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Nelson Daily Miner Apr 16, 1902

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 Daily Edition No. 1318
Nelson,   British  Columbia, Wednesday,  April 16, 1902
Eleventh  Year
the   city   provide   a   site   and   $3,000
annually as an appropriation.
Russian Minister of Interior
Shot Down Yesterday.
Circumstances   Similar
Those of McKlnley's
St. Petersburg, April IB.���Tbe minister of the interior, M. Sipiaguino.
was shot and fatally wounded at 1
o'clock this afternoon in the lobby of
tlie ministerial oftices by a man who
held a pistol close to the minister's
person. The wounded man died
at 2 p. in.
It waB learned later that M. Slpia-
guino was on his wav to attend a
meeting ot the committee of ministers.
He had just entered the office oi the
Imperial council when the assassin,
wbo had driven up iu a carriage,
approached and handed him a folded
paper, saying he had been charged to
deliver it by the Grand Duke Sergius.
The minister stretched out his hand to
take the document when the assassin
fiied five shots at him, three of the
bullets striking him and one wounding his servant.
The assassin did not resist arreBt.
He said his name was Salselianste and
that he was a student at Kieff where
he was sentenced to compulsory military service for participation in tho
riots of 1001. Be said he was subsequently pardoned bnt that he had not
been reinstated at the university and
that he therefore revenged himself
upon M. Sipiaguino. The minister
was taken to the hospital where he
died in one bour.
James  Amiot Rises From   His Dinner
and Expiies Immediately.
I Last evening nt 0.20 some of the
.guests at the Baitlett hotel who wero
itting at dinner heard a peculiar
gurgling sound come from .luuies
Amiot who was sitting by himself at a
table. The latter rose out of the seat
as attention was attracted to him,
and George Ilaitlett, who wns in the
room, asked him what was thc matter. He stated that lie was ill nnd
wished to go outsidj. Be was led
from the room and commenced to
vomit on getting out. This stopped
and he sat down on a stick of wood
in the yard where Bartlett left him.
Be came back, however, immediately,
to find that tho man had fallen over
against tbe fenco near which he had
been sitting, and was perfectly still.
Dr, Arthur was sent for and arrived
within a few imnutes, hut pronounced
him dead, the cause being acute heart
Amiot was n Frenchman by birth,
but is believed to have lived in this
eountry ior tlie past 30 years. Ue was
00 years old and is reported to have a
wife and children in Quebec and a
son somewhere in California. He had
been working for W. G. Gillett ou the
addition to Captain Busk's house at
Kokanee creek,and was a plasterer hy
trade. Tbe body was removed to the
undertaking establishment of 11.
McArthur and Co., pending enquiry
as to its disposal.
*An inquest wil! beheld this after-
France to lie Officially Represented iu
Rochambea Ceremonies.
Paris, April 15.���At a oabinet meeting held at the Elysee Palace today
the former foreign minister M. Del-
casse communicated to bis colleagues
the text of the letter from President
Roosevelt, invitinR President Loubet,
in the most cordial terms, to send
representatives to attend tho inauguration of the Rocbambcau monument at
Washington on May 21. He snid the
French ambassador at Washington,
M. Jules Cambon, had been instructed
to express to President P.oosevelt the
warm thanks of President Loubet and
the government of France and to inform the president that a mission consisting of a general and admiral and
other officers, will he sent tu the
United States on- board French
A Soven Foot Ledge of Fi^e Ore on
the 085 Foot Level.
Rossland, April 15.���It is stated that
at the drift on the lower or 085 foot
letel of the White Bear mine a seven
foot ledge of fine looking "Le Koi
ore" was encountered yesterday, hut
no orffclaTstaTement has been given
out. The White Hear management
has been making a long drift to the
north,orosscutting on the lower levels.
The ore is said to have been encountered in one of these crosscuts. No
statement is made as to the values.
A Plank of   Platform Adopted Favorable to Woman Suffrage.
Kamloops, April 15.���Sixty-tour
delegates were present at the Labor
convention's first session. J. A. liaker
of Slocan was elected obairman of
tne convention. It was decided
allow aliens to vote but not b
Seveu men were elected a platform
committee. After some discussion a
woman suffrage plank in the platform carried.
Government Declines Revision and Situation Is
King Said to Favor the Granting of Universal Suffrage.
five penny tax: All thc (hairs and
meals from the abovo mentioned pro-
I. A "DTI TJ'O'DTIT O i''uols' Bs wo" *' maeiruni.vermicelli, j
ijilXXl AlJjj5JuJjk) | ��t��rch| farina, arrowroot, iiindioca I
flour, setnoliua. QAItB powder,
potato Hour, tapioca, sag", sago meal,
nee meal, and rice dust, shredded
wheat and preparations containing
auy of th,' foregoing product.
Boers Mahe This  Essential
to Further Peace Negotiations.
British Refuse an Armistice
Until Conference Is
Chinese Rebels Intend to Establish
Kingdom in the South.
Bong Kong, April 15.���A report has
just reached here that the rebels in
Kwang Si province intend to seize
three provinces in Southern China
namely Yun Nama, Kwang Si aod
Kwang Tung ind establish an independent government. The rebels
announce, however, tnat they will
endeavor not to interfere with foreign
trade and that they will not attack
Canton until the provinces mentioned
have been thoroughly reduced. By
this course of aotion they hope to
avoid collision with troopB of foreign
If Newspaper Reports Correct Courts
Martial Will Follow.
Washington, April 15.���Secretary
Root has cabled General Chaffee at
Manila to investigate the newspapei
reports on the Waller trial and if they
are correct to court martial General
Smith. Also if the facts are established as testified to before the senate
to court martial tbe officer who
administered the. "water cure," to
thc sergeant ot Igbarras. These
officers are Major Glenn, Lieut. Conger and Asst.-Surgeon Lyon.
Exteqsive Dealings in Dominion Steel
Montreal, April 15.���Recruiting for
the 4th contingent began here this
morning. About 50 men presented
themselves but none had been accepted
up to noon. Preference is to be given
to men who have already seen service.
About 12,000 shares of Dominion
Steel changed hands on the local
market thiB morning, due probably to
the holders unloading in view of yesterday's deal. The stock opened at
dropped   to 00,   and   closed at 70.
Tho   new
worth 00.
stook   it   i
s   said will  be
Brussels, April 15.���The government
hns firmly declined to yield on the
question ot revision and unless King
Leopold should override the government,there seems to be nothing to pre>
vent the development of a serious
In the chamber of deputies this
afternoon,M. Nujean presented a manifesto on Vehalf of the Liberal members of the Leftists, demanding dissolution in order to enable the country
to pronuonce on the revision question.
This manifesto pointed out that the
time was critical ar.d the country
threateued with civil war and for tne
government to consent to a loyal and
legishitional dissolution, could not be
represented as a surrender to popular
To this challenge, the premini, M.
Lesmet de Nayer, replied by declaring
that the right of dissolution rested
with the King. He added that be felt
it bis duty to warn parliament
against the rumors of government
Tomorrow the Socialist members of
the chamber will present their demand for universal suffrage. This
will eventully be defeated, and it is
feared that this defcit will lead to
trouble particularly in the provinces.
The authorities have taken extraordi-.
nary measures to avert disorders. The
strike movement in Brussels and its
environments is of a minor character
but in the industrial districts it is
today more formidable than ever,
Some dynamite outrages have been
reportd from Renan, in Flanders. The
legislative department of the international socialist bureau has issued a
manifesto appealing to workers in all
countries to support them in their
struggle against reactions.
London, April IC.���It is understood,
says the Brussels correspondent of the
Daily Telegraph, that at the last
council, King Leopold insisted upon
the necessity of granting univerasl
Hanover lias Arranged For Tournament of the Masters.
Hanover, April 15.���It was announced today that the grand international chess tournament under the
joint auspices of the German Chess
association and the Hanover Chess
elub will begin on Mondav, July ?1,
although the cougress will officially
be opened the Saturday before. On
this day all the preliminaries, such as
the pairing of the players will be
arranged. Up to the preent the Hanover club has reoeived the following
entries: Pillsbury, Marshall, and
Napier, America; Blackburn, Teich-
maun, Mason and Lasker, Great
Britain; Janowski, France; Alapin
and Tachigorin, Russia; Morcozy,
Schlechter, Wolf and Marco, Austro-
Hungary; Wiilbrod', Scbeve. Mieses
and Tarrasch, Germany.
London, April Hi.���The Daily Mail
iu its issue of this morning says that
it understands that a serious hitch
hBs occurred In thc peace negotiations
in South Africa. The cabinet iu
council has deciled to refuse a
btronply worded requebt from the
Hoer leaders al Pretoria for an armistice pending the negotiations. This
alone is not likely to cause the Boers
to withdraw from the conference, says
the Daily Mail, but what threatens to
stop the negotiations is the (act that
the government declines tc place the
later Cape rebels on the same footing
aa the burghers with respect to
amnesty, and is not inclined to withdraw the banishment proclamation.
These features are regarded by the
Boers as two cardinal points in the
irreducible minimum of terins which
Lord Milner, the British high commissioner in South Africa, went to
Pretoria to ascertain and in return for
whieh, the Boers agree to the loss of
independence and general sunendtr.
Tbeir other demands, continues the
Daily Mail, are tnat Great Britain
shall rebuild and restock the farms,
take over the legal claims and liabilities of the two republics and grant
representative government within a
shorter period than is now con-
The following despatch, 'dated
Pretoria, April 15, has heen reoeived
at the War office fiom Lord Kitchener; Bruce Hamilton's columns
arrived at. the Standerton line last
night,having taken 145 Boerfl, including killed and wounded, during the
movements from the Middleberg
Eleven Men Were Blown Into Eternity
ami Several Wounded.
tjueenstown, April 15.���Gunner
Lieutenant James S. S. llourno, Lieutenant Miller and nine bluejackets
were instantly killed yesterday afternoon bv the bursting of a 12-inch gun
on board the British lirst class battleship Mars during gun practice oil
In addition several men were injured by the explosion. The breech
of the gun blew out alter it had
niisicd Bre twice.
