fold
ers, etc., apply to any agent of Spokane
Falls A. Northern Ry., Kaslo Sc Slocar
Ry., Kootei ai Railway Sc Navigation
Co., or to
City Pass, and Tkt. Agt, W 701 W,
Riverside Ave,, Spokane, Wash.
G. K, TAOKABURY. Local Agent,
Nplson.B C
Spokane Falls Sl
Northern R'v.
Welson  Sl Fort
Sheppard R'v.
Red Mountain R'v.
Between Nelson and Spokane
Nelson to Seattle
Nelson to  Vancouver
Nelson to Victoria
2i hours
26 hours
afi hours
 Hpoaane 7:16 p.B>i
12:25 p.m Rossland 4:30 |un
10:30 a.m Mountain B-69 p. �����
9:40 a. ni Nelson 6 45 p. ru.
H. A. JACKSON, G. P. & T.A.
Spokane, Wftun
Agent, Nelson. B.
9:20 a.m..
Civil Engineers and Provincial Land
Gor. Kootenay a Victoria Sts. Nelson
P. O. Box Ut Telephone 2B1
To SILAS H. OKOSS, or to any person or persons to whom he may aave
transferred his interest in the Haw
Joy Mineral Claim, situate on Morning Mountain, about 1 1-2 miles wW-
erly from the Silver Kiug Mine, in
the Nelsou Mining Division ot Went
Kootenay District, B. C. .
YOU or any of you are hereby Mm
fled that I have expended one huncirea
and two dollars nnd fifty cents in labor and improvements upon tbe aoo��
minerul claim, under the provision ��� ���
the Mineral Aet, nnd if wlthitiiW
dayB from the date of this notice you
fail or refuse to contribute you' r
portion of such expenditure wgei-}���
with oil costs of advertising, yonr "
terest in snid claim will become
property of the subscriber undei
tiou4of on Act entitled An
Amend the Minernl Aet1000, ,
Dated this Utb dav^Mnrch.,in-
Act  l��
For   artistic   jib
roders with Ihe Miner
work place yon-
Union Lsoei. Nelson   Daily Miner, Thursjay, April 17, 1902
All   Parts   of   East Kootenay   Shows
SignB of Progress.
R. L. I. Oalbiaith, Indian agent
for tho Kootenays, arrived in the city
yesterday on his annual trip of inspection. Ho at present is on his way
to visit tbo Indians along Arrow lake
The Kootenay Indians aro considered
somo of the best Indians in Canada
snd are progressing rapidly and becoming more self supporting evciy
vent. The health conditions among
them are very good, there not being
nny cases of srriallpox or other infectious disease. Mr. llnlbralth states
Hint tlieir farm- were well kept nnd
they took great interest in them.
lo East Kootenny ut present business is dull except near the coal miuing centers aud along the hue of tbe
Crow's Nest Southern, Portal is omul (he latest towns to come into existence in East Kootenay. It is situated
close to the international bouudury,
where the Kootenay river Hows into
the state of Idaho, it, was formerly
known as Linklighter's Hudson's liny
post and Is in tho midst of a rich
fanning and stock raising country,
A considerable number of settlers
havtu'oino into the eountry there during the last year and tho prospects
for the ensuing season are good. A
customs house is stationed there
North of Portal the. next town on Iho
new railway is Elk Mouth, where the
line crossed the Elk river. The track
is now laid to that point and as soon
ns tho bridge is finished, which is expected to be about May 1, traeklayicg
on the other side of thc river will be
proceeded with. The next station is
at Crow's Nest landing ou the Kootenay, a few miles from Elko, which is
a point of call for tbe steamer. The
grading on the road (rom Elk Mouth
to Elko is nearly completed and work
is being pushed vigorously, operations
being carried on both day and uight
by tne army of mon employed by tbo
contractors. At Elko times are very-
good at preseot, the business men
doing a good trade. At Morrissey considerable building is in progiess but
be ownilto is not yet ou the market.
Fernie is also busy, and Michel is a
lively town, a large amount of coal
being taken out
At Marysville work is progressing
steadily on the smelter and tbe prospects of both Kimberley and the flrst
mentioned town are bright. At the
hitler about r>0 mon aro employed on
development work nt the North Star
mine and thu ropoits are most encouraging. On the Sullivan, it is the
intention ol the management to put
a large toree to work us soon as the
smelter is completed to supply it
with ore. Fort Steele is quiet cut the
mines, especially on Tracey creek aro
showing up well. On Wild Horse
creek tnere will be considerable placer
mining done this summer, the results
of the last season's operations having
been the best obtained tor some yenrs
ir that diet.ret." On Perry creek a
groat deal of work has been done during the winter, particularly on the
deeper properties. A company of
Wisconsin capitalsts have purchased a
number of placer leases and aro putting in a hydraulic plant on this creek
to work not only the bed of thc oreek
but also the bench placer lands. Cranbrook is progressing favorably and at
Wardner a sawmill is to be put
in whieh will probably help the town
considerably. Captain Armstrong, of
the steamer North Star, had just passed through before Mr. Galbraith left
Fort Steele, on his way to Tobacco
I'laius, and it is his intention to rnn
the North Star between the bounaury
aud Fort Steele during high water. A
good deal of prospecting will be dono
through the entire section this season
and altogether Mr. Galbraith thought
that as soon as the silver-lead question was so'tied South East Kootenay would be the best section of
BritiBh Columbia. One of the first
white men to reach East Kootenay, he
is as enthusiastio as ever as to its
wonderful resources, and knowing it
thoroughly has good reason to speak
as he does.
Tnko Liixmivo Brouio Qulnlno TaMoU. A
druggists refund tho money If 11 fails to euro
K. w. Urovo's signature Is on each box.  25c.
carried through. He understood thai
the price of Mock hnd fallen Lot with
a stock in which there is so little
dealing as there is iu Hall Mining
company shares, this is not remarkable and has not any connection with
the condition ol the mine.
The question of erecting th; boarding house would not be taken up until
the snow has disappeared as far up
the moiiiit'ini as the mine. The temporary quarters erected after the burning of thu boarding house have been
male to do well.
