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Nelson Daily Miner Aug 24, 1901

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 (Provincial Library _31oo
Dai'y Edition No.  1123
Nelson,   British  Columbia, Saturday,   August 24,  1901
It Is Morally Certain That.
He Was Executed Yesterday.
Story of the  Awful Crimes
for Which He Was
O'Brien, the Dawson murderer, it is
presumed, was hanged at Duwson
yesterday, but owing to thu faot that,
tlie telegraph line is not. quite completed to Dawson no news of the
event has heen received. It is certain,
the authorities at Ottawa refused
to interfere, that the murderer expiated his crimes on the gallows,
The story of how he and his partner
killid three men is as follows:
(In Christmas morning,   lKilfl,   three
mon left a road-house on the Skagway
trail,   known   as   Minto   road-house.
The next road-house was at Ilutchlku.
and   there   they Should have  arilved
that night,   hut they never turned up,
Two   of them, Clayson and Hole, had
come thus far,200 miles from Dawson,
I Intending   to spend   tho   winter   with
! their  families   in   the   States.     The
third man,   name.   C'leson,   belonged
j to Hutoliiku, where  he was employed
I in   connection     with   the    telegraph
lines.    lie hud heen sent out to repair
the line, and having   done su, was le-
turnlng to his post.    He had made an
(engagement to be present at a Christ-
j mas dinner at   Hutoliiku,    for   whicli
I Corporal Ryan of the Mounted   Police
I had    provided   a   rare   treat  in   the
Yukon, namely, a turkey.    There was
considerable surprise   when   he foiled
tn   he   on   hand,    and    when he   was
still   absent,    on     December     81   his
friend the   corporal    fearing   that   he
had   received   some hurt   iu   tho performance of his   duty,   started   down
the line in hopes   of   coming   to  his
aid," if he needed any.
Corporal Ryan   had   got   down   the
trail a  good   many   miles   when   his
Isharp   eye   observed   the   truces of a
trail running   away   from   the   main
i travelled road,   apparently   into   the
���hush.    Snow had fallen   upon it,   and
���the   inexperienced   eye   would     have
���detected   nothing   to   d-'stiiignish    it
���from the general expanso of the snow-
|covered wilderness.  But the constable
espied two   faint parallel depressions
:ra the white surface,and he wondered
what could   have  induced   anyone   to
make such a depaiture from the main-
travelled   road.     He   determined   to
follow it.    Six   hundred   yards   from
tho main road he found hidden  in the
dense scruh a tent.    No one was about
it, hut   it   looked   as   if  the  owners
might ho hack any  moment.     It   had
evidently been occupied by   two   persons, for there was a double bunk and
a duplicate supply of the   table   uttn-
sils of the Yukon traveller.
The constable waited over night, in
tho hope that the owners wonld turn
up, hut soon concluded that the plaee
had been abandoned. He reported to
his comrades, and Constable Penny-
cuiok and Detective Magiiiro, also of
the Mounted Police, were detui led to
look into the matter. The manner in
which these men wrung her secrets
from the bosom of the desert forms a
really marvellous chapter in the
records of crime. They spent weeks
in the neighborhood of the tent and
along t)1(. prlvate trail which had
served as the key to the whole black
mystery. They laterally sifted the
snow inch by inch, and from many
until things   thoy   read   the  ghastly
I story. They found the three patches
of nloou where the victims had given
up their lives, not without a struggle
"ii the part of Oleeon   at least.     They
pound the discarded shells of the
uartrldges by which tho deed hadjbeen
ilnne. They found a bonlire near ihe
lent,in which their clothing had bien
burnt to prevent ldcntilication. lint
from tbo ashes wero picked out hut-
tuns, buckles, etc., whicli were identified. After the Hres had cooled, the
murderers     had   evidently   gathered
I larger articles that would not burn
and thrown them into the surrounding
scrub. Hut the patient ollioers found
many 0f them���-Clayson's Yale keys,
which were found to fit the drawers
to which they belonged, an electric
belt which Oleson was known to wear,
also Iiih Hies and plyers.
It was evident  that   the   men   who
Colon, Columbia, via tlalveston,
Aug. :.'.'!.���An official decree dated
Bogata, July 18 and addressed to the
Governors of the departments, was
published today.    It says:
"A new aspect of the war, which
soems to kindle anew with the help
of foreigners, who threaten the
front'or, places the government under
tbe necessity of a.suming a different
attitude from that maintained hitherto, and to introduce proceedings
which it has previously tried to avoid,
lt has been resolved, firstly, to suspend the payment of all accounts for
war materials pending, and to limit
the expenses to the payment of the
armed forces aud administration.
Secondly, to proceed to expropriate all
ihe necessary elements for the feeding, equipment, and mobilization of
tho army. Thirdly, to levy forced
and voluntary loans according to
circumstances, and to impose war
contributions in oider to meet tho expenses of each department without
depending on the .National capital.
The Governors are hereby amply
authorized to proceed in these matters
according to the requirements of circumstances, without the need of approval from the Government, and oit-ii
Governor must assume tile responsibility, in order to save the situation
within bis territory."
Quebec, Ang..:i.���It is not expected
that the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall can possibly reach Quebec by
September 10th, the dute scheduled.
In order to reach Quebec on time the
Ophir would have to travel at the rate
of III) knots an hour nnd even if the
vessel won- capable of attaining this
high   speed, she could not bo   pushed
North With Victims of Islander Wreck.
Danger   Threatens   Powder
Works at Northfield,
B. C.
had occupied that   ten I wsre the murderers,   i.i.d   it   waa   equally   evident
j tbat it had been elected   there   as the
| headquarters of murder, for its oncu
pants had actually cut down 27 cotton
trees su ns to he enabled to see at a
great distance  any une  moving  along I
! th.-Dawson trail.   Krom this eery i Steamer Hating Arrives From
they had Been the three men approach-
intr on that Christmas morning and
had sallied forth and murdered them
The bodies were stripped and thrown
iuto a pars of tne river where it was
open, disappearing under tlie ice, to
be discovered ghastly and grim many
months afterwards when the spring
Hoods began their revelations.
But the officers had not waited for
this evidence to take action. In [the
abandoned tent was an ordinary
Yukon stove, but an alteration had
been made on it that singled it out
from nil others. That stove bad been
seen in the possession of two men
named O'Brien and Graves. O'llrlen
had been in Dawson prison and had
been a great deal up aud down the
river about that time. He was arrested at Taglsb as a suspect, and the
police gradually wove a net of circumstantial evidence about hiin that
lacked nothing to make it absolutely
complete. Articles belonging to the
murdered men were found on him.
and almost every step of his journey-
ings befoie reaching and after leaving
the scene were traced. Before December 25, 1809, he was penniless, begging
his way. Alter that date be was in
possession of a roll of bills and a
pouch of nuggets, one of them being
so remarkable as to be well known in
Dawson, and also known to have
been in possession of Clayson.
Graves, the other mun, sjcuis to nave
utterly vanished, but it is suspected
that O'Brien subsequently murdered
the partner cf his crime.
Seldom have tne tirelessness and
resourcefulness of Hritish justice
been moie remarkably displayed, Mr.
Fred Wade, the Crown prosecutor,
when tho case was brought to his
notice, appears to have determined
that no trouble or expense should be
spared in hunting down the murderer
of these three unfortunate men. One
witness who had left the Yukon was
taken back r,,(J00 miles, although
the narration of his story occupied but
live minutes. Another witness was
detained a year and a half at tho expense of the Crown in ordor to secure
ber evidence. Mr. Wade in his final
summing up of the evidence, spoke
highly of the work of Officers Penny-
cuick and Maguire, and of the police
enerully, and thu, tribute was well
deserved, but even tbeir work would
ave been uselcas had it uot been
backed up by Mr. Wade's determination to bring the murderer to justice,
whatever the cost might be. The result was the conviction of O'Brien on
the Charge of fnurder for which he
was sentenced to death.
Vancouver, II. C, Aug. 23.-The
steamer Hating arrived today with the
first ollical list of passengers lost in
the wreck of the Islander. Tbey were:
First Class-E. Mills, .1. W. Hell,
Miss Kate Barnes, A. VV. Jery, .lory
or Jorg; M. J. llruelin, Mrs. Ross,
maid and ohild *, Arthur Keating, I1'.
I!. Douglas, Mrs. J. 0. Henderson,
Mrs. Dr. Phillips and child, Dr. ,1.
Duncan, Mrs. Minnie lioss, ,1. Dahl,
Mrs. Nicolson, Mr. Keating, ,1. Keating, P. KeUate, Second Class���II. T.
Kogers. N. Casper, Wm. Meadows.
Five bodies wero brought down,
those of Mrs. Governor lioss and child,
accompanied by Governor Ross; Mrs.
Ross of Seattle; Captain Foote and
Dr. Duncan, Victoiia.
The coroner's jmy at Juneau returned a verdict that the accident
happened by the steamship running
into an iceberg, and that no one was
to blame.
The Hating brought875,000 in treasure, nearly all of i[ being turned into
the Dominion assay oflice here.
Vancouver, Aug. 23. ��� David llealey,
0. S. immigration commissioner,
states that his Government bas decided
to deport all Chinese caught crossing
the line from Canada to tie United
States, to their native country. This
news is of particular interest on the
British Columbia coast. Formerly
the huntlereds of Chieese captured by
United States officers smuggling themselves from British Columbia into
Washington slate were simply turned
baok into Hritish territory. This
plan did not work for the Chinese are
a perseverirg race and follow thc good
advice given in the copybook, ''It
at first yon don't succeed, try, try,
again." Although the plan of deporting the self smuggled Chinamen
to China is more effective it has serious drawbacks. It will cost the
country from $1.10 to $800 for each
Chinaman deported and should a Celestial desire a free passage home after
making a tidy sum hy industry and
frugal living in Canada all he has to
do is to run into the open arms of an
ever watchful U. S. immigration
officer anywhere along the 400 miles
of boudary Hue between B. C. and the
U. S.
Victoria, B, C, Aug. -3.���Geo.
