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Nelson Daily Miner Dec 24, 1901

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 Daily Edition No. 1224
: Provinc;ii Libr��ry g31eo:
Nelson,   British Columbia, Tuesday,  December 24, igot
Eleventh  Year
Will Take Surplus  of   the
Tramway Company's
Council Makes Fire Chief Lll-
lie's Suspension Permanent.
At the meeting of the oity council
last evening Aid. iiamilton was appointed to the chair until the arrival
of Mayor Fletcher who was abont half
an hour late. The mintues of the
previous meeting were read and
nilopted, also the report of the finance
The report of the tire, water and
light committee was then rend, it was
to the effect that the committee approved of the aotion of the mayor in
suspending Fire Chief Lillie and
Driver Stutter. Aid. Selons said he
would like to know something about
the matter and asked if some of the
committee would tell him.
Aid. Irving said as to that it was
his intention to move that the chief
be reinstated. At the meeting of the
committee he did not think that any
charges of any account had been
proved against either and that he did
not think either had been to blame in
the matter. There was a olique work-
in;.' against  them.
Aid. Hamilton then brought forward a motion to the effect that the
report be received,which was seconded
1>V Aid. Gillette.
Aid, Selous asked another question
regarding the case, which Aid. Irving
was answering when Mayor Fletcher
arrived and took his seat, he called
Aid. Irving to order, and several
sharp words passed between them,
until Aid. Selous explained.
Thc mayor then asked that his report regarding the suspensions be
read also. He then said that in connection with thc matter that there had
been a good deal nf friction in the fire
department right along. He did not
think that the fire chief kept up the
discipline that was necessary in such
an iinuotant branch of the city's service. "As to myseif, on a number of
things I issued orders to tbe chief
which were either ignored or evaded.
I supported him in every way possible, and what he needed for the department was supplied. It is simply
a question as to which of us is to run
the city business." Several fire insurance inspectors had spoken to him of
the chief as not being efficient.
Aid. Irving���What Inspector said he
was not efficient?
Mayor Fletoher���You have heard of
them before.
Aid. Irving���The chief has been
working uphill and has put the fire
department in good shape. There have
been several losses at the Are hall but
I do not onsider that be was in anyway to blame. He could hardly help
thc two bells cracking, any more than
the horses dying.
The mayor stopped Aid. Irving
again and some more sharp word*
passed between them.
Aid. Paterson stated that he had
nut been satisfied witb the way the
lire department had been managed,
and he considered that a change was
Aid. Madden said tbat he had
known Chief Lillie for 22 years and
that he had known him us a siklful
steady man. He did not think tbat
the city oould get a better man.
Aid. Selous said he would like to
now a little morn abont it, but that
under the circumstances he would
vote with the maiority. The committee had investigated the matter fully
and their finding should he   accepted.
Aid. Hamilton said he agreed with
Aid. Selons. He believed that before
a man was discharged that the most
careful enquiry should be made. He
had nut been at the meeting, but he
supposed that the matter had been
lully gone into.
A vote was taken, and tbe finding
of the committee was approved, Mayor
Fletcher, Aid. Selous, Gillette, and
Paterson voting in the affirmative,
and Aid. Irving, Madden and Hamilton in the negative.
A letter was read from Driver  Stutter tendering his  resignation, to take
effect from date.     This was accepted,
letters   were read   (rom
manager of the Tramway company.
One stated that the company was willing to sell the city power, and tha
other letter withdrew his letter of
July 10th, which he stated had been
written under a misapprehension,
It was unanimouusly decided that
the power should be purchased from
the company, and the mayor and the
superintendent of the power plant
were empowered to arrange for the
II. R. Cameron then appeared before
the council to ask if the city would
pay $107.45, the amount still owing
on various accounts by the Dominion
Day celebratior committee of which he
Was seorctary. A motion was carried
that a check should be issued for the
Aid. Selous introduced bylaw 10(1, to
raise a sum necessary for the oarryiug
on of civic work to the end of the
term nf office. This was carried
through the three readings unanimously.
American Mining Company's
Store Looted by Liberals.
Barren Desert of 800 Miles Separates
Chile and Argentina.
Should war break out between Chile
and Argentina the chances are in
favor of Chile coming out the winner.
There has been a long Btanding jealousy between these two countries
which a very trivial incident would
fan into a fierce flame. The boundary
between the two countries is a line
following the summits of tbe Andes.
This line is easily defined along the
greater part of the frontier but
towards tbe south the mountains drop
away into a high table land and this
gives a disputed territory rs to define
the summit of a plain is impossible.
The territory is not worth much, but
under the present state of national
feeling both are ready to fight ou any
or r,o pretext.
Gerald V. Hopkins, superintendent
of the Yellowstone mine who spent
several years at Antofagasta, Chile,
discussing the question said that the
chances were in favor of Chile in any
oonttst at arms���they were better
fighters and were so situated that they
conld not be attacked except at a
great disadvantage. He had "nee
been commissioned to examine a mining property in the western part of
Argeutina, and set out from Santiago
with a well equipped pack train to
make what might be oalled a.flying
trip through to Buenos Ayres. The
flying trip took just six months. He
passed through the territory in dispute
and he did not consider it of much
value for any purpose. Between the
so-called boundary and the end of the
nearest Argentine railway there is a
desert of 800 miles so that if Argentina moves flrst the army will have
that distance to go before it can strike
a blow and an invading Chilean army
can occupy the disputed territory but
would have this desert to travel over
before getting means ef doing any
damage to the enemy. The trip by
sea around the Horn would take 12 or
14 days. Chile is rather the better
supplied with ships, but on the ether
hand Argentina has a larger population. In Buenos Ayres the financial
iuterests are in the hands chiefly of
the Scottish and French bankers
while a large proportion of the labor
is done by Italians. In the interior
where ranching is ca ried on extensively, there is a majority of the better class nf Spanish, Italian and
British origin.
Smith Curtis passed through the
city last night on hia way to Chicago
whither he goes on business connected
with the taking over of thc Ore
Denoro mine, in the Bouudary, the
property of the King Mining company. That mine has been idle for
about a year and a half owing to lack
of funds, It Ib a high grade copper
proposition aud has shipped some ore,
though most of the work dono has
been in the way of development. The
drop in the prioe of copper may be a
serious obstacle to Mr. Curtis' plans
but he has confidence that by the
time this mine wou;d be properly
developed copper will have advanced
to a much better price than it Is now.
Mr. Cortis is one of the Liberals
who is dissatisfied with what thc
executive committee of the provincial
association did at its recent meeting
in Vancouver, which he thinks was a
deliberate attempt to pack the proposed convention in favor of the coast
cities to the disadvantage of the
Kootenays. He expects to be gone
about six weeks.
Quebec.   Dec.     28.-Hon.     Charles
Fitzpatrick      has      returned      from
How Monroe Doctrine Is Received by  Genera!
Colon, Dec. 23.���During the absence
of tbe government soldiers the
Liberals returned to Nombre de Dios
and looted the commissariat of the
Gauze Mining company, an American
concern. They also threatened the
life of the custodian of the store who
was forced to surrender his keys. The
oompany is presenting a claim to the
government for loss sustained.
Ou the arrival at Nombre de Dios.of
rile United States gunboat Marietta
ard subsequently when the Colombian
gunboat General Pinzon with 50
soldiers on board, leached the same
place, the Liberals again disappeared.
The Pinzon after landing the troops
at Nombre de Dios proceeded to
Savanila, Capt. Foliace, wbo was
cummauder of the Pinzon, and several
of his officers returned to Colon yesterday on board the Marietta and have
since sailed for San Juan de Porto
Gen. Alban has receiver! a cable despatch announcing the evacuation of
Tumaco. Some of the revolutionists
left Tumaco on board the Salvadorian
steamer Ibis and others left by laud,
intending to attack Buena Ventura.
A strong gnveinment force has left
liuena Ventura to meet the revolutionists. Gen. Alban says that if the
Monroe doctrice could be made to
provide compulsory arbitration in
order to settle all disputes between
South American republics and Europeans nations it wonld be accepted
with enthusiasm by all those republics. Gen. Alban also says that
President Belgadb, of San Salvador,
bas not answered his cable message
regarding the steamer Ibis having assisted the enemies ot the Colombian
The last issue of the British Colombia Gazette contains the following
Price McDonald of Sanca, to he a
justice of the peace.
Ramsay Bros. and.Oo., of Vancouver, have incorporated as a joint stock
company with a capital stock of $75,-
000 in $25 shares.
The Western Club, of Vancouver,
registers under the Benevolent
Societies' act.
The Duquesne Mining company, of
Wilmington, Del., regis'crs as an
extra provincial company witb local
office in Revelstoke
Official notice is given thnt W. J.
Robinson, has been appointed official
liquidator of the British Columbia
Wholesale Liquor company, of Rossland, and all claims against the company are to be presented to the liquidator before Deo.; 27th.
, i
Plant to Be Erected At Occe���Reduced
Smeller Rate After New Year.
The statement is made quite openly
though yet unofficially that the Trail
smelter will begin the erection of a lead
refinery at once. W. H. Aldridge, the
manager of the smelter there, has
been experimenting extensively as to
means of refining and as a result he
is satisfied that with a planr, costing
about $40,000 he oan treat lead
bullion Work on this plsnt will be
commenced immediately.
Au announcement regarding a new
smelter rate for lead-silver ores is
expected to be made this week to take
effect witb the new year, but what it
will be is not given out though it will
be less than that now charged.
Washington, Dec. 118.���President
Roosevelt is considering Governor
Shaw, of Iowa, in connection with the
treasury portfolio to succeed Secretary
Gage. The report was current here
this afternoon that the president had
actually tendered the position to Governor Shaw bnt at tbe White House
uo confirmation with the latter report
conld be obtained.
Gigantic    Preparations
Move Men to   the
Expected Arbitration by Great
Britain Has Not Been
Buenos Ayres, Dec. 23.���The Paris
agent advises the Argentine government to invite Chile to accept a direct
and immediate arrangement or be
prepared for war.
The British minister here, Sir W.
A. C. Barrington, had a long conference yesterday evening with President
Roca. The Argentine fleet divided
into tour divisions, will take part in
an extensive manoeuvre] next month.
The two principle divisions are ready
to pnt to sea at tbe first signal.
Col. Padlo Riecher, the minister of
war, has informed President Roca
tbat he has availaole 000 locomotives
and 4,000 cars and that he can within
48 hours transport 8,000 men to the
lt is estimated that the maintenance
of the army whioh will be mobilized
by February 5th will involve ao annual expenditure of 65,000,000 piastres.
