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Nelson Daily Miner Nov 26, 1901

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 Provlnc.il _l_1___X_________
Uaily Edition No.  1201
Nelson,   British  Columbia, Tuesday,   November 26,  1901
Eleventh  Year
and Capt. Whidden will be mate.
Mr. Gilbert and Mr. Enyert will accompany the expedition to operate the
gold finding instruments which have
been successfully tested.
British Papers Approve Canada's Offer of More
South African War  Blamed
for Decrease In Shipping.
Toronto, Nov. 25.���The Evening
lolegram'sLondon cable savs: Cau-
a.ln's oiler of a mounted corps of COO
men was most favorauly commented
od by the evening- papers. The Globe
saj6 the action is especially signifi-
ennt and specially weloome just now.
Tlic St. .lames Ga?ette says no better
soldiers cun be had than these hardy
men who can ride and are the best of
Montreal, Nov. 25.���Ocean navigation closed here today with the departure of the steamship Banana for
llristol. During the Bcason 396
steamers arrived from sea with a tonnage of 90S,018, a decrease of 50,000
from lust year. Since 1898 there has
been a decrease of 300,000 tons. The
South African war, which has taken
away the ships, has been blamed.
(Jiubec. Nov. 25.���Capt Bernier
leaves for Europe tomorrow in tne interests of his north pole expedition.
The captain is still sanguine. He has
raiseil $i10,000. The Federal government has promised him 800,000 if he
receives an equal amouut. lie ex-
peets to get something from the
Qnebeo government and thc city of
Toronto, Nov. 45.���Particulars of
) the estate of the late Hon. N. Clarke
Wallace were filed in Surrogate court
today. The value of the estate is
placed at 834,000; real estate valued
at (15,1100 and personal property at
8111,000.   Uo left no will.
Ottawa, Nov. 25.���A petition is in
circulation here asking the lieutenant-
Roviiriior-in-council to pardon ex-
Mayor Morris. The pardon if granted
*ould remove the municipal disqualification.
Montreal, Nov. 25.���It is expected
that the Canadian contingent will
sail from flalifax during the last
week in December on an Elder-
Dempster boat.
Toronto, Nov. 25.���The Dominion
Alliance has decided, in view of the
"cent Manitoba Liquor act decision,
lo wait on the Koss government and
M�� it tn introduce a prohibitory law
ia Ontario.
Tells About tho Want of Confidence
Meetings at Coast.
Rossland, Nov. 25.���Hon. Smith
Ourtis, M. V, P., for Rossland, returned last night from a visit to tho
coast where he spoke at political
meetings iu the Chilliwack and Delta
ridings and tho city of Vancouver.
All these meetings were largely
attended, and resolutions of non-
confidence in the government were
carried unanimously in Delta, (at
Ladner), and Vancouver, nnd with
but two dissenting voices at Chilliwack. Mr. Muiiro, M. P. P., for
Chilliwack, Mr. Oliver, M. P. P.,[for
Delta, and Mr. Gilmour, M. P. P.,
for Vanoouver, all expressed themselves as not having changed tbeir
attiude towards the Dunsmuir government, and Mr. Gilmour said he would
not support tho Dunsmuir government
unless it came out and adopted the
22 planks of tho Martin government���
a thing it certainlv will not do. Mr.
Monro is desirous that tho opponents
of the government should meet and
decide upon a policy and line of
action. Mr. Oliver is willing to attend
it, and Mr. Gilmour is willing to
sapport a redistribution act and would
then like to sec an appeal to the
country on party lines���a oourse
whioh commends itself to a great
many people. The Vancouver meeting was remarkable in this, that no
one could be found in his own constituency to approve publioly of the
flop of Joseph Martin into the arms of
Mr. Curtis at the Vancouver meeting
stated tbe policy he would like to see
followed with regard to the Coast to
Kootenay and other railway projects,
and thc Oriental and labor   questions.
Mr. Curtis reiterates that the Dunsmuir government is in a minority in
the House.
Montreal, Nov. 25.���Many   applications made at the   local brigade  office
by men desirous   of   going   to   South
AMca with the next contingent.
TlicCooos Island Expedition Ready
to Sail.
Victoria, Nov. 25.-The collier
Victoria, which was picked up by the
wilier Snn Mateo between Ban Fran-
c'wo nnd tliis port with her tail shaft
Wd propelior gone, has been libelled
hy the Pacific Improvement Co., own-
era of the Sun Mateo for 850,000. They
��laira  this amount as salvage.
The ship Senate which Balled from
������� in April last with a cargo of
'"labor, after a great deal of trouble
"ill" her -row, and had to pnt Into
Hilo in a leaking condition, and after
sailing from there for Liverpool had
��> return to Victoria for further re-
Mrt, set sail again yesterday with
l*�� thirds of the cargo with which
" "' originally started. She is in oom-
"mnd of a   new master.
The Pacific Exploration and Devcl-
OPmeilt company has purjhased the
O'lgantine Blakeiy now at Falrhaven,
o carry the expedition to Cooos island
'' mm]i tor tho buried treasure
Were.    Capt. Uackett will  oommand
Returning   From   English Point,   He
Lost II iB Way.
Grand Forks, Nov. 25.���Rajraond
E. Thicknesse, a young Englishman,
was found dead on tbe Dewdney trail
between Cascade and Christina hike
by Peter Johnson, a prospector, on
Friday morning. Johnson lost no
time ln notifying the authorities of
his discovery and they in turn summoned Dr. Westwood, a district ooro-
ner, from Grand Forks. An inquest
was held. The jury returned a ver-
ict of death from natural causes.
The evidence disclosed that the deceased had lately gone on a visit to a
friend named Robertson who lives
near English point, eight or ten miles
up the lake. The supposition is that
he left on the return trip laiit Monday
and succumbed when near Casoade.
Life had evidently been extinct for
several days. Thickneese has lived in
the vicinity of Casoade for nearly two
years, ne was apparently well to do,
and received remittances regularly
from England. His father is tho
bishop suffragan of Leceister,
Rossland, Nov. 25.���Another case of
smallpox was sent to thc isolation
hospital today. Kenneth Chlsholm,
who resides norMi of the Red mountain railway track near Washington
street, Chlsholm has boen around the
Montana stables considerably of late
and the health officer is of thc opinion
that he contracted the disease there.
Tom Hulbert, who has been working
at the Montana stables, was taken to
tho isolation hospital on Sunday. He
has the disease in the [confluent form.
He is In a critical state and is recovery is doubtful. Resides these two Dr.
Rcddick has one snspioious case awaiting development and three or four
awaiting further development. A
special meeting of thc health committee of tbe city council was held
this afteinoon and it waa resolved to
begin an energetic crusade to stamp
out the disease.
New York, Nov. 25.���The case of
Thomas lloden, a passenger from
Ireland, wi'l come befoie the courts.
He was on his way to visit relatives
in Philadelphia and had money in Ms
Dockets, but the immigration agents
ordered him returned becauso suffering from tuberculosis under tho
clause "persons suffering from a
loathsome or dangcous disease. Application fo a writ.of habeas oorpus
has been made.
Depth   of   Feeling   Outside
England on South African War.
Heavy  Fighting at Culebra
on   Sunday   Afternoon.
Foreign Representatives Unofficially Ask U. S. Cabinet to Act.
London, Nov. 25.���Sir Thomas
Wyiniss Reid the author aril editor of
an article entitled A Message From
America in the December number of
the Nineteenth Century, will quote
one of the most distinguishing members of the cabinet as saying: "I do
not think you in England realize the
depth of feeling that exists outside of
yonr own country on the subject of
the South African war, nor the extreme gravity of the situation whioh
that feeling has brought into existence. I am not speaking of American
feeling which is largely on yonr side,
but the moro friendly wo are to
England the more anxious we are to
see you extricated from the meshes
of the net in which you are now
caught. It is terrible to think of the
pitifnlncss of the whole thing and of
the loss suffered by universal humanity owing to the effaceraent ot England for two -years and the consequent
absence of her influence from the side
of justice and progress."
8ir Thomas further Bnys the member
of cabinet in question told him that
almost daily appeals were being made
to the government of the United
States by representatives of European
powers to take some step to end the
war. Those representations from the
ministers of the powers were made
unofficially, although the United
States government well know their
representative governments were
backing them in it.
J. Chauncey Boyengton, who was
brought from Feinie to stand trial for
bringing stolen goods into Canada
came up for speedy trial before His
Honor Judge Forin yesterday. The
witnesses for the prosecution were
Minteer, the keeper of a livery stable
at Gateway, Montana, and James
Bourlette, a livery stable employee at
Elko, B. C. At the trial the original
charge was alteied to that of larccn .
From the evidence, what oecured was
that the accused hired a horse from
Minteer to go to Carney's camp for
wedges used in splitting wood. From
there he went to Elko, about 10 miles
further and there he got a loan of $6
from the witness Bourlette leaving
thc horse. He then went hy train to
Fernie where according to tne prison ���
er's statement he expected to meet a
man who owed him money. He stayed
there two days and in the evening of
the second was arrested for stealing
the horse. He was found guilty and
sentenced to one -ear's imprisonment.