Strawberry plants ol best varieties.
Also asparagus nun rhubarb rents.
Riverside Nurseries, Grand Forks.
Coal   Output   Will   Be Large on Completion ol Crow's Nest Southern.
A. Dick, inspector of mines for Eust
Kootenay, is in the Oity on bis way
home Irom Victoria, where be has
been on business. He states that the
coal mining industry of the Crow's
Nest Pass Is making rapid progress.
At Michel the compnny is timing out
000 tons of coal a day, and is putting
up 212 coko ovoiis. A large number
of the miners from Nanaimo and
other Vancouver Island mines have
come ovei recently to worn for the
company at Michel and the town is
building up rapidly.     While a tunnel
ns boing run from the lino, of U12
tipple near the creek to connect with
No 4 tunnel, a magnificent vein of
ooal 10 feet thick waa discovered, ol
the harden and best lump eoal that
has yet been discovered io this part of
of America. This ooal is an ideal
domestic coal. This new tunnel is to
be ^00 feet in length when com
pleted, und all the coal from No. 1
tonnel will bo brought out through it.
It is expected that it will be completed next month.
At Coal creek quite a litte town has
sprung up near the mines which are
increasing in chipping facilities at tho
time. Of the six veins that bave been
uncovered lor working, into which
eight tunnels have been run, Nos. 1
ind 2 are IH feel thick. The mines
are turning out 2,000 tons a day from
these veins. Fernie is very lively aud
n good deal oi building is going ou.
At Morrissey the coal -ompany has
erected buildings snilieient to accomodate about 200 workmen. Considerable
development work has heen done in
opening up the veins and an immense
lot of coal is ready for shipping and
is only awaiting tho completion of the
Crow's Nest Southern, to be shipper).
Quite a town has been built up there,
wailing for occupancy (or tho arrival
of the railway,   when a large force of
en will be put to work. The town-
site has not yet been put on the market, by Mr. Dick said he thought that
it would be a good town very quickly. Besides the drifting on the veins
that has beon done, ventilating apparatus bas boen put in and all made
ready so that when the railway
reaches the mine, providing an outlet
for the product, shipping can be commence Iramelately,
All kinds  uf express work, coal and
ood.-West Transfer Co.    Telephone
Fire alarm cards have been issued
giving tha location of the fire alarm
boxes, or where they will be located.
The alarm is to be sent in by telephone, but the regular places being
settled will serve to provide an easy
guide for the firemen by the ringng of
the bell as well as to citizens generally.    They are located as follows:
2. Fire Station, Victoria streot.
B. Corner Ward and Baker streets.
���1. Nelson Sawmill.
fi. Vernon and Hall streets.
li. Kootenay Lake General Hospital.
15. C.P.R  station.
21. Coriur    Stanley     and     Victoria,
Phair hotel.
23   Stanley and Latimei streets.
2-1. Stanley nnd Houston streets.
31. No.   2   Fire    Hall,     Observatory
41. llendryx and Mill street.
Capt. Gifford Speaks of Hall Mine
Rumors and His Resignation.
In the mining department of the
Colonist of last Sunday appears an
item to the effect Hint a private cable
from London announces tbat the price
of Hall Mines shares has fallen, and
tbat Capt. Gifford, the superintendent
had resigned. From this a series of
surmises is made and the shareholders
commiserated witn.
Capt. Gilford, who was in the city
yesterday, states that there is not tho
least truth in the statement that he
has resigned and as to the remainder
of the item they are mere inferences
and nothing moro. Development work
is being continued and ore is being
daily shipped to the smelter. Just
what part of thc mino the ore was
coming from he did not care to say.
The geneial plan of work outlined at
the   last   general nreeting was  being
AdvortlHomeiiU-iDHortod nnder thlrt head at
Lhe rule of one oent a word per Insertion, No
advert!nementi takon for lent* than 26 cont*-.
situation Waniod ailvortlrtomonta inserted
threo Union freo of charge.
FOU SALE-A number of blocks of
{.Similkameen Valley Conl Co. stock,
aggregating 100,000 shares at   :.'3e   peri-
share.      Brydges,    Blakemore   andl*WKhaoN boda
j jLl     N. M. Ol
Cameron,  Ltd.
FOB SALE Cheap���fOO cash,    IfKOO in
foui years, $20(1   per   year,   interest
at 8 per cent,n ill buy li-roorn cottage,
with all   conveniences on Carbonate
street     between    Hall   nnd    llendryx
Streets.    Address II. .1. M��� Box 108.
i jl^ n. m. CuininiiiH, Irtmno ffinrfj knowt.
'vurlotyuf soft drinks.   1' 0 Hox 88.  'luluphon
No. 31. Hoover ril ri-rl, Nel on.    II,,; I lor,, of til
f noon., m, Leon Hoi SuriiiKH Mineral Water
FLAT    I-'OR     RESlT-Over    Lester's
grocei.v store. Water street.     Bright
pleasant rooms. Oomplete bathroom.
Hot water connections, gas innge, etc.
Apply 8, _. Lester.
10 RENT.���Furnished    house    near
liaker street.      Every   convenience.
P, O.  Hox 022.
FURNISHED ROOMS.-Largo furnished rooms with home comforts,
suitable for two gentleman or man
nnd wife. Reasonable terms. Apply
room 1, McDonald block, ccr. Josephine und Vernon Streets,
A MACDONALD Sc Uo,-i:ornor Kron
��� uud llull SSlruulK���Wholesale Kroner
uud jobbers In blankets, kIovok, inltts, boots
rubbers, umckinuw* und miners' .miiilriiiH.
PliUltNU Sc Co.-Bukor Street,
���   Wholesale dealers ln fresh a
niualh.   Cold SluruKe.
Buker Btreet, Nelson��� Wholesale dea.
ers in fresh and cured meats.
FOU    RENT    CHEAP���Twenty-three
bedrooms   arid   newly fitted dining
room in good hotel centrally   located.
Apply X. Y. '_.,  Miner oflice.
