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Nelson Daily Miner Aug 2, 1901

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 Provinc'-d. Aor*n ~-
Dai'y Edition No.  1104
Nelson,  British Columbia, Friday,   August 2,  1901
Eleventh  Year
Will Mot Re-Open Conference
Where It Was Broken
Nominating Democratic Candidate -More Lynching
In South.
Pittsburg, Pa., Aug. 1.���The Com-
mecial   Gazette   tomorrow   will  say:
-���The Jlmalgamated executive board
Inst ovening received ty tel.graph a
Hal refusal from .1. Pierpout Morgan
lo n'open the wage conference where
il wus broken off at the Hotel Lincoln, nearly three weeks ago. Tho
powers'of the steel combine insist in
lliis communication that the only
basis of settlement would be on terms
which the financial backer of the combine. Pre ident C. M. Schwab and
Chairman Elbert U.Gary laid down at
the meeting with the Amalgamated
executive in New York la t Saturday. A member of the executive
board of the association, lust night
said: "These terras are denominated
by those who have the best interests
of the organization of steel workers
at heart, as the most unfair, the most
unjust over proposed to any body of
worldug men by a set of employers or
a corporation. Tha terms are such
thnt the executive board of tho Amalgamated^ association cannot accept
and have already gone on record to
thnt eil'ect."
Tomorrow the answer of Mr. Morgan is e: ncetiid by mail. There is
scarcely a 'ragmonl of a hope 1118'
the Amalgamated Association will
back down from its well known position. The leaders of the workers
will in reply, outline their plans to
the steel corporation for a continuation of the great struggle. They will
include the stopping of every wheel
possible in the works of the combine
and the extension of the strike in ail
possible diections by the Amalgamated Association. Today may develop
much, but if the combine cannot be
mado to waver through the influence
that will be brought to bear, the
great conflict will probably be fought
to the bitter end.
have neither the ability nor the interest, to manage public affairs wisely
and well.
New Orleans, An?. 1.���A special to
the Picayune says: "Threo persons,
a wo nan ann two men. were lynched
here today. A mob took the prisoners
f -on tbe jail and hanged them. These
three persons were remanded to the
ja'l by the coroner's jury that investigated tie murder ot Mr. and Mrs.
Talill'erre who were brutally killed at,
t.htir home on the night  of   July   30.
Governor Lorino, wbo passed
thiough here this afternoon was taken
to Carroltown by an extra train, but
it is supposed he arrived .too late
There was a rumor that troops were
ordered to Carroltown but they did
not arrive prior to tho lynching.
There are reports that others may be
Longshoremen Re'use to Handle
Freight of Anchor Line Boats.
Buffalo, N. Y., Aug. 1.���An action,
thnt as its effects now stands, influences the entile lake traffic, went into
effect today, when the 000 men of the
local No. 100, International Longshoremen's Association, in obedience
to a letter from President Daniel J.
O'Keefe decided to re "use to handle
thc freight of any Anchor line boats
out of sympathy with the strikirg
longshoremen of Erie, Pa. The locals
at. every point, reached by Anchor line
boats bave received similar letters
from President O'Keefe of the Longshoremen's Association. The Anchor
lino being a member of tho Lake Carriers' Association, an organization
which ir eludes the entire fresh water
lleol, it is said will be backed up in
their position. All the branohes here
ire affectr 1, scoopers, oilers, firemen
ind freight handlers and coal passers. The branch of the tugraen's association in thiB port will hold a
meeting tomor ow night to consider
the question and it is s^id similar
nuttings have been clled at every
port on tbe great laki i where tho An-
choi lino boats to.ieh.
Baltimore, Md., Aug. 1.���The Democratic state convention which met
here today declared that the purposo
of the party if successful in the coming elections to eliminate the negro
from politics in Maryland if such a
thing be possible under the constitution of the state. Upon this, tha paramount issuo of the campaign, will
stand the candidates nomii ated today
for state offices and those shosen in
the various county and district conventions as candidates for places in
the legislature of 11102 which body
will elect a United States senator to
succeed George L. Wellington. That
his successor in the event of Democratic victory will be Aiibuv German
is probable. The real business of the
convention was thc formulation and
adoption of a platform upon which
the Democrats could go before the people of the state with a reasonable
show of winning. The combined sagacity of all the Democratic leaders
in the state was called into requisition
for this this purpose and under the
advice and guidance of Jlr. Gor-
mau, the following declaration upun
tho chief issue wns involved: The
Democratic party represents more
thnn 40,000 majoilty of tho white
people of Maryland. They, in common with tholr brethren of othor
states in which large masses of colored vot.rs have been injected into the
body of politics, recognize that tho
peace, good order, personal safety
and proper development of our material interests depends upon the control
ofthe commonwealth by its intelligent white residents. Without tho
nitl of the sixty thousand colored voters the Republican party iu Maryland
WLiuld be a hopeless  minority.
We, therefore, without hesitation
proclaim that thc success of the Democratic party will mean that while wo
shall deal with perfect fairness in securing all the benefits of good government and full of free opportunities
for education to all classes, such action must be taken as to prevent the
control of Ihe state government fiom
passing into thc hands of   those  who
Pittsburg, Pa., Aug. 1.���The statement was given out by the Amalgamated board this afternoon that there
was nothing to report and lhat another session will be held tomorrow
morning. The conference was still in
progress but the gur-d said this statement was final for .he day. It is said
that V. Preston, Joi. Schwab, and
W. E. Corey of the steel combine,
were in telephonic conversation with
the Amalgamated board at frequent
intervals all day. But what passed
over the wires is not known. It indicates, however, that all hope of settlement is not abandoned by either
side. The conference adjourned at 5
p. m.
Pittsburg, Pa., Aug. 1.���The Amalgamated Journal, the organ of the
Amalgamated Association, editorially
says today the result of the delibora
tions of tlio board on Tuesday was
sent to the United States Steel Corporation officials. The board desires
another conference with tbe represent-
atives of the constituent companies
and will remain in the city until an
answer is received. Upon the result
of the answer, it savs, will depend
whether ihn strike will be prolonged
Etinira. N. Y��� Aug. 1.���II. B.
Longucre, a Philadelphian, leaped
through the window of a swiftly moving Lehigh Valley train near Etter,
N. Y.,last night and suffered fatal Injuries. It is thought that he was
temporarily insane. lie was returning from the l'..n-American exposition
with a friend, Stewait Wyekoff. Mr.
Longacre was taken to the Packer
hospital at Sayrept.
Cost to British of the South
African War Since 1st
of April.
baseball match between teams representing the lawyers and employe ��� of
-pi-i-iT"i\Trim A ITiPTk i "10 Government here. The lawyers
liJjlJN ~S 1 AlJ-liJ I had much the bes. te.im, and after
the first two innings had no difficulty
in winning.    Only  six inn'ngs   weie
Departure of Warships From
Hong Kong Had No
LondoD, Aug. 1.���In the Horse of
Commons today Lord Stanley, the
financial secretary of the war office,
replying to a question said the cost
of the war in South Africa from April
1 to Jujy 81, was ��.5,750,000, partly
charge-iblc against the deficit of last
year. The actual cost in July was
1,850,000 weekly. The statement was
greeted with ironical Irish cbeers.
The Chancellor of the Exchequer, Sir
M. Hicks-Beach said if the war continued at the same cost for the next
three months it would necessitate
spending the whole of the reserve he
had p ovided for financing the third
quarter but he had reason to hope that
this would not   be necessary.
London, Aug. 1.���The Lord Mayor,
Frank Green, has received through J.
P. Morgan &��� Co., of London, a con-
tr'.bution of .5,000 to the Queen Victoria memorial fund. The contribution is made by the delegates of the
New York Chamber of Commerce wbo
recently visited Lo.idon.
Tho results of   yesterday's   baseball
games were:
National Leaguo���
New   York   0,    Boston j,   Philadelphia 3, Brooklyn   1; St. Louis 1, Chicago 5.
American  League���
Let roi t 511, Chicago 4; Boston 0,
Philadelphia 8| Washington 5, Baltimore 0, Washington   8,   Baltimore 4.
Toronto 11, Buffalo 10.
He Is Reprimanded for Conduct���Excused Because
cf Provocation.
Lawyers   Defeat   Team
Government Office Employees.
London, Aug. 1.���The admiralty
officials hero say tho departure of
the three war Bhips from Hong Kong
has no significance. They sailed in
the ordinary course of duty. Tho bat-
tl: .hip Glory is not ashore.
Arrangements   For   the Reception   of
the Royal Visitors.
Ottawa,Aug. 1.���Major Maude, military secretary, has written tbe department of militia, requisitioning 12
horsei, eight for the use of the royal
visitors and four for tbe use of His
Excellency at Quebec, Montieal, Ottawa, Toronto and Halifax, aud six for
use at. Winnipeg, Vancouver, Victoria, Niagara, Hamilton nnd St.
John. This will entail the attachment of several horse bo;:ei to the
royai train, wnich will have to ao
commodate 80 p, jple witn living, eating and Bleeping aceo _modati0 3. If
these horses are carried all over the
Dominion it will entail a ; large
amount of trouble.
Escorts of 96 non-co nm'ssioned
officers and troopers aud five offke.-s
will be provided wherever the royal
visitors Btay, and guards of honor of
100 men, with a captain and other
officers. As in many places two o.
thrie escorts and guards will be wanted daily, the t endurance of the local
troops will be pretty well tried.
Tho shooting of the slides here by
the royal party will bo unique. The
raft with a railing around it will
start from Britannia and come down
the chute. It will be followed by a
flotilla of baik canoes manned by
river men, singing backwoods songs;
when the main river is reached another square raft will bo ready, on which
pork and beans wil", be surved to royal
visitors in Bhanty style.
Tho minister of public works has
caused notices to be stuck all over the
parliament grounds and Major'h Ilill
Park, warning people to "Keop off
the grass." Mr. Tarte was strolling
in the park the other evening, and
was caught by a Dominion policeman
disregarding his own order. The
"bobby" politely but firmly told the
minister to get off the grass, whereupon Mr. Tarte put, tho awe-inspiring
question to the man in blue: "Do
you know who 1 am?" "I don't
know and I don't, care a continental
who you arc," said the constable,
who happened lo be a new man on
the force. "All I know is you must
keep off the grass." Mr
to continue his
Muncie, Ind., Aug. 1.���Kid Ashe, of
Cincinnati, won the decision over
Young Wolcott, of Chicago, in twenty
rounds of hard fighting before tae
Inli'ihilian club here tonight.
Tarte hud
walk by uBing  tbe
Svracuse, N. Y., Aug. 1.���Four
thousand people saw Major Taylor
defeated in tho four trial heat for the
half mile circuit clu .npionship 'lero
tonight. Howard B. Freeman Jand
Ivor Lnwsoi wr o the rider i to do Uo
trick. LiWBon nude his debut on tbo
grand circuit and showed amazingly
good form.