A. M. Johnson prosecuted, and R S.
Leunie, defended.
Yard Engine 584, whioh has been
nick-named "Dennis," again was the
cause of a smashup yesterday when it
crashed through the wharf leading
down to the slip totally wrooklng
part of it, the engine itself only being
saved from falling off the wharf by
the footwalk, against which it fell.
Owing to some of the timbers in this
part of the wharf having bocome insecure workmeD wen employed yesterday iu taking out the weak ones
and replaoing them wilh new timber.
They had withdrawn the supports
under one section of tho wharf, leaving the dock resting on two jacks,
when dinner time came and they went
away on the hand car. A little while
after the yard engine came along
with two cropt; freight ears which It
waa taking down to load with ore
from thc steamer Kaslo. The yard
signal was olear, and not knowing of
the work that was going on further
down the engine went along the slip
at thc usual speed, shoving the cars
in front. When lt reached the weak
spot both cars went over safely, but
the engine, which ia an extrcmly
heavy one.crashed through the wbarf,
smashing ties and supports to pieces,
and was prevented from going off the
wharf entirely by the fact of the corner of tho cab catching nnd resting on
the board walk, which prevented its
toppling over. This engine had been
partially ropaired after its smash up
of last week, but was to have gone to
the shop today to have them com-
Liberals Slowly Retreat but
Action Was Not Decisive.
Washington, Nov. 25.���It is pretty
veil understood here that there is to
be no bombardment ot Colon by either
sido. While Commander McCrae was
given wide discretionary power and
nothing was said to him about stopping the nombardment directly,nevertheless the state department established a precedent in these matters last
year when it instructed Mr. Cudger to
warn some inusurgents at Panama
that they would not be allowed to
bombard that port. If the government trcops on the Pinzeon should
persist in their purpose,it is said that
the commander of the various warships at Colon would require that
ample time be allowed for the withdrawal from the town of all foreigners
and the attacking foicc, to escape
restraint, would be obliged to direct
thsir bombardment with suoh rare
precision as to destroy the insurgent
defenses without harming the railway
property and even without endangering the passage of trains. Conditions
probably not to be met.
The secretary of the navy cabled
Capt. Perry of the Iowa to assume full
command nf all the U, S. naval forces
on both sides of the Isthmus in order
to insure harmonious operations.
Consul General Codger's last dispatch,
which came after 1 o'clock, was about
as follows: Our troops bave arrived
at Matachin, one-half of the way
across the Isthmus. No obstruction
and the Colombian government seemed
to be viotorious ovei the insurgents.
CoIod, Nov. 25.���Yesterday morning
at 10 o'clock the schooner Clapet and
a railway barge returned to Panama
bringing 350 men from Chorrera, being the remainder of General Alban's
expedition. Great crowds gathered at
the wharf to witness the landing of
the soldiers. They were received with
bands of music but the music sounded
mournful, more like a funeral march
than the joyful strains of victory.
General Alban had his usual calm
and selfpossessed manner and acted
more like a man on whose hands time
hangs neavily for want of something
to do than one coping with grave
responsibilities under trying circumstances.
At. 3.110 yesterday afternoon at tbe
head of 700 men General Alban left
Panama by train for Empire station
where the Liberals were reported to
be in very strong numbers. His purpose was to surprise and route them.
Tbe train bearing these troops was
held just before it arrived at Oulera
station owing to the Liberals opening
fire on Alban's advance guard. Alban
discmarked his men from the train
which returned to Panama. The fighting at Culera lasted froom 4.40 p. m.
until 9 p. m. Tho government troops
continued lo advance and the fighting
was stubborn all along the railway
line aud continued until Empire
station, a mile and a half distant,
was reached. The Liberals continued
slowly to retract. Alban's men following them until the latter eventually reached Matachin station. An
armed guard ot marines from the
United States battleship Iowa has
reestablished the transit of the
Isthmus and details from the Iowa's
marines are non protecting each passenger train. There has been fierce
fighting at Empire station on the railway line between Panama and Colon
betwen the insurgents and the troops
of the Colombian government with
very heavy losses on both sides,
Additional Money Bylaws���Route
Matters Disposed Of.
At thc meeting of the city council
last evening nil thc aldermen were
present. Mr. Beer and Manager An-
nablo of the opera bouse wore present
to ask for a rebate on the opera house
tax for this yoar owing to the improvements made and owing to the
fact that the opera house   was  closed
for a time on account of the action of
the council. On motion it was decided to give a rebate of six months
on the tax.
Dr. Stoddard was present to apply
for permission to take power from the
West Kootenay Power Co., over the
oity wires. On motion of Aid. Selous,
seconded by Aid. Hamilton, it was
decided that the application should be
granted, the rate to be subject to the
decision of the superintendent of the
city's wires as to rent for the wires
over wbioh the power would pass.
Mr. E. Kilby complained to the
counoil regarding the state oi the
roadway in front of his house on
Water street at the corner of Park
street. The matter was referred to
tlie oity engineer to see how the evil
complained of conld be best rectified.
The report of the fire, water and
light committee was read, In which it
was recommended that T. H. Rankin
be -appointed engineer at the city's
electrie light power house.
The report of the board of works
was also rem] in which it waa recommended (I) that a six foot sidewalk
be placed from the west end of Victoria street on Falls street to Silica;
(2) that tenders be called for a supply
of fifty headboards to mark the pauper
graves at the city cemetery; (R) that
the oity engineer be instructed to take
steps tj abate tlie nuisance from
stagnant water getting under the
buiding on lots 23 and 24 in block 01.
Both reports wero accepted after the
various clauses had been discussed by
the council.
A letter was read from F. W. Swan-
nel to remind the finance committee
that the sum of $500 of its grant
towards the Kootenay Lake General
hospital was yet unpaid by the city.
It was decided to have the sum stated
paid at once.
A letter was read from the manager
of the Gas company offering to supply
the city with power at the rate of $48
per horse power per year.
The mayor stated that the letter
had been received some time ago, but
that he had asked as to how long it
would take to intsall a gas engine
and several other particulars to which
he had not yet received an answer
from the company. He had wired
several firms as to the cost ot the
engine that would be needed, and delivered in Nelson it would be $6,000,
The dynamos which would have to be
purchased for this engine, and which
would be practically useless in thc
event of the city putting in a power
plant, would cost $2,400 and that it
wonld take four months to install
Chief Lillie reported having seen a
team of fire horses in Rossland which
were well sailed for the purposes of
the fire brigade. He was instructed
to purchase the same at a cost of $500.
Three petitions for bylaws to raise
sums of money were then read. The
first was to raise the snm of $10,000
towards the high school the second
was to raise the sum of $5,0(10 to install a fire alarm syatm in the oity,
and tbe third to raise the sum of
$5000 to build an isolation hospital.
Considerable discussion followed regarding these, as some of the aldermen were of the opinion that a new
city hall was needed, also a fire hall.
It was finally decided that the amounts
of these bylaws should bo embodied
in that to raise $150,000 for the electric power plant. Alderman Selous
thereupon gave notice of intention to
bring up the bylaws at the next meeting of the council.
The matter of the difference in grade
between the sewer on Victoria street
and the connections from the Salvation Army banacks was brought up,
and referred to the city engineer.
A scheme is afoot in Hamilton,
Ont., to organise a company with a
capital of (2,000,000 under the name
of tbe Canadian Hotel syndicate to
purchase and operate a line of hotels
from Montreal to Vancouver. By purchasing together supplies for all tbe
hotels and by a central managonient
it is calculated that consierable reduction In the operating expenses ovei
separately conducted establishments
eonld be effected, first class accommodation could be given and good profits
earned. A start has been made by a
bond on a leading hotel of Hamilton.
Those Immediately mentioned in connection with tlie enterprise aro Mr.
Gllklnson of Wnldor; W. G. Reid,
Aid, Dunn, and Geo. II. Evans of
Hamilton. So far nothing definite has
to arrangements to obtain British
Columbia hotels have been given to
tho publio, but this province is included in the programme of the j
promoters. J
Arrangements Made for Route
Through British Columbia.
Via Yellow Head. Quesnelle.
Seymour Narrows to
Montreal, Nov. 25.���The Northwest
is to have ancthcr outlet on the
Pacific coast. Mr. William Mackenzie
end Mr. D. 1). Mann arrived here on
Wednesday, accoiunanied by Hon. M*.
Wells,chief commissioner of lands and
works of British Columbia and Mr. .1.
N. Greenshieds. The extension of
their transcontinental line to the
Pacific has been under discussion for
some days in Toronto and Ottawa, as
well as hero Their intention was to
build from Yellow Head Pass through
Quesnelle, northwest to Skeena river,
but Messrs. Wells nnd Greensliilds on
behalf of the British Colombia government proposed that tho line should
be diverted at Quesnelle, aud built
southwest to Bute inlet.