FOR SALE���Two good lots with six
roomed house, bath, hot and cold
water, wired ior electric light. $">0u
cash, balance easy terms. Apply U.
and M. Hint.
TO LET���After   May 1st the   Central
hotol,   Front street.    Apply Samuel
MHIington, Kaslo.
FOR SALE.���Eggs for hatching,Black
Minoron,     Hrown      Leghorn,    and
Plymouth Rocks.      V. O. Hox (103,   or
Miss Edwards, Fairview.
STORE   TO   LET���Second door from
corner Josephine on Baker. Enquire
ut Vanstone's Drug store.
TWO Oentlemen can   get  comfortable
room, breakfast nnd   dinner for  83.1
per   mouth,   within   two   blocks    of
hospital.    Apply \, H., Miner olllee.
FOR SAi.E���The Nelson Cafe, the
finest restauiant in the Kootenays,
best location,' 25 nicely furnished
rooms in connection. The best business proposition in the district today,
for full particulars write Nelson Cale,
Box 225, Nelson H.C.
FURNISHED rooms with   or without
board.     Apply    on   Silioa   street,
socond door west of Ward,
Appiy   to  Mrs F. 3. Squires, Room
40, IC. W. 0. block.
3. H. LOVE,
Nelson Employment Agency,
P. O. Box 405. Phone 278.
WANTED ���   Steamboat      Engineer.
Girls for housework. Railroad men.
WANTED���Tetchcr for   Ileavermouth
school,     duties   to   begin   May   1.
Apply to J. A. Morrison, secretary.
MEN A IND Women wanted to work at
home.    Oood wages   Write Glasgow
Woollen   Company,    Department    C.
HELP of all kinds wanted and
furnished. Western Canadian Employment Agency. Large warehouse
for storage; call at Prosser's Second
Hand store, Ward steet.
Btreet, Nelsou ��� Wholesale dBulurs ir
hardware, miners' supplies, snorltiiK koo,1���
M'LACHLAN UHOS. Haker Stroot Nelson,
.  H. 0������Dealers in genera! h&rhware,
mining supplies, k'uss, punts, Portland Cement, lire day and Bcotch lire brick. Agents
for Wilklnsand Co,'B celebruted steel wire rope
NKLSON  HAltovv AHK CO.- Wholesale
paints, nils and i<1i,ss; inoclmnlcs   tools
-fishing Tickle and Bvotting (iuods a specialty
rpURNKK, BEETON Sc Co.-Cornor Vornoi
X and Josephine Streets, Nolson���Whole
Halo dealers In liquors, cigars, and dry goods
Agonts for Pabst Brewing Co. ot Milwuukoi
and Calgary Brewing Co of Calgary.
UDSON'S HAY Co.-Wholonalo grocerio
and liquora eto*, llakor rftrout, Noteon.
O/Hco corner HaU und Kront Btroeta
Nelson���Lumber, ceiling, flooring, and evory
thing in wood for building purporios. Get oui
prlceH.   Correspondence Hollcited. .   -.
J     A.   M'DONALD,      Agent   Hazel wood
���   Dairy Co. Ice Cream.
Atlantic S.S. Sailings
From St. John, N. B.
Allan Line Tunisian  April 12
Allan Lino Numidinn A pill III
Beaver Lf no Garth Castle April 2b
Allan Lino steamcra call _at Halifax two dayn
Prcm  Portland.
Dominion Lino Dominion Apiil 12
Dominion Lino Califoruian April in
From New York
Cnnard LiucLucunia April 12
Ounard Line KtiNonia  April 19
White Star Lino Germanic April 10
Whito Star Lino Teutonic April 23
American Lino Philadelphia * April Hi
American Lino at Paul April 28
Bt, Ijawrcuce Suillngd
Luke Champlain May 2
S. S. Vancouver and Parisian May  8
Continental mailing!' of French, North German Lloyd, H. A. P. and Italian Linen on application.
KATKS-aaloonfarpH $42.50, and upwards
Pecond $.H5 and upwards according to steamer
a-d location oi' bf;rth. Stcomge quoted on application. Prepaid passages from Kngland and
the continontat lowest rateu.
H. L. BROWN,      W. P* F. CUMMINGS,
City Agt. Nolson.      Gen. Agent Wirnioeg
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
ALL    KIMlH    OK
Fresh   and   Salted   Heats
Fisn nnd Poultry in Season
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Man aver.
jK.-W.-C   Block, Ward Stf.eet, Nklson.
Oiders'.by mail receive careful and prompt attention
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
With Which li Amalgamated
The Bank of British Columbia.
Paid-up  Capital,  M,000,000i   Reserve   Kuiui,   J8,noo,0oo;
Aggregate   licsources Over 1*18,000.000.
HON, GEO. A, COX, President.     B. 1'. WALK Kit, Ui-ucral tia_t_��
London Office:  ou Lombard  Street,   H.  C.
New York Office; io  llichange Place.
Anil 08 brauchtrt lu Oanada and the United Statu*, Including
Ckanhhook        Kamloops Nkw Wkstminbtkh   Vancouvkr
YUKON DISTRICT-Dawson and Wiiitk IIokhk.
UNITED HTATK8��� New Vuitit, Han Kkancikco, Hkatti.k, Poiitlanii, Skaiiwav,
Savings Bank Department.
;Uepo��ltB Hecelvod ami lntrroU Allowed.   Present Hate '1 Pet <'��nt
Nelson Branch. GKANGE Y. HOLT, Manager.
Wholesale aod Retail Meat Merchants
*.<__��� ******** ir_&
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelaon, Kasl.
Sandon, Three Porks, Nsw Denver and Slocan Citj
Order* by mall to ������>�� branch will have careful and nrnmot attention.
Receiver's Sale by Tender
100,000 SHARES OF C.   _ G. MINING
CO.. Limited Liability.
Parties wishing Golf or any stockings
knitted or footetl oan have them done hy
applying   on   corner   oi     Ward   an
Victmia street, opposite postoffice.
