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Nelson Daily Miner Oct 6, 1901

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Daily Edit on No.  1159
��� Provinf.ii Librtr-v
Nelson,   British  Columbia, Sunday,  October 6,  1901
Eleventh  Yea;
Much Discussion of Insubordination  on a  German
War Vessel.
Chinese Astronomical lnstru
ments Improperly Taken
From Pekin.
Roilin, O.it. a.��� Tlie r.iost lively
topics of tin) week here linve been the
question of the return of the Chinose
astronomical instruments taken from
Pekin: the pri. posed crossing of llutcr
Deu Linden hy an elcctrio railway;
tho reported protest of the Hungarian
Premier lliuschell ajjainst the proposed Gerniuii tariff ami the cruiser
(Gazelle incident. The -.v'tiole press
practically turret' that the astronomical instruments were illegally carried
off. Even Him Krouz Zeitung criticizes
the action of lhe Hermans as follows:
E"Tho instruments were manifestly
taken unlawfully. The perpetrators
Undoubtedly aeteil in good faith, hut
that does not settle tho all'air. The
least that can he done is to deduct the
Value of the insti omenta from the
Chines.* indemnity. " The statement
��|hat the instruments were purchased
and nol. booked for some time later is
not officially refuted.
ii General satisfaction is expressed at
the reports thnt 1'i-ince Chin*, has
given assurance*, that the Dowager
Empress and the Emperor agree us to
tho necessity fur n change ill the
Chinese systems of government and
thnt reform edicts will he enforced
upon the return of tho couit. I'rince
Chun, the Chinese special envoy, aid
his retinue lived three weeks or so nt
.'the expense nT i-'.niiieiui William and
the empire. Even the OM-ursions
were p.id fur.
Regarding   the   proposal     to     run
an electric rone* lino   across the Unter
Den Linden   tho   Muesto   Naoliri.-htcn
says:     The waves will recede   anil no
Victim   is leqiiiied.      The   democrats
vainly   hoped   to   make capital out uf'
the conflict.    In view uf the   fact lhat
the li'tinl right is   with   the crown, as
chief    I'lireoiiue-ter   Kirsrhcner   said.
;,-��� only those v.ho strive to   displace   the
!-,. centre of gravity, tlie crown, speak ol
Kitho   power   and   right cf sell govern-
<> men I. and urge all enlargement   of the
-j;' powers    of   Iho  lierlin   government.
E' Calmly rellecting on   the reasons   why
E so     much   dust     was    unneces6iiiily
,*/.', stirred   up,    we   recall   the   proverb,
'Parturinnt monlos,   naseetnr rldlcu-
lusnii,--."     (The   mountains   aro   in
S labor, thnre will be born  a ridiculous
h mcuse.)      Sho'ild the efforts   mado to
-�� change the sentiments   of   the   crown
jt fail, u base will have been created for
fj. acting   upon the part ofthe couueil in
I   recognizing the crown's   rights   upon
I which     an     understanding   will   be
5 more onsily   ni rived   at than through
I? an improper contest.      The   Bavarian
$ Diet,    tliis   wsek, continued the tariff
I  debate.       Tho   premier     Huron   Von
f   Crailsheini,     steered   confidently   be*
t,   tween the demands of agriculture and
I   industry,   pointing out tho  necessary
J   lor long term of   commercial   treaties
J   n favor uf the latter while not forget*
I   ting it the masses of oonjumers but lie
*   refused   to eummit the   government lo
any action.
Tlio cases of Insubordination   which
I   have ooourrcd   on   board tho  (lerman
I   cruiser Gazelle   recently,   have  been
t   much ventilated in    the   press.     The
I   secretiveness of  ollicers on the subject
f   was condemned and the natural lesnll
I   is lhat   there   lias   been   considerable
F  exaggeration,     The Hallesehes Volks
lllatle claims that there was a mutiny
on   bonid   the   vessel   which   Is commanded by  Captain   Noilzke, a severe
disciplinarian.   'The Ballots who  ban
H|    served in China were   called   upon   to
perfordU the strictest serivce and   they
["   oimplained that their   too*'J wi.s' not
satisfactory.    The   captain,   one  day
found a letter in his cabin requesting
that a change be made and   notifying
hiin     that   otherwise    he   would   be
thrown   overboard,       The    moderate
newspapers ask fur the publication   of
all   the   details   connected   with   the
alleged mutiny.
The Empress is still under the   ian-
of hor physician ami will be unable
to attend several functions at which
it was announced she would be
1 mis in Three Nations.
London, (let. S,���Detective Inspector
Kline, who has charge of prisoners
giving thoir names as Theodore and
Laura Uorga, who are in custody nero
on the charge of conspiring to defraud
women of jewelry and money by
fortune telling, said to a representative of the Associated Press this after*
n ion 1 "There is no doubt that Laora
11 orgs is the former wife of General
Diss de liar*, though she is married
now to a man named Jackson, with
whom she has been living for some
time in England and on the continent.
There is no doubt that thoy are both
mesmorists. They could not otherwise have oiituincd tto influence tbey
had over their English victims. Wc
have a mass of evidence including a
charge of rape against the man. Probably thoro will also be a charge of
felony for the woman. The magistrate has promised to devote three
clear days to the ease, so voluminous
in tiie evidence."
Ann Odellia Dis De Bar is tho
woman who served a term on Hlack-
well's Island, New York, about 111
voars ago for swindling liuthcr C
As a Jobbing Centre Com
mands a Very Extensive
Quick  Delivery   and   Direct
Communication Hard on
F.   Andrews Chooses
Singular Method of Scll-
No Mention Made of the Danish West
Tndia Islands.
Copenhagen, Oct. !i.--At the opening of the Itigsdag today the King
road tho speech from the throne.
After nothing that an interval of
many years had elapsed sinco he last
personally conveyed the royal ���.���rooting! to the Rigsdag at its opening
session his innjosty proceeded: "In
appointing the new ministry we have
responded to the wisli of tho majority
of the people by entrusting the con-
-duct of government to men who arc
in possession of tho confidence of tho
nation, and we possess strong hopes
lhat it will be vouchsafed to us to see
tho fruitful co-operation between the
government and the Rigsdag. Wu
confidently hopo that it will thus be
possible to come nearer to our great
goal, namely, the preservation of the
Independence of the country, friendly
lolalioiis wnh the powers, the
development of civil and political
freedom and the advancement of the
intellectual and economical life ot
our people." Tho speech concluded
with an enumeration of proposed bills
hut the Ring did not mention tht
Danish Wost Indies islands. The
president of thu Folkelliing led wi'.h
three cheers for thc Kinj and constiu*
t:011aI law.
Banquet and Loving Cup lo llim
From Chicago Friends.
Chicago, Oct. a.���One of the principal features of the inception and banquet in honor uf Sir Thomas Lipton,
boing arranged by the Chicago Athletic club, will be the presentation of
a handsome souvenir that will be
designed with tho view of making a
testimonial of his visit that will bo of
permanent aud constant value to Mir
The momonto will not be a loving cup,
but somo article that will accompany
Sir Thomas and roiniud him of the
0. A. A. whereever ho tin. els. En-
thuiaslic interest is boing manifested
among tho members of tho athletic
elub and the clubs that will ho invited
to participate in tho coming reception
and banquet, and Sir Thomas has accepted the invitation of the C. A. A.
to inako its club house his home
while in Chinsgo.
London, Oct, 5.���A large party of
friends of Sir Henry Irving, Ellen
Terrv nnd other members of Irving's
oompany, lunched with them and bid
them farewell today on board the
Atlantic transport line steamer Minnehaha which sails from London during the day for Now York. C. V,
Torrey presided at the luncheon. U
S. Conssnl-General Osborne, and Mrs.
Sarah Grand were among those present. Irving, duiing tho course of a
speech, said bo was leaving friends to
go among friends. Sousa, William
ilillotte, Nat Godwin and many othei
Americans in London Bont Sir Henry
farewell messages.
A little study of the natural configuration of Southern Kootenay and
Yale and the means of travel will
show that the city of Nelson is so situated as to command tlie jobbing
trade of those parts of the province.
What has occuircd shows that the
cntorprising wholesale men of Nelson
have taken advantage of their oppor*
tunities. The area tributary to any
other city is restricted. The great
factor In building up the jobbing
trade of Nelsou has been the quickness with which sorting orders ean bo
lillcd. Kaslu can roach Sandon or
Three Forks first but not Slocan lako
points, and if the telegraph is used
not oven Sandon and Three Forks.
Giand F'orks can do business in
Phoenix aud Eholt but not farther
east than Gladstone and even for
theso freight rates are against tbat
city. Rossland can supply Trail an
hour or so sooner than Nelson but is
slightly less advantageously situated
as regards the lioundary country than
Nelson. It hns therefore practioally
no jobbing trade. So it is with any
oilier town that can bo named
throughout Southern Britisli Columbia.
The wholosalo trade of Nelson has
naturally tended to it, though it has
beon industi-iusy cultivated during
lato years. Being the first city
founded in the mining country, the
lirst outposts of trade carrying only
small stocks bought them from this,
the nearest point of supply. As demand increased, Nelson's facilities to
supply grew with it until now there
are numerous very largo stocks of
groceries, hardware, liquors and produce for them to draw from. Dry
goods foi jobbing only, are carried by
hut one lirm, though somo of the
rota:I merchants in this line receive
outside orders whicli are an appreciated department of their business.
In conversation with several of ihe
lending bouses the managers state
thnt Lucy lind that not only is their
business increasing with the growth
of the country but they lind that they
aro supplanting Winnipeg, coast and
Eastern Canadian houses in dealing
with retailers already established.
The nearness uf their supuly enables
the country merchant to do business
with smaller stocks than if they purchased in Eastern Canada themselves,
Then too the Nelson dealer buying
in larger quantities get au advantage
of carload freight rates than a retailer
Tho Hold of Nelson wholesale houses
extends from Fernie and Ulairmore in
tho east to Midway in tiie west and
includes all points sonlh of the main
line of the  Canadian Pacific railway.
convention opened with a large atten- [ A    "PT^^\^^-,T1T,
dance at the piaycr service in Trinity   ���"���  JTJ.UJ.1 il TlJll
Dhiircli.     The   house of bishops  then j
convened   for   a   half   day's   Bession. j
Several memorials and sets of resolutions wore presented   and   referred   to
the proper committee and   an   invitation from the locnl committee to   par- :C
tieipato   iD   au excursion  un the   bay
next   Saturday   was   accepted.     Tho I
consideration   of   amendments to   the
constitution wns then   resumed.   The
house of bishops continued Iho consideration of church matleis.
The ninth convention of   Daughters
of lhe King   mot at S1". Luke's chuich
and after a preliminary prayer sorvice
an address   of   welcorno was delivered
by the Rt. Rev. W. T, Nichols, Bishop
of California.     Organization was then
effected   and   committees   appointed.
At   noon   prayer   for   missions    was
called   hy greetings frum Miss Wilson
for   the   Faithful   Chapter,      of   San
Fraucisco.     The   aftornoon   was   de-
votod to the hearing of tho president's
address aud the reception of repot Is.
Dreading  Continued Illness.
He Resolves to Trouble
Friends no Longer.
Bread- May
New York, Oct. .I.*���On tne stcamei
Saratoga wliiab arrived from Cuba
there were four cases of funeral
ivreaths from Santiago consigned tu
Mrs. McKinley.
in   Prioe   of
Have !o Import.