McL. Hruwn says it is impossible to
tell whether they can raise the
Islander or recover the treasure aboard
until the next tiip of the Hating on
whicli a representative of the C. P. 1!.
company, probably Captain Troop,
and a representative of Lloyds, probably Mr. Johnson of Vancouver, or
Captain Cox, of Victoria, will go up.
when they will su vey the wreck and
report. Captain Cox has already made
a lengthy report to Lloyds.,
Nanaimo, B. C, Aug. 83.��� The
whole staff of the Hamilton Powder
works, ISO men. are tonight lighting
a serious bush lire which threatens to
tlestroy the big nitro-glyecrinu plant
at Norfbtield.
Aug.   88.���According  to
information   obtained here,   arrange*
. -*
ments havo beon mado by which
Edward Lloyd Limited, publishers of
the London Daily Chronicle and
owners of paocr nulls at Sitting-
bourne, England, obtain control of
nearly the entire output of the Lauren
tine Pulp Co., at Grand Moro, Quebec,
antl become the companies agent for
England, Mouth America, the Continent and Hritish Colonies, the Lauren-
tine Co. to retail! only tho Ciinudian
New Yorkers Have a Very
High Opinion of Shamrock II.
Moran in a 211-mile motor pacetl ram
at the Colusoum here tonight. Kelson
| lowered the track record of 33:37 to
33:00 3-5, and was a mile and two-
thirds of a lap ahead of Moral) at the
linisli. The little Swede was a lap io
the good when the chain of .Moran'.-.
pacing machine broke. lie then
gained twu more laps and easily rode
away fron. Moran after the latter
had changed pace.
No Trial Spin Yesterday���The
Uuiversity Athletes Go
to Montreal.
Yokohama, Aug.   23.���The Marquis
lto     has     abandoned     bis    proposed
Ameiican tour, during   tbe   course of
whicli    lie   would   have   received   the
it the high rato fcr such a distance,    j degiee of L. L. D. from Ynlo.
New York, Aug 33.���Owing to a
misunderstanding of orders, tho cup
challenger, Shamrock II., did not
have a trial spin outside Sandy Hook
today. The original programme was
to have the yacht towed to Sandy
Hook from her anoborage off Staple-
ton, 11. I., starting at 11 o'clock, and
tnen to have het go out on a trial
spin over the America's enp course,
but the forenoon was spent in putting
battens in the new mainsail and in
making some alterations and repairs
to the yacht's rigging. It was noon
before this was finished so that the
Shamrock was not ready to start until
after the men had had their dinner.
At 1 o'clock the crew began hoisting
the mainsail, Captain Sycamore understanding that the yacht was to sail
out to Sandy Hook. But Sir Thomas
Lipton and Mr. Watson, after a conference, decided that it would be better to tow the yacht with the Erin on
account of the strong breeze prevailing, which, if the yacht sailed, would
mak" it a long tedious beat down the
main ship channel to Sandy Hook.
Accordingly at '_ p. m. the tow hegan.
At 3 p. in. it was decided not to sail
over any stated course, and the boat
returned to her moorings. She showed tvocderful ability to work to windward under that short sail. The Associated Press tug Unique towed her
the last half mile until she was made
fast to her buoy ot 4 p. m.
Sir Thomas will see the Columbia-
Constitution race off Oyster Bay tomorrow. The Shamrock will not sail
again until Monday, but she will get
out every day after that except Sundays, leaving ber moorings at 10
o'clock to tako trial spins ovei the
America's cup course.
Sir Thomas Lipton may not be able
to add the America's cup to the goods
and chattels which will form part of
his luggage when he returns to England after the international event,
nevertheless it is tho unanimous
opinion of yachting experts who have
examined Shamrock II. since its arrival, that in his latest nalf-uiillion-
nollar challenger the Irish Knight has
the best craft ever sent to this side to
compote ih a similar event. Shamrock II. is u revelation to American
yachtsmen who have been inclined to
believe that tho latest challenger had
suffered from over-training as is apparently tho caHe with Constitution.
Hut since Sir Tommy's little lighter
bas been over in Erie Basin being
prepared for her Aincricun debut, such
ideas have been east uside. Reports
from the other side of tho water on
the second Shainiock, it is now apparent, were entirely misleading. To
the American mind was conveyed tho
idea that the Shamrock that so distinguished itself in these waters two
yeais ago was a better boat than the
new one which Hies the colors of the
llooyal Ulster Yacht Club and the
private ensign ot the millionaire
sporting tea merchant. Sir Tommy
may not have a' winner, but he certainly has done himself oroutl in
every respect iu this latest creation of
his own grit antl money, and of the
skill of his designers There is no
longer any question but that the
Shamrock II. is vastly superior to
Shamrock I. It is unfortunate in
many ways, for American interests at
least, that no snch improvement lias
been shown in the construction of the
Constitution over the Columbia, the
defender two years ago. There is
hardly an Ai~etioa yachtsman tcduy
who will assert that the Constitution
is a better boat than the Columbia,
while there is a vast number of people
in America antl England both who
believe the Columbia to be the battel
craft, Now that a new line has been
obtained on the yachts to sail for the
America's cup, it is evident that the
contest will be a close one, hard
fuugliMit every point.*
Boston. Aug. 33,���Tlie Cambridge*
Oxford���Harvard-Yale return games
will take place In the Berkley oval
September 38 at 'I p. in. A provisional
order of events was adopted subject to
amendment. The Englishmen leave
for Montreal tonight to meet the
athletes of Moliiil and Toronto
Louisville, Ky., Aug. 23;���Steve
Crosby of Louisville, and Joe Cans of
Baltimore, fought 'ill rounds to ii draw
here tonight for the colored lightweight championship.
Aged Chinese Statesman Denounced
By His Fellow Countrymen.
Pekin, Aug. 23.���The delay of the
Chinese plenipotentiaries in signing
the protocol is causing some uneasiness in the foreign communities here,
although the powers do not think that
China intends to defy tlie powers by
ultimately refusing to sign. Indeed
they believe China is anxious to wind
up the negotiations rapidly. Decrees
reciting one punishment and suspend*
ing the examinations will bo issued
before the signatures are affixed.
Prince Cbing. at tlie request of the
Empress Dowager, tel'egruphed to her
verbatim the restrictions as to the importation of arms.
Li Hnng Chang, having practically
conducted all the active negotiations.
has rotired into the hack ground,
leaving to Prince Chine; the responsibilities of consummating the work.
Earl Li llnds himself in the same
precarious position he occupied at the
peace negotiations following the war
with Japan The native press is
unanimous in violently denouncing
him for what is called his surrender
to the foreigners, and a number of
officials have petitioned the Emperor
to punish him fur betraying his
Paris, Aug. 23.���In regard to the
Turkish situation it is stated that no
naval demonstration is yet Contemplated, but the Sultan will probably
be seriously inconvenienced by the
closure of the Turkish embassy here,
which is the centre of tbe espionage
maintained to watch the numerous
young Turks and other disaffected
Ottoman subjects antl voluntary exiles
who make their headquarters in Paris,
and who will have a free hand if
diplomatic relations between Prance
and Turkey are eo-nplctey broken oft',
It bas been suggested that the French
Government issue orders for the
Bourse to cease dealing in Turkish
securities, Hut it is not likely that
this step will be taken, as it would
only injure the French bondholders.
The entire Turkish group fell on the
Bourse today, in some eases going
from 10 to 13 francs. According to a
special despatch received here fiom
Berne, Muiiir Bey baa already leased
a villa there for the use of the Turkish
London, Aug. 33,���Three thousand
laborers engaged in constructing a
branch of the Southern railway from
Bengalis to Bab I a Blunca have gone
oui on strike, alleging that the wages
are iu arrears, says a despatch to the
Times from Buenos Ayies. Most of
them are armed untl have   assumed   a
menacing attitude.   The  government
has ordered troops to the seen'-.
Whitaker Wright Resigns from
the Head of the Lc Roi
Means Speedy Resumption of
Operations In the Rossland Mines.
Rossland, Aug. :;:i.--Whituhcr
Wright has resigned from the directorate of the Le Roi company. News
of this was received from London by
cable tooay and when Bernard Mac-
Donald was questioned in regard to it
be professed ignorance but stilted lhat
the report was very likely true as Mr.
Wright bad such a move in contemplation for some time. This is taken
as pract-cal confirmation of the news
as it ie the lirst time that Mr Mac-
Donald has even hinted at such an
outcome to the warfare being waged
against Wright by the sun-holders of
the Le Roi company.
It Is thought that the Rossland
strike will now be speedily settled as
it was always looked upon as a stock
jobbing manoeuver of Wright and his
associates. Ilis resignation will probably be followed bv that of Mr. Mao-
Houald and satisfactory terms will
speedily be made witli tlie men.
Springfield,     Mass.,     Aug.     88.���
Johnny Nelson easily defeated Jimmy
Montroal, Aug. 33.���Sir Charles
Tupper arrived heie today antl will
sail for England in the morning,
accompanied by Lady Tupper. Sir
Charles expressed himself today as
being disappointe with the result of
the census as he believed the population to bo six million.
London, Aug, 23.���Apparently there
is a movement on foot on the part ol
Great Britain, Japan and the United
States, says a despatch to the Morning
Post, from Chefoo. dated yesterday,
to force Russia to evacuate Niu
.Statement     Showing     Condition     of
Affairs in Different Centers.
Pittsburg, Aug. 33.���A summary of
the steel strike Situation tonight
shows the following conditions:
Tbis city���Star mill; two mills
running. Strikers say live more men
left the plant and joined their ranks,
but management positively deny this
Palter mill���Four mills running.
Eire lighted in Bar mill furnaces but
failed to start as represented,
Pennsylvania Tube Works���Mill
idle, machinists say thev will quit
All Carnegie mills running full.
McKeesport���Dominler plant idle
antl no attempts will be made to start,
it before next week. Everything else
closed down.
Irondale���Mill tunning, with same
force as every day, making two turns
and assurance from the manager that
more men will be added to them.
Wellsville���Situation unchanged,
twelve mills running.
Lisbon���Fires started in Tin Plate
plant, Manager George Evans says
everything is ready for starting socn
with plenty of men. Strikers voted
today to remain out and mills aro
strongly picketed.
Whecung���Bverytbing tied up and
no apparent effort to start any uf
the mills.
