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Nelson Daily Miner Feb 4, 1902

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Daily Edition +'<y*9.3..
Nelson,   British  Columbia, Tuesday,   February 4, 1902
Eleventh  Year
The First Draft Prepared by
the   G!ty   Council.
Auditor's    Financial   Statement for Last Year
At the meeting of the city council
last evening the flist business to come
up was  the  awarding of the contract
it was decided to refuse this request,
but it was informally decided tnat the
board of health should take steps to
secure the right to cut ico on thc lake
at a sate distiinco above the city for
suoh parties as wished it, if possible.
On motion of Alderman Hamilton,
seconded by Alderman Selous, it was
unanimously decided that the council
should extern to Mrs. Robertson their
deep sympathy for herself and family
on the occasion of their heavy be-
lenvement in the death of .1. Roderick
Robertson, and express tlieir sense of
the great loss the city bus sustained in
the sudden removal ol one of its most
valued citizens.
[or the extention to the city offices,
which was finally giveu^to D.Burgess,
his tender of 42.000 being $09 below
tlio next higher bid.
An estimate of Hehden and Hebden
for wort- on the High school building
amounting to $1,100 was read and
accepted and a cheque ordered to bo
issued for the amount.
The report of tbe public school committee stating that they had gone over
tlie estimate of the school board for
the current year with the secretary
and cliuirman of the board and were
fully satisfied regarding the same,was
read nnd adopted.
The report of the city auditor was
then rend and referred to the finance
committee for consideration.
The statement gave the following
Receipts, general, 885,451.41; sale
ol mterial,$l,140.50; sale of debenturos
nnd sinking fund,$105,027.83 ; outstnd-
tng accounts, 82,304.92, making total
of 0108,900,00.
The disbursements were: 8103,000.06
of which $20,743.30 was spent on the
streets and sidewalks.
The statement of nssets and liabilities was included thc following items
and tntnls: Capital assets, Ore equipment, $0,180.05 ; public buildings and
grounds, 88,403.42; sewer construction, less 5 por cent for depreciation,
$51,105.08; electrio light construction
less 7 per cent, $01,720.00; Kootenay
river wator rights, $404.15; water
works construction less 7 per cent.,
(85,200.86, with the smaller items
iiinliii a total of 8224,404.82.
Assets, revenue account, licenses
unpaid, $222.50; real estate taxes unpaid, $7,520.18 ; sower rental, 8815.57 ;
electric light rates less 15 per cent,
$4,022.33; water rates, less 15 per
cent, $2,201.04; scavenger rates less 15
per cent., 81,228.51; electric ligh.
supplies, less 50 per cent., $128.43-
Total, 817,229 45.
Other assets, Bigh school, $020.08;
sinking fund and interest, $20,200.25;
cash on hand, $1,980.07. Total, 8204,-
81)0.07, making an excess of liabilities
over assets of $33,348.23.
Liabilities, Hunk of Montreal overdraft, $18,092.44; Nelson Electrio
Tramway Co., $887.54 ; accounts outstanding Deo. 31st, 82,804.02; tital
debentures, $276,000; half year sinking
fund, $1,800.    Total $208,244.90.
Tho estimates of expenses and revc-
nuc for the current year was rend
which were as follows:
Fire department maintenance,
$7,ot)0; fire dept. equipment, 81,600;
police dept., $0,000; scavenger dept.,
$1,500; board of health, $2,000; legal
expenses, 81,000; miscellaneous,
$2,ll0(); plant and tools, $0li0; stationery, printing and adverising, $1,500;
i'l.siiniis nnd buildings, $3,000; maintenance, 8050; snlarios (including
city engineer) $7,500; waterworks
maintenance, $2,ooo;sewer mainton
mice, $500, electrio light, 87,000; In-
teisnt and sinking fund debentures,
$33,050; grants, $2,5ti0; Electric Street
Tramway Co., $875.94; Interest on
overdraft, $1,200; overdraft on Bank
of Montreal on current account Jan.
ist, $18,092.44; accounts outstanding,
Dec. 31st, 1901, $2,500; public schools,
$13,400; furniture and fixtures, $300;
duo sinking fund on 1901 debentures,
$1,800; Electrio Tramway Co., electric
light power, $5,000. Total, 8110,.
008.38. Estimated revenue, $94,750.00;
oxooks of expenditure over revenue,
A lettor was read from James Allen
stating that if the council would provide the lumber for extending the
sidewalk on tho upper end ol Ward
street, above Obseravtory, as far ns
IliB house that ho would provide the
labor. The matter was referred to thc
bonid ol works.
A letter was read from J. J. Malonc
asking permission to cut ice on tho
Oity   icioi voir.    Alter some discussion
Selected   as   Pastor  oi    the   Nelson
Presbyterian Church.
A meeting of the congregation of
St. Paul's Presbyterian church was
held last evening with Rev. Henry
Young, of Ymir, as moderator On
motion it was decided to issue a call
to Rev. Peter Wright to take tlie pastorate of the church made meant hy
the resignation of Rev. R. Frew. The
formal call to Rev. Dr. Wright will
be made at the meeting of tbe Presbytery of the district, which is to be
held or. February 18th.
A committee wns appointed to prepare resolutions of regret for the death
of J. Roderick Robertson nnd A. H.
Gray and the committee wns directed
to forward the resolutions to the
families of the deceased.
It waa stnted last evening that Rev.
R. Fiev was now in Constantinople.
A copy of tho Levant Herald, published in Constantinople, gives an
account of a large gathering at Somer-
vi lie house, Constantinople, on Saturday, January 4th, of members of the
Dutch chapel (Evangelical Union
church) to welcome the new pnstor,
the Rev. R, Krew The Rev. Dr.
Hannington, acting ns chairman, introduced tbe new pastor in an appropriate address. The Rev. Mr. Frew,
he said, had come from Canada where
he had spent 12 years. His health
broke down in the early part of last
year, hov��ever, and he was obliged to
seek a milder climate. Constantinople, will, it is hoped, prove more
favorable to his censtitution.
Dr. Washburn, the next speaker
dwelt humorously on ihe anomalies
in church worship to be met with in
Constantinople, alluding chiefly to
little regard to denominations as instanced in the fact that there were
present adherents of at lenst 15 denominations. Several other speakers
made short addresses.
Rev. Mr.Frew in replying expressed
his gratitude for the very warm reception which had been extended to him.
He felt, ho said, that he had been
treated moro like a friend than a
minister. Mr. Frew then referred to
some of his Canadian experiences in
a style which greatly amused his
Chinese Reform Association
Plots to Kill the Empress.
Action for Damages Against
Nelson Tramway Company.
The following scratch curling games
were played yesterday: Gracey. G.
O. Huehanan, J. F. Weir, Wallace,
skip, 17; und Kydd, C. J. Wilson,
Smyth, Richardson, skip, 14
Davys, Bradley, Gamble, A. H.
liiichanan, skip, S; and Cholditch, C.
J. Wilson, Miller, Fletcher,   skip, 10.
Heaven, Gtacoy, D. J. Robertson,
Stocks, skip, 5; and Watchorn, II.
Bird, G. O. Huchannn, Beer,   skip, 9.
O'Shea, W, R. Jtirvis,, .Turner,
Cnraeron skip 0; nnd Hamilton McPherson, Taylor, Starkey, skip, 12.
During lhe evening tbe two Winnipeg rinks plnycd u practise gnm�� and
the result showed that they will be Ot
Ior tho company they will meet on
their tour. The result was:
Walley Richardson
Wallace Fox
Tamblyn Waugb
J. O. Wilsiin.Bk.il Rae, sk., 7.
This afternoon Walley and Richardson play in the semi-finals ol the consolation scries and in the evening
Stocks and Cameron in the Bomi-flnals
of the Bunyan series.