The bodies of tho two men who
were sighting the gun wero scattered
to pieces and blown overboard, The
injured seamen were brought ashore
here tjday.
McGovern and Corbett to Meet Before
thc Connecticut Club.
Cincinnati, April 15.���Bids for the
figbt between Terry MoGovern and
"Young Corbett "for the featherweight
championship of the world, were
opened at the office of a local newspaper here today. Six bids were received, thc highest being that of tbe
Nutmeg olub, ot Connecticut, of
Sum Harris, manager of MoGovern
and John Corbett, uianagor of "Young
Uorbett," who were present, agreed
to have tbeir men ready to fight before that club some time between
October 7 and 15.
Judge Will Not Grant the Deciphering   cf   Gode
Brantford,   Apri If.-Judge   Hardy
haa   received   a   letter   from   Andrew
Caiiuigio   offering   the city   of Brantford   the   sum   of   830,000   for..   ..���-���-
library   building    on  condition   that J nead today
American Immigration to West
Reaches Large Proportions.
Ottawa, April 15.-W. J. White,
inspeotor of immigration agencies,
says the Amorioan immigration into
the Canadian west numbers 3,000
Severity young men presented them-
seves this morning to be enroled in
he fourth contingent.
Winnipeg, April 15.-Fire destroyed
the Oak river hotel and Todd's general store at Oak river station this
morning. Two commercial travellers
lust all their samples. The loss
about $7,000.
Hall of the Sum to Be Publicly
Offered   at Once.
London, April 10.���The Standard,
announces in a financial aitisle that
only ��10,000,000 of the new budget
loan of ��32,000,000 will be issued
publicly, the remaining half ol the
loan having been already placed privately. The Standard believes that
��5,000,000 of tbe latter half of the
loan has been taken by leading financial houses in New York. The iSBUe
will bo made immediately, probably
at 03 1-2, and the installments will
spread over a considerable period.
The Daily Chronicle says it was
rumored that the Morgan syndicate
had secured a substantial slice of the
loan at a price below 03.
The Times in its financial article
confirms the statement that the now
loan is to be raised by an issue of
consols and says thoy will be issued
immediately at 03 1-2.
A High Authority Says Triple Aili-
auce Will be Continued.
Vienna, April 15.���Tbe representative here of thc Associate! Press has
been informod upon the highest
diplomatio authority that the Triple.
alliance, somewhat modified, will
certainly bo signed within a fortnight. It is expected that the iirFt
official announcement of this fact will
be   made   at a mooting of the AustroJ
Hungarian   delegations
on May 0.
to   be   held
Winnipeg, April 15.���W.   T.   Stogs-
dlll,   a   recent   arrival   lrom   Kansas
free I City,     committed   suicide   at   Indian
Dwycr's Horses Make Unusual Winnings. Last Sunday.
Vienna, April 15.���Americans have
entered the Austrian racing season
with remarkable success. After winning the first raoe last Sunday,
Trainer Dwyer's horses gained flrst
place four times today. Three of the
winning liorBes were ridden by
Charlie Vandusen, the American
Manila. Apiil 15.���Total number of
cases of cholera reported in this city
up to noon today is 275 and total
number deaths from tbe diseaso in
Manila is 125. In the provinces the
aggregate is 4B5 cases and 315 deaths.
There bave been only two deaths of
American* from cholera.
Hicks-Beach and Chamberlain Disagreed About Attacking Transvaal.
London, Apirl 15.���In discussing the
South African situation in debate in
the House of CominonB today, the
chancellor of the exchequer, Sir
Michael Hicks-Beach admitted that he
and the colonial secretary, Joseph
Chamberlain, had a little difference of
opinion. He thought tho colonial
secretary was more sanguine and
more anxious than himself to make
a oharge on the Transvaal. Yet it
could uot be supposed that the chancellor of the exchequer was backward
in a matter of   this kind.
The   house   adopted   tho   increased
cheque duty by 180 to ltd votes.
Newfoundland Fish Gets Lowci Rate
at Portuguese Customs.
St. John's, Nfld., April 15. ���In the
legislature today Premier Bond announced that he had secured a concession from Portugal under the terms
ol which Newfoundland codfish will
be admitted to the Portugese market
on the same terms as Norwegian codfish. Tbe latter is now admitted into
Portugal at a rate 20 cents lower than
the Newfoundland fish.
Salt Lake, Utah, April 15.���Heavyweight Jimmy Burns, of Spokane,
scored an easy victory over Tom
Tracy, of Boston, at the Salt Lake
Athletio club last night, putting
Tracy out in tbe third iound of a
scheduled 20 round contest.
Toronto. Apri) 15���Evening Tc'o-
gram's special cablegram says: The
Toronto lacrosse team J��on the lirst
match of its English tour, at Cat ford
this afternoon, by defeating the Kent
county club by 11 goals to 2.
New York, Apiil '.:>. ��� Iver Lawson,
thc bicycle rider, will sail for Europe
tomorrow. While ou the other side
be will represent America in th
world's championship races to be contested at Rome on June 8,  12 and ir,
Halifax, April 15.-Schooner Pearl
Evelyn,of Lunenburg, capsized off the
mouth of the harbor today being
struck by a squall. Her crew ot 8*1
men had many narrow escapes.several
being picked up in an exhausted condition by life boats.
V. & E. Stopped by Injunction  Until May
Viotoria, April 15.���Smith Curtis
withdrew from the commistion today
and therefore the enquiry adjourned
until after thc fu'l court sitting.
A large number of cipher telegrams
had beon piodneed lust evening by
the Western Union Telegraph company ana W. McNeill, secretary to
Hon. W. 2 Wells, was put into the
box to decipher these this morning.
Thc com* iasioner read one and said
It I e'er rod to heading off collusion
between Hugh Sutherland and IC. V.
Bod well and threw no Unlit on the
matter. Mr. Curtis . got hold of the
telegram and asked McNeill if lhe
won! "convinced" did not mean
"contract." McNeill refuied to
answer and the judge upheld him.
Curtis then asked if another   sentence
of the chief Commissioner's telegram
to Greensbeldt, being translated fro-n
code, did not road, "it is up to you to
have the contract signed on Saturday
and save the situation ; the government is practically in your hands."
McNeill again refused answer and ire
judge upheld him. Mr. Curl is indignantly insisted tint this was unfair
and Bald it meant the ruling out oi
the most important evidence, and he
therefore withdrew.
Victoria. April 15.���Another injunction was grunted today to stop work
on tho V. V. and E. Ry.. the llritish
Columbia branch of the Great
Northern railway, in the Boundary
district. The application ior the injunction wns made on the (rounds,
(1) that work on the line was uot
commenced until after the expiration
uf the charter granted to the V, V.
and E. railway; (2) that the powerB
of the company have been delegated
to an American corporation, namely,
the Ureal Northern railway company;
(3) that the present work is not ior
the pnrpose of building the const to
Kootenay railway hut from Cascude to
Carson, as a part of the line designed
to run from Republic tu Marcus, a
continuation ol the Nelson and Fort
Sheppard railway nnd instead ol
bringing the Republic camp uies to
the Granby smeller at (irand Forks, a
smelter iu Canada, is intended to
carry tbem through Canadian territory
to the smclteis ol Northport and other
United States points and theieby
frustrating the express intentions of
the legislatuie in granting the V. V.
and E. charter.
The injunction will come np for
argument on May 0 and in the meantime work must stop, It is only a
few days a?o tbat tho company recommenced work after a long wait pending Bnotbur injunction which they put
a stop to by piichasing the land which
they were enjoined from passing
through. The present injunction was
obtainod hy tho attorney-general of
llritish Columbia and the Kettle River
Railway Co.. which has recently
opened their line between RepuDliO
and Grand Forks.
A vote of want of confidence in tho
Dunsmuir government, moved by tbe
leader of the Opposition, was voted
down in the legislature today by it
voted of P.I to 15, both sides having a
member abfont. A second motion ol
a similar tenor based on the contract
entered into between the government
nnd the Canadian North rn railway is
being diseussed t I night. It is likely
that it will be defeated by an even
larger majority, as two members of
the opposition, Messrs. Helmek��n and
Ilayward, aro opposing it.
List of Articles at Food That Come
Under tbe New Levy.
London, April 15.��� Tho customs
house officials say that these foreign
products fall under tbe three penny
tax:    All   cereals   including     mui/.e,
buckwheat, peas and beans, haricot I MoGrcgor was fired at by an unknown
beans, locust beam, lentils ��nd rice. | party early tbis morning, as he was
The   foreign   products   (all under the I going homo.
Chatham, April 15.���Humane Officer
'   Pans,  April    15. ���Countess Honi   do
Castellane.      formerly     Miss       Anna
Gould, of New York, gave birth   to   a
sun today.
Rome. April 15.���The pope todny received   former    Congrtssman   Dourke
Cochrane, of New   York, in audience,
i r
Nklson  Daily Miner.   Wednesday.  April 16, i9��2
The Nelson Miner
Publlribod   Evory Morn Inn  Except)  Mondai
Dally por month, by carrior ���    65o
lJaily, por month, by mail      fiOo
Dally, por yoar, by oarrlor 9 7 00
D��lly, por yo-\r, by mall.    6 00
Daily, per ya&r foreign      . 00
Woekly.por half yoar  m >
vVookly, por yoar	
���Veokly, por yoa-', foreign  *
wubricripUuiiH iuvarlably In advance.
