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Nelson Daily Miner Sep 28, 1901

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 Daily Edit'on No.
Proving: _i Ll.rVry jjjj .0.
Nelson,   British  Columbia, Saturday,  September 28,  1901
Eleventh   Year
Construction of the Republic-
Grand Forks Road Is Being Pushed.
Will Be  Completed and
Ready for Business on
Jan. 1st.
(hand Forks, II.C Sept. 27.���Nearly
one thousand men nro employed on
the construction of tlie liepublic &
Grand Forks railway, connecting this
smelting centre with the well known
Co 1 v11 le reservation mining camp.
Alicad.v ono third of the grading has
been completed and the end of tho
present year will witness the road in
operation. Traeklaying at this end
of the line will bo commenced within
a tortnigbt. This reoord is regarded
us noteworthy, considering that the
lirst sod was not turned until June
5th and that the entire work was not
under contraot until August let���lesi-
than two months ago. The road will
be I.'i miles in length.
The necesnity of establishing railway communication betwoen Urand
Forks and Ropublio has long been
obvious, more especially since the
failure of the various mothoda for
treating tho liepublic ores at homo by
various adaptations of the cyanide
process. Tho Republic mine and
Mountain Lion mills are both closed
down, while a third mill in its unfinished stngo stands as a monument
to the folly of capitalists who disregarded tho opinion oxperts that by
smelting alone could tbo ores of the
camp yield the highest returns at the
minimum of cost. There was tbe
further dictum of the metallurgists,
since oonlirmod by actual experiment, that ideal results could bu se
clued hy blending the silicious ores of
Knpiililie with the sulphide ores of the
Boundary company.
The Granby smelter found the mineral from Republic so desirable tbat
the projeot of a railway between the
two points met with its hearty support; in fact, the management at one
time contemplated building the line
itself, only abandoning the idea when
a charter had been secured by other
During the week your correspondent
drove over the ronto and was greatly
impressed with the activity prevailing
from one end to the other. Tbo northern tenninns will be situated in the
Ruckle's addition of (Iraud Forks,just
Routh of the city limits. After crossing tlie C. P. R. tracks the railway
following an nir line traverses thc
Kettle river valley soutli to the International boundary, less than four
miles distant. Here it crosses the
Kettle river and passing through the
village of Nelson, "Wash., aBcends thc
west bank of tho river ovor nine miles
to a point one and a half miles north
of Curlew, Wnsh., and recrosses the
Kettle on a or,-foot Howe truss.
Leaving tho river at Curlew on its
southeasterly descent from Canada,tbe
road continues south through the
wide and open valloy of Curlew oreek
to tho nortli ond of Curlow lako.
Thence following thc west shoro of
that beautiful sheet of water the railway begins the nine mile ascent in a
southwesterly direction to the summit which is overcome through a
natural pass. Two miles beyond on
the other slopo the line taps the Tom
Thumb mino before roaehing tbe
Mountain Lion. Then tbe railway
swings round thc mountain from that
point along Ornnite crook to the
Morning Olory and CJnilp going north
up Eureka creek and passing the San
Poll, Bodlc, Hlack Tail, Lone l'ino,
Silver Dollar, Knob Hill and other
well known properties. Tlio Republic
depot will be located on the Ida mineral claim in the old town.
From an engineering standpoint the
ruute has been admirably choson and
woll located. It is the most direct
route that could he secured and
withal Is characterized by tho absence
of any steep grades or sharp curves.
Ini'eed the only heavy work encountered was at Trout lako near the summit whero considerable rock cutting
waB found to be necessary   and   earth
tion work is being rushed in due to
Charles Ferguson, a veteran Spokane
contractor with an experience of over
twenty years in building railways.
Mr. Ferguson (Ferguson Sc Co.) was
awarded the entire oontract on August
1st and subsetpiently ro-let considerable portions of it in small contracts,
the largest being soctionB not exceeding four miles long. Ily adopting
this method it was found that better
and quicker results could be achieved.
The grading from (Irand Forks to the
International boundary has beeu completed ; likewise tbe eleven miles separating Nelson, Wash., from Curlew,
Wash., with tho exception ot two or
three gapB aggregating four or five
miles, Good progress is being mado
on tbe rock work on each sido of the
Tho dominating spirit of this enterprise is Tracy VV. Holland, of Grand
Forks. Mr. Holland was the first to
perceive tho oommercial possibilities
of a railway between the Amerioan
camp and the Canadian smeltiug centre and lo its accomplishment, soon
to be realized, he has devoted bis
time and energies with rare singleness of purpose during the past fourteen months. To arrange the preliminaries was no easy task. In August,
1900, he obtained from the British
Columbia legislature after a hard teg-
islative light and by a majority of one
vote, a charter authorizing the construction of a railway from Orand
Forks to the international bonndary.
There yet remained to be secured the
authority for building the American
section betwoen the frontier and Republic. As the Colvillo Indian reservation is administered by the United
States government, Mr. Holland found
it necessary to pay half a dozen visits
to Washington. Although the obstacles loaned insuperable, Mr. Holland
with grim and praiseworthy determination stuck to his task. Ho had to
overcome various objections and provide guarantees tbat tbe existing
rights of tbe Indians would be safeguarded and that ample compensation
for traversing Indian allotments
would be allowed. The zeal of the interior and Indian departments for the
welfaro of its dusky world could not
be more scrupulous; and one by one
objection after objootion was ovei-
come, and tin ally tho order authorizing the uuilding of the railway was
signed by E. A. Hitcbcuok, seeretary
of the interior. At this writing every
Indian claim for damages bas been
adjusted and paid for, and that, too,
at the appruisement of officials of the
United States government. After tbe
organization of the Republic Sc Orand
Forks railway company, Mr. Holland
became its president and general manager. His eastern associates, who
raised the capital for building the
road, include Hon. J. E. Stratton,
provincial secretary of Ontario; F. M.
Holland, general manager of the
Dominion Permanent Loan Co., and
T. P. Coffey, manager of the Trust &
Guarantee Co., Toronto.
The railway will be in operation by
New Year, at the latest. It bas entered into a contract with the Republic mine owners for the carnage of
ure to the Granby smelter at Orand
Forks. Aocording to contract, the
freight and treatment rate must not
exceed 80.50 per too. At the outset a
tonnage of 500 tons daily is expected.
Within a yoar the tonnage will likely
be doubled as railway faciltics will
tend to stimulate development work.
A large subsidiary tonnage will be
obtained from various properties contiguous to tbo railway at various
places, such as Lambert creek, Lafleur
mountain, etc.
Cleveland, Ohio., Sept. _7.���The
small town of Little York station on
the Akron, Bedford & Cleveland rail
way, 15 miles south of this city, was
the scene of a terrible tragedy oarly
today. Mrs. Perry Curtis, the wifo of
a farmer, 38 years of age, drowned
her four small children in a well and
then committed suicide by jumping in
herself. Ber husband, Perry Curtis,
was in Cleveland and knew nothing
of the tragedy until he rend the account of it in the newspapers. Mrs.
Curtis was released from the Massil-
lon insane asylum as cured and it
was thought when she was still suffering a relapse that she committed tbe
terriole deed. The body of Harold,
the oldest boy, was terribly bruised.
He had evidently made a desperate
struggle to save himself.
Royal  Party   Welcomed  by
Regina and Mcose-
I Boers Lay Their  Case Be-
i      fore the International
Service Medals Presented to
Soldiers and One Victoria Gross.
Brookville, Sept. 27.-Wm. Landon,
who left here 35 years ago   for Michi-
excavations near Deer   creek, also  on jgan returned today.     Ever  since   his
the north slope of tl.e divide. departure   relatives  aud   friends be-
Tbe rapidity with   which ponstruc* J lieved him murdered.
Swilt Current, N. \V. T., Sept.27.���
The Duke and Duohess of Yoik spent
today on the great plains of western
Canada, and by tomorrow night will
be in the Rockies. They rode over
miles of snow covered wheat farms
and prairie in an air that had tho
chill of winter and when they left
their train for the reception at Retina, the capitol of the Northwest Territories, were muffled in furs. Thoir
special train left the proivnee of Manitoba during the night and swung into
the territory of Assiniboia. Regardless ot weather tho people gathered at
the stations to offer a weiccmo of
western cheers to thu Royal guests.
The widely separated stations were all
(lag-draped and each town mado liberal display of bunting As tne trains
proceeded westward and increasing
number of Indians appeared in the
crowds at the stations.
Regina was roauhed at noon and a
stop of three hours was mado there.
Lientenat-Governor Forget and Premier Haultain and the delegation of
ollicers and loading ciiizens met the
train and escorted by a detachment of
tho famous Mounted Polioe, the Duke
and Duchess, the Count. 6S of Minto.
Premier Laurier, and a number of tlie
staff ^ were drivun to Government
house. In replying to the addresses
presented to him, the Duke said in
part: "Contrasting the froe, healthy
and use.'ul lifo which is found in the
country with the narrow and too of ten
unwholesome existence of thousands
in our great cities at home, one cannot help wishing that the prospects
here offered were more widely known
and more freely taken advantage of."
Service medals were presented to 25
men who had fought in South Africa,
and as the line filed past the Duke uf
Roxborougb and Viscount Crichton,
recognized in Sergeant Major Church,
of the Mounted Police, an old soldier
and friend of the Royal Horse OuardB.
As he handed Church his medal the
Duke of Cornwall congratulated hnn
on his long service.
The party lunched nt Government
house, and at 3 o'olook drove back to
the train, At the station the Duke
called Sergeant Richardson from the
ranks of the Mounted Police and congratulated him on winning tho Victoria Cross In South Africa. Richardson served with the Strathcona
horse, and rescued a wounded comrade under heavy fire. Tho Duke
also praised the Mounted Pulico on
tbeir efficiency aud excellent work.
The town of Moosejaw was reached at
5 o'clock and the Royal special inailii
a brief stay. The city formally welcomed tho Duke and Duchess and the
school children sang patriotic songs.
A stop of several hours will be made
touioriow at Calgary.
Montreal, Sept. 27.���Thu Royal
party will occupy tho raagniliccnt
train provided by the Canadian l'acilic
railway throughout the Royal tour.
At North Bay the train will bo haud-
od over to tho Grand Trunk who will
supply running staff and locomotives,
0. P. R. employees remaining in
charge of the commissariat department. The Orand Trunk will carry
the Royal party throughout that part
of Canada and deliver the train to
the Intercolonial at Cherbourg
London, Sept. 27. ���The Hamburg-
American liner Augusto Victoria,
which sailed lor New York fiom
Southampton today has among her
passengers Andrew D. White the U.
S. Amabssador to Germany, and
Madame Marcclla Sembrioh, the opera
San Antonio, Texas, Sept. 27.���A
water spout or cloudburst near the
headwaters of Alemota creek, in
Presidio county, Sopt. 5th, oauscd the
death of 13 prospectors.
Britain Accused of Violating
tlie Rules of Civilized
New York, Sept. 27.���Chas. D.