\h a result of the negotiations
Messrs. Mackenzie and Mann have
submitted a proposlton for the early
construction of a diversion from Quesnelle, to begin at [Bute inlet and
build inland. At Bute inlet connection will be made by ferry to a point
at Seymour's narrows on Vancouver
island. Dunamuir's lire, whicb now
runs from Victoria to Wellington,
will be extended northward and oon-
neot at Seymour's narrows with the
teiry from Bute inlet. In this way
direot connection may be made with
Quesnelle and Victoria will become,
tho terminus of Messrs. Mackenzie.
and Mann's transcontinental line. It
is understood that as a result of the
negotiations the Dominion government will give the usual assistance
in tha way of suhsidies for the construction of both lines. Mr. Mann
and Mr. Qreenshields will go to
Victoria early in January to determine the terms and other details with
tha British Columbia government.
Before His Honor Judge Forin
The case of Agnes West vs. C. A.
Waterman came up for trial. In this
the plaintiff moved to set aside a tax
sale deed of Nelson property. She
alleges in statement of claim that defendant was applying to register a
deed which was a cloud upon her
title. The defendant's contention
was that this was not a gronnd for
action, as being under the act respecting tax sales made iu 1000. The
statement of claim was struck out
with liberty to plaintiff to file a new
statement of claim, costs to the defendant in any event, W. A. Macdonald
for p'.alntiff, 8. S. Talyor for defendant.
In Bremner vs. Arlington Minos, a
suit arising out of the contract to
deliver stulls, with the terins of
which the plaintiff claimed the defendant had not complied. The pleadings
having been closed and notice of trial
given, the defendants moved to amend
their defence and enter counter
claim. Leave was given on payment
of costs to thu plaintiff. W. A.
Macdonald for defendant, b. S. Taylor
for plaintiff.
In Malone vs. Ferguson, the defendant asked for costa respecting an application for leave to appeal as to the
facts. Costs were refused on the
ground that no summons had been
taken ont for the original application,
W. A. Galliher for defence, S. S.
Taylor for plaintiff.
New York, Nov. 25. ���A movement
is on foot to procure the release of
Miss Knstwiek, the American woman
under sentonoo in England for forging
l ail way stocks on the ground that she
Is demented
The steamer Nelson yesterday
brought down a large number of
Italian laborers from Lardo, who quit
work. The mild weather so far this
winter has been very favorable for the
work going on in Ihe I.ardo and tho
road is said to be progressing favorably towards completion. Nklson Daily Miner, Tuesday. November 26, 1901
The Nelson Miner
I>uuli<bed   Every Morning  Exoept  Monday
Dally por men th, by carrier     fjfic
Daily, per month, by mail     ��yc
Daily, yer year, by carrier. * 1 J?
n-iily, per year, by mall    o "0
Daily, per y��*Ar foreign '.    oW
Weekly, per half year  IJ 26
Weekly, per year    * WU
'Veekly, por year, foreign    ow
S'lbacrlplions in variably In advanoe.
IU Fleet Street. E. C.
���Jonlral Pr*�� Auency, Ltd., Bpooial Agents
Alexander Sc Co.. 521 First Avon no. Spoknno
Wn*h., keep thiH paper on fllo. and are our
aulhorlied agent* for advorUaomonto and uno-
The above Reward will bo paid to
anyone giving evidence that will convict persons or stealing Tho Miner from
our subscriber's dcors.
The Dominion authorities have decided to send another contingent to
South Africa, to consist of 800 mounted men. It Is a wise and patriotic
measure ano will meet with the approval and commendation of all loyal
citizens. This determination will
serve as a rebuke to the insingilicent
pro-Boer element which declares that
Great Britain got herself into the
South African difficulty ; let her get
out of it as best she can. This element has oeen treated with silent contempt by the majority of patriotic
citizens and the sending of the contingent will be in the nature of a blow
in the face to them. Besides
this thc desire on the part of the
young men of Canada is as great as
ever it was to serve the empire and
this will give a fow of the many who
wish to serve the king an opportunity
of doing so. Great Britain does not
really need tho aid of Canaua in the
South African struggle. The coil
whioh Lord Kitchener is drawing
around the hostile Boers is being
slowly but surely tightened and It is
but a question of a short time when
even the last gueri la will be rendered
harmless. The contingent will, of
course, be useful in hastening tne end
of the struggle, as it will be composed
largely of western men and they
are tbe type who can defeat the Boers
at their own tactics.
The idea held by a very few that
Canada should take no part in the
struggle between Briton and Boer is a
most untenable one and nothing can
be said that justifies it. Great
Britain's army and navy are at the
disposal of Canada should she be
menaced       or      attaoked. British
naval squadrons are staticned on the
Atlantic and Paeitie which arc ready
at a moment's notice to defend her
shores. Were the British land and
naval forces not available to defend
Canada it would be necessary for her
to maintain at a large expense
standing army and navy. The cost
of sending a few contingents to South
Africa is a mere trifle to what the
expenditures would be if land and
water forces had to be kept up.
Should the friction which now
exists lietwen Great Britain and Germany over thc utterances of Hon.
Joseph Chamberlain blaze into a war
between the two countries it is very
probable that Canada would be called
upon for 100,000 mon, Instead of a
few hundred, as in tho present instance and they would be forthcoming. If this was not enough and
the struggle was prolonged it is certain that another 50,000 oould be
promptly raised. Of all of the colonies
of Great Britain there Is none more
loyal than Canada nor is there a
colony wnere the spirit of imperialism
has a greater hold.
Incronscd interest is being manifested in molybdenite on aoooont of
discoveries of a considerable deposit
in the Nelson division anil on Pitt
lake. The metal is used as a dye for
sl He and in the preparation of speoial
steels. It gives steel a greater tough
ness and renders it more readily
worked wheu hot. Molybdenum steel
stands hardening better than that
alloyed with tungsten. For tool steel
from two to four per cent, of molybdenum is adder?, and for other qualities from one to two per cent. Orc��
of molybdenum, which is never found
in a pure state, but generaul'y In the
form of a molybdenite, a sulphate of
molybdenum, containing when pure,
41 per oont. of sulphur and .10 per
c6nt. of molybdenum have been found
in many placcB. In the Giant mine
iu the Rossland camp there arc large
deposits. There are several claims
near Nelson the ledges of which
carry considerable of the mineral.
So far aa could be ascertained from
the reports of the Dominion Geological
depnrtment, none of tho mineral has
ever been mined in Canada. The oro
is worth about 8.10 per ton while the
cflned  product   is   worth   11.25   per
pound. In the United States in IBM,
80 short tons were mined of a value
of fsO per ton. Of molybdenum 9,550
pounds were produced worth $1.25
per pound. In 1000 there was produced 189 short tons of a value of 850
per ton and 330,000 pounds of molybdenum valued at 81.25 per pound.
Tbe market for the metal is restricted or the production and the
price would oe larger and there is
evidently no very great profit in mining it. If a deposit could be found
close to transportation and if the ore
was of a high grade there should be a
small profit in it. The market, however, is so restrioted that the_chance
of molybdenite mining developing
into anything large is not veryjgreat.
With several mines in operation there
would soon be overprouction and the
prices would fall so that the profits
would vanish.
John ConBidine, the Seattle dive
keeper and gambler, charged with
the murder of Wm. L. Meredith,
formerly chief of police ot Seattle,
was acquitted last week by a jury.
Tbe verdict seems to be out of keeping
with the facts brought out at the
trial. Reliable witnesses testified that
Meredith had been beaten into a helpless oondition by the defendant's
brother before the fatal shots were
fired. It was also shown that Consl-
dine was a sworn and bitter_enemy_of
Meredith's. What saved Considine
principally waa his own testimony
that he had not been the aggressor,
that he had fought only when he
thought his life was in dangor and
that excitement had caused nim to
lose his memory of his own aots during the fatal enoounter. The case has.
attracted more than passing interest
and there are many who think that
Considine should have been convicted
because he had ever been a man of
violence, of crooked methods and has
been in a number of Bhady Bcrapes.
Meredith was a man of good tamily
and had always, as far as could be
ascertained, led a clean and honorable
life. He was chief of police under a
mayor whose policy was to make the
town "wide open." Considine was
the proprietor of a variety theatre
and a gambling house. Meredith and
Considine quarrelled, but what the
cause of the quarrel was Is uncertain. The faction of the republican
party opposed to the republican mayor
used Considine as an ally and Meredith was attacked in order to discredit the mayor. Consicine made an
affidavit to tho effect that Meredith
was a "grafter" and on.liis testimony
Meredith lost his position as chief of
police, or, more propeily speaking,
was "allowed" to resign. The stigma
fastened upon him by Considine made
Meredith almost oraay and when the
two met there was an encounter.