About 8,000 men have already signed
tbe rolls of the Urguayan volunteer
During a conference between president Boas and Sir W. A. C. Barring-
ton today, the president of Argeutina
explained to the British minister the
circumstances which has led to tbe
present difference between Argentina
and Ohile. He laid special stress npon
the efforts made by Argentiua to
seoure an amicable settlement of the
trouble, as well as upon the craftiness
he asserted Chile had employed in
order to avoid arriving at such a settlement. Tbe British minister will
send a detailed report tu the home
The newspapers here assure their
readers that several powers stand
ready to offer their good offices to
mediate the difficulty, but that Argentina does not consider the moment has
yet arrived either to accept or to
refuse suoh offers. According to the
Tribuna, Senor Conchas Subercaseaux,
the Chilean minister, will leave here
for Chile on January 1st, and the
Secretary of the Chilean legation,
Senor Errasuriz.will remain in charge
of Chile's interests. Senor Subercaseaux conferred for two hours this
morning with Dr. Norberto Qoirne
Costa, vice-president of Argentina
and Dr. Amancie Alcorta.thu minister
of Foreigu Affairs. After this conference Senors Costa and Alcorta went to
see President Rooa.
The Tempo says a causus belli
would arise is Chile desiring to render
effective her jurisdiction over the
territory known as Ultima Esperanza
attempted to drive the Argentine
police from this territory.
The Chamber of Deputies voted this
afternoon to accept the proposal to
prohibit the exportation of horses and
mules. The chamber will tomorrow
discuss an interpellation asking that
Senor Alcorta explain the present
status of the Chilean matter.
El Diario publishes a despatch from
Santiago de (jliile saying it Is rumored
there that negotiations will be reestablished with (Senor Subercaseaux
at Buenos Ayres.
Lausdowue Ready to Mediate When
Occasion Offers,
London, Deo. 23.���The British government is watching with considerable anxiety tho progress of the dispute between the Chilean and Argentina republics, A representative olthe
Associated Press was informed today
(hat neither side has yet approached
the British Foreign oflice. If both
Chile aud Argentina request Great
Britain to arbitrate the matters in
dispute between them, Lord Lans-
downe, the Foreign secretary, will
promptly acquiesce. The statement,
however, of Dr. Alcorta, the Argentina minister of Foreign Afllalrs, that
Argentina lias referred the matter to
the arbitration of the British government onder the agreement of 1898 appears   to lie inaccurate for the foreign
office says the present contention is
quite beyond the powers of that
As the Foreign office understands ti.e
case, it is not one of boundary between the two countries, but whether
Chile has the right to build neutral
roads in the disputed territory. This
commission, of which Lord Mac-
Kaughton is president, has been
sitting in London for nearly two
years and is now almost ready to go
out and personally inspect the disputed boundary. For various reasons,
however, the departure of this commission has been delayed and Is likely
to be delayed for some time to come.
The appeal of Dr. Aljorta has not yet
officially been communioated to the
British foreign office. When this appeal does reach Downing street, it
will meet with the foregoing answer.
Although Lord Lansdowne, thc
secretary of foreigu affairs, holds the
MacHaughton commission to be powerless, he will intimate the willingness of Great Britain to arbitrate the
difficulty between the two countiies if
Chile agreed to that proposition. Up
to a late hour tonight neither country
concerned had requested Great Britain
to take this action. Opinion in Downing street is that while the cause of
tne dispute is petty, serious consequences may ensure unless prompt
action is taken.
Will Not Object to Great.Britain Settling tbe Difficulty.
Washington, Dec. 21.���Both the
Chilean and tbe Argentine republics
were at the State department today
with referenoe to the controversy. The
United States government is watching
the progress of the negotiations aud is
standing ready to aid iu a peaceful
solution in any way agreeable to both
parties. The submission (o Great
Britain is entirely satisfactory to thc
authorities here and they probably
will assist in having both governments accede to tbis manner of
Valparaiso, Dec. 23.���It is reported
here that the governments of Argentina and Chile have signed a protocal
by which they agree to submit the
questions pending between them to
the arbitration of Great Britain.
All Toronto Factories Closed
and 500 Men  Are
BONDED FOR 8100,000
Crusade to Be Taken Up Against the
Grand Forks, Dec. 28.-The Grauby
Mining aud Smelting company has
taken an option for $100,000 on the
Seattle group of five claims owned by
Robert Clark and situated on the north
fork of Kettle river. Development
work will be started immediately.
Thomas E. Birbeok, formerly of
Spokane, and late of the C.P.R., has
been appointed general freight and
passenger agent of tbe Republic and
Grand Forks railway with headquarters at Grand Forks. Mr. Birbeck entered the service of the C. P. R. in
1883 and occupied various positions
including that of chief clerk in the
snperintedent'B office ac Moose Jaw.
Later be removed to Spokane and
more recently to the C. P. R. before
entering the employ of the Republic
W. H. Ree'-, U.S. Chinese inspector,
of Victoria, B. 0., is in the Boundaiy
on a tour of inspection. He is looking
into the question of the alleged extensive smuggling of Chinese from various points in the Kootenays and
Boundary into the United States. He
conferred with the customs officers at
Nelson, Wash., and Impressed upon
tbem the importance of exercising the
utmost vigilance. Local Chinamen
have frequently boasted that they
could be safely delivered In Spokane
by an underground route on payment
of $50. It is said the gang conducting
these illegal operrtions is assisted by
Chinese who in order to deceive the
authorities, have established a series
of market gBrdens extending from
near the Boundary to the outskirts of
Negotiations Completed For 200-Ton
Plant With Reflnery.
Kaslo, Deo. 23.���NegotiutiunH for
the erection ot a 2im-ton smelter, and
refinery with smoke condensing woiks
at Kaslo, were concluded today with
a Glasgow syndicate represented by
T. B. Stewart.
Ontario's  Capital   to   Have
a  $1,250,000   Hotel.
Toronto, Dee. 23.���Nearly 500 men
employed in piano lactones in Toronto are out on strike today. The
Nordheimer faotory closed down this
morning, virtually locking the men
The directors of the new Toronto
hotel today decided to add two wings
to the building, making eight in all.
The addition will bring the cost of
the building up to $1,250,000.
Hopes to Connect United States and
Europe By Wireless Telegraphy.
St. Johns, Nfld., Dec. 23 ���There
were no new developments today in
the situation between Marconi and the
Anglo-American Telegraph Co. Marconi sent the following telegram to
Thomas Edison this evening:
"ThankB for your very kind letter to
the press. I hope soon to show you
wireless teegraphy working between
tire United States and Europe. I wish
you a happy Christmas." Marconi
will leave here for Canada tomorrow
Enlistments Being Made Freely in
Eastern   Canada.
Montreal, Dec.23.���Recruiting extra
men for the contingent opened in
the eastern cities today. No difficulty
was experienced ir securing the desired number of men of a high
The city council today parsed the
first reading of a bylaw pracically
making vaccination compulsory
under a penalty of $40. |
Kersey Brothers Said Tbey Were Robbed Bnt Now Under Arrest.
Oil Springs, Ont., Dec. 23.���Walter
and Isaac Kersey, Edy's mills, have
been arrested in connection with the
alleged robbing ft their store last
Monday morning, It is claimed that
ihe store had been entered by burglars, the safe blown open and $1,350
in cash stolen. Of this $1,150 belonged
to J. McTaggart and had been left
with the brothers for safe keeping.
Fighting in Widely Separated Parts
of Orange River   and Transvaal.
London, Dec.23.���Lord Kitoheoer in
a dispatch from Johannesburg, dated
Saturday, Dee. 21st, sends reports of
sharp fighting in the Orange river and
Transvaal colonies. The engagements
occurred on Dec. 18th, 19th and 20th
at points widely apart. Tbe casualties, so far as known aggregate about
150, equally divided, but heavy British losses, |. lals of whieh have not
been reported, havo occurred in the
Transvaal. In this last mentioned
fighting, that with 200 mounted infantry, was in the neighborhood of
Begindrin as already cabled.
In the eastern part of the Transvaal,
Col. Mackenzie attacked Commandant
Smit's force of Hcers at Lake Banaga-
her on December 20th aud killed six
and captured 16 of the enemy. Commandant Sruit escaped. A force of
Iloers. during the night of Dec. 19tli
attacked the British post at Eland-
spruit nut the burghers were driven
off, leaving eight men killed, including Commandant Kricse. Field Cornet
Malum who wss wounded and three
other wounded men were nlso left on
the field. The British casualties were
seven killed and six officers and 18
men wounded.
{Kingston,   Dec. 23.���Col. Montizam-
bert, D.O.C., ia seriously ill.
Cornwall. Ont., Deo. 23.���Andrew
Carnegie has promised Cornwall 18,000
for a library buildings. Tbe town
agrees to furnish a site and pay (700 a
year foi maintenance. Nklson  Daily Miner, Tuesuay,   December 24, 1901
Tlie Nelson Miner
Published   Every Morning Except Monday
Dally por rucnth, by carrier     65c
Dally, per month, by mail     60c
Dally, per year, hy carrier 9 7 00
r*��ily, per yo~-, by mall    5 00
Dally, per y*iar foreign    9 00
Weekly,por half yoar  $1 25
Weekly, per year    2 00
'Veekly.uer year, foreign    3 00
Htibsorlntloaa Invariably ln advance.
145 Fleet Stroot. E. C.
Oen'ral Preen Agency. Ltd., Spools! As-cut.-
AloxandorfcCo.,521 Flrnt Avonuo, Spokane
Waoh.. keep this paper on dlo, and nrr cm
authorized agenU for advertisements and sub
"What is the matter with copper?'
Is a question whieh is often beard
nowadays, and it is an important
question in this country, which is be
ginning to figure a little in the production of the metal. The present
situation in the copper market is due
primarily to over production in the
United States where it is said the
Amalgamated has a large surplus
stock of copper on hand There has
been a disagreement between the Rio
Tinto and the Amalgamated. The
former is controlled by the Rotbchilds
and the latter by Rockefeller. There
is a combination,which includes some
other American copper interests
and the Amalgamated, which is called the United States Metals company,
of which Mr. Rockefeller owus 70 per
cent, of the stock. This latter combi
nation recently surprised the Rotbchilds who control tho Rio Tinto mine
by dropping the price of copper 1 1-4
cents per pound. London quotations
show that copper has fallen to around
��55 per ton of 2,240 pounds. Copper
has fluctuated considerably in London
since it advanced owing to its increased ubc in electrical apparatus. Its
highest price was in 1888 when it
reached ��105. ln 1809 the price of the
metal dropped to ��35 which was the
lowest point. By 1800 it had rallied
to ��71 und by 1804 it had fallen to
��37. In June 1000 the orice was
about ��70.