Washington, Oct. B.--France is disturbed at present uvor a deficit in her
wheat harvest, according to a report
received at Ihe stale department from
II. S. Consul Ilaynes, at Rouen. The
price of wheat, he says, already has
risen in France IH certs on overy Km
kilogams (280.40 pounds) anil the
price uf bread bus advanced one cent
on each loaf. The amount of wheat
whioh Franco must have for homo
consumption between now and this
time next year is reckoned at 317,85U,-
1)00 bushels. How much of tbis the
present harvest will supply is uncertain. Some of the authorities state
that on a pinch this year's harvest
will suffioe, but that next year unless
there is a wonderful harvest, France
will havo to apply abroad for foodstuffs. Others place this year's yield
nt but 440,000,000 bushels, leaving a
delicit to come from abroad this year
of 00,030,000 bushels. Ahout the same
conditions prevailed In ls'.i".
An   American Cavalry Man
Merely Discharged for
Accused of Murder He Fled to
South  Africa   but  Was
Brought Back.
Washington, Oct. fi,���Copies of general orders from tho department of
Cuba jusl received at the war department contain tne records of au interesting eourttiiartial trial. I-oy's
Darrell, a private in troop 3, 7th
cavalry, was tried on a charge Of
desertion, found guilty and sentenced
to be dishonorably discharged from
tho seivice. The reviewing authorities
found much fault with the finding of
the court holding that the penally
imposed for thc offense committed
was "scandalously inadequate," and
that all the testimony presented to.lhc
court was that of the accused in his
own behalf. Darrell pleaded ''guilty
with extenuating circumstances," to
the charge. The extenuating circumstances, says General Wood, the reviewing authority, wero that Durrel
was suspected of murder by the majority of the troop. On the morning
of April 10, 1900, Henry L. ('ouch, a
private in troop G, was found murdered in Ilia orduanee storehouse then
adjoining the barracks of his troop
at Plnar Del Rio, Cuba, the dark
stripes around his ?ieek plainly showing Hint ho had been strangled and
his skull crushed evidently by a rifle
butt or other blunt   instrument.     He
Friday mornig.a bout 0   o'cock.   0,
F.   Andrews,    an   old prospector  and
miner,    who has been   living with the
family   Of   Mrs.    .1. Stewart, fur   thc
past couple of  years,    left   the   house
telling   Mrs.    Stewart   that   he    was
going dowu town   and   would not   be
back to dinner.    As he frcquenty took
his dinner  down   town   nothing  was
thought     of     the     occuronce    until
towards evening,   when   noticing that
Andrews     had     not     returned   Mrs.
Stewart became uneasy,   and enquired
of the neighbors as   to   whether   any
one had seen, him, and finally notified
the police hy   whom   enquiries   were
made and a search kept   up till   mid-
eight.    It   was   thought that thu   old
ma might have gone up to   his   property, the Goodenough,   just below the
Athabasca.    A telephone message was
sent to the manager who scut down to
the aback'on the olaim  that  Andrews
used to occupy   when iie was working
it,    but   without   any   trace   of   him
being found,    In the citj  three different   people   told   positively of   seeing
him in ns many different  places abont
II o'clock in the   morning,   but  after
that uo one had seen him.      One plaee
was at the   corner   of   Kootenay   and
llaker,      where     he   was   nppuicntly
going  towards   the   station,   another
was on Houston   btreet when   lie   was
heading westward.
Yesterday morning lhe following
letter was found by Mrs. Stew-art,
lying on the bed between the mattress
and the clothing :
"Mr. Frank Fletcher, mayor of the
City of Neliin,  B. C. :
"Dear Sir,���I write to you concerning tin) burial of the remains of a
pauper in lhe Potter' Field at Hie
cemetery in lhe City of Nelson, H. 0.,
said pauper being myself, (1. II.
Andrews. I have not means to buy a
lot iu lhe cemetery, but it will be
necessary to put aie in the ground.
Let it he done with as little expense
nnd trouble as possible. Put r. e in
auy old rough box or sack, just as I
am found, as I shall use giant powder,
It will make no difference to mo as
1 have no relatives or close friends to
disgrace. Am formerly of the Good-
enough   mining   propeity   load   and
lhe   searchers.     It consisted of   rags T^TTT\rQ]\/rTTTTJ
tied to bushes and little twigs broken | *" U il OlVl U lit
j Morning mountain.   You wiil do   me
was   known   to   have  money   on his ln 1(11U,1I0SH bv   allowing   iny   request,
person. His pockets were turned ir
side out, robbery evidently being the
object of the crime. Circumstances
pointed to Dan el as one of the perpetrators of the deed, and while an investigation was being made, Darrul
desortod bis post, went to Havana,
then to Now Orleans and there took
passago for South Africa. On the 25th
of the following July he was apprehended at lleira, Soutli Africa, and
returned to Cuba.for trial. Ilo waB
tritid before the audoucia of Plnar Del
Rio on a charge of murdui and acquitted. He immediately wen*- to
Colombia barracks nntl surrendered
himself to tho commanding officer and
was tried and Sentence on a charge of
St. Petersburg, Oct. 5.���The U. S.
training ship Buffalo, which arrived
at Cronstadt on October 1st left that
port for Kiel today. The American
ollicers were the recipients of overy
courtesy from the Russian navy.
Admiral Makharoff, commanding tbe
licet at Cronstadt, placed a torpedo
boat nt tho disposal ol the U. S.
ambassador, Charlemagne Tower, on
Friday, when Mr. Towor visited the
San Francisco,  Oct. 5,���The   fourth
day of the triennial Episcopal church
lierlin, Oct. 6.���It is announced in
a dispatch roccived here from Canton
that, uncording to communications
from the governor-general,troops havo
boon ordered to proceed against thn
rebels. Tho local authorities have
been ordered to protect the mission-
lilies, and regulars and militia have
already relieved tho local capital,
which was besteigod by rebels.
Pago a-
"Nuw, mayor, I desire you to know
that I havo given this mailer n gient
deal uf thought nntl hnve come to Lhe
conclusion that foi mc it is the best
thing lo do under the oiiciimslaiiccs.
as it will be a long time before 1 will
be able to work and cum my living,
although I am gelling better all the
timo. But us winter will soon be
here with its changeable weather I
am fearful of faking the liigiippe, and
I feel that I won't be able to stand
much more of it, and to avoid another
spell of sickness nntl cuusing more
trouble and expense I am induced tn
tnko this step. 1 dislike tc givo Mrs.
Stewart's folk any more trouble, as
they have been very kind to me and
helped    mc    in   every   possible   way.
Please have my remains put underground iii the Potters' Field, it will
mukc no difference to me."
An old note book wns also found on
the first page of which was written:
"OetoDer 1, Nelson,   B. <J.
"To explain the manner lhat I intend to use to put myself out of the
way so that there will bo no need of
an inquest, I will stale that I Intend
to uso three sticks of giant powder
placed on tbe top of my head, with n
couple of Hat stonen on top of same,
and hope it will mnko a good job.
Mrs. Stewart at once notified   P J,
Clark, who lives etlose by. Mr. Clark
notified the police and thon set to
work to look fur Annrows on the un-
ocoupled land at the east end of
Houston stieet an-J after a long and
arduous search found a trail whieh
hnd been left by the old man to diieel
and pointing the diiectiun In* had I
gone. At I0..10 lie found tbe hjdy
an:: immediately went do-.-'. . town
and notified Dr. Arthur and the provincial police. Chief of Police Jarvis,
Constable llcabener, VY. II. Rullottk-1
Webster, Provincial Constable Young..
llr. Arthur and a .Miner teporter, I
with Mr. Clark, then proceeded to
Houston sitoet and along to Un- bluff,
where the object uf their search was
quickly lucated by Clink. The body
Iny up against an immense boulder on
tiie edge of the blulV. overlooking Cottonwood valley and thu oity, with
every vestlgue of the head gono, it
having been blown to atoms. A box
of detonatots and a coil of fuso lay
on the ground near-by, while a shoit
piece of fuse on the chest showed how
he had arranged tin- dynamite with a
cap in the end and attached the fuse
and then leaning back evidently
touched a match to the fuse, and in a
fow seconds all hnd been over.
The body was carried out to the
road in a piece of canvas and placed
in a eollin and taken to the undertaking establishment of McArthui' *fc Co.
Andrews at the time of his death
was 72 yours of age. Ilo was a Scotch-
Canadian, nnd camo west fiom his
homo in St. John, New Brunswick, to
Nelson about eleven years ago. lie
had been a hurd-woi-king.steady man,
and was much liked by hia acquaintances in town. Sume years ago he
si aired the Goodenough claim on
Morning mountain anil ever since hns
winked hard oil it. developing it lo
the best of bis utility whilo bis
si i-eiigth lasted. Threo years ngo he
had a severe attack of la grippe,
which hnd left him very liable to
(old. For the Inst two years he has
stayed with the Stewarts, lo whom be
bequeathed the claim and two silver
dollars, all lhat he possessed. Evidently with the approach of winter,
feclfug his helplessness and depend
ence, be committed the deed that
(iiuli il his troubles, On the face uf
une of the letters, of which he had
made three copies he bad written,
"Tilts was prepared .luly 88,   1001."
His tragic death caused quite a
shock among the old-timers of Nelson
hy nil of whom Im had heen well-
known ami respected. A subscription
was quickly taken up and a plot at
the cemetery purchased fur him and
arrangements made for a respectable
funeral, whioh will take plaee this
afternoon, iti 3,30. A number of
flowers were sent by Mayoi Fletcher
and other old (imt-is,
Declares He will Meet t
House With Twenty-Two
Provincial Liberal Executl
Favors Party Lines for
Next Election.
Vancouver, Oct. r,.���The Wor
states tonight that Premier Dunsnii
has stated to their Victoria correspc
dent that he intends remaining
ollice and will meet tht* liouse with
supporters. Further, that he has
intention of resigning.
The Provincial Liberal Associatii
executive met here last night ai
decided to call a convention to deoh
upon question of party lines should
general election be declared. Thei
Were 15 present and all favored pari
lined.        Senator     Temploman     w:
Com -
lie Holds out Nu Hope of tl
pany's Policy (.'hanging.
Rossland, del. 5. ��� It wns thought
t inl R, .1. Fronhevllle might change
his in'md regarding lhe demands of
the miners bnt he has not. In an interview he said lie had gone thorough*
ly into the matter about Die lirst of
the week- a,,i1 had seen nothing since
to cause bim to change the policy outlined then. Tlio men had been obstinate and unreasonable and there
would in' no change iu thoir attitude
toward them Mr, Freohevllle will
nut return lo London lot- sometime
hut will familiarize himself with the
mines und the stnellei before going.
James   Murphy,   attorney   foi   the
Miners'    union    is   here   usin_-   every
endeavor to ell'ect a settlement.
New  York, Del.   a ���The    following
formal    notioe   uf   ihe  yaoht  races
between tho   Sham ruck    II.    and   the
Columbia was issued  by   the  regatta
committee of   New   York Yacht club
today :
Sir,���Wo have to inform you Unit
lhe Coumhiu has won three uut of live
races from lhe Slinuiiuek II. in the
match uf 1001 with the Royal Ulster
Yacht club. The Air.eiica's cup
therefore lOiiniins with the New Yniji
Yact club. (Signed) S. Nicholson
Kane, Chester Griswnld,  Newberry 1).
l.uwtun, regatta committee
Lipton Preparing to Enjuy Himself i
Now Yoik and Chicago.