91 25
.   200
.   3 00
liHiiiay AdvertlsomontB, $i por lnob per
month! Display Ad vertlaemonts, 10 oeuta por
loch oaoh Insertion lean than month; Local*, 10
oontfl l��''t* Hun each iiiMcrUon; ClaflBlflod Adver*
tirtomonts, 1 conl por word oach Ilium-lion;
Wholesalo Oardoi |S.M por month) Society
Curdy, .-���'���>*> Per monili.
146 Fleet SttroetJ. K. O,
Central  HroRH Aftenoy, Ltd., Special AtcentB
Aloxnndor Sc Co., 521 First) Avonno, Spokane
Wu��h., koop thin papor on fllo, and are our
authorized agent* for advertisements and hud-
The abovo Reward will be paid to
anyone giving evidence that will con
vlot persons of stealing The Miner Irom
our subscriber's doors.
An interest! up debate took place in
the provincial house on April 8th on
Mr. (Ireen's resolution that ln view of
depressed condition of thc lead market,
and tne disabilities under which tne
producers of lead and silver within
the province labor in not having the
p-o'luct of tlieir mines economically
smelted and refined | therefore in the
opinion of this bOiv?e the public interest requires on tlie part of the government tbe serious consideration of
the establishment aud operation by
tho government of lead smelting and
refining works within the province.
Mr. Taylor, speaking to the motion,
Wrongly urged tho government to
adopt somo definite line of policy to
assist tho mining industry. He compared tho price of lead in the United
States and Canada, declaring tliat the
latter had no chance. The Amercan
Lead Smelting Trust dominated the
market to the destruction of the
British Columbia industry. The
province, he alleged, was handicapped in the matter of refining, all
the profits going to the United States.
Tne only remedy, lie declared, was for
the government to embark in the
business of smelting and refining.
The Dominion subsidy had not benefited tbe industiy as yet as there were
no refineries. He thought the
Dominion and the provincial governments should combine and formulate
some plans which would be beneficial.
Mr. Martin was lavorable to tho
motion and thought tho government
should give the matter its serious
consideration, and, if possible, devise
some means for relief, but lie did as a
rule, however, believe in government
inteference in matters of trade ano
Hon.     Col,   Prior     replying,    acknowledged   the impprtance of tbe lead
industiy      Theie wero two lead smelters in the province,    at  Trail and   at
Nelson,    and   they   were   capable  of
handling the present output,    but, unfortunately,   after   being treated   the
bullion   had   to be sent abroad to   be
refilled.      It  was,     theiefore,     only
necessary to consider the question of a
refinery.    Thc only   market a  smelter
had for its product was  the   refinery,
while the product of the refinery could
be disposed of wherever   leac is used.
All of the present refineries   were   remote from this province,   in   Europe,
the Eastern   States   and   one   in   San
Francisco,     lliilisli   Colmbia   bad   to
pay   freight   to thc   refinery from the
smelters and from the refinery   to   the
consumer. The lead bullion was worth
just tne   market   price  of   lead, less
these   two freights   and   tho   refinery
charges   (about $10).     These  freights
amounted   to   from   818 to $18 per ton
by rail to New York and lrom 32 to $.1
per ton from New York to England.
Col. Prior gave some quotations as
to the Loudon prico of lead which
governs its prico in this province.
It amounted on March sth to $50 per
ton of 2UU0 pounds, the $50 had to pay
the several chsrges alluded to. On
such a low-priced commodity as lead
the freight charges were a verv important item. Taking the freight to
the English market at $'.'0 per ton and
the value at $50, there was only $:'0
left from wbich to pay for the refln
ing, smelting and mining. He mado
a comparison of the cost of shipping
lead and bullion by way of Vancouver
and Cape Horn and by rail to the east
em seaboard and across the Atlantic to
Great llritain. Ky the former the cost
would be $20.40 for bullion and $14.40
for pig lead, and by the latter tho
charges would be $17.50 for bullion
and $10.50 for load. These figures
included insurance, etc.
A refinery, he said, would he useless unless there was a market for
the output. Canada's consumption
of lead amounted to about 20,000 tons
��� year.   It wonld bo nocessarj to find
another^market, The only available
market would be Japan, where the
competition of Great llritian and
Australia would have to be met. In
18U0 lapan imported $500,000 worth of
lead aud probably a little more in
1891. In order to do anything in that
market B. C. would have to undersell
its competitors. The government, be
suid, was anxious to assist iu every
pnssible way the mine owner? saving those freights, but without the most
careful consideration could nut commit itself to tlie mattoi. The consideration, he promised, would be given.
It must not bu forgotten, be declared,
that if a lead refinery would pay here
there would be lots of companies win,
would construct one at once. One or
two of the big smelting and refining
companies had been in communication
witli thc department of mines regarding the outlook, nud the Provincial
Mineralogist had pointed out tlie
opening and requested them to investi-
I gate the matter. A refinery was an
expensive undertaking; it would cost
$100,000 to $150,000 to construct and a
working capital of $400,000 would
also be required. There was a refinery
in process of contraction at the Trail
smelter, but it was ot an experimental
nature being operated by a new electrolytic process, wbich, though costing more to instal, it was claimed,
oould be worked more cheaply,
Mr. Curtis supported the resolution
and suggested tliat the government
thoroughly investigate the whole
question of lead and copper smelting
and refining. One of the grievances
of the lead miners was the high
freight rates on the ores. It was the
duty of the government, he argued, to
regulate the railway rates. There was
an opening in the province for tlie
manufacturing of white lead to supply
all of the. Dominion, but a lead refinery mubt first be established.
Mr. Green thought the government
would employ au expert to make a
thorough investigation of the Subject.
The two smelters in the province
could not treat all of the ore if ail of
tlie mines were worlting. One of the
mines, the St. Eugo-je, could keep
one of them fully employed. If tbe
government would tako up the matter
of lead refining the profits would go
directly to tbo producer, instead of
the refiners as was the case at present.
Why could uot tbo provincial government by giving them tho bonus,which
was offered to aid a refinery, or assist
the province in some other way in
establishing a refinery? The resolution was then adopted.
A refinery is already under construction at Trail and it is positive
that it will begin operations on May
15. It is an experimental plant, ami
its capacity at the start will be small,
but the plant is put up iu such a
manner that additions can be easily
and quickly made, and its oapaeity
can be increased as fast as needed.
The Sullivan Group Mines is putting
in a sBelter in Marysville in East
Kootenay and just as soon as the
plant is in operation a lead refinery
is to be erected to be'followed by lead
corroding works.
These two plants will be ampiy
large enough to refine all tho lead
that oan be produced in llritish
Columbia and as they are to receive a
bounty of 85 per ton on the lead they
will rofino, there is not the slighest
doubt tbat they will yield profita to
those who are managing them.
In order that those refineries may
thrive and so that there may bo no
other lead sold in Canada except the
home produot the present duty on lead
should be raised irom 15 to 25 or even
35 per cent, ad valorem. The duty on
dry, white and red lean, which at
present is 5 per cent, should be increased in the same proportion. Willi
these changes in tho tariff the lead
producers would be certaiu of a home
market for about 13,000 tons of lead
and its products per annum, which is
about the quantity consumed in
Canada. The proudction is about
30,000 tons and the remainder could,
after supplying the wants of the home
market, be sold abroad in competition with tnat which is produced
in other countries. The price of pig
lead, white lead, lead pipe and other
manufactured products of lead need
not bo greater to the consumer than at
present; in fact, they could be sold
cheaper than at present and still leave
the miner, the smelter, the refinery
and the corroding worss large profits.
If the miner is treated right he would
under propor protection, and with
home factories receive as much or
nearly as much for the 13,000 tons of
lead made iuto manufactured products
and sold in Canada as he does now for
tlio   entire   30,000 tons.
Complaiut is made that the American lead trust is dominating Uritish
Columbia lead interests and injuring
it. This is not the case. Wnen the
lead trust bought ore in British
Columbia the lead mine owner received much more thau bo does now.
When the stocks of leao in the
United Stntcs became so large that it
affected tlie price the lead trust
censed to purchase in this country.
The load interests of the United States
are protected tiy an import duty of 2
1-2 cents per pound on pig
1 1-4 cents on lead in ore.
protect tbe lead   interests
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ZLbclRo^alBank of Canada
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Board of Director*
Incorporated i860.
��*),OUO,000.00 I Capital rald-nv.
Bust,       .       ���    ���
Thomas B. Kenny,  Prosldonbi   Thomas
Hudson's Bay Stores
I Fred Irvine 8 Co.
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Uonoral Manager. 1'Mmhi L. Fuaho, Montroal.
Superintendent of BranohOH.   W. H. Torranoe, Montroal
Branches I
Nova   Seotla���Halifax   Hranoh,   AntlfronM ' | r. K. l��li.ud���C'harlotunown, ^,niLIII0  .,
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Cuba, Wont ladtjBS��� Havana.
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ranada- Morohanb" Bank of Canada. BoHlon-Natlona Bhawmut Bank. Chicago-Illinois
TruitKndlavfigs Hank. San IrRncUco-Neviula National Huuk. London, Ku?.-lta���k ol
BooKI FarB. trance -Credit LyonualH. Bermuda-Bank of Boruiudii Cblnu and j���
Dan-ilonKKoni and Shanghai BanklnR Corporation.    Spokane-Old National Hank.
Ueneral Banking BuBlnesa Transacted; Sterling Bill* of Exchange n<mt_
uenerai mum ^ ^^  ljmm of ^^ Eu   Negotiated.
Accounts received on the most favorable termB.   Interest allowed on rpecia
deposits and on Saving Bank accounts.