Pierce, representative iu the United
States of Orange Free .State, has received a copy of the appeal made by
the Boers to tho administration in-
eouncii of tbo permanent eourt of arbitration at The Hngno. Tho appeal
whioh is dated, The Hague, Sept. 10,
aays in part: Now that this war has
gone on for nearly two years without
any prospects of an end thereto,except
in the way only recently acknowledged as being the most cllica-
cions, and at the same time the most
equitable, means of deciding international differences, to-wit: Submission to arbitration, the desirability
mutually for euch a peaceful termination cannot but become more and
more acknowledged. The statos represented by tiie undersigned, therefore, consider that thoy should repeal
the proposal already made by them before the war, but rejected by England,
namely, to submit to arbitration the
settlement of differences whioh eaue
rise to the wai ; in this way, particu
larly, however, in view of the question whether England is right in
alleging tbat action was taken by the
republics which had for its object the
suppression of the English element
and its expulsion from South Africa,
and generally, whether the repntlios
have made themselves guilty of any
act which, according to inlernation
ally recognized principles, would give
England the right to deprive them of
thoir independence. The undersigned
moreover, allege that England already, at the outbreak of the war,
commenced and has ever since continued to act in contravention of the
rules of war between civilized powers
generally, aud also by England
herself, acknowledged, and as solemnly confirmed by The Hague convention
of 20th July, 1800, concerning the
laws and usages of war by land, and
more particularly in contravention of
foreign articles of said rules, to wit:
4, 5, 7, 14, 15, 10, Ed. 3 (and thereof
the following subsections C, D, E,
F, G,) 25, 38, 32, 44, 45, lli, 47, 50, 58,
53, and 55, whilst England has more*
ovei quite recently by proclamation
issued by Field Marshal Lord Kitchener at Pretoria, and dated the 5th
day of August, 1901, virtually notilied
that she intends shortly to tako aotion
in contravention of article 20 also.
The governments of states represented by the undersigned are fully
prepared as soon as an opportunity
thereto shall be afforded them to substantiate tbe allegations herein made
by setting forth and proving lie particular facts to which they refer.
Since England sees lit to deny this
continual volution of the laws of war
fare, the states represented by the
undersigned consider that they may in
regard to this difference suck a decision the of permanent court to abntra-
tion. Should the English government
give an unfavorable reply it will
thereby be manifest that, they dare
not submit themselves to the judgment of a oonsciontioUK learned und
impartial tribunal.
The appeal is signed by W. J.
Leyds, A. Fischer, A. D. W. Wolmar*
anu, plenipotentiaries of the South
African republic, and A. Fischur nnd
C. Wessels, plenipotentiaries of tho
Orange Free State.
Testimony as to Sustaining Capacity
uud Weight.
Victorin, Sept. 27.���The Islander
inquiry was continued this morning
when Steward Simpson was examined
and told bow he, the night watchman,
and the second steward, both of whom
were drowned, had called passengers.
He knocked at every door on tbe port
sido exoept those in which he saw
through the glass panel that people
were moving.
Captain Harris, a passenger, sari ho
was on the bridge with the pilot from
ton to twelve.     The   pilot was sober.
Witness went below at 1 a. in. to tlie
saloon with a uumber of passengers
| and the captain. lie saw a bottle of
I whiskey on the table Nunc were excited in any way by drinking, Uo
assisted in lowering the busts. He do*
not tako ohaige,as be had no jurisdiction over the crew, being a passenger.
He objected tu tho boats leaving the
ship after the accident, but Others
holding that she was lilled Ihey Went
A. J. Dalian, assistant   local   agont
of  marine   told cf testing a life preserver.    It weighed four pounds eight,
ounoes.    It floated  with 38 pounds   of!
lead   but sank with 50 pounds.    After I
being ill watci 34 hours it weighed  IS
pounds four ounces.      lt   *.*.as 12 years
old,     Enquiry   was adjourned at tho
close   to   October 21,  when more witnesses will be called.
The sealing schooner Carlutta G.
Cox, arrived from the Japanese coast
nnd Copper islands with 813 skins for
the season. She took a dozen branded
skins olf Copper islands and in the
.Sea of Japan which wore branded on
Fribylolt islands.
Henry Croft, of this city hus bunded
to a U. S. syndicate, a group of claims
ou Mount Richards, six miles from
the famous Lenora mines. The price
is not stated but the syndicate agreed
to spend $25,000 on the property during the life of the bond.
A Prospector Commits Suicide Because
of Unrequited Love.
Grand Forks, Sept 27,���Baffled in
his attempt to commit suicide bv taking poison, thanks to tho prompt
efforts of a physician, John Schneider.
a prisoner in the city jail, succeeded
today by deliberately opening three
arteries in bis wrists and neck. When
found by Chief of Police McMillan he
v-aB in his last gasp.
This is a talc of unrequited love
and intended revenge wherein the chief
actor became himself the victim.
Schneider is a prospector who has resided in tho Bonndary for several
years. He was formerly on intimate
terms with Fay Alright, an Inmate
of a housj nl ill fame, who then resided at Phoenix. Thoy quarrelled
finally and Schneider j*nt six months
for threatening to shoot her. He
served out tho term and a few days
ago came here in search of the fail
cyprian who resides in the tenderloin,
After getting drunk he started on the
warpath and with two guns terrified
the inmates of various houses in the
quarter iu his seareh for the Alrighl
woman. ilo was disarmed before
doing any damage and in tho police
court yesterday was sentenced to six
months Imprisonment. At midnight
hiB groans attracted the police and be
admitted having taken poison. Where
he got it is a mystery unless he had it
ooncoalod on his person. A doctor
saved his life. At noon today he made
a second successful attempt, having
opened his arteries by means of a
piece of broken glass found in his
cell. Ilo was III yeurs old. His
brother resides at Lewlston,' Montana.
An inquest will he bald.
(81*r.( IAI, TO THB *iiim:ii ���
Victoria, Sept. 27. A telegram has
been received from Major Maudi
stating that there would be no obljec*
tion to the general public being admitted to tbo exhibition building
while the Duko was declaring il
Hon. Justice liurbridge, noli) judge
of the Exchequer coun iu Canada, is
holding court here inquiring into
claims against tiie Dominion government for  expropriation  of lands for
Uud Hill batteries, Macaulay Point
batteries, Work Point barracks aud
Clover Point rille range.
He Wants a 10 or  1!3 Knot
Breeze  for Today's
Loudon, Sept. 27 ���Evidence of ined
ical expeits in the Sifton case occupied court this afternoon. Drs. Anderson and llingbam testified that it was
Impossible that the wounds which
caused Siftnn's death could have been
caused by a fall as tho defense alleges.
The injuries were compatible with
thc oauso of death as related by Herbert. The case for the cro.vn is now
neaily all in.
Morgan  MaKcs No   Predictions but Prays for
New York, Sept. 87.���-The first race
���f tiie America's cup series, which,
after a disappointment f 11,111 tluky
zephyrs, wns abandoned in a il.ml
calm un Thursday, will lie resailed
tomorrow. At a Lite hour tonight tho
weather bureau issued the billowing
bulletin: T'luj wind ull Sandy Hook
on Saturday will be frosh and easterly in ihe morning and will probably
shift tu northeast in the afternoon,
inotuasing to brisk.
Aeoording to tiie definition uf a
fresh breeze interpreted in figures from
the stall,laid of tho weatnur buieau,
in the   morning   lhe   velocity   of tho
ind will vary from 10 tu 10 miles an
hour. A brisk breeze is mennt one
Iriving anywhere between 20 and '."j
niles au hour.
"We must have wind," said Sir
riiomns Lipton tonight, "and from
the procetit indications we Bhall get it
tomorrow. If it conies and there is a
race, all America and all Britain will
rejoice, for then we shall havo tlio
iirst adequate test of the yachts.
"Why, uo oue hero has seen that
boat race as yet,'1 he declared. "Give
her a chance, lam just as confident as
ever, aud every one on board, Captain
Sycamore, Mr. Watson, Mr. Uattiay
and Mr. Jameson share my conviction.
We have seen the Shamrock sail and
do what she is capable of. But givo
ihe shamrock a fail breeze."
"What do you call a fair breeze'.'''
''Oh, a nice breeze."
"At about what speed of wind'.1''
'Sny Hi or 12 ur 15 knots, anything
in fact over eight knots an hour. We
lo not mind a sea if only wc havo the
wind to drive us."
All I desire is a snapping breeze to-
morrow, said E. D. Morgan, manager
and owner of tho Columbia, on board
thu Park City, thu Columbia's tender.
"Don't interpret this to mean that in
tl strong wind tlie Columbia can win,
for, as to that only the test can tell,
hut I want a race, a good bona lido
contest, where the metal of bulb tlie
narine steds will be tested. Yesterday's trial was not only ''Horace"
but it was no contest. Because the
American boat was in the lead who*]
we had flukes in the wind and a
heavy sea, it is no reason why we
ihould declare that the Olumbia has
outclassed tho Shamrock���time alo���c
can solve that problem.''
Omaha, Neb., Sept. 27. ���A through
passenger train ou the Wabash from
St. Louis to Omaha was wrecked today eleven miles southeast of Council
Bluffs, The entire train consisting
of mail am', baggage earn, two day
coaches, a ihair rat aud a Pullman
sleeper rolled down an is foot embankment and turned bottom side
up. The cngiu.i alone remained un
th c tiaok. 'Iho engine stopped Willi
lhe forwaid linelis on the edge of the
bridge over Indian creek. 'lhe train
carried neaily a huddled passengers.
Three persons were perhaps fatally
Injured, l'i seriously hurt and a BCOro
of others slightly injured. Tbe cause
is supposed to be the spreading of the
Stratford,   Sept.   27.-Howard Walker, found   guilty   of  manslaughter,
was sentenced   to  fourteen years  in
Kingston penitentiary today. Howard
was employed with tbe Pan-American
CircUB and got into a row with a fellow employee named Dando and shot
uim, Dando dying next day.
Montreal, Sept. 37.���Mrs, John
Morris appeared in court this morning witli a six months' old baby in
arms, and pleaded guilty lo stealing
8125 worth of goods from tbo wholesale warehouse of Cavorhill, Kisseck
Sc Co. She was remanded until
Ootober 2nd fur Hontcuce, bail being
Niagara Calls, Sept, 27. -The Canadian Niagara Fowei Company has
awarded the Contract fur thu tunnel
and portal tn A. (). Douglas. Tim
1 price is virtually |600,000, Work ia
I to be completed by January, 1003. Tho
tunnel will be 2,20n feet long, 21 foot
lin   diameter and bricked throughout. Nblsuw Daily Miner, Saturday, septkmuhr 28, .got
I IT *   *   -���   - f      I  -
The Nelson Miner
HUi.jI   Every  Morning Except  Monday
Dally,per mciith.by carrior     66c
Daily, per month, by maU     50c
Daily, per yoar, by carrier I 1 00
Dally, peryo*.r, by mail    5 00
Daily, per y.ar foreign    S 00
Weekly, i  r half year IJ 25
Weekly, per yoar      2 00
Weekly.per year, foreign    3 (JO
ubscriptioos In variably In advanoo.
