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Nelson Daily Miner Oct 31, 1901

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 Daily Edition No. 1179
fprovincui Libr��itT( g31oo"
Nelson,   British Columbia, Thorsday,  October 31, 1901
Eleventh  Year
City Council Again Talk Over
the Electric   Light
Two Counter   Propositions
Made.-No Conclusion
At the meeting  of the city counoil
lust night the only subject to be dealt
Lvfith w��s the power by-law.    A letter
f k��b read  from   tho   Nelson   Saw   &
I planing Mills stating that tbey   were
prepared to furnish the   city with   75
horse poiver, at   the   late of  85   per
mouth per horsepower.     In regard to
this the mayor said  that the quantity
would not he sufficient and to make it
i available it   would   be  necessary for
the oity  to   put in a   dynamo whioh
wonld cost  at least $e,000  and   take
two months to  Instal.     A   letter was
road from tlio   gus  company   offering
to supply the city witb a   gas   engine
Kith a espneity of 200 horsepower, de-
||T>red in Nelson for   $8,850,   or   two
engines with a   capacity of 100 horse
powsr eneh for (0,060.    A third communication was from Mr. Crofts offering to supply n Corliss   steam   engine
and giving the prioes  of  the  various
I parts also  as   to   what   the   frolgbt
wonld    cost,   the     whole    totalling
110,570, delivery to   be   made   within
four months.
Mayor Flotc.hor said that the matter
of a steam plant bud been figured out
and it would cost $20,000 before It
anulil bo installed. Some figuring was
tlun iioiin as to the cost of power from
tho steam engine after it bad been put
Mayor Fletoher said ho thought it
would, pay the council to have n
hydraulic enginoer to examine the
Liite and estimate -what the cost of
'putting iu ii plant nt tho falls nn the
Kootenay. Nearly every undertaking
that was tried uy municipalities had
a fashion of costing a good deal mine
than was estimated. The flume for
instance troiu Whitewater and oost
|U,500 when it had been estimated
that It would only ccst 87,750.
Mr. MoOulloob, tbe city engineer,
who was present, insisted on making
an cxplanatu-n in regard to this remark of the mayor. The committee
having charge of the matter had asked
nun to make a report on a Saturday
afternoon in time for the council
meeting on Monday. lie had only one
day to make the report and as there
was six feot of snow on the ground in
Iho valley It had been impossible to
���Hake more than the roughest kind of
estimate, which he had stated at
the time. It was impossible to figure
out how much rock would te encountered, under the ciioumstances.
Mayor Fletcher Bald he had not intended the remark as any reflection on
Mr. McCuiloch, ho , understood the
olrcumtances referred to and knew
'hat Mr. McCuiloch had not been responsible in the matter. lie also said
'hat the position roughly was that
��ny scheme looking to the Installation
present number uf lights supplied was
4, Oils.
, Then followed a long discussion,
i participated In by the mayor and all
of the councilmen, during whioh it
was stated that 100 additional horse
power was needed to supplement the
city plant when there wns a full head
of water and 150 more horse power
when there ia a cold snap and the
water freezes as in January last.
During the discussion Alderman
Selous asked James McPhee, superintendent of the oity electric light plant
if the city could use 150 horse power
in addition to that supplied by the
city plant and the latter replied that
he thought it could be used to advantage.
On motion of Alderman Gillette,
seconded by Alderman Hamilton, the
council went into committee of the
wlmle to consider the electric light
by-law. ' Alderman Seloua explained
the ordinance, which was to be considered. It was to embody a proposition
submitted by L. A. Campbell, manager
of the West Kootenay Power & Light
company, to furnish electro energy to
the oity. The rate was to be 850 per
horse power per year and the minimum quantity to be taken was 150
horse power and the maximum 200
horse power.
Mr. Oillette thought the minimum
quantity should be fixed at 125 instead
of 150 horse power and Aldermen
Peterson and Hamilton favored 150
hoise power for the reason that they
were certain Mr. Campbell would not
accept a contract in which any less
quantity was nominated that 150 horse
power and tbey thought it impolitic
to submit a lesa quantity in the bylaw to the people as even if the late
pavers voted for it it would not be
accepted by the West Kootenay Co.
Alderman Irving considered the
price exorbitant and said he would
uot vote for such a proposition and
Mi. Hamilton sitiil he din not like the
idea of being held up by tho West
Kootenay company.
Mayor Fletcher ' said personally he
did not care a continental whether the
proposition was accepted or not, but
there wore a number of people who
wanted lights. He thought the proposition should be submitted to the
people nnd thoy wonld hnve the responsibility   of auaupting or rejecting
The debate waa ended on this point
by tbe motion made by Mr. Gillette
prevailing and the minimum amount
was put into the by-law at 125 horse
power. The committee rose and reported progress on the by-law   to  the
On motion of Alderman Selous,
seconded by Aldeiman Patterson, the
mayor was instiuctcd to interview
Mr. Campbell to learn if he would be
willing to have the minimum quantity out down to 125 horse power, the
result of the conference to be reported
to the next meeting. Adjourned till
Monday, November 4th.
Welsh Miners Lay ofl In Order to Keep Up the
report that 5O0 men were left at Nome
all of whom were penniless and with
no means of making a living during
the winter and a reign of terror is
predicted. During the entire voyage
of the Queen petty thefts were of a
daily occurrence.
The Coal Owners Will Pro
secute   the   Union
Cardiff, Wales, Oct. 30.���The coal
owners' associastion in consequence of
the unions stopping work last Friday
and Saturday and threatening to stop
on other days in order to..keep up the
price of ooal and therefore of wages
under the sliding scale agreement,
decided todny to^prosecute the individual leaders. Accordinlgy the federations of miners of Sonth Wales and
Great Britain, representing 140,000
miners, who arc affected, bave called
a meeting for tomorrow at which
some counter action will be taken.
C. P. It. Guards Posted  to  Stop   the
Great Northern,
Vancouver, Oct. 31.���The World
says it is mure than hinted that
Robert Jaffray's visit to Viotoria is
connected witb the building of the
Great Northern railway into the
Crow's Nest coal mines. Mr. Jaffray
is said to have interviewed the government on the attitude of the C, P.
R. in striving to prevent tho Great
Northern crossing the C. P. R. tiacks
by posting men where the track will
cross, meanwhile the C. P. R. employees remain on guard aud no cross
ing has yet been made.
The Message That
General Buller's Undoing.
else." Captain Thomas Borden, of the
Marine corps, who was aboard tbe
lli'tioklyn will be the last witness
called for Admiral Schley. After he
testifies tomorrow tbe judge advocate
will put on the stand witnesses in
.rebuttal of whom there are understood
GailSed J to be about 15 and it is possible tbat
Admiral Scnley'a counsel will call
several witnesses in sub-rebuttal.
He Began the Attack Before
General White Was
French Naval Squadron Leaves For
the Levant.
Paris, Oct. 80.���"The entire French
Mediterranean squadron left yesterday
afternoon," says the Toulon correspondent of the Figaro, "while one
division put in at Sallns TVHyurlos,
another composed of three battleships
und two cruisers under the command
of Admiral Oaillard proceeded to the
Levant. Two thousand troons will
be added to this force. Admiral Gail-
lard's orders are that if cimplete satisfaction is not immediately given by
the Ottoman government to all tbe
claims of Fiance heBhall seize the custom house of the port nearest his
squadron. It is believed his destination ia the islano of Mltylene, Salonika. The island commands the entrance to the Dardanelles and tbe gulf
of Smyrna."
Several morning pupors confirm the
Figaro's Toulon advices. Rumors to
the same effect were current in Paris
late last evening but the foreign office
professes to know nothing about tbe
Viotoria  Oct. 30���R. M. .8, Moana
arrived tonight from Sydney via   way
ports.     She has a small passenger list
and light cargo.     Steamer Gaelic and
Alameda   sailed   from   Hono'nlu    on
October 23rd with her both   bound   to
San Francisco.      From Brisbane news
was received of a   fresh   outbreak   of
the bubonic plague.   On October 10th,
the sailing day of the  Mcana,   a man
took   sick   of   the plague and    died.