Bollair���The     National    Tube
idle; the plant   will,   it   is   said
started next week   by a   full fore
No advices have been ree.ived by
tbe Amalgamated officials from cither
Ilellville or Joliet and the situation
at these points is considered by them
to   be   unchanged.    A   conference   of
leaders at the offices of the Amalgamated Association today was the leading feature of the strike during the
���lay. Officials of tho organisation
seemed pleased with tbe way things
ure moving, aud one said somewhat
mysteriously "In another six flays
you will see a decided change in the
strike that will nil with greater
effect on the trust and aid in hurrying
the outcome." Just what this change
iH to be was not said, but, it was inferred srongly that the coming events
hinged upon tin- conference that was
taking pine1!.   Two sessions were held
by the conferees behind closed ooois.
After the adjournment of the first session none of the participants wo.Ud
give out any Information of the proceedings, further than to say lhat the
leaders had been called together for
the purpose of having tin- situation
thoroughly explained to them; lo havo
some aetion taken, looking to th,- aio
of tin* strikers morally and linaneially
bv all of the organisations represented. The conference ended tonight at
'.i o'clock 'Und   conferees left lor their
Waterloo,   N.   Y..   Aug.  23.���Tbe
strike of 380 machinists, which has
been in force for 11 weeks was declared off tonight by a vote of strikers.
mff^'mm-.*" ���>��� ���
i i
Nelson Daily Miner,  Saturday.   Avcust 24, 1901
The Nelson Miner
lli.-hoil   Ever)-  Morning   Except  Monday
Dolly.per month, hy carrier.,
Iiaily, per monlh, by mall ���
Dally poryear, by carrier	
Iiaily, per year, by mall	
daily, per yenr (oreiK	
.. (Wc
. SOc
.8 7 IK'
.. IS no
..   9 00
Weekly, per half year  IJ jjjH
Weekly, per yenr..    -  J
Weekly.per yenr, foreign ���    J ���"
ubscriptions Invartooly in advance.
IIj Fleet Streel. E. 0.
ntral   Press A���cncy. Ltd., Special Agent.
Alexanders-. Co.. 621 First Aveiine, Spokano,
Wii-I,.. keep ilii- piper on file, and aro our
authorized ai;ciu- for advorlisoinontsanil bud-
script ions.
The old cup winner, the Columbia,
on Thursday heat tlie new defender,the
Constitution, with ease. The dispatch says: ''The Columbia gave tin-
Constitution a good sound beating
twice around the Zanhake course "
It further says: ������ The new boat (lid
not seem to bave any of tho speed she
has shown in light air. She was
sluggish on the starting line.although
the two yachts cussed almost at the
same minute with a one -.-nn start,
and the Columbia romped off and took a
lead of one-eighth of a mile, while
the Constitutions was gathering
From the foregoing it is evident
that the new cup defender in a fairly
good wind, like that which prevailed
on Thursday, is slower than the old
defender. In light winds, however,
the Constitution seems to sail to
better advantage. It is possible that
the Columbia, if she were substituted
for the Constitution in the forthcoming contest for the America cup. would
give the better account of herself.
The Shamrock, Sir 'Thomas Upton's
new challenger, took a preliminary
spin in lower New York bay oil Thursday and gave a most satisfactory
account of herself. Bhe is a beautiful
craft. She is said, to a great extent,
to be constructed on tin- lines cf the
Columbia, which will rob the contest
of tho inteiest aiising from a test on
different types of hulls.
It is Ml years since the Amcria cup
Was won by the yacht America and
the sentiment in tbe United Stales is
said to be strongly in favor of the
challenger, and il is hoped that she
will be able to c-iiry tho trophy back
with her across the Atlantic. Ah Hiccup bus remained the property of the
Americans for so long ihe public of tbe
United States would applaud the
Shamrock and its plucky owner if she
won this time. Besides it is thought
if the Americans were successful! on
-his occasion ii would so discourage
Hritish yachtsmen that thoy would
not compete for the cup for a long
time to come. On the other hand,
should the Shamrock wiu it would
stimulate Interest and the Americans
would be so eager to recover the
trophy that they would have a try for
it at least once a year or several years
or until tbey had got back their lost
Should Sir Thomas Lipton win, be
would, indeed, he the hero of the hour
on his return to Hie Mother Country,
and would be wined and dined to his
heart's oontent. Tbo Britisli people
everywhere would celebrate the event
with us lnucii enthusiasm as if British
valor had won a notable bat lie.
From the interest which Bis Majesty
bas shown in yacht ing. and particularly In the Shamrock, it is evident
tbat he would be ns well pleased as
any one of his many subjects if victory
were to come to the Hritish vessel,and
it is almost certain that sir Thomas
Lipton would be given, as a reward
for what he had accomplished, a
higher titlb than thc one which ho at
present enjoys, as nothing that ,'i
grateful kltig ami country could, with
discretion, be bestowed on bim would
be too good for the winner of the
America cup.
A carload of this Famous Beer has just  been  received  and
we are selling il to the Family Trade at
$2.50 per Dozen for Quarts.
$1.50 per Dozen for Pints.
Delivered to Any  Part of the City.
Special and very favorable terms to the Trade.
TELEPHONE    NO.   13.
-^ ki/ \l> \l/ \i> \l/ v</\l> \t> i^> \>�� i>i)> vli i\l> \i> iii \*> il> \d/ \>)/\>. / Vi)/\A/ .-_>\;> <sc
cArthur 8 Co.
J. G. NELSON, Manager.
Furniture Dealers,
Undertakers and Embalmers.
Come and See Oui
New Arrival of;
Beautiful Framed
Art Productions.
T. A. Russell, secretary of the
Canadian Manufacturers' Association
of Canada, in an Interview published
in The Miner mi Friday, calls nttention to a grievance which the lumbermen complain of. lie Bald: "Although tin- lumber trade is in a fairly
good position at presont, the lumbermen feel the injustice of the present
tariff relations between Canada and
tin- United states. A heavy duty on
lumber entering the United .States
prevents Canadian shipments to that
market, while the American lumber
men can at anv time ship any surplus
Htoch into the Canadian markets duty
free. In this way, while a mill BOUtll
of the boundary bus its own large
market to itself, and bIho a free ell-
trance to our smaller market, tie- one
north of the line has no entrance in
the larg r market and only an even
chance for the smaller."
besides the grievance i plained of
by Mr. Kussoll tbe lumbermen nrd
empelleil lo pay a limber royalty and
lieenae fees and in the year 1000 the
provincial revenue   from   this   source
Hudson's Bay Company,
was*07,5l_. South ��f tlu' ,im! no reasonable to suppose that two and a
royalty'is paid to the government and hai- seconds more can be taken off
hence the lniheitiien there enjoy an within a short time, especially when
atlavntage in tbis respect over those it is known that more attention than
here The American lumberman can. as j ever is being paid to breeding the trot-
a consequence, produce his lumber for ter and thnt the "?en who are doing
less than the roillmen can here. As j this arc striving to produce an equine
the resu't of this,, when tbe two   meet; that
Call Early.  They are
Selling Fast.
iffWir. im"-'"vyr"" w_~3
will   make   tlie   two
Canada Drug and
Book Co., Ltd.
9    Oak Center Tables,
jj    Oak Leather Seated Fancy Rockers
^    Elm Folding Tables
Worth $3.50 for
" $5.00 for
" $6.00 lor
" $4.50 for
'! $5.00 for
" $6.00 for
" $6.00 for
I' $6 50 for
Cane Verandah Chairs
" "        Rockers
To make room for our Fall stoek of Carpets and Rugs will
Cost.    To clear,   llaby Carriages and (io Carts,  less than cost.
2.SO __.
3-75 ��
4-5�� &
3-75 -t
3-75 5.
42S ��
4.50 8-.
4-75 &
go at �������:
?/... Wt....'{.....M.~i.'W
,��� a competing market, the American
can undersell his Canadian rival.
These unfavorable conditions operate
to the disadvantage and retards the
development of thc provincial lumbering industry. With the wonderful
wealth of the forests, were the conditions morn favorable, tba quantity of Lno_we-.|.hi B-ys thH Manitoba Kre,
lumber     exported     Bhould   be   much | press       The   postmaster   general   of
the Commonwealth   considers  himself
There is already a constitutional
case awaiting adjnnication by the
federal court of the Austi-ialian   Com
larger than it is and thu Dominion
Government should do all that it can
to aid our lumbermen and plnce them
on as near an equal footing with, their
American rivals aa possible. An import duiv on lumber, equal to tbat
���-acted by the American (Iovernment
on the same product sent from Canada
into the United States, would end the
taiilT injustice which exists and give
tlie British Columbia lumbermen a
better chance ii' Hie home market.
Then the royalty on lumber could be
taken oil' or cut down lo such a figure
that 0111 lumbermen would be able to
compete with the Americans in foreign
There arc sn sawmills in tie- province with a iiaily capacity of 2,000,000
feet, but tbey are not run to tin- loll
limit and their annual nut rur.B from
150,000,000 to 10(1,(11111 nun feet- A number of estimates have been made as to
the amount of timber in sight in lb''
province and these range fiom
forty billion to om- hundred billion
feet. The total area of forest and
woodland, put tit;wn by the Dominion
statistioan is 285,5_- square miles,
but this is not all ot commercial
value, for tbe reason that considerable
of lin- area is covered with small trees
of but little use except foi fuel.
When, however, the extent ot and
value of thc timber resources aie con
sidered it is obvious lhat Ihe indnstiy
should be encouraged by the lawmakers   of    both    the     province   and
Dominion by enactments that will as
much aa possible aid in its expansion
and development.
KING (>!���' TKUTTl-KS.
Cresceus, who by reason of his covering a mile in the rcmaikable time
of -.(ri1,, earned tlm title of the
CDampion trotter, made a new record
for himself al Readvillo,, Mass., on
Thursilay by lowering the world's
record for final quarters in a mile race
io j'.i', seconds. At the Columbus
traok a short '.iine since Cresceus made
the first half mile in GO , seconds,
which was the fastest half mil,, ever
trotted. The fact that a half mile
was trolled in less than a minute
gives encouragement to the hope that
a mile will be traversed bv some
thoroughbred trotter before long in
two minutes, Horsemen have long
been enileavoi ing to produce an equine
that would accomplish this remarkable feal. No class of horses have
shown more effectively tho results of
breeding than tlie trotter. At lirst a
horse tbat trotted a mile in 2i50 was
considered speedy, and the time was
gradually reduced to 2;40, :;::;", and
win n Maud S. trotted a mile iu harness in ilill-1., it was thought tin-
limit hud been reached. This record
ivas lowered until now Cresceus has
cut it down so thnt there only remains
two and a quarter seconds to cut off
to bring it to two minutes, it is
within thc range of probabilities that
Cresceus, under favorable circumstance., may take off a second or a
second and a quarter from bis present
record, and we believe it equally certain thai will not be long before a
trotter will mane the milo in two
minutes. When tlie trotting record
for a mile ha
empowered by a clause of the act con-
stituiing the federal postollico department, to seize and suppress all letters
to and from lottery managers and rac
inc sweep promoters. Tasmania, the
smallest of the federal stales and the
one with the smallest revenue, has
heretofore derived from .15,000 . lo
S2(i,U0ii of its revenue from the operations of the largest sweep promoter of
tbe southern hemisphere, who is a
Tasinanian. It has entered a strong
protest, denying the right of tin
federal power thus to override and
nullify the state legislation under
whicli this revenue-producing citizen
conducts bis operations.