The investigation inta theauspenion
of P. C. Her /ener was held yesterday
morning at the police court before
Police Commisioner Mayor Fletcher
aud Alderman Selors, and the result
of the proceedings is that Heavener
has been re instated. The investigation was thoroughly conducted and
all tho evidence on each side of the
case was go^e into with painstaking
care, and while tbe commissioners
found it n: -essary to administer a
stern rebuke for the cause which led
np to the investigation, the extremity
of the provocation was regarded as
s.ilieient to wan-ant the decision
arrived at. The first witness to be
examined was Sheriff S. P. Tuok, who
on being sworn testified that he was
a witness of tbe last part of tbe dispute between Heavener and Cunningham. His attention waa first attracted to the occurrence by hearing a
noise from his room. He went to the
scene of the conflict and saw two
men in a fight' and ran in between
them. Beanener then related the origin of the affair, which was practically as has arleady been stated in the
columns of Tbe Miner.
Tie next witne s sworn was S. C.
Hendryx, who was in the mploy of the
ice company, lie was standing at tbe
corner near the Grand Central hotel
and saw the encounter. Cunningham
struck at the officer with the left
hand, when Heavener st-uck at him,
knocking him against the fence,where
he fell. While Cunningham was on
the ground the officer struck at him
but, Cunningham's arm was over bis
face and he could not be hit. He then
arose and peeled off his coat and
struck at Heavener again, who tripped
him and threw h!m down. He did
not think that Heavener struck him
while he was on the ground and did
not see any kicking, and would certainly have seen it had there been
Chief of Police Jarvis was tbe next
���it,ne-;s called and stated that on
Monday last Heavener reported that
he had been having trouble with
Cunningham and from what ho learned suspended him, pending an investigation. He looked upon him es an
efficient and attentive officer and fiom
what ho had heard of the case he be-
libved that the officer had been insulted   and    irritated   by    Cunningham.
Heavener was next called and his
evidence went to show that, on Friday the 3lith tie went to ..ervo a writ
on Canningham at his house but did
not, see him. He went again on Saturday but did nol find him in his
shack the second time. On Monday,
on Coming up Baker street, he met
Cunningham,'..near.the express office,
when Cunningham asked him if he
bad been down to bis flhaek and received an affirmative reply. An altercation ensued in which tlie police
officer was called by name! too vile
lo publish, and was nlso branded as a
coward. Heavener tried to reason
thc matter with his assjilant, but to
no.purpose. Cunnlnghum stated that
he could do Heavener the best day
that he had ever seen. Heavener replied that he did not feel inclined to
take all the abuse he was receiving,
so agreed to go wilh him and give
him an opportunity to do So, if he
could, as ho thought that ho was off
duty, and had the same privilege as
any other oiti.cn to resent being insulted. He then started to go down
to the lake front. While on Ward
street Cunnlnghum tapped a man on
the shoulder and asked him to come
along as "we are going down to havo
a little dispute by ourselves." As
they went by the Hume hotel, Cunningham   made   the   remark that   he
(the witness)   was   taking   advantage
of him while he was drunk.
played, wher
G in favor of
was declared
opposing team were anxiors to play
tbe remaining three innings, still
hoping for victory. On the winning
side there were several very good
plays made the team showing up well.
W. Galliher distinguished himself by
his fine hitting and catches in long
field. W. A. Maodonald played &
strong game, while Judge Foiiu was
good on first base.
Elliott and O'Sbea also made some
good plays, the later evidently having
had considerable experieno. On the
other team, the absence o' John A.
Turner, no doubt, handicapped thorn
considerably, and outside of Henderson and Laing who played a fairly
strong battery f"r the losoia, the
play was we_k after the first two innings.
the r.coic standing Is to
the lawyers the game Contradictory Reports From
finished,   altbonfh  the'      ��� .   _ .
Government Troops and
Both Sides  Claim to Have
Won the Battle of San
.nadian   Fishermen   Ask Permission
to Head  Off Salmon.
Vanrouver, B. C, July 31.���Ac
cording to a member of tie Canners'
Association executive puree lines
will be used to capture the millions
of sockeye salmon before tbey reach
the American traps, when the Provincial Government of British Columbia
get control of the administration.
Then it will bo a serious business for
Puget Sound c.oners. There are 40
miles of water between Otter Point
and Discovery Island, British Coliim
bia, that the sockeyes travel on thei"
way to the spawning bcrls in the Frr-
ser, before they reach the multitude
of American traps at, Blaine, Point
Roberts and Anacortes. Tlie water in
this 40 miles of Canadian territory is.
however, so clear that gill nets are
useless and the fish swim so far from
shore that drag lie's cannot be used.
With purse seines, however, the
vast harvest of fish could be gathered
In before they reached the American
traps. The Federal authorities, however, refuse to allow p use nets to be
used. All sorts of in'luence have been
brought to bear ou the Fisheries Department of Canada to psrsuade them
to permit B. C. !flune:s to thus head
off the fish from the American trap'.
The depart-ntnt bas ever replied
that Canada cannot be a party to the
extermination of the sockeve. Tbat
what policy the United States adop.s
is another question. The;cannei6'
combine say that the Ottawa government is too far away from the base of
operations where other influences an-
tagonstic to the west prevail. This
season the Province made an attempt
to seize control of the fisneric . and
grant the request of tbe canners to
ohauge the administration entirely
and adopt plans to corral the salmon
before tbey reached American waters.
Eetter counsel appeared .o pievail,
however, and it was decided to await
the caso piese ,ted by Quebec to the
Privy Council regarding their right
of jurisdiction of tide waters. If
Quell-c wins British Columbia wi-s
and tbe tide wnte.s n-om Otter Point
to Discovery Islaml will be converted
into one hu_e fish t-ap while the
F'rase.- river will abn be ccntrolled by
the Province who will eircl, a number
of hatcheries too, in an endeavor to
keep up the suaplj of fish In th rivers
of British Columbia.
Washington, Aug. 1,���The break in
tbe Venezuelan cabinet caused by
the resignation of Senor Pulido, the
war minister, caused considerable surprise in diplomatic circles here. Tho
real situation apparently is not understood and especially the proposition to deliver his passports to Senor
Rico, tbe Colombian minister. ThiB
act ordinarily is regarded by diplomats as tantamount to a casus belli,
and officials here are at a loss to understand the reason for the consideration of such a step ns it is said that
the relations of the governments of
Venezuelan and Colombia are cordial.
There appears to be some inconsistency in the reports of the battle which
has taken placa near San Cristobal
between the government troops and
tbo rebels, the despatches from Port
of Spain declaring that the government troops sustained a defeat while
a telegram received at the Venezuelan
legation here today from thc consul
gereial of that country at New York,
announced the defeat of the revolutionists in the San  Cristobal   encoun
Colombian Rebels Capture Threo
Statiors in Fight���Woman Shot.
Colon, Colombia, Aug. 1. ���(Via Galveston)���The report that the rebels
bave captured three towns is. an exaggeration. The facts are ns follows.
The rebels, Friday, Saturday and
Monday/raided at night time Cautnn,
Eoieo and Bascobispo, three small
railway stations without military protection towards Colon,looting the Chinese shops of provisions, clothing,
etc., and kidnapping several persons,
wi.ndrawing immediately afterwaros.
Ono woman was shot. The government has since garrisoned the three
L.ations mentioned and is pursuing
the rebels closely. F'our ^trains are
crossing the road daily as usual.
Yesterday's   Baseball Match   Enjoyed
by Numerous Citizens.
There   wns   a   fairly   good    crowd
turned  out  yesterday to witnosi  the
Victoria, B. C, Aug 1.���Officer Cal-
b .ikof the Provincial police wbo went
to Mud Hay to Investigate tho murder
reported fron there returned lato yesterday afternoon and Btaled no murder
was committed as be saw both men
alive who were rrixed up in tbe
affair, lt seetna that Thompson, tho
ma. who was supposed to have been
killed had got away from Springer
before he'.p arrived and ran to the
woods for safety and stayed there all
night. They had a fight and although
Thompon was badly used up he wns
fnr from being a coipse. Telephone
message received from Mud Bay yesterday stating that Thompson's body
had beeb found, was sent by some
unknown person who evidently wanted to cieate a sensation.
St. Louis, Mo., Aug. 1.���News bus
just reached here that Clnrksvilli-
Mo., is burning up. Two businiss
blocks have been wipe' out and the
fire is Btill spreading. Clarksvillo is
118 miles from St. Louis., on the Chicago, Burlington ,. Quuicy   Railroad.
. Easton. Pa , Aug. 1.���Prof. A. S.
King, tho veteran aeronaut,accompanied by John Chalmers, captain of laBt
year's Lafayette football team and
Fred Laubach, son of Wi'liam Lau-
bach one of Easton's fo.einost merchants ascended from here yesterday
afturnoon aid no tidings have beon
received from them since fl o'clock
last evening when the balloon wuh
.een over Schoolcy mountain, near
Hackettstown, N. J., 20 miles from
Easton. It was tbe intention of Prof.
King lo descend within an hour, .'earn
arc entertained for the safety of the
Easton, Pa., Aug. 1.���Prof. King
and Messrs. Chalmers and Laubach
walked into town safe and sound tonight. They landed at Ironn, N. J.,
about nfty miles from hero last evening.
New York, Aug. 1.���Arrived���
Deutscblaud, Hamburg, Southampton
and Cherbourgi Pennsylvania, Hamburg, Boulogne and Plymouth; Germanic, Liverpool and Qu jnstown ;
Stato of Nebraska, Glasgow and Mo-
Hamburg,   ABJf.
trlcia, New  York.
Liverpool. Aug.
gian. New York.
Plymouth,   Aug
lumbia. New York.
Genoa.    Aug.     1.���Arrived-Trave,
New York.
1. ���Arrived���Pa-
Vancouver, H. C, Aug. 1.���Capt,
Anderson, one of the leaders in the
recent strike .barged with culling
Japanese nets haH been committed for
trial without ball. Anderson told a
witness his union ha.I concluded to cut
the nuts of the Japs.
The C. P. R. are to put a new -0-
knot steamer on the run between Victoria aud Vancouver.
i 8
Nelson  Daily Miner,   Friday.   Au_ust 2, 1901
The Nelson Miner
I'libli-i.i;'!   Every Morning  Except  Monday
Dally, per mont h, by mirier	
Daily, per month, by mail	
Daily, per year, by cartier	
Daily, per year, hy mail	
Daily, per year foreign	
Weekly.per half year  I>1 jjjj I
Weekly, per year    '���* ",l
Weekly, per year, foreign    ** 00
ub_H.riptiouaiuvar.ably In advance.
