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Nelson Daily Miner Mar 26, 1901

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Daily Edition No 995
Nelson,   British Columbia, TcksDAY,  March 26, 1901.
Eleventh  Year
nger.   3^
Provincial Government Asks Federal Authorities to Cooperate in a Railway Policy to Open Up the
Province-Repoit of the Delegation.
Victoria, II. C, March 25.��� The report of the visit to Ottawa of Hon.
James Dunsmuir and Hon. I). M. Eberts, as a delegation from the provincial government, has been handed
down. It is a very voluminous document and deals exhaustively with the
various matters requiting nd instruct]t
between the two governments. The
concluding portion of a lengthy
communication from the premier,
dated Victoria, Oct. 'Jth last, is as
Perhaps, however, in a sense, the
most important feature of policy
affecting the relations of the two governments is that of railway development. No other Province of the Dominion demands the same consideration in this respect. For one reason,
the requirements of other provinces
have, in the past been recognized ton
much larger degree, and for another
the physical features of Hritish Columbia present obstacles! not elsewhere encountered, and for still another and more important reason the
per capita contribution of British
Columbia to the Dominion Treasury,
compared with the money we receive
in return, demands, in fairness, that
we should receive  more   liberal treat-.
any other Proivnce of the Dominion
Of this great task, the province, burdened ns it is with excessive contribu-
ions to the Dominion Treasury, cannot assume the sole responsibility.
Having this mainly in view, we desire
to enter into negotiations with your
government for the purpose of arriving at some equitable basis of mutual
effort,anrl especially with reference to
an all-Canadian rate to the Yukon
through the northern districts of
British Columbia.
This is not a new departure. During the session of 1898, the policy of
the government of this province, as
announced in the House, was based
on views to which, in the main, it
still adheres, a policy rendered the
more justifiable and necessary by
events of subsequent development
and the more recent phases of tbe
Alaska Boundary question. The
then premier advocated proceeding
towards railway development, having
in view joint action based on some
determined ratio of assistance, and
announced a policy of co-opetation as
between the two governments. You
are familiar with the political events
which, since tbat time, interrupted
the proposed negotiations.
Since the present administration
came into power, it has had this
matter repeatedly on consideration,
and, during the recent session, in
dealing with chatters for railway com
ment.    It   bas   been   pointed   out   to  panies seeking   entrance   to the north
your government, und demonstrated
over and over again by statistics taken from tbe Dominion publio accounts, that the per capita contribution is several times that of the
average for the whole Dominion.
Added to that, we pay in freight, on
ull goods consumed, a sum many
times greater than that of tho consumer east of the Great Lakes, which adds
proportionately to the burden of our
contributions; and then, to the
through rate you havo to add the lo
cal rale from the terminal points back
to tbe consunjer, which Is also relatively very much greater than that
puidin the East. Such facts as these,
which have led in later years to a dissatisfaction yearly more and more
finding expression, and one that will
eventually develop into an emphatic
demand for better terms, suggest special reasons for your consideration of
some systematic and comprehensive
effort by the Dominion government
towards railway building and other
forms of development in Hiitish Colombia.
There is a well-known disposition
on the part of the people of Eastern
Canada to regard the building of the
Canadian Pacific railway as a sort of
contribution to British Columbia sufficient for all time to come. Tho fact
is thut, by the building of that railway, an outlet In the whole of the
Northwest has been afforded for the
Canadian manufacturer and the wholesaler, greater in lis benefits than the
sum of ull the other acts of statesmanship since Confederation, not to speak
of the tremendous possibilities which
have been opened up for trans-oceanic
traffic, and the importance which
this development has given to Canada
in the eyes of the world. In my opinion, it bus made Canada a nation,
and, in a large measure, saved it
from the fate of annexation with the
United States, which only the vision
of a Confederation of provinces,
united by a railway und cemented by
trade interests, could have averted.
As the situation is at the present
time British Columbia Is paying for
those advantages and Eastern Canada
Is reaping them.
We tnink the form which the co
operation of the Dominon government
should take is particularly in til3 di
rection of railway development.
This is especially what the resources
of the province require, for, as yet,
only the rim of tlie province has been
touched. You are fully conversant
with the advantages which the construction of an all-rail route to the
Yukon would afford, and, with that
mainly in view, tho Province is anxious to join hands with the Dominion,
for, apart from the desirability of
conserving our own trade for our
own people, such an undertaking
would assist in the development of
the whole northern part of British
Columbia, the richness of which is
being demonstrated dally. It would
also form a link in an internal system
of development yet to be undertaken,
British Columbia is Intersected by
a succession of ricli mineral belts
from thu couth to tho extreme north.
Throughout the centre of British
Columbia, for its entire length, extends a great and comparatively level
plateau, admirably adapted for a
trunk line of railways, from which
would ultimately radiate branch
lines to the Coust through easy passes,
everywhere tapping localities capable
of remarks, bin developmment and of
creating immense traffic���a wonderful
natural s.vi t 'in of communication, of
which a parallel  la not presented in
country   it   took strong grounds   con
formable with tne lines luid   down by
the Dominion   itself during   the   past
several years.
On this point I submit  a copy of   a
report of    the   railway     committee,
and extracts   from the   Colonist's and j
Times'   accounts of  the debate which !
arose   when   the   report  in  question I
was presented to the House.
The government furthermore held
that, until the delimitation of the
Alaska Boundary had been finally
effected, it was inadvisable to grant
charters for railways to or through
undefined or disputed territory, and
until that dispute was settled efforts
should be concentrated upon an enterprise wholly within Canadian territory, and one that would as well open
up and develop new and promising
districts in tlie province. This government is prepared to enter upon
negotiations at once with such an end
in view, and would strongly urge upon
you the great desirability of co-operating witli us. Our object is to work
in perfect harmony with your government in this matter.
The general question of the relations
of the province and the Dominion in
repect to railways must also Inevitably come up for review and adjustment, and the present is, in my opinion, a most suitable time to arrive at
an understanding. The signs are already not wanting of u conflict which,
as the result of un overlapping control, may some day, if not very soon,
become very serious. The superior
rights of the Dominion in respect to
jurisdiction and the exclusive right of
eminent domain possessed by the
province are, to some extent, Irreconcilable, and if it may not be deemed
necessary for that purpose to amend
tbe "British North Atnericn Act."
at least some definite Rgreemeiit
should be arrived at in order to obviate friction and promote mutual interests. If the several Hover ainents of
the Dominion were to confer with u
view to adopting a common policy in
respect to railways, a practical and
mutually satisfactory solution would
doubtless be run 'lied.
In approaching this matter from the
British Columbia standpoint, 1 fully
apprehend tho objections that may
uriso In Eastern Canada, and, knowing full well the political predomin-
arcy of the East over the West, I can
realise to what extent, without a
clear understanding of our position,
the iniluence of the East may be opposed to any of the arrangements I
have suggested. It is not, however,
with any feeling of hostility or spirit
of sectionalism that we have opened
up the subject. I huve the greatest
faith in the Inherent love of justice
and good common sense of the people
of Canada as a whole and it is only
nccssary that they should appreciate
more fully the real condition of affairs to coincide with the views here
expressed. If I were asked to outline
a policy that would be of the greatest
possible benefit to the whole Dominion,! could suggest nothing that would
be more iu the interests of its people
than I have in the foregoing.
In the firnt place,the development of
British Columbia in the way indicated
would immensely increase the trade of
eastern centros, and afford a vastly increased outlet for their surplus energy
and capital.
From a fiscal-point of view, tho revenues from customs and inland revenue receipts would be enormously augmented, just as these were stimulated
by the building of the Canadian Pacific railway, and by   tbe opening up
of the mining sections and such new
districts as the Yukon and Atlin. We
have only to look at the ratio of increase shown in tbe trade and navigation returns of the past twenty-five
years, and paiticularly since 1885, to
be firmly convinced of that.
Lastly, and not least, the results of
the general development of this province on a scale of magnitude which its
resources justify would add so materially to the importance of Canada as
to place it easily IE the front rank of
producing nations, and thereby attract the attention of the whole world
to its advantages. This is a consummation so desirable that it cannot but
appeal to the patriotic instincts of
every Canadian, and render his en-
dorsation of such a policy a necessary
and foregone conclusion.
The government of Canada is en.
titled to the fullest share of credit ou
account of the Crow's Nest Pass Railway, and in that connection I have to
observe that in Eastern Canada the
building of that road has been regarded too much in the light of a generous
concession to the claims of this province on the Dominion. I wish to point
out that the demand for a shorter line
thougli the Crow's Nest Pass came not
so much from British Columbia as
from the manuufactures and wholesale merchants of Eartern Canada,who
for business reasons appeciated its
vital importance to their interests,and
while it has been and is of undoubtedly great benefit to the mining interests
of the southern interior, it has been
a still greater benefit to those who
were thus instrumental in securing its
construction. Moreover,its pronounced
success, from every point of view,only
tends to affirm the wisdom of pursuing
tlie policy involved to a logical conclusion in respect to tlie whole of British
In connection with the relations of
this province to the Dominion of Canada, and the claims arising therefrom,
I am preparing a memorandum more
fully dealing with the details, which
I shall submit when I have the pleasure of seeing yon personally. I hope
on that occasion to discuss these matters at greater length, and 1 feel assured that your sense of justice will
accord to my representations the fullest measure of consideration. Believe
me, etc.,   (Signed)
At Ottawa, Ont., February 1st, 19(11.
The Honorable David Mills, Q. C,
Minister of Justice, Ottawa, Ont.:
My Dear Mr. Mills,���You are already in possession of my views on
the subject of increasing the salaries
of the supreme court judges ot British
Columbia, and I would also remind
you of the question of increasing the
jurisdiction of tho country court
judges of Vancouver Island to include
the whole of the island. I am pleased that you are willing to recommend
the appointment of further county
court judges in British Columbia,
when and so often as the local government name territories in which,
in the opinion of the local government, there is a sufficient amount of
work to warrant tho appointment ot
a county court judge.
We have had a great deal of trouble with reference to tho improper
liaturalizaatioii of aliens, and I would
respectfully suggest in this connection that the nnturaliatzIon act should
he so amended as to empower a judge
of cither the supreme or county court,
upon cause shown, to declare null
and void any nnturallzaton papers
which havo been improvldeutly or
fraudontly obtained or issued. Yours
very sincerely,    (Signed)
Montreal, March 25.���The McGill mining school excursion
will be held this summer in
Britisli Columbia. Twenty stu- '
dents, accompanied by Dr. Porter, professor of mining,and Dr.
Adams, professor of geology,
will take the trip, which will
last several weeks, starting
about May 1. The C. P. R.
will provide cars and service.
The mines of Vancouver Island,
the Slocan and the Boundary,
Rossland and Crow's Nest districts will be visited.
iu>ii#ii>iitiiiaiiii>ii��iii>ii#ii>i��aiii i
The Nelson company of the Rocky
Mountain Rangers started the spring
drill season last night most auspiciously. A company meeeting was held
at which a spirit and measure of
enthusiasm as manifested whicli promises to bring the corps into a condi
tion of efficiency hitherto unparalleled. H. E. Macdonell, the company's
choice for the post of captain, filled
tho chair, and a large number of the
militiamen were present.
The first matter under discussion
was that of completing the establishment of officers. On motion the company decided to request Color Sergeant Harry F. Maeleod to accept the
first lieutenancy and Sergeant George
M. Phillips the second lieutenancy.
Both gentlemen accepted the posts,
and will apply at once to the.militia
department for their commissions.
With.the officers ns recommended the
company will be in a splendid position to become tlie ' best all-round
corps in the Kootenays.
The company decided to go in for
target shooting this season with vim,
and the targets will be put in order
at once. Until this work is completed
no one will be permitted to use the
ranges under any circumstances. All
rifles belouigng to the company and
not in the armory are to be returned to Armorer-Sergeant R. J. Steel,
at once, otherwise the negligent part-
ios will bo refused tha use of rifles
this season.
Another meeting of the company
will be held on Monday night next.
Among tlie mattets to be considered
at the ne\t meeting are those uf the
relationship of tlie Rifle Association
to the company, the company band,
und the use of rifles by civilian members of the Rifle Association. Regular drill will start about May 1. Recruiting and recruit drill commences
at onco under the direction of Ser-
goant-Instructor Steel.
In the interim the acting officers
will communicate with the department regarding their commissions and
make an effort to secure information
regarding the construction of the
promised drill hall. Government recognition of the bnnd and a grant of an
extra Hand of arms for target practice are among tlie points to b��� pressed with n view to securing added efficiency for the corps.
May I ask take the liberty of calling
yout attention to the scope of the
proposed mining commission to be ap
pointed by the Dom'nlon, and to express the hope that at an early date
we will hear from you on the subject
as to who the commissioners! will be,
the date on which they will probably
sit, und the scope of the commission.
As I mentioned to you yesterday, the
question of appointing a provincial
commission to look into mining matters is receiving the attention of the
local government,ami possibly It might
be advisable that the two commit,
sions should alt contemporaneously,
and probably before a definite conclusion was come to by either commission the commissioners would be able
to exchange views on the different
matters which had come before  thorn.
From the piess, as will be observed
by the appendix to this memorandum,
it is learned that the Dominion government propose issuing a mining
commission, presumably to inquire
Into 'conditions   affecting silver   aud
Continued on Fourth ?ag��,
St. Andrews, N. II., Munh 25 ���
Captain James Storkoy, well known
boat man and formerly prominent
ship builder, committed suicide yesterday morning by fastening a piece
of iron to his neck and jumping over
wharf into sea.
Manila, Ont., Marcli 25.���A severe
sturm passed over this district yoster
day morning. Lightning struck the
barns of William Matthews, just north
of here, killing three valuable horses,
two cows and five hogs.
Why G.P.R. and Crow's Nest
Co. Should Come to an
Bill Introduced In Commons
to Amend the Inland
Waters Act.