For the following supplies will lie received at office of the Secretnry nl' the
Kootenay Lake General Hospital np to
uoou on Friday, April 2C, 11)02, viz;
mil t;i*.eRCCCBIEa,M-UT, BUK.lli, mil.
Specifications for Groceries and Drug"
may be seen at the office of the heore
Mr. Mack Whito, well known trainer of the
Toronto Laorosae Club and Osgooda Football
OlubRaysi ''Griffiths' Liniment Ik unequalled
for athletes or those training, 1 havo usod il
with tho lust of success for sore hack, stUfnoss,
soreness, sprains and all forms of swelling and
nllamniatioii. . 	
for sale bv J. H. Vanilone.NelRon. B.C1
Subscriptions taken for the Nelson Daily and Weekly Miner at
publisher's prices by J. F. DEL-
ANEY. New Den"er. B. C.
Between Ilenrv II. lioie, Plaintiff,
and Timothy O'Leary, Administrator,
et al, Defendants. :��~
Sealed tonders addressed to R. W,
Day, Receiver, Nelson, H.C , for 100. -
000 shares in the above named company will be received by the undersigned R.VV. Day up to noon o( April
'iU, 1902. The sale will be made'to tbe
highest bidder. Terms 20 per cent,
when tender in accepted,balance within ten days thereafter, Tho nominal
par valuo of each share is $1.00 and
the authorised capital of the company
is $.r.00,0u0.0ll. Thc company wns incorporated in British Columbia in lS'-ifl
under the Companies' Aet, IH'.iO, and
Amending Acts. Tho company is said
to own the C. and (J. mineral claim
near Roseland, H.C. Kor particulars
apply to
Nelson,H.C..Solicitors for the Receiver.
or to
R.  IV. DAY,
Receiver, Nelson, H.C.
Dated Nelson B.C., April 10th, 1008.
Real Estate, Fire and LHe Insurant*
Money to Loan.
J890���Five rounietl house nn-i two
Iota on Mill street, ^ood garden,
fenced, Terms -f IU) cash, t-nsy terms
for bulunee.
$550���liouae 14x22 and Improved lot
on Victoria street, clear title.
St-'Tri���Oood building lot and sliack
on Carlnnnte street. ToruiH o&lh J100,
bal&Dce eaBj terms.
$1:2(1��� A tour roomed house on O.P.R.
land, between Cedar and Park   street*
82:.'.M)*��� Six roomed hmtse nn corner
lotb on Front street. A11 model n
818.���-Kivy roomed house on corner
of Stanley and Observatory streets,
.lust reoalsomlned, Modern conveniences.
$1M,���four rcoined cnttape on Stanley s.trnet, close to Observatory,
Winnipeg Vancouver
Toronto Viotoria
Ottawa Seattle
Montreal Portland
New York San Francisco
via Soo Line, Rt Paul, Chicago
and all IJ. S. points.
Tourist Sleeper Service
Lv. Duuniore Juoc-
Lv Kootenay Ldg,
Tuesday and Friday, St. Paul, Toronto
Montreal aud liostou.
�� . ����p��r^r-|> Leave Hevelstoke
WI r ^ I daily, Vancouver,
VV L_t\_J A      s^mo Ooast.
Graduate in Vnoal and Instrumental
Music, is prepared to receive pupils in
Voice Culture and Piano. Latest Conservatory Methods taught. For further
particulars apply ut Studio room 5, Me-
Douald Block, Corner Josephine and
Vernon Streets.
For Stylish Up-to-Date Hats
f,-0 IO
Opera House Hlock
Notice is herehy given that John
Pnilheithas made application under
the provisions of the "Liquor Licence
Act 1W10" for a transfer of nis hotel
license from the premises known us
the McLeod House at Ymir to premises which he proposes to erect at
Ymii to he known aB tbe Orand Central Hotel.
A meeting of thc Board of Licence
Commissioners of the Nelson Licence
distiict will beheld to oonsider such
application at tlie Court house at the
City oi Nelson on Wednesday the Mtn
day of April, 1908, at tno hour of Hi
o'clock in thc forenoon.
Jhief Licence Inspector.
Chief Con��tabU'�� Office, Nalaon, II.
C, lUh April,  1��03.
Home Seekers' Westbound
Excursions, March i to
April 30.
Through liookings to Europe, vio all
Atlantic Line
Prepaid tickets from all points at
lowest rales
Certificate of Improvements
Catherirc Mineral Claim, situate In
the Nelson Mining Division of West
Kootenay District.
Where located���One mile enst of N.
A F. S. Railway, adjuiuing the Kotrn
Hood mineral clr.im.
TAKE NOTICK thut I, Francis ,1.
O'Keilly. ngeut for It, lt. Hedley, Free
Miner's Certificate No. B60878, the Dun-
Duncan Mines, Limited, (Foreign)
Free Miner's Oertlfloate No. B50448
intend, sixty days from the
date hereof, to apply to lhe Mining Kecorder fora certificate of Improvement*,
for the purpose of obtaining a down
Grant of the above claim.
And further take notice that action,
under bocIUju Sl, must he commenced
befoie the Issuance of such certificate of
Dated this 12th day of February, A.
D.. 1002.
Dominion  and   Provincial   Lund
Surveys of mines, mineral claims,crown
lands, crown  grants obtained  nnd assessments managed for absentees.
For berths, time tahleR, rateB and full
information apply to ('ity Ticket office
City  Agent.  Nelson
J. 8. Oahtkr, E. J. Ooylk
Dis. Pass. Agt. A. O. P. A.
Nelson Vancrnve
J. C. GWILLIM, B-,  Sc,
Late of Geological  Survey of Canada.    Six years experience in B. C
mining districts.
BakerStre< Nelson.B C
Certificate of Improvements
Armour Plate Mineral Claims situat"
iu the Nelson Mining Division of
West Kootenny Distiict.
Where located : On Mineral Mountain,
near Erie, H. 0.
Take notice Unit I, .1.1). Andersoi ,P.