Reynolds' Livery   Stable
Will Be Sold Cheap
Three years lease on  ground
property   at   $/o,oo
per month.
Apply to
Baker  Street.
Discussing the eeiu-ns returns, the
Toronto Globe says: "Comparisons of
the progress of Manitoba and the
other western regions with the noilh-
western _itat.es may now be made
without mortifying 0111* national
pride. North Dakota increased in the
last decade from 182.710 to 319,140;
Manitoba Increased from 152,500 to
240,40-1. nearly as great a rate of
increase. South Dakota increased
from ir.'S.soS to till,.",70, a much
smaller relative gain than that of
Manitoba. Montana increased from
132,150 to 243,320 ��� Idaho from 84,385
to 101,772, and Wyoming from 00,705
to 92,531, None of these show the
same rapid growth as thc Canadian
Territories, which increased from 06,-
707 to 145,000. Oregon antl Washington may be compared witli Hritish
Columbia. i'bey net-cased in the decade from 053,000 to 932,000, or nearly
50 per cent, while the increase in
Hritish Cnuiubia was nearly 11111 per
cent. Our neighbors got an advantage
ovei us in the start, bnt we seem to
be overtaking tbem,"
The 'most miserable beings in tbe
wm hi are those suffering from Dyspepsia and Liver Complaint. Moie
than seventy-live per cent, ot the people itf the United States are alllicted
with these two diseases and their
clients; such as Hour Stomach, Sick
Headache. Habitual Costivencss, Palpitation of the Heart. Heart-burn.
Wntcrbrash, Gnawing und Burning
I'arns at the Pit of the Stomach, Vel-
���hiw Skin, Coated Tongue ami Disagreeable Taste in the Monih Coming
up tif food afler Mating. Low Spirits,
eit:. (Into your Drngglst and get a
bottle of August [-'lower for 7.", cents.
Two doses will relieve you. Try il.
(i'.H tiieen's Prize Almanac.
The newest and lies I summer drink--
I ron brew.
If yoit don't like Blue Kibbou Tea it's
because yon never tasted it.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and   Salted   Heats
Fisn cuid Poultry in Season
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Manager.
K.-W.-C   Block, Ward Street, Nklson.
Oiders by mail receive careful and prompt attention
Iholesale ai Retail Meat Merchants
*>-*&- -4
For domestic or steam use.
A full supply always on
Rates to all railway and
lake points.
General Agent.
Tel. No. 265.
Office ��� Two doors west
C.P.R   offices.
Branch Markets in Kossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon. Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
orders by matt to opt branch will have careful a-��4 oramut attention.
West Transfer Co.
Goal�� Wood
Best   Mr  and   Tamarac   Al
ways on hand.
All Kinds of Teaming and
Commission Work*
Office on   -.a. ��r Street. Te). 33
mid try a bottle, a dozen, ar 11 barret ot
CALGARY BEER as lt is tlio eesi untl
cheapest. 011 iho market. Alio try our
WINES,    LIQUOR:-     ami    CIGARS.
FRANK   A. TAMBLYN. M.n.o.b.
Telephone n:i ��_*-,.,- su, Neluon
Kootenay Railway and Nav.
Company, Ltd.
Shortral and qulokosl routotottiooaitana nil
polntR on tho O. H. sc N. and Northern Pacific Railway.. In Washington, Oregon nnd
Southern si iu...
Time Card Effective August 1. 1901
Kaslo & Slocan Ry.
8:30a, mi. Lv, Kaslo Ar. 4:00 p. m.
ItJ.W i-.in. Ar. Bandon Lv. l:i.' p. ni<
Catarrh ciuim*i1  t in- doafnu-w, but   Japaneao
Catarrh (Jure curod trio catarrh, allayed nil
i: nomination   and   restored  iho  hearing
afier physlclanH in Toronto uml VVlnnipuu
hnd failed.
Mr ij, s.Bponoor. iiCoolmluo,avoMToronto,
writ*...   "For ovor \i ><.ii-  I havo milFort-d
from catarrh, which, in spite <��r doctoring with
BpooialW-t-i In Toronto ami  Winnipeg hocamo
worno, until dually m> hoarlngbecamonireoLod
Abortl a yoitf n^'d pmcurod a mimnlu ol Japan.
0-.0CatarHiOuro,after.vavdKu'sod In nil four
htii.li.s; elnooI havo boon ontlroly fioe from
Cat-ami, and nij hearing lias altogothor  returned,   Loan cheerfully und eohsclentiously
recommend ii."  All druggist*, 60 contH. Write
for book on Ca'arrh and aeafnons, froo.   Urlf
a   been   out   down   -18U   ntlu. andMaophowoaCo., Limited, 121 Ohupcl
,���'   ulrcoi. Toronto
fleCOOufl Within a   half   I't'iiiury    it   Is      For Hide by J. II- ViinH.uue, Nob-on, ti- 0.
Int Nav* & Trading Co.
ft'l-i.*.��Y--KAM-O >:<��; ti:.
*._(! p. in. Lv, N'.Ncm Ar. 11:00a. m.
OilO p, ra. Ar.       ,   Kaslo Lv. 7:00 a. m,
j   Conuoctlng at Five Mtto Point with Nolson
, & Furl Phopparri   Railway   both to und from
Rossmnd, ciu.
I Btoamor from tfolsou leaves K. it. A' N.
wharf. Kaelu, B. 0��� SU forliardoou Mondays,
Wednesdays and Fridays at 1)180 p. tu, roturu-
Inglhesatne ovening,
TmkcU sold Until parti, in United fitato~ ami
Onnaduvia Groat Nni.iu.ru ami O. Jt* *: ti.
Ocean utoamahlp t'ekoU* nnd rates via all
lines will bofum.H.iod on anplloatlon.
For further particulars call on or address
Mtinufff-ii-.   F__A4ln.fi,   (',
G. Iv T,\ci.Amji_Y Agouti Nelson, B, 0.
j     If there i^ nnytlibitf you reqairo ask
'for  it   iu   tli" muIliiuiik of the Miner.
Our stock is now complete, in the above lines.    Call and be
convinced that the most complete stock
is carried  by the
J. G. BUNYAN & 60.
We have the Largest and  Finest
Assortment in the city.
I The Canadian Bank of Commerce
With Which Is Amalgamated
The Bank of British Columbia.
Paid-up   Capital,   S_,000.000s   Keserve   Fund,   .2,000,000;
Aggregate Resources Over 885,000,000,
HON. GEO. A. (JUX, President.      B. H. WALKER, ~.e_eral Manager.
London OHlce: 00 Lombard Street, B. C.
New York Ufllte; 16 Exchange Place.
And C8 branches in Canada und tho United States, Including:
bhiti-h columbia
Atlin Greenwood Kelson Sandon
('H.vNiuiooK        Eamloopb New Wkbtminsteu Vancouver
Kehnie Nanaimo Rossland Victoria
UN1TKU STATES���New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Skaoway,
Savings Bank Department.
Iir.lio.its Received and Interest Allowed. Present Kate 8 Per Oent
Nelson Branch.
GBAME V. HOLT, Manager.
Canada Pi.rmani_nt and Western Canada Mortgage
head office toronto,   ont.
Honey to loan on Straight Mortgage.
Apply to G. 1- I.J- NNOX    _.->_.��  at.
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer and Porter.
DM-nu  P. 0. Nelson   Daily  Miner, Saturday August 24, 1901
The cricket match which wns announce, for today has been postponed
for a week. Mr. Keating ol the Queen
Hess mine, who is now in Nelson and
will play with the tl'am- wiu be a
decided acquisition to the cluli
At the evening service at St.
Saviour's tomorrow, Mr. Geo. Olmi,
hnritone, will sing the solo frara
Elilab, ''Lord God of Abraham." 11.
S. Hulmi-tloodicr will preside at the
organ, Both gentlemen aie members
of the New York Theatre Co.
At the bridge over the Columbia nt
ilobbon, work on the spans was
started last Tuesday, both the approaches having heen completed. An
extra gang of men has been employed
strengthening thu temporary work so
that it will bear the weight of the
curs carrying steel. Ten carloads of
the bridge steel have been received
from the oast.
The next meeting of tin) Nehuii
Socialistic Educational Club will be
held in the Miners' Union Hull on
Sunday afternoon next, to commence
at 8.80 o'clock. The address of the
day will be given by Mr. li, L Lennox, on "Home Made Money.'' There
will be a free discussion at the close
of the address and a hearty invitation
is extended to all to attend.
The meetings of the Seventh Dav
Attvontists in the big tent on Hendryx
street have been drawing ;large audiences every evening. This coming
week Elder Young will commence a
series of lectures on "Health Reform,
or the Care of the Ilody." Miss Adriie
Carnabnn.a graduate of tbo Sanitarium
ut Spokane, will demonstrate simple
methods in hydrotberaupliy every
evening at the lectures, beginning
Monday. Tonight's subject will be
"The Coming Kingdom,'' and on
Sunday evening, "The Degeneracy of
tne Race."
See our new Silk Shiit Waists, full
assortment of shades, and at prices to
suit  you.
Highest Honors, World's Fair1
Oold Medal, Midwinter Fair
Avoid Hat-up; Powders containing
Uluui.   They uro injurious to health
will lend tbeir inline nee towards getting a large crowd to attend this
Made by Thorpe & Ci
game   are,
both   days
Nelson Opera
Lady Audley's Secret or the
Mystery of Audley Court
East Lynne
It is doing to He the Higgest Thing
in That Line Attempted There.