New York, Oot. 5.���Tho .Shamroe
II. in tow of the tug .lames Lawrenci
left her mooring at Sandy Honk bu
at 11.15 this morning hound for th
Eric basin, where she airived at noon
The yacht's mainsail was unbent an
sho will probably be dismantled B
After Sir Thomas Lipton, necom
pan lod by Mi. Jameson and Mr. Wat
sun, hud paid u farewell visit t
Colonel liurbank an.! his family, a
the military post on Sandy Hook, th
Erin's anchor was hove up, and thn
yacht steamed direct to Now York
,Sho anchored otT the foot of Wost B4t<
street at 'I p. in.
When asked if it wero true that hi
was willing to put the captain ano
crew of the Shamrock on boaul tht
Columbia, and allow that ya3ht'l
crew to handle the Shamiook in I
series of races, Sir Thomas said
"Yes, I should be willing to do it, b
it is in the interest of sport, and pear
vided, of course, the other siao tl
willing. "
There will, however, be no suot
race on Monday, as both tbe yach**.
are being'stripped and could not ���.
put iu trim again for weeks. Beoro*
tary Eddie, of tho New Yoik Yacht
club, siUd ihat such a race might
create bud feeling, especially if tbi:
Siliiiiurock should win. Comiuodor!
Kune said the idea was   prepoateiou*.
Speaking of his future plans Si'
Thomas said he was undecided abo,
In ��� eoiuiiig engagement but that hi
would go direct to the Waldo, i
Astoria bote I about Monday, and thai
un Tuesday evening be would atten I
a dinner at the Now York Yacht clul,
He will probably visit Cmcago abont
a week bonce. Rev. F. i). MacKu,,-
of tho Ei in, said there was evoi .
reason to believe that the Shamroe i
will be laid up in Now York th *
winter, and that in thu spring, ul
next summer, she will he entere I
against tho Columbia, Constitutioi.,
and any othei nu-foutor, "for," sai i
he, ''we believe she is a faster bo-'l
than the Columbia and can heat In r
if she is raced under different 00m
ililious. "
London, Oct. a. ��� It was officially
announced after a meeting today that
nil the disputants at Grimsby,   where
a strike has   been   in progress   among
tho fishermen for several months, hnve
agreed   to   settle   the matter by aibi
trillion and that   the work of the fishing fleet will be resumed Monday.
IMI'l-,1 IAI, Til Tlll'l 1HIMUI.)
Vanconver, Oct, B.*���Y, M. c. A.
liieiuri.e team defeated New Westminster champions today hy 1 to 2,
Mcllride Denies Having Anything   to
Ilo With llim.
Victoria, Oct, S.���lion. Richail
Mcllride distinctly denies that ho hn.
any alliance with Hon. D. M. Eberts
The Victoria Provincial exhihitio I
clusos tonight. It surpassed tlni
greatest hopes of ils promoters, having a big attendance every day an 1
the stuck being pronounced by eastei il
judges to be excellent. Displays III
the main bu-lding filled that Hirudin a
and its three galleries.
Alpena. Mich, Oct. .1.��� Two met
were killed and throe injured by being crushed under heavy colls of wl a
ut the Pane Fence company h warehouse today. They were piling wii ���,
when oue tier ol Coils toppled in. r
upon I hem. NftLsor. Daily' Miftim. Sunday, Octorer 6, i^o��
'���'he Nelson Miner
MlBbed   Kvory Mornlni?  Exoepl   .Monday
pally,por rncnth.by carrier  r**
Daily, per month, by mail  ft*
p-uljr, por yoar, by carrier . 7 i"
iMily, por yeir, by mail  SOU
ly.pory.nu- fnrolKn  9 00
Weekly,*   r half yoar  .1 2.'i
IV ookly, per year  -2 nn
wookly, por yoar, foreign  :i IX)
'ibncripUon�� Invariably In advance.
LONuoN onrics
145 Fleet Stroot. K. C.
ntral  I'ross AKoncy, Ltd., Bpeclal A��enl-
Alexanilor & Co...1-21 Kirst Avenno, Hiinkane
wash., keep ttii.-t paper on file, ana arc our
.iii'lmn/.i-d ngeiils for inlverliseiuenl- nil
for future exhibitions of   vaster   mag
nitudc   and   more   lieiielicial   result-i
the  exhibition   giten   in  Cranbrook
this year was an   unqualified   success
in every particular.
"It is a source of great satisfaction
to the management and to the people
of the city that there have been such
universal expressions uf approval anil
praise from tin- visitors. The
majority give credit where oredit is
due, and are not adverse to frankly
stating thai this effort on thu part of
the Cranbrook people will prove the
nucleus of a great exhibition in the
future 111at will attract thousands,
and he a potential factor in disseminating knowledge uf boutheasl Kootonay aim its marvelous riches among a
people lhat will he iinpressud with the
grand possibilities of the dlstict."
Tbe initiative in favor of the Introduction of Federal party lines in
provincial elections was taken hold
of resolutely by the Nelson Liberal
Association, which declared among
other things that the "only way that
stable government, inlloonccd and
guided by definite principles, us
against ever varying personal or
class interest, can be obtained, is by-
party government, Such is the accepted opinion of all well governed
countries, and by such means alone,
we .entuie to believe, can this province be rescued from the chaotic political conditiuu whioh has existed fur
several yeais. Oui association believes that in order tu secure success
it is necessary that, without further
delay, the whole electorate should
understand the position of our party
on this question aud as a result we
feel confident tbat the provincial Lib*
eral party should at once begin tu
gather to its ranks political strength
and effectually prevent dangerous
factious gaining such giouud us
would make Impossible ut a late dute
the carrying out of our desires upon
the lines ntated above."
The executive of the Provincial "Lib
eral Association very promptly took
up tbe suggestion of the Nelson body
and on Friday lust held a meeting at
Victoria at which Senator 'leinpleiiiiin
presided. It was resolved to huld u
convention of the party, at which
there will be three delegates allowed
from each constituency, as souu a it is
decided to hold ant thei general pro
vinoinl election. It is understood that
the executive is in favor of conducting
the next provincial election upon
strict party lines.
It may, thorefure, be taken for
granted that tbe next campaign will
be an old-fashioned contest between
Liberals aud Conservatives, like those
which are fought between the two
parties- in the older provinces. It is
certain, in any future campaign, too,
that the lubor element must not hi
lost sight of as it is reasonable to ex
pect that it will be able to elect fron
four to seven members. In case of
either tho old parties having only a
small majority the labor representatives will hold the balunce of power
as the Irish purty did ut one time iu
tbe British liouse of commons, lu an
eventuality like this they could prac
tically control legislation nnd they
constitute an .element which politicians must take into   consideration,
The Liberals have new tlnow down
the party gage and it is certain that
the Conseravtives will pills it up,
which is eivdeuced by the declaration
of many of the leading members of the
latter party. The looked for guneral
elections, which are certain to come
on soon, Will be among the most interesting and hardest fought cvoi
seen in the province. As it will be
the initial campaign contested on
party lines every inch of pulitical
ground will he bi'.teily fought fur.
Whichever parly wins it will give il
a prestige whioh will take the defeated party a long time to ovecrume.
The productive mining area Continues to grow in this province and it
is difficult tu say how far it will extend, I-'ur a long time it lias been
kuown that there exists promising
surface showings in tin: vicinity of
Kamloops, hut for one reason or
another the section has languished,
principally, perhaps, because it had
not attracted the attention of capital
lis successfully as some ofthe othei
districts. It is surprising, therefore,
tu learn that it is now- hus a siiipping
mine and that the smelter returns are
very satisfactory. This mine is the
Copper King, which has been extensively developed am' is making an
excellent showing, us recent shipments have shown tl.nt the output of
the mine is a high-grade gold-
copper ore. Recently the returns from
a shipment of second-class ore were
$0,50 in gold, a small silver value and
7'j per cent, copper, or a total
of $23.46, which is not so bad for
second class ore. It is claimed that
the Copper King will soon be on a
self-supporting basis. Tho result
attained by the Copper King should
stimulate interest in Kuuiloups mining properties.
The Liberals in No/a Scotia, in tin
recent provincial elections held there,
captured 3-1 uut of the 1)8 scats which
constitute thc legislative assembly
Doubt is thrown on two of the
fuur Conservatives alleged to be
elected and it is possible that the opposition will have but two members,
who unless they are unusually lively
and aggressive will scarcely make it
interesting fur the majority.
Tho Victoria Daily Times hns issued
a Royal Souvenir number in cumiuum
oration of the visit uf lhe Duko and
Duohess of Cornwall and Yoik. It is
handsomely Illustrated and has a
-umbel of well written articles by
specialists. Captain Clive-Phillips
Wolley and Frederic Irving Taylor
have contributed piorcs, Besides this
there aro aitielcs defciiptlve oi the
lisbing, lumbering, ii'iicultural and
mining resources of the piovince, the
lulttir being of a most meritorious
diameter. There are striking portraits of tho Duke and Duchess of
Cornwall and York and also cuts
illustrating the different articles, and
altogether it is a most credrtablo
The Southeast Kootenay Exposition,
recently held at Cranbrook, while nut
attended as largely as it merits do
served, was a suecess   as   it   war   the
opening exhibit of an Institution
which in time should grow to largl
propoitions und become a credit to
the district oi which it is representative, 'ihe Cranbrook Herald bus tin-
following to say of the exhibition:
"Soutli East Kootenay has had it.*
lirst annual exhibition, and Cranbrook
energy and courage was responsible
foi it. When one slops to consider
the tact that South East Kootenay ia
comparatively a new district, Hint tin-
towns in the district huve virtual!*,
just started, and that the resourcona
have hardly reached the stage uf lirst
development, and then think of tin
fair with Its varied entertainments,
wonderful exhibits and satisfactory
equipments, thore must follow Unnatural conclusion that the fall was a
great success. From a financial point
of view, for this yenr, perhaps il wns
not a suooess. Rut, ns u menus ol advertising tbe district, us a means uf
bringing the people of the different
localities oloser together, as a means
of furnishiii. an annual festival uf
(Amusement and laying the foundation
The Dominion government is send
ing out 100,0011 Ontario buss for the
hikes of British Colurnbia. A few
thousund of those should bo secured
fir the lakes in the vicinity of Nel*
���'on. The fish arc to bo taken from a
Hike near Belleville, Out., a d
brought from Bcleville to llrockvllle
in a large tank on board a scow. At
llrockville they will be placed in a
oar attached to the Pacific express une
lurried across the continent. Consid*
'ruble trouble has hitherto been experienced in transporting small fry of
this kind over long distances owing
to the fact that the oxygen in the
vater becomes exhausted and the fish
die. In order to obviate Ibis an ap-
purtus for charging tlie wuter with
oxygen has teen devised and will be
used during the journey. Bliss shuulti
i,iove a valuable addition to the
game lish uf I lie province,
hudsgn's urn
New Fall Goods flrrivefl
The very latest creations in La.lies'Coslumes
Jackets, Skirts, Waterproofs,
Japanese Dressing Gowns,
Parisian Blouse Flannels and Wool Delaines,
American Silk and Satin Waists.
Dress Fabrics (i suit lengths) in Newest Shades and Weaves.
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TELEPHONE    NO.    13.
Hudson's Bay Company.
Our stock is now complete, in the above lines.    Call and be
convinced that the most complete stock
is carried  by the
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and   Salted   Heats
Fisn nnd Poultry in Season
E.   C.   TRAVES.  Manager.
K.-W.-C   Block. Ward Street, Nklson.
Oiders by mill receive careful and prompt attention
Manufacturers of BEST STEEL WIRE ROPE.
Tramway, Hoisting, Mining- Wire Rope.
Lang's Lay for Tarmways and Underground Haulage
Local Stock carried, estimates furnished.