Geo. Kydd. Manager, Nelson, B.C.
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similar laws should be enactfil heie. I
Put the duty on lead and its products
up to sucb ligures that no foreign lead
or products of lead can comu in. This
will give tho Canadian lead producer
tbe entire homo market with five and
a half millions uf people to supply,
and the conditions will be infinitely
better than at present. We believe
that this is the best solution uf the
difficulties whieh now confront the
lead industry. If this is done there
will be no necessity for tho government to oruct either refineries or
smelters us proposed in tile resolution
introduced by Mr. Uren.
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lead and
In order to
of  Canada
Kor the following supplies will he received nt oflice of the Secretary of lhe
Kootenny lake General Hospital op to
noon oil Friday, April 25,1902, viz;
mil <;>, QUO) IERIE8, ���_ t AT, I'.ltlAII, MILK
Specifications for Groceries nnd  Dniga
may he seen at the office of the beore
Dominion and
Land Surveyor.
���it>6 NELSON B C
Brewers ot Fine Lager
Beer and Porter.
S��t��on B. O
Close conneotion East and Westbound at Spokane with trains of the
Spjkane Falls and Northern Railway,
D rect connection at St. Paul without change of depot with all trains for
Chicago, Toronto. Montreal, New York
and all points   Fast and South.
Leaves Spokane daily for East at 9:40 a. m
Leaves Spokane daily for West at 7:20 a-ui
Leaves Spokane daily tor West at 840 p-m.
West-bound trains make direct connection for Victoria and Vancouver,
Portland, San Francisco, and all points
on the Sound,
During the season of navigation East
bound trnius connect at Duluth with
the magnificent steamships North-West
and North-Land of the Northern Steamship Oompany Line, operated in connection with the Great Northern Bail-
For further information, aps, fold
ers, etc., apply to any agent of Spokane
Falls & Northern Hy., Kaslo & Slocar
Ry., Koote] ai Bail way Sc Navigation
Co., or to
Oity Pass, and Tkt- Agt, W 7ol  W,
Riverside Ave,, Spokane, Wash.
Q. K, TAOKABURY. Local Agent,
Nelaon B O
F. O. GREEN        F. S. OWSMKNTb
Civil Engineers and Provincial Land
Cor. Kootenay a Victoria Sts. Nelson
P. O. Box Iii Telephone 261
Spokane Falls Sl
Northern R'v.
Nelson Sl Fort
Sheppard R>.
Red Mountain R'v.
Between Nelson and Spokane
Nelson to Seattle
Nelson to  Vancouver
Nelson to Victoria
9:20 a.m
2i hours
26 hours
26 hours
7:15 p.m
12:25p.m Rossland 4:30 p.ro
10:30 a.m Mountain 5 -59 p. ra.
9:40a.m Nelson 6:45 p.m
H. A. JACKSON, G. P. & T.A.
Spokane Waflfl
AKent. Nelson, B.
To SILAS H CROSS, or to any person or porsons to whom he may lift"
transferred his interest in the Harvy
Joy Mineral Claim, situate on Morning Mountain, about 11-2 miles westerly from the Silver King Mine, lithe Nelson Mining Division of wem
Kootenay Dif-tnct, B. C. .
YOU or any of you are hereby Don
fled that I have expended oue nunareu
and two dollars and fifty cents In ��
bor and improvements upon tbe atmt
mineral claim, under the prwUlon or
the Mineral Aet, and if within ninety
days from the dato of this notice yon
fail or r.fuse to contribute yonr pro
portion of such expenditure  togetner
with all costs of advertising, your
terest in snid claim will  become tue
property of the subscriber und��iw
tion 4 of an Act entitled An  Act
Amend the Mineral Aot11W, ,
Dated this 14th diiy^Mnrdi.,^
For  artistic  jib
rodors with The Miner
work place your
Union Label,
"**���>��� *Vm*3 Nelson   Daily Miner, Wi: ones jay, April 16, 1902
I     MINING NEWS.     |
t*********** **************
A force of 13 men is at work on the
Eva group near Camborne driving
tunnels the longest of which ia now
in 300 feet. Thu property is said to be
looking in extra    ood shape.
H. Z. Brook left last evening for the
Lardeau to visit this group on which
the Northwestern Development Hynoi-
ca'e, of whieh ho is thc managing
director, is installing a complete electric powor plant. Three carloads of
niaohluery have been takon to Coma-
plix hy steamer from Robson, and
from there it will bo taken up to the
proposed site neBr Camborne by packing tbo smaller .suctions and skidding
the larger ones. The power plant will
be llrst used to operate ton machine
drills with which levelopment and
exploratory work is to be vigorously
pushed, lt is expected that the plant
will he in working order by Juno I.
whon mining operations proper will
be commenced. At present the force
of mon engaged on the property is
erecting buildings. At tho power site
the snow is all gone although there is
a large quantity on tho claims where
tho tunuelliug will be commenced.
Plans are ulfo being prepared for a
ten-stamp mill to be erected on the
property when development has progressed further.
Considerable work is in progress
in the neighborhood of the Fish river
camp and it is expected that the season now opening will be a good one.
Mr. Bioek will stay in Camborne to
superintend operations, but will probably be back and forward to Nelson.
Tho power for the plant, will be
derived from Menhcnnick oreek,which
passes close to the proporty.
There iB hardly a week passes by
without a greater Improvement being
mnde in the already magnificent
showing of ore in the Silversmith in
quantity aB well as quality, says the
Sandon Mining Review. Tli is week
comes again the welcome news of a
further increase in the width oi the
ore body,making a total width of four
feet of solid ore. What further increases the value of the property is the
large amount of grey-copper associated with the ore.
Tlie property so far has shipped five
cars of the high grade and this has
only beon taken out during the course
of development work.
The very last developments in the
property show it to be a genuine bonanza, four and one half feet of steel
galena, running 500 ounces of silver
and 70 per cent, lead, intermingled
with large showings of grey copper,
and concentrating ore of a high value
on either side of this body, to a considerable thickness. Richer ore in
small bodies has been found here.hut
we doubt very much if for quality
and quantity combinod, this showing
haB never befoie been equalled in the
Slooan. At least we have heard of
none to equal it.
and   as   (ar as possible gi
tion   to the reading public   respecting
the best books on   important subjects
of local and general interest.
2. To disseminate among librarians
infonualion respecting library management- methods o( cataloguing
classification, indexing etc.
3. To hold annual meetings ior the
discussion ot matters pertaining lo
library work; such meetings to be
held in the different cities ol the
���!, To obtain the co-operation oi all
librarians aud tf those interested tn
their efforts.
5, To promote fraternity and goon
feeling among library officials,
As it iB impossible to reach all
those who may he interested in
library woik by inoins of circulars or
letters I am taking the liberty of requesting yonr cordial co-operation In
giving publicity through the columns
of your valued paper to this undertaking. You would confer a great
favor if you would kindly intimate
that I shall be glad to hear (ijm any
one who may sympathise with tho
proposal and wbo may desire to assist
in the formation of a library association which I believe if onco established would be of inestimable benefit
to the reading public and to those
engaged in library work.-      u
AdvtTllsumentH i e ,-, i ,,o under this head al
the rato of ono coat a word ner iuHortlon. No
Advertisement, taken for loan than tt oenu,.
Situation Wanted advortlBomonU lnnortod
ihruo Union freo of chanco.
POR SALE Cheap���(700 cash. |800 in
foui years, $800 pur year, interest
at 8 per cent,will buy n-ruora cottage,
with all conveniences on Carbonate
street between Hall and llendryx
streets.   Address II. .1. M��� Box Ills.
FLAT FOR KENT���Over Lester's
groeeiy store, Water street. Bright
pleasant rooms. Complete bathroom.
Hot water connections, gas lunge, etc.
Applv S. L, Lester.
tO BENT.���Furnished
Baker street.      Every
P. O. Box 022.
houso    near
unequalled, at
Grand Forks.
apple   trees,   quality
Riverside   Nurseries,
The WoDderfnl is now among the
regular shippers of the camp, having
sent out five cars of good grade ore
since tbe 1st of January, and having
another one about ready to go, says
the Sandon Mining Review.
Mr. Warner has already drifted
about 20 feet on tlie 00-foot ledge from
which he is now shipping. He loBt
the metal at one point but a 20-foot
crosscut struck it again and he followed it about 20 feet iu 2 1-2 feet of
good ore, working for Ihe most part
against the hanging wall. Hia
present working is at about 125 feet
vertical depth, and all the indications
are   that he will   have   i��  piosperous
Manager Announces Three Members of Company 111.
J. E. Annable,manager of the Opera
house, yesterday morning leceived
the following telegram frcm David
Traitel, manager of the Frederick
Warde company: Impossible to nil
engagement at Nelson ; three prominent members of company ill.
Mr. Annable tried to reach Mr.
Traitel by telegraph and by te lephone
at various times yesteiday but up to a
late hour was unable to get any reply,
so that he considers the engagement
This has been a keen disappointment both to Mr. Amiable and no
doubt to the many who wonld have
been pleased to hear Mr. Warde iu
Nelson. The guarantee required was
what is considered large for a city of
tho size of Nelson, but the advance
sale of seats was such as to give
ground for the expectation that the
euterpiisc would hive been a very
successful one financially. Mr.
Annable has gone to considerable expense and trouble in advertising; this
attraction and in arranging for excursions and lor thc sale of seats in surrounding towns, and he very much
regrets that the disappointment to his
All those who have purchased
tickets for the performance will have
tlieir money refunded on applying to
the bonking office.