In the United States the price of
Copper has fluctuated considerably.
The drop in Amalgamated shares since
the price of copper w��s threatened has
been phenomenal. A few weeks ago
the stock was worth $130 per share,
making the total opital of the company worth 8201,500,000 at the market
price. It has fallen to 865, making a
net depreciation of over 8100,000,000.
The immediate occasion of the drop in
price was the passing of a dividend
which only amounted to $775,000.
A few days since negotiations were
opened between the Rotbchilds and
Rockefeller interests for the purpose
of fixing the price of copper in London and New York for the coining
year. The Rotbchilds interests avoided
the issue and this angered the head of
the American copper trust and he
dropped the price down $25 to the
Just what the outcome will be it is
difficult to conjecture. It is a war
between two immense aggregations
of capital. The result may be much
lower copper before the contending
financial giants have patched up a
peace. One of the immediate effects
of the lowering of the price will be
tbe curtailment ot production and the
shutting down of copper producing
mines where the margin of profit was
Bmall even during the era of high
prices. It is doubtful if the principals
to this war will keep the metal long
on the "bargain counter," for the
reason that they would be the principal losers,and their interests are larger
than any concerned. Under such
oircumstanoes there should soon be a
disposition to patcli up both peace and
prices. In thiB peace will be found
tho prosperity ot the smaller producers
of the metal. U is sincerly hoped
therefore, that the warring interests
will soon come to an understanding.
In tbe meanwhile many of the copper
prodnoing properties will shut down
eveu though they could be operated at
a profit. Tbey will act on the theory
that there is no use in producing copper at present prices when they wait
a while and obtain   higher   prices.
For several days past the stoics of
Nelson have beeu in holiday attire in
honor of the glad Christmas time, and
they present a splendid appearance.
The green leaves of holly with its
bright crimson berries aro seen
among thc decorations. Santa Claus
peers at the pedestrian Iran numerous
places either from portrait or (rom
figures of varied sizes. From these
counterfeit   prestiments   it   in evident
Meerschaum Cut  Plug  Smoking
It's All Right.
Sold Evervwhere      toe.per Package.
that he in the same jolly old fellow
that ho always has been and seems to
failry beam on the little folk of
whom he is said to be especially fond,
ills roindeer team seems to be pictured as lively as ever and the passing of
time seems apparently to have no
effect their age, as they appear jost
as young, just as frisky, just as lively
just as able to cover many leagues in
a day, as when they first were used by
their veuenble master.
The stores contain such a wealth of
pretty things that one wonders that
such a variety could be found in a
town of the size of Nelson. There are
presents for the children in the shape
of nil sorts and descriptions of toys,
such us dells, steam engines, and
other mechanical devices. Ihere are
presents for grown up people too, of
all sorts and to Suit all kinds uf
The stcrcs of Nelson were never
better equipped to cater to the holiday
trade than at present. The merchants
derservc great credit for tlie enterprise
which they have displayed in catering
so ably to the wants of the ChriBtmaS
shopper. There is no need whatever
of sending to the far east of e.sewhere
for presents when there is suoh a
magnificent variety to select from at
home. The storekeepers bave heen
rewarded for their enterprise for the
patronage which they have received
has been more than satisfactory.
Besides the resideiits of the city a
number of out-of-town people have
patronized our business emporiums.
This is tut natural as no other town
in the Kootenays can boast of suoh
large stocks so tamptmgly displayed.
In respect to artistic arrangement of
goods the average Nelson merchant
has that department of his business
reduced to a science and it is positively a pleasure to inspect the show
windows and take a look through the
interior of the several establishments
of which tho oity boasts. The merchants have done well and are to be
congratulated on the results which
their efforts have wrought.
Asthmalene Brings Instant Relief and Permanent Cnre in all Cases.
There is nothing like Asthmalene. It
brings instant relief, even in tbe worst,
oases.   It cures when all else fails.
The Rev. 0. F. WELLS, of Villa Ridge,
III, says: "Yonr trial bottle of Asthmalene received in good oondition. I oannot
roll you bow thankful I feel for the good
derived from it. I was a slave, chained
with putrid sore throat and asthma for ten
years. 1 despaired of ever being cured. 1
-<aw your advertisement for the cure of
this dreadful and tormenting disease, Asthma, and thought you bad over-spoken
yoru'sel ves, but resolved to give it a trial.
I's> my astonishment the trial aoted like a
charm.    Send mc a full size bottle.
Rev, Dr. Morris Wccintler,
Rabbi of thn Gong. Bnai Israel,
New York, Jan, 3,1901
Dn. Taft Bros. Mbdicinb Oo���
Gentlemen -. Your Astlimulene is an
excellent remedy for Asthma and Hay
Fever, and its composition alleviates all
troubles which combine with Asthma.
Its success is astonishing and wonderful,
we oan state that Asthmalene contains
no opium, morphine, chloroform or ether.    Very truly yonrs,
After having it carefully analyzed,
Avon Springs, N. Y, Feb. 1, 1901.
Drs. Taft Bros, Medicine Oo.
Gentlemen : I write this testimonial from a sense of duty, having tested the
wonderful effect of your Asthmalene, for the cure of Asthma. My wife has
been afflcted with spasmodic asthma for tho past 12 years. Having exhausted
my own skill as well as many others, 1 chanced to see your aign upon your
windows on 130 th street, New York, I at onoe obtained a bottle of Asthmalene.
My wife oommenced taking it about the first of November. I very soon noticed
a radical improvement. After using one bottle ber Asthma has disappeared
and she is entirely free from all symptoms. I feel that I can consistently recommend the medicine to all who are ufllioted with this distressing disease.
Yours respectfully, O. D. PHBLPIs, M. D.
Within thc past year or two there
have been several attempts made to
establish a smelter at Kaslo, but ow
ing to one reason or another they
have beeu abortive. In another
column will be found a dispatch
which states tbat negotiations for the
erection of a 350 ton smelter have heen
completed with a Glasgow syndicate.
ThiB will add another reduction plant
to those already in existence and is
another step in the, direction ol treating all of the ore mined is the Kootenays at home. Kaslo is located in the
heart of the silver-lead producing
portion of thc Kootenays and the
smelter, when it is completed, should
be able to secure enough ore to make
it a successful venture. It will have
the advantage, and it is no small one,
of being nearer to the silver-lead
mines than the other smelters ui tbe
Kootenays. This should assist materially in making it a success.
With silver lead smelters at Nelson,
Trail, Marysville and Kaslo, there
should be no necessity whatever of
sending lead ore outside of tbe nrov-
ince for treatment. The combined
capacities of these smelters will be
greater than the present production,
but with cheaper smelting and the
addition of a renfiery there should
naturally be an increase in thc
In the Kootenays the silver-lead
mines are the richest in the world,
anrl with a lead refinery, and works
whero the manufactured products of
lead could be turned out at home the
industry could be made to yield much
larger profits than at present. The
Sullivan mire in East Kootenay
promises to erect a refinery at the
same time that it puts up its smelter.
Rumor has it that the Canadian
Pacific railway possibly will erect a
refinery in connection with its smelting plant at Trail. It would be much
better, however, instead of having
Bmall refineries here and there if a
large lend refinery was located at
some central point like Nelson.
That President Roosevelt is not in
sympathy with the element that has
boen endeavoring to rob Admiral
Schley of the credit for the destruction of the Spanish fleet off Santiago
is evident. lie has directed that
Edgar 8. Mac-lay be requested to
resigu from the position of laborer at
the Navy yard, New York. Maclay is
the historian, who wrote the account
of the battle of Santiago in his history in such a manner as to injure thc
reputation of Admiral Schley and it
was this that caused the investigation
by the navy department Which attracted so much attention.
The shareholders of the Giant Mining Company, says thc B. C. Review
f London, had the pleasure of hearing from their resident director, the
lion. C. II. Mackintosh, n statement
regarding their property of a most
satisfactory nature, and, what was of
equal importance, a plain statement
of  the  policy of the board,
Dr. Taft Bros. Medicine Co, Feb. 5,190L
Gentlemen: I was troubled with Asthma for 22 years. I have tried numerous remedies, bnt they have all failed. I ran across your advertisement and
started with a trial bottle. I found relief at once. I bave since purchased your
full-sized bottle, and I am ever grateful. I have a family of four children, and
for six years was unable to work. I am now in the best ot health and inn doing
business every day. This testimony you can make such use of as you see fit.
Home address, 235 Rivington street, S. RAPHAEL,
07 East 129th St,,New York Oity.
Dr. not delay.   Write at once, addressing  DR  TAFT BROS, MEDICINE
OO., 79 EaBt 130th St., N. Y. City.
Sold by All Druggists.
Canada Drug 8 Book
Among our Christmas Perfumes we have a handsome line of
riorocco    Watch    Cases   also   Handkerchief  and
Glove  Cases
Each box now contains a Cut Glass Bottle of elegant  perfume.    When
pertume is removed you have the beautiful Satin Lined Case for gloves,
etc.    Our stock of assorted perfumes of the  best  English,   French  and
American makes is also complete.
MorooM Glove Case, Satin Lined
Oat Glass Bottle Perfume 14.50
Morocco Handkerchief Case Satin Lined Cat Glass Bottle Perfume   3.50
Morrocoo Watch Case Satin Lined
Box, the Latest  2.75
I bottle French or Amerioan Perfume in box     75
1 bottle English or American Perfume in box  1.00
1 bottle Killarney Violets, in Sain L'ned box, the latest  1.00
1 bottle English or French Perfume, in box  1.25
1 bottle English or French Perfume, in box  1,50
1 large bottle American Perfume,
in box  2.00
1 bottle American Perfume, Out
Glass Bottle, in box  2.50
1 large bottle Amerioan Pirfume
Out Glass bottle, in  box  5.00
1 large bottle Canadian Perfume,
Cut Glass bottle, in box  3.50
1 bottle Canadian Perfume  4.00
English Perfume, 2 Out Glass bottles in hox  3.50
English Perfnme, 2 Out Glass bottles, the latest, in box  6.00
Perfume Atonrzer, beauties 1.50 & 2.00
Sachet Powders,   17 different odors
live different makers
Drug fe Book
nelson, b. c.