There   has   been   no   cases   for    two
months prior to tbat time.     Included
among    the    passengers    were  two
daughters of Captain Carey,   the commander, who are bound to Oakland to
attend a sister's   wedding on November 12th.     U. S. S. Wisconsin had arrived at Honolulu  to coal en route to
Pagopago   with   Admiral    Corey  on
Three more sealing schooners arrived today including the Coras. She
had 034 skins; six schooners are ont
(Sl'UCIAL, TO TI1I5 WIN ion.)
Victoria, Oct. 80.���David Stephens,
a miner, is missing from the oity,
He sent a letter on October 18th to
Swinerton & Oddy here ordering
them to sell some property and send
the proceeds together with what he
had iu the banks in Rossland and
Victoria to his mother at Aberdeen,
Scotland. Subsequently he took a
cabin here. , This rooming his watch
everything   to his
Liverpool, Oct. 30,���Dr. Hope, medical officers of the port has, conferred
with the American and other consuls
regarding bubonic plague precautions
and has arranged to supplement the
Board af Trade examination of outgoing vessels so as to meet tbe desires
of representatives of foreign countries,
A representative of the local government board will visit Liverpool on
behalf of tbe government to confer
with Dr. Hope.
��� police
��ny hchcuio looking to tho Installation and will   loavlng  ���i��j-->   -
of a steam or other  plant would take mother,   were found  on a  ta     ,
���II winter tooarry out and as such OHoin having been vacated, tne |
fas not  within   the province of  the auspoct suicide,
pioaent counoil. They were up against
the question as to whether thoy could
 ., I,,..,, ������ w  wiieiil'U    lii.JJ,    ww"
provide the people with proper light
during the winter thnt was now at
hand, or loave it. He himself thought
that the only possible source of power
under the circumstances was the Wost
Kootenay Power company. He
thought tho proposition should he
plaood before the pooplo Who would
then have the opportunity of deciding
what to do. Something should he
done at once. If the council decldod
���gainst the proposition of the power
company lot them Bay so and not go
on dragging the question out.
Aid. SoIoub did uot like tho presont
offer of the power oompany, It was
hard to give up a plan which for one
reason and another was thought not
feaaible by which the power would
only cost the oity $30 and be told that
It thoy did not take It that way it
Would cost them $50.
Kleotriclan McPhee was then asked
"y the mayor what the present oa pao-
"y of the machines was with full
"iter. He stated that with all the
machines it was 3,500 lights. He also
stated, on boing questioned,   tbat the
Montreal,   Oct.80.���A whale, 40 feet
long,madu its appearance in Montreal
harbor this morning, and  swimming
up  near   Viotoria   bridge    got  into
shallow wator and was stranded. Engineer Nelson, ot the harbor,bom-d at
| once made preparation! for its oapture
which   were  successfully carried out
What induced the whale to go  over
500   miles   from   the sea  la  puzzling
local mariners.    The   last   whale  to
appear   In   Montreal   harbor  was  In
18311, the skin of which Is   now in the
museum    of   the    Natural     History
society.      It   wnti  a   small   one  only
weighing 800 pounds.   It is eatima ted
that the present visitor weighs a ton.
Constantinople, Oct. 30.���The negotiations for tbe ransom of Miss Stone
ore progressing satisfactoniv, It is
undeistood, but beyond this, those
having the matter In hand maintain
absolute secrecy, as they are convinced
that publicity would be detrimental to
Miss Stone's interests and safety.
Copenhagen, Oot. 80.���The official
gazette publishes a denial of the statement that King Edward is suffering
from cancer and declares untrue the
report that specialists were in consultation regarding him during his recent
visit to Denmark,
Nanaimo, Oot. 30.���A locomotive
was completely wrecked at Cberaainus
this morning by a tree being blown
across it in the gale. As it was of the
geared type, the logging campB whore
it was in use have bein compelled to
close down,
A human skeleton, supposed, to be
the remains of Dutch Harry, a pros,
pector who disappeared fifteen year
ago, was discovered by workmen engaged on tbe short line of tbe Lady-
smith extension.
Mattie Kurrlka, the Finnish leader,
will at the request of the government
authorities meet the minletcis at Victoria to discuss the Malcolm island
colonization  scheme.
Victoria, Oct 30.���Capt. L. H.
Krnscr has been appointed examiner of
masters and mates for inland waters
with office at Nelson.
London, Oct. 31,-The National
Review gives the essential terms of
the "Spatohcocked" dispatch of Sir
Reuvers Buller to General Sir George
White when in command of the
beleaguered British garrison at Lady-
smith. Accoiding to this authority
the message ran as follows: I have
been repulsed. You "ill burn your
coppers and destroy all your ammunition. You will then make the best
terms you can with tbe Boers after I
have fortified myself on the Tugela.
General Buller in the speech which
led to his dismissal from the command of the first army corps challenged the National Beivevv to publish
the complete dispatch and to explain
bow it was obtained, declaring that
he would then publish a certified copy
of the original and allow the public
to judge the matter.
The  editor of   the National Review
now explains that he got tbe dispatch
from   a   civilian, who   was In Lady-
smith at the time, and who said there
was nothing secret  about it.     He asserts, also,    that   he uilcr-itands   that
both    General   Buller   and   Genera
White have officially asked permission
to   publish the authorized version and
he cannot   conceive   why   permission
has been withheld.     The  same, informant, giving an   alleged   explanation
of the fact that there was not co-operation   between  General   Buller   and
General   White   during   the battle of
Colenso,    says  General White was in-
formed that the attack   was fixed   for
December 17, but General Buller commenced tbe attack   December  15th   to
the dismay of General White wbo bad
not completed his preparations.
Brussel, Oot. 30.���The statement
made by the West India committee
In a circular sent ont from London
recently announcing tbat the invitation sent to the United States to participate in the conference Is not likely
to assemble this year, is correct.
The United States has not been invited to attend the sugar conference
and Russia alone prevents the date of
meeting from being fixed.
He Had
London, Oot. 31.���4. a. m.���The
British squadron escorting the Royal
yacht Opblr bearing the Dnke and
Duchess of Cornwall and York, was
sighted a 1 o'clock a. in.' today six
miles oft tho Lizard. A wireless message had previously reported the Ophir
SO inllos from Hcilly Islands.
St. Petersburg, Oot. 80,-The distress caused In the eastern provinces
of Russia by the fill lure of orops Is
so severe that tho authorities have
forbidden the newspapers to publish
all save official Information.
Lon.ion, Oot. 30.���The War Office
sent oiders to Aldershot last night
directing that a brigade of cavalry be
prepared to start for South Africa
about the middle of next month.
Port    Townseud.     Oct.     30.���The
St. Johns, Nlld., Oct.30.���Tho British admiralty announces the appointment of Captain Robert A. Fleming,
commander of the twin screw battleship Prince George of the Channel
squadron to be the new commodore of
tbe Newfoundland squadron, succeeding Commodore Geo, A.C ifford, at
present commander of tho cruiser
Charybdls, who is slated for promotion,his term In Newfoundland wateis
having expired.
St John, N. B., Oct 80.���The socond
death from smallpox look plane this
morning, the victim being Miss
Deboo. The disease lime appears to
be of a more seilous type than else-
whore. Rev. John DoSeyres, of St.
John church, wbo has been attached
to tbe epidemic hospital as chaplain,
has volunteered to perform the
Port     iowu">"">      	
M�������n and Vulencia   arrived
���,.      On   the Cjueen   were 100
rw^^ho succeeded in boarding
rULi  by climbing ��P the anchor
"!,_��� wh|le the vessel was at anchor
^CriwayatNoce.   ******
Ridgotown, Ont., Oct. 110.���Mrs.Jus.
Robeitson, age 84, went to salt sheep
yesterday. Not returning, searoh was
instituted and her body was found
partially devoured by a number of
hogs in the pasture.
Detroit, Mich., Oct. 30.���Martin
Duffy of Chicago was given the decision tonight by Referee Slier, over
Art Sims, of Akron, after ten ronnds
of light fighting before the Twentieth
Century club.
Enough Glory So Gave Credit
to the NewJYork.