L.S., of Trail, B.C., agent foi It. Dalby
Morkill, Esq., Free Miner's Certiticate
No. B. 5014(1, intend, sixty days from
the date hereof, to apply to the Mining
Recorder for a Certilicate of Improvements for the purpose of obtaining 11
Crowe (Irant of the above claim.
And further take notice that nction
under section 117, must he oommenced
before the issuance of such Ceitilicale
of Improvements.
Dated this lloth day of March, A. D.,
I lOirj. J  D. ANDEHSON.
Certificates of Improvements
King Alfred and King Solomon
Mineral Claims, situate in the Nelson
Mining Division of West Kootenay District.
Where located ���On Iron Mountain,
about5 milMs from the mouth of lhe
South Fork of the Salmon River.
TAKE NOTICK that I. Kiaucis J.
O'Reilly, of Nelson, H. C, as agent for
F. W. Lewis, of Indianapolis Ind.,
I". S. A,: Free M net's Cerlilicnle
No. 2616, intend, sixty dnys from the
date hereof, to imply to the .Mining He-
conier for certificates of Improvements
for   the purpose of  obtaining    Crowt
Grants Oi the above claims,
A.nd further take notice that action,
iieilcr si ction :J7,  must   he coiiiineiici'ii
before the Issuance of suoh certificates of
Duted tllis Kith d iv of Novemlier,
To A. II. Fischer or to any
person or persons to whom he mny
huve transferred his Intereat in lhe Manila and Silver Quecu Mineral Claims,
situated lit the head of Midge Oreek.
Kusknni'ok Milling Dlstrict,VrWt Kootenay.
You and inch of you are hereby noti-
tii-d thnt I bave expended one hundred
lmd thirtv-thiee dollars iu labor and
Improvements upon the above mentioned mineral eluims iu order to hold
said mineral olaims nnder the provisions of the Mineral Act, nnd if within
ninety days of lhe dan- of this notice
you fnil or it fuse lo eoiitribiilcyonr portion of SUOh expenditure together with
all costs of advertising, jroor Interest in
said claims will become lhe property of
the subscriber nnder seotion 1 <rf an Act
entitled "An Act to Amend tne Alineral
Act, 1IK.KJ.
Dated thi-. 10th day of February, it��- f
Nelson Daiia Miner Thurso w, April 17, 190*
(live thc little tots a
chance. The obildren'*
department in onr store
does not get tbe mnn lion in tho papers
hut it deserves, It is n meet Important department with us.oecupying the
entire second Hut of the sti.re and is
lilled with toys oi nil hinds, just the
things to bring joy and gladness to
the hearth of the little ones. Special
summer toys are Boats, Garden Sets,
Watering Cans, RuhberBalla,Skipping
Hopes, Croquet, Baseballs, Kites,Doll
Cabs and Go-Carte ami the ever popn
lur doll,
Then for the baby we havo a led ol
Go-Carts that lur style and value are
Booksellers, Stationers
Show Room for Mason Sc Itisch pianos
Kill ths Germ that Is Destroying
the Hair Root
For Silt by Druggists. Prlct $1.00.
The steamer International yesterday
brought in two ours of Whitewater
ore consigned to the Selby smelter at
San Francisco,
Mrs. W. .1. Astley will sail for
home OD April 10, She will remain
in Now York for a week, on tho way,
arriving in Nelson early in May.
George C. Tunstall, dr., the enterprising agent of the Hamilton Powder
Co..returned yesterday from a successful business trip to East Koo'enay and
Oall up 11 if yon "ant furniture
or pianos moved.���West  Transfer Co.
Very little rise in the lake occurred
in the last 34 hours, the wind probably being the causo that the rise was
not greater. The level of the lako at
Nelson is affected by the wind to the
extent of about three inches
Razors and Strops���Morley and
At the dcliato of the Young Men's
elub which is to be held next Monday
evening in the parlors ol tho Congregational church the subject to be nis-
cussed will bo "Resolved, that municipalities should own and control
their own put lie utilities."
The four-ore.) crews of the Nelson
Boat club have started practising in
earnest and take a spin each afternoon and evening that the weather
permits. The crows ore said to be in
good shape and some interesting local
events may .B looked for at the
The dale for the revision of the
provincial voters' list has beon tet for
Monday, May 5, and all applications
for now names to lie plaoed on that
list must bo posted in the court house
by Saturday of this woek, April 19.
The matter of registration seems to
have boon overleoiicd since last fall
as only 34 names have been added during that time and about as many have
been struck oft as ileud or absent, so
that there has been a very small increase. The fact that a redistribution
bill has boen pcndirig may have
accounted fur tbis and people have
beon in doubt ns to the riding in
which they should register. "She timo
is now short iu whieh this matter ean
be attended to.
either After coming 11 thin province
'io corresponded with the lady maintaining the name of Graham. In the
course of time Mi>s Lake received n
letter signed "Donald MoFail" stating that Graham had met wit'i a serious accident by being shut while
'muting in tiie Lardesu, Alter so'.ne
time she reoeived a letter signed
���'Graham" stating that he bad recovered. She had evidently been desirous
of coming to British Columbia to
marry Colllins but he had adopted
various subterfuges to dissuade her.
She however wrote that she was coming and Collins instructed her where
to get a room on arriving.
Miss Lnue reached Rossland ten
days ago and wont to lhe rooms indicated but no Graham was to bo found.
Ou Inquiry being inane Colli Ins was
located   ia  Greenwood,   He came to
Rossland and on visiting Miss l.nleo
whs   identiliod   as Graham.    lie   had
persuaded her to go to Greenwood and
take a position there when the police,
through whom the inquiries (or Col-
ins hud beon mado caused his arrest
on tbe charge of forgorv and fraud.
The preliminary is not vet finished.
We arc leaving our present premises on May ist and the balance of the Stock left at that date .we are Moving to Ontario consequently everybody buying from us can depend on getting Big Bargains, for
the less goods we have on hand the less freight money we will have to pay out.
The stock consists of
Dry Goods, Clothing, Gent's Furnishings, Hats, Caps, Boots and Shoes.