West Kootenay Butcher Co
Fresh   and   Salted   Heats
Fisn and Poultry in Season
E.   O.   TRAVES.   Manager.
K.-W.-C   Block, Ward Street, Nklson.
Orders by nnil receive careful and prompt attention
Stoves and
Ranges . .
We are showing this season a full
line of these goods and solicit your
esteemed patronage.
Lawrence Hardware
"Zbe TRoyal Bank of Canaoa"
Incorporated 1869.
Capital  Anlhorlir.il,     .     .   '��3,eOO,MW.M I  Capital  PiiM-op,      ,    /   .      ����,00O,O(10.0u
Kent, Vl,lM>,MHMlu
Hoard or Blreetan     rhomaa K. Konny,  President;   Thomas Kilolilo, Vloe-1'resiiloui
Wiley Smith. H. G. Bunld, Bod. David MaoKeon.
Hrml Olllee, llaltfkx ���
General Manager, Kdwjn L. Peaso, Montreal.	
Superintendent of Branohes, and Secretary, W. H. Torrance, Halifax
Branches I
Nora   Scotia- Halifax   Branoh,  AntlironM'
Drldgewator, Oiiysboro. Umdondorry, Lu
entrain. Mallland (Hants Co.), Plctou, Port
Hawkesbury, Sydney. Shubonacadlc.Truro,
New    Brunswick ��� Bathurst,     Dorchester,
Fredericton, Kingston (Kent Co.), Mono-
ton, Newcastte, Sack villo, St, Johu.WoodRtook-
P. B. Island���Qharlottebown, Sururnorside.
QBebee���Montreal, (City Office), Montrea
West End (Cor. Notre Dame and 8ol|r-
neure Stroots): Westmount (Cor. Greene
Avenue and St. Catharinos Street,
Newfoundland���St, John's.
Cuba, Weil fudlra���Havana.
Dulled states���Now York (1G JUiohange Plain
Republic, wash.
Grand   Forks, Nanaimo,   Nelson,   Rossland,   Vanconver,
Vancouver East End, Victoria.
Correspondents t
Canada���Merchants Bank of Canada.   Boston-National Shawmut Bank.  Chlcaso-illlnola
Trust and Savings Dank.   Ran l'r.nclwo -First National Bank.   London,   Hug.-Bank  of
Scotland.   Paris. France-Credit Lyoiiuais.   Bermuda-Bank of Bermuda.   China aud Japan���Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation.   Spokane-Old National Bank.
General Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange  Bough
and Sold, LtCicrs of Credit, Etc., Negotiate.!.
Accounts received on the most favorable terms.   Interest allowed on special
deposits and on Saving Bank accounts.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
It will pay you to call and inspect our stock of
| Crockery,  Glassware,  Fine China, \
Lamps, Etc., Etc.,
We have a very Choice line of Christmas  Goods
I MTanand&BroGkman g
Notice to Our Gustomers
With each purchase from $10 to $25  one
handsome   Oil   Painting.    Over  $25   a
large Oil Painting.
This Is for One Week Only.
carried out will not only ensure the
confidence of the proprietors but will
do much to Improve the status of the
B, C. maihet. The chief features of
the chairman's speech were his promise that the mine should not be operated for .Stock Exchange purposes,
that the shareholders should be fully
taken into tbe confidence of the directors, and tbat no information should
De withheld from them. Considerable
pains appear to have been taken to
ensure competent management of the
mine, and the names mentioned are a
guarantee that the property will be
worked with skill and economy. Although the only test for mines of this
kind of any value is to be found in
smelter returns, still the assays show
tbe existence of unusually high grade
ore, and tho testimony cf a shareholder who rccentliy visited the property confirmed the chairman's statements.
Sometimes a fortune, but never if
you have a sallow complexion, a jaundiced look, moth patches and blotches
on the skin���all RigUH of Liver
1 rouble. Hut Dr. King's New Life
Pills give Clear Skin, liosy Cheeks,
Rich Complexion. Only 25c at Canada
Drug and Hook Co.
Confectioners toys for the little oues
which if jat McDonald _
Our Sale continues to be a big success and the reason is not far to seek, for we bought the
stock at a low rate on the dollar and we are therefore enabled to sell goods at
Much Lower Prices Than Some of Our Opposition
Although somewhat small we are evidently a sharp thorn in the side of one of our numerous would-be big competitors, who have condescended to take notice of our big sale. They
saY they have no old bankrupt stock (sour grapes) for the same people tried hard to get
this same stock, but were just a trifle too low. 1 his stock of Clothing of Mr. Madson's is
the Newest in Nelson, for the reason that it is only about two years since he went into lhe
Clothing business, ana moreover Mr. Madson is well known to have been a friend of the
working man and for that reason did not purchase his goods from Cheap Labor .Shops,
but from the most reliable manufacturers in the Dominion. Isers and would-be Stayers
sometimes sell Branch Stores and also have Discount Sales to raise the  wind, by  George.
No small 10 per cent discount in our sale but everything in the store   goes   at and under
wholesale cost, which means a saving these hard times of 50 per cent and over.
Clothing, Gent's Furnishings, Hats, Boots, Shoes,
and Dry Goods.
Have just opened up a handsome assortment
of goods suitable for Xmas tiade.
Trays, Biscuit Barrels, Butter Dishes, Salad Bowls, Servers.   These are Genuine English Qak, Silver Mounted
See  our display  windows before choosing  your
Christmas present.
Manufacturers of BEST STEEL WIRE EOPE.
Tramway, Hoisting, Mining Wire Rope.
Lang's Lay for Tramways and Underground Haulage
Local Stock carried, estimates furnished.
H. E- CROASDAILE Agent Nelson-
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
With Which Is Amalgamated
The Bank of British Columbia.
Paid-up  Capital,   88,000,000;   Reserve   Fund,   J2,000,000;
Aggregate  Resources Over 865,000,000.
HON. GEO. A. COX, President.      B. E. WALKER, General Manager.
London Office: 00 Lombard Street, E. C.
New York Office; 16 Exchange Place.
And 68 branchos In Canada and tbe iJnltocl States, Including!
A-rr.iN Greenwood Nki.ro.n- Sandon
(iKANiuiooK        Kamloops New Westminster   Vancouver
Fernie Nanaimo Kobsland Victoria
YUKON DISTHICT-Dawson and White Horse.
UNITED STATES���New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, SKAOWAr,
Savings Bank Department.
Deposits Hooeivod and Interest Allowed.  Present Rate 3 Per Cent
Nelson Branch.
GBANGE V. HOLT, Manager.
Wholesale aod Retail Meat Merchants
Branoh Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
orders by mail to aw branch will nave careful and oromnt Attention.
Do    you   want   anything   to   complete
furnishing your
Parlor, Dining Room, Bed Room, Library,
Kitchen?   If so it will be
at the stock of
J. 0. BUNY/iN & 60.
Close connection East and West-
hound at Spokane with trains of the
Spokane Falls and Northern Railway,
Direct connection at St. Paul without change of depot with all trains for
Unicago, Toronto. Montreal, New York
and all points West and South.
Leaves Spokane daily for East at 9:15 a.m
Leaves Spokane daily for West at 7:15 a-m
Leaves Spokane daily lor West at 800 pm.
West-bound trains make direct connection for Victoria .and Vancouver,
Portland, San Francisco, and all points
on the Sound,
During the season of navigation East
oound trains connect at Duluth with
^magnificent steamships North-West
ana North-Land of theNorthern Steam-
euip Company Line, operated in connection with the Great Northern Bail-
For further information, aps, folders, etc., apply to any agent of Spokane
*alis& Northern By., Kaslo & Slocan
Op ' K��otol *��� Railway St Navigation
ctti _    a BBANDT,
"ty Pass, and Tkt. Agt, W 701  W,
Kiverside Ave., Spokane, Wash.
& K. TAOKABURI, Local Agent.
Nnlwn.B O.
N. E. T. CO.
Admission 25 cents.    Season;  Men
$5, Ladies and boys, $4.
6.45 a  m. 7,00 a. m.
Kvery 30 minutes until 11 a. m.
11.00 11.00 a. m.
Every 20 minutes 10.40 p. 111 last car.
After 7.20 p. in. passengers trans-
far at Byers' corner. Bnsy nights,
every 10 minutes up hill. Time not
guaranteed but kept as accurately
as possible.
Good lots for sale on easy terms.
A. V. AIASON, Tramway Office
obtained in all countries
Registered Patent Attorney, Mechanical Engineer and Draughtsman. Bank of B. N. A. building,
Hastings St., Vancouver, B C.
Write for full particulars.
Are yon in want? If yoa are, tel.
lhe people, through The Miner want
colnmn, what you are in want of
You'll ��e( it
Elaborate Displays Made by
Nelson's Retail Dealers.
ln Magnificence   and   Variety a  Credit   to
The displays made by the Nelson
merohsntl in their windows on each
oooasion for the same has long- been a
subject of admiring comment not only
among- the citizens but also among all
who visit the city at such times, tho
displays in many of the windows could
uot be beaten either at the coast or
in the cast for variety and quality,
which is accounted for by the immense stocks curried.
The Canada Drng and Hook Co., at
the corner of Ward and Baker street
have in their main window as a
centre piece an immense showing of
dolls, of whose beauty and attractiveness the admiring, "Oh,just look I" of
every small girl who passes, bears
eloquent testimony. There is also
a line of china, embracing the Royal
Crown Derby, Royal Worcester, Doul-
ton, Limoges, and Wedgewood makes
that is greatly admired. In leather
gnods aud dressing cases there is also
a good assortment of the best makes.
Inside is such a large and well assorted stock that to attempt description would be useless, but a visit will
prove profitable.
MePherson and McCammcn have
been noted for the artistic arrangement of their window since they first
came to the city, and the result this
year is well np to the mark. Fruits
and edible delicacies from every clime
and many lands are arranged with
taste and discernment, and the effect
of the whole is very creditable to the
management. Their stock of groceries
and fruit and similar goods inside is
also arranged especially for Christmas.
Geo. Bell has adopted the idea of
arranging his windows so that the
ingredients or any kind of a pudding
or Cake is displayed to the best advantage. Raisins, gropes, oranges, nuts,
apples pears, mincemeat and numberless other toothsome articles are set
out in appetising array.
Morley and Laing, who have just
completed the extensive alterations
that were made on the taking over the
business, have celebrated the Christmas season by filling every corner of
their large establishment with goods
suitable for gifts. From a five cent
toy to a piano away up in the three
figures is a big range, but in their
stock one would be hard to suit wbo
could not find wnat he is looking
for. In the windows is a very handsome display ot fancy baskets, especially suitable for ladies needlework,
also a varied showing of workboxes
and toilet nick-nacks without end.