H. E* CROASDAILE Agent Nelson*
method of rionduoting tlio campaign
and bringing to nn end tho struck1
in South Africa an tho commander of
the foi cos there has, Qenoral Kltoh-
onoi should ho Riven a free hand and
Bhould rmt bo handicapped by foolish
restrictions trom home. If be irero
given full sway it in more iluin probable thai ho would soon bring to an
end the n'lieriUa warfare which is now
being waged by the Boers, Tne
proclaiming of martial law, wherever
General Kltohener found It doslrable,
woulil prevent to a large extent the
Boers from obtaining reinforcements
und supplies from the residents of
('ape Colony. Mr. Broderioks' policy
is hull) shot I sighted anil foolish.
Scalds ami   Piles.   Cum   guaranteed,
2.1c at Camilla Drug Sr. Ileolr Co.
obtained in all countries
Registered Patent Attorney, Mechanical Engineer and Draughtsman. Bank of B.N A. building,
Hastings St., Vancouver, Iii C.
Write for full particulars,
prices  for
cash or
Canada Drug and
Book Co., Ltd.
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| Winter
Delivercd^to any point
on Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock on hand ol
Rough and Dressed
Mouldings, Sash Doors.
Inside Finish.
Coast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber-
Mill nt HLOT BAY. Yards, NKLSON
Subscribers in Kaslo
Kvory morning immediately
on arrival of steamer, al. tlio
rule of    	
75 Cents per Month
Subscriptions to bo left
with the agont,
D.  J.
For domestic or steam use.
A full supply always on
Kates to all railway and
lake points
General Agent,
li In evident that there am urloiin
differences between Oeneral Rituhcner,
in command of tne imperial fumes
in South Africa, nnd Mr. Ilrodeilok,
ihe wur Booretary, Oeneral ICitohonvr
in dissatisfied with tin* partial enforcement of martial inw In South
ifrloa, wanting it proolaiined ol, Cape
Town nnil el sew hern. Ilo ulso desires
more Borious penalties for rebellion
uml more reinforcoments. Ilu took
over tho command with the explicit
nnderatandng that liis bands were not
to be tied, but as tins condition hai
not been oarried out he Is Borlonsly
considering his position, uml may
resign, It is alloged by tbe Pall Mall
Gazette tbat .Mr. Broderick recently
hail n long Interview with the King
on the subject of tbe South African
war and Oeneral Kitchener's attitude
was disouSBed, The war secri*lnry ih
not In harmony with (ie ul Kitchener's polluy, Notwithstanding Mr.
Broderlck'a opinion ho vlowa tlie situation from London and therefore has
not iho hiuno insight ns to the  proper
The New Westminster nnil the
Voting Men's Christian Association
eluh of Vancouver played or rather
fougbl a game of lacrosse nt New
Westminster a few days since which
wns characterized hy extremely rough
piny, fouling, nnil the wounding of
several players. Iho coast papeis are
Indignant nt tho exhibition ami one
join mil  says,   "the  players   placed
themselves on the low level of bulldogs, ami announced hy their action
that thny have no wish to see laoroase
rotainod in this provlnao ns a sport,
which ladies and gentlemen will wit-
nesii nnil which, if lt does not disappear entirely, will he brought olT���as
prize lights have been*��� secretly and
for tbe benefit only of the law ilcfyiirs
nnd demoralised elementB of the community." The giuno must hnvebeen n
veritable luittle to huve eulleu forth
such frci'-hniid comment us tlio above,
ami laoroaae is, Indeed,   degeneiatlng
when such tullt is necessary to bring
a souse of decency to the players.
Hill*. DIll'NT  IVEAI! A  MASK.
Hut her beauty was completely hidden by sores, blolchns nnd pimples till
she used HucIiIcu'h Arnica Baj.e.
Then they vanished ns well ull Eruptions, Fever Sores, lloils, Ulcer's,
('nrtiuuclcH and l'oions from its use.
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Nolonn  It. O
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something that looks   like   It.     aw-
renco Hardware Co,, Agon
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Office ��� Two
C.P.R   offices.
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Reduction in  service,  taking plnce
Sunday  29th  inrtant.    41)   minute
service before   11   a, in.  nnd  after
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todny cninplel'dycnr.id.   I cun DOW BIOOp Well
ovory night*, and now play my tnatratbont in
Hit! clly liiiii'l onoe moro" This n-nmrkuhln
story is also corUfloa by .Mr. K. 0. Stoarmar,
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gold by all druggists tr by tho <_. ft M. Co.,
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hour, 20 past and 20 10.
Ilu*: 1111 mt 11
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7 4��
9 -I'io. 20
Stanley si
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lo 40
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, ii , ()'"*,,*V N' ���""- Northoni im
���souih,V,��� hi._i'..h*"     usl""Ki<-". Oregon mul
Time Cam Fffcctlve August I. 1901
Kaslo & Slocan Ey*
IlliM p.m, Ar
I Kaslo
Ar. l:IKlp. in.
Lv. 1:111 p. in.
Int Nav & Trading Co*
tion to he   held
Dates of sale,
inclusive.    Uooil
Nov.  i; '
P. L. S.
KASLO,   B.  C.
Buffalo and Return
Good for sixty days, first
and third Tuesday, August,
September and October.
Through passenger trains between Spokane add Nelson. Buffel
service between Spokane and
Lnnvo DAY TRAIN Airivi
u :ini ii. m Spokane i* (85 p.m
19 :S6 p.m Hiiscliinil ���! :ll) p.id
111:1(1 ii. m Nullum (i.(),. |i. tu
H, A, JAOKSON, U. P, & T.A.
m:i,s��i.\-kaslo boiitb.
'���''.* Nolson Ar. 11:00n, ni,
***!��� Itiwlo Lv.7l00o.ni,
ltus",!...i ..!.'.   d Ra*lWftJ' both lo Wld friini
(Il20 p. in
IlilOp, in
wand, l'i.':.
(wili^vi?','! l0'.l"vl""*ls in u"|l*-''l Slrilo..iiii.l
0_"aiip__,    ma N��*how im.io. it. k n.
lli<KN"u'i'iif!".m,l',lV |l(!ko,*H ���W*'  rata vln nil
or f...,     ,fl""';;1""  "" "1'l.lioill inn.
l-oi further particulars Oft.] on or iiilili'iimi
fj   tr  .,,  M.TK.I/lir.   K...-il,,.Jl.  0
U*lt   lAl'kAIlUHY Auont. Nolnon  11. ('.
Canada Permanent and Wes-
tekn Canada Mortgage
>"t <>f town fur | HEAD   OFFICE   TORONTO    ONT.
Mineral ,l__��� ^ miacK ,���, vcyed | uut^oa _ee wh_i '^ ^g���*     Money to low on Bright Mo^ago.
,->   j Nolnon. '
Attent, Nelson, B
'ii shoulti'nt semi
for yourself ���*.*>
J- 0. GWILLIM, B.f  Sc*,
Late of Geological Survey of Canada,    Six years experience In li. C
���uiniii;-** districts.
Baker Street Nelson. B. Nrlbon  Dan vv Minim., Sunday Octobek 6, .901
John Mui'lt Morgan.
Thus fur we have viewed   our    subject from   the   intellectual   point  of
view and hn^o arrived at  the  oonelu-
.sion   that (<oil exists its   the   personal
Intelligence,   who   has    created    the
universe and who is  conduoting it   to
definite   nnd   lntelligonl   ends.    The
discovery of the character of  God   remains yet t*i be   made.     Is He a grod
(lod, northy  of tlie loving confidence
of Hi? creatures or ia   He  evil?    For
ihe satisfaction of such an enquiry we
must transfer   ourselves from    the intellectual to the  religious view   point
nn.I direct inn   attention   (l)   to  the
religious   nature   of   man.      Nothing
ean he more obvious than that religion
is natural to num.   So genoral is   hi*,
sense of dependence upon some higher
being anil so universal tho disposition
to  acknowledge    in   some   form    of
worship   his   obligations   to   such   a
lining,    that   man    has   been   distinguished   by   many    from    lhe     lower
creation   as   a   worshipping   animal.
Clearly   then   man   ha*,   a    religious
nature.      But   what   shall wo say   of
this nature?   Can it be trusted or  are
its   leadings   false ami   delusive?     In
the experiences of li'e we  have learned to trust owr powers.    Iustimts, intuitions   and   powers seom alike to be
met   with   corresponding and satisfying realities.    My powers of sense coordinate   wilh surrounding  pbyslcial
existences.   The conclusions of reason
hIho are found   to be   verified   in fait,
and I leant to put   confidence   in   the
powers    of   which   I   am   possessed.
Not   only   so,    but   among the lower
animal.-; I observe   that every   instinct
has   its   corresponding reality.     The
duckling follows natuie's loading anil
inns its lifo upon   tho   water   bithero
unseen.   The eagle,   in  obedience  to
the same teacher, llmgs itself from its
airy birthplace   upon   untried   wings
into tho   invisible   ether.      And   just
noTV the little songsters   of   a   season
iiave lett us   for the far-off,  unknown
southland,    To every instinct thuro is
an   answering   reality  nnd  the  first
heart   has  yet   to be disappointed   in
answering nature's   voice.    Shall   we
then expect loss when we  pnss in   the
ascending scale to the   highest powers
of  uiau?      Surely   these   cannot  be
alone doomed to   disappointment I    If
the humblest  bird   or beast or   insect
may rely upon its instinct ns   au   un
failing guulo,   and if man's poweis of
sense   and   reason   prove   universally
trustworthy, why should I deny a like
confidence to the noblest instincts nnd
aspirations of which   1   am   capable?
Until their testimony is proven false,
1 am bound   by   consistency to accept
it.    Hut my religious   nature   bids me
seek for a (lod of goodness   aud not of
evil.   Therefore  until  the non-existence of such a Being is  satisfactorily
demonstrated,   1 shall eontiuuo to ac
cept   the   leading   of   my     religious
(-) Hut I am not left to grope in
darkness for an undisooverable reality. If other leadings of nature reach
their goal in experience, sorely this
ono also. A good (lod must answer
tho yearnings which lie himself baa
implanted within me bv a revelation
of Himself to iuv consciousness. And
this is precisely what Christianity
profesuea to give. It offers to meet
my spiiitual longings by a self-manifestation of God in Christ, and demands to be subjected to the c-xperi
mental test. Moreover, the tea has
been made and thousands bear glad
witness to the reality of a God of
goodness and truth as revealed in
"spiritual consciousness. Her., as
everywhere experience must remain
the supreme oritevion and until it is
applied none may deny the reality.
Bis   Man  Gave Advice So Malono (lo
No Damages.
In the easo   of Malone vs   Korgusoi
at the County court yestorday momiu-
tlio facts were as follows:   The plain
'ill',   Malone,   engaged   a teamster t.
haul   a   portable   engine to thn brew
cry in the Hume   addition,     On   th
way the load was upset,  as tlio plain
tiff  claimed,   through    tlie  driver'
carelessness,   and part   nl tlie   engine
Was broken.     The plaintiff   therefore
sued for damages.
The judge held that the precedent?
cited by counsel did not apply in this
case mainly fur the lonson that in the
cases qnotod tlie goods had been
drawn along good roiulH in older
countries under conditions which do
nut exist hen.. The ogett of the
Plaintiff had bee,, along with the
driver ���f tbo team in charge of the
engine in question, and had diiected
the said driver as lo how lie should
nantlle the load generally and aa to
how he Bhould approach the brewery,
thus taking over the responsibility.
He would therefore dismiss the ease.
-U  is tlie   Neatest and Most  Complete
Vet Issued.