Victoria, Feb. 3.���News of a most
extensive conspiracy to assassinate
the empress-dowager ot China aud
members of the court and foment a
wide spread rebellion, wbich was to
Involve the whole Chinese empire was
received by the steamer Glenesk. The
discovery of the plot was made while
the court was at Kaifeng when an unsuccessful attempt was made to destroy the palaces and their inmates by
fire. After the failure of this attempt
snome of the incendiaries were arrested by the Honan provincial officials
and torture was at once applied with
a view of extorting confession. One
of the conspirators,aged 18 years only,
at last broke down and confessed.
He told of attempts that were to be
made to wreck the imperial train and
fire on her from the side of the line.
A search of the captured men's
houses resulted in the discovery of
correspondence and detailed reports on
the strength of the garrisons of all the
cities of importance in China, and all
particulars relating to their strength
and defence. The books of the society
containing the names of the members
were also found and there will be
wholesale arrests. Correspondence
was also found from the China Reform association to the conspirators.
When the plot was discovered ample
guards were placed along the route by
Viceroy Yuan Shih Kai and the court
was not molested, en route. Hnd the
plot not been discovered the court
would have delayed long before going
to Pekin.
News has been received of thc safety
of the overdue British bark Kelverdalo
which is 03 days out from Manila for
Royal roads. She was sighted on
Saturday by the steamer Glenesk oft'
Cape Flattery. The Kelverdale was
reinsured st 3 per cent, her owners
fearing for her on account of typhoons
which raged in the eastern seas soon
after the bark sailed from the Philippines in ballast.
Chas. W. A. Neill has inued writs
here against the Nolson Electric Tramway company,and the New Vancouver
Coal company, of Nanaimo, for
$94,900. The action will bo taken for
himself and for the king, the sum
mentioned being the penalties and
forfeitures for alleged failure to report
receipts, traffic returns, accidents,
etc., as required under the Railway
Act of Canada, Victoria 51, sections
299, 300, 803 and 304.
[The writ in this section has been
served on the company here. The requirements of the Canada Railway Act
are often overlooked by both companies and the government, muoh the
same as the provisions of the Companies act with regard to certain returns that are to he made, and for
failure in making which there arc
heavy penalties provided, It is not
usuul for such nn action as this to bo
mnde by a private Individual.)
day's closiug with a net loss of 2 7-8. I
Profit-taking was an important
���p-r-rv-n O-rTTTlT)rni0'enicnt in the weakness of the stock |
I'lltJu O W .til 1 ! but there *��as n disposition to dis-
oredit recent rumors of a combination
with other copper producers. The
Weakness of this stuck did not effect
the early rise in the transcontinental!,
but   its   depressing   influence   gained
force later in the day.
Over Four Millions of Business  Property   De-
'.   stroyed.
Incendiaries  Spread a Fire
Gauslng Very Heavy
The Arlington, near Erie, is shipping two carloads of ore a week. The
oro Ib of a very high grade.
The Sandon Pay steak says that thc
Ivanhoc mado a good production last
month, shipping 190 tons of conccn-
tates, besides which several tons of
zinc oro wns saved but not shippod.
The output was made with only 38
men on the  pay roll.
At the Silversmith, says the Sandon
Paystrenk, tho oro shoot continued as
strong ns ever.
The   miners are run
ning   nlongslde   the   oro shoot, stripping it without breaking iuto it.
W. Hart Mcllarg of Rossland Has
Written Its History.
Rossland, Feb. 8.���W. Hart Mcllarg, bnrrlstcr, of Rossland, who
served through tbe South African campaign in the Royal Canadian regiment
ns cergcant, and who is now a lieutenant in tho Rocky Mountain
Rangers, has written a clover book
entitled "Prom tjnebec to Pretoria
with the Royal Canadian Regiment."
The volume is to be issued in Torcntc
shortly from tbe press of William
llrlggs and will give an accurate
recital of the events In the history of
Canada's flrst contingent. In his
battle scenes, particularly that of
Paardeherg, Mi. Moiling is pattiou-
Inrly strong. Rossland people are
looking forward to the appearance of
the volume with keen interest.
Waterbury, Conn., Feb. 3.���Smouldering ruins mark tho main business
section oi this city as the result of a
fire that broke out last night and
continued until morning. The exact
loss is difficult to obtain, but it will
be about $4,000,000. There is a very
strong suspicion that the fire that
destroyed the Scovill house, which
burned after the first outbreak was
partially under control, was started
by an incendiary. The hotel fire
originated in the pool and billiard
room in the basement of the house on
the side farthest from the burning
district nnd all bent for the room waB
supplied frum a boiler in another part
of thc building. No one could be
found to explain its origin nud the
authorities nre investiga'ing.
The flames had only begun to die
out down along Hank, Grand ano
south Main streets, where the main
fire occurred, when it was found that
the hotel was on fire and something
resembling a panic occurred. It was
evident the building was doomed and
if the file should reach lho adjacent
buildings there would be very little
hope of saving the centre of the oity.
The fire blazed far into the day and
was not extinguished entirely until
The main fire out through the heart
of the city and a tangle in tho net
work ot wires hindered the work ol
extinguishing the last flames and
clearing away the wreckage but telephone communication, lighting facilities and electric power were restored
before nightfall.
A revised list of losses and insurance is very difficult to obtain at this
time. Few know just what the loss
was on their buildings and stock. The
remarkable feature of the fire was
undoubtedly the absence, so far as
known, of loss of life. Ohas. i. Kent,
of the Holmes, Booth nnd Hayden
Co., and a member oI the board of
education, and the second cook of tbe
hotel were reported missing but have
been located. Only two oases of
slight injury have been reported.
The rebuilding of the ruined structures is only a qurstion of time.
Temporary quarters have been secured
by all the firms, though small, and
the merchants expect soon to be In
commodious quarters. Many have
already telegraphed for new stock and
will resume business immediately.
The American Publishing company is
among the heaviest losers. The building is entirely ruined, but the paper
was issued in an abbreviated lorm
tonight. Tho walls of the mechanical
department are still standing and it
is said that it will be removed immediately. Tho presses and machines are
believed to be not seriously damaged
through buried under water and
debris. There has been more or less
disorder about the streets which were
piled with household goods and
strewn with small artioles thrown
from the windows, but tlio amount of
thieving was small with the opportunities offered,
Gompers Objects to Chinese Minister
Calling Him An Agitator.
Washington, Feb. 3.���The house
committeo on Foreign affairs today
heard Immigration Commissioner
Powderly and President Gompers of
the Federation of Labor, in favor of
strict Chinese exclusion as provided in
the Mitchell-Kahn bill. In tho
course of his remarks, Mr. Gompirs
criticized Wu Ting Fang, tho Chinese
tniniater.saying,: "i resent the sneering remark of a foreign diplomat that
I am an agitator, or a labor agitator
or that the laboring people of this
country who are endeavoring to prefect themselves from Chinese labor,
aro agitators. 1 deny the right of a
representative of a foreign government
addressing himself to an official of
our government and referring to
American citizens in such a manner
as this and particularly whon su:h
references are of a derogatory character. The Chinese minister is treated
in this country with every becuming
courtesy and he has no right to make
insinuations upon American citizens
upon behalf of the laboring men of
this country, whom I represennt as
the president of the Federation of
Labor. I repeat that I resent these remarks on the part of the Chinese
Formally Arraigned for the
Whitewater Murder of
Limitless Cold Conglomerates
on Indian River. Yukon.
Winnipeg. Feb. 3. ���Walter Qordnu,
the alleged Whitewater murderer,
came before Magistrate llakei at the
police court this morning. 11. M.
I Howell and Mr. Mathers appeared for
I the defendant, and Goo. Patteison,
deputy attorney general for tlie
crown. The charge against hiin is in
the usual wording for an indictment
of murder, and was that "On July
21st, 1900, nenr Whitewater, iu the
municipality of Morden, Manitoba,
Walter Gordon did kill and murder
one Churles J. Daw and at the same
place on August 1st did kill and murder one Jacob Smith."
Mr. Mathers, on behalf of the
accused, asked tbat the preliminary
hearing be taken in Winnipeg by
Magistrate Baker, This Mr. Patterson objected to and Mr. Iiaker remanded the case to lluissevain ou
February 11 th, where the. case- will ba
heard by Magistrate William Gordon.