This is an opportunity to purchase goods at less than   Eastern   Pi ices.    Come
and see for yourselves.
My Residence and 2 Lots on Carbonate Street is For Sale at a Bargain.
When Coffee Is Left Off.
A test was made to find if   just
leaving off of coffee alone would produce an equal condition of health as
when coffee is left off snd I'ostum
Food coffee used in its place.
A mau from Clinton, Wis , mado
the experiment. Ho says, "About n
year aso I left off drinking coffee and
tea .and began to use Postum. For
several years previous ray system had
been in wretched oondition, 1 always
had a thickly furred, bilious tongue
and foul breath often accompanied
with sevoro headaches. I was
troubled ail tho time with chronic
constipation so that I wns morose in
disposition and almost discouraged.
At tlio end of the first week after
making the change from coffee to Postum I witnessed a marvelous change
in myself. My once coated tongue
cleared off, my small appetite increased, breath became sweet and the
headaches ceased entirely One thing
1 wish to state emphatically, you have
in l'osWnn a virgin remedy for constipation, for I certainly had about tbe
worst case over known among mortals
and 1 am completely cured of it. 1
feel,  in every way, like a new person.
During the Inst summer I concluded
that I would experiment to see if the
I'ostum kept mil in good shape or
whether 1 had gotten well from just
-leaving off coffee. Sc I unit I'ostum
for quite a time and drank cocoa and
water. I found out, before two weeks
were past, that something was wrong
and I began to get costive as of old.
It was evident the liver was not
working properly, so I became convinced it was not tho avoidance of
coffee alone that cured me but the
great value came from the regular
use of Postum,"
Uev. F. II. Graham,of St. Saviour's
church, is in receipt of a letter asking
the whereabouts of Pierson li. Linds-
loy, commonly known as .lack Linda-
Icy. Anyone knowing anything concerning Mr. liindslcy will confer a
favor hy communicating with Mr.
Graham at the Phair.
fr.O Bicycles going for pr, at McLachlan Bros,
Yesterday morning as the steamer
International was passing Thirteen
Mile point, one of tbe deck hands
slipped and fell ovei board. Tbe
steamer was going at full soeed, but
before he passed astern a life buoy
was thrown, which the man in the
water caught. The boat was turned
as quickly as possible and came up to
him when ho was hauled on board
with a boathook none the wcrse for
h is ducking.
Shaving llrushes���Morloy Sc Laing.
The funeral of the late Hedley Vicar
Sinclair was held yesterday afternoon
Through the uourtcsy of the C. P. R.
arrangements were made by which a
large number of the steamer employes
were able to attend the funeral. The
funeral service was held in tho Presbyterian church, being conducted by-
Rev. Dr. Wright. A large number of
beautiful flora 1 token wero placed on
the coffin by the many friends of the
deceased. A number of the C. Y. R.
officials were present.
The committee appointed to visit
and inspect the prospective sites for a
race track has not yet made its
visit or report, but it is expected that
it will be ready at au early dato. As
it was decided that the Fairview site
would be too expensive, the city park
is considered the next best proposition, although it Is not known yet
whether it is practicable, as there are
said to bo several soft pieces of boggy-
land on the proposed site which would
seriously interfere with the buildings.
The site on the Granite road, which
is about two and one half miles
from tbe city, west of Norcross's
ranch is thought to be too far out,
although suitable in other respects.
The great advantage of building it on
the city's park allowance it that it
would be a permanent asset to the
oity, and once established would be
improved each year.
A rather dramatic incident took
place Tuesday evening in connection
with tho death ot H. V. Sinclair, who
was buried yosterday. A little over
three years ago, it is reported, Mrs.
Sinclair, his mother, took up a preemption a short distance south of tne
international boundary. An adverse
waB put in soon after and the case was
taken to the courts, resulting in a victory for the Sinclairs. Then this judgment was appealed from, with tho
same result, and finally after years of
litigation the final decision was given
in thoir favor. The lawaoit was a
long and expensive one, draining the
resources of the Defendant. Then tbe
eldest son, H. V. Sincair, took sick
and died, and thc body was removed
to the undertakers. It had been thore
but a short time when another body
was brought in and placed in a coffin
beside that of Sinclair. Tht second
arrival was James Amiot, who had
brought tbe adverse against the homestead, who had followed his opponent
so swilty afterwards to the great
Grand Central���Miss Lydia Eriek-
son,Revelstokei Miss Sadie McDonald,
Andrew Miller, Kaslo; Mrs. P. Carey.
Miss Annie Carey, Sandon. W. J.
Bremner, New York; W. McMillan,
Mollie Gibson Landing! D. Hoy,Trail;
H. E Mitchell, Grand Forks; .1.
Smith, Mollie Gibson landing; J. ,1.
Roots, Ymir; O. D. l'odersen,
Hume���Alex Craig. H.Oleson,Kaslo;
R. J, McPhee, Slocan ; H. B. Mucuies
ton, Nelson; L. G. Henderson, Victoria: T. C. Johnston, Montreal; E.
0, llollineworth, Spokane; B.JNiel,
Toronto; Chas. K. Oliver, Hedley;
Thomas McAllen, Montreal; G. S.
Bennett, Toronto.
Phnir���Mr. aud Mrs. J TIeintnan,
Philadelphia; M Stevenson,Jr., Ainsworth; It. S. Mien, Montreal; Mr.
and Mrs. L. Alexander. New Denver;
J. S. Manly and wife, Mrs. Kenman,
Grand Forks; VV. Carss, Orillia; VI,
II. Thomas, Greenwood; E. 11. Wood,
E. M. Wood. Winnipeg.
Queen's���Mrs, R.; Boylo, Sandon ;
B. A. Cameroon, Ymir; Y. llrowu and
wife, Spokane; .1. Stewart, \V. Carter,
Madden���E. Lucas, VV. J. Craig,
Centra'ia; R. A. Lawr, Edgewood ; J.
Santry, Lardo.
creek; N.
-A. .1. Rainvillo
Fitzpatrick,   J.
Made Love Under an Assumed Name
and Now on Trial in Consequence.