115 Fleet Street. K. O*
ntral Press Anoucy, Ltd.. Spoclal Agont*
Alexander Sc Co.,521 Kirst Avonue, Spokano
Wash., keep thin paper on Mo, and arc car
authorized aKenUi for advortUomentd ub
The Federal authorities it seems
cannot act on tho petition of the Mine
Owners' Association petition ami disallow the acts complained of, unless
it can be shown that they ure ultra
vires, and if there is nothing in the
acts which are not quite within the
power ol the local bouse. This will
nrobably make it necessary for the
Mine Owners' Association to bring the
matter before tho loeal bouse at its
next sitting -where it will be fully
treshed out aud if it cun be shown
that there exists grievances they
doubtless will be remedied.
Sir Charles Tupper in a recent m-
terivew declares that the Dominion
government cannot properly interfere
by disallowing tlio acts passed by the
provincial government,unless they can
be shown to bo ultra vires, and if
there is uothiug in tiie acts which
they complain of which aie not quite
within the powers of the local house.
The government, he said, can hardly
take exception to the two per cent
tax when they thsmsolveil passed
a 10 per cent tax on tho Yukon. Sir Charles thought it quite
right that the mines should pay
a small tax, but it should te levied
on tho nor, and not on tho gioos
values, whicli is liable to press un
Fairly on some mine owners. He was
convinced tbat in tho case of the
Y'ukon had u 5 per cent, tax been imposed, tho revenue to the government
from that source would have been
larger, as such an enormous tux as 10
por cent, only leads to much smuggling and disliuuei'ty.
Sir Charles Tupper is tho chairman
of the New GoldHelds of British
Columbia, which is developing some
promising properties on the west
slope of Sophie mountain and is therefore, in close touch with the mining
interests of the province. Thero is
justice in the position whicli he takes
as to the tax being levied on net and
not on the gross output of the mines,
a*) it is easy to see where it would
work a hardship on the mine owner.
The tax exacts 2 per cent, on the
gross returns of tho oie less the
freight and treatment charges.
Take the hypothetical case cf a
mine owner, who has piled up on the
dump during the course of develop
ment 1,000 ton of socond class gold-
copper oro that will average $0,50 to
the ton. This on* has cost him .5 a ton
to minp, but he can have it hauled to
the smelter and treated for 81.50 per
ton. If he leaves it on the dump it
represents a total loss of ,5 per ton.
If he sends it to the smelter he can
cut down tho los-i to .3.50 per ton.
Naturally be sends it to tbe smelter,
but tbo government Insists ou collecting two per cent, of tho SI.50, when
us a matter of fact the mine nwnei
has lost .3.50 on eaoh one of the 1,000
This is whero the 2 per oent. tnx is
a hardship and it also works a hardship whero the margin of proiit is
small as it is with most of the gold
oopper mines of Kootonay and Yale.
Let the fact that tlie tax works to
the detriment of a portion of the
miners bo demonstrated to tbo provincial government antl there is not
the least doubt that an endeavor will
at once be mado to make it more
equitable. It is the opinion of The
Miner that tho mining industry
should be taxed as little as possible
while it Ib ln its infancy. Whon
however, it glows stung and woathy
then pile on tbe taxes. Thc iodusty
wants nursing at present, inur. than it
does vexatious restrictions and heavy
Another exepedition is to be flttod
out, this tune in Victoria, to hunt
for tho treasuro whioh tho ollicial of
the Nicaraguan government are alleged to have nonces led on CocoB island
during the middle of the last century.
The government afterwards used tho
island for a penal colony and one of
the conviots oocidently discovered the
hidden treasure which consisted mainly of bullion. After his release ho
kept the fin it a secret until the island I
was abandoned us a penal settlement,
and tben ho set off in a vessel with
some friends to Bod the treasure. A '
sturm arose and the vessel containing
the party was lost and the ex-convict
nod those with bim   perished.     It  is '
New Fall Goods Arrived
The very latest creations in Ladies'Costumes
Jackets, Skirts, Waterproofs,
Japanese Dressing Gowns,
Parisian Blouse Flannels and Wool Delaines,
American Silk and Satin Waists.
Dress Fabrics (i suit lengths) in Newest Shades and Weaves.
TELEPHONE    NO.   13.
Hudson's Bay Company.
further alleged that II. M.^S. Araph-
ion went in search of the treasure and
actually found the box in the ground
directly over the treasure when the
captain for somo unexplained reason
ordered the excavation olosed and
abandoned the search. Several other
parties havo diligently searohod the
island and have failed to find the
troasuro. Tho party from Victoria will
doubtless have the same experience,
for the story is an improbable ono and
even if, during troublous times, the
state treasure was concealed on the
island for a period thoBe who buried
it quickly found it again. It is like
the legends which aio ourrcnt in
every mining onmp of hunters, farmers or woodsmen finding, when alone,
in some wild and out of the way place
a ledge of tabulouH richeness from
which was broken off a piece which
went thousands of dollars to the ton.
The finder of these wonderful lodes.so
the stories go, either die suddenly or
leave tho country or have their feet amputate, or something else happened to
bim, which prevented him from returning to the lode, but usually bad
time to make a map or perhaps half a
dozen, and considerable time and
money has been lost by credulous people in au endeavor to looate the lodes
so curiously found. No one ever locates them as they are mythB, pure
and simple. Tho Victoria people wbo
purpose udventuring in the southern
seas in search of the uiysteriouB Cocos
islana treasure will probably have
their labor far their pains, and will
have gained considerable expieienoe
and be out of pocket large sums.
Tbeir experience will but serve to
support the old aphorism that fools
and their money are easily parted.
If these treasure hunters want a
show for thoir money lot them come
to the Nelson division where tnere is
moro hiddon treasure in a fow acres
than there is on all of the islandB in
the vicinity of Nioaragua.
and it is easy to discern a rejuvenation of the Slooan to its former prosperity. Lead cannot lung remain at
present prices and there are already
signs in London that its inclination
is upward and with an advance of a
couple of pounds in the present prices
it would produce a regular old fashioned boom throughout all the lead
pioducing sections.
The contract which has just boen
ontored into between the London and
Richelieu Mining and Smelting Co.
ar.d the Trail smelter for 15,000 tons
of oro is the largest that ever was
made for a dry silver lead ore between
a local mine nnd a local smelter. The
Trail Smelter, however, has made
much larger contracts than this for
gold-copper ore. Tho first large contract was made in lStlit when F. Aug.
lluitize operated the Trail smelter. It
was with the Le Roi Mining Company
for 7.1,0011 tons of ore at the rato of
'.'11 por ton for freight and treatment.
Two years since VV. II. Aldridge, ho
manager of the Trail smelter, closed
the largest contract ever made for ore
in the province witli the management
of the War Eagle and tho Centre Star)
Mining Companies. It was fcr 300,-
DOil toons of ore at tho rate of $0 per
ton for freight nnd treatment. This
lattor contraot has not yet beon finish
ed, only about half of the '100,000 tons
having boon deliveied. The contract
made between tho Trail smelter and
tha London and Richelieu company
providos for a rato of 87 for freighting from Crawford bay and for treatment and is a masonable rate for dry
ore of the character found in the section around Crawford bay. Tho ore
is of a high grade and by the time
thc contract is completed the mining
company should be in good linanolal
condition. Work on tho Great Dane,
tho Commonwealth an.1, other properties in the vicinity of Crawford hay Is
being pushed and the enterprise of
the London and Rieholicu company,
whicli is building a two milo tramway and has its properties well developed, is likely to be Imitated, and It
I . probable that several shippers will
be developed there during the coining
twelve months. The demand 'or dry
ores from   tho smelters will   increase
A man who sold tea "with a wink
in it" for large prices at an old sot-
tiers' picnic in Indiana bas been ai-
rested for securing money under false
pretenses, as tho* beverage waB just
plain tea, says the Post-Intellgancor.
lt remains to be determined whether
a wink is a representation binding in
"It will be strange If thei disallowance of the liritisli Columbia anti-
Mongol ian legislation docs nut cause
trouble," says the Hamilton Herald.
"If British Columbia ib not to be permitted to act in its own interest because its aotion might be bad for
imperial interests, Iirithh Columbia
should be compensated by the imperial
A Chicago saving bank haB increased its business enormously by shrewd
advertising in the newspapers, says an
exchange Tbe manager scoffs at the
suggestion that advertising is heneath
the dignity uf a financial Institution.
"We have induced thousands of caro-
less people to become savers by daily
culling their attention tu the advantages of having money laid by, he
says: "No concern should be too dignified to tell the people through tho
newspapers what they should he told. "
Tbe Colony of New South Wales has
an enterprising mining department
which gathers statistics for the fiscal
year ending June 30th. In just fifteen
days after the end of the liscal year
the mining department issued its
report containing full particulars of
the output of the mines, gross values
of the output, and value of the different nietii's produced. It was a complete and aocurate report and the
totals were telegraphed to London
and elsewhere and served to advertise
the colony, In British Columbia the
annual report of tbe minister of mines
is not issued till live months ufter the
year which it Ib intended to report
ends. This is rnthei slow work for a
live western province, as wc should
at least be able to do as well as New
South Wales.
"Our little daughter had an almost
fatal attack ot whooping cough ami
bronchitis," writes Air. W. K. Haviland, of Armouk, N. Y., "but whip
all other remedies failed we saved her
life with Dr. King's New Discovery.
Oui niece who had Consumption in an
advanced stage, also used thin won-
derul medicine and toduy sho is perfectly well." Ilesporato throat and
lung disenses yield to Dr. King's New
Discovery as to no otber medicine on
earth. In fa'I ible for Coughs and
Colds, sin1, and 81.UO bottles guaranteed by Canada Drug & Hook Co.
Trial bottles free.
For Provincial Exhibition Now
Westminster, Oct. 1 to 4th. Tho Canadian Pneillo Railway will issue round
trip tickets from Rovolstoko at
$18.86, Tickets on salo Sept. SO, 30,
Oot. 1 and 2, good for rotum till Oct.
Is    lame    or    interferes
bring  him   to  the   City
Horseshoeing Shop, Jo
sephine Street
Come and See Our
New Arrival of
Beautiful Framed
Art Productions.
Call Early.  They are
Selling Fast.
Canada Drug and
Book Co., Ltd.
Delivered to any point
on Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock on hand of
Rough and Dressed
Mouldings, Sash Doors,
Inside Finish,
Coast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber-
Mill at PILOT BAY. Yards, NELSON
and LAKl/O.
Subscribers in Kaslo
Every morning immediately
on arrival of steamer, at the
rato of
75 Cents per Month
Subscriptions to be left
with the agent,
D.   J.   YOUNG.
For domestic or steam use.
A full supply always on
Rates to all railway and
lake points
General Agent,
Tel. No. 265.
Office ��� Two doors west
C.F.R   offices.
N. E. T. CO.
Reduction in service, taking place
Sunday 29th instant. 40 minute
service before 11 a. m. and after
7.40 p. m.    20 minutes between.
tiimi; IAltl.H.
KoicuHiowii Mauley hi.
7,00 a. m. 7.20 a. m.
740 8.00 .
8,20 8.40
9.00 9.20
9.40 10,00
10.20 10,40
11.00 11.00
11.20 11.20
Every 20  minutes  netween, at  the
hour,  20 past and 20 to.    .