H. McCausJand, the shoemaker, is
showing in his show windows a very
handsome assortment of boots and
shoes of all descriptions.
The American Shoe store, although
but recently established in the city
have a most handsome selection of
boots, shoes,slippers and other articles
of footwear displayed.
Lawrence Hardware, although not
specially decorating for Xmas show a
handsome variety of cutlery and also
tile teapots, as well as all kinds of
At the Hudson Bay Co. three large
windows are arranged with credit to
the dressers, and in a manner that
only a firm having such an immense
and assorted stock to draw from could
attempt. The scene depleting the discovery of the stockings on Christmas
morning with Santa Claus disappearing up the chimney was artistically
correot in each particular, and was the
centre of an admiring group of
children all day yesterday.
Patenaude Bros.,jewellers,are showing a very pretty line of oracelets,
chains and watches in their window,
in the former of which lines they have
many novelties brought out expressly
for this Christmas.
The Palm fruit store on Ward street
are showing their usual assortment of
high grade confectionery and fruits,
and besides nave a large stock of
Christmas goods iu thc way of nuts,
prepared stockings, and many pretty
things suitable for gifts.
Kerr and Co. have a window design
made np of broches silk of many
beautiful colors and shades, and a
splendid showing of Irish linens from
Dublin, imported direct, they being
agents for the firm of J.N.RIchBrdson,
Sons, and Owdeu, the noted linen
Wallace Miller Co., against a background of oriinson plush show all the
articles of personal wear whioh a well
dressed man needs, and all day long
there has been o   oonstant   stream  of
The Bio Gomoanu's
WE are too busy to prepare a specialised
add today. We have disposed of our
business in Greenwood, stopped all goods in
transit to Greenwood, and taking delivery of
thern here.   Today wc open 9 Cases of
Geo. A. Slater's Fine
50 Suits of Imported
Black Worsteds,
Three Oases of Hats.
These go at Sale Prices; not One Dollar of
Old Bankrupt Stock in this Store. All New,
Fresh and Up-to-Date.
In our feeble attempt in our Opening Announcement to impress thc fact that our Great
Sale is Real and Genuine, we appear to have
revived a dream in the mind of a heretofore
unknown competitor; to have as it were,
stepped unintentionally on a puff ball. We
are sorry, but people now-a-days are not interested in has-been's or gqing-to-be's. They
want an Iser and Staycr.^^udglngTi'om thc
business of thc last few days, our friends and
customers know that our Sale is as represented.
All Goods Marked in Plain Figures.
10,20, 25. 30, 40 and 50
Men's $ Boys' Outfitters.
Continued on Fourth Page,
Holiday Goods of Utility.
For Ladies and Men
Large assortment to choose from, comprising
Pearl, Ivory, Onyx, Horn, Gun Metal. Gold,Silver,
Dresden and Natural Wood Handles, durable coverings, steel rods, all fitted with the new nickel
plated selfacting runners or glove protectois; ranging
in price from 1.50, 2.50, 3.50, 5 00 to $10.00.
Ladies' Silk Waists.
Beautiful Dress Waists made in the latest style
of fine quality Taffeta Silk and Satins, in white,
pink, sky, turquoise, navy, cardinal and black, also
in French Flannel silk trimmed, specially selected
for their daintiness and adaptability for gift giving.
Ladies' Handkerchiefs.
In Silk, Linen, hemstitched, embroidered, lace
and insertion trimmed, in large assortment of patterns
Ladies' Kid Gloves.
In all leading sh?des and best makes from
5 1-2 to 7 1-2 sizes.
Ladies' Neckwear.
We have a large assortment of Lace Collars
and Revers, Silk stocks, Ties and Bows, black and
white and fancy colors.
Special Values in
Black Peau de SoieSilk for waists and skirts, $1.00
to $4.00 per yard. Black and colored Taffeta Silk,
all the newest shades, from 65c to $1.50 per yard.
Fancy Blouse Silks in stripes, checks and brocades.
Fine Furs.
If you want the latest novelties in Furs, either
for your own use or as a holiday gift, we are prepared to furnish them.
Ladies' Fur Jackets,
Seal, and Persian Lamb in black and grey.
Electric seals at very low prices.
Muffs in Black Martin, Electric Seal, Thibet,
Grey Lamb, Alaska Sable and Fox.
Ladies' and Children's Storm Collars, Collarettes, Gloves and Mitts to match above.
Toys, Dolls, Games
In endless variety to suit the young.
As usual we continue to live up to our reputation, and provide an enormous assortment of goods
to satisfy the needs of holiday shoppers, We have
certainly a selection foi this season which would be
hard to overrate.
Men's Department.
We are showing a  large  assortment of Neckwear in the latest styles and patterns.
Men's House Coats,
Dressing Gowns, and Bath Robes, all new Engish
made goods, also Gloves, Scarfs, Traveling Bags
and the latest Hats in Derbies and Fedoras.
Seasonable goods in the line of House Furnishings, Down Quilts and Comforters, Satin and
Fancy Sateen coverings, White and all Wool Blankets, Sofa Cushions in endless variety, Silk Mantle
Drapes and Table Coverings, Rugs "and Squares,
Axminster, Wilton, Mecca and Smyrna Rugs.
See Our Latest Styles in Millinery.
Fred Irvine & Company.
Contirued from Third Page.
ladies to their store picking out a
Christmas~present for father, brother,
or else some one else"s father or
J. A. McDonald shows a window
that goes well to back up his statement that he carries the largest
assorted retail stock of candies in the
province, and inside are oandies without end, from the cheap and wholesome taffy of many kinds and makes
to the most expensive varieties of
crystallized fruits and imported
Parisian confections.
J. A. Uilker shows a good variety
nf articles of gentleman's wear both
underwear and clothing, and has well
arranged windows.
P. Burns and Co. are decorating on
a most elaborate scale but had not
completed their work yesterday.
The Nelson Hardware Co. aro showing a splendii assortment of outlery
in their Hhow windows, also Whiteley
exercisers and sportmen's goods.
W. P. Teetzel has his windows
filled with all kinds of toilet articles,
many handsome cut glass bottles of
perfume bcinrf sepcially noticeable.
Fred Irvine has made a specialty of
evening silks and shows all kinds and
makes of these beautiful and costly
fabrics. InNide is an immense assortment of drygoods, toys, and dolls.
Brown and Co., gent's furnishings,
are displaying a good assortment of
clothing, neckwear, etc,
Morrison & Caldwell have arranged
their largo show windows to good advantage, and display a large assortment of canned and preserved goods,
as well as all kinds of Christmas
fruits and groceries.
John Irving, the grocer, has a nice
display of jams, oranges, raisins, nnts
and other articles suitable for the
Christmas time in his window. The
foodstuffs arc prettily grouped and the
effect is pleasing.
Martin OKeilly has no display in
his show window as he is selling out,
but he has a fine lot of dry gouds in
his store which he is disposing of at
sacrifice sale prices.
Byers and Co. have some fine carving sets in their window which ure
just suited for cutting up the Christmas turkey   or goose as the case may
be.    A lot of  high class cutleiy adds
to the attiactt-vaxes of the window.
Jacob Dover has stocked up for the
holidav trade and anything that you
want in the shape of watches, chains,
diamonds, silverware and other
jewelry can be secured from him. The
display in his window is a splendid
Tho Royal Shoe store has an exhibit
of shoes in its window which Is simply elegant. There are some very
prettily shaped ladies' shoes in the
Wm. Hunter and Co. dealers ln
groceries, crockery and glassware,
have an artistically dressed window
in which some fine effects Bate been
produced by means of holly and mistletoe and goods suitable for tbe season.
In the Bodega a striking tableau Is
to be seen. It consists of an Indian
arrayed in blanket and buckskin and
armed with a rifle, standing over a
gronp of wild aniamls. In another
window is a house made of c\gar
boxes in front of which is a lawn and
walks in which are miniature figures
intended to represent the occupants of
tho house. While the reporter was
looking at the window one ot the
figures fell over and a wit who was
looking at thc scene remarked that
fellow must have diank celebrating
the holidays with Bodega case   goods.
Tlie Nelson restaurant and cafe
are finely decorated with flowers and
evergreens and presents a bright and
cheerful appearance.
J, F. Weir haa an imitation of a
snowstorm in his window. Through
tbe falling snow a splendid display of
gents' furnishing goodB can be seen.
This snow scene is a novel idea well
carred out.
Christmas trade is not usually a
marked department of the furniture
business but D. McArthur and Oo.
have their window dressed in a manner that will attract to the substantial
goods within which are suitable for
useful presents. Dainty mahogany
afternoon tea fumituio occupies the
foreground laid out with an artistic
tea service beside which is a modelled
figure of a lady also most becomingly
arrayed. The apparent walls are hung
with choioe selection of oil copies of
famous works of art and some of the
best specimens of that delicate system
of engraving known as mezzotint.
The array within of single pieces and
sets in golden and bog oak,mahogany,
rosewood.plush and leather are tempt
Kerr & 6o:�� 6Hrisimas suooesiions
Coutinned on Fifth Pace.
Silks and Satin blouses   made with
Tucking and Hemstitching.     The  latest styles in   Black,   Cardinal,   Sky,
Turquoise, Pink, and others.   Special
values at (5, 88.SO, $10, (13.50.
Table Linens, Cloths with  Napkins
to inatoh, 5 o'clock  tea covers Doylies
in  drawn work or  Batteuberg.   Side
board drapes.     Centres.    A   complete
assortment and at reasonable prices.
Special for Christmas Trade .   The
newest   in   Amerioan  and   Canadian
Novelties.     We show exclusive  lines
in   Stook   and   Crush    Silk   Collars.
Tucked Belts and Girdles.   Sec them.
8ablc Caperincs,   Sable Buffs, Sable
Collarettes,    Electric Seal Collarettes,
Sable Muffs, Fur Lined Capes.
A   special  range   of  Irish    Linen
Handkerchiefs,   handworked.      Fine
SwIsb     Embroidered.     Lace    Edged
Handkerchiefs.    Oui   prices  12   l-2o,
20c, 25c, 50c, 75c, to |7.50Jeach.
Perrin's   Kid   Gloves.   All the new
fall   and   winter   shades,  every  pair
guaranteed.    (1.25,   8i.ro and $2 per
Cor. Ward & Baker Sts., Nelson
__. J>J~
Brewers of Pine Lager
Beer and Porter.
bto B.O,
KASLO.  B.  ���.