Meredith was tho aggressor and he
was killed. Had thc fight been be
tween Considine and Meredith only
the latter would probably have won,
but John ConBidine was aided by his
brother and the result was fatal to
Meredith. Many people who know
both men consider tkat Considine
should at least have been found gnilty
of manslaughter fcr killing Meredith
after he was helpless.
The Toronto Globe printB an able
article on the currency question and
says that banking oapital is not keeping pace with tbe expansion of the
trade and industry of Canada. It. says
that iu Eastern Canada there is a
shortago of bank currency for industrial purposes, as the banks have run
well np to the limit of their note
isBue. It suggests as a remedy, that
further increases be made in thc oapital of tho banks ol Canada to meet the
changing condition ot aifais.
It is apparently not generally
known that railway companies are required by law to redeem unused railway tickets at their full value, says
the Fernie Free Pross. Ignorance, no
doubt, of this hns beonjthe cause of a
number of prosecutions in Manitoba
for selling excuision tickets, by the
purchaser and severe penalties imposed. It Is illegal for any person,
oxcept an authorized railway or
steamship agent, to sell railway
tickets and the law provides for their
redemption if the value has not been
exhausted. Thc publio is fully protected by the statutes and the unused
portion of u railway ticket has only
to be presented to tho nearest railway
agent of the issuing road, to have its
full value refunded.
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The Rev. O. F. WELLS, of Villa Ridge,
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years. I despaired of ever being cured. 1
suw your advertisement for the cure of
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To my astonishment the trial aoted like a
charm.    Semi me a full si/.e bottle.
Rev, Dr. Morris Wccnsler,
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New York, Jan, 3,1001
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Fever, and its composition alleviates all
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My wife commenced taking it about the first of November. I very soon noticed
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Yours reBpeotfully, O. D. PHBLPb, M. D.
Dr. Taft Bros, Mbdicinb Co, Feb. 5,1001.
Gentlemen i I was troubled with Asthma for 22 years. I have tried numerous remedies, bnt tbey have nil failed. I ran acroBs your advertisement and
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Home address, 235 Riviugton street, S. RAPHAEL,
07 East 120th St,,New York Oity.
Do not delay.   Write at once, addressing  DR.   TAFT BROS, MEDICINE
OO., 70 East 130th St., N. Y. City.
Sold by All Druggists.
Hon. Joseph Chamberlain has one
feature in his character which oom-
pells admiration and *liis is his great
moral courage. By his recent animadversions on the Prussian army
lie raised a regular storm of hostile
criticism in Germany and many vials
of German wrath ire being poured on
his hend. Nor is tho storm confined to
Oormany for he has a number of
critics at home, especially among the
business and political element, who
declnro that he is intemperate and
says wrong things at wrong times.
It is certain that ho is an extremist,
but this is a fault which many strong
mon have. Mr. Chamberlain, in the
midst of tbo storm which he has
evoked, is tho one calm figure and
when Interviewed said that while be
did not care to enter into a controversy he would stand by what be said.
Doubtless the agitation will spend its
fury, be the usual nine days wonder
and then die a natural death. In the
meanwhile Hon. Joseph Chamberlain
is calm and Importubablo and in this
as well as overy other utteranoe be
has made will stand by what he said.
What he said he believed waa true
and he aees no reason to recede fiom
tbe position be has taken because certain people object to having the truth
told. Mr, Chamberlain may bave
strong views on a number of subjects,
bnt he has the saving virtue of having
tbo courage of his convictions.
Wednesday Nov. 27
,....,���.,......................... -,   .........VmV,<u"V"��iiiaii������^,|
The Canadian Bank of Commerce!
With Which U Amalgamated
The Bank of British Columbia.
Paid-up   Capital,   $8,000,000;    Reserve   Fund,   82,000,000;
Aggregate  Resources Over 886,000,000.
HON. QEO. A. COX, President.      B. E. WALKER, General Mnimger.
London Office! 60 Lombard Street, B. C.
New York Olllee; 16 Exchange Place.
And 68 branches In Canada and the United 3tatee, Including i
Atlin Greknwooo Nelson Sandon
Oranbroor        Kamloops Nkw Westminster  Vancouver
Fernie Nanaimo Rosslano Victoria
YUKON DISTRICT-Dawbon and White House.
UNITED STATKS-Nbw York, San Fbanoisoo, Seattle, Portland Skaowav,
Savings Bank Department.
Deposits Reoeived and Interest Allowed.  Present Bate II Per Cent
Nelson Branch. GRANGE V. HOLT, Manager.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Branoh Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon, Three Porks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Order* by mall to nn branch will have careful and oramot attention.
He  sure and get tbe genuine   BENNETT'S GOTTA PERCHA FUSE.not
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The Thrilling Burglary
The Torpedo Sensation
The Stoamboat Race.
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The Cotton Press Tragedy
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Registered Patent Attorney, Mechanical Engineer and Draughtsman. Bank of B. N. A. building,
Hastings St., Vancouver, B C.
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Official Broker, Mson. B. 0.
The Rossland of the Lardeau
Full particulars of
Porto Rico Lumber
Co., Limited,
The Waverley Hotel
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Porto BicoLumberCo.,
Head Ofliee��� Hendrvx and Vernon Ht., Nol*>
<7tir��<*w--w-- Nelson   Daily Miner, Tuesday November 26, 1901
A1,,andcr Sharp is in the city from
, , irtt Thought mine near Boss-
'"e nt. work of developing this
*___1 has been in progress for the
Pfo'years and large reserves of
F" ve ucc. blocked out. The
WC is   only   a mile  aud a  half
P,0P    the   Great     Northern   branch
:h  is
,* under construction from
Mircus to the international Boundary
linu near Marcus. The intention is lo
win shipments of ore early nex
,e_r to the smelters at Northport and
Orand Forks. The road in question
���lll give shipping facilities after a
llliul 0f a mile and a half to both
Bineltera. Tbe First Thought is owned
_, p. Burns ot al, of this city, and
I. (i. Bolt of Vancouver.
Mr. Sharp has boen in charge as
directing engineer, of the Spitser,
located in the Rossland oamp, for the
past two years. ne reportB that the
Spitzec is looking very well, that extensive ore bodies havo beon found
and shipments to the extent of about
401) tons have been made. The ore
fhipped was taken out in the sinking
and' crosscu'.ting. The Spitzee was
recently examined and reported on by
one ot tlio most eminent mining engineers on tho continent and he reported
that it was certainly a mine and advised that extensive electrical machinery be erected so that the shaft could
lie sunk to a depth of 400 or 500 feet.
He was satisfied that it would make
one of the large mines of the district.
Mr, Sharp  will   remain in   the  city
for several days,
_____        - -- i - r>
On Saturday silver sold in New
York at M 1-2 cents, a decline of 10
per cent, since the first of the year.
The decline in London has been of
equal proportion, piioe thc being 2(1(1.
tho difference being thatln London the
price is ciilcnlatod at standard purity
025, while in New York it is fine.
The average price in New York for
I89D was 50.68 cents and in 1900 61.83
cents. The Smelter trust held out
hopes iu tlie beginning of the year
that thc price would be maintained
hut iutsend it has steadily fallen.
Home miners hold to the idea that
even this decline will make little
difference in the United States mines
as the silver mines usually produce
lead also and thu price of that keeps
Thc North Star Mining oompany, of
East Kootenay, has reduced its usual
dividend from 3 per cent quarterly to
one-half that amount. The causes
assigned are the reduction in the
price of loud and the discontinuance
of work caused by a disagreement
with the miuers. Development work
will he pushed as soon as the trouble
la ended. The directors for the ensuing year are D. D. Mann, W. A. Mackenzie, Senator Thibadeau, H. S.
ilolt and O. E. L. Porteous.
J. I.aing Stocks, secretary of the
Queen Bess Proprietary company,
limited, yesterday positively denied
that tho Queen Bess had been shut
down as hitherto stated. A small
force iR at work and will be kept at
work and preparations are now under
way looking to moking shipments.
A oar load of ore from the Spotted
Horte, near Ymir, is ready to be
forwarded to the Hall Mines smeltor.
It is said that there has been unoov-
ercd a four f.ot ledge of frco milling
ore of a high grade.
A compressor plant is being Installed at the King mine, near Erie, and
the working ure being pumped ont
preparatory    to  tho   resumption of
The main shaft in the King Solomon mine, situate seven miles southeast of Krie, has reached a depth of
l(J0 feet. Large bodies of pay ore are
being met.
i-��� ��� i ��������� *
The Dundee mine, near Ymir, is
oeing unwntered prepaiatory to being
examined on behalf of a British
'" the Union Jaok near Ymir, thc
''Hire face of tho drift is in galena
��re of a good grade.
-o��_51 <_����c>^���
Superior to Alum Baking
Riwders.   Equal to any
btfyer.Anti-Alum Baking.