Bogrtitovi n
7.20 p. �������
10.40 lai i rar.
Manley HI
7.20 p. m.
10 40
last car to switch
P. L. S.
KASLO,  B.  C.
Mineral claims and mines suiveyed.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and   Salted   Heats
Fisn and Poultry in Season
E.   O.   TRAVES.   Manager.
K.-W.-C   Block, Ward Street, Nklson.
Orders by mill receive careful and prompt attention
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Order* by mall to m>t branch will have careful tr*A prompt attention.
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
With Which Is Amalgamated
The Bank of British Columbia.
Paid-up  Capital,   88,000,000;   Reserve   Fund,   82,000,000;
Aggregate Resources Over 805,000,000.
HON. GEO. A. COX, President.      B. E. WALKER, General Manager.
London Oflice: 60 Lombard Street, I'. C.
New York Ollice; 16 Exchan|(e Place.
And 68 brancho-i ln Canada and tho JniUiil atatoa, lnoludtngi
Ati.ik Grbrnwood Nei.som Sandon
Ckandhook        Kami.ooi'h Nkw Westminster   Vancouver
FkkNie Nanaimo Kossland Victoria
YUKON DISTRICT���Dawson and WniTK House.
UNITED STATKS-New York, San Francisco, Seattm, Portland, Skaowav,
Savings Bank Department.
Deposits Ueccived and Interest Allowed.  Present Kate li Per Cont
Nelson Branch, GRANGE V. HOLT, Manager.
p"W^P'-'*'^Pt"��'^P"''l_|t*^P**"*^0"^P"^^**r*^��T*��"^ I
Our stock is now complete in the above lines.    Call and be
convinced that the most complete stock
is carried by the
J. G. BUNYAN & 60.
We have the Largest and  Finest
Assortment in the city.
oblufciud in all oountries
Registered Patent Attorney, Mechanical Engineer and Draughtsman. Bank of B. N A. building,
Hastings St., Vancouver, B C.
Write for full particulars.
Bro were ot Fine Lager
Beer an j Porter,
Helena p, O
Canada Permanent and Western Canada Mortgage
head office toronto,  ont.
Z Money to loan on Straight Mortgage.
Apply to Q. !_. LENNOX. Baku St.
0. GWILLIM, B-, Sc*,
Late of Geological Survey of Canada.    Six years experience in B. C.
mining districts.
Bakeristreet Nel��oa_B.C.
Rctween Henry Hey, plaintliT,juilg-
raont creditor, and John Harold liulujr
and Hurry Look wood, defendants,
judgment debtors.
Notice lb hereby given that pursuant
to an ordor of thin court diitt'd I lie
liith dny of September, 1001, nurler and
by virtue of the" Judgment Act' im**
Amending nets, sealed tenders for tlio
purchase ot Lot Itfll (Four thousand
and throe hundred und .loven) Group
One (1), Kootonay Distriot liritisli
Columbia according to the official plan
or mirvcy of suid district, being the
property of the above named judgment
aebterb,will be roceived by me Bt Wy
olliee at the Court Mouse , Nelson,
liritisli Columbia, up to and until tho
seoond day of October, A. 1-., l'*'*J**
at 12 o'clock noon to iiatlsfy the juug'
ment obtained ln this action by the
above named plaintiff judgment
ereditoi against the abovo named defendants, judgment debtors, on the
20th day of Juno, 1001, for the sum 0'
J808.0O for debt and taxed costs together with interest thereon from the
said 30th day of Juno, 1001, a** tne
rate of 5 per cent (five per oentujnl
per annum, and also together With
the costs of Bale and all other costs
incidental thereto incurred subsequent
to said date. The churges appoint"!*?
on the Register against said lan*i��
are as follows:
1001���20th   June,   1001,    2.4!>   P*   m
Registration of judgment Henry Bey,
plaintiff,   versus John   Hurold   Holey
and Ilarry Lockwood for 1888.90.
Dated this 17th day  of  Septenibe**.
A. .D, 1901. Nelson  Daily Miner, Saturday September a8, .901
l* +***********************
John Harris, mining broker of Spokane, is a' the Phair. He is enroute
for iho properties of the Silver Crown
Consolidated Mining company, which
hns two promising olalms near Ymir.
Mr. Iliu ris states that a crosscut tunnel is being run on the property to
tap the main lead at a depth of 200
feet. The tunnel has now been driven
SOU feet and it is anticipated that
tho ledgo will be interesacted when
25 feet further have beon driven. The
ledge outcrops strongly on tho surface
wtiere it is from six to 40 feet in
���width. Tho lode is a quart/, gangue
oarrying galena, copper and gold and
the ore is of a good grade and tbe
management expects to find a rich pay
shoot once the ledge is crosscut in tho
\V, II. JefFery and J. McKay Anderson are tho l'hair. The latter is an
extensive operator in the Duncan*
Lardo section and tho former has been
uxamining and making reports upon
some of them and it is anticipated
that a deal will be pot through in
this city within tbe next few days.
At the record otlice yestorday the
following transactions were entered:
Bliilio S., on Wild Horse creek about
three-quarters of a mile from Ymir,
by R. H. Shrum und 11. A. Van
Euskirk* Ronnie, on Hall creek, by
R, 11. Hutchinson ; Ottawa, on south
fork of Salmon river by John Rainey
nnd 0. Muliean; Mnjuba, on south
fork of Salmon, by J. Rainey and 0.
MoBean. Certificates of work were
issued to 0. A. Lovell, on tioodenough
fraction', W. II. Hutchinson, on
Venus fractional; I). R. Morrison
on Copper Mountain; J. H. Oraham
on Yankee Girl and Canadian Girl s
,1. Mnnson on Big Four, Hercules,
Snow Fluke and Lerwick.
Nolson     Opinion   Is    That   Stability
Would He Promoted Thereby.
The general trend of public foeling
is strongly in favor of tbo next provincial election boing run on party
lines. Most of the politicians of the
const have reoogni/ed the inevitable
lint have, so far as noticed, not expressed any preferences. The business
men, who look lirst to the commercial
ami industrial interest of the province
and to party advantage second, see in
party lines the system most likely to
bring settled conditions.
In Nelson the Liberals bave put
themselves on reoord by issuing a let-
tei to the other Liberal associations
of the province asking them to cooperate m bringing about the estab
Jishmcnt oT party lines. The movement tlnis inaugurated will lead to a
formal declaration of tho Liberal
A number of Conservatives seen
yesterday were equally as emphatic in
expressing a preference for the same
step. What they desired was settled
"Wo have bad too many elections
recently," said Mr. Dover. ''In Nelson iiding there have been live in
eight yearB. A lew of tbo abler men
terra a government while the others
not being bound to any party feel at
liberty to change sides and so tho government is defeated and another election brought about."
So far the Consevatives of Nelson
have takon no action but should either
parly announoo party lines they
would bo glad of it and ready for the
cmr.paign. Only by such a course do
they expect to see stability in thegov-
erninent.nnd most of those seen would
prefer to huvo tho elections brought
on as soon as tbey can be conveniently. They considered that the proper course for Premier Dunsmuir to
pursue was to resign at once. For the
sooner tbo next contest is over tbe
sooner would the present chaotic condition of affairs be dono away with.
There might bo three parties in the
Held, the third being the labor unioiiB
who might niakw tbe rosult in Nelson,
the Slooan and RoBsland ridings
doubtful but in tho general result of
the province it wus dcubtfui whether
they could make it dangerous for
either party.
The Indies of Nelson uro invited to
attOIKl our Fall Millinory opening on
Tuesday, October 1st and following
days.   KERR & CO.
MaKlllop vs,Chapleau, $115.13; Camp*
WU vs. Kali view, 835: Lin Hln vs.
L'yolera, 8100; Arnot vs McMillan.
��ad i Taylor vs. Hey, gaO; Nattoni vs.
Western Canada Insurance, $50; Marty a vs. Roohe, 807.96; Nipou vs.
Jenckes Machine Co., 8400.02; Hall vs.
LaBau, 8314.50; Allenbeig vs. Ritchie,
$43.28; Allenberg vs. Benson, 808.26;
Chang vs. Luthwaite; MoArthur vs.
Doyle, ,213.13; Robitaille vs. Mason,
damager; Peterson vs. Kee, 877.50;
Shaw vs. McOrath, 804.50; Combs vb.
Callaghan, $50; Benny vs. Anderson,
$14.10; Lawrence vs. Fairweather,
$38.55; llartiett vs. Palmer, $02.75;
Sawmill vs. McLeod. $51.00; HioUractt
vs. Dawber,851; Whitehead vs.McNeil,
$78;Twissvs. Lymburn, $25.00; Mc-
Ma'nou vs. Morrison, $50; Malone vs.
Ferguson, 875; Daviaux vs. Crease and
Macdonald, appeal fiore conviction.
There aro two jury cases, Nipou vs.
Jenckes Machine Co, and Hall rn.
A session of the County court will
begin in Mondny before his honor,
Judge Forin. Quite a large amount of
business is  to be disposed of.
The following alionB have filed the
necos-,ary atlidnvits and will be admitted to naturalization, Richard
^npe, Carmini Oisi, Michael Ilenrv
'ilax.nr, Nels, Nelson, Oharles Ernest
Snyder, and Ralph Gillette.
The following is the list of cases
entered for tilal and amounts claim-
edl Smith vs. Stewart, $1,540.75;
Hnzelwood vs.Mlnielly, $29.35; Allan
v". Chapleau M. Co., 8H97.30; Painter
��". Chapleau, $240.72; MoArthur vs.
('hapleau,850.05; Christie vs.Cbaplean,
$146;  McVarlaae  vs.   Chapleau, $��*'���;
S. S. Taylor, soliiitor for the B. C.
district of the Western Federation of
Miners, returned from Roisland yesterday whither he had gone on matters connected with the strike. He
states that Mr, Williams, the deportation olllcer, had quietly been making
inquiries, but so tar nothing of a publio nature had transpired. The rainei'H
f.el confident that things will work
out to their satisfaction.
Mr. FrecheviUe, the newly-appointed Lo Roi director, is expected to arrive in Rossland next Friday.
French and American Pattern Hats
will be displayed at Kerr ,t Co.'a Mil-
linry opening on Tuesday,October 1st,
and following days.
Loudon, Sept. 27.���A long list of
honors and promotions conferred for
service in Soutli Africa occupied
twenty-SMven closely printed pages of
the Uuzotte tonight companions of tbo
Hath, companionships of the Distinguished SBrvico ordar, companionships
of St. Michael and Si. (leorge, and
brevets have beon scattered with a
lavish band, throughout all ranks and
branches of the Imperial foieos
Major Burnbam, the American soout,
who was on the staff of Lord Roberts,
gets a companionship of the Distinguished Service order. Lady Sarah
Wilson is decorated with the Royal
Red Cross. Col. Cartwright, of the
Canadian'corps, becomes a companion
of the Order of St. Michael, aud St,
Oeorgc, and a half dozen other Canadians receive the companionship of
tho Distinguished Sevrice order, including Mulloy, the blind trooper.