Mineral *lua���� ami *nines sui veyeU.
0. GWLUJMTB-. So-,
  , MlfllNO BMG1NEEB.
Pure Egyptian Cigarettes are fully ap  ^^ of Geot0gical Survey of Can-
predated by Cigarette smokers.   The a<ja>    six years experience in o.
'' Dardanelles
Pure Egyptian Cigarettes
enormous aale of this brand proves it
Sold everywhere.   16o, per pnekage.
mining districts
Baker Strc��
Nelson- B C Nelson   Daily Minek, Tuesday December 24, 1901
Continued from Fourth Page.)
ing goods for Christmas or in fact any
time of year.
The 0. K. Shaving parlors has provided for those who wish to make
Christmas gifts of smokers' goods
with a selection of the best class of
meerchaums and briar pipes in gold
and silver mountings in sets or single
tobacco poaches and high grade
Montgomery's confectionery store
makes a specialty of home made
candy and the display there is most
creditable to the candymakers' art.
Animals and fruit are tinted true
to nature are the cent'al figures but
chocolate creams, French creams,
candied fruits and bon lions are in
such profusion and of such delicacy of
flavor that this store cannot but get
its share of trade in these distinctively holiday goods.
Jlrown Uros. have not this year put
in what might be called espeoial
Christinas goods but jewelry is always
suitable for presents and in their windows are shown precious stones set in
jewelry with excellent advantage as
to design.
In hardware tho holiday trade runs
ohielly to take cutlery and in this line
J.IeLacliliin Bros, have displayed in
their windows some of the best on the
market. A compsrativoly new thing
are table vessels such as salad servers,
hi.no tureens and butter dishes in
English oak and solid silver or plated
mounting.'!. These have the virtue of
never tarnishing and will look as
good in twenty years as now. They
are unique, rich and substantial looking. Table outlery in bone and real
buok handles, particularly the carving
sets put up in oak aud leather oases
main's handsome additions to house
furnishings at Christmas time. The
firm's other window contains a wide
selection of smaller goods such as
pocket cutlery, table cutlery, plated
wares and skates which are much In
demand at this season. They have
some of the high grade makes, among
them the famous Mia.Mac hookke
J. J, Walker, the jeweler, at the
corner of Baker and Stanley streets,
bus a line of goods that at this season
will no doubt bim the taste ot many
layers. He has a display of very
beautiful articles in his window. The
larger pieces, fancy lamps, clocks ai.il
bronze art goods occupy the background in frunt are a large collection
whieh are but samples ot the very
wide range of gift goods carried in
this establishment. They consist of
cut glass, solid silver and plated table
R^ vessels, souvenir spoons, manloure
sets, jewelry, watches and so many
other articles it would take a cata
logue to enumerate.
McFarland and Brockman in crock
ery, have amply provided for tho holiday trade in the choicer lines of
goods Their hand painted china has
a distinctiveness and delioate blend
ing of color which makes the pieces
most appropriate. There aro also
Werlgewood ware in art and tuble
goods, afternoon tea sets, in pink,
green and gold, jardinieres, fancy
lumps, art goods and glassware in
variety that should keep them in the
mind of purchasers at tbis season.
Hunyan and Co. 's store is found a
very attractive place for buyers just
hot on account of the superior quality of the furniture in sets and single
pieces, massive, rich andjservlceable.
They have never had a stock of such
high grade and in consequence find
that Christmas adds to the business
Robertson and Co., next^the new
postoffice building, is making special
offerings to purchasers and for those
who wish furniture for presents or for
use they are well provided. A recent
(shipment of palms iB among his re
membrnnoes to customers.
Ferland and Co. make their Christmas cheer for customers in t^e bargains they are offering in men's wear
and house furnishing goods.
The Delmonioo restaurant is putting
up holiday decorations and as usual is
preparing a special spread for its
patrons for the holiday, tbat they
ma.v feel aa well provided for as if
they were at home.
Wet groceries are sometimes desired
oy Boino people during tho holiday
season acid for these Frank A. Tam-
blyn has provided an excellent ohoice.
mmmmmmmM^MUMM^m I H C     |VI I |N E K 8
If.he'd had Itcning Piles, They're
terribly annoying; but Ilucklen's
��rmca Salve will cure the worst case
or Piles on earth. It has cured thousands. Ko,. Injuries, Burns or Bodily
wipiions it's the best salve in the
world. prioe o5c gbox. Cure guaran-
Jf��<l.   Sold by Canada Drug and Hook
* full line of choicest designs in
Tobacco Jars, Pouches with Mono-
Krnnis, oiRar Cases, Pipes, etc., sult-
alj|" for Xmas presents. Special ar
"mgement for lady purchasers every
Hudson's Bay Co
Santa Claus.
This will be thc
232nd Christmas
Which this Company, who are doing business over half a continent,
has assisted its Friends and Customers to celebrate and enjoy, and
this  is the .
in which we are doing business. Our long experience and our capital
obviously give us an immense advantage in supplying the very best
value in everything to our patrons. This year we have made special
efforts and have now a collection of
Christmas  Goods
which cannot be surpassed in any city in Canada.
Our Dry Goods Department
is well worthy of its  reputation,  and is  replete with  articles suitable
For Presents for Men.
Women and Children.
No pains have been spared to decorate in honor of " Good Old
Christmas," and an inspection will please you as well as enable you to
select exactly what you want at
Most Reasonable Prices.
We cannot commence to enumerate, but would draw special attention
to our
Toys and Dolls
and to our Ladies' and Gentlemen's Ties which we have in all shades,
shapes and patterns as well as to our magnificent line of Handkerchiefs in linen and silk, of Gloves of every description, including the
Paris Price Kid Gloves, and of Ladies' Blouses, etc., etc. Every conceivable article necessary or ornamental for Ladies' and Gentlemen's
attire is here to choose from. There is nothing a woman can wish for
in the way of Dress Goods that this department cannot supply, and at
a saving. The very newest and most exquisite weaves and colorings
will be found in this vast collection, and the quantity will astonish you
as much as the quality and little prices.
With Groceries and Eatables quality is everything. Price is a
consideration, but its importance is second to that of quality. You
must have the finest and freshest foodstuffs obtainable, because it is
healthiest, because, in fact, in the long run it pays best. But when
you secure "top notch" quality at the minimum reasonable price,
nothing more can be wanted. This is the combination you obtain at
these Stores���quality the highest, prices the lowest.
Our Christmas Specialties
include a direct shipment of Peek, Frean & Co's Biscuits, Pascall's
Sweets, Rowntree's Confections, Christie's and McCormick's Fancy
Biscuits, English Plum Puddings, French Crystalized Fruits, Gor:
ganzola, Roquefort and English btilton Cheese.
Crockery, China and Glassware.
This depaJtment is very complete. Dinner Sets, Tea Sets and
Bedroom Sets in all qualities and at all prices, We have a nice line
of specially selected "little things", very suitable for presents, and a
choice collection of more expensive goods for the same purpose.
Cups and Saucers, Plates, dishes, Platters, etc., of every description
and style. Fancy Glass and China Ware, genuine Cut Glass Goods,
both for use and ornament. Anything and everything required in
these lines for the kitchen and diningroom is here.
Our Wine and Liquor Department
consists of direct importations from all over the world.
you may, we can assure you. Our Liquors are worthy of every dependence. For years
and years we have been selling Liquors, and during this time we have built up a fortress
of confidence in us and our lines which is absolutely unassailable. You run no risk
in purchasing from us. The quantity and variety of Liquors which you can obtain
here are larger than you could secure elsewhere in Western Canada- so great indeed
is the variety that we believe we can satisfy almost any individual fancy in the way
of Wines and Liquors, The least you can do at any rate is to give us a trial order,
and thus allow us to demonstrate the advantage of trading with us.
Prices Right in all Lines.   Watch Our Windows.
Hudson's Bay ���0.
Advertisements Inserted under thin head at
the rate of one oent a word per Insertion, No
advertisement) taken for loss than 25 oents.
Situation Wanted advertisements inserted
three times free of charge.
FOR RKNT.���Furnished   house, Stan-
'     ley street, three bedrooms and bathroom, dining room, drawing room and
kitchen. Immediate       possession.
Apply A. 3. (iambic, agent.
FOB KENT.���Bight   room   house   on
Mill Btreet, between Hall   and Hen-
dryx; also dining  room aet   for   sale.
Apply on premises.   Mrs. A. Mhiihoii.
\\    J. BOBBRTBON Sc CO.-Next door io
\J.   tbo nun- I'sss.l   OUku JtiiiMni,:. Vernon
U, NisIhou.   J��.i>   1 Is.,is.' s._ .\is,lsl '|sliois<: 207.
FOR     KENT.���Warm,     comfortable
rooms;   reasonable terins,   318   Kast
Hnli.T Btreet.
TO LET���Two furnished rooms, liaker
street, $18; (i-roumed hooBa, Stanley
street, $141 cottage, Josephine street,
close to town, $15. S. M. Urydgcs, K.
W.C. block.
XI N. M. Cummin*, IjOnmoo���Kvery kaowr.
variety of soft ilrinkn. 1' O llu.v _. 1 ulepbou
Nu. 'it. Hoovor Hired, Nolson. Bottlers of tli
famous tit, Loou Uot tiprliiKS Mineral Water
HALE.���One     heivy    draught
team, apply to J, A. Hayward
HOUSE   to rent   on Vernon     street.
Apply Captain T. J. Duncan.
NICELY Furnished   rooms   for   rent.
Apply    to     Mrs.   McBeath,   $8     a
FIRST   CLASS   room   and   board   in
private   family,    reasonable   terms.
Apply   on   Si Haa st-eet,   Eecond  door
west of Ward.
ROOMS and BOARD.���Every convenience;   south east   corner of   Carbonate and Josephine street.
Cl AMi Sc MAUUONALD ill. Cane, Jams
J A. Maodonalill���Architect* and HUperln
toiidont*. Broken Hill Block, corner Bakur and
Ward titreou,, rsolgou
A MACDONALD & Co.-Cornor Froa
��� and Ball ijtreets��� Wholesale grooor
and jobbers in blankets, gloves, mitts, boots,
rubbers, mackinaws and miners' sundries.
PBUKNd fc Co. -1Inker Street,  Nohon-
���   Wholesale dealers in frosh a d cured
meats.   Cold Storage.
Bakor Street, Nelson���Wholesale dea
ers in fresh aud cured moats.
Apply   to   Mrs V. 3. Sqnires, .Room
40, K. W. 0. block.