I... Fleet Street, K. 0,
ntral  Pre.�� Agenry. Ltd., Special Agents
Alexander & (n...._l First Avenue, Spokane,
��Vn-b., keep tlii- paper on Ole. and are cur
authorized agenta for adverttaementa and
Cotton Goods
A mass 0' evidence is being placed
before the Commission appointed by
'. be Dominion GLivernrncr.t to enquire
into the question of freight rates in
Canada and it is more than substantiating the charges of diseriminatiml
that have appeared in the press for
tho past few years. Nelson wholesalers ba?e complained, and with very
good caus~ of I'.ie treatment accorded
tbem by the C. P. P.. It has not been
with tbe assistance of the C. P. R.,
but in spite of it that Nelson has become tbe wholesale lentre of Southern
Hritish Columbia,
If proper rates can be secured in
any way Nelson will become the ��jp-
ply point Inr the whole tributary-
country on a much more exleesive
scale than at present. The time has
now arrived "or the wholesale men to
strike out for their r'ghtn. In th';
past they bave done their best to secure jostice and no one can blame
them for becoming discouraged for
the non-'iiHIH.'iient of piomises so
frequently made to them was calculated to make the most sanguine
give up all hope of ever having the
rates adjusted in a raannei that wonld
place this city on a footing with the
Coast. When a car of plate glass can
be brought to N.lson fror_ Hie east v'a
Vancouver cheaper than it can be
brought here direct���when the rate
on canned goods from any point in
Ontario anil Quebec Is $1.05 to Vancouver and 81.55 to Nelson, there i���
aomethin^ w 'ong.
The wholesalers of Canada have
long complained of tbe treatment accorded tbem by Canadian lines and, as
a remit of representations made to
him rt tbe In^t session of the Do-
minion Parliament the Minister of
Railways and Canals announced that
at the coming session be would introduce a hill to p ovide for more effective control of the railway companies. It was then provided that the
sum of 85.000 be set aside for the
purpose of tubing evidence aod se-
cur'ng information necessary to form
the basis of snch legislation. In accordance with this the Government
appointed 8, .1. McLean, Ph. D., a
_ graduate of Toronto t'uivcpsity and
t.ie professor o* economics in tlie University of Arkansas, to obtain all
available infonuutioii on the rate
It will be seen that the Comm'ssion
Is a bona fide one, and when under
the direction of su.h a B tan rich opponent of the 0. P. It. as Is Mr. Blair,
the Minister of Railways and Canals.
it will not be in any way dominated
by tnat corporation, ss some of tbe
Nelson mercoanta seemed to think it
Prof. Mo Lean lias snoot some weeks
in Western Ontario and tbe wholesal-
ers of tlio east are watc ling the proceedings w'.l'i lie keenest Intercut.
The evidence being put in docs nol
consist of s,.'.'(-in-, di-1ivi- oil by those
wbo think thoy i ive a grierr.no.; 't
consists in carefully prepared statements w.iiL-1 a . l and ,i i , ami explained by tin- ~ I ��� ��� -s c.ilied. T ie
documents y evli r ice is them fore always bob, !��� i is i omrn iioner and
will no dim ii I.,, frequently io "erred
to by him ivheti   be   Is preparing  bis
report.     The     Mel on     w lolei ���*
should adopt i " same con -o. it will
do llnlo good I., make speeches irj
Prof. McLean Whal is desi ed is o
statement of fljnros- Bgares showiug
the rate on everything I om needles lo
steam engines wheio Nelson is dis-
erimlnalod a-j.i ast. We w'��� h lo become a large d'sl r outing centre and
nothing but freight rates wi I mn.o
us so. Prof. McLean untie -ttimls Ihe
quesliou thoroughly and will meet tbe
business men of Nelson on a business
basis Tbe wholesalers here have
their grievances and itroma'iis wilh
tbem to make (he Commission think
bo too. In face of such a mass of evidence as is being accumulated, the
government musi take gotten, It is a
question in which the citizens of Nelson are vitally Interested and thoy
Bhould lend tbeir supoori lo whatevei
action the Board of Trades lake.
industrial Canada, a publication Is
Buod by Hie Canadian Manufacturer's
Association, deals wilh the rate question at some length in its .lii'y Issi e
It Ib pointeu mil that tbe rates via
C. P. It. from United states points to
the Territories   and the Pacific   coast
BOO yards oi good Print a, .'7 inches wide $ 0 08
s.i.0 yards Oram's best I'rint��     0 10
2.71 yards Ohambrayi handsome designs   0 15
. Hi yards Fancy Muslins, former prices -fie., 35c, and 50c, yonr choice��� 0 'J��
800 yards Fancy Dress Goods for summer wear, including many all-wool
goods 12 inches wide  0 _."i
200 vards Wash .-silks, fancy and plain  0 15
J10.00 Crash Costume  8 On
.S12.00 White Costume  9 00
fl. 60 Colored Costume  6 00
Have a look at our windows, where you will see these goods marked in
plain ligures. __________________
TELEPHONE    NO.   13.
Hudson's Bay Company.
I90I I90I
The Store With
Right Prices
New Goods Arriving Every Day
When our new stock is complete we will have by far the FINEST DISPLAY OF FIRST-CLASS FURNITURE and HOUSE FURNISHINGS
ver shown to the public of Nelson.
Call and see our Rattan Chairs, Baby Carriages, Go  Carts,   Morris
Chairs, Verandah Chairs, etc.
(incluiling the Kootenays) are materially lower than rates from Quebeo or
Toronto, and that the transportation
companies will deliver goods shipped
from Liverpool at the Pacific coast at
a considerably lower rate than the
same goods can be shipped from Ontario points, regardless of the fact
that in the ease o." European products
the railways are presumably compelled io divide with the ocean ear
ricrs. Enlarging on this line, Indus-
tri al Canada says:
"As an illustiation we submit tbe
following: The rate quoted on paper
fiom Holyoke, Mass., by the C. P. K
Dispatch lo Vancouver is 81.05 per 100
poundB, from East Angais to Vancouver il .33 per 100 pounds and from Toronto to the same point 81.20 per hundred, both cases showing an immediate discrimination in favor of the
United States paper mill. In the
sa.ne way on a carload of mineral
wool fiom New York lo Nelson,
B. <'., we have tno rate quoted cf
SI.38 per 100 poinds, whereas the rate
from Toronto was ill.US."
New Westminster since the fishermen's strike has been declared off
and the men have started to work.
The catch on the river last night was
very good being one hundred to the
boat, while in several instances tbo
catch was as high as three hundred.
All the canneries are running full
The idea of a Coin-nission on f eight
rates, Which comes to this country
to take the ei donee of wholesalers,
sitting in I.'o aland Is -idiculous. Mr,
Galliher bhould at once telegraph
Mr. Elail  to have the eitling here.
New Westminster, Aug, i���At the
schedule lacrosse   game lor the junior
championship of thu city  between the
hap pur on and West Erin teams two of
tile players got into a flffht and before
they could be separated others from
the fence bad   joined in the  row   and
Iheio was a free fig :t, of no mean proportions during which several persons
wore i.everely   Injured,    The   chief of
police, .1. City, Dually put in  nn ap-
pearance and threatened to arrest anyone that did not get od the Held. This
soon cleared the grounds auo tho game
Started   again.      Tne    exhibition   la-
erosse game which was -nt to be play-
oil nt Queen's Park in tbe city on Saturday  afternoon wns  declared oft an
thu V.  M, ('. A. management insisted
on playing Waller   Miller,    a   professional   baseball   player.    The    match
was to have been with the New West-
minster loam, but as tbey are oil amateurs Ihey refused lo   play   the   other
tenn: while there   wns a   professional
baseball   player,    the   match   was to
have been with Ihe New   Westminster
team, but  as   they aro   all   amateurs
Ihey roVscd to   play   the other   team
while   there   was    a   professional   In
their ranks.    Ovor two thousand    people gathered at the grounds  to see the
garni,   many   of whom   had   traveled
from Vancouver  and other cities, but
Ihe Wosl.uinsler   team did not appear
on   the   Held at all,     Yoko   Ymchfc,
the Japanese  convicted   several   day~
ago on  oharge of  aislsting   othor  of
liis countrymen to enter  Canada from
the Dnited States  contrary to the lni-
migratlon laws lias  been sentenced to
two months   Imprisonment wilh bard
llusiticss   lias decidedly improved ui
Bonner's Ferry, Idaho, July ill.���
Smallpox has made its appearance
in the Indian camp two miles from
here. So far one death Is reported,
which occurred yeBterday. The In-
Jian who died had just returned from
Kalispell, Mont., where he had been
visiting Indian acquaintances on the
Flathead reservation, lt is thought
that he contracted the disease while
there, and efforts are being made to
prevent its spread among the Indians
here. As there was some difference
of opinion as to the cause of yesterday's death tbe town authorities sent
Dr. G. E. Barker to the mission (o
mako an investigation. He reported
the . .ae to be smallpox. Action was
at once taken by the town trustee
who declared that a quarantine existed against the Indians, and instructed the marshal to keen them out
of town. There aro not over ia Indians at the mission, but their uncleanly habits and manner of living,
as well as their ignorance of the care
a patieDt should receive, make the
treatment of tbe disease very dilli-
Come and See Our
New Arrival of
Beautiful Framed
Art Productions.
Call Early.  They are
Selling Fast.
Canada Drug and
Book Co., Ltd.
Reynolds' Livery   Stable
Will Be Sold Cheap
Three years lease on  ground
property   at  $10.00
per month.
Apply to
Baker Street.
For domestic or steam use.
A full supply always on
Rates to all railway and
lake points.
General Agent-
Tel. No. 265.
Office ��� Two
C.P.R   offices.
doors   west
Lately starved in London because
ha could nol digest nls food Early
use of D-, King's New Life Pill's
would have saved him. TI18J
���trcngthen the Blomaoh, aid digestion,
promote assimilation. Improve appetite. Price He. Money mick if nol
satisfied,   Sold  by  Canada   Drug *
Hook Co.
MINING l~~GI~_i;i.
Late of Geological  Survey of Canada.    Six years experience in Ii. C
mining districts.
Baker Street Nelson. B. r
West Transfer Co.
Goal ���d Wood
Best   Fir and  Tamarac   Al
ways on hand.
All Kinds of Teaming and
Coininission Work-
Office on   Baknr Street Tel. 88
A. R. BARROW, a.m. l oa
Provincial  Land Surveyor
Oorner Viotoria and Kootenay ata.
P.O.  Bo_ . TnloDhotlH No.
Subscribers in Kaslo
Every morning immediately
on ju-i-ivnl of steamer, ut, tlio
rate of	
75 Gents per Month
811 bscriptions to bo  left
with tin- agent,
D.   J.   YOUNG.
In the   matter   of   the Estate of William   Thomas   Randies, late of  the
town of   Salmo,   British   Columbia,
deceased,  intestate.