A report is in circulation tonight that
Gordon has confessed to the double
John Hepburn, locator of the rich
quartz conglomerates on Indian river,
Yukon, the discovery of which win
briefly reported in dispatches from the
coast   last   week,   WaB   in   Winnipeg
London, Feb.3.���Reports of damages
caused by   the   wind   and snow storm
on the continent and in Great  Britain
continue to be received.   Cam ago and
Btreet  car  traffic in  Madrid has been jto,iay en r^^ to Montreal, New York
and Loudon, England,    where he will
stopped and railroad trains are delay
ed. Some of the towrs in Northern
Spain aro isolated and fruit trees have
been destroyed.
In Switzerland many villages arc
cut off frum communication. Telegraphic communication with Italy is
interrupted. There is now more snow
in Venice than at any time during the
past 25 years. The river Tiber rose
35 feet. The lower portion of Rome is
flooded, as well as the Forum, the
Pantheon and the Temple of Vesta.
The water of the Tiber is now receding. Several more wrecks oif the
British and French coasts are reported and the crews of some of these
vessel have been lost. Numerous
ships are overdue.
New York. Feb. 3. ���Two men wer
seriously injured this afternoon by a
heavy blast of dynamite on the Bite of
the old Stewart mansion, 34th street
and 5th avenue The mon hurt are
Morris Harnett, a watchman employed
by a firm of bulICers, whose skull wbb
fractured and Ferdinand Holly was
painfully cut iu the thigh by a piece
of flying rock. A building foreman
who had charge ol the blast, was
London, Feb. 8.���The scandal arising from the charges brought against
British officeru by Sir John Blundell
Maple, M. P., in connection with the
purchasing of horses lor the army,
caused further acrimonious comment
today. It was announced thath Major
General W. R. Truman, inspector
general of the remount department,
asked for thc appointmont of a court
of Inquiry. The war secretary, Mr.
Broderick, replying, said he agreed it
was desirable that a thorough investigation should be made ol the whole
subject and promised that the inquiry
would be oponed without delay.
New York. Feb. 3. ���Copper barely
steady at 13 1-2 cents.    Lead steady.
liar silver, 55 l-8o,
London, Fell. 3.���Lead closed at
��11 6s.
New York, Fob. 3.���Amalgamated
Copper closed 75 1-3. The dealings
in Amalgamated Copper were ou an
enormous sonic, the number of shares
slid being the Inrgeat for a single day
ln tlie history of  tbo  stock.     It  was
Little Falls, Fob. 3.-The great
storm of the year Is raging in the
Mohawk valloy, Thc country roads
are blocked and no mails have been
received from surrounding places.
Enstbound through trains on the New
York Central and West Shore roads
arc behind time and no trains arc
running     on   the   Little   Fulls    nnd
Dodgcviiie railway.
London, Feb. 3.���A South African
casualty list published this evening
includes the name of the Earl of
Munster (Geoffrey George Gordon Fitz
Clarence) who was aecidently killed
at the Lapo mines, on Feb. 2nd. The
earl was a major of the Third
Battalion of the Royal Scots (Lothian
regiment).    He was born in 1859.
enlist capital for the development of
his properties. Mr. Hepburn is enthusiastic over the new finds and says
one ol his claims will yield 804,000,000
in gold and that enough conglomerate
is in sight to keep 20,000 stamps at
work for iOO years.
Earthquake in Montreal���Full Lenten
Regulations Restored.
Montreal, Feb. 3.���A very Blight
shock of earthquake was felt here
about 8 o'clock this morning. It was
ilso felt at several points in the Eastern Townships.
There is consternation in Roman
Catholic circles on account of sickness. Archbishop Brnobeai has heretofore released the severity of lenten
regulations but this year the archbishop orders thut the rules be restored in full.
The provinces of Ontario and Quebec
nre held up by the biggest snowstorm
and blizzard of years. Railway traffic
is generally suspended and the few
trains being operated are hours behind time.
  ��� i
Plans for the now drill shed for
Nelson were received yesterday bv J.
A. Macdonald, resident government
architect, and show that the Nelson
militia will soon be housed. The
building is to be erected on lots 10
and 17, block 12, on Victoria street,
midway between Stanley and Kootenay street. The building will be blix42
feet with arn oties, officers' mess and
storeroom taken oft the rear. Underneath those rooms will be a basement
with concrete lluor. The foundations
are to be ol stone, and the stonework
above the ground Is to bo of random
coursed ashler in ��iunite, the body of
the building being wood. There Is to
be n large porch over the front entrance, with double doors with a
small wicket door in one ot the large
ones. The roof is to be an extra
heavily framed ouo nnd laid with
flooring nnd Bblnges, There will be a
gallery over the rooms a* the roar
witli   slaircnso   communicating   wilh
tin- basement. All tbe floois are to do
of maple. The  parade  floor will  bo
41x80 feet. The tenders are to be in by
February 25th.
London,     Feb.    3.���Although     the
agreement with thc brigands has been
completed, wires the Constantinople
correspondent   of the Dnily Chronicle,
they declare it is  impossible   to   take
the ransom money safely nwny at  the
under pressure throughout with   occa-1 present moment.   The Amerioan dele-
Rional rallies and late in the day   fell   gates arc, therefore, returning here to I She is to bo placed on   the   Montreal
more   than   three points under Satur-J make new arrangement. ] Quebec service.
Toronto, Feb.   3.���Tho new   steamer
Montieal   was   launched at Bertram's
shipyard here todny for the   Richelieu
nnd Ontario Navigation company.     It
is the largest paddle wind  hoat in
Canndiiin waters, being 310   feet long.
��"W> Nklsok Daily Miner, Tuesday,  February 4, too?
Tlie Nelson Miner
Published   Kvory Morning Exoept  Monda*
Dally por month, by carrier     sto   fuel.
Daily, per monlh, by niall ��� . m        ,
Dully, por yoar, by carrier �� ' ��   only
Dully, por yew, by mull    �� r_ I
Dolly, per y>i*r foreign >���������
company began to turn ont coke they
were compelled to bring it from as far
east as Pennsylvania and the price
was over twice as much as at present.
Now the Crow's Nest coke cau bo purchased in large quantities at Fernie
for about $5 per ton. This is quite a
large   saving   over the former cost   of
It   is   such a saving that   not
the   British   Columbia   smelters
but many on the other side of the line
use the coke in their   plants.     Crow's
Nest   coke   has   already reduced to   a
.,251 considerable degree the cost of   Btuelt
Weekly, per halt yoar *5 Si
UVnnlrlv  nor vear     * W
vVookly, por year
iVeekly, por yoar. foreign........... ���
Subscriptions invariably ln advance.
3 00
115 Fleet Btreet. K. C.
Ltd., Special Agents
'Jontral Press Agenoy
Aloxandor Sc Co., 521 Flmt Avonne, Spokane'
Wash., koop thiH naper on Me, and are our
authorised agenbi for advertisements and sub-
CR P i
ing in the Kootenays and Yale
Had the Crow's Nest company de-1
pended on tbe home demand there
would only be a couple of hundred
men employed in theff mines at
present, inst "ml of over 1,000. A few
miners could easily supply all the
borne demand. Tncre Is not the
slightest danger of any shortage in
the supply. The demand from abroad,
aa it has increased the output of coke
and coal, instead of increasing the
price to the home consumer, has really
decreased it   because the larger quan
The above Reward will be paid to: umre"cu "   "�������.��� _..._���.
anyone giving evidence that will con i "*' can be Pr"au<*d cheaper than the
vlct persons of stealing The Miner from ;smttUer quantity,   provided   it   was
i ......is-icti'ii tn the home demand.
our subscriber's doors.
���-��� r.'
The organized attack of the organB
of the Canadian Pacific railway, and
the wonder is what these tools of
the railway would do if it were not
for the railway pap they receive, haa
recommenced on the Crow's Nest
Southern and the Crow's Nest Coal
company. The public may expect the
aame tactics which characterized the
lormer assaults of these papers against
the same interests. There will be the
same sort of articles. Tho Nelson
Tribune will have an article which
doubtless will appear as a special in
the Vancouver Province. The Rossland Miner will doubtless print Fort
Steel and Trail specials, aud these in
turn will be copied by the Cranbrook
Herald or others of the papers supporting tbo selfish railway policy.