Ottawa, Marcli 25.���From a reliable source is ascertained tho nature of
the agreement between the Crow's
Nest Coal company and the Canadian
Pacific railway, under which the latter withdraws its opposition to a
branch of the Great Northern getting
into Fernie. It will be remembered
that, in addition to the subsidy which
the C.P.R. received for building the
Crow's Nest Puss line, it secured six
sections of coal lands totalling 3,840
acres from the Crow's Nest Coal company. The Canadian Pacific, so far,
has done nothing to develop these coal
lands on account of a stipulation with
the Crow's Nest company that they
would not be opened up for a certain
number of years. This restriction is
waived by the Crow's Nest company,
and accordingly the Canadian Pacific
withdraws its opposition to the new
Sir Louis Davies introduced in the
House of Commons today, a bill to
amend the Inland Waters Seamen's
Act. Its chief purpose is to define
what shall be regarded as inland waters. It provides that the term shall
apply to all rivers, lakes and othei
navigable waters except the sea coast
bays and harbors from a line drawn
at Cape Chat on the St. Lawrence.
Heretofore the term applied to all
waters of Canada above'Quebcc. This
was not considered sufficiently eleai.
The bill also confers upon the judges
of the supremo court of the Yukon
and the courts of the Northwest the
same jurisdiction for the punishment
of offenders as given the judges of
the superior court of Quebec in regard
to offences committed upon the high
Government    Advertises   Coast-
Kootenay   Road.
(Special to The Miner.)
Vancouvor, B. C., March 25.���
The provincial government has
advertised In the Colonist usking
for the submission of proposals
to build a line from the coast to
the Kootenays. The friends of
the V. V. A E. people have
taken alarm at this unexpected
I.,__i,_fci,__,,__,,__,,__., ,a_lii_lii_lii_fcii_,    .
Montreal, Marcli 25.���C. P, U.   traffic  receipts   ending   March   21   were
1575,000; for the same week last year,
Record Breaking   Blookade in Ontario
���0, P. R. Branch   Tied Up.
(IPBOIAL TO THE rllllVI'.ll.)
Toronto, March 25.���The Jsnow
blockade on the Orungeville and Tees-
water .ranch of Canadian Pacific railway has been raised and trains are
now running through all right. The
fight tho C. P.R. officials had up there
last week with snow wus the worst
they have experienced for years. Between Arthur und Tceswater there
was a drift three quarters of u mile
long nnd ten feet deep. It successfully
resisted the efforts of four snow plows
and nine engines, till finally a rotary
had to be sent to their assistance,
which later boring slowly from Thursday night reached Teeswuter shortly
after 0 o'clock Sunday morning. Near
Harriston, at what is called Pigs
crossing, a signal man had a dog kennel on one side of the track. The snow
plow ran off at this point and went
right over the dog house. The first
Intimation that anything wus wrong
underneath was from the yelping.
They dug out the dog, safe und sound,
$100,000 Issue Will Realize a
Handsome Figure���Bids
Coming In.
Result to Be Known Today.
Price Promises to Be
Are 3'ou In want'.' If yon are, tell
the people, through The Miner want
column, what you are In want of.
You'll get it.
Nelson's 8100,000 debenture Issue
will be sold and at an exceptionally
high figure considering the existing
stringency in the money marts of the
continent. Such was the effect of the
information given the city council
last night by Mayor Fletcher. His
worship stated that he could not give
figures as yet, but that these would
be made known today. Advices had
reached hiin by wire of a number of
bids on the securities coming through
by the eastern mail which had been
delayed, and it would be impossible
to complete the sale until these offers
were received. He knew sufficient of
the offers to state that the securities
would sell at a figure which came as a
surprise to him. It had been stated
to him that difficulty would be encountered in securing a purchaser at
an advantageous figure, but it waa
with pleasure that he informed the
board that tlie debentures would sell
very well indeed. The fact that
Nelson's debentute issue commanded a
high figure at a period when money
was not seeking Investment was vary
gratifying and spoke volumes for the
credit of the city in the money centers of tbe country. The announcement was received by the aldermen
with felicitous expressions.
The balance of the council's business was hugely routine. The board
of works presented the report recommending the construction of the list of
sidewalks and crossings detailed in a
recent issue of The Miner. The report was adopted with tlie exception
of the clause relating to the sidewalk
on the east side of Josephine street
fiom Latimer street south to Hoover
street, which was referred back for
further consideration.
Alderman Selous recommended the
council to put down a three plank
walk on the west Bide of Josephine
s'reet from Front street to the C. P.
R. track for the convenience of citizens desiring to reach the boat house
landing. It was pointed out that the
cost would be trifling and the convenience great, whereupon tbe work
was decided upon.
The fire, water and light committee's
report was in two clauses. The first
recommended that the council purchase uniform suits for the chief and
tho driver of the city fire brigade.
The suggestion was approved without dissent. The second clause set
forth that the agreement made last
year between tho city and the tele-
hone company with regard to the latter using the city's electric light
poles had never been executed by the
compuny. In view of this the committee icommcnded the council to rescind the resolution passsed on August 20th last, notify the company to
discontinue stiinging wires and to
remove such wires as are already
strung. This uction was recommended on tho strength of a report from
James McPhce, super! nteudent of the
lighting system, in which he stated
that the company's wires Interferred
seriously with the work of the city
linemen. Mayor Fletcher Informed
the council thut on the receipt of the
report he had notified the company
to stop stringing wires pending the
council's action.
G. C. Hodge, district manager of
the Kootenay Lake Telephone company, was present and was Invited to
give the company's side of the story.
He stated that the agreement had not
been prepared for some time after it
was authorized and that after tin- document, was drawn up it had not
been appioved by the late mayor for a
couple of months, so that it was late
in December when the agreement
reached his company's head office.
Then the managing director of the
company was In England and thus
the matter had not been attended to.
The objection Mr. McPhee had raised
was that his men could not readily
climb the poles because the wires
were so close to the poles   as to Inter-
CooUnusd uu .'eurUi Pwf.
) NfiLBON Daily Miner, Tuesday, Mamjh .6, igot
The Nelson Miner
Published   Every Mornint, Except  Monday
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Bubricrlplioiw Invariably In advance.
145 Fleet Street. E. C.
Central Press Agency, Ltd., Special Agents
All Checks should he mode payable to tho
order of Nelson Publibiuno Uomi.ny,
The report of the visit of Premier
Dunsmuir and Hon. D. M. Eberts to
Ottawa, as a delegation from the government of British Columbia, has
been submitted to the legislature.
The object of the visit, it will be re
membered, was to lay before the government of Canada ceilai-. i srs.
requiring adjustment between l... two
governments and to present certain
claims of the province for increased
recognition at the hands of the Dominion. Among these matters the
more important were Chinese and Japanese immigration, the right ot the
province to a greater share of the revenues arising out of the Chinese Immigration Act, the fisheries, the en-
couiagement of shipbuiding on the
British Columbia coast, readjustment
of the lumber tariff in the interests of
tbe local industry, financial relations
of the province and the Dominion, cooperation of the Dominion with the
province in the matter of railway development in British Columbia and
tbe salary of judges. It is shown in
the report that all of these questions
were very ably presented by the premier and his colleague, Hon. Mr. Eberts. The answer of the Dominion
government to the contentions put forward has not yet been made public,
but is anticipated at an early date.
On the question of railway development, perhaps the most important
feature of policy affecting the relations of the two governments, a very
strong case is made out in favor of
some systematic and comprehensive
effort by the Dominion government
towards railway building und other
forms of development in this province.
The claim is made that ou account of
the very large per capita contributions of tho province to the Dominion,
as compared with the rest of Canada,
it is entitled to greatly increased recognition in the way of expenditure
on works of public development; but
even If the ratio of our contributions
were not as three to one, as It is at
the present time, the material results
to the Dominion arising out of the
greater development of British Columbia would, as a business arrangement,
more than compensate for the outlay
Involved by reason of any comprehensive scheme thnt might be mutually
undertaken by the two governments.
Obviously, then, the contention is reasonable that the province is entitled
to Increased subsidies or financial assistance in some form and that the
direct results to the Dominion will
justify increased expenditure without
in any way increasing the financial
burdens of the Dominou as a whole.
As to the ratio of assistance to be
given, the suggestion was made by
the delegation that such assistance
should be in tho proportion of two-
thirds to one-third���that Is to say, if
th) total assistance decided upon be
tl2,000 per mile, the Dominion should
pay of that amount 98,000 a mile and
the provlnco 14,000a mile; and in proportion throughout. For the present
It is proposed that the two governments should co-operate in building
the coast-Kootenay road, an all Canadian line to the Yukon and the extension of tlie E. A N. railway to the
northern end of Vancouver island. Tho
Dominion government was reminded
by the delegation thai, the province of
British Columbiu is contributing at
the present time about two million
dollars to the federal tru.i.urv In excess of expenditure. This 'i '���self
would seem su''-1 ������ *- "TiH'in "'
province to receive very largo su.slu-
ies for purposes of development; but
���part from thut altogether, it is not
unreasonable to assume that, if the
developments suggested were carried
into effect within five yours tho population directly resulting therefrom
would be Increased fifty thoitsnnd.
At the present rate of taxation,which,
per capita Is, roughly, 825 per head,
Buch an increase would augment, tho
revenue one-half of the present annual
net contribution of the province to
the federal treasury, more than sufficient within fifteen years to recoup
the Dominion for its share of tho total
outlay necessary to build three thousand miles of railway.
VVhile the reply of the federal gov
ernment to those representations has
not yet been given, It is confidently
anticipated that it will be favorable,
as, in arranging the date oi the conference, Sir Wilfrid Laurier took occasion to say in a letter to premier
Dunsmuir that be assured him his
government would endeavor to meet
tne wishes of the provincial government in a most fiiendly spirit, though
he confessed to seeing some serious
difficulty in successfully handling
some of the subjects to which reference was made.
Taken on the whole we think the
government is to be congratulated on
the very excellent manner in which
the claims of British Columbia have
been presented at Ottawa. Good is
bound to result from tbe conference.
The fedeiol government now knows
what Hritish Columbia's wishes are
and what reasons can be advanced in
urging that those wishes be complied
with. The reply to the representations made by the province will be
awaited with keen interest and we
confidently anitcipate that it will to a
very large extent be favorable to the
contentions put forward by Premier
Dunsmnir and Hon. D. M. Eberts.
The Victoria Colonist argues that
it would be very foolish for British
".' nib-, to embarl' �����**> t> "olicy cf
_i ..-rnment ownersr,.,] of railways at
the present time beca_. T it did so
the federal government would go on
subsidizing railway lines in other
provinces, and perhaps all the more
freely, seeing that British Columbia
was making no demands upon the
treasury. This, it says, would be a
singularly unbusinesslike performance, with which remark most of us
will be inclined to agree. But the
Colonist thinks that the day has gone
by when any government in Canada
will give a bonus lo a railway and not
retain any voice in the fixing of rates.
Referring to the reply of the government to the delegation appointed at a
recent public meeting in Victoria the
Colonist says: "Mr. Dunsmulr's plan
uot only contemplates that the company shall pay the interest upon its
subsidy, when its business is sufficient, but that ultlmateliy the subsidy
may be returned to the treasury. A
subsidy for the Coast-Kootenay line
would probaby amount to 81,500,000,
which at 4 per cent, for interest and
sinking fund would call for (60,000 a
year. In order to reach an estimate
of what wonld be necessary in the way
of percentage to protect the treasury,
only a very simple calculation is necessary. To realize 4 per cent, on a
subsidy of 84,000 a mile, 4 per cent, on
earnings of 84,000 per mile would be
needed. Tbe earnings of the Intercolonial Railway last year were 83,-
402.52 per mile. Hence if the propos
ed railway earned a little over 8500
per mile more than the Intercolonial,
4 per cent, of its gross earnings would
convert the subsidy into a secured
loan. We mention this percentage
solely as an illustration and not because we have any reason to suppose
that it is the figure which the government will demand. The value of such
an arrangement is that, no matter
at what percentage the return shall be
fixed, there will cornea time when
what necessitates a liability upon the
treasury at the outset will become an
but any governnicnt-'Woiild not think
of giving subsidies on nuch terms, It
seems to us that the whole curio
breaks down at this point, for no
one will ask that the provincial government should cut loose from the
federal authorities and go into railway building wholly unaided. This
would be a singularly unbusinesslike
performance, for the Dominion would
go on aiding railways iu the other
provinces, and perhaps all the more
freely, seeing that Hritish Columbia
was making no demands upon the
treasury. The provincial government
will undoubtedly endeavor to exercise
some control over all railways to
which it proposes to give assistance,
but even this must be qualified to
some degree by the control which the
railway committee of the Privy Council, or a Railway commission when
appointed, would exercise. The
province would hardly like to under-
ake to construct railways and afterwards have them bubject to the control of the federal authorities, und
the Dominion would hardly like to
hand over to the province a considerable share of the cost of railways that
were to be owned, operated and controlled by the provincial government.
Moreover, there is no reason to suppose that any federal government
would vote to aid railways in any
province without knowing something
about the lines to be aided. That
would be foreign to the policy of both
political parties ever since Confederation. If it were adopted by Britisli
Columbia, it might be demanded by
the other provinces, and the result
would be that the Dominion would
have to surrender its control of railways altogether, which is a thing at
present useless to contemplate, and
also something which could not be tic-
.ende.. ju the ground of public policy.
Under these circumstances, we think
that the resolution adopted at Vancon ���
ver will hardly result in anything
practical.���Victoria Colonist.
It is a matter of great regret that
the government 'should propose to
amend the mineral act in tlie direction of imposing on prospectors assessment conditions similar to thoBe
in force in the states before recording
claims. If this legislation pusses, it
will be a serious set back to the mining industry, so far as new discoveries
are concerned. If the government
want to assist in promoting new discoveries they must amend their law,
let them amend it in the direction of
giving prospectors who discover new
mineral localities a crown grant to
their discovery claim free of assessments provided that within a certain
number of years it is proved that the
new discovery is of value. This
never-ceasing tinkering with the Mineral Act is very ill advised policy.