MEN WANTED���On     Crow's      Nest
Southern   Ry.     Good   wages,   long
job   Headquarters, Elko,    B.   C.     A.
Guthrie & Co.
GENTLEMAN wishes board with private family by February 1st. Is
willing to puy for iirst-olass accommodation. Address, stating terms and
location. R. S., Miner olliee.
atroet, Nelsou ��� Wholesale dealars lp
hardware, miners' supplies, sporting goodi
M'LACHLAN BEOS. (Buocessors to Van
oouver Hard ware'Co, Ltd.) Baker titreeb.
Nelson���Wholesale dealers In hardware aud
mining supplies, plumbers' aud tinsmiths' sup
paints, oils and kIssh: mechanics   tools
Agents foi Ontario I'owder works; ornamite
rpURNKR, BEETON & Co.-Corner Vernon
X and JottOphine Streets, Nelson���Whcle
sale dealers in liquors, cigars, and dry goods
Agents for Pabst Brewing Co. of Milwaukee
and Calgary Brewing Co. of Calgary.
Money to Loan at 8 per cent.
Insurance Real Estate
FOR RENT.-Office Baker   st, 815; 5-
room   cottage,   $15;   7-room bouse.
.Stanley   ot., $30; 7-room huii.se, Front
St., $11; 4 and 5-room houses.
FOR SAIE-2 lots,   Observatory   st,
14.10; 5-room cottage,   $1050; 7-room
house, 8:.'100.
Money to Loan ai 8 per cent.
UDHON'S BAY Oo.-Wholesalo grooerle:
and liquors etc, Baker Street, Nelson.
^^' I Concentrator For Sale Cheap
The plant now contained in the
buildings <it Thunder Hill, Upper
Columbia lake, consisting of oue 50
ton concentrator, complete, with
engine, boilers, etc. For further particulars aply to A.S. INNIS, Victoria.
H.1 LUmber..
Delivered to any point
on Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock on hand of
Rough and Dressed
Mouldings. Sash Doors.
Inside Finish.
Coast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber-
Mill at PILOT BAY. Tarda, NELSON
Ollloo corner Hull and Front Utreeb.
Nelson���Lumber, coiling, flooring, and ovory
thing in wood tor building purposos. Uet out
prices.   CorrespoDdenco solicited.
rrt GALLON * C'0.-Doalor��� ln ore sacks
X ��� and twines. AlwayH ft largo stock on
hand. Telopbono29S.  Honni li. K.-W.-C Block
TA.   M'DONALD,   wholefole  and retail
���   Confectioner,   Tho largest stock ot Con
ftjotiqnory in lb. Kootenays.
Dominion and
Land Surveyor.
-���f_z\ H. & M. BIRD
Monry to Loan On Improved  Krai  Entitle
III Hisrismios. ai a per cent.
$3,100���Eight roomed house and three
lots in good position, clone to
the tram Tine. Also stable for
three teams. Terms. $1,1100
cash, balance straight mortgage
at 8 per cent.
$850���Four roomed house and lot on
Mill street. Lot planted with
fruit trees.
$050 -Four roomed bouse and lot on
Qore street.
$8 00���Fonr roomed house, Hume Addition, close ln,
$;.' 00���Seven roomed house, modern
improvement, cornor of Stanley
and Minos road.
$20 50���Furnished cottage on Victoria
street west.
You should'nt send out of town for
cards for yourself or your husband
until you see what The Miner can do
for you.
Holiday  Excursion
Fare   and   One-Third
For Round Trip.
For Chri8tmas   :    December
23rd, 24th, 25th.
For New Years : December
30th and 31st, January 1
All   tickets good  for  return
till January 3rd.
Leave Kootenay Landing
Tuesday and Friday, to bt.
Paul and all U. S. points
via Soo Line.
Friday orly, Toronto,
Montreal. Boston, etc
For berths, time tables, rates and foil
iiifornmlnoii apply to.
H. L. Hkowh,
City Passenger Agent
J. 8. Oabtkb,
Dis. Pass. Agt.
B. 3. tiltYI.H
A. O. P. A.
The Waverley Hotel
Rates $1.00 to $1.51) per day. First
class Meals, 'lie. Next door to Opera
House. I'. O. Hox J10. Telephone 147.
Victoria Hi., Nelson. Nelson Daily Miner Tuesjay, December 24,  1901
Some of the
advantages of
onr    Improved
Our Improved
store are these.
We tan carry a greater variety of
goods. We can display them better,
we oan give yon better attention, all
this of course is to your benefit as
well as ourselves, Aiready we have
seen the result. The kindness of onr
friends, tbe appreciation of the public
has been marked.
We are showing a more extensive
line of toys and holiday goods than
evor.   Come and see us.
Show Room for Mason _ Riseh pianos
Christmas dinner tomorrow at the
Nelson Cafe from 4 to 8 p. in.
3. Y. Qrirlin and Co. have issued a
very tasty little Christmas booklet
which they are sending to the retail
trade of tbe Kootenays.
Miss Clara Evans, tlieatre nurse of
the Toronto General hospital, will
succeed Miss MoKeen in the surgical
ward at tbe hospital here.
The illness of the second horse of
the gray team recently purohased in
Rossland for the use of the fire department has led to orders being issued to
have the stable thoroughly fumigated.
At the reoord office yesterday J.
Goodlad, D. Cameron and D. A. Maeleod tiansferred tbe Climax, Compress
and Horseshoe claims to I'anl V.
Lctb, of Cincinnati, consideration
The Congregational chnrch will
hold its annual Christmas tree entertainment on Thursday evening in the
church, when an interesting programme will be presented by the
The Nelson Miner's union sent a
bountiful supply of Christmas delicacies to the Kootenay Lake General
hospital, There was also a picture for
each of the nurses and a smoking set
for Dr, Doherty.
The rink will Vie open tonight and
tomorrow night.
The street cars will not be run on
Christmas Day until after 3.30 or 4 in
the afternoon, as the West Kootenay
Power company are taking that day to
inspect their plai.t.      ,
Sim Galloway was brought from
Grand Forks by Officer Rirnie last
night to await trial for inducing his
wife, a woman who was yet a minor,
into a house of ill-fame for immoral
The hockey team of the Rocky
Mountain Rangers play a game with
the wholesale clerks this evening
after regular skating at the rink.
The Rangers have already ono victory
to their Cicdit and tonight's game
promises to be exciting.
The decorations in the lobby, the
bar and the dining room of the
Queens hotel are very handsome, consisting of festoons of evergreens and
bright colored cloths and paper, etc
The lobby is particularly attractive
and ho is thc bar, wnere they intend
to have a spread during Christmas aud
for several days thereafter that will
be much aDpreciated by those who
drop in to sec the decorations.
Havo a look at McLachlan Bros,
windows and see the up-to date line
of pooket and table cutlery   they   sell.
Phair.���A   S  Minnion, Kaso;   P  J
Iliekey,     Sandon,    G    L   Mackenzie,
Ottawa ; W F (lurd,   Cranbrook; P  D
Athier, Alamo.
Queens���A McPhail city; A J Stetson,  Kaslo: M M Trant, Marysville.
Hume.���M E Hall, Silverton ; G H
Barnhart, Ymir; R W Coulthard,
Fernie; E C Ruck, Sherbrooke; K A
McMordie, Grand Forks; J H Constance, Greenwood; F W Dodd, Spokane; C F Williams, Hamilton; UT
McHorley, M   D , Michel.
Slops tbe Cough
anil Works on" Ihe Cold.
LaxativeBiomoQiiinino Tablets cure a cold
lnoLoduy.   No Cure,  no Pay.   Prlco 25 oents
. __._t:__:__:__:__:__:__:__:__:__:__i&C:_^_t^__iXt_C_^^^
t m__mm
Hi I
Martin O'Reilly & Co's.
Sunday's meeting of tbe Socialistic
lciigue was the best attended of any
the league has yet held. Rev. Wm.
Mnnroe Bpoke on the Good Time
Coming. The address gave rise to an
interesting debate.
J. M. Cameron, organizer of the
Socialistic leagues, returned to the
oity un Monday afier being through
the Boundary where he met with most
encouraging results. He is on his
way to organise in East Kootenay.
Tbe Kaslo yesterday brought down
eight carloads of ore from Kaslo from
the following mines; Slocan Star,
four cars; Whitewater, two; Good-
enough, one, all for the Trail smelter, and one car of Rambler-Cariboo,
for the Selby smelter at San
John Fitzgerald licensed of unlawfully wounding Stephen Powell, in
Fernie, on Nov. 17th, by striking him
with an axe, came up for speedy trial
before Judge Forin yesterday. He
pleaded guilty and waB sentenced to
six months imprisonment to date from
the time of his arrest.
The electric lights in the eastern
part of the ciity went out on Sunday
night at 1 o'clock and it was 0.45
Sunday morning before they were put
in order again. Last night the lights
went out of business at 7 o'clock and
up to a late hour this morning they
were still out. This causes considerable inconvenience. The cause is a
shoitness of water.
The Curling club will hold a point
competition during Christmas day
beginning at 10 a. in. All members
are requested to enter their names for
thc competilon at thc president's
office. One sheet of ice will be reserved to play the remainder of tlie
games in the president vs. vice-president series. In the evening a raatjh
will be played between rinks of single
and married men, skipped by Rae
and Tamblyn respectively. As many
of thc regular competitions as can be
arranged will be played today.
sold by All Newsdealers
Furnishes Monthly to all lovers of Sow;
and MuhIc a vast volume of New, Choice
Copyright Composition* hy the most popular author*. 64 Pagea of Piano Mualc,
half Vocal, half Instrumental���SI Complete
ritcii for Piano <>iut a Month for as
Cents. Yearly Subscription, ��a.00. Ityou
will lend us the name and address of Five
performers on the Piano or Organ, we will send
you a copy of the Magazine Free.
J. W. riPPIR, Publisher,
stlgfcth a Locust Sts., Philadelphia, Pa.
Northport, Dec. 23.���The calcining
furnaces at tho Northport smelter will
no longer be used as Manager Szon
tagh has put into operation a fluxing
which makes it nnneoessary to cal-
ciue, thereby reducing the cost of
treating ore 10 per cent. Briefly the
process is that the matte is raised to a
high shipping grada without roasting. The wages of the men employed
in calcining and of two carloads of
wood per day is saved. The process
might be modified and used in all tbe
smelting operations in British Columbia and the United States. Mr. Szon-
tagh regards the discovery as
McLachlan Bros, are showing an
elegantt line of useful Xmas presents.