The material at the disposal of the
tools of the monopoly, which is very
small and of uncertain quality, will
bo spread over as many columns with
largo head lines and made to do as
much duty as possible. A regular
tempest in a teapot will be raised in
the hope of deceiving and deluding
the public. Tbe railway company
was discouraged at the fiasco made of
the crusade which began a few weeks
since. Editorial visits havo been
made to Montreal and a new plan of
campaign of misrepiesentation has
been mapped out and doubtless ample
sinews of war havo been obtained.
Tray, Blanche and Sweetheart will
again bark in unison.
It Is evident from the recent utterances of one of these organs tbat the old
threadbare stock of sophistries are to
be used. Under the mask of patriotism
tho people are to bo again appealed to
to save tbe country lor the C. P. B.
The cry of the organs is that the
smelting industry is to be driven to
the other side ot tbe international
bounaary line unless the price of coke
Is lowered and Jim Hill is stopped
from taking coke and coal out of the
country. Stop Hill and make the
Crow's Nest Coal company sell coke
for 81 or $2 a ton, or failing in thiB
give the C, V. R., the saviour of
Canada, 50,000 acies of coal land so
that it may head off tho effort to
sell tho country out.
One feature of the campaign is the
sending unt of agents through the
length and breadth of tho province to
Induce boards of trade to adopt resolutions favorable to the pinna of the
conspirators and monopolists. There
is an organized and a considerable
movement on tho part of the lackies of
thc monopoly to stifle legitimate enterprise and to prevent the development of the country, except where it is
to the benefit of the ono overshadow
ing monopoly to do it. They are
stealing the very livery of heaven to
serve this ilovil of monopoly and It
iu as shameful a prostitution as has
ever been witnessed in any country or
any clime. "Ch, foi a whip in every
honest hand to lash such rascals naked
through the land."
Was ever such rot, pure and simple,
published as is appearing in the
columns of tho C, P. Ii. organs concerning the driving of tho smelting
industry of the province into the
states. All the facts arc against such
a contingency. The O.l'.K. smelter nt
Trail bas been largely increased since
it was taken over by its present owners. The capacity of the Oranby
smeltor has been doubled. The
smelter at (Ireenwood is boing enlarged so that it may reduce twice as
much ore as hitherto, Tho Nelson
reduction plant has beon Increased
from a small copper stick to its present siz.i. The plant at Nortbport,
which operates exclusively on Kossiand ore, has recently linen doubled in
size. At Marysville iu East Kootenay
a lead smelter and lead refinery are
being erected, with tho Intention,
later on, of putting in corroding
works. Trail, is adding a lead refinery to the smelting plant. If those
plants had not boen profitable ad-
ditlous would not have been made to
restricted to the home demand.
Besides this the coal measures of
the Crow's Nest Pass extend for a considerable distance into Alberta and at
Blairmore, Frank and other points
there are companies engaged in opening up coal seams and in some
instances selling the coal. There is
coal enough iu these measures to
supply the entire North American
continent for a century ana yet despite this fact thc organs are endeavor
ing to create the impression that the
smelters of British Columbia which
only use a few hundred tons a day
will run short of coal and coke.
The quantity which is daily extracted from thc Crow's Nest measures
is already largely in excess of the
home demand, aud an outlet must be
found for it somewhere or the force of
miners and coke mtIters must be cut
down to a few hundred men. J.J. Hi'l
is builing a railway line into tbe coal
fields and as soon ns this is dono he
intends to use the coal on his locomotives for several hundred miles along
his line and to market the coal at
faotories, smelters -and elsewhere
along the Great Northern system. If
tho Canadian Pacifio railway had boon
reasonable in its charges for tbe haulage of coke and ooal the Great
Northern would now be using much
more of the Crow's Nest coal than it
does and in all probability tne Crow's
Nest Southern wonld have never been
projected and built.
If the matter is looked into closely
it will be found that ono of the main
causes of the so-called high price of
coke and coal to the smelters of Trail,
Grand Forks, and Greenwood is the
high charge for haulage of the
Canadian Pacfiic railway, The people
must not, however, lose fight of the
main point for which the C. P. R. is
raising all this fuss about, which is
simply to secure the 50,000 acres ot
coal land in the Crow's Nest basin
which the government had reserved
for the benefit of the people. Give the
C. P. R. tnis laud and tho present
crusade would die a natural death.
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The right of a stockholder to inspect
a mine of wbich he is part owner is
recognized in Now Zealand more
fully than in this country, or indeed
ln any mining country of which we
are aware, says tbo Mining and
Engineering Journal. The mining
law of 1808 provides that any person
owning a share or interest in any
mine is entitled to enter and inspect
that mine, with or without an atten.
dant expert, on any working day be
tween the hours of noon and 1 o'clook
and for any manager or director to
obstruct such inspection is to commit
an offensd against the law, which is
puuishable by serious penalties Even
this is uot considered sufficient, and
a bill is now pending in the New
Zealand parliament to inoreasu the
time allowed and otherwise enlarge
the stockholder's right to inspect his
The New Zealand law is ono which
could with advantage be copied by
British Columbia. In some Instances
the management of mines scums to
consider that thc stockholders havo no
rights which should be respected. Tho
stockholder, even though he be a
minority stockholder, should have the
privilege of examining tlio workings
of any property in whioh he may be
interested, with restrictions as to
hours and length of examination.
Some managers seem to think that
only a favored few consisting of tho
directorate, etc., should bo given information regarding properties and
often this information is used for the
private benefit of those officials. There
is need for reform in this direction
nnd a law should be cnactod allowing
stockholders to visit the workings at
a cortain hour in the day and another
compelling the issuanoe of reports
showing the condition of fall stock
companies at least onco a month.
The more stockholders aro taken into
thu confidence of the management the
better it is for the mining industry.
There is no necessity for the great
Before   tha   Crow's Nasi Coal juaretivaneu aomatlme* diipiayad.
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out, onco fur all. No quarter, he
declared, would bo shown any commander permitting such   actions.
Legislation of electric railways will
tako up a good deal of tbo time ot tho
Ontario legislature tbis session, says
tho Orillia Packet. Already twelvo
companies figure in the applications,
ana tbey ask to run over no loss one
thousand and forty-six miles. With
the exception of a short distance between (llcncoe and Tccuniseh, there
wonld be a oontinuons line from Cornwall to Windsoi, provided tho companies oarried out their plnn. On the
north another string of railwiiy would
rwach from London to Owen Sound.
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Wlndermero Minos.  OorrettrondenoeSolleM
��� ��� 4i Nelson   Daily Miner, Tuesday February 4, 1902
Activity Among Coal and
MiDCS���Legislative Possibilities.
15, C. Smith, M.P.P.,for East Knote
Day, of Fort Steele, P. Stork, of Fernie anil B. E. Heaitle, of Cranbrook,
delegates to the Liberal convention to
ue hold in Vancouver, on Thursday,
spent yesterday in Nelson on their
way to the coast. They go under
instructions lrom their associations to
support the introduction of party lines
into provincial polities. Mr. Smith,
wbo under the arrangement as to the
voting power of delegates originally
announced, would have been entitled
to a seat on the door of the convention as a Liberal member of the provincial lcigslature, was as well appointed a delegate by the Fort Steele
association that there might bj no
doubt abont his having a seat. There
being three associations in thu electoral riding of East Kootenay, and
that being the number of delegates
that the riding was allotted, each of
the associations   was entitled   to elect
Mr. Smith reports considerable
activity among the placer diggings in
the vicinity of Fort Steel, those on
Perry creek BO far yielding the best
retirns. The Thompson company
sank 11 shaft of 80 feet and then
drifted, coming on an old river Ded.