All previous efforts in Ihe line of
public expositions at Spokane will be
eclipsed by the fruit and agricultural
fair that the eity is new planning to
have during the coming month of September, at least, that is what, the
Spokane people say. Work nn the fair
has been in progress for seveial
months and tho arrangements are at
last approaching tlnal completion.
Frank W. Smith of Spokane, one of
the best known business men and
most public spin-ted citizens of the
Falls City, who is now in Seattle on
a hrief visit to the coast,during whioh
he took in the Tacoma Carnival, said
this morning in regard to tlie Spokane
"All indications point to the most
popular fair in tho history of the city.
The surrounding country is Immensely
prosperous this yoar as a result of the
enormous crop of wheat, fruit and
other farm products and the farmers
are all well able to take a week or
two off at the idle fall season and
come t" the eity to attend the fair.
In past years the fruit fairs havo been
immensely populai with all classes,
not only with the visitors in the eity,
who have come in by the thousands to
attend, but also by the residents of
Spokane, who have always turned out
in very large numbers to attend.
"This year the programme is
doubled by arranging to have the
Elks' carnival at the same time as the
Fair. The arrangement is a very
admirable one and provides that, the
fair shall have the right of way with
the crowds in the dav time and the
carnival be closed, while the evenings
are to be given up to the carnival.
"The racing programme of the fair
will probably be the most attractive
feature. The management is offering
$10,000 in pemiums and the payment
of thoin is guaranteed by the bank in
which the monoy of the association is
deposited. This will attract to the
fair some of the best horses in the
"On the 14th the Elks will dedicate their new temple, whicli thoy
recently completed at a cost of Sil.',,ono
and which is far the linest lodge
tuilding in the state. Or. that occasion the Spokane herd of the Heat
People on Earth will give a banquet
to the visiting Kins from till over the
country and arrangements are made
to accommodate- 100'J members of the
"We have reason to believe that
there will ho u large attendance of
E'ks and others piesent from Seattle.
Tho railroads have agreed on a rate of
S'l for the round trip and efforts are
being made to induce the local lodge
to take the matter up and organize a
��� urge attendance.as they did last week
for the Tacoma carnival. Last year
when they laid the corner stone of the
building there was a Considerable
attendance from Tacoma and a few
from Uoattle. Those present from
the oity expressed their regret that
their lodge did not make a better
showing and it is   probable   that they
II. l
The open seasons for
respectively, ns follows,
being inclusive :
September 1st lo February
llittern, ducks of all kind,
meadow lark, plover.
September 1st to December 31st���
Caribou, elk, wapiti (bull), grouse of
all kinds, including prairie chickens,
hare, moose (bull).
September 1st to December 14th-���
Deer (buck), deer (doe,) mountain
gout,    mountain sheep (ram).
November 2nd to Marsh 81st���
beaver,  hind otter,  marten.
Unless specially .provided, it is unlawful to shoot or destroy the following: 'Insectivorous birds, English
black birds, caribou (cow or calf),
Cliallinch, deer (fawn under 12
mouth.), elk, wapiti (calf under two
years), gull, linnet, moose (cow or
calf unner 1-' months), mountain sheep
(ewe or lamb), English partridge,
cook pheasant, quail uf all kinds, skylark, thrush, and eggs of piotected
It is unlawful to buy, sell or expose
for sale, show or advertisement: In-
secti��orous birds, bittern, English
black bin1, caribou (cow or calf),
cliallinch, deer (fawn under 12 months
or doe,) elk or wapiti of any sex or
age, grouse of all kinds, except blue
grouse, which may be sold dining the
open season; gull, linnet, meadow
laik, moose (cow or calf), mountain
sheep (ewe or lamb), English partridge, cock pheasant, hen pheasant,
quail, robin, skylark, thrush, at any
lt is unlawful to buy, sell or exrjcse
for sale, show or advertisement I Cariboo.hare, bull moose, mon ntain goat,
mountain ram, before October 1st;
buck deer, blue grouse, plover, during
the clo-,0 season.
Farmers onl} may shoot robins in
gardens, between June 1st and Hep
tember 1st.
It is unlawful fo kill and tako in
one season moie than five caribou, ten
deer, two elk, 250 duck, two moose,
live mountain goats, three mountain
rains, and to hunt deer with dogs, or
to kill deer for hides alone.
Under the Gas Light or Life
aud Love in These Times-
Pomi.ar Summer Prices
Only 25, 35 and 50 Cents*
Seats now  on
aid s Fruit Store.
sale  al   Macdon-
*/_S_l_______!-__^8��BB_ "
Patenaude Bros.
I        & CO.        5
I ��� i
I       MADDEN    BLOCK       I
lie  sure and get the genuine   DENNETT'S OUTTA PERCHA FUSE.not
something that looks   like   it.    Lawrence Hardware Cc, Agents.
V, O. GREEN        F. S. OLfiMENTP
Civil Engineers and Provincial Land
P. O. Bio Ul .Vt~~*~_   B.li
Is   lame    or    intetferes
bring  him   to  the   City
Horseshoeing Shop, Jo
sephine Street
East Kootenay's 1st Annual
Mineral, Agricultural
and Industrial Exhibition
Three Days  ot  instruction.  Interest
and Enjoyment.
.Miner il Kxhibit, Bucking Contests,
Agricultural Exhibit, Horse Races. The
best, program ever seen in the country,
See posters and oirculars t'or further
particulars. Specially low return rail-
rates from all points.
A. W. M'VITTIE, Secretary.
N. E. T. CO.
Adverti-somoriis iosorted under tbifl bead at
the rate of ono oent ft word nor _ne*_T_.__m. No
advertisement) lalcon for lesR ..him _!5 cenln.
Situation  wanted   advertisements   Inserted
three time., free of oIiuiko.
FOB    SALE.���Corner   Hal-1   and   t)tj
servatory   streets,    three   lots   and!
Bungalow,     erected less   than a yem-;
ago.    House has   drawing   room, din*
ing room, nal], two   brick tire places,
three   bedrooms,   a   large  bathroom,
kitchen,    cellar,    outhouse,   witli   verandah     two   sides   of   liouse. - watei,
sewer and electric    light,    very   complete, view unexcelled,    very   comfortable home for sum 11 family.      To   be
sold   with   or   without   furniture   at
once,    tlwnei leaving Nelson.     Apply
on   premises   or   to ilessts. II. &   M
Bird,  Halter street.
Are 1
vou are.
e pec
Miner ���
, w
la   want
BOOMS TO REN'_.���K, Vi. C. flluclt-
Two rooms en huite. ou Ward st.,
also rooms facing the west, (lu hep-
tetnher 1, two single rooms and two
or three en suite facing Baker st.
Furnished or unfurnished, Mrs, V.
,1. Squire, Koom 41,  K.    VV. C. Illock.
TO BENT.-��� Booms and ollice  in   Clement,   Hillyer bloek.    Apply to   the
Nelsou Electric Tramway ollices.
ROOM and board in   private .family.
Apply on Silica   street, second   door
west of Ward.
BOOM for   rent at
Silica street.
WANTED.���At Hotel   l'hair, a   good
smart   young   man   to act as   night
I   Cigars- i
Tobacco }
X Phone 117 |
By kind permission of
if fine.
Band Car and extra leave
Stanley street corner at 7:40
p. m.
"One night my brother's baby was
taken with Croup," writes Mrs. J. C.
Snider of Crittenden, Ky., "it seemed
it would stranlge before we could get
11 doctor, so we gave it Dr. King's
New Discovery, which gave quick
relief and permanently curod it. We
always keep it ill the house to protect
our children from Croup and'Whooping Cough. It cured me of at chronic
bronchial trouble that no other
remedy would relieve." Infallible
for Coughs, "olds, Throat and Lung
troubles. 50c and $1.00. Trial bottles
tree at Canada Drug & Hook Co.
A delightful tonic���Ironbrew.
Have you tried���ironbrew.
Porto Rico Lumber
Co., Limited.
Rough and
Dressed  Lumber,
Shingles, Mouldings.
For Rainbow Trout
T. G. Procter's houseboat is now for
rent by the day or week. Special rates
for family parties. First-class cook
aud attendant, in charge. Bates $2.60,
per dny. Parties cun get olf boats
either going or returning from Nelson.
The boat for the next two weeks will
be stationed below the Brickyard.
nearly opposite Proctor.
Firstclass iishing.swiiiiming and boating. Apply to T. G, Procter, Baker
street, for further information.
Mines Examined and Reported On-
Mining Engineer.
Boom 4. K.-W. 0.  Block,
Nelson, B, C.
W. H. BBOVy-N __ CO.,   .    NELSON
Construction Work
Atlantic S.S, Sailings
From Montreal
AUa.ii Lino Tunisian ,  Aug. 30
Allan  Liuo Numidlan  Sept.. 7
BoavorLino Luke Buporlor Aun. 30
Beaver Line Lake Bimooe Bept. 6
l',rumio-C.._ii__li_ui Line Garth Castle. ���������Aug. 80
Franco-Canadian Lino  Wus-.au Sopt. 17
From Portland, Me.
Dominion  Line "Vancouver Sopt.   7
Dominion Line  Dominion  Bept. U
From New York
WhiteStarL-neTou.oni-.... Aug. 28
NELSON Employment Agency. Baker
street. Phone ..78. J. H. Love.
WANTED.--Two cooks. Two Difsh-
Wpshers. Woman Cook. Mon tor
haying, X ieipakers. Laborers. Kail-
road men for Lardo. Janitor for
Contracts taken for Diamond Core
HELP FURNISHED   -WKlfi���Inquire,
write, telephone or telegraph Wester e    Canadian   Employment    Office,
Phone 370.    II. A.  froaser.