Henderson's British  Columbia   (la-
MOfttOMT. ��
mamw ItiJ^mSiMM
Poryder afldcpsti_K_ii
'West Transfer Co.
Goal anu Wood
Best   1- ir  and   Tamarac   Al
ways on hand.
All Kinds of Teaming and
Commission Work*
zettn and Directory for 1901 is being
distributed in this city nnd a Very
creditable publication it is. It Is
moro compact than it was Ins! year
mid is mnch better arranged. The
volume is divided into six parts as
follows: (l) Incorporated companies;
(-') Qazcttcei index, showing the
names of all places in each electoral
distriot; (3) Gazetteer and directory
of postollices railway stations, villages and mining camps; (-1) directory
of the ineoproraled cities and principal towns; (6) complete street and
alphabetical directories of Vancouver
and Victoria; and (0) classitied business directory. Turning to the pages
devoted to Nelson is found a short
sketch of the citv Including statistics,
tlie city olliceis, members of tho board
of trade, provincial ollicers, supreme
and county court judges and ollieials,
land registry officials, public school
teachers,        Dominion government
officials, churches, secret societies and
index of the streets. Then follows
thu names of the citizens to which ;m
pages are devoted. It is the neatest
and most complete directory and
gazetteer that tho Henderson Publishing company has yot gotten but.
Union Mon Show Then* Sympathy For
llim at the Depots.
Chief of Police Vaughn of Kossland,
arrived here last ovening having in
oharge Xhomns M. Beamish, a member of the Carpenters' union of Kossland, who is to servo a two months'
term for a conviction of intimidation.
The intimidation consisted of following William Home, a non-union man,
about the streets of Rossland and calling him a scab. At the railway station at Kossland yesterday afternoon
ibout *-'U() friends of Beamish, principally union men, assembled to see
him go. They shook hands with him,
bade him goodbye, hoped he would
havo a pleasant time and that he
would return to them as soon ns the
term was over. Among tile orowd
were several women and children.
When the train pulled out of the depot
three hearty cheers were given for
Beamish. On the atrival of Chief
Vaughn and Beamish at Nelson over
100 sympathisers wore found assembled at tho depot, and among the
number was Hairy donos of Kossland.
Members of the crowd shook hands
with Beamish before ho took his seat
in the cab and was driven to the provincial gaol.
Officer liradshaw arrived here on the
forenoon train in charge of Joseph
C.ilisti'O, a lueiubci of the Miners'
union of Kossland, who was convicted
of assault ou William Home, and who
was sentenced to two months' imprisonment fui* the offense.
M. M. Austin,  a civil war
of  Winchester,   tud.,   write
wife   was sick a long time i
good     doctor's    treatment,
wholly cured by Ur.  Kings'
Pills, which   worked wonder
health."     They    always
them.     (Inly   38o at Oana.l.
Hook Co.
n spi
s for
i Dm
' My
to or
g   &
Remember the Manoabeo's dance
next Tiiesdav evening in fraternity
hall. Tickets 1,1.80, including supper.
Ladies free.
Jewels, candy, llowcis, man--that Is
the order of a woman's preferences,
Jewels form a magnet of mighty
powei to the average woman. Even
that greatest of all   jewels, health,  is
often ruinea in tbo strenuous efforts
to make or save the money to purchase thorn. If a woman will risk her
health to got a coveted gem, then let
her fortify herself against tlio insidious oonseqnenoes of coughs, colds ami
bronchial affections by the regulai
use of Dr. HoscliHo's German Syrup.
It will promptly arrest coniuiiiplioii
its early stages and heal the alTc'ted
lungs and bronchial tubes and drive
the dread disease fiom the system. It
is not a ouio all, but il is a certain
jure for coughs, colds and all luoii-
e.hial troubles. You oan get Di, 0,
D. Greens reliable remedies at W
V. Teetzel & Co. Get Green's Special
Pure Egyptian Cigarettes are fully np
predated by Cigarette smokers. Tin
enormous sale of this brand proves it,
gold everywhere,   lfio, per package,
Olliee on   liiik'ir Street.
Tel. Xi
Porto Rico Lumber
Co., Limited.
Rough and
Dressed  Lumber,
Shingles, Mouldings.
A-l White Pine Lumber Always Id
Wo enri'3' a complete stock of Coast Flooring
Culling, Insido Finish, Taruad Work, Hash nnil
Doors, special ordor work will receive prompt
attention*   Mail order.-, solicited.
Porto Rico Lumber Co.,
Heart Office���f-"V��"*ll**rT nnil Vernon  ft,., Nnlsnn
Is    lame    or    inteiferes
bring  him   to   the   City
Horseshoeing' Shop.  Jo
sephine Street
A. R. BARROW, a ui.o.e
Provincial  Land  Surveyor
Corner Victoria an _T Kootenay Sta.
P.O,  Box 500 Meo-ione  No. ft"
NKLSON LODGE"   No. 23, A. F. &j
1.1, meets seoond Wednesday in
month)   Visit inK brethern welcome
aj&gtj&i. I. O, O. F. Kootenay Lodge
figjggpfr; Nu, II!, meoltf every Monday night,
������*wlW^' nt, their 'lull, Kootonay street
Sojourning Odd Follow., cordially invited,
John A. MoRae, N.G. D. VV. Rutherford, V.G
Fred J. Squire, Por, Soc.
Nelson Royal Arch Chapter No. 128, G. R. C.
Meets ihinl Wednesday, tiojournlog oouipan
joins invited. George Johnstone, A. K. VV.
Matthews, S, K.
^>.       NKLSON LODGE  No.25, K.of P.
T-tamoets tn K, of P. hall, Oddfellows block
j&everyTuesday evening at 8 o'clock.
3jiyA.ll visiting knights cordially invito
WM. Irvine, c.c.
A. T. Park, K.of ft.andS,
Nelson Gnoa pment No. 7. Meets uvory 2nd
and -llli Friday of oaeii month, in Odd Follows
Hull, corner Raker and Kootenay Ktroot^,
Nelson. A. 11. Clements, C. P.; I>. McArlhui
R. S.   Visiting brothers always WQ.innn.B_
NKLSON L. O. L. No. WJ2 meets in Fraternity Hall on lirst und third Friday evenings
of each month at H o'clock. Visiting member
cordially invited. W. W. Bradley. W. K.
A, Mii.ty. R.S.
NKLSON AER1K No. 22, F. 0. K., meeta
every second and fourth Wednesdays of each
m onth. Visiting members cordially invit
Oharlos Prosser, 'Secretary,
Kootenay Tent No. 7, K. 0, T. M��� hold their
regular meetings in Fraternity Hull, I, o. o. IT,
block, on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of eaeli
n.onth. Visiting brethren conlially Invited to
attend. G.A.lhoun, R, K,J A. P. Purdy, Com*'
lt. J.Steel. I), ti. C.
NKLSON'S   QUJS-DN    NO.   211
f;E~==s*v SONS OF ENGLAND, meets
\ft 1st and Brd Wednesday evenings oi
���c -ft mil mcu month -*���-��� Ki i .utrnity hall,
|_3��U'I-f|J corner of Raker and Kootonay
i ill   Btreets.   Visiting brethorn cord-
^S_--2~;#   lallj invited.
KlJWAltD MACI_K0D. Bocrotory.
COL'P-T KOOTKNAY, 1. O. F., No. 31__t.
Meetings ith Thursday of month, Fraternal
hall, J A Irving O R.   P. H. Fleming. U.S.
Nelson Court Star o(   Kootenny, A. O. F.
Meets   2nd  and    lib    Wednesdays in   every
month.   Visiting brethren welcome, W. Mae-
MliUui. u.R    Robert McLeod Sec.
It is just like throwing iiwny money
wiii'ii Jim throw awuy tho KNOW
SHOE TAGS ivhioh uro on cvory plug
nf bobs, Pay Roll and Currency
Chewing Tobacco. Save thoin and
ynu cun havo your choice* of 150
liiimls.iiuo presents, Tags arc good up
In,Inn. 1st,  1008.
Ask ymir ilclur for our  now illus-
iintoil catalogue.
Certificate of Improvements
Bunker Ilill, Sullivan, ami Fidelity
Mineral Claims situate in tho Nelson
Mining Division of West Kootenuy dis-
Whore looated���On tho West North
Fork uf Salmon Kivor, about live miles
from Bed Mountain,
TAKE NOTICE that I, U. Smith, F.
M. O. BB762B, acting us agent for S, A.
Oumerntii P.M. O, fi.ritistiis and Win.
dri'lUli, F. M. 0, 6B882B. intend  sixty
daysfr the date hereof, to npply to
ilin Mining Recorder for Certificates of
Improvement!', tor the purpose of obtaining Crown Grouts of the above
Ami farther lnko notice tbat action,
under section :i7, must be commenoed
in.fore iho issuanoe of such Certificates
of Improvements*
Dated this 1st day of Amust, A.   f)
Wh li. SMITH,
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
m***t?y~ *������������ ������������^"a&'tS
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nolson, Kaslo
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Order* by mall to isi branch will have careful a**ul nramot attention.
     & -_ &iBM
Certificates of Iprovements
Armstrong, Treasure Hox, Eric, Blade
Night, ISuuk, X-10-U-S, Myee, Pinnnole
uud Sherman Mineral Claims, situate in
the Nelsou Mining Divisiou of West
Kootenuy District.
Where located���About one mile west
of Erie, 13. C.
TAKE NOTICE that I, J. U. Anilerson, P. L.S , of Trail, B.C. agent for the
Transvaal Zambesi Company, Limited,
free minor's certilicate No. B*1."!II7, intend, sixty days from tlie date hereof, to
apply to the Miuiug Recorder for certificates of improvements for tlie purpose of obtaining Crown Urauts of the
above clniins**
And further take notice thnt notion,
under section 517, must be commenced
before the issunuce of such certificates
of improvements'
Dated this 21st day of August, A.D,
1001. .1. D. ANUER80N.
Certificate ot Improvements
Gold Staudard Mineral Olaim situate
iu the Nelson Mining Division ot West
Kootenay District.
Where located���On Tond Mountain,
north east of Silver King Miue.
TAKE NOTIOE that 1, F. C. Green,
netiug as agent for A. H. Kelly, Free
Miner's Certificate No. B50454, intend,
sixty duys from the date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certilicate of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining u Orown Grant of the
above claim.
And further take notice thnt actiou,
under section 37, must be commenoed
before tho issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements.
Duted this 29th day of July, A. D.
1001. F. C. GREEN.
Certificate of Improvements
Gold Tip Mineral claim, situate in
the Nelson Milling Divisiou of West
Kooteuuy Distriot.
Where located���On Toad Mountain,
north of Silver King mine.
TAKE NOTICE that 1, F. O. Greeu,
acting os agent for A. H. Kelly, F.M O.
B50464 nnd A, H. Buchanan, F. M. O.
No. 1350021, intend, Bixty duys from the
dute hereof, to npply to the Mining lie*
coi-dor for a Certilicate of Improvements, for tho purpose of obtaining u
Orown Grant ofthe above claim,
And further tnke notice that notion,
under section 37, must be commenced
before I he issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated this 20th day of July, A. I),
101)1, F. C. Greeu.
Certificates of Improvements
lllue Bird, Michigan, Lorna Donne,
Randolph end Trout Mineral Olninis,
situate in the Nelson Mining Division
of West Kootenay District.
Where located���West of Deer Crook
aud about two and one half miles from
tlie Lover Arrow Lakes.