The law is a good one as it stands.
Let well alone !���Kootenay Mail.
We would not venture to say that
even if tbe lumbermen of thisprovincc
employed none but white men in their
mills that the government would be
justified in acceding to their demands.
Undoubtedly their plea would be
Btrongcr If it were not possible to
urge that by their acts they encourage
the very immigration the vast majority of the people of the province are
clamoring for the suppression of. Our
sympathies are with our provincial
lumbermen, but it seems clear that
the passage of the resolutions of the
member for Vancouver will avail nothing.���Victoria Times.
The agitation started by the citizens of Kaslo a short time ago for the
sending of a large delegation to Ottawa to press upon the Dominion government the wisdom of aiding the establishment of a lead refinery in Kootenay, has taken definite shape and
arrangements are being perfected for
the departure of the delegation ut an
early date, The C. P. R. has given a
very low rate for the round trip���850
���and this would seem to make it certain that a large number fiom the
different points in the Kootenays will
avail themselves of the privilege of
visiting the federal capital. We
think it Is to bo regretted that Nelson
as yet has taken no step to secure representation upon the delegation,which
Is almost certain to create a profound
impression at Ottawa, True, the Nelson board of trade will have its views
on the question of tho refinery ably
presented by Messrs. Fowler and Tay-
'"-, but as united notion is desirable
' ��� il times on such * "go public ques-
" ��� - ��� !"������ I,t* i C ' ' '" -;��� sot ���'
wisdom   for   Nelson in with
the large delegation unit .alio steps at
once to have representation witli that
It appears that the talk about eastern men being about to establish a refinery in tho Kootenay was a joke.
E. Mackay, "the representative of the
capitalists," is, the Nelson Tribune
says, a "josher" and his victim was
an "unsophisticated reporter" on The
Miner. The "unsophisticated" did his
duty and the josher had his laugh.
We have a good opinion of the reporter and think the laugh is on the other
fellow, after   all.���Vancouver   World.
Laugh and grow fat.
Tonight, Opera
Buy   Only   Union ��� Made   Shoeu.
Factory N9 86^
This stamp used by the JOHN Mc-
PHERSON CO., Limited, of Hamilton,
the only Union factory In Canada.
The people of Vancouver, who
adopted the resolution looking to government ownership of railways, do
in t seem to have taken into consideration the necessity of there being two
people to every bargain. It Is well
enough to talk about getting Dominion subsidies, funding them und afterwards determining what railways
are needed, bul It is very well known
thnt tho Dominion government���that
is, not this  government particularly,
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Pursuant to a Power of Sale contained in a certain Indenture of Mortgage made by Fred J.
Squire to the Vendors, which will be produced at time of sale (default having been made in the
payment thereof), there will be sold by Public Auction, at the office of Charles A. Waterman & Co.,
K.-W.-C. Block, Nelson, on SATURDAY, THE 6TH DAY OF APRIL, 1901, at the hour of 2
o'clock in the afternoon (subject to such conditions as shall then be produced), alt and singular
that certain parcel or tract ot land and premises being composed of Lot 683, Group I, Kootenay
District, containing one hundred and twenty-two (122) acres more or less.
This property is very suitable for a summer residence, market garden, fruitgrowing, etc., etc.
There are two frame houses on the premises, one two stories, the other a cottage.
TERMS OF SALE���Ten per cent (10%) down, balance in 30 days, or as may be agreed.
For further particulars apply to ELLIOT & LENNIE, Baker Street, Nelson, Vendors'
Solicitors, or to
!i Dated this 15th day of March, A. D. 1901. 0.
"TOe TRo^al Bank of Canafra"
Incorporated 1869.
Capital AntUorUeil,    .    .    S.,oeo,noo.o�� I Capital Paid-up,     ,   .    .     ��'j,iNm,Ooo.oo
Heat, WI,1<w,<MW.����
Poiinl or Directors    Thomas K. Kenny,  Presldont; Thomas Ritchie, Vice-PreBid.nl
WUoy Smith. 11. O. llauld, 11-jn.lJavidl-aoKoon.
Head ��nice, Halifax!
General Manager, Edson L. Peano, Montreal.
Suportatondonl ot Branches, and Secretary, W. II. Torrance, Halifax.
Branches I
Montreal,   (City   Ollice),   Montreal
Notre   Darirt! arrd tiel.-
'ovn   Hcolla-Halifax   Branch,   Antigonislr,
llridgewater.Ouysboi.. Londonderry, Lunenburg, MaiUand (Huntk Co.), Pictou, Port
IlawkOHbury, Sydney, Shubcnacadic.Truro,
New    llrunriwlck ��� Bathurst,     Dorchoator,
Kredorlcton, Kingaton (Kent Co.), Mono-
ton, Newcastle, SaokviUo, St, Jolrrr.Woodritook*
I*. _. Inland���Charlottetown, Suurmernido.
West lend (Cor.
neurs Btreotgl; Wostmount (Cor. Greene
Avenue arid St. Cathariuos Btreet.
Newfoundland���St. John's.
Cuba, Weal Indict���Havana.
United Males-New York (10 Kxohango Place
Grand   Forks, Nanaimo,   Nelson,   Rossland,  Vancouver,
Vancouver East End, Victoria
Correspondent* t
Canada-Morchnntf Bank or Canada.   Boston-National Shawmut Bank.   _blen_o-Illlnol��
Trust aril Stv\ lugs Hank.   San Frsnclsco-Flrst National Bank.   London,  Kng.-Bank  of
Scotland,   riirls, France-Credit Lyoruials.   Bermuda-Bank of Bermuda.  China and Japan-Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation.   Spokane-Old National Bank.
Ueneial Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills ol Exchange  Bought
and Sold, Litters ol Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the most favorable terms.   Interest allowed on special
deposits and on Having Bank accounts,
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson. B.C.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon, Taree Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Order* fcy man to any branch will have careful a��4 nromot attention.
Ladies' and Gents' Merchant Tailors and Dyers.
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Tramway. For price and terms of sale apply at the office of the Com-
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A. V. MASON, Secretary.
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Kootenay Landing, Hteamor /     1"*'
Crow's Neat Route       l   1 ���all)';
UuHriliintl unil Boundary     I     II:M
.rook Sootlon \ Kx Sun
Slouan city, Slocan Lako /     ll'H
Point*, und Bandon        I Kx Hun
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America, Hastings Str^'i V8,r
oouv-r .. -- .   .   .    ...   .. ;
KX Him I
Kx Hun
;    Hill
' Kx Him
" Yesterday's session of the police
C-iirt was tbe busiest of the year.
Judge Crease is ill and business has
been piling up for a week so that the
" docket was as extensile as nn average
slate in a metropolitan court. Frank
Fletcher, J. P., nnd J. K. Strachan,
J. P., preBlded.
Tlie most serious case was that of
Fred Raith charged with having stolen good. In his possession. The goods
referred to in the charge consisted of a
valuable gdld watch, the property of
Cleorge Mathesom, from whom it was
stolen in February. On the day tho
watch disappeared a man attempted to
sell it at a secondhand store, but the
'proprietor declined to purchase, and
the man left hurriedly. It is alleged
that the man who offered to sell the
watch was Raith, and the evidence
submitted on this point yesterday was
so conclusive as to warrant the magistrates in committing the prisoner
for trial at the next court of competent jurisdiction.
A lad   named Crosson   was  charged
with being  disorderly.    On   Saturday
night he   procured   whiskey   and became thoroughly befuddled.  An officer
"rocked tip the  boy, who  is  under   16
years of age, and an effort was made
to  ascertain    where   the  intoxicants
' were secured with a view to prosecnt
' ing.   The lad could only state that  a
"'   man gave him the   intoxicants on Ba
ker street near the   Sherbrooke hotel.
Be   was   allowed to go on   suspended
'���' se'nten-e after a  severe   lecture   from
the bench.
"      The   case   against    Williams,    the
.   young'man arrested on the charge  of
''-'theft'from Theo   Mudson's   store, was
; hot proceeded with, R. M. Maodon
aid appeared for the prisoner   and for
;' this prosecutor, stating that the parties' had met and explanations had
been made which   removed   from   the
 prosecutor's mind the impression that
'aj theft   had   been    committed.   Mr
Madson corroborated   this  statement
' stating   that  bo   bad no evidence   to
' 'Offer.   Thereupon   Williams   was dia
Ryan, a man who   was   arrested on
Saturday night and created a disturb
anee of the noisiest description, plead
' ed giiilty and asked  for an  opportun
'"' 'Itjr'to leave ��� the town. The magistrates thought SKI and costs or 14 days
was a   reasonable   punishment for' the
'"���"���''trouble he had" caused.
' Sergeant Bardy testified to the   na
"  ture of the   disturbance   Orettted   by
Bauson and Petrie who were eap'.ured,
'in the midst of  a   rough   and tumble
"   'fight near the Kootenay  hotel.   Each
was assessed ?r> and costs. SUl
Jessie North was charged with neglecting to have the   chimney of  ber
'   house on Lake street cleaned as rcqitir-
'*' '  ._ by the fire   by-law.   Tlie   chimney
in question eaught Are the other night
and the oity waa put  to an expense of
'' J2S in turning out the lire brigade.
' The by-law, in endeavoring to avoid
such difficulties, provides thnt oach
householder shall keep his chimneys
.'"'" cleaned. A fine of $1 antl costs was
imposed. It is understood that the
authorities will prosecnte in other
vases where the city is put to expense
in extinguishing chimney fires.
finuncially.|Rugard;ng his duties in
the north he says he is going with
an open mind, prepared to meet conditions as he finds them, and take advantage ol the experience of men who
know the district. Mr. Ross is staying with his father-in-law, John McKay, of this city.
Premier Dunsmuir told a deputation of banking and insurance men
who waited on him this morning
with reference to tho proposed tax.on
the incomes of these institutions, to
gether with railways, tramways, telephone companies; etc, that tbe pro
posal was to collect only on the net
Lieut. -Governor Joly has given  two
hundred dollars to the Victoria  exhi
bition.   There is every indication that
the Duke and   Duchess, of York   will
be here for the fair.
work. A number of other
tions for walks, etc., were
to the board of works.
C. A. Waterman was appointed collector of road taxes to act under the
instructions of the mayor.
Paul Nipon, proprietor of the Nelson Steam -Laundry, applied for a reduction in his water rate, on the
ground that a small laundry such as
he operated should not pay as large a
charge as an institution which did five
times as much work. The finance
committee will look into   the   matter
Peace Negotiations Failed���liri ton and
Boer a*t it Hammer and Tongs.
London, March 26,���The official casualty list Planed last evening indicates
a renewal of active operations since
the failure of the negotiations between Lord Kitchener and (ieneral
At Iiartebeestfontein.on Marcli 2'.'nd
antl 23rd, two officers were  killed antl
of adjusting water tatee-for laundries. three wounded,   and four men   killed
MHA   basis of   the amount   consumed.   nl,d <j_ ,vonnded.    There also seems to
Referring to the  complaints   as   to'
Continued From First Pago.
^ickt'U!' V','
Kent.      JJ_:
P. A.
[   I'roi"
I 1'iii'ii
I until!
1, intfl
I, Vaif
.Preparations     Proceeding     For    the
Sending of a Delegation to Ottaivu.
Kaslo,    March 2.r>.��� The Kaslo board
of trade have been agitating the send-
"''' ing of a monster delegation to Ottawa
lil' promotion of the lend refining
bonus and have scoured from the Canadian Pacific railway a round trip
rate of 860 for   a   party of sonic  fifty
1 'Hel-ljates who are to havo their own
Pullman car and special concessions.
This ia expected to have a strong
Influence on the government as the
best Men only will be sent, and it Is
'' anticipated that many eastern capitalists who are Interested will join bunds
and push the project. It Is proposed
to leave Kootenay Landing Thursday,
April 4th, 1001, and arrive in Ottawa
Monday, April Hth.
..Ogllvle's   Successor Interviewed���Ont-
,!; look For tho Big Fair.
"     i  Victoria, B. C,   Maroh  25.���.1.   H.
"" Ross, Oglllve's successor in the Yukon, interviewed here today, stated
that he believed the Territories
would be Included In the provinces in
the coming yenr. The people, however, were not anxious for provincial
autonomy, as territorial administration h id proved so successful, The
people, also, wonld be much opposed
'to a division' of territory by which
part wonld go Into Manitoba, as the
majority did not like the wny that
province had been governed and the
fray In   which It   had   been  handled
lead mining, smelting.'iefihing, transportation and marketing of ores.
The province of Hritish Columbia
also proposes to issue a mining commission to inquire into matter, affecting internal control and development
of mining. The respective scopes of
these two commissions should be
quite distinct, ana the honorable the
minister of urines for British Colum'
bia has suggested to the delegation to
ascertain definitely from the honorable the minister of the interior, at
his earliest convenience, what subjects
the Dominion commission is intended
to cover and further intimated .to
the delegation his great willingness
to assist the Dominion commission in
every way possible in their   inquiries.
The'minister of the interior, (Hon.
Clifford Sifton) stated on several occasions during his recent visit to the
Kootenays, that it was the intention
of the Dominion government to appoint a commission to inquire into
the mining industry of Canada, and
principally British Columbia. As to
the scope of this commission nothing
was said by him, so far as can be ascertained from newspaper reportsjbut
that it will deal with the silver-lead
question seems assured,
Mr. McBride (Minister of mines for
British Columbia,) when in the Kootenays recently, was Interviewed by
members of the Rossland board of
trade and chamber of mines, ou whioh
occasion Mr. J. B. McArthur, president of the latter, and also president
of the election committee of Mr. W. A.
Galliher, M. P. made. Inter alia,
the following remarks:
"Mr. Sifton is going to take up the
question of the advertisement of the
mineral resources of British Columbia, and in fact of the whole of Canada. I am hot prepared at the, present
time to disclose all he says,' but he i is
going to take it up energetically in
connection with the Yukon. Be is
going to.take up tbe silver-lead ques
tion, and there, is no dqubtj whatever
in his mipd that tho government will
protect that industry, and ah important announcement will be made by
him shortly; in fact, something will
be done within the next   sixty days."