They have recently been taking out
from $18 to $20 to the man per day.
immediately alter news of this got
abroad the whole IS miles of the creek
was soon staked on leases and a great
dea I "of work is being done. Jennings
and Ihciss have probably the most
dono on their lease which is about
three miles above the Thompson property. ()n Wild Horse creek quite a
number are working bnt as the bnd
rock is below the level of the present
river bed these diggings cannot be
worked satisfactorily except by
hydraulic elevators. On Weaver creek
some drifting is being done and the
rim rock has been reached, but as it
descends sharply the characteristic
blue earth in which the gold is found
in those parts, is comparatively bar
ren and returns have not boen good so
fur, though the other day a $40 nugget
as brought in. With tho last work
the bed rock was becoming more level
mid it was expeoted that gold in paying quantities would be found where
the bed rock became such as would
hold it. The rock waB smooth and
the gold worn, as if it had been washed for a considerable distance.
Mr. Stork reports business brisk at
Fernie though the smallpox trouble
bnd interfered with it to Borne extent,
lt hnd been decided to raise the quarantine on Monday but on Saturday
another case broke out and there
would be further delay. The Crow's
Nest Coal company at Morrissey had a
force of about 200 men engaged opening new coal mines there; the graling
was done for a spur from the main
line lo the mines and it was exepected
that within two weeks that the laying
of steel on the five mile spur would
begin. At Fcrnlc shipments ol 2,000
tons a day were being made and when
the Morrissey mines are opened the
quantity would be much larger.
Nothing was being done on the Bull
river iron mines just now, but if they
be developed, as they are likely to be,
lhe operation of them in connection
with the proximity of the coal mines
will make Fernie and the surrounding
towns bee-hives of industry. Work is
going ahead with all possible speod
ou thc Crow's Nest Southern and it is
expected that tho line will be running
about the first of June.
As tu tbe approaching session of the
provincial legislature Mr. Smith said
that it looked aB if the government
was calling the house only for a
dissolution, as it was not likely that
tho cabinet was ready for the transaction of business. There were two
cabinet positions to fill and the
chances were against tho government
being able to Mil these. He would
aseeitain while at the coaBt whether
there was likely to be the active
transaction of business when the
house (ipened, and if there was not he
would return home. As he understood it there were seventeen members
pledged in writing or by word to vote
against the Dunsmuir government
and with the vacant seat the cabinet
could not carry on the business of the
country. He had little hope of obtaining a fair rodistrbution measure
from the present house. Ho considered
that tho upper countrj was more
strongly Liberal than Conservative
and hence there would naturally
endeavor made by the Conservatives
to keep down the representation of
the Kootenays. The redistribution hy
a commission of thc judges, would, he
thought, produce the best results.
not know until yesterday that the
date had been changed from the 80th
January. Mr. Mcintosh speaks in
glowing terms cf the new towsnite
of Ashnola. owned by the Similkameen Coal company, and in the course
of a conversatiou this morning said
that in his opinion it has a great
future, as it controls the only available smelter sites for the largest ore
bodies in that district.
Mr. Mcintosh says the Tillman
Lumber company is under contract to
cut 50,000 feet per month for the
townsite company. The brewery is
about tn be eiected and a large hotel.
The town's luture largely depends on
its large ooal areas, which the
Similkameen Valley Coal company
largely controls, and lhe value of
which has been demonstrated for the
discovery of a good quality of coaking
coal. This, in the event of the Ciiast-
Kootenuy railway, would place them
in a commanding position in regard
to the smelter supply of the Boundary. Coal from Ashonla could be laid
down in the smelting centres of the
Uoundary at a figure whioh the Crow's
Nest Company could not possibly approach. Not only this, but the home
demand must also be very great, as
the Similkameen distiict is known to
be one of unparalleled richness and
mineral wealth. Within a radius of
35 miles there are now some 15 mining
camps whose values have already
been demonstrated, This will demand a smelting centre which necessarily will be somewhere in the coal
area, either in Princeton or Ashnola.
Princeton undoubtedly will be the
commercial centre of the district, as
its central situation will develop
avenues of supply which no other
town can displace. Ashnola,however,
with the adjacent water power at
Nine-Mile oreek, surrounded as it is
by coal and its close proximity to the
immense deposits of ore, will undoubtedly be tbe smelting centre of
the district,. The Similkameen Coal
company, owners of the townsite, are
therefore in a position to successfully
dispute the competition of any other
Mr. Mcintosh leaves tomorrow for a
short trip to Viotoria.���Vancouver
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Yesterday Before His Honor Judge
Turner, Beeton and Co. vs. Flynn���
P. E. Wilson, for one of tho defen-
deutfl, moved to strike out the writ as
to this defendant; W. A. Macdonald.
K.C., contra.    Granted.
Bremner vs. Arlington���S. S.Taylor,
K. C., for the plaintiff, obtained an
order attaching money to the credit of
the defendant.
In Fraleigh vs. Hall Mines, R. P..
Hedley, the manager of the smelter
was examined for discovery before the
registrar. This examination had boon
adjourned since December. on
account of tho illness of Mr. Ilcdlcy.
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job   Headquarters, Elko,    B.   C.     A
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for Wilkins and Co,'s celebrated steel wire rope
NELSON    HARDWARE   CO.-Wholesalt
paints, oilr* and gli.nn- mechanics  tools
Agents foi Ontario Powder Works; lrnamite
rpURNKR, BEETON & Co.-Cornor Vernoi
X and Josephine Streets, Nelson���Whcle
salo dealers in liquors, cigarH, and dry goods
Agent* for Pabst Brewing Co. of Milwauke*
aud Calgary Brewing Co or Calgary.
UDBON'S BAY Co.-Wholesalo grocerie
and liquors etc., Baker Streot, Nelson.
Ofllco cornor Hall and Front Streets
Nelson���Lumber, ceiling, flooring, and every
thing in wood for building purposes. Get oui
prices.   Correspondence solicited.
Change   of   Service
Tako l.uxnilvo Rromo Qulnlno Tablet..
eniwMH mfiind Uio monoy if It Win to
Ms. W. Grove'indgnatiire Ih on each box.
C, Molntosh Speaks in Glowing Terms
of Ashnoln Ind Princeton.
.T.   Charles Molntosh,   barrister,   of
I'rlnceton   district   is at the Comroer
First-Class Bituminous Coal Struck at
a Depth of 70 Feet in Siinilka*
mwn Valloy.
Mr. Sam Spencer, of Princton, arrived here Wednesday, and is stopping
at the Leland. Mr. Spencer brings
news ot it most important strike of
bituminous coal in the Similkameen
Valley. For some time the Vermillion
Mining and Development Co., the
stock uf which is principally owned in
England, and which is managed by
Mr. Waterman, M E., has been boring noar the townsite of Princeton.
Recently at a depth of 70 feet a soam
of good quality of lignite 25 feet thick
was struck, and a little below that a
seam 10 feet thick of what is pronounced by experts to be first-class
bituminous coal was Struck. The
company making the strike has endeavored to keep the information
secret, but it leaked out, and Mr.
Spencer Hays there Is no doubt about
the strike having Deen mado.
This is mott important information,
for tlio several companies interested in
the coal fields of the Siniilkameon
Valley, and tho strike will also have a
most important bearing on the mining
and smelting Interests of llritish
Columbia. Tne Similkameen valloy
contains some wonderful deposits of
cupper aud gold ores, and is also convenient to the Uoundary creek distriot,
and now that it bas been demonstrated that it contains good coking
coal, it will lead to the construction
of smelt?rs in this district and have a
tendenoy to cheapen the cost of smelting, as the coal of the Similkameen
Valley can be mined cheaply. This
strike bears out thc prediction of W.
Hlakemore, tbo well known coal mining expert, who recently reported
upon the lands of tne Similkameon
Valley Coal Co.
Mr.   Spencer
Until further advised the steamer
"Kokanee" for Kaslo and "Moyie"
for Kootenay Landing will leave
Procter, connection from Nelson
being as follows :
For Crow's Nest, Winnipeg,
St. Paul, Chicago, Toronto,
Montreal and all Eastern
Leave                 Daily Arrive
7.15 a. m Nelson 0.15 p. m.