FURNISHED ROOMS. ���Large furnished rooms with home comforts,
suitable for two gentleman or man
midwife. Reasonable terms. Apply
room 1, McDonald blook, cor. JoHe-
pbine and Vernon streets,
N.   Al, ClllllltlillH,
IjOhnoo���Kvury knowi.
variety of soft drinks. I'll Hex Ha. 'i'elouhon
No. 31. Hoover Stroot, Notion, ltouturs of th
famous tit. Luuu ltulHpriiiK" Minurul Wator
AMAl'.DONALU & Co.-Cornor Kron
��� and Hall HlreelH���Wholesale icrocor
und .let,!,<���[ lu blankolH, kIovoh, mills, uooU)
ruhhurH. iimckiuawri nnd minors' .sundries.
IJ   HUHNd Sc (Jo.-Hakor Hired, Nelson-
���   Wholesalo doalors iu fresh a     cured
nioau,.   Cold SloruKo.
llakor Hlr'iot, Nolson���Wholosale doa.
nr,: ln fre-.li and curod moaUi.
FOR   RENT   CHEAP���Twenty-three
bedrooms   and   newly fitted dining
room in good hotel centrally   located.
Apply X. Y. '/,., Miner ofliee.
FOR SALE���Two good lots with six
roomed house, bath, hot and cold
water, wired ior electric light. $5011
cash, balance easy terins. Apply H.
and M. Bird.
TO LET���Alter   May 1st tho  Central
hotel,   Front street.    Apply Samuel
MHlington, Kaslo.
FOR SALE.���Eggs for batching,Black
Minorca,     Brown      Leghorn,    and
Plymouth Rocks.     P. O. Box 003,   or
Miss Edwards, Fairview.
STORE    TO    LET���Second door from
corner Josephine on Baker. Enquire
at Vanstone's Drug store.
TWO Gentlemen can   get   comfortable
room, breakfast and   dinner for  835
per   mouth,    within   two   blocks    of
hospital.    Apply    .  B,, Miner office.
FOR SALE���Eggs for hatching from
Barred Plymouth Hocks and Pekin
Ducks; choice stock. Strawberry
plants. John Uouguton, Crawford
FOR SAL.E���The Nelson Cafe, the
finest restamant in the KGotennys,
best location, 25 nicely furnished
rooms in connection. The best business proposition in the district today,
for full particulars write Nelson Cale,
Box 225, Nelson B.C.
FURNISHED rooms with   or without
board.     Apply    on   Silioa   street,
second door west of Ward.
Street,  Nolson ��� Wholesale daalum lr
hardware, uitnoru' uupplfus,  Huorlintr good*
At'LAClILAN BROS. BakorHtreet NoIhod,
I?JL   B. (\,~Uo-iiorH in  Kunurul harhwaru,
milling  riUppHeri,    KlrUiF,    pILl llH.    1 'Oil iiilid  Cu-
ment, nre way aod acoLch Uro brick,  ahohih
for Wilkin*and (Jo.'s culubmluri Hteol wiro ropo
  _    LooIh
FisnlDg Tackle and Spotting Goods a Bpoolalty
painlH, oila and k'-"---; mechanic!)
rpURNKR, BEETON Be Co.-Cornor Vernoi
X and JfwephiflO Streets. Nelson���Whole
t-alo dealcrri tn liquora, citfarH, and dry good*
AgonU for Fatal Brewing Co. of MUwaukei
and Calgary Brewing Co of Calgary.
UDSON'S BAY Oo,���Wholesalo grocerle
and liquora al i., Baker Stroot, Nclnon.
Oillco corner Hall and Kront Struct!-
Nelnon���Lumber, coiling, flooring, and overy
thing tn wood for building purpoKOH. Got oui
prices.   Correspondence Holicited,
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
AM.   KINOH   O.
Fresh   and   Salted   Heats
Fisn nnd Poultry in Season
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Manaver.
K.-W.-C   Block, Ward Strhkt, Nklson.
Oiders'by mail receive careful and prompt attentitn
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
With Which I,  Aiiiul|{>niunil
The Bank of British Columbia.
Hald-up  Capital,   gs,out),OUO;    Reserve   Kund,   82,000,000;
Aggregate Resources over 165,000,000,
HON. QKO. A, COX, President.     B. E, WALKER, General Manage!
London Olfice: 60 LomburJ Street, B. C.
New York Olfice; io Eichanire Plnce.
And 68 briuichu-i ln Oanada und Ihu United States, Inoludlnft
I'liANimooK        Kamuiops Nkw Wrbtminbtkh   Vancouvrh
Fkknik Nanaimo Koshlano Victokia
YUKON DISTRICT-Dawbon anii Wiiitk Hoiihk.
UNITKH STATUS���Nkw Yokk, Han Khanuihco, Skat-tut., PoBXLUID, Skauwav,
Savings Bank Department.
ibepoidts Received and Interest Allowed,   Ptese&t Rate B 1'e.r Cent
Nelson Branch.
GRANGE V. HOLT, Manager.
A.   M'DONALD,     Agent
Dairy Co. Ice Cream.
Apply   to  Mrs F, 3. SqnireB, Room
40, K. VV. 0. block.
Mr. Davis, a late manager, was at
the mine the other diy, and when he
took iu the situation he said he had
held stock in the property tor a loDg
time and from what he had seen, he
wbb going to hold on to it longer. He
is tmtlier confident the ore now being
sloped is fully in place.
Hume���Mr. and Mrs. A. B. W.
Hodges, Grand Foiks; Miss E. Weeks.
Slocan Citv; C. A. Carmon, Vancouver; Robt*. L. F. Galbraith, Fort
Steele; M. C. Urimmett, Sandon;
Mrs N. L. Kneeland, Mits E. Knee-
land, Ymir; W. R. Begg, L. A.Gem-
mel Toronto; R. Stowart, Hamilton ;
J. B. Young, Clifford, Ont.; A. Dick,
Cranbrook ; 0. Reid, Vancouver.
Phair���A. Q. Scott and wife, I. G.
Goodwin, Fred Goodwin, Woodstock;
R S. Stratton and wife, St. Paul; A.
York; J. G. MoCalluro, Slocan; Mr.
and Mrs. R. A.O. MeNally, Rossland;
Sidney Norman, G. G. Williams.
Spokane; W. L. Gazzani, Seattle;
George N. Jordan, L. McLaughlin,
Bartlett��� 3. Lyons, Silverton ; R.J.
McLean, New Denver; T. Rouse; Silverton; G. Prentice, Bear Lake; J.
Hirschcroft, Creston.
stops the Cough
i id, Work* ��rr tbe Cold.
Laxatlvo BiomoQninlne Tablet" cnre   acold
n ono dav,   NoOure, nol'ay.   Price 25 oenW.
Grand   Central���J.   E.     Masturson,
Ymir;   D.   T.   Mcintosh, Ottawa;   C
McNeill,   M. Burke, Spokane
Hasten, Ymir.
Nelson Employment Agency,
P. O. Box 405. Phone ''78.
WANTED ���   Steamboat      Engineer.
Girls for housework. Railroad men.
WANTED���Tetcher for  Iieavermouth
school,     duties   to   begin   May   1.
Apply to J. A. Morrison,  secretary.
Atlantic S.S. Sailings
From St. John, N. B.
Allan Lino Tunisian April 12
Allan Lino Numldlan April 111
Heaver Uno Oarlli Castle April '_>
Allan .Line stoamers call at Halifax two days
From Portland.
Dominion Line Dominion April 12
Dominion Line Califortiinn April Hi
From Now York
Cunard Lino T.ucania April 12
Ounard Lino Baxonla April Hi
White Slar Lino (jormanic April Hi
White Star Lino Teutonic April 'It
Amorican Une Philadelphia " April Hi
American Lino St Paul April 21
til. Lawrence Sailings
Lako Champlain : May 2
S. S. Vancouver and Parisian May  .1
Continenial eailinus of French, North Gorman Lloyd, II. A. P. and Italian Lines on application.
RATES-Haloon fares (JI2.50, and upwards
Pecond $35 and upwards according to steamer
a"d location of berth. Steerage quoted on application. Prepaid passages from Kngland and
the continent at lowest rates.
City Agt. Nelson.     Gen. Auent Wlruioex
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
..IL, ********   ___i
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kasl,
Sandon, Three Porks, New Denver and Slocan Cit>
Order* b_  mall to ar>* brunch will huve carefcil and nramot attention.
Receiver's Sate by Tender
100,000 SHARES OF C.   & G. MINING
CO., Limited Liability.
MEN AND Women wanted to work at
home.   Good maces   Write Glasgow
Woollen   Company,    Department    C.
HELP     of   all   kinds     wanted    and
furnished.     Western   Canadian Em
ployment Agency.     Larpe warehouse
for   storage; call   at Piosser's Second
Hand store, Ward steet.
Parties wishing Golf or any stockings
knitted or footed can have them done by
applying   on   corner   ol     Ward   an
Victoria street, opposite postollice.
Endeavoring  to   1'ortn   a   Provincial
Library   Associaton.
The following communication has
been received by The Miner from E.
O. S. Seliofield:
I nin ondoavoriug to organize a
British Columbia Library Association
with a view of promoting tlie establishment and welfare of public
libraries and reading rooms throughout our province. Ontario has a flourishing association and its members
hold annually a general meeting for
the discussion of topics of interest to
the library profession. These discussions embrace all questions affecting
library economy and management,
and, by engendering an esprit do coip
and in promoting harmony and concerted action, result in much good.
Regarding the object of tho association, 1 respectfully suggest that
briefly the) should be as follows:
1. To promote the establishment ol
free libraries throughout the  province
Tremont���Mrs. Watts, Kaslo; J.
Mclver, 3. 3. McColl, Sandon; A.