Rossland, April 1(1.--A miner named
VV. B. B. Collius was before the police
court yesteiday nnd today charged be
with forgery as tho result of his unusual method of conducting a love
affair. Collius came to British Colombia in 1890 from Truro, Cornwall,
Eng., and worked in the mines of
Rossland. Before leaving that city
where he has a wife and family, according lo tho evidence given in the
preliminary inv3stigntion,hebad made
the acquaintance of a lady, Miss
Lako, introducing bimself as Wilfred
Graham. They bad always met without tho knowledge   of   tho   friends  of
Bartlott���T. 1 ooe. Eric; A
Yroiri s. Gibbs, Erie.
A  Subject It'or  Remarks
The new Wall Papers attract favor
able attention. Thoy rellect good
taste in colors as well as in pattern,
and poople of taste ccmrnend them.
Tbev have an air of elegance and are
most durable in quality. Investment,
in such Wall Paper is a paying investment, before placing your order, it
will pay you to see onr new designs,
and get our prices.
F. J. Bradley & CO.
Sign Painting ami I'li'lurc Framing;
a Specially.
It Is! Always Something New and
and in the Latest and Most
Correct Fashion-
The remarks wo hear every day about
our Now Jewelry, must ho so for  wo
havo great demand for it at prices that
suit nil purses.   Seo for yourself.
Patenaude Bros.
Baker St. Nelson, n. G.
Buying dlreot from the makers means a saving of the peroentageB usually paid
selling agenls mill wholesalers.     All our undergarments wore bought direct and
the ad vantages gained by the close prices wo are sharing wilh our customers
Note these values ;
(Jitdewkirts mado of lonsdale having.
trimming of cluster tucking and ruffle
of 0 inch embroidery, extra dust frill,
Special '. * 1-2",
Underskirts made of fine muslin, with
18 inch flounce, trimmed with n rows of
lino tucking nnd wido em broidery, extra
dust frill, a leader    1.75
Corset Covers made t f muslin, having
embroidery trimming on nock, all sizes.
at 26
Corset Covers mado of English cambric, with torchon luce aud baby ribbon
trimming, special lb
Corset Covers mnde of super quality
cambric, wilh body neatly tucked and
embroidery  trimming   on   nook  nnd
sleeves, a leader  1.00
Women's Hygeau Bibbed Vests, with
short sleeves or sleeveless at 10
Women's Lisle Vests, short sleeves or
sleeveless in whito or cream nt 2"i
Women's Lisle Vests long aud short
sleeves and sleeveless, in whito or cream
Specinl 86
Children's Lisle and Cotton Vests in
whito or cream with long or short
sleeves and sleeveless, a complete range.
Empire Night Drosses of lino cambric
having embroidery trimmed collar,
sleeves and front at   1 ''*>
Night Dresses of fine muslin, wilh
tucked yoke formed of embroidery insertion and neally trimmed on nook,
sleeves and I'ronL with embroidery,
special     1.60
Night Dresses of lonsdale cambric,
with tucked yoke nnd tiimmings of
torchon lace and insertion, at  1.7.">
Drawers of muslin with trimmings of
cluster tnoks and embroidery at...   .35
Drawers made of Lonsdale with trimmings nf cluster tucks aud torohon Incc,
our price      55
Drawers mnde of fine enmhrio nnd
trimmed with 15 rows of line tnoks, 5
inch embroidery ruffle, our leader.. I 00
Oambrlo Chemise having embroidery
trimmed neck and sleeves nt 65
Fiue Muslin Chemise with wide rullle
of embroidery around neck ami sleevo,
our prioe  1.01)
MusMn Chemise with neck and
sleeves trimmed with torchon lace and
insertion, special   1.-10
Cor. Baker & Ward Sts.
Nelson, B. C.
Our New Stock is now open,
i Very Fine lap of
The Prices Will Suit the
Canada Drug and
Book Co., Ltd.
Porto Rico Lumber
Co., Limited.
Rpu^h and
Dressed  Lumber,
Shingles, Mouldings.
A-I White Pine Lumber Always Id
Wo curry a complete, stork ot Coast Flooring
Celling, Inside Finish, Tun cd Work, Sash ana
Doors. Spools! order work will receive prompl
attention'   Mall ordors solicited.
Porto BicoLumber Co.,
Heart Offloo��� Henrtrvx and Vornnn Wo.. Nol��on
Seeds, Trees, Plants,
Roses, Bulbs
Agricultural Implements, Bee Supplies, Fruit Baskets, Fertilizers.
Catalogue Free, "
M.  J.   HENRY
8000 Westmi uster Road, Vanoon ver, B. r
For domestic or steam use.
A  full   supply  always  on
Kates to  all  railway and
lake points
General Agent,
Tel. No. 265.
Office - Two doors   west
C.P.R. offices.
NKLSON LODGK    No. 23, A. F. &
M. mootH second Wednesday in
month,   ViuiLing brothorn wolcomo
I. O. O. F. Kootenay Lodge
No. 10, moetH evory Monday night,
at  their Hall, Kootenay street
Sojourning Odd Fellows cordially invited.
W. il. Smith. N. G.J  G. F. Motion, V. G.; A
Lovghurst, Hec. Hoc,
NelHon Royal Arch Chapter No. 123, G. R. C.
Meets third Wednesday. Sojourning compan
ions invited. George Johnstone, Z. T. J.
Sims,   B. K.
NKLSON  LODGK   No.25, K. of P.
ItmeetB in K. of P. hall, Oddfollows bloch
jj]e very Tuesday evoning at 8 o'clock.
j/AH visiting knights cordially Invite
Wm. IuviNB, C.C.
Hugh BTEV&N8, K. of H. and 8.
Nelson Knr.it pment No. 7. Mcctn evory 2nd
and 4th Friday of each month, in Odd Fellows
Hall, comer Baker and Kootenay Htroots,
Nelson. A. H, Clements, C. P.; I). McArthu-r
Hi S.   Visiting brothors always woImw��a,
NKLSON L. O. L. No. 1092 meets in Fraternity Hull on first and third Friday eveningF
of oaoh month at 8 o'clock. Visiting membor
cordially invited. W. W. Bradloy, W. K.