Kansas City, Mo., Sept. 27.���Kirk-
laud B. Armour, of the Armour Packing Co., died at hie residence here at 0
o'clock this ovening. Mr. Armour
suffered from Bright'S disease and
weak heart, and had been sinking
gradually for three days.
J n
Toronto, Sept. 27.���The eity hall
will not bo illuminated when the
Duke of Cornwall comes. The committee put off making application to the
electiic companies until all the lights
tliey can possibly supply were engaged
by private individuals.
Kingston, Sept. 27.���Principal
Grant's oondition is agoia, causing
alarm. This afternoon he had slight
chills accompanied by a rise in temperature and consequent decrease in
London, Sept. 27.���A special deB
patch from Christiana says the condition of Henrik Ibsen the Norwegian
dramatist and poet has grown worse
and that his death is hourly expected.
Loudon, Sept. 27.���King Edwnrd,
yueon Alexandra and the oluldren of
the Dnke and Duchess of Cornwall and
York, loft London for Balmoral this
afternoon. Blaborate precautions
were adopted to ensure thoir aaftey.
"TEbc IRo^al Banh of Canafca"
Capital  Authorlied,
lecorporated 1869.
S.1,000,000.00 I  < iiiiliul Paid-up,
iM.ooe, eeo.es
.    ���JU.IOO.OOO.OU
Board of Director*     Thomas E. Kenny,  President;   Thomas Ritchie. Vloe-Prenldonl
Wiley Smith. H. G. Bauld, Hon. David MaoKeon.
Head once, Uallfaxt
General Manager, Kd���on L. Pease, Montroal.	
Superintendent of BrauoUos. and Secretary, W, B. Torrance, Halifax,
Bran    es I
; ebec���Montreal, (City Office), Montreal
Wost End (Cor. Notre Dame and Seigneurs Streets); Wostmount ICor. Greene
Avenue nnd St. Catharines  Stroet.
N*****) Tonndlaud���St. John's.
Cuba. West fftdtes��� Havana.
United HtatCH-Now York (16 Exchango Plan*
ltopubllc, Wash
'ova   Scot la-Halifax   Branch,   Antlgonl��h
Brldgowater, Guysboro. Londonderry, Lu
enburg. Maitland (Hanta Co.), Piotou, Port
HawkoHbury, Sydney. Shubonacadie.Truro,
Mew    Itruiiswlck ��� Bathurst,     Dorchester,
Frodorlcton, Kingston (Kont Co.), Mono-
ton, Newcastle Sackvillo, St, John,Woodstock*
P. E. Inland���Charlottetown, summemde.
Grand   Furfcs, Nanaimo,   Nelson,   Rosslard,   Vancouver,
Vancouver East End, Victoria.
Correspondents 1
Cnnnda���Merchants Bank of Canada.   Ittmton-National 8hawmut Hank.   Clilcago��� Illlnolt-
Trust and Havings Bank.   Han I'rniu-.lHco��� First National Bank.   London,   Eng.-Bank  of
Scotland,   Paris, France���Credit Lyonnais.   Bermuda���Bank of Hermans.   China aud Japan��� Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking C01 partition.   Spokane���Old .National Bank.
Qeneial Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Mills of Exchange   tteugh
and Sold, Letters of  Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on tbe most favorable terms.   Interest allowed ou special
deposite and on Saving Bank accounts,
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
Another ridiculous food fad bas been
branded by the most competent
authorities. Thoy have dispelled the
hilly notion thut one kind of food Is
needed for bruin, another for muscles,
and still another for bones. A cor-
root diet will not only nourish a particular part of the body, but it will
sustain every other pait. Yet, however good your food may be, Its nutriment is destroyed by indigestion or
dypepsiu. You must prepare Mr their
ppoarance or prevent their coming by
a king regular doses of Uieen's August
Flower, the iavonte medicine of thc
healthy millions. A few doses aids
digestion, stimulates tho liver to
healthy aetion, purifies the blood, and
makes you feel bnoyant and vigorous.
You can get Dr. C. 0. Hreen's reliable
remedies at W. F. Teetzel & Oo.'s.
Oct Urecn's Special Almanac
If you don't like Blue Bibbon Tea it's
beoause you ever tasted it.
Maples, lilacs, roses, snowballs, otc.
Lots of time to plant, but tho planning and ordering should be done
right nwny. Riveisido Ni.Berles,
Orand Korku.
Oold, Silver-Load   and  Copper Mines wanted at the EXCHANGE.
FREE MIIjIjINU UOLD properties wanted at once for Eastern
Parties having mining property for sale are requested to send
samples of their ore to the EXCHANOE for exhibition.
We desire to hoar from prospectors who have promising mineral
claims in Hritish Columbia.
Prospectors and mining rr.cn are requested to make tbe EXCHANOE their headquarters when in Nelson. J
AU samples Bhould be sent by express, PREPAID. J
Correspondence solicited.    Address all communications to ��*
Tolo phone No. 104.   P. O. Box 700. NELSON. B. O.    J
Special Features of the
Florence   Hot   Blast
Our New Idea Deflector Fire Pot gre-itly increases the heating capacity of the stove, and in connection with the deflector ring forces the
heat to the lloor. The base is hot, the lloor being wanner than wUli a
base burner.
The Hot Blast Attachment takes in the cold air through a duct at the
rear of the fire pot, the heated air being discharged in a circle at the top
of (Ire pot, over lire, thus consuming all the gases and products of combustion. It can bo operated in connection with the front draft door, or
independently, by a screw register in the rear of base, insuring complete
control of the stcve with nearly perfect combustion.
The large Hot Air Circulating Flue on the back takes thc cold air from
the floor and ejects it. intensely heated, through the top adr'ing greatly
to the heating capacity.
Where the stove is operated according to directions we guarantee it to
consume all the gas contained in soft coul, thus deriving the benefit of
all the heat in the fuel consumed, causing a truly remarkab'e saving of
fuel over any other stove 011 the market. The stove will hold fire from
24 to 48 bouiM without attention.
rf /hjlMaj,
d^^U^tiJ  ft*/
jry. $��0/ iJiUxwSwb^
Patenaude Bros.
Be  sure and got the genuine   BENNETT'S OUTTA PERCHA FUSE,not
something that looks   like   it.      aw*
renoe Hardware Co., Agents.
Advortlsomonta Inserted nndor this hoad at
tho rate of one cent a word por insertion. No
advortlHomont ukon for lens limn 25 oenu
Situation Wanted ailvorll-iomonts Insortod
Ihreo Union froo of oharge.
FURNISHED Rooms,    every convenience; soutli east corner uf Carbonate
and Josephine streets.
Are you in want? If you are, tell
the people, through The Miner want
column, what   you are   in   wunt.   uf.
You'll ifet il.
FOU RENT���Home Temperance hotel,
'jo bedrooms, dining   room, parlors,
kitchen,   nil famished complete���  St.",
per month,    Apply to A.  U.   Gamble,
agent, llalior street.
FOR SAU-*.���I'pnght P1.1110.      Bird's
Eye   Maple    case.    (Decker   llros.,
New York.)   Apply Box DH, Nelson.
ROOMS to BENT.��� K. VV. C. nh*. :,-
, Two rooms en suite on Ward St.,
also roums facing the west. On September 1, two sir^io rooms and two
or three en cu.te facing Baker Bt.
Furnishei or unfurnished. Mrs. F.
J. Squire, Room 41,  K.    VV. 0,  lilock.
ROOM und board in   private   family.
Apply 011 Si lieu  street, seeoud   door
west of Ward.
A Y01JNU lady wishes   plain sewing
by   the   day.    Mending   especially.
Apply Seamstress,  Miner Ollico.
A guod woman cook   wants   a   situation   in   a hotel   01- camp, or would
accept any position iu a hotel.    Apply
Miner Ollice.
NELSON Employment Agency, Buker
street. Phono 278. ,i. tl. Love.
WANTED.���Cook, linker. Woman
Cook. Janitor for.mine. Sawyer,
Edger for sawmill, Oirls for housework.    Dishwasher.
Contracts taken for Diamond Core
WANTED.- Waitress.Girls for Bouse-
J wont. Men for Railroad work,
men for sawmill, sciond cook |J50 per
month, stone mason.
Western Employment Ollice, II. A.
Prosser, Phone 21U.
Storage���I have u large warehouse
for storing household or other
1 lil.I. Milling Uoltl l'n��|(. iM.h Hr hit
an vl'tiiH lo Mccure n I't'wJ'rcc milling Kulil
limiMriicH nt mivc. TUv Vrt*w*'tor'n Ex-
fliaiijif, Nil so si, II. r, It oo iti I, K.-W.-t'*
<;oli> siL*>:it <oi'i**KK i,i;ai��   Miiiti   ami
liro-*iu-.'_H Mauled. S'ml report anil BaiU-
plei 10 lhe rinsprri-ir's Kxeliutixe. NelHOii.
IS *L\   Koom 4 li. W.-<:_ hioek.
Has Money to Loan at 8 per Cont.
On improved Real Est a to in
amounts of -1,000 and upwards.
Loans quickly ai ranged.
Three, four, live und six roomed
houses for rent.
n-ltoomed Cottage for sale, *1,700.
Two M-foot building lots , |50U,
Insurance, Heal Estate,  Rentals.
H. & M. BIRD
8800���House and two lots on Robs,.:
Btreet, close to the teiiiiiuns of
tbe truiii lino.
81,000���Three and u hnlf acres of land
in Addition A. House, Stable
and Chicken house.    Easy icrins.
81,750���Six roomed house on Mill
street, between Josephine nud
Hull streets; almost nun.   Easy
���i-l     -V Al. C minimus,  li*u^^au���K\_.-ry feUOWU
vulletj ut noil drink-..   I'ouoxaa.  Tcloyhuu
No. 81. liuuvur -ju.iuL, Nelson.   BotUoTu ut Lhe
--iiiumn dl. luuii ilolUpfinf-fs Minuiul U.*Lcr
C1ANK ic .-lA.i>uNAl_,l.  ill. (ju- , jii-uu
/    A. .Uiic'luiiiad)*-Ar_;hiLui;L*. anu MupotlU
LUIldOULB, Mrol_t.il linl JliuCn., eoni<;|  M;iU.;l aud
UJ. KVA-Nti ^ L'u.-iukor rtiruoL, Nel
���   boo���Wholcualo du.Ut.Tti in iiquoru, ci-
K&nii, i:��."i'_nt.  Uro brick und lieu oluy,  wuLur
pllJU   uild    **,UJU1    lull.i, illid   K'-,"UIiAl   LUIIIllllHldoii
AAlAUJJ'JNALl)   _��  Co.-L"ori]i5i-   Fron
���   and   J lull   ot-iV-Jlti ��� \\ liuich-uu   Kiuccr
Mint .jobbi 11 ���-. in blaukote, gloves, mitt*, ihjuLh
luUburn. i-i-ickiiiuwr*. uud ujluora' -sun .huh.
it   I-L'HNrf &   _;o.-liuk..r -SLrucL,   Nid-tin*^
���   WholuHtklQ dtiului'e*. in froisli uml -uurt-U
iuouLn.   (Juld i-tuniKL'.
li-.).-ur tiLrcui., Nelson- \\ JioIuhuIu du;i
-I'M IU I'lbhli aiid CUrr.ii HI-JlLlr..
j*\ A hLruui., iSulsun ��� Wliuli'.-ulo djuUin in
Iturdwaro, minors' supiiiic.-., MporMux nood-i
L'LACUliAW UHUd. (huccosworrt Lo Vun
oouvor liardwaru (Jo, J^L-l.*i Jtukui rfLruuL*
.NijIhou ��� \\ iiLilunulo dt-ulLTri in nurdwuhj aud
Kilning supplies, piumboH-'aud UnBiultbs' sup
������vTKi-HON HAKi-t'vS AlU'I <A).- \V|)ul_walo
i3| jiaitiiis, liiU and %lntir\\ mooharifos' Luoin
AK-jiiioroi uiiu_nu Powdor Works; lynamlte
'pUKNKK, BKKTON & .:���>. ��� Oornor Vornon
JL and Josephine ULrools, .St-i.^uii ��� Wln.iu
��aio duaior�� iti liquors, oigars, and dry ^uuiln,
Agenis i-ji I .bst BrowmaCo. ol Milwaukee
ana (.-iKary iJiL-wuiK i;i�� ui Calgary,
Li)-Spi\"d 1I.VV Co. -Wholosalo urucoric-t
ana litiu<nv oto,, Baker 8Lit:_;i., rx-.l-._m.