In an interview with the Vancouver
Province newspaper, reported in its
... tie of the 24th ol November, 1900,
lion. (Jliiloni Siftor. Is reported to
have said:
"I may as well tell you now that
the importance of the mining Industries of this province' has never been
so fully borne upon mu as during this
lust trip of mine. It is a subject wo
great scope, aud one that must be
treated with all possible care and consideration. I shall therefore urge upon my colleagues the advisability of
appointing a strong and thoroughly
competent commission to inquire into
the whole matter and report at an
early date. The commission, if appointed���and I have evqfy reason to
believe it will be���would deal not only
with mining but also with matters of
smelting and refining; in fact, it
would take up and report upon the
whole connection which the mining
industry has with the general business of the country, including of
course its relation to the customs tariff and the bearing which that has on
The minister further added that
action on tho report of snch commission could safely be looked for within
a year, inasmuch, as the administration was fully alive to the requirements of the mining districts as well
as of the const.
On the 12th December, looo, a meet
ng of the Associated Boards of Trade
of British Columbia wns called at
the request of Mr. G. O. Buchanan,
of Kaslo, at which meeting It is
learned thnt two letters, one to the
Hon. Mr. Sifton, and the other to
tho Hon. Mr. Fielding, were submitted by Mr, Buchanan, containing proposals as to the mining' commission,
and that these proposals were adopted.
It is assumed that these letters are
on file, nntl therefore unnecessary to
produce here.
tbe location of the detention hospital,
Mayor Fletcher stated that he had a
letter on the subject but did not think
it necessary to have the matter come
up. The authorities did not propose
to erect or maintain a "pest house"
at the point under discussion. It had
been necessary to provide a temporary
detention hospital and the best possible arrangement had been made under the circumstances and that was
all there was to say about the matter.
Aldeiman Patterson suggesed that
the Baker street bridge be planked,
the present planking having become
unsafe. He suggested using the four
inch material now on Baker street
west for the purpose, and the suggestion was approved. Alderman Patterson also recommended that steps be
taken to improve the condition of the
Ward creek gulch between Victoria
street and the Madden block on the
ground that the gulch wa5 a menace
to the health of the city. This was
approved, but a further suggestion
that a eribwoik be constructed on the
east side of Ward between Victoria
and Baker streets and tha roadway
filled in was not anted upon.
All the members of the council were
present at the meeting.
havo been heavy fighting at a place
near Oredgettlaeht on March IHth and
near Ventersburg on March 16th.
Venter-dorp, the scene of tlie defeat of
Deiarey is about 25 miles north of
Ilartebeestefontein. It is possible
therefore, tlrat the advices as to fight-
'ng at these points really refer to the
same engagements. The Pretoria correspondent of the Standard says that
it is obvious some months must pass
before the Boer resistance can be
Capeto'.-. n, March 25.���The threatening attitude of the Malays respecting
the bubonic plague regulations,
clauses the local authorities much uneasiness. Two Malays died of the disease today and three fresh eases were
officially reported. In addition to
these there are six fresh European
cases. A soldier in the Queen's regiment has been Isolated under suspicion. Two Kaffirs succumbed to the
plague today.
Mlitiamen   Will   Get    Pensions and
Typos More Pay.
Ottawa, March 25.���Ihe minister of
militia has given notice of the militia
pension act of 1901. It is said that
the bill will make provision for pensions to officers, non-commissioned
officers and men of the permanent
cOrps. The bill will fix the period
of service entitling men to a pension
at twenty years and that when the
service is under that term a gratuity
will be given. The creation of the necessary fund for the purpose will not
impose a very heavy charge upon the
.At the Ottawa Typographical union
meeting the wages scale was discussed
at some length and the following scale
adopted: Band operators, 812.50 per
week; day machine hands, 815 pur
week ; night machine hands, $18 por
week. This is an increase of about
8,1^50 per week over the present rate
and will be demanded   after June 1st.
A 830,000 Instrument   Will   Be Toronto's Tribute to Victoria's Memory,
Toronto, March 25.���As u result of n
meeting held in the council chambers
of the board of trade this afternoon
immediate steps are to be taken towards securing the necessary funds for
an organ as a memorial to the late
Queen, to be placed in Massey hall. A
committee of gentlemen was appointed to make such organization ns will
be required for carrying out the project. The estimated cost of the organ
is about 830,000.
In China's Plight is Urged by Chineso
London,   March   25,��� Bulletin���Th
Chinese   minister, Sir   Chili Chen   Lo
Feng Luh, called at   the foreign oflice
this afternoon and uiged   the   Biitish
government to bring piessure to  bear
in order to prevent Russia from secnr
ing   the   necossory signatures of  the
Manohurian    government.    The   gov
eminent is still in the dark tonight as
to   whether   the  agreement   will   be
signed or allowed   to  lupse when   the
time expires March 26. The officials of
the Japanese legation are   inclined to
believe Russia will succeed in gotting
the necessary signatures.
London, March 25.���Questioned in
regard to the Russian concession at
Tien Tsin, Lord Cranborne said: "Li
Hung Chang signed an agreement
granting Russia a considerable tract
ol land, which the Russian military
authorities had previously claimed by
right of conquest. The British foreign office was not aware by what authority Li Hnng Chang sighed the concession, but the Chinese government
had declared tts validity and therefore it must be reserved for future
Continued from First Page.
fere with their movements. The fact
was that the wires were npw 18 inches
apart whereas thoy had formerly
been only seven inches npart, yet no
complaint had been raised because at
that time tbe company wiih not using
the oity poles. The telephone people
desired to place as. few poles on the
street as possible and this was tbeir
object in seeking,to utilize the city
poles. As to the agreement he hoped
to have word fiom the company's
head office shortly. In view of this the
matter wus referred back to, the committee for another week.
W. II. Bullock-Webster wrote requesting the council to open up the
lane in block 48, and as the expense
attached thereto was shown to be
small,   the   council   authorized    tbe
Toronto, March 25.- The funeral of
the late A. W. Ross took place this afternoon from 40 Grpivenor stieet to
Mt. Pleasant cemetery. Rev. Dr.
Armstrong Bluck olllciafcil, ivlth a
largo number of prominent citizens
present. Nuincnnis letters and telegrams continuod to arrive during the
In School Mnttcis Nelson Will Far
Well as Coast Cities.
Victoria, Marcli 25.���The entire af>
terncon was take, up with the consideration of the school bill in committee.
The bill was almost completed, one
Concession made by Prontlco being the
withdrawal of that clause compelling
candidates for third class certificates
to attend normal school. Curtis drew
from Prentice a pledge that he would
treat Nelson, Rossland, Grand Forks
and Interior cities as well as Victoria
and Vancouver have been treated In
the matter of school buildings.
Construction of Elevators Whicli Will
Bring Much Trade.
Montreal, March 25.���Captain Wol-
vin, Duluth, today made an offer to
the harbor board to construct elevators
and freight sheds at the mouth of tho
Lachino canal provided tlie board
guarantee 4 per cent, bonds on buildings to the extent of $750,000. In default of the payment of interest, the
olevatois, ct3., are to become the
property of the harbor board. The
Connors syndicate at present has a
grant of sites wanted by Wolvin, but
Connors has not carried out his agreement. Wolvin is to relieve tho board
of any claim Connors may have, the
agreement being subject to upprovnl
by the government. Wolvin is ready
to start worn immediately and estimates that the first year after Improvements to the entrance of the Weiland
canal are completed will bring at
least 10,0011.000 bushels of grain
Capetown, March 25.���It is said the
Boers lost very heavily in altncking
the garrison at Lychtenburg lost
week. Upwards of seventy Ourghers
are reported to have been shot nt one
spot among tho wire entanglements.
Ottawa, March 25. ��� Badon   Powell's
police leave for   Halifax tomorrow  at
2 o'clock.
Preliminary Hearing Adjourned��� Body
Not Recovered Yet.
Ashcroft, B, C, Marcli 25.-At the
preliminary hearing of Wong Sing,
Ah Nlns, Wo Puck Yung, Loung Willi,
Sing Dick and Wing Yung before Justice Lehman this morning for tlie alleged murder of Lee Hang, an adjournment was agreed until Thursday by
the court upon the request of Ban later
.lonns who Is representing the prosecution. Application for ball wus made
and granted nt 81,000 each.
Thu body of the missing Chinaman
has not been found anil tho evidence-
is largely circumstantial but the man
Lee Hang who had several hundrw
dollars in his possession, has disap
peared and is genctiilly lielloved to
have been murdered, The Crown
promises to bring out strong evidence
of the crime at the next session of the
court on Thursday.
Prof. Payne
20th Century
Opera - House
Four Nights
March 25th
Moving  Pictures
Don't Fall to See Him
He   Will   fic.se  You
One of These
Whittaker's Almanac.
The  N. Y. Woild Almanac.
Canadian Almanac.
New   Vork Clipper  Annua!.
Office Diaries, 1901.
The Great Boer War. By
A. Coiirtii Doyle. Cloth,
The Eldredge B. Sewing
Machine. (Ball Bearing.)
i    1
Si. LoUis
To be had wholesale at Nelson.
R.   P.    Rithei    &
Co., Ltd.
GRAY   ISakcr st' Nelson
A. B.
Kootennv Agent.
LU171 ber..
Delivered to any point
on Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock on hand of
Rough and Dressed
Mouldings, Sash Doors,
Inside Finish,
Coast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber-
Mill at PILOT BAY. Tarda, NBIJ.OM
and 1, A It JO.
That's Ihe name of the product of another new industry
for Nelson���the Nelson Cigar
Factory. " STRATHCONAS "
are manufactured from the
finest selected imported Leaf
Tobacco and made hy union
men. Made in two sizes.
Try them. They will be
found the best on the market.
Canada Drug and
Book Co., Ltd.
Spokane Falls &
Northern R'v.
Nelson dfc Fort
Sheppard R'v.
Red Mountain R'v.
The only all rail route between
all points east, west and south to
Rossland, Nelson and intermediate
points; connecting' at Spokane with
Great Northern, Northern Pacific,
and O. R. & N. Co.
Connects at Nelson v ilh steamel
for Kaslo and all Kootenay lake
Connects at Meyer's Falls with
stage daily for Republic, and connects at Bossburg with stage daily
for Grand Forks and Greenwood.
Leave DAY TRAIN Arrive
8 :(*) a.m Spokane G :10 p.m.
11:50 a. m Kossland .'1:111 p.m.
7:00 a.m Nelson 7:15 p.m.
0:45 p.m Spokane 7:00 a.m.
11.00 p. in Kossland 7 M iuii.
H. A. JACKSON, Q. P. & T.A.
Spokane Waab
Agent, Nelson, B.
H. & M. BIRD
Agent* tor Eureka nineral Wool in.
A.bcatoa Coinsurance Co. of North America, Mutual Lift
insurants Co., of New York, Quebec
rlro Assurance Go.
Honso and  lot on Observatory
St.   close   to Josephine   St.;
routed  at 916.00 per month;
easli (f'JOt); Stltiti easy tin ms... $soti 00
tlapt. Troop's  house   and four
lots on Stanley Street.   I'uU
particulars on application.
Mrs.   Snowden's  residence   on
Holism! street
Two lots on Water St. suitable
for warehouse; each  Win uo
Two :.*��� foot   lots   In   Illock 40,
Da timer  street  SOO 00
Two good, level lots on   Nelson
avenue,  Bogustown .its ou
Itoorus in tlie Hall Block, up
stairs 18 to 110
A furnishedI house on Josephine
St.;  tl rooms and  bathroom;    Hi oil
Victoria Stkkht.
J. LOVELL SniTH, Prop.
Birmingham, Ala., March 25.���
Shortly beforo 10 o'clock this morning
a fearful tornado swept over the southern section of this city, travelling In
an easterly direction. The number of
killed Is estimated at .'.'li. Only live of
them are white. The destruction of
property is placed at a quarter of a
million dollars. Eighteen bodies
have been recovered from tha debris
np to dark and scores of Injured have
been sent to the hospitals.
Atlantic S.S. Sailings
���Yum I'iii'MiiiiiI,   1,>.
Dominion Lino duirironinn March 31)
Dominion Lino Vancouvor April 1.1
Dominion  Lino Dominion April 27
Allan Lino  I'lLl'Man April "
Allan Lino Tutilfinu April..
Allan Lino Nuiiiiilliui..... April .I
From Ht, John. N. II.
Beaver l.lno Loire Mladic March 88
itc:ivit i.in ��� i���ikuOntario ...April.
IIimut Liu,, l.li-ilmil.i April 18
Kroni Now York
Clinnrd   l.lni' Klriirin    March .10
Cunard Line Lm-nnla Aprils
(iunard l.lno Mcrvlu April 1.1
Whllo Star Lino Teutonic April :i
Whit.- Hlrir Linn Germanic April ID
While Htor Line MnJonUo Anilli;
American Lino Bt, l/ruls April J
Aninrl-in  Lino .Now York Ap'll 10
N. II. L. Kaiser Wlllielin dor drome.   April 2
M. O. L. Kal-wrlu Maria Thorcsla April 20
French Une l.i Uascoxne March 2K
r'ronoh Lino La Itrotogno, April 1
Anchor Linn Ktiruorwln .March .In
Anchor Lino Kthlopln A prll 0
.tll.ui.Uto Lltio.Uilo of Ni Iuii-k ,   .April la
_       _ _ Ifrom Bonlon
Crinnnl Lino Bazonla  March H
Cnnaiil Line Nolonia April 20
Dominion Lino Now Knirlrnd  March 27
Dominion Lino Commonwealth April 10
l'lmnoKi��� arraBKod to and from all Koropeau
point*. Kor raloa, tlckto.M and full Information
npplr to f. I'. It. depot agent or II. L. Hrown1
< iry Faaaenver Agent, NelHon. B. t'.