Notice is hereby Riven,   pursuant lo
the "Tnistei-s  nnd Exeunt ors'   Act,"
that all   oii-ditoi-s  and   others hating
oluims   nc-iiiiist   tbo estate of the said
William Thomas Bead lea who died at
Nelson. I!, ('., on the 17th day of
April, 1001, aie required on or before
the 80th day oT August, 1001, to send
uy post prepaid, or deliver to the undersigned, solicitors for tbe administrator of the estate of the said deceased at Nelson, II. C, their Christian
names uml surnames, addresses and
descriptions, tbe full particulars of
tbeir claims, the Statement of their
aoconntB.and the nature of the securities if nny, bolil by them.
And further take notice that after
such last mentioned date the Administrator will proceed to distribute tho
assets of tbe said deceased among the
parties entitled thereto, having regard only to the claims of whicli he
���hall hnve then bad notice, and that he
will not be liable for the said assets
or any part thereof, to any person or
persons of whoso claims notice shall
not bave boon reoeved by him at the
time of such distribution.
Dated nt Nelson, B.C., this istli day
of Julv. 1001,
Solicitors fur   James   Lawrence,    ad-
ministrator of the estate of the said
deceased intestate.
nnil try 11 botUo, n. do7.cn, or a barrol of
CALGARY BEER n* II. i, the host nnd
oheapest on the mnrket. Alfo try our
WINES,    LIQUORS     mid     CIGARS.
Tolo.hon   IC. UekurHl   Nelson, B, ~
-^��U> \*>V*/ i*> V*/\d> \*> 0/ i*> iii il> \.>��, .i>.. >' V-> \^i id/ \i> \*/\S/ ii) iiJ> v*> Vii t&
D. McArthur 8 Co.
J. G. NELSON, Manager.
Furniture Dealers,
Undertakers and Embalmers.
���**    Oak Center Tables,
Oak Leather Seated Fancy Rockers
Elm Folding Tables
(I a it
Cane Verandah Chairs
" "       Rockers
Worth S3.50 for
" S5.00 for
" $6.00 tor
" $4.50 for
". $5.00 for
" S6.00 for
" $6.00 for
;' $6.50 for
To make room for our Fall stock of Carpets and Rugs will
Cost.   To clear.  Ilaby Carriages and Go CartB, less than cost.
go at
pat. 8-pt.. moo.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and   Salted   Heats
Fisn and Poultry in Season
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Manager.
K.-W.-C. Block, Ward Street, Nklson.
Orders by mail receive careful and prompt attention
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon, Three Porks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Ordert by mail to _��v branch will bave careful w-d nr-mot attention.
Our stock is now complete in the above lines.    Call and be
convinced that the most complete stack
is carried  by the
Certificates oflmprnvements
New Year, Amethystine nnd Tourmaline mineral claims, situate in the Neluon Mining Divi~ion of Weat Kootenav
Where located- -On tho Kast bonk of
the Columbia ltiver, two miles smith
of Trail.
TAKE NOTICE that I,.I. I). Aniler-
wiii, 1'. I��� 8., of Trail, B. 0., agent fnr
\V. W. Carlisle, Free Miner's Certificate No. li 608T., intend, Rixty dnys
from the date hereof, to apply to the
.Mining Recorder for Cortillcates nf Improvement!, for the purpose of obtaining Crown Grants of Ihe above claims.
And further take notiee that action,
under section 87, must lie <��� ummenced
before the issuance of such Certilicates
of Improvements.
Dated thia29th day of Julv,  A   D
1001. '
Certificate of Improvements
' 'Good Enough" Mineral Olaim. situate in the Nelson Mining Division of
West Kootenay Distriot.
Where located I Near Craigtown.
Take notice thnt I, J. J). ADd.rsnn
P. L. S , of Trail, B. O., agent tor Joe
Bernard, tree Miner's Certificate No.
B&Q846, D. Boyer, Free Minere'a Certificate No. B42K17, and Paul Bonnet, Free
IM'-ier's Certificate No. BfiOUHS, intend
sixty days from the dBte hereof, to
apply to the Mining Recorder for a
Certificate of Improvements, for the
purpose of obtaining a Orown Grant of
the above claim.
And further ti.ko notioe that action,
under section 117, must be commenced
before {he iBsunuceof bucIi Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated this 2ind day of July, A I)
10*J1. J. D. ANDERSON.
Certificate of Improvements
"Dora" Mineral Olaim, situate in tho
Nelson Miuiug DiviBion of Weat Kootonay Distriot.
Where looated: ou Craig Mountain, near
Take notioe that I, John D. Anderson, P. L. H.. of Trail, B, 0��� agent for
Herbert Portir, Fron Minor's certificate No. B 50180, intend (io days
from the date hereof, to apply to the
Mining Recorder for a nortiflcate of
improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of the above
And further take notioe tbat aotion,
undor seotion !!" must be oommenoed
before tbe issuanoe of suoh Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated   this  1st day of July A. D.,
Certificate of Improvements
"Warfare" Mineral Claim, situate in
the  Nelson Mining Division  of West
Kootenay Distriot.
Where looated : On Craig Mountain,
near Craigtown.
Take notioe that I, J. D. Anderson,
P.L.S., of Trail, B-C, agent for Mrs.
Kntherrre Seed, Free Miners' Certifi-
No. B66.071, William Seed, Free Miners' Certificate No. BB6.18H, and Gideon
Mndnre, Free Miners' Certificate No.
BB671, intend, (10 daye from
dote bereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements for the purpose of obtaining
a Crown Grant of the above olaim.
And fnrther tako notioe that action,
under seotion i!7, must be commenoed
before tbe issuanoe of snch Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated this 5th day of July. A. D.
J. D. ANDERSON. Nelson   Daily   Miner,  Friday August 2,   1901
The citizens, who have been for the
last three evenings silting in dark
ness owing tu the delay caused by the
repairs to the electric lights, are
agnin rejoicing in the return ot tho
electric current.
The Ofiice Saloon changed hands
yesterday, Clarke & Thompson, the
new management, oilicially taking it
over fiom Messrs. Neelands ,. Emerson. Mr. Thompson will personally
superintend the business nf the saloon, while bis partner attends to
their extensive business on the lakes,
they being the lessees of the bars on
the Columbia and Kootenay steamers,
Tho C. P. R. consolidated locomotive No. :illl is in the repair shop at
Smelter Junction after a considerable
period of service on the Rossland
Hoiindary run. She will be off the
road for a week and in the meantime
Archie Davis, the veteran and popular engineer who handles 319 s throttle, is taking a vacation. He is rusticating in Nelson at. the present time.
���Rossland Minor.
A large number ot people were pres-
ont at the sale of the Fronk estate,
comprised in the second hand store on
Haker street. Considerable disappointment was manifested by many
when it was discovered that the stock
of hardware, crockery, etc., was to be
sold entire or in tour or five blocks,
Instead of in separate lots. There
were only three bids, the highest being 95&0. The auctioneer announced
that he would inform the bidder later
if this would he accepted. Before the
sale the valuators estimate of the
value of the whole was announced as
A lady, residing on Baker street,
wns disturbed nt 1 o'clock on Thursday morning, and had her babies disturbed from their evening slumbeis,
by an unearthly noise in front of the
K. W. C. block. Arising from her
bed she put her head out of the window and ascertained the cause of the
disturbance was a number of the rising hope of the city, playing leapfrog
and turning hand springs on the
sidewalk, showing their enjoyment
of the proceedings by sundry war
whoops and cat calls. The policeman
on his beat appearing, the nocturnal
ncrobnts beat a hasty retreat.
of spar are coming in at the face of
tbe tunnel, and some stringers of
quartz, said to carry good values, are
The announcement of the ccmirg of
the Richards .t Pringle's magnificent
minstrel organization to the Nelson
Opera House promises patrons of enjoyable amusement the best minstrel
bill of the season, eclipsing every
previous effort of this bie company.
It comes this season greatly augmented with nn array of the most inviting
up-to date novelties ever seen in minstrelsy, cleverly strung together for
Laughing purposes only. The roster
includes fifty prime entertainers.
The street parade, the big outside attraction, takes plaoe at u.,10 p. m. In
it can be seen two brass bands a
number of stylish imported English
dogcarts, drawn by Kentucky thor-
oughbrod horses, all ot which are
carried by this organization especially
for its magnificent street pageant.
Nothing to equal it will be seen here
again this senson. Fifty royal colored
minstrel entertainers appear at every
perfoimance and fun runs riot
through the entire lengthy programme
of varied acts���big hits every one of
them, siuily this list: The aerial
wondc, the gre-rt Sheilds, James
Moore, the funniest comedian in min-
etrelsy, the Housley brothers, empei-
ors of music, Christian, the cvele
skater, the military novelty, ''The
Il'ack Watch Drill,' the Alabama
Quartette, in the latest song successes,
Kid Lang'ord and Dick Thomas, cre-
nliia and original comedians, besides
an elaborate first part, never equalled
in this stylo of entertainment.
London Aug 1.���The Crntantinople
correspondent of the Standard in the
course of a long review of Great
Britain's diminishing trade in ��Tur-
key. says the United ~tiu.es is throwing in large quantities of machinery
aud leather, while Germany, Italy
and even Spain are replacing liritisli
goods. He calls upon British merchants to show greater enterprise.
Cascade, Aug. 1.���There is a force
of men working on the 800 foot tunnel opposite Cascade City, on the Republic line of railway. This work
will necessarily proceed slowly. Pat
Welsh has the contract of cutting the
tunnel. ThuB far but few accidents
are to be recorded. Yesterday a man
whose name could not be ascertained
was very seriously injured by a log
rolling over bis body. He was working for Twnhey brothers. Tho injured man was removed to the hospital.
Contractor Van Norman, who is
building the culverts between Marcus and the boundary, is haid at
work with a force. One of the Porter
brotheis has just returned from a
trip along the line. This fltin lias the
contract to hnild all the bridges except the big steel bridge over the Columbia. Mr. Porter said bis firm
would commence builaing the foundations for the false work and the permanent bridge soor. "We shall commence this work just as soon as the
stage of water will allow. The river
now is nearly 30 feet at tbe deepest
place, but the water is going down
constantly. We shall build the piers
for tbe big bridge at the snme time.
This work will be pushed with nil
possible vigor. If there is no delay
the fah.e works can be completed within less than six weeks from the time
we start and the temporary bridge
be ready for use. Our work yard will
be located not fnr from the present
depot. As fn t ns the timber is prepared it can easily be run down to the
river on the track. We shall have no
trouble or delay ln obtaining materials for the temporary bridge for we
can draw from nil inurters."