Jl!i Olilcu corntr Hull and troiiL .SlreuLH
>.(;Ihoii���Lut.ibort c-uilii-x. HooriiiK. "-'id ovory
thing in wood for building i>ur[jni.-t)*. CuL oui
priocw.   (Jiirrii.-ponduiinj soliciLcd.
rp GALLON -t OO.-Doalern in oro wwka
J. ��� and Lwlnos. Always a largo slock on
band. Telephone205.  Room 11, K.-W.C Block
Dominion and
Land Surveyor.
West Transfer Co.
Goal m Wood
Best   Fir  and  Tamarac   Al
ways on hand.
All Kinds of Teaming and
Commission Work-
Onira on   Bukor Street Tel. W
00���Cottage mi Wind hti'cet.
00���Cottage un Kdlison Btreet.
00���Seven ruomud liouse un CuvIju-
nnto   Btri'ct.       Very   lianily   tu
town. ��� Hunted liy furnace,
00���Six roomed 1io\im> next   to the
corner   uf   Stanley   Stroet    and
Minus road.
SIIj^K kino mike
Will pay the highest oaab prum for all
kinds ol Beoond hand gixids. Will buy
or Hell anything from an nnchot to ��
needle. Furniture, stoveB, OBiperti,
-ooking uteiiHils, bonght in houselmlo
^nantitiea. Also oast off clothing
Oall aud Bee me or write. Addre*
Silver King Mike, 13ox 1)00. Ht*'
8*"*��et. Nelson.  H   il
and try a bottlo, a dor-on, or a barrel of
OALGARY BEER "H It In tho bOHt and
ohoapoBt on tho mnrkot. AIho try oui
WINES,    LIQUOR8     and    CIGARS.
Talophono 113 n��vnr Ht., Nolnon
can be engaged for Private Parties,
Socials. Receptions, Halls, etc. Kor
particulars apply to J. 13. POLLARD, E. J. Robie's Tailoring
Establishment, Baker Stroet.
Atlantic S.S. Sailings
From MoniToal
Allan Idno Tunisian Oct. i
Allun LlnoCurlntlihui Oct, 12
Allan Uno ParUian  oci.ni
lluuvcr IjIihi Uiku Siiiicni. Oct. 4
Boaver Lino i*.ii**t* Mnuiuiiiu Oct. 11
Beavor Lino Lake OnUido Oct, 18
From Portland, Mo.
Dominion Lino   Vancouver Oct. 12
Dominion   I,inn   Dominion  Oct. Ill
Dominion Line U-iiubromau Oct, 20
Fiom Boiiton
Dominion Line New England Oct. I)
Dominion Lino Common wealth Out. 2.1
(Jiinanl Lino Ivornla .Oct. 11)
Cunard Line Haxonla Nov. 2
From Now York
Ounnr.1 Lino Campania Oct. fi
Ounard Lino Uinbrla Oct. 13
Ou'nard Uno Eiuotiua Oct. 10
WhltoStarLlne Uornunto Oct. 2
Whlto BUir Llnu Majpatio ,,.. Oct. !t
Whin; Slur Line Oceanic  .Oct. Hi
Amorlcan Line I'hlladoliihia, ,Oct.   2
Amorlcan Lino at. Paul Oct. u
American Lino   Bt. IjouIh...' ....Oct. IU
The wise man wbo waits to buj
aliarea in tlio Himilkainei'ii Valley
Coul Company, blmltod until twnm*
portation reaches tbe coal lU'liis would
have to pay at least (6 per Bhare tor
what lie can now huy for :.'*i cents in
four  equal   monthly   payments   from
To   All   Eastern   Points   via
Lake Route, All-Rail or Soo
Line, via   St.   Paul   or   Chi
Pau-Amcrican Expsili
I3UHAL0. $76,00.
Sixly    bays'     Limit.
Good going Oct. [-15th
rhrotlgh Sleeping Cars Kootenay Ldi_!*. to Toronto. Arrowhead to Vancouver.
For pamphlets deeortptlvo ol 0��n
lid ian I'aeillo touisaml for Time Tab
Rates, Xioketa, apply
Further HalllnK" 'or iho above linen nine
BTOndh, Keil Hliir, Ilolliinil-Aiiinrlcan, II. A. I'.
Co., N. (1. Lloyd on npulicition,
Gon. .'.ki'ih. Winnipeg, Man.
J. S. CARTl.lt. I). P, A., NcIhoii,
V. O. OREKN        V. 8. OIiflMBNTS
Civil Engineers and Pro   ndal Land
P. O. Box 14S N    on, B.C,
II. L. llltnWN,
City Passenger A^cmi
J. H. (lAHTKIl, K. J. CoYI.K
Dls.Pass. AkI. A.(i. P, a,
Kelson, Vanconver
You shouM'nt send out oQtown for �������� bbohkiu        nor-tE*. rr��U
earila   for yourself   or   ymir   Im- li;inil : winiloriniirn MinoK.   CorrtwponilonoeSorolio
until vou nee what The Miner can   ilu 	
fur you* 1 WINBBHMBBK, B. O, ir
Nmjom Daily Minkh Satwrjw, Sbpthmber a-*** 190
We hare ea oftlefor
a few lUyn n UaS Of
IlimnantK   ir
the    GtioriV-OUA  iftlti
ot our woll-known
ha* loft m with a
fow odd* and end*
tbat wo wffta to clear
Two of the most vivitl rainbows
ever seen in Nelson appeared yesterday after the heavy rain of the
Considerable repairs were made to
the fin-hall this weelt, the stalls are
lit'intf rellooreii and other improvements made.
At the C. P. R station yesterday
afternoon, a miner of a musical turn
of mind who waa waitinir a couple cf
hours for a train, entertained the
other passengers very acceptably with
a banjo till the train arrived.
The Kokanee was to have made an
extra trip yesterday to take mora
laborers to the Lardo, but as word
came that they would not arrivo, she
will not go up till tonight, when
another large party from Manitoba is
expected over the Crow's Nest.
At the Methodist church tomorrow
Rev. W. II. Barraclough, B, A., of
Viotoria, president of tho 1!. C. Conference, will preach morning and
evening. Mr. Barraclough ia a delegate to the general Hoard of Missions
which meets tine year in St. Mary's
Ont., nnd Is regarded as one of the
brightest young men of his denomination in the west. He will make a
spi'oial appeal for missions
A number of investing inquirers
boseiged Mr. Hugh Cameron's ollice
yesterday in their thirst for information of the Carnegie Townsite syndicate. All thoso who aie acquainted
with the locality in which it is situated are thoroughly satisfied with its
position and predict Uiat it will be
thu largest town in the Simiiaknieen
country. A largo mini lit ��� cf the
shares were taken up yesterday nnd it
is expeated that by Monday evening
there will be none left available for
sale. Tbe shares should tise to an
immediate premium as it is a proposition whioh certainly ooinmends itself
to any thinking business person.
"Judge of a Tding Half Done."
This is particularly applicable in
cases whore persons seriously troubled
from the effects of cofl'eo drinking
and who take up I'ostum I'*oo Coffee in
its place, attempt to make the new
beverage with a little hot water and
two or three minutes' boiling. That
sort of a "lick and a promise" produces a drink thnt is simply exasperating. It is flat and tasteless,
whereas the person who will boil the
Postum full fifteen minute aftei the
actual bubbling and boiling begins,
will havo a beverage that is something.
There is a point between twelve and
fifteen minutes of boiling, when the
character of I'ostum is changed, the
food value Is extracted and the delicious flavor which much roHOinhlos the
milder and morii expensive grades of
���lava colfee is produced,
A lady in Halm, Oro., says: "Whenever I drank coll:*, nt night, I nlway**
p'tgsoil a restless, wakeful night. Extreme nervousness and a weak
Stomach have followed me ovei since I
bave been using colTiu. Finally I got
into such a state that my dyspepsia
took the form of spasms and heart
wc aknesu.
I HiilTered intensolj, and when a
physician was called, he enquired
among other things, if I dinnk ooffee
and insisted that 1 leave i'. off. 1 did
mo and took up tea, which I found
almost    as bad.      (finally    husband
bi ought homo a package of Tostum.
and we tried it (strictly according to
directions, for we believe in the adage
that 'children and fools judge of a
thing half done,')
The new coffee was ilelioious and
from that day until now (which is a
year) it has been our only dilnk at
meals. My dyspepsia, spasms, etc ,
are a thing of the past. My husband
h'ul suffoicd seme years with bilious
headaches, and indigestion, but during the past year on I'ostum KTood
Coffee, ho has entirely recovered his
health and gained muoh in weight
Our friends frequently comment on
our improved appearanee and change
in complexion." Name- of writer supplied by I'ostum Co., Buttle Creek,
Monday hat been deolared a ���ohool
holiday by the provincial authorities
Iu honor of the visit of the Duke and
Duchosa of York to the Coast.
Workmen were employed yesterday
repairing the ciosBiDg leading to the
station at the foot of Baker street
which was torn up by the trolley car
last Monday.
Yesterday a new variety of edible
from Nolson gardens was placed on
the local market in the shape of
mushrooms whioh are now for salo at
a number of stores in town.
The electric light system gave considerable trouble last night again,
the hotels and private residences that
depended on it being in darkness for
some time. Ou the street it did not
mutter so mucb, as tho billiant moonlight afforded plenty of light.
Mrs. H. Hickraett, of Hall street,
near Baker, who was admitted to the
Kootonay Lake General hospital two
weeks ago suffering from cancer, died
there on Thursday night. The funeral will take plaee this afternoon at
.' o'clock from the undertaking parlors of J. 0, Bunyan & Co.