Washington,   Oot.     30,���The    long
ordeal   to  which Admiral Schley has
been subjected  since   Monday   morning ended   this   afternoon   when  his
cross-examination was concluded and
he   was allowed to leave the  witness
stand.       When   the    judge  advocate
finished the cross-examination shortly
after 3 o'clock the   court   propounded
to the admiral 34   questions  prepared
by tho members of the court.       Those
questions   touched many points of the
campaign of the flying squadron,   but
mainly centered  about the diilleultios
encountered In coaling and the reasons
for  the   retrograde   movement.     Not
one   of   them related to the bntt'o of
Santiago.   The judge advooate's cross-
examination   todny oovered the retrograde movement, the roconnaisanoe of
May   31st,   the  loop of the Brooklyn,
and   the   alleged colloquy with Lieutenant Hodgson about the Texas.   One
of most interesting foaturesfjof tbe day
was the development  of  the fact that
the   report   of   the battle written   by
Admiral Schley on July 0th, 181)8, was
not the original report    The original
report  never   bus been published and
in accordance with a previous decision
the court today declined to allow It to
go Into the   record.     Admiral Schley
was allowed to explain, however, that
Admiral   Sampson declined   to receive
the first report because It did not men*
t ion the presence of the New York. "I
felt   that   tbe victory at that  time,"
said   Admiral   Schley, In  explaining
the matter, " was big  enough   for all
and I made this ohange out of   goner
osity and because I knew  if the New
York   had   been   present  she   wonld
have done as good   work   aa  anybody
New York, Oct. 30.���As Henri Four-
nier was crossing   the   tracks   of  the
Long Island railway near Westbury in
an   automobile   in   which   five  other
men were seated,   the   machine   came
into collision   with a locomotive  and
disastrous results  followed.     All   six
men   were   hurt and the machine demolished.     Those injured were N. B.
Knile.ilon, general agent of   tbe   passenger department of the Long Island
railway, badly out about the bead and
face   and compound   fracture   of one
leg; A. C. Bathelder.of the New York
Journal, and who is  chairman ot the
National   Cyclists'  Association board
of control, broken leg   and   other   injuries; J. 11. Gurrie,New York Herald,
oroken    shoulder     and   leg;   Arthur
Lewis   and Henrv J.   Everall of New
York,   and    Henri     Fournier,     foot
Mr. Fournier said the party was on
its way home to New York when the
accident occurred, having been out all
day in company with W. K. Vander-
bilt, Jr., in his machine, looking for
a good road on which it was Four-
nier's intention to try for a mile
record tomorrow. "I bad just renohed
the crossing," he said, "and the front
wheels of ray machine weie just
touching the rail when the locomotive
loomed up and I realized that an
accident was inevitable. Not having
time to tevcrse the power, I gave the .
handle a quick turn which moved
the front wheels to tbe light and then
tho crash came."
Tbe locomotive struck the machine
two or three inches behind the left
front wheel throwing it around so
tnat the rear of the an'o was brought
against tbe locomotive. Tbe first
thing that 1 remember was somebody
calling and asking me if I were dead.
I think I was unconscious for about a
minute. The machine was completely
demolished. It was not a racing
machine It was only ten horse
power, very heavy and was built to
hold six persons. I refused $0,000
three days ago foi it."
Tbere is bo flagman at the crossing,
which is hidden hv buildings, but an
automatic bell   is supposed   to   ring,
on  the   appioach   of   a   train.     The
members   of auto party say it did not
ring. The railroad people nlaiir. otherwise.    Fournier   who   was   handling
the levor, and Everall weie thrown 50
feet.    Fullerton   and Batbelder   were
hurled   150   feet   across the  platform
while  Lewis  and   Geirie were mixed
up with the wreckage of the maobine.
1 Foxhall Kuene, with W.   K.   Vander-
* tiilt   jr., and   a   party  of ladies who
were   starting   for the   Meadowbrook
hnnt,   saw   the accident and gave aid
to   the   injured   until  a   number   of
physioians arrived.
* i , i
Plump   Kills   His Child and Wounds
Wife and Mothor-in-Law.
Vlrignia City, Mont, Oct 30.���Two
yeai   old   Ethel   Plump   was  killed,
Mrs. Plump, the  child's mother, was
shot In  the  hip,   and   Mrs.   Plumb's
mother, Mrs, Park, was   shot   In  the
shoulder, during a light  with   pistols
between Plumb and his wife,   who for
some   time   have   not   lived   happily
together.      Mrs.    Plumb has   recently
bceu   making   ber  homo   with     her
mother.      Plumb   appeared   there last
night and the   pistol   fight   followed.
The  child   fell dead at the Ural  shot
from her father's  pistol.   The    man,
who is now in   jail, escaped other injury than a powder-burnod face.   The
women will recover.
Montreul, Oct. 30.���Lord Strathoona
gave a reception at his magnificent
residence on Dcrehestor street to 1200
citizens, prcparato-y to his departuro
for England, and as a slight recompense Ior me civic recep'ion cancelled
at the time of the Duke's visit on account of the death of President Mc-
Kinloy. The affair was most successful in every way.
Montreal, Oct. 80.���Tbe oity la to
sne tbe Domlaion government to recover taxes duo on pioperty belonging
to It and leased In whole or In pari,
tor business purposes. -
Nelson  Dailv Miner, Thursday,  October 31. <901
The Nelson Miner
Publlibod   Kvery Horning Except Monday
Dally per mcnth.br carrier ���-    go
Dully, tier month, by mall     ooo
Dally, per year, by carrier. �� J WJ
lully, paryev, by msil    0 TO
Dally, par yusr foroiun.    �� TO
Weekly, per ball yew $1 25
Weekly, per year    2 00
iVeekly. per ysar, foreign    3 00
Subscriptions Invariably In advance.
115 Fleet Street, K. C.
Con'ral  Press Agency, Ltd., Special Agents
Alexander fc Co.. 521 First Arenas, Rpokano
vYtwh., keeo this paper on file, and are our
iiuthorlzod agents far advertisements and subscriptions.
The May and Jennie, one of the
mines of the Nelson division, close
to this citv, has developed a good
sized shoot of ore of a pay grade,nnd
in a few days it will join tbe list of
produoing mines and it will, it is
said, contine to market its ores indefinitely. This is an important incident,
as it is a result in which considerable
money,-energy and time has been expended to attain. The success in the
May and Jennie is a concrete fact
which oau be pointed to to prove that
the section in the vicinity of this city
has many other ledges which will
yield profitable results if they are but
opened up,and each new result of this
kind is an enuouagement to others to
invest their money in ventures of the
Baine nature. Men are largely imitative
and mining men aie specially so, and
there may be looked for within a
short time an increased aotivity in the
vicinity of tbe May and Jennie and as
a lesult of the success several othel
mines may be developed on contiguous ground. It is by tbe opening of
a shipping mine here and another
there and the increase in the output
of ore that the forward progress of
the mining industry may be marked
and that it is growing steadily is
obvious to all who keep oven in pre-
functory touch with passing events.
Tbat tbis progress will go steadily on
in the future now seems to be assured.
We must, however avoid as much us
possible tbe mistakes of the past.
The mining interests should be protected as much as possible and laws
to foster it should be enacted. Inducements should be held out and encouragement given to foreign capital to
invest money here whether it be in
mining, manufacturing or in railroads. There should be less friction
and biokering between capital and
labor and those wbo are prone to
create trouble should be frowned
down and not allowed to occupy the
middle of the public stage aa much as
they do. Surely there has been sufficient tronble during tbe past three
years to satisfy even the most belligerent. Capital and labor should try
pulling together for awhile Instead of
in contrary directions. Tbey have
quarrelled so much tbat tbe onlooker,
who is often hurt by reason Of tbeir
strife, is inclined to say "A plague on
both your bouses." People did
not come to the province for the purpose of putting in the majority of
tbeir time watching strife and waiting for better times after it is over,
bnt rather to better tbeir condition
and to do tbls by developing the great
material resources with which tbey
are surrounded. Let all get into the
traces and let the cry be from now on
"More work and less strife," aod of
this Ib followed out there will in a
short time be developed one of tbe
greatest of mining regions, filled
with a prosperous, bappy and contented people. Then it will be no uncommon occurrence to chronicled
much more frequently than at present
events like that contained in the announcement tbat the Mav and Jennie
is to begin shipments of ore.