Ppvydier and costs but^
Windermere, Trout Lake and Naksup
mining divisions from the south end
of Revelstoke and Golden ridings and
amalgamate the remaining portions
into one riding, allotting it one member. The riding so constituted, according to the Weekly Tribune of
October 30th, would have 4,400 of a
population which is approximately
correct. South East Kootenay, with
that portion of Oolden riding known
as Windermere mining division,
according to The Tribune's estimate,
wonld have 0, P00 population and
aeoording to The Tribune's idea of
fair play would have a representative
to each 3,250 of population, leaving
the tolerably large margin of 1,150
population to North Kootenay. The
two lidings of Lillooet have 1,759
population, yet The Tribune of
October 30tb is willing to give it one
member, North Kootenay having 882
more than douole of a population. It
looks as if the Tribune (whose political animosity has almost become a
oraze) had in view the annihilation of
Hon. W. U. Wells' political career,
when it framed that sort of a Jim
Crow measuro assumed to be basel on
population. Tho Tribune cannot on
any pretext of equity or juBtioe gerrymander Revelstoke and Golden ridings. There is absolutely no community of interest, no intoreourBC, no
trade or traffic between Golden and
Revolstoke ridings. They are as
much isolated by an impassable
mountain barrier as Revelstoke and
Vernon ridings. I have no desire for
undue representation ot favors for
North Kootenay. I have not represented a pocket borough and have no
political aspirations to do so. Political ambitions should not be considered in the framing of a fair measure
of representation. I am sorry to orave
space io your columns for this article.
The last article I forwarded the
Tribune for publication was chopped
into minoe-incat, its head and tail
thrown over the dump and portions
quoted to suit the Tribune's purpose.
A newspaper editor who is so unfair,
so lop-sided, who would take advantage of a man in that fashion, could
hardly be expected to rise above local
interests and political differences
wheu drafting a scheme for the representation of British Columbia. The
Tribune should learn to take its medicine and not squeal if its editors fire
is met oy fire when making comparisons or throwing rocks at other ridings. Thanking you iu snticipotion,
yours respeotfully,
"I was troubled for sevornl years
with chronic indigestion and nervous
debility," writes F. J. Green, of
Lancaster, N. H, "No remedy helped
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also kept my wife in excellent health
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are just 6plondid for female troubles;
they are a grand tonic and invigora-
tor for weak, run down women. No
other medicine can take its place in
our family." Try them. Only 50o.
Satisfaction guaranteed by Canada
Drug and Book Co.
Clam Chowder at Spear's.���The
Pioneer Caterer.
Too ninny tunuH mo oriKiu u, �� uvnuawx ,.
inlscalimlntoil, nnil ono uuirmH iliminir i lie stom
nch for It, wnuu an application of Urllllth).
Mcnthul Lmtliiont would draw nut tho pain
IVleilllliillMlMii.nl    -.whim   ...un   w.,u   .....   ,	
and Ktvu humodliitu relief.   It will euro any
headucho no nintlcr how severe.
Kor sole bv J. H. Vannton" Nelson. Ii. O.
To rim; a ��:<h,i> in our DA��.
Jnke .Laxative PromoQulnlno Tablets. All
JriiiwlHlH refund tho money If lt falln to ouro.
'-��� W, urovu'H signature Is on oaoh box,   Mc
Kditor Miner,���The Tribune Is Irritated, unhappy and mad. Its so-called
redistribution measure (gerrymander)
takes a lot of personal abuae to foice
" down the throats of the eleotorate.
Norn in sin and shaped iu iniquity
" ia a lop-sided prodigy that only
Provokes derision and ridicule. It is
totally indefensible from the standpoint of cither area, interest or population. The Tribune indulges in per-
lonulities lhat have no louring whatever on the quostion at issue. The
Tribune argues that population should
form the basis of redistrmution. In
that case we will meet his own arguments and show up his Inconsistency,
roe Tribune programme is   to out off
Kootenay Railway and Nav.
Company, Ltd.
Shortest and quickest route to iho oont and all
points on ���ho O. B. Sc N. and Northorn I'u-
clllo Hallways ln Wii<iIiIhkmii, Oregon and
Southern States.
Time Card Effective August 1, 1901
Kaslo & Slocan Ry
8:99 a. flt Lv.
10:66v>.ni. Ar.
Ar. 4:00 p. m
Lv. 1:15 l>- m.
Int Nav- & Trading Co-
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Nail Brushes
Tooth Brushes
Clothes Brushes
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Hair Brushes 50c. to $3.50-
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hand- Shipments for Kootenay
are made from Victoria.
Additions to our stocks are being
continuously received by sailing vessels via Cape Horn.
A stock of these embracing the leading brands, is carried at Nolson,
thereby enabling quick delivery to
Kootenay buyers.
[Carried in stock in Nelson.
R. P. Bithet & Go-, Limited
A- 13���  GRA.Y Kopracntallv
P.  O. Box 521
For domestic or steam use.
A  full   supply always on
Kates to  all  railway and
lake points
General Agent
Tel. No. 265.
Office ��� Two  doors   west
C.F.R   offices.
Civil Engineers and Provincial Land
P. O. Box 145 .Nelsoa, tt.C
Spokane Falls &
Northern R'v.
Nelson  & Fort
Sheppard R'v.
Red Mountain R'v.
For the comfort of the number of
people who are now using this
popular line, a direct daily Buffet
Car service has been inaugurated,
thereby giving passengers every
comfort obtainable on any of the
larger railways in Canada or the
Close connections made at Spokane for the south, east  and  west.
Only 10 hours to Seattle and 18
to Vancouver and Victoria.
Passengers booked direct through
to all European points.
Lenve DAY TRAIN Arrive
9:20 a.m Spokane 7:15 p.m
13:26 p.m Rossland 4:30 p.m
10:30 a.m Mountain 5'50 p. in.
0:40a.m Nelson 6:45 p.m.
H. A. JACKSON, 6. P. _ T.A.
Spokane  Wast,
/i . i t  flu   B
NKLSON LODGE    No. 23, A. F. &
M. moots second Wednesday in
month.   Visiting bretheru welcome
I.  O. O.  F.     Kootenay Lodgo
No. If!, moots ovory Monday night,
��� at   thuir  Hall,   Kootonay  strtwL
Sojourning Odd Follows cordially Invited,
John A. Moltac, N.Q.   D. W. Huthcrford, V.G
Fred J. Squire, Por. Soc.
Nelson Royal Arch Chapter No. 123, G. It C.
Moots third Wednesday. Sojourning compan
ions Invited.    George Johnstone, Z.    K VV.
Matthews, 3. 10.
NKLSON LODGE  No.25. K. of P.
meots in K. of P. hall, Oddfollows bock
SjevoryTuesday evening at 8 o olook.
All vlsitlug knights cordially Invito
Wm. Irvine, O.C.
A. T. Park, K. of R. and S.
Nolson Enca pment No. 7. Meets evory 2nd
and 4th Friday of eaoh month, in Odd Fellows
Hall, corner Baker and Kootonay streots.
Nolson. A. H. Clements, C. P.; D. Mo Arthur
R. S.   Visiting brothers always welnnmn.
NELSON L. O. L. No. 1092 meots tn Fraternity Hall on first- and third Friday evenings
of oach month at 8 o'clock. Visiting member
oordlally Invited. W. W. Bradley. W. K.
A, Mlnty^B. 8.	
NELSON AERXR No. 22, F. O. IC, meets
every socond and fourth Wednesdays of each
m onth. Visiting members cordially lnvlt
Charles Pressor, Knnrotary.
5:21) p. m. Lv, Nelson Ar. 11:00 a. m.
0:10 p, m. Ar; Kaslo Lv. 7:00 a. tn.
Connecting abFlvoMUo Point with Nelson
& Fort "hoppard  Hallway both to aud from
Rossiand, oto	
Tickets sold to all parts In Unit ml Staton and
Canada via Groat Northorn and O. It & N.
Co.'s lines,
Ocean steamship t'ekots and  rate* via all
linos will bo furnished ou application.
I    For further particulars call on or address
\ Uanaorer, Kasln.B. C
1    G. K T&OKADl/RY Agent. NoIhoii  B, C.
Kootenay Street, Next Oddfellows' Ha
P. O. BOX 633.
Kootonay Tont No. 7, K. O. T. M��� hold tholr
regular meetings in Fraternity Hall, I. O. O. K.
block, on the 1st and 3rd Thursday* of each
ii.nni Ii. Visiting brethren cordially Invltod to
n'tend. G. A. Brown, U. K.; A. P. Purdy, Com.-
It. J.Steol, D.8.C.
let and 3rd Wednesday evenings of
each month at Fraternity hall
oorner of Baker and Kootenay
streets. Visiting brethorn oordlally Invited.
EmvAitn Macleod. Socrotarr.
COURT KOOTENAY, L O. P., No. 31311.
Mootinga 4th Thursday of month. Fratornal
hall. J A Irving O K.   P. H. Fleming. R.S.
Nelson Court Star of Kootenay, A. O. F.