Take notioe that 1. Kenneth L. Burnet agont for the Montana Golil Mining Company, Free Miuer's oor-
tillcute No. 13 8871)1), intent! 60 days
from the date hereof, to apply to thu
Mining ltocorder for a certilicate of
imnrovenieuts, for the purpose of obtaining n Orown Grant of the abovo
And further tako notice thut action,
under section !i7 most be commenced
before the isnuanoe of such Certificate
of Improvements.
Duted this 12th dny of September*
A. D. 11)01.
Certificates of Improvements
"Iron Silver and Silver Queen" Mineral Claim, situate in thc NoIhou Mining Division of West, Kootenuy Distriot,
Whero located : On Craig Mountain,
neur Crnigtown.
Take notice that I, J. I). AndiTsi'iii,
P, L. S., of Trail, H. 0., agent for
George Davis, Free Minor's Certilicate
No. ICISIIO, and John H. Nolan, -Free
Mlnei's Oertifioate No, B60611, intend,
sixty duys from tlie dute hereof, to
apply to the Mining Reoorder for a Cor-
tilloutcof Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining u Crown Grunt of the
above claim.
And further tnke notioe that action,
under section H7, must be commenced
before the issiiiuice of such Certilicate
of Improvement*****.
Dated this 18th day of July, A. I).
11)01. J. D. ANDEKSON.
Certificate of Improvements
Matilda Mineral Claim, situate in the
Nelson Minim.' Division of Wost Kootenny District,
Where located Near the East Fork
of Champion Creek, boutsix niile�� from
the Columbia River.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Kenneth L.
Burnet, agont tor tne Mount Sicker nnd
British Columbia Development Company, Limited, free miner's oertifioate
No, 1363443, intend, sixly days from the
dute hereof, to apply to the Mining Kc-
cordii' for n certificate nf improvements
for Ibe purpose of obtaining n Crown
Grant of the above claim.
And further tnke notice thnt action,
under section 37, must be coninieuceil
before the issuance of snch cerlilicnte of
Dated this 29th day nf August, A. D
Certificates ot Improvements
Venus nnd Saturn Fraction Mineral
Claims, situnto in the Nelson Mining
Division of West Kootenay District.
Where located���On  Morning  Moun-
' 'JAKE NOTICE that I, F. C. Green,
acting as agent for the Venus Gold
JlininK Company, Limited, Free Minor's Certificate No.B60,408, intend sixty
days from the date hereof, to apply to
the Mining Reoorder for Certificates of
Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining Crown Grants of the above
And farther take notice that action,
uudei- section 37, must be commenced
before tbe issuance of such Certificates
of Improvements,
Dated this 20th dny of July, A. D.
1801. F. O.  GREEN.
Certificate of Improvements
"Good Enough" Mineral Claim, situ-
nte in the Nelson Mining Divisiou of
West Kootenay District.
Where located : Near Crnigtown.
Take notice thnt I, J. D. Anderson,
P. L. B , of Trail, 13. C, iigent, for Jo,*.
Bernard, Free Miner's Certificate No
B50340, D. Buyer, Free MiherB's Certificate No. 13121(17, nud Paul Bonnet, Free
Miner n Certificate No. BBOlOO, intend,
sixty days from the dute hereof, to
apply to the Mining Recorder for u
Certificate of Improvements, for tin
purpose of obtaining a Crown Grunt ol
the above claim.
Ami farther ti.ko notice thnt net ion
under section 117, must be commenced
In fore the issuance of such Oei'tlfionti
of Improvements,
Dated this 22nd dny of July, A.D.
Certificates oflmprovements
Now Year, Amethystine and Tourmaline mineral claims, situate iu tlio Nelson Mining Division of West Kootenny
Where located- On the East bank o
the Columbia River, two miles soutli
of Trail.
TAKE NOTICE that I,J. 1). Anderson, P. I��� S., of Trail, ii. C��� agent for
W. W. Carlisle,  Free  Minor's Oorlifl
Cltto No.   I!  B0364,  intend,   sixty   duys
from the dale hereof, to upply to the
fining llocor ler for Certificates of Improvements, for tin* purpose of obtain
Ing Orown i Irnnts of lhe above clniins.
And further take notice that uclion,
under section 87, must lie commenced
before the issuance of such Cet'tifioatea
of Improvements,
Dated Iliih2!l|b day of  July,    A.   I)
Certificate of Improvements
I'liitopin   Miner 1 olaim,  situate in
the Nelson Mining    Division   of   West
Kootenay District.
Whore located   On Poroupine Creek,
lAKE   NOTICE   that    1    Tl line
Boauohatnp, noting as agent of Frunk
Desniiluiei', free Miner's certificate No.
ISI33III. intend, sixty days from the
date hereof, to upp'y to tbo Milling
Recorder For a certificate of improvements for the purpose of obtaining n
Crown Giant of the above cluim.
Ami further tnke notice thnt action,
under section 37, must   be   coiniiicnceil
before the issuance of such oertifioate
of Improvements,
Dated  ibis 5th dny of September,
Advertisement*',Inserted un-itr thlsbeadat
the rate of one oent a word por Insertion. No
advertisement tskpn for loss than 25 **ont<.
Situation Wanted advortisomontd Insortod
Hiri-i* linn- froo of oharso.
FURNISHED Rooms,   every convenience; south oust corner nf Carbonate
and Josephine streets.
FOU HUNT���Homo Temperance hotel,
2ti bedrooms, dining room, parlors,
kitchen, all famished complete; ST.",
per month. Apply lo A. (1. Humble,
agent, llaker street,
HiiuMS to RENT. -K. VV. I*. Blotk-
Two rooms en suite on Ward st..
also rooms facing tie. west. On Sep
tember 1, two Birgio rooms and two
or threo en cu.te lining Baker st.
Furnished or unfurnished, Mrs. F.
,1. bqn.re, Room 41, K.    \V. C. Mock.
Arc you in want'.' If you are tell
tlie people, through The Miner want
column, what you are in want of
You'll gut it.
NfcLSON, B. t.
���A.***! .v M.I iiiiiiiuiM, Lessee���Sverr known
nuWol raft drinks. 'poBox 88. ftlophT
,\u. ji. Hoover aires., Nelson.  Bottlers ol u,e
Union*, hi, Leon HolSpriiiKB Mineral Water
WANTED.���-A position us cook.    Have
many   years'   experience   in  camps
ami holcis.    Steady anil reliable. Ad
dress "Cook" this office.
NELSON  Employment Agency,  llaker
street.     Phono 278.    J.  II,  Love.
WANTEU.��� Man for wagon road, 8;i
per day. Laborers, 115c per hour.
Night cook. .Miners. Railroad laborers for Lat'do. liirls foi housework.
Cook, .75.
Contracts taken for Diamond Core
WANTED.- Waitrcss.Giris for Housework.     Men   for    Railroad   work,
men for sawmill, second cook $51)   per
month, stone mason.
Western   Employment  (mice.  II. A.
Prosser, Phone mtu.
storage���I have a   large   warehouse
for    storing      household    or   other
nti.i; Hilling Uold 1'rupcrtlen-We uro
inivi .us iii secure u I't-iv free minim* ;;<>:,!
properties nl once* The Prospector's Ex*
elm use, Nelson, v. tl, Uoom I, I. ��.��.
UOLW-81LVGU <'Oi'l'KIt I.I.IIH   Ml mil
prospects wanted, Bend roporl mul sain*
pies in lin- Prospector's Exchange Nelson.
ll.e.   Kiioni i It.���t.v.-0. blocii.
Has  Money to Loan at 8  per Cent,
On    improved    Real      Estate    In
amounts of SI '.M,1 and upwards.
Loans quickly arranged,
{jTlnee,    four,    live   and six   roomed
houses for rent.
5-Roomed Cottage for sale, fl,700,
Two US-foot building lots , .ruin.
Insurance, Real Estate, Rentals,
Will pay the highest cash prioe for all
kinds of second hand goods. Will buy
or sell anything from an anchor to a
needle. Furniture, stoves oarperU,
-oiiii.il!,',' utensils, bought in household
quantities. Also oust off clothing.
Oall and see me or write. Address
811ver King Mike, Box 8M1. Ball
Street. Nelson.  H   i-'
Close connection East and West
bound at Spokano with trains  of  the
Spokane Falls and Northern Railway,
Direct connection at St,  I'nul with
out, change of depot, with all trains for
Chicago, Toronto, Montreal, New Ynrli
and all points WeBt and South,
Leaven Spokane dailj fur .East aO;l.*) a in
Leavus Spnkuue daily tor Wcit at 7:15 a.m
Leaves Spokane daily lot West at 8:00 p.m
Wost-iioiind trains make direct connection for Victoria and Vancouvei',
Port land, S.-in JiVuiiciseii, and all points
ou the Hound,
1 luring the season of navigation East
bound trains count.ct at Ihiliilh with
llicinagiiilli'onl steamships North VVb***.
and Noi<th*Land of thoNorthern Steam
ship Coinpany Line, operated in con*
nection with the Great Northern Hail
1 or further information, maps, folders, etc., npply to any agent of Spokane
Kalis .V Northern lt.y��� Kaslo Sc Hlin-an
lty , Konl.ei ui Hallway ,_ Navigation
Co , or to
Oity Pass, and Tkt   Agl   \V 7nl \V,
Riverside Ave,, Spokane, Wash.
(I. K. TAUK-AIHJKY, Loool Agent,
Heldon. R n
i<\ O. GREEN        V. S. Of.EMENT"
Civil Engineer.* nnd Pro   acini Land
1'. O.  Hox 115 _.     ou, B.O.
( )ASt\,& ���)*A*I*I,U-NAU- HI. -Hum, Jams
\J A. Macdona{dl-4rchiteote umi -iiiiirin
leinluno-, Broken U_U Blook, corner Uakui and
Ward otreeu, Nelson
���     *
HJ. KVAN8 ft (-���O.-UakL-r Street, Nol
��� bop���Wholesale dealera In tumors ci.
tears, oetoent, fire lirick and lire olar, witor
pipe and Bteel rails, una general commission
Al.lACli-J--.ALD & Cft-Corner Fron
��� uml Hall Streets-Wholesale Krocor
nnil Jobbera in blankou, glovos, initu. boots
ruiiburs, inaukuiawa and muteis1 sundries.
\> ".V.!*-''**;'*-* * Co.-Baker Streel, Nelson-
J. ��� Vt Iwlosalo ileulers in freoli aud cured
meals,  Oold sioruKe.
���a/iar kootenav butcher co.-
��Y    linker Btreet, Nelson���Wholesale doa
er*, in frosn and cured meals.
i awhenoh hahdwarb aT-Tuil^.
XJ  stroot,  Nelson ��� Wholesale dealua Id
bardware, minors' suuplies, suortiiiK uooils
MLai iilan hkos. (Sneeeasors to Van
couver Hardware Co, LULI Baker Stroet,
nelson��� Wholesale dealers in hardware and
mining supplies, plumbers' and Unsiniihs' ��uu
XI    piunls, oils and k1i,hs; mei'lianlcs* tools
Aneiim ioi Unlurio 1'owder Work.-; ljnamito
rpUKNKlt, BKKTON & Co.-Cornor Vernon
Jl   and Josephine streets, Nelson���Whole
salo dealers in liquors, cigars, and dry goals,
Agents for Pabsl Brewing Co. of Milwuukee
and Calgary Brewing Co ol Calgary.
UDSON'S BAY Co.-Wholesale grocerlcn
and linuors ole, Bakor Street, Nelson.
Ollico corner Hall and Kront Slreets
Nelson���Lumber, colling, llooring, and every
linns* in wood for building puriKMos. Got out
prices.   Correspondence solicited.
rp GALLON fe OO,���Dealera In ore sacks
X . and twines. Always a largo slock on
hand. Telephone 2!15. Uoom II, K.-W.-C! Block
Dominion and
Land Surveyor.