Tbe Australian confederation 1b
passing through the oarlier portion of
the formative period, and itsexpcii-
euce is similar iu some respects to
that which attained in Canada when
the several provinces were being
welded into the Iloirunion of Canada.
In order to make a harmonious whole
concessions must be made by tbe different colonies and tbat is where tbe
trouble comes in at present. The
colonies were brought together
through national interests and muoh
wisdom must ue exercised to harmonize matters. Free trade between the
parties to the federal compact is admitted by all to be a necessity. It was
found, too, alter the first popular
election that those in the majority
favored a moderate tsrlfl along the
lines of protection of borne industries,
just the same as Canada has learned
that a similar policy is beneficial to
her best interests.
The government measure, Introduced by Mr.Kingston, prsvides for a
special and an ad valorem duty on a
number of articles. It is intended by
this lo raise a revenue of $15,000,600,
and of this  sum   It   is Intended   that
810,500.000 shall be raised on stimulants. In order to encourage the infant industries of tbe commonwealth,
and eapeeia'ly those of iron and steel,
a bonus of $3 per ton is to be paid on
pig iron made from Australian ore
and 82 on pig iron made from imported ore and on steel ingots, containing
naif Anstralian ore, 83. It is provided that these bonuses shall begin
on July 1,1903, and shall be paid only
to plants producing 100,000 tons annually. On silk and woollen fabrics an
ad valorem duty of 25 per cent.and on
cotton and linen 15 per cent, will be
imposed. Sugar will be taxed 830 per
ton and agricultural implements 15
per cent.
i Tbe protectionists and free traders
are very nearly evenly balanced and
tbe government tariff bill will probably be considerably amended before
it is finally adopted as the interests of
the different sections will have to be
considered, for Australia is a large
country and what will be of benefit to
cue portion will hurt tho other. In
oruer to reconcile these conflicting interests a give and take policy will
have to bo adopted and sacrifices
made for the general good. The orob-
lems to be solved are complex and
will call for statesmanship, patience
and toleration, but in tbe end there is
no donbt a tariff bill will be adopted
tbat will meet the requirements of tbe
situation. Under consolidation, with
free trade between tbe different portions ot tbe confederation Australia
should suon have a greater prosperity
than ever before.
The oity authorities have issued
notices to the owners of several of the
larger buildings directing them to put
up fire escapes. This is a step in
tbe right direction as it is only by
conveniences of tbis kind that lives
can be saved in cases of sudden and
quick spreading conllagrations. At
the recent fire in Philadelphia a number lost their lives because they did
not s'eni to know wbeie the fire
escapes were located, others became so
panic stricken tbat tbey were unable
to locate them and so perished miserably, whereas had they been shown
where tbey were and drilled a little
so that they would have known exactly what to have done in case of an
emergency they could easily have
escaped by the means whicb had been
provided. Tbe trouble in a sudden
emergency is that people lose tbeir
beads. This was the case largely
with the passengers on the ill-fated
Islander. Though there were life
preservers in each stateroom only
a few of the passengers put them on
and some, who took them from the
racks, did not know bow to pnt them
on. Besides the crew bad difficulty in
launching the boats, because they bad
not all been drilled in tbe work. In
time eveiy guest in a hotel will be
shown where the fire escapes are.
Occupants of a tall building should
be acquainted with the location of
the escapes and the best means of
reaching them. On every steamer tbe
passengers and crew, before the vessel
leaves tbo harbor, should have at least
oue drill in launching tbe boats and
eaoh passenger and member of tbe
crew should be assigned to a ocrtain
boat. They should also be shown how
to fssten on life preservers. Then in
a oase of emergency theie would be
more confidence, prompter action and
less loss of life. These precaution
ary measures should be incorporated
Into laws, as a number of live are
sacrificed each ysar through a lack
of them.
The question of bow the King's
Euglish sbould be spoken, which was
started by the Speeches whicb tbe
Duke of Cornwall and York delivered
while in Canada, oontinues to be
debated in tbe papers of tbe east and
west. Tbe consensus of opinion is
tnat tbe drawl which is affected by
some on the bench, by the bar, in the
drawing room and elsewhere and
which has sometimes passed as the
prcper method of speaking the language is now known to be nothing but a
base counterfeit, Tho heir-appaient
by bis clear, unaffected natural
method of speaking, so to speak,
created a now school in Canada and
one which will do much to improve
the language, although it will be diili-
cult for those who have ucouired the
bad habit ot talking Improperly to
give it up. Hamlet'.-, advice to the
p.avers could be read to advantage by
some of these and they might in this
way get rid of some of their more pronounced Iii glial imperfcottos. Bov.
Proietsor Clarke,of Trnity university,
Toronto, hit the nail on the bead
recently during a lecture wbiob be
delivered on the subject of English
pronouneiation. In the course of the
lecture bo said that good pronouneiation was a pari of a good education
and was also a part of good manners.
He admitted tbat the average speaking in Canada is better than the average speaking in tbo old country, bnt
said there was great room for improvement in Ontario.
In View of Coming
.. Events ..
we are paying special attention to the requirements of
The Ball Room '
We cannot go into details but we would ask you  to have
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To my astouishment the trial acted like a
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the Nelson Economist, baa a population of 91,400, whioh makes it the
largest district not only in territory,
bit also population, in tbe Dominion.
No wonder Mr. Gallihcr is proud of
his constituency.
It is stated that the Pan-American
Imposition will close its doors within
a few days and that there will be a
deficit of 84,000,000. In the wreck
of the institutions are included stock,
bonds, second mortgage bonds and
building contractors' claims. The
stockholders invested $2,500,0011 which
is lost. Tbe builders have claims
whioh aggregate $1,000,000 which will
probably never be paid. The killing
of President McKinley at the fair and
the consequent temporary unsettling
of the affairs of the country gave the
exhibition a black eye and from
which it never fnlly recovered. Then,
too, tin-.-,' large exhibitions have been
held too close together to be all successful. St, Louis is to have the next
big show and it is very probable that
it will te a failure like the one at
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so ion! that If I walked a block I
would    cougb   frightfully   and    spit
For domestic or steam use.
A full supply always on
Kates to all railway and
lake points
General Agent
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Branches I
Nova   Scotia��� Halifax   Branch,  AntlRonM-
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Tbe new Goal City is owned by the Similkauieeii Valley Coal Company,
Limited; who have placed one thousand lots on tbe market at Ihe following
prices: from $50 to (226, one fourth casb, balance three, six aud nine months,
without interest
There ia also a small block of the first one hundred thousand shares remain-
to be sold at H5u., 5c. a share down, balance in six monthly payments. When
tbese are sold the shares will lie advanced to $1 each by tho Company.
The Company's land, including tbo townsite of Ashnola, is underlaid withal
least three fine seams of coking, steam and ftirnuce coal. The Oompany also
own the water rights and at loast 25,000,000 feet of fine timber. All the above
ia owned by the one Company, and every shareholder will participate in the
profits aooruing from the sale of any of the above mentioned property.
A full force of men are now at work and will be kept on oontinually daring
the year.   For further information apply to.