Storage���I have a large warehouse
for storing household or other
__l_l    N. Al. OuiutuinB, Leeeee���Every known
variety ot ao__L drink*..   1' o nu.\ ss. Tolopnon
No. 31. Hoover Btreet, Neluon.   bottlers of tbe
famouH Bt�� Leon Hot Spring. Mineral Wuter
C.ANE be MACDONALD ill. Cane, Jatne
/   a. Macdonald)���Architects aod tmporin
.������n.!ni. ���-, lirokon ilill 1-Iock, corner liakui and
Ward SireuiH, inuIhou
HJ. EVANS & CO.-Baker Btroot, Noi
��� .on���Wholesale dealers in liquors, _>_.���
Kai-ft, oement. Uro bnok and lire ciaj, water
pipe and hujuI rails, and general oouinusuon
XJ VVhuio.ale u.id ruluil dealers tn giuin,
liuy, flour, toud. ALUs aL Victoria, Now Wost
minster; EumouLon, Alta. Elcvaiorn on Oul-
yury and Edmonton Railway. Manufacturers
ut Lno oelebrated ti, _c lv. brand oereals.
MACDONALD   be  Co.-Cornor   Fron
aud Hall Btreets���Wholesale grocer
uuu jobbers in blauuoo, gloves, mitts, buui..
rubbui-s, maekinawri and miners' sundries.
P  BURNS be Co.���Baker Btroot
���   v\ iKiii.".-U: dealers lu tresn ���
lueuih.   Cold SloraKo.
uiU cured
Balrer Street, Nelson��� Wholosale uoa
en. in Crash and cured meats.
LI    .
Btreet,  NoIkoii ��� Wholonue daalare in
hardware, miners1 supplies,
Milo   d-.alar.-i   in
ripening KOOdM
M'LACULAN BROB. (Buooessors
to Van
couvcr Hardware Co, Ltd.! Baker Street.
Nt.i_.on--Wholesale dealers m hardware and
mining ..uppliet-, pluinborri' and tinsmiths1 .up
LOST.���By   a   messenger boy,   letter
addressed to Dolly Lewis, 200   Lake
st. ; tinder will be rewarded by returning to Messenger Ollice.
NELSON   HARDWARE   CO.- Wholesalo
paintt-, Oils and gins.; mechanics'  Uh.1-.
Agents foi Ontario Powder Works; dynamite
FBKE .ii-Mui-i iit.U\ Proportion���We nre
uiiviiiui- i" secure a fern free iiiIIMmk n��ui
l>ro|M_rii4>H ul once. Tin' Prosi.eclor's Exchange, Nelson, V. ���, ltm>m 1, K.-W.-C.
prospects;'wanted,  semi repnrl and sntu-
pics to the Prospector** Bscliuuge* Nelsoti,
It..    Kihiiii 1 K.-W. -.'. Mock.
White Bear Line Germanic.
Cunard Line El ruria	
Cunard Line tiervia  	
American Line at. Paul  .
American Line St. Loui..	
French Lino L'Aquitaitte	
French Line La Champagne 	
N. O, L. Kai erin MariaThereBla..
Anchor Lino City of Rome	
Hamburg American Doutsohland.
.Sept. 1
...Aug 31
..Sept. ;t
. .Aug. 28
..Sept. i
. .Aug. 20
..Sopt. 5
..Sept. IU
..Sept, 7
..Sept.   5
For further particulars apply to
City Passenger Agent, Nelson, B. C.
General S.S. *.��nnt. C.P.R. Offl-.es. Winn long
A-l White Pine Lumber Always ln
We carry a complete slock of Const Flooring
(.'ciling, InsitU; Finish, Turned Work. Sash unci
Doors. Bpoofal ordor work will rocoivo prompt
attention-   Mail ordors solicited.
Porto RicoLumber Co.,
Head OfQon���Hfl**rt,,��T and Vpin^n Wt., Nolnon
J* G. GWILLIM, B*.  Sc*,
Late of Geological Survey of Canada.    Six years experience in B. C
mining districts.
obtained in all cmintrii-8
Registered Patent Attorney, Mechanical Engineer and Draughtsman. B.-ink of B. N A. building,
Hastings St., Vancouver) B, C.
Write for full particulars.
Wlndariuere Mines.  CnrrespondonoeSGlloltisl
Spokane Falls &
Northern R'v.
NKLSON LODGE    No. 23, A. F. 6c
M. meets eeoond Wednesday In
month.  Visiting brethern weloome
__f__BI____k,   I* ��' ��* '���    Kootenay 1-chIbo
^m*m%mm^   at   their   Hull,  Kootonay  atroet
SojourninK Odd Fellows oordlully invited.
John A. MoBae, N.G.   D. VV. Kulhorfoid, V.O
Fred J. Squire, Per. bee.
Nelson Royal Areh Chapter No. 123, O. n. 0.
Meets third VVednosday. dojoumiuK oompan
ioiiH invited. George Johnstone, /. K. W,
Matthews, S. K.
NKLSON LUJJUK   No._t6, K.of P.
Kmeeta In lv. o( P. huh, Oddleliowg ulook
iytlrsLund I hire'1'ue-day evening of o.eh
niuonlh at  S o'oloek.
'All visiting knightfl cordially  invito
Wm. Iiivink, O.C.
A. T. Park, K. of lt. and ti.
rpURNKR, HKKTON &Oo,���Oornor Vornou
J. and Joeephilie Streets, Nulson���Whole
sale dealorw iu liiiuors, cigars, and drygoodOi
Agents for Pabet Brewing Co. of Milwaukee
and Calgary Brewing Co oi Calgary.
CTUDBON'S BAY Co.���Wholesale grocwio*
X A.   and liquore uto��� ilakor totreei, tsoison.
Oitluo eorner Hull ami front Streets
Nelson���Lumber, ceiling, llooring, and every
thing in wood for building purposes, Get oui
prices.   Correspondence solicited.
rp GALLON te CO.���Dealera in ore sacks
X ��� and twines. Always >_ lnrge stock on
hand. Telephone296. Room tl, _C.-W.-C Blook
Nolson Enca piiient No, 7. Meets every 2nd
and -ith Friday ol each month, in Odd -fellows
HaU, comer Laker und Kootenay streets.
Nelson. A. IL Clements, O. P.; D. MeArthu*
R. K.   Visiting brothers always welnnmfli
Nelson  & Fort
Sheppard RY
Red Mountain R'v.
Spokane Interstate
Spokane and Return $9.50
Sept. 9 to 20, Inclusive
NKLSON L. O. L. No. 1892 inuots in Fraternity Hall on lirst and third Friday evenlng-
of oaon month ut 8 o'clock. Visiting member
conllallj'   invited.    VV. W. Bradley, W. K.
A, Minty. lt. S.        	
NKLSON AEKIU No. 23, F. <>. B��� meet,
every Hecond and tourth Wednesdays of each
ni onth. ViKitini* members cordially invit
CharlcH Prosser,  8enr���tJtry.
Kootonay Tent No. 1, K.O.T. ,V1��� hold Ilieir
regular mootlngs in Fraternity Hall, 1. O, O. K
bloek, on the lit and ,ird Thursdays of each
n.onth. Vi.-itinK brethren cordially Invited to
attend. O. A. Hrown, It. ~.;.\.l'. Purdy, Com,
lt. j.stool, i). a. u.
COURT KOOTKNAY, I. O. V��� No. 31311.
Meetings 4th Thursday of month. Fraternal
hall, J A Irving O I'..   K it. Fleming, li. s
Kelson Court Sl.ir ot Kootenay, A. O. K.
Meet..-: 2nd and Hi, Wednesdays ln every
month. Visiting brethren weloome,   W.Mao-
Mlllan, Clt.    Robert  McLeod, tiee.
Dominion and
Land Surveyor.
0g NELSON   15 C
Will pay the highest cash prioe for all
kinds of geoond hand guods. Will buy
or sell aoytbiDR from ,-iu onchoi to n
needle. Furniture, stoves, oarperts,
-ooking utensils, bought in Komtehold
quantities. Also oast off clothing.
Oall and see me or write. Addreae
Silver King Mike, Box _�����_>. li��>"
8*re~t, Nel��on.  B   *~
Baker Street
About   that second hand   nrtiule of
I yours.    You'll sell it if you'll   ad ver-
Nelson. B. C. _tlBe ll *n T1,e ti*uc Wtt"t column,
Buffalo and Eeturn
Good for sixty days, first
and third Tuesday, August,
September and October.
Through passenger trains between Spokane and Nelson. Buffet
service between Spokane and
Leavo DAY TRAIN Arrive
D -.00 a.m Spokane 7 ::ir> p.m
Ij3i85rp.nl Kossland 1:10 p. oi
10:10 a.m Nelson <i .05 p.m.
H. A. JAOKSON, G. P. tc T.A.
Spokane  Wash
Agent, Nelson, B.O
NUiLSON'S  UL'KKN    NO,  2)1
f==BS,    SONS   OF    -J.G1jA.ND,    meet
^   1st and 3rd VVednosday ovonlngs ol
��c -I F-'ll   UHt-''1 *nonth  at ETraternicy hall,
3*U*C/j|    corner  of   linker   and   Koolc-naj
jjj ritreetrt.   Visiting brethern cord-
~^_^s^    iall] invited
Edward -Iacugod, Secretary.
H. 8l M. BIRD
;Mr.   hen Hodge's
street with four lol
stairs,      three   bed)
bathroom upstairs.
in���A   well   built
residence on Mill
: live roomB down
ooms   and    large
Purnnoe just  put
and   comfortable
To  All   Eastern   Points  via
Lake Route, All-Kail or Soo
Line, via
St.   Paul   or   Clii-
hoine.   Terms of payment   easy.
See also list of bouses anil lots for
sale und residences for rent at door of
our offices next to Mo Arthur's ou Baiter street.
BUFFALO. $76.00.
Sixty    Days'    Limit.
Good going August 6th, 20.
Through Sleeping Cars Kootenay Lds,r. to Toronto, Arrowhead to Vancouver.
Kor pamphlets descriptive of Oan*
ad inn l'acilic tour.-, and lor Time Tab s,
Rates,  Tickets,   apply
II. L. Bbown,
City Passenger Ageut
.1. s, Carter,
Dis. Pats. Agt.
K. ,1. OOYLK
A. (i. P. A.
_v      ���������_,-���-., '' .' <���
' I
NKLeot. D..stv Mwk��, b-vrt'E-uv, aik-ust _m   1901
Tbis <? 11L il-
l.ii.t r utt..
the siinplf
way which
this popular
pen in filled
with ink ;
no unscrewing of the
pun section,
no inky flugors, and always an oven,
regular flow of ink. Mado in all
grades of points���fine, t_.oc._um,broad,
coarse Absolutely ffuwaoteed. 83 to
85. Money back if nor Batlsfled.
Strangers are welcome to look _hn)nj_'h
our store, and your welcome i.s uo!
dependenl on a purchase.