.69 nelson b c
Wlndsrniore Mlues,   CorroscondenoeBollolle
Eur pamphlets desoriptive of^Oan
udian I'nnitlo loins and for Time Tab
Halus,   'IickcU,   apply
11. l, Brown,
Oity Passonger Ageut1]
J. s. Oabtkr,
Dis. Pass. Afft.
E. J. Ooylb
A. O, P. A.
Vane mver
To  All   Eastern   Points  via
Lake Route, All-Rail or Soo
Line, via  St.   Paul   or  Chi
Pau-American Exsosition
BUFFALO. $76.00.
Sixty    Days'    Limit.
Good going Oct. i-i5th
Through Sleeping Cars Koot-
fiiay Ldg. to Toronto. Arrowhead to Vancouver.
: u
;������ Hi
i Nelson Daily Minsr SUio.Y, October B, 1901
-_*__>������<-wwi 11 >��� ���*��. ' *- -��*-'   ���' '
Wc Imvc on ml& 'or
a few dayr. ���''. ��� ���;,"��� '���-
Retao_uitfl   of
Tho    onorntou-  Miih-
of our well known
ban It-fl   ui   with  n
fow     Oddfl    Will     Ullli-
l.hat we wi*-h to dear
**���*���*!��� *o0~ltrrt*'-*r**o��i*-
NELSON. li. 0.
At the Silver King mini' yesterday a
son was bom t" Un- wife uf Mr.
.1. E. Boriley ami iamil.v returned to
Nulson ironi theit summer homo
across tlie lake on Friday.
A son was born to tlie wife of Tlin.s.
11. Iiuun nt tin* Kootenay Lake General hospital I'liduy morning.
Tl.o slnamor International made a
trip yesterday to Port linl. Idulio, on
the Kootenay river for a load of fruit.
At tlie Kootenay Lake General Im**-
pitaI yesterday a son was bom to tlio
wife ol P. .1. Clark, of Houston
E. H. MuDermid is receiving the
coiij. 1 at 11 Iiitious of his frieuds on the
arrival of a line boy, who was bom
yesterday morning,
A leading physician stated yesterday
that there had been more births in
Nelson during thu post thirty days
than had ever occurred in the sume
space of tinie in tho history of the
The judge's decision 'ii tho case of
Kobitialle vs. Mason will probably
not be given fur a few days yet as the
stenographer's copy of the evidence
has to be typewritten and placed before the judge first.
The Hired Razor and Christian
Baptism will ue the subjects uf the
morning and evening sermons respco-
tivey at tho Baptist ohurob today.
The Lord's Supper will bo observed
at tho close of the morning service
and tlio ordinandi of baptism admin
i*��torod in the evening. Everybody
The following iettor was received
yesterday by Walter Maguire, president of the Sons of England in Koi
son: "My dear sir,���The president
requests me to thank you and tbrougi
you tho members of your organization
for the kind message sunt bun, whioh
lie sincerely appiuciatts, Very truly
yourB, G. II. CoiU'lyou, Executive
Mansion, Washington. *' The letter
was in answei to lhe message of sympathy sent on the occasion of the late
l'lesnlnit's dealt).
A quiet wedding took plaee at tit.
Suivour's church last evening at
���whicli the contracting parites were
Miss lAiec Kendrick and .Mr. H. II.
l'cndry, Hov. II. 8, Akehurst ofllfliat-
ing. Thu krije who was attired in a
hocouiing travelling costume was
given away by her sister, Miss V.
Kondrick, who accompanied hnr fiom
their home in England, Mi. Pendry
is employed at tho Arlington miue
near Slocan City. Tlie newly wedded
couplo are stopping at the Queen's but
leave tomorrow for their new home ni
the mine.
Ci�� Bi *���    ���	
finally Found a Food That Cured Hor.
������Whon I first road of the remark-
able effects of Grape-Nuts fund, I
determined   to secure  some."    says
Mis. C. W. Aldridge, of .Salisbury.
Mo., "At that time there wns none
kept in this town, but iny husband
ordered some from a Chicago traveler.
I hud been greatly alllic'.ed with
sudden attacks uf cramps, nausiiii, and
vomiting. Tried all sorts of remedies
and physicians, but obtained onlj
temporary relief. As BOOO Rs I began
to use the new food the cramps disappeared and Iiave never reappeared.
.My old attacks of sick stomach wen
a llttlejslowei to yield, hut by cun
tinning the food, lhat trouble has dis*
appeared entirely, I am today poi.
fectly well,oan eat anything an every*
thing I wish. Without paying the
penalty that I use to. We could nnl
und would not, keup liouse without
My husband was so delighted with
the benefits 1 received that In- has
been recommending drape-Nuts tn his
customers and has built up a very
largo trade on 'tin food. Ilu sells
thmn by the case lo most ol the lending physicians of the county, win,
prescribe Grape-Nuts vary generally.
Theie is some satisfaction iu usiog
really scientifically pjepaicd food, '
Tlie tug Surprise yesterday brought
in a batgc loaded with lumber from
Pilot Bay. Fifty tuns uf hoy was
brought In fiom a ranch at Bonner s
Perry by the tug Halts yesterday.
P, Larson, who wns struck by a
falling tree* while he was winking
with a surrey party in the Lardeau,
bad his skull fiacturcd an J received
other serious injuries, is still living
and there are good prospects of his
recovereing. He was biuught to the
Kootenay Lake General hospital from
the hospital at llevclstoke last
At Einnianii"! Church this morning
the sacrament of tho Lord's Supper
will bo observed. Bev, VV. Monroe
will speak on lhe Example of Christ.
At the evening service Uev. D. II.
Belli will preach on Christ and tbe
Crowd. The choir will sing lie Shall
Feed tils Flock am! 1 Will Hlu's the
Lord. Aoordinl inivtation is extended
to everyone.
In the wholesale circles yesterday it
was stated that fruit shipments ale
a little quieter than tin' week before.
Apples are coining in steadily from
Washington and also grapes from
Ontario. It is nut likeiy that
apples will he brought from Ontario
this season. Plums are still plentiful, although them is not so many of
them coining in as last week Tbo
first cranberries of the season arrived
TbSie will be a meeting of tbe Nelson fjuoit club nn Monday evening at
s o'clock at the olliee of the Wallace-
Miller Co., as several matters of importance are to be attended to all tiie
members are requested to attend. The
following are tho winners of the
buttons for tho season: Gold, J. II.
Wallace; silver. VV. Telford; bronze,
E. (I. Smyth. Individual competition:
1st, J. H. Wallace, -nd, VV. o ford,
:ird, Goo. Nunn.
A letter was handed in at this ollice
by the loeal Wholesale Merchants'
association, pointing out the errors
made concerning freight rates, in the
article referring tj the differences be
twecn tin' wholosale merchants and
tbe Retail Grocers' Assooiolion. No
arguments were advanced to Mr. Mc-
f.'iiii. the Dominion freight rate com'
missioner, for a reduction on freight
rates inward, but special appeal as
made for rodueed rates outward. T Is
only to apply on shipments from
wholesale merchants to all retail
traders at outside points, thus securing for Nelson its recognition as a
distributing centre for a certain area.
Basperry plants ff2,60 a hundred.
Strawberry plants $1.26 a hundred.
Asparagus, aud Wusarh roots, fruit
trees anil all kinds of ornamentals al
Riverside Nurseries, Grand D'oiks.
Mrs. A. M. li:! " will bo at home
to her friends on and after October
Mrs. T. II. Newill and family returned from tile coast yesterday and
have taken up their residence in their
home on Victoria street.
it B. Dixon, representing the
Spokesman-lteview is in the city en
route for East Kootenay, whither he
goes to write up the construction of
tho Hritish Columbia Southern railway and lhe Sullivan Group Mines
smelter, which is being built at
Marysvillle, and other matters of
Ab!crt Sullivan, the new principal
of the public schools has been filing
his duties during the past week nuil
is giving the bust satisfaction. For
four years before coming to Nelson,
Mr, Sullivan wns prinoipal of the
���cliuols at lievolstoke. Previous to
Unit lie taught school in Chilliwack
Hn is a native of Ontario and came to
Hritish Columbia six ago.
Hume,���M, II. Gilliam, Unyonno
mine; Ed Murphy, Kuskonook j li. ./.
Swiirden, Vancouver; II. P, .loncs,
Kossland; 1!. S. Warren, Chicago; M.
s. Wilson, Dundas; A. Dover, ilevel-
Btokei II. A. .Small, Vancouver; A.
Korsland, Arrowhead, I-', C. Cooper.
Slocau; Ethel Gray, Victoria; VV.
Iiuvin, Quebec
l'hair. ���E. Nelson Fell, Athabasca ;
E. It. Hiadun. Spokane; F. VV. Sterling. Toronto; F. L. Christie, Siindiin ;
.1. K Clark. New Denver! T. t'oulan,
Grand Central, -,1ns. Scott, Ymir;
It. IO. Lanvon, Silver King; John
Forrest, II. P.  Forrest,  Vanconver;.!.
I*'. Benton, Sandon; D,   J.   Kennedy,
Queens.    Orlando    Appletnti.    J,    S
Melville.   Btght-Mlle    Point!   F.   K.
I'cltuiafi, Arrowhead;   Mr.   and   Mrs.
H. Pendry, Slnoan.
Parishioner Attacks Ilis Minister Who
Shoots Him Dead,
Curhondale, Ills., Oct. 8.���A tragedy
whs enacted hero today at a time
when the streets were crowded with
peoplo. John 0. Brown wns snot by
Uev. .Ins, MoGammlflh, dying III
minntes later.   The two men had been
bitter enemies for nearly a year, owing to Hrown being jealous o'. the relation*! between his wife and the minister, lluriiig tho early morning
hours. Hrown told several citizens
that he woulil kill MoGammish before
n. The word reached tbe
r a:ul Iiii armed himself. Mc-
ilamiiiish bad gonn into a store to
transact some business anil Brown
seeing him, wen! to him with an open
knife in his hand, He opened a quar-
rsl and raised nis hand to strike Mr-
Oammill when the Jailor drew his revolver and lired. the bullet passing
through Brown's lung. Hrown leaves
a wife and one child.
m, ^ as, tm m m m mm m @> m^Mim ,-s____#y*%_s^tt$^ '*
Lexington, Ky., Oct. .". ��� Iloralma
is Buffering from a cold contracted on
tlie trip to Lexington and is under the
care of Veterinary Herbert Gay. Mr,
Lawson's representative says be hopes
the horse will be well enough to mo.-!t
The Abbot in the (30,000 match next
Wednesday. Cresceus arrived tonight
in good condition. The Abbot was
jogged this afternoon while Lord
Derby rested. lie will try to beat
Cresceus' time next week. The mooting on Tuesday is rich in large
purses, all events being lilled beyond
thil numbers of picvious years.
Liege, Belgium, Oct. Ii.���Out of
'I'.'.ssj coal miners employed in the
district, 15,040 aro now idle. Collisions between the strikers and the
gendarmes are becoming r/Joro frequent. Thc strikers aio trying to
forcibly prevent the non-strikers from
Working.  -j   ���
Tho great big comedy event of the
season will tako place when the new
comedy farce "A Wise Woman" will
be presented in this city. Its representation will enlist a corps of artists
of reputation and undoubted talent. J
Have you used healthful Hygenic
linking Powder, the latest discovery
in chemistry ���'
If you don't like Blue Ribbon Tta it's
becausn vou  ever tasted it
Certificate of Improvements
Etna Mineral Claim, situate in the
Nelson Milling Division of West Kootenay District.