Oaireral 8,8. A.ciU C.I'.It. Oflloe.. Winnipeg.
For domestic or steam use.
A full supply always on
Kales to all railway and
lake points.
General Agent.
Tel. No. 265.
Oflice ��� Two doors west
C.P.R. offices.
Our Fresh .{ousted Coffee Best of
Quality, nn follows :
Java and Arabian Alocha. nor pound |  10
Java and Mocha lllotui, .1 poundn  1 00
Fine s.ui 101 4 pounds  1 (10
Santos Blend, -pounds i oo
Our  .poclallllnnd, II poundn    I IX
Our Itlo Itoont, II pounds  1 Ul
Nalkniiimimn :
B. C.
connissioN agent.
P. 0. Box 626.
GoBlo Address: "Oroasdallo,"
Oodo-Morelno �� Ne.1.
Is prepared to neRiitiiili' lire sale of
developed mines. Hns arranged for
dealing In sharps on thn London and
Montreal Htock Exchanges. Shares
bonght aud sold iu Ixindon on maigiu.
Will take charge of the interests of
absentee investors.
Ollice : Selous Blook, Nelson   I! (' pH
Nelson Daily Miner, Tuesday, March a6, 1901
Auction Sale
Household Furniture
Aoting under instructions, the under-
si.ned will oiler for sale al. public
a.iclion, at tlie resiuence, three doors
west of Hull, tin the north side of Mill
street, on
Thursday. March 28th
at 2 p. in- sharp,
all the household furniture, consisting
of h drooiii suites,'sideboard, dining
room furniture, Smith organ, MnlTiilt-
Pearl coal stove, Blast Queen stove,
carpets, pictures, kitchen utensils and
diBhes, Climax sewing machine, bed
lounge, etc., etc.
Terms, cash.
Chas. A. Waterman
& Co-, Auctioneers-
OfflcrH:  Iloorni  II   anil   IS  1C.W.O.  niock
We have some remarkably choice products that
will help your table immensely.
Not only the ordinary
canned fruits���peaches,
apples, etc., but jellies,
preserves, jams, ketchup,
pickles, and a long list
of good things.
Ask us about them.
Klrkoatrlck & Wilson
'Regulations for the Prevention   of the
Spread   of    Smallpox   In   the
Cily of Nelson.
Nelson, 11. C, March  l_d, 1901,
All passengers aniving it the City
of Nelson from all points east of the
Kootenay ltiver will be required to
furnish the Inspector or Officer in
charge of the currying out of these
regulations with a certificate from the
Health Oflicer of the city or town
from wlibh he or she has left, containing the following particulars:
1. (a) That he or she has not been
in any place or building infected with
(b) That lie or Rbe has not lived in
any place or building which lies dangerously near any infected building
or district.   .
(e) That he or she has been recently
successfully vaccinated.
'.. If tlie Inspector believes that any
person is infected, or thut his or hor
clothing or Other effects contain infection, tlie Inspector shall detain
such person, and hiB or ber clothing
and effects ns aforesaid, until the period of incubation is over, and such
person and his clothing and other
effects shall be at once disinfected.
8. If he only suspects that any person on board, or the effects of any
such person, have been exposed to
infection, he shall notify the Medical
Health Officer of the locality to which
the person is going to meet the train
or -boat, and to keep the person
thereafter under observation.
4. In the event of any passenger
bringing nny baggage (band or otherwise) or whether the same shall bo
forwarded by express, the following
certificate may also be required from
the Health Officer of the town or
city aforesaid:
(n) That the said baggage (here
give full description of said baggage
so that there can be no question us to
ldentificnion) has not been in any
place or building infected with smallpox.
(b) That the said baggage has not
been stored or used in any place or
building which lies dangerously near
anv infected building or district.
5. All railway and steamboat companies must adhere strictly to the
following regulations:
(a) All mail nnd baggage from
points above mentioned destined for
tlie City of Nelson, on, or before leaving the last point of call on Kootenay
river must furnish the Inspector or
Officer in charge of the carrying out
of these regulations, with a certificate
from tho Health Officer of sucli points
where fumigation takes place that
same has been done.
(b) All cars or steamboats on
which have heen discovered infected
persons, baggage or mail, will not be
permitted to again convey passengers,
baggage, etc, into the City of Nelson
until disinfected and fumigated to
the satisfaction of the Medical Health
Officer of this city.
(c) Nc Indians shall be allowed to
land in the City of Nelson under any
This Proclamation to go Into effect
Mayor of the City of Nelson, Ii. C.
I). LA15AU,
Medical Health Officer.
Porto Rico Lumber
Co., Limited.
Rough and
Dressed  Lumber,
Shingles, Mouldings.
A-1 White Pine Lumber Always to
We carry a complete stock of Coast Flooring
Ceiling. Inside Finish, Turned Work, Sash and
Doors. Special order work will receive prompt
attention'  Mall orderB solicited.
Porto Rico Lumber Co.,
Head OfHce-ITerrdr^x and Vei nnn '���X. Nolson.
Close connection East and Westbound at Spokane witlitriiina of the
trains of the Spokane Falls and Northern Railway.
Direct connection at St. Paul without change of depot with all trains for
Chicago, Toronto. Montreal, New York
and all points West and South.
Leaves Spokane daily for East at 10:15 a.m
Leavos Spokane daily lor West at 7:45 p-m-
West-bound trains make direct connection for Victoria and Vancouver,
Port bind, San Francisco, and all points
on the Sound.
During the season of navigation East
bound trains connect at Duluth with
the magnificent steamships North West
and North-Land of theNorthei _ Steamship Company Line, operated in connection with the Great Northern Railway.
Foi' further information, maps, folders, etc., apply to any ngent of Spokane
Falls A Northern Hy., Kiwlo A Slocan
Ry., Kootei ai Railway A Navigation
Co., or to
G��nl. Pass. & Tkt. Agt.   Com't.l Agt.
St. Paul, Min       Spokane. Hash
D. J. DEWAE, J. P.
Notary Puhlio, Conveyancer.
Very nice house and lot between
Ward anil .losepbine street on Silica,
this rents for $M, and is a bargain at
$3.son. If you want a nice house near
the center of the city this is the place.
Six building lots on Observatory
street only ($200 each, or the block for
$1,100 cash.
Thiee lots 30x120 in Hume addition,
adjoining Mr. Honeyinan's residence
will be sold for 8500 if taken at once
���they are very cheap.
Loans at low rates. No delays, No
fines, and no commissions.
Houses to let, collections made.
A legal battle royal was fought at
the couit house yesterday afternoon
by the representatives of Rossland
and Trail corporations. The matter
came up in connection with an application by the Canadian Smelting company for water rights In Murphy
crcok, a stream which rises north of
Rossland. Tho application came be-
foro John A. Turner, assistant commissioner of lands and works, in the
court room, and evoked determined
opposition from the interests opposed
to the smelter's application. The
Trail smeltor was represented by A.
n. MacNeill, K. C, and E. P. Davis,
K. C, of Vancouver, the Center Star
and War Eagle companies were represented by A. C. Gait, the Le Roi by
Hon. T. Mayne Daly, K. C, and tho
city of Rossland by James Abbott nnd
W. Van Buskirk, city engineer.
The water rights question came up
before Mr. Turner some time .ago,
and at tbat time he granted tho Trail
smelter the desired records. It was
shown that the smelter was increasing
its plant and needed the water to
make the additions practicable. The
War Eagle, Center Star and Lc Roi
mining companies hnd previously
made application to John Kirknp,
gold commissioner for the Rossland
district, but the hearing on these ap-
pications was postponed for some reason. In the meantime the smelter
company brought its application before Mr. Turner as required by the
statute and were successful in securing tho records. The mining companies took an appeal to the supreme court
in the province and had the matter referred back to Mr. Turner, iu order
that the fact that the mining companies having previously applied for
rights might he brought up.
At yesterday's session the mining
companies were represented as stated
above and their solicitors entered an
objection to proceeding furthcr,on the
ground that the assistant commissioner could not properly deal with the
question until the prior applications
before the gold commissioner at Rossland had been disposed of. E. P. Davis, K.C., for the smelter, pointed out
that the decision of the Chief Justice
under whicli the matter bad been reopened, did not put any disability on
tho assistant commissioner to await
the result of the mining companies
application before proceeding to rehear the smelting company's application. Mr. Turner took this view of
the matter and the case was gone into. The witnesses for the smelter
demonstrated that the two furnaces
now being added 10 the institution
would shortly be In operation, probably about a month hence, and that
the water would then be essential to
their operation, in addition to which
the smelter required the extra supply
to operate its present plant in low
A number of witnesses were called
to give expert testimony as to the
amount of water required for smelter
purposes, among these Delng R. R.
llcdley, manager of the Hall Mines
smelter. The mining companies contented themselves by filing affidavits
of their requirements. When the evi
dence was completed Mr. Tuiner reserved bis decision.
Murphy creek is the third creek
north of Rossland, the first two being
Rocky and Stony creeks. The water
in the first is held by the city for
domestic and fire purposes. Tho smelter holds the water in the second
creek and those on Murphy creek have
been in dispute. At the present time,
however, the city has records for 400
inches on Murphy creek, but as the
corporation does not utilize the supply and probably will not for several
years the other corporations are fighting for the records.
Advertisements Inserted under this head at
tho rate of ono cent a word por insertion. NO
advertisement taken for loss than 25 oenur.
Situation Warned advertisements iuserUiil
three times free of ohurge.
FOR   RENT.���Cellar.
Hank of Canada.
Apply     Royal
FOR   BALE.���5-roomed   house,   bath
room.gns rango and all modern conveniences, four lots, boat house and
boats on electric line.
Four lots In Bogustown. City wator.   On electric line.
Two lots corner   Ward antl Robson.
Two lots on Stanley street. Address, P. O. Box 11H,    Nelson, 11. C.
WANTED.���A small,neat house handy
to business portion of the eity. State
number of rooms and if bath room
closet, etc. Advortiser will be permanent tenant. Address, Cottage,
Miner olliee.
K.  W. IUY'~  LIST.
FOR SALE.���A snap, 7-roomed house,
bath, pantry, at corner of Silica anil
Cedar street, $1,7.5.    For full particu-
lare apply at ollice.	
FOR SALE.���Two lots nnd 0-rooined
house, bathroom, cellar, etc. Large
kitchen range in place, cost $8,1)00,
House piped for gas all sanitary improvements. Full particulars apply
office, R. W. Day.   8:100th	
FOR SALE.���Lot 3, block 4,
182, 50x120, 8250.
CAN PROCURE Tenants for the following, must be near town. Six-
roomed house, all modern conveniences, $25; 7-roomed houso, all modem
conveniences, 825; 5-roonied houBe.all
modern conveniences, $25.        	
TO     RENT-Under    lease    for    six
months, 7-roomed house,   open   fire
place, and all   modern   conveniences.
Carbonate street, $80 per month.
R. W,  DAY, Nailllen  Block,
TO   LET .��� Clement-Hillyer
Apply  Tramway  company's
C. D. .1. I'll It 1ST...
Land, Loan, ami Insurance Agent.
FOR SALE.���That desirable villa
residence Enfield, on Stanley street,
containing upstairs, four bedrooms
and bathroom and hall I downstairs,
double drawing room, dining room,
conservatory, kitchen, servants' room,
cellar in basement. Fitted with
electric light and bells, furnace, hot
and cold water, grounds 51 ft. by 120
ft.    Terms on application.
FOR SALE���7-roomed   house, modern
conveniences three blocks from post-
office.    Very cheap.	
FOR SALE.���Two lots ne��rcar barns,
only $000	
FOR RENT.-4-rooin,
7-room bouses.
G-room,    and
FOR SALE.���0-roomed   house,    bath,
sewer connection, stone foundation,
lot   40x75.    Four   blocks   from   Post-
office.    Only 82,800.
WANTED.���Intending builders to call
and secure my terms for loans.
ft D. J. CHRISTIE, Baker Btreet.
FOR SALE.���Second   hand   piano  in
good   order.    Will be   tuned   before
delivery.    Apply R. W. Day,   Madden
WESTERN     Canadian     Employment
Office. Victoria St., next door to
Public Library,   P. O. Box 711, Phone
Wants���Man to repair machines
gootl company.
Female help���.Waitress and chamber
maid out of city, $30 per month.
tiirls for general housework,$20 to $25
por month.    Two   15-year old girls In
city 815 per month.  '
WANTED.���The   reader to know that
if he reads this, other people will
read his ad, in this column.
WANTED���Good   mineral   claims   in
groups   woll   developed   and    good
showing.    Ed.    Mace,    barber,    Josephine st., city.
Are you in want? If you are, tell
the people, through The Miner want
column, what vou are in want of.
You'll get it.
WANTED.���A first   class foreman for
granite quarry, one used   to   taking
out dimension   stone.    Apply   at   the
quarry or to John liunn. Nelson.
WANTED.���A boy to work in grocery
store.    Apply corner Josephine   and
Mill street.
WE HAVE   in stock choice tens from
India, Ceylon, China, and Japan.  We
blend them to your taste.    All   prices
and qualities.    Kootenay  Coffee Co.
FOR SALE.���Any  amount of space in
this  column.   It   always brings results
A PERFECT fitting ladies tailor system taught, outs bias darts anil seamless waists.    Peters A Dynes, Broken-
Hill Block.
FIRST-CLASS   Room and   Board,   in
private   family,   reasonable   terms.
Apply on Silica street, two doois west
of Ward.
JAPAN TEAS���"Spider Leg," "Pan-
fired," "Sun Cured,"���have a place in
our stock. The new "Ceylon llreen"
is fine flavored and economical, Kootenay Coffee Co.
Randolph Stewart's new map, showing all surveyed mineral cluims. $1.50
each.    R. W. Day, Madden Block.
WANTED.���Every   man    or    woman
who wants   anything, to make that
want known in this   colmun.    A Miner want nd always brings result.