Republic, Wash., Aug. 1.���A considerable portion of toe machinery fo.-
the compressor and mill at Wanconda
is ut Midway, 11. 0.
Tlie face of the Wanconda tunnel is
still in good ore. A test was mnde
of 118 feet of the Udge last Saturday
'.y the process that will be used lu
the mill and the result showed a value
of a little over $-,') por ton. This test
wns a thorough one, aod seems to
show that there is nn immense ledge
of paying ore in the mine. The
foundation of the compressor plant is
laid, and within the present week tho
building will be up. There is a large
force of enrpenters at work there.
Foundation ."or the big mill is nearly
excavated. The mill will be located
sou feet from the mouth of the tunnel. The tram will be operated with
a steel cable. A large reservoir is to
be constructed a short distance north
of the mill, This will bo the supply point for the water used In the
Tho Clackamas tunnel is in 74 feet.
There are two shifts working, It is
believed that the ledge will be cut
Inside of the next 40 feet as   stringers
Rome, Aug. 1.���The frequent walks
across the Swiss-Italian frontier of
girls of a seminary near Masllaniaoo
aroused the suspicious of tbe customs
officers, who finally stopped a procession of 40 walking two by two, and
ascertained that .inch girl was smuggling cigars or cigarettes of the aggregate value of S:i0,00(>.
"When a child I burned my foot
frightfully," writes W. H. Ea'ds, of
.lonesville. Va., "which caused horrible leg sores for 30 years, but Buck-
len's Arnica Salve wholly cured me
a.'ter everything else failed." Infallible for Burns, Scalds/ Cuts, Sores,
Bruises and Piles. Sold by Canada
Drug & Hook Co. 35c.
German Syrup is the special prescription of.; D. A. Boschee, a celebrated German Physician, and is acknowledged to be one of the most fortunate discoveries in Medicine. It
quickly cures Coughs, Colds and all
Lung troubles of the severest nature,
removing, as it does, the cause cf the
affection nnd leaving tho parts in n
strong nnd healthy condition It is not
an experimental medicine, but has
stood the test of years, giving satisfaction in every case, whioh its rap
idly increasing sale every season con
firms,- Two million bottles sold an
Dually; Boschee's German Syrup was
introduced in the United States
1808, and is now sold in every town
nnd villnge in the civilized world.
Throe dosoB will relieve any ordinary
cough Price 75 ots. Get Green's
Prize Almanac.
Nelson ;0pera
Monday. August 5th
50 PEOPLE   50
2   BANDS   2
A Carload of Scenery
Four Big Comedians, viz.
Special train of Pullman
Strongest Singing Turn ever
introduced by a Minstrel
takes plaoe at
2.30 p.
Seats on sale at Macdonald's.
Is   lame    or    interferes
bring  him   to  the   City
Horseshoeing Shop, Jo
.   sephine Street
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer and Porter,
Mel son. B. O.
H. & M. BIRD
85.10 House on Victoria   street   98x14,
thoroughly   well   built, plastered
inside,   oity water and   improved
8800 Four-roomed   house on   Victoria
$:28:> Two lots on Robson   Btreet   close
to Hendryx.
Sir, Five-roomed cottago on Ward Bt.
830 Furnished house on Victoria street
828 Furnished   house    on    Carbonate
830 Seven-roomed house on Carbonate
streot, electric   light, hot air fur
nace, all conveniences.
830 House   on   Mill   street,   all   im
820 House on ltobson street,   close   to
Stanley; two funced lots, all con
To All Eastern Points via
Lake Route, All-Rail or Soo
Line, via St. Paul or Chicago.
BUFFALO. $76.00.
Sixty    L/ays'    Limit.
Good going August 6th, 20.
Through Sleeping Cars Kootenay Ldg. to Toronto. Arrowhead to Vancouver.
For pamphlets descriptive of Canadian Pacific tours and for Time Tables,
Rates,  Tickets,   apply
H. L. Brown,
City Passenger Agent.
J. S. Carter,
Dis. Pass. Agt.
E. J. Coyle.
A. G. P. A.
Certificate of Improvements
"Vancouver" Mineral Claim, situate
in the Nelson Mining Division of West
Kootenny District.
Where located: Ou the N. & F. S.
Railway, 11 miles from the international
Take notioe that I, J. D. Anderson,
P. L. S., of Trail, B. C, agent for
Charles A. Oalzin, Free Miner's certificate No. B5u,917, intend, sixty days
from the date hereof, to apply to the
Mining Recorder for a Certificate of
Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of the atove
And further take notice that aotion,
under section 87, must be commenoed
before tbe issuance of suoh Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated this 5th day of July, 1001,
Kootenay Railway and Nav.
Company, Ltd.
AdvortiHementfl inserted under thi,. hoad at
tho rate of ono cunt a word por iimercion. No
advortiHoment taken for Iohh than 25 cr.nt~
Situation Wanted advortiHemenm liiHorted
throo tiuiOK froo of charge
BAHRAIN.���Up-to-date   Indies' Hartford tricycle for sale   cheap.    .Money
talks.    Apply Hike, Miner.
ROOM TO RUNT in K. W. C.   Bloek,
on July 1st, eorner room facing
Baker and War- street. Two rooms
en suite on Ward st., and two inside
rooms. Kurnished or unfurnished.
Mrs. F. J. Squire.
TO KENT.���Rooms and otlice  in   Clement,   Hillyer block.    Apply to   the
Nelson Electric Tramway offices.
ROOM and hoard in   private   family.
Apply ou Silica  street, second   door
west of Ward,
ROOM for   rent at
Silica street.
Mrs.   Melieath's,
HOUSE to   Rent.���Furnished   or unfurnished, apply T,  Miner office.
FOR    SALE.���Pianos,
for sale or rent.    Big
ada Drug & Hook uo.
Used     pianos
values.    Can-
FOR SALE.���One   pair of geese,   one
trio of Pekin ducks, two dozen   live
pigeons,.    Address   K.     llendershotl,
Waneta, B. C.
PLEASANT Enrni.-ed Room ou   Silica St.,    two   doors   west   of   Josephine st.
WANTED.���Two   boys   Electric
patch Messenger Oflice.
TEACIIER WANTED���lloliling 2nd
or 3rd class certificate, for lieaver-
rnouth school, duties to commence
August 12th. J. A. Morrison, sec.-
treas., Heaver, P. O., 15. 0.
NELSON Employment Agency. Haker
street. Phone 278. J. II. Love.
WANTED���Six Miners. Six Laborers. Night Cook, Flunky and a
Waiter, for mine. Waitresses. Railroad men for Lardo. Dishwasher.
Laundry Girl. Oiri for Housework.
Contraots taken for Diamond Core
WANTED���Men   wanted for  railroad
construction.        Fare   and    employment fee advanced.    Western   Canadian Employment Office, Ward st.
Are you in want? If you are, tell
the people, through The Miner want
column, what you are Ia want of.
You'll get it.
'pUOlU'K Sc CO. Liuii tod-Con lor Vernon
X    and Cedar dtruolH, Ncl-ion���Manufaclur
iTti of aud wliuli:..!tn. 'ioulu r~ in auruLod waten.
and fruit -j nips.. Solo agonta for Halcyon Ho
spring mineral wator.   Telephone tiO.
J^j N. M. Cummins, LcHt.ee��� Every known
variety of .-oft. driuk_t. I' O Hox bs. Telephone
No. 31. Hoover Street, Neluon. bo.tlt.ru of tho
famoiib St. Loon Hot Springs Mineral Water
J A. Macdonald)���Architect* und ~upuriu
.undents, Hroken Hill Block, corner Haker and
Ward Streets, Nelson
HJ. EVANS & CO.-Baker Street, No*
��� son���W holt -ale dealers in liquors, cigars, cement, Uro brick and lire clay, water
pipo and steel rails, and general comoiiusion
W holesale aud retail dealers in grain,
hay, Hour, food. Mills at Vlotoria, Now West
minster; Edmonton, Alta. Elevators on Calgary and Edmonton 1 tail way. Manufacturers
uf the eolobrated B. Sc K. brand cereals.
A    MACDONALD   & Co.-Corner   IfTon
���   and Hall Streets���Wholesale  grocer
and jobbers iu blankets, gloves, mitts, boots
rubbers, mackinaws and miners' sundries.
P   BURNS Sc Co.���Bakor Street, Nelson���
���   Wholesalo dealers in fresh and cured
meats.   Cold Storage.
ors in frosh and cured meats.
Baker Streot. Nelson���Wholesale doa ���
.,___.._     ..._.    j _ wholesale  daalars in
supplies,  spurting goods
hardware,  minors'
Fishermen Attention!
T. G. Procter's houseboat is now for
rent hy the day or week. Special rates
for family parties. First-clnss cook
and attendant in charge. Rates $2.50
per day. Parties can get oft O. P. K.
Boats cither going or returning from
Kootenny Landing. The hoat for the
next two weeks will be stationed ntthe
mouth at Midge and neighboring oreeks,
where a big catch of raiubows is
assured. Apply to T. GKProcter, Bakor
stieet, for further information.
Will pay the highest oaiili price for all
kinds of seoond hand goods. Will buy
or sell anything from au anchor to a
needle. Furniture, stoves, carport*,
���ooking utensils, bought in household
quantities. Also oast off clothing.
Call and see me or write. Addreri
Silver King Mike, Box 200. Hall
H��.bh��. Nnlonn, F   "
Our Fresh Roasted Coffee Beat cf
Quality, as follows :
Java and Arabian Mocha, por pound f   40
Java and Mocha Blend, 3 pounds  1 a'
Fine Santos, 4 pounds  1 HO
KuntoK Blend, 6 poundB ,  1  00
Our Spootalulond, 6 pounds  1 00
Our luo Roast, (i pounds  1 on
A TIMA- 4HtllF.lt HOI.HI.~li..
Nelson.      -     b- a.
Mr. Machin, genernl ageut Bennett
Fuse Co., headquarters at Victoria.
It. C., begs to say that in consequence
of attempts to impose spurious and
cheap Imitations of their white conn
tared, patent safety Fuse, Crown
Brand, he feels it ncceSHary to ask
consumers to be sure that they get
the genuine Bennett's Fuse. Tho sole
agents In Nelson is the Lawrence
Hardware Co.
i��:l~o~-ka._4�� white.
steamer international.
0:011 n. m. Lv. NolHon Ar. 11:00 p. in,
il: I.'i a. ui. Ar. Kaslo Lv. 5:20 p. m.
Bulletin No. 0��� Until further notice the
iteamor Alborta -'ill leavo Kaslo City Wharf,
fool, of Third Streel. for Lardo on Mondays,
Wednesdays and Fridays, at 10,30 a. m.