See their windows.
One look at our bar will convince
you that ne oarry nothing but the
very best wines and liquors, also
dJuft beers and all kinds of bottled
beers and stouts. Domestic and imported cigars in all kinds to suit any
Do not overlook our magnificent
lunch which will be served during the
holidays. Something in this line
unheard of before in the Kootenays
will be presented to the public for the
old time greetiug of A Merry
See MoLnehlan Bros, display windows for Xmas presents.
Delightful Entertainment For PupilB
Teachers and Parents.
The closing exercises at the school
of the Sisters of St. Joseph of the
Peace lust evening was a delightful
entertainment for the parents and
friends of thc pupils who were fortunate enough to be present. There
waB an almost complete toy and
fancy goods shop of presents from
parents to puils and from pupils to
parents and teachers, many of which
giftswere beautiful pieces of embroidery made by pupils showing exocp
tional skill with the needle. Father
Ferland among othor gifts received a
rich and handsome white silk scalf
Father Ferland, who wus the guest of
honor, addressed briefly the children
and parents in sentiments very
appropriate to the occasion.
The program mc given by the child,
ren was a delightful one and showed
well the care which they had been
trained m music and elocution. The
Christmas play was a source of mnch
amnsemcrit and those who took part
acted most creditably,
Thc   following was the programme
Duet.���Gipsy Dance, Annie and
Willie Sturgeon,
Recitation.���Christmas,Nine Babies
Vocal Solo.- Please Mr. Santa ClauB
Don't Forget Me, Alma Deinars.
Recitation.--The Ball-Headed Man,
Lillian Garland,
Piano Solo. ���Taunting Maiden,
Mabelle Larsen.
Chorus. ��� Somebody's Coming,
Recitation.���Hang Up the Baby's
Stocking. Infants.
The Tables Turned, or, A Christmas
will soon be a thing of the past. (P
You nave stlil another weex to take |
Advantage ofthe Bargains. |
JS^->���sS'-^JS'-S'-S'-S'-aS'-S'-sS'-S'-S'-tS'-Sl -*>'-Stt-S _aSm'*__AAu__^^A__k_M__a__.__i>_$'
d/    i
I bras! 1
All Kinds of
At very low prices. It
will be to your advantage
to give us a call before
buying elsewhere.
Patenaude Bros.
for Santa Clans.
Characters.���Norman and Dorothy,
two mortal children who have sought
Santa Clans���Lola Rennet and Lillian
Garland; Santa Claus, John Mc-
Astooker; Jack Frost,Willie Sturgeon;
Erminia, Lavina Luse; Christmaas
Joy, the world's gift to Santa, Lillian
Bossel; Chorus of the children of the
Nations.   A:t I.
Piano Solo.���Tho Shepherd Boy,
Annie Sturgeon.
Vocal Solo.���Kissing Papa Through
the Telephone, B. Bosquett.
Tables Turned.--Act II.
Presentation of gifts by Santa
Closing Chorus.���Adeste.
See MoLnehlan Bros. English Oak
trays, silver mounted, nice Xmas
Yesterday Before His Honor Judge
Mark vs. Macdonald ��� R. S. Lennic,
for A. . Gait, applied for immediate
judgment. Adjourned for an affidavit
to be Bled.
McCallum and five others vs.
Sherry. ��� Garnishee orders amounting to the total of $827,130 had been
made and thc court ordered that 15
per cent, of this amount should be
paid to the Black Prince mine and the
balance is to be distributed pro rata
among the various creditors. In this
distribution Lamont and McCulium
are to participate. Terms of the final
settlement order to be signed later.
Elliot vs. McPhcrson.���A Revelstoke
case; laid over.
Evans and Co. vs. Moricfl���W A.
Galliher applied to open the judgment
so far as it conuerns E, Moricc.
See McLachlan Bros, display of
cased tarvers before buying elsewhere.
Have you used healthful Hygenic
Baking Powder, the latest discovory
in chemistry V
Invest JO at onoe and make $45
profit by 1st January, 1002. What
more do you want? This can be done
by purchasing 100 shares iu lhe Simil-
aicmeen Valley Coal Co., Ltd., of R.J.
Tor this painful trouhlo GrllllthH' Linhnont Ih
anubdoluto pain dontrovoi-���it pono.mlOH and
lubricates tho jolntu, taken away all tho stllF-
noHS and Klvcs relief in a few ininntoH���works
wondorH in chronic rlieun utiHiii cusoi.
Mr. H. K. West of Wator streot, Vancouver,
B.C., was a great Hulterisr from rainful attacks* of llhouniatlsni hi his shoulders, ho ho-
vcrc wero tho attacks that hu could not raiso
his, .nn- Ho applied UrilHtlis' Monlhol l.ini
mont, tho groat pain reliever, and in less than
four hours tho pain halt cntlroly luft hhn. Uo
nays: "lt certainly inn great nam rollover.'
ror sate hv J. H. VansUWPNol-ion. H.  O.
Be  sure and get the genuine   BENNETT'S GUTTA PERCHA FUSE.no
something that looks   like   it.    Lawrence Hardware Co., Agents.
West Transfer Co.
Goal aw wood
Best Fir and Tamarac  Al
ways on hand.
All Kinds of Teaming and
Commission Work-
Oflice on  Baker Street Tel
Notice is hereby given that I intend
to apply at the next sittings of the
Board of License Commissioners for
tbe City of Nelson for the transfer of
tbe retail liquor license now held by
me for the premises known as the Imperial Hotel formerly known as the
Silver King Hotel, situate on lots 7
and 8 in block 10, sub division of Lot
05, Group 1, West Kootenay District,
Baker street in the said City of Nel
son to Joseph Harwood.
Witness:   P. McColl.
For domestic or steam use.
A full   supply always on
Kates to  all railway and
lake points
General Agent
Tel. No. 265.
Office ��� Two doors- wesi
C.P.R   offices.
Windsrmore Mines,   Correspondence Solufls
Atlantic S.S. Sailings
_   , , From St. John, N. B.
Pai Man Doo. 28
Lake  Ontario Jan. 3
N'niniilian  Jan,    1
Ionian (now! Jan. 11
Lake Superior Jan. 17
Thoso Htoamors sail from Halifax two days
From|Portland, Mo.
lioinlilnn lane Dominion Dec. 28
Vancouver , Jan. 18
From Nen York
Philadelphia ,Dec. 25
Oormar.io Dec. 25
Campania Doo. 28
Forneaata Dec. 28
St. Paul  Jan. I
Coma Doo.31
Fiom Boston
lvornla Deo,
Contlnen'al sailings of French, North German Lloyd, H. A. P. and Italian Linos on application.
ItATKS-Saloon farm $42.60, Peoond $35 and
upwstrds according to atoamor a"d location of
berth,   stealage quoted on application.
H. L. BROWN, City Agt, Nolson.
Uon. Agent, Winnipeg, Man,
J' . CAI1TKU. D. P. A.. Nobno
Everything Must fi��
Our immense stock of Holiday Goods
Just What You Wish for Presents
must be sold these two days regardless of price.
Cor. Baker & Stanley Sts.
The Jeweler
and toy a bottle, a dozen, or a barrel ot
CALGARY BEER aa lt 1b the beet and
oheapest on tne market. Also try our
WINES,    LIQUORS     and    CIGARS.
Telephone 03
Will pay the highest oasb price for all
klnda of second band goods. Will bny
or sell anything from an anchor to a
needle. Furniture, stoves, oaiperts,
cooking ntensils, bought in household
quantities. Also oast off clothing.
Call and see me or write. Address
Silver King Mike, Bog SO". Hal1
Street, Nelson, B. 0.
Kootenay Railway and NaT-
Company, Ltd.
Shortest arid quiokost route to thc oast, and hiI
liointnoiiUioO.lt. Sc N. nud Northorn l��
ctflo Railways in VViuIiIiikkmi, Oronoii nnil
Southern States.
Time Card effective August 1.1901
Kaslo & Slocan Ry-
Kootenay Street. Next Oddfellows' Ha
P. 0. Box 633.
Y. 0. GREEN        V. 8. CLEMENT,
Civil Engineers and Provincial Land
cor. Kootenay & Victoria Sts. Nelson
P. 0. Box US Telephone 283
8:80 a. ni. Lv.
10:65 p.m. Ar.
Ar. 1:00 p.m
Lv. 1:15 p. in
Int Nav- & Trading Co-
���5:20 p. in. Lv. Nelson
9:10 p. m. Ar; Kaslo
Connecting at Five Milo Point with Nelson
& Fort Hheppard Railway both to and from
RosHiand, eto.
Ar. ll:00n. n
Lv. 7:00 a. m
Porto Rico Lumber
Co., Limited.
Rough and
Dressed Lumber.
Shingles, Mouldings.
A-l White Pine Lumber Always in
We carry a complete Rtook of Coast Flooring
(lolling, InBldo Finish, Turnod Work, Sash and
Doors. Speolal ordor work will rocoivo prompt
attention:  Mail orders solicited.
Porto RicoLumber Co.,
Head Offloe���Hendryx and Vernon ft, Nohon
Canada Permanent and Western Canada Mortgage
head offioe toronto,  ont.
Money to loan on Straight Mortgafm.
Apply to O. h. LKNNOX, Bat* 8*.
Tickets sold to all parts In United State.- nnil
Canada via, Great Northorn andO. It. B �����
Co.'s lines. ,      ,      ,    ,
Ocean steamship tlokots and ratoa vl a i
linos will bofuniishod on application.
For further particulars call on or aiMressH
Usnaarer. Kaslo.fl. u
Taokabury Anent. Nolson Ii. 0.
Leave ��� ������������-���
9:20 B.m Spokane..
12 :'lb p.m Rossland.
10:30 B.m Mountain..
l);40 a.m Nelson...
7:15 p.m
.4:30 p. uo
.5-511 p. �����
.6:45 p. �����
Spokane Falls &
Northern RW.
Nelson A Fort
SheppardRj? <*
Red Mountainjrv.
For the comfort of the number ��(
people who are now using t^
popular line, a direct daily B"11"
Car service has been inaugurated,
thereby giving passengers every
comfort obtainable on any ol ne
larger railways in Canada or tn
U. S.
Close connections made at bpo-
kane for the south, east and west.
Only io hours to Seattle and i��
to Vancouver and Victoria.
Passengers booked direct throuf,"
to all European points.
:iun. m i.w.��  .
H. A. JACKSON, **��*$+
Agent, Nelson, li-1-


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