J     A.  M'DONALD,   wholesale anil retail
���   Confectioner,   Tho largest Block of Con
fuctionery in lhe KootcnayH.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and   Salted   Heats
Fisn and Poultry in Season
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Manager.
K.-W.-C   Block, Ward Street, Nklson.
Oiders by m^il receive careful and prompt attention
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Easl.
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City
Ordera by matt to �����* branch will have careful and nromnt attention.
II The Canadian Bank of Commerce
With Which Is Amalgamated
The Bank of British Columbia.
Paid-up   Capital,   88,000,000;   Reserve   Fund,   ��2,000,0o0j
Aggregate  Kesources Over 805,000,000.
HON. GEO. A. COX, President.      B. 15. WALKER, Ueneral Manager.
London Office: 6a Lombard Street, E. C.
New York Office; ic Exchange Place.
And 68 branches in Canada and tho United states, Including!
Atlin GnEENwoon Nklson Sandon
Cranbrook        Kamlooi'S New Westminster  Vancouver
Fernik Nanaimo Kosslano Viotoria
YUKON DISTRICT���Dawson and White House.
UNITKI) STATES���New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Skaqwat,
Savings Bank Department.
Deposits Received and Interest Allowed.   Present Bate :t Per Oent
Nelson Branch.
GRANGE V. HOLT, Manager.
Dominion and
Land Surveyor.
Manufacturers of BEST STEEL WIRE ROPE.
Tramway, Hoisting-, Mining Wire Rope.
Lang's Lay for Tramways and Underground Haulage
Local Stock carried, estimates lurnished.
H. E. CROASDAILE Agent Nelson-
For  Kootenay  Lake
and Kaslo
Leave        Daily ex Sundny        Arrive
4.00 p m Nelson 10.10 a.m.
J. 0. GWILLIM, B.,  Sc,
Late of Geological Survey of Canada.    Six years experience in B. C
mining districts.
Baker Sire* Nelson. B C
obtained in all countries
Registered Patent Attorney, Mechanical Engineer and Draughtsman. Bank of B. N. A. building,
Hastings St., Vancouver, B C.
Write for full oarticulars.
OARS.-    ALS a la CARTE.
For berths, time tables, rates and full
information apply to.
J. 8. Oartkb, E. J. Ooylr
Dis. Pass. Agt. A. G. P. A.
Nidsorj Vanconver
Sold by All Newsdealers
Furnl.h.. Monthly to all lovers 01 BOW
and Music a vast volnmo ot New, Cnolc.
Copyright Compoaltlon. liy lho most ihijj
ular author.. ��4 P.g.. of Pl.no Mualc,
half Vocal, hall Instrumental���ai Compl.t.
Pl.c*. for Piano���Once a Month Ior as
Cent.. Yearly Subscription, Sa.oo. Ifjou
will senil u�� the name and address of Fivk
performer.on the Pianoor Oman, we will send
you a copy of the Magazine Free.
'   J. W. PIPPM, Publlahor,
(If nth ��� Locu.t St... Philadelphia, Pa.
Mr. Muck Whito, well known Irahior of tlic
Toronto Lacrocao Club and Otgoodo Football
clubxnyn: "UrlitHIiH' Liniment In unoqtiauod
forathlstoa or those training, 1 havo uaotl It
with tlio beet of mtci'OKH for noro buck. BtuTnosI,
soronoHw, sprains and all forum of swelling and
��� nllatn million
For sale by J. H. Vaimlono, NclHon, B. Cl
Finest and Best Bar In the Glty.
The best Brands or Liquors
and Cigars,
$1.00 AND $1.50PER DAY
Spokane  Falls Sl
Northern R'v.
Nelson  Sl  Fort
Sheppard R'v.
Red (fountain R'v.
nnd try a bottle, a dozen, or a barrel of
CALGARY BEER an H le tho bent and
oTieapo.it on tlio mnrkot. AIbo try our
WINES,    LIQUORS     and    CIGARS.
Telephone 93 Baker   U No
although a Princeton
man, speaks vory highly ol the pros-
pecta of Ashnola. He says it in the
natural point tor a smelter, aud that
ith   the   pav rolls   it will have  and
��ial.   He I. here to attend the Liberal L'ther advantages, it ahould  go  ahead
eonv.ution on February   8tb,   and did [rapidly-Vancouver World.
Canada Permanent and Western Canada Mortgage
head offiob toronto,  ont.
Money to loan on Straight Mortgage.
Apply to (i. h. LKNNOX. liek.r S*.
The Waverley Hotel
Rates fI.oo to $1.50 per day. Firat
olttSS Meals, 2_\ Next door to Opera
House. P. O. Hox 210. Telephone 147.
Victoria St.. Nelson.
Close connection Kast and Westbound at Spokane with trainB of the
Spokane FallB and Northern Railway,
D rect connection at St. Paul without change of depot with all trains for
Chicago, Toronto. Montreal, New York
and all points West and South.
Leaves Spokane daily for East at 9:40 .'m
Leaves Spokane daily tor West at 7:20 a-m
Leaves Spokane daily tor West ut 8:00 pm.
West-bound trains make direct connection for Victoria and Vancouver,
Portland, San Francisco, and all points
on the Sound,
During the Beason of navigation East
bound trains connect at Duluth with
the magnificent steamships North-West
and North-Land of theNortheru Steamship Company Line, operated in connection with the Great Northern Railway.
For further information, aps, fold
ers, etc,, apply to any agent of Spokane
Falls Sc Northern Ry., Kaslo & Slooan
Ry., Kootenai Railway Sc Navigation
Co., or to
Oity Pass, and Tkt   Agt,  W  7ol  VV,
Riverside Ave,, Spokane, Wash.
G. K. TAOKABURY, Local Agent,
Nelaon.R 0
For the comfort of the number ol
people who are now using this
popular line, a direct daily Buffe*
Car service has been inaugurated
thereby giving passengers every
comfort obtainable on any of the
larger railways in Canada or the
U. S.
Close connections made at  Spokane for the south, east  and  west.
Only io hours to Seattle and   18
to Vancouver and Victoria.
Passengers booked direct through
to all European points.
Leave DAY TRAIN Arrive
0:20 a.m Spokane   7 :15 p.m.
12:25 p.m Rossland 4 :30 p.m.
10'.BO a.m... .Mountain 5-50 p. m,
0:40 a.m Nelson 6 :45 p.m,
H. A. JACKSON, G. P. St T.A.
Spokane, WaaJi
Agent, Nelson, B.
NEWLING- & 00.
Kootenay Street, Next Oddfellows' Ha
P. O. Box 633.
Atlantic S.S. Sailings
From St. John, N. B.
Numldlon (Tab. J
Ionian Feb. Io
Lake Ontario Kob. II
Lake Superior Kob. 28
Allan Lino ��toanior�� loavn Halifax two days
From lloHton.
Commonwealth Fob. 12
Saxonla l''ob, 15
From Now York
.. Feb 8
.. Fob. 15
...Feb. 3
..Fob. 12
..rob, it
...Fob  8
Continental willing, of French, North German Lloyd, H. A. i*. and Italian Linos on an
ItATK8-Saloon faro. ��!2..pi0, and iijiwnrds
Pocond jx> and upward, according to steamer
aid location of north.   Stoo-aKO qimloil on up
plication. Prepaid paaagea from Bmgiana ami
the continent ut lowoHt niton.
Kootenay Railway and Na?
Company, Ltd.
Shorten!, and ntilr-.kcstt roiilo to lho ean!. and al
polnlnun .bcO, lt. ft N. und Northern I'a
eille KullwuyH in Wis hiisK.on, Oregon and
Southern SUtCH.
Time Card Effective August 1. 1901
Kaslo & Slocan Ry-
8:30 a. m. Lv.
10:55 p.m. Ar.
Ar. 4:00 p. m
Lv. 1:411 p. in
Int Nav- & Trading Co
5:2(1 p. m. Lv.
11:10 |i. in. Ar.
Ar. 11:110 a. I.