Moobr 2nd and 4th Wednesdays ln ovory
mouth. Visiting brothron welcome W. Mac-
Millar o.K    Unhurt MoLood. Sec.
You can put in your coal and then light the fire
from the top. It has a large ash pan so the ashes
can be removed without trouble. It has a draw
grate so the clinkers will go down in the ash pan.
Ask for the
Ox Air Blast
Stoves and
Ranges . .
Wo aro i-hnwing this season  a fnll
line of these gondii nnd  solicit your
esteemed patronage.
Lawrence Hardware
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tho rate of one cent a word per Insertion. No
advertisement) taken for lees than 25 cents.
Situation Wanted advertisements Inserted
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FOR     BA LE.���Ono     heavy    draught
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nelson, b. c.
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Furnishei or unfurnished. Mrs. F.
,T. Squ.re, Room 11, K.    W. C. Block.
WANTED.���By   man and wife, situation   in   mining   camp   as cooks ur
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Apply W., Miner olHce.
WANTED.���Men   and women wanted
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Write   OlaKgow    Woollen    company,
Dept. C, Toronto.
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Southern   Ry.     Good   wages, long
job   Ileadqnarters, Elko,   li.   C. A.
Guthrie Sc Co.
Money to Loan at 8 per cent.
Insurance Real Estate
POR RENT.���Two ofliocs over Queen
Cigar store, 815) 7-roomed house, bath
and eewcr, $32; 4-roomed house, water
only, til.
FOR SALE.���Two lots, Obnervatory
St., on oar line, (450; 5-room house,
Carbonate St., $1,000; 7-roomed house,
Carbonate at, 82,100.
Will pay tbe highest cash prion for all
kinds of seoond hand goods. Will buy
or sell anything from an anchor to a
needle. Furniture, stoves, oarpertB,
cooking utensils, bought In household
quantities. Also oast off clothing.
Call and see me oi write. Address
Silver King Mike, Box 800. Hall
Street, Nelson, B. 0.,
Atlantic S.S. Sailings
From St. John, N, 8.
Allan Line Ionian Duo,  7
Allan Lino Tunisian.. , l)ou. 14
Beaver Line  Lako Superior Doc. 0
Beaver Lino Grath Castle Dee. 20
Thoao stoamors sail from Halifax ono day
Prom Portland, Mo.
Dominion Lino Vancouvor Dec. 14
Dominion Lino Dominion Doc. 28
From Now York
White Star Lino Majestic Dec.  4
Whito Star Lino Cyrnlric Dec. 10
Whito Star Lino Oceania Doc. 11
Cunard Line  Umbrla, Doc.   7
Cunard Line Lncanla.. .  Doc. 14
American Line Philadelphia Due.   4
American Lino 8t. Paul  Doc. 11
Anchor Lino Annhorla Dec. 14
Anohor Line FurnoHHla Dec. 28
Fiom Ho.iun
Cunard LinoSaxonla Doc. 7
Cunard Line Ultonla ,Dcc. 21
Dominion Line Now KuKhuid.. Dec. 4
Kor further Information rerf*rdinK N. O.
Lloyd IlainhurK'Aincrlcan, Hoi land-American
Hih'h and for ratOH, reservation of borttiH, etc.
Apply to
Uen. Agent, Winnlpog, Alan.
J. S. OAKTEK, D. P. A.. Nelnon
J. ROBBBTSON & CO.���Next door io
Lhencw  I'd i Dlllcc BuilditiK. Voraon
Nelson.    I i.i. 'jihuhr ���*.)���_. Night 'phono 'Ail.
N. M. Cummins, Lesrieo���Kvery known
varioty of nof I driukH.   P O Hox 88.  Tclephou
No. 31. Hoover sin���< i. Nol.sun.   Bottlers of the
famous .si, Leon Hot Spring* Mineral Water
C1AM<; & MACDONALD {il. Cane, Jiunu
J A. Macdonald)���Archu^ctH and nuporin
londentg, Broken Hill Block, comer linker and
Ward Stroota, Nelsou
A MACDONALD & Ca-Cornor Fron
��� and Hall Streeta���Wholesalo grocer
and joljbiiir. iu blaukots, gloves, mitts, bootd
rubburtj, mackinawH and miners' sundries.
P   BURNS & Co.���Bakor Streot, Nelson-
���   Wholesale dealera iu fresh a d cured
meats.   Cold Storage.
Baker Street, Nelson���Wholesale dea
oiv, In fresh and oured meats.
J Street, Nelson ��� Wholesale dealait* in
hardware, minors' Hupplles, sporting goods
M'LACHLAN BROS. (Successors to Van
oouver Hardware Co, Ltd*l Bakor Street.
Nelson���Wholesale dealers in hardware and
mining supplier plumbers' and tinsmiths' sup
NELSON   HARDWARE   CO.- Wholesale
paints, oils and Kh��ss; mechaniuri   tools
AgentH foi Ontario Powder Workn; imamile
rpUHNEU, BBBJTON & Co.-Corrcr Vernon
__, and Josephine Streets, Nelson���Whclo
sale dealers iu liquors, cigars, and dry goods
Agents for Pabst Brewing Co. of Milwaukee
aud Calgary Browing Co of Calgary.
UDSON'S BAY Co.-Wholesalo grocorie:
and liquora etc.. Baker Street, Nolson.
O/Iloo cornor Hall aud Front Streets
NoIhou���Lumber, colling, flooring, und every
thing in wood for building purposes. Got out
prices.   Correspondence solicited.
T   GALLON fc CO.���Dealer* In   oro sacks
���   and twines.   AlwayH a largo stork  on
hand. Telephone2U5. Room 44, K.-W.-C Block
Dominion and
Land Surveyor.
469 nelson b c
Delivered to any point
on Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock on hand <>��
Rough and Dressed
Mouldings, Sash Doors.
Inside Finish,
Coast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber.
Mill nt PILOT BAY. Turin, NKLSON
uml LMtliO.
& CO.
,  Tobacco
X Phone 117
Thanksgiving Day
Fare and One-Third
For round trip to and
from   all   stations  in
local territory.    Good
Nov- 27 and  28,  Return
Nov- 30-
You shoulil'nt send out ol town for
cards for yourself or your husband
until you soc what Thc Mi hit can do
for you.
11. L. Brown,
Oity I'assunKer Agent
J. 8. Oahtkb, K. J. ('11v1.1t
Dis. Pus. Ant. A. (1. P. A.
Ni'lmm Vftn<ioii��'BT
J. 0. GWLLLIM, B-,  Sc,
Late of Geological Survey of Canada.    Six years experience in B. C
mining districts.
Baker street NcImi. B C Nelson Daily Miner Tuesjav, November 26,  1901
UAIll   PV &���      We desire  lo Inform
iHUKLC I ��      tho  public   that   wc
I   AllVn havo taken   over tho
L,rtll>VJ business ot
whieh will in tho future bo carried
on under tho style of
We ask for tho mipport of  the  residents of
Nelson and tlie KooLenny Country.
Our  promises   atfl being enlarged  and im-
Sroved Lo meet the ever growing trade of the
The stock of Books, Oflice Supplies, Stationery and Fancy Goodn will be increased and offered at prices which will make it worth your
Addle (odeal with us.
Tho Knslo yesterday brought down
four carloads of ore from the Slocan
Ntar mine for the smelter at Trail
Tho dance at the Waverley hotel
which was to have been given tomorrow evening has been postponed till
December 3rd.
At tbe police court yesterday morning a Chinaman was brought up for a
breach of the health bylaw, and was
fined tin and costs.
Sheriff Tuck yesterday sold by
auction the machinery which belonged
to the Fairview Lumber company,
stored in the Fairview lumber mill
for $150 to E  Corlett.
At the record oflice yesterday there
were two locations, viz., Alpine, on
east side of Culumbia river and about
fivo miles below the town of Trail.,
by J. 11. Macdonald; (iiainl Prize on
Rover creek, about one arid one-quarter miles south of Whitewater mine,
by W. Murphy.
A. I<\ Rosenbcrger left Sunday accompanied by Mrs. Rosenberger for
St. Paul, where Mrs. Rosenberger
will visit relatives till after Christ
mas. Mr. Rosenberger goes on to
Chicago and Northern Michigan on a
business trip in the interests of the
Miners Exchange and the Northwest
em Development syndicate.
A one-legged mendicant of a business-like mind was arrested by the
pulice on Sunday. He had among
other things, a diary in which were
entered all particulars of bis travels,
which embraced nn immense number
of cities and towns in the United
States, together with the amounts he
had made in each while "working'
nnd various remarks. His daily
earnings had run from $2.50 to $10,
with a short work day. He was kept
in the lock np over night Rnd will be
escorted to the south bound train by
the police this morning.
The R. M. R. band which has so
recently beon organized will hold a
smoker in the opera house tonight.