10:10 n. >u. Lv. Kaslo Ar. 4:50 p. in.
12:35 p.m. Ar. Sandon Lv. 2:35 p. in.
And all points Kast, and West via Str. Alborta,
. tr. Kaslo. B,  Sc N. and IC. V. Ryu.
and G, N. Ry.
0:00 a. in. Lv. Nolson Ar 0:00 p. m.
2:00 p. in. Lv, Bonner's Ferry Ar 1:15 p.m.
0:10 p. in, Ar Spokano Lv 8:00 a.m.
Connecting at Bonnor's Forry with Groat
Northern "|. lyor" oastbounil oml at Spokano
ith Groat, Northern for Pncillc Coast points,
leaving Spokano at 8:00 p.m.
Daily freight service botween Sandon and
Stoanior Alberta leaves Kaslo for Lardo and
Argenta, Mondays, V. cdncHduys and Fridays
at 11 a, m.
To ascertain rates and fall information ad-
w��~��anr. Kaslo.B. C
G. K    ackabury Local Agent.
LOST. ���lietween    Hale's   boat   liouse
and  hospital   on    Front   st , a gold
brooch, set with pearls,  finder   please
leavo at Miner office.
wants   work   of
the   day.    Apply
any   kind
at   Minor
IT WILL PAY you to read our ad. in
another column. Our blend of tea at
Thirty i:ents   per pound will suit you.
Kootenay Coffee Co.
JAPAN TEAS���"Spider Leg," "Pan-
fired,' "Sun Cured,"���have a place in
our stock. The new "Ceylon Ureen"
is fine flavored and economical. Kootenay Coffee Co.
iltEi: .inning liolil Properties��� We are
anxious to secure a few free ml I ling gold
properties ut once. The Prospector's Kx-
cbnligc, Nelson, IB, I'. Boom I, K.-W.-C.
WE HAVE   in stoek choice teas from
India, Ceylon, China, and Japan.  We
blend them to your taste.    All   prices
and qualities.    Kootenay  Coffee Co.
��.<>ll)Sii,\l it (OIT! It urn   iiill.4   und
prospects wanted,  Henri report ami samples tu the Prospector's K\cliange. -Olson.
B.C.   Boom 4 I..-W.-4,'. bloek.
About that second hand article of
yours. Vou'll sell it if you'll adver
tise it in The Miner want cal .mn
Certificates of Improvements
Bunker Hill, Sullivan, and Fidelity
Miuein'l Claims situate in the Nelson
Mining Division of West Kootenay district.
Where'loonted���Oo the West North
Fork nf Salmon River, about five miles
from Red Mountain.
TAKE NOTIOE that 1, R. Smith, F.
M. O. iJ576_B, acting as agent for S, A.
Cameron, F. M. O, r>5(SJ~IB and Wm.
Griffith, F. M. O, 55882B. intend sixty
days from tho date hereof, to apply to
the Mining Recorder for Certificates of
Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining Crown Grants of the above
And further take notice that action,
under section 117, must be commenced
before the issuance of such Certificates
of Improvement*,
Dated this 1st day of August, A. D.
8. Saviohiis [ENQLISHl Onuuon���Oornor
Ward and Silica Sts. Sundays: Holy Communion 8 a. ur.: and on tho 1st, and 3rd Sundays
In tho month after Mattins; Mattlnt. at 11 a.in.;
Sunday School 2,30 p.m.; Kvensong 7.30. Dailyr
Mattins at 0.30 a. m. Thursdays and Saint's
Daysi Holy Communion 10 a, rn. Fridays:
Kvensong 7.30 p. m., followed by choir prao-
ttoo. II. S, Akohurst, Rootor. Fred Irvine,
Goo. Johnstonn, Wardons.
Catholic CnuHcn-CornerlWard and Mill
streots Mass ovory Sunday at 8 and 10.00 a.m
Benediction at 7.30 p.m.   Mass ovory woolc day
at 7.15 a.m.   Uev.  Father Ferland Rooter.
PitBsnvTKitiAN Church���Sorvlcos at 11 a.m
and 7.30 p.m. Sunday School at 2.30 p.m.
Prayor mooting Thursday evoning at 8 p.m.;
Christian Kndoavor Society moots ovory Tuos-
day ovening at H o'olook. Rov. R. Frow,
MgTHOniBT CnuuoH���Cornor Silica and
Josophlno Streots.   Servicos at 11 ft.m. and 7.3C
fi. in. ; Sabbath School, 2,30 p.m.; Frayor meet
ng on Thursday ovonlng at 8o'olook: Kpworth
LoaguoC, K��� Tuesday al8a.m. Uov. J. H.
Whlto, Pastor. Residence, Josephine Stroet
rear of church.
Salvation Abmv���Sorvlo s overy ovening
at 8o'olooh ln barracks on V.otorl stroctj
Adludant Kdg*~nmbn in cliargfl.
Baitist Chukch ��� Sorvlcos morning and
oveningatll a.m. and 7.30 p.m.; Prayor moot.
Ing Thursday ovonlng at 8 p.m. Iho B. Y
P.U. Tuesday evoning at 8 o'olook. Strangors
nrdlally wolconied- Hov. John Hint[ Morgan.
B, \.. Pastor.
FAKES-Oash, 10 cents.
Tickets, 10 for (50 cents.
SERVICE���Every 20 minutes, leaving
park and up-town terminus at 7
n.m. to 10.40 p.m. Ea.lv car leaves
H. 15. Stoies 0:45 a.m.
TRAINS���Oars meet 10.85 a.m. and
(1.45 pin., nnd outgoing only ou
SPECIAI..���The public are requested
to stop oars only ou the fur side of
cross streets; not to ride on, enter
or leave by front platform; also to
motion by hand if they intend to
board the car, and to notify conductor a short distance before they
wish to leave.
OOMPLAINTS-Will receive prompt
attention at the Company's oflice
Vernon Street, City.
A large number of good residential
building sites adjacent to the lines of
their tramway, chiefly in the southern portion of the city to be sold on
easy teims.
Apply   Tramway      Office,    Vernon
Managing Secretary.
You shouldn't send out of town for
cards for yourself or your husband
until you see what Thu Miner can do
for you.
NKLSON LODGR    No. 23, A. F. &
M. in*, (il . Hecond Wodnoutlay in
month,   VtaiUnR brothorn wolcomo
M'Ld.CHLAN BROS. (3ucc��!s.or.   to Vun
)..ouvc.r Hardwuro Co, Ltd.) i. ukorUtroot.
Ni ..'-(in - u liol~.-;ili:  ili'.ilt.n. in  huniwiirt) and
Miiiiini,' mi]��� pin.:- , plu'iilnnV uud l.iiiHiiiil.tif' nun
w. -,        PlliU.Ki v-.c    mm   hiiir-n,   UIU1.1I Mil 11ft     HKI1M
Agentttfoi Ontario Powder .works) ljmamito
"VJKI.tiON    HA-U-VVAUK   CO.- Wholonala
.1 i    piuutH, oil* una k!>>hh^ tiiochaninH' tool...
npURNKR, UKKTON & Co.-Cornor Vornon
X    and Jotiophino  titruct_ir  Nolson���Whole
salo dcaloru In li'iuo. n. clgare, and dry goods,
AKi'iit.- for I'Mi-l Browing Co. of Mllwaukoo
ami Calgary Brewing Co. of Calgary.
HUDSON'S BAY Co.-Whoh.HolG i
and lniuon. eto., Bakor Struct, .
Olllco cornor Hall and Front StrooU
NolHon���Lumber, coiling, flooring, and ovory
thing in wood for building purpoBOH. Ool out
pricoH.   Correspondence Holicitod.
rr.   GALLON fc CO.-Doaler�� in ore
X ���   and twincK.   Alwuyi. a lurgo nto
hand. Telephone2U_<.  Hooni 11. K. W. ('.
Dominion and
Land Surveyor.
I. O. O. F. Koolonay IxxIko
No. Ill, niiMitH ovory Monday nl_lil,
at' tholr Malt,  ICootonay streot
Sqlournlnir Qdd KoIIowh conlially lnvltod.
Jolin A. Mottac, N.O.   1). VV. Hutliorronl, V.O
Krud J, H<iulrc, lJor. 8oc.
K. VY,
Nulnon lloyal Arch Chapter No. 198, II. H. C.
MootH third Wednesday. oo.iournfni< i^uiniiati
Ioiih invited. Uooi'ko Jolnihtono, /, " "'
Mallhowh, H. K.
moot* ln K. ol 1'. hall, (iililfollowH hlook
.-Vorv Tiieii_i.y nvonliiB at 8 o'olook
All vlsltliiK -nil. it* cordially  invito
A. T. I'AiiK.K.of H. ttnd S.
NoIhou Encn. jiniont. No. 7. Moet~ ovory 2nd
and 4th Krldny of oaoh month, In O.ld KoIIowm
Hnll, oornor Ilakor anil Kootonay Mtrootl.
Nolson. A. H. Clement*, 0,1?,| 1��. JtoArlhur
H, a,  VlHltluK brothers alwayi wolnnroa.
NKLSON L. 0, L. No. II1II2 moot* in Knc
tcrnlty Hull on lirnt and third Krtday ovoniiiKH
of oaoh month at K I'clonk. VlHltlnK moinbor
oordlally Invited. W. W. Hriulloy. W. K.
A. Mlnty, K. ti.
Miiion Examined and Reported On.
Mining Engineer.
Boom 4. K.-W.O. Illock,
Nelson, B. 0.
Wlndermore Mined.   CarreroondencoSolloUnd
WfVTiRBMKBIl!. ~   n
Canada Permanent and Western Canada Mortgage
head office toronto,  ont.
Money to loan on Straight Mortgage.
Apply to U. ... LKNNOX Baku St
NKLSON AKIIIK No. 22, K. (>. K��� iiiocIh
ovory Hecond and fourth VYedncKdnyi, of ono).
in onth. Vlnltlng member,, cordially Invil,
Charlon ProHHor. Hoorotnry.
Kootonay Tent No. 7. K. o. T. M��� hold tholr
regular meenngfl ill Ki-Litoriilty Hall, 1. O. O. .,
hlook,on the lnt and llrd I linr <l;.y . ol oaoh
ii.onth. visiting brethren cordlsll. invitod to
attend. G. A. Brown, It. K.; A. 1*. Purdy, Cum.
U. .I.Stool, U.S. 0.
COUIIT KOOTKNAY, I. O. F��� No. .11.'*.
MeoMngK Ith ThurKilay cf month, Kralornal
hall, .1 A Irvlnit C It.   P. H. Flaming. H.S
NoIhou Court Star ol Kootenai*. A, O. K.