Pianos to Kent at 57 por month.
MeFailand & Brucktnan sent out a
large shipment of erockery and
granite ware tu Ymir yesterday,
A small boiler to furnish power for
a diamond drill at tbe Kitchener nun
fields, was shipped from Nelson this
Yesterday was a welcome date in
local (J. P. R, circles, as tbe monthly
pay checks wen1 handed out to the
numerous employees   of the company.
The children of tbo publio and high
schools have been allowed half holidays on several of the hot days of this
W6ek, as the warm weather made the
school rooms too oppressive for study.
At I'-jiimannel ohufoh tomorrow,Rev.
Wm. Munroe will Drench in the morning on "Dangers Prom Within '' At
8 o'clock in the evening there wil. be
a musical service of choir and congregational singing. A cordial invitation
is extended to everyone.
A letter was received yesterday from
F. H. Forbes, who is at present visiting in Seattle bolero leaving for
China. He stales that ho has already
acquired a speaking acquaintance
with the Chinese language, which he
had been studying for a couple of
months before leaving Nelson.
The service at St. Saviour'n church
tomorrow will be conduoted fur tbe
last timo by Rev, Mr. Flewelling,
who leaves next week for a shot t visit
at Kamloops and Vancouver, before
assuming his new duties as incumbent
at 1 hoenix. lie v. II. S. AU .linn.,
will arrive in Nelson in a few days.
An old prospector named D. McDonald went to collect some money from a
man who was in his debt,on Thursday
evening. The debtor did not bave tlie
cash or else refused to pay. .McDonald
became greatly excited and made so
much noise tbat be was a nested.
Yesterday morning before Police
Magistrate Crease be was fined $.. and
costs for dlsordcry behavior
In conversation with a Miner representative yesterday Mr. Titsworth,
of tho firm (1, Hyde & Titsworth,
wholesale fruit and commission merchants, said that plums, pears and
peaches were being received in large
quantites. There are siiil a few
cherries to lie had, and apples and
giapes had just- started to come in.
Large slpments of thimble berries
have been received from Yakima,
Washington. Tomatoes arc cum ing
in very plenti fu 1 ly. and will probably be quit** cheap this year.
Coffeo Makes Many Dyspeptics.
"Coffee and I bad quite a tusslo.
Two years ago I was advised by the
doctor t" quit the use of colfee, tor I
had a ohroniu rase ul dyspepsia and
serious norvous [roubles, whioh did
not yield to treatment. I was so addicted io coffee thnt it seemed an Impossibility to quit, lull wlien I was
put on Postum Cereal Food Coffeo,
there was no trouble in malting the
change, and today I am a well
One of the lady teaehers in out
public schools was Sick    ami    nervous.
Frequently the only thing she too],
for breafUast was a cup of coffee- 1
urged her to try leaving off the coffee
and use Postum instead. Went so far
as to send her a sample from my hox
and give her directions. .She now
uses nothing but I'ostum Food Coffee
and told me a jhort lime ago lhat she
wan perectly well.
It is easy lo make good Postum.
once a person becomes accustomed to
It. Put four heaping teaspoons to the
pint of water and after it comes up to
a boil, see thnt from thai time on il
boils fifteen or twenty minutes, then
use good cream and you have a drink
that would he relished hy ihe Queen.
lie sure and put a piece of butter the
size of a pea in the pot to prevent
boiling over. ' Mis. Lizzie Whit-
taker, Kidder. Mo. Postum is sold by
all first class grocers at ir, and '.'.",
seats per package.
Judgipg by the large number ot
dogs lhat were at the opera bouse last
nigbt "Lady Audley's Secret'' must
bave caused considerable speculation
iu the canine world. However, these
are dog days.
Services will he held tomorrow at
the First Haptist cliur.b as usual,
under the leadership of Ihe pastor.
Sunday School at '_'...(] and pastor's
Bible class al. 3.4B p. ni. Strangers
cordially welcome.
The long looked for supply of marble
lor the new pustoftlco building arrived
last night. The tug Hercules lied up
at the wharf at 7 o'olook with a hii>
barue heavily laden wilii the stone
which will make the first of Nelson's
"marble balls." From this time on
it is expected that there will he no
delay in the delivery of material and
Ihe building should rapidly assume
shape as the force of masons   will  he
increased at once anil the marble is
cut at the quarry and arrives ready to
lie laid in thc walls.
A prominent and well known Nelson
business man who is very fond of
(.'.���une, especially in tho bird line, shot
a number of line (.rouse this week nol
far from Iho city ami has heen living
high ever since.     As   this   paity   lias
lived in Nelson a   long   ti     and   is
well acquainted with the game laws,
there can lie no excuse for the deliberate infraction of thc law. It is a pity
lhat there is at present no club or
association iu Nelson which could
take hold of a matter of this kind and
bring the offender to justice. Snch a
despicable act deserves severe punishment, as it works a great hardship on
those who obey the law and wait for
the open senson only to lind the best
covers without a bird, where a few
weeks before they were plentiful.
thence by the line of steamers then
running between that point and Fort
.Steele. All the ore from the North
Star mine at Kimberley, for several
years, was sbipood out liy this line of
steamers, but the advent of the
Crow's Nest lailway took away tbe
bulk of trallic from the river. The
building of the Crow's Nest Southern
has {-iven it a new lease of service, as
railway supplies havo been brought
in this slimmer over it. Tlie railway
follows the course of the Kootenay for
some distance.
Ia lecture
on theosophy
New Silk Shirt Waists in black,
blue, sky, pitik, and garnet. Sizes
from 32 to 4., newest styles, and at
the very low price of $5.00.
A. Ilazenamc. of Nanncy, France, is
at tlie   Hume.
II. ii. Alexander, a well known
mining man of Sandon is nt the
A. II. llray. commission merchant,
is awav on ft business trip through
the Boundary,
Mr. Manley, of Spokane, andA . II.
Sykes of Kossland, registered at the
Queens last night,
VV, 11. McLean and 'amtly, who
have been camping up tbo lake for a
oonple of weeks, returned yesterday to
thu city.
Mrs. Olaike, and the Misses Clarke,
of Ihe Queens hotel, have returned
after a pleasant two week's camping
trip up tlie lake,
A Play With Little in it Produced
Last Night.
If tlie Stuttz company had opened
heir engagement at the opera house
by endeavoring to unravel "Lady
Audley's Secret" they would have had
small houses for the rest of the week.
The h'ist two performances were good
anil showed tbe strength of the company hut the one last night had absolutely nothing to commend it except
the acting of Miss Anderson who was
the only one well cast. She is a
capable actress and was decidedly
clever in her part. Mr. Stult/ was
away out of his element and Mr. Olmi
was only indifferent in his part. M.
Qauthler came out in the first act and
leaning against a well, snid a whole
lot of things that nobody heard. He
gently strengthened the last three
aels by being drowned in the well in
the first, much to the delight of the
audience. Between acts Miss Beatrice
Cordon sang a pretty lullaby. She
has a very sweet mezzo-soprano voice
aud well deserve the encore she received. Mr. Ulmi's rich baritone
voice was heard to splendid advantage
in tbe "Loat Chord." Between the
first and second acts tonight he will
sing, "A Heart Bowed Down," from
Balfe'a "Bohemian Girl."
At :; o'clock this afternoon there
will be a matinee, "Fast Lynne,"
being the piece. Miss Ar.derson^should
be splendid in the leading part. The
piece underlined for tonight is
"Under tlie Gas Light," a powerful
drama which the company should
produce acceptably.
A F. Knudsen Talks on Subject of Reincarnation or
He Explained the Theory on
Which the  Gult is
At the record office yesterday the
following business was transacted:
Locations, Blue Grouse, about two
miles south of the head of tbe west
fork of Kokanee creek, by Jaobson
l.adclilY- Mammoth, at the bead of
Clearwater creek, by A. 0. K. Brown;
Hudson, on north side of west fork of
Kokanee creek, about three quarters
of a milo from North Star, hy Hugh
MoEaohren I Mohawk, on north side
of west fork of Kokanee creek, by J.
Livingstone, Delaware, on north side
of west fork of Kokanee creok, hy C.
N. Locuson. Certificates of work, to
J.Badcliff, on Iron Cap; A. G. Long,
on Princess; N. N. Nattstead, on
Little,loe; 11. Reisterer, on Orango;
E J. Curran, on Silvei liar; A. M.
Tamblyn, on Joplin. Transfers, one-
third interest in tho Sunrise, one-
quarter in the Air Castle and Silver
Crust, from C. Wilson to M. E. Addie,
consideration nominal; one-third Interest in the Dunlop, from E. B. Dnn-
lop and J. B. Thompson to .1. Radcliff,
consideration nominal.
The Lane Town Inspects a Smeller and
a llofinery in the Near Future.
.1. W. Cockle, of the Kaslo hotel,
was In the city yesterday. In conversation with   a   Miner   reporter   he
said that the Kaslo S Iter,  Ltd.   wus
confident, that, work would soon start
ou the erection of a large smelting
plant on the site that the city was
giving the capitalists who wonld
finance the scheme. Tin- civic cash
bonus of ifr,n,Ullo, which is to bo handed over if the smeller is being operated by the lirst of October of next,
year, is proving a powerful inducement to capital to locate a plant at
Kaslo. Mr. Cockle claims that there
is no plaen in the Kcotcnays where a
smoter can he run to better advantage
than in Kaslo as a full supply of ore
and everything required for iluxing
can lie obtained in the immediate
neighborhood. A Irani could be
erected to carry tho lime from ft
quarry ttiat contains au inexhaustible
supply, directly to tbe smelter.
The English capitalists who show
every indication of accepting Kaslo's
o'l'er are also considering, says Mr.