Slater, A. Jensen, Procter; W.Lenkei,
Madden���R. B. Dougan, 4li-Ciee"��;
C J Hitter, Vmir;(l. Kirn, Spokano;
1). It. Smith and wife, A. Pearson,
Queen's���J. Leslie, Toronto;
English. Prince Albert, Sask. ;
Morrison, Elko.
If you arc at all sceptical about trying Griffiths' Menthol Liniment your druggist will sell
it with the understanding that if not entirely
satisfactory your money back. Use it for
rheumatism, neuralgia, sprains, bruises, muscular soreness and aft formsof swelling and inflammation.   Price 25 cents.
For sale bv J. H. Vanstoue.Ncison. B.CI
Between Henry 11. Koie. Plaintiff,
and Timothy O'Leary, Administrator,
et al. Defendants,
Sealed tenders addressed to R. W.
Day. Receiver, Nelson, B.C , for 100, -
000 shares in the above named company will be received by the undersigned Ii.W. Day up to noon of April
32, 1902. Tne sale will be made^to the
highest bidder. Terms 20 H'r cent,
when tender in accepted,balance within ten days thereafter. The nominal
par value of each share is $1.00 and
tbe authorised capital of the company
is $r.0O,0u0.0O. The company was Incorporated in British Columbia in IKM,
under the Companies' Act, lsliO, and
Amending Acts. Tho company is said
to own tho 0. and (J. mineral claim
near Rossland, B.C. l'or particulars
apply to
Nelson,H.C, Solicitors for the Receiver.
or to
R. W. DAY,
Receiver, Nelson, H.C.
Dated Nelson H.C., April 10tb,1902.
Real Estate. Fire and Life Insurnntr
Money to Loan.
(800���Five roomed house and two
lots on Mill Street, good garden,
fenced. Terms $400 cash, easy terms
for balance.
(650���House 1 ixly and improved lot
on Victoria street, r.lenr title.
($375���Good building lot anil shack
on Carbonate street. Terms cash (180,
balance easy terins.
$1:10���A four roomed houso on C.P.R.
land, between Cedar and Park street.
822.50���Six roomed bouse on coiner
luts on Front street. All modern
81H.���Five roomed house on corner
of Stanley and Observatory streets.
Just rooalsomined. Moo'eru conveniences.
iffl.���Four roomed cottage on Stanley street, close to Observatory.
Winnipeg Vancouver
Toronto Viotoria
Ottawa Seattle
Montreal Portland
New York Sun Francisco
via Soo Line, 8t Paul, Chicago
and all U. S. points.
Subscriptions taken for the Nelson Daily and Weekly Miner at
publisher's prices by J. F. DEL-
ANEY, New Denver, B. C.
Tourist Sleeper Service
���_~��  A OT-      'jV- Dunmore Jnnc-
r AS I  flaiIy
A_JIA\_J A Ly. Kootenay Ldg,
Tuesday and Friday, St. Paul, Toronto
Montreal and Boston.
Leave ltevelstoke
daily, Vancouver,
Seattle Ooast.
For Stylish Up-to-Date Hats
go to
Opera House Block
Certificate of Improvements
Cntherire Mineral Claim, situate in
the Nelson Miuing Division of West
Kootenay DiBtrict.
Wher* located���One mile east of N.
A Y. S. Railway, adjoining lhe Kob;n
Hood mineral claim.
TAKE NOTIOE that I, Francis J.
O'Reilly, agent for It, 11. Hedley, Free
Miner's Certificate No. B60878, the Dun-
Duncan Mines, Limited, (Foreign)
Free Minor's Certificate No. B60148
intend, sixty days from the
date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for a certificate of improvements,
for the purpose of obtaining a Orown
Grant of the above claim.
And farther take notice lhat action,
under section HI, must be commenced
before the issuance of such certificate of
Dated this 12th day of February, A.
D.. 1U02.
Home Seekers' Westbound
Excursions, March I to
April 30.
Through bookings to Europe, via all
Atlantic Liue
Prepaid tickets from all points nt
lowest rates
Dominion   and   Provincial   Land
Surveys of mines, mineral claims,crown
lands, crown  ^rauls obtained  and assessments managed lor absentees.
D. H'ARtll k CO.
Notice is hereby given that Sobeit.
,1. Long ha" made application under
the provi-ions of the "Liquor Licence
Act I'.lOO" for a transfer nf|jtils hotel
license Irom tlm premises known un
the Creston Hotel at Creston lo now
premises to be known as the Creston
A meeting of the Hoard of License
Commissioners of tho Nelson Licence
distiict will beheld to consider Buch
i application at toe Court house at the
City of Nelson on Wednesday thc :i0th
day of April, t'10'2, at tho hour of 10
o'clock in the forenoon.
Jhief Licence Insnector.
Chief Constable's Olllee, Nelson, B.
O.i 15th April,   190-'.
For berths, time tables, rates uml full
Information apply to Oity Ticket olllee
City  Agent.  Nelson
, 8. Carter, E. J. Coylk
DiB. Pans. A(?t. A. O. P. A.
Nelson Vancrare
J. C. GWILLIM, B-,  Sc-,
Late of Geological  Survey of Canada.    Six years experience in B. C
mining districts,
Baker strc- Nelson, u c
Certificate of Improvements
Armour Plate Mineral Claims situate
in the Nelson Mining Division of
West Kootenay District.
Where located : On Mineral Mountain,
nenr Erie, B. C.
Take notice that I, J.D. Aodarsot .1'.
L.S., of Trail, B.C.. agent foi ft, Dnlby
Morkill, Esq.,Free Miner's Certificate
No. B. 501111, intend, sixty days from
the date hereof, to apply to the MiniiiK
Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements for the purpose of obtaining.a
Crown (irant of the above olaim.       K
And further tnke notice thnt actiofi
under section HI, must he commenced
before the issuance of such Certillcale
of Improvements.
Dated this26th day of March, A. D.,
1002. J D. ANDERSON.
Certificates of Improvements
King Alfred and Kinjr Solomon
Mineral Claims, situate in the Nelson
Mining Division of West Kootenay District.
Where located ���Ho Iron Mountain,
about 6 milis from tlio mouth of tho
.South Fork of the Salmon River.
TAKE NOTICE tbat I. Francis J.
O'Reilly, of Nelson, B. C, as uncut for
F. W, Lewis, of Indianapolis Ind.,
I'. S. A,: Free Miner's Certificate
No. i"illi. intend, sixty dnys from the
dale hereof, to imply to the Mining He-
corder for certificates of Improvements,
for the purpose of obtaining Crowu
Grants nl the above claims.
And further take notice  that action.
under section 87, must be commenced
before the issuance of such certiiicates of
Dated thiH 1 <>Lli diy of November,
Graduate in Vocal ami Instrumental
Music, is prepared to receive pupils in
Voice Culture and Piano. Latest Conservatory Methods taught. For farther
pnrtieuiM h apply at Studio room 6, McDonald Hlock, Corner .losephine aid
Vernon Street*,
To A. II- FUoher or to any
person in- peri ins to whom ho may
have transferred his Interest in Ihe Manila ami Silver Queen Mineral Claims,
situated al lhe head of Midge Creek.
Kuskniuiok MiniiiK District,West Kootenay.
Yon and each of yon are hereby notified that I have expended one hundred
und thirlv-tlitee dollars In labor and
iniprovemnits upon tbe above mentioned mineral claims iu order  to hold
said mineral claims nnder the provisions of tbe Mineral Aet, nnd if Within
ninety days of the da'e of this notice
you fail or refuse to contribute your portion of auob expenditure together with
all costs of advertising, jo,,r interest ill
said claims will become the property of
thc Bubsorlber under seotion 4 of an Aot
entitled "An Act to Amend tne .Mineral
Act, 1OO0.
3. P. OLUBB,
IL.ted uliit. lutb day of February, If Nelson Dailt. Miner Wednesdw, April i6, 190*
(Jive the little tots a
TOYS     ' ���"""���������   Thc children's
department in our store
does not get the mention in the papers
hat it deserves, It is a mrst Important department with us,occupying the
entire seoond flat of the store and is
filled with toys of all hinds, just the
things to bring joy and gladness to
the hearts of tho little ones. Special
summer toys are lioats. Harden Sets,
Watering dans, RubberBalls,Skipping
Hopes, Croquet, Baseballs, Kites.,Doll
Cutis and (io-Carts and the ever popu
lar doll.
Then lor the baby we have a lot of
Qo-CartS tbat for style and value are
Booksellers, Stationers
Show Room for Mason A. Risch pianos
All the employees of 1 lie smelter
were vaccinated yesterday.
In the 24 hours ending at II p.m.
yesterday the lake rose two inches
more. It is now 12 inches above the
lowest point touched.
Razois and .Strops���Morley and
The steamer International yesterday
brought down two eais of Rambler-
Cariboo ore consigned lo the Selby
smelter at San Francisco.
At the record otlice yesterday certificates of work were issued to A. E.
Crossett, on the Bern Ico, Gladstone,
and Lula; to U. B. Dugan, on the
Crown Point.
All kinds of express work, coal and
wood.���VNest Transfer Co. Telephone
A tame canary came into McLachlan Bros., hardware store yesteiday
and readily submitted to capture.
Any person having lost one in Nelson
lately should enquire.
R. Marpole, general superintendent
of the Pacific diivsion of the C.P.K.,
who has just returned from a trip to
Europe, is expected to make a trip
over the Kootenay lines in a few
$.10 Bicycles going for $35 at McLachlan Bros.
The pas��enger train from Spokane
yesteiday had a slight collision with
the yard engine at Northport, damaging the engine and the baggage ear
and shaking up the passengers. No
fatalities occurred.