The interior ot the Carnev block,
first floor, which has been a lodging
house for several yearn, is iu the
course of entiro reconstruction and
alteration. All the partitions bave
beon removed, and it is reported that
a club is to be established there after
alt the improvements are finished.
Tomorrow at Emmanuel church,
Kev. Win. Munroe will preach in
tho morning on "The Use of the
Bible." Tlie evening sermon will be
the last of tlio aeries on Forces in
Nelson, the subject being "The
Churches in Nelson." A cordial invitation is extended to everyone.
The services at the Baptist ohurch
will be conducted by tho pastor tomorrow both morning and evening.
The subjoot of the morning sermon
will bo "Work l" The evening service will be of an evangelistic character. I'astor's Bible class at 3.45 p.
m. Strangers and the public cordially invitod.
A oompauy of the Boys' brigade has
been started at the Congregational
church, Corporal Blanov of the It. M.
Ii., having kindly volunteered his services as instructor. The company
meets each Friday evening in the
basement of the church and commenced the season's drill with a
merabeship of thirty.
At the police court yesterday morning Frank Brown, a frequent visitor
to Nolson, was brought before the
magistrate charged with being "without any peaceable profession or calling to maintain himself by." As the
magistrate did not consider that
gambling, the occupation of the prisoner, was a ueaeable profession, he
imposed a fine of $50 and costs.
The regular meeting of the Socialistic club will be held in the Miners'
Union hall tomorrow a'ternoon, when
an address will be delivered by the
Kev. J. B. Morgan, of the Baptist
church, on the subject, "Minister and
Socialist." On account of the Rev.Mr.
Morgan having an engagement at 3.4.1
o'clock the meeting will commence
promptly at 3. All members and
friends aro requested to govern themselves accordingly.
So far this season the duck shooting
at the various favorite resorts near
Nelson has boen very poor, very few
sportsnen bringing in more than
three or four ducks in as many days'
shooting. Yesterday, however, O.
Chevalier ariived from Kootonay
I.nulling with a string of Oil ducks, a
brace of woodcock, and an immense
horned owl, tho latter alive. Cheva-
liur was out ono week,nnd stated that
the ducks were just beginning tc arrive at the Huts near the month of
tloat river.
Winnipeg; P. Maiden, London, Eng.
Hume.���M.R. Roblee, Toptka.Kar*. ;
B, MoGulie, Molly Gibson Landing-,
N, P. Maekay, Kaslo; C, McDonnell,
Slooan; Mr. and Mrs. Rotherham,
Ymir; F. Kirknam, Winnipeg; It-
Troup,;Ros��bery; J. R. Gifford, Hall
MineBi'O. Murphy,JSt.  Catherines.
Queens.���.1. Sullivan, Lardo: ,T. S.
Cote, Sacramento; C, E. Smitheringale, Slocan ; Mrs. L. Carton, Ymir.
Grand Ccntrnl-F.
liam Moyie, Ymir;
Bell, l'hoenix.
Sleeman,    Wil*
A.   Turner,   B.
Kerr & Cc. will have their Fal-
Millinervjopeninp on Tuesday, Octo-
bei 1st and following days.
The marriago of P. Burns, tbe well
known and popular cattle man of
Calgary, to Miss Eileen, eldest
daughter of Thomas Ellis, of Pontie-
ton, took place in London, Eng.. on
Sept.4th. Mr. and Mrs. Burns have
returned to Cal4ary and taken up
their residenco in the magnificent
home recently erected there. Mr.
Bnrns has very many friends in Nelson who will extend him and his
bride hearty congratulations.
cUtor and the propoSOil Pathf-rtdef
Mine Co., limited, ami authorizing
tho liquidator to enter Into thi llld
agreement, A oonBtmstory msatlas
to confirm the resolution passed at tho
above meeting will be hold at the
office of the coinpany hore on October
���j at 3 p. ra.
Leonard Norris, assistant commissioner of lands and works, held a sale
of government lots at Eholt this week.
Good pilces weie realized.
Roy Troup son of Capt.
islered at tho Hume.
Troup, reg-
His Widow the Chief Bcueliciary
With Annuity For His Mother.
Canton, Ohio, Sept. 27.���This afternoon Judge Day and Secretary Cortel-
you went to the oflice of the probate
judge and offered the will of President McKinley for probate. The
following is the text of the will:
I, publish the following as iny last
will and testaiiiont hereby revoking
all former wills:
To my beloved wife, Ida S, McKinley, I bequeath all my real estate
wherever situated, aud the income of
my possessional proporty of which 1
may be possessed at death, during her
natural life. I_ mako the following
charge upon all of my property both
roal and personal, to pay my mother
during her lifo one thousand dollars a
year ard at her death, said sum to be
paid to nay sister Helen McKinley.
If the incomo from my property be
insufficient to keep ray wife in great
comfort and pay the annuity above
piovided, then I direot Wat such of
my property be sold so as will make a
sum adequate for both purposes.
Whatever property remains at the
death of my dear wife, I give to my
brother and sister, share and share
alike. My chief concern is that ray
wife from my estate shall have all
that she requires for her comfort and
pleasure and that my mother shall be
provided with whatever money she requires to make her old age comfortable and happy. Witness my hand
and seal, this 22nd day of October,
1807, to my last will i.nd testament,
made at the City of Washington, I).
C,    (Sigd.)   WILLIAM M'KINLEY.
Bt, Louis, Mo., Sept. 27.���Benny
Hanger, the "Typtou Slasher," of
Chicago, ginned the decision tonight
over Geo. Dixon, for.un- featherweight
champion, of tho world, In a fifteen
round go. Banger punished Dixon
severely about the body. Dixon's
blows lacked force, nnd it Was only
his ring generalship tbat sa.cd him
from a knock out.
Montreal, Sept. 27.���Joseph Ernest
Laplaine, was found guiltv of murder
and sentenced to be hanged on October
87, by Justice Ouimette in the Court
or King's Bench this afternoon for
having shot ami instantly killed
Madame Lefobvro ill St. Cuucgcnde
last June while in a fit of jealousy
I'aul llouck of Slocau City, and T,
Atkinson, of Hamilton, Ont., are
stopping at thu Royal.
til, I'.. Roblee, represtenting u
wholesale firm of druggiits in Topeka,
Kansas,   is at tiie Hume.
Mayor Carlson, of Kaslo, passed
through Nelson yesterday on his wav
cast to piocure more laborers for his
railway construction woik in the
,7. Houghton, and
arrived in Nelson
. Houghton, uccom-
childrcn, is on her
Mr. and Mrs. (1
children, of Trail
last, evening. Mri
[ianied by the two
nay for an extended visit to England
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lewis, who
were man ied at Portland, Oregon, In
the beginning of the week, arrived in
Nelson last night, and have taken up
thoir residence at the Waverly.
0, E. Smitheringale, of the Slocan
Drill, of Slocan City, camo In yesterday for tho purpose of meeting his
mnth.r who arrived this morning
from .Mitchell, (int.,for the purpose of
paying him a visit.
The Victoria Times says: The
vacanoy in the cabinet is of supreme
interest to British Columbia. Tho
Minister of Marino and Fisheries has
jurisdiction over one of the most important of our industries, regarding
the conduct of which considerable
difference of opinion had arisen between practioal men and the oxperls
of the department during the tenure of
otlice of the retiring minister. There
had been no change in ihe policy of
the minister as compared with that
of his predecessors.
He should hail from British Columbia and he should bo capable of rising
abovo the traditions which have guided tho department in the past The
premiei should also depart from the
ways of his predecessors und refuse to
aocode to the clamoriugs of the men
of the oast who affect to have all the
wisdom of the centuries accumulated
under their hats and soein to fancv
they are wrongod unless thoy nru
granted positions on which thoy have
no legitimate claim.
Groat consternation wus felt by the
friends of M. A. Ilagarty of Lexington, ICy��� when they saw he was turn
ing yellow. His skin slowly changed
color, also liis eyes and he suffered
terribly. His malady was Yellow
Jaundice. He was heated hy tho best
doctors, but without benefit. Then he
was advised to try Electric Bitters,
the wonderful Stomach and Liver
ioinedy, and lie writes. :" After tal
ing two bottles I was wholly cured.
A trial prove'- its matchless worth for
all Stomach, Liver and Kidney
troubles. Only SOc. Sold by Canada
Drug ,t book Co.
Certificate of Improvements
"Good Enough" Mineral Olaim, situate in the Nelson Mining Division of
West Kootenay District.
Where heated: Near Craigtown.
Take notice that I, ,1. D. Anderson,
P. L. 8., of Trail, B. O., agent for,loo
Bernard, Five Miner's Certificate No.
1360840, D. Boyer, Free Miners's Certificate No. B42407, and Paul Bonnet, Free
Minor a Certificate No. 1350106, intend,
sixty days from lhe date hereof, to
npply to the Mining Recorder for a
Certilicate of Improvements, for tin
purpose ot obtaining a Orown Grant ol
the above claim.
Aud further li.ko notice that action
under section '17, must be commenced
lit fore the issuance of bucIi CcrtlficaU
of Improvements,
Dated this tBnd dny of July, A.D.
Washington,    I"). C, Sept.   27.���Thu
war department made  public the text
of   the   oxooutivo    order    containing
modifications of the Cuban   tariff pro
mulgatod March 1, 11)00     Tho piinci*
pal ohanges   mado   have   boon   noted
heretofore, viz,     A reduction of from
10 to SO por cont.    ad valorem,  in   the
duty on railway equipment   stock,   of
from 10 to r,0 por cent, on   sugar inak
ing   machinery,  and tho  cancellation
of tho special  concession   relating   to
Porto Rican coffee.
Certificates of Improvements
"Iron Silver und Silver Queen" Mineral Claim, situate in the Nelson Mining Division of West Kootenay District.
Whero located : Ou Ciuig Mountain,
near Craigtown,
Take notice that I, J. 1). Anderson,
P. L. 8.J of Trail, B. 0��� agent for
George Davis, Free Miner's Certilicate
No. B88__0, and John II. Nolan, Free
Minei's Certificate No. B50011, intend,
sixty days from the date hereof, to
apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Orown Grant of the
lliuve claim.
And further tnko notice, that aotion,
under section '.11, must be commenced
before the issuance of such Certificate
of linpi'oveiiieiies.
Dated this 18th day of July, A D
1801. T. n. ANDERSON.
DIED���In this city, early yesterday
rooming at the Kootenay Lake
General hospital. Mrs. Scelenia
Hiekmett, aged 51 vears, the beloved wife of I. T. Hiekmett, late
of Ottawa. Tho furneral will take
place' this^afternoon at 2 o'clock
from J. G. Bunyan & Co. 's under-
(Ottawa papers will please copy.)
Manager Amiable informs us that
he is negotiating with the managers
of "A Wise Woman" for one night.
He says'there is very little chinoo tor
such a company!,having a date open.
No matter, let them know we are on
earth. We may catch them on Weir
return. You must remember, 'twas
wind that mil lo Chicago. Keep blow
iug your hoi u.
\ Woll-Known Toronto gentleman tried nil
the Catarrh euros hoard of for years; nl
list Japanosc catarrh Cure removed every
symptom of tlio disease.   11 cures porliin
MrW. B. Williams,  of 2M  Church  Btroot.