Where Located :���On North Fork of
Wild Horse Greek, six miles from N.
& F. S   Itailway.
TAKE NOTICE that I, E. S. Cle-
ments noting us agent for Win. Douglas, Free Miners' Certificate No. 5.
lit'lIT", intend sixty days from the date
hereof, to apply to tbo Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, lor the purpose of obtaining a
Crown Grant of the above elniui.
And furl her take notice that action,
under section .17, must bo commenced
before the issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated this :i7tli day of July, A. D.
190', S*. S. CLEMENTS.
Certificates of Improvements
Apoax, Silver Hoaf ,-iuil Out-few Min
eral claims, situate in the Nelson Mining Division of West Koolonay Distiict.
Where located���Near head of the
luaiu fork of Whitewater Oreek.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Theodore
Bertichnrop, acting as agent for O. T.
Boy, l'i en miner's certificate No. B5086S
and .1. J. Malone, free miner's oertifioate No. B60588, intend sixty days
from the date hereof to apply to tho
Alining Recorder for a oertifioate of im*
provemonts for the purpose of obtain*
ing Crown (-irants of tho above claims.
Ami further take notice that notion,
under seel ion i)7, must bu commenced
before Hie issuance of such certificates
of Improvemonts,
Dated this 5th day of September,
lilnl. T   BEA-ICHAMP,
Certificate of Improvements
Liflel Perl Minora] Claim, situate in
the Nelson Mining Divisiou of Wost
Kootenuy District.
Whom located : On Salmon rivor, .'I
miles south of ymir,
Tnko notico that I, F, (!. Green,
acting ssagent for Emma A.
Kami, Free Miners' Certificate No.
B62260 Intend, 00 days from
date hereof, to npply to tho Min.
ing Reoorder for a Oertifioate of Improvements for the purpose of obtaining
a Grown Grant of thn above olaim.
And farther take notice thnt notion,
nnder seotion .'17, must bo commenoed
biiforo tim Issuanoe of such Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated this 6th day cf October, A. D.
teriiiicafc oi' Improvements
The Nortiiw
i -I
incorporaicd miller the laws of British Columbia.
Capital 51,000,000 in 1,000,000 Shares,   Tar Value $1.00 Bach.
All Treasury Stocx.    Ho Promoter's and No Preferred Stock.
Lambourne Group, 9 Claims Oyster Group, 6 Claims.
Located in the Free Goltl Fish River Camp, Lardeau Mining Division, British Columbia.
Large  Veiijs, Free Milling  Gold  Ore.
200.000 Shares Now Offered at 50 Cents per Share
fn view of the splendid showings of both high and low grade ore and the unrivalled facilities for the
economical developing and working ofthe properties, it is confidently expected that, not only will the present
issue of stock be sold quickly, but th.t no more will be offered at less than par.
Address all inquiries for information, or applications for stock lo
P. O. Box 556, Nelson, B. C.
*!'**, I
'Ml*' I
b 31
Official Broker
tii'bj rsin^ -siii^ .sm^^tm,
^6v>>jf'/"i I
wW''' "
Special Features of the
Florence   Hot   Blast
Our New Idea Deflector Fire Pot greatly increases the heating capacity of the stove, and in connection with the deflector1 ring forces the
heat to the floor. The base is hot, the floor being warmer than w'th a
base burner.
The Hot Blast Attachment takes in the cold ,-iir through a duct at the
rear of the fire pot, the heated air being discharged in a circle at the top
of lire pot, over fire, thus consuming all tlie gases and pro-lucts of combustion. It can be operated in connection with the front draft door, or
independently, by a screw register in thc rear of base, insuring complete
control of the steve with nearly perfect combustion.
The large Hot Air Circulating Flue on the back takes the cold air from
the floor and ejects it intensely heated, through the top adding greatly
to the heating capacity.
Where the stove is operated according to directions we guarantee it lo
consume all the gas contained in soft coal, thus deriving the benefit of
all the heat in the fuel consumed, causing a truly remarkable saving of
fuel over any other stove on the market. The stove will hold lire from
24 to 48 hours without attention.
"��bc TRoyal Bank cf Ganaba"
Incorporated i860.
i niiiini Authorized,    .    .    ���** i.uim iiiih.iiii | Capital I'niil-up,    ,   .    .     ��c;.iiim.ii,iii.��i I
HtOt *hi,-,��u,i,iiii.iiII j
Board of Dlreittoni    rimnias K. Konny, l'ronldoiib* Thomaa Ktuihlo, VUw-Prenldonl.
,WUoy Smith   II. U. II1111I1I, lion. IHvlil MtwICoon.
nem! OlDco, llaliraxi
Gonoral Mnnngor, Kdboa I,. Pcnso, Montroal.
Biiporiat-iideul of Braoohoa, and Seorotary, W. n, Torrance, Hnlifnt,
Ki'lin    ettt ,
, eliee-Monlroal    (Oity   Ofllco),   Montrmlj
Wost Bud (Cor. J.OIJO   l'Hino and .'.-..;-
iK'iiin Slrooiej*:  Vveatmonnt) lltor. Greens
Avoinie and St. CatharlneB Hlnnii..
ova   Bentla���Halifax   Branch,  AntlgouW
Drldgewater. Qursboro, liondonderry, Lu
onlilirK. MailJaiul [Haul., Co.), PiotOU, Port
llawkoMbiiry, Sydnoy, SliubonacadlcTruro,
V, cyniiiiiili.
���Hew    Ilrunairlch - Bathnrat,    Dornhostor
I'rcdorlrton, Klngaton (Kiini. Co.l, Mono
ion. Nowoa8tlo,Baokville, Bt, John.Woodatook*
1*. tl. Island- Dharlottotown, Buniuioi'siilo,
H. & M. BIRD
Atlantic S.S. Sailings
Ncwfounilland- St. John's,
('Him, West Indie*���Uavaua,
llum-il sin!,*��-;.ow Vnik 'ill ifiichanRf Warn
Kopiiblio, \Vr...:ti.
Srand   Forks, _.ar_a____o,   Nelson,   RcssJand,   Vancsuvcr,
Vancouver East End, Victoria,
BooUaiML  Pari?Vr5ne'��   I**,-r����. inr,w"rKiil!t N����<"*��   Banlc.   to .,  Imi.-B 1 "I
Uenurai Baaking Bus ilea. Transacted; Sterling Bills of Kxchanf.*  tWu*,!,
nnd bcla, Lexers 01 Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the most favorable terms,   Interest allowed oa epeciul
deposits' and on Saving Bank aoeouuts.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson. B.C.
We have a number of houses in all
parts of the city at reduced
rents. Call and see our list
it you want a house.
Iii'i'i Trail Mineral Olaim, situate l.i
tin* Nfl-mii Mining Division of VVesI
Kootenay District,
Where looated���On first 'UV-'l K��rk
of North Pork nl Salmon River,
TAKE NOTIOE Hint I, F, S, Ole-
ments, acting as agonl for John Hull,
free miner's oertifioate No. 85010*1 ami
l-'ii'il W. llisii.-ivin.il, free miner's oer-
tiflimti* No. B40860, intend **i*<ty ilnyn
from the date hereof, to npply to tuo
Mining Recorder for a oertifioate of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining 11 Orown Brant of the above claim,
And further take notioe that notion,
under seotion 'IT must bo commenced
bofore the Issuance of Btioh oertifidnte
of improvements.
Dated this81st day of July, A. I).,
lli.il. T. 8. ''-.iEMKNTK.
Meerschaum Cut  Plug Smoking
It's All Right.
Sold Evcrvwttere.      10c. per Package
Houses fcr side cheap for cash or on
easy terms.
Allan Lino Tunisian	
Allan Lino Corinthian . ,  ..
Allan Lino I'liri.slun ,
llcavin' Uno Lako Slmooo..,,
lSoavorUno Lako Manitoba,
Boavor Lino Lako Ontario,.
From Montreal
.... Out I
 on, 12
 Hot. Ill
 1Inl. 1
 Oot, 18
Krom Portland, Mo,
ii.iiiiiuiiiu Uno Vnnoouvor .. .. o,.| 12
iloinlnlon Lino Dominion   .. .   .      'ool'in
Donil lion Uno Oanibrouian  ...,'ooUlffl
Fiom linsiou
Dominion Lino Now Knulaiid       nol   '1
1111111I111011 Lino Commonwoallli .OoLBa
t.uiinid Urn. Ivornln i0i in
Ounard Lino Baxonia .Nov. 8
from Now Vork
 Oot. fi
 Oil. Hi
  I lot,   2
 Ilol.   !l
 .(id. li.
 Oot. S
 on. ti
..on. 10
i.'unaiil Llnodamnanlu	
oimiii-,1 Uno  Uuibrla   ...
Clllianl Uno Luolnla	
Whlto SlarLino Oormnnla   .
Wiioisi.tr Line Mnjmtlo...
WW to Star Lino Hemic	
Aninrioaii Line Philadelphia,,
A I'loaii Lino si,  I'nul ..
Amortoan Lino hi, I^uIb.  ���
I NO. 4 K.-W. C. BLOCK, NELSON, B. C.                                f.
I PRffH81MTr^MM  ?'"', C"|,pi''' Minos w,l,,tl"1 ftt Wia EXOHANGB.   >
t Invest���    mUAMi  G0W Properties wanted at once for Eastern  5
l "iinii'h.?!,"ni!K!Vinfr  '1'i��i"l.'  Pt'oiK'ity for salo arc  revested to se.nl
j W *    LV I       T '" l "' ^CHANGE for exhibition.
I claims in HrVtiMh'tWumbir prospootol,s wI,�� ������� -���W��I ��'i'"-''"1
\ OnAN_i^Bt0hf|r*?bina   '"i','1"!r  ',''""   '"'*' foquestcd   to make  the  EX-
j uua��uffli_ieivhoadmiarterswhcn In Nelson,                                       *
0 Ait humi],i..�� Hi.ontii bo sent hy expross, PREPAID i
1 Correspondenoesollolted,   Address nil'ooramnnloutlonB to *
& CO.
Tobacco t
Phone 117 I
Kuriiii.!- ���jailing, for tho abovo lino*, aim
1 I'linni, itod Star, Holland-Amorlonn, il. a. I"
Uo., A. 11. Lloyd on npplioatlon, |
Shares at 25 CENTS fur n tew days
oaly wlion Hit price will be raised to
35 fonts. Thin i.s positively (he lust
cliunci* of obtaining shams at tbis
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
With Wlllch Is AniiilKiiiiiiit*.*,!
The Bank of^British Columbia.
Paid-up Capital,  88.000.000;   Reserve  Fund,   ._,000,000,
HON  OFO   A   nftvRttlC.JRe*lonroos 0,"5r 805,000.000,
atm. <-i.O. A. cox, President,    B. tt W-U^ft, ��OUOral Manager.
London Olflcei do Lombard street, B. C.
l^iui     N",v Vorif 0,fl��l '<> Kxcbaimo P nfe
Ami 08 brauohoi in Canada and the aSi StotS. including,
mlmo g _y.ruv'T,���,NBTBn VANoouvra
������ga��_B,lBsgE_,fc,^ ������,,,,,,
S1^SS! Bank Apartment.
RPPTWATil VVVVT       If 0��Po.ltsRooolvod and In.e��!*!iAn2w��d. Pi^ontBate 8 Por Cut
phonh���LD iSXER LSS BranCh' GM&B V- m^ Manager.


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