B. J. STEEL, Official Broker, Nelson, B- 0-
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$500��� Three roomed furnished house
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II100���Two story house and corner lot
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All Kinds of Teaming and
Commission Work-
Office on  Baker Street. T** Nelson   Daily Miner, Thursday October 31, 1901
]i���ddand, W.   G,   Sivyer
J. J.
Siding to
����il,,i,f;ftBK,M��e ��-ek" .Thi8
several    mining
A carload of
������ it sec
m'^Ji^TiZ^ ii..- I'lri,
BMblnery has dian   King
8t"t,0n.v   located   between   the   Key-
Prope,;rt  he Arlington.      A   concen-
Bt0De    ,���Is being installed.
trf ',?l.n  tbe   machinery   for   the
""I'n iil�� l. Id   DO-ition nnd it   is
"Sfatoft.    the mill   will   be   in
,Dticlpate that tne
f���fae is  found   on   all   of   these
���..! jnhnson, genernl manager of
*!��Jto of the British Columbia
2 ��� ..omDanv at Greenwood, was
S?bS5 yeslerda,.     Mr. Johnson
well known in this city u.��
time he wa., in charge uf the
X* smelter. In a talk had
K was learned that the installing
".he additional furnace to the
oJnwood plant would soon be
2 Everytning is in readiness
2 tin. furnace proper should come
to h,nd In about two weeks and in a
Intli from then it wonld be ins al-
Z Mr. Johnson said the smelter
made a banner run last month, beat-
in. all of its previous records by
reducing an average of 400 tons per
At the record office yesterday the
locations were, Rex, on Wild Horse
creek, about three miles from Ymir,
b, S Oourley.Allyu on Jubilee moun-
tati bv W. 8. Hiviger; Ecelcston, on
Jubilee mountain, by W. 0. Siviger, ;
Lbmore, on Wild Horso creek, about
tun miles from Ymir, by V. P Clark;
Mammoth, on Hall crock, abont one
mile from Hall Hiding, by Nils Ever-
loiiiOhio, on Sheep creek, a tributary
of Salmon river, by T. Mullady;
Pittsburg, on Sheep creek, by Uugh
Emu; Weston, on Sheep creek by T.J.
Mnllady,. A certificate of work was
issued to F, Diok on Kmperor.
Late reports from the Onondaga are
to the effect that the operations are
proceeding quietly at the mine and
mill. '1'he mill is kept in continuous
operation on ore from the Maud S,
and the returns are satisfactory.
Copper���London, ��04. down 10s.
spot; ��63. futures; New York
$16.85 to $17 for lsko, S10.37M to 81��.
tli.-j for casting.
Lead-London, ��11. 10s. New York,
Silver-London,80 0-10d ; New York
of Sandon, was in
Extra values in Flaene-lined underwear for Hoys at KERB & CO'S.
At Fraternity Hall last evening
thoie was a large assemblage of the
members of tbe local lodge of the Sons
of England, and friends of Bev, II.
B. Akehnist, at the social given in
his honor by the lodge on the occa-
sion of his departure for Kalmoops.
A most enjoyable programme was rendered most acceptably by the ladies
and gentlemen who had volunteered
to take part
Between the two paits of the programme the members of the lodge
iorraed up and the presentation of
> handsomoly engrossed address, a
pair of candelehra, and a clock was
made by the president. Following
this a purse containing $15!) in gold
waa presented in tbe name of friends
by Mr. Croasdaile, who also made a
abort speech expressing tbe appreciation and kind feelings toward Mr.
Akehnrst that were felt by all pres-
wt. In reply Mr. Akebuist spoke of
the changes that he had seen take place
til the city during the eight years
that bad elapsed since he had first
taken charge of tho church here. He
"id that the subject of his leaving
Neleon was so painful that he oould
naroly bear to think of it yet. Although bo oould not fittingly express
Ms sentiments he appreciated and felt
de0P'y the kindness of all those who
tonight had shown him how they felt
towards him. At the conclusion of
'"�� programme throe cheers and a
Hirer wore given for Mr. Akehurst.
Mr, and Mrs. Akehurst leave today
���or Kainloops.
J. F. MoNsught,
tbe city yesterday.
H. 8. Wallaoe, since his return
from a short trip to the Silver Hill
mine, will devote bis attention to the
Camborne townsite and will appoint
a local agent. lie went to Boasland
last overling
Yesterday the special examination
of A. 0. Camhlo, plaintiff in the case
of Uamble vs. Stocks took place before
Registrar Simpkins as special examiner. The action is brought to procure a
commission on the sale of the Victoria
The planking of the city wharf was
finished yesterday. The guard timber
has yet to bo placed in position, and
where the Nelson Sawmill wharf connects with tbe city wharf, after tbe
bent has been raised soino further
work will be necessary. The planking
on the extension of the wharf at the
outer end has also been commenced.
According to the Rossland Miner,
���fudge Leamy, of (Irani! Forks, who
has recently been appointed a judge
of tho county of Kootenay, ia about
to take up his residence in Bossland.
This will considerably lighten the
work of Judge Forin but leaves Boundary not as well piovided for as tbo
people in that section would like.
Work will be started In a few days
to put the curling and skating rink
in shape so that advantage may be
taken of tbe first frost to make ine.
Among other things the ground will
be drained. Last year the first skating was early in November, and this
year it will not be any later if the
weather makes it possible. The curling club is the first of the winter
sporting organizations to begin making plans.
H. S. Wallace of Rossland, and J.
A Macdonald, architect, got back
early yesterday from Crawford Bay
and ,t. A. and Mrs. Macdonald, of
UoNsland, oame in in the afternoon
They had spent four dayB at the mine
during whioh Mr. Maodonaid of Nelson, examined a deposit of marble
lying near the wagon road leading to
tbe mine. He found it of a very good
qualitv, though it is a question
whether its distance from the water
front will not for some time prevent
its boing turned to account. Those
of the party who tried shooting did
not have good luck. Tbe work at tbe
mine going on now is constructing
bins and head works preparatory to
shipping ore when the tramway la
The committee and members of the
Nelson Hoat club desire to express
their warm appreciation and thanks
to the many ladies who so kindly
assisted at their recent dauce. A most
choice and toothsome list of delica-
oies were presented from ail hands
and unanimous praise for tbe fair
chefs was heard from all those who
were fortunate enough to puitake of
them. So many dishes and utensils
belonging to private parties aie now
in the bands of the committee tbat it
is impossible to identify tbeir owners;
consequently it has been deoided to
remove everything to MeFarland ifc
llroohman's store to be claimed there
by the rightful owner. Thanks are
also due to these gentlemen for their
kind loan to the club of a large quantity of crockery, glassware and for
tneir offer to deliver.aa far as possible
all articles claimed by private owners.
Tbe club is also indebted to J. U.
Ilunviin & Co. for their kind loan of
several articles of furnituie, which
added materially to the aitting-out
comfort of many over-ambitioua
Hair Brushes
Nail Brushes
Tooth Brushes
Clothes Brushes
We are showing a
splendid new lot at
Very Low Prices.
Hair Brushes 50c, to $3,50-
Canada Drug and
Book Co., Ltd.
Atlantic S.S. Sailings
From Montreal
Allan Line Tunisian , Nov. 7
Allan Line Corinthian Nov. 10
Beaver Lino Lake Himcoo   Nov. 8
Boavor Lino Lako Manitoba Nov. 15
From Portland, Mo.
Dominion Lino  Vancouver Nov. 16
Dominion Lino Dominion Nov. 23
From Now York
Cunard Line  Umbrlu Nov. 0
I'unard Lino Lucanla Nov. 16
White Star Lino Majestlo Nov.  6
White Star Lino Oouanio  Nov. 13
American Line Philadelphia .Nov. 13
American Lino Bt.   Haul Nov. 20
N, G. L. Kahicr Wilholm dor Gnwo No,,. 19
Haniburg-American.KurHt Bismarck...Nov. 23
French Line La Gasooirno Nov, 7
Fiom Boston
Cunard Line Ultonta Nov. 10
Dominion Lino Commonwealth Nov. 27
Gen. Agent, Winnipeg, Man.
J. 8. CABTBB, D. P. A.. Nolson
Delivered to any point
on Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock on hand of
Rough aud Dressed
Mouldings, Sash Doors.
Inside Finish.
Goast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber-
Mill at PILOT BAY. Tarda, NELSON
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& CO.
.  Tobacco
t Phone 117
Advertisements Inserted under this head at
the rate ot one oenl a word per Insertion. No
advertisement taken for less than 26 cent**.
Situation Wanted advertisemente Inserted
three times free of charge.
FOE KENT.���On Josephine street,
between Silica and Carbonate street
an eleven roomed house excellently
adapted for a private boarding house, i
Contains all conveniences. Thoroughly
renovated recently.    Ileer Ilros.
HOUSE   to rent   on Vernon     street.
Apply Captain T. J. Duncan.
FURNISED       ROOMS.���Apply      on
Silica,     seuond   door   west     Ward
ROOMS and BOARD.���Every convenience ;   south east   corner of   Carbonate and Josephine street.