Toronto, writes:���"! havo usodjapueso Catarrh
< 'ore for catarrh, nnl bollovo il lo lio nn artialo
of superior merit,.   II has given mo Immediate
relief, and cured me completely of SCUtO catarrh, which had troubltd mo for years.   I ho
llovo 1 have tried every other remedy known
for catarrh, but In each instance my catarrh ro
turned,   It t�� now mine time since holllg cured
with Japanese Catarrh Cure, and 1 have sinco
beon free from every symptom of the disease,
I can llfgllly recommend this remedy.'   l*Tico
/0 coals, ullilruind-is.
For sale by J. H Vatistnn*** N**i.on, H. <..
COGNAC,   possesses    a    delicious
COGNAC is mellowed by its great
and is reeommended��to
and for   medicinal
Agency for full stock
at   Victoiia
Edinburgh, the largest holders in
the world of Scotch Whiskies.
Whisky is one of the leaders.���
Try it.
R. P- Rithet & Co*. Limited
A* X>*  (jrlvAY Konroscntai
P. 0. Box 521       ���       Nolson
Porto Rico Lumber
Co., Limited.
l'hair.���(1. A. Cavern, Kaslo; T,   R.
1011a,   Vancouver |   G.    11.      Peek   and
Mrs. Peek, Quebec; A. B. W. Bodges,
Grand Forks; John Hails, Spokane;
C. Doiiohiio, New Richmond, Wis ;
C. Wolfe, Spokane; A. II. Ilridgslock,
Northport;.!. M. Anderson, Jubilee;
W. H. Jcll'ery, Kaslo; M. F.;Christie,
(SPECIAL TO TII1C .uim-;ii.)
Orand Folks, B. C, Sept. 27.���At
a recent extraordinary meeting of
the Pathfinder Mining, Reduction ,*;���
lnvoBtment Co., limited, liability, at
which three-quarters of the stock was
represented, special resolutions were
p.issod to reconstruct this company
and wind It up voluntarily unit appointing Colin Campbell, liquidator,
and to sell the whole cf the propeity
to a company proposed to bu formed
called the I'athlindo,' Mine Co., llm*
ited,and approving of tlio draft agreement submitted to tho moot ing be-
twon the above company and its haul-
Certificate of Improvements
Red Seal Mineral Claim, situate in
the Nelson Mining Division of West
Kootenay District.
Where located���On the west side nnd
eleven miles lip Wild Horse Creek,
east of ami adjoining Anaconda mineral
TAKE NOTICE that I, P. 0, Green,
acticg ns agent for Emma A. Rand,
free miner's certificate No, 13(12250, intend sixty days fiom the date hereof to
npply to tlie Mining Recorder for a cor-
iihcnte of improvements for the purpose of obtaining; a Crown Uraui, of the
uliove claim.
And further tnke notice lhat action
tinder section 87, must be commenced
before the issuance of such certilicate of
Dated this 18lh day of August, A  U
ml- F. 0 GREEN.
Rough and
Dressed Lumber,
Shingles, JWouIdings.
A-1 White Pine Lumber Always In
Wo carry a complete stock of Const Flooring
Celling, lasldo Finish, Turned Work, Sash and
I loors. Special onlor work will receive prompt
attention-   Mall orders solicited.
Porto RicoLumber Co,,
Hoad Ofllco-
-llK*idr, t and Vornoti VL, Nolson
I        & CO.        j
1      MADDEN    BLOCK      \
Certificates oi Improvements
Venus nnd Malum Fraction Mineral
(laims, Bitunta in the Nelson Mining
Division of West Kootenay District
/Where located -On Morning Moan-
TAB K NOTICE that I, F. 0. Green,
BotlnR as agent for the Venus <*(,],j
���Mining Company, Limited, *prea  Mi|1.
oreiOerliflca.eNo.B_0,488, intend sixty
dawi from the date hereof,' to apply to
tbe Mining Rooordor for (.ertiftcates
Improvements, for tho purpose of ob-
tabling   Orown  Grunts of  tho above
And farther take notioe that action,
<ler sec,..,., 87, m���st be commenced
��''���'���" Hie issuance of such OortifloatOB
ol Improvements.
Dated this iffllh dny of July. a. I).
| Phone 117
OAfiS.-MtiAhS a 1, OARTE.
EmI  and \\\%
aewlUi i,,,i���s of the
ml Northern aailvray,
Close connection
bound at Spokane
Spokano Fulls and
arid at Bonner's Kerry witn
Railway & Navigation Co
Direct connection al Si, pttu] ,viu,
out ohantw of depot with all train, J.
Chicago, Toronto. Montreal, NewYo?
and all points West and South,
Leaves Spokane daily fo��E__t at!9:lb a m
Leaves Spokano daily io: West at 7:15 _._
Leaves Spokane daily lor West &*, 3flf) m
West-bound trains make direct con
nection for Victoria and Vancouver
Portland, San Fraucisco, nnd all point!
on the Sound.
During iho season of navigation East
bound trains conned at Duiuili wiy,
the magnificent steamships North Wert
and North-Land of theNorlhcru8t__n,
ship Company Line, operated in con*
nection with the Great Northern Hail,
For further information, maps, told,
ers, e.t*., apply to any ageul of Spokane
Fulls Sc Northern Ky., Kaslo .-.- riVnn
Hy., Kootei ai Kailwny & Navigation
Co., or to
H. A. JACKSON. Com'l Agent,
Spokane, wmb,
G. K. TACKAISUl.Y, Locnl Agent,
Nelson. H (1
Spokane F&Hs &
Northern _R]y,
Nelson  & Fori
JSheppard R\,
Red MoujTtajn R'v.
To San Fraucisco and Return
$51.50 ALL KAIL
$46.50 BY STEAMER.
This especially low rale is made
on account ofthe Episcopal Convention to be   lieUl in Sun Francisco,
Dates of sule, Sept. 23rd lo ajth
inclusive. Good to return until
Nov. 13th.
Buffalo and Return
Good for sixty days, first
and third Tuesday, August,
September and October.
Through passenger trains between Spokane and Nelson. Buffet
service between Spokane and
Leave          DAY TRAIN       Aiiim
S):(K)n.m Spokane 7:35 p.n_
I2:'j5p.m BoBslnnd 4:10 p, in
lu :10 a. m Nolson 0 "5 P*
H. A. JACKSON, 0. I'* &T.A,
Spokane Wart
Aarent, Nelson, B 0
NKLSON LODGE1  No. 83, �����'���*
M. mould Hoi'iiiul WodnondW "'
month.   Visiting brothorn irolMM
Sojourning* 1
John A, Mcltui-.N.U.
1   O  O. K.    KootonW I**
No, to, moots ovory Monto*.*
at  t.hisir ���lull, KootonW
Odd KollowK i-iinliiilly .luvif**d-1
Bred J. Bqutro,
11. w. Bulliorfora, v.u
Meerschaum Cm  pu
A. R. BARROW, a ���_.. l oe
Provincial  Land Surveyor
Corner Viotorl* and*;Kootenay Sts.
P.O. Box r,0O Tuloohone No. o��
Kootenay Railway and Nav.
Company, Ltd.
Shortest iinaq.lokest routo to tho out and all
Pflnto on tho O.K. & N. and Northern Pa*
s'-uu'i-nlS.".-'." w'-<"""��"". ����*0" -*>
Time Card effective August 1. 1901
Kaslo & Slocan Ry
NolHon ltoyul Atoll Chaptor No..Itt ���������J.**,1.
Meots third Wodnosda*r*   -
. punilnftMra^
iiiiu-.-*,,,*j.    ��� ������.,        fl
loim lnvltod.    Qovruo Johnstono, **���
MatthowK, S. K.
No.*. M!J_
preUnd t,liii'uTii("*ili*!'"v
'1lllonl.ll ill  8 o'clock.
AH visiting knlgbU cordlsW ��������"*
. Wm. Ihvink, 11-1"
A. T. Park, ic. uf k. �����'����� *	
PfaSkmeeltt In K. of I', hull, I" ;h����*jj*-��� ���,���
3:30 a. rn, l.v.
10:56 ii.iii. Ar.
11*.a ,)o
Ar. 4:00 p. m.
Lv. l;li p. ni.
Int Nav* & Trading Co-
5120 ]i. m. Lv.
tl:IH P. in. Ar.
KAKMf- Itlll tu.
NoIhoo Ar. 11:00 a. m.
KiihIo Lv. 7:00 a. in,
*teBhf?!l*i.,'l2e.?Ine P,?ln' wit'h No'��on
U'-"umd S       RaU*va��  hot* lo and from
Nnl urn Kncii  anient No. 7. ^'''iiniimn
and ith Friday of cadi month, n u���; ,|t(llH
Hall,   comer   Haker nail   IW0I'.'   -CL-Artliu-r
NcIkoii. A. II. Olomonts, <  i ���* ' ������'	
it. s.  VlKitlni* brothow always ww**^���_
NKLSON lTuirNo. .'����,'S!*0{.,_S
tcrnliv Hull on Bret and third* " '> ������,���_��.
of each nioiil.li at 8 O'olook. V UWMJ ���**, �����,
oordlally invited. W. VV. UiwllW*
A, Mint}', It.***	
NKLSON AKltllC No. M, �� V*J*.| ����tj
ovory Hocond and fourl li VV ml "������."���, _*t_
mouth.  Vlnitin*.   members ���"''-*""
Charles Promwr, Hwmtury. ���
Kootenay Tent No. 7, K,, O. Jl *���'���,' *j��o, 0, f*
regular ineetliiKN In Hrulcn''. ) �� �� ' _(t,ach
bloek, on tho lit and Srd l h, ...ily inviuil10
ii.onlli. VMUiik brethren con nn "J lyic,iii.
attend. Q. A.Hrown, B, K*l A*1 ������
H. j.Bteel. D. 8,0.  .���Jj
SONS   OF   ENG .."���'_ ���o(
lMt and llrilVVmlia'r:,",. ,!���-����,
eaoh niontli  at I*    .*-'KooWnir
oornor "Vlffig bS���� cort'
(ally invited.
'l��t,  Smokii
it's All Right,
Sola Everywhere.      ioc. per Package..  ,*.*__,,
I ana In via Ureal Northern undo. It. tc N.
Co.'slln   .
Oooan Bteamshtp  t.'ekelM  and  ratoavlaall
linoswfflbe(urnls ion appllTOttm.
roi furthor purtlculare call on or addro=n
"anairer, Kimln.H, C
ackabuuy AgonU Nolson, tt O.
Kdwaiu) MA0WOI
<s 4th Tl
hall, J A li -vim*
K   No-
,,,,,,,���,   ,  , A,   Kr��lljrl
MootlnKH 4th Thuredny of """ |,\;]iM, n.H.
hall. J A lrvinit O li-  1 ��� "���"!;    -��� --<
in f<"i
v. W
Nolson Court Star oLKM^ffl
Moots 2nd and   411.   Wc i   -
Millao. C.lt.
About  that hccoikI hand
youra.    You'll sell it lf y" ���__.
.rtioh ol
II ��(!��'���


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