Mootn ���nd ami ith Wednesdays tn evory
mouth, visiting brotbren weloome,  w.Mao-
Millno, C.H.    Itoburl M0_OO-,S-~
Ihi and Brd W sdnosdayovenlDgspf
each monlh at. Ktalornlty nail,
corner of Ilakor and Kootonay
Ht.'uet~. VutUng brothern (xird-
lall) lev It oil.
John     athon. Socretary.
L Urn ber..
Delivered to any point
on Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock on hand ot
Rough and Dressed
Mouldings. Sash Doors,
Inside Finish.
Coast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber-
nnil LARLO.
Nelson Daily Miner, Frij.y, August _,  1901
0 During   the   vacation      Those   taking the leading parts   in
DOOKS months heavy reading  'he operatic performance   to be  given
se.ms out ofthe ques-!'" 'his city at an early date, have
tion. Holiday makers and stay-at-! heen apportioned their parts. The
homes alike have given themselves | performance will be held in the opera
over to the perusal of current fiction.'house, nnder   the   direction   of   Herr
To meet this demand our book
tables are well filled with all that is
best, among ethers the following;
Pro Patria, Jl��:> PembertD- 75o.
The Helmet   of 'Navarre.    Bertha
Work. Zola	
Good Bed Berth,  Booth;	
Tbe Crisis. Winston Churchill.
Graustark,   McCutcheon	
Your Unole  Lew,   Sherlock
Qreat Boer War. Conat  Doyle.
Have you   jollied   our   Lend in;.'
Pinnns to Hint at 87 per month.
Be.  b
Steiu.r, of Spokane, and late director
of tbe Nelson Operatic Society. The
ones lakinff the leading parts in the
garden seine from 1'aust are as follows: Marguerite, Mrs. M. Parry
(soprano), Martha, Mrs. M. Davys.
(oontralto); Faust, .lohn I.ocliore.
(tenor); Mephlsto, Beiguor Halt, of
Spokane, (bassol. The prison scene
Miserere, from    II    Trnvatore,    will
1 ou piesenti'il by a selected double quartette, Otber operatic selections will
be rendered by Miss Sutcliffe and Mr
Kobert Thompson, with cello solos by
Herr Btelner, A small orchestra of
six pieces will accompany the per
. */VWWV*WrfVWWVTk'V*.VW*��>
I >
A garden party was held al the  res
idence of Mrs. W. A.   Macdonald.    on'
Wednesday   evening, when a very enjoyable lime was spent.
Ensign Andrew., of th
Army, Vancouver, will give an entertainment in the Salvation Army
harrackn this evening, consisting of a
phonographic concert. There will be
the usual abarge fur admission.
A Chinaman on Lake street made a
two by four bonfire yesterday afternoon and some of thc people in the
neighborhood called up the fire brigade. The chief went to the scene
and extinguished the blaze with a
pail of water.
New books in tbe publio library
are: Lone Star Hush, by E. Mitchell;
Observations oF Henry, by Jerome K.
Jerome; Triple Entanglement,by Mrs.
P.. Harrison ; Vicar of St. Luke's, by
Sibyl Creod ; Trinity Bells by A, K.
llarr ; Expatriates, by Lilian Hell.
Tin notice of the subject of ihe Uev.
J. II. While's addiess nl the Socialistic meeting for Suniiav afternoon
next, as announced in yesterday's issue of Tbe Miner, should have read,
"The .Socialism of Jesus."
Joe Downes hits recovered from tbe
comatose condition in which ho was
found when taken tu tho lockup, nnd
was mnde to appear before His Worship the Mayor, to give an account of
hie drowsiness. Ashe had no excuse
to offer, he was Hned S'l und costs, for
being asleep when be ought lo have
been about bin business.
The meet ins o( tne Operatic Society
whicli was called for Wednesday evening lahl was postponed on account
of thc number of garden parties
which were held that evening, which
prevented a number of I lie ladies of
the BOOiety fioni being   present.    Tho
meeting will be held in tbe opera
house at 4..'1J Tuesday afternoon August ii.
The Methodist Sunday School picnic
yesteiday was a great sueees:, in
overy way. The day was all lhat
could he desired and the Ashing was
all that was represented, several good
catches having been taken. Theie was
a large programme of .'.ports oarried
out for Hie bene 111 of the children,
which were entered into with zeal by
the juveniles. There wore about 300
took in the affair.
A well known rosidont of this eity
was attempting to prove to his companions yesterday, that hi1 could pad
die in a canoe while standing up and
while in the act of demonstrating bis
ability to win tbe bet be had made
that he could perforin tho feat, be snd
denly took a header in the water
much to the inerriiiit'iil ol bis friends
oti the ibore wbo in.' still of the
Opinion that tie- gentleman malting
the boast is unable to win bis bet.
There are al presont about sun mun
at work nn the now railroad Hint iN
being bin II. from   Jennings,   Montana,
Miss Miller, of Grand   Forks, is
| the   city and    is     a   guebt    of   Mrs.
i Posser.
Robert Irving.    Kaslo,   manager   of
the K, &   S. railway, is   stopping   at
' the Phair.
C. II. i'rescott, of Spokane, master
mechanic of the Great Northern, is in
the city and at the Phair.
Kobert Hamilton, Vancouver, of the
firm of   B. Hamilton ._   Co.,   is   on a
business   visit   to   the   city and is  a
^lv^iiLr'pu'-st at tlio l'hair.
A. lu. Band, of New Westminster,
arid C. D. Uand, of Spokane, mining
brokers and promoters, are in the city
and are at the Phair.
A. Tl. Crandall, Spokane, traveling auditor of the Spokane & Great
Northern railway, is in the city and
is a guest at tho Phair.
T. J. Seanlan, the Stanley stieet
grocer, left on tne afternoon train
yesterday, for Greenwood, and will
reurn to the city today.
('. E. liacc, a well known mining
ancnt and broker, of Rossland, is visiting the city, and Is making his headquarter at the Phair Hotel.
Rev. E. P. Flewelling is taking the
services at St. Saviour's again, as
Ii v. II. S. Akehurst has returned to
Kamloops where he will remain for
a month or more.
W. L.    Messe.ner,   manager of  the
Etna Insurance   Co.,  is on a   visit   to
the city in connection    with the busi
ness of ihe company and is  a guest at
*.he Phair hotel.
Mr. II. 11. Bellamy left on the afternoon train yesterday for Grand Forks
to superintend the oil wells in that
district where experimental boring is
being undertaken, and of which be
bus charge.
Master Mechanic Cross, of Winnipeg' Frank Hall, master mechanic of
the western division, and R. Mee, of
Revelstoke, locomotive inspector of
the Pacific division of the C. P. R.,
are in I lie eity aud are guests at the
Phair Hotel.
Mr. Drew, of the C. P. R. service
left last evening by the Crow'B Nest
boat for the east, on a six weeks'holi-
day. lie will take a tour of eastern
cities and will return by the Great
Northern and will take in the Buffalo
Exposition before bis return. Daring
bis absence bis place will be filled by
.1. II. Fo.v, the cashier, whose place
will be taken by Mr. McMillan. Mr.
Drew is accompanied by his wife and
Tlie following mining records were
made yesterday : Commander, at the
bead of Sproule creek, adjoining'the
Yellowstone on the east, formerly located as the Big Giant, located by P.
A. Noberg; News Girl, on the headwaters of Five Mile creek, locatod, by
G. W. Taylor. The following certificates of work were granted : Yellow-
Stone, lo Peter A. Norberg; St. Anthony, to M", A, Langloes; Aurora, to
Fred F. Mcloohe, et al No. 1 Aurora,
to same Decimal Fraction, to C. 0.
Ladd; Ilellsuian, to Catherine De
Maine; Dakota No. 1, and Maple
Lea.', to Henri Moitellette. A transfer of tho Vagabond was made from
M. Egan to Hubert Corlett.
  Hi I
Lord   and    Lady   .Minto   Visit Louis
burg, (.'ape Breton.
# Ilaliiax.    Aug.   1.���Not   a hat   was
raised   nor a cheer given   when   Lord
Of Getting a Good
Timepiece at a Most
Reasonable Price.
Watch   Repairing  Our
Specialty.   All Work flust Be Satisfactory or Money
Jewelers,  Nelson, B. C.
Atlantic S.S. Sailings
From Montreal
Allan Lino Tunlnian  July .27
Allan 1-ino Nmnidian  ���AnttustM
Heaver l_ino -Jiiku Superior July -B
Beaver Line Lako OnUrio Augiiht ~!
Krom Portland, Mc.
Dominion Line Vancouver ,
Dominion __lne Dominion
.August If
From Do.toii
Dominion Line Commonwealth   July 'M
Dominion Line Now England  .Anguatli
From New Ynri
White Star Line Teutonic July :.l
White Star Line Germanic  AngUfat7
Cunard Line l.ucania ��� ���July 27
..unard Lino Klruria August!
American Line St. I'aul August]
French Line La Champagne August]
Anchor Line A~toria AugUfct 10
For further particulars apply to
City Passenger Agent, Nelson, B. C,
Gen eral S.S. Awmti C.P.I.. Offi nee. Winning
Tor thi.. painful trouble Griffiths'Liniment le
anabrfoluto pain destroyer���it penetrates and
lubricator* the joints, takes away all the stiffness and gives relief in a lew minutes���works
wonders in chronic rhoumat.sm cases.
Mr. H. 1.. West of Water street, Vancouver,
B.C., was a great Bufforer from painful ;ii
taekfl of Khonmi-tiNin in his shuulilors, so hs-
vere wore the attacks that he could not raise
his arms He applied Griffiths' Menthol Liniment, tho great p��in reliever, and in less than
four hours tho pain had entirely left him. lie
t&ya: "It certainly is a greut pnin reliever.'
For Bale by J. H. Vanstonrt, Nelson, B. C.
OAfiS.-MiiAL. a la OAETE.
i iii>ii��n��ii��ii��i'��"��ii>'i��"aii��"9">"��"��>tO">"��"��"��"��">">"��"��"
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
With Which is Amalgamated
The Bank oi British Columbia.
Paid-up  Capital,   $8,000,000;   Reserve   Fund,   $2,000,000;
Aggregate Resources Over 865.000,000.
HON. GEO. A. COX, President.      B. S. WALKER, Oeneral Manager.
London Office: 6ll Lombard Street, E. C.
New York Office; 16 Exchange Place.
And 08 braneho-i in Canniln anil the United States, Including:
Atlin GbBBKWOOD Nki.on 8andon
Fehme Nanaimo Koss-anu Victohia
UNITED STATUS���New Yohk, San Kiiancihcu, Seattle, Portland, Skagway,
Savings Bank Department.
Deposits Keccivod and Interest Allowed.   Present Bate 8 I'or Cent
Nelson Branch.