FOR RENT���Home Temperance hotel,
20 bedrooms, dining room, parlors,
kitchen, all furnished complete; 875
per month. Apply to A. U. Uamble,
agent, linker street.
ROOMS TO RENT.���K. W. C. Block-
Two rooms en suite on Ward st.,
also rooms facing thr, west. On September 1, two sirgie rooms and two
or three en tu.te facing Baker st.
Furniahei or unfurnished. Mrs, F.
J. bqu.re, Room 41, K.    W.'O. Block.
WANTED.���By a woman work of any
kind.     Would pefef   looking  after
Enquire at Nelson Cafe.
WANTED���By young   English   lady,
certificated,   position   as governess.
B. B. H��� Y. W. O. A., Vancouver.
J. ROBERTSON & CO.-Noxt door to
tho now Post Oflice lluiiilini,-, Vurnon
til., NoIkou.   Day 'phono 2112. Night 'iihone 207.
.Ul    N. M. Cummlus, Lotmeo���Uverv kuowu
variety of soft drinks.  P U Box 88. Telephon
No. 31. Hoover SLreet, Nelson.   Bottlers of the
faiuouH tit. Loou Hot Springs Mineral Water
CIAN 10 & MACDONALD (11. Cane, Jaino
/ A. Macdonald.���Architects aud superln
tuudenta, Broken Hill Block, corner Bakor aud
Ward Street*, Aelsou
10VANS & CO.-Baker Sheet, Nel
sou���Wholesale dealers iu liquors, ol-
Kara, cement, lire hriok aud tire clay/water
pipe and steel rails, aud general commission
A MACDONALD & Oo.-Corner Fron
��� and Hall Streets���Wholesale grocer
aud jobbers iu blankets, gloves, mitts, boots
rubbers, maokinaws and miners' sundries-
P  BURNS & Co.-Bakor Street, Nolson-
���   Wholesale doalers iu freeh and cured
meats.   Cold.titoraxe.
Close connection Bast and Westbound at Spokane with trains of the
Spokane Falls and Northern Railway,
Direct connection at St. Paul without change of depot with all trains for
Chicago, Toronto. Montreal, New Yorlr
and all points West and South.
Leaves Spokane daily for East at 9:15 am
Leaves Spokane daily for West at 7:15 a-m
Leaves Spokane daily tor West at 8=00 pm.
West-bound trains make direct connection for Victoria and Vancouver,
Portland, San Francisco, and all points
on the Sound,
During the season of navigation East
bound trains connect at Duluth with
the magnificent steamships North-West
*nd North-Land of theNoithern Steam
ship Company Line, operated in con'
ucction witb the Great Northern Ball-
way. '
' For furthor information, aps4 folders, etc., apply to any agent of Spokane
Falls & Northern By., Kaslo & Slocan
ity., Kootei alKailway & Navigation
Op , or to
���    H. BBANDT.
City Puss, and Tkt, Agt,  W 701  W,
Riverside Ave,, Spokane, Wash.
��� i. K. TAC4AUUBY, Local Agent,
Nolson. B O
WANTED���A   good tinsmith apply to
C. F. Comer & Co. Calgary Alta.
MEN WANTED���On     Crow's      Nest
Southern   Ry.     Good   wages,   long
job. Headquarters, Elko,   B.   C.     A.
Guthrie & Co.
NELSON Employment Agency. Baker
street.    Phono 278.   J. H. Love.
WANTED.-Three   girls for   House
and hotel work.      Railroad   men  for
Contracts taken   for   Diamond   Core
WANTED.���All kinds of help. If you
want a good job. See Western Employment oflioe. Phone 270 Prosser's
second Hand Store We have storage
for household or other gouds.
WANTED���Two woman cookB, hotel
(50; two general servants,$25; waitresses, , others. R. Purdy, Employ
ment Agent, P. O.   Box 582, Phone 44.
Jewels, oandy, floweis, man-that is
the order of a woman's preferences,
Jewels form a magnet of mighty
powei to the average woman. Even
that greatest of all jewels, health, is
often" ruinea In the strenuous efforts
to raako or save the money to purchase them. If a woman will risk her
health to get a coveted gem, then let
her fortify herself against tbe insidious conseqoenccs of coughs, colds aud
bronchial affections by the regular
use of Dr. Itoschee's German Syrup.
It will promptly arrest consumption
its early stages and heal the affeoted
lungs and bronchial tubes and drive
the dread disease from the system. It
is not a tine all, but It ia a certain
cure for coughs, colds and all bronchial troubles. You can get Di. O.
D. Green s reliable remedies at W
F. Teetzol & Co. Get Green s Special
IhiM.'{utal.lT0J IJmmo-Qutnlno Tablots. ...
"'MrtjtsrefiinrHHomonoylflt fails to ouro.
�� w. Urove s signature In on eaoh box.   25c.
If yon don't like Blue  Bfbbon Tea it's
because you never tasted it.
Stoves and
Ranges . .
Wo are showing this season a full
Jine of these goods and solicit your
esteemed patronage.
Lawrence Hardware
FIIEE Milling Void Propcrtlen-We are
auxlous to secure a rcw free milling gold
liriiiiirllin al once. Tke PrMoeeUir'a r.\
cbange, Nelson, B. V, Kuuiu 4, K.-W.-C.
(iOLHSII.WKKCOrrull LEAD-MllK'H    and
uroaper.U wanted. Send report aud miiu-
pleit to the Prospector's Exeliange. Nelson.
B.C.   Kuuiu 4 K.-W.-C. block.
ore in frouh aud cured meate.
\ Baker Street, Nelson��� Wholesale dea
1   ritreot.  Nelsou ��� Wholesale doalars in
supplies, sporting goods
hardware, miners'
M'i./VCIILAN BROS. (Successors to Van
couver Hardwaro Co. l.iu.) Baker Street,
Nelson���Wholesale dealers In hardware and
udning supplies, plumbers' and tinsmiths' sup
131 paints, oils aud glass; nioohaalcs' tools
Agents foi Ontario Powder Works; dfsamito
r I1URNER, BEETON & Co.-Corner Vornou
_, aud Josephine Streets, Nulsun���Whole
sale dealers in liquors, cigars, and dry goods.
Agents for Pabst Brewing Co. of Mil wuukoe
aud Calgary Brewing Co of Calgary.
HUDSON'S BAY Co.-Wholesale grooeries
and liquors etc., Baker Strcut, Nolson.
131 OIHce corner Hall aud s'riint, Streets
Nelson���Lumber, ceiling, flooring, and every
thiDg in wood for building purposes. Uet out
prices.   Correspondence solicited.
ry\ GALLON fc (.'ii.-Di:alcr., in oro sacks
X ��� and twines. Always a large stock on
liaiid. Toloiihoiuiaij.   Koiini 11, K.-W.-C Block
Money to Loan at 8  per  Cent.
7-room house, 822
(i-roomed house, $13.50
4-romed house, ifll.
Two lots, Observatory st, 8450.
'/���roomed house, $2,10(1
5-roomed house , 81,100.
Dominion and
LaDd Surveyor.
169 nelson b c
S��s&R<m K3ai*|!L/llLtUE
WINES,    LIQUORS    ana    OIQAR8.
TAMBL.YN. M��������.
Baker St.. Nelson
Telephone 93
Winnipeg, Oot. 8.-At Oretna this
"ternoon H. R. Wilson, a law clerk,
��>>Ployed In the offloe of Cameron &
fillips, waa found dead. Deocased
���""I been drinking and no inquest
w"l be held.
Montreal, Oct. ao.-Anthony Cor-
������, an Italian immigrantion agent,
"M furnished 3,000 Italians with employment this summer. Most of the
wn went to tbe Grand Trunk,   Cana-
?"n Paclfl0 and Alfjoma Central rail-
F. O. aBBBM        ��. 8. OLBMENT9
Civil Engineer* and Provincial Land
P. O. Box 145 .Nelson, B.C.
J. 0. GWLLLIM, B-,
Late of Geological Survey of Canada.    Six years experience in B. C
mining districts.
Baker Street Nelson. B C.
The Canadian Bank of Commerce!
With Which la Amalgamated
The Bank of British Columbia.