Lv. 7:00 a. m
Connecting at Flvo Milo Point with Nelson
& Fort Sheppard Hallway both to and from
HosMiabd, uto.
Tickets "old to nil part* In Unitod State, and
Oanada via tlroat Northern and O. R ft N
Co.'h line".
Oeoau stt.oains.blp tlckotft  and  rate. Tt   a
UneK will befiiriilsiliod on application.
For f urthur particulars! call on or addreafl
U.naser. Kaalo.B, O
TAOKAnuiiv Agent. Nelnon B. O.
City Agt. Ntlion.     G.n. Agent, Winnlp��g   You'll get iL
JAro you In want? If you are, te'
the people, through The Miner warn
I'liluuin, what   you are   la   want   o
' Nelson Daily Miner TYesdw, February 4,  1901
aroKhowltiK iome
of .
Oe bratoci Piano*.
ami i-tn Bell them on
very t'.-tH) termn.
We havo a fine lino
of IBanjoe, Gultaw,
violins. Mandolin?
and .ill othor lustra-
Mn-icil goods of all
Bheol Mado.
Show P.ooti fur Mason ,fc Itisc'h pianos
��� VWVVWW*/** vvvww*. vwv 1
Drs. Hall and Rose have been appointed meilicnl officers for the Molly
Gibson mine, where the working force
at present is 4S men.
Messrs. Chittock and Moan have
completed their contract on the Juno
tunnel, which has now been driven in
for a distance of 700 feet.
Although the snow is now a little
too deep on the hike for skating
several large circles of lee have been
cleared off by the skaters and large
throngs are down each day enjoying
At the police court yesterday morning a vagrant who had been arrested
was ordered to get out of tiw.-i without delay, whioh order he complied
with. The only other cases wero two
drunk., who were remanded until
We are slaughtering tons ot heavy
rubbers and overshoes, Come and
see. ��� The Wallace-Miller Co.,
W. J. Hogg and wife left last evening for the cast. Mr. Hogg has been
In the Kootenays for the past three
years in the employ of the Canadian
Pacific railway, and as he has always
been kind and obliging with tbe public he made many friends who will
regret his departure.
The numbei of visitors to the public
library during January was 1,721,
During tho same period the number of
books loaned to subscribers was 252.
A dance, luncheon and conversazione
will shortly be given for the benefit of
the public library at the l'hair hotel
which should be well attended.
Until further notico the steamer
Kokanee will only make a trip to
Lardo once a week on Thursdays.
Spend where you can spend most
profitably. Have you given the Wnl-
laco-Mtiler Co.'^a fair trial V
At the Achilles group, a continuation of the Molly Gibson, which Is
owned by C. Bherbert and E. W. Wil-
ley, a small force of men were kept
at work for some time developing lhe
property, which gives promise of tinning out very well. At present, owing
to tho difficulty of packing in supplies, only the cwners are working
Until further notice K. R. and N.
steamer serviee between Nelson and
Kaslo is discontinued owing to ice
blockade.   U, IC. Tackabury, agent.
On Sunday the iceboat built by
Messrs. Welch and Seaney was given a
trial there being sufficient wind to
make it travel at an eight mile rate.
This only lusted, however, while tho
craft was running before the wind,
and it was found impossible to tack
back so the owners were reluctantly
compelled to tow the ice boat back tu
its station at the foot of Hall street.
No one else was anxious to tost the
sailing qualities of the Unit, so it is
not likely lhat there will lie any rnces
with ice boats such as were talked of
last week.
Doctors Agree on Pooil.
All physicians agree that good food,
properly selected, is of the utmost
importance, not only fur the cure of
disease hut tu .nnintaiu health even
when one Is well,
Dr.   Wm.   iliile. of  it Pleasant St.,
Gloucester, Muss., says, "I count it u
pleasure to sny a good word for
i'ostum Pood Colfee witli which I hnve
been enabled to telleve so many
sufferers, and whieh I count, with Its
valued companion Grape-Nuts, one of
the daily blessings.
Coffee wns banished from my own
table some time ago and I'l.stiiin used
reg.ilnrly in its place.
i frequently find it neoessnry to instruct patients wiien they tnke Postum
Coffee for the first time to be quite
sure that it has been hulled lung
enough to orlng out the clear, black
color and tho rich taste, as well as tho
health giving qualities,"
The Doctor enclosed the names of
six pal icni'i who were formorly nervous dyspeptics but have been cured
by ms professional cure and the discontinuance of coffee nnd the using of
Postum Food coffee in Us place.
The C. P. B. is now taking from
Knslo all the ore that is being shipped
from that point. Yesterday a barge
was brought to Procter with eleven
cars for Trail and four cars for Sao
Francisco. The CP.lt. will continue
to handle all the ore so long as the
lake id frozen over.
At lhe song service given Sunday
afternoon at the Kootenay Lake General hospital by the members of the
Epwortll League, solos were sung by
Miss J. Lillie and Mrs. Bell. There
was a large attendance of the members of the league aud the service was
much enjoyed by the patients and
The Liberal delegates from Nelson
to the convention at Vancouver leit
last evening, having been delayed a
day in starting. One chango was
made in tbe personnel of the party, J,
A. Macdonald taking the place of E.
Ferguson, who found that he would
he uuable to get away,
Wm. H. Sandiford, manager of the
Jiosum, near New Denver, is at the
Hume. Mr. Sandiford is en route for
Loudon, Eng., whither be goes for
the purpose of attending the annual
meeting of the company which opers
atcs the Bosun. Mr. Sandiford has
proved himself an able mine manager
and has an encouraging report for his
Overooast, Overcoats, Overcoats. "We
will sell you an overcoat for $12 that
you cannot buy ready made elsewhere
in Canada. It will cost you $35 made
to older, only a few left.���The
Wallace-Millei Co., Limited.
At the record office yesterday A. E.
Ciossclt recorded the location of the
Pearl claim on Evening mountain
three and one half miles eaBt of Nelson and two and one half miles from
the Nelson and Fort Sheppard rail
way. J. Duhamel transferred all his
right, title and interest in the Repub
lie fraction and Republic claims to
Arthur Powys, consideration nominal.
We have tons and tons of rubbers
and overshoes. We're selling them in
pairs or case lots at factory pi-ices���
The Wallace-Miller Co, Ltd,
Bruce White, of the Molly Gibson
mine, who is stopping at the Phair,
yesterday stated that so far the mine,
since it recommenced shipping in
December last, had sent 44:3 tons to
the Hall Mines sinoiter at Nelson,
and another 100 tons of ore is lying at
tho lauding awaiting transportation
The mine is in first class shape and
besides the getting out of ore considerable development work is being
done on the lower tunnel, which is
now in 700 feet. Shipping was somewhat hampered by the lack of snow
for sleighing in the earlier part ol the
winter but for the last three weeks
there has been sufficient and the ore
is being brought down as rapidly as
On the main lake no ice has accumulated so fur thin winter, with the
exception of a small part near Kootenay Landing over the Hals. The west
arm, however, is frozen practically
from tlie outlet to below Nelson, with
the exception of a narrow channel
whi.-h is being kept open as lur as
Mi.liy Gibson Landing. On lhe Arrow
Lukcs a channel is kept open by the
steamers,       but     witli     considerable
difficulty, the boats being generally
from an hour to two hours Into in
in-riving at either end. On Slocan
lake for some reason connected witli
the tlopth and currents, very little ice
has formed ami no ililllculty with the
ice is being experienced by the steamers in keeping up tu scheduled time.
All the Hinnller lanes are frozen up.
At tlic Anglican church on Sunday
evening Rev. F. II, Graham paid the
following eloquent tribute to tbe late
J. Roderick Robertson:     "It   plensed
nl in the early part of last week to
take home one of the leading citzens
of this town, if not the leading
citizen, in the person of James Roderick Robertson. Far from home and
family, and from the town of his
adoption, death come to him 'swiftly
as a weaver's shuttle.' Ho was a man
among men,   admired for  his ability,
" Never Carry Goods Over From One Season to Another
must be maintained.    Wednesday Mottling February 5tll, tllis Half-Price Sale commences, and ends Wednesday evening, February 12th.