Tbis band is intended to do duty as a
regiment.11 band as well as a citizen's
band. Tbe officers of the R. M. R.
have taken hold of this institution and
wish the people to reeognlzo them as
their own organization the intention
is to make the band second to none in
the provinco. The men are all fully
sworn in a,,d are anxious to have
their band this time on a solid foundation. The programme this evening
cunsists of the very best material that
the city can supply. Mr. W. A. Gall
iher, M. P., will act as chairman.
Tickets, 25 cents,
No Meat Bxtrac'cd from Them by Some
Who Most Neen tho Facta.
We have more than twice, told the
render, of the fact that he or she may
perhaps easily discover the cause of
thc dally ill feeling anil Ihe experiment is not difficult to make,
Hut there aro readers who think
truths are for some one else and not
for themselves.
Hume day the oft told fact will llnsh
upon us as applicable when the
knowledge comes home, that day after
day of Inconvenience and perhaps of
Buffering lias been endnred, the cause
not being recognized or believed,
nlthough we may havo been told of
tho cause many times over, but never
teliovcd it applied to ns.
It would startle a person to know
how ninny people suffer because they
drug themselves clnily with coffeo. Wo
repeat it, it is a powerful drag, and
so affects the dollente nervous system
that dilute may appear in any pail
of the. body, all parts being dependent
for health on a houltiiy nerovus system.
Relief from ooff?e for :i0 days has
cored thousands of people who never
snspeot d the ennse of   their troubles.
The use of Postum Food Coffee is of
great benefit tD such, as It goes to
work directly to rebuild the delicate
cell structures from the elements
nature selects for thc work Relief
from a heavy drug and the taking of
proper nooiinhmont is the truo and
onlv permanent method, .
The new fire alarm bell arrived and
was being nut in position yesterday
by John S. Toye, contractor.
The members of all the committees
of St. Andrews' dinner are requested
to be at the Phair hotel at 8.30 sharp
H. McCutcheon, collector of customs
and inland revenue at Greenwood,
came in last evening to meet his wife
and family who arrived yesterday
afternoon from Nova Scotia.
A party of three nunteis went down
on Sunday to the cabin near Forty-
Nine creek that has been visited by a
large blaok bear several times during
the past week and intend to camp
there for a few days ur until they are
successful in securing the bear.
Tbe Manitoba branch of the Royal
Caledonian Curling club is extending
thc boundary of its territory into
llritish Columbia. Gulden club has
been a member for some years and at
the annual meeting held last week
Revelstoke applied for admission.
The application was referred to a
committee. There were 20 clubs,
located throughout tbe area from
Scbrieber to Golden represented.
In last issue of the Canada Gazette
appears the reappointment of Judge
Lcamy as a judgo of the County
court. The wording of the notice is
His Honor Andrew Leamy, judge of
the County court of Kootenay, in the
Province of British Columbia, to be
a judge of the County court of Yale
in the Province of British Columbia
aforesaid. From tbis it is still a deputed point whether Judge Leamy
has authority to take County court
work within the County of Kootenay.
Last Canada Gazette announoes the
olosing of the postoffices at Lake
Bennett and at Boundary Falls, B. C.
A force of men was yesterday
started to work excavating the bed of
Cottonwood creek above the bridge on
Baker street, where tbe ohannel has
filled up with gravel and mud to
within a oouple of feet of the level
of the banks. Last season at high
water the breaking of the dam above
the falls washed down a large quantity of debris, and thc sluicing out of
the electric light dam also added to
the accumulation, so that if high
water should come in the present con
dition of tho creek bed, damage would
be done to the bridges and railway
Fancy Oyster slews at Spear's���The
Pioneer Caterer.
With recent warm endorsements of
Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, Balti
more, New York, and other cities, the
new version of the old favorite.,
Fogg's Ferry, comes to Nelson at the
opera house on Thursday, Nov. 28th.
A torpedo explosion is a strong sensational episode, and a tronpe of olevei
dancers and a well known quartette
are added features to this pretty little
play which made Minnie Maddern
(Mrs.Fiske) famous over 18 years ago.
Iola Pomeroy now plays Miss Mad-
de:-n's old part.
Queens ���C. Foss, Creston ; A. Chis-
holm, Miss A. Patonare, Fcguson;
R. Uickingbottom, Rossland.
Phuir.���W. Munroe, Seattle; G
Smith, Chicago; J. llerron, Spokane;
J. II. Colquhoun, Winnpeg; S. Nor
man, II. C. Riblet   Spokane.
Hume. ���W. H. Adams, Kaslo; Mrs.
II. McCutcheon and ohildren, Nova
Scotia; R Ewart and wife, Eric; M.
L. Knoland and wile, G. W. Barn
hart, Ymir; J. II. Freeman, Viotoria;
H. O. Killeen, Deer Park; H. Me
Cutcheon, Greenwood.
Grand Central -J. Scott R. Ritwloy
M. Rogers, Slocan City;T. K. Williams. Croston ; W. Honner, Moyie T.
Montgomery,Port Hill; J. Mlkkelsen,
Lardo; W. I. Henry, Rossland; A.
MoDougall, C. Burt, Grand Porks.
L. Lennox's Address Caused
Extended Discussion.
The Sunday nftcrnoon meetings of
the Socialistic Educational Club aro
Increasing in interest and attendance
and the one held last Sunday afternoon wns one of the most laigely attended and interesting. The address
ot the day was given by G, L. Lennox
on Some Objections to Socialism. Tho
fact that ho had taken the platform
on a previous occasion in opposition
to the principles of tho society, lent
additional interest to the proceedings,
and it is not outside the mark to state
that the address was more thought-
provoking and better discussed, than
any address ever given before the
club. The speaker created considerable hostility amongst the subsequent
spenkers by the assertion that the
loaders uf the socialistic oausc wero of
the same school of thought as Robert
Ingcrsoll. He nlso endeavored to
mite the impression that thc present
disparity of conditions existing be-
tweon capital and labor, was largely
the result of thc Intemperance of the
people Itnov. n as the working classes.
lie also claimed that tho cause of
labor was entirely dependont upon
tho capitalist. Of course these sentiments found little favor with tho
members of tbe clubhand while credit-
Thanksgiving Day
A complete and elegant production of a
new version of the  sterling
TWENTIETH   SEASON    1882-1901
Iola  Pomeroy   and Select   Company,
Special Scenery.      18 People
Electrical   Effects.
The Carolina Quartette,
The Torpedo Explosion.
The Great Steamboat Scene.
ing the speaker with thc courage of
his convictions, they were not at nil
baokward in expressing tbemselves to
the contrary, in most emphatic terms.
The speaker claimed that the only
real remedy, for the evils which were
alllictiug sooiety, at the present time,
was the change of heart. The socialists, on the other hand, claimed,
proving by demonstration, lhat the
better way was a change of conditions
and environment.
A feature of the proceedings, was
the appearance at the meeting of Mr.
Beamish, the gentleman from Rossland, who has been doing six weeks
in."durance vile" in connection with
tbe recent labor troubles at Rossland.
Be was called upon for a speech and
was given a hearty and patient hearing. His address was unusually moderate, especially coming from a man
who has undergone the experiences he
has for the oause of labor. He claimed
no allegiance to any cause religions
or political, bnt claimed that the
principles of socialism appealed to
him as the application of the principles of the Christ of the New Testament.
Rev. Mr. Munroe was present and
complimented the club on its attachment to the teachings of the Great
Teacher and olalmed that the world
had no cause to be afraid of the principles of socialism, as long as they
were being promoted in the spirit
whioh characterised the prceedings of
the Nelson Socialistio Eduoational
club. He also congratulated the
members on tbe able and intelligent
manner in which they disuussed the
questions of the day and claimed that
if looal politics were discussed as intelligently and rationally,thore would
be less room for complaint than is tbe
It is tbe intention of the club to
continue the discussion of, Mr. Lennox's address at their meeting on Sunday afternoon next, when he will be
exteuded an invitation to be   present.
The popular Nelson Opeia House
will, have a strong attraction in "A
Romance of Coon Hollow," which
apenrs there next Wednesday evening
and which has as its principal card
the favorite little star, Iola Pomeroy.
They play will have an elegant sceme
production, with a select cast, and,
as added features, a quartette in songs
of the south, and a troupe of plantation dancers stated to be of unusnal
merit. There will be a score of people
in the cast. Thc comedy is entering
npon its eighth season of success,
which is the best testimonial to its
Tho company that will play Coon
Hollow in the Opera House on
Wednesday night, will give a matinee
on Thursday afternoon (Thanksgiving
day). Tho company consists of 17
people of whom five are colored.
Thoy carry nil their own scenery and
electrical effects.
No Discovery in medicine has every
created one quarter of the excitement
that has boon caused by Dr. King's
New Discovery for Consumption. It's
severest tests nave been on hopeless
victims of Consumption, Pneumonia,
Ilemorrhngo, Pleurisy and Bron-
ohitis, thousands of whom it bus
restored to perfect health. For
Couglw, Colds, Asthmn, Croup, Hay
Fever, Hoarseness and Whooping
Cough, it is the quickest, surest ouro
in ��he world. It is sold by Canada
Drug and Book Co., who guarantee
satisfaction, or refund money. Largo
bottles 50c and 81,00. Trial bottles
Jewels, candy, flowers, man���that
is the order of a womnn's preferences.