Capital,   88,000,000!   Reserve  Fund,   12,000,000 i
Aggregate Resources Over ���65,000,000.
COX, President.     B. E. WALKER, General Manager.
London Office: 60 Lombard Street, E. C.
New York Office! 16 Bxchatn Mice.
And 08 broncbos In Canada and tho Jnlted States, Including 1
Nanaimo Kosslanu Viotoria
viikton DISTRICT���Dawson and White iiohsk.
UNITlS) STATKS-Nsw York, San Francisoo. Sbattix, Portland, Skaowat,
Savings Bank Department.
Deposits Received and Interoit Allowed.  1'resent Bate S Per Cent
Nelson Branch. GRANGE V. HOLT, Manager.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
KKBtt 4 CO'S.
New   styles   at
An an effective healer ot sorainB, gnlle,
apUnlJTbo-��Tthroat, coiurtu. swoUtag, Horc,.i����
Inlliimmatlon in homes and cattle, Griffiths
Liiiliiioiit hnfl provod a supremo sucoosH-an
Kooil for tho homo m tor hlH ma��or.
1" U Ritchln & Co., ranchers, Vancouver,
II, 0. 'say: -'Wc.consider Griffiths' Menthol
, nlmont unrqunllod for horses. Ono of onrj
ha,laliadswolUngonthe eft leg, ������
Hwollon lo an immense slao, wo "}PP"o�� BS
Liniment and in two dafB tho "WolUngbadUoft
ki...    Wo h����� Irlod many Linlmenu but havo
Wo bavo trlod many Unimenta 1
liinir loeiiiuvl It. '        _ ..
bjl P. Vajwtew NelWi. R O.
"found nothing to equal It.
" ii. P. Vi
Fresh   and   Salted   Heats
N. E. T. CO.
Reduction in service, taking place
Sunday 29th instant. 40 minute
service before 11 a. m. and after
7.40 p. m.    20 minutes between.
Ittigustown Stanley HI.
7,00 a  m. 7-20 a- m-
7.40 8.00
8,20 8.40
9.00 9-20
9.40 10.00
10.20 10.40
11.00 11.00
11.20 11.20
Every 20 minutes between, at the
hour, 20 past and 20 to.
Wind unnoro Mines.  Corremondonoe 80H0U
7.20 p m
last rar.
KUaley HI
7.20 p. m.
last car to switch
CARS : : :
Fisn and Poultry in Season
E.  C.   TRAVES.   Manauer.
K.-W.-C   Block, Ward Strkbt, Nrlson.
Otders by mail receive careful and prompt attentio n
KASLO.  B.  C.
Mineral iliume. and mines suiveyed.
Will pay the highest oaah price (or all
kinds of second band goods. Will buy
or sell anything (ram an anohor to a
needle. Furniture, stoves, oaxperU,
looking utensils, bought In household
quantities. Alio oast off clothing.
Oall and sea me or write. Address
Silver Sine Mike, Boa NO, Hall
Street, Nelson. B. a
addition  to
Crows' Nest Section-
Leave Kootenay Landing
Tuesday and Friday  for  St
Paul via Soo Line.
Friday only for Toronto,
Montreal and Boston and intermediate points on direct
For berths, timetables, rates and (all
Information apply to.
H. L. Bbowm,
City Passenger Agent]
J. 8. Oautrb,
Dis. Pass. Agt.
B. J. Ootms
A. (��. P. A.
If there la anything you require,ulc
for  it  In    b- ���uluuiu  of the Miner. w
Niuon Daily Mink* Thursjay, October ji, iqoi
letter Do yon   want  a  good
Files Letter File, ono that is
honestly made in every
particular, tbe best cheap File ever
made? If so, -e recommend our
"Accountant," with double arch,
index and cover.    Price 50c.
For a better File, in faot, the best
File made we recommend tbe "Shannon," with index and cover. Price,
letter size 90c., Cap size $1.00.
For Office Sundries of all kinds we
know no better place than the
A son was born to the wife of Mr.
Albert Benson at the Kootenay Lake
Meneial hospital, Sunday, Oetobei
Mrs. Melville Parry left yesterday
fnr Cranbrook to take part in an
operatia concert which is to lake place
there this evening under the auspices
of tbe mosioal association of tbat
Mrs. W. S. Pearoy, of the public
school staff, yesterday received a tele
gram informing her of the serious illness of her brothei, Inspector Charles
Wlckbam of the Northwest Mounted
Police, at Kegina, who spent a few
months of this year in Nelson. A
later diepatch stated that a change
for the better had taken place.
Heavy Wool   Hose for   Women   and
Children.     Sec KERR'S values.
The Ladies Guild of St. Saviour's
church will meet this afternoon at the
residence of Mrs. U. Bird on Observatory street, at the usual hour.
The bell for tbe Are hall bas not yet
arrived, although it is expected this
week. The tower Is ready for placing
the bell in position as soon at, it ar-
ii ves.
The auction sale of the household
furuiturc and effect* of Mrs. S. Kelly,
Victoria street, took place yesterday
afternoon. Tlia bidding was brisk
ana most of the goods brongbt fair
Duck shooting at Kootenay Landing
is said to have itr.proved consideiably
since the wet weather commencea.
Yesterday a number of sportsmen
came in, each bringing a good string
of birds.
Mrs. Emory and family who have
been making an extended visit to relatives iu Ontario, returned to Nelson
yesterday. While east they visited a
number of the eastern cities, also tbe
I'an-American Exposition at   Buffalo.
The ladies who are members of the
Altar Guild of St. Saviours' c'nnrcn
presented Rev. Mr. Akehurst yesterday
with two handsome volumes. The
presentation made the evening before
was from the pupils and teachers of
the Sunday school.
The Kcotenay Wiie works shipped a
large consignment of goods to one of
the leading furniture dealers of Rossland yesterday. Bnsinens is repotted
as good, there being a brisk demand
for the goods, especially in East
Kootenay and the Boundary   country.
For the first time for nome weeks
there was no ore brought down by the
steamers yesterday from ports up the
lake. Considerable steel Is being
handled through Nelson at present,
the bulk of it going through to the
Boundary for use on the Bepublio _
Urand   Forks railway.
At the meeting of the executive
committee of tbe onrling club which
was held last evening arrangements
were made with the tramway com
pany regarding the Use of the link for
the winter, und a number of other
matters were put in ahape to be
brought up at the general meeting
which is to be held next Tuesday.
A number of men came down from
the Lardo yesterday on the steamers,
Tbe setting In of bad weather caused
conditions which made the work of
construction on the railway which is
being built anything bnt pleasant,
and many of them decided to seek
more desirable employment for tbe
The long spell of fine weather,
which lasted up till the end cf last
week, had a very favorable effect on
building operations in the city. Tbe
Salvation Army barracks are well
under way bb also the high school.
if the weather does not turn oold suddenly both the latter buildings will
be covered in shortly.
A gang of men is   at work filling up
the     trestles   between   Robson     and
Nolson, while another gang is   work
ing ou the   trestles   betwo'n   Procter
and NeiBon.     Repairs are being made
on   the bridges   whioh   will    not   be
filled in this season.     Tbe   past sum
liter   lias   seen   a great   improvement
made in the lines running out of Nel
son, a large number of curves   having
been eliminated, trestles   filled in and
the     roadbed     generally     smoothed
although,   owing   to   the   trackmen's
strike   a   great   deal   of work yet re
mains to be done.
At ths police court yesterday the
case of violating the by-law relating
to the carrying of swill took bnt i
short time to settle. No counsel ap
peared for the defence and liow, the
acousod, was lound guilty and fined
$15, which was paid by a tyee. The
magistrate advised the Chinamen to
see their lawyer and have him confer
wth the heail uf the health department
as to a suitable vessel for carrying the
swill in. Tbey might then arrange
to pay a small license foe for the privilege of carrying the swill, which
would give those possessing the
license a monopoly of the business.
A fire alarm was sent in from the
office of the Hamilton Powder works
yesterday afternoon about 3 o'clock.