PRIVATE rooms and   board.    Heated
throughout.     Use   of   batli.    Apply
Mrs. Reilly, one door above Postollice.
i-piIORl'K & CO. l.mlted-Coruer Vernon
A and Cedar Streets, Nelson���Manufacturers of and wholesalo dealers In aerated waters
and fruit syrups. Sole agent, for Halcyon Hot
Springs mineral water.  Telephone 60.	
_L> N. M. Cummins, Lessee��� Kvory known
variety of soft drinks. P O Box 88. Telephone
No. 31. Hoover Street, Nelson. Bottlers of the
f.unouH St.. Leon Hot Springs Mineral Water
J   A. Ma-dons	
ii'iuiontH, Broken
Ward Streeu, Nelson,
. James
A. MacdO-aldl���Architects and superln-
Hill Blook, oorner Baker and
11.     HI
KVANS A CO.-Baker Street, Nelson���Wholesalo dealers in liquors, ulnars, cement, tiro brlok and Are clay, water
pipe and steel rails, and general oouiutlaelon
Wliorosalo aud retail dealers In grain,
hay, flour, feed. Mills at Victoria, New West-
minster; Edmonton, AIt_. Elevators ou Cal-
Kiiry und Edmonton Hallway. Manufacturers
of the oelobraled II. A K. brand cereals.
MACDONALD   A Co.-Corner  Kron
���-���   and Hall Streets-Wholesale  groeen
unit jobbers in blankets, gloves, mitts, boots,
rilMlMI'K     llllLf.lt .III. WU  lllwl    llliriiip.1   unti.Ul.,..
JLl Olliee curnor Hall aud Kront Streets,
isolHon���Lumber, celling, flooring, and every,
thing In wood for building purposes. Got our
prices.   Correspondence solicited.
PBU11NS A Co.-Baker Street, Nelson-
���   Wholesalo dealers In fresh and cured
meal..   Cold Storage.
. Baker Street, Nelson-Wholesale deal
ers in fresh and ourod moat..
Street,   Nelson ��� Wholesale  iteulars lu
hardware,   miners'  supplies,
sporting goods.
LACHLAN BROS. (Successors to Van-
_ couvor Hardware Co, Ltd.l Baker Street,
Nelson .-Wholesale dealers In hardware and
mining supplies, plumbers' and tinsmiths' supplies.
JL> paints, oils and glass; mechanios' tools.
Agents foi Ontario Powder Works; dynamite
rpURNER, BEETON A Co.-Corner Vernon
X   and Josephine Streets, Nelson���Whole
sale dealers in liquors, cigars, and dry goods.
AgenU for Pabst Brewing Co. of Milwaukee
and Calgary Browing Co of Calgary.
HUDSON'S BAY Co.- Wholesale grooerlet
and liquors ete., Baker Street, Nelson.
C'l AU l''OKNIA WINE CO., Limited-Corner
J Froit and Hall Streets, Nelson���Wholesale dealers n wines (case and bulk), and
domestlo and Imported cigars.
mines and prospects wanted. Send
samples and report to The Prospectors'
Exchange, Room 4, K.-W.-C. block,
Nelson, B. C, Phone, 104. P. 0. Box
No. 700.
IT WILL PAY you to read our ad. in
another column. Our blend of tea at
Thirty cents   per pound will suit you
Kootenay Coffee Co.
Two-story, five roomed house, with
acre lot. Fruit trees, kitchen garden
and chicken houses. Good water.
Just the place for poultry farm. Call
WANTED���The   reader to know   that
our   loan   company is the only company  that   stops   interest    on    each
$100.00 of principal paid in.
Will pay the highest oash prioe for all
kinds of second hand goods. Will buy
or sell anything from an anchor to a
needle. Furniture, Btoves, oarpert.,
cooking utensils, bought  in household
Snantities.     Also   oast   off   clothing.
1*11  and  see  me  or write.    Address
OFFICE; 8. il ��nd 10. K.-W.-C. Rlock.
ROOMS TO RENT.���A number of
good rooms in the K.-W.-C. block,
third flat, furnished or unfurnished,
apply on the premises between 3 and
5 o'clock p. m. Mrs. Fred J. Squire.
Apply to room 40.
A SNAP.���$1,500 buys a ranch not far
from   Nelson,     77H    acres.   Eight
acres   cleared.    R. W.   Day,   Madden
NICE large room   for   rent on   Silica
street, opposite English Church.
FOR SALE.���Lot  on   Vornon   street
bringing   in   ground   rent   uf $25 a
month. $2000.    Apply R.  W. Day.
NORTHWEST Typewriter Emporium,
Winnipeg.���All makes of new, rebuilt and second hand typewriters.
All kinds of typewriter supplies.
Typewriters rented. W. L. Tebo,
Agent, Baker street, opposite Queen's
Hotel, Nelson.
GOLD���GOLD���GOLD.���Free milling
gold mines and prospects wanted.
Send samples and reports to Andrew
Rosenberger, Room 4, K. W.-C. block,
Nelson, B. C��� Phone 104. P. O. Box
No. 700.
AUDITING���Monthly balances  taken
and general bookkeeping by competent accountants. Apply P. O.Box 707.
JY. GRIFFIN & CO.-Corner Vernon and
���   Josephine Street., Nelson ��� Wholesale
dealers in pr-vlolo-
i   urod _e ts, butter and
E'OUND���A pocket   book,   containing
small amount of money and concell-
ed postage stamps.    Owner   can   have
same by applying at The Miner oflice.
Sixty per cent advanced on firat
mortgage improved property, centrally located. If so, I can place your
loan, giving you the privilege of repaying the amount borrowed in a definite number of monthly payments of
principal and interest, with the privilege of repaying the whole or any
portion at any time after the second
$500 repaid in CO monthly payment, of $10.40
$1,00 repaid In IX! monthly payments of 7.��0
$.100 repaid in 120 monthly payments of    tj.30
Other sums in proportion. No commission charged. Definite contract in
mortgage limiting payments. Definite table furnished each borrower
showng amount required to discharge
loan at anytime after the second year.
No Membership Fees.   No Fines.
Building loans made, money advanced an building progresses.
Can also make special arrangements
for repayment of loan by .giving 60
days notice���(if required)���
British Columbia Permanent Loan  and
Savings Oo.
Nelson, B. C.
FOR RENT���Building formerly used
as cottage hospital. Seven medium
sized rooms, two exceptionally large
rooms. Modern conveniences. Apply
A. R. Sherwood.
Often children are. tortured with
itching and burning eczema and other
skin diseases but Bucklen's Arnica
Salve heals the raw sores, expels inflammation, leaves the skin without a
sear. Clean, fragrant, cheap, tbero'B
no salve on earth as good. Try it.
Cure guaranteed. Only U5c nt Canada
Drug at Book Co.
A. R. BARROW, a. u l o.e
Provincial  Land Surveyor.
Corner Viotorla and Kootenay Sts.
P. O. Box _   . Telephone No. 95
Civil Engineers and Provincial Land
P. O. Box U* _f_!��on   B. C
Silver   King   Hike,
Street, Nelson, H C
Do you want some   line stationery-
letter paper and   envelopes���with   the
name of   your   home   or  "Nelson, H.
Boi   300.     Hall jC," printed thereon?
supply you.
Prof. Payne, Hypnotist, tonight-   Opera
If you don't like Blue Ribbon Tea it*B
because you've never tasted it.	
Thia signature ia on every box of tbe genuine
Laxative Brorao-Qiiinin. T*biet>
the remedy tbat cures ���> eoU la 0"> ����������
FOR SALE���Boarding house at Moyie.
Fully   furnished.      Five    thousand
Venus shaies���a snap.  For particulars
apply to G. Gurd, Nelson.
FOR    SALE���Soda-water     fountain,
nearly new, very cheap. Apply Kootenay Cigar Manufacturing Co.	
FOR   SALE���Two   teams,
W. West.
Apply  C.
FOR SALE.���My business at corner
Josephine nnd Lake St. Other business needs all my attention the only
cause for selling. Cash talks to me.
A. E  Crossett.    Three weeks only.
FOR RENT.���fi-roomed   house,   every
convenience, Mill St., 825.
Several choice residences for sale
cheap. S. M. Brydges, K.-W.-C.
Canada Permanent and Western Canada Mortgage
head office toronto,  ont.
Money to loan on Straight Mortgage.
The Miner can ' Apply to G. I.. UPNNOX   Baker St
1 Nelson.
FOR     SALE.���An    clectlic   battery,
(lood as   new.^ Can   be seen   at the
Miner office.
HELP WANTED.���The  Miner   wants
you to help swell   this  column.    A
Miner want ad. always brings results.
NELSON Employment Agency,  Baker
street, .1. II. Love.    Phone  No. 278.
P. O. Box 465.
WANTED.-Waitresses,       Girls     for
housework. Contracts taken for Diamond Core Drilling.
7-8 inch diam. $13.50 per 100 feet. Foi
immediate delivery in Nelws
J. 0. T. GROFTS.
��  o   nnr
By the week from $5 to P6.
By the day Si.00.
J. V. O'LAUGHLIrJ, Prop.
Home Grown
Fruit and Ornamental Trees,
Roses, Shrubs, Vines, Bulbs,
Hedge Plants, Seeds.
Extra choice slock of Peach, Apricot, Plum, Cherry and Prune Trees.
New importation of first-class Rhododendrons, Roses, Clematis, Bay Trees,
Hollies, etc.
80,000 to choose from. No agents
nor commission to pay. Orders dug 111
one day, you get it next train. No
fumigating nor inspection charges.
Greenhouse plants, agricultural Implements, fertilizers, bee supplies, etc.
Largest and most complete stock In
the province. Send for catalogue or
call and make your selections before
placing your orders.   Address
M. J, HENRY Vancouver, H. C.
Subscribers in Kaslo
Every morning Immediately
on arrival of steamer, nt the
rate of    , ,
75 Cents per Month
Subscriptions to lie left
with the agent,
Coal and Wood.
Agenta Imperial Oil Oo. Ltd.
Blairmore Coal,    -    $6.75
Crow's  Nest Coal,   $6.15
Anthracite,    -    -   $10.75
No order can bo accepted unleu
accompanied by cash.
Office Corner Hall and Baker Street..
and try a bottlo, a dozen, or a barrel of
CALGARY BEER as it is the best and
choiipoNt on rlro market. . Also try our
WINES,    LIQUORS     and    CIQARS.
FRANK A.TAMBLYN. ���������������.
Telopbon  W, Baker St  N��la9n,8,0
���'���-'��� uMami *MH =���
our prices mm the lowest.
NO circumstances or conditions exist that make it possible for competition to under sell us.    "Giving  better
values than others" is the basic prop of this whole business.    Kerr& Co's. was begun,  has  succeeded
and will be continued on that principle.    Under every possible stress and exigency we sustain our  well
known policy.    If another dealer, as a sporadic expedient or experiment, cuts his regular  rate  on any
line of goods to match ours, we immediately indulge in still larger reductions.    The market is watched with  tireless vigilence, and whenever we find that a house, for mere sensational effect, has paralleled a price established bv
....  i__      -j ���. ~~ r..it Ar*M.../.rit.rt, ,.:.,,i;,..,,,...  ...... ���t-..-�� /
us, we cut under.    Here's a page full of proof that vindicates our claim.
A Great Many Silk Values.
Preparations for spring bave attained Ihe eclipse���every other
endeavor slage. We want ever) body who is Interested in spring
wearables lo got in touch wilh our doings, our offerings and our advertising. Tire swing and sweep of tiie business is gaining all the
time.    These are the kind of values that create great records.
200 yards Wash Silks for Blouses in striped patterns,
colors, sky, pink, cardinal, nr.-ruvc, green, black, Irelio, nile.
Choice of the range, per yard $
150 yards Silk Luxors for shirt waists in fancy stripes,
15 colors to select from, at, per yard	
450 yards of Taffetta Silk, good weight, bright linisli,
20 Inches Wide, 17 shade., .per yard     ' ����
50 yards Black Taffetta, 2t inches wide, fine finish, per
yard         75
100 yards Black Mervellieux, extra weight, special
finish, per yard     I 00
75 yards Black I'eair de Soie for dresses, special value
at, per yard      1  50
75 yards Black Duchesso Satin, for blouses, our leader
at, per yard     1 5��
Hosiery and Gloves.
All you who are frugal by instinct or training, and all who
are compelled lo observe economy, will be glad to glean these sur-
pris'ng ' specials", bought by ns m large quantities arrd al a great
saving.    You gel the b t'lefit of it; only come early
10 dozen Black Kihbud Cotton Hose, exlra weight,
fast colors, special for school children, per pair... .35, 30 and
15 dozen Black Ribbed Cotton Hose, ladies sizes only,
fast dyes, per parr	
ro dozen Plain Black Cotton Hose, sizes 8%, 9, 9)..
fast colors guaranteed, per pair	
25 dozen Ladies' and Misses' Black Lisle and Cotton
Hose, Heruesdorf dyed, spliced heels and double soles, our
special price, per pair	
3 dozen Cashmere Sox for children, colors, tan, cream
and black, per pair       I5C
4 dozen Lisle Thread Gloves irr black arrd colors, all
sizes, special, per pair        20c
4 dozen Black Silk Gloves, ladies sizes only, lo go at,
per pair       35c
5 dozen Ladies' and Misses' Taffetta Gloves,   in black
and colors, per pair ' " '	
8 dozen Silk, Taffetta and Lisle Gloves,   sizes 6J_, 7,
���jYz. color's, greys, Tans, blacks and white, al, per pair	
Curtains and Curtain Goods.
If tremendous assortments, newest styles, best qualities and
extraordinary low prices will win your patronage, we never so
surely merited it as now.    These quotations prove it.
Nottingham Lace Curlains, 2 r-2 yards long, 33 inches
wide, taped all round, special, at, per pair i
Nottingham Lace Cirrtairrs,  3  yards  long, 36  inches
wide, taped all round, special, per pair	
Nottingham Lace curtains, 3 t-2 yards long, 54 inches
wide, lock stitched edge, new patterns, wortli $2.00, our.price
Nollingliam Lace Curtains, 3 r-2 yards long, 60 inches
wide, lock stitched edge, pretty patterns, our price, per pair..