GRANGE V. HOLT, Manager.
i*~K��C''��"*'i>'��C ��<>m>n��,H i
tion to the vice-regal party being tali-
en charge of by Air. Draper oi anion, else. Mayor Lewis unci the council claim that if the Governor-General
was visiting th�� town officially be
should remain tho guest of the town
and not of private individuals. Mr.
Sliulen, Lord Minto's private secretary, speaking officially on the cool
reception extended his excellency al
Louisburg today, said that the Governor-General had not the remotest idea
of slighting the town officials. He
was to visit the town officially, and
the ruins unofficially, the latter as
the guest of Rev. Mr. Draper because
of his knowledge of the plaee historically. He deplored the aetion of Mayor
Lewis and the council on public
grounds. His excellenoy was delighted with his visit to Loulsburg. He
said the mayor was absolutely rude in
passing tho Governor-General on the
wharf on the latter's retuin from the
ruins without noticing hiin in any
way. Lord Minto left tills evening
for Port Ilawkosbury. At Grand Narrows he will be joined by Countess of
Minto, and the Misses Elliott, who
sailed for there this morning in the
cutter Acadia. The parly will leavo
Ilawkosbury tomorrow morning for
Close connection East and Westbound at Spokane with trains of the
Spokane Falls and Northern Railway,
and ul Bonner's Kerry witn Kootenay
Railway & Navigation Co.
j Direct connection at St. Paul with-
j out change of depot, with all trains for
Chicago, Toronto. Montreal, New York
and all points Vv'isL and South.
Leaven Spokane daily for East at 9:15 a.m
Leaves Spokane daily toT Wast at 7:15 a.m
Leaves _pok;t_e daily loi West at 8:00 p-m.
West-bound trains make direct connection for Victoria and Vancouver,"
Portland, San Francisco, and all points
nn the Sound,
, During the season of navigation East
iiounil trains connect at Duluth with
the magnificent steamships North-West
and North-Land of theNortheru Steamship Company Line, operated in connection with the Great Northern Kail-
For further informatiou, maps, folders, etc., apply to any agent of Spokane
Falls it Northern Ky., Kaslo & Slocan
Ry., Kootoi ui Railway & Navigation
Or , or to
Ii. A, JACKSON. Oom'l Agent,
Spokane, Wash.
G. K. TAOKABURY, Local Agent,
Nelson. R 0
"elds. | and l.ady Minto arrved at   Loulsburg.
to the Crow's Nest,   l'a
The North Star and   the J. D. farrell j o. B.   It  was  the coolest reception
are kepi busy handling supplies to the javor given to  any public man.   Tins
different camps along the river, and
gangs of men are scattered all along
the proposed route to the boundary
line. The contractors are pushing
the work as rapully as possible and ex
pect lo have between three and four
thousand men employed within a
shoit lime.
A Nelson Citizen announced to a
Mirier reporter yesterday that he un-
kowlugiy overheard some of the negotiation, made for I be escape of the
prisoner Tony Leydon, who skipped
the Provincial jail, on Wednesday
laHt. In the morning bo bad occasion
to make a call al. ono nl tbe wholesale
houws on Vernon Btreet when hoover-
heard two men conversing when one of
tbem dropped the iciiiarK lli.it "he
is not there." When he returned,
about half an hour later tho same two
men were talking to one of the prisoners in the jail grounds, The circumstance made no impression on
his mind until bo heard of the prison-
r'H escape.
came about through the fact lhat tney
came here as the guests of Rev. Mr.
Draper, rector of Loulsburg. On
Tuesday the town was notlllud that,
the vice r. gal parly would visit the
town officially and preparations were
made to receive them, but this _iom-
Ing when 'be citizens learned that he
was coining as a guest of a private
citizen, tho town got mad. Their ex-
cellonoies were met nt the station by
Uev. Mr. Draper, and driven to the
old town. They were also met by a
messenger from the town council who
said that they would not   be   received
officially, as tbey understood  ho  was
coming as the guest of Rev. Mr. Draper. Rov, Mr, Draper recived a message from their exeellenc'es yesterday,
asking "im to meet them at the station for the purpose of escorting thcmi
lo the old town. The town decided
not to tak.' part in a reception unless
tbey remained their guest while be
Ing driven through Ihe town. Unoo
at the r uins, the   town   had no ohjec-
Montreal, Aug. 1.���At a meeting of
the Tailors' Union, held last evening,
the question of sending delegates to
the Trades and Labor Congiess of Canada, was discussed. Vice President
Coopernian said that no Labor organization making any pretention to honesty could conscientiously endorse
thc aetion of the president of the
Congress, Ralph Smith, M. P., who,
he claimed, at the last Federal elections, endeavored to secure a ConBOrv*
alive nomination, mid is in his opinion, now a Liberal parlizan. Therefore In view of the conduct of the official head of the Congress, the tailor
should abstain from taking part In th
deliberations oi that body.
"Zbe fic^al Bank of Canafta"
Incorporated 1869.
Ciilillal  Authorized,    .     .    it.a,ni!o,in~i.<io I Capital Pald-np,     ,    .    .     He!,<>nn,i::>i>.iiu
Best, Wl,1*0,u~i.uii
Hoard of Directors     .homns E. Konny,  President;   Thomas Ritchie. Vice-President���
IWiley Smith. H. G. Bftald, Hon. David MaoKoon.
Head Oflice, Halifax:
General Mnnnprcr, Edkon L. 1_aac, Montreal.
Supori-'itijiideni of Brauohes, and Secretary, W. B. Torrance, Hallfatr,
Bran    es I
'ova   fteotla-IIalllax   Branch,   Antlgoniur
Bridgewator, Guysboro. Londonderry, L-u
onburg. Maitland (Hants Co.), Pictou. Port
Hawkoiibnry, Sydney. Shubenacadie,'. ruro,
New    Brunswick ��� BathUTSt,     llorc.hoi.tor,
Fredorielon, Rfingstoil (Kent Co.), Mono-
ton, Newcastle Sackvillo, St, John,Woodstock*
I*. _. iMland���Charlottctown, Summon.ide.
Grand  .Forks, Nanaimo,   Kelson,   Bossiayid,   V.nconver,
Vancouver East End, Victoria.
Correspondents t
('imndn-Mcrchnnls Tlnnk of Canada.   Boston���National Shnwnrat Bank.   Chleaae��� lllinoli
Crust eM Savings Bank.   Kan Francisco���First National Hank.   London,  Ens.-Bank  o(
Scotland.   rarl��, Frnlice-Credit Lyoiinaiii.   Bermuda   Hank of Bermuda.   China and Ja-
pau���Hour Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation,   Spokane-Old National Bank.
Ueneial Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange  I'.ugb
and Sold, Letters of Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received ou the most favorable terms.   Interest allowed on epecial
deposits aud on Having Bank accounts,
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson. B.C.
. ebec���Montreal, (City Office). Montreal
Went Snd (Cor. Notre Dame and Sots-
neurs Streets); Wefltmount (Cor. Qrecno
Avenue and bt Catharines Stivot,
Newfoandliuid���SU .'ohu'e.
Cuba! W��8( l��dle�����Havana.
I iiit'ti Slates���Now York (IC KxrharRD Place
Republic, Wash,
Every housewife wba
talics delight in a
spick and span kitchen iv ill Hnd what she
wants in our stock of
Tlio shining quality
of ,tho surface is indicative of the superior merit of the
poods through and
!        & CO.        .
J Phone 1ST }
*********** a*************]
Spokane Falls &
Horthem R'v.
If you don't like Blui Bibbon Tia it's
becauBn yon never tasted it,
Certificate of Improvements
"Iron Silver and .Silver Queoo" Min"
eral Olaim, sitnnto in tbe Nolson Mining Division of Weat Kootenay Dlatrint,
Where looated : Uu Craig Mountain,
near Crui(rtowu.
Take notioe that I, ,1. I). Andcrnon,
P, l��� IS,, of Trail, B. fl,, agent for
Qeorge Davis, Free Miner's Certificate
No. Ii.ir~.l0, and John Ii. Nnlnn, Free
Minei's Certificate N". B60011, intend,
Mixty days from tlie dule heruif. to
apply to the Mining Recorder f��r u Oi i������
tillciiteof Improvements, for the purpose nf obtaining a Orowu < I rant of the
above claim.
And further take notioe that notion,
under section  ,i7, must be cimimcnei'd
before the issuance of snch Certificate
nt Improvemenes.
Dated this 18th day nf .Inly, A. D.
1S01. J.  D.  ANDHHSON.
Nelson *% Fort
R f_ ~!__M'5iLn ____!"__ R'v.
July 13th, 14th ;inJ 15th.
Winnipeg One Fare Round
August 20th to ~8th
On Account of Medical Association Convention.
Buffalo and Return
July 2d, 1 blh, and every first
and third Tuesday, August,
September and October.
Bullet service  on  trains between
Spokane and Northport.
Leave          DAY TRAIN Arrive
'.i.ixi n.m Spokane l:\ia p.m
18:60 p.m Rowland 4:10 p.m
OflB a.m Nelson 7 :15 p.m.
H. A. JACKSON, G. P. & T.A.
Spokane  Wast,
Agent,Nelson, B.C.
t NO. 4 K.-W.-C. BLOCK. NELSON, B. C.
J Gold, Silver-Lead  and  Copper Mines wanted at the EXCIIANQK.
���% FREE   MILLINU   GOLD  properties  wanted at onee for Eastern
> investors.
# Parties having  mining  property for  sale, are   requested to send
5 samples of their ore to the EXCHANGE for exhibition.
C We  desire  to hear from prospectors who have promising mineral
C claims in liritisli Columbia.
J I'rosnectors  and  mining   men   are requested   to make  the  EX-
% CHANGE their headquarters when in Nelson.
> All samples should be sent hy express, PREPAID.
< . Correspondence solicited.    Address all communications to
. Telephone No. 104.  P.O. Box 700.                                              NELSON. B.C.
*H Mt-Hj AmAA/ </o 44Utru   A/ OlA/
ty S��u^\^uMimySi
".  __&__
Construction Work
W. H. BROWN & 00., NELSON.
I have a large warehouse and am
prepared to store nil kinds ���( K���0(iRi
1'rriBsor's Second Hand Store, Ward
If there is anything yo~ require,ask
for   it   iu   Uim columns of the Miner.
Civil Engineers and Provincial Land
P. O. BxoUi .JS.U-in   B.i<
By the week from $5 to 86.
By the day 81.00.
J. V. O'LMGHLTN, Prop.
(Invents, Designs, Copyrights and
Triule Murks obtained in Oaaods
and all foreign countries.
Room H, Bank of BritiBh North
America, Hustings 8tr����<\ Van-
Custom House Broker and Employment
Ollice. Telephoned.. P. O. llox ��fi_
Stauley Street, Nelson, B. U.


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