A, Minty. R. S.
NKLSON AERIE No. 22, F. O. E., moot*
evory second and fourth Wednesdays of eaoh
month. Visiting membors cordially invit
Charlos Prosser. ftftrrotary.
Kootenay Tent No. 7. K. O. T. M��� hold tholi
regular meetings 2nd and ith Thursday of eacl
month. Visiting brethren cordially invitod tc
attend. G.A. Hrown   H. K.; Dr. Hose, Com-
tat unit 3rd Wednesday evening** oi
each month at Finlerniiy nail
cornor of Baker and ICootena)
streets. Visiting brothern cord-
inllj invitod.
Howard Maci-eod. Secretory.
Nelson Court Star of Kootenay, A. O. _
Meets 2nd and 1th Wednesdays in ovory
Month. Visiting brethren wolcomo. V* Mac
Mllllan, C. P.; Herbert McLeod Soc
COURT KOOTKNAY. I. O. F., No. 3138.
Mootings 4th Thursday cf nionLh. Fraternal
hall. J A Irving O R.   I". H. Fleming. 11.
Canada Permanent and Western Canada Mortgage
head office toronto,  ont.
Money to loos on Straight Mortgage.
Apply to G. h. LENNOX, Bak%r St.
Kootenay Railway  and Na
Company, Ltd.
Shortest and quickest route to the ooal and a
points on ..he O. H. Sc N. anil Xortlicru 1*
cllic Hallways iu Washlngwu, Oregon ami
Southern atatOH.
Time Card Effective Nov. 10.1901
Kaslo & Slocan Ry.
8:30 a. id. Lv.
li|;;��.) li.iii. Ar.
Ar. 1:00 p, in
Lv. IM p. ra
Int Nav- & Trading Co
M.ISO*    K 1SI.O   UOI ti:.
fi:0(l p. in. Lv.
9:10 v. m. Ar;
Ar. 10:30 a. in.
Lv. 7:00 a. ni.
Connecting at Five Milo Point Willi Nelson
& Fori, Hhoupard Hallway both lo anil from
Rossiund, etc.
Tlckots sold to all parts in United State., anil
Canada via Great Northern anil O. R, ec N'
Co.'h linos.
Ocean steamship tlckoUi  anil rates vl  a
lines will be furnished on application.
For furthor particulars cull on or odorous
Hftnager, Kaslo.il, 0
O, K. TAflKAnuBir Agent, Nolson B. fl
Certiliuate of Improvements
Fnrnliam Minerul claim niUinlo in
tbe Nelson Mining Division of West
Kootenay District.
Whore locuteil���Nenr the Ymir Milia
TAKE NOTICK Unit I, Kenneth I..
Burnet, agent for John Dean,F.M.O. No.
B30986 and Martin Salmon, V. M. 0,
No. 1156(181), intend, sixty dnys from tbo
dnte hereof, to npply to the Mining Recorder for a certilicate of improvements
for thu purpose of olitiiinilifr, u Crown
Urnut of the above claim.
Andlurther take notice Hint nction,
under section 117, mast he coiitrai-nrt'il
hefore the issuance of such ceriilicute ol
Dated this 10th dny nf April. A. D,
Certiiicates of Improvements
Queen, Niagara, Levvistoii, nnd Uur
HuRtou (Fractional), mineral olaims
situate inthe * elson Mining Division of
West Kootonay District.
Where located���Ou Wolf Oreek, n
branch of Sheep Cieek, which isn tributary of Salmon River,
Take Notice that 1, William Wnliln',
l<\ M. 0. B60C20, for myself nud ns ag-'nt
for .Tohu A. Turner. F. M. 0. BBuloB.
nud Michael Scully, Free Miner's Certificate No. BB0006, intend 60 (lays
from tbe date hereof, to apply to tlio
Mining Recorder for certificates pi
iinnroveinents, for the purpose of obtaining Orown Grants of the abow
And further take notice that action,
nnder section 117 must he couimeuoeil
before tne issnnuue of such Certificates
of Improvements.
Dated thiB 18th day of Febrnnry,
A. D. 1903. r���_,
Certificate of Improvements
Allen Mineral Olnim situnte In the
Nel son Miniug Division of West hoot-
enny District.
Where looated���On the divide between Sheep nnd Dost Oieeks, 10 miles
fron Salmon Siding. _
TAKE NOTIOE that I, N. F. Towns-
end, acting as agent for J. W. rupffl".
son. Free Miner's Certificate No. l'l'-W'-
intend sixty days from the date toreo'
to npply to the MiuinK Recorder for "
certificate of imprivemcuts tor the pit"'
poen of obtaiuiug a Crown Grant ol tin
above olnim. , ,. ���
Aud further tnke notioe that action
under section HI, must be cornmonceo
before the issuance of such oertiflOBtO oi
iiMairiivements. .
Dated this 2nd day of November, �����
D��� 11)01 N. F. TOWNSEND,
Certiticate of Improvements
Drum Louimon Mineral Claim, situate in the Nelson  Miuing Division
West Kootenny Die'.riet.       	
Whore located : On Craig Monntai",
Tnke notice that I, J. D. Anderson,
P. L. B., of Trail, B. O, agent,I
P. Burns. Free Miuei's 0erU-i
cnte No. BB0B8U, intend, sixy
days from the (lute hereof, to appij
to the Mining Kecorder for n uo
tillcnteof Improvements,  for tne 1��
pose of obtaining a Crown Brant ">
above claim. , ������ti,,u
And further take notice that aotion.
under section 87, must be comjajenw
mulor siv.iUMi  ���", inn:      nT��flfleftte
before the issuance of such Oertiflcaw
of Improvements. sr.,wl>
Dated    this   14*^4?
A   P. 1902. *��� n- ANDhK"��fL_
youra.   You'll sell it If yo��'��  ��"r
tlie It In The Miner want col-im��
:��***r  *r*��s


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