5 pieces Art Muslin,light and dark patterns, good colorings, special value, per yard	
5 pieces Art  Muslin,  fancy  designs,   rrew effects,  40
inches wide, per yard	
5 pieces Cretonne and Furniture Cotton, light and dark,
fancy designs, to go at, per yard	
200 yards  Fancy  Saline,   artistic  patterns,  27  to 36
inches wide, all one price, per yard	
1 5��
2 50
Children's Whitewear.
These summer frocks arc delightful to the eye and light on
the purse. Crisp, beautiful harbingers of flowers���studded May.
We arranged this advance display for tlie convenience of women
who wisely provide the warm weather wardrobe ahead of Ihe rush.
Material, styles arrtl qualities arc choice and dainty, and Kerr's
prices prevail.
White Lawn Dresses, lucked back and front, yoke finished with insertion arrd ruffle of embroidery, full skirt wilh
wide hem, sizes r to 4 years, at $ t 75
While Lawn Dresses, tucked and embroidery inserted
yoke, finished with fine Swiss embroidery, ruffle on neck
sleeves and body, full skirt and wide hem, for ages 2 to 6
years, special price     2 25
Swiss Spot Muslin Dresses, back and front tucked,
yoke formed of embroidery all over, finished with Valenciennes lace, trimmed, ru��le, neck arrd sleeves, full skirts with
wide hem, for ages 3 to 6 years, our price     275
Made of Lonsdole Cambric, trimmed with cluster tucks,
hemstitching arrd ruffle of Embroidery, for ages 3 to royears,
your choice, per pair	
Underskirts made of fine Lonsdale, wilh 12 rows of
tucks and wide hem, good sweep, attached waist, for ages 2
to 5 years, at 75c and
Underskirts made of Cambric, trimmed with cluster
tucks and ruffle 0**4 inches, fine embroidery, for ages,6 to 12
years, our price, each      I 00
Children's Slips.
Slips made of Lonsdale Cambric, hcir.stitched yoke,
embroidery on neck and sleeve, full skirts, at         90
Slips made of Muslin, circular yoke, hemstitched back
and front, ruffle of fine Swiss embroidery round yoke, sleeves
and neck, special at     I 50
Dress Goods.
Black 1'arola depone is one of the leading weaves of Ihe season, one of the richest
and brightest of Ihe Mohair family Two ele
garrt designs, nothing more fashionable, more
seasonable or more effective for dress.
Our price per pattern of 6 yds.
 $7.00 and $10 00
For fine Tailor Made Srrits, colors,
grey, pearl, black, fuwn, tan, green,
brown, purple, per yard..$2, $1.50and $ 1 00
A new material, an uncommon
name. Its smooth surface is not calendared as finely as broadcloth; it is
richer aud dressier than vicunas.
This is the fairest descriplion we can
give of Drap de Kara, The latest fabric for spring dresses or suits. It is 38
to 40 inches wide, colors, blue grey,
fawn arrd green, our price per y_rd.. $     75
Shirt Waists.
Many chic American ideas are here. A
look through the assortment will be interesting.    Every one guaranteed fast color.
2 1-2 dozen Printed Shirt Waists in
light and dark colorings, detachable
collars, to go at .$      75
5 dozen Percale Shirt Waists in
stripes of navy and white, black and
white, cardinal and white, detachable
collars'to go at     1 00
3 dozen Shirt Waists in Dresden
Percale, colors, sky, emerald, pink,
navy, black, trimmed with embroidery,
bolero effect, detached collars' Ihe latest style, al     2 00
At a great sacrifice price we secured a
manufacturer's samples. There are nearly
300 of them and no two handles alike. If you
aniicipate buying this season, our assortment
and our prices are worthy of your immediate
5 dozen Parasols, tops made of
durable silk, handles assorted, congo,
sterling tipped and horn, your choice.$ i 50
5 dozen Parasols, silk and wool
tops, will not cut, handles congo, gun
metal, Horn, a splendid assortment, at
15 dozen Ladies' Parasols and Umbrellas, silk covered' 24 inch frame,
handles pearl, silver, rolled gold plated,
congo, sterling tipped and many others,
special value at$6, $5, $4.50, $3 and. .$
Children's Blouses and Collars.
These garments have always been hard
to get in Nelson. This season finds us with
au assortment that is sure to please. Come
and see.
Boys' Sailor Blouses made of white
duck and striped galitea. fast colors,
for ages 3 years to 8 years, per garment $    75
Boy's Sailor Blouses made of white
pique or duck, striped galitea, plain
blue duck, finished with embroidery
and lace trimmings, special values at..    1 00
Misses' Shirt Waists made of percale, in light and dark striped effects,
detachable collars, fast colors; sizes 26
and 28, at        75
2 dozen White Duck Byron1 Collars, embroidery trimmed, at         25
2 dozen Boys' Square or Round-
cornered Collars, in pique or duck;
trimmed with lace and embroidery, at..       45
2 dozen Boys' Sailor Collars, made
of pique, reversible; colors���red, white,
blue.    Our prices 60c. and        50
Ladies' Vests.
Here are some  items substantiating our
claims for leadership in this line:
20 dozen Cotton Vests, sleveless, 3
for        25
5 dozen Balbriggan Vests, sieve-
less or short sleeves; special, per garment        25
10 dozen Fine White  Knitted  Cotton
Vests, short sleeves and sleeveless;
fancy trimmed; special, each        35
3, dozen Balbriggan and Lisle
Vests; short or long sleeves; fancy
trimmed, at        5��
Tailor-Made Costumes.
New ideas, smarl effects in costumes
come to hand daily. The Military is strictly
up to date, and we have provided liberally.
Of course our stock is rrot confined to this
particular style, Many other chic and
equally fashionable are here loo���for In-
Suits of Covert Cloth - jackets
made witli lapels, fly front, silk
stitched; lined throughout with satana;
inverted plaited skirt, percaline lined,
velveteen binding; sizes 32, 34, 36, 38... 10 00
Box Cloth Suits���colors, black,
fawn, tans, grey; sizes ^2t 34, 36, 38.
Eton jackets, velvet collar, top pockets, lined throughout with silk. Seven-
gore skirts with circular-flared
flounce, silk stitched, inverted plait,
lined with percaline and velveteen
binding, at   20 00
Broad Cloth and Ladies' Cloth
Suits���colors, black, green, navy,
pearl, grey, tan, blown; sizes 32, 34,
36, 38, 40. Elon jackets with seamless plain back, appliqucd wilh taffeta
and silk stitched; L'aiglon collar,
trimmed with gold and silver buttons,
lined throughout witli silk. Seven-gore
skirts with circular-flared flounce, appliqucd like jacket, lined witli percaline,
and velveteen binding.    Our special at 25 00
Wrappers made of print with
pleated back and straped; scroll patterns; in light and dark fast colors, a
good range of colors; skirts very full;
sizes 32, 34, 36,38, 40.   Our price each    I 50
Print Wrappers made with yoke,
trimmed with ruffle, back pleated, bell;
fancy designs and stripes; fast colors;
sizes 32, 34, 36, ,38, 40. Your choice.. 2 00
Wrappers made of American Print
with yoke, braid trimmed, full skirt
with ruffle, fancy patterns, fast colors;
sizes 32, 34, 36, 38, 40, at     2 50
' We are particularly proud of this department and its values, because not in a
single instance do we offer old or carried-
over goods. Every garment has been made
specially for us and in strict accordance with
the latest -approved Twentieth Century fashions.
Corset Covers made of fine cambric
with embroidery trimmings, all sizes,
per garment $
Corset Covers of extra fine Ions-
dale cambrjc, with I rimming of em
broidery on neck and sleeves, our price,
Drawers made of cambric, with
cluster tucks and embroidery trimming,
Drawers made of fine muslin, trimmed with frill, Valenciennes lace and
insertion    aud    hemstitched,    special
value     1 00
Drawers of superion quality cambric,
trimmed with insertion and Valenciennes lace, umbrella style, at	
Night Gowns made from Ionsdale
cambric, having embroidery trimmed
yoke, collar and sleeves, ourleader at.
Fine Muslin Night Gown, with
tucked or embroidery yoke, with Valenciennes, torchon or embroidery trimmings, a fine selection, at, each     3 50
Sk.Jts made of fine muslin, with
cluster tucks and 5 rows of cording,
embroidery ruffle aud dust frill, special    1 75
Fine Lonsdale Skirts made with
flounce, Valenciennes lace trimmed, extra ruffle of embroidery, dust frill,
.special, per garment     4 50
��� 50
Perhaps it won't pay you to come down
for these, but if you are coming to shop anyway, why not pick up some of these bargains.
15 dozen Boxes Safety Pins, 1 1 4
dozen assorted in each, nickel plated,
per box	
10 dozen Boxes Hair Pins, assorted, straight, crimped and invisible, per
2 dozen Belt Buckles, ten styles,
 -Soc, 35^ a"d
3 dozen Lorraine Loops for belts,
the latest styles, each	
2 dozen Curling Tongs, wood handles, selling each at  5
3 dozen Hair Rolls, sizes 12 to 15
inches, at         25
5 dozen pair Side Combs, imitation tortoise, per pair ,         15
5 dozen Hair Locks, imitation tortoise, toe. each, 3 for         25
This Pricelist is scraccly an inkling; a mere shadow of the multitude of values ready for all
who come. The special point deserving stress concerns prices. Ours are fully one-third less
than others charge. If you are not already a patron of ours, we want you to become familiar
with our prices.
Kerr & Co.
Nelson, B. C.
Silk Blouses.
We show exclusive styles in Taffeta, Satins, Mervellieux and
l.uxor. We cannot find words lo express their beauty. Come
and sec is the only satisfactory way.
Luxor Silk Blouses-colors���Cardinal, sky, pink,
black. Sizes-32 to 40. Tucked back and front. Bishop
sleeves.   Our Leaders, at  | _ ,0
Black Satin Blouses with lucked back and front.
I rimmed with buttons;  all sizes.    Great value at     800
,   ?'ac_:, Taffeta   Blouses���Sixes  32,   34,   36  and  38.
lucked and hemstitched body and sleeves.    Very special....   12 00
Wash Goods.
Our Wash Goods section speaks for itself. The latest are
always here and In such assortments thai makes shopping easy.
Kasy to decide.   Easy on the pookelbook.   Note these:
25 pieces of Prints in light and dark designs, spots and
Stripes, 27 niches wide, fasl colors, per yard  I0
50 pieces Prints, English and Magog manufacture���In
spots.    Fancy effects, 32 inches wide, fast colors; per yard..     I2>_
Irish Dimity, Organdie, Valence, Lamballc, Challis,
Lappet, in plain stripes and spots. Fancy patterns. All
last colors.    A very choice lot of 30 pieces al per yard         20
4 pieces of Bijou Muslins in paisley patterns of sky,
pink, black, mauve, 29 inches wide. Guaranteed fast colors;
per yard	
4 pieces Diana Cl.th in Dresden*affects.   Colors���Sky,
pink, cardinal, green; 29 inches wide.    Fast colors; per yard        15
7 pieces WesserlingOrgandies in fancy scroll patterns.
Fast colors; 32 inches wide. Colors���favor, cream, black,
mauve,  turquols.    Very special; at per yard         So
4 pieces Silk Dimity in plain black, cream, mauve,
white; 30 inches wide; togo at per yard         6c;
Laces, Embroideries and Allovers.
All the fashionable dresses are lace-trimmed. Paris has so
decreed and the world is following her command. You can be
dressed in tlie very acme ol" style, and for little money, loo, if you
buy your laces at Kerr's.
1000 yards Valenciennes irr assorted patterns; 4. to lA
inch wide.     Our Leader, at 12 yards for         25
500 yards Valenciennes, insertion lo match, to be sold
at the same low price.
rsoo yards French Valenciennes Lace and Insertion
extra fine quality; new designs) % lo 5 inches wide, varying
from sc. lo 35c. per yard.
Embroidery Echings, 1 to \>{ inches wide, iu pretty
designs on muslin or cambric.   Your choice per yard  5
Embroidery Echings, 2 to 7 inches wide; new designs;
muslins or cambrics. Special values at 8c, roc, 12 _c, 15c.
and 25c per yard.
.,_. A1,over9 in Valenciennes, Applique, Cheffon, Point
d Esprit, Embroidered Suisse, Goffered Cheffon and Batten-
berg.    Our prices 35c, 50c, 75c, S1.00 to $4.50 per yard.
Corset ease, comfort arrd style, combined wilh wearing qualities and low prices, are here for every woman. Come here and let
us fit you; then judge for yourself.
5 dozen Ladies' Corsets in drab. Sizes 18 to 28; two
side steels and corded; jean covering.    Special ut per pair...        75
3 dozen Ladies' Corsets in drab. Long or short waist.
Sateen covered and lace trimmed) steel tilled. Our Leader,
each....      , so
2 dozen Ladies' Corsets; erect form, in white coutille
covering; lace trimmings) steel filled; all sizes; now     2 50
S dozen Summer Corsets in white net; cane filled.
Special, at per pair	
5 dozen Summer Corsets in while, two side steels and
corded.    All sizes.    Yours for      ���
Table Linens and Napkins.
3 pieces Table Linen, unbleached; good patterns;
heavy weigh!; 56 inches wide; lo go at per yard	
S pieces Table Linen, unbleached; new patterns; extra
weight; 60 inches wide.    Sec this bargain	
5 pieces Table Linen, 64 inches wide; bleached and
fine satin finish; per yard	
5 pices Table Linen, finest quality I 72 inches wide;
finest satin finish; newest patterns) per yard	
10 doz.'n Table Napkins, all linen; patterns to malch
cloth; sizes ^ and >{ ; all at one price; per dozen	
8 dozen Tabic Napkins, satin finish; size J,'; extra
quality; per dozen	
15 dozen Table Napkins in choice patterns; best quality, satin finish; sizes % and #; prices 83.00, $3.25, $5.00,
$6.00 up to $15.00 per dozen.