Au alarm of fire yesterday caused
a large crowd to rush along Raker
stieet after the hose team. Tne call
was hut a practice one to tho building
immediately west of the Nelson
Transfor compiny's stables. ��� Good
timo was made in rcsponing to the
Shaving Brushes���Morley and
At St. Saviour's church yesterday
morning by Rev. If. H. Graham, Sara
Edith A mail, youngest daughter of
Wm. T. Aman, of Liverpool, Eng.,
wasmairied to Edwin N.l). Debanco,
of Hamburg, Germany. Mr. and Mrs.
Debanco left on the morning train for
It is expected that before the end of
the month the C.P.R. machine works
for the Kootenay lines will be centered in Nelsou and from that date all
repairs, except the very smaller of
those required en the ore trains from
Phoenix to the Granby smel'er and
from Rossland to Trail will be
executed here. The increase to the
force of men employed will not be
lar'ie at first but it is expected that
this force will he constantly increased
from time to time until the regular
number employed in Nelson yards
will be in the vicinity cf 150. The
machine shops at Trail will be alter
that date usod chiefly for smaller re
pairs to tho Rossland-Robson service.
Good Food and Good Health
This food tale from a trained nuroo
is worth reading:
;''I want to tell you ofthe curative
properties of the good food Grape
Nuts, and will say they are a whole
fortune to anyone sulforing as I did
for years with a stomach so rebellious
as to he almost useless to me.
For year and years I wa* tortured
with flatulency, heart burn, bloating,
tenderness of the stomach, and many
a time I cried bitterly because of my
great distress.
One never to be forgotten day Skter
oamo up from Columbus to visit mo.
She brought a package of Grape-Nuts
to see if thi food would agree with
me. I found the new food very delicious with cream, and it caused
me no pain or disturbance whatever.
To make a long story short I have
been using Grapo-Nats ever since.
Have gained :.'U pounds in five months
and ray health is perfect. It is a
pleasure to be plump nnd healthy and
feel well again. 1 am a professional
nurse and naturally appreciate this
ohange in my health." Lucy N.
Kitbardson, Box 104, Logan, Ohio.
In London, the market
of the world for fine wines,
Pommery ������ 1892" sells at
$5.00 per case more than
any other Champagne.
Pommery 1893" sells at
$8.50 per case more than
any other Champagne.
Wherever Champagne Is
sold according to quality
the highest prices are
paid for
I.. W. Oaz/'im. inspector ol the
Etna Fire Insurance company, arrived
in the city last evening to appraise
the loss in the lute die on East Haker
A despatch was received last evening by J. Fred Hume from W. A.
J'lwett from Sioean Citv stating that
at an enthusiastic meeting held a
branch of the Tourist Association had
been organised in that town with a
membership of 30 to start with. Dr.
Forin was elected president and H. R.
Jorand, secretary.
The secietary of tbe baseball club
yesteiday received a letter from the
Rossland Baseball club asking them
regarding Victoria Day. Rossland
intends having a celebration on that
day and the Nelson team is invitod.
A meeting has been called of the
members of the clnb for tomonow
evening at 7.:)0 at the Tremont hotel
to discuss the matter and to organize,
for the season.
During the past few weeks the number of men being employed on tbe
extra gangs of the C.P.R. has been
con&Untly increased until now there
are upward of 300 men at work on this
division. The larger works are the
bridges at Slocan junction and the
ivootenay river, and the filling at the
Robson bridgo. Besides these the
roadbed is being improved in many
places so that tho summer work can
be said to be in full swing It is expeoted tbat this number of men will
be kept employed all summer. The
supplying of these camps with materials lor the work and with provisions means a considerable increase
to the business to be done from
Hedley Vicars Sinclair, engineer on
Ihe Valhalla, who was brought to
Nelson about three weeks ago suffering froin typhoid, died on Monday
afternoon from pneuomnia, which had
set in after typhoid. He was well
known in Nelson. About two years
age he was badly scalded on the tug
Ymir, and endured a loog and serious
illness at that time. His mother and
two brothers reside at Bonners' Ferry,
Idaho. The funeral will take place
this afternoon at 2 o'clock from tbe
Presbyterian church, Rev. Dr. Wright
conducting the funeral services. He
was very popular among his friends
and acquaintances and a number of
those employed on the lake will attend the funeral.
There has oeen a marked increase in
the amount of gjods arriving at and
being hauled out of Nelson by the
railways this year over that of last
yearB. It is estimated by tbo6e Who
have to do with the deliveiing of it
that the increase must be at least 40
per cent. Nu accurate data can be
obtained of the through fl eight for
points west of the Columbia river, but
from the number of cars that
nsuaily taken across the biidgs it is
calculated that the increase in the
amount of traffic to those points shows
probably a greater growth. On both
lines of railway loading into Nelson
tlio conditions are about the same and
particularly the business for those
points between Nelson and tho inter
national boundary bas showed even I
greater proportion of increase. Among
railway men there is activity, and
they arc all well satisfied with the
progress the business of their lines is
Three tramps yesterday proved the
truth of the old saying that "the way
of the transgresBor is hard when he
hasn't any money." They were try
ing to beat their way from Kaslo ti
Nelson and at the former town board
ed the steamer International, having
omitted the slight formality of pro
curing a t.icket. They weie not dis
covered for some time, but when this
occurred were nut off at the next stop
ping place which happened to be
Balfour. A little while after the
Kokanee came along, and when she
stepped at Balfour the party went
aboard, but being soon found out
were again turned adrift a few miles
further on. Nothing daunted they
signalled the Moyie and were taken
on. Here, however, their luck failed,
as they were left off at tbe other side
of tbe lako at Kokanee creek, and as
there are no otner passenger steamers
running t'. the eity on which the trick
can be worked they are likely to have
an uncomfortable time before reaching
The first annual meeting of the
Similkameen Valley Coal company
was held yesterday afternoon in the
boaid of traiH rooms, at which 35
membors were present. The following
directors were eleoled: P. E. WilHon,
r. W, Bi,Hand, M, L. Grimmett, W.
C. McLean. 1). K. Young, Robert
Hamilton, and II. II. Pills. The
directors subsequently elected the
following officers: Piesident, P. E.
Wilson; vice-pre-ident, M. L. Grimmett; treasurer, B.J. Robie: managing director, II. lt. loung; secretary,
tf.W. Swannell. The rcpjrt- presented
were very satisfactory and tho general
policy of the company during the past
year will be continued.
Call up 311 if you v:ant furniture
or pianos moved.���West   Transfer Co,
The Armstrong Hotel,at Greenwood,
11. C, has just been entirely renovated. The best cquiDpcd, best managed hotel in thc Boundary. 1. P.
Armstrong, Prop.
The cars to be used on the Nelson-
Boundary train aie being overhauled
and brightened up so that when they
come out of the shops to be put into
commission they will have the appear
ancc of new cars. The two parlor-
dining cars to go on that run have just
been turned out the Montreal shops
and will be on their way to tho west
in a few days. When the ne��' service
from Nelson through to Midway is
inaugurated, the car service will be
thoroughly up-to-date in every respect
and the equal in point of comfort
and convenience of anv train on the
main line. Though the summer time
table will come into effect about June
1, it is not oxpectd that there will be
much change in time of leaving and
arriving of the trains out of Nelson.
It will still be the eevning train thai
will connect with the steamers of tbe
Arrow lane, though the time may be
shortened a little. The engines "to be
used on the Boundary train will also
be of late design and equal in all
respects to those of the main line.
- _______
Burrows up the Scalp  Into   Dandruff
and Saps the Hair's Vitality.
People who complain ot falling hair
as a rnie do not know that it is the
result of dandruff, which is caused by
a pestiferous parasite burrowing up
the scalp as it digs down to the
sheath in which the hair is fed in the
scalp. Before long the hair root is
shriveled up and the hair drops out.
If the work of the germ is not
destroyed hail keeps thinning till
baldness comes. The only way to
cure dandruff is to kill the germ, and
until now there lias been no hair
preparation that would do it; but
today dandruff is easily cradieted by
Newbro's Herpicide, whieh makes
hair glossy and soft as silk.
AS Subject   Jr'or   Remarks.
The new Wall Papers attract favorable attention. They letleet good
taste in colors as well as in pattern,
and people of taste eemmend them.
Thcv havo an air of elegance and are
most durable in quality. Investment
in such Wall Paper is a paying investment, before placing your order, it
will pay you to see onr new designs,
and get our prices.
F. J. Bradley & CO.
Sign Painting ami l-irliirc FrumliiK
a Specially.
Our New Stock is now open,
A Very
Hew Diisp
D Of
The Prices Will Suit the
Canada Drug and
Book Co,, Ltd.
We arc leaving our present premises on May ist and the balance of the Stock left at that date we are Moving to Ontario consequently everybody buying from us can depend on getting Big Bargains, for
the less goods wi have on hand the less freight money we will have to pay out.
The stock consists of
Dry Goods, Clothing, Gent's Furnishings, Hats, Gaps, Boots and Shoes.
This is an opportunity to purchase goods at less than   Eastern   Prices.    Come
and sec for yourselves.
My Residence and 2 Lots on Carbonate Street is For Sale at a Bargain.
Agreeable and Gomforting
We   can   make    your   work
agreeable   as   well    as    you
comfortable by
Fitting Your Eyes With
Proper Glasses
Patenaude Bros.
Baker St. Nelson, B. G.
Certiticate of Improvements
Drum Loninioii Minerul Olaim, situ-
lite in tbe NelBor Miniug Division o
West Kootonay Db-'.riot,
Where located: On Craig Mountain
Tnke notice tliat I, J. I). Anderson'
P. L. S., of Trail, B. 0.. agent lor
1'. Burns, Freo Minei's Ceitili-
Oate No. B6052U, intend, sixty
days from the date hereof, to npply
to the Mining Recorder for a Ctr-
tificnti' of Improvements, for the pur-
pose of obtaining a Grown Grant of lho
above claim.