Thc goods to be sold are new.    Stocktaking shows some lines too  heavy���Assortments   Broken and
Remnants    all must be cleared out.
Some people will say we  don't  intend   to do as  we  advertise.
Others may think we get enormous profits when we can afford to
sell at half the original prices. But the fact of the matter is���we decided to close out these lines and cost of
production has not been considered.    Somebody loses money, but not you.    Shop early, there is  a  choice.
A Word About Prices!
Tailor Mades Half Price.
b Tailor Made Suits, Sizes 32, 34, 36
and 38; colors grey, green, brown, hlack;
jackets made with lapels, double breasted
or fly front, lined throughout with good
quality satine; skirt having flounce and
flare, inverted pleated back, lined with percaline and velveteen binding. Regular
$16, now half price ��� $ 8 oo
io Tailor Mades, sizes 32, 34, 36, 38
and 40; colors oxford grey, black, myrtle,
navy and fawn, made of homespun, broadcloth, cheviot, Venetian; Eton jackets wilh
silk stitching or appliqued; skirts to match
having flare and flounce efl'ects, inverted
pleats, lined with percaline and velveteen
binding.    Regular $25.00, sale price    12 50
7 Tailor Mades, colors navy
green, fawn, brown; jackets
having lapels, fly front, lined
throughout with mercerized
satine, skirt having circular
flared flounce, lined with percaline and velveteen binding.
Regular $12.50, sale price
 , $6.25
$3.75 Blouses for
French Flannel nnd Corduroy Velvet Blouses, in colors,
black and blue, having pleated back, full front, Bishop
sleeve or flare effect, lined
throughout. Regular $3'75,
sale price $1 00
Satine Blouses in black
only, corded and tucked,
flare sleeve or band effect,
Regular$3.so, to clear $1.00
Hosiery and Gloves.
3 dozen Woollen Hose, women's and
children's sizes, in plain or ribbed, heavy
weight.  Regul: r 30c and 35c, your choice $
Overstockings for women and children, made ot"extra quality black worsted,
heavy ribbed, double knees- Regular 50c
and 75c, to go at 351: and
2 dozen R'mgwood Gloves for women
and children, black or colored, heavy
weight and fleeced. Regular 35c and 40c
Cashmere Gloves for women, in black
only, fine quality and fleece lined. Regular 25c and 30c, sale price one half	
Women's and Childrens Mittens made
of fine quality lingering wool aud heavy
weight.    Regular 35c, sale price	
Underwear Reduced.
Women's all Wool Vests in while, nulled and extra weight, long sleeves, buttoned frunt and trimmed. Regular $1.00,
sale price $
All Wool Vests in cardinal, heavy
weight, rihbed, long sleeves, buttoned
front,    Regular $1.25, sale price	
Women,s Natural Wool Vests, ribbed,
long sleeves, extra weight and fleeced.
Regular $1.50, special	
Drawers to match at same price.
Women's Black Woollen Vests and
Equestrian Tights. Regular $1.50, 10 go
Children's Union Suits, ribbed and
fleeced. Regular 75c and 85c, your
choice, each	
Women's Union Suits, heavy weight
Ribbed and fleeced. Regular $1.50,
1 00
Remnants Half Price,
Dress Goods���Remnants of Serge, Cashmere,
Broadcloth, Cheviot, Plaids, Tweeds,
Staples���Remnants of Flannelettes, Flanneh,
Cretonnes, French FlannelstTowellings,
Eider Flannels, Sheetings, White Cottons, Grey Cottons,
Table Linens~50 ends of from \ \-2 yards
to 3 yards in each, new patterns, unbleached and bleached.
Silk Rlousos in colors, black, navy,
royal, sky, pink and cardinal, tucked or
pleated, Bishop sleeves with strap effect,
lined throughout. Regular $5.00 and
$6.50, clearing al	
Silk Rlouses; one lot of 10 made'tofTaf-
fetta Silk, black, elreee, sky, hollo, .also
black satin blouses. Regular $7.50 lo
$10.00, sale price	
4 00
Women's All Wool Combination Suits, Allen patent,
ribbed and fleeced. The
$2.50 quality for, $x*75
Woollen and Flannelette Blankets.
15 pairs Flannelette Blankets, in grey or white, extra
heavy, fast, colored border
sizeu-4. Regular $1.75, to
go at $1 00
25 pairs Flannelette Blankets tn grey or white, fast
colored    borders,   size   10-4.
Regular $1.25, sale price  75c
5 pairs White Wool Blankets, fast colored borders,
sizes 66x86, weight 7 1-2 lbs.
Regular $5.75, special..$4 00
Jackets and Gapes Half Price.
Golf Capes.    Regular $10.00 for $ 5 00
Broadcloth Capes.    Regular $12.00, for...    6 00
Ladies'Jackets,    Regular $10.00, for....    500
Ladtos'Jackets.    Regular $13,50, for....    6 75
Ladles'Jackets.    Segular $20,00, for,.,.   10 00
4 pairs Grey All Wool Blankets, size
56x76, weight 5 1-2 lbs. Regular $3.00,
sale price	
One lot of Felt Walking Hals and
Shapes. Regular 75c, $1.00 and $1.50
sale price '. .$     50
One lot of Ready-to-Wear Fell Hals,
Regular $2.00, $2.50 and $3.00. Your
choice     1 00
No   Goods  on Approbation.
Goods are not Satisfactory.
Money Refunded if
SVg'-g-g, ^���g'S.,S'flf,^,S'g'^''flr'^''S!''S,|S'?^,'S,tf,'^.,C,'^.'S'SC.,^'^'^r -_'^-^'__*'td_--l
respected for his integrity, aud loved
for hia kindliness. As his funeral
look place ho far away it was not pos-
sihle for us to (lo,,liinj the last honors
of attending it. Hut as 11 means uf
showing onr esteem for him and out
deep sympathy with his buurcaved
family, I have thought it well that
the 'Death March' should lie played at
the close of tllis service and that the
congregation should stunil while it is
being played."
llefore the "Head March" wns rendered by the orgunist the elioii sang
''l'eaee, Perfect Pence." Then tbo
mournful man h was executed od tlio
organ while the congregation stood
reverently uetil the last notes of the
sad dirge-like tones died away.
Because an evening dress suit looks
smooth and glossy nnil litis s'liiie cheap
silk trimmings, that's not saying its
good. The proper cloth is an all
Botany wool, chevoit "special dve"
that looks soft nnd rich in artificial
light nnd the pan's won't hag at the
knee. Our sort.���The. Wallace-Miller
Co., Limited.
Now York. Feb. '!.���Expectations
of nn immediate mntch bewteon
Jeffries and Hob Fitzsimmons were
shattered today when Jeffries refused
to make a match on the terms accepted by Fitzsimmons nnd there the
matter rests tor tho present.
Why Man You Can't See!
and what are you  waiting
for ?    It is a matter  that
should receive your prompt
attention.    Consult
Patenaude Bros.
It won't cost anything to  find  out.
Afternoon 3 to    5.30
Evening 8 to 10.00
Admission 25c.
Fancy Dress Carnival
Tuesday, Feb. 4th.
Y. O. GREEN        Y. B. CLEMENT^
Civil Engineer* and Provincial Land
cor. Kootenay _ Victoria sts. Nelson
P. O. Box MB Telephono 2
Ebony and Silver
Solid Silver
Manicure Sets, Toilet Sots.
Jewel Hox.Sewing Sets will
be used daily by you, they
willjje loved remembrancers
to your children and prized
heirlooms by your grand
children. The substantial
material in these articles wc
offer never gets old. Prices
low for the quality.
Bo sure and get the genuine  BENNETT'S GTJTTA PERCHA PUSE.not
something that looks  like   it    Law-
renoa Hardware Co., Agent*.
This month we are giving
special value in clocks ami
the variety of design and
qu.'lity of the works will
meet your wishes.
Watch Repairing a Specialty
Cor, Baker & Stanley Sts., Nelson


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