'  *5
1  5��
* 5��
Neckwear and Belts.
Do you like individuality? This store aims to have the
largest variety and to show something entirely different from all
others. This season's Neckwear was purchased in the United
States, and we feel confident that in this department wc oul-do all
2 dozen American Ties in military effects; golf, fealher-
bonc, lace, taffeta;  prices $1.75, $1.50, $1.25, $1.00 and....
2 dozen Tucked Slock Collars; colors���sky, green,
black, cardinal, pirrk.    Your choice, each	
1 dozen Wash Net Scarfs, with battenberg ends, at... .
2 dozen Military Stock Collars in satin; colors���purple,
cream, sky, cardinal, royal; trimmed witli gold braid. Our
prices, each 75c. and	
6 only L' aiglon Belts. The latest novelty in bells.
Our price each     4 00
6 only I.oraino Belts; another novelty effect; logo at..        50
1 dozen White KidiBelts; harness buckle; \% inches
wide.    Special         25
6 only Corded While Satin Belts; gold brvid trimmed;
an American novelty     1 75
' So
m |VW��V��^WMW\%WV>^V^^V����
���__j-_p _-M_aB_p__-BM_--M---Bt-MBK
Ngfc-OM   Dmlv Miner,
TlWAV,  Mahoh 3ft, I&Ol
The funeinl of the
of T. Skerrctt took
infant daughter
place   yesterday
For the Easter holidays all C. P. R.
agents will sell round trip tickets for
a fare and a third, good going on
April 1 and !i and   returning April   8.
A meeting of the Nelson <lun club
takes place this evening in the Hotel
lluini' at 8:80 o'clock. All citizens
interested in trap shooting are invited
to attend.
The choir of St. Saivour's church is
practicing for un extensive musical
service on Easter Sunday. An orchestra of nine pieces is being trained for
the occasion.
The lucky tickets in the raffle at
Patenaude Brothers' store yesterday
were held by Mayor Fletcher and Dr.
Arthur. His worship captured the
liquor set and Dr. Arthur won the tea
George McKnight, charged with attempting to dynamite Chinamen at
Atholmar, East Kootenay, was com.
milted for trial at Golden by J. E.
Griffiths, S. ML, and will lie brought
to Nelson to await trial,
William Irvine, of the firm of Fred
Irvine A Co., returned home on Sunday evening from a lengthy business
trip to the east. He visited the leading eastern markets and made extensive purchases for the firm's spring
and summer trade.
The entires at the mining recorder's office yesterday were: A half interest in the King fraction on Whiskey oreek to N.N. Nattstead from A.
W. Boyd, consideration nominal. The
interest was then conveyed by Nattstead to Andrew Sostad, consideration 8300. The B. A. C. company recorded a power of attorney in favor
of Bernard Macdonald in respect to
the Mist fraction, DufFcrin, Ueresfoid,
Tootsie,   Hawkeye and Whoopup.
A. W. Uoas   Dead���Northwest   Legislature To Meet on May 2nd,
Winnipeg, Man., March 25.���Mr.
D. A. Boss received a telegram on
Saturday evening conveying the sad
news of the death ol his brother Arthur Wellington Ross, ex-M. P., for
Lisgar, now at Selkirk division. Deceased   was a   resident   of   Columbia,
B. C., but about two months ago was
stricken with paralysis und was taken
to Toronto for treatment. A .second
stroke followed last week, from which
lie never rallied.
A party of Strathcona's Horse arrived in the city today. At the head was
Lieut. Jack Leckie, of Greenwood, It.
C, others being Corporal Murray of
Vernon; Pte. S. U. Winkel, W. D.
Fraser, H. 0. Eraser, G. Elliott and
A. A. Vernon, of Victorin.
A Iiegina despatch says the Northwest legislative assembly conveneB for
the despatch of business   on May 2nd.
Laxative Bromo-Qulniiro removes the cause.
Toronto, March 25.���Publicly disgraced and dejected over shame she
biought to ber family, Mrs. Alice
Simmers, 43 Arthur street, who was
arrested Wednesday last for shop lifting, yesterday afternoon committed
sucide by strangling herself in jail,
Ilowmanville, Ont., March 25.��� W.
T. Cole, druggiBt, took a dose of prus-
sic acid in mistake for a tonic for
stomach trouble Saturday night and
died in twenty minutes after medical
assistance arrived.
6 Window Shades *.
X     Worth 60c      $
���      Now 38c      j>
���i-        ���0O*O*0*O40*O4040*
Carpets, Carpets
_���'^_^_^__'���__,    __>.g-__^ _*���_�� ���__?���_* ���__?._���'��� _g-
04O44O*O��0*0*0      fjf\
- 9\
Curtain Pole snd T
Fixtures   Complete        X
Special ��t J9c Q
In order to make room for our Spring Carpets, which arc  ,f|
_ . . . J.      J -  , _~ + . T I'M
now at the station, we have decided to clear out about twenty
pieces at cost and some pieces at less than cost. This is a
splendid chance for those requiring new Carpets and Window
to Shades at very low prices.
Five pieces of Jute Brussels,
good patterns; never sold
under 65c. lo $1.00, sale
price 25c. and 35c.
Six pieces ot Tapestry, choice
patterns, regular price 65c.
to $1.00, the sale price
now is 45c.
Nine pieces of Tapestry, good
patterns, regular price 75c.
to $1 25, sale price now 50c.
to 85c.
Halifax, N. S., March 25.���Geo.
Halbert, a young Englishman on a
visit to this city, attempted to shoot
Walter Dixon, a negro, on Sunday
night. He fired two shots at him but
neither took effect. Halbert is now
under arrest.
Sydney, C. B , March 35.���Three
men were badly scalded by boiling
oil at the Dominion Iron A Steel
works Saturday. They were at work
on a breach over the bridge furnace
when an overflow of oil occurred.
Wc will also include Lace Curtains and Portieres at very
low cash prices.
This sale is for CASH ONLY, as the prices in many instances arc below cost. If you are not quite ready for your
Carpet, by paying a deposit wc shall keep same for you.
Lace Curtains
jc to $25  per Pair
Fred Irvine St Co.
O Portieres
X from
X   $3  to  $2o  per  Pair
Tig      *0**0*V*0+vwrv'r             ���        ��� j-
*?��_._ .__. -_.-��.-_. ^. <��_.^.~,.^-^--*___.__s_a__iA__4__.-S.-_.^*d**��***^
St. John, N. I!., March 25.���Right
Rev. John Sweeny, D. D., Roman
Catholic bishop of St. John, died this
morning from a paralytic stroke Sunday night.    He was 80 years of age.
A letter received yesterday from
John I. Stewart, No. 45 I! squadron,
Baden-Powell Constabulary,stales that
all the Nelson boys now in camp at
Ottawa are in excellent health and
spirits. They won an excellent reputation for sobriety in coming into the
capital despite the fact that about
three cases of whiskey were consumed
on the trip. II. B. Davis has been appointed sergeant, J.Gravely, sergeant,
Charles llislop, corporal, and George
Partridge, corporal.
Professor Payne, hypnotist, opened
a week's engagement at the opera
house last night and gave an excellent
entertainment He began with an
interesting talk on hypnotism and
then introduced the series of experiments around which the greatest interest centers. His subjects proved
tract.ble and tlie professor had them
perform a number of novelties which
kept the audience laughing steadily
and right merrily for an hour. The
entertainment is well wortli witnessing. On Wednesday Professor l'uyne
will put a patient to sleep in a store
Payne, 20th Oentury Hypnotist.   Opera
Houte, three nights more.
Toronto, March 25 ���Herman Cook,
ex-M. P., left for Ottawa tonight to
testify before the senate committee
concerning an alleged offer made to
him of a seat in the senate for a cash
Tara, Ont., March 25.���Official returns in Wednesday's Dominion bye-
election. North Bruce,shows Jos, Hal-
liday, (Cons.) elected by a majority
of 11.
Spring Weather Has Arrived!
Our New Spring Stock!
We  feel  quite   confident  in stating  that we arc now showing
one of  the best selected stocks that has been in this city.
Come and see, and prove this statement for yourselves.
We only mention a few of the many.
London, Ont.,    March   25.���Eire did
$5,oui) damage in the Southam   Printing A Litho Co.'s premises yesterday.
Putrefying food in the intestines
produces effects like those of arsenic,
but Dr. King's New Life Pills expel]
tho poisouB from clogged bowels,
gently, easily but surely curing Constipation, Billiousness.Sick Headache,
Fevers, all Liver Kidney and Bowel
troubles. Only 25c at Canada Drug
.. Hook Co.
Don't fail to see Prof. Pajne.
House, tonight.
Millinery opening at   Kerr A Co
Apiil 2nd, 3rd, and 4th.
About that second hand article of
yours. You'll sell It if you'll advertise it in Tlie Miner want o-l-rmn
Dress Goods
The Latest.
Blouse Silks,
very dainty.
French Dimities,
""nearly every color.
Fancy Muslins,
Laces   and   Embroideries.
Applique Laces.
Ready to Wear
Silk Blouses,
Muslin lilonses,
colorerl and white.
Pique Skirts,
Duck Skirts,
Crash Skirts.
White Underwear,
an immense stock.
Children's Dresses,
Children's Pinafores
Our new Ties will
please you, and our
new Shirts are some
thing out of the ordinary.
American styles.
Don't forget to"see
our Bargain Window
The Canadian Bank of Commerce t
With Which is Amalgamated
The Bank of British Columbia.
Paid up   Capital,   88,000.00(1;    Reserve   Fund,   12,000,000;
Aggregate Resources Over 8115,000,000.
HON. GEO. A. COX, President.      B. S. WALKER, General Manager.
London Office: 60 Lombard Street, E. C.
New York Ollice; 16 exchange Place.
And 68 branches in Canada and the United State, Including:
Ati.in Greenwood Nki_on Bandon
Kkrnik Nanaimo Rossland Victoria
YUKON DISTHICT-Dawson and White Horse.
UNITKI) STATES���NEW York, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Skaoway,
Savings Bank Department.
Deposits Received and Interest Allowed.  Present Bat* 3 Per Cent
Nelson Branch. GRANGE V. HOLT, Manager.
Hudson's Bay Stores
E. Nelson Fell, manager of the Athabasca mine, leaves today for Florida,
where he will join bis family at their
old home.
W. H. Bullock-Webster, chief of
provincial police, leaves today on u
three day's trip to Greenwood ou departmental business.
Harry Winfleld, another of the Nelson men who went to Africa with the
Strathcona Horse, has returned. He
is registered at the Queens.
Kev. J. H. White, pastor of the
Methodist church, leaves for Kaslo tomorrow to lecture in the Methodist
church there. He icturns on Thursday.
Phair���J. S. Harrison, Westbrldge ;
T. R. Ella, Vancouver; D. Price,
Winnipeg; U. H. Collins. Oreenwood;
Adam A. Stewart, Woodstock; J, I".
Miller. Trail; A. C. Halt, W. G. Van
Buskirk, J. N. Abbott, T. Mayne
Daly, Kossland; W. T. Hoyles, Trail;
A. U. MacNeill, S. L. Long, 0. W.
llislop, Rossland.
Hume���J. Henry. Ainswortb; Wn.
Brayton, Kaslo; W. Meadows, Rock
Creek; C. VV. Busk, Kokanee Creek;
J, H, Freeman, Victoria.
A cheap remedy for coughs and colds
is all right, hut you want something
that will relieve and core the more
severe and dangerous results of throat
and lung troubles What shall you
do? Go to a warmer and more regular climate? Yes, if possible: if not
possible for you, then in either case
take the only remedy that has been
introduced in all civilized countries
with success in severe throat and lung
troubles, "Boschee's German Syrup."
It not only heals and stimulates the
tissues to destroy the germ disease,
but allays inflammation, causes easy
expectoration, gives a good night's
rest, and cures the patient. Try one
bottle. Recommended many years by
all druggists in the world, For sale
hy W. F. Teetzel A Co. Get Green's
Prize Almanac.
(/^ Have You Good Eyes?
i Can You See ?
Why Not Have Your
Eyes Attended to ?
It can be done for so little and
it will give you such great
Come now, do not delay. We give you tbe very best test, free of oharge and
you can have your eyes fitted with a pair of glasses from J:i np. Come and see
us.   Consultation free.
Gold, Silver-Lead  and   Copper Mines wanted at the EXCHANGE.
FREE MILLING GOLD properties wanted at once for Eastern
Parties having mining property for sale are requested to send
samples of their ore to the EXCHANGE for exhibition.
We desire to hear from prospectors who have promising mineral
claims in British Columbia.
Prospectors and mining men are requested to make the EXCHANGE their headquarters when in Nelson.
All samples should be sent by express, PREPAID.
Correspondence solicited.    Address all communications to
f    Telephone No. 104.   P. O. Box 700. NELSON, B. G.    >
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and   Salted   Heats
��� "Have yon seen Payae?" "What
Payne?" "Why, Payne the Hypnotist,
Opera House."
Millinery opening at Kerr St Co.'s,
April 2nd, 3rd and 4th.
Take I..xit.ltv. Hrorno Quinine Tablets. Alt
driiKKiiil* refund tho money If It falls to cure.
Sic,   K. W. Ur.vo.n lignat-are la on oaoh box.
Nothing makes the home look more cheerful [and bright
than to have your walls finished with
See our large stock of Paints, Stains and Varnishes.
Fish and Poultry in Season
E.   O.   TRAVES.   Manager.
W.-W.-C, Block. Ward Street, Nelson.
Orders by mail receive careful and prompt attention
Baker Street,
ER, FATHER, or any of yom'
relatives afflicted with the Dis
case of Drunkenness ? We have
a sure cure which can be given
with or without the knowledge
of the patient. Send for particulars, enclosing 2 cent stami'
for reply. Address Dr. W. H
Saunders & Co., Chicago, III.     j


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