Jewels from a magnet of might power
to the average woman. Evon that
greatest of all jewels, health, is often
ruined in tho strenuous efforts to
make or save the money to pmcbaso
them. If a woman will ri��k her
health to get a coveted gem, then let
her fortify herself against the insidn-
ous consequences of coughs, colds and
bronchial affections by the regular
use of Dr. Bosehee's German Syrup.
*t will promptly arrest consumption
in Its early stages and heal the
affected lungs and bronchial tubes
and drive the dread disease from thc
system. It Is not a cure-all, but it Is
a certain cure for coughs, colds and
nil bronchial troubles. You can get
Dr. G. G. Green's reliable remedies at
W. F. Teetzel Sc Co.'s. Get Green's
Special Almanac. J
West Transfer Co.
Coa! aWood
Best  Fir and  Tamarac   Al
ways on hand.
All Kinds of Teaming and
Commission Work-
Office on   Baker Street. Tel
N. E. T. CO.
Forty minute service until 11 a. m.
and after 7.40 p. m., 20 minutes between.    Leaving 11. B. Store   6.45.
Bogustowa Sllllllcy hi.
7,00 a   m. 7.20 a. m.
7.40 8.00
8,20 8.40
9,00 9.20
9.40 10.00
10.20 10.40
11.00 11.00
Twenty minutes until 7,40 p. m.   at
the hour, 20 past and  20 to
Stanley 81
8.00 p. m
9.00 9.20
9.40 10.00
10.40  last cars. 10 20
The 10 p. m. oar from Stunley street
meets the 10.10 p. m. train nt the depot,
goes up Stanley street and then to Bo-
Good lots for sale in Addition "A"
close to Tramlines, For all information apply at the Company's office.
Vernon street.
7.40 p  m
H. & M. BIRD
Money lo Loan On Improved Ileal Estate
1st Mortgages nt 8 per cent.
$600.��� Two 4-roomed houses each
18x23 feet, and one lot in Hume
Adaition. Good position. Cash
only, $150, balai.ee 8450 mortgage. A great baigain.
88.10.���House and lot on Observatory
street, west of Josephine street.
Cash $350,   balance   easy terms.
$3,250.���Eight-roomed honse and
three lots in good position,close
to the tram line; terms cash
$1,750, balance straight mortgage at 8 pei cent.
817.00.���5-roomed house, all conveniences.
811.00.���3-roomed house and basement on Water streot.
$20.00.���Seven-roomed house on Chatham street, Hume addition,
first story of brick.
822 00.���Seven-roomed house,   modern
improvements,comer of Stanley
' and Mines road.
820.00.���Six-roomed house, oorner of
Stanley and Observatory
P. L. S.
KASLO.  B.  C.
Mineral ��lo��<��s and mines suiveyed.
Canada Permanent and Western Canada Mortgage
head ofkj.ob toronto,' ont,
Money to loan on Straight Mortgage.
Apply to a. 1.. LKNNOX B��k��r St,
0ARS.-MEAL8 a la 0ARTE.
Close connection East and Westbound at Spokane with trains of thc
Spokane Falls and Northern Railway.
Direct connection nt St. Paul without change of de|mt with all trains for
Chicago, Toronto. Montreal, New York
and nil points WoBt and South.
Leaves Spokane daily for East at 9:15 tt,m
Leaves Spokane daily ior West at 7:15 a.m
Loaves Spokane daily lor West at 800 p.m
West-bound trains make direct connection for Viotoria and Vancouver.
Portland, San Francisco, and all points
on the Sound.
During the season of navigation East
bound trains connect at D11lut.l1 with
the magnificent steamships North-West
and North-Land of theNorthern Steamship Oompany Line, operated in connection with the (heat Northern Railway.
For further information, aps, fold-
era, etc., apply to any agent of Spokane
Falls & Northern Uy., Kaslo & Slocan
Ry., Kootei ai Railway & Navigation
Co., or to
City Pass, and Tkt, Agt,  W  701  VV,
Riverside Ave,, Spokaue, Wash.
G. K. TACKAUUKV, Local Agent,
Nelson.IJ (l
This lot was bought several months ago.    If we had to buy them
they would cost us 20 per cent more than we now ask for them     A f��W
prices that can hardly fail to interest yon:
75 yards of fine Bleached Satin Damask Table Linen, warranted II
pure Linen, 68 inches wide, new designs, special per yard
3 pieces of fine Bleached Satin Damask Table Linen, warranted ill
pure Linen, superior quality, 72 inches wide, newest designs, our nrice
per yard - - -     "    - $,i2.
Table Napkins���They're always needed and you  can't have  too manv
of them at these prices:
10 dozen Napkins of fine Satin Damask 27 inch, new patterns
special per dozen - - - - , $1 -'
10 dozen Napkins of fine Satin Damask, new patterns, warranted all
pure linen, per dozen - - - - . $2 -���
15 dozen Napkins of superior quality Satin Damask, 27 inch, new
patterns, warranted all pure Linen, special price per dozen.     -      $4 00
Cor. Baker & Ward Sts. Nelson, B. C.
I MTarland&BroGkman i
_S 51
2 We have just opened a line of ?i
Very unique in design.
j  China Hall
Baker Street f.
West Kootenay Butcher Co���
Fresh   and   Salted   Heats
Fisn nnd Poultry in Season
E.  C.   TRAVE3.  Manager.
K.-W.-C   Block, Ward Street, Nklson.
Orders by moil receive careful and prompt attention
"Zbe IRopal Bank of Canaba"
Incorporated 1869.
Capital  Authorised.
$.1,000,000,00 1  Capital  raid-up,     ,    .     .      IjW.mHl.Mll.llll
���~..u of Hirer lorn    Thomas E. Kenny.  I'nwlrtont;   Thomas Kltchlo, Vice .President
Wiley Smith   11. U. Bauld, Hon. David MaoKeon.
Ill-nil Ofliee, Halifax t
General Manager, Kdson L. Pao, Montreal.
Superintendent of Branches, and Secretary, W. fi. Torranoe, Halifax,
Branches I
Novn i Scotia- HrUIiix   Branoh,   Acttgonl^
Bridgowater, Guysboro. Ijondonderry, Lu
__..��� ..-..,_uj ...--.  ~_	
onburg. Maitlaud (Hants Co.), Piotou, Port
Hawkoabury, Sydney. Shubonacadle. Truro,
New    Krunswlck ��� Bathurat.     Dorchester,
Fredorlcton. Kingston ilvont Co.l, Mono-
ton, Newcastle Back villo, St, Johu,Woodstook-
P. E. Island���Charlottetown, Snmmerslde.
Quebec���Montreal,   (City   Office),   Montron
"' ' Oor._Notre   Dame andi_ Soig-
Wost End (Cor.
nen��� Streetsl: Westmounti (Cor. Ureeiio
Avenue and St. Catharines Struct.
Newfoundland���St. John's.
Cuba, West ladles���Havana.
United ��tates-Now York (16 Ulichar-ge 1'laee
Republic, Wash.
Grand   Forks, Nanaimo,   Nelson,   Rossland,   Vancouver,
Vancouver East End, Victoria.
TJu'sfandHavS���^^ Shawmut Bank.   Chicago-Illinois
Holland   H �������,..!SLmTc,,corFlret National Hank.   London,   Hug.-Dank  ot
uan-HonJKoni ________ _TS^   Bermuda-Dank of Bermuda.   China and Japan-Hang Koug and Shanghai Banking Corporation.   Spokane-Old National Hank.
General Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange  Beu.h
and Sold, Letters of Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
AooountB received on the most favorable terms.   Interest allowed on special
deposite and on Saving Bank accounts.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
Before eiilling nnil  seeing our
large assorted slock ol'
Furniture and Carpets
A  carload  of  Nowest  Styles  in Iron
and Bran Boils.   Sne out now  styles
Morris Ohairs.   K.ickors  and   Upholstered Goods
& CO.
Manufacturers of BEST STEEL WIRE ROPE.
Tramway, Hoisting, Mining Wire Rope.
Lang's Lay for Tramways and Underground Haulape
Local Stock tarried, estimates furnished.
Ht E. CROASDAILE Agent Nelson-
and trr a bottlo, a down, or a barrol of
CALGARY BEER aa It is the dobI and
chcapiiHt on tho market. Also try our
WINES,    LIQUORS     and    OIQARS.
Tolotihonn 03 Baker HI... Nelson
Are you in want? If you are, tel.
the people, through The Miner wan!
column, what you aro in want of
You'll get IL
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer and Porter.
N.laoo    II.  (.1
If there is anything you reqniro.anK
for it  In    b' eolHmn cf tbe Miner.


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