And further tnke notice that nction,
under seotiou HI, must be oommenced
before the issuance of bucIi Oettiflcata
of Improvements.
Dated this 14th day of Maroh
A  D. 1902. i. II. ANDER80N
Buying di'ect from the makers means a saving of the percentages  usually  paid
selliug agents nnd wholesalers,    All our undergarments were bought direct and
the advantages gained by the close prices we  are sharing with our customers
Note these values;
ri'.ilei'fkirts made of lonsdaln having,
trimming of cluster tucking and rnliie
of '1 inch embroider**, extra dust frill,
Special $1.25
Underskirts marie of flue muslin, with
12 inch flounce, trimmed with II rows of
tine tucking and wide embroider**, extra
dost frill, a leader    1.75
COKSKr < oviits
Corset CoverBinade if muslin, having
embroidery trimming on neck, all sizes,
at 26
Corset Oovers male of English oam-
brie, with torohon lace and bahv ribbon
trimmiug, special 75
Corset Covers made of super quality
oambric, wilh body neatly tucked and
embroidery trimming on neck nnd
sleeves, a leader  1.00
Women's Hygean Ribbed Vests, with
short sleeves or sleeveless at 10
Womeu'sLisle Vests, short sleeves or
sleeveless in while or cream nt 25
Women's Lisle Vests long aud short
sleeves nud sleeveless, iu white or cream
Special 35
Children's l.isle and Cotton Vesta in
white or cream with long or short,
sleeves and sleeveles<, a complete range.
Empire Night Dresses of line cambric
having embroidery trimmed collar,
sleeves and front at  1.26
Night Dresses of fine muslin, with
tucked yoke formed ot embroidery insertion aud neally trimmed on neck,
sleeves and front with embroidery,
special     1.50
Night Dresses of lonsdale ennibric,
with tucked yoke nnd tiimmings of
torchon lace and insertion, at  1.75
Drawers of muslin with trimmings of
cluster tucks aud embroidery at...   .35
Drawers made of Lonsdale with trimmings of cluster tuoks and torohon laoe,
our price      55
Drawers made of fine cambric and
trimmed with 15 rows of fine tucks, 5
inch embroidery ruftte, our leader.. 1.00
Cambric Chemise having embroidery
trimmed neck and Bleeves at 65
Fine Muslin Chemise with wide ruffle
of embroidery around neck aud sleeve,
our price   1.00
Musliu "Chemise with neck and
sleeves trimmed with torchon lace and
insertion, speciul  1.10
Cor. Baker & Ward Sts.
Nelson, B. C.
Porto Rico Lumber
Co., Limited.
Rou��h and
Dressed  Lumber,
Shingles, Mouldings.
A-l White Pine Lumber Always In
We carry a complete stock of Coast Flooring
Celling, Inside Finish, Turned Work, Sash and
Doors. Special order work will rooelve prompt
attention*   Mailorders solicited.
Porto Rico Lumber Co.,
Head Offlcfl��� Hendrvx anil V��rnon He Knlooti
Seeds, Trees, Plants,
Roses, Bulbs
Agricultural  Implements, Bee  Supplies, Fruit Baskets, Fertilizers.
Catalogue Free. *
M.   J-   HENRY
3000 Westminster Road, Vauoonver, B. (*
For domestic or steam use.
A  full   supply always  on
Rates to   all  railway and
lake points
General Agent
Tel. No. 265.
Office ��� Two doors   wesl
C.P.R. offices.
NELSON LODGK    No. 23, A- V, &
M. meets second Wodnesday ln
month.   Visiting brethern welcome
I. O. O. F. Kootenay Lodge
No. 1G, moots evory Monday night,
at  their Hull, Kootenay Btreet
Sojourn Ins1 Odd Follows cordially invited.
VV. H. Smith, K. G.;  G. F. Motion, V. G.; A
Loi7ghurst. Hoc, Bee,
Oei'tificate of Improvements
Allen Mineral Olnim situate in tbe
Nel ion Mining Division of West Kootenay District.
Where looated���Ou the divide between Sheep nnd I.08t Creeks, 10 niiles
iron Sulinon Biding.
TAKE NOTIOE that I, V. P. Towns-
end, acting as agent (or J. W. Thompson, Free Miner's Certificate No. Iil2li!l7.
intf nd sixty days from the date hereof
to apply to the Mining Kecorder for n
certificate of imprtvements for the purposo of obtainiug a Crown ('rant of the
above claim.
Aod further tnke notice that action
under section 117, must bo commenced
before the iseuauce of such certificate of
Dated this 2nd day of November, A,
D., 1901 N. P. TOWNSEND.
Certiiicates of Improvements
Qnecu, Niagara, Lewiston, nnd Bur-
lington (Fractional), mineral eluims
situate in the * elson Mining Division of
West Kootenay District.
Where locatod-On Wolf Oreek, n
branoh of Sheep Creek, which isn tributary of Salmon River.
Take Notice that 1, William Waldie,
F. M. C. Br>uO-'0, for myself and ns ag int
for John A. Turner. F. M. O. B501o6,
and Michael Scully, Free Miner's Certiticate No. B50000, intend 60 days
from the date hereof, to apply to the
Mining Recorder for oertificates of
improvements, for the purpose of obtaining Orown Grants of the above
And further take notice thnt action,
nnder seotion 87 must be oommenced
before tne issuance of such Certificates
of Improvements.
Dated this 18th day of February,
A. D. 190a.
Nelson Uoyftl Arch Chapter No. 123, G. It. C.
Meets third Wednesday. .Sojourning compan
ons invited.    Goorge Johnstone, z.    T, J.
Sims,   S. K.
NKLSON LODGK  No.26, K. of P.
Junects tn K. of V, hall, Oddfellows blook
jjnvoryTuosday evening at 8 o'clock.
J All visiting knights cordially invite
Wm. IuviNR, 0.0.
II ro11 Stkvkns, IC. of K. and S.
Nelson Rnoa pmont No. 7. Meots evory 2nd
and 1th Friday of oach month, in Odd Follows
Hall, cornor linker and Kootenay stroote,
Nelson. A. II. Clomonts, C. P.; D. McArthu.'
K. a.   Visiting brothers always woIcjwia.
NKLSON L. O. L. No. 1692 moots ln Fraternity Hall on first and third Friday ovonlngs
of oacn month at 8 o'clook. Visiting member
oordlally invltod. W. W. Bradley, W. K.
A, Mlnty, H. 8.
NELSON AKRIK No. 22, F. O. K., inoete
ovory sooond and fourth Wednesdays of eacb
m onth. Visiting members oordially invlli
Oharlos Prosser, nonrotary.
Kootonay Tont No. 7, K. O. T. M��� hold thoir
regular meetings 2nd and 1th Thursday of eaob
n.ontli. Visiting brethren cordially invltod tc
attend. G. A. Brown  It. IC; Dr. Hose, Com'
NKLSON'S   QUEEN    NO.   241
80NS   OF    ENGLAND,   meeti
I   1st and 3rd Wodnosday ovonlngs ol
eaoh month   at Fraternity hall
corner of Baker  and Kootonay
stroots.   Visiting brethern cordially Invited.
Edwakd Macleod. Secretory.
Certificate of Improvements
Farnham Mineral claim Bittiute in
the Nelson Mining Division of Went
Kootenay District.
Where located���Near tbo Ymir Mine
TAKE NOTICE that I, Kenneth L.
Burnet, agent for John Dean, F.M.C No.
B30926 and Martin Salmon, P. M. 0.
No. B56089, inteud, siity dnys from the
date hereof, to npply to the Mining Kecorder for a certificate of improvements
for tho purpose of obtaiuiug a Crown
Grant of the abnv i claim.
Aud further take notico thnt action,
under seotion 37, must be commenced
before the issuance of such certilicate ot
Dated this 10th dny of April, A.C.
Kootenay Railway   and Na
Company, Ltd.
Shortest and quickest route to tlio oast and a
points on Jie O. K. & N. and Northern I J
ciflo Railways in Washington, Oregon anil
Southern States.
Time Card Effective Nov. 10.1901
Kaslo & Slocan Ry-
:8:80a.m. Lv.
10:56 p.m. Ar.
Ar. *:00 p. m
Lv. 1:15. nl
Nolson Court Star of Kootenay. A. O. F
Moot* 2nd and 4th Wednesdays in evory
Month. Visiting brethren welcome. V, Moo
MilUan, C P.; Herbert MoLeod. Seo
COURT KOOTKNAY,  I.  O.  F., No.   3138.
Meetings 4th Thursday of month.   Fraternal
hall, J A Irving OB.   P. H. Fleming. R.
Canada Permanent and Western Canada Mortgage
head office toronto,  ont.
Money to loan on Straight Mortgage.
Apply to G. h. LBNNOX. Bain Bt.
Int Nav- & Trading Oo
6:00 p. m. Lv.
9:10 p, m. An
Ar. 10:30 a. rn.
Lv. 7:110 ����� >"���
Connecting at Five Milo Point with Notoon
4 Fort flhoppard Railway both to and riom
Rosaiand, eto.
Tlckots sold to all parte ln United State-, an"
Canada via Groat Northern and O. ����� ��
Ocean steamship tlokete and rates vi  ��
linos will bo furnished on annlioatlou.
For further particulars call on or adare��i
u��r,Mror, Kanln.B. o
G. K. TtoKAmnrv Agent. Nel'Q" ���*���'������
About that second-hand ariiota 0
yonre. You'll sell it if you'll adver
tise it In Tht Miner want colon.--
*���' <__*..


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