The firemen on their arrival fornd
that the cbemical engine was sufficient for the needs of the situation,
and in a short time the fire was under
control and extinguished. The cause
of the affair was an overheated stove
pipe setting fire to the woodwork that
was near it, tne flames quickly running up the wall. The damage done
was slight, through tbe fire being
taken in its initial stage, the lots
amounting to about S15.
London, Oot. 81.���"The papal consistory, that was to have been held in
November, has been postponed to uext
spring," says the Rome correspondent
of the Daily Chronicle, "consequently
Cardinal Martiuelli will continue to
reside in Washington for a time. It
is officially announced that the most
Rev. Diunedo Faleonio, apostolio delegate to the Dominion of Canada, will
succeed Cardinal Martiuelli."
The Ladies' Aid Society of St.
Paul's Presbyterian chuorh will hold
n sale of work and Hallowe'en supper
in the stores next to tbe Lawrenoe
Hardware Co., on Thursday, October
31st. Tbe sale of work will begin at
2 o'elncK and supoei from 8 30 to 8
o'clock. Afternoon tea nil! be
New York, Oct. 30.���General Superintendent Clark of the Delaware,
Lackawanna & Western railway was
severely injured and a fireman badly
bmt near Summit, N. J., today. Mr.
Clark was on an inspection tour and
bis private car was being drawn at
goDd speed around curve near Milling
ten when the engineer ran into a
freight train standing on the track.
Chicago, Oot. 30.���The foui-story
brick building of tbe Peterson picture
factory was gntted by fire yesterday
afternoon. The fire spiead to sui-
rounding buildings. Seventy-five
families lost their homes and $250,001)
worth of property was destroyed. It
is believed tbat no lives were lost.
New York, Oct. 30.���Cable adivces
from Colombia announoe the discovery
of a conspiracy against the government in which the Minister of War,
General Pedrcnel Ospina, is implicated. General Ospina is imprisoned in
the Panoptico, tbe military gaol at
Bogota. Senor Jhosc Vincente Conoha
has been appointed minister.
Louisville, Oct. 30.���"Australian"
Jimmy Ryan was tonight knocked out
in the second round of a 20-iound
Oontest at Music hall by Jack Boot of
Chicago. The fight was for the
middle weight championship.
Rome, Oct. 30.���This afternoon an
earthquake was felt in Italian oities,
including Spezzia, Genoa, Bolonga,
Verona, Brescia, and Milan. There
were two severe shocks at Oallarata,
where a number of houses were
Havana, Oct. 30.���The municipal
council of Havana has rejected all
bids submitted for the sewering and
paving contracts taking the position
that the municipal council does not
have at its disposal the necessary
"I stuck to my engine, although
every joint and every nerve was racked with pain," writes C. W. Bellamy,
a locomotive fiieman, of Burlington,
la., "I was weak and pale, without
any appetite and all run down. As 1
was about to give up, I got a bottle of
Electric Bitters and, after taking it,
I felt as well as I ever did iu my
life." Weak, sickly, rundown, peonle
always gain new health, strength and
vigor from their use. Try them.
Satisfaction guaranteed by Canada
Diug & Book Co.    Price 50 cents.
Combination Salts for Women and
Children. Special values at KERB &
Corpoiation of the City of
Notice to Municipal Voters.
Notice is hereby given that nnder
tho provision of the "Municipal Election Act," the following ale entitled
to vote for Mayor and Aldermen at
City Municipal Elections,  viz.:
Any male or female, being a British
subject of the full age of twenty-one
years, who   has paid on or before the
First Day ol November all Municipal
Rates. Taxes, Assessments, and
License Fees
payable by him or her, and
'Who iB the assessed owner of lands
or of improvements or the assessed
occupier of lands within the Municipality, or
'Who is a resident of and carries
on business, and is the holder of a
traders' license in the Municipality,or
'Who is a householder within the
Householders   are   required   on   or
before   the   first   day of December to
enter   with   the   undersigned,     their
names   as   a   voter, and   to del'ver at
the same time a statutory  declaration
in the form provided by tbe statute.
Clf v Clerk.
Nelaon, B. C, October 18th, 1901.
In the History of Nelson
No question about it.    This sale commencing tomorrow will  be " A Record Pf'lCe Bfeakefs"    We
have had many "Mark DQWIl Sales," but the next $"|X Days are going to be hummers at
Down goes the prices just in the nick of time for those who want to buy Winter Dfy Goods, Jackets Of    jj��
RaillCOatS*   This is no catch sale, we just mean what we say.
A Few Rain Coat Snaps
for this wet weather.
Women's Rain coats in   Black'  Navy,   Fawn.
All new goods.
Our $5.00 Rain Coat, sale price $3-75
"     7.00    "       "     now  4.90
"     9.00    "       "       "     6.00
"    10.00    "       "       "     7.00
"    1 a. 50 leaders, now 8.50
A Limited Lot of Children's Coats with Capes at
Less than Half Price.
Children's Black English   Paramattas in  sizes
32, 36, 40, 44,48.    Were sold from $4.25    *)  1 (?
_��u     to $6.60.    This sale will see them go for.
Also a limited number of Children's Fawn Rain
Coats in sizes only 34, 38, 42, 46, 48. these Misses
Coats were formerly $5.00 and $6.00. ���\ t_\_\
This 6 day sale will see them out at /Civ V
The next thing of interest during this sale will
be the marked down prices on our
Tailor Made Suits.
Every Suit has been treated to a price cutting operation, for example.
Suits that were $10.00 for $ 6.90
"      "      "     15.00   "     9.50
"      "      "     20.00   "   13.50
"      "      "     25.00   "   17.50
This is no fairy tale.
Flannelette Wrappers from $1.00 up.
Flannelette and Flannel Blouses, prices right.
Corsets and Underwea��are 0. H. Values.
We have sorted out two Lots of Jackets,  comprising our entire stock.
Lot 1.
Nobby Coats, they are yours at Half Price.
$12.00 Jackets are marked $6.25
9.00       "      "        "           4.50
The same prices in this lot prevails all the way
Lot 2.
Some of the swellest productions ever shown in
Nelson.    Every garment correct in fit,    OCfler
style and material. They are marked downrCvCCIlt
Domestic Department.
In the Domestic Department we intend making
things lively.
Blankets, White and Grey all sizes. Every
pair substantly reduced.
Large Size Honey-comb Quilts that were
$1.50.    Sale price $ 1 00
Heavier weight, worth $1.75.    Sale price    1 40
Marcellas Quilts all sizes and prices.
Towels galore, Bleached and Unbleached,
Honey Combe and Damask. Now is the time to
replenish your stock of towels.
Dress Deoartmtnt.
We call special attention to a heavy line of
Cheviots worth 50 cts. for20 cts. per yard. Just the
thing for children's school wear. Only three pieces
of them.
We cannot review all the Bargains, but see
them and you will be a sure buyer.
Gloves and Hosiery Away Down.
Terms Positively Cash During this Sale.
Every Article in the Store has been Subject to the Knife.    Visit
Bargain Sale f
Just Received
A large Shipment of
Portable Basket Grates, And-Irons,
Brass Fire Sets,
Brass Fenders,
Spark Guards-
A. R. BARROW, a. v lo*
Provincial Land Surveyor
Oornor Viotoria and Kootenay 8ta.
P.O. Box SCO Telephone So. a
Be  snre anH get tbe genuine   BENNETT'S GU'XTA PEECHA FITSE.not
something that looks   like   it.    Lawrence Hardware .Co., Agents.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
MB ���������������������� Bfra
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon, Three Porks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Orftw -j mail to anv branch will have careful and nramot attention.
wSmfe ��wr;^S?i5 and ����PPer Mines wanted at the EXCHANGE.   f
investors    MILL1N0  G0LD Properties wanted at onee for Eastern
��m^trtie��\,!Tio*  mlnlnK  property for sale are  requested to send
samples of their ore to the EXCHANGE for exhibition,
���o.i���. i  *S . . ^�����hfar from prospectors who have promising mineral
claims in British Columbia. -  :
rn^jfiTilt0.r8,lind  miuine n-en  are requested  to make the EX-
a,i     thelr ^"quarters when in Nelson.
All samples should be sent by express, PREPAID,
correspondence solicited.    Address all communications to
___________   'O. BOX 700. NELSON. B.C.    >


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