Cockle, the election of a lelincry in
connection with the smelter. They
have any amount of money behind
them and an announcement of their
plans   will likely he made in tlie near
future. If tlie arrangements do not out. Placer mining has beeu Oartied
miscarry Kaslo will certainly bei0r, almost continuously since, bnt
glory, when it (never with any great measure   of sue-
A prospector who was familiar with
the country around flail creek, when
asked yesterday as to Ins opinion ot
the recent placer discovery near Hall
Siding snid that he was not much impressed with it. lie had worked there
for a couple of months live years ago,
and while the gold was undoubtedly
there the diiiionlty of getting it made
it cost more thnn it was worth. The
woole section in which the gold was
found was overlaid from bedrock up
with a stiata of immense boulders,
between which was the auriferous
gravel and sand. To get at the latter
in any quantity al all, iie said, it
would ho necessary to move an immense number of these boulders which
would he an expensive and difficult
operation with blasting extensively
and a crano to   lift   the   broken   rock
restored to its oid-tiin
was a centre of great activity.       Mr. J
Cockle returned to Kaslo last evening.
Work to Start on tbo New Line Next
Work of the Crow's Nest Southern
will probably he started on Monday,
most of the contracts having heen
lot. The line will not, lie a hard one
to build, with the exception of a por
tion near Llko, where some heavy
cutting-, in cemented gravel will lie
neceBsary, A lirst class wagon road
follows tbe projected   line most of the
cess, so far as is known.
On the Rainy Day, Rainbow and
Promise claims, between Forty-Nine
and l.over creeks, the property of
Nelson parties, some work is being
done at present. A forty foot ledge of
promising looking ore has been uncovered . A shaft is being sunk on
the ledge and active operations will
tie prosecuted till thc property has
been thoroughly tested.
It is a mystery why women endure
llacl;ache, Headache, Nervousness,
Sleeplessness, Melancholy, Fainting
anil lliz/.y Spells when thousands have
, .proved that Electric Bitters will
way, allowing the easy shipping in of quickly cure such troubles. "I suf-
supplies. Between May and August'fered for years witli kidney trouble,"
steamers can traverse the Koolenav | writes Mrs. Phehe Cherlcy. of Peter-
between Jennings and   the   mouth   of I80".   Ia. "and a lame back parned mc
A. E. Knudsen. fellow of the Theo-
sophical Society, lectured last evening
at the Miners' Union before an appreciative audience, in which wero
several clergymen. Tlie lecturer was
listened to attentively and some of
the arguments and theories which he
advanced wore both novel and interesting. The lecture was entli.lud
-'Reincarnation, or Rebirth," but in
covering tbo ground Mr. Knudsen
went over nearly the whole of the
teachings of theosuphy,
"Rebirth," he said, "presents the
only scheme i'or the evolution of being
the great law of the universe. Theosopby," he declared, ''combined the
hitherto antagonistic ideas of religion
and science. Natural law must be
one, perfect and whole, while tlieoso-
nliy must be scientific on the mateiial
plane, as well as on the spiritual
plane, and that, is why it bas drawn
the attention of thinking men in both
science and religion. The growth of
the individual is in mental and moral
strength, and this growth comes
through experience, and it is very evident that one life time does uot g've a
man all the experience nor all the
growth that the most casual observer
can see possible in the individual.
We have our grand examples of humanity,our saints and leaders, aud wo
have tbo savage of. for instance,
Central Africa. Darwin accounts for
the evolution of the physical man, but
reincarnation alone will account for
the difference in the spiritual and
moral attainments between these two
extremes. Through a long scries of
lives on this planet, iu which tho individual gains experience, interspersed
with a similar, series of lives in the
heaven world, in which these experiences are pondered and assimilate, tho
individual finally reaches the poinf. in
which there is nothing moie for him
to learn on this globe; that is, there
is no question of morality or fact in
nature that his intelligence does not
fully understand. The end of his
terrestiai development only opens the
door to some grandor life iu some
other sphere. In this growth of moral
and mental worth we can see no end,
und get a glimpse of a necessary immortality. Such is the ideal that
theosopby presents to mankind as an
aim and object in life. This world,
the school and the experiences wo pass
through in it is that which is most
necessary for our programs, Theoso-
phy combats no religion, and no truth
seeker can liud himself hound or
hampered in any way by dogma. No
one is asked te accept theosopby except in so far as it appeals to his intelligence, but inpresenting a natural
law, an all-embracing law, it tries to
show forth a God for Love, whose
compassion can leave no one out, for
the lowest can evolve to the highest,
and there i.; all the timo necessary
for -tho slowest to finish the race.
Tho great hope of the theosophist is to
see every religion understood and
lived up to by its devotees,''
Mr. Knudsen will remain in the
eity uutil Monday. He is tin- guest
of F. W. 1'ettit, South Kootenay
street, whero he will be pleased to
meet those genuinely interested in
R. fl, R. BAND
Can be eng-ayed for summer months for Excursions, Ticnics, Lawn Socials or anything that requires music.
Wambold's Orchestra
For Bulls, Part'es, Receptions, Banquets, etc. Regular
prices. All are members of Looal No 1)4, A. F. of M.
Musical Protective Association. Apply to J. B. POLLARD, at E. J. Bobie's Tailor Shop, Baker Street.
Ube IRoval Bank of Canaba"
('nit-til.   -Ui-dorUcd,
Incorporated 1869.
tf ,,.!'hmk..u)0 I Capital Paid-up,     ���_    ���    ���      8W,000.000.00
!_.-'.._. -0~,.OO.U(H|.UU
Kourd of i.hi'.'iM.     rhoinasE. Kenny, President-;   Thomas Ritchie, Vico-ProwIdem..
Wiley Smith, H, G. Bauld, Hon. David MaoKeoo.
Head OUIcc, Halifax :
Gonoral Managor, Ed sou L, Pease, Montroal.	
Bnperinteadenl eif Branches, and -secretary, W. B. Torranoe, Halifax.
IE I Mill     vs I
'ova   HroUii���HiilHax    I.ri-i.ch,   Antlgonl^
HridKowiiter, Ouj.-umt. Londonderry, Im
enhui'g, Maitland (Hants Co.), Piotou, Port
Hawkesbury, Sidney. Shu benaoacUe,Truro,
New    i.r.iM*. .1 _.���_�� ��� Bathurst,     Dorchester,
Fredeni'ton, fCltiRatOti  (Kent Co.), Mono-
ton, Newoaetle.BftobvIllo, Ht, John.Woodstook'
p. u.. Island���uharlottetown, Bummerside,
;.��t>ec���Montreal, (City Ofllco., Montroal
West Bnd (Cor. Notre Dame and -kv-
nenra Btreets)) Westinoant (Cor. Greene
Avenuo and 8t. CatharinoB  Stroot,
Newfoundland��� St. John'fl.
Cuba, Went Indies���Havana.
United HtatCH���New York (1G ___. change Plane
Republic, Wash.
Grand   Forks, Nanaimo,   Nelson,   Rosslaind,     ancenver,
Vancouver East End, Victoria,
Oarrcsponitents 1
Canada-Merchants Bank ot Canada.   Boston-National Shawmut Bank.  Chicago���Illinois
Trust and Savings Dnnk.   Sim FrniicJ.po���First National Bank.   London,  Ens;..-Bank ol
Scotland.   I'ari. Franre-Credit Lyonnate,   Bermuda��� Bank of Bermuda.   Uhlan nuil .la
pan���Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation.- Spoknno-Old National Bank.
Qencial Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills ot Exchange   iteugh
and Sold, L_i..er. of Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts reoetved on the most favorable terms,   Interest allowed oa special
deposits ami on Having Bank accounts,
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson. B.C.
{ \ft/\r\l WW WV_ VVV ,. W-VVAAlV _
Lend  nnd Copper Mines wanted at the EXCHANGE.
GOLD  properties wanted at once for Eastern
Northport, Wash., An-,. 31,���Union
men ciairi; to have information tliiuct
from Londun to the effect that the
opposition to WhitaUer Wright's control of tlie Rosslnud-Ur.at Western
and allied companies has a
niajoiity of 313,000 shares.
Shea, ' a   prominent
Cold. Silvi
Parties  having  mimnjr  property for  sale are  requested to send
samples of their ore to the EXCHANGE for exhibition.
We desire to bear from prospectors who have promising mineral
claims in Hritish Columbia,
Prospectors  nnd   mining  lr.en   are requested   to make  the  EX-
CUANI.L theh' headquarters when in Nelson.
AH samples should be sent by express, PREPAID.
Correspondence solicited.    Address all communications to
Telephono Na. 104.
P. O. Box 700.
mO AH,
<��flf>ln/   A/ C��ui/
the KH<. but nfler the middle of
August the water is generally too low
to make this menus of transportation
of any use. Before tlie advent of tho
Crow's Nest railway most of the
travel from the States to East ICoote-
nay came in hy way   of   Jennings nnd
so 1 could not dress myself, hut Bleo*
trie    Milters   wholly   cured   inc. and,
although ?:i years old, 1 now am  able
to do all my housework" It overcomes Constipation, improves Appetite, gives perfect health, Only 60c at
Canada Drog & Hook Co.
Cooling   anil    refreshing ���ironbrew.
P. .1.
union man and
proprietor of Shea'B hotel, said
tonight: "I will bet,loo that Mr.
Radish goes out oi liis position before
October IS,"
A taker was found toi Mr. Shea's
bet, papers have been drawn up and
tno money is to be deposited in the
hank at '.i o'clock tomorrow morning,
, Manager Kadish was asked tonight
if it were true that be had resigned
or had been superceded. He said:
���'It is all naws to inn. 1 have not
resigned nor been requested to do
No   harmful   ingredients   In���Ironbrew.
Atlanta, Oa.. Aug. 33.���A head end
collision on the River Lino of the
Rapid Transit company lute this afternoon killed one man and injured 17
people, three of them senously.
P"r...       ��(.'~-5_,
Every housewife who
takes delight in a
spick and span kitchen will Hnd what she
wants in our stock of
The shining quality
of the surface is indicative of the superior merit of the
goods through anil
Delivered to any point
on Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock on hand oi
Rough and Dressed
Mouldings, Sash Doors,
Inside Finish,
Coast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber*
Mill nt PILOT HAY. Yards, NELSON
A. R. BARROW, a. m. io. k
Provincial  Land  Surveyor
Oorner Viotoria and Kootenay Sts.
P.O. Box f* T.,l~nhc���ic, No
Custom House Broker and Employment
Ollice. Tsleph, ne 41. P. O. Box Hftl
Stanley Street, Nehon. B. 0,
Subscribers in Kaslo
Every morning immediately
on arrival of steamer, at the
rate of    ...   .    ,    .    .   ,
75 Cents per Month
Subscriptions to bo left
with the agent,
D.  J.   YOUNG.


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